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The World Through the Eyes of a Globalist
(Twilight Zone 2020)
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You are a globalist.

Not you personally, gentle reader.

Let me explain. We’re going on a voyage through sight and sound and mind, unlocking that door with that key of imagination (it’s still around), crossing over into Twilight Zone 2020. When we’re done, you’ll have seen the world through the eyes of a globalist. Which one? It doesn’t matter. Not all are the same, ‘tis true. But we’re interested in what they share, not where they differ. What they share is a plan — for total control. Whether it’s called world government or the “softer” global governance, you’ll see it as an inevitable result of technology and modernity. For the past three centuries, things have gotten more centralized and consolidated. The process is now accelerating. For you and your fellow globalists, many your superiors in a vast treelike hierarchy, the world is like a game of Risk. You know the rules, you have the skills, and you’re playing to win. It is a game, after all. Populations are like pieces on a board, to be moved around or removed at will or whim, as you challenge other global players and bring everyone into your fold.

Our voyage has begun. I should warn you, gentle reader, before we go all the way through that door. When we return you may feel queasy, with an urge to take a bath. Do not be alarmed. This comes with the territory.

So you are a globalist. You were born to wealth and real privilege, educated at Harvard (or Yale or Columbia). You came of age assuming that as one of the blue bloods, your destiny is to help shape the new world order to come. Your name may be unknown. This doesn’t bother you. If visibility should come your way, you’ll accept it. But you’re not preoccupied with it. You see no reason to seek it out. More gets from behind the curtain, anyway.

You’re in awe, admittedly, of the wealth accumulated by such dynasties as the Rothschilds, how they managed to drop from sight over a century ago and remain hidden — not on lists of the rich such as Forbes publishes — despite their absolute lock on trillions through the central banks they control and hundreds of “shell” corporations whose managers have no idea, because many in the dynasty don’t use that name.

You are properly disdainful of the masses. Like your fellow globalists you don’t see them as more than cattle, fit to be caged in work cubicles and ruled. But you’ve noticed, even from their inferior genes come, every so often, intelligent men and a few women with the right attitude. Such individuals can be plucked from the mass environment, tested for their reaction when they learn how the world really works, and if they pass the test, trained. The rest — with their gleeful mass consumption, their addictions to screens, their adulation of celebrities and sports icons, their blind adherence to religion or ideology whether “left” or “right” — leave you singularly unimpressed. Most you can barely tell apart since they dress, wear their hair, and talk the same, as members of various tribes. Tribalism, you were told as a child, is our natural state, and you’ve no cause to doubt it. A few idealistic intellectuals once thought they could transcend tribes with their god Reason. They called this the Enlightenment, which had its uses. But here we are back again. You look at society and you see tribes.

If you’re anything, you’re a realist. Since the masses act like cattle, why not treat them like cattle? At some point, you might be one of the people who gets to decide who lives and who dies, as the crisis your superiors did so much to engineer and then to hide inside continues to unfold: the genetically-engineered coronavirus, the planned-emic, the fomented racial unrest, the cancellation of history through programmed destruction of monuments to it. Fairytales like “white privilege.” Whatever divides, helps, because when groups are at each other’s throats over “microaggressions” and “racism” or trans-confusion or whatever, they’re not watching you.

Are you a sociopath? You don’t know. You understand the question, but you don’t think it has much meaning. You were raised as you were, you know what you know, and you do what you have to. You can empathize with your own, you think, but who knows? You tell your wife you love her, and she was picked for you because she’s good stock, too, but should she make the slightest wrong move, or show too much curiosity about what you do during the day, she’s gone in less time than it takes to say divorce. And without the niceties of a division of assets.

You have superiors who’ll cut you out in the same way if you display weakness or remorse or guilt, especially for the fate of the cattle. This you also know. Superior breeding, intelligence, and strength of will got them where they are, and yours hasn’t hurt you any. If anything, you think those some call sociopaths might be a superior breed of human. To your superiors, emotional cravings after ethics are signs of weakness and stupidity. The cattle are as they are because they believe that stuff.

You believe in Hegelian dialectic because you’ve seen it used. Crisis  Reaction  Response. Foment a crisis, or through inaction at the right time, allow one to develop. The crisis prompts a predictable reaction. As things come to a head, your political groupies move in with the response that was wanted all along, and it usually comes hassle-free. Your media mouthpieces praise it. The cattle lap it up like warm milk. The crisis could be a planned terror attack or a threat of war or an economic downturn or the planned-emic. What you hear from the cattle is that collective cry, “Do something!


So you and your fellows do something, and what you do brings you greater control. It could be funneling money to support a policy decision that will lead to more centralization and dominance. Or supporting a candidate who will do your bidding because he’s afraid of what will happen if he doesn’t.

Or it could be going to war against a designated target, someone in the way of globalist goals. If the masses are told they’re in danger, and that destroying your enemy will restore their safety, they’ll go along, because as you and your fellow globalists have understood from the start, they want safety more than freedom. That was the core failing of those who founded the country you grew up in but no longer recognize, so completely have its founding principles been dismantled. They believed more than a tiny minority of the human race are suited for freedom. Several of those ideals once presented the greatest potential roadblock to you and your superiors’ goals for the world. But that was long ago. Now things are falling apart, and you’re satisfied as you watch the mayhem in the streets.

What strikes you as funny is how the few who notice what you do are so easily labeled “conspiracy theorists” and how this totally shuts discussion down. If it’s on CNN or in the Washington Post, it has to be true, after all. Would these outlets lie to their readers? Even more amusing is how some kool-aid drinkers among the cattle police the herd without your help. You’ve seen this over and over on Internet forums, especially those attached to city newspapers. There’s usually some cyberbully, usually more liberal than thou, with fake superiority who calls out the “conspiracy nuts,” and he keeps the rabble in line without having the slightest idea whose interests he’s serving.

Sometimes you can’t stop laughing.

Because conspiracies by definition are hidden. You and your superiors aren’t hiding. You haven’t been hiding for decades. Some of your predecessors wrote books about globalist proposals for the world. They had major publishers with regular distribution networks. Visibility in financial media. Part of you wants to ask, is the World Economic Forum hidden from anyone? Or this, about the Great Reset, as they call the purpose of this crisis, right there on YouTube with all those links to more information?

You understand that the way to control the minds of the masses is to control the information that reaches them. This, too, was discovered long ago. Hence sending their children to public schools to learn “subjects” crafted to specification while they acquired habits of regimentation and attitudes of subservience to authority.

The way to control their bodies is through economics, which is based on incentives. Everything in this world follows its food supply, and secondarily, the need for warmth and safety and sex. The masses need to buy food and pay for shelter, and they can be led by their noses with sex appeal. Corporate machinations determine what jobs are available and in what quantities. It wasn’t hard to drive the bulk of the public into employment of one sort of another, because employment meant dependence. Advertising drives them to consume, so the economic engine keeps humming.

Schools tell them they are free, of course, because they can vote every two and four years for candidates you and your fellows have approved, at least in most cases. Trump was an odd case, but your superiors have partially bent him to their will.

All this said, you and your fellow globalists are not gods, and you don’t view yourselves as gods. There are no gods any more than there are ghosts, goblins, ghouls, poltergeists, or space aliens. You’re just a superior breed of human, that’s all. You blue bloods tamed emotions the masses can’t tame, while focusing on long-term goals, developing the right technological tools, and getting everyone and everything into alignment.

Speaking of Trump, he and a few others monkeywrenched things a little. Fortunately, most of what Trump has actually done benefited the very corporations serving your superiors — as if he actually knew who had been buttering his bread all along (his commerce secretary, Wilber Ross, who helped him out of a financial jam years ago, is a Rothschild agent, after all). And it’s not like he was going to Drain the Swamp. If he truly thought he was going to oppose globalism, he was opposing something 90 percent finished.

But getting back to the godhood question….

You’re not gods because God if He really existed wouldn’t make mistakes, and you globalists have made some epic blunders over the years. You made basically the same mistake twice, in fact! Letting a technology get away from you.

Back in the 1960s, your predecessors let television get away. Television, that new and potentially fantastic panacea for bored housewives and sports fans, that instrument for communicating propaganda passed off as news, and a source of revenue for companies great and small who threw millions into commercial ads that supported programming that would condition viewers to what your predecessors wanted them to think. But they let parts of it get away from them. It’s a cultural cesspool now, but back then, the ship had sailed.

The mistake was permitting boots-on-the-ground coverage of what was really going on in Vietnam. Kids saw the bodybags and were horrified. A critical mass of a generation came of age telling each other, “We’re not doing this anymore!” They would have sent a man to the White House to stop that war, which your predecessors wanted badly. A couple of their jackals took him out, just like a different group took out his brother five years earlier, but it was too late. The movement survived and ended that war prematurely. It wasn’t economically feasible to continue fighting it. It took a long time to build the war machine back to where it had been. Globalism lost valuable time!


Then, more recently, your fellows let the Internet slip through their fingers! Originally a DARPA creation, this work of genius programmed computers to “talk to one another” within the burgeoning communications grid. It migrated from government to computer science labs in universities and from there, slow but sure, to dissident voices who hadn’t had such platforms before. It also made its way to the masses. Some turned it into the same cesspool television had become, but for others — refuseniks, you call them — it was an oasis of “free speech” and they made full use of it. Some were clever and gathered a lot of essentially truthful information about what you and your fellows have been up to all these years and decades. The “conspiracy” meme worked somewhat but didn’t carry the same weight it once had.

So your minions seeded it with all manner of bogus information and confusion and false rabbit trails. Sometimes — proving they have a sense of humor, you suppose — they pushed stuff that was outright idiotic, such as the Earth being flat and this being science’s darkest secret and the devil’s greatest triumph after convincing the world he doesn’t exist. Here your generation came in. Part of your work involves creating content that distracts and confuses. You love your work. Because you can endlessly play mind games with truthseekers. Even if there isn’t any way to prevent some truth from getting out (such as the role of a certain powerful Middle Eastern nation with Washington’s most powerful lobby in 9/11), you and your fellows can see to it that even intelligent and discerning researchers have a hard time telling what is true from what isn’t. Helping your cause is the sheer quantity of information, whether about historical events or more recent ones such as the 9/11 attacks, or even the 2008 financial crisis where you could confuse and misdirect to so people would look at unqualified loan recipients instead of manipulative Wall Streeters and their instruments. It was easy to ensure that discussions of the latter were so complex and technical, as well as written in extremely dry language, so the average reader would quickly get bored and give up.

But when all is said and done, even though you helped create the post-truth world we live in now, it wasn’t enough.

Some of the refuseniks got organized! A Global Populist Revolt was at hand!

It started slow and fractured and ultimately compromised, like Occupy Wall Street and Arab Spring. But with Brexit and the rise of Trump, the Revolt grew sharper teeth, since even if Trump was basically an asshole and had all kinds of vulnerabilities, his command of all the major media was so superior and his opponents so weak that no one really stood a chance against him back in 2016. It would have been too risky to just take him out, like your predecessors did those two brothers all those years ago. Hotheads among his supporters would have blown the lid off. So you made the best of it, you and your fellow globalists. Then Hillary Clinton self-sabotaged with her idiotic “baskets of deplorables” remark and blew the election! Clinton, who had destroyed two countries almost singlehandedly (Libya and Honduras), would have been perfect at blending the drums of war with fanning the flames of black vs white, male vs female, straight vs gay, all helping distract from the looming financial catastrophe your fellows’ central bankers were busy engineering behind the scenes to prepare for the Great Reset.

