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Trump Is Losing the White Vote with Jared Kushner’s Agenda
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See, earlier: Forget THE APPRENTICE, Trump—Blacks Will Never Vote For You Enough To Make A Difference

White voters are turning away from President Trump. That assessment includes his invaluable working-class white base. But Trump has only himself and his campaign to blame for the bad news contained in the latest polls. While America burns, his campaign’s only plan seems to be wooing black voters by tweeting that Joe Biden is the “real” racist. Trump seems unable to do anything about the riots or the devastation wrought by coronavirus. The latest poll numbers should knock some sense into the president. He seems to be responding a little lately, but he’s going to lose the election if he sticks to Jared Kushner’s agenda and doesn’t fight like the candidate we elected in 2016.

The latest polls from The New York Times poll lay bare the ugly truth.

Biden leads Trump among college-educated whites by 28 points [Biden Takes Dominant Lead as Voters Reject Trump on Virus and Race, by Alexander Burns, Jonathan Martin and Matt Stevens, June 24, 2020]. The former vice president leads Trump by double digits among all white voters in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, three states crucial to Trump’s 2016 victory, yet he is down by double digits[In Poll, Trump Falls Far Behind Biden in Six Key Battleground States, by Nate Cohn, June 25, 2020].The same poll puts Biden 14 points ahead of Trump nationwide: 50 percent to 36 percent. That figure is no outlier either. The latest polls from Fox News and Harvard-Harris put Biden 12 points ahead nationally. The Real Clear Politics average has Biden ahead by 9.4 points.

Trump’s problems among college-educated whites have drawn much attention during his presidency. What’s new is declining support among non-college educated whites, where he holds only a 19-point lead. He won that demographic by 37 points in 2016. And his declining support among this key constituency is pronounced in six battleground states, with only 16 percent of non-college educated whites backing him. In October, his lead among them was 24 points. In 2016, Trump won these battleground voters by 26 points.

Funny thing is, those voters aren’t defecting to Biden’s camp, either; their support for him has increased by just 1 since October. The Times describes them as “white voters with more conservative attitudes on racial issues,” which likely means they think Trump has not delivered the promised nationalist agenda. One voter told the Times’s Cohn he’s disappointed with Trump’s not cracking down on the rioters and shutting down the economy because of the Chinese Virus pandemic. He’ll still vote for Trump, but without much enthusiasm.

Older whites are also jumping ship. In six battleground states, Trump and Biden are about even among whites 65 or older. Trump won them by nearly 20 points in 2016. The Times attributes that decline to the president’s coronavirus response and his “tone” [Trump Faces Mounting Defections From a Once-Loyal Group: Older White Voters, by Alexander Burns and Katie Glueck, June 28, 2020].

The likely cause? The literal chaos they see on television. People are frightened by coronavirus, the riots, the Left’s cultural revolution, and the crippled economy. They don’t see Trump leading. Rioters tear down statues and attack our history with neither police action nor pushback. Crime is rising significantly. The media are hyping a second wave of coronavirus as Trump pushes for reopening the country. More than 47 million Americans have applied for unemployment since March 1 [Another 1.48 million Americans file for unemployment benefits, by Heidi Chung, Yahoo Finance, June 25, 2020].

That picture of Trump’s America hardly inspires confidence.

The only positive for Trump is that Biden has roughly the same non-white support that Hillary Clinton had in 2016. But that’s not exactly great news, either, given the campaign’s focus on painting Biden as the “real” racist. The message is having zero effect on non-whites. The Times: Biden leads by 74 points among blacks and by 39 points among Hispanics [Biden Takes Dominant Lead as Voters Reject Trump on Virus and Race, by Alexander Burns, Jonathan Martin and Matt Stevens, June 24, 2020].

The black figure is particularly humiliating. Trump and his campaign flunkies can’t stop talking about the great things Trump does for blacks. Record-low black unemployment! Criminal justice reform! Permanent funding for historically black colleges! And that non-stop message has only worsened since the Floyd hoax. “I think I’ve done more for the Black community than any other president,” he told Fox News [Trump suggests Lincoln’s legacy is ‘questionable,’ brags about his own work for Black Americans, by Dan Mangan, CNBC, June 12, 2020].

A tweet from Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale last week illustrates the idiocy. Parscale attacked Biden for working with Strom Thurmond to impose harsh sentences on crack dealers. He claimed this legislation targeted blacks and Trump is fixing the “problem”

Seriously, Brad?!

The problem is the crack dealers, not sending them to jail. It makes no sense for Trump to continue tweeting out LAW AND ORDER while his campaign manager calls law and order proposals racist.

Unhappily, Parscale is not alone. Official Republican and Trump campaign accounts regularly tweet cringeworthy statements about Confederate monuments and criminal justice reform.

Who, exactly, are these messages for? If they’re intended to win the black vote, they’re failing. If they’re meant to soothe white suburbanite concerns about Trump’s alleged “racism,” they’re failing. If they’re meant to excite Trump’s working class white base, again, they’re failing.

Parscale set out the agenda for the Trump campaign in a January interview with Lou Dobbs: the economy and healthcare. When Dobbs asked about immigration, the campaign manager replied that they didn’t need to worry about it because “we already have [immigration patriots as] voters.” Other issues, he claimed, will bring in new voters.

Jared Kushner, Tucker Carlson has observed, has made the similar point that “our voters aren’t going anywhere. The trailer parks are rock solid. What choice do they have? They’ve got to vote for us.” [Tucker Carlson: “No One Has More Contempt For Donald Trump’s Voters Than Jared Kushner,” by Ian Schwartz, Real Clear Politics, June 1, 2020]

The Son-in-Law in Chief might wish to consult the polling data to verify that claim.

Parscale is taking a lot of heat lately for the poor messaging and the Tulsa rally’s underwhelming attendance. Reports suggest Parscale is on his way out as part of a major campaign shake-up. Maybe, but he’s not the ultimate problem.

Jared Kushner and the Republican establishment are setting Trump’s agenda and message, Parscale merely carries it out. And frighteningly, as Politico reported, Kushner “who effectively oversees the campaign from the White House, is expected to play an even more active role” [Trump admits it: He’s losing, by Alex Isenstadt, June 27, 2020].

We can only hope that isn’t true, apropos of other reports say that Trump might sideline Kushner in response to the poor polling and [After Tulsa Catastrophe, Parscale—And Kushner—Is At The Top Of Trump’s Hit List, by Gabriel Sherman, Vanity Fair, June 22, 2020].

Given last week’s extended and expanded his immigration moratorium to include most guest-worker visas, which Kushner strongly opposed, that seems quite possible. Trump also wants to crack down on the rioters and statue destroyers, while Kushner wants the president to focus more on police reforms and appeasing the rioters [A serious divide exists among Trump advisers over how to address nights of protests and riots in US after Floyd’s death, by Kaitlan Collins and Kevin Liptak, CNN, May 31, 2020].

Trump recently tweeted an ad that suggests he might ditch the awful messaging. It pins the current chaos on Democrats and the Left and states they want to burn America to the ground.

It’s a powerful, take-no-prisoners video with the same message that helped Trump win in 2016 and might just re-energize his base in time for Election Day.

Yet tough talk alone won’t win back Trump’s base. He must act. Signs are improving there, too..

Over the weekend, he tweeted several wanted pictures of statue vandals. Four leftists were hit with federal charges for attacking the Andrew Jackson statue in DC [Justice Department Charges 4 Over Attempt to Topple Andrew Jackson Statue In D.C., by Jason Slotkin, NPR, June 28, 2020]. Putting left-wing criminals behind bars sends the right message and might stifle the unrest. And again, he’s helping unemployed Americans with the immigration ban for the rest of the year. Nearly two-thirds of Americans support it, according to the latest polling.

Trump must show Americans that the Chinese Virus threat is decreasing, the economy is recovering, and law and order is being restored. Tweets about money for black colleges, Biden’s tough-on-crime bills, and or his long-ago cooperation with “segregationists” won’t do.

Trump must make this election about order versus chaos and put Democrats on the side of the rioters and the radicals in Antifa and Black Lives Matter.

That, and only that, will win the white vote.

Washington Watcher II [Email him] is an anonymous DC insider.

(Republished from VDare by permission of author or representative)
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  1. You guys at VDare are always very hopeful, and I like that. I’ve read of some of the moves that the President has made, such as the ones you state here (on immigration and some justice for Cult-Revolutionalists). However, these things never seem to be part of any coherent, consistent strategy of any sort.

    Perhaps President Trump is not a strategist and can’t think in that manner. He definitely has no specific principles or moral compass, or any kind of damn compass. This is why he listens to his son-in-law Kushner, who is out to destroy the country like the rest of them.

    I agree with the one guy you mentioned (who replied to Mr. Cohn). There’s no choice on who to vote for anyway, not matter how much Trump screws up. But then, all this happening is not going to be settled at the voting booth anyway …

  2. The White House is Israeli occupied territory. Get rid of Jar-Jar and the job of minding the goy-in-chief will just go to someone new.

    • Agree: Nuncle, Moi, DaveE
    • Replies: @DaveE
    , @Rev. Spooner
    , @Geowhizz
  3. jsinton says:

    Yeah, Trump comes off like a used car salesman with high pressure tactics. But who can vote for dugout Joe who hides in his basement avoiding complex questions? Apples… Oranges…?

    • Replies: @Exile
    , @JamesinNM
  4. Trump is done. Kushner is nothing more than an Israeli plant. They know that Biden is just like Pelosi and she and Joe would kill every white person in America if Israel wanted. The entire Congress is owned by Israel. Trump is done. Obama’s “Third Term” more accurately described as Coup d’etat setup with the Deep State and Obama’s Jewish friends left from his administration destroyed Trump on the first day of his tenure.

    Trump can’t stop putting his foot in his mouth. He abandoned White America and no matter what he did for the Blacks including money for their universities made no difference. No matter how many jobs he created it didn’t count because these mongrels don’t want jobs……they want free stuff. Obama did nothing for blacks except destroying many middle class blacks but it doesn’t matter. Blacks are tribalistic gang bangers and as Obama their Lord taught them only see color.

    Trump is done and so is America. The Jews always win no matter who is president. You better start arming yourself because you are not going to believe what is going to happen when Biden wins. In Washington D.C. today Blacks were rioting against Target because they call the police when blacks steal stuff. You can’t make this up and the Jewish controlled media just laughs at us.

  5. Thirdtwin says:

    “The latest polls from The New York Times…”


    • Replies: @Thomasina
    , @MLK
  6. @Achmed E. Newman

    Ok, but what if Trump were to say Dems are the real racists? Wouldn’t that win the Black vote? Forgive me, gallows humor.

    It’s truly pathetic the people Trump surrounds himself with. His instincts always seemed good, but apparently he can’t implement a damn thing. At least all this is showing conservatives how rotten the leadership of all their hallowed institutions are (FBI, military, police, etc).

    • Agree: Achmed E. Newman
  7. The kushner blame is bullshit.

    Not that kushner isn’t an asshole.

    But that DT is the President.

    Buck stops there.

    • Agree: 22pp22, Akindle
  8. Biden’s mental “issues” don’t matter. He’ll go along with whatever is placed in front of him.

  9. Richard B says:
    @Achmed E. Newman

    he’s going to lose the election if he sticks to Jared Kushner’s agenda

    But isn’t that the plan?

    Come on! This is TUR! The last bastion of freedom of speech and the press.

    JK = Bibi = Israel = The US Government = China = Big Tech = Woke Capital = Antifa/BLM = SPLC = The ADL = AIPAC = The US Government = Bibi = JK.

    And all of them want Trump out and his base destroyed.

    Either a couple of those in the above list thought it’d somehow work out with Trump, or cynically used him to break the country.

    After all, they don’t call them Nation-Wreckers for nothing.

    Either way, a very real concern at this point is this should occupy our attention:

    The Hostile Elite are obviously very good indeed at infiltration, subversion, betrayal, victimize-blame victim-play victim, destruction and death.

    But they’re not good at social-management, at all.

    So, what next?

    The Double Whammy we’re living through now couldn’t be more obvious.

    The Collapse Of The USA and The Pyrrhic Victory Of The Hostile Elite

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  10. Anonymous[179] • Disclaimer says:

    What is Trump supposed to do about Coronavirus? Parents can’t control their teenagers yet they expect Trump to control the behavior of 340 million Americans? Give me a break. It’s up to people to protect themselves. It wouldn’t be Trump’s fault if you had unprotected sex and contracted herpes. So it isn’t his fault if you decide to go out without a mask and hang around large amounts of people and contract Covid-19.

    The United States is full of stupid people.

    And the riots and looting? What could Trump do? Let the democratic mayors and governors deal with it. Or not deal with it. That’s what they’ve been doing up to this point. The people who live in these states voted the traitors in. They can deal with the consequences. Hopefully in the future they vote them out.

    Trump passed a massive relief package. If people wore a mask and went out only when necessary, like to buy food or an emergency, Coronavirus would have disappeared. Nope. Stupid Americans out doing whatever they want to do. No amount of warnings could’ve stopped them.

    Covid-19 “disproportionately” affected black and Hispanics. Well, they live in the most densely populated areas, ignored all recommendations, went to parties and eat like shit. They are not as healthy as white people. Is it any surprise they were sick more often and died? Not at all!

    If Americans who voted for Trump choose instead to vote for Biden, all I can say is they’re drinking the same kool aid Obama was handing out.

    • Replies: @Pindos
    , @anonymous
  11. “Biden leads Trump among college-educated whites by 28 points . . .”

    That is not the base white voters. if you are bandering bout the virus and skin color issues —- then you have no idea why the polls reflect what you claim they reflect. Certainly the college community isn’t the base..

    look, this is not hard, despite the animosity and the wave several miles high against him, the executive was supported and won major battles. the people who supported him, through a mountain o muck expected some return on the agenda he was elected to represent.

    that’s it.

    if that base is shifting downward it is not because the executive is seeking a larger share of the black vote. it’s been shifting down — if at all because of issues shorted before the current issues of viruses or color dynamics.

  12. Biff says:

    The latest polls from The New York Times poll lay bare the ugly truth.

    Those polls said Hillary was a shoe-in for the election of 2016. That didn’t happen either.

  13. Imagine what would happen if trump told the truth and said

    1. George Floyd was a convicted armed robber

    2. Rayshard Brooks was a convicted child torturer.

    • Replies: @Curmudgeon
  14. Of course Kushner has contempt for the white working-class! ALL Talmudic Chabad Lubavitch Jews have contempt for the white working class! ESPECIALLY CHRISTIANS!!! Noahide, doncha know….

    • Agree: GazaPlanet
    • Replies: @GazaPlanet
  15. Nuncle says:

    What the Trump campaign is forgetting is that those who he has alienated probably won’t vote for Biden, but more likely will not vote at all. I predict Trump will lose through low turnout.

    • Replies: @Crone
  16. Crazy Horse says: • Website

    Are you talking the same polls that got Hillary elected in ’16?


  17. How long will Vdare blame Jared for Trump? Jared is a Likudnick, 5th columnist usurious real estate sleaze who is where he is – ostensibly running this country – because Trump put him there to draw flack. And thanks to Vdare and the like , Jared IS drawing the flack. No wonder they call us the Goyim

    • Agree: Robert Dolan, lavoisier
    • Replies: @lavoisier
  18. JimDandy says:

    Is there a reason why he didn’t immediately take down the video he recently retweeted of an old white guy yelling “white power!”?

  19. Milton says:

    It’s a little too late in the game for Trump to turn it around. But I am thankful for Trump in one regard: his Presidency really highlighted that it doesn’t matter who gets in the Oval Office, they all answer to Team Neocon.

    • Agree: schnellandine, CBTerry
    • Replies: @Anonymous
  20. Mr. Anon says:

    Two years ago, Trump hinted that he could end the anchor-baby loophole by executive order. Then he didn’t. He could do that now. That might help. But I don’t expect it will. And I don’t expect him to do it. Trump is a vain, narcissistic blowhard. He has no love of this country, only love of himself. And, apparently, he is also a moron. He is also pretty clearly declining mentally. Not as fast or as badly as senile old Joe, but noticeably.

