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Understanding Stupid Political Activism
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Any sensible person viewing today’s identity-based, tribe-like political activism (think recent incidents at the University of Missouri and Yale among countless others) would conclude that these antics are stupid, foolish, counter-productive, and otherwise ill-conceived or, as the Marxists would say, infantile leftist. Hard to separate reality from what appears in the satirical Onion. Why, for example, would black Dartmouth students risk a life of Riley to harass white students peacefully studying in the library by shouting “Black Lives Matter” as if their studious classmates could possibly stop police brutality? Surely these protesters must realize that their disruptions will be filmed, possibly bring expulsion and the vulgarity (“filthy white bitch” among others) will alienate potential sympathizers. Going one step further, such hissy fits at Dartmouth and elsewhere may bring the end of already tottering racial preferences in higher education.

Let me try to explain stupid political activism.

First, faced with exceedingly formidable obstacles, it is all too easy to feel exasperated and this unhappiness leads to the belief that any action, no matter how imprudent or inconsequential, outshines apathy. In the case of Dartmouth’s black students, the outburst is therapeutic self-medication whose purpose is to soothe the anxiety that comes from the distress of residing in the small, nearly all-white Hanover (88% white, 1.7% African American), NH town and, most of all, struggling academically. Similar motives no doubt drive blacks at Princeton to exorcise Woodrow Wilson versus buckling down for serious academic work. This momentary but gratifying high is, moreover, totally independent of any rational pay-off. Do protesters honestly believe that sending Wilson down the memory hole will help them pass Calculus II? Will black Yalies excel academically once they no longer have to encounter the name of the evil slave-owning John C. Calhoun on a campus residence? I doubt that the current outrage/future benefits ratio was even considered let alone calculated.

Second, given the pressing psychological pain, the activism must occur quickly, and this fast fix will outshine any possible benefits derived from a more arduous long-term agenda. In the Dartmouth example, protesters are unlikely to consider the possibility that their frustration would be best served by gradually adjusting to the pervasive whiteness. Such impulsiveness perfectly illustrates today’s attention deficit disorder driven politics. In fact, like heroin junkies driven to ever higher dosages, protesters keep issuing demands as if the longer the list, the greater the buzz. Recently, for example, black students and their allies confronted administrators at Hamilton College with a set of 39 demands, some of which were two-fold, so that actual number was closer to 80.

Third, urgency also means that the skills necessary for success can only be those already possessed–sloth-friendly activism, so to speak. Just march and shout, concoct a jumbled list of incoherent (even illegal) non-negotiable slogan-like demands (“no peace, no justice”), scribble some hand-lettered posters, and voilà, and one becomes an expert social justice warrior. By contrast, an Islamic jihadist might spend months if not years mastering encrypted communications, bomb-making, how to counterfeit documents and similar expertise. But in the world of contemporary college (and black street) activism, why bother researching alleged racism let alone what the First Amendment means? Can you imagine today’s indolent campus protester tediously learning how to launch a cyber attack on the campus e-mail system? Many warriors cannot even pull off a credible hoax. To paraphrase Oscar Wilde’s quip regarding socialism, achieving social justice takes too many evenings.

Fourth, 100% victories, no matter how trivial or fleeting, are always preferable to moving the needle ever so slightly on a much more consequential project. It is as if the pleasure derived from political accomplishment is fungible so any success equals any other. Thus, easily humiliating a Dartmouth Dean into acknowledging the school’s sordid racial history is more gratifying than a partially successful multi-year effort to help African American high-school students achieve minimal literacy.

Fifth, those targeted for attack must be the quickest to surrender since resistance slows down the psychological euphoria that comes from an instant victory. Just pick the most convenient cowardly flack- catcher regardless of his or her importance or even the target’s ability to satisfy the demands. An anxious university president may have zero responsibility for society’s racial climate, let along the tribulations of campus blacks but he is, nevertheless, the perfect mark for activist ire. The upshot is that the greater the availability of high-profile wimps, even if they are ideological sympathizers, the greater the political idiocy.

Such infantile behavior is hardly a university monopoly. This find-the-coward to soothe angst totally infuses today’s Black Lives Matter crusade. It hardly takes a rocket scientist to discern that drug dealing is the source of many violent encounters between African Americans and the police, so if black lives are to be saved, rid black neighborhoods of pushers. Just replace ineffectual rag-tag parades with neighborhood watch volunteers to summon police when spotting ongoing street-corner drug deals. But, this solution takes time and hard work and, most of all, this sensible approach risks reprisal from dealers. So, what is to be done? The answer, obviously, is to hold a well-televised, police-protected rally to express outrage and demand that the Mayor, Police Chief….all resign. And just to make sure that innocent kids are not killed in drug related drive-by shootings, disrupt Holiday shoppers in downtown Chicago. Brilliant.


But perhaps the greatest impetus to all the inanity is that activists seldom, if ever, face opposition to their screwball ideas. In today’s PC-infused environment, one never argues with those on the protected species list, hardly an accident since the benefits bestowed on protesters are paid with other peoples’ money. The self-designated aggrieved enjoy a monopoly in today’s marketplace of ideas (this is called creating “safe space”). If African Americans demand that more people of color are hired as professors, not even the bravest administrator will inform these dim-witted champions of diversity that such recruitment would be illegal, and besides it has always failed when attempted and these future recruits must be paid a fortune and are rarely worth the cost. Similarly, no public official would ask the Black Lives fans about how avoiding troubling encounters with the police would, overall, promote the quality of life for average blacks. Gross, embarrassing stupidity, like rabbits in Australia, will multiply unchecked if only because challenging the nonsense is almost always career-ending. Actually, sensible rebuttals are now micro-aggressions if not hate.

