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Ukraine and the Zombiefication of America
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Increasingly I despair of this country. The more I read and see, the more I am confirmed in my view that the “American Empire” is reaching a final phase and that our “shelf life” is expiring, just as all other great empires—Roman, Ottoman, British—have expired.

I keep coming back to William Butler Yeats’ lines (written one-hundred and three years ago, after the cataclysm that was World War I), in his poem, “The Second Coming”: “The best lack all conviction; while the worst are filled with passionate intensity.” Yet, it is even more tragic, it is no longer a situation of “lacking conviction,” but rather the “best” now mimicking the enemies of civilization, the “best” acting as if under hypnosis and acceding to rampant evil with enthusiasm…what a friend of mine calls the “zombiefication” of those who were once charged with defending our culture and civilizational heritage. Now they ape our enemies and fall into line like lemmings.

This has been the response I have gotten from some friends over this Ukraine conflict. Their passion is often clothed in an hysteria that characterizes and shrouds what is occurring. On a more global level, I can cite example after example, from banning “Russian” vodka and banning Russian cats (!), to firing dozens of world-famous Russian classical artists (e.g., Valery Gergiev, Anna Netrebko, etc.), to expunging famous Russian novelists from our university classrooms, to removing Russian-made caviar from US sale, to banning Russian chess players from international competition, to (in Germany) banning the “z” symbol because in Russia it is similar to “V for victory” (conviction in Deutschland will get you three years in the slammer!)…the list is inexhaustible.

One very ironic example: I listen while I work here on my Desk Top computer to a Sirius XM program, “Symphony Hall.” The announcers, especially one Martin Goldsmith on the weekends, search strenuously to find Ukrainian music to program. And, voila! recently he came upon the composer Sergei Bortkiewicz, who happened to be born in Kharkov, then part of the Russian empire and a largely Russian-language city. Bortkiewicz was descended from Polish nobility and was an enthusiastic supporter of Imperial Russia, and he considered himself a true-blue Russian. When the Russian Revolution came, he fled to Western Europe.

Now, here is where it becomes ironic, if not a bit comical. Goldsmith and the other announcers–over the top with their unctuous praise of the “Ukrainian” Bortkiewicz–have been playing his first symphony (several years ago I purchased it, along with several other pieces he wrote–I also read up on his life and music. So, I know something about him and his history). However, much to their surprise at the end of his very listenable and old-fashioned opus Bortkiewicz inserts the clearly-audible strains of the old Tsarist Imperial hymn! It is an indication of Bortkiewicz’s steadfast loyalty to old Russia and its imperial system.

Nevertheless, since Bortkiewicz was born in what is now Ukraine his music gets extensive playing time as Goldsmith (and others), who seem ready to weep, hold him up as a noble defender of Ukrainian liberal democracy.

There is even a Youtube video of his Symphony No. 1 being performed by a Ukrainian orchestra, but with the Tsarist anthem at the end excised–censored, if you will! To what lengths blind zealotry and jingoistic nationalism will go.

And these announcers are–at least as far as I can tell–highly educated. But what they are doing is to perpetrate a fraud, with a frenzy and brainless zeal that makes one think, indeed, that my friend’s comment about “zombiefication” is right on the mark.

I think it possible to believe that the Russian invasion of Ukraine was ill-advised or wrong, that Putin should not have ordered his troops in. Fine. But this over-the-top, frenzied Russophobia bespeaks something more ominous, about those who engage in it and those who are possessed by it. Could this excess, this mania, be used—just like the COVID epidemic—for ulterior purposes, somehow to advance the objectives of the global Deep State? After all, George Soros from the get go has been an intense cheer-leader and an active player with his various NGOs in what is going on.

And the poor, devastated Ukrainian people? They become the cannon-fodder in this–the Nancy Pelosis and Lindsey Grahams do not, when it comes down to it, really care about them. Like Soros, they have ulterior goals, including regime change in Russia—teaching the Russkies their “place” in the global scheme of things. Using the Ukrainian people as a means to achieve that objective is, for them, a never mind.

That many on “our side” do not see that, do not understand that, saddens me. By all means, criticize Putin for invading, if you wish; but please understand what is actually going on.

Yes, “zombiefication” is a good word here.

My prayer is that soon sane negotiators in Ukraine and Russia will find a solution. Yet, it is evident that our state department neoconservative war hawks do not want peace, but rather to bleed Russia dry and hopefully effect regime change, another “color revolution”–even if it means the death of every Ukrainian citizen to do it!

We live in perilous times when Yeats’ words take on a renewed and terrifying meaning.