    Win or lose, it hardly matters. What does a President ever accomplish in his second term? Even if the Trump campaign manages to sideline Javanka until November, they will be back in the White House in a second term. If there is a second term, which I doubt.

    Hey, we tried. The whole Trump experiment was a failure.

    • Agree: 22pp22, Achmed E. Newman
  21. What’s curious to me about the Trump presidency: how’d this guy build an international real estate empire? He seems all hat and no cattle in the Oval Office, so how’d this happen? CIA?

    I think we need to see those tax returns.

  22. What’s a mere lost election compared to Ivanka’s tears?

  23. Emily says:

    Poor US voters as they chose Trump as the candidate. 2016.
    He forgot to mention they would actually be selecting Bibi.
    Their only real choice was Rand Paul and the MSM made sure of his fate, just as they did his father.
    Ron Paul – the greatest President the USA and the World were never allowed to have.
    As for Kushner – perhaps Icke is right about the Lizards – Kushner never looks completely human or male to me.

  24. What happens to America when President Donald Trump loses to a senile guy such as Joe Biden, who is going “to beat Joe Biden.” Funny to watch.

    Obama and the Clinton gang will take over and send Biden into a home for the elderly.

  25. gotmituns says:

    Fagettaboudit – Don’t vote for either draft dodger in this scam of a federal “election.”

  26. As a President, we’ve known Trump is all hair and no trousers ever since he allowed Flynn to be railroaded right at the get-go. It’s been downhill since then.
    I’m dribblin’ with Biden until the convention when I can HaveItAll with Hillary.

  27. Thomasina says:

    Scott Adams (Dilbert) conducted a poll on his Twitter account. I think it was somewhere between 40 to 50% of the responders said that they wouldn’t tell the pollsters who they were going to vote for, and I think something like 25 to 30% of them said they’d lie.

  28. @Achmed E. Newman

    But then, all this happening is not going to be settled at the voting booth anyway …

    Well, yes…..

  29. Anonymous[661] • Disclaimer says:

    “The latest polls from The New York Times poll lay bare the ugly truth.”

    You mean I should be concerned about the Jewish rag that polled Hillary Clinton with a 95% win over Donald Trump? I think not.

  30. Meimou says:

    Why should American loyalist give a dam if this shabbos goy wins? Because Creepy Joe has dementia? Creepy Joe will not really be POTUS anyway.

    vDare should know Presidents are impotent, At best Trumpstien doesn’t have a choice when it comes to important decisions, at worst he agrees with the NWO agenda.

    Trumpn Signs Anti Semitism Executive Order.

    Trump signs 5G legislation

    Trump Calls for More Ag Guest Workers during Conovirus Pandemic

    Trumper#1: Patriots are in control. At any moment secret patriots are going to arrest the Cabal! tRuSt da plAn!

    Trumper#2: Trump can’t anything done because the deep state and MSM i
    are after him!

    Trumper#3: Trump is surrounded by bad counselors. If only he got rid of them!

    Trumper#4 Trump did X because he’s playing 4d chess! Trump didn’t X because he’s playing 4d chess!

    Me: Why does ZOG back Trump?

    Trumpers: …

  31. Renoman says:

    You have to quite a tool to loose to Biden. He just never seems to learn when to close the pie hole.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  32. Moi says:
    @Achmed E. Newman

    No decent person, of any color, should have voted for Trump. As for the coming “election,” I’m gonna do what I did in 2016 and many times before–I’ll sit it out!

  33. Jared Kushner, Tucker Carlson has observed, has made the similar point that “our voters aren’t going anywhere.

    Which includes going to polling stations to cast the ballots he takes for granted. Jar-Jar is an idiot.

  34. anon[124] • Disclaimer says:

    Time for Jessie Ventura to announce as a candidate for the Greens, the Libertarians or as an independent, because, in spite of having this alleged big lead in the polls, Dopey Joe Biden does not have a platform or an agenda that any working or middle class American really wants. He’s again threatened to fix the budget at the expense of deferred compensation programs like Social Security and Medicare paid into over the lifetimes of workers. He’s going to solve the perennial problem of race relations in America by practicing overt racism against the white working and middle classes. Now he’s promising to gin up the war with Russia created by Obomber and Killery after the CIA once again meddles in our elections and claims without any evidence that the Russians were paying bounties on American troops. At least that’s how I interpret his words of response to the unfounded allegation: “I’m quite frankly outraged by the report, Putin will be confronted and we’ll impose serious costs on Russia.”

    Vitriolic threats like that were what cost Killery the election. I choose not to die as collateral damage from a world war caused by such Democratic Party savagery. Trump seems to have been overwhelmed by recent crises, especially the Covid outbreak, the race riots, and the latest looting of the treasury by the Fed with the Congress’s blessing and seems to be rapidly reaching a point of no return on any chances of re-election, but for crysake Dopey Joe and his dementia are NOT what America wants or needs. Actually, I see NO ONE in either major party in a position to step up and replace either Trump or Biden. If the primaries were just starting now, maybe Romney would displace Trump, but, unless Trump succumbs to Covid for not wearing a mask, that’s not gonna happen. Cuomo’s performance during the crisis has him eclipsing Dopey Joe in the people’s minds, but Dopey is ensconced and irremovable. So, run, Jessie, run.

    • Agree: Emily
  35. Whitewolf says:

    Trump can point to the big beautiful wall he built along the US-Mexico border to stop illegal immigrants pouring in from the south.

    Trump can point to Mexico where all the illegals he deported en masse are now residing.

    Trump can point to the factories that have come back from China that now employ Americans as a result of his great leadership.

    Trump can point to aĺl the immigration reforms he achieved to make sure that immigration serves the interests of US citizens.

    Trump can point to citiies like Chicago and Baltimore where his policies have stopped the African gangs from slaughtering each other.

    Trump can point to the Middle East where there are no more US soldiers stationed.

    Then again he’s probably better off not reminding voters about his 2016 promises. As it is he’s already likely to lose to Biden of all people. It’s bad enough to be a one term president but to lose to an incoherent clown is just embarrassing.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  36. What can we do? jared the ratf**k snake-in-law is “family.” obozo was ballsier in service of evil than anything Orange Weakling has done for his base. There’s a very real chance he’s whupped in November by Biden Zheimer even without standard democrap election fraud.

  37. Truth3 says:

    Hillary the Beast is going to win in 2020.

    We get we deserve.

    Biden is a figurehead holding the position to give it up in October.

    His job was to get Bernie to lose and concede. The Bernie-morons would never agree to hand the nomination to Hillary if Bernie was #1.

    How Biden steps aside does not matter. He will.

    Hillary v Trump Election II is meant to get revenge for the “stolen” 2016 election.

    Trump has always been a clown, bagholder hood ornament for the Jooz, while pretending he was one of us.

    He never was. He was NYC’s #1 shabbos goy.

    We’re doomed.

  38. neutral says:

    Who cares, Trump gave Israel everything it wanted and achieved nothing else, if you are pro white you cannot support this jew lover.

  39. @Achmed E. Newman

    You guys at VDare are always very hopeful

    yeah, vdare has been taking donations to help stop mass immigration for decades now…and yet immigration never gets stopped…but they keep asking for money…hmmm…oh, yeah, they are very very hopeful…so hopeful…

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
    , @Alden
  40. MEexpert says:

    Mr. Trump:

    End all wars now. Bring all the troops home, including from Korea, Japan, and Europe. Lift all sanctions. Rejoin JCPOA.

    These are the things Israel doesn’t want.

    Do that and your election is guaranteed.

    • Agree: mark green
    • Replies: @Guest0206
    , @Realist
  41. Western Civilization has abandoned both the Enlightenment and the Church. Trans Ideology and Negrolatry are now governing principles. There is nothing Trump or anybody else can do about it. Westerners who have not yet adopted self hatred are of course appalled. They must realize that separation from the Old Republic is the only way forward for them. If the remnant of White America cannot unite and secede they will become the subjects of One Party Rule on the Chinese Communist model.

    Kushner or Nancy? No good can come from the District Of Corruption.

    • Agree: Alden
  42. anon[327] • Disclaimer says:

    Biden leads Trump among college-educated whites by 28 points

    Only among the brain-dead educated.

    Trump will get 74% Nov 03.

    Kushner still needs to not only go but to be booted.

  43. @Richard B

    This is not my writing, Richard – it’s from Washington Watcher II*:

    … he’s going to lose the election if he sticks to Jared Kushner’s agenda.

    My point is that, whether Kushner’s agenda gets Trump elected or not, what difference does it make then? A 2nd term with as few accomplishments as this one is nothing to go out an campaign for (on my part).


    * Yes, there is a “Washington Watcher” original on VDare too – been following the site for a long time.

    • Agree: Richard B
    • Replies: @Richard B
  44. jsigur says:

    Anyone voting for Trump a second time after being thrown under the bus to cater to Jews would be an idiot.Both the left and right is Jew-owned.

  45. Guest0206 says:

    Do that and your Dealey Plaza, Dallas is guaranteed

    • Agree: Curmudgeon, Iris
    • Replies: @Harold Smith
  46. @Boomer Lives Matter

    I actually think they had something to do with Trump getting elected, indirectly, of course. Ann Coulter has read, and known of, VDare, for years. Her book Adios America took a whole lot from the facts given out daily at that site, and her book is said to have been what got Trump going on this issue. In the long run, no, this didn’t help, because Trump has been nothing but a stupid bullshitter, with a few bright moments.

    Dude, you sound idiotic here. Do you think if Peter Brimelow* were in office, he wouldn’t do anything and everything he could for this one issue? That goes for a hundred people that write there (or for them).


    * He wrote Alien Nation about the immigration issue in 1992, for cryin’ out loud. This was back when a moratorium could have truly saved the country, and well before your days of twitter-rage that are doing fuck-all to change anything (just glanced at your tweets – occasional humor there, but who reads that crap?).

  47. Realist says:

    End all wars now. Bring all the troops home, including from Korea, Japan, and Europe. Lift all sanctions. Rejoin JCPOA.

    Too late…should have been done 10 seconds after he was sworn in.

  48. Z-man says:

    Biden leads Trump among college-educated whites by 28 points [Biden Takes Dominant Lead as Voters Reject Trump on Virus and Race, by Alexander Burns, Jonathan Martin and Matt Stevens, June 24, 2020]. The former vice president leads Trump by double digits among all white voters in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, three states crucial to Trump’s 2016 victory, yet he is down by double digits[In Poll, Trump Falls Far Behind Biden in Six Key Battleground States, by Nate Cohn, June 25, 2020]

    Didn’t Trump lose in ’16 with college educated whites? Double digit leads by Biden among all white voters. Highly doubtful. Trump will defeat sleepy, corrupt and demented Joe.

    “In Poll, Trump Falls Far Behind Biden in Six Key Battleground States, by Nate Cohn, June 25, 2020”
    Nate Cohn…ROFL!!!

    • Replies: @CBTerry
  49. Chinese are the virus and that threat won’t abate until we do something about it. And before we get carried away, it would pay to remember that Hillary was supposed to win too, just like Biden is now projected to, but results will not favor him in the end. Still Trump must impose law and order as much as he can given the insubordination in the bureaucratic ranks aided by the ziomedia!

    • Replies: @Harold Smith
  50. @Moi

    I don’t blame you this time, Moi, but I sure do if you sat in out in ’16. Per one of the recent unz posts, an important point is that Trump’s playboy personality, his NY life, his wealth etc., to me made him LESS subject to blackmail, bribery and that from the Deep State. That “pussy-grabbing” business got nowhere because even Conservatives figured this guy’s important issues (stopping the Steve-Sailer-coined “invade-the-world/invite-the-world” strategy) was more important than the Trump’s moral failings. I thought the same way.

    Can you tell us honestly that YOU, Mr. Moi, knew in 2016 that Mr. Trump was going to let Americans down on these 2 issues? If so, sure, you are smarter than most of us. In that case, did you really not care if the downright antiChristaline Hildabeast took this office vs. the simple bullshitter who actually still likes Americans?

    • Replies: @Moi
  51. That, and only that, will win the white vote.

    Right. Suppose those Black folk who just want to get along decide that riots are not in their best interest. What’s to keep them from voting for Trump? Hmmmm. Deplorables don’t all have to be white. What happens in the voting booth is still between you and your God. Even if you are Black.

    Or is this just more bovine fertilizer cooked up by the propaganda factory.

  52. Exile says:

    There is no “Kushner agenda” – there is Trump’s agenda.

    I bought this cope back in the day but in hindsight it is clearly ridiculous.

    The idea that a nobody Fredo-tier nepot-prince like Jared is somehow pulling the strings of an old-school bull-shabbos-goy operator like Donald Trump isn’t credible.

    Trump’s amen-chorus fooled me for a couple of years by using Jared as their bete-noir & foil but I can’t believe it anymore.

    Trump is responsible for Trump’s decisions. If someone is pulling his strings, it’s on him to name them or I’m still holding him responsible. There’s no other practical way to approach this.

    • Agree: Robert Dolan
    • Disagree: VinnyVette
    • Replies: @Mr. Anon
  53. @Guest0206

    Better to sacrifice the whole world to the WW3 that the zionists want rather than to risk a theoretical “Dealy Plaza” right?

  54. It makes no difference which of the zionist controlled puppets win, the real winner is the zionists and their greater Israel agenda of destroying the middle east, the demon-rat and republi-con parties are just trojan horses for the zionists.

    Both parties are carrying forward the coronavirus scam for the destruction of America, coronavirus is one of the biggest scams ever perpetrated on America, with the exception of the FED, which is the biggest scam.

    Read The Protocols of Zion and The Controversy of Zion by Douglas Reed.

  55. CBTerry says:

    I wish I could share your enthusiasm, but I cannot. I am from Michigan, one of the key battleground states. In 2016 the energy for Trump was almost palpable. Early on the rural landscape was dotted with Hillary signs. Eventually a few Trump ones sprouted up. The few turned into many and finally a near deluge. On the eve of the election my wife and I noticed at least one early Hillary sign taken down (yes, it may have been theft, but in this area, peer pressure and being with the in-crowd are far more likely explanations).

    There was the usual legal cheating going on in Detroit. For example, a machine would register say 100 votes for Hillary, but there would only be say six actual physical ballots to go with them; the other 94 physical ballots were missing. Obviously they never existed; those six were just run through the machine multiple times. Remember the aborted attempts by the Democrats to do a recount? This was humorous, but highlighted a terrible problem: in Michigan, you can only do a recount if the paper ballots match the counted ballots. Yes, read that again, it still does not make sense. It is a system designed to allow cheating on a massive scale (hence my phrase, legal cheating).

    Fast forward to now. It is early, but I sense little enthusiasm for Trump. His demographic has decreased because of mortality. Young people who did not vote four years ago but can now are holding up BLM signs while standing in hula hoops to keep their social distancing (no, I am not making this up). Nothing has been done to change Michigan’s legal cheating, and this time the Democrat machine will not be asleep at the wheel.

    • Replies: @Z-man
  56. Alden says:
    @Boomer Lives Matter

    The non profit sector is very lucrative and one of the biggest sectors in the economy. Non profit workers don’t sell a product. They sell themselves and call it fundraising.

  57. @Really No Shit

    “Chinese are the virus and that threat won’t abate until we do something about it. ”

    If that’s how you feel, why not get off your cowardly ass, grab your rifle, get over to China and “do something about it”? Why not lead by example for a change instead of ranting from the safety and security of your mom’s basement?

  58. Exile says:

    If you think like this, you’re the guy Brad’s talking about when he says “we already have their votes.”

    Your vote is free – taken for granted – no need to serve your priorities, agenda or values.

    Republicans have done this to you all of your life. If you don’t ever deny them your vote because “Demonrats are worse,” you will die with none of your agenda accomplished. It’s that simple.

    • Agree: Whitewolf
    • Replies: @jsinton
  59. MLK says:

    I’ll make an effort to be concise.

    The polls are Fake. They are engineered in furtherance of The Narrative.

    The risk to Trump’s reelection derives from the Democrats plan to greatly beef up their capacity to steal the election through voter fraud.

