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Ukraine and Falsehood in the Time of War
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It happened the other night, it was nearly 3 a.m.—a telephone call in the middle of my slumber. I could hear it ringing from downstairs. Thinking it might be something serious at that late hour, perhaps a neighbor in distress, I picked up the receiver next to my bed.

The voice inquired: “Is this Dr. Cathey?”

“Yes,” I answered, still half asleep. “Who is this…what’s going on?”

The male voice at the other end continued: “We know who you are—you are a traitor to the United States, you are a Communist who supports that war criminal Putin. Well, you need to watch your back, ‘cause things can happen to traitors.”

That got my attention; I repeated: “Who is this…why are you calling me?” No answer, and my interrogator immediately hung up.

About my three recently published 2022 essays concerning Russia and Ukraine (on January 7, February 19, and February 25), I had already received a couple of very ugly, profane email messages earlier accusing me of being a “Putin apologist.” Unlike several correspondents and good friends who have expressed rational if very different opinions from the ones I have, those messages were unsigned. I am pleased to discuss the Ukraine crisis with friends, and I understand that if you express strong views, sometimes you’ll get blowback. But the depth of venom, hatred, even personal threats? Even as a strong supporter of my Confederate heritage and my support for keeping our monuments to that heritage up, I’ve never been the recipient of such unrestrained vitriol as now.

It got me to thinking about questions I ask anyone who approaches me about my stance on what is going on in Ukraine: Why the over-the-top passion on this topic? Why Ukraine? Why such an hysterical response when Ukraine and its position in Europe and in the world are not strategically important to us? After all, the United States has been on the invading-end of conflicts for decades…Bosnia, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Afghanistan, and so on. Yet, somehow our foreign ventures are always virtuous and noble? And what kind of outrage did we express for those hundreds of thousands of Tutsis killed in Uganda or the thousands of Kurdish inhabitants eliminated by our ally Turkey?

Look at the intensity and what can only be called unleashed hatred directed at anything Russian and its leader—look at the expansive, all-encompassing campaign, from North Carolina’s governor Roy Cooper ordering that all state liquor stores dump Russian-made vodka, to the firing of one of the world’s greatest classical music conductors Russian Valery Gergiev from his position as head of the Munich Philharmonic because he wouldn’t publicly condemn Putin (he’s also had contracts with the Metropolitan Opera and a dozen other musical organizations cancelled—which was never done even in the “hottest” moments of the Cold War), to the attempted banning in Italy of the works of the great Russian novelist Fydor Dostoevsky, to the suspension of Russian television broadcasting in the US, to the cancellation of dozens of sporting events which were to feature Russian athletes, to the growing persecution of Russians living in the West, including vandalism of the Russian embassy in France. The list of such actions is endless.

Why the frenzied fury and the passion?

There are, I believe, several reasons for this.

First, there is an imperfect analogy with what happened regarding Germany long after the end of World War II in 1945. I recall when I was growing up that every “war film” I watched featured a nasty and cruel, smartly-dressed uniformed German soldier, monocled, in jackboots, probably with a whip, who was personally responsible for all sorts of mayhem and vicious criminality and murder. We knew those Germans were all evil Nazis, and they were soon to be “taken out” by the super-courageous American grunts, who became in a strange way the “new supermen.” We could do anything…We never lost, and, in fact, in Hollywood our heroic and valiant boys kept winning glorious victories for three decades after Germany was defeated. We knew that Lee Marvin and “the Dirty Dozen” would get it done.

The Germans, you see, were intrinsically evil. And that meme built on the narrative dating from World War I. One of my great uncles would repeat to me when I was young a little ditty from that war, popular among Americans of the period: “Kaiser Bill went up the hill, to take a look at France; Kaiser Bill came down the hill, with bullets in his pants!”

