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Three Cheers for Trump’s Peace Trifecta
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In the short space of five days, June 8-12, President Trump took three steps that upended the old post WWII global order and moved us a few steps toward a more peaceful world. Two of those steps are undeniable; the third is perhaps not so obvious.

The Singapore Summit.

The Singapore Summit comes first, because it rocked the world.

In this bold and unprecedented meeting President Donald Trump and Chairman Kim Jong-un, of the Democratic Peoples’ Republic of Korea (DPRK), started down a path to Détente, aiming toward denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula, an intractable problem or so the pundits informed us. But as Melania warned us with a bemused smile sometime back, “Donald always shakes things up.”

The historic meeting produced more than words; concrete steps were taken: The DPRK went first, terminating the testing of nuclear warheads, IRBMs and ICBMs and even closing its nuclear test site – all done before the summit. Leading up to the summit, Trump cut back on the extent of annual joint South Korea-US military exercises. These have been roiling the East Pacific since the 1970s, frightening the North Koreans since these “war games” could abruptly turn into a real invasion as in the Korean War. At summit’s conclusion Trump went further and terminated those exercises planned for late summer, labeling them “provocative,” as the North Koreans have long described them, and “expensive,” cost always being a big item in the Trumpian mind. These exercises are also costly for the DPRK since they come at a time of year when agricultural labor is needed and hundreds of thousands of men must be diverted from the fields to join the armed forces in case the war games turn into a real invasion. This hurts the agricultural output of the DPRK, and one suspects it is designed to do so.

It is no exaggeration to say that the Singapore Summit is the biggest step toward peace on the Korean Peninsula since President Dwight Eisenhower lived up to his 1952 campaign promise to “go to Korea” and end Truman’s deeply unpopular war, which had claimed millions of Korean lives, 1 million Chinese lives and tens of thousands of American ones. Ike ended that genocidal war, which had slaughtered 20% of the population of North Korea primarily by bombing and the use of chemical weapons. An armistice was negotiated quickly and so the killing stopped, but a formal treaty of peace proved politically impossible. (Ike, the peacemaker, was criticized by the media for being inarticulate and stupid and for spending too much time on the golf course. And he had a mistress. Sound familiar? But he brought peace.)

Quite rightly the world greeted the Kim-Trump breakthrough with jubilation – save for the US elite and its press, including the interventionist Democratic Party leadership all of which were quite glum or downright enraged. The admirable and effective President Moon of the Republic of Korea (ROK) who himself was a key figure in making the summit possible gave Trump much credit, and the South Korean people gave Moon’s Party overwhelming victories in the municipal elections on the day after the summit, putting the very political existence of the hawkish leadership of the rival party in question. There was great celebration in North Korea and even the Japanese PM Shinzo Abe hailed the agreement since it removed a perceived threat. Needless to say, China and Russia who have long pushed for denuclearization of the peninsula were very pleased; the cessation of US war games in exchange for ending DPRK testing of nukes and rockets was just the sort of first step they had advocated for some time. And the majority (71%) of the American people approved of the summit. The Monmouth poll taken just after the summit and before the media had time to spin its demented take on events reported: “Most Americans (71%) say that the recent meeting between Trump and Kim was a good idea, including 93% of Republicans, 74% of independents, and 49% of Democrats. Only 20% say it was a bad idea. This positive feeling is somewhat higher than in late April, when 63% said the prospect of having such a meeting was a good idea.”

Would it not be correct to say that the Singapore Summit is a move toward a world of peace by Trump and Kim? If so, should not all peace-loving forces support and praise it as a way to protect it from attacks of domestic hawks and to encourage similar steps in foreign policy? Have we?

This is not an academic question. The opposition to this and the policies listed below is large and building as can be seen from the reaction of the press. When Jimmy Carter tried to reach an accommodation with the DPRK and remove US troops and 700 nuclear weapons from the ROK, he was ultimately stopped by the forces we would now call Deep State, as chronicled here. And similar forces are already organizing to stop Trump. If the peace movement does not do all in its power to back these and the initiatives outlined below, then we will bear part of the blame if those initiatives fail. What side is the peace movement on here? To this writer the answer is unclear and the clock is ticking.

Let Russia Join the G7, says Trump.

