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The Transformation of Europe as an Elite Project
Review of The Blackening of Europe, by Clare Ellis
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Clare Ellis
The Blackening of Europe: Volume I. Ideologies & International Developments
Arktos, 2020.

“When this majority-minority shift occurs, there will be an unprecedented transfer of political power from European peoples to non-Europeans, essentially signalling the final endpoint of Europeans’ sovereignty over their ancestral homelands.”


One of the great tragedies of modern times has been the warped and perverse bureaucratic and institutional form taken by the noble idea of European brotherhood. Once promoted by figures like Sir Oswald Mosley as a means to European resurgence, the unity of Europe in recent decades has instead become a byword for mass migration, repressive speech laws, “human rights” insanity, and ethnocultural suicide. How did it happen? The common understanding in our circles is often very simplistic, relying heavily on caricatures of what has become known as the Kalergi Plan. The Kalergi Plan narrative, as we will discuss below, of course has its merits, and its simplicity is one of them. But for some time I’ve been hoping for the arrival of a text that could be considered the definitive, nuanced, and comprehensive account of how the notion of European unity became a vehicle for European destruction. While Douglas Murray’s The Strange Death of Europe was a useful step in the right direction, I believe that it is only with the publication of the first volume of Clare Ellis’s The Blackening of Europe that we finally have the account we deserve. And while I have yet to read the second and third volumes, I eagerly await them in the belief that, taken together, this trilogy will represent one of the seminal ‘Third Positionist’ works of the last two decades.

I have to be honest that prior to the publication of The Blackening of Europe I hadn’t heard of Clare Ellis. This is due more to my own ignorance than any lack of activity on her part, and Clare’s credentials really do speak for themselves. A close associate and former PhD student of Ricardo Duchesne, Clare has written for both the Council of European Canadians and The Occidental Quarterly. I think The Blackening of Europe will, and should, raise her profile considerably. Clare’s research at the University of New Brunswick concerned the demographic and political decline of native Europeans in their own homelands. How much of her PhD material made it into the book isn’t immediately clear, but there certainly seems to be a strong crossover in thematic content.

In brief, the first volume of The Blackening of Europe ambitiously attempts to map the various strands of ideological, political, economic, and social thought and action that combined to warp, define, and pervert the idea of European unity, from its inception to its most modern incarnation. The text features a wide range of information I was familiar with, and very much that I wasn’t, including early eighteenth-century concepts of European unity, the ideas of Richard von Coudenhove-Kalergi, the Fabian Society, the Frankfurt School, the European-Israel relationship, Arab oil embargoes, theories on cosmopolitanism from Kant and Marx to Habermas and Nussbaum, a critical micro-history of Liberalism, Jewish hypocrisy, and an examination of Conservatism and neoconservatism. Fortunately, given the dizzying array of information being offered for consideration, Ellis is a capable guide, structuring the book is a sensible, well-organised manner, and writing in a clear, insistent, and authoritative style.

Ellis begins the book with a familiar, but no less stark and disturbing, fact: “Indigenous Europeans are becoming demographic and political minorities in European nation-states.” There’s a brief discussion of the collapse in European birth rates, but Ellis is clear on the real disaster unfolding before our eyes: “It is not the low fertility rate of Europeans that renders them ethnic minorities within their own nations, but elite-sanctioned large-scale non-European immigration, which began about sixty years ago and which is now integral to the cosmopolitan EU project.” In the context of this project,

indigenous Europeans and their political and cultural institutions and identities are undergoing processes of erasure — stigmatisation, marginalisation, deprivation, and replacement — by mandated immigration ism, multicultural ism, and other methods of forced diversification, while resistance to their political and cultural marginalisation and demographic dispossession is criminalised.

Implicit in Ellis’s account is the accusation both that the decline of Europeans is deliberately engineered and that it violates “various rights of native Europeans as well as international laws that prohibit genocide in any form.”

The book is divided into two parts. The first is “Central Influences on the Formation of the European Union,” which is a mixture of history, politics, and economics. Part II of the book is titled “Deep Ideological Currents,” and is predominantly philosophical and political. The first part of the book is further divided into three sections: “Early European Integration,” “The Fabian Society and the Frankfurt School,” and “International Geopolitical Developments.” In “Early European Integration” we are introduced to the growth of pan-European thought in the middle of the Enlightenment, with references to a European union found in the writings of George Washington, Victor Hugo, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, and Immanuel Kant. These figures promoted unity and cosmopolitanism as a means to bringing peace to a continent long-steeped in almost perpetual war, and Kant’s ideas were particularly influential in the rise of “Peace Leagues” at the start of the nineteenth century. What we see even at these very early stages, however, was a mingling of intentions and differing interpretations of cosmopolitanism. The cosmopolitanism of Kant retained a national character, and was predominantly geared towards the achievement of peace. Europeans within the peace leagues, such as the Union for Democratic Control (UDC, 1914) more or less echoed the same sentiments, but they unwittingly provided cover for those possessing ulterior motives and radically different ideas about cosmopolitanism. Although not mentioned by Ellis, the British Jewish intellectual Israel Zangwill was a co-founder and key figure on the executive of the Union for Democratic Control, and from October 1914 it was Zangwill who provided the UDC with its headquarters.[1]S. Kadish, Bolsheviks and British Jews: The Anglo-Jewish Community, Britain and the Russian Revolution (Frank Cass, 1992), 62. From this base, Zangwill pumped out European “unity” propaganda that attacked what Ellis calls “the nationalist canon,” not with the sole focus of achieving European peace but of promoting feminism and his own idea of “the melting pot” or widespread mixing of peoples and the end of national identity. As is common with such Jewish activists, however, Zangwill was reluctant to live out his own philosophy, marrying within his ethnic group (Jewish feminist Edith Ayrton) and spending most of his life promoting Jewish causes.

Zangwill was probably a key influence on Count Richard Nikolaus Eijiro von Coudenhove-Kalergi (1894–1972), the cosmopolitan geopolitician and philosopher whose name has become synonymous with the worst of the European Union project. Kalergi was himself the product of miscegenation, having an Austro-Hungarian father and a Japanese mother, and he spent much of his life producing a blend of pacifist and European integrationist literature. Ellis carefully contextualises Kalergi, once described by Hitler as a “cosmopolitan bastard,” over the course of some 25 pages, and examines his thought in detail. There were some novel revelations for me, including his self-conscious participation in Freemasonry, his quite extensive reliance upon Jewish finance, and his extremely strange and dangerous fantasy that Jews were the ideal leaders of the future European state. That being said, Ellis provides enough information on Kalergi’s thought to cast doubt on the existence of a clearly-defined “Kalergi Plan.” Much of Kalergi’s work promoted European unity under three banners—peace, civilization (including renewed European colonization of Africa), and trade. Kalergi believed that Europeans shared a common cultural destiny and that Europe should be a world power on the same level as the United States and the Soviet Union. And while he eulogized the notion that the European man of the future would be of mixed race, he does not appear anywhere to have actively promoted immigration to Europe and in fact wrote: “Europe must at all costs prevent that great number of black workers and soldiers from immigrating to Europe.” Ellis comments that although Kalergi was wrong to reduce European identity to a matter of “morals and of style,” he “did not intend for large-scale immigration into Europe from non-European peoples, especially from Africa and the Muslim Middle-East.”

As in the Union of Democratic Control, which housed different goals, interests and ideological trajectories, Kalergi emerges from Ellis’s account as an ideologically and racially confused individual, in possession of eccentric, irrational, and often contradictory theories, and acting often at the hands of much more powerful forces with ulterior motives. By far the strangest of Kalergi’s theories was the idea that the new united Europe should be governed by a “spiritual aristocratic leadership” that “can only be found in the Jewish people.” These traits, according to Kalergi, “predestine Jews to be leaders of urban humanity, the protagonists of capitalism as well as the revolution.” As Ellis puts it:

It would not be the European aristocrats that would lead the new Europe to unification and finally world federation; rather it would be the interplay of the leaders of both Jewish capitalism and Jewish socialism alone who would take over and dominate the forces of European power and determine its destiny.

That Kalergi was probably directly influenced by the work of Zangwill in this regard is almost beyond doubt, and Jewish influence here is compounded by the fact Kalergi was funded by his friend Louis Nathaniel de Rothschild, and the Jewish bankers Max Warburg, Felix Warburg, Paul Warburg, and Bernard Baruch. As well as receiving financial backing, Kalergi was in “constant intellectual dialogue” with Max Warburg, who may have shaped some of Kalergi’s ideas on putative Jewish supremacy. Ellis points out that after World War II, when the first steps towards a unified European bureaucratic structure were being taken, some scholars have argued that “the Pan European Movement and Union were appropriated by people who wished to use it for their own ends.”

These “people,” essentially technocrats, politicians and lawyers, are situated by Ellis within the Fabian Society and the Frankfurt School. The Fabian Society, which aimed for a slow and steady socialist revolution in society, is explained as more or less a club of well-intention British utopian socialist eccentrics until it merged in the 1920s with Rothschild finance and received the generous backing of British Jewish banker Sir Ernest Cassel; it also enjoyed the backing of the Rockefeller Foundation and J.P. Morgan. All were involved in the founding of the London School of Economics (LSE) which was intended to train up activists, bureaucrats, politicians for the revolution. Ellis comments:

So here we have a socialist-capitalist alliance whereby Big Business elites utilise socialist institutions to nurture their own aims. This obviously begs a particular question: Why do major capitalists and international finance organizations want to train the bureaucracy for the creation of a future socialist state? Isn’t socialism, in its very essence, antithetical to capitalism? H.G. Wells explained this apparent paradox in 1920: “Big Business is in no means antipathetic to Communism. The larger big business grows the more it approximates Collectivism. It is the upper road of the few instead of the lower road of the masses to Collectivism.”

Ellis adds that it became the strategy of Fabian socialism to “prefer wealthy elites (intellectual, political, economic) rather than the proletariat (working class) as the source of revolutionary potential.” By 1945, the Fabian Society had taken over the British House of Commons, since more than half of the ruling Labour party’s MPs were paid-up Fabians. The same trends are prominent today, most notably in the example of the Fabian Tony Blair, whose Labour Party during his decade of power (1997–2007) ushered in the biggest ever acceleration of immigration to Britain, and who maintains strong links to Jewish international finance in the form of his close friend and ally Moshe Kantor.

Ellis has a very interesting section demonstrating organic links between the Fabian Society and the Frankfurt School, especially in their early stages, and cross-pollination of ideas between British and German socialists. There are clear parallels in the way both groupings set about their destructive tasks with the tactic of gradual infiltration. Permeation, or “honeycombing,” of existing institutions with committed activists and intellectuals was the preferred methodology of bringing about large-scale societal change, and both groupings eschewed the notion of the working class as a viable source for revolutionary socialism. Ellis lists the “products” of Fabian and Frankfurt School activism as:

feminism; affirmative action; deconstruction; the transformation of the traditional family, church, education, and morals; Third-World opposition movements; anti-nationalism; cultural contempt; anti-discrimination; liberal immigration reforms; ‘White Privilege;’ White Guilt; “Diversity is Strength”; ‘tolerance’; Political Correctness; and multiculturalism.

The dramatic changes witnessed in Western society over the last 70 years have been, argues Ellis, wrought by the activity of a “New Class” composed of university-educated, liberal, cosmopolitans who have gained support from financial elites, thus increasing their social capital and expanding their capacity for political action. Both Fabianism and the Frankfurt School are

elite forms of socialism, whether in intellectual political, cultural, or economic terms, as they no longer focus on the working classes. They are bourgeois revolutionary theories that instigate revolutions from above, not below; they are not grassroots or democratic; they are plutocratic, oligarchic, and dictatorial. These socialist intellectuals ‘march through the institutions’ to effect a ‘gradual’ revolution from above and are sponsored by the capitalist forces they supposedly oppose.

The third section of part I, “International and Geopolitical Developments,” is one of the more factually dense elements of the book, but is worth persevering with. The chapter highlights the ways in which early diplomatic support for Israel (led by the United States and Britain) brought Europe into conflict with oil producers in the Middle East, necessitating not only closer economic ties within Europe but also sowing the seeds for the future Islamization of the continent. Ellis dissects the ways in which American imperialism, international finance, and monopoly capitalism influenced post-war European diplomacy and economic recovery strategies (mainly the importation of supposedly “temporary” foreign labor), and links it to the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the creation of global institutions like the United Nations, the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the World Bank, and NATO — all of which “influenced the opening of Europe and Western nations to non-European immigration from the Third World.”

By a small margin, I found Part II to be more interesting than the first. It’s comprised of a very ambitious survey of the origins and trajectory of all the contemporary ideological currents underpinning the European Union we see today. There are no less than eleven small chapters critically exploring the evolution of cosmopolitanism (including Kantian, proletarian, critical, universal, liberal and pluralistic variants). The text then moves to a three-chapter exploration liberalism, before ending with a three-chapter exploration of conservatism, including a critique of neoconservatism.

I found Ellis’s treatment of the origins of cosmopolitanism to be very interesting, though I felt that something important had been missed in the absence of any mention that Kant had obviously been influenced in his attitudes to tolerance and cosmopolitanism by Moses Mendelssohn (1729–1786), the Jewish intellectual activist most responsible for initiating pluralism, multiculturalism, and even “open borders” as political ideologies in Europe. As one scholar has remarked, “there is every indication that Kant read everything Mendelssohn wrote,” and the pair often exchanged letters and books.[2]J. Schmidt, Kant’s Idea for a Universal History with a Cosmopolitan Aim (Cambridge University Press, 2009), 75. In other words, Mendelssohn was, in a form of intellectual parasitism or symbiosis, the “Zangwill” to Kant’s “UDC”. Ellis may have been helped to improve this already excellent section with at least some reference to Mendelssohn and the ideologies of his co-ethnics among the maskilim, or even with some information from Cathy Gelbin and Sander Gilman’s 2017 Cosmopolitanisms and the Jews. The latter is, given its authors, far from perfect, but is a good introduction to the ways in which Jews have gone about promoting cosmopolitanism and its offshoots in European society for the last three centuries. In making such a suggestion I am, perhaps, playing to my own strengths, but I nevertheless feel that the Jewish influence in the origins of the most pernicious elements of this strain of thought merits at least some attention in a book like The Blackening of Europe. Jewish influence in modern cosmopolitan theories is, of course, treated in Ellis’s analysis of the thought of Martha Nussbaum, who “advocates world citizenship and internationalism” and “criticised patriotic pride.”

