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The Washington Post Piles on with CNN to Try to Discredit American Herald Tribune
Who wins and who loses in the fake news sweepstakes?
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In responding to an attack on a media venue about which I care a lot, this Canadian from Alberta Canada is being pulled into the swamp. I find myself showering repeatedly to try to wash away the scum from the quagmire created by CNN and the Editorial Board of the Washington Post. These media operations have decided to band together as protagonists in a smear campaign aimed at discrediting American Herald Tribune.

AHT is a news site that I helped get off the ground beginning in 2015 when I agreed to become Editor in Chief of the small but exceptionally lively Internet publication. In wrongfully accusing AHT, CNN and Washington Post are adding to the scale of a wide constituency that is coming to the conclusion that these media operations are serial manufacturers of fake news.

In doing research into the antics of the two media ventures I came across the story of a well-publicized move by a member of the Tennessee Legislature to have CNN and Washington Post legally reprimanded. Representative Micah Van Huss formulated a resolution asserting “the State of Tennessee recognizes CNN and Washington Post as fake news and part of the media wing of the Democratic Party.” The text of Resolution 779 continues,

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that we condemn them [CNN and Washington Post] for denigrating our citizens and implying they are weak-minded followers instead of people exercising their rights that our veterans paid for with their blood.

I see something new in this formal enactment in a US Legislature of such severe animosity to mainstream media. New too is the decision to divide mainstream venues in the United States into partisan publicity networks closely connected to one of the two major political parties. These developments have ominous implications.

In prior times it seemed that a major function of mass communications in the USA was to create and marshal popular support for the invasions of foreign countries. These days the agenda has widened to include preparing the conceptual ground for civil war within the United States.

The promotion of the conditions for civil war are unfolding concurrently with a new stage of the campaign to pull the United States into war with Iran. This agenda was advanced in the opening days of the 2020s when Donald Trump shocked the world by immediately claiming credit for the grotesque drone assassination in Baghdad of top officials in both the Iraqi and Iranian governments. The assassinations extended to members of the entourage travelling with them.

This graphic proof that US Commander In Chief, Donald Trump, had gone rogue was followed by perhaps the largest, most solemn, most public and most extended funeral I can remember. As the funeral procession went between eight cities in Iraq and Iran, there was a huge outpouring of heart-felt emotion as people turned out by the millions to commemorate the life and martyrdom of General Qassem Soleimani.

The funeral procession of Qasem Soleimani in Tehran.
The funeral procession of Qasem Soleimani in Tehran.

Soon after the funeral the Facebook Corporation provided one of the indicators that the US war machine was being revved up by dehumanizing the possible future targets of mass murder by the US Armed Forces. Those who follow the machinations of Facebook closely will understand the social media giant has been successfully recruited as an instrument of militarized propaganda for the Israeli and US governments.

The Facebook crew removed posts that in words or in pictures expressed grief for the loss of General Soleimani or expressed any sort of positive recognition of the values he embodied throughout his life. In a world of many armed forces and many career soldiers, it seemed for a brief moment that a wide diversity of people on all sides of numerous military divisions could agree on something. Many individuals found in the persona of the departed Qassem Soleimani an embodiment of the universal qualities residing in martial dignity and steadfastness.

Facebook is setting very menacing precedents with its decision to censor the opinions of the great mass of humanity who laments the outcome of the Baghdad drone assassinations. In order to justify its actions the officers of Facebook invoked the pseudo-laws of the post-9/11 era. They argued that Facebook was acting in conformity with Donald Trump’s very political move to designate Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) as a terrorist organization.

As is now becoming clear, this designation amounted to a virtual Declaration of War on Iran. The “unprecedented” move to declare the armed forces of another country as terrorists came as part of Donald Trump’s obsequious effort to help Benjamin Netanyahu win re-election in Israel. The designation came days before the Israeli vote of April 2019. As he faced the Israeli electorate, Netanyahu sent out a tweet in Hebrew thanking Trump for “acceding to another one of my important requests.”

