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To Combat Dispossession, Middle America Must Find A New Name
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I’ve spent the best part of four decades studying Russia and things Russian. And I’ve always regretted that, unlike the Russians and many other nations, Americans don’t use words like “fatherland” or “motherland” to describe their country. The closest we have is “homeland.” When used by Americans, that word, like most of the language we use to describe ourselves and our country, has a civic, political, even a technical quality to it. It lacks the aura, the sense of a mystic connection to the place of one’s birth, that a word like the Russian “rodina,” motherland, has.

It may be that the Anglos themselves, the British people who founded this country, were so inclined to stress legal forms (and legalism) that the loss of “blood and soil” terms, or the blanching of words like “homeland,” was inevitable. Those words fell out of use or lost some of their character and texture. When we speak of “our forefathers,” we usually mean the men who signed the Declaration of Independence and wrote the American Constitution, not necessarily a broader group of foundational leaders bound by blood ties as well as by ideas about republican government rooted in Anglo-British culture.

Our “forefathers” were narrowed in the popular narrative to a select group of constitutional “framers” or “founders,” and we lost sight of something those men were well aware of: the notions of liberty and law that they so eloquently proclaimed were the products of a particular people, place, and culture. It was an identity that they took for granted.

The American core, then, is Anglo. That founding core went on to assimilate, sometimes with some difficulty, waves of other Europeans. “Americanization” was the program whereby other Europeans were forced to conform to an Anglo-Protestant foundational culture. The founding stock plus those that assimilated became the American people—what calls “The Historic American Nation”—the core that defines the nation in the political and cultural sense.

Many of us experience a sense of attachment, of loyalty, and patriotism that is normal for most people. But American civic nationalism glossed over questions of blood ties, and the founders’ references to “ourselves and our posterity” were forgotten.

The Limits Of Assimilation, Mass Culture, And The Failure Of Civic Nationalism

As time passed, and the concepts of Anglo liberty and republican constitutional government were abstracted, disconnected from their very specific roots, we lost sight of the fact that our political antecedents were themselves peculiar, specific, and organic. And that meant they were not universally applicable.

Assimilation could only work within certain boundaries—the closer the immigrants were to the host country’s core, the more readily they could be melded with that core. Pre-1965 America had probably reached the outer limits of what was possible for a core ethnic group’s assimilation of large numbers of immigrants.

In the 20th century, mass culture, technology, and easy mobility were accompanied by economist, egalitarian ideologies that supported those phenomena. The cultural homogenization of mass society diminished the once strong sense of place, belonging, and identity that was a characteristic of both America in the broad sense, and the America we knew in our day-to-day lives as Texans, Hoosiers, Hawkeyes, Arkies, Buckeyes, or Tar Heels.

Those days are, I’m afraid, a long time gone.

History, egalitarian ideology, and technology shaped our civic view of nationalism, which was viable only so long as the core population, what Russians would call “the state forming people,” were a strong, confident super majority. That is obviously no longer the case.

The War On Middle America: What’s In A Name?

America’s foundational people are presently experiencing a bizarre, macabre nightmare of America bashing, icon-smashing, and the embrace by what I’ve called the globalist Blob of a mad hatter, topsy-turvy view of reality.

As the core population is relentlessly attacked, it’s also become clear that we lack the language to express ourselves as a particular people. And without the words, it is difficult to reproduce the thing itself, the drive to be ourselves, to defend ourselves, and to define who and who is not one of us.

The Left is quite correct to have concentrated on words, on language itself, in hampering the possibility of our people defending themselves.

In contrast, as a consequence of its imperial past, Russians can differentiate the “state forming people,” the Russkiy narod, the ethnic Russian core, from Russian citizens, Rossiyane. All things specifically associated with ethnic Russians are Russkiy, while the term Rossiyskiy has a broader political and cultural connotation.

