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The Tragic Fate of Hershel Fink
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“What Julius, and the horde of other Jewish literary scholars, are really asserting here is their antagonism towards anything but positive reflections of Jews in literature, which is not only arrogant and unreasonable, but also further indication of a pathological level of ethnocentrism. Their efforts have the dual function of staining the legacy of the English literary past, and shackling authors in the present, who would feel constrained to avoid having a negatively portrayed Jewish character in their works.”
Review: Anthony Julius’s Trials of the Diaspora, February 2013.

In February 2013 I wrote the above paragraph and, like many paragraphs I’ve written in the years since then, I find myself drawn back to it time and time again. The most recent prompting occurred a week ago, when news emerged from London’s Royal Court theater that an undoubtedly virulent form of anti-Semitism was once again abroad in the world of the arts. The controversy surrounds a new play by Al Smith, Rare Earth Mettle, which portrays the billionaire CEO of an electric car company who presents himself as a kind of messianic figure while covertly attempting to monopolize the planet’s natural resources. The problem with the character rests exclusively on his name: Hershel Fink. By selecting this name, which certainly screams “Jew,” and associating it with billionaires, monopoly, and international villainy, the play’s writer had broken the unspoken rule alluded to in the paragraph from my 2013 book review. Mr Smith had dared to “have a negatively portrayed Jewish character” in his work.

Although Hershel Fink is not portrayed in any other way as having a Jewish heritage, the name alone was enough to provoke a huge backlash. The interim director of London’s Jewish Museum protested that “This image is a stereotype as it shows a Jewish person in a malevolent way, so it’s a racist depiction of a Jewish person – rich, controlling, in power … These are deeply hurtful stereotypes that have existed for centuries and is something that is very hurtful to the Jewish community today.” Both Royal Court and Al Smith immediately pleaded ignorance, saying they didn’t realize the name was Jewish. The Jewish comedian and writer David Baddiel took to Twitter to complain: “The Royal Court claims they didn’t realize ‘Hershel Fink’ was a Jewish name. Hmmm. Somehow it just sounded so right for a world-conquering billionaire.”

I can’t quite believe that the name’s Jewishness was completely missed by all concerned. My own opinion of the matter is that Smith was looking for an alien-sounding name that mimicked the syllables in “Elon Musk,” and that, while he was aware that the name had a Jewish quality, Smith was completely oblivious as to the seriousness of his infraction of unstated but powerful cultural rules — especially those concerning criticism of the Jews. I believe that “Hershel Fink” sounded right to Smith, for a number of reasons including its alien quality and a perhaps barely conscious appreciation of the idea that this would be an appropriate name for a global oligarch and arch villain. Smith’s schoolboy error, however, ensured that he would receive a brief and almost devastating instructional in Jewish cultural power. He got the message. “Hershel Fink” was disappeared down a memory hole, and the character was renamed Henry Finn, the last name being of Irish origin and meaning, curiously enough, “white” or “fair-haired.” It seems our fictional Jewish world-grasper has been traded for an Aryan one.

That the play advanced so far in production, in this age when gatekeepers are everywhere, is remarkable in itself. Objections were apparently raised in early September, when “the name had been raised by a Jewish director in a workshop discussion held as part of the series “Directors: Working on New Plays.” The leadership of the Royal Court has now professed itself “in conversations with this director as we hold ourselves accountable for why this was not taken further or passed on to the writer,” as well as engaging in “an internal review” and working with members of the Jewish community to “understand how this harm was committed.” In other words, they are grovelling for their failure to acknowledge and acquiesce to their appointed gatekeepers.

The Cultural Code

The episode raises a number of interesting questions and themes. The first concerns cultural codes. It’s tempting for those “in the know” to laugh at the bovine naïveté of Smith and his colleagues, and there is a darkly comic element to the tragic fate of Hershel Fink — who will unfortunately never see an audience. But what this naïveté suggests is that many of those who wish to advance in the arts need to possess at least some knowledge of the cultural code, which in turn involves at least some appreciation of Jewish influence. In other words, to be truly oblivious to, and in denial of, Jewish influence is potentially dangerous. The ignorant, like Mr Smith, will simply stumble into infractions of a code they are unaware of. The ideal scenario, for those overseeing the status quo, is for Jewish power to be acknowledged (an otherwise anti-Semitic position) but unstated (leading to compliance). We’ve seen multiple instances from the arts in the past where common knowledge of Jewish influence has been expressed publicly, with disastrous consequences for those speaking out.

One need only think of Marlon Brando, a lifetime flamboyant philo-Semite, who “broke down and wept” before several Jewish leaders in 1996 after he broke the code and commented publicly that “Hollywood was run by Jews.” It was perfectly fine for Brando to know this, and to have it moderate his behavior and creative choices, but it became “anti-Semitic” in a very political sense the moment it moved from mere acknowledgment to public conversation. Brando was very close to Jews for most of his life, and knew their rules better than anyone, but he made the mistake of thinking he could be seen as one of them or be exempt from their injunctions. Perhaps even more important than Brando’s basic comment on Jewish influence in Hollywood was the wider context of his statement, delivered during an interview on Larry King Live, where he addressed the very theme that Al Smith stumbled upon — the Jewish injunction against negative portrayals of themselves in art:

We’ve seen the nigger, and the Greaseball. We’ve seen the Chink. We’ve seen the slit-eyed dangerous Jap. We have seen the wily Filipino. We’ve seen everything. But we never saw the kike because they knew perfectly well that that’s where you draw the wagons around.

Everything Brando said is objectively true, doubtless learned by Brando over many years of close engagement with Jews, but it was an infraction against the cultural code to express it publicly. The very proof of Brando’s claim that Jews run Hollywood was the overwhelming pressure subsequently brought to bear on him (some newspapers spoke of the “rage” of Jewish leaders) to recant his statement. The episode with Al Smith, meanwhile, is simply more proof that we’ll never see “the kike” on screen or on stage because this is where the cultural overseers “draw the wagons.”

No Jewish Villains

A second theme raised by the Al Smith controversy, then, is that of the censorship of the Jewish villain. In a 2011 article published by YnetNews, Amir Bogen asks: “Where have Jewish villains gone?” Bogen writes,

Israelis have become outcasts abroad. We’re called murderers, racists, even occupiers. Is that they way we are perceived by the world? And if so, where the hell have cinema’s Jewish villains gone?

The question can, of course, be answered perfectly with another question: Who controls the cinema? Bogen remarks that “It seems that since Shakespeare’s Shylock (“The Merchant of Venice”) and Jew Süss (from Joseph Goebbels’ propaganda film), the Hebrew antagonists have disappeared from popular culture.” The case of Magneto, a villain from the X-Men film franchise, is highlighted as an example of Jewishness being written into a character in order to ameliorate rather than accentuate their evil qualities. Magneto was originally designed in the 1930s as an arch villain with no redeeming qualities until a 1981 edition of the X-Men comic unveiled the character’s past as a “Holocaust survivor,” thereafter making him “less aggressive, less racist, much more complex, and even neurotic and traumatized.” In terms of the recent film versions, Magneto is portrayed extremely negatively, but his Jewishness is played for sympathy only at strategic moments in the plot, and is abandoned in almost every other respect. Bogen highlights that

Hollywood doesn’t allow Magneto an accent that would signify his [Jewish] origin or ethnicity. Both Michael Fassbender [German-Irish] and Ian McKellan [British] portray him with a British cadence, despite the established origin.

Bogen hints that the question of the absence of Jewish villains is ultimately bound up with censorship by ending the piece with the suggestion that “these questions should not be directed at Marvel, or the Justice League of America, but rather at the Anti-Defamation League.”

Writing in the aftermath of the Al Smith affair, journalist David Aaronovitch elaborated on the Jewish unease with cultural representations of Jewish villainy by asking what would in fact be acceptable to Jews:

This is a problem. A Jew can’t be a banker (Rothschild), a financier (Shylock), an organiser of pickpockets (Fagin) or a dubious entrepreneur (Melmotte). It goes wider. The forged/plagiarised Protocols of the Elders of Zion famously put Jews in charge of everything, from trades unions to newspapers via pornography and (of course) banking. So almost anything associated with power, money and secret manipulation is out. … Infernal slyness and mendacity are no good either. Jewish “shapeshifting” is also a stereotype. Nor would an anti-patriotic, anti-national, cosmopolitan Jew be unworrying. Blofeld has to be German, no? Imagine Bond breaking into that underground cavern and coming across a cat-stroker in a kippah.

Aaronovitch, like Bogen, concludes that the only acceptable Jewish villains are those of an “amiable” type (e.g. cinematic representations of Bugsy Siegel and Meyer Lansky) that have been portrayed by non-Jewish actors like Robert de Niro. Even here, however, the Jewishness of these characters is watered down in the extreme by the time they reach cinema screens.

“Subliminal Anti-Semitism”

An interesting example of the portrayal of Jewish villains going awry is Nicolas Winding Refn’s 2011 Drive. The film concerns the clash between a Hollywood stunt driver played by Ryan Gosling and two Jewish mobsters played by Albert Brooks (born Albert Lawrence Einstein) and Ron Perlman. Both Jewish mobsters are thus portrayed by ethnic Jews, and their Jewishness is referred to in a number of ways throughout the movie, including subtle references to crypsis. In one memorable instance Ron Perlman’s character Nino comes upon Bernie Rose (played by Brooks) in his restaurant:

NINO: What are you doing eating Chink food in my restaurant?

BERNIE ROSE: What’s a Jew doing running a Pizzeria?

The exchange is a further play on the fact “Nino” is in fact “Izzy,” whose apparent play-acting as an Italian pizzeria-owner (a mere front operation for broader criminality) is a source of amusement to the more up-front Rose. Rose later explains to another character in the film: “I ever tell you how long Izzy and I been friends? Since we were six. Only Jews in a neighborhood of wops.” We suspect therefore that Izzy became “Nino” in part as a survival strategy, in a perfect artistic representation of ideas put forth in the sixth chapter of Kevin MacDonald’s Separation and Its Discontents.