The Attack on AHT as Part of the Promotion of a US War with Iran

There can be no doubt about the underlying causes of the decision of CNN and Washington Post to put so much of their severely overstretched journalistic capital on the line in attempting to demonize American Herald Tribune. Like Facebook’s decision to prohibit anything but Trump-supporting characterizations of General Soleimani’s life and death, the attacks on AHT are all about preparing the conceptual terrain for a US-Iran war. It is all about socializing the audiences of mainstream media to support raining death and destruction down on Iran’s 80 million people.

Here is how the Washington Post followed up on the original smear job introduced by the CNN’s notorious “disinformation reporter.”

CNN reported last month on American Herald Tribune, a self-professed “genuinely independent online media outlet” that cybersecurity experts have determined is part of a far-reaching Iranian influence campaign. The strategy is simple: create a network of inauthentic news sites, then enlist associated accounts on popular platforms to spread the stories not only here but also in Europe, Latin America and the Middle East.

American Herald Tribune’s modus operandi matches what we’ve already learned about online disinformation: Adversaries “launder” their campaigns through sympathetic citizens of target countries, or just citizens they offer money to — from authors on propagandistic or outright deceptive news sites to run-of-the-mill social media users. The byline on the KKK story, for instance, belongs to a man from Salem, Ore., who told CNN he believes the site is run by a man named Sam who lives in Brazil.

In my article, “Donie O’Sullivan and the ‘Garbage State’ of Media,” I discussed my visits to Iran since 2014 to take part in conferences including an academic event at the University of Tehran.

In those travels I developed friendships and collegial relations with some Iranian people including fellow academics. This experience is reflected in the wide range of AHT’s content created by correspondents coming from many perspectives and from many different lands all over the world.

I proudly affirm that AHT is opposed to any US-led war with Iran. For those seeking to avoid the scourge of war, the pursuit of peace obviously favors dialogue and exchange rather than animosity and sword-rattling. AHT intends to continue favoring dialogue and exchange.

None of these subjects are fairly or honestly addressed in the alarmist Washington Post smear piece. Rather the author representing the Washington Post’s Iranophobic Editorial Board rattles off jargon paraphrasing a deeply flawed study that provides no evidence whatsoever for the extravagant claims being irresponsibly asserted.

The basis for the Washington Post’s claim goes back to a glossy document put together in Milpitas California by an organization named Fire Eye. Fire Eye’s CEO is Kevin Mandia who cryptically describes his company’s specialty as the defense against “cyberattacks.”

The title of the Fire Eye report is Suspected Iranian Influence Operation: Leveraging Inauthentic News Sites and Social Media Aimed at U.S., U.K., Other Audiences. No specific individuals have permitted their names to appear as authors. Thus no one takes specific responsibility for the report’s contents, an understandable absence given the shoddy quality of the study.

There is absolutely no information given about the funders of the report. Why? What is there to hide? Did CNN or the Washington Post or a subsidiary company help fund the study? Did the Israeli or US government have a role? The question of the sponsorship of such an investigation is crucial to an assessment of its credibility. Everything points to the fact that there is apparently much about the origins and genesis of this mysterious study that is being kept under lock and key.

There is no clear explanation or justification of the methodology used. There are no specific references to other studies of a similar nature except for vague references to the Democratic Party’s hunt for Russian influences on US politics. There are no scholarly references nor is there a bibliography.

I did not see anywhere in the anonymously authored document a single reference to American Herald Tribune. Not one. Instead the report is organized as individual studies devoting a few pages including screen shots to several sites. These sites are Liberty Front Press, US Journal, Real Progressive Front, British Left, Critics Chronicle and Instituto Manquehue. Before doing research for this essay I had not heard of any of these sites. When I looked them up on Internet search engines, I found in several places adjacent to the named sites results linking to the Fire Eye document.

My biggest criticism concerning the supposed “research” done by CNN and Washington Post in preparing their respective smears, is that their reporters did not attempt to contact the Editor In Chief of AHT, namely me. Instead of doing due diligence in a case like this one, the protagonists of the smear campaign used a report that seemed to depend more on lawyers and weasel words than on any genuine analysis of the topic.

