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Some Answers to the Mystery of the "Missing Jews"
The search for mass graves to support WWII extermination numbers is taking a surprising turn
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Introduction: Questions about the official World War Two death figures increasingly mount. Where are the proofs for these numbers? Where are the bodies? Did people just vaporize into thin air–as some believe, going up in smoke through tall chimneys?

Two responsible figures have recently and publicly added their voices to the question of six million Poles murdered (ostensibly by Nazis) between 1939 and 1945.

One is the last communist head of state for Poland from 1985-90, Wojciech Jaruzelski. Speaking to a journalist for Izvestia (Russian daily newspaper), he said, rather tongue-in-cheek, that he cannot understand how the Polish population exploded between 1946 and 1970, and then leveled off to become stagnant from 1990 till today. He humorously remarked that there had to have been “a strong aphrodisiac” to lead to the birth of millions of new Poles because “in the grocery stores there had been only vinegar and millions had died even after the war.”

The other is Dr. Otwald Mueller, a well-known German researcher, whose remarkable letter appeared on October 17, 2009 in two American German-language newspapers, the New Yorker Staatszeitung and the California Staatszeitung.

In his letter, Dr. Mueller discusses the six million figure that was widely reported during the September 1st, 2009 conference, held at Gdansk (Danzig), Poland, marking the 70th Anniversary of the beginning of what was to expand into World War Two.

A translation of his letter appears below, followed by a survey of actual mass graves that have been found and excavated to date that physically reveal flesh-and-bone victims of WWII.

Dr. Mueller writes:

On the occasion of Poland’s victory celebration at Danzig/Gdansk, September 1, 2009, you could read in the press the following statements:

1) Die Welt (German newspaper “The World”), September 2, 2009: “…beginning of WW II, 6 million victims in Poland, half of them Jews…….”

2) Daily Gazette (Schenectady, N.Y.), September 2, 2009: “….Poland alone lost 6 million citizens, half of them Jews…”

[The Associated Press (AP) supplies news to nearly all newspapers in the US. That means those news stories were published in nearly all US newspapers.]

3) Catalyst, Journal of the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights, Number 6, July-August 2009: “Six million Polish citizens were killed in the Holocaust – three million of them were Catholics”.

An important chart

There exists an important Polish population chart. It marks a pre-war Polish population of 29.89 million people, and for the year 1946 a population of 23.6 million. The difference is of approximately 6 million, or 21% of the total population. The chart seems to prove the statement of “6 million” … but, on the contrary, it contradicts it.

On page 413 of the book “Poland: It’s People, It’s Society, It’s Culture” by Clifford Barnett, HRAF Press, New Haven, CT 1958, the following figures are marked at chart #1: For the year 1950, a population of 24,533,000; for the year 1955, a population of 27,544,000.

Where are the losses? They turned into gains, because –

For the years 1946 to 1950: a gain of 5.5%. For the years 1950 to 1955: a gain of 15.5%.

That shows in a significant way how Polish history – better Polish fairy tales – works.

Caption: (by author) Between 1931 and 1946 there is a large loss of population, which neatly adds up to six million Polish citizens, or 21%. We must keep in mind that 31% of Poland’s population was of non-Polish origin – one million were German, as you can see from names of cities like Stettin, Gruenberg and Breslau. It also included 7 million Ukrainians, Belarusians, Lithuanians, and 3 million Jews. Even so, between the postwar years of 1946 to 1955, the lost population is gained back again – minus 2 million. By 1950, there is a gain of 908,000 in 4 years. And by 1955, an additional gain of 3,011,000 in 5 years! Can these be new births over deaths? No. They are more likely an “adjustment”- a more accurate accounting than was done before. This increase cannot be from Germans, Ukrainians or Lithuanians who returned to Poland, because Poland today is one of the most ethnically homogenous nations in the world. Are they not Poles, who either returned from the East, where they had fled, or never left?

Truth in regard to history
The declaration by the chairman of the German-Polish Bishop’s Conference on the occasion of the 70th Anniversary of the beginning of WW II states: “The church will definitely take steps against such inadequate handling of historical truth. We recommend and encourage an intensive dialog which always includes being ready to listen to the other side.”

The German Bishop’s conference unfortunately did not comply, so far, with its own directives. They did indeed “listen carefully” to their Polish partners and accepted all Polish historical interpretations without ever questioning or correcting. It is an outrageous way to violate historical truth when the author of that chart names the cities of Allenstein, Danzig, Koeslin, Stettin, Gruenberg, Breslau, Oppeln – in the provinces of East Prussia, Pommerania and Silesia – as “Polish cities.”

The declaration of the bishop’s conferences reads: “Seventy years ago, on September 1, 1939, German forces started their attack against Poland.” (Tagespost, 27 August 2009, page 5) Thus the second world-war began. How truthful is that declaration? In reality, Stalin also started his attack against Poland with his Soviet Red Army on September 17, 1939. Hitler and Stalin together started a local war which ended after 6 weeks. Well, Stalin might have just said “Nyet” and Hitler would have stayed home. Stalin was not forced to sign a pact with Hitler. Stalin gained 51% of pre-war Poland.

One violates the truth in dealing with history when one identifies the Germans expelled from the German East provinces as “Polish victims.”

The German Bishop’s conference should consider it their task to urge the Polish Bishops to see that those Polish historical distortions are corrected.

In pre-war Poland, millions of Ukrainians, White Russians, Lithuanians, Ruthenians and others were living. How did they become Poles? No newspaper report tells the story.

April, 1920 – 22 years before Hitler [invaded the SU] – the Polish Army under Pilsudski started the victorious campaign against the Soviet Union.

On May 7, 1920, General Rydz-Smigly occupied Kiev.

At the peace treaty of Riga, March 21, 1921, Poland gained vast Ukrainian and White Russian territories with a population of about 11 million.

Did anyone have any doubts that the Soviet Union would sooner or later retake those regions? That happened in August 1939 with the Hitler-Stalin pact. Why did the bishops not mention that? Why did the German newspapers, so eagerly interested in historical truth, not report it? All the guilt is loaded on one side; the others carry no guilt at all.

Bush’s America attacked Iraq on March 20, 2003. No Third World War started because no one wanted one.


Up to June 7, 1943, the Wehrmacht excavated and identified, as well as possible, 4143 Polish officers murdered by the NKVD. (Louis Fitzgibbon: Katyn – A Crime without Parallel, Scribner’s Sons, New York 1971)

If it were correct that 3 million Polish Catholics were murdered, as the Catalyst journal states, one must have found in Poland about 750 mass gravesites of the same size during the past 65 years (3,000,000 divided by 4000=750), each with circa 4000 dead. Or 1500 mass gravesites, each with 2000 corpses. It is not known if even one of those mass gravesites has been found. If they would have found only one, journalists from all over the world would have been invited to come and visit. All newspapers would have published terrible pictures and stories for weeks. But did we not indeed find one such gravesite – at Marienburg in East Prussia, now called Malbork by the Poles? Yes, but they were German deaths, and not Poles. Now, one can convincingly say that argument also contradicts the thesis of the 6 million.

A ray of hope on that topic

Maybe the search for historical truth progresses slowly. In the Maerkische Allgemeine Zeitung (German newspaper), August 28, 2009, one can read the following headline: “The numbers-to-date of victims are incorrect – 70 years after the start of the war, scientists are searching for facts.” Warsaw: “The numbers of victims of WWII are to a great extent wrong. That is known among specialists and expert historians. Most of the figures are too high: 20 million deaths in the Soviet Union, 6 million deaths in Poland, 2 million among the German expellees. For political reasons, the numbers were increased after the war. Reparation negotiations were already carried on during the war. High loss numbers justified high reparations requests from the Germans–“today we know most of the figures entered into that game then are wrong…” and: “…the historian Mateusz Gniastowski came to the conclusion that the losses of ethnic Poles had to be corrected from 3 million to 1.5 million….”

Bartoszewski talks
With the headline, “No restitution for Jewish property,” the Junge Freiheit (German magazine) of 28 August, 2009, reports the following: “Wladyslaw Bartoszewski, ex-Polish secretary for foreign affairs, vehemently denied any restitution payments for Jewish properties by Poland.”

Bartoszewski: “Of the 3.5 million Polish Jews, nearly 2 million lived in the Ukraine and White Russia of today.” A very interesting statement – naturally, they became, in October 1939, Soviet citizens and were never again Polish citizens.

The consequence? Regardless what did happen to those people between 1939 and 1945 – whether they survived or were killed – they could not be counted as “Polish victims” but belong to the victim chart of the Soviet Union. Otherwise they are counted twice.

Final conclusion: According to the statement of Bartoszewski alone, the number of the alleged 6 million Polish losses must be reduced already by 3.5 million (1.5+2). The Poles have no right to count German, Jewish, Ukrainian losses as their own. The 6 million number of WW II Polish deaths do not comply with serious historiography. ~

1) Clifford Barnett: “Poland – its people – its society – its culture” HRAF Press. New Haven, Conn. Survey of World Cultures,1958

2) German-Polish declaration of the chairman of the Bishops Conference on occasion of the 70th anniversary of the beginning of WWII. “The reconciliation between our nations is a gift.” (Die Versoehnung zwischen unseren Nationen ist ein Geschenk). Die Tagespost, 27.6.2009. Page 5

3) Gerhard Frey: Antwort an Warschau (response to Warsaw} FZ – Verlag (publisher) 2009

4) Louis FitzGibbon: Katyn–A Crime without Parallel. Scribner’s Sons, New York.1971

5) Maerkische Allgemeine ( a German newspaper w 29.8.2009; “Geschichte:Die bisherigen Opferzahlen sind falsch” (History: The present loss figures are wrong)

6) Junge Freiheit (Young Freedom): Keine Entschaedigung fuer juedisches vermoegen (No redemption for Jewish property) 28.8 2009

~End of translated letter ~

How many survivors are counted as both survivors and victims because of the chaotic movement of peoples, boundaries and rulership – giving inflated numbers of victims? This is a common error, which seems to be purposely overlooked.

We have a right to ask where are the remains of the three million Catholics murdered by the German Nazis. The only known mass grave of Poles was the work of the Soviet Red Army, led by the NKVD, in the Katyn Forest in Soviet Russia. Long blamed on Germany, the responsibility for this genocidal act is now placed where it belongs. Ironically, the only mass gravesites found on Polish territory have been of German civilians. There are not even any mass graves of Poles – Catholic or Jewish – on the grounds of the famous concentration camps. No buried ashes either.

Let’s take a look at what mass gravesites have been found, and what they contain.


In the previously German city of Marienburg, now named Malbork, Polish workers digging a foundation for a future hotel across from the Marienburg Castle, in October 2008, came upon a mass of human bones and skeletons. By December, about 470 individuals had been found, none of whom could be identified. A German organization dedicated to caring for German war graves sent a representative to attend the digging. By April 2009, the number of dead had climbed to 2000. When further discoveries were ruled out, the dead totaled 2116: 1001 women, 381 men, 377 children and 357 not identified.

At Marienburg, a pit full of human bones, but “We aren’t finding any personal objects, no glasses, no gold teeth and above all, no clothing,” said Zbigniew Sawicki, Malbork archaeologist.

Other mass graves stemming from World War II have been found around Malbork. In 1996, 178 corpses were discovered on the grounds of Marienberg/Malbork Castle. In 2005, specialists exhumed the bones of 123 more, including five women and six children, from a trench. All are believed to be Germans.

In the case of this latest and largest mass grave (2008), no clothing, eye glasses or gold teeth were found. It thus appears that they were completely stripped before they were killed. The skeletons that were laying on top had bullet holes in their heads, indicating they may have dug the grave and put the dead in it before they themselves were added.

The Germans who did survive were forced to leave the city. The relevant authorities in the newly established Polish district announced proudly on November 3, 1947, that the Marienburg area was “almost 100 percent purged of Germans.” (Spiegel, Jan. 23, 2009, “Death in Marienburg: Mystery Surrounds Mass Graves in Polish City.)

A man prays in front of coffins during the reburial ceremony in the village of Stare Czarnowo, Poland, 14 August 2009

On August 17, 2009, 108 coffins with the remains of the 2116 victims of war atrocities which took place in Marienburg in early 1945, were buried elsewhere, at the Volksbund War Memorial Cemetery near the village of Neumarkt, close to the old Hansa city of Stettin, in former Pommerania. The highest dignitaries attending were the German ambassador to Poland and bishops from both nations.


Czechs have not claimed massacres from the war – other than the 173 men of the village of Lidice, who were executed for harboring the murderers of Reichs Protector for Bohemia-Moravia, Reinhard Heydrich, as an example to those who would cooperate with the Czech underground (considered by the Germans as an illegal terrorist organization).

Still, there was great desire to retaliate following the retreat of the German Wehrmacht and the arrival of the Soviet Red Army and NKVD. Postelberg/Polstoloprty and Saav/Zatec, two towns northwest of Prague, saw brutal massacres of at least 2,000 Sudeten Germans in the space of a few days in June 1945.

The largest mass grave contained 500 bodies and had been known since an inquiry into it in 1947. After that, in August 1947, other mass graves were secretly dug up and 763 bodies were removed and cremated. But there still remained more.

Meanwhile, documents in Postoloprty were classified as confidential and disappeared into Interior Ministry archives. Today, a majority of Czech residents in these towns admit the massacre, but do not want to talk about the case and oppose building any memorial structures at the gravesites. (Der Spiegel, “Czech Town Divided over How to Commemorate 1945 Massacre,” Hans Ulrich Stoldt, Nov. 4, 2009)

Map: Czechoslovakia and the Sudetenland

There was also the Bruenn/Brno Death March, which began late on the night of May 30, and the Aussig/Usti nad Labem Massacre on July 31, 1945–both majority German towns in the same area of Northwestern Bohemia. Basing their decision on the Potsdam Agreement, the Czech “National Committee of Brno” announced the expulsion of 20,000 ethnic Germans, mostly women, children and elderly (the adult men were all POW’s), and forced them to march 56 kilometers south to the border of Austria. Once there, however, the Soviet authorities refused to allow them to cross, so they were marched back into internment. Many died and are buried along the way; up to 8000 perished in the terrible conditions before the survivors were released.

The Usti massacre was triggered by an explosion at an ammunition dump. Though the cause of the explosion had not been determined, ethnic Germans were beaten, bayonetted, shot or drowned in the Elbe River, where most still remain in their watery grave.

No mass graves of Jews have ever been found on Czech soil.


Over 100,000 people fell victim to summary executions on Slovenian soil immediately after the end of the second world war. These were suspected Nazi collaborators and opponents of communism – murdered by Tito’s Yugoslav federal army or by Slovenian civil authorities and the Communist secret police, OZNA.

“The killings that took place here have no comparison in Europe. In two months after the war, more people were killed here than in the four years of war,” said Joze Dezman, a historian who heads the government Commission for Concealed Mass Graves.

A task force of the police and state’s prosecutor’s office has exhumed 12 mass graves and filed two criminal complaints, with no indictments so far, according to the Slovenian Press Agency, March 20, 2008.

A particularly gruesome discovery was the mummified remains of approximately 300 pro-Nazi soldiers from Croatia and Slovenia in a mining shaft in Huda Jama.

“Gassed to death: 300 lime-covered victims of Yugoslavia’s communist regime found in mass grave,” by Graham Gurrin, 3-11-09, Mail Online, UK.

They are thought to have been killed with gas because there are no visible signs of wounds. Piles of military shoes were found at the entrance. “It seems that the victims had to undress and take off their shoes before they were killed,” said Joze Balazic, of the Institute for Forensic Medicine in Ljubljana. The bodies were found in an underground passage some 400 meters from the cave entrance, in good condition because they had been covered in lime and the cave had been hermetically sealed with several walls of concrete separated by layers of barren soil. (Javno, 3-4-09, Translation: Karmen Horvat)

Photos: Unclothed skeletons wearing shoes appear to have died in agony in a mass grave in Huda Jama, Slovenia. Positions indicate there was movement before the victims expired (they were buried alive). (photos no longer available)


Slovenia was part of the former Yugoslavia. Dezman said, “These killings took place in Slovenia because this is where the war was ending: this is where the iron curtain was anticipated, this is where refugees found themselves at the end of the war.”

He also says that “due to the short time frame, the number of victims, the method of execution and their sheer extent, the reprisal killings of suspected Nazi collaborators and other opponents by Communist authorities in Slovenia could be compared to the biggest crimes of Communism, as well as Nazism, anywhere.” (Slovenian Press Agency, March 20, 2008)

Another historian, university professor Mitja Ferenc, has unearthed more than 570 hidden grave sites from World War II. His digs have cracked a psychological barrier in Slovenia and sparked new political debate about the sins of that war, wherein thousands of Germans, Croatians and others on the losing side were killed.

In 1999 he found 1,179 skeletons in a trench near the city of Maribor, where a road by-pass was being constructed.

[The department of highways pressed to continue the road works, and the (left-wing) government in Ljubljana …had no objections, although very likely, thousands of corpses were still hidden in the trench. Present investigations revealed that there are at least 15,000, possibly more than 20,000 corpses. The tank trench was suitable for mass killings, it was big enough to line up pow’s and civilians, shoot them with machine guns and cover the corpses with earth. Frankfurter Allgemaine, “Slovenia: Massacres after the War,” by Karl-Peter Schwarz, 10-16-06. ]

Slovenian forensic experts investigate the site discovered in 1999 by Slovenian highway workers near Maribor, where 1,179 skeletons were found in a World War II-era trench. It’s believed up to 20,000 are actually buried along this stretch of roadway.

In 2007 a new dig began nearby in the Tezno Forest – it’s believed as many as 15,000 dead lie in this spot of timberland. Military gear indicates they were Croatians and Germans.

“My point is to find out what’s out there. Without excavation, there is no way to know,” said Ferenc.


The Queen pictured with Yugoslavian president Josip Tito, front left, in 1978 after hosting him at Buckingham Palace. Behind are Prime Minister Lord Cardiff and Prince Philip. Tito was supported by the British in the war, and its representatives turned thousands of fleeing German, Croat, Slovene and Cossack forces back to Tito’s partisans in 1945, knowing they would be killed.

In May 1945, German troops and Croatians were trying to reach Austria in order to surrender to the British rather than Tito’s brutal fighters. Tens of thousands of Slovenes, Serbs, Cossacks, Romanians and others joined the frantic flight.

Tamara Griesser-Pecar writes in A people divided. Slovenia 1941-1946. Occupation, Collaboration, Civil War, Revolution (Publisher: Boehlau Verlag, Wien 2003) that all Yugoslavs of German ethnic background were declared outlawed by the “Anti-Fascist Council of National Liberation of Yugoslavia” (AVNOJ). Those who survived the horror of the labor camps were expelled from the country.

She speaks of the 60,000 Croatian soldiers and civilians who were massacred on Slovenian soil. Thousands vanished, to be found in recent times as skeletons bound at the wrist with wires. Not all were German sympathizers, but Catholics and other anti-communists fighting what they considered a civil war.

There were also the 25,000 Cossacks and 2000 Domobranci Slovenians who were part of the German army retreating in early May to the valleys of Kaernten in southern Austria, where they surrendered to the British who, promising they were being sent to Italy, forced them into locked railroad cars that instead went directly to the waiting Soviets in Styria and the Tito partisans at the Austrian border–certain death at the hands of their enemies.

In the Gottschee Horn (Kocevski Rog), 12,000 Slovenians were murdered. In another pit near Ljubljana, Croatians and Cossacks had been murdered – German prisoners were forced to clean out this pit with a “horrible cadaverous smell” and thereafter were murdered themselves.

Mitja Ferenc said Yugoslavia’s communist authorities persistently refused to acknowledge the executions had taken place and refused to tell relatives where the bodies were buried. For almost 50 years, people were not allowed to visit the graves. Many of them were destroyed by deliberate explosions or covered by waste. In some places, such as Celje, about 60 km (35 miles) east of Ljubljana, parts of towns were built on them.

“The evidence is being gathered but the fact is that most evidence has been systematically destroyed in the past,” Joze Dezman said.

Typifying the ongoing attitude of the communists is 85-year-old Janez Stanovnik, a partisan fighter as a teenager who held high government positions under communism.

“I’m not proud of what happened in May and June 1945, but I am proud of what the partisans did during the war,” he said. “Is this really something another generation has to pay for – or see used for political capital?” (Chicago Tribune, “Wartime heroes, sinful secrets,” Christine Spolar, Jan. 29, 2008)


Sparked by all these discoveries, Jewish groups have undertaken to discover their own mass graves in the Ukraine and Russia, which they claim to be the “killing fields” of World War II.

But for all the hundreds of thousands of Jews who are claimed to have been murdered here by the Nazi Einsatzgruppen, no remains have shown up in any large numbers. [The Einsatzgruppen were special SS task forces whose job was to protect the German fighting forces from behind-the-front attacks by the local population and communist partisan fighters.]

But it is suspicious that little to no excavation is taking place to verify the number of bodies or to identify whether they are Jews or not, or how they were killed. The search parties and excavation teams are made up entirely of Jews, without government or neutral parties involved.

For instance, according to an article at Y-Net News, an Israel-based internet site, published Sept. 8, 2006, a secret private mission called “Kaddish for Ukraine’s Jews,” chaired by Yehuda Meshi Zahav, began looking for mass graves of Jews massacred during the Second World War. This mission was initiated by the Jewish Congress and French historian/priest Patrick DesBois (author of Holocaust by Bullets), with the help and funding of the national holocaust museums in Paris and Washington D.C.

Around Sept. 1, 2006, this mission uncovered what they say are hundreds of Jewish skeletons in a Ukrainian forest next to the city of Lvov.

They say they used metal detectors to detect bullets. When the metal detectors went off, they began digging and, at two meters down, sculls and skeletons began to surface. They say they counted hundreds and most were children. They say they recovered German-manufactured bullets marked with the years 1939 and 1941.

This “find” has been widely publicized in world media as a “holocaust” mass grave, yet no tests have proven the remains to be Jewish, or the perpetrators to be Germans. It is assumed.

We know the Soviets killed thousands of Ukrainian and Polish anti-communist nationalists before retreating from this area in 1941. There were also terrible massacres of Poles by Ukrainians and Ukrainians by Poles before and especially during WWII (over the disputed region of Volhynia)1. After the war, there were fights between Ukrainians and Russians in the part of Ukraine that Russia got from Poland.

The Kaddish delegation has estimated that 1800 Jews were buried here–even though they did not excavate and count all the bones. The Ukrainian authorities have agreed to recognize the area as a Jewish burial site, which means the bones can stay where they are. The Kaddish delegation performed a religious ceremony and erected a memorial monument in a matter of two weeks after the announcement of the discovery was made! This kind of haste is usually the mark of a desire for non-investigation.


Another site that has received a great deal of attention is Gvozdavka, a village in southern Ukraine, near Odessa, where another group of rabbis insist thousands of Jews are buried. It was found by chance in the spring of 2007 when workers digging to lay gas pipelines discovered human bones.

As soon as the bones were discovered, the Jewish community in Odessa requested the authorities to cease construction work.

Israeli rabbis “help” to excavate a mass grave they claim to have discovered in Ukraine. (Reuters photo)

According to a story in Haaretz, June 6, 2007, “Mass WWII-era Jewish grave found near Odessa,” Rabbi Abraham Wolf announced that the authorities had also agreed to give the Jewish community ownership of the land so it could build a monument commemorating the victims.

Odessa chief rabbi Shlomo Baksht revealed their plans to fence off the site and erect a monument to the victims that same year!

In a follow-up story 8 days later in Haaretz (June 14, 2007, “Israeli Rabbis help excavate Holocaust-era mass grave” , it’s reported that a dozen rabbis were on the scene – 3 of whom were Holocaust scholars from Israel, others from the U.S. – and “spent several hours hunting for bones, which they immediately shoveled back into the ground.”

In the follow up article, it’s reported that Vera Kryzhanivska, who heads the village council, said it would soon discuss a request to hand over control of the meadow to Jewish groups.

Some Jewish community leaders complained that villagers didn’t show enough respect for the dead. “How could people just walk past the grave and do nothing?” said Ilia Levitas, the head of Ukraine’s Jewish Council. “Where is their Christian mercy?”

* * *

Since these two finds in 2006 and 2007, there have been no more claims of mass graves of Jews. As we know, there are no substantial remains of either bodies or ashes discovered at the concentration camp sites of Treblinka, Belzec, Sorbibor, Chelmo or Auschwitz-Birkenau, all in Poland. The killing-by-bullets of Jews that supposedly took place in the Ukraine is not showing up in any new mass graves, even though Father Patrick DesBois continues to search. He finds a few bodies here and there.

What are we to think? When it comes to Germans and their allies massacred and thrown into pits, we have masses of evidence compiled by official government agencies, even when they are resistant to do so. When it comes to Poles, Ukrainians and other Slavic ethnic groups, we don’t find them buried in mass graves by the Nazis. When it comes to Jews, we have only the word of Jewish delegations that thousands of Jews are buried in mass graves that they refuse to excavate.

As Mitja Ferenc, the Slovenian history professor, remarked of his own discoveries: “Without excavation, there is no way to know.”~

1) “The Soviets, having enlarged Soviet Ukraine to the west, deported tens of thousands of the Volhynian elites, mostly Poles, to Siberia and Kazakhstan. These actions ceased only when the Germans invaded the Soviet Union in June 1941.” And “The 1943 decision of Ukrainian nationalists to cleanse (Volhynian Poles) was […] based upon news of the Soviet victory at Stalingrad” (with the expectation of the end of German occupation). “Ukrainian partisans killed about fifty thousand Volhynian Poles and forced tens of thousands more to flee in 1943.” Later the Poles turned the tables on the Ukrainians. (From “The Causes of Ukrainian-Polish Ethnic Cleansing 1943,” Timothy Snyder, Yale University, 2003)

(Republished from Carolyn Yeager by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Wally says:

    Well done, Carolyn Yeager.

    – A classic example of what Carolyn Yeager writes about, here’s all that was found at Sobibor, where 250,000 Jew remains are said to exist. Of these there is no proof of even the age of the skeletons, whether they were even Jews, whether they were even murdered. Yep, the “holocaust” narrative is that bogus.

    – Sobibor, mass grave where 250,000 Jew remains are said to exist

    much more at:
    Simple question: What happened to the people who were sent to the camps?:
    and posted at: — see my comment # 177

    And then there’s this desperate tactic:

    The Big False Excuse: ‘excavation & exhumation of Jew remains “forbidden” / But they’re not:

    “Jewish Burial Law” as fake excuse’:

    ‘First UK Burial for Holocaust Victims – No Autopsy’:

    No alleged human remains of millions in allegedly known locations to see, no ‘holocaust’.

    • Thanks: Ann Nonny Mouse
  2. utu says:

    Lack of evidence is not the evidence of absence. Lack of Jewish mass graves which nobody is really looking for because it is not really permitted, ostensively for religion reasons, can not give the answer to the missing Jews providing that there is such a question. Jews are missing only in the Holocaust deniers’ minds. Normal people will agree that the official number of 6,000,000 is might be too high and that rather three to four million Jews died during WWII and they are not missing because they are dead.

    Mystery of the Missing Americans

    There are 2.6M deaths per year in the US. 50% (1.3M) are cremated. 1/3 of ashes are buried at cemeteries, 1/3 are kept at home and 1/3 are scattered. This means that every year in the US ashes of 430k people are scattered into environment. The 1/3 kept at homes will be scattered into the environment sooner or later so the number of scattered ashes will be circa 800k per year. In 5 years it is 4M people. In 20 years it 16M people. In 40 years it is 32M people.

    In last 40 years 32M people vanished w/o a trace. How would you go about proving it to Holocaust deniers that 32M people in American died and that they were not teleported to Venus? There are no graves. No exhumations. Nobody even try to find the answer. Wally of CODOH would not accept any documentation because he would claim it was forged. He would not accept any witness statement because he would claim that all so-called witnesses lie. The claim that 32M Americans in last 40 years died and were cremated can’t be proven. Wally must be right that 32M of Americans were teleported to Venus.

    Furthermore, can you imagine the absurdity of cremations? The conspirators want us to believe that they cremate the corpses while charging for shaving the corpses and applying make up and dressing them up in their Sunday’s best. Why would they do it if they allegedly cremate the bodies and plan to throw away the ashes? That does not make sense. For some reason they want them bodies to look good on Venus.

    Otoh the question of missing Germans or the question of atrocities committed against Germans can be
    tackled by searching mass graves. There is no prohibition against excavating of non Jewish graves. For example why nobody tried to confirm James Bacque’s hypothesis by searching sites of Eisenhower’s POW camps in Germany? If one million or more died there, the graves should be easy to find. Say, 1,000 graves with 1,000 bodies each. Find at least one.

  3. Al Liguori says: • Website

    The Jews have a long Talmudic tradition of lying victimhood.

    Consider the typically ridiculous self-reports of victimhood in tractate Gittin 57b of the Torah, the 4 BILLION (yes, BILLION) Jews killed by the Romans [Gittin 57b claims Vespasian killed “four hundred thousand myriads” = 400,000 x 10,000 = 4 BILLION] and the 64 MILLION Jewish children skewered and burned in scrolls by the Romans in one city alone [Gittin 58a claims “400 synagogues” each with “400 teachers” and “400 pupils” for each teacher” = 400 x 400 x 400 = 64 million].

    Truly as Jesus said, children of the Father of Lies and Murder. John 8:44

    • Replies: @Ann Nonny Mouse
  4. This article seems eerily similar to Gunnar Heinsohn’s revision of 1st millennium history based on stratigraphy – no layers for a historical period of civilization, then that history is false or fake. 700 phantom years are missing and the collapse of the Roman period seems to thus have occurred circa 930 AD, and not 700 years before.

    Given the sensitivity of the topic in this article, I limit comment to the idea that proscriptive dogma is invariably used to bury facts and to keep them buried. Whether proscriptive dogma is used in ignorance based on false beliefs, or is official policy remains moot. But propaganda 101 is to always accuse your opponents of your own crimes.

    Without excavation we will indeed never know.

    • Disagree: Gyre07
    • Replies: @Carolyn Yeager
  5. utu says:

    How many ethnic Poles died?

    This Google translate from

    “Juedische Allgemeine”: the destruction of Poles as a nation was never plannedłada-polaków-jako-narodu-nigdy-nie-była-planowana/a-50041291
    Lesser cites numbers given by historians Feliks Tych and Mateusz Gniazdowski, according to which in the occupied territories Germans murdered over 90 percent of Polish Jews and from five to seven percent of ethnic Poles. “In absolute numbers, they were three million Jews and about 1.4 million ethnic Poles,” he writes. In 1947, at the behest of Jakub Berman, a member of the PZPR Central Committee Political Bureau, the number of victims “was arbitrarily rounded to 6 million or 22 percent of the pre-war population. The idea was that Polish Christians would not feel discriminated against as victims of Polish Jews. Berman also hoped that this operation would stop the venomous anti-Semitism in the country, “writes the author.

  6. marylinm says:

    Got that, you killed nobody. You only brought democracy to every nation you invaded. But you killed my father, you bastards. F U, sickos.

    • Troll: Saggy, Jett Rucker
    • Replies: @trickster
  7. Reger says:

    There are many geographical inaccuracies in this article – eg the author thinks that Bruenn is near Aussig. They seem to have a very sketchy understanding of the ethnic fabric of Eastern Europe both before and after WWII and I would therefore caution anyone to accept their findings or conclusions.

  8. “When it comes to Jews, we have only the word of Jewish delegations that thousands of Jews are buried in mass graves that they refuse to excavate.”

    Well, story telling and theatrical exaggeration seems to be in their blood, especially the latter.

    It’s even commemorated in a song about their most important empire, Hollywood:

    “Hooray for Hollywood! Where you’re ‘terrific’ if you’re even good……. ”

    Take the exaggerations with a grain (or truckload) of salt, and let’s all just pray the horrors visited upon the hapless Europeans (and everyone else) during WW2 are never repeated……

    • Agree: Druid55
  9. GMC says:

    The War on Knowledge , Truth and Common Sense will go on until the honest researchers get finished with their work. But the Enemies, that wish No sharing of knowledge, truth etc. are many and work very hard at spreading the lies and cover-ups. If the bullets found in these trenches are known to be German made ,plus the date of origin, then maybe we could be told what Pharma company supplied the gaz for all the other proclaimed deaths – the dates and where the chemicals were produced , would be appreciated – also. I thought it was a very good article.

  10. This is the ultimate black pill…

  11. If it were correct that 3 million Polish Catholics were murdered, as the Catalyst journal states, one must have found in Poland about 750 mass gravesites of the same size during the past 65 years (3,000,000 divided by 4000=750), each with circa 4000 dead. Or 1500 mass gravesites, each with 2000 corpses.

    It is not known if even one of those mass gravesites has been found


    I have found one…

    At the end of 1944, the Germans, obliterating the crime, burned most of the corpses. In the Szpęgawski Forest, as many as 7,000 people could have died, approximately 2400 names were established. In the cemetery there are 32 mass graves in one complex and 7 graves 500-1000 m away.

  12. Slightly off topic,but also interesting:After the war,13.3 million Germans were deported from Poland,Chekoslovakia and Hungary,but only 7.3 million actually arrived in Germany,mostly women,children and old people.6 million Germans had disappeared.Many of those were sent to Russia for forced labour.
    -first post-war German chancellor Konrad Adenauer in a speech in Bern,Switzerland,March 23,1949.

    • Thanks: Alfred, Jett Rucker
    • Replies: @Karel
  13. A very informative article. It increasingly looks as though a holocaust was perpetrated against the Germans and not the Jews.

    • Agree: Alfred, Czarlazar
  14. This has to be one of the most risible, amateurish rubbish masquerading as Holocaust revisionism.

    The title says -Some Answers to the Mystery of the “Missing Jews” – and whoa 3/4″s of the article is about post WW2 Communist atrocities, did you think that the Stalin & Beria combine would spare anybody associated with the Nazis when they swept East Europe? And the most Hilarious bit is that this dogs puke of an article completely ignores the AR camps, how can you give answers about the missing Jews while ignoring the AR camps.

    Listen if you can’t answer about what happened to those ‘Missing Jews’ of the AR camps kindly shut up.

    Shame on you Ron for publishing such amateur Rubbish here, if you want to go full Revisionist publish Carlo Mattogno or Rudolf or some professional.

    • Troll: Saggy, Alfred
  15. Anonymous[661] • Disclaimer says:

    “Jewish groups have undertaken to discover their own mass graves in the Ukraine and Russia, which they claim to be the “killing fields” of World War II.”

    What they’re digging up is probably the remains of the millions of Ukrainians the Bolshevik Jews murdered through forced famine in 1932 and the millions of Russian Christians they slaughtered starting in 1917. Historical irony indeed.

    There is no definitive history. More will come to light as research continues, or should I say as long as it is allowed to continue?

  16. Truth3 says:

    Jewish lies number in the trillions.

    Jewish fraud is centered on six million.

  17. padre says:

    In other words, Nazis were actually a good guys, while Soviet, Yugoslav communists were the villains?You are counting Poles, Jews and Checks, while forgetting to count all the others, like Gypsies, Russians, Serbs and other Slavs?

    • Replies: @trickster
    , @GroundZero
  18. GeeBee says:

    What an extraordinary article. Why are these facts not generally known? Yes, I am joking. History is of course always written by the victors. And the Jews always seem to win…

    • Replies: @Bookish1
  19. I don’t understand why Jewish groups and their rabbis were given control of two mass grave sites. Did the civil authorities conspire with the Jews to pretend the bodies were of Jews?

    Or did the civil authorities know that if bodies were found when laying a pipeline that they were certainly Jewish bodies?

    Although mass graves of non-Jews were known to have been in those regions?

    If skeletons are found I guess it’s hard by examining them to know they were Jews. But why was it assumed that they were?

    And when the Jews wanted the pipeline work stopped, I suppose it would have stopped simply because there were bodies there, whether Jewish or not.

    I may have failed to understand the article. Or perhaps it omits relevant information.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @Robjil
    , @Alfred
    , @GMC
  20. @Wally

    Was it known that the bodies were of people who died during the war? That the skeletons were not centuries old?

    • Replies: @Wally
  21. @utu

    Furthermore, can you imagine the absurdity of cremations?

    Indeed, you had better struggle mightily, because in the year 2020 we have learned that all of the crematories in Italy combined were unable to dispose of more than a few hundred bodies per week. Struggle!

    • Agree: Emily
  22. Reger says:

    Here’s a suggestion; if you like poetry and read German, try Gertrud Kolmar. If you like opera. read about Ottilie Metzger-Lattermann (one of the Kaiser’s favorite singers). If you like classical music, follow the career of Viktor Ullmann. Just these three for a start so you can find out how peacefully they died. However, I have a strong feeling you would prefer to deal in millions (or the lack of) instead of individual fates.

    • Replies: @Curmudgeon
  23. Gordo says:

    It’s now possible to determine quite closely ethnicity from a skeleton.

    Possibly even use that to identify living relatives.

    So many mysteries will yield to science over the next few years.

  24. Dumbo says:

    But let’s see, how many Germans died at the Dresden bombings? None, because we can’t find their graves to count? The first victim of war is truth, numbers are almost always wrong or difficult to estimate. Propaganda from one side is no different than propaganda for the other side.

    • Replies: @Biff
    , @Curmudgeon
  25. gfhändel says:

    Brno is on the opposite (southwestern) side of Czechia from Ústí nad Labem, in Moravia.

  26. Hegar says:

    Thank you for this information. It is astonishing how much people aren’t allowed to know. Mass graves of Germans murdered by the communists, and many tens of thousands of Slovenians, Croats and others who fought the communists. But socialist school teachers in Europe harp endlessly about “gassed Jews”.

    Jews get control of found graves and immediately erect fences and memorials, without excavation, declaring them Jews. “Proof that Jews were killed!” No mass graves of Jews ever found at any of the concentration camps. The “einsatzgruppen” have been blamed for killing Jews – of course the Jews hated them, as they were the ones tasked with beating down communist attacks on German forces behind the front army.

    Unz Review should concentrate on these factual stories, rather than Marxist fantasies by people like “Eric Striker,” who claims that “the Soviet Union would have worked if it had been Germans instead of Slavs,” and constantly makes excuses for socialists while making sure you concentrate your anger about Black riots on conservatives. Unz Review should clean the ranks.

    • Thanks: Carolyn Yeager
    • Replies: @Carolyn Yeager
  27. @Reger

    This article (like the comment section) is full of retarded trash. The Holocaust happened, and the number of brutally murdered people has likely been officially underestimated, and the only people denying the Holocaust are those with a serious learning disability and poor attention span. I also suspect many of the people in the comment section (such as GeeBee) are coping Jewish individuals.

    • Troll: Lurker
    • Replies: @GeeBee
    , @evidence_a_must
    , @anon
  28. Emily says:

    Not just the missing jewish remains – misleading and skewing.
    There is another nasty double standard re the victims of the well known German and other nazi aligned Labour (concentration) camps.
    How many on here have heard of Jasenovac?
    It was a death camp – a real death camp.
    So vile even the gestapo were sickened.
    It was a Nazi Croatian mass murder camp where hundreds of thousands of allied Serbs, gypsies and others died, suffering appalling torture and murder.
    The Serbs – who NATO/US/UK mass murdered and bombed back to the stonage some 25 years ago – died valiantly and like flies – tying up whole divisions of the Germans.
    In gratitude and on behalf of the islamic fundamentalist Saudi leaning KLA we repaid this debt illegally attacked the Serbs – the only ethnic cleansing being some 700,000 Serb refugees driven from their ancestral homes in the Krajina (20,000 more murdered because they couldn’t leave fast enough), over a quarter of a million of them out of their ancestral homeland of Kosovo and many from Bosnia and other parts.
    700,000 who lost it all.
    Reparations due I think.
    All illegal and to give radical islam a base in Southern Europe and build a massive USA base – Camp Bondsteel.
    Back to Jasenovac .
    This was the most deadly and brutal camp of all.
    Heard of it.
    Few Jrewish victims so written out of history.
    Just as have been the millions of non jews killed in the other camps.
    The disabled etc – many catholics.
    All written out as only Jews can be the victims.
    Here are just a few of the links to Jasenovac.
    And ask yourself why the silence on the suffering of the Serbians – huge numbers dying fighting for we the allies – not as some groups, not fighting at all but profiteering.
    So why the silence – only one holocaust allowed?.
    And Serbs are not members of that club.
    And how many know that the Serbs have been completely vindicated and Milosevic declared an innocent man of war crimes .
    Murdered non the less in his prison

  29. @HammerJack

    Italians must be incompetent. India cremates over six million each year.

  30. Biff says:

    But let’s see, how many Germans died at the Dresden bombings?

    Funny you should ask. Encyclopedia Britannica says 135,000

    Wikipropaganda says 25,000 tops.

    My guess is all that got killed died.

  31. maz10 says:

    Let me start with this:

    One is the last communist head of state for Poland from 1985-90, Wojciech Jaruzelski. Speaking to a journalist of Izvestia (Russian daily newspaper), he said, rather tongue-in-cheek, that he cannot understand how the Polish population exploded between 1946 and 1970, and then leveled off to become stagnant from 1990 till today. He humorously remarked that there had to have been “a strong aphrodisiac” to lead to the birth of millions of new Poles because “in the grocery stores there had been only vinegar and millions had died even after the war.”

    What the late General is referring to is the common trope that during communism (actually socialism but I will leave that for another time) there was only ‘musztarda i ocet’ that is mustard and vinegar on store shelves. It was a common accusation against the system as a whole and Jaruzelski personally since he was an important part of the said system. On more than one occasion he defended himself and his times by pointing out – sometimes in a tongue-in -cheek fashion as in the quoted citation – that it could have not been so bad if Poland’s population growth is anything to go by (he sometimes pointed out other advances but again I do not want to side-track here) as Poland indeed experienced a demographic explosion. Of course this resulted in many problems, for example despite a program of massive apartment block building – in virtually every Polish city and town you will see rows and rows of such apartment blocks standing – there was a chronic housing shortage.

    Thus with citing Gen. Jaruzelski’s remarks in the context of Polish and Jewish victims of German atrocities Ms. Yeager and her sidekick managed to make it to the very top of Unz review’s comic relief category. My sincere congratulations.

    That was the funny part and here comes the more serious one.

    Namely Ms. Yeager and her sidekick were kind enough to write: ‘The only known mass grave of Poles was the work of the Soviet Red Army, led by the NKVD, in the Katyn Forest in Soviet Russia.’

    Let me just point out, that mass graves with Polish victims of German mass executions were located among other places at:

    Palimiry, Las Sękocinski, Las kabacki, Laski and many, many others locations such as for example Ponary (outside of Poland’s post WW II borders in present-day Lithuania).

    I do not know if Ms. Yeager and her sidekick are that ignorant in regard to the topic they write about or if they deliberately lie, or alternatively there is some other explanation – that however is of secondary importance. What is of primary importance is that what they wrote is not factually correct.

    One could go on dissecting Ms. Yeager’s and her sidekick’s writings however I have better things to do on Sunday. Yet the above should suffice to put parts of their ‘work’ into the category of comedies while others into that of falsities* – that in turn weighs heavily on what to make of the rest.

    *With one caveat though: hundreds of years of Drang nach Osten were indeed reversed in a very short time at the end of WW II, sometimes in a brutal way. Thus there IS some truth in what Ms. Yeager and her sidekick produced, this being in the category of an exception which confirms the rule in regard to the rest.

    • Agree: utu
  32. GeeBee says:

    What is a ‘coping Jewish individual’ exactly? You are of course at liberty to suspect me of being anything you like. But none of your suspecting will ever change me from being anything other than a proud, thoroughbred Yorkshire Anglo-Saxon, who can trace both parents’ lines back for centuries with no trace of anything outside of our own fine, yeoman, Anglo-Saxon bloodline.

    My admittedly unusual ‘take’ on twentieth-century history arose from making a closer study of it than I had hitherto stirred myself so to do, in the wake of having been obliged to take early retirement at a convenient moment, in that it coincided with the appearance of much hitherto unavailable information thanks to the burgeoning internet era. My prior studies had by no means been trivial: I had taken modules in both War Studies and International Affairs to degree standard while at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst.

    At all events, I believe my current position to reflect a good deal more of the truth than is contained in the ‘official’ history, and I can assure you that my epiphany in this regard occasioned me the very keenest mental anguish at first. Not to put too fine a point on it, I found my life-long beliefs turned upside down. Not at all a welcome development, but one that intellectual honesty compelled me to accept.

    • Replies: @JohnPlywood
  33. Anonymous[506] • Disclaimer says:
    @Ann Nonny Mouse

    Don’t be so cynical. Because the Jews acting collectively have never and can never do anything wrong, it follows that any criticism of their collective behavior anywhere and at any time, whether today or throughout history, is hate speech.

    We also know from Freudian science that it arises from envy and that paranoid guilt-projection plays no part in their condemnation of the Other. Laws to that effect throughout Europe also provide scientific evidence that Jews never lie and, therefore, their narratives of events taking place outside the laws of nature and not subject to rules of logic or scientific method must be true.

    So, Mr. Holocaust doubter, just maybe the rabbis, reaching into the pits, have discovered miraculously intact passports, photos, and birth certificates as before, using the forensic skills their agents displayed in the ashes of the Trade Center and Pentagon to locate paper miraculously immune from fire, water, and the forces of explosion sufficient to render concrete into dust.

  34. Robjil says:
    @Ann Nonny Mouse

    And when the Jews wanted the pipeline work stopped, I suppose it would have stopped simply because there were bodies there, whether Jewish or not.

    I may have failed to understand the article. Or perhaps it omits relevant information.

    The omitted info is the following:

    Ukraine is a US/Israel controlled nation since 2014.

    Nuland’s, a Jewish Zionist, world famous battle cry begin the Zionist coup and Zio rule of Ukraine with these infamous words “F–k the EU.”Poroshenko the first president of this Zion colony was half Jewish.The second president Zelensky is Jewish.The Zionists in control of this US/Israel colony are even afraid Shabbos Goy to take the presidency of their new colony.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @Zarathustra
  35. trickster says:

    It is true that India cremates millions per year, that is their tradition. However to attend a Hindu cremation and to observe, really observe the logistics required to burn ONE body is to realize the impossibility of German logistics to effectively do away with 6 million in addition to fighting a war against multiple opponents.

    One need not have a Doctorate in Maths. Just pick a modern City with 3 million inhabitants, visit it and drive around it extensively and now imagine you will completely decimate TWO (2) cities like it by killing and burning every single human being in them. The infrastructure, transportation, human resources and material logistics required for such a task are horrendous. At the same time you are fighting a major war against several nations, 2 with with almost unlimited manpower and industrial capacity. Toward the end of the war Germany was fighting on 3 fronts, being bombed to smithereens and also battling partisans in several countries AND also running their extermination program ??

    It is one thing for 6 million families in India to cremate 6 million relatives. I find it hard to believe that the staff in all the concentration camps would be up to this numerical task AND make the bones and ashes of 6 million disappear completely.

    I love a good ghost story but my powers of belief have their limit.

    • Agree: Jett Rucker
    • Replies: @Zarathustra
  36. Saggy says: • Website

    Listen if you can’t answer about what happened to those ‘Missing Jews’ of the AR camps kindly shut up.

    We know what happened to the Jews in the AR camps, they were burned. And we have proof … Action 1005 was led by Paul Blobel who confessed.

    We even know how he did it … from his confession …

    During my visit in August I myself observed the burning of bodies in a mass grave near Kiev. This grave was about 55 m. long, 3 m. wide and 2½ m. deep. After the top had been removed the bodies were covered with inflammable material and ignited. It took about two days until the grave burned down to the bottom. I myself observed that the fire had glowed down to the bottom. After that the grave was filled in and the traces were now practically obliterated.

    The holohoax is a collection of preposterous lies … see ..

    • Replies: @Genrick Yagoda
    , @Ace
  37. trickster says:

    It is dangerous to not take your meds ! Sounds like you might need to increase the doseage. Please see your Doctor immediately.

  38. I just don’t know where to start. Whole “article” is such a BS. OK, let’s start from beginning then:

    Two responsible figures have recently and publicly added their voices to the question of six million Poles murdered (ostensibly by Nazis) between 1939 and 1945.

    “One is the last communist head of state for Poland from 1985-90, Wojciech Jaruzelski (…)”


    General Wojciech Jaruzelski. Head of military junta that took over power from Party in 1982, responsible for murdering dozens of people. Cold blood mass murderer, aparatchik, liar and Soviet hardliner. Such a perfect “responsible figure”! And delicious cherry on top – he most likely was “wtornik” too (it’s margin note, I can explain meaning of this term and whole story but only if somebody will be genuinly interested). During inteview with Soviet, communist, cenzored newspaper. Said something. Wow! Groundbreaking news. Let’s rewrite all history books.

    The other is Dr. Otwald Mueller, a well-known German researcher.


    Let’s check this “researcher”.

    “Die Welt (German newspaper “The World”), September 2, 2009: “beginning of WW II, 6 million victims in Poland, half of them Jews….”

    2) Daily Gazette (Schenectady, N.Y.), September 2, 2009: “….Poland alone lost 6 million citizens, half of them Jews” (…)

    An important chart

    There exists an important Polish population chart. It marks a pre-war Polish population of 29.89 million people, and for the year 1946 a population of 23.6 million.”


    And his scientic research regarding even basic facts are based on bloody TABLOIDS? GERMAN TABLOIDS? And he can not even “research” population chart for Poland?

    ROTFL is not enough.

    Are you mocking and insulting all Poles and Polish citizens who died during WWII? Or perhaps all world’s scientists and reserchers including half-baked and fully stoned first year history course students? Do you think all your readers are complete idiots?

    Facts: Republic of Poland population in 1938: Roughly 35 millions. NOT 29.89 millions. 35 MILLIONS.

    Here any kind of discussion ends. I kindly ask all readers to check that one fact yourself. Find Poland population before WWII. Got it? Now ask yourself: do you like to be fooled like that? This “well-known German reasercher” (and Carolyn Yeager and Wilhelm Kriessmann who published such a BS) lied to you about most basic fact. Cause they think that you are absolute idiots. Are you?

    Anyway. Just for fun let’s verify very next “fact”:

    “There exists an important Polish population chart. It marks a pre-war Polish population of 29.89 million people, and for the year 1946 a population of 23.6 million. The difference is of approximately 6 million, or 21% of the total population. The chart seems to prove the statement of “6 million” but, on the contrary, it contradicts it.”

    “and for the year 1946 a population of 23.6 million”.


    “The difference is of approximately 6 million, or 21% of the total population.”

    The difference is approx. 11 MILLIONS, or 33% of the total population.

    And yes. It was that bad. One third of total population lost (notice: LOST! Not all died. Some publications did indicate that 6 millions died, it could be one of the reasons for possible confusion regarding subject, among others)

    Source: As for official count and confirmation of data I recommend Nuremberg Trials protocols and final statements. It’s all there. Again – if you are interested find exact relevant data yourself, source provided.

    “That shows in a significant way how Polish history – better Polish fairy tales – works.”

    Yes. I do understand Otwald Mueller is absolutely hideous, abhorrent and disgusting person.
    Not only liar, not only completely fake “researcher” and real Nazi comforter and backer but absolutely disgusting character too. No doubt about it. Still it’s always good to know the true, whatever it is.

    Let’s “reserch” just next fact. That will be simply very next sentence.

    “We must keep in mind that 31% of Poland’s population was of non-Polish origin one million were German, as you can see from names of cities like Stettin, Gruenberg and Breslau.”

    We have to, we really have to keep in mind Otwald Muller is not only hideous person, liar and fake researcher but also complete idiot. We are talking absolute moron who is willing to lie about most basic facts, even when simpliest fact checking will expose him as a complete fraud.

    Now, I do not know exact ethnic population of Poland in given time. I can easily check it but there is no point. Let’s assume it was 31% of non-Polish, just for the sake of argument. And let’s assume 1 million were Germans.

