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The Summer of Monumental Madness
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Decades from now experts will surely debate today’s Summer of Monumental Hysteria. After all, by all objective criteria—assuming, of course, that anything can be objective if it involves race—it should not have happened. How many Americans really can correctly identify Robert E. Lee, let alone Roger B. Taney? (According to one recent survey, half the American public did not know when the Civil War happened.) Do racially sensitive African Americans even notice the names on these statues or plaques when they encountered them? Why now since most of these offense-giving inanimate objects have existed for decades?

Most critically, is there any evidence to suggest that the very existence of a park or a school horning a Confederate dignitary has adversely affected anybody, regardless of race in the slightest way? Do black children enrolled in J.E.B. Stewart Middle School under-perform academically compared to those attending the Malcolm X Academy? Does the Jefferson Memorial emit a dangerous racial version of Radon? Can visitors be “protected” by having a warning: Be advised that Jefferson once owned slaves so proceed at one’s own risk.” Tellingly, nobody is even interested in an evidence-based argument regarding this toxicity.”Everybody knows” that anything about the Confederacy is hateful and all hatefulness has to be exorcised from American life since hate, like asbestos and tobacco, is bad. At least leftish professors don’t have to invent “studies” to make this point.

Some explanations for this sudden and unexpected hysteria immediately come to mind. There are countless organizations skilled at turning almost any event into a fund-raiser while those obsessed with bashing President Trump will find any excuse to condemn him. And let’s not forget all those who enjoy cheap moral highs by marching against hate and bigotry even if the source of the “hate” is a coffee mug decorated with the stars and bars.

All correct, I’m sure, but let me add a less obvious but ultimately more important hypothesis: the sudden hysteria is a result of decades of pent up exasperation over failure at achieving racial equality. In a nutshell, for at least a half-century, perhaps longer, America has struggled with its “race problem” and while proposed solutions exceed dozens, and expenditures in the trillions, progress has been scant. In fact, on at least some indicators, for example, illegitimacy and crime, race-related matters where better off in the 1950s. Not even electing a black President has cured America’s race strife despite all the assurances that Obama would be a “post-racial” President that would, once and for all, bring everybody together. What we have gotten for all our efforts is Black Lives Matter and yet even more black condemnation of whites.

This accumulated frustration can be likened to a situation where a patient with a grim prognosis grows ever more desperate as one standard treatment after the next fails to reverse the illness. These frantic patients often gravitate to quacks despite the low odds of a cure. Nevertheless, the very act of visiting a faith healer or drinking a magical herbal concoction outshines passivity. And who knows, the world abounds with testimonials to quack cures and “doing something” calms the despair.

Think of the Monumental Madness as social engineering quackery—it probably will accomplish little if anything but it feels better than doing nothing. What encourages this desperate quest for today’s “miracle” is that so many past solutions, at least according to all the learned experts, were “guaranteed” to perform as advertised and all failed. Recall when the surefire cure was improved education—ending segregation, equalizing school expenditures, hiring more black teachers and administrators, altering textbooks to make it more relevant to black youngsters, intensive pre-school (Head Start, Sesame Street) and, more recently, eradicating unconscious teacher bias and no longer disproportionately disciplining blacks. We’ve had Bush’s No Child Left Behind and Obama’s Race to the Top and countless other expensive remedies.

A similar guaranteed cure was political empowerment, that is, the Department of Justice would ensure that blacks would live in cities run by black elected officials and self-government would cure everything from crime to joblessness. The upshot, of course, have been urban disasters like Detroit and Selma, AL. And let’s not forget tough anti-discrimination laws that would ban employers from using racist job descriptions, and affirmative action programs that would temporarily give a leg up to those who began the race a few steps behind.

All and all, genuine successes are rare, typically only cosmetic, and if there were a Museum of Failed Cures for America’s Racial Problems, it would be the size of Washington’s Smithsonian.

In other words, by the summer of 2017, the frustration over repeated failures plus the lack of any more “guaranteed” solutions on the agenda had created a perfect setting for quackery. Now, as with all serious but likely intractable problems, the marketplace supplies something to meet these needs, and to continue our parallel with those suffering from incurable cancer, taking down statutes of Confederate soldiers or re-naming buildings is the equivalent of using Laetrile among countless other bogus cures. Yes, there is no scientific evidence that past crusade against “hate” has even helped African Americans, but given the sorry record of past efforts, why not give it a try? Hard to resist anything that feels so good.


What has permitted this quackery to explode is that Confederate statutes and similar hateful objects are everywhere and the cost of exorcizing the evil spirits is trivial vis-a-vis past solutions. Just compare the difficulties of purging racism from a police department with scrutinizing at a city map to find streets named after slave-owners and demanding that they be re-named. The especially good news is that this quest can be life-time employment. In 2016 the Southern Poverty Law Center estimates that there were some 700 Confederate statutes and monuments on public property and who knows how many schools, streets and cemetery markers similarly radiate hate (Wall Street Journal, August 22, 2017, A3). Further add 10 Army bases names after Confederate generals. So much hate, so little time.

