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The SPLC State...And the Unprecedented Threat to Civil Liberties
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Published in the Social Contract Press, Spring 2018

The American Constitution utilizes checks and balances to prevent any one faction or person from controlling the State. Yet power over society is not exercised solely through government. Those who favor mass immigration and the abolition of American sovereignty project power from inside and outside the government simultaneously, leveraging law enforcement, the courts, financial institutions, and the media to their ends. And no single group does this better than the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), ostensibly a “Non-Governmental Organization” (NGO) but increasingly becoming a kind of proto-government unto itself.

The SPLC is so effective because it exercises power through multiple levels, each building on the other. Because of “hate crimes” legislation, the political ideology or affiliations of a criminal become highly relevant to any investigation. Though the FBI no longer lists the SPLC on its “resources” page, it continues to work with the organization to investigate hate crimes. It also trains local law enforcement in how to deal with “extremists” and “hate groups.” This begs the question of who constitutes these groups. This is where the SPLC’s “Intelligence Project” comes in, which, as the name implies, serves as a kind of domestic intelligence agency.

Political scientist George Michael noted the danger that this poses to civil liberties in Confronting Right-Wing Extremism and Terrorism in the USA:

The efforts of both NGOs and the government have done much to stymie the threat from the far right in America…. What are the implications of such cooperation between the government and NGOs in this area of public policy? First, it raises some civil liberties issues. For instance, some NGOs provide to law enforcement agencies, information on citizens and groups that they consider 00confrontextremist. However, the vast majority of extremist groups are usually law abiding; they just espouse unpopular opinions. Those that do otherwise risk organizational suicide because they are often closely monitored. What is more, many groups and individuals in the far right do not even publicly advocate revolutionary goals and ambitions. Organizations such as American Renaissance, the League of the South, and the Council of Conservative Citizens display characteristics that are not unlike analogous minority organizations that are concerned with identity politics. An obvious double-standard would seem to be present in this situation, whereby analogous left-wing and minority organizations do not face the same level of scrutiny by authorities…. [Routledge, 2003: 192-193].

The SPLC’s influence within law enforcement is magnified by how the organization’s reports of “hate groups” are dutifully reprinted by national outlets every year, despite the fact that many of these groups are either innocuous (such as the Family Research Council) or practically nonexistent. Many local papers also easily generate copy by simply referring to what “hate groups” exist in their area, thus inspiring local watchdog groups and Antifa to begin organizing against a threat which may not even exist.

The key to the SPLC’s strategy is linking “hate groups” to violence in the eyes of the public. Thus, the organization continually generates reports (repeated as gospel by the mainstream media) about violence “linked” to its political enemies. For example, “The Alt Right Is Killing People,” it declared in February 2018, using the 2014 “murderous rampage” against women and interracial couples by the mixed-race Elliot Rodger [right] as its questionable first example.

The SPLC’s claim that incidents of “harassment and intimidation” occurred after the 2016 election has been widely used to portray President Trump as a catalyst for racist terrorism. Yet none of these incidents were independently verified. Some were invented. Others were petty, not even close to constituting criminal action, like calling someone a name. However, given the clickbait media culture, by the time a fake hate crime is exposed, the story has spread too far for it to be effectively rebutted.

Name calling may be hurtful, but if the media take up one’s cause, a victim can make a career out of it. In contrast, being linked to a “hate group” is ruinous. Because it now has quasi-legal status, being labeled a “hate group” serves as justification for tech companies to deplatform or demonetize a group or individual linked to it. Again, the SPLC serves not just as an activist group, but as an authority determining who is and who is not permitted to operate a group or business. For example, the SPLC is now part of YouTube’s “Trusted Flaggers” program, a censorship board which polices the platform.

Platforms which do not expel the groups or individuals which the SPLC does not like are accused of “funding hate,” such as when the SPLC complained Paypal had been “obstinate” in allowing certain companies to use its services despite SPLC complaints. Paypal eventually caved after the Washington Post’s Caitlin Dewey joined the SPLC’s campaign. If the Department of Homeland Security had such influence, there would be public outrage. But because the SPLC is ostensibly an NGO, even libertarians go along with it.

More ominously, the SPLC is urging certain groups to be criminally prosecuted on political grounds. For example, former Homeland Security staffer Daryl Johnson authored the controversial 2009 report “Right-wing Extremism: Current Economic and Political Climate Fueling Resurgence in Radicalism and Recruitment,” which many conservatives argued portrayed them as equivalent to Islamic radicals. After a political firestorm, the report was withdrawn but Johnson now writes for the SPLC. He recently praised a proposed bill in Virginia specifically designed to prevent rallies such as last August’s “Unite The Right” by designating certain “hate groups” as “terrorist groups” if they contain people who have committed certain kinds of crimes. Under the bill, even associating with members of the group or providing aid would become an offense in itself, guilt by association enshrined in law.


If the law fails, extra-legal methods are used. The SPLC has a good cop/bad cop relationship with Antifa. Antifa or leftist vigilantes, who claim their violent actions are actually a form of self-defense, as “racists” are inherently violent and pose a threat to certain communities. The SPLC’s portrayal of certain groups as “hateful” or responsible for inspiring violence fits into this narrative. At the same time, the SPLC denies responsibility for the violent tactics of Antifa.

In an extraordinary exchange between Congressman Scott Perry and SPLC President and CEO Richard Cohen in November 2017, Perry pressed Cohen on why “Antifa or other anarchist groups that literally call for violence” were not included on the SPLC’s list, but groups such as the Family Research Council were. Cohen admitted the distinction was ideological and the SPLC disagrees with the means, not the end. “We condemn their tactics,” he said. “I’ve said so publicly and we do so always, but Antifa is not a group that vilifies people on the basis of race, ethnicity, religion, or the like.”

Of course, this is only true if one accepts the frame that the white race is a social construct, as Antifa are quite comfortable with attacking whites as such. Groups which mock Christianity in the most savage terms are also not on the SPLC’s list. However, groups which criticize radical Islam appear on the Southern Poverty Law Center’s “hate map,” with “Anti-Muslim” comprising an entire category. The SPLC claims hate groups are those which “attack or malign an entire class of people, typically for their immutable characteristics,” yet the double standard between criticizing Islam (which is a religion, not a race) and Christianity is remarkable.

The whole strategy of the SPLC is to link its political opponents to violence, or, failing that, of having “inspired” various attacks. For example, the SPLC called the Council of Conservative Citizens mass shooter Dylann Roof’s “gateway” into white nationalism. Roof’s only interaction with the group was reading its website and seeing crime statistics. Yet the SPLC also grants itself a pass in all but equivalent situations. In an astonishing act of chutzpah before Congress, Mr. Cohen denied the SPLC could be held responsible for Floyd Corkins’ 2012 attack on the Family Research Council, a target Corkins selected after seeing it on the “hate map.” In other words, the SPLC is exempt from the standards it applies to others.

“Sovereign is he who decides on the exception,” as Carl Schmitt begins his book Political Theology. As the beginning of President Trump’s term shows, the chief executive of the world’s sole superpower is not very powerful. He cannot enforce immigration laws, squash opposing media outlets, or ensnare political opponents in legal proceedings. Indeed, there’s not a leftist in the country who is afraid to curse the president to his face, or at least, to his Twitter account.

Yet the SPLC, by exercising power through the media, the economy, law enforcement, and the courts, can destroy a group or an individual by labeling them violent or linking them to violent outlaws. Like a tyrannical regime overseas, it links peaceful dissidents to violent terrorists and uses this as an excuse to shut down opposition. It can also make a person a target for Antifa violence, even while denying responsibility for it.

By exercising power and influence along multiple channels, the SPLC can more effectively direct policy, crush opponents, and exercise power than President Trump himself. In the American system as it exists today, the Southern Poverty Law Center is more than just an “NGO.” It’s a government unto itself.

(Republished from VDare by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Ideology • Tags: Censorship, Political Correctness, SPLC 
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  1. In my opinion it is all quite simple, there is a cultural war going on, as in the Netherlands.
    This war is fought out through all kinds of legalese.

    In the good old times, in the Republic of Holland, things were quite clear: protestants ran the country, cathlolics were second rate citizens.
    Not exacly discriminated, they could particpate in all kinds of social services, but leading positions were denied to them.
    This situation in fact still was the case around 1960.
    Then the leader of the catholic party had the audacity to let a government fall.
    Secularisation did the difference disappear, yet even now below the rivers, the catholic part, some contiunue to feel second rate citizens.