Although these are the only explicit references to the Jewishness of Rose and Izzy in the script, in 2011 a Jewish woman, Sarah Deming, brought a class action lawsuit against the film’s makers, alleging that the movie was “subliminally” anti-Semitic. When the initial case was rejected, Deming “tried to get the judge removed from the case for allegedly being anti-Semitic himself.” David Leaf, a lawyer in the case, explained the grievance:

Real life Jewish gangsters, such as Mickey Cohen, Meyer Lansky and Bugsey Seigel, were portrayed in film as good fathers and sympathetic characters. … Not so with the cartoon one dimensional Jews in Drive, right down to the gold pinkie rings, gold watch, and thick gold chains, that only a “senior citizen Jew stereotype” department could have come up with. … When the gangsters embody most, if not all false negative Jewish stereotypes, that’s racism. The whole Nino/Izzy slur, straight from Nazi propaganda, about the Jew never fitting in, but always trying to mask his identity. Or the false racist canard about Jews being a threat to the Christian child. Both incorporated here, neither necessary to be a gangster. I could go on for each of the Jew hating stereotypes that the Jews in the movie ‘just so happen’ to embody.

In the text of the lawsuit, particular attention is paid to the fact the Jewish characters were:

Money hungry; lustful; evil; corrupting; controlling everything behind the scenes; a threat to the wife and child; loyalty to each other – to the detriment of the Gentiles; rude; pushy; gaudy; usurious, violent, etc….

Other instances highlighted as “subliminally” anti-Semitic included the framing of certain shots, the most important of which is probably a scene in which Bernie Rose kills the stunt driver’s employer, Mr. Shannon, in the latter’s workshop. Rose slices open one of Shannon’s arms, severing arteries with one slash of an ornate antique razor. The movement itself is arguably reminiscent of kosher slaughter, but the primary complaint made by several Jews is that the backdrop to the scene is a workshop wall with beams that appear to form a Star of David.

In the text of the lawsuit we see it complained that:

In the above scene, Rose says, “Don’t worry, don’t worry, that’s it, its done, there’s no pain, its over”, a cynical reference to the arguments in favor of Kosher slaughter. Cynical because Shannon is obviously suffering and conscious of his fate. Rose then washes the blade, and puts the blade in a gold case, all elements of Kosher Slaughter. As Rose closes the case, the Jewish ritual blade cuts across the reflection of the Church Steeple, a nonconscious message that Jews and Judaism are the enemy of Christians and Christianity.

I don’t believe that the film’s director or cinematographer intentionally crafted these scenes to foster “subliminal” anti-Semitism, nor do I even believe they unintentionally crafted a work of subliminal anti-Semitism. I do, however, believe the entire affair surrounding Drive illustrates a remarkable paranoia concerning negative representations of Jews in mass culture, that reaches back to the image of Judas in the New Testament, passes through that of Shakespeare’s Shylock, and is very much alive and well in the censorship and elimination/transformation of Hershel Fink. What the furor over Drive and Hershel Fink really illustrate is that the only acceptable Jewish villain in popular literature or cinema is a Jewish gangster who isn’t played by a Jew and who isn’t money hungry, lustful, evil, corrupting, controlling, threatening to women or children, loyal only to his own kind, rude, pushy, gaudy, usurious, or violent. In short, there is no representation of genuine villainy acceptable to Jews.

The Semitic Discourse

A third theme raised by the Hershel Fink episode is the general unease of Jews when it comes to cultural knowledge about them in the wider population. They don’t just want to censor negative depictions because it offends them, but because of what effect the depictions might have on the wider population. One of the more interesting works on anti-Semitism published in the last 30 years is Bryan Cheyette’s Cambridge-published Constructions of ‘the Jew’ in English Literature and Society: Racial Representations 1875–1945 (1993). Cheyette’s central thesis is that, extrinsic to explicit references to Jews in British literature and theater, there existed what he called a “Semitic discourse.” This discourse informed attitudes toward Jews even where individual knowledge or experience with Jews was weak or non-existent. In other words, even if the average Englishman had never personally met a Jew, there was enough of the discourse subtly present in his culture to inform him that Jews were, for example, not to be trusted in business or very strongly concerned with money. The concept of the Semitic discourse is fluid enough that it could encapsulate novels like Dracula, where the foreignness of the Count, his physical features, and several of his traits could themselves be viewed as conveying (negative) knowledge or ideas about Jews. Conversely, Cheyette also acknowledged that philo-Semitic elements permeated the Semitic discourse, and that Christian Zionists imbibed heavily from cultural streams that placed Jews in the role of the apple of God’s eye. The Semitic discourse was thus a pool of ideas, in general circulation in the culture, that could be drawn upon at any time and by anyone.

Cheyette, who is Jewish, advanced his thesis primarily as an attack on English culture. One of his most scathing concluding arguments, for example, is that “A semitic discourse in liberal England can … be implicated in the Holocaust.” That’s quite a leap of logic. Aside from this malicious usage, however, I find myself in close agreement with much that Cheyette has to say on the subject. I agree, for example, that English culture possessed and disseminated certain streams of knowledge about Jews, and that it had done so from at least the time of Shakespeare. But I diverge from Cheyette on two points.

The first is that I believe the Semitic discourse was, for the most part, a good and useful thing. I think it’s healthy for any people to develop methods of knowledge that inform interactions with out-groups. The second, related, point is that Cheyette is disingenuous in his failure to acknowledge that all peoples do in fact formulate cultural discourses about outsiders. We could very easily write a book or two on a Goyim Discourse in Jewish literature and film (from the Talmud to the present day), which informs Jews in subtle and not-so-subtle ways that Europeans, especially the rural kind, are dangerous, superstitious, stupid, irrational, and gullible. Bryan Cheyette himself admits, in an essay in the volume Jewish Writers of the Twentieth Century that one of Britain’s foremost Jewish novelists, Howard Jacobson, wrote “anti-Gentile novels,” specifically Coming from Behind (1983) and Peeping Tom (1984).[1]S. Kerbel (ed) Jewish Writers of the Twentieth Century (New York: Fitzroy Dearborn, 2003), 14. In terms of representation on film, no group has fared worse in the hands of Jewish Hollywood than the Southern Whites, as illustrated in John Cone’s excellent Patterns of Bias in Hollywood Movies (2012).[2]See in particular Chapter 6: Regional Prejudice: Hollywood’s Rape of the South. The book’s sixth chapter is almost exclusively concerned with a multitude of Jewish writers and directors who collectively produced endless films depicting rural White Americans, especially Southern men and women, as childish, inept, irrational, petty, and brutal.

Conclusion: Whither Hershel Fink?

The Goyim Discourse is currently everywhere, and the Semitic Discourse has all but vanished; sanitized out of existence through censorship, legal changes, and cultural control. The vanishing of Hershel Fink and his replacement with Henry Finn is perfect proof of this dynamic in action. The episode sheds light on the impossibility of representing Jewish villainy, and the return of the Jews to a state of legal and cultural protection not seen since the hofjuden of the early modern period. Ironically, Al Smith’s play concerns a billionaire who poses as benevolent before destroying a number of South American economies in the malicious satisfaction of his endless greed. A worthy template would therefore be found less in Elon Musk than in the Zionist Paul Singer, once described by The Independent as “the vulture capitalist who devoured Peru.” With plenty of real international villains like that, who needs fiction?


[1] S. Kerbel (ed) Jewish Writers of the Twentieth Century (New York: Fitzroy Dearborn, 2003), 14.

[2] See in particular Chapter 6: Regional Prejudice: Hollywood’s Rape of the South.

(Republished from The Occidental Observer by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Arts/Letters, Ideology • Tags: Anti-Semitism, Hollywood, Jews 
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  1. Albert456 says:

    What a projection. I didn’t think Jew. I thought “Musk”. Not evensure what Musk’s religion is except pumping crypto and smoking pot. Ridiculous to associate it with anti semitic conspiracy theory.

    • Agree: Nicholas Stix
  2. Chris Moore says: • Website

    “This image is a stereotype as it shows a Jewish person in a malevolent way, so it’s a racist depiction of a Jewish person – rich, controlling, in power … These are deeply hurtful stereotypes that have existed for centuries and is something that is very hurtful to the Jewish community today.”

    If ((Jews)) were truly concerned about “Jewish stereotypes” they’d quite behaving in a stereotypical fashion and cease their criminal ZOG and Zionist conspiracies. If they were concerned about individuals being associated with the criminal network called ((Jewry)), they’d cease the crime.

    But ZOG and Zionism are the primary purpose and modus vivendi of ((Jews)), and they have no intention of modifying their behavior and the criminal wealth and power it brings. Nor do they have any intention of vacating crime gang hideout Israel. Their primitive reptile brain can’t give up the loot, the stolen gains, or the power, and so has revealed itself as unrestrained, uncivilized and unworthy of living in a civilized society. ((Jew)) stooge Zoglodytes have revealed themselves thus, as well.

    What ((Jews)) are really concerned about is opponents openly observing, describing, and god forbid actually organizing to put and end to ZOG conspiracies, and bringing the Zoglodyte network and its chiefs to justice for their treason and crimes against humanity.

    • Replies: @simple mind
    , @Irish Savant
  3. Right_On says:

    Spot on analysis.

    The Tribe is not the only protected group.
    The text of Christopher Marlowe’s Tamburlaine the Great says that Muhammad is “not worthy to be worshipped” and includes a scene where the Koran is burnt. A production at the Barbican in London altered these scenes over fears they might offend. Artistic director Simon Reade claimed that not changing the original text “would have unnecessarily raised the hackles of one of the world’s great religions”.