    Everything that you’re seeing is downstream the downstream predicate. Give the devil’s their due, they’re sticking to the plan.

    Beginning with the primaries, they and their Allied Media have conditioned everyone out of the idea that we can any longer know the results of an election on election night, regardless of the eventually declared winner and margin.

    They’ve exploited the virus to force through mass mailing of ballots and Mail-In-Balloting, and then opportunistically promoted Democrats taking to the streets to express their “rage” to increase infection rates as cover for Sleepy Joe and his non-convention.

    While I understand why some people believe it, it doesn’t make any sense that the riots, arson and violence was planned by Democrats and their Allied Media, with the exception of the assault to and around the White House.

    Don’t believe the Fake News, Trump has made gains with blacks and Hispanics.

    The weak spot for Trump remains college educated whites, a subset of whom did rather well and had a place in Obama’s new woke world. They expected their children to be winners on the backs of working and lower middle classes.

    • Replies: @Robert Dolan
    , @Olorin
  60. anon[257] • Disclaimer says:

    One can’t be neutral or disinterested in this fight against Zionism. Christians uninterested in Zionism and anti Zionists Jews were marginalized or often sabotaged by insertions of key zionists in Wilson and Roosevelt administrations . Frankfurter planted disciples of zionism in state department ,in delegation, in gate keeping of in formation . This was mostly recently and most blatantly repeated in Bush Cheney administration as Powell helplessly watched it happen in his own department . Clinton administration openly invited it .

    Kushner is such a plant but of more blunt more in your face kind of plant .But no one will even try to expose or mention it .Its open secret . After measuring US and Israel by same touchstones of sufferings at the hands of the same terrorist and reaching the conclusion made also by Israel ,USA had already given Israel the custody of the moral power and the ingredients of the propaganda . To get out of this existential hole a lot of self- refutation and open self -examination would be required . It would mean denigration of self at least -the self built around last 17 years .

    Israel operates on this fault line and also lays down new fault lines . It’s a systemic risk . USA cant undo without undoing itself on many fronts . Trump administration cant liberate itself from Kushner
    just like USA couldn’t from AJC ZOA FDD AIPAC JINSEA ADL AEI Brandeis, Silver, Abba, Wise, Kissinger Solraz Liberman Lantos or Engel or Wolfowiotz or Kagan or Kaplan .

  61. Rurik says:

    some refreshing candor from a solder of ‘wokeness’

    they think it, and indeed, the whole ‘immigration reform’ and ‘refugees’ and Barbara Spectre’s ‘saving Europe’- is stripped bare: ‘we need to fuck their women so they have half-black kids’.

    The guy simply says aloud what they’re all thinking…

    I wonder how many ‘woke’ whites agree with this man. Probably most the white females, but how many of the woke white males agree with this activist’s ‘solutions’?

    • Replies: @KenH
  62. Anonymous[179] • Disclaimer says:

    It’s “lose” not “loose”. The latter is what your girlfriend is after a night with me.

  63. DanFromCT says:

    We need to do a whole lot better than vaguely arm ourselves since the coming door-to-door gun confiscation will effectively disarm only whites and probably be carried out with an end run around the local police. Obama wasn’t bluffing or joking when he promised a national security force that’d be larger, better funded, and better equipped than the US military. “Antifas” aren’t training with high-powered rifles and pistols at shooting ranges for the fun of it. It would seem a little late to give a damn about the Republicans, who’ve disappeared up theirs own asses, or pay much attention to a White House answering the left’s overt acts of war with empty taunts excusing a lack of will so total it has the entire world gasping in disbelief.

  64. Alden says:

    Every president since Truman has been anti White.

    Republican Eisenhower violated Posse comatus when he sent tanks and the army to shove bayonets at White girls thus subjecting White children to 12 years of horror at the hands of black thugs and bullies Affirmative action Nixon the republican was the most anti White president of all of them
    Conservative hero Regean was also anti White with his amnesty for illegals and enthusiasm for moving manufacturing to China. He also could have, but refused to order his DOJ to go after Boesky and other corporate raiders who did hostile crooked takeovers of big companies for the purpose of looting the pension funds and selling the real estate.

    The president isn’t Henry 8 who could effect total change of religion in a few years. The President isn’t Peter or Catherine the great of Russia. He’s not Napoleon Mussolini or Lenin. American presidents aren’t messiahs who’ll improve things

    American presidents are constrained by the federal courts and congress. and the powers that be that elect congress and install judges. Only 2 presidents ever defied a federal court order, Jackson and Lincoln.

    The last American President who actually did what he promised and rammed his program through Congress and even more importantly the federal courts was Franklin Roosevelt, love him or hate him, he did what he promised he’d do.

    I just can’t understand why anyone the age of most UNZ commenters thinks any president can do anything to help Whites.

    Israel? Bush 1 is the only recent president who ever defied Israel. He refused to disburse funds to Israel until Israel removed Jewish settlers from illegally seized Palestinian land The Jews booted him out of office because of that. The Jews are more powerful now than they were 30 years ago.

    My main reason for voting Republican is that the liberals who hate republicans also hate me. The best thing about electing a Republican President is to see the liberals go berserk with angst despair and hatred.

    • Troll: VinnyVette
  65. Guest0206 says:

    Trump will win because he needs diplomatic immunity against international
    arrest warrant issued by Iran over the killing of Soleimani

  66. Cameliani says:
    @Achmed E. Newman

    I think Trump’s strategy is based on having to outsmart the loan shark club, by not being baited by them. That means he cannot plan his strategy ahead of time but has to react to their daily changing challenges. The club (and most of America) had all kinds of expectations of him in handling the virus and the riots, but to avoid giving them ammunition, he had to choose between satisfying all the many armchair “would-be-better” Presidents or taking the unpopular (but ultimately wiser) route.

    Having watched all his old interviews (1980/90) against observing what he says now, I conclude that he does have morals. Time will tell!

    Remember!….whatever you dislike in others, is reflected inside yourself. Most critics of another’s character, should look in the mirror before they speak.

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  67. Does Jared run the GOP too? The whole party is all rolling for BLM, and Antifa. All of which makes me think the American color flag revolution is a lobbyist and deep state operation. Creepy Jared is just a symptom of the real problem. Its the GOP traitors that are the problem, which leads back to Trump and the GOP.

    By the way if I see one more clip racist Joe spouting law and order, I might just like him. Nah… but it still is better than anything the tweeter in chief comes up with.

  68. @MLK


    The riots and violence weren’t planned?

    How many stupid pills have you had today?

    • Replies: @Thirdtwin
  69. Pindos says:

    while you’re led to the gallows you can mutter that you were right all along.

    • Replies: @Jim Christian
  70. I voted for Trump, even knowing he’d break his campaign promises – that is what candidates do.

    I just thought he loved America far more than his commie opponent but his non-response to the riots in the streets convinced me he is mostly blather and bullshit and a easily manipulated goy.

    When I heard him bragging about his prison reform efforts I exploded a few f-bomb and just started laughing.

    Complete and utter joke.

    Why even vote? Its al over…..

    • Replies: @Jim Christian
  71. Anonymous[339] • Disclaimer says:

    No decent person, of any color, should have voted for Trump.

    OK, so both of them sit out the election and Trump loses two votes. So what?

  72. Rurik says:

    My main reason for voting Republican is that the liberals who hate republicans also hate me. The best thing about electing a Republican President is to see the liberals go berserk with angst despair and hatred.

    that’s it!

    I want to see howls of existential evisceration

    I want to see them contort with rage until their bones snap

    I want to see their ‘tears of unfathomable sadness’

    I know it doesn’t make much difference in policy, the ZUS is doomed. But at least we can have some fun along the way down, no?! Someone once asked me, ‘what would you do if you fell off a tall building? And I said enjoy the free-fall moment. We may as well get some fun out of America’s collapse into the abyss, no?

    Just imagining Nadler and Pelosi and Schiff and Comey and Brennan and Clinton and all the armies of ‘wokeness’ and BLM and La Raza and CAIR and all the scumfucks of hatred and envy..

    Please, just reelect Trump for that moment when they all realize its four more years of the big, blond, orange buffoon.

    Not because Trump is worthy, or is anything but another zio-traitor (like they all are), but because his reelection will send such shudders of agony though the ranks of the walking human excrement- that would like to see me and mine all castrated and then killed, and not for anything we did, but because of how our simple existence makes them feel about themselves.

    I want to see Rachel Maddow emotionally and psychologically break down. I want to hear that Maxine Waters has been committed to an institution, and just sits in a corner, staring into oblivion. Drooling on herself and mumbling ‘kill all white people’.

    That’s why 2020 matters. Not because Trump will do anything good, but because as a symbol of Heritage America, he is more hated than Robert E. Lee and Christopher Columbus combined.

    And watching their faces on election night, well it just wouldn’t get any better than that.

    • Thanks: Achmed E. Newman
    • Replies: @Alden
    , @Dannyboy
  73. @Cameliani

    Remember!….whatever you dislike in others, is reflected inside yourself. Most critics of another’s character, should look in the mirror before they speak.

    That’s a new one. So, don’t judge the guy from his 3 1/2 years of not getting shit done, including plenty of things like E.O. or Commander-in-Chief duties that he could have done with no legal opposition? When I look in the mirror, I don’t see a guy who is, or will likely get into office.

    I really am not writing about the riots and the Kung Flu at all, BTW, Cameliana. Most of that should not be the purview of the President to begin with. I’m writing about the main reasons most of us elected the man – to put an end to “invade-the-world/invite-the-world”. Sure I enjoy his BSing about the Fake News, the anti-white Establishment, etc. as much as the next guy, but it’s just talk, much of it correct. It’s not changing anything though.

    You need to find some new life maxims, too, as the one you told me to remember makes not a lick of sense. It sounds like something out of a Psyche Professor’s mouth.

  74. @niteranger

    Trump can’t stop putting his foot in his mouth.

    While your overall assessment seems accurate, I think a whole lot of Trump o=putting his foot in his mouth is manufactured by the MSM. The simplest example I can think of is the so-called Hollywood Access tapes. The MSM manufactured the claim that he said he grabs them by the p*ssy. That, like the latest Chuck Todd bit on Russia helping Trump be elected keeps dominating the narrative.
    There are gaffs to be sure, but most of the foot in mouth stuff is blown out of proportion. As I opined some months ago, Trump could truthfully announce today, that he has discovered the cure for cancer, and he would be criticized for not discovering it yesterday.
    Yes, he is to blame for the fiasco. He ought to have taken Robert David Steele’s advice and broadcast directly to the nation, leaving the MSM out in the cold.

    • Agree: DaveE
  75. Whitewolf says:

    Every president since Truman has been anti White.

    How can they get away with this when Whites are a majority?

    Maybe this has something to do with it:

    My main reason for voting Republican is that the liberals who hate republicans also hate me. The best thing about electing a Republican President is to see the liberals go berserk with angst despair and hatred.

    If Whites are stupid enough to vote for people who don’t even pretend to represent them then they get what they deserve.

    Blacks, Jews, Hispanics and every one else but Whites get politicians openly advocating for them. Whites get politicians promising to end “White supremacy” and they actually vote for them then cry that they are anti-White.

    If a politician isn’t openly pro-White then simply don’t vote for them. Of course this means you’ll probably not vote at all but at least you won’t be encouraging more politicians to take your vote for granted.

    • Replies: @Rurik
    , @Alden
  76. @Hang All Text Drivers

    I imagine he would be called a racist and that he would be criticized for racial profiling.

  77. sonofman says:

    Is the Democratic Party a legitimate alternative? Instead of presenting a party agenda (other than communism) that would appeal to voters, all they do is attack President Trump by denigrating his character and discrediting his accomplishments. They attempt with despicable and dishonorable tactics to force him out of office, or try to blame him for the mess that they themselves are responsible for. If Jesus Christ descended from heaven in the second coming and announced he would save the world by challenging Donald Trump for the presidency, if he runs as a Democrat, even he would lose. On the scale of evil, The Democratic Party exceeds that of President Trump by leaps and bounds.

    • Agree: Alden
    • Replies: @Rurik
  78. “As democracy is perfected, the office of president represents, more and more closely, the inner soul of the people. On some great and glorious day the plain folks of the land will reach their heart’s desire at last and the White House will be adorned by a downright moron.”

    ― H.L. Mencken,
    A prime requisite for politicians is that you must be a moron

  79. @anon

    I watched about 2 of Ventura’s programmes on RT America. While he does have some sensible positions on a few issues, he is Trump dressing as an aging hippie, at best. He buys into the Democrat love, trust, and pixie dust mindset. Having said that, he would be better than Biden.

  80. Trump is running ads on TV here in Idaho. Let that sink in. A state he won by 32 points last time around. If the people around him think they’ve got to spend money here, he’s in more trouble than anyone is letting on.

    I think it’s time for a Goldwater goes to Nixon moment. Somebody has got to go to the White House and tell him the situation is unrecoverable, and that he’s got to step aside so that he doesn’t drag the rest of us down with him.

    • Replies: @Alden
  81. DaveE says:
    @Trevor Blanc

    Get rid of Jar-Jar and the job of minding the goy-in-chief will just go to someone new.

    For sure. It’s a little hard to blame Trump for all this when you consider what he’s up against. Shlomo will stop at nothing to get his long-planned world-takeover and Zion is a lot bigger, more entrenched and more diabolical than anyone, including Trump, imagined in 2016.

    • Replies: @Harold Smith
  82. Alden says:

    Great minds think alike.

    I didn’t watch TV election night 2016 or even the next morning and didn’t look at a newspaper either. I didn’t know who won till lunch time. It was a monthly lunch of a women’s club I belong to.
    It was like a funeral. And all these old ladies were all enraged because they believed Trump would abolish Medicare and criminalize abortion by executive order the day after the inauguration.

    I just snickered and tried to control my laughter. Boomers should keep up with the times. Nowadays there’s nothing wrong with unwed motherhood. The kids and moms are loved and accepted. And welfare can be as lucrative as work. And the college scholarships heaped on single moms even White ones are wonderful.

    But they think it’s still 1970 when in married pregnancy for a respectable White girl was a horrible disgrace. Trump didn’t abolish Medicare either.

    I honestly can’t see why liberals hate Trump
    So much. I know part of it is that he represents the hated White conservative middle and working class. But he’s no different from any other president and none help Whites. Liberals are very pro China and keeping all the jobs overseas. But Trump’s only been anti China with his new trade deal for about a year.

    I guess insane psychos need a focus for their anger and hate, like a poor homeless mentally guy attacking a tree or going off on some passerby.

    • Replies: @Rurik
  83. @Alden

    My main reason for voting Republican is that the liberals who hate republicans also hate me.

    That’s exactly why I voted Orange Man and why I will vote for him again. I’m a Deplorable. I have never been a Republican but I am a white man. The beauty of Trump’s victory in ’16 lies in the fact that he defeated both Parties to win it.

  84. Akindle says:

    So after a few ralliesTrump took the whites in his base for granted. Sure, he thought, the little peons will show up to my rallies and stroke my ego, for them only to hear:: black unemployment low,,Blah,blah, blah….Hispanic unemployment Iow… l love DACA kids blah blah,,,slobber slobber pander pander ad nauseum.
    A lot of white people could use the permanent funding he gave historical black colleges. His First Step Act released even more black felons and he signed his Police Reform EO to appease even more blacks. The reason he does nothing about the rioting and looting and statues being torn down.. Did he really think blacks or black felons were going to for for him? What a fool.
    Suck an egg Dump. You deserve to lose.

  85. Dude, what have you been smokin”?

    White voters are turning away from Trump?

    Turning away to what??????? Biden? Kamala?

    White voters aren’t turning away from Trump.

    He’s doing what he can when he can. He’s the only one who is. They see that. Why can’t you?

    • Replies: @MB
  86. anon[102] • Disclaimer says:

    Vote early and do not be discouraged. The corona was released by our own deep state to keep the rest of the world at bay while they tried to run a color revolution on the government here. It has not worked. Trump didn’t take the bait, so he wasn’t removed by the military. As soon as early voting starts, vote. Antifa may try to pull some real violence at the polls on election day (mostly voter intimidation). They are going to try and make it tough all summer and fall. Lets beat them again, and I promise many of these youth protesters will end up feeling like they wasted an entire summer for nothing and didn’t get paid for their time. They will be disillusioned after we pull it out. They aren’t excited about Joe anyway.

