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The Value of Victimhood
Liverpool, Labour and Lucky Luciana Berger
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The English port of Liverpool is famous for three things: soccer, music and violence. Historically it falls within the boundaries of Lancashire, but culturally it has never fitted there. It’s always been too self-assertive and idiosyncratic, so much its own place that its inhabitants go by two names. Formally, they’re Liverpudlians; informally, they’re Scousers.

Militant parasites

As the media clichés have it, Scousers are fiercely proud of their city and fiercely tribal in their politics. And their politics have always been left-wing — sometimes very left-wing. When George Orwell talked about “Irish dock-labourer[s] in the slums of Liverpool” in The Road to Wigan Pier (1937), he said that you can “see the crucifix on the wall and the Daily Worker on the table.” The Daily Worker was the official newspaper of the Communist Party of Great Britain (now the paper is called The Morning Star). In the 1980s, Liverpool was the home of a Trotskyist group called the Militant Tendency, or Militant for short, which tried to infiltrate the Labour party and use Labour’s far greater power and prestige for revolutionary ends.

In biological terms, as I suggested in “Verbal Venom,” Militant were a tiny parasite trying to subvert the nervous system of Labour and divert Labour’s resources to their own use. If Militant activists had stood openly as Trotskyists, they had no chance of winning elections and entering local councils or parliament. Wearing a Labour mask, they could win elections and enter power. And that’s exactly what they did in Liverpool, where they won control of the city council. But their parasitic infiltration of the wider party failed: Labour woke to the threat and fought off Militant’s entryism, as this Trotskyist tactic is called.

Yigael Gluckstein, aka Tony Cliff
Yigael Gluckstein, aka Tony Cliff

International Socialists

You shouldn’t be surprised to learn that Militant was founded and run by a Jewish Trotskyist called Ted Grant, because Jews have always been over-represented among leaders and organizers on the far left. But they’ve not always been willing to advertise their Jewishness. Ted Grant’s real name was Isaac Blank. He adopted a gentile name to run an organization staffed largely by gentiles, just like Tony Cliff of the Trotskyist Socialist Workers Party (SWP), whose real name was Yigael Gluckstein (or Ygael Gluckstein). This is the Jewish tactic of linguistic camouflage or crypsis.

Jewish revolutionaries like Leon Trotsky, Grigory Zinoviev and Lev Kamenev used crypsis earlier in the twentieth century: their real names were Lev Bronstein, Hirsch Apfelbaum and Lev Rozenfeld (see also the race-denying Jewish anthropologist with a very goyish name indeed, Ashley Montagu, né Israel Ehrenberg). And like Ted Grant’s Militant, Tony Cliff’s International Socialists, the forerunner to the SWP, attempted entryism on the Labour party. Indeed, Cliff may have explicitly acknowledged the parallel between entryism and biological parasitism: he allegedly said of the International Socialists’ presence in Labour that “We live like lice in its hair.”

Subversion from above

Isaac Blank and Yigael Gluckstein tried to subvert Labour from below. They failed. Other Jews tried to subvert Labour from above. Unlike Blank and Gluckstein, they succeeded, with dire consequences for the native Whites of Britain. Michael Abraham Levy, now Lord Levy, was a music impresario who funded Tony Blair’s rise to power and then, with other Jews like Barbara Roche, ensured that Labour followed Jew-friendly policies on open borders and the Iraq War. Levy is not well-known compared to Blair, but Jewish manipulators often prefer to work from the shadows using a gentile front-man. Here is the possibly Jewish author David Osler describing the genesis of New Labour:

Levy’s importance to Blair can hardly be overstressed. The two first met at a dinner party in 1994, given by senior Israeli diplomat Gideon Meir, and Levy soon became the politician’s tennis partner. After financially backing Blair’s leadership bid from his own pocket, the following year he was entrusted with setting up the so-called Labour Leader’s Office Fund blind trust to finance the Leader of the Opposition’s private office. Although not a trustee, Levy had the job of bagman. No press release was issued proclaiming the fund’s establishment. Its existence only became public knowledge with an article in the Sunday Times in November 1996. The Blair camp was quick to defend its integrity. One unnamed spokesperson argued: “It is not a secret fund, it is a blind trust, which means that no one in the office knows who the donors are. Certainly not Tony.”

Certainly not Tony? Given that details of four prominent businessmen backers were published in the newspaper, that argument hardly passed muster. Among those named were the late Sir Emmanuel Kaye and Sir Trevor Chinn. The other two persons named by the Sunday Times as Labour Leader’s Office Fund donors — printing millionaire Bob Gavron and Granada Television’s Alex Bernstein — both subsequently secured peerages. That all four of the backers, as well as Levy himself, were Jewish was a point picked up on by commentators as diverse as the Jerusalem Post and the British National Party.