    “as you can see from names of cities like Stettin, Gruenberg and Breslau”

    German science at it finest.

    1. STETTIN is GERMANIZED name for Polish name SZCZECIN, not the other way around.
    2. Same story with Wroclaw (for short period of time known as Breslau).

    Exposing this german moron (and those behind him) is like kicking a puppy. I am sure he is true vile character, he has very worst intentions for real victims of WWII and he is doing his best to cover German crimes of WWII.

    Still exposing him does fell like kicking a puppy.

    And I am not going to waste more time exposing more of this BS “letter” and BS “article anyway. Not unless somebody will be genuinly interested.

    So one final note regarding lol very german cities of Stettin and Breslau:

    My English isn’t fluent so I explain it in simplest way I can. Szczecin is a name for settlement built/established by Slavs (Wkrzanie) in VII century. It is old city and old name. Yes, most of city dwellers were Germans from like XVI century to 1945. No it’s not because this city was build by Germans. It was taken by Germans (not Germany, it was Hanza, lol, it’s a long story, to cut it short – let’s say Germans) centuries after it rose and they changed name only a bit, to make it easier to pronounce. Germans don’t do SZ and CZ diphthtongs hence Stettin. It is as easy and simple.
    BTW there is so much more to the story of Szczecin. Like city coat of arms (“Gryf” or “Gryfin”, eng. Griffin) and the fact even when citizens were mostly Germans, for 500 years rulers where “Gryfici” native Poles of House of Griffin. Very old and noble family. House of Griffin ended in XVII century, natural causes.

    Breslau. It’s even funnier. Again. Breslau is germanized name for Polish city.

    And again. Fascinating story but let’s keep it short. First settlement then town, then city. Slavs, Poles, Poles. One of most important Polish cities. First name recorded?

    Vuartizlau. 1133. In Thietmar’s Chronicle.

    Now if you are not familiar with Thietmar then just a brief: Thietmar of Merseburg, German, bishop, historician. Kudos to him for good effort in writing down city name as similar to way it was spoken as posssible. Vuartizlau gives a lot of hints regarding, well, many things.

    • Thanks: maz10, snag
  39. @Emily


    Serbian ideology is chock full of lies. For instance, lunatic Serbian ideologues (Milojević, Lukin Lazić, Pjanić Luković, Deretić), from the 1870s to the 2010s, have claimed that:

    * Mesopotamians are actually Serbs
    * Siberia got the name from Serbs (S-b-r..well, it’s like S-r-b)
    * half (at least) of Egyptian pharaohs & Roman emperors were Serbs
    * Jesus was a Serb
    * Homer, Aristotle etc. wrote in Serbian
    * all Slavs are actually Serbs, as well Germans etc.
    * all ancient civilizations, except yellow races (Egypt, Mesopotamia, India, Rome, Greece,..) were Serbian
    * etc. etc.

    As far as WW II is considered, official censuses from 1931. (the last census in Royalist Yugoslavia) and from 1948. (the first in Communist Yugoslavia) show that there are c. 700,000 more Serbs in all of Yugoslavia- and 3,500-14,000 less Croats, despite annexation of Croatian areas formerly held by Fascist Italy (Istria, Rijeka, 5 islands with exclusively Croatian population).

    So, Serbs who are supposedly the greatest victims in ex-Yu WW II show a growth in absolute numbers by 700,000 & Croats who are supposedly perpetrators, or lesser victims- are diminished in absolute numbers by 14,000 (despite adding a significant Croatian-only territory)?

    The whole Yugoslav & Serbian narrative about WW II is one big, fat lie.

    • Replies: @Dumbo
    , @anonlb
  40. @Włodzimierz

    the Germans, obliterating the crime, burned most of the corpses.

    There is the convergence of evidence again!

    Jews (and Catholics) are inflammable!

    It’s shocking to me that we don’t have hundreds of thousands of people bursting into flames on a daily basis.

    • Replies: @Włodzimierz
  41. Alfred says:
    @Ann Nonny Mouse

    I don’t understand why Jewish groups and their rabbis were given control of two mass grave sites. Did the civil authorities conspire with the Jews to pretend the bodies were of Jews?

    Ukraine has a Jewish president and a Jewish prime minister. The current regime was installed following a coup organised by their Jewish cousins in the USA. Fewer than 1% of the population is Jewish – but this is a democratic government after all.

    Politicians and journalists who don’t toe the line are shot. The victims never seem to be Jewish. Here is the latest one only a few weeks ago – May 22. I doubt if it made the MSM anywhere.

    Ukrainian lawmaker found dead in central Kyiv (Jewspeak)

    He was not “found dead”. He was executed with a bullet to the head.

    It did not happen in “central Kyiv”. It took place in his parliamentary office.

    • Thanks: Robjil
    • Replies: @Achilles Wannabe
  42. trickster says:

    Anyone who ever fought in a war will tell you there are no good guys, no side is right while the other is wrong. All war is atrocity on both sides sometimes deliberate sometimes just sheer revenge. To experience the reality of a battlefield, before, during and after is to try to survive under the most terrible conditions physically and emotionally intact.

    As I tell any young man who would lend me an ear. There is no glory and honour in war. These are words the politicians use to provoke youth to wash their dirty laundry while they chill in nice comfortable and safe homes licking up the finest wines and foods. The youth get to eat any cheap shit they feed you, in a hole, with assorted vermin, without a bath or change of clothes for at times several days, most times defecating and peeing in your pants from necessity or sheer terror. Why nourish and nurture a man who may have a life expectancy of a few hours ?

    I dont look at war movies. They are all bullshit. I passed the TV once when my son was looking at one such movie. The actors all look so clean and well groomed. An artillery shell landed and some of them somersaulted as if they had bounced on a trampoline and then landed all intact. That is Hollywood! The reality ? When a heavy shell lands among men they disappear. You might find a leg with the boot still attached. A discerning person may say “Yeah, that is Billy’s leg. I remember because the boot had such and such a mark carved on it”. But the rest of Billy is nowhere to be found. Its called “Missing in Action”

    During and after a war, civilians may wax about humanity, peace and love and goodwill to all men, who was good and who were the criminal types but those classifications do not exist on a battlefield or in a war. Even God is nowhere in sight, what would he be doing there anyway ?

    And if God has made himself scarce who or what is good and who and what is bad ?

  43. @Saggy

    Once again, proof that Jews are inflammable!

    If only we could find a way to burn dead Jews next to a flywheel, our energy problems would be solved.

    • LOL: Digital Samizdat
    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  44. @utu

    Normal people will agree that the official number of 6,000,000 is too high…


  45. Anon[240] • Disclaimer says:

    Lack of evidence is not the evidence of absence.

    Jews are missing only in the Holocaust deniers’ minds.

    Were there ever two better lines written to illustrate the hate that Jews have for non-Jews and the disrespect that Jews have for the minds of non-Jews?

    “Keep searching goy, lack of evidence that you are a murderer does not mean that you are not”

    “Lack of hard evidence of your crimes and our victimhood is only lack of evidence in your mind”.

    What a lunatic.

    Completely representative of your people.

    Wonder no longer why you people draw so much animosity.

    Normal people will agree that the official number of 6,000,000 is might be too high and that rather three to four million Jews died during WWII and they are not missing because they are dead.

    “Normal people will agree”

    Who is this, a member of the special needs Hasbara team? Using condescending rhetoric that is so rudimentary and ineffective that it is given to the short bus participants to make noise? Is today also the field trip to the yeshiva, where you will read from the torah like a real Jewish boy?

    No one “normal” would agree with your any of your self-interested logic after reading the lines that I prior highlighted. In fact, “normal people” would reflexively investigate the opposite position.

    In fact, “normal” people would and do discount the entire story after it came out, as admitted by Jews themselves, that Simon Wiesenthal invented the additional 5 million non-Jewish dead for sympathy. And that lie was put forward as true for decades.

    You people don’t lose “part credit” or “part credibility” for that lie. You lose it all. And that’s before we get to the rest of the proof against Holocaust logic.

    You are inveterate liars, mass murderers, willing oppressors, and thieves.

  46. Trinity says:

    Even when Jews LIE it is only to bring joy into the world. Take one Herman Rosenblat who wrote, “Angel At The Fence,” describing his time in a concentration camp during WWII. Good ole Herman was making the talk show circuit with his book and there were plans for a movie, UNTIL, it was found out that good ole Herman Rosenblat had made the whole story up, it was a LIE. The nice Jewish boy, Herman, had Doprah Pigfrey calling his book the greatest love story of all time. teehee. When caught in a LIE, Herman said he was only guilty of trying to bring joy into the world.

    Jews are such a caring people. Jews are champions of human rights for everyone and they always seem to take joy in their role as their brother’s keeper. Here was a Jewish man who did not seek fame nor money, no sir, his concern was bringing joy into the world through a book. Jews can teach humanity so much. Jews have suffered so much. And don’t let Jewish power, money, and influence fool you, or their role in the pornography business or other seedy occupations, Jews are people of the Book, and the pillars of the community. Jews have championed the fight against White racism and civil rights for Blacks, they are tireless workers for truth, justice and the American Way just like Superman. Go Jews.

    • Thanks: Alfred
    • Replies: @anon
    , @Pat Kittle
  47. skrik says:

    exception which confirms the rule

    Fallacious. Taurus excretus cerebus perplexus – and we all know which party throws most of the BS in the perverse hope of obfuscation – they just can’t help themselves. Then see 33.Anonymous[506]. rgds

    • Replies: @maz10
  48. Bookish1 says:

    Keep in mind how many tons is 1,00,000 people. If the average weight of 1,000,000 people was 135 pounds then the total weight of that 1 million is 135,000,000 lbs. Divide that by the number of pounds in 1 ton which is 2,000lbs and you get 67,500 tons of human remains. Now how the hell do you hide that much human remains of one million people much less 6 million.

  49. Anon[317] • Disclaimer says:

    Always remember that the other pertinent truth is that the Jews were guilty of everything that the Germans accused them of.

    As is well-evidenced by what Jews support, control, and how they otherwise act as a political group today.

    The Jews are no different than Al Qaeda. They merely work to hurt outsiders with lies about their identities and motivations, their control of the press, their influence on the culture, and their perfidious political actions once embedded in governments. Instead of with literal IEDs.

    Jewish goals are parallel to the goals of Al Qaeda, with much better results.

    That the Jewish and Islamic religions share virtually all of their theological DNA is not a coincidence.

    • Replies: @Druid55
  50. Bookish1 says:

    True that jews always seem to win but the fact is they cant lose one major war or they are done forever. Israel cant lose one war or she is done. Arabs can lose 10 wars and the come back for another one someday. If Hitler would have won jews would have been done.

    • Replies: @Pat Kittle
  51. GMC says:
    @Ann Nonny Mouse

    I know the place they are discussing and you have to remember Odecca has always been a heavy Jewish city. But only when it suits their best interests. In this case – getting more free land and calling out the Orthodox folks . Even goes back to the Khazarian/ Pecheneg times, when they chose to be Jews because the Ottomans in the south and the Rooskies in the north were pressing them to be either Islamic or Orthodox. Of course they chose the ” chosen ones religion” for their slave trade and usury / theft trade. The normal Russians/Crimeans that I know that are jews are way cool folks – they even have family is Israel but no big ego. Just normal Russians.

    • Replies: @jbwilson24
  52. @Włodzimierz

    I read the link you provided,

    Thats it? seriously?

    • Replies: @Włodzimierz
  53. Wally says:
    @Ann Nonny Mouse

    “Was it known that the bodies were of people who died during the war? That the skeletons were not centuries old?”


    That’s what I meant when I said:

    “Of these there is no proof of even the age of the skeletons, whether they were even Jews, whether they were even murdered. ”


  54. RT says:

    In justice, absence of evidence is absence of evidence and has been for thosand of years everywhere, except for ancient Egypt . If you cannot provide evidence, the accused is innocent. This is called presumption of innocence.

    • Replies: @utu
  55. @utu

    Lack of evidence is not the evidence of absence.

    Very good thinking that adds up to nothing more than:

    The original statement is that “absence of proof is not proof of absence,” which simply means that a lack of proof for something doesn’t, in and of itself, prove that the thing is false. But lack of evidence for something is most definitely evidence that the thing in question may be false, especially when there should be evidence for that thing.

    But beyond the silly proof you offer that the absence of evidence is proof of presence, the answer to your question about how one would prove that those whose ashes disappeared had really died is easily answered by death certificates, cremation records, and evidence of funerals or memorial services that were held, and announcement about the death of the deceased.

    But even your notion that the ashes of the holocaust victims would have been as scattered as would be the case of cremated remains scattered throughout the United Statges by relatives is absurd with rerspect to holocaust victims who were all allegedly killed in very confined geographic spaces and whose ashes the Germans certainly did not bother to scatter throughout Europe to hide them as your example of relatives scattering the ashes of relatives throughout the country would have them do.

    That you would even provide this example to substantiate the holocauset reveals the absurdity of your claiming it happened as claimed. Had it happened on the scale claimed, there would be massive evidence of it just as the examples provided in the article about the mass graves of real victims that have been found.

    Indeed, given the millions killed in the fighting on the Eastern Front there should be endless examples of mass graves first of the millions of Russians killed during the German advance the Germans almost certainly buried in mass graves as the Russians did likewise of the Germans killed during the Russian advance.

    So where is the evidence?

    An easy place to look as Babi Yar where 30,000 Jews were reportedly murdered in a very specific site. Why has no one looked to prove it with the evidence of the bodies?

  56. Wally says:

    – You really should know what you’re talking about before you speak.
    Remember, it is your “Holocaust Industry” which claims that such immense human grave sites exist in known locations, not Revisionsts.

    – Revisionists are just the messengers, the absurd impossibility of the laughable ‘holocaust’ storyline is the message.

    – The millions of other deaths you cite are not based upon the ridiculous “holocaust” claims of enormous numbers of people dying in highly centralized locations in which, again, the locations are supposedly known.

    – As for military deaths, I remind that that there are cemeteries all over Europe.

    There have been many, many attempts to find the alleged huge mass graves in which many millions have been supposedly dumped. Those attempts failed miserably, as I demonstrated about Sobibor in the first comment in this thread.

    Here’s another of the many examples examples I can cite.
    !! Excavation Result: No Human Remains of alleged 34,000 Jews as claimed at Babi Yar !! In fact, no remains period.:
    more examples here:

    – Of course, utu, you have been challenged at this site for proof of the scientifically impossible ‘gas chambers’ that you believe in.:

    • Thanks: Ann Nonny Mouse
  57. @Reger

    You say “many geographical inaccuracies in this article” and you cite one. Indeed, the one you cite is an error – Bruenn/Brno is not in the “same area of Northwestern Bohemia” as is Aussig/Usti nad Labem. Brno is in the south.

    I will correct this on my website, so thank you for bringing it to my attention. But it is certainly not weighty enough to undermine the rest of the article, which is based on newspaper accounts from the time. Since that time, no new diggings of any consequence have been undertaken. The will to do so, by those in authority, is not there.

  58. Dumbo says:
    @Bardon Kaldian

    Croat Ustaša killed thousand of Serbs, it’s well documented, do you deny that?

    This is supposedly from a Gestapo report, if true it’s quite damning, it’s not a source that would want to incriminate their own allies:

    Increased activity of the bands [of rebels] is chiefly due to atrocities carried out by Ustaše units in Croatia against the Orthodox population. The Ustaše committed their deeds in a bestial manner not only against males of conscript age, but especially against helpless old people, women and children. The number of the Orthodox that the Croats have massacred and sadistically tortured to death is about three hundred thousand

    (I have no dog in this fight, but have more sympathy for Serbs than for Croats because of the way the have been treated by the U.S. Empire recently).

    • Replies: @Bardon Kaldian
  59. @Grahamsno(G64)

    The AR camps and complete lack of forensic evidence at each of them is mentioned. I can see why the focus is on Auschwitz because if Jews brought more attention to Treblinka it would be obvious how fake the whole thing is.

  60. @Genrick Yagoda

    Dear Genrick

    Do you really think German occupants did burn their own fellow citizens on polish soil in 1939?

    What is written is completely unhistorical and untrue statement that nobody can find any polish citizens mass graves in Poland.

    Authors did not check basic data like number of polish citizens before the war – almost 35 millions. But we can read in the article …

    It marks a pre-war Polish population of 29.89 million people.

    What is the purpose of such obvious mistake/falsification?

  61. maz10 says:

    Dear Sir, it is inappropriate to quote oneself they say thus I will refer you back to my original comment which you were kind enough to comment yourself. Sufficient to say I pointed out that Ms. Yeager and her sidekick made fools out of themselves with their choice of Gen. Jaruzelski’s quote and have a nonchalant attitude towards facts when it comes to mass graves of German atrocities victims.

    In this context I can not help but also to point out that it is not the first time Ms. Yeager wrote nonsense and not the first time to I call her out on that either.

    Thus if anyone here is a peddler of taurus excretum it is Ms. Yeager who has a proven track record of being one.

    For this reason when she occasionally gets something right it is similar to a broken clock showing the right time every twelve hours.

  62. Dumbo says:

    “Let the dead bury their dead”. Instead of harping on such issues with a discussion that never ends and is rather pointless, Europeans would do better to focus on the future and reproduce more. Of course, “Holocaust denial” and similar speech criminalization laws would have to go too, it’s time, soon there will be no survivors alive, and it will hopefully be forgotten like all wars. There’s no need to keep talking about this things forever, let’s forgive and forget, and think about the future. If Europe becomes majority African and Arab in the next 100 years, then what’s the point of discussing what flavour of white killed which flavour of white? It won’t matter anymore… I mean non-whites are already toppling Churchill statues, and Churchill was until recently an “anti-fascist” and a hero of both leftists and neo-cons.

  63. @Louis Hissink

    But propaganda 101 is to always accuse your opponents of your own crimes.

    Thanks. This is the truest thing that can be said and should always be kept uppermost in mind when studying history.

    Evidence for this truism can be found in the book Wehrmacht War Crimes Bureau 1939-1945.
    and also

  64. @JohnPlywood

    “...the only people denying the Holocaust are those with a serious learning disability and poor attention span ...”

    … and those poor, deluded people who prefer to have evidence, and not just Hollywood films created by people with an agenda to push and a story to sell!

  65. @Reger

    Individual fates?
    Anything to do with the Hollow-co$t narrative is suspect. What kind of “death camps” have hospitals for internees? What kind of “death camps” have scrip for prisoners to spend at a canteen? What kind of “death camps” have orchestras and theaters for internees? Why would “death camps” record marriages and births? The Olympic size swimming pools and soccer fields for internees at “death camps” were there, obviously, as another form of mass murder by forcing the internees to swim until they drowned or run until they collapsed.
    How about the individual fates of the women and children burned to death in the incendiary bombing of Hamburg and Dresden, or the deaths of 1600 civilians who drowned when the Ruhr Valley dams were bombed? More teenage girls named Anne died in one night of allied bombing than ever died in concentration camps.
    To paraphrase David Irving, more people died in the back seat of Ted Kennedy’s car than in homicidal gas chambers at Auschwitz. It is indeed, unfortunate that people died, but the Jewish “leadership” declared war on Germany in 1933. The deaths of the three people you named is on their hands for scheming against the legitimate government of Germany.

    • Replies: @Wally
    , @Reger
  66. @Da's Reich

    Authors claimed they can not find any example of documented mass grave of polish citizens.

    I don’t think there is a big problem to find info about such topics if you need.,The-world039s-largest-cemetery-of-the-clergy-Polish-clergy-in-KL-Dachau.html

    You may visit Dachau and check on site.

  67. @Dumbo

    According to Kurt Vonnegut, author of Slaughterhouse 5, and Victor Gregg, POWs who helped with the “clean up”, a whole lot more than what has been estimated.

    Curious that the fanatical record keeping Nazis have no record of the amount of coke needed to burn the numbers of alleged victims cremated at concentration camps. Meanwhile, the Soviet archives released camp records are in line with the Red Cross estimates and Bletchley Park transcripts. Obviously, they are all lying and Yad Vesham is correct.

  68. @maz10

    (actually socialism but I will leave that for another time)

    You wouldn’t know what socialism was if it bit you in the arse. Your local co-op is socialist.

    • Replies: @maz10
  69. utu says:

    Grow up. You are not in the court. You are not even in the court of public opinion. You are among the Holocaust denial retards. You are one of them actually.

    • Replies: @jbwilson24
    , @Art
    , @RT
  70. maz10 says:

    I beg your pardon? There is a good chance I have more first-hand experience with socialism (as Realsozialismus) then you have experience with anything at all.

    • Replies: @Curmudgeon
  71. @Dumbo

    Just a c-p for clueless people.

    * during 1918-1939 period, Yugoslavia was basically a softer version of Greater Serbia, with all nations-except Slovenes- oppressed. Close to 400 Croats & ca. 2000 Muslims had been killed by Serbian paramilitaries & government forces during “peaceful” period in the 1920s & 1930s. The turning point was assassination of Croatian leader Stjepan Radić, a sort of Croatian Gandhi, by a Serb nationalist in Yugoslav parliament in 1928. This convinced some Croats that any Yugoslavia was insufferable, and the most influential among them was future Poglavnik/”Leader” Ante Pavelić, who emigrated & founded a revolutionary terrorist organization ustaše (ca. 200-300 people).

    * after the collapse of Yugoslavia in the April war 1941, situation in Croatia & Bosnia and Herzegovina was something like a vacuum. No Croatian politician wanted to become the head of state patronized by Nazi German authorities, but at the same time there was a sense of jubilation: Croats got independent (in theory) country, after decades of Serbian oppression. In this vacuum, Pavelić was installed by Hitler and Mussolini as a kind of puppet. In this country, ca. 50-60% were Croats & more than 30% were Serbs (the rest were Bosnian Muslims, considered to be Croats).

    * Pavelić assumed power on April the 10th 1941. But even a week before that, Serb paramilitaries had started killing Croats & some 200-400 people were killed in the interregnum. After he had been installed, Pavelić actually dissolved parliament & established a dictatorship; Croatia was crippled & many vital areas, especially in Dalmatia, were given to Mussolini’s Italy. Also, he introduced racial laws for Jews & started to persecute Serbs- both as a revenge for their participation in royalist Yugoslavia period terror & their atrocities during interregnum. In next few months perhaps 5-20,000 Serbs were killed by ustaše in various areas of NDH/Independent State of Croatia.

    Basically, it was a terrorist regime & most Croats disapproved of it, but were expecting to get rid of ustaše in some future & retain statehood under democratic circumstances. So, Croats wanted a truly independent country.

    * Serbs, being persecuted (along with Jews & Gypsies) rebelled on a massive scale in the last quarter of 1941 & many areas of NDH had become virtually defunct. This resulted in further Pavelić’s dependence to Hitler. On the other hand, communist partisans, led by a Croat, Josip Broz Tito, after their defeat in Serbia fled with remnants of their army to the NDH territory. There, they found refuge among Serbs, while many of them defected to royalist Četniks led by Serbian colonel Mihailović. Četniks had killed, during 1941, ca. 12-15,000 Muslim & Croat civilians, mostly in the eastern Bosnia regions.

    From 1941-1945 there was a civil war in all of Yugoslavia, with various factions fighting for different aims. In Croatia, more Croats had been coming to partisans, especially after 1943 (fall of Italy) & thus partisans became a respectable force. For instance, Croatia had 5 partisan corpses (4 of them with clear Croatian majority), while Slovenia had 2, Bosnia & Herzegovina 2, Serbia proper 2 etc.

    * in may 1945, war was over & partisans had won. But, in 2- 6 weeks after the end of war, they committed mass atrocities, killing ca. 80,000-130,000 Croatian soldiers & civilians, perhaps 10,000 Serbian Četniks & up to 4,000 Slovenian white guards.

    Modern unbiased historical investigations have dispelled many myths, especially those re number of victims in Yugoslavia & NDH in particular. In sum, in all of Yugoslavia, ca. 500,000 Serbs had died unnatural deaths & this included some 300,000 Serbs in NDH. Of these, perhaps over 100,000 had been killed by ustaše, while others died of typhoid, were killed by Germans, Četniks etc. Among Croats, ca. 200- 250,000 died of unnatural causes, virtually all of them in NDH on various sides. Percentage-wise, the biggest losses were among Bosnian Muslims, over 80,000.

    For instance:


    GREATER SERBIA: from Ideology to Aggression,

    An International Symposium: SOUTHEASTERN EUROPE 1918-1995

    War and Revolution in Yugoslavia, 1941-1945: Occupation and Collaboration – Jozo Tomasevich

    The National Question in Yugoslavia: Origins, History, Politics – Ivo Banac

  72. VICB3 says:

    Bottom line is that the whole existing Jewish Holocaust narrative is not supported by the evidence. And any competent detective would spot the inconsistencies and contrary evidence in the overall narrative and conclude that either the witness is fabricating and embellishing what actually happened, or very simply is lying.

    That’s not the same thing as saying no Jews were killed in Europe, or that I’d want to be Jewish and in Europe in WWII. (Hell, I wouldn’t have wanted to be anywhere in Europe during WWII period!) Rather, it’s very clear that everybody was killing everybody else in those places and at that time based on ethnicity, nationality, politics, being on the losing side or what have you, including plain old greed, and that nobodies’ hands were clean. Warfare will do that.

    That, and the subsequent coverups, denials and spinmeistering over the years by all actors concerning massacres and reprisals, large scale thefts, organized starvations and ethnic cleansing are more over embarrassment and concerns about reputations than anything else. Likewise, the claiming of this, that or the other mass grave as your own is just as much about economic advantage and fortune seeking as it is about validation.

    Enough! It was 80 odd years ago. Learn about what happened, all that happened and why, and to all peoples who were present, without favour given to an influential (for now) few. Resolve that it was monstrous for all, and resolve that it ought not to happen again. And then move on.

    Just a thought.


    • Replies: @Bardon Kaldian
  73. Fox says:

    This sort of opinion is as childishly chauvinistic now as it was in 1850, 1920, 1939 and 1990. Did you know that Eastern Germany has been only given to the Poland for temporary administration by the Soviets? Notwithstanding the weird actions of the people in power in the FRG, Poland’s borders are defined by international law by the provisions of the Treaty of Versailles to which Poland was a signatory party.

  74. @utu

    Nice deflection, troll. People no longer believe the Red Cross account of 430k.

  75. @GMC

    ” The normal Russians/Crimeans that I know that are jews are way cool folks – they even have family is Israel but no big ego. Just normal Russians.”

    Nonsense. Jews are not Russians, period. Different ethnic group, different loyalties. Given a brouhaha, you’ll see which group they side with.

  76. @VICB3

    Bottom line is that the whole existing Jewish Holocaust narrative is not supported by the evidence. And any competent detective would spot the inconsistencies and contrary evidence in the overall narrative and conclude that either the witness is fabricating and embellishing what actually happened, or very simply is lying.

    This is stupid. It is very easy to calculate upper & lower limits of losses of various European peoples during WW2, just by feeding the computer with pre-war & post-war census data and taking into account border changes.

    True, some figures overlap & there is a significant standard deviation for some numbers. But, generally, overall picture is rather well established.

    • Replies: @the shadow
    , @Wally
  77. @utu

    “Grow up. You are not in the court.”

    Nonsense, low IQ person. The burden of proof is on the person making the existential claim, not on the person questioning it. I suggest opening a basic critical thinking book at some point in your life.

    Fact is that the evidence for the deliberate murder of 6,000,000 Jews is almost entirely missing, apart from ‘confessions’ obtained under torture and the claims of self-interested parties who stand something to gain.

    Add to that any number of oddities.

    – Official reports from the Red Army indicating that the area around Treblinka was pastoral and undisturbed, contrasting with eyewitness accounts (by Jews) of skulls being strewn everywhere.
    – Red Cross records mentioning nothing of a mass murder campaign costing millions of lives.
    – Putin’s comments that the Soviets transferred millions of Jews out of Poland
    – The number of compensation claims registered with the German government reaching the 4 million mark, when the Nazis estimated the total number of Jews in Nazi occupied territory was smaller than this.
    – The physical impossibility of outdoor cremation of millions of people using barbeques made from train rails and stacks of wood (which magically worked, even in the snow and rain).
    – The lack of cross examination at the Nuremburg tribunal.

    It smells mightily of a Jewish fantasy enabling them to guilt trip the Germans, cover up British war crimes, and justify the theft of Arab land.

    • Replies: @Art
  78. Rich says:

    Obviously the holocaust must be fake or there wouldn’t be laws against researching it, or disputing different aspects of it. Historical events that happened have no laws forbidding questioning or debating them. We can argue over how many died at Stalingrad, or in Hiroshima. We can question the number who starved in the Potato Famine, or from Smallpox in American Indian tribes. But one so-called “historical” event must never be questioned? Ridiculous. The fact that laws force one to believe in it, makes me doubt it completely.

  79. @Grahamsno(G64)

    I asked Ron Unz to put the title “Some Answers to the Mystery of the “Missing Jews” on the article; the original title is the sub-title you see here. I think it’s perfectly justified – note the word “Some.” Not ‘The answer’ or ‘An answer’, but only ‘Some answers’, which in retrospect over the last 10 years it does provide. If the communists murdered thousands and hundreds of thousands of Eastern European peoples, as you say, doesn’t that impact the WWII death toll and the “missing jews”?

    Holocaust believers like yourself have never been able to show the existence of the remains of those millions of bodies you say the German’s killed. In light of that it’s amazing anyone can still defend this cult of death.

    That explains why you are reduced to personal insult, ad hominem and distractions like “what about the AR camps,” instead of explaining why only Axis forces have been unearthed in mass graves since the war’s end, and no Allied forces. That includes no Jews.

    Also, FYI (and others), “Revisionism” is not something dictated from above by certain “professionals” but is individual works by individuals who study various aspects of history and put their work out there for scrutiny. Not something you are capable of appreciating, I know. So far, you have said nothing that debunks this article that is based on documented reality.

    • Agree: GeeBee
  80. Amon says:

    Jews are missing only in the Holocaust deniers’ minds.

    Jews historically have had no homeland and thus feel no attachment or sentimental value to the lands upon which they live. It is therefore not that hard to speculate that once news of the evil Nazis approaching reached them that they packed up and moved further east or west to avoid getting mixed up in the actual fighting.

    We see this mentality at full effect even today when millions of whites and blacks are sent around the world to kill, maim and occupy foreign nations while the jews who profit from it all stay at home in their million dollar mansions and closed off ghettos demanding to be given the best of the special treatment for their eternal victimhood.

  81. Lack of evidence is not evidence of abscence-but is rather objective evidence of the non-existence of such a claim or cause of which one has been supportive or others forced to accept as truth.

  82. Art says:

    Grow up. You are not in the court. You are not even in the court of public opinion. You are among the Holocaust denial retards. You are one of them actually.

    Poor little utu – is he a Jew terrorist – or one of the feeble-minded gentiles, who falls for the Stockholm Syndrome Jew victim “six-million” lie. He is clearly on the wrong side of history.

    As is abundantly clear from this article and its comments – many if not most of central Europe’s ethnic peoples experienced group murder. 55,000,000 people died during WWII. Jews where just one tribe of many.

    Instead of forgiving and healing all – the Jews have grabbed all the sick “victimhood glory” for themselves and used it as a cudgel to do even more killing in the Middle East.

    Maintaining the “six-million” lie has cost America its cohesion and Western idealism – we are divided today into identity groups warring with each other — all to maintain terroristic Jew political control, aimed at sustaining the “six-million” lie. Anyone who dares to disagree with the Jew lie – is terrorized and ostracized from society.

    So what is it for little utu – Jew terrorist or fool?

    A fool can intellectually grow – a morally poor Jew who supports “the lie” is hopeless.

  83. Anonymous[506] • Disclaimer says:

    Judging by the aggressive theft of Ukraine farmland for pennies on the dollar by Chabad, instrumentalized by Nuland’s lackeys at the Dept of State, and the consequent dispossession of Ukrainian farm people à la Palestinians in Palestine, my guess is that Israel intends to use the Ukraine as the “breadbasket” of the JWO in Europe, just as a de-industrialized United States, with its white population exterminated, will become the JWOs breadbasket in the Western Hemisphere.

    • Replies: @Tsigantes
  84. Where did they go? They were never there in the first place. Part of the puzzle can be resolved here:

    His aggregate numbers (in Table 2 on p. 10) are consistent with the numbers from the Jewish Virtual Library. But what’s curious are the numbers for Eastern Europe (i.e. Imperial Russia/Soviet Union and Poland primarily) The American population exploded between 1880 and 1939. That’s the well-known turn-of-the century influx. It’s safe to assume that about 5M of the American number was due to immigration (applying a reasonable 0.5% growth rate to the 1880 population), and that it was mainly from Eastern Europe. That would mean that the stock of Eastern European Jews grew from 5.7M in 1880 to about 8.2M+5M = 13.2M in 1939, an annualized growth rate of 1.4%. This is simply not believable, given the chaos afflicting Eastern Europe during this time period. If we apply the 0.9% growth rate claimed for world Jewish inter-war population by the JVL (probably high but not absurdly so) to the 5.7M Eastern European stock, and subtract off the 5M that emigrated to America, we get an Eastern European Jewish population in 1939 of around 4.7M, which is at least 3.5M less than commonly claimed. (It was probably even less than 4.7M, given emigration to Palestine.) World Jewish population in 1939 was probably around 16.7M-3.5M = 13.2M, not 16.7M, implying Jewish losses during the war of around 2.2M. This number is consistent with German documentation re. the AR camps, Auschwitz, and the EG shootings, as well as Red Cross documentation about the Western camps. It’s highly likely that both the Soviet and Polish 1939 numbers were exaggerated by at least 1M each. The numbers for the eastern part of the old Austro-Hungarian empire should also be viewed skeptically. (The 1931 Polish census claiming over 3M Jews is well-known, but there was a 1921 census claiming 2M Jews; there is no way the Polish Jewish population grew at a 4% annualized rate in that decade.)

    • Replies: @j2
  85. anarchyst says:

    Hitting the holohoax (oops I mean “holocaust™”) head-on doesn’t work because of the jew-controlled media which has declared “holocaustianity™” to be the new worldwide “state religion” from which no dissension from its “orthodoxy” is permitted.
    The only way to counter “holocaustianity™” is to point out the scientific and engineering impossibility of every “holocaust™” claim.
    Let’s look at a number of claims that have been made and have been ingrained in “holocaust™” orthodoxy:
    — using “bug spray” (Zyklon B) as an execution agent (ha ha)
    —“gas chambers” with ordinary wooden doors, not gas-tight doors
    —“gas chambers” with no means to ventilate the chambers after “operation”
    —“gas chamber” chimney not connected to anything
    —“blood spurting out of the ground” for weeks and months
    —“crematoria stacks with visible flames” (not possible) crematoria burn clean
    —“thousands of bodies cremated per day” (not possible)
    —“multiple bodies” in one “muffle” to “speed up” operations
    —“lampshades, soap and shrunken heads”, oh my
    —“the ability to tell when jews are being cremated by the smell or color of smoke”
    —“claimed burial grounds not being permitted to be disturbed” per jewish “law”
    NONE of these claims are possible or valid and can be easily debunked using sound scientific and engineering principles.
    I have been thrown out (asked to leave) those “jewish freak shows” called “holocaust™”museums for merely attempting to point out these facts.

  86. @Genrick Yagoda

    Once again, proof that Jews are inflammable!

    Bodies decay fast and animals pick them off.

    Look at nature. So many creatures but vanish without a trace. Animals come and eat them. Often, animals even grind and eat the bones.

    Hyenas can crack elephant bones with their jaws.

    It’s been said the Great Leap killed tens of millions of Chinese. Them bodies disappeared real fast.

    And many Civil War dead bodies and WWI dead bodies in the trenches just rotted in the fields.

    Every year, tons of cows and pigs are killed. They are disposed of without a trace.

    • Replies: @Robjil
  87. Art says:

    It smells mightily of a Jewish fantasy enabling them to guilt trip the Germans, cover up British war crimes, and justify the theft of Arab land.

    Say jbwilson24 — did you kill any Jews — I didn’t!

    Hmm — then why are we being held guilty? 98% of everybody alive today was not even living during the war. Yet, the Jews act like we are ALL guilty for WWII.

    Using a vile false guilt trip, the Jews have seized power over the West.

    We are coming to understand this ploy – human nature does not like lies – it rebels.

    p.s. Jew use of the Stockholm Syndrome, rules the West. (terror first – claim victimization second)

  88. @Robjil

    And what about that yuletide girl? What she was a dogs pipi.

  89. snag says:

    Why do you write “Polish historical interpretations” knowing that after WWII this so called ‘Polish’ regime was infested by (appointed) Stalin Jews and few Polish commies with suspicious past? *

    *During Poland’s partition many Jews bought for cents on dollar or acquired (for snitching) names, estates and noble titles of Polish patriots shipped to Siberia.

  90. Agent76 says:

    Jan 30, 2016 Operation Reinhard: The Murder of Polish Jewry

    How did the horror of the Nazi death camps evolve? Auschwitz didn’t just sprout from the ground one day. There was an “evolution” of the murder machinery, and a cast of diabolical characters most people have never heard of.

    Feb 4, 2017 The rise of Hitler 1919-1929: revision for IGCSE & GCSE History exams

    This revision podcast is relevant to both GCSE and IGCSE History students studying Nazi Germany.

    • Replies: @Jett Rucker
  91. @trickster

    But than all Hitler was stupid, because he did not figure out that eventually will come to that.
    All Germans were so stupid that they did not know that number of roads in Ukraine and Russia that in case of rain did not change to mud holes could be counted on fingers.
    And even those were no match of via Apia of ancient Rome.

  92. @peacewalker

    Impressive your information about the origin of Stettin and Breslau. But as far as I can see through a fast look at wikipedia, what you say seems to be at least a bis misleading. The history seems to be quite complicated with really lot of changes. They say about Breslau that the “Wandalenstamm der Silinger” (a German tribe) settled there between the 4 and 5 Century and Slavs came about 1 or 2 centuries later. Much later there was a Polish domination. Breslau was destroyed by the Mongols in 1241 and after that rebuilt by German settlers. In 1261 Breslau received the right of cityship (? Stadtrecht) by the German city of Magdeburg. The history of Stettin is even more complicated, but wikipedia says that it was founded by the fusion of German and Polish settlements (“Die Stadt Stettin entstand aus einer pomoranischen und zwei benachbarten deutschen Siedlungen” = The city Stettin has originated from a pomoranian and two neighbour German settlements).

  93. @maz10

    Let me just point out, that mass graves with Polish victims of German mass executions were located among other places at:
    Palimiry [sic], Las Sękocinski, Las kabacki, Laski and many, many others locations such as for example Ponary (outside of Poland’s post WW II borders in present-day Lithuania).

    Why hasn’t the general public heard of these incredible mass graves? Except for a little commotion at Palmiry and Ponary, they are Polish fiction. The Germans assembled an international team of experts to exhume the Katyn graves and publish their findings. The Poles kept their exhumations, if there were any, all in the family.

    Palmiry massacre, Wiki – “After the war, the Polish Red Cross, supported by the Chief Commission for the Investigation of German Crimes in Poland (pretty sure this is Soviet), began the search and exhumation process in Palmiry. The work was carried out between 25 November and 6 December 1945, and later from 28 March until the first months of summer 1946. Thanks to Adam Herbański and his subordinates from the Polish Forest Service, who in the years of occupation were risking their own lives to mark the places of execution, Polish investigators were able to find 24 mass graves. More than 1700 corpses were exhumed, but only 576 of them were identified. Later Polish historians were able to identify the names of another 480 victims.[17][50] It is possible that some graves still lie undiscovered in the forest near Palmiry.[11]

    Ponary massacre, Wiki – “The total number of victims by the end of 1944 was between 70,000 and 100,000. According to post-war exhumation by the forces of Soviet 2nd Belorussian Front the majority (50,000–70,000) of the victims were Polish and Lithuanian Jews from nearby Polish and Lithuanian cities, while the rest were primarily Poles (about 20,000) and Russians (about 8,000).[2]
    (No more information on this Polish-created page about the exhumation/identification process. It goes straight to the more extensive commemoration/memorial monuments section.) Then ends with:
    “The murders at Paneriai are currently being investigated by the Gdańsk branch of the Polish Institute of National Remembrance [1] and by the Genocide and Resistance Research Center of Lithuania.[27] The basic facts about memorial signs in the Paneriai memorial and the objects of the former mass murder site (killing pits, tranches, gates, paths, etc.) are now presented in the webpage created by the Vilna Gaon State Jewish Museum.”

    This why the general public doesn’t know of these sites – they have not been legitimately vetted. Yale’s Timothy Snyder is a big believer though.

    • Replies: @maz10
  94. The sad thing is that the Final Solution to the Jewish problem has not yet been achieved.

    I mean the problem of the presence of non-Jews in the world, a major problem for the Jews. Not finally solved yet, but getting close.

    There have been some great achievements since earliest times. One was Moses’s great success in tricking the stupid Midianites a number of times before finally exterminating them, as recounted between Exodus Ch. 2 and the end of Numbers. Another was Joshua bar Nun’s fabulous achievement exterminating most of the Canaanites. For the time, the greatest achievement bar none!

    But the great achievement of the Jewish Dark Age of 200–400 AD, the killing of 6 million Jews by the Jews, the 6 million Hellenistic Jews by the Talmudic Jews, outshines everything to date. Done at a time when the world population was tiny!

    That must be done, the killing of non-Talmudic Jews must be done, as Maimonides wrote a few centuries later. But the best subsequent achievement seems to have been the killing of about a million non-Talmudic Jews in Iberia, greater Spain. Maybe fewer. Many escaped the peninsula. Many Karaites survived. Or some did, count unclear.

    So far, at least till 1948, and since the Cyrene massacres of the 2nd century, stopped by the Romans, they have not had the power to kill non-Jews in any large numbers, could only encourage wars among them. And undermine their society with their lobbying skills and organized financing. But they are immensely powerful today in America and Europe. The Final Solution may be close.

  95. anonlb says:
    @Bardon Kaldian

    Serbian lies are only matched by coatian lies (jews/muslims lies are out of competition simple because they belive they can say anything to non-jew/non-muslim and do a right thing).
    Serbian lies can’t change fact that every single sentence from Bardon post is one big fat lie.
    Hints: census from 1931 counted people by religion(ortodox, catolics, muslims,…), census from 1948 counted serbs, croats, slovenians, montenegrins, macedonians and ‘minorities’. Muslims are counted as serbian or croatians. He can’t even say those numbers for current croatian territory (hint: about 90k serbs less than ortodox and 300k croats more than catolics,despite 200k croats killed or expelled by comunists)
    Counting persons with serious mental problems with zero influence as ‘serbian ideologues’ is just fun.

    • Replies: @Bardon Kaldian
  96. Wally says:

    “What kind of “death camps” have hospitals for internees? What kind of “death camps” have scrip for prisoners to spend at a canteen? What kind of “death camps” have orchestras and theaters for internees? Why would “death camps” record marriages and births? The Olympic size swimming pools and soccer fields for internees at “death camps””

    – Here’s more info. on the big one in the “holocaust”narrative, so called “death camp / extermination camp” Auschwitz


    – An “extermination camp” where thousands of Jews chose to stay behind when the Germans left.
    – An “extermination camp” where most of the inmates, more thousands, chose to leave WITH the Germans.
    – An “extermination camp” where 1,500,000 human remains supposedly exist, but in fact no such remains exist.
    – An “extermination camp” where many Jews gave birth.
    – An “extermination camp” where the absurdly alleged homicidal ‘gas chambers’ could not have worked as alleged, as proven repeatedly, scientifically impossible.
    – An “extermination camp” where fake ‘gas chambers’ were “reconstructed” AFTER THE WAR.
    – An “extermination camp” where detailed aerial photos of the period show nothing that is alleged to have been happening.
    – An “extermination camp” where there are even obvious, laughable attempts to tamper with aerial photos that make a mockery of the fake story.
    Auschwitz war time aerial photos, tampered with to fit the fake story, ex.:
    Drawn in ‘Auschwitz Jews being marched to gas chambers’, ON A ROOF.– An “extermination camp” where there are countless Jew “survivors”, yet the fake narrative says ‘the Germans tried to kill every Jew they could get their hands on.’
    -An “extermination camp” where so called “survivors” say the most impossible and conflicting things that do not hold up to scrutiny, would be laughed out of a legit court of law.

    • Agree: Curmudgeon
  97. @Bardon Kaldian

    This is stupid. It is very easy to calculate upper & lower limits of losses of various European peoples during WW2, just by feeding the computer with pre-war & post-war census data and taking into account border changes.

    But it is precisely the border changes for those countries and population movements occurred within those areas that makes it difficult if not impossible to determine with any accuracy what population changes within the area those borders include at different times mean. It is, obvious, is ity not, that the “Poland” of 1939 is not the “Poland” of 1946, is it not? And that it’s ridiculous to draw any DEFINITIVE conclusion based on the ethnic group distribution included within the boundaries of those “countries” between those periods, especially when Russians moved substsantial numbers out of the area they occupied from 1939 to 1941, and then Germans were moved out of areas that became Polich after WWII, etc., etc. and also moved people into and out of those areas when no one really knows the NUMBERS INVOLVED.

    It’s years ago since I lookeed at the numbers Hillsberg cited, but I remenber dismissing them at the time because they look conjectural at best.

    • Replies: @Reger
    , @Bardon Kaldian
  98. @Carolyn Yeager

    There are two ancient Slavic tribes Czechs and Moravian s. Capital of Czechs is Praha (Prague)
    Capitol of Moravian s is Brno. Slovaks at one time were part of Great Moravian empire.
    Morava is east of Czechia, (As is its capital Brno, and not south as you claim.)
    Slovakia is East of Moravia.
    Morava is river and the tribe was named after river. River Morava joins Danjub
    at Slovakia.

    • Replies: @Carolyn Yeager
  99. Wally says:

    “I just don’t know where to start. Whole “article” is such a BS. OK, let’s start from beginning then”

    – Let’s start with you actually reading the article.

    – Then show us the millions upon millions of human remains that are said by those like you to be in specific, known locations.

    – After that, tell us how the absurd ‘Nazi gas chambers’ supposedly worked.

    – Your cited sources give no proof.

    It’s curious that people like yourself actually want the alleged millions to be dead.
    You should be happy to hear that millions of your brethren were not murdered.

  100. Petermx says:

    “In the case of this latest and largest mass grave (2008), no clothing, eye glasses or gold teeth were found. It thus appears that they were completely stripped before they were killed.” My German mother and her family began fleeing west in the last months of the war. They lived in the German city Brieg (now called Brzeg under Polish rule). It’s close to the bigger city Breslau (now called Wroclaw under Polish rule). She was captured near Pilsen (known as Plzen under Czech rule). The Red Army arrived. My mother was part of a group of women being held and the women were forced to strip naked and they were humiliated. This is what my crying mother told me roughly about 40 years ago. She was not raped. She’s gone now and despite this sad story was an upbeat and generally happy person. The Americans were also there. I believe they took the area first and then withdrew and turned the area over to the Russians and Czechs. My mother was able to escape and eventually settled in Bavaria for several years before moving to the USA. If there are numerous cases of victims being stripped, I wonder if this could be tied to a particular army or nationality. Or was it was done by more than one army or nationality?

    • Thanks: Carolyn Yeager
    • Replies: @karel
    , @Carolyn Yeager
  101. Robjil says:
    @Priss Factor

    None of these examples you stated are a mandatory religion.

    The big 6 has replaced the sun as the center of the universe.

    Most people on this planet want the sun back as the center of the universe.

    Take that big 6 wall down.

    Let the sun shine again on this planet.

  102. Anon[264] • Disclaimer says:

    Jewish Lightning Got All 6 Million – Case Closed

  103. Reger says:

    To my very point. You won’t follow the suggestion I made. Much easier to deal in abstractions than reality, isn’t it?

    • Replies: @Anon
  104. Reger says:
    @the shadow

    I agree. From my reading the transfers of population for reasons of ethnicity, colonisation (eg of the Wartheland), slave labour, not to mention the theft of ‘aryan’ children from Poles made for total confusion at the end of the war. The stories of witnesses always mention fellow victims from all parts of Europe and people travelling in all directions.
    Re the numbers I can only repeat the wise quip of Christopher Isherwood in an argument about the number of victims; he said to his opponent: ‘What are you? In real estate?”

  105. Incitatus says:

    Well done, Carolyn.

    Why not just say Mahatma Austrian Hitler left no victims, including 20s-30s-40s Germans (400,000 to 600,000 by most accounts, murdered by the NSDAP) and espouse, more important, Germans were the only victims in WW2? Go for it!

    The NSDAP brought God to Austria, Sudetenland, Czechoslovakia, Memel, Denmark. Norway, Luxembourg, Belgium, France, Netherlands, Greece, Yugoslavia, Crete, North Africa, USSR, etc.? Hitler was quite the evangelist. God (in that hymnal) is named Adolf. A deity without territorial aspirations but nonetheless great coincidental appetite and digestive ability. And with a post-war score to settle with German Churches.

    “I go the way that Providence dictates with the assurance of a sleepwalker” (“Ich gehe mit traumwandlerischer Sicherheit den Weg, den mich die Vorsehung gehen heißt”) -Adolf Hitler 15 Mar 1936 Munich

    He “sleepwalked” Germany into catastrophic World War, then attacked an ally in what became a winter campaign 1941-42 lacking winter uniforms and operational gear. Incompetence paramount. Nothing to do with Jews, though by all counts – as in Poland –many were murdered (sorry Carolyn).

    “The war against Russia is an important chapter in the struggle for existence of the German nation. It is the old battle of the Germanic against the Slav peoples, of the defense of European culture against Moscovite-asiatic inundation, and the repulse of Jewish Bolshevism. The objective of this battle must be the destruction of present-day Russia and it must therefore be conducted with unprecedented severity. Every military action must be guided in planning and execution by an iron will to exterminate the enemy mercilessly and totally. In particular, no adherents of present Russian-Bloshevik system are to be spared.”
    – Generaloberst Erich Hoepner, Orders to 4th Panzer Group Commanders in advance of Barbarossa 2 May 1941 [Burleigh ‘The Third Reich’ p. 521]

    A year later at Stalingrad 42-43, same problems, Hitler doubled-down plus some.

    “The Führer commands that on entering the city the entire male population should be eliminated since Stalingrad, with its convinced Communist population of one million, is particularly dangerous.”
    – Adolf Hitler to Sixth Army 2 Sep 1942 [Beevor ‘The Second World War’ p.356]

    Genocide? There you have cold hard fact.

    There’s more Carolyn. It’s against Germans! 9 Nov 1942 Hitler orders 150,000 artillery and transport horses in Sixth Army be sent several hundred kilometers to the rear, ostensibly to save transporting fodder to the front. It deprives all unmotorized (75% of 6th Army forces) divisions of mobility. Ten days later Soviets launch “Operation Uranus’, a ‘Kesselschalcht’ encirclement worthy of Bismarck and von Moltke.

    By 23 Nov 1942 the Sixth Army is cut-off in pocket, destined to starve and freeze as Hitler orders “Sixth Army stand firm in spite of temporary encirclement”. His solution to the crisis is to designate the Sixth Army “Fortress Stalingrad” and order (24 Nov) holding the front “whatever the circumstances”. No clarity on food, munitions, medical care or strategic relief. None comes.

    Germans knew better.

    “I am beyond caring. Two of my brothers were sacrificed in Stalingrad and it was quite useless. And here we have the same.”
    –Soldat to SanUff [Senior Medical Officer] Walter Klein, Kampfgruppe Heintz, Field Dressing Station near St-Lô, Normandie 26 Jul 1944 [Beevor ‘D-Day’ p.353]

    That’s the legacy you (Ron and Carolyn) embrace? Good luck!

