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The Silencing of Science: How Block-Lives Matter
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A map of the universe: the periodic table

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When I move into a new home, two things go up immediately on the wall. The first is my gold-framed portrait of Richard Wagner. The second is my map of the Universe. One way or another, everything’s there, from the left thumb of the Pope to the whole of the Andromeda Galaxy, from the follicle mites in Obama’s eyebrows to the hydrocarbon ice on Titan.

But you wouldn’t guess to look at it, because the map is surprisingly small and suspiciously regular. In fact, most of it consists of a set of coloured blocks filled with cryptic symbols and numbers: “Xe” and “2,8,18,18,8,” for example. But that will be a giveaway for anyone who knows a bit of chemistry. My map of the Universe is the periodic table, that astonishing encapsulation of the hundred-odd elements that comprise everything in the material universe.

A cookbook for matter

The periodic table is astonishing partly because it manages to capture so much with so little. If I look around me at the moment, I see a huge variety of things, from sea-shells to books, from memory-sticks to egret feathers. But everything I see is made from just three things: protons, neutrons and electrons. At the conscious level, there’s endless variety. At the sub-atomic level, there’s endless repetition. If the protons in the egret feathers were swapped with the same number of protons in the books, it would be impossible to detect any change. Ditto for the neutrons and electrons, and ditto for any other pair of material objects, no matter how superficially different. The periodic table is a kind of cookbook for matter, listing the recipes used by Mother Nature to rustle up a lustrous weighty solid like silver or a poisonous swirling gas like chlorine from exactly the same ingredients.

But it wasn’t easy to uncover the unifying simplicity of the periodic table. It’s not just a cookbook: it’s a monument to human intelligence, ingenuity, obsession and effort. Or rather, it’s a monument to those things as displayed by White males. Take a survey of the periodic table like Jack Challoner’s excellent The Elements: The Ultimate Guide to the Building Blocks of Our Universe (2012). Reading about the blocks, you won’t come across any Blacks. Instead, the names of stale pale males occur on almost every page, beginning with the Frenchman Antoine Lavoisier (1743–94), the Englishman John Dalton (1766–1844) and the Russian Dmitri Mendeleev (1834–1907).

First found in sunlight

The first two helped lay the foundations of modern chemistry and the last devised its recipe-book: the periodic table. Then stale pale males like the New Zealander Ernest Rutherford (1871–1937) helped explain the patterns of the periodic table. Hundreds of other stale pale males, and a few stale pale females like the great Pole Marie Curie (1867–1934), helped to fill in the table by extracting and refining elements from substances as diverse as slag, seaweed and fresh air. And by detecting one in sunlight before it was found on earth. If the elements are the building-blocks of the universe, then you could say that the scientists who explained and uncovered them were leading block-lives. And block-lives matter in a way that mainstream politics and culture presently refuse to admit.

For example, here’s a curious thing: four of those elements – the obscure but sometimes important ytterbium, yttrium, terbium and erbium – were named from the small Swedish village of Ytterby. It wasn’t just that they were found in a quarry there: Swedes and other Scandinavians worked to extract them from reluctant minerals. And vanadium is named from a Norse goddess and holmium from the Swedish capital Stockholm. Scandinavian men have contributed more to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) than all Blacks who ever lived, despite being vastly outnumbered by Blacks. In other words, even as chemistry was unifying heaven and earth, it was disuniting humanity, because scientific talent and success haven’t been evenly distributed among the diverse groups of humanity.

White European males were necessary for the creation of modern science and might have been entirely sufficient. I suggested in “The Pale Male Paradox” that one factor in their success was their lack of self-obsession: they’re interested in the external universe, not in themselves and their own interests. But, as I also suggested in the article, that renders them vulnerable to parasitic ideologies run by groups, like Jews and Blacks, who are obsessed with themselves and their own interests. The pale male paradox is that pale males have achieved most and are now vilified worst, being held responsible for horrendous contemporary evils like racism, sexism and Islamophobia.