We lack such precise terminology, to the detriment of our ability to defend ourselves. That which must be defended must be named. As noted above, the time when “American” was taken to mean primarily the George Washington-Betsy Ross-Daniel Boone prototype and those who assimilated to the country they made, is long gone. The term “American” is now largely equated with citizenship, undercutting core Americans’ sense of ethnic identity.

All ethnic identities have a racial foundation, but race is not the whole of ethnicity. Russians, for instance, are whites, but they are not Americans. Language, religion, shared history, and culture, right down to the clothes they wear, the foods they eat, and the stories they tell, all figure as integral parts of a people’s identity.

So what should we call ourselves?

“Core Americans” is one possibility. The term “foundational” has come into use as well in describing both black people with a long historical connection to America, as well as to the core American group. “Foundational Americans” is an accurate description of the core group.

I’ve used “Middle Americans” as a name for us, as it has been used before to describe those of us attached to the heartland. “MARS,” or “Middle American Radicals” was an early attempt at naming people who later became known as “deplorables,” and it is precisely those people who are attached to, and who wish to defend, America. A collection of Sam Francis’s essays was entitled Revolution from the Middle. Francis was the prophet of that revolution.

Nevertheless, as the assaults on “white privilege,” and “white supremacy” mount, we have to defend ethnic Americans, Middle Americans, as whites. And it is European civilization itself that is under assault both here and in Europe. Whatever we call ourselves, we have to be clear that it is that civilizational and cultural heritage and the people who are its carriers that is under assault. Part of defending Middle America will be countering “the flight from white.”

As your humble servant noted in a previous article:

The lack of a widely accepted word for core Americans leaves them largely defenseless to the cultural Marxist onslaught—or has forced them to capitulate to the ideological premises of their enemies, and descend into self-loathing. “White” has been seized by the left as a hate term…This is why core America tends to defend itself only feebly by clinging to constitutionalist procedural and political language, Reaganite “free market conservatism,” and thanking the troops for their service. These are all statements of a patriotism they take to be clear of racial overtones, but are, as our enemies recognize, implicitly expressions of core American identity. This latent sense of identity was also evident in core Americans supporting George W. Bush, and then voting for Donald Trump eight years later. These same people tend to idolize Ronald Reagan. A large number of them have probably never grasped the policy contradictions that at least superficially separate these men—their votes for them were not so much expressions of explicit policy support as they were largely unconscious expressions of identity. Thus, to the cultural Marxists, Trump’s civic nationalism built around the concept of “Make America Great Again” is also supposedly racist, and a black conservative like Candace Owens is herself cast as a tool of “white supremacy,” as she expresses her viewpoints in core American political language.

It’s Not OK to be White, Chronicles, February 2020

We cannot cede any cultural ground to our enemies, who will not be satisfied with anything less than our complete capitulation and the subversion, if not extirpation, of all our institutions, which are inescapably part of our ethnic heritage.

Don’t Know Much About History

One problem with naming that which has been deprived of a legitimate name is the widespread historical amnesia that is particularly prevalent among young people. American history did not begin in 1965, or with the election of Barack Obama, or the canonization of George Floyd. Defending our real history and reviving knowledge of our proud past is a good place to start. [Don’t Know Much About History, by Tom Piatak, Chronicles, August, 2020]

As evident in the success of companies like, there is a widespread thirst for seeking out one’s roots, for a “thick” cultural heritage that is more rooted than mass culture and preferences in consumer products and sports franchises.

We should recall that “education” began as the training of children to be loyal and useful members of their community. It was a means of affirming their identity and transmitting a heritage long before it became a mere means of utilitarian vocational and professional training. That grounding in the folk tales and religious rituals of the community helped perpetuate Comanches, and Russians, and Zulus, and Japanese as distinct peoples.

Middle Americans, shocked by the anti-American, anti-white, anti-Christian revolution now underway, are now being forced to choose sides, to decide who are they are. As the estimable James Kirkpatrick has noted,

[T]he question of ‘who is or is not an American’ is being answered for us in the streets, as statues of Union and Confederate leaders, the Founders, heroic presidents like Teddy Roosevelt, and other symbols of the American identity are destroyed and defiled.