The result of centuries of cosmopolitan thought is devastating:

Identity for Europeans is [today] about legal proceedings, universal abstractions, and individual interests rather than substantial and meaningful bonds that are in the interests of a community of people united by ancestral, cultural, and other ties. … The majority population lose their particular ethnocultural identity in their accommodation of all other ethnocultural identities in a pluralistic and ethnically diverse constitutional liberal democracy. European majorities do not even become a minority amongst other minorities with the right to self-determination, for what determines their identity is solely in terms of rational universal rights and legal procedures; they have a post-national identity only. … It is clear that many cosmopolitanists perceive all European-based countries of the world and, by extension, all European peoples, to be guilty of something or other: Nazism, colonialism, slavery, Eurocentrism or Westerncentrism, global capitalism, being White etc. It is through this narrative that the radical transformation of European societies and European peoples to align with the dictates of some form of cosmopolitanism is justified.

Ellis’s treatment of cosmopolitanism ends with an extremely interesting profile of the modern-day cosmopolitan class, including reflections on their mental health. They are composed of

wealthy and influential elites who are either neoliberals motivated by global capitalism, or else some form of socialist (Leftist, cultural Marxists) motivated by universal values and societal transformation, or they are both neoliberal and socialist: a socialist-capitalist alliance. In either case, their primary identity is global or cosmopolitan, which is completely independent from geography, nation, ethnicity, or religion, and they seek to change the world according to their elite visions and ideals of humanity, the future, and the global economy.

I concur with all the above, my only caveat being that there’s an obvious exception to this rule and that’s “the Jewish cosmopolitan,” who can be socialist-capitalist while maintaining an intense attachment to geography and nation (Israel), ethnicity (Jewishness), and religion (Judaism). One need only look at figures like Sheldon Adelson, Paul Singer, Moshe Kantor, along with the vast majority of the Jewish Big Tech CEOs, hedge fund bosses, bankers, media barons, consumer culture despots, and loan merchants, etc., to see that this is plainly and inarguably the case. What we therefore see in the ongoing story of European cosmopolitanism is the confluence of two separate strains of activism — the generally well-meaning European variant peopled by Kant, the UDC, and some of the non-Jewish utopians; and the Jewish one featuring Mendelssohn, the Frankfurt School, and Jewish Capital. It is the latter that has attached itself to the former, perverting and distorting its vision for their own ends. The present-day European Union is the disfigured and defective offspring of this sinister congress.

Ellis’s analysis of the mental health of the average member of the cosmopolitan elite is excellent. Her assertion that they “have a combined sense of intellectual superiority, moral arrogance, and existential insecurity, often involving fear of ‘natural groups,’” couldn’t be more aptly applied to Jewish activists. One is also reminded of the infamous 2010 confrontation between the Fabian British Prime Minister Gordon Brown and Gillian Duffy, one of his own voters. Duffy had mentioned a lack of jobs in the context of ongoing mass immigration, prompting Brown to quickly abandon the exchange and get into a departing car. Unaware that his microphone was still on, a horrified Brown was recorded by the media talking to his aides: “That was a disaster—they should never have put me with that woman. Whose idea was that? Ridiculous!” Asked what she had said, he replied: “Everything, she was just a bigoted woman.” The cosmopolitan elite in a nutshell — fleeing from reality and full of moral and dehumanizing condemnations of those members of the “natural group” who dissent.


The book’s treatment of Liberalism and Conservatism is equally masterful, and includes a powerful critique of neoconservatism that includes references to, and quotes from, such figures as Sam Francis. It sets the stage nicely for Volume II of the trilogy, which will deal exclusively with the aftermath of Zionist neocon wars in the Middle East, in the form of mass migration and the acceleration of the Islamization of Europe. The volume concludes with an Afterword offering a summary of findings, and a helpful guide to what can be expected in Volumes II (Immigration, Islam and the Migrant Crisis) and III (Critical Views) of the trilogy.

Clare Ellis is to be commended for producing what is sure to be the definitive work on the co-option of the European unity project from its beginning by hostile forces, and for setting down for all time one of the clearest records yet written of the ideological, financial, political, and ethnic interests behind them.


[1] S. Kadish, Bolsheviks and British Jews: The Anglo-Jewish Community, Britain and the Russian Revolution (Frank Cass, 1992), 62.

[2] J. Schmidt, Kant’s Idea for a Universal History with a Cosmopolitan Aim (Cambridge University Press, 2009), 75.

(Republished from The Occidental Observer by permission of author or representative)
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  1. No. Just no. We know that Europe has this problem but titles like this are just wrong.

    • Disagree: throtler
  2. Rational says:


    Thanks, Sir. It is good to see books like this getting published. Hopefully, the gullible suckers in Europe and US will wake up and stop voting for evil alienists like Merkel who are engaged in genocide.

    Judaists have blood on their hands for flooding white nations with 3rd world aliens. Their motive is simple—to exterminate the white goyim, to carry out white genocide by proxy, due to their long standing blood curdling hatred for white goyim, esp. white Christians, in retaliation for a host of crimes, real and imagined, such as the destruction of the Jewish temple by Romans to the alleged holocaust, and the belief that Jesus is in hell, in excrement. See the link below how Judaists routinely spit on Christians in Israel, urinate on Jesus, etc.

    Immigration is their other big way to spit on Christians and urinate on Jesus.

    • Agree: Z-man, Trinity, PolarBear
    • Replies: @Malla
    , @Richard B
  3. Richard B says:
    @Paul holland

    No. Just no. We know that Europe has this problem but titles like this are just wrong.

    Stating the reasons why you think the title is wrong would be better than simply saying so.

    • Agree: europeasant
  4. Cyrano says:

    I think that Europe’s goose was cooked when they transferred their sovereignty to their former colonies in North America. There is a common fallacy among ordinary people, who tend to think that rich people know better. Thus if US is doing something – it must be the right thing to do. The US ushered multiculturalism with the immigration act of 1965 and the stupid Europeans felt compelled to follow this example because it was done by their “leader”- the US.

    Going back to that nonsense that if the rich people are doing something – it must be the right thing to do – by following this “logic” it would mean that the US would have had the best response to Covid -19 – because they are the richest country in the world, and thus they must be the smartest. Clearly that wasn’t the case, their response to the Covid -19 was the worst. And I think the same applies to their “idea” about multiculturalism. Just because they invented it – it doesn’t mean that it’s the best idea ever. Actually is probably the worst.

    But then again, the only reason why they invented multiculturalism and the insane immigration policies is not because they are “socialist”, but because they hate socialism from the bottom of their capitalist hearts. The fake socialism, which is what multiculturalism represents, was invented for one purpose only – to save capitalism.

    Even if in the process of saving capitalism, multiculturalism destroys nations, states and ultimately the western civilization. In the mind of the deranged capitalist affictionados, capitalism in importance supersedes the importance of the state, nation and civilization.

    In other words, if you save capitalism – you’ll automatically save the state, the nation and the civilization. That’s clearly not the case. But the stupid Europeans should know better than their former colonists in North America. For Europe, capitalism is the 3rd socio-political and economic system that they have gone through in their history.

    North America, pretty much has seen only capitalism in their history, with a minor nostalgic throw-back to some idyllic past of forced voluntarism which did wonders for their history and whose effect is felt to this day.

    European civilization should be able to survive capitalism, not allow it to be a final chapter in their civilizational odyssey. If someone else is so in love with capitalism, let their ship go down carrying the precious cargo of capitalism.

    Saving capitalism will not automatically save the institutions of “lesser” importance such as states, nations and civilization. It’s the other way around; insisting on preserving capitalism will destroy those more important institutions. I think that the Anglos have a genetic disorder which makes them cling to systems whose time has past. Look at the British; they are still clinging to feudalism via their cherished institutions of monarchy and fairy tales of royalty and blue bloods and all that nonsense. You have to know when it’s time to let go of things that belong to the past.

    Multiculturalism is not based on any real values, it was created purely for propaganda purposes and it has no practical benefits. The idea that you can keep socialism at bay, by pretending that’s already here is a joke, and the joke is on those who think that they fooled the world with their “cleverness” of inventing fake socialism.

    Multiculturalism would have been a clever idea if it did less damage than the real socialism. But that’s not the case – it is more harmful than the real socialism. The only reason why “western” elites stick with this idea is because it portrays them as the good guys.

    In the old “communist” mythology, the rich elites were the bad guys, and the working class were the good guys, fighting for more economic equality. With multiculturalism, the rich elites turned the tables on the working class. Now the rich elites are the good guys – fighting for equality and inclusiveness and all that phony BS, while the working class are the bad guys – the bigots, racists and generally intolerant people.

    Let me tell you something, when you are rich It’s easy to pretend that you are anything, you have the propaganda machine on your side spewing nonsense incessantly, and even though nothing of what you pretend to be is true, nobody has the money and the resources to fight this propaganda garbage. I mean, come on, in which fantasy world are the working class the bad guys and the rich elites the good guys? How stupid do you have to be to buy that nonsense? I don’t care if they manage to bring the whole 3rd world to the west – that will still not make them either socialists or “good guys”. It’s all phony.

    • Agree: Commentator Mike
    • Thanks: Grahamsno(G64)
  5. One way or another Europe is going to have to pay. Either its the slow strangulation of deracination and cultural diffusion into meaninglessness. The other option is to literally pay their overstaying “guest-workers” to return to their native lands with a nice “thank you” bonus they can use as entrepreneurs. Payments would vary with the relative cost of living in those non-European lands.

    The flipside for refusal to take the deal would take the form of some kind of special taxation. Sure, this would fly in the face of a lot of accepted conventions…but what is the alternative?

    • Agree: American Citizen 2.0
    • Replies: @dr death
  6. Richard B says:

    feminism; affirmative action; deconstruction; the transformation of the traditional family, church, education, and morals; Third-World opposition movements; anti-nationalism; cultural contempt; anti-discrimination; liberal immigration reforms; ‘White Privilege;’ White Guilt; “Diversity is Strength”; ‘tolerance’; Political Correctness; and multiculturalism.

    The above is a list of vague abstractions, glittering generalities, and absurd abolutes, all having very little contact with reality.

    And reality is what counts, above all else.

    In fact, at a time when civilization is more complex and unpredictable than ever before, the most important relationship in the world today is that between intelligence and reality.

    Meaning, without intelligence human beings can not survive.

    But the hostile elite does not have a commitment to reality. It is committed to imposing its beliefs on reality. A reality that doesn’t care what we believe in.

    That’s why what the hostile elite is attempting is vain, illusory, and destructive of whatever chances of survival we have.

    And perhaps those chances aren’t very great.

    The effort to create a social order free of control and sustained by force only increases the uncontrolled exercise of naked power.

    And it’s the constant use of force that destablizes the very social institutions that power controls.

    And when force fails there’s no alternative.

    So, the whole thing collapses.

    And that’s the situation we’re in today because of what the hostile elite is doing.

    Proof of this can be found at every street corner.

    Just look around.

  7. @Paul holland

    Why? What’s wrong with the title?

  8. @Paul holland

    There comes a point where you just need to put up or shut up. Sadly that point has been reached and passed. Now it is just a matter of clearly stating what happened for the historical record. On this basis the book title is perfect – it explains its position and it appears that it backs it up for people who wish to understand it.

  9. Larry says:

    Folks that see Satan everywhere are in desperate need of a church.

    • Replies: @GeeBee
    , @NoMeSayin
    , @Exile
    , @navi33
  10. The Jews will be responsible for the death of all civilization including their own. There are no “Jewish Intellectuals” just fucking con men and mentally ill reprobates who have no soul. They may have overplayed their hand because the “Black Feral Animals” that they have let loose on the world will eventually come for them. They cannot exist in what we call civilization thus the African Problem of keeping and building infrastructure now being attempted by China. Their “Gang Tribalism” will eventually come for the Jewish Tribe. It is happening even now and the Jews have no idea what to do. The Little Criminal Senator Schumer hides in house as the Anarchists burn America. He thinks these terrorists will quit once Biden wins. He is sadly mistaken. Orthodox Jews in NY are now realizing that the Blacks have no fear of them and will kill them at any time. The same will happen in Europe.

    Khadaffi warned the world what would happen if they took him out and of course led by the Grand Wizard of Foreign Affairs Barack Obama murdered him and blew top off of Africa. Only a moron like Obama could bring slavery back to Libya.

    There’s a good chance that disease emanating from Africa, China, or anywhere could change the whole debate in the blink of an eye. There will be no world or civilization with blackening of anything. Just look around you…..what do you see?

    • Agree: Richard B, Vojkan
  11. Excellent book review. It gives a kind of theoretical background to an interview by Barbara Lerner Spectre ( The interview was my first encounter with that Jewish-American lady who made a most awkward impression on me. I learned though that she is the director of Padeia the Swedish government-funded European Institute for Jewish Studies ( I just wondered whether anybody wondered that none of the European peoples had been asked for their opinion nor why the transformation is vital to the survival of Europe (Lerner Spectre) nor why it should be led by Jewish or Jewish-American personal. Regarding the background of the founding myth of Europe by Jean Monet you will find some most interesting, if not shocking information in here:é-mensonge-tout-Documents-French-ebook/dp/B07NPLTR73/ref=sr_1_2?__mk_de_DE=ÅMÅŽÕÑ&crid=96H1VPR8E3ZR&dchild=1&keywords=philippe+de+villiers&qid=1598426294&sprefix=Philippe+de+vi%2Caps%2C158&sr=8-2. No doubt that I will not see it translated into English during my lifetime. Would prefer to be wrong on this, though

    • Replies: @Kolya Krassotkin
  12. Dumbo says:

    I think the idea is more the “browning” of Europe as they expect large miscegenation as per the Kalergi plan. Then again, a lot of Africans are still coming in boats every week despite “Covid”… And there have been “Black Lives Matter” protests even in Finland, if you can believe it… Someone should write a book about “The Dumbness of Whites”.

    • Agree: Realist
    • Replies: @utu
  13. GMC says:

    A good article – thanks! I say Again – 1965 Open, Unlimited Immigration Laws , lobbied by the N Y Jews and signed by Prez. Johnson – was the beginning of the problems we have today in the overpopulated Heintz 57 society. Europe’s problems – same tribe means the same outcome. The Past is the key to the Future – but only if you have an intelligent informed society.

