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Trump Can’t Defend Our Border, So He Should Attack Iran! Wait—What?
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It is the worst of times and the worst of times—at home and abroad. Unremitting waves of “migrants” a.k.a. illegal aliens continue to pummel America’s southern border, with no end in sight [Record number of undocumented immigrants flooded the southern border in May, by Julia Ainsley, NBC, June 5, 2019]. No truly sovereign nation would tolerate such an invasion, but the “sole superpower” permits it. At the same time, America is on the brink of yet another disastrous military conflict in the Middle East, this time with Iran. [Iran Threatens Nuclear Escalation as War Tensions Increase With U.S., by Paul Shinkman, U.S. News and World Report, June 17, 2019]. No American national interest is at stake. Rather than “America First,” the Trump Administration seems to be pursuing a policy of “America Irrelevant.”

The border situation is so outrageous it appears like something out of a black comedy. “We are in a full blown emergency,” said acting Customs and Border Protection Commissioner John Sanders, “and I cannot say this stronger: the system is broken”. [32% increase in migrants encountered or arrested at the southern border in May, by Priscilla Alvarez, CNN, June 5, 2019] Why is this happening? Migrants all over the world from Guatemala to Angola know the loopholes in immigration border enforcement imposed by a treasonous Leftist kritarchy, especially the claim of “credible fear” potentially qualifying people for asylum. [While everyone sleeps, the courts are abolishing all immigration enforcement, by Daniel Horowitz, Conservative Review, March 11, 2019] Thus, most migrants are not sneaking across the border: they are eagerly turning themselves in at ports of entry, knowing they will soon be released into the country on the promise, which they intend to break, that they will show up for adjudication.

These invaders are being dumped on local communities, seemingly randomly. Without notice, 350 Congolese were sent to San Antonio recently, leaving the city scrambling for interpreters. Mayors throughout Texas, even the Democrat mayor of Del Rio, are furious because dealing with invading migrants prevents local governments from spending money on streets, schools, and infrastructure. [Democrat border mayor goes ballistic over ‘dumping’ of illegal aliens in his town, by Daniel Horowitz, ConservativeReview, June 17, 2019] But the same MSM that wants social media regulated in the name of banning anti-vaccine propaganda is silent about diseases brought by these new arrivals.

The Department of Homeland Security is actually facilitating the invasion, dropping off illegals by bus in communities in the Southwest. [Five Years Later: Murrietta Residents That Blocked DHS Buses With Illegals Prepare For Round Two, by Beth Baumann, Townhall, May 21, 2019] Even alleged cartel members are claiming asylum right after their gunfights. [Sinaloa cartel shootout in Agua Prieta leaves nearly a dozen people dead, by Lupita Murillo, KVOA4, June 11, 2019]

Remember, President Trump has the authority to solve this problem without Congress. The Supreme Court has already ruled that the president can impose a travel ban on certain countries. Conservative Review’s Daniel Horowitz argues the president has inherent powers under Article II to exclude asylum applicants from entering the country, authority that has been reaffirmed by Congress and repeatedly sanctioned by the Supreme Court. [No judge has jurisdiction to erase our border, ConservativeReview, November 26, 2018] He also, as we have repeatedly outlined at, has inherent powers to build border defenses that would not require Congress.

But Trump won’t do it—partially because he has inexplicably surrounded himself with political foes who won’t back strong action. Instead, he’s blaming the Democrats for not undertaking the “simple” measure of closing the “loopholes.”

Yet he has to know (at least I hope he does) that Democrats, who have radically shifted left on immigration in recent years, won’t help. Besides, the Democrats’ plan to simply import a new electorate is working—for them.

The most optimistic explanation: Trump intends to use immigration as an election issue in 2020. Yet his fecklessness in office will be as unappealing to many voters as the Democrats’ extremism. [Trump Is Vulnerable to Biden on Immigration, by Michael Brendan Dougherty, National Review, June 11, 2019] After all, Trump began his campaign vowing to solve the immigration problem almost exactly four years ago—but essentially nothing has been done.

Instead, the president has been reduced to asking Mexico to solve our problem for us. He supposedly cut a deal with the Mexican government after threatening tariffs, but even that is in dispute. [Mexico denies Trump’s claim of secret concessions in deal, by Jill Colvin, Colleen Long, and Maria Verza, Associated Press, June 10, 2019] The president left powerful negotiating tools on the side, including, most importantly, a remittance tax. As in his dealings with Congress, the president insists on negotiating from weakness in his dealings with Mexico.

In contrast, in the Middle East the president has been extraordinarily bellicose. In April, the Administration revoked waivers that allowed certain countries to buy oil from Iran without violating U.S. sanctions [U.S. Won’t Renew Sanction Exemptions For Countries Buying Iran’s Oil, by Bill Chappell, NPR, April 22, 2019]. In early May, the president imposed new sanctions on Iranian metals, a direct threat to the regime’s economic viability. [Trump sanctions Iranian metals, Tehran’s largest non-petroleum-related sources of export revenue , by Amanda Macias, CNBC, May 8, 2019] Later that month, the president said a fight would mean “the official end of Iran” [Trump threatens Iran With ‘Official End’ by Kenneth Walsh, US News and World Report, May 20, 2019]. The “maximum pressure campaign,” as it has been called, puts Iran in the position of either accepting a humiliating surrender or striking out where it can [Maximum pressure on Iran Means Maximum Risk of War, by Ilan Goldenberg, Foreign Policy, June 14, 2019].


This has culminated in Iran’s alleged attack on two tankers traveling in the Strait of Hormuz. [Pompeo Says ‘There’s No Doubt’ Iran Attacked 2 Tankers, by Daniella Cheslow, NPR, June 16, 2019] Congressman Adam Schiff, one of the president’s most fervent opponents, agrees Iran is to blame [Schiff agrees with Trump: ‘No question’ Iran attacked oil tankers, by Ronn Blitzer, Fox News, June 16, 2019], Senator Tom Cotton (who has a relatively strong immigration policy) has gone so far as to call for direct military action. [Senator Tom Cotton Calls For ‘Retaliatory Military Strike,’ Against Iran After Tanker Attacks, by Benjamin Fearnow, Newsweek, June 16, 2019]

Why Iran would do this is questionable, unless it’s just a move of desperation.

But did Iran actually do it? Washington has a credibility gap with the rest of the world and its own people thanks to the disaster of the Iraq War. There were, it turned out, no “Weapons of Mass Destruction.” So now many Americans openly question whether Iran attacked these tankers. This includes some MSM reporters who trusted the “intelligence community” when it was attacking Trump but now want an “international investigation of the incident”. [Ben Rhodes, CNN, And Others Purposefully Fuel Pro-Iranian “False Flag Conspiracy Theories After Tanker Attacks, RedState, June 14, 2019]

This is not the same country that re-elected George W. Bush in 2004. The trust in institutions is gone; America is war-weary.

And regardless of who did it, who cares? What American interest is at stake? The Iraq War made the region more unstable; an Iran War would unleash sectarian warfare all over again. [Attacking Iran Would Unleash Chaos on the Middle East, by Robert Gaines and Scott Horton, National Interest, June 15, 2019]

We can’t even say it’s “about the oil”—the United States is now the world’s biggest oil producer and may soon be the world’s top exporter [US will soon threaten to topple Saudi Arabia as the world’s top oil exporter: IEA by Tom DiChristopher, CNBC, March 11, 2019]. Who cares about Iran’s oil?

There is also a deeper fundamental question. Our country is crumbling. The border is non-existent; entire communities are being overrun. There’s something perverse about even entertaining a dangerous and costly military intervention halfway around the world. It’s akin to a Roman emperor declaring he will conquer India while barbarians are crossing the Rhine.

President Trump ran on a policy of non-intervention and promised it even after being elected. [Trump lays out non-interventionist U.S. military policy, by Steve Holland, Reuters, December 6, 2016] He repeatedly pushed back against efforts to get more deeply involved in Syria. He must now resist efforts to get involved in Iran, especially from those who may hint it will win him re-election.

Besides, President Trump needs to remember the real message of 2016—the war we need to fight is at home: to save the Historic American Nation.

James Kirkpatrick [Email him] is a Beltway veteran and a refugee from Conservatism Inc.

(Republished from VDare by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Call him Angela (that’s On-gell-a) Trump.

    • Replies: @Moi
  2. Wow, we can only go by what we see – is that the idea? Nevermind that Trump has been ever changeable, and has often been playing surprise hands all along so far… the only predictable things I keep seeing from everyone is how ready they are to jump at every little thing that pushes their buttons, instead of waiting things out a bit. It’s probably true that Americans have far too many buttons for any political system to actually work for them, and that there will never be any leader that can save them from themselves.

  3. Besides, President Trump needs to remember the real message of 2016—the war we need to fight is at home: to save the Historic American Nation.

    I am just as disappointed and downright pissed off about the Presidency of Donald Trump, Mr. Kirkpatrick. I just don’t think it’s a matter of Trump forgetting anything. My money would be on some sort of Deep State threats very early on in his term. That Syria warmongering in the 3rd month of it should have been a clue that all other campaign promises were in jeopardy too.

    Our nation is being destroyed right before our very eyes. As commenter “International Jew” wrote here, “It makes you stop and think how trivial, by comparison to what’s happening now, were the grievances that moved the Founding Fathers to revolt.” Indeed.

  4. anon[174] • Disclaimer says:

    “There’s a lot wrong with that description, starting with the idea that we should “heed” warnings from a rogue state. You can read the full story is here.” Red state .

    What kind of state the post – Iraq post Libya post Syria post Venezuala American is in?

    The copyist pasteist ( the person who pastes ) of this newspaper embodies what wrong with American capacity of analysis

    ‘ Iranians are rogue ‘ – so we shouldn’t heed them.

    Taking the same talking point , I can label thus guy a moron and assert we shouldn’t listen to him .

  5. The immigration fiasco is on this president. I am not going to get passed the soldier incident and am not distracted by tales of the CP5, Dr. King or Mr. Simpson enlisted to drum up votes . . .

    sad really.

  6. mijj says:

    the US Gov is like a piss-stained drunk shouting and stumbling in traffic because it thinks it’s a traffic cop.

    • LOL: Rabbitnexus
    • Replies: @Andre Citroen
  7. Omegabooks [AKA "Anon"] says:

    Very simple folks–Trump and the rest of the criminal psycho elites want America destroyed. Why bring in e-bola folks from Congo? to force all of us to be vaccinated with things that will kill us all. Why all the illegals? Because the elites need children to drink their blood or sex slaves or human trafficking or they need drug gangs likeMS-13 to hack us all to death while the elites live in their bunkers or gated estates. Why all the fentanyl crap? To create more homelessness to bring back the 13th century plagues to kill us all while they live in bunkers or gated estates and so celeberity hypocrites like Johnny Rotten can complain about (to hell with helping these people, right Jonny?). so the elites can waste all the FRNs in war with Iran that is unwinnable (but what do they care if they destroy the Earth? they have their bunkers, etc.) and then the tech psychos who believe in an AI god and will “enhance themselves” to live forever in their underground bunkers, etc. And to do all this, they must destroy America. Period. end of story. I mean, the rest of the planet has gien up their guns…and Americans don’t have the balls to stop this from happening (in a way we are ALL trannies now! No one has balls anymore! And those that do really aren’t doing much about it…or are they just waiting to be “raptured”?)

  8. Bolton, Abrams, and Pompeo have managed to put Venezuelan egg on the face of the “Hola” Vice President and on the President of the United States.

    Iranian chocolate is next…

  9. For a peek into America’s dystopian, brown future check out the highly-regarded movie, Elite Squad (2007), directed by Jose Padilha. Available on Amazon Prime. (Really, this is a heckuva movie)

    “There are over 700 slums in my city, and most are ruled by drug dealers. They carry HKs, Uzis, AR-15s…you name it. Around the world, these guns are used for wars. In Rio, they’re in the hands of thugs.”

    “In Rio, peace depends on a delicate balance between the thugs ammo and the cop’s corruption.”

    That America’s open borders policy may be secretely funded by really big Drug Lords is a not an impossibility.

    • Replies: @Rabbitnexus
  10. Nehlen says:

    What’s left to save?

    Why not encourage / accelerate the fall?

    Trump proved we are past the point of deciding this at the ballot box. The Welcher In Chief is tweeting about millions of deportations and the mouth-breathers fall for it.

    Trust the plan.

    Read Siege by James Mason.

    • Replies: @KenH
    , @El Dato
  11. Thinker says:

    I voted for Trump because he campaigned on no more immivasion and no more wars, turns out he lied on both fronts.

    America is beyond salvation. (((Deep state))) has its tentacles all over this country like a giant vampire squid. Our entire class of political, business, media, academia and judiciary elites are in this all together, selling out and plundering from the country as much as they can before sinking it to the bottom of the ocean.

    Wormtongue is running the country and King of Rohan is inching closer to death. We thought we got Gandalf in 2016, he turned out to be Saruman.

  12. Baxter says:

    “Our country is crumbling.” This sums it up.
    That saying “ whom the gods destroy they first make mad,” well, it appears to true. Modern American society is indeed bonkers, for lack of a better word.
    God only knows what’s coming.
    I’m lucky to live in a still mostly upper class white city. So gentleman, I’ll keep dreaming happy thoughts without regard to the decay outside.

  13. “…No American national interest is at stake. Rather than “America First,” the Trump Administration seems to be pursuing a policy of “America Irrelevant.”…”

    Dare to say it! It is not “America First” it is “Israel First”, because that is what this whole anti-Iran hysteria is all about.

