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Then They Came for the London Conference on Intelligence–and Science, and Free Speech
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All educated people know that, although Darwin’s Theory of Evolution explains intelligence differences between sub-species in all other animals, this CANNOT BE THE CASE WITH HUMANS. Psychologists can research whatever they like…BUT NOT THAT!


If psychologists do research human intelligence, then their conferences must be picketed or, better still, shut down. Berkeley’s Arthur Jensen received bomb threats and had to be accompanied by bodyguards on campus in 1969 for pursuing such research.

So it is not surprising that the British anti-intellectual Left descended into paroxysms of outrage in January when they discovered that a conference—which included many papers on race and the genetics of intelligence—had been held for four years at University College London [UCL], one of Britain’s most prestigious universities, without the university even knowing about it.

The mastermind behind the “London Conference on Intelligence” was Dr. James Thompson, an “honorary senior lecturer” at UCL. (This is an emeritus position, he was previously a senior lecturer at the University of London—not the same school—from 1975-2007. ) Dr. Thompson, who blogs at, organized the small-scale conference—which had 24 speakers in 2017, by invitation only—each year. Advertised only on H-BD websites, few Marxist academics found out about it. In fact, its existence only came to light by accident.

Toby Young, a British right-wing journalist, hit the headlines in the UK in December 2017, because he’d been appointed to the government’s “Office for Students,” with part of its remit being to protect free speech on university campuses dominated by “safe spaces.” This provoked fury, especially because Young had written in favor of eugenics and made various non-PC Tweets. [Toby Young quotes on breasts, eugenics and working-class people, By Martin Belam, Guardian, January 3, 2018]

Media enforcers began digging. University student journalists duly discovered that Young had given a keynote address at the ISIR [International Society for Intelligence Research] conference in Montreal in July 2017. In this speech, published online in the leading journal Intelligence, Young mentioned his attendance, in May 2017, at this “secret” conference.

[2017 Constance Holden Memorial Address: Liberal Creationism]

On 10th January, the London Student splashed with: “Exposed: London’s Eugenics Conference and its Neo-Nazi Links.”, January 10, 2018. The writer, Ben Van der Merwe, asserted that the “secret” conference was “dominated by a group of white supremacists.” These included “white nationalist” Richard Lynn (whom he conveniently failed to mention was the first to prove that the East Asians have higher average IQ than white people). Many of those at the conference had published in the “racist” academic journal Mankind Quarterly, the student wrote. He did not mention that of eleven articles in the edition that was current at the time (58:2, Winter 2017), nine had been penned by non-whites including Arabs, Chinese researchers and two black South Africans.

London Student interviewed suitably horrified scientists who explained that “race” is meaningless because “there are more differences between two people of the same race than between races,” ignoring clear proof that when small differences are in the same direction they can, and do, lead to a situation where there are clear genetic differences between races which allow important and correct predictions to be made about intelligence, health, responsiveness to drugs . . . And London Student went for guilt by association too, reporting that one of the speakers—an eccentric Dane called Emil Kirkegaard—had blogged, in 2012, that it might be ethically acceptable to allow paedophiles to have sex with sleeping children, so long as the children never knew of it and it didn’t harm them. Leftist philosophers, it failed to mention, get away with such utilitarian thought experiments all the time. [The ethics of pedophilia, By Ole Martin Moen, Nordic Journal of Applied Ethics (2015), 9 (1), 111–124]

Click to enlarge The students, however, left their key revelation for Private Eye, a Left-leaning satirical magazine published the same day: Toby Young had attended this conference and it included outrageous papers. [Toby Young Breeds Contempt, Private Eye, January 10, 2018. (Not online, click to enlarge, or try this PDF)]

This set off a media frenzy. UCL put out a statement asserting that they were “committed to . . . combating racism and sexism in all its forms.” UCL said that it was going to investigate if Dr Thompson had broken its rules, demanding that he must reveal controversial speakers in advance.

The scandal was reported in most of the UK newspapers. The next day, The Guardian quoted Leftist academic Adam Rutherford [Email him ] as saying, “there are some people at these meetings with some deeply obnoxious views . . . “[UCL to investigate eugenics conference secretly held on campus, by Kevin Rawlinson and Richard Adams, January 11 2018 ]The “racist” conference, they failed to mention, had speakers from Japan, China, Brazil . . . They referred to ISIR as “a similar conference,” making it clear that right-minded academics simply do not research such an offensive subject as “intelligence.”