    • Agree: Włodzimierz
    • Disagree: Jett Rucker
  106. @anonlb

    Dumb (my advice- don’t mess with someone who knows what he’s talking about. You’ll turn out to be a laughing stock ).

    In 1931 census people were counted by religion & language. The South Slavic “language” was a bizarre official combination of the Slovene, Croat & Serbian (no one then, except Croatian linguist Stjepan Ivšić, had recognized Macedonian language). Other languages like Hungarian, German, Italian, Slovak, Czech, Albanian… were clearly the languages of those peoples. So, one could clearly distinguish between Croats, Serbs, Bosnian Muslims .. by simply looking at their religion & mother tongue (in that case, weird “Sloveno-Croato-Serbian”).

    During the Communist census in 1948, people just said what they were, nationally. Catholics- if not Slovene speaking- were Croats; Orthodox were either Serbs, Montenegrins or Macedonians (there were preserved censuses from 1931, so one could monitor county fluctuations of population); BH Muslims were mostly “Yugoslavs undetermined” (some of them said they were either Croats or Serbs, due to political pressures, but in next 2-3 decades were simply written out of this census).

    Also, there were tiny minorities of Catholic Serbs (ca. 8,800) and Orthodox Croats (9,300)- but they don’t mean anything, in comparison with these millions.

    So, if you try to argue, rather use convincing arguments than a hysterical blather.

  107. @the shadow

    Virtually all modern works on victimology had taken into account borders shifts so that victims (or potential victims) couldn’t be counted twice (or thrice). It is reflected even in such a wishy-washy source as Wikipedia.

    • Replies: @the shadow
  108. @Zarathustra

    Morava is east of Czechia, (As is its capital Brno, and not south as you claim.)

    The article is mentioning Czechoslovakia, not the Czech Republic (note the map), and only in relation to the treatment of its German citizens in 1945-6. There is nothing inaccurate in my comment that you’re referring to; Brno is definitely in the south of the country compared to Usti.

    • Replies: @Zarathustra
    , @Karel
  109. @Włodzimierz

    I read your link again,

    I won’t be bothering a third time,

  110. @Bardon Kaldian

    And the evidence substantiating their degree of accuracy is what?

  111. RT says:

    We are in the court of History.
    In the court of History the truth is always late, but always arrives.

  112. @maz10

    I’d doubt it. The biggest fraud about socialism was the promotion of Marxism (communism) as being socialism. I’m not saying Marx didn’t have followers, but the majority of his contemporaries rejected his state owns all views as being totalitarian. Communism is the obverse side of the coin of finance capitalism. Both seek to concentrate wealth into the hands of a few – relatively speaking.

    Clifford Douglas, who invented the Social Credit movement, worked closely with the Guild Socialists in Britain. While ultimately rejecting their views, he recognized that they weren’t interested in state ownership, were not opposed to competition, but were opposed to finance controlling production and trade. By the way, Douglas was opposed to finance capitalism as well.

    I repeat: your local co-op is socialist. Every member has an equal say through the single share allowed to be purchased; the board of directors is elected by the membership; the profits shared are based on your participation level; and it competes with privately owned businesses, including corporations.

    • Replies: @Beefcake the Mighty
  113. Anonymous[352] • Disclaimer says:

    Here is an excerpt (one of MANY) from the Jewish press showing that Jewish American groups have long tried to stop the U.S. Congress from recognizing the genocide committed against Christian Armenians by Turkey:

    Every year on April 24, the day that Armenians commemorate the killings, a resolution calling for the use of the controversial term is proposed in Congress and then beaten back. Some Jewish groups claim credit for ensuring that such a resolution never passes.

    Jewish advocacy groups, including the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, B’nai Brith and American Jewish Committee “have been working with the Turks on this issue” for more than 15 years, said Yola Habif Johnston, director for foundations and community outreach at Jinsa. “The Jewish lobby has quite actively supported Turkey in their efforts to prevent the so-called Armenian genocide resolution from passing,” she said.

    Showdown Set in ‘Genocide’ Debate
    Rebecca Spence, The Jewish Daily Forward
    Sept. 2, 2006

  114. @Curmudgeon

    I think for you, any system you happen to like is socialist, and any system you don’t like is non-socialist.

    • Replies: @Curmudgeon
  115. @peacewalker

    1. STETTIN is GERMANIZED name for Polish name SZCZECIN, not the other way around.
    2. Same story with Wroclaw (for short period of time known as Breslau).

    What’s your point?
    New York was New Amsterdam before the British took over. Strasbourg was Strasburg before Louis XIV annexed Alsace and Lorraine. Istanbul was Constantinople before the Muslims decided to change the name. Novgorod was an East Norse settlement. At one time, the Baltic was a “Swedish lake” and Poland was occupied by the Swedes with a Swedish king sitting in Poland. In the mists of time, Jerusalem was Uru-shalem before the chosenites arrived from Yemen.
    Borders and place names have changed through out the recorded history of mankind. Poland now claims famous Germans were Polish. Nikolaus Kopernikus, the famous German astronomer, is now called Mikolaj Kopernik. He lived in Thorn (now Torun’), never spoke a word of Polish, and published his works in Latin.

    Here’s a contemporary non German view of the situation in Poland at the start of the war:

    The Poles were happy to be Chamberlain’s dupes in starting a war with Germany, and ramped it up with the ethnic cleansing of Germans in the German territories it occupied after the November 11, 1918 Armistice was signed. When war starts, no ones hands are clean, but the Poles, like the chosenites continue to play the victim.

    • Agree: Fox
    • Replies: @Zarathustra
    , @TGD
  116. For those that have looked at the movement of people from the late 20s to 1939, it would not stand up to a 10 minute audit. It is obvious to me, and written by H.G. Wells in his book “The Shape of Things to Come” that the Dazig corridor was built to start the war as Polish and Soviet troops, and it is well documented, were killing ethnic Germans since 1938. This was considered a brilliant move by Wells of the Wilson Administration who wiped out 60-70 million, no only due to war but the fact that it was the US out of Ft. Riley which is documented in the Wichita Observer to be the first place that ever ha this flu of which almost 10% died.

    It is known that the US created the Soviet Union (Bolsheviks through NYC with Schiff, Baruch, Warburg, Kuhn, Loeb, Harriman and others) and also set up through the War Industries Board, by a Jewish Marrano named Samuel Bush to load the Lusitania up with “small” munitions of which Cunard was warned as were documents not to go on the ship as the US had been supplying the filth ridden UK with weapons but was all but defeated and Germany offered a peace plan that was beneficial to all. The Balfour Declaration, (Read “History of Zionism 1600-1918” by Nahum Sokolow and you will find in the forward that Arthur Balfour was also a Marrano which is pointed out specifically), was enough for the monied interests of the US to put America into war by lies. Benjamin Freedman’s speech at the Willard hotel sums it up well.

    The US, USSR, UK and China are all tied together and all are oligarch with a fraudulent opposition as one can figure out when reading “Red Symphony” of Rothschild. All nations are nothing more than corporations that have gone into receivership and are owned as assets just as recently stated by the central banks and the monetization of all creation. Those that have no reverence for all living things and respect for life or planet except for their love of money that their contempt for creation represents is now off the charts as all institutions are corrupt.

    Bias of Priene – all men are wicked and most are evil. That was a statement of one of the greats, of the 7 sages and has now come to a point where all life may disappear in a few years through poisoning every aspect of life and the list is long, geoengineering, medicine/vaccine/pharmaceuticals, big ag, idiocy in programming – (listen to JFK condemn amusement and the need for a well informed society), no limits of committing atrocities to life itself as the web of life is hanging by a thread. Education, think tanks, NGOs, government leaders…they all are evil and are backed up by a putrid judicial system.

    • Troll: Carolyn Yeager
  117. @Carolyn Yeager

    You are funny! And I do not need to take a look at the map. You do!

    If you make a right angle triangle from Usti nad labem and Brno you do find out you will find out that distance from Usti to Brno is twice as long eastward than southward.
    So you are in error.

  118. @Włodzimierz

    Authors claimed they can not find any example of documented mass grave of polish citizens.

    What the authors said is, “The only known mass grave of Poles was the work of the Soviet Red Army, led by the NKVD, in the Katyn Forest in Soviet Russia. Long blamed on Germany, the responsibility for this genocidal act is now placed where it belongs. Ironically, the only mass gravesites found on Polish territory have been of German civilians.”

    What you provided in Comment 11 ( is not documented, it’s only stories. Have these alleged graves been officially exhumed and the remains counted and examined? It doesn’t say so.

    This one at the INR about Dachau is another Polish nothing-burger. By putting forth these nonsense pages as evidence of the atrocities you claim, you only make yourself a laughing stock.

  119. @Zarathustra

    And the second error. After Munich there was no more Czechoslovakia.
    Slovakia did become independent.

  120. karel says:

    Strange story. Sorry to hear of your mother’s humiliation but what you write makes no sense to me. What was your mother doing in Plzen at the end of the war? Captured by whom? There was no Red army in Plzen and American troops left in November 1945. If your mother was supposedly fleeing west then she would have landed in Dresden where most refugees from Wroclaw went but not in Plzen. Caroline Yeager and you have obvious deficiencies in geography, which is a strong indications that most of the stories, ventilated here, are simply made up.

    • Replies: @Petermx
  121. @Curmudgeon

    Kopernik did not have a even a drop of German blood in him. And he was not an astronomer.
    He was a polish monk. He did study the solar system as a hobby.
    He was first who did claim that all planets rotate around the Sun.
    Galileo did only confirm the Koperniks theory only one hundred years after .
    Galileo did have already a telescope. Kopernik did not!

    • Replies: @Fox
  122. @Al Liguori

    If “60 myriad on 60 myriad” (your first link) is 600,000 squared, that is not a small number.


  123. Anon[264] • Disclaimer says:

    You’re suggesting readings of poetry & opera while accusing Curmudgeon of abstraction?

    Let’s play, ‘Spot the Jew’!

    • Replies: @Reger
  124. @Petermx

    Thanks for sharing your story, Peter. There is nothing that moves me and shakes me up more than stories of the German expellees as they trudged and fled to the West in those terrible months. I’m so glad your mother made it and lived to have you, tell you her story, and have a good life. Such strength. I did some radio broadcasts with a certain Andreas Wesserle whose family left German Slovakia and reached Bavaria, where they suffered terrible living condition and had practically no food for several years. And they were better off than most!! The stories he tells are shocking.
    You might enjoy hearing him tell of this time with his family; he is one of my favorite guests ever! So smart, and such a good storyteller!

    I know the Americans were the first to reach Pilsen. And both they and the British felt they owed Uncle Joe practically anything he asked for! I don’t know the answer to your question about stripping, but I think it was pretty common, in order to take all the valuables. Every piece of clothing was valuable in those times, plus eyeglasses, false teeth, anything like that.

    • Replies: @Petermx
  125. Jett Rucker says: • Website

    Several attempts have been made to excavate the premises of post-war POW camps in western Germany, including efforts by the owners of the property in question. The German government consistently intervenes to prevent any/all such efforts.

    Your supposition (implicitly stated as fact) that burial sites for German POWs have not been excavated is wrong. After you have secured the information pertaining thereto, you should retract your statement.

    • Replies: @Carolyn Yeager
  126. @Zarathustra

    This is stupid, and has nothing to do with the article. You’re just trying to create an issue.

  127. @Zarathustra

    That is true. But also has nothing to do with the article. This only came up because of irrelevant comments about north/south and east/west.

  128. Jett Rucker says: • Website

    Auschwitz was a Polish military barracks complex before the Germans took it over in 1939, converting it to house Russian POWs in 1941. Shortly thereafter, it became (along with nearby Birkenau and Monowitz) the housing part of a huge industrial complex staffed not only by concentration-camp inmates but by “free” and semi-free (forced-labor) workers from all over German-controlled Europe.
    It never had a gas chamber and it never served any German genocidal program, because there never was one of these, either.
    Operation Reinhardt was a (well-documented) program to collect, inventory, and convey to the Reichsbank such jewelry, money, antiques and (dental) gold as was collected from permanent (e.g., Jews) inmates, many dead (of disease, exposure, accident, malnutrition) and others alive. It was designed and carried out by Fritz Reinhardt, a senior official in the German treasury.
    See the Web site I (click on my name) link to.

  129. E_Perez says:

    I’am always surprised that there are still “Holocaust” believers out there.

    Any honest person would argue that a historical event, which needs legal protection up to the point that any deviation from the official narrative gets you in jail in nearly all Western countries (5 years in Germany) is at least highly suspicious, more probably completely fake.

    And any decent person would refuse to accept anything related to the “holocaust” narrative as long as he is blackmailed by “denial” laws.

    • Agree: Fox, the shadow
  130. Fox says:

    Glad you brought that up:
    Nikolaus Kopernikus, whose uncle was the German bishop of Ermland, spoke not a word of Polish, but German exclusively, and he had contempt for the Poles with whom he had to deal on occasion as laborers. While being a student in Italy, he sought the company of German fellow students. He became “”””Polish”””” after the Polish king had, in typical Pole fashion, gone on another raid into someone else’s land, i.e., the Ordensland, and occupied the town of Frauenburg, the residence of Kopernikus.
    Remember how the Poles wanted to get rid of the Germans they had incorporated into thhe new Poland after 1919. They were “foreign elements” and “enemies of the Polish state”, just like Kopernikus.
    I remember an article I read a few years ago about Breslau; a visitor noticed that plaques were affixed to some houses, pointing them out as the birth- or work places of people of note, who were German by blood and by nationality, but had been turned into Poles on these plaques, the Polonization of the German names included. The famous German fluorine chemist Otto Ruff is also buried in Breslau, died there in 1939 a short time after entering retirement.
    I can’t think of many Poles who have accomplishments of note; to mind come Frederic Chopin, Marie Curie, Kasimir Funk and Kasimir Fajans (the latter two were chemists); a writer Potocki who wrote a nice 18th-century adventure novel. Then there is the writer J.Conrad – all people, I note, who had left the Polish environment behind to live elsewhere and achieve some fame.

    • Replies: @Zarathustra
  131. Adûnâi says: • Website

    > “And the second error. After Munich there was no more Czechoslovakia. Slovakia did become independent.”

  132. Petermx says:

    That is what was told to me by my mother as best I remember it. Given a choice between believing my mother, who was there, and a commenter on the internet (who probably wasn’t even born then), I’ll take may mother’s word. She had no reason to lie She never got any money from a foreign government, nor sympathy in a TV documentary or anywhere else. Neither did any of the other millions of German refugees, including the 3 million that had everything stolen from them by the Czechs before being brutally expelled from the lands they had lived on for many centuries. Those refugees did receive many impudent and snide remarks like yours though.

    A look at a map would show that what my mother said makes perfect sense. I do not know what month this occurred but Czechoslovakia (a Warsaw Pact member, including Pilsen) came under Soviet authority at some point, certainly before 1968 when Soviet tanks crushed a Czech rebellion in Prague. .

    • Replies: @Karel
    , @Karel
  133. Petermx says:
    @Carolyn Yeager

    Thank you for your kind words Carolyn. I think my mom would have appreciated them also.

  134. Petermx says:

    See comment number 131. It’s in response to your comment number 120.

  135. Saggy says: • Website

    I should be surprised that Carolyn Yeager fails to mention the following, except for the fact that everyone fails to mention it – and that is that there is an organization that has a staff of 500+, access to all the data, that no one else has, and that has been researching the fate of the Jews since before the end of the war …. it’s known as the International Tracing Service, their website is …
    So, if you have a question about missing Jews you might think you could ask them, however, it would do you no good as they will not answer.

  136. @Jett Rucker

    What reason does the German government give? Any?

    • Replies: @the grand wazoo
    , @refl
  137. LB says: • Website

    A lesson in historical brainwashing –

  138. @Fox

    Probably you are only confused.
    Kepler was German.
    And Tycho DE Brahe was Hollandian.

    • Replies: @Fox
  139. Reger says:

    Sorry, 59% English and 41% Irish/Scottish according to And New Zealander by nationality.
    Why don’t you follow the suggestion, or at least read their Wikipedia pages?

  140. @GeeBee

    A coping Jewish individual is someone who puts on an “Anglo-Saxon” mask and promotes Holocaust denial theory online. Because if you’re Jewish and you believe that Jews “always win”, the fact that Jews were largely exterminated in Europe is extremely inconvenient.

    • Replies: @Mefobills
    , @GeeBee
  141. Wally says:
    @Bardon Kaldian

    – The contortions that Zionist like yourself go through in order dodge the lack of alleged human remains that Zionists say exist, and that they know exactly where they are, is laughable.

    The “Holocau$t Industry” in court:
    ‘Please your honor, there really are remains of millions upon millions buried in huge mass graves, we know where the mass graves are, but, but, well, umm, we can’t show the court the human remains. You must trust us, we’re Zionists.’

    – And there is the scientific absurdity / impossibility of the alleged ‘Nazi gas chambers’ which you can’t even tell us how they supposedly worked.

    – Census data for ‘Jews’ is bogus, problematic any way you look at it.
    Issues with post-WWII Jewish census figures:

    – There’s the problem with the census counting of ‘Jews’ in the first place.
    – Vast numbers are atheists, but consider themselves ‘Jews anyway, but not in censuses where the question is on ‘religion’.
    – Many don’t want too be counted and are in fact told not to be counted / “forbidden” to be counted.
    To actually count Jews directly is forbidden (Talmud, Yoma 22b), as the prophet says: “And the number of the children of Israel shall be as the sand of the sea, which shall neither be measured nor counted.” –

    – See more on the bogus numbers of Jews:

  142. Reger says:
    @Carolyn Yeager

    Part of your article has a comment Caption (by author) which I assume means you. The caption shows that you think Stettin, Gruenburg and Breslau were part of pre-war Poland which is nonsense.
    How can anyone with a basic knowledge of the area think that the capital of Moravia is in Bohemia? Or that it was a majority German-speaking city in the 1930s?
    Unfortunately, it appears to me you are out of your depth.

    It is a shame you don’t follow the suggestion I made in another reply and instead of misinterpreting history, actually read the poetry and novels, listen to the music and look at the artworks of Nazi victims who graced German culture before the onslaught of the people who were really less-than-human.

    • Replies: @Carolyn Yeager
  143. @Carolyn Yeager

    I’m sorry but you don’t know basic facts or you just deny it on purpose – like number of polish citizens before the war. In the years 1945–1947 exhumations were carried out, which confirmed the mass murders in that place. Personal details of over 2400 victims have been established.

    • Replies: @Carolyn Yeager
  144. This is exactly what is said. German people were being slaughtered over a year before the official war. It continued with firebombing every single major city in Germany and ended with the murder of millions of Germans after the war from the Morganthau plan. Rosenvelt is a crypto-Jew, as was the majority of the allies, even though the beginning of the war had a vast number of supporters from all the Germanic civilians that were being spit on, businesses wiped out and others slaughtered. To hell with you and your bullcrap as this is all you can read and see.

    The Russians, Ukrainians, all the Eastern Europeans after the war suffered severely and you have no soul. Such are the ways of my former heritage as they have no feeling for anything other than themselves and all else is for their amusement and love of money/gold/silver of which is lost in the Torah’s perversion of much older religions as Hyksos are an abomination and of the devil as people like you are wiping out all life to have your own planet but have broken past the point of no return with insect and microbe population down to 15% or much less and species disappearing faster than at any time in history.

  145. Seraphim says:

    Carolyn has demonstrated (on other threads) a poor grasp of geography and of the ethnic fabric of Eastern Europe and becomes angry if you try to correct her.

    • Replies: @Zarathustra
  146. The US in 1951 had a 7 day session on the Katyn Massacre and I have the copies from University of Minn, and Michigan. America lied it’s way to continuing a war of which their owners, of which the US went into receivership in 1933 in the Banking Holiday and is reference in the Congressional record of James Traficant and 2 Senators were assassinated, Mr. Long of Louisiana and Mr. McFadden of Pennsylvania of which he began a lawsuit against the illegal Federal Reserve in 1927 of the McFadden Act and then in the Articles of Impeachment was thereafter referred to the Judiciary Committee which has never been finished.

    The US always has been a corporation for Jewish investors and always will be until they wish to blow us away, just as they have done for thousands of years, and even to their “own” fellow Samaritans, wiping out their temples in 112-111 by John Hycranus, King of Judah.

    I wash my hands of all Abramic faiths which are frauds from the Indus Valley and earlier. They stole all they have and are an abomination along with their fellow liars that kill for thrills and especially for gold and silver of which they have shown they can’t read their own damned text.

  147. RouterAl says:

    Here in the UK there used to be a TV program called TimeTeam. It was a group of Archaeologists who over a weekend would investigate the archaeology of a site for a member of the public. They were always finding skeletons some back to Roman times. They were often in good enough condition to guess what they had died off.
    During the London Crossrail project the London Museum was involved in investigating the thousands of skeletons that were unearthed mainly from the time of the Great Fire and the plague (1665-1666) all in excellent condition. When your local crematorium has cremated a body they still have to collect the bones and then pulverise the bones and teeth to give the relatives a cosmetically acceptable set of remains.
    If a body is ‘put in the ground’ the flesh rots but the skeleton will last millennia in most soils.
    Even Solzhenitsyn’s 200 years together cannot resist getting involved in the mythical Jewish body count.
    “if not trustingly, altogether about 34,000; and on September 29 and 30, they were methodically shot at Babi Yar, putting layer upon layers of corpses in a large ravine.Hence there was no need to dig any graves – a giant hecatomb! According to the official German announcement, not questioned later, 33,771 Jews were shot over the course of two days. During the next two years of the Kiev occupation, the Germans continued shootings in their favourite and so convenient ravine. It is believed that the number of the executed – not only Jews – had reached, perhaps, 100,000. ”
    Yet somehow the amazing Germans as they were retreating managed to destroy and remove every trace of their infamous massacre down to the last phalanges.
    Did not David Irvine tell a story about 5000 Jews who were killed in a forest outside Kiev, and yet no one has managed to find that grave. Most of these things only happened in the imagination of Jews.
    Sometimes you just need to do the maths, here in the UK we cremate 375,000 bodies a year in about 300 modern gas fuelled ovens. To go through 6 million would take the UK about 18 years and we would not be cremating our own population who die for those 18 years.

    • Replies: @Zarathustra
  148. Druid55 says:

    The serbska in bosnia deserved it

  149. Ram says:

    After what Vespasian allegedly did, were the Roman first born sons killed by a black fog as in “Ten Commandments”?

    • Replies: @Seraphim
  150. Druid55 says:

    No. Islam is very different than judaism at its core. Somedietary rules, etc., are similar. But islam is closest to old catholicism except for the trinity

  151. Seraphim says:

    Vespasian is better known for his famous words ‘Pecunia non olet’. He re-instated the ‘vectigal urinae’, the tax on the distribution of urine from public urinals in Rome’s Cloaca Maxima system, first instituted by Nero. The urine collected from public urinals was sold as an ingredient for several chemical processes. It was used in tanning, wool production, and also by launderers as a source of ammonia to clean and whiten woolen togas. The buyers of the urine paid the tax. When Vespasian’s son Titus complained about the disgusting nature of the tax, his father held up a gold coin and asked whether he felt offended by its smell and when Titus said “No”, Vespasian replied, “Yet it comes from urine” (Atqui ex lotio est). Even today public urinals are known under the name of ‘vespasienne/vespasiano’ in France and Italy.
    How many people really know that their names are related with other famous building than the Roman urinals?

  152. If we want a debate about the Holocaust, then it should be a real debate and not a collection of onesided monologues. The arguments of the Holocaust revisionists are seriously debated on this website :, which I stumbled upon some time ago. For a quick course in counter arguments, here is a list of the most common subjects :


    1. Revision of the Auschwitz plaque.
    2. Detached Krema I chimney?
    3. Flimsy gas chamber door with a window?
    4. Leuchter’s report.
    5. Alleged lies by the British government.
    6. The First Holocaust canard.
    7. Auschwitz swimming pool, hospital etc.
    8. Arbeit macht frei.
    9. The World Almanac canard.
    10. The Red Cross stats canard.
    11. The Red Cross inspected the death camps?
    12. Gas chambers not mentioned in the memoirs of Churchill, Eisenhower, de Gaulle?
    13. Elie Wiesel did not mention gas chambers?
    14. Elie Wiesel an impostor?
    15. More Wiesel stuff.
    16. Auschwitz decodes.
    17. Survivors did not see or hear about gas chambers?
    18. Anne Frank diary.
    19. Rassinier denied Auschwitz gas chambers. Or was that Thies Christophersen?
    20. The Larson canard.
    21. Fake, unreliable or mistaken witnesses.
    22. Scratched gas chamber walls?
    23. Dachau gas chamber; the Broszat letter.
    24. Survivor Lieberman and the Auschwitz ovens.
    25. The Lachout document.
    26. Fake Holocaust photos?
    27. Science debunks Holocaust?
    28. No Britannica mention of gas chambers?
    29. Dr. Listojewski? Simon Wiesenthal’s quote?
    30. Small children and people unfit for work in Auschwitz?
    31. Jews lie about the Holocaust?
    32. Predetermined death toll?
    33. Hilberg and famous witnesses shown to be liars, impostors during the Zündel trial?
    34. Schindler’s list a tale of fiction?
    35. Bruno Baum admitted that false propaganda was created in Auschwitz?
    36. Changing camp death tolls?
    37. Death camps found only by the Soviets?
    38. Rick debunks the Holocaust?
    39. 6-digit tattoo but 6 million victims?

    You can find this list, on which you can click on any item, if you type in their search engine :”swimming pool” . You will then find the list under the heading Rebutting the “Twitter denial”: the most popular Holocaust denial memes debunked. down the page. Really food for thought! At least you will start to doubt something of revisionism.

  153. Anonymous[301] • Disclaimer says:
    @Franklin Ryckaert

    Showing your true colors, I see.

    • Agree: Carolyn Yeager
    • Replies: @Franklin Ryckaert
    , @Wally
  154. @RouterAl

    From practical point of view cremation of body last from one to two hours.
    To crush the bones with bone crashing machine it takes from one to two minutes.
    The point here is that Germans were not trying to cover their tracks.
    It was a question of efficiency.
    Why would Germans bother to take the bones an buried them somewhere.
    So looking for bones from concentration camps is an retarded idiocy.
    On the other hand I do have a serious doubt that Germans did have capacity to cremate over 6 million bodies.
    Through passing of time there is tendency to exaggerate the numbers and so the Jews also exaggerate
    The fact still remains that many innocent people including Jews did perish in concentration camps.
    But on the other hand there I do not see any evidence that concentration camps were some kind of industrial production lines to kill and dispose of Jews.

  155. @Franklin Ryckaert

    In item nr. 7 on that list, called “Auschwitz swimming pool, hospital etc.”, all the examples of facilities in Auschwitz, that according to revisionists belie the fuction of Auschwitz as a death camp, are either debunked or explained. This is relevant because Carolyn Yeager has written a booklet exactly to that effect, with the title Auschwitz : The Underground Guided Tour.

    • Thanks: FB
  156. @Seraphim

    I was only having a little fun.

    • Replies: @Karel
  157. GroundZero says: • Website

    Kind of terrifying aint it? All the media, news, and information since the 40’s has been a complete ball of crap made up by the people that own all the media….and the world fell for it all hook line and sinker.

  158. @Reger

    You are here ‘playing games’ but it’s you who are showing yourself out of your depth. No wonder you want people to look to selected individual stories instead of the big picture and the things that are proved, with evidence, to have happened (and not happened) in that time and place.

    The caption simply describes what the population chart shows, and the source of the chart is given at the bottom of the chart. If you can prove that the chart is in error, please do so, but you have not. Clearly that chart is a big problem for you and the other Polish chauvinists participating in this thread. Thanks. It makes me happy to see that.

    • Replies: @Reger
  159. @Anonymous

    My “true colors” are unprejudiced investigation and debate, and that means listening to both sides. It is a rare phenomenon that in a debate one party is 100% right and the other party 100% wrong. But to determine what part in a debate is right or wrong takes an unprejudiced mind. What are your “true colors”?

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  160. @Włodzimierz

    Provide the evidence – not a link to a Polish-produced webpage of narrative. It would not be surprising if there were 2400 Polish victims of National-Socialist occupation. Is that all you’re claiming? But you have not provided evidence for even that. If it’s only in Polish or Russian, that would show it was not an open investigation to ensure neutrality.

  161. annamaria says:

    The ZUSA cannibals’ plan for Holodomor in Syria:

    The siege of Syria has begun. Economic sanctions have been severely tightened and will be further squeezed in mid-June. Any person or entity that trades with Syria will be harshly penalized by the United States and the European Union.

    Such “sanctions” are illegal under international law. Those preventing the supply of medical equipment are guilty of crimes under the Geneva Conventions.

    Jihadists in the north and US troops in the south have started setting fire to fields in a coordinated fashion. Syria has filed a complaint with the United Nations Security Council.

    Within a few days, imported food became impossible to find and the price of local food soared. The Syrian pound collapsed on the foreign exchange market and is currently trading on the black market at a quarter of its official value.

    What a joy for the Jewish State!

  162. j2 says:
    @Beefcake the Mighty

    (The 1931 Polish census claiming over 3M Jews is well-known, but there was a 1921 census claiming 2M Jews; there is no way the Polish Jewish population grew at a 4% annualized rate in that decade.)

    Mighty, take into account the changed borders after the Polish-Russian war. There was about 1.2 M Jews in the area gained by Poland. Most of them in Galicia, which earlier belonged to Austria, was taken by Austria when Poland was divided. After WWI this area was attached to Ukraine, so Ukraine gained about 1M Jews, which it lost to Poland in the war. The problem is Ukrainian census from 1926 with claims that Ukraine had 1.5M Jews in 1926. I think the error is here, they used figures before the Poland-Russia war and in reality there were 0.4M Jews in Ukraine in 1938 before Soviets annexed the same area that Poland had gained 1922. Concerning Poland I made a calculation of how many Poles died. Polish figures seem correct, but about 1M reduction in the population of native Poles can be explained by a smaller birth rate during war time. With Jews a smaller birth rate does not matter much, but with native Poles of over 20M you do get a sizable reduction. The birth rate of Eastern European Jews was just about 1.4% yearly for a very long time. Using this figure and including Jews in the USA you do get to the result that there were not 2.8M Jews in the Soviet Union of 1941 (after annexing Eastern Poland and the Baltic states) but 1.8M and then all figures go fine.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @Dube
  163. anon[353] • Disclaimer says:

    The Holocaust happened, and the number of brutally murdered people has likely been officially underestimated

    sure thing Plyberg, that’s why they have to keep revising the numbers downward – from 4 million to 1 million at Auschwitz, from 2 million to 50k at Majdanek

  164. Karel says:

    Good to know that you believe everything your mother told you but I do not believe much of what you write. The 3 milions expelled from Czechoslovakia are as real as the numbers our lovely Carolyn feeds to the suckers on this blog. If your mother was stripped then my family was also stripped and financially ruined by the benevolent Germans. My greatoncle was probably also stripped either before or after the execution. I cannot tell exactly as I was born thereafter. Germans are much like Jews. Although claiming some Uebermensch-like superiority they always complain of being cheated and suffer terribly in the hands of slavic Untermenschen.

    • Replies: @Petermx
  165. Anonymous[301] • Disclaimer says:

    Thanks j2. Correction noted re. the Polish censuses. I am still very skeptical of the claimed 1.4% growth rate for East European Jews, it seems unrealistically high. We seem to agree that the Jewish death toll was in the 2-2.5M range, and also that there’s no evidence of several million uncounted Jews in the world today. So the claimed 11M after the war is probably accurate or at least reasonable. Which means the claimed 16.7M pre-war (actually should be 15.5M, as you know they increased the number up without justification to get the Kabbalistic 6M) can’t be right. I think the claimed number of Soviet and Polish Jews is even lower than you say.


    • Replies: @j2
  166. Anonymous[301] • Disclaimer says:
    @Franklin Ryckaert

    Your true colors are you’re a liar who claims to be a skeptic but who actually believes the official story. You’re playing some kind of game here.

    • Agree: Wally
  167. anon[353] • Disclaimer says:

    jews are like Christians’ wise older brother

  168. Karel says:

    Your knowledge of history is by american standards quite remarkable.

    • Replies: @Petermx
  169. Karel says:
    @Carolyn Yeager

    It is great that you can read maps Carolyn. After having perused your valuable article i was less certain about your practical skills. Would you know that Africa is also south of Usti?

  170. Wally says:

    – Irrational Zionist Franklin Ryckaert has exposed his “true colors” repeatedly, and has been taken to task for them at this site. Just look and see how he is unable present any proof for his unhinged, impossible claims.

    • Replies: @Franklin Ryckaert
  171. j2 says:

    “I am still very skeptical of the claimed 1.4% growth rate for East European Jews, it seems unrealistically high.”

    Doubling time of 50 years (1.39% yearly) is what you get starting from a population of 300 around 1100 up to the Jewish population in 1891. But at the time of interest, a bit later, the growth rate in Eastern Europe may well have been significantly smaller because one should add all Ashkenazi Jews (the USA population and the European) and then apply the growth rate (which is in Israel today also 1.4%). It is natural to assume that to the USA migrated younger work age people and their birth rate was higher than for those largely too old ones who stayed in Europe, which would explain the claims that the Jewish birth rate in Europe was small. After the war, because of the modern lifestyle, the population growth rate reduced, but in Israel it is again in the old figure.

    The high population growth of native Poles after the war and the low population growth in the war time is visible in their population pyramid. This pyramid has a very narrow part for those born during the war years. It can be explained by marriages being postponed as a large portion of Polish young men were in the army and later in POW camps where many died, and many women were in work duty. After the war there would have been many marriages and as a result many new born children in a short time. This is what the population pyramid suggests. It does not suggest that millions were killed because that would make a reduction on many year classes but the small year classes, like the large ones, are only on a short time period. Some native Poles did stay in Ukraine and other countries which were in Poland in 1938 even though there were transportations, but the figures for native Poles can be well explained with official Polish statistics and it does not show that 2-3M Poles were killed. Lower birth rate reduces 1M. War (army and civilian losses), POW deaths, deportation and both side terror losses total some 0.5M and so on. This gives the calculated reduction of the population of 2-2.5M. The calculation does not misinterprete German or Ukrainian population losses as native Polish population losses. The main errors in population statistics are in Soviet figures, not in some other country figures.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  172. @Wally

    AKTION T 4
    In Mein Kampf, Adolf Hitler himself had spelled out the Nazi notion of “racial hygiene,” writing that Germany “must see to it that only the healthy beget children” using “modern medical means.” The Nazis believed this would produce Germans fit for the workforce, military service, and so on — while weeding out all others.

    And as soon as the Nazis swept into power in 1933, they implemented laws that mandated sterilization for the physically and mentally disabled. It didn’t take much to become a victim of this program. Most victims were sent to be sterilized due to a vague diagnosis of “feeblemindedness,” while blindness, deafness, epilepsy, and alcoholism accounted for some of the other sterilizations.

    All in all, the Nazis forcibly sterilized some 400,000 people. But once the war began in 1939, the Nazis’ plans for the disabled grew even darker.

    The Nazi Program That Slaughtered 300,000 Disabled People
    Inside the Aktion T4 program, the little-known Nazi euthanasia initiative that killed as many as 300,000 disabled people.

    Nazi authorities executed a massive yet lesser-known program of targeted mass killing aimed at some of the most vulnerable people under their control: the disabled.

    Starting as a euthanasia program that eliminated disabled infants and children deemed unfit to live and expanding in time to cover disabled adults and the elderly, the program ended in 1941 amid a welter of protests from many quarters of German society.

    This murder of German children had no official name and was known in Germany only by the address where it was headquartered:
    4 Tiergartenstraße, Berlin, which inspired the name Aktion T4.

    The Roots Of The Aktion T4 Program

    Nazi eugenics posters from 1935 illustratesd what they believed to be the dangers of allowing so-called genetic undesirables to live, reproduce, and account for a larger percentage of the gene pool than those with desired traits.

    The ideological underpinnings of Aktion T4 were apparent in Nazi thinking from the party’s very beginnings. Nazi leaders had long preached the gospel of eugenics, calling for scientific control over Germany’s gene pool with the aim of improving it through state action.

    The Test Case

    In early 1939, an odd letter arrived at the office of the Nazi Party Chancellery from a German man and Nazi loyalist named Richard Kretschmar. He was trying to contact Hitler directly in hopes of gaining clearance to legally euthanize his own son, Gerhard, who had been born just a few months earlier with severe and incurable physical and mental disabilities including missing limbs, blindness, and convulsions (the original medical records are lost and second-hand accounts vary).

    Kretschmar asked Hitler to let them have this “monster” put down. Hitler then sent his own physician, Dr. Karl Brandt, to look into the case. On inspection, Brandt decided the diagnosis had been correct, that he was an “idiot,” and there was no hope for improvement. Thus Gerhard was killed by lethal injection on July 25, 1939. His death certificate stated the cause of death as “heart weakness.”

    Having now broken the ice, Hitler and company immediately set into a motion a plan that would call for the killing of the physically and mentally disabled in Germany en masse.


    • Thanks: FB
    • Replies: @Franklin Ryckaert
    , @Wally
  173. @Wally

    You do one thing my friend : go to the website, search for “swimming pool” and scoll down to Rebutting the “Twitter denial”: the most popular Holocaust denial memes debunked and refute all the 39 points thereof, or invite your friends of CODOH to do so. That would be a more fruitful approach than calling me a “Zionist”.

    • Replies: @Robjil
    , @Wally
  174. Anonymous[725] • Disclaimer says:

    Well, if you believe 2.5M died during the war and that there were officially 15.5M before the war (you mention the artificial, unjustified increase to 16.7M in one of your blog posts), and that there were actually 1M fewer Soviet Jews prewar, that leaves a postwar (world) population of 12M, not the 11M claimed, no? In which case there is probably something like 1.5-2M Jews uncounted today (in Russian Far East, maybe?). I would find that hard to believe. A more likely scenario is that the number of Polish Jews was also overstated by 1M (unless that many took advantage of the name change law after the war, which is unlikely).


    • Replies: @j2
  175. If there’s anything positive at all about ongoing plandemic/”mask-show”, it’d be yet
    another confirmation of existence and power of the above-national structures (aka
    world-government), that, may be in less conspicuous form and definitely not so
    powerful as they are now, but existed before WWI already. Their presence/influence
    can explain many, otherwise looking irrational, things in certain global events, including
    WWII. For example, thinking of Hitler as of “the best actor for the role” (and the best
    actor is the one who doesn’t know that he’s an actor) placed in power by those who didn’t
    give a damn about Germany, or any other country in particular, explains why “the more
    they kill each other – the better” was the leitmotiv of both WWI and WWII.

  176. Karel says:
    @White Monkey

    No. most are still hidden in my basement an will soon come out.

  177. @Dave Rubin

    If the infallible Führer would be consistent, he would have “euthanized” his own minister of propaganda, the clubfooted Goebbels. But what about his own “feeblemindedness”?

  178. maz10 says:
    @Carolyn Yeager

    “Why hasn’t the general public heard of these incredible mass graves?”

    Starting with the general public: the mass graves were incredible indeed as a proof of German atrocities and the general public was aware of them as much as it was ware of similar finds in other countries which had the misfortune of having suffered German occupation. I wrote ‘was’ because since some time Soviet atrocities are being spotlighted at the expense of German ones (not a wise policy IMO but that is a different story). In addition nowadays ‘the general public’ is not aware of Katyn either or anything else that is not at the very moment trending on social media.

    Having said the above let me tell you this: the question about ‘general public’ is a crude attempt at side-tracking tactics for the problem here is not what the ‘general public’ is aware of or not – instead the problem is: how come that you write as if you did not know?

    Is the because of your ignorance?


    Is that because you deliberately wrote falsities?

    Since I lack mindreading abilities I do not know which of the two it is, however either way it disqualifies you or rather your writings.

    “Except for a little commotion at Palmiry and Ponary, they are Polish fiction. The Germans assembled an international team of experts to exhume the Katyn graves and publish their findings.”

    Ms. Yaeger at her finest.

    Let me start by pointing out that the Germans did not display any attachment to truth or integrity for they invited foreigners to the site of a Soviet atrocity in order to make a macabre propaganda circus for their own benefit and not for any other reasons. Let me repeat it so that even you can grasp it: what the Poles suffered and the Soviets did was only shown to foreigners for propagandistic gains and thus does not present proof of high Germans standards in regard to anything.

    “The Poles kept their exhumations, if there were any, all in the family.”

    Materials from the exhumations including photographic evidence are publicly available. Should taking the trouble to see them in the archives be too much for you it would only demonstrate that doing some actual research is an effort you are incapable of. Which in turn means you have no basis to write with authority on any of those subjects. That said I must give you some credit for you started to read Wikipedia – considering your standards of research and the resulting knowledge (lack thereof) in regard to the topics you like to authoritatively write about that is a giant leap forward. Congratulations. Unfortunately this does not help you much since your attitude to sources and evidence is cavalier: if it does not suit you it can be dismissed as fiction. Thus I suppose exhumations are not proof enough, neither are the reburials of many of the victims and their present gravesites which are frequented by surviving family members (a dwindling number due to the age). In that case Bekanntmachungen about executions are not going to convince you either. You have to dismiss everything into non-existence as fiction since otherwise your entire narrative collapses. To make it clear: such an opportinistic dismissal of available sources and evidence does not discredit them, instead it discredits you and your writings.

    Last but not least dismissing atrocities such as massacres committed by German (which even you did not dare to deny) as ‘little commotions’ speaks volumes about you, not in superlatives to make it clear.

  179. Karel says:

    Carolyn is funny but not amusing.

  180. @Beefcake the Mighty

    There is no perfect system. They all have good points and bad points, and I choose to recognize that. I also choose to look at things in context, and why systems work in some places, but not others.
    Almost 50 years ago, while at university in Scandinavia, I had 2 Russian Soviets, a Czech, a Slovak, and an East German in my class. They were all happy to discus their system. They couldn’t understand how a government could stand by and allow people to be unemployed. For them, it was morally wrong, as people needed to work to feel self worth. I agree with the sentiment, but how that was achieved in the Soviet Bloc wasn’t for me. Contrast that with finance capitalism. The stock market goes up with more unemployment. To finance capitalism, unemployment is an opportunity to reduce wages and working conditions and increase profits. That is really just a different type of oppression than the old Soviet system.
    Fifty years ago in Scandinavia, you could count, on one hand, the number of non-Whites you’d see in a week. It was extremely homogeneous, and most people, at some point in their family tree, would be related to most others. It was like a big family, and there was an enormous trust in each other, which included the government. They had a much higher standard of living, as long as you weren’t counting the size of homes and number of bathrooms, and crime was, comparatively, non-existent. Co-ops were a huge part of the economy. In some small cities, they owned hotels and restaurants. Their “socialized” systems, such as healthcare, were not perfect, but were more efficient and provided better care than what previously existed. For them and their massive extended “family” it was natural. The collapse of those systems today is due to the idiots (traitors) who promoted multiculturalism starting in the early 70s when all of the old “socialists” had left politics.
    Could there system work in the US? Probably not, because comparatively, they US has never been a high trust society. It was higher trust 50 years ago, but never to the level of Scandinavia.
    I noted the same in the UK. In the Northern counties near the Scottish border, and in Scotland outside the heavily populated areas like Leeds, Glasgow, and Edinburgh there was a high trust in the population, co-ops were more conspicuous, and people treated each other more like extended family, with the few exceptions of ancient clan rivalries. Those areas were traditionally strong “Labour” politically. Things that worked there, do not necessarily translate to success elsewhere.
    The US success in being a rising world power had a lot to do with the massive abundance of natural resources. People coming from Europe recognized the potential and worked hard to take advantage of the opportunity and used great ingenuity. They didn’t have the familial supports, were primarily self sufficient, and relied on neighbours for co-operative efforts like barn raising. They did so out of necessity, and that culture gave way to the moneyed class, which was firmly in charge of the countries they left. The US citizens ended up in the same situation as their ancestors, but do not have the same history to cope with it.
    I have long maintained that as bad as monarchies and dictatorships may be, at least you know where to direct your anger or criticism. The (((West))) has today is layers of treasonous bastards, responsible for different aspects of our problems, who cannot be identified, yet operate as a dictatorship. Are we really better off than places like the old Soviet Bloc, where people expected the government to lie, or China of today? In some ways, yes, in other ways, no.

  181. @Zarathustra

    After Munich, the Polish invasion and annexation of Tesin, which was part of Czechoslovakia, was recognized to be legitimate. What’s your point?

  182. FB says: • Website
    @Carolyn Yeager

    You say “many geographical inaccuracies in this article” and you cite one.

    Your ‘article’ is chock full of non-factual nonsense of a grade-school level…for instance…

    We must keep in mind that 31% of Poland’s population was of non-Polish origin; one million were German, as you can see from names of cities like Stettin, Gruenberg and Breslau.

    So ‘Stettin’ is a German place name, or ‘Breslau’…?

    You realize that in the age of wikipedia you can check very basic facts like the history of various places in a matter of minutes…


    The recorded history of Szczecin began in the eighth century, as Vikings[13] and West Slavs settled Pomerania.

    [Btw, ALL of Pomerania, including the German half was originally Slavic…]

    “Pomerania” and its cognates in other languages are derived from Old Slavic po, meaning “by/next to/along”, and morze, meaning “sea”, thus “Pomerania” literally means “seacoast” or “land by the sea”, referring to its proximity to the Baltic Sea.

    In fact half of Germany has Slavic toponyms, place names of towns and cities, rivers etc…

    Prior to the medieval Ostsiedlung, Slavic languages like Polabian, Sorbian, Pomeranian, and Slovenian were spoken in the eastern parts of the Holy Roman Empire.

    The German settlers and administration in many cases adopted existing Wendish placenames, for example Rostock (from Old Polabian rostok, “river fork”), Dresden (from Sorbian Drežďany), and Berlin (possibly from a Polabian word meaning “Swamp”).

    For the same reason, many German placenames ending in -anz (e.g. Ummanz), -gard (e.g. Burg Stargard), -gast (e.g. Wolgast), -itz (e.g. Lancken-Granitz), -ow (e.g. Gützkow), and -vitz or -witz (e.g. Malschwitz) have Slavic roots. Due to spelling and pronunciation changes over the centuries, the original Wendish term in most cases is not preserved.

    Also, some placenames combine a German with a Wendish term (e.g. Altentreptow). The German suffix -au can be related to the Slavic -ow and -ov when derived from the Old German spelling (u= w =double u; e.g. Prenzlau was earlier spelled Prenzlow).

    The Slavic origins of the eastern half of present day Germany are well known and a basic part of history education…the fact is that Poland actually has a much more legitimate claim over German territory than the other way round…

    All one needs to do is to look up Berlin…

    Of Berlin’s twelve boroughs, five bear a (partly) Slavic-derived name: Pankow (the most populous), Steglitz-Zehlendorf, Marzahn-Hellersdorf, Treptow-Köpenick and Spandau (named Spandow until 1878).

    Of its ninety-six neighborhoods, twenty-two bear a (partly) Slavic-derived name: Altglienicke, Alt-Treptow, Britz, Buch, Buckow, Gatow, Karow, Kladow, Köpenick, Lankwitz, Lübars, Malchow, Marzahn, Pankow, Prenzlauer Berg, Rudow, Schmöckwitz, Spandau, Stadtrandsiedlung Malchow, Steglitz, Tegel and Zehlendorf.

    I provided a basic outline of just a small part of this history on the recent Paul Craig Roberts thread, where you also participated [but apparently learned nothing]…comment 791…

    …a third of present day Germany, stretching from Denmark to the Danube should be considered Slavic territory… since the Slavs were the original rulers of the area, as attested not only by history, but by the present day place names of the cities, settlements and rivers in the region, and the founders of those settlements and cities, and subsequent ruling families…

    For instance the House of Mecklenburg…one of Europe’s longest ruling dynasties…which was founded in the twelfth century by Pribislav, a Slavic prince…

    Statue of Obotrite Prince Niklot, Pribislav’s father, at the Schwerin Castle (sculptor, Christian Genschow)

    The House of Griffin is another one…

    Duke Wartislaw I (died 1135) was the first historical ruler of the Duchy of Pomerania and the founder of the Griffin dynasty. The most prominent Griffin was Eric of Pomerania, who became king of the Kalmar Union in 1397, thus ruling Denmark, Sweden and Norway.

    The last Griffin duke of Pomerania was Bogislaw XIV, who died during the Thirty Years’ War, which led to the division of Pomerania between Brandenburg-Prussia and Sweden.

    The two biggest German cities on the Baltic Sea are Rostock and Lubeck, both founded by West Slavs, as is clear from the names…

    The same is true for the Polish Pomeranian city of Wroclaw, Germanized into Breslau…[any name that ends with ‘au’ in German is of Slavic origin as in ‘ow’ or ‘aw’…

    In fact it was the Polish Duke that in the Middle Ages invited the Teutonic Knights into the region to put down the pagan Prussian tribes…the Prussians are NOT German…they are a Balto-Slavic people, speaking a Balto-Slavic language…Old Prussian…

    There are many more blatant pieces of ahistorical nonsense in this ‘article’ [which I will cover later]…

    Ron Unz should really consider going in for his Alzheimer test…last week he was arguing strenuously about human physiology with a board-certified emergency physician…now he takes the cake by publishing this pile of nonsense that doesn’t even rise to elementary grade-school history…

  183. Anonymous[725] • Disclaimer says:

    You’ve copy-and-pasted this before.

  184. @Carolyn Yeager

    Thank you, Carolyn and Wilhelm, for this bold and thoughtful article. There are many reasons to doubt the Official Holocaust Narrative. The fact that ‘doubting’ this blood libel against the German people has been criminalized around the world is itself a red flag. Actual truth requires no such punitive measures.

    Below is a chronicle that the claim of ‘six million Jews’ was being marketed before WWII even started. Indeed, it’s been discovered that the ‘six million Jews’ meme goes back to before WWI. Other researchers have uncovered claims about ‘six million Jews’ made during the mid 19th century! This evidence is shocking but undeniable.

    Check this out brief but compelling account of Holyhoax claims made prior to WWII:

    • Thanks: Carolyn Yeager
    • Replies: @Franklin Ryckaert
  185. E_Perez says:

    In fact it is well known that Parisz (today called Paris) was founded by Slavic kings who brought their culture to western Europe well before Cesar entered Gallia.

    • Replies: @FB
    , @Zarathustra
  186. @Carolyn Yeager

    There are only 2 reasons that the German gov. can have for denying access. 1. to hide evidence that they know is there. 2. prevent the disclosure that the evidence isn’t there. That’s offers the logical question; Who Benefits. Well, who controls the German gov.? Just looking at how much cash the Germans have diverted to jews for compensation since 1945 tells me that the German government is not in the hands of Aryan Germans. Rather the opposite.

    • Agree: the shadow
  187. FB says: • Website


    The name ‘Paris’ is derived from its early inhabitants, the Gallic Parisii tribe…

    Again…basic info on many things you don’t know in wikipedia…a good first step before wasting our time here…

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @E_Perez
  188. Robjil says:
    @Franklin Ryckaert

    You like the tyranny of the concept of the big 6 sun as the center of the universe?

    The big 6 sun shines in the sky for you.

    The rest of planet wants the real sun back as the center of the universe.

    The world needs more Galileos to question the big 6 sun.

    The intense heat of big 6 sun is shrinking the human mind.

    • Replies: @Franklin Ryckaert
  189. @mark green

    About former claims of six million Jewish victims, see on the website, search “swimming pool” and scroll down to Rebutting the “Twitter denial”: the most popular Holocaust denial memes debunked., under 6.The First Holocaust canard. You will see photocopies of 11old newspaper articles about 5 million and 18 old newspaper articles about 3 million Jews as victims.