This is vigilante justice and everyone, regardless of training or brains, can anoint themselves as soldiers to overcome racial inequality and win a Participation Trophy. Be a hero; just find a statute of Stonewall Jackson hidden in storage room.

The cost of this hysteria far exceeds upsetting those who cherish the Confederate legacy. Yet again the public debate will carefully dodge that Truth That Dare Not Speak Its Name: racial equality is impossible, and its quest can only generate yet more Noble Lies and, worst of all, increasingly totalitarian measures that accomplish nothing other than needlessly expand government power. But then again, perhaps this is what today’s madness is all about—far easier to rave and rant about Robert E. Lee than confront a very unpleasant reality. By that standard, tearing down statutes and re-naming schools is a great investment for those intent on keeping the racial peace.

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  1. MarkinLA says:

    I am not so sure. Those on the left are willfully ignorant of the lack of success or the efforts made to close the gap. Because of that, I doubt they can have a feeling of frustration that progress is not being made. I think they actually do think progress is being made because they want to believe that a degree in black studies is worth something so blacks not getting hired with one is a blatant case of racism. I suspect that many are going to these demonstrations for the same reason a lot of guys went to anti-war demonstrations in the 60s – hoping to get laid.

    I don’t think a mainframe computer has registers big enough to hold the number of times that I have responded to some millennial’s claim that “the dumbest people in the world vote Republican” by pointing out that the most stupid and poorly educated people in the US are actually inner city blacks and Hispanics who vote >95% for Democrats. All they can do is respond is that it can’t be true because I am a racist.

    • Agree: SMK
    • Replies: @SMK
  2. wayfarer says:

    Although an Advocate of Human Slavery and a Wealthy Owner of Countless African Slaves, David Levy Yulee’s Civil War Monument, Miraculously Dodges the Liberal Left’s Lynching.

    Please Move Along People, No Double Standards to See Here!

    • Replies: @jacques sheete
    , @Wally
  3. When will BLM and other radicals demand a statue to honor John Brown? Of all the characters in our history, he should be their hero, but he was white! The US Navy even named a ship after the battle where US Marines (led by Robert E. Lee) crushed his violent attempt to end slavery, and executed Brown.

    Since most black American have never heard of him, they should read this link:

    Slavery existed for thousands of years and did not end because blacks rebelled. It ended because good whites ended it.

  4. Occam’s Razor suggests a simpler explanation: After the election of a black President, and the election of a white President, who is doing nothing to roll back racial favoritism for blacks, blacks now feel that they can move to a highly visible form of white dispossession. They feel they’re on top and they want to rub whitey’s nose in it.

    Next step will be explicit white-to-black transfers under the guise of “reparations for slavery.”

    • Replies: @Ris_Eruwaedhiel
  5. The “suddenness and unexpectedness”, especially the violence, has had a big hand from Soros and the Clinton/DNC affiliates financing and organizing it.

  6. The desire to remove the Confederate statues seems to be related to the increasing numbers of white liberals from other states who are moving to southern cities.

    I don’t live in the US and I’m only going by what I’ve read in the media, but I get the impression that a lot of white liberals are moving to cities in the South because coastal cities like Boston, New York and Seattle are becoming too expensive.

  7. Anonymous [AKA "Itsalladream"] says:

    Statute? Or statue?

  8. Osten says:

    American folly and deception explode.
    Media fans flames of rage.
    Demagogues abound on political stage.
    Nobody wants to hear truth.
    Americans prefer an Ed Milliband to an Enoch Powell.
    Moynihan and Wirtz tried to tell truth to President Johnson.
    People were not ready for truth.
    They are still not ready for truth.
    Trump may try. He needs to troll media more and make them admit truths.
    So much is apparent from afar. Read international media instead of American media.

    • Replies: @SMK
  9. Yet again the public debate will carefully dodge that Truth That Dare Not Speak Its Name: racial equality is impossible, and its quest can only generate yet moreNoble Lies and, worst

    Racial equality is off topic here. Racial hatred worldwide and at home is caused by competition between groups having gone deeply personal. The onset of this malaise is, more often than not, heritage from a Colonial past. Very stubborn to address because of it personal aspect, it still can be lessened by reducing ongoing factors which inflame it.

  10. anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Looks like a recycling of the author’s last piece. But when someone lets me know that all of the typos have been corrected, I’ll resume reading this.

    • Replies: @Wally
    , @Ozymandias
    , @Anonymous
  11. >>>this quest can be life-time employment.

    This quote explains much of this

  12. @NoseytheDuke

    Please Move Along People, No Double Standards to See Here!

    Employment of double standards seem to be a key characteristic if the do-gooder crowd. This can be plainly seen, even by the most obtuse, in their accommodation of the likes of Lenin and Stalin vs the abuse dished to Hitler.

    Thanks for mentioning Yulee. I did a brief search and found that he not only was a politician,slave owner and “businessman,” but that he became the first Southerner to use state grants under the Florida Internal Improvement Act of 1855, passed to encourage the development of infrastructure. He made extensive use of the act to secure federal and state land grants “as a basis of credit” to acquire land and build railroad networks, on the back of slave labor …

    I’m going to do some research on this cat. I bet he was a huge advocate of “free enterprise” too, as long as he could avail himself of special privileges granted by the government and as long as he was free to use slave labor. Oh, that, and he also

    “subsquently adopted a Christian lifestyle by raising his children as Christians…”

    What an all around “hero.” 😉

  13. @wayfarer

    Ooops! My comment was meant for you, not NtD!