Russia Today headlined that Toby Young had attended a “secret eugenics conference” with “neo-nazis and pedophiles.” The London Student set up a petition to have James Thompson stripped of his honorary lectureship. Twitter went into virtue-signalling meltdown. Jeremy Noel-Tod [Email him] a literature professor at the University of East Anglia, tweeted that the conference “(makes) me want to be sick.” Senior MPs, such as Liberal Democrat leader Sir Vince Cable, condemned it. The conference was described as “dark Nazi stuff” by a panellist on the popular BBC show Question Time, where the audience ask topical questions to a panel of politicians and media types. On 15th January the student union held a protest against the conference in front of the Provost’s Office, holding charming placards such as “Fuck Eugenics.” [Students protest at University College London over racist eugenics conference, by Tomáš Tengely-Evans, Socialist Worker, January 15, 2018]

Young resigned from the Office for Students.

On 18th January, there was another press release from UCL. An investigation into James Thompson was happening and a “full range of sanctions” would be considered. UCL made clear that it basically opposed free speech for race realist academics though they said “we have a legal obligation to protect free speech on campus, within the law, even if the views expressed are inconsistent with the values and views of UCL.”

But the statement added this:

The President and Provost Professor Michael Arthur [Email him] has, however, made clear his own disdain for eugenics: “I personally have no support for eugenics and I regard it as complete nonsense. I am appalled by the concept of white supremacy and will not tolerate anything on campus that incites racial hatred or violence. UCL is committed to an unflinching examination of its historic role in eugenics as exemplified by the range of events and exhibitions we have supported on the subject.”

[UCL statement on the London Conference on Intelligence, January 18, 2018]

So, clearly Dr Thompson can expect a fair investigation by people with no bias against him whatsoever . . .

This is the UK in 2018. Academics who do no more than present their findings based on the simple interpretation of their data must censor themselves if the results question the dogmas of the Church or they will face the Inquisition.

But looking through the London Conference presentations (only one is on eugenics), it is nevertheless amazing how many senior academics—published in high-impact journals including Nature—attended and how many of the presentations from the conference have been subsequently published in high impact journals.

If the Leftist stranglehold on universities continues then we will return to the situation we had in the mid-nineteenth century. The university was about promoting the country’s ideology and training its lawyers. Genuinely innovative science was conducted by gentleman scholars, thinkers with sympathetic patrons, and highly intelligent amateurs who conducted their research when not making shoes.

Ultimately, UCL’s reaction to this “controversy’ only goes to demonstrate that it is decreasingly a university worth taking seriously—like all the rest.

Lance Welton [Email him] is the pen name of a freelance journalist living in New York.

(Republished from VDare by permission of author or representative)
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  1. El Dato says:

    Most people in that photo could do with some eugenics.

    Message to their parents: “Fuck? Eugenics!”

    It’s gonna happen no matter what. And soon. Humans like to tune things.

    • Replies: @Realist
    , @Cato
  2. dearieme says:

    I think you are a bit confused about UCL and the University of London. WKPD: “University College London (UCL) is a public research university in London, England, and a constituent college of the federal University of London.”

    I understand that Dr Thompson was a Senior Lecturer, equivalent to the US rank of Associate Professor. He gives a sentence of introduction about himself here.

    Declaration of interest: I have never met Dr Thompson but have been a fan of his blogs for some years.

    • Replies: @res
  3. DFH says:

    These are the same people who call ‘global warming deniers’ anti-scientific

  4. Biff says:

    Eugenics – like trying to polish a turd, but it’s fun to watch people try!

    • Replies: @Colleen Pater
  5. I do agree with demonstrators! It is not nice to mock people with physical or mental handicap.

  6. Wally says:

    The left are the same people who demand prison sentences for those who engage in free speech concerning the impossible ‘6M Jews, 5M others, and gas chambers’.

    More proof that the left’s agenda cannot withstand scrutiny.
    Science over irrational dogma.
    debate here:

  7. Nothing new.
    A Dutch professor at a Berlin university was prevented by students to publish or discuss his scientific findings on differences between what I had best call different groups.

    • Replies: @Dieter Kief
  8. @DFH

    Hell, these are same people who laugh at creationists and call them ‘evolution deniers’! With liberals, genetics is sacred … until it isn’t.

  9. Realist says:
    @El Dato

    “It’s gonna happen no matter what. And soon. Humans like to tune things.”

    Let’s hope so.

  10. Ganderson says:

    Van Der Merwe? HAHAHAHA…

    • Replies: @PV van der Byl
  11. Altai says:

    The mistake here was for these people to have ever associated with Young. What did they expect?

    “We’re not those kinds of people, we don’t have a political motivation.”

    Invites Toby Young to conference he has no business attending outside his political motivations.

    You want to have a conference dealing with the genetics of intelligence, do that, don’t invite Milo-tier smirking right-wing edgelords who speak about the working class like a disease, that just rights the eugenics narrative for itself.

