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Uncovering White Racism
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Hillary Clinton’s “deplorable” speech has yet again raised the issue of whether countless white Americans are “racists.” Of course, given the term’s inherently fuzzy quality, who can authoritatively say for sure? But, imprecision acknowledged, it is important to scrutinize how the liberal media elite has expertly twisted racism to demonize millions of whites who (correctly) reject the “racist” label. Far more is involved than playing semantic games–controlling the meaning of “white racism” is a huge prize in today political environment.

A perfect example of an elite media capturing “racism” occurred in a recent column by the Washington Post’s Dana Milbank. Under the headline, “Yes, half of Trump’s supporters are racist” he sought to show, with seemingly hard facts, that, indeed, Hillary’s assessment was correct. What was Milbank’s smoking gun proof? One such fact comes from the 2012 American National Election Study that found that when white people rated blacks on scales of hardworking/lazy and intelligent/unintelligent, some 62% of whites rated blacks lower than whites, a jump from the 2008 figure when only 45% of whites did not see blacks as equal to whites in either work ethnic or intelligence. Milbank also cited a Pew Research Center study that found that while 79% of Clinton supporters believed that that the treatment of racial and ethnic minorities was an important issue, a mere 42% of Trump supporters concurred. Milbank also had previously noted that Trump supporters were significantly less likely to believe that racial and ethnic diversity improves the United States. To close the case, Milbank offers research showing that Trump does best among voters who believe that white people were “losing ground.”

Milbank’s modus operandi is to take a proposition amenable to scientific verification, decide what is factually correct and then bestows the racism label upon those who reject his version of reality. This is equivalent to a court of law where defendants—here whites charged with racism—are given zero opportunity to defend themselves. And Milbank, like other liberal sages, is a hanging judge. If he decides that asking whites if blacks are naturally faster than whites in races less than 400 meters, and a white answers “yes,” Milbank is totally free to convict the respondent of “racism.” And there is no appeal—off with his head! And even to suggest that the conclusion from on high is scientifically iffy will only add years to the racism sentence.

Now imagine if survey respondents could defend their “racist” choices. Plausibly, countless interviewees would argue that yes blacks really are lazier than whites given the obvious willingness of employers to hire immigrant workers over native-born blacks and surely less motivation to work helps explain black proclivity for public welfare. And if, as Milbank implies, blacks and whites are equal in vocational talent, why must government pass countless anti-discrimination and affirmative laws to force employers to hire more blacks? As for the issue of black intelligence, has Milbank every uncovered any data showing that blacks and whites are equal on any test assessing cognitive ability, tests such as IQ tests, SAT tests, and multiple measures of K-12 achievement. Such data do not exist.

I would love to see Milbank’s data demonstrating the tangible benefits of racial/ethnic diversity in the US or, better yet, the Middle East or Africa. The opposite is more plausible—diversity is a problem to be managed and if its benefits were as advertised, why spend millions on lawyers and bureaucrats whose job it is to force firms to embrace diversity? To be blunt, Milbank’s reasoning only confirms his personal upside down world, not the racism of Trump supporters.

According to Milbank and fellow liberal pundits, a white saying bad things about blacks is prima facie “hard” evidence of racism even if the negative statement is indisputably factually correct. To be “racist” is to assert, for example, that compared to whites, blacks commit more crime, have higher rates of illegitimacy, are more likely to abuse drugs, more likely to be suspended or expelled from school, more prone to commit child abuse among many other examples of “bad” behavior. White racism was once evidenced by whites visibly inflicting harm on blacks; today, white racism is anything—no exceptions–said or believed by whites, regardless of veracity, that blacks find offensive or disrespectful. The measure of racism has shifted from behavior to attitudes or beliefs, no small shift given the widespread disconnect between attitudes and behavior. In fact, now just thinking “bad thoughts” about blacks independent of any action constitutes the sin of white racism.

This devious approach cripples any intelligent public discussion of America’s racial tribulations. Consider, for example, the minefield awaiting a blunt white office-seeker discussing what can be done to revitalize such black-dominated cities as Detroit or Selma, AL Sensible proposals might include cracking down on crime (including qualify of life offenses such as public intoxication), imposing stricter discipline in local schools to build a higher quality work force, hire public employees by merit, not race, and otherwise make the inner-city more business friendly.

According to Milbank and company, simply acknowledging this reality insults blacks and is irredeemably racist regardless of intentions. And if our white office-seeker continued with these “hateful” bad-mannered facts, the facts themselves would be attacked as misleading or downright false. Outraged blacks would claim that rampant crime in black neighborhoods is just a stereotype and exists only because racist police are out to get otherwise law-abiding blacks while whites are not arrested for the same behavior thanks to white privilege. Tellingly, the white candidate’s effort at helpfulness would not only not garner black votes, but would also alienate middle class white voters disturbed by a candidate’s inability to grasp today’s racial etiquette.


The cost of killing honest conversation hardly stops here. Escaping the onus of being deemed a racist will inevitably generate a plethora of lies and convoluted analyses. Since it is racist to even hint that black youngsters (and their parents) are at least partially responsible for their woeful academic performance, ameliorative suggestions will drift off into spending more money, requiring culturally competent (i.e., black) teachers, upgrading school computers, making the curriculum more multicultural, adding more support staff and on and on, none of which have proven effective. Similarly, rather than even mention locking up black criminals—a certifiable racist proposals–a savvy candidate will yammer about requiring sensitivity training for all cops, hiring more black police and add yet more civilian oversight.

It is no wonder, then, that conversations about race are filled with mysterious forces, e.g., structural racism, or claims of being victimized by barely perceptible insults, e.g., micro-aggressions. One can only recall the complicated mechanisms such as epicycles within epicycles once invented to demonstrate that the sun really revolved around the earth.

Clearly, tarring millions of whites as “racist” for merely expressing indisputable facts about blacks, albeit facts that makes many African Americans uncomfortable, hardly helps blacks beyond supplying some temporary feel-good therapy. This is messenger shooting on a grand scale and perhaps explains why black progress has come to a standstill.

Why do liberals pursue this discussion-killing strategy? Let me suggest that demonizing whites in general and Trump supporters in particular with white racism cheap shots is the paramount value in today’s political conflict. It certainly outshines holding frank discussion that might accomplish something tangible. Going one step further, I suspect that the Milbank and company must know this awkward, unspeakable reality– nearly all black pathologies are self-inflicted–but having repeatedly defined “racism” as anything that blacks find disrespectable, reversing course is no longer an option. There certainly are no personal costs for continued dishonesty and few blacks complain that avoiding racial offensiveness is a recipe for stagnation. Bashing whites as racist has become an all too easy way of making a living regardless of the consequences.

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  1. D. K. says:

    “Milbank’s modus operandi is to take a proposition amenable to scientific verification, decide what is factually correct and then bestows [sic] the racism label upon those who reject his version of reality.”

    His proposition is NOT amenable to scientific verification– nor to scientific refutation– because there never has been a scientifically (or even a social-scientifically) valid and reliable definition of “racism”– i.e., an unambiguous definition that encompasses everything that is “racism,” while excluding everything that is not “racism,” which then may be objectively applied by any trained observer to derive the same reliable judgment as to whether the observed belief, attitude, opinion, intention, or behavior does or does not meet that pre-existing definition’s unambiguous terms.