The very first sentence indicates, “Fire Eye has identified a suspected operation that appears to originate from Iran. (my italics). The unnamed authors report that they “assess with moderate confidence that this activity originates with Iran actors.” Why “moderate confidence”? What this qualification apparently means, is that “some possibility remains that this activity could originate from elsewhere [than Iran].”

I’m not really sure what the unnamed authors mean when they refer to “this activity.” What activity? Who do they mean when they refer to “Iran actors.” Is it the implication of the Fire Eye report than any Iranian person who publishes something on the Internet is doing something subversive? Are war obsessions already so advanced in the fervid imaginations of the authors of the Fire Eye, CNN and Washington Post pieces that they imagine that it is verboten for an Iranian to express himself or herself on the Internet?

So in the final analysis Fire Eye comes up with nothing that goes beyond the level of “suspicion.” My response to Fire Eye’s suspicion is to hold a mirror up to this group. If there is any party in this fiasco that falls under a cloud of deserved suspicion, it is the people at Fire Eye. This suspicion extends to those in mainstream media who report Fire Eyes “suspicions” as gospel fact. Such a failure of honest reporting, I should think, meets any reasonable criterion of fake news.

Following the Real Stories in the Face of Specious Attacks

The preoccupation of CNN and the Washington Post with stick handling for the discredited Hillary Clinton wing of the Democratic Party and with advancing the Zionist agenda of war with Iran has had serious deleterious effects on the quality of their news reporting. At exactly the same time that the Washington Post was intent on drawing a specious connection linking American Herald Tribune to the Fire Eye report, it remained mum on a very significant breaking news that remains extremely germane to mounting US-Iranian tensions.

The Taliban in Afghanistan are reported by Iranian, Russian and Italian sources to have shot down a very advanced US Air Force jet containing highly sophisticated spy and communications features. The high-tech aircraft was a Bombardier/Northrop Grumman E-11-A whose still-smoldering burned-out hulk was filmed in Ghazni province in Afghanistan. Some reports indicate the CIA’s most prominent figure in the Middle East, Mike de Andrea, was among the casualties. Other reports indicate the Mike de Andrea had a lead hand in the drone strikes that dramatically advanced the agenda of a full-fledged Iran-US war in the opening days of the 2020s.

Yet another possibility is that such reports concerning de Andrea’s role in the assassination of General Soleimani have been introduced to divert attention away from other possible scenarios. Much depends on getting at the truth of what really happened in the hours, days and weeks leading up to the most destabilizing drone strike in history.

Whatever the reality of the situation, reporting on the episode called attention to the many hundreds of murders by drone conducted by de Andrea in the course of an exceptionally violent career of murder and torture conducted largely outside the parameters of international criminal law. Readers who would like to see how the American Herald Tribune is covering this fast-breaking story are encouraged to check out the essay of Dr. Philip Giraldi, a former high-ranking CIA official who publishes regularly in AHT.

We at AHT are proud to publish much of the cutting-edge and courageous journalism by Philip Giraldi, Executive Director of the Council for the National Interest. Dr. Giraldi stands at the front of a long list of contributors at all stages of their journalistic careers. The essays of writers hosted at AHT will definitely bring readers much closer to the truth than the blatant and laughable propaganda at CNN and the Washington Post.

Anthony James Hall has been Editor In Chief of the American Herald Tribune since its inception. Between 1990 and 2018 Dr. Hall was Professor of Globalization Studies and Liberal Education at the University of Lethbridge where he is now Professor Emeritus. The focus of Dr. Hall’s teaching, research, and community service came to highlight the conditions of the colonization of Indigenous peoples in imperial globalization since 1492.

(Republished from American Herald Tribune by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Just a few hours before I read Anthony Hall’s essay I started to listen to a Joe Rogan Episode 1414 because it looked interesting. He interviewed an ex-CIA counter intelligence man named Mike Baker and they opened up talking about the Suleiman assassination. I wanted to hear what he might say, what insights. OMG, just listen to 10 minutes of it and you will be thunderstruck. We live in two realities where millions of people honor the General, and then this Baker speaking for the Trumps and Bibis of the world. It’s night and day. I honestly couldn’t believe my ears. Just listen to 10 minutes. I was waiting for Rogan to challenge him but I couldn’t wait longer than 10 minutes.