There is good news here, however: all things considered, politics as brainless self-medication is laudable considering the alternatives. Disrupting students in a library or marching in downtown Chicago are mere nuisances compared to violent, terrorist alternatives. Indeed, the airhead, attention-getting superficial character of this activism virtually guarantees self-imposed inconsequentiality while the behavior’s therapeutic purpose means that the quest for a sugar high will soon turn elsewhere (a pattern consistent with the faddishness in music and clothing). My guess is that within 2-3 years campus communities of color will barely remember that they were once besieged by toxic micro-aggressions, white privilege and Baskin-Robbins-like menu of white racisms. The Black Lives Matter crusade will just join “Black Power” and “Black is Beautiful” (among others) in history’s dustbin. In the final analysis, there is little to fear from an incompetent army of the disgruntled who view life through empty slogans and disdain hard work.

One might speculate that a hydraulic principle exists on today’s campuses. As administrators crack down on raucous partying, students re-direct their bottled up frustrations toward political outrage at whatever is handy, real or imagined. Hard to picture, for example, the denizens of Animal House (which, ironically was partially based on events at Dartmouth College) taking over Dean Wormer’s office to protest the lack of diversity at Farber College. It is perhaps no accident as campuses grow more puritanical, the delicate snowflakes and their thuggish allies are drawn to the battle for social justice. Perhaps college administrators should bring back toga parties.

• Category: Race/Ethnicity • Tags: Academia, Blacks, Political Correctness 
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  1. Vendetta says:

    Idiotic protestors are the Republican Party’s best recruiters.

  2. Interesting article, but it occurs to me that the explanation for stupid activism might just be stupid activists. Maybe even something genetic.

    • Replies: @boogerbently
  3. Understanding Stupid Political Activism

    This is redundant.

    • Replies: @Blake
  4. Leftist conservative [AKA "radical_centrist"] says: • Website

    thank you, Sir! May I have another dose of white guilt?

    • Replies: @Seraphim
  5. anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Once Obama goes this nonsense stops. Just like the Dinkins, Guiliani transition, black leadership gives black people a chance to act stupid, then it ends.

    • Replies: @JustJeff
  6. Seraphim says:
    @Leftist conservative

    Perhaps the abolition of (black) slavery… by the whites?

  7. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Let’s see…Stoopit is what I don’t think is important and smart is what I think is important. Got it!

  8. Rehmat says:

    YES – Every genuine minority rights activism or “freedom of speech” at Campuses are “stupid”. Why? Because most of them have been labeled “anti-Israel, anti-White, and antisemitism”. Does Mr. Weisberg know how many academic have suffered as result of such “stupid” activism in United States, Canada, UK, France, Germany, and other countries around the world? May be he should check that with Dr. Finkelstein or Dr. Marsh Levine, or Dr. Sandra Nasr.

    As far the #Black Matter, the #White Matter too have suffered at the hands of “stupid” governments under pressure from powerful lobby groups. For example, last month, British Home Secretary, Theresa May (aka Israeli tank), just banned American student leader Matthew Heimbach, 25, from entering United Kingdom for being a threat to country’s 320,000-strong Jewish community. In support of her decision, May accused Heimbach of advocating racial segregation in United States, making antisemite statements and supporting anti-Israel terrorist organizations……

  9. You should emphasize more the correlation between negroes acting out and their academic rankings (insofar as those classes in common with more talented students – not grades in “Africa studies” or other navel gazing courses). It seems common sensical that negroes who go from being lauded as academic superstars in their majority negro high schools to being bottom 5% or 10% in a college majority of white and Asian students will feel rage fueled by their sudden newfound inferiority. The shock, I must imagine, is intensely unsettling. Combine that with most white and Asian students wanting little to do with the negroes’ culture and it’s easy to imagine them acting out in exactly the manner we see – smearing feces on a wall, sending themselves death threats, and extremely loud protests. I don’t think anyone likes to think of themselves as inferior intellectually and this is compounded enormously with these negro students in a culture where, again, they were raised believing themselves geniuses and a wider media culture where negroes are portrayed as the smartest and most capable in society.

    • Replies: @Rehmat
  10. unit472 says:

    Need to remember we are talking about black people here and they are always on the caboose of mankind. Consider the activities of Jesse Jackson and his organizations efforts at extortion. In the 1970’s Jesse decided Detroit should ‘give’ auto dealerships to blacks. These would make Jesse’s stooges successful businessmen and provide him with influence in one of America’s great industries. Only problem was Japan and European imports were eating Detroit’s lunch at the time and almost all of the Affirmative Action dealerships went bankrupt! Instead of demanding a seat at someone’s else’s table Jesse might have suggested blacks get in on the ground floor with Honda,etc as they were attempting to break into the US market. Pointing out that blacks might be a loyal customer base for Mazda were Mazda to market to blacks did not occur to this ridiculous charlatan.