Let’s turn to achievement number two over those five days in June. It came leading up to the G7 meeting in Charlevoix, Quebec. Trump announced beforehand that Russia should be invited back into the G7, a move opposed by all the other members but for Italy’s new government. The U.S. press went berserk of course, with many declaring as they do many times daily that Trump’s strings were being pulled by – who else? – Putin.

Putin himself responded to the disagreement at the G7, thus:

“As for Russia’s return to ‘the seven,’ ‘the eight’ [G7, G8] – we have not left it. Our colleagues once refused to come to Russia due to well-known reasons. Please, we will be happy to see everyone in Moscow.”

Putin made that statement at a press conference in Qingdao, China, at the conclusion of the meeting of the SCO, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization with its present 8 member states: China, Russia, India, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Kyryzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan – with Iran, currently an observer, backed by China to become a full member. Putin went further in this press conference; and it was reported by as follows:

The SCO gathering concluded just shortly after the G7 summit, and Russia enjoys the format of the now-eight-member organization after India and Pakistan joined. Putin believes the SCO trumps the G7 in certain aspects. For example, the member states have already overtaken the G7 in purchasing-power parity, the Russian leader said, citing IMF data.

“If we calculate… per capita, the seven countries are wealthier, but the size of the SCO economies [combined] GFP is larger. And the population is of course much bigger – half of the planet.”

That is, the combined gross GDPs of the SCO 8 are larger than the combined economies of the G7 by the PPP-GDP metric used by the IMF and World Bank (and CIA) as can be seen here. It is noteworthy that Russia’s GDP is about equal to Germany’s, and not the basket case that it is made out to be in the Western press. In fact, the G7 has only 3 of the world’s 7 largest economies the same number as the SCO-8. The G7 are really nothing more than the ex-colonial and now neocolonial countries whose time may be running out with the rise of the economies of the once colonized nations of East and South Asia.

In calling for Russia’s readmission to the G7, Trump was turning his back on the old Cold War alliances and looking to the economic realities of the 21st Century exemplified by the SCO. He was opting to create an atmosphere of dialogue which would include Russia. As he later said, the G7 spends 25% of its time discussing Russia- so why not have Russia present and try to work out problems together.

Trump’s appeal to readmit Russia to the G7 is simply a repeat of his call to “get along with Russia” a promise made in the campaign of 2016. Is this not a good idea? Is the recognition of new realities not part of creating a peaceful world?

Would it not be correct to say that this move of Trump’s is a move toward a world of peace? If so, should not all peace loving forces support and praise it as a way to protect it from attacks of domestic hawks and to encourage similar steps in foreign policy? Have we? Again this is not an academic question because the outcome depends in part on our support or lack thereof.

Mercantilism over imperialism and hegemony.

The third move in Trump’s weekend trifecta is not so much an action of his in and of itself but the revelation of a mindset behind that action. Trump has set in motion the imposition of tariffs on countries that he views as unfair in trade with the US. My point is not to argue whether such tariffs are good or bad or even whether the US has been treated unfairly. (One might think, however, that the need to impose them is the sign of a trading power in its infancy which needs to protect its key enterprises – or of one in decline which can no longer prevail by virtue of the quality of what it produces. But that is not of significance for this discussion.)

What is unusual is that Trump did not limit his economic attacks to an official adversary like China. No, he is also directing them at our “allies,” from NATO all the way to Japan on the other side of the world. In so doing he shows that commerce is more important to him than alliances that facilitate military actions aimed at domination and hegemony. It might fairly be said that Trump is putting mercantilism over imperialism – if by mercantilism we mean economic nationalism. Most of those at the G7 meeting who were aghast at the tariffs are NATO allies. This action taken without regard to “the alliance” reminds us of Trump’s assertion during the campaign of 2016 that “NATO is obsolete.”

Trump’s stance was criticized by Canada’s PM Trudeau on this very basis, saying: “Canadians did not take it lightly that the United States has moved forward with significant tariffs on our steel and aluminum industry…. For Canadians who…stood shoulder to shoulder with American soldiers in far-off lands and conflicts from the First World War onward…it’s kind of insulting.” (Emphasis, jw). Is fighting in the useless and criminal WWI, something to be proud of? Let’s pass over the many other murderess conflicts that have engaged the US and the G7 in the last 25 years, let alone the past 70 plus years. Trudeau encompasses all this criminal behavior in the single word “onward.” The alliances that have made this possible are indeed “obsolete,” in fact retrograde and dangerous. Trudeau is simply saying that the G7 have been willing allies in the imperial crimes of the US. So they expect due economic consideration in return. Trump is saying no more; now the business of America is business first and foremost.

