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Twilight of the Oligarchs?
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Russian Jewish Oligarchs, from left: Mikhail Fridman, Petr Aven, Moshe Kantor, Roman Abramovich

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The subject of Jews and money is controversial and essential, and yet not without its darkly comic aspects. Back in November I wrote an essay on criticism of Bram Stoker’s Dracula for its alleged anti-Semitic qualities, and noted one scholar’s angst about a scene in which Jonathan Harker slashes at Dracula with a knife, cutting the vampire’s coat and sending a flood of cash to the floor. Instead of fleeing immediately, Dracula snatches up handfuls of money before sprinting across the room. The offended scholar, Sara Libby Robinson, complained that “This demonstration of putting the preservation of one’s money on par with the preservation of one’s life shows that stereotypes regarding Jews and their money were alive and well in the late nineteenth century.”

Those who spend enough time observing Jews, however, will know that the curious thing about them is that associated stereotypes have an uncanny habit of finding constant empirical confirmation. Take, for instance, a recent news article pointing out that Israel has experienced an influx of Jewish refugees since Putin’s invasion of Ukraine on February 24. The punchline is that the influx has involved many more economic refugees from Russia, who are seeking relief from Western sanctions and dropping currency values, than Ukrainian Jews seeking safety from violence. Faced with warfare, Jews really are “putting the preservation of one’s money on par with the preservation of one’s life.” In one of my favorite anecdotes from the Ukraine crisis thus far, the Russian-Israeli immigration lawyer Eli Gervits claims to have received thousands of calls from Russian Jews issuing an appeal he calls SOS: “Save our Savings.” This remarkable story is emblematic of the fact Putin’s war in Ukraine is a net negative for the Russian-based international Jewish oligarchy, and the international Jewish networks that survive and thrive on their patronage.

The Fall of Moshe Kantor

Few things have raised my spirits in recent times like the news the UK government has finally imposed sanctions on Moshe Kantor. Russian billionaire, pernicious oligarch, and one-time president of no less than the European Jewish Congress, the European Council on Tolerance and Reconciliation, the World Holocaust Forum Foundation, the European Jewish Fund, and the Policy Council of the World Jewish Congress, Kantor is the quintessential strongly-identified Jewish activist, fully committed to the advancement of the interests of his ethnic group. A devoted Zionist, Kantor is a citizen of Israel, as well as both Russia and the UK. Kantor, with his curious blend of citizenships, didn’t so much straddle East and West as use plunder in the former to fuel activism in the latter. One of his primary projects in recent years has been to lobby the European Union for greater restrictions on individual freedom and for the imposition of a vast, draconian apparatus for the protection and enforcement of multiculturalism across the continent. In his treatise Manifesto for Secure Tolerance, Kantor writes with Orwellian flair that “Restrictions are necessary for the freedom to live a secure life.” Reading between the lines, the message becomes clearer: “Restrictions on Europeans are necessary for the freedom of Jews to live a secure life.” Among Kantor’s proposals was the creation of a continent-wide apparatus for internet surveillance targeting opponents of multiculturalism, enforced promotion and ‘education’ on multiculturalism across Europe, and a significant increase in prison sentences for all infractions against the cult of diversity.

Kantor escaped the wave of Western sanctions on Russian (often Jewish) elites until last week, but was finally targeted because of his role as the largest shareholder of the fertilizer company Acron, which has strategic ties to the Russian government. Needless to say, the sanctioning of yet another one of their hugely influential oligarchs is sending shockwaves through international Jewish institutions reliant on the wealth and influence of such figures. On April 6, the European Jewish Congress, Kantor’s primary vehicle for the advance of his war on European freedoms, issued a statement stressing that it was

Deeply shocked and appalled by the decision today of the British government to sanction Dr Moshe Kantor, President of the European Jewish Congress, the World Holocaust Forum Foundation and the European Council on Tolerance and Reconciliation. The decision is misguided and lacks any factual or evidence-based merit. Dr Kantor is a British citizen who has lived for over three decades in Western Europe, many years of which has been in the UK. He is a long-standing and respected Jewish leader, who has dedicated his life to the security and wellbeing of Europe’s Jewish communities and the fight against antisemitism, racism and xenophobia. … We call for this decision to be reversed as soon as possible.

Moshe Kantor hobnobs with the boss
Moshe Kantor hobnobs with the boss

The most recent statement issued by the British government is low on detail, stating only that Kantor will be subject to an “asset freeze.” Since Kantor owns, and spends much time in, a substantial mansion on London’s Winnington Road, where property prices average over \$8 million, this is sure to be a sore point for the oligarch. Much more worrying for Kantor is that the European Union followed suit a few days later, issuing its own asset freezes and travel bans. His bank accounts, homes, and other economic interests across the continent have been locked down.

Hungary and Austria, influenced by Zionist sympathies, both attempted to save Kantor from sanctions, with the Hungarian envoy expressing “surprise at the blacklisting of somebody he described as a highly decorated man.” However, Kantor’s fence-sitting strategy of being an Eastern kingpin and Western multiculturalist preacher has been demolished by the Ukraine conflict. Like a game of musical chairs, he finds that the music has stopped and he’s left standing, his hands full of Russian assets that were once so precious and central to his power. Ironically, the envoys of Estonia and Lithuania, two countries accused of anti-Semitism and fascism by Russia, successfully urged their partners not to remove Kantor, one of the most influential Jewish activists in Europe, from the list. And so poor Moshe, who once proposed that restrictions were a pathway to freedom, will now have to live by his own words. As his homes and possessions are seized by European governments, as the value of his companies declines, and as he finds himself with fewer places to go, I can only offer to Moshe the reassurance of his own dictum: Restrictions are necessary for the freedom to live a secure life!

Stadtlans in the Spotlight

As leader of so many groups and mover in so many high circles, Kantor fulfils the qualifications of the early modern stadtlan—Court Jews of the early modern period who boasted of significant wealth and intensive relationships with non-Jewish elites. And he exemplifies many of the same qualities, acting always in un-elected but highly-influential intercessory roles, seeking to improve the tactical and material advantages of his tribe. Look at any country of significance and you will find not only a Jewish clique ensconced in the heart of its political machinery, but often also a small number of Jewish individuals so influential that they can be regarded as political actors in their own right. These figures are the tip of the spear of Jewish activism, and in the past such men and their families have been so impactful on the course of history that their names have passed into common parlance — Rothschild, Schiff, Warburg, and more modern corollaries such as Soros, Adelson, and the constellation of Jewish billionaires infesting Ukraine and orbiting Vladimir Putin.

For these eastern Jewish elites, the war in Ukraine has had the doubly concerning effect of impacting their finances and raising their profile. Petr Aven, Mikhail Fridman, German Kahn, Roman Abramovich, Alexander Klyachin, Yuri Milner, Vadim Moshkovich, Mikhail Prokhorov, Andrey Rappoport, Arkady Rotenberg, Boris Rotenberg, Igor Rotenberg, Viktor Vekselberg, God Nisanov, Oleg Deripaska, Alexander Abramov, Gavril Yushvaev, Zarakh Iliev, Vladimir Yevtushenkov, Arkady Volozh, Eugene Schvidler, Leonid Simanovskiy, Yuri Shefler, Kirill Shamalov, Aleksandr Mamut, Lev Kvetnoy, Yevgeniy Kasperskiy, Yuriy Gushchin, Oleg Boyko, Leonid Boguslavskiy, are just some of those who have hidden in plain sight for some time, but now find themselves not only discussed, sanctioned, and blacklisted, but also grouped together in lists that highlight the startling patterns of their wealth accumulation and ethnic partnership.

In 2018 the U.S. Treasury department published a list of Russians they were considering for sanctions, and the list has continued to cause unease in Jewish circles. The Times of Israel recently tried to downplay the Jewish prominence by arguing that “At least 18 of the figures on [the Treasury list] are Jewish oligarchs,” while adding that the list consists of 210 names (meaning a Jewish representation of 8.5%). But they don’t mention that the Treasury separated their list into 114 politicians and 96 oligarchs, and there are in fact 29 confirmed Jewish oligarchs in the latter list, with a further two (Aras Algarov and Alisher Usmanov) married to Jews and raising Jewish children. In other words, at least 30% of Russia’s most influential oligarchs are Jews in a country in which Jews comprise an estimated 0.1% of the population. One cannot honestly speak of the eastern oligarchs without on some level discussing the Jews.

Russia’s billionaire Jews might be almost untouchable, but they have a history of worrying that their Jewishness might become a topic of public discussion. In 1998, the Irish Times published an article outlining the beginning of the end of the Yeltsin era. Titled “Russia Bows to the Rule of the Seven Bankers,” the article explained that Russia had fallen largely into the hands of six Jewish financiers (Boris Berezovsky, Vladimir Guzinsky, Alexander Smolensky, Mikhail Khodorkovsky, Mikhail Fridman and Vitaly Malkin), and a token gentile (Vladimir Potanin). The most interesting part of the piece is the discussion of the old Jewish strategy of using a European frontman to disguise the Jewish nature of the power structure:

In the run-up to the 1996 election, the tycoons contributed millions of dollars to Yeltsin’s re-election campaign, spurred on by Berezovsky, who later boasted that the seven members of the club controlled half of Russia’s economy. It was an overstatement but reflected their hubris. After the election, according to several sources, the tycoons met and decided to insert one of their own into government. They debated who — and chose Potanin, who became deputy prime minister. One reason they choose Potanin was that he is not Jewish, and most of the rest of them are. They feared a backlash against Jewish bankers.

Putin’s Increasing Control of the Jewish Oligarchs

As with Yeltsin, the seven bankers, especially Berezovsky, initially claimed to have promoted Putin and insisted on his candidature as a Prime Minister and President. As the Guardian pointed out in 2013, Berezovsky’s fatal flaw was simple: he misread Putin:

Berezovsky met Putin in the early 1990s, when the KGB spy was working for St Petersburg’s mayor. The two socialised and even skied together in Switzerland. By the late 1990s, Putin had become head of the FSB, the KGB’s successor agency. Yeltsin’s entourage was seeking a successor to the ailing president. They dispatched Berezovsky to offer the job to Putin — who became prime minister in the summer of 1999, succeeding Yeltsin as acting president six months later. Berezovsky had reckoned that his friend would be a pliable successor — and that he, the ultimate Kremlin insider, would continue to pull the strings. It quickly became apparent that Putin had his own vision of Russia: a darker, less democratic place, in which the country’s spy agencies would play a vanguard role, and with Putin unequivocally in charge. The two clashed; Putin seized Berezovky’s ORT TV station; and Berezovsky decamped to London. Their feud was nasty and would lead ultimately to Berezovsky’s death at the age of 67 in exile.

Other members of the Semibankirschina (Seven Bankers) were either exiled or brought to heel. Gusinsky left Russia in 2000 following accusations of misappropriation of funds. Khodorkovsky was arrested by Russian authorities in 2003 and charged with fraud. He served 10 years in prison, during which time his wealth was decimated, and he fled to Switzerland and then London upon his release. Alexander Smolensky sold off many of his assets, lowered his profile, and reportedly moved to Vienna. Vitaly Malkin became an outward Putin loyalist, while trying for almost 20 years to relocate to Canada, investing millions in Toronto, and taking Israeli citizenship. Curiously, Vladimir Potanin, the lone gentile among the Semibankirschina, prospered most under Putin, becoming Russia’s wealthiest man.

Ukraine-born Mikhail Fridman has steered a mostly steady course, focusing on financial matters, cultivating an East-West persona from his London mansion, and avoiding political confrontations. The wheels have recently started to come off for Fridman, however, thanks to the Ukraine conflict and his desire to avoid personal financial repercussions. Fridman was one of the first oligarchs to make clear his opposition to the war, and in a later interview with Bloomberg he admitted that his statement decrying the conflict as a tragedy “could make it dangerous for him to return to Russia.” The Bloomberg interview highlights the shock that Fridman felt on finding himself frozen out of the Western sphere despite, like Moshe Kantor, investing years in careful networking:

None of this helped him avoid the fate of some fellow Russian tycoons. Nor did his years of networking in the U.S. and Europe. On Feb. 28 his lawyer pulled him out of a meeting with the news that the European Union had sanctioned him and his longtime business partner, Petr Aven [also Jewish], who was heading Alfa-Bank, Russia’s largest privately held bank and a key part of Fridman’s Alfa Group Consortium. The lawyer started to rattle off what it meant: travel bans, frozen accounts. Fridman could barely register the words. “I was in shock,” he tells me. “I almost didn’t understand what he was saying.”

Fridman claims that sanctions are politically useless because the oligarchs have no influence over Putin, only business relationships:

What’s clear to him now, he says, is that the EU doesn’t get how power actually works in Russia. If the point of sanctions is to motivate people like him to apply pressure on Vladimir Putin, he says, that’s worse than unrealistic. “I’ve never been in any state company or state position,” Fridman says. “If the people who are in charge in the EU believe that because of sanctions, I could approach Mr. Putin and tell him to stop the war, and it will work, then I’m afraid we’re all in big trouble. That means those who are making this decision understand nothing about how Russia works. And that’s dangerous for the future.”

Sanctions and other economic impacts of the war have already wiped out a third of Fridman’s wealth, and although he’s still incredibly rich, he is more or less trapped in London and has no access to cash. Stephanie Baker, interviewing Fridman for Bloomberg, points out that “he now must apply for a license to spend money, and the British government will determine if any request is ‘reasonable.’” Jewish organizations in Ukraine keep calling him asking about progress on a \$10 million donation he promised them but can no longer fulfil. Baker adds,

Fridman’s argument that he’s not positioned to exercise influence over the Kremlin reflects how the role of Russia’s billionaires has been turned on its head since the 1990s. Back then, Fridman was one of the original seven oligarchs, the semibankirschina. As a group they backed President Boris Yeltsin’s reelection campaign and had sway over the Kremlin. When Putin came to power in 2000, he imposed his own model: The new deal was that if they stayed out of politics, they could continue running their businesses. Putin destroyed oligarchs who violated that arrangement.

Fridman’s inability to contain his frustration at sanctions, and willingness to express opposition to the war, may well mark the end of his direct involvement in Russian life. Perhaps more than any other oligarch, his actions provoked the now infamous speech in which Putin attacked anti-war oligarchs seeking after their own economic interests:

The Russian people will always be able to distinguish true patriots from scum and traitors and will simply spit them out like a gnat that accidentally flew into their mouths — spit them out on the pavement. … I am convinced that such a natural and necessary self-purification of society will only strengthen our country, our solidarity, cohesion and readiness to respond to any challenges.

“A natural and necessary self-purification of society”

News that thousands of Russian Jews are fleeing to Israel to protect their money, and the ongoing signs that many Jewish oligarchs now outside Russia may never return, are suggestive that Putin’s “natural and necessary self-purification of society” will involve a reduction in the Jewish presence, in Jewish wealth, and in Jewish influence in the country. As well as the oligarchs already mentioned, there are several Jewish billionaires, including the recently sanctioned Boris Mints, on Russian most-wanted lists, for a variety of crimes including embezzlement and fraud. Leonid Nevzlin, a Jewish oligarch, friend of the exiled Khodorkovsky, and former oil tycoon who fled to Israel from Russia 20 years ago in order to escape a life sentence for murder and financial crimes, recently undertook the symbolic act of renouncing his Russian citizenship. Russian requests for Nevzlin’s extradition have been repeatedly ignored by Israel. Nevzlin recently told a journalist: “I was one of the first to be hit by Putin. He threw my friends in jails, and killed some of them.”

One of the most fascinating aspects of Putin’s political career is that it combines an often flamboyant rhetorical and performative philo-Semitism with actions that directly harm or obstruct Jewish interests. As mentioned in a previous essay, Putin is one of Europe’s foremost promoters of the Holocaust narrative, but it is a Holocaust narrative significantly less useful to Jews than the Hollywood/Spielbergian version we are so used to in the West. It’s a Holocaust narrative stripped of Jewish exclusivity, imbued with geopolitical moral codes favorable primarily to Russia, and unashamedly directed by, and for, Moscow rather than Jerusalem. In another curious example of rhetoric clashing with reality, in 2016 Putin invited Jews to come and settle en masse in Russia, presumably knowing full well that thousands of Jews were already leaving Russia at an increasingly rapid pace. In 2014, more than double the number of Jews left Russia than in any of the previous 16 years.

One of Putin’s strengths in overcoming Jewish financial power at the highest level, which he has unquestionably done, might have its basis in the fact he is not an anti-Semite in the classical understanding. He may well not think in racial terms, but, as a former member of the secret service, he is finely tuned to cliques, intrigue, subversion, and the subtleties of identity — the standard hallmarks of Jewish activism in European cultures. He appears fully capable of eliminating such strategies when he confronts them on an individual basis and with autocratic power. He can depose a Berezovsky, for example, not on the grounds of Jewishness, but, nonetheless, on certain behaviors and associations that are an outgrowth of Jewishness. They say a broken clock will still be right twice a day, and in the same way if one sets out to eliminate opposing, group-based strategies, even in a “race blind” manner, then confrontations with Jews become inevitable. In this way, Putin is a kind of accidental, or rather incidental, anti-Semite who has dominated or eliminated Jewish financiers in his country in a way probably not seen since the days of the Court Jews and the rise of parliamentary democracy.