  14. anonymous[266] • Disclaimer says:

    Something like 20%+ of children born in France are Muslims. Even if tomorrow there was a sudden turn around in European attitudes towards migration, what’s the point? Might as well think about how to best manage integration and race mixing in the future.

    • Replies: @Suede
    , @anon
    , @anonymous
    , @Vojkan
  15. utu says:

    Israel Zangwill‘s Melting Pot was never meant to boil Jews in it: “We are the only ones who really know how to operate the Melting Pot […] we cannot stir the Melting Pot and be boiled in it at the same time.“

    The Melting Pot is a play by Israel Zangwill first staged in 1908. It depicts the life of a Russian Jewish immigrant family, the Quixanos. David Quixano has survived a pogrom, which killed his mother and sister, and he wishes to forget this horrible event. He composes an “American Symphony” and wants to look forward to a society free of ethnic divisions and hatred, rather than backward at his traumatic past. – wiki

    An the flowing is from Now and Forever — A Conversation with Israel Zangwill (New York: Robert M. McBride & Co., 1925) by Samuel Roth.

    “What is it America wants from the Jews that we have refused her? Our money? We spend it freely. Our skill? Do we keep back anything, we who are accused of always advancing in every trade and profession beyond our welcome? Our Jewishness? That we cannot contribute except communally through American-Jewish institutions–and that is precisely what he does not like. Our communal individuality does not please him, and he dictates: “For the Jew, it is either the Melting Pot or the Ghetto.” He forgets, evidently, that the Melting Pot is itself an invention of the Jewish genius, that your copyright on it is still good in Washington. We are the only ones who really know how to operate the Melting Pot, and I submit to Dr. Gibbons that we cannot stir the Melting Pot and be boiled in it at the same time.“

    • Thanks: Pheasant, Mr McKenna
  16. utu says:

    Someone should write a book about “The Dumbness of Whites”. – The book is writing itself on Unz Review. About 75% of comments here are its content.

    • Agree: American Citizen 2.0
    • Troll: Richard B
    • Replies: @Richard B
  17. Thomasina says:

    Great review of what sounds like an outstanding book. You do excellent investigative work, Andrew. It’s like reading a mystery novel, all of the pieces of the puzzle coming together. When it’s all laid out, you can see the front men who were used (Kalergi, for example), as well as the people behind the scenes. The pushers.

    Is it the case that you have people like Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, for instance, who are wannabe’s, social climbers who espouse cosmopolitanism just so they can be members of the club? IOW, their desire to be in the elite club overrides their love of country, or do they actually believe in this nonsense?

    I’ve read that almost all world leaders are narcissists, and narcissists make downward social comparisons. They feel superior to most people, except those at the very top who they want to emulate and associate with. Narcissists are incapable of loving, so this might explain why they would so easily destroy their own countries. A country wouldn’t matter to them. Narcissists cognitively know what you’re feeling, but they can’t feel what you’re feeling. They are cut off from their feelings. Just a thought of what might be going on.

    The J’s, on the other hand, are after power and control.

  18. GeeBee says:

    Your short post has the sole merit of providing a great example of not just one, but several logical fallacies at the same time. Well done!

    • Replies: @Larry
  19. Should have just called it “The Blackening” …that’s exactly what this is…And America and the White cucks that allow it keep pushing their negro worship onto their American White Women and White Women in Europe.Everyone keeps crying about immigration and muzzies but blacks are the backdoor and blacks are what all these other peoples listen to and follow. Blame the nose all day but even if the nose wasn’t there blacks would still be erasing White Euro peoples because stupid weak cuck Whites keep worship blacks and keep defending blacks .White cucks keep allowing blacks to govern and control cities, towns ,countries and they are turning them all into Africa. Every-time you look around ,whether in Europe or America,Whites put in some black politician or aspiring government official ,conservative or lib,doesn’t matter..and they are at the forefront of bashing Whitey every time. blacks believe in and want Afro Centrism,the world all connected to Africa.

    • Replies: @Realist
  20. Ronnie Unz says that immigration is not a problem. And white nationalism is politically bankrupt…

    So you are wrong author…. ask Ronnie! Ronnie thinks that the border should just be left wide open in America… so should it be for Europe.

    • Troll: Rahan
    • Replies: @Franklin Ryckaert
  21. The EU is a perfect example of anti-synergy:

    1+1 = 3 becomes 1+1 = 0

  22. @Stonewall Jackson

    I am waiting for him coming up with a study that “proves” that Muslims are just as little a crime problem for Europe as Hispanics are for America…

    • Thanks: Stonewall Jackson
  23. It is not a matter of debate that Europe (at least in the Western parts) is “blackening.” It is a fact. However, whether this will eventually lead to a “black-out” or a “brown-out” is still open to discussion. In this respect it may be good to point out that Europe has traditionally been a problem for the English. At least since the conquest of England in 1066 by frenchified Normans. Since then, but especially since the late 17th century, it has been standard English policy to play out the continent’s two strongest nations against eachother.

    With the fabulous economic and demographic growth of Russia and its expansion into Asia from the mid-19th century, it began to dawn upon the English that their position as the world’s leading economic, financial, colonial and maritime power was going to be threatened. Not only by Russia, but more specifically by an ever more likely alliance between Russia and the continent’s industrial powerhouse, Germany. After Germany unification in 1871, this possibility (Russian and Germany soon became each other’s major trading partner) was becoming a veritable nightmare.

    How to prevent this? Well, by fomenting a revolution in Russia, by isolating Germany and setting the two up for a war in which they would destroy each other. This English plan was enthusiastically supported by the US and by a small group of powerful bankers largely recruited from a particular ethno-religious group.

    Eventually, it took two wars, a financial crisis, a number of revolutions and civil wars, killing well over one hundred million people, to neutralize Europe.

    But after 1945 it soon became apparent that a weakened, looted, impoverished, conquered and occupied Europe was still a potential danger, only now to England’s successor the US. In association with the Fabians, their Social Democrat allies on the continent, and some powerful elites from a certain background, the US decided to subvert the social fabric of Europe.

    “Divide and Rule” often being a useful guideline for attaining far-off, seemingly unattainable goals, it worked wonders in Europe. Import great numbers of mohammedans, pamper them, be lenient to their young when they do mischief and commit crimes, severely punish anyone who speaks out against this (citing “discrimination,” “racism,” “hate crime,” “hate speech” etc.) and…lo and behold you get social divisions, mutual distrust, anger, frustration and more and more violence. But not to worry, since with the help of the venal media you can convince a majority of the population to turn to the very state that is screwing them over, for protection. Thus you can easily impose totalitarianism.

    To fuel up the fire even more, create the circumstances for the mass importation of blacks from Africa, preferably mohammedans, and make it impossible for European girls to safely go out. If they do, they run a high chance of being molested and raped. Anyone who speaks out against this is guilty of “discrimination,” “racism,” “hate crime,” “hate speech” etc.

    This way, you can be pretty sure Europe will not team up with Russia, China and Iran. This is good for England, good for America, good for Israel and in general good for anyone in Continental Europe, whose loyalties reside with those countries rather than with their own culture and their own country.

    • Agree: Old and Grumpy
    • Replies: @Franklin Ryckaert
  24. While it is useful to have the ideological background behind the policies that our leaders are implementing compiled in one or a few volumes for the benefit of those members of the intelligentsia with an interest in this, as far as ordinary people – the majority of the voters – are concerned, one just needs to keep reminding them of the reality, and the anecdote of the confrontation between Gordon Brown and Gillian Duffy shows that Duffy has a far better grip on reality than Brown, and even Brown confessed that she said “Everything”. Well almost everything in a nutshell.

    The reality is that with increasing automation, increasing unemployment, and the industrial/economic decline in developed countries, there is really no need for more people, no need for population replacement, and the low TFRs are not really a problem as the population numbers are naturally decreasing to meet the future needs of these advanced societies as they develop. That is all anybody needs to know to make sound decisions, and racism, cosmopolitanism, diversity, cultural Marxism, ideologies of whatever colour, are just so many red herrings.

    • Replies: @Sollipsist
  25. A Worldview has to be judged by how well it maps onto the World.

    The Greek Gods and Goddesses are a projection of the Greek personality onto the Cosmos. The stars in themselves have no pattern but that didn’t prevent the Greeks from inventing stories that imposed a Gestalt upon them. Near or far, if a star fit into the Gestalt, it was subsumed.

    The map projected by the Abrahamic religions is that of a single, universal God whose workings lie behind the appearance of things but who is essentially unknowable, hence his need to send a messenger or Son to make contact with humans.

    The modern projection is the scientific one that was explored and explicated by Newton, Maxwell, Bohr, Planck and the like. In this, particles are moved by energy in nonrandom ways and energy itself can move coherently through a vacuum.

    The first is nativism. The tales told were literal projections of human attributes into the broader world. Humans were the center of the Universe and the Gods mirrored their desires.

    The second placed God in the center of the Universe with humans specially in-formed by God, enjoying a peripheral role. They were, in some dim sense, capable of deciphering His Work.

    In the third, the break is complete. God is not personal, but is a collection of universal, mathematically based Laws. There is no place for the local since the Laws act everywhere with equal efficacy.

    The Map being used by our cultural elite is an attempt to use the third way, of organizing people through the use of universal, mathematically grounded principles. This automatically places them at war with the locally grounded.

    In a sense, they are not even aware of their prejudices, which are limits to acceptable behavior that their adoption of this system imposes upon them. This is why they are so shocked and offended by the ignorant rabble who don’t share their world view. For them, it is self evidently true that their scientific way is best. They are educated, the rabble is not, is, in fact, struggling somewhere back in the first or second stages in which humanity is mired in an imagined universe in which God or the Gods pay heed to human wants and desires.

    Inasmuch as humans are all members of one species, then they are all alike–so they reason. They are no different from one another than are electrons carrying a charge along and through a copper wire, no different than photons of light from one another. Why? Because they are all members of the same species.

    And their definition of species is a minimal one–capable of breeding with one another successfully. Isn’t this odd? Simply being able to replicate is such a small part of what humans are capable of doing that to hang one’s hat on that as evidence of identity and universality is silly. But our political and business leaders are not selected for intellectual curiosity. They are the bright ones who most quickly memorize the text. They don’t trouble themselves by reflecting on the text. What they read is taken as gospel truth. If they are told that the most powerful conceptual tool for understanding human evolutionary anthropology is the fact that they are capable of interbreeding successfully, then that is what they shall bring to bear on all subsequent problem of social organization.

    So, you see, they really can’t help themselves. They can’t do otherwise. Ironically, eschewing particularity, they themselves are products of a particular epoch of intellectual Gestalt.

    But humans are local beings. They come to love the particular surroundings in which they grew up. In just the same way that two year olds develop an immunity to local germs by eating the soil, so too, Nature designed us, we humans, to thrive best in the specific locale in which we were born. We are not electrons or photons, not identical particles moved about by impersonal forces. No, the forces moving us about are very personal. And this is why I have argued that in some sense, the Greek view of the functional Gods and Goddesses whose character embodied some universal human trait, are a more true to human experience way of mapping the world than is the impersonal God of the Abrahamic religions and its offspring, mathematical science.

    • Thanks: mark green
    • Replies: @Craig Nelsen
  26. Bemildred says:

    Rome was eventually taken over by its conquered peoples too, maybe this is not so unusual. Maybe empires have consequences. It’s not just the EU either, look at the UK, the USA, France, Spain, Portugal; they are far from where they started demographically too. Every nation that went Colonial is now to one extent or another struggling with the consequences. The pace of change has been downright reckless since WWII. There isn’t going to be any return to the fifties and small town living. Much too late.

  27. Realist says:

    Self hating Whites allow this. Here is an example of an attempt to indoctrinate young Whites to hate themselves. Many large corporations are ardent supporters of BLM…why are Whites sitting on their ass?

    Go to Google Images and enter the following:

    White American men


    Black American men

    Do you see the difference in what is presented…why do you think that is?

    Now enter:

    White American couple


    American inventors

    Do you see anything strange…why do you think that is?

    For more fun you can enter:

    Black American couple…see any Whites? Why do you think that is?

    Or other iterations of your choosing.

  28. @niteranger

    Let’s give credit to where credit is due. It was David Cameron, Prime Minister of Britain, and Sarkozy of France who were most eager to topple Qaddafi of Libya. They were the ones who persuaded Obama to go along. They also wanted to do the same thing in Syria, and it was Obama this time who refused to go along. You must know who their masters are.

  29. We can go back to black slavery when jews where selling black. It’s a biblical project. Surprising how a so know book has never been readed.

    • Agree: Craig Nelsen
  30. TG says:

    But really, it’s all about the cheap labor. And not just Europe.

    The Ivory Coast used to be pretty prosperous. That meant that workers had high wages, because that’s what prosperity is, but that limited the profits of the rich, and we can’t have that. So the black elite imported massive numbers of muslim refugees as a source of cheap labor, and by the time they had doubled the population the poverty resulting from this tore the country apart in a bloody civil war. But that’s OK, the right people made a lot of money.

    Brazil had slavery for much longer than the United States, and unlike the United States, Brazil only got rid of slavery after massive immigration had boosted the population so much that ‘free’ labor was cheaper than slave labor. Crushed to the limits, Brazil was stuck in a capital-starved condition that it never pulled out of.

    It’s an old story. Look through history, whenever you hear about some place that imported workers to do whatever, no that’s not what happened, they imported workers to cut labor costs – and the results for the average person have always been a reduction in living standards and social disruption.

    When southern American plantation owners imported back African slaves, it wasn’t because they thought the country needed more black people – they wanted cheap labor. And centuries later, the damage that that policy has done to American society continues. And it wasn’t necessary – the free white north, without slaves and before mass immigration, was the place that produced the greatest technological and industrial power the world had ever seen – but there just wasn’t enough cheap labor for a plantation owner to live the life they wanted, so sad.

    So what’s happening in Europe is perhaps a bit extreme, but it’s an old story. It’s not really about diversity or anti-white or any of that, that’s just window dressing and rationalization. It’s about jamming in more and more people so wages will go down and rents and profits will go up.

    • Agree: Haruto Rat
    • Replies: @Francis Miville
  31. Richard B says:

    The Jews will be responsible for the death of all civilization including their own. There are no “Jewish Intellectuals” just fucking con men and mentally ill reprobates who have no soul.

    That’s exactly right!