This does not mean that economic nationalism is the answer to the world’s problems. But Trump’s action does represent a move away from the “entangling alliances” that have been employed to further the hegemonistic policies of the US.

Would it not be correct to say that favoring competition in trade over cultivating alliances for military hegemony is a positive development? Should not all peace loving forces praise the move away from our “alliances,” away from NATO which has been the agent of so many criminal wars of the last quarter century?

The flies in the Trumpian Ointment.

At this point in the conventional treatment of matters Trumpian, it is compulsory to launch into psychobabble about the man, with cries of indignation about his narcissism or vulgarity or some other imagined personality disorder. This writer is not a mind reader, nor do I have much have faith in the “science” of psychology. Such anti-Trump disclaimers are more often than not simply inoculation to protect the writer from the wrath of the legions of Trump-haters and Respectables. Such disclaimers also represent a cheesy substitution of pop psych for political analysis.

In reality none of Trump’s actions outlined above should have been a surprise. They are fully consistent with what he promised in 2016. Likewise the war of words between Trump and Kim earlier in the year was simply a way to protect them both from charges of being weak on their adversary by their own hardliners. Trump himself has admitted they were a charade, and there may have been more to the charade than he admitted. Kim too had his hardliners although not so numerous or powerful as Trump’s.

That said, the beginnings of Trump foreign policy has not taken us from a quarter century drive toward US unipolar hegemony, which began with the Clintons, to a nirvana of peace in the space of 18 months. Since the US Empire is the last of the 500 years of European Empires, successor to them all, it would be absurd to even expect such an outcome. Likewise, it would be easy to google all the things that are wrong with US foreign policy and even growing worse – and there is a cottage industry devoted to just that.

But one of the current problems, US policy toward Iran, looms large and deserves special mention. Because Iran has support from Russia and because it lies so close to Russia, conflict with Iran is likely to destroy Trump’s desire for Détente with Russia and could therefore drag the US into military conflict with a great nuclear power, even a World War. Such a thing would be catastrophic for humanity – so it is a very big deal. Fundamentally Trump’s position on Iran is dictated by Israel which maintains its stranglehold on US foreign policy in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). By necessity, given Israel’s power in US politics, and by his conviction as well, one suspects, Trump’s brain is Israeli occupied territory. And the same malign influence contributes to the criminal US support of the Saudi atrocities in Yemen. Perhaps discussions with Putin can help Trump on this matter. But right now Israel poses one of the greatest obstacles to a new and enlightened foreign policy in a key area for all of humanity.


Finally let’s return again to the Singapore Summit. Please, dear reader, immerse yourself in the jubilation it generated worldwide. It jumps out of the screen right here Gangnam Style. Be sure the sound is on at the lower right of the screen– and join the dance for joy.

John V. Walsh can be reached a [email protected]

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  1. It was nice to see Trump’s sudden return to sanity. I never understood why he accepted psychopaths like Bolton and Mattis into his office. One could be cynical (or realistic) and realize that Zionists don’t give a damn about Korea, Iran is their target. Trump can secure peacenik creds and free up forces to focus on Iran. Others note that South Korea’s president crossed the DMZ to hug its leader, and probably said we can do this with or without you. At that point the neocons realized we need to play or get dropped from the game.

    It’s all a puzzle, but so far its all good news, especially since it shows that never-Trumpers prefer world war rather than congratulating Trump for peace. We didn’t give up anything. I’ve taken part in these “war games” that are so unrealistic and stupid that our military is better off practicing elsewhere.

    • Replies: @tjm
  2. ” That said, the beginnings of Trump foreign policy has not taken us from a quarter century drive toward US unipolar hegemony, which began with the Clintons, to a nirvana of peace in the space of 18 months. Since the US Empire is the last of the 500 years of European Empires, successor to them all, it would be absurd to even expect such an outcome ”

    No empire ever understood that it was over, with terrible consequences.
    Britons after WWII said ‘we won the war, but lost the peace’.
    The beginning of the end of the British empire was before 1914, WWI was the desperate effort to avoid the end.
    1956 was the last futile effort of the British empire, the attack on Egypt.
    To this day Britons celebrate their WWI victory that never was, the USA rescued them, as in WWII.
    I’m reading books on the fifth century, the Romans also did not see what was happening.