  4. hhkal says:

    The ultimate tribe of bigots, armed with their perverse talmudic values, whining and crying about bigotry. You have to take power back from them, America, or they will lead your children to a gas chamber. Everywhere they have power, Christians are targeted. Just look at what they do, and not what they say. The PACs and donations tell you the truth about their intentions.

    • Agree: Irish Savant
    • Replies: @Rev. Spooner
    , @JM
  5. Hitmarck says:

    Mr Smith had dared to “have a negatively portrayed Jewish character” in his work.

    He could have done worse. A positive portrait of a German charakter.

    • Agree: Alex70
    • Replies: @Right_On
  6. My classmates and I had the privilege of reading The Merchant of Venice in high school, more than half a century ago. I suspect our latter-day counterparts are denied that privilege: it presents a Jewish villain, and playwrights have been put on notice that all villains must be goyim. So one of Shakespeare’s greatest plays has in effect been deleted from English literature.

    I might add that my classmates and I also read The Taming of the Shrew, which has probably been deleted for analogous reasons. Someone should do a study on political correctness and the death of literature.

    • Replies: @simple mind
    , @Alex70
    , @Alden
  7. Right_On says:

    Indeed. I look forward to the day when Turner Classic Movies precedes a showing of Battle of the Bulge, Where Eagles Dare and Operation Daybreak with the warning: “This movie contains depictions of German officers that are now considered outdated and offensive stereotypes.”

  8. @traducteur

    The Merchant of Venice is not a villain at all, and the whole story has a happy ending. I have never understood this take on the play, it is actually sympathetic to Shylock, and marries his daughter off to a Christian. It is about people living together and contains the famous speech “am I not a man, does my skin not bleed”… unlike the commentators on this site who think other people are cartoons.

    • Replies: @Dumbo
  9. @Chris Moore

    You could actually click on any number of YouTube links and literally see life in Israel. It doesn’t look like a “hideout”, it looks like a Mediterranean country with salty pickles somewhere on the planet earth that doesn’t revolve around a delusional internet fantasy.

  10. JimDandy says:

    We have seen the wily Filipino.

    I don’t recall seeing the wily Filipino, but I’d like to. Can anyone direct me to the wily Filipino, please?

  11. The case of Magneto, a villain from the X-Men film franchise, is highlighted as an example of Jewishness being written into a character in order to ameliorate rather than accentuate their evil qualities. Magneto was originally designed in the 1930s as an arch villain with no redeeming qualities until a 1981 edition of the X-Men comic unveiled the character’s past as a “Holocaust survivor,” thereafter making him “less aggressive, less racist, much more complex, and even neurotic and traumatized.”

    What makes this one especially odd is that Magneto was originally a Literally Hitler villain who was out to conquer the world for the Master Race. His followers even dressed like literal goose stepping Nazis in the early comics.

    Of course once he became a Shoah survivor he quickly became a tragic misunderstood villain rather than a monster. Somehow. Even though he’s still a genocidal tyrant who tortures and murders helpless people at whim… I wonder if there’s possibly some unconscious symbolism there re: Zionism?

    Irmin Vinson wrote an essay on the X-Men comics a few years back. It’s a bit on the longish side but a brilliant exposure of just how much conscious and deliberate subversion goes into even seemingly trivial entertainment media like comic books.

    • Replies: @Patrick McNally
  12. Meanwhile, in real life:

    Sept 8, 2021 — Shopify president Harley Finkelstein joins a high-powered group of honorees in the Fortune’s ‘Forty under 40’ list of up and coming business figures. Shopify is one of the few tech firms that could be capable of challenging Amazon as the undisputed leader in e-commerce.

    • Replies: @GomezAdddams
  13. William Herschel and his siblings had long settled in Bath when he discovered Uranus. Aren’t today’s Britons familiar with the name?

  14. Anon[849] • Disclaimer says:

    This tale illuminates so much. Thank you

  15. Rob McX says:

    The anti-hero of the 1949 film Kind Hearts and Coronets, played by Alec Guinness, is Louis D’Ascoyne Mazzini, the son of an Italian opera singer who married a duke’s daughter, thus causing her family to disown her. But in in the book on which it’s based, he’s called Israel Rank, son of a Jewish father and an English aristocrat mother.

    Citing a book on the subject published by the British Film Institute, Wikipedia says, “The change from Israel Rank to Louis Mazzini was brought about by the ‘post-war sensitivity about anti-Semitism’, and the moral stance of the films produced by Ealing”.

    • Thanks: Arthur MacBride
  16. @John Regan

    To be fair, the transition of Magneto into someone Jewish was much slower than is implied here. Reading the older issues from the 1980s through the ’90s the main impression is of Magneto as coming from gypsy, not Jewish, background. When they started to retcon things in the 1980s they made Magneto into the father of Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch. Pietro and Wanda had always been characterized as of gypsy background, and this was also how Magneto’s mate who mothered them was made to sound. Although it was stated that Magneto had been interned in Third Reich camps, there was nothing said at that time to imply that he himself was Jewish. If anything, it played more on the idea that there were other prisoners in the Third Reich camps besides Jews, such as gypsies and mutants. The eventual idea that Magneto should be Jewish was only explicitly attached much later. At a certain point it became more common to declare classical characters such as Ben Grimm to be Jewish and Magneto seems to have been swept up in that. But the original stories which gave some sympathetic light to his background did not actually present him as Jewish in a direct sense.

  17. Thomasina says:

    My son showed me a video the other day of Sasha Baron-Cohen playing the part of Ali G. I watched the piece, then said to my son, “Yeah, now go watch Sasha Baron-Cohen’s speech in front of the ADL and notice how upset he is that Jews are being spoken of unfavorably on Facebook and the Internet.” He implores the crowd to put down their bagels and do something because he’s certain the next Holocaust is coming! I’m being a bit sarcastic, but he was dead serious.

    This is coming from Ali G/Borat, the person who takes delight in painting people, institutions and other cultures in the worst possible light. But say something about a Jew and his humor suddenly vanishes.

    And his cousin, who has degrees as long as his arm and is a so-called expert on autism in Britain, still speaks about how Jews were made into lampshades. Now tell me, with thinking like that, how much are those degrees worth? I suspect nothing!

    Great article, Andrew. We all have a right to ask people not to do things, but we don’t have a right to control others and MAKE them oblige.

    • Agree: TKK, Nancy, Bardon Kaldian
    • Thanks: Badger Down
  18. TKK says:

    It is infuriating to me how Cohen exclusively picks on working class whites, and sadly- all of them treated him very well when he was using them as fodder for Borat.

    Brining a bag of his own feces to his host’s dinner table? He did that in Borat. He should have been stomped out. Instead the poor woman took him back of to the bathroom and showed him how to use the toilet.

    Is there a greater analogy of how The Elite see the white working class than brining a bag of feces to their dinner table?

    Oh- what a tough guy. I so wanted him to go take his sideshow to the Sandtown Projects in Baltimore, but he *only* targets the white working class- because he knows their innate decency will protect him.

    • Agree: Thomasina, Irish Savant
    • Replies: @Bardon Kaldian
  19. @beavertales

    Alvin Finkel pens about labour in Canada —

  20. @Right_On

    Run along sayanim (shabbos goy?), your Talmudic deflection won’t work here…lol the absurdity of claiming Muslims are a protected group in Rabbinic occupied Western media…

    • Agree: Nancy
  21. Anonymous[172] • Disclaimer says:

    No objection by the Jewish censors of Western literature/culture to the movie “Barton Fink” by the Coen Brothers?

    Fink may not have been a murderous villain (or maybe he was?), but was clearly portrayed as a neurotic Jewish incompetent: a New York script writer who goes insane trying to write a screen play in a Hollywood hotel.

    Maybe the Jewish Inquisition will revisit this one.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @Alex70
  22. Ned kelly says:

    LOVE IT! It’s the greatest play since The Producers! Hershel Fink is a much better name than Max Bialystock. It portrays Jews in a much better light… Instead of Jews as lowlife bottom feeders, who would do anything for a buck: Screw little old ladies! Make deals with Nazis! Make a musical comedy about Hitler!
    It’s about a Jew trying to liberate a vital resource to save the planet! Hershel Fink you’ve come a long way baby!

  23. Well. I was able to read your self-quote from the past, and your first paragraph from the present, and call it a day. You’re an intelligent writer, Mr. Joyce, but prolix, and a one-trick pony.

    • Replies: @3g4me
  24. . Magneto was originally designed in the 1930s

    A quibble: Magneto was designed and originally published in 1963, not the 1930s. He’s a Marvel character, not DC, the latter of which has characters dating back that long.

  25. Surely Moslems, Arabs and Palestinians in particular fared much worse in Hollywood hate propaganda than ‘Southern Whites’. As for Sacha Baron-Cohen his undisguised hatred of the goyim and vicious slandering of them, as in the putrescent Borat, is utterly despicable, but for him then to turn from his ceaseless hate and contempt mongering to whinge about ‘antisemitism’ is an Everest of cynical hypocrisy.

    • Replies: @Curle
  26. “Some infrastructure is in plain sight. With billboards, blinding floodlights and neoprene-beams shooting high into the night sky. Take the perfectly immersive theater infrastructure in US-occupied Western Europe and Japan. Odeon Cinemas was founded by a Hungarian Jew, Oscar Deutsch, in the United Kingdom in 1928. CinemaxX in Germany is a subsidiary of Vue Entertainment, also in the United Kingdom, which is an entanglement of American Warner Brothers, two Ashkenazi Jews. AMC cinemas, also active in Europe, were founded in the USA by the Jewish Dubinsky Brothers.