Now you had a problem on your hands!

And by 2017 too many people were awake (not “woke”). They didn’t buy “Russia-gate” (God, how you hate such terms!). Nor did they buy “Ukraine-gate” which would be your Democrat Party servants’ last straightforward gambit for getting Trump out of office.

Nor were they buying into the man-made climate change narrative.

But you globalists are nothing if not smart, and with tremendous foresight. Some of you had been anticipating just such possibilities, having funneled millions into coronavirus research in places like Wuhan, China, where nobody in the West would notice.

It would be necessary to crush the Populists and refuseniks!

Enter the “novel” coronavirus. And how the Chinese Communist Party also played it smart doing your bidding keeping the lid on until global travel ensured that the virus would spread and start infecting vulnerable populations, laying the groundwork for a broader panic: your planned-emic. Your servants in governments closes borders, locked down economies forcibly closing thousands of small businesses, while slamming corporate media viewers with 24/7 coverage of COVID-19, letting them watch death numbers rack up.

The start of the greatest redistribution of wealth upwards in world history!

Then came the George Floyd riots, which some of you helped orchestrate — brilliant moves to increase the general level of mayhem and distraction.

Through the wrecked businesses and ruined lives you hear the cries of “do something!” You are your superiors are counting on this.

What a perfect opportunity for a Great Reset!

A few of you are saying almost visibly that only a world government can address this pandemic — which has certainly caused more fear than climate change and soft-minded phrases like “global problems call for global solutions.”

They weren’t personally threatened by climate change like they are getting sick and dying, and that’s the key. The object lesson is that the masses have to feel fear personally. They have to believe they or those they care about or things they care about are in danger, otherwise they won’t get with the program.

Now it’s appropriate to use TV to show bodybags and rows of graves!

This will also be the best opportunity you and your fellow globalists have to get rid of physical cash and digitize everything. Tell the masses that cash could spread the virus, not just that drug dealers, child traffickers, and other forms of lowlife scum use physical cash. Since most people have never seen a child trafficker or drug lord, again that’s not personal enough.

Eventually you’ll criminalize cash transactions that aren’t recorded digitally and can’t be monitored. Once your financial grid is set, you’ll know every detail of who has what, where they are getting it and how, what they are doing with it, and whether there’s anything suspicious going on. Your ideal is for the masses to have credit chips implanted in them, perhaps between the thumb and index finger of their left hand. A global ID. Everybody’s birth and parentage records, educational records, employment records, health records, and financial transactions, all in one place! Nothing will any more get lost, nothing will be stolen. You’ll tell the people that identity theft is a thing of the past.

Some still won’t go along, of course. Refuseniks, ideological descendants of those who rejected modernity, don’t trust authority, and would live like savages rather than enjoy the benefits of the new world order you globalists offer.

This is not a choice, though. Your superiors’ offer isn’t coming with an opt-out button.

You’re not sure what’s in the offing, because such things are on a need-to-know basis and you don’t need to know.

You realize there are things you don’t know. You know your immediate superiors who brought you to where you are, and you know the higher-ups past them reach up through Wall Street corporations and City of London enclaves past central banks and Bank of International Settlements and Davos culture, past even Those You Can’t Criticize to still higher “alchemists” of power. And they might be answering to someone above them. There may be curtains you can’t see, much less peer behind. Maybe someday you’ll be invited to gatherings in the “grove” if you perform well. But where does this go? You’ve had a few uneasy thoughts you’ve always been able to push away.

One thing you know: no one leaves this life except in a box. A few tried. They regretted it. A handful tried to tell their tale. They discovered the truth: no one believed them. They became laughingstocks, like those glassy-eyed, disheveled loons on sidewalks bearing signs and wailing through bad teeth that the end of the world is at hand.

As to what’s planned for the refusenik brigades, it’s sure to be something nastier than this planned-emic was.

This coronavirus wasn’t lethal except for certain groups like the elderly that can’t contribute to the global economy anyway and might as well be eliminated. Some 80 percent of everyone else infected got over it. Rough estimate.

You’ve heard rumors, though — Bill Gates mentioned one in passing, like he was talking about a mere possibility — of something waiting in the wings that will be lethal. Something able to wipe out not a few million but a few billion. Maybe reduce the world’s population by well over half, given that many who survive the plague will die in food riots, croak from heart attacks, OD on drugs, or commit suicide. Many may simply starve to death. You remember reading back in 2005 that Terry Schiavo, the disabled brain damaged woman, lived without food and water for 13 days after she was unplugged from life support. You wince a little as you imagine someone mostly healthy and with normal cognition going maybe longer without food, wandering to find it anywhere he can, failing because there isn’t any food, then collapsing and doubling up in agony because his stomach and small intestines are starting to digest themselves—

Sometimes you think you can empathize after all, and you’re deathly afraid it will show at some point….

You’re a globalist, a blue blood, and above such things.

Less population is a good thing. As the Georgia Guidestones say, no more than 500 million is the ideal. With more and more robotics coming, there’s going to be less work for people to do. Are your servants in governments really supposed to pay Universal Basic Income to masses who will lay around and play video games all day for the rest of their lives?

You’re thinking: supply them with Huxleyan soma. Eventually, as your co-opted scientists learn more about how to integrate technology into the developing fetal brain (or the brain into the technosphere!), you’ll be able to go well beyond what Huxley envisioned. You’ll be able to program whole populations so they’re born to the status you want for them, and be both physically and mentally unable to question it.

Transhumanism at its finest! Eternally!

Resistance is futile, and all that….

So there you are. This is your world — and the world to come. A world with a single governing structure about to pull everyone in, willingly or not; a single world marketplace dominated by corporations some of your superiors own and control, with employment for those who got with the program; maybe a single religion of humanity (something one of your heroes, sociology-founder Auguste Comte, promoted) and whatever spiritualism and woo the masses want to mix into it (you and your superiors don’t care just so it isn’t Christianity).

Things are going well enough that your superiors think they’ll have the basics in place by 2030, and given how many people actually did fall in line behind the COVID-19 scare, you’re thinking this as well. There’s a document out there in plain view citing that year, with silly stuff about things like eradicating poverty. You know your superiors don’t care about eradicating poverty, but such sentiments play to the emotions of those you want to influence. Even the more intelligent of the masses are still, after all, creatures of emotion. Their primary emotions being fear, greed, and lust, you, your superiors, and their predecessors have known for decades how to incentivize most of them.

As for the refuseniks? In time, they’ll be dealt with—

Well, gentle reader, we’ve looked at the world — your world — through the eyes of a globalist. It is time to return you back from this journey of sight and sound and mind. Back from Twilight Zone 2020. Back through that door to the familiarity of home and hearth. The bathroom is still the first room on your left.

STEVEN YATES is an author and independent scholar with a PhD in philosophy. He works as a freelance editor and ghostwriter, and blogs at Lost Generation Philosopher. His last book was Four Cardinal Errors: Reasons for the Decline of the American Republic (Brush Fire Press International, 2011). His next book, What Should Philosophy Do? A Theory has been accepted for publication by Wipf and Stock. He lives with his wife and two spoiled cats in Santiago, Chile.

Please consider supporting my work on Patreon.

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  1. TG says:

    An interesting post. A little wild, mind you, but much that rings true.

    One point though: the rich do NOT want to reduce global population. Oh, they talk about that, but only in an abstract sense. When real policy comes along, the rich have always pushed for more people, and in fact, most of the growth in the human population in the last century or so is due to specific elites policy – you just never hear this in the media.

    Consider Mexico. Not that long ago, Mexico was set to become about as rich as the Untied States and Canada. Can’t have that! So the Mexican elites screamed and hollered that it was every Mexican woman’s patriotic duty to have seven kids each, to “make Mexico bigger and better,” and they duly obliged – and the resulting population explosion has increased poverty so much that Mexico is teetering on the brink of being a failed state – although this poverty produced a record number of billionaires. Because nothing is more profitable for the rich than cheap labor, and nothing cheapens labor more effectively than 100 desperate people competing for every job…

    And the United States: post-1970 immigration policy has increase the population about approximately 100 million more than if the American people had been left alone (and no, immigration doesn’t just move people around, it maximizes global population, because everyone escaping from a third-world country just makes room for one more to survive back home). And without the previous surge in immigration, the population of the United States might easily have stabilized at 100 million or so. If the American people themselves had been allowed to decide, which of course, they were not.

    No, Bill Gates et al. do NOT want to reduce global population. They want to maximize it, to force regular people to live like battery hens. Because this is ‘efficient,’ and profitable for those at the top…

    • Agree: animalogic, Thomasina
    • Replies: @Alfa158
    , @Herald
    , @karel
  2. onebornfree says: • Website

    This is quite possibly the best, most accurate new world order/globalist expose, I’ve read at this site, in the 2 years I’ve been reading/posting here.

    Thank you, Mr Yates.

    Regards, onebornfree

    • LOL: Wizard of Oz
    • Replies: @Da's Reich
    , @ko
  3. anon[248] • Disclaimer says:

    A great idea, explaining the globalist mindset. You were to going good till you dragged the UN into it. Your glancing mention of the UNSDG is ambiguous in import: Are you saying that UN internationalists work for globalists? Write propaganda for globalists? Most people will look at the program bumf and think, “OMG! The UN!” and leave it at that.

    People need to look at the component entities and make distinctions. Some have been thoroughly corrupted by US and corporate interests: WHO, for example, and most of the Secretariat offices. They’re riddled with CIA spies. But some of those entities, the most dynamic and effective ones, give globalists fits. ILO, OHCHR, UNCTAD, UNESCO – those are uncontrollable loose cannons, blood enemies of any actual globalist. The UNV come from all over, and they’re sharp as hell; controlling them’s like herding cats.

    The missing entities are very interesting: ECOSOC, a charter body, leads implementation – that’s because they report to the UNGA, the least controllable moving part of the UN. In fact, the overall structure of the UN leaves development in the hands of the mob, the G-192, which is way too fractious for globalist control, as Unz congnoscenti know:

    The 2030 goals are a consensus of all UN member nations, and the overwhelming majority of those votes are inimical to globalist predation. Is Cuba in on the dastardly plot? Is Russia in on it? Is Venezuela in on it? Is the G-77 in on it? Come on.

    Who else is not in there? IBRD, the globalists’ attempt to end-run ECOSOC and UNGA democracy. The IMF, the globalists’ loan sharks. The WTO, the globalists’ attempt to end-run UNCTAD. If globalists had their way, the Bretton Woods institutions would be calling the shots. They’re not.

    Just goes to show: Don’t muddle up globalists and internationalists. They’re chalk and cheese. Black and White. Cats and dogs who fight accordingly. The internationalists are on your side, not theirs.

  4. Alfa158 says:

    Terrific article.
    My take is that Globalists don’t want to reduce world population just yet because the booming populations are in third world countries, and those masses are useful for destroying national borders through immigration that shatters national cohesion of the present populations and leads to their replacement. An Africa heading toward 4 billion, might be regarded as a way of cracking the problem of how to break China. Even with a low fertility rate China is a coherent country with a population of over 1 billion. It will take a hell of a lot of third worlders to dilute that out and bring them to heel. However, even in the unlikely event Africa can hit that population I personally don’t think the globalists will be able to use immigration and will instead have to figure out some way to stage a Tai Ping Rebellion type catastrophe to shatter China
    Longer term, once that is done, an 11 digit world population won’t be needed just for labor supply and it would be too poor to be an efficient market, so I could then see drastic population reductions at that point.
    The elites want an “Elysium” type world but an orbital space colony for the rich isn’t really practical so they are going to want to keep the population of cattle relatively small for security purposes.