  87. Rurik says:

    If Whites are stupid enough to vote for people who don’t even pretend to represent them then they get what they deserve.

    David Duke is not running, but if he were, there’d be too many white cucks to make his campaign viable. Trump did *pretend* to represent the ‘forgotten (working class white) man’, and that’s why they voted for him. In droves.

    Now we know Trump was largely a ruse, but the problem is Whitewolf, that the alternative is ‘woke’, and I just posted a short video of an Hispanic man speaking the id of ‘wokeness’ plainly, for all to hear.

    Trump has repudiated the calls to rename military bases, because they’re named after ‘racists’.

    Trump Twittered on Tuesday that anyone who vandalizes “any monument, statue or other such federal property” will be arrested and face up to 10 years in prison. And that includes Confederate statues.

    What would Biden (and his cabinet and advisors) be doing in a similar situation?

    Americans are between a rock and a hard place. But understanding the motivating principle of ‘wokeness’, and what their ultimate agenda really is, means that if the empty suit Trump, at least is surrounded by some men and women, who want their children to at least have some tiny shred of hope for some kind of future, then as bad as he is, at least he’s not nearly as bad as ‘wokeness’, who aren’t defiling and destroying statues of ‘bad’ men because they were bad, but they’re doing so because those men were white.

    It isn’t the Confederacy that they’re trying to shit upon and bash into a bloody pulp, no. It’s unapologetic white men living today, that they hate with an apoplectic insanity. Destroying the statues and monuments are simply (and obviously) a metaphor and symbol for whom they really hate – us.

    • Agree: Alden, MrFoSquare
    • Replies: @Sya Beerens
  88. anonymous[868] • Disclaimer says:

    So it isn’t his fault if you decide to go out without a mask and hang around large amounts of people and contract Covid-19.

    The United States is full of stupid people.

    Lol! Your point would be well made if the Orange-utan set a good example with the mask wearing. He doesn’t, does he?

    Indeed, the United States is lead by a stupid man.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  89. Akindle says:

    Trump is not for white people. It’s all a show. No matter how many black asses he kisses…they’re STILL gonna call him racist. His once white voters are a lot smarter than he thinks!

    • Agree: Harold Smith
  90. Alden says:
    @Sgt. Joe Friday

    It’s only about 4 months and 2 weeks till the election. How could Trump’s resigning possibly help “us”? Who do you mean by us, conservatives, republicans or Whites? Do you think Pence will make a good president for 4 months ? Trump’s been hated and denigrated since the day he announced he was running for president. He’ll be hated and denigrated no matter what he does. He’ll be hated and denigrated after he dies. By 2030 he’ll be vilified in every elementary to college textbook as the worst president in American history.

  91. Anonymous[339] • Disclaimer says:

    Many posting here seem to regard the Jewish establishments as uniquely talented — they sound like Jewish triumphalist literature. In fact the Jewish establishment acts like an opportunist. The famous line “Is it good for the Jews (right now)?” is a precis of opportunism.

    Here’s the background to the situation we face:

    Worldwide, political power has been flowing from hinterland to cities. Reason: populations have become too big for the countryside to hold; the surplus goes into the cities. This is worldwide (Aww: Copley, _Uncivilization_). The Third World increase is so large that it has spilled over into cities of the industrialized nations.
    This has led to so much political power in cities that they have utterly neglected their hinterlands. Even China, with all its recent money, has developed its cities and not its rural areas. In the USA we get a red/blue map in which the cities are a different color than the hinterlands.
    The cities became uneconomic in the West about 60 years ago, c.a. 1950s, when they lost their natural monopolies in manufacturing and transportation to containerization, which moved docks away from cities and made a single container the minimum purchase by manufacturers. In other countries this happened later, but it happened. Since becoming uneconomic, cities have supported themselves by the political power described above. (Yes, even China, see “ghost cities”, which mark a capital boom ordered by PRC’s government.) However, after cities become uneconomic, they cannot get quite enough to maintain themselves; they also tend to invest inadequately in their infrastructure (being run by politicians with no input from engineers or even the businesses they have lost).

    OK, so you’ve heard this before.

    The point is that the Jewish establishment seized the opportunity to support the cities political dominance, just as it jumped on the opportunity to excel in Western areas of achievement during the 1920s to c.a. 1960, and as it jumped on the opportunity to become estate managers and traders in the USA’s antebellum Old South.

    Treat opportunists as prime movers and the real prime movers will chop you. Cave Canem, guys and let the alarm geese honk undisturbed. SOP is: Ignore the feint, parry the real attack, and remise (3rd meaning in

    And another point:

    The strategic environment for city dominance is changing. Cities, and the population growth that makes them dominant, have sucked the world dry. The resources to rebuild cities, or even to maintain them, don’t exist (*). Not only that, but the “smart guys”, the “captive screwballs” mentioned by Whyte in _The Organization Man_, aren’t be listened to anymore. There is _no_ hope of a sudden flood of new resources (**) that would save the cities or, for that matter, the increasing populations that have given the cities their power.

    What we’re looking at is peak population, and the end of the world wide political system that made population growth possible. This end will also end the mega-cities, world wide. This will happen in the mid-term (next 30 years or so, maybe next 5 years is things go really wrong) no matter how interim political contests turn out.

    After the issue is decided, expect the Jewish establishment to jump to the winning side, just as it did after the US Civil War, and to claim to have always been there.

    In the meantime, I might suggest looking at the “A country, B country” argument in Herman Kahn’s _On Thermonuclear War_, 1960, ISBN: 9781412815598. IT demonstrates at length the US could survive loss of its urban areas (A country) but not its rural ares (B country). The argument is still valid.

    So: if you want to have descendants, try planning according to the above. It’s conceptually as simple as going to high ground, even if you have to fight the local wildlife for it, when the river floods. Concentrate on the river, not about the hysteria around you.

    Probable winning move: Go from cities cities to rural areas located in coherent and viable regions. Texas is a fair example, being a border state with an intact society, its own power grid, and a seacoast. Set up or join a business or join a business that has moved from an urban area. Make your dwelling resistant to home invasion and decay of the power grid, but assume no use of explosives and that a reaction force will be available within two hours to keep expenses within affordable limits Then work very hard to integrate into the more resilient parts of the local social system.

    Good luck

    * The world has grown a good deal poorer since WW II. Insane people can’t be supported by madhouses anymore, and are allowed to wander loose. Countries don’t carry an adequate stock of emergency supplies. Researchers are supported in numbers enough for political purposes, but the next generation is not being trained and lab assistants are lowest possible cost( Trouble makers in city populations are being bribed rather than suppressed because the resources to suppress them don’t exist, while city populations that listen to government and obey are being ruthlessly exploited. And so on. Cities can no longer be supported, and the rest of the country is being forced into poverty (See: increased White death rate). We’re poor, guys. We don’t have the resources to support a tyrannical state, any more than the USSR did. We also don’t have the resources to support the cities.

    ** although extraterrestrial resources might be available in significant amounts 3 decades from now, in large amount 6 decades from now, in the next Kondratiev Cycle if there is one.

    • Agree: J S Raggmann
    • Thanks: anon8383892
  92. “I think it’s time for a Goldwater goes to Nixon moment. Somebody has got to go to the White House and tell him the situation is unrecoverable, and that he’s got to step aside so that he doesn’t drag the rest of us down with him.’

    Hmmmmmm . . .

    No and no way. There is no reason why the current executive should step aside. None.



    You do realize that we have had more than 200 years of voting pro-white.

  93. @anon

    Forget about Joe. Joe’s a placeholder.

    There will be a black swan event maybe around the time of the DNC convention, that will change the course of this election, the course of this nation, and the course of history.

    Nobody can say what this will be, but Occam’s Razor leans toward Michelle cast as Veep and hubby Lightbringer showing up on all the campaign stages with her. Everybody knows who the REAL 46th President will be [wink wink]. Same as the 44th.

    There’s a reason Obama is the only EX-President never to leave D.C.

  94. Alden says:

    There has not been a pro White presidential candidate since George Wallace washed out in the primaries. There hasn’t been a pro White presidential candidate for the general election since 1944.

    Who do you vote for? The ferociously hating White Democrats or the quietly anti White republicans??

    The best Whites can do is vote for the candidates who hate Whites the least. That’s Republicans At least it causes angst and despair among our enemies.

    • Replies: @Whitewolf
  95. Anonymous[339] • Disclaimer says:

    It’s bad enough to be a one term president but to lose to an incoherent clown is just embarrassing.

    And should I point out that you, also, personally, are losing to an incoherent clown? Have you demonstrated against the street fighters, the flatly illegal attacks on Trump, the padding of the COVID-19 relief bill, the incompetence of the CDC (A. S. Fauci is a flaming fool, “I like about masks because we wanted the them. Those who had masks and didn’t use them because I told them not to — well, we’re more important than their lives.)

    In other words, rather than complaining, get off your rear end and back up your words — unless you’re a Democrat, in which case don’t.

  96. Rurik says:

    all they do is attack President Trump by denigrating his character and discrediting his accomplishments. They attempt with despicable and dishonorable tactics to force him out of office, or try to blame him for the mess that they themselves are responsible for.

    what gets me is whey they say ‘he’s dividing America’

    it’s like Joe Biden saying Trump is guilty of corruption and ‘quid pro quos’ in Ukraine

    it’s like AIPAC howling that Russia is meddling in America’s elections!

    It’s like Harvey Weinstein saying Brett Kavanaugh is unfit

    their hypocrisy isn’t just staggering, it’s in-your-face spine-numbing insulting

    Like John Brennan accusing someone of treason

    Or Hillary accusing someone of a callous disregard for lives.

    For our ((media)) to have spent the last three + years doing EVERYTHING in their nefarious power to divide this republic on race, gender, sexuality, religion and everything and anything else they could muckrake the sewers of human society to find, and blare and screech to the high heavens.. that effectively, it was Trump (and his Deplorables) that have their knees on our necks for four hundred years!!! And we can’t breath!!!

    Down with whitey!!! Tear down his evil racist statues!!! Burn his cities!!! Beat the whiteys in the streets wherever you see them!!!! They did this to George Floyd, like they’ve been doing to all of us POC, our entire lives!!!! And for hundreds of years!!!!

    And then say Trump is trying to divide the nation?!

    It’s so repellently in-your-face dishonest and the opposite of the truth, that it’s just one more reason to vote for Trump. Because the other side are as rotten and mendacious and vicious as any low-life POS is capable of being.


  97. KenH says:

    Who, exactly, are these messages for? If they’re intended to win the black vote, they’re failing. If they’re meant to soothe white suburbanite concerns about Trump’s alleged “racism,” they’re failing. If they’re meant to excite Trump’s working class white base, again, they’re failing.

    The problem is that Trump, with the help of Jew Kushner, is trying to remake himself into a centrist who can please everyone but that never works nor does it inspire most of the base who are right of center. When you try to please everyone as Trump is then you please nobody.

    We need a take no prisoners right winger just like the Democrats had a take no prisoners, America hating left wing extremists in Obama and every Democrat president who will come after him.

    Those tweets are cringeworthy. No matter what happens Trump has presided over the GOP’s massive shift to the left on social issues and confederate icons. Whites who don’t hate themselves have truly been disenfranchised and are the only group without political representation.

    • Agree: VinnyVette
  98. Tetra says:

    Trump is the problem this Jarvanka crap is a cope.

  99. Thirdtwin says:
    @Robert Dolan

    While I agree with most of what MLK says in his post, I have to say that the brick pallet depots, the weapons caches, the police ordered to stand down, the destruction of businesses just as the economy was reopening and the lockstep media chorus excusing the violence and covid risk all point to planning on a massive scale.

    The leftist planners have thus far been unsuccessful in drawing Trump into the Street Theater, but they got him to start up rallies too soon, which are now going to become the media’s vector for the Second Wave. And the left has figured out that they they can’t beat up Trump rally goers and win the optics, but they don’t have to beat them up if the rally-goers are not there. The Tulsa lockout was totally planned, from the top down and the inside and outside.

    Trump is going to have to come up with counter-measures if he wants to hold huge rallies, or he is going to go smaller and nimble to keep the leftists manageable. I hate to say it, but he may have to just quit the big shows.

    • Replies: @MLK
  100. Trinity says:

    The White man and woman has no dog in this dog and pony show called the Presidential Election of 2020. Biden isn’t competent enough to manage a McDonald’s at this moment of his life, probably never really was even in his prime years, and Trump is either a crypto Jew or he is at least an honorary Jew considering how he much he licks the boots of his masters, the guy even has a Jewish racist as his son-in-law.

    Trump has convinced the sheeple that he is the antithesis of politically correct by talking about Mexican “rapists” crossing the border and how much crime these illegal invaders commit, but yet Trump will NEVER address Black criminality, Black on White violence, and he damn sure won’t touch Jewish Privilege, the Jewish stranglehold on our financial institutions, media, government, etc., with a 20-foot pole. Oh, btw, how long is it going to take to build the wall or bring home the troops, Mr. Trump? One of Mr. Trump’s campaign promises was to have his people go after Hillary the minute he assumed office, remember the chant, “lock her up?” Trump has been all bluster and no action.

    So we find ourselves with Biden, the self proclaimed Zionist goy, who never met a Jew ass he wouldn’t kiss and has proven to be nothing more than a career politician who has never had an independent thought in his life. The guy exhibits all the characteristics of the modern day White politician, no backbone, a traitor to his own race, someone willing to do anything to stay relevant. This worm of a “man” would sellout his own mother if it came down to it. And Mr. Trump? Next to Biden he looks to be the better choice, but really what is that saying. Mr. Trump, the man who went out of his way to free some Black rapper from a Swedish prison while he lets Whites who were merely defending themselves in Charlottesville, Virginia, the same way that Black rapper did in Sweden, rot in prison for years. In the case of Jeffrey Fields, whose vehicle was being attacked by Antifa/BLM thugs, yes, those same thugs attacking police, civilians, and statues now, is rotting in prison for life because he didn’t allow the thugs to pull him out of his vehicle and beat him to death.

    Biden is literally castrated and a “man” only in appearance. Trump? Maybe Trump bides America a little more time before it is completely destroyed, but Trump and his useless republican cohorts have sat by on their hands and allowed criminal racist thugs to run amok in the streets attacking people, and destroying property and history. Eisenhower and Kennedy had no problem sending troops into the South but somehow Trump is using the LIE that he needs permission from the governors and the mayors of these states to act. I CALL BULLSHIT, Mr. Trump.

  101. KenH says:

    That white spic has some nerve when it looks like he’s more Spanish than Indian and Spaniards, too, came from “fucking somewhere else” and wiped out a large number of the mesoAmericans. Based on his logic he should kill himself.

    Wonder what Fredrico Reedriguez would think as he always tells us how Mexicans are wonderful people just trying to fit in with a white America who won’t accept them?

    The genocidal anti-white spictard in the video is yet more proof that racially mixed people are not post racial and will not help usher in a post racial society. If anything it’s just the opposite and a lot of mixed race people I know are also the most race obsessed people.

    • Agree: mark green
    • Replies: @Rurik
  102. Trinity says:

    The republicans are akin to sparring partners hired by a champion boxer ( the demsheviks) to beat up on. The republiCANTS haven’t won a damn thing in my lifetime. They always PRETEND as if they are fighting tooth and nail to “conserve” traditional America, but yet they have left little or nothing to conserve. The republicans only use is for the demsheviks to sharpen up their game. The SYSTEM IS RIGGED. “Two wings of the same vulture,” “tweedledee and tweedledum,” “two sides of the same coin”, etc., etc. The republiCANT version of Captain America, Ronald Reagan, was President when the “reverend” Michael King’s birthday became a national holiday, and didn’t Reagan grant amnesty to a couple million illegal invaders as well? Mr. King, the only man in America whose birthday warrants a national holiday plagiarized passages in his dissertation for his doctoral degree, and yet he is still referred to as “Dr.” Martin Luther King, and there is some strong evidence that suggests that King regularly sought the services of hookers and might have even beaten them up on occasion. Btw, these allegations state that most of the hookers were White, so would that not make King a racist as well as a woman beater. Amazingly, none of these SJWs out there fighting for justice are attacking the statues of a Black man accused of beating up White prostitutes. I mean King would be a multi-offender to SJWs, he would be a racist for attacking Whites, a misogynist for his treatment of women, and a plagiarizer, someone who was not what he was given credit to be, a man of honesty and integrity. And then we have the untouched statue of Lenin near the country of Chop/Chaz? Keep fighting the good fight, SJWs, we all can see you are people of truth, justice and the light of the world.