And many of us over the age of forty will remember “the evil empire” that Nikita Khrushchev said “would bury us.” In primary school, I recall those air raid drills when we would crouch under our desks, lest a Commie missile somehow target our school. The Cuban Missile Crisis, Vietnam and the Tonkin Gulf affair—it was those evil Soviet Russians who were responsible. At that time, arguably, we at least had a convincing case to make about the Communists and their efforts at world domination.

Leftwing columnist Bill Press sums up what we hear constantly from the media: “It’s about a lot more than Ukraine,” he writes. “It’s about world security. It’s about the sanctity of national borders. It’s about the rule of law and the strength of international treaties. It’s about the future of democracy. It’s about the unchecked power of autocrats anywhere to invade and destroy their neighbors.”

Really? Let’s unpack that a little.

For far too many Americans, especially those self-identified conservatives, their view of Russian history just stopped sometime around 1980, frozen in time. It is as if Communism never went away, and all the characteristics of “the evil empire” are once again threatening the very existence of democratic, freedom-loving America (well, Ukraine is in the surrogate position as our client state). Putin has become—has channeled—Adolf Hitler, a kind of combination of Hitler and Stalin, intent on “restoring the Soviet Union” and conquering the world.

There are dozens of examples illustrating this theme, both in the media and in Congress, including such insane, frothing-at-the-mouth examples as Representative Adam Kinzinger embracing Senator Lindsey Graham’s call for assassinating the Russian leader or declaring a “no fly zone” over Ukraine, which would most likely lead to nuclear war.

Yet a careful reading of Putin’s actual comment about “the tragedy of the collapse of the Soviet Union,” offers a far different interpretation, as various scholars have indicated (e.g., Russia Against the Rest: The Post Cold-War Crisis of World Order, by Professor Richard Sakwa, and Vladimir Putin and Russian Statecraft, by Professor Allen Lynch). Putin has forthrightly condemned in the strongest terms both Communism and the hateful Soviet period of Russian history. Was he not correct to lament the break-up of the old union into fifteen economically-fractured, ethnically-divisive republics? Did not that break-up resemble in some ways the arbitrary and disastrous break-up of the old Austro-Hungarian empire which helped propel Europe into a Second World War?

A second reason is the intense “yellow journalism” media coverage of the conflict. Every national network, from CNN and MSNBC to Fox News, is acting like a well-oiled megaphone for Dr. Goebels’ propaganda bureau. It seems our media are attempting to outdo each other in portraying just how cruel and brutal those Russian soldiers are, and how evil that “reincarnation of Hitler in the Kremlin” is. There is practically no attempt at objective coverage, no attempt to balance the completely one-sided accounts. Thus, Jesse Waters, with a grim, deeply pained expression on Fox News Primetime detailing in lurid detail how Russians were attempting to explode Europe’s largest nuclear power plant at Zaporizhzhia and were raping defenseless Ukrainian women. Indeed, those stories still circulate as the latest Russian “outrage” and “war crime.”

But no one stops to question them. Why would the Russians launch strikes against a nuclear reactor that would, if exploded, potentially maim and kill hundreds of thousands of nearby Russians? Another different version, difficult to discover at Fox or CNN, is that Ukrainian irregulars occupied the administrative building at the site and began directing fire at oncoming Russian troops. No projectiles were aimed by the Russians at the nuclear component, and apparently now it has been safely occupied by them. But it is significant that the Ukrainian government continues to charge the Russians with attempted “nuclear blackmail.”

The independent journalist, Glenn Greenwald, has reported on a number of “fake news” pro-Ukrainian war memes spread across our supposedly “free and balanced” media. I list some of them here:

As in previous wars and conflicts in which the US has been involved I am reminded of what Senator Hiram Johnson (R-CA) said in 1917 about the First World War: “The first casualty when war comes is truth.” Every media pundit and announcer should be made to read the classic study of war propaganda parading as objective news: Arthur Lord Ponsonby’s Falsehood in War-time, Containing an Assortment of Lies Circulated Throughout the Nations During the Great War (1928). Remember the fake stories of German soldiers severing the hands of Belgian babies, the unprovoked sinking of the Lusitania (which was indeed carrying munitions to the Brits), and the violation of innocent nurses? Does this not remind us of what we are now seeing and hearing constantly on Fox and at other venues?