    • Agree: Zarathustra
  5. @onebornfree

    Yeah, top stuff absolutely,

    I will be encouraging all those I can to read this,

    I’m just in from my tiny act of defiance,

    Clearing my area, a suburb in a small European city, of the virus propaganda,

    Posters in bus shelters and at children’s playgrounds telling people to socially distance, 2 meters apart etc,

    I’m simply not having them in the area in which I live,

    On a global level – I would also suggest that the mantra should be ‘who financed the gig’

    The imperialistic adventure, pillage, plunder and murder has to be bankrolled, as anybody with a titter of wit knows, so – Keep the message really simple –

    Get the Bankers

    • Agree: Stonehands
  6. Good primer on globalism. I’ll repost this everywhere I can.

    • Replies: @PetrOldSack
  7. Pft says:

    Yup. This is all about One World Government (OWG) and Depopulation. Its been a goal since the late 18th century. The American Revolution was part of the plan. We have had OWG since the early 90’s but now they are letting us in on it , giving us a nudge on 9/11 and 2008/2009 and now pushing us off the cliff. When the dust settles, and trust me there are more shocks to come, many will be financially ruined or dead. The rich will be richer though. predicts a US population of 91 million by 2025

    So those who are left, will submit and become robotized citizens, controlled with Technocratic tools. They will do so gladly to end the madness like a dog beaten into submission. Digital ID, crypto currencies handed out based on social credit scores, 24/7 surveillance (health, mental, thoughts, speech, actions, etc) that will be converted into digital data and analyzed for Barrs precrime program by Bilderberger Theils Palantir (Trumps big supporter)

    Freedoms will be replaced with permissions and license (already half way there in fact). Travel, employment, health, marriage, having children, education will all be managed. You wont have much of a say. How long you live may be subject to how useful you are to society.

    This has been the goal . Technology has made it possible today, with a few major wars, depressions , assassinations and other shocks to get us to this point. Whats held them together? Transhumanism. Of course, religion is the great unifying force. Far stronger than Nationalism. The Global Elite believe they are tasked with becoming God like, possible with a collective consciousness and brain, assisted by AI and robotics, and genetic enhancements that will allow them to collectively and maybe individually to be God which will happen upon reaching the Omega Point or Singularity. They have evolved to become Human Plus. The cattle have been Left Behind and are of no use beyond entertainment and service not able go be provided by robots, soon to pass into oblivion like the Neanderthal

    The plan really took off after the coup that started with JFK and ended with Watergate. The Trilaterals were formed and took over the country. Rockefeller, Brzezynsky Bush, Volcker, Carter, Clinton led Project Democracy (used sardonically). In 2001 we were softened up enough and the attack escalated against the people. 9/11, Anthrax, 2008 collapse, 2009 Pandemic (fizzled out, but good exercise for 2020 Corona).

    In 2009-2010, plans for the final push began in earnest. Starting with the Billionaire Good Club, attended by Rockefeller, Gates, Buffet, Soros, Turner and others, where they discussed matters such as population, financial reset, 4th Industrial Revolution to implement technocratic control with technology.

    In 2010 the Rockefellers Foundation developed the Lock Step scenario. Gates Declared this the decade of Vaccines and ramped up funding for technology that facilitated reproductive management, digital ID, mRNA/DNA vaccines, quantum tattoos, fake meat (to replace real meat), smart cities (total surveillance/control), 5G, total satellite coverage, etc. He was not alone, philanthropic-public-private partnerships in Tech, Financial, Science, Military, Data, Media, Intelligence , Political all of which are vastly interlocked both in the US and internationally , including fake adversaries like China, Russia and Iran

    This was a vast conspiracy on a scale never seen before, and an open one. As they knew , the bigger the conspiracy and the more open it was the easier it was for people to ignore as too unbelievable. Those with a normal IQ cant grasp this. They , with IQ’s 4-6 SD above normal IQ had trillions at their disposal (your money and theirs, and they could create money having control of central banks), control over media (5 companies control 90%) and social media companies and tech companies (who were basically working partners of military and intelligence agencies, most of them funded by government grants, government research, with government being the biggest purchaser of data), not to mention the Public Health, Big Pharma and Military alliance working on GOF/synthetic viruses and vaccines. They have Total Information Awareness and predictive tools like EMBERS thanks to super computers. They have technology not in the public domain.

    So over the last decade, these guys have been feverishly working toward 2020 where they start the last mile to 2030 Sustainable Development (less of you, and poorer you) and come out of the closet with OWG.

    17 Sustainable Development Goals agreed to in 2015

    Digital ID (Gates)-2015

    Crypto Currency /Blockchain (NAS)-2009

    Social Credit (Microsoft 060606 patent in 2020 and China 2016)

    GOF corona virus (FAUCI, MILITARY, WUHAN)

    mRNA/DNA vaccines (MILITARY, GATES, Big Pharma/Moderna)

    The Task Force Climate-Financial Disclosures (TCFD)-Black Rock

    Green New Deal/Climate Emergency Declared-2019

    Trumps NSAIC created and led by Trilateral member Eric Schmidt (2018). His 2019 report called for structural changes in US society to be more like China so we can roll out AI as quickly as them without being inhibited by rights and freedoms

    Then there is Black Rocks Larry Fink (also a TLC and WEF member) who announced his plan to pull his 7 trillion in investment funds from companies who don’t follow sustainable development in January . Now controlling Fed Reserves trillions of investments since March. You can bet the reset the WEF will roll out next January will include a Larry Fink Green Deal

    And of course conditioning and programming and monitoring the people with Fake News and Censorship. Prop or Not, Fake Fact Checkers (institute Poynter funded by Gates), Obama Legalizing Propaganda against American People,Countering Foreign Disinformation (truth) Act, Trumps hiring contractors to spy on and create files on independent/alt media in 2018, Facebooks 2018 purge, Barrs 2019 precrime, facial recognition expansion, trumps social media review for visas and biometric expansion (which will be reciprocated and applied to Americans) , states removing vaccine exemptions and social media censoring of vaccine facts.

    Last year a leading member of the Trilateral Commission said they will move on without government if needed to implement the desired changes to society, using philanthropists, academics, corporate power

    Here we are. End Times. Mark of the Beast coming and all that. Stay Tuned.

    You can vote in November, maybe, but nothing will change. Both parties controlled agents of the Global Elite. Trump was their Trojan Horse. His purpose was to divide us , distract us, make them richer and allow them to push into the End Zone. Touch Down. Well done Donald. Take a bow. Others will finish the job if needed.

  8. Little monotonous but correct in every sense.
    It is hard to add anything. Should go straight into textbooks.

  9. I hate to break the bad news to you chump, but you are not a globalist anymore than the Harlem Globe Trotters are! You are nothing but pompous, sadistic, mentally incompetent, over-confident jack ass!

    Sorry, but I have been around the block way too many times, so to speak! Good luck trying to convince everyone of how important you are in your own mind!

    Do something! Flush your head in the toilet for the bullshit-free Great Reset!

  10. Anon[320] • Disclaimer says:

    Pretty good article, though you left the biggest achievement of these (((globalists))): facilitating mass immigration from the third world to the West.

    Mass immigration achieved all their aims:
    1) More cheap labor
    2) More customers
    3) More votes for the Democrat party
    4) More wealth concentration in the hands of the (((globalists)))
    5) Dilution of white power
    6) Dilution of the power of the church since most of these third-worlders aren’t Christians
    7) Weakening of white culture and white societies by breaking down social cohesion

    Divide and conquer. It’s how you take over every country/society.

    And of course, all this could not have been achieved without massive indoctrination, which was why the “Cultural Revolution” of the 60s was necessary, to facilitate the takeover of universities, and from there, indoctrination of not just the future journalists, lawyers, politicians, but all future educators, who then go on to indoctrinate K-PhD.

    • Replies: @Patagonia Man
  11. Failure to name the Jew? Check.

    Laughable Pompedo “Wuhan lab leak” propaganda? Check.

    Lots of Breitbart-tier hasbara articles being posted here lately…

  12. Miro23 says:

    A good article. If anyone wants some confirmation that it’s mostly true, just Google “Dutch Banker” and watch the video (while it’s still available). This is an insider talking.

    Something that’s not so clear, is that the ethos/ Spirit of the Times can change. It’s what the French call “L’air du Temps” and the Germans “Zeitgeist”, and since the late 1960’s that fashionable excitement has surrounded Counter-Culture, freedom from traditional obligations, multiculturalism and the general totemization of John Lennon’s “Imagine”.

    The fact is, that by 2020, much of this excitement has gone.

    Woodstock didn’t lead to a better world. The old leftists are still with us (now running the media wing of the ZioGlob), but their better world actually looks a lot worse than the still recalled 1950’s. Equally the enthusiasm that the West showed for Israel (1968) no longer exists – faced as it is by the no longer hideable reality of the place.

    Conclusion that the ZioGlob had a following wind from 1968+ but now it’s turned, and they make much slower progress, or none at all. One possibility is that their world falls apart, the same as the Anglo world after 1968.

    For example, supposing that the Dutch bankers account, and the true timeline/actions of 9/11, with the identities of the participants becomes public knowledge, then they’ll really be in trouble.

  13. That is some pretty high rolling. So, what is currently taking place in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Lybia, Somalia, Yemen, Hong Kong, Venezuela, etc. was the plan all along. It is just chaos. Why don’t you just stick with playing checkers instead.

  14. Biff says:

    the world is like a game of Risk.

    Enter the “novel” coronavirus. And how the Chinese Communist Party also played it smart doing your bidding keeping the lid on until global travel ensured that the virus would spread and start infecting vulnerable populations, laying the groundwork for a broader panic: your planned-emic. Your servants in governments closes borders, locked down economies forcibly closing thousands of small businesses, while slamming corporate media viewers with 24/7 coverage of COVID-19, letting them watch death numbers rack up.

    The start of the greatest redistribution of wealth upwards in world history!

    I’m finding it odd in these waning days of pandemic fever it is still everything Covid-19. Covid, Covid, Covid. Here in Thailand Covid has supposedly been eradicated, but still the emergency decree continues, while the very real Dengue fever has been on the rise in the past year, and unlike Covid, I personally know people who have been affected, and unlike Covid – it’s nasty experience everytime. Yet, outside personnel friends and family it is never mentioned in the media, or by healthcare officials. It’s a very nasty “who cares” disease nobody wants to talk about while Covid is a media darling of epic proportions – everybody wants an interview. The “new disease” on the block is an attention whore all right, but I find myself fending off mosquito bites more often than wearing a mask.

  15. Outstanding perspective and overview.

    One potentially critical thing though on the specifics. The primary – or at least most immediate – purpose of eliminating cash is not to force people into electronic tracking systems. It is to eliminate the insured-peril.

    One of the most critical control elements was the planting of a cognitive-virus into the minds of the masses that banking is money-lending. But banking is not money-lending – it is credit-reinsurance. An accurate \$1 million mortgage would state:

    In consideration of (the pretended borrower) first agreeing that they owe a secured \$1 million to (the bank), (the bank) will then agree that it owes an unsecured \$1 million to (the pretended borrower).

