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Tomorrow Belongs to the Corporatocracy
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Back in October of 2016, I wrote a somewhat divisive essay in which I suggested that political dissent is being systematically pathologized. In fact, this process has been ongoing for decades, but it has been significantly accelerated since the Brexit referendum and the Rise of Trump (or, rather, the Fall of Hillary Clinton, as it was Americans’ lack of enthusiasm for eight more years of corporatocracy with a sugar coating of identity politics, and not their enthusiasm for Trump, that mostly put the clown in office.)

In the twelve months since I wrote that piece, we have been subjected to a concerted campaign of corporate media propaganda for which there is no historical precedent. Virtually every major organ of the Western media apparatus (the most powerful propaganda machine in the annals of powerful propaganda machines) has been relentlessly churning out variations on a new official ideological narrative designed to generate and enforce conformity. The gist of this propaganda campaign is that “Western democracy” is under attack by a confederacy of Russians and white supremacists, as well as “the terrorists” and other “extremists” it’s been under attack by for the last sixteen years.

I’ve been writing about this campaign for a year now, so I’m not going to rehash all the details. Suffice to say we’ve gone from Russian operatives hacking the American elections to “Russia-linked” persons “apparently” setting up “illegitimate” Facebook accounts, “likely operated out of Russia,” and publishing ads that are “indistinguishable from legitimate political speech” on the Internet. This is what the corporate media is presenting as evidence of “an unprecedented foreign invasion of American democracy,” a handful of political ads on Facebook. In addition to the Russian hacker propaganda, since August, we have also been treated to relentless white supremacist hysteria and daily reminders from the corporate media that “white nationalism is destroying the West.” The negligible American neo-Nazi subculture has been blown up into a biblical Behemoth inexorably slouching its way towards the White House to officially launch the Trumpian Reich.

At the same time, government and corporate entities have been aggressively restricting (and in many cases eliminating) fundamental civil liberties such as freedom of expression, freedom of the press, the right of assembly, the right to privacy, and the right to due process under the law. The justification for this curtailment of rights (which started in earnest in 2001, following the September 11 attacks) is protecting the public from the threat of “terrorism,” which apparently shows no signs of abating. As of now, the United States has been in a State of Emergency for over sixteen years. The UK is in a virtual State of Emergency. France is now in the process of enshrining its permanent State of Emergency into law. Draconian counter-terrorism measures have been implemented throughout the EU. Not just the notorious American police but police throughout the West have been militarized. Every other day we learn of some new emergency security measure designed to keep us safe from “the terrorists,” the “lone wolf shooters,” and other “extremists.”

Conveniently, since the Brexit referendum and unexpected election of Trump (which is when the capitalist ruling classes first recognized that they had a widespread nationalist backlash on their hands), the definition of “terrorism” (or, more broadly, “extremism”) has been expanded to include not just Al Qaeda, or ISIS, or whoever we’re calling “the terrorists” these days, but anyone else the ruling classes decide they need to label “extremists.” The FBI has designated Black Lives Matter “Black Identity Extremists.” The FBI and the DHS have designated Antifa “domestic terrorists.” Hosting corporations have shut down several white supremacist and neo-Nazi websites, along with their access to online fundraising. Google is algorithmically burying leftist news and opinion sources such as Alternet, Counterpunch, Global Research, Consortium News, and Truthout, among others. Twitter, Facebook, and Google have teamed up to cleanse the Internet of “extremist content,” “hate speech,” and whatever else they arbitrarily decide is inappropriate. YouTube, with assistance from the ADL (which deems pro-Palestinian activists and other critics of Israel “extremists”) is censoring “extremist” and “controversial” videos, in an effort to “fight terrorist content online.” Facebook is also collaborating with Israel to thwart “extremism,” “incitement of violence,” and whatever else Israel decides is “inflammatory.” In the UK, simply reading “terrorist content” is punishable by fifteen years in prison. Over three thousand people were arrested last year for publishing “offensive” and “menacing” material.

Whatever your opinion of these organizations and “extremist” persons is beside the point. I’m not a big fan of neo-Nazis, personally, but neither am I a fan of Antifa. I don’t have much use for conspiracy theories, or a lot of the nonsense one finds on the Internet, but I consume a fair amount of alternative media, and I publish in CounterPunch, The Unz Review, ColdType, and other non-corporate journals. I consider myself a leftist, basically, but my political essays are often reposted by right-wing and, yes, even pro-Russia blogs. I get mail from former Sanders supporters, Trump supporters, anarchists, socialists, former 1960s radicals, anti-Semites, and other human beings, some of whom I passionately agree with, others of whom I passionately disagree with. As far as I can tell from the emails, none of these readers voted for Clinton, or Macron, or supported the TPP, or the debt-enslavement and looting of Greece, or the ongoing restructuring of the Greater Middle East (and all the lovely knock-on effects that has brought us), or believe that Trump is a Russian operative, or that Obama is Martin Luther Jesus-on-a-stick. What they share, despite their opposing views, is a general awareness that the locus of power in our post-Cold War age is primarily corporate, or global capitalist, and neoliberal in nature. They also recognize that they are being subjected to a massive propaganda campaign designed to lump them all together (again, despite their opposing views) into an intentionally vague and undefinable category comprising anyone and everyone, everywhere, opposing the hegemony of global capitalism, and its non-ideological ideology (the nature of which I’ll get into in a moment).

As I wrote in that essay a year ago, “a line is being drawn in the ideological sand.” This line cuts across both Left and Right, dividing what the capitalist ruling classes designate “normal” from what they label “extremist.” The traditional ideological paradigm, Left versus Right, is disappearing (except as a kind of minstrel show), and is being replaced, or overwritten, by a pathological paradigm based upon the concept of “extremism.”

