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The Trump Administration Viewed from the Right
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The Trump experiment is over, and the strange journey that the last five years have been is now at an end. There are already lots of assessments being made about the meaning of Trump’s presidency, but most of them are from either liberal or conservative viewpoints. It also needs to be evaluated from the viewpoint of the Dissident Right — those of us such as myself who fall outside what is usually called “Right-wing” in today’s mainstream. And no group had more dramatic ups and downs with Trump than the Dissident Right did.

I imagine my experience with Trump was the same as that of many other people reading this. When he first announced his candidacy in 2015, I was initially dismissive and didn’t even think he’d make it to the primaries. It was when I saw him in the Republican debates that I decided that, first, he was preferable to the other candidates in both parties; and second, that he actually had some good positions, such as on immigration and non-interventionism. I never really put my faith in the guy — I always thought people who hailed him as the “God Emperor” were being naïve — but I could see that he was the least bad option among his many competitors (and “least bad” is all I ever look for when contemplating the American political scene). As his campaign developed, the signs were more and more encouraging — mainly because Trump was free to just talk without having to deliver on anything he was saying.

No one was more flabbergasted than me when Trump actually managed to win, and like many people I allowed myself to become giddily optimistic for a few months after the election. I was proud of the fact that Michigan, where I vote, was one of the states that had dramatically swung over into Trump’s column after having been solidly Democrat for decades, but it confirmed for me that the white working class, which remains Michigan’s backbone despite the weakening of the American auto industry, had finally come to see more or less eye-to-eye with the Dissident Right on many issues. I had suspected this even before the election, but it was nice to see it confirmed in reality.

Perhaps, I thought, as an outsider and maverick, Trump could actually bring about some real change in Washington, especially with the help of genuine populists like Steve Bannon. But those hopes were soon dashed by the bombing of Syria only two and a half months after he took office, which seemed to herald the gradual rolling back of the entire agenda he had campaigned on. By 2018, with Bannon out, Bush leftover John Bolton as Secretary of State, the President himself embroiled in the seemingly endless Russia investigation, and the promised Wall nowhere to be found, it looked like the Swamp had subdued Trump after all.

Still, I never for a moment felt that the support the Dissident Right gave to Trump in 2016 had been a mistake. There was no question that Trump, as poor as his performance was from our perspective, was nevertheless preferable to what we know Hillary would have enacted. (In the run-up to the 2016 election, when people would ask me why I was voting for Trump, I would say, “I know exactly what Hillary will do; I can’t say with any certainty what Trump will do, but he’s at least saying some of the right things.”) And whenever Trump spoke his own mind — which he made sure to do often — he usually stayed on message, even though we always knew that the reality would end up being different from his words. (Remember when he promised to abolish birthright citizenship in the run-up to the 2018 midterm elections?) For us, I think the epitaph we can write on the tombstone of his presidency is “It could have been worse.”

I don’t know what Trump really believed while President, and quite honestly I don’t care; it was his words and his actions that mattered, and even if it was all a cynical ploy, his impact on American politics and culture is undeniable. It became a tired cliché, but it was nevertheless true that Trump moved the Overton window further to the right in a way that isn’t likely to be undone anytime soon. Many issues that were virtually nonexistent except at the margins of American political discourse before 2015 are now front and center. Some dislike Trump for his personality and failings, feeling that these contributed to his lack of achievement as President. While this is justified, it’s indisputable that only someone like Trump, who was independently wealthy and already held celebrity status among the white working class, could have made the breakthrough as an outsider that he did. And even if he didn’t succeed in remaking Washington, he nevertheless weakened the Washington Establishment during his tenure. Most importantly, it’s always best when the Washington elite remains so divided and gripped by internal conflicts that it can’t pursue its evil designs on the rest of us, and Trump turned the heat up in Washington beyond where it had been at any time since the Civil War.

We also shouldn’t overlook the fact that Trump was continually embattled with the Washington Establishment, the opposition, the mainstream media, and on many occasions even his own party from the day he took office. It also shouldn’t be forgotten that when Trump took office, his party controlled the executive branch and Congress, and yet the President still had to fight every step of the way to pursue his agenda — often unsuccessfully. James O’Meara once commented that Trump was in fact a third-party candidate who managed to hijack one of the two major parties. This was true, and many Republicans in the House never lost sight of that, showing that their true loyalties lay with maintaining the Establishment rather than with supporting their erstwhile leader’s agenda.

We can’t ignore the short, spectacular life of the Alt-Right, either. Those of us who had been on the Dissident Right for many years prior, and who understood that the only way to bring America into line with genuinely Rightist principles would be to transform the country from its very foundations on issues such as citizenship, immigration, and capitalism, always saw Trump as merely a stepping stone to something grander and better. And indeed, although this fact has vanished into the mists of prehistory, before the 2016 election “Alt-Right” merely referred to anyone on the Right whose views fell outside those of the Republican Party; even Steve Bannon infamously told Mother Jones in 2016 that Breitbart was “the platform of the Alt-Right,” a statement I imagine he came to regret later. I myself was happy to accept the label at first. And like many, I was naïve enough to think that the Alt-Right could make use of the mainstream media rather than the other way around.

Once they realized that a Trump presidency was a reality, the mainstream media quickly understood that the “Alt-Right,” which was a nebulous phenomenon with no clear leadership or goals, could be used to discredit Trump and populism more generally. Its decentralized nature and lack of an organizational structure were in one sense a strength in that it was more difficult to pin down and target it; but at the same time, anyone ranging from libertarians to outright neo-Nazis could claim the mantle or be designated “Alt-Right” by clever journalists. As such, it was perfect from their perspective as a means of attacking the populist Right as a whole, since they spun the ridiculous narrative that the Alt-Right was somehow vaguely responsible for getting Trump elected. The fact is, of course, that there was never any relationship between what was called the Alt-Right and the Trump administration, but the Alt Right’s media-appointed leaders were hungry for attention that the media was more than happy to provide — and the rest is, regrettably, history.

It might have been possible to develop an alternative movement in late 2016 and 2017 that could have piggybacked on Trump’s success while laying the groundwork for a genuinely innovative form of the American Right more in keeping with genuine Right-wing principles, and yet that could still have appealed to ordinary Americans. It quickly became apparent, however, that those individuals who found themselves thrust into the Alt-Right spotlight lacked the character, maturity, and judgment to make it happen. Being wizards at winning followers for websites, podcasts, and social media was no proper education to prepare them for entering the arena of actual politics. Granted, they were confronting forces far beyond what any marginal group could be expected to compete with; but by adopting tactics that had failed for George Lincoln Rockwell half a century earlier and standing shoulder-to-shoulder with actual Nazis and Klansmen, they played the role of cartoon Nazis that the media had cast them in to a tee. After being led into the trap that was Charlottesville, the Alt-Right’s tombstone was written and Trump was never again able to plausibly deny that he was a white supremacist. We must persist in our efforts, but the fact remains that the Alt-Right’s spectacular and tragically unnecessary failure will continue to hamper us for many years to come.

Despite our disappointment, we must still acknowledge that President Trump accomplished some goals that deserve our thanks. It must be granted that throughout his tenure, despite the constant accusations of warmongering by his opponents, he didn’t start any new wars. There were a few close calls, of course, particularly with Syria and Iran, but none of America’s enemies called his bluffs despite provocation and things remained at the level of low-intensity conflict. It is certainly true that when it comes to foreign policy, Trump did much more for Israel than he did for America, but he nevertheless made strides toward ending the conflicts he had inherited and never bowed to the pressure to start new ones. As a corollary to this, no Islamist terror attacks occurred within the United States during Trump’s tenure apart from the shooting at the Naval Air Station in Pensacola, which puts him above both Bush and Obama in that category. (It struck me as odd that Trump didn’t play this up more in his second campaign.)The most glorious moment of Trump’s presidency for me, however, remains his refusal to denounce the Alt-Right in the notorious press conference that he held three days after Charlottesville. While it certainly wasn’t the unequivocal defense of White Nationalism that the media has made it out to have been ever since, the fact that he refused to issue the standard denunciations of the Alt-Right that he had doubtless been asked to deliver stands for me as a rare moment of principle for President Trump. In the end, it meant nothing in practical terms, but it’s one of the few clear examples we have that there was something deeper to his presidency than mere egotism. It’s also a sign of how much worse things were to get over the subsequent years that he failed to show the same spirit when dealing with those of his supporters who stormed the Capitol, opting for submissiveness rather than the spirit of defiance that had characterized his campaign and the early days of his term.

Additionally, Trump’s strident Euroskepticism forced Europe for the first time since the Second World War to consider pursuing greater independence from NATO and the US and to perhaps even solely pursue its own interests in foreign policy yet again, rather than serving as America’s lapdog on many issues and continuing to rely on the US for defense. It remains to be seen if this trend will persist or reverse now that Trump is gone, but we can hope that more forward-looking European politicians will continue thinking in terms of preparing for a post-American global order.

We should also bear in mind that the Trump administration established good relations with Right-wing populist parties in Europe in a way that would have been unimaginable under any other presidency. The present governments of Hungary and Poland, in particular, enjoyed friendly relations with Washington for the first time and will sorely miss Trump now that Biden has made it clear that he intends to return to a confrontational policy with them. (At the same time, it’s worth noting that some European politicians on the Right I have spoken with said that they preferred a Trump defeat, since they feel that Trump and American politics more generally have become an obsessive distraction for the European Right and that his removal would allow Europeans to focus on their own problems again.)

Domestically, Trump could hardly be considered a success on his signature issue, immigration, although he wasn’t entirely a failure, either. We certainly didn’t get anything like the sort of sweeping and radical changes on immigration that many of us had hoped for in the beginning. Indeed, the Trump administration did not pass a single new piece of immigration-related legislation. By some metrics, in fact, certain types of immigration remained the same or increased during Trump’s tenure. In those currents where it decreased, some of it appears to have occurred as a result of the pandemic rather than due to any political action. And of course, the Wall remains mostly unbuilt and now surely faces cancellation.