    • Agree: Pheasant
  32. Anonymous[188] • Disclaimer says:

    What we therefore see in the ongoing story of European cosmopolitanism is the confluence of two separate strains of activism — the generally well-meaning European variant peopled by Kant, the UDC, and some of the non-Jewish utopians; and the Jewish one featuring Mendelssohn, the Frankfurt School, and Jewish Capital. It is the latter that has attached itself to the former, perverting and distorting its vision for their own ends. The present-day European Union is the disfigured and defective offspring of this sinister congress.

    Spot on.

  33. Richard B says:

    The book is writing itself on Unz Review. About 75% of comments here are its content.

    Another yawn, snore ad hominem.

    As if you or anyone else has read all of the comments on this site.

    Even if that were possible you’d still bring your own biases with you.

    And I’ve read enough of your comments to know that you’ve never developed the habit of questioning your own assumptions. So you automatically think you’re right.

    Now that’s dumb.

  34. sonofman says:

    For the love of money.

    Scapegoating Jewish people because some of them are experts (neid) in the preferred financial system of the capitalist rentier elite, E.g.: those who receive income without productivity through usury, property and income taxes, value added taxes on goods and property, interest on income and debt, real estate rent, insurance Ponzi schemes and all other forms of unearned income, is an unfair and false narrative that only obscures the actual suspects and their motives.

    The European Union has 28 states, 28 different cultures and 24 languages. It is a union of nations. The only thing that they have in common is trade. Europe has always been a project of the elites.

    The transformation of Europe is being initiated out of necessity to make Europe more attractive to immigrants from other cultures.


    Europe has a very high standard of living. Birth rates go down as the standard of living improves. The trend continues, that there are more deaths than live births. Mandatory spending (pensions, retirement benefits, health care, etc.) takes up the majority of government expenditure, but the ratio of wage earners to retirees continues to shrink.

    To maintain the system of finance and government, Europe needs more batteries. So if Europeans don’t start breeding more, immigration is the answer. But cultural nationalism (i.e. read the latest Linh Dinh) is a natural and defensible right of people, and is an obstacle to “multiculturalism”.

    In Europe, there will never be an above government transition of power to non-Europeans.

    • Agree: Bardon Kaldian
    • Replies: @Old and Grumpy
  35. Suede says:

    The Great Return will save the Europeans! Exodus of the MENA people as Bob Marley would have put it.

    • Replies: @anonymous
  36. @Hans Vogel

    So why are the UK and the US implementing the same destructive policies on themselves, if “neutralizing Europe” is the intention?

    Answer : it is not the UK or the US, but it is the Jews who are behind this racially destructive policy, and they implement it on the same countries they inhabit.

    They want to rule over a degenerated, low IQ, mongrel population. Pure blooded Europeans are a threat to their plan.

    • Agree: Z-man, Pheasant, R.C.
    • Replies: @Hans Vogel
    , @Rahan
  37. Z-man says:

    By far the strangest of Kalergi’s theories was the idea that the new united Europe should be governed by a “spiritual aristocratic leadership” that “can only be found in the Jewish people.” These traits, according to Kalergi, “predestine Jews to be leaders of urban humanity, the protagonists of capitalism as well as the revolution.”

    Strange? Even an illiterate like me can see that that’s what’s going to happen unless we stop it.

    Speaking of European genocide, look at what’s happening in Italy right now. The unelected government of Conte, who kowtowed to the EU bureaucrats last year to keep the flow of Euros pumping into Italy, is letting in thousands of filthy illegals into Italy with not so much as a whimper.
    The Italian people have had enough of this but elections aren’t being held. Part of the problem is that the pro Zionist* populist right wing leader, Salvini, left the government last year and was replaced by unelected shit lib ‘Democrats’. He and the even more anti immigrant Brothers of Italy party should win in a landslide, but elections aren’t being held. Regional elections in many big areas are being held in September and that should collapse the central government , but we shall see.

    *It’s curious how a lot of these right wing parties in Europe are so pro Zionist. There’s got to be something there besides the anti Muslim angle. \$\$\$?

    • Replies: @Cutler
  38. @sonofman

    If the replacements don’t work or pay taxes, what is the point of them?

    • Agree: Malla, Corrupt, R.C.
  39. @Thomasina

    “Th’ abuse of greatness is when it disjoins
    Remorse from power. And, to speak truth of Caesar,
    I have not known when his affections swayed
    More than his reason. But ’tis a common proof
    That lowliness is young ambition’s ladder,
    Whereto the climber upward turns his face.
    But when he once attains the upmost round,
    He then unto the ladder turns his back,
    Looks in the clouds, scorning the base degrees
    By which he did ascend”

    Julius Caesar Act 2 scene 1

  40. @RealAmerican

    It seems impossible to me that he was not warned by educated civil servants that this was almost certainly a catastrophe in the making and I suspect that is was disregarded because it facilitated the complete destruction of the middle east bar Israel which is ongoing because the US is entirely subjugated.

  41. Trinity says:


    Nonwhites DO BETTER LIVING AMONG WHITES, not that they contribute much in the way of anything positive. MOST of the time, these nonwhites are nothing more than PARASITES living off (((government))) freebies for generations. OFTEN these nonwhite INVADERS literally and figuratively rape their host countries. It has been PROVEN that many of these nonwhite tribes CANNOT CREATE OR EVEN MAINTAIN ANYTHING REMOTELY COMPARABLE TO A FIRST WORLD SOCIETY. And last but certainly not least, these nonwhite invaders have no intention of assimilating into OUR CULTURE, matter of fact, they seek to conquer our nations and turn them into the nations they fled from. THESE PEOPLE have no loyalty to their host White nation, many of them are anti-White, anti-Christian, anti-Western culture to the core. “Our leaders” are flooding OUR NATIONS with biological weapons of mass destruction. Given all the rapes, murders and assaults on Whites in Europe, America, Australia, Canada, etc., flooding these nations with hostile invaders is an act of war and/or treason.

  42. Saggy says:

    If this quote from Kalergi’s ‘Practical Idealism’ is accurate –

    The man of the future will be mixed race. The Eurasian-Negroid race of the future will replace the diversity of peoples.*

    Then this is BS –

    Ellis comments that although Kalergi was wrong to reduce European identity to a matter of “morals and of style,” he “did not intend for large-scale immigration into Europe from non-European peoples, especially from Africa and the Muslim Middle-East.”

    * from

    Video Link

  43. @ThreeCranes

    Interesting post. You are right that Science has been granted deity status by the modern world. And that is highly problematic. There’s no scientific argument against genocide, for example. No scientific argument for loyalty to one’s family, personal freedom, privacy, fair play, friendship, or anything else that makes life worth living, as there is no scientific argument that life is even worth living.

    Science has usurped the roles of Art and Religion, because, with the Scientific Revolution and the huge scientific advances since 1620, humans became bedazzled by Science’s successes. For many, scientific truth seems higher than any other truth, or even the only truth. But it makes sense that Science would be the first to modernize, since our relationship with the physical world is less complex than our relationship with humanity (Art) or, even more so, with each other (Religion).

    Art and Religion have their own truths and will eventually catch up to Science and put her back in her proper sphere–limited strictly to our relationship with the physical world. I just wonder whether we will survive the Reign of Science long enough to allow the Artistic and Religious Revolutions to occur.

  44. Saggy says:

    Go to Google Images and enter the following:
    White American men
    Black American men

    White American couple
    Black American couple

    You left out …. and then select the ‘images’ tag ….

    The result …… Wow ! Unbelievable.

    • Replies: @Realist
  45. American Citizen 2.0 says:

    The thing that has recently struck me is that White people are after power and control too. I used to think that was a good thing but now I realize that White people don’t generally notice the negative effect that their having power and control over other people tends to result in bad outcomes for those other people. So I have become a lot more sympathetic with someone else other than White people have a least more control lately. We aren’t the only people with ideas about how the world should be organized.

  46. Nemo E-B. says:

    Ellis’s analysis of the mental health of the average member of the cosmopolitan elite is excellent. Her assertion that they “have a combined sense of intellectual superiority, moral arrogance, and existential insecurity, often involving fear of ‘natural groups,’” couldn’t be more aptly applied to Jewish activists.

    Very accurate description.

    You can easily recongnize these people, keeping this short, yet very accurate description in mind.

  47. Malla says:

    It is not Christianity. It is racial. ((They)) are not trying to exterminate Christian blacks, Latinos, Filipinis, Papuans. And Whites today overall are far less Christian then centuries before. It is racial.
    I always found this suspicious that Jews in such large numbers went to Europe after the fall of the temple. Maybe, it was one loooong term plan.

    • Agree: Trinity, MrVoid
    • Replies: @MrVoid
    , @Truth
    , @anon
  48. Malla says:

    American inventors

    Forget American Inventors, Google “White American Inventors” and you get black folk.

    Forget google, this push to White genocide is something I had observed much before on jew Media. MTV like channels and the lot, in India!!!

    • Replies: @Realist
    , @Anon
  49. @Franklin Ryckaert

    Good point. I should say that what happens now in the US and England is a secondary process. Those with lots and lots of power and money have lost all sense of reality. Deluded by hubris and by legions of sycophantic servants, they are set on a course to destroy all of civilization and in the process, themselves. They seem to think they are superior. They may be so on the basis of their bank accounts, but certainly they are also at least as superior to the 99.9% in terms of stupidity and delusion.

    Yet, judging by the way they have been fooling so many of us with their “moon landings,” “islamic terrorism,” 9/11, and now the great Corona show (now playing in a theater near you and you are also given a role), they sure seem to be headed towards success.

    Karma being a bitch, let’s hope we will live to see it coming to the Soroses, Gateses, Bezoses, Rothschilds and all those others.

  50. anonymous[392] • Disclaimer says:

    The Blackening of Europe

    The “Blackening of euRape” is innate to the black soul of euRape. The black soul of euRape is Whitevil Supremacy. It is this black soul which has caused untold suffering around the world. All black souls will get their just comeuppance.

  51. Excellent article. it isn’t a secret that part of the long-term plan is the destruction of sovereignty of nations, effectively eliminating the nation-state as an integral block of the world, that sovereignty to be replaced by a cabal of bankers and industrialists. “Nationalism” in the sense of pride or belonging to one’s nation, is to be destroyed. The thesis in this article and in the book, coincide perfectly and expand the picture.

    The creation of the European Union was one of the greatest crimes in history – “Divided we stand, United we fall”. That’s where it is today, and immigration is the tool. It has progressed so far there is likely no way to stop it.

    This is one reason NATO commanders and troops are being taught to eliminate any thoughts of nationalism or loyalty to their own nation, but to NATO only, that they may one day be waging war on their own country. And this is why: if the people in any European country wake up in time and revolt, NATO will be there to put them down.

    There are days when I feel it is too late to save our world from this small group of people.

  52. cranc says:

    There were some novel revelations for me, including his self-conscious participation in Freemasonry, his quite extensive reliance upon Jewish finance, and his extremely strange and dangerous fantasy that Jews were the ideal leaders of the future European state.

    Still new to all this, any one of you human encyclopedias wish to confirm/ deny the straightforward assertion that Freemasonry has long been a vehicle for Jewish power/ Zionism ?
    I read about the symbolism, the belief in descent from Noah, the builders of the Temple of Soloman…etc. wanting to read something more substantial though. If confirmed, it would explain a lot of things.

  53. Iva says:

    I am reading now a critique of the book by daughter of Polish Jews/communists, Ludwika Wujec. “If you want to build a new society really quickly, there is no other way then to raise a “new man”, total reformation of his conscience – to do this , you need terror. Where there is terror, there are victims. 

  54. padre says:

    That is how it goes, in Europe used to live Neaderthals!No trace of them now!

  55. Jews would be natural intellectual leaders of the blacks and the reds (indios of the Americas) being that those two groups don’t have written languages or history but as to whites, browns and yellows they are merely money lenders of the last resort and interlopers at best.

  56. @Commentator Mike

    You could see them as red herrings, but perhaps they’re more like symptoms, signs of a body fighting a larger disease. In which case ignoring them, or treating ONLY the symptoms, is bound to make things worse.

    Take immigration — it’s perfectly valid to look at a nation as a jurisdiction whose purpose is to maintain and maximize benefits to its citizens. It’s inarguable that this capacity is significantly decreased once population exceeds certain limits.

    Your TFR analysis is completely appropriate, but any kind of beneficial transition is being undermined by “right-minded” people (decent people with good intent, as well as selfish people pursuing profit and power under cover of positive rhetoric). Identifying them is not necessarily a red herring if you’ve made an intelligent determination that their efforts and effects need to be resisted.

    Meanwhile, it’s the “hateful” people who have their eyes open to the problem. Their words and proposed solutions may not be ideal, may in fact be contributing to the conflict and difficulty of getting the nation back on an intelligent and effective track — but nevertheless they are far closer to identifying the specific areas that need to be addressed.

    Immigration needs to be slowed or stopped to realize the benefits of a declining TFR (a feature, not a bug, of a successful and advanced society). Not to unnecessarily racialize the issue, but a fair percentage of white people seemed to have realized this at the body level but not, for the most part, on a conscious intellectual level — rather the opposite. On the other hand, a fair percentage of non-white people are not realizing this on any level.

    So this “forces the hand” of the increasingly powerless nativists and nationalists whose rhetoric and proposals may be “deplorable” to many, but who happen to be absolutely right about the basic causes and effects. Ironically, it’s the progressives that are hanging on to an outmoded approach and ideology, while their supposedly conservative or ‘backwards’ opponents are actually exploring alternative ways forward.

    I’m right with you about the best way forward being effective and intelligent pragmatism. I just think human nature and history makes this option extremely unlikely, perhaps impossible on a national level.

    • Thanks: Commentator Mike
  57. Realist says:

    Forget American Inventors, Google “White American Inventors” and you get black folk.

    That is blatant.

    Forget google, this push to White genocide is something I had observed much before on jew Media.

    Google is controlled by Jews.

    • Replies: @SunBakedSuburb
  58. Realist says:

    You left out …. and then select the ‘images’ tag ….

    Note: I wrote Go to Google Images…

    The result …… Wow ! Unbelievable.

    If you think that is unbelievable…try White American inventors.

    • Agree: Saggy
  59. NoMeSayin says:

    The Satan mentioned here is not the religious or the bibliographical one but a collective for a tribal ones.