• • •

Although the term has been around since the Fifth Century BC, the concept of “extremism” as we know it today developed in the late Twentieth Century and has come into vogue in the last three decades. During the Cold War, the preferred exonymics were “subversive,” “radical,” or just plain old “communist,” all of which terms referred to an actual ideological adversary. In the early 1990s, as the U.S.S.R. disintegrated, and globalized Western capitalism became the unrivaled global-hegemonic ideological system that it is today, a new concept was needed to represent the official enemy and its ideology. The concept of “extremism” does that perfectly, as it connotes, not an external enemy with a definable ideological goal, but rather, a deviation from the norm. The nature of the deviation (e.g., right-wing, left-wing, faith-based, and so on) is secondary, almost incidental. The deviation itself is the point. The “terrorist,” the “extremist,” the “white supremacist,” the “religious fanatic,” the “violent anarchist” … these figures are not rational actors whose ideas we need to intellectually engage with in order to debate or debunk. They are pathological deviations, mutant cells within the body of “normality,” which we need to identify and eliminate, not for ideological reasons, but purely in order to maintain “security.”

A truly global-hegemonic system like contemporary global capitalism (the first of this kind in human history), technically, has no ideology. “Normality” is its ideology … an ideology which erases itself and substitutes the concept of what’s “normal,” or, in other words, “just the way it is.” The specific characteristics of “normality,” although not quite arbitrary, are ever-changing. In the West, for example, thirty years ago, smoking was normal. Now, it’s abnormal. Being gay was abnormal. Now, it’s normal. Being transgender is becoming normal, although we’re still in the early stages of the process. Racism has become abnormal. Body hair is currently abnormal. Walking down the street in a semi-fugue state robotically thumbing the screen of a smartphone that you just finished thumbing a minute ago is “normal.” Capitalism has no qualms with these constant revisions to what is considered normal, because none of them are threats to capitalism. On the contrary, as far as values are concerned, the more flexible and commodifiable the better.

See, despite what intersectionalists will tell you, capitalism has no interest in racism, misogyny, homophobia, xenophobia, or any other despotic values (though it has no problem working with these values when they serve its broader strategic purposes). Capitalism is an economic system, which we have elevated to a social system. It only has one fundamental value, exchange value, which isn’t much of a value, at least not in terms of organizing society or maintaining any sort of human culture or reverence for the natural world it exists in. In capitalist society, everything, everyone, every object and sentient being, every concept and human emotion, is worth exactly what the market will bear … no more, no less, than its market price. There is no other measure of value.

Yes, we all want there to be other values, and we pretend there are, but there aren’t, not really. Although we’re free to enjoy parochial subcultures based on alternative values (i.e., religious bodies, the arts, and so on), these subcultures operate within capitalist society, and ultimately conform to its rules. In the arts, for example, works are either commercial products, like any other commodity, or they are subsidized by what could be called “the simulated aristocracy,” the ivy league-educated leisure classes (and lower class artists aspiring thereto) who need to pretend that they still have “culture” in order to feel superior to the masses. In the latter case, this feeling of superiority is the upscale product being sold. In the former, it is entertainment, distraction from the depressing realities of living, not in a society at all, but in a marketplace with no real human values. (In the absence of any real cultural values, there is no qualitative difference between Gerhard Richter and Adam Sandler, for example. They’re both successful capitalist artists. They’re just selling their products in different markets.)

The fact that it has no human values is the evil genius of global capitalist society. Unlike the despotic societies it replaced, it has no allegiance to any cultural identities, or traditions, or anything other than money. It can accommodate any form of government, as long as it plays ball with global capitalism. Thus, the window dressing of “normality” is markedly different from country to country, but the essence of “normality” remains the same. Even in countries with state religions (like Iran) or state ideologies (like China), the governments play by the rules of global capitalism like everyone else. If they don’t, they can expect to receive a visit from global capitalism’s Regime Change Department (i.e., the US military and its assorted partners).

Which is why, despite the “Russiagate” hysteria the media have been barraging us with, the West is not going to war with Russia. Nor are we going to war with China. Russia and China are developed countries, whose economies are entirely dependent on global capitalism, as are Western economies. The economies of every developed nation on the planet are inextricably linked. This is the nature of the global hegemony I’ve been referring to throughout this essay. Not American hegemony, but global capitalist hegemony. Systemic, supranational hegemony (which I like to prefer “the Corporatocracy,” as it sounds more poetic and less post-structural).

We haven’t really got our minds around it yet, because we’re still in the early stages of it, but we have entered an epoch in which historical events are primarily being driven, and societies reshaped, not by sovereign nation states acting in their national interests but by supranational corporations acting in their corporate interests. Paramount among these corporate interests is the maintenance and expansion of global capitalism, and the elimination of any impediments thereto. Forget about the United States (i.e., the actual nation state) for a moment, and look at what’s been happening since the early 1990s. The US military’s “disastrous misadventures” in Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Syria, and the former Yugoslavia, among other exotic places (which have obviously had nothing to do with the welfare or security of any actual Americans), begin to make a lot more sense. Global capitalism, since the end of the Cold War (i.e, immediately after the end of the Cold War), has been conducting a global clean-up operation, eliminating actual and potential insurgencies, mostly in the Middle East, but also in its Western markets. Having won the last ideological war, like any other victorious force, it has been “clear-and-holding” the conquered territory, which in this case happens to be the whole planet. Just for fun, get out a map, and look at the history of invasions, bombings, and other “interventions” conducted by the West and its assorted client states since 1990. Also, once you’re done with that, consider how, over the last fifteen years, most Western societies have been militarized, their citizens placed under constant surveillance, and an overall atmosphere of “emergency” fostered, and paranoia about “the threat of extremism” propagated by the corporate media.

I’m not suggesting there’s a bunch of capitalists sitting around in a room somewhere in their shiny black top hats planning all of this. I’m talking about systemic development, which is a little more complex than that, and much more difficult to intelligently discuss because we’re used to perceiving historico-political events in the context of competing nation states, rather than competing ideological systems … or non-competing ideological systems, for capitalism has no competition. What it has, instead, is a variety of insurgencies, the faith-based Islamic fundamentalist insurgency and the neo-nationalist insurgency chief among them. There will certainly be others throughout the near future as global capitalism consolidates control and restructures societies according to its values. None of these insurgencies will be successful.

