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U.S. Humiliates South Korea, Threatens North Korea
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Fearing that peace might break out with the two Koreas talking to each other, Washington instructed South Korean President Moon Jae-in to keep the message about anything but peace. It is not just Trump. A former top official for the Obama administration warned Moon that South Korea was not going to get anywhere with the North Koreans unless they have the “US behind them”. Humiliating, that is like saying that Moon’s “button” is not as big as Kim’s. The metaphor is exactly how the Washington elite see South Korea: as Washington’s obedient eunuch. The official went on to say, “If South Koreans are viewed as running off the leash, it will exacerbate tension within the alliance”. Running off the leash! Now more humiliation, is South Korea a US poodle? Instead President Moon Jae-in is showing that he has teeth, and that South Koreans want their country back from US humiliating domination.

During the talks it was agreed for North Korea to participate in the Winter Olympics in February. The two countries will even march together under a common flag, and future talks between the two are planned to reduce tension. Trump continues to bluster, while the two Koreas have “engaged in the most substantive direct talks in years”. Neocons such as John Bolton are outraged that North Korea has proven once again that it is willing to come to the negotiation table. Bolton says it is a dirty trick and that North Korea is “taking advantage of a weak South Korean government”, adding more insulting humiliation. To Washington, South Korea talking peace is weak, running off the leash and going it alone without its US master. The North using the peace option is seen as a provocation and propaganda that Washington will not tolerate. In retaliation the US sent more nukes to Guam, and put the state of Hawaii on a full alert that a “ballistic missile was inbound“. The nukes outbound to Guam are real; the ones inbound to Hawaii were fake, just like the ability of the billion dollar THAADS to shoot them down. Too conveniently the Hawaii false alarm comes just as the US and its vassals are readying for what the US plots to be a show of solidarity and unity on killer sanctions against North Korea. The US wants its chorus to perform the tragedy of telling North Korea to obey or watch 500,000 of their children die. As Madeleine Albright said about Iraq’s 500,000 dead children from US sanctions, “the price is worth it“. The US does not think the price of diplomacy is worth it though.

The US continues to block efforts at diplomacy, and express its contempt for South Korea’s elected President Moon Jae-in. He was elected on a peace platform by the South Korean people. Moon’s predecessor Park Geun-hye sang from the US hymnbook until she got caught with her hand in the cookie jar. In 2017 the South Korean people went to the street and demanded the granddaughter of former dictator Park Chung Hee be impeached, and now she is in prison. Peace is not anything that Washington’s plutocrats want to hear, although the South Korean people like the sound of it, and elected Moon their president by a wide margin. The self-interests in Washington preferred the corrupt warmonger Park. She carried the US’s tune with perfect pitch, even (allegedly) conspired to assassinate the North’s Kim Jong-Un. The message of the humiliation from US apparatchiks is that if Moon does not change his tune the US will try to undermine South Korea’s democracy with a regime change project might be in his future. The US habitually meddles in other’s elections, and wants to keep tensions high on the Korean peninsula, keep the South Koreans in line, make North Korea a boogeyman, frighten the American people, station 30,000 US troops in South Korea with wartime operational control, buy more multi-billion dollar THAADS from Lockheed Martin, and divide the Korean people. Even at the risks of a nuclear war, which the US proposes making easier.

The establishment nearly went to war with North Korea in 1994 until Bill Clinton negotiated peace. The neocons in Washington and the mainstream media keep saying that North Korea refused to come to the negotiating table. Clinton’s decision to use diplomacy instead of threats proved the warmongers wrong again. It was the US all along that refused to talk, preferring belligerence and threats just as it does now. Once Clinton showed a willingness to bargain, then a nuclear deal was struck. The deal was called the Agreed Framework. What North Korea wanted then for it to suspend its nuclear program was for the US to halt the massive military exercises on North Korea’s border, a non-aggression guarantee, compensation for abandoning its needed electric producing nuclear reactors, and relations with the US. Now the situation with North Korea is back to where it was in 1994. George W. Bush reversed the path of peace when he came into the White House. In 2001 he tore up the Agreed Framework, put North Korea on the Axis of Evil list in 2002, invaded Iraq in 2003, and hanged Saddam Hussein in 2006. Very predictably North Korea resumed its nuclear program for self-defense against a paranoid and unpredictable USA that sees enemies to attack under every bed.

Bush scrapped the Agreed Framework, and told then South Korean President Kim Dae-jung that future talks with North Korea were dead. Kim Dae-jung had come to visit Bush shortly after winning the Nobel Peace Prize for his Sunshine Policies of peace with North Korea. Instead of welcoming President Kim and his peace efforts, Bush humiliated him by shockingly calling North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-il a dwarf. North Korea predictably withdrew from the Non-Proliferation Treaty in 2003 and resumed work on its nuclear program. A month later Bush called out North Korea to pay particular attention to Libya as an example of how a country is welcomed into the international community when it unilaterally gives up its nuclear defense program. North Korea paid attention and it was listening when Muammar Gaddafi said in a 2008 speech that “one of these days America may hang us like they did Saddam “. In 2011 Gaddafi met a brutal death at the hands of US proxies; he was anally raped with a bayonet and left to rot on public display in a meat locker. Before Gaddafi’s corpse was even cold a hysterically glowing Hillary Clinton cackled “we came, we saw, he died”, hahaha“. Now fast forward to 2018 and the US is threatening war against North Korea again.

The US has been abusing Korea since 1871 when it first invaded it with an expeditionary force of Marines to forcibly open trade. Korea just wanted to be left alone, but the US forced Korea to sign an exclusive trade treaty in 1882 at the point of a gun. In exchange for that unequal trade agreement the US promised Korea protection. In 1910 the US proved that its promise was worthless. Instead of protection, President Theodore Roosevelt stabbed Korea in the back by conspiring with Japan. Roosevelt had enthusiastically supported Japan in the Russo-Japanese War. Japan pre-emptively attacked the Russian fleet at Port Arthur in a sneak attack. Teddy congratulated Japan for their brilliance…in 1941 his nephew Franklin would call a Japanese sneak attack “a day of infamy”. After Japan and Russia ground down to a bloody stalemate, Japan secretly appealed to Teddy to open negotiations. Roosevelt acted as a (dis)honest broker in negotiating the Treaty of Portsmouth, for which he won the Nobel Peace Prize. Japan won the spoils of the war. Roosevelt had a secret deal that Japan could have Korea and the US would take the Philippines. In 1945 the US deceived Korea again. Instead of liberating Korea from the Japanese occupation, the US occupied Korea for 3 more years until 1948 and then blocked its independence. The US was largely responsible for the division of Korea and backing dictatorships in South Korea until 1993. Americans do not know the US treachery, but Koreans do. Why would they trust the USA now?


In order to understand North Korea, one must start with the “anticolonial and anti-imperial state growing out of a half-century of Japanese colonial rule and a half-century of continuous confrontation with a hegemonic United States”, as Bruce Cumings writes in his book North Korea: Another Country. In order to understand South Korea one should take a similar approach. The Japanese colonization of Korea in 1910 was greeted with cheers from the USA. Teddy Roosevelt encouraged Japan to have its own Japanese Monroe Doctrine for Northeast Asia. The Japanese were harsh rulers, and Koreans remember colonial times as a national humiliation. Under the Japanese the Korean economy grew rapidly, but Koreans will rightly argue that little of it helped the average Korean. Like the Korean “comfort women” sex slaves during World War Two, Koreans were forced to obey their Japanese masters. Some Koreans complied reluctantly, some willingly and some enthusiastically. Many, but not all of the enthusiastic collaborators came from the landed aristocratic class of Koreans known as the yangban. Other collaborators were traitors that saw advancing their economic and social status by collaborating. After the division of Korea in 1945 many of the yangban class and collaborators fled to the South where they felt safe with the US occupation army, and for good reasons. The North was redistributing the yangban’s vast landholdings. Many of the yangban and collaborators were safer in the US occupied south. Some went on to achieve leadership in business and government in South Korea. For instance, the future South Korean dictator Park Chung-hee (from 1963 until his assassination in 1979) had collaborated with the Japanese as a lieutenant in the Japanese army in Manchuria fighting against the Korean resistance fighters.

Korea has a long history of thousands of years. It united as one people in the 7th century and remained so until after World War Two. The US had started planning for the occupation of Korea six months after Pearl Harbor, according to Bruce Cumings. The day after Japan surrendered a future Secretary of State Dean Rusk drew a line at the 38th Parallel where the US proposed that Korea be divided, and the Russian allies agreed. Thousands of Koreans protested in the streets. They were told that a trusteeship was temporary until elections. Instead the US feared that the people would elect a communist government, and so they rigged a fraudulent election for a separate government in the South. The United Nations rubber stamped it. As in the South, the North then held separate elections for the Supreme People’s Assembly which then elected Kim Il Sung, a famous anti-Japanese guerilla resistance leader since 1932. The US and South Korean propaganda portray that North Korea was a puppet and satellite project of the Soviet Union. This is probably the US projecting its own imperial intentions. Cummings says that no evidence exists that the Soviets had any long-term designs on Korea. They withdrew all of their military from North Korea in 1948.

North Korea has experience with US brutality. During the Korean War the US bombed Korea for 3 years, wiped out 20% of its population and destroyed every city, village and vital structure. President Truman threatened to bomb them with the atomic bomb, and General Douglas MacArthur planned to use 30 nuclear bombs which were shipped to a US base in Okinawa. Truman fired MacArthur not because MacArthur wanted to use nukes, but because Truman wanted someone more loyal he could trust with them. Truman preauthorized MacArthur’s replacement General Matthew Ridgeway to use the nuclear bombs at his discretion. The US public is oblivious to US recklessness with nuclear bombs and is passive about what is done in their name. The Korean War (1950 to 1953) is called the Forgotten War because the US public has amnesia. Whatever propaganda they do remember is a flawed version of history put out by the US government. Oblivious, passive and amnesia are why all US wars of aggression are quickly forgotten as the US moves on to the next one.

After the US military occupation of South Korea from 1945 to 1948, South Korea was ruled by US backed repressive dictators until the first democratic election in 1993. The first despot that the US installed was Syngman Rhee in 1948. Rhee was a practically unknown in Korea because he had lived in the USA from 1912 until 1945, when he was flown back to Korea by the US military. The US pumped billions of dollars into South Korea to make it a showplace of US-style capitalism during the Cold War, but South Korea did not develop under either democracy or a free market, according to Ha-Joon Chang, the author of Bad Samaritans: The Myth of Free Trade and the Secret History of Capitalism.

For many decades North Korea outpaced South Korea in economic development and in their standard of living until the 1970’s. With the 1991 demise of its most important trading partner the Soviet Union, North Korea fell on very hard economic times. Then it suffered two floods and a drought in the 1990’s that resulted in famines. On top of that the US has imposed killer economic sanctions. So now US propaganda constantly reinforces the belief that North Korea is an economic failure that cannot even feed its own people. While the US touts that South Korea is an economic miracle of democracy, capitalism and free markets. Little is ever mentioned about the economic collapse of South Korea in 1997, which the US had to rescue with a financial bailout package that reached $90 Billion. The package included IMF loans that came with humiliating conditionalities of austerity. The minister of finance Lim Chang Yuel went on TV, humiliated and begging for the South Korean people’s forgiveness.