(Republished from My Corner by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Notamason says:

    Yes, just to think all of this is brought about by those money grubbers and property stealers that seem to hold some magical strength over the good of the citizen. The USA currently does not promote what I was brought up to hold in high esteem. Dean Reed in the 1950’s was correct in washing the American Flag in front of the US Embassy of Berlin. God Bless Dean Reed. The undertakers of the current foreign policies should be taken to trial. Fake this and fake that, lie to the public, fatten your pockets with profits made from supporting war efforts. YES HANG YOUR ASS.

    • Agree: nosquat loquat
  2. anonymous[139] • Disclaimer says:

    People who never spent two minutes even thinking about Ukraine, and frankly one suspects they actually think Ukrainians are second class humans, suddenly are very solicitous about their well being. Probably after checking a map to make sure where it is located.

    this excess, this mania, be used

    It’s about other things, not Ukraine. Bush declared Islam to be a religion of peace and then went on to destroy millions of Muslims. As now, their great concern for Ukraine is getting the Ukrainians killed. The cat has a great concern for the mouse. Beware them to profess concern over you.

  3. Excellent assessment of what has happened to people here in the U.S. and other parts of the world.

    There is no doubt in my mind that God has given most Americans over to a base and stupid mind.

    • Agree: Greta Handel, JR Foley
  4. Posted this yesterday elsewhere, and glad to see my “zombie” meme is spreading!

    “These zombie guys do not give up.” Readers of my essay on the film A Dandy in Aspic (reprinted in my collection Passing the Buck (Manticore, 2021) will recall my discussion of the Russian fascination with the word “zombie” in the film’s book, and its use by fellow Russian Ayn Rand. Here we find it again in this interview with Sergey Glazyev of the Bank of Russia. Note recurrence of the ‘puppet’ theme from the film’s opening credits as well.

    “In 8 years the Americans have managed to fool the Ukrainian people so much that the people who resist the Russian army, the so-called Armed Forces of Ukraine, look simply zombified. They are manipulated like puppets. It is not Zelensky who commands the Ukrainian Army, not even the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine and the General Staff – but the Pentagon. It commands very effectively from the point of view in the fight of “to the last Ukrainian soldier”, because these zombie guys do not give up. But they are in an absolutely hopeless situation. All experts have already acknowledged that Russia won the military special operation, that the Ukraine has no chance of resistance, that the entire military infrastructure has been destroyed… The Armed Forces of Ukraine is only left with surrendering in order to minimize human losses. However, Ukrainian officers (and especially, of course, nationalists) act like zombies controlled from the outside – they follow instructions from the Pentagon that come to their personal computers and special tablets.”

  5. Notsofast says:

    nazis in the ukraine, zombies in the u.s., i don’t know which is worse. we need a special operation to dezombify the u.s.

    • Replies: @Angharad
  6. niceland says:

    But this over-the-top, frenzied Russophobia bespeaks something more ominous, about those who engage in it and those who are possessed by it. Could this excess, this mania, be used […]

    To demonize Russia. Shift all responsibility towards Russia. Hide the backstory leading up to the events and so forth.

    In order to:
    Fight a proxy war with Russia in Ukraine as much and for as long as possible to inflict as much damage and cost as possible. Fight economic and political war on Russia on all possible fronts.

    Much frenzy is required because there is a long backstory to this invasion clearly indicating the responsibility is shared, and the general public isn’t supposed to know that – so better to deflect attention and move the Overton window. More importantly, with the west pouring arms into the hands of civilians in Ukraine, urging them to fight against the Russian military is not easily justified in rational terms. According to military specialists this serves little purpose, is certain to increase civilian casualties considerably, and likely to cause many other problems as well.

    The public better not get the idea the PTB are sending Ukrainian citizens to their deaths fighting a proxy war for the U.S. against Russia.

    But perhaps part of the frenzy, like cancelling everything Russian; artists, cat’s etc. is just more of the same in our recent media landscape. People jumping on the bandwagon signalling their virtues. Our cultural elites don’t need much to go on, the fuse is rather short these days.

    • Replies: @Jacobite2
  7. Increasingly I despair of this country. The more I read and see, the more I am confirmed in my view that the “American Empire” is reaching a final phase and that our “shelf life” is expiring, just as all other great empires—Roman, Ottoman, British—have expired.

    One big difference, very crucial.

    The core of the Roman domain was relatively small. The Roman empire was mostly Romans ruling over others. Once Romans lost non-Roman territory, their land and power didn’t amount to much.

    Same with the Brits. Without the empire, Britain was an important European power but hardly a world power. Same with Ottomans. The Turkic Core still has a key role to play between Europe and Middle East but can’t be a great power. Ottoman Empire was great cuz Turks ruled over many non-Turk areas.

