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Trump’s Landslide Meets the Politics of Electoral Fraud in America
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Sidney Powell. Credit: Zooming In with Simone Gao/ YouTube

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I want the American public to know right now, we will not be intimidated. American patriots are fed up with the corruption from the local level to the highest level of our government. We are going to take this country back. We will not be intimidated. We are going to clean this mess up right now. President Trump won by a landslide. We are going to prove it. And we are going to reclaim the United States of America for the people who voted for freedom. — Sidney Powell, Washington D.C., 19 November, 2020

Sidney Powell is emerging as a pivotal figure among those sounding the alarm that the United States is forfeiting its claim to be anything like a democratic country subject to the rule of law. Like Rudolf Giuliani, Powell has been a federal prosecutor. Unlike Giuliani, Powell has made one thing abundantly clear. She will not distinguish between members of the Republic Party and Democratic Party in her prosecutorial approach to solving the still-unresolved outcome of the 2020 US election. “My intent,” Powell assets, “has always been to expose all the fraud I could find and let the chips fall where they may—whether it be upon Republicans or Democrats.”

Powell’s non-partisan approach to getting at the truth of what actually happened in election 2020 is proving to be infectious. Increasingly individuals are turning up at public demonstrations calling attention to the fraud of this election in ways that promote the need for genuine investigations of a bi-partisan nature. Those seeking investigation more than victory want to see a genuine archaeological dig by forensic experts into the evidentiary morphology of this electoral debacle irrespective of adversarial spins favouring Republicans or Democrats.

Powell’s commitment to pursuing the high road of non-partisanship in litigating the rigged 2020 election may well have played a role in opening up a split within the personal legal team of President Donald Trump. Giuliani’s strategy points one way and Powell’s strategy points another another. As I see it, Powell will probably continue her case no matter who is residing in the White House after Inauguration Day on January 20, 2021.

As any conscientious and aware observer can easily discern, the main elements of this year’s presidential contest expose the clear outlines of a rigged election displaying a wide variety of cheating techniques. The obvious irregularities began in the early hours of November 4 after President Trump made a speech at the White House emphasizing the large extent of his reported lead especially in important swing states like Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, and Wisconsin. The outcome of voting in Nevada and Arizona would subsequently move into the category of contested jurisdictions.

When rigged elections come to light, evidence of fraud inflicted on voters is evidence of gross abuse pointed at people and principles. The real crime of facilitating or allowing election fraud goes back to the government’s betrayal of many sacred trusts. The act of voting by enfranchised citizens is meant to be the ultimate embodiment of the rights and responsibilities of citizenship. The effort to rig elections assaults the dignity, interests and constitutional rights of faithful citizens who are cheated of their chance to perform their democratic duty.

People will remember waking up after election night to news reports stating that the Democratic Party’s presidential candidate had somehow zoomed ahead during the dead of night when the vote counting was supposed to have stopped. Starting at around 4:30 am strange occurrences began in many vote tabulation centers. The anomalous developments threw the electoral process into a condition of chaos and disarray that continues yet. In Michigan and Wisconsin, for instance, huge bundles of votes miraculously showed up, all for Joe Biden. As Sean Davis tweeted,

So while everyone was asleep and after everyone went home, Democrats in Michigan magically found a trove of 138,339 votes, and all 138,339 of those “votes” magically went to Biden. That doesn’t look suspicious at all.

What are the odds of flipping a coin 138, 339 times and having it come up tails 138,339 times in a row? A similar all-Biden “vote” dump took place around 6 am in Wisconsin. The resulting graph of the Biden vote in these and other states goes perpendicularly straight up to form so-called vote spikes. The legitimacy of these spikes especially in Georgia, Michigan and Wisconsin has become the subject of much scrutiny and sceptical interpretation.

The overall pattern of what transpired is beginning to be pieced together. It seems that the rigged computer voting machines were not sufficiently well rigged to negate the enormous surge of votes for Donald Trump that arose from normal voting on election day. When the voting system shut down it seems to have been to break the trajectory of a big win for Trump. When the process was mysterious set back in motion during the wee hours of the morning of Nov. 4, new techniques of cheating were introduced and deployed to “backfill” the Biden electoral deficit.

In some counties where big Trump leads were cancelled out in the days after the election, the stats showed numbers of votes exceeding the numbers of voters by as much as 350%. Another anomaly showed up in voter counts where candidates lost votes over time at the same rate as Biden gained votes.

Of course, there is mounting uncertainty about the legal status of various categories of mail-in ballots. This uncertainty applies especially to ballots submitted after November 3 in certain states like Pennsylvania and Wisconsin where there are strict constitutional prohibitions on changing electoral rules through executive orders or even legislative enactments.

This contention has become greater since 27 November when Patricia A. McCullough, a Judge of the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania, made her historic ruling. Judge McCullough’s ruling addressing the election fiasco in Pennsylvania sets out a template of legal interpretation and procedure that may very well proliferate as this election crisis continues to unfold.

Judge McCullough determined that Pennsylvania’s Governor, Secretary of State as well as the members of the Legislative Assembly failed to adhere to the Constitution of Pennsylvania in coming up with new rules involving mail-in ballots. Part of her consternation resulted from the fact the government officials in Pennsylvania failed to adhere to a court order from US Supreme Court Judge, Samuel Alito. Shortly after election day Judge Alito ordered Pennsylvania officials to separate out mail-in votes received after 8 pm on November 3.

A major emerging category of controversy in this contested election concerns the discretionary power, if any, of state official to deviate from entrenched rules and procedures in order to accommodate floods of mail-in ballots. Much evidence is coming to light of various forms of mail-in ballot fraud. In many cases evidence of the origins of these ballots is non-existent or evidence has been removed and destroyed in violation of legal regulations.

Some believe that issue of the wrongful overlay of new rules over the election laws embedded in state constitutions may emerge as a pivotal issue for the US Supreme Court. Already one of its members has intervened in the Pennsylvania proceedings suggesting Mr. Justice Alito may have identified already the basis of a possible test case.

Judge Alito’s monitoring of Pennsylvanian officials was followed by two rulings so far from Judge McCullough at the local level. This flurry of juridical activity from both the state and national ends of federalism is suggestive of where this matter may be headed.

The ruling by Judge McCullough was part of a process that included the tabling of a resolution calling for “the secretary of the commonwealth [of Pennsylvania] and the governor to withdraw or vacate the certification of presidential electors and to delay the certification of results in other statewide electoral contests voted on in the 2020 general election.” The mobilized Pennsylvania legislators went further, “urging the United States Congress to declare the selection of the presidential electors in this Commonwealth to be in dispute.”

In Pennsylvania an anomaly has emerged of 1.8 million mail-in ballots being sent out by the government and 2.5 million ballots coming back into the electoral process. What is the explanation? Given the nature of the rulings by Judges McCullough and Alito, the status of the whole bundle of 2.5 million ballots submitted after election day hangs in the balance. Similar questions arise about the status of the 700,000 supposed votes marking the difference between ballots sent out and ballots received.

As the controversies concerning the tarnished legitimacy of this rigged election keep mounting, many questions are being raised about the across-the-board misrepresentations of this still-unresolved presidential contest by media conglomerates and Internet monopolists. Once again their collective unwillingness to engage in honest and fair reporting present the media mafia presently deceiving Americans on a giant scale as key co-conspirators in election fraud.

During their monolithic misrepresentations during the election contest before Nov. 3 and in their failure to explain to the public the unfolding electoral scandals after Nov.3, most news agencies seem to assume that they will never be held accountable for their sabotage of journalist ethics. They assume that they can help along an historic instance of election tampering without being held legally accountable for the crimes in which they are deeply complicit.

In the course of 2020, the push to monopolize and control Internet content became an element of improper electoral manipulation as well as an indicator of the magnitude of the crackdown on our rights and freedoms. The crackdown now appears to extend to the denial of our right to have our votes count in honest elections. The attack on open discussion and debate began with the imposed uniformity of the formulaic fear mongering on COVID-19. The consistency of the steady flow of disinformation on many facets of this topic amounts to an unrelenting assault on science in the name of science.

This assault on the remnants of a free press and an open Internet continued with the unrelenting promotion of vaccine redemption together with the glib dismissal of the political implications of the Laptop from Hell along with related evidence. The effect has been to censor and downplay revelations on what some have referred to as the Biden Crime Family. The effect has been to shut down legitimate electoral debate about whether or not the Democratic Party and the Chinese Communist Party have conspired together improperly in the lead up to this tainted US election.

Most recently the coordinated censorship of Big Tech together with Big Media continues with the pretence entailed in amplified coverage of the invented “Office of the President Elect.” The deceits embedded in the fake news accounts of this fake office are accompanied by the failures of news reporting when it comes to the fast-emerging evidence of election fraud. The MSM’s effort to marginalize this subject as an insignificant diversion away from the big issues of the day is reflective of a radical attempt to extend the powers of unabashed disassemblers of truth and accuracy in reporting.

Voting Machines Rigged for Cheating

At the heart of Sidney Powell’s case are allegations that that many of the computerized election devices used in the 2020 election were rigged as mechanisms explicitly designed for many different varieties of cheating. Many of the election machines were provided by the Canada-based company, Dominion voting systems and its Smartmatic partner headquartered in the UK.

Initiating a case in the US District Court of Atlanta Georgia on 25 November, Sidney Powell argued “There is incontrovertible physical evidence that the standards of physical security of the voting machines and the software were breached, and machines were connected to the internet in violation of professional standards of state and federal laws.”

Included in her 104-page submission is her call for a dozen remedies

including an injunction blocking the state’s certified results showing Biden as winning by 12,000 votes from being sent to the Electoral College, an audit where signatures are matched, the impounding of election machines, and the securing of video surveillance tapes from vote-counting settings.

Sidney Powell’s legal strategy included, in her own words, a tactic for “blowing up Georgia” in a way that highlights the double-dealing of two important Republican Party quislings.

Georgia’s Governor, Brian Kemp, and the Secretary of State, Brad Raffensperger, are both Republicans who, with their actions, put themselves in the prosecutorial sights of Sidney Powell. Both men were instrumental in the decision to spend \$100 million in hastily bringing into Georgia Dominion voting machines with Smartmatic software.

As investigators reported in Texas in early 2020, the hardware and software of Dominion voting machines were loaded with devices and capacities that could be used in rigging elections.

Powell has been quick off the mark in situating some of the roots of Dominion and its corporate partner, Smartmatic, in an operation led by US intelligence agencies whose goals include rigging elections in foreign countries. In Powell’s estimation, this CIA-directed initiative, code named Hammer and Scorecard, was probably drawn upon in designing the Dominion system.

The Dominion/ Smartmatic corporate and US intelligence-agency-complex has been long in the making. Ever since the institution in 2002 of the Help America Vote Act, computer voting has been a significant factor in US election contests. This development has resulted in American elections being clouded by a number of serious allegations arguing that rigged computers have become instrumental in determining the outcome of elections.

As Joseph Stalin is reputed to have said, “Those who cast the votes decide nothing. Those who count the votes determine everything.”

The voting machine companies along with their related patents have passed from company to company along with many changes of brand names. In the early days of computer voting, Sequoia voting machines proliferated. Other companies in the voting business include Diebold, Hart Intercivic, and Election Systems and Software. Unlike its treatment of the Internet monopolists like Google and Facebook, the Department of Justice has regulated the election business by enforcing anti-trust legislation.

The DOJ regulation of voting machines, however, stops with the issue of proprietorship. The running of these machines in US elections has been pretty much a free-for-all. As Brad Friedman commented back in 2010, there is

little to ensure the accuracy or ability of citizens to oversee their own elections run on unobservable, easily manipulated, oft-failed electronic voting systems which use secret software made by private corporations to count votes in our public elections.

The failure to address this obvious shortfall in the integrity of US elections has now blown up amidst the proliferation of converging traumas imposed on people and institutions as the final days of 2020 close in on us. Sidney Powell makes much of the fact that The Dominion and Smartmatic systems have important origins as part of the electoral processes that developed during the tenure of Hugo Chavez as Venezuela’s top leader during the opening years of the twenty-first century. My understanding is that Chavez was very popular with the poor and very much resented by the rich.

One of Chavez’s mentors was Fidel Castro. While the Cuban Revolution was founded in guerrilla warfare and a military takeover of power, the governments of Chavez and then of Nicolas Maduro in Venezuela have depended, and continue to depend, on the outcomes of elections. Were these elections done honestly or were the Venezuelan elections as corrupt and dishonest as the current US election?

Sidney Powell tends to equate her antagonism with Venezuela’s communist system with her antagonism towards the Dominion and Smartmatic vote rigging systems. Both companies retain ties with their Venezuelan founders and both companies, in the view of Sidney Powell at least, are tainted by their origins in a socialist system of governance.

Powell presents a case that the US election of 2020 included purposeful interventions from communist regimes also in Cuba, and China. Powell’s undeveloped argument about the alleged interference in the US election of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is especially fraught given a core element of Trump’s political platform. One of Trump’s main political goals has been to restore US manufacturing capacity, a capacity that was largely exported to China along with millions of decent jobs.

The revelations that emerged from the Laptop from Hell together with other related sources of serious evidence suggest that Joe Biden may indeed have violated criminal laws while compromising the national security of the United States vis a vis China. Through the machinations of his son, Hunter, Joe Biden may indeed have allowed himself to become financially and politically compromised. He may have indeed thereby compromised the national security of the United States by entering into inappropriate commercial transactions with entities integral to the international operations of the Chinese Communist Party.

This perception is especially strong in an important wing of Trump’s so-called “deplorable” movement. This constituency takes many of its signals largely from the rugged media meister, Steve Bannon. Through Bannon’s relationship with Miles Guo, a rich and flamboyant and very controversial Chinese enemy of the Chinese Communist Party, Bannon has carved out a constituency of Chinese dissidents inside and outside China who seek US help in overturning the Maoist government of CCP Chairman, Xi Jinping.

The growing hostility between the US and Chinese governments is being expressed on many ways including growing military, economic and propaganda battles that touch profoundly on the contested issues at play in this fraud-infested US election. There is no doubt that the Chinese Communist Party would prefer to see a Biden victory over the populist constituency that voted in large and possibly momentous numbers for the continuation of the Donald Trump presidency. I see no reason at this stage to preclude the possibility that Chinese government did intervene to influence the US election to help bring into being a Joe Biden presidency.

No evidence has been offered by officials of the Democratic Party, including its presidential candidate, to counter evidence-backed allegations about the scandalous nature of Joe Biden’s relationship with the government of China. Could it be that the US ruling class has been so prone to sell out America by cashing in on the financial bonanza derived from exploiting masses of skilled workers in China, that Biden’s participation in the rush for spoils is made to seem normal?

The failure of federal investigation so far may have occurred because US intelligence agencies are deeply implicated in this unresolved and still-simmering national security scandal. These intelligence agencies along with their CIA-directed partners in mainstream media venues have mingled their fates as co-conspirators in the quest to keep US citizens as much in the dark as possible. The aim of this culture of deceit and cover up is to keep average Americans ill-informed about their true conditions so they will be less likely to advance their own interests when voting in elections. But what does it mean to vote in elections if the conduct of election 2020 is to become the terrible new normal?

The apparent failure of DOJ and FBI officials to investigate this possibility of collusion between the Democratic Party and the Chinese Communist Party may indeed be derived from the obvious partisanship of the US intelligence agencies in favour of the interests personified by Obama, Clinton and Biden. As the lead lawyer for General Michael Flynn, a patriotic American who was slated to become President Trump’s lead National Security Adviser, Sidney Powell possesses much insider knowledge of the ruthless attacks on the Trump administration. Powell makes it very clear that, in her understanding, the FBI conspired to “entrap” Flynn in a process rife with FBI criminality. The tactics deployed in entrapping General Flynn set the bar really low for the onslaughts to come.

The issue of foreign interference in US election integrity also calls attention to the UK-based SGO Smartmatic vote system. In London England sits Antonio Mugica, the Venezuelan founder of the Dominion/Smartmatic election rigging complex. The current Chair of SGO Smartmatic is Lord Mark Malloch-Brown. A former Vice-President of the World Bank, Malloch-Brown has been a Board member of George Soros’ Open Society Foundations and its Quantum Fund. Smartmatic’s US Chair is Peter Neffenger who is reported to be part of the supposed “transition team” of the fraudulently titled “President Elect,” Joe Biden.

Applying the Tactics of Imperial Domination to the Deplorables of the American Heartland

There are reports that the CIA had custody of a Dominion voting system server kept in a secret US location in Frankfurt Germany. This facility is apparently also connected to a Spanish voting system company known as Scytl. Shortly after the US election, a unit of the United States European Command is reported to have picked up the server with whatever information it may or may not contain about vote rigging in the 2020 election. Powell is unsure if the “good guys or bad guys” are presently in control of the server.

The Dominion voting system is headquartered in Toronto Canada. The Dominion company shares office space with a George Soros NGO called the Tides Foundation. The Soros role in this election fraud suggests at a color revolution is underway in the United States. This phenomenon is perfectly in line with the propensity of governments that impose imperial rule on foreign peoples to eventually fall prey to the repressive techniques they employ in building and maintaining empires. Again, and again the repressive tactics of imperial rule end up being applied domestically.

The term, “color revolutions,” refers to George Soros-backed episodes of US-led regime change in several of the republics that had been part of the Soviet Union before its dissolution in 1991. In his role in these transformations of government, George Soros has always kept within the scope of US government policies and strategies. This orientation orientation helped make Soros a significant collaborator and funder in the projects of Hillary Clinton’s State Department during the years of the Obama-Biden presidency.

Soros is well known for his history of sponsoring the activities of the Black Lives Matter from its inception in 2013. The activities of Black Lives Matter were featured in the summer of 2020 when urban protests put BLM in leading roles often involving riots including much burning and looting. This cycle of peaceful protests leading to violent spectacles took place especially in Democratic Party-controlled urban centers like Minneapolis, Seattle, New York and Chicago. Soros money played a major role in these episodes including through his funding of candidates for state prosecutors whose role at the height of the riots was to treat leniently those charged with committing violent crimes.

Norm Eisen, one of the main intelligence agency strategists of the George Soros-backed color revolutions, is a director of the Democratic Party’s Transition Integrity Project. The regime change experts throughout TIP are intent on forcefully taking back the White House for the Democratic Party regardless of what transpires in the judicial and/or legislative assessments of the actual outcomes of the 2020 election.

In taking a more non-partisan approach to this unprecedented crisis in US statecraft, Sidney Powell is attempting to introduce a deeper text underlying the wider implications of the current election fraud. Allegations that the US electoral process is awash in corruption are hardly new. It seems, however, that Powell is in a position to give this issue the gravitas it deserves. As she would have it, the most pernicious aspects of the informal US empire are converging in a foreign-backed internal coup aimed at subordinating the people of the United States to a new form of fascistic authoritarianism. A main emblem of this rampaging 2020 authoritarianism is the media conspiracy to repress the dissemination of information and interpretations deemed inconsistent with certain official policies and narratives.

In calling attention to the proliferation of large and small techniques for cheating in the still-unresolved electoral contest of 2020, Ms. Powell is giving detailed legal testimony on how voter fraud has long been emerging as an illustration of the growing impoverishment of US political culture. The conditions of pervasive dishonesty are becoming so marked in the United States that many elected offices are more likely to have been purchased than earned.

According to Ms. Powell, the descent of the US electoral system into orgies of cheating and misrepresentation is part of a larger process that is injecting a particularly toxic brand of lawlessness into life within the upper tiers of government. At the top of the pyramid of wealth and power, the vulgarities of unbridled politics have almost completely subsumed the viability of anything resembling a rule of law.

A regular part of Ms. Powell’s presentations on the subverted election of 2020 bemoans the fact that the US Department of Justice and the FBI are not already conducting massive criminal investigations culminating in charges against those who may have committed federal felonies. Among those most vulnerable to federal charges emanating from this rigged election are Dominion voting system officials, including, prominently, Eric Coomer. Coomer has been exposed as a friend and adviser to the Democratic Party’s Antifa protestors.

Antifa protestors took part closely with Black Lives Matter to in the rioting and statue destruction that ran rampant in US cities in recent months. As a Dominion voting system official, Coomer is on record as having bragged to his Antifa associates that he had personally put in place the means of preventing Donald Trump from winning the 2020 election.

Dominion officials have suspiciously shut down their offices in Toronto and Denver and then disappeared from sight as questions keep mounting about their seemingly criminal conduct.

The flight of Dominion officials away from scrutiny and accountability was especially remarkable in Pennsylvania. Dominion officials failed to show up as they had promised to an investigative procedure initiated by members of the Pennsylvania legislature.

COVID-19 as a Pretext for Attempting to Rig Elections Through Unconstitutional Chicanery

The evidence is accumulating that Joe Biden himself was entirely correct when he incriminated his own election team by asserting on video, “We have put together I think the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.”

Sidney Powell, Rudolf Giuliani, Jenna Ellis and L. Lin Wood are prominent among the lawyers seeking to expose what Joe Biden described in his own words as the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of US politics. Also prominent in this legal cohort is Phill Kline. A former Attorney-General of Kansas, Kline is developing a case that applies to many sites of electoral contention.

The specific theme Kline is preparing to put before the courts has to do with the unprecedented nature of the vote counting procedures employed in this particular election. The alterations to established procedures for vote collecting and vote counting were made primarily by agents of the Democratic Party in the name of being responsive to COVID considerations.

Many standard electoral rules meant to protect against election fraud were eased or erased altogether in procedures that Pennsylvania Judge Patricia McCullough has recently condemned as unconstitutional violations of law. In commenting on the ways that fears of “the mythic Coronavirus” seem to have been deployed in election 2020, Brett Redmayne-Titley has commented, “a purely political coronavirus has utilized the virus known as Covid-19 to great effect, that of anointing, not electing, Joe Biden President.”

The COVID considerations were used as justification for Mark Zuckerberg and his wife to contribute \$400,000,000 into what amounted to a partisan slush fund used to implement discriminatory election practises. This fund was used to privatize vote-collecting and vote-counting procedures of election 2020 in ways that significantly advantaged the Democratic Party vote rigging in large urban areas.

The cynical and purposeful exploitation of COVID precautions remains a significant tactic employed to help give cover to the rigged vote of 2020. In this instance and in others like it, the supposedly new coronavirus is providing a rational to advance a range of political objectives often only marginally connected to public health considerations.

Is it mere coincidence that the political party that exploited COVID-19 to engage in unprecedented forms of election fraud is the same US political party most invested in imposing mandatory masking, lockdowns, social distancing, vaccines, human chipping and immunity passports? Is it mere coincidence that the Big Media and Big Tech venues pushing the Democratic Party’s Gates-driven agenda on COVID-19 are the same venues that suppressed revelations about the Biden Crime Family? Is it mere coincidence that these same media monopolies have moved to downgrade, demean or ignore altogether the proliferating revelations about the proliferation of election fraud in the still-unresolved 2020 vote?

Is it mere coincidence that people directing the Big Media and Big Tech conglomerates are all in perfect alignment with those seeking to overturn the existing legal order of the United States? A major indicator of this alignment is the uniformity of reportage among a massive consortium of media outlets that pretend they possess the power to determine collectively the winner of this presidential election. What is to be said of the fact that Facebook’s Mark Zukberberg has acquired such prominence in pushing forward so many disparate elements of this perverse agenda?

Zuckerberg is acting as an Internet publisher censoring stories that point to the victory of Donald Trump in election 2020. Alternatively, Zukerberg has promoted stories on Facebook that put the candidacy of Joe Biden/Kamala Harris ticket in a positive light.

Moreover, Zukerberg is funding activities that violate the constitutional principle that all voters and all votes are to be treated equally, a principle well established in the Supreme Court’s ruling in 2000 in the case of Bush versus Gore. The need for this equality of treatment runs against the grain of a program used to school Democratic Party activists in a list of electoral functions like vote counters, vote monitors, vote judges and enforcers of discriminatory behaviour in vote counting areas.

A major pattern characterizing this process was the training with Zuckerberg money of scores of Democratic Party partisans who played many roles in enforcing the conditions of fraud. This privatized system of election tampering included the imposition of improper intimidation to keep Republic Party monitors from witnessing close up the all-important moment when many mail-in ballots were removed from their information-bearing envelops. This form of conniving can be described as the fraudulent treatment of mail-in ballots, a major basis of the election rigging in this still-unresolved electoral contest.

The effort in places like Philadelphia and Detroit to block Republican monitors from witnessing the removal of ballots from their envelops is one of a number of manifestations of Democratic Party cheating that permeate this historic desecration of the electoral process. As Ms. Powell acknowledges, some Republic Party candidates probably joined in the fraud, paying money to become beneficiaries of the cheating enabled in part by the Dominion voting system.

Government Of, By, and Primarily For the Extremely Rich and Well Connected

The destruction by elites of the US capacity to host reasonably fair elections is depriving average Americans of decent governance based on genuine consent of the governed. These folks have good reason to suspect they have been cheated by a sabotaged system where their vote has been misdirected to neutralize or negate their own electoral choices.

Thus the triumph of fraud over decency continues its expansionary course in what is increasingly a failed state. Average citizens are consistently abused, ripped off and lied to by agglomerations of corrupt officials in public and private sectors. This betrayal of public trust is especially rampant in media companies whose directors have made it clear that they have absolutely no commitment to telling the truth in their publications and broadcasts.

These officials together with assorted high rollers in the field of organized crime are regularly shielded from accountability for their infractions. The illegal actions of those considered to be above the law are regularly protected and helped rather than prohibited and punished by the heavily politicized leadership of most law enforcement agencies.

Will this betrayal of the rule of law prevail once again? Will the main suspects continue to be protected from federal felony charges even as the broad and unprecedented extent of the most recent cases of election fraud continue to come to light? Why should the responsibility to enforce the laws meant to protect against election fraud fall on the likes of Sidney Powell rather than on law enforcement agencies?

As Powell has announced to the world, many of the top officials of these now-publicly disgraced agencies seem to have made themselves partisan allies of big crime cartels. The organized crimes committed by these cartels operate through agencies such as the Democratic Party, the FBI, the ADL, the Open Society Foundations, BlackRock and the Federal Reserve Bank of New York?

As heavily implied in the testimony of Sidney Powell, the United States is becoming a tyranny. The levers of governing authority are of, by, and primarily for the extremely rich and well connected. Especially since 9/11, the US Constitution has essentially been pre-empted. The concept of “we the people” has become little more than a nostalgic reminder of a good idea long since left behind in the rush to massively empower multibillionaires.

The delegation of enormous powers to the likes of Bill Gates, George Soros, Mark Zuckerberg, or Jeff Bezos is proving to be disastrous. The allegiance of the mega-rich is mostly to money rather than nationality, mostly to the fruits of political patronage rather than to the pride of patriotism. Where do the so-called “deplorables”—many belonging to the denigrated and often unemployed working class– fit into this scheme of top-down repression, exploitation, disempowerment, and deception?

As promised, Powell released the much-anticipated “Kraken” at a Washington press conference on 19 November 19th, 2020. “Kraken” is a Norse term for a massive sea monster capable of overturning ships. In this case the vessel experiencing the Kraken attack is the US ship of state. As I write this essay in late November, there are still two presidential contenders. Both still claim to have won the 2020 contest for the top job in the United States.

Many see the jurist who is releasing the Kraken as a bellicose messenger of unwanted tidings. Others see Ms. Powell as an exceptionally principled legal advocate and witness whose explosive testimony demands a genuine hearing if the errant United States has any chance of redemption.

As suggested in Ms. Powell’s legal representation of General Flynn, the Texas-based lawyer is reputed to have the capacity to make legal representation in military tribunals. Such tribunals may play a role in the course of a looming constitutional crisis that might extend to adjudication of treason charges. Anticipation of such a crisis may have been a factor in the reinstatement of firing squads as a legal means for executing convicted felons.

On Nov. 19 Sidney Powell explained how the Dominion voting system used an algorithm to flip large numbers of votes from Trump to Biden. Parts of the Dominion voting machine system used in 28 US states were improperly connected to the Internet. There were various forms of backdoors and other digital openings allowing operators inside and outside of the United States to alter vote counts at their own discretion. Ms. Powell went onto explain how, in spite of this digital tampering with the results, the size of Trump’s margin of victory was so huge that it caused the Dominion system and its Smartmatic extensions to shut down automatically.

As the uncertainties about the outcome of this election continue to grow, so too does the possibility mount that Joe Biden got many less legal votes than reported and that Donald Trump got many more legal votes than reported. This understanding animates the investigative work of Bernard Kerlik, former Police Commissioner of New York City.

From his work with Rudy Giuliani, the former NYC Mayor, Kerlik predicted that it will eventually emerge that “Donald Trump won by millions of votes over what is reported.” Donald Trump won “the biggest landslide in presidential history.” Kerlik estimates that the real number of legal votes for Trump is somewhere in the neighbourhood of 80,000,000.

In September of 2018 Donald Trump issued an executive order “on Imposing Certain Sanctions in the Event of Foreign Interference in a United States Election.” The Order can be seen as a response to those who tried to destroy Donald Trump’s reputation and presidency by wrongfully depicting him as a violator of national security intent on doing the bidding of a meddling Russian government. The Executive Order of 2018 calls on the Director of National Intelligence to consult with his colleagues in doing an investigation of possible foreign interference. The investigation is supposed to take place within 45 days of a US election.

Among the listed criteria is a provision prohibiting “any foreign interference that targeted election infrastructure [that] materially affected the security or integrity of that infrastructure, the tabulation of votes, or the timely transmission of election results.” This wording seems to fit to a tee the allegations made by Sidney Powell concerning foreign interference through the provision of computerized voting machines said to be rigged by communist operatives in Venezuela. The Order’s introduction refers also to the “unauthorized accessing of election and campaign infrastructure or the covert distribution of propaganda and disinformation.”

In her presentations Powell adds Cuba and “possibly” China to her list of foreign and communist polities whom she suspects interfered in a US election. Her sense of indignation that such violations have occurred seems to have been strengthened by her awareness that the Democratic Party pressed similar allegations that the Russian government interfered with the US election won by Donald Trump in 2015.

The allegations by the Democratic Party and its circle of supporters inside and outside the bureaucracy of the US government continued throughout Donald Trump’s first tern of office. The scheme to defame, frame, and criminalize the Trump administration has never let up. This agenda was pushed forward with the assistance of the FBI whose leadership continue the hoax that Trump was an instrument of Vladimir Putin’s malevolent manipulation.

The unrelenting preoccupation of the Democratic Party with “Russian disinformation” continued into the election season of 2020. For instance, Adam Schiff, the Head of the House of Representatives’ Homeland Security Committee, misled the public by fraudulently claiming Hunter Biden’s Laptop from Hell had been created and planted by Russian agents.

The perspectives of both Schiff and Powell fail to acknowledge the obvious fact that the main source of foreign interference in US domestic politics, including in elections, comes from the government of Israel as well as from some influential American Jews whose primary political attachment is to their perception of Israel’s best interests.

The main agencies for the exercise of Israeli and Jewish influence on US politics, including on US elections, are abundant, well funded, well organized and many-faceted. The clout of this complex of agencies plus the people that staff and support them have been examined by Walt and Mearshimer in their much discussed book, The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy. Walt and Mearshimer devote much attention to explaining the deep and wide political influence of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, AIPAC. They also devote considerable attention to the ADL.

Like AIPAC, the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith is core agency among the numerous and many-faceted organizations that together constitute the Israel Lobby. The ADL’s activities extend to close integration with law enforcement agencies at all levels, with media, and with the key movers and shakers of Silicon Valley.

In the course of 2020, Silicon Valley with its ADL bastion of Jewish power has been an important platform of operations for those intent on seizing control of the content of the Internet and especially of its main search engine, Google.

This preoccupation with controlling Internet content is a fundamental aspect of the effort to overcome and destroy the protections of the First Amendment in the US Constitution. The ADL’s participation in the tightly-coordinated attack on constitutional protections of free speech in this presidential contest can be conceived as component of Israeli interference in a US election.

The foreign influence of Israel on US politics including on elections goes far beyond the role of any other national or corporate lobby in the United States. The influence of, for instance, Venezuela, Cuba, Russia, Canada, or the UK on this US election does not come close to that of Israel. For decades the US political process has been constructed so that every US presidential election is a contest between Republican and Democratic Party advocates of close and friendly integration between the US and Israeli governments.

The lack of any genuine rivalry between Trump and Biden when it comes to the need for vigorous debate on US-Israel relations is par for the course. The foreign interference of Israel in US elections has been institutionalized to the point where it is made to seem normal. An aspect of the foreign interference puts certain important topics off limits as media cartels devote their resources to propagating Zionist propaganda rather than building up constitutionally-protected free speech including on sensitive subjects.

Both political parties share the bi-partisan principle that all candidates for top office must be vetted to disqualify any contenders whose platforms include significant criticisms of Israel. Generally speaking, any significant commitment to the principle of justice for the dispossessed and persecuted Palestinians is treated as the basis for disqualification from the even the possibility of achieving high office. The strength of this taboo against any honest discussion of Israel-Palestinian relation in presidential politics amounts to foreign interference in US elections on steroids.

These days the longstanding taboo against articulating even a hint of empathic support aimed at easing the suffering of persecuted Palestinians has been refashioned into a ruthless career-destroying fatwa. Those who refuse to self-censor when it comes to highlighting the pain and continuing persecution of the Palestinians are regularly branded as anti-Semites and creators of hate speech.

The process of attacking and shunning those advancing principled positions on human rights helps give cover to the ethnocidal policies of a foreign government, one that receives massive financial and military support from the beleaguered and now-disenfranchised US tax payers. However deplorable, these tax payers have a right to proclaim: No taxation without enfranchised representation in honest elections.

This attack on the critics of Israel could not be successfully implemented without the enthusiastic participation of an obedient media staffed by cynical and unprincipled opportunists. Media spin doctors of this ilk well understand that the route to fame and fortune runs through the promotion of the policies and actions of the likes of the ADL, AIPAC, and the Israeli government.

The process of vetting candidates for elected office extends to both houses of Congress. Carrot and stick tactics are deployed including the incentive of large campaign donations for politicians who advance the objectives of the Israel Lobby in public pronouncements and in the proceedings of the main legislative branch of the US government. While the carrot includes large cash payments to those US politicians who promote the agenda of America’s most powerful and wealthy lobby, the sticks of coercion are many and often of a covert nature.

The most notorious coercive device for exacting compliance from influential figures has come to light in a many revelations involving the activities of Jeffrey Epstein and his circle of influential associates. The most prominent acolytes of Epstein included the vaccine, depopulation and AI promoter, Bill Gates, as well as Bill and Hillary Clinton with their notorious foundation.

The Epstein/Mossad/CIA playbook is said to have been based on blackmail of influential deciders lured into situations where they were filmed having sexual interactions with children. The apparent inability of, for instance, the DOJ to deal decisively with this appalling abuse of power on many levels is an indicator of the enormous walls of official complicity protecting the most guilty among us from accountability for their crimes.

It is beyond the scope of this essay to go deeper into this subject. For those seeking to learn more about this subject, however, the essays and reports of the Council for the National Interest are germane. The main issue addressed by the Council for the National Interest is to demonstrate how the interests of the United States and Israel are not the same and in some instances are very discordant.

Dr. Philip Giraldi, the Executive Director of the organization, is a journalist, a scholar of significance as well as a former CIA agent. His equally-prolific colleague, Alison Weir, takes the lead in putting together the Council’s web sites including If Americans Only Knew and Israel-Palestine News.

Whither the Deplorables, the Democratic Party, and the Chinese Communist Party?

The effort to depict Donald Trump as a manipulated agent of Russian adventurism marks a counterpoint to the depiction of Joe Biden and other key figures in the Democratic Party as paid tools under the directing influence of the Communist Party of China. In my view, the now public evidence pointing to a compromised relationship of Joe Biden with the CCP is much more compelling than any characterization of Donald Trump as a dupe of the Russian government.

The anti-communist legacy inherited from the US role in the Cold War permeates almost every facet of this election fiasco whose stakes go far beyond any US presidential election so far. As many see it, the Democrat Party’s contemptuous disregard for the requirements of honest conduct in elections as well as in most other government functions amounts to an uncivil insurrection whose goal is nothing short of revolutionary transformation of the United States.

Justified or not, many of those who see themselves as opponents of this possible insurrection understand what is taking place to be a communist uprising whose main mascot so far is those who have identified themselves as members of the self-declared anti-fascist group, Antifa. In trying to oppose the tactics of her opponents, Sidney Powell made her revulsion towards communism graphically clear.

While Powell highlighted Venezuelan communism in her presentations, the Chinese Communist Party is the real wild card in the strange convergences of emergences that seems to be rapidly forcing society towards some very dark places. In ways that have yet to become clear, the Chinese government are probably deeply involved in many facets of the major developments unfolding in the United States.

The CCP might in the future be in a good position to help reassemble some pieces of a dismantled USA should events spin out of control. Is the plandemic part of a larger plan to break down the economy and governing system of the United States and to integrate what’s left into a Chinese-centered world order?

The Democratic Party hit squad that worked so hard to discredit Donald Trump’s presidency also exploited the negative imagery of Russia’s associations with Soviet communism throughout much of the twentieth century. The Dems’ emphasis on Russia as an enemy of the US drew on the legacy of many Red Scares including those that animated the US-led side in the Cold War. A compelling case can be made that many well-established interests in the Pentagon and intelligence agencies depend on the maintenance of hostile US-Russian relations to keep their budgets inflated and their prestige undeservedly elevated.

Will the United States be able to avert the drift into a civil by finding a way through this electoral crisis in a way that restores some of the great strengths of the American Republic?


A renowned cybersecurity expert, Navid Keshavarz-Nia, has joined the Sidney Powell team as an expert witness in her legal pursuits. As cited in an article in the American Thinker by Andrea Widburg, Dr. Keshavarz-Nia lays out the conclusions so far that the cybersecurity expert has arrived at concerning the role of electronic tampering in violating the integrity of this election. Here are the Dr. Keshavarz-Nia’s bullet points along with Dr. Widburg’s introductory remarks:

So what does the brilliant Dr. Kershavarz-Nia have to say? This:

  1. Hammer and Scorecard is real, not a hoax (as Democrats allege), and both are used to manipulate election outcomes.
  2. Dominion, ES&S, Scytl, and Smartmatic are all vulnerable to fraud and vote manipulation — and the mainstream media reported on these vulnerabilities in the past.
  3. Dominion has been used in other countries to “forge election results.”
  4. Dominion’s corporate structure is deliberately confusing to hide relationships with Venezuela, China, and Cuba.
  5. Dominion machines are easily hackable.
  6. Dominion memory cards with cryptographic key access to the systems were stolen in 2019.

Although he had no access to the machines, Dr. Kershavarz has looked at available data about the election and the vote results. Based on that information, he concluded

  1. The counts in the disputed states (Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, Arizona, Nevada, and Georgia) show electronic manipulation.
  2. The simultaneous decision in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Arizona, Nevada, and Georgia to pretendto halt counting votes was unprecedented and demonstrated a coordinated effort to collude toward desired results.
  3. One to two percent of votes were forged in Biden’s favor.
  4. Optical scanners were set to accept unverified, un-validated ballots.
  5. The scanners failed to keep records for audits, an outcome that must have been deliberately programmed.
  6. The stolen cryptographic key, which applied to all voting systems, was used to alter vote counts.
  7. The favorable votes pouring in after hours for Biden could not be accounted for by a Democrat preference for mailed in ballots. They demonstrated manipulation. For example, in Pennsylvania, it was physically impossible to feed 400,000 ballots into the machines within 2–3 hours.
  8. Dominion used Chinese parts, and there’s reason to believe that China, Venezuela, Cuba interfered in the election.
  9. There was a Hammer and Scorecard cyber-attack that altered votes in the battleground states, and then forwarded the results to Scytl servers in Frankfurt, Germany, to avoid detection.
  10. The systems failed to produce any auditable results.

(Republished from American Herald Tribune by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Sidney should consider getting fitted for body armor.

    The mention of the Biden Crime Family jogged me into realizing that the whole Hunter Biden thing just disappeared from view. Why aren’t those staunch supporters of the rule of law, the Republicans, all over this issue? If they could show that Hunter was a cut out for Joe, then maybe they could arrest Joe while he’s taking the oath of office. I’m certain Kamala would help in the effort.

  2. Notsofast says:

    i want to believe that sidney powell is for real, great goddess in a bodice, i want to believe. it seems every time i believe i end up flat on my back like charlie brown trying to kick that football. is sidney powell lucy and going to yank that football away once again? the part of her story that makes no sense to me however is the venezuelan angle. if the cia directed hammer and scorecard was used by antonio mugica and his partner lord malloch-brown in london, does this point to chavistas? sounds more like the guaidostas to me. hopefully the rest of the story will check out though. i was wondering why they had brought back the electric chair and firing squads and thinking how strange it was, now oddly enough it gives me hope.

  3. Tony Hall says:

    Thanks Notsofast.

    Powell’s obsession with what she sees as the Venezuelan commie roots of the election fraud I agree is somewhat over the top. I understand her preoccupation with communism as pretty typical of many of us who grew up in the Cold War, but especially of those who see themselves as Christian conservatives. I tried to touch on these matter in the final section. Two decades after the end of the Cold War with the demise of the Soviet Union, deeply felt anti-communism is once again becoming a powerful theme of political discourse as some of the polemics in all this election controversy attests. How are we to view the Chinese Communist Party now and in the future? Clearly the Trumpists and Dems start from very different places in how to think about and address this matter. Given this disagreement we need to make some space available to consider what communism is, where it came from, and how it has been applied, exploited and fought up to the present. Some of that discussion necessarily requires some consideration to the relationship of Jewish and Israeli history to communist history, a theme I intend to take on in the future

  4. anonymous[304] • Disclaimer says:

    It’s important not to get caught up in the chaff here. CIA crime always features multiple trails of breadcrumbs to foreign malefactors.

    JFK coup: wolfdipped Soviet agent Oswald
    OKC: Andreas Strassmeir
    911: PTech, the dancing Israelis
    Imran Awan: a phtasmagoria of ‘links’ to Mideast boogiemen.
    and now
    2020 coup: Venezuelan, Cuban, and Chinese chumps on the boards of the CIA proprietaries that stole the elections.

    The coup is foreign backed only in the sense that CIA uses eyes-only intelligence liaisons with satellite state intelligence agencies like Britain, Spain, and Canada. We have to hope Sidney understands this. And “…corruption from the local level to the highest level of our government” is a very encouraging acknowledgement that the CIA ratfuckers who stole this election are the actual national command authorities. They’re just doing what spy brat Frank Zappa predicted: CIA’s taking down the stage set to expose the brick wall.

    CIA has run this country since 1947. The constitution is the ancien regime. Section 202 gives CIA impunity. CIA has steadily reinforced their impunity with secret law like the Rogers-Houston memo et seq. and COG, an illegal state of emergency classified at the collateral level that has been in force for 20 years now. (COG includes procedures for CIA to pick your rulers.) The Intelligence Identities Protection Act makes CIA criminals secret. The operational files exemption makes evidence of CIA crimes secret. Judicial doctrines of political questions, utmost discretion, discretion upon discretion, and state secrets exempt CIA from review by any US court. CIA has arbitrary power.

    Let’s hope Sidney knows that what’s she up against is CIA’s atavistic absolute sovereignty. She’s got to overthrow the CIA regime.

    Getting yourself censored was a badge of honor, by the way. Congratulations.

    • Thanks: Majority of One
  5. As Notsofast (#2) has outlined, the Venezuela angle makes more sense as a Guaido/guano op. Further to that, consider Venezuela’s version of the “deplorables” are not only the ones that have benefited from Chavez and to a lesser extent Maduro, it was they who stopped the 2002 CIA coup. Why would the deplorables, who constitute a much greater portion of the Venezuelan electorate, vote for the CIA backed opposition parties who want to claw back all of their gains?

    For consideration: Much is made of Dominion being a “Canadian” company. Ford, GM, Chrysler, Toyota, and Honda are also “Canadian” companies, in Canada. The CIA is known for having “front” companies, and there is no reason to doubt that Dominion could potentially be one of them. Keep in mind, that voting in Canada is a much different than in the US. Canada has sole purpose elections with paper ballots, hand counted where cast, for federal and provincial elections, which are never held on the same day. A few cities use computers for their mayoral and council elections, which again, are never held on the same day as a federal or provincial election. The internal Canadian market for computers for voting is minuscule. That means the company was formed for export, which lends itself to foreign control.

    • Replies: @Majority of One
    , @Anon
  6. The inability to take principled positions against egalitarian (e.g. antiracist, feminist) bigotry has led a lot of cuckservatives to ascribe the culture changes that they dislike to a communist movement and to use the bad reputation of CCP, Castro, Chavez etc as a way of demonizing the enemy and therebey evading an honest debate. This kind of “anti-communism” on which Sidney Powell is riding is a cuckservative bad habid and it backfires. But it doesn’t change the validity of Powell’s cause.

    • Replies: @Mikael_
    , @Wazup
  7. I believe, there is no doubt something nefarious was instituted:

    Was COVID-19 Used To Steal An Election?

    Was COVID-19 used to steal the American election?
    Millions of mail in ballots are reportedly under suspicion
    There are reports of fraud and other questionable acts
    Does there need to be a major investigation, to check all the facts?

    There is evidence, a number of affidavits have been signed and produced
    Yet, the so-called “investigative media” is ignoring, the evidence of election abuse
    Why is this: thinking people might rightfully say, and surely ask?
    “Are the globalist corporate media refusing journalism’s task”?

    Journalists are supposedly “searchers for truth” but their faculties are no longer used
    They have become biased, and activists, for undermining democracy; and no longer deduce
    They are paid propagandists for the globalists, and their diabolical agendas
    Josef Goebbels himself, would be proud of there corrupt and lying fake news crescendos

  8. If there’s a truly bipartisan investigation, I’d expect it to uncover some Republican fraud as well. While I don’t believe Biden legitimately won, I also don’t believe Trump legitimately got 10 million more votes than last time. In the entire 4 years he’s been President, I haven’t heard one person who voted against him before say, “You know, he’s not so bad.”

    (That Biden got so many more votes than Clinton is easily explained. There were, I’m certain, a great many potential Clinton voters who were so smugly certain she had it in the bag, they didn’t bother to show up. That wasn’t going to happen again. Plus, the operatives in charge of the traditional fraud machines–illegal alien vote, cemetery vote, etc.–might have gotten complacent in 2016 but were surely working double shifts this time around.)

  9. @Rex Little

    President Trump today proposed a clear solution to the election quagmire.

    Instead of putting the burden of proof on the Trump team to prove fraud, shift the burden to local precincts to prove they followed proper election procedures, including chain of custody of the envelopes of all mail-in ballots.

    If they can’t produce the envelopes and verify the signatures, then those ballots would be disallowed.

    That seems like a totally reasonable proposal to deal with mail-in ballot fraud.

    • Replies: @Thomasina
  10. utu says:

    Sidney Powell makes me think of Orly Taitz. I wonder if the same outfit in Mossad is responsible for digging her up as a double edge sword whose ultimate objective is to compromise everybody who associates with her.

    • Troll: TheTrumanShow, Mikael_
    • Replies: @Alden
  11. TKK says:

    Nothing will come from Powell’s lawsuits.

    Do not fall for this false hope.

    Harris/Biden will be President. There is no Judge or State Legislature who will go against the entire Establishment/Big Tech/Wall Street.

    Obama blessed over \$2 TRILLION dollars of our money bailing out Wall Street without one indictment. Think about that.