    • Replies: @Father O'Hara
  2. Durruti says:

    Weissburg is an Author of Racial hatred. Better said, he is an advocate of Hatred.

    He insists, “compared to whites, blacks commit more crime” History displays no race committing more crime, massacres than the Caucasian European, from the dawn of European history, The Romans decimated Gaul, and murdered millions in their charge toward empire, and through the 100 year war civil conflict which killed 1 of every 3 Germans, to WW I and WW II.

    Weissburg and other racial theorists advocate:

    1. divide & conquer

    2. deny the smelly Pink Elephant in the room (Racist, exploitative, Land and Life stealing Zionism – Weissburg does not even refer to it – surprise!!!).

    He insists:

    3. there is no racism emanating from Caucasians. Don’t be “Bashing whites.” Ever.

    4. there was never Slavery in America.

    5. African Americans were always paid for their work, and never killed, sold, chained, or in any other way, exploited.

    6. African Americans are dumber than Caucasians – Huh? What the fuck is an IQ? Who invented that? Answer: the Pink Elephant, with some help from the educational establishment, the Zionist media, and Hollywood (more Zionist media).

    The whole effort of the Zionist New World Order is to divide the Human Race, by destroying all National Cultures, Nations, entities, (other than that of the Chosen Peoples – the Zionist Land Thieves). And Weissberg is right on the cutting edge.

    We are witness to:

    European nations being amalgamated into a cultural mish mosh. Genders are also being ground down into a sexless, faithless, soulless, worship of the anal cavity, as the proper orifice for both pleasure and necessity.

    A fine African Frenchman, Dieudonné has been in the forefront of exposing this destructive brainwashing, and has paid dearly (literally) for his efforts. French Nationalist Jean Marie Le Pen is the Godfather to his son.

    Families are owned by the State, and generally repressed. The state teaches that Children need no fathers, or mothers. A pregnant female will do, no matter how she is impregnated. Emotions of Love, loyalty, and pride, are no longer mentioned. Children need no longer be happy or healthy, just brainwashed, fearful, and dependent, – for their entire life.

    Weissberg is a cheerleader (one of many), for imperialist destruction of nations, in the Middle East, and (surreptitiously), our America.

    There is only one race:

    No race is more intelligent, or worthy than another,

    United we may one day restore our Republic.

  3. TTB says:

    Racism, properly understood, is the acknowledgement of the reality of objective, biological differences between the races, differences that are so profound that racial mingling inevitably causes hatred and violence, thus racial separation is the best way to preserve all races.

    Racism, properly understood, is also the recognition that it is perfectly healthy and normal and right to love what is one’s own more than what belongs to others. It is natural, normal, and right to show preferences to one’s self, one’s family, one’s friends, one’s homeland, one’s nation, and one’s race.

    Why is so healthy, rational, and enlightened an outlook as racism smeared as “hate”? To prefer one’s family to the neighbors is not hate. To prefer one’s friends to strangers is not hate. To prefer one’s homeland to a foreign country is not hate.

    I prefer whites to other races, but that fact alone does not mean that I hate other races. Preference does not mean hatred, but merely an inequality of loves. I love New Mexico, but I love California more. And I perfectly understand why a New Mexican might feel exactly the opposite.

    Greg Johnson
    Confessions of a Reluctant Hater
    Counter-Currents Press, 2016

    • Replies: @Truth
  4. edNels says:

    the very name racist… it is about pride of ones own people… the term exceptianal comes in to this… Well guess who is the formost in that catagory….? Weisenberger?

    Weisen Heimer

    I know, I just couldn’t resist

  5. edNels says:

    Look humans dogs and all the other things out there, are going to pick who they like…

    call that racist… call it what ever… I mean to tell the truth, some of them black babes… with the pointy tits… oh whow…. not bad…

    • Replies: @edNels
  6. Yeah, but Milbank is a fucking retard, no one but Democrats read him. He’s a Pajama Boy for the Washington Post, toy box item to Jeffery Bezos, CEO of Amazon. It’s a billboard to the Democrat Party, read only by members of the Washington Democrat establishment. Losing 65 million dollars a month, WashPost is burning cash at a rate equal to Amazon, pound-for-pound. NYTimes is in the same boat, only worse as regards burning cash. NYTimes of course is supported by a billionaire Mexican pushing the pro-illegal issue in NYTimes (along with ALL things Democrat) so he can push as many of the third-world poverty our way instead of Mexico dealing with it.

    Dana Milbank and another half-dozen at WashPost and Maureen Doud, Krugman, Friedman, retards all, are paid to grind out hit pieces on Trump, read only by Democrats (and LIBERAL Democrats at that), for Democrats, by Democrats. They are failing.

    The financial supporters of Liberal press in the U.S., especially WashPost and NYTimes, are going to lose patience if Trump wins in November. Perhaps finally, these institutions of the “Fourth Estate” will die the death they deserve that commercially, they should have died ten years back. If they fail to seat Hillary in the White House this year, (their sole purpose at this point), why would you tolerate, as an owner, the burning of tens of millions of dollars/month in losses supporting them? If they are no longer a billboard for your interest and may even be hurting, why support them?

    With those institutions gone, Democrats may finally (!) have to turn to media that can inform them and challenge the idiotic, retarded tripe they’ve had force-fed by their own hand into their mushy brains their whole lives. A half-dozen entities run all the print and broadcast media in this country and they are all burning cash like the California Hills in summertime.

    In the end, Dana Milbank is a fucking retard, the worst of a bad bunch. Rest assured, he’s preaching to his own choir and no one else hears his tune. Trust me.

    • Replies: @Seamus Padraig
  7. Boris N says:

    It’s all because opinion polls in most cases are pseudo-science, manipulative technology. Instead of believing the results at face value we first must ask ourselves why, for what purpose those polls have been made and published with such and such results and who’s carried them out, what’s their agenda.

    • Replies: @Anonymous Smith
  8. Renoman says:

    If the truth is racist should we all become liars?
    Some people regard difference as a good thing but most do not, birds of a feather etc. You can’t legislate Human nature, all prejudice comes from a certain amount of truth I think the best we can do is try not to generalize we all know that assholes come in every color, let’s just try and be good to one another and weed em out one by one.

    • Replies: @joef
  9. Boris N says:

    To be “racist” is to assert, for example, that compared to whites, blacks commit more crime, have higher rates of illegitimacy, are more likely to abuse drugs, more likely to be suspended or expelled from school, more prone to commit child abuse among many other examples of “bad” behavior.

    I think here where American racism is cleverly hidden. And this explicit racism in the USA is state supported. Where there have been statistical studies on crime, drugs, success in schooling, etc., but where people have been explicitly divided by races is racism. Really, Americans, and the liberals in the first place, must ask themselves why after 150 years of the abolition and after 50 years of anti-racism laws, there are still people asked and divided on the base of their race. Why do Americans are so obsessed with race, with all those questions about race in the multitude of bureaucratic and statistical forms? Americans themselves always say race is an “artificial social construct”, don’t they? Why then are they still interested in “artificial constructs”? Let’s just compare with other countries. There are some “feelings” among the people in Europe, that Africans and Asians in France, Germany or the UK commit more crime, less educated, etc., but no-one really can say for sure, it is just “feelings”, there have been no studies as people in these countries are never asked about their race (except for rare censuses, maybe). One can only say that the crime rate in Paris is such and such but you’ll never know who commit more crime. It can not be said if such information deficiency is good or bad, and native people there may not like immigrants anyway, etc., but at least one can rest assured that in those countries there no state racism as such, people are not officially divided into races.