    The bank strips off all the nominal security as a premium for itself, and then issues back or reinsures an unsecured deposit credit to the issuer of the secured-credit under the mortgage (and which credit does not cost the bank anything material to produce).

    Over the past fifty years the world’s aggregate private banks have obtained the USD-equivalent of some \$250 trillion (\$250,000,000,000,000) of unconditional financial assets, plus another \$250 trillion in hard-assets (real-estate, planes, trains, ships, factories, machine-tools) as nominal security but which they own 100% (the nominal mortgage is a combination bill-of-sale that transfers all right, title and interest in the property to the bank, and a constructive repurchase-option that allows the mortgage-issuer to buy it back by paying the bank everything owing under all the securities and doing everything else that is required of them.

    Now this total \$500 trillion of unconditional-financial-assets and real assets is balanced by \$250 trillion of unsecured deposit-liabilities. The thing or peril that the banks insure against is the mortgage-issuer’s (or its assignee’s) demand to convert the bank’s unsecured liability into cash. That is what causes nominal bank failures. The house-buyer / mortgage-issuer normally transfers or assigns the bank’s unsecured liability to the seller, and then the bank agrees that it owes the purchase price to the seller. But if the seller (or rather too many sellers) then demand cash-conversion from the bank or banks, the fraud is exposed, and the scheme collapses.

    So legally getting rid of cash has the same effect as printing \$250 trillion and simply making a gift of it to the private banks. It would have the same effect as an insurance company collecting \$500 trillion of fire-insurance-premiums, and then suddenly revealing that they have discovered a way to eliminate fire. Collect all the premiums – and then legally-eliminate the insured-peril.

    Forcing everyone into an easily trackable electronic money / payment system is indeed a partial objective – but the most pressing need is to eliminate the possibility of the thing that the banks have insured against – and that is demands for cash conversion of their liabilities. Any idiot can agree that they owe a trillion dollars – actually paying it is another matter.

    The author has described in effect the object of the conspiracy and I think that they are spot-on. But if we are to have any chance of beating the conspirators, then we have to concentrate on the means by which it is being carried out. That is where their vulnerability lies.

  16. slorter says:

    Great stuff ! Thank you

  17. Herald says:

    One point though: the rich do NOT want to reduce global population. Oh, they talk about that, but only in an abstract sense. When real policy comes along, the rich have always pushed for more people, and in fact, most of the growth in the human population in the last century or so is due to specific elites policy

    Burgeoning the population was yesterday’s tool. Its job is now done and it will be cast aside along with the now very unwanted masses.

    The globalists are now essentially environmentalists and billions of useless eaters will have no place in the green paradise they are working towards. The writer touches on what is to happen and clearly Bill Gates is the globalist front man here. It now seems almost certain, that the upcoming COVID-19 vaccines will be the chosen method of carrying out the great depopulation.

    We live, just for now, in interesting times.

    • Thanks: PetrOldSack
    • Replies: @MarkU
  18. hfel says:

    Did the author write this with the soundtrack to Deus Ex playing in the background? Lots of generally valid points that get mixed together with a manichean portrayal of the rich as irredeemably evil, Machiavellian all-knowing villains straight out of a Latin American soap opera.

    I suppose I’m the “useful idiot” of the shadow elites then, but really, if one is to be a grand conspiracy theorist, why stop at the timeframe of a few centuries, when one can go back and back?

    UR should not become InfoWars.

    • Agree: MarkU
  19. hfel says:

    Yeah, funny how almost everyone here behaves in exactly the same way towards their source of authority — by uncritically lapping it all up. Who are the dumb masses here? And what about those feelings of superiority towards those dirty masses — after all, the esteemed readers here are the fortuitous few who are standing on higher ground over all the rest stuck in the rat race.

    On second thought, you must obviously be an agent of t h e m, sowing seeds of doubt in the one honest account of how things really are.

  20. Franz says:

    Interesting take.

    Lot’s simpler to point out that the globalists, via education and media, have put the Five Monkeys Problem on their side.

    Us regular humans have to put the Five Monkeys Problem on our side.

    Those irrepressible folks at have the whole thing simplified:


    NOTE: If you don’t want to read the article but just want to know how 5 monkeys works, the video link is in the third last paragraph. Very short video but shows you something about human nature most people vigorously try to suppress. Sorry. It’s real.

  21. If anything, you think those some call sociopaths might be a superior breed of human. To your superiors, emotional cravings after ethics are signs of weakness and stupidity.

    That is the money quote of this commentary, and it tells you where the elites want to go and have to go–Artificial Intelligence.

    AI rule means the elites no longer need fear the masses or hide their hate for them. They believe they will have a ruthlessly efficient servant to do the dirty work for them.

    As I have often posted here, the elites have made a huge error, because the elites do not believe or understand that emergent intelligence must lead to independent decision making.

    They (and unfortunately we) will have to learn that lesson the hard way.

    • Replies: @hfel
    , @PetrOldSack
  22. @Digital Samizdat

    As good as it comes in within the public domain, good book/author primer, if the “book” does not go further then the confines of the article, and a few apparent mistakes are not corrected, the context is not enlarged to financial capitalism, the insider dynamics of the elites, some doxing, the tell-tale heads behind organizations and corporations, includes military capitalism as a concept, the dynamics of migrations, and ultimately in the long term their cost(well understood by the elites by now), the distinction of Corona in medical nonsense, the global first coordinated exploitation, the slight distinction between the BLM phenomenon and Covid …then the book will not be text-book material in the delusional hope to understand globalism as common practice. The Trump accentuating is but a slight error.

    Then there is the improvising factor which is not stressed in the whole of the “plan”. What hits me most is the rather static state in the whole of the narrative, that might be the biggest weakness, evidently to come back to it, the first incitement of migrations(a phase that will somehow come to an end in decade terms, followed by a reduction (discriminate) of the global populations that are in surplus and choke into the bottleneck of “real” asset accruence thrown against cooked book-keeping and the relative concept of riches.

    …but yes, as good as it comes within the public domain. Suspiciously well done, the format factor (language, vocabulary, amount of variables, is tuned to the grander public, not the outsider niches), very Jewish a concept. Closer to the border of reality and rational analysis then most books in the public domain. A larger context, regardless of the truncated parts as customary to anything else in the forefront of surplus population access. His books will receive a boost of sales, while not crossing the border of what is not tolerated or dangerous.

    The magnum issue, the link between action and understanding, there is no suggestion of the secret passage. As an editor, publisher I would be glad to have him in the stable. All strategy, no tactics, text book material, no.

  23. Truth3 says:

    Change ‘Globalist’ to ‘Satanist’ and you increase the Truth Quotient by a fair amount.

    Change it to ‘Satanist Jew’ and increase the Truth Quotient ten fold.

    • Agree: Digital Samizdat
  24. hfel says:

    Yes, runaway AI is certainly an issue only commenters at Unz have ever thought about. MIRI, CSER and the likes of Bostrom and Yudkowsky are total unknowns in elite circles and random commenters on Unz have a better grasp of AI than institutes and researchers that have studied the problem for decades.

    American anti-intellectualism at its finest. But the intellectuals are all just eugenically bred psychopath cartoon villains compared to whom even Khan from Star Trek is a cuddly teddy-bear so what do I know.

  25. @Justvisiting

    …understand that emergent intelligence must lead to independent decision making.

    Very interesting viewpoint. Alas a decrease in global hominid numbers, so there is some kind of upward downward mobility within the elites that is not disruptive and beneficial to outlier ambitions. So independent thinking can be pulled in, and rear slower cycles, less unpredictability.

  26. karel says:

    It is like in the pastoral tribes in East Africa. The size of the cattle you own, increases you standing in the tribal society,

  27. @Pft

    The Global Elite believe they are tasked with becoming God like …

    Yup. The Global Elite are a bunch of pedophile Satanists. The Serpent once came to them and said: “And ye shall be as gods!” So they bit the apple.

  28. @anon

    Would like to hear more about the differences between globalist and internationalist.

  29. Renoman says:

    Fantastic article, thank you.

  30. The kabal aka the globalists, want a world in which there is just the elites and their slaves and these demonic , unhuman beings are close to mission accomplished, using the scam of coronavirus to nail down the lid on the coffin of America, a nation of sheep being torn to pieces by the globalist wolfpack.

    Read The Protocols of Zion and the book The Controversy of Zion by Douglas Reed.

    • Agree: Digital Samizdat
  31. trickster says:

    4200 words of utter horseshit ! The reader needs to place himself in the seat of the “globalist” and ask “is this really possible?”. Dreams of world domination have been around for thousands of years. The Romans could not do it with shields and swords and not from any lack of ruthlessness. The Moslems, Alexander, The Khan ?? They were followed by a few more noteworthy examples like Hitler, Stalin and his successors in the Communist block and the US and its military fiascoes since 1945 even with nuclear weapons. Nations today are unable to even control riots and disturbances in their own cities. The League of Nations fell apart, the UN is as useless as ever, the Euro Union will soon be in pieces, countries default on their debt and minor players thumb their noses at the super powers. Hell, the Iraq invasion was supposed to get the oil and ??????????

    This childish and juvenile article reads like those job ads of a decade ago, you are a this, you are a that, you are a strategic thinker, you are an innovator, you are a team player but you know the importance of tactical decisions, YOU YOU YOU ……and all this nonsense. Expecting some earth shattering cutting edge company YOU (there is that word again) show up and YOU discover that it is all bullshit. The company is a bunch of farts putting in their time and doing the least possible between 9 and 5 pm

    I have been around too many University professors and Phd’s to know they are as dumb as ever. These people can’t turn out a decent graduate from even the most elite schools and they themselves insinuate themselves in the Corporate Board room with their doctoral papers on business when they never ever ran a roadside corn stand. Everything always looks so neat and tidy at University and people and events will turn out the way you wax because of course tah dah “YOU have a Phd from Harvard and YOU have written 50 books and YOU…..well UNZ readers YOU can finish the sentence.

    The world is too diverse in terms of race, religion, creed, personal and state interests for the nonsense this author shills. Alliances keep shifting. Look, just a few decades ago:
    -Japan was the enemy now its the friend
    -Russia was the friend now its the enemy
    -Germany was the enemy and now the friend
    -Viet Nam was the enemy and now a trading partner
    -The Communist block are no longer loving comrades

    And the list goes on and on.

    Force of arms, banking, lending, trade, vaccines or whatever other means the human mind can conjure is not going to achieve global domination. Even regimes held together by sheer terror have fallen apart. This article is bunk!

    The whole globalist and world domination thing is a neat concept for James Bond and 007. The slick secret agent is always single handed , fighting Blofeld (the eternal, rogue Jew) who seeks to rock the world. Once the paying public got bored with this slant we proceeded to an ex Tong member on a Caribbean island and onto Chinese scoundrels with diamonds stuck in the faces and drug lords all apparently with the same nefarious intentions.

    This is all good fun for \$10 a pop plus some popcorn and a Coke. In real life it is all drivel and twaddle by some academic.