Short some sort of cataclysm, like an asteroid strike or the zombie apocalypse, or, you know, violent revolution, global capitalism will continue to restructure the planet to conform to its ruthless interests. The world will become increasingly “normal.” The scourge of “extremism” and “terrorism” will persist, as will the general atmosphere of “emergency.” There will be no more Trumps, Brexit referendums, revolts against the banks, and so on. Identity politics will continue to flourish, providing a forum for leftist activist types (and others with an unhealthy interest in politics), who otherwise might become a nuisance, but any and all forms of actual dissent from global capitalist ideology will be systematically marginalized and pathologized.

This won’t happen right away, of course. Things are liable to get ugly first (as if they weren’t ugly enough already), but probably not in the way we’re expecting, or being trained to expect by the corporate media. Look, I’ll give you a dollar if it turns out I’m wrong, and the Russians, terrorists, white supremacists, and other “extremists” do bring down “democracy” and launch their Islamic, white supremacist, Russo-Nazi Reich, or whatever, but from where I sit it looks pretty clear … tomorrow belongs to the Corporatocracy.

C. J. Hopkins is an award-winning American playwright, novelist and satirist based in Berlin. His plays are published by Bloomsbury Publishing (UK) and Broadway Play Publishing (USA). His debut novel, ZONE 23, is published by Snoggsworthy, Swaine & Cormorant. He can reached at or

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  1. Malla says:

    Brilliant Article. But this has been going on for nearly a century or more. New York Jewish bankers fund the Bolshevik revolution which gets rid of the Romanov dynasty and many of the revolutionaries are not even Russian. What many people do not know is that many Western companies invested money in Bolshevik Russia as the Bolsheviks were speeding up the modernising of the country. What many do not know is that Feminism, destruction of families and traditional societies, homoerotic art etc…. was forced on the new Soviet population in a shock therapy sort of way. The same process has been implemented in the West by the elites using a much slower ‘boiling the frog’ method using Cultural Marxism. The aim of the Soviet Union was to spread Communism around the World and hence bring about the One World Government as wished by the globalists. Their national anthem was the ‘Internationale’. The globalists were funding revolutionary movements throughout Europe and other parts of the world. One such attempt went extremely wrong and that was in Germany where instead of the Communists coming in power, the National Socialists come in power which was the most dangerous challenge faced by the Zio/globalists/elite gang. The Globalists force a war using false flag events like Pearl Harbour etc… and crushed the powers which challenged their rule i.e. Germany, Japan and Italy. That is why Capitalist USA funded Communist Soviet Union using the land lease program, which on the surface never makes any sense.

    However in Soviet Russia, a power struggle leads to Stalin destroying the old Communist order of Lenin Trotsky. Trotsky and his supporters leave the Soviet Union. Many of the present Neo Cons are ex Trotskyites and hence the crazy hatred for Russia even today in American politics. These Neocons do not have any principles, they will use any ideology such as Communism, Islam, twisted Western Conservatism…anything to attain their global goals.

    Now with Stalin coming to power, things actually improved and the war with Hitler’s Third Reich gave Stalin the chance to purge many old school globalist commies and then the Soviet Union went towards a more nationalist road. Jews slowly started losing their hold on power with Russians and eventually other Soviets gaining more powerful positions. These folks found the ugly modern art culture of the early Soviet period revolting and started a new movement where the messages of Socialism can be delivered with more healthy beautiful art and culture. This process was called ‘Social Realism’. So strangely what happened was that the Capitalist Christian West was becoming more and more less traditional with time (Cultural Marxism/Fabien Socialism via media, education, Hollywood) while the Eastern block was slowly moving in an opposite direction. The CIA (which is basically the intelligence agency arm of Wall Street Bankers) was working to stop this ‘Social Realism’ movement.

    These same globalists also funded Mao and pulled the rug under Chiang Kai Shek who they were supporting earlier. Yes, Mao was funded by the Rockerfeller/ Rothschild Cabal. Now, even if the Globalists were not happy with Stalin gaining power in the Soviet Union (they preferred the internationalist Trotskyites), they still found that they could work out with the Soviet Union. That is why during the 2nd World war, the USA supports the USSR with money and material, Stalin gets a facelift as ‘friendly Uncle Joe’ for the Western audience. Many Cossack families who had escaped the Soviet Union to the West were sent to their deaths after the War to the Soviet Union. Why? Mr. Eden of Britain who could not stand Hitler wanted a New World Order where they could work with the more murderous Soviet Union.

    Now we have the cold war. What is not known is that behind the scenes at a higher level, the Americans and the Soviets cooperated with each other exchanging technology, basically the cold war was quite fake. But the Cold war gave the American government (basically the Globalists) to take American Tax payers hard earned money to fund many projects such as Star Wars programme etc… All this was not needed, as a gentleman named Keenan had shown in his book that all the Americans needed to do was to make sure Japan, Germany and Britain did not fall to the Soviets, that’s it. Thus trillions of American tax payer money would be saved. But obviously the Military Industrial Complex did not like that idea. Both the Soviet and the American governments got the excuse spend their people’s hard money on weapons research as well as exchanging some of that technology in the back ground. It is during this period that the precursor to the Internet was already developed. Many of the technology we use today was already invented much earlier by government agencies but released to the people later.