  10. Boris N says:

    I do not get your outrage. What the bloody history of humankind (including slavery) have to do with the simple fact that contemporary American Blacks commit more crime? How may the Romans, WWI, WWII, etc. refute this simple statistical fact of the modern American life? And you say that there is only one race of humans, but then you blame “Caucasians” for committing more massacres during the history. You are a hypocrite.

  11. TTB says:

    Bullshit. Blacks have yet to build a civilization even they want to live in if given other options. Koko the gorilla is more intelligent than your average sub-saharan. Literally.

    • Replies: @Truth
  12. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    I hope not a few of readers know what that “Durruti” stands for, and save their time without even trying to read the comments, sincerely.

    • Replies: @Anonymous Smith
  13. @Durruti

    French Nationalist Jean Marie Le Pen is the Godfather to his son.

    Really? Is that true? Do you have a source on that? I would find that rather surprising … but what do I know? Maybe it’s true.

    • Replies: @Durruti
  14. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Weissberg, a use correspondent to that of “racism” is made of “anti-Semitism”, “misogyny”, “homophobia” and, with less force since those who benefit from it have less power (currently, at least), “Islamophobia”.
    “Fascist” and “neo-Nazi” are much used too.

    In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. The same was in the beginning with God. All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made.

    Put “power” (the real name of the God of humans) in place of “God”, and you have a good picture of post-Genesis human history.
    Since we think in words, control over thought is achieved by control over language.

    Aside from forms of general cultural and psychological control, words are also the cheapest shield from discomfort, and based criticism, available to humans.
    If I am a woman, it’ll be as simple as labeling anything that annoys my ego as “misogyny”; “anti-Semitism”/”neo-Nazi” are the shields from any discomfort caused by truth available to Jews; “racism” is the mental heal-all used by blacks mad with inferiority feelings (particularly those connected with intelligence).

    And then there are universal shields too, like “troll”. Who is a “troll”? Somebody who posts comments rubbing the vanity and pride of other users the wrong way.

    • Replies: @Lawrence Fitton
  15. @Jim Christian

    Perhaps finally, these institutions of the “Fourth Estate” will die the death they deserve that commercially, they should have died ten years back.

    Very unlikely, Jim. If these papers were going to go under, then they would have gone under years ago. Oligarchs like Slim and Bezos don’t own such papers because they need the revenue; they make more than enough money at their day-jobs to go on subsidizing these rags from now until doomsday. No, they regard these papers as ‘loss leaders’, which, though not directly profitable, are used to propagandize in favor of an agenda that, for them and their class, most certainly is profitable: open borders, ‘free’ trade, foreign wars, etc. And it doesn’t matter how many subscribers they lose. They’re only interested in the prestige that a brand such as the New York Times or the Washington Post can lend their agenda. These papers, you see, are still ‘respectable’, whereas the internet is not.

    • Replies: @Jim Christian
  16. macilrae says:

    This ground has been so well-trodden that it’s hard to respond with anything original – the current social fashion in most Western countries is to follow the trends that Dr Weissberg deplores.

    I can add that ‘black-on-white racism’ is a huge factor which is even celebrated in the pop industry and, quite often, we can read that this term is a contradiction because how can a black person, a victim, possibly be a racist? Itself a racist observation actually.

    All sane and thinking people know that ‘cultural’ problems within ethnic minority communities are the root cause of most of their misfortunes – as well as of the external hostility directed towards them – this is equally true of blacks, Jews and even Chinese (particularly those recent arrivals from the mainland China).

  17. On his WaPo essay I inquired what was Dana Milbank’s residential zipcode but did not receive a reply.

    • Replies: @Connecticut Famer
  18. @Seamus Padraig

    To preach to their own choir, they’ll lose 60 million a month, over a half-billion a year. Even Bezos goes broke at some point. Doesn’t make sense, even as a vanity-toy. If the goal is your agenda, your agenda is Hillary and Hillary loses in spite of all the hit pieces, all the Dana Milbank you can unload on the world, seems to me you’re going find another megaphone. I’m not arguing with ya, Seamus, understand and certainly this is why Slim and Bezos own these papers (for now). That said, if they don’t fulfill your agenda, after all this dough and all this time it doesn’t add up. Add in the corruption and complete abandonment of journalistic protocol to do what they’re doing, you’re driving your commercial appeal down even more because it simply isn’t a newspaper anymore, it’s a campaign flier. And even Democrats know it. They celebrate it. They might as well call it the Democrat Daily Gazette.

    I just don’t know how they’re doing it. With At&T and Northern Telecom, I used to service their phones and circuits between their many properties that support the paper. It is a MASSIVE entity. In the region, they have roughly 20% of the paper-on-the-driveway subscribers as they did 20 years ago leading to paper advertisers drying up and their pay wall didn’t make up the revenue, nor do the ads on their website. The new building he built for reporters, staff and himself, on expensive Washington real estate, plus the expense of running Robinson Terminal in Alexandria on the Potomac and on the rail up in Springfield, Virginia that handles paper, three printing plants in the region, also the old Post building on 15th street still needs to be maintained, all of it burning cash on a massive scale.

    Ah well, I hope it drives them broke. In the meantime, understand this: Dana Milbank is a fucking retard.

  19. Rich says:

    To make it easy for everyone to understand – Racist means White. In the eyes of the leftist, being White makes you automatically “racist.” It’s hilarious when a true lefty “accidentally” says something that can be deemed “racist” then has to crawl on his belly begging forgiveness for whatever faux-pas he said, and is never forgiven anyway.

    • Replies: @Sam J.
  20. Rehmat says:

    Racism is not confined only to White Supremacists. It can be found in many religions and societies. Hindu religion has produced world’s largest racist society which even persecutes its own 220 million Hindu Dalits. It’s followed by Jewish Talmud which teaches hatred towards every non-Jew.

    Israeli historian Dr. Israel Shahak had claimed that Jewish holy books teaches more hatred and racism than any other religious scriptures.

    In December 2010, Canadian Jewish groups condemned University of Toronto over awarding Master degree to a Jewish student over her thesis: “Jewish Racism Against Non-Jewish communities”.

    • Replies: @Connecticut Famer
    , @anon
    , @KenH
  21. Durruti says:
    @Seamus Padraig

    Seamus Padraig,

    French Nationalist Jean Marie Le Pen is the Godfather to his son.

    “Really? Is that true? Do you have a source on that? I would find that rather surprising … but what do I know? Maybe it’s true.”

    Here are the sources you asked for.

    The first link are to a series of photos of Dieudonné with Jean Marie Le Pen

    The next:,d.eWE


    There are many more links.

    The Wikipedia was written by a Zionist Propagandist, but nevertheless, contains much information, such as confirmation of the Jean Marie Le Pen – Dieudonné connection. Confirmation of the fact that Jean Marie Le pen is the Godfather to Dieudonné’s son. Dieudonné is also close a friend of Alain Soral, Europe’s foremost thinker, (and a man whose political history-trajectory parallels mine).

    Racism only divides We The People. We Americans have a moral imperative to rise our Minutemen & Restore our Republic, and by doing so, we will Right the World.

    Durruti – alias Peter J. Antonsen

  22. Flemur says:

    some 62% of whites rated blacks lower than whites,

    What percentage of blacks rated blacks lower than whites?