    As the article says :

    “…Well, you get the point. The explanation is simple: the mentions of 5 and 6 million were mostly referring to the Jewish population of the Russian Empire (or its former territories after the Bolshevik revolution, including Poland) which was estimated as… you guessed it, between 5 and 6 million. 3 million referred mostly to the Jewish population of Poland and neighboring territories…”

  190. Anonymous[725] • Disclaimer says:

    He was trolling you, dumb-ass. You take yourself WAY too seriously.

  191. @Robjil

    “…You like the tyranny of the concept of the big 6 sun as the center of the universe?

    The big 6 sun shines in the sky for you…”

    This way of answering for me your own theatrical question is a kind of projection. No, I don’t think that the Holocaust is the most important thing in the universe, but, like it or not, Jews have made it so, and thus that requires an adequate response.

    • Replies: @Robjil
  192. E_Perez says:

    The Gallic ‘paryszi tribe’ would still speak Polish instead of the Latin Dialect they call French, if Cesar had not eliminated all traces of Slavic culture. Much like the non-existant Jewish mass graves.

    • Replies: @FB
  193. Mefobills says:

    Jews “always win”, the fact that Jews were largely exterminated in Europe is extremely inconvenient.

    Revisionist history is putting lie to your “extermination” comment, and maybe that is the bee-in your bonnet?

    Let’s modify from always winning, to the general feeling of “always winning.” This general feeling is amplified because the winning is done with usury and other sneaky means, not through honest labor.

    In the last several hundred years of western history, usury has been normed out of the language and hence consciousness. Money capital has become “private credit,” and wars have been won to position creditor over debtor. Religious doctrine has been overturned or subverted, witness Zionist Christianity or Vatican II Catholicism.

    The Jew has been either been involved directly or indirectly in all of these subversive movements… hence “winning.”

    • Agree: GeeBee
  194. Robjil says:
    @Franklin Ryckaert

    This big 6 mania is something that everyone grew up since 1945 with MSM 24/7 spouting it as the worst thing ever in history We all know the Santa Claus like tall tale. It won’t work anymore. People are tired and yearning to be free of big 6 sun.

    Here is an example of big Six mania. Six million Crucifixions, a “history” book by Gabriel Wilensky, he blames Christianity for the big 6. Jewish culture was so “innocent” to him. We are “not allowed” to hear or read anything negative that Jewish culture ever did or does in the entire history of Judaism. This hiding of criminal behavior, a sacred thing that one can not question or look at, of Jewish culture is the real problem and not Christianity or anything outside Judaism.

    The other major theme in Six Million Crucifixions is prosecutorial. As Michael Berenbaum, Director of the Sigi Ziering Institute points out, Six Million Crucifixions is an indictment of the Catholic and Protestant churches, with an emphasis on the Catholic Church.[7] Wilensky makes the suggestion that after the Second World War the Allies should have set up another international trial to prosecute any members of the clergy who may have been guilty of incitement or persecution of Jews before, during and after World War II. The book presents material that might have been used in a potential indictment had the Allies chosen to set up such a trial.

  195. GeeBee says:

    Like many Jews, you appear to be arguing that anyone who disputes the absurd and impossible ‘holocaust’ orthodoxy must, somehow, and by some strange and twisted logic, be themselves Jewish. It’s rather like saying that anyone denying that Saudis were responsible for the September 11th 2001 attacks in America must themselves be Saudis.

    I’m awfully sorry, but it is a fairly sound bet that anyone who talks of Jews being ‘largely exterminated’ in Europe is either not bothering to look at the evidence or is someone with ‘a dog in the race’, as the saying goes. They were not ‘largely exterminated’ and in fact suffered far fewer deaths than most other races or ethnicities pro rata. Of course, it is inevitable that – given their control of the narrative – they relentlessly push their revolting victimhood status in order to protect the ultimate ‘Get Out of Jail Free’ card that the holohoax represents, and which they use – all too successfully – to excuse each and every vile criminal scam they perpetrate.

    And we – most of us at any rate – are daft enough just to sit on our arses and believe them, rather than acquaint ourselves with facts that are redily available.

    • Agree: the shadow
  196. Dannyboy says:

    Sounds like a Sherlock Holmes episode, “The Mystery of the Missing Jews”…lol

    Just how many Jews did go up the stack during WW2?

    The world may never know.

    Not nearly enough in my book.

    It’s a goddamn shame all those Frankfurt School kikes weren’t “turned into gas and poured into the stratosphere”, I know that much.

  197. j2 says:

    Your calculation is correct and in most things we agree. The Jewish figures give 4.5M dead. Reducing the Soviet (that is, Ukrainian) Jewish population before the war by 1.1M reduces the death toll to 3.4M. In order to get to 2.5M death toll there had to be 0.9M more Jews in the Soviet Union after the war. The Soviet estimate after the war was that there were 1-3M Jews. The American Jewish Yearbook took the middle value 2M and that value is used in the calculation giving 4.5M. However, it could just as well have been 2.9M Jews in the Soviet Union in 1948. Estimation from a Soviet census in 1970s gives the figure 2.9M after the war. The case is that Jews mixed with the population and we have to estimate halactic Jews (with Jewish mother) in order to estimate the population size had it not mixed. I think it is possible there were more Jews in the Soviet Union in 1946. All those who went to the Soviet Union from the West were sent to labor camps. That happened to Russian POWs returned from Finland: Stalin sent them to camps. It happened to Ingrians returned from Finland to the Soviet Union: sent to camps. Not much was ever heard of those people and many died there. There were closed cities built by and for those forced labor workers.

    I do not want to reduce the Jewish population of the Soviet Union more than by 1.1M because there were Jews in the Soviet Union in 1938. Even Finns took some Jewish prisoners of war, I think some 130 from 9000, 1-2%. I think the most natural explanation is recounting of Galician Jews to the Jewish population of Ukraine and Poland.

    • Replies: @Beefcake the Mighty
  198. @E_Perez

    I do know that you are mocking. But excavation findings from years before year of our lord one thousand on Slavic territories are not only similar they are almost identical to Gaelic findings.
    That means that these two tribes were once neighbors. Almost to this day the Gaelic form of dance is very similar to Slavic form of dance.

    • Replies: @Seraphim
  199. FB says: • Website

    I see you are just another retarded shrimp here on UNZ…

    A grand total of twenty retarded little comments, all of them completely lacking in education or any kind of real knowledge whatsoever…

    If you actually have any kind of FACTUAL disagreement about anything I write here, then by all means try to articulate that [with what retarded brain cells you have to work with]…otherwise kindly shut the fuck up, SHRIMP…

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  200. Anonymous[725] • Disclaimer says:

    Someone’s butt-hurt.

  201. Reger says:

    From your post, it seems you have the same mindset as the Pangermanists in the early 20th century. If you look at the placenames of northern France and Picardy, you will notice they are largely German.
    Fauquembergues – Falkenberg
    Nortkerque – Nordkirch
    Balinghem – Ballingheiim
    Lisbourg – Liesburg
    Isbergues -Eisberg and dozens of others
    On that basis, the most rabid Germanists thought that these provinces should be re-annexed.
    Using your rationale, Italy or France should annex all the German cities with Latin-derived names.
    What I am saying is that you are in the same camp as Yaeger, but from another angle.

    • Replies: @FB
    , @Fox
  202. Reger says:
    @Carolyn Yeager

    Excuse me, I am a New Zealander of English, Scottish, Irish heritage only – so says
    You are American with all that implies in today’s world.
    Charts are only as good as the purpose they are used for.
    Your Caption shows ignorance and now I realise it is wilful ignorance.
    You do your ancestors no honour at all.

  203. Malacay says:

    Little rat, quit thinking about Slavs. In those mindless communistic rats’ little heads all sorts of things might start popping up, things which might later on require extinguishing but which would in the meantime produce lots of tragedies. As all those maps below will clearly demonstrate, Slavs have never had anything of theirs west of Oder river. 2.000 years ago those “slavic toponyms” in Pomerania never existed, because Pomerania didn’t exist. That land was known as Germania. Anyone can see where Slavic lands always were.


    • Replies: @FB
  204. Robjil says:
    @Franklin Ryckaert

    The six million number is ten times of the number of 600000, the number of Jews who came from Egypt to Israel in the Torah. It is ritual, religious number and not something we in the secular 21st century should take as fact. The oddest thing of all is now in the 21st century that we are in the high Middle Ages again, the Age of Faith. The new Faith is Zion, one goes to jail, is jobless or ostracized if one questions Zionist’s versions of history.

    600000 is also the number of letters in the Torah. The 6 number is a religious number and not a scientific number. That is why it is used so often. Thus the endless use of the big 6 before the “real” big 6 as in “trouble” and in “real” big 6 “trouble” after WWII. The big 6 game was to get Israel with no back talk with this big 6 shield from non-Jews. The big 6 was wanted to appear to have happen or made to look like it happened with the denial of real investigation.

    The word “Israel” can be read as an acronym for “Yesh Shishim Ribo Otiot LaTorah”, meaning: “There are six hundred thousand letters in the Torah”. Therefore, Israel did not leave Egypt until there were six hundred thousand of them, in order for each soul to be “supported” by one letter in the Torah, as we have written in a number of places.

    Max Nordau, co-founder of World Zionist Organization, mentioned the big 6 as not a counting but a tragedy. He said it in 1911.

    Max Nordau, co-founder of the World Zionist Organization together with Theodore Herzl, made an astonishing pronouncement at the tenth Zionist Congress in Basle, Switzerland. He claimed that 6,000,000 Jews would be annihilated. This was twenty-two years before Hitler came to power and three years before World War I started.

  205. FB says: • Website

    Excuse me, FOOL…

    Do you plan to learn the English language at some point…?

    My history lesson to this ridiculous ‘author’ was required because of the incredible ignorance to claim that the city names of ‘Stettin’ and ‘Breslau’ are of German origin…when in fact they are Germanized names of Slavic place names…

    Just like those Gallicized place names you quote are in fact of German origin…

    It was this ridiculous ‘author’ that was using faulty an non-factual information about PLACE NAMES as an argument FOR irredentism…[I suggest you look up the meaning of this word]…

    It was not I who was arguing for irredentism, but what’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander…[also look up the meaning of that expression]…

  206. FB says: • Website

    Sorry MORON…I don’t speak ‘RETARD’…

    I will need you to explain to me what your retarded little maps are supposed to mean and how that has anything to do with the FACTUAL information I presented…

    Now go back to your shoe box and stop jerking off in public…

    • LOL: Jazman
  207. @FB

    “You realize that in the age of wikipedia you can check very basic facts ”

    If you rely on “facts” presented by wikipedia you are going to be more at home here:

    • Replies: @FB
  208. Malacay says:

    Czechia is not Slavic. It is Germanic land occupied by Czechs and it would be best if Germans would get their land back. Czechs are… disturbing bipedal creatures. So liberal. So very whorish. Utterly disgusting. Nothing like Polaks. Polaks care for their people and respect their ancestors, their history and their culture. Czechs are completely different kind whose nature is… whore-ism. Very despicable and disturbing people. All libtards ought to be completely eradicated and Czechia is full of these bipedal mammals. It is them who from their own free will disregard and disavow their ancestors, and thus forsake the right to exist as a collective. Liberals are individualists. They have no people. No collective. Or history. Or culture for that matter. They are individualistic nomads and have a form of existence as a kind bipedal cattle of sorts.

    We Croats are Illyro-Romans. Dalmatia is our ancestral land. Dalmatia has ever been of Illyro-Roman history and culture. We have nothing in common with central European Slavs or Sarmatian Serbs. Slavic language and religion with it was spread by Slavic Church, not Slavs as a people. Macedonians, Sarmatian Serbs and Bulgarians (Turkic Bulghar tribe) have also adopted Slavic language through mediation and the work of the Slavic Church just like us. That should be clearly understood.

    • Replies: @Antiwar7
    , @FB
  209. Petermx says:

    I don’t care what you think and you are obviously full of hatred. Of course I believe what my mother told me. I know her and she does not lie, had no reason to lie, in particular in a personal conversation we had. I have not met many Czechs but I have met one fair minded Czech and there “were” many and probably still are. I would not include you among them.

    • Replies: @karel
  210. Malacay says:

    Those maps I provided in the first post of mine were maps dating from 100 BC to 7th century. Earlier maps are also telling similar story.

    You will easily notice where Turks belong to on all those provided maps. That tumor is from central Asia. It must be eradicated from Anatolia.

  211. Antiwar7 says:

    A more perfect example of extreme, dumb racism would be hard to find. And yet you identify as “we Croats”. Interesting.

    • Troll: Malacay
    • Replies: @Malacay
  212. Petermx says:

    Thank you. That is because my knowledge comes from people that were actually there. Not like you or others. Both my parents were German and lived there during the war. I had two uncles from what became Czechoslovakia, one from Prague and another from the Sudetenland. They were Germans/Austrians. The one from Prague served in the Czech army between WW I and WW II.

  213. FB says: • Website
    @Bill Jones

    Wikipedia is a good first take on many subjects of basic history and science…

    No one is suggesting that controversial or highly charged political issues are treated objectively or evenhandedly in wikipedia…but if you want to find out the basics about historical facts that are NOT disputed then it is a good jumping off point…if for no other reason than the voluminous citations that can then be investigated…

    For information on math and physics for example, the wikipedia articles are usually fairly decent…

    The facts that I presented about the Slavic origins of much of German territory are not in any kind of dispute, so why bring up this canard about wikipedia…?

    This ridiculous ‘author’ is evidently quite unschooled…I don’t think she knows the first thing about Germany nor its people…I happened to have LIVED in Germany…my father was stationed with the British Army of the Rhine in Bielefeld, Westphalia for six years…for three of those years my mother an I also lived there and I attended my first three years of school there…later, I had the opportunity to spend a full year in East Germany as an exchange student…

    I know a lot more about Germany than this ridiculous ‘author’…her so-called ‘article’ is chock full of bullshit…she claims that there were not massacres of Czechs other than the Lidice massacre, where an entire village, including many children, were summarily executed…[this author claims it was only men that were executed]

    The Memorial to the Children of Lidice

    That kind of ahistorical garbage is called LYING…

    It is also a sign of deep, deep ignorance of the subject…she obviously has never been to Czechia…I have, many times in fact…and have talked to people that survived the Nazi occupation…

    Seeing this author hose this forum down with diarrhea is not a credit to anybody involved with this website…it does not take long to research these factual things, like the mistreatment of Czechs and Poles by the Nazi occupation forces…

    At the same time, we are told a bullshit story about Yugoslavia and how the British handed over fleeing Nazis and their collaborators…boo fucking hoo…that is what happens when you start a war…and especially if you are committing massive war crimes…

    Look, what kind of moron can believe these stories that the NAzis were pure as the driven snow aned never committed war crimes…?

    Again…only people who have not actually traveled and lived in that part of the world…none of the Germans I know, for nearly 50 years now, would have anything good to say about the nutcase Hitler…ELEVEN MILLION GERMANS perished in the war…

    I remember even from those childhood years in Westphalia that people hated Nazis with a passion…everybody had a personal story of suffering…it is quite stupid that now you have know-nothings like this ‘author’ and others on this silly website that now romanticize this dreadful period in history…

    A few years ago a German fellow I knew quite well for many years passed away…he was a Luftwaffe pilot in the war [Messerschmidt 109 fighter aircraft] who was shot down over France and was not released until 1953…thousands shared that same fate…

    And you know what…he never had a single good thing to say about the Nazis…and he in fact spoke glowingly about how he was treated in captivity all those years…

    Bottom line is that you people are just a joke…you have no real conception about the real world you live in, nor how things actually were in Europe…like any good internet buffoon you simply go online to toss off nonsense that you know nothing about…

  214. Malacay says:

    Libtard, you can identify as a fish or a bird for all I care. You are still going to be without a collective, people, history, culture… in short: a nomad. You are obviously ignorant of origins; and it is also understandable that liberals would confuse race with religion and language as Slavic one represents. Try to educate yourself. Thinking that you might not be bird or fish would be a good start. That libtardic “education” you received in skool has wrecked your birdbrain completely.

  215. “Some Jewish community leaders complained that villagers didn’t show enough respect for the dead. “How could people just walk past the grave and do nothing?” said Ilia Levitas, the head of Ukraine’s Jewish Council. ‘Where is their Christian mercy?’”

    Ain’t the chutzpah breathtaking?

    If the Ukraine wasn’t governed by (((neocon))) vassals, those grave sites would have been seized by government authorities, cordoned off, and a team of INDEPENDENT forensic archeologists sent into analyze the remains, taking as much time as they needed to get to the truth.

    Of course Schlomo knows what the truth would almost certainly be (i.e., a blow against his cherished false history and victimhood narrative), thus his determination to keep the truth hidden at all costs.

  216. FB says: • Website

    Well…you previously claimed to be Albanian…so now you are supposedly ‘Croatian’…which is a Slavic country…genetics proves that…the genetic history of Europe…

    The ‘Slavic’ haplogroup R1A in yellow and the ‘Celtic’ haplogroup R1b in red…notice that the Albanian territory is the only one that is predominatly African genetics…your people…

    Another genetic map of Europe showing the haplogroups…

    We see that Croatia has the MOST Slavic R1a of any of the former Yugoslav countries…the others being more I haplogroup, which are also found predominantly in Scandinavia…

    Your ridiculous theory is complete nonsense…what we know from genetics, linguistics and archeology is summed up in the Kurgan Hypothesis…

    Map of Indo-European migrations from c. 4000 to 1000 BC according to the Kurgan model. The magenta area corresponds to the assumed urheimat (Samara culture, Sredny Stog culture). The red area corresponds to the area that may have been settled by Indo-European-speaking peoples up to c. 2500 BC, and the orange area by 1000 BC.

    The major revolution in human history happened in this place and time, the domestication of the horse and the invention of the wheel…and allowed the Aryan peoples carrying the R1a and R1b genes to conquer most of Eurasia and carry their genes and Indo-European language with them…

    Professor David Anthony has put this together in his landmark work The Horse the Wheel and Language…

    Another major technological advance was the heavy metal axe as seen in the Corded Ware Culture that spread across Europe…also called the ‘Battle Axe Culture’…

    The Kurgan Hypothesis tells us that the Aryan invaders displaced the matriarchal and sedentary European peoples that were the I haplogroup which we see still strongly represented in the Balkans and Scandinavia…but the R1 Aryans took over after the invention of the wheel and horse…In fact the Indo European language and the R1 haplogroup is the most widely spread in the world…

    Only your Albanians are not of Aryan stock, being of African Y DNA…the Y chromosome being the patriarchal lineage…

    • Agree: Jazman
    • Troll: Malacay
  217. Anonymous[186] • Disclaimer says:

    I think you’ve copy-and-pasted this before too.

  218. @j2

    I suppose an extra 1M Jews would simply reduce the postwar population growth rate to around 0.25% as opposed to just under 0.4%, which would not be inconsistent with some decades in the sample.

  219. Wally says:

    The CODOH Forum is all over this article:

    ‘Search for Mass Graves to Support Claimed Numbers Taking Surprising Turn’ / Yeager & Kriessman:


    “Shame it is from 2010, so 10 years old and doesn’t mention all of the failed attempts to prove the existence of “huge mass graves” in the past 10 years.”

  220. @FB

    I happened to have LIVED in Germany…my father was stationed with the British Army of the Rhine in Bielefeld, Westphalia for six years…for three of those years my mother an I also lived there and I attended my first three years of school there…later, I had the opportunity to spend a full year in East Germany as an exchange student…

    Now here is the absolutely most reliable witness to tell how the Germans felt about Hitler. Hey they told him straight out to his face so we have to believe every word he says about they told him

    You are either the most gullible fool in the world or lying.

    Your father was a soldier in an army occupying Germany after the Germans had been crushed by that army. You were the son of that occupier. Can you at all imagine that the occupied would have acted positively toward the occupier to be seen in a favorable light to their own advantage? That the best way of doing so was to shout how they hated the evil Hitler.

    This testimony is worthless for judging how Germans really felt about things.

    I know, because I lived in Germany as a small child from 1944 through 1951. What the German people were focused on is how to make the best of a bad situation.

    If you want to know how the Germans felt about Hitler at the time, try watching newsreels of the German army marching into Austria, the Sudetenland, the victory parade after the fall of France.

    Of course defeat changed their perspective. But if the Germans actually felt as you claim during the war, how was it the German army in the main continued fighting to the end?

    As for the Luftwaffe pilot you mention, I guess you never heard of Rudel, a devout supporter, , Hartman a patriot and Galland who while he had differences about Hitler’s leadership never denounced him as you claim the Germans felt about him

    The surest proof that the kind witnesses you cite under the circumstances you describe are unreliable about revealing the truth to foreigners about their true feelings toward Hitler, in 55 Days describing the final campaign for defeating the ARVN, the author writes about someone he knew during the war as a high ranking person in the ARVN who showed up as an NLF leader after the PAV liberated Saigon.

    I bet during the war he fervently denounced the NLF as terrorists. And it undoubtedly reassured his Amnerican colleagues into trusting him

    • Replies: @FB
    , @Incitatus
  221. Fox says:

    Tycho Brahe was Danish.

  222. Fox says:

    That’s not correct. After the Munich conference in fall of 1938, Czecho-Slovakia continued to exist in its new borders until the March crisis of 1939 when Slovakia seceded. After that, Czechia existed on in Protectorate form, and Slovakia as a sovereign state. In 1945, Czecho-Slovaia was forcibly formed again, but as with all unnatural, forced unions, it fell apart as soon as circumstances allowed it, and that was after the first break in the unnatural post-war order in 1990.

    • Agree: the shadow
  223. The whole left-wing, Jewish dominated history of World War 2 is an abject, disgusting and increasingly fragile lie.
    1. Hitler did not seek war. In fact, FDR did (his diaries clearly illustrate his deceit and his main advisors were Jews) and Churchill was a bought and paid for half-American political hack with a lot of expensive habits and no income. He could not have survived the scrutiny of the Modern Press; having a 300k pound/year income appear out of nowhere (that we now know all came from rich Jews) would not sell.
    2. The evidence of Jewish deaths during the war is, objectively based on Red Cross data, about 250K; all from the same pestilences that affected everyone else (largely typhus transmitted by lice and starvation at the end of the war due to Allies strategic bombing of German supply lines). They were used as ‘slave labour’, along with Slavs and others, yet the evidence shows that conditions were good and regulations extensive; they were a valued and respected labour supply.
    3. No plans to kill the Jews exist despite extensive examination of documents. No intent exists or can be shown to exist. Nuremberg was a travesty of Western law; a kangaroo Court in which defendants were tortured and beaten for confessions.
    4. Extensive evidence exists that over 5 million ethnic Germans, descendants of nearly 1,000 years of the eastward movement of German peoples into Russia, Eastern Europe and the Balkans, were murdered or died of disease as they attempted to return ‘home’. The women were often raped and sometimes murdered by Soviet troops out of sheer savagery.
    5. Stalin did seek war. He understood that the West had assisted the German Reich in building a war machine. The complete failure of the Bolshevik’s to expand by inciting a Revolution in Spain had failed. Europeans, however, saw the brutality of Communism in action and this caused extensive support for Hitler throughout Europe. Over 1 million foreigners and 150k German Jews fought against Stalin, Communism and the Red Terror that murdered millions of Orthodox Christians from 1917-1922, again in the 30’s and again after WW2. Hitler is always cited as ‘invading Russia’ yet modern data shows, and the German General Staff suspected, that the Soviet War machine war was primed and ready to go. In fact, Stalin had moved his troops closer to the border and couldn’t even afford to pull them back. Without the support of the U.S., the Soviet war machine would have collapsed; American steel was critical in the Soviet war effort. FDR could have starved to Soviet War machine and let it collapse. LIke the communist he was, he did not.

    The Jews have not changed in thousands of years. It is always victimhood and no honest assessment of wrongdoing. They had special privileges from the Romans yet still betrayed them to the Persians. Eventually, the Romans grew weary of their crap and kicked them out of the province of Syria Palestina. They were only allowed to return on Tisha Bav, one day out of the year. Yes the Romans killed around 200k Jews possibly 400k during a century of conflict. You will never hear the Jews admit that afterwards they killed 200k Greek Roman Catholics in Cyprus and 200k in Egypt during the Kitsos War. Why is that? Jews don’t do history or science; they do polemics and propaganda.

  224. Wally says:
    @Franklin Ryckaert

    – Yep, here we go again Franklin Ryckaert cannot show us his alleged millions of “holocaust” human remains, he dodges challenges, and is now hoping his fellow Zionists at so called “holocaust controversies” can bail him out. Wrong.

    – That childish bunch of easily debunked Zionist shysters have been demolished even more than Franklin Ryckaert himself, which is really saying something. Now insert other foot, Franklin. You’re in way over your head. Hint:
    Search found 531 matches: holocaust controversies

    An Analysis and Refutation of Factitious “Evidence,” Deceptions and Flawed Argumentation of the “Holocaust Controversies” Bloggers:
    Holocau$t Controversies’ slapped silly lies about their Hungarian Jews:
    Questions for Holocaust Controversies to answer :
    Aktion Reinhardt Camps / Holo. Controversies Debunked Again!:
    CODOH routs Industry spokesman Andrew Mathis of ‘holocaust’ Controversies:
    Ryan Faulk vs Sergey from Holocaust Controversies:
    demolished: Article from “Holocaust Controversies” about Jews Transported to The East:

  225. Dube says:

    Shmuel: They’ve changed the border. You’re now in Poland.
    Jakov: Thank G-d. I couldn’t take another Russian winter.

  226. Seraphim says:

    A reassessment of prehistoric archeology has reversed many theories on European ethnogeneses. It became increasingly clear that the migration of Celtic tribes (in successive waves) was from the North-Western regions of Europe to the East since the Copper Age all through to the Iron Age. So, you have the Kymri migrating to the North-Pontic steppes where you find for a short time the Cimmerians, Gaels migrating to Galitia and Galatia in Asia Minor, Veneti from the Atlantic regions to the Baltic, Poland and Germany were we find the Veneti/Wends, etc. ‘ So, Paris was from the start Celtic and remained as such to this very day.
    It became increasingly clear that the traditions of the Danubian/Pannonian origins of the ‘Slavs’ were truer than the theories of their origins in the Pripyat swamps where they migrated from. Slavs migrate from South-West to North-East.

    • Thanks: FB
    • Replies: @Malacay
  227. Fox says:

    Unlike as with Poles and Czechs, under whose rule Germans were immediately put under duress and completely eliminated within 25 years, Slavs, in contrsts, could live within the German Reich, the German community for a thousand years without being in any way disadvantaged or put under duress. If they felt that learning German for business, study in the German universities or participating in German affairs was to their advantage, then it was a voluntary action. No one forbade the use of Czech, Slovakian, Polish or Sorbian, the Sorbs exist to this day in the same small area in Central Germany they did in the past and they still speak Sorbian, yet they feel that they are Germans.

    If one takes it as a given that history is not static, it follows for reasonably intelligent people that changes do occur. That’s something the Polish crowd commenting here with foaming, boiling blood doesn’ t understand. According to their opinion, all of Europe is Slavic, was Polish, it’s all theirs, they can proof it with their maps and Polish facsimile documents and so on. It’s in the same insane breathless voice as they agitated against Germany before the First War, and after it, when they had already committed violence against their German, Lithuanian, Hungarian, Russian and Czecho-Slovakian neighbors, and after the Second War, when their insatiate demand for more land they covet to own led them to commit the greatest crime in recorded history by occupying Eastern Germany and driving away the 12 million inhabitants there at gun point. I.e. the Poles alone took one third of German living space because “it was theirs”. In addition to this crime against their fellow humans, and their neighbors, this crime against human laws as regards ownership and property, they want reparations from Germany, very big reparations. These people are truly unbelievable. And they believe that this kind of behavior is normal.

    • Replies: @FB
    , @Zarathustra
  228. Wally says:

    Wow, FB, a True believer in Wikipedia blows his cover by laughably saying:

    “Wikipedia is a good first take on many subjects of basic history and science…

    But then:
    Zionist Wikipedia Editing Course
    How Israel and Its Partisans Work to Censor the Internet
    Wikipedia Co-Founder: Site’s Neutrality Is ‘Dead’ Thanks to Leftist Bias

    Then FB posts “The Memorial to the Children of Lidice”, another lie.

    – Children were not shot, the alleged ‘whole village was also not “murdered”
    – As strange as it may seem, retaliation was allowed under international law.
    – Only military age men were shot, quite legal under international law, women & children were not.

    More of FB’s propaganda shot down:

    • Replies: @FB
    , @Fox
    , @Commentator Mike
  229. Fox says:

    It is new to me that Pangermanism -a phenomenon that seems to have been mostly known in England and was peddled in the US by one Prof. Roland Usher- had put pretensions on such places in Northern France (you might also have included in your list Dunkirk to name a more well known place). I do know, however, that places such as Lyons, Nancy or Besancon were German a few hundred years ago and no one in Germany would have thought it an idea worthy of consideration to “demand” these cities be ceded to Germany because they were once German. That would be plainly idiotic. What poppycock. A city is French because it’s citizens are French, they act, they think, the desire, they plan French and are in solidarity with their French homeland. To incorporate them into Germany would not make any sense to the German mind – which appears to exist in the world of ideas and notions, not bound to crass materialism as seems to be the case with some commenters here who cast their geographical net far to lay claim to foreign possessions.

  230. Jazman says:

    Albanians are a very heterogeneous nation. Some Albanian tribes have their origins from the Turks, some from the Serbian and Slavic population of today’s Northern Albania, some came from southern Italy, and some show great similarities with certain peoples of the Caucasus. It is enough to read the descriptions of the Illyrians by ancient authors, so that it becomes clear to any well-meaning researcher that the Illyrians have very little resemblance to the Albanians, and that they are almost identical to the southern Slavs. Eg. The Illyrians were described as the tallest people of that time, and the Dinars, Dalmatians and generally Serbs and Croats are still among the highest nations in the world, while the Albanians are extremely short and even in modern times have not reached the height of the average Illyrian in ancient times. Even famous Skenderbeg one of the greatest warriors in human history was Serb but Albanians use him as a their hero .

    • Replies: @FB
    , @Malacay
  231. FB says: • Website
    @the shadow

    What a load of flatulence…

    We were in West Germany in the late 1960s…twenty five years after the war, so it was hardly an ‘occupation’ army…

    My father was a Germanophile and I attended a German language school…our family often visited the home of my dad’s best friend Albrecht who was a refined German fellow, an architect and well-read intellectual…he and dad were fast friends until he passed years later…

    If you think life actually works like what you describe, where people like us living in the midst of German society, with German friends and neighbors, going to a German school…and yet everything we are given to believe about how German people really feel is one big put-on and charade, then you have very serious problems my friend…

    • Replies: @the shadow
  232. FB says: • Website

    Look, you soft-headed retard…

    Have you ever been to Czechia…?

    Didn’t think so…then what makes you think a retarded oaf like yourself has the right to deny those child victims…?

    This is fucking sick…if you ever showed your soft head around Lidice the local folks would turn your head into a gravy boat…in fact I would turn your stupid soft head into a gravy boat myself…

    Why would they put up a statue to the 82 children murdered by the sick Nazi scum…?

    To create eighty-two statues of children in an above-life-size height took her two decades. The atelier where the monument was created was meanwhile visited by tens of thousands of people from the whole world. They started collecting money spontaneously so that the monument could be realized as it already touched everyone who had seen it.

    Do you think people just put up elaborate public memorials to imaginary victims…?

    You are one fucking retarded peabrain…

    A total of 203 women and 105 children were first taken to Lidice village school, then the nearby town of Kladno and detained in the grammar school for three days.

    The children were separated from their mothers and four pregnant women were sent to the same hospital where Heydrich died, forced to undergo abortions and then sent to different concentration camps.

    A pathetic little sicko whose stupidity and lack of common sense is almost unimaginable…

    • Replies: @Wally
  233. FB says: • Website

    Well…it’s hard to take this kind of uninformed tripe seriously…

    The Nazis would have treated the Poles with all the care and loving in their tiny little hearts…?

    Come on man, that is just fucking retarded blubbering…

    A reasonable person can somewhat agree with you about Poles being generally unrealistic and not very reliable [one supposes there ought well be a reason for the ubiquitous Polish jokes]…but to say that Hitler didn’t intend to exterminate a great many of them and settle Germans in their place…and actually did send countless innocent folks to their graves…well that is just ridiculous…

    And it doesn’t change any of the facts about the Slavic origins of much of Germany…that includes genetically, as I have discussed elsewhere…

    Also the Sorbs don’t have education or media in their own language…in fact their language IS NOT an official language in Germany…

    This is well below the accepted human rights standards of the 21’s century, and is somewhat on a par with the Kurds in Turkey for instance…not quite Palestinians, but not a whole better either…

    You need to start being more realistic and better informed about true facts if you intend to be taken seriously…

    • Replies: @Wielgus
    , @Fox
  234. Fox says:

    I think it should also always be brought up that at the time of the reprisal against the male adult population of the small town of Lidice for giving aid and comfort to assassins, British bombers were dropping indiscriminately bombs on German towns, razing them and killing people, including infants, newborns, children, young girls and boys at the time of their first love without any reason other than Churchill’s criminal lust of instilling death on others. He dressed up his abnormality as “strategy”. That’s apparently ok in the mind of the FBs of the world, although it takes a lot more courage to be commandeered to an execution peleton than pressing the button to open the bomb bay and releasing the load to fall into the void towards a target one doesn’t need to see.
    As regards Lidice, Churchill had the assassins trained in England and flown them into the Protectorate which was not party to the war, just to widen the war by also drawing in the Czechs. The reprisal was key to Churchill’s intent. I can’t think of this abomination without feeling something akin to nausea.

    • Thanks: Carolyn Yeager
    • Replies: @the shadow
  235. FB says: • Website

    Yes…the men of the so-called Dinaric Alps [Serbs, Croats, Bosnians] are indeed among the tallest in the world…

    I often feel like a midget when walking around in Zagreb or Belgrade or Sarajevo…and I’m well over six feet…

    Here’s the interesting thing, going back to genetics and the genetic history of Europe…the I haplogroup aka M170 is marked by unusual height among its populations…

    Subclades can be found in most present-day European populations, with peaks in some Northern European and South East European countries.

    This haplogroup reaches its maximum frequency in the Western Balkans (with the highest concentration in present-day Herzegovina). It may be associated with unusually tall males, since those in the Dinaric Alps have been reported to be the tallest in the world, with an average male height of the range 180 cm (5 ft 11 in)-182 cm (6 ft 0 in) in the cantons of Bosnia, 184 cm (6 ft 0 in) in Sarajevo, 182 cm (6 ft 0 in)-186 cm (6 ft 1 in) in the cantons of Herzegovina.

    But here’s the interesting thing…the closely related subclade I1-M253 is predominant at the other end of Europe in Scandinavia…

    Haplogroup I1-M253 (M253, M307, P30, P40) displays a very clear frequency gradient, with a peak frequency of approximately 35% among the populations of southern Norway, southwestern Sweden, and Denmark, and rapidly decreasing frequencies toward the edges of the historically Germanic-influenced world.

    This would seem to support the Kurgan hypothesis that the ‘old’ Europe [I haplogroup] was conquered by the invading Aryans [R1 haplogroup] starting about 5,000 years ago with the invention of the wheel and horse…

    Driving in off the Russian steppe, the Aryans basically seemed to have plowed the ‘old’ Europe into half…with the old ‘I’ types basically ending up relegated to the periphery…off to the side in both the extreme north and south…

    In fact if you look at the occurrence of the I haplogroup, it is the most widely distributed in Europe, but dominant in only a few places in Scandinavia and the Balkans…

    This is the ‘old’ Europe to which the Kurgan hypothesis refers, and indeed the I group is among the oldest human Y DNA lineages…

    As I have mentioned elsewhere, the transformation brought about by the horse and wheel lasted for 5,000 years…basically right up until about 100 years ago was the era of the horse, when the internal combustion engine and electricity finally moved aside the horse as the prime mover of humanity…

    • Agree: Jazman
    • Troll: Malacay
    • Replies: @Jazman
    , @Malacay
    , @Skeptikal
  236. @FB

    We were in West Germany in the late 1960s…twenty five years after the war, so it was hardly an ‘occupation’ army…

    I have news for you. If you care to check, Germany was still formally under occupation (in limited form) until the Treaty on the Final Settlement with Respect to Germany was signed September 12, 1990. And in fact, the German Basic Law still provides in “Article 146[Duration of the Basic Law]This Basic Law, which, since the achievement of the unity and freedom of Germany, applies to the entire German people, shall cease to apply on the day on which a constitution freely adopted by the German people takes effect.

    Thus by its own terms, the German Basic Law is not something that was “freely adopted” by the German people.

    But your comment on this exposes your complete ignorance of the true state of affairs.

    I knew a German exchange student who as a senior was at my high school whom I got to know very well because we could easily converse in German and he knew he could trust and rely on me to keep our conversation private because of our shared views about the war. He was proud of the fight Germany waged and he didn’t mind sharing it with me. That was enirely unlike what he told fellow students from America to whom he gave the party line they expected to hear. Our friendship lasted for only about three months until the family he was staying with and those running the program realized he as not becoming sufficiently educated about America because of how we discussed matters that prompted them to move to another city to avoid my contaminating him with my views about the war and America’s role in the world.

    You are entirely clueless about what Germans would tell foreigners, especially members of the occupying army, how they really felt about them.

    And then, there is of course the point that what option did the Germans have except pretend they loved their conquerors which was the only way they could gain a semblance of indepedence. On top of it, there would always be those who saw it to their advantage to side with their conquerors. Just note how many people in the areas occupied by the Germans were shot for being collaborators after the Germans had to withdraw. I bet they also thought well of the Germans and denounced their own leaders who got them into the war for no good purpose.

    You are so clueless about this that if your brain were made of explosives there wouldn’t be enought there to blow your nose.

    • Replies: @FB
  237. Wally says:

    – Ah yes, you dodged what I posted because you cannot refute the facts.
    – Of course you dodged the point of the entire article, which is the alleged human remains of the alleged millions do not exist, hence the claims are lies.
    Which means you are full of crapola.

    “Why would they put up a statue to the 82 children murdered by the sick Nazi scum…”

    – It’s called propaganda. Also called ‘lying’, which you must think no one ever does. LOL
    – Why would people all over the world claim to have witnessed witchcraft, claimed to have had sex with the devil?
    – Why would people put up statues of fictional characters like these?

    – Hey dumsky, bottom line, you have no proof. You’ve been called on your BS.

    – And BTW, why do you want those alleged children to be dead? Ordinary, healthy people we be glad to know that they were not executed.

    • Replies: @FB
    , @Franklin Ryckaert
  238. @Fox

    As regards Lidice, Churchill had the assassins trained in England and flown them into the Protectorate which was not party to the war, just to widen the war by also drawing in the Czechs. The reprisal was key to Churchill’s intent. I can’t think of this abomination without feeling something akin to nausea.

    A key pointy to remember about the assassination is that the British didn’t do it because Heydrich’s policies generated hatred and opposition to the occupation, but precisely because they were designed to and did generate support from the population. Killing him thus achieved the double purpose of not only ending the effective policy he was pursuing, but the assassination was designed to generate the repression that followed that further undermined those policies.

    • Replies: @Fox
  239. FB says: • Website

    ‘Proof’ that those children are dead…?

    What a retarded fucking moron…how many parents do you know that would go along with a twisted charade of pretending their children are dead…?

    You obviously don’t have the bare minimum of what would be considered basic human intelligence…

    • Replies: @Wielgus
    , @Wally
  240. FB says: • Website
    @the shadow

    You’re obviously off your rocker…

    A German student who was in America confided in you that he really loved Hitler…?

    Yeah, no…I don’t think so…

    I think it’s much more likely that he was going along with you because he could see you were a bit off…

    • Replies: @the shadow
  241. @FB

    According to that first map, Croats, Serbs and Romanians are not Slav (R1a) but proto-European (12a). According to the second map, the Croats have the most of the 12a, and they and their neighbours seem to have less than a quarter R1a. One could say that the lower presence of 12a in others to the northeast is indicative of migrations from this region, while the Ria would indicate the reverse. Why just not say that people mixed in those regions of Europe, to a greater or lesser extent. Even with migrations, some have preserved their genetics better than others – the Gypsies sure have.

    • Replies: @FB
  242. @Wally

    Only military age men were shot, quite legal under international law

    Reference please from original “international law” that this was legal at the time, not some codoh statement.

    • Replies: @Wally
  243. Fox says:

    This is a very good article. To count the exact number of victims in a war is obviously a near impossibility, and in the case of the Second War there are so many reasons by the side that instigated and victoriously ended the war to not be truthful with these numbers (as with the six (6!) million alleged Polish dead that one cannot take them seriously. Since borders and populations of the area where Polish authority was exercised shifted so much within 6 years, an exact accounting of people who died is certainly nearly impossible and this is a consideration apart from the sincerity with which such an inquiry would be made and its result not merely decreed. The situation is now such that real, forensically relevant findings are downplayed or ignored, if it concerns victims on the Axis side, while no limit exists for the other side, especially Jews (who insist on the 6 million since the late 19th century -a good summary is in Don Heddesheimer’s The First Holocaust)) and Poles and Czechs who have the strongest need to justify themselves in light of their past behavior, their unclean gains through the war, and their future with Germany as their direct neighbor, and a future before them that evermore judges the past as it really happened and not as a construct of wartime propaganda. I think they have themselves done in in the long run. The Churches were also turning away from the truth and the result is that they are also losing the faithful. They are now the mere shadow of what they were 75 years ago. All the words uttered in support of something cannot substitute the perception of trustworthiness, honorability or sincerity.

  244. @FB

    Reger, Zarathustra, mas10 and Wlodzmierz, plus coming up in the rear Karel the Czech … are here to create confusion by boldly stating generalizations that are not true as if they are well-known by all. They are narrow-minded Slavs who are armed to do battle to defend their national historical lies. But FB, who is a professional troll working the Unz Review, surpasses all others in the vile filth and pure nastiness he spews out, plus the enormity of his lies.

    They all attack the population chart, but cannot show where or why it is wrong. They just say it’s wrong. LOL. When confronted, they change the subject.
    They do the same with the rest of the article, but so far they haven’t disproved a single bit of it. Study their comments and you’ll find there is nothing there but words going around in circles, mixed with put-downs, finger-pointing and diversionary tactics. Never PROOF of anything.

    They are going bananas because this article shows that the slavic schtick that Germans murdered Slavs but never the other way around, is not the reality. The reality is that Germans and their allies are the ones found brutalized in the mass graves, with no trace of Poles, Russians and Jews in graves except when they were murdering each other. There was plenty of that going around.

    Now we find FB and Reger at each others throats – it’s becoming quite nasty in this thread. It may be they hope to drive thoughtful, inquiring minds away with their vile comments.

    But let me inform FB about “the authors” and other nonsense he writes in comment #213.
    He says the “authors” are unschooled about Germany – Wilhelm Kriessmann was born in German Austria and proudly entered the Wehrmacht in 1938 at age 18, became a pilot in the Luftwaffe and saw plenty of action on the Eastern Front. In September 1945, when he arrived back home in Austria he was arrested by a “Jew in a British uniform” and placed in a British-run detention camp where his father was already living (they became roommates) while his mother and sister remained in their home, practically starving. He spent almost 2 years in that and a 2nd camp, doing labor such as logging in the woods, for no pay, just a little more food. He said they were always hungry. And this was after the war, while the Allies lived high on the hog and ran roughshod over Germans.

    Please don’t tell me about your superior knowledge of the German people & historical truth because you knew a couple of Germans here and there. Since you are completely unreliable in terms of telling the truth, I don’t take anything you say about your ‘experience’ as believable anyway.

    Lidice – You cannot show reliable evidence that the women & children of Lidice were murdered because they weren’t. A memorial sculpture is not evidence and you know it.

    I have been to Prague. My companion and I were given the wrong check (for more than ours) at a very expensive riverside restaurant and had to return the next day to get our overpayment back. The restaurant was ‘thoughtful’ enough to give us a cup of coffee on the house as we waited to be reimbursed for what we had overpaid. Oh, please don’t overdo the generosity, we said to each other! A few days before that in Crakow, Poland, I ordered a Ceasar Salad with fresh chicken at a nice restaurant and was presented with a Chef’s Salad with ham and cheese. When I pointed that out, I was told it was a Cesar Salad! Even the manager insisted it was a Ceasar Salad. But I wouldn’t accept it and ordered something else, and it was plain they had a very hard time allowing me to do so! These people are hopelessly stubborn, stingy and wrapped up in themselves. … Like the ones here.

    FB both admits that the British handed over fleeing Nazis and their allies to the Red Army (after promising they would not) – Operation Keelhaul – and at the same time calls it a ‘bullshit story’ that I told.

    Then he tries to tell us that all Germans hated the Nazis “with a passion.” He’s never met one who didn’t. Yeah, he’s an expert on Germans, nevermind what people who really are German say.

    The hatred of Slavs for Germans, fueled by jealousy, is hellish indeed, and we see it right here in these comments. I agree with what Fox said: It’s nauseating.

  245. Jazman says:

    There is very interesting Croatian historian Goran Saric they hate him in Croatia because of his pro Serbian narrative . Vinca civilization very interesting .
    Google can help
    I am 6’7” and that is average height in Montenegro 🙂

    • Replies: @Malacay
  246. Wielgus says:

    In the Third Reich, wives or parents of German servicemen in wartime sometimes held funeral ceremonies for them even though they knew they were in fact alive. The reason they knew is because they listened to the BBC or Radio Moscow, which broadcast lists of captured German personnel. However, it was a serious crime in Nazi Germany to listen to enemy radio stations and so in that case they went through with a charade.
    Conversely, a woman who listened to the BBC told a neighbour that the neighbour’s son was alive and a POW in British hands. The neighbour, rather than being glad, denounced her to the Gestapo.

  247. FB says: • Website
    @Carolyn Yeager

    Well, knock me over with a feather…😂 😂 😂

    Looks like Carolyn has lost whatever marbles she may have had at one time…

    I have been to Prague. My companion and I were given the wrong check (for more than ours) at a very expensive riverside restaurant and had to return the next day to get our overpayment back. The restaurant was ‘thoughtful’ enough to give us a cup of coffee on the house as we waited to be reimbursed for what we had overpaid. Oh, please don’t overdo the generosity, we said to each other!

    A few days before that in Crakow [sic], Poland, I ordered a Ceasar [sic] Salad with fresh chicken at a nice restaurant and was presented with a Chef’s Salad with ham and cheese. When I pointed that out, I was told it was a Cesar Salad! Even the manager insisted it was a Ceasar [sic] Salad. But I wouldn’t accept it and ordered something else, and it was plain they had a very hard time allowing me to do so! These people are hopelessly stubborn, stingy and wrapped up in themselves. … Like the ones here.

    So this is the extent of Karen’s Carolyn’s FIRSTHAND experience with Slavs…they gave her the wrong salad, and then only offered a free coffee…😰 😰 😰

    Did you demand to speak to the manager, Karen Carolyn…?

    My god, those filthy Slavs…and they even overcharged us on our check and we had to go back to the restaurant the next day and beg for our money back…[that must have been one for the human dignity hall of fame…]

    Look Carolyn…it’s obvious that you are one loony old bird…[your co-‘author’ incidentally would be 100 years old right now…]

    None of your whining about how horribly we’re treating you here has any bearing on the facts…you have filled this ‘article’ with nonsense about Stettin and Breslau being German place names…you have stooped very low to deny the murder of 82 children…plus a lot of bullshit about how there were no other massacres in Czechia…

    Not to mention the BIG ONE…that you, in your shriveled up little head, are supposedly talking on behalf of REAL GERMANS…

    You’re not…you don’t speak for ANY Germans [and yes, I’m in a position to know that]…that is not my opinion that is a fact…go to Germany and see how popular your Nazi idolatry will be over there…ordinary Germans will think you a mentally sick nut…[and they would be right…]

  248. @Fox

    You are blabbing nonsense.
    No Slavs were agitating against Germany before first world war.
    Almost all Slavs of catholic religion were part of Austro-Hungarian empire.
    They had nothing to do with Germany
    There was no rebellion or uprising against Hapsburg rule.
    Austrian Germans and Slavs did coexist just fine.
    It was England that was jealous of this empire that did initiate the WW1
    I do love Putin because his attitude is to have a friendly relations with Germans.
    As England did break up friendly relationship of Slavs and Germans,
    Now US is trying to do the same with sanction.

  249. @Carolyn Yeager

    Gomberg Map (original). End of story. And your dollar states exactly who is in charge.
    This is why the US stopped for the USSR. If you are too stupid to understand, there are too few WWII veterans to ask why in the hell did the US stop when at the doorstep of Berlin and then waited for months for the USSR to do it’s business.

  250. @Carolyn Yeager

    Poor little girl! You still must have a tummy ache from that horrible Ceasar (?) salad.
    I do believe that all those atrocities against Germans what you described are true.
    And you are correct about Lidice. (But there was another village Lezhaky where male population (over 15 years old) was wiped out.

    • Replies: @Carolyn Yeager
  251. @Carolyn Yeager

    “…A few days before that in Crakow, Poland, I ordered a Ceasar Salad with fresh chicken at a nice restaurant and was presented with a Chef’s Salad with ham and cheese. When I pointed that out, I was told it was a Cesar Salad! Even the manager insisted it was a Ceasar Salad. But I wouldn’t accept it and ordered something else, and it was plain they had a very hard time allowing me to do so! These people are hopelessly stubborn, stingy and wrapped up in themselves. …”

    After such profound “anthropological research” I am confident you are now an expert on Slavic mentality. Congratulations!

    • Replies: @Carolyn Yeager
  252. @Alfred

    Yes I was thinking as I read about this cooperation between the Ukrainian Government and the Rabbis that the Ukrainian government was put there by the Obama -Clinton state Dept Jew Victoria Nuland who is married to one of the Zionist Kagan brothers . How cozy are the Chosen People?

  253. @Carolyn Yeager

    Again and again we are accused of creating something we do not do

    It is written in your unhistorical article:

    There exists an important Polish population chart. It marks a pre-war Polish population of 29.89 million people, and for the year 1946 a population of 23.6 million.

    According to:

    The Second Republic
    With an area of about 150,000 square miles (389,000 square km) and more than 27 million inhabitants (more than 35 million by 1939), interwar Poland was the sixth largest country in Europe.

    Do you think Poles have any influence on Britannica? Check United States Census Bureau if you want more or any other European census files before war. If you make such mistake missing ca 5 millions people how do you expect anybody to believe to your stories?

  254. Very good essay. Needs to be done and done again because right now there is a much watched “Documentary” on Netflicks called “Einsatzgruppen” which is fairly cleverly done but is really just a bunch of unverified assertions. This DocuDogma will be followed by another and another. Jewish Inc will beat this horse into infinity because they have told the biggest lie ever told and their future depends upon keeping it fresh and resonant – especially among the people who watch documentaries. The thing is that people watching these things cannot imagine how problematic or even purely contrived so much of the “evidence” really is. But sooner or later some of the gullible will come across essays like this one. That is the way it happened for me only few years ago. For once I thought I would actually read one of these crazy “Deniers” and Oh My God! The rest has been history – real history.

    • Thanks: Carolyn Yeager
  255. Wally says:
    @Commentator Mike

    – Under the Geneva Convention of 1929 reprisals against civilian populations for partisan / terrorist activities were legal until 1949.

    Reprisals were not regulated by the Hague Land Warfare Convention of October 18, 1907. They received first mention in Article 2 Section 3 of the Geneva Agreement of September 27, 1929, about the treatment of prisoners of war. This Agreement prohibited reprisals against prisoners of war. A general prohibition of reprisals against civilians was not issued until August 12, 1949, by the Geneva Convention Relative to the Protection of Civilian Persons in Time of War.