The epicycles of leftism

While chemistry and physics have revealed a true unity beneath the myriad substances and phenomena of the material universe, leftism insists on a false unity beneath the myriad differences of humanity. “We are all the same under the skin,” leftism insists. Therefore we should achieve the same. But we don’t. And so, like Ptolemaic astronomy compensating for its faulty premise of geocentrism with epicycles, leftism compensates for its faulty premise of human equality with nonsense like “systemic racism” and “White supremacy.” After all, what else could explain how the innate genius of Blacks has failed to flower in White societies for so long?

“Nothing else!” say the liars of leftism. “Genetics!” say heretical truth-tellers like the Nobel laureate James Watson (born 1928), a stale pale male who helped reveal how chemistry encodes life. Watson and his late colleague Francis Crick (1916–2004) were the co-discoverers of the double-helix structure of DNA. If Mendeleev revealed the building-blocks of matter in the periodic table, then Crick and Watson revealed the building-blocks of life. So they also led block-lives and their block-lives matter in a way that, once again, contradicts the lies of mainstream politics and culture. Their discovery unified biology rather as the periodic table unified chemistry. The amazing variety of life on Earth, from daisies to dachshunds, from bacteria to blue whales, arises from the same genetic code. And just as you could swap protons between material objects and detect no difference, you could swap genes between living organisms and detect no difference.

Genetics unifies biology, but also helps us see the huge importance of small differences. All mammals share most of their genomes, but they don’t share most of their behaviour, diet and external anatomy. There are vast differences between a tiny insect-eating bat flying hundreds of metres up and a giant squid-eating whale swimming hundreds of metres down. But those vast physiological and behavioural differences arise from small genetic differences. It didn’t take long, evolutionarily speaking, to convert the four-legged land-living common ancestor of bats and whales into its winged and finned modern descendants.

Tiny but titanic

And into all its other modern descendants, from armadillos to zebras. However, one of those descendants, Homo sapiens, is distinguished by perhaps the most important genetic difference of all time. The difference is tiny, compared to everything that unites mammals, but titanic in its significance. What is it? It’s what enables you to read these little symbols on a computer screen. Human beings evolved language and language depends on certain sequences of DNA. We don’t know exactly what they are yet and how they work, but without them humans wouldn’t be human. Without language, we couldn’t organize our societies, inform ourselves so effectively about resources and threats, and cooperate on communally beneficial projects. But that’s precisely why leftism insists on censorship and wants to silence the voices of heretics like James Watson. Leftism wants to prevent Whites from informing themselves about racial difference and the vast threats of mass immigration and racially mixed societies. It wants to prevent Whites cooperating on the communally beneficial projects of self-defence and self-assertion.

And so, when Watson suggested that there were genetic reasons for the intellectual under-performance of Blacks, he was punished with loss of income and prestige. Voltaire said that the English execute an admiral from time to time pour encourager les autres – “to encourage the others.” Leftists burn heretics (metaphorically speaking, at the moment) for the same reason: by punishing a scientific giant like Watson, they were frightening thousands of lesser scientists and writers who might share Watson’s ideas about genetic difference or at least believe that those ideas should be freely debated. In suppressing the quintessential human faculty of speech, leftist censorship is a way of preserving and extending the power of an ideology that cannot survive open discussion and debate.

Archimedes’ midgets

Censorship is also a way of exercising power, something that can be highly enjoyable for the envious and inferior. None of Watson’s critics could match his scientific achievements, but they could assert power over him and humiliate him in public. Even the highly woke British biologist Adam Rutherford, a half-Guyanese Indian and propagandist for wokeism on race, admitted that Watson had been “shooed from public life by the people who walk in his scientific shadow.” But Rutherford doesn’t disapprove of that: he thinks that Watson is a racist and deserves everything he gets. Rutherford also thinks that the great Victorian scientist Francis Galton (1822–1911) was a racist and that it’s right to remove Galton’s name from institutions built on his very clever and creative ideas.

This spectacle of giants like Watson and Galton being toppled by pygmies like Rutherford deserves a name. I’d call it Archimedes Syndrome—Rutherford and company are Archimedes’ midgets. The Greek mathematician and scientist Archimedes (287–212 BC) was one of history’s supreme geniuses, but according to Plutarch he was cut down in his prime by a nobody. Archimedes had defended the city of Syracuse against a Roman siege, but when the city fell, he was engrossed in a mathematical problem. And he ignored an order from a Roman soldier. So the Roman soldier killed him. The story may be apocryphal, but it illustrates a perennial theme of life: how the superior can fall victim to the inferior, the high to the low. The more we’ve learned about biology, the more we’ve seen Archimedes’ Syndrome in action. As I’ve described in articles like “Verbal Venom” and “How to Cure a White Zombie,” very simple parasites can subvert the brains of much more complex hosts.