    How is that relevant? Obama is all over the media lately, and it’s not just to hawk his narcissistic, rambling 2nd autobiography.

    Obama is back on the scene to make sure Trump is steam rolled and Wall Street is pleased. When Obama talks, the media drops to their knees. ((They)) pulled out the biggest gun they have to insure the Election Result sticks.

    Look at Biden’s cabinet picks. All Deep State/Swamp things: John Kerry? Yellin?

    These articles about the election fraud (which happened more likely than not) are just theoretical exercises. Band aids for a gut wound with a machete. No deus ex machina is coming to save the day.

  12. @RoatanBill

    then maybe they could arrest Joe while he’s taking the oath of office.

    Well, look, I certainly don’t have the inside track about DC dealings but, I did laugh out loud when it was reported that Joe “injured his foot while playing with his dog”.

    Ok, really? Not his knee, ankle, tibia, hip, wrist? No, a body part for which he has to wear a big boot. Gee, like the one John McCain wore that sometimes changed legs; pictures prove it.

    So, is there an ankle monitor inside that thing China Joe is wearing? I’m convinced there was for McCain. Of course, you know that he didn’t have brain cancer, right? That’s not how he died.

    Mighty strange things are going on. You might get your wish. That would be grand…

    • Thanks: Alden
    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  13. Lee says:

    Dominions rebuttal to some of the claims made in the TH article. WSJ Nov 30

    Fake Claims About Dominion Voting Systems Do Real Damage
    Our machines have no secret ‘vote flipping’ algorithm. We have no ties to dictator Hugo Chávez.


    “Accurate, transparent and accessible elections—this is the objective that motivated me to create Dominion Voting Systems 18 years ago in Canada. From the start, the company was focused on improving paper-based voting, and it continues to pursue vote-tabulation solutions that enhance accuracy and transparency through audits and reviews, as well as by allowing voters to create, verify and privately cast a marked paper ballot. But if you’ve heard about our role in the U.S. election on Twitter, it’s likely you’ve heard something different.

    The allegations against Dominion are bizarre, but I’ll set the record straight. Dominion is an American company, now headquartered in Denver. Dominion is not and has never been a front for communists. It has no ties to Hugo Chávez, the late dictator of Venezuela. It has never been involved in Venezuelan elections. None of Dominion’s systems use the Smartmatic software that has come under attack, as any state certification lab could verify.

    There is no secret “vote flipping” algorithm. Third-party test labs, chosen by the bipartisan Election Assistance Commission and accredited by a program of the National Institute of Standards and Technology, perform complete source-code reviews on every federally certified tabulation system. States replicate this process for their own certifications. Postelection canvassing and auditing also exist to provide additional assurance of the vote totals’ accuracy.

    The part of the election process on which Dominion focuses is highly regulated and certified. The company doesn’t work in noncertified areas such as voter-registration systems, poll books or signature-verification software, and it doesn’t provide vote-by-mail printing. Dominion voting machines do one thing: accurately tabulate votes from county-verified voters using a durable paper ballot controlled and secured by local elections officials.

    Some of the main counties where results have been contested, like Philadelphia and Allegheny (Pittsburgh), don’t even use Dominion voting systems. In fact, across the 14 Pennsylvania counties that use Dominion systems, President Trump received 52.2% of the vote.

    Despite the company’s limited role in elections, it has been the target of a stream of outrageous statements since Election Day—increasingly reckless and defamatory allegations that don’t stand up to scrutiny. Dominion is never able to affect the outcome of an election. The entire certification process makes sure of that. Regardless, the company’s focus has always been to be nonpartisan and respectful of all views. Dominion’s customers are election officials from both parties in the 28 states where it operates.

    Unlike its critics, Dominion has had to attest to every part of its business ownership and operations to governmental agencies and in courts—under oath and penalty of perjury. We believe it is important to welcome the highest degree of scrutiny and transparency in the election process. This builds trust and leads to more resilient and robust elections. The widespread disinformation campaign America currently faces, however, does the opposite. Baseless and ludicrous smears are presented without evidence and amplified across social media.

    These attacks undermine the tens of thousands of state and local officials who run our elections. When it comes to counting ballots, officials have established a distributed, multilayered system with checks and balances, in which robust safeguards ensure that no one needs to trust blindly any person, company or technology. Here are some of the safeguards in place in Georgia, where the Trump campaign has contested the result:

    • Tabulation machines are tested publicly, before bipartisan witnesses, before and right after Election Day.

    • On Election Day, poll workers—not Dominion systems—verify voters’ identities, including a signature check.

    • Voters mark a paper ballot to vote. Absentee voters use pens, while in-person voters use “ballot marking devices,” which display a digital ballot for voters to make a selection and then print a paper record. In both cases, voters verify the marked paper ballot before casting it in a secure ballot box through an air-gapped scanning tabulator.

    • After polls close, results are tallied by local officials. Paper ballots are safeguarded by thousands of poll workers distributed across 2,656 precincts.

    • The Georgia Secretary of State’s Office certified election results after hand-auditing five million ballots, which showed that the paper-ballot voting system counted and reported results accurately. The small change to the final tally was due entirely to the addition of ballots that had been uncounted due to human process errors.

    • The state also enlisted Pro V&V, a certified third-party testing laboratory, to audit a random sample of Dominion machines. No tampering was found.

    The wild allegations of recent weeks have fueled the harassment of election officials and Dominion employees across the country—including stalking and death threats. The lies and smears have no basis in fact, but they do real damage to our democracy by casting doubt on the legitimacy of the electoral process. The false allegations should be retracted immediately.

    Citizens should know that America’s rigorous, layered and transparent electoral process—in which Dominion is proud to participate—ensures its elections are secure, accurate and credible.”

    Mr. Poulos is president and CEO of Dominion Voting Systems.

    • Replies: @botazefa
  14. Echoes of late republican Rome.

    America is dead While it helps us that Trump fights, and would be even more helpful if he wins, that is only the beginning.

    We cannot live with these people any longer.

    The split in the GOP over this fight foreshadows the split over whether we move towards a declaration of a new sovereign homeland, or continue the slide towards Marxist hell under the guise of false “centrism”.

    In the end there will be a split as one side embodies the eternal principles of cosmic Law and Order (logos and arta), while the Enemy incarnates the antithetical forces of Chaos and Falsehood (druj).

  15. @Curmudgeon

    Here we come back to Trump’s Executive order of September 2018. Foreign interference in American elections. Dominion is headquartered on Spadina Avenue in Toronto, Ontario. That’s in Canada, a foreign country. Couldn’t be plainer. George \$oro\$ Tide\$ Foundation is located on the same floor in the same building. \$oro\$’ associate Mark Moloch heads up the software firm Smartmatic,located in Britain. Both firms are under the same anti-American management.

    Without question in my mind \$oro\$ is a Made-Man and the Rothschild Crime Clan’s primary agent for destroying all countries with governments which are more responsive to the needs and wishes of their people than to the central bank consortium which they control. In one sense, \$oro\$ is even more important than the CIA, as the Agency does appear to be a law unto itself, but is it really?

    On the grandest of all chessboards at least since the two World Wars, the battle is on. If Trump is for real, he will do what the likes of Generals Flynn and McEnerney have suggested: Call the Insurrection Act and declare limited Martial Law, which would mean the arrests of key perpetraitors of not only the election shenanigans themselves, but also those who have clearly been in position to massively aid and abet the coup.

    This would include the 6 major Kosher Conglomerates who control 90% of America’s mass media of misperception management. Their owners need to be arrested and tried by court-martial. Their organizations must be broken up and the broadcasting, cable and other major media firms be set up as syndicalist cooperatives run by alternative journalists known for adherence to the truth and to all possible objectivity. Ditto, the major social media organizations which have prevented both sides of the recent election receiving equal treatment.

    Secondly, as Sidney Powell has called for the FBI and the Department of “Justice” to be cleaned up with Clorox and fire-hoses; the FBI must be eliminated and the DOJ torn apart and replaced by a new institution which is actually predicated on justice and not by unconstitutional laws.

    We come to the key target: The CIA (aka the enemies of humanity). It may take a full battalion of Special Forces to take Langley. Total lockdown. Arrest everyone. Interrogations. The innocent can be filtered out by the common police process of plea-bargain snitching (a practice which might not be unethical and immoral under these dire circumstances). Military tribunals for the guilty.

    The enemies of humanity and most specifically against WE THE PEOPLE are totally serious about their coup and are desperate for matters to return back to “normal”, with the Goy peasants and “deplorables” humbly doffing their caps and tugging at their forelocks in meek submission.

    Game time. Its the Super Bowl, the World Cup and the World Series all rolled up into one…Only thing. It ain’t no game. This is for real.

  16. @Tony Hall

    Hasn’t Judge McCullagh’s judgment/order already been overturned on appeal?

  17. @Stephen J. Gray

    This entire business has been in the planning since when Trump surprised the Wicked Witch of the West in November of 2016. Witch, you ask? Somewhere on the net you can discover a video of her response to the news of Muammar Gaddhafi being murdered as the grand crescendo for the overthrow of the most successful country in Africa—one which did NOT have a privately-owned central bank.

    The head of the Rothschild Crime Clan met with some of NATO’s movers and shakers, mentioned the Libyan leader and drew his finger across his throat (a likely enough scenario).

    So where did Hillary fit in? Hearing the news of Gaddhafi’s murder: “We saw, we came, he died”, she cackled. Yes, it was an actual cackle.

    Covid was part of the mega-planning process along with Dominion, Smartmatic, \$oro\$, Zukerman and a cast of hundreds.

    Covid was the enabling precondition for all the absentee ballots being passed out willy-nilly and all the rest of the monkey-business.

    The whole thing was a carefully concocted setup. The production was so highly organized that perhaps as many as 60 million Americans may have actually voted for the Kamala’s Foote/Biden \$late. When 6 members of the Ko\$her-No\$tra own the conglomerates in control of 90% of major media—particularly boobtoob noose and major social media—vulnerable adults cast their ballots for the Gruesome Twosome.

    • Agree: Peripatetic Itch
    • Replies: @Dr. Charles Fhandrich
  18. In the US, when the globalists say ‘Russia, Russia, Russia’, they really have white Christians in mind.

    In the US, when the conservatives say ‘China, China, China’, they really have Jews in mind.

    Video Link

    • Replies: @The Alarmist
  19. Sulu says:
    @Stephen J. Gray

    The media is owned and directed completely by the Jews and serves their interests. After Trump threw his hat into the ring in 15 the media was calling Trump a clown and predicting he couldn’t win the 16 election. When he did the Jewish media piled on and did everything in their power to marginalize Trump’s Presidency. And now, with the full cooperation of the media, the Jews have stolen the election and continue to use the media to cover up the fact. It’s as pointless as a cat trying to covering up on a concrete floor. I am in my 60’s and this is the most obviously transparent election fraud I have ever seen. If nothing else comes from this at least it will serve to red pill about half the White people in this nation to what is going on and who the perpetrators are.

    We have a problem in this country. It’s called the Jews. Our problem must be dealt with or our country is never going to be a fit place for White people to live in. The good news is that historically the hubris of the Jews knows no bounds and they always end up overplaying their hand. This may be the final piece of criminality from the Jews that wakes the slumbering giant known as the White race.

    My fondest wish is for Trump, after he has produced incontrovertible evidence of election fraud, to pull out the military and start terminating the traitors with the most extreme prejudice. Divest them of their ownership of the media. Confiscate all their wealth and either put them in prison or, preferably, in front of a firing squad. That is the only thing that will save this country from ultimate ruin.


    • Agree: Poco
  20. Thomasina says:

    Trump’s proposal is very reasonable, and that’s what should be done. Apparently there was time (three years) to investigate the Russian collusion hoax, but there’s no time to investigate this.

    I’m sure they were shocked when Hillary lost. They didn’t have the balls in 2016 to make SURE she won. This time they weren’t taking any chances. They stopped the vote counting, dismissed everybody, and then stuffed in enough ballots to get Biden over the line. Right out in the open – a blatant theft.

    The whole world is watching the corruption unfold.

  21. Tucker says:
    @Majority of One

    “Sidney Powell has called for the FBI and the Department of “Justice” to be cleaned up with Clorox and fire-hoses; the FBI must be eliminated and the DOJ torn apart and replaced by a new institution which is actually predicated on justice and not by unconstitutional laws.”

    According to excerpts from the press conference that Powell and Wood staged in Georgia that appear today on – both Powell and Wood are trying to get the Trump supporters in Georgia to boycott (not vote) in the January 3rd run off election. What kind of seriously twisted form of mental insanity – or, Judas Goat treachery might be a better description – does these two idiots have to be suffering from to make them peddle that kind of politically suicidal advice?

    If the DemonRats win those two Senate seats – these evil, openly Bolshevik Communists will have full control of both branches of Congress and if Biden and his Cackling Hyena sidekick get into the White House – there will not only NEVER BE any Clorox bleach and fire-hose cleansing of the FBI and DOJ, but America as a nation will cease to exist.

    It now is starting to become clear that Powell and Wood have been enemy moles who were planted into the middle of this whole drama under the guise of exposing the fraud by the DemoNrats – but their real goal is to help the DemoNRats seize full and unchecked control of the entire US Government.

  22. Thomasina says:
    @Stephen J. Gray

    “Was COVID-19 Used to Steal an Election?” Yes, yes, and yes.

    Covid allowed the use of mail-in ballots, and mail-in ballots facilitated the steal.

    Right out in the open.

    A worldwide pandemic was fabricated by the globalists in order to stop the nationalists.

    Steel bars are in order.

    • Agree: Sulu
  23. Isn’t Powell self-contradictory? Hates Communism, so hates the Dictatorship of the Deplorables, but aims her fire at all who sabotage it.

  24. Trump Team is sooooooooo angry but they won’t call out on Jewish Power.

    They talk of a New Populist Party, but it will be useless(once again) without naming the Jew.

  25. When Joe Biden bragged about having “the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics,” he, for the first time, told the truth. Such a huge voter fraud and manipulation happens not even in a “Banana Republic.” If the Democrats get away with this fraud, the U. S. won’t have free and fair elections ever. The Electoral College should not decide on Biden’s Presidency because the outcome hangs in the balance. If all the fraud cases go to the Supreme Court, the SC should declare the election invalid and set a date for a nationwide rerun and a vote only in person. The outcome will be presumably different. What did the heck happen to AG William Barr to declare no voter fraud? Perhaps it’s an indication of corruption up to the top. Or did Barr only thinks of his future under a Biden/Harris regime?

    • Agree: Peripatetic Itch
    • Replies: @Thomasina
  26. @Afterthought

    The split in the GOP over this fight foreshadows the split over whether we move towards a declaration of a new sovereign homeland….

    District 13 versus Panem… Dark Days indeed.

  27. @Priss Factor

    In the US, when the conservatives say ‘China, China, China’, they really have Jews in mind.

    It’s not just the conservatives.

    Happy Christmas 😉

  28. Lots of weird aspects here … for one thing, with the millions of dollars raised to ‘expose’ vote fraud, why don’t Powell, Giuliani etc have a powerful website up presenting and detailing the fraud evidence in their court filings? The whole ‘presentation’ is shoddy & dis-organised, as reflected in how the above article is full of links to marginal sites here and there which gather bits of data.

    And why not have paralegal staff checking for the many errors & typos soiling those court filings? Powell et. al. obviously have the funds for top-notch webmasters and assistants. It is almost as if they are running a giant operation to not ‘win’, but just add to the overall de-moralisation of the US people, the 80% of Trump voters & 33% of Biden voters who see fraud.

    Regarding Trump’s long-winded speech – un-necessary at that length if there was a decent web-site up with details – As noted on 4chan:

    Trump goes through about 50 different ways that fraud verifiably occurred.
    What is really important, tho, is that he didn’t go through any way to do anything about it.

    Biden-Harris are scary in most ways for the entire world … but at least they say they will end the horrific, barbaric USA death penalty … God help us all … Re a key figure cited in the above article:

    • Replies: @Justvisiting
  29. Ron T says:

    It is futile to sit a person suffering from delusional paranoia in front of a psychiatrist. He will inevitably believe that the psychiatrist is in on it, part of the conspiracy against him.

    For the same reason it is pointless to tell elections conspiracy theorists that neither elections officials, nor cyber security experts, nor homeland security, nor state Secretary of States (from both parties) saw any evidence of widespread fraud and firmly deny it.

    It is also futile to point out to elections conspiracy theorists that these alleged “frauds” conveniently are only in states that Trump lost, and there are no reported wide scale frauds in states like Florida, Texas, Iowa or Ohio and that the statistical probability that Democrats knew in advance exactly in which states to carry out a successful massive fraud operation is low if not non-existent. If Democrats can summon hundreds of thousand of fraudulent votes, why not just concentrate them in Texas with its 39 electoral votes, which would be enough to cement a victory, instead of spreading it all over the country and risking leaving a massive trail? And why would Democrats rig both mail in voting AND voting machines? After all, if you don’t want to get caught, wouldn’t you try to minimize the footprint rather than use all possible fraud methods? In the inflicted mind of a conspiracy theorist these considerations would be irrelevant.

    In addition, it is pointless to point out to elections fraud conspiracy theorists that there simply isn’t any hard evidence of wide spread elections fraud and that if there was, the Trump legal team would certainly bring them to courts. Having no hard evidence, these lawsuits get thrown out of court as meritless frivolous lawsuits.

    It would be easy to call out a kid in the playground who cries foul each time he loses a game of hopscotch but it would be pointless to point out to Trump supporters that Trump announced his elections strategy long before the elections (in fact if you paid attention, he announced this strategy before the 2016 elections too): if he wins it’s legit, if he loses it’s rigged elections. That by itself should put all fraud allegations into context and laughed out of consideration, but tell that to elections fraud conspiracy theorists and you will meet a dead end.

    Elections fraud conspiracy theorists apparently never heard of the Presidential job approval poll, a continuous poll conducted for decades, which has shown that Trump never managed to pass the 50% mark, and in the weeks prior to the elections was in the low 40’s, meaning that Trump failed to win over voters during his 4 years in office. Tell the conspiracy theorists that just about all presidential elections polls predicted a Biden victory and they will tell you that the pollsters were also in on it, part of the “deep state”.

    It is also pointless to point out that Trump’s “achievement” in these elections is managing to more than double his popular vote loss from 2016 to 7 million (!), a number which would make it extremely hard to win the electoral college. For conspiracy theorists, there is simply no correlation between the popular vote and the electoral college.

    Ask an elections conspiracy theorist how, if the Democrats are such expert elections riggers, they didn’t manage to take the Senate and keep their lead in the House, after all, they were on the same ballots. You will get plenty of confused responses, but none that there simply was no widespread elections fraud. Because once someone is inducted into the Trump Cult and accept that only the Cult leader’s words are the Truth and everything else is “fake media” and “deep state”, that Truth does not require facts or reason to support it, because it is the Truth by definition of the person who spelled it. The Cult Leader is invincible in their mind, therefore a loss is simply impossible.

    Therefore, I will not try to convince Trump supporters and elections fraud conspiracy theorists that Trump simply lost fair and square and his fraud allegations were simply an execution of his pre-meditated strategy for an elections loss (which he started carrying out at 2:00 AM on November 4, long before he could have had any evidence of fraud, which he still doesn’t have). I tell them: you’re right, Trump won and the victory was stolen from him. Joe Biden will be sworn as the 46th President of the United States on January 20th as a result of a conspiracy.

  30. @The Real World

    I assumed the foot problem was so he could use a walking stick to help keep himself upright as he deteriorates further. Maybe he’s sliding down hill faster than the handlers expected. A foot problem reported now could also make his death later on from a fall more believable if they have to get rid of him on a specific date. He’s just a place holder and expendable.

    As for ankle monitors on the legs of made members of TPTsB mob, I doubt that would ever happen, to anyone. Every member of Congress, every member of the Supreme Court and every President is a controlled figurehead by the real owners of the country, the military and intel agencies along with major corporations. The party system is designed to allow only corrupt people that can be blackmailed to run for office. If they could find a murderer that hasn’t been detected, they’d surely run him for President if they had the evidence on him, and guarantee his winning via the hack-able voting machines.

    Voting is for people that haven’t realized how the world works yet.

    • Agree: Majority of One
    • Replies: @Realist
    , @The Real World
  31. I think it is a mistake to muddy the waters with international conspiracy issues. This matter should remain simple and clear.

    1. The existence of anomolies in the election that arrant an investigation. I think given the complaints and in y vie, the conduct to the environment over the last four years, especially those regarding COVID and the rule changes by courts, governors, etc to bias the election. Including the use of:
    a. voting machines and
    b. mail-in and in person balloting.

    and the processes involved.

    2. Steps to take to remedy those errors, deliberate or involuntary

    This should avoid any resemblance to the democratic attempts to remove the executive by baseless allegations of foreign intrigues.

    The case(s) should remain: devoid of overly speculative complex possibilities. This article was an interesting red until, the introduction of chinese and communist accusations. Plenty of Europeans countries were just as anxious to avoid dealing with any changes in foreign policy . But at the end of the day, what matters is what happened in our nation by conduct the conduct of those involved here. An there is plenty of evidence to suggest something went awry.

    Attorney Cindy/Sindey Powell and company should press their case as they have thus far based on tangibles. She and others sound more than capable.

  32. correction” Attorney Cindy or Sidney Powell have seen two spellings of her name — no insult intended.

  33. GeeBee says:
    @Tony Hall

    we need to make some space available to consider what communism is, where it came from, and how it has been applied, exploited and fought up to the present

    This is a key point. Hatred of communism stems from our roots in the soi-disant ‘free world’, where we have been repeatedly – and largely correctly – told that communism runs counter to our most cherished beliefs, as the inheritors of the great social, political and not least economic movements that began with ‘The Enlightenment’, and which came to fruition in a new world, formed by several cataclysmic ‘revolutions’. These began in England in the mid-seventeenth century, and proceeded through 1789 in France and thence to the great ‘year of revolutions’ of 1848 throughout much of Europe. The events of 1917 in Russia, however, are normally thought of as being somehow distinct from these earlier movements, when in fact they are of a piece with them, but displaying a different character.


    By this, I mean that although all of these revolutions have undoubtedly shaped the modern world, and although they were ostensibly in the name of “the people,” they can be discerned as attempts to empower the merchant on the ruins of throne and altar. As Oswald Spengler noted:

    The economic tendency became uppermost in the stealthy form of revolution typical of the century, which is called democracy and demonstrates itself periodically, in revolts by ballot or barricaded on the part of the masses. In England, the Free Trade doctrine of the Manchester School was applied by the trades unions to the form of goods called ‘labour,’ and eventually received theoretical formulation in the Communist Manifesto of Marx and Engels. And so was completed the dethronement of politics by economics, of the State by the counting-house.

    These events form part of the ‘historical dialectic’ that Marx saw as steps in the march towards international communism. Marx’s philosophy, in effect, sought to hijack these unstoppable forces that were replacing the traditional world with Modernism. The process of ‘proletarianising’ much of society was already far advanced once Marx settled down to write Das Kapital in the mid-nineteenth-century. The same socio-political phenomenon that had contributed to the English Civil War would become more pronounced from the late 18th-century, in the wake of the Industrial Revolution.

    The rump of the traditional ruling class and the increasingly urbanised peasants and artisans sought, through politics, a kind of practical solidarity with one another, united as they were in their hatred of capitalism and ‘bourgeois revolution’ (much to Marx’s outrage). In England, from the late 1830s, the movement known as Chartism argued for the vote to be extended to all men over the age of twenty-one. One of its empirically odd developments was that an alliance formed between the landed aristocracy and the working class against the increasing power of the merchants and new industrialists in the middle class – a cohort that threatened both of the social classes that underpinned the tragically moribund world of Traditionalism, which is to say the agricultural workers and the landed aristocracy. The latter’s ‘privilege’ meant that they were bound by noblesse oblige – the prevailing, paternalistic code of duty and honour – to feed and protect their workers. Benjamin Disraeli eloquently summed up this aristocratic paternalism in a speech in the House of Commons in 1842:

    When [in 1066] the Conqueror carved out parts of the land, and introduced the feudal system, he said to the recipient, “You shall have that estate, but you shall do something for it: you shall feed the poor; you shall endow the Church; you shall defend the land in case of war; and you shall execute justice and maintain truth to the poor for nothing.”
    “It is all very well to talk of the barbarities of the feudal system, and to tell us that in those days when it flourished a great variety of gross and grotesque circumstances and great miseries occurred but these were not the result of the feudal system; they were the result of the barbarism of the age. They existed not from the feudal system, but in spite of the feudal system. The principle of the feudal system, the principle which was practically operated upon, was the noblest principle, the grandest, the most magnificent and benevolent that was ever conceived by sage, or ever practised by patriot

    To Marx, these ‘reactionary’ developments interfered with the dialectical historical process, or the “wheel of history” as he saw it. He made no secret of the fact that his political philosophy actually required capitalism, as a necessary precursor to revolution. Its promotion of a homogenised mass culture and of open border internationalism, together with its insidious erosion of hitherto entrenched societal norms, would sweep away Traditionalism, which Marx correctly saw as a barrier to communist hegemony. Only untrammelled capitalism could prepare the ground for internationalist communism, which would be the ineluctable result of the ‘class struggle’, which in turn would lead to ‘the permanent revolution’, which would itself usher in the ‘dictatorship of the proletariat’.

    Or would it? How very convenient all these ideas of Marx are, when re-examined from a dawning understanding that he served (and might well have been the handsomely paid servant of) the Globalists. Was it not, after all, meant to be the other way around? Which is to say the way it is today. It certainly appears the more likely case, in light of ‘events’, but in fact, such a question is now rendered otiose, and is merely akin to asking which side of the Modernist coin is currently uppermost. And does it actually matter, after all? Globalist or Marxist; Conservative or Labour; Republican or Democrat: in the end, under Modernism, it’s always the same people waxing fatter and fatter, and a one-way ratchet winding up the shackles placed on freedom of speech, thought, expression and action.

    In this regard it is essential to understand something that is so simple that it is almost always overlooked. In ancient societies, and until these latter-day revolutions that have shaped our world, ultimate power resided in ‘the palace’. It was thus a very dangerous development if a new mercantile class emerged, with more financial resources available to it than those available to the king. When this occurred, three things happened. First, the possessors of this superior wealth no longer respected the king’s word. They had, in stark terms, more money, and therefore more power, than he. Second, this allowed them to dictate policy to the palace. The king was no longer in any position to stand in the way of the merchants or their demands. And third, this meant that the entire raison d’etre of the old harmony of good governance, whereby the palace’s first duty was the wellbeing and protection of its subjects, collapsed, and the inevitable corollary of this was that traditional governance flew out of the window, and the king’s subjects found themselves at the mercy of a ruthless and venal cohort which had no investment in the welfare of the people, and therefore could, and did, act in ways that were designed solely to enrich themselves, usually at the expense of ordinary folk. It would be idle to point out that today, the full and bitter fruits of this social and economic calamity are all around us.

    It follows that Marx was not seeking to destroy capitalism, but rather to encourage the ‘proletariat’ to help themselves to its riches, by stealing it from the ‘bourgeoisie’. The new Marxist world would still be part of the great advance of Modernism: it embraced materialism and the primacy of money, and, in fact, ‘consumerism’. The American ‘Spenglerian’ Francis Parker Yockey (1917-1960) described this very succinctly:

    The ethical and social foundations of Marxism are capitalistic. It is the old Malthusian “struggle” again. Whereas to Hegel, the State was an Idea, an organism with harmony in its parts, to Malthus and Marx there was no State, but only a mass of self-interested individuals, groups, and classes. Capitalistically, all is economics. Self-interest means economics. Marx differed on this plane in no way from the non-class war theoreticians of capitalism – Mill, Ricardo, Paley, Spencer, Smith. To them all, Life was economies, not Culture… All believe in Free Trade and want no “State interference” in economic matters. None of them regard society or State as an organism. Capitalistic thinkers found no ethical fault with destruction of groups and individuals by other groups and individuals, so long as the criminal law was not infringed. This was looked upon as, in a higher way, serving the good of all. Marxism is also capitalistic in this.

    The notion of the State as ‘an organism with harmony in its parts’ was actually Spengler’s, but it was really a re-statement, after almost 300 years, of the core idea of Hobbes’ Leviathan of 1651, which postulated that the ideal society was just such a one previously described as embodying Traditionalism. Contemporary “conservatives” are no more in tune with this idea than are Marxists, for whom it is of course anathema: there can be no ‘class struggle’ or ‘permanent revolution’, much less a ‘dictatorship of the proletariat’ where harmony prevails. As Yockey observed, “Socialism can be sniffed in the air prior to any and all ‘struggles’ between the component parts of this Spenglerian harmony within the organism of the State.” In this way, the “class struggle” is revealed as a metaphorical cancer, whereby the cells of the organism fight among themselves until it dies.

    The ‘communism’ that we are taught to despise is thus little other than the obverse of the same coin whose ‘capitalism’ we are instructed to cherish. The good news is that there is a ‘third way’. The bad news is that it is no longer allowed even to be mentioned, ever since it was brutally done away with in 1945, and buried beneath a moraine of propaganda, under which it will continue to lie until – as Rosencrantz remarked to Hamlet – ‘the world’s grown honest’ (to which remark Hamlet’s immediate riposte was, of course: ‘Then is doomsday near’).

    This ‘third way’ espoused Industrial Capitalism rather than the hegemonic ‘Finance Capitalism’ of today’s West, the system that is underpinned by the equally hegemonic political system of Neo-Liberalism’. Wherever Industrial Capitalism has sought to prevail, it has been ruthlessly extirpated by the beneficiaries of Finance Capitalism (which is to say, by the international race and their hangers-on), posing as it does an existential threat to the Globalist scam.

    I wish you well in your attempt to change the world, and I hope that my little monograph might be of some help. (Note: I copied and pasted about half of this comment from one of my own works, published online more than two years ago, on a site since ‘de-platformed’ by the usual suspects).

  34. Mikael_ says:
    @Hartmut Pilch

    Your otherwise good argument suffers a little from your own inability to clearly explain what communism is, in your understanding, and why today’s CCP is still factually communist.

  35. Mikael_ says:

    What you’re actually trying to say is “There will be not a single principled judge who will follow his conscience.

    (If there will be enough principled judges is not clear. It’s clearly an uphill battle for Trump and supporting lawyers. Which however is no reason at all to concede the fight.)

    • Replies: @TKK
  36. John Hagan says: • Website

    Joan of Arc: Americs’s Joan of Arc starring Sidney Powell and Michael Flynn also in the cast Barrak Obama, Joe Biden, Donald Trump, Kamila Harris, , Benjamin Netanyahu, Burnie Sanders , Christopher Steele, Richard Dearlove and Stefan Halper. or

    • Replies: @Tony Hall
  37. Emslander says:

    Unz puts all of the corruption of the current US ruling class in one long compilation, so that he won’t have to risk angering his pals at Facebook beyond today. It’s the classic corporate strategy of piling all the bad news that they can find from years forward and years backward into a quarterly earnings report. It’s standard accounting practice that Unz knows very well as a tool of Wall Street.

    Now you anti-Semites can begin your mindless attribution of all the corruption to Israel or Zionists or Barbara Streisand, guilty of some things, no doubt, but there’s plenty to go around. A true accounting would certainly include my girl-men fellow Catholics, the corrupt Protestant World and lots of atheists. Probably not many Muslims, however.

    • Troll: Mikael_
    • Replies: @annamaria
  38. So much evidence and unlike some people imagine it does not all have to be non-circumstantial. Circumstantial evidence is often taken into account in a court ruling. In the case of this election, it begs the question to ask whether the democrats or who knows, even some Republicans were in on “fixing” the election and had no problem with the idea at all. Everyone on earth that payed attention to the behavior of the democrats, could not help but see that they intended to, as they themselves openly and arrogantly stated seek to remove this president from office “IN ANY WAY POSSIBLE,”.

    All during the bogus attempts that followed from the first day Trump took office, proved that the democrats were dead serious. But all the attempts failed, Russian Collusion, some vague and silly charge of wrong doing in Ukraine, various attempts to smear the president involving women and on and on. When Joe Biden stupidly admitted during his debate with Trump that he was going to attack fracking, a source of jobs for many people in Penn, that made it all the more urgent for the dems to ramp up the fraud.

    So along with the solid evidence of fraud occurring during this election, massive circumstantial evidence that the democrats planned to cheat, was obvious from the moment they realized Trump was going to win the election or at least would have better chances than Biden, who, hiding in his basement , hardly needed to do a thing, the corrupt media in collusion with the dems, doing the winning for him.

    • Agree: Peripatetic Itch
  39. @Majority of One

    Indeed, the sheer evil of Hillary Clinton,, for lack of a better word, has always been evident to those who bothered to pay any real attention to her words and actions during her “career”.

  40. Anon7 says:

    I’m wondering if perhaps the President and the legal efforts to overturn the election results in certain states are actually starting to have some effect. This morning’s People’s Daily (from NBC) had as its emotional message “Covid19 is getting worse (you should be terrified! models show 450 thousand will die!) Joe Biden can save us – and yet Donald Trump is still fretting about the election? (tell him to stop!)”

    This is a significantly different story from last week, which said “Joe Biden is working to make sure everyone gets a Covid19 vaccine – so stop worrying!”

    Why would they bother to even mention it? Simply not reporting on a story worked on Hunter’s laptop – why not use the same trick with the election fraud story? Maybe they’re just a little bit worried.

  41. @Ann Nonny Mouse

    What dictatorship of the “deplorables”? Most of the deplorables, as the utterly evil Hillary Clinton calls tens of millions of Americans, have never had any power or real representation. That is why Donald Trump was elected as president. His election was caused by the dictatorship of the left and far left in the U.S., who happen to control ALL of the big institutions in the U.S.that are of any consequence to the lives of American citizens. Those citizens were simply fed up with the way the left was running the country.

  42. First, thanks to Tony Hall for this article, which touches on important aspects of the underlying reasons for the election situation – and the state of the United States.

    The brazen and obviously highly planned and coordinated attempt to steal this election has engaged, and focused the attention of, and spurred outrage and concern among, tens of millions of Americans.

    The ‘election hearings’ in various States that I’ve managed to look in on have featured poignant election fraud exposés, with many concerned citizens with backbone presenting many devastating revelations.

    Here once again much mass media is complicit in either not giving fair and adequate coverage, or in ignoring, censoring or purveying disinformation about the proceedings. This too is being noticed by millions.

    But a widespread public ‘awakening’ is a necessary prelude, within a milieu in which political corruption and dysfunction have gained the upper hand, to the renovations necessary to achieving a preponderance of political – in the broadest sense of that term – virtue.

    So the brazen nature of the attempted usurpation of political power through fraud, crime, pernicious manipulation, and lies, among other evils, can be seen as a great gift to the ‘salt of earth’ public by corrupt power .

    Had the attempted steal been more subtle, more nuanced, its chances of smoother success would have increased.

    Another aspect of the current situation is the degree to which good people in positions of authority have joined with the ‘deplorables’ in being shaken and woken up. The “swamp” – aka the cesspool – has had a sufficient spotlight shone upon it to reveal it as wider, and deeper, and more heavily populated, and more foul, than many, including good people in official positions, had previously appreciated.

    From the article:

    They [“most news agencies”] assume that they can help along an historic instance of election tampering without being held legally accountable for the crimes in which they are deeply complicit.

    Things are getting really interesting as awareness grows that this was not just yet another instance of typical marginal and inevitable election shenanigans, but a well organized, deeply planned, and widely supported, attempted coup. And the attempted coup is attempting to place into the Presidency an irredeemably corrupt and demented man. And furthermore, that President Trump in actuality had received an unprecedented outpouring of citizen support in the form of legitimate votes across the United States.

    The active or passive support for the attempted coup by the CIA, the FBI, the DOJ and large swathes of the federal and state political elite in the United States is now starkly revealed.

    The question of military loyalty, and the loyalty of police forces and national guards, becomes a critical question.

    As Tony Hall has also pointed out, the situation in the United States takes place within the context of a global – in effect – coup d’etat attempt, whereby a non-existent or marginal pandemic is declared a terribly dangerous all enveloping pandemic, and normal human and civil rights in many countries are suspended.

    It is illustrative of the wide reach of the planning for the ‘great reset’ – whatever madness and banality and horror are the eventual components – that here in a small community in rural Canada the iron curtain of propaganda in support of the scamdemic and against Trump, and the curtailment of counter-information, has been obvious.

    • Agree: Mikael_, Alfred
    • Thanks: Majority of One
    • Replies: @Tony Hall
  43. Realist says:

    Voting is for people that haven’t realized how the world works yet.

    That is correct. The Deep State doesn’t care about the unimportant internecine squabbles of the ‘two parties’ as long as their important issues are advanced (wealth and power). As a matter of fact, it strengthens the false perception that there is a choice when voting. In fact, we live under a plutocratic oligarchy.

    • Agree: RoatanBill
  44. annamaria says:

    What a tangled web… and so on:

    On Wed. morning 4 Nov. right after the Election, the Department of Defense, 305th Battalion and NSA began recording real time fraud evidence of vote switching from all six Battleground states (GA, PA, MI, WI, AZ, NV) in a blockchain tech ledger that was un-hackable and undelete-able. This real time digital evidence would now be used to prosecute all Deep Staters involved in Election and Voter Fraud – including Obama, Biden and Haspel. …

    Obama, Biden and Haspel were suspected of colluding with foreign powers including the Chinese Communist Party, plus promoting the use of Election Fraud, to put the socialist leaning and compromised Biden/ Harris ticket in power, overtake the US government and establish a New World Order.

    On a more serious note:

    Show us Gina Haspel. The internet is alive with rumors that the CIA Director, Gina Haspel, is either under arrest or dead. The country needs to be assured about this. Let her show herself, walking, talking and up close enough for positive identification.

    Plus this pearl speaking of the ossified and sclerotic CIA machine:

    she [Gina Haspel] started her government work … as the post librarian and testing service tsar at Ft. Devens Massachusetts. She later applied to the CIA for employment, was accepted and made her way to the top in the clerical support side of the DO. She is living proof of the old Soviet saying “s–k d—s and read newspapers and you, too, can be a commissar.”

  45. gsjackson says:
    @Majority of One

    “perpetraitors” — I see what you did there. Nice. And I agree 100 percent — this is Armageddon. No messing around. A military coup and a repeat election supervised by the military would suit me just fine. If we’re nothing but a banana republic now let’s go ahead and get the full course.

    • Replies: @Trickster
  46. annamaria says:
    @Ron T

    “Therefore, I will not try to convince Trump supporters…”
    — You still do not understand what this paper is about.
    For a starter: Have you heard about the Lobby? Do you believe in the US-conducted ‘democracies on the march’ and other ‘humanitarian interventions?’

  47. @anonymous

    Yes and the real issue ultimately is the British Crown, its Privy Council, the City of London and its various intelligence circles like the Pilgrims Society and other expressions of the British Empire’s control through its Round Table functionaries to which CIA is just another part of its thug networks…

    • Thanks: Alfred
  48. Anon7 says:

    Dr. Linda Lee Tarver Testifies to What is Really Happening in Michigan.

    She has thirty years of experience working at a high level in Michigan elections, and relates the sad facts about how elections are run in Detroit, Flint and other Michigan cities. Among many other things, she says that 71% of Detroit’s election results cannot be recounted, owing to the practices used for decades in these cities.

    • Replies: @Katrinka
  49. If the supreme court fails its responsibility ,then it is back to 1776 for the AR15 reset

    True Democracy cannot exist without brave men armed with AR15, defending their

    sovereign interests against the evil incubator of centralized deep state power promoted

    by image of the beast media BillHillzeebub pay to play dominion machines

  50. Oh, man. Here’s a new conspiracy theory that is never going to die. I knew something was up in the minds of the conspiracy-minded right around the election. They didn’t think Trump was just going to win; they thought Trump was going to win in a historic landslide. In their fantasies, it was going to be an overwhelming defeat for their opponents: Democrats, globalists, Wall St, whoever. States that hadn’t voted GOP in a generation would go for Trump. The Democratic party would be in shambles.
    When the early results came in they still thought Trump would win, but were upset that somebody (the boogeyman?) was denying Trump the landslide he had earned in his first four years. As the results solidified for Biden, they could not cognitively handle it as reality clashed with their fantasies, so they invent these conspiracies.

    Many Hillary supporters were shocked and dismayed after the 2016 election when the underdog Trump pulled it out. The election results did not match their mental model of the nation. The same thing happened in 2020 to some Trump supporters. We all need to accept reality, even if it doesn’t match what we want.

    • Disagree: Justvisiting
  51. Jake says:

    The number of Republicans who are directly and indirectly involved in election fraud is almost as high as the Democrat number. And there are a multitude of Republican office holders and donors who are in bed with every Democrat dirty scheme.

    The Republican Party insiders need business as usual. They are corrupt as Hell.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
    , @Wally
  52. Trickster says:

    Why are they not all over the Hunter issue ? Well, my thoughts are as follow:
    -Criminals snitch on other members of their gang to escape punishment
    -Criminals snitch on members of other gangs for the same reason

    However, politicians rarely do either of these. Why ?
    -Because they re never held accountable and thus have nothing to trade away to protect their interests.
    -Because they are also have dirty hands so “I’ll maintain provided you maintain”

    For instance, take Mitch McConnell, an esteemed Republican I understand. His wife is Chinese from a family in shipping and with close ties to Communist China. Word has it that when the Father in Law is around little Mitch must stay quiet with his hat off and hands behind his back and head downcast.

    Think about it for a second. One of the most powerful men in the most powerful country in the world subservient to a Chink. What is in it for him is left to everyone’s imagination. Where this is heading in regards to Chinese ambitions is also food for thought.

    They, Democrats and Republicans are all getting their taste and stockpiling their cash for a comfortable retirement in some exclusive area. Why would they give a shit about Hunter;s take ?

    I guess as they say in Washington “his crime was not corruption, it was getting caught”.

    Hence the whole sordid affair will be swept under the table or forgotten by the next “scandal”. If you or I went into a Chung’s convenience store and stole a pack of chewing gum we would be locked up.

    The rich and powerful make the rules for OTHERS to follow. Sad as it is, every man must look to himself. UR readers wax about right and wrong but there is no such thing. There is only the money.

    We wonder why good people turn bad but the answer is right there in front of us. The good dont die young. Their disappearance is due to the fact that they believe righteousness and love conquers all. Too late many of them realize they have been fucked by the slogans and left behind.

    The men who look at life with jaded eyes from their cold blooded perch know the real and while they persuade everyone to honour the 10 commandments they themselves are busy robbing.

    • Agree: RoatanBill
  53. Those who have heard/read Trump’s most recent speech on the election fraud- an AMASING speech – understand he is headed for The Rubicon.

    He will try to go through the Courts and the Legislatures to overturn the election theft but he understands that will likely fail and so he will invoke the Insurrection Act (The Geniuses in the Congress gave the POTUS dictatorial power) and he answers to no court or legislative body when he does so.

    Is he already in a bunker somewhere so the Deep State can’t do to him what it did to JFK?

    Video Link

    • Agree: Justvisiting
    • Replies: @Alfred
    , @Corvinus
  54. @Jake

    There is no one in the upper ranks of the US government that isn’t dirty. The party system only lets dirty people run for office because they can be blackmailed after election to vote how they’re told. Voters only get to chose between the D sociopath and the R sociopath. What a system!

    I’m predicting that all the voter fraud allegations go nowhere and the next election will run the same scam and the voters will line up to be taken for fools, same as this time. TPTsB are laughing their butts off at the idiocy of a huge portion of the population that gives them license to screw everybody.

    The voters are the true cause of this insanity because they keep doing the same thing over and over expecting some miracle outcome that won’t screw them, and it never happens.

  55. Trickster says:

    “We wont be intimidated. We are fed up ! Corruption, take back the country, clean up the mess, reclaim the US, vote for freedom”

    Hmmmmmmm, haven;t we heard all this before ?

    Reminds me of the song “You light up my life” by Debbie Boone that they played every 10 minutes for months on end. The song faded, the lyrics faded and Debbie faded. These words of exhortation also bring to mind most modern music, three chords, clanging guitars, braying horns, a monotonous thumping base and drums and a squeaky screeching singer repeating the same 5 works over and over again for 3 long minutes.

    Soon Sidney Powell will fade. Call me cynical but as soon as she has milked her continually spinning record, she, like Debbie, will disappear from view, her words will be duly noted for some other douche bag to quote sometime in the future……….and things will go back to “normal”.

    In the meantime, just like having to shop in the supermarket, we must listen to the music, try to remain sane at the endless repetition and pretend the shit she expounds is relevant, meaningful and will lead to a revolution.

    • LOL: Rufus Clyde
  56. @RoatanBill

    If they could show that Hunter was a cut out for Joe, then maybe they could arrest Joe while he’s taking the oath of office. I’m certain Kamala would help in the effort.

    Well yes, but we need to remember that the other side is also actively conspiring at the same time, as they have been doing for four years, as they did to set up their narrative that Trump would be leading on Election Day only to slowly fall behind in the days that followed. The gullibles bought into that and used the logic to deny the election steal.

    Currently they are setting up the narrative that not just Trump, but also all his supporters and those who voted for him have committed the most despicable treason in even questioning the sanctity of the election. They are making lists and talking about Truth and Reconciliation Commissions. Gulags, cultural revolutions, guillotines and/or basement abattoirs may not be far behind.

    At the same time they are contemplating the best way to effect the transition from President Biden to President Harrris. They have few qualms about how to do it — both are just useful idiots.

    So don’t think they haven’t at least considered a dramatic inauguration day transition that kills several birds with one stone and creates a national crisis of unparalleled magnitude to rivet the nation’s attention for several years. According to my limited vision, the plot might go something like this: Biden (or his body double) and Harris take their oaths. Biden gets up to give his speech. A shot rings out….

  57. Brilliant! Simply Brilliant! Undeniable truth!

  58. @RoatanBill

    You can easily replace the name Biden with the likes of Bush, Gore, McCain, Pelosi, and so on. No one in DC cares what Hunter and Joe did. I starting to think they enjoy that some of the rubes know. It is one big “ha, ha… you can’t do a thing.”

    • Agree: RoatanBill
    • Replies: @mutantbeast
  59. Anonymous[419] • Disclaimer says:

    Is it the case that Dominion/Tides’ elaborate efforts at concealment provide powerful circumstantial evidence of their guilt, given that this sort of circumstantial evidence, barring confessions, is all there ever is or can be. How far might RICO be employed to sweep up all the players, such as those who participated by way of cover up? Failure of the DOJ/FBI and media giants to investigate such blatant voter fraud would seem to be prima facie evidence of participation in the cover up and so powerful evidence of their guilt as well.

    These outrageous efforts at concealment by the deep state and media have a greater context than this election, going back to their collective guilt for concealing the truth about 9-11. This concealment of the greatest betrayal and acts of treason in American history probably made control by Dominion, Smartmatic, et al imperative as new and incontestable evidence made it clear the official 9-11 narrative was as a lie from beginning to end. This may explain why everything is on the line now.

    • Agree: Alfred
    • Replies: @mutantbeast
  60. Trinity says:

    Looks like William (((Barr))) can’t find any significant fraud in this election, oh what a surprise. Why did Trump select this fat swamp creature in the first place. Barr is half Jewish is he not? Or is he 100% kosher? Whatever the case or his conversion to Catholicism, he quacks like a duck and he walks like a duck. No evidence of widespread fraud? Does this lumpy worthless swamp creature really think the American people are that stupid or does he view them with some such contempt that he believes he can tell us that Santa Claus is real and we are suppose to believe his lies?