    • Replies: @aandrews
  12. … reporting that one of the speakers—an eccentric Dane called Emil Kirkegaard—had blogged, in 2012, that it might be ethically acceptable to allow paedophiles to have sex with sleeping children, so long as the children never knew of it and it didn’t harm them.

    Nice piece but would have been better if the author had also taken the time to extend his critical gaze to this MSM smear as well.

    You can start with that here:

  13. lavoisier says: • Website

    The leftists see themselves as enlightened and forward thinkers of the highest order.

    They accept scientific ideas that are fashionable such as global warming and instinctively reject any scientific data that suggests there may be racial differences in intelligence.

    Fascinating people these leftists. Every bit as fundamentalist as any bible thumper maintaining the Earth is six thousand years old and that dinosaurs became extinct because they could not fit on the ark.

    And like the religious fanatics, very comfortable with their delusions and confident that they are on the side of goodness and truth.

    • Replies: @Wally
    , @Leisure Larry
  14. @Biff

    there’s only so long you can cow people into thinking facts are shit. lets remember the nazis got eugenics from the progressives who to this day can’t resist using evolution to bash christian “creationists” one day while declaring all men to be “created” equal the next. tick tock (((Bif)))

  15. What is wrong with positive eugenics?

    Jews have been practicing it for 4,000 years in encouraging intelligent males (rabbinate) to mate with wealthy females.

    I guess they don’t want to lose the franchise.

    As usual, if you want to know what Jews are up to, look at what they are demonizing.

    • Replies: @Ilyana_Rozumova
  16. Wally says:

    “They accept scientific ideas that are fashionable such as global warming and instinctively reject any scientific data that suggests there may be racial differences in intelligence.”

    The ‘global warming’ claim is a religion for profit, not science.

    100% Of US Warming Is Due To NOAA Data Tampering

    Most Massive Scientific Fraud In Human History

    NASA Data Proves Trump Right to Exit Paris Climate Accord

    NASA Debunks Global Warming Theory

    Now 400 Scientific Papers in 2017 Say ‘Global Warming’ Is a Myth

    The Carbon Dioxide Word Game

  17. res says:

    Thank you for the clarification. I hope Dr. Thompson makes it through this process OK. I imagine it is very unpleasant. I wonder how the inquisitors would do with a similar level of scrutiny being applied to them.

  18. Yeah, IQ testing is racist pseudoscience – until a study purports to show what Donald Trump attracted support from lower IQ white people. Then IQ testing mysteriously becomes valid science again.

    • Replies: @Malla
  19. @lavoisier

    “The Left” are who and what they always have been: Illiterate mobs driven by malign envy, agitated and guided by Jewish change agents.

  20. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    If you can’t win with facts and logic, scream raaacist,raaacist, raaacist.

    The fact that Africans prefer to come and live in Europe than stay in their own shithole countries is proof that whites are more capable in building and running modern societies. But even as blacks leech off whites, they suppress the obvious because the truth hurts their stupid savage pride.

    And white progs are addicted to virtue vanity. They are self-righteous supremacists into (a**)holier-thou-than mode.

  21. anarchyst says:

    The present-day world is not ready for honest research into differences in intelligence among the various racial groups.However, a “wedge” issue that should not evoke much in the way of negative attitudes toward such research resides in the fact that there ARE substantial differences in the efficacy of many medical treatments and drugs among the various human racial groups. In fact, each racial group has its own susceptibility toward certain chronic medical conditions that would benefit from a race-based medical treatment regimen. Medical treatment should be tailored to the individual, taking race into account when providing the best medical treatment possible.
    This is the opening that can be used to develop research into differences in intelligence between the various racial groups.

  22. @Toby Keith

    Excellent point but wrong.
    Just opposite. It is the moms who bring up children to be members of the tribe. It is females who consult Rabbis, You only have to look at Esther under direction of Mordecai.
    That was the pattern.
    Jews are smart. So it is Jewish girls that are being encouraged to seek out powerful and rich Gyms. Marry them and bring up little Jews.
    Roman proverb: Mater semper certa Pater incerta.
    Of course many time the husband in not necessary a father.

    • Replies: @DFH
  23. This article is an outstanding example of nothing distracting like a sham fight. The battle of our day is between oligarchs and the people. The article asks its reader to focus instead on a purported fight between materialism (which masquerades as science) and hedonism (masquerading as the pursuit of justice), both of which serve oligarchy by sowing devastating moral chaos among the people through the providing of intellectual cover for it. Social Darwinism is pimping for oligarchy, just as much as postmodernism is. Their quarrel is over which , at the moment, the oligarchs want to be in bed with more.