    – Comité international de la croix rouge, Les conventions de Genève du 12 août 1949, Geneva 1949


    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  256. Wally says:

    – Yes, “proof” which you do not have.

    you said:
    “how many parents do you know that would go along with a twisted charade of pretending their children are dead…?”

    – IF they really did, I would simply compare them to those who claimed:

    – ‘Jews were steamed to death at Treblinka’
    – or that they ‘breathed through a keyhole in a gas chambers to survive’
    – or ‘they lived with wolves to hide from the ‘Nazis’
    – or ‘they saw geysers of blood spewing in the air from those killed by Germans’
    – or that ‘the Nazis made sausages from dead Jews
    – or that ‘the Germans used delayed action gas which allowed Jews to walk to the mass graves’
    – or that ‘the Germans exterminated Jews with A-bombs’
    Want some more?

    you said in a silly childish rant:
    “You obviously don’t have the bare minimum of what would be considered basic human intelligence…”

    – You’re projecting again. I certainly have enough to make a fool of the likes of you.

  257. @Wally

    Even your “know-it-all” CODOH is embarrassed by the case of Lidice. No much material for “revisionism” here :

    “…For the first time in several months I have found a massacre during WWII, that I have trouble making a counter argument for…”

    Source: CODOH, Lidice Massacre/Reprisal.

    And then the writer and his commenters show that they have no substantial arguments to refute the official story of 340 murdered people of Lidice (192 men, 60 women and 88 children). Such great “humanitarians” were those Nazis!

    • Agree: FB
    • Replies: @Wally
    , @Wielgus
  258. maz10 says:
    @Carolyn Yeager

    Since I was called out I take the liberty to reply with the caveat that I will be speaking for myself owing to the fact that the others mentioned did not commission my services as their spokesman.

    Let me get to the point, among others you wrote:

    “(…) by boldly stating generalizations that are not true as if they are well-known by all (…) They do the same with the rest of the article, but so far they haven’t disproved a single bit of it. Study their comments and you’ll find there is nothing there but words going around in circles, mixed with put-downs, finger-pointing and diversionary tactics. Never PROOF of anything.”

    A demonstrable falsehood you wrote as replying to your assertion that the only known mass grave of Poles was the work of the Soviet Red Army, led by the NKVD, in the Katyn Forest in Soviet Russia I pointed out specific locations where mass graves with Polish victims of German mass executions were located, though admitted I made a spelling mistake there as it is Palmiry and not Palimiry. That does not change the essence of the matter one bit.

    Proof of the above is provided by volumes of documents with photographs of exhumations which if you have any doubts about you should check first hand in the archives. Likewise you could visit the gravesites of the victims for many were exhumed, examined and subsequently given a proper burial as well as resting place after the war. When I was researching a number of modern history issues I did so at a considerable expense in time, effort and last but not least money. That is what researchers do – if that is beyond you capacity your are not a researcher and hence have no basis to write with authority on those subjects. Neither have you any basis to question the veracity of documents. Again if you question them file the relevant paperwork with the archives storing them requesting access. It may be a bureaucratic hassle but since the said docs are not classified access should be granted. To make it easier for you: at the request of the German government Poland handed over a considerable number of documentation regarding German war crimes, hence they are in German possession and should be available in Germany. Once more: when writing authoritatively about a subject and questioning available evidence you should first examine the said evidence. Obviously you did not do that but you still can – better late then never.

    Concerning put-downs: when discussing a previous article of yours you resorted to put-downs and denigration of a commentator who provided you with numerous well sourced information and quotes. Having read that I decided to give you a mild taste of your own medicine. You asked for it and you got it – enjoy.

    Lest I forget: when it comes to generalizations, trolling and diversionary tactics have you not, for example, make half-witted attempts at irony when asking what does the ‘general public’ know about mass graves? Accusing others of what you do yourself perhaps?

    Thus far I had my doubts whether you are that ignorant in regard to matters you write about or are deliberately spreading falsehoods.

    Now I know it is both, since you have repeatedly demonstrated ignorance (no mass graves – right?) and in addition in your last post you again wrote falsities as I have just laid out a few paragraphs above.

    What surprises me a little is that you write statements which are obviously false as can be seen by just scrolling up a few comments. From reading your previous ‘works’ and comments I knew you were not the sharpest tool in the box but I did not realize it was that bad.

    Regarding your comments about nauseate: I could write about butthurt German losers who are left with no other option but resorting to lying, however that would amount to dropping down to your level which means really low.

    For the record: I do not hate Germans or any other nation. What I hate – that is maybe to passionate – what I strongly dislike are ignorant trolls who deliberately spread lies doing that with an aura of baseless self-appointed authority.

    Let my finish by this: luckily for you I have a busy life outside of the internet. That was the good news for you, here come the not so pleasant: I will continue to occasionally take the extra time to call out your falsities. You have been warned.

    • Replies: @Carolyn Yeager
  259. @Wally

    Thanks for that interpretation. They weren’t regulated – I don’t know if that means that they were explicitly “legal” if that was never stated. There were customs of warfare which were never spelt out but understood. If we go by that, we could say that massacring civilians for no reason at all was also “legal” until somebody decided to “ban” it. But yeah I know, the Allies firebombed Dresden, and nuked Hiroshima and Nagasaki doing precisely that, although they could also say it was in retaliation for crimes of the Axis.

    • Replies: @the shadow
    , @Wally
  260. Remember that the Holocaust of the Six Million Jews is not a claim that that many died, were lost, were killed, disappeared, were buried, or anything else. It is a claim that they were murdered by Germans.

    • Replies: @Beefcake the Mighty
  261. Malacay says:

    You are a lying little Jew. You claimed I was “Albanian” even after I clearly said I was not, that I was a Croat (anyone himself can witness the truth of that by going through his or mine history of comments). I am probably twice (or more) the size of those little Albanians, who are more genetically related to your Habiru or Apiru or Hebrew kind than they are to me. You are very similar physically. My skin is white, which means it is pale, and not of Kurgan Indo-nomadic model which are nothing but fantasies and lies similar to those stories about “how we all came from Africa.” This is just a communistic (eastern) version of the same liberal (western) propaganda. In liberal story “we all came from Africa” while in communistic one “we came from Asian steppes.” Europeans did not come from Asian steppes. Only nomads did, and those were vastly of Caucasian racial stock (only a handful and mostly in ruling class were of Asiatic race). Lie and deceit is in your blood, little rat. The fact that you would spew lies so obviously and try to make a fool of me by lying to me while simultaneously insulting my intelligence too, speaks volumes about your intelligence. You cannot deceive me, little rat. But know this: I am not like those western Europeans whose nature bends them to suffer, I will rip your throat out given chance. You made a mistake thinking you could spread bullshit on me the same way your kind does with western and northern Euros. You cannot, for I will destroy you.

    • Replies: @FB
  262. refl says:
    @Carolyn Yeager

    The issue of mass graves of German POWs is simply taboo, just as the allied bombings – with the difference that the bombings could not be denied altogether.
    I have myself heard elderly people wisper about the Rheinwiesenlager, and it is something that you would have heard about in most general terms (though I believe that with todays generation that knowledge is next to non-existent).

    It is the point that I have been trying to make here repeatedly: Soviet/Russian crimes against Germans are today pop-culture, while anything that has to do with crime by Angloamericans has been erased from memory.
    Taken that between Russians and Germans there definitely was an issue to fight about, which there hardly was between Germans and Angloamericans, I understand that Russians today are pissed off by the Western highhanded approach to WWII history.

    What is more, is that the misstreatment of prisoners and the bombing of civilians for terror have been the characteristics of the war that really pointed towards the future of warfare.
    If the crimes by the Western Allies became common knowledge, our western culture would break down from self doubt.

  263. Malacay says:

    You can best see our physical and temperamental resemblance by going through our historical characters of renown, our Roman imperators. We came to prominence in the Imperial Army via our brutality, discipline and loyalty as well as physical strength. Perhaps we are of Spartan origin, for Spartans were Dorians and Dorians came to Peloponnese from mountanous regions of our Haemus Mons peninsuae. Albanians are physically, behaviorally and temperamentally very similar to Georgians and Armenians (, and they could have never served as centurions or bodyguards of the princeps for they are of small statue. 1.6m in height. Luckily they are brutal too. I like that. That and loyalty are the only traits which redeem them, else I would have called for their extermination too.

  264. Malacay says:

    Rat, Aryans were of Iranian racial stock. They were your Apiru, Habiru or Hebrew related people. Those people didn’t grow past 1.7m. 1.7m was considered as big among them. These is Aryans in appearance:


    This is what Arianism is:

    Teachings of priest Arius.

  265. Malacay says:

    If you were Doclean, you wouldn’t think or express yourself in foots, nor is 2 meters in height average in Dioclea or Montenegro as you put it. Nowhere near it. 1.8m or slightly above. You are just a lying deceivah. Probably freemason for we all know how widespread freemasonry is in Merica. There are no cultures with Serbo Sarmatians, you masonic filth ought to quit fantasizing about our share culture with Sarmatians. Sarmatians have shared cultural and other ties with Apirus, for they are Aryans. We are not Aryans. Aryans belong to central Asia, not on Haemus Mons peninsulae or Anatolia.

  266. @FB

    No I do not think so!!!!!!!!!!
    Nobody in reality can be so stupid as these two, Carolyn and Fox.
    They are not genuine. They are fakers. They want to ignite hatred between Slavs and Germans.
    They are well payed CIA agents.

  267. Malacay says:

    Pannonia is where imperator Diocletian settled Dacian tribes. Read Roman Antiquities, book XXVIII, Ammianus Marcellinus. It is clearly stated that Dacian tribes were transferred from Dacia to Pannonia. Dacians were the people that once lived in the lands your Romanians today live and populate. What Slavs in Pannonian origin? There were never any Slavs south of springs of Vistula and Odra rivers. From there Slavic lands stretch to the east, not south. There was active Slavic Church, the same was other priests and churches have spread themselves teachings and converting foreigners, so too did Slavic Church teach Slavic language and religion.

    • Replies: @Seraphim
  268. Fr. John says:

    The Jews don’t matter… to God; (They killed His Son) to Whites; (Jews are turkic Khazars) or to Christendom (because, they are apostate Deicides, and forever excluded from the Kingdom).

    “… the passage suggests rabbinic willingness to take responsibility for the execution of Jesus.
    No effort is made to pin his death upon the Romans……. Jewish apologetics that “we could not have done it” because of Roman sovereignty ring hollow when one examines the Talmudic account …
    (“Jesus in the Talmud,” Steven Bayme, American Jewish Committee National Director, Professor of History at Yeshiva University, September 24, 2003)

    “Christianity is our only real enemy since all the political and economic phenomena of the bourgeois states are only its consequences,” Rakovsky, says. (All page citations from Griffin, Fourth Reich of the Rich, 1988, p. 264)
    – Christian Rakovsky (born CHAIM Rakover in 1873) was a veteran Communist insider 

    “The Jews have a right to subordinate to themselves the rest of mankind and to be the masters over the whole earth. This is the historic destiny of the Jews”
    Harry Waton, A Program for the Jews and an Answer to All Anti-Semites (New York Committee for the Preservation of the Jews, 1939), pp. 99-100

    And ANYONE who says,’But the Jews are fellow human beings!’ has never read or understood the MINDSET of those who follow/revere the Talmud, the CODIFIED WRITTEN TESTAMENT TO THE YID’S CONTINUAL COMPLICITY in crimes against humanity- and I quote: “‘One million Arabs is not worth one Jewish fingernail…’.”

    Cry me a river. DEATH TO THE JEW WORLD ORDER.

  269. FB says: • Website

    I will rip your throat out given chance…for I will destroy you.

    Yeah, sure FAGGOT…

    I already told you that I fly to Europe regularly…and that I would be willing to meet you in person…all you need to do is go to my website and leave a message for me there…but you are too chicken…

    As for where people came from, you are an uneducated homosexual idiot…so I could care less about your grade-school ideas here…

    • Replies: @Malacay
  270. Wielgus says:

    Well, there it is. Operation Barbarossa was just a defensive measure to stop Germans being overcharged by Slavs. Or Jews.

  271. @FB

    Very poor rebuttal on your part! You don’t have a leg to stand on.

    So this is the extent of Karen’s Carolyn’s FIRSTHAND experience with Slavs…they gave her the wrong salad, and then only offered a free coffee…😰 😰

    You’ve got the two events confused, unsurprisingly for you. It wasn’t the “wrong salad” but they tried to pawn off a Chef Salad for the Caesar Salad I ordered (both were on the menu) by claiming it to be a Caesar Salad! This in one of the better-looking restaurants in the prime tourist district of Crakow! It is blatant, crude dishonesty … which by the way is evident in the Polish names in this very comment thread. This is how you treat your tourists? I was not even offered a free coffee from these Poles–that came later in Prague. In fact, they were openly resentful over their mistake!

    we had to go back to the restaurant the next day and beg for our money back

    No, we spoke to the woman who ran our lodging and she called the restaurant for us. They said they were glad we called for they had noticed the error when they gave “our” bill to the other party after we had left. They asked us to come by the next day to be reimbursed, which we could do as we were going back to that area. Even though it was lunchtime, they didn’t offer us a “lunch on the house” by way of apology, but only a coffee. I believe this is indicative of why (grasping, illiberal) Slavs are not and never will be a leading race in Europe.

    nonsense about Stettin and Breslau being German place names

    Of course, they are, in spite of your ravings about fictional Slavic history.

    you have stooped very low to deny the murder of 82 children

    Please give actual documentation of when, how and where these 82 children were murdered. I think that is usually required when such claims are made.

    bullshit about how there were no other massacres in Czechia…

    Same as above. Where is the documentation of massacres of Czechs by Germans during this period? You have never made the slightest attempt to provide it. You truly can be said to be a liar; it’s not just a slur when used about you.

    [your co-‘author’ incidentally would be 100 years old right now…]

    Yes, and he was there, participating, which you were not. At age 90, he was sharp as a tack. By contrast, you have indicated you are around 60 years of age now and are not sharp. Genes tell the tale … genes matter.

    • Replies: @FB
    , @maz10
  272. @Zarathustra

    (But there was another village Lezhaky where male population (over 15 years old) was wiped out.

    Please be so cooperative as to give us the details on this operation. Why is it you Slavs think you can just claim things without knowing the first thing about them?? You love to pass on things you’ve heard about … somewhere.

    • Replies: @Zarathustra
  273. @Franklin Ryckaert

    Pathetic. Time for you to retire, before you do some serious humiliation of yourself.

  274. @FB

    Your comments prove to a certainty that you badly lost the contest of who is intellectually superior to a brain dead imbecile.

    A German student who was in America confided in you that he really loved Hitler…?

    Yeah, no…I don’t think so…

    I think it’s much more likely that he was going along with you because he could see you were a bit off…

    So did you talk him that enables you to declare I lied about the content of our conversation or did I?
    Who is in a better position to know what he said. And why do you suppose he was moved to a different town to prevent me from further influencing him about the real America if he was only giving lip service to me but fell for the party line about how great America was. Were that the case, he would have told the family he was living with about how off base I was, and he would hav e simply avoided talking to me. But no, they forced him to leave to keep us apart.

    Your assessment of this situation is proof positive you lost that contents about being smarter than a brain dead imbecile by miles.

    Next, you clearly also exhibit a comprehension problem because I never indicated he said he loved Hitler, but that he was proud of how the Wehrmacht fought for Germany. Indeed it was he who proudly brought to my attention how Marseille’s 158 RAF kills were so much higher than anything they achieved against the Germans. And to be very clear, Rudel indeed stayed completely loyal and loved Hitler to the very end, and neither Hartmann nor Galland ever bad mouthed him as you claim a Luftwaffe pilot who you knew long after the war did.

    If he ever said it, it was simply to curry favor with the occupier.

    Actually, your delusional phantasies about how the Germans you knew declared their opposition to Hitler reflects your total incomprehension that they had little choice when dealing with anyone associated with the occupation army. What did you expect them to do – shout Heil Hitler in your face when doing so was illegal under the occupation statutes and the de-Nazification process Germans had to go through to get “rehabilitated” and be able to work, and when the Basic Law the Germans adopted after the Western zones were joined was enacted under the thumbs of the allies who only granted Germany partial independence while retaining overall control over their government.

    I did notice that rather than actually rebutting any of the direct issues I raised about the delusional nature of your assessments and descriptions about what people told you, you resorted instead to ridiculous name calling that merely exposed your true intellectual capabilities.

    Now crawl back into the slime pit that apparently is your habitat as evidence by the absence of any coherent thought in your comments.

  275. FB says: • Website
    @Commentator Mike

    I think you are not looking at the right ‘pie’ symbols on the map…here it is again…

    There are four ‘pie’ symbols on the territory of former Yugoslavia…they appear to be over Slovenia in the north, Croatia in the West, Serbia in the East, and Bosnia in the middle…

    All of them except for Slovenians have I2 as the most dominant haplogroup…I already mentioned this one in my comment to Jazman above…its the one that is linked to tall males…and better known as I-M170…

    Slovenians are the only Yugos who have the ‘Slavic’ R1a as the most numerous haplogroup, at 39 percent…that means that 39 percent of the TESTED population came up showing that as the dominant Y-DNA…the Y being the ‘who’s your daddy’ chromosome that only males have and is passed down patrilineally…

    So based on this particular map [and this may be dated as genetic testing is increasing exponentially in recent years], the Slovenians are the only nationality in the former Yugo that are ‘predominantly’ Slavic…

    Croats are next at 22 percent…Serbs are only 16 percent and Bosnians 14 percent ‘Slavic’…

    All three have higher I incidence than R1a…again see my comments on the I haplogroup…this is actually the most widely spread haplogroup throughout Europe and is thought to be the ‘old’ Europe according to the Kurgan model…ie this genotype was what was in Europe before the Aryan R1a [Slavic] and R1b [Celtic] spread from the area of today’s southern Russia and spread quickly across Europe, subjugating the old Europeans by means of their having the horse and the wheel and the axe…

    It’s important to note that genetic testing on the archaeological excavations of the Yamna culture and its subsequent Corded Ware offshoot found both R1a and R1b but no others…so this is where the Indo-European language as well as the dominant gene for Europeans came from…the fact that these people living 5,000 years ago in southern Russia domesticated the horse and invented the wheel is what gave them the means to spread far and wide and conquer as they went…

    Now you will notice that all four also have the Celtic R1b to some extent or other…again, the Slovenians have the most, the Bosnians the least…so in the case of Serbs, for instance, if we combine both R we get about as much as the I incidence…

    So if we go by genetics, then Slovenes are the most ‘Slavic’ of the South Slavs, Croats are next and Bosnians are the least Slavic…

    But it is important to keep in mind that the three European haplogroups [R1a, R1b and I] are widely distributed among ALL European populations…

    For instance the R1a is not shown as being very common the farther West you go in Europe, but in fact many well known individuals and groups belong to that haplogroup…

    This includes a lot of folks in Iceland, Scotland and other places where there is a strong a presence of the Norse branch of the ‘Slavic’ R1a gene…you can see that R1a is also strong in Scandinavia on the map above…in Iceland, which is not depicted here, R1a is actually the most prevalent haplogroup…

    Some well known individuals who are R1a include Nikola Tesla, Tom Hanks, Anderson Cooper, the Swedish actor Max von Sydow and King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands…[who is from the House of Mecklenburg, which I wrote about earlier as being founded by West Slavs]…

    Even Benjamin Netanyahu is R1a, belonging to the Persian branch…

    The other Aryan hapologroup R1b is likewise found among many famous people from wide geographic distributions…this includes Tsar Nicholas 2 of Russia…former US presidents Lincoln and Washington, Copernicus and Darwin…

    The way to know which ‘who’s your daddy’ haplogroup you belong to is the one that comes up as dominant on your DNA test…

    • Thanks: Commentator Mike
    • Troll: Malacay
    • Replies: @Malacay
  276. Wielgus says:

    The Potempa affair predated Hitler coming to power but was eloquent as to how Poles would be regarded. Potempa was a hamlet in Silesia, in the summer of 1932 Silesia was a battleground between the Nazi Party and its opponents, against the background of a national election. Also conflict between Germans and Poles existed. One night in August five SA members broke into the home of Konrad Pietrzuch, a Communist sympathiser and ethnic Pole, and beat him to death in the presence of his mother. One account says they poked out one of his eyes with a billiard cue. They were arrested and sentenced to death, but Hitler proclaimed his solidarity with them, saying that in the Third Reich no five German men would be condemned because of one Pole. The death sentences were commuted to life imprisonment and Hitler released them from prison in March 1933. The only real punishment for some of them was fate – one of the five was killed while fighting on the Eastern Front in December 1941, and a second was posted missing near Kharkov in July 1943. Killing a Pole hardly counted as a crime at all in the Third Reich.

    • Thanks: FB
    • Replies: @Hippopotamusdrome
  277. Fox says:

    So you are distinguishing “true facts” from “untrue facts”? Good boy.

    Swabian, Bavarian, Low German, Saxonian, Alsatian, Tyrolean, Vienna German, etc. are also not “recognized as official languages” in your sense; they are not taught in school, there is no agreed upon way of writing them but they are widely spoken. They are local dialects, versions of Germans which represent slightly different languages and are the vernacular of the people. They have some differences in grammar, sound rather different from standard German, so that a Northern German would not be able to understand a Southern German (including Swiss German) and vice versa, but all speak standard German, even with different intonations, and all read and write it.

    The Sorbs probably don’t have grammar books in their language but they can and do speak it in their everyday affairs. In church they probably use it also. That’s different from forbidding the use in public, getting perhaps beaten up by chauvinists, as happened with the Germans under Polish rule, or forbidding sermons in German, also done by the Poles.
    The important fact is that the Sorbs are still there after a thousand years living on a Sorbian island in the Germany Sea, having good relationships with their German neighbors and vice versa, while the Germans under Polish and Czech rule were eliminated within a mere 25 years in the staggering numbers of 18 millions.
    Who would you conclude from this fact has the will and ability to live in peace with his neighbors?
    I could give you a hint, but I let you make an intellectual effort on that one.

    • Replies: @Malacay
  278. @Commentator Mike

    A “reprisal” is a breach of international humanitarian law, which would otherwise be unlawful but in exceptional cases is considered lawful as an enforcement measure in response to a previous breach of international humanitarian law by the enemy, with the purpose of terminating the enemy’s violation.

    While reprisals are now broadly banned since 1949, it was part of the law war before. Indeed, check Eisenhower’s directive about reprisals should Germans shoot allied soldier after the German surrender.

    Actually, how else except by reprisals can combatants compel their opponents to adhere to the laws of war if they violate it. Shooting prisoners is illegal. The British shot German soldiers they captured during the fighting around Dunkirk. What were the Germans going to do – file a law suit to punish the culprits? That’s absurd. What’s the alternative? Tell the British they weregoing to shoot a like number of British prisoners. Since the Germans then had more POWs than the Brits, that would undoubtedly get their attention.

    Simply put, the law of reprisal is a quid pro quo. You do this, and I’ll do that if you ignore the laws of war.

    It works. But only as long as you have the force to apply it. That’s what keeps the oppposition honest. The US govt, imagining it is the top dog, entirely ignores the laws of war knowing full well that it need fear no reprisals from those it murders who lack the capacity do inflict it. Just imagine howe rapidly things change when the worm turns.

  279. Wally says:
    @Franklin Ryckaert

    – So now you like CODOH. Good for you.
    – You quoted from
    Lidice Massacre / Reprisal:

    For the first time in several months I have found a massacre during WWII, that I have trouble making a counter argument for…”

    Well, no sh-t. Most people when they read the propaganda about it are initially troubled. That is the intention of propaganda, to create a false impression.

    But then you ignored what ELSE he had to say, like:

    – “I do not believe the Fairy Tale that the children of Lidice were “Gassed” for reasons discussed in other threads on this website, which makes me question the Validity of the rest of the massacre. Especially the part about how “Every Last Man” was supposed to have been shot and killed.
    – “All the points you have made here are valid”.

    – There is no proof that children were killed and as I stated, and you ignored:

    As strange as it may seem, retaliation was allowed under international law [Geneva].

    It’s also revealing that you nor any of your fellow True Believers ever mention the mass murders of civilians / children by the Allied ‘partisans / terrorists’.

    you said:
    “And then the writer and his commenters show that they have no substantial arguments to refute the official story of 340 murdered people of Lidice (192 men, 60 women and 88 children). Such great “humanitarians” were those Nazis!”

    – Which is another lie, again, the commenter under discussion said “All the points you have made here are valid”. And there are plenty of “substantial arguments” in that thread, i.e.:

    – Reprisals were legal in WWII, the Allies engaged in them as well.

    – The Lidice event has been grossly exaggerated and manipulated : the numbers alleged, no one was sent to Auschwitz, only men were executed, no one was gassed (there were no gas chambers).

    – Like anything which can be twisted to comport with the false ‘holocaust’ story, the propagandists reveal their desperation when try of insert the Lidice reprisal into their impossible narrative.

    Then of course, the propaganda claims that the alleged “children” were dumped into a mass grave … which cannot be shown.Yep, now we’re back to the article under discussion.

    – Franklin Ryckaert, another bumbling Zionist that tries to cherry pick, but then gets burned on it.

  280. Malacay says:

    You already said that, but you never contacted me. I gave you my mail. I don’t care for your website, little rat. You said a year ago you would come and meet me because you “fly regularly,” but you never did. Good for you that you “forgot” about it. You saved yourself from some broken bones. Now beating grandpas is not usually something I would be proud of, but we can make an exception in your case. You asked for it, not me. If you really want some beating, you can find my address in the commentary history and I will come. Crazy boomer gramps asking for beatings. Hard to believe, but this is how unstable, erratic and bizzare world becomes when libtards have their way. Perhaps there is some erratic traits in Jewish mentality which are seeping into their works. You can never avoid that.

  281. FB says: • Website
    @Carolyn Yeager

    nonsense about Stettin and Breslau being German place names

    Of course, they are, in spite of your ravings about fictional Slavic history.

    Talk about a ‘poor rebuttal’…😅

    I provided quite a bit of REFERENCED and completely FACTUAL historical material in my comment #182 above…

    You simply waving that off as ‘fictional Slavic history’ doesn’t mean diddly…if you care to actually debate the facts about the Slavic foundation of much of Germany then I will be happy to oblige…and will wait eagerly to see any actual ‘evidence’ that anything I said is in any way ‘fictional’…

    Please give actual documentation of when, how and where these 82 children were murdered. I think that is usually required when such claims are made.

    This is what it means to be a sick Nazi…to be a monster that attempts to justify the killing of innocent children…but fortunately for the decent people of the world, these beastly crimes of the Nazis were all meticulously documented…

    There are literally many books about Lidice and the children murdered by your sick Nazis…starting in 1942 with Edna St Vincent Millay…

    You are insulting many decent people everywhere…

    Three flagpoles were dedicated at the Lidice Monument, Phillips, Wisconsin, USA, on the occasion of the 70th anniversary commemoration of the fall of Lidice.

    The flags of the United States of America, Czech Republic, and Slovakia fly together over the Lidice Monument at Sokol Park, a symbol of unity and friendship, through the efforts of the Phillips Czechoslovakian Community Festival Committee. The Rose Garden at Lidice flourishes with varieties of roses from all over the world.

    Lidice: Remembered Around the World

    It’s nothing less than disturbing that earthworms like yourself [a crusty old hag who should at least have learned some decency by now], attempt to deny such massively documented facts…

    When news of the Lidice massacre broke, the international community responded with outrage and a promise to keep the town’s memory alive. A small neighborhood in Joliet, Illinois, adopted Lidice’s name, and President Franklin D. Roosevelt released a statement praising the gesture: “The name of Lidice was to be erased from time,” he said. “Instead of being killed as the Nazis would have it, Lidice has been given new life.”

    In the English district of Stoke-on-Trent, Member of Parliament Barnett Stross led a “Lidice Shall Live” campaign and raised money for rebuilding efforts. Artists further immortalized the tragedy in works including poet Edna St. Vincent Millay’s The Massacre of Lidice.

    The Lost Children of the Lidice Massacre

    The fact is that those handful of children of Lidice were just a drop in the ocean compared to the vast Nazi murders of children, which numbered in the hundreds of thousands…

    Once the war began, “Nordic”-looking children were kidnapped from families in the conquered lands and subjected to “Germanization.” Meanwhile, hundreds of thousands of “bad blood” children—Jews, Gypsies, Poles, Ukrainians, Russians(were separated from their families and condemned to forced migration, slave labor, sadistic experiments, starvation, and mass execution.

    At the end of the war, uprooted children of every origin wandered the bombed-out cities and countryside, some having been taken from home at such a young age that they did not know where they had come from or even their own names. Millions surged into and out of DP camps, exploited by political and religious groups, while the Allies and the fledgling United Nations tried mightily to put families back together and to find new homes for the orphans.

    Cruel World: The Children of Europe in the Nazi Web

    It takes a special kind of sadist to justify crimes against children…

    If you had bothered to do actually research in your touristy travels in Poland and Czechia you might have talked to ordinary people with memories of the war…they could have told you about the many children that died at the hands the Nazis…

    The extermination of ten to thirty million ordinary people was in fact planned for by Hitler and his maniacs…see the Hunger Plan…

    You are simply a disgusting old Nazi hag…you would creep out any normal person if you tried to bring this kind of Nazi glorification up in any kind of company, including ordinary folks in Germany…

    • Replies: @Carolyn Yeager
    , @Fox
  282. Wally says:
    @Commentator Mike

    – Seriously, the words “reprisals were not regulated by the Hague Land Warfare Convention” are confusing too you?

    – The fact that such executions were made illegal in 1949 means that prior to 1949 they were legal, otherwise there would have been no need to change it.

    – Your comparisons to Dresden, Hiroshima, etc., while no doubt a massive war crimes, are not really relevant here. We’re talking about civilians engaged in partisan / terrorist activity for which international law allowed executions.

    – You challenged to me to present the relevant international law, I did and spoon fed it to you. So now you try to weasel / spin your way out.
    Man up Mike, it’s OK, you got nailed.

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  283. Malacay says:

    The crap this boomer grandpa rat regularly spews is astounding. Those stories are fiction. They were just made for political purposes, as they always are. Slavic is cultural designation, you decrepit ignorant old fool. Do you know what cultural means? It refers to language and religion and in broader spectrum to traditions, customs, attitudes, beliefs, folklore, laws, mythologies, practices, et al. That is what term Slavic refers to, not genome. Go watch CNN or plug yourself to Disney channel, gramps. Or give yourself some beatings. It might be helpful if it manages to wake you up. Beatings can wake people up, it’s not just a form of punishment.

  284. maz10 says:
    @Carolyn Yeager

    nonsense about Stettin and Breslau being German place names

    Of course, they are, in spite of your ravings about fictional Slavic history.

    Yeager, you have been warned! Do not LIE your LIES will be called out swiftly!

    Der Name Stettin ist slawischer Herkunft. Ursprünglich lautete er Stetin, so in Urkunden aus den Jahren 1140 und 1123. Ab dem 15. Jahrhundert kam es zur Verdoppelung des zweiten „t“, die bald allgemein üblich wurde und zum Ortsnamen Stettin führte. Die Stadt wird im Mittelalter unter anderem als Stetin (1133), Stetyn (1188) und als Stityn (1251) erwähnt. As can be easily checked in the portal.

    BTW the Thomas Kantzow Chronik von Pommern also points to a Slavic origin of the name.

    As for Breslau:

    Nach dem böhmischen Herzog Vratislav I. benannt. (check

    About the said Vratislav:

    Der Vratislav I. (* um 888; † 13. Februar 921) war ein böhmischer Herzog von aus dem Geschlecht der Přemysliden / Vratislav I (* about 888; † 13. Februar 921) was a Bohemian duke from the house of the Premyslides.

    Much about Slavic origins of geographic names can also be found in Archäologie der westlichen Slawen by Walter de Gruyter

    I have no time to call out all the falsities you peddle but I manage to find enough to expose YOU as a LIAR – again.

    Thus another warning: do not LIE you WILL be exposed.


    • Replies: @Carolyn Yeager
  285. Malacay says:

    Are you willing to let go your past and assimilate into something anew? Tens of millions of Germans have done just that. Look at North America and Australia. We can have Imperium Romanum resurrected if there is political will for that. Constantinople is waiting to be liberated after centuries of desecration from the central Asian Turkish Islamists. Thracia is still waiting to be liberated. Bythinia also. Lydia, Lycia, Galatia, Phrygia, Paphlagonia, Pontus, Mysia, Troia, Ionia, Isauria, Caria, Cappadochia, Cilicia and Pamphylia. These are no Germanic lands, but all Germanics (and Celts and Slavs) can be assimilated into their inhabitants. It can house more than 18 million. There will be other lands oversees, but Germanics need to learn to play as a team. German is just a figure and Germania just a single land in that imperium.

  286. According to authors of the article Poland population was 29.89 milions.

    An important chart

    There exists an important Polish population chart. It marks a pre-war Polish population of 29.89 million people,

    All who are interested in reality please find the link to general census dated 9.12.1931 for Poland
    Polish official documents including french translation.
    More than 32 millions citizens in Poland counted 9.12.1931 This was year 1931 not late 1939 when war started so the number of 35 millions in 1939 is quite reliable. Also this documents can not be fixed/altered because they exist in other countries archives.

    Data source

    I really hope Carolyn Yeager will not say that polish authorities predicted the war and made up the numbers in presented general census dated 9.12.1931.

  287. @maz10

    Proof of the above is provided by volumes of documents with photographs of exhumations which if you have any doubts about you should check first hand in the archives.

    What archives? It is your responsibility to provide access to these “archives” if you use them as proof of something.

    Oh, I see. There is a Wiki page on “Palmiry Massacre” with numerous photos, which would be the most damning available. But they are inconclusive as to just what is taking place, so you prefer to just talk about them rather than show them. Got it. These photos are all marked as having been taken “in secret by Polish underground (resistance) intelligence service.” How that was accomplished we have to imagine, but everyone knows by now how dense and incompetent the Nazi German military police were. Ditto the SS Einsatzgruppen. Very easy to fool.

    Important to note, this page is almost totally based on a book by Władysław Bartoszewski, who was a Polish politician, social activist and journalist. A former Auschwitz concentration camp prisoner (he claimed, from Sept. 1940 to April 1941, then released), he was a World War II resistance fighter as part of the Polish underground and participated in the Warsaw Uprising.

    Another Wiki page titled just “Palmiry” comes totally from British Jew Martin Gilbert.

    As I mentioned earlier, investigation of the forest graves was carried out by the Polish forester Adam Herbański and a Soviet commission. As it turns out, this was not a “massacre” at all but a place of execution over a period of time (December 1939-July 1941) of captured Polish Resistance fighters. It was legal to execute resistance fighters (who were illegal), and legal executions are not “murder.”

    You mention “butthurt German losers,” an appellation you should apply to yourself when it comes to Poles who engage in warfare against Germans but expect never to be hurt, and try to turn their fate into an international crime. The Germans have ‘gotten over it.’ It’s the Poles who can’t, and it’s because they’re not better off today than they were then. No progress for the Poles.

    • Replies: @maz10
  288. @Carolyn Yeager

    I did learn that in school 75 years ago ..
    Concerning these names of the cities. I did have a map of Czechoslovakia issued in Germany.
    All names of the cities were Germanized.
    Looks like Germans do have some kind obsession of renaming cities.
    Nothing this have any relevance.
    Only relevant thing for me that now I do know that you you are agent provocateur.
    You are no German. I do know Germans. Germans do not speak and reason like you.
    You are impostor CIA agent.

  289. Ace says:

    I wonder if he ended up with intact testicles.

    • Agree: Carolyn Yeager
  290. Malacay says:

    I just realized that now would be a good opportunity to enjoy some good music.

  291. Malacay says:

    All of those lands can be restored to shine again like they did before nomadic plagues from central Asia hit them and defiled them with cultures and people who do not belong to that part of the world. Thracia, Bithynia, Troia, Aeolia, Ionia, Lydia, Lycia, Caria, Cilicia, Paphlagonia and Pontus are bewitching marine lands. Inland lands have their magic too. Their history goes back thousands of years. Central Asian Turk has been defiling them for centuries. Our duty is to reclaim and restore that what was taken from our civilization. We must destroy the Turk.

  292. Because Carolyn Yeager is clearly missing some information I have prepared a list of foreign links and authors ( because Polish or Russian are not good for her as she clearly stated in her comment )

    Dieter Schenk Germany
    He is an author of the book:
    Hitlers Mann in Danzig: Albert Forster und die NS-Verbrechen in Danzig-Westpreussen (German Edition)
    Albert Foster was responsible for organized murders at Las Szpęgawski and exhumation documents were included in the trial documentation.
    Albert Forster was condemned to death by the Polish court for war crimes (the Supreme National Tribunal) and crimes against humanity in 1948. During this trial were present Russian , American , British and French consuls.

    The Gentile Holocaust
    Craughwell, Thomas J. (Sursum Corda!, Summer 1998)

    Christ in Dachau by John M. Lenz

    Forgotten Holocaust: The Poles Under German Occupation, 1939-1944 Revised Edition
    by Richard C. Lukas (Author), Norman Davies (Foreword)

    • Replies: @Carolyn Yeager
  293. @FB

    You simply waving that off as ‘fictional Slavic history’ doesn’t mean diddly

    Your simply saying this does not make it so. I am not alone, by a long shot, in calling Slavic history ‘fictional.’

    You are unable to provide documentation that 82 Lidice children were murdered by the Germans. Instead, you’re going round in circles, throwing insults and giving me names of books and articles written by those who are clearly on the side of indicting the Third Reich of everything & anything they can come up with. Therefore, YOU LOSE. Meaning you should shut up.

    • Replies: @Zarathustra
    , @FB
  294. @Carolyn Yeager

    Let me tell you something about Slavs.
    Here we have a living example. Commenter Malakay.
    He is Dalmatian, Dalmatians are Slavs Dalmatian language is one of the Slavic languages.
    But he does not want to be a Slav he is ashamed to be a Slav.
    Very pathetic.

    • Troll: Malacay
    • Replies: @Malacay
    , @Zarathustra
  295. maz10 says:
    @Carolyn Yeager

    No liar Yeager – YOU asserted that there were no mass graves with victims of German executions. I have exposed YOU to be a liar pointing out a number of locations where such are.* YOU write authoritatively and YOU make bold assertions and YOU basically inventing a ‘new history’ hence it is YOUR job to prove there were no mass graves and evidence for them does not exist, because that is what YOU assert.

    As for were the evidence is: archives with docs which are in Poland, you can start with this inventory

    For docs which may be in German possession the Bundesarchiv is a sure place to start. If they do not have it they should know who has. Now do YOUR homework, if YOU do that maybe YOU will stop lying but I am not holding my breath.

    I am not holding my breath because YOU resort to the old stick which more or less goes documents are forgeries, testimonies are lies and photographs do not show anything (variations thereof). I am waiting for graves are decorations and grieving relatives are actors (not many of those left by now).

    When things do not fit YOUR alternative history phantasies YOU dismiss them as fictious lies coming form – how else – lying Jews, lying Poles, lying Soviets, lying Czechs or any ‘lying others’. Which is basically another old stick liar Yeager, namely accusing others of what YOU do YOURSELF.

    Mind you, Germans started a war expecting to walkover and takeover – guess what, they encountered resistance and were finally crushed in the air on land and sea, beaten into pulp signing an unconditional surrender – whoever sows the wind collects the storm. Terrorizing the temporarily subjugated populations with mass executions about which they published Bekanntmachungen did not help them much either or rather helped a few (unfortunately too few) to get closely acquainted with the rope or bullet – again – whoever sows the wind collects the storm.

    As to who is butthurt YOUR entire ranting including YOUR alternative history ‘works’ are a giant butthurt cry.

    *since YOU referred to Palmiry as ‘a little commotion’ (tasteless contempt of a tragedy, but what can one expect from YOU) it appears YOU knew that is not an invention which only further proves YOU lied deliberately claiming there were no mass graves.

    • Agree: FB
    • LOL: Carolyn Yeager
  296. Malacay says:

    Dalmatians are not Slavs, nor are we Croats in any way, shape or form connected with the central Slavs. Dalmatians are Illyro-Romans who just happen to speak Slavic language the same way I am now using English language, yet I am no English. We have nothing in common, Slav. Quit fantasizing that you will spread on our lands. The spread of Slavic filth stops there in the Pannonian basin. I do not like Slavs. Don’t ever try to play brotherhoods with me on some degenerate Slavic platform.

  297. Tsk, tsk. Didn’t you get the memo that Americans are supposed to temporarily halt their non-stop worship of all things Jewish, and flagellate themselves at least six times a day when you do your mandatory holocost prayers, getting all teary, instead get down on your knees and tell black Americans we’re sorry that so many Jews were in the slave trade?

    Jewish Dominance Of The African Slave Trade

    Professor Tony Martin – The Slave Trades

    Thomas Sowell: “The number of whites who were enslaved in North Africa by the Barbary Pirates exceeded the number of Africans enslaved in America and in the American Colonies before that put together.”

  298. FB says: • Website
    @Carolyn Yeager

    You are unable to provide documentation that 82 Lidice children were murdered by the Germans.

    And you’re obviously BONKERS…

    I provided all kinds of links to many books and articles…the entire world accepts as a tragic fact that those children, plus hundreds of thousands more were murdered by Nazis…you provided ZILCH…

    Nazis even executed German children, like Helmuth Hübener…

    You and your silly Nazi retards always say only one thing…’Hitler Dindu Nuffin…’

    Look, that is why this neo-Nazi ‘movement’ attracts only a tiny amount of people, usually severe social misfits…

    At the end of the day, nobody cares about Shitler and the Nazis, except to teach their children not to be full of hate like that…

    I don’t know if you have children or grandchildren [frankly I don’t much care]…but even childless people understand that harming children is the most grave of human offenses imaginable…

    Now what does it say about someone’s character, or lack thereof, when they try to justify or deny such heinous crimes…put two and two together Carolyn…you’re a sick puppy…

    • Replies: @Carolyn Yeager
  299. @Zarathustra

    Let me tell you something about Germans.
    Germans are smarter than Slavs, They are far more hard working, dedicated and purpose driven.
    They are also far more aggressive and warlike.
    So it was Germans that were pushing out Slavs from their territories and not opposite
    But even if Germans expelled or did kill Slavic nobility, most of the peasants did remain in their little houses, with their livestock. and little peace of land.
    So eventually they learned the language. Accepted German culture and intermarried.
    I could confidently bet my life on it that there is not a German in the world that does not have at least
    a drop of Slavic blood in his veins,

    • Replies: @ucelet
    , @karel
  300. @maz10

    I think you are jealous that in comment 244 I said: “But FB, who is a professional troll working the Unz Review, surpasses all others in the vile filth and pure nastiness he spews out, plus the enormity of his lies.” You are vying with FB for the title of “biggest liar.”

    So here you write of the German town Stettin from the Wortebuch site (you typed in Szczecin):

    Der Name Stettin ist slawischer Herkunft. Ursprünglich lautete er Stetin, so in Urkunden aus den Jahren 1140 und 1123. Ab dem 15. Jahrhundert kam es zur Verdoppelung des zweiten „t“, die bald allgemein üblich wurde und zum Ortsnamen Stettin führte. Die Stadt wird im Mittelalter unter anderem als Stetin (1133), Stetyn (1188) und als Stityn (1251) erwähnt.

    Translated it reads:

    The name Szczecin is of Slavic origin. [The name, not the town. -cy] Originally it was called Stetin, it’s said in documents from the years 1140 and 1123. From the 15th century there was a doubling of the second “t”, which soon became common and led to the place name Stettin. The city is mentioned in the Middle Ages as Stetin (1133), Stetyn (1188) and Stityn (1251).

    It clearly says that the city carried the German name Stettin. and that Szczecin is a Slavic name (that was used by Slavs). This completely contradicts you.

    As to Breslau/Wroclaw, the city doesn’t seem to be old enough to make the distinction what it originally was. The oldest date given on your wortebuch page is “1741–1918: Königliche Haupt- und Residenzstadt Breslau, 1918-1945: Hauptstadt Breslau.” It does say it was named after the Bohemian Duke Vratislav I. You are grabbing on to that, but I don’t know how much it means, since

    Bohemia, in its earliest history was populated by Suebic peoples who spoke Germanic languages, and became dominant over remaining Celtic groups. In late classical times and the early Middle Ages, two new Suebic groupings appeared to the west of Bohemia in southern Germany, the Alemanni (in the Helvetian desert), and the Bavarians (Baiuvarii).
    After the Migration Period, Bohemia was partially repopulated around the 6th century, and eventually Slavic tribes arrived from the east, and their language began to replace the older Germanic, Celtic and Sarmatian ones. These are precursors of today’s Czechs, but the exact amount of Slavic immigration is a subject of debate.
    From the 13th century on, settlements of Germans developed throughout Bohemia, making Bohemia a bilingual country. The German settlers particularly brought mining technology to the mountainous regions of the Sudetes. In the mining town of Sankt Joachimsthal (now Jáchymov), famous coins called Joachimsthalers were coined, which gave their name to the Thaler and the dollar.
    Meanwhile, Prague German intermediated between Upper German and East Central German, influencing the foundations of modern standard German. At the same time and place, the teachings of Jan Hus, the rector of Charles University and a prominent reformer and religious thinker, influenced the rise of modern Czech.
    At the end of the 18th century, the Czech National Revival movement, in cooperation with part of the Bohemian aristocracy, started a campaign for restoration of the kingdom’s historic rights, whereby the Czech language was to regain its historical role and replace German as the language of administration. The enlightened absolutism of Joseph II and Leopold II, who introduced minor language concessions, showed promise for the Czech movement, but many of these reforms were later rescinded. During the Revolution of 1848, many Czech nationalists called for autonomy for Bohemia from Habsburg Austria, but the revolutionaries were defeated. The old Bohemian Diet, one of the last remnants of the independence, was dissolved, although the Czech language experienced a rebirth as romantic nationalism developed among the Czechs.

    And so on and on …

    Sorry, but this does not support you and your wild claims.

    • Replies: @FB
    , @karel
    , @maz10
  301. Malacay says:

    We Croats are Illyro-Romans. Incidentally, Serbs have been trying to play Slavic brotherhoods in order to spread on our lands for almost a century. Naturally they hate everything Croat, but adore Slavic, because they were spreading themselves onto our land under the cover of Slavicism, not vice versa. Yugo-Slavic was their cry to spread and take over. Predictably, these Serbs don’t like Poles or Ukranians. In fact, they hate both Ukranians and Poles. It’s not hard to understand why; you can probably guess some of the reasons yourselves. Poles, Ukranians and Balts don’t like Russos. Not hard to understand why either. Language is nothing. It is no platform for Christer brotherhoods that’s for sure.

    • Replies: @Seraphim
  302. @Włodzimierz

    Is this information about mass graves from WW2? I don’t think so. Please check the subtitle of the article: “The Search for Mass Graves to Support WW2 Extermination Numbers is taking a surprising turn.”
    You can’t say I’m “missing information” if its not about that.

    • Replies: @Włodzimierz
  303. @FB

    This proves it – you can’t provide a single piece of documented evidence for your monstrous claim, you bigmouth. Yes, still the biggest bigmouth here! Name-calling is what you know best. People like you simply need to be called out on their bulls–t, instead of being “argued with.”

  304. FB says: • Website
    @Carolyn Yeager

    The name Szczecin is of Slavic origin. [The name, not the town. -cy]

    Like I noted earlier…the wannabe ‘author’ Carolyn Yeager is quite unschooled…

    Look it doesn’t take long to delve into the history of places in Europe…

    The recorded history of Szczecin began in the eighth century, as Vikings[13] and West Slavs settled Pomerania. The Slavs erected a new stronghold on the site of the modern castle.[14] Since the 9th century, the stronghold was fortified and expanded toward the Oder bank.[14] Mieszko I of Poland took control of Pomerania during the Early Middle Ages and the region became part of Poland in the 10th century.


    More detail is given here…

    Another stronghold was built in the 8th century-first half of the 9th century at the ford of the Oder River, (at the same location where later was a ducal castle) and a few craftsmen, fishermen and traders settled in the vicinity.

    Later it became the main centre of a Western Slavic tribe of Ukrani (Wkrzanie) living in the fork of the Oder between the main branch and the Randow River. Several Triglav temples existed nearby.[1] Szczecin became part of the emerging Polish state under its first historic ruler Mieszko I of Poland in 967, part of which it remained for several decades.

    After the decline of Wolin in the 12th century, Stetinum became one of the most important and powerful cities of the Baltic Sea south coasts, having some 5,000 inhabitants. In a winter campaign of 1121–1122, the area was subjugated by Boleslaw III of Poland, who invited the Catholic bishop Otto of Bamberg to baptize the citizens (1124). Wartislaw I, Duke of Pomerania is recorded as the local duke during this time.

    Wartislaw managed to expand his duchy westward, thereby forming the territorial body of the later Duchy of Pomerania, and organized the second visit of Otto in 1128. At this time the first Christian church of St. Peter and Paul was erected.

    It remained under Polish suzerainty until the fragmentation of Poland following the death of Boleslaw III of Poland and afterwards remained the capital of the separate Duchy of Pomerania, still ruled by the local Slavic Griffin dynasty, of which Wartislaw I was the first historical ancestor, for the centuries to come, until its extincion in 1637. Szczecin did not lose its capital status even during the partitions of Pomerania and always was seat of Pomeranian dukes.

    So ‘Stettin’ was founded by Slavs and ruled for centuries by the Slavic House of Griffin Dynasty…but is somehow ‘not a Slavic city’ by the estimation of the uneducated ‘author’ Carolyn…?

    This should make perfectly clear for anyone to understand the level of ‘scholarship’ one can expect from this ‘author’…LOL

    Then we have this…

    As to Breslau/Wroclaw, the city doesn’t seem to be old enough to make the distinction what it originally was.

    So…anything before the 18’th century is a big, big mystery…?

    History of Wrocław

    This is the most insane driveling I have ever seen…instead of admitting that Breslau and Stettin were indeed Slavic cities from their original founding, she tries to argue the impossible…making it clear that SHE IS CRAZY…

    • Replies: @Carolyn Yeager
    , @Fox
    , @marylinm
  305. ucelet says:

    What a pile of unadulterated drivel. 2020 IQ scores:

    Norway 100
    Netherlands 100
    Luxembourg 100
    Austria 100
    Sweden 99
    Poland 99
    Belgium 99
    Germany 99
    Denmark 98
    Czech Republic 98
    Ukraine 97
    Russia 97

    A couple of points is statistically insignificant.
    Peace to you too.

    • Replies: @Zarathustra
  306. karel says:

    Next time, keep your fables about your mother to yourself.

  307. @Carolyn Yeager

    Dear Carolyn

    I’m still waiting patiently for your comment regarding number of polish citizens before the war according to data I have presented to you lately.

    Will you correct the numbers in your article or give any reliable official data source that can undermine official data presented to you?

    Have you started any research in american or EU countries archives to support presented number of polish citizens data in your article for year 1931 and what is even more important for year 1939?

    Did you read Mr Schenk books ? Did you checked his bibliography ?

    I don’t think so…It is not the way historians work, do they?

    Last but not least …. You confuse civil casualties of Russian war offensive on Malbork ( Marienburg ) with organized and planned crime victims of Nazi Germany authorities. This I can confirm from my own mother experience during the organized evacuation to Gdańsk ( Danzig ) to flee before Russian front.

    • Replies: @Carolyn Yeager
  308. karel says:
    @Carolyn Yeager

    I cannot decide whether you are a liar, or just plainly stupid. I would assume that someone pretending to be historian, whatever this may mean in these inflationary times, would not cite Wikipedia and some obscure dictionaries, as these are not the best sources for any sensible argumentation.