    We now have the beginning of war between the multi ethnic cities, Amsterdam and Rotterdam mainly, and the The Hague government.
    Especially Amsterdam disregards laws.
    The Hague does not seem to know what to do.
    The split runs through parties.

  2. James Kirkpatrick has written another brilliant and important article. But even Kirkpatrick pulls his punches.

    Yes, there are all sorts of insidious double-standards, outrageous defamations, and duplicitous canards perpetrated by the SPLC. This is part of their master-plan. But the problems and abuses are even broader than what Kirkpatrick describes.

    Why does Kirkpatrick avoid mentioning (yet again) the J-word in his otherwise perspicacious overview? The shoe fits, James. Please acknowledge the breadth of our quandary.

    After all, the SPLC is not only opposed to (white) ‘racism’ but famously protective of all things kosher, including Jewish/Zionist ‘solidarity’ as it steers and manages America’s pro-immigrant, multi-cultural’ (but non-racial!) wonderland. The SPLC’s galaxy of contradictions begins right there–and it never ends.

    The SPLC like to make a fuss about downtrodden African-Americans (the product of white ‘racism’) but this is a smokescreen. Jewish ambition and Jewish self-interest are what animates the SPLC’s anti-white mission. Thus the SPLC is fiercely intolerant of even just words which they declare ‘anti-Semitic’. Don’t you say that!

    Ironically, Israel’s destruction of entire Muslim nations never even registers on the SPLC’s global radar.

    Despite these outrages, Kirkpatrick can’t bring himself to even mention the J-word in his otherwise perspicacious overview.

    Nor does Kirkpatrick refer directly to the ubiquitous, multi-leveled taboos which permeate public discourse on all matters involving the chosen people. This topic is simply too hot for him to touch. But there it is all the same.

    Kirkpatrick does make one insightful though oblique reference to the tribe, noting that:

    “Groups which mock Christianity [Jews?] in the most savage terms are also not on the SPLC’s list. However, groups which criticize radical Islam appear on the Southern Poverty Law Center’s “hate map,” with “Anti-Muslim” comprising an entire category.”

    But what about the real elephant in the room, Mr. Kirkpatrick?

    What about ‘hate groups’ that dare to ‘mock’ Zionism (or the dominant Jewish narrative about WWII?)–not to mention Israel’s untouchable status in American culture?

    When will these coarse double-standards and devious speech taboos arouse your direct attention, Mr. Kirkpatrick?

    Is the time for action not now?

    Culture-wide distortions and unbreakable taboos involving ‘issues of concern’ to the Jewish community are what comprise America’s most radioactive Third Rail. Don’t touch! Don’t say!

    Indeed, just acknowledging the existence of America’s vast, nebulous, and super-effective ‘Zionist Lobby’ is Off Limits. But there it is all the same.

    Joe Sobran sagaciously observed that survival in public life requires that one fully recognize (and defer to) Jewish power and influence, but never openly refer to it. He called this phenomena “forced silence”.

    The SPLC is one (and just one) NGO among dozens of powerful, uncompromising, Zionist-friendly, crypto-kosher organizations which operate openly and aggressively within a constellation of interconnected, pro-Jewish PACs, committees, federations, think tanks, conferences, councils, networks and advocacy groups. This huge umbrella constitutes ‘The Lobby’.

    To call it ‘formidable’ is an understatement. And don’t forget Hollywood or Wall Street. They just might just play a supportive role, too.

    This moneyed and untouchable network has propelled extra-national Zionist concerns up into America’s cultural and political stratosphere.

    You may look. But you must not criticize.

    In all due respect, Mr. Kirkpatrick, it’s time you looked this demon in the eye.

  3. Russ says:

    True yesterday; true today; likely true tomorrow. One supposes that perhaps the best antidote to this festering cancer is to be found through directly attacking the SPLC via the courts, but that’s in the lawyers’ domain, where I’ve not the hip-waders to tread.

  4. Grotesque hypocracy, political sense amounting to cretinism & delusional myopia: there we have the SPLC – an abject example of self interested “will to power”.
    Like voting, they only exist because they have zero influence on the real exercise of power in the US.

  5. Allan says:
    @jilles dykstra

    The people of the Netherlands chose a Jew as their god while ignoring, or denying, the obvious fact that, through so doing, they assumed that Judaism is true. The resulting condition of the Dutch could never be stable.

    • Replies: @Swan Knight
    , @Jake
    , @Anonymous
  6. @mark green

    I hadn’t read your comment before writing mine.
    The Zionist element places everything in a different perspective.

  7. Swan Knight says: • Website

    Jesus roundly attacked the Jewish leaders of his day.

    • Replies: @Echoes of History
  8. Greg Bacon says: • Website

    The 1% and their bankster buddies strive to keep everyone else barking at each other, always stirring up trouble so that we never come together and start asking serious questions, like:

    1. Why do nations like the USA let their money be printed by the FED, which is owned by a collection of private banking families, some of whom live overseas?

    2. Why does this same banking gang print debt-based currency, when the USG could print debt-free currency?

    3. Why do Americans pay around 500 BILLION a year to these Gucci gangsters in the form of interest, to borrow what is in effect our own money?

  9. delmas says:
    @mark green

    Mark Green I’m sure Mr Kirkpatrick has looked the demon in the eye.
    But he also has bills to pay, a family to support maybe, and doesn’t relish the prospect of being destroyed for some unwitting use of what you refer to as “the J-word”. Use it if you will, Mr Green, no one is stopping you…yet anyway.

  10. @Swan Knight

    Jesus roundly attacked Goyim and their European political structures. (Matthew 20:25, Mark 10:42, Luke 22:25) Furthermore, Jesus roundly attacked the traditional European family structure. (Luke 14:26, Matthew 19:27-30) If you’re European and pro-family, Rabbi Jesus hates you. Hate the Rabbi back.

    P.S. There is no reason you have to take one Jew’s side over another Jew’s side in Jewish infighting. Pilate had the right idea about that.

    Must I add that, in the whole New Testament, there appears but a solitary figure worthy of honour? Pilate, the Roman viceroy. To regard a Jewish imbroglio seriously – that was quite beyond him. One Jew more or less – what did it matter? (Friedrich Nietzsche)

    • Agree: Stan d Mute
    • Replies: @Jake
    , @Them Guys
  11. KenH says:

    …but Antifa is not a group that vilifies people on the basis of race, ethnicity, religion, or the like.”

    Au contraire. Antifa villifies all white people who don’t hate themselves as racists deserving of physical violence and/or financial ruin. Funny how they never protest the new black panthers, NOI or at the annual La Raza conference.

    Both Antifa and SPLC are terrorist groups who seek to inflict harm upon those they disagree with and should be dealt with in the most severe legal manner.

    • Replies: @Them Guys
    , @gustafus21
  12. Them Guys says:

    One day perhaps an very wealthy individual, say a billionaire or one who has several hundreds of millions at their disposal. And who has the same mindset and wized up awake like so many here are is going to simply get fed up. And if such a person decides to heavily invest some cash similar to Soros only for the direct opposite side…May just begin to finance say for example a huge number of the several million outlaw biker members. Biker types we all either know or know of that have much real world experience in taking care of business so to speak, and basically have zero fears of doing so.

    If such ever occurs and enough ready on hand cash is made available comparable to how much Soros pays or grants to about 175 orgs and groups of leftists Marxists at last count. Just picture 100 or more outlaw biker groups with plenty of very experienced guys in that, take care of business, or aka TCB activities for lack of better term. With such massive funding which would cover almost Anything and any place necessary in order to foment real Change.

    SPLC I read a couple weeks ago, I think it was here at unz site too, now has a cash on hand war chest set aside that is close to Half a Billion dollars….Close to $500 Million on hand.

    Yet they also have only aprox 25 or so main controller persons at the helm of the org.
    And maybe a hundred more various worker positions directly working out of the splc hq buildg.

    And the same goes for many more such nefarious in cahoots orgs likely. Now if anybody thinks ANTIFA and BLM blacks has power as a group, and can create a stirr or get things done by fear tactics etc….Yes they sure can…But as I prior said if you know or know of what certain biker types are also capable of, well if the two types ever met face to face on the streets….I guarentee that the biker guys would make very short work out of antifa or blm members.

    There is a huge other difference between the two types..Bikers mainly do know all we know and also are very wized up on issues. But they also consider themselves outside of or a sub society within the larger normal people society. In other words bikers just don’t really give a rats ass about such agendas or issues typically…As long as nobody bothers them, then all can remain swell…The exact same mindset as most white folk have. They just wish to be left alone and recieve no problems.