    Honestly, I don’t think anyone above the age of 6 buys the story that Biden won this election, much less won the election easily. IF the truth were known, Trump probably received the 80 million votes and Biden received about half that many votes and Trump won Michigan, Wisconsin, Nevada, Arizona, Georgia and Pennsylvania all comfortably, not even close. I would venture to say that Trump probably won states like Colorado as well. Biden might have taken 50 million LEGAL votes tops and this election was a landslide Trump victory.

    IF America allows this fraud to happen and allows the same thing in the upcoming run-offs in Georgia, ( they are already up to the same old shit, busing people in from other states, dead people will be resurrected from the grave, loads of people born 1-1-1900 will appear on ballots, people voting 30 times, etc.) I am sure the obese, racist sistas’ Oprah Winbag and Stacy Abrams will be around somewhere with their hero, Barry Obama as well. Wonder how much the combined weight of Oprah and Stacy Abrams is btw? Maybe Silk and Diamond could set up a tag team “rasslin” match against Oprah and Stacy. Call it The Battle Of The Bulge or The Battle Of The Butt Sistas.

    IF dementia Joe pulls this off, look for the appointments of ex-bartenders who aren’t capable of managing a McDonald’s, tons of anti-White Jews who are Israel Firsters and Jewish Supremacists, radical and racist Blacks, bat shit loony Whites who claim to be Injun and hate their own skin, and every other fruit, nut and flake to make up America’s most diverse cabinet. America will be the laughing stock of the world if we aren’t already.

  61. I don’t understand is lawsuits like Powell’s. Won’t it presumably be in the courts for years, so exactly what will be the result if she wins? Does a Biden Harris regime become illegitimate? Also does her focus on Venezuela, which seems rather neocon, give the Democrat Cheat Machine a pass? If it does, what does that mean for President Joe and Kamala? Doesn’t that make them victims, and give them a pretense for Venezuelan regime change. Personally I would love to see the Democrats class actioned out of existence instead, and Biden successfully impeached dead or alive. I just don’t get those vibes from Sydney Powell. Then again I’m neither a lawyer or political strategist.

    • Replies: @Alfred
  62. Main Scream Media wish to turn themasses into

    the orrifice of the persisdent erect Baden

    Hnnging is too good for them they should be castigated

    before they loose their marbles

  63. @Majority of One

    It ain’t no game. This is for real.


    It’s hard to believe that kind of will to power exists on the freedom-loving side, who mostly want to grill n’ chill.

    Watching Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children wipe out the CIA would be a hoot, though.

  64. Fake Election EXPOSED in the Most Epic Testimony During the Election Hearings

    Video Link

    • Replies: @anon
  65. @Afterthought

    I think Sidney Powell should have a statue on Mt Rushmore if she pulls this off. RINOS are equally as bad as the commie paert, formerly known as the Democrats. JFK and Truman would be disgusted by todays D party. Hubert Humphrey would be disgusted by them.

    • Agree: Mikael_
  66. @Rex Little

    That Biden got so many more votes than Clinton is easily explained.

    Actually he got fewer votes than Clinton almost everywhere except in those battleground states where Biden won by the narrowest of margins and where fraud and election rigging is demonstrable on other grounds.

    When tractor-trailer loads of filled-out, mail-in ballots are shipped from New York to Pennsylvania in cloak-and-dagger circumstances, and Biden suddenly overcomes a huge deficit, you really don’t need to be a Sherlock-Holmes type to figure out how he ended up with more votes.

  67. Trickster says:

    No AR15 reset.
    There wont be any coup
    No re-election…I regret
    Its all a lot of Poo

    Forget the revolution
    “NO WAY!” ” I must bellow
    Political evolution ?
    What an amusing fellow

    The land of milk and honey
    Has come and gone alas
    Our thoughts of change sound funny
    Like the fart from a worn out ass

  68. @Old and Grumpy

    Too many of those in DC actually approve of what Hunter did. Why os the pedophile creep Menendez still in the US Senate? Werent these the same clowns in the early 90s who gave a standing ovation to Mass congresscreep Gerry Studds for a homosexual relationship with a 16yo page? who tolerated Barney Franks boytoy Stephen Gobie running a pedophile ring out of the basement of Franks DC townhouse? Frankly, I think many of the “politicians” are jealous they ddnt get Hunters billion \$ Chicom bribe.

  69. Thomasina says:
    @Ann Nonny Mouse

    No, she just hates cheaters, liars and frauds.

  70. @Anonymous

    you mention the Tides “foundation”. You know who there biggest funder is? Tereza Heinz Kerry, John Kerrys wife and the widow of the late Pa Senator John Heinz, who died when his helicopter got caught in the wake turbulence of a jet aircraft and crashed. the Heinz Co paid Terrible Teresa to go away, and she took her \$ and helped start the commie lover Tides foundation, just like Marc Rich helped Bubba start the Clinton foundation.

  71. Thomasina says:
    @Ludwig Watzal

    “What did the heck happen to AG William Barr to declare no voter fraud? Perhaps it’s an indication of corruption up to the top.”

    Yes, it’s the Democrats and most Republicans. It’s the elite class versus the citizens.

    • Replies: @Ludwig Watzal
  72. saggy says:

    Oops ….

    • LOL: TKK
  73. annamaria says:

    Your supremacist hatred makes your slander unconvincing: Facebook bans The Unz Review

    We also got your idea that any reporting must be ‘measured,’ that is, filled with the proper dosage of ‘good’ news and ‘bad’ news. Are your Jewish parents from the former USSR?

    “mindless attribution of all the corruption to Israel” — And what exactly are the virtues of this thieving and sadistic entity proud of being founded by the self-proclaimed terrorists? What has been preventing the rabid zionists in the US/EU/UK from a joyous relocation to the promised land of the state of Israel? I guess, the Jewish State suffers some deep ethical and cultural problems that make the State undesirable for those who want to enjoy the fruit of western civilization.

    It is the stunning stupidity of the Jewish Community at large, which alone can explain the continuous Jewish support for the Wars for Eretz Israel, including the attacks on the freedom of information and freedom of speech in the western world. Add to that the insane demands for unrestricted emigration — to the western world only; to preserve the questionable ‘purity of Jewish blood,’ the racist state of Israel deports brown and black people at once.

    The supremacist Jewish lunatics need to make a choice about which country to give their loyalty to. If the choice is Israel, the zionists should better relocate to the Jewish State and start implementing their revolutionary ideas there, for their own Jewish expense and away from western civilization.

    • LOL: Emslander
    • Replies: @Emslander
  74. @TKK

    No deus ex machina is coming to save the day.

    The deus ex machina that could save the day is Russian or Chinese missiles.

    • Replies: @TKK
  75. MLK says:
    @Tony Hall

    Trump’s Landslide Meets the Politics of Electoral Fraud in America

    Regardless of where you sit, or even what you might find it necessary now or in the future to say, you’re still breathing and thinking if you accept this rather obvious truth.

    You will note that no one is making an affirmative case that Sleepy Joe won the election. I mean in the traditional way it has always been previously done with forensics on the merits of the winning candidate and campaign, and demerits of the loser. All backed up with expert analysis of the vote.

    Instead, the monumental in our faces election fraud has been followed by the megaphone blaring non-stop that you better well not believe your lying eyes if you know what’s good for you.

    Despite modern media/social media, the American Project is not yet in uncharted territory in terms of disputed/contested elections. If you don’t believe me, do a little reading on 1800, 1824, 1876, 1960 and 2000.

    My essential point is this — anyone professing certainty about who will take the oath on January 20th is just whistling Dixie.

    It’s worth remembering that this election — which both sides asserted was “the most important ever” — didn’t resolve the presidency, the Senate majority, or even whether Pelosi will be Speaker in the next Congress.

    No amount of shouting and wishful thinking can minimize MAGA. Officially it’s 74M, and in all likelihood more than 80M. That reality explains why the establishment of both parties is trying to snooker Trump/MAGA into acquiescing to 1824 (“He can run again!”) at this early stage.

    While that might just be where we end up, some iteration of 1876, which includes Trump taking the oath again as a part of the grand bargain, is clearly in play.

    Trump brilliantly waited to lay down some markers. If he needs to he will concede only to outcome, not legitimacy. That’s 1824, with the (false, in my view) promise of an 1828 restoration for Trump/MAGA. But for a variety of reasons I won’t belabor at the moment, if Trump doesn’t take the oath in January we will be pulling from historical analogues much closer to the Civil War.

    Decide for yourself whether that turn of events should be labelled ‘uncharted territory.’

    Nothing is free in this world. If I’m forced to set-aside the uncertainty that is implicit in probabilistic forecasting, I would predict Sleepy Joe becoming president. Mostly because with age I’ve learned that when the stakes are high enough, and binary in the immediate, circumspection and even a rational avoidance of what’s known in markets as fat-tail risk goes out the window.

    • Replies: @follyofwar
  76. TKK says:

    That’s exactly what I am saying.

    I am a small fish in a big pond lawyer, but I deal with Judges most days of my life.

    Save one who is now dead, I have never seen a judge who is not a self serving, cunning, two faced political critter.

    • Troll: Corvinus
    • Replies: @Mikael_
  77. AKINDLE says:

    What a joke! This is just another one of Trump’s rich attorneys, just like his AGs. Pay off his porn stars. Rich do nothings. If Trump would of kept a pro White agenda instead of trying to be the African or Hispanic hero he probably would of won. Trump can suck it, I am glad his inflated ego took a hit. Maybe promoting black rappers and such makes you a disliked loser? Poor baby, nobody white in their right mind voted for him. I’m sorry Trumpie, Did I Hoit Your Feelings? Since his ego can’t take such a hit he now has to sue everyone under the Sun.

  78. It all comes down to this;

    Does Trump have the balls to declare martial law or not?

    I hope I’m wrong, but I bet that he’ll choose golf and retirement (neither of which he’s going to get once the Dems win) instead.

    • Replies: @Emslander
    , @Stonehands
  79. anon[218] • Disclaimer says:

    (COG includes procedures for CIA to pick your rulers.)

    minor nit: CIA picks our “governing” elements. CIA itself answers to our “rulers”.

  80. nsa says:

    “…there is reason to believe that China, Venezuela, Cuba interfered in the election……..
    What about North Korea and Iran? Better toss those treacherous Russkies into the mix also……they threw the 2016 election for poor widdle DiaperDonnie in 2016, but then the double-dealing slippery bastards helped throw it for JoeDepends in 2020. Electile Dysfunction is the new ED?

    • LOL: Stonehands
  81. @Thomasina

    Yes, the swamp in D. C. doesn’t know any party.

  82. Emslander says:

    As I say, bring on the obsessive compulsives. Only one explanation for all that is wrong.

    As for whether yours truly is a Jew, what is it about “my fellow Catholics” that is so hard for you to understand.

    Okay, now continue.

    • Replies: @annamaria
  83. Emslander says:
    @Johnny Smoggins

    Does Trump have the balls to declare martial law or not?


    Next question.

    This speech is to be seen as Trump’s equivalent to the Eisenhower Military-Industrial Complex parting message and it will have the same effectiveness.

    • Replies: @Johnny Smoggins
  84. Mikael_ says:

    Extrapolation sans limite.
    And you come to UNZ to read doom porn and share your nihilism / spread the misery around
    …or why exactly?

    • Replies: @TKK
  85. @TKK

    Do not fall for this false hope.

    According to one poll something like 30% of Democraps believe the election was rigged. If there are any Donks left with half a functional brain, they already know they’re dead in the water with #beijingbiden and #fakenggaharris.

    Trump-hatred is the only thing keeping the illusion of shitlib unity afloat, if they sacrifice that for a losing candidate backed by an even bigger loser they’re done for.

    The Democrap/Deep Shit’s lust for power is astonishing even to those of us who know better. A clear Trump victory now only means/meant, at best, 4 more years to prepare for war. Retardicucks are finished as of 2024 since Orange-Tweety Ego-Golfer-Kushner-Dupe did zip to stop the ongoing demographic terrorism.

    Had fkface biden won Florida I’d be more inclined to believe it was an honest win. The lack of Donks doing all they can to prove there was no fraud is proof enough they’re full of shit. War it is.

    • Replies: @obvious
  86. obvious says:

    Another Karen (poor Karen my friend sorry) kvetching for attention. I heard her voice for 1.5 seconds and turned it off, not interested. HELLO DING DONGS: it is impossible to “steal” an election. The electoral process is POLITICAL and it is ALWAYS a political determination, not judicial.

    The State legislatures are perfectly free to divide the Electoral College Votes as they see fit. If it comes to the Constitution, how about the “theft” of one HALF the votes either way? The Electors must be apportioned according to the percentages, which is going to run about 50-50 overall, with some extra States throwing in their Senator Votes, tipping the balance one way or another.

    The inability of Moron America to follow it’s own vaunted much hallowed “constitutional” system is the root of the problem, which is just the symptom of your own well deserved malaise.

    • Replies: @follyofwar
  87. obvious says:
    @Sick of Orcs

    Good thing you posted your war plans all over the internet, grumbling peasant. Of course the elections were “rigged”, but that’s literally just a means of reaching the same conclusion: the vote is 50-50 more or less and the “extra” votes counted for all the people (like me) who couldn’t get around to voting, or couldn’t bother (like me). I am THRILLED that somebody forged a vote for Biden in my name, and also giddy with pleasure at the sight of your writhing agony about a fairy tale.

    • Replies: @Sick of Orcs
  88. tomo says:

    Here is another ‘Freudian slip’ similar to Biden’s above – from a Prof of Medicine from Oxford Uni (who was involved in Pfeizer ‘vaccine’)-listen to him say how not all the population will be STERILIZED – only around 60-70%:

    it’s a short video (and the guy who interviews him is probably the most famous TV/ news personality in the UK: at least he was when I lived there

  89. Anonymous[290] • Disclaimer says:

    reply to:

    A Biden Administration. “They said ‘Cheer up’, things could be worse.’ So I cheered up, and things got worse: the Biden Administration.

    Look at the situation on the ground, the problem is more than deep “unfairnes” and the re-introduction of privilege (lit is privi-> private, lege->law) for the nobles, “Quod licet jovi, non licet bovi”.

    The US civil and export sectors are grossly under-capitalized, the US labor force is de-skilled, the new immigrants are (mostly) low IQ, the armed forces urgently need recapitalization and re-skilling, the US deployment of forces is actually harmful to the US interest, China is a fierce competitor, the Europeans are worthless allies (in that their function is defending the Fulda Gap through which Russian armies are not going to come), the entire West and its allies (even Japan) has become noncompetitive as compared to China and even India, we have incipient inter-ethnic armed clashes if welfare is reduced, and it finally appears that the US Dollar might lose its international reserve currency status thanks to modern monetary theory (MMT).

    Moreover, the cities are in the early stages of open revolt, everybody and every company with mobile assets and/or employment or even with the ability to hitchhike is deserting the cities. Those without mobility are being taxed out of existence or simply shut down until they go bankrupt. The urban areas are shutting down mass transit, which is as necessary for their workforce food, because it gets the money to buy the food. Electricity supply is becoming erratic, and the money to make it reliable is not politically available. The countryside is being flooded with urban refugees, many penniless, many young, who have little options beyond soldier or brigand.

    It’s almost a parody:

    The mighty tusks that fought in brawls
    of Mastodons – are billiard balls.
    The Sword of Charlemagne the Just
    is ferric oxide – known as rust.
    Great Caesar’s bust is on the shelf,
    and I don’t feel so well myself.

    And then, on top of that, last artistic touch, the outrageous and forthright theft of the 2020 Federal election delegitimizes Federal and some State governments in favor of an utter incompetent, a heavy-handed ideologue who believes in government by force to support cities, and a purblind and intensely stupid “Deep State” that believes only in itself. Trump might have pulled off an FDR and at least provided leadership that would have softened the transition, and still might if he manages to win, but I’m assuming a Biden Administration for this posted comment.

    A Biden Administration would have no choice but to strip remaining assets from the US hinterlands (Trump’s America) by force to provide urban areas (Biden’s base) with inadequate funds. After the first six months, the asset will be gone, the rest of the world will be busy fighting regional wars, and international trade will have declined sharply (as tourism already has). Intense poverty, US & worldwide, a Federal government that strips assets from its hinterlands until the cost of asset stripping exceeds the asset taken and it can’t pay the asset stripping forces, the hinterland electrical grids become less reliable than California’s are now. This would be followed by cutting the hinterland loose and an actual revolt of the cities as food gets shot and the local infrastructure fails. That’s a possible outcome now, if Biden wins.

    Implications: After WW II Western Civilization built a world that assumed the entire world would become industrialized, and that industry was so productive and well understood that it could be subjected to political control, that “we can do anything we can think of, so deciding what to do is more important than anything else”. Both assumptions failed, for Marxists and for all other forms of State control. Western governments, Western countries, and Western populations have been badly hurt in consequence, but still believe that political control might succeed. It cannot. Faith in political control as primary is a basic failure in Western Civilization, and will require decades (or maybe more) to correct. Biden’s victory, if he has one, would mean a decisive failure in political control as primary. A history survey a Century from now might read: “The USSR and the US, two examples of absolute political control after WW I, failed within 40 years of each other, each having lasted about 7 decades after adopting absolute political control of its civil economy (USSR: 1919, US: 1945).” I would add: In both cases, after 7 decades neither had enough of a civil economy left to support the national population. Nothing left to steal.

    • Agree: TKK, Alfred
    • Thanks: annamaria
    • Replies: @Anonymous
  90. American political wrestling at its endpoint: all show and lies, no substance. Trump was a con man from the start, groomed by new york´s worst zionist slime and pimped by Adelson etc for this tedious 4year fake opposition diversion. They got bored with him and decided to dump him like a used condome. Powell?certainly a nice plot twist, dish out a few more fake blows and jumps while the actual show goes on undisturbed. trash entertainment of sorts, but not politics worthy of a country with selfrespect

  91. @MLK

    It is ludicrous for Trump supporters to think that he should run again in 2024. Four years from now, Trump will be Biden’s current age. Who knows what his physical and mental state will be then, or even if he’ll still be here on earth. No, if Trump gives up the ghost now, assuming that there will be another presidential election in four years, the Republicans, if they even remain a major party, must turn the page and select a younger True Populist, which Trump is not. Hopefully there are a few out there with the courage to come forward.

    As for Biden being illegitimately sworn in on Jan.20, he may quickly find that it is a prize not worth having. Old corrupt white Joe, wearing his constant fear mask and promising yet more lockdowns, can only bring this fractured country together in his old man’s senile dreams.

  92. Hillaire says:

    Ah, the puppet show plays on, further dividing, demoralizing and deflating the light of the not so free world..

  93. @brabantian

    why don’t Powell, Giuliani etc have a powerful website up presenting and detailing the fraud evidence in their court filings?

    You mean this website:

    Or perhaps you meant this website:

    Or this one:

    • Thanks: Alfred
    • LOL: Corvinus
  94. @Peripatetic Itch

    I think he’s just going to pass away some time after the oath of office. I think they may have it timed and they’ll make sure old Joe stays on schedule one way or the other.

  95. @Tucker

    Agree that any move to boycott the Georgia Senate votes would be the pinnacle of stupidity.


    Video Link

    • Thanks: Dieter Kief
  97. @obvious

    This whole circus could have been avoided if all states voted like Maine and Nebraska. Their EC votes are divided by who wins the House district, plus two for who wins the state overall.

    For example, in my home state of PA, Philadelphia County, (who engaged in the worst of the fraud), would only receive a few votes, not determine who wins all 20 or so EC votes. (Most of PA is Red.) This would eliminate the serious problem of voter disenfranchisement that you bring up.

    There are tens of thousand republicans in the three Pacific Coast states who currently have no reason to vote in presidential elections, other than voting for their House candidate, if there is one. The same applies for democrats who live in Red States. The EC is completely broken in its current form.

    • Agree: Joseph Doaks
    • Thanks: obvious
  98. DinoN says:

    Hi Americans! This morning I got out of bed and looked under it. What did I see. A Russian, a Chinese, an Iranian, a Syrian, an Afghan, an Iraqi and others that I couldn’t recognized. After this I couldn’t eat my breakfast.

    • LOL: follyofwar
    • Replies: @Trinity
  99. @Ron T

    Described as a Troll by a highly respected observer from north of the border; Ron T. makes a whole series of arguments based upon a single premise—‘”CONSPIRACY THEORISTS”. Read through the numerous paragraphs he presents and see how many of them do NOT include that magickal phrase he constantly and consistently employs. This tells me that this poster is either (1. a media-mesmerized moron stenographer of “garbage in-garbage out”–monkey see, monkey say– or (2. specifically employed as a disinformation presenter.

    All well-studied and deeply informed Americans full well realize that the term “conspiracy theory/theorist” was first employed in common usage by journalists OWNED by the spy Agency. This explosion of “conspiracy theory” memes on the part of stenographer-“journalists” was engineered after the American public went all cynical about the Warren Coverup Commission’s “magic bullet theory” fingering a self-described patsy, but alleged single shooter of JFK on 11-22-63 in Dallas. Careful and diligent researchers have determined that Kennedy was stricken by at least TWO. bullets fired at him from in front. The 6th floor of the Texas School Depository Building was what the alleged “authorities” claimed to be the site used by the “lone gunman”. This building was BEHIND the presidential limousine.

    Most diligent researchers have concluded that it was the CIA, utilizing contract killers, was the primary perpetraitor of the assassination. Also closely implicated in the killing were the Joint Chiefs of Staff under Tribalist Lyman Lemnitzer; LBJ, a massively ambitious prostitician with a strong Tribalist bloodline; the FBI, under self-hating drag-queen J. Edna Hoover; the I\$raelis, all pissed at JFK for preventing them from acquiring nuclear weaponry and last, but definitely not least, the Bankster Cabal headed by the two leading Crime Clans, the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers.

    Should Ron T choose to meet my challenge herewith stipulated, I will be delighted to totally demolish any argument he should opt to throw out there.

    • Replies: @John Fisher
  100. @Tucker

    I watched most of their Georgia pep rally yesterday. Lin Wood is certainly a dynamic, compelling speaker. As you say, he’s been advocating for Trump supporters to boycott these runoff elections, as they’ll be subject to the same fraud as the presidential one. I think his logic is self-defeating, and might ensure two democrat wins. But, unless I missed it, I haven’t heard Sidney calling for the same thing.

    What was most troubling in that Breitbart article you reference, is that Wood has a history of supporting democrat candidates with donations. And it said that he voted for Obama twice. Who knows, maybe he’s had a midlife conversion because of Trump. By his rhetoric it does appear that Wood is ready to overthrow the system. The republic cannot be saved by the ballot box.

    • Replies: @The Real World
  101. @Majority of One

    Yes, I understand that Dominion has an office in Toronto, but it also has an office in Denver CO, and from the looks of it is a subsidiary of a US based firm. The shell may be in Toronto with the decisions made in the US. Spadina is not what one would consider the main corporate business district, even at its closest part.
    The issue is who owns Dominion. It happens to be a New York based private equity company.

  102. @GeeBee

    Of all the postings on Unz Review I have read over the years, this monograph by Gee Bee stands out in both quality of exposition and readable clarity. My thanks and kudos to this erudite individual who has distilled the qualities of the primary struggle of this age of dissolution and despair.

    He rightly points the finger at the underlying agency for cultural devolution—rationalistic materialism and all its works and all its ways–a total denial of the spiritual (not necessarily religious, per se) basis for an organic, holistic and harmonic society which axiomatically would feature a form of hierarchy based on a combination of merit and virtue as against greed and self-interest.

    Gee Bee correctly points that communism and capitalism are anything but polar opposites, rather a pair of peas in the same corruptive pod. Writ simply, this battle is the ancient one between the aggrandizing evil of the Archons of destruction versus the qualities of honesty, truth, honor, beauty and love which represent the Tao of traditional East Asian culture and the Red Road spirt-path of Native Americans and all traditionalistic cultures.

    As a theoretical conceptualizer of meta-political awareness, my first Gold Star for long-developed realization of the causes and effects of this war for the minds and hearts of humankind, goes to GeeBee for his contribution to our understanding of the “grundlage” or foundation of this deliberately occulted and occluded battle.

    MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED: A must-read and read again. Absorb GeeBee’s words and thoughts. My thanks for rarely heard words of understanding and wisdom.

    -Majority of One

    • Replies: @Wally
    , @Mikael_
    , @GeeBee
  103. @Emslander

    I know you’re right but do you think he and his family really understand that they’re having all their assets seized and they’re being sent to prison once he throws in the towel?

    You’d think that would be a motivator. Surely he’s not that stupid that he thinks he’ll be safe once he leaves the WH.

    • Replies: @Emslander
  104. Trinity says:

    Did you see any (((small hats?)))

  105. @GeeBee

    Excellent…thank you! I’m sure I would have appreciated your de-platformed site

    Only one quibble:

    These began in England in the mid-seventeenth century

    I would say the revolution began in England more than a century earlier. As EMJ likes to say, the Reformation in England was simply a massive looting operation.

  106. Emslander says:
    @Johnny Smoggins

    He’ll have more legal expenses, but I think he knows they can’t find any reason to seize assets or imprison him. Anything can happen, but a man like Trump has most likely been lawyered up in public and private life. Everything becomes an arguable proposition if all your assets are protected by proper legally defensive structuring. That’s why the Clinton Foundation will never be prosecuted.

    In addition, he’s got banks on board with every investment. If you’ve ever got a mortgage, you know that the bank makes sure that your leveraged assets are protected from everything.

  107. Alfred says:
    @Mick Jagger gathers no Mosque

    Martin Armstrong also believes that we are at the Rubicon

    Approaching the Rubicon

  108. Tony Hall says:
    @Robert Snefjella

    Thanks Robert Snefjella. As I worked on the essay in recent days I felt one of the most significant and underreported topics in what I discovered was how the COVID-19 media-induced hysteria has been so essential in setting up the United States for wholesale rigging of this presidential election. The same media screaming the loudest about supposed “spikes” in “cases” (based on a PCR testing procedure that is totally ineffective) are the same venues saying, don’t you dare look into the claims of the crazy people who are claiming election fraud has taken place on a massive scale.

    I find important the line of analysis being pursued by Phill Kline who calls attention to the fact that Zuckerberg forked over \$400,000,000 million to enforce and exploit all the COVID relaxations and eliminations of old rules designed by wise people to protect election integrity. Who is Zuckerberg really and who does he work for? Who actually created Facebook and for what ends? Who and what does Facebook serve now? Why are Facebook and Google not subject to anti-trust interventions in order to restore the principle that the Internet is a public resource not subject to private ownership and control.

    Anyway, the nefarious way the COVID-19 con is being worked by the usual suspects who control the “news” should be subject to major skepticism and scrutiny right now.. Like so many other areas of this massive scandal, the political applications of the COVID scam to election rigging should already be subject to investigation by the “criminal justice system.” I appreciate seeing the attention you have brought to this subject with your comment Robert Snefjella.

    In my view, all news reporters using the hackneyed, non-sensical “conspiracy theory” meme as a short form command that one should not pay attention– that one should look the other way– call attention to the possibility that journalists in question are possibly knowing participants or inadvertent dupes in genuine conspiracies.

  109. @follyofwar

    A few things:
    — I’m not aware of any place where a person can look-up who someone voted for. So, it’s a big stretch for BB or anyone to claim they know who Wood did or didn’t vote for for POTUS in any election.


    — I lived in GA for over 2 decades. It is a state, like some others (annoyingly), whereby you can only vote in the primaries if you are registered to a party (and I believe you have to vote that party ballot). I never claimed a party affiliation while living there so, I never voted in a primary. Given Wood apparently did vote in some primaries of the last 20 years and the article said he did request Dem ballots, then it is a reasonable deduction that he voted for Obama.

    — Some random pieces of info about Wood that are worth factoring to some degree, anyhow. He had a seriously troubled family life, growing up. An alcoholic father who regularly beat his mother that eventually resulted in her murder when Wood was a teen. His father was convicted and I believe Wood had to then go live with relatives.

    It seems that he may struggle with mental illness; possibly bipolar. There were MSM articles in the last year of unhinged Twitter meltdowns, all of his attorney group quitting and then suing him for withheld monies. I think those lawsuits are ongoing.

    He seems very smart and with alot of spine but, if the bipolar thing is correct, it throws a total wild card into what you can expect from the guy….which is to say: anything.

  110. @obvious

    You didn’t vote? Then you and your opinion don’t count, literally.

    • Replies: @Justvisiting
    , @obvious
  111. Three things have been made very clear in the course of these investigations:
    1.) There has been an “unpresidented” (smiley here) degree of rigging and stealing in these elections that would make many a banana republic dictator blush.
    2.) If this is not rectified, the political structure of the US loses all semblance of legitimation domestically, and what still remains of its reputation abroad.
    3.) The Powers That Be just don’t give a hoot for either of the above, they will continue on this course anyway and get every Trump supporter at least removed from office, preferably jailed on allegations of perjury (I cannot see any other reason why, for example, in Michigan they tried to get Giuliani, acting in his capacity as attorney, under oath).
    Which, together, makes for very bleak prospects. In the long run even for the groids and the capital-letter perverts, since the parasite usually dies with the host.

  112. @Sick of Orcs

    I have not voted in decades, and I am _proud_ of it.

    Why? Because every single scumbag I know on this planet says I _should_ vote.

    They also say I _should_ be vaccinated.

    They also say I _should_ believe the mass media.

    Frack ’em all.

    • LOL: obvious
    • Replies: @Sick of Orcs
  113. anonymous[378] • Disclaimer says:

    This may be the final piece of criminality from the Jews that wakes the slumbering giant known as the White race.

    Who, the feckless-cunt whitevil race?!


    The satanic vermin who are “lions” against the weak, and limp noodles against those who have the potential to crush their literally impotent nuts?

    • Troll: Sulu
  114. Rurik says:
    @Tony Hall

    Why are Facebook and Google not subject to anti-trust interventions in order to restore the principle that the Internet is a public resource not subject to private ownership and control.

  115. Alden says:

    That’s a very good point. I always look at who’s really behind something even before I look for who benefits.

  116. @Majority of One

    This tells me that this poster is either (1. a media-mesmerized moron stenographer of “garbage in-garbage out”–monkey see, monkey say– or (2. specifically employed as a disinformation presenter.

    Agreed! And these tell-tale signs of disinformation are showing up in the comment sections of other UNZ articles as well. It seems the techniques are to bury commenters with mind-numbing statistics, minutiae, and gobbledygook, with an occasional dash of faux sincerity, oh-so-genuine concern, and do-gooder-isms.

    The priority issues at the moment appear to be (is no necessary order):

    1. COVID
    2. Vaccines
    3. Election Fraud

    And the goal is by all means to deflect from the reality:

    1. Hoax
    2. Poison
    3. Crime

  117. This thread is pure COPE. I am totally convinced that Gen Z is right to laugh at their grandparents on TikTok. You guys are, as they say, “cringe”.

    Some boomer-brain worm highlights:

    -Biden will be arrested as he takes the oath of office
    -Sidney Powell and Rudy will be assassinated by the deep state
    -Massive election fraud was somehow OK in 2000 when Red Team won, but when Blue Team does it, you are all suddenly patriots eager to save the Republic.

    “Please ensure that the Oculus Rift Virtual Reality goggles are lowered below the brim of your MAGA hat”

    Hasbara agents have worked you all up into a frenzy over nothing. You vote in elections, and Israel decides the winner with a cabal of interested Imperial Satellites. Everything else is pure bread & circuses.

    • Troll: Peripatetic Itch
  118. I am still waiting for Trump to post a twitter directly to JB stating :

    ” Joe you are not going to get away with this”

    JB, as with all Democrats, is a pissing his pants coward, and he needs to be directly confronted and made aware that his scam will not be successful, period.

    Regarding the SC: I do not trust any of the judges there other than Thomas and Alito, and I would reckon with losing there if I were in DT’s shoes, therefore he has to take a different direction in his efforts to rectify this horrid situation.


  119. GOP controls legislatures in WI, MI, PA, and GA, so they have final say in vote cert and selection of electors. They hold the high cards, BUT THEY WILL FOLD INSTEAD, because RINO-CUCK inc. hates Trump and is taking orders from their (((donors))). They’re backstabbing scum.

    • Agree: GazaPlanet
  120. @Thomasina

    The whole world is watching the corruption unfold.

    The non-white world is watching this pathetic drama play out with great amusement. May it entertain us all for the next 4 years, and even beyond.

    As for your no-less-evil brethren sodomites elsewhere, they must be squirming with shame (if they had any) witnessing the farce of “civilised” whitevil democrazy being denuded.

    No imaginable ill is too overwhelming for the most evil entity on earth. It deserves all of this and much much more.

  121. Black Swan or Black Buzzard?

    The two big disasters of 2020 were the Covid Fiasco and BLM Riots. Even though the latter ultimately proved to a liability for the globalists and Democrats, it did make Trump look weak and ineffectual. Also, it likely shaved points for Trump among both blacks and white supporters. As Democratic leaders made a big show of Afromania(as compensation for mass immigration, mass incarceration, and mass gentrification that made blacks increasingly skeptical of the Democratic Party — indeed, blacks kept voting massively for Democrats in 2008 and 2012 because of Obama who used a black mask to push for globalist policies that had little benefit for blacks), surely many blacks decided to stick with the Party as it pulled all the stops in Negro-Deification. (Floyd Worship is like defecation-deification, i.e. pretending that shit is gold.) As Trump was banking on increased black votes, he felt compelled to compete with Democrats in shamelessly pandering to blacks, with the effect that it alienated certain hard-right white elements. No wonder Trump’s share of votes went down among the all-important white-male category. Still, BLM riots hardly proved to be a net plus for Democrats as, despite mass media propaganda, so many Americans could see that it had gotten totally out of hand. (BLM might also have pushed certain browns into the Trump Camp out of ethno-envy. Browns are better-behaved than blacks, but why do blacks get all the love from Democratic leaders?)

    In contrast, the Covid Hysteria was a huge loss for Trump and cost him the election(though it was likely mass fraud that finally pushed Biden over the finish line). Trump ran on the economy, which was massively inflated but nevertheless produced record low employment rates and higher wages. If not for the ‘pandemic’, Trump surely would have won the 2020 election with even more black and brown votes.
    But even more dire than the economy, the crooked media and corrupt medical community pushed the Narrative that Trump was entirely to blame for all the deaths when, if anything, the Democrats and big city ‘liberals’ had also been like deer in the headlights. Trump was Covitler. It also gave white ‘liberals’ to virtue-signal with masks, a way of saying “My mask protects me from the disease of Trumpitis.” And the depressed economy cost Trump votes among blacks especially. And among older people, a key demographic for him. But worst of all, it meant massive fraud could be carried out under unprecedented policies and lack of oversight.

    Now, one might say both Covid and BLM were Black Swan events. Almost no one predicted or anticipated any such in previous years. As Trump were preparing for the election in 2019, no one on his team thought something like the ‘pandemic’ and ‘peaceful protests’ would become the center and back of the Narrative(and even world events as whatever big that happens in the US has seismic effects all over the world). They underestimated the extent of Jewish Pathology in pulling any crazy stunt or dirty trick to get what they want. (While some nutty Muslims did 9/11, Israel knew all along and nudged the terrorists along behind the scenes. Once Jews became secular, they came to worship their own power as the new god, and that means they deserve neo-yahweh-like powers to do ANYTHING to get what they want. They even sided with quasi-nazis in Ukraine and supported ISIS in Syria. Like Madeleine Albright said, it’s even worth killing half a million Arab kids.)
    According to Nassim Taleb, future predictions and/or sense of security/confider are misplaced because people tend to project current trajectories into the future without taking into consideration Black Swan events that come out of the left field with knockout effect. For instance, no one in 1900 foresaw something as devastating as World War I(that in turn spawned the triumph of Bolshevism and rise of Nazism). And almost no one in the early 1980s predicted the sudden collapse of the Soviet Empire(and the the system within Russia as well). And the world was taken aback by the Great Economic Meltdown of the 2008. Some might the election of Trump itself was like a Black Swan event.

    But were Covidysteria and BLM genuine Black Swan events? Or were they Black Buzzard events? Though they seemed black-swannish to most people, was the globalist cabal prepped(if not exactly planned)? For example, even if the globalists didn’t release the virus to frighten and manipulate the masses, they saw an opportunity when it began to spread in China. They knew they could make it seem much worse than it actually was to shut down the economy(which was Trump’s best chance of re-election), increase state power, and blame Trump for all the problems. They were likely prepped and searching for an opportunity to hype like WMD fears.
    Likewise with BLM craziness. Surely, the globalists didn’t foresee that some Fentanyl junkie dying in the custody of cops in Minneapolis. They didn’t plan it but were nevertheless prepped to fully exploit such an incident were it to happen. After all, what was the main worry among Democrats? Record number of blacks might vote for Trump because he cut down immigration and increased employment & wages for blacks. And he’s just trashy enough to appeal to a certain segment of the black community. If Bill Clinton was the ‘first black president’, Trump was the ‘first ni**a president’. So, how could the Democrats ensure black loyalty to the Party? By obnoxiously spinning a black death as a case of white-police-genocide, ritualistically pandering to blacks on bended knees, and accusing Trump’s America of all the ‘hate'(even though most dead blacks happen in ‘blue cities’).

    Swans usually stay in the water. They don’t fly unless they have to. In contrast, the (turkey)buzzards soar high in the air in the lookout for feeding opportunities. And when they spot one, they swoop down and gobble it up. If indeed NO ONE foresaw the two disasters of 2020, they would indeed be Black Swan events. But if the globalists were prepped and eagerly looking for opportunities to turn 2020 into the year of brimstones/hellfire and locusts to undermine and unseat Trump, then they were Black Buzzard events. It’s as if the elites are playing the ‘mothman’, in which case we might call 2020 disasters the Black Moth events(but that would be giving the elites too much credit. Hardly mysterious or mystical, they are more buzzards driven by devious but primal appetite for power and control).


    John Klein: Last week my friend got a strange phone call… from an entity… a spirit, whatever. It seemed to know everything.

    Alexander Leek: Like God?

    Klein: It made predictions that came true? – Yes.

    Leek: If your friend thinks it’s God he spoke to, he’s off by more than a few degrees.

    Klein: Then how do you explain that it knows everything?

    Leek: Look at that(pointing to a skyscraper). If there was a car crash blocks away, that window washer could likely see it. That doesn’t mean he’s God… or even smarter than we are. But from where he’s sitting… he can see a little further down the road.

    • Replies: @Majority of One
  122. TKK says:
    @Johnny Smoggins

    That wold be MAD- mutually assured destruction.

    Putin is far too savvy!

    I don’t know about Pooh Bear.

  123. TKK says:

    If you are looking for salvation and hope from the American legal system- I feel for you, Brother.

    To be sure- I am just being intellectually honest.

    • Agree: Peripatetic Itch
    • Replies: @Mikael_
  124. I still say we need the brown shirts.

  125. Wally says:

    “The number of Republicans who are directly and indirectly involved in election fraud is almost as high as the Democrat number.”

    Got names and details?

    I thought not.

  126. anon[321] • Disclaimer says:

    Sidney Powell would help her case a lot more if she stops naming all the foreign countries involved. I mean how many countries has she named now? Venezuela, Iran, China, Cuba, Serbia, Germany, Canada…how many more? The more countries she names the more deranged she sounds.

    I want Trump to win this because I want a clean electoral process. But honestly the Trump admin is not going to be all that different from Biden. We’ll get the same deep state swamp appointed to the DOJ-CIA-FBI, Pentagon, DHS, and all of Trump’s cabinet, the same Ziocon foreign policy, the same Wall Street friendly economic policy. Biden will let in more asylum seekers and illegals, but Trump did nothing on H1b and other legal immigration for 4 years. His favorite GOP senator Mike Lee (R-UT) finally got his Indian green card giveaway bill S.386 passed with unanimous consent last night in the Senate, which will give 100% of all employment based green cards to Indian nationals only for the next ten years, and scrap the 7% per country limit of the annual 1 million green card allotment. Not a single GOP senator stood up to stop it. Now watch, Trump will happily sign it into law.

    Meanwhile, Indians voted for (D) at 76%. Indian politicians, esp. the women, are some of the most vocal progressive nuts, like Pramila Jayapal and Kshama Sawant from Seattle. Indian journalists are just as left wing. The “conservative” ones like Nikki Haley are just dumb shabbosh-shiksa. Even as we speak, Kamala Harris’ sister, her daughter, Kal Penn and a bunch of Indian actors are working to rile up all the Indians in Georgia to vote (D) in the January runoffs.

    This article in the Occidental Observer today talks about crazed Indian women politicians in the UK working as shabbosh shiksa, just like here I guess:

    Importing Indians is a terrible idea. If Indians are really that smart, India wouldn’t be the mess it is. In no time they will turn the US into a corrupt, filthy, crime-ridden third world hellhole like India. Mike Lee is a treasonous rat who deserves to face the firing squad for what he just did to this country.

    • Troll: Corvinus
    • Replies: @Cowboy
  127. I just read a headline on a far left forum today that stated, “Americans have never had less support from Washington”… Below the headline, ONLY Republicans were pictured with President Trump. Funny I thought that Washington had DEMOCRATS in it also. It is in fact, Pelosi and the democrats that have been holding up so called corona virus checks. The democrats keep rejecting that much needed money to ask for hundreds of billons of dollars more to bail out the utter mismanagement of blue states controlled by the democrats..

    • Replies: @Supply and Demand
  128. Wally says:
    @Majority of One


    “Gee Bee correctly points that communism and capitalism are anything but polar opposites, rather a pair of peas in the same corruptive pod.”

    No he doesn’t.
    Your point makes zero sense in lieu of the fact that Communists always try to destroy / overthrow capitalism. Which of course would not happen if they were “a pair of peas in the same corruptive pod”.

    Capitalism vs. Socialism / Communism:
    Trump Declares “National Day for the Victims of Communism.:
    Venezuela, Communism a disaster as usual:

    • Replies: @Majority of One
  129. Mikael_ says:
    @Majority of One

    Actually I strongly disagree with GeeBee.
    It is difficult to make a concise counter argument to the flood of information bits he wrote.

    As I understand it, Marx took Feuerbach and added some messianic part towards a “classless society” to it. While Marx was likely driven somewhat by envy, I believe his main goal was to undermine and destroy [Christian] religion.
    Which brings me to the most obvious deficit in GeeBee’s comment: the absence of religion, or for atheistic-inclined people “commonly agreed-upon highest values” in his analysis, and even more important how those values get handed down to the next generation. That last point also being the worst overlooked aspect by Kant.

    All that and much much more can be found in “The Crisis of Modernity” by Augusto Del Noce.


    17,327 people who voted in Michigan have OBITUARIES.

    Is this true? Can anyone verify this?

    If true, when did zombies get the right to vote?

    The Right of the Living Dead?

    • Replies: @Justvisiting
  131. Mikael_ says:

    Hmm, the smell of overly righteous attitude in the evening… even wrapped in “intellectual honesty.”

  132. Skeptikal says:

    “In my view, the now public evidence pointing to a compromised relationship of Joe Biden with the CCP is much more compelling than any characterization of Donald Trump as a dupe of the Russian government.”

    And don’t forget that Fauci also has a compromised or, at the least, murky relationship with China via his funding of the Wuhan Laboratory to conduct research outlawed in the USA by none other than Barack Obama. He and Biden are quite a duo.

    Let’s not leave Fauci out of the overview of corruption at the top and throughout the system!!

  133. R2b says:
    @Tony Hall

    Trump is Israeli puppet.
    So where do you go from that?
    Well, first of all, its show-biz.
    You are all supposed to be angry at democrats-rats.
    And the demos have your hate fake speach to point to, and linger in leftist trenches.
    Ok, get it?
    All you puritans, cant you scramble a party.
    Re publi cans.
    You are all pushed.
    Fake opposition.
    Is there someone above producing it, with actor smooth voice????
    Na, cant be.

  134. botazefa says:

    Texas refused to use their systems

    I’ll quote from that here:

    Specifically, the examiner reports raise concerns about whether the Democracy Suite 5.5-A system is suitable for its intended purpose; operates efficiently and accurately; and is safe from fraudulent or unauthorized manipulation. Therefore, the Democracy Suite 5.5-A system and corresponding hardware devices do not meet the standards for certification prescribed by Section 122.001 ofthe Texas Election Code.

  135. R2b says:
    @Tony Hall

    Trump is Israeli puppet.
    So where do you go from that?
    Well, first of all, its show-biz.


    You are all supposed to be angry at democrats-rats.
    And the demos have your hate fake speach to point to, and linger in leftist trenches.
    Ok, get it?
    All you puritans, cant you scramble a party.
    Re publi cans.
    You are all pushed.
    Fake opposition.
    Is there someone above producing it, with actor smooth voice????
    Na, cant be.
    Ok, I’ll slow down.
    I saw and listened to Trump’s most important speach today.
    45 minutes version.
    I liked it.
    He is nice.
    He is right.
    There is fraud.
    I believe it.
    But but but.
    He is lame.
    And strong.
    Lame building fence
    Strong boosting Israel.
    What do you make of it.
    Well, incongruent.
    So are we now to long for, and love this unfairly treated President of The United States.
    The Father figure, so many young need.
    And what do they get.
    Ok, so now you just must understand.
    Go back to Church.
    And drive the zionists out.
    Our Father that is in heaven…

  136. Many Americans are either willfully or without much thought, allowing the left and far left in this country to usher in the destruction of the U.S. by rejecting the form it has successfully operated in for two hundred years. The left will not be happy,until the ultimate authority for the governance of the U.S. is the U.N.

    • Replies: @obvious
  137. @Sulu

    You are absolutely right. The Jews have been trying to take over the world for the last three thousand years, as documented in From Yahweh to Zion by Laurent Guyenot. Read it and understand what is happening to the US.

    • Agree: GazaPlanet
    • Thanks: Sulu
    • Troll: Corvinus
  138. Cowboy says:

    There is already too many of these purple people dot head bug eating nasty vermin in our country. Seems every gas station/convenience store, shady motel, or liquor store is owned by one of these creatures. Lee must be bending over for his mormon tech buddies. Didn’t this shit stain senator say he wasn’t running for reelection? Cashing out now I reckon.

  139. @John Fisher

    Thank you, John: That analysis would sway the balance beam heavily downwards towards the realm of disinformation specialists. If you are marking, logging and slotting these individuals ,it might make for an extremely interesting expose of the entire schemata. Were it to be well-crafted as an essay it might possibly catch the interest of Ron Unz. If not, perhaps Brett Redmayne-Titley could assist you in connecting with an alt-site which would happily give you the exposure.

    It is becoming ever more clear to me that if those of us who are standing up for our original (pre-ruptured) Republic were to form an informal consortium of truth-tellers and exposers of the Deep \$tate’s interference patterns; we might help engender some much-needed victories in this war for preservation of human liberties.

    • Replies: @John Fisher
  140. @Priss Factor

    I have no information on numbers, but it is clear _why_ there were many “dead voters”.

    We now know there were vote harvesting “boiler rooms” that collected (publicly available) information on who was registered in 2020 and compared that list to who actually voted in 2016.

    They then generated fake ballots for the 2016 non-voters (figuring most would not vote in 2020) to be “mailed in” by various means.

    Obviously a subset of those 2016 non-voters were either dead then and/or are dead now!

  141. Is this a case of mere incompetence or mass-conspiracy or ‘masspiracy’?

  142. obvious says:
    @Sick of Orcs

    Voting has aught to do with “opinions”, which are just another consumer fairy tale. This is exactly what I meant by “the inability to follow a political process”. It is not about OPINIONS which are just like ASSHOLES we all got one.