    Then we have the Vietnam war. Now you must realise that the Globalist government of America uses wars not only to change enemy societies but also the domestic society in the West. So during the Vietnam War, the US government using the alphabet agencies such as the CIA kick start the fake opposition hippie movements. The CIA not only drugged the Vietnamese population using drugs from the Golden Triangle but later released them on the home population in the USA and the West. This was all part of the Cultural Marxist plan to change or social engineer American/ Western society. Many institutes like the Travestock Institute were part of this process. For example one of the main hochos of the Cultural Marxism, a Mr. Aderno was closely related to the Beatles movement.
    Several experiments was done on mind control such as MK Ultra, monarch programming, Edward Bernay’s works etc… Their aim was to destroy traditional Western society and the long term goal is a New World Order. Blacks for example were used as weapons against Whites at the same time the black social order was destroyed further via the media etc…

    Now, Nixon going to China was to start a long term (long planned) process to bring about Corporate Communism. Yes that is going to be economic system in the coming New World Order. China is the test tube, where the Worst of Communism and the Worst of Crony Capitalism be brought together as an experiment. As the Soviet Union was going in a direction, the globalist was not happy about (it was becoming more nationalist), they worked to bring the Soviet Union down and thus the Soviet experiment ended only to be continued in China.

    NATO today is the core military arm of the globalists, a precursor to a One World Military Force. That explains why after the Warsaw pact was dismantled, NATO was not or why NATO would interfere in the Middle East which is far away from the Atlantic Ocean.

    The coming Cashless society will finally lead to a moneyless or distribution society, in other words Communism, that is the long term plan.

    My point is, many of the geo political events as well as social movements of the last century (feminism for example) were all planned for a long time and are not accidents. The coming technologies like the internet of things, 5G technology, Cashless society, biometric identification everywhere etc… are all designed to help bring about the final aim of the globalists. The final aim is a one world government with Corporate ruled Communism where we, the worker bees will be living in our shitty inner city like ghetto homes eating GM plastic foods and listening to crappy music. That is the future they have planned for us. A inner city ghetto like place under Communism ruled by greedy evil corporates.

    • Agree: edNels, Druid
  2. Once again, C.J. nails it!

  3. Issac says:

    “Short some sort of cataclysm, like an asteroid strike or the zombie apocalypse, or, you know, violent revolution, global capitalism will continue to restructure the planet to conform to its ruthless interests.”

    That is certainly what the geopolitical establishment is hoping for, but I remain skeptical of their ability to contain what forces they’ve used to balance the various camps of dissenting proles. They’ve painted themselves into a corner with non-white identity politics combined with mass immigration. The logical conclusion of where they’re going is pogroms and none of the kleptocracy seem bold enough to try and stop this from happening.

    • Replies: @peterAUS
  4. peterAUS says:

    That is certainly what the geopolitical establishment is hoping for, but I remain skeptical of their ability to contain what forces they’ve used to balance the various camps of dissenting proles.


  5. @Malla

    There must be some evidence for your assertions about the long term plans and aims of globalists and others if there is truth in them. The sort of people you are referring to would often have kept private diaries and certainly written many hundreds or thousands of letters. Can you give any references to such evidence of say 80 to 130 years ago?

    • Replies: @Malla
    , @daniel le mouche
    , @tjm
  6. edNels says:

    Finally an article that tells as it is! and the first comment is a great one too.

    It is right there to see for anybody with eyes screwed in right.

  7. wayfarer says:

    “Three Things Cannot Be Long Hidden: the Sun, the Moon, and the Truth.” – Buddha

  8. Regarding Trump being “a clown”… the jury is out:

    ….. puzzling that the writer feels the need to virtue-signal by saying he “doesn’t have much time for conspiracy theories” while condemning an absolutely massive conspiracy to present establishment lies as truth.

    That is one of the most depressing demonstrations of the success of the ruling creeps that I have yet come across.

  9. Germany is the last EU member state where an anti EU party entered parliament.
    In the last French elections four out of every ten voters voted on anti EU parties.
    In Austria the anti EU parties now have a majority.
    So if I were leading a big corporation, thriving by globalism, what also the EU is, I would be worried.

  10. “See, despite what intersectionalists will tell you, capitalism has no interest in racism, misogyny, homophobia, xenophobia, or any other despotic values (though it has no problem working with these values when they serve its broader strategic purposes). Capitalism is an economic system, which we have elevated to a social system. It only has one fundamental value, exchange value, which isn’t much of a value, at least not in terms of organizing society or maintaining any sort of human culture or reverence for the natural world it exists in. In capitalist society, everything, everyone, every object and sentient being, every concept and human emotion, is worth exactly what the market will bear … no more, no less, than its market price. There is no other measure of value.”

    This is a great article. The author’s identification of “normality” & “extremism” as Capitalism’s go-to concepts for social control is spot on accurate. That these terms can mean anything or nothing & are infinitely flexible is central to their power.
    Mr Hopkins is also correct when he points out that Capitalism has essentially NO values (exchange value is a value, but also a mechanism). Again, Capitalism stands for nothing: any form of government is acceptable as long as it bows to neoliberal markets.
    However, the author probably goes to far:
    “Nor are we going to war with China. Russia and China are developed countries, whose economies are entirely dependent on global capitalism, as are Western economies. The economies of every developed nation on the planet are inextricably linked. This is the nature of the global hegemony I’ve been referring to throughout this essay. Not American hegemony, but global capitalist hegemony. Systemic, supranational hegemony”.
    Capitalism has no values: however the Masters of the capitalist system most certainly do: Capitalism is a means, the most thorough, profound means yet invented, for the attainment of that value which has NO exchange value: POWER.
    Capitalism is a supranational hegemony – yet the Elites which control it, who will act as one when presented with any external threats to Capitalism itself, are not unified internally. Indeed, they will engage in cut throat competition, whether considered as individuals or nations or as particular industries.
    US Imperialism is not imaginary, it is not a mere appearance or mirage of Capitalism, supranational or not. US Imperialism in essence empowers certain sets of Capitalists over other sets. No, they may not purposely endanger the System as a whole, however, that still leaves plenty of space for aggressive competition, up to & including war.
    Imperialism is the political corollary to the ultimate economic goal of the individual Capitalist: Monopoly.

  11. @Malla

    Read Howard Zinn, and discover that the USA always was the same since Columbus began.