That presents an opportunity and a trial for the rest of us who are already conscious of our identity and take pride in it. An instinctual revulsion to the wanton destruction Kirkpatrick described is but the beginning.

The summer of our national life is over, but our people live on. They remain without a proper name, but, as the resistance to the revolution underway mounts, they are still alive.

Whatever we call ourselves, we will carry on—but not without spirit, not without heart.

Wayne Allensworth is a Corresponding Editor of Chronicles magazine. He is the author of The Russian Question: Nationalism, Modernization, and Post-Communist Russia, and a novel, Field of Blood. He writes at American Remnant (

(Republished from VDare by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Rational says:


    Thanks, Sir. You are right the liberal media has invented fake terms to promote white genocide and alien invasion. One such fake term is “minorities”.

    We must stop using the word “minority” to refer to dark skinned people, as they are the majority on a global scale and whites are the real minorities, whose countries are being invaded.

    There are 7.5 billion people on earth today, and only ~ 2 billion (< 30%), if that, are whites (white skinned, excluding orientals). Most of the remaining are dark skinned and/or oriental.

    For proof, see:

    If you don’t have time to see the entire video, you can just see the pie chart below which shows whites at about 16% of the world population.

    So, when the Jewish controlled fake news “media” makes you feel sorry for “minorities” and how they are oppressed by the white “majority”, who must let them into their countries, do not be fooled.

    #SaveTheWhites #WhitesRealMinority

  2. Anon[295] • Disclaimer says:

    I’ve listened to a lot of the RNC speeches this week. Apparently Trump has made America great, especially for blacks, Hispanics, women, and immigrants. Charitably the assumption is that the default American is white so any deviations have to be noted explicitly. The obvious truth though is the dreaded DR3, Democrats are the real racists.

    Democrats are the real racists is a an argument that says we are even better than the left at helping women, non-whites, etc. So we’re better liberals than you. This is a terrible argument because you immediately cede the moral high ground by agreeing to their premises. Even if you win that argument you have strengthened their core.

    Until white Americans are willing do defend their own interests explicitly any fix is just a bandaid. I’m unconvinced that a new word is needed.

    • Agree: Juckett
  3. Using a word that appears several times in the article above, this somewhat-already-used term is not bad for the identifier the article seeks:

    Heritage Americans

    Its centuries-resident blacks, and native American ‘Indians’, also of course are Heritage Americans, but the fact that they can also use the term – tho being distinct groups – is perhaps a plus here for the debates re ‘implicitly racist dog-whistle’ terminology

    Interesting to ponder in retrospect the century-plus of battle and difficulties re assimilation of European Roman Catholics into the USA, perhaps not so much completed as made moot by other developments … as the article above says:

    Pre-1965 America had probably reached the outer limits of what was possible for a core ethnic group’s assimilation of large numbers of immigrants

    • Replies: @follyofwar
  4. Vinnie O says:

    As an Irish-American raised Catholic, I need to point out that there is NOTHING welcoming about attending a meeting run by Protestant Fundamentalists who INSIST on entwining the DETAILS of their Protestantism into discussions of political issues and goals. If I have to pretend I believe in a bunch of Protestant nonsense, I simply won’t attend the meetings. America was/is run by Protestants, even when they’re Black. The whole Manifest Destiny thing ONLY makes sense to graspy Protestants. For Catholics, there ain’t a lot of difference between a society run by BLACK Protestants instead of WHITE PROTESTANTS.

  5. Rahan says:

    State-forming heritage Americans vs state-dismantling alien Americans.


  6. bj0311 says:

    Although I believe WWI was the beginning of the end for western civilization, the end of WWII is really when things started to go south in a hurry. My parent’s and grandparent’s generations were all affected in a major way by this war even though it was not fought on this continent. So much of their language and their habits came from this brief period in time. They shared a common event that resulted in what was perceived as the great triumph of winning that war.