There are further Jewish connections. The trust’s books were handled by London accountants Blick Rothenberg, which also looks after many major Israeli companies operating in Britain. The Conservatives allege that Maurice Hatter, chairman of IMO Precision Controls, also gave to the trust. Hatter is known for certain to have given £1m to government education initiatives, £10,000 to Labour election funds and £25,000 towards Frank Dobson’s abortive London mayor campaign.

Late [Jewish] publisher Paul Hamlyn was already a substantial Labour donor and is also likely to have given to Blair’s blind trust. He was friend of both Gavron and Levy, who later extracted from Hamlyn a £2m donation to the party proper in 2000. (“Taking It On Trust,” from Labour Party PLC: New Labour as a Party of Business, David Osler, 2002)

Tony Blair rose to power on a geyser of gelt, the Yiddish term for “money” (gelt has a hard g, like the related English word “gild”). Once Blair was in power, he was a willing and dedicated shabbos goy, the Yiddish term for a gentile who follows Jewish orders. The Jewish anti-racist Barbara Roche became Minister for Immigration and opened the borders to the Third World; the slippery Jewish lawyer Lord Goldsmith became Attorney-General and backed the disastrous and hugely expensive neo-conservative war on Iraq. After Blair left office, Jewish banks and companies quickly made him a millionaire with an office in Tel Aviv. Meanwhile, the shabbos goy Gordon Brown, under the control of the Jewish businessmen Sir Ronald Cohen, continued to follow Jewish orders as Blair’s successor in Number 10.

Long-haired Luci from Liverpool

But those happy pro-Jewish days are over in Labour, whose current leader Jeremy Corbyn is a Pal of Palestine, not a Friend of Israel. Corbyn would never have won the leadership in a properly regulated party, because he would never have been on the ballot. But he was placed there as a token representative of the far left. Unfortunately, he proved not so token after all and easily won the leadership election. For once, the party’s leader had been chosen by ordinary Labour members, rather than by rich Jews like those who funded Tony Blair (see above). Since his victory, Corbyn has proved unwilling to obey Jewish orders or make Jewish interests his first concern. Accordingly, he has been barraged with accusations of anti-Semitism, as I’ve described in articles like “Poison for the Goyim” and “Labour’s Gas-Chamber Blues.” He’s faced and easily defeated a leadership challenge, because he remains popular with ordinary Labour members. Jews and their supporters are dismayed that these ordinary members see Jews as rich and powerful Whites, not as a persecuted minority whose eternal victimhood entitles them to run Labour for their own ends.

Long-haired Luci from Liverpool: the Guardian chooses an image of Luciana Berger looking very Jewish
Long-haired Luci from Liverpool: the Guardian chooses an image of Luciana Berger looking very Jewish

Two of Corbyn’s chief critics in Labour are the Jewish MPs Margaret Hodge, a millionairess from London, and Luciana Berger, who is also from London and was formerly director of Labour Friends of Israel. But Luciana brings us back to Liverpool, because she represents part of the city in parliament. She has no genuine connection with her constituency, because she’s a rich, privately educated middle-class Londoner who was imposed on the local party from outside. The Jewish Chronicle has rightly said that the Yorkshire town of Barnsley is “not a Jewish place.” Exactly the same is true of Liverpool. Instead, it’s “the most Catholic city in England.” A rich Jewish Londoner like Luciana Berger is not suitable as MP for Liverpool Wavertree.

“One of the community’s greatest champions”

That’s why I would draw a parallel between Luciana Berger and Denis MacShane (né Matyjaszek), who served as Labour MP for the Yorkshire town of Rotherham. MacShane is an Oxford-educated shyster with expensive tastes and globalist politics. He had no genuine connection with the Yorkshire constituency he served. But like Liverpool Wavertree, Rotherham is a safe Labour seat and was guaranteed to return him to parliament, election after election. Once in parliament, he could do what really mattered to him: defend Jewish interests and expand Jewish power. When he left office in disgrace, prosecuted and jailed for fraud in 2013, the Jewish Chronicle said that “the Jewish community … should mourn Denis MacShane’s fall from grace,” because he was “one of its greatest champions” and had been an “active campaigner … fighting racism and totalitarianism.”

But MacShane had not been one of the “greatest champions” of Labour’s traditional constituents, the White working-class. During his 18 years as MP for Rotherham, he did nothing to stop the Muslim rape-gangs preying on and prostituting working-class White girls. He has made the weaselly claim that “no one came to him directly with a problem,” but Jayne Senior, a whistle-blowing social worker in Rotherham, contradicts this, saying that she “wrote MacShane a briefing paper on the issues, ahead of a conference they both attended on child grooming.” MacShane is a proven liar and convicted criminal, so it’s very easy to believe Senior’s claim. MacShane served as MP for Rotherham not because he had any wish to serve the White working-class, but because it was a safe Labour seat and would ensure him a long career in parliament to work on behalf of Jews.