Despite all the propaganda otherwise, North Korea is not only willing to sit down at the table with the US, but it has long been proposing negotiations to a deaf USA ear. What North Korea says it wants today are the same things that were negotiated with Clinton in the Agreed Framework: security, compensation, and economic relations with the US. There is nothing unreasonable that North Korea is asking for, and that is probably why the US refuses to negotiate. It does not want peace for its own insane naked imperialism reasons. Instead the US wants continued hostilities; otherwise if it wanted peace it would welcome diplomacy.

It is the US that is unpredictable. One day Secretary of State Rex Tillerson says that the US is willing to hold unconditional talks with North Korea. Then he says the US won’t. Trump says that he will destroy North Korea with fire and fury, and then he says he would “absolutely talk to North Korea’s Kim on the phone”. It is the US that is paranoid and finding enemies everywhere: Cuba, Afghanistan, Syria, Venezuela, Iran, and Russia to name just a few. The US enemies list has nothing to do with democracy, freedom and human rights. If it did the US would not be friends, allies, and benefactors to brutal kingdoms, monarchies, dictators, fascists and human rights abusers such as Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Israel, Honduras, Haiti, and Ukraine, for example. US foreign policy is based on hegemony, empire, power, corporate interests, corruption and self-interests of the high and mighty, not democracy and human rights.

Who is paranoid? Compare how much of a threat the US is compared to North Korea. Since World War Two North Korea has not invaded anybody. The Korean War (1950 to 1953) was a civil war and authoritative historians such as I. F. Stone, Bruce Cumings, and David Halberstam agree that the South was responsible for instigating it too. Korea itself has not invaded anybody since the 16th century. The US has attacked at least 32 countries just since WW2. North Korea has a defense budget of only $7.5 billion, compared to the US $1 Trillion. North Korea has developed nuclear weapons because the US has been threatening it with nuclear destruction since 1950, introduced nuclear weapons into South Korea in 1957 in violation of the armistice agreement and the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. The US keeps practicing regime change decapitation invasions and nuclear attacks against North Korea. North Korea has an estimated arsenal of 20 nuke bombs that are not a threat to the US’s 15,000 nuclear arsenal. Instead the US is an asymmetrical and existential threat to North Korea and every other non-compliant small country. North Korea has nuclear weapons because it does not want to humiliate itself by being a US poodle. When are the American people going to wise up to the US propaganda and false cries that the evil wolf is at the door again?


“North Korea: Another Country”, by Bruce Cumings.

“The China Mirage: The Hidden History of American Disaster in Asia,” by James Bradley.

“Korean Mind: Understanding Contemporary Korean Culture”, by Boye Lafayette De Mente

(Republished from The Greanville Post by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Singh says:

    USA also culturally & spiritually enslaved many South Koreans।।

  2. KA says:

    and the war that America forgot come back as peace and American can’t handle it . Do they still ask themselves that question “Why do they hate us” ?

    • Replies: @Nexus321
  3. Nexus321 says:

    United Sh-thole of America. The people in Washington are degenerates. They want to murder millions of Koreans and tens of thousands of their own people.

    • Replies: @Da Wei
  4. Renoman says:

    Since World War Two North Korea has not invaded anybody. Not much more needs to be said.

  5. Anonymous [AKA "sid18"] says:

    South Korea, Japan, Taiwan and Singapore always have been usa poodles

    • Replies: @Alden
    , @Seraphim
  6. This article is too easy on the Norks, who are no angels themselves. It’s quite unlikely that the South started the war, when the South didn’t have adequate weaponry or effective armed forces, unlike the North. North Korea has done some horrible things in the past, most recently the (likely) sinking of a South Korean vessel.

    But overall, yes, in the current situation the US could easily avoid war, but doesn’t want to.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @padre
  7. nsa says:

    Absolutely zero chance of JUSA attacking Korea for the obvious reason that there is nothing in it for the jooies. Why would the clever conniving jooies waste their satrap’s military assets on Korea when they could be used to further the main jooie goal of destroying the ME and Iran? Think about it……..

  8. sarz says:

    Could be that the Trump administration is playing a game of hyper-aggression that always goes ‘wrong’, uniting everyone against the empire and bringing America down in the least bad of hard landings from its imperial role. Trump’s kind words vis-a-vis Kim might have served as an assurance that Kim could trust his channel. That purpose having been served, Trump was back in hyper-aggressive mode with his “I’d” versus “I” explanation.

    Trump’s statements regarding Jerusalem, Iran and Pakistan/Afghanistan all follow the same pattern.

    We do have President Moon’s statement, cited by a seemingly clueless Patrick Buchanan, that he is nonetheless grateful to Trump for bringing the North Koreans to the table. Trump’s overtly bad behavior makes it easier for Kim to move against the entrenched forces on his own side.

    Just a possibility. But it fits Trump’s personality, if you go by indications over the decades rather than the last two years.

  9. Biff says:

    The sex slave trade out of South Korea to America is massive, and forgotten too.

    • Replies: @Alden
  10. joe webb says:

    communist propaganda. Joe Webb

  11. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:
    @reiner Tor

    So what? America is not an angel either. Doesn’t give America the right to interfere. I’m glad other countries have the balls to give America a bloody nose. Never has there been such a dishonest and immoral country.

    Where are you from Europe lol?

    Hope your not expecting your obedience to pay off someday.

  12. “When are the American people going to wise up to the US propaganda and false cries that the evil wolf is at the door again?”

    The hippie paradigm, if the people have awareness, they will care and change things…

    I think you underestimate the % of people who don’t care and those understand, better them than me. Trump was quoted as saying about the next Korean war, better Seoul nuked than us or something to that effect. Do Trump supporters mind what he said that the USA should take the oil at the very least with regards to Iraq?

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  13. Boomerangs never ever fail to return, and fear has tendency to be transformed into highly unpredictable madness.

  14. Da Wei says:

    Nexus321, please, a little respect for our own country. We are the United States of America. Do not curse the family.

    Now, we are, all of us, disappointed with misdeeds done in our name. But, we are Americans and we can fix this.

    We should not judge the essence of ourselves as a nation by what some wayward politician whores do. Check their motives and see on whose behalf they are working. It ain’t ours. If what they do keeps the war game alive, ask who benefits. Where does the buck lead? There lies the snake. Curse that. Bad deeds done in our government’s name shame us all, but that shame should make us citizens mature and determined, not adolescent and whiny. I repeat, do not curse the family.

    We are a good country founded on solid, moral principles. Act like a white man, Nexus321. Let’s take this country back and delouse it.

    • Replies: @bluedog
  15. padre says:
    @reiner Tor

    I don’t know, what were you trying to say?That North Korea should be nuked, since they are “no angels”?no matter what your personal opinion of them is, the fact, that they didn’t attack anybody is still true!

    • Replies: @reiner Tor
  16. @Renoman

    “Since World War Two North Korea has not invaded anybody.”

    North Korea inarguably invaded the South. The arguable point might be whether or not it was provoked and therefore a response.

    I haven’t read the histories the author cites, but I am aware of the history and the case that can be made, and it is generally consonant with the gist of this article. The declaration of the DPRK came after the US- backed Rhee declared the ROK and reneged on peninsula-wide elections that had been agreed to at the UN. I guess you can call it a civil war, but that really isn’t germane to the question: Why can the US not stomach any rapprochement between the two de facto Koreas two-thirds of a century later, while it was willing to accept a reunification of a historically more aggressive Germany?

  17. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Absolutely. There are suburbs coast to coast that depend on weapons manufacturing and all things defense. They’ll stick to the script.

    I’m disappointed the author didn’t embellish the truth of the Korean war – the way the US went after civilians like the Nazis and used biological agents. Empire has a lot of secrets about fightin’ communism they still hide.

  18. bluedog says:
    @Da Wei

    Screw the “family” mafia for the family is just as corrupt as the leaders you curse,do you really think the family gives a shit about how many we killed in Asia,do you really think the family gives a shit about how many we kill in the Mid-East or anywhere else for that matter,and what the country was founded on has no bearing to what it is today, corrupt to the core,immoral degenerate with a fascist type government which the “family” is just as guilty of as its leaders…….

  19. Joe Hide says:

    To me, it seems the author is mostly repeating dis-informational and mis-informational sources, mixed with highly accurate historical revelations. He probably does this, like most, in the belief that he is presenting breakthrough, present time, very important views. I don’t get it. The Truth is available for those willing to put in the incredible effort, time, and out of the box thinking required. Is habitual thinking, comfortable group think, and lower effort so satisfying that so many go this route? I have to tell you, the Truth gets amazingly addictive once you go down that route. Korea is now happening far differently than was discribed.

    • Replies: @daniel le mouche
  20. If he stuck to the present, the author might have been able to “sell” his article as a dispassionate analysis of the current situation in Korea. The article very quickly degenerates, though, into a hysterical “rant”, which totally discredits it and its author. It is established that the missile alert in Hawaii was a mistake, not “retaliation” against North Korea. Indeed, it’s hard to see how a mistaken missile alert in Hawaii did North Korea any damage. Then there’s a whole range of wild attacks and accusations going all the way back to 1871(!). There is, inevitably, a good word for Putin, complete with the ritualistic attack on Ukraine. Putin’s finger is, of course, in the North Korean pie. The Institute for Strategic Studies has shown that North Korea uses rocket motors which come either from or via Russia. The author doesn’t seem to be aware of that. No rocket motors, no rocket man!

  21. Anonymous [AKA "waywardspam"] says:

    Great article, very informative.
    Thank you very much.

  22. Zionist control every facet of the U.S. gov and Zionists are warmongers and their control has made war the official policy of the gov starting with WWI to the Mideast war is the way to drive America into unpayable debt with the result that we have become slaves to the Zionist bankers and their FED and their control of the gov.

    If anyone doubts that the Zionist policy for the American gov is war, go on the internet and enter THE REPORT FROM IRON MOUNTAIN and see what the policy of the gov is, and it is WAR.

    As long as the Zionist neocons are in control of the U.S. gov , we shall have perpetual war, as in Orwells 1984, war is peace, and the Zionists are WAR.

  23. According to I.F. Stone in his “Hidden History of the Korean War” (1952), the intent of the Korean War was to destabilize the Chinese Revolution which had consolidated power the year before. As Iraq was told that it was acceptable to the USA if it reunified with Kuwait in 1993, so North Korea was suckered into attempting to reunify their country. Those thirty atomic bombs were not intended for Korea which had already been utterly destroyed by conventional weapons, they were meant for China. McArthur sacrificed a Marine division by sending it without support to the border of China and predictably brought that country into the war; he then demanded the nuclear bombing of China. Truman didn’t go along and MacArthur was soon replaced. A fine article from Mr. Pear.

    • Replies: @Alden
  24. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    Lots of good stuff but too sympathetic to North Korea which is ruled by a truly vile regime.

    North Korea is not about nationalism. It’s about dynasticism.

