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THIS IS ANARCHO-TYRANNY: Biden Regime Criminalizes Wrongthink, Lets Armed Robbers Walk Free
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Previously: Federal Government Achieves Full Anarcho-Tyranny. This Can’t Go On

Just-released footage showing the Mostly Peaceful Protestors co-operating with police to enter the U.S. Capitol on January 6 is only the most recent evidence that the Biden Regime’s approach is prosecutorial atrocity[Video Shows U.S. Capitol Police Gave Protesters OK to Enter, by Julie Kelly, American Greatness, May 17, 2021].

Thus Trump supporter Richard Branson, 60, may spend seven years in the slammer if he is forced to accept a proposed plea deal for what amounts to trespassing inside the U.S. Capitol. Yet Antifa and Black Lives Matter terrorists attack police, federal agents, journalists, and civilians and get away with it. They riot and skate free. Face it: in America these days, we punish patriots and coddle criminals. The whole point is to persecute the Historic American Nation. What the late Sam Francis described decades ago with his now-famous neologism—anarcho-tyranny—is in full bloom.

Barnett is just one of many patriots facing years in jail for their political beliefs. He didn’t hurt anyone or damage property. He simply put his feet on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s desk and took some of her mail. Prosecutors have offered 70 to 87 months in prison if he pleads guilty, but his lawyers have not accepted the deal. They think it’s unserious [Justice Dept. Starts to Seek Plea Deals in Capitol Riot Cases, by Alan Feuer, The New York Times, May 7, 2021].

And Barnett has already suffered enough. Chief U.S. District Court Judge Beryl Howell—a white woman appointed by Barack Obama—denied bail to Barnett because of what she called his “entitled behavior” in the Capitol. Thus, he was held in jail for nearly four months before being released in late April [Man photographed with foot on desk in Pelosi’s office released from jail, by Spencer Hsu, The Washington Post, April 27, 2021]. Anti-white prison guards, he claims, beat him during his detention [Capitol riot defendant alleges beating by jail guards, by Josh Gerstein and Kyle Cheney, Politico, April 6, 2021].

Howell wanted to send a message: White Middle Americans better learn their place in the New America and defer to its rulers. She also denied bail to Eric Munchel, another non-violent Trump supporter. She agreed with prosecutors that “armed insurrectionists” like Munchel, who carried a bundle of zip ties, pose the most “serious danger to the community — to the District of Columbia, to the country, or to the fabric of American democracy” [Judge Keeps ‘Zip-Tie Guy’ Under Lock & Key, by Daniel Jackson, Courthouse News, January 25, 2021]. Zip ties are a weapon? Really? For good measure, prosecutors are after Munchel’s mother, who entered the Capitol with him.

Oher peaceful protesters were imprisoned for several weeks on similarly dubious grounds [Indefinite Incarceration for Protesters With ‘Wrong’ Politics, by Julie Kelly, American Greatness, April 12, 2021]. At least 75 protesters face charges of “obstruction of an official proceeding,” a felony.

Convictions would confirm the government’s right to lock away non-violent protesters for up to 20 years if they tweeted “Stop the Steal!” prior to the Capitol demonstration. Apparently, such tweets are evidence of premeditation to disrupt government business, a very serious crime, prosecutors would have you believe. Thus will the government criminalize dissent.

It’s the same power they used against Nick Fuentes. The America First host can no longer fly on an airplane due to his political beliefs.

And these measures are likely just the start of things to come. Consider these items from the last week:

  • Attorney General Merrick Garland that “white supremacists” pose the biggest threat to America and must be dealt with harshly [White Supremacist Groups Pose Rising U.S. Threat, Garland Says, by Mark Hosenball, Reuters, May 12, 2021].
  • The Department of Homeland Security issued a “terrorism alert” over easing COVID restrictions, which “violent extremists” might exploit. The alert offered no evidence of actual threats [US warns extremists may strike as virus restrictions ease, by Ben Fox, The Associated Press, May 15, 2021]. DHS plans to invest billions into combatting this alleged threat.
  • House Democrats unveiled a bill to establish a 9/11-style Commission on January 6. That will be another tool to go after law-abiding Americans whose only crime is backing Trump and asking questions about President Sleepy Joe’s suspicious victory on November 3. The measure will empower Democrats to subpoena patriot groups for sensitive information, among other things [House Democrats unveil sweeping response to Jan. 6 attacks, by Nicholas Wu and Sarah Berris, Politico, May 14, 2021]. In other words, conservatives will be subject to legal harassment.

And as I reported last month, the Department of Justice and the intelligence community are combing through social media posts of ordinary Americans to root out “extremism.”

In contrast, the Powers-That-Be are simultaneously defunding police, loosing criminals from jail and creating a major crime wave, much of it involving black-on-white murder.

Law enforcement sits at the center of these conflicting trends. Federal, state, and city authorities want to impose new policies that terminate officers who may “express” extremist sympathies. “No member of a hate group should be in law enforcement and if you are a member of one of these groups don’t apply, you have no place in our profession,” a proposed policy in California says. Of course, law enforcement will likely rely on the \$PLC and other left-wing frauds to define “hate group.” Good news is, police unions are pushing back for the obvious reason they may “infringe on a person’s individual rights” [Efforts to Weed Out Extremists in Law Enforcement Meet Resistance, by Neil MacFarquhar, The New York Times, May 11, 2021].