    The Americans and British were victorious in Europe after 1945 and invested heavily in 12.5 thousand purpose-built cinemas with on average of 2.6 screens, each with up to 500 elastic polyurethane foam seats (that‘s 15.6 million in total), for one single purpose only: to spread US Hollywood propaganda in Europe (and to pummel the national film industries). So, all those Cineplex, UCI, CineStar, KineStar and even French Pathé theaters look basically the same and show the same synthetic Hollywood pulp. But the locals won’t smell anything. The locals believe they are stepping into a futuristic VIP dome. They believe they are experiencing a red-carpet moment (made of polyester), celebrating opening night and watching some sort of world premiere.”


    Good one, Andrew! It all makes sense, if one cares to investigate who owns the infrastructure and the distribution system, and what follows might be their ulterior motifs…

    • Thanks: Sarah
  27. @simple mind

    I prefer the videos that show Judaic fundamentalists battling each other in Jerusalem, or spitting en masse on ‘shiksas’ or even Jewish secular women, dressed ‘immodestly’. There seems a good deal of real hatred between secular Israelis and the religious zealots like you.Perhaps that’s why you need to kill, torture and dispossess the Palestinians, and bomb your neighbours (always at Christmas-very Talmudic)-to stop you turning on one another.

    • Replies: @Alden
  28. @JimDandy

    He’s too wily. The fact that you never see him proves it.

  29. @Right_On

    Western entertainment relentlessly portrays Moslems negatively. Your comment is deranged in its mendacity. One example of a production where, sensibly, such a representation, which would be targeted by the Wahhabist zealots run by the Sauds, the USA and Israel, to keep ‘Islamist’ terrorism going, was deleted, in an ocean of Islamophobic hatred.

    • LOL: Irish Savant
  30. Anon[381] • Disclaimer says:

    The Borat films are typical anti-Christian hate mongering.

  31. Dumbo says:
    @simple mind

    Sort of. Shylock is not really sympathetic. His daughter marries a Christian and converts at the end, but that’s exactly what Shylock, being Jewish, wanted to avoid. His “does a Jew not bleed” speech (while demanding a pound of flesh!) is mostly the usual Jewish victimization.

    That said, the play is more complex than generally assumed, and Shylock is not a complete villain. Also, it has not been canceled. There was a film with Al Pacino a few years ago. I haven’t watched it. Some complained it was “anti-semitic”, but what isn’t?

    The problem with Jews is that they can rule over you, but you can’t even say that. You have to pretend that they are eternal victims.

    It’s like a tyrant with the boot over your face told you to pretend that you’re the one hurting their foot with your face.

    As far as I know, only Jews behave that way. Other tyrants are happy to oppress you, without pretending to be victims.

  32. @Thomasina

    I used to find Sasha Baron-Cohen somewhat funny, until I realized how unpleasant he was really being. Making a mockery of people who were trying to be nice to him was just ill-mannered. Then I heard the ADL speech and thought what a total hypocrite. He can dish it out, but he can’t take it.

  33. Anon[159] • Disclaimer says:

    The utter hypocrisy of Jews simply choked the Christ.

    He could not stand them.

    See what they did in return.

    This War will only end in extermination. The Jews know this. They intend to be the Exterminators.

  34. chris says:

    As the current game is played like this, why not sue again in order for the protagonist to not be Irish either?

    By what right is it ok to represent any nationality negatively? Or are we to learn that some nationalities are more equal than others?

    Unrelated to the above, I recall hearing on the Howard Stern show in the 1990s that Robert DiNero considers himself to be Jewish.

    • Replies: @Alex70
  35. The John Updike character Henry Bech is not, of course, a villain in the usual sense, but Updike’s three Henry Bech novels – sometimes seen as parody of Phillip Roth or postwar wave of Jewish writers in general (Roth, Bellow, Malamud, Potok and, a rung or two down, Norman Mailer, Joseph Heller and Herman Wouk) pokes fun at cult of “the Jewish writer.” This seemed perfectly acceptable at time they were published, perhaps because, some (Roth, Heller, to some extent, Bellow, especially in the father in Seize the Days) were capable of poking fun both at themselves and their Jewish backgrounds. Also, of course, a lot of avoidance of that background (especially with Mailer, who wanted to be the next Ernest Hemingway).

    It could be of course that real life Jewish villains — Harvey Weinstein, Jeffrey Epstein, Woody Allen, Alan Dershowitz, Lawrence Summers, Steven Pinker, etc. — have so dominated headlines of late it would be hard to come up with something equally sinister.

    • Replies: @Bardon Kaldian
  36. @Rob McX

    A correction: the character Louis d’Ascoyne Mazzini is played by Dennis Price. Alec Guinness plays all nine of his victims! Kind Hearts and Coronets is a wonderful film, one of the best ever.

    • Thanks: Arthur MacBride
  37. ariadna says:

    “Zionist Paul Singer, once described by The Independent as “the vulture capitalist who devoured Peru.”

    Peru was the antipasto. He dined on Argentina.

    • LOL: chris
  38. Anonymous[661] • Disclaimer says:

    The tribe rarely attacks its own. Note how Woody Allen is the prime example of someone got away with making fun of Jews in numerous films, and how writer Philip Roth was given a pass in his demeaning portrayals of Jews.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @SafeNow
  39. @JimDandy

    Marco Inaros in The Expanse is pretty wiley.

  40. Antti says:

    Finn has same origin as a Finn or Finnish and we are definitely not Aryan even though blond.

    • Replies: @Oikeamielinen
  41. Alex70 says:

    The writer of this article, Dr. Andrew Joyce, did a fantastic podcast early last year discussing The Merchant Of Venice, I can post the link to you if you are interested in listening to it.

    • Thanks: chris
    • Replies: @Nancy
  42. Alex70 says:

    No need to revisit. The villain was the old southern writer who was a wife beating drunk who liked to song Old Black Joe while urinating in public.

  43. Mike Tre says:

    I was reminded of Eldon Tyrell.

  44. Paul Singer is among the worst excuses for a human being:

    Hedge fund billionaire Paul Singer’s ruthless strategies include bullying CEOs, suing governments and seizing their navy’s ships

    Paul Singer Wins Long Battle With Argentina; Have Emerging Market Bonds Hit Bottom?

    He should be simply run out of town, with most similar types, especially the BlackRock gang.

    On the other hand, Joyce’s theoretical side is weak, as is his icon’s MacDonald’s. I wrote extensively on MacDonald’s shallow approach, and Jewish Tablet magazine had exposed him in the interview (skip the whining opening):

    American Racist

    All in all, MacDonald is right about 30-40%, but wrong about 60-70%.

    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  45. @Matt Lazarus

    I don’t see how Allen & Pinker could be considered villains.

    Pinker was accused of associating with Epstein, but it turned out to be – nothing.

    Allen’s supposed rapey-pedo career is a fabrication, nothing more than slander. I find him overrated as a filmmaker, but this whole #metoo stuff is ridiculous, having in mind that the whole Hollywood is nothing more than a whorehouse inhabited by perverted loons.

  46. McMafia is one of the few television shows that depict jews in a negative light. A corrupt banker from a Russian jewish mobster family was trying to live a normal life but due to bad business decisions, he gets involved with Israeli money laundering. They even showcase Israeli human smugglers and forced prostitution.

    The show came under fire for anti-semitism, but the BBC ordered a second season which has not been released yet. Somehow, I don’t think it will get released.

    • Replies: @Haxo Angmark
    , @Sisifo
  47. Jews are afraid that if even one of their number is portrayed negatively it will be like the little boy who shouted, “The emperor is naked! The emperor is naked!” It might snowball, leading all (or at least all other than the most abject John Hagee types) to see the truth. That might lead in turn to another six gazillion being masturbated to death and then turned into soap and lampshades.

  48. @TKK

    Baron Cohen is a typical illustration of thesis that accultured Jews with strong Jewish identity are essentially psychologically disfigured or simply- mentally ill.

    Those who are not are frequently admirable persons, like the late & neglected Austrian author Stefan Zweig.

    But those whose ethnic identity is stronger than both universal human sensibility and individual being- they’re unhappy, hateful & malign.

    • Agree: Mulga Mumblebrain
    • Replies: @frontier
    , @Dumbo
  49. EdwardM says:

    The leadership of the Royal Court has now professed itself “in conversations with this director as we hold ourselves accountable for why this was not taken further or passed on to the writer,” as well as engaging in “an internal review”

    So now all artistic endeavors will be required to employ a commissar, who shall have final approval authority over the script, casting, sets, editing, etc.

    I used to think that the creative community didn’t really need that, given the self-censorship that the culture has so effectively institutionalized. But it’s never enough.

  50. Alex70 says:

    Here is the link

    Video Link

    • Replies: @chris
  51. @Chris Moore

    Remember the allegory of the scorpion and the frog. Their behaviour won’t change and the more the rest of us indulge it the more brazen they get. Which paradoxically could precipitate the very backlash they profess to fear.

  52. @Right_On

    He wouldn’t have had the slightest compunction to raise the hackles of Christians. Of course he doesn’t have to fear that we’d cut his throat.

  53. @Rob McX

    “The change from Israel Rank to Louis Mazzini was brought about by the ‘post-war sensitivity about anti-Semitism’, and the moral stance of the films produced by Ealing”.

    The “post-war sensitivity about ‘anti-semitism’” is entirely the product of zionist Jews (ref Arnold Leese trial etc) and their servitors, who are instructed to divert any criticism, however valid, from any Jew, no matter the cost to anyone else.
    Obvious hypersensitivity to the long history of rapacity, murder, deceit of certain type of Jew and the very real fear of the repercussions that will follow, as they have in the past and, as the full story comes out in the internet age of continued disgusting conduct, are very likely to happen again, perhaps with renewed fury.
    E.g. it seems Israel opened the New Year with another barrage on Gaza …

    The book author is Roy Horniman (1874 – 1930) and his book (one of several) was “Israel Rank: the Autobiography of a Criminal” (1907). He ran London’s Criterion Theatre and was a member of the Indian National Congress.