    Trump is now wholly in the hands of the Jewish lobby. That means wars-for-Israel in the Middle East and unlimited non-white immigration in the US, wether legal or illegal. That is the dual Jewish agenda of destroying all white countries but at the same time using them to strengthen Israel.

    There is a contradiction here : if the US becomes totally dysfunctional, how can it support Israel anymore? But keep in mind the radical Jewish mind is not logical but pathological.

  14. Icy Blast says:

    Still there are millions of “conservatives” who don’t have the courage to face reality. Coulter is actually right in this case: Trump has “thrown open the gates” to illegal immigrants. Agent Orange is a uniquely repulsive combination of duplicity and stupidity. Time to dust off the “S-Word.” Disappointingly, even some prominent Libertarians who used to throw around the S-Word freely seem to have lost their nerve. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised by any of this.

  15. @ThreeCranes

    It isn’t drug lords. George Soros will be a big one and other massively wealthy individuals and fronts for the banksters who share his visio for whatever mixed bag of motives. Drug lords stand to gain most from a rich successful USA as the major customer it always was. What do they gain from wrecking the country?

    Besides those who have a vision of homogenising society and bringing down the too comfortable (expensive) sheep of the developed world by this means there is the bigger corporate interests and agricultural which rely on the cheap labour who will more or less openly support open borders.

    • Replies: @ThreeCranes
  16. Let’s not forget there is a spoken goal at the elite top of reducing the human population to something between 500 million and 2 billion. Apart from the weakening effect on the cohesion and thus potential resistance from country’s populations by spreading the genetics around they’re doing the smartest thing by their delusions, given they think of us in terms of biological and mathematical terms on a macro scale. Spreading the genetics around will also give the human population a sort of social memory wipe better allowing a new program to be installed and also giving the best chance for a robust new genetic mix to arise out of the enforced admixture which will give rise to many new variants with the usual results seen in longer term population studies. New and ‘better’ populations should theoretically arise. Of course their plan is probably to rise up out of their bunkers like the great and wise masters of the universe after some cataclysmic event they expect or create and take charge, directing and ensuring we’re recreated in their preferred image.

    I don’t see how the plans of these self elected masters of the universe can allow the borders to be controlled. Their plans would require more and more migration in all directions by any means. Especially as in the USA where part of the goal at least is to divide and degrade the nation targeted.

    • Replies: @Alden
  17. As much as the USA neo-cons are liars, and the USA long guilty of false flag events –

    There are non-neo-con, non-pro-Israel reasons, to believe that the Iranians are indeed behind the recent Gulf of Oman tanker attacks, and even have good justification for doing so … Iran possibly must act in order to survive

    During 2018, top Iranian leadership repeatedly threatened that, in response to blockading Iran’s oil sales … Iran will impede oil sales to the entire world in the Gulf straits, where Iran and its proxies have drones, mines, fleets of mosquito boats etc to do as they wish

    In late-April 2019, Iran’s Major General Mohammed Hossein Bagheri said, “If our oil fails to go through the Strait, others’ crude will not either.”

    The blockade of Iranian oil exports led by the USA, is an act of war against a nation and people, now causing huge destructive harm to Iranian citizens, to the point it is an existential threat against Iran

    This is in part because the EU, and even Russia and China, have all been weak in supporting Iran to avoid the US sanctions threatening all shipping, banking and energy companies around the world … Iran realises it is more alone than the Russia-China boosters claim

    The blockading of Iran’s oil sales, is parallel to the USA 1941 blockading of Japan’s oil imports, pushing Japan into war and the Pearl Harbour attack the USA really wanted

    Does not Iran has a legal and moral right to respond to an act of war that is now an existential threat? … Is Iran maybe doing so, via deniable mid-east proxies?

    With Iran’s economic life in danger of being choked off by 5 more years of pro-Israel Trump

    Iran is ready to risk war, with millions of young Iranians ready to die and ‘go to heaven’ as martyrs … tho Iran hopes that higher oil prices, and damage to the whole world economy as Gulf shipping insurance costs escalate, will lead the world to pressure the USA to abandon its illegal sanctions

    The USA habit of grossly lying and conducting false flags … Maybe providing cover for Iran’s self-defence?

    It seems there is a war going on already

    12 May 2019 attack on four tankers anchored near Fujairah UAE, the attack suspected to be Iranian-backed

    5 June 2019 fire in oil products storage at Iran’s largest container shipping port Shahid Rajaee

    7 June 2019 six Iranian merchant ships caught on fire at two ports, Nakhl Tagrhi and Bualhir

    12 June 2019 fire at an Iranian oil platform in South Pars gas field

    13 June 2019 the two tankers attacked in the Gulf of Oman, the Norwegian Front Altair and the Japanese Kokuka Courageous, once again with Iran having good motivation to do so although Iran denies it

    From Bernard on Moon of Alabama:

    Thirteen months ago the United States launched a total economic war against Iran. Now Iran decided to respond in kind … a maximum pressure campaign on U.S. economic interests … Shipping in the Middle East will soon become very hazardous. Oil prices will go through the roof.

    Neither Washington, nor the anti-Iranian countries in the Middle East, nor the other ‘nuclear deal’ signers have so far paid a price for their hostile acts against Iran. That will now change.

    Iran will move against the interests of the U.S., Israel, Saudi Arabia and the UAE. It will do so in deniable form … Iran has friends in various countries in the Middle East who will support it … The campaign now will create severe damage for other countries.

    In mid 2018, after Trump began to sanction Iran’s oil exports, its leaders explained how it would counter the move: ‘If Iran can’t export oil no-one in Middle East will,’ Tehran warned.

    Last December Iran’s President Rouhani repeated that position:
    “If one day they want to prevent the export of Iran’s oil, then no oil will be exported from the Persian Gulf,” [Rouhani] said.

    In mid May 2019, one year after Trump destroyed the nuclear deal, a demonstration of capabilities damaged four tankers which anchored near Fujairah in the UAE.

    Accusations by the Trump administration of Iranian culpability … easily dismissed because everyone knows that Trump and his crew are notorious liars.

    This game will now continue and gain pace. More tankers will get damaged or even sunk. Saudi refineries will start to explode. UAE harbors will experience difficulties. Iran will plausibly deny that it is involved The U.S. will continue to blame Iran but will have no evidence.

    Insurance for Middle East cargo will become very expensive. Consumer prices for oil products will increase and increase again. The collateral damage will be immense.

    From a writer for Kuwait’s Al Rai media, citing a source close to Iran’s government, who says he

    expects further attacks in the future … oil will stop being delivered to the world if Iran can’t export two million barrels per day … let us see what justifications Trump and Europe will offer their people when the price of oil becomes unaffordable … If Iran is in pain, the rest of the world will suffer … Trump decided to pull out of the nuclear deal … Let him pay the price now … If Iran cannot export its crude oil it means the country must be ready for war.

    • Troll: chris
    • Replies: @Moi
    , @sally
    , @Justvisiting
  18. Antares says:

    It is interesting to read that the president has the power to stop the invasion, but then I stumble upon this:

    “Trump intends to use immigration as an election issue in 2020.”

    That is a typical political assessment (and pre-2020). Trump is married to the zionist settler communities via his daughter and will always do what those zionists want him to do. Perhaps he is one himself, it would not surprise me at all.

    “It’s akin to a Roman emperor declaring he will conquer India while barbarians are crossing the Rhine.”

    I don’t take this personal, but that is where I live. Why do you call us barbarians? The Romans made human sacrifices (fights with lions etc. just for fun), they took slaves (f.e. 1 million Franks out of 3 million) and killed millions of people. Is it because they had developed concrete and systematical warfare that they were ‘the civilised ones’? However, besides that, the comparison does make sense.

    • Agree: Fuerchtegott
  19. @Paul.Martin

    Viktor Orban produces real results for the Hungarian people, because he is a real Hungarian patriot.

    Matteo Salvini produces real results for the Italian people, because he is a real Italian patriot.

    In the 1950s, Dwight D. Eisenhower produced real results for the American people, because he was a real American patriot.

    Donald J. Kushner does not produce any results for the American people, because he is not a patriot.

  20. lavoisier says: • Website

    Mr. Trump just gave a speech last evening bragging about all his accomplishments in front of a large crowd of people yelling and screaming support for the man as if he were a rock star.

    Fawning commentary soon followed on Fox News with the usual gang of cheerleaders.

    Meanwhile in the real world 1000 more American soldiers are being sent to the Middle East and no wall is being built.

    Trump has been a miseeable failure on his two core promises and the American people who support him are delusional if not clearly insane.

    What is wrong with us that we cannot see treachery even when it is staring us straight in the face?

    Our nation has been totally corrupted and Trump has been a miserable failure.

    If you are not seriously depressed and angry about what is happening to the nation you are not paying attention.

  21. I’m only sorry that when trump loses next year, he won’t understand why, not even with PROPERTY OF THE NOSE tatted on his forehead.

    • Replies: @Harold Smith
  22. @Franklin Ryckaert

    What you are claiming (in your last sentence) I did claim first.
    If host dies, parasite dies also. Maybe later, but death is inevitable.

    • Replies: @Buck Ransom
  23. I used to read vdare daily. In fact, i have even published on vdare (many years ago, when it was first started). But I no longer read vdare. And I really think that vdare is mainly there for the money. Because it should be clear now to every reasonable anti-immigration american that there will be no stopping mass immigration. Since 2016, the establishment has basically conducted a tour de force, a display of power to show white proles who is in charge of power. The elites are in charge, and I now see how silly it was to think that we could stop immigration. The elites are in complete power in america. And they want immigration, and they are going to get it.
    LOL at anyone who thinks voting will get us anywhere. Wow. Talk about what color is the sky in your world.

    And if you think otherwise, you are deluded.

    • Agree: ThreeCranes
  24. @Franklin Ryckaert

    When Trump said “America First” that was a clue. Unfortunately, Boobus Americanus ate it up, as usual. Semantics. They believed it meant them. People are looking for a political Savior to save them and they are easily manipulated and lead by the nose every single time. They are stuck in a political matrix. They cannot conceive of any other way of organizing society. We’ve allowed ourselves to be reduced to merely shifting the deck chairs on the Titanic. Sad really…

  25. Anonymous[388] • Disclaimer says:

    From Col. Patrick Lang on his blog:

    9/11, the Pomp, the AUMF and Iran

    The question has been raised on SST of the true import of DJT’s remark to the little guy from ABC that Iraq did not attack the US on 9/11 but that he thinks he knows who really did. By process of elimination it is easy to understand of whom he speaks; not Israel, not Saudi Arabia, not Turkey, not the Vatican, probably not the British (joke).

    Iran? Bingo!

    After all, Iran is revealed as the source of all evil, something like the Nazis but potentially more dangerous (another joke) and at some points in history Iran has helped Sunni fanatics; Hamas, AQ field men trained by Hizbullah in Lebanon …

    Ah! Hah! If that is so then the general purpose AUMF can be tortured into providing legal authority for Trump to order any level of lethal military activity against Iran for however long he wishes to continue it, or until January, 2021, whichever comes first.

    Trump has no clue whatever about anything not analogous to a real estate deal or business public relations with the public. A combination of excessive Tee Vee 24/7 news and “briefings” from Bonkers Bolton and his crew seem to have convinced DJT that to be “the man they thought he was” he must punish Iran. My guess is that the first blow will be air strikes east of the Hormuz Strait against facilities supposedly the locus of such horrors as a SAM-7 attack against a Raptor drone from the fleet. (BTW, the SAM-7’s effective range is such that drone must have been in Iranian airspace).

    And BTW, pilgrims, Ole First in his Class is down in Tampaland today jawboning the leaders of CENTCOM (Mideast), and SOCOM (badass commandos worldwide). Why is he there? The Secretary of State has no constitutional or legal role in dealing with the armed forces. That being the case one can only think that there is push-back from senior commanders over the prospect of war with Iran and that Trump has been persuaded to let him do this unprecedented visit to wheedle or threaten his way into their acquiescence.

    If Trump is just bluffing in some Art of the Deal move then we only have to worry about miscalculation and unforeseen events which trigger a shooting war. And with Bolton and Pompeo in charge it’s like having blood-thirsty psychopaths directing a hostage negotiation situation.


    “To accelerate this national dilution

    The Enemy used deception and illusion

    As before, his confidence never greater

    In the power of his demonic theater

    Over a degraded population.

    He broadcast live on every station

    The brazen, calculated murders

    Of two thousand souls among the girders

    Of gigantic towers he demolished,

    Then celebrated as his golem rushed

    Obediently to attack the muslim tools

    He fingered. The mind-rape of his fools”

  27. KenH says:

    Trump proved we are past the point of deciding this at the ballot box. The Welcher In Chief is tweeting about millions of deportations and the mouth-breathers fall for it.

    Just like Blompf periodically claims that he’s going to shut down the border and impose a remittance tax. Then at the last minute we get some excuse on Twitter as to why he’s not following through.

    The only people who’ve gotten all results and no excuses is Netanyahu and his bloodthirsty Likudniks.

    • Agree: Nehlen
  28. @Achmed E. Newman

    “My money would be on some sort of Deep State threats very early on in his term.”

    Seriously? The scumbag doesn’t have to be threatened into doing anything; he’s enjoying himself.

  29. @Sick of Orcs

    My worry is that if the numbers show that orange clown will lose, and if they can’t find anyone else evil and reckless enough to replace him, they may pull out all the stops to try to bring about their WW3 wet dream sooner rather than later.

    • Replies: @Sick of Orcs
  30. Moi says:
    @Franklin Ryckaert

    Anything for Israel. Nuts!

    ps: but dumbshit Americans don’t see it.