    It’s suspicious, but typical, when that sort of data is omitted; I tried to find it, but found this instead:
    Skin Color Scale for (Face-to-Face Mode) Respondents and Pre-Election Interviewers
    “In order to address the potential bias that skin color may introduce, we will ask you to record the skin color of the Respondent using a Scale of Skin Color Darkness. This is an 11-point scale, ranging from zero to 10, with zero representing albinism, or the total absence of color, and 10 representing the darkest possible skin. … Respondents should never see this scale.”

  23. @Elmer T. Jones

    I can tell you where it isn’t: it isn’t in DC (unless you count Georgetown).

  24. @Rehmat

    If you want “racism”, scope out Japan’s demographics. The most racially and culturally homogeneous country on earth–98.5% Japanese according to Wiki. And their traditional hostility towards Koreans and, especially, Chinese remains unabated.

    • Replies: @Rehmat
  25. wow says:

    Did it ever dawn on the Left that tethering Blacks to govt largesse is actually racist, unethical…and immoral.

    What have the Left really accomplished for Black peoples? I see nothing but Democrat run community dysfunction.

    The Left are the racists.

    Whites just want to be left alone and to raise healthy, happy families (despite cultural Marxism destroying many white families now) in their own communities.

    I don’t want Middle East culture in my community and I don’t want Black violence in my community. It is only pragmatic that I want these things, not racist.

  26. Truth says:

    Good post. Although on some level, I believe the whole “Jooz destroy everything” mantra is a bit of a chimera.

    • Replies: @Durruti
  27. Truth says:

    Racism, properly understood, is the acknowledgement of the reality of objective, biological differences between the races, differences that are so profound that racial mingling inevitably causes hatred and violence, thus racial separation is the best way to preserve all races.

    So you “hate” John Derbyshire, Henry Makow and Fred Reed?

    • Replies: @Father O'Hara
  28. Truth says:

    He’s been IQ tested up to 95, which would mean that he’s probably smarter than a few members of your family.

    • Replies: @Father O'Hara
    , @TTB
  29. When have any of the victims groups people ever claimed that white people were their people, whether they are black, jew, muslim etc..? Jews technically are middle eastern and brought with them through religion a lot of practices from the Middle East like circumcision, (not a traditional European practice, we like to be just the way God made us). Ask a jew or black if whites are their people, It doesn’t even matter if your married to them, they still don’t. They always prefer their own people and calling whites racist is their way of moving in and taking over by force if needed. Take the Jewish libertarians who are supposedly anti statist, government and other but who always side with big government communists, socialists, democrats, and progressives. How does that make sense?
    We don’t live well together in my opinion and never will. They aren’t my people either.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @Jefferson
  30. Durruti says:

    “Good post. Although on some level, I believe the whole “Jooz destroy everything” mantra is a bit of a chimera.”

    A bit? The Palestinians might beg to differ.

    Jesus might beg to differ. – Joke!!!

    Not much of a chimera. From Hollywood (Mel Gibson only said the obvious), to Palestine, to Syria, to Ukraine, France, England, Russia (mostly), & not the least, Zio-America, the Zionist oligarchs are Omnipotent – they “control all” (words from Tolkien).

    AIPAC has prostituted the American Government’s politicians (be it acknowledged that 99% of the politicians & their 2 political gangs were Walking the Streets -in their high heels- long before).

    Netenyahoo relays the Rothschild Oligarch’s – Marching Orders. He is post Republic America’s actual presiding Non-Constitutional president. Obomber is a mere Holograph, as was Bin Laden.
    Same actor who portrayed Bin Laden, performs as Obomber.

    The Truth shall make us free, or very unhappy!

  31. anon • Disclaimer says:

    Islam , of course , is the most racist of all faiths. For example in colloquial Arabic , black people are referred to as ” ABD” meaning slave . Islamic states of Mauritania , Sudan and Northern Nigeria are the last vestiges of slavery in the world. Of course just check the koran for endless prodding to kill Jews ,Christians and unbelievers wherever you find them .

    Mauritania’s endless sea of sand dunes hides an open secret: An estimated 10% to 20% of the population lives in slavery. But as one woman’s journey shows, the first step toward freedom is realizing you’re enslaved.

    • Replies: @Rehmat
  32. Except for some minor grammatical and spelling solecisms (which some commenters here have already noted) and one glaring, highly questionable “fact,” I think Robert Weisberg makes a strong case for his main thesis, summed up in a few key sentences:

    1. “This devious approach cripples any intelligent public discussion of America’s racial tribulations.”

    2. “Why do liberals pursue this discussion-killing strategy?”

    3. “Far more is involved than playing semantic games.”

    4. “It is no wonder, then, that conversations about race are filled with mysterious forces….”

    To broadly paraphrase Weisberg: Our modern “journalists,” and “commentators” engage in specious arguments and approaches that should have been left behind in a freshman course in Logic 101: ad-hominem arguments; poisoning the well; broad-brushing, etc. And, we’ve come to a ridiculous point in our politics: an inability to converse logically and intelligently; an inability to develop arguments and to hear the other’s point-of-view. We engage in dialogues of accusations. Not only have we failed to advance to Logic 101, but we’re back in Junior High, forming “gangs” of the “cool” kids and the “un-cool” who don’t agree with us!

    I have noted points like this in my own articles, and they’re worth noting again, by Weisberg, et. al.

    As for the “glaring, highly questionable ‘fact,’” I specify this:

    “Going one step further, I suspect that the [sic.] Milbank and company must know this awkward, unspeakable reality– nearly all black pathologies are self-inflicted–but having repeatedly defined “racism” as anything that blacks find disrespectable, reversing course is no longer an option.”

    I deeply regret that Weisberg added that observation in his last paragraph. I understand his hurt feelings about the “demonization of whites” as “racists,” but squirting out that “nearly all black pathologies are self-inflicted,” murders his own complaint about “discussion-killing” strategies. “This devious approach cripples any intelligent public discussion…”–to quote Weisberg himself.

    Our failing “Republic” is in grave need of “intelligent public discussion”! Thanks to the Internet, Cable TV and a plethora of good to bad radio programs, our public has access to information, and the means for self-expression–such as our world-citizenry has never known. But, we are also harvesting millennia of egregious information, abusive educational systems, demeaning, “popularized” culture, etc. One hopes we shall extricate ourselves from what Blake called our “mind-forged manacles” before we lose this precious speck of dust called “Earth.”

    • Replies: @rtnl070818
  33. everyone is a racist 🙂 there. who you hate depends on where you live. that is all.

    ok maybe not everyone. there are a few people who qualified as humanists.

  34. edNels says:

    now to emphasise my point… did you ever see the video of Merium Mekeba… singing a song? She sings this song with,, it’s all breath.. just breathing… sexy as hell.. that’s the basic human… back when… blacks are our founders… like it or not.Unless you go with some diviine crap from space.. no sir.. you ae full of it….
    I was just this morning ruminating on my Eye teeth.. otherwise known as the Canines… so you want to tell me why did God give us canine teeth sir?

    Because we are related to our best friend the dog…

  35. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:
    @Jane Claire

    The latest study of Ashkenazi Jewish population genetics shows that Ashkenazi Jews are roughly half European (predominantly Southern European) and half Middle Eastern.