    • Replies: @Larry
  60. It is pretty well established in the minds of certain historians, that WW 2 was the last stand by Nationalist authoritarian governments, against cosmopolitanism and globalism. The proof of this assertion, came quickly, in the light of the way huge historical changes normally happen, the international left, being careful to never be too explicit about their plans. Today, they hardly care to hide their plans any longer, being well financed by big tech and globalist corporations to speed things up with violence being perfectly acceptable..

  61. anonymous[376] • Disclaimer says:

    There’s not going to be any Great Return. Not mentally healthy to stray from reality.

    • Replies: @Culpepper
  62. @American Citizen 2.0

    White people don’t generally notice the negative effect that their having power and control over other people tends to result in bad outcomes for those other people.

    You should ask the people the Native Americans replaced who was it better to live under–Native Americans or Europeans. Oh, wait, you can’t. They were all exterminated by the tribe that replaced them. So, you should ask the Amorites whether they preferred living under Jews or Gentiles. Oh, wait, you can’t. The Jews exterminated them.

    • Agree: acementhead
  63. “…Ellis’s analysis of the mental health of the average member of the cosmopolitan elite is excellent. Her assertion that they “have a combined sense of intellectual superiority, moral arrogance, and existential insecurity, often involving fear of ‘natural groups,’” …”

    Which is why not only are most Jews “walking contradictions”, so are white (cosmo) liberals.

  64. @RealAmerican

    “They (Cameron and Sarkozy)also wanted to do the same thing in Syria, and it was Obama this time who refused to go along.”

    Obama wanted to draw a red line in the sand as a pretext to blasting Syria to smithereens, but in 2014 the American public was having none of it, and neither was Putin.

  65. @niteranger

    That’s okay (so to speak), niteranger…that Dude that Talmud Gitten 57a says is “burning in Hell in His own excrement for eternity” will have His comeupance at some point…and, oh yeah, Jews in Israel are converting to belief on Christ in droves these days. The One for Israel Ministry YouTube channel verifies this (and they even get along with their Palestinian Christian brothers and sisters! To the shock of American “Christian” Zionists….the “Christ at the Checkpoint” Palestinian Christian YouTube channel verifies this.)

  66. @Larry Romanoff

    “sovereignty to be replaced by a cabal of bankers and industrialists”

    I get there exists UN Agenda 21 and creepy, powerful utopians like Bill Gates and the rest of the Davos reptilians. But what remains of national sovereignty after their globalist program ramped up during the Clintonite 1990s is negligible.

  67. @Realist

    “Google is controlled by Jews.”

    I’d place a bet on Indians from India in the big tech power sweepstakes.

    • Replies: @Richard B
  68. While I don’t approve of what’s happening in Europe as to immigration sponsored by the Barbara Lerner Specters of the world, the fact is it’s kharma…what goes around comes around…thanks to the Europe elite empires enslaving Africa, the Middle East, Asia, and the Americas and Down Under as well (for instance, that scene in “Quigley Down Under” of shooting Aboriginees forced to run toward a cliff and shooting them as they fall off…did this actually occur in Aussie land? Yikes!), I’d say the blacks and browns and even yellows of this world are getting their own version of comeupance. The Bible is clear–you reap what you sew. And, of course, the Talmudic overlord Jewish Supremacists will, to their everlasting regret as Satan gnaws his “teeth” on their “bones” as they “weep” (so sayeth Jesus Christ) learn to their everlasting regret. In the Outer Darkness, that is (Hell), where there will be “weeping and gnashing of teeth.”

    • Replies: @American Citizen 2.0
  69. dr death says:
    @Majority of One

    I suppose the alternative will be balkanization, civil unrest and slaughter. That’s baked into the cake for all soon to be formerly white nations. When there is no longer a space for constructive communication to happen…. well.

  70. ld says:

    what in the name of holy hell????
    This is preposterous!

    • Replies: @Realist
  71. American Citizen 2.0 says:

    Reap what you sow. Not sew.

    But otherwise I agree.

    • Replies: @acementhead
  72. Cutler says:

    I saw Salvini say he wants for Italy what Israel has with regards to secure borders strict limited immigration pro natal policies sovereignty etc and Orban said the same. Of course both get called nazi’s

    • Replies: @Z-man
  73. “have a combined sense of intellectual superiority, moral arrogance, and existential insecurity, often involving fear of ‘natural groups,’”

    The hand-wringing of Episcopalian officials about minuscule and declining attendance, combined with plans to merge with BLM to promote the greater glory of God, suggests this sort of mindset as well.

  74. The British mandate for Palestine was England’s first foray into mass immigration against the wishes of the indiginous population. It was the price they paid for jewry getting the USA into WWI. We can all see how well that worked out for the Palestinians.

    In 1948, the Palestinians lost their state. The same year Britain turned immigration on itself.(Probably not a coincidence)

    . Poale Zion which had enthusiastically supported an ethno state for the Jews on someone elses land, threw its weight behind mass immigration into the UK under a Labour government.,later changing its name to Jewish Labour Movement.

    However it would be unfair to blame Labour party alone because since 1948 up to the present day the flood of immgration has continued regardless of who was in power. We have in the UK a Janus party, two faces on one head and both are completely infiltrated. The English are now a minority in their capital city.

  75. Richard B says:


    Of course they are.

    What we are witnessing is nothing less than

    The Pyrrhic Victory Of Jewish Supremacy Inc.

    In NYC the future has already happened.

    If you want to see how it’ll all end just look there.

    Even one of their own says it’s over.

    And Jerry Seinfeld’s attempt to dismiss his fellow tribeman’s editorial only served to reinforce the obvious. Of course, he thought he was doing something else.

    Here’s a partial list of JSI’s “achievements” (destruction).

    NYC – City
    California – State
    USA – Country
    Europe – Continent

    Obviously, Susan Sontag’s famous quote about White people being the cancer of the human race was yet another example of JSI deflection and projection.

    This is how it was always going to end with them.

    JSI is simply too obsessed with power and irrational hatred (projection) for it to end any other way.

    The key point for us, no matter how impossible of achievement it might sound, is to continue preserving and developing our culture.

    To know it and to live it. To the last dying breath. Whenever that may be.

    What culture?

    The one JSI has done everything in the last 100+ years to bury.

    If there’s anything I object to in the work of KM, Andrew Joyce and others it’s that.

    They do good work pointing out the specfics of JSI power and its consequences.

    But not enough on European cultural history and its impact on its geographical areas, from North and South America, Australia, and NZ and everywhere else.

    We have so much to be grateful for and proud of.

    As Nietzsche, remorse of conscience is indecent.

    Which is exactly why JSI has tried to exploit it in the West.

    But there is no reason to take directions from people we don’t want to be like.

    And who wants to be like the people who make up The Dark Triad that is Jewish Supremacy Inc.?

  76. Culpepper says:

    The reconquista of Spain took centuries, but it did happen.

    • Replies: @anonymous
  77. Richard B says:

    I’d place a bet on Indians from India in the big tech power sweepstakes.

    Window dressing.

    • Agree: Thomasina, Alden
  78. @Cyrano

    They don’t want to save capitalism : they want to establish a totalitarian bureaucracy that will leave absolutely no room for any entrepreneur to invent any new product, invest any savings, and start any kind of business, they only use the bait of capitalistic greed (which is capitalism’s point of vulnerabilty not its forte) to install the bureaucracy and present its advent as profit-motivated, like all marxists have always recommended, Lenin among the foremost : it is the art of selling to capitalists the rope to hang them. Kalergi did not lionize any capitalistic society like ancient Athens but rather ancient Egypt, ancient India, ancient China, that is to say oriental despotic systems. Trying to convert the West to oriental despotism has always been a multi-millenia old dream among oligarchs, among Jews and not only among them at all, but all people who prefer security to liberty and view a career in a bureaucracy as the only worthwhile destiny worth striving for. They want to save greed and as Marx was so proud of claming it greed for short term gains in money and power leads by its own logic the peoples first to socialism and then to communism. Race-mixing as an ideal and as part of the everlasting quest for anything new and exotic is the very triumph of sensual greed over patient love.

  79. @TG

    The problem is that America’s very foundational venture in 1776 was 100% financed by slaving money (especially for the very costly aid provided from royal France, which was then the most tyrannical and antihumanistic power pole of Europe) : they saw that Western Europe as a general population was getting real fed up of slaving tycoons and discussing the most practical ways of doing away with their practice if they wanted their own last serfs to access yeomanship. The only way for the slavers to save their assets and their own asses was to operate in a sovereign country without any more venerable and authentic aristocracy or elite above their heads. Needless to say this milieu that had everything to gain from the 1776 break-up of so many proud yeomen with their motherland was as intensively Jewish and marked by Jewish cultural aspects (like the predominance of Calvinism and general contempt for all non utilitarian arts) as would be later on the bolchevik government of the heroic and blood-red beginnings of USSR. America was essentially founded on a renewed declaration of war against latin civilisation and Catholicism (which they found Britain was betraying by promoting Anglican latitudinarianism) like USSR would be founded on a renewd declaration of war against slavic civilisation and Orthodoxy (which they found the Romanovs had betrayed since the end of the Peter the Great and Catherine the Great period). Instead of speaking of 1776 as a revolution or a war for independence, one should say the satanic pact of 1776. And the only ones who could celebrate and enact for real such a kind of pact had to be rabbis and rabbinically educated masons claming of Solomon’s own dabblings in the occult. Now that two centuries have elapsed during which the US would enjoy their standard of living in exchange for thir souls and brains as per the terms of the pact, the real devils have come to claim and collect their final due, still in the guise of Jewish presence of course, as these Jews ask for reparations to their own former slaves the profit acquired through which they had only lent at interest, not provided for free. Please burn your stars and stripes while the going is good, please stop celebrating the pact of 1776 and imagining that the constitution and its amendments had another purpose but to hush and enthuse the useful idiots of Europe.

    • Replies: @Alden
    , @Mefobills
  80. This kind of analysis always comes decades after the events described. OK, it’s fine to know history, but what about now?

    In the US, outraged Jewish liberals are attacking Trump perhaps because he will have something they will never have – practising Jewish grandchildren. All three of Biden’s children have married Jews. And Kamala is also married to the tribe.

    In the UK, the leader of the opposition is extremely pro-Zionist and married to a Jew. And the Prime Minister is a one man multicultural melting-pot with Jewish roots and a “passionate Zionist”.

    • Replies: @Robjil
  81. Dulta says:

    Those Google images are hilarious(but scary in terms of propaganda)

    • Agree: Realist
  82. MrVoid says:

    It is not Christianity. It is racial. ((They)) are not trying to exterminate Christian blacks, Latinos, Filipinis, Papuans. And Whites today overall are far less Christian then centuries before. It is racial.

    I agree, and recently some Jewish academic refered to the arch of Titus as emblematic of Christian persecution, even though Christianity wasn’t a thing when the arch of Titus was constructed. Jews also have a hate-on for Christmas trees, a custom which historically pre-dates Christianity. Also this purportedly religious hatred continues even when approximately half of Jews claim to be non-religious.

    It only makes sense when you think of it as racial hatred. When Jews are inveighing against “Christians” they generally mean Whites, especially Whites that haven’t been fully derracinated. If they call you a “Christian” is just means you are some White person they hate regardless of your actual involvement in Christianity per se. It’s similar to how the term “anti-Semite” is used. An “anti-Semite” is someone designated by them as an enemy, even when the “anti-Semite” does not bear any malice, and I am sure that many thusly designated anti-Semites did learn to hate in the course of things. As Trotsky put it, they may not have been interested in war but war was interested in them.

    • Agree: Pheasant, Malla
  83. anon[191] • Disclaimer says:

    You’re weak and have given up. Your attitude is because this statistic has been announced, French should just find a nice negro to marry and shut up because nothing can be done about it.

    In the late 80’s, nobody thought that the governments of the eastern block communist countries would collapse in their lifetimes, it seemed that places like the Soviet Union would be around for centuries. Like all flawed assumptions about human nature, communism collapsed because nobody believed in it any more, especially the people at the top. Multiculturalism is even more based on flawed assumptions about human nature (that all humans are equal in intelligence, potential and that all cultures are equal) and it will collapse like all flawed belief systems. The United States government and media are keeping it artificially alive. How much longer will the United States system be around? I think it’s on it’s on its last legs and once it dies, so dies multiculturalism very quickly.

    • Replies: @anonymous
  84. Realist says:

    This is preposterous!

    Indeed…red pill your friends.

  85. For an absolute worst case scenario of a projected great decline of Europe one only has to read the classic “The Camp of the Saints” by the late Jean Raspail.

  86. Z-man says:

    Clever those Jooz. Elements of the tribe and their financiers discretely support the Euro Right while most other elements of the tribe instigate attacks on them. Besides what you said I think there’s under-the-table shekels being sent to some right wing parties, thus the pro Zionist stances.

  87. anonymous[291] • Disclaimer says:

    But because of race mixing, will there be anyone born in France in 2100 who is 100% white? In that case what does a reconquista look like?

  88. anonymous[291] • Disclaimer says:

    My point is even if multiculturalism dies tomorrow, 20% or more of the babies are Muslims in France plus blacks and other groups. There will still be race mixing. What can be saved?

    • Replies: @Franklin Ryckaert
  89. Thomasina says:
    @American Citizen 2.0

    Thanks for the soft lob. Who are these White people who have power and control? It’s certainly not Joe and Becky living on the corner of 3rd and Vine.

    Some of the elite Whites are about power and control, but we are now finding that a lot of them are dual-citizen Whites. These dual-citizen Whites have another agenda. They already have the wealth, and wealth buys you a lot of power and control. They have worked tirelessly and quietly behind the scenes, manipulating, bribing, blackmailing, threatening in order to change laws, take over the media, big Tech, academia and own the politicians. When you have that kind of power, you have a virtual monopoly on what goes on.

    These people also understand psychology and they know exactly who they can compromise and who they can’t. They identify the narcissistic types, know what they’re after (wealth and prestige/fame) and they give it to them. In return, the narcissists are to give them what they want. At their meeting together, they’d both speak about doing good for the world, helping the poor refugees, whatever. The excuse for doing what they plan to do is laid out on the table (helping the world), but they both could care less about any of this.

    They identify the do-gooders, and they use them in the same way. The do-gooder is all about thinking they’re superior by doing good. They know this about them, and they use and manipulate them.

    They identify the gamblers, the pedophiles, the sexual perverts, closeted people, and those who have gotten into financial trouble. They use these people too through bribery, threatening to disclose their secrets, or giving them what they want (pedophiles).