    Jesse then moved on to demanding beer distributorships as these too seemed to be an easy way to get profitable franchises he could hand out to his friends and family but, again, he didn’t notice the consolidation taking place in the brewing industry at the time or the rise of craft brewing since. Once again, instead of getting in on the ground floor of the future Jesse and black America always wants to be given of piece of someone else’s equity.

    America’s blacks are doomed by this ‘gimme’ thinking. They’d rather have a black be named CEO of McDonald’s ( who damned near ruined the franchise before he was fired with his ‘Black 365’ campaign) rather than do the hard work to be the next Ray Kroc.

  11. John T says:

    It is all about power and the psychic benefits blacks receive from intimidating whites. Let’s face it: most whites are cowards when it comes to race.

    • Replies: @Jonathan Silber
    , @5JimBob
  12. First of all, for a lot of people, going to a protest is a Grand Day Out. It’s what they do for fun. The “cause” only has to be superficially desirable.

    The rest of it is the ongoing crusade to deny safe spaces for white men. College and the military were the two big ones. College as originally conceived is in its death throes. We still have the STEM disciplines, but wedges are being driven into every crack and fissure. And the military will go soon also. This year, female Ranger graduates were a done deal before they ever touched cold mud.

    • Replies: @Thomas O. Meehan
  13. MarkinLA says:

    Jesse then moved on to demanding beer distributorships as these too seemed to be an easy way to get profitable franchises he could hand out to his friends and family but, again, he didn’t notice the consolidation taking place in the brewing industry at the time or the rise of craft brewing since. Once again, instead of getting in on the ground floor of the future Jesse and black America always wants to be given of piece of someone else’s equity.

    I thought blacks only drank malt liquor – more buzz for the buck.

  14. @John T

    When a black man declared his “rage,” Eric Hoffer shot back: “Mister, it is easy to be full of rage. It is not easy to go to work and build something.”

    Thomas Sowell, “The Legacy of Eric Hoffer.”

  15. The less justified a man is in claiming excellence for his own self, the more ready he is to claim all excellence for his nation, his religion, his race or his holy cause.

    —Eric Hoffer

  16. JustJeff says:

    So once Hillary is president we’ll have Woman Lives Matter? Or maybe femen will come to America.

  17. Anonymouse says: • Website

    you quoted “no justice, no peace” backwards.

    • Disagree: Stephen R. Diamond
  18. anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    The protesters locked arms together and forcibly prevented anyone from entering any of the stores on Chicago’s Michigan ave, the downtown shopping area. They used physical force to do so and locked down almost a mile of stores. People have to make a living and many working retail are on commission so these protesters deprived people of their rights and income. Yet the news kept telling me these foul mouthed, aggressive and attempting to be intimidating people were “peaceful protesters”. I saw the nastiness and hatred of those people up close and there was nothing peaceful about them. I wold have liked for the police to uphold my rights, and those of others, by clearing this violent rubbish out from in front of the store doors but apparently they were under orders to stand down and let it happen. So much for our rights. If they wanted to loot and burn I suppose they’d be given a ‘safe space’ as was done in Ferguson. At some point the bullet will have to be bitten and these types will have to be tackled head-on to stop this intimidation of the general public. On a personal level I’m definitely against trigger-happy cops; however, dead career criminals are low on my list of ’causes’ for the simple reason that they just go on to victimize people until they’re stopped in some way.

  19. The most moronic aspect of harassment of White students by black, racist thugs at college on affirmative action is one simple fact. The White kids they harass today are the real deal. They will pass, they will get their degrees. They will inhabit law firms, they will be prosecutors, they will be judges and politicians and they will be in charge of hiring and one day, they will get their revenge a thousand fold. They will not forget being terrorized by Blacks. They will maintain distance from Blacks, but they will remember everything. And Blacks will pay on many days and in many ways in the future, as they well should. The kids of today will remember the racist savagery of Blacks that have been handed everything the past fifty years and have done nothing but squander it all.

    And again, Blacks will pay one day for all of this.

    • Replies: @Anon
  20. Kristen says:

    This has nothing to do with black lives, or the hopes of black kids on campuses. What they want, sadly, is a few white scalps. Their tribal racism isn’t directed at self-betterment of the tribe, but toward destroying whites.

    Unfortunately, whites don’t see themselves as a tribe, and thus don’t fight back. And frankly, I couldn’t care less if lefty administrators get pushed around by black tribalists.

    I do care about the numerous white academics who are subtly (and sometimes not so subtly) harassed by lefty administrators … or never hired because of their political centrism/conservatism/libertarianism. Their absence and silence has made universities weaker.

    And this weakness is exposed in the lefty response to the BLM stupidity.

    Would some very rich person please fund a new, open-minded university?

  21. Michelle says:

    Unlike most of the columnists here, I see that you totally understand Black people, unlike Steve Sailer, who has never actually met a Black person. This article is the most realistic explanation for what is occurring on campuses across the country that I have read so far. Often what passes for knowledge of Black peoples’ behavior/pathologies is guesswork. This column exemplifies awareness of the realities of Black students’ struggles and experiences. As per usual, white people are destroying Black people with their desire to do good. Like my friend once said, “Leave the Black man alone!” White People really do contribute to the destruction of the Black race and it is because of the white race’s desire to “help” others. A worthy goal, but ultimately destructive. Blacks are right to be suspicious of whites, but for the wrong reasons. “Beware of those bearing gifts!”