    Materialism and hedonism are but two sides of one bad coin called cruelty- a cruelty best exemplified by these ideologies both leading to the abortion holocaust: that unspeakable crime which outstrips, in both savagery and sheer numbers, all others.

    Small wonder Mr. “Welton” prefers to promote his cause by appealing not to its accomplishments but instead to free speech. Then again, I suppose free speech really does enter into it, because if the modern university did not suppress the works of such as G. K. Chesterton, we could learn how to properly discriminate:

    “When the old Liberals removed the gags from all the heresies, their idea was that religious and philosophical discoveries might thus be made. Their view was that cosmic truth was so important that every one ought to bear independent testimony. The modern idea is that cosmic truth is so unimportant that it cannot matter what any one says. The former freed inquiry as men loose a noble hound; the latter frees inquiry as men fling back into the sea a fish unfit for eating.”

    • Replies: @utu
    , @FKA Max
  24. utu says:
    @Felix Culpa

    Good points. The discourse is always framed for us in such a way that really important issues that could potentially change the power structure in society are never tackled.

    • Replies: @Felix Culpa
  25. @utu

    Exactly. As Josef Pieper said, abuse of power is always preceded by abuse of language.

  26. Perhaps there is some explanation other than race linked IQ but the results of both this years and last years Regeneron Science Talent Search (formerly Intel and before that Westinghouse) among High School Seniors in the US found over 60% of the 300 top ranked scholars had unmistakably Asian names-mainly Indian and Chinese names. The overwhelming preponderance of Asian names is mind boggling and difficult to easily explain.

    • Replies: @Malla
  27. It’s funny that transhumanism is a forward-thinking progressive field, but eugenics is a vile and outmoded idea. I guess making humans a stronger and healthier species is best left to unproven technology that is likely to chiefly benefit the affluent.

    • Replies: @Malla
  28. aandrews says:

    I agree. That’s what it sounds like.

  29. Every single liberal tacitly believes in eugenics but only their Master Overlords are aware of true reasoning behind it. The Overlords well know that e.g. blacks will never be brought up to speed by ameliorative social programs only; which is why they push race mixing. They know that only by promoting black male/white female marriage can the worst impulses of the black man eventually be brought to heel. The rank and file liberal goes along with this eugenic cross breeding program but is blithely unaware of the reason for it, having been brainwashed to believe instead that the program is all about racial equality.

    • Replies: @Malla
  30. Cato says:
    @El Dato

    Humans like to tune things

    But isn’t that most of the problem? They want to tune what we do and what we think. And when they get around to tuning who has the babies, it’s not certain that you and I will be on the most-favored list.

  31. FKA Max says: • Website
    @Felix Culpa

    Materialism and hedonism are but two sides of one bad coin called cruelty- a cruelty best exemplified by these ideologies both leading to the abortion holocaust: that unspeakable crime which outstrips, in both savagery and sheer numbers, all others.

    I am very triggered by this very unenlightened and ignorant comment, very triggered!

    Human Population Growth and extinction

    We’re in the midst of the Earth’s sixth mass extinction crisis. Harvard biologist E. O. Wilson estimates that 30,000 species per year (or three species per hour) are being driven to extinction. Compare this to the natural background rate of one extinction per million species per year, and you can see why scientists refer to it as a crisis unparalleled in human history.

    The current mass extinction differs from all others in being driven by a single species rather than a planetary or galactic physical process. When the human race — Homo sapiens sapiens — migrated out of Africa to the Middle East 90,000 years ago, to Europe and Australia 40,000 years ago, to North America 12,500 years ago, and to the Caribbean 8,000 years ago, waves of extinction soon followed. The colonization-followed-by-extinction pattern can be seen as recently as 2,000 years ago, when humans colonized Madagascar and quickly drove elephant birds, hippos, and large lemurs extinct [1].

    The “Latino” Oligarchy, as is often the case with Mercantile elites, is short-sighted and profit oriented. Their alliance with the Church has put in place a system that pays no heed to genetic inheritance.

    So the churches right wing makes sure the poor non-White Catholics have more children than they can care for, and the church’s Left wing keeps them in the pews through its social gospel discourse and demands that wealthy responsible White People submit to invasion by their parishioners. Just to reemphasize, the Left and Right wings of the Church are not opposing social forces, they are merely the right hand and left hand of the same dysgenic system.

    Trevor Moore: Drunk Texts to Myself – “Pope Rap” – Uncensored

    • Replies: @Felix Culpa
    , @anarchyst
  32. Factorize says:

    I am becoming increasingly alarmed that the recognition this is now the start of the Genetic Singularity Event is being overlooked.

    This constitutes a Global Emergency that needs to be publicly acknowledged and openly discussed.