    This is the film adaption “Kind Hearts and Coronets”

    Arnold Leese trial transcript (Jewish Ritual Murder)

    • Replies: @Badger Down
  54. Oskar says:

    Carter Reveals Begin Viewed Jews As The Master RaceAll Hail The Jewish Master Race

    ”Gene Research Shows Jews & Palestinians Almost Identical”


    ”No Basis for Peace”

    ”Jews a Totally Different Species?”

    ”No Mixed Marriages for the Superior Race”

    ”Jewish Blood vs. Inferior Blood

    “Jesus a Bastard,” says Jewish Talmud”

    ”Memory of Jesus to be Blotted Out”

    ” “Kill All Christians”- Talmud”

    Murder of Gentiles Praised as a “Holy Sacrifice”

    Children Raped and Murdered

    The Master Race – Beyond Good and Evil

  55. Anonymous[286] • Disclaimer says:

    The problem is not the Jew because the Jew will always be the Jew. The problem is the Christian Zionist because he doesn’t know his arse (Christianity) from the hole in the ground (Zionism) and thus aids and abets the Jew in constant ignorance to his own peril.

  56. A movie that portrayed male Jews as completely neurotic, mother-dominated nebbishes is the classic, “Where’s Poppa?”, with Ruth Gordon’s over-the-top performance as an iconic lampoon of the smothering, controlling Jewish matriarch, being only matched in hilarity by her portrayal of Philo Beddoe’s crotchety, fearless mother in “Any Which Way But Loose”, another silly comedic screamer from the past. Except in “Where’s Poppa?”, George Segal, the hyper stressed-out defense lawyer, finally grows a pair and puts his whacked-out mother in a home only when his shiksa heart-throb, a nurse played by the indescribably scrumptious Trish Van Devere, convinces him it’s either her way or the highway. (Ah, the power of the pussy, once again. Perhaps that, and that alone, is powerful enough to resist the onslaught of Jewish Supremacism, Inc.)

    But the jewish stereotypes in “Where’s Poppa?”are spot-on, and although it clearly is a 100% jewish production, the ethnically self-effacing humor is absolutely refreshing to witness given the direction things are going currently in the media. One wonders if it, too, may get banned, if only for being a bit too revealing. I’m definitely keeping my old, worn DVD of it……

    • Thanks: CelestiaQuesta
    • Replies: @SunBakedSuburb
  57. 3g4me says:
    @Nicholas Stix

    @23 Nicholas Stix: And you’re a slightly upscale version of Unz/Sailer commenter Jack D – full of commentary and insight about others, but immediately and ferociously defensive whenever Juice are mentioned as having any sort of group characteristics that might differentiate them from anyone else. Of course, that’s Unz in a nutshell – full of writers and commenters who notice or say ‘forbidden’ things about other ethnic or racial groups while fiercely defending their own. A rather particular and peculiar solipsism.

    • Agree: Dingo bay rum
    • Replies: @Nicholas Stix
  58. Curle says:
    @Mulga Mumblebrain

    “ Surely Moslems, Arabs and Palestinians in particular fared much worse in Hollywood hate propaganda than ‘Southern Whites’.”

    Possible but I doubt it.

    • Replies: @Ned kelly
  59. Anonymous[833] • Disclaimer says:

    Both Roth and Allen did occur to me. They did not present their Jews as merely quirky but lovable characters. Roth especially made his tribe as anti-black racist as they come, always carping on the “schwartze’s.” Both repeatedly made their characters as sexually depraved just for chuckles. What self-respecting goyim would ever masturbate to climax on the family’s evening main course of beef liver? Portnoy liked to blame his mother for most of his major malfunctions, exposing a deep case of misogyny and male insecurity. If Sigmund Freud was really describing himself in all the neuroses he sought to establish both he and his Jewish clients were seriously messed up. Epstein and Maxwell were perhaps merely carrying on long ethnic traditions and are being shamelessly persecuted by those terrible gentiles. Dershowitz could, I am sure, come up with some colorful plea to sell to a jury.

    • Replies: @emerging majority
  60. Nancy says:

    Again a #1! Is this yet another win for the All-Seeing-Eye of the Hasbara/8200/sayanim internet monitoring organization? Being aware of it, makes it more and more obvious…. or I could be wrong… just coincidence.

  61. I can only imagine a twenty first century Charles Dickens writing a book or play based on Ebenezer Scroogewitz, a frugal pointed nose heb who counts money all his life.

    And everyone knows who Theodor Seuss Geisel aka Dr. Seuss modeled the Grinch and his loyal dog, Max after. Who else would hatch a scheme to pose as Santa Claus, steal Christmas and silence the Whos’ (white Christians) holiday cheer once and for all.

    History repeats itself in mysterious ways.

  62. @hhkal

    (My own opinion of the matter is that Smith was looking for an alien-sounding name that mimicked the syllables in “Elon Musk,” and that, while he was aware that the name had a Jewish quality, Smith was completely oblivious as to the seriousness of his infraction of unstated but powerful cultural rules — especially those concerning criticism of the Jews. I believe that “Hershel Fink” sounded right to Smith, for a number of reasons ) Says the author.
    While I don’t believe the author named his character Hershel Fink just as an alien sounding name but for a reason , I do believe in “FREE SPEECH”.
    And unless and until we can freely call out our oppressors and hidden powers that be, we will be forever enslaved.

  63. Gapeseed says:

    No mention of Adam Sandler’s Uncut Gems? It’s really Sandler’s finest work as an actor, and Jews are portrayed quite negatively overall.

    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  64. Ned kelly says:

    Well at least they exist… Hollywood still hasn’t discovered that Latinos even exist in Los Angeles.
    What? Raquel Welch is Hispanic? Well, of course the Jews would notice her… but she was Spanish and she could pass…

  65. Alden says:

    There’s Merchant of Venice on YouTube starring Jeremy Irons. It starts out with a lengthy speech and written scroll about Jews being so horribly abused and prosecuted in Europe. The scroll ends

    . first scene. Ominous male voice continues about the dreadful prosecution. We see empty canals hear threatening music and some cruel looking men in black robes presumably catholic clergy in boats with a huge and eeevvvviiiillll looking cross. Presumably searching for Jews to murder.

    Next scene a bridge packed full of people. They are rather shabby. One is very ostentatiously dressed. He is of course a poor pathetic pitiful Jew. He is thrown into the canal. Boo boo

    Next scene finally thank God the play begins Jeremy Irons and other characters discussing the money owed to Shylock.

    The usual thing in medieval and early modern Europe was the Jews would make a deal with the king duke bishop count baron mayor and aldermen whoever was in charge. The Jews would be allowed in to lend out money at more than 100 percent interest with all sorts of balloon payments and requiring an entire extended family to co sign.

    A century later or more later when even the upper classes were impoverished the king duke mayor whoever would expel the Jews and they would move on to the next place. Usually one that was already arranged.

  66. Nancy says:

    I’m interested 🙂 I think this is it

    • Agree: Alex70
  67. Alden says:
    @Mulga Mumblebrain

    Excellent point. Creating a common enemy is the usual way governments pull feuding factions together. Israel is still run by secular descendants of the Russian atheist communists who founded the Zionist settlements 150 years ago.

    Its interesting that the farmer construction road building useful physical work performed by Jews Zionist movement was created by Montefiore and Rothschild . For centuries wealthy European Jews supported Palestinian Jews and their families in idleness. The men prayed and studied Talmud. The wealthy European Jews realized the religious Jews in Palestine would never go to work and support themselves.

    Rothschild and Montefiord decided the idle Talmud scholars could be transformed into something like catholic monks and nuns. A religious community that supported itself. With farming, construction, physical useful work combined with scholarship and prayer.

    It didn’t work. The religious are more idle on eternal welfare than ever. And the farming road and construction work anything useful and physical is done by Muslim Palestinians.

    • Replies: @emerging majority
  68. BiggDee55 says:

    Is E. Scrooge a Jew?

  69. @Antti

    Finn has same origin as a Finn or Finnish and we are definitely not Aryan even though blond.

    There is the Celtic Finn which has its origin in Irish or some such language and there is the Nordic Finn which seems to have its origin in Old Norse. Nobody is quite sure about these things but they provide fodder for linguists to quarrel over. Some words just happen to coincide in various languages.

    An Aryan is an Indo-Iranian according to my dictionary. Whether fair or dark as Toby’s arse is his own business.

    • Replies: @Ned kelly
  70. @Mustapha Mond

    Ruth Gordon is/was a character. From her role as a mystery writer in an episode of Columbo to Harold and Maude, Where’s Poppa, Every Which Way But Loose and, in her most memorable role, the fussy, senior citizen satanist in Rosemary Baby. Really a unique look and style.

    • Agree: Mustapha Mond
  71. Ned kelly says:

    Celtic Finn? You’re not confusing Finn McCool?
    Finns are a whole nother branch of White Northern Europeans….even though their language isn’t Indo-European: Celts (the best), Germans (the most difficult) Slavs (the most misunderstood) and Finns (the most mysterious). Hopefully that clears things up… Children.

    • Replies: @emerging majority
  72. @Albert456

    Of course it SCREAMS ‘Jew’. Why be so naive or so stupid as to invite the ‘antisemitism’ witch-hunters so openly? If he’s not a Jew, don’t use a Jewish name, and if he is, establish it less blatantly, perhaps by implication. Who knows, why not make him a complex, human, character who happens to be a Jew, like Shylock?

    • Replies: @Petermx
  73. @Gapeseed

    Or ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’. Larry David seems not overly fussed about his Jewish ‘identity’ and not all that impressed by the ‘religious’ aspects of the cult into which he was born. That is one of the destructive ‘strengths’ of Judaism. Anyone who cannot stomach the atmosphere of eternal opposition, discontent and narcissist self-adoration, just up and leaves, by out-marriage or conversion, or simple disregard for all but the familial connections, and the more fanatic are thus selected to further the enterprise, ensuring more and more Nutty-yahoos and Bennetts.