    Also, ‘Kim Il Sung’ was not the real Kim Il Sung. His real name was Kim Sung Ju and he appropriated the name of a guerrilla fighter. And his cult of personality was obnoxious.

    Bak Jung-Hi worked for the Japanese, but collaboration is par for the course when resistance is futile. Resistance became futile under Japanese who were only defeated by great powers. Sukarno collaborated with Japanese too. And Kim collaborated with the Soviets.

    North Korea redistributed land to the peasants but then state collectivized the land, and the peasants became slaves of the state.

    The fact that Red China and communist Vietnam turned to market economics is proof that capitalism works better than communism. Communism is like City Hall running all the economy of a big city. Who wants that?

  25. @Michael Kenny

    I do have to side with you this time.
    There is possibility that Russia and China did pack the North Korea with nuclear weapons up to the rim. They are prepared. What Kim is showing is only a tease to provoke US, To make the US a desperate looser.
    All this is a game to make US loose its face.

    • Replies: @Carroll Price
    , @Erebus
  26. anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    The US has been threatening to use nukes against the DPRK during and since the war. Is it any wonder that they decided to nuke up themselves as a deterrent? They’re not going to give up their nuclear deterrent under the bombast of threats of annihilation but are more likely to dig in and expand it. This doesn’t seem to be particularly complex or difficult to understand. Where does the US think it can go from here, what does it think it could realistically do to them? It might be a good first step to stop the bluffing. Can we say ‘self-inflicted’ when it comes to this confrontation?

    • Replies: @Avery
  27. Avery says:

    { Can we say ‘self-inflicted’ when it comes to this confrontation}

    The confrontation is not ‘inflicted‘ as such: it was and is carefully planned.
    This is not the first time South Korea has tried to approach North Korea: US previously also threatened SK leaders, and forced them to back off.

    US needs maximum tension on the Korean peninsula to have an excuse to keepa large contingent of armed forces in the region. If South and North Korean make peace, US will be asked to leave SK.
    Next might be Japan. Then US is completely cut out of the region.

    So in desperation, US will do anything, possibly even instigating a military clash, to stay in SK and Japan. Last thing US MIC wants anywhere in the world is peace: it’s bad for business.

    • Replies: @Alden
  28. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    What we need are more psyops like the recent drill in Hawaii. More fear and loathing so empire can create a virtual camp x-ray with live updates from Facebook and twitter to coddle the sheep. It’s a shame North Korea can’t buy Democracy to keep it from Dying in Darkness.
    But how dare Russia try to use our twitter weapon that we use on Americans that the Russians want to use on Americans too.

    Pussy hat controlled resistance, doom porn and fake antiwar will continue to play an important part of the lives of the American porn consumer. In the name of security the CIA may give us the race war, or hatred of the wealthy or the ol’ immigrant rat trap. The possibilities are endless but the dictatorship is making itself clear with endless promotion of scarcity through their scribes in social media.

    Post on social media everyday – what you think matters!

  29. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    To make matters much more confusing, we have hypocritical stealth DOD contractors like Code Pink play up fake resistance to the threat of war. Barging into meetings as if the whores on Capitol Hill are calling the shots is an uniquely insidious form of stunt based propaganda. The motive for groups like Code Pink is to have a group that part of the press can immediately call “far left, unpatrioric” endearing them to at least half the sheep who are convinced they are the real McCoy of antiwar dynamite.

    Code Pink first crushes any questions about whether Democracy even exists in the USA. “Look at us, we are right here where it matters isn’t the country wonderful”

    Then the absolute suffocation of anyone who dares question empires’ gun running operations outside of state approved stunt idiocy and clown show electoral politics.

    • Replies: @Carroll Price
  30. It must be especially galling and humiliating to be dominated by a country that on average is 10 points lower in IQ (per the Lynn study).

  31. @Anon

    Also, ‘Kim Il Sung’ was not the real Kim Il Sung. His real name was Kim Sung Ju and he appropriated the name of a guerrilla fighter. And his cult of personality was obnoxious.

    Highly unlikely. He called himself Kim Il Sung already when people who have met the original Kim Il Sung were still around. Such change of identity is not impossible, but not too easy either.

    • Replies: @Anon
  32. @padre

    Neither you nor the anonymous contributor at #11 seems to have good reading comprehension. At least that’s my first impression.

    Anyway, I didn’t even remotely imply that North Korea should be nuked.

  33. Alden says:

    But rich pampered poodles unlike the average Americans who get poorer and poorer every year.

  34. @Carroll Price

    He managed to achieve Madeleine Albright level depravity after less than a year in office. Sad!

  35. Alden says:

    Why did you omit the fact that the S Korean sex trade is completely run by S Koreans not Americans?

    I do remember an American colonel in the occupation forces stating that he basically ran a brothel.

    • Replies: @Bach
  36. Alden says:

    I.F Stone?? He was a Soviet agent all his life. Why believe a word he wrote?

    • Replies: @Carroll Price
  37. Alden says:

    I agree with you. War is the biggest cash crop, export commodity , whatever of the United States. The Korean situation has been stable since the end of the war, more than 60 years.

    The Middle East wars are ended so it’s time to start another one in the other side of the world.

  38. @Carroll Price

    The US has had sanctions on N. Korea for more than forty years.

    During that period, more than one S, Korean government has entertained re-unification. The reason we might challenge that reunion if because should we actually have to go to war at some point with China, a friendly Korea with China would be a problem.

    But what is driving unification at least when I visited was the population.

    But the choice by Pres Trump to entertain conversation — is a wise choice.

  39. Vinteuil says:

    So let South Korea kick out the Americans, close down their military bases, and go it on their own.

    Please, please, please – let it be so!

    If South Korea officially requested this, would the US refuse?

    • Replies: @JVC
  40. @Ilyana_Rozumova

    There is possibility that Russia and China did pack the North Korea with nuclear weapons up to the rim.

    Can you blame them? Appears to be a pretty smart strategy to me. As to Michael Kenny’s stupid remark about N. Korea using Russian made rocket engines, anyone wanting a rocket engine that actually works buy them from Russia – including the United States who with all it’s vaunted technical ability can’t produce one that makes it off the launch pad. If not for Russia coming to the rescue of astronauts stranded in one of the space stations a few years ago they would have all have died and been left circling the earth.

  41. @Alden

    So? Most of the propaganda put out during the Cold War by the Soviet Union turned out to be more accurate and closer to the truth than propaganda put out by the United States government though the US State Department. For instance, Russia’s version (at the time) as of what transpired immediately prior to and after Francis Gary Powers was shot down over Russia in 1959 (?) turned out to be much more accurate than the US’s version which was essentially a pack of lies.

    • Replies: @Carroll Price
  42. @Singh

    I think youre thinking of your “people” (apes) that the british enslaved

  43. @Anonymous

    Code Pink is a Jewish run, controlled opposition organization. That’s all anyone needs to know about it.

  44. @Joe Hide

    No idea what you’re talking about with ‘the Truth’. This article is highly accurate, it seems to me: it’s description of endless and ongoing US atrocities is absolutely true, as is the author’s statement that never has such a rotten, lying government existed, a government that perpetually provokes any and all countries on earth, that hates peace, that destroys any attempts at decency. I have only read IF Stone, cited here, ‘The Hidden History of the Korean War’ or something similar. It is a staggering book. Essentially the war was a military exercise, a chance for troops to see action, test out new machines and weaponry. Most importantly, my interpretation here, it presented a vast theater for psy ops and ‘country building’ ie utter destruction. These kinds of great experiments are a Brit and by extension US govt specialty. This is really thinking big, thinking long term. Cut countries in two after first murdering millions and utterly destroying literally everything–in this case, for example, Seoul was literally first evacuated then set on fire by US troops, just kinda for fun. It’s the kind of really big thinking going on now too (and in all the intervening years), eg with the utter destruction of Libya, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Yemen. Britain (a misnomer–it is really England but wants others to share the burden. I mean, the Welsh??) did this to Ireland four centuries ago, to India more recently, to mention nothing of Africa and others.

    • Replies: @Astuteobservor II
  45. @Michael Kenny

    ‘Then there’s a whole range of wild attacks and accusations going all the way back to 1871(!).’

    It’s called history, not an American specialty. But rather important to understanding the present and future.
    Your whole post is very ignorant.

    • Agree: Grandpa Charlie
    • Replies: @Grandpa Charlie
  46. Seraphim says:

    You forgot Australia. The poodle who wants to play the pit bull.

  47. JVC says:
    @The Alarmist

    It was the same in VietNam–we installed a dictator (Diem) who had lived mostly in the US, and reneged on the national elections that had been agreed on as a part of the peace agreement after the French defeat.

    After JFK tried and lost, nothing has been able to stop the Military bla bla bla complex that actually rules this country.

    • Agree: bluedog
  48. JVC says:

    If South Korea officially requested this, would the US refuse?

    Of course the USG would refuse such a request—it thinks it is master of the world. The greatest hindrance to world peace since WWII is the monster on the Potomac.

    • Replies: @Vinteuil
  49. @Renoman

    “Since World War Two North Korea has not invaded anybody.” — Renoman

    Right! And Hitler did not start World War II when he ordered the attack on Poland, in conjunction with Stalin’s USSR. Also, of course, there never was a surprise attack on Pearl Harbor, and FDR was in cahoots with Tojo. Oh, and lest we forget, 9/11 was done by a few crazy Arab terrorists, totally surprising Cheney in the basement of the White House at the time, where he was directing the stand-down of NORAD. And if you’ll believe all that, I’m sure that you also do know that JFK was assassinated by a lone gunman. And, of course, the USS Liberty was never attacked by Israel back in 1967.

    But let’s get serious for a moment here:

    Pear does get it right that ROK Preident Moon is the hero of this story (today in 2018), but in general Pear is just another Leftist revisionist, who manages to miss the real story in the midst of his zeal for the old “USA==Evil” meme.

    According to Wikipedia article on Bruce Cumings (Pear’s source for virtually all of his background material) :

    Paul Hollander has argued that Cumings’ has a pro-North Korea bias. Hollander cites Cumings’ review of a work on the North Korean prison system, noting that “in a triumph of selective perception, he manages to interpret the most damning indictment of the North Korean gulag available — The Aquariums of Pyongyang, by Kang Chol-Hwan and Pierre Rigoulot — as providing support for his views of the system.” As Cumings sees it, Hollander explains, “the book is ‘interesting and believable’ because it is not the ‘ghastly tale of totalitarian repression that its original publishers … meant it to be.’ But it is precisely and resoundingly that, as any reader without a soft spot for North Korean tyranny would readily discover.” Hollander points out that Cumings suggests that the “deprivations of the North Korean system are put into the proper perspective by the American ‘longstanding, never-ending gulag full of black men in our prisons’.” —

    I apply the term “Leftist revisionist” to Pear despite that I am a regular Unzian of neither the Left nor the Right — neither ‘Conservative’ nor ‘Liberal’ — because I understand that these terms are meaningless now in 2018. Except that such terms are inescapable in identifying propagandists like Pear.