  31. Moi says:

    America is obsessed with Iran because of the embassy takeover. How many Americans even know that we overthrew their democratically elected government in 1953. Our ignorance will be the end of us, and the end is near.

    • Agree: Desert Fox
    • Replies: @Harold Smith
  32. Moi says:
    @Fidelios Automata

    He is a unfunny, egotistical, egoistical, megalomanical buffoon. The joke of him as prez is on the American sheeple.

  33. Israel wants the zio/US to complete their destruction of the mideast for the zionists who rule Israel and the zio/US and so at some point their puppet Trump will attack Iran and plunge the US into another war for Israel.

    The zio/US is used as the military arm of Israel and every American who is in the military has been fighting for Israel and their zionist NWO and this was brought on by Israels and the dual citizen zionists and deep state traitors attack on the WTC on 911 which was used as the excuse to plunge America into war and to destroy the mideast.

    A classic example of this was the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty on June 8, 1967 where Israel and the zio/US gov conspired to sink the USS Liberty and blame Egypt and this attack was covered up for 52 years with the truth only coming out in books suck as Blood In The Water by Joan Mellen, all this for the zionists satanists in control of the zio/US and Israel.

  34. Anonymous[205] • Disclaimer says:

    instead of waiting things out a bit

    Waiting things out a bit ended in 2017. Needless to say, the Javanka administration is not what was promised (except to Sheldon and Bibi).

  35. @Achmed E. Newman

    the establishment tamed trump by threatening to prosecute Don Trump Jr.

    They showed him that they could do it by railroading manafort and cohen and flynn…and once trump understood that the establishment can prosecute just about anyone, trump started cucking big time…he really went full cuck over the past year or so..and after he cucked, the establishment and the media started going a bit easier on him…maybe you noticed?

    The real important thing to remember is that voting is going to change absolutely nothing…and i mean that for both GOP AND Dem voters…immigration will continue, anti-white discrimination will continue, censorship will continue, and even if the Dems control congress and white house, there will be no single payer healthcare or student loan relief….

    and wars will be conducted whenever the establishment feels like it…

    we are basically powerless now…come to terms with it…and ya know what? Americans have really been powerless for many decades now..

    • Replies: @follyofwar
  36. Greg Bacon says: • Website

    One has to wonder if the massive invasion of our southern border is cover for the increasing war mongering against Iran or vice versa.

    Africans Coming Across The Southern Border Have “Rolls Of \$100 Bills”

    And who in the hell is giving these possibly Ebola infected Congolese wads of \$100 bills?

    Trump is showing the same business acumen in the WH that led him to declare bankruptcy at least four different times, yet he’s still a multi-billionaire?
    One doesn’t pull off that stunt unless you’re in bed with the same gang of hyenas looting this nation and tricking us into endless Wars for Israel.

    • Agree: Alden
    • Replies: @Republic
  37. KenH says:

    So last night the crowd was chanting “build the wall” to which Trump nervously and quickly answered that 400 miles of wall will be built by election day in 2020. Around 2.5 miles of new fencing (not concrete wall) has been built more than two years into his presidency so at this rate we’ll be really lucky if there’s 10 miles of fencing.

    Trump also said he will fight for free speech. I guess he’ll do that by tweeting rather than by directing the FCC to take measures against the tech giants and their ADL masters. My guess is that he’ll slow walk this so he can use this as a campaign promise for 2020. But this is the guy who vowed to write an EO ending birthright citizenship right before the 2018 mid terms then cucked, so if (big if) he’s re-elected he won’t do anything and provide a bigger grab bag of excuses.

    But he’s super proud of lowering afro-American unemployment to its lowest levels eva. Or so he claims. I wonder if a majority black or Latino crowd would enjoy hearing about the low unemployment rate of whites? I shut it off during his boasts about congoid unemployment. It’s time white people gain some self respect and demand a president who represents us instead of everyone except us.

    • Agree: Sick of Orcs
  38. sally says:

    There are non-neo-con, non-pro-Israel reasons, to believe that the Iranians are indeed behind the recent Gulf of Oman tanker attacks, and even have good justification for doing so … Iran possibly must act in order to survive, <Yes,

    Please be aware that moononalabama comments over the past few days have proven to me at least, that no Iran anything, except to rescue the merchant marine personnel on the ships, was involved in the straights of Hormuz invisible rocket incident. The First Video the USA put out was debunked by photoshop pros, experienced merchant marines and by comparison of event with time lines.

    The 2nd video the USA released (100+ images) holds no water because of its many holes. . if the USA says something about Iran, it might be a lie, and if the media has something to say it is mostly likely a lie. After all, the description of the leadership at the USA, undisputed now for 15 years, that best describes the reliability and honesty of the USA, is that Iraq has massive numbers of Weapons of Mass Destruction.. and nothing is left to do but to invade Iraq and save its people from an awful dictator (1.5 million died in that lie), and then most recently, last year, the western intelligence backed White helmets claimed Syria's president Assad was gassing his own people, when Syria had already destroyed all its chemical weapons under the watchful eye of the UN.. two years earlier.. But the leadership of the USA, on the mere claim of chemical weapons bombed Syria, another statement of fact shown to be a know fabrication, now they want to do it to Iran..
    Iran is no Iraq, its not Syria and its not Yemen, it is a powerful high independent well armed country, with leadership that enjoys near 100% patriotic support from its citizen AWA and 100% dedicated religious support from its occupants. Any attack on Iran could produce not only a world war, but end the USA presence in the Middle East, and will come a very high cost and grief to the America people IMO. both Russia and China are working hard to produce an banking capability that will avoid the western controlled banking system and Hauwei is a technology that has far outdone USA capability, and it has no backdoors, and is set to change the world. What bothers me the most, the 6 Iranians I have met ,seemed reasonable normal folks, . and if the USA were to totally destroy the Iranians what would be the benefit to Americans or even to America.. Iran has much gold, oil and other minerals, but none of those things help everyday Americans. I don't known an America that wants a war to make Iran, join the international banking cartel. ? So why should Americans let its leadership lead them into a war with Iran.. False present or real it does not make sense.

    What bothers me is how disreputable the leadership under both or either party at the USA are, everything the USA does is conducted in secret, all of their candidates since 1945 have lied to get elected, and done just the opposite of their campaign promise, when elected into office and renounced their campaign promises no one has done anything about it; further the USA has not told us the facts about 9///. No branch of the USA military, the secret service, or the office of secretary of state, office of defense, or for that matter any office of the USA can be believed If they said it was raining outside, and I wanted to know, I would go outside to check (Colin Powell comes to mind). America is the greatest nation on earth, barring none, its people among the best, but the leadership the USA has produced has failed those it governs miserably.. IMO. Trillion trillion not one dollar to benefit America..

    Now we have a change of the guard, @ Quiddaffi killer's old position Secretary of State to be Bolton or worse. Pompay's ghost. ..

    The 2 person Article II president and his chief bottle washer, appointed by the electoral college, do not represent America. In fact I don't think Article II persons know where America is, as soon as they get elected, appointed or promoted they erase America from their memories and start thinking Israel?
    Netanyohu dedicated Trumpville in the Goland Heights see..

    If it were not for the popularly elected Article I persons ( Congress) America would already be removed to the Middle East.

    • Replies: @Greg Bacon
  39. chris says:

    Rather than “America First,” the Trump Administration seems to be pursuing a policy of “America Irrelevant.”

    Maybe it’s just me, but “irrelevant” seems to be understating things a bit when we’re talking about starting wars on false premises and other war crimes, causing the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people.

    • Replies: @follyofwar
  40. @Rabbitnexus

    How do you know the banksters and the Drug Lords behind the drug trade aren’t one and the same? Or that there aren’t two factions working at cross purposes?

    We could destroy the drug market immediately if we wanted to. All we would have to do is to ruthlessly bomb Columbia, Afghanistan et al. until their countrysides were barren wastelands. Obviously, people at the very top in the West don’t want to eliminate the drug trade and the only explanation is that they financially benefit from it.

    After all, it’s a monopoly franchise and, since heroin and coke and marijuana are actually really cheap to grow and process, the end users don’t really have to be middle-class citizens of a “rich successful” country as you maintain. Any wreck of a human being will do.

    Maybe one faction profiting from the drug trade doesn’t give a hoot about democracy and middle-class values while the other deals drugs as a social progressive, libertarian, human-rights advocate espousing personal freedom of expression.

    The latter of the two is dominated by those who, as prisoners of their own propaganda, really don’t buy into the stuff Lance Welton is peddling in this article here on Unz: And they don’t buy it because their bought and paid-for intellectual advisers tell them that it’s bullshit. This faction believes that they can have their cake of open-borders, cheap, low IQ scab labor and the eat it too of a government free enough from crippling corruption such that working order can be maintained.

    They need to watch the movie I recommended to see that this simply isn’t true. When you buy into their program you are also buying into that of the corrupt gang warriors, police departments and civil government as well. That’s what the movie is about.

    • Agree: Agent76
    • Replies: @Desert Fox
  41. anonymous[429] • Disclaimer says:

    Seems to me that Trump is trying to walk a tightrope between thwarting the globalist agenda and keeping his brains in his head…

  42. @ThreeCranes

    Agree, recommend the book The Politics of Heroin in Southeast Asia by Alfred McCoy and Compromised, Clinton , Bush and the CIA by Terry Reed.

    • Replies: @ThreeCranes
  43. @Antares

    Agree, as does Tacitus, regarding The Franke. He remarked of the freedom of Franke women compared to Roman women. The Franke, The Free. Also their name for their long spear that ensured their freedom, made of the noble Ash Tree, that grows absolutely straight, particularly, but not only, if grown on a south facing slope, and does not warp or check after cutting and drying. I train with Ash spears I cut myself, very strong wood, so I fully understand the love my Germanic ancestors had for the noble Ash, it grows straight and it cures straight. Cut a spear from an Ash sapling about five feet up(to pollard), and five new spears sprout from the cut point, also absolutely straight. The Franke gave their name to France(Latin “c” is spoken as “k”), and their spirit lives in the Gillet Jaune. The Franke hated kings and central government, Germany was over 300 sovereign polities until Napoleon, and over 100 after, and not united in Federation until after the 1870 war(and of course there is still Germany AND Austria). The Franke, The Free!!!

    • Replies: @ThreeCranes
  44. Pandos says:

    Hasn’t his every move on immigration been stopped by some piss ant Obama federal judge? What should Trump do? Ignore the judges? Arrest the judges? Trump is facing a coup. Is his best move on immigration to start indicting the Deep State one after another until he gets the wall?

    • Replies: @Desert Fox
    , @anonymous
    , @Pandos
  45. @propagandist hacker

    We’ll never know if candidate Trump meant what he said about peace with Russia, but the deep state forces, who assumed that Hillary would be elected, made sure, with their Russiagate hoax, that peace with Russia was not a possibility. They have far too much invested in the status quo to ever allow that to happen. Trump’s tepid overtures to Russia were checkmated even before he was sworn in. When nothing is ever allowed to change, democracy does not exist, and voting means nothing.

    Trump’s long overdue, and perhaps futile, attempts to reign in the border crisis are a good sign. But, as long as he promises to allow more “legal” immigration than any president in US history, and he fails to challenge birthright citizenship, the nation as we once knew it is a dead letter anyway.

    • Replies: @Harold Smith
  46. @chris

    Of course, it’s not America First, and hasn’t been since at least the Gulf of Tonkin hoax, which started the Vietnam debacle. It’s Israel first, last, and always.

    • Replies: @nsa
  47. @Pandos

    Trump has all the authority he needs under the Constitution to stop the illegal invasion but is playing games as the zionists who control Trump and the government want open borders and a North American Union with a new currency the Amero, so the borders no longer exist, courtesy of the zionist controllers of the zio/US.

    • Replies: @Alden
  48. nsa says:

    “Mr. Trumpstein gave a speech…..”
    At the Amway Center, no less……which is poetic. Venture a guess that the gullible attendees are the same credulous low rent boomers who participated in the Scamway multi-level marketing hustle wherein morons attempted to sell detergent to their relatives and neighbors. The only difference is Trumpstein offers kosher snake oil instead of dish soap……..

    • Replies: @ThreeCranes
  49. anonymous[340] • Disclaimer says:

    You need to realize that this is just another chapter in the story of electoral politics. You vote, you wait, you get lied to, you excuse, and then you vote again. This is how the people who want to run the world from Washington channel and harmlessly blow off the dissent.

    I have posted dozens of times what Linh Dinh wrote here at TUR on June 12, 2016:

    “In 2008, Obama was touted as a political outsider who will hose away all of the rot and bloody criminality of the Bush years. He turned out to be a deft move by our ruling class. Though fools still refuse to see it, Obama is a perfect servant of our military banking complex. Now, Trump is being trumpeted as another political outsider.

    A Trump presidency will temporarily appease restless, lower class whites, while serving as a magnet for liberal anger. This will buy our ruling class time as they continue to wage war abroad while impoverishing Americans back home. Like Obama, Trump won’t fulfill any of his election promises, and this, too, will be blamed on bipartisan politics.”

  50. @Bombercommand

    Wooden baseball bats were and still are made from the ash. It is resilient and very shock resistant, as you have said.

    Ash has long been used for tool handles as well.

    • Replies: @Bombercommand
  51. nsa says:

    “…’s not America First….”
    Didn’t you get the email? If it’s good for the Joo, it’s good for Yoo too………

  52. Paul Craig has a new short essay saying that a proactive Russia and China could stop a US Zionist war on Iran. Why are few even writing about this possibility? Do the US war crazed psychopaths assume that those two global nuclear powers will just sit on their hands once the bombing commences?