    • Replies: @wayfarer
  14. @Diversity Heretic

    There is no other group of people on the face of the Earth who walk around with their hands stuck out in expectation of a perpetual handout than blacks. Crime, corruption, welfare, slacking off at work, something for nothing.

    The demands will never be satiated, will never end.

  15. @unpc downunder

    I know of individuals who plan to move to the South after retirement. One reason is the cost of living is lower.

  16. @Carlton Meyer

    They named a ship after the TOWN of Harper’s Ferry, WV. There was an army supply base and an ironworks there, where rifles and bullets were once manufactured, among other things, I’m sure. The Burton Bullet, what most people call Minie Balls, but which were actually an improvement on them, were developed there. The works were liberated by Stonewall Jackson early in the WBTS, and used to make the Richmond Rifle in the Tredegar Iron Works, in Richmond, VA.

  17. Barbie says:

    Let’s just ignore the fact that none of this would have happened if not for the machinations of the jews. Statues are coming down in South Africa and all we have to do is look at every other White country to see that this is a war to destroy the West and jews are the engineers and White traitors are along for the ride.

    The question is, what are we to do about it and when will we do it.

  18. All correct, I’m sure, but let me add a less obvious but ultimately more important hypothesis: the sudden hysteria is a result of decades of pent up exasperation over failure at achieving racial equality.

    I think this is exactly it. It’s like when a married couple gets into a big argument over some little thing around the house – it’s always really about something else. And it’s never an isolated incident – it’s always an accumulation of resentment, not feeling appreciated, etc.

    Blacks wouldn’t feel so slighted by a Confederate monument if they weren’t already feeling so disrespected, that they are seen as inferior, they have all the menial jobs and live in the worst neighborhoods, that white people don’t want to be around them, etc.

    But white people working ever harder to be extra nice to blacks won’t work either, and the niceness will just be seen as condescending and patronizing, because it is. The problem is that white people end up being humiliating to blacks just be existing. The races are different, and the contrast is plain to see everywhere all the time.

    Granted it’s primarily white liberals more than blacks who are the instigators of tearing down these monuments. But that’s just because white liberals feel bad for blacks given the realities, and also enjoy seeing themselves in the role of the heroes.

    The problem is that everyone has bought into the mid-20th-century Franz Boas anthropology hoax that there are no genetic differences between the races. The truth is getting out though, I think it’s happening right now – this might really be it. The establishment is obviously scared, hence the increasing attempts at censorship.

    Acknowledgement of this truth actually provides a way to understand and be more sympathetic to the Confederates and the segregationists and other white people throughout history. They weren’t evil – they thought the races were different, and they were right, and they were struggling with what to do about it.

    This doesn’t mean we need to agree with their conclusions – let’s not bring back slavery. But I think we all need to start thinking seriously about what comes next once the truth is acknowledged and how to treat blacks as fairly as possible.

    I’m hopeful that the solution will be just to stick to equality of individual opportunity and accept the unequal group outcomes, while trying to make society better for people on the low end of the IQ bell curve regardless of race. And if I’m feeling extra optimistic, maybe acknowledging the truth will actually dial down the hostility, because we won’t have to be thrashing around looking for scapegoats all the time to blame for the differences.

    • Replies: @John Smith.
  19. Detroit is to Soweto as [name your state(s)] is (are) to Bantustans.

  20. Joe Hide says:

    Your article immediately came under suspicion of bias due to Your ongoing comparisons to quackery. I’m old enough to remember a doctor saying, “What you eat has almost nothing to do with health.” …or The coach with the incredulous look on his face who asked my friends and I why we lifting weights, since we weren’t on a sports team. Or the ongoing media barrages against organic food. Or the decades long media blitz that said aspartame was healthy. It just goes on and on. So your references to “quackery, ” as a reference point severely demolished your otherwise good points. Instead of drugs, surgery, and “magic bullets” try making it a habit to daily exercise, eat little junk food, and use natural health services and lifestyles intelligently. If you already do, please remember that these were once portrayed by “experts” as “quackery”. Otherwise, I have to admit, you did make some good points with supporting evidence. So, I encourage you to keep writing, but with a different reference comparison point.

  21. SMK says: • Website

    Trump will never tell the truth about average black intelligence, pandemic black criminality, horrendous black-on-white violence and predation, etc., assuming he even knows the truth about average negro IQ and its relation to crime and violence and school performance and much else. And he won’t even try to end “affirmative action,” especially for blacks, i.e, quotas, ‘set-asides,” double standards, preferential treatment, the systemic coddling of black criminals, massive non-white legal immigration. And doing any of this would intensify his demonization, already unprecedented, by the ruling-elites and governing-classes, left and right and center, and result in his impeachment, surely rather than probably.