    Of particular note is that a GWAS for insomnia with greater than 1 million people has been published within the last few days. GWAS of such scale are expected to be sufficient to unlock the Human Genome.

    Due to the extremely polygenic nature of the Human Genome, unlocking of the genome will have profound significance. 1500 IQ humans and clearly many other extreme traits will be possible.

    Only so many tumblers need to align before the combination lock fully opens. Will humanity actually wait until the last possible moment to talk about this with any amount of maturity?

  33. I have an educated, whether that means I am uneducated or not is question. Initially because I challenge the notion of evolution which I suspect is mistaken and best describes adaptation. No one and I mean no one has overcome the problem of species jump.

    The problem here is that placing eugenics and evolution in the arena as understood generally is strange. Evolution is a natural theory of man’s development eugenics is the manipulation and or intervention of evolutionary processes.

    But it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that if you call a conference that will introduce topics oh manipulating anything human, intelligence, strength, skill, you’re going get a hefty backlash, if for no other reason because eugenics has a very lousy reputation, even if it goals are couched in benign and positive intent.

    Whether or not we can improve the lot of human beings via manipulating biological factors is a worthwhile discussion and worthy of debate. In fact, the issue cannot be avoided. The volume of drugs we use to change human psychology, alleviate pain renders the need for discussion inevitable. Addressing birth defects, improved health intelligence, manipulating breeding, etc. are best dealt with in open discussion as opposed to in secret and our tragic consequence of HIV and AIDS related research suggests. Note: The Kinshasa revelation makes no sense with no evidence of actual AIDS cases at the time in question.

    However, students should be encouraged to listen and participate within limits in intellectual debate, minus the hysterics of “trigger warnings” and fear of hurtful ideas, even if the ideas are questionable morally and logically — even emotionally uncomfortable.

    For the lesser intelligent such as myself, it’s quite clear by the evidence that people with High IQ’s are no more morally equipped of ethically adjusted than the rest of us. As anyone with a high IQ will tell you — it’s no guarantor of successful or wise leadership.

    • Replies: @jilles dykstra
    , @anarchyst
  34. Malla says:

    The Jews do not want the Goyim to try out eugenics, something the Jews have themselves practiced in the past. Especially the Europeans and East Asians (who already have high natural average IQ) trying it out and becoming smarter and overtaking Jews. Blacks and others are just dumb unwitting foot soldiers used to attain their ends. In other words they are used as weapons against Whites. Just like in University admissions, quotas to help blacks and Hispanics are basically directed in keeping White admissions low.

    • Replies: @res
    , @Anon
  35. Malla says:

    They know that only by promoting black male/white female marriage can the worst impulses of the black man eventually be brought to heel.

    I disagree. I think the aim is not to control black impulses but to breed Whites out of existence. If what you suggest would be the case, they would have encouraged large migrations of Whites or Asians into Africa and encourage interbreeding between black Africans and Whites/Asians thus increasing the average IQ and impulse control of the natives. We are not seeing that. Indeed they are encouraging and have traditionally encouraged blacks to kick normal Whites out of Africa.

  36. Malla says:

    It’s funny that transhumanism is a forward-thinking progressive field, but eugenics is a vile and outmoded idea.

    Very good point. Trans-humanism is meant in the long run to control humans as semi robotic slaves. Rebel against the power structure and they can turn off the switch or separate us from the grid thus making our transhuman descendants helpless. We will be made dependent on the grid controlled by the elites.

    Eugenics is much more dangerous for the elites. Superior human beings not controlled by some grid who can rebel and bring down the whole power structure. How can one be sure that elites are not already practicing advanced genetic technology to improve themselves? They have practiced eugenics for ages, they do not want us commoners to practice it. Especially Whites and East Asians the most, two races who have been provided with traits by mother nature herself which can be dangerous to the elites.

    You will get a lot of clues about this in books like ‘Tragedy and Hope’, a great book by Quigley but he denies the Jewish involvement in all this (had he not maybe the book would not get released in the mainstream market). As well as ‘A brave New World’. They openly talk about a conspiracy which instigated the various revolutions such as the French Revolution, Russian revolution etc…. to bring about an era of equality only to later mold that society into a caste like system with elites on top ruling over populations genetically engineered to be slaves. Which is ironic is it not. They destroyed many traditional aristocracies, a deconstruction only to reconstruct a caste system.
    All these SJWs, and those leftoid crackpots in Universities are all part of the plan to deconstruct traditional societies (especially the West) further. This period of equality is only a middle temporary phase directed by the elites.

  37. Malla says:
    @Anita Patel

    Its crazy right??? Some ethnic groups and nationalities tend to dominate some intellectual fields.
    Such as how East Asians and Eastern Europeans dominate the IBM ACM computer programming contests all the time. This contests is considered the Nobel prize of Computer Programming. Strangely IITs perform very badly in them. Very Strange.