    Also, Pat Buchanan has a new one from earlier this week entitled “War with Iran would Become Trump’s War.” I’m curious why Unz hasn’t published it since they always include his twice weekly columns.

  53. @Moi

    “America is obsessed with Iran because of the embassy takeover.”

    Or at least, many trolls pretending to be “patriotic” “Americans” seem to be so obsessed.

  54. Republic says:
    @Greg Bacon

    And who in the hell is giving these possibly Ebola infected Congolese wads of \$100 bills?

    Same organizations that provide free ferry service from Libya to Europe

    • Replies: @Bombercommand
  55. @Brabantian

    If the elites refuse to allow the border to be defended (and illegals to be deported) there is no such thing as “foreign policy” because there is no “nation” to defend.

    “Foreign policy” is just a big long con at this point.

  56. @Harold Smith

    We were never gonna vote our way out of this.

    If DRUMPF does win, use the 4 ‘extra’ years to buy arms. Kamala Buttgig will ban all guns in 2025.

    WW3? Nah. The USA hasn’t fought a war to win it since WW2.

    • Replies: @Harold Smith
  57. @follyofwar

    “We’ll never know if candidate Trump meant what he said about peace with Russia…”

    LOL! Seriously? Who are the credulous “we” that apparently can’t (or won’t) do simple reasoning?

    “…but the deep state forces, who assumed that Hillary would be elected, made sure, with their Russiagate hoax, that peace with Russia was not a possibility.

    This is pure, unfounded speculation. Why did lame duck Obama go out of his way to escalate tensions with Russia in the fall of 2016, just as the election was coming into the home stretch? Why did the FBI release what it called “bombshell” information about its investigation into the Clinton email “scandal” just days before the election?

    Do you really think that these events – which would appear to have been damaging to Clinton’s electoral prospects – were just a coincidence? If so that’s some rather impotent “deep state” that can only sit back and watch in horror as series of random, unfortunate coincidences deprive it of an electoral victory for its candidate.

    • Replies: @follyofwar
    , @Justvisiting
  58. Pandos says:

    The constitution grants him the authority only if the nine blacks say so. constitution is junk.

    Indictments are the enemy pressure point. Use it to get the other.

  59. Agent76 says:

    Apr 4, 2012 Illegal Aliens Caught Voting and Stealing Elections In Florida In Vast Numbers

    Illegal Immigrant voters along with immigrants that are prohibited from voting have been detected voting in Florida. This joins confirmed reports of sizable numbers of non citizens voting in Georgia and Colorado!

    May 20, 2010 MEXICO IMMIGRATION LAWS read by Mark Levin

    Mexico’s President Felipe Calderón came to the U.S. and criticized the Arizona law. Since many in the Obama administration have not read the Arizona law but have attacked it, Mark Levin decided to read to Obama and Calderón the Mexican immigration laws (article by article) to show how strict they are.

  60. The dirty little secret (or is it just not spoken of?) is that the Democrat establishment is not alone in loving open US borders. The Republican establishment also loves open US borders.

    The Democrats and Republican establishments are the two sides of the US elites that behind the curtain hold hands while pushing buttons. They put up the pretense of opposing each other while laughing all the way to the bank. There is only one issue that they always agree on (and in our face): increasing military spending and wars. While playing the phony disagreement act on domestic issues.

    The rotten US establishment has one Achilles Heel: military spending. If the American people ever wake up from their endless slumber and cut military spending and stop the bloodthirsty warmonger button pushers then a real national discussion can commence on pressing domestic issues.

    If the people do not wake up then America will continue it rapid march into further failure and crisis. The US is marching straight into the jaws of war with the coalescing multifarious East that will not bow and scrape before the US; those days are over. That rising East has already checkmated the US. The US is a tragic anti-hero that is self-destructing.

  61. Meh, when Northern Virginia was overrun with illegals and the rest I picked up and found a nice lily-white town in New England that’s still all-WASP, content in the knowledge that these locals won’t have here what they have down South. Even with all the chaos, the United States still has true Yankees. The die is cast, move or perish.

    • Replies: @Diversity Heretic
  62. @Desert Fox

    Okay. I’ll look into them. Thanks.

  63. @nsa

    True, too true. Wry laughter.

  64. Sean says:

    But did Iran actually do it?

    Do we owe it to them to care? They got themselves into this position. They wanted to be independent; this is their independence.

    There is also a deeper fundamental question. Our country is crumbling. The border is non-existent; entire communities are being overrun. There’s something perverse about even entertaining a dangerous and costly military intervention halfway around the world. It’s akin to a Roman emperor declaring he will conquer India while barbarians are crossing the Rhine.

    I don’t care about Indians or about Iranians enough to conquer them or leave them in peace at any net cost to the West. The economy of force operation (the selfish thing for a self interested West) would be for America to to give Iran a bloody nose. The barbarians would like that and they are already substantially in control (the neocons.) You have to take account of what their reaction would be to Israel’s bird with a broken wing act getting ignored. Trump is wise to give Israel what they need, rather than what they want.

    The slightest overkill on Iran would be dangerous because the US might terminate the current regieme in Iran by accident. In the aftermath of Israel having had Revolutionary Islamic Iran (Israel’s sole remaining excuse to not compromise on the Palestinian issue) removed, Israel would come under tremendous pressure to, and probabally would have to, make serious territorial concessions on the West Bank , which would undercut the whole moral rationale of Zionism. That would be the begining of the end of a Jewish state, and incense American Jews. They would turn on white America in a vengeful fury

    The ideal scenario is a very limited assault on Iranian defences and nuclear capacity that leaves it hamstrung internationally but still in control domestically, so it can be a boogeyman that Israel can point to and pretend it is under threat by, and so can’t afford to give territory to the Palestinians right now. Let’s keep Israel sweet, and in order to not end up like the Palestinians, be fair to Palestinians and Iranians exactly as much as they would be to us if the positions were reversed.

    • Replies: @El Dato
    , @Anonymous
    , @Republic
  65. @Sick of Orcs

    “We were never gonna vote our way out of this.”

    I think you’ve misunderstood me. As I see it, Trump is a uniquely evil person who was brought to power as the last resort of our desperate elders.

    Obama wasn’t willing to risk WW3 for them and neither would Clinton have been willing to risk WW3 for them. This is because Obama and Clinton, as evil as they are, are mere political opportunists who got into politics at an early age – FOR THEIR OWN PERSONAL BENEFIT – whereas Trump is an evil ideologue who only seriously sought high political office at the age of 70, to accomplish a specific ideological goal.

    Unlike the banal dime-a-dozen career politicians that fill the ranks of “government” Trump is a hard-core militant zionist extremist, i.e., who is apparently uniquely ready, willing and able to take personal responsibility for giving orders which risk nuclear war.

    “If DRUMPF does win, use the 4 ‘extra’ years to buy arms. Kamala Buttgig will ban all guns in 2025.”

    If there is another election and Trump does win, I would expect him to vigorously attack the second amendment.

    “WW3? Nah. The USA hasn’t fought a war to win it since WW2.”

    Who said anything about our masters starting WW3 “to win”? They would have no hope to win and they know it; it would be a global murder-suicide. Basically they’re demanding that Russia and China surrender “or else,” and Trump is exactly the evil jihadi-suicide-bomber they need to present the ultimata and follow through with the “or else” if necessary.

    • Agree: Desert Fox
    • Troll: follyofwar
    • Replies: @KenH
    , @Sick of Orcs
  66. @ThreeCranes

    I didn’t know about Ash for baseball bats, thanks for that. Baseball would be very rough on any timber, comparable to the stress of paired martial arts drills. As a True Son Of The South, Hickory is my favorite timber, as strong as Ebony, and unlike Ebony, does not shatter, and therefore superior to Ebony, but I now live in Canuckistan, and ain’t no Hickory in Canuckistan. No Hickory in Europe either. Sadly, the Ash here is being killed off by the Emerald Ash Borer, an invasive insect out of Bugmanland. I’ve found pollarding helps. Manchurian Ash is resistant to the Ash Borer, a program to bring Manchurian Ash to North America would be sweet. The only downside to Hickory is it can warp in curing, really annoying, and steam bending to correct that requires specialist equipment. Ash neither warps nor checks(longitudinal cracks at the cut ends) in curing, a fabulous quality. Its fun to cut your own walking stick out of the forest. Get a narrow blade, fine cut saw, and a knife. Easy to find an Ash sapling with a straight shaft of 45″-55″ and 1&1/8th” to 1&1/4″ base diameter that’s fits the hand nice. Cut the cane and trim off the side branches, and do that immediately, even a 1/2 hour of drying makes the wood very tough to cut. Next, immediately, strip off the bark using the knife to get started, it strips off easy. Do this in Spring when the bark is juicy, much tougher to strip the bark come Summer, worse in Fall. No need for “sanding” the wood, and it feels much better in the hand than sanded wood. Now you got yourself a staff/walking stick that will last you for life, and the sapling has an elegant natural taper that if done in a wood shop with quarter sawn lumber would require \$50,000 specialist machinery. I like a tapered staff/walking stick, dowels of uniform diameter the whole length are dumb ass.

    • Replies: @ThreeCranes
  67. Alden says:

    I’ve read about the elite de population goal for years. It might have been true 5o 60 years ago.

    But the elites collect taxes from European, Canadian USA Australian and New Zealsnd Whites to feed shelter and medicate the black and brown hordes.

    Remember that special extra protein immune to weather bugs and disease rice a few decades ago? It saved India from famines and tripled the population and they’ve been swarming like locusts and bugs ever since.

  68. El Dato says:

    Trust the plan.

    The fun thing with complex systems, like societies or ecosystems is that a long time nothing much happens as nonobvious change and tension are accumulating, then everything goes to hell simultaneously, and irretrievably so.

    That’s something the human brain just cannot work with. It always thinks linearly and adheres to the delusion that tomorrow is kinda like today.

    That plan is dangerous.

    • Agree: Nehlen
  69. El Dato says:

    It would be cheaper to just disarm Israel.

  70. @Republic

    Yep. The Congo-scum say they started from Ecuador, but its certain they had to cross into Texas from Mexico, they could be lying about “Ecuador”, there must be records at the various border controls of their entry/transit. What I want to know is how these Congo-scum traveled from Congo to Ecuador/Mexico. It had to be by air, but no airline will sell a ticket without the buyer having already obtained a visa for the destination country. Guaranteed it would be very very difficult for a Congolese to get a visa for any country, if at all. It is a certainty there are no direct flights from Congo to Ecuador or Mexico. If the Congo-scum traveled to Ecuador they would have to transit Colombia-Panama-Costa Rica-Honduras-Nicaragua-Guatemala to get to Mexico. The Congo-scum appear to only speak French, how did they negotiate entry at Spanish speaking customs/immigration and get around in Spanish speaking countries? Many unanswered(and unasked) questions here, and all very very fishy.

    • Replies: @Republic
  71. Alden says:
    @Desert Fox

    The constitution is whatever any judge says it is and Marbury vs Madison 1804 established judicial supremacy over the president and executive and legislative branches forever and ever.

    Lincoln was the only President who ever successfully defied the courts when the supremes struck down his executive order suspending habeas corpus. He ignored the judicial findings and enforced his order with federal troops and local police. Lincoln kept about 40,000 dissident politicians newspaper men and other community leaders in jails and prison till he died.

    Jackson also ignored a judicial order when the supremes found in favor of the Cherokees? Who sued him about his orders to drive the tribal, not assimilated Indians west of the Mississippi. Conflict went away when the Indians holed up in the mountains stopped raiding and the army let them be.

    Just twice since Marbury 1804 have presidents ignored judicial orders.

    There are thousands of constitutional law books legal journal articles and explanations of constitutional law on the internet. They are extremely informative.

    The Madison respondent/defendant in the case was President Madison, one of the founding fathers who wrote the constitution. He caved in to the Supreme Court as soon as possible.

    The founders were great fans of a French lawyer and judge named Montesquieu. He wrote about laws. He advocated judicial supremacy over kings parliaments city councils any other authority.

    That’s where all the founders got their ideas about the constitution.

    • Replies: @Desert Fox
  72. @Jim Christian

    I sincerely hope that you’re right in your assessment of the spirit of your present residence/community. Will it have the political and social will to resist attempts to settle migrants/ refugees/invaders when they appear–possibly in the form of the nice Mestizo family who “only wants a better life?”

  73. EoinW says:

    At this stage we should consider what Iran needs. The country and its allies have no future – except for the endless threat of conflict and economic sanctions – unless it addresses three problems:

    1) getting the US military out of the region.

    2) bringing an end to the Saudis and their Wahabbi fanatics(nearly all Islamic terror attacks are directed at Shia Muslims)

    3) ending the state of Israel.

    Until these goals are accomplished there will be no peace nor stability in the Middle East. With Trump as president(a US leader with practically no credibility with the general population of America’s allies) this is the ideal time for Iran to make its move to finally end this 40 year conflict. The opinion is floating around that the American Empire is one serious stress test from collapse. If the Iranians believe this than they may consider the risk of war to be worth it. But it must be done right.

    Obviously it begins with a US military strike. We can safely count on the Americans doing this sooner or later. Iran must not retaliate against Israel and keep to a minimum their targeting of US troops. Such attacks will only build sympathy for the war in western countries. Attacking Israel might feel good but will not accomplish anything good. Any Hizbollah strikes on Israel and all we will hear throughout the West is “poor, innocent Israel” or “second Holocaust”. Plus Israel will claim that such attacks prove them right, that Iran was planning on destroying their country. Western Christians have simply been too brainwashed on the Jewish issue. Also, if Hizbollah rocket technology is advanced enough to create an existential threat then Israel will respond by firing their nukes at Iran. Thus bombing Israel is a PR disaster and even if Israel is really hurt it leads to the nuclear option, meaning no one wins.