  22. Wally says:

    What typos?

    concerning Charlottesville:

    “We have been working on the ground and behind the scenes leading up to, during, and after the rally.”

    – Zionist Jew Anita Gray, regional director of the so called ‘Anti-Defamation League’.

    must read:

    • Replies: @anonymous
  23. Wally says:

    Jew slaver David Levy Yulee

    ‘African chiefs urged to apologise for slave trade’

    Nigerian civil rights group says tribal leaders’ ancestors sold people to slavers and should say sorry

    “African chiefs were the ones waging war on each other and capturing their own people and selling them. If anyone should apologise it should be the African chiefs. We still have those traitors here even today.”

    Black researcher, Dr. Tony Martin, let’s us know who the prime white sellers & owners of slaves really were, Jews.

    Dr. Tony Martin – The Jewish Role in the African Slave Trade

    “Prof. Martin was indeed correct when he said “75% of Jewish households owned slaves” or “more than twice as many Jews owned slaves as compared to whites (36%),” as these statistics were drawn from Ira Rosenwaike’s analysis that attempted to do an apples-to-apples comparison with Lee Soltow’s study, which focused on the 14 Southern slave states. It should be noted that it was these two Jewish scholars that decided to base their comparisons on the 14 Southern slave states and not Prof. Martin, who was merely relaying the results of these two studies.?”


    slave selling ads by Jews:

    • Replies: @wayfarer
  24. What you’re witnessing is: sixties retreads reliving their (in)glorious youth. They can’t demand civil rights for blacks, ending segregation or unsegregated schooling so the only windmills left for them to tilt at are statues of stone and bronze.

    Also, these people are a tiny minority of the population who are getting a disproportionate respect for their uncivilised attitudes. They can speak, but they cannot act on their beliefs.

  25. norm741 says:

    Our CULTURAL Revolution by our red guard ANTIFA and promoted by the MSM

  26. anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    For starters, there are three typos in the first paragraph:

    “surly” (surely)
    “along” (alone)
    “statutes” (statues)

    This makes me even less inclined to read the author’s previously expressed views on race recast in bronze.

    • Replies: @Wally
  27. wayfarer says:
    @jacques sheete

    “The real Art of Peace is not to sacrifice a single one of your warriors to defeat an enemy. Vanquish your foes by always keeping yourself in a safe and unassailable position; then no one will suffer any losses. The Way of a Warrior, the Art of Politics, is to stop trouble before it starts. It consists in defeating your adversaries spiritually by making them realize the folly of their actions. The Way of a Warrior is to establish harmony.” – Morihei Ueshiba

    You may appreciate the selfless work of these “false flag busters!”

  28. I don’t believe in a natural rise of “sudden hysteria” due to the failure of “racial” equality.

    Sudden hysteria, like the sudden rise of “anti-Semitism” reflected in the hundreds of threatening calls to Jewish Community Centers and schools, was not really a rise in hate but rather a money making scheme. An Israeli, Michael Kadar, made almost all of those calls using sophisticated equipment to hide his identity. He charged \$30 for an email bomb threat to a school, plus a \$15 surcharge if the buyer wanted to frame someone for it. The investigation found that this 18-year old had \$50,000 in Bitcoins.

    The “sudden hysteria” regarding the rise of white supremacists is equally manufactured by a Democrat Mayor and a Democrat presidential wannabe governor of Virginia. The violence in Charlottesville was easily preventable, as have hundreds of similar demonstrations in the U.S. over the years. Instead of putting a large contingent of police between the right wing demonstrators who had a permit and the equally violent counter-demonstrators who did not have a permit the police purposely sat on their hands and did nothing until the event successfully turned violent. Michael Signer, Terry McAuliffe and the Democrat party succeeded in creating a useful political diversion since the Russia-gate nonsense was fading and their “Better Deal” was DOA. It was a choreographed event, nothing more.

    I’m sure the “sudden hysteria” over statues and monuments is also not some natural result of decades of racial inequality. A look “behind the curtain” will also reveal special interests vying for political advantage by inflaming a segment of the public.

    • Replies: @Backwoods Bob
  29. SMK says: • Website

    “Decades from now experts will surely debate today’s summer of Monumental Hysteria.” Decades from now almost all of the “experts” will be non-whites, with blacks supreme, and their white leftist sycophants, the white-hating zealots culpable for “today’s summer of Monumental Hysteria.” The lunacy of today will be eternal and systemic and totalitarian, and those who criticize and disagree with the “experts” will be convicted of “hate speech” and sentenced to jails and prisons.

  30. Don Bacon says:

    One factor is that dumping on Southerners is great Yankee sport, and a natural outcome for the winners of a war.

  31. I am getting a little concerned by the comments being made in the articles at Unz.

    The other day an article appeared describing the collisions in the US Navy in the past year. Practically to a person the comments primarily blamed women and other minorities on board these ships for these disastrous events. Considering that it takes a rather limited number of ship’s personnel to monitor the encroachment of another ship into the path their own ship, to hold accountable all female and minority sailors to account instead of general incompetence, which is a direct result of the ongoing politicization of US military leaders is somewhat of a stretch.