    Nov 4th is the day you became an Important Hero, good for you! Anyway the Democrats did my voting for me, so that “opinion” was definitely counted. Remember? The ballots you are complaining about because it was all “stolen”. Well they stole a few of my votes, and I give them permission too. Enjoy

    • Replies: @Sick of Orcs
  143. And people wonder why there was the Gunpowder Plot and the St. Bartholomew’s Day Massacre.

    Before Simon de Montfort who established the House of Commons, there was Simon de Montfort who launched the Albigensian Crusade.

    • Replies: @obvious
  144. @Priss Factor

    Priss: Interesting concept of Swan vs Buzzard. It might fly. Perhaps you will decide to brush up on your semantics, though. Communications battles are won on a regular basis by use of semantics. Examples: “Lone Gunman”—quite possibly a victim of source to skull psychotronic weaponry. Yes, Virginia, the intel schemers can literally “broadcast” ideas or even actions into your head.

    Example Two: “Nineteen Arabs with boxcutters”. Uh-huh. Those guys could not even get certified for 2-engine Cessnas, to say nothing of huge passenger jets.

    Example Three: “National Security”. That’s a great one. It has nothing to do whatsoforever with the security of the nation—WE THE PEOPLE–but rather with those who are regularly screwing us and who don’t want to get caught if their secrets get out. Why do you think that whistleblowers are getting taken down all over the place and why Julian Assange is being wrongfully tried? It’s all about the semanticists mislabeling their nefarious sabotage of our liberties as “national security”.

    So it all bounces back to you, Priss. You used the term “Democratic” Party. Indeed, that’s what they prefer to be called. Semantics again. There’s nothing democratic about the whole lot, twice stealing the nomination from Bernie, if you can imagine that, first for Hillarious and then Bidin for some time in the sack with Kamala’s Foote.

    Democratic, etymologically, would mean favoring the rights of the “demos”—the people. See where I am going with that? All major decisions by that party are made by the DNC (Democrat National Committee) who sit like RCA’s old nice doggie, Nipper meme, crouched humbly and listening to “His Master’s Voice”. Now I’m quite certain you know where I’m headed.

    Though they take orders like all loyal minions of the Bank\$ter Cabal, the DNC (much like their kissin cousins, the RNC) are petty satrap dictators when it comes to the commonality in the ever deluded Democrat party.

    Thus, I’m hoping in further essays that you will avoid like the plague calling them Democrats. They do not favor true democracy and thus are the DEMOCRAT party. Thanks in advance. – M.o. O.

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
    , @gay troll
  145. obvious says:
    @Dr. Charles Fhandrich

    “left” aka trumpanzee communists

  146. Corvinus says:

    Clearly, the author of this piece has been programmed.

    Three of the repeat offender accounts we’ve identified represent right-wing, partisan media outlets (Breitbart, The Gateway Pundit, and Just the News), and one account, Josh Caplan, is an editor for Breitbart. These accounts often go further than resharing or decontextualizing content: they also rewrite news stories originally reported by other outlets, and republish them with a new and often misleading partisan framing. In the stories we’ve analyzed, these outlets modify headlines and add sentences to suggest that individual election and mail irregularities represent widespread fraud and electoral uncertainty. These outlets were outliers from the other news organizations in our dataset, because they both appeared in many different incidents that we analyzed, and their content was often shared widely on Twitter.

    Prime among these partisan outlets were the Gateway Pundit and Breitbart. These sites were cited in 21 and 19 of the 43 incidents, respectively, making them the first and second most-referenced website domains in our dataset. Across all incidents, Breitbart was retweeted over 151,000 times and the Gateway Pundit was retweeted over 117,000 times, again first and second among all the websites we analyzed. They had multiple stories shared widely across Twitter, with 10 stories from the Gateway Pundit reaching over 1,000 total retweets, and six stories from Breitbart reaching the same threshold, again first and second in our dataset. Only 12 other media outlets had more than one such story, 8 of which were also partisan sites doing little to no original reporting (Just the News, The Sara Carter Show, The National File, the Epoch Times, The Federalist,, Jeffrey Lord, and the Washington Examiner.

    “Initiating a case in the US District Court of Atlanta Georgia on 25 November, Sidney Powell argued “There is incontrovertible physical evidence that the standards of physical security of the voting machines and the software were breached, and machines were connected to the internet in violation of professional standards of state and federal laws.”

    Not quite.

    A review of 10 key states (Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Michigan, Minnesota, Nevada, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin) finds that Dominion systems were used in 351 of 731 counties. Trump won 283 of those counties, 81 percent of the total. He won 79 percent of the counties that didn’t use Dominion systems. In counties that used Dominion systems, Biden got 888,259 votes to Trump’s 851,069. In counties that didn’t use Dominion systems, Biden got 1.54 million votes to Trump’s 1.52 million. In other words, if you eliminated every county that used Dominion systems, Biden still got more votes. Biden won Dominion-using counties by about two points overall compared with his 0.5-point margin in non-Dominion counties…The idea that Trump only lost, say, Pennsylvania, because of Dominion voting systems has to reconcile with the fact that Trump actually won more votes in counties that used Dominion systems (beating Biden by about 74,000 votes in those counties) but lost the state because he was beaten by 154,000 votes in non-Dominion counties. That same pattern holds in Wisconsin as well.

    Addressing claims of fraud…

    This source is a news report about a woman who was concerned about “ballot envelopes visibly identify the voter’s party affiliation”. Except it is a code to make sure the people get their ballots for the proper primary according to Florida State Law. There was no proof here that the ballots themselves were compromised or discarded by election officials. In other words, it is “suggested” that “possibly” there was some sort of malfeasance. So, while a concern about this labeling is legitimate, it does NOT constitute evidence in a court of law of voter suppression, tampering, or removal.

    This source shows an affidavit. The person says “I directly observed, on a daily basis, City of Detroit election workers and employees coaching and trying to coach voters to vote for Joe Biden and the Democrat party. I witnessed these workers and employees encouraging voters to do a straight Democrat ballot. I witnessed these election workers and employees going over to the voting booths with voters in order to watch them vote and coach them for whom to vote.”

    This individual has made an accusation. That is NOT evidence. Had this person supplied audio or video recordings, then that would be proof. So, this person would be subject to cross examination in a court of law to determine her credibility.

    There are dozens of similar instances by which a person says that they saw something illegal. But the collection of these examples does not mean without question that voter fraud occurred. Rather, these cases have to go before a court of law to determine if the claims can be clearly substantiated by other people who witnessed the same thing and/or physical evidence. So in the case of this person, what other co-workers witnessed it? These allegations have to be substance, not style.

    Of course, the huge numbers of absentee votes have thrown conservatives for a loop, because they’ve made the vote counting process much less intuitive than it was in previous elections. The procedures for counting the absentee votes vary substantially between states, between counties in the same state, and even between municipalities in the same county. So the timing and granularity of vote count reports was different from one place to the next, generating suspicion and confusion.

    The confusion was exacerbated because it just took way longer to count the vastly larger numbers of these ballots. Laws that absentee ballots could not be counted before election day suddenly were much more relevant and resulted in delayed reporting. Some of these “late night vote dumps” were in fact reports of votes counted by large numbers of people working continuously from the moment they were legally allowed to start counting. It just took them a long time to finish.

    The real story may turn out to be that mass absentee balloting is just inherently better for the Democrats. It will be hard to put that genie back into the bottle. [And] Trump knew that the mail in votes favored Democrats so even before the election he started sowing [doubt] about them, knowing that in the swing states he would “win” on election night and then lose later on once the absentee ballots were counted.

    The problem with this is that, despite all the hand waving, no one has any substantial proof that this actually happened on a large scale. If there was some kind of vast conspiracy, someone would have talked by now. All the “evidence” offered by Trump and by conspiracy theorists here and elsewhere has not really panned out or was just blowing smoke to begin with. It is desirable to yell the election was stolen since it keeps the angry base more inclined to give donations.

    The fact of the matter is that had Trump received more mail-in ballots than Biden, his supporters would be touting its merits. But somehow we are to believe that this process is significantly flawed. Do not forget it was this method in a special election for Congress in California in 2020 that helped Republicans capture a seat previously held by Democrats. How? By advertising the right to vote and making sure their voters had access to mail-in ballots.

    Assuredly, mail-in voting has been and is a legitimate way to express our franchise.

    As TIME reported in its recent roundup of state laws for voting by mail in 2020, five states were already holding entirely mail-in elections before the pandemic—Colorado, Hawaii, Oregon, Washington and Utah. Twenty-nine states and Washington D.C. allowed “no excuse” mail-in absentee voting, and 16 states allowed voters to cast a ballot by mail if they had an excuse. In the 2016 presidential election, about 1 in 4 voters cast their votes via ballots mailed to them. Despite claims of vote fraud when voting is conducted outside of polling places, only 0.00006% of the 250 million votes by mailed ballots nationwide were fraudulent, according to MIT political scientists who analyzed numbers from the Heritage Foundation’s Election Fraud Database.

    In addition, scholars at Stanford University’s Democracy and Polarization Lab analyzing 1996-2018 data in three of these universal vote-by-mail states (California, Utah and Washington) didn’t find vote-by-mail advantaged one political party over another—contrary to President Trump’s claim that Republicans would never win an election again if vote-by-mail programs expanded—and only found a “modest increase in overall average turnout rates.”

    Won’t fraud discredit elections where vote by mail is widespread? No. There is no evidence that voting by mail results in significant fraud. As with in-person voting, the threat is infinitesimally small.

    As Sen. Michael Bennet of Colorado reminded President Trump after he opposed vote by mail on fraud grounds, “Mr. President, we’ve had vote by mail in Colorado for years. We don’t have fraud. But we do have the second highest turnout in America.”

    • Disagree: Justvisiting, anarchyst
    • Troll: GeneralRipper
  147. Corvinus says:
    @Mick Jagger gathers no Mosque

    No, he will not invoke the Insurrection Act or declare martial law. You are being duped.

  148. @Wally

    Wally. Please make your own arguments. Links are okay by me if they actually do more than buttress a shallow-perspective argument. You need to hit the books, man. Your perceptions apparently have yet to catch up to your heart, which does appear to be in the right place. From ages of 17-22 I was a gong-ho Goldwater conservative and favored the U\$ military and sicced them on those nasty commie rats. At 76, now, I’ve had a chance to round the block a few times. Thus, my political perceptivity has emerged from stage two (macro-politics) through mega-politics (third stage) and now have developed a meta-political point of view.

    My take on GeeBee is that he is in an elevated level of meta-political understanding, with a sound and thoroughly researched schooling for his foundation. Both communism and capitalism spring from a spiritually void dimension of rationalistic materialism. Come to understand those principles and your level of conceptualizing something of what Bismarck called “Realpolitik” will slide effortlessly into place. But first, you need to hit those books. Re-read GeeBee and search through his references. They make a great launching pad for depth of political perspective.

    • Thanks: Skeptikal
    • Replies: @GeneralRipper
    , @Mikael_
    , @Wally
  149. @Tony Hall

    Thanks Tony, and I agree with your remarks and here are a few of my own inspired by this question of yours:

    Why are Facebook and Google not subject to anti-trust interventions in order to restore the principle that the Internet is a public resource not subject to private ownership and control.

    When I was young, words such as ‘the common good’,’ the public interest’, ‘public servants’, public utilities’, ‘the country’s armed forces’, public lands, and so on were much used and broadly understood, and perhaps unwisely were assumed as permanent sensible aspects of a democratic polity.

    The word ‘monopoly’ was best represented by a board game of that name, but much of the public had somehow learned the lesson that a monopoly whatever else it was – was in part always a danger.
    The words monopoly and totalitarian are kindred. In the same vein, conglomerations of corporations under unified ownership were understood as not in the best long run interests of the broad public or of the country.

    The idea of ‘privatizing’ public utilities was pretty well absent from political discourse.

    But how things changed. I won’t go through a long list, except to note that it is my understanding that some of the American generals far afield have in recent years employed private guards, and while I’m not sure of this as fact, I have read that Trump has employed some of his own private security alongside the Secret Service, with the latter’s reputation especially stained by participation in JFK’s public execution.

    So the intrusion of Zuckerberg’s vast private fortune into the quintessential public ritual, the election process and count for public office, can be seen as yet another part in a vast increase in recent decades of the intrusion of private elite money, private elite influence , private elite power, private elite censorship, private elite dishonesty, private elite advantage, private elite profit, into the commons, the public realm. And at great cost to the public interest, and even, at the moment it seems to me, at our great peril.

    It is ironic that a billionaire business man winning the presidency should be perceived by such a large assemblage of ‘top dogs’ as an existential threat to their ‘monopoly’.

    The ‘meaning’ of Trump – and here I am not pretending to know his actual personal motives or intentions – is that he has thrown a dizzying array of proverbial ‘monkey wrenches’ into the System of Power that he was inserted into. While telling many lies, exaggerating much, and probably misunderstanding much, he has also been the greatest truth telling political leader of our time. He has thrown the bs prescribed international political narrative into a tizzy.

    His main contribution to truth and the possibility of societal reconstruction has been his continual honest and derisive depiction of mass media – liars and fake news. But there have been so many other verbal volleys wreaking havoc on polite scripted sensibilities.

    So, for example, he nailed Canada’s Prime Minister Trudeau with the apt description “very dishonest and weak”. Unheard of diplomatic behaviour, but oh so true. Trump aptly termed the annual war games off North Korea “provocative’, to howls of outrage. He refused to go along with the climate change psyop, to howls of outrage. He said mean things about European countries re NATO. He described US wars abroad, wars he very well knows are for Israel and profit and Empire, as – ill considered – harmful, wasteful, destructive, foolish, to howls of outrage.

    Trump mused quite correctly that hydroxychloroquine could be very helpful re the new bio-weapon, and drew howls of outrage. Adam Shiff, prolific political purveyor of the disingenuous, becomes “Shifty Schiff.” And so on.

    A few years ago I wrote a piece ‘JFK and Solzhenitsyn’. In it I noted that the Soviet Politburo was faced with a greatly discomfiting dilemma over whether to allow the publication of “One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich”, the S’ novella about one person’s day/life in the gulag. The problem was that carefully maintained USSR false ‘narratives’ were inconsistent with the Denisovich tale. If a novella can make tyrants quake, how solid is the ground they have built their house on?

    Trump has til recently been hated so much by the powerful because he doesn’t play by the elite prescribed bs narratives. And for all his faults, in part because he alone was willing to blurt out unscripted truths, and unscripted tweets, the public by the tens of millions warmed to him. So as with Denisovich, if one Trump can make the powerful, the billionaires, so uncomfortable, how solid is the ground they are standing on?

    • Thanks: Majority of One
    • Replies: @Tony Hall
    , @obvious
  150. @Majority of One

    “Nineteen Arabs with boxcutters”

    Hitting the Pentagon building makes me wonder.

    I figure someone with rudimentary flying skills could hit the WTC.

    But to hit the pentagon building with a huge airplane flying at that speed, you really gotta know what you’re doing. Either the Muslims were first rate amateurs or just plane-lucky(pun intended).
    Could it have been remotely controlled? Probably not as that would have been even harder.

  151. If you cherish your American history and freedom, and are puzzled as to how to proceed, your best immediate course of action would be to grab your gun and go kill your local Democrat official.


    • Agree: Emslander, Poco
    • Troll: obvious, gay troll
    • Replies: @cylindrical crown
  152. @Justvisiting

    I respect your freedom of choice not to vote but there’s a price to pay for it. All those tyrannical governors currently pushing #covidhoax were elected, your local yokels too. What is your purpose for hanging out at unz if you don’t care enough to vote?

    • Replies: @Justvisiting
  153. @Corvinus

    Death to your kind.

    Death to the Left and their children.

    • Agree: Poco
    • Replies: @gay troll
  154. @obvious

    First, I apologize for my previous comment to you, and I do respect your right not to vote.

    I consider voting an important civic duty. The problem with not caring is these elections have real world, legal consequences for all of us. Public opinion is also real, voting is but one facet of it.

    It appears there does exist evidence of voter fraud, how serious remains to be seen.

    As for your claim of identity theft via using your name on ballots, if they indeed stole your vote before you had the option of giving proxy consent, it’s a crime.

    • Replies: @obvious
  155. Tony Hall says:
    @Robert Snefjella

    Thanks Robert. That’s thoughtful commentary on the creep of private monopolies over almost every element of our society, including, we can now clearly see, even the process of voting.

    Imagine the power of Bill Gates with his hundreds of billions derived initially from his lawyers’ efforts to exploit IBM’s need not to extend its highlighted monopoly into home computers. With his purchase of the likes of Neil Ferguson and Imperial College and hundreds of other scam artists playing the role of “scientists,” Gates and company was able to make his vaccine promotions through COVID scare-mongering the monopoly narrative of media companies and the governments that media companies can easily make or break. The monopoly of Gates and co. was made to extend even to his more or less purchasing the World Health Organization. Its chilling to contemplate the purchase of a major component of the United Nations to promote a business scheme of the world’s main promoter of mandatory cradle to grave vaccines, depopulation, and AI to advance the integration of humans into the robotization of nearly everything. That’s a big part, I believe, of how the media was made to become the purveyors of the COVID con that continues day to day to provide the pretext for deterioration of the human condition. This handing over of the ship of state to multibillionaires like Soros or Zuckerberg or, or, or has to stop.

    The first priority has to be to seize back the instruments of communication from the monopolists busily engaged in taking control of the Internet.

  156. gay troll says:

    The only thing Trump did was triple down on Obama’s economic policies. The DJIA nearly doubled from November 2016 to November 2020. Wall Street was all over his administration. You think they’re displeased with him?

  157. gay troll says:

    Lol and you call yourself a Christian. Lucifer wants me to remind you that Jesus said to never resist your enemies, but to love your enemies, in fact to love everyone on Earth as if they were your neighbor. If you want to kill your enemies and their children then you can just follow the Old Testament instead of pretending to care about the New. Maybe you’ll even get your new temple some day. Shalom.

    • Troll: Mikael_
    • Replies: @GeneralRipper
    , @Miville
  158. There was Watergate.

    Now, there is Waterbreak.

    Then today we found out that individuals stuck around in the Atlanta Center on election night after the water main break occurred and everyone else was sent home.

    • LOL: James Speaks
    • Replies: @Justvisiting
  159. @Sick of Orcs

    I live in a lefty state–all of my Congressmen, Senators and Governor are my enemies and want to steal as much of my stuff as they can while viciously attacking me and people like me.

    My vote won’t change that.

    I accept the world as it is.

    One of my many joys in life is speaking my mind to those who might listen to me.

    They are found in many places, including here.

    • Replies: @Corvinus
    , @Sick of Orcs
  160. @Majority of One

    Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other…John Adams

    You folks better get your inner hate and pagan on, cuz these people are looking to CRUSH you and your kind. And they will laugh about it.

    • Troll: gay troll
  161. @gay troll

    Christian men and some women are the greatest warriors the world has ever known, faggot.

    “Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword.

    You are a sick filthy pervert. Deserving of slow painful death.

    • Replies: @gay troll
  162. obvious says:

    Because Catholics are piece of shyte Devil worshippers

    • Replies: @GeneralRipper
  163. @Dr. Charles Fhandrich

    Pelosi is trying to back up the entitlement train on Americans. She is helping while Mitch stonewalls.

    What you have to realize, Good Dr., is that America is made up of more “takers” and less “makers” because baby-boomers enthusiastically voted for the hollowing out of American industry.

    The best hope most people — especially the youth — can hold onto is that they can squeeze out some additional benefits from the Israeli-Industrial complex that is 2020 America.

  164. Anonymous[285] • Disclaimer says:

    There won’t be a happy ending for Americans. The virus is doing its job of charging up Americans for the final conflict with China. The fraud is just icing on the cake. Add to that many here seem to think all elections that came before were somehow legit. You don’t remember when Bush stole 2000 and somehow after that we got 9/11? It’s over.

  165. obvious says:
    @Sick of Orcs

    Voter fraud is impossible in this system, only the State Legislatures have the power to appoint Presidential Electors, and only the appointed Electors have the power to vote for President. The popular vote is just taking temperature, and the results are close to perfect in that sense. Nobody got a false read out of the exercise, it’s 50-50 more or less.

    Anybody who wants to poll the 538 Presidential Electors will have no problem ascertaining their votes. And if any Senator with any Representative wishes to challenge a State Electoral Vote, they just have to petition the Senate. Amendment 12

    • Replies: @Sick of Orcs
  166. obvious says:
    @Robert Snefjella

    It is ironic that a billionaire heir stealing the presidency should be perceived by such a large assemblage of lower average morons as the existential manifestation of their fantasy world. For the first time in American history, a nation of 70 year old magatard children thought they had “won” a board game in their mind.


    • Agree: Supply and Demand
    • Replies: @Majority of One
    , @Mikael_
  167. @Peripatetic Itch

    No, no, no.

    Biden will catch COVID or pneumonia at the swearing in ceremony in January. He’ll be placed on a respirator and pass away a month later after a valiant struggle against his respiratory ailment.

    Of course, his funeral march down Pennsylvania Ave will be reminiscent of the one received by JFK, albeit, sans little John F. Kennedy, Jr. And, they’ll keep his casket on the rotunda while all his commie supporters file by to pay last respects, (shouldn’t take more than fifteen minutes, but they’ll put the tape on continuous play for the remainder of the week. Or, maybe they will insert adoring mourners crying their eyes out like when Kim Il-Sung and Kil Il-Jong passed away well before their time.)

    • Replies: @Peripatetic Itch
  168. aspnaz says:

    Bezos owns the WaPo, Bezos owns Amazon, Amazon imports billions of dollars of goods from China into the western world (USA, EU, etc) at very low cost. Why would Bezos support manufacturing of goods in the USA at higher cost? That would put a severe dent into his European and USA businesses and would curtail his attempts to rule the world. Why blame the MSM? It is the likes of Bezos that have ruined the US economy and corrupted the government. Don’t blame some inept tool in a newspaper or television station, those guys control nothing, they are just the friends of the bully.

    Other example are the owners of the tech businesses, they are the ones to blame, not the idiots running around rioting of screaming for rabbit rights.

    It is not the MSM, it is the billionaires.

  169. @Tucker

    True. But relatively normal folks will vote in droves on January fifth and the republicans will defeat Warnock. The race against Ossoff could go either way.

    I’ll wager that the republicans keep the Senate 51-49.

  170. annamaria says:

    Relax. The sane people on this Forum — on The Uz Review Forum — never forget the special role of non-Jews like Cheney, Clintons, Obamas, Bushes, and such, in destroying the US from within.
    By the way, why are you here on this Forum if you despise the honorable Ron Unz so much?

    • Replies: @Emslander
  171. gay troll says:

    GenitalRipper, your lot are no warriors, they are cowardly torturers and assassins. Just because Jesus Christ wields a sword doesn’t mean he wants you to. That’s the whole point! He tells you not to resist your enemy because he is your enemy, and he came to strike you down like the naughty Jew you are.

    Looking forward to your inevitable reply; I know you get paid by the post.

    • Troll: GeneralRipper
  172. A headline on a far left forum printed a story today whose title is, “Republican judges choose Constitution over Trump”. That’s pure B.S. since it’s well known that hundreds of Republican judges, also choose globalism that hurts Americans in hundreds of ways, over Americans best interests. Judges are whole problem in this country. They have way too much power and since the left controls all of the big institutions in the U.S. today, it’s easy to see how Republican judges are not a reliable source of justice. The U.S. Constitution is thus in extreme danger today. This means that the traditional rights and privileges of Americans are in danger as well.

  173. Notsofast says:
    @John Fisher

    i assume you may be talking about “that would be telling” and “lady theo” on the mike whitney’s last article “why you should skip the covid vaccine”. at first i was amused by their gas lighting but as their posts piled up (twbt in particular) i began to see it in a different light. this seemed to be an attempt to dominate the narrative and guide the discussion in the direction they desired. added to this the fact that the uk has just mobilized the 77th brigades defense cultural specialist unit in order to stamp out anti-vax propaganda on line seems a suspicious coincidence. i just checked and twbt is posting on that thread just 2 hours ago, he seems to be the energizer bunny. this could be the great reset in action, the resetting of our minds. i worry about the links these “people” provide in their information blitzkrieg and i wonder if there is any way can insure that these are not trojan horses. i think about scott ritter having child porn uploaded to his his computer to discredit him for his courageous attempt to stand up to the neo-con war machine. i agree with majority of one, that cataloging suspicious commenters might prove interesting although in this new age of ai it may well be impossible now.

    • Agree: Emslander
    • Replies: @Emslander
    , @John Fisher
  174. @Supply and Demand

    I couldn’t agree more with you. I also agree with your view of Mitch “mumbles” McConnell. The guy is one big sham. He is to put it simply, another “finger to the wind”, conservative. He’s been ZERO help to President Trump the last four years. Now, he got re-elected and will abandon Trump faster than a woman who married for money and isn’t subject to a prenuptial agreement.

    • Replies: @Lee
  175. Anonymous[290] • Disclaimer says:

    Well, turns out I wasn’t the only one thinking that political control over commerce should be replaced. Pres. Trump’s court appointments have started to pay off. The Supremes, or four of them anyway (more than enough for a quartet) think likewise!

    Four judges on the US Supreme Court want to revive the “non-delegation doctrine” of constitutional law interpretation. (

    Sounds innocent, but it’s not. Ever wonder how the EPA is able to pass “regulations” and bring Federal court cases for violation of same? I mean, the “regulations” are not laws, because not originated in the Legislative Branch. Same thing for Executive orders. One would expect them to be valid for employees of DoD and the Executive Agencies, but not anybody else. Answer: the law making authority is delegated to various Agencies, who then make regulations that amount to non-legislative law.


    You can get the history of the delegation of law making function doctrine in T. J. Lowi, The End of Liberalism: The Second Republic of the United States , 1st ed. 1969 ( Lowi was a Liberal who was appalled at the doctrine, which he thought ceded too much power to the various regulatory bodies.

    Very briefly, the Progressive run Legislative Branch found itself in over its head when muckraking books like The Octopus and The Jungle pushed it into writing legal limits for very large parts of commerce and for very large business concerns. Legislative Branch tried, looked ridiculous, and ran. As it left the scene, it gave full authority to groups of “experts” who specialized in the regulated industry, and did so by writing a very general set of ultimate objectives for the expert groups and granting the full power of law to whatever the experts had in mind. The Interstate
    Commerce Commission (ICC) was the first such agency. The growth of Executive Orders (EO), as i saw it happen, was simply a power grab modeled after the Congressionally created agencies, a power grab that the other two Branches did not strongly dispute because the had no idea of what to do and hoped the EO would save the US and shield the other two branches from blame should things go wrong (

    Of course, under Progressive rule led to regulatory capture of the agencies (experts came from industry and then returned to industry, following industry interests while in the agencies), and so things remained until the 1960s, when suddenly the new regulatory bodies were given almost no guidance at all except for very general rules like “clean up the environment” and no definition of terms. As far as its mission statement went, the EPA could have been anything between a janitorial service and a Skynet ( as some of the Deep Ecology faction suggested. The agencies went from regulatory capture to ideological capture, from domination by experts to domination by ideological visionary power grabbers. One well known example, of course, is the Federal Drug Administration after the Thalidomide debacle (

    The above situation is why H. Clinton could say, quite accurately, that “We have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it, away from the fog of the controversy.” The bill set up yet another agency with a vague mission statement and no definition of terms. When H. Clinton spoke, the agency was not set up, and it was not known how it would interpret its mission statement or what powers it would grab.

    So the “non-delegation doctrine” says “Congress, you’ve been doing it wrong since the late 1800s. We’ve had enough horrors. Nice try, but no cigar. Pass laws, don’t created agencies that can pass laws for you. Let the courts and litigation define the law’s application in areas you hadn’t anticipated, or write new laws for the unanticipated areas, but don’t unleash any more organizationally amplified and government backed fanatics that destroy entire sectors of US business and can’t be stopped, diverted, or even slowed down.

    Predictably, the Left, which supplies most of the ideologues, is appalled. (op. cit.) says the non-delegation doctrine will paralyze government by making Congress actually cope with monitoring the effect of the laws it has passed, and if necessary revising these laws. I, personally, think that might be a feature rather than a bug. If nothing else, the non-delegation doctrine would mean the end several extensions of government supervision into civil life that have proven disastrous.

    Among other things, the non-delegation doctrine would eventually end detailed Federal control of business activities, just from the sheer magnitude of the task. That’s the turning point (actually a simple reversion to 1800s economics) that I was anticipating in my original post (

    • Agree: eD
    • Thanks: Alfred
  176. Corvinus says:

    “I live in a lefty state–all of my Congressmen, Senators and Governor are my enemies and want to steal as much of my stuff as they can while viciously attacking me and people like me.”

    Sounds very dramatic. Perhaps you should make a one person play about your experiences. Bring your soap box and tinfoil.

  177. @Supply and Demand

    C’mon boys! Let’s give em’ the cold steel!

    • Troll: gay troll
    • Replies: @Corvinus
    , @Rufus Clyde
  178. niceland says:

    Is Sidney Powell non-partisan?

    Quote from the article:

    “My intent,” Powell assets, “has always been to expose all the fraud I could find and let the chips fall where they may—whether it be upon Republicans or Democrats.”

    Read the opening paragraph of this article.

    I want the American public to know right now, we will not be intimidated. American patriots are fed up with the corruption from the local level to the highest level of our government. We are going to take this country back. We will not be intimidated. We are going to clean this mess up right now. President Trump won by a landslide. We are going to prove it. And we are going to reclaim the United States of America for the people who voted for freedom. — Sidney Powell, Washington D.C., 19 November, 2020

    Yeah, Tump won, and voting for him equals voting for freedom. These inconsistencies do not instill credibility. Neither does her overblown confidence before she has accomplished anything. Release the Kraken!? We are in the comic books now?

    It gets worse with accusations of foreign influence from… Venezuela of all places. With the communists pulling the strings for Biden!?

    Are we supposed to take this seriously? Like the Russian influence of the last election perhaps?

    If this was my Lawyer I would consider my self in deep trouble. What happened to: speak softly and carry a big stick? Sorry in my books there is something off with this lady.

    I can’t comment on election fraud. But keep in mind incompetence is given in the process and can perhaps explain some of the anomalies. Or: “never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity”.

    • Replies: @bjondo
    , @Tony Hall
    , @obvious
  179. @Johnny Smoggins

    Trump’s not going to declare Insurrection; nor will the rule of law be enforced in my state PA.
    The Supreme Court will PUNT, citing some obscure catch-22 procedural error.

    • Replies: @anon
  180. bjondo says:

    Planned, coordinated, intentional anomilies/fraud
    do not point to incompetence.

    Never blame stupidity when there is malice.

    5 dancing shlomos

  181. Jett Rucker says: • Website


    Stopped reading right there. About 1% of the way through the article, it would appear.

  182. @Priss Factor

    I figure someone with rudimentary flying skills could hit the WTC. But to hit the pentagon building with a huge airplane flying at that speed, you really gotta know what you’re doing.

    Especially hard to do it without leaving a wake vortex in the exploding fuel cloud.

  183. Corvinus says:

    Go right ahead. You seem so eager. Why don’t you lead the charge rather than ask others to do your dirty work for you?

    • LOL: GeneralRipper
    • Replies: @gay troll
  184. anon[211] • Disclaimer says:

    Your final question answers itself:


    This is a state that has pissed its legitimacy down its leg. Any significant reform will put an end to the USA. There is nothing of the US worth preserving.

    America is a perfectly good land mass with well-meaning, downtrodden peoples. The USA is a worm bolus in everybody’s guts. Poison it and shit it out.

  185. gay troll says:
    @Priss Factor

    WTC7 was even harder to hit than the Pentagon, because they had nothing to hit it with. What a way to pick up a spare!

    In 1999’s seminal film The Matrix, we see that Neo’s passport expires on 9/11/2001.

  186. gay troll says:

    Because he is an agitprop spewing shill.

    • Troll: GeneralRipper
  187. Many of the election machines were provided by the Canada-based company, Dominion voting system…

    Chinatown Toronto, to be exact. Shares a floor with Tides Foundation Canada, which claims to be separate from Soros’s US-based Tides Foundation. Only “inspired” by it. TF-US is in San Francisco, where money beds tech.

    This beast could get away with a few slaps on the tentacles. The head is well-protected.

  188. anon[321] • Disclaimer says:

    The Supreme Court will PUNT, citing some obscure catch-22 procedural error.

    I suspect John Roberts will let this drag past 12/19 and let the electors certify the election result, because he is gutless, he fears a reprisal from the woke mob. What he doesn’t get is, if he doesn’t act ASAP, Dems will win the last 2 senate seats in GA with the same dirty tricks and pack the court, rendering him and the 5 conservative judges completely powerless.

    But maybe that’s what he wants. I have long suspected John Roberts is a liberal in disguise. His recent rulings on immigration, LGBTQ are proof enough. He has gone over to the dark side. Now he just wants to be popular with the media and the left, eff conservatism and eff the law.

    • Replies: @Gizmo880
  189. @My SIMPLE Pseudonymic Handle

    Biden will catch COVID or pneumonia at the swearing in ceremony in January. He’ll be placed on a respirator and pass away a month later after a valiant struggle against his respiratory ailment.

    Maybe yes, maybe no. But if you follow the great Saul Alinsky, as many Dems do, you’re probably thinking about the political advantages of the various scenarios for the Biden/Harris transition. A scenario like yours will not persist in the public consciousness for much more than the week or two of the ceremonies. A scenario like mine, if it can be credibly pinned on a died-in-the-wool MAGA adherent, will create a pretext for a huge campaign of (let’s call it) ethnic cleansing. The George-Floyd riots were just the warm-up to what they really want.

    If you want to know how false-flag operations work, you need to make a study of them and entertain a high suspicion of events that lead to mass retaliations. Some revisionist historians, for instance, cogently claim that the English Gunpowder Plot of 1605 was a false flag carried out as a pretext for the campaign of killing and persecution that followed it.

    You can’t prepare for and counter a false-flag operation unless you can anticipate it.

  190. @Corvinus

    The procedures for counting the absentee votes vary substantially between states, between counties in the same state, and even between municipalities in the same county.

    Which our Supreme Court recognized as unconstitutional 20 years ago. Procedures have to be consistent across an electorate.

    There is no evidence that voting by mail results in significant fraud. As with in-person voting, the threat is infinitesimally small.

    The French and the Finns disagree. They require any absentee ballots be mailed from outside the country.

    Electronic systems are in even worse repute in northern Europe. Ask Germany’s supreme court.

    The Constitutionality of Electronic Voting in Germany

    Electronic Voting Banned in Germany

    If it doesn’t work in Hämeenlinna or Hamburg, why would we trust it in Philadelphia?

    • Replies: @Corvinus
  191. Lee says:
    @Dr. Charles Fhandrich

    The good Dr.said:


    He’s been ZERO help to President Trump the last four years.

    Really, how about the 300 odd federal judges and 3 SC picks that he helped get through??

  192. Gizmo880 says:

    A more likely explanation is that he is simply compromised. Unless I am mistaken, the first instance of his breaking from his conservative past was his vote in favor of Obamacare. That was, without a doubt, the signature piece of legislation for President Obama, and there is nothing the Left would not have done to assure it’s survival.

  193. Russ says:

    It now is starting to become clear that Powell and Wood have been enemy moles who were planted into the middle of this whole drama

    I’m not in Georgia. Have the two GOPe incumbants been campaigning for #StopTheSteal? Or are they smirking behind Trump’s back over how much better professional life in DC will be once the amateur politician is out of 1600 Pennsylvania? Certainly the GOPe governor and sec’y of state in Georgia appear willing to stick a shiv in Trump.

    Senate or no Senate, if the puppeteers succeed in installing Brokefoot Blinky at 1600 Pennsylvania, it’s all over anyway, irrespective of whether Willard Romney kowtows to his leftist masters from a majority or minority position.

  194. anon[321] • Disclaimer says:
    @Priss Factor

    The guy on the bottom right doing his talkover is soooo annoying! I wish he’d just shut up. Is there a clip where we can watch without his commentary?

    I could only watch half of it because he’s so annoying. But what I heard is enough to convince me that this election is a major sham. Detroit, Milwaukee, Atlanta, Philadelphia, what do they have in common? Blacks in this country are so brazenly corrupt they are turning us into Africa. Trump let all their criminals out of jail. He is part of the problem!

    • Agree: GazaPlanet
    • Replies: @Justvisiting
  195. @GeneralRipper

    You just led the greatest imaginary charge in the history of the interwebs. So very brave!

    • Troll: GeneralRipper
    • Replies: @GeneralRipper
  196. If the witnesses to fraud have to be protected, where does one volunteer for that?

  197. Mmmmmmm…Yummmmm. Gimme sum. Thats what I call a conspiracy theory. Ima have to change my britches after this one.

    One of Chavez’s mentors was Fidel Castro. While the Cuban Revolution was founded in guerrilla warfare and a military takeover of power, the governments of Chavez and then of Nicolas Maduro in Venezuela have depended, and continue to depend, on the outcomes of elections. Were these elections done honestly or were the Venezuelan elections as corrupt and dishonest as the current US election?

    Sidney Powell tends to equate her antagonism with Venezuela’s communist system with her antagonism towards the Dominion and Smartmatic vote rigging systems. Both companies retain ties with their Venezuelan founders and both companies, in the view of Sidney Powell at least, are tainted by their origins in a socialist system of governance.

    Powell presents a case that the US election of 2020 included purposeful interventions from communist regimes also in Cuba, and China. Powell’s undeveloped argument about the alleged interference in the US election of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is especially fraught given a core element of Trump’s political platform. One of Trump’s main political goals has been to restore US manufacturing capacity, a capacity that was largely exported to China along with millions of decent jobs.

    I’m framing this and hanging it next to my pictures of Jesus, Hugo Chavez, Ahmadinejad, Lacey Chabert, 2Pac and Josef Stalin.

    Stop smokin’ da kracken crackaz. Goodnight, Thanks Unz

    • LOL: Ron Unz
    • Replies: @Brás Cubas
  198. anon[327] • Disclaimer says:

    Really, how about the 300 odd federal judges and 3 SC picks that he helped get through?

    I’ve heard judges are recommended by the Federalist Society,
    meaning establishment Republicans, meaning part of the swamp.

    Mitch (and Lindsey) are 2 skunks pretending to give
    some support to Trump to prevent folks back home
    from tar and feathering their greedy, traitorous heads.

    Guessing both would have been kicked to the street if not for Trump.

  199. anonymous[268] • Disclaimer says:

    Trump and his minions are such cowards. They put all the blame on China-Venezuela-Iran, with zero evidence that these countries were involved, but do not have the guts to call out the real culprits which are the Jews running the deep state. We already know Mark Zuckerberg gave \$400M to finance a lot of ballot harvesting in the swing states, paid for all the hoodlums who were in the polling stations to block and harass the GOP poll watchers. I read he even paid for the poll workers in Detroit. How could those people be privately paid?

    Name the real enemy, Sidney Powell. The real enemy is within, not without.

    The real enemy of America is not China, Iran, Venezuela or Russia, it is the JEWS, who live among us.

    • Agree: Katrinka
    • Thanks: Trinity
  200. @Rex Little

    All I can do is laugh. You really do not believe what you said, do you?

  201. Iseeit says:

    You’re clearly quite intelligent and well trained.

    And we’re done playing.

    Best of luck-:)

  202. @obvious

    So far as I know, neither Kamala’s Foote, nor the Parkinson’s-riddled basket-case inherited a billion or more. You really seem to be obviously confused and terminally ridiculous.

    • Replies: @obvious
  203. @Rufus Clyde

    No. I’m just making a point about some of the best American men in history. Sorry if it makes you and you little girlfriends uncomfortable and/or inadequate.

    Makes me feel proud and blessed.

    • Replies: @obvious
    , @Rufus Clyde
  204. @RoatanBill

    I don’t think he is as deteriorated as you may believe. I haven’t heard of any outbursts or crazed comments like, “you’re a lying, dog-faced pony soldier” in a couple months.

    Some of those things were so outlandish they seemed contrived. They were just too stupid. Some people theorized that he was faking a portion of that to then use as a dementia defense should he lose the election and be indicted. Not a crazy idea.

    Many elected officials are corrupt and some have been blackmailed. Not nearly all.

    The dog / foot story also sounds stupid. He’s wearing a boot for some other reason.

  205. Tony Hall says:

    Who is that coming from such a gentle, temperate and nice land? This all sounds quite like a critique I heard recently from someone very close to Unz Review. Its fair comment that there is some contradiction between claiming a willingness to go after Democrats or Republicans and wanting to prove that Trump that won. But humans tend to be like that. We aren’t always totally consistent. Some of us make allowances for that. Go figure.

    This is not just your usual election fraud and the Biden crew in all their diversity of constituencies and incarnations are not like any other aspirants to the power of the White House that I’ve ever seen.

    Sidney Powell isn’t by any means perfect but under the circumstances she has taken this fiasco all on with gusto and measure of intelligence with a pretty compelling stage presence. She has popped up as a significant player on the grand stage of Americana and much of what she is standing for and embodying is deserving of notice and analysis. To me she seems to have what it takes to get beyond some of the constraints limiting what Giuliani can achieve.

    Your final paragraph is just so familiar as it goes over some of the same ground that my Unz Review friend and I traversed not that long ago. Whither the deplorables, the Dems and the Chinese Communist Party? Wither the workers of the world? When it comes to what I know of this election fraud from a few days of hard digging, it seems to me to display malice albeit with a good deal of stupidity as well.

    • Agree: Emslander, Mikael_
  206. Who has Pentangeli’s brother?

  207. GeeBee says:
    @Majority of One

    Many thanks for your glowing encomium kind sir! Despite the odd – and inevitable – dissenting opinion, I am very gratified to find that I might have shone some light onto a very murky path. One such opinion berates me for having left out religion! I rather thought that I had written quite enough, without embarking on an excursus into that particular minefield. Suffice it to say that of course, Traditionalism is predicated upon the spiritual dimensions of human existence. whereas Modernism is exclusively, at its core, concerned with shallow materialism, both of which points you accurately stated in your reply.

    Furthermore, it is useful to note that Marx’s belief that Communism is the “end of history” is shared by capitalism. The Traditionalist, however, views history not as a straight line from “primitive to modern,” but as one of continual ebb and flow, or as a wheel turning on a stable axis. Marx’s “wheel of history”, in marked contradistinction, rumbles inexorably on, crushing all tradition, heritage and national culture before it, until it finally comes to rest forever at an immovable concrete wall.

    As Anthony Ludovici pointed out, in England at least, and therefore as a wider heritage of the English-speaking nations, the growing political division between the old order and Modernism, between Traditionalism and mercantilism, was as much as anything predicated on conflict of interest between the old rural world and the ever-puissant urban. With Modernism’s seemingly final victory, Right and Left, Free Trade and Protectionism, capitalism and communism, have become no more than different manifestations of the money-power and therefore of materialism.

    As for the USA’s dismal record in promoting our current dystopian world (not least by ‘ganging up’ on any manifestation of the ‘Third Way’ that has emerged) I would point out that today, with China espousing something very close to the Financial International’s worst nightmare – which is to say the excellent and equitable alternative system of Industrial Capitalism, and with it a jettisoning of the hegemonic petro-dollar – the moribund Anglo-Zionist Empire reminds one of Lady Macbeth’s analogy: “Letting ‘I dare not’ wait upon ‘I would’, like the poor cat i’ the adage”. America would dearly love to extirpate this intolerable nuisance of yet another burgeoning example of its nemesis, but at heart it knows that this time, it would be taking on someone at least its own size – something that, as we all know, any bully is careful to avoid.

    Once again, many thanks for your kind words.

    • Replies: @Mikael_
  208. @Sulu

    An important issue, perhaps the crucial issue, is the current legal status of corporation: that it is a person. Based merely on precedent. Legislate that it is not, that it therefore has not right to own shares in another corporation, has not right to buy up / swallow up another, that all recorded mergers are illegal and must be de-merged, so there are no giant corporations, so the media consist of a hundred small coropations, not three or four giants.

    • Agree: Majority of One, Sulu, Alfred
  209. @redmudhooch

    I really fail to see any implausibility here. Based on the supply-and-demand principle, the questions one has to ask are: Is there a demand for riggable voting machines in shitty countries? Will they sell it to other countries which happen to have a demand for similar reasons?

    Does ideology play a part here? Well, on the buyer’s side, perhaps, but who cares?. On the seller’s side, the only ideology one has to assume is profit.

    • Agree: Mikael_
  210. Biff says:
    @Tony Hall

    That’s thoughtful commentary on the creep of private monopolies over almost every element of our society

    Creep? More like a bowling ball to us pins.

  211. @obvious

    Voter fraud exists as does election fraud, which is why even a semi-failed narco-controlled state like Mexico has a national voter ID card. Yes, we have an electoral system and representative democracy, which has pluses and minuses. State and local elections, however, are the result of direct voter numbers, and both have serious consequences. Read Ann Coulter’s column about Norm Coleman being cheated by Foul Franken, one result of which was the passing of obozocare.

    There are credible accusations of fraud this time around, and per your analogy, if the public temperature reading is false, the results will also be fals, though electors can buck the system and vote against the popular vote if they want.

    If #beijingbiden had an honest win, shitlibs would happily prove it. Instead we had rogue states stopping the count, and now a (((fake news))) criminal syndicate running and hiding from the story.

    • Replies: @Emslander
    , @obvious
  212. Emslander says:

    By the way, why are you here on this Forum if you despise the honorable Ron Unz so much?

    Who said I hate Unz. I love Ron Unz. This is the best web site on the Internet and Unz is a brilliant publisher.

    I may have been too strong, but I was pointing out the way he manipulates commentary themes, by calling in articles at just the least effective times and bringing on commenters to dominate and obfuscate the growing consensus with extraneous garbage just at the wrong times.

    Like I say. I love this web site, but I understand that it’s not mine. It’s Mr. Unz’s.

    • Replies: @annamaria
  213. Emslander says:
    @Sick of Orcs

    The only thing you need to complete your analysis is “Who” is stealing elections and “Why”.

    The who is the ruling class, those who consistently use the vast American population to advance their ideological and financial interests. Start with Gates and run it on down. The why then becomes obvious.

    As you and the author and everyone here is concluding, it’s not our country any more. It’s a manipulated machine.

    • Replies: @Sick of Orcs
  214. @Justvisiting

    I lived in a commie-run shithole and understand your rage. Trump didn’t help much but even in MAGA Beast Mode, he could only slow the inevitable.

    I agree with Dirty Harry: “I hate the goddamn system! But until someone comes along with changes that make sense, I’ll stick with it.”

    • Replies: @Justvisiting
  215. @Anonymous

    Insightful comment imo.

    One overarching ongoing dilemma/challenge that faces us all everywhere is how to prevent the process of institutional corruption and dysfunction , or how to animate and retain the nominally intended and appropriate role of an institution. I want to think that some means can be found to do so. Transparency, direct democracy mechanisms and excellence in journalism, are among helpful means.

    Or is sustaining overall-beneficent-to-the-public-interest institutions a pipe dream; Is ‘Institutions go rogue’ or ‘institutional power corrupts’, etc., inevitable?

    In Canada, a book was written by long time employee of Health Canada, Dr. Shiv Chopra, about his experiences at Health Canada: the book’s title was Corrupt to the Core. The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation – CBC – a ‘public utility’/nominally public interest broadcaster, has become a chronic enabler of the Matrix. So as I say, the dilemma is ongoing and general.