    • Replies: @daniel le mouche
  12. m___ says:

    Psychologically daring (being no minstrel to corporatocracy nor irrelevant activism and other “religions” that endorse the current world global system as the overhead), rationally correct, relevant, core definition of the larger geo-world and deeper “ideological” grounding( in the case of capitalism the quite shallow brute forcing of greed as an incentive, as sterile a society as possible), and adhering to longer timelines of reality of planet earth. Perfectly captures the “essence” of the dynamics of our times.

    The few come to the authors’ through-sites by many venue-ways, that’s where some of the corporocratic world, by sheer statistics wind up also. Why do they not get the overhand into molding the shallow into anything better in the long haul. No world leader, no intellectual within power circles, even within confined quarters, speaks to the absurdity of the ongoing slugging and maltering of global human?

    The elites of now are too dumb to consider the planet exo-human as a limited resource. Immigration, migration, is the de facto path to “normalization” in the terms of the author. Reducing the world population is not “in” the capitalist ideology. A major weakness, or if one prefers the stake that pinches the concept of capitalism: more instead of quality principles.

    The game changers, the possible game changers: eugenics and how they play out as to the elites ( understanding the genome and manipulating it), artificial intelligence ( defining it first, not the “Elon Musk” definition), and as a far outlier exo-planetary arguments.

    Confront the above with the “unexpected”, the not-human engineered possible events (astroids and the like, secondary effects of human induced toxicity, others), and the chances to get to the author’s “dollar” and what it by then might mean is indeed tiny.

    As to the content, one of the utmost relevant articles, it is “art” to condense such broad a world view into a few words, it requires a deep understanding foremost, left to wonder what can be grasped by most reading above. Some-one try the numbers?, “big data” anyone, they might turn out in favor of what the author undoubtedly absorbed as the nucleus of twenty-first thinking, strategy and engineering.

    This kind of thinking and “Harvard” conventionality, what a distance.

  13. Great article, spot on. Indeed we are all at the mercy now of a relatively small clique of ruthless criminals who are served by armies of desensitized, stupid mercenaries: MBAs, politicians, thugs, college professors, “whorenalists”, etc. I am afraid that the best answer to the current and future dystopia is what the Germans call “innere Emigration,” to psychologically detach oneself from the contemporary world.

    Thus, the only way out of this hellhole is through reading and thinking, which every self-respecting individual should engage in. Shun most contemporary “literature” and instead turn to the classics of European culture: there you will find all you need.

    For an earlier and ever so pertinent analysis of the contemporary desert, I can heartily recommend Umberto Galimberti’s I vizi capitali e i nuovi vizi (Milan, 2003).

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  14. m___ says:

    And yes, another verbally strong expression of the in your face truth, though for so few to grasp. The author again has a deep understanding, if one prefers, it points to the venueway of coming to terms, the empirical pathway as to the understanding.

    “Plasticky” society is my preferred term for designating the aberrance that most (within the elites), the rest who cares (as an historical truth), do not seem to identify as proper cluelessness in the light of longer timelines. The current global ideology, religion of capitalism-democracy is the equivalent of opportunistic naval staring of the elites. They are not aware that suffocation will irreversibly affect oneself. Not enough air is the equivalent of no air in the end.

  15. The negligible American neo-Nazi subculture has been blown up into a biblical Behemoth inexorably slouching its way towards the White House to officially launch the Trumpian Reich.

    While the above is true, I hope most folks understand that the basic concept of controlling people through fear is nothing new. The much vaunted constitution was crammed down our collective throats by the rich scoundrels of the time in the words of more than one anti-federalist through the conjuring of quite a set of threats, all bogus.

    I address my most fervent prayer to prevent our adopting a system destructive to liberty… We are told there are dangers, but those dangers are ideal; they cannot be demonstrated.

    – Patrick Henry, Foreign Wars, Civil Wars, and Indian Wars—Three Bugbears, June 5, 7, and 9, 1788

    Bottom line: Concentrated wealth and power suck.The USA was ruled by a plutoligarchy from its inception, and the material benefits we still enjoy have occurred not because of it but despite it.

  16. Jake says:

    It is the nightmare world of Network come to life.

  17. For today’s goofy “right wing” big business “conservatives” who think the US won WW2, I got news for you. Monopoly capitalism, complete with increasing centralization of the economy and political forces were given boosts by both world wars.

    It was precisely in reaction to their impending defeat at the hands of the competitive storms of the market that business turned, increasingly after the 1900’s, to the federal government for aid and protection. In short, the intervention by the federal government was designed, not to curb big business monopoly for the sake of the public weal, but to create monopolies that big business (as well as trade associations smaller business) had not been able to establish amidst the competitive gales of the free market. Both Left and Right have been persistently misled by the notion that intervention by the government is ipso facto leftish and anti-business. Hence the mythology of the New-Fair Deal-as-Red that is endemic on the Right. Both the big businessmen, led by the Morgan interests, and Professor Kolko almost uniquely in the academic world, have realized that monopoly privilege can only be created by the State and not as a result of free market operations.

    -Murray N. Rothbard, Rothbard Left and Right: The Prospects for Liberty, [Originally appeared in Left and Right, Spring 1965, pp. 4-22.]

  18. A truly global-hegemonic system like contemporary global capitalism (the first of this kind in human history), technically, has no ideology.

    Please change that to” contemporary state-sponsored global capitalism …

    • Replies: @Wally
  19. Malla says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    It was all about connecting the dots really. Connecting the dots of too many books I have gobe through and videos I have seen. Too many to list here.

    You can get a lot of info from the book ‘Tragedy and Hope’ by Carroll Quigley though he avoids mantioning Jews and calls it the Anglo American establishment, Anthony Sutton however I completely disagree about funding of the Third Reich but he does talk a lot about the secret relationship between the USA and the USSR, Revilo Oliver etc.. etc… Well you could read the Protocols. Now if you think that the protocols was a forgery, you gotta see this, especially the last part.

    Also check this out

    Also check out what this Wall Street guy realised in his career.