  36. oh, dear. my heavens. looks like little bobby boo hoo got hisself all worked up. the poor boy needs a time out.

  37. @D. K.

    We’ve encountered this filthy beast (((Milbank))) before. He is anti white to the core.

  38. KenH says:

    I wouldn’t want to be a non-Muslim living in a majority Muslim nation. White, western societies are so “racist” that you and millions of other Muslims are risking life and limb and using every trick in the book to live in our societies.

    • Replies: @Rehmat
  39. @Anonymous

    and your god said……humans think in words & images.

  40. KenH says:

    Milbank also cited a Pew Research Center study that found that while 79% of Clinton supporters believed that the treatment of racial and ethnic minorities was an important issue, a mere 42% of Trump supporters concurred

    Why is treatment of racial and ethnic minorities an issue anymore when we have a black president, black attorney general, black head of NASA, black head of DHS, when blacks are allowed to dominate most professional sports and have a presence in the entertainment industry and when we have a system of race based rights and privileges for non-whites which has made much of this possible, but no such system for the founding white majority and their descendants? And not just black but hardcore black nationalists like Obongo and his fellow mulattoes Valerie Jarret and Jeh Johnson.

    Why should we care about the welfare of racial minorities (non-whites) when whites are victims of hate crimes in 85-90% of cases? When whites have the highest suicide rates next to American Indians?

    When non-whites fail they get to blame whites and allege racism and discrimination. When whites fail they labeled losers and “white trash”. Someone remind me why whites should remain loyal to this nation that has turned its back on us and in fact is working to bring about our dispossession and genocide?

    • Replies: @Alden
  41. @Boris N

    Good post, Boris! Definitely good food for thought.

  42. @Anonymous

    I looked it up, but didn’t get much usable info…what does “Durruti” mean to you?

  43. The majority of Jews even the ones infiltrating churches are wait for it…Atheists, and who is their most hated Jesus. It would be very unusual for a Jew to dislike one of their own or an invading minority, especially when they can always add them to their numbers. Black “christians” stand will muslims over white christians based solely on color not even their religion gets in the way.
    Anonymous my answer is; so? In the grand scheme of whites being invaded what does that mean?

  44. Jason Liu says:

    You can’t really “tar and feather” someone as a racist because racism isn’t a bad thing. People who take it too far and start attacking people solely because of race are extremely rare, and nothing to worry about.

    Have you people ever considered that the label of racist has such power only because of the way you react to it?

  45. Diversity people, professional victim cultist endorsed by the federal government, hurl their racism-sexism-misogyny-ableism label at white-straight-healthy-males in order to rationalize their own numerous, identity-based entitlements provided by the federal government.

    By Group: African American, Alternate Lifestyle, Asian, Disabled, Hispanic & Latino, Jewish, Native American, Women

  46. I didn’t read the article because it was written by a Jew, and, frankly, the Jews no longer have a voice in my world. No matter if they’re Libtard or Republigoon, or whether they live in America, Europe, or Israel, Jews are for Jews and are always against the Goyim…they are constantly looking to murder, control, distract, mislead, harm, brainwash, enslave, and otherwise destroy the Goyim, in any and every way they can. Anyone who listens to and believes them is a fuckin’ fool!

    Using a search engine other than Google (Jew information control operation), look up the term Cultural Marxism and begin researching into the Social Justice movement; look up the names of each and every person connected to Cultural Marxism and Social Justice…you will quickly find that Jews are greatly overrepresented and, in fact, totally dominate that ideology.

    If you want to see how prevalent Black-on-White crime actually is (the MSM tries to hide a lot of these crimes), check out this YouTube channel…

    The doctrine of diversity/multiculturalism is a total disaster and is wrecking the US and Europe…just as it’s intended to do. Robert Putnam, a political science professor at Harvard University, wrote an essay entitled “Bowling Alone: America’s Declining Social Capital” which was the result of his 25 year study into the effects of diversity and multiculturalism. In the essay, Putnam states that “The effect of diversity is worse than had been imagined. And it’s not just that we don’t trust people who are not like us. In diverse communities, we don’t trust people who do look like us.” Putnam says that “diversity does not unite us…it divides us.” Here’s an article on Putnam’s research…

    When Dr. Putnam released the findings of his study he was immediately summoned to the Whitehouse for a meeting with then President Bill Clinton. Although we don’t know what was said in that Oval Office meeting, Putnam withdrew his essay and rewrote it to significantly soften it’s language; going from “Yeah, diversity is really bad and has all kinds of negative effects on societies that practice it.” to “Yeah, diversity is kinda bad, but is necessary, and for our own good.”

  47. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    “Weissburg is an Author of Racial hatred. Better said, he is an advocate of Hatred.”

    – In other words, he is a “hater” simply for stating uncomfortable truths about black crime and IQ, both points having a colossal amount of evidence in support of his statement. Your view/Dana’s view is pretty much the entire reason he wrote this post! Where has he advocated hatred?

    “History displays no race committing more crime, massacres than the Caucasian European, from the dawn of European history, The Romans decimated Gaul, and murdered millions in their charge toward empire, and through the 100 year war civil conflict which killed 1 of every 3 Germans, to WW I and WW II.”

    -This is a foolish red herring to distract from the fact that blacks do commit vastly more crime per capita than whites. The whole discussion was about whether stating these uncomfortable truths was actually ‘racism’.

    It’s not even true that Europeans committed more ‘crimes’ in previous ages than other races unless we take the idiotic liberal position of completely ignoring the history of non-whites when making the comparison- Aztec live sacrifices, even of children; Mao’s Great Leap Forward; Cambodian killing fields; Rwandan genocide; Indian Suttee; Indian Thuggee groups; Indian caste system; Muslim/African history of slavery; West Africans genocidal slaughter in ancient times of pygmies and other Sub-Saharan blacks, etc..

    “He insists:…”

    -Three quarters of your discussion, this entire section, is utter nonsense. Where did “he insist” any of these points?

  48. @Durruti

    When it comes to crime in the US blacks win hands down as revealed by DOJ statistics in The Color of Crimed revised 2016. As for IQ, Binet invented it and it has proven remarkably accurate at predicting success in school and job performance in Western societies, like the US, where blacks average about 85 on a scale where 100 is average.

  49. Rehmat says:
    @Connecticut Famer

    Only idiots believe in Israeli Hasbara Wikipedia.

    On May 19, 2013, an expert on Arab and Muslim population and former intelligence officer for 25-year with Israel Occupation Force (IOF), professor Mordechai Kedar (Bar-Ilan University) in an article published at The Jewish Press, entitled, The Land without Muslims, saying that “the Japanese don’t feel the need to apologize to the Muslim for the negative way they relate to Islam.”

    On August 6, 2015, Jewish author Arthur Herman wrote at Jewish Mosaic: “Before the 1990s, the best word for describe Japan-Israel relations was chilly…. To this day, most Japanese politicians mouth the kind of kneejerk anti-Israel, pro-Palestinian rhetoric that prevails in international diplomatic forums.”

    Ryuichi Hirokawa is a internationally known Japanese photojournalist, film director and author of several books on Israel, Palestine and Middle East. In 2008, he produced and directed the movie NAKBA ( catastrophe in Arabic). Hirokawa is author of Children of a Stolen Land: Documentary Photographs of Palestine, and two-volume Yudayajin (The Jews).

