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U.S. Stuck with Racial Division. the Census Should Measure It Scientifically
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The next U.S. Census is scheduled for 2020. Apparently the Trump Administration has not fallen for Obama Era plans to change the questions on race to further reconstruct America, although it does want to revive the 1890-1950 practice of asking about citizenship, shamelessly opposed by the usual suspects and the kritarchy.[See Citizenship question for 2020 census prompts criticism, lawsuits, by Steve Larkin, Catholic News Service, August 20, 2018 and Trump Officials Say They Can’t Recall Discussing Census Citizenship Question, by Hansi Lo Wang, NPR, September 5, 2018] Which is good, but what’s really necessary is to go onto the offensive: make the census questions reflect what modern science says about “race.”

America’s Ruling Class has a schizophrenic attitude towards race. If you want to talk about issues like crime or immigration, then “race” is a social construct with no biological basis and if you disagree then you’re worse than Hitler. However, when it comes to Affirmative Action, or noticing that minorities disproportionately suffer from certain congenital illnesses, then “race” magically becomes both biological and painfully real.

The problem, as two recent books on race show in painstaking detail: the racial categories used on all government forms in the US are, biologically, nonsense.

The typical U.S. government form—where you’re asked to fill in your ethnicity—differs depending on who issues it. But in general, the Liberal Elite’s “Races of Man” are: White, Black, Hispanic (sometimes divided into Hispanic White and Hispanic Non-White), Asian, Pacific Islander and Native American. Sometimes, to make things even worse, you find options such as “Native American, Pacific Islander and Alaskan Native” or simply “API”—” Asian-Pacific Islander.”

But in his soon-to-be-published book, Race Differences in Psychopathic Personality, British psychologist Professor Richard Lynn sets out a huge body of data implying that US race categories are simply not fit for purpose.

A “race”, he tells us, is a breeding population separated long enough from another breeding population to have adapted to a different ecology, leading to consistent differences in average gene frequencies between the populations. This is important because, as Lynn shows, “race”, therefore, expresses itself in consistent interrelated physical and mental differences, which tend to differ in the same direction because they are adaptations to distinct environments. Thus, different races have different genetic disease profiles, different dominant blood groups, different average IQ, and different modal personalities.

Another recent book, J. Philippe Rushton: A Life History Perspective by Lynn’s colleague Edward Dutton, presents evidence for the minutiae of these consistent race differences: in age at menopause, in the kind of face and body found the most attractive, in preference for oral over vaginal sex, and even in ear wax composition.

These studies set out the genetic assay data which proves that there are about 10, and possibly 12, distinct races:

  1. Europeans
  2. North Africans and Arabs
  3. South Asians a.k.a. Indians
  4. Northeast Asians a.k.a. Orientals
  5. Southeast Asians
  6. Pacific Islanders
  7. Native Americans
  8. Arctic Peoples
  9. Africans
  10. Australians (“Aborigines”) and New Guineans
  11. Bushmen

The last two are sometimes being subsumed into “African” while North African, Arabs and South Asians are sometime merged into “Non-European Caucasian.” Lynn’s book demonstrates that these races differ in something as important as as average level of psychopathic personality; a condition defined by reckless behaviour, criminality, impulsivity, cheating, marital breakdown, selfishness and lack of empathy. So, simply to stay safe, it’s worth properly understanding what the actual “races of man” are. And understanding this reveals what nonsense official US race categories are.

Australian Aborigines626.0
Sub-Saharan Africans707.5
New Zealand Maori845.9
Native Americans -USA862.2
South Asians—Britain921.0
Northeast Asians–Britain1050.7

Race differences in intelligence and psychopathic personality (PP): Race differences in IQ and rates of crime (odds ratios, Europeans set at 1.0) [Richard Lynn , Race Differences in Psychopathic Personality,Washington Summit, In Press, Table 16: 2].