After six years of drenching Russophobia and dozens of fake news stories which conservatives rightly batted down and that were finally disproven, one would think that the torrent of lurid reports brought to us by those same newscasters, politicians, and Intel agencies would engender some serious doubts. But apparently not.

A third reason is the fevered view of our managerial elites who see Russia as the major obstacle to their efforts to achieve global suzerainty and a new world order. Klaus Schwab, head of the World Economic Forum, defined this movement as “the Great Reset,” the “window of opportunity to reflect, reimagine, and reset our world.” It combines the globalism of the Neoconservatives who have dominated the American foreign policy managerial class for decades under both Democrat and Republican presidents, with the xenophobic anti-Russian stance of those on the farther left who despise Putin for his purported persecution of homosexuals, refusal to countenance same sex marriage, and staunch defense of the traditional nuclear family (with these policies reflected in Russian laws and education).

Some on the far left have gone so far as to, once again, attempt to tie President Trump to Putin, yanking his comments out of context. But to call President Putin a “genius” (as Trump did) is not to endorse his actions with regards to Ukraine. No opportunity is lost to damn and paint as opposed to equal rights, even as racists those Americans, mostly traditional Christians, who have approved of Putin’s defense of the traditional family. The Washington Post asserts that over the past three decades many traditional Christians “have forged a partnership [with Russia] in a global family values movement that not only embraces sexual and gender traditionalism but sees these practices as a solution to demographic changes around the globe.” Obviously, then, such Americans are, to revive an old charge from columnist David Frum, “unpatriotic.” Or, as Senator Mitt Romney told Yahoo News, “almost treasonous.” Dissent from the anti-Russian template will not be tolerated. Is this not, then, “cancel culture” on an international level?

It should also be noted that many of the major voices of Neoconservatism—the Irving and Bill Kristols, the David Frums, the Max Boots, and others of Russian Jewish descent see a nationalist Russia, which openly embraces its Orthodox Christian heritage and traditions, as somehow the reincarnation of the old Tsarist empire which persecuted their ancestors who emigrated from the Pale of Settlement in the last years of the 19th and first years of the 20th centuries. Just as anti-Teutonic sentiment lingered long years after the end of World War II, so an animus against a revitalized nationalist, traditionally Orthodox Russia cannot be excluded as a reason for how prominent journalists and media personalities instinctively react to Putin’s Russia.

Some of the anti-Russian, or more precisely, anti-Putin managerial elites claim that the Russian president is (still) a KGB agent and a “thug.” Yet, a careful study of his life and his long-past membership in that organization (he held a desk job in Dresden in the defunct German Democratic Republic for a few years) give the lie to this portrait. As Professors Lynch and Sakwa detail at length (e.g., The Putin Paradox, by Sakwa, and Vladimir Putin & Russian Statecraft, by Lynch), Putin left the KGB and denounced it (just as he firmly denounced Communism). He was Deputy Mayor of Leningrad under and supporting pro-democrat Anatoly Sobchak, and when the August 1991 KGB counter-coup occurred it was Putin who saved Sobchak, then the leader of anti-Communist elements in Russia, from being arrested by the KGB. Charges of his personal corruption and venality are equally debunked.

But never mind the facts during war time. Our situation is one where attempting to ferret out something close to the truth is extremely difficult. As I have asked my friends—pleaded with them—can we not have just a bit of skepticism and doubt at all the suffocating feculence which is engulfing us?

And once again, my questions: Why? Why is Ukraine so goldarned essential and important that a prominent symphony conductor in Bavaria must lose his job and his contracts because he won’t publicly denounce his native country and its president? Or that we attempt to purge Dostoevsky or ban Russian films? Or that prominent American politicians urge actions which would inevitably entail nuclear war?