    • Replies: @Emslander
  216. Whitewolf says:

    i want to believe that sidney powell is for real, great goddess in a bodice, i want to believe.

    A lot of people want to believe but I’m confident you’ll be disappointed once more. Everything about this mostly honest election and the run up to it seems scripted.

    The stakes are high when the Baghdad Bob Media is prepared to throw away what little credibility it has left promoting this farce of an election on top of over hyping the dangers of covid. The owners of America (Amerizuela?) don’t seem the least bit concerned that tens of millions of Americans (Amerizuelans) have totally lost faith in the election system either.

    I came across this yesterday and for a minute I thought I was watching a tv preacher.

    It seems that the pied pipers are out to lead Trump supporters down some dangerous path.

  217. @Tony Hall

    The first priority has to be to seize back the instruments of communication from the monopolists busily engaged in taking control of the Internet.

    Agree that enabling robust free speech and discourse and its unfettered flow and access on the Internet is vital.

    However, I would insert the words “trying to take control” in your quote above. One of the noteworthy acts by the Powers That Should Not Be just prior to the attempted coup d’état via the ‘election process’ was the purging from their normal venues of a large number of ‘conservative-ish’ websites and ‘citizen journalists’. Let’s call it the ‘great purge’.

    So for example Amazing Polly and Jordan Sather were not only ‘disappeared’ when it came to Youtube and Twitter but their financial support was attacked. I mention these two but there are dozens of others, and in the case of these two and many others, they had built up a following of several hundred thousand subscribers, and who knows how many millions looked in on them who were not subscribers.

    Consider that Canada’s two largest newspapers, The Globe and Mail and the Toronto Star, had in 2015 a circulation of just over 300 thousand per day. So the purge of – well let’s compliment them with being in many cases the antithesis of the fake news monstrosity complex and call them ‘truth seekers’ – was roughly comparable to every major newspaper in Canada being banned overnight.

    The ‘great purge’ is yet another sign of how seriously intended and widely planned was the seizure of illegitimate power via the election fraud.

  218. Mikael_ says:
    @Majority of One

    now have developed a meta-political point of view

    Well that’s telling, even more than ignoring my comment #133.
    Not philosophical or meta-physical, but meta-political.
    Politics, where there are no ultimate values, only to win by by any means necessary.

    Enjoy your self-made hell
    (Which is what I believe @GeneralRipper was also trying to convey.)

    • Replies: @Majority of One
  219. @Emslander

    As you and the author and everyone here is concluding, it’s not our country any more. It’s a manipulated machine.

    The States are United no more. Red and blue parting ways is now logical and desirable. It will happen whether or not Trump stays put another four.

  220. Mikael_ says:

    I always laugh out over clowns like you,
    to whom the lessons from Forest Gump went straight over their heads:

    “It doesn’t require high IQ to identify immoral actions.”

    • Replies: @obvious
  221. Mikael_ says:

    I was the guy who “berated you for having left out religion.”

    So sorry, I still cannot make head or tails overall out of your laid-out thoughts.
    Care to expand on?

    While you are pretty clear about what one should run away from (communism, straight-line history interpretations including ‘the end of history’ delusions, shallow materialism)
    you are rather nebulous about what to strive towards.
    Traditionalism and spiritual dimensions of human existence are too ambiguous terms to me, because the goal of a stable society is to find ‘commonly agreed-upon ultimate [exact] values’ and to successfully hand them down to future generations.

    And what exactly about religion is a minefield you dare not touch? [And seemingly by implication, needn’t touch?]

    • Replies: @GeeBee
  222. @anon

    Blacks in this country are so brazenly corrupt they are turning us into Africa.

    We are blessed with seriously stupid criminals that commit their voter fraud in front of video cameras in large arenas.

    If we actually had smart criminals we would surely be doomed.

  223. @Sick of Orcs

    Another great Clint Eastwood movie quote that has always served me well:

    “A man has _got_ to know his limitations.”

    • Agree: Sick of Orcs
  224. anarchyst says:
    @Tony Hall

    Bill Gates vaccines will have “sterilization compounds” built into them. Gates himself has admitted that (forced) sterilization is a large part of his “vaccination programs”. In Africa, sterilization and birth control compounds were in the Gates provided “vaccinations”. Those who received these “vaccinations” were not informed that they contained “other” compounds. You can bet that the COVID vaccines will not be entirely “pure” either.
    The Nuremberg protocols require INFORMED CONSENT as a part of any “healthcare” protocol.
    We only know too well about the Tuskegee experiment in which black men were purposely infected with syphilis that was purposely not treated. This “program” went on from 1932 to 1972 and was sponsored and run by (guess who??) the CDC. And they want us to trust them with a “vaccine”??…thanks but no thanks…

    • Thanks: Majority of One
  225. annamaria says:

    ” I was pointing out the way he manipulates commentary themes … and obfuscate the growing consensus…”

    — No, it is you who has been trying to do manipulation. You are projecting.

    Stay with your consensus, which is obviously elsewhere. This forum is for free-thinkers.

    • Replies: @Emslander
  226. Emslander says:
    @Robert Snefjella

    I want to think that some means can be found to do so.

    The official beheading of about four notorious journalists and most of the epidemiologists would probably be effective.

  227. Emslander says:

    This forum is for free-thinkers.

    Free thinkers can come to consensus freely. That’s actually how civilization develops. I’m not the only free thinker commenting here who believes that any emerging consensus is often manipulated into either confusion or an Unz conclusion.

    That’s fine. It is Ron Unz’s website and he’s clearly good at what he does.

  228. GeeBee says:

    So sorry, I still cannot make head or tails overall out of your laid-out thoughts.
    Care to expand on?

    I think that I have done quite enough expanding, and if you cannot make sense of what I have written, that is your loss not mine.

    you are pretty clear about what one should run away from

    I don’t believe I mentioned ‘running away’ from anything. I was attempting to describe the circumstances in which we find ourselves.

    you are rather nebulous about what to strive towards.

    No amount of ‘striving’ will unseat the ruling oligarchy and their loyal cohorts. This is their final triumph and our enduring tragedy. We dwell in what I regard as a sort of ‘Twilight of the Gods’, Götterdämmerung having occurred on 8th May 1945. There is no discernable way back. Wotan certainly never expected to be given a second chance and for us to do so is the most naïve of conceits.

    And what exactly about religion is a minefield you dare not touch?

    I know more about the subject of religion than the vast majority of people, having ‘survived’ the notorious ‘Alpha course’ back in the late 1980s. Having completed the course, I immediately understood that in order to surmount the central challenge of that course I must be certain of my ground. That challenge was stated at the course thus: “Either acceptance of the risen Christ as your sole route to salvation is the most important thing in your life or we (the course instructors) are a bunch of fools”.

    I am totally comfortable in my belief that they are, in fact, a group of, not fools perhaps, but genuinely misguided dupes. I came to this conclusion by means of an arduous journey of intense religious study, regarding which I could a tale unfold whose lightest word would harrow up thy soul, freeze thy young blood, make thy knotted and combin’ed locks to part and each particular hair to stand on end like quills upon the fretful porpentine.

    It’s by no means the case that I ‘dare not touch’ this subject, but rather that it is completely unnecessary so to do. Like Dan Dennett, I am content to ‘believe in belief’. Societies need religion. Christianity is perhaps an unfortunate choice for European-derived societies to have made, but at this stage it will have to serve office accordingly.

    I thank you for your interest in my comments.


    Video Link

    Waterbreak the new Watergate?

    • LOL: James Speaks
  230. obvious says:
    @Majority of One

    It was in reference to Trump try reading the context again

    • Replies: @Majority of One
  231. obvious says:

    It’s the last gasp of generationally incompetent people. They are full of movie lines and quips and glossy quotes from books they never read. AKA “Baby Boomer Morons”. Look at Giuliani with hair paint running down his sweaty face when he should have retired 15 years ago. What does he have? Quotes from “My Cousin Vinny”. I have been in the “typical” East Coast courtroom and this is what they ALL do, draw from some formative period in their lives and avoid all real effort.

  232. @Majority of One

    I agree that a sort of running expose on these gaslighters would be a good thing. I’m sure there are sources out there already that list the signs (to look for) and strategies of paid infiltrators on comment boards.

    Were it to be well-crafted as an essay it might possibly catch the interest of Ron Unz.

    Yes, I think Ron Unz is always looking out for those very signs on his site. I have been reading for many years, but just started to comment recently. I recall several months ago, Mr. Unz posted a comment describing how and why he had suspicions that Colin Wright might be a paid infiltrator. Of course, anyone who reads the Unz comment boards will be quite familiar with Colin Wright, and it had never occurred to me that he might fit the description (and I still think it is unlikely). But I remember thinking that Mr. Unz most certainly has better radar than I do for this sort of thing.

    In any case, the comment thread debacle under the Mike Whitney vaccine article is so obviously a planned infiltration that it is almost unsettling. In fact, it is a bit like the election heist (the subject of this comment thread) in it brazen openness.

    I understand the principle known as “revelation of the method” and its importance in the psychology warfare, but when the method blinks like a bright red neon sign, such that no further revelation is needed, it may suggest either desperation or recklessnes (both bad signs).

    There’s an old Latin phrase motus in fine velocior (loosely translated as “time accelerates toward the end”). We may be in the that “fine” right now…

  233. R.C. says:
    @Tony Hall

    Good article above & I look forward to that followup on the history of communism, and the Jewish / Zionist / IsRaHell influences on it, (e.g., Marx) which IMHO could only make sense if people ordinarily cared more for people they don’t know than people that they do know, which of course ain’t the way of the world. Communism/socialism, etc., have always been intended to be perceived as altruistically inspired, when they have really always just been a cover for despotism, NWO, et al.

    • Agree: GeneralRipper
    • Replies: @DaveE
  234. obvious says:

    You must be a strong manly Hero for watching so many important videos

    • LOL: Rufus Clyde
  235. @Notsofast

    i assume you may be talking about “that would be telling” and “lady theo” on the mike whitney’s last article “why you should skip the covid vaccine”. at first i was amused by their gas lighting but as their posts piled up (twbt in particular) i began to see it in a different light. this seemed to be an attempt to dominate the narrative and guide the discussion in the direction they desired.

    Thanks and yes, your assumption is correct. I just responded to Majority of One about that comment thread under Whitney’s article. What a debacle. As I stated, it is so brazen and obvious that it is a bit unsettling.

    Think of the malevolence it takes to write (or program a bot) with the sole intent of manipulating (i.e., mind-controlling) people into injecting poisons and toxic chemicals into their body (or ignoring an obvious crime like this election heist). For what end? Money? Power? Pure hatred of human life?

    What a dark mystery.

    • Agree: Emslander
  236. Mikael_ says:

    Never heard of an Alpha course. (Just researched it a little.)

    Well you did accept without question the false dichotomy

    “Either acceptance of the risen Christ as your sole route to salvation is the most important thing in your life, or we (the course instructors) are a bunch of fools”

    I wouldn’t.

    Secondly, you need to check your premises about

    No amount of ‘striving’ will unseat the ruling oligarchy and their loyal cohorts. This is their final triumph and our enduring tragedy

    regarding today, before 1945, and many other times in last few centuries.
    The wrong underlying assumption is
         ‘[large-scale] perfection is possible in this [earthly] world’,
    therefore it is a valid goal and reasonable target.
    It’s not. It’s actually the central reason for most enormous man-made disasters, especially in the 20th century. But it takes a lot of humility to realize and then accept it.

  237. obvious says:

    It does require a backbone though, and common sense… which you people lack spectacularly.

    Trumptardism is inherently immoral, and a deliberate waste of your energy.

    • Replies: @Mikael_
  238. obvious says:
    @Sick of Orcs


    This is what we call “cognitive dissonance”: you can’t deal with the fact that your whole world view is a coloring book for mentally ill adult children.

    If you have any doubts about the REAL election that will happen on Dec. 14th, I’m sure the certificates for 538 State appointed Electors will be made public. It’s like you never heard of “America”

  239. “What is to be said of the fact that Facebook’s Mark Zukberberg has acquired such prominence in pushing forward so many disparate elements of this perverse agenda?”

    Zuckerberg is married to a Chinese national… who is investigating her connection to the CCP?

  240. @Mikael_

    Deliberately or otherwise, you are conflating my conceptualization of meta-politics. “…to win by any means necessary” is totally alien to this gradually developing political perspective. It is, rather, a dimensional approach, divorced from the Roman imperialist concept of Anno Domini—utterly a mechanism of not only physical control, but also of mind-control.

    The pattern was developed by the Emperor Constantine and his stooges, headed by Eusebius. Their aim was to establish a new foundation for the Empire, in fact a “grundlage” based on their utter perversion of the various Christianities which had been gradually developing over a time-frame of more than 200 years. The scheme was centered on co-option and amalgamation via an imperially inspired “Word of God”, a Bible which was heavily interpolated and ruthlessly calculated to become the mythical foundation for a reconstructed imperium.

    My conceptualization of meta-politics commences with a Real-I-Zation of how mythologies underly all forms of mass political and economic cultural expressions. With his ‘Communist Manifesto’, Karl Marx attempted in his particular meta-political fashion, to formulate a new foundation, a new mythology based on a materialistic and atheistic rejection of traditionalism, which itself had been coopted from indigenous European spiritual understandings, by an alleged catholicism of Roman Imperialism.

    Imposed religions are nothing more than a bended and warped imposition upon the spiritual awakening vis a vis Talmudic Judaism by the figure we know as Jesus. His was, much in the Essene and Gnostic traditions, a profoundly spiritual rejection of the corruptive religion of Talmudism, which was rooted in the Babylonian captivity and owed as much to Babylonian concepts as to the more exclusivist promulgations of the ancient Hebrews. Religion, whether Roman-“Christian” or Talmudic Judaism,is nothing more than ossified and even petrified spirituality.

    Henry David Thoreau pointed out that there is no sense in hacking away at the branches of a problem. One must rather grub out the roots of that problem. Employing meta-political approaches, one always seeks out and deals with the roots. In the case of what THEY call “Judeo-Christian Civilization” (my term is the Judie-Christy Magick Mindfuck), the roots are embedded in Imperial Rome and its penultimate Imperial “decider” via his mythological slogan: “In hoc signe vincis”… In This Sign, Conquer…that sign being the Cross. Contrarily the original Jesusites employed the FISH as their signatory implement. Astrologically, the fish is the sign of Pisces. Jesus was the archetypal manifestation of the commencement of the Age of Pisces.

    Christianity was coopted by Constantine. The Emperor struck back and incorporated the reformulated “faith” as the foundational bulwark of the empire. It has lasted to this day and remains headquartered in Rome…now under the direct dominion of the Jesuits, with their crypto-Talmudist origins.

    • Agree: GeeBee
    • Replies: @Mikael_
  241. @obvious

    Obviously, you are quite innocent of any possible manifestation of irony.

  242. Sad fact being DT has been checkmated by GS with his omnipresent threat of releasing his antifa army into the cities with mayhem and bloodshed if DT dares to take the required actions to come out on top of this pandemonia.

    DT knows, as myself, precisely how he can win this battle, and how he cannot win which is through the (ILL) legal system, however he is confronted with the scenario of major conflict throughout the entire country if he takes the winning route, and he is obviously unready to take this route.

    AJM “Mensa” qualified since 1973, airborne trained US army vet and pro Jazz artist (winds)

  243. @Authenticjazzman

    he is obviously unready to take this route.

    AJM “Mensa” qualified since 1973,

    So Mensa includes mind-reading?

    I am impressed! 😉

  244. Anonymous[290] • Disclaimer says:

    Reply to:

    He’ll have more legal expenses, but I think he knows they can’t find any reason to seize assets or imprison him.

    “Him” referring to Pres. D. Trump.

    That argument might have held even after the “Trump is a Russian Agent!” publicity campaign. However, after the 2020/11/03 Federal election theft and subsequent otiose refusal to act upon that election’s obvious theft, and the Biden/Harris campaign platform, one of disarming Trump’s support base and further diminishing its ability to earn a living and participate in politics, it does not hold. The Establishment / Swamp / Permanent Bureaucracy / Judicial Branch / Media is quite capable of treating Trump exactly as they treated Fields ( ) or Flynn or Stone. Perhaps the decisive indicator that Pres. Trump would not be treated equitably was when the media refused to cover what Pres. Trump said was his “most important speech”, which concerned the 2020/11/03 Federal election and its theft.

    It appears that the US Republic, in the form of the US Federal Government, is in danger of being overthrown by open election theft. Under those exact circumstances Pres. Trump has both the legal right and the Constitutional duty of invoking the Insurrection act ( Brief version: ; more informative version: ). Additionally, he has is life and that of his dependents and allies and even his supporters to consider.
    The current propaganda campaign being waged to reveal evidence for the election theft, waged on the Internet, talk radio, various podcasts and a new TV channel, would support such a move among Trump’s constituency and the sizable body of neutrals.
    And here’s a link to a retired USAF General officer, who apparently specialized in cyber warfare. My translation of what he thinks is: current situation is a potentially decisive loss of control of the US Federal government by the US population. This has been accomplished by an information war campaign whose Strategic objective was assured control of the US Government. On the operational level, campaign objectives were to demonstrate assured and undetected control of US elections. On a tactical level it was a combined agency operation relying on simultaneous control of media, substantial control of computer-based voting, local control of Democrat physical votes in some critical areas, and internal subversion of Federal law enforcement and foreign intelligence. The operation very nearly failed, but partially succeeded. It did not achieve full success in that it was detected. The partial failure means that the strategic objective can be defeated by a fully legal physical force campaign based on the Insurrection Act.
    Here’s the link:

    Pres. D. Trump could actually decide to invoke the Insurrection Act. He has the power, the Constitutional duty, and his duty to protect his constituents and dependents to consider.
    This invocation would probably destabilize the US and fragment the rest of the world into local spheres of influence and reducing trade, resulting in worldwide famine, disease, and death. It is arguable that invoking the Insurrection Act would be a lesser destabilization than the obvious and open end of effective US elections, and of the continued flow of resources into cities that cannot be saved. A lesser destabilization would kill fewer people. Or the invocation could be considered “Sauvez ce que vous pouvez”, the military reflex reaction after a rout.
    Trump’s constituency is in a good position to execute the General Strike that the 1900s Socialists hoped for. Various labor unions are proposing much the same thing (, but it’s hard to see how a general strike could be defeated by another general strike. He might win after invoking the Insurrection act. And again, see a very crude balance of forces analysis here: :

    Again, the parallels with the Late Roman Republic ( and C. J. Caesars dice toss “Alia jacta est” are obvious. Such a move by Trump would obviously have about the same effect Caesar’s crossing the Rubicon in that the US Republic would be fundamentally changed. Caesar tried to revive the Republic, and was killed by his former friends and associates. His adopted son waged a civil war against Caesar’s killers and won. He retained the form of the Late Republic in the Principate (, but it was all a pretense. This outcome was considered a disaster for the Romans, but the Late Republic was incapable of administering its conquests, and, barring a reorganization, within three generations loss of these conquests followed by the invasion of Italy (probably from the North and South simultaneously) would have ensured. This would have been a bigger disaster than the Empire established by Octavian, later renamed as Augustus. Note that the final result, replacement of the Late Republic by a more stable administrative state, was unaltered by Caesar’s death and Octavian’s civil war. Sometime you can see how things will end before anybody does anything.
    But the real point here is that, unless D. Trump is treated in accordance with law (not lawfare,, and the elements responsible for the information attack of 2020/11/03 to 04 are also treated in accordance with law, declaration of the Insurrection Act is possible, perhaps likely. The declaration might be quite effective.

    Why is it all so cruel? Even objective analysis is getting emotionally difficult.

    • Replies: @Majority of One
    , @Willow
  245. They say it was a leaky toilet, not a pipe.

  246. Emslander says:

    As a national matter and probably a personal one, as well, I’m pretty much with you. I’m not sure T has it in him, but heads will one day have to roll, possibly in a literal sense.

    I’d support a well executed imposition of order.

    It may be that the next nine days will reveal to a great majority of the people that electoral atrocities were committed by Democrat vote creation and courts will order the naming of electors by legislatures. I feel like a momentum is building.

  247. R2b says:
    @Tony Hall

    I went back and read this.
    You hold a romanitic view of Communism.
    And that is fair.
    But I do think you are Old enough, to abandon ”it hasnt succeded yet”.
    China is absolutely nothing we want here, despite Trump enforcing it backwards.
    You must be really stupid.
    In spite of your professure!

  248. I don’t really care because they’re all crooks.

    But I hope Biden stays the winner because it will make the wife shut up. There is no fate worse than being stuck living with somebody suffering with TDS.

    That is the end all and be all of my interest in this “election” choice between Tweedledee and Tweedledum.

    • Agree: Featherless
  249. @GeeBee

    My god, what a pile of horse manure.

    Class war is good. You, on the other hand, are sophomoric. The epitome of the truism, “A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.”

    • Troll: GeneralRipper, Mikael_
    • Replies: @GeeBee
    , @Skeptikal
  250. It is incredible. Jewish Power pulled off something 1000x worse than Watergate and is going to get away with it. Gangster Clown World.

    All the facts, data, truth, and evidence don’t matter. Officials look the other way, and all processes are blocked. GOP is useless.

    The big question for patriots is not ‘should we stick with GOP?’ but ‘when will name the Jew?’

    Also, isn’t it about time to kill the GOP. All Americans join the Democratic Party and vote on issues.

    True democracy is about voting for issues than individuals. In a one party state, you will vote for someone based on what he stands for. In a multi-party system, you often vote for labels. But guess what? GOP is just Democrat lite, and Democratic Party is just GOP lite. They got a cozy thing going on. ‘Social liberalism’ and ‘economic conservatism’, which is elitism 1 and elitism 2.

  251. @Anonymous

    Without action from Trump the coup/insurrection will succeed and the guillotines, shackle-bearing boxcars and internment camps under FEMA would almost certainly ensue. The whole Great Reset scheme would get near immediate implementation under President Kamala’s Foote and a national lockdown would be mandated, as will inoculations for the entire population.

    In certain areas those in charge of the shots would be given two sets of vaccines, one of which would merely sterilize and basically brain-deaden the recipients. Set two would have a special marking. This one would be slated for “enemies of the \$tate”. How many Unz posters would be on that list? The N\$A, CIA, FBI and other three-letter oppressors would already have their lists prepared of target individuals–and in some instances, families.

    The New World Order would be established. World population would be reduced by 80-90 percent. Minions, useful idiots and the Future Serfs of America would be retained, as AI and lab-grown foodstuffs would not suffice to address elite appetites. Generations later, the entire world population would be descended from the elite, their minions and their serfs and slaves.

    Quite the future under the Kamala’s Foote administration, eh?

    • Replies: @Miville
  252. John Hagan says: • Website

    A little satire is needed …
    Joan of Arc: Americs’s Joan of Arc starring Sidney Powell and Michael Flynn also in the cast Barrak Obama, Joe Biden, Donald Trump, Kamila Harris, , Benjamin Netanyahu, Burnie Sanders , Christopher Steele, Richard Dearlove and Stefan Halper.


    A Sidney Powell success would create epistemological problems of such magnitude as to load the logical and semantic resources of the English language with a burden that it is not reasonably expected to bear.

  253. @Authenticjazzman

    however (Trump) is confronted with the scenario of major conflict throughout the entire country if he takes the winning route, and he is obviously unready to take this route.

    You’re giving Trump way too much credit. As president he has never defended any of his supporters beaten by riolooters, so why would he fret over major conflict? As things stand he will end up a footnote in History of the Free United States 2020 – 2035.

    • Replies: @Lee
  254. Sidney is a Tar Heel. God Bless this intelligent and gutsy lady.

    We need more like her.

    • Agree: Joseph Doaks
  255. gay troll says:
    @Majority of One

    Examples: “Lone Gunman”—quite possibly a victim of source to skull psychotronic weaponry. Yes, Virginia, the intel schemers can literally “broadcast” ideas or even actions into your head.

    Are you saying Oswald was the victim of psychotronic weaponry which caused him and him alone to assassinate the President? That sounds like well poisoning to me. The problem with the term “lone gunman” is that there were multiple gunmen, not that Oswald was the victim of a science fiction device.

    JFK’s corpse was stolen from the morgue in Dallas at federal gunpoint. This after the presidential deathmobile had been promptly taken to a car wash. With dead Kennedy in tow, LBJ did not let his plane depart for DC until he had taken the oath of office. Only Jacqueline refused to hide the splattered evidence on her clothes.

    And of course, Oswald’s blue beamed brain was conveniently blown out by Jack Rubenstein, who asked an FBI informant if he wanted to watch the fireworks in Dealey Plaza on 11/22, and later said he shot Oswald for Israel.

    And a few years later, the CIA invented and popularized the term “conspiracy theory” to cover the Warren Commission’s dangling ass and their own complicity in the coup d’etat.

    • Thanks: Skeptikal
    • Troll: GeneralRipper
    • Replies: @Majority of One
  256. Anonymous[327] • Disclaimer says:

    As before when the Lincoln, JFK/RK, 911 events NO one is talking about the ISRAELI MOSSAD ZIO JEWISH role in the ELECTORAL FRAUD of 2020…not even the UNZ Review…the TRUMP legal team…no one…the 2020 election were a JEWISH COUP…The American Republic is dead…and soon the WHITE hillbillies will be exterminated..

    • Agree: Druid55
    • Troll: Corvinus
  257. @Priss Factor

    Awesome analogy! Looks like him and sounds similar.

    Unfortunately, I am quite familiar with the Kemp type. A Southerner who blabbers-on in that calm manner, while saying nothing relevant or specific, giving the listener the ‘down home’ shtick while they shaft you in the back.

    They are a dime-a-dozen in that region; it’s a cultural thing. They think it’s normal. I have noticed that several of them have screwed Trump over. Being a Yankee and 100% NYer, he wouldn’t have recognized it beforehand. Most don’t, until getting reamed a few times (incl me).

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  258. Paul C. says:
    @Priss Factor

    Classic! And correct. But the truth is, Trump’s in on it.

    The Freemason’s collect their 30 pieces of silver and think they’re part of the Illuminati club as they destroy America and the world. They’re useful idiots, traitors and a scourge on humanity, just like their fellow soulless, satanic bosses. Their head will be in the chopping block, just a little bit later.

    This is what happens when you abandon God.

  259. Wally says:
    @Majority of One

    “Wally. Please make your own arguments.”

    I did. Please actually read what I posted, old man.

    • Replies: @Skeptikal
  260. @gay troll

    Nope: Psychotronic weaponry not used there. Great book out on 11-22-63 by Jim Fetzer and friends. Oswald had apparently been recruited by CIA (how he got into USSR at heart of Cold War and was allowed to return here with Russian bride. He was totally set-up. LBJ, Chiefs of Staff, CIA and the self-hating drag-queen, J. Edna Hoover all in on it.

    On a totally different note, check out the Macaronis/Macaroni Club on Wiki. Then hit some of the links there, such as the David Segal essay in NYT Sunday Review on origins of “Yankee Doodle Dandy”. Then, the painting “The Spirit of ’76” (aka “Yankee Doodle”) by Ohio painter Archibald MacNeal Willard. Check out eye contacts. Also connect with the American reappropriations of the “dissing” English version. Finally note how LaFayette had the French troops’ band play the “father and I went down to camp” version when the English refused to even look at their American captors.You may just possibly get the culturally revolutionary implications in the American Revolution.

    • Thanks: gay troll
  261. Ron T says:

    So the elections were rigged because the president with the 42% approval ratings and a 7 million popular vote loss was expected to win the electoral college by a landslide? Unz Review is now officially the OAN of websites and appeals to the same loony bin audience.

    • Troll: anarchyst, Alfred
  262. Lee says:
    @Sick of Orcs

    Orc said:

    You’re giving Trump way too much credit. As president he has never defended any of his supporters beaten by riolooters,

    When US citizens were being beaten and sometimes killed by rioters, didn’t several state governors and Lib city mayors tell Trump publicly many times to stay the F out of their domain ???

    I seem to remember this happening……………..

    • Replies: @Skeptikal
    , @Sick of Orcs
  263. GeeBee says:

    Pope’s aphorism was actually ‘a little learning is a dangerous thing’ (from his Essay on Criticism. I like to get these things right…

    • Replies: @obwandiyag
  264. Mikael_ says:

    “He refuted my previous post in a way I cannot counter!

    Quick, move the goalposts!!”

  265. Mikael_ says:
    @Majority of One

    First of all, I still haven’t seen you explain how you define “politics”, based on which previous’ thinkers thoughts, and more important how that is in line with today’s wide understanding of “politics”, or at the very least why the common understanding is wrong including your concise argumentation. (Not Alice in Wonderland style ‘it means just what I choose it to mean — neither more nor less.’)

    Beyond that, you make some good points in

    Imposed religions are nothing more than a bended and warped imposition upon the spiritual awakening vis a vis Talmudic Judaism by the figure we know as Jesus. His was, much in the Essene and Gnostic traditions, a profoundly spiritual rejection of the corruptive religion of Talmudism, which was rooted in the Babylonian captivity and owed as much to Babylonian concepts as to the more exclusivist promulgations of the ancient Hebrews. Religion, whether Roman-“Christian” or Talmudic Judaism,is nothing more than ossified and even petrified spirituality.

    but I feel you are also missing out on / misunderstanding a lot.

    As I see it, Jesus and the thinkers behind the New Testament (forget about the writers for a moment, even if they were one and the same) defined an improved “hierarchy of highest values” as a set of meta-rules, or actually meta-physics, commonly called a religion (1). They built on Talmudism, but surpassed it (actually sublated it), especially in one key idea:
    ‘[Large-scale] Perfection is not possible in this [earthly] world’,
    which includes
    – Striving for perfection in groups or systems will always lead to bad outcomes (nowadays one would state it as “Perfection as a policy goal always leads to totalitarianism.”)
    – When accepting that proposition, there is no need to declare all attempts to work towards the good to be futile (i.e. become Gnostic)
    – Because even though we cannot reach perfection ever, we can still always improve things/systems a little bit, all the time, even -or especially- after inevitable setbacks.

    Now every church, and to a lesser degree even the Bible, are “institutionalized” versions of the underlying religion, and are as you called them ‘ossified.’
    However you fell for a call to perfectism if you now want to dispense with them entirely, as
    a) the knowledge/wisdom has to be passed on, and not every person has the time (or ability) to go through decades of careful thought to come to the same conclusions on their own, and
    b) nothing hinders the true deep thinker to -truthfully and consistently- “go meta” beyond church and Bible.

    BTW I like to call it the ‘Greco-Judeo-Christian’ civilization with a smirk in my eyes.
    As a sign of both humility and humor.

    Note 1:
    We may have different definitions, but I see ‘spirituality’ as different from my above definition of religion in that spirituality is more fluid, meaning it can become a grab bag of thoughts (“I like this from Buddism, that from Taoism, and that from Christianity.”) That doesn’t necessarily imply that any chosen spirituality is in itself clearly self-contradictory, but at least that spirituality puts less emphasis on having an as-singular-and-simple-as-possible foundation. I prefer religion over spirituality.

    • Replies: @Majority of One
  266. Skeptikal says:

    Majority of one has your number.

    You invariably make simplistic assertions followed by a string of links, while simultaneously insulting anyone who isn’t part of your mental world of half-baked ideas and semifact.

    “Go read my links, cretin” is not an argument.

    The level of free-floating testosterone at this site is really remarkable.

    It’s a shame it can’t be harnessed for some useful purpose.

    BTW, “old man” may just be a woman. Ever thought of that, old man?

  267. Corvinus says:
    @Reg Cæsar

    “Which our Supreme Court recognized as unconstitutional 20 years ago.”

    What course case? Explain exactly how it stated it is illegal for “the procedures for counting the absentee votes [ARE NOT TO] vary substantially between states, between counties in the same state, and even between municipalities in the same county”.

    “If it doesn’t work in Hämeenlinna or Hamburg, why would we trust it in Philadelphia?”

    Apples to oranges comparison. And, of course, you assume that there was widespread voter fraud in that city.

    • Troll: GeneralRipper
  268. Skeptikal says:

    When Trump sent the National Guard into Portland, I got a couple of emails from enraged woke saying, see, he is a dictator!!

    I think Trump could have done a lot better than he did in practically any aspect of the running of his presidency, but one has to admit that when it comes to the SARS-CoV-2 play, he was damned if he did and damned if he didn’t.

    One of his biggest mistakes from the get-go, if not the biggest, is his failure to get any credible advisers, and opening his Twitter trap on a whim instead of thinking before blurting. This last especially especially after being sworn in as president. He really needed to modify his style and his messaging after that, but he didn’t.

    Blurt. That would be a good name for a social media platform. The noun would be “Blurt-out.”

    • Agree: Sick of Orcs
    • Thanks: Majority of One
  269. eD says:

    When I came here last night, there were over 250 posts, so comment # 181 by “Anonymous 290” is buried. Its about regulatory capture, but much more interesting than that short summary implies. Its one of the best comments I’ve seen at this year.

    • Replies: @gsjackson
  270. Skeptikal says:

    I agree that this is a very interesting post.

    I get the main idea but I can’t quite follow the details.

    Re: “Of course, under Progressive rule led to regulatory capture of the agencies (experts came from industry and then returned to industry, following industry interests while in the agencies)”

    Why do you say “Of course”?
    And, the parenthetical comment seems to belie the first observation.

    Are you saying that corporate interests and their experts were progressives?

    Also, do you mean Progressives with cap. P or with small p?

    Also I can’t quite follow this:

    “The above situation is why H. Clinton could say, quite accurately, that “We have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it, away from the fog of the controversy.” The bill set up yet another agency with a vague mission statement and no definition of terms. When H. Clinton spoke, the agency was not set up, and it was not known how it would interpret its mission statement or what powers it would grab”

    What agency was Clinton talking about?
    And I don’t see why her statement is accurate. She didn’t say “so that you can find out what it might mandate,” she said, so that you can find oiut what is in it. Presumably that simply means reading the proposed legislation . . .

    Whenever I see “of course” my antennae twitch and I think, “Oh, really?” . . . This might just be because my mother said “of course” all the time when she was being snobbish and wanted to seize the high ground!!

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  271. Skeptikal says:

    A little knowledge is a lot better than no knowledge . . .

  272. gsjackson says:

    Agree, and the implications for rule by “experts” are looking to be pretty significant when even Roberts has joined the conservative majority.

  273. Excellent article. One question though. Why would Israel, which has received favorable treatment from President Trump, attempt to undermine his reelection?

    • Replies: @Tony Hall
  274. @Lee

    Let me answer your question with a question: do you think obozo wouldn’t have “illegally” sent the National Guard in if Americans were torching his brothers’ mosques?

    • Replies: @Lee
  275. Tony Hall says:

    Apparently American Jews were 77% against Trump and Israeli Jews were 77% for him,

    The Republican Party is not the only entity coming apart under the pressures of a rapidly unfolding crisis.

    • Replies: @villapalomares
  276. @Emslander

    On the other hand, I don’t think Trump wants to take the chance of being Romanoved.

  277. @GeeBee

    You are the epitome of the aphorism. You demonstrate it with bells on.

    “The proverb ‘A little knowledge is a dangerous thing’ expresses the idea that a small amount of knowledge can mislead people into thinking that they are more expert than they really are, which can lead to mistakes being made.

    ‘A little knowledge is a dangerous thing’ and ‘a little learning is a dangerous thing’ have been used synonymously since the 18th century.

    The ‘little learning’ version is widely attributed to Alexander Pope (1688 – 1744). It is found in his An Essay on Criticism, 1709:

    A little learning is a dangerous thing;
    drink deep, or taste not the Pierian spring:
    there shallow draughts intoxicate the brain,
    and drinking largely sobers us again.

    The similarity of the two phrases is demonstrated by what appears to be an impromptu coining of ‘a little knowledge is a dangerous thing’ in a piece in The monthly miscellany; or Gentleman and Lady’s Complete Magazine, Vol II, 1774, in which the writer misquoted Pope:

    Mr. Pope says, very truly, “A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.”

    Both Pope’s original verse and the misquotation of it were pre-dated by a similar notion expressed by an anonymous author, signing himself ‘A B’, in the collection of letters published in 1698 as The Mystery of Phanaticism:

    “Twas well observed by my Lord Bacon, That a little knowledge is apt to puff up, and make men giddy, but a greater share of it will set them right, and bring them to low and humble thoughts of themselves.

    Again, there is a degree of misquotation here. ‘My Lord Bacon’ was the English politician and philosopher Francis Bacon, Viscount St Alban, and what he actually said, in his The Essays: Of Atheism, 1601, was:

    “A little philosophy inclineth man’s mind to atheism; but depth in philosophy bringeth men’s minds about to religion.”

    So, who coined the phrase? It appears to have been a group effort. Bacon can be credited with the idea, Pope with the ‘learning’ version and the mysterious ‘A B’ with the ‘knowledge’ version.

    The number of writers who were stating variants of ‘a little learning is a dangerous thing’ in early 18th England is probably a consequence of spread in the availability of scholarly works in English. The Age of the Enlightenment, as the period was known, saw a growth in the interest of cultural and philosophical concerns amongst the middle classes. Discussion of such topics had previously been conducted mainly in Latin and been the preserve of the elite. The sight of the hoi-polloi having views on higher matters wasn’t welcomed by those who had been classically schooled – hence ‘a little learning is a dangerous thing’.

    • Replies: @GeeBee
  278. @GeneralRipper

    Two white liberals and an electrical transformer.

  279. Alfred says:
    @Priss Factor

    I figure someone with rudimentary flying skills could hit the WTC.

    Not true. Many professional airline pilots tried to reproduce it in simulators and failed.

    Pilots for 9/11 Truth

    Here is a link where a pilot debunks the official story. The simulator will not allow the user to exceed the limits of the aircraft – which is what the official version wants us to believe.

    The flight dynamics within FSX behave much like a Level D Sim.

    In short, it is impossible to achieve Vmo+150 (the reported speed of “UA175”), with a fully functional Level D sim with crash logic enabled.

    If one were to disable the crash logic, it is no longer an accurate simulation.

    See more in our presentation 9/11: World Trade Center Attack, including interviews with Boeing Captains who have attempted to duplicate the attacks in their Simulators.

    • Thanks: Majority of One
  280. Anonymous[290] • Disclaimer says:

    Reply to:, 2020/12/05-16:08Z

    Apologies for taking so long to answer.

    Re: “Of course, under Progressive rule led to regulatory capture of the agencies (experts came from industry and then returned to industry, following industry interests while in the agencies)”

    Why do you say “Of course”?
    And, the parenthetical comment seems to belie the first observation.


    1) I wrote “Of course” because of the nature of the Progressives. The current immigration level is not new, although the mass media says it is. There was an earlier wave, just as big. The Progressives were one of many responses by the Anglo-Saxons to the various waves of immigration, from Irish (starting c.a. 1840) to Ashkenazim, (starting c.a. 1890), that ended with the immigration ban of 1929 ( These waves largely replaced the Anglo-Saxon population in the Northeast, and almost entirely replaced the Anglo-Saxon population in the major cities. That is how Boston became Irish, and how NYC became one of the largest Ashkenazi cities in the world, among many other ethnic changes. In much the same way that Anglo-Saxons (and everybody else) has been pushed out of California by recent immigrants, the Anglo-Saxons were pushed out of the US Northeast and out of Eastern and Midwestern major cities.
    The arrival of a new population rendered the American Constitution unworkable. Large cities were run by political “machines”, which were actually very tightly organized to provide essential services for immigrant groups that (like the Irish) had no recent experience in self government. Again, see: George W. Plunkitt, Plunkitt of Tammany Hall, free on, for the way these organizations saw themselves, or at least saw their aspirations. City politics, nationwide, rapidly lost any relation to the Enlightenment, and each city’s organization ran itself as revenue generating enterprises. Weber’s “Protestant Ethic” of government as small so as to leave people the time and freedom to aspire for a religious life was wholly lost in the city. Small towns were founded that did not speak English (German as a primary language with a newspaper in German lasted until WW I, 1914-1919).
    Progressives were an Anglo-Saxon / American attempt to cope with the above centrifugal forces. It arose during the Gilded Age, and the idea was that the same brand-new rational methods used to expand commercial activity (e.g. rational management, efficient use of resources, professional management, concentration of capital, discovery of new resources, application of new engineering, etc.) could be used to keep the USA from splitting.
    Progressives are responsible for direct election of the Senate (to eliminate inefficient State politics and centralize government), the doctrine of devolution (to let experts manage technical affairs), the Civil Service (to give control of government to experts), promotion by merit and IQ tests in government, the Federal Reserve, etc. They were great believers in the triumph of rationality.
    Turns out rationality wasn’t as all powerful as they thought. In particular, the Federal Reserve (and possibly Hoover’s attempts to make employers pay employees until their cash reserve was spent) was a bad idea.
    The Progressives were sure surprised when the Great Depression let FDR make all the above “reforms” highly political, eventually leading to our present situation.
    So, “of course” the Progressives wanted to introduce rational management by delegation to “organizations of experts” such as the ICC. Their one solution was to emulate what the successful commercial enterprises were doing. It was as predictable as sunrise.

    What agency was Clinton talking about?

    That would be CCIIO ( and, within the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), the National Prevention, Health Promotion and Public Health Council to help begin to develop a National Prevention and Health Promotion Strategy. The Surgeon General shall serve as the Chairperson of the new Council.

    And I don’t see why her statement is accurate. She didn’t say “so that you can find out what it might mandate”, she said, so that you can find out what is in it. Presumably that simply means reading the proposed legislation . . .

    If reading the legislation would help understand what it would do, then there would be no need for the National Prevention, Health Promotion and Public Health Council , which is to “help begin to develop” the overall strategy. There were some specifics in ACA, true enough, but not enough to form a coherent idea of what the act would do (and none about cost reduction). That is why the plan lingers on after roughly doubling insurance costs.

    And that’s your answer, long winded & wordy, but an answer. Here are some implications:

    This is the sort of thing meant by “Loss of control by the voter”. Please note that extensive devolution also means “Loss of control by the Government”. For several years now Agency and Department Heads have treated Congress with thinly veiled contempt. You didn’t think that Trump is attacked because he’s bad, I hope. He and his followers are being attacked because he and they are actually trying to get some control over government. In this the US now and the USSR after Khrushchev was deposed is the same — low level organizations (cities, corporations) have effective control, and their only interest is (thanks to survival bias) in themselves. The top levels of government are simply running in front of the parade, and the US system, as was that in the USSR, is being depleted to eventual non-viability.

    Trump could change all this by invoking the Insurrection Act (IA), but the deterioration has progressed so far that such a drastic step about all anybody could do. Doing that would be very risky for the person who did it, and would almost certainly cause great poverty, suffering, and death, although less than invoking the IA later, so it’s most likely that “the can is kicked down the road” as it has been since the 1960s. Trump and his followers, promised “great poverty, suffering, and death” in any event, might actually invoke the IA.

    Biden/Harris will have the same choice, although they might not realize it unless they lose effective control over much of the US. And so it goes.

    • Replies: @Majority of One
  281. Conspiracy theorists tend to think of themselves as smart, better informed people than most people, them being one step ahead from the rest of us. But from what I have seen recently, they are the dumbest, most gullible people on earth.

    North Carolina was the last swing state that was called. Surprisingly, there were no reports of fraud, no dead people voting, no missing ballots boxes, no “dumps”, no protests, no hearings. The voting machines apparently worked just fine.

    Only a dumb gullible person would believe that the fact that North Carolina was called for Trump has nothing to do with it and that Trump’s strategy, which he declared in advance and which is often employed by sulking toddlers and sore losers, was to call fraud on every swing state he lost.

    Only the dumbest most gullible person would believe that a president with an approval ratings of 42%, that all polls had indicated was about to lose (including Fox News poll), was actually about to win all swing states, and win the elections in a landslide, and therefore the elections were stolen from him.

    Only the dumbest most gullible person would send his money to the Trump Defense Fund, which can be used for anything the grifter in chief pleases, and only part of it was used to fund frivolous meritless lawsuits without a scintilla of evidence by the nincompoop Giuliani and his clown show for \$20k/day.

    Only the dumbest most gullible person believes that if someone says “I saw something”, that is a smoking gun and proof of fraud, and there’s no need for courts, cross examination or an opportunity for the defense to demonstrate that what that person saw (and assuming he is not lying) is a lot more mundane than the grand conspiracy he imagined.

    I could go on and on but I’ll leave it at that. Anybody who falls for Trump’s grift is the dumbest most gullible person, not the sophisticated, informed person that he thinks himself to be.

  282. GeeBee says:

    The sight of the hoi-polloi having views on higher matters

    ‘hoi’ – as anyone benefitting from a classical education has known since childhood – is the plural of the Greek singular definite article ‘hos’. Those who write ‘the hoi polloi’ are thus guilty of tautology (need I explain that what they are therefore saying is, when translated, ‘the the people’?) I congratulate you on your expedition into the arcanae of Wikipedia in search of support regarding Pope’s aphorism. Most impressive. I have found, however, that people of my sort usually adopt a rather superior dismissal of those who garble Pope’s couplet by transliterating ‘knowledge’ for ‘learning’. It’s an elitist thing, and perhaps I ought to be ashamed of it. Then again, perhaps not.

    At all events, ’tis pity that your character is of that all too common type that resorts to argumenta ad hominem whenever it encounters views contrary to its own. My attempts to cast light on the current predicament of most people are thus, according to your coarse and vulgar mode of expression, ‘horseshit’. In reply I can only commend that excellent product, noted as it is for assisting the growth of vital nourishment. Whether such nourishment is destined for the alimentary tract or the brain is, I would suggest, merely a matter of the practical versus the allegorical. I am thus inclined to take your demotic allusion as a compliment.

    I have watched you on here for some time, and have yet to find a contribution worthy of respect. As indeed have many others, if their divers summations of your oeuvre are anything to go by. I shall not stoop to your own dismal level, but would inform you that I am impressed by neither your style nor your substance. Let us, you and I, leave it at that.

    • Agree: Lurker
    • Replies: @obwandiyag
  283. Lee says:
    @Sick of Orcs

    Orc said:

    Let me answer your question with a question: do you think obozo wouldn’t have “illegally” sent the National Guard in if Americans were torching his brothers’ mosques?

    Don’t recall BO using the Fed to shutdown the rioting in Ferguson and Baltimore.

    That wasn’t BO style anyway.

    Ever the political opportunist—he would rather take advantage of a bad situation to ratchet up the countrys racial divide. Chaos suited his goals. Rahm Emanuel taught him well.

    • Agree: Supply and Demand
    • Replies: @Sick of Orcs
  284. @Mikael_

    So apparently we have arrived at an “agree to disagree” positioning as per spirituality vs religion. My perspective, as you appear to have recognized, is universalistic rather than particular. True,spiritual centered perspectives are more fluid–that’s an agreed upon given.

    I would heartily disagree that these broad-scaled, even cosmic articulations are a “grab-bag of thoughts”. For that we must deviate from the Newtonian, Cartesian, Marxist imposition which permeates official academic intellectualism and access a zone which those types abhor, a nexus where intuition, faith in this being a perhaps holographic projection of Creator, ever expansive and eternally questing and creating.

    The core human project as I perceive it is to become co-creators as individualized extensions of the ONE whom the Lakota people dare only to describe as “Wakan Tanka”, the Great Mystery. I groove with that. To me, manmade religious formulations are ultimately hubristic and evermore tend towards control of the individual by a priestcraftly elite. That elitism also extends to the atheists and the irreligious, who have dominated Western thought since the “Enlightenment”.