Jews as Warmongers and Pacifists

There is an irony in the latest predicament of Russia’s Jewish financiers given that war, historically, has been very good for Jews. For this reason, it is worth looking for some historical precedent and parallels. Derek Penslar, in his Princeton-published Jews and the Military (2013), points out that Jews might be notorious for shirking actual military service, but have been prolific in profiting from conflicts all over the world:

Jews were prominently involved in an international banking system that derived considerable profit from lending funds directly to governments or packaging and selling government debt. Much of this activity took place during or in the wake of wars. During the American Civil War, the Union government’s debt skyrocketed from \$65 million to \$3 billion, some 30 percent of the Union’s gross domestic product. Much of that debt was marketed in the form of government bonds in small denominations and bought by ordinary citizens. The Rothschilds had pioneered this practice in France during the 1830s, and the banker Joseph Seligman picked it up in the United States during the Civil War. After the war, the Seligmans, along with the bankers Mayer Lehman and Jacob Schiff, energetically marketed U.S. bonds as well as those of cash-strapped southern-state governments.[1]D. Penslar, Jews and the Military (Princeton, Princeton University Press, 2013), 146.

It was Schiff who provided some \$200 million in loans to Japan to fuel its expansionist aims in the Far East against a Czarist Russia that was much hated by Jews, and it was the Seligmans who “encouraged the United States’ intervention in Colombia in 1903 to carve out a quasi-independent Panama, where the Seligmans had invested in land along the prospective route of the canal.”[2]Ibid, 147.
(D. Penslar, Jews and the Military (Princeton, Princeton University Press, 2013), 146.)
One of the most obvious and notorious examples of a war for Jewish interests is of course the Boer War, 1899–1902. South Africa had been regarded as a rural backwater by the Jews until a diamond strike in 1884 and the discovery of gold in the Witwatersrand in 1887. Following these events there was a substantial influx of Jewish traders, who quickly became a clique of millionaires. Claire Hirschfeld, writing in the Journal of Contemporary History, describes how Jews “were able in a relatively short period of time to create powerful financial syndicates and extended empires within a Boer republic of farmers still clinging to a pastoral life-style.”[3]C. Hirshfield “The Anglo-Boer War and the Issue of Jewish Culpability.” Journal of Contemporary History 15, no. 4 (October 1980): 619–31. Financial power soon evolved into a desire to achieve political domination, which required the toppling of the Boers. This would require the use of the British army, and Hirschfeld points out that much of the fever for war was whipped up by a British press dominated by Jews: Oppenheim’s Daily News, Marks’ Evening News, Steinkopf’s St. James Gazette, and Levi-Lawson’s Daily Telegraph. One of the foremost opponents of the war was the English Marxist Henry M. Hyndman, who accused “Semitic lords of the press” of hounding the government into a “criminal war of aggression” in South Africa. He was joined by the editor of Reynolds’ Newspaper, W. H. Thompson, who wrote at the beginning of the war:

At the bottom of the war are the Jewish syndicates and millionaires … counting the chickens shortly to be hatched. … The Stock Exchange pulls the strings and the government dances. But behind the Stock Exchange is the sinister figure of the financial Jew who is gradually enmeshing the world in the toils of the money-web which day and night the great racial freemasonry is spinning in every corner of the globe.

Penslar agrees that Jews worked together to profit from war, writing that “it is a fact, not an antisemitic fantasy, that Jews played vital roles in coordinating the allocation of raw materials during the First World War, not only in Germany but also in the United States.”[4]Penslar, 150. This involved overlapping cliques of Jews profiting from every aspect of war production.

Conversely, Jews can flip the pacifist switch when it is judged that war can harm their interests. Penslar points out that the Rothschilds worried in 1914 that “a war could divide the great banking dynasty,” while Max Warburg began hastily dumping his shares in companies trading on the Vienna exchange. Baron Rothschild pleaded with The Times to tone down its anti-German rhetoric, only for the editor to publicly retort at this “dirty German-Jewish financial attempt to bully us into advocating neutrality.” The German-Jewish shipping magnate Albert Ballin looked on despondently when his merchant fleet sank to the bottom of the Atlantic.


The present war in Ukraine carries more echoes of Ballin than of the war against the Boers. Faced with the Russian invasion and the perennial question “is it good for the Jews?” the scattered Jewish oligarchs of Russia would probably answer a resounding “No.” The most important reason would, of course, be the decline in their individual and collective wealth. Billions have been wiped from their accounts, their businesses have been hobbled, their movement and ability to do business is restricted, and their access to cash is limited. The nature of international finance — politically, philosophically, and technologically — has evolved to such an extent that Jewish profiteering in the old style is more difficult than ever. In addition, it’s also made the individual targeting of financiers in the context of conflict and war not only feasible, but easy and immediate.

The oligarchs find themselves between a rock and hard place, viewed with hostility and suspicion by the West, despite years of Holocaust promotion and Jewish philanthropy (as if this actually contributes anything to the West), and increasingly distant from, and fearful of, the Kremlin. The natural settling place for most of them is Israel, which itself tries to cultivate a relationship with both East and West, dropping one and fawning at the other according to the winds of its needs. Even Israelis, however, are viewing the oligarchs as “toxic,” and have been warned by the US government about taking in “dirty money.”

Forbes has discussed speculation from some experts that Putin is secretly happy about the twilight of the oligarchs. Sanctions may force them into asset sales that ultimately benefit his security agencies. Or they may return to Russia and be forced not only to invest in the Russian economy rather than spread their wealth globally (like property empires in London, opulent yachts etc.), but also to adopt an even more servile position under Putin. Diminished oligarchs will lead to a vast diminishment in the coffers of international Jewish organizations. A key financial well will have dried up. Putin’s war may well have breathed some truth into an edited version of Moshe Kantor’s dictum: Restrictions on Jewish financiers are necessary for the freedom to live a secure life.


[1] D. Penslar, Jews and the Military (Princeton, Princeton University Press, 2013), 146.

[2] Ibid, 147.

[3] C. Hirshfield “The Anglo-Boer War and the Issue of Jewish Culpability.” Journal of Contemporary History 15, no. 4 (October 1980): 619–31.

[4] Penslar, 150.

(Republished from The Occidental Observer by permission of author or representative)
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  1. excellent essay, and this just in from today’s news-crawler @ Zerohedge:

    2 Russian-Jew oligarchs, one in Moscow and one in Spain, apparently despondent over their shrinking loot piles, have w/in the last 48 hours killed themselves…and their wives and children.

    so Tsar Putin’s fake and gay mini-war on Ukraine, while not a rip-roaring success on the battlefield is, thanks to external sanctions,

    having some good side-effects.

  2. anon[874] • Disclaimer says:

    The dissident right’s longing for open, intellectual anti-Semitism to emerge within Orthodox civilization is as strong as a twelve-year old girl’s longing for a pony. And about as based.

    Sure there is the old Jignat versus Libjew aspect to this conflict, but both those groups know there’s very little immediate downside, so the Libjews are content to stand back and let the Jignats, from Russian Chabat to team Zelensky in Ukraine to the neocons in America, run the Jewish side of this show. In that, it’s almost an extension of certain phases of internal Israeli politics.

    Both know they can count on Russian goyim to wax Patriotic War and “Denazification”, and American goyim to denounce “fascist” Putler while downplaying Azov. Both know Whites will die in Ukraine, while Jews will live.

    But, and it’s a big but: with every invocation of the reductio ad Hitlerum, with every glimpse the world gets of Western degeneracy, irresolution and Jewish rule, all of Jewry becomes a little weaker. Not twilight yet, but late afternoon.

    • Thanks: Sepp
    • Replies: @JWalters
  3. Unit472 says:

    I was stunned at the number and size of the oligarchs yachts. Putin’s navy had to make do with a 40 year old cruiser as the flagship of his Black Sea fleet ( since sunk) but not Russia’s oligarchs. Add the cost of Russia’s luxury yacht fleet up and it probably exceeds the value of Russia’s surface navy!

    That virtually EVERY oligarch worth his Julius Baer Swiss bank account saw fit to buy a mega yacht suggests it wasn’t because they were avid sailors. No, my guess is these were intercontinental escape palaces built for the day when the owners had to get the hell out Russia and reluctant to rely on Golden passports issued by Cyprus, Turkey or even the UK. Even an English or French pied a terre can be seized but a 250 foot yacht can always find safe harbor somewhere and can carry enough stolen loot to live comfortably aboard for years!

    If America’s billionaires suddenly decide they all need gigantic luxury yachts look out, the bottom is about to fall out in the US too.

  4. Dr. Doom says:

    The Zion Pigs are beginning to LOSE IT ALL.
    These horrible little nose goblins are unwelcome guests.

    )))They((( never seem to get the hint.
    You have to burn them off like ticks.

    These parasites have caused enough damage.
    People can not unsee what they are now seeing.

    These little twerps have stolen everything they have.
    It will now be repossessed by those it was stolen from.

    Make no mistake. This will be Biblical in Scope.

  5. @Haxo Angmark

    Tsar Putin’s fake and gay mini-war on Ukraine

    There is nothing “fake and gay” about War. This one has already resulted in deaths of thousands of people. Nor is it “Tsar Putin’s war on Ukraine”. The parties have been at war since 2014. The EU, America and NATO deposed the legitimate Ukrainian President, Yanukovych, and replaced him with a regime subservient to them.

    Ethnic Russians ( about 25% of the population ), concentrated in the south and east of Ukraine, fearful of persecution, decided to secede. The government of Crimea Oblast expelled Ukrainian troops – with no loss of life- and held a referendum on uniting with Russia. This was successful and it reunited with Russia.
    At the same time, militias of ethnic Russians formed in the Donbas, where they were countered by Ukrainian troops. Battle commenced and continues to this day. Even before the recent incursion, 14,000 people had perished in the war.

    while not a rip-roaring success on the battlefield

    The conquest of all Ukraine was never the Russian aim. Ukraine has a population of over 40 million . To hold down such a country would require millions of Russian troops. At most, there have been about 200,000 Russian troops in the Ukraine – about 20% of its military – nearly all in the south and east of the Ukraine, which is overwhelmingly composed of ethnic Russians.

    The aims are obvious – demilitarisation of the Ukraine, its neutrality enforced by treaty, and incorporation of the ethnic Russian areas into Russia itself. To these ends, the war is being successfully conducted.
    Mass bombing is eschewed – the aim is to capture Novorossiya, with as little civilian casualties as possible. So its not a blitzkrieg war, quite the contrary. At the same time, the main Ukrainian forces, located in the Donbas, are being encircled. Unless they capitulate or surrender, they face annihilation, so Ukraine will de facto be demilitarised. It will then be forced into neutrality and territorial concessions.

  6. Russia’s billionaire Jews might be almost untouchable, but they have a history of worrying that their Jewishness might become a topic of public discussion.

    This topic is a taboo for thr Russian media, as well as the taxation policies. On a few occasions people like Nikita Mikhalkov, the Russian filmmaker, tried to bring it up on TV and that resulted in immediate ban.

    Nikita Mikhalkov won the Grand Prix of the Cannes Film Festival and the Oscar for Burnt by the Sun. Yet he was banned from the Russian TV for 12 months. The reason was that he exposed the oligarch Herman Gref, showing a footage of him talking about how important it is to keep the people ignorant, in order to remain in control and manipulate them.

    He said that “the Jewish science of Kabbalah” had been a secret teaching for centuries because of that. “How will we manipulate them if we tell them what we are doing,” he said.

    Herman Gref is the CEO and chairman of the executive board of Sberbank, the largest Russian bank. He met Putin in St. Petersburg when the latter was working at the local administration.

    The point is, do not confuse personal relationship with political or cultural nationalism. Those few people who had been forced out of Russia were replaced with those who were more reliable.

    And most of them happen to be Jewish.

    • Replies: @Verymuchalive
    , @JWalters
  7. Excellent article, Dr Joyce, including this gem.

    Putin is a kind of accidental, or rather incidental, anti-Semite

    The Accidental Anti-Semite: The Life and Times of Vladimir Putin

    Sounds like a great title for a biography. I hope the biographer gives you full credit for your insight.

    • Replies: @JWalters
  8. Unit472 says:

    They say the Russian air force is generating no more than 200 sorties per day. That doesn’t not mean mass bombing is being eschewed it means that is all Russian Aviation can generate. As sanctions and lack of armaments bite not even that rate is likely to be maintained.

    Coming at the Russian army are some 100 M-777 155 mm field artillery pieces. These lightweight, long range guns are wickedly accurate. The USMC hit an enemy position at 21 miles. Trying to move tanks across the open steppes of Eastern Ukraine with drone forward artillery spotters directing these 155mm guns is a disaster waiting to happen to Putin’s armor.

    The Russians have even left a sizable force of Ukrainian troops in Mariupol. This isn’t like the US Navy bypassing a Japanese garrison marooned on a Pacific Island in WW2. This is a force that will require a larger force of Russian troops to surround and isolate. For an army short of combat effective units this is not much of a victory.

    The Russians could still pull off a win in the Donbass but it will take more men and combat power than they have yet been able to field. What can’t be undone is the revelation that far from being 10 feet tall Putin’s military is broken and incapable of subduing a middle sized neighbor. You can bet Xi Jinping is not going to want to tie his nation and armed forces to such a poorly trained and reckless ally.

  9. Oddly enough a certain former German leader maintained that Europe could not be united in peace and prosperity until the influence of a certain ethnic group had been neutralized. That he did, with flair, and within fifteen years there was the European Market, then the Common Market, then the European Union. Now, the elements working to unravel that powerful economic bloc – the IMF, World Bank, US Fed – all have individuals of that same ethnic group high in their power structures. I could not venture to claim that this is so because of the peculiar genetic make up of such people, but it is reasonable to guess their common cultural values might be a contributing factor to their consistent behavior patterns.

    That same leader also predicted that if his government failed, persons of that ethnic group would come to rule the world. Indeed, the memory of his efforts to break the power of international capitalism while it was still relatively new has been reconstituted as a mindless, inexplicably murderous racial hatred, bolstered by a vast body of claims that simply do not stand up to investigation.

  10. @Unit472

    The M-777 Howitzer is almost useless against moving targets, and regardless of that Russia has a lot more powerful both howitzer and mortar pieces.

    • Thanks: emerging majority
    • Replies: @Gidoutahere
    , @simple mind
  11. meena says:

    “he financiers have been seriously strained by the devaluation of the rouble and the government’s decision to repay only a fraction of their holdings in treasury bills. Their early hopes for Chernomyrdin were immediately fulfilled; instead of allowing bankruptcy, the Central Bank pumped four billion roubles into the banking system to keep some of them afloat.”

    USA has been doing followubg same prescriptions for its fiannacail woes and has been repeating the same thievery without someone so much as even suggesting that it requires some kind of public or public’s representative’s input .Behind technical jargon of stupidest reelvance it pumped trillions . Even the dollars were not devalued at each juncture of the crisises like Ruble were .

  12. meena says:

    It could have destroyed Ukraine ,had Russia instituted the same kill policy of the west . Bush sr and his scumbag son arent 10 feet tall .But killing first thing in the morning a newly born baby before getting ready for the church is simple routine exercise for the west.

    • Agree: Rev. Spooner, annamaria
  13. anonymous[363] • Disclaimer says:

    EU shouldn’t have offered memberships to most of those countries that came into existence after 1991. Latvia Hungary, Estonia and Lithuania are not countries but the curses where the Zio goes to wreck havoc on other by bribing those little shitty nations’ leaders .

    • Replies: @René Fries
  14. Notsofast says:

    ….wickedly accurate….not as accurate as the russian missiles that are going to take out these museum pieces. i honestly think that nato (united states empire) is just trying to dispose of their antiquated military inventory by having the russians blow it all up, saving them the disposal costs and forcing their vassals to buy new u.s. antiquated weapons.

    • Agree: Mustapha Mond, Thomasina
    • Replies: @Unit472
  15. @Unit472

    Nice theory, about the yachts.

    In reality they all got seized in ein augenblick, by some lowly Italian coastal guard or another. And all of sudden the cucks like Fridman and Aven are holed up in their London flats crying that they cannot afford a Filipina maind and a Paki chauffer.

    So much for escaping out of Russia on their unsinkable yachts! Obviously the yacht were just a status symbol and nothing else.

    • Agree: Polistra
    • Replies: @Sepp
  16. Andrew Joyce pens another balanced, superbly written, and insightful essay. Outstanding. Thank you.

  17. Your assessment of Putin and his methods is fascinating.

    Elsewhere a commenter reminded readers of Castro. The Cuban leader used sanctions to export criminals to the United States.

    In short bonkers American-based tribal neocons, who consider ordinary Ukrainians expendable just like Boer civilians, appear to have scored an own goal by poking the Russian bear.

    Some pundits claim this could also quicken de-dollarization. Humpty Dumpty is perched precariously on Ponzi economics.