    Hirokawa believes that Israel is an extension of Western imperialism in the Muslim heartland. He like Israeli/Jew writers and authors, such as, Benjamin Beit-Hallahmi, Israel Shahak, Israel Shamir and Roger Tucker, doesn’t buy the Zionist narrative of the Jewish and Palestinian history.

  50. Rehmat says:

    Are you calling your uncle Israel Shahak a liar, moron?

    On December 14, 2015, two pro-Israel Jewish propaganda outlets, Washington Post and ABC News released result of their poll, asking participants whether American think Islam encourages violence. The poll found that only 28% of Americans agreed with the question (their information based on Jewish/Zionist Jingoism), while 54% called Islam a peaceful religion.

    Reformed Rabbi Allen S. Maller, led Temple Akiba in Culver City, CA for 39 years before retiring in 2006. He taught at University of Judaism in Las Angeles, and is author of several books and has penned columns for several Jewish publications. Rabbi Maller believes the West’s main problem with Islam is that it’s different philosophy from Judaism and Christianity. While both earlier Abrahamic religions got rid off religious ethics from politics, Islamic teachings refuse to separate religious ethics from politics and day-to-day social life.

    “Islam is not more violent than medieval Christianity or Biblical Judaism. But in the last two centuries, western democracies have learned the importance of the principle of separation of Church and State to civil peace. Also the wide spread separation of Church and State that is now normal in Europe and North America has kept religion out of political and military conflicts between different nations,” Rabbi Allen S. Maller said on December 28, 2015.

    • Replies: @Stonehands
  51. Rehmat says:

    I admire your favor to Muslim-majority nations by not bring your Western filth like pornography, racism, drugs, prostitution, LGBT, same-sex marriage, etc. to pollute Muslim societies.

    Rabbi Baruch Efrati, a teacher at Yishva community school in the West Bank, says Jews around the world should be happy at turning Europe into a Muslim majority region.

    “With the help of G-d, the Gentile (non-Jewish) will adopt a healthier life with a lot of modesty and integrity, and not like the hypocritical Christianity which appears pure but is fundamentally corrupt,” said rabbi – reported by Israeli daily YNet News on November 11, 2012.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @Jefferson
    , @KenH
  52. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    I admire your favor to Muslim-majority nations by not bring your Western filth like pornography, racism, drugs, prostitution, LGBT, same-sex marriage, etc. to pollute Muslim societies

    muslim societies have all that already plus worse degenerate hobbies exclusive to islam. to wit :

    bacha bazzi , or boy play or forced sodomy on pre pubescent boys dressed up as females and heavy make up. a favorite pass time in your homeland.

    fgm or female genital mutilation. a favorite of islamic society. 70% of girls in your homeland have had their genitals mutilated.

    incest . incest and generational cousin marriage has resulted in pakistan leading the world in birth defects and hirsute women .

  53. Michelle says:

    Black men are easy to take slights, quick to take offense and are very dangerous whilst angered. They pop off at the drop of a hat. They can be coaxed to do good work, but it is very difficult and the game is not worth the candle. Most Black men are more temperamental than most women. That is the primary reason I never dated Black men. I grew up amongst them, but although many are highly masculine in appearance and physically beautiful, their lack of impulse control always seemed to make them both womanish and childish to me. Hence the habit many employers have developed, to wit, hire illegal Mexican immigrants over, scary, ungrateful, predictable/unpredictable Black men.

  54. Jefferson says:
    @Jane Claire

    “Ask a jew or black if whites are their people,”

    The vast majority of Jews check the White box on The U.S form. The vast majority of Jews don’t check the Some Other Race box like a significant number of Mixed Race Hispanics do.

  55. I have no problem with Israel, I think all the Jews should move there. I guess that makes me a Zionist too. They can drop off the Muslims and the Africans too. Oh and that whole modesty thang ain’t European either but came from the ME. Because anyone who looks back on European early civs would find that women are adored and body parts shown freely if they want to. How does a beautiful person created by God a statue to be totally covered and hidden or beaten, and raped?
    No one ever needed atheists or feminists to them God created them in his image yadda yadda yadda.

  56. Jefferson says:

    “I admire your favor to Muslim-majority nations by not bring your Western filth like pornography, racism, drugs, prostitution, LGBT, same-sex marriage, etc. to pollute Muslim societies.”

    There are plenty of Muslim Faggots, the only difference is that Faggots in The Middle East are more likely to stay in the closet than Faggots in The West.

    Lots of Arab Muslim men are sexually turned on by underage boys.

  57. Alden says:

    Excellent post. Black on White crime, affirmative action everywhere we go, basically banned from government jobs, and constantly vilified everywhere from elementary school to the media and by the government we support with our taxes, the truth is, genocide is planned for us.

    Hitler’s first move against Jews was affirmative action for non Jews in government contracts.

    Think about that.

  58. Art says:

    We all know what end of the stick that black folks have received in America. Two hundred years of slavery, one hundred years of Jim Crow, and fifty years of being used as political fodder by the Jews, have not been kind to black people.

    All of this cultural upheaval has destroyed the black family. Black culture has gone backwards in the last fifty years. There are few black fathers in their homes. The worst images of black male culture are celebrated by the Jew entertainment industry. Black victimhood is the only image allowed in the Jew MSM.

    With that said, there is NO role for white people in fixing black culture. Black culture cannot advance until the black family is reconstituted. In Western culture a father in the nuclear family is essential.

    If blacks want to make it in Western culture their men have to take their place in the family – PERIOD.


    • Replies: @artichoke
  59. TTB says:

    Last mensa test I took was 156. FUck off.

    • Replies: @Truth
  60. the issue of whether countless white Americans are “racists.”

    of course they are, they are white and as we keep getting beat over the head with, white = racism.


  61. @Rehmat

    “Islam is not more violent than medieval Christianity…”

    You are alluding to the Roman Catholic Empire, who genocided Christians en masse,
    see the Albigensian Crusade.

    Good, peaceful, Evangelical Christians who wouldn’t submit their children to Mystery Babylon
    the Mother of Harlots- were burned at the stake and hunted deep into the Alps- and were known as “the people of the valley”, Waldensians.

  62. joef says:

    Yes the leftist rather you repeat a politically correct lie than tell the uncomfortable truth. Thus, like putting off an essential repair that eventually becomes a bigger problem from neglect; our social and economic problems will have negative outcomes from our neglect by collective wishful thinking. We rather collectively ignore a problem rather than confront it. And if you point out the problem, you yourself become labeled as the problem, from those who hysterically try to avoid dealing with the disagreeable reality.

  63. Is there a Jew box to check?
    It’s pretty obvious Jesus was European, in how he saved Mary Magdelane. This is not something you would expect from Middle Easterners or Africans, Chinese, Japanese etc… His treatment of her and her says they were from Europe as well as Moses and some others in those parts. Heaven would have been over the horizon in the stars from where he came from. Earliest Europeans had more in common with American Indians than they did with anyone from the ME, Africa, China and on. Hel would be a desert, where your bones burned forever.
    The early American Indians in my opinion, would have been protected from the South Americans by a desert as a natural barrier. Horses were brought with the white man, so crossing a desert would be much more difficult besides not knowing where the desert ends would put off many from trying, especially when there is abundant rain forest and food in the south or for the Indians in the North.
    It was only when people began populating and moving did they begin crossing paths with each other, it spread disease, where one homogeneous group started to interact socially sexually with another, multiculturalism maximus. But hey it’s just my opinion and what do I know plus some of it has been written about.
    Some of the more interesting patterns too are from stories., looking at how Jesus saves Mary you have Cinderella, Snow White, Beauty and the Beast, The little Mermaid to name a few. Patterns of love between two people that span multiple generations.
    Feminists and Lesbians be damned the only thing that we got from them was the right to but I don’t vote. As for European women holding their own, they always have, no matter what they wore…or didn’t.