At the same time, Trump did fortunately withdraw the US from the United Nations’ ethnomasochistic Global Compact on Migration. He did make limited progress in a few other areas as well, particularly making it more difficult for “refugees” to come to the US and for illegal immigrants to remain there. And he did put a stop to some of the more troubling immigration policies that have emanated from both parties in the past, such as the push for amnesties for illegals, and called a temporary moratorium on visas for “guest workers” in response to the pandemic.

The issue that could be regarded as his second-biggest signature issue was opposing globalization and helping ordinary working Americans; bringing industry back home was a constant theme of his first campaign. In the end, however, Trump remained largely ineffectual in this area. We should thank him for ending the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP). But the treaty he signed to replace the former, the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement, is only slightly better than its precursor. The other nations which were part of the TPP ended up signing the virtually identical Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP), which the US has not signed but which it remains eligible to join at any time. In other words, the Trump administration didn’t do much to halt the drumbeat of globalization.

When it comes to the Dissident Right, Trump offered little but empty rhetoric. Despite occasionally talking about establishing controls over Big Tech to prevent their blatant censorship of non-conformist views that challenge the neoliberal narrative, no action was ever taken in this direction. Apart from his Charlottesville press conference, neither did Trump ever take a stand in defense of white advocates, and he often went in the other direction, such as in September, when he promised to declare the “Ku Klux Klan” a terrorist organization (thus opening the door for any Dissident Right groups to be targeted given the lack of an easily identifiable unified KKK organization), calling for Juneteenth to be declared a federal holiday, and promising \$500 billion in aid to black communities.

Thus, President Trump achieved modest successes at best, and even those issues on which he won victories can be easily reversed by the Biden administration — and in some cases they are already doing so. But such is the ephemeral nature of politics in a liberal democracy.

On the plus side, the Republican Party now finds itself in its direst predicament since the 1940s, if not before, as a result of Trumpism taking root within it. The conflict between populists and neoliberals within its ranks, which now threatens to come to a head as a result of Trump’s second impeachment, may very well end the party for good, or at least result in a split — either outcome of which might perhaps open the door for a more genuinely Right-wing party to fill the void it will leave behind. Only time will tell, but if it happens, it will be a parting gift from Trump to have achieved what once seemed impossible, back when the Republican Party was nothing more than the party of multiculturalism and globalism plus Jesus and low taxes.

President Trump’s most important contribution is that he lit the flame that genuinely started the fire of Right-wing populism in America after previous attempts such as Pat Buchanan’s campaigns and the Tea Party (yech) had guttered out without raising the temperature in Washington by even a degree. Whether that flame can continue burning now that he’s gone remains to be seen, but we can still hope that it was the start of a trend rather than a temporary deviation. If American populism is to survive, it will clearly stand on the Right; the Left has already amply demonstrated in its underhanded suppression of more populist Democratic candidates such as Bernie Sanders and Tulsi Gabbard that they will not tolerate the rise of any form of Leftism that doesn’t conform to the Washington Elite’s expectations.

Now, Unpresident Biden and the entire Democratic Party apparatus, emboldened by their largely successful efforts to discredit the Right as a whole by blaming it in its entirety for the Capitol occupation, believe themselves to be in a place where they can reshape American politics according to their own agenda without any regard for the other side whatsoever. As they’ve done continuously since the 2016 election, the Democrats always choose to double down on their extremist rhetoric rather than doing any soul-searching about how they might have contributed to bringing the situation about, nor about how they might be able to seek some sort of compromise with the other side. They are too self-righteous to be capable of critical reflection.

The Capitol “coup,” harebrained as it was, certainly does not even begin to compare to the Democrats’ — and some Republicans’ — efforts to undermine the Trump administration and the will of the American electorate at every turn over the past four years, which to my mind much more accurately fits the definition of a coup. It will be the task of the Dissident Right — and hopefully the Right more generally, if they have the stones — to do to the Left exactly what they have been doing to us by throwing endless obstacles in their path, denying their legitimacy, and constantly calling them to account for their injustices and excesses at every possible opportunity.

The Democrats are not as strong as they believe. Even most liberals only supported Biden grudgingly and purely out of expediency. Unpresident Biden is America’s Brezhnev — his health and stamina failing, he is merely an old Establishment tool who has been resurrected in an attempt to prop up an order that everyone knows is on its last legs. A telling video from the inauguration shows Biden passing a contingent of Marines on guard duty, who any sitting president is supposed to salute, being the Commander-in-Chief. Biden just shambles past them without a gesture, oddly mumbling “salute the Marines” under his facemask. The quite plausible theory that has been making the rounds is that Biden was being instructed on what to say and do through an earpiece, and that he mistakenly repeated an instruction to salute the Marines rather than actually doing it. This seems a good metaphor for his entire administration. (If you’re wondering who is on the other end of Biden’s earpiece, it might perhaps be one of the many Jews with whom he has packed his cabinet — such a number that makes Trump’s pandering to the Jewish lobby seem tame in comparison. What happened to diversity? Does the White House need affirmative action for whites nowadays?)

Like the late Soviet Union, however, Washington Inc. will project images of power in order to conceal the reality of their order’s decrepitude. That is surely the motive behind the deployment of 26,000 soldiers to Washington, DC — more than the number currently stationed in Iraq and Afghanistan combined — in response to the supposed Right-wing “threat.” It isn’t about security, it is a show of force to prove to America that they are back and that they intend to keep Washington and propagate their policies by any means necessary. Further, I predict that the US will engage in some significant military action within the next year to make a similar show of force on the world stage, flexing its muscles to prove that America intends to resume its role as the world’s policeman.

Starting from before the inauguration, the Left has been making their intention to declare war on anything authentically white or Rightist clear. But while it was very easy for the Establishment to muzzle the few thousand adherents of the Alt-Right, it will be much more difficult for them to silence the 75 million Americans who voted for Trump — in many cases not because they loved Trump but simply because they wanted to prevent the return of the ruling clique that had been governing our country entirely unopposed for decades before Trump’s rise.

In the final analysis, the most important lesson to be taken away from the Trump administration is that the last five years were never about Trump himself. American populism didn’t start with him and it won’t end with him. Samuel Francis was already predicting the rise of a populist figure like Trump in the 1990s, even heralding a “revolution from the Right” in a way that seems extremely prescient today. What the Capitol occupation showed is that the populist current has grown beyond Trump’s ability to channel and contain it. As a result — maybe — we have an opportunity to transcend him and construct something real out of the movement he energized, and do it better.

The real news of the last few months was the fact that 11 million more Americans voted for Trump in 2020 over 2016, despite the ongoing demographic changes and despite all of his flaws and failures. There is nothing that more aptly proves that it wasn’t all merely about him than this. American populism isn’t dead. White America isn’t dead. That’s why I didn’t use a photo of Trump himself to illustrate this post, but rather one of his supporters — ordinary Americans, who were the real motor behind these changes in the political landscape.

I can’t say at present what will come next for the Dissident Right. I’m not sure who will, or even could, emerge to form the leadership of a post-Trump populist movement. Perhaps those who follow the American political scene more closely than I do might have an inkling of who is waiting in the wings that might be qualified to take charge. One thing that is certain is that these new leaders must be completely disconnected in every public way from the fiasco that was the Alt-Right. That brand is dead. But hopefully what is best in the Dissident Rightist milieu can still inform whatever follows in our, and Trump’s, footsteps.

With Trump’s wings clipped, ordinary white Americans are looking for a leader. Here’s hoping they can finally get the one they deserve.

(Republished from Counter-Currents Publishing by permission of author or representative)
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    Well Lets see interesting year Biden wins ,Pennsyllvanis by 25,000 more votes than Registered voters. He wins Wisconsin by 17,000 more votes than voters, their were two states with over 300,000 combinred votes that were from people who did not exist, But according to the courts all the way up to the supreme court who said it was legal, needless to say i no longer, trust the supreme court

    • Agree: Ashley H
    • Replies: @animalogic
  2. Chris Moore says: • Website

    Trump succeeded in two things, both for the Jewish cause: advanced the Zionist interest in Israel, and put back the opposition to the liberal-neocon Jewish establishment in America. How is that in any way a “win” for authentic America Firsters?

    Ann Coulter got it right: His loyalties were to himself and his entitled (Zionist) bloodline.

    • Agree: RedpilledAF, Stan d Mute
    • Thanks: Trinity
    • Replies: @Wally
  3. Trump was never anything but a con from the start. Don’t feel bad, lot’s of us were conned. Just another shabbas-goy shearing the sheep for Talmudic Satanist masters. To very loosely paraphrase the Unz writer C. J. Hopkins: Here I went and voted for Hitler and all I got was this crummy Boomer vaporware salesman. He is a genius at one thing only – truly the God-Emperor of confidence men.

    Like the con-men who put on the fake Broadway show Springtime for Hiter, he never stops. Even after appointing a long series of swamp-creatures to ‘drain the swamp, allowing massive vote-fraud and and pardoning nothing but Jew swindlers and violent negroes (while tossing his supporters who showed up on January 6 under the bus), he and his best advisor Jared are busy at work setting up a ‘Patriot Party’ which will drain the wallets of the desperate fools wanting to sign up for ‘Tea-Party 2.0′. As the quote admired by P.T. Barnum states: “There’s a sucker born every minute.”

    At least with Sniffy the Pedo (who will be removed before too long) and the Heels-up Hindoo Dindoo, the Recucklickin’ Party led by Mithch the Bitch and Mitt Wormney, we know for certain that the regime in the District of Corruption is no more legitimate that Robert Mugabe’s Zimbabwe or any other shithole one would choose to compare it to.

  4. I was proud of the fact that Michigan, where I vote …

    No real dissident votes. When one votes, he is buying into the scam that continually produces the next savior and continually produces nothing but more repression.