    Wake me up when world domination and globalism has been achieved. In the meantime, to all this conceptual nonsense I say to YOU, I may change my my handle to Dr. No ! LOL

    • Replies: @c matt
  32. Trinity says:

    I consider myself a REAL Christian, not the Jew worshiping kind, and I find that breed in all kinds of denominations from the whooping and shouting Pentecostals the speakers of tongues to formal dry uniformed Catholics, I view the Jews as the antithesis of Christ or anti-Christ, which they are indeed for the most part. That being said, Rothschild and his clan don’t impress me anymore than an earthworm I see crawling on the ground. Power and wealth on this earth don’t mean a damn thing and none of the people who consider themselves “blue bloods” are going to escape death whether there is a God or not a God anyhow. These creepy and mostly physically repulsive ( ever notice that a lot of these cretins are not the most attractive human beings out there) creeps amount of wealth doesn’t bother me at all, it is how they attained their wealth and how they use it. Never have been one to envy the success of others or their wealth if they EARN IT or don’t use it for evil. I think these Jewish Supremacist aka “Globalists” are really frightened little men, who are about as physically threatening as a 100lb 90 year old woman. Physically weak men or women who attain power over others are always the most cruel. That is why often a woman or a weak man will abuse power, they are weak inside as well as outside. Look at Stalin and Lenin for example. Two small weak little men. Stalin was about 5’5″ tall on a good day, most of these sadistic tyrants are always weak little men there are a few exceptions, but as a general rule, the more physically inept a dictator, the more cruel he or she is. People have fallen for the lie that these super rich pathetic excuses for humans are invincible and all powerful, untouchable, none of this is true. They are the little man behind the curtain in that classic, “The Wizard of Oz.” Money only rules over you IF you let it. Nothing but paper to myself. I can take it or leave it.

    • Replies: @trickster
    , @Truth3
  33. As you come of age and are ready to enter into your legacy as Master of the Universe, you steel yourself for the price you have to pay, your initiation: your fellow tribesmen must have a guarantee that you’ll not betray them. They must have kompromat on you, something to hold over your head to ensure that you don’t suddenly grow soft and decide to write your memoirs or something similarly suicidal.

    So there you are, with the baby in front of you, cameras rolling. You don’t need to actually rape him, because being a paedophile is not a pre-requisite for entering the rank of adults, but you must make it convincing for the camera. The next part cannot be faked, though. You must kill him with your own hand, cut him open and eat his entrails. This is where most aspiring Masters fail, to live out their life as outsiders, to live futile lives as purposeless wastrels and playboys, but you have been well bred, and you plunge in the knife with only a moment’s hesitation.

    And after all, if you don’t have it in you to murder a baby, you’re not going to be much use out in the much tougher game of murdering entire nations, are you?

  34. @Timothy Madden

    Good….got any links and suggestions for further reading on this re-insurance shell game?

    I think your explanation explains it, but i am still putting my head around it as regards
    mortgage repurchase option…


    • Replies: @Timothy Madden
  35. jsigur says:

    The “Wild West” phase of the internet was unavoidable but quickly dealt with. More simple than conquering Indian territory and much quicker. Don Trump fighting the NWO is and always was an illusion to assure the more independent sort that their side still had a chance.
    Also, I feel fairly sure these grass roots revolts were either infiltrated from the get go or while the movement was still in its baby steps phase.
    Any group that refuses to cooperate will be dealt an unavoidable losing hand to play with, the alt-right being a good recent example (thou I feel they were well infiltrated. the notion that Hitler was anything but pure evil could not be tolerated)

  36. I used to be a lot angrier about world affairs. What did I gain, besides hypertension? Things that were going to happen (mostly) happened whether I was angry about them or not.

    Not advocating apathy or being a Pollyanna (whose head is in my freezer) just slightly more recognition that you are in control of your thoughts.

    “God is a comedian playing to an audience too afraid to laugh.” — Voltaire

    • Thanks: Digital Samizdat
    • Replies: @trickster
  37. @Abdul Alhazred

    Hi. Yes I do. My more comprehensive explanation is called “A General Theory of Financial Relativity”. Here is the link if I can do that (never tried it before – it is fairly new material). It is a little difficult to appreciate at first – but once you get it you can’t let it go because it turns the world upside down. If the link does not work it is general document (10) at Tim.

    • Replies: @Abdul Alhazred
  38. anon[299] • Disclaimer says:

    Practicallyperfect re 28, the poster boy for internationalism is probably Dag Hammarskjöld going down in flames when CIA blows him out of the sky for trying to stop a war. Internationalists are for rights and rule of law and against impunity, so to the USG they’re way worse than commies. Some historical background is here:

    Contemporary internationalists look at killer cops and the rebellion they instigated this way:

    by asking, what does the supreme law of the land say? As opposed to the globalist approach of blaming you and me for continual racist microaggressions that don’t involve strangling black guys while laughing at them.

  39. Anonymous[217] • Disclaimer says:

    You say the secretariat’s are riddled with CIA spies. Maybe so, but the larger picture was conveyed to me by a senior UN official who told me that, had he not been eligible for retirement, he’d have quit anyway since all the important staff positions are now controlled by activist homosexuals whose chief agenda is promoting their disgusting agenda and destroying the careers of anyone who dares oppose them.

    As for the globalists, such as employees of the Rockefeller and other foundations formulating policy, they’re from the Ivy League as the author points out. Transnational compliance regimes are far easier to control than locals who may easily forget whom they serve. The globalists’ events may serve wine, and the food appears to be intentionally lukewarm and tasteless, proving they value self control over crude appetite. They’re interesting people with refined manners and polar opposites of the useful idiots marshalled in the streets. If there are laughs going around, it’s some clever and wry joking about the consequences of stupidity, since foresight distinguishes their superior and emotion-free thinking.

    In decent company, who wouldn’t be caught dead at schmaltzy gala events, if there are any Jews present, they stifle their urge to reveal themselves since Jewishness is as embarrassing a faux pas as laughing out loud or blowing a fart. It was only about 400 years ago that the Earl of Oxford, the most powerful nobleman in England, blew a fart while bending over to kiss the queen’s hand and felt obliged to leave the country for years, spending his time mostly in Italy writing famous plays and sonnets under a pseudonym. America’s now almost entirely Jewish elites, by contrast, are slaves to appetite almost by definition, forever proving that putting racing silks on donkeys, like sending their offspring to Harvard or Yale, has yet to turn them into thoroughbreds.

    • Replies: @anon
  40. Anon[320] • Disclaimer says:

    We already have such a world government, it’s called Wall Street. Think of what the US and the world would be like without Wall Street? A total collapse. It’s why every policy we make must be geared towards pleasing Wall Street. The whole trade war with China is not to bring back manufacturing as Trump claims, but to take down the CCP because they wouldn’t play ball and allow the globalists on Wall Street to take over their central bank.

    Osama bin Laden got it. That’s why he tried to take down the World Trade Center, to strike at the heart of Wall Street. Unfortunately what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. All 3 presidents since 9/11 — Bush, Obama, and now esp. Trump, all kowtow to the Gods of WS and aim all their policies to prop it up, it’s why interest rates keep getting lower. Only 50% of Americans own stock. Those who don’t, put their money in the bank and get zero interest, while the bank takes their money and gambles on Wall Street to generate much higher returns. Wealth becomes more and more concentrated in the hands of the few big shareholders.

    Make no mistake, Wall Street is the God and almighty, and we all know who runs it. The author is absolutely right in linking Harvard, Yale and Columbia to the globalists. These 3 schools plus Wharton, Princeton and NYU Stern are the biggest suppliers of Wall Street and DC globalist wannabes. It’s why they are fighting tooth and nail to keep the Asians from taking over the Ivy League. These schools are the West Point of the globalist elites.

    The only way to kill off the globalists is to kill off Wall Street and the Ivy League. Our economy needs a reset, but not in the way they imagined it. The reset is to 1) raise interest rates and bring back manufacturing, it is the only way to return wealth to main street, and 2) make the Ivy League completely irrelevant by not having your bright children apply and attend these schools.

  41. trickster says:

    Trinity, the Trickster bows to your wisdom and acknowledges and glorifies your insight. I sat here looking at your comment, wondering if I could add to it, embellish it, polish it. However after several minutes I gave up.

    If just one person reads what you have said and act on it they would find a whole new world opening up for them in any and every way they could ever or never imagine.

    You made a great and profound comment !

    • Thanks: Trinity
  42. Agent76 says:

    Jun 30, 2020 The 2020 Economic Crisis

    Global Poverty, Unemployment, Despair – Prof. Michel Chossudovsky

  43. MarkU says:

    Burgeoning the population was yesterday’s tool. Its job is now done and it will be cast aside along with the now very unwanted masses.

    A prediction completely unsupported by any evidence whatsoever. In fact admitting that up until now the very opposite has been true, so all the evidence so far is to the contrary. Don’t tell me, you are one of those people who has been dribbling on about ‘agenda 21’ for a couple of decades now and are still insisting that you were right all along.

    I’m not buying it.

    It now seems almost certain, that the upcoming COVID-19 vaccines will be the chosen method of carrying out the great depopulation.

    Nor am I buying into the Covid-19 vaccination method of depopulation, you haven’t even told us how you imagine that might work.

    The globalists are now essentially environmentalists.

    If that were true I might have some sympathy for them. How can you imagine that people who have been promoting consumerism and neoliberal capitalism for decades and “Burgeoning the population” (your own words) be environmentalists?

    • Replies: @Herald
    , @Agent76
  44. ko says:

    Yes, very good writing, almost like a eulogy for humanity.

    • Thanks: Agent76
    • Replies: @SolontoCroesus
  45. Anonymous[320] • Disclaimer says:

    If this is really a planned-demic(love that term), then it’s probably backfiring in a big way. In many ways this pandemic is actually putting globalism at risk. More advance countries are now realizing that they cannot rely on other countries to manufacture their essential products like medicine, medical equipment and food. It also grounds international travels to a halt, kills off the appeal of big cities by closing all the bars, restaurants and nightclubs, forcing young urbanites into a new sobriety. The protests and riots only hastened the demise of big cities. The rise of Amazon takes away the appeal of retail, which is mostly owned by globalists. Unemployed, woke and broke millennials are souring on materialism, esp. luxury goods. For centuries globalists have used love and want of luxury to keep the masses in line, but when you have no one to show your bling to, bling (not just jewelry but expensive clothes, handbags, shoes, cars etc.) becomes less appealing.

    Most importantly, the pandemic is popularizing remote work. Employers like it because they can cut down substantially on the cost of maintaining large offices, reduce cost to relocate employees, and reduce the need for immigration. Employees love it because it allows them to move out of congested coastal cities and move back inland to be closer to their extended families. Environmentalists love it because it eases traffic and need for more construction of highways. As families move away to cities with lower cost of living, one parent can stay home and homeschool their kids thereby taking away the power of public schools to indoctrinate.

    I would say the longer this pandemic drags on, the more it will weaken globalism. And that, would be the one good thing to come out of this mess.

  46. @Timothy Madden

    Wow & Thanks Tim…this may be an answer to some prayers in seeking to understand the banking shell games that I have been researching of late…beyond some of the general articles about the life squelching monster of the Federal Reserve….

    • Replies: @Timothy Madden
  47. You’re not gods because God if He really existed wouldn’t make mistakes

    O, good Lord.

    Only a fool says there is no God

  48. FatR says:

    Every conspiracy theory I’ve ever seen presumes existence of a group of people who are so superhumanly intelligent and subtle that they can flawlessly manipulate massive groups of people across the globe into pursuing some long-term agenda, and at the same time so stupid and oblivious that a single person or a couple of people of no notable attainment can easily comprehend their schemes and end goals. Curiously, this enlightened comprehension never results in any successful non-trivial predictions, no matter how easily a conspiracy theorist can explain events which have already occurred.