A veneer of philanthropy

There’s an obvious parallel to what’s happening in Western politics. For example, stupid people like the Black anti-racist Ibram X. Kendi are subverting the culture and politics in the hugely sophisticated White nation of America. White Americans have achieved things utterly beyond the power of any Black collective, like landing men on the moon and probing the universe across vast stretches of space and time. The paradox is that White America achieved so much because it was a high-trust society, but those achievements made America a juicy target for those who could exploit the trust, concealing hostility and self-service beneath a veneer of universalism and philanthropy. By themselves Blacks lacked the intellectual sophistication to fashion what Kevin MacDonald has named the “culture of critique,” wherein White societies are indicted for their sins against racial equality and justice.

Instead, the culture of critique was fashioned and refined by much more intelligent Ashkenazi Jews like Stephen Jay Gould and Richard Lewontin, who prepared the way for Black Lives Matter by insisting that Block-Lives Don’t Matter—namely, that genes, the building blocks of biology, don’t exercise decisive influence on the success of Whites and failure of Blacks in advanced industrial societies. Gould’s message was that “human equality is a contingent fact of history” and that message been bawled into the ears of American Whites for decades, thanks to Jewish dominance in the media. As Ron Unz has put it:

Throughout the second half of the twentieth century, [Americans’] understanding of the world was overwhelmingly shaped by our centralized electronic media, which was almost entirely in Jewish hands during this period, with all three television networks and eight of nine major Hollywood studios being owned or controlled by such individuals, along with most of our leading newspapers and publishing houses. (American Pravda: Mossad Assassinations, The Unz Review, January 27, 2020)

Language is essential for any human society to exist, but when the media of a society are controlled by a hostile alien minority, language becomes a curse rather than a blessing. It no longer fulfils its function of conveying accurate information that enables effective collective responses and endeavours. Instead, it propagates falsehood and facilitates attacks on the society by its enemies. Blacks, with their low average IQ, could not be so successfully undermining and exploiting White Americans without control of the media by Jews, with their high average IQs.

Salmon’s stern sentences

But Blacks are also undermining and exploiting the White British in a society that had no good historic reason to contain large numbers of Blacks. So why are they here? According to James Thompson at the Unz Review, “The United Kingdom seems to have begun its largest and most transformative policy in a typical fit of absent-mindedness.” That is a disappointingly ignorant and irrational claim by Thompson. In fact, the policy wasn’t “absent-minded” at all, because the same group behind the nation-wrecking 1965 Immigration Law in America wanted mass immigration by non-Whites into Britain too. In other words, Jews opened the borders in Britain just as they did in America, France, Australia, and Sweden.

Exemplary sentences for uppity goyim: Jewish Judge Cyril Salmon (1903–1991)
Exemplary sentences for uppity goyim: Jewish Judge Cyril Salmon (1903–1991)

And even if mass immigration into Britain had indeed begun “in a typical fit of absent-mindedness,” that raises an obvious question: Why wasn’t the British government shaken out of its “absent-mindedness” by the very loud opposition of ordinary British Whites? Blacks who emigrated to Britain from the Caribbean brought a vibrant culture of murder, rape and public nuisance with them. In 1958, ordinary Whites fought back against the Black incursion in the so-called “Notting Hill race riot,” which saw vicious fighting between Whites and Blacks in a working-class district of London. But the British authorities were not on the side of ordinary Whites. As the Guardian approvingly reported: “At the Old Bailey [Britain’s most famous court] Judge [Cyril] Salmon later handed down exemplary sentences of four years each on nine White youths who had gone ‘nigger hunting’.” Judge Salmon certainly wasn’t absent-minded and certainly wasn’t sympathetic to Whites resisting the forced imposition of criminal Blacks on their homeland.