    Also this 911 firefighter, what he found out after some research

    • Replies: @Wally
  20. Miro23 says:

    Capitalism is an economic system, which we have elevated to a social system. It only has one fundamental value, exchange value, which isn’t much of a value, at least not in terms of organizing society or maintaining any sort of human culture or reverence for the natural world it exists in. In capitalist society, everything, everyone, every object and sentient being, every concept and human emotion, is worth exactly what the market will bear … no more, no less, than its market price. There is no other measure of value.

    This looks like the “financialization” of society with Citizens morphing into Consumers.

    And it’s worth saying that Citizenship and Consumership are completely different concepts:

    Citizenship –
    1. – the state of being vested with the rights, privileges, and duties of a citizen.
    2. – the character of an individual viewed as a member of society;behavior in terms of the duties, obligations, and functions of a citizen:
    an award for good citizenship.

    The Consumer –
    1. a person or thing that consumes.
    2. Economics. a person or organization that uses a commodity or service.

    A good citizen can then define themselves in a rather non-selfish, non-financial way as for example, someone who respects others, contributes to local decisions (politically active), gains respect through work and ethical standards etc.

    A good consumer on the other hand, seems to be more a self-idea, essentially someone who buys and consumes a lot (financial idea), has little political interest – and probably defines themselves (and others) by how they spend money and what they own.

    It’s clear that US, and global capitalism, prefers active consumers over active citizens, and maybe it explains why the US has such a worthless and dysfunctional political process.

  21. It was all about connecting the dots really.

    Some folks are completely unable to connect the dots even when spoon fed the evidence. You’ll note that some, in risible displays of quasi-intellectual arrogance, make virtually impossible demands for proof, none of which they’ll ever accept. Rather, they flock to self aggrandizing mythology like flies to fresh sewage which the plutoligarchy produces nearly infinitely.

    Your observations appear pretty accurate and self justifying I’d say.

  22. @Wizard of Oz

    I can, Wiz.
    Look up the film director Aaron Russo (recently deceased), discussing how David Rockefeller tried to bring him over to the dark side. Rockefeller discussed for example the women’s movement, its engineering. Also, there’s Aldous Huxley’s speech The Ultimate Revolution, on how drugs are the final solution to rabble troubles–we will think we’re happy even in the most appalling societal conditions.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  23. @jilles dykstra

    I can only say Beware of Zinn, best friend of Chomsky, endlessly tauted by shysters like Amy Goodman and Counterpunch. Like all liberal gatekeepers, he wouldn’t touch 911. I saw him speak not long before he died, and when questioned on this he said, ‘That was a long time ago, let’s talk about now.’
    This from a professed historian, and it was only 7 years after 911. He seemed to have the same old Jewish agenda, make Europeans look really bad at all times. He was always on message, like the shyster Chomsky. Sincerely probing for the truth was not part of his agenda; his truths were highly selective, and such a colossal event as 911 concerned him not at all, with the ensuing wars, Patriot Acts, bullshit war on Terror, etc etc

    • Replies: @jilles dykstra
  24. joe webb says:

    Say what???

    “…capitalism has no interest in racism, misogyny, homophobia, xenophobia, or any other despotic values (though it has no problem working with these values when they serve its broader strategic purposes). Capitalism is an economic system, which we have elevated to a social system.”

    This is a typical Left Lie. Capitalism in its present internationalist phase absolutely requires Anti-Racism to lubricate sales …uh, internationally and domestically. We are all Equal.

    Then, the ticking-off of the rest of the bad isms, and labeling them ‘despotic’ is another Leftwing and poetic attack on more or less all of us white folks, who have largely invented Capitalism, from a racialist point of view.

    “Poetic” because it is an emotional appeal, not a rational argument. The other ‘despotisms’ are not despotic, unless you claim, like I do that racial personalities are more, or less despotic, with Whites being the least despotic. The Left totalitarian thinks emotional despotism’s source is political or statist. It are not. However, Capitalism has been far less despotic than communism, etc.

    Emotional Despotism is part of who Homo Sapiens is, and this emotional despotism is not racially equal. Whites are the least despotic, and have organized law and rules to contain such despotism.

    Systems arise naturally from the Human Condition, like it or not. The attempt here is to sully the Capitalist system, and that is all it is. This article itself is despotic propaganda.

    Arguably, human nature is despotic, and White civilization has attempted to limit our despotic nature.
    This is another story.

    As for elevating capitalism into a ‘social system’….this is somewhat true. However, that is not totally bad, as capitalism delivers the goods, which is the first thing, after getting out of bed.

    The second thing, is having a conformable social environment, and that is where racial accord enters.
    People want familiar and trustworthy people around them and that is just the way human nature is…genetic similarity, etc.

    Beyond that, the various Leftie complaints-without-end, are also just the way it is. And yes they can be addressed and ameliorated to some degree, but human nature is not a System to be manipulated, even thought the current crop of scientistic lefties talk a good storyline about epigenetics and other Hopes, false of course, like communist planning which makes its first priority, Social Change which is always despotic. Society takes care of itself, especially racial society.

    As Senator Vail said about the 1924 Immigration Act which held the line against Immigration, “if there is going to be any changing being done, we will do it and nobody else.” That ‘we’ was a White we.

    Capitalism must be national. International capital is tyranny.

    Joe Webb

  25. Wally says: • Website
    @jacques sheete


    Some agendas require the “state sponsored” part to be hidden.

    • Replies: @jacques sheete
  26. Wally says: • Website

    “How Big Oil Conquered the World”?

    That’s called ‘taking the bait.’

    US oil companies make about five cents off a single gallon of gasoline, on the other hand US Big Government taxes on a single gallon are around seventy-one cents for US states & rising, the tax is now \$1.00 per gallon for CA.

    IOW, greedy US governments make fourteen to twenty times what oil companies make, and it is the oil companies who make & deliver the vital product to the marketplace.

    And that is just in the US. Have a look at Europe’s taxes. My, my.