  74. @Bardon Kaldian

    On the one hand Paul Singer and scores of his ilk, on the other Yehudi and Hephzibah Menuhin, and many other humanist, universalist, Jews. Yet the ‘antisemitism’ industry stand-over thugs DEMAND that everyone on Earth only acknowledge the existence of the good Jews, as good as humans can manage, and ignore or deny the existence of Jewish criminals. The Jews are to be considered the ONLY community in human history devoid of crooks, criminals, shonks and worse, and comprised solely of saints and scholars. AND THEY GET AWAY WITH IT!!!

    • Agree: Irish Savant
  75. Anon[849] • Disclaimer says:


    Four months ago the gay Colorado governor J-Rod Penis got married to his boy lover on Yom Kippur by a new age Rabbi in Boulder. And two days ago fire erupted in Boulder and destroyed a huge amount of property in the area in Colorado’s most devastating fire ever.

    It’s interesting that the word faggot literally means a burning stick or ember. I don’t know how it became a slang term for homosexual. But Polis’ faggot wedding on Yom Kippur seemed to ignite an awful lot of dry faggots throughout the area four months later.

    Maybe our governor will place a quarantine on homosexual activities when he recognizes the error of his ways. But don’t hold your breath!
    The “chosen people” spreading their blessings like Satan’s bad breath across our land.

    • Replies: @Alden
    , @Mulga Mumblebrain
  76. frontier says:
    @Bardon Kaldian

    But those whose ethnic identity is stronger than both universal human sensibility and individual being- they’re unhappy, hateful & malign.

    While this is generally true, it would not be a problem unless this or other forms of psychopathic aberrations take hold of power, overtly or covertly. One would expect what we call “humanities and social sciences” to address this and tell us how to avoid it… good luck with that… All you get from them is bullshit that makes matters worse all the time.

  77. @Anonymous

    Wondering if a movie portraying “Jimmy Haggles” with James Hagee as the star and the cast being made up of the most delusionary inbred Southern whites who make up his congregation, would be able to make it past the Baruch Barrier. The overall portrayal could have characters salaciously anticipating going stark naked (circumcised glans in full display) and being wafted up into a Heaven where the goy at the gate looks suspiciously drip-nosed.

    Stereotypes can be mordantly amusing as they usually contain some germs of truth. Hagee looks to be an Elmer Gantry on steroids who is raking in the shekels from two sources: One being his terminally deluded followers and the other one…you guess.

    • Replies: @Anon
  78. @ArthurBiggs

    Triple-Nine, an independent modern Noir set in Atlanta from a few years back, portrays

    the “Russian Mafia” – accurately – as specifically ZionistJewish and

    noxiously so. Blacks and spics are also honestly portrayed.

    • Thanks: Badger Down
  79. @Anonymous

    It will ultimately be established by depth researchers that a primary cause for sexually-impacted neuroses is nothing other than violent, sexual assault imposed on a totally innocent baby boy by means of the unkindest cut. Cultures covenanted or not, but nevertheless dominated by males who are not all there—physically—tend towards neuroses amongst their male populations.

    To cite a pair of hyper-neurotic individuals, we need only consider Woody Allen and Jerry Lewis. Not so sure about Lewis, but a bipolar set of relationships with women stem from their perceived fact that their own mothers did not protect their barely-bonded male infant from that all-altered male covenant which imposed their fathers’ sins upon their sons.

    At some deep level of consciousness where no event of their lives are ever forgotten; these once innocent neonates become transmuted into neurotics who throughout their lives have this root problem of blaming their mothers for that severed bond which would have induced healthy relationships with womankind, whether sexual or simply relational.

    • Replies: @Anon
  80. I honestly don’t know how Harry Potter got away with it.

  81. @Alden

    By avoiding and ignoring physical labor, out there under the sunlight and fresh air while moiling away at musty volumes composed and compiled by learned elders ultimately enhances and exacerbates the Bris.

    Literally cut off at day Eight, the loss of manhood becomes amplified when males, in particular, become alienated from the natural world. Perhaps that entire phenomenon is rooted in the fact that the Monotheistic religions originated in a desert environment…one where the natural world can readily be perceived as hostile. Palestine will not ever become transformed into the garden of eden. The essential biotic environment simply does not exist in that location.

    • Replies: @SolontoCroesus
  82. Anon[849] • Disclaimer says:
    @emerging majority

    It’s John Hagee. And you are correct about his money:

    I heard he has an Orthodox yeshiva in the Occupied West Bank named after him. Now that the Comanche Indians have been run out of Texas, Hagee is consoled by helping to exterminate the Palestinians.

  83. roberto1 says:

    Adam Sandler in “Uncut Gems” portrays a rather unsympathetic jewish character.

  84. @simple mind

    “…it [Occupied Palestine] looks like a Mediterranean country with salty pickles…”

    Are those ‘salty pickles‘ dead ‘Palestinian kids,’ by any chance…?

    You’re doing a lousy job at selling a shitty Apartheid State.

    Is this the best you can do?

    If that’s so, you’re royally f***ed.

    And, in the end, you will be…

    No more breaches to run to.

  85. Petermx says:
    @Mulga Mumblebrain

    “Why be so naive or so stupid as to invite the ‘antisemitism’ witch-hunters so openly? If he’s not a Jew, don’t use a Jewish name…” So, you’re saying use the name from another ethnic group when it is going to be a negative portrayal, a group that is not organized and without the power to raise a public stink, a group without the power Jews have. I could see how a lot of people might have a problem with that, especially people that realize that it is the Jews more than anyone else that constantly portray peoples they “hate” (to use the common phrase when it applies to negative feelings directed at them) in the most awful way. I don’t know how “stupid” it is either. It might not be viewed as “stupid” any longer if enough people get fed up. It’s happened before, in 110 countries I believe the count is.

    I don’t know how this problem can be solved but especially if the USA has big economic problems that will be permanent, then people are moved to do something and you might eventually see people in the public eye criticize Jews for their control of American foreign policy and their central role in everything from making the USA a multicultural/multiracial country, abortion and the destruction of Christianity in the country among other things that have completely altered the USA from the country it was 50 years ago.

  86. Alden says:

    Faggot for a gay man comes from the no longer used verb to fag to be fagged. It meant over worked hassled. I’ve been working hard all day and I’m all fagged out.

    The homosexual meaning happened when the boys English boarding schools began. The early schools were set up to run as cheaply as possible meaning the boys did a lot of the work tutored each other oldest boys supervising the younger boys. It ended up with younger boys becoming personal servants of older boys. And boys and teens locked up together resulted in lots of homosexuality not always mutual.

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @emerging majority
  87. @emerging majority

    the Monotheistic religions originated in a desert environment…one where the natural world can readily be perceived as hostile.

    . . . and yet, the region is frequently called the Fertile Crescent.

    Abraham fled from Ur, where intense agriculture was practiced for eons — or at least until Paul Bremer dictated that Mesopotamian farmers must purchase GMO seed and were forbidden to harvest seed for their next crop.

    . . . and Iran — as challenging a geography as can be imagined, with salt deserts, mountains, scarce water, and its major city, Tehran, in a bowl serving as a magnet for polluted air. But I challenge you to find a photo of assembled Iranians that is not graced with beautiful flowers.

    For millennia Iranians have irrigated and made their land fertile by means of qanat.

    • Replies: @emerging majority
  88. Sisifo says:

    But somehow the jewishness of the characters is not as evident as them being Russians.

    I was just a few days ago talking about the serie with a friend, and he didn’t even recalled that they were jewish!

  89. @Ned kelly

    “Celts(the best)” would be quite accurate describing their lyrical sensibility…very gifted, poetically and musically. Eastern Slavs (Russians generally) would be considered by linguists as more difficult than the German, even though the latter group has never successfully updated their grammar, unlike their Nordic cousins across the Baltic. Finns, the Suomilainen folk, originated somewhere in Siberia and seem to have migrated westwards over the centuries.

    Linguistically, the Finns are of the Finno-Ugrian language group, itself apparently also the original tongue of the Khazarian nation which was converted to Talmudic Judaism ca. 740 Anus Dominated. Finnic folk were found as far south as the Moscow region in the land which ultimately became Russianized with Slavic settlers. Estonia speaks a language which is a brother-tongue to Finnish and their speech is mutually understandable.

    Curiously, according to Will Sandstrom, a Finno-American celebrator of his primary ethnic background, the Finns constitute the most blue-eyed and blond-haired grouping on the planet. A second cousin, whose maternal side were Sami (Laplander) folk from Norway’s far north, has squinty eyes as a notable characteristic.

    The Norwegians, to confuse everyone, call the more southerly (non reindeer, rather forest -Sami, “Finns”). One of their more tuneful folk-songs, quite not unlike Irish reels, is called “Livet a Finnskogen”–Life in the Finnish (Sami) woods. My cousin’s ocular features are moderately common among the Suomilainens in Finland and very common among the Lapps. Reason for that? Simple. If a group of people lived for more than half the year with very little sunlight and with most everything being of a glaring, snowy whiteness, a proclivity towards squinty eyes would be generationally probable.

    Historically the Finns and the Sami, more particularly, were relatively late in their deracination due to the imposition of the JudieChristie Magickmindfuck upon them via the missionary position and tyrannical rulers who had adopted that desert-originated organized religion. Thus they appear quite mysterious to those who have been under the heels of Kings and Popes for multiple centuries. The Shamanic Tradition has not been totally (or close to that) abraded away due to their being obliged to follow the dogmatic demands of an alien religion. Many of the mysteries of the natural world are still second-nature among rural Finns.