“Entering politics to combat anti-semitism”

But Judge Salmon’s attitudes and “exemplary sentences” are entirely unsurprising, because he was of course Jewish. It’s very interesting that he was appointed to oversee what was clearly designed as a show-trial, just as it’s very interesting that, decades later, the ethnocentric Jew Barbara Roche was appointed as immigration minister under the treacherous Tony Blair. Roche oversaw a massive increase in already very high levels of non-White immigration. She wasn’t “absent-minded” either. In 2001, a Guardian interview said that her “parents were part Spanish, Portuguese, Polish and Russian, and she had entered politics—she still emphasises this today—to combat anti-semitism and xenophobia in general.” In another interview with the Guardian, she said that “I love the diversity of London. … I just feel comfortable.”

Roche feels “comfortable” in an atomized society where she doesn’t stand out as alien and doesn’t fear that White gentiles will turn on Jews, as they have so often in the past. And Roche was also clearly motivated by a desire for revenge on the White British. In one speech in 2000 she gloated about her ability to direct immigration policy, proclaiming herself as the proud descendant of Jews who had been insulted by a xenophobic White Briton. Note how she begins this section of her speech with some lying propaganda borrowed from Jews in America:

Britain has always been a nation of migrants. There were in practice almost no immigration controls prior to the beginning of the 20th century. The 1905 Aliens Act was a direct response to Jewish immigration and it is difficult to deny that it was motivated in part by anti-Semitism. Major [William] Evans-Gordon, an MP, speaking in support of the legislation, said: “It is the poorest and least fit of these people who move, and it is the residuum of these again who come to and are let in this country. … Hon[ourable] Members [of Parliament] opposite do not live in daily terror of being turned into the street to make room for an unsavoury Pole [i.e. Polish Jew].”

I expect Major Evans Gordon would be spinning in his grave if he knew that their descendant would not only be Immigration Minister but would be standing before you today making this speech. (UK migration in a global economy, Draft Speech by Barbara Roche MP, Immigration Minister, London, 11th September 2000)

Britain has not “always been a nation of migrants.” There were “almost no immigration controls” at that time because there was no need for them. Britain was a demographically stable White Christian nation without a societal death-wish. But even at “the beginning of the 20th century” it was apparent to some clear-sighted observers that Jews had achieved disproportionate power and influence here. The satirist Hector Hugh Munro (1876–1916), who wrote under the pen-name of Saki, created a hero in 1904 who claimed that the British Empire was “rapidly becoming a suburb of Jerusalem.” Like working-class Whites in Notting Hill in the 1950s, Saki thought that outsiders were harming Britain, but his opposition was literary rather than physical. He didn’t go to prison for mocking Jews in stories like “The Unrest-Cure” and “A Touch of Realism.”

Calculus versus chaos

Nor did Saki lose his successful literary career. But writers do lose their careers today for transgressing against minority worship and sometimes, like the great historian David Irving (born 1938), also go to prison. In a Land of Lies, free speech and free enquiry are crimes. But the double-think and deceit of Black Lives Matter and the vast official apparatus of “anti-racism” don’t and can’t alter reality. In response to that deceit, we have to insist that Block-Lives Matter—that genes, the building-blocks of life, explain why Blacks underachieve at civilization and overachieve at crime. The genetic similarities between bats and whales are far greater than the differences. But you can’t find a shared environment where bats and whales both flourish.

The same applies to Blacks and Whites. The genetic similarities between us are far greater than the differences. But the differences explain why Whites create calculus and Blacks create chaos. You can’t build a shared society where Blacks and Whites both flourish. More and more Whites can see this simple truth, so the hostile elite will have to put more and more effort into repressing dissent. And that repression will further demonstrate the evil of racially mixed societies, thereby waking more Whites. The vicious circle for the hostile elite will prove a virtuous circle for Whites.

(Republished from The Occidental Observer by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Excellent article,thank you.And you’re right…on all points,a slam dunk.