The silliest race categories used by the U.S. government is “Native American, Pacific Islander and Alaskan Native” and “API.” Pacific Islanders have little genetically in common with either of these races. The genetic distance between a Pacific Islander and a Native American is about quadruple the distance between a Pacific Islander and a Southeast Asian, someone from, for example, Cambodia or Malaysia (see Table 2, below). The distance between Alaskans and Pacific Islanders is triple that which exists between Southeast Asians and Pacific Islanders.

This makes sense, of course, because Pacific Islanders broke away from Southeast Asians. To put it another way, the category “API” is a bit like having a race group called European-Australian Aborigine, the difference between these races being only slightly more than that the difference between Pacific Islanders and Native Americans.

The latter, being so different, also have far higher rates of psychopathic personality.

The category “Asian” is also extremely problematic, as it encompasses Northeast Asians, Southeast Asians and South Asians; the latter often stretching to include Middle Easterners and North Africans.

South Asians—“Indians”—are a Caucasian people. The genetic distance between South Asians and Northeast Asians is more than quadruple the difference between South Asians and Europeans, this rises to sextuple when comparing South Asians and Southeast Asians. And Northeast Asians are 1.6 times more similar to the Arctic peoples (such as the Inuit and Alaskans) than they are to Southeast Asians.

In other words, the category “Asian” has zero basis in genetics. It’s only slightly more justifiable than combining Indians and Inuit into one racial category.

Unsurprisingly, the differences within the Asian category are striking. Northeast Asians have an average IQ of 105 whereas South Asians have an average IQ of about 92 when living in Western countries. South Asians are also far more psychopathic than Northeast Asians, though about the same as Europeans, which Lynn suggests to due to South Asian adaptation to very crowded environments.

But this falls apart with the API category. Not only do Pacific Islanders have higher levels of psychopathic personality than Asians or Europeans but, due to the complications of racial migrations and separations, they are more similar to Australian Aborigines than they are to South Asians.

And as Lynn explains, the category Hispanic—though it has some utility—is basically a mess.

In general, Hispanics are a cline; a mixture of two races, specifically Native Americans and Europeans. On most measures of psychopathic personality, they, unsurprisingly, fall between Europeans and Native Americans, leaving them with lower average levels of psychopathic personality than Africans. However, the category “Hispanic” often includes many who are from South America, who, in some cases, may be more genetically European that some ‘White Americans,’ who may have small amounts of Native American or African American ancestry.

Clines mean that there is a cultural element to “race.” Why are Greeks European but Western Turks not? There are always things that don’t quite into any system of categories.

But let’s be clear: from a genetic perspective, “race” exists and predicts very important things, such as psychopathic personality.

America’s official racial categories, however, predict very little…possibly because those who come up with them find it so psychologically conflicting to have to think about “race’ at all.

Lance Welton [Email him] is the pen name of a freelance journalist living in New York.

(Republished from VDare by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Race/Ethnicity • Tags: Race and Violence 
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  1. With regard to the NorthEast Asians, Middle-Kingdom-bound Asians, SouthEast Asians, sub-continental Asians, peninsularian Asians, MENA Asians, and Siberian Asians, Peak Stupidity says Oriental is the term and we’re done talkin’ about it!

    (Caution – link contains not-gratuitous bikini picture – of an “Asian”)

  2. Michelle says:

    True story, last weekend whilst hanging out at my local dog park I was having a conversation with a Taiwanese guy. He came to America when he was a small boy. He is bipolar and has had a mental breakdown. His wife has left him, he no longer has a job and is taking a lot of medication. He got an expensive, highly energetic and charming puppy, a Havanese, and has been hanging out at the dog park trying to wear it out. Anyhow, an elderly white lady with a Parkinson’s tremor, sat down with us and looked at the Asian guy and said, “You look just like a Black guy who comes here, except that you’re Oriental!”