    • Agree: Doug Hillman
  18. ZOG says:
    @Haxo Angmark

    Putin is not anti-semitic in a traditional sense, but it is true that he resents group machinations and intrigues that bring harm to the Russian state and its people. After the oligarchs, the next shoe to fall is the decline of the US and the end of the US dollar as reserve currency. The rest of the world knows that American intimidation and bullying is tied to the greenback, so ending its days as reserve currency will set a lot of wrong things right.

  19. Unit472 says:

    Cruise missiles need to know where a target is and will be otherwise terrain following guidance just doesn’t work. Consider the problem ( if you can). You launch an airplane carrying a terrain guided missile miles from the Ukrainian border ( weather permitting). The missile then spends one hour in flight to reach the target 500 miles away. If it is a scoot and shoot M-777 gun it can happily pepper its targets at the rate of 4 shells per minute for 30 minutes then evacuate its firing position and be miles away from where you thought it was when the cruise missile arrives. You have wasted a million dollar munition and achieved nothing while the towed gun is setting up and ready to fire again from a new location.

    Self propelled artillery ( The US Palidin system) tends to be to0 heavy to move fast and has less range than the towed 155mm M-777.

    • Replies: @Notsofast
  20. @Verymuchalive

    none of Russia’s goals in the Ukraine can be securely realized w/o a complete liquidation of the

    ZOG/Zelensky regime in Kiev. But since Putin is himself pro-Zion,

    and has pulled his forces away from Kiev,

    this is not going to happen. So far,

    Putin’s Ukraine mini-war, a.k.a., “special military operation”,

    is a complete clusterf*ck. It’s no wonder that

    Uncle Schmuel and NATO are getting more and more aggressively involved.

    • Disagree: mulga mumblebrain
    • Replies: @Verymuchalive
    , @Exile
  21. Notsofast says:

    you seem to coveniently forgot that russia has air supremacy . so assuming your big, clunky field artillery pieces even make it to the battlefield, they will be picked off one by one by russian a.s.m’s. i don’t even want to tell you about the kinzhal, you’ll poop your pants when you find out how fast those things move.

    • Replies: @Here Be Dragon
  22. @Notsofast

    No one is going to spend a cruise missile and let alone the Kinzhal on a target like a howitzer. For that a multiple rocket launcher machines are used, such as Grad – 40 barrels charged with a rocket, 45 km range and 2 rounds per second rate of fire. And it is cheap. The Russians have thousands of them.

    Or a chopper is sent, and it fires a small guided missile.

    • Replies: @Wokechoke
    , @Notsofast
  23. @Unit472

    Nearly everything you say is fatuous, particularly this:

    The Russians have even left a sizable force of Ukrainian troops in Mariupol. This isn’t like the US Navy bypassing a Japanese garrison marooned on a Pacific Island in WW2.

    There is no force of Ukrainian troops above ground in Mariupol. There is a force of Ukrainian troops holding out in the honeycomb of tunnels under the massive Azovstal iron and steel works, which is outside the centre of Mariupol. The Russian military have decided that there is no military benefit to be gained from storming the tunnels and have sealed them off. The defenders have a choice – surrender, starve. or blow up the tunnels with themselves in them ( they still have expolosives, apparently).
    Regardless, the defenders are marooned inside these tunnels and militarily insignificant.

    • Replies: @Unit472
  24. @Haxo Angmark

    You’ve not bothered reading Mr Joyce’s article or my comment carefully. So, here it is again.

    none of Russia’s goals in the Ukraine can be securely realized w/o a complete liquidation of the
    ZOG/Zelensky regime in Kiev.

    Holding down the whole of the Ukraine would require millions of troops. As the Russians have a military of a little over 1 million, it is totally unattainable. This is not the Russians’ war aim.

    But since Putin is himself pro-Zion,
    and has pulled his forces away from Kiev,
    this is not going to happen

    Dr Joyce

    One of the most fascinating aspects of Putin’s political career is that it combines an often flamboyant rhetorical and performative philo-Semitism with actions that directly harm or obstruct Jewish interests.

    We need more philo-Semites like Putin.

    Russian forces around Kiev, Kharkov and Nicolaev etc were not there to take those cities, but to tie down Ukrainian forces so that they could not reinforce the Ukrainian army in the Donbas. This has been successful, so Russian troops have been withdrawn.

  25. Wokechoke says:

    Mr Joyce,

    Wouldn’t it be a good joke if Putin offered the Azovstal Azov Battalion members a flight to Israel out of the war zone? This might solve the impasse in Mariupol and highlight how bizarre Right Sector and their offshoot Azov Battalion’s origins really are. Moshe Kantor, lol what a name.

  26. Wokechoke says:
    @Here Be Dragon

    Most of them will be knocked out in artillery duels.

  27. Unit472 says:

    The US thought it had taken the island of Iwo Jima too. There had been no fighting and US air force crews were busy setting up a landing strip for damaged B-29’s to land at. Then a couple of hundred Japanese the Marines had not accounted for came out of the night and set upon the USAF personnel as they slept in their tents. With samurai swords and bayonets that started hacking and stabbing them to death. Didn’t want to fire their guns and alert the combat troops as to what was going on.

    I don’t recall if there were any courts martial but I presume there were for not posting sentries and maintaining security around the airfield. Its easy to get sloppy after you thought you had already won a big victory.

    • Thanks: profnasty
  28. @Here Be Dragon

    I totally accept your comments about Jewish influence being a taboo topic for the Russian media.
    But there is another taboo topic, and this relates to Herman Gref and others.

    Gref is not Jewish, but is actually a Russian of German descent. He can speak German well and is a Goethe admirer.

    There are a fair number of others like him. Konstantin Ernst, the CEO of Channel One Russia, for instance. As recently as 1990, there were still over 2 million Russians of ethnic German origin, and even more of partial German descent. Of course, in the past, there were many prominent Russians of German origin – Baron Wrangel and Count Witte spring to mind. Most have now emigrated to Germany, but a fair number of prominent ones still remain.

    After the Bolshevik Revolution, and continuing into the 1950s, these people of ethnic German origin were subject to deportation and periods of severe persecution. Many were killed or died in the process. Few modern Russians would deny this was wrong and immoral. Some might even regard it as a stain on the nation’s history. So the present day Russian MSM is not going to attack someone for being of “suspect” German ancestry. In fact, they probably won’t mention it at all. Even better, try and suppress the story, as Mikhalkov found out to his cost.

    Another reason is that the Russian Government had attempted to maintain passable relations with Germany, until the inevitable rupture on February 24th this year.

    • Replies: @Here Be Dragon
  29. @Verymuchalive

    Yes Herman Gref is not Jewish but as he said himself he is infatuated with Kabbalah. There is a rabbi in Moscow who is running a huge sect in which a lot of powerful people are engaged. There is a Masonic lodge in both Moscow and Saint Petersburg.

    Being Jewish or as it often is the case in Russia, being of Jewish origin but not per se a Jew in itself does not mean much. Most Jews do not believe that all those outrageous things people talk about are indeed found in the Talmud or elsewhere and are a part of Jewish religion. Most Jews consider that antisemites made it all up.

    So it is about what is in the head, not in the blood.

    And regarding the Russian Germans as far as I know most of them are rather patriotic, at least those of them who are still residing in Russia. Though I might be wrong but I guess that if most of them can repatriate but are not doing that, then it is hard to imagine them being hostile to the state considering that most of them are not rich nor are close to power.

    I a sure that Ernst does what he is told to do and it is Putin who decides what goes in and what goes out.

  30. Notsofast says:
    @Here Be Dragon

    on this point i agree with you, the kinzhals will be saved for the aircraft carriers and other floating mortuaries. i was just trying to let old unit472 know that russia has many other options than subsonic cruise missiles launched from 500 mi. away

  31. Moshe Kantor and Boris Spiegel are real big fish. Especially the former. On one level of Soros and Lauder. Game changer. It looks like the Americans and the EU/Europe are finally treating the situation with the seriousness it deserves. The end of NGO politics and the dawn of war politics. Israel knows how to navigate them. But Bibi’s favorites are running out of steam in Europe. Austria’s Strache got taken out by the IC, Orbán is isolated and the AfD nuked itself into total irrelevance with its pro-Putin policies outside of the former DDR. Who even remembers Geert Wilders? Even Le Pen lost.

    Total defeat of Bibi/Likud and Putin/FSB.

    Even Die Linke in Germany got obliterated. Great moment of triumph for America’s Greens and Merz CDU. Black pill for populists, white pill for institutionalists. Still dire situation for Germany thanks to SPD. Might get sanctioned, too. Even quiet regime change by IC/Atlanticists not unthinkable, albeit unlikely. Will probably be left to internal German purges for sake of Western unity, maybe reelections soon.

    Different situation for America. Musk and Thiel, Harzony will get Trump reelected in 2024. But if you are in Europe and you fantasize about “destabilizing and delegitimizing” the Western democracies, potentially dreaming of a coup, they are now de facto acts of war and will be treated as such. No matter, if you are masquerading as a left-wing or right-wing extremist. You know who you are.

    Long term the real elephant in the room were the converging interests of Galut/Israel and Germany/Europe towards China. But under the conditions of Putin’s war the USA may finally find the leverage to pressure both to change course. And that would also mark the real end of multi-polarity. Even under optimal conditions China would stand no chance against a united USA+EU. Neither was it ready, when Putin started the full-scale invasion. It needed at least ten, better twenty more years.

    Most likely outcome: loud public proclamations in favor of Russia; in practice EU and USA take priority, always. Putin’s North Korea Russia might end up as China’s Belarus.

    I don’t believe in the rebirth of a “based” West. Not at all. Only possibility would be Washington and Bruxelles realizing just how much Russia/China weaponized energy policies, id politics, class divide, globalism and other leftist issues for leverage and hybrid warfare. Which is highly unlikely, because, unlike in the Cold War, both centers of power are now filled with true believers. Establishment will further belong to Psakis, not Claire Lehmanns. Dumbest thing of the establishment to do, would be to use this moment to crack down on everyone to the right of Merkel – Putin Hitler, “Kremlin’s populist fascists”, Dugin right-wing extremist, etc. – and strengthen the left even further, worsening the whole situation. Which they will likely do! Fukuyama and all these people just have no answers and they are all geriatrics. Corruption, rot and incompetence are also very real. — Aviloop.

    For the West to be truly reborn, Europe would have to be allowed to go Japan/Israel mode which will probably only be granted to Ukraine alone, if at least parts of the state survive. The West may still hold on to global dominance, but as a late stage Western Imperium Romanum. If not this century, then the next will still belong to CHYNA.

  32. Anonymous[113] • Disclaimer says:

    Oh yeah and one last word on “nationalism”. The Japanese nationalist scene is light years ahead of anything you will find in Europe, including Poland, Hungary or Ukraine, or France. You know why? Because America wanted it. America has no qualms at all to send historians to the Yasukuni Shrine to tell a Japanese audience that the Japanese army were heroes while oh so based Nippon Kaigi and the USA orgas produce content aimed at Taiwan to tell them how good Japanese occupation actually was. All the while BBC Japan airs non-stop content about how all members of the Hitlerjugend were murderers, Auschwitz and evil mustache man. The Japanese political establishment has thrown Germany under the bus decades ago. Not that they had much of a choice, I guess. If you want to see a country REALLY “cucked” by America look no further than to the Alt-Right’s dreamland. All nicely surmised in this one tweet.

    There are no nations, only empires left.

    At least Russia had nukes and, so some believed lol, a good army. And if you weren’t part of Russia’s hybrid gang, you wasted everyone’s fucking time. Including way too much of my own.

  33. @Haxo Angmark

    “…Russian-Jew oligarchs, one in Moscow and one in Spain, apparently despondent over their shrinking loot piles, have w/in the last 48 hours killed themselves…and their wives and children…”

    So those Jews care more about money than even their own lives. Seems to confirm certain old stereotypes:

    • Replies: @The Real World
  34. @Observator

    That same leader also predicted that if his government failed, persons of that ethnic group would come to rule the world.

    That this has come to pass (as no one would have been foolish enough to deny even back then) is undeniable. The censurious classes are well aware of its implications, know that more than a few of the serfs are also very well aware, and are doing everything in their power to prevent that awareness from either being expressed or translated into a cure for the ailment.

  35. bert33 says:

    Sounds like INTERPOL and EUROPOL need to open up shop in israel and work directly with the russian govt on high finance crime stuff and get more of these folks looked at more closely. Rich people can go to prison too

  36. Durruti says:

    We need more philo-Semites like Putin.

    Haxo has conveniently overlooked the earlier Russian intervention (2015) into Syria. This intervention Brilliantly, Effectively, and Devastatingly, ended (for a good long time) the Zionist efforts to expand their stolen land into Eretz Israel a Greater Imperialist military base, extending from the Euphrates, to the Nile. The Money Changing Land Thieves Entity has thousands of maps – documenting their aims, for any who wish to see them.

    In one quick move, in which Russia utilized only a small portion of their Air & Naval forces, and a few elite ground troops, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Iran, Egypt, (and even Iraq), were saved. One might argue that the entire Planet was saved (at least for a time) from a grim Old Testament fate.

    Much of Haxo’s other comments resemble more “cluster f*cks” of his mind, than the rather daring (and necessary) Russian attempt to save their Nation (which is what this beginning of WW III is all about).

    The Russians are doing quite well (all make mistakes under the life and death dangers of actual War – bullets are flying). The worst mistake of the Russian leaders would have been NOT TO FIGHT. The Russians are shooting. Everything has changed. They are singing Patriotic songs, and flying their National Banner, and their War Banner, the Red Flag, with the Hammer & Sicle.

    We Americans are generations behind our Russian Brothers & Sisters. We are leaderless, unorganized, shaking in fright, completely atomized, without a Constitutional President, without a Congress, without identity, wearing masks, following arrows; we are without Red Blood, without brains, without honor, without sovereignty, Without a Republic!

    The day we join our Russian brothers & sisters on the battlefield, shooting at the same enemy, is the day we regain our Honor, and our existence before History. *Let’s Restore Our Republic, that we lost on November 22, 1963. This must be the first step.

    God Bless America & Russia!

    Dr. Peter J. Antonsen – nom de guerre, Durruti

  37. @Unit472

    There’s a pretty simply solution to this military hardware coming from the West – destroy the bridges on the Dniepper River that separates West and East Ukraine. The fact this hasn’t happened yet is because these armaments aren’t a very serious threat to Russian plans.

    • Replies: @Here Be Dragon
  38. It’s despicable that Jewish oligarchs can use the Holocaust to hide under while raping and Pillaging global economies.
    If sane world governments would wake up, they would be vastly richer and less in debt by freezing their assets and reappropriating their assets into their national treasury.
    Imagine a world without ZioNazi’s controlling everything. Now if we can go after EU and US oligarchs.
    Now that’s a world I would love to live in.

    Btw, great article, the best one yet.

  39. Sepp says:
    @Thelma Ringbaum

    No “lowly Italian coastal guard” would seize a Jewish billionaires yacht on his own initiative. Just as with the way all the countries of the WEF empire mandated lockdowns, masks, and “vaccinations”, the speed with which all these yachts were seized is proof of a certain degree of pre-planning.

    We also have all the pre-war propaganda of “Putin is going to invade”, and all the economic sanctions imposed before Putin finally made his move, as more evidence of the pre-planning involved in this hit.

    It looks to me like some kind of civil war going on between WEF-Jews and “Russian” Khazarians. WEF-Jews want mass goy extinction, economic collapse, and an judeo-oligarchic technocracy with themselves at the top. The “Russian” Jewish Oligarchs have plenty of oil and resources and were not going along with all the idiocy like ESG, Zero Carbon and Transgenderism. This was one of the reasons this Judeo-Ukrainian civil war was created, in order to whip the “Russian” Khazarian Jews into line.

    • Thanks: Joe Levantine
  40. @Verymuchalive

    True about Kiev, but not Kharkov and Nicolayev. Why? Those cities happen to not be Ukie majority, but Russian or at least Russian-speaking. Russia WILL liberate all those non-Ukrainian Bolshevik and Stalinist add-ons to the Frankenstein Monster which is the former Ukraine SSR.

    • Replies: @Verymuchalive
  41. Sepp says:

    This was another fantastic article by Andrew Joyce, and doubly so because not only is it oozing with Schadenfreude, but it also has a glint of optimism in that we can hope that all the planet’s Jewish oligarch demi-gods could face the same come-uppance.

    Unfortunately what is most likely to happen is that the spoils of these “Russian” oligarch Jews will merely be divided up among other groups of Jews, and the useful idiot goyim will remain as oppressed as ever. For these “Russian” oligarch Jews actually face the impoverishment they so richly deserve would require the downfall of Russia. If that happens western Sephardi and Khazarian Jews will merely replace the “Russian” Khazarian Jews, with the idiot goyim ending up even more hopelessly enslaved than ever.

  42. @Unit472

    There are very few Russian troops manning the perimeter around Azovstal. Most of the holding forces are Donbass folks and they have issues with the Ukronaz—like some 14,000 victims of perpetual bombardment over the past 8 years.