(Republished from My Corner by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Foreign Policy, History • Tags: American Media, Russia, Ukraine 
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  1. Why is Ukraine so goldarned essential and important that a prominent symphony conductor in Bavaria must lose his job and his contracts because he won’t publicly denounce his native country and its president?

    It isn’t. But the UK, the US, and the post-USSR agreed Ukraine’s denuclearization was worth promising both to respect her borders and to defend her should anyone else decide not to. All three seem to have broken that promise.

    Perhaps when Russia took Crimea, Obama could have supplied nuclear arms to Ukraine. That would have violated the Non-Proliferation Treaty. But Ukes-minus-nukes looks to have been a seriously unthought-out and stupid policy in retrospect.

    • Replies: @DrWatson
  2. Anon[235] • Disclaimer says:

    I think you may have meant to write jackboots not hobnail boots.

  3. Who is ‘we,’ white man?

    We are reacting to the most ambitious propaganda campaign ever waged.

    The US has spent ten years and billions of dollars baiting Russia into attacking Ukraine and has every propaganda outlet and asset to celebrating its success.

    That’s thousands of people, many paid, many fellow travelers, swelling the chorus of condemnation.

    In a week or two, when Ukraine is pacified, we will experience Dr. Putin’s equally well prepared rejoinder.

    One rumor tickled me: Putin will release Russia’s 9/11 dossier, which implicates US Government agencies and officials…


  4. Good questions,one and all.
    Does anyone really know what time “it” is?
    Cancel culture,the carrot and the stick…law fare on a global scale.

    Here’s my question.Why is almost everyone believing this
    “evidence” which is brought to us daily by the “people” with
    the lowest approval ratings known to exist?

    Maybe we are responsible for this continuous stream.
    Accepting preplanned “pro pagan das” as factual, is not helping.
    Creating inhumanity endlessly is insanity.

    Just make it “legal” for the pawn vanities to pay the poor to KILL
    all the poor “unholy” soulless communist dictators.”Savages”Prai$e

  5. BuelahMan says:

    Cathey is a brilliant man. No doubt.

    But to me, taking either side of this Kabuki play is idiotic.

    Why are the smartest people so idiotic?

    One reason with Cathey is that he doesn’t recognize the jew as the primary culprit in all of this. This is why smart people are so idiotic. They trust jews.

  6. Marcali says:

    The judgement on Russia and Soviet-Russia is not a matter of short term memory:

    “According to the calculations of Fridtjof Nansen, beginning in 1500, every seven years Russia added as much territory to its empire as that occupied by the Kingdom of Norway. Imperialism is a traditional, basic, and integral trait of Russia – its chief trait in fact.”
    (Solovyov – Klepikova: The map is the message in mother Russia, The Christian Science Monitor, August 11-17, 1986.)

    As to being a neighbour of Russia, let’s read the beginning of William G. Bray: Russian frontiers: from Muscovy to Khrushchev, Bobbs-Merrill, 1963, pp 11, 13:
    ’” For five centuries, Russians have been seeking a final frontier which they never find.” This statement by A. L. Kennedy in a lead article in the January, 1947, issue of The Quarterly Review sums up our problem with Russia. … A brief study of five centuries of Russian history makes it clear that Russia’s aggression today follow the same pattern that has guided her every maneuver since approximately 1462 AD. …This territorial hunger can be compared to the farmer who, when queried as to why he was acquiring so much land, said: „I don’t want much land, I just want that which joins my farm.”