    It’s Big Government, not Big Oil.

    • Replies: @jilles dykstra
    , @Malla
  27. @Wally

    Some agendas require the “state sponsored” part to be hidden.

    That is part of the reason why the constitutional convention was held in secret as well.

    The cunning connivers who ram government down our throats don’t like their designs exposed, and it’s an old trick which nearly always works.

    Here’s Aristophanes on the subject. His play is worth a read. Short and great satire on the politicians of the day.

    No, Cleon, little you care for his reigning in Arcadia, it’s to pillage and impose on the allies at will that you reckon; you wish the war to conceal your rogueries as in a mist, that Demos may see nothing of them, and harassed by cares, may only depend on yourself for his bread. But if ever peace is restored to him, if ever he returns to his lands to comfort himself once more with good cakes, to greet his cherished olives, he will know the blessings you have kept him out of, even though paying him a salary; and, filled with hatred and rage, he will rise, burning with desire to vote against you. You know this only too well; it is for this you rock him to sleep with your lies.

    – Aristophanes, The Knights, 424 BC

  28. @daniel le mouche

    The first loyalty of jews is supposed to be to jews.
    Norman Finkelstein is called a traitor by jews, the Dutch jew Hamburger is called a traitor by Dutch jews, he’s the chairman of ‘Een ander joodse geluid’, best translated by ‘another jewish opinion’, the organisation criticises Israel.
    Jewish involvement in Sept 11 seems probable, the ‘dancing Israelis’, the assertion that most jews working in the Twin Towers at the time were either sick or took a day off, the fact that the Towers were jewish property, ready for a costly demolition, much abestos in the buildings, thus the ‘terrorist’ act brought a great profit.
    Can one expect a jew to expose things like this ?
    On his book, I did not find inconsistencies with literature I already knew.
    The merit of the book is listing many events that affected common people in the USA, and destroying the myth that ‘in the USA who is poor has only himself to blame’.
    This nonsense becomes clear even from the diaries of Harold L Ickes, or from Jonathan Raban Bad Land, 1997.
    As for Zinn’s criticism of the adored USA constitution, I read that Charles A Beard already in 1919 resigned because he also criticised this constitution.

    • Replies: @Anon
  29. @Wally

    Indeed, in our countries about half the national income goes to the governments by taxes, this is the reason a country like Denmark is the best country to live in.

  30. nickels says:

    Agree, with one addition–that the corporate ideology is the natural product of the newfound hegemony of the materialistic jewish ideology, as it rises in the wake of Western spiritual decline.

    • Replies: @Malla
  31. I agree with everything in the article except the disparaging remark about our beloved President and the blackpill conclusion. Trump’s election is evidence that the “globalists” don’t have the same control as they used to and the corporate/media establishment is struggling to suppress dissenting opinions. I’m optimistic that the genie is out of the bottle and it’s not going back in.

  32. utu says:

    tomorrow belongs to the Corporatocracy – Is your next article going to be about how to kill yourself or how to join the Corporatocracy and enjoy your life within it? You are copping out. Think harder. Do not be lazy, Mr. Hopkins. You are needed. Keep writing!

  33. “Things are liable to get ugly first (as if they weren’t ugly enough already), but probably not in the way we’re expecting, or being trained to expect by the corporate media.”

    Things must necessarily get uglier in order for TPTB to impose the controls that will make things “normal.” Think “end of the Roman Republic” for a look at our future.

    “Look, I’ll give you a dollar if it turns out I’m wrong ….”

    I’ll take payment in gold … at the equivalent of today’s price … please. At that point the dollar will only be useful as toilet paper.

    • Replies: @Miro23
  34. @daniel le mouche

    Not what I was inquiring about. I had in mind the kind of diary and correspondence material serious historians and biographers look for, read thoroughly and then use conscientiously and honestly, not just selectively for support of preconceptions. Recent docos on the Royal cousins descended from Queen Victoria quotes lots of tellung stuff from diaries of George V, Wilhem Ii and Nicholas II as good examples of what I am referring to.

  35. Malla says:

    Did you actually watch the video? It is about the Rockerfellers and how they influenced education and medicine among others. Anyways I agree with you about taxes.

  36. Wally says: • Website

    Indeed, I may have jumped the gun on this one.

    I thought it was more of the usual oil industry bashing with the time honored tradition of blaming ‘Big Oil’ for the mess in the Middle East, with the intention of distracting attention away from Israeli / US government responsibility.


  37. Interesting article, and everything about supranational forces/structures (or “Corporatocracy”), greatly affecting evolution (or de-evolution ?!) of the world as a whole and locally, when it comes to material matters is true. As for ideological or spiritual underlining of these processes, I don’t think it’s all about “Normality” or just letting things to go as they are because it’s good for Capitalism. In fact, many of these ideological changes are good for some other kind of “-ism”, which happens to be very dear to those on the top of the pyramid of global power. But since it’s a “conspiracy theory” (printed on the back of each dollar bill) I’m not going to spoil the author’s optimistic view on reality.

  38. Miro23 says:
    @The Alarmist

    At that point the dollar will only be useful as toilet paper.

    Except that that’s already the case.

    It’s just that we’re seeing a lag between reality and perception, with world trade still denominated in dollars (obligatory holding of dollar balances in oil etc.) giving it artificial support.

    The Chinese for example, are anxious to get out without rocking the boat (seriously devaluing their dollar bond holdings), and smarter holders are already liquidating their dollar denominated assets.

    The root of the problem is the FED, with massive dollar printing (monetizing debt) to pump up speculative bubbles , fund Special Interests and pay for endless wars, with the payback being a historic (and unexpected) hyperinflation.

    And, it’s interesting that the debt clock has recently been detached from its location on the southeast corner of 44th street and 6th Avenue in Manhattan, supposedly for physical updates to the display:

    For those who do not know the history of the debt ceiling, it was imposed by Congress in the second decade of the 20th century to try to slow down the government from monetizing unlimited debt once the Federal Reserve was voted into place. In fact, under the original scope of the Federal Reserve Act, the central bank was not allowed to purchase government debt, but that changed once the country began preparing to enter World War I.