    But US loses NOTHING by losing its empire. If anything, it has much to gain by focusing on national priorities. US itself is vast, with Canada as front yard and Alaska with as yet untapped resources. US doesn’t need an empire to be empire-sized.

    And via Hawaii and other islands, US controls much of the Pacific.

    So, unlike previous empires, the loss of empire does NO HARM to US power and wealth and etc.

    If past empires declined with the loss of empire, the US has much to gain by abandoning its overseas outposts. The real problem is the rot within the US. Jewish sharks rule, black thugs are worshiped, homos command morality and culture, trannies are women, ‘woke’ whites are retards, the borders are broken, conzos are cuck cowards funded by Las Vegas, etc.

    We need to name the Jewish Power.

    Also, the New White America must see itself and constitute itself as an independent power if only in spirit, identity, and loyalty. It should ally with Russia, Iran, China, and Hungary against the Ziogromo Regime. (Ziogromo = Zionism + Negromania + Globohomo)

    When Jews hate on Russia and associate Trump and MAGA folks with Russia-Russia-Russia, the Deplorables should say, “Yeah, we have more in common with Russia than with YOU SCUM! We stand with Russia.”

    If Jews feel closer to Israel than with goy Americans, white Americans should feel closer to pro-white forces around the world. It should be America Second. It should be Europania(or Europaia) First.
    As America is invariably defined by who rules Washington D.C. it’d be stupid to be America First. One ends up feeling obligated to support the scum deep state around Jewish Power.
    White Americans need to realize they have roots and history much deeper than the US.
    US history is only 250 yrs whereas European history is thousands of yrs old and European race has 50,000 history in Europe. America should be seen as mere expression of Europania and Eurosaga, the grand narrative of white folks.

    EUROPANIA would constitute whites and Europeans all over the world with common interest against Ziogromo globalism.

    American Myth would have you believe that Old World identities melt like snow upon arrival in America, where all things start anew. In time, white folks became like lotus eaters, amnesiac and shallow.
    Why did Jews win in the US? They didn’t fall for America First. Their identity, history, and culture are rich, indeed 3,500 yrs old. How could Jews give that up for main loyalty to America? No, the main Jewish loyalty remained Jewish.

    Learn from Jews. One’s main loyalty shouldn’t be to America, which is always a matter of who controls Washington. It should be to one ‘s own people and history. Your country ain’t your blood.

    And Anglos have no right to complain because they betrayed their principles and favored Jews among all peoples despite Jews being most defiant of the Anglo order.

    Anglos told everyone to check their Old World identity at the door and enter as newly minted Americans. So many goyim went along with this. Jews didn’t. So, you’d think Anglos would push hardest against Jews. Nope, Anglos cucked to Jews, flattered Jewish tribalism, praise and serve Israel, and let Jewishness became the defining theme of Americanism.

    Anglos aren’t supremacist. They are ‘subremacists’, meaning they subordinate themselves to the supremacism of another people. Anglos are subremacists to Jewish supremacists.

  8. America. If this happens out in the open, what happens behind closed doors?

  9. So, to uphold civilization the Goldsmiths of the world are weaponizing violinists.

  10. BuelahMan says:

    One tremendous irony to me is that the NSDAP’s government wanted to bring back the areas that were taken from Germany (and did so). Yet, when the Russians do the very same thing, it culminates in the jewish world order pitching a screaming fit.

    We all know what happened to Germany, and it appears the jews now have the same goal in mind for Russia.

    At least all the money bags from this orchestrated cluster f#ck have a direct flight to Tel Aviv from Ukraine and Russia, when this was not so for the Germans.

  11. Altai says:

    On the one hand the hysteria is comforting because it speaks to a fact that though most Westerners feel bad and perhaps even guilty about the war, they also have no ambitions to enter it. So what we’re seeing is a populace that feels like it is already at war with Russia (Due to Russiagate hysteria, they couldn’t tell you prior to this why Putin was the supreme evil other than Trump) but which has no desire to intervene militarily, feels guilty and thus seeks absolution in every possible non-military escalation and ‘retaliation’ towards Russia. In essence the hysteria belies the fact that nobody wants or expects a military intervention. Even if some of these sanctions are tantamount to a declaration of war.

    On the other, going right up to the edge of a precipice is still not a recommended destination and it isn’t entirely up to you and your lack of intention to fall over the edge as to if you actually do or not. You can be pushed.

    So we have a very dangerous combination of a US State Department that is getting away (Because a principled argument that Russia invading Ukraine is wrong but you don’t trust the neocons have anything like concern for Ukraine on their mind when they formulate their plans is now verboten.) with trying everything they can to prolong the war and thus the amount of time we spend perched on the precipice of war with Russia, creating more and more time for an unexpected push (Or maybe a deranged change of mind) to knock us over.