    • Replies: @Oikeamielinen
  90. @SolontoCroesus

    Old Testicles mythology holds that the Hebrew people as well as the Arabics were descended from Abram/Abraham. However, the mythology goes on to have “The Chosen” emerging from slavery in Egypt. Their monotheistic religion, again according to Biblical mythology, was handed down by Moses, originally a prince of Egypt, from Mount Sinai (the location of which archaeologist are unable to precisely locate). Though perhaps not the most desertly desert on the planet, the Sinai is almost exclusively desert and mountains, a most hostile environment.

    Due to extensive and intensive irrigation from the two rivers, Mesopotamia has long been rendered fertile by human agency. Iran does possess a plethora of fertile valleys between and amongst those challenging mountains…and you are correct about those “beautiful flowers”, as well as Persian melons, pomegranates and other delights. Neither Mesopotamia, nor Iran/Persia, though ,originated the hateful monotheistic religions.

    Like Judaism, originally from southern Arabia as indicated by place-names found in Genesis, Christianity, which originated between the desert and the Levant, and Islam, which roots go back to Mecca and Medina in western Arabia; essentially the entirety of monotheistic manias trace back to the hostile environments of the desert. None of those religions are suitable for the souls and spirits of forest and garden folk due to their hostile attitudes towards the more blessed parts of the natural world.

    • Replies: @SolontoCroesus
    , @Mevashir
  91. Anon[297] • Disclaimer says:

    Great explanation. Thank you!

  92. Anon[297] • Disclaimer says:
    @emerging majority

    About circumcision, I think if you’re part of a culture that marries children off at a young age then it’s a valuable psychological tool to promote fertility, because the wounded male organ always seeks out the comfort and protection of the female’s vagina. But if you are living in a secularized western culture like the United States and are not safely married, then perhaps you are correct that the trauma of circumcision gives rise to all sorts of terrible aberrant behaviors.

    • Replies: @Badger Down
  93. @Alden

    Alden: Whatever dictionary you may have consulted happens to have been a bit lax in attribution of yet another referent to the full background of the word “faggot”. Whether from Vatican influence or whatever, the term also comes from the wood that the religious fanatics piled around the stakes to which “heretics”, women too big for their britches in a Patriarchal culture, or those whose sexuality did not fully concord with church demanded norms for the peasantry. were immolated in bonfires as object lessons to the rest of the serfs, peasants and villagers.

    So even the term used in the English boarding schools may have carried a secondary meaning, perhaps originating in translation from the days of the Spanish Inquisition. Though, as you note, the “relationships” may not always have been mutual, what do you expect in ANY all-male environments where horny teens found physical expression to be preferable to the “happy handshake”. So if over time, the younger boys happened to like to experience their prostates being massaged as well, perhaps, as the protection which might be expected from their older partners; they came to be known as “fags”.

    Comparably well-educated in those English “public” schools, the youths in those environments probably were schooled in history and were quite aware of churchly disapproval of their “forbidden” pleasures and its connections to those faggots piled around the staked victim in the Autos-de Fe. Thus, the term gained currency.

    Even today, the term “Fag” is used to describe men holding three qualifications: They are gay. They are effeminate gays, suchlike as the Macaroni in late 18th Century London and their effeminacy was in part inculcated by abusive, neonatal sexual abuse via the Unkindest Cut.

    In the early 80’s some Hennepin Avenue strollers were seen to wear tee-shirts announcing “Minneapolis–Fag City”. With a mostly Scandinavian, German and Irish population during that era, that Twin Cities gay crowd were probably the worst possible candidates for removal of their man-hoods. While ambling around northwestern Europe in ’79, where that nasty patriarchal practice is rarely practiced, I very rarely observed the psychologically damaged types which typified Minneapolis during that era.

    • Replies: @anon
  94. @emerging majority

    thank you. Yes, agree, especially re “souls and spirits of forest and garden folk.” being the “more blessed parts of the natural world.”
    Paradise (i.e. the Garden of-) is a Persian word.

    As I understand the Old Testicular myths, Hebrews ended up in Egypt after Joseph, having been abandoned by his brothers, was rescued and taken to Egypt where he found favor with the Pharaoh. Joseph returned the favor by inviting his entire clan to join him to escape a famine. The clan was gifted with choicest lands in Egypt, where they multiplied and prospered, then in that oft-repeated tradition, turned on their hosts, stole their treasure, killed their children, killed Egyptian leaders, called down curses upon the Egypt people, and skedaddled.

    EMJones calls the “abandonment- of- Joseph-turns-into-the-Egyptian-rescue- of- the- Hebrews” an example of the “cunning of reason,” but I don’t imagine the Egyptians saw it that way.

    OTOH EMJones’s favorite Greeks served up kinfolk’s children for dinner.

    “All have fallen short of the gory of god.”

    Was Moses Hebrew or Egyptian?
    Isn’t it customary to refer to the monotheist faiths as “Abrahamic,” not Mosaic; Moses being the Lawgiver rather than seed-donor.

    Hmm, what IS the relationship between descent-by-seed from Abraham and presence-at-Sinai with Moses in terms of Choseness?

    • Replies: @emerging majority
  95. Mevashir says:
    @emerging majority

    Fabulous insights. Thank you.

    Many Bible scholars today think that the true Mount Sinai of the Bible is located in Northwest Arabia. It is possible that this Saudi NEOM project is meant to tap into this location for lucrative Judeo-Christian tourism purposes:

  96. bjondo says:

    “Kirk Douglas” is a Yid hiding.
    Maybe “Hershel Fink” is a Jain Dharma disguised.

    5 dancing shlomos

    • Replies: @Nicholas Stix
  97. aj54 says:

    Mr Joyce, I presume you had a little behind the hand chuckle at this clever use of one pejorative for the goyim
    ” It’s tempting for those “in the know” to laugh at the bovine naïveté…”

  98. Thanks for the warning!

    In my play the protagonist was originally a black, chinese one-armed lesbian named Happymerchanthooknose Moneyhoarderberg.

  99. @emerging majority

    You must be some squinty-eyed devil to write so much nonsense.

    • Replies: @emerging majority
  100. Were Kwanzaa rituals made to resemble Jewish ones on Hanukkah to make blacks subconsciously identify with Jews?

    Why not just call it Kwanukkah?

  101. @SolontoCroesus

    S.C. You might wish to consult “Moses and Monotheism” by Sigmund Freud. “Abrahamic” would accept the myths around Abe and Hagar and its role in the ultimate development of Islam. My belief, as that is about all one can consult in terms of the Abrahamic mythos, is that the Hebrews and the Arabs may or may not have contained genetic material from that disputable self-exile from Ur.

    The mists of history are often conflated and confused by monotheistic religionists. People do tend to cling to their patterns of beliefs, particularly should they happen to enmesh themselves within an entire community of similar believers. Symbologically, it is somewhat akin to Ouroboros, that serpent imaged as swallowing its own tail.

    With E.M. Jones I am not acquainted. Presumably he referents the Greek playwright who employed that human sacrifice meme in a metaphorical manner and a literary trope.

  102. @Oikeamielinen

    …and who are you to so denigrate my thoughts and speculations. Do you happen to be capable of original thought, or have you been “programmed to receive”?

  103. SafeNow says:

    As Roger Ebert correctly notes, the Woody Allen protagonist in Annie Hall is not the VICTIM of forces that operate against him, but their AUTHOR. A commenter above says that if Jews wish to be rid of negative stereotypes, why don’t they just stop acting like that?

    Blinken at Anchorage is an example showing it might be impossible. After all, when the chief diplomat of the United States cannot be diplomatic, one should not hope for change. Blinken’s nasty meltdown was a scene Roth could have written. In Roth’s “The Counterlife,” we see a marvelous portrayal of a Jew trying mightily not to be a Jew. But he just can’t sustain it, and Maria finally dumps him.

    • Agree: Arthur MacBride
  104. @3g4me

    To be described as “slightly upscale” from Jack D is flattering.

    “ferociously defensive whenever Juice are mentioned as having any sort of group characteristics that might differentiate them from anyone else.”

    You’ve confused me with someone else. I have always emphasized uniquely Jewish group characteristics, as their being morally and intellectually superior to all other groups.

    “Solipsism.” About 20 years ago, the pretentious semi-literate began misusing that term as a badge of erudition. “Solipsism” is a metaphysical doctrine with no social use. You and your fellow semi-literates use it as a pretentious euphemism for “narcissistic.”

    Nicholas Stix
    Founder and President
    Chairman of the Board
    Zionist Occupation Government

    • LOL: Johann Ricke
  105. JM says:

    The ultimate tribe of bigots, armed with their perverse talmudic values, whining and crying about bigotry.

    Having recently read Laurent Guyénot’s ‘From Yahweh to Zion’, I am convinced that the ultra-ethnocentric blood soaked Torah with its constructed Yahweh is the main inspiration of the Tribe as it is what runs in their veins, not the Talmud which is the exclusive property of the Rabbis.

    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  106. anon[983] • Disclaimer says:
    @emerging majority

    Faggot can simply mean any stick or stick-like chunk or bundle of wood. As such, it was once a very general type of insult, before it became restricted to flamers.

    As 2022 is the centenary of the publication of Ulysses, perhaps it’s especially worth mentioning that as recently as a century ago, Joyce has Molly Bloom referring to ‘that old faggot, Mrs. Riordan, with her Mr. Riordan this and Mr. Riordan that.’

    The implication is that Mrs. Riordan has tiresome, stick-like concerns and is in fact a post-menopausal stick sexually, in contrast to voluptuous Molly’s self-image.

    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  107. Miro23 says:

    The risk for Jews in all this, is that they come to be regarded as a sort of poisonous mushroom to be avoided at all costs.

    Times have changed from 1967 when Israel and the Jews were genuinely celebrated and regarded (in the West) as a brave minority people taking on the power of the Arab world and Russia.

    The difference today, given such extreme racial sensitivity, is that the optimum Gentile strategy is to avoid dealing with them (whenever possible) – which is probably already happening socially on US university campuses – as a harbinger of the future.