    • Replies: @Carlton Meyer
  3. denk says:

    Trump likes to throw some crumbs .

    • Replies: @Wally
  4. Here is an interesting look at Iran’s Ayatollah Khamenei’s comments toward the United States from his Twitter feed:

    Despite what we are told about Iran by the Western media and politicians, it is quite apparent that they have a good grasp of their current geopolitical reality, particularly the reasons for the ongoing friction with the United States.

    • Replies: @Tyrion 2
  5. The Fat Lady hasn’t sung yet… only time will tell if the Donald gets to accomplish what his base has in mind. The Empire won’t go down lightly into the good night!

  6. anonymous[204] • Disclaimer says:

    SHAME ON WHOEVER THAT CHEERS FOR A ZIONIST illiterate traitor and a racist PIMP. Shame on you. The American culture produces nothing but scum. Don’t trust the dummies pose as ‘literate’.

  7. anonymous[204] • Disclaimer says:

    This site is getting occupied by all sorts of dummies. It is shameful. The dummies are not able to recognize illiterate traitor corrupt zionist pimps either, although they like to believe that they are ‘progressives’. It is laughable. American culture produces nothing but scum. It is VOID of intellectuals.
    The good example is what is in the WH, but dummies are happy and are justifying a criminal and traitor for something else. He is a FAILED ‘businessman’, yet supports a corrupt system buy transferring \$\$\$\$ to theives. He has done nothing but pussy licking and has paid over \$135,000 for it, how stupid, through his zionist corrupt pimp called lawyer. If people are not able to connect the dots, then they are DEFINITELY dummies and corrupt.

    • Replies: @Wally
  8. mike k says:

    The American public is so conditioned to think in terms of coercive conflict and war, they find it impossible to cheer for peace moves happening right in front of their uncomprehending eyes. To them, war and violence are the only reality – peace is just a mirage or dangerous illusion.

  9. Virgile says:

    The author’s decription of the ‘revolution’ that Trump as started in the USA is exact. No militarism, no geopolitical diplomacy, just mercantilism.
    Israel survives only by militarism and geopolitical pressures on the USA.
    The new Trump doctrine requires that Israel switches from imperialisn to mercantilism with all the Arab countries.
    So this is his strategy.
    Trump, thru giving a blind eyes on Saudi Arabia’s failed military adventurism in Yemen seems to try to weaken the Kingdon to better push it toward an Israel’s deal. As for Israel, Trump is giving gifts to Israel that may give the impression he favors Israel while making Israel weaker and more suspicious in the eyes of the international community. Israel is more isolated and criticized that it has ever be, inside and outside the USA .
    Trump is waiting for the moment where Israel and Saudi Arabia ( and the UAE) are at their most isolated moment to come up with the “deal”, whose purpose is to start a new aera of mercantilism in the region. Mercantilism flourishes in peace time…
    Iran is a hampering power. It must be neutralized so it does not interfere in the “deal”.That could explain both the withdrawal of the nuclear deal, its demonization as well as the efforts to weaken it economically with sanctions. Once Israel and the Arab world’s issue is solved, then Iran can be brought in…
    Of course, Trump has to worry about the internal US opposition to this non-military approach that would deprive war lobbies of substantial revenues.
    Will the Trump revolution away from military imperialism and toward mercantilism succeed?

  10. Tyrion 2 says: • Website
    @Sally Snyder

    If you think that Iran thinks of Palestinians as anything other than props to try score political points in the Muslim world you are yet another Westerner who can only apply your justifiable cynicism to what’s close to you.

    Iran’s treatment if their own minorities is extremely harsh, much harsher than Israel’s. But I suppose you’re only leapfrogging loyalties to express your personal virtue as is a la mode.

    • Replies: @Wally
    , @ploni almoni
  11. Wally says:

    The alternative was Hillary.

    • Replies: @denk
  12. CanSpeccy says: • Website

    “Canadians did not take it lightly that the United States has moved forward with significant tariffs on our steel and aluminum industry…. For Canadians who…stood shoulder to shoulder with American soldiers in far-off lands and conflicts from the First World War onward…it’s kind of insulting.”

    A good example of the thinking of our crack-brained PM. He is alluding to the fact that Trump imposed the tariffs under his power to protect national security. To Trudeau that was an insult, since Canada could never be a threat, so he implies, to American national security. But, in fact, Trudeau represents an ideology that constitutes a deadly threat to the very existence of the United States.