  22. Rehmat says:
    @Stan D Mute

    By calling Afro-Americans “negro” you proved that you’re blinded by your anti-Black racism. I wish I could call you “antisemite”.

  23. @Jean Cocteausten

    Your first point is quite true and get’s all too little attention.

    I have always been a conservative and traditionalist. Yet, I attended leftist demonstrations in the 60’s and early 70’s. It’s were the girls were! It was also where the “action” was. It was fun even as I mocked it all under my breath. Dope dealers hung out at the fringes of demonstrations making contacts.

    The condition of youth is inherently driven by excitement and curiosity. Just as in the Sixties, youth seeks excitement and style-driven commitment. And just as in the Sixties our national and institutional leadership class lack all style. They are bloodless, unsexy drones. This is the nature of our managerial state. Rhetoric may propel social movements that in turn dominate institutions, but those institutions are managed by drones.

    Black college students rebel today because they truly have no business attending these institutions. They can’t admit that they are unfit for this kind of life and the suspicion among them that this is so must be intolerable. I suspect that this is why they have to attack the universities core history and spirit. To them, expecting what they cannot provide is inherent in all White enterprises.

    Higher Education administrators brought this on themselves by abandoning the first principle of higher ed. That is, it is indeed HIGHER education. College is not a public utility. It is by nature an elite institution. Anything that waters down the rigor that makes it elite is a betrayal of both the idea and the mission of the institution.

    Affirmative action in any form in this context is sabotage.

  24. @Michelle

    White People really do contribute to the destruction of the Black [sic] race and it is because of the white race’s desire to “help” others. A worthy goal, but ultimately destructive.

    The psychological solution to the enigma of the harmfulness of much “altruism” is that the desire to appear to help predominates over the desire to help. [Otherwise, bleeding-heart liberals would learn from their experience.]

    • Agree: dfordoom
    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
    , @iffen
  25. MarkinLA says:

    “Leave the Black man alone!”

    We are trying but you won’t shut up.

  26. Anon • Disclaimer says:
    @Jim Christian

    I agree 100%. Blacks are notoriously short-sighted. They also don’t even consider consequences what with their poor impulse controls and explosive tempers. I once had a black women at work (she was completely useless btw,) suddenly break out in an hysterical burst of anger towards me. Never saw anything like it in my life and only a black would ever act like that. About four days later my boss called me saying she had talked to him to ask me why I wasn’t communicating with her!

    • Replies: @Jay
  27. WhatEvvs [AKA "Internet Addict"] says:

    I cannot believe that the parents of the kids who were terrorized at Dartmouth College library didn’t call up and ask for the college president’s head. Or that some alums didn’t threaten to withhold donations.

    • Replies: @epochehusserl
  28. Priss Factor [AKA "The Priss Factory"] says: • Website

    As long as blacks are messing up the bastions of White/Homo Liberalism, who cares?

    White Libs can pretend that they are allied with blacks against ‘white racists’, but the fact is the black fury is disrupting white Libs in colleges and downtown areas.


  29. @WhatEvvs

    I think that it probably did happen behind closed doors, some are waiting until they graduate in order to express disapproval. A lot of people are much more aware of reality than is spoken of in public.

    • Replies: @WhatEvvs
  30. @Rehmat

    By calling Afro-Americans “negro” you proved that you’re blinded by your anti-Black racism. I wish I could call you “antisemite”.

    “Afro-American” went out of fashion about 1975.

    • Replies: @David In TN
  31. @Stephen R. Diamond

    The psychological solution to the enigma of the harmfulness of much “altruism” is that the desire to appear to help predominates over the desire to help.

    Something about teaching a pig to sing…

  32. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Faber College.

    And that foot is me.

  33. @Joe Magarac

    I think it was the Derb that explained it best.

    They got all thru school on lowered standards. Now that they are IN college, and expected to perform, they can’t. They realize they are NOT smart enough to compete. This frustration causes them to act out. (Hoping for another free pass).
    The protests happened at test time.

  34. @boogerbently

    The protests happened at test time.

    Deserves more emphasis than it has received!

  35. @Reg Cæsar

    Around 1968-69, there was an effort to popularize the term “Afro-American” but it didn’t take and, as you say, faded out.

  36. WhatEvvs [AKA "Internet Addict"] says:

    I think so too. Isn’t it disgusting they have to wait to speak their minds? Why can’t they speak out NOW?

  37. WhatEvvs [AKA "Internet Addict"] says:

    Why can’t you? He could then ignore you.

    I thought of ignoring you but you’re too entertaining.

  38. @Rehmat

    By calling Afro-Americans “negro” you proved that you’re blinded by your anti-Black racism.

    They should be called “black” just because they use the term for themselves? Many also use “nigger.” Should that be applied too?

    All the connotations of “black” as applied to humans are negative. I don’t believe in indulging masochism.

  39. Leftist conservative [AKA "radical_centrist"] says: • Website

    I like the retro-irony of the term afro-american….I shall use that term instead of “black.” I urge you all to do the same.

  40. Priss Factor [AKA "The Priss Factory"] says: • Website

    It’s not just dumb blacks.

    Madness strikes smarties along with the dummies.

    It is an emotional sickness, a spiritual retardation.

    Consider this ho Naomi Wallace.

    She doesn’t seem low-IQ. But her politics are so tard-ish.

    And powerful and smart white folks showered her with prizes.