Truth is no defence

If MacShane hadn’t been caught falsifying his expenses, he would still be in parliament with Luciana Berger, whose relationship with Liverpool is exactly the same as his was with Rotherham. Liverpool Wavertree is a safe Labour seat and will ensure Berger a long career in parliament to work on behalf of Jews. That does not mean representing the wishes of ordinary Labour members in Liverpool, who recently made an attempt to pass “motions of no confidence” against Berger: “One of the motions accused her of ‘continually using the media to criticise the man [Jeremy Corbyn] we all want to be prime minister’. The other said she was ‘continually criticising our leader when she should be working for a general election and opposing the Tories’.” The accusations are perfectly true. Indeed, they don’t go far enough: Berger would prefer the Tories to win the next election. In a recent radio interview she “refused to say whether she thought Corbyn becoming prime minister would be good for Britain.” Plainly, she doesn’t think it would.

But truth is no defence when Jewish interests are being challenged. The no-confidence motions in Liverpool were greeted with “outrage” and “huge anger among the party’s parliamentarians and Jewish supporters.” So was the entirely truthful accusation that Berger is a “disruptive Zionist.” Luciana was being “bullied” by her local party, cried the anti-Corbynists. It was yet another Jewish screeching moment and it proved completely successful. As the Jewish Chronicle gloated: “late on Friday [8th February 2019], just as Shabbat was coming in, it was announced the motions had been withdrawn and the extraordinary meeting where they were to be debated had been cancelled.” Luciana Berger had successfully presented herself as a victim and beaten an implicitly gentile challenge to her role as Jewish agent in parliament.

Luci in the Press as Victim: Berger with a police escort at the 2018 Labour Conference
Luci in the Press as Victim: Berger with a police escort at the 2018 Labour Conference

But she finds it easy to present herself as a victim partly because she’s had so much help from misguided White nationalists in the United Kingdom. Berger has been the target of sustained and often foul-mouthed or threatening abuse on social media. If the abuse didn’t exist, I think she would want to invent it, because it has been very helpful to the Jewish cause. You could call her Lucky Luciana, because she has been fortunate in her enemies. It is excellent propaganda for Jews when a young Jewish woman like Berger is abused and threatened by White nationalists, some of whom are literal neo-Nazis. It is also excellent propaganda for Jews when Berger is abused and threatened by supporters of Jeremy Corbyn. Do you think the Jewish Chronicle was upset to use a photo of Berger with a police escort at the Labour Party Conference in 2018?

A plea to the left

I don’t think the newspaper was upset — I think it was delighted. Victimhood has enormous value in modern politics, which is precisely why Jews are so hostile to Jeremy Corbyn. He and his supporters refuse to see Jews as victims. The Jewish activist Jonathan Freedland has complained bitterly about this in the Guardian: “On the left, black people are usually allowed to define what’s racism; women can define sexism; Muslims are trusted to define Islamophobia. But when Jews call out something as antisemitic, leftist non-Jews feel curiously entitled to tell Jews they’re wrong, that they are exaggerating or lying or using it as a decoy tactic — and to then treat them to a long lecture on what anti-Jewish racism really is.”

Freedland then spoke from the heart: “So this is my plea to the left. Treat us the same way you’d treat any other minority. No better and no worse. If opposition to racism means anything, it surely means that.” In other words, he wants the left to see Jews as victims and allow them to define anti-Semitism in whatever way they please. Alas! The left stubbornly persist in seeing Jews not as a powerless and persecuted minority, but as a rich and powerful White group that is actively persecuting the Palestinians in Israel. Tony Blair is so pro-Israeli that he made a sycophantic speech at the funeral of the former Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon, a hard-line right-winger and alleged war-criminal. But unlike Blair, Jeremy Corbyn isn’t interested in becoming a millionaire, so Jewish wealth has no power over him. Worse still from the Jewish point of view, accusations of anti-Semitism also seem to have no power over him. After all, it’s difficult to smear him as a bigot when he has such impeccable anti-racist and pro-minority credentials. He is very popular with non-Whites and his deputy leader is the Black radical Diane Abbott, who was once his sexual partner and remains one of his closest allies.