  64. Truth says:

    I can tell by your grammar and punctuation.

    • Replies: @TTB
  65. nsa says:

    Times change. White people have awakened and discovered their own version of identity politics…..this election cycle, we will be voting for what is good for whitey i.e. der Trumpster. Soon all you jooies, blackies, brownies, yellowies, fruities, crippies, femmies, lezzies, lefties will not be so enamored of identity politics and pc crapola………

  66. Boris says:

    And if, as Milbank implies, blacks and whites are equal in vocational talent, why must government pass countless anti-discrimination and affirmative laws to force employers to hire more blacks?

    Because some companies discriminate against blacks? What the hell is Weissberg talking about?

    This whole article is basically “It’s not racist, because I believe it’s true!” Well, that’s what makes you a racist. You’re wrong and stupid and you believe racist things.

    I just don’t understand the whining tone of a piece like this. “How dare they call us racists when we think black people are inferior!” Why are you ashamed of it? Why are you arguing with Millbank when you agree that he’s right.

    • Replies: @rtnl070818
  67. @Gary Corseri

    You say that Weisberg’s assertion that blacks problems are self-inflicted is itself a conversation killer. So I ask you to what do you attribute the problems of blacks in America? Get this intelligent conversation started.

    • Replies: @Gary Corseri
  68. @Boris

    So there’s a large pool of undervalued labor but employers are too racist to take advantage of it? If it were so any company could easily increase its profits at lower cost by just being willing to hire more black people.

    • Replies: @Boris
  69. Sam J. says:

    Rich is right. I think the best way, barring security concerns, to answer the question,”Are you racist” is to reply, yes I’m White aren’t I. With no elaboration.

  70. TTB says:

    You refute nothing. Just insult. You are a hero. I’m sure you wuz a kang of egypt… Fuck off.

    • Replies: @Truth
  71. Boris says:

    So there’s a large pool of undervalued labor but employers are too racist to take advantage of it?

    Yes. We have empirical evidence of this. The exact same resumes are less likely to be selected by employers when the names attached to them appear to be “black.”

    If it were so any company could easily increase its profits at lower cost by just being willing to hire more black people.

    Smart companies have been doing this for years.

  72. @rtnl070818

    Dear RTN070108,

    Thank you for your comment/response on/to my comment (#33).

    I have a few issues with Weisberg’s throw-away line that Blacks’ problems are self-inflicted.

    For one thing, in terms of construction, in a fairly-well argued piece about keeping the conversation fertile, being scrupulous about avoiding conversation-killers, why take his piece in a wholly different direction with an unsupported (perhaps insupportable) personal statement about a very complex issue? Many authors don’t know when to quit when they’re ahead! Weisberg had made good points, developed his arguments rationally, logically, objectively, and it was a let-down to come to that last paragraph and see him detonate that pressure-cooker bomb!

    Such a bomb will halt conversation for many, turn off too many who have something important to say on the issue. It will also open up new veins of conversation and controversy, as we see in various comments above. But, many of these veins have poisoned blood within them; poisoning the wells is a logical fallacy that Weisberg should have avoided.

    How should one respond–if one does–to Weisberg’s assertion that Blacks’ problems are self-inflicted? Well, personally, I’d say, “So are mine!” (Many of them–but not all….) It’s good to keep that in mind as a general rule… and then try to figure out what to do about it.

    Of course, continuing along this line, I also conclude that many of my problems are NOT “self-inflicted.” I try to examine problems in the construct of American culture–past, present, and where we’re wending–to figure out how we managed to entangle ourselves so badly.

    As a student, a teacher, a professor in the US and Japan, I often thought that American education was a mess. I did teach, too briefly, in inner-city schools and in prisons… and I saw the dire consequences of inadequate training, preparation, reading and writing and thinking skills. Also, there’s our “popular” culture–which used to unite us with songs and melodies that struck a common, human chord. or with books and plays by Hemingway or Baldwin, by Arthur Miller or Lorraine Hansberry, by Robert Frost or Maya Angelou–but our dysfunctional culture now profits from fragmenting our populace so that we cannot see the forest for the trees nor the trees for the forest.

    Obviously, these are huge questions, deserving more than a throw-away line.

    • Replies: @artichoke
  73. Truth says:

    Mr. Hawking, why do you use so many periods?

  74. KenH says:

    I admire your favor to Muslim-majority nations by not bring your Western filth like pornography, racism, drugs, prostitution, LGBT, same-sex marriage, etc. to pollute Muslim societies.

    Thank Jewish cultural Marxists for this, but many Muslims living in the West are known for consuming vast quantities of online pornography and other acts of impiety. Muslim nations are free to reject this poison but as other respondents to your post have pointed out they have serious problems with pederasty, pedophilia and consanguineous marriage (first cousin marriage) as well as a throat cutting tribalism that the doctrines of Islam have failed to ameliorate.

    But if you’re so disgusted by “racism” and the moral turpitude in the West then why did you immigrate to the West and why are you still here? Why don’t you return to a morally pure and morally superior majority Muslim nation?

    …….said rabbi – reported by Israeli daily YNet News on November 11, 2012.

    Every one of your posts is heavily critical of Jews and laudatory of Muslims, but a single Jew suddenly becomes an oracle when he utters a statement you agree with?

  75. Truth says:

    1 Corinthians 13:11.

  76. artichoke says:

    Good, they should do it. I’m a Booker T. Washington / Malcolm X kind of white guy. I don’t hate the black man, I just don’t think whites and blacks get along. We should be separate, and good luck (but minimal subsidies at most) to them.

    My personal opinion is that indeed they’ll do better with fathers in the home, but that’s up to them, not me.

  77. artichoke says:
    @Gary Corseri

    As someone trained in mathematics and the sciences, I think that the purpose of a conversation SHOULD be to bring it to a correct conclusion. If there’s a conversation stopper, that’s a good thing, maybe it’s a big truth. Something to be cherished, not avoided.

    If someone had an adequate comeback, it wouldn’t be a stopper for them.

    • Replies: @Gary Corseri
  78. @artichoke

    Hello “Artichoke”:

    Thanks for your comment (#81) on my comment (#76).

    I think the key word in your comment is the word “maybe”–as in “maybe it’s a big truth.”

    Of course, “maybe” it is not a big truth, but merely a device to bring further conversation or dialogue to a close. People who get in the “last word,” don’t always get in the “best word.”

    You write: “If someone had an adequate comeback, it wouldn’t be a [conversation] stopper for them.” That’s not necessarily true. The other party might be totally turned off by the first party’s intransigence, inability to listen carefully, to argue logically, etc. He/she might simply be worn out from the back-and-forth.

    I agree that truth is “something to be cherished,” but a “conversation stopper”–not necessarily….

  79. I have been told that all whites are racist whether they know it or not. White racist therefore is a redundancy. Ask yourself – who benefits from a race war?

  80. Aurelius says:

    After reviewing some of your previous comments I must say that you seem strikingly similar to one of the regular Jew-hating, Arab-loving, authors who is permitted to post his incredibly biased articles here.