    It is crazy.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  38. Anonymous [AKA "bidus372"] says:

    In one word, communism.

    • Replies: @Malla
  39. @EliteCommInc.

    But a low IQ does guarantee leadership with disasters.
    Erdogan, Churchill, Van Rompuy, Schulz, father and son Bush, Juncker, Dijsselbloem, Reagan, Netanyahu, Idi Amin, a few examples.

    • Replies: @songbird
    , @EliteCommInc.
  40. res says:

    It is interesting how JScreen does not seem to come in for criticism:

    FWIW I am in favor of things like JScreen. I just don’t like the who/whom hypocrisy.

    But remember, kids, all races (religious groups, ethnic groups, etc.) are the same:

    • Replies: @Malla
  41. Malla says:

    Yup I can see Cuba high on the rankings too. Where exactly? …… Still searching…………

  42. Malla says:

    Very true. Jews can remove their genetic problems by marrying more blacks who mostly do not have those genetic diseases. Problem solved. But that is only for the goyim. No ‘hybrid vigour’ nonsense for the chosen.

  43. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    It is amusing to note the horror with which many, maybe most, educated upper midfle class people greet the notion of eugenics (Hitler fid a proper job on it). After all, at least in the Anglosphere, they are probably educated upper middle class because their ancestors were de facto eugenicists. Cf. Jane Austen. If judgment of a person’s brains snd character didn’t prevail in matchmaking, wealth probsbly provided a pretty good proxy measure.

  44. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    I was about to use the email link to send a restrained and courteous but firm message to Michael Arthur the Provost of UCL. But first I Googled him and read his Wikipedia entry. What a low class creep! How could he have got the job? The Peter Principle has been applied on every front and test when he could have continued to do useful work on livers, snd kept his mouth shut in educated company.

    • Replies: @CanSpeccy
  45. songbird says:

    When they invoke “science” it is just an appeal to authority to end the argument. It’s not an appeal to the scientific method.

  46. songbird says:
    @jilles dykstra

    Churchill a low IQ? He was too good a writer/speaker.

    • Replies: @jilles dykstra
  47. @FKA Max

    “We need to kill unborn children because human life is a threat to animal and plant life, says me. Human life, mind you, not corrupt human acts, like abortion. And here’s a graph of what I’m saying. A graph, for the love of God! This is science– what more do I need to prove it? Must I also show you a lab coat and clipboard? People of conscience will immediately see the inhumanity of holding human life sacred. If they don’t, they must not be people of conscience, because, again, I said so. Oh and the Church is actually the one serving oligarchy, because, like, it opposes abortion and killing unborn children makes poor people rich, haven’t you noticed? So, as you can clearly see, the Church in opposing baby- killing, keeps the poor poor, not my masters, the oligarchs,with their permanent pool of cheap labor through immigration influxes because of the demographic decline due to, things like, well, abortion. Oh and, there’s also this: if we don’t stop killing unborn children, especially latinos, we can’t increase our numbers and survive!”

    With friends like your post, materialism doesn’t need enemies.

    • Replies: @FKA Max
  48. FKA Max says: • Website
    @Felix Culpa

    You don’t make any sense, sorry.

    Role of abortion in control of global population growth.

    The different and more difficult set of circumstances faced by developing countries that will necessitate even higher abortion rates than developed countries includes a young population with resultant rapidly growing numbers of young fertile women, poor contraceptive use-effectiveness, low prevalence of contraception, and poor or non-existent systems for providing contraceptives. These data show that high death rates of infants and children can moderate population growth rates–a most undesirable solution. The data in this report suggest that actual alternatives are high death rates of infants and children or widespread use of contraception and abortion. African nations tend to have the very lowest abortion rates and the very highest infant and child death rates. To avoid a world with deteriorating social, economic and political stability, with the concomitant loss of personal and national security, we must ensure that safe abortion is made available to all who wish to use this service.

    Every Sperm is Sacred – Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life

    • Replies: @Felix Culpa
  49. @jilles dykstra

    Laugh. Considering that high IQ is fairly rare depending on what registers as high, I suspect those with a high IQ could disappear tomorrow and the world would just spin away, with bur barely a notice.

    I think this article ‘s import on the number of IQ abnormalities.

    there just aren’t that many on either scale that would suggest the end of the planet. In fact, the real consequence that people with high IQ’s are dangerous — they develop the most destructive weapons on the planet. I was going to go on, but I think I will stop before wondering what planet killing mechanisms the egg heads will come eighth next. There are a lot of cool inventions by geniuses, but very little that humanity couldn’t do without and still plod along happy go lucky in out moderate intellectual lives.

    i am single but one day a woman might be fooled enough to marry me in which case — the joys of viagra might be handy. But people will still marry and live in wedded bliss without it.