    Now approximately a century later, and after accumulating \$20 trillion in monetized debt, the charade that was the debt ceiling (as it has been raised by Congress an estimated 78 times) appears to be fully unmasked and this can now allow Washington to simply sell unlimited and infinite amounts of debt any time it sees fit.

    The billboard-sized running clock that in real time displays the US national debt has been removed from its location in New York City after the federal debt surpassed a historic \$20 trillion mark last Friday.

    • Replies: @The Alarmist
  39. @Miro23

    Bummer I used to occasionally take a detour on the way to work to catch that clock.

    “Updates,” eh? Bet we never see that clock again … the truth is too inconvenient for it to be so physically on display in a city with millions of people.

  40. I agree with the article about what existing capitalism is trying to do, but not necessarilly with the conclusion that it will actually succeed.
    In its march towards its goals, existing capitalism is creating all sorts of contradictions, tensions, unsatisfactions and chaos, which generate reactions against the order it aims to create, as that order is in itself highly structurally problematic and unsound.

    Of course it is possible that the dystopia will win, because human societies, history has proven, can exist a very long time in a very deficient and dissatisfactory state, but it is also possible that the contradictions created by that ongoing and future capitalist process will eventually make it destroy itself.

    • Replies: @Greg the American
  41. tjm says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    What a disingenuous comment you made, and who exactly would report such writings, the Jew York Times?

    There are innumerable truths that have been hidden by the Jew world order. If a building is taken down using controlled demolition, and everyone sees it, yet the media says it was terrorists, whom do you believe…that is not a question…

    • Agree: AB_Anonymous
    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  42. @tjm

    You seem to bd totally ignorant of the writing of history and biography. Your first par alone suggests that you have never read serious books of history or biography. I don’t understand why you think it even remotely relevant to mention a newspaper when you should be looking to publishers like the Oxford and Csmbridge University presses and dozens of others slightly less famous.

  43. ‘….should be looking to publishers like the Oxford and Csmbridge University presses…’ blah blah blah

    Still haven’t figured it out, Wiz? Okay, one last time, it’s all the same thing (be it newspapers from the NYT to the Guardian to Le Monde, be it your chief programmers e.g. BBC, CNN, be it publishing–yes, even of….BOOKS!), and controlled by the same satanic elite. I direct your attention span to The Anglo-American Conspiracy, available online, outlining in detail the secretive group formed in the 1890s (though this sort of thing has gone on presumably for thousands of years) known to some as Milner’s Kindergarten, and their very ambitious, and effective, plan to control the world–that is to say, the minds of all. It includes all of the above, plus education (now FREE for all two-year-olds, yes TWO, in the UK) from nursery to grad school, the pop music industry (well, now anyway, not perhaps in 1890), banking, and more which I can’t at the moment remember.

    To reiterate, Wiz: even things that are PRINTED in actual BOOKS, even things written by your masters at Hahvahd, oh Cambridge you know, or, let’s say, for Random House, or for such respectable magazines as National Geographic or Popular Science–it is all, one way or another, a form of propaganda, even if just by omission, but much more usually by what is ‘understood’ in the writing, e.g. that we’re under attack, or that conspiracy kooks are kooky. But you just go right on thinking that what you read and watch is the Gospel Truth.

    • Agree: AB_Anonymous
  44. @Captain Nemo

    Like Captain Nemo, I agree with the article (its great) and the nature of the corporates, but not sure I can see them pulling it off.

    Planned economics don’t work so well, and in order to minimize the “extremism” mentioned in the article citizens will have to be well fed. It’s a lot of currencies and debts and public works to deal with. Socialism isn’t compatible with progress, they’re already screwing up the EU, and they haven’t really been at it in this form that long. Do it wrong and there are a lot of philosophies out there that could rise up and put an end to it.

    Additionally, I wonder if the digital world is too fragile. EMP or sunburst, hacking, or even a runaway economic crash. Now it gets real real fast for their program.

    These corporate effers don’t actually DO anything, except (try to) arrange what we do, because of course wealth is made when people milk a cow or raise a power line in an ice storm. They just seem fragile to me for all their pompousness. Musk in particular is a moron.

    Maybe for awhile they could end war, that’d be nice.

  45. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:
    @Hans Vogel

    As a college student looking to read certain “European classics”… what would you recommend?

  46. Depends on your interests and time available, I’d say. Read especially what you like and read as widely as possible. Check out the great Russians (Gogol, Pushkin, Chekhov, Tolstoy), Germans and Austrians (Goethe, Heine, Mann, Josef Roth), French (Voltaire, Montesquieu, De Maistre, Châteaubriand, Balzac, Maupassant, Hugo, Proust, Céline, Alain) and I should also recommend the odd Italian (Casanova, Svevo, Malaparte), Spaniard, Portuguese (Eca de Quiroz) and others. Don’t forget the Argentinians, since they are very, very European, such as Sarmiento, Borges, Sábato, etc. If you can, best to read the original language, of course, because traduttori, traditori!

    • Replies: @Miro23
  47. Miro23 says:
    @Hans Vogel

    With respect, this list would have put me off reading for life, especially struggling with the original languages.

    I would keep Honoré de Balzac though (Eugenie Grandet?), add Charles Dickens (David Copperfield), Larry McMurtry (Lonesome Dove – sorry American classic) and maybe add George Eliot (Silas Marner?) . These are very human writers.

  48. Of course, everyone should make his own choice, no doubt about it. Yet I would still recommend reading precisely those writers from outside the anglosaxon world, if not in the original than at least in a good translation. Besides, European literary culture is essentially French and German, with consistently vital contributions from Russia (since the 19th century), Italy, and less frequently from Poland, Scandinavia and Spain. The English have always considered themselves as not being part of Europe.

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