So now America has one of the highest murder rates in more than 20 years and cities are overwhelmed with crime [Murder rate jumps back to 1990s levels, data show, by Joseph Simonson, Washington Examiner, March 24, 2021]. Yet Democrats in major cities nationwide want to shrink law enforcement urther. More than 20 have significantly reduced police budgets in response to Black Lives Matter demands. It’s estimated that at least \$840 million has been cut from law enforcement over the last year [These US cities defunded police, by Sam Levin, The Guardian, March 11, 2021].

Biden plans to use federal government power to eliminate alleged “police racism.” His Justice Department is filled with anti-cop Leftists who want police to end racial profiling and other imagined offenses. Attorney General Garland reinstated consent decrees, which empowers the feds to force local police to make the changes dictated by Leftist bureaucrats. The central focus of Biden’s criminal justice reform: the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act, which would eliminate the “qualified immunity” that protects cops from frivolous lawsuits, impose racial quotas on police hires and arrests, fund minority “community-based” groups to monitor law enforcement, and ban a range of police tactics [The Derek Chauvin Verdict Is Just the Beginning, by Robert Hampton, American Renaissance, May 4, 2021].

Left-wing lawmakers also want to go easier on criminals. Progressive prosecutors in crime cesspools such as San Francisco, Baltimore, Chicago, and Philadelphia have stopped prosecuting myriad offenses, including loitering, shoplifting, prostitution, and even some drug crime.

Of course, crime is worsening, which has created the inevitable backlash. Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner might lose his job over outrage at the city’s skyrocketing murder rate. But even Carlos Vega, Krasner’s more moderate primary opponent, doesn’t want to get too tough on crime. Vega still vows progressive reform, just not as haphazardly as Krasner. The Left can’t muster any outrage about actual criminals even when faced with record murder levels. [Left-wing prosecutors hit fierce resistance, by Holly Otterbein, Politico, April 8, 2021].

Then there’s Baltimore. “Charm City”—now known as The City That Bleeds—completely decriminalized drug possession, prostitution, traffic offenses, and other misdemeanors in March. Too many “black and brown” people were committing these offenses, and of course, landing in jail. “The era of ‘tough on crime’ prosecutors is over in Baltimore,” Baltimore state’s attorney Marilyn Mosby said. Readers may remember her from the Freddie Gray fiasco of 2015. [Baltimore will no longer prosecute drug possession, prostitution, low-level crimes, by Jon Schuppe, NBC News, March 26, 2021]

What may be the most egregious “reform” is eliminating cash bail. Violent criminals are regularly released without bail in New York. Here are five cases in the last 30 days:

California is set to release at least 76,000 convicts back into society. More than 63,000 committed a violent crime, including 20,000 who were serving life sentences [76,000 California inmates to be eligible for earlier release, The Associated Press, May 1, 2021]

In Biden’s America, the real threat is someone who takes a selfie in the Capitol without permission, not a gang member who tries to kill a cop. Political crimes are far more serious than real ones.

As Sam Francis wrote in 2003:

The result of anarcho-tyranny is that government swells in power, criminals are not controlled, and law-abiding citizens wind up being repressed by the state and attacked by thugs.

And later—almost two decades ago—he explained what’s happening to Trump supporters now:

We refuse to control real criminals (that’s the anarchy) so we control the innocent (that’s the tyranny).

Francis wrote when Leftist politicians like New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Baltimore Mayor Martin O’Malley cracked down on crime and the national security state focused on Islamic terrorists. Now elected Leftists serve criminals and direct the national security state’s massive apparatus of surveillance to code and trace the activities of law-abiding Trump supporters.

The anarcho-tyranny’s purpose now, then, is silencing the Historic American Nation and thereby hastening The Great Replacement. Ordinary white Americans who refuse to embrace multiculturalism pose a greater threat than career criminals. Career criminals don’t challenge the system. The Middle Americans who question elections and protest at the Capitol do.

Just ask Richard Barnett.

Washington Watcher II [Email him] is an anonymous DC insider.

(Republished from VDare by permission of author or representative)
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  1. BuelahMan says:

    Howell is married to Michael Rosenfeld

    She has that chicken slinging look to her, as well.

    • Replies: @Jim Christian
  2. That the stolen election of 2020 was a Deep State Coup is without question.

    The regime controlling the levers of power is illegitimate, and they act the part. Furtive and fearful, they live in terror of the truth.

  3. As in germany rapists must be set free while anyone who questions the holocaust goes to prison.

  4. @BuelahMan

    Her (((husband))):

    Michael J. Rosenfeld Researcher
    Born: December 9, 1966 (age 54 years)
    Books: The Age of Independence: Interracial Unions, Same-Sex Unions, and the Changing American Family

    Lots of depravity there, so we know who SHE is.

  5. KenH says:

    State and local police are being subjected to the carrot and stick approach by Biden officials, the Dept of Social Justice (DOSJ) and the media. Police get the carrot if they let blacks run roughshod over society or if they just stick to using their resources against whites, especially wrong thinking whites.

    But they get the big walking tall stick if they dare to arrest black criminals and in the process injure, maim or kill the black suspect. Or if they arrest a disproportionate number of blacks (because blacks commit a disproportionate amount of crime).

    Soon the police will learn what’s expected of them by the elites and morph into local Stasi agents. Since most cops love their pension more than life itself few will buck this trend.

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