  103. Whitewolf says:

    The best Whites can do is vote for the candidates who hate Whites the least.

    This attitude is why Whites can be a majority and have zero representation.

    Jews despite their smaller population get representation because they accept nothing less. They don’t vote for anyone who doesn’t openly advocate for them. They don’t forgive anyone who doesn’t deliver on their promises to them. They sure as hell wouldn’t vote for anyone who ever talked about the need to end “Jewish supremacy”.

    Even the Blacks and Hispanics would never be as silly to vote for someone “who hates them the least”. If no one is advocating for Whites then no one should get White votes.

    Any White person who votes for a politician who has ever talked about the need to end “White supremacy” needs mental help. Serious mental help. It’s the equivalent of Jews voting for Hitler.

    • Replies: @Robert Dolan
  104. Anon[375] • Disclaimer says:

    America saw the pro-white policies in action, and saw the crazed backlash from black people who interpreted it as white supremacy. It is not worth it. More Trump means we are heading to Civil War.

    • Replies: @Craig Nelsen
  105. HT says:

    Trump’s obvious weakness is his daughter and of course her husband Jared Kosher. Why would a President that made the promises that Trump did to his base turn to a couple of NYC liberals? There is no way blacks are going to vote for him. This is same foolishness conservatives have tried before with people like Jack Kemp and “enterprise zones”. News flash. Blacks don’t want jobs. Nor do they intend to obey the law after you get them out of prison with “prison reform”. Meanwhile his white base in the key swing states are forgotten.

  106. Z-man says:

    Yes I can sympathize with your points but it’s still early and hopefully Trump will get some better advice and stop putting his foot in his mouth (which is not going to completely happen).
    Biden, if he doesn’t die or go to a nursing home, will be exposed for the swamp rat that he is and hopefully your mid-Western population will see this. The thought of having a Demo’krat congress and a Demo’krat in the WH is beyond sickening.

  107. Just dump the skinny thing -oh, but Ivanka will cry. Ask me if I care?

  108. MLK says:

    Admittedly, I was too concise. I was most certainly not saying there wasn’t planning in terms of the riots and violence. Just simply that it wasn’t coherently part of the longer in the making plan I described to get rid of Trump by Democrats and their Allied Media.

    Perhaps you think that’s a distinction without a difference but then you would also believe that the BLM murders of five police officers in 2016 was planned by Democrats and their Allied Media too.

    In 2012, the Democrats initiated what we can call nasty identity politics to successfully get Obama reelected. They failed with it in 2016, though black women remained activated because of Obama, it cost them votes among other demographics, and their Battle of the Sexes routine (e.g. Access Hollywood) cost them votes of black men.

    Again, Trump’s weakness is among college educated whites. It’s been evident since 2016, and has nothing to do with him not using a heavy enough hand with the rioters.

    This author and readers here simply have to get their mind around this segment of the white electorate. The Obama era was high times for them, and their children have a place in the new order. This is the cohort that has become positively deranged over any visible signs that the deplorables have forgotten their place.

    • Replies: @Miro23
  109. Trump’s decline in popularity cannot be separated from the drumbeat of bad, spiteful, and negative news about him (and his faux ‘scandals’) since the day he was inaugurated. Even Nixon didn’t get it this bad. Elite media, the academy, and virtually all of Hollywood utterly HATE Trump. These facts matter.

    Just as the fraudulent ‘Russiagate’ scandal disallowed Trump from making sensible peace with Putin, Trump’s populist proposal to build a wall along the US/Mexico border has been subverted by the same permanent clique of insiders who also use the courts to interfere with the construction of this barrier or similar laws–approved by a majority of voters–that would deny benefits to illegal aliens.

    Trump’s agenda has been sabotaged and kept off balance since Day One. Agents within the Fourth Estate and deep state are to blame. This unannounced program is anti-democratic to its core. Thus the false accusations and bogus investigations have never let up.

    Trump represents the interests of a white America the wants to preserve our nation’s enviable way of life, not to mention America’s European-derived, demographic profile.

    For the architects of our ‘new’ America, Israeli-loving Trump (and his base) are simply way too White for their tastes.

    The game plan is this: if the dying aspirations of white, Christian America are to be quashed, then Trump must be crushed.

    • Agree: Miro23
    • Replies: @Derer
    , @Anonymous
    , @Dannyboy
  110. Mr. Anon says:

    There is no “Kushner agenda” – there is Trump’s agenda.

    I agree that Kushner is no evil-genius. He isn’t that bright.

    Kushner is merely a conduit to the empty vessel that is Trump. The agenda flows from somewhere else.

  111. Getaclue says:

    If you don’t believe there is going to be a huge difference if Biden gets in you are dreaming and not reality based — Yes, Trump has been blocked in much he has tried to do — but that’s the point, nobody will be blocking Biden and the Lunatic “Woke” Corporate Oligarch Agenda — Trump is no panacea but he is LIGHT YEARS better than what we will experience if the Dems get fully back into power — I don’t see how any sane and honest person can argue otherwise. I was a Dem for decades — yes the RINOS stink also but the Dems are lunatics and dangerous to all of us — fully open borders and the De Blasio/AOC “Agenda” — if that doesn’t scare you….

    • Replies: @Trinity
    , @Sya Beerens
  112. @Trevor Blanc

    The two candidates you are talking about, one has an empty skull and the other has an empty nutsack. Figure out who is who on your own.

  113. Trinity says:

    The White savior of America won’t be part of the system and yes, Trump, is part of the system, he is a good ole boy dressed up in expensive suits and a Jew ass kisser supreme. It will take a WHITE MALE from the WHITE WORKING CLASS OR EVEN THE WHITE POOR, not some NYC businessman to bring back America. Hitler was a man of the working class, destitute at one time, a man with nothing to lose. It will take a man with nothing to lose, that has a backbone, and I don’t see that with Trump and I don’t even classify Biden as a human being much less as a man.

    • LOL: Alden
  114. @Rurik

    Pre “election” hysterical propaganda and pathetic pseudo events. Politicians don’t have anything to offer….. they are war salesmen…. I don’t get the attraction let alone full blown fetish

    • Replies: @Rurik
  115. @Getaclue

    “open borders” don’t exist and “illegal immigration” is an oxymoron! War on toddlers actually kills toddlers. Think about that the next time you whine about imaginary problems

    • Replies: @Getaclue
  116. @Whitewolf

    jews don’t get their way by voting.

    jews get their way by being the biggest donors for both parties.

    jewish money fuels politics.

    The jewish vote is not very significant.

    jews use money as a form of control.

    Enoch calls it the “kosher sandwich,” because no matter who we vote for the jewish agenda
    ALWAYS wins.

    The white vote is totally cancelled out by jewish money.

  117. DaveE says:

    …… and I don’t even classify Biden as a human being much less as a man.

    You sound like David Icke (that’s a compliment, BTW) talking about The Reptilians Who REALLY Run The World! (Before he was made to recant ala Martin Luther, for having the courage to speak the obvious.)

    I’m with you – Trump is a stupid, arrogant, lying, materialistic, superficial, fat, narcissistic blowhard. But we’re up against evil that is a LOT more than one creature, human or otherwise. We’re up against an entire species (tribe) of ideologically-aligned evildoers driven by a demonic agenda of World Domination, tikkun olam, The Chosen, the Superior Intellects, Illuminati, “Einsteins” etc. etc. etc.

    Not to mention the many disguises ((they)) wear – the Jesuits, Freemasons, Chabad Lubavitch, JDL, ADL, FDD and a gazillion others ((they)) infil-trait and dominate.

    • Replies: @Trinity
    , @Geowhizz
  118. Rurik says:


    I honestly can’t see why liberals hate Trump

    insane psychos need a focus for their anger and hate,

    Yes, they don’t hate Trump the man, (he’s been a NY liberal since forever). I remember Oprah interviewing him and asking him if he’d run for president.

    No, what they hate, is Trump the symbol of white resistance to white humiliation and genocide. The ‘Mexicans aren’t all great citizens’ rhetoric. The paeans to our Founding Fathers, as something other than evil racists.

    It’s the same with the statues. They’re just a hunk of sculptured bronze on a slab of marble. How can you hate something made of bronze? And the men who’re depicted are long dead and in their graves. Most of the orcs ripping down the statues haven’t the slightest clue who those men even were. It’s simply enough that the statues are of white men, and that’s all they need to know. That’s whom they hate. Not Donald Trump. Not the lifeless bronze rendition. But the living, breathing white men who drive them to rage for their temerity of existing.

    No single man in history did more to hand England over to ‘wokeness’ than Winston Churchill, and yet they demand to tear his statue down too. He’s white after all, so he must go..

    And I get all the butt-hurts feelings and all, and how Western civilization makes them feel about their own proud histories, but what I don’t get is the universal capitulation of others who should know better, in the face of all that hate.

    NASCAR, for instance demanding that their fans all grovel to BLM, and now this

    “A star running back at Mississippi State, Kylin Hill, threatened last week to transfer if the state did not change its flag.”

    “Some conservative legislators explained changing their position on the hot-button issue by warning that the Magnolia State might otherwise miss out on economic development opportunities.”

    I don’t know who has more contempt for white men these days. BLM, or me. If your priorities are such that a running back and a few shekels are more important than your honor, and honoring your ancestors for their heroic struggle against tyranny, then you don’t deserve to fly that flag.

    That flag stands for resistance to tyranny, and an unwillingness to live on your knees, even to the point of death- if need be. But the spirit of those proud people are dead, when the “men” of Mississippi are more interested in winning college football games and a few more shekels in their pockets, than honoring their heritage.

    Let them ‘crouch down and lick the chains of their servitude.’

  119. Derer says:

    “The latest polls from The New York Times poll lay bare the ugly truth.”

    In 2016 THE NEW YORK TIMES picked “a 1 percent” Kasich to be the Republican nominee and then they predicted H.Clinton easy victory. That “expert” group suffers from advancing mental retardation for quite a while. Disloyal to American populace but overzealous in support of Israel is their main agenda. The public record of charitable donation of the NYT hierarchy is quite revealing – nothing goes to Appalachia.

  120. Trinity says:

    haha. I hear, ya, my friend. I don’t believe in reptilian humanoids, but Biden definitely is a snake. One of the most disgusting and vile POS among all the anti-White white traitor trash bags out there, and that is saying a lot. In all honesty at this point and time, I can’t see America voting their way out this one. It will take a miracle and a complete 180 turn to bring America back. Lot of good people were warning White America long ago, but Americans didn’t care or wouldn’t face the truth. Well, we are seeing the truth right now.

    • Agree: DaveE
  121. Rurik says:
    @Sya Beerens

    full blown fetish

    I say the man is a war criminal, a scoundrel and a huge disappointment, and you call that a ‘fetish’?

    butt-hurt much?

  122. Rurik says:

    he should kill himself.


    Wonder what Fredrico Reedriguez would think as he always tells us how Mexicans are wonderful..

    Fredo would cuck on cue.

    Fredo’s a talented writer, but like (the mediocre) George Will and so many others, he knows which side of the bread has the ((butter)).

    And he likes to schmooze with the DC insider cocktail circuit, and so he keeps his columns kosher.

  123. Getaclue says:
    @Sya Beerens

    Try living in reality. Dragging a “toddler” across the border to use it as a shield for yourself as you break the law is the “war on toddlers” — that’s where they have actually been killed — not in your fantasy scenario.

    Mexico enforces its borders strictly (they allowed “pass thrus” to screw the USA but Trump finally stopped that) — as does every country in the world not under attack by Soros and his NGOs and their ilk — but the USA is supposed to allow in anyone in who decides not to follow the law, and to encourage trafficking by the Soros’ allied Marxist NGOs who have an objective to destroy the country, penalizing those who do follow the law?

    What you state are “imaginary problems “are penalizing poor people in this country by flooding people in to compete as to the rents they pay and jobs they compete for — cutting wages. All of this is proven fact but Leftists still lie about it of course. It’s great for the wealthy who like to hire household help on the very cheap — it isn’t great for US Citizens at the lower end of the economic scale who are being screwed. It also isn’t great as to the billions in tax payer hand outs — we have actual USA citizens here who need those funds. The Koch Brothers support your position fully — tells you all you need to know. Grow up.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @Sya Beerens
    , @Alden
  124. “Trump must show Americans that…blah…blah…blah…Trump must make this election about…blah…blah…blah…”

    Seriously? You write as if Trump was something other than the profoundly mentally and morally defective, Israel-first-America-last-hard-core-militant-zionist-extremist and psychotic, psychopathic con man that he’s proven himself to be.

  125. Getaclue says:

    I don’t disagree fully — but what I said as to Biden v. Trump is accurate and I don’t see you actually disputing it — under Biden things will be much worse — would I rather someone more like you describe? Of course. Is it going to happen any time soon? No.

  126. Derer says:

    You are wrong about Trump. To succeed in Washington one has to be a smart manipulator and constantly playing useful idiot role. One has to be able to outsmart surrounding unscrupulous “hyenas” even in the WH. Greater the difference of the pretended exterior from the unknown interior, the better chance of achieving the projected agenda.

  127. Greg Bacon says: • Website

    The real winner this Fall will be Israel. No matter what doofus is in the WH, the free weaponry, money and political support for that Apartheid nightmare will continue.

    If Uncle Creepy steals the WH, then the Dems will want to show Jews and Israel that they can do more for Israel than Trump did.

    Trump isn’t helping himself by saying that Social Security and Medicare needs to be cut.

    If the Dems take the WH, the Senate and keep the house, older white males like me are going to be hunted down, because we’re racist and shit and words can hurt feelings.

  128. jsinton says:

    Two words: Reading comprehension. I don’t think I indicated anything your accusing me of. Trump is a silly carnival barker, and Biden can’t tie his own shoe laces. Choice? What choice? Heads or tails? How about stay home and watch TV?

  129. Derer says:
    @mark green

    “Trump represents the interests of a white America the wants to preserve our nation’s enviable way of life, not to mention America’s European-derived, demographic profile.”

    Agreed. His abilities to manipulate the Washington “hyenas” are hugely underrated. No president faced so much backstabbing from his own party (McCain, Romney, Bush) and despicably vindictive Democrats/Media than Trump.

  130. @DaveE

    “It’s a little hard to blame Trump for all this when you consider what he’s up against.”

    Not this nonsense again. So why didn’t Obama walk away from the JCPOA agreement with Iran? Why didn’t Obama try to start WW3 by murdering Gen. Soleimani? Why didn’t Obama give Syrian land to Israel? Why didn’t Obama move the embassy to Jerusalem? Why didn’t Obama try to starve Venezuela into submission? Why didn’t Obama start a self-destructive trade war with China? Why didn’t Obama trash the framework of nuclear arms control, prompting the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists to proclaim that we’re closer to nuclear war than ever before?

    What is Trump “up against” that Obama wasn’t? And if Trump is so oppressed and powerless, why doesn’t he retire? Why does he want to be reelected so badly?

    • Troll: DaveE
    • Replies: @DaveE
    , @anon
  131. Anonymous[179] • Disclaimer says:

    You are such a fool.

    When do you see the President not wearing a mask?

    Giving a speech?

    Playing golf?

    Whenever the media has a chance to show him not wearing a mask?

    He doesn’t need to set an example for us like we wish your father did for you.

    If you had any brains you would say to yourself, The only time I see the President is carefully selected clips and sound bites designed to make him look bad. What is he actually doing day to day when the camera and press aren’t around to see him?

    Another thing, if you’re stupid you don’t make billions of dollars. You damn imbecile.