    Trudeau is a globalist. He has declared his own country to be not a nation. Canada, Trudeau told the NY Times,

    is becoming a new kind of country, not defined by our history or European national origins, but by a “pan-cultural heritage …. There is no core identity, no mainstream in Canada

    Canada, so Trudeau has declared, is the “the first post-national state.”

    To Trudeau, clearly, it is time to abolish the US of A, and open up the borders to all and sundry. Some ally. Some trustworthy friend.

    • Replies: @Wally
  13. anonymous[204] • Disclaimer says:

    [The American public is so conditioned to think in terms of coercive conflict and war]

    The gullible westerners are so simple minded that are not able to see through the WORDS of a pathological liars. His history is FULL OF LIES and his illiterate zionist criminal ADVISORS are itself a good indication of who really he is, yet the gullible are not able to comprehend.

    It is time for the criminal west to fuck off from other countries and close all the bases and stop looting and killing Muslims. Yet, these dummies complain about ‘immigration’, but majority of these gullible are all over the world looting and raping and making ‘color revolution’ to put their puppet and steal targeted countries’ resources with the help of other ‘civilized nations’ including Russia and Jewish Mafia Putin.
    We cannot tolerate any longer and cannot sacrifice more of our children for gullible and greedy people
    Dummies are not able to see through a illiterate corrupt zionist pimp who is in bed with the Saudi regime, a mass murderer supported by Trump Regime and all US regime before him, because they are good for the Jewish interest that he is SERVING.
    I am sure all zionist jewish ‘progressives’ love this illiterate baby killer and pathological liar.

    Saudi Wahhabism Serves Western Imperialism

  14. anonymous[204] • Disclaimer says:

    [Iran’s treatment if their own minorities is extremely harsh, much harsher than Israel’s. ]

    Zionist liars must fuck off from this site.

  15. Wally says:
    @Tyrion 2

    Tyrion2, promoter of the fake ‘6M Jews’ nonsense, recites more baseless Zionist propaganda.

  16. @jilles dykstra

    An attack on Iran may be the end. The title for my blog this year is “The Empire’s Suez Crisis”. I explained on January 1st:

    Jan 1, 2018 – The Suez Crisis

    The “Suez Crisis” is considered the official end of the British empire. The British were weakened by idiotic World War I that led to bloody World War II. At the end of that war, the British were bankrupt but needed to deal with rebellious colonies. The British still had 45,000 troops in Egypt in 1956 and exerted its traditional imperial solution to a problem – attack! American President Eisenhower and his bankers refused to lend yet more money to an arrogant, overextended and dying empire. This led to a British financial crisis and a controlled collapse of the British Empire.

    Warmongering neocons have run American foreign policy for two decades and threaten war everywhere. Should the near bankrupt USA find itself in a pointless war and request assistance from allies, they may refuse and dump dollars instead. This may result in a military defeat along with a financial collapse and domestic political unrest signaling the end of the American empire.

    • Replies: @renfro
  17. Wally says:

    The hypocrisy of ‘global warming’ True Believer, Justin Trudeau:

    “No Country Would Find 173 Billion Barrels Of Oil In The Ground And Just Leave Them”

  18. And now we are on the next step: planned meeting with Putin. There will be much ado on both sides of the Atlantic, but nothing substantive will come out of Putin’s talks with Trump. If Putin does not understand this, he is a fool. If he does understand that agreements with the US aren’t worth the paper they are written on, like an agreement with Iran, yet goes to the meeting, he is PR-savvy. Like Un not long ago before him. You have to pretend that you placate the dying Empire, in the hope that it dies in peace and does not take the world with it to its grave.

  19. denk says:

    Good cop/bad cop ?

    whoever sits in the WH, PNAC goes on like clockwork .

    • Replies: @Wally
  20. Wally says:

    “This site is getting occupied by all sorts of dummies. It is shameful.”

    Indeed, totalitarian, anti free speech Zionist Jews are at work.

    How Israel and Its Partisans Work to Censor the Internet

    The True Cost of Parasite Israel
    Forced US taxpayers money to Israel goes far beyond the official numbers.

  21. Greg Bacon says: • Website

    How do Trump supporters know this isn’t a repeat of his campaign, where he made many promises, then did a 180 on many after he got elected?

    Tubby the Grifter knows he can’t afford to let the Dems win the House, or he’ll be spending most of his time fighting impeachment and not playing president.