    • Replies: @Cycling Goddess
  2. Tony Hall says:

    The link below leads to the kind of smear the Israel Lobby in Canada has been dumping on me for some years now. These bellicose advocates of war with Iran through Canada’s participation in NATO don’t change their script much. Gilad Atzmon apparently has made some headway challenging the lobby’s charitable status in UK. Same should happen in Canada, US, Britain, France etc.. B’nai Brith Canada’s idea of promoting human rights is to follow Trump’s lead in designating the IRGC as a terrorist organization. Then the lawless drone strikes can follow.

  3. According to the MSM it’s wonderful how the internet breaks down borders and allows people all over the world to express themselves…as long as they are parroting MSM propaganda.

  4. @Cycling Goddess and Tony Hall
    FYI, I posted the following comment at the link to Joe Rogan’s youtube:

    Tony Hall, editor of the American Herald Tribune, protests the suppression in Western media of attitudes sympathetic to the efforts of Soleimani to resist American aggression in the Middle East. See He says that such suppression dehumanizes the possible future targets of mass murder by U.S. armed forces. Then a distorted and hateful depiction of Tony, who I personally know, is put up at, where Michael Mostyn says ““Facebook should be applauded for removing pages that promote hatred and division.” This implies that the views of someone like Mike Baker, a former covert CIA operations officer, should be left unchallenged when he goes on Joe Rogan.

    If I am to make up my mind about whether Soleimani was a terrorist how am I supposed to resist confirmation bias when the B’nai Brith is leading the charge against freedom of expression?

  5. John Day says: • Website

    The censorship and disinformation is completely blatant now, with Zero Hedge being deplatformed by Facebook for posting up to the date information about the Wuhan coronavirus (yeah, weaponized), and today’s news that the voting machines didn’t work right at The Iowa caucus. Turns out the software was paid for by a billionaire-for-Buttigieg.
    Sorry Bernie, you may have won at the polls, but here are the numbers for Mayor (deep state) Pete….
    That being said, CNN knows which side it’s bread is buttered upon and has taken appropriate steps:
    “Both Republicans and foreign actors, like Russia, have an incentive to divide the American electorate and may try to use the Iowa Caucus to further that goal,” the DNC wrote in a “counter disinformation update” sent to campaigns on Thursday.
    Hey, look, it’s CNN righthink “Disinformation expert” Donie O’Sullivan, again!
    This kind of overt action is a sign of desperation within a failing power regime.

  6. Tsigantes says:

    Excellent article Tony and good research. These think tank spinoffs should ALL call themselves ‘Shadow’.

    It is no secret that north American news media is unified propaganda for American war aims and more recently social distortion aims (pro-abortion, pro-euthanasia, anti-Christian, anti-family, muslims as “terrorists” etc.etc.). Reinforced by Hollywood – this says everything! This is not new, it stretches back more than a century, but it has become progressively , absurdly cartoonish since the wall came down in 1989. At least its sister publications in the UK are a bit more subtle, though not much better.

    The end result for most of the world is that English = language of lies and death.

    Good luck in your fight for truth!

  7. Scout88 says:

    Outstanding article!

    “CNN reported last month on American Herald Tribune, a self-professed “genuinely independent online media outlet” that cybersecurity experts have determined is part of a far-reaching Iranian influence campaign.” Completely unsubstantiated and untrue, and outrageously hypocritical…

    CNN is owned by AT&T’s WarnerMedia, while AT&T is owned by the Rockefellers and Rothschilds, who are partners:

    AT&T and WarnerMedia are also members of the Partnership of New York City founded by David Rockefeller, and the owner of the Washington Post, Jeff Bezos, is business partners with JPMorgan Chase & Co, owned by the Rockefellers and Rothschilds: , and also a member of the Partnership of New York City:

    AT&T and JPMorgan Chase & Co. are also founding corporate members of the Council on Foreign Relations, funded and headed by the Rockefellers, and who secretly serve the Rockefellers and Rothschilds:

    Jeff Bezos also attends Bilderberg meetings:

    “We are grateful to the Washington Post, the New York Times, Time Magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost forty years. It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subjected to the lights of publicity during those years. But, the world is more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government. The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national autodetermination practiced in past centuries.”