  7. anonymous[139] • Disclaimer says:

    when I was growing up that every “war film” I watched featured a nasty and cruel, smartly-dressed uniformed German soldier,

    It’s been the same thing played over and over and over again. The same three minute videos of the dictator screaming into the microphone played as one endless loop. How many hours worth of all this have we seen in our lives? At present it’s hard to track what’s going on because of the tsunami of lurid propaganda, most of which appears to be totally fabricated. Pretty different from the coverage the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan received. When the US drops bombs on people that’s a form of spreading values, don’t ya see.
    American propaganda seethe with race-hate, Germans are supposedly ‘Huns’, Japanese are a ‘Yellow Peril’, Afghans and Iraqis are mere ‘goat-herders’, white working class Americans are ‘deplorables’ and ‘supremacists’, and so on down the line. Empire of lies is an apt description. Don’t fall for the hype.

  8. Popular response to the government line about demonic Russia reminds me of a scene in the Simpsons, in which the politician Diamond Joe Quimby (a thinly disguised JFK clone) looks out at his audience and says to his aides: they’re just like trained seals; toss ‘em a fish, and watch ‘em slap their flippers together!

  9. Your questions at the end of this article are so vacuous and simplistic as to scarcely merit response.
    However, this: When the day arrives that Western Civilization will not stand united and use all rational means of repelling brutal tyrannical aggression against a neighbor full of millions yearning to remain Free, then Western Civilization will no longer be worthy of its heritage and the brave and brilliant millions of our forebears who have bequeathed it to those of us who have lived long and properous lives under benefit of their manifold Blessings.

    • Troll: Pierre de Craon
    • Replies: @Greta Handel
    , @John Pepple
  10. Jewish advocates are the world’s biggest crybabies. They greatly exaggerate the scope of the Russian persecutions, which were actually occasional and sporadic. Lenin killed as many people in a single year as the czars did in the entire 19th Century. Likewise with the Spanish Inquisition. Although fundamentally unjust, this anti-Semitic purge didn’t have nearly so many victims as people suppose. They act like they’re the only people in the history of the world who were persecuted and that to demand they share the spotlight with other victims such as Ukrainians starved to death by Stalin is somehow anti-Jewish.

    • Agree: mark green
    • Replies: @Haxo Angmark
  11. Dutch Boy says:

    With the collapse of the Covid narrative, some other crisis was needed too fill the void. Ukraine will do nicely. It’s impossible to be too cynical about war news. Churchill expressed the official attitude about news in wartime thus: “In wartime, truth is so precious that she should always be attended by a bodyguard of lies.”

    • Replies: @Pierre de Craon
  12. The war is anything but organic. Instead, it’s the crescendo of the NWO dialectic as it will manifest gargantuan systemic problems demanding systemic foundational solutions.

    The war will destroy supply chains even further than they already are, wreaking absolute havoc. Currencies – already on their last legs – will be deliberately hyper-inflated away all over the globe in order to pay for it. Etc.

    Everyone will be demanding something be done and the pre-planned solutions will be one-world-government and CBDCs (Central Bank Digital Currencies). These CBDCs will link with your social credit score and carbon output in order to determine your eligibility – in real time – to participate or not participate in the economy.

    Red vs blue, east vs west, these dichotomies exploit people’s innate tribal nature – dividing and conquering them – making them easy to control with simple thoughts about “the enemy” who isn’t really their enemy – while blinding them to the actual enemy behind the curtain pulling the puppet strings. If we could collectively recognize this for what it is the NWO wouldn’t stand a chance.

    The globalists now have the technology to do away with the left versus right control system, and so they’re angling in for full control at an individual level – from the inside out. We have to be aware of this in order to prevent it from happening.

    Here is how far they’ve brought us, and where they want to take us:

    As a solution we need to get working on a parallel economy and means of exchange yesterday. But since yesterday is behind us—let’s get to work on it today instead. Right now, actually. It is time we stopped using our enemy’s control system and built our own version instead – free from anyone’s control.

    Put your ideas for how this can best be accomplished underneath this comment. (Cutting out reliance on a retailer might be a good place to start thinking about this.)

    Let’s get to work building a future worth living in, because if we do not we will not have one.