    Before you beatify St. Trump, let’s wait and see what happens AFTER the mid-terms.

  22. hyperbola says:

    Iran seems to treat its jews a lot better than Israelies treat christians.

    Israel’s Purging of Palestinian Christians
    …. The gates of Auschwitz offered a duplicitous motto, “Arbeit macht frei” (Work makes you free), and so does Israel’s gateway to Bethlehem. “Peace be with you” is written in English, Hebrew and Arabic on a colorful large notice covering part of the grey concrete. The people of Bethlehem have scrawled their own, more realistic assessments of the wall across much of its length…..

    Iran’s Jews on life inside Israel’s ‘enemy state’: ‘We feel secure and happy’

    Despite its often turbulent dealings with Israel, Iran has one of the world’s largest and longest-established Jewish communities – and it’s growing. Kim Sengupta reports from Tehran on their intriguing relationship with the country’s establishment

    • Replies: @Alden
  23. hyperbola says:


    Adam Smith warned us about mercantilism about 250 years ago. He defined it as when businessmen/corporations control government and use it to create monopolies/extract profits for themselves at the expense of the vast majority of the population. It is an accurate description of the US today, but NOT something we should welcome.

    • Replies: @CanSpeccy
  24. Wally says:

    To a certain degree, no doubt, I agree, but things can & do change.

    And there are reasons why the elitists & their leftists are in an uproar about Trump.

    He has already rocked the boat via the SCOTUS, immigration, fake ‘global warming’ funding, tax cuts, etc. etc. Much more here:

    ‘Giving Trump’s accomplishments their due’


    • Replies: @denk
  25. renfro says:

    Question….Who doesn’t want who to see records of calls re foreign intelligence…Trump or the Dem congress or the Zio shadow government?
    This is a unheard of act.

    NSA Deletes Years of Foreign Intelligent Intercepts

  26. Cyrano says:

    I believe that the only reason Trump run for president was to spite Obama. Plus he was afraid that the theorem: “Once you go black, you’ll never go back” might have some prophetic qualities, what with Ben Carson seeking nomination in 2016 and all.

    Thus Trump decided to run for president on the platform “Orange is the new black”, and so far, accomplishments wise and generally speaking, sound policies wise, who would dare to challenge such an assertion.

  27. renfro says:
    @Carlton Meyer

    An attack on Iran may be the end

    The US is the only country capable of attacking Iran successfully….and that ‘success’ would still not be a through success without boots on the ground…and even then it would be decades long war.
    Iran would become what Afghanistan is…..a country where other countries go to die.

    • Replies: @EliteCommInc.
  28. Please go ahead and impose all the tariffs you want as see where it goes. I like the part about how US allies are taking advantage of America in trade. Everyone feels so sorry for America. The Chinese must be killing themselves cheering us on with tit for tat tariffs. There is only one way to balance a trade deficit and that is by devaluing the currency.

  29. @renfro

    “The US is the only country capable of attacking Iran successfully”



    I think the only reasoned issue here is talking with korea face to face . . . . no huge fan of iran — but invading here successful or not would be silly as she poses no threat to the US or her allies including israel..

    • Replies: @renfro
    , @EliteCommInc.
  30. CanSpeccy says: • Website

    So you think it better for America’s blue collar to class rot, while you buy cheap alternatives to American manufactured goods from Chinese factories with suicide nets, and collapsible garment factories in Bangladesh?

    During the 19th Century, America became the world’s greatest manufacturing power behind a tariff wall. So far, during the 21st Century, America has pissed away much of its industrial base for the sake of global free trade, profit maximization by global corporations, and the phony and misstated Ricardian principle of comparative advantage.

    Naturally Smith favored free trade. At the time, Britain has acquired the industrial revolution, the rest of the world had not. Hence free trade meant British goods penetrating every world market to maximize profits of British industry. It don’t work that way now, when the Chinese and everyone else has the same technology if not better than the fast declining Western nations.

  31. renfro says:

    Read my lips—I did not say and do not want the US attacking any countries.

    I did not mention Korea.

    The US is the only country other than Russia that has enough bombs and enough military to even consider attacking Iran.

    Saudi forces are incompetent.

    Israeli forces are a teenage swat gang.

    So doubt there will be any attack on Iran..period…despite the Saudi and Israeli pressure for us to do so.

    You should not read and comment while drinking.

    • Replies: @EliteCommInc.
  32. denk says:

    ok points noted.