    In the taxonomy of political leanings that is meaningful today, I am an anti-globalist, that is, an anti-corporatist, and a strong believer in the United States Constitution. I would be a strong supporter of Ron Paul but I reject entirely the economic propaganda of the Mises Institute of Alabama (gold standard, etc.) — that Ron Paul has swallowed hook, line and sinker. I endorse instead the late Henry C. Simons or, to get more up to date, our present economic guru, Michael Hudson. Of course, I reject birthright citizenship, which I do not believe necessarily follows from the Fourteenth Amendment, but if it does, then let’s correct that with another amendment or maybe just somehow trade in the Fourteenth to get the Tenth out of hock … but enough of that, back to the topic at hand.

    I write this comment as a kind of warning label for the article by Pear, who is a typical Leftist revisionist and someone who appears to be committed to the scheme that if we Americans can demonize Trump and thus return to the standard one-two-party of yore, then we will be alright. I am not a big supporter of Trump, but I think that Pear, like many others sold on the negative focus on Trump, has become a shill for globalism-corporatism. I just hope that Trump and the Republicans will not disappoint on the immigration (national) question when it comes time to get real about the immigration crisis — like yesterday.

    Readers should sort out Pear’s lies and distortions on the Korea story for themselves, if interested. Suffice to say: You have been warned !

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  50. JVC says:
    @Carroll Price

    Actually, what he said –it was proof that USG “diplomacy” was working.

    • Replies: @Carroll Price
  51. @daniel le mouche

    Oooops! I did not intend to agree with daniel le mouche! Rather, I intended to agree with Michael Kenny …. Joe Hyde, Anon, and others who see through Pear’s post.

  52. Erebus says:

    @Michael Kenny
    I do have to side with you this time.

    Michael Kenny’s comment ignores the fact that the rocket motors could have been airshipped from the Dnipro factory directly to DPRK, or even shipped by sea.
    Maybe they came via China. The bottom line is we don’t know when or how they got there.

    What we do know is that Rocket Man’s displays of prowess have brought things to a head in one of the Empire’s critical nodes. The background for this crisis is ROK’s desire to participate in China’s BRI. The chaebols are drooling over the opportunities, but DPRK isolates them in the southern end of the Korean peninsula. Hence, Putin & Moon’s joint announcement in Vladivostok of the “9 Bridges” initiative bringing DPRK into the Eurasian fold.

    It would appear DPRK likes the idea, and the suddenness of the thaw in North – South relations is an indication that big wheels are turning behind the scenes. The US’ recent statements indicate it finally dawned on them as well, and that they are, in their typically knee-jerk fashion, actively trying to torpedo further peaceful developments.

    If ROK loosens its tethers to the US sufficiently to gain direct land access to the rest of Eurasia, Japan’s Keiretsu will not allow themselves to be sidelined. Abe & Putin have met 17 times, perhaps as a result of the pressures Abe is already feeling from them.

    The US’ absurd statements, the patently silly “Vancouver Summit”, the flip-flopping, all indicate that the US and its Imperial satraps have no idea what to do in the face of Rocket Man’s exposure of their irrelevance in the N.W. Pacific.

  53. Vinteuil says:

    So let them, officially, invite us to leave.

    My bet – and certainly my hope – is that we’d bow out, more or less gracefully.

    And if we refused – well, that would certainly clarify things.

  54. @The Alarmist

    @The Alarmist

    The Korean Peninsula is cursed by geography. Reunification of Korea would mean one of two things.

    1. A Korean Peninsula allied with the US. This would put US troops on the Chinese border. No one should want this. Too easy for a border incident to escalate into a war between the two most powerful countries and economies on the planet.

    2. A non-aligned Korean Peninsula. No way this would happen. Without US support the entire peninsula would become a Chinese satellite. Japan fought two wars because it saw Chinese / Russian control of Korea as an existential threat. Japan would get nukes if this happened and the entire NW Pacific would be greatly destabilized.

    The sad reality is that a buffer state in the north part of the Korean Peninsula is in the best interest of South Korea, China, Russia, Japan and the US. What everyone needs to figure out is how to make N. Korea more like East Germany, and less like Stalinist Russia at its worse.

  55. @Anon

    “North Korea is not about nationalism. It’s about dynasticism.” — Anon

    Except that the current Kim may actually be a Korean nationalist, not a North Korean nationalist, in which respect he is in agreement with all the Korean people. Korea will become reunited, but the price of reunification may be, probably will be, that it will become part of Han China.

    China regards Korea as it does Tibet, only more so — as now and since ever throughout all time, as part of China, speaking and writing Mandarin, integrated into the PRC economically, culturally and politically.

    I’m sure this will please the anti-USA crowd gathering here around this article by Pear — as they always do to show support for any Leftist revisionist supporter of the “USA==Evil” dogma.

  56. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:
    @Grandpa Charlie

    I read similar drooling nonsense to what you just wrote all over the internet: “Look, first off, I don’t support the guy but this is obvious lefty slander”.

    Ok. You don’t support the guy but you need to qualify that non-support by saying he’s being impuded. In other words you support the guy, warning of the coming leftists.

    US foreign policy does depend upon citizens “supporting a guy” or “rooting for a team” while power proceeds with their Korean problem. The US does do war, or foreign policy by making sure there are millions of worshipful plebians back home or else they’d never get away with either. This ain’t no fucking Democracy where you “vote for a guy”.

    • Replies: @Grandpa Charlie
  57. Anon • Disclaimer says:
    @Grandpa Charlie

    “Except that the current Kim may actually be a Korean nationalist, not a North Korean nationalist, in which respect he is in agreement with all the Korean people. Korea will become reunited, but the price of reunification may be, probably will be, that it will become part of Han China.”

    No, Little Rocket Man is a self-centered spoiled brat who puts himself above all else. He was raised as a spoiled princeling and acts like it.

    “China regards Korea as it does Tibet, only more so — as now and since ever throughout all time, as part of China, speaking and writing Mandarin, integrated into the PRC economically, culturally and politically.”

    No, China always regarded Korea as a separate kingdom and left it alone as long as Korea paid tribute. It was Japan that tried to swallow Korea twice, not China.
    The only time Korea became part of Han Empire was when China itself was conquered by foreigners. Mongols conquered China and Korea. Later, Manchus, using Mongol archers, also conquered China and Korea. It was not China conquering Korea but non-Chinese conquering both.
    Even so, the Manchus regarded Korea as a separate kingdom in the end.

    Tibet is a different because of its small population. It’s a huge area and had less than a million people when it came under Han hegemony. Same with the Turkic Northwest. It’s like US could easily swallow Alaska and sparsely populated SW territories but didn’t try to take Mexico proper.

    In a way, Mongols really changed China and Russia. If not for Mongols, Russia might be much smaller and China too. Both Russia and China were conservative powers. Russian expansion was paradoxically defensive as, lacking sufficient natural barriers, Russia could only survive as an empire. Even so, Russians might not have been interested in East Siberia and North Asia if not for concerns of invasions from the East. Pacifying Siberia and North Asia became a priority because of the memory of threat from the East. Also, the Mongols proved that the vast area could be traversed if the people had the will to do so.

    And if not for Mongols, Current China might be much smaller. Han China used to be much smaller and was restricted to the East Coast. Chinese were very conservative and not very adventurous, exploratory, and/or invasive. Instead of trying to conquer northern territories, China just built walls to keep the barbarians out. And Chinese had little interest in areas outside Han areas.
    So, for most of Chinese history, their civilization was mostly along the east coast.
    The massive expansion of Chinese borders happened under Mongols who were adventurous and expansive. Mongols not only invaded China but went far beyond.
    Later, the Manchus, using Mongol archers and warriors, expanded much further into the West, regions that the Han Chinese mostly neglected. These semi-barbarian warlords had the aggressive zeal that the conservative Han Chinese lacked.
    Thus, it was Manchu-Mongol ambitions that expanded the size of China, and when the Manchus and Mongols were either expelled from or dissolved into Han China, their conquests became absorbed into China. Mongolia would be part of China too if not for Soviets. Like Tibet, Mongolia is huge and sparsely populated. Easier for Chinese to control. Also, both Mongols and Tibetans are less developed than Koreans who are more adept at imitation.

    Likewise, Byzantine Greeks had an empire they inherited from the Romans.

  58. Anon • Disclaimer says:
    @reiner Tor

    “Highly unlikely. He called himself Kim Il Sung already when people who have met the original Kim Il Sung were still around. Such change of identity is not impossible, but not too easy either.”

    No, ‘Kim Il Sung’ was a fraud. He had been part of some resistance movement, but he was not THE Kim Il Sung who’s more legend, like Robin Hood.

    Kim was so unknown in Korea that Soviets initially had trouble installing him as leader. Most people saw him as Soviet stooge, which was what he was.
    So, as in the South, the domestic patriots had to be repressed or executed, and a cult of personality had to be built up around Kim that became more and more ridiculous.

    Kim was an unimaginative Stalinist.

    That said, I don’t see how his ‘invasion’ of South was a bad thing. How can a Korean invade Korea? The north/south divide was artificially imposed by great powers on a nation. As idiotic as both Kim and Rhee were, there was nothing wrong in their dream of reuniting the nation. The great wrong was in the (1) division of Korea itself (2) installing puppet rulers in both artificially created entities.

    Suppose China and Russia divided Israel into north and south. Would it be wrong if either Israel, north or south, tried to reunify the nation? If north Israel entered south Israel to unify the nation once again, would that be ‘invasion’?

    Kim’s Stalinism and personality cult would have been bad for Korea, but I don’t see anything wrong with his desire to unify his nation. And in that, Rhee had every right to want to unify the nation.

    Where Rhee and Kim were idiotic was in blaming one another instead of blaming the great powers that divided their nation. But how could either blame his sponsor? If not for USSR, Kim would not have been installed as leader of north. If not for US, Rhee would not have been shoehorned in as leader of south. They gained power as dogs to foreign masters.

    If they really had sense, both would have stepped down as leader(as both were installed by empires) and graciously allowed for unification and new leadership chosen by the people than by foreign powers. But both had petty egos, and Kim wanted to be ruler of all Korea, and Rhee wanted to be ruler of all Korea. Neither blamed the great powers but just one another.

    If Israel were divided by great powers, I think Jews would have enough sense to come together and act in unison. After all, Israel itself was created by the coming together of all kinds of Jews: capitalist, communist, socialist, liberal, conservative, secular, religious. Jews may be neurotic and crazy, but they have enough sense of world affairs and the nature of power.

    But Koreans are a stupid people. Divide them and set them against each other like dogs, and they are like two pitbulls. A culture of slavish servitude and emotions-over-reason made them act like dogs than sensible humans.

    • Replies: @reiner Tor
  59. @daniel le mouche

    when the british empire ended, I think alot of borders were drawn to create ever lasting problems/conflicts. israel was also it’s creation with american backing of course.

  60. When are the American people going to wise up to the US propaganda and false cries that the evil wolf is at the door

    I doubt the masses will ever awake from the constant propaganda. I mean, all major information outlet is controlled. and besides, the smart ones also believe it is necessary to keep their way of life.

    ask any american if their way of life will end, everything will become 100% more expensive, they can no longer take vacations, work twice as hard for the same pay or less, they will instantly think nothing of the current wars 🙂

    very, very very few people are selfless humanists.