    Besides, US Forces historically have in general never been more than mediocre also as a result of poor leadership and the lack of appropriate resourcing.

    Now in this article the claim is that the African Community is a bunch of lazy whiners for causing the catalyst to bring down Confederate monuments and other such public memorabilia, when in fact it is the white factions of the Left that have done more to promote such endeavors than anyone else.

    These two article combined together appear to gather a compendium of commenters who neither understand the terrible, disastrous effects of Cultural Marxism that is today in the guise of “identity politics”, which is an outgrowth of “political correctness”, or the fact they themselves are promoting the same terrible constructs as the people who they claim are responsible for the disarray in our public domains.

    To understand this better it is necessary to dig into the actual histories of the United States, which is often papered over with a veneer of “feel good nonsense” in the guise of popular histories. If you do this you will find that the US was never a great nation, though its perception to being so made it appear to be simply on the basis of material inventiveness. On the other hand the US has always been about race baiting, minority and labor oppression, along with the ongoing deprivations of war all of it being wars of choice, which began with the American Revolution itself.

    I would suggest that many of you get a grip and begin studying real history instead of promoting the idea that some how this great nation of ours is going to the dogs. The dogs have always been running this zoo and it is not going to get any better until people begin to have a better understanding of their own pasts. It really isn’t all that difficult but too many Americans like to coddle themselves with mainstream media feel-good superiority and political exceptionalism. This has made the majority of Americans literally too stupid for words who would rather spend their days ensconced in front of their television sets eating crap instead of reading good books that would quickly change their points of view.

    • Disagree: Dan Hayes
    • Replies: @MarkinLA
  32. @Chet Roman

    Well done, Chet.

    I tried to compose something similar but just quipped that the funding from Soros and the Clinton axis is what brought on the paid organized violence.

    They came off charcoal grey buses tightly packed, in what amounted to armored personnel carriers. Out poured light-armor clad squadrons with cement-filled beverage containers, urine and fecal “grenades”, etc. Can you imagine? This being organized, paid for, trained for, by a foreign billionaire and other interests inimical to ours?

    Were I to throw one cement-filled bottle at someone in my town, police cars would swarm me and I would have a boot on my neck.

    It has been alleged the cops actually blocked people from escaping when the phalanx of buses arrived. Old people, women, children, and bystanders in restaurants and shops were allegedly held back from fleeing by police lines.

    I watched the 60’s unfold and this is far more dangerous. It isn’t people rising up against a war, and demonstrations for civil rights: it is a hideous amalgam of foreign billions, corrupt and blackmailed domestic federal politicians, the paid CIA shills in media, and the deep state spy apparatus/military-industrial-security complex.

    Orchestrating these television productions to shape the narrative. They have their martial law plan all ready for when the plebs have been made ready.

  33. Maybe we can pretend that all the Dead White Males were homo.

    It’d be ‘homophobic’ to tear down the monuments.

    Meanwhile, more ‘memes’.

    • Replies: @Delinquent Snail
  34. Today’s Maoists, regardless of their origins, have rejected the Enlightenment. They have rejected everything European. Everything white. They have rejected reason itself.

    It goes way beyond the Civil Rights Movement which admittedly should have stopped at voting rights and equal protection. African Americans went from sub equal to supra equal. They have never enjoyed actual equal protection under the law. But then today, justice is for sale. The law protects its own and the rich only.

    In any case the Maoists are predominantly Jews and self hating whites. They are dangerous because they occupy positions of power. Re-education camps (we already have the infrastructure) will be our future if the Maoists are not somehow neutralized.

  35. MarkinLA says:
    @Steve Naidamast

    These two article combined together appear to gather a compendium of commenters who neither understand the terrible, disastrous effects of Cultural Marxism that is today in the guise of “identity politics”, which is an outgrowth of “political correctness”, or the fact they themselves are promoting the same terrible constructs as the people who they claim are responsible for the disarray in our public domains.

    Bullshit, we know perfectly well about identity politics and are sick of having it shoved down our throats where we are always the villain. Somehow it as bad that whites are suddenly becoming aware and organizing is a reaction to the government doing nothing but expanding identity politics.

    Mr. Genius, what exactly are whites supposed to do in this case?

  36. Right about attending rallies to get laid. That’s what got me into left-wing politics in the early 60s. Worked but just barely.

  37. Joe Sweet says:
    @unpc downunder

    That’s an astute observation. Now that you mention it there’s been plenty of hipster buzz to any number of southern cities for years now: Austin, Atlanta, Ashville come quickly to mind. Also the retro cool Nashville and Memphis (New Orleans too?) probably have plenty of hipsters. Then there’s all the colleges down there no doubt teeming with Yankees with liberal arts degrees getting paid starvation wages to foment the bolshevik revolution 2.0.

    Yes. I think there’s something to to your hypothesis.