    — David Rockefeller, speaking at the June, 1991 Bilderberger meeting in Baden, Germany

    In 1995, Serge Monast, a Québécois investigative journalist, published “Les Protocoles de Toronto” reporting about a secret plan involving,”those who run the 6 largest banks in the world and the 6 largest energy consortia on the planet (of which oil is a part)”, quoting from the documents he was given, Monast writes, “To achieve this objective, it is imperative to be able to infiltrate the Media (Radio, Television, Newspapers)…by which we will undoubtedly influence all strata of Western Societies”, and “to guarantee the profitability of our influence with the populations, we will have to control all the Media of Information.” These documents also refer to a secret meeting with M. de Rothschild in the 56s. Serge Monast very suspiciously died shortly after publishing this document.

    And the same people who now own the media, also own the companies that make a fortune off of war. For example, the evidence supports that the Rockefellers and Rothschilds own the mega corporation, CGI…

    • Replies: @Scout88
    , @Scout88
    , @Scout88
  8. Scout88 says:

    Oops, one of my links isn’t working, here it is…

    “CGI Awarded Prime Contract on Multiple-Award ID/IQ with US\$2.5 Billion Program Ceiling by the U.S. Army Forces Command”

    Also, re: ”those who run the 6 largest banks in the world and the 6 largest energy consortia on the planet (of which oil is a part)”…

    CGI serves a global network of banks, led by JP Morgan Chase:

    CGI are also partners with all oil and gas majors, globally:

  9. Scout88 says:

    Re: “that cybersecurity experts have determined is part of a far-reaching Iranian influence campaign”

    “CGI Group is launching a Canadian defence, public safety and intelligence unit based on similar efforts in the United States.

    Lieutenant-General Andrew Leslie, who retired earlier this month after a 30-year career with the Canadian Forces, will head the unit.

    “…With more than 7,500 specialists around the world, CGI will offer services such as advanced analytics, biometrics and cybersecurity, operational logistics, systems engineering and training…”

    Andrew Leslie is a member of the Trilateral Commission, founded and headed by David Rockefeller until his death:

    • Replies: @Scout88
  10. Scout88 says:

    “CGI Federal Announces Award as a Prime Contractor for Department of Homeland Security EAGLE II Contract… EAGLE II is an “indefinite-delivery, indefinite-quantity” contract vehicle that provides a \$22B ceiling to procure IT services…CGI will compete to provide advanced mission-enabling technical solutions including cloud services, big data and analytic solutions, agile methodologies, continuous integration and operations, mobile solutions, continuous monitoring and cyber security. ”

  11. Glansface says:

    Thanks for this news. My awareness of AHT was quite limited. That has to change, knowing you have the honor of feckless interdiction by asskissing hack Mockingbird media. I would never have known this, as no educated person looks at the Washington Post since it got pimped out and perverted by Jeff Bezos, the product of top secret CIA experiments on dosing Cabbage Patch Dolls with powerful sex hormones.

  12. Scout88 says:

    “The basis for the Washington Post’s claim goes back to a glossy document put together in Milpitas California by an organization named Fire Eye.”

    “Fire Eye – Partners:

    ADACOM Cyber Security Solutions Israel”

    “Fire Eye – Technology Partners:

    Amazon Web Services (while Jeff Bezos, the owner of the Washington Post, is best known as the founder, chief executive officer, and president of Amazon

    Oracle (that started as a CIA project: and is also partners with CGI: )

    Bell and FireEye have partnered to deliver Bell Managed Threat Detection and Response (MTDR) service, which protects against evolving and complex threats to minimize the impact of security breaches.”

    Bell are also partners with CGI :

    “CGI – Bell Canada outsourcing contract estimated at \$4.5 billion over 10 years..The CGI Group today announced the signing of definitive agreements regarding its previous announcement to further strengthen its existing business relationship with BCE Inc. and Bell Canada”

    “Fire Eye – Cyber Risk Law Firm Partners:


    Fasken is respected as leading law firm by the international business community. The Cybersecurity & Incident Response Group at Fasken is adept at helping companies understand and adhere to the complex cybersecurity and privacy laws that apply to companies doing business in Canada, including through effective risk mitigation, incident response and regulatory/litigation defense.”