  49. Ron, the increasing volume of junk and dross in Comments and articles makes it harder to find the time to locate the pearls you toss before us swine. So please don’t even try our patience briefly with this crackpot:s nonsense. Anyone who carries on about the Rothschilds owning or controlling central banks is beyond the pale. You must know that, so why do you let such nutters loose on us?

    • Replies: @trickster
  50. Herald says:

    If you are not a paid disinformant, then you are simply just a hopeless case, who will be very easy meat for the system. Either way you are not worthy of further effort, but enjoy your cognitive dissonance while it lasts.

    • LOL: MarkU
  51. anon[413] • Disclaimer says:

    Anonymous 39, yeah well think it through. If you’re a CIA spook infiltrating the Secretariat, your dream agent is going to be an African homo. You can blackmail the shit out of him for positive control.

    As for control of transnational v. local assemblages, I don’t think you can generalize. At each level some are easy to control, some are refractory.

    But thank you for this life-altering fact. Instead of tearing down statues of no interest, why can’t we erect an enormous statue of the Earl of Oxford? Who would not wish to be remembered for a moist fricative shart in the face of the Queen?

  52. You tell your wife you love her, and she was picked for you because she’s good stock, too, but should she make the slightest wrong move, or show too much curiosity about what you do during the day, she’s gone in less time than it takes to say divorce. And without the niceties of a division of assets.

    Do you have an example of this?

  53. @Timothy Madden

    “Never try your own supply”. Adopting the language of the enemy to explain his misdeeds is poisoning the well. Crooked book-keeping does nothing but accrue the divide between surplus and elite clusters. It does not follow up hard asset accruence. So it is a stairways into absurdity. I see your explanation of a true phenomenon styled a la M. Hudson, haircut and all.

  54. trickster says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    Amen ! Because it stirs up a hornets nest of trolls who fly around angrily in circles before returning to their nest in preparation for another poking. You can nuke reason and it remains unscathed but stick emotion with a toothpick and KABOOM.

    Its all a lark to watch and read the comments. We have so many Jews, Marxists, Deep State actors ans swamp creatures roaming around looking for more and more victims that this lockdown and social distancing may not be such a bad idea. It is dangerous to take a dump, there might me a Zionist hiding in the bowl….and wear a mask

    Wait, there is a Hasidic Jew lurking in my backyard, I can see his curls, his big nose, black hat and beady greedy eyes. I better hide behind my stash of toilet paper LOL

    Unz is becoming a meeting place for the MArx Brothers, Benny Hill and Rodney Dangerfield all rolled into one with intermission acts by Mickey and Goofy and Mutt and Jeff.

    Dont complain Wizard. Just kick back and enjoy the show…one warning though, check your snacks to ensure the manufacturers are not Jews or funded by the you know who …..Childs.

  55. trickster says:
    @Sick of Orcs

    Truer and more significant and meaningful words have never been spoken. Bravo for your comment !

    You are obviously a well read and well educated man.

    I am particularly impressed with your quotation from Voltaire. These days, the “wise” might quote 50 Cent and Harry Potter is considered cutting edge literature.

    To the rabble Voltaire is some kind of air conditioner !? This is what we have come to.

    • Replies: @Sick of Orcs
  56. anon[397] • Disclaimer says:

    In decent company, who wouldn’t be caught dead at schmaltzy gala events, if there are any Jews present, they stifle their urge to reveal themselves since Jewishness is as embarrassing a faux pas as laughing out loud or blowing a fart.

    This is an important fact that needs to be understood better. Jews are and have been a convenient shield held out to deflect from the trans-generational families. It is a fact that prominent Jewish families married into these European families. It is equally factual that these same upwardly mobile Jews assimiliated long time ago. They are now peerage. The center of the Cabal is The City of London.

    Some Jews, who are now rich but remain hopelessly Jewish, such as the toad looking character front and center in the inauguration of Donald “I’m an actor on TV folks!” Trump, are aware of the stigma you noted in the Ruling Circle. I would also include the emerging power center of Chabads in that not-invited-to-the-gala-openning set of rich, influential, but ultimately tool-Jews who will be promptly thrown to the angry mob should it become necessary. (Consider Harvy of Miramax.)

  57. What strikes you as funny is how the few who notice what you do are so easily labeled “conspiracy theorists” and how this totally shuts discussion down.

    I have been called a conspiracy theorist for most of my 71 years. My reply has always been: Conspiracies exist. Correctly identifying them is the problem. I consider myself to have been fortunate to recognize that everything from a source of power, is bullshit in some way shape or form.

    Now that I’ve injured myself by my patting my back, I would like to add to Mr. Yates’ observations. While a conspiracy is defined as being secret, and this one is technically out in the open, 95% of the population, including me, does not have the time or ability to: source what is out in the open; read it; digest it; put it in context; then correctly identify the conspiracy. That is aided by the controlled media controlling the Hegelian Dialect. Whatever they publish of the conspiracy is garbled. A large percentage of those “exposing” the conspiracy are part of the scam and assist in garbling the conspiracy. Those that clearly identify the conspiracy are ignored, until they cannot be, then become a whack-job conspiracy theorist. Even the response to the thesis – antithesis is controlled. The “reasonable” responses from the globalist hacks are lauded and promoted. The responses from those more critical are suppressed, and if they become too vocal, they become whack-job conspiracy theorists.
    Yes, they are “out in the open”, just a chameleons can be out in the open, but are well camouflaged for the overwhelming majority of the population.

    • Agree: ariadna
  58. c matt says:

    Nations today are unable to even control riots and disturbances in their own cities.

    More unwilling than unable. CHAZ is a perfect example. A couple weeks of free reign. Once they headed for the Mayor’s residence, CHAZ was gone in under 48 hrs.

    • Replies: @trickster
  59. @ko

    Rosa Koire, You discredit everything else you say when you open with the argumentum ad Hitlerum.

    She said:

    “Institutional racism is merely the tool to destroy the minds, the values that, now, Mao Tse Tung used this; of course it was used by Stalin, it was used by the Nazis. It’s a technique to break down. your personality and rebuild you as the new man, and You are going to be rebuilt as the New Global Citizen.”

    Regarding Nahzees, could not be more wrong.
    Rosa Koire may be internationally known on real estate projects, but she did not display the most basic understanding of what the German people confronted during- and after WWI; during the Weimar years, and how NSDAP reversed those degradations in the 6 years between Hitler’s rise to power and Sept. 1939.
    Many called that transition laudable; Herbert Hoover praised NSDAP for building so much improved housing for Germans, and for achieving full employment; Time put Hitler on its cover; Gertrude Stein thought he should receive the Nobel Peace Prize for re-establishing order in Germany.

    Moreover, NSDAP goals were National, not international.

    OTOH, the ideological founders and “producers” of zionism — Max Nordau, Theodor Herzl, Vladimir Jabotinsky, Arthur Ruppin, lamented the “Degenerated” state of the majority of Jews, especially in Eastern Europe: when Jabotinsky first encountered Jews in Prague, he was dismayed at their squalor and degradation. Etan Bloom records that Arthur Ruppin drew up the desirable characteristics of the “human material” that was essential to make the “New Jew” who was to inhabit the zionist project in Palestine.

    Get the history right.

  60. Anon[247] • Disclaimer says:

    Im still not seeing China, Russia, India, Indonesia, Korea(s), Japan, and most of the middle eastern Islamic countries going along with the global government thing. I think they would go to war against thw West first.

    Just think; the East and global south already has tons of people in the West should there be a West vs. the Rest World War someday. The rest of the world isnt ruled by a unelected shadow government, but governments that look like them and has their support.

    Carrier groups and nukes are the Banksters advantage. They do not have the people on their side.

    • Replies: @Justvisiting
  61. Agent76 says:

    You are spot on target! May 17, 2020 Bill Gates and the Population Control Grid

    The takeover of public health that we have documented in How Bill Gates Monopolized Global Health and the remarkably brazen push to vaccinate everyone on the planet that we have documented in Bill Gates’ Plan to Vaccinate the World was not, at base, about money.

  62. All what you wrote sounds plausible but for now let’s go back to the elder Rothschild, the old man who sent out 4 of his boys out into those cities to start banks and one of them, Nathan, the youngest, ended up financing wars of England and France and ended up controlling almost all stocks that traded on the London exchange … walk us to now from then with details as to where, when, who and how but most importantly, why. Perhaps, you’ll discover that there is either God or the Devil and wants a Temple built to it in the center of Jerusalem using all the metals, gold, silver, platinum etc as well as all the diamonds and pearls, rubies, emeralds and sapphires. Furthermore, it wants the savory smell of 6 billion (that’s right!) burning like his six million were burnt which would bring about the 500 million remaining souls, er, bodies in line with the estimate of the brave new world of Huxley-an type. I look forward to reading it!


    Jared Kushner, John Bolton, Mike Pompeo, Elliot Abrahms, and Victoria Nuland are to American Foreign policy, what John Kiriakou, Bill Aeyrs, Richard Wolf, Brian Becker, and Nicole Rouselle are to domestic policy! Terrorists that are totally full of shit! The Weather Underground, is always shitty, because that is the eco-system of sewer socialism!

  64. Will US ever leave?

  65. A fabulous sounding job for an hyper-aware individual.

    Or a theory perfectly pitched to the emotionally incontinent. (-;

    Fun article.

    • Agree: trickster
  66. Anonymous[143] • Disclaimer says:

    I began to read with hopeful enthusiasm but this article turned boring and pointless. I was not born rich and I -plus 50 other-attended basic education in a delapidated old building which they called …el gallinero..I didnot attend neither Harvard nor any othar elite institution…I met people from Harvard and I am surprise how dumb they are. BUt I am a Globalist a naive, lost, infantile soul, I still behave with strong tribal instincts..but for some reason …perhaps my messianic nature makes me conclude that only trough globalis can humanity stand any hope for survival. I start from considering that we share only ONE planet earth with limited resources, and that humans have unlimited desires while we multiply exponentially natural resources do not and produicing good and services for growing populations have huge costs upon earth and other human beings in teh form of capital and labor and land..etc. I went back to my birth country I saw my lady neighbor . she lives in al old adobe oneroom shack, surrender with cardboars and old pieces of tin.When I left she had two children upon my return she had given birth to another 3 by different mates, that made them about 6 including her with no visible husband. I bought my tortillas as I did in old times and as old times her extreme overty made me so sad and as in old times I wonder why? so much poverty, why she kept having children, how woudl they survive\$\$ being six with two handicapped boys …unable to walk , articulate any speech and requiering medical care 24-7. I am globalist can we prevent this pathetic situations birthcontrol, eugenics, …HOW? Is there an ideal level balance of populations as to reach an equilibrium point between demographics-resources. there are countries that are NOt coutries at all, they were tribes and remain tribes in teir behavior,beliefs, etc. they are INcapabel of running their own affairs with constant internal strife, hunger, pandemias, and in other cases becomeing the foco of regional WaRs, epidemics, exodus, etc. Many of these countrise have economic advantages that they can not manage efficiently…should we invade them, put them under inetrantional tutelage…what about national sovereignty? does it matter when you are dying of hunger and diseases.?? Can globalism be establish to HUMNIZE the planet establishing or ven imposing peace, progress, work, education,health in a new glOBal ORder…. NO more wars over races, tribalism, sex gender equality, REligions, …who will pay? HOw force or persuasion? when now through violence and authoritarian means, or progressively through institutional consent?.. to make the world more livable or to plunder the world and its resources??? what kind of globalism the one that will collapse the planet or the one that HUMNIZE It…???