  132. Ahoy says:

    @Getaclue #112

    The comment and Trinity’s answer sort of indicating to me that the salvation of America will come through guns.

    It has already started.

  133. Miro23 says:

    Trump must make this election about order versus chaos and put Democrats on the side of the rioters and the radicals in Antifa and Black Lives Matter.

    He could repeat his 2016 campaign promises. Add that he made a big mistake trusting US Jews. That he’s being blackmailed (and name his blackmailers) + that BLM is all BS and he’ll chase them off the streets. Also introduce “emergency” national MSM news control to deal with the fake news media.

    OK, he’ll probably get assassinated, but he’s an old guy, and can at least go out with some self respect.

    • Agree: Rurik
  134. Moi says:
    @Achmed E. Newman

    Trump does not “like” himself for the simple reason that Trump only loves himself.

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  135. MB says: • Website

    Because the choice is to just stay home.
    Which is what they did with Juan Sidney McCain and Romney Care 2012.
    This is not Australia or the old Soviet Union where you have to vote.
    Granted it is becoming more and more like E Germany, but not to worry.

    We don’t spell America with a K yet.
    As if it makes any difference and the “white supremacists” aren’t waving the flag upside down when they aren’t burning it and their masks so far. They’re just tearing down statues in front of the Casa Blanca.

    Granted, he got the JFK phone call early on, posting on Dimwitter is not what he get elected on.

    • Replies: @restless94110
  136. onebornfree says: • Website

    The only good reason that I can see for supporting more Trump for another 4 year round of idiocy is that its going to further piss of the establishment and the rest of the marxist/liberal “intelligentsia”, to the point where the situation will almost inevitably devolve into a violent, defensive war fought by those small [but growing] few in the US resistant to having their lives run by a bunch of elitist, international corps. busy bodies composed of eugenicists, satanists, pedophiles and marxists beholden to the Chinese system of slavery via smart phone, and intent on one world government, mass slavery, mandatory vaccinations, plandemic lockdowns etc. etc.; all purportedly for “the good of humanity”.

    Fuck all that. ALL of these anti-freedom Marxist scumbags [private, governmental, corporate, supra-governmental etc.] need to be er, “disappeared”, and the sooner the better. This has all gone way beyond a laughing matter. Its us, or them. They ain’t gonna quit, ever. No more “spirited debate”, no more logical, respectable discussions of capitalism and freedom versus communism . All that these idiotic Marxist fuckers understand is a 50 cal. machine gun or similar in the face and the command: “back the fuck off, NOW!”, or similar, or worse.

    Unfortunately Trump, like all of his predecessors, can/will achieve very little [except to piss of all of the Marxist one world government libtards- admittedly a noble goal].
    He certainly has no desire to drastically downsize the federal government to its original constitutional size and functions [ as it should be- and quickly] – he doesn’t even appear to have ever closely studied/ seriously thought about the Declaration of Independence, the Articles of Confederation, the Constitution or [most importantly] the Bill of Rights. These do not even appear to exist in the Trump universe.

    regards, onebornfree

  137. @Moi

    I never said anything about that. I don’t get what that has to do with my comment at all.

  138. Dannyboy says:

    LOL…I’m with you there, brother. Trump has been a huge disappointment. A portion of the blame certainly falls on him, but most I would have to attribute to the entrenched Globalist/Jew Deep State and their Leftist lackeys, both Republican and Democrat. They hate the man with a relentless red hot passion. Why? Because he represents the choice of the people whom they hate even more, the average white American.

    That said, I will most certainly vote for him again, for no other reason than to have to opportunity to watch these sick freaks shitting themselves on the floor in the fetal position.

    Trump 2020!

    Because Fuck You Again!


    • Agree: Rurik
  139. Anonymous[339] • Disclaimer says:

    penalizing poor people in this country by flooding people in to compete as to the rents they pay and jobs they compete for — cutting wages.

    Not just poor people. At one time a smart blue collar could take some kind of engineering or science degree and move up a bit in income. Not anymore:

  140. Anon[132] • Disclaimer says:

    MSM credited Jared Kushner for helping Trump win in 2016 with his “brilliant” outreach program using technology, which was a bunch of baloney. It was just more Jews propping up Jews. But Trump the buffoon fell for it and moved Javanka into the WH, promoted JK to be his “senior advisor” and he has been nothing but a disaster since. His idiotic prison reform let out hundreds of thousands of drug dealers, and his love of EB5 and H1b visas caused Trump to drag his feet curtailing those visas.

    The latest H1b 6 month suspension is nothing but yet another gimmick. The biggest problem is the OPT which he left untouched. This stupid program actually gives US employers tax incentives to hire foreign students over native born, and there is no cap on it. Since Trump took office over 300,000 per year has been approved, far exceeding the 85,000 per year H1b cap, while our own college grads, in debt up to their eyeballs, could not get entry level jobs. The OPT allows foreign grads of *any* major to work in the US for up to 3 years, giving them the crucial entry level experience that paves their way to an H1b or green card, while taking away the opportunity for US students.

    Meanwhile, the OPT is the #1 draw of US colleges to bring in foreign students, and these students pay full fee to help prop up the Diversity Industrial Complex and all the progressive lunacy in our colleges. This is his best chance to starve the beast, reduce foreign enrollment so our colleges have no choice but to cut funding on all their progressive programs but no, he had to listen to Jared and Stephen Miller and left that program untouched. What an idiot!

    If Trump wants to win 2016, he needs to permanently end the OPT, fire Javanka, Stephen Miller and Chad Wolfe, the head of DHS who is the biggest traitor to his cause, and bring in real immigration hawks like Kris Kobach and Mark Krikorian. Stephen Miller is a total fake, despite the media hype of him being an “immigration hawk”. He’s left all the work visas untouched or even increased them in the past 4 years, while keeping real immigration restrictionists like Kris Kobach from becoming head of DHS.

    • Agree: Robert Dolan
  141. anonymous[589] • Disclaimer says:

    BUT Even IF TRump WINS then: DEMs already have a Plan B …they will call for a national ultra VIRUS Lockdown to carry out a Coup, SCOTUS will declare the REelection Unconstitutional, The Pentagon will Revolt, Deepstate also..DEMs will litigate to death RED wins to make them Blue..and DEMs will carry Martial LAW to execute a campaign of TERROR ANTIFA+BLM+ACLU+SPLC+ADL+NYTimes+Waspost.MSM news blockout…etc.lootings, burnings, and Massive ARRESTS of MAGA forces…la Guerra Sucia contra Trump..will they kill Trump or exile him..???.a Brave NWO under Jewish ZIO technocratic Oligarchical tyrannical ORDER …2020 …AMERIKKA…

  142. Anonymous[339] • Disclaimer says:
    @mark green

    Excellent analysis, I’m in full agreement. Here’s an order of battle and strategic situation that, I believe, is consistent with your report.

    C. Caldwell says, in _The Age of Entitlement_, that there are two groups in present day America: those who benefit from Civil Rights legislation, and those who suffer from it. I say it’s rural vs. urban. Many say it’s White vs. POC. These statements are equivalent. “Those who suffer from it” include the old New Deal coalition and the old Republican Party. They are being destroyed by a burden they did not agree to assume and can only be found in Judicial Branch interpretations of the law.

    The Democrats (beneficiaries of Civil Rights law) have constructed an unstable system, a “house of cards”. Their stronghold is the urban areas, and the urban areas are drifting out of their control. The urban areas are inhabited by several different ethnic groups, each of which is trying to displace the overall White group that controls of national politics. That is why the Democrats have such a thin stable of leaders — the generation of White leaders who should be running Congress and running for President have been pushed out of politics to retain support for Pelosi, Biden, Schumer, etc.
    Four years from now, the leadership of the Democrats will be POC of some sort. If it’s Black Radical, as seems likely now, the current White leadership will be gone and the Democrats will fragment, probably into into Black and Hispanic parts, neither with White leadership (note the current rejection of Antifa leadership). Party cohesion will devolve from that point, as national income will not suffice to support _any_ of the fragments, neither will any of the fragments be capable of governing.
    So its now or never, use it or lose it, for the Democrats. Actually, “now” is a bit late. I don’t see how the Democrats have time to institute the command economy they need before the consequences of their ill considered COVID-19 shutdown destroys their Party unity and the income stream from rural areas and overseas.

    POTUS Trump, should he be re-elected, has a better situation. The Republican Party fell apart upon Trumps’ election. Trump has partially organized the remnants, and I expect them to stay organized. Trump’s support is the countryside, the people being destroyed by the burden of the Civil rights legislation. Trump need only lift the burden somewhat to stabilize his area. He is in a position to do that, since he is in a position to appoint many new members of the the Judicial Branch. The countryside, unlike urban areas, is self supporting economically, and would respond will to lifting Civil Rights and related burdens (such as tort laws, EPA industry shutdowns, mandated investment into counterproductive areas such as Green Energy [See: M. Moore, “Planet of the Humans; Video, 2020]).

    POTUS Trump, re-elected in 2020 with adequate support in the House and Senate, has the Party and the will to govern a viable nation. The Democrats do not.

    Trump’s decline in popularity

    Remember that the critical part of stealing an election is making the public think that the person who stole the election was actually victor by a landslide. The JFK election was a good example of that technique in action.
    We will find out if “Trump’s decline in popularity” is real. Right now, I wouldn’t trust the media if it said that the sun rises in the East at dawn. The media is postmodernist, so I’d just ignore the statement — put it in the “not even wrong, conveys no information” category. The only information that the media making the statement holds is this: the media made the statement. It contains no other information.

  143. @Trinity

    It will take a WHITE MALE from the WHITE WORKING CLASS OR EVEN THE WHITE POOR, not some NYC businessman to bring back America

    What are the chances of a normal person in money-driven US political game? What’s more, if this person is honest (does not sell him/herself to fat cats), the chances are exactly zero.

    • Replies: @Trinity
  144. Dannyboy says:
    @mark green

    Excellent post.

    Thank you, Sir,

  145. Kushner’s policies are only half of the reason that Trump is losing white working class voters. The other obvious problem is that Trump is bailing out the criminal psychopaths that have caused the Covid hoax, the lockdown, and the BLM protests.

    It is not possible for Trump to claim that he is on the side of average citizens when he has allowed this massive heist, hostage crisis, and cororate sponsored state terrorism to take place.

    He will imprison the protesters, not their bosses. Why hasn’t Trump asked Wilbur Ross and Larry Kudlow to ask the corporate sponsors to stop financing BLM?

    Trump has made no qualms about placing economic sanctions on individuals, organizations, corporations, and nations involved in what he and Jared accuse of sponsoring terrorism. Of course those were not true, but this is definitely true, and they do nothing!

  146. Trinity says:

    Well, with a defeatist attitude like that you can rest assured that Whites will always LOSE. Whites have been getting the short end of the stick for so long that they are like those old opponents of Mike Tyson or Joe Louis, who were defeated before the fight even started. I say IF Whites continue to put their trust in (((NYC businessmen))), career politicians, Jew worshiper, Jewish Supremacists, or some token “Black conservative” ( who probably only pretend\$ to be CONservative) then “the chances are exactly ZERO” that things will turn around and Whites will take back THEIR country. But go ahead and keep playing the same game that has been played for better than a century and let me know how it turns out.

  147. Anonymous[248] • Disclaimer says:

    It’s a little too late in the game for Trump to turn it around. But I am thankful for Trump

    True on both counts. He’ll lose due to being ignorant and weak but his existence, and failure, has revealed the game for what it is. The (((White Genocide Project))) is real and everyone is going to have to take a stand.

  148. Geowhizz says:
    @Trevor Blanc

    White House, Senate, House and Military leadership are all Israeli occupied territory.

  149. You know who can tell you everything you need to know about the polls? President Hillary.

  150. @Getaclue

    War on middle eastern toddlers… behind the aggressive “open borders” propaganda

  151. Everyone on this site sounds like the 3rd generation eastern European immigrants they are…”white Christian European race”? Identity Crisis XL

  152. Alden says:

    Immigrant non White coders have destroyed job prospects for White American computer science grads.

    Immigrant non White medics from physicians to researchers to nurses aides have made it very difficult for White Americans to be accepted at medical school, nursing school medical technology school and all medical training programs.

    Immigrant Philippino women and immigrant Indian men are the preferred book keepers and accountants.

    Immigrant non Whites are preferred engineers.

    I don’t think there’s one middle and upper class skilled certifiable occupation where White Americans are not discriminated against in preference to non White immigrants. Except sales which is more an individual talent than a skill squired by education and certification.

    There’s always law school and the bar exam for Whites. Law schools discriminate against Whites as severely as med and nursing school. But there are so many law schools anyone can get into some obscure law school, unlike medical and nursing school. And anyone can pass the Bar Exam. But that only means certification, not a job.

    It’s not 1950 any more.

    Whites are essentially banned from most middle and upper class occupations Ever heard of the 1968 affirmative action act, Griggs vs Duke Power, Kaiser vs Weber? Computer programming and other tech jobs don’t even pay middle class wages any more. They’re lucky to get \$18 an hour instead of \$15 and 60,70 hour weeks for 40 hours pay.

    Ever been to Seattle and Redmond WA? Ever been to San Jose, Mountain View and other cities in Silicon Valley Santa Clara County Ca.? Stand outside google Facebook Microsoft and other tech companies and look at the employees coming and going. Been to a Dr office or hospital anytime in the last 50 years? Ever looked at college and university websites? If you do you might notice the race and sex of many if the highly paid administrators. Hint no heterosexual Whites need apply.

    Learn what’s been happening in the professional skilled job market for the last 50 years.

    • Thanks: Richard B, Rurik
  153. Geowhizz says:

    You are correct. Tragic situation for goys.

  154. Richard B says:
    @Achmed E. Newman

    This is not my writing, Richard – it’s from Washington Watcher II

    Yes, I know.

    I was going to respond to a line of yours from my first comment as well, but ended up sending what I sent.

    The line in question from your first comment is this one:

    But then, all this happening is not going to be settled at the voting booth anyway …

    I think you’re right. Then again, I might be wrong in how I’m interpreting it.

    My gut response was that you meant it’ll be settled on the streets.

    Was that what you were thinking, or were you suggesting something else?

    And yes on the original WW and II and VDARE as well.

    Great site and am also a long time reader.

  155. The US taxpayers fund the wars on brown babies systematically and claim to be victims of (((white genocide)))……. doesn’t add up does it?

    • Replies: @Richard B
  156. Alden says:

    Yes Hitler was a man of the working class from a prosperous middle class family. Yes he was destitute for a while before WW 1. He was destitute because he’d been expelled from every high school in his hometown and without that degree couldn’t apply for a middle class job.

    In 1918 19 he joined an anti communist militia run by the German army. Around 1920 he was discovered by the wealthiest most powerful industrialists, business men and aristocrats in the country. They feared the Jew bolsheviks would conquer Poland and invade Germany with the help of the powerful communist party of Germany. Or the communists of Germany would effect a communist revolution as genocidal and destructive as what was going on in Russia at the time.

    Hitler was a great speaker. The Powers That Be sponsored and funded him, polished him up, introduced him to the highest levels of Germany to protect themselves and Germany from being overwhelmed by a communist revolution.

    He didn’t rise from the working class. The most powerful people in Germany selected him.

    Without his backers Hitler would have been nothing nothing nothing.

  157. JamesinNM says:

    I will not vote for any candidate that serves Satan’s NWO and Satan’s primary earthly servant, the Synagogue of Satan (Revelation 2:9 and 3:9). Vote for yourself for every office on the ballot, and do not vote for NWO candidates.

    • Agree: Harold Smith
  158. RP1 says:

    I asked of POTUS DJT two things only; 1 – end the ‘War of Terror’ and 2 – build Kate’s Wall. Neither has been accomplished and only the barest of token actions taken towards said ends. I cannot decide of voting DJT in Nov is a better solution than acceleration.

    Something must give.

  159. JamesinNM says:

    Every real American should votes for themselves for every office on the ballot. Send a message and then fight them.