    Trump sure keep his promise to ‘make the murkkan military great’ again.
    Nuclear upgrade, star war redux, increase pentagon largeese….

    As for his pledge to ‘bring the troops home’ , ‘disengage from foreign interference’…

    currently we have regime change in Honduras, Nicaragua, Venezuela, destabilisation in Myanmar,
    murkkan instigated McCarthy style trumped up ‘yellow fever’ in the 5lies, proxy war in Yemen…SCS.

    We shall see.


  33. @EliteCommInc.

    “The US is the only country other than Russia that has enough bombs and enough military to even consider attacking Iran”


  34. tjm says:
    @Carlton Meyer

    Exactly, the reason Trump can move on with NK is because the Zionists do’t care, but would go further than just Iran.

    I think Iran is a distraction, the real reason the Zionists installed a POS like Trump is much bigger. Like Yeltsin for the Soviet Union, Trump was hired to be the manager of America’s demise.

    We all know America is on the verge of collapse, just like the Soviets again, The Zionist Jews have brought us here. The Zionists need a manager to insure the fall goes according to plan, not another Putin.

    Most of what Trump does are just machinations, distractions and tools of division to further the erosion of American society and insanity.

    The Zionist control it all, if it can be purchased, they own it, and with this control they have installed a man who is sold as a patriot, just like Obama was sold as a “community organizer/peace President”, and we all know Obama was a Wall Street Zionist who destroyed Libya and did twice as much bombing of civilians as did Bush…of course Trump is well on his way to passing them both.

    The time of reckoning is close at hand, and America’s acquiescence to Zionist evil will at long last come home to roost.

  35. @renfro

    “The US is the only country other than Russia that has enough bombs and enough military to even consider attacking Iran”


    I don’t drink, but upon reading comments such as the above, I can see why someone might – even to excess. And I think the comment I am responding to is clear.

    note the demarcation line separating the issues

  36. Alden says:

    I live in the middle of the main Persian Jewish colony in the US. They of course arrived as poor pitiful pathetic refugees. What a lie. They came for commercial reasons.

    They go back and forth to Persia all the time for family and business reasons. They are very well assimilated to America but they consider themselves Persians instead of Jewish.

    They are the only Jews I’ve ever known who consider themselves Persians instead of Jews

    Ask most Jews are you American or Jewish They answer jewish even the secular atheists answered Jewish not American

    Ask most American Jews are you White or Jewish they answer I’m Jewish not White. It’s really ludicrous coming from the typical blue eyed brown haired white skinned Russian or polish Jew

    But ask a Persian Jew are you Persian or Jewish they answer I’m Persian

    So they can’t be that badly treated. Maybe it’s because Persian Jews both in Persia and America have always stuck to making a living raising and their families instead of destroying Persia

    For instance the Soviets occupied one quarter of Iran during and after WW2 until they were forced by the US to withdraw in I think 1955.

    The Soviets sponsored a communist party in Iran from the 1940s till the 1977 revolution when the Muslims destroyed them.

    Unlike the Jews of every other country in the world, the Jews of Iran didn’t join the communist party. Since they hadn’t participated in the Shah’s government the revolutionaries left them alone

    Most American Jews hate Poland and Czarist Russia 5 generations after their ancestors left for better business opportunities.

    Persian Jews in contrast are still loyal to Iran the way Irish Italians Americans are still loyal to Irish and Italian culture and White southerners are loyal to the confederate heritage and wave the Rebel and Bonnie Blue flags

    So they must be well treated in Iran.

    The older Persians, like the Armenians, Asians Russian Israeli and Indian immigrants are just corrupt crooks posing as business men. Best to avoid their businesses.

    But the Persian Jews, young and old totally distance themselves from the anti American, anti White destructive American Jewish agenda.

    So I appreciate that very much. I just avoid their businesses. I go to a Mexican mechanic or the dealer for auto repair. Try not to admit Persian tenants, just avoid them.

    Maybe in 100 years they will be honest business men but I’ll be dead by then.

  37. Democrats used to crap on Republicans for their boneheaded kneejerk policy of opposing anything and everything the Obama administration put forward. Now Democrats are doing the exact same thing with the Trump administration (except when their dropping bombs on foreigners). Not at all surprising. Politics at the public level just gets dumber and dumber. The MIC trough feeders, pay to play pimps, influence peddlers and their handlers always get paid of course.

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