    I was in Panama when the US landed on the moon, it was really a cool and neat thing — but eventually, even moon rocks lose their appeal. Sure there’s spin off, a lot of which has been helpful — but vital no. I appreciate genius, but the world won’t stop spinning , in fact, it’s genius that has created most threats to the planet. Trains, planes and automobiles, the industrial and technological age is killing us so say the genius and we’re in a mad scramble to unscramble their mess.
    wanna save polar bears, just slip some huge plastic floating barges they can climb on when tire — wait let me guess, a genius created plastic. Plastic that stuff, that kills thousands on fish and animals every years, contaminates water supplies . . .

    oh never mind. I suspect that most inventions are the result of hard work on an idea and accidents of happenstance. Genius is great, but its not the greatest or the most valuable commodity the planet produces, not even close. Genius is not synonymous with integrity, truth , self accountability . . . or prudence. It’s intriguing to consider what manipulating DNA could bring to humanity until you consider what DNA manipulation can bring to humanity. The planet would continue if not a single strand were unlocked.

    Here’s hoping i meet a woman dumb enough to marry me before it’s too late as for nuptial bliss with Viagra in the later years, maybe sooner than i think — i hear that viagra can send one to the hospital heart failure or a perpetual . . . well you know . . . good grief – wondering what those genius will think
    of next.

    Gotta go . . . egg salad sandwich waiting . . . or escargot . . . . dilemmas, dilemmas . . .

  50. CanSpeccy says: • Website

    Yeah, Michael Arthur is the creep who booted Nobel Prize winner Tim Hunt from his honorary position at U.C. London because of some lying allegation of sexism from a tenth-rate immigrant journalist, who faked her CV and whose allegations against Hunt were refuted by, among others, highly distinguished female colleagues. Moreover, Arthur justified his contemptible action by reference to the stuffed corpse of Jeremy Bentham, the author of the stupid notion that morality is whatever gives rise to the greatest happiness, as if (a) happiness is measurable, and (b) that it is morally justifiable to unjustly punish one person if it gives pleasure to multiple others.

  51. @FKA Max

    No Max,no: even if the oligarchs make Hollywood movies to scare you into submission as well as fund the placement of it in putative health studies, the premise “living is a threat to life” is still self-refuting and therefore irrational.

  52. @songbird

    Sure, a great actor.
    His writing, less impressive.
    As a strategist, he caused the Gallipoli disaster.
    I read the greater part of his WWII memoirs, remarkable how he never made a mistake.
    Alas just in Casablanca he discovered he was in the Franklin Roosevelt trap.

    Francois Kersaudy, ´De Gaulle et Roosevelt, Le duel au sommet’, Paris, 2004

    John Charmley,’Churchill’s Grand Alliance, A provocative reassessment of the “Special relationship” between England and the U.S. from 1940 to 1957’, 1995, London

    Colonel Roderick Macleod, D.S.O., M.C., and Dennis Kelly, ‘TIME UNGUARDED The Ironside Diaries 1937- 1940’, New York, 1963

    R.V. Jones, ´Most secret war, British Scientific Intelligence 1939 – 1945’, 1978, 1979, London

    As Dowding, who led the British fighters against German bombers, and also was not impressed by Churchill, Ironside was fired by Churchill.
    Ironside was Army commander, he despised most politicians.
    Jones also was not diplomatic enough with Churchill, when the war was over, and he was no longer needed, he was packed off to a second rate university in the far north of GB.

    • Replies: @YetAnotherAnon
  53. anarchyst says:

    You are correct. Catholic Bishop Fulton J. Sheen once remarked that “It is much easier for an educated person to rationalize evil”. On that note, he was absolutely observant.

    • Replies: @EliteCommInc.
  54. anarchyst says:
    @FKA Max

    All species eventually “morph” into more resilient organisms within their species. Witness the “spotted owl” in the American north west which was considered to be in danger of extinction. It turns out that there is a virtually identical species with slightly different “markings, but genetically identical.

  55. @jilles dykstra

    “A Dutch professor at a Berlin University”

    = Ruud Koopmans? – He does teach ‘n’ publish though.
    Someone else?

  56. @jilles dykstra

    He always was a good writer, and he wrote about his self-improvement techniques.