  13. Phibbs says:

    Gentile America, 98% of the population, willingly allowed itself to be placed under the foot of the dirty, filthy, demonic Jew. Nothing good ever happens when Jews take over a country. (Look what the Jews did to Russia when they took it over in 1917.) The Jew-owned media is over the top with hatred of conservative, Caucasian-Christian Russia. American Caucasian-Christian Americans need to be reminded that the Jews hate them, too. They also need to remember that a Caucasian-Christian American has nothing in common with Jews, as they are neither Christian nor Caucasian. The Jews of America are not even American. They are Israelis with American citizenship. The Jews of Israel are Gentile America’s number one enemy foreign, while the Jews of America are the number one enemy domestic.

    • Agree: Haxo Angmark
  14. @Marcali

    As a non-American, I would like your explanation of just what has been different about the US since it’s inception, other than, for the last 100+ years, using its private banking system to allow puppet governments the illusion of not being occupied by the US? In fact, the territories don’t even have to be contiguous to the US.

    • Agree: Carroll price
  15. Hibernian says:

    Their imperialism is not as well known as that of the British and us, maybe because they went by land rather than sea, except for the short hop over the Bering Strait. Also, they were “our” Allies in two WWs, and a large part of our elite sympathized with the USSR even after 1945.

  16. “why is Ukraine so gol’darned important to us”

    who the hell is “us”? The “us” that matters, Boyd,

    is the transnational Zionist Occupation Government

    of all the former White nations except Russia and Hungary.

    that “us” intends to use ZOG Ukraine to cut the heart

    out of anti-globohomo Russia. And of if Vlad

    doesn’t stop pussyfooting around in the Ukraine War

    real soon, (((they))) are going to win.

  17. @Fidelios Automata

    no, the Spanish persecution of the Jews – such as it was –

    was entirely just, inasmuch as the Jews

    had collectively functioned as the Moors’

    enforcers and tax collectors for hundreds of years,

    and waxed fat doing it. And BTW,

    according to ((Henry Kamen)))’s definitive study of the Inquisition “holocaust”,

    the number of Jews executed over 300 years was c. 500.

    that’s one and two-thirds Jew per year.

  18. It should also be noted that many of the major voices of Neoconservatism—the Irving and Bill Kristols, the David Frums, the Max Boots, and others of Russian Jewish descent see a nationalist Russia, which openly embraces its Orthodox Christian heritage and traditions, as somehow the reincarnation of the old Tsarist empire which persecuted their ancestors who emigrated from the Pale of Settlement in the last years of the 19th and first years of the 20th centuries.

    It’s not about the past but the future.

    After all, Jews got revenge in Bolshevik Revolution by killing many more Slavs and destroying 50,000 churches.

    Jews just want to control everything, but Russia won’t bend over.

    Jews are just as vicious toward Palestinians, Syrians, and Deplorables here in the US. White Americans have been the most welcoming of Jews, but notice the Jewish animus against Wasps and ‘deplorables’.

    Jews think they are god and will not tolerate anyone who won’t kiss their butts.

    Even if there was zero animus historically between Russians and Jews, Jews would still hate them for not bending over.

    When we bring up the past, we are giving Jews too much credit. We are saying they’re motivated by revenge, which is somewhat justifiable on an emotional level.

    This isn’t about revenge but contempt for anything that won’t bend over to Jews.

    Jews have no reason to hate Persians, but Jews hate hate hate Iran because Iran won’t bend over to Jewish Power.

    Just ask yourself. Do Jews hate Russians more than white American patriots? No, they hate both groups equally.

    Jews used Covid and BLM in 2020 to unseat Trump. They are capable of ANYTHING to get what they want. And they now engineered this mess in Europe.

    And yet, most Anglos serve Jews. They are no longer masters of empire, but they figure it’s second-best to be cucks of empire. That way, even if they don’t control the empire, they get to play a managerial and fighting role. What worthless cucks.

