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U.S. "Civil Rights Revolution" Spreading Anti-Whiteism Across the Anglosphere
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Earlier:“No Hiding Place”—The Woke Virus Spreads World-Wide Via The English Language

To me as a Venezuelan immigrant, the full meaning of the federal holiday for Martin Luther King, Jr. finally became clear two days ago: San Francisco’s “Reparations Committee” recommended that the city pay $5 million to every black resident and forgive their debts, despite California’s never having been a slave state [San Fran’s reparations committee proposes $5 million to each Black longtime resident, total debt forgiveness, by Jessica Chasmar, Fox News, January 16, 2023]. The veneration of this binge-drinking rapist, plagiarist, fake Christian, demonstrates the transformation of the American Republic, thanks to the Civil Rights Revolution, into an anti-white polity. Yet anti-whiteism is not a uniquely American phenomenon: It has spread across the Anglosphere with remarkable speed, despite the movement’s central claim that it is rooted in uniquely American chattel slavery and subsequent imposition of Jim Crow segregation in the South.

The passage of the 1964 Civil Rights Act was the watershed. As Claremont Senior Fellow Christopher Caldwell argued in his masterful book The Age of Entitlement, that was the first step in wrecking the “Old Constitution” of America. It not only compelled the federal government to end segregation, by force in some cases, but also eradicated Freedom of Association via broad-based anti-discrimination legislation.

Exactly as its opponents predicted, the Civil Rights Act morphed into a de facto quota system, while also creating a massive industry of Anti-Discrimination lawyers who have played a critical role in politicizing the workplace and rewarding incompetents with comfortable jobs and cushy legal settlements.

Far from implementing MLK’s alleged “dream” of a colorblind society, “Civil Rights” worsened race and racial politics, first by demanding “equality,” a mask for quotas, and now, of course, by demanding “reparations.” And not coincidentally, the Hart-Celler Act passed during this same era. America’s immigration laws, designed to safeguard the interests of the Historic American Nation, were junked because they were allegedly “discriminatory.”

But the Civil Rights Revolution’s effect was felt far beyond the Edmund Pettus Bridge. Just as the U.S. passed legislative “reforms” aimed at “equality,” anti-white laws in other Anglophone countries demonstrate how anti-whiteism had spread—even to the far reaches of the South Pacific:

Note that Britain passed its race act 58 years ago, just a year after the Civil Rights Act, and the same year the Voting Rights Act passed. New Zealand acted 52 years ago.

While most of these countries are not in as bad shape as America when it comes to the Great Replacement, their immigration policies are driving them in the same direction. Canada is projected to be 65 percent non-white by 2106. The United Kingdom’s non-white population is expected to swell to between 35.6 and 41.9 percent in 2061 [What the UK population will look like by 2061 under hard, soft or no-Brexit scenarios, by Ros Taylor, LSE, July 1, 2019]. Countries like Australia and New Zealand have their fair share of public figures who want to dispossess their white majority populations through mass migration. All these Common Law countries, lacking the U.S. First Amendment, are moving to restrict of civil liberties, by such means as criminalizing speech and jailing dissidents who oppose the Great Replacement.

Just ask former leader of the British National Party Nick Griffin what happens to those who speak ill of Islamic immigration. Simply for making Politically Incorrect comments, Griffin was prosecuted under the Race Relations Act.

Such is the virulence of anti-whiteism that the Floyd Hoax quickly spread to England after the drug addict died o f a fentanyl overdose [George Floyd death: Thousands turn out for UK anti-racism protests, BBC, June 7, 2020]. A Vicar of Dibley special broadcast featured Floyd flummery; English soccer players have taken the knee:

The deification of King and the Civil Rights movement was the genesis of this madness, here and abroad. Today, the history of America’s original white settlers is ruthlessly denigrated, while non-white contributions—real and imagined—are lavishly praised. King has replaced Washington and Jefferson, which means, in some sense, a Great Replacement has already taken place.

And make no mistake about it, this won’t just stop on its own. We’re dealing with a rabid mob of unhinged Leftists who won’t stop until they destroy every facet of white America.

Thus with the help of terrified Republicans, Leftists established another anti-white holiday, Juneteenth, which, of course, has not deterred the melanin-enhanced mobs from calling for more concessions from Whitey. One need not look any further than demands for anti-white reparations to see how insatiable the anti-white appetite is for racially-based expropriation. The anti-whites are out for blood plain and simple.

It’s too late in the day to mince words. What has transpired across America and the broader West through the last 60 years is the gradual dispossession of whites via legislation and regulatory edicts. Elites launched this anti-white project throughout the 1960s and 1970s. Now, it’s hardened into official Regime ideology.

No matter the local nuances in the Anglosphere, there’s a common anti-white thread that animates the political classes in all of these countries. Serious patriot parties must devise viable strategies and tactics to roll back the madness.

Because if legacy Americans and their Anglosphere counterparts don’t awaken from their multicultural slumber, and unapologetically reassert their identities, their civilizations will disappear. They cannot afford to wallow in self-hatred, or acknowledge the premises of such anti-white efforts as the King holiday, particularly because such efforts are generally rooted in historical lies. Nationalist movements must not just offer a genuine alternative to the political status quo, but also dismantle the anti-white apparatus once they take power.