    The same reasoning applies to US military targets. Iran cannot hit such targets too hard – like sinking an aircraft carrier – because they must assume the American response with be to further escalate which, ultimately, means nuclear strikes. Iran’s goal is to win this war quickly and end the threat it faces. The goal is not simply to inflict mindless destruction on its opponents. That’s a strategy the US military and IDF love to use. Which explains why the USA and Israel are where they are today.

    The achilles heel is the Saudi oil fields. Also the global economy. The Iranian goal should be to drive the price of oil to \$200 a barrel and then we’ll see how fragile the western economies really are. Take out the Saudi oil and those inbreds will no longer have the means to control Arabia. That will be a huge step towards exterminating Wahabbi terrorism, something the Middle East must see before it can see peace. If the global economy is as weak as the hard money people believe then shutting off all Persian Gulf oil won’t just cause a recession, it will cause economic collapse. How does a bankrupt America afford it’s military bases? How does it afford to continue to finance the existence of Israel? Suddenly all 3 of Iran’s needs appear achievable.

    Granted I may be underestimating the resilience of the West’s economies. However it is the sole option for Iran to end the war quickly and victoriously. Psychologically, westerners will blame the American MIC for provoking the war and causing the economic collapse. They will certainly resent Israel, which has always been in favour of this war. It is possible that things could take such a bad turn that the US becomes a failed state. Certainly Arabia will be a failed state. Also Israel will be isolated. It will only be a question of time before that modern Crusader state ceases to exist.

    I can’t blame Iran if they decide to take this gamble. I’ll wish them all the luck in the world.

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  74. Sean says:

    Israel has nothing it could use militarily, their armed forces (and nukes too) are for bluffing America into doing something to stop Israel doing it. One reason the Joint Chief are so reluctant to completely withdraw from Iraq and Afghanistan is those ongoing commitments serve as an excuse for not attacking Iran. The military don’t want to, but if they were ordered they would want to say it had to be done with overkill. That would be the Joint Chiefs way of threatening Trump that any strike risked toppling the Islamic Iranian government and creating a chaotic vacuum. Hitting Iran might need to be done, but in practice it should be perfunctory.

    Israel will do nothing, the partisan supporters of Israel in the US can be kept quiet on the immigration Issue by throwing them a bone (as Trump has been doing). I can’t see how taking on a political Goliath (even humanist Jews would become far more Zionist if Israel was forced to compromise) in a fight to the death is going to be less costly than smacking down a military midget. Hitting Iran, but quite lightly, is the best option for Trump if he wants to strengthen his ability to control immigration. Without Jewish steam the Left is ineffective. Trump is can best disarming the open borders Left by disarming Iran, but not invading, and leaving it as a paper tiger for the Israel Lobby to wave.

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  75. Anonymous[375] • Disclaimer says:

    What is your definition of “West”? From what I can glean from your comment, you use it to mean something like Israel, Zionism, and Zionist elements in the US, which is bizarre to say the least.

    That would be the begining of the end of a Jewish state, and incense American Jews. They would turn on white America in a vengeful fury

    Prominent neocons like Bill Kristol and Brett Stephens have publicly expressed their antipathy towards white Americans and spoken positively about replacing them with Mexicans and other immigrants. The Jewish American status quo for all of American history wouldn’t really change. It would just be ‘plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose’.

    • Replies: @Sean
  76. Agent76 says:

    June 19, 2019 The Flaw in Tulsi Gabbard’s Foreign Policy

    Earlier this month Congresswoman and 2020 presidential hopeful Tulsi Gabbard hosted a town hall in New York City, one of the many Democrats hoping to make a run against President Trump. What sets Gabbard apart from the other Democrats is she decided to make foreign policy her central issue on the campaign trail.

  77. Trump is a liar, but also, he most likely capitulated to the demands of the Neo-Con-Zionists whom he opened the admin doors to. The major shift in his agenda was around the time that Elliot Abrams walked in, as well as earlier when John Bolton was hired on.

    So, he really is working for the Neo-con branch now. Just like Clintons, Bush, and Obomber.

    I will not be voting for him, although there is no alternative.

    I’m sure the USA does not have much time left before it is broken up.

    “The last official act of any government is to loot the nation” (michael rivero) – and that is what has been happening since 2008 and the Obama banking bailout.

    • Replies: @Harold Smith
  78. @Bombercommand

    You’re preaching to the choir, Brother. I hand peeled 18 teepee poles with a drawknife–twice. I’ve hand carved spoon-bladed oars with drawknives and spokeshaves and like making natural-wood legged stools and small tables. If you want to give it a go, Lee Valley makes a great set of blades that you chuck up in your drill which enable you to put a tapered bevel on the end of any diameter dowel-like branch.

    Shame about the Ash Borer. My friends in Michigan told me about that. It’s another uncounted expense of Paul Krugman’s global economy; the dispersion of alien species which wreck havoc on local ecologies. But hey, he’s from Harvard and won a Nobel, so there can’t be anything questionable about his theories. As he says, “F*ck the nativist troglodytes and their local economies. They’re due to be replaced anyway.”

    Speaking of Ash, just down the street from where I lived in Michigan there was a saw mill that processed ash trees into blanks which were sent down to the Louisville Slugger plant in Kentucky for final turning. We would buy their cutoffs by the pickup load to use for firewood.

    Go with Thor.

    • Replies: @Bombercommand
  79. @Alden

    Well I am just saying that America is being invaded by illegals and under the Constitution the POTUS has the right to repel an invasion, but Trump is a zionist lap dog and is pretending to be concerned about it, but is not doing jackshit as his zionist controllers want open borders and the end of America.

    Hell, Africans from the congo are crossing the southern borders and many have ebola, what the hell, and many of these have ebola, check

    • Agree: Republic, Sick of Orcs
  80. Greg Bacon says: • Website

    Where’s the NSA/CIA video of that alleged Iranian boat returning to Iranian soil? There isn’t one, since it was staged or a digital creation.

    Israel will fight to the last drop of American blood.

  81. @Paul.Martin

    the only predictable things I keep seeing from everyone is how ready they are to jump at every little thing that pushes their buttons, instead of waiting things out a bit.

    Donald “Any Day Now” Trump

    • LOL: RadicalCenter
  82. @Omegabooks

    No one has balls anymore! And those that do really aren’t doing much about it…or are they just waiting to be “raptured”?

    I’m eager to attend your next IRL militia meeting. Please notify of address and time.

    We’ve been awaiting our leader … finally you appear!

  83. Honest question, how many here believes that Donald Trump have any power what so ever? Or any other President for the matter? He is like a freak show, serves the purpose of distracting the public, nothing more.

    They are all just along for the ride. Like all of us voters in this turd show.

    I haven’t paid any attention to what the orange hair does anymore. And I have been doing just fine. That was a eureka moment. Forget them all. Since their actions are completely out of my control, zero accountability, why not simply live out lives? Simply react to whatever changes, exactly what I have been doing since out of college.

  84. @Diversity Heretic

    The cold regions (Michigan notwithstanding, and a town up North in Maine) don’t seem to attract the Sun people. Many Somalians planted by Obama in the early teens up in Maine left, the winters are a bit much up there, but they still have a problem. Boston has their problems with blacks down there, but outside of Boston to the North and New Hampshire, Vermont and most of Maine is a haven for Whites. The closest I ever get to diversity is driving 60 miles West of my old hometown Fairfax on I-81. If they invade my space up North, rest assured, I’ll move again.

    • Replies: @Republic
  85. @freedom-cat

    “Trump is a liar, but also, he most likely capitulated to the demands of the Neo-Con-Zionists whom he opened the admin doors to.”

    He “capitulated to the demands of the Neo-Con-Zionists” probably 50 years ago or so. His campaign was a calculated bait-and-switch fraud. The man is nothing but a liar, mass-murderer and treasonous anti-american puppet ruler.

    • Replies: @freedom-cat
  86. @lavoisier

    What is wrong with us that we cannot see treachery even when it is staring us straight in the face?

    May 4, 1980: the Department of Education began operations, so that nearly 40 year later 15,000 cheering Floridians would think everything was swell.

    Four decades of brainwashing can accomplish a lot.

  87. KenH says:
    @Harold Smith

    If there is another election and Trump does win, I would expect him to vigorously attack the second amendment.

    I agree and believe his current support for the second amendment is insincere and tactical. I even predict that he’ll sign on to a so called “assault weapons” ban with (((Feinstein))) in his second term. His AG, Barr, is a big believer in red flag laws that allow the confiscation of firearms without due process and Trump himself agrees based on past statements and his “take the guns, worry about due process later” comment last year.

    His only core beliefs consist only of whatever Israel demands. Everything else is up for negotiation or he could change his mind at any moment.

    I think his second term, should be win one, will expose Trump as the New York city liberal that he always was.

    • Agree: Desert Fox
    • Replies: @Baxter
  88. Republic says:

    There are two Congo’s, One is called The Republic of the Congo, these people do not require a visa for Ecuador. The other bigger Congo,formerly known as Zaire now known as The Democratic Republic of the Congo also do not require a visa for Ecuador.

    You check the Visa requirements for any country in the World by typing in Visa Requirements for XXX country in Wikipedia.

    Brazil does not require a transit visa for anyone with a ticket to the final destination.

    Highly likely that pro open borders NGO’s were sponsors of this operation.

    I read a report recently from a French speaking Swiss reporter who spoke to several people in San Antonio who had just entered the US. He said that they all were very evasive when questioned on how they actually came to the US.(They probably were coached by NGOs as to how to answer US immigration questions). He said that they had rolls of US hundred dollar bills in their hands.

    • Replies: @Bombercommand
  89. Republic says:
    @Jim Christian

    many of the most recent Africans who have just crossed the Mexican-US border were actually shipped to Portland,Maine which has excellent welfare benefits for “refugees.”

    There are many left wing Whites in Maine.

    Many Somalis also now live in Maine.

  90. Republic says:

    The ideal scenario is a very limited assault on Iranian defences and nuclear capacity that leaves it hamstrung internationally but still in control domestically,

    That is what will probably happen. The Sec of State was in Florida at the central Command Hdqrs a couple of days ago,fixing up the details.

    Interesting days ahead.

  91. Baxter says:

    “If there is another election and trump does when I expect him to vigorously attack the 2nd Amendment.”
    I think you are thinking in the right direction. It won’t be our enemies who disarm us, but our ‘friends.’
    I don’t think trump is interested in doing any such thing on his own initiative. However, he has demonstrated himself the lapdog of his inner circle. I’m surprised the special people haven’t already made a move.

    • Replies: @KenH
  92. Thinker says:

    Trump admin and the GOP’s slavish devotion to Israel is waking the whole world up to the Jews’ stranglehold on America, and all their belligerence and treachery.

    It’s making Germany increasingly siding with China and Russia.

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  93. buzzwar says:

    I think Obama must act to even things up and send the following message to the Democrats:

    “Don´t let Trump play the Iran card in order to start a war in order to be elected. Be careful Democrats!”

  94. @Republic

    Many thanks for that info, so no problem getting into Ecuador. Mexico requires a visa from the two Congo’s, and they sound really strict, even with transit visas, and from Mexico over the US border requires some “special assistance”. A Fox News interview with the Swiss guy is on youtube, and he shows a detailed coach sheet, in French, these people were given by (((somebody))). I am very curious as to their route and method from Ecuador to Mexico to The United States.

    • Replies: @Republic
  95. @ThreeCranes

    I never heard of a “spokeshave”, many thanks. I gotta get me one. We got a Lee Valley store here in Toronto at King and Portland, buy once cry once. Perfect for making training implements, which are expensive to buy ready made, difficult to find in the lengths and diameters I like, rarely offered tapered, and don’t last long pounding a target. Round spokeshave and hickory round or square stock sounds goooood. The walking stick is the weapon for a real man, and perfect for street stuff, I like a straight stick, no handle. Boxing is great for one on one, but its always three on one, that’s when you need a stick. I train Reverse Grip, a noble discipline. The Nose has been telling The Groid its AOK to attack “old white men”, they can give it a try. Biologists did a density plot of Ash Borer infestation and it appears the Borer entered through the Port of Detroit.

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  96. Republic says:

    The various Central American states have an unofficial policy of letting in any” exotic” nationalities as long as those people are in transit to the US border.

    Those NGOs would probably also have contacts in all those countries to facilitate the transit of those groups.

  97. KenH says:

    I don’t think trump is interested in doing any such thing on his own initiative.

    I agree, but if Ivanka cries and pouts enough and/or if a group of prominent congoid Americans implore Trump to do something to save black lives he’ll probably capitulate. He’s shown that he’s very susceptible to pressure. Just like when he correctly defended the UtR rallygoers at first but then a combination of intense media pressure, cucky Republicans and black senator Tim Scott took Trump aside and he changed his tune and condemned the people who had a legal right to hold a rally.

    He changes with the wind and his lack of core convictions other than Israel Uber Alles should concern everyone.

  98. Didn’t you hear? This is “5D Chess” folks…like that idiot Vox Day says…someday he will be on Mt. Rushmore..indeed, if he is, it won’t be us that put him there.

  99. @Harold Smith

    My take’s a tad different, Harold.

    I believed Trump was sincere in his America First platform and was corrupted later. He’s too incurious to be evil, just a cucked, manipulated sad sack with ratface kushner’s hand up his puppet rectum.