    Paradoxically, progs grow nuttier as they gain more privilege, and they grow saner as they lose their privilege.

    Progs say they care about the poor. But if progs really spent time with black thugs and other morons, they would wake up to reality.

    But when progs gain privilege and pampered protection in academia or some fancy institution(like McCarthur Foundation), their prog theories are never mugged by the practice of reality. They become ever more fantastical and asinine.

    So, they just get nuttier and nuttier.

    They become decadently aristo in their fancy fabulations of ‘justice’.

    Notice she hangs with fancy negroes than has to deal with trashy ones.

    Or take this solipsistic crap.

    • Replies: @Thomas O. Meehan
  41. @Priss Factor

    Thanks for citing Simon’s website. He used to be a film critic for the National Review. But that was when it was run by literate adults.

  42. Blake says:
    @Reg Cæsar

    You can call all political activism stupid, but some (i.e. gun rights activists & gay marriage activists) have been very successful.

  43. Stein says:

    Silly article. Its not mentioning the media, the race studies, the toxic sociology which is putting ideas into heads. It will continue. Stupid will move in accordance with the set up ideology, – and own abilities.

  44. Akira says: • Website

    If the stupidity of the Black academic “left” is some kind of evidence of Black racial inferiority, what exactly does the stupidity of the White academic “left” say about your supposed master race?

    Blaming the Black student “left” for the idiocies of modern leftism is like blaming Darius Rucker for the fact that modern Country Music is mindless drivel aimed at slobbering morons who are a total void of aesthetic sense. In other words, this is standard issue racial scapegoating, where the “other” is symbolically punished for the disgusting failures and crimes of White civilization. Nothing new here.

    What is actually the most devastating criticism of Black Lives Matter is that by adopting the worst practices of the White Protest Ghetto Left, they are acting White, and in the worst possible ways.

    I didn’t see anything but White people at my local Occupy encampment, and you know now that you bring up racial degeneration, I have to say that many of them looked and acted like a species that was getting ready go extinct.

    The whole thing appeared to any normal person as if a collection of escaped mental patients and the worst crackhead hippy trash you could possibly imagine had crashed a private school costume party run by the smarmiest liberals on the planet. (Almost all White.)

    Literally within days the Occupy “camp” had become significantly more filthy and dangerous than our usual homeless encampments, complete with public defecation, infected dope needles left everywhere, misspelled nonsense on cardboard signs, professional beggars, deranged crackhead kids with pit bulls, “disabled” White fatties on welfare, etcetera.

    The GA meetings were truly the Special Olympics of the modern White protest ghetto “left”. What kind of total brain failure is required to actually enjoy GA meetings? What is it that produces so many adult White people who are seriously stupid enough to adopt homelessness as a political strategy? And who then turn their own encampments into biohazard zones? And who bitterly fight the police to continue living in their own infected feces?

    By any possible standard, the painfully White Occupy “movement” was orders of magnitude more damaged and retarded than the worst of the upper class victim-group student cry babying in the name of Black Lives Matter.

    Why is that?

    Why are all these White people so stupid?


    Perhaps your theoretical approach does offer new perspectives in the study of the tragedy of Whiteness…

    What exactly does it say about the racial deformities of the White race that the Antiwar movement (again almost entirely White on both the mass and cadre level) was overrun with White protest liberals who think activism is a therapy group, taken over by a variety of idiotic White Communist cargo cults (ANSWER, NION, UFPJ), and then destroyed from within by the hideously White 9/11-Truther mental disease, only to finally be stolen by a bunch of White DNC apparatchiks in order to sell the White “left” on Obama?

    Does Occupy type leftardism happen because of the legacy of White inbreeding, or is it all the psychiatric medications that are being force fed to White children in early childhood?

    How do therapeutic left trends play out generationally in relation to the systemic bureaucratic implantation of anti-male cultural taboos among White children?

    Is chronic leftardism rooted in the catastrophic failure of White fatherhood, or is this rather a “culture of White failure” being transmitted across generations?

    Does Alex Jones listenership statistically correlate to the explosion of brain-damaged meth-babies in the last viable White breeding populations?

    Is the pathological inability of American whites to form any kind of a viable resistance to their own political elites a result of chronic institutionalization, or is it rooted in White mating practices that heavily select for servility and spinelessness?

    • Replies: @epochehusserl
  45. iffen says:
    @Stephen R. Diamond

    the desire to appear to help predominates over the desire to help

    This is doubtful. Appearances motivate a lot of people, but anybody can see that some of the most sincere do-gooders are barely, if that, able to take care of themselves.

  46. most sincere do-gooders are barely, if that, able to take care of themselves

    A failure that furthers the signaling of altruism. [That one should be no more concerned about one’s own welfare than individual’s.]

    • Replies: @iffen
  47. Jay says:

    The coworker couldn’t understand your being offended because trash-talking and angry outbursts are commonplace in the home lives of many negroes…and they still love each other. In my Southern family of the 1950’s on the other hand, no one ever raised his voice to another family member. There are real cultural differences between these two groups, beyond the obvious genetic ones.

  48. iffen says:
    @Stephen R. Diamond

    A failure that furthers the signaling of altruism. [That one should be no more concerned about one’s own welfare than individual’s.]