  3. SMK says: • Website

    Racially, the category “Hispanic” causes nothing but confusion and ignorance and should be abolished. So-called “Hispanics” should be classified and counted by race. The overwhelming majority of “Hispanics” are Mestizos and pure Amerindians from Mexico and Central America who should be classified and counted as “Mestizos-Amerindians, along with so-called “native-Americans,” including those who are half or partly European. A large minority of “Hispanics” are sub-Saharan African, i.e. “blacks,” including Mulattoes and Zambos, a melange of African and Amerindian. Only a small minority of “Hispanics” are pure Europeans, Spaniards like Marco Rubio and the blue-eyed agitator, liar, and buffoon, Jorge Ramos, who acts as if he was nonwhite, like Mestizos and pure Amerindians, and thus a member of and spokesman for an “oppressed minority” defined as “Hispanics” or “Latinos.”

  4. Kirt says:

    Even if we stipulate that racial determinations are as scientific and specific as the author alleges and even if we ignore the millions of people who have mixed ancestry among the stated categories, why is this something the government should be permitted to be interested in anyway? The only thing that the government has ever done with racial data is use it to either impose disabilities or hand out benefits. The more benefits or disabilities connected with race, the more people will claim whatever racial classification benefits them the most or hurts the least. Hence the current flight from white. And if the categories are indeed subject to scientific determination, then the government could not just take people’s word for it; you’d have to have compulsory DNA testing. No thanks. Keep the government out of the race racket.

  5. Maybe one day the US will stop collecting race data and save taxpayers millions if not trillions. It is against French law to collect racial or ethnic data on a census. In Canada most universities do not collect racial data on students. In Quebec, if a university does collect racial data, the school must be prepared to explain to provincial authorities why the data was colleced in case there is a complaint.

    • Replies: @Saxon
  6. EH says:

    There are some other races, African Pygmies and Negritos ((mainly)Southeast Asian Pygmies) being particularly genetically different. The PNG natives and Australian Aboriginies have tens of thousands of years of separation, and within each there are groups that had been separated for similar periods. Elsewhere, some nations are genetically distinct enough to be worth noting, e.g. Eritrian, Somali, Tibetan, Ashkenazi, Parsi, Lapp, though these are often mixtures of different races (e.g. Blacks and Arabs for Somalis) or even species (Neanderthals except in African Blacks, Denisovans in non-Caucasian Asians and Australian Aborigine-related peoples).

    Then there are all the degrees of mixture among the various races, which people are very unreliable about knowing (and old pedigrees cannot determine due to the lumpiness of chromosome segments preventing smooth mixing).

    To get reliable data about the population’s genetics in a census, there has to be widespread DNA testing, about as many samples as long-form census respondents, plus those easily found in prison, in government and military jobs, living in dormitories or in other residential institutions. The fear is that this DNA data will be used, not just for bad purposes but for good – finding out which gene types are better or worse, preferring people with better genetics, revealing true genealogies.

  7. The PNG natives …

    Pressurized Natural Gas?

    • Replies: @EH
  8. Saxon says:

    The problem is of course that not collecting it allows the usual crowd to claim all sorts of things and blame whitey with plausible deniability. In Canada, despite crime data being hidden from the public, there is still no end to whining about the disparity in imprisonment rates the same as in countries where it is collected.

    The only thing this allows is tyrants to impose ever more punitive anti-white policies and maintain plausible deniability in countries, like Canada, that were once homogeneously white–in Canada case 98% so in the 1960s. The claim will be of course that whites are doing some magic racisms that cause these disparate outcomes no matter how ridiculous it is when the population it’s claimed that’s doing these things has literally no power or representation, and it won’t stop until the last white man has been murdered, the last white woman forced to give birth to non-white children.

    Not collecting it also allows the people engaging in genocidal racial replacement to continue apace.

  9. EH says:
    @Achmed E. Newman

    Probably (they’ve got guts), but also Papua New Guinea.

  10. buckwheat says:

    I guarantee any white woman living in the ghetto with blacks has an ass the size of a Holstein cow.

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