    I wouldn’t be as furious if I believed Trump was a shill from the start. Despite his massive ego the man doesn’t have the self-awareness to realize the pivotal role in history he could’ve played.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @Harold Smith
    , @KenH
  100. @Harold Smith

    Apparently, Harold, I should have used “I’ll” instead of “we’ll.” But, since you claim to know what Trump was thinking, and since you keep stating that the election was fixed for Trump, and that he was the deep state candidate all along, perhaps you can get a job as a talking head at CNN.

    • Replies: @Harold Smith
  101. Anonymous[205] • Disclaimer says:
    @Sick of Orcs


    The proof lies in the fact that the Global Deep State sacrificed its (((MSM))) apparatus credibility in order to kick the can a bit further. No-one with two brain cells to rub together trusts them anymore.

    • Replies: @Harold Smith
  102. @follyofwar

    What I do is simple: I make use of observation and reasoning to arrive at what I believe is the most likely conclusion.

    In essence, understanding what’s going on here is like assembling a puzzle, and when it’s completed correctly, you see the big picture. That’s all.

    The thing is, when the various pieces are being assembled into the puzzle, each piece has to be congruent with the two, three or four pieces adjacent to it.

    Some people however, when they’re putting the puzzle together, try to force some pieces together that just don’t fit, and they end up with a picture that doesn’t make sense; and to be blunt, that’s basically what I see you doing.

    Many lines of reasoning prove (to my satisfaction at least) that Mr. Trump was not at all sincere during the campaign and I honestly can’t begin to comprehend how you can not see that, especially at this sorry point in time.

  103. @Sick of Orcs

    “I believed Trump was sincere in his America First platform and was corrupted later.”

    I’ll tell you there seem to be lots of people who see it that way (or at least, who claim to see it that way), but given all that’s happened, that view just doesn’t stand the slightest logical scrutiny, IMO.

    First of all why would the “deep state” be willing to take a chance on him? You say “he was corrupted later”; does it make sense that the people who did 9/11, for example, would risk it? What if they couldn’t corrupt him? What if he did pull out of Syria and Afghanistan? What if he did improve relations with Russia and China? One wrong move and the whole agenda for world domination and control could unravel.

    Second, the things he’s doing go way beyond mere “corruption” IMO. He’s taking actions which are not only illegal, immoral, unconstitutional and completely antithetical to any actual American interests, but risky actions which could escalate into WW3. He’s playing games with the fate of millions of people.

    Even if, luckily, he doesn’t directly start WW3, he’s apparently intent on starting an arms race which is taking us back to the most dangerous days of the cold war.

    Clearly, Mr. Trump has shown the world that he doesn’t know right from wrong, and such a man is incapable of “making America great again.” Thus he cannot possibly have been sincere during the campaign because, given his mental and moral failings, he is simply incapable of even formulating such an intent, let alone carry it out.

  104. @Anonymous

    The lack of credibility of the MSM was already well established. As a practical matter, Mr. Trump was merely beating a dead horse.

  105. @Ilyana_Rozumova

    Not exactly. If the host dies, the parasite hopes to move on to another host bursting with health, so the customary process of destruction can begin anew. The parasite has done this before, many times. But in current year, the parasite has a problem, because any viable future host is well warned of the nature of the parasite and has been vaccinated against it.

  106. Anonymous[205] • Disclaimer says:

    The lack of credibility of the MSM was already well established

    Nope.The numbers have nose-dived since 2016. Only shills and mindless lemmings are still selling the (((narraive))).

    Trust In Media Hits Rock Bottom: 60% Of Americans Think Journalists Pay Their Sources

  107. @Harold Smith

    you could be right about the 50 years ago thing. I haven’t researched him back that far. Anyways, we are super screwed no matter what the outcome of the election. At this point I have no advice except to make sure you have something other than dollars and make sure to keep your passport updated.

    • Replies: @Antares
  108. Anonymous[205] • Disclaimer says:
    @Harold Smith

    Your nose is showing.

    How come none of you in Tel Aviv can make a legitimately persuasive comment? Where’s that verbal IQ?

    • Replies: @Harold Smith
  109. @Harold Smith

    He really knows how to play the people. I think you are spot on. And everyone should be very worried about how things are developing, not only with Iran, but also with our own border. Everyone should have an emergency plan in place at this point.

    • Agree: Desert Fox
  110. S says:

    ‘There’s something perverse about even entertaining a dangerous and costly military intervention halfway around the world. It’s akin to a Roman emperor declaring he will conquer India while barbarians are crossing the Rhine.’

    Good call with the Roman emperor comparison.

    A search of ‘Trump Crassus’ will find numerous direct comparisons made since 2016 by the US/UK establishment media of Donald Trump with the Roman billionaire real estate speculator Marcus Licinius Crassus.

    It will be recalled that Crassus was one of three powerful people, known collectively as the ‘First Triumvirate’, that informally ruled over the late Roman Republic. The other two men were the Roman general and politician, Pompey the Great, and the protege of Crassus, the politician and soldier, Julius Caeser.

    As indicated, the real estate tychoon Marcus Crassus, the ‘richest man in Rome’, had been the political and financial patron of a young up and coming thirty something Julius Caeser, helping him to get his start in a serious way in the world of Roman politics.

    Crassus would meet his demise along with his legions when he made the disastrous decision to launch a military campaign against Parthia (present day Iran).

    The other two members of the Triumvirate, Pompey and Caeser, afterwards would enter into a power struggle (ie civil war) for the control of Rome. Caeser would overcome Pompey in this, Pompey ultimately being assassinated in Egypt at the age of 57.

    Julius Caeser, taking on emergency powers, would be proclaimed ‘dictator for life’, thus signaling the end of the Roman Republic and heralding the birth of the Roman Empire.

    Taking the Roman comparison a bit further beyond simply Trump and Crassus…today, on the eve of possible military action against Iran, three of the most powerful people politically in Washington DC are President Donald Trump, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, and Trump’s protege, his senior adviser Jared Kushner.

    Trump is the patron politically (and somewhat financially?) of the young thirty something up and coming Jared Kushner.

    Regarding the rising star of Jared Kushner, Kushner’s office at the White House is closest of anyone’s to Donald Trump’s. Three weeks ago, it was Kushner and Pompeo who were designated to represent US interests at Bilderberg (see NY Times link below).

    Interestingly, the Italian ancestried Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s sirname is an Italian derivative of the Latin ‘Pompey’.

    First Triumvirate L to R: Julius Caeser, Marcus Licinius Crassus, Pompey the Great

    L to R: Jared Kushner, Mike Pompeo, DonaldTrump, [and Ivanka Trump, Mike Pence]

    • Replies: @Desert Fox
    , @Charles Pewitt
    , @S
  111. renfro says:
    @Harold Smith

    Trumps corruption did not come ‘after’ he was elected. At least as far the Jews Israel and US ME policy goes. He was already ‘owned’ and had slots for the zionist Jews while he was lying his ass off about even handedness and non interference in other countries. Of course Trump was always corrupt, as any review of his business history will show . I give a pass to those who voted for Trump because they were fooled….but any who still support him are just like him.

    Zionist David Friedman’s appointment was predetermined…..

    ”Former Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked suggested that the appointment of David Friedman as the U.S. envoy (US Ambassador) opened up a window of opportunity for Israel “to apply Israeli law on Area C, or part of Area C.”
    Shaked recalled meeting with Friedman during the 2016 presidential campaign and being surprised to hear from the person who introduced Friedman to her that he was a candidate to become the ambassador to Israel. “I said, ‘You’re kidding me… Wow! This guy is a truly supporter on the settlements in Judea and Samaria. You really think he is going to be the ambassador?’ And he said, ‘Yes, wait and see.’”

    • Replies: @Desert Fox
  112. renfro says:

    Well this is going to start another shit storm if it gets noticed. I don’t think I can listen to all the pandering, lying and bloviating crap that’s gonna be spewed on us in the next election.

    Congressional Hearing On Slavery Reparations Set For Wednesday

    HR40: Cory Booker gets 12 Democrat co-sponsors on slavery …
    The Independent-Jun 14, 2019
    The bill, known as HR 40 Commission to Study and Develop Reparation Proposals for African-Americans Act, will investigate the impact of the …

    ”Moore wrote in an email: “The bill is far too empty and dated, and needs to be substantially more detailed.” He said reparations must not only address slavery, but redlining and discriminatory housing policies that created the racial wealth gap. He said the bill should state that only descendants of enslaved African Americans should qualify for reparations, that the “debt will be in the trillions,” and that there should be a mix of programs and cash payments to qualified families.

    ADOS groups have clashed in social media with Pan-African groups who say that Africans are also due reparations for having their towns pillaged. There also has been criticism of ADOS for focusing on Native Americans whose ancestors were enslaved here. “Our reparations claim is not a global issue, just as CARICOM’s claim is not global,” Carnell said. (CARICOM is a Caribbean plan to seek reparations from European countries for slavery.) “We have a specific claim against America, just as Haiti has a specific claim against France, and so on.”

  113. S says:

    ‘It’s akin to a Roman emperor declaring he will conquer India while barbarians are crossing the Rhine.’

    Regarding the upthread entry #110, historically amongst powerful elements and hangers on of the Anglo-Saxon elites, the United States has long been seen to be the ‘New Rome’ which is destined, much as it’s ancient namesake, to rule the world. (See links below)

    So, possibly as a result of what may ultimately transpire regarding the present Iranian situation, if Jared Kushner were to hypothetically rise to the highest office (the presidency) of the ‘New Rome’, the greatest power on the face of the earth at present, as a figurative Jewish Julius Caeser figure, wouldn’t it be ironic?
    Arch of Titus (Rome) – ‘Spoils of Jerusalem’

    And perhaps be seen in certain quarters as the symbolic (or not so symbolic?) ultimate ‘revenge’ against the actions of an old Rome?,9171,863882,00.html

  114. Antares says:

    I have to agree with Harold Smith. Before the election I wrote an article in Dutch (the website is no longer there) in which I stated that the elite would let him win. Keep in mind the electronic voting devices. I still have the video in which a programmer testifies under oath that he had to write the software in such a way that the devices could always be manipulated. I have seen a video in which was shown how such machines were actually manipulated. As Stalin said (I like his candor, as cynical as I am): “It is not the voter who defines the outcome, but the one who counts the votes.”

    I don’t say that the voting machines were indeed manipulated, but that they could have been in order to let Clinton win.

    Before that I had written about his jewish background, the wrong kind of jews, as Jared Kushner donated to an illegal settlement. Both Netanyahu and Kushner have a convicted criminal father, if I remember it correctly. At the very least, Trump is a staunch militant zionist. And a complete idiot.

    But some Americans still believe that he is playing 5D chess. Well, in that case, the results may also be in 5D, and you may not like that. After the Americans had voted an American president into the White House, he couldn’t wait to hire an Indian women who is hellbend on destroying Iran for the sake of Israel. Well, that is just an example.

    There has been more 5D chess going on lately.

    When the Notre Dame caught fire in a fishy way, the Al-Aqsa mosque caught fire simultaneously.

    When two Russians were poisened by a lethal poison, but did not die, Syrians were struck by a chemical attack (but died neither) of which the latter was proven by a video out of the hospital that showed no medical treatment at all. Pouring water over a childs head is a treatment, but not a medical one.

    An Australian man who travels the worlds unleashes his bullets in a mosque in New Zealand which is proven by a video with a selfie where his heads is so large that it would cover any other head that is under it, he shoots bullet that disappear in mid-air and has a weapon covered with religious texts dating back to centuries age, something about Europe. The Kiwis are not allowed to possess, share or watch this video.

    Well, you get the idea.

    What strikes me most about Trump is his complete lack of any understanding what so ever of geopolitics. Maybe he really doesn’t like wars. All they have to do is school him a bit more about Israels interests and he will bend.

    A cheap, well-mouthed seller of stupid things won’t save the world.

  115. Antares says:

    Our posts have crossed. Please also note that not all my words were directed at you.

    • Replies: @freedom-cat
  116. @Harold Smith

    “I believed Trump was sincere in his America First platform and was corrupted later.”

    I’ll tell you there seem to be lots of people who see it that way (or at least, who claim to see it that way), but given all that’s happened, that view just doesn’t stand the slightest logical scrutiny, IMO.

    I, like billions of others, observed the entire world try to stop Trump: global media, both parties, Deep State (never called such before his election) and The Nose. All failed. They truly did not see that one coming.

    First of all why would the “deep state” be willing to take a chance on him? You say “he was corrupted later”; does it make sense that the people who did 9/11, for example, would risk it? What if they couldn’t corrupt him? What if he did pull out of Syria and Afghanistan? What if he did improve relations with Russia and China? One wrong move and the whole agenda for world domination and control could unravel.

    Immigration is all that matters, including to the Deep State. America will not be America with any other majority but a White majority in charge, and The Enemy knows (Nose) it. As Unz blogger Paul Kersey puts it: “Democracy is nothing but a racial headcount.” The funded 3rd world invasion means no more Uniparty with fake republicant opposition after 2030 so it will be interesting to see who the new enemy will be. Probably generic Whites.

    If Trump had set about building the wall on day one and curtailing immigration as promised for 18 months, then the Trump Inc. chopper kushvanka was riding in might have had “engine failure” at a scarier time than just barely after takeoff. But we know the rest. Record number invaders and no wall, just MAGAtards furiously defending a few new miles of worthless rusty fence.

    Second, the things he’s doing go way beyond mere “corruption” IMO. He’s taking actions which are not only illegal, immoral, unconstitutional and completely antithetical to any actual American interests, but risky actions which could escalate into WW3. He’s playing games with the fate of millions of people.