    A real dissident understands he is getting reamed and won’t cooperate in his own demise. A dissident has a brain that actually thinks. A voter is a mindless spectator in the endless game of politics purposely designed to provide a false sense of control for people too stupid to understand the system offers them no control.

  5. Trump was a little bit better choice than the other candidates. And they were really, really, really bad. I was not disappointed in Trump because I never expected much out of him. RIP Donny!

  6. SteveK9 says:

    Perhaps Josh Hawley? More obvious would be Donald Trump, Jr … although I’m not sure what he actually thinks, he does seem intelligent.

    Biden is a joke ‘ … salute the Marines’. How else to interpret this other than a robot mistaking a command for something to repeat. Yikes.

    • Replies: @follyofwar
  7. Good summary, Mr. Morgan. Thanks.

    • Agree: Jack Armstrong, R2b
  8. Trump never confronted race or demographics. An economist, not a culturist, to Trump the inner city problem was jobs not hood culture. He should have kept calling it a muslim ban, good man, weak philosophicallly.

  9. aandrews says:

    “…oddly mumbling ‘salute the Marines’ under his facemask.”

    That’s unsettling.

  10. KenH says:

    Spencer and the alt-Right never should have associated themselves with Trump and maintained some separation. Hail Trump Gate forced Trump to disavow the alt-right and allowed the Jew controlled media to continue to associate Trump with the alt-right and vice versa in the minds of many Americans.

    David Duke shouldn’t have endorsed Trump. As much as I respect his work he wanted publicity for himself as did Spencer with Hail Trump Gate. The “leaders” of the pro-white movement need to stop being so self serving.

    Trump ran and won on a right of center platform but he mostly gave us centrist crap while in office as well as adopting far left wing initiatives like criminal justice reform. The ICE budget was cut twice during his tenure because he and his team were bad negotiators.

    • Agree: follyofwar
    • Replies: @Robert Dolan
    , @Tucker
    , @Anon

    What the hell is this? White women in movies now do obligatory interracial relationship roles, and white guys do the obligatory homo roles.

    It’s like FAR FROM HEAVEN saw the future, or mapped it out. The white hubby turns out to suck dic*, and the white woman goes off to kiss a Negro, on the lips too.

  12. @KenH

    No….Duke did NOT endorse Trump simply to gain publicity for himself.

    Duke believed in Trump in the beginning as many of us did.

    I don’t think it’s fair to blame Spencer either. C’ville was a nothingburger same as DC on Jan.6th.

    The jewish media demonizes ALL of us no matter WHAT we say or do.

    To watch in horror as the jews mislabel little old MAGA ladies as “domestic terrorists” should give us pause.

    Keep in mind that BLM is up for the Nobel Peace Prize……we no longer live in a rational world…..we live in the jew clownworld clusterfuck where whites can do no right and non-whites can do no wrong.

    • Agree: phillip sawicki
    • Replies: @KenH
    , @Anon
  13. troof says:

    It’s always amazing to see how many right-wingers have invented a country for themselves called “this country”, which is everywhere, has no population, but lives in their minds anyway. All for the sake of a chimera called “the white working class”.

    How is it an imaginary class which is actually a minority, and that has no history anywhere is also going to rule over a continent of 50 States with 300+ million people?

    Everything “right wing” is a mental fantasy cult.

    • Thanks: troof
    • Troll: Malla, GazaPlanet
    • Replies: @BADmejr
    , @Trinity
  14. Fred777 says:

    He reminded himself to salute the Marines and still forgot to do it.

    • LOL: V. Hickel
  15. Wally says:
    @Chris Moore

    Except that the left and the Never Trumpers went absolutely out of their minds trying to get rid of Trump using every dirty trick possible, and only succeeded via an obviously rigged election, which Morgan curiously fails to go into.

    No President has ever faced such concerted actions.

    For someone who supposedly did nothing, Trump certainly did do plenty:

    President Trump’s Massive & Historic Accomplishments:
    Trump accomplishments:
    50 Things Neo-Marxists Don’t Want You to Know About Trump:

    • Thanks: mark green
    • Replies: @BannedHipster
  16. @RoatanBill

    No real dissident disagrees you’re not a clacking set of dental implants who from your south american ant hole vicariously preaches an endless game of politics purposely designed to provide a false sense of control for people too stupid not to understand that by obsessing over our outcome your brain actually thinks it produces something relevant to your own world.

    As if honduras somehow holds you back from being what you are .. nope. you’ve hit paydirt

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  17. I called it the day he rode down the escalator. I was happy he won, but not happy with his performance. Even so, I voted for him again, because the alternative was much worse.

    Trump ran on a Democrat 1980 platform: manufacturing jobs, family values, everything the Democrats were before homosexuals, Scientism, and “people of color” changed the party. Hardly “right wing,” but given today’s politics, who knows what the labels mean anymore. Contrary to the New York Times, he was not a racist or a fascist. He pandered more to blacks and Hispanics than he did to Whites. His pardon of two negro rappers just before he left office was disgusting. Allowing that Kardashian whore into the Oval Office was likewise disgusting. And his Jewish in-laws were nauseating.

    He was not my ideal candidate, but, as I said, the alternative was far worse. As for the future, I will not vote again. We are unlikely to ever see a promising leader that Whites can follow.

    • Agree: GomezAdddams
    • Replies: @Niebelheim
    , @Alden
    , @Alden
  18. Well from my perspective, the Trump Administration….like Biden and Harris….are filthy fucking cockroaches.

    White Folks need to start talking to each other….and they need to start talking about the 1965 Immigration Reform Act and the nullification of the White Vote on Nov 3 2020…

    • Disagree: Katrinka
    • Replies: @Stonehands
  19. Mike321 says:

    I believe it was Reagan who started the tradition of presidents returning the salute of the marine at the door of Marine One. This always made me wince. The navy taught us that you never saluted when out of uniform, or were uncovered, or inside. Presidents saluting at the helicopter fail on two out of three of those criteria. Therefore, I cut Biden some slack about not following the instruction of, “Salute the marine.”

    • Replies: @Rev. Spooner
    , @Alden
  20. John Hagan says: • Website

    ‘The quite plausible theory that has been making the rounds is that Biden was being instructed on what to say and do through an earpiece.’

    Such is why I saw Biden as tilting at windmills. So I made a short video.

    Don Quixote: Satire with a sad ending. Who is Don Quixote, who is Sancho and finally who is ‘Justice’.

  21. @elvisroy0000

    I think you are onto something fundamentally important.
    If Biden is to be delegitimised, it must begin with the publication of absolutely rock solid evidence of the electoral fraud that made his win possible.
    The MSM must be FORCED to swallow the pill of electoral fraud. This can only be done by a tidal wave of indisputable evidence.
    No single blow — but death by a 1000 cuts.

    • Agree: Peripatetic Itch
    • Replies: @Rooster10
  22. From a right wing perspective, Trump was in bed with the enemy Israel. Trump was the biggest Jew whore president yet, and we’ll see if Biden is an even bigger whore and get’s a war with Iran. I see Jew run Hollywood which works directly with the Pentagon has Top Gun 2 Tom Cruise coming out just in time for the 4th of Jewlie weekend this summer.

    Tom Cruise back in a fighter jet, Amerika Hell Yeah! Gotta pump the war fervor with the Goyim. Remember that Wesley Clark memo, 7 countries in 5 years the FINISHING OFF WITH IRAN?

  23. @Exalted Cyclops

    If Jared is involved, then the seeds of corruption are already sprouting.

  24. Thanks for the boomer take. How any writer from the HBD Mitten could write a hagiography on the ZioTrump interlude while ignoring the cornucopia of poo-flinging insanity in his own state is a mystery. You’re gratified that we voted Trump, but see no problem reconciling it with the election of communist Whitless? And you think that we can just have a grand old time politicking and voting our way back to sanity..

    • Replies: @Publius 2
  25. gotmituns says:

    trump was/is a carnival huckster who fooled enough people to become president. biden is the real deal. He means to turn America into a wasteland. The one thing they both have in common is they were/are cowards who refused to serve as privates in our army (“4F”) in the 60’s and now have been made commander in chief with the power to send troops in harms way – both are steaming piles of excrement.

  26. Anonymous[199] • Disclaimer says:

    While it is true that Trump didn’t start the war with Syria, that honor belongs to our 44th White President, make no mistake: we are at war with Syria and should not be.

    Can everybody please stop calling it “immigration”? And start calling it “illegal alien invasion”? Immigration is not the problem although the H1B visa program is a disaster for American workers, just a way to import cheap mostly Indian labor and it needs a moratorium.

  27. unwoke says:

    “Perhaps those who follow the American political scene more closely than I do might have an inkling of who is waiting in the wings that might be qualified to take charge. One thing that is certain is that these new leaders must be completely disconnected in every public way from the fiasco that was the Alt-Right. That brand is dead. But hopefully what is best in the Dissident Rightist milieu can still inform whatever follows in our, and Trump’s, footsteps.
    With Trump’s wings clipped, ordinary white Americans are looking for a leader. Here’s hoping they can finally get the one they deserve.”

    For someone who doesn’t follow the American political scene very closely this is a pretty lengthy dissection of it. But apparently the “Dissident Right” as they style themselves are ready to throw in the towel & are looking for someone(s) to follow in their footsteps. And while they’re at it, they’ll declare an end to the “Trump experiment”,too. Has anyone told him, yet?
    “Ordinary white Americans” are a different matter. If they’re “looking for a leader”, many of them seem to believe they’ve already found one in ordinary ‘ole Joe. Whites are at odds with one another, so they’re sitting ducks. It will take more than hope to unify them.

  28. I think the author is far too generous in his assesssment of Trump. The only positive thing I can see was that he didn’t start any new wars, only maintained the ones that was although the blatant zionist provocation of Iran was unforgivable.