Scrutinizing Scruton

With the large and unmistakably Black Diane Abbott at his side, Corbyn has so far defeated his enemies’ attempts to paint him as a hate-thinker. Luciana Berger, Margaret Hodge and other anti-Corbynistas will not give up, but it must be worrying for them that accusations of anti-Semitism, usually so effective, are failing to bring Corbyn and his supporters to heel. Indeed, Lucky Luciana didn’t have any more luck when she tried to use the same accusation against the Conservative party. In November 2018, the Tories announced that they were making the philosopher Sir Roger Scruton“chair of a government housing commission.” Labour immediately went digging for dirt on Scruton and uncovered a speech he had made in Hungary back in 2014. He had criticized the Jewish billionaire George Soros and said that “Many of the Budapest intelligentsia are Jewish, and form part of the extensive networks around the Soros empire.”

Scruton’s criticism of Soros was measured and legitimate, and his claim about the “Budapest intelligentsia” was entirely true. However, as I pointed out above, truth is no defence against a charge of thought-crime. Affecting to be horrified by the speech, prominent Labour politicians demanded Scruton’s resignation or dismissal on the ground that he had promoted anti-Semitism. Their campaign was unsuccessful, even though one of his attackers was Luciana Berger, who said: “An individual who peddles antisemitic conspiracy theories has no place advising government about anything.” Scruton and his supporters indignantly denied that he or the speech was anti-Semitic in any way, but Berger’s comment was a chance for Scruton to show how good he is as a philosopher. He failed the chance miserably, because he did not condemn her opportunism or draw out the implications of her accusation.

Israel Is Their Home

From Scruton’s point of view, it was highly dishonest and opportunistic of Berger to accuse him of anti-Semitism. It’s a grievous accusation that should never be made lightly or in pursuit of party advantage. Berger broke both rules. And she did not make the accusation as an individual: she is a prominent member and defender of “the community,” as the Jewish Chronicle so often calls it. But “the community” made no objection to what she said. It was obvious, then, that Jews don’t mind when their champions make dishonest accusations of anti-Semitism for party advantage. Furthermore, Berger sought advantage for the Labour party, although Jews in Britain now “overwhelmingly back” the Conservative party. It was obvious that Jews don’t mind dishonest accusations of anti-Semitism even when such accusations are directed at their own favoured party.

This is not difficult reasoning. A veteran philosopher like Scruton should have been able to conclude that dishonest accusations of anti-Semitism are central to Jewish culture and politics. But if Scruton did reach that conclusion, he kept shtum (the Yiddish word for “mute”). I would suggest that Scruton is either not good at philosophy or not good at standing up for the truth. Luciana Berger, of course, has no interest at all in the truth. Like Margaret Hodge and Denis MacShane, she’s interested only in defending Jewish interests. That’s fine in its place, but its place is Israel, not Liverpool. Berger doesn’t care about Liverpudlians or any other British Whites. She doesn’t belong in Britain and she should accept Benjamin Netanyahu’s heart-felt invitation: “I want to tell every Jew in France and in Europe that Israel is your home.”

(Republished from The Occidental Observer by permission of author or representative)
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  1. horace says:

    Berger was targeted for abuse by Andrew Anglin and his stupid website.

    • Replies: @Mefobills
    , @neutral
    , @Ace
  2. If every Jew is to move to Israel, pity the poor Palestinians.

    One wonders what crime they committed to deserve such a fate.

    • Agree: Alfred
    • Replies: @Miro23
    , @SKIP
  3. Mefobills says:

    Anglin is at:

    • Replies: @Che Guava
  4. Miro23 says:
    @Colin Wright

    If every Jew is to move to Israel, pity the poor Palestinians.

    Also pity the majority of Israeli Jews who don’t want anything to do with these Ashkenazi weirdos.

    • Replies: @El Dato
    , @Oscar Peterson
  5. Miro23 says:

    A very good article that needed publishing . Jewish parasitism has been horribly costly to the US and the UK – and not just in trillion dollar ME wars.

    The good news is that the UK seems to be building immunity.

    Jeremy Corbyn wouldn’t last 5 minutes in the US, but charges of Anti-Semitism in the UK don’t do him any harm at all (maybe even positive – they’re reminded that he isn’t Tony Blair, that the elite hate him, and it usefully gets the Luciana Berger types to resign from the Labour party). The public also sympathizes with the plight of the Palestinians, and it was Corbyn who suggested an apology to the people of Iraq for British participation in the destruction of their country.

    An influencing factor is that the British REALLY hate the way they were tricked into the Iraq war by Tony Blair and know that he’s a shabbos goy (traitor) who was well rewarded for his deception.

    • Replies: @Uncommonground
    , @Anonymous
  6. jim jones says:

    A friend of mine is an old style working class Labour voter. I am gradually managing to convince him that politics is now about Identity and that Muslims and Jews are fighting to take control of Labour.

    • Replies: @anon
  7. El Dato says:

    Well, that’s what the Israel Project has been about since the late 19th century. 100+ years later there would be some who would complain?