  19. @John Schwab

    Welcome to Unz!

    Are you going Over There?

    Or are you another Couch Crusader?

  20. @Dutch Boy

    With the collapse of the Covid narrative, some other crisis was needed too fill the void.

    The covid narrative has by no means collapsed! Yes, it is true that the volume control governing the incessant lies, propaganda, and fearmongering that have flooded the airwaves and the Internet for two and a half years has temporarily been lowered from 11 to about 3 or 4. But why would (((those at the controls))) do this? Merely because experience has shown that to maximize the effect of misinformation, even on brainwashed goyim, the message needs to be kept clear, simple, and univocal. As odd as it might sound, too much misinformation can leave an opening for truth—and surely that would be intolerable!

    Unless the Jews who do Biden’s thinking and make his decisions actually succeed in getting the USA nuked, I would say that the morning line for a renewed covid fear campaign before summer is roughly 7-to-2 for.

    Besides, the overwhelming majority of people who believed the entirety of the covid hoax narrative six months ago still believe it today. In New York State, where I live, the Fauci-cult masks are no longer required in most places—except, of course, in hospitals and doctors’ offices, where ignorance and deception have long reigned supreme—yet people walk the streets fully masked in near-freezing temperatures, despite the fact that they should have learned in high school that a virus can’t survive in such conditions. In supermarkets, the same masked cowardly fools dodge people, among them me, who shop unmasked. Glares and mumbled demands to conform remain common everywhere.

    In short, gullibility is still a growth stock.

    • Replies: @Dutch Boy
  21. Nicsky says:

    Thus is where cancel culture meets geopolitics

  22. @anonymous

    When you’re dealing with a stupid population like that in the western world, why change the script?

    At least 50% of the US population continue believing that Iraqi soldiers threw babies out of incubators.

  23. Take note of how leftist and fake right wingers all speak with one voice in defense of Jewish domination of the world.

  24. DrWatson says:
    @Reg Cæsar

    There is an interesting article trying to answer this question providing also some historical background.

    Could it be that the Ashkenazim’s plan is to take back and re-settle their ancient Khazaria after the Downfall of Apartheid Israel? Is it why the duly elected President of Ukraine was forcibly removed in 2014 in order to install a puppet government with a new Prime Minister named Arseniy Yatsenyuk, who according to The Guardian was playing down his Jewish roots?

    Arseniy Yatsenyuk was later replaced by another Jew, Volodymyr Groysman, with a Jewish President, Volodymyr Zelensky, a smutty and crass comedian (see video immediately below) recently “elected”, thereby making Ukraine at that point the only country in the world, besides Apartheid Israel, whose President and Prime Minister were both Jewish, thus indicating the direction the country was headed.

    Also, look at the crass performance of President Zelensky:

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
  25. Levtraro says:

    And once again, my questions: Why? Why is Ukraine so goldarned essential and important that a prominent symphony conductor in Bavaria must lose his job and his contracts because he won’t publicly denounce his native country and its president? Or that we attempt to purge Dostoevsky or ban Russian films?

    Here is the answer: because we cannot beat them Russkies to a pulp for being egregiously disobedient and acting as if they were us. Actual manly fighting is replaced with feminine screeching and cancelling.

    Or that prominent American politicians urge actions which would inevitably entail nuclear war?

    Because they know their threats mean nothing in the great scheme of things.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  26. @anonymous

    Re, the insipid sameness of the war films. At least the men’s magazines from the 1960’s (True et. al. ) displayed some creativity in their depiction of the Nazis. One cover I recall showed beautiful Nazi chicks in leather bikinis cracking whips over hapless GIs who were strapped on their backs to beds. Allegedly, piano wire had been wrapped around their genitals. When the Nazi babes worked their magic and got the men aroused, their dicks would be severed. Awesome stuff for a 6th grader.

    Check this out for a sample…vastly entertaining.