    It all started the first day after the election when Trump et al decided that they would not be going in opposition to their own party. That was his first mistake. His econd mistake mistake was not hiring people loyal to him and Bannon’s vision and third mistake was being a dumbfuck who let himself be led into the most stupid things by the corrupt —- Kushner who had way too much influence over everything, yes everything, in the administration.

    Ultimately Trump was a bloviating buffoon (Although that was known to anybody reasonable before the election) with a degree of narcissism never seen in a white goy in politics before that was only thinking about himself the whole time, without any convictions at all.
    He squandered the first two years on going along with the GOPe agenda and ultimately the only people who got anything out of his presidency was blacks/criminals, the left (Because he riled them up and poked them while never using the force of the state to shut them down, even dropping his own voter fraud investigation halfways and crying on twitter that somebody should do something about so many different things when he was the President – an absurd thing to do), the rich 1 % elite and Jews (But i repeat myself).

    If Russia anneses Crimea, which was a part of the country until the 1950s or 60s, it’s a crime against humanity. If Israel annexes the West bank it’s only good and right.

    Why? Because Jews run the USA and Trump did nothing at all to stand up to them in any real way that gave any results (And I mean implicitly, not explcitly of course).

    • Agree: phillip sawicki
  29. Exile says:

    The “optics” argument for why the alt-Right failed just doesn’t work for me. Big Jew was not going to let us subvert the GOP or otherwise vote them out of power.

    The opposition holds the high ground in Big Media. Only three years from Charlottesville Trump supporters are all KKK Nazis now.

    The people who are still worried about what the system labels you are not going to be meaningfully involved in opposition politics. They will be grifters or they will be baggage.

    The center cannot hold – it’s a mirage. There are two sides – the one that wants to uphold Zionist-occupied America and the one that wants them out and wants Whites back in charge. You can’t hide your uniform for long in the Two Minute Hate environment of 2020-2021, not if you want to engage in any form of politics, influence or power struggle whatsoever.

    Anyone who reifies and supports the tired memes of “KKK bad, Nazis bad, muh Holocaust” is spreading disinformation and giving moral support to the opposition.

    The current state of U.S. & world affairs only makes sense through an anti-Semitic lens. Jews are the ones most involved, pound for pound, in orchestrating and gas-canning the Great Replacement and all that comes with it.

  30. onebornfree says: • Website

    Trump failed because he, just like the vast majority [i.e. 99.9%] of his supporters [i.e. useful idiots], never understood that more government is _not_the solution to ANYTHING, but is the problem itself.

    There are, and never have been, ANY successful, long lasting government solutions to ANY problem.

    Government does not solve problems, it just creates _more_ of them [for its own benefit/aggrandizement].

    ALL government “solutions”, always involve more government, more laws, and less freedom for individuals – the exact opposite of what is actually required.

    Any presidential candidate who truly understood that reality would have called for [at the very least], massive ,overnight reductions in the size/scope of government and all federal regulations , massive lowering [or the complete elimination] of the federal income tax [and other federal taxes] , and an immediate return to the limited functions and scope of the federal government as proscribed in the constitution and bill of rights.

    Trump failed largely because he offered NONE of that, simply because he was/is , just like his millions of supporters, [but unlike, for example, a “simpleton” like Ringo Starr], entirely unaware of the plain as day fact that:

    “Everything government touches turns to crap” Ringo Starr

    Also: “Government doesn’t work” Harry Browne
    [see: ]

    “Government is a disease masquerading as its own cure” Robert LeFevere

    “The kind of man who wants the government to adopt and enforce his ideas is always the kind of man whose ideas are idiotic” H.L.Mencken

    Until enough voters come to realize that the government can “offer” them nothing more than yet more impositions on their own freedom, and therefor choose to elect an “outsider” president who themselves understands that very fact and pledges to get the federal government _out_of all of their lives, to the max, I see no hope for the US system, and only a continuation in its current path to full on, top down totalitarianism, with maybe the occasional,Trump-like fake savior showing up every now and then, purely for entertainment value.

    Personally, I knew Trump would fail, for the reasons given above. I even said so back in 2015:

    “You,Trump,Sanders Etc., Vs “Dictator Syndrome””:

    Regards, onebornfree

    • Replies: @Stan
  31. Tucker says:

    “David Duke shouldn’t have endorsed Trump. As much as I respect his work he wanted publicity for himself as did Spencer with Hail Trump Gate”

    I agree 100 percent. However, the problem with David Duke is that the guy is either not very bright and certainly has no concept of knowing when it’s time to be cunning – or, the only other possibility is that he was deliberately trying to help the enemy owned and controlled mainstream media have a means to draw a connection between himself and Trump. I mean what other explanation can anyone come up with other than these two possibilities?

    Day after day, week after week, Duke was plastering pro-Trump headlines all over his website and doing radio podcasts where he was cheering for Trump and all this did was hand to the anti-Trump, virulently anti-White mainstream media an endless number of ‘screen shots’ of Duke’s website and then use them to smear Donald Trump as some kind of Grand Wizard of the KKK. Duke’s former reputation as belonging to a chapter of the KKK many decades ago has turned him into a useful tool for the anti-White left to haul out whenever they want to destroy or demonize a White politician who might be even a microscopically pro-White. Duke’s ego must somehow prevent him from realizing and accepting that his reputation is the kiss of political death for any politician who the media can fabricate an association with him – even when no association ever existed.

    How many weeks did we have to listen the jewish media relentlessly hounding Trump about ‘disavowing David Duke’? Over and over and over, for weeks on end – every time Trump did a press conference or sat down with one of the media whores for an interview – the bastards would hound him relentlessly and demand that he ‘disavow David Duke’. Even after Trump did disavow Duke, and did so on multiple occasions, these rabid media dogs would still pretend that he hadn’t and kept hounding him about it. This is the old, but effective, Marxist tool of ‘guilt by association’.

    And, I lay the blame for it at the feet of David Duke. KenH is 100 percent right. Had Duke not been trying to garner publicity for himself by gushing how much he loved Donald Trump – and instead, engaged his brain – he would have kept a lower profile and not spent so much of his time praising Trump – thereby depriving the enemy controlled mainstream media of their ability to flash all those ‘pro-Trump’ screenshots from Duke’s website on the nightly news every night and then using them to insinuate that Donald Trump was some kind of closeted Grand Wizard of the KKK.

    Optics 101. This is one of the main reasons why the left have been kicking the right’s butts for the last 60 or more years. The left understands the power of optics and they use their cunning to make sure that any optics that are shown to the public will always paint the right (and especially the White right) in an unfavorable light.

    • Agree: Carolyn Yeager
    • Disagree: Robert Dolan
    • Replies: @Robert Dolan
    , @Exile
  32. R2b says:

    As mr Morgan said, its not about Trump, it is American Populism rising, and betrayed once again. I
    Israel got the most!
    Four years wasted, and no organizing but ludicruos fringe alt-right queers, and nazi-fan boys!
    This should be about the ordinary people, 75 million, long since betrayed by the democrats calling them ”deplorables” and ”fly-over-people”.
    Organize now!
    Pick up Tulsi Gabbard and forget about Bernie Sanders!
    Create a movement and form resistance, before they jab you out in space!

  33. @The Soft Parade

    I assume there’s an insult in your poorly worded diatribe, but I can’t quite discern it. You might want to consider a writing course while paying special attention to run on sentences.

    There are several people on this site who hammer me for living outside the US. They somehow feel my comments are to be disregarded and they have a right to criticize me personally as opposed to the content of my comments. You’re just another one that doesn’t have the intellect to debate the points I make but just starts slinging shit like a money in the zoo.

    Please keep it up to show the other site participants just how smart you are.

    • Agree: stevennonemaker88
    • Replies: @Ashley H
  34. Anon[324] • Disclaimer says:

    Look at this dude cry about alt right, like you could have done it better if you were at the helm. Hey, news flash: AmNats had their shot too, ever heard of America First Nick Fuentes and his whole cadre? Ever hear of january 6th ‘insurrection’? Dont be so quick to throw stones. Relitigating the past pointing jeering fingers is just divisive.

  35. Biff says:

    As a corollary to this, no Islamist terror attacks occurred within the United States during Trump’s tenure apart from the shooting at the Naval Air Station in Pensacola, which puts him above both Bush and Obama in that category.

    Correction. There were no false flags during the Trump’s tenure. Remove all the false flags and Islamic terrorism in the west is actually rare.

    • Agree: Peripatetic Itch
  36. The record is quite clear at this point.

    Trump never cared about immigration, the wall, deporting illegals, bringing jobs back, ending the wars for Israel in the Middle East.

    Trump was always, 100%, about Israel’s Likud agenda. That is why Trump put Zionist Jews in charge of his administration and put his son-in-law, Jared Kushner – a Zionist Jew – in charge of policy and even his failed reelection campaign.

    Everyone who fell for the “America First” rhetoric is a sucker.. It was always obvious what Trump was, as he spent 2008-2016 constantly attacking anyone standing in the way of Zionist expansion.

    Trump did NOTHING for America, and he did EVERYTHING for Israel.

    • Agree: Katrinka
  37. KenH says:
    @Robert Dolan

    No….Duke did NOT endorse Trump simply to gain publicity for himself.

    I didn’t mean or say his endorsement was insincere but Duke did not shy away from the mics when it came to endorsing or lauding Trump during the campaign.

    I don’t think it’s fair to blame Spencer either. C’ville was a nothingburger same as DC on Jan.6th.

    I didn’t blame Spencer for Charlottesville and neither he nor any other UtR organizer did anything wrong other than exercise their Constitutional rights which of course is now de facto illegal if one is pro-white.

    Spencer hailed Trump at his annual conference in early 2017 and the (((media))) immediately and predictably demanded a disavowal of the alt-right from Trump and Trump obliged. It’s my understanding that Spencer knew cameras were rolling so that was a publicity stunt by Spencer that didn’t move the cause forward.