    “It was not until this winter of 1896, when I had almost completed my twenty-second year, that the desire for learning came upon me. I began to feel myself wanting in even the vaguest knowledge about many large spheres of thought. I had picked up a wide vocabulary and had a liking for words and for the feel of words fitting and falling into their places like pennies in the slot. I caught myself using a good many words the meaning of which I could not define precisely. I admired these words, but was afraid to use them for fear of being absurd. ”

    ” From Gibbon I went to Macaulay. I had learnt The Lays of Ancient Rome by heart, and loved them; and of course I knew he had written a history; but I had never read a page of it. I now embarked on that splendid romance, and I voyaged with full sail in a strong wind. I remembered then that Mrs. Everest’s brother-in-law, the old prison warder, had possessed a copy of Macaulay’s History, purchased in supplements and bound together, and that he used to speak of it with reverence. I accepted all Macaulay wrote as gospel, and I was grieved to read his harsh judgments upon the Great Duke of Marlborough. There was no one at hand to tell me that this historian with his captivating style and devastating self-confidence was the prince of literary rogues, who always preferred the tale to the truth, and smirched or glorified great men and garbled documents according as they affected his drama. I cannot forgive him for imposing on my confidence and on the simple faith of my old friend the warder. Still I must admit an immense debt upon the other side.

    Not less than in his History, I revelled in his Essays: Chatham; Frederick the Great; Lord Nugent’s Memorials of Hampden; Clive; Warren Hastings; Barère (the dirty dog); Southey’s Colloquies on Society; and above all that masterpiece of literary ferocity, Mr. Robert Montgomery’s Poems.

    From November to May I read for four or five hours every day history and philosophy. Plato’s Republic—it appeared he was for all practical purposes the same as Socrates; the Politics of Aristotle, edited by Mr. Welldon himself; Schopenhauer on Pessimism; Malthus on Population; Darwin’s Origin of Species: all interspersed with other books of lesser standing. It was a curious education. {127} First because I approached it with an empty, hungry mind, and with fairly strong jaws; and what I got I bit; secondly because I had no one to tell me: ‘This is discredited. ‘You should read the answer to that by so and so; the two together will give you the gist of the argument’. ‘There is a much better book on that subject’, and so forth. I now began for the first time to envy those young cubs at the university who had fine scholars to tell them what was what; professors who had devoted their lives to mastering and focussing ideas in every branch of learning; who were eager to distribute the treasures they had gathered before they were overtaken by the night. But now I pity undergraduates, when I see what frivolous lives many of them lead in the midst of precious fleeting opportunity. After all, a man’s Life must be nailed to a cross either of Thought or Action. Without work there is no play. “

  57. CanSpeccy says: • Website

    Eugenics is not controversial — as long as it conforms with leftist ideology. That is the eugenics practiced throughout the West. The key components are:

    (1) suppression of native reproduction through:

    (2) suppression of reproduction of people of European descent through propaganda, aka, sex “education,” which identifies reproduction as the only form of sexual vice, distribution of condoms to school kids;

    (3) mass replacement immigration;

    (4) welfare to insure the least fit are free to reproduce at will;

    (5) high taxes on earned income to suppress reproduction of the more able;

    (6) girls’ education, to ensure most women of any ability are more concerned about career personal financial security than raising a family;

    (7) no-fault divorce, just to confirm in womens’ minds that career must take precedence over child-rearing;

    All the blather about IQ and eugenics is just so much bullshit to distract attention from what is actually going on.

    Anyhow, intelligence, provided it is in the normal range or better, is of no special importance in a free competitive society.

    What matters is whether people have the drive, initiative, physical fitness to earn a living, support a family and contribute something to the general good.

  58. @anarchyst

    Unfamiliar with that reference.

    appreciate it.

  59. @Ganderson

    I am pleased that someone else got the joke. But it is probably just one more thing lost on the Poms………

    • Replies: @dearieme
  60. dearieme says:
    @PV van der Byl

    Oh no, I remember some Van Der Merwe jokes from decades ago. They were rather dull, though, because they were all variants on the proposition that Afrikaners were stupid and ignorant. Anyway they became irrelevant with the triumph of Mandela which showed that the outstanding characteristic of Afrikaners was that they were cowardly and lazy. Not at all the same people who had fought so well in the Boer War.

  61. Jett Rucker says: • Website

    University College London. Where have I heard that name before?

    Oh, yes, their Fellow Nicholas Kollerstrom, to whom they gave the boot in 2008 for publishing reports of scientific analysis of cyanide traces in concentration camps. This analysis essentially gave the lie to claims of gas chambers in the Holocaust (the person who conducted some of these studies, Germar Rudolf, has spent over three years in German prisons for his troubles). Kollerstrom reported the entire affair in his riveting Breaking the Spell, a book you can not get from Amazon (they delisted it in 2017 along with over 100 other Holocaust-revisionist titles – you can only get it at

    Yes, that University College London. And yes, that Amazon.

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