  8. I’m a Scouser- born in Anfield no less. it’s appalling that these fuckers have to inject themselves everywhere.

  9. “So, Berger is supposedly ‘too-heavily pregnant’ to be made to answer to her CLP for undermining her leader and her party. But at the same time, she is not too-heavily pregnant to take part in a meeting whose express purpose is to advance a policy that explicitly contradicts the strategy the Labour Party agreed upon in Conference – thus undermining her leader and her party again.”

  10. Wow! What a wild rant! I suspect what is behind this is that Ms Berger and those who have joined her in leaving the two major British parties are pro-EU. In other words, it’s part of the “destroy the EU, prop up Putin and pretend China doesn’t exist” mentality. Just for the record, Denis MacShane isn’t Jewish. His background is entirely Catholic. His mother was Irish and his father Polish. Also, it is not at all uncommon in Europe for elected officials to have no connection with the areas they represent.

  11. The game of pre-election politics yet again with Corbyn raising hopes in some quarters. We saw what happened to the Great White Hope Donald Trump after he got elected. Anyway good luck to Corbyn but I somehow doubt that he’d do much to help Palestinians, or indigenous whites.

  12. neutral says:

    Those poor jews, its not a big deal that they oppress white people, so leave them alone.

  13. Jake says:

    WASP culture is pro-Jewish at its heart because Anglo-Saxon Puritanism was a Judaizing heresy, one that was particularly brutal, at least desirous of cultural genocide, of almost all whites who were not ethnic WASPs. Oliver Cromwell leads exactly where we are, across the Anglosphere, and because of the British Empire, across the world.

    You cannot solve the Jewish problem without simultaneously solving the WASP problem. You demand to have Henry VIII and Elizabeth I, Oliver Cromwell, and William of Orange, then you get this world, and what worse it will produce if it is not overturned: it’s a package deal. WASP culture leads to the vast majority of white Gentiles forced under subservience to an alliance of rich WASPs and Jews, with Jews clearly having become the managing partner no later than the founding of the nation of Israel.

    Anglo-Zionist Empire

    • Agree: anarchyst
    • Replies: @Achilles Wannabe
  14. neutral says:
    @Michael Kenny

    It does not matter if MacShane is jewish or not, he decided that it is more important to serve Israel (and EU as secondary) than his own country, he is a traitor.

  15. Jake says:

    “Berger has been the target of sustained and often foul-mouthed or threatening abuse on social media. If the abuse didn’t exist, I think she would want to invent it, because it has been very helpful to the Jewish cause.”

    If you doubt that at least 50% of those are written by Jews or by goys paid by Jews, then you are hopelessly naive.

    Hate Crime Hoax was invented by Jews.

    • Replies: @Art
  16. @Miro23

    Why do the British have a favourable view of the Palestinians? What source of information do they have that made a difference?

    • Replies: @Miro23
  17. SKIP says:
    @Colin Wright

    Who cares? they’re muslims.

    • Replies: @Ace
    , @Colin Wright
  18. Z-man says:

    Yigael Gluckstein, aka Tony Cliff

    LOL!!! I used to call Jooz who changed their names Shlomo Glickstein’s. rofl.
    I’ve noticed the power of the Cabal in Britain over the last year more than ever before. The poisining of those two Russians in merry old England right when the World Cup was going to be played in Russia, what a coincidence! (Rolls eyes) That vulture Teresa May still in office and being a fighter of anti Semitism, etc., etc. The only thing the’ve done, with the Franco/Germans that is anyway independent is them staying in the Iran nuclear deal, but the power of ZOG bucks might still prevail.

  19. Che Guava says:

    No shit, Shylock. That is some excellent e-detective work.

    As if anyone with any interest (I find the site entertaining and informative at times) didn’t already know.

    • Agree: Johnny Walker Read
  20. Che Guava says:

    I once met a much older man.

    He had one of the longest of wartime careers of common soldiers of that age.

    Started, IIRC, in Nth. Africa (big battles) then, various places in the Pacific.

    He did not like Japan at all. Too bad. I think he may have been captured and mistreated.

    However, his biggest complaint about his time in uniform was his time in British Mandate Palestine, until 1948.

    As a common soldier at the time, he was daily dealing with zio-terrorists, and found the Palestians much more to his liking. He said the officers tended to favour the Zionists, and the common soldiers, local people.

    Since that experience, he was referring to Israelis as ‘Yahoodis’ and often stating that ‘I was on the wrong side’, and that ‘Hitler had the right idea.’

    I only wish that I had a deeper understanding of his experiences and ideas.

  21. Che Guava says:

    Post 19 on this thread is my reply to you, but between problems made by Cloudflare and Cloudflare settings, and the combo preventing my posting from a more reliable browser, that is that.

    • Replies: @Mefobills
  22. Are the British so stupid that they vote against their own interests by electing the people who want to harm them?