    The MIC (military-industrial complex) or MIMIC as I call them now (military-industrial-media-intelligence complex) has not let us win a war since. So we have our sons and fathers drafted to go to some far off place, to be killed, maimed or psychologically damaged for life for no good purpose whatsoever. Yet, because so many were drafted they shared a common narrative, albeit one now divorced from most of the population—unlike WWII.

    The MIMIC learned and after the disaster in Southeast Asia, they abolished the draft. For me, one of the early signs, that 9-11 was a con job was that there was no call for a draft. Instead, they “enlisted” civilian contractors to do work traditionally done by soldiers. There was no draft for two primary reasons: One is that a major call up would create a cohort of Americans who shared in suffering, a suffering that would create a cohesive bond. The other is that there is no way they could have perpetuated this fraud if a large proportion of America’s mothers and fathers had their children in harm’s way.

    I say that to say this. We are at the point we are because there is no common bond, no ties that bind and that was done deliberately—remember when these nonsensical, meaningless and divisive terms began to appear, African American, Native American etc.? If you were born in America, you are by definition a “native American”, but a population that is largely illiterate would not know that.

    The powers that be do not want assimilation because that would hinder their agenda. Gone are the days, often portrayed in older movies, of the elder immigrants telling their children, “Speak English, we are Americans now.” But short of an all-out fight there is nothing we can do. I only hope I can move to Russia.

  7. @Vinnie O

    Hmm. Yet another attack by the religion of superstitions, beads and robes and goddess Mary and the need for intercessors between us and God, against the Bible-reading Christians. These attacks never end. The 30 Years War still going.

    • Replies: @GeneralRipper
  8. Wyatt says:
    @Vinnie O

    The whole Manifest Destiny thing ONLY makes sense to graspy Protestants.

    Is that why they founded an excellent country and the Irish were stuck starving on an island surrounded by fish?

  9. We are at the point we are because there is no common bond, no ties that bind and that was done deliberately

    Agreed. There is no point in being conservative after the left has already completed its long march through the institutions–there is nothing left to conserve.

    So–the meme needs to be a counter-revolutionary one.

    What is it that “average” Americans can unite around?

    How about defending and protecting their communities and their neighborhoods from the savages.



    Something like that…..

    Perhaps some of the great word-smiths around here can work with that as a starting point.

  10. Patricus says:
    @Vinnie O

    Like Vinnie O I am of Irish Catholic descent. Ancestors were harshly oppressed by the Anglo Saxon Protestants. That was in the past and today I have much more in common with American Protestants than with Catholics in Ireland. “American” is the key to my identity, more specifically South Eastern American. My historical heroes are Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson, certainly not Lincoln, Grant, Sherman or Sheridan. Reading about various Irish historical figures is academically interesting but does not inform my core identity–even though I physically resemble many Irish. Core Identities can adjust over generations.

    • Agree: Mr McKenna
  11. Svevlad says:

    You no longer have a core population, that’s the problem. Core Americans are long extinct.

    BUT, you have something that can be reformed into a new core…

    Religious identities are rather important in America. Therefore we destroy all the opposition simply:

    Become Orthodox (destroys the eternal protestant-catholic bickering, both are cringe as shit and consist of stuck up nonces with sticks in their asses, this stick-in-ass syndrome the prime reason all of this is going on anyway), and then form your own communities. Eventually, as the collapse spreads, you simply subsume everyone willing and able. No idiotic sub-identities apart from that one that will be formed.

  12. @Vinnie O

    The people who actually run this society are far more likely to squash any expression of Christian belief, regardless of denomination.

    They, like many writers and readers here, take any opportunity to discredit, demean, and smugly write off anything Christian. As a Catholic, I’m sure you’re aware that your entire history of tradition and achievement has been reduced to little more than reflexive, sneering references to pedophilia. This is what they want for all Christian denominations.