    However, bikers are always on the look out for money to be made. And as long as its alot of money, there are not many things a person cannot convince many biker guys to become very interested in.

    They will not typically go to a rally or protest like blm or antifa does due to group-think left mentality. But bikers have far more total membership nationwide than both blm and antifa. And as I said what most folks wont even speak of doing, many bikers wont hesitate to not just speak of but actually do it. Not for free mind you…But if earning potentials are very good…They will get on board for whom ever pays the tab. With very few limitations to boot.

    And I do think sooner or later someone very wealthy and very fed up, perhaps some guy with not alot left to lose due to older age or less time to live due to sickness is going to hook up with a few biker types and get the ball rolling so to speak. When and if that day arrives? I sure wouldn’t wish to be anybody that has been causing problems in america such as written of in this artticlee on splc.

    And also keep in mind that unlike the msm and hollywood images of portraying bikers in clubs, say hells angels for example. In real life/real world, many are no where near that image. Many dress and look like a typical clean shaved, short haircut well trimmed avg insurance salsman!

    Many also own one one or more legit buisness’ and you’d never guess hes a member of such a club or even rode a harley. Untill 20 yrs ago I was around such guys since at age of 17 yrs old and got my first bike. Before that from age 14 yrs old in the neighborhood I hung out in in detroit areas.

    Plus such bikers also arrive here often from many global nations to visit and TCB while here in the usa. I met guys from germans, aussies, holand, england, ireland etc etc…And other than living in different countries, they basically all are in tune with every other countries bikers.

    Kinda like a huge global mafia I guess one can say. And all it takes is enough $$$ for supplies or whatever, and them type guys will know what and how things need be done to cause corrective measures to take hold.

    Now do not get me wrong here, I m not advocating anything illegal or un cooth or un ethical mind you…I am simply considering various future trends which may happen due to things being so loopsided and messed up and not being in our or whites favor. Because from my experience other than being biker guys and all it entails, they also are mainly the same as we folks are when it comes to the basics of whats good for america and its whites. After all nobody else nor any current nor any recent past orgs seem to care about white folks eh. Sooner or later such a careing org is likely to surface and TCB agendas will not be far behind is all I am predicting here.

    And if or when such happens..I for one will at very least cheer loudly! As long as nobody gets hurt of course, and if by a stroke of coincidence or fate someone does get hurt, well lets just say, better them them me or us eh. How else can one think in such trying times as we live in right?

    • Replies: @ia
    , @vinteuil
    , @Anon
  13. The SPLC, along with other well-known Jewish hate groups, form the Gestapo wing of what should reasonably be called The Jewish Police State. Their purpose is to shut people up, give them strict guidelines on what they are or are not allowed to say, and publicly denounce (shades of Stalin there, no?) and destroy them when they disobey. The goal is total power, total control over society.

    They want to be the arbiters of everything you do including whether or not the practice of your religion will be designated a hate crime. They regulate your access to information, and enforce their dictates on which events you will not be allowed to attend (the play “My Name Is Rachel Corrie”, the Oscar-winning film “Paradise Now”, the art exhibit of drawings by Palestinian schoolchildren, any speech by any anti-Israel historian, etc).

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
  14. Jake says:

    Lord, you are remarkably ignorant.

    The peoples of the Netherlands were stable and productive for a millennium as Catholics. Then, they became the first hosts of the large number of Jews who became the printers of the Reformation. In so doing, the peoples of the Netherlands began the process of revolutionary cultural chaos for themselves and for all those that their works would touch.

    When you jump into bed with Christ-hating, white Gentile-hating Jews, you necessarily bring destruction to worthwhile culture. The peoples of the Netherlands did that, and they were far from alone in that regard. In fact, their patterns and examples, while doing great harm to Christendom and therefore the peoples of Christendom, fade to nearly nothing when compared to the harm done by WASPs.

    Are you smart enough to have discerned that it is you in your anti-Christ faith who is in bed with Christ-hating/white Gentile-hating Jews?

    • Replies: @Allan
    , @Echoes of History
  15. It is long past time SPLC had it’s tax exempt status pulled and it should go back years. It’s entire purpose is political agitation and terror.

  16. Jake says:
    @Echoes of History

    The SPLC and ADL are working hard to make certain that people continue moving to enslave themselves to Jews, who are the people defined most thoroughly as being anti-Christ.

    Yes, it is that simple: those who consciously reject Christ have chosen the Christ-hating Jews as master.

    There is no political solution, no racial/ethnic solution, because the matter is one of theology and moral philosophy. And the great dividing line is Christ.

    Like the Jews, and also like Hitler and Stalin, you serve anti-Christ. That makes you central to the camp of the Christ-hating/white Gentile-hating Jews.

    • Replies: @Echoes of History
  17. tjm says:

    How can a whole article be about Jewish power in America and not state it? And as far as Trump goes, he is a Zionist puppet, controlled opposition. “Trump the unwilling participant in open borders, war on Syria, and slave to Wall Street”.

    Trump is a actor, he was installed for many reasons, not least of which was to use him to paint those who want secure borders as lunatics.

    As soon as Trump started going on about a wall, I knew he was a Zionist asset. A wall is a red herring, work place enforcement is the ONLY answer. The Zionist jews use a wall as a tool of manipulation. They know a wall will never happen, and they know if it does not happen, their bitch in office can blame the Congress (since Zionists control Congress, they can ensure no wall would ever be funded).
    We just need to look back to Zionist traitor Jon McShame and his push for a wall to see a pattern here.

    But Trump’s being put into the White House is even more insidious, not only does he push WEAKLY for these ineffective measures, he does so as a lunatic, a “crazy white supremacist”. The Zionist Jews use Chump as a prop, a fake anti immigration crusader that plays his role like a racist. Only one could easily make a cogent case for secure borders and law enforcement, but instead we get Chump, who tweets out nonsense to make himself AND THE MOVEMENT LOOK CRAZY< THIS S ON PURPOSE. Those are not Trump's tweets, those are propaganda pieces written for the traitor in chief.

    • Replies: @gustafus21
    , @anon111
  18. Them Guys says:
    @Echoes of History

    You keep quoting bible verses, then add Your personal spin falsehood interpretations to them. So to make it look as if what You state is the real verse meaning, is simply laughably incorrect.

    Example is when you continue to mention the verse about, as You say, tells gentiles to give all their money to jews in Jerusalem . However I think you really know that that is Not what the full in contextual verse states nor means.

    Like so many anti Christian types and atheists do, you think You got it figured out and use your spin word meanings as some form proof Christianity is wrong or bad or whatever…As if any true believers will ever get convinced from such idiotic nonsense methods of refutation of bible verses.

    Funny or perhaps ironic how often for someone that rejects all form of a Christ belief, trys so hard at his unbelief. Almost as if saying that you rabidly fight against what You say does not exist!

    Similar to telling folks no such thing as a Ghost ever existed, and to prove such, you show them by constantly looking under your bed nightly for…..Ghosts!

    A good bible verse is where it says “Only the Fool says in his heart that there is no God” although worse yet may be one who actually believes it is so.

    Ever notice how most atheists and bible basher types work so much harder telling folks about it, when compared to how most believer types when told you are an unbeliever simply say Okay whatever you wish to believe or not is cool with me…So which one has the real problems eh?

    • Replies: @Echoes of History
  19. tjm says:
    @mark green

    Well said. Behind all these organizations that work to destroy America, you will find a Zionist Jew paying the bills and pulling the strings.

    The more I learn, the greater the breath and scope of control I find by the Zionist Jews, not only now, but throughout history (The real history, not the crap they feed us).

    They are actively working to wipe us out, and so many Europeans are helping them.

  20. Them Guys says:

    How Many Antifa members and especially leaders are actually jews? That most folks automatically think is just another “White person”, and how convenient for the jews of Antifa that as a rule every one present at rallys or violent protests always wear a large face mask to cover their true ID eh?

    But to the jewized up folk, them Antifa jews even with face coverings, cannot hide their definite evil cold khazar eyes that are so filled with nothing but total darkness, that when you peer deeply into their dark eyes it is akin to staring deeply into a dark cave or tunnel that is so dark it looks like there is simply no end to the darkness or the tunnel. Almost as if the tunnel goes so deep it has no end at all. And nowhere ever can be seen that proverbial light at end of tunnel. Perhaps it is only the people that have the true light within which can recognize that deep evil darkness I speak of here?

  21. nickels says:

    This is nothing more than the militarization of ‘The Authoritarian Personality’, and represents another example of Jews flexing their hegemony over America.
    It is also why Jews have been kicked out of some 100s of countries.
    Jews don’t take prisoners just like their demon masters.