    • Replies: @mikemikev
    , @Dave Bowman
  23. Anonymous [AKA "lobthelobbyinthebin"] says:

    You mean Jeremy Corbyn is still in power?

    That must drive the UK’s Israel lobby as crazy as Maduro’s hanging on in Venezuela does to Trump, Pence, Bolton and Pompeo.

    Tsk, after all that effort and full frontal attacking through their newspapers and social media operations.

  24. mikemikev says:
    @Reuben Kaspate

    Are the British so stupid that they vote against their own interests by electing the people who want to harm them?


  25. This site has turned into a load of bollocks.
    Berger is a cunt because she’s a Cuntservative. Or “Neo Liberal GLobalist”. But pretended she was Lab.

    The antisemetism claim was in large part a way of smearing Labour. Jews were used as the battering ram to discredit Labour. But individual claims weren’t levied at the Paki filth that infilrate Lab AND the other parties. Because that would interfere with globalism. They attacked Galloway and LIvingstone ie those who threatened NeoLiberalism against complely hijacking and controlling Labour.

    All this article is a long ramble about “Jooz jooz jooz”. Its actually playing into the hands of maggots like Berger. Jews are the battering ram of other groups. Some powerful Jews are scum. But most JEws are ordinary harmless white people in Britain. Infact most of them marry Christians these days.

    Pathetic article.

    • Replies: @Z-man
  26. Miro23 says:

    Why do the British have a favourable view of the Palestinians? What source of information do they have that made a difference?

    IMO there are some different threads to this.

    In 1946 there was the Jewish Irgun terrorist attack on the King David Hotel (HQ of British Mandate Palestine). Dressed as Arabs, the Zionists placed explosives on the main support pillars of the building (sounds familiar?) which collapsed killing 91 people. Far from feeling bad about it, Netanyahu attended a celebration (July 2006) “to mark the 60th anniversary of the bombing of the King David Hotel” (organized by Menachem Begin Heritage House). He’s the same person who went on to describe the mysterious 9/11 WTC terror bombings as “Very good for us”.

    The British were responsible for Palestine after WW2, and saw their two state solution undermined in a long series Jewish fake peace moves and aggressive land grabs, destroying Palestinian property and stealing their resources. There is an awareness of this in the UK, and also the fact that Britain’s much disliked elite (e.g. Tony Blair) supported Israel all the way.

    It’s taken as a joke, but the British do have a sense of fair play, and they didn’t like Tony Blair’s WMD deception tricking the UK into the Iraq war. In contrast to the Americans (who couldn’t care less), the British feel bad about the destruction of Iraq, and Corbyn has spoken about making amends.

    The British have always had free speech and resent speech codes and censorship. They’ve noticed that the heavy new censorship is centered around SJW themes and that that previously famously impartial publications like the Economist, the Guardian and Daily Telegraph now give Israel 100% support and denigrate the Palestinians.

    Then, there’s the aspect that supporting the Palestinians infuriates Jewish activists. Britain (in contrast the US) has a self identified Working Class who are friends with Corbyn and don’t like Jewish activists posing as “Left Wing Radicals” or trying to break the traditional Labour Party in favour of Tony Blairs “New Labour” with its Neo-con, Neo-liberal policies. Traditional North of England Labour voters dislike Jewish activism.

    • Agree: UncommonGround
    • Replies: @Tyrion 2
  27. Z-man says:

    Some powerful Jews are scum. But most JEws are ordinary harmless white people in Britain.


    Infact most of them marry Christians these days.

    There should be a law against that!

  28. Thrasymachus: circa 400 B.C. “Justice is the opinion of the powerful.”
    Jonathan Freedland: 2019 A.D. “ Anti- Semitism is the opinion of the Jew.”

    “I love my fellow creatures — I do all the good I can —
    Yet everybody says I’m such a disagreeable man!
    And I can’t think why.”
    ( Gilbert and Sullivan: “If You Give Me Your Attention”)

    • Replies: @Oscar Peterson
  29. @Miro23

    “These Ashkenazi weirdos” run Israel.

  30. @Felix Culpa

    Ah, Princess Ida! Good to see another Savoyard in these precincts.

    • Replies: @Felix Culpa
  31. Ace says:

    What did he say about her that was false?

  32. Ace says:

    There’s logic to what you say. If Muslims get the upper hand it’s dhimmi status for you, lad, if you don’t get killed off at the outset. Humiliating treatment is yours for life. I don’t think Israel has any “right” to be where it is but it won sovereignty by terror, deception, purchase, and war. They get to keep Israel as long as they can hold it but Israeli cries of poor us are on a par with the Muslims’s cries of poor us. The outrageous part is that the US contributes to the the ability of Israel to maintain itself, a fight in which we have no dog whatsoever.