    The other grouping happen to the Chechens and for very good reason the trapped Ukronaz units are scared shitless of those cock-cutters. First thing those Muslim guys will do to the Banderites will be to magically transform their cocks into dicks. After that, if they are lucky, they will face Russian justice as war-criminals, with both heavy tats and a certain scar where previously there was healthy, nerve-ending rich skin.

  43. @西独の人

    “China would stand no chance against a united( U\$\$A)+ EU”. So here you have a Talmudist run oligarchy with a national indebtedness soaring downwards fiscally to 40 Trillion, a decaying infrastructure, a divided populace and a woke military on one hand. On the other an EU which will be freezing in the dark next winter with massive unemployment because of sanctions on Russian gas…and you are attempting to slip that one past us.

    Whatever else you may have posted becomes totally tainted due to this misapprehension of geopolitical/economic balance of power reality. Mackinder would be doing cartwheels in his grave at the very thought of periphery powers outlasting the two continental heartland powers.

    • Agree: annamaria
    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
    , @Anon
  44. JM says:
    @Haxo Angmark

    …so Tsar Putin’s fake and gay mini-war on Ukraine, while not a rip-roaring success…

    One of the Gayest remarks I’ve seen so far on this devastating but necessary war.

  45. @Unit472

    Its easy to get sloppy after you thought you had already won a big victory.

    Especially, as nobody seems to know how many people are down there. The Russian MOD have claimed that up to 2000 troops and others are in the Azovstal tunnels. Other estimates vary from thousands to less than 400.

    Also, there is no agreement on why they are down there. Are there that many foreign “volunteers”, fearful of Russian retaliation and ready to make a last stand ? I don’t think so. I suspect that most have fled westwards long ago. Other claims include high ranking NATO officials, including generals, hiding in the tunnels. Also documents and materials, highly compromising to NATO. which must be destroyed. Even a bio-weapons factory in the tunnels.

    Unless we get a definitive answer, The Legend of the Azovstal Tunnels will run and run. If he’s still around in 10 years, Alex Jones will be doing programmes on it.

    PS Has anyone seen Field Marshal Paulus recently ?

  46. @ZOG

    Nothing is more consistent than to see and treat Jews as fellow human beings, and expect them to act like it. It is rather plain where that ethos runs into trouble.

  47. @emerging majority

    China will never attack the USA or EU. So any war would be fought on Chinese territory, far from the Atlanticist homelands. And if the war is economic, well it is to laugh. China has gotten away, I’m afraid, and is fast disappearing from sight.

    • Replies: @annamaria
  48. I think Putin is very clever and has the right psychological long-term strategy with the Zionists sociopathic oligarchs of his country. The more you try to battle against them the more aggressive and angry they become – like many of us. It’s really a very difficult and may be the only possible way for Putin but he understands the importance of diplomacy and tries to ‘tame’ the oligarchs’ aggression and rage.
    Many people don’t understand that the Zionists’ strategy is to arouse antisemitism because it’s a weapon for they and for their nwo-agenda … they – like many power-hungry people – need this hate to promote and advance their own agenda. It’s just the driving force like gasoline for the car. Better not to give that gasoline.
    To tame the Zionists and their lust for power you need the whole world, it’s not a one state’s or one man’s matter. The best way to do it is to keep them out of decision-making bodies, not to curse them. They have their own special genes and we have our owns. If you don’t set them borders they take all with their mason friends. To set them borders you don’t need to hate them, only their bad manners and behavior. You have to do what they’re always trying to do to others, which means to put them to work for the country where they live and not give them the reins to control your own country and economy – like state-capitalistic China and Russia are doing. If they get the power they quickly take all and destroy the country and its culture – and economy. The ‘soross’ and ‘zuckerbergs’ of the US are a perfect example.
    Just to add: although Putin has shown himself to be empathetic towards the Zionists and has not started to argue about the Holocaust and even accepted that the Holocaust should not be denied in Russia, the Zionists have not appreciated it but still ‘tease’ or harass him, at least some of them.
    In a way, the typical Zionist ingratitude has been his reward.

    • Agree: Robjil
    • Replies: @Oracle
    , @Here Be Dragon
    , @Sepp
  49. @Durruti

    God bless Russia (I never thought I´d say that) …
    America is beyond repair – and as long as the Jew can hide behind Uncle Sam´s skirt
    while terrorizing, bleeding and subverting the World, nothing will change.
    I like your points (especially the “shooting at the same enemy” part 😀 ) but here you err.

  50. Oracle says:
    @Odd Rabbit

    “The best way to do it is to keep them out of decision-making bodies, not to curse them.” Keeping them out of decision-making bodies (or country clubs) also makes them angry and the results are the same as if we had ‘cursed’ (?) them. Byzantium tried this method and apparently it worked for a few centuries.

  51. @Alt Right Moderate

    It has happened this morning. But not the bridges have been hit – the railroad instead has been. Bridges are hard to build and are even more expensive to restore.

    The head of Ukraine’s railway service says five stations in the central and western parts of the country have been hit by missile strikes.

    “Russian troops continue to systematically destroy railway infrastructure. This morning, within an hour, 5 railway stations in central and western Ukraine came under fire,” Oleksandr Kamyshin, the chairman of the railway service, said on Telegram.

    • Replies: @Wokechoke
  52. @Odd Rabbit

    I think Putin is very clever and has the right long-term strategy with the oligarchs of his country. The more you try to battle against them the more aggressive they become – like many of us. It’s really a difficult and may be the only possible way for Putin but he understands the importance of diplomacy and tries to tame the oligarchs’ aggression and rage.


    Had he wanted to battle against them he would have arrested them and nationalize their assets. And then his support rating would go up to 99% and he knows that. But the problem is that Putin is not the man people think he is.

    In truth Putin is a corrupt politician who relies on support of the oligarchs, the most powerful of whom are his closest friends. He is surrounded with people that he himself brought into power and made them billionares.

    Russia is a liberal capitalist state.

  53. Sepp says:
    @Odd Rabbit

    The best way to do it is to keep them out of decision-making bodies, not to curse them.

    LOL. This is why they were kept in ghetto’s across Europe until they took over the banking system and installed Napoleon into power. The Tsar’s tried to perform the same feat with their Pale of Settlement. History proves that everywhere they go, Jews exploit and abuse the native populations. Usually it was the elites who turned these Jews loose on the peasants for their own short term benefit, but just like the serfs the elites ended up in debt to and under the yoke of the conspiring Jews.

    To pretend that one can keep these murderous, lying, pedophiliac Jews out of “decision-making bodies” while allowing them to live among us is the origin of the current predicament of all the European peoples.

    Were it not for Jews, it is unlikely that there ever would have been an African slave trade, or the rapacious colonial exploitation of the 19th and 20th centuries, or the century long opium addiction of the middle and far east. Most importantly for Europe, there never would have been two world wars.

  54. Anon[378] • Disclaimer says:

    Jews just dont get it. For all their high intelligence they never seem to grasp that there arrives a point in time where people get fed up with them and want them gone. Even their lap dogs on the payroll ultimately become sick and tired of receiving their marching orders from the Jew overseer.

    On the other hand perhaps they do, hence the state of Israel to which they can slink off when things get hot. However this location is surrounded on all sides by hundreds of millions of Moslems who hate them. Surprise surprise !!

    In the coming decades once can add another 4 or 5 countries to the 120 or so who have kicked them out over the ages.

    As for them choosing between health and money, the Jew is like the East Indian. Both will eat as little as possible of the cheapest fare, wear the same clothes to rags, wear shoes until the heels fall off and neglect personal hygiene until they stink in order to save every penny. However by the time they become affluent, their wealth cannot reverse the bodily rot ie if they have changed the habits that made them rich in the first place.

    I know one well off Indian family who will entertain sumptuously in their monstrous house. However privately they will have for breakfast yesterdays roti and tea from a tea bag used over and over again. For lunch a huge plate of rice and some curried chick peas or fried fish heads and for dinner more rice with a handful of vegetables perched on top with a glass of tap water. The partiarch of the family wears a green sweater with so many holes it is practically useless. The miserable sod wont even drive his Audi SUV to the Salvation Army and buy a replacement for a few dollars.

    Jews and East Indians are very much alike and after a certain age, when their life experiences are vast, you can see the nature of their character written all over their faces and especially the eyes. Even people who do not know them or of them, see, feel and sense a sleaze and slime just from looking at them. There is an inherent evil in these characters, initially hidden by a smile which they abandon when they get what they want or beyond a certain level of wealth. Hype or not, cliche or not, its the reason people dislike them so. To boot, all this talk about cohesion is nonsense. They would fuck their own Mother for a dollar.

    120 countries over the Millennia cannot be wrong !

    • Agree: Ulf Thorsen
  55. Wokechoke says:
    @Here Be Dragon

    The Moskva allowed more precise targeting of arms. With that monitor station gone, the Russians will just tear up the Ukie railways. A mix of commando and missile strikes.

    • Replies: @Here Be Dragon
  56. Wokechoke says:

    There will be some incidents, but samurai swords, uh….lol. Maybe they will come up with Cossack sabres.

  57. @西独の人

    Mostly yes, but you are, in my opinion, too “elite oriented”, meaning you completely dismiss strength of various European peoples to awake from their lazy prosperous dream lives. And this is, I think, a mistake.

    Globalist-humanist ideology may stand unchallenged as long as most people practicing it live affluent lives. But, with economic crisis, any system, however flexible either changes into something completely unexpected or collapses. Muslims and Africans are simply not digestible to any other culture/race.

    The likes of Wilders etc. don’t stand a chance until the Dutch are well fed & live nice lives. But when it comes down crashing …

    Also, China can be nothing more than a regional power. It lacks universal attraction; the Chinese are too nationalist, too insular & too alien for the rest of the world to tolerate them beyond the position of a regional hegemon (if at all).

  58. @Wokechoke

    The Moskva allowed more precise targeting of arms.

    It had nothing to do with targeting of arms.

    Russian missiles are guided with Glonass space-based satellite navigation, terrain contour matching, inertial guidance and active radar homing.

    • Replies: @Wokechoke
  59. Spanky says:

    They say… — Unit472

    They say a lot of things… most of it propaganda bullshit, like yet another super weapon to crush the evil Russkies. If Russia is doing so poorly militarily, like they say, why are international volunteers, supplies and super weapons necessary? Isn’t Ukraine winning?

    • Agree: Ulf Thorsen
  60. anastasia says:

    “One of his (oligarch Kantor’s) primary projects in recent years has been to lobby the European Union for greater restrictions on individual freedom,,,,,

    Hoisted on his own petard! I love that kind of Justice. It’s just so perfect!

  61. @Sepp

    You say: “To pretend that one can keep these murderous, lying, pedophiliac Jews out of “decision-making bodies” while allowing them to live among us is the origin of the current predicament of all the European peoples.”
    What’s then your solution to the ‘Jewish Question’?
    You cannot change their genes or eliminate them like Hitler has attempted. And Putin were not in the lead of Russia if he’d attempted it … and you must remember the assassinations of the american presidents too.

    • Replies: @Sepp
    , @Anon
  62. Anon[378] • Disclaimer says:
    @emerging majority

    “China would stand no chance against a united( U\$\$A)+ EU”.

    You got that right ! China created the Covid monster and unfortunately for them their Frankenstein returned to the spawning ground.

    With all of China locked down, food shortages (even dogs are in short supply) and residents howling like banshees from their high rise 24/7 cages, I am afraid China is not going to be dominating anyone anytime soon. The place has become an asylum for the insane with all its residents in residence.

    I got to give the Chinks on UR their due. They saw it all coming and fled the place to live among the superior race ie the whites even giving up their gibberish names for English names. However in the coming showdown they will have to be incarcerated. Australia built all those Covid quarantine facilities and these can be converted to prisons.

    Woe onto these losers !

    • Replies: @emerging majority
  63. Interesting take. Have to wonder could the current Russian oligarch woes just be a momentary and acceptable plip to facilitate the great reset, which increasingly looks like the Gentile Genocide and One Tribe Rule reset. When Putin puts sanctions on the Oligarchs by nationalizing their Russian assets, I just might become a believer in twilight idea. The whole Ukraine war just seems like a cleansing of Slavic tribes off some prime agriculture real estate, which probably will wind up in the hands of Jews. On the plus side for Putin, he seems to be embracing gold. Gold is considerably more honest form of money then the Rothschild monopoly paper.

  64. Richard B says:

    This has been an interesting exchange between you and Haxo. Though I do think you’re breaking a lot of rock over Haxo’s comments, more than is warranted, Haxo does have a point regarding Putin’s pro-Zionist position.

    And, though you do make a number of important points, this isn’t one of them.

    Holding down the whole of the Ukraine would require millions of troops.

    This statement, which I focus on only because you repeat it in two separate comments, shows not the slightest comprehension of what modern warfare is about.

    In the first place, holding down the entire population of a country, any country, even the United States, could be done without even using the military. But if you chose to do that you’d only need a fraction of the number you mention in order to do the job.

    • Replies: @Verymuchalive
  65. Twilight?
    They have been killing off each other all the time whenever they could… that’s just part of the game. And for each that goes down, a new one is spawned.
    Same old, same old.

  66. @Durruti

    Thanks for mentioning the intervention in Syria, an area of the world where there seems no obvious Russian vital interest. A very funny peculiar thing for a philo-Semite to do.

    Of course, sometimes the mask slips. A number of years ago, Putin was meeting Russian Jewish religious leaders in Moscow. In the course of his speech, he gave prominence to the fact that 80 to 85% of early Soviet leaders were of Jewish origin. As Putin is strongly anti-Bolshevik, this was not a flattering comment. Apparently, the rest of the meeting was very uncomfortable for the rabbis! Another funny peculiar thing for a philo-Semite to say.

    • Replies: @emerging majority
    , @darabi
  67. Words “Jews”, “Jewish” were invented in 18th century, later used in falsification of older books.
    So it is more precise to use words KHAZARS, KHAZARIAN.

    Until world understand history of Khazaria empire (today Southern Ukraine and Southern Russia) no justice and no peace will be seen in Palestine and rest of the world.

    • Replies: @Odd Rabbit
  68. Agent76 says:

    Apr 25, 2022 US says diplomats to return to Kyiv, as Russia ‘failed’ in war aims • FRANCE 24 English

    The United States promised on Monday to reopen its embassy in Kyiv soon, as Defence Secretary Lloyd Austin and Secretary of State Antony Blinken visited Ukraine’s capital and hailed its success so far against Russia’s invasion.

  69. @Kagan was name of Khazar king

    Hard to admire the ingenuity or deviousness of the fake Jews (Khazars) even though everyone in Ukraine is talking about it now.
    What then is the relationship between these Khazarian Jews and real Jews? Gilad Atzmon, for example, says that those who now inhabit Israel are not real or biblical Jews. But there is some kind of cooperation between the right Jews and the Khazars and genetically they are cryptos, apparently for the most part, which is confirmed by the fact that the ‘right’ do not criticise the Khazar projects but support them. So is Judaism and ‘Khazarism’ seem to be the same thing today and should we talk more about Khazars than about Jews in general, which the Khazars are not, or speek just Zionists because they are united by the same religion, the Talmud, which seeks to rule the whole world without sparing wars and whose teachings are suitable for both. For example, Netanyahu, who is the son of an Ashkenazi rabbi, has said that he needs nothing more than the Talmud to guide his country’s policy.

    Video Link
    “The Thirteenth Tribe” is a 1976 book by the Khazar Jew Arthur Koestler, in which the author argues that Ashkenazis are descended not from ancient historical Israelis but from Khazars. Shlomo Sand, a Tel Aviv professor, also says in The Invention of Jewish People that modern Israelis are not predominantly original Hebrews. Sand has said that “I do not believe that religious attachment to a country confers historical right”.

  70. @Here Be Dragon

    Moving targets are almost useless against the M777 in the Zkrain.

  71. @Unit472

    Mega-yachts are a wonderful target for all sorts of weapons. If the Rootless Cosmopolitans think they can escape the wrath of the cheated goyim by fleeing to their escape boats, they may find themselves the easy target of a pissed-off politician.

  72. Exile says:
    @Haxo Angmark

    You’re trying too hard to force this into a kosher politics fake & gay narrative.

    You’re saying that Putin pulled back from Kiev deliberately because he is a crypto-Zionist – threw the fight with Zion.

    Then why have the fight at all? I don’t see how anyone on the Jewish side looks at the obvious and predictable consequences from Putin invading Ukraine and figures that it’s net positive for Jews to wag this dog.

    The obvious play given your assumption that Putin is simply a Jewish puppet was to let Ukraine nuke up and join the rainbow dildo coalition. Less noticing, no sanctions on Jewish tricksters, the overall Zionist project marches on.

    It’s not as if Putin needed shoring up at home or was fending off some “more legitimate” Russian nationalist effort that Jews don’t have their tentacles in.

    I think Joyce has the better take. Putin obviously has past entanglements with powerful Jews and uses them to what he sees as his advantage. But he’s not a puppet – and he certainly isn’t launching fake wars and fake retreats as some stage-managed kabuki show for Big Jew.