    (They almost did it with Mormons and polygamy, but then coastal liberals made polygamy a hip trend, and the vast majority of Mormons don’t even practice it anymore, so they had to let that line of attack go)

    I’m not even a believer anymore, and I’m aghast at how thoroughly the country has been propagandized to embrace or tolerate any other religion while marginalizing Christians at every turn.

    I recommend coming to terms with your grudge against Protestants; you’re both facing a huge enemy.

    • Agree: Parsnipitous, Mr McKenna
    • Replies: @Parsnipitous
  13. @Sollipsist

    I very much like the commentator “Jake”, whose main angle is the traitorous nature of WASP religion and culture. I’m neither Catholic nor Protestant, but I’m Christian and like your conclusion.

  14. This kind of article is one of the main reasons I read this site regularly.

  15. @Ann Nonny Mouse

    You wouldn’t have a Bible without The Catholic Church.

    “We are compelled to concede to the papists, that they have the word of God; that we received it from them, and that without them we should have had no knowledge of it at all.”… Martin Luther

    The God Man did not suffer and die on the Cross and raise Himself three days later just to give you a fucking book…lol

    He instituted a Church with sacraments that impart sanctifying grace.

    The 1st Century Christians weren’t doing Bible study, they were partaking of the Eucharist.

    That fresco of the Virgin Mary and Christ Child is dated early Third Century.

  16. @brabantian

    Indeed, 1965 was the defining year, with the passage of the short-sighted Hart-Celler Act. That monumental change in our immigration law, passed by our so-called Greatest Generation, opened the floodgates to millions from the Third World, who brought their cultures with them. Far too many to assimilate. It destroyed Heritage America for all-time, with “deplorable, racist” Caucasians, with plunging birth rates, soon to become a minority in the country our ancestors created. Now, with cities burning all over the country, it appears to be near its bitter end.

    At this point, voluntary, non-violent separation may be the most logical, most humane solution. But, what US President, channeling Lincoln, will allow the “indivisible” nation to break apart on his watch?

  17. @GeneralRipper

    An evasive reply. The modern New Testament in English is direct translations from the earliest Greek manuscripts, some earlier than those used in the KJV. The Septuagint was not sourced in Rome. There was East-West disagreement on the canonical books, so there was a canon without Rome.

    The most distinctive role of the Roman “Catholic” religion was its determination to prevent anyone from even reading the Bible. They dug up Wycliffe’s body decades after his death and burnt it just because he had translated the New Testament into English.

    As late as the end of the 19th Century the Bible was unavailable in non-Protestant Europe except in Latin. The Bible in French? The Bible in Spanish? Only if a translation made and printed by the British and Foreign Bible Society could be found.

    Read the book, The Bible in Spain, by George Borrow, written by him around 1850. He was sent into Spain by that Society with a load of Bibles to distribute that Spaniards could read in their own language.

    The priests there were furious! The laity were only allowed to know what the priest told them, not permitted to read for themselves.

    For the most anti-Biblical religion there ever was to pretend it gave us the Bible is laughable.

    • Thanks: obvious
    • Replies: @Alden
  18. Franz says:

    That which must be defended must be named.


    The beginning of victory is knowing you’re seriously losing.

    But here’s the trouble:

    Pre-1965 America had probably reached the outer limits of what was possible for a core ethnic group’s assimilation of large numbers of immigrants.

    That’s too late by almost a century.

    America’s two centenary years need a look. 1876 and 1976. A strange paradox, however broadly, starts to emerge.

    At the first centennial, a big exposition was held. The individual States would all have their own spaces and brag about their various struggles and history. One requirement was for each State to hoist its flag at the gate.

    Problem? Many had no flags, nor wanted one. They considered themselves “Americans First” — a term which itself would become toxic well before the next centennial. Hastily, some simply stuck their state seal on a blue field.

    At the second centennial, the “Americans” were told to honor the tribes/cultures they came from. A black composer wrote a symphony for it named “American Nebula”. The country was getting nebulous alright.

    Simply put: 1876 we assimilated into each other, becoming Americans. By 1976 it had been flipped on us: Anyone who could get in could be that.