    One of my most profoundly postulated disagreements with BOTH religionists and rationalistic materialists centers my faith in our being individualized extensions of Creator’s own being. As Jesus pointed out, we must look WITHIN to connect with “the Father”—an essence he never appears to conflate with the hateful, bloodthirsty Hebrew tribal WarGod “YHWH” or Yahweh. This understanding is critical to understanding of the difference between those Jesusites who endeavored to follow what the Lakota called “The Red Road” or better understood to us as the spirit path, with those who are Trinitarian Christian believers.

    We are spirits, living a three-dimensional material lifetime. As extensions of Creator, we too are of eternal spirit.

    My biggest beef with the totally impositional Roman Christianity is the fact that Eusebius and the gang were evidently ordered by Constantine to remove all references to reincarnation from the “Holy Book” they edited, redacted, extrapolated and interpolated. This removal of an essential element of the spirit path was deemed essential to imposition of the mythos of Jesus dying on the cross to “save us from our sins” and that failure to BELIEVE this particular trope would land us in eternal Hellfire and Damnation. To that line I will ever say “BullShit”. It’s all about control over the people by that priestcraftly elite on behalf of the imperial agenda.

    According to ancient traditions to be found within the phantasmagoria of Hinduism, we currently reside in Kali Yuga, the Iron Age—an era in which the scum, rather than the cream of humanity rises to the top. I do believe, Mikael, that we can concur that this is not an inapt description of our current cultural condition.

    Materialistic rationalists have denounced Astrology as being “unscientific” or even anti-science. Yet, the 26,000 year cycle of the Precession of the Equinoxes tells me that the figure of Jesus (sign of the fish embraced by the original Jesusites) was the archetype for the Age of Pisces.

    It remains not inconceivable that we happen to be in the final stages of the Kali Yuga and may, should the Awakening continue to prosper, transition into a whole nother dimensional reality, a renaissance of the general human spirit where Real-I-Zations will actualize those brief multidimensional excursions some of us have taken through the use of entheogens.

    Nuclear Metaphysics: One is All and All is One. The Whole is equal to AND greater than the sum of its parts.

    • Replies: @Mikael_
    , @Emslander
  285. @Anonymous

    Though I find your penultimate conclusion to be but a partially formulated projection; your erudite understanding and interpretation of historical developments does appear to have achieved full velocity into the stratospheric reaches of meta-political understanding.

    Your contributions to this discourse are valuable and enlightening, overall. I look forward to future essays on this site where your analytics skills should be appreciated by virtually all of the more discerning readers and posters.

    • Agree: Erebus
  286. @Conspiracy Buster

    Only the dumbest and most gullible persons would cite opinion polls as having any possible degree of validity. It wouldn’t surprise me if you have several letters assembled as a tail swinging behind your surname.

  287. Willow says:

    The media didn’t cover the President’s most important speech is a crime. The Fairness Doctrine must be reinstated that mandates both sides of an issue are aired during news programming on any channel or publication. The public square needs to be restored and the People need to be informed . Social media monopolistic control must be broken up.

  288. @Conspiracy Buster

    You will soon become acquainted with the rigger Ruby Freeman and her lovely daughter. The very tip of this election fraud iceberg.

  289. nymom says:

    I believe small scale fraud has been going on in US election since the 60s. Small scale meaning on a state-by-state or county basis, as needed, to get various politically correct persons elected.

    It was pretty much ignored by many people and the media who consoled themselves with the idea that most Americans were either too dumb or too racist to vote correctly; so this was a needed corrective to get the proper people into office.

    It was for the greater good.

    Now, of course, we see the end result…

    • Agree: Emslander
  290. @Lee

    Don’t recall BO using the Fed to shutdown the rioting in Ferguson and Baltimore.

    Ferguson and Baltiless benefitted the gay muslim kenyan’s victimhood narrative. It’s never the orcs’ fault for committing crimes or rioting.

    My question concerned what do you think obozo would do if the rioters were mostly White and setting fire to mosques?

    Would he wait for a governor to ask for his help or would he mobilize the NatGuard and send them in, laws be damned?

    (Ironically, Orange Putter would likely ALSO send them in illegally just like obozo, since it was mohammedans under siege and not privileged Whites.)

  291. Erebus says:

    Following @Robert Snefjella’s and @eD’s leads, I thank you for 2 enlightening posts. Excellent. The light you’ve thrown on how the sausage works have come to this point is much appreciated.

  292. @Afterthought

    I vote for new sovereign homeland… Oops, my vote was just flipped to Biden Mandarin speaking global empire.

  293. Lee says:

    Orc said:

    My question concerned what do you think obozo would do if the rioters were mostly White and setting fire to mosques?

    Would he wait for a governor to ask for his help or would he mobilize the NatGuard and send them in, laws be damned?

    Same answer as before—BO would not have had the Fed intervene. Much easier to stay out of the fray and publicly blame the whole example that you cite on systemic US Islamophobia.That is what community organizers do—they never fix anything.

  294. Jiminy says:
    @Majority of One

    It sounds like you are suggesting a Stalin like purge to reset and put straight things that have been allowed to grow and fester, poisoning the nation since basically, the last Stalin purge of 36. It won’t be pretty to watch, but the question is who would begin the purge. How would it begin?
    A full enquiry though has to be made into the election processes of the US, if only to give it some form of legitimacy in the eyes of the voting public. If not then why bother with the expense of having them. Also, aren’t the voting machines used to allow for hasty election results?

    • Replies: @Majority of One
  295. @Jiminy

    “When machines count the votes, voters’ votes don’t count.” -Stickman- 2004

  296. John Hagan says: • Website

    I previously made a short video on Americs’s Joan of Arc starring Sidney Powell and Michael Flynn also in the cast Barrak Obama, Joe Biden, Donald Trump, Kamila Harris, , Benjamin Netanyahu, Burnie Sanders , Christopher Steele, Richard Dearlove and Stefan Halper.

    The internet has also amplified and changed communication. To tell the truth might create an epistemological problems of such magnitude as to load the logical and semantic resources of the English language with a burden that it is not reasonably expected to bear.
    The western devolution of the democratic dogma. That the US can throw up two ignorant, half educated bumbling liars to run for the highest office in the land only confirms the devolution of that society. Watch the shout video for the ‘shock’ ending.

    • Replies: @Skeptikal
  297. Mikael_ says:
    @Majority of One

    To set the record correct

    [Mikael_ wrote:]
    spirituality […] can become a grab bag of thoughts

    And you didn’t touch at all on my Christian key point ‘[Large-scale] Perfection is not possible in this [earthly] world’,
    but at the same time happily posit

    manmade religious formulations are ultimately hubristic
    […] elitism

    without addressing the contradiction [to that key point.]
    (BTW Do you actually agree with me that all religious formulations are manmade?)

    I assume I am more on the extreme end of that thought spectrum, but I have come to find not just Humanism (or whatever you want to call ‘human rights’ and ‘scientism’ of today’s technocratic society), but also underlying Enlightenment to be aberrations of truthful philosophy/theology. But that’s a topic for an entirely separate thread.

    I once watched an Orthodox Christian Archpriest state “…to accept the idea that God can be anything but power. Christianity presents a paradoxical view of God as weakness. God is frailty.”
    An absolutely mind-blowing viewpoint to me, at the time. Compare to other religions.

    Jesus didn’t save us from our sins. He only stated categorically that there is a way out from our sins (and those of our forefathers), by that if we truly work for our betterment our old sins will be forgiven. Meaning there is reason for hope, as we are not stuck in the dead end of Gnostic thought, among other things.

    Flogging the dead horse Eusebius (or any other ‘showcase villain’) doesn’t change the fact that the ‘ossified’ Bible would never have been perfect, no matter what.

    You wrote in the beginning “My perspective […] is universalistic”;
    I had stated “spirituality puts less emphasis on having an as-singular-and-simple-as-possible foundation [than religion]” and I have now highlighted in bold the distinguisher, for me.
    I have so far not identified any major flaws in the foundational ideas of Christianity, as applied to this earthly world.
    Haggling over our understanding of the afterworld, where large-scale perfection is possible again (and spirits can live eternally), is a relatively pointless exercise to me – as it has no influence on my thought process on how to act in the earthly world.

  298. Emslander says:
    @Conspiracy Buster

    Those are certainly the alternative arguments. I’ll only answer one, which is the idea that a president with a 42 percent approval rating can’t win.

    1. He can win if he faces an opponent whose reputation and “approval” rating is literally in the basement. People always vote for a person for president, not an idea.

    2. The approval rating is always interpreted as being a reflection of progressive accomplishments, not conservative approval. People who want authoritative leaders would have lots of problems with Trump, but would vote for him in view of the alternative.

    • Replies: @Skeptikal
  299. Emslander says:
    @Majority of One

    My biggest beef with the totally impositional Roman Christianity is the fact that Eusebius and the gang were evidently ordered by Constantine to remove all references to reincarnation from the “Holy Book” they edited, redacted, extrapolated and interpolated.

    Can you give your authority for that statement?

    I got back to Roman Catholic devotion through a somewhat similar approach to yours until somebody told me that, if I truly believe we’re only spiritual beings caught up in our own or someone else’s illusions of reality, go stand in front of a speeding bus one day.

    • Replies: @Majority of One
  300. @Authenticjazzman

    No response from you yet on what you mean by ‘Mensa qualified’, what qualifications Mensa offers (I am not aware of any), and which national Mensa you are a member of, if any.

    “Airborne trained US army vet” could mean anything from service in an actual airborne infantry unit, down to somebody in the Army who spent anything from a day to a few weeks learning to parachute.

    I normally wouldn’t care, but since you make a point of it in every other post and you’re so strident and rude to other commenters, my interested is piqued. I suspect you’re a delusional fantasist. The reference to “pro Jazz artist” indicates you’re either a white boomer or black.

  301. @Emslander

    All forms of assumed “authority” arouse my suspicions. Curious about your return to “Roman Catholic devotion”. Your acronym, “Emslander” suggests Nord-Sachsen, rather close to Emden. In that part of Germany Roman Catholics are about as commonly encountered as bicuspids on a Rhode Island Red. Perhaps your matrilineal line is from Bayern or Der Schwartzwald?

  302. @GeeBee

    I didn’t say “hoi” you fucking idiot. To whom are you responding?

    • Replies: @GeeBee
  303. All voting in a presidential election must be done in person and all ballots must be hand counted by humans and all such counting must be recorded on video.

    • Agree: Skeptikal
  304. Everyone has seen those many youtube videos of biden molesting little girls. And yet we are told pedo-joe got 80 million votes!!!

  305. “””“My intent,” Powell assets, “has always been to expose all the fraud I could find and let the chips fall where they may—whether it be upon Republicans or Democrats.”””””

    Hey sidney. Forget that bipartisan crap. Republicans don’t cheat because they can’t. The corporate media watches them like a hawk. But they turn a blind eye to dem cheating.

  306. GeeBee says:

    The sight of the hoi-polloi having views on higher matters wasn’t welcomed by those who had been classically schooled – hence ‘a little learning is a dangerous thing’.

    You really are a sad case old chap – you can’t even recall the shallow substance of your incoherent ramblings and their obligatory barbed vulgarities. And neither can you disguise your coarse roots nor curb your despicable tendencies to insult. You are the epitome of the vulgar little tick. But then, your sort can be relied upon to provide endless scope for sport. You have your uses, as did Ganymede to Zeus.

    • Replies: @obwandiyag
  307. DaveE says:

    Communism/socialism, etc., have always been intended to be perceived as altruistically inspired, when they have really always just been a cover for despotism, NWO, et al.

    Jewish despotism, to be more precise. The Jews who inflicted Bolshevik ideology that destroyed Christian Russia, after murdering the Czar and his family, in a basement, after he had already ABDICATED (a purely Jewish – revenge murder) plunged Russia into a Jew-dominated totalitarian hell, from which it took nearly a century to start recovering from.

    It’s really pretty damn simple, once you get past all the cowardly academic blowhards who try to obfuscate the obvious.

    Communism – Government in control of every aspect of your life, with Jews in control of every aspect of the government.

    • Agree: GeneralRipper
    • Replies: @Miville
  308. Art says:

    Fox is ignoring the Powel and Wood voter fraud court cases. Watched Fox’s Gutfeld Saturday show on Youtube. Powel and Wood were never mentioned. Rudy’s voter fraud suites were, but not the politically incorrect Powel cases.

    This is a grave political crime. The truth is being ignored just like with the Hunter emails. The Jew media cabal has leaped into total dishonesty. Big consequential events are being totally ignored. America is flying blind.

    p.s. Gutfeld and all those people at Fox know that they are being untrue with their viewers – SHAME!

    • Replies: @Katrinka
  309. chinoche says:

    Powell makes a case for the elimination of computerize voting. She still needs to make a case that there was specific fraudulent action that turned the election in the favor of Biden

  310. @GeneralRipper

    Sorry you couldn’t make your point. So you’re proud of other men’s accomplishments. What’s that word you right-wing dolts love to throw around? Starts with a “C”, rhymes with “buck”?

    • Replies: @GeneralRipper
  311. @Ron T

    Projection shines through in each paragraph of your silly post. You’re flailing away at conspiracy theories as though you don’t know that the absurd tale of Biden’s victory is a debunked and false conspiracy theory.

    Admit it: you know.

  312. @Rufus Clyde

    Pretty funny how that very excellent video, which was not even a reply to you, or “obvious” or “gay troll” or “Corvinus” elicits such vehement responses.

    Like a vampire being shown a crucifix…lol

    So you’re proud of other men’s accomplishments.

    Yeah, I am. In addition to my own accomplishments, I’m proud of the courage and sacrifice of my ancestors and I honor them for it. I use it as inspiration in my own life, and post them to hopefully inspire the same courage in my fellow Americans.

    You’re a Canadian ( which is ok, I suppose ) as well as Leftist indoctrinated filth ( which certainly is not )

    So I doubt you get it.

    It’s quite clear you don’t understand the meaning of the word “cuck”

  313. Katrinka says:

    I don’t care what this affirmative action sheboon has to say. Why didn’t she do anything about the problem before it got to this point? I guess she got her five minutes of fame.

  314. Katrinka says:

    Turn off the Tee Vee for cryin’ out loud!

  315. Anonymous[290] • Disclaimer says:

    To inject a note of external reality here, see:

    0.27 billion people (out of an estimated 7.8 billion as of 2020-12-06) “might” starve just from COVID-19 economic dislocations. Considerably more ( >3 x 0.27 billion minimum at a wild guess) would starve if the US becomes more disorganized, as now seems inescapable. If regional warfare were to be waged, the multiplier would increase from 3 to 4 or perhaps 5, and more yet if nuclear weapons were used (say, India vs. Pakistan for a start) and worldwide trade proves impossible to restore.

    We are looking at a very serious situation, more serious than hardship only in the US but nowhere else.

    Back around 2008 the US War College held an exercise that assumed failure of the Himalayan Plateau glaciers / snow pack from “global warming”, and consequent failures of the rivers that supply China and India. The exercise was to provide adequate humanitarian aid to the affected area.
    think about that. The US was supposed to provide the necessities of life to ( what, about 3/4 the world’s population that could no longer farm?).
    If the US War College situation were real, the US would be utterly helpless, unable to do anything significant, and would be very lucky if it were not destroyed in wars over scraps during the Asian die-off. There are just some failures too big to fix. Even trying to stop them would be like sending all the social workers out to catch a dinosaur killer size asteroid as it hit so as to keep it from doing any damage.

    Secondary effects from the 2020 Federal election could be much greater than who wins in the US, unless the win preserves world trade. In fact, if the 0.27 billion deaths estimate is anywhere near real [1] then the effect of just COVID-19 and inept government would be greater outside the US than inside. 0.27 billion dead is, to one figure, 0.3 billion dead — about the population of all today’s US.

    1] Look at how a decreased supply and increased demand from China raised grain prices and caused the Arab Spring: The world isn’t rich, it’s poor, and it doesn’t take much to cause famines.

  316. Anon[477] • Disclaimer says:

    So the CIA is in bed with Spain? No wonder references to Spain are all over the media; in tv shows, news broadcasts, print, business, arts, health care[ Minnesota has a pipe line with them too ,I noticed from watching PBS. So does NYC and the education system. Always in an empathic light .[ When a Spanish citizen tried to commit a terrorist act on a train , the media said he was French]. I used to think it was part of la Raza’s campaign of making the US a Latino country; Latino supremacism on the march. Now I see it’s more then that; Spain is now a satelite country of the US. Even the right wing will not attribute Spain to the Dominion meddling ; mentions it in passing but fixates on Canada and or Germany; protecting Spain from negative publicity.

  317. @GeeBee

    That’s from the source I quoted, idiot.

    And anyhow, “the hoi polloi” is standard English.

    And I love your pathetic attempts at writing “fine prose.” Really. You think that dumbass thesaurus shit reveals your cultivation. It reveals you sad lack of self-awareness.

    Look up what diction errors are. You wouldn’t know diction and usage from your asshole.

    • LOL: Featherless
  318. Skeptikal says:
    @John Hagan

    Thanks for your entertaining videos!

  319. Skeptikal says:

    I have never “approved” of DJT but voted for him anyhow because I hated the alternative even more!

    That is called race to the bottom and that is what we have in the USA today.

  320. @Ron T

    Ron T, you are in error on virtually every point made. A quick check will show that anomalies are found in many other states like MN, VA, NY, and CA. Knowing how difficult it is to prove election fraud, the democrats used many methods in their strategy. In California the most common method is illegal voters, i.e. illegal immigrants. This year CA, and other states also used Antifa and other groups to cast illegal votes and vote in multiple locations. They also took advantage how difficult it is to make a case in a court and in a very short time. Courts are retincient to declare an election as fraudulent or void, so democrats took advantage of this as a tactic in the theft. Looking at the data. Trump won over 80% of US counties. The democrats studied data from 2016 and calculated that if Illinois, CA, MN, and NY could do their normal job of election fraud, then they could concentrate their efforts on just 5 or 6 states, and specifically just 1 or 2 counties in each of those states. What they didn’t expect was the massive turnout in those states’ other counties for Trump. Most of those other counties went for Trump at over 65%-70% with a massive 65 to 70% voter turnout. But they had a contingency plan. When they realized the turnout was massive for Trump late in the night, they shutdown the counting, supposedly. Then they called in orders for fresh Biden ballots. Ballots went out from multiple locations to everyone that needed them. They used the fake Ballots to get them up over the line, and then every vote that was counted after that was calculated by a simple fractional count, as an example, 50.3% for Biden 49.7% for Trump. To get that percentage they but an algorithm in place that gave 1.2 votes for Biden for every Biden vote and 0.7 votes for every Trump vote. Every now and then they had to make adjustments in the totals because Trump had such massive votes coming in he was still catching up even with the algorithm handicap. But because their theft had to be bold they couldn’t help but leave statistical evidence and obvious trails. Their big hope was that given the media was in their pocket, they could bully Trump into conceding before any evidence was forthcoming. They knew they could get some weak Republicans to fold, and use some foreign dignitaries to acknowledge Biden, that would put pressure on Trump too. But Trump didn’t concede and went into attack mode. Many experts came out to help him. Then regular people started testifying what they saw on election night. Now we have to see if the links in the chain that are left, state legislators and or judges will have the courage and strong virtuous character to make the righteous decisions necessary to end this corruption now. This will be the test because the democrats had these weak links in the chain as part of their strategy to win. I hope they were wrong and these are not weak links.

    • Agree: Skeptikal
  321. Wazup says:
    @Hartmut Pilch

    Is that your attemp at wordplay for ‘coservative’? If u want it to stick think about something catchy, like ‘demonrats’, which has gained wide popularity in no small part from their inability to take principled positions against egalitarian bigotry (e.g. all lives matter, especially helpless babies just trying to be born).
    Four years of screaming Russian interference must’ve slipped past your bias but it does appear to have been a straw man to avoid any honest debate on the true meaning of ‘values’.

  322. Skeptikal says:
    @Michael Victor Gaseti

    This all sounds very logical to me.

    Fairly easy to plan for those whose metier this kind of planning is.

  323. @Michael Victor Gaseti

    Thank you for that! Not only does all this sound logical (to agree with Skeptikal) and plausible (my addition), but it is both logical and plausible that this has been going on for longer than we think. Which would explain head-scratching results like the statewide races in Michigan (2018), Virginia (just about every cycle recently), hell even in Kansas (governor’s race in 2018), California, and probably too many congressional and US Senate races to count.

    And while we are on the subject of theft and deception, and recognizing that there are many lies in this Age of the Big Lie, one of the most prominent lie is surely this: “The country is divided 50/50 right down the middle. ”

    I say bullshit to that.

    A bigger question is: On what important issue are we NOT being gaslighted?

  324. @Michael Victor Gaseti

    Twice, I attempted to add “Thanks” for your analysis. You have selected some key aspects of the overall complexity.

    As a Minnesotan sporting an “F” Red Letter (akin to Hester Prym’s “Scarlet Letter” of literary note, I was nevertheless sent–at my recently temporary address—a voter ballot package by the office of the Minnesota Secretary of State, a member of the Democrat Former Labor Party,of course.

    The envelope is still in my custody and remains unopened. If that office was aware that I was at this current temporary address (without being informed of that status by myself or anyone in this household) they should also have been cognizant of that scarlet letter prohibiting me from voting.

    In my estimation this is prima facie evidence of–at least–bad administrative lack of due-diligence and more likely of yet another form of “ballot harvesting” from the ineligible as part of an overall, highly centralized organized plan to actualize Biden’s statement regarding his campaign sporting a thoroughgoing fraud. I am one of many thousands who have listened to that video tape.

  325. Miville says:
    @gay troll

    Only personal private enemies within the confines of the nation or of the faith. Jesus never put into question the necessity to fight the enemies of Israel, the public enemies, and even to warn against any humanistic impulse to treat them as equal, which injunction was to pass from the nation of Israel to the church of Rome as soon as the schism between Judaism and Christianity was consummated. Early Christianity started right away with a permanent call to persecute Jews and heretics and to use the Roman state’s secular arm even when they were themselves persecuted.

  326. Miville says:

    No, it is a well-established fact, a fact that everyone has been able to check from live footage and through the intermediary of no hearsay, that Trump never never stops bullshitting in the very same snake oil huckster’s way he explicitly praises in the Art of the Deal. Trump’s only negotiation technique is the art of burying his client under a mass a counter truths so big that nobody would have just the time to contradict a single one without being buried under three or four more counter-truths, the aim of which being not convincing you of a particular lie but to make you give up any factual argumentation. Of course the Liberal press lies, but they respect the client’s demand for lies depending on his degree of addiction to lie. Trump combats facts not even because such or such fact might go against his interests but because his interest is to go against all facts. One of the biggest of Trump lies is his vow to make America great again : his mission has been to terminate it as a world power.

  327. Miville says:

    Most Russian proles of Petrograd just regretted that the Czar’s execution had not been public and preceded by elaborate torture. The majority wanted to see him with his skull broken open by a hammer and his head severed with a sickle, as was the real meaning of the early Soviet emblem. Lenin was opposed to such a gory spectacle that might inflame world opinion and give out Soviet Russia as the criminal entity it really was, and asked for the death penalty he had incurred to be quick and anonymous, motivated by technical necessity alone : they were killed as it had become clear that the White Army was encircling Iekaterinenburg in great part thanks to their efforts and the street battles were raging. The Czar had already been condemned to death in abstentia (he would not stoop to be even represented by a lawyer at a popular trial) three times, first for his 1905 Red Sunday massacre which had been proved to be organized by design with false flag Pope Gapone, then for his implying Russia into WWI in perfect knowledge it would be lost, then for his call upon Kornilov to have his power restored DESPITE the fact he had abdicated : he had proved that he had no honour and that his word had no value. He did deserve the death penalty, though this penalty was meted out by a very wrong political party. The German-born Empress was a sworn enemy of the Russian people and made no mystery about it.

  328. Miville says:
    @Majority of One

    This is giving Trump a divine mission. But given the way he made his fortunes that is absolutely impossible : even though he did not go through the Masonic curriculum he was imposed directly by Israel onto America. Anyway the main grand way they want to deploy to diminish world population is by making gay sex the only acceptable one and exterminating only the peoples who don’t mostly among the Muslims and the Blacks.

  329. mcohen says:

    4 years and 4 days
    no matter what the man says
    he may not want to concede
    but it is a done deed.

    from the ballad “Trumpy gone bah” by mcohen

  330. FedUp says:

    The real con is the entire election. They were both anti-Aryan puppets. The entire system is the enemy, not Biden. This article is sooooo gay.

    “Sidney Powell is above reproach, a strong empowered woman fighting against undead dragons breathing flesh eating acid so as to do justice by ensuring Gwowious Wleeeeeeeeeedurr Zio Don Trump may stay in office making promises he will not keep (well, promises that would benefit someone other than Jews & other hostile aliens pillaging inside our castle’s walls) and making his Platinum Plan to give blacks half a trillion in gibs relax its 4d chess, its courage to grant unconditional support to someone who repeatedly screws you so long as his words sound nice! Sidney Powell the strong empowered woman (not “grifter”) is a paragon of hope & virtue let us hold our heads down & close our eyes as our minds fry praying to rabbi yeshua king of the Jews and to his father Jewhova the Jewish volcano demon heeear e heeeeeear e, aye, lets endlessly masturbate so we get the orange con man to stay puppet minion of the Jews so the other puppet minion of the Jews doesnt dangle by the strings! Zio Don was cheated! Only a ‘madman’ or a ‘traitor’ wouldnt support Zio Don who was sooo close to Jeffrey Epstein. Zio Don did soooo much for Aryans. So what he denounced ‘white nationalists’ and had his justice department name them public enemy #1 as he bombed Syria for Israel’s behalf!? You’re just too sensitive & you lack enough faith, you just gotta trust the clearly stated plan harder. Surely Zio Don will build the border wall and reduce invasion of goblins! Srsly close your eyes & pray to god who is aka Rabbi Yeshua! These are the words of an American patriot. Zio Don was cheated! The platinum plan gave me a hard on and you’re just scared of my power if you don’t agree. A song: And i’m proud to be an Amer-i-can, where at least i know Sidney Powell won’t throw in the towel to ensure we have Zio Don as puppet in chief, Biden is a thief, & the thought of not having Zio Don console me with more empty promises as he only serves Jews gives me great grief! And i proudly stand up, to be conned, by dear Zio Don, mentored by the Jew Roy Cohn, God bless the JewSA! MIGA forever! When exploited & abused repeatedly, a real man just takes it harder to prove his endurance, sissies!”

    • Replies: @Tony Hall
  331. Tony Hall says:

    Who are you quoting FedUp? Yourself?

    • Replies: @Emslander
  332. Mike-SMO says:

    Loved the Kraken meme. Larger than a Brown Recluse which can make your hinder parts fall off. Big monsters make big, obvious targets. I’m guessing that they will not feel Sidney’s bite until they are in Intensive Care. I rather liked the town of Deir ez Zor, Syria. There was nothing, then the ground became very fertile, then there was nothing. You don’t see the bad ones coming. “The Kraken” and “The Donald” strike at very different levels. Remember Ambassador Nikki, “We are always watching…… You won’t see us coming……. There is no power on earth that can save you….” The “explosive” automobile accident in Georgia suggests that they are already digging deep into their tool bag to keep the pieces together. I don’t know the next moves, but I rather like the style of play.

  333. Emslander says:
    @Tony Hall

    The Texas action just filed in the United States Supreme Court may the big one. Read this report by Kris Kobacht:


    On Monday, just before midnight, the State of Texas filed a lawsuit that is far more important than all of the others surrounding the presidential election of November 3rd.

    Texas brought a suit against four states that did something they cannot do: they violated the U.S. Constitution in their conduct of the presidential election. And this violation occurred regardless of the amount of election fraud that may have resulted. The four defendant states are Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

    Texas filed the suit directly in the Supreme Court. Article III of the Constitution lists a small number of categories of cases in which the Supreme Court has “original jurisdiction.” One of those categories concerns “Controversies between two or more states.” Texas’s suit is exactly that. The Supreme Court has opined in the past that it may decline to accept such cases, at its discretion. But it is incumbent upon the high court to take this case, especially when it presents a such a cut-and-dried question of constitutional law, and when it could indirectly decide who is sworn in as President on January 20, 2021.

    The Texas suit is clear, and it presents a compelling case. The four offending states each violated the U.S. Constitution in two ways.

    First, they violated the Electors Clause of Article II of the Constitution when executive or judicial officials in the states changed the rules of the election without going through the state legislatures. The Electors Clause requires that each State “shall appoint” its presidential electors “in such Manner as the Legislature thereof may direct.”

    In the early years of the Republic, most state legislatures appointed their presidential electors directly, without holding a popular election for President. That would change during the early decades of the nineteenth century. But the constitutional principle remained the same. Regardless of whether a state appoints its electors by a vote in the legislature or by a vote of the people, it is the state legislature — and only the state legislature — that sets the rules.

    Thus, when the Pennsylvania Supreme Court extended by three days the deadline for receiving mail-in ballots, contrary to the law passed by the state legislature, the state court changed the rules in violation of the Electors Clause. Similarly, when Georgia’s Secretary of State responded to a lawsuit by entering into a Compromise Settlement Agreement and Release (i.e. a consent decree) with the Democratic Party of Georgia, and modified the signature verification requirements spelled out by Georgia law, that changing of the rules violated the Electors Clause.

    The second constitutional violation occurred when individual counties in each of the four states changed the way that they would receive, evaluate, or treat the ballots. Twenty years ago, in the landmark case of Bush v. Gore, the Supreme Court held that it violated the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment when one Florida county treated ballots one way, and another Florida county treated ballots a different way. Voters had the constitutional right to have their ballots treated equally from county to county.

    So when election officials in Wayne County, Michigan, ignored the requirements of Michigan law and denied poll watchers access to vote counting, while other counties in Michigan followed the law, that violated the Equal Protection Clause. Similarly, in Wisconsin, when the Administrator of the City of Milwaukee Elections Commission ignored the requirements of Wisconsin law and directed election workers to write in the addresses of witnesses on the envelopes containing mail-in ballots, while ballots without witness addresses were deemed invalid elsewhere, that resulted in the unequal treatment of ballots in the state.

    Importantly, the Texas lawsuit presents a pure question of law. It is not dependent upon disputed facts. Although these unconstitutional changes to the election rules could have facilitated voter fraud, the State of Texas doesn’t need to prove a single case of fraud to win. It is enough that the four states violated the Constitution.

    The lawsuit asks the Supreme Court to remand the appointment of electors in the four states back to the state legislatures. As the Supreme Court said in 1892 in the case of McPherson v. Blacker, “Whatever provisions may be made by statute, or by the state constitution, to choose electors by the people, there is no doubt of the right of the legislature to resume the power at any time…”.

    If Texas prevails, the four state legislatures could follow any number of courses in appointing their presidential electors. They could assess the election results and try to exclude those ballots that were counted in violation of state law in order to determine a winner, or they could divide their Electoral College votes between the two candidates, or they could follow a different path. But they have to follow the Constitution in whatever they do.

    In the rest of country, the states followed the constitutional rules in appointing presidential electors. The offending states cannot be allowed to violate those same rules. It’s not just a matter of constitutional law. It’s a matter of basic fairness.

  334. Skeptikal says:


    This was the basic substance of my (Candide-like) query on the Brett Redmayne-Titley thread.

    IOW, don’t these types of changes give some voters in some states an unfair advantage over those in states that follow the law? And by extension the states themselves?

    Seems like Texas is saying, Yep, they sure do.

  335. Skeptikal says:

    Trying to find this online but so far with no success.

    Do you have a link for Kobach’s comments, or for the Texas filing itself?

  336. Emslander says:

    Very curious.

    It was the lead article on Breitbart at about 8:45 CT this morning. Now it has been taken down without a trace.

    I’d apologize except I don’t think it was my bad.

    • Replies: @Skeptikal
  337. Tony Hall says:

    Big news. Thanks Emslander. The Chris Kobach story is being picked up now and extended all over at, for instance,

    Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton announced early on Tuesday morning that the state of Texas has filed a lawsuit against four states—Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin—at the United States Supreme Court for allegedly exploiting “the COVID-19 pandemic to justify ignoring federal and state election laws and unlawfully enacting last-minute changes, thus skewing the results of the 2020 General Election.”

    To me a very big part of the news is that state officials exploited the COVID-19 plandemic to include the plan of election rigging. The same media agencies pushing plandemic fear porn are the same media agencies trying to block the dissemination of the news of election fraud.

  338. “Dominion used Chinese parts, and there’s reason to believe that China, Venezuela, Cuba interfered in the election.”

    If they can’t identify the Deep State, better say nothing.
    This particular part hugely damage the entire bstory.

  339. Skeptikal says:

    Probably not your bad!

    I used the search terms “Kris Kobach Texas” and got nothing.

    Certainly no Breitbart hits.

    Not that it matters, but just saying what I searched for.

    This looks to me like very big news.
    To me it seemed obvious that changing voting deadlines and the whole mail-in fiasco in effect gave those states an advantage over other states.

    It seems to me that if SCOTUS doesn’t put a stop to this right now, we’ll be looking at a race to the bottom with the next election cycle as states try to tweak their practices to gain advantages. Furthermore a secondary result would be an incentive to exaggerate the plandemic or any other circumstance that could be used as a pretext for twiddling with voting practices and deadlines.

    I am not a legal expert.

    • Replies: @Emslander
  340. @Tony Hall

    Should the S.Ct. even begin to pretend to slip-slide out of this one, it will result in a landmark case between state and federal sovereignties, according to the Dual sovereignties doctrine which in a split 7-2 decision, the S.Ct. itself upheld just this past summer, a decision I rued at the time, but which now hoists them on their own petard. That would amount to a constitutional crisis of the first water, as other state attorneys general would be likely to file Amicus Curae briefs conjointly with the Texas position.

    Thus, it appears to be virtually impossible for the S.Ct. to not find on behalf of the suit by the state of Texas; thereby effectually overturning the corrupted election process in favor of our sitting president. This precedent would be massively effectual in President Trump holding a fistful of Aces in his long-stated intention of draining the Swamp.

    The old rebel slogan of “The South Shall Rise Again” may have taken on a whole new shade of meaning, as Texas has stood firm for Constitutional rule once more regaining some measure of viability. Time will tell, of course, but a re-energized Trump Administration would likely dump Pomposity as well as Barr and then go after the Deep State 3-letter agencies, beginning with the FBI, DOJ and the CIA. That done, he could go so far as to do an Obama on the brass- noses in the Pentagon who are connected via Platinum-Parachute navel-cords to the WarDefense industry; another apparent target of Our President.

    All in all, chances look good for patriotic Americans being able to breathe once again. While he is at it Trump should do all he can to remove the Patriot Suppression Act from the books.

    • Replies: @John Fisher
  341. Emslander says:

    It seems to me that if SCOTUS doesn’t put a stop to this right now, we’ll be looking at a race to the bottom with the next election cycle as states try to tweak their practices to gain advantages. Furthermore a secondary result would be an incentive to exaggerate the plandemic or any other circumstance that could be used as a pretext for twiddling with voting practices and deadlines.

    You say you’re not a legal expert. Well, I’m a retired lawyer who went to a pretty good law school. I’ve had extensive experience in constitutional law and litigation and where we are now is uncharted waters. Don’t let anyone make you think they know anything definitive.

    In view of past reluctance by SCOTUS to get involved in electoral matters, my feeling is that there’s an 80% chance that all this litigation will die in state and lower federal courts.

    I like the Texas approach, though. This will get their attention.

    • Replies: @gsjackson
    , @Justvisiting
  342. @Majority of One

    I’ve been reminding people for a month that Trump made the (at the time) puzzling comment right after Ruth Bader Ginsburg died: “I think this [the upcoming election] will end up in the Supreme Court,” Trump told reporters. “And I think it’s very important that we have nine justices.”

    I wonder why Texas waited so long.

  343. Skeptikal says:
    @John Fisher

    “I wonder why Texas waited so long. ”

    Good question!

    Let’s hope there is a good answer.

  344. @Skeptikal

    Looks like the SC is going to hear the case:

    Update (1515ET): Just twelve hours after it was filed, the US Supreme Court has officially put Texas’s lawsuit against Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin on the docket, meaning the case will be heard.

    That didn’t take long. LOL

  345. Emslander says:

    If the SCOTUS does anything, it will probably bundle a group of cases that are ripe for them to review, giving them the opportunity to dispose of all issues of law.

    It doesn’t look to me like today is any kind of drop-dead date. It seems to be an arbitrarily enacted deadline to give Congress ample warning of disputes. A court that is providing a constitutional remedy could ignore it, if necessary. Hell, I’m not sure December 14, the date the electors vote, is quite so absolute.

    • Replies: @John Fisher
  346. @Emslander

    Agreed. But don’t you think taking a case like this ahead of the deadline (even if just ahead) is better than waiting until after the deadline passes?

    Perhaps this was always the planned recourse, even the timing, and the vile media cannot bleat in unison (but the deadline has passed so it is moot…blah, blah, blah).

    To me, Trump has appeared almost too comfortable throughout this process. And his statement back in September almost immediately after RBG died, was telling (IMO).

  347. gsjackson says:

    If I’m not mistaken, all three of Trump’s appointees got themselves involved in the electoral matter of 2000, to the detriment of the Democrat Party candidate — perhaps one of the reasons they were selected by Trump. I think Justice Thomas would like nothing better than to get involved in blocking the path to the presidency of the man he was addressing when he said he had undergone “a high-tech lynching.” And I’ve got a feeling Justice Alito might not mind getting involved either.

    But you’re certainly correct that this is all uncharted waters, and may even end up in military tribunals. Any predictions of what will happen are likely only speculation.

    • Replies: @Emslander
  348. Emslander says:

    This action by Texas, regardless of the sneering dismissal all journalists (empty headed is given) are assigning it, has the beauty of drawing in all other issues. They’ve given it a docket number, which doesn’t mean too much, and, as you say, it came in today.

    From this point, four justices could make it a full-blown challenge. I’d sure like to see Ted Cruz come in as co-counsel.

  349. @Skeptikal

    My guess is that by Texas waiting, SCOTUS was able to have as much information as possible. IANAL but I think there are two sides to their decision – if Texas prevails. The strict constitutional issue of equal protection has been used before and will be used here, but also the only remedy is the one specified by the Consitution – that state legislatures decide who will be their electors. The other issue is that with fraud of this magnitude, SCOTUS has to decide whether to remain a co-equal branch of government or to become subsidiary to the DNC.

    • Thanks: John Fisher
  350. Emslander says:


    Your analysis of the dispositions of those five justices is precisely what came to my mind after I’d posted.

    1. Alito has been personally offended for years by the high-handed approach the Obama Democrats have taken against the dignity of the Court.

    2. Thomas could finally achieve the justice of which he was deprived when Biden chaired the “lynch” committee.

    3. Kavanaugh has got to be ready for any kind of rebuke of those sleazy Democrat tactics used at his confirmation hearing.

    4. Gorsuch has two generations of payback to consider. His mother was driven out of Washington most unceremoniously.

    5. Amy Barrett owes her career to Donald Trump.

    Not that any of them would give any consideration to those petty matters. (LOL)

  351. @Emslander

    I like the Texas approach (regardless of which way the Supreme Court rules) because it puts a stick in the ground that could later be used to justify secession.

    “You violated your own Constitution–frack you.”

    • Agree: Rurik
  352. Rurik says:
    @Tony Hall

    The same media agencies pushing plandemic fear porn are the same media agencies trying to block the dissemination of the news of election fraud.

    it’s the same media that has been lying to us for a hundred years, and even before.

    When the Zionists went to England with their big scheme; to betray Germany and drag the U.S. into the war on England’s behalf, the devil’s deal with Balfour was only worth making if the Jews/Zionists had sufficient control over America’s media (newspapers mostly) at the time, or at least enough so that dragging the American people, (who had voted for Wilson specifically to keep America out of the war), could be dragged into the war against their will and best interests.

    Since that time, (Leo Frank, holocaust, 9/11, and so on…) few have done such an exhaustive job of exposing so many the lies of our American Pravda than Ron Unz.

    In any case, if they’re talking, they’re lying. And have been for generations.

    The most egregious, IMHO- is 9/11, and the subsequent contrived wars.

    What they want is for this new century- which holds out so much hope with all the technological marvels and so forth… to be plunged into the kind of horrors that were unleashed in the last century. ‘Such a deal!’

    They want medical science used to destroy health.

    They demand the Internet be censured and this unprecedented new tool of information and knowledge, used to spread fear and lies and hate, rather than truth and knowledge and beauty.

    They want this century to be even more nihilistic and blood-spattered and hellish than anything a normal person can even comprehend in their worst nightmares.

    And yes, anyways, this is always what they always want and demand, and tragically, they have the counterfeiting press (the Fed) to corrupt entire governments, to get their way. But my point is, (as I’m sure you and most readers here already know), is that they’ve been lying for ignoble and injurious reasons since before even my father was born.

    Their current lies about Covid and the election and Climate change and just about everything you can possibly imagine, is simply par for the course.

    John 8:44

    “Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.”

    Sometimes, even the Bible gets it right.

    • Thanks: John Fisher, Emslander
    • Replies: @Emslander
  353. Hegar says:

    My understanding is that Chavez was very popular with the poor and very much resented by the rich.

    One of Chavez’s mentors was Fidel Castro. While the Cuban Revolution was founded in guerrilla warfare and a military takeover of power, the governments of Chavez and then of Nicolas Maduro in Venezuela have depended, and continue to depend, on the outcomes of elections. Were these elections done honestly or were the Venezuelan elections as corrupt and dishonest as the current US election?

    Stop reading leftist propaganda.

    Chavez and then Maduro have ignored the elected parliament, ruling as dictators. They have banned countless candidates from running for parliament. They have illegally stacked the courts. But you will never hear this from the media.

    Hugo Chavez was popular with the Indians who want White people’s money. Oh yes, “popular with the poor and resented by the rich”. And of course, “rich” is always evil and “poor” is good, right? Swallowing the Left’s propaganda whole.

    The Indians got government-funded jobs and become Chavez’ enforcers and street soldiers. The communists, as always, stole businesses and homes for themselves. They ruined the economy in multiple ways, including price ceilings which destroy production. Just like when Robespierre put a price ceiling on bread, and then cursed the farmers when bread disappeared from the markets. A main reason why he was overthrown and the Terror was ended. Your school teachers should have explained to you why price controls severely damage the economy, but I know they haven’t.

    Chavez would also waste money on things like his great project, a literacy drive. Except most young and working people could read. So he’d drag old, retired people in the countryside into classrooms, and then announce that literacy had gone up with 1.5 percent or something like that. At great expense.

    Chavez gave cheap North Korean-made mopeds to “the poor” – i.e. Indians – in the suburbs. This caused a rise in robbings in the cities, as criminals could go to the city centers by moped, rob people and go back.

    There is a reason all of Venezuela’s neighbors hate Chavez and Maduro, and their gang of robbers. As do Venezuelans, who elected a parliament where the majority were anti-communist. A parliament the criminals then simply ignored, illegally.

    It goes without saying that Chavez and then Maduro have used government money to buy votes from their favored groups, notably Indians. Also the many Lebanese, etc, and the bottom Whites who prefer the parasite lifestyle. They use the government schools and media for non-stop propaganda every day.

    “Popular with the poor and resented by the rich.”

  354. Blaming the Natives as thieving parasites, eh? Many of the rich in Venezuela were connected at the hip with U\$ petroleum interests. This may or may not have been true throughout whatever constitutes the middle class in that country. Between propaganda from one side and then the other, its hard to sift out the truth.

    So who are you, Hagar? Do you have a dog in the fight? Do you receive a salary from any agency of the U\$ government or from any of their numerous contractors? Your tenor strikes me as very ideological—perhaps even biased.

  355. @John Fisher

    As I’d predicted earlier today, another state has joined –or will join –Texas in this suit. Steve Marshall, the attorney general of Alabama has chimed in.

    Wondering how many more brave Americans in high office in our states will become part of the chorus. The obviously stolen election has now become a major constitutional conflict, as the states do have residual power under that document. After all, all the original documents refer to “THESE United States of America”. –Not THE U\$.

    Looking forward to one of the western states joining in, as that would quell the kvetching about “Southern soreheads–just a bunch of deplorable racists.” The more states that get on board, the more resolute the justices will be to see that justice is done…and not finished.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  356. This just in: It appears that Louisiana has joined Texas and Alabama in the lawsuit in the Supreme Court versus four of the six states with tainted elections. Stay tuned to the returns. At this point, the South rises again.

  357. Emslander says:

    Best comment of the week. This is perfect:

    They demand the Internet be censured and this unprecedented new tool of information and knowledge, used to spread fear and lies and hate, rather than truth and knowledge and beauty.

    Besides being taken over to the point of nausea by commercial pollution.

    • Thanks: Rurik
  358. Tony Hall says:

    The fact that it is the government of Texas which took the lead is poetic. Texas officials looked into the Dominion electoral fraud organization well before the 2020 vote and identified the company for what it is. Why didn’t the relevant officials in Georgia and the other swing states take advantage of the research done by Texas officials? How deep and how far does the rot of corruption go including into the FBI, the DOJ, the CIA etc. where the assault on the rule of law has seemingly become institutionalized as more the norm than the exception.

    Investigate election fraud 2020. Investigate 9/11. Investigate the “bailouts” done by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. Investigate the life and the death of Jeffrey Epstein, his sex slave victims and his influential enablers. Investigate the media complicity in the cover up of the laptop from hell and in the public revelations that should flow from competent reporting of many other scandals. Investigate the COVID frauds including through the inflation of deaths and the misrepresentation of the number of “cases” through the PCR scams.

  359. @Tony Hall

    Investigate election fraud 2020. Investigate 9/11. Investigate the “bailouts” done by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. Investigate the life and the death of Jeffrey Epstein, his sex slave victims and his influential enablers. Investigate the media complicity in the cover up of the laptop from hell and in the public revelations that should flow from competent reporting of many other scandals. Investigate the COVID frauds including through the inflation of deaths and the misrepresentation of the number of “cases” through the PCR scams.

    All that and more. Thank you!!!

    Also, the election fraud did not begin in 2020, it just reached a point where subtlety would no longer be sufficient (although it was ramped up significantly in 2018). Whatever one thinks of Trump, his relentless campaigning assured that it would require reckless, public acts to complete the planned steal.

    I think the mantra that America is divided 50/50 is bullshit. We are being gaslighted on everything.

    Please keep using your platform to call out these scams, like you did in the paragraph quoted above, from 9/11 to COVID. Enough!

  360. Anonymous[290] • Disclaimer says:

    Dispute over the 2020 Federal elections has now entered a much more serious arena. States are now filing suit to void the 2020 Federal election. Three States so far.

    The Federal Government is now fighting for its life, although it may not realize that.


    Why State filing is important:


    For those of you in Blue States, the common belief that the US Civil War (1861-1865), , made the Federal Government supreme, rather like the Central Committee in the USSR. Both of those beliefs are incorrect.