  73. Sepp says:
    @Odd Rabbit

    “You cannot change their genes or eliminate them like Hitler has attempted. ”

    LOL. That lie just illustrates my point and the magnitude of the problem. Hitler wanted to ship the communist Jews off to Madagascar. Instead, the communist Jews who waged total war against Germans and Germany ended up in labor camps, where they died as a result of the genocidal starvation campaign by Zionist Jews and their toy goyim puppets like Bomber Harris.

    In fact it was the Jews who were already broadcasting their plans for the genocide of Germany long before Barbarossa was even a twinkle in Hitler’s eye. Germany Must Perish was released by the jew Theodore Kaufman in February 1941, and written before that. This is almost a year before the US entered the war and several months before Barbarossa. Jews running the US government and pulling the strings worked on the Morgentau Plan for the genocide of Germany through 1943, and the plan was finally released to the press, and to the NSDAP, in September 1944 to make sure that Germany did not surrender before all the firebombing of their cities like Hamburg and Dresden was completed. This closely parallels the events in Japan where Japanese attempts at surrender were deliberately ignored until the atomic Jew bomb had been dropped on the Christian capitals of Japan, Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

    Jewish plans for the genocide of Germany long predate even the faked historical even known as the Wannsee conference where the final solution of shipping the Jews to Russia was discussed after the English had stopped Jewish emigration to Palestine and English control of the seas made a Jewish state in Madagascar impossible. Jews have been genociding Europeans for centuries, Germany’s very tame reaction to all this history was really quite tame. The Jews reaction to Germany’s tame reaction was not only brutal and sadistic, but genocidal to boot.

    So what is my solution to the “Jewish Question”? I would propose the same solution for Jews that Jews have come up for goyim and the “Cattle Question”. Inverse Noahide laws. The Jews should have their own private Gaza. Destruction of their history, their families and their culture. Turn them all into queers and trannies and make their women hate their men and visa versa. Turn every Jewish girl under the age of 20 into a porn star. Although Jews like Bourla have been researching and deploying bio-weapons against the Goyim for centuries, I don’t think that we need to go as low as jews.

  74. @Verymuchalive

    Generally, I like your comments/analyses. “Philo-Semite” is semantically puerile, though. Of the five Jewish peoples only one can accurately be called Semitic—that being the Middle Eastern Mizrahim.

    Oh, there are a few descendants of the ancient Hebrews here and there throughout the Western world.These folks are the current offspring of those few Jewish elites (mostly from Jerusalem) who Titus and other Roman Emperors deported from Palestine.

    Another large grouping are the Sephardim, who are constituted primarily of Berber converts to Judaism from around ca 300 BC. and 300 A.D. Of course there are Cohens and various other Aharonites among them—those, though, are a small elite minority among the Sephardics.

    In the U\$\$A, the Jewish majority are of Khazarian extraction, with only a miniscule proportion of Hebrew ancestry–those folks being mostly of a Finno-Ugrian-Turkic background.

    So to cut to the chase “Philo-Judaic” would be far more accurate semantically than “Philo-Semitic”.

    • Replies: @Verymuchalive
  75. Sheba says:

    Both extreme BJP (Hindu extremism) and Zionist settler viewpoints and personalities are similar

  76. Sepp says:

    The Jewish owned MSM loved “Germany Must Perish” almost as much as they loved Stalin while they were covering up the Holodomor.

  77. Anon[275] • Disclaimer says:
    @Odd Rabbit

    Jews are fond of biological warfare labs, apparently.

    Remember the old Nazi posters showing a beefy blonde beast tossing a Jew off a cliff, captioned: “Go where you wanted to send me”?

  78. It sounds terrific but I will believe it when I see all Jews residing happily in Israel singing and dancing to the tune of Hava Nagila. Shalom!

    • Replies: @emerging majority
  79. darabi says:

    [Thanks for mentioning the intervention in Syria, an area of the world where there seems no obvious Russian vital interest.]

    Only ignorant people make such a comment. Putin and Russia have important interest in Syria and that was Russia’s biggest dream to be in the middle east.

    Only racists and dumb people ignore General Soleimani’s intervention to bring Russia into Syria knowing that Russia and Putin love it and will agree to it for simple reason, INTERESTS.
    The reason behind it, is that Iran does not have an air force to bomb the terrorists from the sky. Iran was fighting on the ground against the terrorists. Both Russia, Israel and US are good to bomb the ground from the sky, to kill their enemies, they are NOT fighters, only cowards. Iran has played far more important role to save Syria from the zionist plot, Oded Yinon, than the zionist Putin.

    Putin is there to protect Russian and zionist’s interest, not Syria or Muslim countries’ interest in the region. Russian history shows that this country always was part of the west against MUSLIMS, like British, US and Israel. That’s why the ‘white’ racists ignore Russia and Putin as a zionist protectors.

    Fighting on the ground is far more important than bombing from the sky. Iran’s role is going to be more important in Syria than Russia, due to Ukraine, and hopefully Israel is going to think twice to bomb Syria soon, bastards.

    Only ignorant people do not know that Russia is a zionist entity where in 1947 voted for the erection of Israel. Only dumb or racist people do not know that whoever believes in the erection of Israel, is a zionist. So Russia and Putin are ZIONIST lovers.

    Putin has shown his obedience to Zionism in many ways. Putin does not protect Syria from daily bombing by Israel. Whoever, says it is not Russian responsibilities to stop Israelis terrorist activity in Syria, like Saker, then they should not be trusted. Killing ‘Islamic’ terrorist is good, but killing zionist terrorist is bad. This is said by the phony Putin apologist, to protect the zionist servants like Putin.

    Israel notifies Putin whenever they were bombing Syria beforehand, with no objections from Putin or whoever was in power. Putin and Russia, like China, abstained, at the UN to let NATO/US bomb Libya and Qaddafi to receive concessions, where Russia and Putin allowed US/NATO to destroy Libya and kill Qaddafi. Only cowards do not see that Putin is a zionist.
    The Western policy, where Russia is part of it, is to protect Israel against Muslims at any cost. Only ignorant and racist ‘white’ does not know that. This policy suppose to protect the interest of the West, Russia, against Muslims and Arabs by injecting a ‘Jewish state’ on Arab land to create chaos to put one against the other until the land is divided to many MINI entities. Divide and Rule, to control the region with its resources by erecting a ‘second Israel’, like greater ‘kurdistan’ where the traitor kurds have been spying for the criminal zionists since 1930s. Only ignorant people do not know these facts, that’s why racist ‘white’ support the terrorist kurds but not ‘Independant Catalan’, because the kurds are zionist’s pawns in the region to protect the interests of the zionist baby killers and the west against the regional states. The history shows the same policy is perused by Russia.
    Putin was begging to be part of the NATO for the last 10 years, but received nothing but a fist on his mouth. He was dancing with the Zionists who are hated by the world population, such as George Bush, Trump, Tony Blair and many other criminal zionists to be accepted as a JUNIOR partner, but they refused him because these criminals still view Russia as ‘enemy’ to keep their slaves on board.

    • Replies: @annamaria
  80. @emerging majority

    I was merely using Dr Joyce’s term. Semites – speakers of Semitic languages- include Arabs, Aramaeans, Hebrews and Maltese etc. So it is a bit of a misnomer using it for people who are pro-Jewish only, especially as they are invariably anti-Arab.

    I have been aware for a long time that the vast majority of World Jewry are of Khazar origin. The Khazars, a Turkic-speaking people, formed a Khanate between the Black and Caspian Seas over a thousand years ago. I read The Thirteenth Tribe by Arthur Koestler when it first came out in the 1970s.

    So, you’re right. Philo-Judaic or Judeophile would be much more accurate.

  81. Mefobills says:

    The same playbook is used over and over:

    In other words, at least 30% of Russia’s most influential oligarchs are Jews in a country in which Jews comprise an estimated 0.1% of the population. One cannot honestly speak of the eastern oligarchs without on some level discussing the Jews.

    Borrow international credit from one of your tribesmates from overseas. Make a good business case for the “credit.” Your international and Jewish brother has the ability to hypothecate new credit into existence. You then execute on your business plan, even if it means killing goyim.

    This sort of Jewish gamesmanship goes all the way back thousands of years, long before the Bank of England (the first debt spreading bank owned by hidden (((stock owners))).

    Here is a case of Grant, noticing Jewish maneuverings to acquire Cotton:

    1] On December 17, 1862, General Ulysses Grant wrote to the Assistant Adjutant General of the US Army:

    “I have long since believed that in spite of all the vigilance that can be infused into post commanders, the specie regulations of the Treasury Department have been violated, and that mostly by the Jews and other unprincipled traders. So well satisfied have I been of this that I instructed the commanding officer at Columbus to refuse all permits to Jews to come South, and I have frequently had them expelled from the department. But they come in with their carpet-sacks in spite of all that can be done to prevent it. The Jews seem to be a privileged class that can travel anywhere. They will land at any woodyard on the river and make their way through the country. If not permitted to buy cotton themselves, they will act as agents for someone else, who will be at a military post with a Treasury permit to receive cotton and pay for it in Treasury notes which the Jew will buy at an agreed rate, paying gold.

    Also, on December 17, 1862, General Ulysses S. Grant issued General Orders No. 11. This order banished all Jews from Tennessee’s western military.

    Post war carpet bagging of the south was to make “gains” for the northern capital class.

    The London capital class was also carpet bagging using gold.

    TBills at the time of Grant, were a debt instrument, but also near money because they could always be readily exchanged for dollars. The Civil War was really about the South backsliding into the British Colonial System, so that Jewish Financiers (especially in London) could continue to take sordid gain. King Cotton was needed for the Colonial System.

    Cotton instead of going to northern markets, to then help industrialize American, was instead diverted to England.

    So, Jews were up to their old tricks of trying to subvert the nation state, using their international money destined for international markets.

    The Russian Oligarchs simply took out dollar loans, or loans in pounds, or some sort of Western Money where other Jews were available. They then bought up Russia, especially in the 90’s when everything of value was for sale.

    • Replies: @Sepp
  82. @Franklin Ryckaert

    No, no…very likely not suicides. An axe? I think not.

    There are many other Russian oligarchs who died recently. That’s too much coincidence. Plus, tough guys don’t generally “off” themselves. They’re resourceful, survivor type personalities.

    Most likely, somebody is getting rid of them. LOL, just read the similarities of the various deaths. There are messages being sent.

  83. Mefobills says:

    Spain is yet another example of Jews busting out a nation.

    Jews let in Muslim raiders, basically opening the gates, such that Scythian Ruled Spain fell.

    Then later in history, after discovery of precious metal in the new world, Spain lost its way:


    Alexander Del-Mar documented the plunder of gold and silver from the Americas.

    Before the Spaniards even started mining in South America, they seized about 8 million pounds (English pounds) of gold and silver objects.

    The total loot from America was estimated at 1,230 tons (weight) of gold and 60,440 tons of silver between 1493 and 1690.

    England and Holland created a pirate fleet to interdict the Spaniards on the high seas. The Dutch West India company was created specifically to rob the Spaniards, who in turn robbed the American Indians.

    In the first 13 years, the company equipped 800 ships costing 54 million Guilders. During that period it captured 540 ships with 72 million worth of cargo and stole another 36 million from Portuguese colonies.

    The West Indies company also was important to slavery, as some of the contracts signed in Amsterdam (by Jews no doubt), was to supply negroes to the Spanish colonies in the Americas.

    From 1650 to 1700 Amsterdam was one of the headquarters to the slave trade.

    Oooops, there goes Amsterdam and the Jews and their Gold, yet AGAIN! This history is documented in Herbert Blooms, the Economic Activities of the Jews of Amsterdam.

    So, the gold extracted from South America helped fuel the slave trade, increased piracy, and ultimately caused Spain to lose its way.

    The Gold and Silver, when it arrived in Spain, channeled into the grubby hands of the Noble classes.

    Historian W.A. Shaw: Spain produced little, and manufactured less, and the ill-gotten blood stained gain, which flowed to her shores from America, served only to feed an impractical vanity, and to further unfit the nation for manufacturing and commercial life. Finding that she could purchase anything and everything with this gold and silver, she threw herself into the work of conquest, and let commerce go.

    Money, including gold, is not productive capital. The gold and silver shattered Spain, as she thought she was rich.

    Cellorigo: The cause of the ruin of Spain is that riches ride on the wind of silver and gold, instead of goods that bear fruit. The gold/silver, because of their greater worth, attract to themselves riches from foreign parts; and so ruin our inhabitants.

    Del Mar in 1902, In the History of Precious Metals estimated, “About 1/2 the existing stock of precious metals was obtained through conquest and slavery.”


    For a nation state to defeat the Jew, it must issue Sovereign money, and the ideal form is Bills of Credit. Bills of credit can be CHANNELED to create a desired output.

    NSDAP German bills of credit channeled in proportion to German labor, and did not “ride the wind” or become international, to then ruin the nations inhabitants.

  84. Sepp says:

    Little known historical fact:

    Franco sent the Azul Division to help invade the USSR because he wanted espacio vital (Lebensraum).

    LOL. I mean, why else would anyone invade the Christian murdering Bolshevics who had raped Spain for 5 years?

    Así es Isabel Peralta: la joven fascista hija de un exedil del PP

    “This is Isabel Peralta: the young fascist daughter of a former PP councilor

    The young Falangist has aroused great controversy after her anti-Semitic speech at an act of homage to the fallen of the Blue Division.”


    Clearly Peralta is a Nazi who hates Jews for no reason whatsoever and honors the Azul division because she wants espacio vita.

  85. …shows that stereotypes regarding Jews and their money were alive and well in the late nineteenth century.

    Of course there are stereotypes and there will be as long as the human brain works as a collection of neural networks. This has nothing to do with whether the subject happens to be Jewish or not. It is a fact, though, that Jewish organizations are much more sensitive to the public discourse than any other social group. So those Jewish groups end up complaining about the natural way the brain works. Their antidote is coercion; that means laws restricting the freedom of speech.

    The reality is that any one of us is eventually the subject of labeling by others and we know it and we live with that. Most people auto correct and revise their perceptions as they learn more about each other.

    People who have much power and money and keep a very low profile, almost hiding, offer no data for the people to refine their perceptions of them and they may suffer some level of ostracism; that’s true. But the word Jew is not part of the senrence. And the answer is generally better PR and not coercion.

  86. Sepp says:

    You forgot about the part where the Jew Judah Benjamin absconded to England with all of the South’s cotton and became a made Rothschild pawn worth millions.

    You also forgot about the part where the Wall Street Hof Juden counterfeited billions in T-bills, used the stash to bankrupt the USSR and then to buy up all of the Soviet Assets at fire sale prices afterwards, then how they conveniently stashed all these maturing T-Bills at the Solomon Building positioned between the twin towers, and then how that Solomon building was hit by Jewish lightening and collapsed perfectly into its own foot print right after Buildings 1 and 2 were struck by “hijacked” airliners.

    • Replies: @Mefobills
  87. Wokechoke says:
    @Here Be Dragon

    no, I mean it was useful for detecting arms shipments into Ukraine, particularly in the Black Sea, Danube, Bug area.

    • Replies: @Here Be Dragon
  88. @American Bulwark

    “Have a tequila, have a tequila, drink, drink, drink”.

  89. Mefobills says:

    If a nation state really wants to twilight the Oligarchs, then the Money Power must become Sovereign.

    The U.S. lost is sovereignty due to Robert Morris. Morris wasn’t a Jew, but he was Jew adjacent… he was a mammonite, intent on taking sordid gain for himself.

    Not including “Emit Bills of Credit” in the constitution, had world shaking ramifications. American entry into WW1 and 2 was funded after the Federal Reserve Act, which consolidated private banking as the control mechanism of the realm. And of course, Jews were lurking in the background, agitating for war, to then take sordid gain with their “capital.”

    The American Colonies:

    Bills of Credit, which are three parts; payer, payee, drawee (looks like a check). A bill of credit is DIRECTED credit, not helicopter money.

    The first bills of credit in the Colonies invented Industrial Capitalism. They were bills of credit aimed at the first industry, the Iron Works in Mass. Bay.

    The U.S. got its start in opposition to Gold usury and BOE usury emitted from London. The colonials had to survive, so they became inventive.

    NSDAP Germany. The Germans had to survive, so they became inventive.

    MEFOBILLS, OEFFABILLS. (This is how Germany built out new industry in the face of a hostile world, the same as Russia is facing now. These were bills of credit. Interest fluxed outward from the Reichsbank to pay the holder, so they were not usurious.)

    Article 1 section 8 of the Constitution was modified by the P.O.S. self interested Robert Morris. He would be the equivalent of Nabiullina. Actually worse than Nabiullina, because HE wanted to be the creditor to the nation, not merely a handmaiden for Atlantacists in London.

    If Americans want to know exactly how, when and where the country failed, they have to go back to the beginning. Not properly codifying the money power left open a back door for the worst types of predators to usurp the republic.

    Robert Morris, prevented the Continental Congress from saying some key words in article 1 section 8.

    To borrow Money on the credit of the United States; Morris actively operated against including the words, “Emit Bills of Credit.”

    So, even though the colonial period ran on bills of credit, it was conveniently forgotten:

    Morris saw how well Colonial Script and bills of credit worked in Pennsylvania Colony, as he was a member of the Legislature.