    Vratislav was indeed founded by Vratislav I. as you can discover from this link.
    I hope that as a fan of the so called Sudetendeutsche, who had such a hard time in Bayern, you speak enough Czech to be able read it. If not, then I would recommend you not to write about things you do not understand.

  309. @FB

    You are cherry picking AS USUAL from Slav-only pages. All people have to do is look at all the citations and it’s very clear the info is not only by only Slavs (which includes some people w/o Slav names like Norman Davies), but even by only a few Slav authors. Some entire pages are made up of only 1 or 2 books!

    Wikipedia is completely open to any page anyone wants to put up, and the Polish Mafia is the strongest of all in taking advantage of that apart from the Jews! I’m sure the Jews help the Poles at Wiki. I always check the source material that make up the Wiki pages. On the 2 pages FB has linked to here, it’s particularly bad (as would be expected from him). I will have to go back to ignoring him. I think I’ve done enough to refute him – he’ll always come back with more, just to wear you down.

    • LOL: FB
    • Replies: @FB
    , @FB
    , @karel
  310. karel says:

    Absolutely right. The evidence for the geniality of the German tribes is best documented by having lost two world wars. Heil and three times hurray.

  311. Wally says:
    @Dave Rubin

    – What a load of unproven Zionist propaganda which has been thoroughly debunked, discredited.
    There are no actual records to support your ridiculous claims.

    – Germany’s euthanasia program was publicly known and families of those suffering from horrific incurable diseases were consulted prior to family members being mercifully terminated. There was nothing sinister about it. Euthanasia was and is common.

    – Some religious leaders who opposed all & any euthanasia and any death penalties for heinous crimes anywhere wanted the program stopped on religious grounds. No problem, Hitler obliged.
    much more:

    – And in accordance with the article under discussion, which you dodged, I note that you cannot show the claimed immense “holocaust” human remains that your fellow Zionist claim exist in known locations.

    Comparing real German euthanasia program to impossible “holocaust” narrative:
    Evidence for the German Euthanasia Program Compared to the Holocaust:
    The ‘Evil’ Euthanasia Program:
    ‘Holocaust’ Handbooks, Documentaries, & Videos:

  312. @ucelet

    Civilization that carried technological and spiritual progress of humanity.
    Fist center of civilization was Babylon.
    After there were Chaldeans.
    After there were Phonicians.
    After there were Greeks,
    And then were Romans.
    And then there were Germans.
    After Germans center of civilization become USA.
    US is now falling like boulder from mount Everest.
    Next center of civilization will be Russia.

    • Replies: @Fox
  313. @Włodzimierz

    How can I “correct” the numbers in the population chart – it isn’t mine, nor am I a statistician or an expert on this region. This chart was part of the letter written by Otwald Mueller that inspired this article. I accept it with the qualifier that population figures throughout Eastern Europe were unreliable, sometimes non-existent, and/or disputed. You can argue about this chart all you want, but I am not responsible for it. It was accepted and disseminated by several Polish institutions and appeared in the Polish Republic Statistical Yearbook in 1956, according to the chart itself. Why do you think the modern day Encyclopedia Britannica is better? Only because it gives you a number you prefer, that fits the narrative that has developed. It’s not my job to look at all the population figures and decide which is most accurate. It’s your job to find a more accurate one than this official one, and prove that it is more accurate. The reason no one can do that is because this whole subject is surrounded with lies. And it starts in Poland with Poles … and Soviet Russians. It’s ridiculous for you to try to blame me for it.

    Your last paragraph: I’m not confusing anything. The diggings in Marienburg were done by the Polish authorities in place there at the time. When human bones are found, they have a responsibility to unearth them and try to identify them. The Poles did this. [Jews, on the other hand, are allowed to ignore these laws due to their claimed “religious laws.” No one else has this right, or tries to have it.] But do you think the authorities know exactly what year this occurred? When the Poles were in charge or when the Russians were in charge? Of course not. So you don’t know who is responsible, do you? You Poles have an allergic reaction when your own wrongdoing gets exposed, since you’ve convinced yourselves of a lily-pure past as victims of everyone else. Not realistic and not healthy.

    • Replies: @Włodzimierz
  314. FB says: • Website
    @Carolyn Yeager

    Wikipedia is completely open to any page anyone wants to put up, and the Polish Mafia is the strongest of all in taking advantage of that apart from the Jews!

    Wow…you’re just living in your own little world aren’t you…

    And I guess, the Polish ‘wikipedia mafia’ also put up the Niklot statue at Schwerin Castle…

    Statue of Obotrite Prince Niklot at the Schwerin Castle (sculptor, Christian Genschow)

    Niklot or Nyklot (1090 – August 1160) was a chief or prince of the Slavic Obotrites and an ancestor of the House of Mecklenburg.

    His son PribiSLAV founded the House of Mecklenburg, which ruled until 1918, one of the longest running dynasties in Europe…[and which members are still carrying the Slavic R1a gene, such as the current King of the Netherlands…]

    Look at the map, Carolyn…Schwerin is smack in the heart of Germany…hundreds of kilometers from the Polish frontier…it’s in the Hamburg Metropolitan Region…

    And what does the name ‘Schwerin’ actually mean in German, Carolyn…?

    I speak German and it doesn’t mean anything, because it’s not any kind of word, nor derived from any kind of German word…

    The area was called Zuarin (Polabian Zwierzyn), and the name Schwerin is derived from that designation.


    And what does the Slavic word Zwierzyn mean…?

    A quick look at the online translation dictionary and we find it means ‘game’ or ‘quarry’…from the Slavic word zwierz, which means literally ‘beast’…

    Now look at some of those place names in the entire state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern…[btw, I had already explained what Pomerania means…]

    I have talked already about the cities Lubeck [founded by Slavs]…Rostock [founded by Slavs]…and the German place names that end with ‘itz’ or ‘ow’ or ‘au’…

    Typical Germanised place name suffixes of Slavic origin are -ow, -itz, -vitz, -witz, -itzsch and -in, prefixes are Windisch and Wendisch. The name Berlin has its roots in the language of West Slavic inhabitants of the area of today’s Berlin, and may be related to the Old Polabian stem berl-/birl- (“swamp”).

    –Berlin etymology

    Is the light beginning to come on, Carolyn…?

    So where does that leave cities like Stettin and Breslau which are in Poland proper…?

  315. snag says:

    Waiting for your answer Carolyn Yeager …

    Why do you write “Polish historical interpretations” knowing that after WWII this so called ‘Polish’ regime was infested by (appointed) Stalin Jews and few Polish commies with suspicious past? *

    *During Poland’s partition many Jews bought for cents on dollar or acquired (for snitching) names, estates and noble titles of Polish patriots shipped to Siberia.

  316. FB says: • Website
    @Carolyn Yeager

    A little more on the Polish ‘wikipedia mafia’…

    –Hausorden der Wendischen Krone [House Order of the Wendish Crown]

    Notable Members…

    George V of the United Kingdom (Grand Cross)[3]

    Nicholas II of Russia (Grand Cross)

    Juliana of the Netherlands (Grand Cross)

    Haakon VII of Norway (Grand Cross)

    George I of Greece (Grand Cross)

    Alexander I of Yugoslavia (Grand Cross)

    Leopold II of Belgium (Grand Cross)

    Nicholas, Crown Prince of Montenegro (Grand Cross)

    And who were the Wends…?

    Wends (Old English: Winedas; Old Norse: Vindr; German: Wenden, Winden; Danish: vendere; Swedish: vender; Polish: Wendowie) is a historical name for Slavs living near Germanic settlement areas.

  317. Seraphim says:

    The funny thing is that ‘Panslavism’ (and Yugoslavism at that) is the brain child of… ‘Illyrian’ Croats!
    Some thoughts picked up randomly:
    “The first pan-Slavists were the 16th-century Croatian writer Vinko Pribojević and the 17th-century Aleksandar Komulović, Bartol Kašić, Ivan Gundulić and Croatian Catholic missionary Juraj Križanić. Some of the earliest manifestations of Pan-Slavic thought within the Habsburg Monarchy have been attributed to Adam Franz Kollár and Pavel Jozef Šafárik….”
    “When Hungarian, rather than Latin, was imposed as the official language in Hungary and Croatia, Croatian resistance took shape in the Illyrian movement of the 1830s and ’40s. The Illyrianists—primarily intellectuals, professionals, clergymen, and gentry led by the linguistic reformer Ljudevit Gaj—strove to defend Croatian interests by calling for the unification of all the South Slavs, to be facilitated through the adoption of a single literary language. Though the Illyrianists failed to win over the other South Slavs, they did succeed in integrating the linguistically and administratively divided Croats within one national movement..
    The necessity of relying on the other South Slavs in opposition to the Habsburgs and Hungarians also kept alive the Illyrian idea, revived in the 1860s under the name Yugoslavism. The Yugoslavists, under the patronage of Bishop Josip Juraj Štrossmajer (Joseph George Strossmayer), advocated South Slav unity within a federated Habsburg state as the basis for an independent Balkan state. Croatian separatism and South Slav cooperation (Yugoslavism) thus became the two alternatives that would shape much of Croatian political thought in the future…”
    “…the crisis of Austro-Hungarian dualism and the accession of the Russophilic Karadjordjević dynasty in Serbia in 1903 created a more favourable climate for cooperation, embodied in the Croat-Serb Coalition of political parties. Launched by the Rijeka Resolution of 1905, the coalition emphasized the links between Croats and Serbs, and in the following years it attracted wide support. Discontent with the existing order contributed to the growing belief that the problems of Croatia could best be solved in a South Slav state…”
    “…Representatives of the Habsburg South Slavs in exile, led by the former Croat-Serb Coalition politicians Ante Trumbić and Frano Supilo, set up the Yugoslav Committee to promote the cause of a new Yugoslav state that was to be based on the national unity of the South Slavs and on the principle of self-determination. In July 1917 the leaders of the Yugoslav Committee and representatives of the Serbian government-in-exile signed the Corfu Declaration, announcing the intention of founding at the end of the war a unified South Slav state, conceived of as a democratic, constitutional, and parliamentary monarchy under the Karadjordjević dynasty. The agreement with Serbia would save Croatia from being partitioned by the Allies as part of vanquished Austria-Hungary…”
    ‘Russos’ have the least to do with Panslavism!

    • Thanks: FB
    • Troll: Malacay
    • Replies: @Malacay
  318. Fox says:

    I do not believe this story of the “children of Lidice” as you, the Czechs and other parties in need of deflection of Megabad spin the tale; should some have perished in the war, then that’s terrible, but German children who were bombed to death, or French children who were bombed to death (at Rouen, for example, in the course of “liberation”, leaving the city a heap of rubble, and the liberators were not as considerate as the Germans at Warsaw when they gave fair warning before attacking in order to allow civilians to leave the city) are not being memorized by people like you and the fake-humanitarian crowd.
    The Czechs do strongly feel that to point the finger at the Germans in order to make their crime of driving away the nearly 4 million Sudeten Germans at the considerable death toll reaching several hundred thousand victims is the way to deflect from that which they really do not want to become a subject of knowledge and discussion. They are blood brothers with the Poles in that, the Poles also don’t want to be reminded of their crime of completely “ethnically cleansing” all of Eastern Germany. (The current regime in Germany is speaking of Central Germany as “East Germany”, a very welcome misrepresentation for the Poles who want to make reality disappear through word games.

    • Agree: the shadow
    • Replies: @FB
  319. Fox says:

    St. Petersburg (the name) is of German origin; hence, St.Petersburg is a German city. FB, Zarathustra, Seraphim and so on insist that a place name that may be of Slavic language origin is Slavic, no matter what. Bismarck in North Dakota must be German then, and New Ulm in (Wisconsin?) also. On the other hand, New Orleans is certainly French and ought to be given by rights to France, Nizza is Italian- let the Italians take it.
    I detect in all of these silly claims to a good part of Europe by Poles (yes, primarily Poles, I do not know of anyone else spinning constantly fantastic tales about how it all is really Polish, and the people living in various places are in reality depriving Poland of its rightful claims) the covetousness of Poles for yet more land.

    • Replies: @Seraphim
    , @FB
    , @the shadow
  320. Fox says:
    @the shadow

    Thank you for pointing this out. This general brutal attitude of Churchill towards anyone is also reflected in his war aim: “Victory! Victory at any cost!” He had no plan for what he’d do with this victory, nor is victory in itself a goal. It is yet one more example of showing that Churchill was homicidal maniac.

  321. FB says: • Website

    You’re really quite the fool, aren’t you…?

    Listen to your so-called ‘logic’…

    If the Nazis were so civil and proper with the Poles and Czechs, then why on earth would the latter drive them out at the end of the pitchfork as soon as they got the chance…?

    That kind of narrative doesn’t even pass the grade school test…

    The simple fact is that the Nazis were indeed the war criminals and butchers that every person with normal cognition knows them to be…

    It is not anyone’s problem but your own that you start off with the completely braindead notion of adoring the Nazis [for whatever reason…perhaps similar hatreds against Jews and Slavs]…and then need to use pretzel logic to make this narrative fit…

    Of course it can’t…there is a simple reason for the rage of the Poles and the Czechs and their indeed quite ferocious vengeance upon the German minority in their midst…

    • Replies: @Fox
    , @Wally
  322. marylinm says:

    Carolyn Yeager and Wilhelm Kriessmann
    Nothing makes me quite so happy as seeing the once UberMensch F’d over by the CommIntern into a slithering pulp.

  323. Seraphim says:

    The name of St. Petersburg was originally ‘Sankt-Pieter-Burch’ (Сан(к)т-Питер-Бурхъ) in Dutch manner. So it was a Dutch city!

    • Replies: @Fox
  324. FB says: • Website

    St. Petersburg (the name) is of German origin; hence, St.Petersburg is a German city.

    It is…?

    Please do tell…was the city founded by Germans, or by the Russian Czar PETER…?

    Again, it is not anyone’s problem but your own that you are so laughably uneducated…

    Let’s review this ridiculous ‘debate,’ and let’s make this very simple so simpletons like yourself can follow along…

    First, the completely uneducated ‘author’ Carolyn stated that Stettin, a city in Poland, is German, as is clear from its name…

    Now this despite the name of the city is Slavic, plus the fact that the city was founded by Slavs and ruled by Slavs for centuries…after which it passed into the hands of the Swedes…before coming back to another SLAVIC ruling family…before finally being ruled by Germans…

    That’s a lot of history there…and it would be quite interesting and surely educational for a simpleton like yourself to study up on this…[before popping off on internet chat rooms…]

    Stettin, or Szczecin, was the capital of Pomerania, which was founded and for most its history ruled by Slavs…I explained this already, but maybe you missed it…

    The name Pomerania comes from Slavic po more, which means Land by the Sea.[1]

    Pomerania under the rule of the last Griffins

    The historical Duchy of Pomerania…I thin anyone would agree that it is not a bad deal that nearly half of this traditionally Slavic territory is now part of modern Germany…perhaps the Poles should think about getting their land back…after all what’s sauce for the goose is sauce fore the gander…?

    But let’s continue our learning journey shall we…?

    Hopefully you are able to understand what this information bar is saying…

    Wartislaw I, Duke of Pomerania was the founder of the Slavic Dynasty House of Griffin…which itself was a quite powerful polity of the era and reached its peak under Eric of Pomerania who ruled not only over Pomerania, but also Denmark, Sweden and Norway…

    So where does one get the notion that some yahoo ‘author’ saying that ‘Stettin’ is a German word for a German city is something that sounds about right…?

    Please explain to us…I’m sure it may have something to do with St. Petersburg,Russia…Bismarck, North Dakota, or perhaps the Sea of Tranquility [Mare Tranquillitatis] on the fucking moon…?

    • Replies: @Fox
  325. marylinm says:

    You do not read much history do you? Never too late. Try “The Baltic” by Michael North from University of Greifswald, Germany. All about German-Polish lovefest starting early 800CE.

  326. Incitatus says:
    @the shadow

    “If you want to know how the Germans felt about Hitler at the time, try watching newsreels of the German army marching into Austria, the Sudetenland, the victory parade after the fall of France.”

    Yes, newsreels never lie. Austria and the Sudetenland were bloodless ‘slam-dunks’. What about Berlin civilian newsreels following the 15 Mar 1939 invasion of Czechoslovakia? Memel 23 Mar 1939? How about 1 Sep 1939 (famous for somber Germans).

    True, the fall of France attracted ordinary German support [success due to Manstein, not Hitler]. It proved an invitation to ruin.

    “Of course defeat changed their perspective.”

    Deep thought! Thanks for that!

    “But if the Germans actually felt as you claim during the war, how was it the German army in the main continued fighting to the end?”

    Maybe it had something to do with the SD and SS, who assiduously promoted civic betrayal and arrested/executed dissenters. And ‘Sippenhaft’ (collective punishment of families if unwilling soldiers. Or summary régime policy:

    “Defeatists must die in expiation of their actions [and] as a warning to others.”
    – Reichsführer-SS Heinrich Himmler early Oct 1943 Radio Address [Staargardt ‘The German War’ p.379]

    Of course, when Heinie’s turn came, he briefly transposed (moth to butterfly) into ‘defeatest’ Sgt. Heinrich Hitzinger. Then – exposed – bit cyanide. Real courage.

    Still, not bad for a guy with an Ag degree who spent a year as a clerk in an artificial manure factory before being redundant (his only commercial experience; subsequent -agency in murder – fortune brought him power over millions).

    “As for the Luftwaffe pilot you mention, I guess you never heard of Rudel, a devout supporter, , Hartman a patriot and Galland who while he had differences about Hitler’s leadership never denounced him as you claim the Germans felt about him”

    What about Rommel:

    “The Führer must be killed. There’s nothing else for it, the man really has been the driving force in everything.”
    — Generalfeldmarschall Erwin Rommel to General der Panzertruppe Heinrich Eberbach 17 July 1944 [Beevor ‘D-Day’ p.326]

    Hans Ulrich Rudel? Author of ‘Stuka Pilot’ (great book), consummate tank killer on the East Front? Lower legs shot off, gets the highest tarted-up (gold, diamonds) Nazi award, then flees to South America? Unsuccessful in garnering political support to return to Germany.

    Tell us about Hans Ulrich Rudel and Germans who didn’t buy his routine.

    • Replies: @Fox
    , @Wally
  327. Fox says:

    The Poles were already putting the western border of their future Poland at the Pan-Slavist Congress of 1848 at the Oder-Neisse line, just where they put it in 1945; as far as I know there were no “”””nazis””””” in 1848. They already lied to the old and dupable at Versailles in 1919 about all the Polishness of the Eastern German provinces nd were fraudulently given what they wanted. The Czechs were likewise duping the geriatrics at their meeting at Versailles about the realities of ethnic settlements in the Bohemian area. Masaryk was the main liar there, after having been a professor at a German university before the war. That was the loyalty and gratitude coming from the Slavic hyper-chauvinists. In addition, it is well to be remembered that Czecho-Slovakia was created (just as Yugoslavia) after the First war to continue the catastrophic system of (anti-German) ententes and leagues and a Czecho-Slovakia right in the middle of Germany (the Austrians were intent to join and welcomed into the German Reich, but the geriatrics at Versailles would forbid it); hence, what are the rights, even as ostensibly declared by the the old and feeble at Versailles, of people, for which the First War had been fought, according to their public communiques, if in a new military alliance Germany can be threatened again, and from even more sides than before the First War. Czecho-Slovakia was also brought into being before the “””””nazis””””. The Czechs turned, like the Pole,s from the very beginning against the Germans who had been forced into their states, with the endgoal to drive them away. What they did in 1945 was therefore merely the execution of long-held plans, had nothing to do with the “””nazis”””.
    The Poles and Czechs saw in 1945 a chance to realize their insane chauvinism against their neighbor. They thought that their sugar daddy (that would be the US, England and France) would always protect them against the forages of time, the bad conscience that must invariably gnaw on the collective conscience and keep gnawing, the distrust and rejection they would experience in the future and the inevitable distrust they must have against everyone, suspecting others of one’s own intentions. In all of this it must be said that the Czechs are by far more intelligent than the Poles. The Poles are going as far as to demand “reparations” from Germany. They really seem to think that it is not known that they are the perpetrators of the biggest crime in recorded history, the complete annihilation of the Eastern German provinces and driving away all of the Eastern Germans at gunpoint (about 13 million Germans called Eastern Germany their home). They think that the strategy of accusing the victim of their crime is a suitable cover-up.
    Since you are completely unaware of what the situation was in Central Europe in those days, and I think the same is true for today, you can only produce some hastily foraged yellow press and Tolerance Museum stuff.

    • Replies: @karel
    , @ucelet
  328. @Hegar

    Unz Review should concentrate on these factual stories, rather than Marxist fantasies …

    I really appreciate that you point out the above article is made up of “factual stories” that appeared in newspapers, and is not an opinion piece. It’s true that many articles that appear here at UR are opinion, probably most.

    You’re a careful reader and got everything right, which is also unusual for readers. I’ll even add my vote to your final statement that “Unz Review should clean the ranks” of its stable of writers. A bit of housecleaning every so often is a good idea.

    • LOL: FB
  329. Fox says:

    I was just following your logic. All places you can identify as having a Slavic-language derived name are Slavic in your estimation, hence, to use the same argument, all places with a German name must be German. If Stettin or Berlin are really Slavic cities, then St. Petersburg must be German, likewise Orenburg, Ekaterinburg (burg = castle in German).
    If you think that Carolyn is an “uneducated author”, then why do you read what she is writing? Why not make use of your time with reading texts and essays written by authors you consider educated? I don’t understand your motivation.

    • Replies: @L.K
  330. Fox says:

    Rudel did not flee to South America, he went there for work reasons and his revulsion at seeing what kind of gang had been installed into power in Germany. He was active in establishing the SRP = Sozialistische Reichspartei, which was , however declared illegal in the FRG in 1953. I have a suspicion that it was outlawed not for a lack of success. Rudel was an outstanding soldier, and the Soviets made him offers to join them after the war. I think it can be said that the Soviets, despite their cruelty in warfare and plans of conquest, were acting quite rationally from the beginning. Hence, they could appreciate the soldierly and character value of an individual such as Rudel who fought with great valor and superb skill, and leave all of that moralizing the “west” is so fond of out. For this reason Stalin, despite his cruelty and ice-cold rationality in general, stands above the western war lords, he had a rational plan for the war, how to start, promote, prosecute and end it, and could formulate a war aim – communist world revolution brought about through the exhaustion of the democracies in the war he would stay out of initially. It’s a goal that can be put in words, is not impossible to reach and is therefore rational, even if it would have been bad news for the world. Compare to that the hypocritical and sanctimonious drivel of Roosevelt (The Four Freedoms for everyone, except for the exceptions) and the alcohol-induced enunciation of Churchill’s war aim: “Victory! Victory at all cost!” Then what? He didn’t know or care.

    • Replies: @Incitatus
  331. @Fox

    As your comment about source of names for cities suggests, this notion of tracing land titles by the origin of place names associated with it is childishly silly.

    How far are you going to trace the lineage back: 1,000 years, 2,000 years, how about 3,000 years. After all, there were people living there during those times and they must have designated names places they knew.

    Great. The fact is that for most of known human history, Europe was inhabited by people who were hunters and gatherers who inhabited an area until they used up its resources and moved on, just as the native North Americans did on the plains. It was only the Eastern Indians who lived in at least semi-permanent settlements in more or less permanent structures.

    Permanent settlements like cities were first established in Europe in Italy and Greece, and much earlier in the Middle East and North Africa.

    Whatever “cities” were built in northern Europe were hovels compared to the cities in the south like Rome and Athens.

    Indeed, the nomadic tribes of the east coming of out the Russian and Asian plains repeatedly swept across Europe and plundered its inhabitants, like the Huns, the Tatars, Mongols who came and went. It was, indeed the Magyars who were the last tribe from the east who conquered the Hungarian plain, ejected its inhabitants and settled permanently rather than withdrew after they finished plundering as did the others. And that happened in 895 and the country became a recognized state under King Stephen.

    And the contestants in this argument declare the linguistic origin of place name confers to their ancestors title to the property forever?

    What nonsense. WTFC about the millenia old source of place names designating present titles to the land.

    Let me explain it to you. In civil law, title passes to whoever holds adverse possession of land after a specific number of years. To cite an example. My brother owns property in northern Wisconsin. He put a fence around it, but put the fence about three feet beyond it on land that was the dedicated seepage bed of septic systems for houses to be built on the property across the road. He made a record of exactly when he put up the fence. No one ever contested it. The time for title passing has long expired, thus giving him title to the fenced in part that property. Of course, his neighbors don’t really care because the fence doesn’t interfere with the seepage bed, and they can’t use the property for anything else. So everybody is happy.

    So have the relatives of those who you claim named any particular site continued to contest adverse possession by anyone who later took it by whatever means it happened?

    You really think land claims from hundreds if not thousands of year ago still matter? That indeed is what Jews try to claim about Palestine – because some people who might be considered their ancestors 2000 years ago pitched their tents on parts of the land. It’s a laughable claim. Their bible is not a land title anybody is bound to recognize. Moreover, it is a claim that had been and remains contested from the moment the Jews made it. Indeed, that is why the Jews demand the Palestinian recognize Israel and the Palestinians refuse to do so until the land issue is resolved and the titles to the land are settled. What the Jews are seeking by demanding recognition is for the Palestinians to recognize their claims to the land, and not, as they pretend, they are merely asking them acknowledge there is a Jewish entity. So as long as the Palestinians refuse to recognize the claim of the Jews, the title to it continues to be contested, and the adverse possession is merely an illegal occupation.

    The fact is that seizure of land by force and the passing of title by coercion has been a well recognized basis for changing titles to land for all of human history up to when the U.N. Charter was adopted. That charter now makes it illegal to acquire territory by conquest.

    So this whole discussion about who has a rightful claim to what territory based on the linguistic origin of place names is beyond absurd in today’s world.

    • Replies: @FB
    , @Zarathustra
  332. FB says: • Website
    @the shadow

    Excuse me MORON…

    It’s hardly about a ‘rightful claim’ based on merely the linguistic origin of place names…

    It’s about the actual history…

    Also I made clear from the get-go that irredentism is a futile endeavor and in fact only leads to problems…

    BUT, irredentism is EXACTLY what Shitler was using in whining about the territories that were ‘rightfully’ German, and which Germany had lost as a result of losing the First World War which they started…

    Now…we have completely uneducated yahoos like this wannabe ‘author’ again resorting to irredentism to excuse Nazi aggression against Germany’s neighbors…in fact this is a CONSTANT THEME with you Shitler nutcases…

    So I find it rather ironic that now when the tables are turned…and the REAL HISTORY about which you had no clue is revealed in all its glory…then suddenly its bad to resort to irredentism…


    And besides, knowledge is enriching to your life…especially when you have a real deficit to begin with…

    The point is that much of Germany has Slavic origins…do you think all those Slavs living within what used to be known as Slavica Germanica just disappeared…?

    No they did not…and this is quite evident from the genetic evidence…the farther east you go in Germany, the higher the Slavic R1a dominance…

    If you actually knew German archeologists and anthropologists and linguists you would also learn that the Slavic language has considerably influenced the evolution of the German language…which used to be quite different only a couple of hundred years ago…and in fact was composed of a number of quite distinct dialects, some quite mutually unintelligible…

    This is what actual knowledge does for you…FOOL…

    Hitler was a high-school educated corporal…not much more than a kartoffel farmer…his ideas about Slavic ‘untermenschen’ turned into plans to wage a monstrous war of subjugation against the most populous, and as it turned out, the most militarily powerful nation in Europe…

    I don’t need to tune in here and listen to a shit show about these quite stupid ideas…

    Yes, I was somewhat gobsmacked at the kindergarten level of erudition displayed in this ‘article’…and I called this mickey mouse ‘author’ on that, and forcefully proved my point…

    So don’t cry me a river now about how ‘unfair’ is this talk of who owned what territory and when…because you started it…and you will keep on starting it, because you are immune to learning…you will be back here just like like a bad smell with the same tripe about how Shitler had a ‘rightful claim’ on Poland or Czechia…

    • Replies: @the shadow
  333. Seraphim says:

    A little trouble with the ‘Battle Axe culture’ (or Boat Axe culture) is that the ‘battle axes’ were not made of ‘heavy metal’ but of stone and were not weapons. That put in doubt the commonly held idea that the ‘Corded ware culture’ introduced in Europe the technological advance represented by metallurgy. In fact metallurgy was well developed in the areas of the grand Chalcolitic cultures of South-East Europe (Vinca, Karanovo-Gumelnita, Cucuteni-Tripolie), the ‘Old Europe’ supposedly wiped out and submerged by the invading horse-riding warriors wielding ‘battle axes’ bringing an ‘advanced technology’ (which made their success possible) from the steppes (the Childe-Gimbutas-Mallory ‘Kurgan Hypothesis’).

    • Replies: @FB
  334. Seraphim says:

    The tradition of the Danubian origins of the Slavs is recorded by the Russian Primary Chronicle and it was avidly take over by the first Pan-Slavists, the ‘Illyrian’ Croats:
    “Among these seventy-two nations, the Slavic race is derived from the line of Japheth, since they are the Noricians [i.e. from Noricum], who are identical with the Slavs. For many years the Slavs lived beside the Danube, where the Hungarian and Bulgarian lands now lie. From among these Slavs, parties scattered throughout the country and were known by appropriate names, according to the places where they settled. Thus some came and settled by the river Morava, and were named Moravians, while others were called Czechs. Among these same Slavs are included the White Croats, the Serbs, and the Khorutanians. For when the Vlakhs attacked the Danubian Slavs, settled among them, and did them violence, the latter came and made their homes by the Vistula, and were then called Liakhs. Of these same Liakhs, some were called Poles, some Lutichians, some Mazovians, and still others Pomorians. Certain Slavs settled also on the Dnieper, and were there called Polianians. Still others were named Derevlians, because they lived in the forests…”
    If Nestor the Chronicler lied, so be it.

    • Replies: @Malacay
    , @Zarathustra
  335. karel says:

    Yes the poor Germans, as always. They had to start the WW1 to show their love for their neighbours and the WW2 to correct the mistakes of the WW1. Nice reading of what you write. As I wrote here couple of days ago the German Uebermench is at the end usually outsmarted by the Slavic Untermensch. Very strange indeed. I love you juggling with millions of this or that. Is it a contagious disease of the mind that you share with the very truthful Carolyn?

    • LOL: FB
    • Replies: @Fox
  336. karel says:
    @Carolyn Yeager

    Should we then all turn to the Nazi only sources to appease you? Some of the things that you write here could bring you to prison in Germany for propagating Nazi ideology. Be glad that you are hiding in the very democratic USA. But perhaps you could be at some later date swapped for an American agent and finally land in prison. There are a No. of countries I could think of. I will make some enquiries. My only worry is that your are just a rabid minion and nobody will bother to lift his arse.

  337. “For over a century, the Jewish World Almanac has been widely regarded as the most authentic source for the world’s Jewish population numbers. Academics all over the world, incl. editors of Encyclopaedia Britannica, used to rely on the accuracy of those numbers. Here’s what the World Almanacs of 1933 and 1948 had to say about the world population of Jews.”

    1933 Population Worldwide by Religious Beliefs

    N. America 4,383,643
    S. America 293,474
    Europe 9,494,363
    Asia 582,609
    Africa 530,860
    Oceania 80,401
    Total 15,365,350

    1948 Religious Population of the World
    N. America 4,971,261
    S. America 226,958
    Europe 9,372,666
    Asia 572,930
    Africa is 542,869
    Oceania 26,954
    Total 15,753,638
    So, communists, political opponents & subversives died in work camps & detention centers & concentration camps (and some of them were Jew):
    – from malnutrition, (the Allies bombed the railroads from 1943- on),
    – from contagious diseases (like typhus, not typhoid)
    – from being overworked, and
    – from old age,
    but it has never been proven that the deaths were a result of a systematic policy of extermination!

    Always remember, the Nuremberg Trials are known as “a victor’s justice“. At the time of the trials none of the so-called “crimes” were statutory crimes.

    • Replies: @the shadow
  338. maz10 says:
    @Carolyn Yeager

    No liar Yeager

    You asserted that Slavic origins of the names Stettin and Breslau were fictious ravings. Look up your own comments.

    You were clearly proven wrong as German sources point to the Slavic origin of both those names.

    Yet still you claim that I was proven wrong!? Do you have a reading problem?




    • Replies: @Carolyn Yeager
  339. Malacay says:

    It was a “child” of the Catholic Church, not of us Illyrian Croats. Yugoscum movements never had any support among the people. Serbia was never part of Illyricum to begin with. It was a multicultural brotherhood made on the platform of language similarity and ability to communicate with each other without using other medium in the communication. When the people had their say, this is what came out, you Jesuit:

    – 96% of Macedonians voting for independence from Yugoslav trash (read Serbo-Sarmatian Slavs)

    – 95% of Slovenians voting for Independence from Yugoslav trash

    – 94% of the Croats voting for independence from Yugoslav scum

    Jesuits were thinking they could speak for the people. It was not Croatia or Croat people, you Jesuit clown, but your very own agents. Serbian occupation in the Yugoslav Kingdom of Karadjorjevics lasted from 1918 to 1941, created unimaginable hatred and we all know how the Serbs ended up slaughtered then. Other Yugoslav communist occupation lasted some time, and then Yugoslav communist scum was ended too. Anyone who wants to play brotherhoods with the Serbs, can call them to their land, open the door of their house, and enjoy. We have no such desires. Italics can call them Italia and play there. We want to see that nomadic blight wiped out. Our Haemus Mons peninsulae has seen way too much presence of the nomads already. They are no better than the Turks. It’s the same nomadic blight from the Asian steppes.

    Look, they even attacked your Wallachia with their fellow nomadic Turks.

  340. Malacay says:

    Russkies are disgusting liars and well-known thieves. Russkies are a despicable nomadic Tatar kind no Slavic people likes. Universally hated and despised by Ukranians, Polaks and Balks — all proto-Slavs. There is no Slavic race to begin with, nor is the name “Croat” Slavic name. This is where the origin of our name comes from:

    I told you we are Illyrians, didn’t I, you clown? We Croatons are Illyro-Romans. We just speak Slavic language from which some of our toponyms are derived from (which is only natural that they would, as the language dictates nature of the names).

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  341. @the shadow

    Excellent comment!
    I was waiting for comment like this for ages.
    Do not worry about FB he attacks every body like raging blind bull.
    He is a youngster.
    But I do have an addition to your comment.
    So there was epoch of hunter gatherers.
    Tribes did have a their favorite hunting grounds. but naturally they did not have any legal claim to the land.
    With domestication of animals started the next epoch.
    That epoch was epoch of herders.
    But not even in epoch of herders people had any claim to the land.
    There is an excellent American movie about it “Open range man”
    Naturally the in these two epochs people did not build cities and did not have a claim to the land.
    Claim to the land and building of cities fully depended on agriculture.
    For example first Czech kings name was Premysel Oracz.
    The name means thoughtful plow man.
    Like we have Arnold Schwarzenegger. Which means black plow man.
    Slavic tribes were the last to abandon life of herders and become society that derived their sustenance from agriculture.
    That means that they were last one to start build cities and have a claim to the land.
    But trust me on this one. Slavs were the most numerous and occupied the largest areas of Eurasia.

  342. Malacay says:

    Nomads need to be destroyed. Annihilated. You don’t play brotherhoods with the nomads, you destroy them. The same is true with the Jews. You go Roman on the Jews, not Italic. Remember Vespasian and Titus. Honor them, our Roman heroes. Read what true leaders are made of.

    While Italics just want to play brotherhoods with the nomads… they would accommodate them using us as gamblers uses chips in the casinos. This is what Italic leadership does. It’s time for a new leadership. We go Roman, never Italic ever again. Nomads destroyed. International and interracial “brotherhoods” destroyed. Jews destroyed. All Europeans are eagerly awaiting the return of the Romans. Italics would make us crawl like worms before nomads and African scum. But when Romans come, they will be annihilated. Exterminated. Our Roman saviors.

  343. @FB

    It’s hardly about a ‘rightful claim’ based on merely the linguistic origin of place names…
    It’s about the actual history…
    Also I made clear from the get-go that irredentism is a futile endeavor and in fact only leads to problems…

    As reflected in the linguistic origin of place names as if they mean something. So it’s the actual history of linguistics that establishes title.

    I also I noticed that on the one hand you denounce irredentism, and then your whole argument about the signficance of the linguistic originas of place name is the basis fort arguing irredentism.

    So you practice a vulgar sort of dialectics by embracing contradictions.

    And then you display you are also suffering from a major comprehension deficit disorder.

    Did you notice that I said that adverse possession passes title only if title is not contested for a specified period of time. The titles to territory in Hitler’s time were still very much contested, and this occurred well within the time frame when terriotrial changes by the WWI treaties were not baked in by time that makes all the difference in the world whether the claims made had a legitmiate bases that you obviously either missed entirely or are shoosing to ignore because it destroys the foundation for your argument.

    You’re still far in the lead in the contest for the title of who is dumber than a brain thead imbecxile.

    • Replies: @FB
  344. @Carolyn Yeager

    Dear Carolyn

    How can I “correct” the numbers in the population chart – it isn’t mine, nor am I a statistician or an expert on this region. This chart was part of the letter written by Otwald Mueller that inspired this article. I accept it with the qualifier that population figures throughout Eastern Europe were unreliable, sometimes non-existent, and/or disputed

    I don’t expect you to correct charts in somebody else’s books ( this is fully author responsibility ) but to correct numbers in your article or at least discuss it with people who inspired that article because clearly they don’t know the true numbers. Encyclopedia Britannica was only an example of cross reference since – I already know – any polish , czech , russian etc source is not reliable to you. Why don’t you just simply write to EB and ask them for the source of information they presented in Britannica? They claim to be “The world standard in knowledge since 1768”.

    As another official source please find the link to National Censuses and Vital Statistics in Europe, 1918-1939: An Annotated Bibliography, with 1940-1948 Supplement
    Henry Joachim Dubester

    Your last paragraph: I’m not confusing anything. The diggings in Marienburg were done by the Polish authorities in place there at the time. When human bones are found, they have a responsibility to unearth them and try to identify them.
    I am happy that you acknowledge that polish work on site was professional and willing to find out how it happened. I hope also that it will help change your point of view at polish IPN since this office was in charge of it:,Informacja-ze-sledztwa-w-sprawie-zbiorowej-mogily-w-Malborku.html

    Please find link to polish book about agony of East Prussia that is in my possession, I hope there will be translation to german.

    • Replies: @Carolyn Yeager
  345. @Patagonia Man

    By golly since those statistics establish that the number of Jews in Europe barely changed between 1933 to 1948 when, if the holocaust were true, the number should have declined by around 6 million, then there were either an incredible number of resurrections after they were allegedly first murdered by the Nazia, or they were never murdered in the first place.

    Go for it, holcaust purveyors, which is it?

    • Replies: @Franklin Ryckaert
  346. @Seraphim

    No use to argue with Malakay.
    He is smart well educated an knowledgeable.
    But he has a little problem. He has a few gears in his brain with broken teeth.
    So gears in his brain do not mesh.
    But still.
    He is entertaining

    • LOL: Kolya Krassotkin
    • Replies: @Malacay
    , @Malacay
  347. @maz10

    You were clearly proven wrong as German sources point to the Slavic origin of both those names.

    Yet still you claim that I was proven wrong!? Do you have a reading problem?

    You have a reading problem. More than that, you have a mental problem. You’re an out and out abusive gangster who should be reined in by whatever moderation system exists here, you and FB. But under “free speech” you’re allowed to carry on with your truly insane comments and threats. Thus, I will respond briefly for the sake of readers, not because you deserve it. By your own source, (check you said, Wortebuch says of the word Szczecin, which is what you put in [translated]:

    The name Szczecin is of Slavic origin. [The name, not the town. -cy] Originally it was called Stetin, it’s said in documents from the years 1140 and 1123. From the 15th century there was a doubling of the second “t”, which soon became common and led to the place name Stettin. The city is mentioned in the Middle Ages as Stetin (1133), Stetyn (1188) and Stityn (1251).

    That is the opposite of what you were reading into the Wortebuch definition in German. In response, you repeat your ridiculous threats in ALL-CAPS. You belong in a padded room but in our degenerating society here you are, instead, enjoying free speech.

    These objections from all you Slav purists here have nothing to do with the article as written, which is factual, but are side issues created by yourselves in your never-ending quest to rewrite history in your own image. Are you sure you’re not just doing the work of the Jews, who are the ones who will benefit in the end? Unless you are Jews. Your origins are completely obscured. You are words on a screen with no accountability, that is all.

    • Replies: @maz10
  348. Wally says:

    – Inconvenient fact:
    In the attempted coup against Hitler, leaders Stauffenberg & Co. never claimed anything like a ‘holocaust’ or ‘extermination program’ as one of their motives.

    – Inconvenient fact:
    Germany did not “invade” Czechoslovakia, Czech President Hacha asked Hitler for protection.
    – Inconvenient fact:
    Memel inhabitants overwhelmingly supported a return to Germany.
    – Inconvenient facts about “1 Sept 1939:
    Why Germany Invaded Poland, by John Wear:
    – Inconvenient fact:
    -Incitatus cannot show us any original German documents from Rommel which confirm his ‘translations’.

    More demolitions of the irrational Zionist, Incitatus, I mean it’s not even close:

    Now, back to the topic of the article above, Incitatus in court:

    ‘Please your honor, there really are millions upon millions of human remains buried in huge mass graves, we know where the mass graves are, … but, but, well, umm, we can’t show the court. You must trust us, we’re Zionists.’

    • Replies: @the shadow
    , @karel
    , @Incitatus
  349. @Malacay

    Now you lost me. For most of history, Dalmatians were under the two Roman Empires, the Venetians (and independent city states in the Middle Ages), Austrians and Austro-Hungarians for about a century, until the end of WWI when they came under Slav Serb control (as you say, and let’s not bother debating to what extent they had autonomy at least in the domain of culture and language), and under Italians during WWII. So what and when made Dalmatians adopt the language and culture of a foreign race? There were in fact some real Romans and Italians there who spoke Italian but they were kicked out after WWII, although many started moving to Italy even in the 19th Century, and they refer to others who stayed behind as “Slavi”. Hell, even Romanian has far more similarities with Latin and Italian than whatever Dalmatians speak, and they are far further from the Apennine peninsula than Dalmatians. It makes no sense that Dalmatians don’t have a Romance language if what you claim is true – they just adopted a Slavic language out of the blue because they liked it more than Latin or Italian? I’m not denying that there are still some real Roman/Italian Dalmatians remaining but they number no more than a few thousand.

    • Troll: Malacay
    • Replies: @Malacay
  350. Wally says:

    “The simple fact is that the Nazis were indeed the war criminals and butchers that every person with normal cognition knows them to be…”

    Except. as this article has shown and I have shown, you have no proof for your Zionist propaganda, and that is a simple fact.

    – You just keep blabbing nonsense while presenting nothing other than juvenile ranting.

    – Here you go, no doubt you find this to be compelling proof, after all, it’s from one of your people. LOL:
    photo from ‘Surviving Treblinka’, by Samuel Willenberg.It is captioned: “crane lifting corpses destined for cremation”.
    Does anyone see any “corpses”?

  351. Wielgus says:
    @Franklin Ryckaert

    Lidice was targeted because supposedly the assassins of Reinhard Heydrich had been harboured there. In fact it was the wrong village.
    CODOH may have problems because official German radio actually boasted of the massacre, seeing it as righteous vengeance for Heydrich.

    • Replies: @Fox
  352. Fox says:

    Wielgus you are the kind of man who would have been a willing member of the “Resistance”. These people fed the British in particular with false information about impending coups they were to stage to remove Hitler, how unpopular he was, that people and Wehrmacht would immediately revolt against him in case of any conflict, that Hitler was planning to stage attacks (such as the barefaced Resistance lie of a sudden bombing attack on London, thus causing yet another war hysteria), that Hitler had to be opposed firmly and what have you. All of that fell on willingly open ears. People like you, like the original “Resistance”, like the Polish “Danzig is Polish!” – criers, like Vansittart, the venable Churchill, Cooper-add your favorite people you count into your number of people who worked towards a confrontation of arms -they made it impossible that a settlement of the tensions which were caused by the geriatric ward at Versailles and its underhanded staff of misadvisers was reached. War is so much better than correct that which is wrong, based on low motifs, lies, deception, even on mistakes made in good faith. You and all the anti-Hitelr people should tell straight what was wrong with the proposals Hitelr made to come to a modus vivendi with Poland, what was wrong with the fulfillment of Austria’s wish to join Germany proper or what was wrong with wanting to see Danzig be allowed to follow its wish to re-join Germany again. Poland would have retained very favorable harbor privileges in Danzig, just as Czechia when becoming the Protectorate did in Hamburg and Bremerhaven (they might still be in place to this very day).
    You are acting here just like one of these “resistance” informants, but at least some of them realized at some point they were deluded in believing that helping your enemy set your house on fire is somehow helping you in improving your living situation.

    • Replies: @L.K
  353. @the shadow

    “…then there were either an incredible number of resurrections after they were allegedly first murdered by the Nazis, or they were never murdered in the first place…”

    …or that almanac was simply wrong.
    See holocaustcontroversies the World Almanac canard.

    • Replies: @Patagonia Man
    , @FB
  354. Malacay says:
    @Commentator Mike

    Are you capable of reading? I know that Slavs are dumb, but still, even on this thread I pointed out several times how we adopted Slavic language. The same way Macedons, Turkic tribe of Bulhars and Sarmatian Serbs adopted. Church. How did you Slavs adopt Christinity? How did some Slavs adopt Cyrillic writings like Ukranians and Belarussians? The same way we adopted Slavic lingua, which is very distinctive relative to central European Slavic states and people — it’s not mutually intelligible even with Slovenians let alone anyone else. There is nothing Slavic other than language some of our people speak on Haemus Mons peninsulae.

    Italics are no Romans, Slav. You are obviously mental. You are an ignorant Slav who doesn’t know some basic difference or have logical capabilities to understand even the basic let alone nuances. Romans weren’t native to Italia; they came to Italia just like the Greeks, Umbrians and Sabinians did. Those Africans are French and English because they are using French/English language as official. Are you English because you are using English now? Slavs are… dumb. As you are dumb you are also disgusting as you seek to appropriate, usurp or steal. I guess you learned that from the nomads. You we in contact with those kinds for very long time.

    Tell me, how shall I know your race? You speak of Slavic race, yet I cannot differentiate Slav from any other white European. Blonde hair? We had had blonde hair white people on Haemus Mons millennias before anyone ever heard of any Slav. Achilles himself was blonde. Red hairs too. Menelaus of Sparta had red hair.

    What, you think someone ought to accommodate you, hmm? Someone would lose Slavic scum if it is not accommodated. I spit on you, Slavic trash. How about that for accommodation.

    • Replies: @FB
    , @RT
  355. FB says: • Website

    I think you are right about the axes being stone…

    Corded Ware stone-axe in the Museum für Vor- und Frühgeschichte (Berlin). Ca. 2800-2400 BCE.

    However, they were still impressive pieces of equipment as we can see above…

    Were they used in warfare…?

    I would say probably they were…but remember too that the farmer-warrior was the most successful model of human existence for thousands of years…ie the basic need was to be able to survive and hopefully thrive off the land by means of agriculture…this makes for a strong, healthy family, which, in turn, make for a strong local community and thus a tribe, nation etc…

    So it was mostly a life of successful farming that gave rise to strength…the actual warring part was much smaller…although a lot more happened in a very compressed timeframe in times of war…

    In this context, the horse and wheel played a transformative role…it’s hard to understate the importance of this technological development…if we look at the last five thousand years of human history, it was the era of the horse right up until a mere hundred years ago…

    It was only in the 20’th century that we see the internal combustion engine displacing the horse as the prime mover of humanity…plus electricity, which brought us indoor plumbing, air conditioning and the internet…those two developments of the twentieth century are the only real difference in our way of life from what it was for five thousand years…

    A horse tram (horsecar) in Danzig, Germany (present day Gdańsk, Poland)

    The development of metallurgy was an important development, as it allowed our tools for agriculture and warfare to improve significantly…but it was not as transformative a development as horse power and the mobility of the wheeled cart that let a farming household or village do a lot more work, plus then be able to move to another location as needed…this was truly huge…

    Now, as far as the Kurgan hypothesis…well, we see first of all that this theory, which arose from archeology and excavations of human settlements of five thousand years ago, is now fully supported by the genetic evidence…this is the key and it says that those archeologists and anthropologists and linguists did a good job of piecing this together…you cannot argue with genetics, it is a solid science and the genetic map of today, combined with the genetic map of those human remains from the excavations really does tell the story…

    However, I would not characterize the Aryan influx [R1a, R1b] into the European landmass as one that necessarily consisted only of subjugation of the ‘old’ European inhabitants, which carried the ancient I haplogroup and were more of a matriarchical society, at least according to Gimbautas [the original source of the Kurgan model]…

    I don’t think it necessarily had to be a massive and violent conquest like those we saw much later from the Huns and Mongols for instance…in those latter cases, they didn’t actually stay…they came and plundered and then went back…that Aryan migration into Europe from the ‘Urheimat’ of Southern Russia was different…look at the genetic map…

    [Incidentally, some uninformed voices here have mentioned the Hungarians in this context of Asiatic invaders, but their genetic fingerprint is nearly identical to that of their neighbors, mostly the Aryan R1a and R1b, although less of the ‘old’ I haplogroup…

    Now, I do agree that the Vinca culture appears to be the most advanced of that old Europe…and it seemed to be flourishing right in that timeframe of the Aryan invasions…again look at the genetic map for clues…the Balkans, site of the Vinca, has the highest of the old European I haplogroup…we only see the I spiking up again in the far north in Scandinavia, where the lesser penetration of the Aryan genes may have had more to do with remoteness and the relatively marginal value of the land for agriculture…

    Incidentally, the Vinca ‘script’ is a very interesting puzzle…I have seen some who make a fairly reasonable case that this five thousand year old script [if it actually is a script] is the ancestor of the Cyrillic script now used in that part of Europe…this seems to be something of a fringe view among the academicians, but it does have some merit…

    Certainly, if it is a script it would be the oldest human script we know of…Hopefully further work will determine whether it is in fact a script and how it may be linked to other, subsequent scripts in other parts of the ancient world…

    • Replies: @Seraphim
  356. @Włodzimierz

    Hi “szopen.” I see you’ve come back with a different name. I remember your style though and feel pretty sure this is you. ‘Szopen’ was always trying to get me to look at his Polish books and sources; you also have a passion for that.

    Why should I write to EB? It is your job to present alternate population figures that you think are convincing; I’m okay with the chart in Mueller’s letter. That letter was circulated widely at the time, but I’m not aware that it was successfully shown to be wrong. I guess you’re not either or you would be posting that info here. It seems to me that all you Slav “deniers of history” just can’t accept facts if they don’t fit your romantic ideas of Slavic greatness or Slavic victimhood. Sorry, but I’m still not going to help you out with that.

    • Replies: @Zarathustra
  357. Malacay says:

    I do miss a letter or few on occasion, or in my anger make some grammatical error or other typos as my fingers often miss those buttons, but these are irregular occurrences, whereas in your case, it seems that these things come to you regularly and habitually. It’s not about entertainment, and I am no boomer to have missing teeth. It’s about arguments, or rather conclusions behind them which often lead to catastrophic things in the humanoid world.

  358. Malacay says:

    But I did find some pleasure in all this. My instinct and suspicion that central European Slavs do have desires to appropriate just like nomads do has proven itself true. That is yet another reason why Constantinople needs to be liberated asap. We’ll go back to Latin when it happens. We won’t speak Italic because we are not Italics, and we have no need to tolerate central European Slavic fantasies either. Latin used to be our language as Illyro-Romans.