  38. HT says:

    Those complaining about Trump and the GOP are about to get a real wake up call. Seen the new comprehensive gun control law, HR 127, named after a Muslim foreign student and sponsored by Shelia Jackson Lee that they are about to bring forth? It effectively ends the Second Amendment with Euro style gun restrictions. You will long for the days of being led by McConnell and Paul Ryan.

    • Replies: @follyofwar
  39. @Exalted Cyclops

    What never changes is people’s naiveté to regard a politician’s beeing smeared and violently attacked in the media as a proof of the smeared one’s genuiness. Many might be unaware – and some choose to ignore the fact – that the myth of democracy as the the garantee for state powers/authorities being wielded on behalf of the populus nowadays would be hard – even impossible – to uphold without an omnipresent image of a severe polarization in the society. The polarization actually has become authentic/real amongst ordinary – misinformed – people, a given consequence of the media and most of other information sources being controlled by the same cliques.

  40. There is nothing redeeming about Trump. By giving the order to murder General Solemani…who was a very great man…..Trump dam near started nuclear WWW3.

    One year ago, on two different occasions…..Trump boasted about how he wanted to import Hindu Legal Immigrant Youth into America and Chinese Legal Immigrant Youth into America…..The 1965 Immigration Reform on steroids.

    The Historic Native Born White American Majority Vote was nullified on Nov 3 2020 by Nonwhite Legal Immigrants and their nonwhite US born children….A direct consequence of the passage of the 1965 Immigration Reform Act and post-1965 Immigration Policy. JFK would have been an enthusiastic supporter of both policies

  41. profnasty says:

    30,000 troops in DC?
    Biden : Methinks thou doest protest too much.
    Crooked election.
    You could see it a mile away.
    Mail-in voters are beneath contempt.
    Every other year you’re called upon to get off your ass and vote. You can’t even be bothered.
    Dead country walking.

  42. With Trump’s wings clipped, ordinary white Americans are looking for a leader. Here’s hoping they can finally get the one they deserve.

    That’s the problem here, and has been for many, many decades. Americans are to busy looking for their next “starry eyed messiah” to lead them to the promised land. They can’t seem to get it through their thick skulls salvation will never come from someone allowed by our real controllers to enter the national political arena. These are the same citizen boobs who up to a year ago would spend hundreds of dollars/hours on NFL games/teams and yet would never take the time to attend a city council or school board meeting where their voice might actually make a difference. You’re never going to win a game if your not on the field.

    Trump has been a Judas goat from day one, and his final leading of the sheep to slaughter with the Capitol psyop should have opened everyone’s eyes, but it didn’t. Of course this would have never happened if Trump would have taken real steps to “stop the steal” before it happened.

    So here we are 5 years later. Trump managed to draw all the so called “patriots” out, set them up like bowling pins, and allow the Democrat lefties to knock them down(with the help of the American Pravda). Now labeled as domestic terrorist These MAGA and Q folks find themselves on a Federal list. This will target them for re-education at the least and gulag time at the worst.

    Yes, so lets get started on the hunt for our next messiah, for he/she/shim will surely be our true savior this next go-round.

  43. JKnecht says:

    Future > youth> Fuentes

    • LOL: Katrinka
  44. White Males should have been thinking about the 1965 Immigration Reform Act for the past 20 years…..Instead of the bacterial count in Tom Brady’s jockstrap for the past 20 years…….

    • Agree: Jimmy le Blanc
  45. Whites have consistently provided 85-90% of the votes given to the GOP, including Mr Trump.

    He never mentioned our name.

    • Agree: Jimmy le Blanc
  46. Starting with the author’s “In the final analysis, the most important lesson to be taken away from the Trump administration is that the last five years were never about Trump himself. American populism didn’t start with him and it won’t end with him.” – whether we call it AltRight, Dissident Right or RedRyder, the awakening has started – and the facts on the ground will determine what and when will come next.
    The soft underbelly of our ruling oligarchy has been EXPOSED! There is no going back and they know it.
    Our RedRyders will start with our families, churches and local communities – – that’s how we lost our culture over the last 100+ years. It is our culture which determines our politics – and I truly believe that DaPushback is growing a spine to be reckoned with.

  47. “With Trump’s wings clipped, ordinary white Americans are looking for a leader. Here’s hoping they can finally get the one they deserve.”

    It will be Donald Trump Jr., you mark my words.

  48. @Dr ExCathedra

    Yup, he never even called us by our name..LOL

    • Thanks: the grand wazoo
  49. @War for Blair Mountain

    You were the only one who correctly predicted in 2016 that the Trump juggernaut would lead to President Kamala Harris in 2020.

  50. LarryS says:

    According to the Left, Christian Zionists are now Nazi’s. Amazing.

  51. AReply says:

    The idea of the “dissident right” is oxymoronic outside of very narrow circles of liberal thought which typify conservative complaint about over-privileged and mentally disturbed academics. IOW the entire situation of the author is leftist! With some crazy parsing into a nebulous zone of the “right” which opens a gap: what characteristics of “right wing” does the author indentify with: xenophobia?

    You see by wrecking their lands, they all want to come here, is the mist accommodating way I can read the author’s complaints in the context of a proven outlet for white grievances with reader comments guaranteed to degenerate into vile bigotry… Wait for it!

    Peculiarly absent in the authors “disbelieving, then giddy” expectations of a Trump arrival is any mention of the most biggesr reason for Trump’s appeal: his bragging he was the only player on the field with the balls to reverse the long slide of USA the manufacturing sector, and the scrubbing clean and fresh of the rust belt, which was marketed as the essence of MAGA. As soon as he got into office, he dropped that rhetoric of genuine hope, and started pretending to be Putin. And we all know how the KGB and party officials care about the regular man.

    The author can hate the Democrats because by virtue of his discontentment with proxy wars and immigration, he has no interest in the health and welfare of actual USA Americans. I guess the author is set for life, or hopes to cash in on the zillions that are being spent rebranding Republicans.

    The author’s overall laments about Trump could equally be leveled about Obama: he had history and activism for human rights on his side and could have used the bully pulpit to deal smashing blows to the putrified remains of the post Civil War South in American politics, but instead he practiced civility and tolerance of brain-eating zombies who lurched around slashing at him. Why? In the interest of Wall St. And what was Trump’s one claim to success: Gains of Wall St.

    This author sounds like a Republican gaslighter, which is a growing fashion in these times, as the conservative brand is in endless need of rehabilitation from its reactionary excesses.

    If there is any defensible claim of intellectual independence of this author, it’s in grotesque political ignorance. The challenge for bots, should you choose to accept it, is delineate how right-wing dissidence serves any function other than white nationalism, which has already been proven a catastrophic failure and cannot live.

    So basically you have to face that you are commies, but in the proper sense of people struggling to organize their affairs within a dignity of the commons, in face of wanton concentrated power. You know, the American Experiment.

    I mean are you conservatives or not? Because the fucking Republicans certainly are not. What do I mean by “conservative”? I mean the protection of and reliance on what is known to work. Which in case you missed it is liberal democracy! JesusHFC, this was figured out in time of Galileo!

    As Robinhood ignorant day-traders are purely tools for corporate investment houses, so is the MAGAT a tool of the GOP. Trump is a Humpty Dumpty and the Republican party will rely on blood transfusions to stay alive, remedy which will be provided because the mental control of America lies in a polar antagonism between two righteous parties playing a big game.

    Where does this author — and this entire site — fit in? Intellectual vampirism! The right-wing (read ex-Republican) needs the blood of the left to get a ruddy appearance back in the GOP’s gaunt and pale cheeks.

    Right-wing dissidents unite! Zombie White America prefers being eaten by their own.

    • Troll: Zarathustra
  52. You can not make any sense about what happened on Nov 3 2020 unless you understand the History of the passage of the 1965 Immigration Reform Act.

    And you can not understand how the 1965 Immigration Reform Act was passed unless you understand the history of the passage of 1964 Civil Rights Act.

    The passage of the 1964 Civil Rights Act is the creature of the Cold War Anti-Commie Crusade-which is how Senator JFK got Barack Obama’s father-a legal immigrant Muslim from Kenya- into the America…..And the rest is history:Black Lives Matter was encouraged and organized in the Oval Office by Barack Obama and Valerie Jarette.

    Black Lives Matter has engaged in ten years of racial intimidation of Innocent White Americans across American.

    So it is very safe to sat that Black Lives Matter has its origins 52 years after the passage of the 1965 Immigration Reform Act.

  53. BADmejr says:

    One must consider that “this country” is more often “this nation,” which denotes a people rather than the geographical boundaries which comprise the US. It refers to the population and its posterity who built the historic American nation. I don’t believe there are any delusions that “we” will retake “this country.” Furthermore, much of the people who might be considered “our people” are completely against us, believing largely in some version of the manufactured reality blasted across every digital screen that most spend more time experiencing than actual reality. Right wing “movements” are largely infiltrated by feds (informants) and directed in unproductive ways. Apart from the massive censorship in the internet, this type of infiltration and direction from enemies sows massive distrust in dissident right wing movements, their formation, and their success.

    I suppose my main point is that no one who takes these things seriously and is truly a part of the DISSIDENT right (not MAGA boomers) believes “this country” landmass of the US has any possibility of being won by white people.

    • Thanks: Lucy Lipinska
    • Replies: @troof
  54. What I hate about the White Male MAGA–Tard-Trump Voters is that their vote for Trump was a vote to bomb Iran on behalf of Israel. Of course, this is literally a vote for nuclear WW3… doubt about it.

  55. Trinity says:

    “an imaginary class which is actually a minority and that has no history anywhere…” “mental fantasy cult.”

    You self projecting again, Shlomo? Now lets talk about inbreeding shall we. LMAO at this (((pathetic troll.)))