  22. @Greg Bacon

    Why do Americans pay around 500 billion a year to these Gucci gangsters?

    Because the Goyim owe it to the Jews. Most popular book in Goyimland says so.

    “For if the Gentiles have shared in the Jews’ spiritual blessings, they owe it to the Jews to share with them their material blessings.” (Romans 15:27)

    • Replies: @anon111
    , @GW
  23. The most obvious thing one can State about the SPLC:

    A greedy Jew race-hate organization that harbors open GENOCIDAL intent towards the Historic Native Born White Christian American Majority…..

  24. The most obvious thing that you can say about the SPLC:

    A greedy Jew race-hate organization that harbors open genocidal intent towards the THE HISTORIC NATIVE BORN WORKING CLASS WHITE CHRISTIAN MAJORITY POPULATION….

    • Replies: @gustafus21
  25. @Greg Bacon


    Jews are off their game because Europe – Germany specifically – have traded the Jewish boot for Muslim immigrants… the Turkish experiment altered the power dynamic, freeing Germans from strangulation at the hands of “survivahs”

    Although I think the Krauts have bitten off more than they will be able to digest – the new Islamic muscle is having the desired effect of taming the Jews. Anti semitism is causing some Jews to rethink their war on White Christians …wherein they advance the interests and immigration of blacks and Latinos to dumb down and silence their only economic rivals – Whites and Asians.

    1.7 billion enemies is something to cause pause. I admit, I hate Muslims more than Jews… [neutered Jews are an improvement over the old version] who controlled every syllable in America. So, blacks [off the jewish plantation] and Muslims are serving a purpose for White Europeans and Americans.

  26. @KenH

    Spot On. There is some light which is not being reported.

    Bavaria just enacted laws REQUIRING Christian Crosses in all government buildings. I’m agnostic, but love the push back by believers… the Catholic church is so compromised by homosexuals.. they will continue to betray their followers, to stay afloat.

    In some ways Europe, absent our self sabotaging constitutional amendments 1 and 4 specifically … allows them to target Muslims and Jews while feigning St. Franciscan innocence.

    Also, I heard a great interview in Iceland of all places… available on Youtube… with Jordan Peterson … Icelanders are resisting the over reach of SJW’s and post modernists…

    One tidbit is all companies have to prove that men and women are paid the same. It sounds innocuous, but you can be sure the lesbians in charge will make them pay for parental leave, and other perks available only to those with a vagina.

    I am a woman by the by….. I hate the feminists… and the dykes. They are vile poseurs … they loath women, traditional norms for beauty, and won’t stop with eliminating the swim suit competition in pageants…. they want the very idea of cultural bias toward beauty ERASED.

    We are fighting a war on many many fronts with these demons.

    • Replies: @Rurik
    , @Rurik
    , @gsjackson
  27. Anonymous[317] • Disclaimer says:

    Organized banksterism, pharaohism, and corporate powerisms goes under the name of Zionism..
    many, many organizations are Zionist organized or supported.

    Jews are humans, sometimes referred to as Zionist..some may be Zionist, but it is confusing?

    Jewish is a race classification, Zionism is a meta organization composed of people of many organizations and races.

    Bankersters discovered in 1865 that snake oil was out, that whale oil was insufficient, and that Petroleum would be the profit maker of the 21 century. Hummmm dispossess the Ottoman Arabs of the richest oil fields in the world? Propaganda inaugurated to direct and control Jewish immigration to the land of the Arabs (the Balfour Agreement) eventually the Arab resistance {Palin Commission} produced a need for a military base
    to defend the Jewish Settlers immigrating to the oil rich British mandate Palestine.
    The military base became Israel, and was given nation state powers, to cover its real purpose: dispossess the Arabs of the richest oil fields known to the world.

    1897 (first Zionist Congress), the fire at Salonika, Jewish migration to NYC and Moscow, WWI, German bid to get the Arab oil defeated, India (Lawrence of Arabia) and the division of the Ottoman Empire into protectorates[ England, Spain, Portugal, and France (the mandates)], Balfour Agreement, Wilson , WWI, Lenin leads the Zionist takeover of CZARIST Russian (the October Revolution, 1919) Stalin throws the Salonika Jews out of Russia, the Hollow cost, Palin Commission, WWII, Truman recognizes a military operation as a nation state, the continental shelf Act, OPEC, EPA,
    How should the two (Zionist vs Jew) be distinguished?

  28. @War for Blair Mountain

    Yes, but they are bedding 1.7 billion Jew hating Muslims… in a Faustian arrangement that will not end well ….

    Germans AND Jews, post modernists and communists are all playing the Islamic card to advance THEIR interests … and thwart their enemies.

    I wonder how this plays out… because absent genocide… Jews and White Christians will be erased by blacks and Muslim invasion and slaughter.

  29. @tjm

    I am no puppet for Jews. Your treatise on Trump is borderline dementia on the subject of Jewish hegemony.

    WOW – you are out there.

    Get your head out of Rachel Maddow’s vagina some night… and google a list of Trump’s accomplishments in ONE YEAR. An enemy of White Christian Western Civilization would not have put this much energy into what is good for the gentiles.

    You need to expand your sources for intel. Because you aren’t persuading anyone… and you sound like a college sophomore/

    • Replies: @Wally
  30. @Jake

    You worship a Jewish Rabbi who promoted anti-White propaganda.

    “Christianity, sprung from Jewish roots and comprehensible only as a growth on this soil, represents the counter-movement to any morality of breeding, of race, privilege: it is the anti-Aryan religion par excellence. Christianity—the revaluation of all Aryan values, the victory of chandala values, the gospel preached to the poor and base, the general revolt of all the downtrodden, the wretched, the failures, the less favored, against ‘race:’ the undying chandala hatred is disguised as a religion of love.” (Friedrich Nietzsche)

    Being that Jesus is a Jew, being “Anti-Christ” is being Anti-Jew. Why would you say being anti-Jew is something bad — like being Literally H-I-T-L-E-R!!!! How’s the weather there in Tel Aviv, Schlomo?

    Sure, maybe you’re not in Tel Aviv, but your loyalty isn’t to your own, your loyalty is with the “King of Israel” (John 1.49) and the foreign capital city of Jerusalem (Rev. 21:2). Why can you not be loyal to your own people and your own soil?

    • Replies: @GW
    , @Stonehands
  31. @Them Guys

    Atheist? No, liar, I’m not an atheist. Are you going to quit lying? Or are you like the Jew Paul who thought telling lies was noble?

    “For if the truth of God hath more abounded by my lie unto his glory, why yet am I also adjudged a sinner?” (Romans 3:7)

    With Jews like Paul, lying is a family tradition, with their deity choosing Jacob the Deceiver as his favorite, simply because he lied. The Jew Testament follows in that ancient Jewish tradition.

    “There were a lot of people in the ancient world who thought that lying could serve a greater good.” (Dr. Bart D. Ehrman, author of Forged: Writing in the Name of God–Why the Bible’s Authors Are Not Who We Think They Are)

    Looks like the Jew has rubbed off onto you. Maybe you should have kept better company.

    Fact is, I pray to Gott (European synonyms: God, Gad, Godin, Wotan, Woden) every day. Funny thing is, it’s the same prayer as when I foolishly worshiped the Rabbi Jesus, except I simply remove any Jewish reference to “Jesus” and pray only to God now.

    If you think that you’re praying to God, but also falsely think God is a Jewish deity, all you have to do is look in the Bible and see that the Jewish deity is said to hate God.

    “But it will be different for you that forsake me, who ignore Zion, my sacred hill, and worship God and Meni, the gods of luck and fate.” (Isaiah 65:11)

    Oh, is that an “a” or an “o?” Since th Hebrew used no vowels, let’s not try to cover up the obvious. And maybe you should look up what the real word is behind “God” that translators used in the Jew Testament. “God” was used to translate words in the Jew Testament to pull the wool over northern European volk.

    So you’ve got a contradiction of dual loyalties to resolve. Good Luck to you! Just as soon as you forsake your Jewish deity and Zionism, you can truly worship God, like me. Bible says it, and I believe it!

    Maybe you can even begin to regard your own land, instead of some far-off middle-eastern desert, as sacred and holy. Wouldn’t that be nice?