    The Russians to survive, need to get inventive.

    If Glazyev is promoted and his “scientific methods” become law, then Russia will no longer be bound hand and foot with false ideology. Oligarchs will not be able to operate in the open, taking rents and unearned income.

    Both Grant and Lindbergh are mentioned in below link:

    Lindbergh became a prominent member of the “America First” Committee, a group of business leaders and others who believed that the Roosevelt administration was maneuvering to bring the nation into World War II on the side of England. Lindbergh gave a controversial speech in Des Moines, Iowa, in which he identified American Jews as one of three pro-war groups. He had said: “Their (the Jews’) greatest danger lies in large ownership and influence in our motion pictures, our press, our radio and our government. We cannot blame them for looking out for what they believe to be their interests, but we also must look out for ours.”

    Jewish interests ultimately are to make their international “capital” grow. Any organism needs a source of energy input. So, the nature of capital has to be changed to thwart the Jew. The Jew uses his gains, to then invert the natural order, with propaganda or war, or whatever… as long as it is good for the jew.

    • Thanks: Buzz Mohawk
  90. @ZOG

    The rest of the world knows that American intimidation and bullying is tied to the greenback, so ending its days as reserve currency will set a lot of wrong things right.

    In days of yore I did dispatch goods to the heartland of Europe, I did the transactions in US Dollars. I do not think that small businessmen will abandon the dollar and do a deal in Yuan or Ruble just to poke Unkle Sam in the eye.
    Every businessman’s aim is to have a successful and speedy transaction. Replacing the Dollar with any other currency will not be easy unless mandated by their government.
    The reverse ( something Russia is already doing) of sanctions could be a tax on Dollar transactions levied by countries supporting China and Russia.

    • Replies: @Mefobills
  91. Mefobills says:

    The U.S became the whore of Babylon after 1912.

    Her Tbills and Federal Reserve Notes are “international credit.”

    There are even Euro-Dollars, invented by the English banking system after WW2.

    The Eurodollar futures contract is one of the largest and most successful interest rate-based contracts.

    Eurodollars should not be confused with the currency of the European Union which is known as the euro. A Eurodollar and a euro are not the same thing.

    Eurodollar is a term that refers to any United States dollar (“U.S. dollar”) held outside the U.S. banking system. In other words, there can be Eurodollars in the UK, the UAE, Brazil, Burundi, etc. They can even exist in the United States if held in a branch of a foreign bank. The term is not determined by geographical location.

    After World War II when recovering economies gradually began to accumulate onto U.S. dollars, some countries preferred not to repatriate U.S. dollars through U.S. banks, but instead held them “off-shore”, primarily in London-based banks out of the reach of the United States government.

    Over time, a bank lending market grew up around this pool of funds.

    British bankers began referring to the lending rates in this market as the London Inter-Bank Offer Rate, also known as ICE LIBOR.

    In other words, a dollar can be created overseas, and be extinguished overseas, and of which is only related to American productivity in the smallest way. Federal Reserve Notes are not sovereign money, and EURODOLLARS are proof of America’s whore status. Americans are whores for international capital and Jewry. I’m American by the way, and object to being raped by these small hats.

    Glazyev’s synthetic currency, to then mark international trade flows, is a serious threat to the small hats.

    The other serious threat is if a country ever becomes aware, and then issues sovereign money.

    The last serious threat is a power vertical (like a King or Tsar) who has the ability to erase odious debts. Jews always want to be a creditor and own debts on the world.

    Kill off Jewish Crappola means a Synthetic Currency for marking trade flows, Sovereign money within the nation state (especially bills of credit), and a power vertical that is not Jewish, something like a Tsar or King.

    China pretty much is already there, with their national socialism/fascism type of government. They just need to go a little further to protect their future against the predatory international jew.

  92. Anon[338] • Disclaimer says:

    “Power will gravitate into the hands of those who control information”
    ~Zbigniew Brzezinski

    Real Reason All Eyes are on Ukraine
    “yes, is being taken over by the fact-check pod-people”


    Once again, talking and not controlling the information and industry is the problem of the goyim. The goyim are fantastic and complaining about their plight. Not so good and doing anything about it in an intelligent manner.

    “The Jewish people as a whole will become its own Messiah. It will attain world dominion by the dissolution of other races, by the abolition of frontiers, the annihilation of monarchy and by the establishment of a world republic in which the Jews will everywhere exercise the privilege of citizenship. In this New World Order the children of Israel will furnish all the leaders without encountering opposition. The Governments of the different peoples forming the world republic will fall without difficulty into the hands of the Jews. It will then be possible for the Jewish rulers to abolish private property and everywhere to make use of the resources of the state. Thus will the promise of the Talmud be fulfilled, in which is said that when the Messianic time is come, the Jews will have all the property of the whole world in their hands.”
    ~Baruch Levy, Letter to Karl Marx, apparently printed by the ‘La Revue de Paris’, page 574, June 1, 1928

  93. @Odd Rabbit

    You and Arthur Koestler are right: About 91 to 96% of “Jews” are Khazars (by their origin), only 3 to 8% are real Iewes – now called Sephardim. 0.5% are Afro Falash from Ethiopia.

    And Yes, Palestinians are real descendants of real Iewes.

  94. nier says:

    Have you looked at the case of the assassination of Edmond Safra? It has long rumored that Putin personally ordered his assassination. Safra lived in a giant palace, guarded by his own private military, includes ex-Mossad and ex-IDF members. Safra was suppoosedly a close friend of Soros and the Rothschilds. Which is why Soros and Rothschilds hold a personal grudge against Putin.

    • Replies: @annamaria
  95. @Wokechoke

    But there are other ships in the Black sea and all of them are equipped with radars, not to mention the naval base in Sevastopol.

    Until now the small arms have been delivered to Ukraine in civilian trucks. The latest shipment can only be delivered by the railroad, so the Russians started to dismantle it. Three important railway junctions have been destroyed this morning. We will see if they are going to continue doing that tomorrow.

  96. @Sepp

    OK. I know and understand all that very well but it’s an illusion or utopia today. Why are you loosing your mental energy for an utopia? We must be like Bismarck realistic also in thinking. If you want implement unrealistic plans you are destroying yourself.
    Hitler destroyed Germany that Bismarck made strong. We must accept the reality or we destroy ourselves. Illusions are dangerous in politics.

    • Replies: @Sepp
  97. Do not under estimate the power of the ‘jew’. Right now theu are trying to figure out how they can profit from and control digital money. There’s only 1 solution, and that is to confiscate all their assets and restrict them from positions in banking, government and university positions. Tell me I’m wrong.

  98. @Priss Factor

    Government will kill people. Is this not their goal?

  99. Mefobills says:
    @Rev. Spooner

    A minor quibble in pursuit of accuracy:

    The rest of the world knows that American intimidation and bullying is tied to the greenback,

    It is Federal Reserve Notes, not Greenbacks. Greenbacks were Treasury money, issued debt free. They are very different than FRN’s.

    Yes, I get it, Greenback as a term is now a colloquialism. But, they actually had/have a very specific meaning.

    I did the transactions in US Dollars.

    If it has a red seal and says U.S. Note it really is a U.S. Dollar. Again, it is now beside the point, but we don’t use U.S. Dollars anymore. Everything is a FRN created at debt, even if it never leaves the ledger and takes on physical form.

    The green seal is a Federal Reserve Note. (notes are physical form)

    Oligarchy always attempts to take over the money making machinery.

    It’s not always Jews!

    For example the Tiepolo Querini Conspiracy 1292-1302 in Venice was a two step process to put Venice’s mint in the hands of the Quarantia body. This body then worked out scams to enrich themselves.

    It actually takes a trained group of people to work in the public interest, to keep said public from being fleeced. Is there any sort of training program anywhere in the world? Nope.

    Normal people should not have to worry about whose invisible hands are in their pockets. With few exceptions, Oligarchs achieved their position with sophisticated theft mechanisms.

    Jewish Oligarchs are almost always thieves, who have hidden their insider dealings.

    • Replies: @bwuce wee
  100. Jon Chance says: • Website

    I think President Putin understands that to solve the “Jewish Problem”, we must address the behavior of Jews as well as the behavior of Gentiles who behave like Jews.

    The Cult of Judaism

    Judaism Studies:

    Thirty-Six Resources for Understanding the Modern World


    1 – Yuri Bezmenov – Psychological Warfare

    2 – Zbigniew Brzezinski – The Grand Chessboard

    3 – Robert Carroll – Fools’ Gold

    4 – Dwight Eisenhower – The Military-Industrial Complex

    5 – William Engdahl – A Century of War: Anglo-American Oil Politics & The New World Order

    6 – Henry Ford – The International Jew: The World’s Foremost Problem

    7 – Benjamin Freedman – The Third World War

    8 – Henry George – Progress & Poverty

    9 – Laurent Guyenot – From Yahweh to Zion

    10 – Anthony Hitchcock – The Synagogue of Satan

    11 – Norman Jewison – Fiddler on the Roof

    12 – John F. Kennedy – National Security & Secret Societies

    13 – Arthur Kestler – The Thirteenth Tribe

    14 – Leopold Kohr – The Breakdown of Nations

    15 – Martin Luther – On the Jews and Their Lies

    16 – Kevin MacDonald – Cultural Insurrections

    17 – Pauline Maier – Ratification

    18 – George Orwell – Animal Farm & 1984

    19 – Thomas Paine – Common Sense

    20 – Don Peretz – Oil & The Foundation of Imperial Interests in the Middle East

    21 – Michael Collins Piper – Final Judgement

    22 – Monty Python – The Life of Brian

    23 – Carroll Quigley – Tragedy & Hope

    24 – Alfred Rosenberg – Track of the Jew Through the Ages

    25 – Shlomo Sand – How I Stopped Being a Jew

    26 – Israel Shahak – Jewish History, Jewish Religion

    27 – Gary Sick – October Surprise

    28 – Aleksandre Solzhenitsyn – Two Hundred Years Together: The Crucifixion of Russia

    29 – Albert Speer – Inside the Third Reich

    30 – Bill Still – The Money Masters

    31 – Mark Twain – Letters from the Earth

    32 – Mikki Willis – Plandemic 2

    33 – Dennis Wise – The Greatest Story Never Told

    34 – Tim Wu – The Master Switch

    35 – Oded Yinon – The Zionist Plan for the Middle East

    36 – Stephen Zarlenga – The Lost Science of Money

    • Thanks: Spanky
  101. @emerging majority

    I did say previously that the Russians would incorporate as many ethnic Russian areas as feasible. Obviously, the longer the war lasts, the more likely Russia will incorporate more areas. As things stand, Russian forces have retreated from Nicolayev and have pulled back somewhat from Kharkov. No attempt has been made to take Odessa.

    If Ukraine had a pragmatic government, no attempt would have been made to provoke Russia. A government with any semblance of sanity would have capitulated within a few weeks. The longer the war lasts, the worse for Ukraine. But, of course, the government is headed by a Zionist Jew, not someone with the best interests of Ukrainian goyim at heart. When things go badly, he can always flee to Florida with his loot. He’s certainly not going to go to a dangerous hellhole like Israel!

  102. @Richard B

    I was referring to holding down a hostile population in wartime. A ratio of 1 soldier to 10 civilians would be good, but isn’t always attainable. The case of Afghanistan makes my point. With a population of over 30 million, the US had 150,000 troops maximum, falling much lower. Even with Afghan auxiliaries this was completely inadequate. When the Soviets occupied Afghanistan, they had 120,00 maximum, falling lower. Both occupations quickly became a quagmire and failed.

    Back in the days of real total war, the Germans occupied Norway in 1940. They had 440,000 troops there right until the end in 1945. This for a population of less than 3 million..
    And it still didn’t stop the Norwegians destroying the German heavy water plant in Telemark !

    • Replies: @Richard B
  103. meena says:

    ” It looks like the Americans and the EU/Europe are finally treating the situation with the seriousness it deserves”

    Yes ,US is telling anoyone who will like to listen that Russia is losing and Eukraine is winning .It could have learned what it could not in last 20,17,or 10 years from active wars ,now it has found on 4 months what it needs to do . It could have said : we won not Isarel nor China nor Iran and get over the wars .

    “Israel knows how to navigate them. ”
    Yes . It will but what it will offer to its settler garrison residnets ?

    “Orbán is isolated and the AfD nuked itself into total irrelevance with its pro-Putin ”
    It won the election and called Poland and Ukraine that have not been heard for years . It shows old enmity under the surface is still smoldering . The powder keg is there and any fuel will work . No amount of bonhomie amomg German USA can undo it .

    “Who even remembers Geert Wilders? Even Le Pen lost.”
    Its economic. Its immigration is the flag that unites . Economy will keep the hopes and chances alive unless Macron becoems more racist .

    Germny will expend more from buying American gas . This will make it to US economically what Russia is to China . But Russia sells. America will not spend the new money in industries but will take it to Hedge Fund and derivative market .

    “Different situation for America. Musk and Thiel, Harzony will get Trump reelected in 2024.”
    America – Fed – poured 900 billions in market from 1913 to 2008 then after 2008 it poured 40 trillions . It has reached the point that it has no tool left to naviagte the inflation , inetrest rate,repo rate and employment . It dome . Its dollars are under pressure .
    Trump has one thing – blame black, blame Immigarnts and entich Kushner clan. His return will engulf partisan fights and usher into civil war.

    “China would stand no chance against a united USA+EU. ”
    They are untied and have been for 30 years with increasing changes in the power balance . US dictates and forces . EU listens and carries out.

    “Dugin right-wing extremist, etc. – and strengthen the left even further, ”
    This trend is established and will continue .

    “For the West to be truly reborn, Europe would have to be allowed to go Japan/Israel mode”
    Yes it might work but the price will loss of the power ,status and perks the west enjoys affecting even Japan and Israel who then will have to find new innovative ways to survive and porsper .

  104. @emerging majority

    Oh heavens! Not racism! The new worstest crime in the world that whites (and only whites) can commit.

    • Agree: Swaytonious
    • Replies: @Anon
  105. harfang67 says:

    Really, really appreciate this post. It’s like a history lesson and more.

    Thanks again.


  106. annamaria says:
    @mulga mumblebrain

    Can you elaborate on how the US will survive without the multitude of items imported from China? The US has no industrial base. Also, how would the US bring its army to China, and what would make the army safe considering some well-publicized new precision weaponry produced by Russia and China?

    Undoubtedly, the US has the potential to be a great country, but the currently dominating system of governance will not allow that. The US suffers proverbial malicious tumors (the zionized oligarchy of banksters and war profiteers), metastases (deteriorated educational system and the declining health of the nation), and gangrene (homelessness, racial tension, drug addiction). The creative and optimistic spirit of the nation is not anymore. Tell me, what is not corrupt in the governing system of the US?

    • Thanks: JWalters
  107. JWalters says:

    I agree the position of the Western Jewish oligarchs is gradually weakening. Next up – freeze the assets of the Western Jewish oligarchs. Here’s why.

    We see their evil power plainly in their longstanding, ongoing apartheid ethnic cleansing, mass murders, land thefts, and torturiing of Palestinians. The entire Western establishment, politicians and press, remain silent. That’s evil power.

    And just as they remain silent about the Western Jewish oligarchs’ periodic slaughter in Gaza, they have remained silent about those oligarchs’ parallel slaughter in the Donbass.

    And just as they remained silent about the Western Jewish oligarchs’ regime change wars in the Middle East, they are remaining silent about those oligarchs’ regime change war against Russia.

    And just as they have routinely parroted the Western Jewish oligarchs’ lies about Israel and the Middle East, they are dutifully parroting those oligarchs’ lies about the West and Russia.

    The puppet “leaders” in the West, political and media, have been selected for their corruption, cowardice, and willingness to betray their own people.

    The West needs its own Putin to bring these war profiteering, sociopathic criminals to justice, to free the West from their catastrophic insanity.

    • Replies: @annamaria
  108. JWalters says:

    Excellent summary of the facts.

    A common problem when conspiracies are afoot seems to be that some people will assume the simplest possible conspiracy, which is that everything that happens is part of “the” (one giant) conspiracy.

    The rule in science is to go for the simplest theory that explains all (or most) of the evidence. But that approach depends upon examining all the evidence. Skipping this step and jumping to conclusions is the main mistake of inexperienced theorizers.

    • Thanks: Verymuchalive
  109. annamaria says:

    Why the hysterics? Are you a product of immaculate conception?

    True leaders have, first of all, the interests of their people at heart.

    Muslims need to learn how to create a united front instead of bickering and undermining each other.

    Russians saved Syria.

    After bitterly criticizing the murder of Libyan president Muammar Qadhafi in October 2011, Putin vowed that there would be no repeat of the “Libyan scenario.” Syria soon became that key spot for Putin to present himself as a strong leader defending not only Russia’s global status, but also other states’ sovereignty and independence against foreign interference.

    Russians gave their blood for Syrians. Show some decency.

    • Replies: @darabi
  110. TG says:

    Not to agree or disagree with anything here, but on the subject of money, there are many stereotypes between various ethnicities and money, not just for the jews.