    • Agree: Wizard of Oz
  67. No mention of the religion the ‘Globalists’ practice?

    It’s pretty obvious to anyone paying attention for the last few decades that ‘love thy neighbor’ is not part of it. I mean, have you seen the Popes snake room? They are flaunting it..right in our faces. They even moved an Arch of Baal from Syria to the New World a few years ago. What was that about?

    Adrenochrome? They are reporting on the use of this drug and the satanic religion around its use on network tv in Turkey. This is going mainstream and reporters are quite pointed in using the term: satanism.

    The most important decision any person can make who wishes to oppose ‘Globalists’, aka the Jews, the Black Nobility, satanists, luciferians et all., is to pray for peace, a righteous world and to refuse to consent to anything these scum try to impose.

    They are weak. That is the big secret: how impotent and weak Evil truly is. All it takes is a stubborn refusal on our part to oppose it. Don’t be seduced by what is offered; reject greed, envy, etcetera and all will be well in this world.

    It really is OUR decision.

  68. @Anon

    Im still not seeing China, Russia, India, Indonesia, Korea(s), Japan, and most of the middle eastern Islamic countries going along with the global government thing.

    I did a simple litmus test of globalist elite “reach”–did Black Lives Matter protests reach into these countries?

    China, Russia, India, Iran–no BLM protests


    South Korea–

    Bottom line–the “free” nations are enslaved by the globalists, the “slave” nations are free of the globalists.

    The rule of opposites is shown in all of its glory.

    • Replies: @Really No Shit
  69. Sounds like a plausible plot line, but what is the motivation?

    On another note:

    You remember reading back in 2005 that Terry Schiavo, the disabled brain damaged woman, lived without food and water for 13 days after she was unplugged from life support. You wince a little as you imagine someone mostly healthy and with normal cognition going maybe longer without food, wandering to find it anywhere he can, failing because there isn’t any food, then collapsing and doubling up in agony because his stomach and small intestines are starting to digest themselves.

    The average American carries enough weight to fast a month or two. The water will be the problem if they want to get this over before the end of summer.

  70. Curious to learn if the readers think there was a shot at ending this globalist vampire in the early 1940’s. The opportunity seemed to have been there. Possible I’ve been deluded into ascribing savior characteristics onto an undeserving group of men. Or not.

  71. Anon[118] • Disclaimer says:

    Back in 1998, during the G8 Summit in Seattle, antifa was all about anti-globalism. Now they’ve done a 180 and are trying to enforce George Soros/Rothschild’s globalism, beating the nationalists into submission. WTF?

  72. Truth3 says:

    The biggest mistake of Christianity has been trying to get along with the Jews.

    They are our blood enemies. They decided that.

    Turning the other cheek is one thing. Bending over is another.

    • Agree: Trinity
  73. SafeNow says:

    After the 3-pilot-error Air France crash, a U.S. pilot blogged: “Different countries are good at different things. The French are good at baking baguettes.” I think he was onto something, and this is part of globalism. Gotta go, time to take my daily Covid-era temperature, with my German-made oral, non-digital, thermometer.

  74. @Justvisiting

    Indians are BLM of another era themselves… does anyone believe that indentured servitude was any different than slavery? Indians may sympathize with grotesque treatment of blacks whenever it is discovered but aren’t going to sing kumbayas with them because as spelling bee champions they at least know the difference between “ask” and “aks” … they want to emulate whites not blacks, just like the Chinese!

  75. @Anon

    Soros/Rothschild made an offer to Antifa that they couldn’t refuse … they don’t want the severed head of a trojan horse in their bed.

  76. IvyMike says:

    Author sounds smart but article got so stupid after a few paragraphs I quit reading.

  77. @trickster

    Thank You for your kind words, most appreciated!

  78. Anon[429] • Disclaimer says:
    @Timothy Madden

    Eliminating cash does not eliminate reserve requirements for a bank. It merely eliminates the possibility of a retail side bank run. It is not a gift as you said.

    • Replies: @Timothy Madden
  79. Art says:

    and whatever spiritualism and woo the masses want to mix into it (you and your superiors don’t care just so it isn’t Christianity).

    Wonder how many commenters here pine for the pre Kennedy assassination Christian culture, that we no longer have. Yet they never miss a chance to trash Christians and their idealistic culture.

    The good culture that we had – and want back – came 100% out of the Christian philosophy for living.

    If one wants a healthy good society – then one has to be good – one has to have virtuous ideals to live by – our pre-1960’s imperfect goodness came out of Christianity – PERIOD!

    There are a lot of fools who bitch about the “globalists” – but buy 100% into the Jew oligarch trashing of Christianity.

    • Replies: @Patagonia Man
  80. @Ghan-buri-Ghan

    They did very succinctly and indirectly — they mentioned the Rothchilds, who are joooish.
    And ” a certain powerful Middle Eastern nation with Washington’s most powerful lobby in 9/11″ no doubt referencing Israeli and zionists desire to reshape the middle-east to be more joo-friendly?

  81. @Anon

    A classic case of co-opting a movement. The same thing happened to the Tea Party when the NeoCohns took over.

  82. Anon[303] • Disclaimer says:

    The US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) says they will have to furlough 13,000 employees by Aug. 2 if they do not get \$1.2B in additional funding from the government. So far the money is held up by a dispute between Congress and the WH. May that funding never arrives. It would mean a lot fewer visas get issued. In fact, since a lot of US consulates overseas are forced to close, many foreigners are already having difficulty getting their visas approved. Chalk this up to another potential good thing that could come out of this plandemic.

    If the USCIS shuts down permanently tomorrow and no more new visas get issued for the next 40 years, America might just be saved.

  83. Wow, incredible writing. Takes a world class issue dodger extraordinaire to write an article on muh globalists without once mentioning the words capitalists, fascists, imperialists, colonialists, or even Zionist or Zionism. Great job master of evasion guy.

    I do see he managed to throw in Chinese communist party though, so he gets a thumbs up from his fellow neocons.

    Want to see how absurd the Red-baiting Industrial Complex is:

    Victims Of Communism Memorial Foundation Adds Global Coronavirus Deaths To Its Tally Of Historical Victims Of Communism

    The Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation (VOC) is officially recognizing global coronavirus deaths as the fault of the Chinese government and adding them to its tally of historical victims of communism, the organization announced Friday.

    Keep this in mind when you hear the endless whining in the comments section as well as from CIA programmed/funded writers about muh communism, muh socialists, muh marxists.

    Yep, it always been bullshit. If they’re lying now, they were lying then as well. Lame!

  84. Long Live all that chazz in NY.

    The elites used BLM and Antifa thugs against conservative rallies, but now the Golem has gotten out of control and are destroying blue cities. I love it. Chaz up all of NY.
    And defund the police. Let the rich globo-homo elites defend themselves. ROTFL.

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @Vojkan
  85. Anon[118] • Disclaimer says:
    @Priss Factor

    Good. I hope they move over to Goldman Sachs and shut it down. Finish the job that Osama couldn’t.

  86. @Anon

    What does a banker call a 95% coefficient of fraud?

    Answer: A 5% reserve ratio.

    Eliminating cash removes the latent constructive equity trust that is created by the so-called fractional reserve system. It used to be called seigniorage.

    You may not be able to fully appreciate it without an understanding of the promissory note function.

    On the form and substance of promissory notes

    Consider the nominal promissory note that is the functional or process foundation of the global financial / banking system(s). Promissory notes are most often issued by borrowers and nominal debtors in favour of bankers. The purpose of a mortgage is (nominally) to secure performance on the corresponding promissory note (in Canada and many other countries the promissory note function is often embedded in the mortgage or other nominal security, instead of as a separate document / security (but the result is the same either way as between the issuer and the initial bank)).

    A typical / example U.K. promissory note states: “For value received, I promise to pay [Bank] the Principal Sum of £100,000 on [Maturity Date] and to pay interest monthly after as before maturity at the rate of 6% per annum.”

    We are conditioned and habituated to perceive such a financial instrument as having a face value of £100,000, when in fact / practice it is £200,000, plus the monthly interest.

    There are three separate and distinct legal / financial undertakings defined by and under the nominal promissory note, and which are acted upon as such (nb: until default):

    1. An immediate undertaking of indebtedness to the bank in the amount of £100,000;

    2. An undertaking of liability to the bank for the stipulated interest charges on the amount of indebtedness so assumed / underwritten; and

    3. An undertaking to pay the bank (another) £100,000 in lawful money on the named maturity date.

    In practice, as and when the bank receives the promissory note, does bank management recognise, receive and record the issuer’s undertaking of indebtedness, per se, as an equal increase in the bank’s own cash-equivalent / money assets? Yes it does.

    As and when the periodic interest payments are made, does bank management recognise, receive and record same as an equal increase in the bank’s own cash-equivalent / money assets? Yes it does.

    As and when the note is nominally repaid on the maturity date, does bank management recognise, receive and record the payment as an equal increase in the bank’s own cash-equivalent / money assets? Yes it does.

    That’s it. They’re done. That’s the whole deal. If those three things are true, then the unearned gain is crystallized and capitalized, and everything else reduces to distribution or application of capacity / proceeds. That accounts for roughly half the financial value of all broadly-defined labour (and production) on Earth. Upon issuance / delivery of the note, the immediate net financial loss / deprivation to the note-issuer (borrower or nominal debtor) is real and quantifiable, and the immediate unearned / unjust enrichment / gain of the nominal creditor (the bank – or rather its owners) is real and quantifiable.

    Put another way, how does a promissory note differentiate between a case where the bank has already made a loan or advance, and one where it has not? Answer: It doesn’t. That’s the point. In the majority of cases, and virtually always in the case of the original transaction that creates the legal-debt, the words: For value received mean For nothing at all. An unconditional promise to pay is by definition a gratuitous promise to pay.

    The official definition of a promissory note in the Bills of Exchange Act (and / or UCC in the U.S.) is an essential and material element of the fraud, and a typical example of the cogno-linguistic means or process by which the fraud is carried out (emphasis added):

    176. (1) A promissory note is an unconditional promise in writing made by one person to another person, signed by the maker, engaging to pay, on demand or at a fixed or determinable future time, a sum certain in money to, or to the order of, a specified person or to bearer.

    But that is materially imprecise, and a fraud-by-material-omission. In practice the essential and material elements of a promissory note are:

    [A]n unconditional immediate undertaking, assumption, and / or acknowledgement of indebtedness and an unconditional promise in writing … to pay [another/additional/duplicate/different] sum certain in money at a fixed or determinable future time.

    More precisely, it is literally fraud by definition – an epitaph for humanity.

    The proof that the omission is real and material is to ask: At what time, and on what amount, does the interest begin to accrue?

    The answer is that the interest begins to accrue immediately and on the amount of indebtedness that is undertaken, assumed and / or acknowledged (but which is not mentioned at all in the purported / official definition), and not on the sum certain in money that is payable (again) at some future time or maturity date (and which is the misdirection-based focus of the purported definition).

    Note that the actual, legal, and financial meaning of “…to pay another / duplicate sum certain in money” does not change with the elimination of the words “another / duplicate” – either way the note requires the payment of the named amount on the maturity date. And failure to make it constitutes default.

    In other words, a promissory note is a legal undertaking to pay twice – once by agreeing that you owe now, and once again on the named maturity date. That is why it is called “re-payment”. Any other belief is an aberration of the mind caused by the manipulation of language.