    The Founders thought we would remain Pennsylvanians, Virginians and so forth forever. The western expansion and the road to empire botched that. Some of us deeply regret it too.

    The only “out” for us, oddly, is to validate what the first centennial year emphasized. Ethnicity: American. No hyphen. John Wayne got that one right. Make it stick. I think it still can.

  19. @GeneralRipper

    And all you can do is prattle about sacraments, which are only sacraments to you if administered by your priests, and are all, apart from Baptism and Holy Communion, fake inventions serving no other purpose than to make your priests important. You are not allowed to read the Bible because you would discover that confession is from one Christian to another, not to a priest.

    • Agree: obvious
  20. Our “forefathers” were narrowed in the popular narrative to a select group of constitutional “framers” or “founders,” and we lost sight of something those men were well aware of: the notions of liberty and law that they so eloquently proclaimed were the products of a particular people, place, and culture.

    I have almost zero ancestors who arrived to the United States – almost all arrived to a English or Dutch Colony (minus one couple in the early 1800’s). That said, you have a fairly diverse group –

    Dutch who had somehow managed to fight off the brutal Spanish super-power occupation,
    French Huguenots who were sent to die as galley slaves for the crime of being non-Catholic,
    English, Irish and Scots who had all been subjected to land-rent schemes designed to milk them like cash cows by some landed-gentry designed, incorporated ‘plantation’,
    Germans who had been sold like meat-shields by feudal princes to serve as slave mercenaries,

    All these peoples had long experience with persecutions and violence intended to reduce them to private possessions of some petty ruler, but at their core, they retained their humanity and were able to cooperate effectively and form communities to their mutual benefit, even with differing religious beliefs / regional cultures.

    Today, you have a homogenized mass of ‘people’ in Urban and Suburban America who effectively have been stripped of all innate culture beginning with the Federalist drive to reduce the states “to mere corporations”. This culminates in the invasion, conquest and oppression of the Southern states which alone had retained a true culture, while the WASP North had sold out its own population centers in pursuit of cheap labor.

    The Northern WASP elites today control nothing of their major population centers, and essentially only served as a donor to other peoples once their societies had been overrun by the Business interests who had only a concern of making money, and were willing to sell their own peoples into servitude to get rich.

    In the end, the waves of rioters and de-culturalized suburbanites today are those who over time lost any culture, and more specifically were indoctrinated that any concern for their own ethnic or ancestral interests were evil or racist, usually taught by those who actively engage in the same racialism whenever it profits them.

    This Federalist sell out for cash is the beginning of todays transformation of a wide swath of the people in our population centers into mindless tools. The problem for the Federalists and their Republican successors is that the mindless tools,
    once stripped of all ancestral awareness and cultural membership, dont go away.. they remain and become what they are – an uncontrollable, de-racinated, easily instigated mob that believes everything they are told because they have no foundation/history, and believe in nothing intrinsically.

    • LOL: Alden
    • Replies: @Alden
    , @obvious
  21. Alden says:
    @Ann Nonny Mouse

    The Jewish Bible is just a fraudulent lying saga of murder incest genocide treachery conquest through treason greed theft more theft and even mass infanticide that was hacked up around 200 BC in Alexandria Egypt from standard myths and fairy tales common to all peoples. The Jews couldn’t write their own founding myths. Had to steal them

    If you Protestants want to base your religion on that conglomeration of theft treachery murder rape incest and genocide enjoy yourselves.

    • Troll: obvious
  22. Alden says:
    @Punic Mores

    Your ignorance of early modern Western European history is appalling. No wonder your people lost America to the Jews and the blacks.

  23. obvious says:
    @Punic Mores

    Yeah the South knows nothing of land rents or serfdom. Even today the mass of people has a ‘tenant’ mentality, serving a feudal lord basically. What a bunch of nonsense! Only the NORTH was ever “free” or bore any relationship to land freedom. The SOUTH is still a plantation colony.

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