    Understood, and point taken, but the dichotomy is between signaling “insincere” altruism and “sincere” altruism. Sincere altruists may signal or not. Insincere altruists would definitely signal in the most ostentatious manner. Lots of anonymous altruists out there.

    • Replies: @Stephen R. Diamond
  49. Priss Factor [AKA "The Priss Factory"] says: • Website

    When it comes to education, there are set of IN’s we need to consider.

    There is intelligence, instruction, inspiration. We also need to consider indoctrination and inculcation(related to instillation).

    There is little that can be done about intelligence. Some have it, some don’t. Few have high intelligence. While education can improve the mind like exercise can improve the body, everyone has his or her limits. No one can go past one’s limits. It’s like no amount of exercise can make you run faster beyond a certain limit. Likewise, no matter how much you study, you cannot break the Mind Barrier. You can become somewhat smarter but that’s about it.

    But regardless of intelligence, instruction can be ideally tailored for most students, smart or dumb. There are basic lessons suitable for everyone.
    There can be good instruction and bad instruction. Obviously, we need the good kind.
    And much of education theory focuses on instruction. Now, instruction is important, and it shouldn’t be surprising to anyone that so many theorists and educators come up with new ideas and plans of instruction. Common Core is but the latest in the batch.

    It’s like there are good dance lessons and bad dance lessons. We need to choose the good dance lessons for instruction. But, as the saying goes, it takes two to tango. No matter how good the instruction, there isn’t gonna be much progress unless the dancer-pupil has basic physical ability/coordination AND also the will to take the instruction seriously and do his best(like the feller in SHALL WE DANCE?) The instruction needs to be met with insistence and inspiration on the part of the student. There has to be a will to learn.

    In a homogeneous society, this is easily understood. This is especially so if there is no ridiculous notion of ‘collective guilt’ in society.
    So, the burden is placed on the institution/instruction but also on pupils who are expected to be inspired and instilled with proper attitude and determination.

    Education isn’t just about feeding the student. It’s about the willingness of the student to accept the feeding and chew it well and digest it well and shit out what is useless and keep what is useful. The mind has to learn to digest material.

    In a homogeneous society of same race, shared history, common values, and etc. this is easier to come by, especially if the culture has a respect for education and knowledge and status gained through academics.

    But as America grows ever more diverse, it’s difficult to expect the same attitude and manners from all the students. Also, the cult of ‘historical guilt’ means that the generally white and ‘progressive’ educators cannot demand too much from non-white students who are growing in number. White elites feel that they OWE it to the non-whites, at least to blacks and partly to browns. So, all the burden for improvement is placed on the mode of instruction(by white educators) than on inspiration or instillation of proper attitudes and habits(esp among non-whites).
    But instruction, no matter how well formulated and devised, can only do so much with students who are unmotivated, punkass, irreverent toward knowledge, hostile to teachers, addicted to junky pop culture(more prevalent than ever via the internet).

    Japanese instructors can be demanding of students and teachers. Japanese educator elites don’t feel ‘historical guilt’ toward Japanese students. They are one people bound by shared values, habits, narratives, and perspectives. There are troublesome Japanese students, but they are just deemed as bad kids, not ‘victims of history and society’, which is how lousy black students are regarded in the US.
    If Japanese kids mess up, it’s their fault. But if black kids mess up, it’s the fault of white folks who have ‘neglected black America’. Never mind blacks neglect schoolwork in schools and act like tardish morons and lunatics in so many schools.

    American education focuses so much on instruction and neglects the factor of inspiration and inculcation/instillation.

    Before students are led into instruction, they need to be inspired into a reverence for knowledge, learning, and study. Even before they learn, they must want to learn, they must respect teachers, they must see meaning in doing homework, reading books, finding out about stuff, and etc.
    This inspiration comes from a home culture where thinkers and thinking is idolized. So, even before the kid reads the authors and appreciates the artists, they are inspired into reverence of such people/stuff through idols. It’s like a kid going to a museum. He or she may not understand much about art or history or stuff, but by walking through halls filled with sacred and important stuff, he or she comes to value the idea of history, art, culture, and etc. The idolization of culture and knowledge is instilled into him or her.
    Sadly, most young non-white kids are idolized with images of pimps and ho’s and skanks and sluts and punks and sleazos and clowns. Parents allow kids to plaster the walls with posters of trashy celebrities. Dumb is idolized while the sacred is banished. There was a time when most homes had idols of religion, family, and history on their walls. And kids weren’t allowed to cover their walls with homo celebs and trashy rappers with tattoos. They had a family portrait, Virgin Mary, reprint of art painting(by Renoir or Monet or some such) on the wall. Now, girls are allowed to put up posters of trash ho’s like Lady Gaga and Nikki Minaj.

    Now, what is most readily inspiring to a child? With what inspirational models should education be associated with? Some may say God. Some may say family. Some may say money. Some may say social justice.
    By gaining knowledge, one can serve God better. One can serve family better and bring honor to it(especially a big thing among Chinee and Hindus). One can make more money. One can become a good person and make social progress. All such have validity.
    But I would say nothing is more inspirational than identity, history, and power. This is why study of history and culture should be at the center of education(and not just in the school but in the family and through one’s entire lifetime). If one only thinks in terms of individuality, his success in education can only mean making good money. For some people, that may well be enough. But for many people, especially those without high intelligence, it isn’t enough to motivate them to study. What inspires most people is a sense of shared identity, history, and power. If education could be linked with such themes, they are more likely to be inspired.
    It’s like Chinese and Jews commit to education as not only as means of individual success but as the path to national or ethnic power. One’s educational success isn’t just about ‘me’ but about ‘we’. Even though each Jew in US and each Chinese in China thinks about ‘myself’, there is also the sense of the larger community, identity, and history. (As for those atomized ultra-cosmo Jews or Chinese who only care about themselves, they may succeed but they will have no kids, and their lines will die out. Individualism unattached to larger identity is death.)