    • Replies: @GW
  32. Wally says:
    @mark green

    And we all know what the great enabler is, the ridiculous & impossible ‘6,000,000 Jews & gas chambers’, aka” ‘the holocau$t’. Without that fraud their immoral game is over. Get off you knees.
    The fact that one can go to jail, be physically assaulted, persecuted, harassed, stalked, on & on for engaging in free speech about it is proof that it simply cannot withstand scientific, rational, & logical scrutiny. It is a scam.
    – If there was ‘a plan to kill every Jew the Germans could get their hands on’ as alleged, then why are there countless numbers of so called “survivor$”?
    – If the alleged ‘holocaust’ was fact, then why are there laws in Europe to prevent scrutiny of it? What kind of “truth” needs to imprison people to prevent free speech?
    – If Jews are so sure that millions of Jews were murdered and dumped into alleged known, existing mass graves, then why do they ask such dumb questions like “what happened to them then?
    – After all, Jews say that ’6M Jews & 5M others’ went to huge mass graves, to this day Jews claim to know the exact locations of these alleged enormous mass graves, yet Jews cannot show us the alleged massive human remains.
    Revisionists are just the messengers, the absurd impossibility of the ‘holocaust’ storyline is the message.

    Holocaust Handbooks, Documentaries, & Videos

    The ‘6M Jews, 5M others, & gas chambers’ are scientifically impossible frauds. See the ‘holocaust’ scam debunked here:
    No name calling, level playing field debate here:

    • Agree: anarchyst
  33. anon111 says:
    @Echoes of History

    Because the Goyim owe it to the Jews. Most popular book in Goyimland says so.

    “For if the Gentiles have shared in the Jews’ spiritual blessings, they owe it to the Jews to share with them their material blessings.” (Romans 15:27)

    does it work the other way around?

  34. anon111 says:

    As soon as Trump started going on about a wall, I knew he was a Zionist asset. A wall is a red herring, work place enforcement is the ONLY answer.

    you’re probably right but why not both?

    a country that now spends $738 billion/year on “defense” can’t afford a one time $25 billion for what would be a real defense for the real problem?

  35. Wally says:


    Remember, the alternative was Hillary.

    As compromised as he is, I’ll take Trump any day.


  36. Rurik says:
    @mark green

    very well stated as usual Sir

  37. “Sovereign is he who decides on the exception,” as Carl Schmitt begins his book Political Theology.

    Sovereign is he who can compel allegiance.

    The SPLC is small ball evil, try to explain the inter-generational evil that is taking place.

    The only thing holding the United States together is monetary extremism from the privately-controlled Federal Reserve Bank. The same goes for all European nations and their central banks. China, Japan and just about every other nation are in the same monetary boat. There is no capitalism. There is only central banker shysterism.

    The evil baby boomers were bought off by massive government debt and asset bubbles. That explains why the evil baby boomer scum said nothing while their nations were flooded with foreigners.

    Peter Brimelow has a good line where he says he wants to escape the curses of those who come after, and Brimelow will certainly do that. But other baby boomers greedily grabbed all the loot they could like disgusting drug addict whores while they turned a blind eye to the culturally destructive forces let loose in their nations.

    Housing costs are high and real estate is in a massive monetary policy-fueled asset bubble. Foreigners are allowed to flood in and push housing costs through the roof. Baby boomer scumbags say nothing because they are benefiting.

    Young people are having their chance at AFFORDABLE FAMILY FORMATION hindered by the high housing costs. Greedy dirtbag baby boomers born before 1965 just smile and smell their money.

    The global order is about to implode because people born after 1965 will no longer give their allegiance to evil and corrupt governments that push mass immigration and multiculturalism.


    Raise the federal funds rate to 20 percent — it was that high in 1981 — and begin a campaign of mass deportation of all foreigners. Revoke the citizenship of the foreigners, too. Get the damn foreigners out and housing costs will collapse.

    Financially liquidate all the greedy scumbags born before 1965. Take away their pensions, take away their health care, take away their land, everything.

    Immediately take control of the corporate media.

    Jews now control ABC/Disney

    Jews now control NBC/Comcast

    Jews now control CBS/Viacom

    Remove those Jews from the propaganda power immediately, and deport them to a non-European nation. I suggest Uganda, the Congo or Israel.

    The young people want ENERGY and HEART.

    Show the European Christian young people of America some Energy and Heart and they will reward you with ALLEGIANCE.

  38. Rurik says:

    they want the very idea of cultural bias toward beauty ERASED.

    I wonder why?!

    [sorry, sorry]

    here’s some damage control

    • Replies: @c matt
  39. GW says:
    @Echoes of History

    You have the same opinion of our Lord and Savior as most orthodox rabbis and secular internationalist Jews.

    Strange bedfellows indeed.

    • Replies: @Echoes of History
  40. GW says:
    @Echoes of History

    Paul is denying the very reasoning (I.e. let us do evil so that good may abound) you claim he is defending…go ahead and read Romans 3 in its context.

    • Replies: @Echoes of History
  41. Get off you knees? The Goy can do that only if they don’t fear the Jewish Rabbi, whose Jewish followers considered the “King of Israel” (John 1:49) and fapped to images of the whole world kneeling to some Jew Kang in the middle-eastern capital Jerusalem. (Rev. 21:2)

    Before the Jew Kang every knee will bow!
    – (Isaiah 45:23)
    Before the Jew Kang every knee will bow!
    – (Romans 14:11, simply copied from the older Jew Testament.)
    At the name of Jew Kang every knee should bow!
    – (Philippians 2:10)

    Not something I’m doing as a White man. Problem, Jew Kang worshipers?

  42. Facebook, Amazon, Google and Twitter must no longer be allowed to maintain the massive propaganda power they control. These corporations are colluding with the SPLC to maintain a totalitarian control of propaganda in the USA and many other nations.

    Patriots in all European Christian nations — such as the USA, the UK, Australia, Germany, Italy, France…etc. — will have to remove the current executives and owners from power. Mark Zuckerberg and the rest of the internet propaganda apparatus plutocrats must be removed from power. You can’t negotiate with these people, you must remove them from power.

    The current global order is disintegrating. Think big. When the upcoming global financial implosion hits many things that now seem radical will be deemed necessary measures to restore political balance.

  43. @GW

    I have the same laconic opinion of Jesus as the European gentleman Pilate. A European whom you hate, in favor of the Jewish Rabbi you worship. Strange bedfellows indeed, traitor.

    Jesus stated specifically that if you’re not a traitor to your own, you can’t worship the Jew Kang. (Luke 14:26, Matthew 19:27-30) He was correct.

    Time to quit being a traitor to your own.

  44. GW says:
    @Echoes of History

    Man, you’re 0-3. Stop while you’re behind!

    Paul is referring to Gentile Christians helping out their Jewish Christian brothers. This is a commentary on charity. He isn’t commanding that Gentiles pay a Danegeld to ethnic Jews just because of their race.

    • Replies: @Echoes of History
  45. Rurik says:

    Icelanders are resisting the over reach of SJW’s and post modernists…

    they gave themselves an extension on sanity when they responded to the 2008 mass-looting by jailing the banksters and corrupt politicians who enabled them.

    All the rot that’s destroying the West is all top down, and it’s always the banksters who’re at the top of the food chain.

    all anyone has to ask themselves, is what would Iceland look like in fifty years if George Soros, (or Shmuley Boteach, SPLC, ADL, Hollywood, etc…) had their druthers?

    It would go from the most peaceful nation (as recently rated) to most violent and strife-ridden. The Icelanders would be forced to realize how racist they’ve always been, but in perfect racist form, have hidden their racism away by preventing non-racists (all non-whites) to come in and blend with them and replace them and breed their vile racism away for all time.

    And we all know that is the paradigm. We all know with perfect certainty that if the left had its way, Iceland would be murdered. Just as Sweden is being murdered.

    Their children too would become gang rape victims to the thunderous silence of the feminists, and the gloating of the ‘diversity’.

    and we all know it

    • Agree: Charles Pewitt
  46. @GW

    I read it in context, and you haven’t. Other Jew-worshiping Christians are accusing Paul of lying, and Paul is admitting other Christians accuse him of lying, which he attempts to deny. But, his lies can be proven, and honest theologians who study the Jew Testament have done it.

    But let’s take your advice about context anyway, and read Romans 3. Let’s start with the first two verses.

    What advantage, then, is there in being a Jew, or what value is there in circumcision? Much in every way! First of all, the Jews have been entrusted with the very words of God. (Romans 3:1-2)

    The context is, you’re a craven Jew worshiper, and thus constantly defending the Jews (like Paul) and their proven lies. Paul’s fellow Christian accusers were correct. Go ahead, read Romans 3 in its context, if you dare.

  47. Anonymous [AKA "ML KIng"] says: • Website

    the SPLC is a con job…a racket a profitable fraud at the taxpayers expense….where is the IRS, Treasury Dept, FTC…etc. Catholic NUNS against Abortion ,according to the SPLC is a Hate group What???