    Yeah but that’s all of them.

    Even if, luckily, he doesn’t directly start WW3, he’s apparently intent on starting an arms race which is taking us back to the most dangerous days of the cold war.

    It’s only an arms race if two nations are racing. China builds stuff, including stealing our military tech. (Russia also steals our military tech.) What both nations can’t steal we sell them. Uncle Chang’s communist evil is streamlined in a way our crony capitalists can only dream.

    Clearly, Mr. Trump has shown the world that he doesn’t know right from wrong, and such a man is incapable of “making America great again.” Thus he cannot possibly have been sincere during the campaign because, given his mental and moral failings, he is simply incapable of even formulating such an intent, let alone carry it out.

    The Orange Weakling isn’t in charge anymore. Does anyone believe the Walking Ego with hair woke up one day and decided all on his own, “I want legal immigration in record numbers!” The Nose has created an alternate reality where DOLAN DRUMPF thinks he’s winning right up until he loses. I mean, LOOK at the size of that Orlando crowd, goyim! Ignore all the voter fraud going on.

    Moral of story: buy more guns!

    • Replies: @Harold Smith
  117. KenH says:
    @Sick of Orcs

    I believed Trump was sincere in his America First platform and was corrupted later.

    I believe he was partially sincere but was also cognizant of the fact that he couldn’t run as a political centrist and win the nomination. He was cunning enough to see that historically centrists don’t fare well in Republican presidential primaries and when he ran as an anti Buchanan centrist alternative for the Reform party in 2000 he was laughed out of the room. I think he learned from that experience.

    But true to form he moved to the political center on most issues virtually from day one in the oval office and contrary to his rightist tweets and rally rhetoric has governed far to the left of what he campaigned on which is deliberate. And he seems to fall for the best sales pitch especially if it’s the last one he’s heard on a subject.

    The deep state took him very seriously and feared the populism and non-interventionism he espoused which is why they went to such great lengths to destroy his presidency. The (((ultra left wing dictatorship))) that will soon be upon us was imperiled by Trump, or so they thought. If he was truly some type of Manchurian candidate then they wouldn’t have bothered discrediting him.

    • Replies: @Sick of Orcs
  118. KenH says:

    At Trump’s rally there were a dozen or so blacks wearing t-shirts emblazoned with “Blacks for Trump”. No doubt Trump and the GOP was proud to have their support.

    I can only imagine the outcry and endless screeching about “white supremacy” from the left and hand wringing from the kosher right had a group of whites showed up with “Whites for Trump” tees. They probably would have been kicked out of the rally but had they been allowed to stay Trump would disavow them with enough media pressure.

    Trump and the Republicans claim to eschew identity politics, but black identity politics is more equal than white identity politics.

    • Replies: @follyofwar
    , @Sick of Orcs
  119. @Anonymous

    LOL! You’re supposed to be looking at your monitor, not your mirror, as you type your infantile jew drivel, Shlomo.

  120. @Sick of Orcs

    “I, like billions of others, observed the entire world try to stop Trump: global media, both parties, Deep State (never called such before his election) and The Nose. All failed. They truly did not see that one coming.”

    On the contrary nobody tried to stop Trump. Talk is cheap. If the “deep state” wanted to stop him he’d have been RFK’d or otherwise stopped. All the evidence suggests that Mr. was their agent. Accept it.

    First of all why would the “deep state” be willing to take a chance on him? You say “he was corrupted later”; does it make sense that the people who did 9/11, for example, would risk it? What if they couldn’t corrupt him? What if he did pull out of Syria and Afghanistan? What if he did improve relations with Russia and China? One wrong move and the whole agenda for world domination and control could unravel.

    “Immigration is all that matters, including to the Deep State…”

    LOL! So according to you, the “deep state” wouldn’t mind if Trump demanded a real investigation into 9/11? Or started arming Iran? Seriously? Now you’re just making up nonsense as you go along. I’m not going to waste any more time arguing absurdities with you.

    • Replies: @Sick of Orcs
  121. @S

    Agree, but I would compare Trump with the Roman emperor Caligula who was insane.

    • Replies: @S
  122. @renfro

    Totally agree, Trump is a corrupt charlatan and a zionist lap dog and medicine man aka war maker for his zionist controllers.

  123. @KenH

    When Trump held that huge rally in Orlando to formally announce he’s running for re-election, his MAGA people were waiting in the rain for hours, even days, in hope of getting in. With boisterous crowds like that Trump must think that he can get away with anything – maybe even starting a war on Iran.

    What he doesn’t realize, I think, is that he has lost his millions of fervid anti-war supporters for good. And he has also failed to protect our southern border, when he could have sent in the troops. Sure, he still has his millions of red hat wearing MAGA acolytes, who will follow him into the gates of hell no matter what he says or does.

    But that will not be nearly enough. Millions of his 2016 voters, I think, will decide to stay home rather than vote for either rancid party. I, for one, do plan to show up and vote “none of the above” just so they have to count it.

    • Agree: Desert Fox, freedom-cat
  124. S says:
    @Desert Fox

    Agree, but I would compare Trump with the Roman emperor Caligula who was insane.

    Wish I could ‘LOL’ in response to that but I can’t.

  125. Richard B says:
    @Franklin Ryckaert

    It’s unquestionably a Pyrrhic victory. They’ve been burning the candle from both ends for ages.

    This kind of behavior is what prompted Schopenhauer to say 200 years ago, “Nothing about Judaism can be confused with Reason.”

    Or, as a Jewish acquaintance once said, “Israel, a Democracy?
    How can anything Jewish be Democratic?”

    There’s no question the hostile elite is unreasonable and anti-Democratic.

  126. @Antares

    One million Gauls out of three.

  127. @Antares

    Well, I agree with you guys. I’ve also learned a couple things as well. I detest Trump but I have to admit I did vote for him (sorry), although I’m in a state that Hillary won. I went to a rally of his before the election out of curiosity and he sounded adamant about getting us out of Middle East, so I voted for him for that reason as well as a vote against Hillary. I never thought for a minute he would win.

    If Hillary had won, would it be better? Not really, but with Trump they at least have a clear scapegoat if things go badly.

    I think Trump is a chest thumping Ape. And I agree, he is an idiot and is endangering all of our lives.

    • Agree: Desert Fox
  128. S says:

    Secretary of State Mike Pompeo at State Department (June 13, 2019)

    While some speak of a hypothetical WWIII to begin at some future date, there are those that say the United States has in reality been involved in WWIII for almost twenty years, ie since September 11, 2001, the commencement date of the ‘War on Terror’.

    More recently, as is known, there’s debate regarding the claims involving the tanker attacks of a week ago. The United States says unequivocally that Iran was behind them and Iran denies the accusation.

    Can we gain potential insight into these modern events by studying US involvement and participation in WWII?

    It would seem logical that we could.

    In doing so one finds another Sept 11, exactly 60 years before ‘911’, in 1941. And like 911 being a strong candidate for the actual date of US entry into WWIII, Sept 11, 1941 would seem to make for the superior case over Dec 7 for the US entry into the shooting war of WWII.

    FDR Publically Issues ‘Shoot on Sight’ Order (Sept 11, 1941)

    The prior Sept 11 was the date of Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s issuance of ‘shoot on sight’ orders to the US navy regarding any German U-boats they might encounter while (in violation of neutrality laws) escorting British merchant ships. The issuance of this decree by FDR was in response to the ‘Greer incident’ (see links below).

    To sum it up, the USS Greer on Sept 4, 1941, while providing escort duty to British merchant ships (in violation of neutrality laws) had a torpedo fired at it by a German U-boat. The United States accused the Germans of ‘piracy’ and engaging in this action unprovoked, while Germany claimed the sub had been depth-charged first, and acted in self defence.

    Germany in regards to the incident further accused President Roosevelt of “endeavoring with all the means at his disposal to provoke incidents for the purpose of baiting the American people into the war.”

    Despite the conflicting claims as to responsibility, FDR’s ‘shoot on sight’ orders regarding German subs would remain in effect. During the next three months prior to Germany’s formal declaration of war on the United States the ‘undeclared naval war’ of the US against Germany would continue.

    This would result in the USS Kearny being torpedoed, and later the USS Reuben James being torpedoed and sunk, on Oct 17 and Oct 31 respectively, the latter with the loss of one hundred lives.

    Did they ever find out what the actual truth was regarding the initial Greer incident? Yes, and then some, thanks to an investigation by Senator David Walsh of the Naval Affairs Committee. (see link below)

    His findings were that only after the USS Greer had in effect formed a (for lack of a better term) ‘hunter-killer’ squad in tandem with a British plane against the German sub in question, and the sub being henceforth straddled with four depth charges by the plane, and then still being chased by the Greer for a lengthy period of time, that only then did the sub stop running, closed in on the Greer, and fired a torpedo at her.

    In November, 1941, a highly respected journalist of the US establishment’s New York Times would conclude based on the US government’s own investigation into the Greer incident, and his own observation, as to just who ‘attacked’ whom:

    ‘..all three of our destroyers attacked the German submarines.’

    Torpedoed USS Kearny with USS Monssen in Iceland (Oct 19, 1941)

    The Stark report’s account of how the Greer’s engagement began caused Pulitzer-prize winning New York Times reporter Arthur Krock to address it (and the Nazi sub engagements with the Kearny, and the Reuben James) when speaking about “who ‘attacked’ whom.” Krock defined the term “attack” as “an onset, an aggressive initiation of combat, a move which is the antithesis of ‘defense.” “In that definition,” he said, “all three of our destroyers attacked the German submarines.”

    Later, a 2005 book concluded that Senator Walsh’s “very aggressive actions in the USS Greer case prevented war from breaking out in the Atlantic.”

    • Replies: @Robjil
  129. @S

    I hereby challenge Bolshevik Jew Jared Kushner and Fat Slob Israel First Mike Pompeo and Adelson Poodle Boy Trump and Illegal Alien Amnesty Mike Pence to a debate on mass legal immigration and illegal immigration and American national identity and multicultural mayhem and foreign policy and trade policy and monetary policy.

    I would rhetorically obliterate Trump, Pence, Pompeo, Kushner and any other politician whores the GOP could come up with.

    Trump wants to pour more foreigners into the USA “in the largest numbers ever.”

    Mass legal immigration and illegal immigration are killing the United States of America.

    Trump and the Republican Party are using mass legal immigration and illegal immigration as demographic weapons to attack and destroy the European Christian ancestral core of the USA.

    Mass legal immigration and illegal immigration increases income inequality, increases housing costs, lowers wages, swamps schools, overwhelms hospitals, harms the environment, destroys habitat and brings infectious diseases to the USA.

    Unhand That Plate, Pompeo! Push Away From The Table, Pompeo!

  130. Trump Has Sold Us OUT At The Bilderberg Ruling Class Meeting In Switzerland!

    Why Do The Finns Make The Best Swiss Cheese?

    Trump sent Pompeo and Kushner to Bilderberg To Surrender The Sovereignty And Independence Of the United states Of America!

    Trump and Pompeo and Kushner Push Mass Legal Immigration and Illegal Immigration.

    Trump and Pompeo and Kushner Put The Interests Of Israel Ahead Of The Interests Of The United States!

    Pompeo Was Kept In The Front Of The Plane To Keep The Nose Down On The Flight To Bilderberg!

    Pompeo Used The NSA To Radio Ahead His Order Of Exactly How He Wanted His Burger Built!

    Pompeo Demanded A 4 Pound Beef Patty For His Bilderberg Burger!

  131. Trump and Pompeo and Kushner and Pence and the Republican Party Have SOLD US OUT!

  132. Sean says:

    I care about Israel as much as I do about Iran: not at all. By and large Jews want immigration–even more than there has already been–into the West by which I mean Europe and America, but that is not the only thing they want. Israel is important to them and if forced to choose between Israel and immigration they would have to back Israel against the Palestinians’ demand for a meaningful state.

    In a nutshell, Jewry have already attained a secure position in America, but they have not in Israel. While it may be possible to stop immigration into the West by making the Jewish state fail, I think that is a very very unlikely outcome of backing Palestinian demands. Prominent neocons have publicly expressed their antipathy towards white Americans, but get them to choose between a white gentile America that supports Israel and a liberal internationalist America that back Palestinian demands, and I think they would have to go with Israel.

    The protection of minorities has long been first choice pretext for countries to interfere and keep down rising powers. The Liberal elite and diplomatic establishment’s fondness for Palestinians may well function as a subtle form of countering Jewish influence. I’m not suggesting that the gentile Liberals are consciously aware of this, but recognition of Palestinian rights by America means Jewish influence over US policy becomes an issue that it would not otherwise be.

    The mainstream success of Mearsheimer and Walt’s book about the influence of the Israel Lobby would be inconceivable if it mentioned a largely Jewish lobby for immigration skewing policy in its own interests. Nonetheless, the covert anti-Semitism of the mainly white gentile liberals goes along with their enthusiasm for non European immigration. When it comes to immigration, the liberal internationalists are on page with the most rabid neocons.

    Brendan Simms’s major new biography has the thesis of Hitler’s main preoccupation being the threat of international capitalism and Anglo-America. Simms previously noted In a review of Sean McMeekin’s The Berlin-Baghdad Express

    [A] fascinating contrast here between the success of the German strategy in Russia, where Lenin was conveyed in a sealed train from Switzerland in order to inject the poison of communist revolution into the Tsarist system. Central to this approach was the cooperation of Jews confined by Russian prejudice to the Pale of Settlement on the western fringes of the empire, and German Jews for whom Tsarism was understandably the main enemy. One therefore wonders what would have happened had the Berlin backed the Zionist project in Palestine – something which the Kaiser had toyed with before the war.