    I am just scare of the fact if usa attacks NK unilaterally in the near future, china will get involved = WW3 + maybe nuclear war.

  61. @JVC

    The United States uses the Jewish invention of economic sanctions as a substitute for diplomacy.

  62. @Anonymous

    I read similar drooling nonsense to what you just wrote all over the internet: “Look, first off, I don’t support the guy but this is obvious lefty slander”.

    Ok. You don’t support the guy but you need to qualify that non-support by saying he’s being impuded. In other words you support the guy, warning of the coming leftists

    — Anonymous

    What am I supposed to asy? “I feel your pain” or what? I mean you have to read “similar drooling nonsense all over the internet” … so what?

    First off, it’s not that I don’t support Pear, but I actually condemn him as a Leftist revisionist. And then there’s no’ but’, there’s an ‘and’ it’s obvious lefty drool. BTW, my “non-support” for Pear is unqualified, as is my disrespect for you,, Anonymous. Are yoo actually Pear writing under that pseudonym?

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  63. @Anon

    “No, China always regarded Korea as a separate kingdom etc. etc. etc. — Anon

    Thanks for the history lesson, but you’re not responding to my post. When I say, “China regards Korea as it does Tibet, only more so — as now and since ever throughout all time, as part of China, speaking and writing Mandarin, integrated into the PRC economically, culturally and politically,” I don’t mean that is the true history, I mean that is the phony history to be propagated by good Chinese Communists, get it?

    Readers are expected to pick up on levels of meaning like that. Okay, Anon?

    BTW: it’s always a little confusing when there are multiple posts from “Anon” … but, whatever. Are you the same Anon who claims that Koreans are a stupid people? Because that’s really pathetic.

    • Replies: @Weaver1
  64. AndrewR says:

    Whom have they been in a position to invade?

    • Replies: @anon
  65. @NJ Transit Commuter

    “The sad reality is that a buffer state in the north part of the Korean Peninsula is in the best interest of South Korea, China, Russia, Japan and the US. What everyone needs to figure out is how to make N. Korea more like East Germany, and less like Stalinist Russia at its worse.” — NJ Transit Commuter

    That’s interesting, but the thing is that Korea will be united and the price to be paid for that is that it will become basically a province of China or, more precisely, two provinces.

    Do you not recall that the USN invited the Chinese Navy (including a spy ship) into the RIMCON exercises a few years ago, and China still participates, as an “ally” of USA, to this day? That was the end of the supposed Pivot to Asia of the Obama years, and really it’s clear USA will not mount any kind of resistance to China’s expansionist policies as long as they stay well west of Hawaii and do not mess with Australia. As for the Pivot, USA has thrown in the towel, and this was all arranged at the NSC level before Trump even thought to run in 2016.

    What’s important to Trump is that he won’t be stuck with the blame for what is basically USA’s surrender of the western Pacific to the PRC. That is, what matters to Trump is how it plays out on television and the Twitter world — not the global strategic reality. So, while it may be that the “buffer state” meme will come into vogue, the reality will be that North Korea will become one province of China and South Korea another province and the two will be united thereby — just like Nebraska and Kansas were united after the Nebraska/Kansas compromise, because when you fall into the same nation, you are united with your neighbor states. Just as with Nebraska/Kansas, there will still be major differences to settle, but those will have to wait and maybe such problems can be avoided. While that will not satisfy the aspirations of the Korean people, they can live with it, as long as they can travel freely across the 38th — IOW, Koreans can live with the compromise as the price of reunification, which really means a whole lot to them.

    As for Kim, he will be pensioned out munificently as the billionaire that he already is, but he will not be running the new Chinese province of North Korea, or much of anything else: he will be kicked upstairs to his level of incompetence. The DMZ will become a peace park. The whole thing, while not ideal, will satisfy everyone, except that Trump will have to be allowed to escape being tagged with the blame for the failure of the “Pivot to Asia” (surrender of East Asia to the PRC). That’s why Kim has had to shut up, because he was embarrassing Trump, who made it clear that he would not stand for it.

    Is that reality sad enough for you, NJ Commuter?

  66. @Anon

    No, ‘Kim Il Sung’ was a fraud. He had been part of some resistance movement, but he was not THE Kim Il Sung who’s more legend, like Robin Hood.

    He was made into such a legend by North Korean propaganda after Kim became the leader. He was the most daring Korean guerrilla commander, but that’s not saying very much, because he couldn’t do much against the Japanese.

    Kim was an unimaginative Stalinist.

    Oh, he had a lot of imagination and original ideas. They led to a dystopia, but original he was. He also was a skillful and daring politician, who managed to get rid of his pro-China and pro-Soviet factions simultaneously in the late 1950s, at a time when he depended on both. That was quite bold and required a lot of political skills. Founding a dynasty in a nominally Marxist-Leninist society was not very easy either. There was some opposition to it even among his otherwise loyal associates, who wanted a normal communist succession with one of the top dogs becoming the new leader.

    • Replies: @Anon
  67. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:
    @Grandpa Charlie

    You support Trump. Can you read? I’m not sure that you can read.

  68. Anon • Disclaimer says:
    @reiner Tor

    “Oh, he had a lot of imagination and original ideas. They led to a dystopia, but original he was.”

    He was shrewd, not original. But then, he was surrounded by second-raters and hacks, not men of talent.

    “He also was a skillful and daring politician, who managed to get rid of his pro-China and pro-Soviet factions simultaneously in the late 1950s, at a time when he depended on both. That was quite bold and required a lot of political skills.”

    No, purges were quite common in Stalinist systems. Stalin, Mao, Tito, and the rest all purged ‘bad elements’. Nothing original about that.
    And it’s not so much that he got rid of pro-China-elements and pro-Soviet-elements as he balanced them out. If not for the Korean War, he would have leaned to the USSR. But China played such a huge role in the war that it gave him an opportunity to lean to China as well. so, he played on both USSR and China for aid. Now, where he was skillful was maintaining this balance even after the Sino-Soviet rift.

    “Founding a dynasty in a nominally Marxist-Leninist society was not very easy either. There was some opposition to it even among his otherwise loyal associates, who wanted a normal communist succession with one of the top dogs becoming the new leader.”

    It turned out to be pretty easy because he did it and then his son did it too. It was easy because North Korea under Kim was more about the dynasty than ideology. People were raised to worship Kim, not to think ideologically. And Kim surrounded himself with yes-men and hacks. If there was overt opposition, it was easily dealt with. The gulag.

    Kim was a stupid bumpkin who got to leader because Stalin saw him as pliable and obedient.

  69. @Grandpa Charlie

    ‘I’m sure this will please the anti-USA crowd gathering here around this article by Pear — as they always do to show support for any Leftist revisionist supporter of the “USA==Evil” dogma.’

    You can’t seem to separate the US government from its people. The government really is evil, there’s no other word. As is accurately pointed out in this article. But your hatred of ‘lefties’ blinds you–never mind that you claim to be neither lefty nor righty. I find it strange . For example, a comment of yours above says something sarcastic like, yeah, sure, North Korea hasn’t invaded anyone. But in fact they haven’t. And be specific about your hysterical claims about lefties. For example, do you think the govt doesn’t practice ‘regime change’? That it’s not up to absolutely zero good anywhere on earth? If you believe, as you say, that the latter comment is false, ie that the govt is really up to good, give specific cases. Iraq? Afghanistan? Libya even? Seems to me you watch too much tv, yet in that case I’m surprised you’re of the right opinion on govt conspiracy. In short, your opinions seem all over the place.
    I’d be interested to hear what you think of Lyndon Larouche, if anything.

  70. @Grandpa Charlie

    ‘As for Kim, he will be pensioned out munificently as the billionaire that he already is, but he will not be running the new Chinese province of North Korea, or much of anything else: he will be kicked upstairs to his level of incompetence. The DMZ will become a peace park. The whole thing, while not ideal, will satisfy everyone, except that Trump will have to be allowed to escape being tagged with the blame for the failure of the “Pivot to Asia” (surrender of East Asia to the PRC). That’s why Kim has had to shut up, because he was embarrassing Trump, who made it clear that he would not stand for it.’

    Between Trump, Fox news, the history channel, the funny pages, and Unz Review it sounds like you’ve got it all figured out. Perhaps you’ve even read a book on geopolitics a few years back. Why aren’t you in office? Or simply God? Where can I set up a shrine and pray to you?

    • Agree: bluedog
    • Replies: @Ilyana_Rozumova
  71. bluedog says:
    @Grandpa Charlie

    Strange how many on here seem to have their own little crystal balls,but what isn’t strange is how often they are wrong, of course we never hear about that.No one knows what’s going to happen in Korea for that chapter hasen’t been written yet,nor with China or Russia nor Europe or any place else in the world for as Rumsfeld said about the knowns and unknowns,and believe me your in the unknown arena…

  72. @Grandpa Charlie

    Interesting! But not a priority.
    China made huge military exercises not long time ago around Taiwan.

  73. @daniel le mouche

    Yes! Yes! Grandpa Charlie is senile., and so he should eat all those jellyfishes that look like mushroom.
    You are retard, and so you are beyond any help.
    Anonymous is leftist so I do not like him anymore.
    And I am card carrying member of MAGA.

    • Replies: @daniel le mouche
  74. anon • Disclaimer says:
    @Michael Kenny

    I agree. The writer went way too far. 1871? Lets stay real people. And the north DID attack and invade the south. This was a good article that degenerated into a rant.

  75. anon • Disclaimer says:

    Excellent point. Their only other neighbors are China and Russia.

  76. Bach says:

    @David William Pear

    Just a few corrections:

    The US was largely responsible for the division of Korea and backing dictatorships in South Korea until 1993. Americans do not know the US treachery, but Koreans do. Why would they trust the USA now?

    Most SKoreans do not know, either. And those who do and talk about it probably risk imprisonment for treason.

    Moon’s predecessor Park Geun-hye sang from the US hymnbook until she got caught with her hand in the cookie jar. In 2017 the South Korean people went to the street and demanded the granddaughter of former dictator Park Chung Hee be impeached, and now she is in prison.

    She is the daughter.

    Korea itself has not invaded anybody since the 16th century.

    Korea was invaded by Japan in the 16th century. It’s difficult to pinpoint when Korea invaded anyone. We’d have to go back to a time prior to their nominal unification at least in the 7th century.

  77. Bach says:
    @NJ Transit Commuter

    The Korean Peninsula is cursed by geography. Reunification of Korea would mean one of two things.

    It’s the 21st century. There’s no curse of geography. It’s a global village. Trade is global. Communication is global. Cultural exchange is global. It has a combined population of 70M. SKorea is technologically/economically advanced. Its biggest threat is its own lethargy/apathy.

    The sad reality is that a buffer state in the north part of the Korean Peninsula is in the best interest of South Korea, China, Russia, Japan and the US.

    No, that’s only in the best interest of the US and Japan.

  78. Bach says:
    @Grandpa Charlie

    Korea will become reunited, but the price of reunification may be, probably will be, that it will become part of Han China.

    It wasn’t for thousands of years. Why would it happen now when Korea is less dependent on China than ever?