    • Replies: @Zarathustra
  359. FB says: • Website
    @the shadow

    Well…you just confirmed exactly what I said…that you Shitler nuts would be right back at it arguing for irredentism…[but then conveniently denouncing it when it is pointed out that those ‘rightful’ German territories were in fact rightfully Slavic from the get-go…]

    You can’t have it both ways, fool…

    You’re little spiel about ‘adverse possession’ and ‘length of time’ doesn’t mean diddly…this is a concept used in customary law between INDIVIDUALS…maybe you don’t yet understand the difference between individuals and states, and that laws among states are not based on the former…?

    That level of obtuseness would not surprise me in the least…I have observed that in deluded types of the Shitler fanboy variety in particular, there is very weak understanding of reality and how things really work…

    But here are the facts…the Nazis caused the German minority population in Poland Czechia to be kicked out by their aggression and war crimes against ordinary folks…look, no reasonable person who has actually traveled in those countries and spoken to people that lived through tat terrible time, as I have in the 1980s when it was still a living memory, can possibly deny that physical reality…that is just plain stupid…

    Those ordinary folks suffered a lot…starving as the Nazis took away their food under the monstrous Hunger Plan…getting lined up against a wall and shot…taken to a concentration camp and worked to death…this happened to literally MILLIONS of very ordinary people…

    You can sit here and deny that to yourself…but it doesn’t change the truth…

    The fact is that Germany started World War One and then lost…losing a lot of territory…but those Germans living there were NOT kicked out…they stayed right where they were…so what was the problem…?

    Surely you’re not going to now argue that a country that starts a war and then loses and is stripped of some of its territory [especially territory that may have been disputed] is how things are supposed to work…?

    And yes, the Poles and Czechs certainly did consider that as disputed and contested territory…I’m not going to get into that now, but I have made my point…even Germany proper is to a quite large extent Slavic…historically, culturally, genetically, linguistically etc…

    Those neighbors like Czechia and Poland do not covet that German territory…those Slavic ancestors of theirs have long since become Germans and the two peoples have melded on that territory and are part o the German nation state, and things have been like this for quite some time…although you may be surprised to learn just how recent this ‘unitary’ German culture really is…

    But that is a much bigger subject and far beyond the scope of this basic discussion…

    The point is that this ‘article’ completely discredits itself by stating such mickey mouse nonsense as Stettin and Breslau being German place names…that is just beyond ridiculous and certainly calls into question any of the other arguments that are presented here…nobody is going to take any of this seriously if very basic historical facts are so blatantly wrong…

    Also, this thing about Stettin and Breslau is the very HEART of the IRREDENTISM that you fools ALWAYS resort to…another strike…

    So basically this pile of nonsense strikes out very quickly…not to mention that you people deny the real monstrosity of the Nazi crimes…that is just beyond ridiculous…nobody can take you seriously until you start treating the crimes of the Nazis in a realistic fashion…

    Politics is one thing, and there are interesting aspects about Hitler’s domestic politics and what appears to be his commitment to ordinary workers…many here make a very big deal of that, and I will admit that on paper this does sound good…although in the end it was the workers that were fed into the meat grinder on the Eastern Front…

    • Replies: @karel
    , @Petermx
    , @the shadow
  360. karel says:

    FB no point arguing with these funny people. It is a waste of time. They will never learn. Two proverbs may express it all. In Czech you say ”Do not dance with a chimney sweep if you do not want get dirty.” And from Bernard Shaw ”Never wrestle with a pig. You just get dirty and the pig enjoys it.”There are various versions of the latter one and a lot of meticulous teachers will no doubt come up with the right version. But let them enjoy their day.

    • Agree: FB, Jazman
  361. L.K says:

    Hello, Fox.
    You wrote to PROFESSIONAL TROLL (FB)

    If you think that Carolyn is an “uneducated author”, then why do you read what she is writing? Why not make use of your time with reading texts and essays written by authors you consider educated? I don’t understand your motivation.

    Well, FB’s motivation is simply that it is a professional ANTI-GERMAN troll with lots of free time on its hands… Every single time an article appears at Unz disputing the holoFraud, the accepted WW2 propaganda narrative, etc, this filthy insect pops up with his spamming tactics and sad little LIES in the comment section.

    FB’s idiotic Pan-Slavism propaganda is selective though… it is used to beat the Germans down, but the moment some of the Slavs walk away from the ‘path’, led by Russia, then it gets thrown out of the window! Given some of this clown’s hysterical statements re Jews and Israel, he must be at least partly a Russian Jew.

    One should not expect much from an insect(FB) who is on record here at Unz cracking joke after joke with another demented individual about how German women – from young girls to old women – had been ‘enriched’ by being massively raped, and often murdered, by the Red Army at the end of the war.
    That is how depraved this creature is…

    • Replies: @FB
    , @Zarathustra
    , @the shadow
    , @Fox
  362. FB says: • Website

    You’re quite a spectacular idiot, even by UNZ standards…

    You yap a lot of nonsense that no one has ever heard of, throwing in a lot of names of places in antiquity without any kind of context…never mind pointing to any source material that could serve the reader to put these pieces together…

    You yap about ‘restoring’ Constantinople…yet you are blissfully unaware that the language of the Eastern Roman Empire was Greek…in fact the same Byzantine Greek that is still to this very day the liturgical language of the Greek Orthodox Church…which by the way was also the religion of the Eastern Roman Empire [aka Byzantium, or Constantinople]…

    It’s pretty obvious that you’re a completely uneducated buffoon…spraying diarrhea here with complete abandon…why don’t you shut the fuck up for a bit and give us a break from your gas eruptions…?

    • Replies: @Seraphim
    , @Malacay
  363. L.K says:

    Given the “Pan Slavic” and “team Poland” trolls in action here on this thread with their usual mendacity, the record must be set straight.
    If one desires to play silly games by going way back into the past, then it must be stated that Germanic tribes settled in what is now Poland and other territories before any Slavs did. But after they left or were pushed out, and much later a Polish entity was formed, Polish kings invited LARGE numbers of German settlers, artisans and knights into their territory.

    Writes Alfred-Maurice de Zayas, a lawyer, historian, expert in the field of human rights and international law and retired high-ranking United Nations official:


    Konigsberg, Memel, Danzig, Stettin, Breslau, Oppeln, Karlsbad, Eger: these cities are forever bound to German history. In the provinces east of the frontier at the Oder-Neisse rivers as well as in the Sudetenland, Germans had lived and prospered for some 700 years. They founded cities, introduced German law, built the Hanseatic League, cultivated the land, developed industries and mines; they composed music, wrote poetry and prose, and philosophized. […]

    Around the year 960 the Kingdom of Poland came into existence under Mieszko I. At its heart lay the regions around the Warta River (Poznan and Gnesen), Lake Goplo and the central Vistula.

    The Piast Dynasty invited untold numbers of German monks, peasants, artisans and knights into the country from the twelfth through fourteenth centuries. The industry of these immigrants constituted a major contribution to the prosperity of the country. The settlement of Polish regions by Germans was voluntary and at the behest of Polish rulers. To speak of a German Drang nach Osten (Urge Eastward) betrays an anachronistic perspective and unfairly characterizes this largely peaceful settlement during the Middle Ages.

    It was primarily the Cistercian Order that undertook the Christianization of Pomerania, where they established an Abbey at Buckow in the year 1260.
    Hand in hand with the monks came the farmers and the businessmen, who founded the hanseatic city of Stettin in 1243. Stargard was founded in 1253 and Kolberg in 1255.

    Farther to the north lived non-Slavic peoples, among them the Pruzzens on the Baltic Sea. The Polish princes tried unsuccessfully to rule them. At the start of the thirteenth century Duke Konrad of Masovia asked the Teutonic Order, one of the spiritual orders of knights that arose during the Crusades, for support.
    The Hohenstaufen Kaiser Friedrich II responded with the issuance of the Golden Bull of Rimini in 1226, by which document he justified the conquest and Christianization of Prussian lands. His friend and adviser Hermann of Salza, Grand Master of the order, accepted Konrad’s appeal and was invested by the kaiser with Prussia and the Kulmerland.
    After the Pruzzens and other Baltic tribes as far as Estonia had been subjugated and converted to Christianity, the Teutonic Order consolidated its political power in a state that occupied the Baltics from Danzig to Reval Tallinn.
    The grand master’s seat of authority was the Marienburg Castle on the Nogat River. German settlers founded 93 cities and 1,400 villages in Prussian lands east of the Vistula. They brought with them German law and established a prosperous nation. For 700 years they called this their homeland, a period longer than the entire history of an America colonized by Europeans.
    German settlers moved into other regions of Central and Eastern Europe. King Ottokar II (1253-1278), among other sovereigns, promoted German settlements in Bohemia and Moravia. It was thus, 700 years ago, that a German-settled region near the Sudeten Mountains came into existence; only centuries later would it be called the Sudetenland. […]

    • Replies: @FB
  364. @Carolyn Yeager

    You are wrong again.
    No Slav woud call himself a szopen ever!!!!
    Szopen in Slavic languages means mucus coming from nose.

  365. FB says: • Website

    Hello GRUB…

    Not that I give a rat’s ass what a mouthfoamer like yourself is going to gurgle here…but it takes a very special kind of retard to link me to the criminal squatter state of Israel, which I denounce from the core of my being as a decent human…

    I hope you can understand that I am not going to let an earthworm like you [a leading Shitler fanboy] turn facts on their head…

    I’m not Jewish either [and I have the foreskin to prove it]…although attacking ordinary Jewish folks is not something I condone either, having grown up in a heavily Jewish neighborhood of ordinary working people…

    As for Russia, I do have longstanding professional ties to the country’s aerospace industry…I have traveled extensively and also lived in Europe

    Also EARHWORM…you’ve got a lot of nerve to accuse me of being ‘anti-German’…have you lived in Germany…I have, both as a young boy while my dad was stationed in the West…and later as a student in East Germany, with a family that are my close friends to this day…

    I hold the German people in highest regard…a flea like you has ZERO to do with Germany…just go ask any German in Germany…they will tell you to keep your raggedy ass at a good distance…

    • Replies: @L.K
  366. @L.K

    If FB is insect that is only your claim.
    The reality is that you are a Gypsy POS.

  367. @Malacay

    I have read biography of Alexander the Great.
    It is clearly noted there that Macedonians were different nationality. They were not Greeks, They did not speak Greek. They were Slavs. Alexander’s mother was Macedonian.
    That means that Alexander the Great was half Slav.

    • Replies: @Alexandros
    , @Malacay
  368. Petermx says:

    If your interpretation of what is right and just was followed the entire world would be in an endless state of war, death and destruction. All over the world groups would be claiming they once lived here or there to justify stealing land from another people such as Jews claiming they have a right to Palestine because 2,000 years ago Jews lived there or because Poles claimed they were the first to live in Breslau, Stettin and other parts of Germany over 500 years ago. They may have had “settlements” there but most of those cities were built by and the culture and language in those cities was German many centuries ago already. If they were colonies then the allied thieves would not have had to expel the estimated 14 to 20 million Germans from lands they had lived on for 800 years (Konigsberg, Memel). They would not claim cities like Meme; were under German occupation for 800 years until the city was taken from the Germans when in fact the Germans founded Memel 800 years earlier.

    Hitler wanted a plebiscite (a vote) to be held in the eastern territories to determine if they became Polish or German. The Poles refused this (with the British encouraging them to refuse it) because they knew most of the people living on those German lands were indeed German (what a surprise) and would vote to stay German. If they had not been German the thieves would not have had to expel over 14 million Germans from lands they had lived on for in some cases, close to 1,000 years in what was the biggest ethnic cleansing in history. After they did this, the hypocrites made ethnic cleansing illegal in postwar treaties. According to some the Poles also claimed Berlin was Polish when they created a map with Berlin under Polish rule before WW II began.

    Of course there never would have been a war except that powerful forces wanted it. The Poles that wanted a peaceful solution were pushed to the side when Great Britain said it would intervene on Ppland’s side in any war between Germany and Poland. What if Germany had made that offer to India in its struggles with Great Britain? As can be seen by how Great Britain behaved when the Falkland Islands was claimed by Argentina or how the US attacks countries all over the world with no justification whatsoever, world powers like these just crush someone smaller. But Germany was wiling to negotate with much weaker countries to avoid conflict.

  369. L.K says:

    The entirety of my father’s family is German, vermin.

    The only type of German people you like are of the Nestbeschmutzer type, the ones who have been completely brainwashed by the victors propaganda, now taught every day as “history” in occupied Germany. Evidently, these days there are plenty of such Germans, which is to be expected when people are systematically indoctrinated by propaganda and lies. You like those , I know, they know their place.

    As for Israel, there are many of your idiotic, uninformed and mendacious posts in this connection here at Unz for anyone to check for themselves. You denounce the worst of Zionist atrocities in order to build some credibility, while at the same time hysterically attacking Iran for not recognizing Israel, denouncing the one State solution, which at this point is the only viable solution to the problem except further Zionist ethnic cleansing of Palestinians, but which you dislike since it would mean the end of the Zionist project of Israel. You have written that the artificial Zionist entity of Israel was created legally, which is entirely false.
    You have said under a Giraldi article that the US needs Israel, and uses it as a base, which is pure idiocy, and that Russia could do more for Israel than the US.

    You grew up in a heavily Jewish area, did you? What was that, your home?

    BTW, I noticed you were using Jonathan Revusky against that guy Rurik in your spat with him.
    You were praising Revusky for his articles. Indeed pretty good articles. I don’t think you understood any of them though, in fact, given that you are a PROFESSIONAL TROLL, it is impossible for you to understand them.
    Revusky is on record in the comments at the Unz review stating very clearly he does NOT believe the official WW2 narrative you worship, including the holocaust narrative.
    Another one who figured out your holocaust cult is garbage is Erebus.

    You, on the other hand, claim to be some hotshot engineer who worked for NASA or whatever, but simply falls for the most ridiculous Rube Goldberg holocaust schemes…
    Considering how much free time you got on your hands to endlessly spam and troll on the Internet, you must be an unemployed engineer… if an engineer at all.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  370. @Zarathustra

    Well, check out szopen’s comments in the archives, in 2019 (approx. June to September). He speaks as a Pole very much as Wlodzimierz does here. Just because he doesn’t make Slavs look good doesn’t mean he’s not trying.

    As for you, you come across as an ignorant person who does not inspire respect, yet you openly identify as Slavic. Go figure. You know the saying: He’s his own worst enemy.

    • Replies: @Zarathustra
    , @Zarathustra
  371. @Wally

    – Inconvenient fact:
    -Incitatus cannot show us any original German documents from Rommel which confirm his ‘translations’.

    The simple reason is that none exists that is direct quote of anything Rommel said.

    There is, however, a direct quote of Rommel in a letter to his wife that Irving cites as follows in The Trail of the Fox: “‘Coming on top of my accident, the attempt on the Fuhrer’s life has given me a complete shock.” And Rommel kept repeating to Kluge when he visited him that “‘Madness. Incredible. Against the Fuhrer! Nobody wanted that’” (p. 426).

    Does that sound like what Bevor claims Eberbach is cited as saying about killing Hitler? And when did he say it? While in captivity to ingratiate himself to his captors for better treatment or what not?

    It’s nothing but worthless hearsay.

    Indeed, any post war-statements to their captors by German generals is not worth dry spit, and anyone who believes it is a fool or a liar for professing its truthfulness.

  372. Eichmann, in 1961, in Israel, was afforded the opportunity to choose his defense lawyer. A German lawyer was selected.

    • Replies: @04398436986
  373. @Zarathustra

    Alexander’s mother was from Epirus and claimed descent from Achilles. His father was Greek nobility who claimed descent from Heracles. Otherwise Macedonia was surrounded by Illyrians, Thracians and Celts. No Slav megalomania is mentioned.

    • Replies: @Zarathustra
    , @Malacay
  374. @utu

    Normal people will agree that the official number of 6,000,000 is might be too high and that rather three to four million Jews died during WWII and they are not missing because they are dead.

    In that case, “normal people” are all anti-Semitic Holocaust deniers who can be incarcerated in Germany for attempting to diminish the crimes of National Socialism!

  375. @FB

    First, you are then one who practiced vulgar dialectics by embracing contradictions about irredentism.

    I realize it’s beyond your feeble powers of concentrations to comprehend that I was analogizing law of adverse possession from the civil to the international sphere, but as a principle of law it in fact directly applies. For even between states or groups (and in the era of over 1000 years ago you are talking about, there were no states in the currently understood sense of the term), there is a point when uncontested adverse possession passes “title” from one tribe to another, if for no reason than that the improvements that the group in possession necessarily made to the land during the time they occupied entitles them to keep it.

    If you can’t or refuse to grasp that simple point, you have earned free and clear title as winner of the race of who is dumber than a brain dead imbecile.

    Now. go and crawl back into the slime pit you inhabit.

  376. FB says: • Website

    Writes Alfred-Maurice de Zayas, a lawyer, historian, expert in the field of human rights and international law and retired high-ranking United Nations official…

    LOL…do you even know who this Soros clown is…?

    Alfred-Maurice de Zayas

    Maybe you are familiar with some of his work on the ‘holocaust’…?😂 😂 😂

    State secret: Alfred de Zayas examines how much the Germans knew about the extermination of the Jews

    Or…A. De Zayas, Völkermord als Staatsgeheimnis: Vom Wissen über die ‘Endlösung der Judenfrage’ im Dritten Reich

    Translated…Genocide as a State Secret: Knowledge of the ‘Final Solution to the Jewish Question’ in the Third Reich

    Hmm…considering your holohoax mythbusting ‘credentials’ it’s hard to see where this NWO functionary fits in…LOL…[also this clown is a lawyer, not a historian…he has no credentials in history as we see below…

    I have already cleared up the historical facts about the entire Baltic region of Pomerania in my comment 326 above…

    Pomerania under the rule of the last Griffins, of the Slavic Griffin Dynasty

    This uneducated little pencil pusher claims the Pomeranian city of Stargard was founded by Germans…?

    Look up Stargard…

    The name itself is a combination of two Slavic words: stari (old) and gard (town). In this connotation, the term gard is still being used by the only surviving Pomeranian language speakers, the Kashubs.

    The settlement was founded in the 8th century at the site of the present-day district of Osetno near downtown Stargard.[3]

    In 967 it became part of the emerging Polish state under the first Polish rulers from the Piast dynasty.[3]

    Stargard was first mentioned in 1124,[4] when it was part of Poland under Bolesław III Wrymouth, and received Magdeburg city rights in 1243 from Barnim I, Duke of Pomerania.

    That Duke of Pomerania, Barnim I was from the aforementioned Slavic House of Griffin that ruled the entire Pomerania for centuries…

    Today, half of Pomerania is part of Germany proper…are the Poles still stuck on that…?

    This clown talks about the Heanseatic League…the biggest cities in the Hanseatic League, also in Germany proper, are Lubeck [Liubice] and Rostock [Rastok]…founded by Slavs and ruled by Slavs for centuries…the Slavic ruling family of Mecklenburg ruled for nearly a 1,000 years, until 1918…

    Again…look at a map and see where Lubeck [Liubice] is in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany…

    You Nazi nutbars will never learn…go ahead and keep talking about how Polish and Czech lands belong to Nazis [actual German folks don’t think that way]…and you will be quite disappointed to learn the historical facts…

    • Replies: @the shadow
    , @Robjil
    , @L.K
  377. Anonymous[272] • Disclaimer says:

    Yeah, he’s fallen for the Corona hoax too. Oh, wait…

  378. @Carolyn Yeager

    All I can say that you are real nasty person.
    I am not a newsman and my education is not a humanitarian. My education is technical.
    You newsmen are separate class and you only respect yourself.
    I am not competing with you, I am inserting only solid facts here.

  379. @L.K

    Now you are being really unfair to insects. He is more like a slug inhabiting a slime pit.

  380. @FB

    Maybe you are familiar with some of his work on the ‘holocaust’…?
    State secret: Alfred de Zayas examines how much the Germans knew about the extermination of the Jews

    And now tell us. Exactly what does this article say about it.

    I just read it.

  381. @Alexandros

    There is no such nationality as Ilyrians. Name Ilyria was only Roman name of coastal area on opposite side of Adrian see of Italy.
    Ilyria was a place where Romans nobles and rich Romans went to live after they got fed with palace revolution intrigues and murders that were happening in Rome
    the rest of your comments are just claims. Get from somewhere biography of Alexander the Great. and then come back to me.

    • Replies: @Alexandros
    , @Malacay
  382. Robjil says:

    Whatever happened hundreds or thousands a years ago is not what this article is talking about. It is about the largest forced migration in history.

    Here is an article about it. There are many such articles on the internet.

    US senators questioned why this was being done. It is against the Atlantic Charter, that territorial changes against the wishes of the people concerned. Orwell denounced it as an enormous crime. He thought it would never go through since it was such an enormous proposition.

    In the United States, senators demanded to know when the Atlantic Charter, a statement of Anglo-American war aims that affirmed the two countries’ opposition to “territorial changes that do not accord with the freely expressed wishes of the people concerned” had been repealed. George Orwell, denouncing Churchill’s proposal as an “enormous crime,” took comfort in the reflection that so extreme a policy “cannot actually be carried through, though it might be started, with confusion, suffering and the sowing of irreconcilable hatreds as the result.”

    Orwell underestimated the bankers’ ( Anglo-US-Soviet) determination to get anything done for their wishes. As Douglas Reed’s Controversy of Zion states. It all about Zion. Zion wanted Israel. A messy Europe with millions of refugees is a good hiding screen for creating a big 6 tale. Jewish Zionist Advisors were at the top of heap in US/UK and the Soviet Union.

    Orwell greatly underestimated both the determination and the ambition of the Allied leaders’ plans. What neither he nor anybody else knew was that in addition to the displacement of the 7-8 million Germans of the East, Churchill, U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt and Soviet leader Joseph Stalin had already agreed to a similar “orderly and humane” deportation of the more than 3 million German-speakers — the “Sudeten Germans” — from their homelands in Czechoslovakia. They would soon add the half-million ethnic Germans of Hungary to the list.

    As this article on Unz states, Yugoslavia joined in this crime. Romania did too.

    Although the governments of Yugoslavia and Romania were never given permission by the Big Three to deport their German minorities, both would take advantage of the situation to drive them out also.

    It was an enormous crime. It is something everyone should know about. It can be studied. It is not like the big 6, which can’t be studied or questioned. The big 6 must be only worshiped endlessly. Meanwhile vulture capitalists get away with destroying nation after nation with no back talk. Why? People of the big 6 or related to it are doing the vulture capitalism. So silence. Same thing with nine eleven. The big 6 people did it. Yet, silence about it. The big 6 is a huge shield for criminals who are destroying our planet.

    By mid-1945, not merely the largest forced migration but probably the largest single movement of population in human history was under way, an operation that continued for the next five years. Between 12 and 14 million civilians, the overwhelming majority of them women, children and the elderly, were driven out of their homes or, if they had already fled the advancing Red Army in the last days of the war, forcibly prevented from returning to them.

    • Replies: @FB
  383. @Carolyn Yeager

    You are such an impertinent person that it takes breath away from me.
    You have murdered 26 million Russian Slavs for nothing including two million civil population in Leningrad who were not even fighting you. Leningrad case was where you did show a true bestiality.
    Now you dig d up a few few German skeletons what now would cover everything what you did.
    You are scum of the earth.
    But this would apply only if you really were German. And I do believe that you are not.
    You only chose a German name Forester that you can play a German.
    You are impostor agent provocateur getting payed by CIA.
    It is up to real Germans to check you out.

    • LOL: FB
    • Replies: @FB
  384. karel says:

    Wally, I love your jokes such as ”Germany did not “invade” Czechoslovakia, Czech President Hacha asked Hitler for protection.” Protection from whom, may I ask? Are you a comedian by any chance?

    • Replies: @Theodore
  385. FB says: • Website

    What is this DRIVEL…?

    Please do not address me in future…because it is clear to me that you are functionally illiterate…

    George Orwell was a WRITER…and as for US Senators, who gives a shit…?

    You don’t seem to understand very basic historical facts…

    Those ‘territorial changes’ were agreed by the victors in the war, namely Stalin and FDR…all those things were settled at Yalta before the war was even over…


  386. Robjil says:

    I did not say Orwell was a senator. The article does not say that either. I know George Orwell is a writer. We are living in a world similar to what he predicted. He predicted that the future of the west would be a boot endlessly stomping on one’s face. That sums up the big 6 worship press of our day.

    There are 6 big corporations that own over 90 percent of the world’s MSM. All the top people of these organizations are Zionist Jews. The big 6 tale worship shield shields these big 6 news corporations from any scrutiny or discussion of what they are saying 24/7. It is anti-S to do in our big 6 worship times.

    The main focus of this article on Unz is about the largest forced migration in history.

    It is not about something that happened hundreds or thousands of years ago.

    • Agree: Patagonia Man, Iris
  387. @FB

    Do you do anything for a living? It seems you have nothing but time to post here and act as if you’re in charge of the blog. I assume you’re not sufficiently productive to be wealthy, so you must be collecting some kind of welfare?

  388. L.K says:

    Any serious person, who understands how the real world works, would not expect a mainstream academic, such as Alfred-Maurice de Zayas, to dispute the official holocaust Religion, for a variety of obvious reasons.
    So, there is nothing there but you trying to kill the mailman so people don’t read the letter.

    I could cite numerous other sources, from different nationalities, on this matter, as I have done in the past, but enough of wasting my time on a clown without the makeup for one day.

    I’ll depart the “company” of Stalinist pig, FB, leaving him with a few of the words of Lloyd George, the British Prime Minister.

    Lloyd George, the British Prime Minister, during and after the Paris negotiations:
    “I tell you once more, we would never have thought of giving to Poland a province that had not been Polish for the last 900 years…

    The proposal of the Polish Commission that we should place 2,100,000 Germans under the control of a people which is of a different religion and which has never proved its capacity for stable self-government throughout its history, must, in my judgment, lead sooner or later to a new war in the East of Europe…”

    “To surround Germany with small states, many of which are composed of peoples that have never governed themselves and that comprise large numbers of Germans who are demanding reunion with their homeland, such plans would be, it seems to me, a breeding ground for the most terrible reason for a future war.”

    “I was as sincere an advocate of Polish independence as any member of the Commission, but I was convinced that to add to Poland populations which would be an alien and hostile element inside its boundaries would be a source of permanent weakness and danger and not of strength to this resurrected State.
    I knew that a time would come when Germany would respond to the cry of its exiled people and restore them to the Fatherland by force of arms.
    For that reason I renewed my pressure in the conference to reject the recommendations which incorporated in Poland towns and territories which were overwhelmingly German by language, race and inclination…”

    • Replies: @FB
    , @Fox
    , @Ron Unz
  389. @Franklin Ryckaert

    …or that almanac was simply wrong.

    Prove it!

    That site you suggest holocaustcontroversies is simply a list of talking points, bereft of facts.

    • Replies: @the shadow
  390. @Zarathustra

    I have several of his biographies. The facts of Alexander of Macedon’s ancestry are claims now? Maybe you should pick yours up again. It says the same thing in all of them. The fact that his mother was from Epirus is why Attalus implied Alexander was a bastard and not a real Macedonian in Philip’s wedding.

    Or maybe your book is a Slavic version where reality gives way to wishful thinking. Whatever the genetic makeup of Alexander was he was certainly no Slav. They did not exist in 300BC.

    • Replies: @Zarathustra
    , @FB
  391. FB says: • Website

    Well…I’m pretty sure the desiccated Nazi hag Carolyn is not with the CIA, for the simple reason that they try to hire intelligent and capable people with real skills…

    In fact, just think for a moment some of the commenters here and imagine them in the day to day world…and what kinds of ‘skills’ they might have in life…it’s pretty funny…[and sad, really]

    • Replies: @Zarathustra
  392. Seraphim says:

    Very accurate description of the malarkey excreted by the anti-Russian trolls posing as ‘white nationalists’. Of course that won’t stop them to excrete it further to jam any serious discussion. Best thing would be to ignore them, but as they are so insistent they might ‘convince’ other naive sophomores and it would be unethical to let that happen. So, their ‘arguments’ have to be de-bunked and their aggressive ignorance and ridiculousness laid bare.

  393. @Alexandros

    If you did read so many books than tell me why Macedonians were called Macedonians in Alexanders army while the rest were called Greeks. Why there is this inconsistency. Should not the rest of army be called also by their localities as Spartans, Athenian, et cetera.
    Also why Macedonians in Alexanders army had only sharpened sticks and no any iron weapons like swords daggers and others kind weapons warriors usually have?

    • Replies: @RT
    , @Seraphim
    , @Malacay
  394. FB says: • Website

    One politician’s opinion doesn’t change historical fact…

    Besides, nothing in Poland or any country of the world for that matter was the imperialist scumbag Lloyd George’s to ‘give’…

    The Polish people paid with their blood and guts to take back their land…and I’m sure they are prepared to do it again if necessary…

    • Replies: @the shadow
  395. @FB

    Everybody makes mistake occasionally. Even CIA.
    I am not joking. She is definitely no German. I could bet anything on it.
    If she would be real German Naci she would not choose German identity. She would rather hide it.
    You need to have a little more experience with women’s mentality.
    I have made some complimentary points in my comments to Germans and she did not react to it.
    No German would act that way ever.

  396. Fox says:

    Thank you for this recorded reminder of the reality FB, Zarathustra, karel, Seraphim, maz10 and the rest of the hysterics would rather deny to exist. I suppose Lloyd George must have been a Nazi, stating something that is so much in contradiction of the clearly stated, proven and justified Polish demand list by the Polish members of the Dismemberment Commission of Germany and Austro-Hungary. He just didn’t want to take note of the Dmowski’s fantastic tales about the importance and extent of Poledom and Polishness all over Europe, and he refused to read the Polish documents in Polish worked out by Polish professors for the Polish delegation at the vulture congress at Versailles clearly proving the Polish point of view.
    What a Nazi.

  397. RT says:

    I looked the map – Haemus mons is not in Croatia, but in Bulgaria.

    • LOL: FB
    • Replies: @FB
    , @Malacay
  398. FB says: • Website

    Whatever the genetic makeup of Alexander was he was certainly no Slav. They did not exist in 300BC.

    Well…coming from an internet ‘expert’ then I guess it must be true…

    But how about this…did the Slavic R1a gene exist three thousand years BEFORE Alexander…you know when they domesticated the horse and invented the wheel…and just before they went on to conquer most of the known world…leaving behind their R1a [and the Celtic R1b] genes and their Indo-European language…both the genes and language being the most widely distributed in the world…?

    And what about the Greeks of today, what is their genetic makeup…?

    Do they have the R1a Slavic gene…?

    And btw…

    Ancient Roman sources refer to the Early Slavic peoples as Veneti, who dwelt in a region of central Europe east of the Germanic tribe of Suebi, and west of the Iranian Sarmatians in the 1st and 2nd centuries AD.


    Greco-Roman Ptolemy (100–170) mentioned in his Geography (ca. 150) the Serboi as inhabiting, along with other tribes, the land between the northeastern foothills of the Caucasus and the Volga.

    • Replies: @Alexandros
  399. RT says:

    Those “sharpened sticks” were called sarissa. They were made of cornel wood, 4 to 6 meters long, 5-7 kg , with an iron point in the form of a leaf and bronze butt-spike which could be ancored to the ground to stop the enemy charge. You can see them in the museums. Imagine the Makedonian falanx like a hedghog with those “sticks” sticking out.

    • Thanks: Zarathustra
  400. @Patagonia Man

    Thanks for making the point I am pleased to second.

    This is the weasel who posted an article in German that he declared proved something about what the Germans knew about the holohoax, imagining the article actually proved they knew a lot.

    He has been silent after I asked for him to state what the article actually said and I told him I had read it (in German).

    I am waiting for his responsse but not holding my breath.

    • Agree: Patagonia Man
  401. @FB

    Yes, but he is a politician who changed facts in history so it pays well to heed what he says about facts that were in his province to change.

  402. FB says: • Website

    I looked the map – Haemus mons is not in Croatia, but in Bulgaria.

    😂 😂 😂 …that’s fucking hilarious…

    And let’s not forget he says he’s not actually Croatian, but calls himself a ‘Crouton’…which I believe is stale bread pieces that you sprinkle in a salad…

    Clearly this fool is off his rocker…

    Btw…here is the map…Haemus Mons is known today as the Balkan Mountains…

  403. FB says: • Website
    @Franklin Ryckaert


    They’re all here…

    That is a pretty handy quick reference for a list of no less than 39 of the ‘Shitler dindu nuffin’ denials that we hear all the time here…pretty handy…the web page is here…

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  404. Ron Unz says:

    I’ll depart the “company” of Stalinist pig, FB, leaving him with a few of the words of Lloyd George, the British Prime Minister.

    Well, that “FB” fellow is totally delusional, or at least pretends to be, especially when it comes to historical events involving large numbers of fatalities.

    For example, he recently claimed that during the 1930s, the U.S. suffered one of the worst famines of the 20th century, during which “over 6 MILLION AMERICANS”(!!!) supposedly perished from starvation.

    His only cited evidence for this unprecedented American disaster came from a very minor passage in a fictional(!) work of that era.

    As I politely pointed out, it really seems a bit odd to me that none of America’s rather numerous and energetic leftist or Communist publications of that period happened to notice these horrifying events that were apparently going on all around them. I guess this is yet another example of how the Communists betrayed the American working-class…

    • Replies: @FB
  405. Fox says:

    I imagine FB as a humorless individual; he has the quality of a carpet which, when beaten with a carpet beater on the clothe line will just hang there, heavy and limply, strike after strike, causing a muffled sound each time, and die back into its heavy limpness; to always return from the same place to the same place.
    That’s how he appears to the world.

  406. Fox says:

    So it would seem! Dutch then (Dutch = deutsch, low German language)

  407. Well?
    FB is not delusional! He cannot be! Because he does not use his own brain.
    He feverishly peruses Wikipedia and other sources and when he finds something suitable
    than he copy and paste it here. So there is no use to argue with him.
    Only sense is to ask the source of the information.
    It certainly applies to those 6 million Americans perished

  408. ucelet says:

    You’re a pitifully poor liar. The Poles were already putting the western border of their future Poland at the Pan-Slavist Congress of 1848 at the Oder-Neisse line.” Mendacious rubbish. The Polish delegation asked for a return to the borders of 1772 which in the west would have been roughly where the border of 1919 was established.
    “Versailles in 1919 about all the Polishness of the Eastern German provinces and were fraudulently given what they wanted. ” You’ve repeated this canard a number of times .

    View post on

    This is a German census map from 1910. You can see the sea of green (>85% Polish) in West Prussia and Posen. Land that was pilfered from Poland in the three partitions. Even after 130 years of forcedGermanization, it remained predominantly Polish. What exactly was Germany robbed of ?

    • Replies: @Fox
  409. Fox says:

    Could be; Russians are capable people and look at reality in a way similar to that which the Germans had prior to becoming completely westernized; thus, a Nietzsche, Planck, Heisenberg, Clausius, Hahn, Liebig, Ehrlich, Gauss. Hahnemann, Mesmer, Mozart etc. is completely unthinkable in the present Germany, perhaps never again. I think the similarity lies in a way of empathic thinking with reality, the attempt to understand and not just describe reality through mathematics or the tenets of a theory. Russians can also go about their future knowing that they live in an enormous land that conveys the security and peace of mind. Russia’s future will also depend much on the capability to erect a barrier to the rot that brews in Western Europe.

    • Disagree: Carolyn Yeager
    • Replies: @Iris
  410. Those Africans speak English and French because they were colonised, i.e. under a foreign government that encouraged the spread of its own language. If what you claim that Dalmatians are not Slavs is true, then Dalmatia only came under Slav control or government at the end of WWI, so there would have been no incentive to adopt a foreign language. Romanians and Hungarians didn’t bother adopting Slavic languages, yet Dalmatians there on the coast, separated from everyone else by sea and the high mountains did. Yes … it makes perfect sense … LOL.

    Otherwise you’re welcome to think that you’re not Slav just like many Serbs claim that they’re descendants of the ancient Vinca culture and no newcomers to the Balkans or however you call it. Sure there was this, but it was in Germany:

  411. @ Malakay

    And those Sorbs surrounded and governed by Germans for over a thousand years still have their own Slavic language to this day. So I guess Dalmatians have short memories or are plain stupid. Yeah, just like African with somewhat lighter skin tone, but even worse, adopting the language of a foreign race that didn’t rule them until the 20th Century. Perhaps they had no language and were just grunting mumbling fools. But you do have something common with those Balkan Serbs – they too deny they’re Slavs, but claim to Vincians from the Vinca civilisation. And they even had the first alphabet from which the cyrillic script evolved, so they’ve got one or two up on you Dalmatians in the historic cultural wars. I’d say that everyone there is mixed, as the genetic maps show, but no need to be mixed up, as in muddled.

    • Replies: @Malacay
  412. FB says: • Website
    @Ron Unz

    Poor Ron Unz…

    Now settling into his senescent years with early-onset Alzheimer’s, he wanders forlornly about the discussion threads here and pops up with the darndest little off the wall remarks…kind of endearing, really…

    Of course, has has already forgotten the reams of census data and other materials I have presented about the very real demographic catastrophe in 1930s Dust Bowl America, where a population deficit of 10 million occurred…

    The ‘obscure’ little work of ‘fiction’ our dear Mr Unz refers to is of course one of the masterworks of modern literature, having received a Nobel Prize, and being required reading for literally hundreds of millions of young people around the world…

    But I shall not delve into the price of bananas in Jamaica on this thread about World War Two…and I do hope Mr. Unz’s caretaker finds him before he wanders into the laundromat asking for a haircut…


  413. @FB

    There is no “Slavic gene”. R1a is a result of mixing proto Germans with Eastern nomads, which is why you see the prevalence increase the closer you get to Germany and weaken the further you get away from it. R1b is from the same family and dominates North Western Europe, including Germany. Where R genes are found, blue eyes and blonde hair is also found. Slavs share it with basically any people you can call Caucasian, including your much hated Germans.

    The people who domesticated the horse and invented the wheel are known as Aryans. Slavs are a much later designation, and they are mostly known for being the etymological origin of the word Slave and inventing Vodka. I guess we could add fantasies about world domination to the list.

    Proto Slavs certainly existed in the general Eastern area, as the West East mixture of genes have been going on long before Alexander. But they do not make a name for themselves until becoming objects of the Jewish-Ottoman slave trade. The peoples invading the Balkan peninsula through Greek and Roman times were Celts and Goths, ie. Germans. There is no Piotr or Vasilij in the books of Ammianus Marcellinus. When we do hear about them it is often because they invite Germanic tribes to come and rule them, fix their economy and irrigate their fields. So much for the ingeniousness of the Slav. Later you would repay the kindness with murder and expulsion. The mongol genes certainly dominate.

    • Thanks: Carolyn Yeager
    • Replies: @FB
    , @RT
  414. Seraphim says:

    The problem is indeed the ‘warlike IE invasion theory’ with its undertones of racial superiority which is not supported either by archeology, linguistics, ethnology, folklore, history of religions or genetics. It is a hangover (even a superstition) of the Arian, Pangermanic and Anglo-Saxon colonialist ideology of the 19-20th century (Gobineau, Chamberlain, Madison Grant – the imagery of the American ‘conquest of the West’ playing certainly a role) combined with the anti-Christian theories of ‘Social Darwinism’ and eugenics. Privileging genetics as a ‘the’ marker of ethnicity and language is harking back to racialist theories.
    A different view on the origins of Indo-European languages and ‘civilization’ is offered by the studies of the “The Paleolithic Continuity Paradigm for the Origins of Indo-European Languages” (Paleolithic Continuity Theory- PCT) school of the late Professor Mario Alinei.
    PCT hypothesis reverses the Kurgan hypothesis and largely identifies the Indo-Europeans with Gimbutas’s “Old Europe”. PCT reassigns the Kurgan culture (traditionally considered early Indo-European) to a people of predominantly mixed Uralic and Turkic stock. Their ‘invasions’ were of the type of the subsequent ‘turco-mongolian’ invasions: plundering raids, perception of tributes, rapt of women and slaves and of course trade and more peaceful intercourses. For sure, they brought about movements of populations and social-economic-political-religious restructurings as well as counter movements and pushbacks, but they did not bring in a new society.
    According to PCT the prehistoric distribution of proto-languages akin to Italic was an important factor underlying the current distribution of Romance languages throughout Europe.
    Also, the Slavic languages originated in the Balkans and became linked with the Neolithic expansion. This group would be especially identified by the ‘Baden-Pecel culture’ (supporting the tradition of the origins of the Slavs recorded by the Russian Primary Chronicle).
    The Celts, whose origins are in the area of Megalithism, move to the East and mixed also with other Indo-European groups, and in such a measure as to determine important phenomena of hybridization, as demonstrated by the linguistic phenomenon of consonantal lenition, which appears not only in the Italid area (Iberian, Gallo-Romance, Gallo-Italic, Sardinian and Corsican), but also in the Germanic area and in Poland, and the area of which closely resembles that of Megalithism.
    These groups (Slavs, Celts, Italids) and their interplays are the foundation of European civilization. ‘Germanics’ are late coming marginals who played at various times a substantial role in subverting it.
    The PCT has been criticized, for example, because ‘this theory would subvert firmly established concepts of Romance philology and dialectology, such as the concepts of substratum, vulgar Latin and so on’. It does certainly ‘subvert’ the ideological foundations of Euramero centrism and exceptionalism.

    • Replies: @FB
  415. Seraphim says:

    The phalangites were equipped besides the ‘sarissa’ with swords. The phalanx was used to pin the enemy while the cavalry was carrying the main blows. It was equipped with javelins and swords, armor and helmet. The elite arm of the infantry were the Hypaspists (shield bearers) who were equipped with spears and swords.

  416. Robjil says:

    This hot big 6 sun never sets. It has to set something for humanity to grow. Galileos of the world have to work on getting the real sun back in the sky. Poland is even being bothered by the big 6 mania in the US and Israel,the headquarters of the US.
    Europe was a mess after WWII. Zionist Jews got Israel. It is over. Let the big 6 sun set.

    Here is a bit about the newest big 6 gig. It is against Poland.

    This past Sunday the Polish Foreign Ministry announced that it had canceled an official visit from an Israeli delegation in Warsaw, since the Israelis were there to demand $300 billion in “restitution” for jewish property that they say had been stolen during WWII. Thousands of Polish patriots marched through the streets to send a clear message to the Israelis that they are sick of the BS.

    Poland created the Askenazis. They invited them in the 10th century. This tiny group grew into the many millions in Polish Kingdom and the Pale of Settlement. Most Askenazis are third or fourth cousins of each other since they came from such a tiny group that entered Poland in 10th century. Poland should get an award for creating the Askenazi people. Poles know this. Therefore, it will be very hard to get money from Poles with this new US/Israel law.

    On Saturday, thousands of Poles marched through central Warsaw, protesting a new US law on the restitution of Jewish property seized during and after the Holocaust. The law, the Just Act of 2017 (S. 447), requires the State Department to report to congress on steps taken by 47 countries in Europe, all signatories of the 2009 Terezin Declaration, to compensate Holocaust survivors and their heirs for assets seized by Nazi Germany and post-war communist governments.

    The spitting technique was used against a Polish ambassador in Israel.

    On Tuesday afternoon the Jewish hatred of defiant Poles led a Jew in Tel Aviv to spit at Poland’s ambassador to Israel, Marek Magierowski. Spitting is a common way for jews, and especially Israelis, to show their disdain toward people. They often spit on Christians who visit “the Holy Land.”

    • Thanks: Iris
    • Replies: @Włodzimierz
    , @MarkNiet
  417. maz10 says:
    @Carolyn Yeager

    Listen that is READ

    I was not making any claims as to who RULED a given place at a given time but about the origins of the geographic NAMES.

    You called Slavic origins of the NAMES ‘fictious ravings’ and despite YOU being proven wrong with citations form a GERMAN dictionary YOU still insist I am wrong?

    Having dealt with this I will explain a couple things to YOU.

    First, I am not being pleasant which I explained and since YOU apparently missed out on that I will explain again. Namely in a previous discussion YOU were dismissive and down-putting when dealing with a commentator who was arguing in good faith providing well sourced info with numerous quotes. This convinced me that YOU are not arguing in good faith and that YOU are a buffoon with an unfounded superiority complex. People like this are asking, even begging for a put-down – ask and it will be given to you.

    Further when dealing with my answer to YOUR claim there were no mass graves with Polish victims:

    a) YOU called Palimry a ‘little commotion’ meaning YOU are well aware of this having happened

    b) When challenging me to provide photographic evidence YOU also remarked that those photographs do not really show anything meaning YOU are aware of the existence of photographic evidence (BTW this absolves me of providing anything – why should I provide something YOU know of anyway?)

    I suppose these were ‘little slips’ on your part but as ‘small’ as they may appear they are in fact revealing big time – they are revealing big time because a) + b) means YOU are deliberately LYING all the time.* In turn meaning calling YOU liar Yaeger is fully justified.

    Here comes the next part since YOU revealed YOURSELF to be a liar any and all niceties left fall away.

    Let me tell YOU this: I am not dishing out threats, I am giving warnings, which as you can see I am carrying out. YOU are a LIAR, I am telling YOU to STOP LYING and as long as YOU do not I WILL BE EXPOSING YOU.

    However just to show YOU that I am not completely devoid of compassion I will give YOU a written equivalent of a comfort puppy:

    There is no doubt that Germany won World War Two which is proven by the undisputable fact that Marshalls and Generals of both the Western Allies as well as of the Soviet Union came in 1945 to Berlin to offer their surrender to the Germans. Their surrender was graciously accepted. Since Germany had no use for a large number of POWs the surrendering enemy troops of the vanquished foes were swiftly released – Americans do you remember all those returning GI? Similarly countries such as Poland or Czechoslovakia were allowed to exist too, proving that Germany had no expansionist ambitions whatsoever. All documents pertaining otherwise are crude forgeries while recollections of veterans are a bunch of lies and do not even invoke footage and pictures because they do not prove anything. All the talk of a supposed German defeat is just propaganda of lying Jews and Slavs who were butthurt about having lost the war they provoked and can not get over this simple fact.

    *As a side note: I wonder when some commentators congratulate YOU on showing them the truth are YOU having a LMAO moment?

    • Replies: @Carolyn Yeager
    , @Fox
  418. Anonymous[245] • Disclaimer says:

    You morons are just now discovering that website?

  419. A picture is worth a thousand words. Or should I say one million?

  420. Robjil says:

    All people have tears.

    The tears of the fire bombs on millions civilians in Germany, France, Italy and Japan.

    The tears of the nuclear bombs on civilians in Japan.

    The tears of 14 million German speaking people from Central Europe who were forced to leave their homes of 700 years.

    The tears of the big 6 is a religion that one goes to jail, is job less or ostracized.

    That is the difference.

    The 21st century should be a time of science and not an Age of Faith, which is it is with this big 6 religion.

    The Age of Zion Faith is our time with this big 6 mania.

  421. Iris says:

    I think the similarity lies in a way of empathic thinking with reality, the attempt to understand and not just describe reality through mathematics or the tenets of a theory.

    Great thought. IMHO, the German ethos, and the Russian one even more so, was not driven primarily by the search for profit as opposed to Anglo-Saxons. As a result, Germans’ intellectual production was outstanding in all intellectual fields, not just in those profit can be made from.

    I don’t think this time is finished, though; Germany remains the intellectual powerhouse of Europe

  422. @Zarathustra

    Dear Carolyn

    I must disappoint you. I’m not “szopen” you miss for…
    I would not use “szopen” for few reasons:
    – my musical abilities are not as great to use such as nickname
    – “Chopin” is more correct an better recognized especially in Asia ( China , Japan )
    – names Chopin or Carolyn or Włodzimierz we write with capital letters

    I have a question to you – Do you uphold the book “Poland: It’s People, It’s Society, It’s Culture” by Clifford Barnett, HRAF Press, New Haven, CT 1958

    as valid and proper source of historical knowledge and data? Clearly yes or no is sufficient.

    • Replies: @Carolyn Yeager
  423. @Olivier1973

    No, a picture can be faked and most of these type of pictures are. What are we looking at? Where is this taking place? What uniforms are the two (added?) men with guns wearing? You are trying to imply something without stating it because you don’t know the answer to those questions. You don’t even say where you found the picture.

  424. Skeptikal says:

    I thought the Dutch were now the tallest people on earth.

    Of course it could be attributable to nurture rather than nature: healthy living, biking all day . . .

  425. @Olivier1973

    There is not the slightest doubt this is a completely staged scene. A different version of it was included in the book about Hitler’s Willing Executioners that allegedly proved this was one of the massacres they committed which to me instantly exposed the whole thing as a fraud.

    • Replies: @Olivier1973
  426. @Włodzimierz

    The commenter “szopen” spelled his name in all lower case — his choice, not mine. He wrote and argued just like you [I recommend you look him up, because maybe it would help you to see yourself and your comments as others (non-Poles) see them.]

    I do not “miss” szopen just like I would not miss you. You are a waste of time. Enough people told szopen exactly that until he saw it was best he leave the thread, and politely announced that was his intention. Last I saw of him until you came along.

    Why would I uphold a book I have not read, nor even seen? Nor is that a requirement for me to publish Dr. Mueller’s letter. It speaks for itself and has to stand on it’s own. You are really quite upset with the population statistics of Poland; however you have not provided any reason to disbelieve the figures in that chart. Unz Review is an English language site; info that appears only in Polish, and no corroboration by non-Polish authorities can be found, is unusable here. That’s your problem.

    My article is mainly about mass graves that have been discovered and excavated. Those you cannot disagree with. The Mueller letter with chart was just a starting off place. You have two choices: accept it or refute it.

    • Replies: @Włodzimierz
  427. @maz10

    OH … now you change the rules mid-game. It’s now only the origin of the name you meant all along. You type in Szczecin and it says” The name Szczecin is of Slavic origin.” Yeah, no surprise there.

    I knew all along you were just using bully tactics with no factual basis. Now you admit it. That’s progress. You are slipping and sliding in all directions, but in the end are a Big Bore with nothing (zero) to say. Last time I will reply, so I guess you can write as much garbage as you want and it will just stay here. Your motive is to destroy any good in mad fits of rage. This is why I don’t endorse total free speech. We have too many crazies amongst us.

    • Replies: @maz10
  428. Fox says:

    People of your mindset will forever be plagued with the gnawing knowledge that it was Poland with its long agitation for territorial expansion at the expense of its neighbors that was the willing arsonist of the house of Europe. While it was a British caste of upper-class good-for-nothings who mistook the world and its fate for an amusing and profitable boardgame and who handed the Poles the booklet of matches + instructions of use to start the blaze in, it was the Poles who actually did it. They did it for reasons of megalomania and a chauvinism that was so extreme as to not allow for any reason to interfere. The Polish strategy was and is to lay claim to “ancient Polish land” and that expands, according to the fantastic interpretations behind it, far into the West, but also far into the East. Names of places which may or may not have been derived from a Slavic word are used to lay territorial claims. Since you seem to know so much about it, it appears that the gentleman protesteth too much, as a popular saying about a lady who denies too vigorously certain connections goes.

    • Replies: @maz10
  429. @Carolyn Yeager

    That picture is of a mass shooting at the Mizocz Ghetto, 14 October 1942. It can be found in the Wikipedia article Mizoch Ghetto, which describes its history. Excerpt from that article :

    “…The shootings were photographed.[6] The images owned by SS-Unterscharführer Schäfer until 1945 became part of the Ludwigsburg investigation (ZSt. II 204 AR 1218/70). They were published, and have become well known…”.

  430. @Robjil

    What can I say…In my personal opinion difficult and dangerous times our coming for Poland. So few real friends. An ally who is performing war games on our territory knowing it’s power is more limited with every passing day.