    Joe and Becky aren’t about power and control. They are about maintaining and preserving a way of life that THEY and their ancestors built (the pioneers and settlers who made the country what it is).

    Let’s pretend that I’m a country. Over the years you’ve been taking hits at me, not all the time, but enough, slowly encroaching on my boundaries (like the elite have done). You’ve controlled the finances (the treadmill most Whites are on), and you’ve destroyed my self-esteem through putting me down and spreading lies about me (like the media), telling me over and over again that I’m selfish and “I” need to change (the White Supremacy nonsense).

    One day you come at me with a hammer. Maybe you’re trying to mold and reshape me, maybe you’re trying to kill me. If I fight back, try to protect myself, am I really after power and control, or am I trying to “preserve” my life? Who has the power in this instance? Who is applying the force?

    Ordinary Whites want power and control? Bullshit. Ordinary Whites are trying to preserve their way of life, a way of life THEY built. So far they’ve been like the Dodo bird who didn’t fight back. Their pride has been stripped from them. Every other group is allowed to have pride (Black pride), but they’re not. They’ve been told they’re nothing but a bunch of White Supremacists who have done nothing! What a laugh that is.

    Stay tuned.

    • Agree: Trinity
    • Replies: @American Citizen 2.0
  90. (((Every Single Time)))

    • Agree: Trinity, Parsnipitous
  91. Larry says:

    The fact is that we live in a godless world and, yet, many people see the devil and its work everywhere.

    In other words, they remain religious but without the benefits of a proper religion.

    Thus, my comment, the one were unable to comprehend.

  92. Larry says:


    And yet it represents the same devil, an evil puppet master.

    As I said to the other lost soul, the fact is that we live in a godless world and, yet, many people see the devil and its work everywhere.

    In other words, they remain religious but without the benefits of a proper religion.

  93. Robjil says:

    Even Duterte of the Philippines has “Jewish” children.

    A lesser-known fact about the notorious leader is that his ex-wife of 25 years with whom he had three children is of Jewish descent.
    The father of Elizabeth Zimmerman, 70, was a German Jew who fled Nazi Germany and obtained a visa to the Philippines along with approximately 1,300 European Jews.

  94. American Citizen 2.0 says:

    You had me until the “pretend I am a country” part. What I have been saying is that this idea of a “country” is a kind of story you are repeating in your own mind but it’s not reality. Nobody is taking anything from you. You can do everything you ever wanted to do now just like before. If you have a strong, stable community, it still exists. Yes, black people are making a big deal out of the idea of taking over right now but in the end running the country isn’t a tv show. It’s people who go to work everyday. So let them have their 15 minutes on tv celebrating being in charge for once in their lives. Someone is still going to have to collect the trash and fix stop lights. I don’t think black people are all that interested in those kinds of governing.

    But ultimately there is nothing wrong with having to stand up and fight for what you care about. That black people are making you do that right now isn’t going to last because you aren’t really fighting for anything you don’t still have. You are being triggered but it’s all just media.

    • Replies: @Thomasina
  95. @anonymous

    After the reconquista was completed with the fall of Grenada in 1492, Arabs and Jews were expelled from Spain. Similarly when “multiculturalism” as an official policy will be ended, all residents of full or partially non-European descent will have to leave Europe. That will be about 70 million people and is doable.

    • LOL: L.K
    • Replies: @anonymous
  96. Thomasina says:
    @American Citizen 2.0

    No I didn’t have you. I’ve never had you. You’re not interested in being “had”. You have your own agenda. You’re trying to placate me by telling me I haven’t really lost anything, that everything is still the same. Yeah, right, buddy. What you’re really telling me to do is to shut up.

    Sorry. Some people notice when the tide is coming in around them, others don’t see it, and then there are others who actually want the tide to come in. I peg you for the latter.

    Laws actually do end up getting changed over “15 minutes of fame”, and not for the better. Of course, Blacks are just being used here by the elite who do NOT want the Whites noticing the tide coming in.

    They’ve noticed.

    • Replies: @Parsnipitous
  97. Anonymous[291] • Disclaimer says:

    How did it come to the point where nearly all White Christians in America are afraid of publicly identifying Jewish organizations as the major influence in American foreign and domestic policy?

    What is so darn wrong about pointing out Jewish power?

    Is there even one politician in all of America who will do so?

    If so, he or she should run for president in 2024.

  98. gfhändel says:

    A sad contribution from Mr Joyce. Usually so informative on matters of the past. The Dilemma of Europe has always been the dilemma of “us all”.

  99. @American Citizen 2.0

    “Reap what you sow. Not sew.”

    No. Just no.

    The error(typo) was that ‘read’ was rendered as “reap”. Her name is omegabooks so she reads what she sews – samplers.

    Below are links to some samples of samplers. Lots of good reading; “home is where the hat is” for instance.

    • LOL: William Oliver
  100. @Paul holland

    The title is obviously designed to try to get cheap notoriety – to encourage race-huckstering charlatans to condemn it without bothering to read it (and almost certainly without buying a copy).

    It’s a stupid, childish attempt at a ‘zinger’ – because as we all know, the entire fucking world now runs on zingers. I suppose the next step is that every website will have a laugh track and ‘Applause’ signs.

    One point that does seem to be covered is that ‘Europe’ is an almost-entirely artificial construct whose roots were cultivated by would-be World Improvers in the 18th and 19th century. Typical “We Know What’s Good For The Proles” drivel, which needs to die in a fire.

    The greatest gift that ‘intellectuals’ could give the proles, is to teach the proles how to identify charlatanry and parasitism – both in-group and out-group… but that’s never crossed the minds of soi-disant ‘thought leaders’ – whose primary aim is always to make the proles behave like the ‘thought leaders’ think they ought to (which by massive coincidence entails keeping the ‘thought leaders’ in lives of relative luxury).

    The vast bulk of humanity is not wired to be kosmopolites, which is why 2500 years ago the Sages advocated it as an idealised situation, not one which ought to be imposed on people still in the allegorical Cave.

    Even today, with the cancer of false-cosmopolitanism metastasizing everywhere, most Frenchman identify first by their region (e.g., Auvergnat(e), Vendéen(ne) etc), then as French, then as European. There is acknowledged tension between those things, since ‘Frenchness’ explicitly dissociates the individual from terroir – it mostly evokes submission to Paris (or Île de France more broadly).

    Most Germans are likewise quite parochial with regard to region over nation. And as we’ve seen recently in Catalonia, the Catalan aren’t all that keen on being lumped in with the Dago Spanish (ditto the Basque).

    Humans seem best suited to parochialism in its etymologically-correct sense, i.e., referring to a parish (I’m thinking here in terms of group size, shorn of stupid Sky Maniac nonsense). That’s also the size at which all economies of scale present in administering group affairs are exhausted: at larger group sizes the only remaining economies of scale are those related to the parasitic exploitation of the herd (at ‘village size’ community levels, the parasites need to pretend to care about each individual; at ‘town-size’ the parasites don’t have to give a fuck about individual welfare: all they need is for cunts to pay their rates).

    Gigantic tribes (1,500 being ‘gigantic’) are unnatural, which is why most ‘patriotism’ is largely notional and very very subjective (‘patriotic’ Yank alt-righters can’t stand a large number of their countrymen, and vice versa). The only time that it serves a purpose is when there’s an external threat – and then it serves a purpose for the parasites at the top, not for the demos.

    External threats to fictional group identities (‘people’, ‘state’, ‘nation’ etc) are never threats to the demos: they are threats to the Apex Grifters.

    Also, there’s a delicious irony to the fact that centuries of globe-trotting rapine perpetrated by ‘European’ Apex Grifters, is having long-tailed consequences – viz., the people they subjugated getting it into their frizzy-haired heads that maybe they can repay the favour (without spending a fortune on a navy).

    Reap the whirlwind, motherfuckers.

    • Replies: @Exile
    , @Anonymous
  101. Exile says:

    Watching White people being beaten and shot for being White makes us believe White people have enemies who wish to harm us.

    This isn’t delusion – it’s the very opposite.

    Pretending that White identity doesn’t exist is delusional, as is pretending hostile ethnic groups like Jews don’t mean us harm.

    The churches have helped do this to us. There is no shelter there for Whites. In religion, yes, but not our churches.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  102. I think there is a resurgence of anti-Semitism because at this point in time Europe has not yet learned how to be multicultural. And I think we are going to be part of the throes of that transformation, which must take place. Europe is not going to be the monolithic societies they once were in the last century. Jews are going to be at the centre of that. It’s a huge transformation for Europe to make. They are now going into a multicultural mode and Jews will be resented because of our leading role. But without that leading role and without that transformation, Europe will not survive.

    Comment from the founding director of Paideia, the European Institute for Jewish Studies in Sweden, a non-denominational academic institute established in 2001.

    • Replies: @Robjil
  103. Exile says:

    Scale matters but White European societies much larger than 1500 people have functioned quite well. Switzerland and Scandinavia, for instance.

    Rage-posting in bold doesn’t make your muddled quasi-anarchic screed any more coherent. It’s simply more “anti-racist” drivel in a different wrapper.

    • Replies: @Kratoklastes
  104. @Richard B

    Very good points: further to the “exercise of naked power”, it’s instructive to notice that the Apex Parasites seldom[1] think it would be a good thing to decrease their interference in the peon’s lives.

    If a given “exercise of naked power” seems to be having a societally-adverse effect, they are unlikely to abandon it: they will simply introduce another layer.

    It’s quite literally the Homer Simpson “boostrap” method for self-extraction from La Brea –

    [1] The one identifiable decrease in my lifetime, undertaken voluntarily by a government: the quasi-abandonment of abolition of hard drugs in Portugal in 2001 (decriminalising personal possession of all drugs).

    That ‘walk back’ of was phenomenally successful for Portugal as a society– leading to reductions in every recorded indicium of harm, from rates of street crime to addiction rates to HIV infection rates… and the general level of ‘hard’ drug use declined.

    It was such an overwhelmingly positive policy that people who were adamantly opposed, became antiprohibition supporters (including Joao Figueira, Portugal’s former top drug cop who issued dire warnings in 2000… and to his credit, recanted)

    Almost 20 years later, most people in the West remain completely unaware of it. As this piece shows, there is a constant attempt for Wowsers to find (or skew) data that paints the Portuguese policy in a bad light (including claiming that any increase in homicide rates were due to drug traffickers).

    (My assertion is that they didn’t got far enough: they ought to have flat-out legalised everything – including production and distribution. Legal products face a sterner market test for quality).

    • Agree: MrVoid
    • Replies: @Kratoklastes
    , @Richard B
  105. @Kratoklastes

    peons’, not peon’s. More than one peon is affected, obviously.


  106. Anonymous[339] • Disclaimer says:

    My, you certainly exercise your cursing vocabulary freely. Are you trying to shock the reader, or bore him?

    • Replies: @Kratoklastes
  107. Anonymous[339] • Disclaimer says:

    The churches have helped do this to us. There is no shelter there for Whites. In religion, yes, but not our churches.

    Quite so. The American Protestant churches gave up freedom of speech in exchange for the exemption from taxes granted by registering as a tax exempt non-profit organization.

    Once I was, through a series of improbable circumstances, appointed as aide to a moral majority fundamentalist type who was chairing what turned out to be a secret meeting during Buchanan’s try for the Presidential nomination. Local organizers from cities throughout the Southeast and Southwest attended. The chair then said that, while he and all present favored Buchanan, his political sponsors has threatened to cut off all support and communications if any of the local organizations headed by those at the meeting did anything substantive to assist Buchanan, including endorsements.

    And the meeting agreed to that, unanimously, with no discussion.

    The Moral Majority was, in fact, not real. It was controlled and paid for opposition.

    And if Moral Majority, with its base of fundamentalist donors who honestly supported it and donated to it, was controlled opposition, what else is?

    So, yes, the US Protestant churches are as far gone as the Catholics.

  108. Robjil says:
    @World Citizen 28

    2001 was a very odd time for a Jewish Supremacist to do that.

    In 2001 Jewish Supremacists did the 9 11. They blamed it on the Muslims. That was the most devious and cruel thing to do another culture. JS did something so awful. It is beyond anything that humans could conceive of before. Blame another culture for what you did, and then make wars and destruction for this bogus blame over nineteen years.

    Ms. Spectre has a lot of explaining to do. Why did she start this bogus group in 2001? Jewish culture had no right to put itself on a pedestal when it did that horrid deed to US citizens that year. Then to top it off, Jewish culture’s use this blame for what they did to order the destruction of seven Muslim nations over the next nineteen years.

  109. @Saint Michel

    When I begin to think that evil might really be only a social construct, I consider Barbara Lerner Spectre. Such a shame she lacks any conception of hubris, that overweaning arrogance that invites severe retribution. But to expect even basic modesty and honest self-reflection from anyone with a narcissistic personality is not surprising.

    • Agree: GeneralRipper
  110. @Thomasina

    This American 2.0 guy, who recently appeared, reminds me a lot of Wizard of Oz, who plays the same type of soft-pedaling when it comes to criticism of Jews. He totally gets you, EXCEPT… please understand Jews better, etc.

    It’s the I’m a moderate/voice of reason game and disingenuous.

    • Agree: Thomasina
  111. @Exile

    functioned quite well

    Typical whip-licker’s misdirection.

    The appropriate metric is whether or not the governments of those places are operating at an efficient point on the production function for useful state services, i.e., the point at which economies of scale are exhausted, but no further, and where all state services are produced efficiently.

    That has never happened for any government anywhere, ever – and Holmström’s Theorem tells us that it can’t happen.

    Besides, at least one of your examples argues against itself (although the entire premise is retarded to begin with: the idea that a government-at-scale that has not outright failed, proves that governments-at-scale are the optimum).

    The canton system in Switzerland actually results in moderate levels of competition among the national-level parasite classes precisely because of decentralisation – though the decentralisation is not enough to prevent the overarching Swiss state from being vulnerable to any of the myriad valid critiques of government (Holmström’s Theorem being the real killer).

    This is kind of a known-known: the relative ‘soft touch’ of the leprous hand of the state has nothing to do with Swiss ethnic homogeneity, and everything to do with coordination problems that derive from canton-level heterogeneity. Maybe all Swiss look the same to you, but not to people who’ve spent any time there.