  2. Unfortunately, the inventors of the periodic table of elements you mention, Lavoisier, Dalton and Mendeleev were Jews. Lavoisier was a Jewish financier operating in a typically, not to say exclusively Jewish domain of expertise throughout all Europe, tax-farming for the King’s finances : his business consisted in advancing fortunes to the royalty in exchange for the right to tax Frenchmen by the means of his private collection agents. His interest for chemistry was a mere hobby and even then it was to prove that new riches could never be created by human activity but only predated and redistributed, making the latter the only worthwhile activities. Conservation of atomic elements was an important step in his proving his ultra-reactionary economic theory that claimed of the physiocratic school, which was more or less the neo-liberal globalist economic theory of that time. That made him particularly detested by the population and guillotining him was most instrumental in convincing ordinary Frenchmen that the Republic, not the royalty was on their side.

    Dalton though born a Quaker derived the whole of his inspiration and in particular his atomic theory from Kabbalah, which would have been weird from a non-Jew (and prihibited to a non Jew by all teacher of Kabbalah) and nearly resulted in his theory being ignored hadn’t it been for Jewish publishers of his theory and discovery, which leaves very little doubt about his identity and soldarities. The name is that of a Jewish town in Samaria. Not all Daltons are Jews but in Manchester they are most typically.

    Medeleiev’s name leaves no room for ambiguity, despite the fact he converted to orthodoxy when he felt a desire for something more metaphysical in his life. Once more he was on the Jewish side of the scientific debate of his time as one important Jewish obsession is to look for the alphabet of the elementary building blocks of the universe, in direct contrast with science of Vedic or other Indo-European inspiration which generally looks for vibrations as the ultimate reality underlying anything else. Mendeleiev was convinced that God had created the universe with the letters of the semitic alphabet.

  3. Yeah, good job Aryans. Thanks for hydrogen bombs, atomic bombs, cobalt bombs, neutron bombs, white phosphorus bombs, napalm bombs, cluster bombs, blockbuster bombs, bunker buster bombs, electromagnetic bombs, vacuum bombs, mustard gas bombs, nerve agent bombs, bomb=bomb-bombas, just thanks. Thanks a whole lot.

    You guys is really good at de bombin!

    • Replies: @Thomasina
    , @Maverick
  4. Thomasina says:
    @Francis Miville

    According to Wiki (albeit not a great authority):

    “Mendeleev was born in the village of Verkhnie Aremzyani, near Tobolsk in Siberia, to Ivan Pavlovich Mendeleev (1783–1847) and Maria Dmitrievna Mendeleeva (née Kornilieva) (1793–1850).[3][4] Ivan worked as a school principal and a teacher of fine arts, politics and philosophy at the Tambov and Saratov gymnasiums.[5] Ivan’s father, Pavel Maximovich Sokolov, was a Russian Orthodox priest from the Tver region.[6] As per the tradition of priests of that time, Pavel’s children were given new family names while attending the theological seminary,[7] with Ivan getting the family name Mendeleev after the name of a local landlord.[8]”

    Mendeleev’s family were Russian Orthodox, and Mendeleev wasn’t even the family name. Dalton was definitely from a poor Quaker family. If Lavoisier were Jewish (and his monopolies point to this), you can be sure that Wiki would have mentioned this, but they didn’t.

    Please provide links.

  5. Thomasina says:

    There’s always some bad mixed in with the good.

    And that’s just for the English.

    You’re welcome.

    • Replies: @obwandiyag
  6. @Francis Miville

    What was the point of your essay? So what if people were jews? Are all jews necessarily bad people?

    Medeleiev’s periodic table has been around for a very long time and no one has found fault with it. From my perspective, he did the world a favor by inventing it and it maters not what religion he practiced, how he combed his hair or how often he bathed. The simple FACT that he produced the periodic table and it has withstood the test of time means he’s one of the decent human beings that has advanced civilization.

    Your screed is a disservice to humanity.

    • Agree: Realist
  7. @Thomasina

    You dumbbells just ring the same talking point bells over and over again. I say something substantive, clever, interesting, different, thoughtful, thought-provoking, original, humorous, antinomian, and you trot out your little list of inventions. It’s so pathetic. That’s the best you can do. Cite Wikipedia, source of champions, and go, “Look, mom, duhhhh, lots of inventions.”

    Now list everything nobody ever invented. And tell me how bad non-inventions are mixed with good non-inventions.

    You people are so flat, literal, irony-challenged, dull, stale, predictable, sad–like lonely little kids seeking that ol’ gold star.