  38. CCZ says:

    Even a former “new leftist” SDS leader would, by 1993, acknowledge the victim-hood, narcissistic destructiveness, and even fascism of identity politics:

    Movements that seek to represent underrepresented people too often harden into self-seeking. The result is balkanization fueled by a narcissism of small differences, each group claiming the high ground of principle, squandering moral energy in behalf of what has come to be called “identity politics” – in which the principal purpose of organizing is to express a distinct social identity rather than achieve the collective good. In this radical extension of the politics of the late Sixties, difference and victimization are prized, ranked against the victimization of other groups. We crown our good with victim-hood. While conservatives claim to speak in the name of a majority, the standard-bearers of identity politics cultivate their own marginality, practicing a separatism that incapacitates them for alliances and collective improvements. When African-American nationalists single out Korean storekeepers or Jewish academics for their antagonism, racial purism veers toward fascism.

    Todd Gitlin, The Sixties: Years of Hope, Days of Rage, 1993

    The result, a new sad national anthem:

    “And crown thy good with victim-hood, From sea to shining sea!”

  39. annamaria says:

    An excellent summary on the Charlottesville’ debacle. The article makes it clear that the mayor of Charlottesville, Signer, must be investigated:
    “According to a contact of mine, some policemen unofficially admitted to be under order to stand down. Hearsay is not judicial evidence. But in the following video,”
    we can see a typical American big boy, with a confederate flag, militarily saluting the statue of General Lee, being surrounded and insulted by several liberaloid demonstrators. While the police is escorting him away, you can hear him saying, “I want to honor my ancestors – and let it be known that we did NOT fight to maintain slavery and oppression.” The more interesting part of the video is at the end, when a policeman says to a demonstrator who continues to insult the big boy up to the door of the car, “You wish to have repeated what happened last Saturday. You should be ashamed of yourself.” Which gives credibility to the declaration by the policeman the previous Saturday (to have received orders from above to stand down).”
    “Michael Signer is the current mayor of Charlottesville, Virginia… He is a Virginia Democratic Party activist and former candidate for lieutenant governor. A lecturer at the University of Virginia, he has worked for the Center for American Progress and with John Podesta on Barack Obama’s State Department Transition Team… Signer, who is Jewish, lives in Charlottesville….”

  40. In America, it comes to down to Official Hate, Protected Hate, Mandatory Hate, Monetized Hate, Incentivized Hate, and Encouraged Hate versus Patriotic Hatred against Globalist Imperialists.

    Globalist Hate is part of Official Hate. It is indeed Mandatory Hate as all of us must support all these crazy wars around the world. We can’t say NO.

    Black Hate is part of Monetized Hate as vile rappers are given mega-million dollar contracts to spew hatred against the white race.

    Illegal Hate is part of Protected Hate as ‘sanctuary cities’ or Sneakeasys protect those who hate Rule of Law and disrespect American Borders.

    Homo Hate is Encouraged Hate. Homomania is encouraged and promoted as new religion. It hates normality, decency, and truth.

  41. @anonymous

    “when someone lets me know that all of the typos have been corrected, I’ll resume reading this.”

    So, when everything is to your liking we should send a notice to “anonymous”?

    • Replies: @anonymous
  42. Wally says:

    IOW, your making an excuse to ignore the points made.

    • Replies: @anonymous
  43. @Loveofknowledge

    Blacks wouldn’t feel so slighted by a Confederate monument if they weren’t already feeling so disrespected

    Black’s wouldn’t be so disrespected if they did not walk through life rejecting every single ounce of responsibility for their own actions.

    You see all those shit hole ghettos, they were built by white people and maintained by white people for decades. They were places to be proud off only for them to be wrecked by blacks who thinks and acts like animals. The smallest issue is always cause for a riot, murder is a way of life and committing so much crime every business flee is the standard of black culture.

    To expect anything but sub human behaviour and victim blaming from blacks is a fools game.

  44. anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    No, just another REPLY.

    But I see that someone has now edited the article, or at least its first paragraph.

  45. anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Your wrong.

    • LOL: Delinquent Snail
    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @NoseytheDuke
  46. Lara says:

    Now that you point it out, I do think the lack of progress in racial equality is probably the biggest motivating factor for bringing down these statues. I think hatred of white southerners is a much less of a factor. I have a relative who has been advocating for the removal of Confederate statues on social media. I don’t get the impression he really cares about the issue. It seems as if he is just trying to show off (he thinks highly of his intelligence) and is looking to break up the monotony of his life. Most people are ignoring his posts.

  47. @Carlton Meyer

    Slavery existed for thousands of years and did not end because blacks rebelled. It ended because good whites ended it.

    Not only that, they were Christian good whites and were acting with professedly Christian motivations.

  48. I figure pop culture has something to do with this.

    There was a time when one’s main identity was with history and heritage.

    But pop culture beamed into every TV makes one identify mainly with the Moment and the Hip.

    So, there is no respect for history.. unless it’s been Djangoed into pop culture tropes.

    China had the Cultural Revolution.

    We have the Pop Cultural Revolution. It is ruinous of souls.

  49. Anonymous [AKA "Here_is_one_egregious_typo"] says:

    “J.E.B. Stewart Middle School” is most likely named after J.E.B. Stuart, if someone is trying to rename it.

  50. Anonymous [AKA "Ironic_typo_noticed"] says:

    That’s funny, in a thread about typos: “Your wrong”…YOU’RE wrong!