This entire machine must be destroyed, not reformed. It was corrupt from the start.

The good news that some mainstream conservatives, like Christopher Caldwell, are awakening. But resistance won’t come from the Stupid Party, which is as invested in anti-whiteism as the Democrats, as its preposterous claims about Martin Luther King show.

It’s up to the next generation of nationalist Republicans to rise and overthrow the deadweight party Leadership.

With another MLK Day just past, it’s time to tell the truth about the Civil Rights Revolution’s pernicious legacy and how it constituted a full-frontal assault on the Historic American Nation.

Not coming to grips with this anti-whiteism will help anti-whites destroy this great Republic.

Pedro de Alvarado [Email him] is a Hispanic dissident who is well aware of the realities of race from his experience living throughout Latin America and in the States.

As a native of lands conquered by brave Spaniards but later subverted by centuries of multiracial trickery and despotic governance, Pedro offers clear warnings to Americans about the perils of multiracialism.

(Republished from VDare by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Wokechoke says:

    There’s always Argentina. They annihilated the French Bongo Bongoland team.

  2. folkvangr says:

    And make no mistake about it, this won’t just stop on its own. We’re dealing with a rabid mob of unhinged Leftists who won’t stop until they destroy every facet of white America.

    Yap. That’s what they did to Russia in 1917. The plague has its origin in French revolution. We are going yet to see our own home-grown Colonnes Infernales.

  3. Chris Moore says: • Website

    The deification of King and the Civil Rights movement was the genesis of this madness, here and abroad. Today, the history of America’s original white settlers is ruthlessly denigrated, while non-white contributions—real and imagined—are lavishly praised. King has replaced Washington and Jefferson, which means, in some sense, a Great Replacement has already taken place.

    And it’s all because the US allowed “Jews” and their stooges — ironically, instigators and profiteers of the Teansatlantic slave trade — to set up shop. This “Civil Rights” racket (originated with Zionist LBJ) is in line with the Holocaust racket which came out of the people running the slavery racket and now all if it lining up with the Globalist racket, which includes the Zionist “War on Islamofascism”…

    This is what the Founders get for extending “tolerance” to Zionist racketeers, criminals, and organized sociopaths. VDare will ultimately get the same.

    We’re in a religious war with ZOG.

    • Agree: Dutch Boy, A. Clifton
    • Replies: @Dani
  4. Dutch Boy says:

    The “civil rights revolution” used black frontmen like MLK to mask a fundamentally Jewish movement. MLK’s handler was a Jewish Communist named Stanley Levison.

  5. “the Hart-Celler Act passed during this same era.”

    The group that won big from the 1960’s Hart Celler Act were the Jews of Eastern Europe. The Lautenberg Amendment of 1990 followed. This family reunification program allowed certain individuals legally residing in the United States to bring their family members to the U.S.

    Much of the neocon establishment and radical left pushing the new discrimination against Whites originated from the lands affected by the ‘Laws of the Pale of Settlement’. This discriminitory code was meant to contain Jewish influence in an area roughly centered in today’s Ukraine.

    Are they motivated by historical grievance? It seems so. The Hart Cellar Act in 1965, the lifting of fractional reserve banking in 1970, and mass immigration from the 1970’s onward have made many Eastern European emigrant Jews wealthier than they ever could have become in the backwaters of East Europe. They fashioned the West into a casino for themselves and ran it to their advantage.

    Far from being satiated by a taste of power and prosperity, they want much more. They want to continue the disruption of White civilization by bringing a new set of Laws of the Pale of Settlement, with Whites cringing under the boot this time, and Jewish supremacists holding the whip.

    • Replies: @Dani
    , @Dani
    , @Dani
  6. anon[254] • Disclaimer says:

    Did you just arrive through the southern border?
    Immigrnats now illegally come .Before they used to get shipped from Africa.

  7. MLK had to die when he linked together the new demands for civil justice in the black community with the old fight for economic justice for white working people, in his powerful Poor People’s Campaign initiative. This also explains why BLM received such lavish grants from establishment foundations – no movement that defines the fight for justice in terms of only one interest group can ever command the people-power needed to reform (or replace) an unjust status quo.

  8. Dani says:

    Bloody hell, you know, I wasn’t even aware of this Lautenberg Amendment of 1990! I checked out this information on this at the HIAS website, which linked an Excel spreadsheet of all of the “resettlement offices” in the United States. I was alarmed to count 206 resettlement offices throughout the country, many states having multiple offices. Reading the verbiage provided, alone, was horrifying to read.

    HIAS appears to be put out by the fact that “Despite being a crucial part of U.S. refugee policy, it expires each year and must be reauthorized.” I will assume that the 9/30/22 deadline was met, ensuring that the reauthorization of this “crucial part of U.S. refugee policy” was again put into place for 2023, what a RELIEF…not.