    After Stalin’s death (1953, see:, the USSR tried to convert its WW II era industry to a peacetime industry, and convert without killing a large number of Soviet citizens. Khrushchev spent years trying and, at one point, appeared to succeed (see Spufford, _Red Plenty_). Unfortunately, it developed that the industrial system under Stalin had learned so thoroughly to defend itself on paper that the central committee’s orders had very little effect. Furthermore, it developed that the Soviet economy was simply too big for central control. The example given was that a simple linear programming approach to allocating resources for heavy industry alone would have taken 500 years to execute on then current computers. More significantly, the central committee would have had no way of checking data validity. It’s rather like the recent criticisms of Big Data, which don’t even consider the problem of data cleansing / validity. (

    By the same token, the US Federal Government delivered one triumph after another subsequent to the Civil War. Settled the US to the Pacific, industrially developed the settled area, kept the area politically united with the Trans-continental Railroad, kept the Gilded Age immigration wave from devolving into secession attempts by providing jobs for just about anybody who could make it to the US, defeated attempts by Japan and China to settle the West Coast, even (eventually) reconciled with the US South enough to let it develop its own biracial society, one more biracial than the Northern segregated society.
    Then, after that, the Feds won two world wars with comparatively few US casualties, and neutralized the Second World (USSR & friends) without a major war.
    In other words, the Feds had an unbroken record of outstanding success, up until 1960 or so. Even after the 1960s, the US was able to use its imperial power to keep US living standards more or less stable while its cities became parasitic and started to devolve into the usual parasite functions: reproduction and resistance to host countermeasures.
    I understand that this is not exactly the Woke history of the US. I’ll simply point out to the Wokists that, back then, their ancestors were just as much in favor of the US Federal success as anybody else. At most, they sneered to each other, standard water cooler talk.

    By 2016, the Federal chain of successes was long over, and the US was pretty plainly on its way to being either Argentina II or Venezuela II or South Africa II, take your choice or combine the three. In 2016, Trump was elected, and for the next 4 years the US Federal establishment (all of it) made it abundantly clear that its intent was no longer American Success, but rather looting the US. That intent was discernible by the 1970s, and, indeed, Fortune magazine wrote an editorial about it back then, c.a. 1972, “The New Poverty”, about how the old norms were being discarded by those intending to become rich. The 2020 elections made a looting intent impossible to misunderstand, and removed the last pretense of maintaining or even tolerating a commonwealth from the Democrats and their various propaganda organs. The Federal Government was promised to be a looting of the countryside for the benefit of urban constituencies.

    Like the USSR government in 1989, the US Federal Government’s record of successes (winning WW II, for example) is over, has been for a long time (since c.a. 1960). Like the USSR government, the US Federal Government appeared to have absolute power after the Civil War. What it really had was popular support thanks to its successes. Reflect on this: no success-> no popular support -> new government.

    OK, so everybody knows the above, but no individual or political party seemed able to even challenge the US Federal Government.

    Current situation

    The US has a Federal government. It is a Federation, (, with member States.

    These States remain in the Federation voluntarily.

    If the Southern States had remained in the Federal Union and pursued delaying tactics, there would have been no war, and slavery in the US, which was starting to be uneconomic by 1850, would have ended as it did in the Americas, by no later than 1880. In effect, the Southern States would have seceded without formally leaving Federal control, much as California has today. That would have largely paralyzed the US Federal Government, and made many of its subsequent successes impossible.

    The Federal Government can function only so long as its member states agree to its functioning.

    Texas, Louisiana, Missouri do not agree with the current functioning of the Federal Government. They say that they strongly object to Federal toleration (almost encouragement) of other States violating the common Constitutional agreement to run honest elections, the actual injury being that encouragement will overrule the votes of Texas, Louisiana, and Missouri. Relief wanted is simple dismissal of the electors chosen by the unconstitutional elections.


    If Texas, Louisiana, and Missouri are not given fair consideration, many States will be watching. These States, as a group, hold the ultimate power in the US: A Constitution Convention called by the States. If the Republican States think that they could be picked off one by one under a failed Federal Government, they could and likely would call such a convention. That would be the end of the US as we now know it — both legally and actually.

    Furthermore — Pres. Trump can still invoke the Insurrection Act, and might well do so if backed by a majority of States. This would provide protection for the Constitutional Convention.

    That is what the Supreme Court would be risking if it does not obey the letter of the Constitution.

    The cities have no more economic base. They are emptying and that process can’t be stopped. A substantial reorganization is now underway, but its nature is unknown and probably unknowable before the reorganization is complete. In such an environment, the above reorganization by State vs. Feds confrontation becomes possible. That’s how we came to this state.

    • Replies: @Emslander
    , @Justvisiting
  361. Emslander says:

    Very good analysis. The usefulness of the central government has been less and less apparent to the average citizen. National defense used to be its primary justification, but it now has decided that it can’t even defend a border being overrun by the economic and social rejects of central and southern America. It sends troops all over the world, but the success of those interventions is highly doubtful.

    I’m beginning to believe that this Texas initiative in the SCOTUS will become an active and consequential controversy. It has the potential because it requires no fact-finding. The government actions in the four defending states are of record. Only the law needs to be argued.

    I see five clear votes in favor of the plaintiffs and of dismissing unconstitutionally chosen electors. I could almost write the opening lines of the lead decision:

    “The quadrennial selection of the top federal officers, the President and Vice-President, is carried out according to the United States Constitution. There is no more important process outlined in our basic operational and foundational agreement. Individual states must not be permitted to distort or corrupt the principles embodied therein.”

    • Replies: @Skeptikal
  362. @Anonymous


    The SC caps, not mine. 🙂

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  363. Skeptikal says:

    When it comes to legal matters, the “appearance” of irregularity is just about as bad as the actual thing. For example, “the appearance of a conflict of interest” is just about as bad as an obvious conflict of interest. They are almost the same thing. A judge will remove a lawyer from a case if there is even “the appearance of a conflict of interest,” even if the circumstances of a case don’t appear to indicate an actual conflict of interest.

    Say, a legal firm did a file search and didn’t find any material in their files going back 20 years to indicating that they had ever worked for the adversarial party, but the adversarial party recalled a conference with a member of the firm 25 years previous. A judge would remove such an atty and his/her firm from the case if this ancient conference could create the “appearance of a conflict of interest.” If allowed to stand, this “appearance” might vitiate the validity of whatever rulings or finding result from the litigation.

    This particular example is from real life, but from a civil action. Still, to me it seems somewhat analogous to the current situation in that (my lay person’s speculation) the judicial universe surely has an interest in disallowing and punishing any activities by a state that have the “appearance” of failure to follow constitutional rules for the conduct of an election and that “appear” to give those states an unfair advantage.

    • Replies: @Emslander
  364. Emslander says:

    the judicial universe surely has an interest in disallowing and punishing any activities by a state that have the “appearance” of failure to follow constitutional rules for the conduct of an election and that “appear” to give those states an unfair advantage.

    There are pretty clear rules with regard to conflicts of interest in representing clients. They do amount to something like “appearance” of a conflict.

    I don’t think so delicate a trigger could apply to state actions in the election arena, but I doubt that anyone could accurately predict. I suppose we’ll see with the Texas action.

  365. Anonymous[290] • Disclaimer says:

    The Texas lawsuit challenging the election procedures conducted in Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin is moving more quickly than I’d anticipated, but along the lines I’d anticipated. The 17 States will probably not be summarily dismissed.

    Let’s look into the future a bit. Be careful, though, it’s metaphorically like boarding house chicken soup. You can hurt your eyes looking for the chicken. This is just a guess, so don’t strain your eyes looking for absolute truth.


    A recently published book, Alexei Yurchak’s Everything was Forever, Until It Was No More, is worth reading. It appears not to recognize Stalin’s drastic actions and consequent large number of casualties that were causative of the Late Socialism that Turchak describes. Turchak does, however, make a good point when he says that for most Soviet citizens, life was lived much as in the United States — reaching an accommodation with the State that permitted family formation or at least subsistence, and then ceasing to think about the State. Spufford’s Red Plenty makes a similar point. Daily life, just about anywhere, for most people, is not about anything beyond the basics: optimal or at least satisficed foraging, family provision, family protection (to the extent possible), some community membership, which are the basics for social mammals. Anything past that is essential to the society, but is not universally pursued.
    In other words, the daily experience in the USSR was very close to daily experience as it was in the US until c.a. 2008: hold down a job, get a family, ignore the rest except insofar as it can be useful in holding a job and getting/maintaining a family. The USSR’s system was thought by its inhabitants to be eternal. Yet Late Socialism (after Stalin until about 1990) only lasted about 3 decades. Our system, too, might not be eternal.
    Turchak’s book is important because it shows just how delicate a society can be, and how little that delicateness can be perceived by the society’s members.

    The US turns out to be a bit more delicate than anybody thought, even than I thought (and I specialize in this area from necessity and some unusual experiences). If you want to see how such accelerations work, and don’t mind some mathematics, take a look at

    . Note that bifurcations occur more frequently as the chaotic process continues.
    For those interested, the “r” referred to in the video can be thought of as analogous to economic drivers. For the 2016 and 2020 elections, the economic driver was burden of maintaining cities that had become economically non-productive and yet were maintained by urban political dominance. In terms of the op. cit. video, once r reached a critical value, the US system became chaotic. I might add that the dominance of unproductive cities is worldwide.
    Please remember that the above text describes a model, an abstraction (taking away certain properties) of a real system, and is not an oracle or God speaking (as Dr. Fauci seems to think such models are). Its use in this case is to give some understanding of just how rapidly recursive period doubling can occur even in very simple chaotically structured systems if the driver “r” is maintained. For an example, you can understand stock market cascades in the model’s terms if you want to.

    a) The basic current driver of instability is city upkeep costs. The 2016 and 2020 elections were driven by the use of civil rights laws/interpretation (and to an extent Federal Reserve acts) to indirectly support cities.
    b) The question of city funding has been answered in 2016 — cities have been allowed to decay, arguably past viability (
    c) The question of the 2020 Federal Elections was whether political funding of cities would be resumed (One is reminded of the apocryphal Reader’s Digest article: “New Hope for the Dead”). The open fraud and its continuing defense are driven by an urgent need for money by cities and by States dominated by their dying cities ( The reaction to the fraud is driven by the exhaustion of the cities’ hinterland ( Again, this is true in the entire West, and to a large extent in the rest of the world.
    d) These drivers are strong and persistent. One would expect period doubling bifurcations to occur more at an increasing rate until the drivers change. The current system (cities vs. hinterlands) having about the same reward matrix as the game “Musical Chairs”, changing the drivers might prove difficult and, ah, transformative.

    And the Supreme Court’s reaction to the 17 State filing will signal a sudden transition to a new state, quite possibly indicating a new bifurcation and suggesting the possible existence several other states, all temporarily stable, just as in Chaos theory, as we enter a stage of moves and counter moves to answer “whither the cities” question. That would not be good.

    The cities are gone, can’t be saved their day is over. The only remaining question is whether they will bring down the rest of the systems in which they are embedded (note the similarity to Turchin’s overproduced (city dwelling) elites). The abstract problem is that we want to avoid a chaotic period doubling characterized by rapid shifts between different regimes, each controlled by different and antithetical interests. This cannot be avoided by taking from the hinterlands and giving nothing back. That system has conclusively failed. A stable solution is not obvious right now, at least to me. Anybody else want to try for stating a solution?

    I strongly hope this next new state will be persistent and low casualty. Even if it somehow doesn’t affect me or my family, I’ve seen so very many casualties and I don’t want to see any more.

    • Thanks: Emslander, TheTrumanShow
    • Replies: @Emslander
  366. Skeptikal says:

    I just read this on my “media” email feed from the Columbia Journalism Review:

    “YouTube announced that as of Wednesday, the Google-owned video-hosting service will start removing any piece of content that misleads people by alleging that widespread fraud or errors changed the outcome of the 2020 presidential election. It said its prior approach in some cases meant allowing “controversial views on the outcome or process of counting votes,” but that since enough states have now certified their election results, it will remove content that challenges that conclusion. “For example, we will remove videos claiming that a Presidential candidate won the election due to widespread software glitches or counting errors.”

    I certainly don’t know what to think of this!

    Sure looks totalitarian to me!

    Has anyone at Google heard that there is a lawsuit by 17 state AGs?

    If someone puts up a video explaining the current lawsuit, will that be taken down by Google?

  367. Emslander says:

    This cannot be avoided by taking from the hinterlands and giving nothing back. That system has conclusively failed. A stable solution is not obvious right now, at least to me. Anybody else want to try for stating a solution?

    Fantastic post.

    For many years I’ve bored friends, families and enemies alike with my theory that the beginning of the downfall of our empire were the “one man, one vote” decisions of the Supreme Court. That elegant phrase has so much propaganda power that the average decent American refuses to see through it to its essential evil.

    Before those decisions, all US states but one, I believe, had bicameral legislatures, similar to the US Congress, with a house of representatives chosen by districts closely balanced by population and an upper house, a “senate”, made up of elected legislatures chosen by geographic district. This structure insured that rural, small town and important economic interests outside cities would not be subjugated by the desires of the teeming urban dwellers. That’s what the United States Supreme Court in 1961 and 1962 destroyed. Cities and their perverse desires have dominated political life ever since.

  368. @Emslander

    Good point about the “one man-one vote” dictum. Because of this several states have become completely unbalanced, politically. Perhaps the worst case is Ill-Noise…my new name for the place because Chicago, its suburbs and exurban areas have full population dominance over the entire state. Thus in the Illinois legislature, the power rests entirely in Chicagoland. New York City and its burbs and bedrooms, likewise dominates that state, as Albany, Buffalo, Rochester et al do not have sufficient numbers to even have an urban balance, to say nothing of rural folk. Minnesota, where I live, has over half its population in the multi-county Twin Cities metroplex.

    What all this implies is a gross urban-rural imbalance, politically. When this egregious doctrine came out, state governments should have immediately objected on the basis that the states should be allowed to follow the Federal pattern on Senate seats allocations. Perhaps state senate seats could be established, at the very least, on a proportional number per U.S. House District. A better solution could be a division by counties, or groupings of geographically smaller counties where those entities might be greater than the set number of Senate seats.

    In any event, kudos for bringing up this pressing issue, one which has gnawed at me for years. It is now P.C. in Minnesota to characterize the rural part of the state as “Greater Minnesota”. However, on a political basis, the reverse is the reality…lesser Minnesota. Politically, the “Sitties” as we country folk call the Twins, rule. We are left out and lucky to receive leftovers.

    • Thanks: Emslander
  369. Anonymous[290] • Disclaimer says:

    OK, one man one vote. Warren court, 1963. That makes it part of the 1960s revolution. Note the vehemence of this Atlantic article, which defends a threat to one man one vote in 2015:
    By 1963 the cities were already aware that they would likely become bankrupt by the 1970s, and one man one vote was part of the shift from natural urban economic monopolies to a natural urban political monopoly — large population.

    Predecessor event: 17th Amendment to the US Constitution, passed easily in 1912.
    1912 was perhaps the peak of the pre-FDR Progressives. Their idea was, essentially, to remove politicians from politics and replace them with “experts”. It was the time of the last gasp of the Anglo-Saxons, when they tried to re-make the US into a huge corporation run according to Anglo-Saxon principles. They justified the move in terms of “efficiency”, a justification that was ancestral to the “high standard of living” justification used during the Cold War. This same attempted remake was responsible for the delegation of law-making powers to Federal Agencies such as the ICC.

    What the pre-FDR Progressives really did was not what they wanted. Essentially, they enabled the Democratic replacement of experts with politicians (Dr. Fauci is a contemporary example) under Wilson (which imposition was rejected by the US public), and again later under FDR during the 1930s Fascist phase of Western history (US, USSR, Italy, Germany), which succeeded after WW II was won by the US alliance. Each of these 1930s governments held elections, and legitimated themselves by “one man, one vote” victories. Their descendant (or replacement for Germany and Italy) governments still legitimate themselves by “one man, one vote” victories.

    By the start of WW II, Anglo-Saxon influence was completely destroyed, vilified as “isolationist”, “economic royalist” and responsible for the Great Depression. While organizations like the Daughters of the American Revolution still exist, they have little or no influence. I remember attending a Christmas celebration by the DAR at which they had an all-Black choir who repeatedly told in song them to go to Hell, only not that nicely. Vae Victis and all that.

    The basic control mechanism, today, is to remove selection of government from any rational basis by swamping those educated in rationality with those not so trained, and to control the information given to the untrained. You can see this most clearly in contemporary mass media, which is given entirely to non-rational arguments (e.g. panels of reporters, all agreeing with each other, all reporting the same facts; appeal to the authority of the reporter; denigration of the target; questions that assume the answer; simple lies {e.g. Biden has been designated President Elect by the Federal Government}.).

    “One man, one vote” has its limits, as 2020 shows, but is an essential part of the current system. So is delegation, so is media monopoly, so is concern for the poor as a pretext to loot everybody else so that the poor can be kept poor (note that the Blacks in particular are worse off now than they were during the 1960s) and the cities continue to be funded.

    So — one man, one vote may not be the root of all evil, but it’s sure enough one of the larger roots.

    That’s why the entry of the States as entities into the 2020 Federal election was such a surprise. It has been so long that State action has been pro-forma and disregarded that I had forgotten that it exists. It’s sort of like the re-entry of the Etruscans into Italian politics. The effective re-entry of States is a fundamental change to US politics.

    • Agree: Emslander
  370. Skeptikal says:

    Very interesting!

    The red/blue divide exists within every state, not just between states.

    In almost every state the blue bits are islands surrounded by red. Even in extremely blue states such as Mass., where Trump voters were never allowed to have a word in, say, local newspapers and the patently obvious assumption was that anyone who would vote for Trump is a Neanderthal and no “normal” person would do so, I’d say about half of the state is red.

    That is, according to the interactive maps that were provided by AP on Election Night.
    It was startling!! Most of the counties in the USA seem to be red. For better or for worse . . .

    One “extreme blue” friend lofted to me the idea that the “problem” was one of education. Naturally he meant that “red” people need to better educated so that they understand the issues—and their own advantage. I was left pretty much speechless by this earnest do-gooding!

    One thing that is confusing in all this is that the working class used to be mainly an urban class. So those would “naturally” be Dem enclaves. But perhaps they actually were concentrated in smaller cities, not the biggest ones? Smaller cities that are now the Rust Belt? And that are now red?

  371. @Skeptikal

    Naturally he meant that “red” people need to better educated so that they understand the issues—and their own advantage.

    There are many towns in rural MA (especially those portions of western MA) that have been unable to get paved roads for most of their towns.

    Those “red” folks are educated enough to know when they are getting fracked by the pols in Boston.

  372. @Skeptikal

    The more highly educated people in urban areas are only very rarely truly educated with a broad base in the liberal arts, before specialization in particular fields. Thus they devolve into specialists. Let’s have a share of the outstanding SciFi author, Frank Herbert in the third book of his magnum-opus Dune series, ‘Children of Dune’: “…the expert looks backward, he looks into the narrow standards of his own specialty. The generalist looks outward; he looks for living principles.”

    Leave truth-telling in literature to the SciFi mavens. On another page in the same volume Herbert writes: “…if you over organize Hunans, over legalize them, suppress their urge to greatness—they cannot work and the civilization collapses”. Anything familiar here?

    Cities, de-facto, are over organized. They are also highly constipated. (more precisely descriptive than concentrated). It is across the fruited plain, the countryside, where some residual remnants of simple common-sense still resides. Such a phenomenon in urban areas is pretty much limited to elements of the laboring working-class and to a few oddballs and eccentrics.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  373. @Skeptikal

    One “extreme blue” friend lofted to me the idea that the “problem” was one of education. Naturally he meant that “red” people need to better educated so that they understand the issues—and their own advantage. I was left pretty much speechless by this earnest do-gooding!

    I think they reduce it to “education” because they conflate “knowing” with “intelligence”

    And along the way, they have completely discarded the notion of “wisdom” which is not limited to reason alone but necessarily requires a good does of common sense (which they lack in abundance).

    In other words, anything that cannot be identified with a material thing (like knowing fact and figures, and “proving” that knowledge by presenting degrees and certifications) doesn’t exist.

    They lack prudence: the ability to see things as they really are (i.e., reality).

  374. Anonymous[290] • Disclaimer says:

    One thing that is confusing in all this is that the working class used to be mainly an urban class. So those would “naturally” be Dem enclaves.

    Cities have historically had a natural monopoly in shipping and manufacturing. Cities formed on ports (London), river fords or bridges (St. Louis), or transshipment points (cities at the Fall Line in the US Appalachians). Shipments back then did not use containers — they used “breakbulk”, which meant that shipped goods were crammed into holds and braced for ship movement by longshoremen, and later (if the ship didn’t sink) pried out by other longshoremen. City ports had warehouses where shipments were stowed in fairly small amounts. City manufacturers had first shot at buying from these warehouses and assembling locally useful goods. The economics of all this supported the city population.

    All this changed starting with the 1950s. See: . Containerization was much cheaper than breakbulk, but the new containers required few longshoremen but considerable room, and were located away from cities. The customers for containers ( had to take an entire container, and a manufacturer who used container material to manufacture locally useful goods had to be too big for a city. The city docks were abandoned, and city manufacturing stopped being profitable.

    Bingo, the cities had no more economic base. Just like that, that big a change in less than a decade.


    Blue collars left the city to seek actual paying jobs from actual profitable companies. Cities tore down small merchant areas as the small merchants were no longer profitable. The 1960s revolution was urban (I spent the Summer of Love in the East Village, Manhattan, had Jewish friends at Columbia), and was supported by the urban political class as a way to get enough non-urban money to keep their city going.

    At the same time, the large corporations that dominated under 1950s mixed economy tended to locate plants in rural areas, and service them with interstate trucking or “mixed mode” barge or rail to a distribution center and trucking to actual plants.

    The cities, in response, borrowed heavily, and by 1975 NYC local government was lifted by the Big MAC ( and the cities has changed from relying on commercial natural monopolies to relying on a political natural monopoly: large populations. With minimal commercial activity, the cities imported dependent citizens who did not vote but did count toward number of political representatives (that is, a congressional district has one representative even if only, say, 1% of its inhabitants cast a vote). That kept the cities marginally alive until 2016, and the cities want it to work again in 2020. It won’t, but the cities are visibly dying and quite desperate.

    Blue collar workers in the US are now in the rural areas, where costs are low. HQ and finance are in the cities, because both depend on political influence (that’s why they spend so much on lobbying) and because the city government’s influence wants them in the city where they can be taxed. Note that now, as the cities die, financial institutions are moving out of the dying cities.

    Blue collar work has also been pushed overseas, of course. White collar work has been preferentially (under US Law) been given to women and foreigners, presumably because they are more malleable to political will and when they get too old to marry are (as a rule) captives with no hope of getting anything they want and no existence outside of their work environment. “Feminism” has turned out to be as much of a fraud as “The Summer of Love”.

    So that’s why the cities are not Republican. They are Democrat because the dependent population knows full well that the once, end of political money is their end too.

    • Thanks: Emslander, Majority of One
  375. Emslander says:

    What he really meant was that the real people (I hate calling ourselves “Reds”) need to be dis-educated in one of the many institutions designated for that mind-numbing procedure.

  376. Anonymous[290] • Disclaimer says:
    @Majority of One

    I can’t resist. Let us descend into literary criticism for a short time. This is not quite off topic in that it considers the deeper roots of the 2020 election affair.

    Once, back towards the end of the Golden age, an SF (Science Fiction) author was told by a literary critic at some length that SF was simple pulp fiction, and that real literature lacked the pulp fiction faults. The SF author replied with a metaphor, “Yes, but our SF is alive, and your literature is dead” (paraphrase). So let’s take a look at an example of the author’s meaning.

    Frank Herbert was a Golden Age of SF author. Consider yet another Golden Age SF author: James Blish, specifically his “Cities in Flight” series. See:

    The fictional world of that series is starting to look like a thinly veiled allegory of the US Great Depression and the statist New Deal, not to mention the economic obsolescence of cities in an environment of politically controlled capital investment. The service cities performed, industrialization of underdeveloped planets, is an allegory for industrialization of the Third World, something much hoped for when Blish’s series was written (first story published 1956, first story of migratory cities published 1962). For that matter, the City Fathers look a lot like the Tammany organization, which could guide the NYC Mayor but obviously not make every or even most of his day to day administrative decisions.

    Once again, we see that literature can (sometimes) see to the nub of a situation — Blish saw early on that cities could become obsolete. Containerization and the Interstate were only final touches in a way, distribution of manufacturing to rural areas, with consequent decentralization of management had started well before WW II. He also saw the convergence of Communist thought with the US Federal Government, although he identified it with McCarthy (Blish’s McHinnery character). This doubtless saved Blish considerable political flack, SF being to an extent political even back then. The “cities in flight” is remarkably similar to what actually happened, in that the cities as commercial centers died and metaphorically “ascended into Heaven” as organizations “purified of all commercial dross”.

    One might also consider Blish’s “After Such Knowledge” series ( as well when considering the 2020 election. The good guys don’t always win, even if they say they will, and more knowledge isn’t necessarily more protection from evil. Abandoning good (God) for abstract knowledge simply leaves the bad (Devil) without opposition. Warning: this series is not inspirational reading.

    • Thanks: Majority of One
  377. Anonymous[290] • Disclaimer says:
    @Majority of One

    Concerning an Article V Constitutional Convention called by the States.

    In the event of a Supreme Court failure to respond to the Texas suit and the nearly 20 other States participating in it as friends of the court or plaintiffs, States could call a Constitutional Convention under Article V. Should an attempt be made to sway the Constitutional Convention by riots, it would be the plain duty of the President to protect the Constitutional Convention by invoking the Insurrection Act.

    Q: Just how difficult would it be to call an Article V Constitutional Convention quickly?
    A: Maybe not difficult at all. Quite a few States have standing calls for an Article V Constitutional Convention. Take a look at search results from:

    Some search results claim that only 2 more States would be necessary to invoke an Article V Constitutional Convention, but these results are from several years ago.

    Would a person active in this area please comment on the current situation with respect to a Constitutional Convention?

    And, yes, I know that an Article V Constitutional Convention would produce unpredictable results. The situation after a Supreme Court dismissal of the Texas suite would have all too predictable results, so maybe it is time to just take a chance.

  378. Anonymous[290] • Disclaimer says:

    Well, this is interesting.

    The Supreme Court of the United States of America has said that no judicial relief is available for States for injuries suffered from another State even when these injuries explicitly violate the US Constitution.

    In short, there the is no judicial way to enforce this clause:

    Each State shall appoint, in such Manner as the Legislature thereof may direct, a Number of Electors . . .
    Article II, Section 1, US Constitution.

    In practice, this means that a coalition of rogue states can seize control of the Federal Government, and there is no recourse. None. Not even a coalition of 1/3 of the States can obtain relief, or even recognition that an actionable injury has occurred.

    The clear terms of the Constitution will not be enforced. The basic agreement to which the States subscribed when forming the Federal Government has been abrogated. This blanket refusal to grant relief destabilizes the Union.

    There are several ways the destabilization could express itself. There are three basic possibilities that may occur in any order and in any permutation:
    a) Pres. Trump invokes Insurrection Act.
    b) States hold a Constitutional Convention.
    c) Party without popular support gains government and proves unable to govern.

    We will see what kind of destabilization now occurs.

    When anticipating events, remember that the Democrats represent the urban areas, and that the urban areas are visibly dying. The Democrats will therefore be unable to execute operations that would be well within the capabilities of a vital constituency.

    • Thanks: Emslander
  379. Rurik says:

    Trump today:


    God bless him

    • Agree: John Fisher
  380. @Anonymous

    The Supreme Court decision was like the captain of the Titanic explaining to the crew that there is nothing about icebergs in the operations manual–so don’t worry, be happy!

    • LOL: John Fisher
  381. Good analogy!

    What a strange ruling. I was fortunate in law school, my Constitutional Law professor was very conservative and a strict constructionist. He must be having a fit.

    • Replies: @Majority of One
  382. @Anonymous

    Thanks for that summary.

    There are several ways the destabilization could express itself. There are three basic possibilities that may occur in any order and in any permutation:
    a) Pres. Trump invokes Insurrection Act.
    b) States hold a Constitutional Convention.
    c) Party without popular support gains government and proves unable to govern.

    I especially like the summary of what destabilization now occurs, but there is perhaps an option “d” which goes something like “The frogs continue to be slow-boiled.

    Of your three though, I think “c” is most likely. What will “unable to govern” look like on the ground? Perhaps your “c” and my “d” are the same thing.

  383. Skeptikal says:

    I am dumbfounded.

    What happens next?

    How/where can these states get redress of their grievances?

    The ruling seems to declare that a state cannot have a grievance against another state. Or, if it does, tough shit!

    This looks like a can of worms to me.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  384. @Rex Little

    Never mind Clinton. Biden supposedly got more votes than Obama? Pure malarkey.

  385. Anonymous[290] • Disclaimer says:

    Reply to:

    What will “unable to govern” look like on the ground?

    Several things. The sequence from counterinsurgency theory and recent US history looks something like this. Note that many of the examples are current. Western governments are failing.

    Government is not as easy as one might think. The pre-1960 US Federal Government was (in general) strong but limited. It could only do a few things, but it had absolute authority to do them and absolute legitimacy as well. de Tocqueville noted that in his famous book ( about 1830’s US. Government officials were closely watched and elected, hence given considerable freedom of action and near absolute authority and ability to enforce what the local community wanted to be enforced.

    It is easy to extend government power and actions on paper, but not easy to actually implement them. The post-1960s US Government has found that out first hand. The US Government has partially lost legitimacy already, and a Biden-Harris government could lose both national and international legitimacy completely.

    Slow boiling the frogs requires that the boiler remain operational. That has become increasingly difficult since c.a. 2000, and the US has not recovered from the 2008 financial failure. A Biden/Harris administration would see a boiler failure, and even a Trump/Pence administration would have to be skillful and lucky to avoid failure.
    So here is nature of “unable to govern”, with examples:

    1) Inadequate resources.
    Can’t pay pensions, can’t pay some civil servants (e.g. police), can’t pay patronage employees from necessary political coalition members (Welfare employees, the patronage middle class, are paid by reducing police budgets this year, might not be paid next year if crime costs rise), direct subsidies to some necessary coalition members can’t be raised to match inflation (Social Security). Giving members of essential political coalition members immunity to law (e.g. LA’s removal of several felonies from enforcement — including shoplifting, and resisting arrest. For partial list of laws see: and See: for costs of such removals)

    2) Local nullification.
    Local law enforcement (LLE) organizations designate laws as lowest priority if these laws are disfavored by local population, and controlling political entity cannot change the designation. (e.g. firearms laws for local inhabitants in Southern Illinois.)


    3) Failed initiatives.
    Government proves unable to enforce the laws without LLE. Major government initiatives in retaining control fail. (e.g. Orange County not enforcing Covid-19, California not enforcing immigration law, even failure of the War on Drugs).

    4) Currency failure.
    Targeted inflation 2%, real inflation in Consumer Price index (CPI) about 8% .
    Excessive reliance on assuming new debt. US Money Supply ( Increases are largely from bond sales. new money is lent at low interest rate to large borrowers, ends up in securities market. Securities market loses its original function of allocating capital. Eventual hyperinflation.

    5) Military failure.
    Government is unable to fund military at its previous level (whatever that level may be, varies by government). Government prestige declines, favorable trade agreements are harder to get. In some cases, military cannot protect trade routes (e.g. piracy in S. China Sea, and road traffic in Afghanistan).

    6) Trade failure.
    Inability to protect trade from physical threats (5). Inability to stabilize financial markets leading to unwillingness to risk counter-party failure in trades (this happened on a large scale in the US in 2008). Simple inability to make/mine/grow things worth trading for thanks to (1) thru (5).

    7) Local rebellions.
    Seattle and Portland rebellions, week long riots, raiding parties against urban retail stores. Some local rebellions (not reported in mass media) when Antifa tried street fighting in rural areas.

    8) Failure of foreign support.
    Failing governments sometimes ask foreign governments for assistance, and some of that assistance may be armed troops. A local government is in serious trouble when it has asked for foreign assistance and the assistance is withdrawn (e.g. S. Vietnam, Afghanistan (Soviet forces, US forces), Iraq)

    9) Elements of government cannot be paid.
    The pay is in worthless currency, or the pay simply cannot be raised (e.g. city bureaucracies that must fire police). Such a government loses control of territory to local organizations (e.g. Antifa, local criminal groups)

    10) Government ends, new government emerges.
    Example: Detroit “urban farming” area. Muslim controlled areas in Europe. Self-government in “flyover country”.

    • Replies: @Justvisiting
  386. Thank you for that!

    I think two areas where the tensions of opposite forces will be most critical are currency and communication, where forces seeking to concentrate upward (single, global, digital) and erect impenetrable barriers to entry will be opposed by local forces seeking to disperse and enable autonomy. While the former will continue to weaponize technology toward their end, the latter may revert back to nature where mediums of exchange and stores of value are real things, and people communicate locally through voice and paper.

    Interesting times ahead.

  387. @Anonymous

    Good list–what usually happens in these situations is not that the government does not pay its bills at all, but it has problems paying them in full and on time.

    A good recent example is Illinois which ran out of money to pay its creditors. As a result it became a slow-pay, often taking as long as six months to pay its bills.

    In the third world, police or army that have bills to pay (waiting for “slow pay” .gov) will become criminal gangs taking money from travelers or passersby.

    The gap between the .gov described by the mass media and the .gov observed on the street would become wider and wider–and accurate information becomes harder and harder to find.

    Other symptoms of the “slow degrade” is that people start taking serious measures to hide any obvious signs of wealth.

    Everybody dresses like a pauper, and “bling” is no longer in public display. People intentionally drive “beater” cars so their vehicle won’t be stolen. People intentionally don’t re-paint or re-side their house so that they look poor to outsiders.

    And–of course, almost everybody tries to maximize their income that is not reported to .gov as taxes and fees start to rise to confiscatory levels. The population becomes stunningly creative in that effort.

    • Replies: @John Fisher
  388. Anonymous[290] • Disclaimer says:

    Comment on:

    The Supreme Court has clearly refused its responsibilities. I think that some combination of (a), (b), and (c) outcomes are the only possibilities. One can say that (d), continuation of temporizing, “kicking the can down the road”, could also occur, but the US has not really recovered from the 2008 financial panic. The Biden / Harris administration promises to make extensive changes, but does not have the financial or political base needed to support a program of extensive changes. In any case, the extensive changes promised thus far would further deplete US industrial capital, hence the ability of the US to support itself. They would be roughly analogous to the policies of the Communist coup against Gorbachev, which amounted to restoration of the pre-Perestroika / Glasnost era (See: ).

    The refusal of the Supreme Court to accept Texas’ case, which was supported by over a third of all States in the Union, really does destabilize the Federal system. To use Pratchett’s phrase, the Court has said “There is no Justice, there is just us.” “Just us” sounds like absolute power, but the Legislative Branch is the weakest of the three Federal Branches. It has no troops, no initiative, and cannot allocate money unless asked. “Just us” can also mean “There are just 5 of us, and look at all of them“, and that’s apparently what it does mean now. A powerful party has just coerced the Supreme Court into publicly ignoring its most basic function, the one that makes all its other functions possible: keeping the Union together by justly adjudicating disputes between the States.

    In the meantime, consider this article: . Apparently, the suits mentioned in the article are well within the scope of the 1964 Civil Rights Act (CRQ), as interpreted. Considering that, the refusal to hear Texas’ case makes more sense. The Judicial Branch’s personnel have been selected for their compliance with the 1964 CRA, and apparently now act as though the 1964 CRA takes precedent over the US Constitution. This is quite natural, what one would expect from political human beings and city dwellers born and bred, but quite damaging to the Union given the death of the cities. It’s like children playing on a closed road and continuing to play on it after the road is open, or people who have lost their job and continue to write checks to support their aged parents after the checks start bouncing. You’re sympathetic, but can’t do much. The resources used to support cities under the 1964 CRA are gone, and the resources to replace them don’t exist. (See: C. Caldwell, “The Age of Entitlement”, and the left’s reaction to it [1] at . Caldwell doesn’t realize that the 1964 CRA was intended to fund dying cities, and not to help Blacks or any other minority, but is otherwise accurate. )

    1] In order, Waterhouse uses logically invalid rhetoric, Raush uses pilpul:
    Waterhouse: Build a strawman, assert errors from authority, brand as evil.
    Rausch: Change topic to “how many American Founding have there been?”
    The interesting thing is that neither can do more than point and sputter.

  389. @Anonymous

    1] In order, Waterhouse uses logically invalid rhetoric, Raush uses pilpul:
    Waterhouse: Build a strawman, assert errors from authority, brand as evil.
    Rausch: Change topic to “how many American Founding have there been?”
    The interesting thing is that neither can do more than point and sputter.

    Brilliant analysis. Thanks.

    We are literally suffocating in the “asserting errors from authority” fallacy these days.

  390. @Justvisiting

    Everybody dresses like a pauper, and “bling” is no longer in public display.

    LOL I imagine this will be difficult for certain demographics.

    I’m not sure if this picture unfolds in the US, at least not outside large urban areas. But the cities may become completely ungovernable. God help us.

  391. @John Fisher

    I would lie to see what John Whitehead, founder of the Rutherford Institute, and in my opinion the nation’s most erudite and thoughtful Constitutional lawyer would have to say on this.

  392. @Anonymous

    This “ruling” by the Supreme Court (so called) essentially is the greatest constitutional crisis this nation has ever faced. It calls the question quite clearly. Is this a nation of laws or is it one of political expediency on behalf of special interests, primarily the Bank\$ter elite and their various minions and dependancies? If the latter, our ruptured republic has run its course. The rupture spells the end of the original American dream of liberty and justice for all.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  393. Anonymous[290] • Disclaimer says:
    @Majority of One

    Is this a nation of laws or is it one of political expediency on behalf of special interests, primarily the Bank\$ter elite and their various minions and dependencies? If the latter, our ruptured republic has run its course. The rupture spells the end of the original American dream of liberty and justice for all.

    Quite so. A Constitutional Convention, or equivalent, will be required to sort this out. The entire West needs a basic reorganization.

    The last time the West needed a basic reorganization it got the Napoleonic Wars, c.a. AD 1800, the aftermath of which didn’t end until the European Revolutions of 1848. The time before that was the 30 Years War, c.a. AD 1600, waged while Islamic jihad was conquering parts of Eastern Europe. Failures this massive can destabilize things for three generations.

    On the good side, so far the West has been able to reorganize into new societies that were world beaters, literally so in the AD 1700s to AD 1800s. This time around, the West may be able to expand into near-Earth space (the new space industry appears to be self-sustaining). Or, the West may be utterly destroyed. Reorganizations are always difficult and high casualty times. Please note, this is the only immediately actionable part of this post (but see footnote [3]. I’m hoping to find some way out of this situation that isn’t high casualty. If the West did as well as the Russians did, that would be low casualty compared to the 30 Years and Napoleonic wars)

    On a related note, for background, consider Bitcoin.

    The blockchain is not what makes Bitcoin accepted. Blockchain is really rather trivial, a sort of recursive signing [1]. What makes Bitcoin accepted is “distributed trust”. It’s a distributed system design that gets a reliable result out of a large set of utterly unreliable auditors. (Note that the design fails should over half of the auditors conspire together to give the same falsified result). In short, Bitcoin manages to make artificial trustworthiness from an untrustworthy world.

    Why is this important? Well, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is important because real intelligence has become hard to find [2, 3]. By the same token, artificial trustworthiness is important because real trustworthiness has become hard to find. That is, when you think about it, quite an indictment. It’s almost enough, by itself, to establish that a basic reorganization of society is necessary. At the least, it’s a strong indicator.

    1] See definition of Merkle Tree to get the basic idea. Blockchain is a simplest case Merkle Tree, one with only the trunk, no branches.

    2] Or, real intelligence has become hard to tolerate. It may be that contemporary neural network AI will also become hard to tolerate. It is just as “racist” as real intelligence if exposed to human interactions, since both forms of intelligence rely on learning from experience (See: and similar.

    3] Here’s a lower casualty and possible outcome to the present troubles:
    The USSR, which started with constant debate about substantive issues, also became less tolerant of actual human thought as it aged. See Alexei Yurchak, Everything was Forever, Until it was No More: The Last Soviet Generation, which says (it uses literary specialist jargon that I’m trying to put into standard English) that after Nicky the K’s retirement, Soviet communications became much less about conveying information about the real world (less “constative”) and much more about appearing authoritatively orthodox (more “performative”)), perhaps due to Turchin’s “elite overproduction” in a society with declining industrial production and an elite that ejected the unorthodox. Yurchak is not a pessimist (as perhaps I am), but pointed out that Soviet citizens simply stopped seeing the “performative” statements and developed their daily life by ritual repetition of such statements mixed with some real dialog (that used redefined performative speech) about their daily problems and solutions. One could say something similar about the present US.
    And then, quickly, during the Perestroika / Glasnost attempt to convert official language from performative to constative, the whole authority of the performative structure vanished, followed quickly by the performative structure itself. Perhaps the West will have similar good fortune.

  394. @Anonymous

    The real question we are gonna learn about in a hurry is whether low trust societies and high technology can co-exist without catastrophic consequences.

    This is a world-wide issue.

    • Agree: John Fisher
    • Replies: @John Fisher
  395. @Anonymous

    Over several years I’ve been conceptualizing a few aspects of a Re-Consitutional Convention. It would not be conventional as per our extant institutions, all of which have been corrupted and compromised. Let that sink in. We need to trash the whole works: Beginning with the alleged “Supreme” Court, as with the Citizen’s United “ruling” and crescendoing now with Texas and 18 other states lacking standing, as they weaseled.

    We turn next to the House of Representatives. Simple logic insists that ONE individual cannot possibly represent the needs, wishes, aspirations and concerns of some 750,000 constituents. At present virtually every one of them is OWNED, either directly by the AIPAC gang, ad nauseam, or indirectly via Mo\$\$ad and CIA blackmail, or yet again by corporate interests fronted by the WarDefense industry and their bought and paid-for minions and tools wearing Brass-noses in the Pentagram.

    On and on, I could go, particularly with the mass media, the “Federal” Reserve Bank, the Senate and Executive agencies as well as the political duopoly prostiticians. In short, none of these individuals would qualify to be part of a Re-Constitutional convention. As Eldridge Cleaver pointed out in “Soul on Ice”: “If you are not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem.”

  396. @Justvisiting

    Agreed! But it will be very interesting going forward because two of the most important social orders that emerge in high-trust societies are a stable means of communications and a stable currency (especially a currency that acts as both a medium of exchange and store of value).

    See my Comment #406.

    Both of these social orders emerge naturally (organically) in any healthy functioning, high-trust society. The state can put technology to use for the purpose of protecting and perfecting open communications and stable currency. LOL We know how that has gone. Communications and currency are two of the most untrustworthy and manipulated social orders we have today.

    These are the two opposing forces of our future: consolidation and concentration upward and inward to the few v. diffusion and dispersion downward and outward to the many. And if small, autonomous communities (high-trust societies) are to grow organically, they will probably be low tech when it comes to currency (something real) and communication (verbal and paper).

    Interesting times. .

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  397. Anonymous[290] • Disclaimer says:
    @John Fisher

    Agreed! But it will be very interesting going forward because two of the most important social orders that emerge in high-trust societies are a stable means of communications and a stable currency (especially a currency that acts as both a medium of exchange and store of value).

    I also think that is a real problem. Here’s a data dump:


    As you know, my opinion is that the underlying trouble is not so much trust as having imported and subsidized various groups that (for various reasons) either cannot tolerate industrial society or think its maintenance much less important than other goals. This was done to maintain urban population so as to obtain political income for the cities.

    However, doing the above has gifted the US with a low trust society, just as you say. I suspect that eventually the US and the West will return to high trust societies, but that’s decades away at best. What happens in the meantime?

    Consider these lines:
    Young man (sad): We shall never have happiness.
    Young woman (hopefully, and not wanting to lose him): Then we shall have to be happy without it.

    Software is trying to partially compensate for loss of trust, and here’s how:

    Technological society might have to do without trust. That’s what distributed trust / blockchain is all about.

    Google, Amazon, etc. are mature and appear invincible. GE, IBM, US Steel, Kodak did in their day. Google-like and Amazon-like businesses have weaknesses. These weaknesses are just starting to show.

    For Google and other “tech giants” that rely on advertising: See: G. Gilder, Life After Google – The Fall of Big Data and the Rise of the Blockchain Economy, 2018. Gilder’s thesis is that:
    a) Current Internet architecture is fundamentally insecure, permitting at most secure enclaves (“walled gardens”) that are vulnerable to raids or fraud (hacking). Content has been given away for free because only free content won’t be stolen. Commercial support is by advertising because consumer attention can be measured and sold.
    b) Nobody likes advertisements or being a tracked commodity, so, long run, an economy based on selling advertisement will be evaded and the advertising income ended. This actually seems to be happening now — note the new emphasis on subscriptions (which people also don’t like, as it has all the disadvantages of being tracked and it costs more).
    c) Add to that the Left’s influence in the Walled Gardens, which drastically reduces the value of the information / entertainment they provide.
    See: for another view.
    d) Large centralized organizations have serious troubles just from size. See: Dec 2020 has somewhat different problems. The most obvious are quality control. If the customer can only look at images, quality reduction is easy. Much on Amazon is unusable. The second is a reduction in Amazon’s market. The “retail apocalypse” is probably not due to computer purchases, which are perhaps 20% of the market to one significant place. The “retail apocalypse” is due to a reduction in middle class income. The combination of lower quality and lower market works against Amazon, and for specialty shops such as, Lord help us, “Sportsman’s Guide”. The smaller group of consumers for specialty shops is an incentive to retain quality, and the niche occupied (substitute goods for the desperate) actually gets more sales as economic and security conditions deteriorate.

    Google and Amazon could, in theory, be replaced by businesses using blockchains kept valid by distributed trust systems. That is the promise of Etherium. Take a look at Ethereum’s price chart, (Note: this is not investment advice. Cryptos are boom and bust, unpredictably so in practice, and it’s easy to invest too late in the cycle.). Cryptos in general (even Bitcoin & its clones) can be used for “blockchain businesses” or “blockchain archives” that rely on the distributed trust of the cryptos, and might break the drive towards centralization by providing cheaper infrastructure for sales and by changing the reward of the large scale “Walled garden” software that Google uses. Might. Eventually. Great future, just as the microprocessor had a great future in 1975.

    Just as obviously, the serious conflict or at least its early states that we now see breaking out worldwide, could cause a technological retrogression. Example: Supposedly the only commercially viable 7 nanometer chip fabrication facility is in Taiwan. Should the PRC take Taiwan, then as I understand it the US would be capable of only 12 nm chip fabrication. Similar problems exist with raw materials, most notably rare earths. Granted, the US is almost autarkic, the only major power that is almost autarkic, but there would be a delay of perhaps a decade, more if the US has internal political troubles that make capital expensive. This Kondratiev Winter could be unusually long and severe, and it is just barely possible that it could extend into a Dark Age [1].

    Short run, we have just had a USSR type failure much like the hardline Communist coup against Gorbachev in the USSR. Biden and his backers are trying to re-assemble a failed system using propaganda and resentful personnel who mainly want to loot. He is doing it with an enormous national debt and a depreciated industry that his followers will further depreciate, and a labor force whose quality his follower will seriously reduce.

    That attempt will delay things a bit, but, like the Kondratiev Winter [2] or the above-mentioned USSR coup, it should clear away the marginal businesses and organizations.

    1] So called originally because the European anarchy and destruction of Byzantine records at the interface between Late Antiquity and Early Medieval (roughly, AD 550 to AD 900) left few records and comparatively few artifacts, hence was “dark” to modern investigators).