  51. One odd thing in our political culture is the notion of ‘fluid’.

    Some elements are fluid, some are fixed or solid. It’s like water is fluid while iron is solid, at least under certain conditions.

    For some strange reason, our political culture affixes fluidity to what is fixed and fixed-ness on what is fluid.

    Consider sex, now confused by the term ‘gender’. It is said to be ‘fluid’ when virtually all people have a fixed sex. Even homo men are men and lesbians are women. Only hermaphrodites could be said to be both, but then, they are fixed in their own herma state. Trannies, a small percentage of the population, are said to be physically of one sex but mentally of another sex. Instead of trying to mold the mind to the born-sex, trannies try to mold the body to fit the mind, often delusional. Also, even if we were to accept that trannies are ‘fluid’, why should we say ALL of sex/gender is ‘fluid’ because of that tiny percentage? It’s like saying… just because 2% of Americans love Israel, ALL Americans must also feel likewise. (Tranny stuff seems gaseous than fluid. It is so much a figment of imagination.)

    Anyway, sex is fixed. It is not fluid as PC says.

    In contrast, victimhood is fluid, conditional, and varied. It is not fixed, permanent, or applicable to all within a certain group. A people who are victims can later become victors. Germanic barbarians, once conquered and victimized by Romans, were later victors and destroyers of Rome. Mongols were once lords over China and Russia. Now, they are squeezed between two giants, powerless and dependent. Also, just because a people are victimized in one part of the world doesn’t mean that this victim status applies to all people within that group. So, if European Jews suffered terribly during WWII, it doesn’t apply to Jews in Middle East or America. Likewise, what Japanese suffered in Hiroshima and Nagasaki cannot be claimed by Japanese Americans whose victimization was relatively mild with ‘internment’ camps.

    Italians who were imperialists under Mussolini became a defeated and docile populace.
    So, there are no permanent victors or victims in history. It’s like the Romans were crushed in the West but continued to crush others in the Eastern Empire that survived. And while Russian Europeans were under Mongol oppression, other whites were not under such rule. So, it would be foolish to say ALL Europeans were victims of Mongols.

    So, victimhood is not a permanent condition or fixed status. Brits were once lords over Indians, but India and UK today are different nations. If anything, UK is now being colonized and under PC tyranny while India continues to grow as a world power.
    Same in boxing. Championship is not permanent. If you beat the champion and become new champion, you are the champion. But if another beats you, you are no longer champion but, at best, a contender. A king can become a slave, and a slave can become a king. Hitler, Stalin, and Mao all had humble beginnings. The Kaiser of Germany was a ZERO after WWI. Hirohito was reduced to saying ‘Aso’ after WWII.

    And yet, unlike sex/gender(which is really fixed), victimhood has become institutionalized, especially via narrative monopoly and ‘sacralization’, into a permanent status for certain key groups. And if we must have Permanent, Fixed, or Eternal Victims, we also need Permanent, Fixed, and Eternal Villains, the Oppressors.
    Take Jews. European Jews faced dire straits in WWII. But this didn’t apply to Middle Eastern Jews and American Jews. But ALL Jews are seen as the Holocaust People. Also, never mind how much the Jewish community and power has changed over the yrs. We now have people like Peter Brainfart boasting of how their tribe replaced the white gentiles as the ruling elites of America.

    Yet, Jews are permanently sealed in Eternal Victim Status. So, never mind Sheldon Adelson uses his stooges to ensure American support of Israeli apartheid policies in West Bank. He is part of the ‘Forever Victim People’. And even his whores and puppets who grovel at his feet must pretend as though they must do everything to protect weak helpless Jews from Palestinian Nazis.

    This eternalization of victimhood may have begun with Christianity. Jesus spread the cult of ‘meek inheriting the earth’. So, even as Christians became rich and powerful and crushed pagans and invaded others, they always acted like children of Jesus of the ‘turn the other cheek’ school.

    And we see this all around, with so many groups trying to permanently seal their status as holy victims. So, we have Chinese bringing up Opium Wars and Nanking over and over. Now, there’s nothing wrong with Chinese remembering their history and keeping the memory of past tragedies alive. But the condition and status of Chinese today is NOT what it was in the 19th century or during WWII. For China to deal with current Japan by using WWII as moral context is ludicrous. It’s like Jews needling Europe with Holocaust talk over and over and over. So, even when Jewish globalists push something totally immoral like Afro-Islamic invasion of Europe, they say stuff like, “We poor suffering Jews remember the Holocaust and side with poor refugees against European ‘nazi’ xenophobes.” And relations between Poland and Russia and between South Korea and Japan are in sour state because Poland and South Korea seek permanent-victims-status vis-a-vis the other nations when so much has changed since WWII and end of Cold War.

    And consider blacks. Blacks used to be victims of slavery and segregation. But esp since the 60s, the naturally tougher and more aggressive blacks have been using street-imperialism against whites. Blacks routinely kick white butt, rape white women, and conquer white wombs. White manhood has totally wilted and turned cucky in relation to the Negro. At the social level, blacks are now oppressors of whites(at least those who can’t afford to move to nice low-crime areas). But PC has locked blacks into Permanent Victim Status. The Holy Negro of Slavery, Jim Crow, and Civil Rights. Never mind blacks have been about biological slavery over weaker whites, Knoxville Massacre, and Unruly Fights.