    If our spineless politicians didn’t act like shabbos goyim almost to a man then the Israel-in-Palestine problem would resolve itself in the good old fashioned way.

    • Agree: Bill Jones
  33. anon[228] • Disclaimer says:
    @jim jones

    Dont bring Muslim in it. They are not hurting UK the way Jews are. You can easily control the Muslim – their immigration and even deportation , their livelihoods beyond “food stamp” level .Try that with Jews.

    Don’t Jews say to Muslim ” The whites are hurting you The Christians are making you do those things like allowing Christmas and Easter celebrations?”
    May be a Jew told you to write to deflect attention from them.

    • Replies: @Change that Matters
  34. @anon

    You are correct, Muslims “are not hurting UK the way Jews are.”

    But they are still a significant danger. Try telling Tommy Robinson you can “control the Muslim”. And who will start deporting them? Their numbers are so large now (wait until people see the results of the next census) they are immovable.

    But I suspect you already know that and have another agenda.

  35. Wally says:

    author Langdon said:

    “It is excellent propaganda for Jews when a young Jewish woman like Berger is abused and threatened by White nationalists, some of whom are literal neo-Nazis.”

    – So what is a “literal neo-Nazi”?
    After all, there were the ‘Nazis’ with the mythological ‘6M Jews, 5M others, & gas chambers’ and there were the ‘Nazis’ without the mythological ’6M Jews, 5M others, & gas chambers’.

    – And what are “white nationalists”?
    Euro-white gentiles who defend their countries like Jew, brown, black & yellow “nationalists”?

  36. Paw says:

    When a Jewes start to cook something on the British TV in a short time she gets 250 MILLIONS !!!

    • Replies: @Dave Bowman
  37. @SKIP

    ‘Who cares? they’re muslims.’

    You know, blind, idiotic bigotry really is disgusting. It’s even worse when its practitioners seem to feel perfectly comfortable in displaying it.

    It’s kind of like watching pigs fornicate or something. Hard to express, exactly.

    …we could start with the fact that a good chunk of the Palestinians are Christians. But I wouldn’t expect you to be aware of that. Fucking moron.

  38. Priss Factor [AKA "Asagirian"] says: • Website

    Jewish radicals and communists feared and hated fascism not because it was the extreme opposite of leftism and socialism but because it welded socialism and nationalism together. Jewish radicals and communists hated traditionalist reaction and capitalism less because (1) arch-traditionalism had no chance in the modern world and was fated to die and (2) capitalism ultimately favors Jews and urbanites and divided the national folk between rich class and lower classes.

    In contrast, fascism brought together nationalism and socialism, a truly potent mix. Also, it allowed capitalism for nationalist businessmen.

  39. @Jake

    Got that right. Calvinism and especially English Puritanism was a backsliding into the Hebrew Bible. The Protestant “Elect” are just the new chosen people and they feel a certain affinity for the original chosen people, particularly their materialism, that traditionalist Catholics are not likely to feel. But of course one wouldn’t want to say anything good about Catholics

  40. Tyrion 2 says:

    Painfully deluded. Like this article. You know Corbyn is the first Labour leader to lose the White Working Class since World War One…

  41. Margaret “Oppenheimer” Hodge did what the luftwaffe failed to do – cleanse the East End of London of signs of British Life.

    Hers was a constituency which was over 94% white in 1991 (92% white British) – slightly higher than the English Average
    By 2011, it was 49.5% white British. Its classrooms, as of 2018, only 22% white British.
    By 2031, the University of Manchester social sciences dept estimates the constituency will be 4% white British.

    From 92% to 4% in 40 years.

    • Replies: @Wally
  42. @Tyrion 2

    On that, one detail, correct. And all the more difficult for him to do so badly because the Tories are so utterly tone deaf towards the WWC. They talk like Jeb!, ignoring all signs of populism, and sounding as banal and globalist as humanly possible.

  43. @Priss Factor

    If they’re starting to panic again, it’s because National Socialism is back: the People’s Republic of China abandoned Maoism years ago in favor of “socialism with Chinese characteristics,” and now they’re kicking the ass of Jew-Capitalism. Too bad we in the West won’t benefit from it though …

  44. Wally says:
    @Roger CLIFTONVILLE-Acton

    “Margaret “Oppenheimer” Hodge did what the luftwaffe failed to do – cleanse the East End of London of signs of British Life.”

    except that:
    The British started bombing civilians long before Hitler was forced to retaliate:

  45. Art says:

    “Berger has been the target of sustained and often foul-mouthed or threatening abuse on social media. If the abuse didn’t exist, I think she would want to invent it, because it has been very helpful to the Jewish cause.”

    If you doubt that at least 50% of those are written by Jews or by goys paid by Jews, then you are hopelessly naive.