  48. Anonymous [AKA "Martin King"] says: • Website
    @mark green

    The SPLC says that NUNS against Abortion is a HATE group…WTF???

    • Replies: @Echoes of History
  49. @GW

    You’re the winnarz! 3 for 3 in defending Jewish beggars, this time panhandling for Goyim’s “charity.” But at least we know where your loyalty lies. Maybe you can head down to the SPLC and suck some weenies like Paul did, playing Jewish mohel with a young traveling companion, as he openly admitted in Acts 16:3. Just to please the Jews. You can construe it as charity too.

  50. @Anonymous

    With Catholic Charities Department of Immigration Services bringing in hordes of minority invaders, the cat ladies dressed in habits are likely against abortion because it affects minorities more, and they can’t get themselves into our nation a new congregation of giving units.

    The Catholic Church Needs Illegal Aliens to Fill the Churches

  51. ia says:
    @Them Guys

    LOL. Best comment I’ve read in ages. Couldn’t agree more.

  52. @mark green

    Kirkpatrick set the pick and you hit the 3 pointer- nothing but the bottom of the net!

    Well done, both of you.

  53. Anonymous [AKA "buzwar"] says:

    Jesus was not a jew.

    • Replies: @Echoes of History
  54. Alden says:
    @jilles dykstra

    So Catholics are responsible for the Muslim take over of Rotterdam and the importation of Muslim Moroccans as union busting cheap labor in the 1950s and 60s?

  55. vinteuil says:
    @Them Guys

    One can’t help but admire your sheer industry. Just enough over 1000 words to earn your pay.

    • Replies: @Wally
    , @Them Guys
  56. c matt says:

    That was like someone dropping a burning coal in your hand and then handing you two ice cubes . . . .

    • Replies: @Rurik
  57. SMK says: • Website

    “Two of the ‘alt-right’ gunmen they name are non-white immigrants.” The most infamous of these and the one showcased by the SPLC is Elliot Rodger -who was half-Asian his mother is Malaysian and his father British) and thus not a “white racist/nationalist/supremacist”- a pathological misogynist who was driven to mass-murder by the lies and hatred of MRAs, predominantly, the misogynist lunatics of the soi-disant “men’s movement.” He hated white females, the pretty ones who rejected him, for good reasons, not nonwhites. He was insane, and given many prior “incidents” -assaults, a video in which he vows to murder white females, the possession of weapons, etc.- he should have been in prison or a mental institution.

    The overwhelming majority of MRAs or “masculists” are left-liberals, cultural determinists, and sexual egalitarians. They are not race-realists or white advocates or immigration restrictionists, much less “racists” and “white supremacists,” and thus in no sense are they “alt-right.” But thanks to F. Roger Devlin, Roissy, Rooch V, and a few others, they’re described as “alt-right” or conflated with the “alt-right” by the SPLC and Angela Nagle and other left-liberals.

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
  58. Dan Hayes says:
    @jilles dykstra

    jilles dykstra:

    My impression was that until around 1960 Dutch Catholics had their own alternative power structure in the media and business but then threw it all overboard to be absorbed into the zeitgeist. Why did they do so? To get a share of the action with Vatican II providing a convenient excuse for the Catholic surrender. In the memorable words of Malcolm Muggeridge, with VII the Catholic Church lost its nerve.

    Since I am not well versed in contemporary Dutch affairs could you kindly comment on this?

    • Replies: @anarchyst
  59. Wally says:

    Allow me to economize on words for you:

    “Some stories are true that never happened.”
    – Elie Wiesel

  60. Yes, and Facebook, Google, Twitter and the rest of these Jewish social mobsters are tied to SPLC. The Jews have a 24 hour 365 day a year control centers from the media to social sites to Congress and are in complete control of civilization. Do you realize that every single day of the year there are always tons of stories about poor Jews, discrimination, reparations, Holocaust denial, and fake activities in every form of media, politics, and social coverage. It never ends. This is what you are up against and the SPLC is just one little “Corporate Jewish Juggernaut” you have to deal with. The same tactics are now being employed by the Khazars for their new line of slaves: Blacks and other Minorities.

  61. @jilles dykstra

    Dutch Catholics at least have Flanders to run to. But in Belgium, the divide is racial, not religious. Everyone’s a lapsed Catholic.

    Where do the Frisians stand in all this?

    In his otherwise fine book on European languages, Lingo, Gaston Dorren illustrated his chapter on that language with a photo of the Frisian float in Amsterdam’s (or Rotterdam’s) gay pride parade. The star of that float could pass for the Italian bodice-ripper model Fabio Lanzoni. The cutesy, almost kawaii, design of Friesland’s flag didn’t help matters any.

    Friesland is no straggler in the race to the bottom.

  62. @SMK

    The overwhelming majority of MRAs or “masculists” are left-liberals, cultural determinists, and sexual egalitarians

    Oddly, one of their heroes, the late Daniel Amneus, was none of these. He was more of a men’s responsibility advocate.

    What younger MRAs, like feminists of any vintage, don’t seem to understand is that when the military draft was an active issue, almost nobody on any side of the discussion had any problem with women’s exemption from it. Indeed, most of us guys were proud of the fact.

    Or maybe they do understand, and just don’t like it.

  63. @Anonymous4

    How was Miss Corrie different from the Jewish “freedom riders” killed in Mississippi?

    • Replies: @Colin Wright
  64. Allan says:

    Schizophrenic much?

    So, when and how did you come to believe that Judaism, as it was in the days of Augustus and Tiberius, is basically correct? And how did you proceed in a methodical way through an investigation of your Jewish faith—a cult of animal sacrifice—before even considering whether or not Jesus of Nazareth is the messiah promised by the Hewbrews to theirselves?

    You do believe in Judaism, don’t you Jake? After all, would it not be perverse to insist fanatically that Jesus is God but to fail to believe in the alleged god’s own religion? Would it not be even worse for you to be exposed as someone who doesn’t even understand the relevant details of Judaism?

  65. anarchyst says:
    @Dan Hayes

    The “beginning of the end” of traditional Catholicism was sealed with the infiltration of the Catholic Church “Vatican II Ecumenical Council” of the 1960s by Jews and Protestants who were involved in the “modernization” of the Catholic Church.
    Much Catholic ritual was discarded, as well as the promotion of the absolution of the Jews for Jesus Christ’s crucifixion and death, despite vitriolic Jewish hatred of Jesus Christ and Christianity which exists to this day. The fact is, the Jews DID get the Romans to crucify Jesus Christ and DID accept full responsibility for the crucifixion and death of Jesus Christ. As is the case today, they got others (Pontius Pilate) do do their “dirty work” for them…
    Abandoning the use of Latin in the Mass destroyed its “universality”. Previous to Vatican II, one could attend Mass anywhere in the Roman Catholic world and understand the meaning of the Mass.
    Prohibition of the celebration of the Tridentine Mass (except by special ecclesiastical permission) pushed many Catholics away from the new “Modern Mass” and the New Church, in general…It took a brave Archbishop Lefebvre and the Society of St. Pius X to “push back” against Vatican II and re-legitimize the celebration of the pre-Vatican II Tridentine Mass and other Catholic rites.
    In pre-Vatican II times, the priest (celebrant of the Mass) was considered to be a part of the congregation, and a representative of the people.
    By turning the priest around to face the congregation, the priest was no longer a representative, but an “actor”, diminishing his status and importance.
    One area where the Catholic Church could improve itself involves celibacy, which is NOT Church “dogma” or doctrine. Celibacy was put in place during the middle ages in order to keep Church property from being inherited by family and relatives of priests and bishops. Celibacy was based on purely financial considerations–nothing more. It is interesting to note that Episcopal (Anglican) priests who convert to Catholicism can bring their families with them to the Church while Roman Catholic priests are denied marriage.
    It was a grave mistake by the Church to de-legitimize pre-Vatican II principles.

    • Replies: @Echoes of History
  66. @Anonymous

    The de-jewing of Jesus with youtube sophistry is as risible as the de-nogging of Michael Jackson with skin bleach. Even if you get it done, nothing changes, except the lulz. Jesus was popular in a synagogue. What sort of White man would be lauded by Jews in a synagogue, hmm?

    He taught in the synagogues, and everyone praised him. (Luke 4:15)

    Not a Jew? Then a traitor.

    And who cares if the Jews eventually hated him? The communists eventually hated Trotsky, and had him killed too. Does that mean you must automatically be a Trotskyite if you’re opposed to communism?