    • Replies: @troof
  56. @Exalted Cyclops

    Exalted Cyclops, beautiful prose and analysis. It brought tears to my eyes–laughing. Thanks

  57. @War for Blair Mountain

    I would rather say that affirmative action is not in harmony with Capitalistic free enterprise system.
    Also it violently contradicts American individualism and so it is destroying the system on which American prosperity was built.

  58. @Mike321

    I think people like you are labeled as “Anal Retentive”.

    • Replies: @Mike321
  59. @War for Blair Mountain

    The Trump-worshippers who live in Sweden are Christian-Zionists.

  60. @Zarathustra

    I really don’t care what you think. You are pushing Jordan Peterson sewage which reduces Native Born White American Working Class Males to a free market exchange…..Knowing full well-as Jordan Peterson does-that a nonwhite majority will eternally be about race.

    Jordan Peterson is effectively telling Native Born White American Working Class Males TO DIE!!!!!

    Interesting, Jordan Peterson=Norwegian….Jeff Bezos=Norwegian

    Seriously, fuck your capitalism….Capitalism is a perpetual growth malignant tumor on the Planet…….

    • Agree: Parsnipitous
    • Replies: @Zarathustra
  61. @Wally

    The Gateway Pundit – a “QAnon” blog – and, an Israeli blog.

    A commenter on my blog has “Wally’s” number, called him out by name:

  62. Stan says:

    When the enemy is trying to kill you, libertards trumpet the useless drivel of Con, Inc.

    • Replies: @onebornfree
  63. VICB3 says:
    @Exalted Cyclops

    Here’s a bit of wisdom taught to me about cons by genuine experts at it*:

    A successful con always offers up a little “Hope.” “There’s a way that might save things….”

    That is Trump. That is Obama. That is the Clintons. Bush, both of them. And so on and so forth, going back I don’t know how long. (Out of all the Presidents in the past 100 years, only Coolidge and Harding, and Hoover start looking good, but only barely.)

    In other words, we’ve always had con men in or surrounding various national offices, holding out a life-line. It’s the nature of the beast and the attractions of power. The problem is that these same persons have simultaneously had ever increasing amounts of Federal muscle to interfere with people’s lives, with the simultaneous ability to use the same to control and punish. (I’d say that started with the Comstock Laws, but just as easily you could point to Lincoln’s sedition arrests.)

    Add the currently available technical means to monitor you 24/7 – your phone + security cameras + proposals to charge you by the mile when you drive + no fly lists + the internet in general – and you lain the groundwork for some sort of breakdown. Or something. And not to our benefit.

    Where I’m going with all this is that we’re in the midst of some sort of, a sort of long con, a con you can sense, but you’re not at all sure what it is or where it’s headed. My mentors on the subject of cons would say that as well I think, scratching their heads as to the ultimate end game.

    The con isn’t over yet. It’s still in play. And we should all bear that in mind with what’s happening.

    Just a thought.


    *Part of my life list of “Unusual and Unsuitable Friends and Acquaintances .”

  64. troof says:

    the population and its posterity who built the historic American nation

    which is not the “white working class”. The United States of America started with 13 British colonies, and it goes from there. This imaginary “working class” is a product of post 1870 immigration and the industrial age. Otherwise, the “historic American nation” is a continual line from 1776 into the Union victory of the Civil War, down through the 20th century and both World Wars.

    The most “American” part of the population is the BLUE STATES and the DEMOCRATS along with the leftover “Republicans”. I’ll give credit to other outliers like Southern Dixecrats but these are smaller regional nationalities. If you said that “the historic American nation” was dying, it might be right, but it will not be supplanted by the mythical “white working class”.

    There is no identifiable basis for “The Dissident Right”, it’s just a movement of cranks and lower middle class nobodies who cannot understand the process of history, or minor details like constitutional government. It’s a byproduct like everything else of capitalism, and it lacks any material condition precedent, at least one that I can see FWIW. It has nothing at all to do with “working”, and it looks like a collection of mental retards and lazy suburbanoid shut ins.

    How is it the “historic American nation” doesn’t have any American history? Why come they don’t even minimally grasp how to wield authority or power, or how the political process actually works? What is it you WANT that’s not just a slogan or an idea about ideas? It is a chimera, just nonsense dreamed up in “dissident” books and publications.

    Only the internet and social media allows this subsidised fantasy world to come alive, hence the LARPish crowd that gathered on Jan. 6th, take your pick:

    If there was ANY reality to the “white working class” or anyone else, you would do exactly what everyone else (e.g. hispanics) are doing: dig in and build, reform and rehab, garden, farm and actually WORK, besides make babies for example.

    I will never hire another “white man” again, the are all miserable unhealthy (often fat) tattooed drug addict losers, and completely incompetent. I don’t see the purpose for this race at all, and no, it is not the “heir” of great civilisational achievements either.

  65. troof says:

    No, you’re melting in envy and rage. Thanks for letting me occupy your mind rent free, as usual.

  66. Wha’ happen to Game Stop?

    I don’t think this website like Game Stop. Too close to the bone.

  67. @War for Blair Mountain

    Free market is here to stay ( at lest inside the borders of the state) regardless if you like it or not.
    Evolution of humanity is dependent on it. Resistance is futile.

  68. @SteveK9

    Regarding returning military salutes, that was not a standard practice by presidents until Ronald Reagan began doing it all the time. Eisenhower famously did not return salutes. In fact, some say that a president should not salute as he is a civilian. Presidential saluting is inappropriate and grating. An old man like Biden would be wise to end the practice.

  69. anonymous[251] • Disclaimer says:
    @Exalted Cyclops

    At least he talked about protecting our people, building the wall.

    At least he talked about making peace with Russia and our White European kindred people.

    He had all the right enemies, he still has the right enemies.

    His enemies hate Trump because they hate us.

    They hate White gentiles/Christians that don’t lick the boots of the Js and pander to the worst Black rioters.

    Anybody that CNN Jeff Zucker, the New York Times, the Bush family and the Romney family hate, has to have lots of good things going for him.

  70. anonymous[251] • Disclaimer says:

    ” What is it you WANT that’s not just a slogan or an idea about ideas? It is a chimera, just nonsense dreamed up in “dissident” books and publications.”

    I reply:

    OK. Here are some simple things we want and should get.

    One Hollywood studio that produces good movies that promote our people as good people – that promotes new talented artists like Shakespeare, Charles Dickens, Frank Capra, John Ford.

    One cable news network that tells the truth from our perspective.

    Our people are still ~ 40% of the US population.

    The ethnic group that dominates, monopolizes the USA media is less than 3% – they give us terrible movies, hateful moves and TV shows. Their news is extremely biased, incites Blacks to riot, loot.

    We just want to restore our civilization in what were once our cities like Detroit, Chicago, Baltimore, Los Angeles.

    We just don’t want to be replaced.

    That doesn’t sound like very much to ask.

    • Replies: @troof
  71. Mike321 says:
    @Rev. Spooner

    LOL!!! You’re not the first one who has told me that!! I’m sure it’s true.

  72. Soldiers in the capital is not like the Soviet Union. It is like third-world winger despotisms. You are a little confused. To be lenient.

  73. @HT

    I’ll never long for the days when Turtle Man and Never-Trumper Paul Ryan controlled their respective houses. In fact, if they try to come for our guns, that could finally be the the straw that breaks the camels back. The radical democrats try to scare us to death by talking about gun grabbing, but actually sending the police or military into our homes to illegally confiscate them is another matter.

    With Biden dictatorially signing so many stupid and unpopular Executive Orders, they are already losing considerable support among the people. Many who voted for Biden already have Buyers Remorse. And grabbing the legally purchased guns of hunters who have never committed a crime would, I hope, be very unpopular. Are they really crazy enough to start civil war 2.0? Well, maybe.

  74. AKINDLE says:

    I do not think Trump was patriotic or pro white from the start. He ran for President to boost his own ego. The criminal trash he pardoned on his way out just shows you just what kind of character that man has. Forget about him. He’s worthless.

    • Agree: GomezAdddams, V. Hickel
  75. @War for Blair Mountain

    You are spot on.

    The Civil Rights Act and the Immigration Act were the two bullets to the head of America.

  76. Things like a sensible immigration policy, strong borders, celebrating our history (overwhelmingly White, like its people), a government with limited powers and a stable rule of law should never be considered “dissident” or “alternative” viewpoints as they compose the winning formula for nations which have endured for centuries.

    The current US government–including during the Trump years–is rotten from top to bottom, brazen in its corruption and now open anti-White hatred.

    The strongest states like Texas and Florida should immediately secede, because the federal mafia is too far gone and Red states will need border control before hordes of shitlib locusts invade.

  77. @Tucker

    Your thinking process is stunted.

    David Duke is not to blame for anything.

    In point of fact, Duke is a great and honorable man and he’s been speaking the truth (at great cost) since he was a kid.

    The rightful blame must go to the lying jewish media.

    Your rant regarding optics is absurd BECAUSE JEWS CONTROL THE OPTICS, PERIOD.

    Optics are presented by the lying media. The jews always LIE about us, they always demonize us, they always marginalize us no matter what we do. This was the case for Trump and it’s the case for whites in general.

    The jews lie and gaslight ALL THE TIME.

    So the problem does not fall at the feet of David Duke or Andrew Anglin or Ricky Vaughn or Donald Trump or Jared Taylor or any innocent white person…..the problem is the jews and their lies….the way they twist and spin and spew bullshit 24/7.

    If the jews don’t didn’t have Duke as a whipping boy they would simply turn to Anglin or Enoch or Vince James or whoever. It’s a no win situation.

    My God, the jews are telling us that Michelle Malkin is a white supreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeemist.

    The nice jews also told us the BLM riots were mostly peaceful. So yes, you’re correct that they understand the power of optics but your conclusion is mistaken because white advocates do not have any control over the way they are presented.

    That’s why most white advocates have decided to refuse interviews because out of a three hour interview the jews will chop out a 20 second sound bite where they found something that works for bad optics and they run with a bullshit misrepresentation in place of the truth.