    The Scotts are cheap bastards.
    The Nigerians are scam artists.
    The Gypsies will steal you blind if you even blink.
    The Germans are pompous asses who get rich selling expensive cars and don’t give a damn about anyone else.
    The Pakistanis will sell their children into slavery for money.

    And so on.

    If you dig hard enough, you will find that every racial and ethnic group has a stereotype about being in some ways into getting more money.

    And as will all stereotypes, these stereotypes are largely true.

  111. Anon[382] • Disclaimer says:
    @Automatic Slim

    Oh heavens! Not racism! The new worstest crime in the world that whites (and only whites) can commit.

    No kidding !

    A Jew who supports Israel = A devoted member of the Tribe
    A Black Man all in for Negroes = BLM
    A Moslem all in for Islam = A strict follower of Allah
    A Chinaman who loves China = A patriot

    A White Man all in for Whites = A racist , A Nazi etc

    The minute, anyone counters a discourse with this kind of nonsense, we know for sure our points are valid, relevant, correct and cannot be disputed. Thats all they got, name calling replaces logic and sensible debate !

    • Agree: mark green
    • Replies: @Richard B
  112. annamaria says:

    No way to discuss Safra and Putin without mentioning a certain malicious fraudster Bill Browder who is a darling of American Zionists like the demented traitor Cardin:

    As reported by Der Spiegel, Browder would not voluntarily agree to testify in court so Prevezon’s lawyers sent process servers to present him with a subpoena, which he refused to accept and was caught on video literally running away.

    Jews have been protecting the fraudster despite the abundance of facts proving that Bill Browder is a liar and criminal

    … with the Magnitsky sanctions, it could be that the activist Browder used a noble cause to manipulate Western governments. In summation, the article [in Der Spiegel] raises serious questions about many aspects of Browder’s account. It concluded that his narrative was riddled with lies and said Western nations have fallen for a “convenient” story made up by a “fraudster.” The report exposes Browder as a fraud and his Magnitsky story as a fake. Despite all this, this exposé was ignored in the mainstream media so most people are unaware of these revelations.

    The report provoked Browder’s fury, and he swiftly filed a complaint against Der Spiegel with the German Press Council as well as a complaint to the editor of Der Spiegel… The German Press Council rejected Browder’s complaint against Der Spiegel … But the action of the press council has not been reported in the Canadian, U.S. or UK media.

    The thoroughly Zionized US Congress has been standing strong with Browder the Fraudster. Kindred spirit.

  113. JWalters says:
    @Here Be Dragon

    For interested readers, some additional info on the history of Jewish influence in Eastern Europe is at
    When Victims Rule

  114. JWalters says:

    A clever title indeed. However, my take on Putin at this point is that he is anti-criminal, and especially anti-traitor. The fact that some prominent criminals and traitors are Jewish does not logically imply that Putin is anti-Semitic, even accidentally.

    Just because many Jews are bigots does not mean we should descend to that level and brand them all as bigots. Some of the staunchest opponents of Zionism are Jews.

    However, even if Joyce is making a (somewhat subtle) plug for anti-Semitism, I think this is an excellent and relevant article.

  115. annamaria says:

    “they have remained silent about those [Jewish] oligarchs’ parallel slaughter in the Donbass.”

    –The louder and more often people say “Judeo-Nazi in Ukraine” and “Zionists collaborate with Banderites in Ukraine,” the greater the impact of reality on the Jewish Community at large. “They” understand that the exposure of Zionists-Banderites connection will gravely affect Jewish privileges.

    The “catastrophic insanity” in Ukraine should be placed at the Jewish feet. For decades, the zionized MSM has been practicing the most vicious Russophobia inciting the American and EU populace against Russians. The faux historian and presstitute Anne Applebaum is a typical representative of an army of the rabid Russophobic propagandists. Then the Kagans’ clan produced its special representative in the form of a ghastly Nuland-Kagan, who went to Kiev to establish a collaboration with the self-proclaimed Nazis or Banderites. This well-documented fact signifies the end of holobiz (see Stepan Bandera et al).

    The Canadian, British, and American Jewish communities have been supporting the Banderites. Moreover, American Zionists carefully cultivated local Banderites like the Dobryansky family. The Zionists even invited Ms. Dobryansky to become a signatory of PNAC. For American and British Zionists, the cultivation of Stepan Bandera followers served to create Slavic cannon fodder for the Judea War on Russia. The stupid Banderites obliged.

    Of course, there was money involved.
    In 2014, Nuland-Kagan had bought leaders of Ukrainian Nazis, the so-called White Fuhrers, to ensure regime change in Kiev. Then Kolomojskly, the president of the Jewish Community of Ukraine, founded and financed several self-proclaimed Nazi formations to protect his property in eastern Ukraine. His death squads (Azov, Aidar, Dnipro) were instrumental in mass-murdering civilians of all ages (altogether between 14000 and 16000 victims).

    Yes, Nuland and Kolomojsky are Judeo-Nazis (no offense to virtuous German Nazis). The company of Judeo-Nazis also includes Carl Gershman (NED), the ADL, the AIPAC, and a significant part of the US State Dept.

    Here is the pickle the Jews have currently found themselves in. One word: Disgrace!

    • Thanks: JWalters
  116. darabi says:

    [Russians gave their blood for Syrians. Show some decency.]

    You should show some decency, remembering that Russia cooperated with the west to GAIN PETTY CONCESSIONS, you call it Russian’s interests. But those who suffered when followed the principles of decency, when Russia gained, have the right to expose Russian’s dark history.

    Putin tried so hard to be part of the west, so Russia was supporting “the war on terror” against the West’s phony ‘enemies’. Why don’t you remember that?

    Do you remember that Russia supported Saddam invasion of Iran, acting as an ally of the West and the Arab reactionary head of states like Saudi Arabia? I guess for the interest of Russia!!!! Only light minded people have forgotten. Show some decency.

    Do you remember that Putin voted for all the illegal sanctions at the UN against Iranian children and its economy to bring regime change for Israel and US. Do you remember that?

    Do you remember when Russia sided with Israel opposing Iran’s enrichment program at home?although Iran was a signatory to NPT thus has a right to entrenchment.
    While Putin was shut up on illegal Israel’s nuclear bombs, he was pushing Iran to give up its enrichment program. I guess for the interest of Russia. Is this a good policy of a neighboring country? Do you remember that?
    When did ever Putin or Russia support Palestinians’ right to an independent state? They always gave a superficial vote at the UN knowing that US is going to veto it, therefore it is SAFE. How ignorant one can be to forget all these crimes against humanity? But stupid Lavrov never lost the opportunity to repeat the nonsense of the American officials who said: “Israel has a right to defend itself.” Did ever Putin say that about Palestinians? NEVER.

    Massacre of Qaddafi and his people supported by Russia and China giving an Abstain vote to gain a petty concession. I guess this is the interest you are referring to. Why isn’t this a crime against humanity? In fact Russia and China, like most of the time, sided again and again with the criminal west to destroy Libya, like they did support the phony ‘war on terror’, against Muslims.

    Listen to John Mearsheimer who is defending Russia against NATO, saying that the west needs Russia to help them against Iran.

    • Replies: @annamaria
  117. @JWalters

    Like Corbyn, a lifelong friend of Jews, as were his parents, and the most notable anti-racist in the UK Parliament, itself FULL of Tory and other racists, who became an ‘incidental’ or ‘collateral’ ‘antisemite’ through sheer inventio0n and slander, because he believes that Palestinians are as much human beings as Jews. Let’s face it-ALL goyim, and plenty of ‘self-hating’ Jews, are ‘antisemites’ just awaiting denunciation.

    • Agree: JWalters
  118. But them folks sure know how to play. They play us like a harmonica.

  119. @Observator

    How utterly stupid, the EU & Common Market are thoroughly Liberal, international organisations which benefit everyone, and were invented by Jewish philosophy and political activism, in junction with everyone else. I thought demented right wingnuts hated the EU and it was “bad”.

    You people can never keep it straight, or consistent.

  120. @Here Be Dragon

    Isn’t that the point? Ukrainians don’t have any “moving targets” while Russians are nothing BUT moving targets. It’s the difference between “defense” and “offense”.

  121. Richard B says:

    Thanks for your response.

    I like the example of the US in Afghanistan, but not for the reasons you might think. I like’d your example because it helps prove my point, not about our previous exchange, but about what I’ve said many times regarding the US in Afghanistan. Which is, that the hostile elite had always intended to lose that war.

    The hostile elite or Jewish Supremacy Inc. or the Neocons, or the Global American Empire, or Globohomo, or whatever you want to call them, has been at this a long time, because it’s long-term goal is to destroy the West in general and the USA in particular.

    They’re just about there.

    Anyone interested in a far more satisfactory and detailed discussion of this can read chapter IV of John Beaty’s The Iron Current Over America, the current featured book at TUR.

    Of course I could be wrong, but my gut response regarding the current situation between Russia and Ukraine is that the hostile elite is trying to kill two birds with one stone, ie; Get Putin/Destroy the United States.

    The explanation for this is first, that we all know the elite will not suffer the consequences, no matter what happens, and we definitely know they don’t give a damn about the United States or its people, just as they know the people won’t fight back, ie; they in no way pose a threat.

    But also because they will control whatever is left of the States or Europe once they’ve completely destroyed them and can safely let the cat out of the bag, ie; brag about it and dare anyone who objects to do anything about (which, of course, they won’t). Again, I could be wrong. But it’s certainly more than plausible. Besides, would it surprise anyone?

    Thanks again for your response.

    • Replies: @Verymuchalive
  122. annamaria says:

    Your supposedly righteous posts leave a strong impression of hasbara.
    “If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck…” It is the snootiness of your supposedly “smart” invectives that betrays you.

    • Agree: Swaytonious
    • Replies: @darabi
  123. Richard B says:

    Thats all they got, name calling replaces logic and sensible debate!

    Exactly! It’s also exactly why they will fail and, in fact, are failing.

    Though the name calling and proxy rioting might be a way to acquire power, it’s not the way to sustain it. They are not and never have been good at social management.

    Maurice Samuels referred to his own people as We, The Destroyers, not the great sustainers of the power they acquire.

    This is why everything they now control is in free fall.

    Nothing quite fails like their success.

  124. darabi says:

    You are a narrow minded person who does not want to see the facts.

    You are consulting a war criminal like John W. Parker from an imperial Institute, ‘Institute for National Strategic Studies National Defense University,’ to discredit Qasim Solaimani believing that he had nothing to do with your Putin’s decision to enter.
    You should watch Hassan Nasrallah, the secretary-general of Hezbollah, who tells what Suleimani told him about his meeting with Putin, who convinced Putin to enter Syria. In fact Suleimani acted as a CATALYST in this regard, according to Hassan Nasrallah. I guess both Nasrallah and Suleimani are lying and your petty Parker is telling the truth!!!!

    You prefer to believe the lies of a war criminal from a war institute when he writes:

    [[In fact, the Reuters report provides appropriate context and timing: Russia reached its strategic decision on Syria well in advance of Soleimani’s visit.]]

    Why did he tell you his lies A MONTH after Suleimani was assassinated? Why didn’t he tell this story while he was alive?

    I cannot find English translation of Nassrallah’s talk on Suleimani. But this is the summary of what he said:

    {{Political reasoning could not convince Putin to enter Syria, therefore, a military man was needed to convince Putin. thus, a coordination between Iran and Russia took place where Suleimani left for Moscow to meet Putin. Suleimani met Putin for two long hours. Yes, tow hours and this is important. In that meeting, The Russian Generals, military and security personnel were present. Haj Qasim told me himself, I didn’t heard it from others, he told me. Suleimani told me: I placed all the maps and papers on the table in front of me. I told Putin where we are on the map meaning where the Syrian army and its allies are, where are the arm forces. What are our opportunities and what are our weaknesses. I showed him a ROAD MAP and tactics, all based on experiences earned by being present on the ground. After these explanations, Putin said I am convinced now.
    Nasrulla said: It is not RIGHT to imply that Suleimani was the only factor who convinced Putin to enter Syria. Suleimani was only able to give Putin a CLEAR picture of the situation where was critical for Putin to make a decision. He received many suggestions in the past to enter, but Putin was not convinced. In fact, Soleimani played the role of a CATALYST for Putin to decide. }}

    The video:
    The story of Haj Qassem Soleimani’s meeting with Putin for several hours and convincing him to stay in Syria said by Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah.

    • Replies: @annamaria
  125. @anonymous

    Looking at the original EU, I’m reminded of several things:

    — “From East to West: Mainfranken – Rheinfranken – Moselfranken – Maasfranken – Scheldefranken – Seinefranken”, this I learnt in the elementary school; then I read the historian Joachim Fernau writing about Regnum Francorum Occidentalis = France, Regnum Francorum Orientalis = Germany, the monks of Sankt Emmeran/Regensburg and those of Saint-Denis knowing of no other names

    — Spain was conquered by the Wisigoths and the Sueves

    — Italy was invaded by the Ostrogoths and Langobards (who gave their name to Lombardy)

    — Besides Maasfranken and Scheldefranken, the territory between Atlantic, Alps, Pyrénées and Rhine had been invaded, according to J.J. Hatt (Histoire de la Gaule Romaine), by “le Quade, le Vandale, l’Alain, le Gépide, le Hérule, le Saxon, le Burgonde, l’Alaman (…) les Suèves (…), des Teutons, des Bataves, des Francs”, thereby leaving but a few isolated “isles” wherein the Gallo-Roman population still existed but never exceeded 25% (pp 351 sq)

    José Ortega y Gasset, somewhere in La rebelión de las Masas, writes about “the triangle Rome-Berlin-London” out of which came the material and intellectual progress leading to modernity – London itself being anglo-saxon.

    All those tribes without exception are Germanic.

    Hungarians, Lettons, Poles etc are not. However, they have long been in the realm of Germanic empires and hence, are truly European.

    • Thanks: annamaria
    • Replies: @emerging majority
  126. Sepp says:
    @Odd Rabbit

    “Hitler destroyed Germany that Bismarck made strong”

    You are confusing Hitler with Kaiser Wilhelm. Judea destroyed the Germany that Bismarck created. If Bismarck and allowed Germany to become a big Switzerland instead of putting it under the control of the Prussians, I Bismarck hadn’t made Germany a threat to the Jews, who knows what would have happened.

    In any case, Hitler put Bismarck’s Germany back together after the Kaiser’s poor choices. Judea destroyed it once again, but the second time permanently.

    A reality without Jewish malfeasance would not be a “Utopia”, it would merely present a shot for freedom for Europeans. Instead we are imprisoned in a perverted Khararian slave state that ever more resembles Soddom and Gomorrah. That Europeans are slated for genocide or at least dilution into some kind of dumb-downed existence as a race of Mulattoes is not in question.

    Your solution is to be nice to Jews and plea bargain for table scraps. That many or most stupid goyim will settle for that like you is clear, but it should also be clear that they are traitors to their own people. If all Europeans stood up against this Judaic nightmare this would be over in a few hard years. The only way to get them to stand up is to keep communicating the hard truths.

    • Replies: @annamaria
    , @Odd Rabbit
  127. Anyone who wants to know more about Putin and the oligarchs should watch these BBC documentaries, “Russian Godfathers” These documentaries were the reason I became Red-Pilled.

  128. annamaria says:

    “If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck…” You are shilling for Zionists.

    Putin has his people first to care about.

    • Replies: @darabi
  129. annamaria says:

    ” The only way to get them to stand up is to keep communicating the hard truths.”

    — Agree.

  130. Anonymous[161] • Disclaimer says:

    What is controversial about a debt money scam that causes inflation impoverishes people?

  131. @Sepp

    What T tried to say is that you can’t solve problems with an illusion that’s not possible to implement in reality. You must accept the realities and work with them trying to change what is possible and not stay in your illusions.

    • Replies: @Sepp
  132. darabi says:

    You are a narrow minded person who does not want to learn much, only is interested in highlighting, copying in order to paste.
    Good luck with your zionist friends who killed many Muslims including Qaddafi, who was Russia’s ally. These zionist mass murderers know nothing but ‘interests’ and are willing to sacrifice their own allies for few BONES to chew on. That’s why no one trust Putin or Russia unless proven otherwise, not because he has been kicked out of the ‘alliance’, but because Russia does not want to honor the current world arrangement as a PARTNER killing millions of people based on FAKE ‘war on terror’ to be accepted by the west.
    When putin and Russia are willing to dismantle their own criminal set up, zionist occupied of Palestine, then people view Russia and Putin differently, otherwise, Putin is another war criminal like Trump, Bush, Tony Blair, Clinton, Obama and zionist Biden.
    Learn the history of Russia and then comment.

  133. Sepp says:
    @Odd Rabbit

    What I tried to say is that you CAN solve the problem, all you have to do is break the Magick mind control spell. If we don’t, our people a facing a sentence worse than death. What you are saying is don’t piss off the Jews, nothing good comes of it. What you are saying is give up and die, and don’t worry about your grandchildren becoming transexual toys and adrenochrome fountains for elite Khazarian Jews.