    China regards Korea as it does Tibet

    No it does not. Korea has been recognized as a sovereign state for thousands of years and never threatened by China for equally as long.

    Korea’s threat, like China, has always come from barbarians and barbarian states, including Japan.

  79. Bach says:

    Why did you omit the fact that the S Korean sex trade is completely run by S Koreans not Americans?

    Sounds familiar. That’s what Japan says about WWII sex slaves.

    I do remember an American colonel in the occupation forces stating that he basically ran a brothel.

    The subtext being that SKorea turned itself into a brothel? US forces, war and starvation had nothing to do with women selling their bodies to survive?

  80. @Ilyana_Rozumova

    A retard? Thanks, Rose Muffin, for your great insights and opining. May I suggest you loosen your MAGA ball cap a notch or two? Finally, you sure your real name isn’t Billy Ray, or Sue Bob?

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  81. @Grandpa Charlie

    Korea will become reunited, but the price of reunification may be, probably will be, that it will become part of Han China.


    No. That’s irrational and unprofitable. Besides the obvious lack of historical right over it, the idea of trying to absorb a North Korean population is mindbogglingly scary.

    • Replies: @Anon
  82. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:
    @daniel le mouche

    Like all good Russian women, she needs the MAGA ball cap for sporting purposes, just like the pink baseball bat which is used only for sporting purposes.

    • Replies: @daniel le mouche
  83. Anon • Disclaimer says:
    @Daniel Chieh

    Korea will become reunited, but the price of reunification may be, probably will be, that it will become part of Han China.

    Hahaha! No. That’s irrational and unprofitable. Besides the obvious lack of historical right over it, the idea of trying to absorb a North Korean population is mindbogglingly scary.

    Seen purely from a political viewpoint, it’s a fantasy. The Chinese government has NO intention of absorbing Korea, and even if ever tried to, it will have big trouble and ruin its reputation with other nations. I mean China hasn’t made a move on weak underpopulated Mongolia, which was seen as part of China until Soviets insisted on a separate republic.
    Chinese have enough trouble with Tibetans and Uighurs to make trouble in Korea.

    BUT, a Chinese takeover of Korea is possible.

    How? Oddly enough, because South Korea is an ideological colony of the US. As Korean elite parents made their young ones grow up reading globo-centric English in a Judeo-Americanized world and because so many of these kids studied in the US, they are total mind-puppets of US globalism. They worship Diversity, push for ‘gay rights’ and ‘gay pride’, demean & revile any sign of Korean patriotism or ethno-consciousness. Korean elites are now totally globalist and pro-PC. They denounce any Korean who won’t accept foreigners as ‘New Koreans’ as ‘xenophobic’ and ‘racist’.

    So, which people will be the main beneficiary of Korean open door policy? Chinese of course. China is closest to Korea, and many Chinese will go there to do business and find employment, skilled and unskilled. More Koreans will marry with Chinese. If Koreans can lord over less intelligent unskilled workers from Southeast Asia, they are faced with people of equal skill and intelligence from China. Also, Chinese in Korea will have networks with Taiwan, Hong Kong, Mainland, and etc, which is far more extensive than Korean networks. In the past, Koreans were wary of Chinese, and Bak Jung Ih even kicked out most of them by changing currency.
    But the rise of PC means Korean patriotism and nationalism are now vilified like in Europe. So, Koreans will no longer be able to kick out foreigners or keep them on the margins. Chinese will take advantage of the Baizuo-ization of stupid Koreans.

    Also, Chinese in Korea will not assimilate into Koreanness and serve Korean interests because they don’t regard Koreanness as something great or outstanding. Chinese see Korea as must a toady kingdom of China that borrowed all its ideas and values from the land of Confucius and Lao Tzu.

    It’s the rule of assimilation. People will assimilate to something that is deemed greater. It’s like Chinese in the West happily give up Chineseness and become American, Canadian, British, or Jewish. Chinese worship Jews as a super-race, and Chinese women will gladly have kids for Jewish men and raise them as Jews.
    But when Chinese moved to Philippines, Indonesia, Cambodia, Laos, and etc, they saw ‘inferior’ peoples. Chinese settled and did business, but they didn’t wanna give up superior Chineseness to become a lowly Nepalese or Malaysian. Even after many generations, Chinese in those nations are more Chinese than anything else.
    But Chinese regard the West as superior. So, Chinese in the West don’t mind losing their history, heritage, and culture since it’s so prestigious to be part of the West.

    Now, what about Koreans? Chinese regard Koreans as higher than Southeast Asians, but they don’t respect Korean culture. Chinese have some respect for the Japanese despite bad blood in the 20th century. They see Japanese as a unique special people who adopted Chinese stuff and did remarkably original and creative things with them. Also, Japanese adaptation of Western modes served as template for much of East Asia and beyond. In contrast, Chinese just see Koreans as good copycats and hard workers but not much else.

    So, if South Korea, with its rapidly shrinking-emigrating-suiciding population, allows more open immigration(and it will), lots of Chinese will take advantage and take over entire areas of Korea. And these Chinese need not worry about ‘discrimination’ in the future. As 80% of Korean millennials are ‘progressive’, they are totally into Diversity and denounce any sign of patriotism as ‘xenophobic’ and ‘racist’. Korean elites revile any Korean who is opposed to race-mixing.
    So, if the Chinese who made ‘too much money’ were harassed by Bak Jung Ih regime in the 70s, future Chinese who settle in Korea will be favored by the Korean elites and progressives over Koreans. As these Chinese see Chineseness as more prestigious than Koreanness, they will not assimilate but work with overseas Chinese and mainland Chinese to take over Korea ever more. So, all the great modern technology and industry built by Koreans will fall into Chinese hands in the long run.

    If Chinese do take over Korea, it will happen demographically than militarily.
    And it won’t be because Chinese government has political or imperialist claims on South Korea but because South Koreans, as mental puppets of globalist US, have decided to commit national suicide by welcoming Diversity and mass immigration. With lowest birthrates in the world, with 80% of Koreans planning to move to another nation, with highest suicide rate, and with massive increase in immigration, South Korea is as finished as France and Sweden. This is a great opportunity for Chinese to move in and take it over from baizuo-ized Koreans who are ‘Yellow White Left’.
    And that might not be so bad. After all, Chinese and Koreans are at least racially close. If Korea must be taken over by foreigners, better by yellow Chinese than by ‘wogs’ from South Asia and Africa.

    PS. Blacks are a outlier in the Rule of Assimilation: People will gladly abandon their own identity & heritage to assimilate with a ‘superior’ people/culture but will cling to their own identity/heritage when surrounded by an ‘inferior’ people/culture.

    Consider Amy Chua’s account of her Chinese background in Philippines. Chinese see Filipinos as silly people. So, Chinese will do business there but will not give up Chineseness to become a silly Filly. But look how fast Chinese women are assimilating to Jewishness and want to have Jewish kids for Jewish men. Look at Zuck’s wife. Even Amy Chua’s father’s protestations melted right away when he realized that his daughter would be marrying up to join the Chosen Tribe, the richest and most powerful folks on the planet. So, people who are richer and more accomplished in arts, sciences, letters, and commerce are seen as ‘superior’ and people want to assimilate with such people. It’s like Gary Younge the Negro wants to be considered an ‘Englishman’.

    Anyway, blacks are an outlier to this Rule. By most measures, they are the biggest losers in the world. I mean who wants to move to Haiti and become ‘Haitian’ or move to Senegal and become ‘Senegalese’. They are ‘shi*hole’ nations.
    BUT, because blacks are such icons of sports, music, sex, and magic in Western media(that is world media), people all over the world want to worship Oprah and Obama and Mandela. And Chinese boys worship NBA stars as demigods, and Japanese women will go all the Jamaica to have sex with blacks and then raise those black mulatto kids in Japan to beat up Japanese kids in the ass. And this has advanced furthest in Great Britain where BBC and Channel 4 dole out nonstop propaganda about how whites must worship blacks, have babies with blacks, and make white heroes into blacks… like Lancelot and Achilles rendered into Othello the blackamoor.

  84. @Anonymous

    Hate to know what sports she’s into, though it seems doubtful that pussy rioting is one. I still have no idea what this means: ‘Yes! Yes! Grandpa Charlie is senile., and so he should eat all those jellyfishes that look like mushroom.’ But I almost forgot, I’m just a retard.

    • Replies: @Daniel Chieh
  85. @Anon

    There are probably more Koreans in China than the other way around.

    If I had to work for Samsung with South Korean norms, I would also consider suicide – and I’ve worked for the Japanese. Words do not quite capture the sheer mania of the chaebols.

    I doubt we’ll see any grand migration of the Chinese to the country.

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @Anon
    , @Josh Stewart
  86. @daniel le mouche

    She’s just having fun and I imagine her English is a lot better than our Russian, as they say.

  87. @Anon

    Korea will never become part of China. It would be suicide for China.
    Koreans are far better looking than Chinese, They have considerably larger penises, and better stamina. (Trust me I know what I am talking about)
    If China would take over Korea as one country All Chinese girls would run to Korea and Koreans would have no choice than start to build harems for themselves.
    This would be for Chinese total catastrophe. They already do not have enough girls for themselves.

    • Replies: @Anon
  88. Anon • Disclaimer says:
    @Daniel Chieh

    “There are probably more Koreans in China than the other way around.”

    But China has a much larger population. Also, many Koreans in China are Chinese nationals who have no connection to Korea. One million Chinese in Korea is a much bigger deal than 10 million Koreans in China. Even if all Koreans moved to China, they’d be 5% of the whole.

    “If I had to work for Samsung with South Korean norms, I would also consider suicide”

    Those committing suicide are not the ones who work for Samsung. They are ones who don’t have that chance and fear losing status by working in ‘dirty’ jobs alongside foreigners.

  89. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    “Koreans are far better looking than Chinese”

    That’s good trolling. LOL.

    Koreans are so good-looking that they made Korea the #1 plastic surgery capital in the world.

  90. @Anon

    Koreans are so good-looking that they made Korea the #1 plastic surgery capital in the world.

    The two aren’t necessarily exclusive of each other, though. A society of people who prize good looks – especially to the extent that it is in Korea, will also develop an extensive cosmetic and plastic surgery industry.

    I have my doubts that this is adaptive for innovation, technology, hiring, etc, but I’m sure it has its blessings and advantages.

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @Josh Stewart
  91. Anon • Disclaimer says:
    @Daniel Chieh

    “The two aren’t necessarily exclusive of each other, though.”

    In Korea they are.

    Koreans are not trying to enhance their natural features but fundamentally altering them to look ‘western’. Big difference.

    Also, it goes to show what a vapid and shallow culture Korean society is. It’s all about status and superficiality.

    It’s a worthless society of idiots. Intelligence was wasted on Koreans.

    China must choose the humanist path and see Korea as the cautionary poster-child of everything that is fake and frivolous.

  92. Anon • Disclaimer says:
    @Daniel Chieh

    I’m not saying Chinese WILL take over Korea.

    I’m saying they CAN if they exploit the Baizou-ization of Korea that favors foreigners as ‘new Koreans’ at the expense of ‘xenophobic old Koreans’.