    • Thanks: Katrinka
    • Replies: @Anon
  78. John Morgan makes a doozy of an error in his fourth paragraph when he said that Trump had appointed “Bush leftover John Bolton as Secretary of State.” I hope that he knows it was Mike Pompeo. Maybe he should “follow the American political scene more closely” (final paragraph), and he wouldn’t have made such a glaring mistake.

    BTW, there was no mention of Trump’s failure to overrule those incompetent blue state governors, and send in the National Guard (or active military) to quell last summer’s BLM/Antifa riots. If Trump had acted decisively to stop them by invoking the Insurrection Act, instead of just dithering for months while cities burned, I think he would have gained more support among the “Silent Majority.”

    Also, it was the State Legislators, not Trump, who were responsible for ensuring a clean election. As the majority of states are controlled by republicans, their spinelessness in allowing democrat governors and democrat courts to assume powers that legally belongs to them is shameful.

    • Replies: @onebornfree
  79. As an independent, I preferred Trump over Biden, as did th majority of voters. Our job now is to keep Creepy Joe on life support for 4 years. Imagine Ho Harris in the oval office. Or is it the anal office?

  80. Emslander says:

    Some attempt at a real organization would certainly help and there has to be a component that can, in a disciplined manner, defend the crowds and the leaders who continue public gatherings. A leader who cares about the safety and proper behavior of his followers is also important.

    What is known is that the Right has now coalesced into a powerful majority of real voters. The message isn’t difficult. It has to stay on the idea of maintaining the country’s traditional cultural makeup and it has to have a strategy for dissolving the Deep State. In place of the Wall, I’d make moving the nation’s capital to the geographical center the dominating graphical promise of the next presidential campaign.

    We shall overcome!

  81. @aandrews

    Seems like old Mr. ten percent, wasn’t given his “rev me up” medication that day.

  82. Publius 2 says:
    @Stan d Mute

    Yep, the author is a Jew or a normie. He’s not a dissident.

  83. onebornfree says: • Website

    Once a slave, always a slave, I guess, at least in your case. So ” mo’ gubmint, mo’ gubmint, mo’ gubmint” right? 😎

    “The kind of man who wants the government to adopt and enforce his ideas is always the kind of man whose ideas are idiotic” H.L.Mencken

    “Regards” onebornfree

    • Replies: @Exile
  84. Probable Khazarian/Rothschild ‘Events’ that stand out to me:


    Rothschild Bank/London 1810
    Attempted Murder of Andrew Jackson
    Abraham Lincoln’s Public Murder
    Attempted Public Murder of James Garfield, who eventually died as a result
    1897 Zionist Summit in Basel, Switzerland
    Attempted Public Murder of William McKinley, who eventually died as a result
    1910 Jekyll Island Meeting
    American Khazarian (jewish) Oligarchs scared Henry Ford shitless for publishing ‘The International Jew’

    Warren Harding, who died under reportedly mysterious circumstances
    James Forrestal’s mysterious ‘suicide’
    Eisenhower’s Final Speech
    JFK’s Public Murder
    Jimmy Carter scared shitless by Khazarian (jewish) oligarchs for publicly supporting Anwar Sadat

    The Reagan ‘Trojan Horse’
    GHWB signing Public Law 102-14
    1993 WTC Bombing
    2001 WTC Terror Attack
    Obama Minstrel Show
    Fukushima Terror Attack
    Trump Minstrel Show
    Biden Nightmare
    Succession or Civil War?

    I certainly hope something positive comes from DJT’s 4 years in office, other than propping up of the ancient Khazarian reboot mis-named ‘Israel’.

    • Replies: @V. Hickel
  85. onebornfree says: • Website

    John Bolton or Mike Pompeo? WTF difference does _that_ distinction make, fer chrissakes?

    “Regards” onebornfree

  86. Anon[256] • Disclaimer says:
    @Robert Dolan

    A Wider Spectrum Strategy would be helpful.

    For example: 1) Good Cop (Pacifists) & 2) Bad Cop (Direct Political Combat)

    1) Pacifists could resist the Anti-Caucasian Regime with slogans such as:
    ANTI-CHRISTIAN …similar to the pacifist jewish strategy (of anti-semitism)

    2) Direct Political Combat would be more aggressive (combating political bias and censorship…)

    Also focus on LOCAL politics (ex: Co. Sheriffs) instead of Federal BANK\$TER.GOV politics. Build Pockets of “conservatives” and strengthen them with LOCAL politics…

  87. @Lucy Lipinska

    Evangelical Christianity is a Christian Heresy!!!!

  88. Exile says:

    Government always exists – the only question is whose interests it serves.

    Libertarianism is just a mind-trap for big-brained White guys to make them despise collective action and leave the business of rulership to (((others))).

    If you disdain collective action, how can you even be relevant in politics?

    Libertarians and an-caps love quoting Mencken because he was a fellow elitist snob who despised the working class and common people.

    Society without government is a fantasy faerie castle. In the real world “free markets” make guys like Bezos & Bill Gates your rulers (and spare me “not real capitalism” arguments, please – I’m an ex-Objectivist, I’ve preached those sermons before).

    • Agree: Stan
  89. Exile says:

    “The Left” (aka Jews) dictate the Overton Window – they control what’s “good” and “bad” optics with Holocaustianity and the Slavery/Colonialism narrative.

    Are the January 6 protestors Nazis? Hell no, and 99% of them would bend over backwards and kiss a Black tranny to prove it.

    But what good are those optics doing them today?

    Anyone preaching optics after 2018 is either dangerously naive or disingenuous.

    The problem with “the Right” (aka Whites) is not David Duke, Richard Spencer or Holocaust denial.

    The problem is Jewish power in media & finance and how that translates into political control in our “free societies.”

    And all the White dupes who think you can challenge that power by not talking about it.

  90. Anon[256] • Disclaimer says:
    @Robert Dolan

    You are absolutely right about the corrupt controlled media. Also, we need to ADAPT our strategy to better match the medias corrupt Anti-Caucasian tactics: Optics/Public Perception is extremely important. It would be more helpful if we had a Broader Spectrum Strategy for dealing with this Corrupt Controlled Media.

    I replied to another one of your posts (above) but I will copy and paste it here again, to save time searching for it ~

    ~ A Wider Spectrum Strategy would be helpful.

    For example: 1) Good Cop (Pacifists) & 2) Bad Cop (Direct Political Combat)

    1) Pacifists could resist the Anti-Caucasian Regime with slogans such as:
    ANTI-CHRISTIAN …similar to the pacifist jewish strategy (of anti-semitism)

    2) Direct Political Combat would be more aggressive (combating political bias and censorship…)

    Also focus on LOCAL politics (ex: Co. Sheriffs) instead of Federal BANK\$TER.GOV politics. Build Pockets of “conservatives” and strengthen them with LOCAL politics…

  91. troof says:

    If you have to “ask” for something, then there is no answer, it just means you want someone to provide free entertainment. Your life must be terribly boring, and it’s because you have no culture. This “40%” is an “anti people”, just as it reads in the Bible (“lo ammi”).

    Our people are still ~ 40% of the US population

    What people is that?? I don’t recall a lot of interest among this 40% in Shakespeare, Charles Dickens, Frank Capra, or John Ford. That’s something that’s in the other 60%, it is a direct mainstream descendant from earlier times past. Most of the “40%” has exactly zero percent interest in anything you mentioned, it is 100% internet driven noisehead hysteria.

    So you’re telling me the Trump mob on Jan. 6th was just thirsting for classical culture? I think you’re in the 3%, a dilettante imaginary cult trend. It’s trendy to pretend that you are also a victim, or that someone is going to “replace” you. What would they replace? I don’t believe it was ever really your heritage, but if you lost it, whose fault is that? You are literally aping the white man, which is both hilarious and sad at the same time.

    We just want to restore our civilization in what were once our cities like Detroit, Chicago, Baltimore, Los Angeles

    No you don’t, or you’d populate those cities and restore them. Who’s stopping it right now? All the pioneering in urban areas these days is from the BLUE STATE PROGRESSIVE side. It was NEVER your civilisation, and that’s why it crumbled in the hands of a “white working class”.

    Astounding, to act like it was somebody else’s fault that you have no culture or history. Typical “palestinians”: latch on to something others built, pretend you were there first, and substitute your piss poor fantasy world for a real nationality. At least the Europeans had something to protect.

  92. Rooster10 says:

    The Gateway Pundit’s entire site for the better part of a month was story after story of the fraud perpetrated in multiple states. If a judge is unwilling to hear a case, and the few that do hear them are corrupt, I’m not sure what good more evidence is. There’s literally mountains of evidence out there, and it didn’t do a damn bit of good. Perhaps in the future, a historical review will vindicate us, but I wouldn’t count on anything changing in the near term.

    • Replies: @troof
  93. @War for Blair Mountain

    What I hate about the White Male MAGA–Tard-Trump Voters is that their vote for Trump was a vote to bomb Iran on behalf of Israel. Of course, this is literally a vote for nuclear WW3… doubt about it.

    Sorry, this is nonsense. The majority of Trump people wanted the US to pull back from Mideast/Jew adventures as well as antagonizing Russia.

    I hope the Trump hating faggots like Harold Smith get new big wars with Senile Joey…lol

  94. the viewpoint of the Dissident Right — those of us such as myself who fall outside what is usually called “Right-wing” in today’s mainstream. And no group had more dramatic ups and downs with Trump than the Dissident Right did.

    F— the Dissident Right. A bunch of queers, at best. There’ll never be a leader come out of those misguided malcontents so they’re a waste of time. The Dissident Right is the problem, not the solution.

  95. Ashley H says:

    I am expat too.

    I find all of this discussion hard to follow. Even though am a white male (yes, it was a boy’s name when I was born!), and even though clearly there is a war on whites generally and white males especially, I can’t identify with whiteness or maleness as the basis for a political party or national polity.