    You seem to be making the classic post hoc ergo propter hoc blunder that results from half-thought-out approaches to determining the utility (or otherwise) of nation-states: since growth of government and econmic growth seem to have proceeded together, dimbulbs think that government growth Granger-causes economic growth.

    It actually goes exactly the opposite way: the amazing engine of profit-driven private capital allocation (and the quest for competitive advantage that drives technology), generates large economic surpluses over subsistence, which means that opportunistic parasites can then take a larger proportion of the (growing) pie without getting to critically-high-marginal-utility bits of their victims’ budgets.

    The Treaty of Westphalia and the later creation of conglomerate states (Germany, Italy etc) happened before (and during) rapid increases in technology and living standards brought on by the Industrial Revolution. However States did not – and do not – cause technological change or rising living standards, despite their constant attempts to claim credit: that’s just an empirical fact.

    Government generates welfare losses that have been able to be papered-over for centuries by the awesome engine of modern technology and private capital-allocation (to the extent it has been permitted). Post-WWI governments began to metastasize, and they’ve from from less than a tenth, to roughly half, of all economic activity. As a direct result, aggregate total factor productivity – the thing that gave us rising living standards for the last 150 years) has stopped stone-dead, and we still have to face the long tail of pensions and other end-of-life entitlements for government lackies.

    It all comes back to the fact that government imposes constraints on activity that divert resources from utility-maximising uses (i.e., uses based on private decision-making) towards uses that are not subject to proper budget constraints or cost-benefit calculations. So aggregate output, and the total amount of ‘welfare’ generated (and its distribution) will be worse than truly free interactions.

    That’s just a mathematical certainty: all constrained (local) optima are strictly not superior to unconstrained (local) optima, and the two optima are only equal if the constraint is superfluous.

    So the larger is the government sector, the worse will be the result on aggregate output.


    Also, it’s weird that you think one or two bolded sentences constitutes ‘rage-posting’; you must have been raised by Methodist spinsters.

    Doubly weird that you consider that ‘anti-racist’ is intended to be an obloquy, even if in this instance you’re totally ass-backwards[1].

    Maybe the Methodist spinsters had Downs Syndrome.

    [1] I’m one of the most élitist – and hence racist – motherfuckers who ever drew breath, seriously. I just don’t rate common or garden Eurotrash or Anglo whites that highly, although the Euro/Anglo cognitive (not political) élite are well worth pissing on if they’re on fire.

    Ask me about Finns and Danes (the main white bits of my Heinz-57 mutt-blut, and by far my favourite wypipo) compared to other white mutts – then look at PISA 2018.

    • Replies: @Exile
    , @Mefobills
  112. The blackening of America has already occured in many large urban areas of America, with predictable results. What will it take to convince people that blacks are not fit for public office?

  113. @Anonymous

    People who think that expletives have no place in conversation are natural slaves – incapable of becoming sufficiently agitated when the subject warrants it.

    If an expletive properly, concisely conveys the intended meaning or context, it is a disservice to non-retards to circumlocute just to spare the feelz of people who play their whole lives caring what other people think.

    People who think that ‘cursing’ is hors jeu, are playing a jeu d’enfant.

    Plus… I spent 30-ish wasted years not swearing ‘on principle’, but was convinced to change my mind by someone significantly smarter than me (my PhD supervisor).

    At that point I decided never to tiptoe around pretentious midwits who pretend that not swearing is a marker of sophistication (which it is… but in the proper, pejorative sense of the word) – unless they were paying me… which means that I was never emotionally engaged anyhow, so expletives would be garish.

  114. Exile says:
    @American Citizen 2.0

    We’re not asking for control over non-Whites. We want separation.

    Non-Whites are welcome to organize their own “worlds” however they like – without access to our education system, our donated time, health care, our money and our tolerance for their animosity and Otherness.

    We can interact on the fringes but it’s time for every race to pursue their own destinies on their own dime and time.

  115. Exile says:

    Typical libertarian bugman snark, snobbery & wall-of-text stats wonkery. Your contempt for your co-ethnics is typical of the type. I did the Objectivist gig for many years and met far too many of your ilk.

    You’re useful idiot-savants for a healthy society that keeps you at arms-length from power but left in your hands the race would die out fast. Plato’s philosopher-kings had wisdom as well as intelligence and much more empathy and social awareness than your comments demonstrate.

    Your high-IQ utopia will never evolve because high-IQ clusters with too much spiteful mutation and you can’t build a functional society of hyper-individualistic narcissists.

    • Agree: Mefobills
  116. Truth says:

    Malla, this one’s for you.

    Find God*, Old Sport, the end is nigh.

    (*I wasn’t talking about Shiva the Destroyer).

    • Replies: @Malla
  117. Mefobills says:
    @Francis Miville

    The problem is that America’s very foundational venture in 1776 was 100% financed by slaving money (especially for the very costly aid provided from royal France, which was then the most tyrannical and antihumanistic power pole of Europe) : they saw that Western Europe as a general population was getting real fed up of slaving tycoons

    There has always been slavery. Usually people are drafted into slavery of some type when Credits cannot be paid by Debtors. In other words, human lives are chained to pay off debts held by creditors.

    Anybody who hears the word “slavery” should not be triggered. Being triggered is an implanted false memory, especially from common core public schools. Read Hoffman’s book, they were white and they were slaves:

    Also, the revolutionary war was funded with Continentals. To paraphrase Thomas Payne, “Let it be known the the continental was the cornerstone of our success.” Continentals were a form of debt free money.

    After the war and before Constitutional Convention in 1787 it was touch and go, as British, Dutch, Jewish (English and Dutch Jews) and French Creditors were demanding a pound of flesh.

    Hamilton had the bright idea of taking foreign (and local) debts and converting them to bank stock. Then by creating taxes on liquor and stamps, said tax revenue was used to pay first bank stock holders. Money from tariffs was also used to pay. The first bank was supposed to be 50/50 private stock owners, and remaining held by Treasury. The first bank also had a sinking fund to pay off the creditor/stock holders, to then convert the bank to 100% treasury held. Although it is not clear if Hamilton was running a double game, and wanted the bank to stay public/private.

    Hamilton then convinced Congress to issue new public debt money and make sure there was a means for paying it back. This idea was expounded on in his report on Manufactures. The means for paying back credit is always new productivity, the amplification of human creativity.

    State credit from the state bank was funneling into various industrial sectors thus building out the country with improved productivity and hence the public debt was able to be paid. Hamilton noticed a very small amount of specie money was used at this time in history. Remember the former “creditors” had been demanding usury for their specie denominated debts, and if they had gotten their way, America’s lands would have been enclosed and slavery would have become the norm.

    So, the country was not funded by slavery, war was funded by Continentals, some foreign debt, some local debt claims. The country once formed was funded by the Hamiltonian “American System.” The American System in turn was state credit aimed at Industry, which made slaves less economically important as time went on.

  118. Mefobills says:

    However States did not – and do not – cause technological change or rising living standards, despite their constant attempts to claim credit: that’s just an empirical fact.

    It’s not empirical. Monetary history is the crucible for testing economic theories. National Socialist Germany for example is a refutation, as technology gains were massive in a short period of time. Or, the American System, where state credit funneled purposefully into production, technology and science. It also funneled into clean water, pubic health, and public schools to raise up the level of human competence.

    To quote Hudson on Simon Patten.

    S: So this is how the Wharton School’s first professor of economics, Simon Patten, one of the founders of American sociology, fits into this anti-rentier tradition! That is such a revelation to me! They developed an analysis of technology’s effects on the economy, of monopoly pricing and economic rent as unearned income that increases the cost of living and cost of production. They explained the benefits of public infrastructure investment. Today that is called “socialism,” but it was industrial capitalists who took the lead in urging such public investment, so as to lower their cost of doing business.

    MH: The first U.S. business schools in the late 19th century described rentiers as unproductive. That is why today’s neoliberals are trying to rewrite the history of Institutionalism in a way that expurgates the Americans who wanted the government to provide public infrastructure to make America a low-cost economy, undersell England and other countries, and evolve into the industrial giant it became by the 1920s.

    JS: That was Simon Patten’s teaching at the Wharton School — government-subsidized public infrastructure as the fourth factor of production.


    In other words, the only successful economic type in history is “mixed economy” where government has a role, especially in inelastic sectors. When government is in its role, it is a fourth factor of production. Even going back to the bronze age temple cults, government was involved in a form of mixed economy.

    The question is always, “What is the right balance of government involvement?” Government can most certainly create conditions for technological change and development, even to the point of direct funding, which has been amply demonstrated by history.

  119. anonymous[376] • Disclaimer says:
    @Franklin Ryckaert

    That doesn’t sound doable at all. You would have to be insane to think a world war is doable.

  120. anonymous[392] • Disclaimer says:

    Yeah, those “20%” blessed souls who have a good chance at Paradise. The remaining, most of them, as pure as they are born, with their souls corrupted by the pagan godlessness which pervades their spiritually cursed lands… I feel for those, as yet uncorrupted, young souls.

    As for the many here and elsewhere whose animosity of the true monotheism of Islam runs the gamut from dislike to rabid hate, their abode will be eternal Hell. For those who endeavour to make the life of muslims a living hell on earth, may the Almighty One make their lives Hell on earth.

  121. geokat62 says:
    @Larry Romanoff

    “Nationalism” in the sense of pride or belonging to one’s nation, is to be destroyed.

    Jewish Supremacists developed the following formulation to ensure their objective of Never Again! is achieved:

    ethno-nationalism = fascism = genocide

  122. Rahan says:
    @Franklin Ryckaert

    They want to rule over a degenerated, low IQ, mongrel population. Pure blooded Europeans are a threat to their plan.

    Also Korea, Japan, China.

    Now that the cuckservatives have accepted the narrative that whatever is wrong in the US is the fault of Beijing, they’ve sunk to the level of the left to whom everything is the fault of Moscow, and have become good goyim once more.

    The country is literally falling apart beneath their feet, and both right and left are foaming at the mouth at the two major nations that have managed to survive and transcend self-destructive Bolshevism and stabilize into normal countries (“normality” in comparison to their prior history: open borders, private property, sane market forces instead of breadlines).

    The sane people of the US and the EU need to cooperate with Russian and Chinese thinktanks, on two very important questions:
    1) How did the Bolsheviks take your country over, and
    2) How did you manage to get rid of them and undo the damage?

    Such cooperation would be incredibly hard in an atmosphere in which they would instantly be branded “Russian agents” and “Chinese agents”, but without learning from those who went through all this, they’ll be repeating mistakes that can be avoided.

    • Agree: Parsnipitous
  123. Don’t forget about the Jew Barbara Lerner Spectre’s words about Jews being behind multiculturalism and desiring miscegenation of the races.

    • Replies: @Robjil
  124. Whitewolf says:

    The US ushered multiculturalism with the immigration act of 1965 and the stupid Europeans felt compelled to follow this example because it was done by their “leader”- the US.

    All countries agreed to abandon any race based immigration restrictions in the UN at the same time. The result is everyone in the third world wanting to go where the money is which is generally White countries.

    People don’t pay enough attention to what their governments agree to at the UN.

  125. @Realist

    Go to Google Images and enter the following:

    White American men

    Just tried this, and one of the top results was an anti-China “Yellow Man Bad” MSM propaganda article.


    • Replies: @Realist
  126. The European Union, as originally set up, is based on the ideas of Arthur Salter and Jean Monnet, developed from the 1920s onward. British politico Salter was the principal promoter, as evinced by his 1931 book ” The United States of Europe “. After WWII, he rather turned against the idea, leaving Monnet to get the kudos from the Europhiles.

    This is well covered in Christopher Booker and Richard North: ” The Great Deception : The Secret history of the European Union “. From the review, I see that Dr Ellis does not seem to mention this seminal work, which is a weakness. Such a centralised, bureaucratic superstate might not be particularly agreeable, but it would not be a disaster, as non-white immigration was not envisaged.

    Dr Ellis is right in saying:

    Ellis is clear on the real disaster unfolding before our eyes: “It is not the low fertility rate of Europeans that renders them ethnic minorities within their own nations, but elite-sanctioned large-scale non-European immigration, which began about sixty years ago and which is now integral to the cosmopolitan EU project.”

    The principal culprit in this was Charles de Gaulle. He was determined to maintain the pretence of France as a top rank power. The continuance of trade dominance in former colonies and access to cheap oil were considered necessary for this pretence. The quid pro quo was that workers and students from these former colonies could come unhindered into France.Where de Gaulle went, other “conservative statesmen” followed.

    In the course of the 1960s this got co-opted onto the European project and is now an integral part of it. The only way to stop it is to leave or to kill the European project.

  127. Realist says:


    Yes, but the intent of Google…is not.

  128. Richard B says:

    Thanks for responding and for the info and link. Great comment!

  129. TGD says:


    … Clare has written for both the Council of European Canadians and The Occidental Quarterly.

    Hmmm. I’m wondering if Ellis uses the pseudonym, “Dr. Lasha Darkmoon,” when writing for TOO?

  130. I don’t think that I have read such misinformed rubbish as the above. Let’s start with the original Fabian Society. These were basically early social-democrats who wanted to establish socialism in the UK in the late 19 and early 20 century. A very small group originally consisted of Sidney and Beatrice Webb, George Bernard Shaw (who was a militant anti-semite) William Clarke, Annie Besant, Sydney Olivier and Graham Wallas. Their reformist strategy was called permeation in which they imagined that their superior ideas and policies would establish socialism in the UK. Later additions to this coterie included H.G.Wells, and Leonard Woolf (the only Jewish member of the group) who was to become Secretary of State for Ceylon (Sri Lanka). Strangely enough Woolf’s wife, the writer Virginia once remarked that ‘I loath zionism, but I don’t like Jews’. Which was rather strange since she married one. Initially the Fabian Society wouldn’t touch the Labour Party, which did not come into existence until 1906, with a barge pole. But eventually they were, forunately or note, absorbed into the Labour and secured one or two Cabinet posts. This didn’t go down at all well with Annie Besant who quit and became a devotee of theosophe of the Indian National Movement, in opposition to the Labour party. The FS was also split over the war in South Africa 1899-1902 with those who opposed Olivier and Wallas and those who were gung-ho for war, Shaw in particular who stated, ‘Good government is better than self-government.’

    As an intellectual force the FS was to wither on the vine as has the Labour Party.