    • Replies: @Thomasina
  8. @Francis Miville

    I see this quite often, assertions that “X and Y were really Jewish”, and they’re nearly always untrue.

    “Medeleiev’s name leaves no room for ambiguity” – well his paternal grandfather was an Orthodox priest called Sokolov, and his mother was called Maria.

    Who are the people who perpetrate these falsehoods?

  9. Thomasina says:

    “I say something substantive, clever, interesting…”

    What you said was not clever at all. Sounds like you might be the one looking for a “gold star”. Nothing creative or inventive ever comes from those seeking gold stars as they tend to be too black and white in their thinking. Now, the people listed at the link I provided were NOT gold star seekers. THEY are the clever ones: curious, imaginative thinkers who pushed on, often toiling away in poverty and poor health, to find an answer.

    Language is important. Yes, there are psychopathic warmongers at the top of Western governments (although the worst almost always belong to one (((tribe))), a tribe we mustn’t mention) who can’t wait to get their hands on the next bomb.

    But the “Aryan” tribe HAVE accomplished incredible achievements across every field of endeavor. To reduce them to “bomb-making” is laughable. Next time you need an antibiotic, get down on the ground and bless those Aryans who made it possible. These are the people we should be bowing down to, whose feet we should be kissing, whose memory we should be celebrating, not another George Fentanyl Floyd.

    • Replies: @obwandiyag
  10. @Thomasina

    You are everything I said you are. You just proved it. What a bunch of platitudinous pablum.

  11. Maverick says:

    Well, thank you also for the cell phone you wrote that on. Thanks for everything that makes it a comfortable life for you. Maybe we should go back to 1880, when life expectancy was 50 and food was not easy to get. But, we wouldn’t have all those bombs you are so afraid of.

    • Replies: @obwandiyag
  12. @Maverick

    Besides being a troll, you are so ineffably boring.

    You are boring. You are boring. You are a boring person with a boring mind. You bore everybody around you. You are just boring and nothing else. Boring. That’s you. Picture in the dictionary next to boring–you. Because you are boring. It’s boring to just run one’s eyes over the boringness you type. One’s eyes shut, head nods, and one falls into the deepest of torpors.

    • Replies: @Eternally Antifascist
  13. @obwandiyag


    It is indicative of an indulgent mind set that the editors of this site permit you to “correspond” here. And that despite the fact that what you scribble is nonsensical. However, there are a number of other correspondents here whose comments also appear nonsensical.

    You certainly exhibit the classic Negroid mind’s grasp of language, in that, similar to all ghetto dwellers, you endlessly repeat the same nonsensical jumble of words; perhaps acting upon the brain fart that repetition is a logical form of “debate”.

    A minor gem: If you denuded yourself of all inventions, discoveries, tools, medications, technologies created by Caucasoids; you would have died a painful death from a common disease such as dysentery more than 25 years ago!!

    • Replies: @obwandiyag
  14. Nancy says:

    Regarding the immigration issue (as usual being twisted by the Termites, to their advantage, as they do to everything on every side), with which I agree, might there also, to some degree, be an issue of unintended consequences of colonization, i.e., blowback, ‘chicken coming home to roost’ ? (I know.. not ‘home’ exactly, but you get my drift.)

  15. @Eternally Antifascist

    Like the previous boorbore, you endlessly repeat the same platitudinous, tired, insipid, grade-school, un-qualified-by-anything-resembling-actual-thought, generalizations. And consider that to constitute argument.

    It do not.

    • Replies: @jacobs-adder
  16. White genius, especially scientific genius is almost entirely concentrated in northern and central Europe and Russia, parts of eastern Europe also have it but not as much and it is very much absent from Spain, southern Italy and the Balkans. There is something distinctive about the Nordic and Alpine races that has lead them to dominate in so many arena’s, perhaps the cold harsh winters of southern Siberia did something truly special to the ancestors of White men but what is a fact is that we see only properly White Alpine’s and Nordics flourishing in the scientific world.

  17. jacobs-adder [AKA "jacob-adder-the"] says:

    Please elaborate, I am genuinely fascinated to hear an intellectual response, to counter the arguments put forward by this article- that Whites have invented and pioneered the vast majority of science and technological discoveries.

    Is there something that we should know? I am genuinely interested to learn more…

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