    2] The K wave theory says that in Western Enlightenment societies engineering improvements accumulate until people are desperate for economic returns, then to be implemented over only a few decades. A K Spring is when early investors (think “bitcoin” or “kodak”) make much money in a brand new market, a K Summer is when later investors make some money (market is almost saturated), a K Autumn is when investor return in established enterprises becomes zero or slightly negative, and a K Winter is when established forms of investment in industry yield losses (like right now), investors play nonproductive financial games, and also in which some investors are willing to back the engineering capabilities developed since the K Spring. Current examples: Distributed Trust/Blockchain engineering, space industrialization engineering. Note that only a few investors make considerable money. Most Distributed Trust/Blockchain projects attempted so far, for example, are by now effectively worthless, just as most of the minicomputer companies back in the 1970s and PC companies in the 1980s eventually went bankrupt.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @John Fisher
  398. Anonymous[290] • Disclaimer says:

    And here’s one of those “cascade failure” facts of nature that is intellectually beautiful, but ugly in that it raises casualties. How often one ends up riding the tiger, afraid to dismount.

    And if you’re thinking (as I was) of running electricity generating plants on gasoline, well, maybe. Danger of explosion goes up, you’d have to use noisy turbines to get reasonable efficiency, price of electricity goes up significantly from construction and operation. And why not just burn the gasoline in cars? Mature technology, more efficient, cheaper, less danger.

  399. Tony Hall says:

    This discussion here has developed in some surprising and fruitful ways. The Supreme Court’s astonishing declaration that it will not deal with a fundamental, even elemental, statement of states rights grievances does indeed mark a teutonic shift in the already-ailing nature of US federalism. The incapacity of national institutions and their corrupt operatives to provide even rudimentary remedies for such consequential breakdowns in citizen-government interactions constitutes a lost opportunity that opens new opportunities beyond the Supreme Court.

    As noted in this discussion, one of these opportunities involves the institution of one or more constituent assemblies to establish founding principles for one or more new polities. As a Canadian, I experienced something like this process in the late 1970s and 1980s when the Dominion of Canada altered its underlying relations with the imperial Mother Country.

    The politics of this constitutional reengineering were invigorating. As discussions developed in Canada, I recall looking to the United States and reflecting on the propensity of many Americans to get stuck in the supposed perfections already embedded in the Constitution put in place by the Republic’s founders. I recall thinking that our process in northern North America pointed to a contrast with our southern neighbours. The Americans, it seemed, tended to get caught up in so much founder worship that they were prone to neglect the need to consider a full-fledged remaking of some their own foundational institutions.

    To me the discussion here is a positive indicator that the citizens of the ailing superpower are no longer complacent and are of a mind to reflect on the pressing need for structural alterations. As time has passed I have become increasingly aware of the fact that what does or does not happen in the USA has huge implications for us all, including us Canadians. Indeed, I have tended over time to include myself in the deliberations about the US future as an essential element in affecting the Canadian future.

    As for the US future, I think private bankers must be stripped of their monopoly powers to create currency. Moreover the whole squad of treasonous media monopolies must be outlawed and dismantled in favour of a more regulated, fair-minded and balanced system of reporting and analyzing “the news.” Both of these objectives will demand some authentic reckoning with increasingly onerous “Israel First” approaches to formulating policy in the reworked system. Perhaps the guiding lights in the new polity or polities can exploit some leverage in playing off Israel against China in the altered political milieu.

  400. Anonymous[290] • Disclaimer says:
    @Tony Hall

    The incapacity of national institutions and their corrupt operatives to provide even rudimentary remedies for such consequential breakdowns in citizen-government interactions constitutes a lost opportunity that opens new opportunities beyond the Supreme Court.

    It does a lot more than that. It demonstrates unmistakably that the people, the general public, is not sovereign. That violates _the_ fundamental of the US, the “We, the People” not “We, the Government” in the Declaration of Independence, established government in the USA. The present US Federal Government, all 3 branches if and when Biden/Harris enter office, has adopted Hamilton’s view of the US general population:

    Your people, sir, is a great beast.
    Alexander Hamilton, 1792,

    It has apparently done so as justification for enriching itself. See: for what is apparently standard operating procedure (SOP). The SOP is so long standing that there are no longer serious attempts to hide it — the Supreme Court decision being a champion example of simple admission of guilt by the Supreme Court ( and quite possibly its last significant ruling in American history.

    What is happening, and what happens next.


    Consider the Reve’s Tale in Canterbury Tales:
    (The official set to watch the miller, the “manciple”, fell very sick.).
    The manciple got such a malady
    That all men surely thought that he should die.
    Whereon this miller stole both flour and wheat
    A hundredfold more than he used to cheat;
    For theretofore he stole but cautiously,
    But now he was a thief outrageously,
    At which the warden scolded and raised hell;
    The miller snapped his fingers, truth to tell,
    And cracked his brags and swore it wasn’t so.

    By the end of the story, the miller wished that manciple had never fallen ill, and that’s what’s going to happen this time to Western government. What he hadn’t appreciated was that when social rules are openly flouted, they cease to apply to anyone.

    The present political organization of the US cannot last if the Federal Government flouts US social rules by regarding itself as sovereign. The US has been run by a distributed system of active people, and cannot be run by a population that has to be forced into obeying the Federal Government. The USSR had that same problem when it tried to organize just about everything in its “command economy”.

    To me the discussion here is a positive indicator that the citizens of the ailing superpower are no longer complacent and are of a mind to reflect on the pressing need for structural alterations.

    And you are far from alone in seeing that. See: Consider its final paragraph:
    And here is the same problem framed in terms of economics: . A command economy always enriches the top 10%, and that enrichment always becomes the informal goal of the command economy.

    Your comment also emphasizes the West’s main problem: The West knows no alternative to the government that has just visibly failed. The reforms you list amount to returning to previous (1800s) practice, before the Ashkenazim arrived in the US (which might actually be coincidental) and before the late 1800s Progressives reforms had failed. It is likely that a regression to such a state would then simply recapitulate its collapse to its current state.

    Here is how such problems have been solved historically by the West:
    Allen Bloom, in The Closing of the American Mind: How Higher Education Has Failed Democracy and Impoverished the Souls of Today’s Students 1987, concluded by saying that the West was facing a failure in philosophy: political science had failed to provide any alternative to the West’s system that was obviously failing even back then (remember, the visible failure was the 1960s revolution, over a decade before Bloom wrote.)

    A. Bloom was essentially a history of ideas academic, who considered philosophy as largely independent of history. He should have known better. In actual practice, philosophy develops when the choice is between development and death, during great failures of human civilization.

    The previous two Western examples of making a new society are the 30 Years War (80 years for the Netherlands) [1] and the Napoleonic Wars. Both destroyed much of Europe, debilitated the initiating country, and showed conclusively that both sides in the initial conflict were incapable of governing. Both took about 3 generations to resolve (the Napoleonic Wars being finally resolved by the Revolutions of 1848). In the 30 Years War, all initial combatants were religions or religion allied dynasties, but the final settlement demoted religion to an afterthought – under international law whatever the ruler’s religion was, was also his subject’s religion. By the same token, the Napoleonic Wars were intended to either preserve monarchy or impose “liberty, equality, brotherhood”. In practice, they imposed elections, bureaucratic rule and free market competition.

    Note that in both cases the societies that started the war were obliterated by the war, and the survivors accepted a society that would have sickened the societies that started the war. The Enlightenment, to a pre-30 Years War society, represented sacrifice of eternity to present greed (that’s still a propaganda theme) and of the virtues to simple cowardice and luxury. The French Absolute Monarch’s detailed bureaucratic rule was exactly what French society was trying to end with the Revolution. After the Napoleonic Wars were over, and the carrying capacity of Europe greatly reduced, the survivors took whatever society would end the 3-generation war/die off. That turned out to be a “democratically selected” bureaucracy with no King to consider the long run, and an Enlightenment society that pitted the many middle Eastern European societies against one another economically, which led eventually to the instabilities of the world wars. The new basis for society was developed during fight (which was about 3 generations long), was not wanted by any of the initial participants, and had not existed before fighting started.

    And that is most likely what we are about to do. The West had tried to reform itself back in the 1930s, after the debacle of WW I, but WW II more or less stopped that [0]. The post-war West proved to be unstable (even counting the USSR as the West in that it valued Enlightenment principles. See: Turchak, Everything Was Forever, Until It Was No More for a surprising look at that question.), but there was (and is) no known alternative to the post-war West’s basic organization.
    This 2020 Election fiasco (fiasco: image of a cheap wine bottle dropped on a stone floor) has shown that current Western organization is incapable of tolerating industrial civilization. The fiasco has, essentially, continued the diversion of capital flow into unproductive uses, into immediate consumption. That is no longer possible, as the very large deficits under Trump and the impending bubble collapse under whoever wins the Presidency will demonstrate. Affairs will end in three generations of fighting, probably starting outside the West as economic dislocation and consequent starvation [2] destabilizes countries worldwide. The survivors will probably cobble something together [3]. Whatever it is, it will be considered better than a system that produces 3 generations of fighting.


    0] The present government of the West is frozen into exercise of absolute unrestricted indirect control of all economic activity by government. Western government lacks the ideological base that justified both Communism and Fascism, and in consequence has drifted into destructive looting, and is losing its autonomy to its rich, the 0.1&. This isn’t all bad. Development of distributed trust auditing of blockchains and investment in low-cost launches depend entirely on rich patrons. It’s not all good, either. Trump, and popular sovereignty with him, is being ejected because Trump has shut down the flow of money to government and cities, and Western society is now unstable.

    1] At the start of the war, Islamic jihad was overcoming Eastern Europe. Spain, recently unified, fought Lepanto ( , and gained control of the Mediterranean Sea.

    This did not stop the Islamic conquest of Easter Europe, which had the military capacity to besiege Vienna 1529 and again in 1683 ( The 30 Years War started in 1624, 5 years before the first Siege of Vienna. (and Islamic conquest might happen again, see:

    Spain apparently decided to unify Europe before responding to the Islamics (Ottoman Turks in this case), and started the 30 Years War (

    By the end of the war, something like 60 percent of the German population in areas of hardest fighting were dead of starvation, the troops of various sides having eaten all their food. All participants were greatly impoverished, and Spain had depopulated itself in several “last push” mobilizations. Spain never recovered, Austria and other Eastern European nations defeated the Islamic jihads by themselves (eventually), and Europe had no more mass armies until the Napoleonic Wars, and then after 1848 until WW I.

    2] UN claims about a quarter billion deaths from starvation in 2021 just from reaction to COVID-19.
    The current bubble’s breaking will be much more than that.

    3] So what is a society with a different base? Fiction answers that best. For an example of a society with a different base, See Vernor Vinge, Rainbows End, for a fictional future society after the fighting stops. It is dominated by international competition and the declining price of weapons of mass destruction. It is a very intrusive society, everybody is poor, most are happy, and the society is clearly failing (as is ours). It is still a fictional enlightenment society, however.
    Other example sometimes used to train people to think of different society: A. E. von Vogt, The Weapons Shops of Isher. That’s a fictional non-Enlightenment society 1951 (
    or, if you want a seriously different fictional society, one unrelated to the Enlightenment and built on games theory and selective breeding, see: Courtship Rite, Donald Kingsbury, 1983. (

  401. @Tony Hall

    Mr. Hall…thank you for returning this late in the comment thread.

    The incapacity of national institutions and their corrupt operatives to provide even rudimentary remedies for such consequential breakdowns in citizen-government interactions constitutes a lost opportunity that opens new opportunities beyond the Supreme Court.

    I share your astonishment at the Supreme Court’s decision, and admire your optimism for the new opportunities this opens up, but I am not sure the commenters here represent a large enough sample to be considered a positive indicator. As much as I admire many of the commenters here, as soon as I go to the grocery store, I return to the feeling of Alice in Wonderland.

    As for the US future, I think private bankers must be stripped of their monopoly powers to create currency. Moreover the whole squad of treasonous media monopolies must be outlawed and dismantled in favour of a more regulated, fair-minded and balanced system of reporting and analyzing “the news.” Both of these objectives will demand some authentic reckoning with increasingly onerous “Israel First” approaches to formulating policy in the reworked system. Perhaps the guiding lights in the new polity or polities can exploit some leverage in playing off Israel against China in the altered political milieu.

    Excellent, and I agree wholeheartedly with the sentiment to strip the bankers and dismantle the vile media. See my comments above about the opposing tension from these two critical elements of social order.

    And I especially appreciate your willingness to call for a reckoning of the onerous (I would add odious) “Israel First” approaches, but I am not sure about the chances of playing Israel off against China. I would rather than my local county (and the many counties that surround mine) forget that Israel and China even exist.

  402. @Anonymous

    Thank you for this, Anonymous 290.

    Gilder has been mostly right about technology for more than 30 years, so his assessment has to be taken seriously (and I hope he is right).

    And I hope you are right about blockchain. I have not yet come to understand it well enough to say anything intelligent.

    If technology can help us return to Real Money (that cannot be produced ad libitum), the Town Hall, and the Ale House (see Mefobills), all the better.

    Thanks again!

  403. Thank you, Tony Hall for your insightful observations. Both John Fisher and Anon-290 have added their perspectives to broaden the discussion. We appear to be in general agreement that the system has now, with the egregious punt by the Black Robes, become totally broken. As for the entire usurpatious federal government; there remains not a fragment of possibility that it is in any way, shape or form accountable to THE sovereign power, We The People. The very essence of republican governance rests upon the undergirding principle of popular sovereignty.

    After a long trail of abuses, to reference the very founding document of These United States of America, in the words of Thomas Jefferson; the very foundations of the republic are shattered. As the successions of tyranny leads our people down the slippery slope of absolute tyranny as evidenced by the pronouncements of “The Great Reset”; the handwriting on the wall is etched in for all those who still have eyes to see.

    Forced depopulation, combined with the looming probability of a resurgence of chattel serfdom appears to be the lot of the survivors of mandatory vaccines which are alleged to utterly change our very DNA by means of RNA genetic material which has been recombined with the “antiviral” load.

    What we face is an absolute existential crisis manifesting on a world-wide basis.

    Parasites have infested the body-politic, at least since adoption of the “Federal” Reserve Bank legislation on the 13th of December, 1913, by a group of schemers making up a rump Congress, without a quorum as necessitated by Constitutional law and promptly endorsed by a blackmailed president Wilson.

    It is well that we recognize that Congress, the Administrative Deep \$tate and now as clearly evidenced by their denial of Standing to Texas and 18 additional state governments, by the ultimate Constitutionally established highest court of the land, are, all three of the branches of federal governance, clearly under the covert power of highest finance capital and their various minions and servants within the federal infrastructure.

    Consequently, there no longer exists any sense of governmental AUTHORITY on the part of we concerned citizens of the U.S. and even by the Canadian observer by whom this alarum has been composed. As commentators on these pressing issues, we are but a tiny tip of an iceberg of popular resentment and alarm at the state of this nation.

    It is my ongoing point of view that it is essential that we consider ourselves a Committee of Correspondence, an essential precursor to the calling of a Re-Constitutional Convention. Such an informal meeting of the minds should include such profound constitutional scholars as John Whitehead of the Rutherford Institute.

    As my current day to day life is in a state of disruption; I cannot take on the responsibility of initiating the process, but merely to call the question of a need for a forum of mutual consultation. Perhaps at least one of the three previous contributors to this ongoing discussion would be willing to take on the necessary steps to establish a website for the express purpose of crystalizing continued consultations. On a personal basis, I would volunteer to be a part of such a gathering of concerned individuals.

    To reference The Godfather of the Republic, Benjamin Franklin: “If we don’t all hang together, you may rest assured that they shall hang us all separately”.

    • Replies: @Robert Snefjella
  404. @Majority of One

    Tusen Takk, MoO. A few thoughts on your following words:

    … the entire usurpatious federal government; there remains not a fragment of possibility that it is in any way, shape or form accountable to THE sovereign power, We The People. The very essence of republican governance rests upon the undergirding principle of popular sovereignty.

    The destruction of popular sovereignty everywhere is explicitly the goal of the globalist elite’s totalitarian ambition as confirmed by Professor Carroll Quigley in Tragedy & Hope and famously expressed by David Rockefeller in this way:

    We are grateful to the Washington Post, the New York Times, Time Magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost 40 years……It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subjected to the lights of publicity during those years. But, the world is more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government. The supernational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national autodetermination practiced in past centuries.

    Rockefeller is also reported to have said:

    We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis, and the nations will accept the New World Order.

    Right major crisis?

    Think the current plandemic plague, and don’t you dare congregate, but do impede normal respiration, communication and smiles and grimaces and other social interaction with a diaper on your face. And starve, lose your jobs, commit suicide, take your vaccines, by the hundreds of millions! To this add mad cackling laughter, in the style of the spoiled heirs of billionaires.

    Given that the United States has until recent years been the most powerful and wealthiest of countries, with a defining mythology of being the very essence of republican government, Rockefeller at al’s perspective would see the US as the great challenge, the great hindrance, to their dreams of global dominion.

    So Americans have been fed a steady designed-to-weaken diet for generations of lies, degraded food, fouled water, stupifying education, moronizing mass media, transnational corporate empowerment, oligarchic manipulation, and have invested much of their fortune and young men on mass murder and maiming and piracy abroad. While America was busy attacking – full spectrum domination and all – much of Earth while pretending otherwise, there was a simultaneous broad spectrum attack on America, largely unannounced and unnoticed.

    And here we are today. And you write:

    there remains not a fragment [of the federal government] … accountable to … We The People.

    I beg to differ, a bit.

    An unknown number of citizens of the United States employed by some arm of the Federal Government still deem themselves to be ultimately accountable to the People, and want to restore an honorable republican political order. They are backed by an unknown number but probably millions of patriots not formal parts of the federal government.

    It’s late in the game, and the score looks lopsided.

    The next few weeks will tell a lot.

    • Replies: @Majority of One
  405. Factorize says:
    @Tony Hall

    Mr. Hall, do you believe that Canada could play a constructive and proactive role in any potential dissolution of the United States of America? Not having played such a role to help the US avoid its Civil War was a missed opportunity at friendly neighbor diplomacy. It might not be the best possible resolution, though sometimes an amicable divorce is better than an unhappy marriage. Does the US Constitution have provisions for such a de-uniting process?

    In the map below, perhaps Washington, Oregon and the states to the east could join an expanded Canada/USA (including New York, Vermont, etc.). A Republican heavy America centered around Texas could then remain. This would be somewhat similar to the old south.

  406. @Robert Snefjella

    Takk skal de har, Snefjella.

    You remind that there still remain numbers of patriotic Americans within the federal infrastructure. Though some federal departments are relatively clean of NWO corruption, it is my surmise that middle ranking officers and a considerable proportion of NCO’s do take their oaths of allegiance seriously. If that is the case they may need to attend to the problem of the number of brass noses in the Pentagram.

    The Obaminable one appears to have removed a considerable proportion of higher ranking officers who are not greedy toadies for the WarDefense industry and the barons of highest finance who control that most profitable Globalist robocop cabal which comprises the core of the contemporary higher command structure of the US military.

    It may be necessary to break the chains of command by removing the Obaminables and replacing them with “deplorables”. I’m confident that there are individuals who know the identities of the worst actors in positions of command influence. Such reorganization would be strictly an internal matter.

    One would hope that there are even a few patriots hiding out and keeping low profiles in the deepest labyrinths of the Deep State, particularly in its controlling organ, the CIA

  407. Tony Hall says:

    Thanks Factorize

    In the era of the US Civil War, the Dominion of Canada absorbed hostile attacks by Roman Catholic Fenian allies of the US government. Moreover, the US government worked hard to achieve the goal of annexing the old Hudson’s Bay Company lands. For instance in 1870, agents of the US government tried through bribery and persuasion to transform the Metis freedom movement led by Louis Riel into a substantial territorial expansion for the United States. Although Riel opposed the colonizing scheme being mounted by the new Dominion government with its Parliamentary base in Ottawa, the Metis leader refused all offers from US agents to join the Metis cause to the North American destiny of the Stars and Stripes.

    Because of Riel’s decision to side with the Crown, the northwestern portion of North America remained British. Riel is remembered as the founder of the Canadian province of Manitoba. In a story too long to tell here, Riel was subsequently hanged in 1885 by the Dominion government for treason.

    Canada would not exist to this day if it was not for the power and prestige of the British Empire. Imperial Britain quite consciously groomed US elites as the heirs apparent to United Kingdom’s global empire. Canada has been the nexus of the Anglo-American empire whose heartland is the North Atlantic Triangle. (See Brebner’s book of the same name)

    As a proud and patriotic Canadian, I still pledge allegiance to Her Majesty the Queen of Canada. In grade school I sang “God Save the Queen” every morning. Perhaps the destiny of the monarchy in North America has some relevance to all of this. There is inevitably a significant change coming up soon for the Monarchy in the UK and throughout the Commonwealth. Queen Elizabeth is now well into her 90s.

    That forthcoming changing of the guard for the House of Windsor might soon become a significant factor in the drama we are living through and discussing here. In Canada the sovereign is still the Crown. Don’t underestimate the importance of the symbolic power that still adheres to the Crown inherited from the British Imperial Empire. The USA draws much of it legal personality from the inheritance of this Crown and of the Crown colonies from which the original US confederacy emerges. The Crown is indeed a two-edged sword. Don’t underestimate the importance of the Crown and also of the First Nations if it happens we find ourselves working towards a new vision of domestic treaty making within altered conceptions of “America.”

    Thanks Factorize for speaking to me as a Canadian. And thanks for introducing the framework for some sort of wide-ranging discussion on how to envisage new maps of political economy in the geography of our continent and in the internal geographies our geopolitical imaginations. I’m already trying to envisage what a constituent assembly we might invent together, would look like. Why not try on this relatively solid ground for free and open discussion, an act of collectively inventing the basis for a new constituent assembly?

    Isn’t a venue for free and open discussion as well as debate in public, just about one of the most rare and thus precious of conditions these days? Thanks to Ron Unz for somehow securing these conditions for free and open discussion, conditions that are worthy of our respect and are worthy of our collective protection if necessary.

    By way of introduction I am a citizen of Alberta Canada. I am 69 years old and Professor Emeritus at the University of Lethbridge. I live about 40 miles north of the Montana-Alberta border. Alberta would probably be the first Canadian province whose citizens might be inclined to gravitate towards becoming members of a Red heartland jurisdiction in North America. Until recently, Calgary Alberta was often described as Texas North. Alberta hosts the controversial Alberta Tar sands in which the Koch Brothers invested heavily. What about China and the oil resources of Western Canada? What about the government of Canada’s effort to push pipelines through the Rocky Mountains in British Columbia to get bitumen to the Pacific… to export to China for further distilling?

    I’m really pleased to see that the discussion here on “Trump’s Landslide” has reached this interesting juncture. I’d love to see a forum developed to discuss “America” as a concept, an ethos and shared home. One aspect of this reimagining might involve some attention to the nature of the polity formed by all the inhabitants of the entire Western Hemisphere. To me “America” is best understood as a hemisphere rather than a country.

    My academic career was launched when I did my Ph.D. in Canadian history at the University of Toronto. My thesis was completed in 1984 under the supervision of Prof. J.M.S Careless. The title of the thesis is “Land , Law and the Lord in the Indian Affairs of Upper Canada, 1791-1858.” That’s where I started on a trajectory of studies that includes the international law of genocide. This study developed in the course of the litigation arising from the actions of my Mohawk colleague, Splitting The Sky. In 2009 STS attempted in Calgary a citizen’s arrest of former US President, George W. Bush. His goal was to place added political pressure on the RCMP in Canada to arrest Bush for war crimes… for crimes against humanity… for the international crime of torture.

    It was Attica Brother, Splitting The Sky/John Boncore Hill, who more or less forced me to get off the fence in my academic interpretation of 9/11. In these intense times the specious narrative at the origins of the War on Terror is being spun into an expanded emergency measures operation. The new War on Viruses is being shaped as a Medical Crusade for Vaccinations and immunity passports. One of the plans is to replace our own natural immune systems with a cradle-to-grave regime of mandatory vaccines making us totally dependent on Big Pharma as well as on its Big Brother. An immediate priority, therefore, is to develop intelligent forms of collective resistance, including transnational resistance, to the vaccination incursions that are being turned on us with genocidal intent. Contrary to the the Nuremberg Principles, we are being rendered the targets of illegal medical experiments.

    Canada and the United States both have federal systems of governance. Where the US has States, Canada has provinces. The provincial government of Alberta often resents the government of Canada for sucking up an unfair share of the royalties on oil. Of course the politics and economics of oil have changed a lot in recent months. The disagreement between Trump and Biden on the future of oil and gas was truly a historic part of the last presidential debate.

    Thanks Factorize for taking the initiative to post a new rendition of how to think about North America from a fresh perspective. It all seems in line with envisaging a constituent assembly where some of the genuine leaders emerging from within We the People can respond with a representative clarity combining idealism, pragmatism and true grit.

    • Replies: @Skeptikal
    , @Factorize
  408. Thank YOU, professor Hall for expanding on the actualizable proposals offered by Factorize and for your clear insights into the “crusade” for mandatory vaccinations and immunity passports. This open tyrannization on a global basis IS their big play, a seemingly overwhelming and broadly coordinated assault on We The People. I find it refreshingly delightful, that as an Emeritus academic, you are casting your lot with the untitled “deplorables” who make up the vast bulk of relatively under-educated, albeit common-sense wealthy common-folk comprised of rural and small town individuals and blue-collar urbanites.

    As a Northwoods Minnesotan whose home is that place where Mother Earth gives birth to the Father of Waters; I am also proud of the fact that living some 30 miles north of the Great Northern Divide, the streams and rivers of my section of the county of my residence comprise the southeasternmost tributaries of the Nelson river system which ultimately debouches into Hudson’s Bay, ultimately a feeder of the Arctic Ocean. Thus, is my vision of a continental scope.

    While hitching around northwestern Europe in ’79, I was queried on the ferry between Hook of Holland and Harwich, England, as to my homeland. Assuring the gentleman that I was not an Aussie, the following exposition of origins traced the river systems via the Grand Forks of the Red and Red Lake rivers into Lake Winnipeg, after accommodating the South Saskatchewan and other streams flowing out of Ontario and Manitoba, including the Rainy, which debouches into Lake of the Woods, a body of water dividing those two provinces, as well as from Minnesota. Thus, from Lake Winnipeg and Lake Manitoba, the Red system conjoins with the English and other rivers which together combine into the Nelson. By then my inquisitor was totally convinced that I was Canadian.

    An attendee of the very first Winnipeg Folk festival in ’74, going there on the morning after teaming up with a newfound friend from Pictou County, N.S.; we wandered into a basement bar on Portage Avenue which turned to be a strip-club. As one of the girls was teasing herself with an ostrich plume and a somewhat enrapt male audience; my glance was drawn to a high-mounted TV set away from the stage action. There I witnessed Richard Nixon tearfully resigning the presidency. What a juxtaposition of images.

    One of my aunts lies buried in a churchyard in the vicinage of Shellbrook, Saskatchewan. My grandparents and their surviving daughters as well as some livestock, perhaps, re-immigrated into the US at some time in 1910 after some seven years homesteading in that Spiritwood region. My grandfather drove an ox team for the Hudsons Bay Company, hauling supplies to an outpost in the far north of that province. So far as I knew, the grandparents and senior aunts, as undocumented immigrants, never renewed their American citizenship and thus died as subjects of the Crown.

    Never having allowed a boobtoob into the home–my preference being for a library of some 2,000 volumes–the primary source for news and information was CBW out of Winnipeg, a clear-channel station readily heard some 300 kilometers from the “Peg”. Alan Maitland (aka “Fireside Al”) and Peter Gzoski presented commentaries laden with humor and erudition–qualities which at that time were extremely rare commodities over American airwaves.

    So yes, Tony, I am fully d’accord with a continental perspective encompassing the entirety of English-speaking Turtle Island. With my home located midway between two Ojibwa reservations and enjoying the friendship of those whom you would consider as First Nations people; we do appear to be on the same page in that regard.

    Beginning breaths of a truly Continental Congress? I’m declaring full interest in such an undertaking. Our national traditions are somewhat disparate. However, looking to a future reorganization based on commonality of visions and interests; conjoined perspectives appear to beckon. It strikes my fancy that the central continent has the capacity for becoming a unified whole, while each coast might choose to develop along their own lines–the eastern one being Atlanticist, while the western looking across the Pacific to Asia.

    Like yourself, I am most grateful and thankful to Ron Unz for facilitating what currently appears to be the most significant of international open forums within an as yet untrammeled internet. The broad scope of the Unz Review may not be conducive to an ongoing specificity of purpose. Thus, have you not done so already I invite you to peruse my most recent comment regarding the need for a website purposed as a committee of correspondence, where we could gradually gather a caucus of individuals who care about the devolution of the political process away from We The People and into the hands of a greedy and avaricious elite who care naught for the common weal of humanity.

  409. Skeptikal says:
    @Tony Hall

    Lots in your comment to agree with and discuss.
    1. I too have always thought it was important not to confuse “America” with “the United States of America.” America is all of North and South America.
    2. Thanks for reminding readers that the attempt to force a vaccine on those who do not want it would be a violation on Nuernberg Laws.
    3. The writer Matthew Ehret has been producing very interesting essays on the true relationship of Canada and the United States, highlighting many of the ways that British control of Canada has been a backdoor control of the USA—or at least has been a conduit for influence that virtually no Americans ever think about. His website is Canadian Patriot ( I have found his essays very thought-provoking and wonder whether you have an opinion of his work.

  410. Factorize says:
    @Tony Hall

    Thank you for your reply, Professor Hall.

    The lack of any mention on unz of a potential role for Canada to facilitate stabilization of the ongoing and intensifying social instability demonstrated in America was a surprise to me. Is Canada truly that absent from American consciousness? Such lack of recognition likely arises from its seemingly typical passive role in American affairs. As an example of this passivity, consider how Canada might have negotiated (likely through British intermediation) union of the inchoate Canada with the Northern United States as a plausible alternative to the highly traumatic American Civil War.

    A similar reset on a North American scale might now be of considerable help in restoring collective rationality (especially in the US). The ongoing devolution of behavior that we are witnessing in America is concerning. The proposition that everything will magically resolve without an intervention seems increasingly to be naively optimistic.

    America’s place in the international order has shifted/is shifting; rethinking its political boundaries might allow for a broader rethink of how to adapt to a changed reality. {It does not seem far-fetched to imagine that a greater focus on “We the People” instead of external policies might emerge from such a rethink.} A redefinition of the physical boundaries of the US would surely require a reworking of the United States Constitution. Resetting these “rules of the game” could help to bring the system back into balance and perhaps Canada could play a helpful role in such a reset (or at the very least help Americans re-imagine what America might be). The Red-Blue bipolar divide has become entrenched and is functioning as a mental black hole which blocks the discovery of constructive adaptive behavior. One potential workaround is to make this a three body problem (with Canada), though this clearly adds considerable complexity.

    There is a strong sense that we are entering a time of living history; the American constitutional wisdom that was set down almost a quarter millennium ago is fraying and this might be a time for history to reappear and reset a clock that is out of sync. Majority of One’s use of primordial language and psychology is a useful device in moving us towards this rethinking by discussing fundamental conceptions of reality that could form a cohesive force for redefining boundaries and creating shared meaning. Along these lines, possibly metaphorically reinterpreting our perception of the factions involved as representing people of the land and people of the sky could help us move away from the endless hate and towards a more detached accepting that people have different ways of perceiving reality.

    The sense of a living history and organic evolution of political divisions would also bring back Canada’s First Nations into the discussion. Without such vitality through time, obligations are neglected, rights go unobserved and signed treaties are understood as the end of history and not the start of relationships that need to be developed. For many this could be an unexpected wake-up call against the expectation that everything had been settled. The “We the People” of the United States acts as a way of universalizing rights to people in a generic sense which makes actual specific identification of obligations and rights essentially impossible. However, in the Canadian sense these rights are specifically noted as conferred to peoples (i.e., First People) in the Canadian Constitution which eliminates the possibility of overlooking such rights in any potential future reworking of North America.

    • Replies: @Majority of One
  411. Anonymous[290] • Disclaimer says:

    Understood. A couple of points that are being overlooked:
    1) “Political reality” is not “physical reality”.
    2) The “Physical Reality” in this case is that Western industry (you too, Canada) is inadequate to support the Western population. In fact, total global industry is unable to support the total global population. Consider that COVID-19 has, by greatly reducing export markets and the tourist trade, is likely to cause about a quarter billion deaths through starvation in 2021 (UN estimate).

    You can talk about giving “rights” to populations, but the fact is there is nothing left to give. It is all disguised taking. The “rights” have to be supervised by a bureaucracy, no?

    Moreover, Western cities are visibly dying, and have been in economically obsolete for about 70 years, in financial difficulties for about 60 years. That is what is driving much of the change.

    There are other influences. Wealth tends to concentrate, being dispersed only through large scale conflict (See: W. Scheidel,The Great Leveler , September 18, 2018.

    You are simply re-stating the burning issues of 1910, which led to the post-WW I regimes of 1917-1940, and the eventual Western and Soviet mass states of the 1950-1990 era. Nice try, but been there, done that, no thanks.

    That said, please pay attention to this very simple analysis of the next 30 years:

    * The US / Western failure of 2020/11/03 and following is simply because Western cities (and the State governments they control) are failing. As is usually the case with governments in hard times, the cities are calling for a tightening of controls and dropping the facade of consultation with the general population. Note that the Left’s reforms always help those “minorities” that live in large cities. The large number of Hispanics who live in the countryside are not even mentioned, nor are American Indian reservations. For that matter, the “minorities” that are majorities in the large cities are actively impoverished by the Left’s “help”. The Left’s reforms are simple subsidies to the cities and their bureaucracies and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO), which are the Left’s residence. The Left’s reforms are no more or less than that. To survive, the Left must continue subsidies to the cities, and continued subsidies is the whole of the Biden/Harris program.

    * Using the USSR’s failure as a template, Trump is an analog of Brezhnev (reforming leader), Biden/Harris is the analog of the USSR’s Hardline Communist coup.
    * Biden/Harris will fail because the resources they need are already being used to support the cities. The “rich” do not keep their money as money, it is in the form of companies. “Eating the Rich” means “nationalizing the companies”, which always reduces their efficiency and may simply destroy them. It does not mean seizing previously idle resources.

    * The Biden/Harris failure will be characterized by the further destruction of urban areas by their own inhabitants. Historically, it was “Faced with a famine, the first thing a city mob does is to burn down the bakeries”. Now it’s “We will riot and loot, show that we can make the wheels run backwards!” Attempts to extend the rioting and looting to the suburbs are superfluous — the suburbs are funded by urban jobs supported by political power that will be destroyed by the urban riots and looting. By the same token, attempts at a “Great Reset” will also fail — the engineering basis for the kind of control that a successful “Great Reset” would require do not exist.
    * Biden/Harris will be followed by an interregnum of very little government, which will free the world from US stabilization and probably lead to several regional wars and a worldwide human die-off. Note that the Russian Federation (RF), successor to the USSR, still lacks a stable government. It is dependent on Putin, a highly capable man who is sick and must soon retire. RF may or may not survive Putin’s retirement, nobody knows yet.

    * Some kind of new form of Western government will emerge from the interregnum, perhaps 30 years from now (c.a. 2050). It will not be based on cities. Its industries will be different from those of today (e.g. distributed trust, industries depending on access to Low Earth Orbit, like the launch companies today but more capable, biomedical industry). If historical models hold, the new form of government will be one that no 2020 population or elite would accept.

    Given that analysis of the next 3 decades, here’s my opinion on what we, here, can do right now:

    What can be done on (and similar) is early stages of the discussions and advocacy that will, eventually, provide the basis for the post-interregnum form of government. Somebody has to do it.

    A substantive critique of the above would be appreciated. Please, no pilpul, casuistry, BS, snow jobs, or similar. Are the cities failing or not? Does the Left live in cities and their bureaucracies? Does anybody have a physically workable theory of government?

    • Replies: @Majority of One
  412. @Factorize

    Thank you, Factorize, for noting Tony Hall’s inclusion of the Canadian Constitution’s inclusion of that land’s First Nations as a foundational element in that document’s conceptualization. This immediately calls to question the position of the US government, dating back to attacks on the Iroquois and Lenape peoples during the Revolutionary War, where land-greedy colonists exemplified by none other than George Washington himself, who was called “the destroyer of villages” by his native victims.

    Even more of a shame than the matter of chattel slavery of both whites (mostly Irish during the 1600’s and early 1700’s and then black African kidnappees beginning in 1619) was the constant assaults on Native Americans, which hit a low note in William Henry Harrison’s assaults on Tecumseh’s people before and after the War of 1812; crescendoed with the Trail of Tears visited upon the “Five Civilized Tribes” during the latter 1830’s and then finalized with “Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee” against the Lakota people in the 1890’s.

    My point is that in conceptually restoring civic governance to Turtle Island (a commonly used native name for the northern 4/5ths of this continent) must commence with restitution on a commensurate scale for those people whose lands were stolen and seized and whose culture was demolished in the process of the unfolding of “Manifest Destiny”. When a re-constitutional convention is convoked by We the People of Turtle Island, first consideration must go to the descendants of the first victims. Representatives for all extant native nations must have “seats” in the Council of all the nations which make up Greater Turtle Island. As the Quebecois settled before the immigrants from the British Isles, it is also proper that their place in the general council would be assured—as would their language and general cultural rights.

    In earlier postings I called for the establishment of a committee of correspondence which would need its own website for those of us who are committed to future considerations of continental purport. My hope is that an individual younger than myself would take on the responsibility of setting up such a site. As much as I appreciate the profound efforts of Ron Unz and this review, it is awkward to address such a specificity on this general forum on a sustained basis.

  413. @Anonymous

    A-290: Though I cannot provide the substantive critique which you request, it may be possible for me to posit some possibilities in addressing your deeply researched and evidently well-understood philosophical deconstruction of a culture based on industrialization, urbanization and general centralization of power and control.

    We begin with the land. Elementary, my Dear colleagues. Whether you consult Mumford, or delve into archeology, it is clear that the most age-long successful model for human culture is the classical “Mir” as the traditional Russians called it, the essentially self-sufficient rural village. This village would be self-limited in size of population–probably a maximum 300 person carrying capacity and frequently quite smaller. In order to properly enculturate children, they absolutely do not need to be herded 5 times weekly into a totally abstractive schoolroom environment. Such a trajectory axiomatically severs their connexion with the natural world. Kids need to be able to run around and explore their environment. They also need full interaction with older children and the adults of the community. Thus do they learn.

    Each village will own in common the surrounding fields, pastureland, forests. So much as is possible, every individual would choose their own occupational status. Retention of lower-level mechanization could be retained for field crops and dairying pursuits as well as other forms of resource harvesting. Centering the village would be a solarium-type of community center, where library and communications resources would be centered. We do not need to re-constitute a post-neolithic reality, rather to carefully consider the levels at which mechanical and technical processes could be integrated at a sustainable level.

    Something well understood by the ancient Hellenes during the classical era was that pubescent/adolescent boys need to become quasi-independent from their immediate family. Thus, the development of market, light manufacturing, craftwork and education centered towns, ranging in size from a low of maybe 500 inhabitants to a high of possibly ten times that number. Though some girls will also choose to depart the hearth and home, my personal interpretation of the underlying differences between the sexes (a point of view based on human cultural history) is that the majority of boys simply require a new scene for their transition into manhood, while this may well not be the case for most girls who are transiting into the critical role of motherhood. These differences were well recognized into very recent times.

    Thirdly, there is a need for cities, however like the examples from Classical Greek and from Renaissance Italy, it would appear that the MAXIMUM possible range for a city which integrates a successful level of civic harmony, would be around 50,000 persons. The cities would NOT be a place to raise children. Such places would be inhabited primarily by such governments as would be needed on a regional basis (not much); artists; intellectuals; scholars and such individuals who would not be a comfortable fit within surroundings which would tend to stifle their personal felt needs, goals and ambitions. These cities would be condensed sufficiently for their inhabitants to walk essentially everywhere within the urbs and their only needs for motorized transportation would be to travel outside the “walls”. Both the towns and the cities would encompass green-belts of mostly forest and parklands around them in order to give every resident a ready access to the natural world and in some cases to out and out wilderness.

    Here on Turtle Island there would be an extreme need for soil and land remediation as well as for a general healing of the waters. Industrialized agriculture with monster machinery needed for Agribiz “farms” comprised of literally thousands of acres of flat, fat, fertile farmlands has resulted in the utilization of monster machines which compress the soil horizon and destroy much of the micro-life beneath the surface–life upon which organizations higher “up” the phylogenetic scale require for their own sustenance. There are virtually no mom n’ pop farmers anymore. What we see are heavy-equipment operators and chemical warfare applicators. Most of the cropped farmlands of Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, the Dakotas, Kansas and onwards throughout the nation’s breadbasket are rapidly devolving into biological deserts. Land remediation is the only possible solution to the prospects of rapidly increasing illness and out and out starvation.

    Back to the Land. In the Spring of 1971 I became one of the original back to the land hippies of the WarBaby and Boomer generations. Entheogenic experiences were among the propellants for most of us who chose to abandon the urbs as a pioneering return to the bosom of Our Mother Earth.

    My personal vision has broadened over the years into a more holistic conceptualization which I feel to be essential to the future survival of the human race. In 1970 I found myself visiting friends who lived on Chatauqua Boulevard in Pacific Palisades–Los Angeles. Through their huge picture window I looked down upon the brown blanket encompassing the valley below. I had seen the future and quickly decided to pull up stakes and return to the Northwoods of Minnesota and pull the trees around my head.

    Now is the time for all students of the human condition—visionaries, the lot of us—to concur to confer on a sustained and sustaining basis. No other course of action makes sense to me.

  414. Factorize says:

    Majority of One, I appreciate your reply.

    Thinking of the constitutional issues involved has helped to expand my state of consciousness: It is invigorating. Nevertheless, after abstracting away the details of this time and this place, one is left contemplating foundational issues which lead outwards to daunting challenges. How does one formulate the rules of life that would apply centuries into the future, while at the same time countering the influence of potential external agents?

    Notwithstanding the mantra that race is a social construct, one has the distinct impression that a formulation of a modern constitution would require a document supersaturated with identity politics. Naming and specifying parties to a constitution (as was apparently done with Canada) creates more of a sense of legal obligation than the more generic We The People (of America).

    Majority of One, I was surprised when I was reading some background of American history to find mention of the Northwest Territory (of America). The Northwest Territory was the American land to the west of Pennsylvania and adjacent to the Great Lakes. You are quite well-informed about history, so I assume that you are aware that Minnesota was part of this political territory. This region might have actually been considered “Canadian” at some time, though as America evolved it became incorporated into the union. From the Canadian perspective avoiding the scale that has emerged in the US (through relinquishment of lands such as in the Northwest Territory, etc.) is likely seen by many Canadians as a benefit.

  415. Anonymous[290] • Disclaimer says:
    @Majority of One

    Sorry to have taken so long to respond. Your message required a good deal of thought.


    1. Your proposed society might come about. The time scale would be fairly long, in the century range. Your proposed society is compatible with what I see as constraints to the possible.


    2. The current US and world situation appears to be a global failure of the Enlightenment, specifically the Hobbes / Locke synthesis. Hobbes pointed out that rational thought is a common ground for all people, but only if these people are afraid for their lives. Locke pointed out that if the productive people banded together, agreeing on common action by using the common ground of rational thought, then these people could overcome people who relied upon force and slaves, but produced nothing themselves. Hobbes was correct, Locke was correct, and between them they explained the European Breakout after about AD 1500. Western armies, like those of Roman armies before them, were better trained, supplied, led, and had better tactics than the peoples they met. Further, they had a much more highly productive social system that dominated trade and provided the surplus for the superior military force.
    The European breakout was so successful that, by 1945, no other civilization had the resources to seriously challenge the West. At this point, Western civilization massively failed, leading to the aiding and abetting of the stolen 2020-11-03 US Federal elections. What happened?
    The short answer is a tautology. In a successful Lockean civilization, nobody is afraid for their lives. Death is a medical phenomenon, not something inflicted by an enemy. The common ground of rationality is thus no longer available to the successful Lockean society, its members see no reason to be rational when being irrational (e.g. LA Riots) is rewarded lavishly. Its members can no longer agree internally that production is better than theft, and it disintegrates in an orgy of thievery. As everybody who reads this has experienced their entire lives. The belief that war could not save was after WW II, when Death became nuclear attack, and was both transcendent (always there), ineffable (not expressible in words), and eternal (no end expected for the arms race). Rather like God – powerful, but you can’t see or touch. Personal death still existed as a medical condition, or a car accident, but for the overwhelming majority, death was not something inflicted on you by an enemy who could be defeated. Who could defeat God, who had the same properties as Death? Without the fear of a death by an enemy that might be averted by rational common action, there was no reason to combine forces using the common ground of rationality.
    Western civilization fell apart. See Martin van Creveld, The Changing Face of War, 2008, to see a very well respected strategist blunder around blindly, which everybody else was doing too. can Creveld had no idea what had happened, although experience has revealed it to us: The Western public did not believe that war could save their life anymore, or in fact that anything could, and have lost both fear of death and hope of avoiding it. As an unexpected byproduct of the end of fear and hope, the common ground of rational thought was closed. [1]

    3. This rejection of rational thought can only be compared to other major belief changes in Western history: the emergence of the idea of nations during the Hundred Years War, the submergence of God and eternity as the ultimate importance during the 30 Years War, the end of the idea of hereditary kingship / aristocracy during the French Revolution/Napoleonic War.

    4. Major changes in belief generally occur during a large war, a war that starts because the old belief has no longer fits reality well enough to keep people alive. Like now. The war has ended, so far, by agreement to accept a new belief that nobody would have accepted before the war.


    Q: What society would I accept?

    A: My family has taken severe casualties from the current system. 75% casualties per generation with 50% mortality and 25% injury was standard for my generation. For the next generation, about 2/3 casualties, all injuries. These were school attending kids, mostly bright, all good natured, including (total for both generations) three National Merit Semifinalists, 2 PhDs in engineering/science areas, and no drug use stronger than caffeine. From what I’ve seen, these casualty figures are not that unusual for the United States. Right now, I would accept_ any_ system that could reduce those casualty rates to around zero. I think that most people would do about the same.

    Q: What are the constraints on the next system?

    • No large cities. Large cities are obsolete and will remain so.
    • Distributed manufacturing of some sort.
    • Computer nets retained, but with a secure architecture and distributed trust.
    • Breakout in to cis-lunar space, probable lunar power sources (Helium-3, maybe Criswell stations). Will not occur if conflict involves a runaway debris generation cascade in low earth orbit.
    • Return to nuclear power of some sort.
    • Mono-ethnic communities caused by experience of city breakdown (this is predicting the past, really. Every ethnic community today is asking for segregation from other ethnic communities. Low trust except between iso-ethnic communities.
    • Probable soil / ecology reclamation efforts.
    • An increased awareness of death. The combination of cheap end-of-the-world weapons and a distributed society implies a need for continual efforts to find and defeat the aforementioned weapons.
    • Probable highly specialized military, very small, considerable firepower, very large intelligence establishment, extensive monitoring kept within bounds by distributed trust networks.
    • At least one “wild card” in engineering/science.

    1] See R. Pirsig, _Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance_, H. S. Thompson, _Hells Angels_, J. Kerouac, _On the Road_, for 1950 – 1970s attempts to find something to replace rational thought, something that would also be compatible with a God-like death. Leary and the LSD craze were another attempt to do the same thing – see See also “Flagellant”, , another self-destructive sect that flourished when Death seemed to be God.

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