    As in the West, both big business and ‘progressives’ are cooperating to push xenopathic globalism in South Korea.

    Chinese can take demographic advantage of this and take over IF they have the savvy and will.

  93. You are all beyond help.
    Here is what you should do:
    Burn all your books. Open the windows. Breathe in fresh air, Go out and talk to people.
    Go window shopping, Take a walk in the park, Smile at people, They will smile back.
    Go on hiking in the nature. Tell a joke to your neighbor.
    Organize party for your friends. Get drunk a little bit. Check out the garage sales.
    Have some fun.
    Try to live a little bit for a change

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  94. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    But what if it isn’t vodka?

    • Replies: @Ilyana_Rozumova
  95. @Anon

    No point. If Chinese culture dominates there someday again(as it did in the past), it’ll be because Chinese culture has managed to be dominant again through soft power. Otherwise, each country has a right to determine the best form of culture and government for themselves and through it might not work for anyone else, it might work for them.

  96. @Anonymous

    Buy a grapes. Make your own wine. You find out that it is more fun to make it than drink it.

  97. Weaver1 says:
    @Grandpa Charlie

    I also misunderstood your meaning. Ty for clarifying.

  98. Anonymous [AKA "hopsing"] says:

    I agree. As much as I hate to admit as much, and also being a veteran, the USA government is rotten to the core. Manipulation and coercion all across the board. Hard to escape the feeling we will pay for these misdeeds somewhere along the way. Cosmic Justice demands as much. Neither nation nor person can continue on in such manner indefinitely. USA is the agitator. If the Koreans could just tell Uncle Sam (er…. Sap) to pack his bags and get out of Dodge, they would be on their way to a much better future. … nx

  99. @Singh

    You’re just going along with this article and making up shit. That’s not something Americans did. Your people are the ones who are mentally and spiritually enslaved by the British till this day. Your people are so engrained with wanting to be White, even after your motherland was invaded, occupied, murdered by the British, that your people bleach their skin and praise, put a whites on a pedestal, and strive to be like their oppressors.

  100. @The Alarmist

    The reason why the United States doesn’t want the two Koreas to reunify, is because if they reunite, the United States loses its revenue. South Korea pays to have American soldiers stationed in their country. The U.S. sells it’s weapons to South Korea, out of fear mongering. The longer the U.S. can keep the two Koreas separated, the more they can make money off of the fear of war. War creates revenue for the United States. That’s why we keep going at it with the Middle East. It’s always the U.S. going to war with others, usually, over false pretenses. Let’s not forget, how we lied about weapons of mass destruction to go to war with Iraq. Fear mongering, allows the U.S. government to sell weapons to not only South Korea, but to other countries in Asia. That’s why.

  101. @Michael Kenny

    That mistaken missile alert in Hawaii, was a close call. If fires were shot from us first, because of our mistake, North Korea would have struck back. It would have started a war. So, while it didn’t cause North Korea or the United States any physical damage, it could of have been disastrous.

  102. @NJ Transit Commuter

    Korea, is actually blessed by geography. They’re not in Europe & part of the E.U. So they’re not forced to have migrants by the millions in their country against their will, with open borders. They’re not located where the U.S. is, where Latinos invade their country by the thousands. They’re not where Japan is, to get butt raped by mother nature and thank goodness, they’re not located where china is. I visited china. It was horrid. Korea’s ecosystem is rich, diverse & unique because it’s a peninsula. China, never controlled Korea. If anything, Korea fought against china, defeating them many times throughout history. They did this before America existed. Koreans are clever people who have a strong military and several decades of stockpiled weapons on hand, along with new ones. They don’t need American soldiers in Korea after reunification, to protect them. Japan, is afraid Korea will reunify, because that means Korea will be even stronger. The same goes for china. A stronger one unified Korea, is a threat to other Asian countries.

  103. @Grandpa Charlie

    Losers like you with their hilarious scenarios. Ha! It makes me wonder if you’re asian, especially chinese. A unified Korea, makes them a stronger Korea. China & japan knows this. That’s why japan is in fear that Korea might reunite. The chinese are no different. Korea, is a threat divided. A unified Korea will be even more powerful, stronger, & threatening, which the U.S. doesn’t want either. Korea, have defeated the chinese, many times throughout the centuries. It’s the chinese who were defeated time & time again, by Korea in several wars. So much so, it’s the reason why the chinese started to buid the wall of china, to prevent Koreans from invading their country & killing them. China, wouldn’t dare show aggression towards Korea, but if they foolishly did, Korea like in the past, will annihilate china, especially with their modern day weapons. They have no reason not to.
    Korea, was never a part of china before and never will be, (there’s historical proof of this.) because they’re not a defensless country like Tibet. Any iota of aggression from china, will be answered by the Koreans. Korea, is a highly technologically advanced society. It’s Americans & Koreans who have made most of the technological inventions we use everyday & Korea is about 20 years ahead of technology than the U.S. That means they’re even more years ahead of Europe, or any asian country like china, japan, or southeast asia. The chinese know this.
    Chinese people are the ugliest, putrid, most inferior ghettos with the worst genes in the world & they know it. They’re physically disfigured. They know Koreans are superior to them in looks alone, just by looking at them and in intelligence, technology, innovation, style, culture. So, if anything, they regard Korea, as an unbelievable, superior people than them & like a pouting baby, they think that’s unfair. They know they can persecute Tibet, but not a superior country with a strong military defense, like Korea or any other country.
    That’s why they’re haters and try to distort history. That’s why as much as they love and enjoy Korean made products and the Korean entertainment industry, the chinese troll online deflecting themselves, much like you.
    All of Asia used chinese characters in their writing back in the day, but they had their own languages. Korea, has their own written & spoken language. There’s actually more diversity in Asia, than there is anywhere else in the world in looks & in DNA, except for the taiwanese, hong kong, macau, and singaporeans. They’re ethnically the same people as the chinese. Korea’s language, writing, culture, are completely different to that of the chinese or anyone else in Asia, but a distorter like you would already know that and say differently. Korea is not integrated with china, economically, culturaly, or politically. Anyone traveling to Korea, and china can see the difference, in the two different cultures and people.

  104. @Anon

    I’ll have to laugh at your comment. All the haters come out to play! Ironically, if Korea wasn’t such a first world country and have all the cool stuff it did and amazing culture it has, such lies as your’s wouldn’t be said. Are you a bit salty? I think so! Koreans didn’t develope their culture by imitating anyone. The food they eat, the language, the culture are so very beautiful and uniquely Korean. It’s what kept me in Korea for almost 30 years. In fact, its mainy other races and countries that have copied Korea in the past and present. Japan hijacked Korea’s culture. Even certain words they use, the foods, alcohol they drink, plants, animals, artifacts, martial arts, percussion instruments, and how they’re played, are all stolen, copied, or taken from Korea. It’s japan, that are the greatest mimics & imitators on Earth. They have copied many culture’s, but mostly Korea. The chinese related ethnic countries didnt have enough surenames. (Look up the word surname.) So, they stole and used Korean surenames. China, has copied the dancing and playing percussion instrument shows Korea has long been known for, but tweaked their version of it. In the modern day, America, Europe, japan all copy Korean skincare products, right down to look of the package. Red Bull, was originally Korean. Korea, invented it and had it for decades long before America copied it and changed the name of it. South American countries copy Korean yogart and soft drinks, even the look and shape of the containers. That’s just a few things to begin with. You know Korea is advanced, so you admit it, but not without downplaying their achievements with lies.

  105. @Grandpa Charlie

    I’m laughing! Since your hilarious scenario here, I’ve replied back to you on a similar comment prior to this one. Remember my name. You’ll remember my response to you. LOL! Korea, was the country that defeated china, the most times throughout history and that was with just arrows, cannon balls, and swords. With the modern day weaponry Korea has and being a superior, more intelligent people than the chinese, it would be a grave mistake for china to show any aggression. A divided Korea is still a threat to china. A reunited Korea, would mean a stronger more powerful Korea, and a greater threat to china. Korea, has always been a separate country that has belonged solely to the Koreans. Making up shit, is what distorters like you do the most. You should write fiction novels, because that’s all you do, make up silly scenarios.