    The problem of identity-inspiration in the US is that it is seen as ‘divisive’, especially if invoked among white students. While identity is promoted among non-white students, especially blacks, it is denied to white students, and this explains why so many poorer whites have no inspiration for study. They are failing in schools in huge numbers. If they were inspired with identity, they might approach instruction as a means of boosting their identity and racial power. But as they are told that their whiteness sucks, they don’t see the point of education, especially as working class and underclass whites are not only disadvantaged by lack of privilege but also the prime targets of ‘affirmative action’. No matter how good the instruction, those without inspiration see no use in it.

    But identity-inspiration isn’t enough. It certainly isn’t working with blacks and browns. Their identity-consciousness is encouraged, but it does no good since black or brown identity-inspiration is accompanied with grievance, culture of complaint, habit of scapegoating others, dodging responsibility, and etc.

    It is one thing to boost inspiration by identity and say that you have a responsibility to study hard and work hard for the good of your racial team.
    This is what Jews and Chinese get. Jews and Chinese are not without culture of grievance(history of antisemitism or opium wars and 100 yrs of humiliation, etc), but it is balanced by the emphasis on the importance of responsibility to do your best and not blame your INDIVIDUAL failure on others. While Jews may collectively complain of historical discrimination, Jews will laugh at some lazy individual Jew who bitches that he failed cuz white people didn’t do enough for him. And while all Chinese will agree that Brits and Japanese did some bad things to China, they will have no sympathy to a Chinee individual who bitches that he failed his SAT cuz white folks didn’t do enough for him. So, Jewish and Chinese are inspired with a sense of personal responsibility. In contrast, if some lazy crazy dumbass Negro failed in school and bitched that he be a victim, the black community will sympathize with him and just blame the honker.

    Black and brown identities are all about ‘gimme, gimme, gimme’, ‘it aint my fault’, ‘everything wrong with me is the fault of honkey or gringo’, and etc.
    Thus, blacks and browns are inspired with the very ideas that kill inspiration of initiative. They are more inflamed than inspired. It’s the sort of nasty attitude that burns with rage but doesn’t provide long-term steady fuel for education.
    This is the difference between Jews and Muslims as well. While Jews have done bad things in the Middle East, all too often Muslims blame all their own failings on Jews and whites.

    Anyway, good instruction is necessary, but students need to be inspired. Unless they are inspired, they won’t take to instruction. But if they are inspired, they will see the instruction as a means to serve their own people. They will see knowledge as a weapon and instrument of power for their own people. And this kind of inspiration is achieved through mythology, history, identity, psychology, the arts. It’s about cultural parenting.
    Also, arts, culture, and history are the things that EVERYONE can partake of and all through their lives. Fields like mathematics, chemistry, engineering, rocket science, medicine, and etc are only understandable to experts. But all people, even non-history majors, can understand history. Even non-art-majors can appreciate art and music and literature. Even non-theologians can understand the essence of religion and mythology. Even non-psychology majors can understand something of the human mind. While young children cannot understand complex math or science, they instinctively take to history, storytelling, mythology, religion, arts, culture, music.
    Today, kids are exposed to junky culture and trashy narratives. And white kids are exposed to anti-white narratives that kill their souls and confidence.
    And their parents are ahistorical morons addicted to junk pop culture themselves and think there’s nothing wrong with their kids imitating trash celebrities and getting tattoos and piercings at young age.

    Also, arts-culture-history(familial as well as ethnic/national) is one field where parents can stay ahead of the game and communicate as equals with their kids.
    By the time the kids are in high school, parents will have forgotten most about math and science. Kids will know more about that stuff. And as technology advances ever so fast, kids will know more about that stuff. So, kids lose respect for parents as having ‘old knowledge’. But by keeping up with some reading, parents can still be knowledgeable of history, arts, literature, and music. And on those subjects, they can communicate with their kids as superiors or at least equals.

    Now, inspiration isn’t enough even when it’s healthy and sound. There is also the matter of inculcation of proper habits and instillation of proper attitudes and morals.
    Much of this is done outside the school, and it sure helps to have both parents. The role of the father is to teach morals and pass down the narrative/story of his people, personal/familial and national/historical. But so many kids now grow up without fathers. Their narrative come from their trashy single-mothers and the garbage they watch on TV. There is no patriarch to pass down the sacred story.
    Imagine if Abraham was some pimp who took off to look for more pooter and Sarah raised Isaac all by herself and exposed the kid to images of men having sex with sheep and goats and fruiters prancing about. That is where much of American culture is headed. A true father passes down his seed and, as it grows into plant, waters it with the sacred story of his people. There is academic impersonal history taught in the school, but there is also the familial/personal and mythic history taught in the home. Every father must be a historian of sorts, like those Jewish patriarchs through the ages. Without such stories passed down from father to son, there is no history, no culture. History just become some PC instruction taught in schools.