  160. @MB

    If you think ANYBODY is going to stay home, you have been smoking too much loco weed. There’s not turning away from Trump because there is nothing to turn away to. And that includes staying home crying like little girls. Anyone who does that knows in their soul that they are voting for Biden or Clinton or Harris or whatever whack job that is on that side of the aisle.

    Get a grip. No one is turning away from Trump.

  161. Alden says:

    Why do UNZ commenters believe Washington Watcher’s claim that Trump has lost the White working class vote?

    The article is a melange of NYSLIMES quotes. When has the NYSLIMES written a word of truth in the last 109 years. Here’s a good rule; if it’s in the NYSLIMES , the opposite is true.

    And all this boo hoo boo hoo, Trump isn’t the Messiah Fairy Godmother King Arthur Gandalf Joan of Arc figure I hoped he was is just unseemly nerdy and dorky.

  162. Art says:

    Trump needs to do something dramatic. He must show he cares. A lot of our neighbors are hurting because of the coronavirus shut down – they need help NOW.

    Trump must look out for them – he must implement a plan to help people for the next six months.

    1,000 dollars a month for the next six months to everyone who earns less than 70,000 a-year. (Plus support for State unemployment.)

    ZERO money for businesses or governments – folks only.

  163. @Harold Smith

    your mom’s basement

    Sick burn. How do you come up with this stuff? Better trademark that one there.

  164. @omegabooks

    Trump’s Jews couldn’t be happier about these developments, that he is ratifying with his inaction. We’ve ratified the notion that cracking down on violent riots by blacks is racism and unconstitutional. We’ve ratified the notion that mass censorship at the behest of Jews is OK. We’ve ratified that notion that Supreme Court nominees are never going to deliver, ever, and that’s okay, because it’s still “better” than the alternative. Ratified the notion that we have to cave to the homosexuals, ratified the notion that no matter how lopsided the votes of white men are for Republicans, that the feminist and black convict agenda must take priority in order to “defeat the democrats.” Trump has ratified infinity immigration after running against it, he’s ratified pretending he’s going to withdraw from a country, two years in a row, the week before he bombs it. He’s ratified letting Jews raid the Treasury and Federal Reserve print press to a spectacular unprecedented degree.

    And finally, he expects to get his “loyal voters” to stand by him by holding them hostage to “Much worse.” if he doesn’t win! Trump has proven that the Jews can far more efficiently get everything they want by putting in a complete cartoon candidate whose whole purpose is cheat, betray and have his supporters mercilessly hounded, and then get them to support what he’s doing!

    • Agree: Harold Smith
  165. lavoisier says: • Website
    @Achilles Wannabe

    How long will Vdare blame Jared for Trump? Jared is a Likudnick, 5th columnist usurious real estate sleaze who is where he is – ostensibly running this country – because Trump put him there to draw flack. And thanks to Vdare and the like , Jared IS drawing the flack. No wonder they call us the Goyim

    Amen. Trump is responsible for his manifest failures and treachery, not Kushner.

    The man from day one worked to make Israel great again and forgot about the promises he made to the American people.

    Trump is a brain dead fool without conviction, knowledge, or integrity.

    The perfect goy for the Zionists to control.

    Sad the easily manipulated and treacherous Gentiles are in such ample supply in the land of the free and the home of the brave.

    Look no further than our Congressional “representatives.” Traitorous venal whores. Almost every single one.

    This is why the Jews control us. Our own stupidity and venality.

    • Agree: GazaPlanet, Rurik
    • Replies: @California Joe
  166. Richard B says:
    @Sya Beerens

    The US taxpayers fund the wars on brown babies systematically and claim to be victims of (((white genocide)))……. doesn’t add up does it?

    Are you serious?

    If you are, that’s one of the most transparently self-refuting comments I’ve read in a long time.

    And if it was an attempt at irony then it was a joke fail.

    Either way…

    • Replies: @Sya Beerens
  167. Trump still can win the election if he openly will stand up for white people. Colored hate him even if he is licking their arse. MSM call him divider and will call him call him divider whatever he does.
    The only option for Trump is to call the reality as is. That will solidify white people and then he will win the election.

  168. This is funny. Barcelona had COVID-19 in its sewer water in March 2019, even Reuters admits this, and Unz, who claims that China was not the source of the virus, still allows “China virus” claptrap from a racist site that got his banned to be published. Long gone are the days when I came to Unz for information. I now come to laugh at Unz, at the rubbish put up here, and the gibbering sewer dwellers who obsessively infest the comments section of this place.

    As though it matters whether Trump wins or loses. As though things won’t stay the same.

    • Agree: Ghan-buri-Ghan
    • Replies: @anon
  169. Cowboy says:

    So I was travelling through Charlottesville when I decided to stop and pay homage to ole TJ. Now it had been almost 20 years exactly since I first layed eyes upon his homestead but the return turned out to be a horrific existential crisis on how our national treasures have been sullied by jews. The Rubenstein hellhole dirtied the property and the magnificence of the property was fettered and a stench overwhelmed like any other cosmopolitan cesspool. I let my dog shit on the grounds and I hightailed the fuck out of there.

  170. Truth3 says:

    How many commenters here voted for Trump in 2016, and will NOT vote for him again in 2020?

    Answer AGREE if so.

    • Agree: GazaPlanet
    • Replies: @Rurik
  171. Yukon Jack says: • Website

    Trump lost his base because he lied and his pro-Israel policies are antiwhite.

    Donald Trump is a slavish whore of Israel, and Jared has nothing to do with it. Trump got elected, and Jared is just some Chabad racist nutball son-in-law. Trump is responsible for his administration and policies and unfortunately he is clueless as to how to be president because he is a reality TV show actor with no prior experience.

    He is probably be blackmailed because of the Katie Johnson rape allegations and should resign, but because Trump lacks integrity he is holding on even though his tenure is crumbling. Trump’s health is fading as he wolfs down aspertame laced sodas and Big Macs.

    Trump may go down as the last president or the worst. Trump has illustrated how the Christian right is in bed with Israel, how electing TV actors is collective lunacy, how we live in the movie Idiocracy. Trump is all hat and no cattle, all kinds of big talk and no action, a big blustering lardass, an orange orangutan with a bad haircut, a clown, a puppet, a fool of the Zionist lobby, a Vaudeville scam artist, a Q psyop.

    Amerika is already dead and Trump is the dancing buffoon on the deck of the Titanic which is fully keeled over and going under.

    • LOL: Truth3
    • Replies: @Olorin
  172. Olorin says:

    college educated whites, a subset of whom did rather well and had a place in Obama’s new woke world. They expected their children to be winners on the backs of working and lower middle classes.

    I agree. And the massively-expanding-since-the-1970s Ed Biz was the institution that was supposed to deliver this leapfrog of class standing to college educated whites via debt-based degrees…who were driven against working and lower middle class whites. I.e., class-aspirational solidarity over actual-ancestry solidarity, resulting from the vicious recessions and community/family/individual suffering from the Oil Embargo years onward.

    I’ve noted at Steve Sailer’s blog over the years how this unfolded in the past 15 years or so as I observed kids in grade and middle school whose college-educated parents were getting them lined up early for the Woke Train. Eight-, ten-, twelve-year-old children out “volunteering” and speechifying and posturing in whatever the SJW fashion of the moment happened to be…

    …and always with an eye on the horizon of writing that college essay. (Which in at least one case amounted to repeating “black lives matter” 100 times and getting Ivy League admission as a result.) By high school these kids have been practiced and established little “activists,” saying all the right things, doing all the right things, to be passed from one Woke Industry sinecure to the next. I was fascinated, after Trump’s election, to witness the panic in those quarters as all the Wokelings who came of age in the 8 years of Obama suddenly were wondering whether there would be jobs in the Woke Industry for them. For many of them, it appeared to me, the most unthinkable part of anyone voting for Trump was that it represented a view of the future that had nothing to do with getting a degree in Wokeness and then working in the Woke Industry.

    Build things? Restore infrastructure? Pfaugh!

    What those college educated whites never seemed to realize–and working and lower middle class whites did–was that, with nothing but an ever-escalating narrative of Wokeness cranking out new, and more angry, Hegelian antitheses, in the end their kids would be sacrificed to Wokeness in the name of Racial Justice, etc. This is how we have seen, time and time again, parents like Amy Biehl’s, Tessa Majors’s, and Mollie Tibbets’s aligning with their daughters’ murderers. Their own genes can be extincted, but all that matters is not uttering a peep of dissent from the Narrative.

    The alternative of course is for college educated whites to wake up to how bitterly they were played in college, and afterwards…and how eager they were to sell out whatever it took to get ahead. That, on top of all the data and experience that contradicts their own adherence to the Wokeness cult, is a lot of baggage to shed. Especially when the MSM consist entirely of extending the cult’s narrative and depicting massive punishments of anyone who dissents in the least…or, increasingly, can be shown not to have been aligned with the narrative before it even existed.

  173. Olorin says:
    @Yukon Jack

    The New Yorker used to have a column-capping feature called “Block That Metaphor!”

    You should submit your comment for inclusion.

  174. Rurik says:

    voted for Trump in 2016, and will NOT vote for him again in 2020?

    it depends..

    Biden / Rand Paul – AGREE

    Biden / Stacy Abrams – DISAGREE

    For all Trumps admitted disappointments…

    we have no new wars

    Defends Confederate monuments

    drives the leftists crazy

    mocks the ((media))

    drives Obama and Hillary and Pelosi and Schiff, et al.. to seething rage

    Macron and Merkel and Trudeau hate Trump

    I could go on, but you get the point.

    Yes, we’d all like to see him bring the troops home and build the wall and deport the illegals and appoint actual honest men (or women) to the Supreme Court, and so on.

    But his trump card is the unhinged hatred the left obviously has for people who look like me.

    So I don’t want to see Stacy Abrams in the White House, thankyouverymuch.

    I just told my gal today that we seem to be on the fast track to Zimbabwe / south Africa.

    Do you think Stacy Abrams or Spartacus or AOC or Omar, or any of those ‘woke leftist would hesitate to declare all white property to be the result of slavery and oppression, and declare white property rights null and void?

    The situation is dire. They’re out for blood.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  175. snag says:

    Mr. President, get rid of Friedman, Kuschner, Pompeo, forget your pro Israel unconditional love and stop demonizing Iran, if you want to win second term.

  176. Derer says:
    @Achmed E. Newman

    You are underrating Trump big way, the same way 16 defeated self-assured Republicans did in 2016. Trump unrelentingly following his agenda. Of course he is limited by the hurdles from numerous Washington insects from both parties. You have to have ability to read him between the lines. His unbinding tweets are just to confuse the foreign and domestic enemies. For that the morons call him liar. Fortunately, the Washington elite and the dishonest media have no credibility at all and are peeing against the wind.

  177. Possum says:

    And Biden’s going to do better?! Lol! K.

  178. Anonymous[325] • Disclaimer says:

    I think the primary hold up on no new wars is the relative weakness of the US armed forces, US industrial base, and a recalcitrant anti-war strain on the right that Trump’s manufactured cult of personality could not overcome (no doubt to the chagrin of his Chabad employers).

    • Replies: @Rurik
  179. snag says:
    @Achmed E. Newman

    He was doing ok. for a while then suddenly started getting rid of moderates like Kelly, Mattis, Tillerson, Bannon, Gorka and started replacing them with Israel firsters.

    I have a filling that (((they))) have some dirt on him, what else?.

    • Agree: Achmed E. Newman
  180. DaveE says:
    @Harold Smith

    What is Trump “up against” that Obama wasn’t?

    I don’t have time to recite the LITANY of Obama’s transgressions against morality, decency, humanity and common (Goyische) sense.

    Hope all’s well in Tel Aviv.

    • Replies: @Harold Smith
  181. anon[327] • Disclaimer says:
    @Fiendly Neighbourhood Terrorist

    Barcelona had COVID-19 in its sewer water in March 2019…

    Wondered what mouth wash Fauxci used.

  182. sally says:
    @Achmed E. Newman

    i say it again and again, if Trump or Biden, or other lesser people than these two, be the best the USA can produce to fool the voters with.. then something better than the USA itself is needed to select persons capable to lead the governed. After all, the governed have the right of self determination, and the governed are slow to understand, but one they do, they are not going to be satisfied with eminent high school drop outs, gangland gunslingers, and kindergarten graduates, no matter the corporate money spent. Trump lost the election the day he lied to would be supporters who were running from Hillary, about what he would do if the voters would use Trump to defeat Hillary.. So many people voted for Trump because Obama did exactly what Trump did, it was just a different mob that provided the support. The Trump Pence Mob, and the Hillary Biden Obama Mob, the only difference is the color of the gun holsters.

    It does not matter if two persons are selected for the electoral college to elect. one has brain on the left side of the head and the other a brain on the right side of the head. Neither has a full brain or a normal head. Why bother to vote. why bother to argue, why bother to put up with such a situation? Hopelessness has past, and realization has taken hold. the next stage is to confess the mistake and move on.

    At each station stop, more people get off than get on.. ticket sales are just not going to keep the rail-line going much longer.

  183. Ace says:

    the immigration ban for the rest of the year.

    O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!” Another one OUT of the park, Mr. President. A whole six months!

    Equally demoralizing is the faintest suggestion that Trump might think that he can shore up support by showing the virus threat is decreasing, the economy recovering, and law and order being restored. Trump has consistently treated high stock prices as an indicator of the strength of the economy and has pressured Powell to keep the interest rate down on the deck. The stock market is, however, an indicator of our diseased bubble economy and abysmally low interest rates have been the prime reason for that. On top of which there are fiscal diarrhea and monetary lunacy, malinvestment, massive payoffs to fat cats and zombie companies, pointless foreign wars, and licking the boots of the Zionists to MIGA.

    The economy is teetering for these reasons and then there is the immense loss of employment and small businesses.

    Any hint of an initiative to work with the states to crucify the AntiFa filth? It is to laugh.

    And Trump cannot make any points about which way the “pandemic” is drifting because nobody really knows how to contain it without doing massive damage in the process. Maybe he can put aside for a brief moment his obsession with “holding China accountable.” If that’s job number one just now I’ll eat my MAGA hat.

    Nothing here adds up to any reason for optimism but Trump advances aimlessly, obviously without any constitutional, cultural, or political vision. It is to weep to see golden opportunities drift by and Trump squander his support because he cannot and will not act decisively. But Israel’s takeover of the West Bank is high priority for him.

    As far as digesting and interpreting the coup against him underway for the last four years, all of Trump’s energy has been expended to vilify Jeff Sessions, an obviously decent sort whose early support for Trump has meant nothing in the larger scheme of things though he did, of course, make him AG. I think Sessions make a big mistake in how he handled the special counsel issue but long after he departed Trump is still taking shots at the man.

    I don’t know who is advising Trump but his point about how Biden helped enact harsh criminal sanctions for crack cocaine is beyond feeble. There was black support for the original law that created the disparate penalties for coke and crack. See also here

    • Thanks: Achmed E. Newman
  184. anon[327] • Disclaimer says:
    @Harold Smith

    Why didn’t Oreobama Synagogue Negro do piss for America?

    • Replies: @Harold Smith
  185. anon[377] • Disclaimer says:

    Trump on the surface has done everything a Manchurian President is supposed to do. Jerusalem, Iran, Pentagon budgets, Batshit Fed.
    And they’re still mouthfoam-ballistic on him. Why?
    No more pizza for them.
    Take the clue friends.

    • Replies: @Harold Smith
  186. @Pindos

    Makes for a hell of an epitaph, no?

  187. @Mick Jagger gathers no Mosque

    Fair enough. Go vote anyway. At least we won’t have a Democrat like Biden/Kamala on the screen, hectoring and nagging. Just like we haven’t had Hillary for the past 3+ years now. That right there sells itself.

    The rest will be settled in the street, as always.

    • Replies: @RP1
  188. @Richard B

    English isn’t my first language. Why fund a military to fight civilians abroad when you can’t fight a few domestic “protesters”?

    • Agree: Ace
  189. @Harold Smith

    I was looking at some “your” posts and there’s no originality in a single one of them … try not to tax your brain too much lest it explodes and ends up on a chinaman’s dinner plate.