  133. @Harold Smith

    On the contrary nobody tried to stop Trump. Talk is cheap. If the “deep state” wanted to stop him he’d have been RFK’d or otherwise stopped. All the evidence suggests that Mr. was their agent. Accept it.

    No one told Jeb. He spent 90 million on guac bowls trying to crush Trump.

    “Immigration is all that matters, including to the Deep State…”

    LOL! So according to you, the “deep state” wouldn’t mind if Trump demanded a real investigation into 9/11? Or started arming Iran? Seriously? Now you’re just making up nonsense as you go along. I’m not going to waste any more time arguing absurdities with you.

    The effects of the “migrant” invasion are real and observable, as is Trump’s dereliction of duty.

    Speculating on conspiracy theories and worrying about things that haven’t happened (as opposed to White genocide happening now ) isn’t my hobby.

    So yeah, Peace Out, Player.

  134. S says:

    Interesting excerpt from an eight month old article comparing Mike Pompeo with Pompey the Great.
    Pompey the Great

    ‘Pompeo in Italian means nothing more and nothing less than Pompey.’
    Mike Pompeo

    In this way, from his [Pompeo’s] behavior and surname emerges the figure of a historic character, because Pompeo in Italian means nothing more and nothing less than Pompey.

    Both have their family origin in the same region of Italy and the Roman was with the Optimates, the conservatives of the Roman Republic. However, the fact that most relates them is reflected on the image of a powerful hair: Lucius Cornelius Sulla ruled Rome in turbulent times, like his golden red hair, and the polarization between Populares and Optimates factions ennobled Pompey to the inner circle of Sulla.

    Similarly, when Pompeo was Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, he entered the Donald Trump environment by personally delivering the daily national security reports.

    Pompey, as a man of confidence of Sulla, was sent to fight to the varied and distant domains of Rome with the same frequency that Pompeo is sent by Trump to defend the interests of the United States in every corner of the world…

  135. @EoinW

    Appreciate your realistic comment. Indeed, Iran would be wise to unload devastation primarily on the Saudis as long as possible. Destroy the part of Riyadh where gov officials generally are — or better yet, all of Riyadh so none of the headchoppers regroup. And yes of course, take out their oil pipelines and drilling rigs.

    Very few Americans and Europeans will care about the Saudi animals getting their just deserts.

    Ultimately, if Iran is attacked with nukes or invaded by the us by land, they might as well unload on Israel too.

    Sad and frightening scenarios, either way. But we’d all be better off, Americans and Iranians and Russians etc,, with Israel and Saudi knocked completely out. Permanently. Also a sad prospect, although it could become necessary.

    • Replies: @Corvinus
  136. @Sean

    You, sir, are a Machiavellian genius. Serious compliment. Interesting.

  137. @Thinker

    As Germany becomes a largely Muslim (and to a lesser extent, non-white) country in the medium term, they might no longer want to side with the “infidel occupiers” of Muslim lands in the caucasus (Russia) or the infidel oppressors and jailers of their fellow Muslims the Uighurs in Xinjiang (China).

    Muslims will gain control — or at least have a domestic political veto power — of bee foreign policy and the militaries of Sweden, then England and France, then Germany.

    Those countries could align themselves politically, economically, eventually militarily with Muslim regional powers like Iran and Turkey, rather than USA or China/Russia. We will see….

  138. @Bombercommand

    I might buy a walking stick and practice using it for self-defense. But if you live somewhere where the “law” lets you carry a handgun, I’d do that instead or in addition.

    Handgun best option when outnumbered or overpowered in a public place, no? Shotgun for home / business indoor defense.

    • Replies: @Bombercommand
  139. @RadicalCenter

    Problem with a handgun is there is almost no situation a normal person would find themselves in that justifies its use. Use it and you will be in court, not guilty will leave you a \$100,000 lawyer bill, and you will still face a civil suit, like Bernard Goetz. If you have assets, want to send your kids to college and retire in comfort you will kiss that goodbye. If you want a handgun, get a revolver, semi-autos jam without gunsmith tuning. The walking stick is ideal for dealing with the recreational violence that is all too common in the 21st century. Merely carrying it is a deterrent, and the whoosh of a warning swing gives anyone pause. With a walking stick you can inflict graduated punishment to fit the situation. A crack on the shin immobilizes with no permanent damage, and he ain’t gonna punch you after a crack on elbow, forearm, or hand. Still not listening? He will after a crack to the head. In extremis a powerful thrust to the abdomen can kill. With practice, you can deal with an opponent in front and another behind simultaneously, a highly likely scenario. You can carry your cane anywhere, even on airlines, people see a cane as totally normal. Choose your cane carefully, there’s a lot of crap out there. Wood choice should be Hickory, Jatoba, Black Walnut, Purpleheart, Ash. Length and diameter is critical. Usual canes are 36″, way to short for my liking, but maybe good for you. I like larger diameters than standard too, but nothing that looks out of place. Canemasters(I don’t care for these guys) makes canes intended for self defense, but DO NOT get a “combat cane” with features like “sharks teeth”, a sharpened end to the crook, and corrugated ridges on the shaft. If the police get involved after a “situation” they will closely examine your cane, and if they find those features, you’re screwed. About the best ready made cane suitable for self defense I’ve come across is the mallet head cane made by Kingfisher Woodworks, Vermont. This is a new product for them, their usual stuff is high end Bokken and Jo for Japanese Ryu. They use only hand selected air dryed hickory they call “impact grade”, so you can practice against a target with their products without your cane breaking after a month(don’t get their optional carbide tip, I don’t think the cops would like that thing). I don’t use their mallet head cane because the mallet head is not ideal for my discipline, Reverse Grip, and I like a 19th century style brass bullet ferrule(plus a simple formal cap piece), which they don’t do, and I like Jatoba heartwood(strong as their Hickory), which they don’t do. As for your chosen technique, keep it simple, and practice, its better than the gym for getting in shape. The internet has pdf’s of old manuals, and there are DVD’s, but I find that stuff really tiresome, just pick out a few simple techniques and relentlessly practice. What you are seeking is repetition to point of muscle memory, then the magic happens.

  140. @Harold Smith

    Do you really think that these events – which would appear to have been damaging to Clinton’s electoral prospects – were just a coincidence? If so that’s some rather impotent “deep state” that can only sit back and watch in horror as series of random, unfortunate coincidences deprive it of an electoral victory for its candidate.

    Sociopaths have a habit of fighting among themselves. The explanation is that some elements of the “intelligence community” wanted Hillary and others wanted Trump.

    We ants just get to watch while the elephants stomp all over our ant-hills.

    • Replies: @Harold Smith
  141. Jay Fink says:
    @Achmed E. Newman

    I lost some enthusiasm for Trump when he picked so many establishment types for his cabinet including people who hated him such as Nikki Haley. I lost more enthusiasm after the Syria bombings. What I noticed at that time is the vast majority of Trump voters unconditionally love the man and everything he says or does. They don’t have any genuine interest in the themes he ran on in 2016, their support is driven by cult of personality.

    On a different site (where the average IQ is well below 100) I posted reasons I was against attacking Iran. One person after another called me a liberal and leftist. When I pointed out plenty of liberals (neolibs) are also for an Iran war all the Democrats attacked the hell out of me and were in total denial such a thing exists. So America is divided but it reminds me of two sports rivals more than anything. People are interested in sides, not issues. That’s why politicians can easily drift away from their campaign promises.

    • Replies: @Jacques Sheete
  142. @Diversity Heretic

    Will it have the political and social will to resist attempts to settle migrants/ refugees/invaders when they appear–possibly in the form of the nice Mestizo family who “only wants a better life?”

    Rural New Englander here as well–our “secret” is that we don’t have a “better life”. We have no “city services” or places of employment–well and septic only and garbage collection is driving our garbage to the dump when necessary. We have no gas stations, drug stores or restaurants in town. The locals are trades-people (plumbers, electricians, carpenters, etc), The local lefties (and there are some) fight development “to save the environment” and for “historical preservation”. (You go, girl! 😉 )

    Our harsh winters are another “feature”.

    Most city folks who try to live out here leave in disgust within a year or two.

  143. @Justvisiting

    Well the fact that the election boiled down to a contest between two of the most undesirable scumbags available says something right there, but what I was getting at was this: why would the powers that be ultimately choose orange clown over clinton?

    I see two reasons for this: (1) first and foremost, orange clown is a deranged, hard-core militant zionist extremist and an accomplished con man, whereas clinton, evil though she may be, is merely a corrupt political opportunist, with questionable devotion to the ever-more-risky-and-self-destructive jewish-supremacist cause; and (2) orange clown had apparently fooled the Russian government just as he had fooled many American patriots and anti-war voters. (Thus a president orange clown might be able to quickly militarily occupy a large chunk of Syria, for example, before Russia and Syria caught on to the fraud, whereas everything a president clinton would do from the outset would be perceived as a hostile act and resisted).

    • Agree: Jacques Sheete
  144. James Kirkpatrick is an absolute genius—and Arktos just announced that they will soon publish a book by him, which is long overdue.

  145. Corvinus says:

    It is an unrealistic comment, as Iran would be promptly routed. Besides, Trump caters to the Saudis, he assuredly is opposed to that group getting their “just deserts”.

    “But we’d all be better off, Americans and Iranians and Russians etc,, with Israel and Saudi knocked completely out.”

    You are being completely irrational here. Out in the LA su too much?

  146. Robjil says:

    The construction of the Pentagon also started on Sept. 11, 1941. Exactly sixty years later the Pentagon was “hit”. Why 9/11? Why some “6” numbers – 6o years? 6 million square feet of floor space. The Big 6 became the biggest 6 of all after the war. The Big 6 is the US and Israel’s best defense for their war industry. Every time something that US or Israel does that is bad. The US or Israel just says that it is not the Big 6 so it is “OK”.

    “The Pentagon is the Virginia headquarters of the U.S. Department of Defense, located in a massive five-sided concrete and steel building that’s a potent symbol of America’s military strength. With more than 6 million square feet of floor space, the Pentagon ranks among the largest office buildings in the world. During the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001—60 years to the day after construction began on the Pentagon—a hijacked plane struck the building, killing 189 people and damaging roughly one-third of the building.”

    “Construction on the Pentagon began without fanfare on September 11, 1941. By early December 1941, 3,000 workers were on the site during the day, but construction was still behind schedule. Their supervisor was Corps of Engineers Colonel Leslie R. Groves, who would later be chosen to head the Manhattan Project and build the atomic bomb. ”

    The use of 9/11 is a Kabbala thing. 10 is the number of Yahweh’s Tree of Life. Anything one less or one more than Yahweh’s number is “evil”. So it is a good number combo for warring according to our rulers’ fantasies.

    ” 4. Ten are the numbers of the ineffable Sephiroth, ten and not nine, ten and not eleven. Learn this wisdom, and be wise in the understanding of it, investigate these numbers, and draw knowledge from them, fix the design in its purity, and pass from it to its Creator seated on his throne.”

    • Replies: @S
  147. S says:

    Thanks for the info. It does seem like they may have initially hoped that Sept 11 be the official US entry day into WWII, but that Senator Walsh scuppered the plans with his investigation into what really happened regarding the USS Greer.

  148. @KenH

    This is, simply put, not the time for a president to play it safe. We thought we’d struck gold with Trump while the rest of the world shat its collective bloomers.

    Now we know better.

    Trump works best when he trusts his gut, something he hasn’t done since his inauguration.

    The (((ultra left wing dictatorship))) is an inevitability, though our ((( betters ))) prefer hiding behind the throne.

  149. @KenH

    I don’t blame non-Whites for avoiding the Retardican Party.

    What is a minority supposed to think about a party that refuses to recognize its #1 demographic–Whites?

    The sooner Retardicans go extinct the better. The quality of their false opposition to commiecrats has been shoddy for decades.

  150. @Jay Fink

    People are interested in sides, not issues.

    Nice one!

  151. @Omegabooks

    Why bring in e-bola folks from Congo? to force all of us to be vaccinated with things that will kill us all.

    Anon 380,

    You are right….there are Americans in Africa recruiting French speaking people to go to the US. Yes I saw them forcing their way accross Mexico’s southern border 2 months ago on TV, and they have been dropped off in San Antonio,TX. They have been seen carrying rolls of American dollars and buying new clothes…San Antonio has the only Private Virus Lab that is working on the Ebola Virus in the World. The Congo has recently detected a new strain of Ebola that takes longer to detect giving it time to spread before anyone knows they have it. What’s a few ileagals killing Americans when you have Ebola to wipe them out!

    Why all the illegals?

    Who do you think is going to run the FEMA camps, not Americans! They can’t have Americans guarding Americans can they?

  152. Anonymous [AKA "jamesX77bill"] says:

    USA government is terribly stupid, and the migrants and their supporters are smart. For example, the people for free borders and multiculturalism now use a picture of the man and his daughter that died accidentally on the border (Rio Grande) when they tried to cross illegally. The guys to blame are those governments that sent them to USA, looking for the “American dream”. I mean, USA did not killl them, did not attack them and did not invite them to enter illegally, but the stupid Congress considers that the bad guy and the murderer is USA, so they use this accident as excuse to give 4.5 billion dollars for the development of Central America. Even the people from Central America say that all the money USA gives to their governments is stolen by the rulers, corrupt politicians, so this 4.5 bilion dollars will not solve any problem. The money only will give more money to some corrupt guys, and the payers of the money are the American people.
    When American people is killed in Central America or Mexico, by Latin criminals, do those govertnmentd donate billions of dollars to USA? NO. NEVER.

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