    Chaos, confusion, commotion, tumult — marks Jew power.

    Jews and democracy cannot co-exist.

    Think Peace — Do No harm — Art

  46. Antipropo says:
    @Michael Kenny

    I think you are confusing religion with ethnicity or nationality. There are Jews in China, Iran, Australia and so on. Jews are adherents to a set of religious beliefs (Judaism) that has nothing to do with ethnic origins. I can convert to Judaism and so call myself a Jew; I cannot convert to Samoanism and call myself Samoan.

  47. @Paw

    There’s a reason for that. But I’m afraid I don’t have either the time or the inclination to explain the facts of life to you.

    Suffice it to say that, if you at any time in your daily life masturbate, watch Jew pornography on any medium, or talk, think or ever fantasise about any sexual matters of any kind outside of a bed with your long-term partner, you are in absolutely no moral position whatever to castigate a beautiful, sensuous and talented woman who has made the most of herself and her abilities to earn an honest living.

  48. @Reuben Kaspate

    Are the British so stupid that they vote against their own interests by electing the people who want to harm them?

    “Are the British so decent and trusting that they vote against their own interests by believing the immoral, yellow-back, spineless, worthless, lying filth calling themselves “elected representatives” and “politicians” who have lied for 50 years that they WILL protect them ?

    Fixed that for you. You’re welcome.

    And the answer is Yes. White British people ARE that old-fashioned and trusting – and truly deeply bewildered as to why the millions of selfish, idle, corrupt, deceitful, thieving, vicious, violent, anti-White racist third-world sub-normals, supported by their ruthless Jewish backers and promoters in the shadows, have been allowed into their beautiful peaceful country, and are preparing to wipe them out.

    I weep for my nation, my people, my race and their future.

    • Replies: @Reuben Kaspate
  49. dishonest accusations of anti-Semitism are central to Jewish culture and politics.

    These words should be painted in lurid, garish blood-red across the main doors of Parliament, and in every university, college, academy, government department and government-funded body in Britain.

    Thank God for Tobias Langdon’s far-reaching knowledge, intelligence and mule-stubborn insistence on the truth about the vermin who are destroying our society with middle-eastern corruption, ethnic hatred, and lies.

  50. AlanH says:

    Having grown up in Liverpool I have to correct one point. The author states that the politics of the population have always been left wing and often extreme. There was indeed always an element of this particularly in the poorer predominantly catholic areas. However, up until the early 1970’s the city very often had a Conservative Party run council. This was largely due to the fact that many protestant working class people traditionally voted Conservative.

    Although Liverpool has a large Catholic population – many of Irish origin – it is also the head of the Orange Lodge on the mainland and the Orange Day parade is still held today, albeit without any incidents, and these people tend to vote Conservative. On St Patrick`s Day there is also a parade, also without incidents.

    • Replies: @Ancient Briton
  51. Mefobills says:
    @Che Guava

    Butthurt that I posted Anglin’s website? Your attempt at defamation failed and calling me Shylock is weird considering the subject.

  52. @Michael Kenny

    What a wild rant

    “Rant” ? Does a “rant” mean that the information provided is untrue ? Thought not.

    Denis MacShane isn’t Jewish

    As usual, you don’t know what you’re talking about. As Tobias Langdon wrote in an article some time ago, which you’ve obviously never read or understood:

    MacShane has never admitted to any Jewish ancestry, but it’s highly probable that he is part Jewish. He’s just found it useful to pretend otherwise. In The Jewish Chronicle, the journalist Martin Bright called him “one of the community’s greatest champions” and argued that “we should mourn Denis MacShane’s fall from grace” …. MacShane’s mother was Irish Catholic, but his father was a Pole called Jan Matyjaszek and came to the UK after the Second World War. Was his father Jewish? Many people think so. Some suggest that Matyjaszek was a communist agent too:

  53. Anonymous[367] • Disclaimer says:

    An influencing factor is that the British REALLY hate the way they were tricked into the Iraq war by Tony Blair

    Then why was he re-elected straight afterwards? Iraq was invaded in 2003 yet Blair was elected again in 2005. It seems the British people didn’t really care that much.

    • Replies: @Miro23
  54. Miro23 says:

    It was not at all clear at the time. People believed the WMD thing – including myself.

  55. @Dave Bowman

    When does the wipe-out commence?

  56. Tom Walsh says:
    @Michael Kenny

    You forget to mention that apart from being partly Irish\Polish he was 100% POS!

  57. @AlanH

    Very true. I was born and grew up in the Liverpool of the 50s and 60s and never knew any Catholics, who were regarded as somewhat alien and déclassé. However, they did have a massive cathedral, a concrete creation known locally as the ‘Mersey Funnel’.

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