    “The enemy of my enemy is my friend” is not a universal maxim to be slavishly followed. Taking sides in Jewish infighting is a loser’s proposition.

  67. @anarchyst

    Worldwide “universality” is a good thing only if you’re a globalist International Jew, such as the one who said:

    “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Therefore go and make disciples of all nations.” (The Globalist Commission, Matthew 28 of the Jew Testament)

    Tellingly, the root word of corp means “body.”

    Corporation of the International Jew.
    • Body of Christ.

    What’s the difference? Riddle me that.

    • Replies: @anarchyst
  68. @Jake

    You mention Gentile-hating Jews. Do you include Jesus too? He raved very specifically against the way we “Gentiles” organize our society in Matthew 20:25, Mark 10:42 and Luke 22:25. Jesus hates you, Gentile. Are you man enough to hate him back?

    And those damned printers! Evil Bookworms! Anyway, it’s funny that you associate printing the Bible with the breakup of western catholicism. I’ve done the same thing myself. Catholic Christianity in Europe only worked with masses of illiterate peasants who had hardly any clue what was in the Jew Testament. The Jew Testament is not a book that promotes a healthy society. On that we can agree. So what do you suggest, burning it?

  69. anarchyst says:
    @Echoes of History

    Catholic universality is on a spiritual level, not a temporal level. As far as I am concerned, Christianity should have abandoned the Old Testament as the “covenant” that was rejected by the jews was now “null and void”.

    • Replies: @Che Guava
  70. anon[286] • Disclaimer says:

    Trotsky’s Red Army lives! Through the SPLC, that is. Both employ the same tactic: the dark art of political intimidation, to achieve the same aim: total jewish domination.

  71. KenH says:

    Where Fitzpatrick fails us is in an otherwise hard hitting article is in not underscoring the primary demographic of the SPLC. It’s not a racially and ethnically amorphous organization nor is it a rainbow coalition of non-partisan, anti-racist busy bodies.

    The SPLC is just one of the many tentacles of the Jewish octopus waging total war against those parts of the founding white racial stock that have healthy racial instincts under the guise of being an anti-extremist “watchdog” group. They do mean us harm, so hopefully the day will come when they will be forced to pay a steep price for what they’ve done and are doing to our race who’s been much too gracious of a host for these ungrateful parasites.

  72. iffen says:

    An absolutely excellent article by Kirkpatrick as usual.

  73. Spiritual level, not a temporal level? That sounds as make-believe as having a gender identity or gender expression that differs from a biologically assigned sex. Tada!

    Christianity should have abandoned the Old Testament? How? It’s truly impossible, because the Jew Testament quotes it hundreds of times, and references it thousands of times.

    How many times do the writers of the New Testament quote the Old Testament? An index in the Jewish New Testament catalogs 695 separate quotations from the books of the Old Testament in the New (Jewish New Testament Publications, Jerusalem, 1989). There are many other passages where the Old Testament is referred to , as in cases where an Old Testament figure is mentioned, but no specific scripture is quoted. Depending on which scholar’s work you examine, the number of quotations and references in the New Testament to the Old may be as high as 4,105 (Roger Nicole, The Expositor’s Bible Commentary , Zondervan, Grand Rapids, 1979, Vol. I, p. 617).

    The Old Testament in the New Testament
    United Church of God

    Or do you suggest cutting out all 4000+ references to the Tanakh in the Jew Testament? Don’t go cheap on your scissors, you’ll need an industrial grade pair.

  74. @Echoes of History

    The village blasphemer is paying Unz a visit.

    Are you a sophomore in High School?

    • Replies: @Echoes of History
  75. @Reg Cæsar

    ‘How was Miss Corrie different from the Jewish “freedom riders” killed in Mississippi?’

    She was openly murdered by a foreign power, and we failed to condemn that murder.

    • Agree: mark green
    • Replies: @Rurik
  76. Them Guys says:

    Nobody pays me to post here, and no pay elsewhere either as I been retired quite a while now.

    Who pays You? TelAviv perhaps?

    And at least I am thinking about the many problems we have before us. And doing some deep thought on various potential solutions. I like others am limited due to the nature of posting honest ideas and thoughts regards said problems, and those we know whom are behind it all eh.

    Believe you me, I can really come up with a few Great plan ideas for quick solutions. But I wont be posting such on a publicly read forum here. So what is Your solutions plans or ideas eh?

    Lemme guess…You probably would prefer to see less talk on nefarious jews, and more submission from goys to jews?

    Or perhaps more articles that describe how jewry is always so 100% Innocent of all/every wrong, and even when not innocent jewry should get a free pass always due to all of worlds goyim equal vile Nazis and po po jewry gets shafted every time correct?

    Its okay, for everyone now jewized up used to fully believe every lie and crap we were told was truth about the big Hoax….Then we discovered real factual truths and never shall again go back to old beliefs.

    Just always keep in mind that, It Aint No Thang Butta Chicken Wang!

    And beware of the savage apeisamongus ghetto dwellers for they are known to Riot, Loot, Rape, Kill and Burn down all they cannot do the prior listed items to, and they will do so typically at the Drop of a Chicken Bone!

  77. @Stonehands

    Stonehands, you’re the perfect personal example of what the Jew Paul openly admitted in 1 Corinthians 1:26 “Not many of you were wise … not many were noble …”

    The Jew-worshiping Cult mostly attracts ignoble dimwits like yourself who willingly swallow the swill of Jewish storytelling foolishness. Don’t blame me, it’s in the Bible.

    All I said to my wife was that that piece of halibut was good enough for Jehovah! 🙂

    • Replies: @Stonehands
  78. Rurik says:
    @Colin Wright

    ‘How was Miss Corrie different …

    She was openly murdered by a foreign power, and we failed to condemn that murder.

    shades of murders to come

    ‘What’s past is prologue’

  79. @Echoes of History

    “The Jew-worshiping Cult mostly attracts ignoble dimwits like yourself who willingly swallow the swill of Jewish storytelling foolishness. Don’t blame me, it’s in the Bible…”

    Regardless of my Christian faith, which keeps me grounded in Absolute,
    independent values (as opposed to moral relativism…or nature red in tooth and claw) -those values notwithstanding- l wouldn’t go about questioning anyone’s honor over the keyboard… f2f l would make you eat those words.

    • Replies: @Echoes of History
  80. Rurik says:
    @c matt

    the second ‘ice cube’ is Elin Krantz

    she used to be pro-immigration for Sweden, but she isn’t anymore

  81. bjondo says:

    EH’s intentional and constant scriptural deceptions indicate to me he is an operative whose purpose is to attack Christianity.

    Either a Jew who denies/hides or a Jew-hired mercenary commenter.

    Either one a waster of time.

    • Replies: @Echoes of History
  82. @Stonehands

    You started it, then I finished it, and gave you a good Bible-thumping in the process. I wouldn’t go about calling people stupid if I were you, since I already made you eat your words.

    And thanks for proving that you don’t actually follow that degenerate Jewish Rabbi, the meek-and-lowly, turn-the-other-cheek, lily-livered Hvítakristr.* A lot of men claim to follow Jesus, but by their actions and words, they demonstrate that they do not. Which is a good thing. It’s good to see a bit of chest-puffed-up fight in you. Take my recognition of your infidelity to Jesus’ effeminate garbage as a compliment.

    * The term for “White Christ” or Hvítakristr came into currency among the heathen Icelanders at the time when pagan and Christian religions were in conflict…To call a man hvítr was to say that he was cowardly, effeminate…A related phrase was to say, “your liver is white” meaning again, a coward… which is almost identical to modern English usage, “lily-livered” with the same meaning.

    Why did the Vikings call Jesus the White [Lily-Livered] Christ

    • Replies: @Stonehands
  83. @bjondo

    Funny, you worship a Jew, but think Jews are bad. Instead of dealing honestly and thoughtfully with your contradiction, you instead concoct lies about me. At least we know who’s your daddy, if Jesus was correct. Does he have you nailed?

  84. gsjackson says:

    Et tu, Romania?

    OT, but related to the multi-front war, and I just had to report. Today in Bucharest I saw for sale a sweatshirt with the word ‘GENDER’ written across the front, with ‘END’ highlighted. Presumably toward that end (no pun intended), the store currently employs as its principal model a person of indeterminate gender and ethnicity. As to the latter I would guess some sort of Japanese mix, but male or female — no clue.