    You can force people to obey you, hand over their money, and censor their speech, but not to be your friend.

  108. Dumbo says:

    Never liked him or found him funny, and never understood his appeal, at least for goys. His Borat film was disgusting, it was the only thing I watched except clips of other stuff. He is probably a disgrace to the family, his brother or cousin who studies autism is much better.

  109. Dumbo says:
    @Bardon Kaldian

    Borat is mentally ill and disgusting, and his “films” are the real “feces brought to the table”. I don’t think it has anything to do with him being acculturated. Some Jews are just mentally ill. Perhaps his cousin who studies autism should study him.

    Stefan Zweig was not neglected in his lifetime, he has celebrated then. He committed suicide in Brazil. He thought it was the “country of the future”. LOL. Well, perhaps he was right. All countries now are starting to resemble Brazil in a way. (Brazil is not *that* bad – but we don’t need more than one country like that)

  110. @anon

    You can eat faggots in Wales, with mashed potato. Skinless sausages. Delicious.

  111. @Petermx

    My argument is ‘Why invite the hyenas in?’. Of course they need no excuse to launch an ‘antisemitism’ take-down-ask Corbyn. They live on rage and hatred, so why fuel the fury. As for ‘antisemitism’, I’m with the old Jew, a survivor of the Nazi crimes, who observed that, ‘Once antisemites were people who hated Jews, but today they are people who Jews hate’.

  112. @Anon

    Don’t be stupid. What sort of ‘God’ would punish others for two queer Jews getting hitched? Why gays want to ‘marry’ is beyond me, and, even worse, when the perfectly fine ‘partner’ or ‘life-companion’ or whatever are about, do they refer to each other as ‘husband’.

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @Anon
  113. @Thomasina

    Those people sickened by Cohen’s psychopathic semitism might enjoy this list of thinkers who are anti the whole thing. Compiled by the monsters who are still in denial about paedo-rapist Leo Frank, killer of Mary Phagan:

  114. Hi Andrew! I´m plotting to steal this opportunity to go into another matter.
    I have found a very interesting and serious website that attempts to explore the real but shadowy players in international covert politics, like the Pilgrim society. The site is totally omitting the “Jewish” side of things, and I thought to myself; what would a person such as yourself have to say to it. How Jewish is the power in this context?
    Anyhow, the Pilgrim society is indeed an interesting topic.

    • Replies: @Shlomowitz
  115. @Shlomowitz

    I tried to correct the adress but somehow it didn´t change it. The right adress is

  116. Anon[405] • Disclaimer says:
    @Mulga Mumblebrain

    It wasn’t just two queers. It was the Governor of Colorado. If nothing else, the Bible teaches that nations are shaped by the actions of their leaders. The Bible definitely believes in collective punishment along with collective blessing. A leader has enormous power to determine the direction of his society.

    My comment was prompted by seeing photographs of the Governor flying in a helicopter above the burn area and it struck me that just 14 weeks earlier he married his gay lover in the exact same location on the most solemn day in the Jewish calendar.

    God likes to play hide-and-seek and peekaboo with us. He invites us to connect the dots… Just Do It

  117. Anon[405] • Disclaimer says:
    @Mulga Mumblebrain

    Some more things to consider:

    The town that was most destroyed in Colorado is called Superior. Superiority is the same as Pride. Gay pride. Colorado Governor’s gay marriage in the same area only 14 weeks earlier. It seems that God is speaking to us loud and clear!

    It also seems to me that nobody should be proud of their sexuality. Not gay people and not even straight people. Both Jesus and Paul are very clear that celibacy is the superior state of being even if few people are capable of it. Only the Catholic Church teaches this idea however. The Protestant churches are intoxicated with their own marital sexual privileges. With things like romantic gospel cruises and marriage renewal getaways at ski resorts. The evangelical churches are hyper-sexualized and rub their privileges in the faces of people who are stuck in singlehood and made to feel inferior.

    If Protestant churches had sacred communities like monasteries and convents maybe people with homosexual or lesbian tendencies would be able to find loving communities without having to resort to degraded sexual practices. I have long thought that the Protestant world arrogantly dismissed these vocations. And bears heavy responsibility for the explosion of homosexual activism.

    • Troll: Mulga Mumblebrain
    • Replies: @emerging majority
  118. Alfred says:

    The Jews are so sensitive because the play is too close to reality. Like showing garlic to a vampire.

  119. @JM

    The ‘antisemitism’ industry that invents Judeophobia with such gusto, and sees Jew-hatred EVERYWHERE, is the greatest example of pathopsychological projection ever seen, I would say. Judaism is a cult of xenophobic hatred and group narcissism, and was always CERTAIN to produce a reactive, often defensive, reaction in the vast non-Judaic host communities, and, rather than keeping their heads down and ‘going along to get along’, Jewish groups have, over and over again, acted in ways that made many, often the majority, actively antipathetic to them, or indifferent to their fate. And in the face of this endlessly repeated experience, Jewish elites will only declare that the Jews are NEVER guilty, in any way, of contributing to the hatred, and that it is ALWAYS the goyim who bear TOTAL responsibility for the often hideous consequences. In other words, the Jews are beset by a group psychosis, that shows NO signs of loosening its grip, and, in fact, is growing ever more virulent.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  120. @Anon

    To quote Shakespeare: “Methinks Thou doth protest too much”. Internalized repression syndrome, actually quite common in Neo-Victorian devolutionary America. So be happy, you are normal…but unfortunately, uncomfortably numb.

  121. @Arthur MacBride

    Awesome link! Thanks a lot. Everyone should read it:
    Arnold Leese trial transcript (Jewish Ritual Murder)

  122. @Petermx

    Is “shyster” an antisemitic word?

  123. @Anon

    Ridiculous! Once bitten, twice shy.

  124. @Mulga Mumblebrain

    Actually, the last few weeks have seen an even more than usually crazed uptick in demented accusations of ‘antisemitism’ emanating from various Judeofascists, Zionazis and Talmudists.
    That perennial target, JK Rowling, has been denounced as an ‘antisemite’ for her portrayal of banksters in Harry Potter books. A Judaic actress in the UK has lamented that Helen Mirren, a goy, has portrayed the terrorist chieftainess, Golda Meir. Mirren cannot bring the proper ‘Jewishness’ to the role, so, of course, Jews will be reduced to playing Jews only in future. Methinks she did not reflect upon this position.
    And a Rabbi has left the BBC in a huff, or a minute and a huff, over an ‘antisemitic’ broadcast that dared say that a nassty incident between Jews and Moslems may not have been totally, 100%, the fault of the Islamic ‘two-legged animals’. He left proclaiming, ludicrously, with practised chutzpah, that the BBC is anti-Israel and pro-Palestine, a lie so grotesque that the father of The Big Lie, A.H, formerly of Germany, would be quite admiring.
    Furthermore, I just caught a delightful creature called Amy Wax, waxxing Streicher-like against Asians. In a neat illustration of my thesis that Judeofascists are leading the anti-Asian, and Sinophobic in particular, jihad in the USA and the West, the delectable Wax declared ‘..that the United States is better off with fewer Asians..’ and she called for race-based restrictions on Asian immigration.
    Then followed some persiflage in the segment about Asians being discriminated against in admission to Ivy League college because of bias favouring Blacks and minorities, when, in fact, the discrimination, at admission board level, is overwhelmingly towards Jews. I rather get the impression that the Judeofascists and Zionazis are getting more than a little fearful that their great triumph in taking over the West, and the Five Eyes in particular, is in danger of crumbling, and, then what? And mass hysteria is all the rage, so the world champions of group histrionics must feel the need to defend their title.

    • Replies: @traducteur
  125. @mulga mumblebrain

    Not only J.K. Rowling herself, but the actress who plays one of her characters, Emma Watson (the incarnation of Hermione Granger), has recently been smeared as “antisemitic” as well. I suspect you are right: the tide is turning, and the Judeofascists (I don’t use the term “Zionazis, it’s unfair to the original National Socialists) are doubling down precisely because they are beginning to feel desperate.

  126. jsigur says:

    “The forged/plagiarized Protocols of the Elders of Zion famously put Jews in charge of everything”,
    I can’t let this statement stand as is for what is done here, as well as done anytime a mention of the protocols is made, by a Jewish commenter, is state as if fact that “The Protocols of Zion” have been proved faked and or forged.By doing this over and over with no challenge, they actually recruit what otherwise might be their enemy into regurgitating this claimed fact as actual fact simply because they hear it over and over again unchallenged. This is how you win propaganda wars.
    Jews know there is no penalty to be had from making this assertion as if it was a fact. What we do know about the protocols is that they accurately describe and predict Jewish modus operandi and as far as whether or not real or unreal, all we have for “proof” on that score is a Jewish 20 year campaign to sell the idea of their fabrication that culminated in a show trial in the 30’s where all the advantages were given to the Jewish side.
    This trial is what Jews point to when they make their grand assertion as to protocol authenticity (always forgetting to mention that the results of that trial were overturned two years later by a higher court) As if society should grant into the hands of but a few elitist deciders such a pronouncement.
    Sadly, and an example why Jews continue to win and everyone else continues to lose, we do not offer a defense when Jews do this but allow their assertion to stand unchallenged. A huge reason for this is the willingness for Jews to lie if it accomplishes an objective while the goyim needs to feel like they have truth irrefutably on their side for them to act or react

    • Replies: @Nicholas Stix
  127. @bjondo

    “‘Kirk Douglas’ is a Yid hiding.”

    Kirk Douglas never hid the fact that he was a Jew. Then again, what would you care about facts?

    • Replies: @bjondo
  128. @jsigur

    Look at the liar in the mirror.

  129. bjondo says:
    @Nicholas Stix

    Kirk Douglas never hid the fact that he was a Jew.

    Of course he didn’t.
    “K. Douglas” shouts “Yid”.


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