    As for the Frankfurt School, have you ever tried reading those guys?! It is basically gibberish and only has a small readership outside of a narrow coterie of devotees. Try this one on:

    ”Being, for dialectic knowledge, is a process through contradictions that determine the content and development of all reality. The logic had elaborated its timeless structure of this process, but the intrinsic connection, between the logic and other parts of the system, and, above all, the implications of the dialectical method destroys the very idea of timelessness. The logic had shown that the true being is the idea but the idea unfolds itself ‘in space’ (as nature) and ‘in time’ (as mind). Mind is of the very essence affected by time, for it exists only in the temporal processes of history. The forms of the mind manifests themselves in time, and the history of the world is an exposition of mind in time.” And on and on. Couldn’t be clearer! (Herbert Marcuse – Reason and Revolution, p.224)

    Now you can tell us about the Frankfurt School given that you understand so much about it.

    • Replies: @Verymuchalive
  131. @Donald Duck

    Leonard Woolf was only the Assistant Government Agent for a small part of South Ceylon. Not Secretary of State for Ceylon.

    Sydney and Beatrice Webb were the devisers of Clause IV of the Labour Constitution, until revised by Tony Blair in the late 1990s. It Reads:

    To secure for the workers by hand or by brain the full fruits of their industry and the most equitable distribution thereof that may be possible upon the basis of the common ownership of the means of production, distribution and exchange, and the best obtainable system of popular administration and control of each industry or service.[3]

    It was the basis of the mass nationalisations of the Attlee Government ( 1945-51), so it was very consequential. Certainly, in the last 50 years, the Fabian Society has become very Europhile and Social Democratic in form, but its strong support for State Socialism prior to that cannot be ignored.

    Marcuse was the most mediocre and turgid exponent of the Frankfurt School, as Paul Gottfried can attest ( he was taught by him ). To understand the significance of this group, you really need to read more widely.

    Finally, please quack !

  132. anon[332] • Disclaimer says:

    Could somebody who read the book comment on “links it to the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the creation of global institutions like the United Nations, the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the World Bank, and NATO?” That sounds a bit confused. Inter alia,

    (1) What is “it?”

    (2) The UDHR was drafted by a Chinese guy, a Lebanese guy, a Canadian guy, a European Francophone, and American Eleanor Roosevelt, over the US government’s dead body (the USSR didn’t want it either.) The UDHR wasn’t European. How exactly did “it” [presumably some Jewish idea] influence this bunch of people from all over the world? If there was a direct antecedent to the UDHR, it was H.G. Wells’ book The Rights of Man. And Wells told Zangwill, “I can offer you neither help nor advice. [with the Jewish state.] Your people are rich enough, able enough, and potent enough to save themselves.” At that time Wells saw Zionism with perfect clarity as Jewish supremacism. The UDHR is Kantian in codifying the categorical imperative. But so what if Kant read Mendelssohn? Kant read everything.

    (3) There’s a pervasive statist blind spot showing here, and you can’t tell if it’s in the book or just the review. There are global institutions and global institutions. The review lists the United Nations, the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the World Bank, and NATO. One of these things is not like the other. The Bretton Woods institutions – IMF and the World Bank – were a US attempt to end-run ECOSOC, the UN charter body that provides for democratic national control of the economy. NATO was a US attempt to end-run the UNSC with a regional bloc legally under the authority of UN Charter Chapter VII but built to stampede off to war under US control. The UN, not the others, spawned the UDHR.

    Lumping every international thing as a Jewy miscegenation plot is case of the LaRouche fallacy: everybody who agrees about anything is part of the same eternal secret cabal. The history of ideas is a bit more complicated than that. This is not one of Joyce’s best forays.

  133. Robjil says:
    @Darrell Wright

    It is quite horrific that this Ms. Spectre put Judaism on a pedestal in Europe in 2001. 2001, the year that Israel and Israel firsters in the US did 9 11.

    But not the full story, according to Barbara Spectre, the founding director of Paideia, the non-denominational European Institute for Jewish Studies, in Stockholm. The main program of the institute, founded in 2001 with funding from the Swedish government, is a full academic year of interactive study of Jewish texts and courses in leadership development, with the goal of educating and training “the best and the brightest” young people “who can lead a true renaissance of European Jewish culture,” according to its website. It now has 450 alumni in 35 countries.

    Ms. Spectre dislikes Armenians and Palestinians. The diversity of these two nations is a horror to her. She is a hypocrite of the worst kind. Turkey supports ISIS and other such pro-Israeli extremists all the time. She must like this about Turkey. Turkey must be a Zion ally after all.

    And, although they proved incompetent at governing, they achieved great success as propagandists. In this, Armenians are very similar to Palestinians; very different from both Jews and Turks.

    • Replies: @Robjil
  134. jsigur says:

    “In “Early European Integration” we are introduced to the growth of pan-European thought in the middle of the Enlightenment, with references to a European union found in the writings of George Washington, Victor Hugo, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, and Immanuel Kant. These figures promoted unity and cosmopolitanism as a means to bringing peace to a continent long-steeped in almost perpetual war.”

    There are substantial reasons to believe that all those backroom Jewish advisors to kings, forced to rely on them as a condition for bailouts received along with the overall Jewish ability to conjure up various forms of conflict for the goyim to engage in was a substantial root if not the primary root to all the infighting occurring in Europe

    “Although not mentioned by Ellis, the British Jewish intellectual Israel Zangwill was a co-founder and key figure on the executive of the Union for Democratic Control, and from October 1914 it was Zangwill who provided the UDC with its headquarters.[1] From this base, Zangwill pumped out European “unity” propaganda that attacked what Ellis calls “the nationalist canon,” not with the sole focus of achieving European peace but of promoting feminism and his own idea of “the melting pot” or widespread mixing of peoples and the end of national identity. As is common with such Jewish activists, however, Zangwill was reluctant to live out his own philosophy, marrying within his ethnic group (Jewish feminist Edith Ayrton) and spending most of his life promoting Jewish causes.”

    I beg to differ for Jews have two strategies, one to manifest for the goyim and the other for fellow Jews to understand. The 2nd one advocates annoying the goyim as much as they can while loving fellow Jew even if you hate them because they are Jews! This translates into multiculturalism for goyim dominated areas while secretly keeping all Jews at arms length from the goyim while for Jews apartheid is appropriate and expected when Jews rule with overt power acknowledged and seen by the electorate.(by the way, my spell check informs me that goyim is not a word, FYI)

    That Kalergi would be so crass as to state Jews were the only appropriate ethnicity to rule a European Union basically acknowledges the fact of Jewish covert rule of all European countries while making it obvious that Kalergi was bought off by the masons who in fact are below Jewish secret societies in the world “pecking order’

    • Replies: @Franklin Ryckaert
  135. anon[327] • Disclaimer says:


    Which Christians have/had power?

  136. Robjil says:

    Here is an interesting bit about how this American Jewess took over a power seat the Sweden in 2001. Blackmail is the answer. Sweden and the world should blackmail Jewish Supremacists about their black deeds such as 9 11, the support for terrorism and the call for wars on seven Muslim nations. Two can tango.

    Friday 5 May 2017

    It turned out to be blackmail. Jewish organizations based in Sweden began to accuse the Swedish central bank of having dealt with “Nazi-gold” supposedly stolen from Jews during WWII. The Swedish government did two or three investigations, but couldn’t find any evidence for the Jewish allegations.

    As Carlqvist says: “These Jewish organizations didn’t settle for this, and the Swedish government decided to give Paideia 40 million Swedish Kroner, about 4 million US Dollars, to set up the institute. Not for looted gold, for there was none, but “as a gesture”.
    CARLQVIST: “When they were negotiating with the Swedish government, they told the government: “If you don’t give us this money, behind us we have the World Jewish Congress, and we will tell all the world that Sweden is an anti-Semitic country.”

    Sweden: Barbara Spectre & Paideia – Jews blackmailed Swedish government for funds

    • Thanks: geokat62
    • Replies: @Robjil
  137. @jsigur

    Goyim is the plural form of the Hebrew word goy, which means “people”. In the Hebrew of the Old Testament the word originally was used for any people (including the Jewish people itself), but in later use only for non-Jews (with negative connotations).

    Such ideas as “multiculturalism for thee but not for me” is a typical example of the Jewish dual strategy. When Jews preach some morality to the world, it is always deception in order to weaken the non-Jews but strengthen the Jews.

    Jewish money lenders had indeed great influence on European leaders, and it is not known how many European wars were actually instigated by them in back room deals.

    I know of two cases: Dutch Sephardic Jew Francisco Lopez Suasso (1657-1710) who lent 2,000,000 guilders to Dutch stadtholder William III to finance his invasion of England and claim its throne. Lopez Suasso also financed the Nine Years War (1688-1697).

    And the British Rothschilds who financed both sides in the First World War.

    Wars are costly and much profit can be made by lending money to both sides in a conflict for the war and for reconstruction after the war.

  138. Erebus says:
    @Larry Romanoff

    There are days when I feel it is too late to save our world from this small group of people.

    I had the first of those days >2 decades ago. Things indeed looked bleak back then, but then 2 800lb gorillas, and a 400lb-er showed up who are determined to resist that “small group” by reviving their own, ancient and very different civilizational poles… and they’ve let it be known that they’re gonna resist any attempt to make them play along.

    They are now the hope of those parts of the world that need a big brother to help them resist. A West with whites reduced to 2nd class citizens can’t dominate Asia. Likewise, it can’t dominate much of Euro-Asia, or even the Middle East. China will stand tall in the former and gather smaller nations under its wing. Russia will do similar with the latter, while Iran will look to both in its development and maintenance of leadership across MENA.

    That leaves Africa and S. America drifting on the wind. Perhaps a civilizational pole may emerge in one or even both. Not tomorrow, but some day when even the white elites that lead a “brown west” have themselves acquired a brownish hue and no longer command respect.

    25 yrs ago I thought India would play the role that Iran has now stepped into. A few years’ experience with India taught me there’s no core around which a civilizational pole could coalesce. Several small poles, yes. A large, compelling civilizational centre? Not so much. More accurately, its elites have no interest in civilization, much less building any civilizational poles. Their dishonesty, greed and corruption surpasseth even the Indonesian and Filipino elites, while their sloth, decadence and degeneracy surpasseth everything I’ve encountered. It doesn’t surprise me in the least that India is now floundering. Toying with the notion of Hindu chauvinism as a basis is delusion, and there’s no substitute on the horizon. Perhaps, eventually, it will be conquered again and brought to some semblance of cohesion as it was under the Moghuls. That’s its best hope.

    While I think much of the West will succumb and disappear into a Dark Age from which it won’t emerge until generations later as something different, others around the world, including some of the West will see the light, gird their loins and resist. I can’t see what sort of civilizational pole will emerge in the West when its people become the equivalent of breeding all breeds of dogs together. Small, brown mutts can be endearing, but they never win any awards and only rarely exhibit any of the qualities around which a distinct breed can be developed. So it is with civilizations. Nevertheless, given enough time I expect something will emerge.

    Much of what Russia, China and Iran are doing geo-politically can be seen as positioning themselves to play a future big brother role to those who lack the critical geo-political and/or civilizational mass to resist on their own. The next decade will tell much of the tale. I hope to live long enough to see which way that wind eventually blows.

  139. It’s called: (Neo) Colonialism for the past 600 years or so….♻️

  140. Vojkan says:

    The best way to manage immigration is to send all immigrants who refuse to assimilate and want to impose their alien customs to the host country back to their country of origin. It’s either that or a bloodshed. Everything that has been tried so far not only has failed but has made the perspective of eventual bloodshed more and more real.

    • Replies: @Thomasina
  141. Thomasina says:

    It started off with simple immigration, people who were looking for a better life. There were lots of takers. Mainly from Europe. Christian. Long voyage (many deaths), then quarantine. Enticed with propaganda, promises of riches.

    After awhile, as European countries started to improve, provide more jobs, there were fewer takers. Who wants to leave their homeland when there’s really little, if any, improvement in the new land.

    So they decided to turn to developing countries. These people came from completely different cultures, spoke foreign languages, and didn’t want to give these up. Voila – multiculturalism. “Sure, come on in, and you don’t really even have to assimilate. We’ll provide you money to celebrate your culture, and we’ll bring in enough of your countrymen so you’ll feel right at home.”

    “Yeah, but we don’t want to leave our families, our parents, cousins,” said the potential newcomers. “No problem, we’ll give you family reunification. You can bring them all over.”

    All they want is more consumers. They socialize the costs onto the lowly taxpayers.

  142. Papa says:

    Excellent review Mr. Joyce.

    It seems like Ellis’s analysis is congruent to the concept of “Bioleninism” being identified by the Dissident Right circles.

  143. Robjil says:

    The blackmail deal is still working. Lo and behold, what nation is said by the Chosen people to be the “least hostile” to Jews – Sweden, oh course.

    The country with views least hostile to Jews was Sweden, the survey of select countries found.

    The ranking was based on responses to a series of questions concerning beliefs in anti-Semitic stereotypes. Eighteen countries outside the United States were included in this latest global survey by the U.S.-based anti-Semitism watchdog. The inaugural ADL anti-Semitism survey, which included 100 countries, was conducted in 2014. The latest version did not include Middle Eastern or North African countries.

  144. Of course, being Muslim, you don’t think this is doable. But it is. The same way French people (pieds noirs) were expelled from an independent Algeria, even if some of them were the third generation of French born in Algeria.

    The same way, Muslim were expelled from Spain, after many centuries of living there. Were there wars because of that?

    Spain (the leader of Christian countries) and the Ottoman Empire (the leader of Muslim countries) were the greatest powers in that era. What did the Ottoman Empire do when Spain expelled Muslims? Nothing, zilch, nada. So please, stop threating us with the apocalypse.

    You, Muslim people, speak and speak and brag, because, nowadays, we are weak because of political correctness. But, when somebody is strong, you submit. What about all the blasphemies that Muammar Gaddafi said against Islam and the Prophet? What Muslims did about that? Nothing, zilch, nada.

    So keep on spreading your disinformation and taqiyya. There won’t be a war and, if I’m mistaken, you won’t last a day with your “mighty” armies.

  145. navi33 says:

    What Church???Church of MANI ?

  146. Anon[330] • Disclaimer says:

    White genocide in Europe by Jews.

    Hindu genocide in India, Pak, Bangla by Muslims.

  147. Malla says:

    Thanks Truthie. I will think about it seriously. Thanks a lot. May you be blessed. We may be entering interesting times. Be smart and take care.
    And thanks for the very interesting video.

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