    Other than that, I got a good laugh at your post. Given the historically well known and extreme barbarity of non-whites, such as human sacrifice and cannibalism, one could only imagine what scope of slaughter they would have performed had they been intelligent enough to devise the technology that whites did. The mind staggers at such possibilities.

    No other race has done more to civilise, alleviate the pain and suffering, and improve the standard of living of all people than the white race. None. I could go into a lengthy history lesson here, ripping your arguments apart bit by bit, but so much of this is common knowledge that it would almost be embarrassing.

  81. GusHall says:

    It’s time for whites to cast-off the chains that the word “racist” has been used to hold them in bondage for so long. They should place it among the lexicon of other impolite epithets such as “ass hole”. The word has held way too much power for far too long.

  82. We’ve all heard the PC pejoratives; racist, sexist, homophobic, anti-Semitic, ableist, misogynist, Islamophobic, Holocaust denier, white supremacist, Nazi, cisgender, xenophobic, etc.

    PC pejoratives are uttered frequently by victim cult fetishists in public to rationalize their endless and illicit group identity based government entitlements.

    Victim cult fetishists and their group identity based government entitlements are institutionalized in the US and Israel as a national public policy.

    In the US, the federal government refers to victim cult fetishists by the euphemism “diversity” and also by the label protected classes or protected groups:

    Diversity By Group: African American, Alternate Lifestyle, Asian, Disabled, Hispanic & Latino, Jewish, Native American, Women

    The US federal government and most US industry refer to victim cult fetishists group identity based entitlements by the euphemism “inclusion” or more typically as “diversity and inclusion”.


    Diversity people, the government designated victim cult fetishists, are collectively a super-majority of voters in the US and Israel.

    As an organized super-majority of voters, diversity people control the outcome of all at-large national popular elections, including especially US president and US senators.

    Diversity people are conditioned to trade their votes for group identity based entitlements provided by their national government.

    Jewish diversity people dominate as the most entitled victim cult in Israel, and to a slightly lesser extent dominate as the most entitled victim cult in the US.

    Jewish diversity people’s entitlements in the US are numerous and extensive due to the leadership role Jews play in the diversity and inclusion scheme::

    1. Slavish US military, monetary, diplomatic, political, logistic, and intelligence support for Jewish protected classes in Israel
    2. Most DHS homeland security grants for ensuring Jewish security
    3. Taxpayer bailouts for Jewish Wall Street and Federal Reserve investment businesses
    4. Jewish Holocaust victim cult propaganda in public schools, colleges, museums, and mass media
    5. Federal Laws that prohibit Americans to boycott Israeli goods.
    6. Disproportionate Jewish representation in the US Senate and USSC
    7. Disproportionate Jewish representation of Federal Reserve System Governors (4 of 7)
    8. Federal and state anti-discrimination laws for Jewish people
    9. US Government war mongering and propaganda to impose Jewish protected class supremacy scheme on foreign nations
    10. Hate speech prosecutions in favor of Jewish people, and other protected classes
    11. Preferential US immigration, citizenship, and asylum policies for Jewish people
    12. Israeli spies not required to register as foreign agents in the US
    13. Jewish privileged protected class scheme promoted as a US Government national domestic and foreign policy
    14. Government tax breaks and grants for Jewish schools and synagogues and NGOs
    15. Jewish monopoly of FCC regulated broadcast media
    16. Official cover-up of Jewish and Israeli terrorism and espionage against the US
    17. Disproportionate number of Jewish people in cushy federal employment
    18. US national Jewish American Heritage Month and Holocaust Remembrance Day
    19. US 2-party system espouses Jewish cultural ideologies – Democrats = secular Judaism, Republicans = conservative Judaism
    20. US Federal Courts ignore 1st amendment separation of Judaism and state
    21. Jewish Bolshevism white-washed in school history books
    22. Relentless Jewish protected class agitprop in TV and Radio and newspapers
    23. US immigration biased for hordes of unskilled protected class people, not for highly skilled people.
    24. Government spyware inside Jewish developed software, including Facebook and Windows kernel and Google
    25. Free health care, social security, public services and automatic suffrage for Jewish immigrants
    26. Jewish lawyers profit from fascist government prosecution of diversity legislation against private and public organizations
    27. Some 30 laws in Israel specifically privilege protected class Jews, including in the areas of immigration rights, naturalization, access to land and employment.
    28. Freedom of association for Jews respected by the federals, not respected for white gentile people
    29. Revolving door employment for Jewish people between Wall Street, US Treasury, and Federal Reserve Banks.
    30. Israeli Jewish attack US Navy USS Liberty, official cover-up in the US of the atrocity.
    31. Israeli Jewish deploy nuclear weapons, flout non-proliferation laws, and demand no one else in the middle east deploy nuclear weapons
    32. Federal government coerces private businesses to implement Jewish diversity scheme policies, or else suffer federal prosecution, denial of tax breaks and business licenses, and denial of federal contracts.
    33. US laws prohibiting any US federal government employee or contractor from publicly communicating about Israel’s nuclear weapons program under threat of immediate employment loss, fines and imprisonment.

  83. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    White racism (yes, that is a tautology) strikes yet one more time: where are people of color and females in the AlphaGo Team?

  84. Anonymous [AKA "Rampart"] says:

    A stunning demonstration of ignorance and misdirection.

    Resorting to ancient history is not merely irrelevant but invites the common sense reply that every race and ethnicity has been enslaved or exploited at some point in their history. This in no way counters the proposition that whites are no more racist than any other group.

    He is clearly ignorant of over a century of remarkably consistent IQ studies by hundreds of professors of psychology and genetics (Huh? What the f*** is an IQ?) conducted on populations around the world that show clear statistical differences in IQ unaffected by educational systems or even by the separation of twins and which show an average 15 point or greater difference between people of European ancestry compared to people of sub Saharan ancestry, and a 5 point advantage of East Asians over Europeans.

    To insist that there is only one human race and that no human group is any more intelligent than others is not only easily proven to be false but attempts to set up humans as exempt from the principles of Evolution and Darwinian adaptation to local environment. Every species ever discovered comes with local variations like iguanas in the Galapagos. Having rejected science, on what grounds does Durruti claim that humans alone do not, other than wishful thinking and typing in bold letters?

  85. East Asians and Jews evolved in a less harsh climate than Scandinavia or Northern England but seem to have 5 IQ points on the Northern Europeans.

    Some moral tenor seems to create a collective benefit for Northern Europeans that reduces government corruption, crime, gangster politics, police state excesses or even ethnocentric extremes.

  86. A five or ten IQ point advantage probably helps both Jews and East Asians make the East and West Coast extremities of the United States as economically productive as they are.

    Anglo-Celtics in say, Southern Indiana are quick to decry African low intelligence as the root cause of street crime-this could be true.

    But similarly, Manhattan and the West Coast will be the financial, cultural, political determining centers of North America and not Kansas.

    Asians on the West Coast are quick to play the race card for political advantage but the Pacific States were destined by proximity to the Pacific Rim itself to have a great impact from East Asia.

    New York Jews similarly are not groaning for a shoe factory to return from China so a town can be saved.

    The reality is probably that the Anglo-Celtic Yeoman settler’s descendants simply do measure up to Jews or Asians in IQ which is reflected to some degree in income.

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