    Now, the store is H&M, which is a Swedish company, so maybe we’re just talking about the usual suspects here. Maybe the feminist culture is so strong there that they reflexively do the Jews’ cultural dissolution business without specific instructions from the kosher nostra. But it’s a bit disturbing that the campaign has reached eastern Europe, which is seen as one of the last bastions of normal male-female relations and political incorrectness.

  85. @Echoes of History

    Your pagan beliefs, if anything, comport with antifa and communist doctrine- that rights are mere privileges that the hegemon can rescind at will…

    .. As opposed to Western Civilization based on transcendental Christian values that extends from the Creator to His creation ( His Image).

    Values exist beyond time and space.

    Society thrives when there is a balance between the rational and the non-rational.

    If reason is supreme then man can become woman, nations don’t exist, and genetic engineering and artificial intelligence will transform us into gods…

    This “one way “posits that reason is supreme, so, no one submits to the Divine and so forth…

    If this way is WRONG then you would expect to see widespread depression and ANOMIE with periodic mass psychosis, spontaneous detonations, and outbreaks of insanity..

    Where are we at?

    • Replies: @Echoes of History
  86. @Stonehands

    I don’t have any more pagan beliefs than you do. You say Woden’s Day and Thor’s Day just like I do. You refer to the realm of Loki’s half-dead daughter Hell. The name of God is is pagan too. Christianity itself is mostly paganism. Check out POCM Pagan Origins of the Christ Myth at

    The worst part of Christianity is the Jew mixed in, like somebody taking a dump in a punch bowl. Where do you think Marx got his famous maxim from? It’s taken nearly word-for-word straight from a couple passages in the Jew Testament. Common property, i.e., commun-ism? Jew Marx, Jew Testament, what’s the difference?

    • “Each according to his ability.” Matthew 25:15
    • “Not one of them claimed that anything belonging to him was his own, but all things were common property to them.” Acts 4:32
    • “Distribution was made unto every man according as he had need.” Acts 4:35

    Worship the Jew, get the disease of Communism. And no matter how hard you try to eradicate it with long-winded explainers, those words remain in the Jew Testament, and people take them for what they’re worth, sans explainers.

    Like I said, Christianity worked best for Europe with illiterate peasants who couldn’t read the Jew crap, and got fed warmed-over pagan solstice and equinox solar holy-days, like Christmas and Easter. Try finding Easter in the Jew Testament if you’re scratching your head.

    • Replies: @Stonehands
  87. Che Guava says:

    To be on-topic, and as an outside observer, I appreciated Mr. Kirpatrick’s article.

    Read of the SPLC and similar groups, I am amazed that such creepy and one-sided groups have effective state support.

    Japan also has thought-control pressure groups, I and many others think they go too far on many issues, but they are, at least, nationalists. One modus operandum is also stopping people’s careers, through direct threat or an assasination or two in the case of journalists, constant threats in the case of the one serious investigative political publication, and through sympathetic politicians in the case of teachers opposed to the imperial adventures and/or cult. Apart from the rare assassinations, they don’t seem to be trying to stop people from ever finding decent work again.

    Still, they don’t hate the people, and one measure of how they have shifted the window of the acceptable is that CPJ people, in election campaigns, use a word best translated as volk as much as most of the other electable parties.

    Anarchyst, excuse the on-topic part, this is also a reply to your comment.

    Marcion was a mid-second century bishop who went a little further than you, saying that the deity of the OT is distinct from that of the NT. Marcionite churches lasted in the south of the eastern Roman Empire until the rape of the relevant territories by Islam.

    You may be interested in

    , there is *much* more out there, even the 1911 Catholic Encyclopaedia is worth reading if you are interested.

  88. Crimson2 says:

    This article was nothing but whining. The SPLC ain’t perfect, but they do a lot of good stuff. Mostly you guys ate mad because they are effective.

    And the SPLC monitors black nationalist hate groups as well. Funny that isn’t mentioned here.

  89. bjondo says:

    The SPLC ain’t perfect, but they do a lot of good stuff.

    Perfect for their evil, rancid objectives. Nothing good done for America.

    What’s wrong with black nationalist hate groups? They don’t have a right to exist same as Jew hate groups? LBJTQYANDZ hate groups? SOROS-funded hate groups? Sayanim, hasbaraRat hate groups?

    • Replies: @Crimson2
  90. Crimson2 says:

    Do groups that monitor hate groups not have a right to exist?

    My god, you guys cry constantly.

    • Troll: Che Guava
    • Replies: @bjondo
    , @Wally
  91. bjondo says:

    They/SPLC, ADL don’t only monitor.

    The SPLC AND ADL define groups, individuals they don’t like as hateful, dangerous.


    Intent is to destroy groups and individuals who have every right to their opinions, beliefs.

    So, if SPLC and ADL exist to destroy, then, no, they have no right to exist outside of prison.

  92. Wally says:

    It’s revealing that only Jew-centric groups get to decide what is a “hate group”.

    “Truth is hate to those that hate the truth.”

    Challenging the ridiculously fake ‘6M Jews’ is now mainstream:
    get used to it.
    on David Irving & ‘holocaust’: Ron Unz: A Defender of Truth

  93. @Echoes of History

    Brother, there isn’t a scholar alive today who maintains that Christ is a myth. The New Testament is a historical chronicle of Jesus of Nazareth.

    Yes, you are correct that the Catholic Church is merely baptized paganism:

    The adoption of the pagan calendar
    and the incorporation of the liturgical,
    i.e., Sabado, Domingo.

    Sun worship, the monstrance, the solar “halo”disk, holidays, mother child worship, mariolatry, obelisk/ phallus worship etc.

    Echo…Satan above all else is a counterfeiter extraordinaire!…

    Easter most certainly appears in the Bible:

    Acts 12:4

    The wickedness of Herod king of the Jews is displayed as he prepares to join in the fun of murdering the apostle Peter during the base pagan holiday of Easter thereby illustrating Herods stiff neckedness and wicked idolatry.

    God doesn’t sugar- coat His Word. Mans folly is exemplified in the apostles ill- fated attempt at communism:

    You shall earn your bread by the sweat of your brow.”

    The state/church power system is iterated through the ages by the emperor Constantine’s Catholic Church and it’s daughters (Protestant)

    But, there is always a remnant of persecuted, true and simple-faithful and even illiterate believers.
    Foxes book of martyrs is an excellent reference.

    Pilgrims and strangers.
    Separated, but part of the world.
    Exhorting.. in season and out of…
    Warning others to do likewise.

    For man’s passions never change.

    You may have a variety of new- fangled gewgaws at your disposal; but…in fact…man based logical -positivism, materialism and hedonism lead directly to the pathologies of anomie and ennui.

    The same un-bridled toxic sexuality that plagued the Bronze Age man and afflicts modernity.

    Godliness with contentment is great gain.”

    Pardon my assertion that your inquiry was sophomoric.

    Keep reading, questioning and consider properly dividing and studying the KJV at some point…


    The un- examined life is not worth living.

  94. Anonymous [AKA "Stormwatch"] says:

    That’s not what “beg the question” means.

  95. Che Guava says:


    Good post, and liking the cartoon.

    From my reading, it was mainstream in the early 1980s, prime-time TV programmes on the hoax.

    That seems to have been the trigger for the drive to sacralisation and monuments and museums all over the place, and to silence, by cruel and crude legal means where possible, those challenging the myth.

    As I was saying in a much earlier pnst here, there was even a time when, while the govt. was allowing Israelis to work illegally and do other illegal things in Japan (dealing drugs, more), they were pushing for a holohoax museum in a suburb where I worked, and still do.

    Which is nonsense, one of our wartime govt’s geopolitical ideas was to make a jewish state in part of Manchuria, the misguided idea was that they would bring prosperity to others.

    It is great that it was not favoured by the Zionists, if it had happened, great base for exploitation.

    Like all other geopolitical Axis plans, it did not work out.

    The Zionists would not have wanted it in any case,as they were not desiring the autonomous place set up for them in the USSR.

    Back to the push for a holohoax museum in a Tokyo suburb.

    Fortunately, some in bureaucracy woke up and stopped the illegal activity (they would routinely ditch their passposts and go to Thailand or Korea for a new one, mainly embassy of Israel in Thailand, but also im South Korea at times)

  96. Anon[311] • Disclaimer says:

    The SPLC, ADL, AIPAC, Snopes and other (((groups))) support a walled-in ethnostate for Israel, but open borders with Hodge Podge Lodge “tower of Babel” mongrelized cultures for all white Christian nations.

  97. Anon[311] • Disclaimer says:
    @Them Guys

    Jesus, dude! It took you 1050 words to basically say: “Let’s create a Kickstarter to get bikers to kick Soros-funded thugs.”

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