  106. @Anon

    I’ve had a lot of smiles & laughs, due to all you goons, especially asian goons, & fictional writers like you. China, can only persecute defenseless people like those of Tibet, not a first world country with a strong military that is far more strategic, intelligent, & superior like Korea, an equally advanced European country or the United States. China, would be annihilated. I would like to see china get nuked by Korea or another country. It will be Korea, who wins. I hope you think of me, when that happens. That’s how confident I am in the Koreans.
    Korea, has never been a part of china, but you goons know that already. It’s something the chinese made up, to feel better about their inadequacies & for being inferior than the Koreans. They can’t beat them, so let’s make up lies to get back at the Koreans for being superior. Chinese people want to pout, have a tantrum & scream that it’s not fair they’re the ugliest people in the world, other than the japanese being equally as ugly & inferior. Taiwanese, people of hong kong, singaporeans, people of macau, and chinese are all ethnically the same people. The japanese, closely resemble them the most. Clearly, there’s more diversity in the way Koreans look. They are the only ones with bigger eyes & a pointed face in asia, while all asians have smaller eyes & a flat face. Koreans come from a different line of people than the chinese. They have different DNA. They tend to be taller, more attractive. There’s a correlation of Koreans having a pointed face & being technologically advanced. Flat faced asians are primitive in comparison. Koreans are evidently different than the chinese. Japanese are closer to what the chinese are like.
    Chinese people are facially deformed. They have flat, concave faces, like a cannon ball shot them in the face. A flat pizza pan face, with slanted squinty, almost closed eyes, a flat round nose, & a flat black, back head that looks like a flat baseball bat. The japanese look exactly the same! Hence, all the plastic surgeries they get to look White, the furthest thing from themselves. Yet, goons like you point the fingers at Koreans, when it’s the chinese & japanese along with southeast asians who’s plastic surgerie rates are rising higher than ever before. They get the most procedures done in Asia, because they are the ugliest. I’m laughing! So, no wonder they’re bitter. You want to die in a fit of rage, because Koreans are superior to you & your kind. Too bad, you’d never tell me what race you really are. You can say you’re any race & Koreans will still be superior to you & your kind. They’re on top of the food chain, even above Whites. Their society is far more advanced & sophisticated than any White nation. That’s why Korea is so popular right now. All things Korean is hot & they’re the new it, people, culture, because it’s amazing, uniquely Korean, unlike any other, but Koreans are extremely racist people.
    I would call them the most rascist people in the world, young & old. They find all asians to be physically repulsive, especially the chinese, japanese & heinously hate them. There’s bad blood amongst Koreans, japanese, southeast asians & the chinese. That’s not ever going away as the sky is blue & rightfully so. Your behavior is a prime example of why asians, & the chinese, japanese are hated so much by Koreans & all races of people. Koreans see the chinese as teeth, nose & butt picking ghetto, low class, rudementary, ugly, less intelligent, crass, inferior people who can’t make quality products that break easily, are lead infested, that get recalled, committing animal rights violations, eating anything that moves, adding to the extinction of endangered species around the world, committing human rights violations, & just being an ugly ch*nk zombie people in a ch*nk zombie, putrid country. They’re like roaches, only they’ll go extinct when Korea nukes them. Korea, is not a country made of immigrants like the U.S. They never enslaved Blacks, so they don’t have to over compesate & allow foreigners in. Korea is not a diverse country, still isn’t. That’s why they’re not politically correct & they don’t need to welcome foreigners in their country, unlike the U.S. There also not a part of the E.U. which has open borders. So no one can come in willy nilly, like Europe allows; there’s more diversity in china & japan.
    I’m glad that you admit the chinese are the biggest White wannabes in the world. You’ve admitted what we Whites know already, but then all ugly races & third world goons are White wannabes. Awe, you praise Whites, but you think because Korea, is in Asia, they should be as ugly, inferior as all asians in asia, but because they’re not, you try to describe them as the opposite of what they really are. (Deflecting, again)
    Only ugly, omega White males will marry ugly chinese women, like Mark Zuckerberg did. That is one ugly White kid, with an ugly chinese woman. You’ll never see a Brad Pitt good looking guy with a chinese or japanese woman, because they can get any beautiful woman in the world, unlike an omega. When Zuckerberg married his ugly chinese girlfriend, Whites & Jews were calling his wife an ugly ch*nk & hurling other racial slurs at her. Ha, ha! Of course, chinese women want to marry Whites & want mixed children, because they know their race of people are ugly. Too bad, half chinese & White kids still look chinese.
    I’ve lived in Korea for almost 30 years. I know the culture & people well. That’s why I know what you say is full of rubbish. All you goons are jealous & are haters, hence, the make believe scenarios & slander. People make fun of you & your kind to discriminate, but goons like you, slander because you know Korea is superior. Korea is the most technologically advanced country in the world. It’s the japanese who have copied Korea the most. The japanese are the biggest immitaters & copy cats in the world. The copy America & Europe, but mainly Korea. Most of their culture is taken from Korea. There’s a big difference & agenda in the type of the negativity we see in haters like you. You say Blacks finish last, yet, they’re more superior than the chinese & japanese. At least they’re known for being great at certain things. They’re trend setters & have bigger eyes & have pointed faces than the chinese & japanese.
    The chinese & japanese aren’t famous for anything, except for being fantastically ugly & being the biggest trolls or should I say smallest? Ha! They’re at the bottom of the barrel. The biggest “yellow” goons are the chinese, & japanese who need constant validation from White America, who are also America’s poodle. They’ll say yes, to virtually all things America tells them to do, that’s why they need validation, like a good little kid getting a pat from his adoptive parent.
    It’s actually china & japan that have the highest rate of suicide in asia. China, has the highest suicide per capita, in the world. The suicide rate in china is 22.24 people out 100,000. They’re depressed that they’re ugly chinese. The japanese are very close behind. The japanese even have a famous tree they go to hang themselves on, like the Golden Gate Bridge is the place to go to commit suicide in California, where so many have taken their lives. Asians in general are the most discrimated people, especially the chinese, who are the most discriminated people in the world, that even the blacks you hate, make fun of them.

  107. @Daniel Chieh

    You’ve worked for “Samsung.” Lol. and I’m the King of England. China, has the highest suicide rate per capita. 22.24 for every 100,000. That makes them the country with the highest suicide rate in the world. Japan is close behind.

  108. @Anon

    By the way, japan, has the lowest birth rate in Asia. They’re not reproducing enough male japanese babies to replace the old, sickly, & dying in the work place. Japan, is screwed. Again, deflecting other’s short comings on to Korea.

  109. @Anon

    It’s actually the Middle East, Dubai, that is the plastic surgery capital of the world. They get the most rhinoplasties. Plastic surgeons go there months out of the year, to make the most amount of money in the shortest amount of time. Then it’s the United States & the UK close behind. Plastic surgery is on the rise in ethnic chinese countries, like taiwan, hong kong, & singapore, china, japan, & in southeast asian countries, like philippines, thailand, veitnam, and indonesia, more than ever. As of 2017, these asian countries get the most procedures done & they compete with each other in who does it the most percentage wise. No one wants to admit their race of people get plastic surgeries, so they deflect, finger point to others, especially to better looking people as an excuse as to why others are far more attractive than their ugly selves. (I’m pointing at you.) Asians do it out of jealousy. They can’t stand seeing a Korean get compliments. Whites get the most plastic surgeries in the West, but asians don’t finger point at them, unless they’re discriminated by Whites, because asians think Koreans are far better looking than Whites. I’ll have to remind you that if Korea, in which this is all true, have a technologically advanced country, are an advanced people, who excel in intelligence, inventions, sports, have a booming economy, are talented, have the most popular genres of music in the world and one of the most addictive forms of entertainment, (K pop) and Korean dramas, movies, have the most amazing style unlike other races & nationalities, both men and women have the best complexions, their skincare products are the most popular in the world, that do what they say, have two electrictronic companies in which one has completely dominated the globe, a successful car manufacturing industry, Korean foods & alcohol, that all races love, an amazing rich history unlike any other, which draws people in to want to learn more about Koreans, the first in asia to always break records and make history, before any other asian country, the most popular race in asia, and the best looking in asia and in my opinion, better looking than any other race of people other than some Whites. So with all these great attributes Korea has, there’s no reason to think and hate on them or to think they’re less in any way, unless one is a jealous person or a whole jealous race of people who only hate online, because they themselves, don’t have any of these attributes the Koreans have, hence, making them haters like you, whether you’re asian or not.

  110. @Daniel Chieh

    Then you should also look up – plastic surgery on the rise in china, plastic surgery on the rise in southeast asia, plastic surgery on the rise in japan, you get my drift. They’re going head to head, getting about the same amount of surgeries as each other. I told your fellow goon friend, it’s actually the Middle East and Dubai, who have the most plastic surgeries in the world, along with the U.S. being second. Those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. Those who are known for getting the most procedures shouldn’t finger point at others. Many Asian countries are getting more plastic surgeries than ever. Finger pointing at Korea and ignoring your own kind is a bit humorous, but that’s what the lesser asians & goons do. The thing is, I don’t understand how the chinese, people of hong kong, taiwanese, singporeans, japanese, & southeast asians get so much plastic surgery and they’re still the ugliest, flat faced people in the world. At least when Whites get surgeries, they look good. Koreans are the only ones with pointed faces naturally, because they’re different, not like others in asia. Asian goons have the short end of the stick in every category of life, physical and mental. No wonder you goons think it’s unfair that others are better looking than you and accuse the Koreans of doing what your people do the most.

  111. @Anon

    It’s the chinese, taiwanese, people of hong kong, singaporeans, japanese, southeast asians, you know, the usual asian goons who get the plastic surgeries to look White. These men & women, can’t stand their slanted eyes, flat butterball noses, flat faces, flat emaciated bodies, bird chests, and flat butts & pigmented skin. Because they’re so ugly & deformed, they strive to get surgeries to look like the race of people they think are the most attractive, Whites. You yourself said the chinese only think that Whites are superior & would simulate to look & be like Whites, in your previous post. That was gold!! You’re right. It’s true! These asian goons get penis enlargements to have bigger penises, like the ones other races of men have. Thai men, bleach their little penises, because they dislike their dark skin & want them to be whiter, like the ones White men have. Thank you for worshipping Whites, but Whites dont want you! In reality, no one wants a ch*nk or a fugly goon. That’s why so many chinese want to sleep with and reproduce with any White person, no matter what he or she looks like. The only Whites that sleep with ch*nks or goons are the ones no White person wants. Simulating to be White doesn’t work with raw, dog, chinese, jap, or gook features. Oops! I said dog. In case you’re chinese, I don’t mean to make you hungry! Let’s not forget the taiwanese girl who got surgery to look like Fergie. Of all the races she could be, she chose to be White. A chinese girl chose to be a White, French sex doll. She even bleached her hair blonde & wore green contacts. Let’s not forget the chinese woman who got sued by her husband for getting so much plastic surgery, he claimed she fooled him before they got married. Remember that? Her eyes tripled in size, afterwards. Let’s not forget the filipino man who bleached his skin & got surgery to look like a White Superman, with blue contacts lenses. Let’s not forget the japanese woman who had plastic surgery to try to look like a White, Playboy Bunny. She had her brown labias bleached and stained pink, to be more like a White woman. That says everything right there. Blacks wear straight, blonde weaves & also wear blue or green contacts lenses, because they want that White girl swag, as well. They also lie about their race, just like ch*nks, japs, & gooks do. Koreans and Whites have the best features in the world. Koreans don’t have to try to look like other races, because they’re already attractive, who come from a first world country, with a great culture. That’s why they don’t have to emulate Whites and their culture, unlike Black & asian goons from unattractive races and nationalities who look primitive, ch*nky & who have inferior cultures. I do like Blacks, but this is also how they are.

  112. @Anon

    Chinese are not known for much. They are the biggest losers. Whites and Koreans have invented all that you use today. They have accomplished so much as a race. Ch*nks are the worthless ones, because they haven’t accomplished much or have done anything great like the Koreans and Whites have. The only thing ch*nks do, is ugly up the place, eat anything that moves, rats, cats, dogs, dolphins, whales, and take a shit. chinese are as fake as they come, because you goons get the most plastic surgeries in Asia to look like Whites. The pathetic thing is, while you worship us, we Whites think the chinese are at the bottom of the totem pole, being the ugliest, inferior people in the world. We see a beautiful dog having more value than a chinese person’s existence. Not only are you delusional. You’re a hair trigger away from dying in a fit of rage, because you’re so jealous of Koreans. I’m smiling. I’m glad I’m White and not you. Please, worship me some more and wish you had big eyes.

  113. @Anon

    Korea, is not a country made of immigrants or responsible for slavery of Blacks. So no need to make up for it the way Whites do. Koreans are the most racist people in the world.
    It’s the chinese that are actually more tolerant to immigrants and foreigners, because even though they’re dumb & ghetto, it’s a nice welcome for them to see a different, better looking foreign, facial features than their’s. China, is a place where southeast asians go for work and more will go. There are reports that 25% of filipinos and Indonesians will get to live and work in china. Japanese have talked about immigrating to china.
    The chinese worship Caucasian features and all things American and European. To a chinese man or woman there are no ugly Whites. They will date & marry any White. The Chinese know about the European Union. They know and follow the racial term oil in the United States, because it’s in the news & they go online and see it. They develop opinions about social issues in America. They love the American culture & want to be a part of a movement like #me too, Black Lives Marter or at least mimic it. All that seeps in. So, the threat lies with the chinese being more politically correct, because they’re weak minded, they get easily influenced by the people they worship and want to be like. Hell, they were jumping for joy in the streets, because Walmart was opening in their country. That’s how ugly & pitiful ch*nks are. It’s conditioned in them to be an omega race & individual. (Look up omega.) Chinese cling on to all things White so desperately, hence, all the surgeries to look like American celebrities and they’re so low at the bottom of the barrel, that any race is a step up from the chinese. I wonder what it will be like when more Blacks, Latinos, and Muslims fight to immigrate to china. Muslims see china as the next country to target and invade. Will they be successful?

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