    That said, I think people are missing the forest for the trees.

    What happened on January 6th was the end of the Republic. On January 20th, for the second time in a row, a new President was installed without the consent of the governed. The first one – Trump – lacked the consent of the elites. The second one – Biden – lacks the consent of the people.

    The Republic has fallen. All this talk of political parties and identity politics is irrelevant at this point.

  96. @Jimmy le Blanc

    Whites don’t have to follow any leader of theirs, just as they didn’t follow our leaders. Shoe is on the other foot. Read Fredrick Douglass about how to sabotage the New Massas. Without us as cannon fodder, all they have is high finance and a bunch of average to imbecile intellects. It goes straight downhill when we sabotage them. Tell your children, your sons, who they are. Don’t fight for them. Don’t let them draft you. Put wrenches in their machines. If you have to fight, die fighting them. Make them pay for every step. They cannot win a war of attrition. They are afraid to shed their own blood.

  97. Alden says:
    @Jimmy le Blanc

    About 8 years ago in one of his many publicity interviews Trump stated “ I love affirmative action”. I never forgot that. I’m not a right winger or conservative. I’m a White Nationalist.

    I always vote republican because the republicans are less White than the Democrats who want to exterminate is.

    I was really happy when Trump won because my enemies were so distraught

    What with the persecution of people who either demonstrated at the Capitol or just went to DC and heard Trump’s speech, walked peacefully about and went home. I’m beginning to wonder if the Capitol demonstration and Trump’s speech were a total set up and trap to crush dissidence and set up extreme security ala airport security after 9/11.

  98. Alden says:
    @Jimmy le Blanc

    The democrat party has been the party of blacks and their Jewish leadership since the 1950s. Ask all those White democrats driven out of the cities by black crime and violence while all those White democrats elected officials and government workers sat back and groveled for black votes. The democrat Johnson administration was the culmination of the takeover of the Democrat party by the communist Jewish black faction of the party.

    I have no opinion about who was behind the murder of President Kennedy. If I did have an opinion I’d say Kennedy was killed so Johnson’s anti White programs could begin.

    Like the false great White hope Regean, Trump never did anything pro White.

    The dissident right putzes about yammering about every issues but the civil rights of Whites. The right has lost on every single issue since 1953, Brown vs Topeka, a joint effort between ADL AJC Jewish lawyers and a popular Republican President. Every single issue. Every single issue. From affirmative action to abortion. Every single issue. The right just lost again.

  99. Alden says:

    I never noticed that silly little detail.

    • Replies: @Mike321
  100. Art says:

    Perhaps, I thought, as an outsider and maverick, Trump could actually bring about some real change in Washington, especially with the help of genuine populists like Steve Bannon.

    Steve Bannon was kicked out of the 2016 administration by Jarrad Kushner.

    A factual history of the Trump presidency cannot be written without Kushner playing a day in and day out, significant negative role. Kushner was like a ghost overshadowing most all political decisions.

    Trump lost in 2020, because Bannon was not in charge of the election politics.

    Kushner was, and will always be a curse on Trump.

  101. Katrinka says:
    @Dr ExCathedra

    Trump fooled a lot of people. I’ll leave it there.

  102. troof says:

    The only evidence you need is in the 12th Amendment: Congress has the only say in who sits as President. What did you think was going to happen if Trump “won” by 60,000 votes, or another million? That’s not how the electoral process works, it’s still just 50-50 overall, slightly more or less. Donald Trump was never a real officer in the federal government.

    Just like in 2016, nothing changed. Trump cannot be President without consent of the Congress, and you can’t invade the Capitol and “make” them vote your way. Too much tee vee, too much “Magruber”.

    • Replies: @Rooster10
  103. Trump now will play Perry Mason –5 of his defense lawyers just quit.

  104. Excellent article John. One minor correction: John Bolton was not Secretary of State. I believe he was the National Security Advisor. Trump had 2 secretaries of state: the first was an oil industry executive whose name escapes me and the second was Pompeo. Bolton was absolutely terrible; he was probably the worst of Trump’s many terrible picks.

  105. Mike321 says:

    I was potty trained at gunpoint.

  106. @troof

    Post-Colonial European American Population=Native Born White American…..They ain’t Sihks or Muslims in Michigan….or IIT Grads from India. You wan’t a nonwhite Majority and POTUS Kamala Harris’s Hindu Jackboot on the throat of the Historic Native Born White America Majority. So this is your demographic preference

    Now go back to the toilets of the Punjab…..

    • Replies: @troof
  107. @V. Hickel

    No kidding. I could have filled the page.

  108. troof says:
    @War for Blair Mountain

    That does not describe anything real. There is no such thing as “what I want”, you are living in a delusional mental fantasy world. Try walking 500 miles alone and see if anyone is still around to “want” or “not want” in this vast continental space. I guess you have some weird obsession about Indians, but most “white, working class” people have barely laid eyes on such a thing outside of Apu in the 7 11.

  109. @troof

    Not any more…Native Born White American Working Class Americans have noticed the Hindu expansion. They talk about it for over ten years….at least.

    You absolutely fully understand that Non-Whites define themselves politically in openly and explicitly racial terms…..And you don’t like the fact…like the creepy Libertarian Cuck Jordan Peterson….that the Native Born White American Working Class are going to start doing the same thing.

    • Replies: @troof
  110. troof says:
    @War for Blair Mountain

    You are obsessed with figments of your own imagination

  111. @troof

    Now we know what a fool you are…of 0 intellectual content….

  112. Rooster10 says:

    I think you’re a little light on the facts. The protestors were never going to make congress vote their way, they simply wanted their voices heard. Obviously, whether through 3-letter agent operatives, Antifa, and rowdy protestors, they did enter the Capitol. Congress was so frightened by this… they voted merely 3 hours later in the same building. A scary scary man even put his feet up on Dear Leader Pelosi’s desk! The horror!!

    As far as Congress essentially overturning the electoral college, that would never happen either. I’ll give credit where credit is due; the Democrats exploited every weakness in our electoral process and got the win. Congrats. They may have also made Trump a martyr in the process.

  113. Anon[256] • Disclaimer says:

    Our corrupt BANK\$TER.GOV One-Party Political-\$ystem in WA\$HINGTON DC is working behind the \$cenes with the MAIN\$TREAM-MEDIA to eradicate all traces of the Populist-Patriot-Movement which was initiated by former President Trump: because it is a threat to the GLOBALI\$T-AGENDA of our corrupt BANK\$TER.GOV One-Party Political-\$ystem. The Populist-Patriot-Movement is being Fal\$ely Accu\$ed and Vilified as “domestic-terrorists, patriot-racists, Christian-extremists, white-nationalists, and rogue-revolutionaries…” -almost every Derogatory Term in the book, meant to discredit the Populist-Patriot-Movement, and thus strengthen the corrupt BANK\$TER.GOV Globali\$t-Agenda.

    Imagine if the Patriots were accused of being “Jewi\$h-Extremists” instead of “Christian-Extremists” or “I\$raeli-Nationalists” instead of “White-Nationalists”…there would be an UPROAR about “Anti-\$emitism” and Raci\$m!

    Optics and Public Opinion are extremely Important! Patriots, Christians, and Caucasian-Americans are mostly honest hardworking people who want to live peacefully and prosperously within their families and communities. We are being portrayed Falsely and Maliciously: and we need to take the Moral-High-Ground and not waiver, or allow ourselves to be pigeon-holed into what we are not!

    Christians and Caucasians need to be very Mindful, Moral and Wise in how we Overcome this \$mear-Campaign. It would be helpful if we had a Broad-Spectrum-Strategy which might include:
    1) Passive Resistance (like the Jew\$ do with “anti-\$emitism”…) and also
    2) Active Resistance (combating political-bias, and M\$Media corruption-cen\$orship…)

    People could Publicly Demonstrate with \$igns such as:


    . . . . . . . or. . . . . . . .


  114. Trinity says:

    Trump could be Emanuel Goldstein, or maybe someone else could be good ole Emanuel. Think about it. No man needs to look to a leader, why should any man think another is more capable. You can learn from other men, but to belittle yourself as a man or woman and say that another man/woman is more capable of running your life than you yourself speaks volumes. We all have our own special talents. Trump is too much of a narcissist and too spoiled to ever make a good leader. Too soft.

  115. Mr. Morgan talks about the dissident right. But it is neither left nor right. (Formerly) Working people whether they were for the supposedly left or the right have been getting the short end of the stick ever since the 12th amendment was passed to create the electoral college to prevent th he general public from dominating the rich and powerful and legislating to support public desires.

    Everyone likes socialism. Those who are wealthy just want it to be for their benefit. The working people want it for their benefit. If you don’t believe me why do 64% of identified Republicans want Medicare for all only slightly less than the percentage of Democrats wanting it. Even members of congresslike it because the long ago put in place but only for themselves.

    Mr Morgan only tries to change it to a right wing argument. It is neither right nor left as I said earlier. It is a genuine people argument without regard to any political movement. If American people can’t see the difference Lord help them.

  116. I disagree. I honestly think that pres trump was sincere. However, what he anticipated about winning was all wrong.

    He thought that once he won, hs opponents would make nice or at least be reasone. He had no idea what he was in store for. Maybe he should have. I think men like Mr. Bannon and others attempted to make that case, but he was overwhelmed and fooled by his own desire for acceptance.

    He did not understand that he was undesireable than the suppose deplorables, of whom I count myself as one. When he signed that intel report despite winning te argument, he demonstrated that he did not comprehend what he had accomplished and the storm that it gave birth to.

    Had he focussd on policy and attending to the agenda —-

    The matter would far different regardless of the hatred he gauntlet he was expected to walk through.

    I remain convinvced he could have been major change agent and may well yet be even if his is not in office now.

    Imagine the liberal establishment saying they need to hire US citiens first —

    I am not sure the termors under business as usual are as steady as it appears.

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