    Because of Victim-Tattooing, some groups can play victim forever…or at least under the System with the PC narrative holds out. And if some groups get permanent tattoos as victims, others are branded or scarred as Eternal Villains. So, even when white patriots at Charlottesville call for White Independence, Sovereignty, and Autonomy from the Globalist Empire, they are called ‘nazis’. It’s all the funnier since Alt Right has little money and no control of Hollywood, Wall Street, Las Vegas, Silicon Valley, Pentagon, Ivy League, and etc. It is a movement of the powerless who seek independence from Globalist Empire, but they are branded as ‘nazis’ while the war-mongering Globalists pretend to be fighting ‘hitler’.

    Sex/gender is fixed but said to be ‘fluid’. Victimhood is fluid but said to be fixed and eternal.
    Because victim status lends moral superiority, it is a useful shield, especially for the powerful.
    A people who are weak, hopeless, and deemed ‘victim’ are little more than objects of pity… like American Indians. But a people, like the Jews, who can gain great power, need victim-shield to stave off criticism of their power by accusing critics of ‘antisemitism’. After all, if Jews are permanently a Holocaust People no matter how powerful they become, their critics are forever ‘nazis’.
    Likewise, blacks have gained a lot of thug power and terrorize much of America. And they love rioting, looting, hollering, and walloping. To justify their happy thuggery in streets, style, and pop culture, they play ‘permanent victim’ status and say ‘you be racist’ to any honest critic. They act like Mike Tyson but wear a MLK mask. (To be sure, even MLK was a lowlife thug who howled like a baboon after knocking a woman unconscious.)
    Once a people’s victim status is sealed or set-in-stone, they have the license to oppress others and then denounce them if they resist. So, if Palestinians resist the Occupation or if white patriots say NO to globalism that targets them for ‘replacism’, they are both ‘nazis’.

    But this is an old trick. US was founded on the myth of the poor underdog rebelling against Tyrannical British Empire. So, whatever the US did later was for ‘democracy’, ‘liberty’ and ‘individuality’ cuz everything the US does is ‘propositional’ based on the founding principles of rebelling against Tyranny.
    So, it could invade and crush nations but always pretend as though it’s fighting the American Revolutionary War all over again. (Never mind the actual war was less about Brits vs American rebels. It was between Brit Empire vs French Empire that won the war for the rebels.)

    It is no wonder that PC hates monuments especially. They are made of solid permanent material. So, in order for PC-favored victimhoods to gain Permanent Hegemony, any solid objects of perceived enemies must be de-permanentized.

  52. anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Nice! But did you miss the same one in Wally’s preceding comment, which I was having fun with?

  53. Maybe PC should now be considered a part of Paranormal.

    It’s about KKK ghosts and Nazi ghouls. The mindset of PC is like horror movies. And Antifa are like ‘good’ zombie army against the Nazi goblins.

    And the sheer hysteria.

    MOTHMAN PROPHECIES was based on hysteria in a small town.

  54. @anonymous

    If this is satire then you are a genius. I doubt it though.

    • Replies: @anonymous
  55. anonymous • Disclaimer says:


    Why the doubt, though? See #58, intended for #56. (I seem to have used the wrong REPLY button.)

  56. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Is there a left-wing ‘high command’ organising and directing these campaigns? I don’t think there is. Political activism is pretty chaotic now, due to the internet, with the supposed ‘leaders’ of these movements running after their ‘followers’ trying to keep up with their constantly changing obsessions and enthusiasms.

  57. @wayfarer

    Well thats fucked up. I had read that thousands of girls from Ukraine were sold into bondage during their “civil war”. Have any reports that arent 15 years old?

  58. @Priss Factor

    I hope they don’t do a fat princess. We dont need more people thinking being obese is ok and natural. It really isnt.

  59. Like I said, the gravest threat to the West is ACOWW or the Afro-Colonization of White Wombs.

  60. Anonymous [AKA "XRGRSF"] says:

    I don’t find the defeat, and destruction of the White race to be surprising, but I’m amazed at how easily it was accomplished. White culture, and history in American has effectively been destroyed in 50 years. Demographically the White race will be extinct in America in 75 years. I wish I could come back in 100 years to observe the disaster that the late great United States has become, and to piss on the grave of the last White man. I might have to wait somewhat longer for Europe, but not much.

    Whites in general have become classic examples of the three maxims of racial extinction:

    1. A race that has no history has no future.
    2. The fate of a defeated race is slavery, and death.
    3. A race that lacks the courage to survive will perish.

  61. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    The cowardice of white people is one of the great facts of our time. I don’t know the reason for it. I’ve seen it blamed on pollution, bad parenting, Jewish conspiracies. It may have multiple causes of course. Whatever the cause, it explains pretty much all of the craziness we see in modern western society. You see it everywhere, not just among ordinary people but among high ranking politicians, academics, even generals. A society can survive many disasters, but not the cowardice of its people.

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