    Sir!, September 1960

    • Replies: @Verymuchalive
  27. @Marcali

    A brief study of five centuries of Russian history makes it clear that Russia’s aggression today follow the same pattern that has guided her every maneuver since approximately 1462 AD.

    But what happened just prior to 1462? The conquest of Constantinople in 1453. Wasn’t much of that Russian aggression a response to that event?

    • Replies: @Marcali
  28. @John Schwab

    I’m pretty sure Putin would not have done this if Western Civilization had shown nothing but strength, but we’ve been weak for some time and have been getting weaker. I should add that I used to be a leftist, and we yearned to weaken the West as much as possible since we saw it as the most dangerous and evil entity in the world. So, now that we are weak, leftists should be dancing in the streets at their success, but of course they aren’t.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  29. Dutch Boy says:
    @Pierre de Craon

    I live in California, which is one of the capitals of Covid hysteria, and I based my opinion on what is happening here. There has been a noticeable reduction in hysteria about Covid. If that is the case here, than the Covid phenomenon is fading.

    • Replies: @Pierre de Craon
  30. @DrWatson

    …the Downfall of Apartheid Israel?

    People say this like there’s something wrong with apartheid!

    Petit apartheid is untenable, but grand apartheid is simple common sense. Anyway, I understand the annoyance with Jews, but one really has to hate them a lot to take the Arab side in anything. At least the Romans, British, and French made some improvements in their voracious empires.

    • Replies: @Verymuchalive
  31. A second reason is the intense “yellow journalism” media coverage of the conflict. Every national network, from CNN and MSNBC to Fox News, is acting like a well-oiled megaphone for Dr. Goebels’ propaganda bureau

    C’mon, man. Dr Goebels was very much more subtle than these turds. Modern Americans are in large part poorly educated morons, brainwashed by the American public school system and the MSM. 1930s Germany was the most highly sducated country in the World. Dr Goebels. a highly educated and talented man, had to up his game to convince 1930s Germans. 21st Century American propagandists, by contrast ” dumb down” so that American untermenschen can understand.

    • Replies: @Verymuchalive
  32. @Reg Cæsar

    At least the Romans, British, and French made some improvements in their voracious empires.

    Unlike the Americans !

  33. @Dutch Boy

    I’ll be deeply pleased if your estimation turns out to be correct, but with young people plainly being the most conformist of all, I have little hope that it is. We’ll know soon enough which of us is right, however. To repeat, I’m rooting for you.

  34. @ThreeCranes

    The Tart who Ran For President

    Kamala Harris.
    Brown Willie can confirm.

  35. “a (Jewish) animus… cannot be excluded as a reason for how prominent journalists and media personalities instinctively react to Putin’s Russia.”

    Russia is bursting the Zionist’s illusion of their own omnipotence. Like Macbeth, they see a prophecy of their doom becoming reality.

  36. @Verymuchalive

    That should have been Goebbels. Minus marks for me and Dr Cathey.

    Typo: sducated should read educated.

  37. @John Pepple

    Dumb, dumb, dumb, stuff. I find MK Gandhi’s observation re. ‘Western Civilization’ apt when reading this sort of drivel. ‘Western Civilization?’-‘Sounds like a good idea. You should try it sometime’. The Indians knew all about the savagery and avariciousness of ‘Western Civilization’.

  38. @Levtraro

    It’s not about Russia. It could be anything, but China does come to mind. It is a mass formation psychosis, Jung’s ‘psychic epidemic’, where an Evil political and indoctrination elite consisting almost entirely of villainous psychopaths selected for their viciousness to the untermenschen and groveling subservience to the ubermenschen, have gone stark raving mad. It began under the ‘pandemic’, now is blossoming like a corpse flower into full Death-seeking hysteria.

  39. Marcali says:
    @John Pepple

    If it was than it is significant that they did move rather slowly, reaching the Crimea only in 1783.
    That far during 230 years.

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