  12. As usual, I enjoyed reading Mr. Cathay’s article. However, I take issue with this wishy-washy statement: “I think it possible that the Russian invasion of Ukraine was ill-advised or wrong. That Putin should not have ordered his troops in.”

    Pray tell, what should Mr. Putin have done instead? Continue to fiddle, hoping that endless, drawn-out negotiations with the Western imperialists would work? Sit back and allow a nuclear armed Ukraine to join NATO? Just look at a map. Ukraine is very close to Moscow.

    Was this not an existential crisis for Russia? Some, like Paul Craig Roberts, believe that Putin waited far too long, as thousands of ethnic Russians were slaughtered in the Donbass, and as the neo-Nazis were preparing a final assault on the region.

    As an aside, I read that top-ranked Russian tennis player Daniil Medvedev will be undergoing hernia surgery and may miss both the French Open and Wimbledon. Maybe the surgery is necessary, but the timing is suspicious. Word is that he’d have to publicly denounce Putin if he wants to play, which he won’t do, as he has relatives still living in Russia. Then, will Medvedev be permitted to defend his title at the US Open in NYC later this summer? If the authorities grant it, he’d better be prepared for a chorus of Boos from idiotic Russia-hating fanatics.

    • Agree: JR Foley
    • Replies: @Boyd D. Cathey
  13. Jacobite2 says:

    Putting arms in the hands of civilians and encouraging them to fight against the Russians results in zero “civilian casualties”. It results in any illegal combatants/Partizans (not fighting in uniform, subject to legal military orders) being executed, per the Geneva Convention.

    • Replies: @niceland
  14. @follyofwar

    I actually agree with “follyofwar”–and I have suggested as much in some of the other columns I’ve written on this topic since the incursion began. I think President Putin had been continually pushed until he felt he could not retreat further. What I was trying to say, perhaps inartfully, was simply that whether one agrees with the incursion or not, there is absolutely no reason for the manufactured lunacy we see–the “zombiefication,” if you will, of America. I should have been clearer.

    • Replies: @follyofwar
  15. @Boyd D. Cathey

    Thank you, Mr. Cathey. I appreciate writers who take the time to read some comments from the peanut gallery. I always read your articles when they appear on TUR and thought I understood your position concerning this war of Western aggression. That’s the reason I found your comment, “that (maybe) Putin should not have ordered his troops in” so confusing. Glad you cleared it up.

  16. niceland says:

    Sure, armed civilians participating in the war are no longer “civilians”. Not sure about the their legal status according to the Geneva Convention but I am ready to take your word for it.

    However arming civilians will likely result in excess civilian casualties ( meaning unarmed civilians) and other problems. We already have reports of newly armed gangs in Ukraine settling scores with other gangs, political enemies or just petty crimes. Down the road – who knows who will possess anti-aircraft launchers or some other stuff.

    I recently read the Icelandic government gave blessing for 13 flights for local airlines – transporting weapons to Ukraine neighbors in NATO. I wonder how safe it will be to fly with them in the future. According to Russia – we are now their enemies. I can’t blame them.

    • Replies: @nokangaroos
  17. In fairness, this isn’t the first time westerners have been deluded (or deceitful) about goings on in Ukraine. In the 1930s many if not most western liberals and socialists refused to believe the credible evidence of a mass famine orchestrated by the Soviets, now they believe in all sorts of far-fetched Ukrainian claims about Russian army atrocities.

    The difference here is that the Soviets were seen as progressives while the current Russian government is seen as reactionary. In the progressive left worldview, progressives can never do really bad things because they always have good intentions. Reactionaries always do bad things because they have bad intentions.

    • Agree: 36 ulster
  18. Angharad says:

    It’s called “Make the Ovens REAL”.

  19. Angharad says:

    Regarding this cogent analysis – Putin should hunt down the (((Zelensky Gang))) and slaughter EVERY LAST ONE on a molecular level.

  20. Satanic Pedo-Russia must be destroyed

    • Troll: mulga mumblebrain
  21. In recent years I have seen Sviatoslav Richter suddenly become an ‘Ukrainian’ pianist, when he said that he was a ‘Soviet artist of German heritage’. The thought of Odessa, home of so many great musicians, under orc rule has been most distressing. Thank God it is to be liberated.

  22. @niceland

    There is a category “levée en masse” i.e. mass popular uprising that
    enjoys combatant status and protections but it is exceedingly ill-defined;
    I doubt it is applicable as long as there is a government and army.

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