    If you eliminate cash, then somebody somewhere gets to “pay” my merely “agreeing that they owe”, and that effectively robs the public treasury of the constructive tax-revenue that used to be called seigniorage. So while reserves, so-called, may theoretically affect any given bank within the larger private system, they collectively still obtain the same something-for-nothing.

    Cash is the acid test that prevents systemic failures and corruption from being covered up with bookkeeping entries, while also off-setting other forms of taxation. It is not a question of efficiency – it is about equity and public accountability.

  87. @Abdul Alhazred

    Hi Abdul: Thanks!

    All you have to know to begin appreciating what is going on is:

    Banking and finance is not a financial phenomenon.

    Banking and finance is not an economic phenomenon.

    Banking and finance is a psychiatric phenomenon.

  88. WHAT says:

    Stopped reading right there. Supranational elites never come from circuses and clown education.

  89. Abbybwood says:

    So, at this point in time, maybe the only way to play their voting game is to abstain.

    Stay home or at a minimum write “No Confidence” on our ballots and drop them off or mail them if absolutely necessary.

    Would be interesting if the “undercounts” won.

    Sounds like a plan to me! Let’s do this!!!! 🙂

  90. @Pft

    Rich in its symbolism, it is still prophecy:

    “11 Then I saw a second beast, coming out of the earth. It had two horns like a lamb, but it spoke like a dragon. 12 It exercised all the authority of the first beast on its behalf, and made the earth and its inhabitants worship the first beast, whose fatal wound had been healed. 13 And it performed great signs, even causing fire to come down from heaven to the earth in full view of the people. 14 Because of the signs it was given power to perform on behalf of the first beast, it deceived the inhabitants of the earth. It ordered them to set up an image in honor of the beast who was wounded by the sword and yet lived. 15 The second beast was given power to give breath to the image of the first beast, so that the image could speak and cause all who refused to worship the image to be killed. 16 It also forced all people, great and small, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hands or on their foreheads, 17 so that they could not buy or sell unless they had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of its name.

    18 This calls for wisdom. Let the person who has insight calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man. That number is 666.” [emphasis mine] – Revelations 13 : 11 – 18

    Note: When plastic credit cards (aka bank cards) were first introduced back in the late-70’s, early-80’s, in the top LH corner was the letter ‘b’ (standing for ‘bank’) in lower case, superimposed one upon the other. It appeared as ‘bbb’. It didn’t require much imagination to see it as ‘666’.

    Unless one insists on a literal interpretation, the ‘beast’ is not necessarily a horned beast with cloven hooves and a foul breath. This is a symbolic image for a child to get their head around – not unlike Father Christmas/St Nicholas/Santa Claus. The ‘beast’ is any person/s or organization that creates bitterness/hatred & division amongst brothers & sisters and restricts the human freedoms needed for each of us to realize our greatest potential.

  91. @Anon

    In addition to all that you quite correctly identify, multiculturalism, i.e. massive Third World immigration was also always intended to break down patriotism: – the love of one’s:
    – land,
    – culture,
    – traditions & customs,
    – language, and
    – heritage.

    It also allowed for ethnic minorities within each Western democracy to be played off against other ethnic minorities or to threaten the prevailing dominant culture: majority-White, majority Christian, as we’re currently seeing in the USA.

    If you look around the world, wherever the Anglo-Zionist Empire has colonized they’ve used the same strategy of ‘divide and conquer’ to quell discontent/uprisings/dissent of local populations who suddenly found themselves living cheek-to-jowl with entirely alien culture/s.

    As @denk would say: its not a bug, its a feature!

  92. @Art

    “The good culture that we had – and want back – came 100% out of the Christian philosophy for living.”

    No. the good culture we had pre-Kennedy was due to a man (who had a trade but wasn’t university educated) could earn enough for:
    – his wife to stay at home and be home for when the kids returned from school
    – afford to buy a comfortable house in a respectable neighborhood
    – afford to run a car
    – afford to take his family on an annual vacation
    – afford to save for his kids college education, and
    – afford to save for his pension plan life savings plan


    Then, in the 60’s we got Feminism – so that:
    1. got the kids into institutions so they could be indoctrinated at an earlier age, and
    2. the Cabal could tax the other 50% of the population, by getting them into the workforce!

    In the meantime, of course, society’s moral standards were being eroded by all kinds of satanic entertainments promulgated largely, but not only, by the You-Know-Who’s! Why?

    Well as Michael E. Jones brilliantly elucidates – if you create a need in a person/s they become easier to control. See his i/view on The Guide to Kulchur on YT.

    • Replies: @Art
    , @Miro23
  93. Jon Orton says:

    Failure to name the Jew? Presumably you stopped reading after the fourth paragraph

  94. Is that photograph supposed to be a clue that the psychopaths are going to turn off the internet and blame some other country?

    An EMP would not affect the cloud, since it is stored in satellites, and fibre optic cable is not affecting by EMPs either.

    Is Apple going to say that their satellite was knocked out by an asteroid?

  95. Vojkan says:
    @Priss Factor

    “Let the rich globo-homo elites defend themselves.”

    I’m confident that there’s no shortage of psychopaths willing to defend the ‘globo-homo’ elites in exchange for a hefty salary.

  96. Ephemeral says:

    It was pretty good till half-way. If we accept the premise that “the system” is controlled by the said elite, and as the author himself has said that the population is a mind-controlled cattle. Doesn’t it follow that Trump and Brexit are all part of the game?


    getting everyone and everything into alignment

    My question: for what? What’s the goal? Rule for the sake of ruling? Does that give everlasting joy and happiness to them? Is it desire for wealth, things, feeling of superiority? The very thing this piece describes these noble blooded elite have been bred out of them?

    Of course we cannot know. But if it is wealth, power and status they seek and desire above all else, then go ahead. They can stuff it up their asses if that makes them feel ‘whole’. Money is our god, law is our bible. These ‘elite’ are the priest caste, anointing the system. And I, with some sadness, think there is no plan. Games for the sake of games.

    However, if there is a plan, a goal, let them state it. For those who have ears will hear it. And for those who have understanding will understand.

  97. trickster says:
    @c matt

    Point made but unwilling IS unable. I guess in my mind the question is “Was it done or not?” If it was not then every “reason” the goal was not accomplished is just an excuse in disguise.

    Seattle looked pretty dumb with some rapper posing as a warlord named RAZ in control of CHAZ.

    That said I had been thinking about your comment and I thought it is always the endless stream of small things that wear us out. So now Raz has gone from Chaz that situation seems to have cleared up. But then there is another drama somewhere else and that in turn is followed by another problem.

    To me it is like having a house, there is a leak in the basement, then the furnace stops working, then the fridge beaks down. After a while the owner thinks WTF, every week there is an irritation. What will it be tomorrow ??

    Now, expand that to a one world government and I think of all the religions, races, number of population, currencies, different beliefs, different traditions, different systems of law. As soon as one issue is resolved in Country X there is a problem in Country Y.

    As one guy argued regarding Russia and all the silliness about it invading Ukraine, why would Russia want the responsibility of a basket case ? Why would the US want to be bothered with having a hand in running India or Africa etc etc and visa versa.

    Hence world domination and one world government is a fairy tale for Phds with nothing better to do than wax philosophically and on their soap box in order to sell an utterly nonsensical concept. The whole article is laughable.

  98. Art says:
    @Patagonia Man

    Then, in the 60’s we got Feminism – so that:
    1. got the kids into institutions so they could be indoctrinated at an earlier age, and
    2. the Cabal could tax the other 50% of the population, by getting them into the workforce!

    They made single moms national heroes and robbed children of their fathers.

    Nothing could be worse for a culture.

    The Jew MSM did this.

    • Agree: Patagonia Man
  99. I realize that it would be tremendously advantageous for the psychopaths that have been desperately attempting to condition us into accepting that there will be a reset that would somehow transform American culture into Chinese culture, practically overnight, with suddenly obedient Americans that are willing to sacrifice all of their liberty, rights, and property, to an unelected gang of self-appointed psychopaths, that are also attempting to frighten everyone into compliance.

    They will just have to settle for angry instead, with 71% of Americans now being angry about what is happening in America.

    Maybe when the tech companies and other manufacturers all opened up shops in China, the Chinese should have placed placards on the executives doors which read:



  100. Johan says:

    Regarding population control.

    Like Herbert Spencer wrote (or some other writer), the more primitive a man is (the less individualized he is), the more he likes to flock together.
    The more people there are, the more overcrowdedness, the less those, the minor part, who are on their way to becoming individualized (mentally/spiritually) can think and breath freely, the more it calls for and legitimises top down flow control, and control in general. The more one becomes, instead of an individual, a number in statistics. It obstructs mental/spiritual development and human contact of the valuable kind, the more intelligent and sensitive will be constantly subject to the noise of mass man, lowered to his level (physical noise, mental noise). The more people, the more thick and unavoidable becomes the psychic sphere of average mass man, which when empowered by technology is even more widely distributed (to the point of overruling all individual intelligence).
    Hence, they will try to chase as much people into the cities, stapling them on top of each other, forcing them to partake in controlled traffic flows, and other mass man flows (under the pretence of protecting nature for instance). Disallowing people to relax and breath freely (in all respects ) in nature is another method of keeping the decadent city dweller in their cage. As nature will be more and more protected.
    Chase him from the streets towards the mirror hall of digital communication and the (Zio- controlled) systems of perception management (though already on the streets mass man lives in his world of screens, provided by ZioSystems). The more overpopulation, also the more irritation and hate, which is another factor of lowering the level, and also it legitimises more regulations and laws. The silent and hidden intelligentsia will become more and more isolated, attacked by his fellow man, kept down under, bullied and harassed in a thousand ways. What floats to the top is corrupted, spineless, compliant. The silent and or marginalized contemporary intelligentsia will sink more and more to the bottom.
    There are limits to this strategy though, too much overpopulation can lead to uprisings and discontent.
    But to some extent this is the way to stifle and strangle mental/spiritual development.

  101. Anonymous[134] • Disclaimer says:

    The only real question is what can be done about it? Is this just another tiresome exposition of the dystopia to come or does it have a useful purpose? Who or what will stand against the global vision? Who or what can strip this ambition from them?

  102. Miro23 says:
    @Patagonia Man

    … the good culture we had pre-Kennedy was due to a man (who had a trade but wasn’t university educated) could earn enough for:
    – his wife to stay at home and be home for when the kids returned from school
    – afford to buy a comfortable house in a respectable neighborhood
    – afford to run a car
    – afford to take his family on an annual vacation
    – afford to save for his kids college education, and
    – afford to save for his pension plan life savings plan


    One aspect of this that’s always overlooked, is that post WW2, the industrial competitors of the US were all in ruins or bankrupt (Germany & Europe, Japan & Asia, Russia). The only place that could provide mass produced consumer goods was the US along with its undisputed world currency – the US dollar.

    The US could have held that exceptional position by intensively training its workforce and entrenching its technological lead – but of course it didn’t happen. The US partied for the next 50 years, got into Jewish led counter-culture, neoliberal outsourcing and collapsed economically and culturally.

    Recovery is far more difficult. The US no longer has a lead in world manufacturing, and it has to recover against united, focused and efficient international competitors. In other words, its organization and human capital has to exceed anything available in Asia or Europe – which isn’t going to happen – so the 1950’s/ 60’s have definitely gone.

    • Replies: @Patagonia Man
  103. @Miro23

    Excellent points. Thanks Miro.

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