    Fasken Martineau DuMoulin LLP, served as legal advisors to CGI.”

    Fasken also represented CGI in their \$4.5 billion dollar deal with Bell:
    cgi/ … though they removed this evidence from online after I started reporting it, along with the fact that the wife of Tony Clement, a member of Stephen Harper’s government that awarded CGI government contracts worth hundreds of millions of dollars, is a partner at Fasken:

    • Replies: @Scout88
  13. Tony Hall says:


    Its interesting that so far none of the subsidiary presstitute operations mirroring the mental junk food of CNN or Washington Post have taken any note that AHT has responded to the slanderous allegations that it is some sort an agent of a diabolical Iranian plot. From what I have seen so far allegations just go forth from the CIA’s core Mockingbird agencies and these allegations, misrepresented as proven fact, head right into Wikipedia and the whole whole propaganda network of the usual suspects.

    In poking around earlier today I came across a number of stories explaining how the Washington Post did almost a carbon copy in 2016 of the propaganda operation currently targeting AHT (and all Persians who don’t conform to the Israeli-backed MEK treason against Iran). Among those stories was one by the legendary investigative journalist, the late Robert Parry, who was quite eloquent about the disgraced condition of the Washington Post.

    The prior smear had to do with the now-discredited thesis of the Hillary Clinton Democrats that the US was awash in Russian plots being conducted covertly on American platforms like Consortium News. The prior episode was also based on a similar phoney research project comparable to the one that Fire Eye has done in the prelude to the MSM targeting of AHT. Fire Eye’s report was used by the derelicts at the Washington Post to pretend they had some sort of evidence justifying what clearly was intended as justification for some sort of deplatforming/censorship exercise.

    In my poking around earlier I also came across a link connecting directly to Israel the firm that did the misrepresented “report” deployed to smear American Herald Tribune.

    Of course I would like to see CNN and Washington Post revisit their crude disinformation and offer some sort of apology with an explanation. The current reconfiguration of the Internet overseen by the most corrupt segments of Big Media is seriously harming the information sinews of our global civilization.As I see, the Internet is currently the site of some of the most monumental crimes against humanity in our times. Before the missiles, depleted uranium etc go flying, the real dirty work of dehumanizing the imagery of those about to be targeted for mass murder has to take place. That’s what is current happening via CNN’s disinformation reporter, Donie O’Sullivan, and the Washington Post’s Iranophobic Editorial Board.

    The reconfiguration of Google’s search engines to priorize and highlight the most profoundly toxic forms of war-promoting disinformation and to hide away those platforms attempting some sort of decent reporting and commenting, often as an unpaid public service, is truly discouraging. Certainly its time to increase the level of scrutiny directed at big time billionaire Jeff Bezos who, in a decent world where genuine investigative journalism was given its due, would have a lot of explaining to do. What accountability to billionaires have to anybody these days even though they regularly impose decisions with huge impacts for the day-to-lives of billions of average people?

    I hope when you visit AHT, Glansface, you’ll enjoy the literary contributions of conscientious folks including some well established journalists and some just new to the field. Who knows, you might even find some interesting contributions from a few Iranians who speak English or from commentators rooted in many other countries and background who don’t think that another US-led war for Israel is good choice for humanity.

  14. Scout88 says:

    “CGI – Predictions for 2020

    …When asked about the biggest trend they’re excited about right now, here’s how our experts responded:

    A new battlefront on truth – This is less of a technology trend, but there’s certainly a technology aspect to it. As advances in technology make it easier to disseminate misleading information, there will be a growing movement to develop technology to counteract that.

    Augmented humans – This is about the degree to which people will integrate with technology in the workplace and in their personal lives. It applies to how technology like AI helps will help us think and be more productive, but also it applies in the physical realm, such as how robotics will impact our productivity and quality of life.”

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