  9. Dani says:
    @Chris Moore

    You said: “it’s all because the US allowed “Jews” and their stooges”…I don’t think the U.S. allowed anything – I think it was forced onto the unsuspecting masses, who had no reason to suspect much at that time, since they hadn’t yet the technology with which to wield all of their propagandistic powers which didn’t really start in earnest until the turn of the 20th century.
    I heard LBJ had a Jewish mother, which would make him a Jew – the “Zionist” part is debatable. I thought it was JFK that was the mastermind behind the Civil Rights Act and it was only a mere half a year or so after his murder that LBJ got to have the “glory” of buttoning up the paperwork on that whole discriminatory-against-Whites dealio? I know JFK was very popular with black Americans because I heard the stories about their fears/worries when he was killed – they were fearful that his proposed Civil Rights thing was going to fall to the wayside…lol, as if there was ever a chance of THAT happening?

    • Replies: @Chris Moore
  10. Dani says:

    You said: “Much of the neocon establishment and radical left pushing the new discrimination against Whites originated from the lands affected by the ‘Laws of the Pale of Settlement’. This discriminitory (sp) code was meant to contain Jewish influence in an area roughly centered in today’s Ukraine.”

    First, this discrimination against Whites certainly cannot be called “new” – unless your definition of new means within the last 80 or so years. It’s been here for a very long time – it just wasn’t as blatant because people were less brainwashed back then.
    Are YOU, personally, calling Laws of the Pale of Settlement “discriminatory”, or is this information that was quoted/copied? There was nothing discriminatory about the Pale of Settlement – it was very necessary. You know, there was that pesky problem these Jews posed with not having the capacity to assimilate within the indigenous populations and tended to do really awful things within the many communities, ESPECIALLY the rural populations and the many peasants. They were lucky to not have been outright killed, something which the European gentile has never had the propensity towards, though we cannot at all say the same thing about these “chosen ones”, now, can we?
    Jews have NO REASON to have “historical grievances” against ANY European populations, least of all Polish, Ukrainian, and of course, GERMAN!
    I am half Polish and half Ukrainian and I have spent countless hours in reading research over the past decade since stumbling upon the truth of the Bolshevik Revolution and all of the subsequent horrors the Russians & Ukrainians endured throughout the first half PLUS of the 20th century – you will not convince me otherwise of how I feel and what I have come to know as fact. I’m sure I still have way more to learn, but honestly, it has been extremely unpleasant and I tend to take breaks from my research due to its depressing effect.

  11. Dani says:

    No Jew from Eastern Europe has ever “cringed under the boot” of a White man – FAR FROM IT. You really come off as though Jews are somehow entitled to retribution and revenge against the very peoples whom were kind enough to allow them “safe havens” when they were always being kicked out of the various countries they were frequently kicked out of, due to their horrific practices. Villages tend to notice when their young children are going missing and the farmers have no profits to show for their hard work because they are being strong-armed and manipulated, taken advantage of due to their lack of education and in many cases, complete illiteracy – being made to spend what little money they had in Jew-owned taverns that populated many a Polish and Ukrainian block.
    The Jews were given copious chances to improve their bad behaviors and saw fit to take advantage of none of it – you don’t have to believe me, but I get my information from Alexander Solzhenitsyn, “200 Years Together”, a book I have read 3 times now since late 2017 and still need to read again because there is so much to absorb.
    At a time when Russians and Ukrainians desperately wanted out of their countries, they were denied entry to the U.S. because of Eastern European Jews – Jews, the only people who take on the ethnicity of the host population of whom they live as the eternal parasite. Even today the Jews cry that the U.S. didn’t allow Jews into the U.S. after Hitler came to power, which is entirely false. Sure, perhaps “low level” Jews were denied, poorer Jews living in Western Europe who tended to better assimilate within the U.S. – but Jews from Eastern Europe were still continuing to emigrate en masse to the U.S., most of this being done quite illegally, thanks to the fact the U.S. was already just about entirely taken over by Jews by this time (you know, the whole funding of the 1917 “Russian” revolution by American Jewish Wallstreet bankers and all that little fuss).
    The Jews, just like most other non-White “immigrants” of the U.S., will forever continue to be ingrates who are never done bitching and complaining, while at the same time never leaving this awful place in which they find so much to complain about while they are living better than the average INDIGENOUS EUROPEAN.

  12. Sher Singh says:

    Shouldn’t those Anglo states be allowed to turn majority non-white ASAP?
    Quarantine is the correct response to a pandemic of multi-cultural cuckoldry.

  13. Nadim says:

    Fuck Mark dubowitz, a zionist fifth column who day and night spread lies against Iran and shedding crocodile tears for mahsa who died as a result of her medical condition NOT police brutality, but refuses to post US police brutality against Blacks and women in his petty twitter acount.

  14. Chris Moore says: • Website

    Kennedy, like nearly all “Jewish Century” Anglosophere neo-Christians, honed by the “Jew” wars and the “Jew” zeitgeist of Marxism and Zionism, was part accomplice and part dupe. He was certainly an accomplice in his own death given his naivete about the fact he was dealing with Satan, and as a corrupted Dem, in bed with Satan.

    But how long has Satan been in bed with the U.S.? Well, certain of the Founders were in bed with ZOG in the slave trade.

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