    Anyway, it isn’t enough to know what is right. One must be inculcated to do what is right.
    It’s not enough to convince a child that it’s important to wake up every day and go to school and do homework and get good grades. A child may be inspired into agreeing such are good things. But he or she may still not do it cuz it’s just an ideal than something forced to be real.
    For an inspirational ideal to become part of the real, its practice must be inculcated in the child day in and day out. Theory must be drilled into practice to the point where the kid feels something is wrong with him or her unless he or she keeps up with the proper habit.

    Also, kids must be taught the art of resistance against Pop Culture that should be seen as the enemy of what is serious, healthy, important, essential, and true. Pop Culture is like junk food. Something to be enjoyed now and then but never to be seen as core culture, the essential culture. Indeed, making young people appreciate Real Culture is one of the best immunity against the corrosive power of pop culture.
    It’s like young people who are brought up to appreciate Real Food and Real Cooking will not fall sway to junk food. They may enjoy donuts and cookies and candies but they will not see them as core essential diet.
    Sadly, too many Americans and modern folks all over now see Pop Culture as core culture. Worse, we have universities now teaching stuff like Lady Gaga in elite culture classes.
    It’s like a girl raised with appreciation for real literature may sometimes read junk literature and find enjoyment. But she will never mistake trash for treasure.
    It’s like someone raised with appreciation for real cinema may enjoy some stupid shit movie by Tarantino but not mistake it as essential cinema.
    Now, some pop culture stuff is part of the essential canon. Joni Mitchell and CCR were great artists. Pop culture can be Real Culture, and serious culture can be worthless and pseudo-intellectual pain-in-the-butt, like the dreary films of Chantal Akerman, the worstest director ever. The point is one has to be raised to appreciate real talent and real worth over crap, popular or pseudo-intellectual.

    As for indoctrination, all institutions seek to use it on students. While it may be necessary to some degree, it snuffs critical thinking and independence of mind. It just instructs students to agree. ‘our way or the highway’.
    PC is all about indoctrination. As such, it is an intellectual dead-end even though it’s been effective in taking over many kinds.
    But PC, Muslim fundamentalism, Maoist Cultural Revolution, Hitler Youth training, and etc are all nowhere intellectually, culturally, or morally.

  50. @iffen

    I get the sense that we differ on how much of putative altruism is sincere. Someone can think they’re sincere and not be. And much conformist altruism is simply opportunist.

    How much political altruism is sincere? In its present form, I’d say little. I take it you disagree.

  51. iffen says:

    Yes, we disagree. I think there is plenty of sincere altruist behavior and I take it that you think there is very little since you describe it as putative. I agree that to a varying degree it is encouraged by the desire to conform and to raise one’s prestige or status. That is not a bad thing and does not negate sincere altruism. It just gets you more altruist behavior in one’s fellow man.

    I am not clear on how one can have “false” sincerity. I understand how it can be faked which would be seem to be insincerity and not self-deception.

    Whether any specific political stance or behavior is pandering or sincere can be difficult to discern. I reverse my beliefs here and assume that all politics is posturing and insincere. Politicians are vile, venal and guilty of high crimes until proven innocent.

    • Replies: @Stephen R. Diamond
  52. @Akira

    Servility is the order of the day. There are two main reasons for this: Too many baby boomers who have mortgaged the future seemed determined to live forever at taxpayer expense and therefore are violently opposed to any discussion of these issues because they wont be around for it. Second, the civil rights movement is a religion to many who no other sense of. the sacred. To my parents who are white their sense is well I wont be around for it and for you to rock the boat makes me think you are crazy.

  53. @iffen

    I didn’t mean to suggest that altruism doesn’t exist or even that it’s rare. I meant to restrict my generalizations to current political altruism.

    False sincerity involves a proclivity to verbally espouse a position, but without demonstrating commitment. The person thinks he believes what he doesn’t really believe, as demonstrated in most behavior. (For example, he doesn’t stop to ask himself whether his demands for open borders will produce a “nativist” backlash. The result isn’t really important, just the espousal of a “progressive” and “enlightened” attitude.)

    • Replies: @iffen
  54. iffen says:
    @Stephen R. Diamond

    The result isn’t really important, just the espousal of a “progressive” and “enlightened” attitude.)

    Understood and I agree. Lots of rallying around the flag until they get a whiff of the grape.

  55. I agree with much of this, but I wonder if Mr. Weissberg isn’t being a tad harsh. Some, if not many campus leftists, do at least dip into the works of classical Marxist and anarchist thinkers. You may consider Marxism and anarchism to be bunk, but immersing oneself in these ideas can be very good intellectual discipline. One learns to read critically, and thing and write polemically.
    I would also inquire as to whether the campus right ,such as it is, can also veer towards laziness. Denouncing Obamacare and supporting the intervention du jour is easy. Wrestling with the idea of Mises, Kirk, or Weaver is difficult. From what I’ve witnessed collegiate conservatives tend to prefer the former. How many Young Republicans would be comfortable discussing ,say, the tension between capitalism and traditionalism?

  56. 5JimBob says:
    @John T

    Not cowards, just being extremely patient in the expectation that all this agitation will someday end for one reason or another.

    But, A, it might not, and B, the patience won’t last forever. What would follow then is anybody’s guess

  57. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    So that is why Affirmative action has never been sought by the NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB!

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