  134. @René Fries

    Nope. Not ALL those tribes. In the 19th Century German scholarship was world-dominant. Being a bit nationalistic, they overlooked a little something: The core German Volk are a portion of the Nordic peoples. So the German professors got things bass-ackwards.

    Both the Visigoths and Ostrogoths were cousins to the Swedes of the isle of Gotland and of Gothia in Sweden, with their capital being Gothenburg or Goteborg, as the natives of that city say it. Those tribal folk remained in the steppe country after their brothers did a northwestwards “utwandering”.

    The “Longobardos” (long-beards) were primarily a Danish folk, primarily from Jutland. They did pick up some of their Teutono-Nordic cousins through the Germanic realm along their way to the Po Valley, now known as Lombardy.

    Please try to relieve yourself of 19th Century ethnic mythology, recognizing that the Nordic peoples include the Germanics, rather than the other way around.

  135. @darabi

    “Russia does not want to honor the current world arrangement as a PARTNER”. Man, do you have things bass-ackwards. Putin TRIED, for well over a decade, to become partners with the West. He even joined Russia into the Group of Seven, or whatever they called it.

    He, naively, perhaps, wanted peaceful economic and cultural relationships with the NATO gang. But they broke their promises, ganging up on Russia, as they expanded their military offensive into formerly Iron Curtain lands and even into former SSR’s.

    Due to the machinations around the drunken and quarter Khazarian Boris Yeltsin, the state industries of the former USSR were broken up and on sale to the highest bidder. Getting favorable loans from the Rottenchilds and other Talmudist Bank\$ters; former Soviet Khazarian apparatchiks bought up industry after industry for kopeks on the Ruble, quickly becoming billionaire Oligarchs.

    The enemy of my enemy is NOT my friend. The Babylonian Talmudist Khazarian Mafiya is the sworn enemy of all “Goyim” as they consider anyone but the “Chosen” as “cattle” and future slaves and serfs for their elitist masters. So when you besiege and denigrate Russia, darabi, you are working on behalf of the enemies of humanity. That makes your actual ethnicity up to suspicion.

    • Replies: @darabi
  136. annamaria says:

    One more time, you are a hasbarist of an allegedly “clever” kind, and there is no degree of verbosity that can hide this fact.

  137. annamaria says:

    The joints efforts of the MIC/Banksters/Jewish Lobby, and the fascist multinational mega-corporations have produced the Nazification of Ukraine and the mature conditions for a nuclear war between the psychopathic zionized US/NATO and the Russian Federation.

    The dumbed-down US populace is still in slumber. Meanwhile, a free flow of expensive lethal weaponry to Ukraine has been arranged by the MIC/Banksters/Jewish Lobby/and the fascist multinational mega-corporations. The US taxpayers are taken for patsies.

    Before Mr. Kolomojsky, the President of the Jewish Community of Ukraine, funded and financed several self-proclaimed Nazi formations to protect his properties in eastern Ukraine –– the Kolomojsky ‘s thugs murdered 14.000 human beings of all ages (which was “worth it” according to the zionized Owners of the western world) –– the US already had a plan for a thorough Nazification of Ukraine.

    The Kolomojsky’s death squads were part of the Zionized West’s war plan against Russia. The followers of Bandera have become Judeo-Nazis led by Nuland-Kagan and the Zionized US Army. — The latter has lost its honor a long time ago.

    there are 30-some right-wing extremist groups operating in Ukraine – (all numerous and US-trained) — that have been formally integrated into Ukraine’s armed forces…which promote an intolerant and illiberal ideology.”

  138. darabi says:
    @emerging majority

    You ignorant people who have no leaders of your own, now are holding on to Putin’s dick to save you all. Believe me, his dick is NOT strong enough to hold you up. It cannot save Putin either, because when you reduce yourself to a servant whose goal is to be accepted by the mafia, the only way to save yourself then is either break the back of your enemy by eliminating the fifth column in the country, or doing business with them to buy their approvals.

    Putin has not taken the mafia seriously since the mafia let Putin into power, instead, he has worked closely with the Zionist mass murderers and its allies at the western capitals, Bush, Clinton, Blair, Netanyahu, to join Russia as a junior partner of the current economic order, usury, to serve the system. But, the criminals in Washington do not want to share power with anyone.

    Look, Iran is surrounded by many US military bases, but Iran did not invade Iraq or Afghanistan. The neighboring countries do not have a good experience with Russia. Russia has stolen wast territory from Iran and has put a knife on Iran’s back at the UN to satisfy Israel and US to receive concessions. People in the region cannot trust Russia or Putin. He should show his willingness to assist its neighbors, not acting as a lackey for the US or Israel even MBS against Iran to gain concessions.

    On Feb. 28, 2022 at the UN, Russia supported the resolution ‘Arms embargo against Yemen’s Houthis,’ by voting YES to satisfy UAE, Saudi Arabia and Israel in their war against Houthis, an ally
    of Iran.
    Security Council Renews Arms Embargo, Travel Ban, Asset Freeze Imposed on Those Threatening Peace in Yemen, by 11 Votes in Favour, None against, 4 abstentions. Russia did not veto the resolution to help Israel and UAE.

    [The U.N. Security Council imposed an arms embargo on Yemen’s Iran-aligned Houthis on Monday amid questions by some diplomats over links between Russia’s support for the move and abstentions by the United Arab Emirates on two council votes on Ukraine.
    Both the UAE and Russia denied a deal was made on voting.]

    Russia, like UAE and Saudi Arabia, is serving the Jewish mafia to protect its interest, then other countries have a RIGHT to do the same.

    • Replies: @emerging majority
  139. @Richard B

    Lots of interesting points made by you. Thanks.

    The hostile elite or Jewish Supremacy Inc. or the Neocons, or the Global American Empire, or Globohomo, or whatever you want to call them, has been at this a long time, because it’s long-term goal is to destroy the West in general and the USA in particular.

    You’re right to use these terms because our enemies are a coalition of various groups. If they ever achieve complete control, there would be a bloody power struggle, as many of their interests are conflicting.

    what I’ve said many times regarding the US in Afghanistan. Which is, that the hostile elite had always intended to lose that war.

    The Ziocons have been in control of US foreign and defence policy since the first Clinton Administration. Their policy is to make the “Middle East safe for Israel”. Either make these states subservient or wreck them completely, as they did in Libya or tried to do in Syria. Afghanistan had been wrecked by the Taliban, the aim was to ensure it was completely wrecked and stayed that way.

    However, in the last 10 years, the WEF Davos mob have become much more prominent. Destroying the West in general, so that they can enforce the Great Reset has always been their aim. A debacle in Afghanistan would suit their aims. Lots of knowledgeable people are of this view. Either way, what happened suited both the WEFs and the Ziocons.


    Of course I could be wrong, but my gut response regarding the current situation between Russia and Ukraine is that the hostile elite is trying to kill two birds with one stone, ie; Get Putin/Destroy the United States.

    They may think that they can get Putin, but they are deluding themselves. Russia is financially self-supporting. It has a large trade surplus. Government debt is less than 20% of GDP, nearly all owed to domestic creditors. It produces 40% of the World’s fertilisers and Rare Earth Metals. It is the World’s largest exporter of Wheat. Before the Incursion, the Ruble-Dollar exchange rate was 80 Rubles to the Dollar. It’s now 75 Rubles to the Dollar!
    Russia = Sanction-Proof Economy.

    The US won’t be destroyed, it will be severely weakened. But that’s not the aim.
    From autumn, maybe earlier, Russia will start pivoting towards Asia. More and more gas will be directed towards Asia and less and less to the EU. Alternative supplies to the EU will be very limited, and completely inadequate to cover the losses. There will be massive energy price hikes and energy blackouts. The effect on Germany and other EU countries will be catastrophic. The EU will collapse.
    The aim of these sanctions is not to destroy America, but the EU. The Ziocons want it because they hope it will make European countries completely reliant on America, the Davos mob to ensure that there are no obstacles to their Great Reset.

    The amazing thing about all of this is how EU countries and the EU Commission have gone along with all of this. Turkeys and Christmas spring to mind.

    The explanation for this is first, that we all know the elite will not suffer the consequences, no matter what happens

    That’s what they think. I beg to differ. But that’s a discourse for another day.

    • Thanks: Spanky
  140. @darabi

    “serving”? Putin uses them more than they use him. What Mafiya? Obviously, the primary Mafiya in the world is the Khazarian one.

    • Replies: @darabi
  141. darabi says:
    @emerging majority

    When Putin allows Israel to bomb Syria on a weekly basis, then Putin is serving the interest of
    Israel, where Russia voted for the establishment of the zionist entity at UN in 1947.
    Putin must understand that Palestine for the Islamic community is as important as Ukraine for Russia.
    The policy behind the injection of a ‘jewish state’ in the occupied Palestine by the West including Russia was to destroy the regional civilizations, including Persian, to control the region and its resources for the interest of the Mafia Rothschild and the western power. We never allow that to happen. The people of the region have suffered more than enough. US must get lost from the region now.

    Israel is a terrorist entity and has NO right to exist in our region. Russia and US must take them back.

    • Replies: @annamaria
  142. @Verymuchalive

    The European elite does not represent the interests of Europeans at all. It represents the interests of Jews who want to destroy Europe (as a revenge for the Holocaust). Hence its consistent policy of mass immigration from the Third World, its attempt to destroy the middle class “to protect the environment”, and lately its attempt to enforce lockdowns and vaccination on the populace. The WEF is but the latest incarnation of destructive Jewish manipulation.

  143. About the ’Jewish Question’: During the first century, half of Palestinian Jews had already left the country, according to historian W Sombart and migrated north and through Africa to Europe.
    Genetically, you can only be Jewish if both parents are definitely Jewish. A large(st) proportion of Jews are so-called cryptos (mixed-race) and the Khazars (Ashkenazim) are ‘Jewish’ (i.e. ’fake Jews’) only because they have adopted the Jewish religion at one time or another.
    Jewish Zionists in Israel are not, according to genetic studies, Biblical Jews, but are predominantly emigrant Khazars.
    Putin’s mother was a (Khazar?) Jew of the Orthodox Church (to which Putin also belongs) but his father was Russian. Thus he is not Jewish at all genetically or otherwise. Why are we here speaking that he’s a JEW???
    There are many ‘Jewish’ or Kashari genes in the world because Kasharians have fled from Khazaria to Europe and from E to America at one time and mixed into the population partly through mixed marriages.
    Judaism should be treated more as a religion (Talmudism) because racially it is a very confusing thing and a large if not majority of those labelled as Jews are not genetically true Jews, but Khazars and Cryptos. There is also a dispute about the genetic origin of Jesus.
    Heavenly Jerusalem and war in Ukraine

  144. annamaria says:

    Your hasbara contortions are hilarious.

  145. @JWalters

    Sadly, you’ve not read the article carefully.

  146. mcohen says:

    Should read “twilight of andrew joyce and other assorted anti semites publishing on this site”

    • Replies: @emerging majority
  147. @mcohen

    “Anti-Semites”? Are you referring to people who hate Palestinians and Arabs?

  148. bwuce wee says:

    semantic argument used as a distraction. even you do not go to the bank and ask to withfraw 100 federal reserve notes, or ask your brother to pay back the 50 federal reserve notes he owes you. so in fact dollars, greenbacks, simoleans, clams- are all words that means THE EXACT SAME THING.. so if you cannot use your own terminology in your interactions in everyday life- what exactly does tha make you? a jumped-up pretend intellectual who embraces the philosiphy “if you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullshit”. bout sum it up for you? i thought so.

    • Replies: @Mefobills
  149. “Kantor is the quintessential strongly-identified Jewish activist, fully committed to the advancement of the interests of his ethnic group.”

    Is he really altruistically driven to advance his ethnic group, or does he see his activism as protecting him personally? It is true that before the Enlightenment, the Ashkenazim were much more group selected than today, but with all the dysgenics and mutational load, would it not be expected that at least among the secular/atheist Ashkenazim, there would a significant shift towards a more relatively Individually Selected state? Thus, a question arises as to whether all these billionaire Ashkenazim donors are sincerely concerned about the welfare of the typical Ashkenazi person with their typical IQs of 112, or if they are only trying to protect themselves as individual billionaires since they fear facing individual persecution. And perhaps their only interest in Israel has to do with it serving as a place they can escape to for protection, as well as a place they can acquire Gentile organs for transplants as well as Gentile sex slaves. It would please me if Professor Kevin MacDonald would still do research on, or at least write about the current genetic status of the Ashkenazim. How much dysgenics is occurring among the secular Ashkenazim? Are the Hassidic/Haredi Ashkenazim still engaging in eugenic practices? What is the Group Selected status of the current Ashkenazim versus those before the Enlightenment? And so forth. I think this would be a great area for collaboration between Professor MacDonald, Dr. Woodley of Menie, and Professor Lynn.

    Second point: Dr. Joyce mentions in this article that the Russian billionaires use the wealth they have been acquiring in Russia to promote Cultural Marxism in the West. However, is it possible that President Putin is actually using these Ashkenazi billionaires to weaken the West with Cultural Marxism? Putin may have no visceral/organic antipathy towards Western Europeans, but may simply be looking at the situation from a purely pragmatic point of view, which is that whether by choice or not, Western Europeans are providing the bulk of the resources for the Ashkenazi war on Russia. Thus facilitating the Ashkenazim’s promotion of Cultural Marxism in the West could be considered a morally valid strategy. And perhaps this is why Putin is allowing the Russian Ashkenazim to become billionaires. My understanding is that Putin does indeed put some restrictions on the Ashkenazim when it comes to promoting Cultural Marxism in Russia, but not in the West. Also, I’ve read various anecdotal reports about Russia funding Cultural Marxism in the West such as by providing resources for BLM, Antifa, other Left-Wing activists, etc. Some of you may have read these stories, whether true or not, about Russia funding advertisements for BLM and such on Twitter, Facebook, etc.

    • Replies: @Bookish1
  150. Bookish1 says:

    Of course he could be both dedicated to his ethnic group and enjoy the security of having a tribe backing him. But as far as his activism giving him security i could easily argue that his tribal activism is leaving him with insecurities.

  151. Russia has banned all media except for their own “State Run” media sources.
    Here is how to get around this to post behind Putin’s state run media to expose the truth of the Ukraine War and Russian war crimes to their own people:

    • Replies: @annamaria
  152. annamaria says:

    Take care of your Knesset-land first.

    There was no prior notice sent nor was Consortium News afforded any due process. A PayPal customer service agent confirmed in a telephone call on Sunday that the “back office” gave no specific reason for “permanently limiting” CN‘s account other than that an “investigation and review” of CN‘s “history found some potential risk associated with this account.”

    Given the current political climate it is more than conceivable that PayPal is reacting to Consortium News’ coverage of the war in Ukraine, which is not in line with the dominant narrative that is being increasingly enforced. Last week PayPal also froze the account of the alternative news site MintPressNews.

    MintPressNews gave an excellent overview of Epstein’s affair and the role of the Mega Group, a Mossad-connected bunch of wealthy Israel-firsters.

    The Zionized US media is currently promoting the virtues of self-proclaimed Ukrainian Nazis because they “don’t attack Jews and Jewish Institutions.” – The Banderites do not bite the hand that feeds them.

    The current war can be traced directly to the 2014 coup in Ukraine, during which the US and its allies supported far-right and neo-Nazi elements. The goal was to install a US-friendly regime that would bring Ukraine into NATO, the anti-Russia military alliance. Key actors in the US-supported coup were neo-Nazi groups like Right Sector, the Azov Battalion and C14. They are part of a broader Ukrainian nationalist movement that venerates Stepan Bandera, the leader of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists, which collaborated with Hitler during World War II. …

    On 4 March, the Anti-Defamation League published an article by Andrew Srulevitch, its director of European affairs, to minimize the Nazi problem in Ukraine. Srulevitch’s article takes the form of a Q&A with David Fishman, a professor of Jewish History at the Jewish Theological Seminary. Fishman is also a member of the academic committee of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.

    “We’ve seen torchlit marches in the middle of [Kiev] with the red and black flags of UPA … and pictures of Stepan Bandera, who allied with the Nazis during WWII,” Srulevitch asks. “Isn’t that evidence of Nazism in Ukraine?” … “There are neo-Nazis in Ukraine… But they are a very marginal group with no political influence and who don’t attack Jews or Jewish institutions in Ukraine.”

    Should we say Zio-Nazis?

  153. Mefobills says:
    @bwuce wee

    semantic argument used as a distraction. even you do not go to the bank and ask to withfraw 100 federal reserve notes, or ask your brother to pay back the 50 federal reserve notes he owes you. so in fact dollars, greenbacks, simoleans, clams- are all words that means THE EXACT SAME THING

    They don’t mean the same thing. What the hell is wrong with you? Are you a disinfo agent?

    Greenbacks were issued debt free from Treasury. They were sovereign money at seigniorage to the existing money supply.

    FRN’s are issued at DEBT from a private company, meaning the money type is an asset to the borrower and liability to the bank.

    FRN’s are issued by a stock owned bank, not the government, and the interest generated points at the hidden stock owners.

    You are an apologist for corporatocracy.

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