    • Replies: @Harold Smith
  190. Truth3 says:

    Everybody hoping for and advising Trump dropping the Jew Agenda seem to forget he was a pure King of the Shabbos Goyim from the getgo.

    A leopard cannot change his spots, and OrangeJuliusCaesar cannot take off the beanie.

  191. @DaveE

    “I don’t have time to recite the LITANY of Obama’s transgressions against morality, decency, humanity and common (Goyische) sense.”

    Well that’s good, because: (1) it would be a totally irrelevant strawman, and (2) it would leave less time for your Talmudic studies.

    “Hope all’s well in Tel Aviv.”

    Why not just look out your window and see for yourself?

  192. @Really No Shit

    “I was looking at some “your” posts and there’s no originality in a single one of them…”

    Well look what’s talkin’: A banal jewish-supremacist-collectivist-troll finds my comments lack “originality”…LOL!

    “…try not to tax your brain too much lest it explodes and ends up on a chinaman’s dinner plate.”

    Sorry Shlomo, but I only take advice from other humans, and that leaves you out.

  193. @anon

    “Trump on the surface has done everything a Manchurian President is supposed to do. Jerusalem, Iran, Pentagon budgets, Batshit Fed.
    And they’re still mouthfoam-ballistic on him. Why?”

    I believe the answer to your question (and related questions) can be found in the below linked statement, particularly the second and fifth paragraphs:

    “We have a U.S. president who is psychologically and mentally both dangerous and incapacitated. His presentation is consistent with a person who, when his falsely inflated self-image is questioned, or when his emotional need for adulation is thwarted, lashes out in an attempt to restore his sense of potency and command over others.


    We have a consensus that persons with risk factors such as our president would clearly be required to submit to an evaluation, regardless of choice. We must also remember that his position makes him more dangerous, not less: he has the most destructive weapons and the greatest war-making powers at his disposal, but his mental defect also makes him a vulnerable target for manipulation by extremist forces within our country as well as in foreign nations. Our adversaries are highly likely to have his psychological profile, while we ourselves are kept in the dark.”

    Apparently, by constantly challenging and badmouthing him, our domestic extremists seek to provoke him into “lashing out” i.e. doing evil, unreasonable things which involve taking risks that their dime-a-dozen-self-serving-political-opportunist-puppets won’t.

    • Replies: @Harold Smith
  194. I guess you found me out; you must be a genius… at least, in your mind!

  195. Rurik says:

    and a recalcitrant anti-war strain on the right that Trump’s manufactured cult of personality could not overcome

    Count me among that group!

    But I also believe that Trump is opposed to more wars. The way he derides Bush and Obama and Clinton for their war mongering, and the seven trillion dollars he claims has been wasted over there, seem like he’s not into war. But I can’t read his heart, only his actions.

    Biden voted for the war on Iraq. Obama came in as the peace candidate, even ‘winning’ a Nobel Peace prize in the hopes he too wouldn’t turn out to be another war mongering scumbag. But war mongering scumbag he was, nevertheless.

    If there’s one thing the Jews demand, it’s wars. Wars abroad, and wars at home. Wars, wars and more wars are always considered ‘good for the Jews’. Just look at the 20th century! Over a hundred million Gentiles slaughtered, and out of the ashes of Europe, Israel rises.

    So Jews LOVE their wars. If Trump wanted to have the fawning, gushing support of the entire ((media)) and progressive/liberals and Democrats, all he’d have to do is start bombing Iranian assets, and menacing them with threats of a total war, like the ZUS did to Iraq and Libya and so many others. Assassinate even more Iranian VIPs, and perhaps drone an Iranian physicist or ten, and the media would be howling that Trump is the Second Coming. Nancy Pelosi and Chucky Schumer would hold a joint press conference repudiating Joe Biden, and calling for Trump to be president for life. CNN and MSNBC and all the rest of them would be heralding Trump as America’s greatest statesman ever to have lived. And all Trump has to do is bomb the snot out of Iran. Yet, he hasn’t.

    And instead, they’re going anti-Trump with a fevered pitch I don’t think I’ve ever seen with the media.

    Even (CIA asset) Drudge is piling on.

    CARL BERNSTEIN: Trump’s wild phone calls with world leaders stun officials…

    ‘White power’ retweet set off ‘five alarm fire’…

    NYT: President Got Written Briefing in February on Possible Russian Bounties…


    Republican lawmakers confirm intelligence reports…

    You can tell a lot by the pictures Drudge uses for his articles

    And that’s the one he decided on to illustrate the story of Trump ‘stunning world officials’.

    I hope he’s stunning those rats, I hope he’s calling them rats to their ‘faces’. ‘Come on Angela, we both know you’re a treasonous rat who’s trying to destroy Germany, but I’m still removing the troops.’

    The more unhinged the media becomes over Trump, the better a man he must be.

    No one on this earth hates America and the American people more than our media. Not the Iranians, not the Russians, not even the Israelis.

    CNN is sort of the id of the liberal, Jewish-uber-supremacist Zionist Glob. The hatred they have for a Confederate-flag waving Southern white person, is off the charts and beyond the stratospheres. They are the Mona Nelson / Blake Leibel wing of the tribe. And you can glimmer much be watching CNN, (if you can stomach it for more than a few seconds).

    And yet even CNN, would gush for Trump, if only he’d bomb the snot out of Iran.

    • Agree: Ace
    • Replies: @Trinity
  196. @anon

    It seems the answer can be found within the question…

  197. @Anon

    America saw the pro-white policies in action,

    What are you talking about?

  198. gay troll says:

    The problem is the crack dealers, not sending them to jail.

    Fair enough, as long as we recognize that the CIA is the cocaine dealing kingpin, and inner city blacks are their chosen middle men. The glorification of black drugs and violence and gang culture in popular media is merely another talon of the Mockingbird, designed to protect and empower the interests of the deep state. Not only do they materially profit, they endlessly promote racial division and antipathy. And who can really blame the street level dealers? They were offered a lucrative economic opportunity where none existed before, on the back of an extremely addictive and illegal chemical substance.

  199. Crone says:

    I’m hoping President Trump will correct course and earn the enthusiastic support of his base. Some of his prominent supporters are warning him that he must, or he will lose. I hope he will hear and heed them. If he doesn’t, I think your prediction will turn out to be correct.
    I think the President has strong enough political instincts to recognize the danger of his base staying home on election day. I see signs that he is already beginning to turn the ship. But he will definitely have to make some immediate personnel changes to successfully steer to victory. His window of opportunity is closing fast.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  200. Anonymous[325] • Disclaimer says:

    It’s too late for him to correct course. Enough people understand what he is and who he really works for.

  201. @Harold Smith

    I should add that if my theory about the situation is correct, and if orange clown’s handlers and manipulators believe he will not be reelected in November, then these last remaining months of the orange clown administration may be the most dangerous period of time out of the last four years.

    This story about “Russian bounties on U.S. troops in Afghanistan” may be an effort to get the evil orange clown to do something drastic in the realm of “foreign policy.” I just heard on CNN that Biden recently said something like: “if Trump knew about the Russian bounties and did nothing, then he’s not fit to be president” or something like that.

    The “deep state” media and “deep state” agent Biden are apparently trying to antagonize the evil orange clown (i.e. portray him as impotent in the face of Russian “treachery”) to get him to “[lash] out in an attempt to restore his sense of potency and command over others.”

  202. RP1 says:
    @Jim Christian

    The rest will be settled in the street, as always.

    Is this a reason to vote for Trump though, or against?

  203. Trinity says:

    Looking at that photo, God as my witness, the first thing that entered my mind was two rats smiling back at me. No wonder those old “Nazi” films used rats in them. Look at the eyes on those two chrome-dome rodents. Pure evil. The one on the left with the shit-eating smile even has rodent-like teeth and has the look of a cornered rat sneering back at you.

    • Replies: @Rurik
  204. @lavoisier

    What you say makes absolutely no sense at all because it’s the Jewish entertainment industry, Jewish news media, Jewish judges, Jewish tech billionaires, Jewish politicians and Jewish donors that absolutely hate everything about President Trump. If he’s a lackey for Israel as you say why aren’t they supporting him instead of trying to destroy him?

    • Replies: @Harold Smith
  205. Rurik says:

    The one on the left with the shit-eating smile even has rodent-like teeth and has the look of a cornered rat sneering back at you.

    well Trinity, I’m no fan of rats, and have dispatched more than I could count, (I’m a good shot ; ), but even so, I feel it’s an infamy of sorts to all rats in general to compare them to the things in the photographs.

    Sure, rats spread disease and scurry around in the crevices undermining the general health and well-being of a community, but other than these obviously identical traits, rats are relatively benign and inoffensive.

    They don’t intrigue for endless wars, corrupt a societies’ money, and then everything else..

    They don’t peddle deadly pharmaceuticals or foist endless strife and hatred in a society..

    They don’t lie with glib virtuosity or promote Globohomo or diversity or any of the liberal-progressive arsenic that the humanoid vermin are so woefully known for.

    Sometimes I wonder if I wouldn’t trade every CNN ‘journalist’ for a thousand giant water rats each. Or perhaps ten thousand, or a million, or ten…

    Such being the relative and respective offensiveness of a Brian Stelter vs. a typical sewer rat.

    • Replies: @Twodees Partain
  206. @California Joe

    “If he’s a lackey for Israel as you say why aren’t they supporting him instead of trying to destroy him?”

    It’s not that they’re trying to destroy him per se (although that will likely be the result) but trying to manipulate him. See my earlier comments #195 and #203.

  207. Trump’s Agenda is Costing Him the White Vote


    Jared Kushner has no influence, except that which his father-in-law grants him. If the C-in-C will let an imbecile like Kushner lead him around by the nose, he is mentally incompetent.

  208. Sunshine says:

    The thing that angers me is the message that those of us with Confederate ancestry, who aren’t ashamed of it and belong to heritage groups, are “bad people”. Yet nobody ever calls the Black Panthers, La Raza, etc, “bad people”. Only whites that don’t hate themselves are bad. And I’m supposed to want to vote for the candidate that also hates me just as much as the other guy does? What does Trump offer me, a white woman that is proud of that, and her Confederate ancestors, and the Founding Fathers?

    Not that I’d ever vote for Senile Joe. Like Scott Adams (of Dilbert fame) says “If Biden is elected there’s a good chance you’ll be dead within a year”. Any white that votes for him, is voting for their own demise. Too bad those college educated types aren’t smart enough to see that.

    I guess the point here is, we’re all screwed.

  209. Stravaig says:

    Trump didn’t seem on his game in Tulsa. Maybe lack of practice. He needs to ditch Jared and find someone like Steve Bannon (or Steve Bannon) to help him articulate a message. It does annoy me, and I assume thousands of others, when he says that he increased black employment and Hispanic employment. Hey your base is white, what have you done for them? Stand up for your base! Really most of them won’t vote for Biden but they may not vote at all. Don’t take them for granted.

    • Replies: @Twodees Partain
  210. Anonymous[231] • Disclaimer says:

    Trump’s huge ego and stupid remarks have always been a problem.

    He’s incorrigible.

    In foreign policy, his bowing down to Turkish President Erdogan is real stupidity with no logic or gain for America whatsoever. Trump’s financial dealings with Turkey were always a problem when he became president.

    And why did he bring in the obnoxious neo-con John Bolton?

    Trump is out last best chance but he’s blowing it and does not seem to know it.

    As for Kushner, quite frankly what woman (Ivanka) converts to Judaism for this schmuck? Moreover, she and Jared are both social liberals.

  211. Miro23 says:

    Again, Trump’s weakness is among college educated whites. It’s been evident since 2016, and has nothing to do with him not using a heavy enough hand with the rioters.

    College educated whites are the principal collaborators of the ZioGlob. They’re not the top management of the US, but they’re (at least for the moment) a sizeable proportion of the middle management . So they’re the ones who have to conform the most since they have the most to lose in employment /financial benefits.

    If conforming means being anti-white and a perfect SJW’s then they’ll do it. Saying that “All lives matter” is enough to get them terminated with all the career, financial, social and family implications, so they’re going to be full on BLM, and not even dream that there could be any alternative.

    In his day, Hitler understood this while looking at Jewish dominated Weimar Germany:


    “Since the beginning of my political activity, I have made it a rule not to curry favour with the bourgeoisie. The political attitude of that class is marked by the sign of cowardice. It concerns itself exclusively with order and tranquility, and we know in what sense to understand that. I aimed instead to awaken the enthusiasm of the working class world for my ideas. The first years of my struggle were therefore concentrated on the object: win over the worker to the National Socialist Party. Here is how I set about it:

    1. I followed the example of the Marxist parties by putting up posters in the most striking red.

    2. I used propaganda trucks that were literally carped with posters of a flaming red, equipped with equally red flags and occupied by thundering loud-speakers.

    3. I saw to it that all the initiates of the movement came to meetings without stiff collars and without ties, adopting the free-and-easy style so as to get the workers into their confidence.

    4. As for the bourgeois elements who, without being real fanatics, wanted to join the ranks of the National Socialist Party, I did everything to put them off – resorting to bawled out propaganda, dishevelled clothes etc. My object was to rid myself right from the beginning of the revolutionaries in rabbit’s pelts.

    5. I ordered our protective service to treat our opponents roughly and chuck them out of our meetings with so little mildness that the enemy press – which otherwise would have ignored our gatherings – used to make much of the blows, and wounds they gave rise to, and thus called attention to them.

    6. I sent a few of our own people to take a course in public speaking in the schools organized by the other parties. Thanks to this, we obtained a good insight into the arguments that would be used by those sent to heckle our meetings, and we were thus in a position to silence them the moment they opened their mouths. I dealt with the women from the Marxist camp who took part in the discussions by making them look ridiculous, by drawing attention either to the holes in their stockings or to the fact that their children were filthy. To convince women by reasoned argument is always impossible; to have them roughly handled by the ushers of the meeting would have aroused public indignation, so our best plan was to have recourse to ridicule, and this produced excellent results.

    7. At all our meetings, I always spoke extempore. I had however, a number of Party members in the audience, with orders to interrupt along lines carefully prepared to give the impression of a spontaneous expression of public opinion, and these interruptions greatly strengthened the force of my own arguments.

    8. If the police intervened, women of our Party were given the task of drawing their attention either to opponents or to completely unknown people who happened to find themselves near the entrance to the hall. In cases like this, the police invariably go about their job quite blindly, like a pack of hounds, and we found that this method was most efficacious, both for ridding ourselves of undesirable elements of the audience and for getting rid of the police themselves.

    9. I disorganized the meetings of other Parties by sending members of our Party in the guise of ushers to maintain order, but in reality with instructions to riot and break up the meeting.

    By the judicious use of the above methods, I succeeded in winning the support of such large numbers of the better elements of the working classes that, in the last elections that took place before our assumption of power, I was able to organize no fewer than a hundred and eighty thousand Party meetings.

    Julius Streicher rendered particularly valuable service in our struggle to gain the support of the working classes. And now it is he whom we must thank for the capture of Nuremburg, that one-time stronghold of Marxism.

    HTT Conversation Nº 185 8th April 1941

  212. @Stravaig

    Yep, it looks like white working class people are Trump’s base, but he sees them as marks, just rubes to be hustled. Trump was a liberal democrat for most of his life, then shifted to being critical of Obama, as a lot of long time democrats did, and he shifted further to becoming a populist candidate for the republican party.

    Trump holds tight to his liberal democrat ideals, though, pandering to minorities and wanting to disarm the populace. I don’t see Trump as any kind of savior, just the lesser of two evils.

    • Replies: @Stravaig
  213. Stravaig says:
    @Twodees Partain

    I don’t think he sees his base as marks. He had many of his views for years. I just think he is too influenced by Jared instead of relying on his own views. He has good instincts but he should realize that Jared isn’t someone to listen to. He should find someone like Bannon or maybe Grenell who has views more aligned with his own. With Biden we really don’t know who will be running things. But looking at all the democratic cities do we really want them running anything?

  214. @Rurik

    Sometimes I wonder if I wouldn’t trade every CNN ‘journalist’ for a thousand giant water rats each

    It would be better to trade every CNN journo for the empty space left after their passing. Extend that to include every CNN director and even more usable space would become available.

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