    You can read there such sentence:
    The fight in Poland was beyond brutal. By student estimates, the NATO forces lost over 60,000 men and women on the first day of the fight — shades of the Somme.

    There was one opinion of Mr Targalski geopolitician that current polish government ( he voted probably for ) shall give an USA some kind of option to choose: we are buying weapons from USA or we are paying to Jewish organizations under USA pressure. From military point of view answer shall be clear even for USA.
    Regarding lost wealth issue – from law point of view – every person who has a rightful claim for land or any other possession can do it by court in Poland ( if he is a living successor , Jewish organizations are not successors of dead Jews according to polish law ). Using the similar scheme probably Dakota tribes shall be paid for lost Black Hills.
    Problem is 23 years ago, Switzerland agreed to pay USD 1.25 billion in compensation to Jewish organizations in the USA. Formally, it was supposed to be compensation for buying gold from the murdered Jews, as well as getting rich on dead accounts. It opened the door…I know one thing the pressure on Poland is growing

    Poland created the Askenazis. They invited them in the 10th century. This tiny group grew into the many millions in Polish Kingdom

    I don think they were ever invited to Poland, polish kings let them live here with some law regulations and they grew in numbers. The same we could say about Dutch during the wars with Spain , also settled in Royal Prussia.

    All the best


    • Replies: @Robjil
  431. Fox says:

    The >untermenschuebermenschuntermensch< . Czechs, like Poles have a big problem: They have committed terrible crimes against their direct neighbor with whom they could have lived in peace had they not preferred to pursue dreams of big power games under the protective, so they believed, wings of foreign powers. Now they are more and more alone with the situation they created by their chauvinistic plans. A good-neighborly relationship with Germany is forever out of the question, independent from what the creepy regimes that are in power in Germany since they were installed by the victors post 1945 say. If someone beats you up and causes you grave harm, no amount of declaring that you won't hold any grudges will make you forget the evil that has been caused to you, you will forever not be able to not despise the person who did it. That is how Poles and Czechs will have to look forever at their German neighbors and the constant declarations of submission, the repetition of the war guilt self-accusation and all the other self-flagellations German regimes are presenting to the world. That Europe is becoming a mongrel continent is the late fallout of the war brought about against Germany, perhaps the late revenge of fate on the stupid moves emerging from the dictate peace of Versailles aimed at completely eliminating German culture and representation in Europe.

    • Agree: the shadow
    • Replies: @Włodzimierz
    , @karel
    , @Fox
  432. FB says: • Website

    Excuse me PINHEAD…

    You obviously don’t know the first thing about science, or anthropology or anything else…your little story sounds like a little butt-hurt Nazi pinhead still hating on the Slavs after getting crushed by the Russians…

    The genetic and archeological science is pretty clear…and would be understandable even for a shriveled little doofus like yourself…

    The genetic map of Europe

    R1a is a result of mixing proto Germans with Eastern nomads…

    You are one serious illiterate…both the R1a [Slavic] and R1b [Celtic] are more than 20,000 years old…

    The split of R1a (M420) is computed to ca 25,000 years ago (95% CI: 21, 300–29, 000 BP), or roughly the last glacial maximum.

    Btw there is no such thing as a ‘German gene’…Germans have a mixture of both R1a and R1b as well as the I haplogroup…

    I suggest you start educating your raggedy little ass…starting with the Corded Ware culture of 5,000 years ago, which was R1a and is how the Indo-European language came to Europe…along with the horse, the wheel and the battle axe…

    As of October 2019, the Y-DNA of more than 26 Corded Ware males has been extracted. The majority of them have been found to be carriers of haplogroup R1a. Remaining males have been found to be carriers of R1b and I2a.

    The Corded Ware or Battle Axe Culture expansion of about 5,000 years before current era…

    –Associated with the diffusion of Proto-Germanic and Proto-Balto-Slavic speakers.

    –Blend of cultural elements of the earlier Funnelbeaker culture in the North European Plain with the PIE steppe culture (Yamna).

    –Mobile pastoral economy relying mostly on cattle and occasional cereal cultivation.

    –Regular use of horses and oxe-drawn wagons. Presence of copper and bronze artefacts as well as stone battle-axes.

    –Coarse pottery typically decorated with twisted cord impressions, and sometimes with other types of impressions or incisions. Use of beakers and cups for drinking.

    –The dead were inhumed in flat graves inside a small mound. Bodies were laid on their side with bent knees. Wagons/carts and sacrificed animals were present in graves.

    Do you know how to read a map…?

    • Replies: @the shadow
  433. @Franklin Ryckaert

    Yes, at least a version was published in Goldhagen’s book. It was a staged scene then, and remains a staged scene now that is exposed by numerous signs in the picture that none of the people have been injured and are simply lying on the ground to be photographed as corpses. Anyone who cares to scrutinize the photo in detail can identify numerous signs the victims are in fact alive and well. But for now I leave it to you to ponder and keep blathering about how the photo genuinesly depicts a massacre until I am ready to spring the trap door.

    I mean the source that you provide that purports to authenticate the photo is absurd on its face. It’s truth value is exposed by why an SS soldier would carefully keep such an incriminating photo that conveniently gets turned over to investigators after the war that would almost certainly place him on the gallows if he had in his possession evidence of the massacre that he could most likely have acquired if he had been present when it happend that thereby proved his participation in the event. They hanged Germans for those crimes on vastly less evidence.

    Thus your evidence of its authenticity discredits it entirely.

    • Replies: @FB
    , @Franklin Ryckaert
  434. @Carolyn Yeager

    Dear Carolyn

    Let’s forget about “szopen”. You know him – I don’t.

    I have checked the book your chart came from. I recommend you to read something you use as an source.


    Page 37

    The population of Poland was estimated at 27,544,000 in 1955, and
    28,070,000 as of December 1956. Among European countries only
    the United Kingdom, West Germany, Italy, France, and Spain are
    more populous. The effects of World War II and subsequent
    population transfers were so great that, in spite of a rapid rate of
    increase, the population is smaller than it was in 1931 and will
    probably not equal its 1939 size until I960 (see Table 1). Between
    1939 and 1949, a period which encompasses most of the major population
    changes, there was an estimated loss of 10.7 million people,
    almost a third of the prewar population

    x=> 3x 10,7 = at least 32,1 milion of prewar Poland population according to this sentence

    Page 41

    Though the size of the Polish population was drastically reduced by
    World War II, its net rate of increase in the postwar period has been
    higher than that of most western nations. Considerably short of the
    1939 population of approximately 34.8 million, the 1956 population
    nevertheless represented an increase of approximately 19 percent
    (almost 4 million people) in the short period of eleven years.

    Considerably short of the 1939 population of approximately 34,8 million

    Year 1931 is not year 1939 – that is simple. Your whole assumption “It marks a pre-war Polish population of 29.89 million people” is completely wrong. even according to your source.


    Page 23

    In German-occupied Poland an underground resistance movement
    was soon organized; it functioned under the direction of the government-
    in-exile. Nazi atrocities against the Polish and Jewish population
    assumed monstrous proportions. Millions died before firing squads
    and in concentration camps. Those left alive were deliberately condemned
    to undernourishment and starvation. The Nazis openly embarked
    upon the methodical extermination of Poles as a national
    group. A leading Nazi propagandist (W. Best) declared:
    Historical experience has shown that the destruction and elimination
    of a foreign nationality is not in the least against the laws of life,
    provided that destruction and elimination are complete.

  435. FB says: • Website
    @the shadow

    It was a staged scene then, and remains a staged scene now that is exposed by numerous signs in the picture that none of the people have been injured and are simply lying on the ground to be photographed as corpses.

    Come on man…

    Do you realize how insane this sounds…?

    Did the Nazis ever kill *anyone*…or was it all sugar and spice and all things nice…?

    You Shitler nutters are your own worst enemy…you keep on going in reverse and your numbers keep getting smaller and smaller…

    Franklyn appears to be one of those who approached this ‘movement’ with an open mind, but became disillusioned at the sheer denial of reality that you fools swim in…

    • Replies: @Robjil
  436. FB says: • Website
    @Carolyn Yeager

    …a picture can be faked and most of these type of pictures are.

    I’ve said it before, Carolyn…you are one sick puppy…

    Look at that little naked body…there are many more, usually under the mothers that tried to shield those little bodies with their own flesh and bones…

    As with the most damning evidence against the Nazi monsters, they provide it themselves…they took these pictures, apparently for their own sadistic pleasure…the article about the photographs and citations to source material here…

    The victims were led to the killing place in groups of around five or so individuals, and forced to lie down among the prior victims, to be shot in the back of the neck or head, with a single bullet.[6] Historians have commented upon the brutality shown in the Mizocz mass murder photographs…

    You people are sick, sick, sick…

    I don’t even understand how any self-respecting human can possibly have so little dignity and pride, to allow one’s self to come on a public forum and defend monstrosities like this…

    And then to make up the most insane kinds of excuses…it’s completely clear from the picture itself that those are corpses, other than the ones still alive and about to be shot…

    And how would one go about ‘staging’ something like this anyway…think about that folks…?

    You’re going to get a group of women to take all their clothes off, along with a whole bunch of little children, and get them to all lie down in the grass, while men in uniform walk among them pointing rifles at their heads…?

    Carolyn, you need to look deep inside yourself and find out why you are so full of hate…you obviously are not a sane person…

    • Replies: @Fox
    , @Carolyn Yeager
  437. Robjil says:

    The real nuts are the people who jail, make job less, physically attack, fine or ostracize big 6 investigators. Galileo had an easier time in the early 1600s. We are in the 21st century and not some fantasy Zion 500 BC.

    Alain Soral, one of France’s most prominent far-right provocateurs, has been sentenced to one year in jail for denying the Holocaust.

    The 60-year-old was also ordered to pay back €6,000 ($6,780) in legal fees to the four anti-racism NGOs that sued him on behalf of the government. Soral’s lawyer, Damien Viguier, was also fined for a legal conclusion he authored in a separate case, which Soral published online, in which Viguier defended the theories of professor-turned-Holocaust-denier Robert Faurisson (paywall).

  438. maz10 says:
    @Carolyn Yeager

    And there YOU lie again – sight, apparently YOU just can not help it.

    Where, in which comment did I claim anything else but the origin of the name Szczecin / Stettin to be Slavic was my point?

    The thing that this rather basic observation makes YOU mad should be revealing though I will not enter into the mindreading game since there are apparently already others willing to play ‘expert’ in this field.

    BTW talking about someone else writing garbage coming from YOU? One thing YOU do not lack is nerve, I must admit that.

    Last but not least as far as banning others from speaking (writing) be careful what YOU wish for … just to clarify, it is not a threat, it is a call to reason, especially considering what YOU write.

  439. Fwd: Holocaust Facts: Where Does the Figure of 6 Million Victims Come From?

    Most people believe that roughly six million Jews were killed by National Socialist Germany during World War II in an event generally referred to as the Holocaust or the Shoah.

    But how long have we known about this six-million figure?

    The most frequent answer is that the six-million figure was established after the Second World War during the International Military Tribunal at Nuremberg.


    Although it is true that the six-million figure was declared to be the indubitable truth at this tribunal, it is actually remarkably older.

    In this book, Don Heddesheimer shows that the six-million figure dates back to a Jewish fundraising campaign that started during the FIRST World War and reached its peak in the mid-1920s.

    During those years, Jewish groups in the United States spread the rumor that millions of Jews in Europe were suffering to the degree that millions had died already, while many more millions would face a lingering death.

    The New York Times was the main vehicle for such propaganda, which even included well-known buzzwords like “extermination,” “holocaust,” and the now famous “six million” figure.

    Although this exaggerated propaganda of Jewish suffering slowed down during the 1930s, it never completely ceased and received new momentum in the 1940s during the Second World War.

    As we all know today, this propaganda skyrocketed after Germany’s total defeat, as the victorious nations of the Second World War seized upon the opportunity to take advantage of such propaganda and to increase its scope and impact.

    Heddesheimer’s book clearly shows that the origin of the “six million” figure, together with “extermination” and “holocaust” claims, are Jewish-Zionist in nature and part of a propaganda pattern that started at the very dawn of the 20th century in order to promote Jewish political and financial goals, be they in Soviet Russia then or in Israel today.

    Since the end of World War Two, this propaganda has increased in intensity due to its political success and the successful suppression of resistance against it.

    Third edition with a research update of 2015, also including a list of 276 sources referring to 6 million suffering, dying or dead Jews, and published between 1900 and the opening of the Nuremberg Trials in late 1945.

    Holocaust Or Holohoax 08: The Six Million Number

    1900 – Stephen S. Wise, New York Times, June 11, 1900
    “There are 6,000,000 living, bleeding, suffering arguments in favor of Zionism.”

    1902 – Encyclopaedia Britannica, 10th Edition, Vol. 25, 1902, page 482
    “While there are in Russia and Rumania six millions of Jews who are being systematically degraded …”

    1902 – Samuel W. Goldstein, New York Times, November 27, 1902
    “PLEA FOR ZIONISM … In answer I would say: Does Dr. Silverman represent the 6,000,000 Jews in Russia, 300,000 in Roumania and the 1,000,000 in Galicia?”

    1903 – The Jewish Criterion (Pittsburgh), September 18th, 1903, page 6
    ” … six million downtrodden brethren.”

    1904 – The Jewish Criterion (Pittsburgh), February 19th, 1904, page 2
    ” … where five or six million people existed under persecution.”

    1904 – The Jewish Criterion (Pittsburgh), October 7th, 1904, page 1
    ” … the final and definite deliverance of the six millions of Russian, Roumanian and Galician Jews … transporting five or six million people over the sea.”

    1904 – Israel Zangwill, New York Times, October 20, 1904
    “The problem does not relate to the American Jews, but to the 6,000,000 in Russia. The Russian Government has consented to allow the Jews to leave,”

    1905 – New York Times, January 29th, 1905
    “He declared that a free and a happy Russia, with its 6,000,000 Jews, would possibly mean the end of Zionism, since the abolition of the autocracy would practically eliminate the causes that brought Zionism into existence.”

    1905 – New York Times, November 1st, 1905
    “From 1800 to 1902 he caused 6,000,000 Jewish families to be expelled from Russia …”

    1906 – New York Times, March 25th, 1906
    ” … the condition and future of Russia’s 6,000,000 Jews were made on March 12 in Berlin to the annual meeting of the Central Jewish Relief League of Germany by Dr. Paul Nathan … He left St. Petersburg with the firm conviction that the Russian Government’s studied policy for the “solution” of the Jewish question is systematic and murderous extermination.”

    1907 – The Jewish Criterion (Pittsburgh), October 18th, 1907, page 13
    ” … for six million people cannot emigrate.

    1908 – Deseret Evening News, March 17th, 1908
    ” … poverty, starvation and disease are the afflictions which now beset the six million Jews in that country and Roumania.”

    1908 – The Jewish Criterion (Pittsburgh), August 7th, 1908
    ” … when six million Russian Jews are crying … ”

    1910 – The Jewish Criterion (Pittsburgh), February 4th, 1910

    1911 – Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Vol. 2, 1911, page 145
    “While there remain in Russia and Rumania over six millions of Jews who are being systematically degraded …”

    1911 – Max Nordeau speaking at The 1911 Zionist Congress. Hecht, Ben. Perfidy. NY; Julian Messner. 1961. page 254
    “But the same righteous Governments, who are so nobly, industriously active to establish the eternal peace, are preparing, by their own confession, complete annihilation for six millionpeople,”

    1911 – Fort Wayne Journal Gazette (IN), June 4th, 1911, page 15

    1911- New York Times, June 4th, 1911
    “The Russian Authorities seem bent on devising still more heartless methods of destroying the elementary rights and liberties of their 6,000,000 Jewish subjects…”

    1911 – The Jewish Criterion (Pittsburgh), August 18th, 1911, page 14
    “Very soon a fervid Russian patriotism will reign in every Ghetto, and the melting-up of the race begin. But this absorption of the five or six million Jews … ”

    1911 – Max Nordeau, The Jewish Chronicle (London), August 18th, 1911, page 14
    ” … the downfall of six million creatures … for no war has ever yet destroyed six millionhuman lives.”

    1911 – The Jewish Criterion (Pittsburgh), August 25th, 1911
    ” … six million Jews are still groaning under the most terrible yoke.”

    1911 – New York Times, October 31st, 1911
    “The 6,000,000 Jews of Russia are singled out for systematic oppression and for persecution due to process of law.”

    1912 – American Jewish Year Book 5672 (23 Sep 1911 – 11 Sep 1912), page 308
    “Russia has since 1890 adopted a deliberate plan to expel or exterminate six millions of its people for no other reason than that they refuse to become members of the Greek Church, but prefer to remain Jews.”

    1912 – The Jewish Criterion (Pittsburgh), January 5th, 1912
    ” … more than six million Jews reside in small towns and villages there is no Sabbath question.”

    1912 – Rabbi Stephen S. Wise, New York Tribune, September 11th, 1912, page 9
    “Russia is now asphyxiating the Jews. It does not dare to offend the nations by blood spilling, so it is slowly, but surely grinding out the lives of 6,000,000 Jews.”

    1913 – Fort Wayne Journal Gazette (IN), October 18th, 1913, page 4
    “There are six million Jews in Russia and the government is anxious to annihilate them by methods that provoke protests from the civilized world.”

    1914 – The Jewish Criterion (Pittsburgh), July 10th, 1914, page 9
    ” … where six million Jews are suffering … ”

    1914 – New York Times, December 2nd, 1914, page 12
    “APPEAL FOR AID FOR JEWS. … the plight of more than 6,000,000 Jews … upon the Jewish people, more than nine millions of whom live in the countries at war and over six million of these in the actual war zone in Poland, Galicia and the whole of Russian frontier.”

    1915 – New York Times, January 14th, 1915, page 3
    “In the world today there are about 13,000,000 Jews, of whom more than 6,000,000 are in the heart of the war zone; Jews whose lives are at stake and who today are subjected to every manner of suffering and sorrow … ”

    1915 – The Jewish Criterion (Pittsburgh), March 19th, 1915
    “How the casting of six million people into the deepest abyss of servitude and outlawry is to relieve tension we cannot understand.”

    1915 – The Sun (NY), June 6, 1915, section 5, page 1
    “Six million Jews, one-half of the Jewish people throughout the world, are being persecuted, hounded, humiliated, tortured, starved. … six million Jews in Russia … are being tortured so mercilessly.”

    1915 – The Jewish Criterion (Pittsburgh), June 25th, 1915
    “The annihilation of the six million Jews now congregated in the Russian domains goes on in a well defined and systematic manner.

    1915 – Jacob de Hass, The Boston Sunday Globe, September 26th, 1915, page 46
    Indeed the only point that all warring elements are agreed upon is that at the end of the holocaust the Jews and Palestine will be more closely related than at present.

    1915 – New York Tribune, October 14th, 1915
    “What the Turks are doing to Armenians is child’s play compared to what Russia is doing to six million Jews, her own subjects.”

    1915 – The Mercury, December 4th, 1915
    ” … six millions of Russian and Polish Jews are to-day the most pitiable victims of that race hatred and that race fanaticism which have been the creed of Germany … ”

    1916 – The Jews in the Eastern War Zone, The American Jewish Committee, 1916
    ” … where six million human beings guilty only of adherence to the Jewish faith are compelled to live out their lives in squalor and misery, in constant terror of massacre … estimated at six million or more … of these six million people … a kind of prison with six million inmates … The persons most affected, the six million Jews of Russia … The Jews are loyal and brave, and it is most inadvisable to pursue a policy which might convert six millionsubjects into enemies. … the six million Jews of Russia still continued … nearly three of the six million …”

    1916 – Oakland Tribune (CA), January 25th, 1916, page 1
    “The President of the United States—6,000,000 Starving, Homeless, People—and January 27th Why should the President, by proclamation to the people of the nation, fix upon january 27th as the day for contributing towards the relief of over six million Jews located in the Far Eastern War Zone?”

    1916 – North Devon Journal, March 9th, 1916, page 7
    “In Poland, in Southern and Western Russia, six million Jews resided when the War broke out. They lived there in the pale of settlement, in poverty, and were terribly overcrowded.”

    1916 – Fort Wayne Journal Gazette (IN), March 12th, 1916, page 34
    ” … six million Jews reported starving in the warring countries.”

    1916 – The Tacoma Times, February 28th, 1916
    ” … there were 6,000,000 Jews in Europe absolutely without food or resources.”

    1916 – New York Times, February 28th, 1916
    “Nearly six million Jews are ruined in the greatest moral and material misery; millions of them are refugees, dependent upon the good will of their brethren.”

    1916 – The Jewish Criterion (Pittsburgh), March 3rd, 1916
    “Nearly six million Jews are ruined.”

    1916 – The Jewish Criterion (Pittsburgh), March 31st, 1916, page 6
    “Position of the Jews in Russia. The Jews in Russia, numbering about six million, are denied full political and civil rights and are economically oppressed.”

    1916 – El Paso Herald, April 22nd, 1916, page 5
    “Six Million Jews Are Deprived Of Papers By Russian Censorship. … Six million Jews have been robbed of their newspapers.”

    1916 – The Jewish Criterion (Pittsburgh), August 4th, 1916
    ” … six million Jews …”

    1917 – Corsicana Daily Sun, February 16th, 1917, page 2
    “Six million Jews are living in lands where they are oppressed, exploited, crushed and robbed of every inalienable human right.”

    1918 – Fort Wayne News and Sentinel (IN), June 22nd, 1918, page 1
    “In the war zone of Europe there are six million Jews who have been the war’s worst sufferers,”

    1918 – The Columbus Jewish Chronicle, June 28th, 1918, page 1
    “Claims Palestine Has Room For Six Million … “It is quite possible for Palestine to find room for five to six millions … 800,000 hectares will suffice to produce the food of six millions of people,”

    1918 – The Bakersfield Californian, July 30th, 1918, page 4
    “… the six million starving Jews in Poland, Galicia and other stricken Eastern provinces …”

    1918 – The Jewish Criterion (Pittsburgh), September 5th, 1918
    ” … Russia, where the bulk of the Jewish people to the number of well over six million still dwell, is a land of blood and midnight darkness.”

    1918 – The Columbus Jewish Chronicle, September 13th, 1918, page 1
    “The report describes the havoc the war has caused among the six million Jews of Russia. Driven by the invading armies, the Jews have been compelled to flee from their homes;”

    1918 – New York Times, October 18th, 1918
    “Six million Souls Will Need Help to Resume Normal Life When War Is Ended. … Committee of American Jews Lays Plans for the Greatest Humanitarian Task in History. … 6,000,000 JewsNeed Help.”

    1919 – The Bourbon News, April 1st, 1919, p.4
    “… six million Jews in Poland, Lithuania, Galicia, Palestine, Turkey and Siberia who are dying of starvation,”

    1919 – The Corsicana Daily Sun, April 3rd, 1919, p.5
    “SIX MILLION ARE STARVING … It is estimated that there are six million Jewish women, children and aged men actually starving to death.

    1919 – The Galveston Daily News, April 4th, 1919, page 3
    “Six million Jews in Poland, Lithuania, Galicia, Palestine, Turkey and Siberia are dying of starvation. … These six million despairing souls are totally dependent on American generosity for the bare necessities of life.”

    1919 – The Galveston Daily News, April 5th, 1919, page 5
    “Six million Jews are dying of starvation.”

    1919 – The Galveston Daily News, April 6th, 1919, page 8
    “The American Jewish Relief Committee is endeavoring to save from starvation six million Jews who are the helpless victims of the German terror.”

    1919 – San Antonio Express, April 9th, 1919, page 12
    “At no other time in the history of the Jewish people has the need been so great as now. Six million of our brothers and sisters are dying of starvation. The entire race is threatened with extinction.”

    1919 – The Wellington Leader (TX), April 11th, 1919, page 1
    “We wish to call the attention of our people to the great drive that is on to raise funds for the relief of the six million Jews who are starving in the war ridden districts of the east.”

    1919 – The Daily Courier (PA), August 4th, 1919, section 2, page 1
    “APPEALS TO AMERICA TO ACT QUICKLY IF LIVES OF SOME SIX MILLION JEWS ARE TO BE SAVED … The lives of some six million people are at stake.”

    1919 – The Fulton Patriot, September 3rd, 1919, page 4
    WORLD JEWRY AT GREATEST CRISIS Leaders in America Striving to Save Race in Europe From Destruction. … All told, many million Christians and more than 6,000,000 Jews in countries other than the United States are being directly aided by American Jewish relief funds.”

    1919 – New York Times, September 8th, 1919, page 6
    “127,000 Jews Have Been Killed and 6,000,000 Are in Peril. … 6,000,000 souls in Ukrainia and in Poland have received notice through action and by word that they are going to be completely exterminated – this fact stands before the whole world as the paramount issue of the present day.”

    1919 – The Fort Wayne News and Sentinel, September 17th, 1919, section 2, page 1
    ” … six million Jews are dying of starvation and where vast numbers of them—innocent victims of the ravages of war—wander homeless, and in rags.”

    1919 – Rushville Daily Republican, September 29th, 1919, page 4
    “The thought that as I walk the streets of this properous and happy town there are 6,000,000people in other lands without food, shelter or raiment is disturbing. … When I read, as I have read all my life, of the persecution and slaughter of the Jews I am not proud of my own race or my religion. … Six million people perishing!”

    1919 – Janesville Daily Gazette (WI), October 4th, 1919, page 4
    ” … the Feast Day of Rosh Hashonah. It was not a feast day for some six million starving Jews of Europe because every day for the past four years has been a fast day for them. … the five year fast that has been the lot of the 6,000,000 Jews in Europe.”

    1919 – The Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette (IN), October 6th, 1919, page 3
    “With six million of their population in absolute want, they are unable alone to render sufficient aid … There are to-day to be found in the ten provinces of Russia, Poland and the fifteen provinces called the ‘Pale of Settlement’ six millions of these peaceful and law abiding people … We do not see with our eyes the evidences of want and degradation into which six million Jews have been thrown suddenly through no fault of their own.”

    1919 – Indiana Weekly Messenger, October 9th, 1919, page 1 & 4
    “Life for six millions in the shadow of death! … Six millions mean what? … Six million souls, old men, old women, and little children in Poland, Lithuania, Russia, Palestine, Glaicia, Turkey, Syria, Roumania, Greece, and Bulgaria are in imminent danger of starving to death this winter. … The responsibility of maintaining life in these six million sufferers rests upon every man and woman in the United States … Helping the Jews in their extremity is not helping the Bolsheviks,” the speaker emphatically declared.”

    1919 – Schenectady Gazette, October 16th, 1919, page 15
    “Today 6,000,000 Jews Are Facing the Darkest Days Ever Known in the Long History of the Race.”

    1919 – Titusville Herald, October 18th, 1919, page 4
    “… Jewish Relief Fund … Contribute Today, the Last Day and Help Save From Death Six Millions of Starving People.”

    1919 – San Francisco Chronicle, October 19th, 1919, page 18
    “6,000,000 JEWS IN BREAD LINE, STRAUS WRITES. More Than Third of Entire Race in World Reduced to Despair in Europe. … Six million Jews, out of the 16,000,000 in the world … ”

    1919 – Cape Vincent Eagle, October 23rd, 1919
    ” … there are six million people in other lands without food, shelter or raiment is disturbing. … When read, as I have read all my life, of the persecution and slaughter of the Jews I am not proud of my own race or of my religion.”

    1919 – The American Hebrew, October 31st, 1919, page 582
    “The Crucifixion of Jews Must Stop! From across the sea six million men and women call to us for help … Within them reside the illimitable possibilities for the advancement of the human race as naturally would reside in six million human beings. … In this catastrophe, when six million human beings are being whirled toward the grave by a cruel and relentless fate, only the most idealistic promptings of human nature should sway the heart and move the hand. Six million men and women are dying from lack of the necessaries of life […] bigoted lust for Jewish blood. In this threatened holocaust of human life in the name of the humanity of Moses to six million famished men and women. Six million men and women are dying … six million Jewish men and women are starring across the seas … ”

    1919 – The Evening Tribune Providence, October 31st, 1919, page 11
    “In the midst of our campaign for the relief of the six million Jews of Eastern Europe … ”

    1919 – The Record (Johnson City, NY), November 1st, 1919, page 8
    “There are 6,000,000 Jews in eastern Europe whom the war has left dependant upon America for aid.”

    1919 – Beatrice Daily Sun (NE), November 8th, 1919, page 2
    “The territory which Mr. Hoover visited is but a part of that in which 6,000,000 Jews, suffers of war and war’s equally horrible after-math, stand helpless today, … The Need: SIX MILLIONSTARVING SOULS. Six million Jews in Poland, Lithuania, Galicia, Palestine, Turkey and Siberia are dying of starvation. … These six million despairing souls are totally dependent on American generosity for the bare necessities of life. The Object: $35,000,000 for 6,000,000LIVES”

    1919 – Lebanon Daily News (PA), November 11th, 1919, page 2
    “DISEASE AND STARVATION IN POLAND Lieut. Wright Tells of Half Starved People Clad in Rags BREAD OUT OF LEAVES Says 6,000,000 Face Death This Winter Unless Given Immediate Relief … 6,000,000 Face Death … Six million Jews in eastern Europe face death during the coming winter,”

    1919 – Felix M. Warburg, New York Times, November 12th, 1919
    “The Jews were the worst sufferers in the war. The successive blows of contending armies have all but broken the back of European Jewry and have reduced to tragically unbelievable poverty, starvation and disease about 6,000,000 souls, or half the Jewish population of the earth.”

    1919 – Gouvernur Free Press, November 12th, 1919
    “Six Million Men and Women Are Dying… Won’t You Help Them? … From across the sea six million men and women call to us for help … in six million human beings … In this catastrophe, when six million human beings are being whirled toward the grave by a cruel and relentless fate … Six million men and women are dying … Six million men and women are dying … Because of this war for Democracy six million Jewish men and women are starving across the seas … Six million men and women of the race that helped do the greatest of the world’s work are falling into the grave! … six million famished men and women now turn mute eyes of appeal … ”

    1919 – Chester Times (PA), November 28th, 1919, page 15
    “There are 6,000,000 Jews in Eastern Europe whom the war has left dependent upon us for aid.”

    1919 – Ironwood News Record (MI), December 6th, 1919, page 9
    “For First Time in History of Race, Jews Are Asking Others For Help. … They are doing it because six million Jews in eastern and central Europe are actually in need of food at this moment. … The problem of 6,000,000 starving men, women and little children ought to be the problem of all humanity.”

    1919 – Lima News (OH), December 24th, 1919, page 3
    “Today Six Million Jews Are Facing the Darkest Days Ever Known In the History of the Race.”

    1919 – The Toledo News-Bee, December 27th, 1919
    “Six Million Human Beings Are Suffering the Tortures of Disease, Hunger and Death … American Jewish Relief Committee”

    1920 – Van Wert Daily Bulletin (OH), January 5, 1920, page 3
    “… Jewish relief work in Europe and Asia. There are six million Jews in the two continents who because of the war have been made destitute.”

    1920 – Manti Messenger (Utah), March 19, 1920
    “Just now some six million of Jews, eight hundred thousand of them just children, are in imminent danger of starvation in eastern Europe.”

    1920 – Tulsa Daily World, April 11th, 1920, section B, page 14
    “Today 6,000,000 Jews Are Facing the Darkest Days Ever Known in the Long History of the Race”

    1920 – New York Times, May 1st, 1920, page 8
    “Just Another Drive, but the Lives of 6,000,000 Human Beings Wait Upon the Answer.”

    1920 – New York Times, May 2nd, 1920, page 1
    ” … six million human beings, without food, shelter, clothing or medical treatment.”

    1920 – New York Times, May 3rd, 1920, page 11
    “Your help is needed to save the lives of six million people in Eastern and Central Europe.

    1920 – New York Times, May 5th, 1920, page 9
    ” … to save six million men and women in Eastern Europe from extermination by hunger and disease.”

    1920 – New York Times, May 5th, 1920, page 19
    “Six million starving, fever-stricken sufferers in war-torn Europe appeal to us.”

    1920 – New York Times, May 7th, 1920
    ” … Jewish war sufferers in Central and Eastern Europe where six millions face horrifying conditions of famine, disease and death.

    1920 – Ogden Standard Examiner, August 8, 1920, page 9
    “PUSH DRIVE FOR JEWISH RELIEF … Mr. Bond declared today that there are six million jews(sic) in eastern and central Europe whom the war has left dependent upon America.”

    1920 – The Ogden Standard-Examiner, August 20th, 1920
    ” … there are six million Jews in eastern and central Europe whom the war has left dependent upon America.”

    1920 – New York Tribune, August 29th, 1920
    “Six million Jews were made homeless by five years of foreign and domestic wars.”

    1921 – New York Times, July 20, 1921, page 2
    “BEGS AMERICA SAVE 6,000,000 IN RUSSIA. Russia’s 6,000,000 Jews are facing extermination by massacre.”

    1922 – Lowell Sun (MA), March 22nd, 1922, page 14
    “The Jews in the immediate district for which the aid of the war sufferers’ campaign is to be given numbered over six million. … Over 300,000 orphans, over 150,000 descrated women, over six million wandering Jews walking, crawling in their misery, feeding on the bark of trees and on herbs that drow by the wayside.”

    1926 – Encyclopaedia Britannica, 13th Edition, Vol. 1, 1926, page 145
    “While there remain in Russia and Rumania over six millions of Jews who are being systematically degraded …”

    1926 – Canadian Jewish Review, April 9th, 1926, page 4
    ” … the extreme need of 6,000,000 Jews in Russia and Poland,”

    1926 – New York Times, April 21st, 1926
    “In Heaven’s Name, Arouse the Jews of America! New York’s Quota: $6,000,000 United Jewish Campaign of New York”

    1931 – The Montreal Gazette, December 28th, 1931, page 25
    “SIX MILLION JEWS FACE STARVATION. … FEARS CRISIS AT HAND. … six million Jews in Eastern Europe face starvation, and even worse, during the coming winter.”

    1932 – Symphony of Six Million, film, April 29th, 1932
    Directed by Gregory La Cava, written by Fannie Hurst (story), J. Walter Ruben, Bernard Schubert (screenplay), starring Ricardo Cortez.

    1933 – New York Times, March 29, 1933
    “It is now active in relief and reconstructive work in Eastern Europe where 6,000,000 Jews are involved.”

    1933 – The Jewish Western Bulletin, September 21st, 1933
    “At this period of human persecution and of human destruction, when life, especially Jewish life has ceased to be of any value in the cruel land of bloody Germany, when the lives of hundreds of thousands are tortured and hang in the balance – during this holocaust … ”

    1935 – New York Times, September 8th, 1935, page 26
    “The preliminary session of the first world conference of the Federation of Polish Jews being attended by sixty delegates from eighteen countries representing 6,000,000 Jews … ”

    1936 – Chaim Weizmann: Reden und Aufsatze 1901-1936. jud. Bucherverlag Erwin Lowe, Berlin 1937, page 272-4
    “It is no exaggeration to say that six million Jews are sentenced to be imprisoned in this part of the world, where they are unwanted, and for whom the countries are divided into those, where they are unwanted, and those, where they are not admitted. … It is ultimately the fate of six million people!”

    1936 – New York Times, May 31st, 1936, page 14
    “AMERICANS APPEAL FOR JEWISH REFUGE. The petition, in expressing the opinion of enlightened Christian leadership in the United States, favoring a larger Jewish immigration into Palestine, stressed the intolerable sufferings of the millions of Jews in “the European holocaust.” … to save these unfortunate millions from total annihilation … ”

    1936 – The Jewish Western Bulletin, June 12nd, 1936, page 3
    “Great Britain has it within her power to throw open the gates of Palestine and let in the victimized and persecuted Jews escaping from the European holocaust.”

    1936 – The Montreal Gazette, August 8th, 1936, page 5
    “Delegates of 32 Nations Represent six million Hebrews.”

    1936 – Chaim Weizmann, The (London) Times, November 26th, 1936
    “While in Western Europe many individual Jews had happy homes, in Eastern Europe there were 6,000,000 unwanted unfortunates who were condemned to be penned up in places where they could not live. … the presence of these 6,000,000 people without a future whose condition was a threat to Europe.”

    1936 – Chaim Weizmann, The Jewish Western Bulletin, December 11th, 1936, page 3
    ” … where six million Jews are in a position which is neither life nor death.”

    1936 – New York Post, December 11th, 1936, page 19
    “JEWISH RELIEF BOARD TO HEAR LEHMAN SUDAY Gathering to consider the crisis confronting 6,000,000 Jews in Central and Eastern Europe,”

    1937 – Fitchburg Sentinel, February 17th, 1937, page 1 & 11
    “Stating that “6,000,000 Jews in central Europe have neither life nor death because of extreme persecution,” Mrs Emanuel Halpern of New York city, member of the national board of Hadassah urged … Today there are 6,000,000 million (sic) Jews in central Europe who have neither life nor death.”

    1937 – Jewish Western Bulletin, December 31st, 1937
    “The number six million is often used to describe the Jewish population of Central and Eastern Europe.”

    1938 – New York Times, January 9th, 1938, page 12
    “PERSECUTED JEWS SEEN ON INCREASE. 6,000,000 VICTIMS NOTED. … Five to six million in all are today the victims of governmental anti-Semitism … ”

    1938 – New York Times, February 23rd, 1938, page 23
    “A depressing picture of 6,000,000 Jews in Central Europe deprived of protection or economic opportunities, slowly dying of starvation, all hope gone … Now anti-Semitism has spread to thirteen European nations, and threatens the very existence of millions of Jews.”

    1938 – The Jewish Criterion (Pittsburgh), April 1st, 1938, page 15
    “I shall not comment upon the first except to remind you that six million Jews in Europe are struggling between life and death.”

    1938 – The Guardian, April 4th, 1938, page 11
    “Six million Jews at this moment are trapped like rats … ”

    1938 – New York Times, May 2nd, 1938
    “The rising tide of anti-Semitism in Europe today, which has deprived more than 6,000,000 Jews and non-Aryans of a birthright … ”

    1938 – The Jews of Central Europe by Jacob Lestshinsky, in Jewish Frontier, Vol. 5, No.6, June 1938, page 13
    “EVERY NATION is morally compelled to face the bitter truth. This article is written not with the intent of bewailing our plight but in order to arrive at a factual calculation of the status of six million Jews in Central and Eastern Europe and of the prospects that exist in the lands of immigration.”

    1938 – Port Arthur News, June 9th, 1938, page 1
    “It is estimated that nearly six million Jews have been driven from their homes by ruthless oppressors and stripped not only of their property but their right to work for a living.”

    1938 – Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, June 16th, 1938, page 18
    “Judge Lewis urged American members of the race to swing moral and financial powers into the channels of evacuating some 6,000,000 Jews to Palestine.”

    1938 – Turtle Mountain Star, Rolla, North Dakota, October 6th, 1938
    “Five or six million Jews, uprooted by dictatorship and tossed about by economic storms, may have to depend upon the development of the Holy Land, under British mandate, as a solution to their difficulties. But they face the hostility of the Arabs living there, whose economic and religious interests conflict with theirs. … protects the settlers from the raiding Arabs. … The Arabs Are Coming! … The dreaded Mohammedan raiders have been sighted by a neighbor settler … ”

    1938 – The Times, November 22nd, 1938
    “Mass emigration of Jews to Palestine for two years and the formation of a Jewish national assembly was advocated by Sir John Haslam, M.P., in a message which he sent to a public meeting at the Kingsway Hall last night held by the New Zionist Organization. The message stated that the problem now involved some 6,000,000 Jews.”

    1939 – New York Times, January 15th, 1939, page 27
    “Rabbi Silver wanted assistance to Jewish emigration safeguarded so that European governments would realize that ‘it is impossible to evacuate 6,000,000 Jews.’”

    1939 – The Binghampton Press, January 18, 1939, page 8
    “IRISH PLEA — Deputy Robert Briscoe, only Jewish member of the Irish Parliament, arrives in New York city to begin a campaign to enlist Americans in a plan for resettling approximately 6,000,000 Jews in Palestine.”

    1939 – The Canadian Jewish Chronicle, January 27th, 1939
    “Only six million Jews remain at the moment safe. But they will have to carry the burden.”

    1939 – Chaim Weizmann, The Palestine Post, February 14th, 1939
    “The fate of six million people was in balance … ”

    1939 – The Jewish Criterion, February 17th, 1939, page 20
    “The fate of six million people is in the balance. … They supported their stand with a declaration that Jews never needed unrestricted immigration to Palestine as much as at present, with 6,000,000 Jewish refugees seeking a haven.”

    1939 – The Evening Independent, February 22nd, 1939, page 1
    “6,000,000 Helpless. … there are six million Jews in Europe today fighting desperately against intolerance and despair. For them the support of the united appeal is crucial.”

    1939 – The Jewish Western Bulletin, March 3rd, 1939

    1939 – The Advocate, March 17, 1939. The Advocate: America’s Jewish Journal. Vols. 95-98. 1939, page 47
    “If the six million Jews that constitute the European scene were removed from the lands where they now dwell the forces of brutality and ruthlessness would still continue to operate.”

    1939 – The Jewish Criterion, April 7th, 1939, page 4
    “Not in Hitler’s Hands, In Yours … The Fate Of Six Million European Jews”

    1939 – The Jewish Criterion, April 7th, 1939, page 33
    ” … six million Jewish people who are in dire need today.”

    1939 – The Jewish Criterion, April 14th, 1939, page 4
    “Recent events in Central Europe have brought to 6,000,000 the total number of Jews in Central and Eastern European countries affected by anti-Semitic activities”

    1939 – The Jewish Criterion, April 14th, 1939, page 6
    ” … whether our 6,000,000 fellow countrymen will live or die … More than a million refugees, starving, tortured, fear-dazed, have been dragged from their homes, separated from their families, expelled from their countries. Five million more, await with horror the moment this misery will strike them … ”

    1939 – Chester Times (PA), April 20th, 1939, page 6
    “Six million Jews are the stepchildren of fate in Europe today.”

    1939 – The Jewish Criterion, April 21st, 1939, page 15
    ” … the distress and suffering of 6,000,000 Jews in Europe. … HAVE YOU DONE YOUR DUTY? THE UNITED JEWISH FUND NEEDS YOUR HELP FOR THE HELPLESS 6,000,000 IN EUROPE

    1939 – The Jewish Criterion, April 28th, 1939, page 3
    ” … 6,000,000 fellow Jews who are in distress today.”

    1939 – The Niagara Falls Gazette, May 1st, 1939, page 15
    “ITHACA RABBI SAYS FREE JEWS MUST AID HARASSED BRETHREN Six Million Jews Are Refugees, Members of B’nai B’rith Lodges Told. Three-eights of the world’s Jewish population of 16,000,000 persons, or approximately 6,000,000 persons, are potential refugees. … Rabbis Fischoff declared that the 6,000,000 Jews or Christians of Jewish extraction are in real of imminent danger due to the spread of totalitarianism in the world.”

    1939 – The Jewish Criterion, May 5th, 1939, page 9
    “PLIGHT OF 6,000,000 … The 6,000,000 European Jews … ”

    1939 – The Jewish Criterion, May 12th, 1939, page 7
    “The year of 1939 is the year of the most critical struggle of 6,000,000 European Jews.”

    1939 – Western Morning News (Devon, UK), June 8th, 1939, page 6
    PLIGHT OF THE UNWANTED … A little more than a month ago Lord Winterton, chairman of the Evian Committe, declared that the potential problem concerned five or six million Jews.”

    1939 – Ohio Jewish Chronicle, June 30th, 1939, page 1
    “The crisis which Jews of Europe are facing today envelopes far more than six millions souls.”

    1939 – Contemporary Jewish Record, Volume 2 July/August 1939 (Published by the American Jewish Committee)
    ” … the coming ward would be the annihilation of the six million Jews in East and Central Europe.”

    1939 – Samuel Broncheck, Syracuse Herald-Journal, October 30th, 1939, page 15
    “… in Poland alone there are 6,000,000 Jews who are now subject to Hitler’s persecution or Stalin’s “communizing.””

    1940 – Mason City Globe Gazette (Iowa), January 20th, 1940, page 16
    “Mr. Tannenbaum stressed that Palestine offered the only solution to the six million Jews who are homeless, starving and sick in central and eastern Europe today.”

    1940 – The Southern Israelite, May 3rd, 1940
    “Almost six million Jews find themselves on the brink of starvation and extermination. Their only hope is the help which the Jews of America can extend to them. The success of the United Jewish Appeal will determine their fate.

    1940 – Robert W. Schiff, Ohio Jewish Chronicle, May 17th, 1940, page 1
    “Over six million Jews in Central and Eastern Europe are faced with great danger of annihilation as the result of the sweep of war and oppression.”

    1940 – New York Times, June 25th, 1940, page 4
    “Six million Jews in Europe are doomed to destruction, if the victory of Nazis should be final. … The chances for mass emigration and resettlement of European Jewry seems to be remote, and European Jews face the danger of physical annihilation. Even the 4,000,000 Jews under Soviet rule, although free from racial discrimination, are not safe in the event of a final Nazi victory.”

    1940 – Joplin News Herald (Missouri), June 25th, 1940, page 3
    “Six million Jews in Europe are doomed to destruction.”

    1940 – Ohio Jewish Chronicle, June 28th, 1940, page 1
    “The lives of six million Jews have been uprooted by the psychopathic, political ambitions of totalitarian leaders.”

    1940 – The Palestine Post, July 1st, 1940, page 6
    “Nor must we despair that six million Jews will forever lose trace of their historic heritage.”

    1940 – The Jewish Criterion, November 15th, 1940
    “J.N.F. to Raise $6,000,000 for Palestine During Coming Year. … the Jewish National Fund of America voted to raise $6,000,000 for the holy land’s war needs during the coming year.”

    1941 – Salt Lake Tribune, February 5th, 1941, page 2
    “Nazis Prepare Blueprint Of All World Enslaved … Later, the survivors will all be sent to whatever “reservation” the Nazis finally decide to set up—all six million of Europe’s Jews.”

    1941 – New York Times, October 2nd, 1941
    ” … as to avoid the likelihood of another holocaust.”

    1941 – The Jewish Criterion, November 28th, 1941
    “6,000,000 Jews in Europe Look to America for Aid, Says Warburg. Fully six million Jews in Europe … ”

    1942 – The Jewish Spectator, Volume 7, 1942, page 53
    “Now, too, the unspeakable tragedy of almost six million Jews under nazi domination is not considered sufficiently important to be discussed.”

    1942 – The Palestine Post, November 1st, 1942
    “The Chief Rabbi, who spoke on behalf of Empire Jewry and Jews of the United Nations, as well as of all six million Jews in Europe, said that the deliberate extinction of the whole house of Israel was being carried out by Hitler’s sadists and quislings on a scale beyond compare even in the annals of Israel.”

    1942 – New York Times, December 13th, 1942, page 21
    “Rabbi Israel Goldstein in Temple B’nai Jeshurun, Eighty-eighth Street, near Broadway, declared: “Authenticated reports point to 2,000,000 Jews who have already been slain by all manner of satanic barbarism, and plans for the total extermination of all Jews upon whom the Nazis can lay their hands. The slaughter of a third of the Jewish population in Hitler’s domain and the threatened slaughter of all is a holocaust without parallel.”

    1942 – The Courier-Mail (Brisbane), December 19th, 1942
    “GERMAN HORROR CRIMES; ALLIES PROMISE JUSTICE. Statements issued simultaneously in London, Washington and Moscow, told at German barbarity and of proof of the Nazi determination to exterminate Jews. … Hitler’s decision to exterminate the Jews … It is estimated that there are between five and six million Jews in Occupied Europe … Nazi Slaughter House. … Hitler’s oft-repeated intention to exterminate the Jewish people in Europe.”

    1942 – Barrier Miner (Australia), December 23rd, 1942
    “Mr. Silverman suggested that Australia and Canada could each absorb 6,000,000 Jews. … MOST ARE DOOMED … The Jewish Congress declares that 2,000,000 Jews have been exterminated so far.”

    • Replies: @Fox
  440. Fox says:
    @marvin johnson

    This long list should give pause to the believers and jailers. Heddesheimer’s book is in addition very useful because it presents facsimile copies of original newspaper articles. The “six million” have clearly been spooking through the world longer than the post-war version which was not the beginning of the Six Million, but the continuation and Establishment of a much older thread. I think the difference between before the war, when no one believed the tale, and afterwards is that Jews at that time (already during and more so after the war) had acceded positions of influence and power where they could just simply institute the tale and promote it. That people go to prison for pointing out the obvious is in itself proof that we are looking at the result of power being wielded, rather than dealing with facts.
    The list you provide bears keeping.

  441. @Franklin Ryckaert

    Oh sure. Another of the thousand Polish-created or Slav-Jew-created pages at Wikipedia that are completely Pole-Slav-Jew sourced. Shmuel Spector; Mielcarek and Andrzej; Wołyń; USHMM — what a cast! They would never lie.

    I’ve seen these photos before. Where is the blood or wounds from the “mass shooting” of these women? They are spotless. Yes, I would say it was posed. They were probably paid. The Wiki article is a nothing-burger – a few sentences from good old Shmuel Spector “quoting the memoirs of Peretz Goldstein” saying when the ghetto was being liquidated in 1942 “the Jews fought back (fiction) in an uprising which may have lasted as long as two days. About half the residents were able to flee or hide during the confusion before the uprising was put down. On October 14, the captured survivors were transported in lorries to a secluded ravine and shot.” Uh huh. More likely they were destined for a labor camp.

    On top of this, we’re told “the shootings were photographed” and became part of the so-called Ludwigsburg (Baden-Wuertemberg) investigation (which I can’t find anywhere and doesn’t exist, so the whole “investigation” came to nothing).

    When it comes to any atrocity a German is said to have committed on a Slav, Ryckaert’s gullibility and credulity know no bounds. He doesn’t even need to read it to know it’s true, haha.

  442. Fox says:

    I believe the picture you show is included in Udo Walendy’s brochure “Forged Wartime Photos”.

    • Replies: @Carolyn Yeager
  443. @the shadow

    About the origin of these photographs : go to Wikipedia, Mizoch Ghetto, scroll down to the heading “Photographs [edit] and click on [6] of the first sentence The shootings were photographed.[6]. Then click on Photographs of the Mizocz shootings. That brings you to the website of the USHMM. Click there on the first photograph and there you read in the text :

    “…Information regarding this action, including the photos, were acquired from a man named Hille, who was the Bezirks-Oberwachtmeister of the Gendarmerie at the time. Hille apparently gave the five photos (there were originally seven) to the company lawyer of a textile firm in Kunert, Czechoslovakia, where he worked as a doorman after the war. The Czech government confiscated the photos from the lawyer in 1946 and they subsequently became public. That the photos indeed show the shooting of Jews in connection with the liquidation of the ghetto was also confirmed by a statement of Gendarmerie-Gebietsfuehrer Josef Paur in 1961…”

    So the photos were meant to be private and only became public after confiscation by the Czech government.

    As for these photos be “staged”, comment #438 already said enough about that. One could equally claim that the photos of the My Lai massacre were “staged”.

  444. @Carolyn Yeager

    Your usual reaction of SOURCE DENIAL. If the source is Jewish or Slav, it is false because Jews and Slavs always lie.
    If it is a document, then the document is a falsification. If it is a photo, then the photo has been tampered with. If the photo is genuine, then it is a photo of paid impostors (including babies).

    Using your “method” one could also claim that the photo of the My Lai massacre was “staged”. After all, the always innocent Americans only wanted to bring “freedom and democracy” to the Vietnamese. THEREFORE they were incapable of atrocities and THEREFORE photos such as these must have been staged :

  445. maz10 says:

    I am in awe of your abilities. You are apparently able to read my mindset – impressive! Can such a skill be learned or is it God given?

    I was steadfastly defending the position that certain geographic names have Slavic origins I did not however claim that this somehow automatically transforms into a solid claim for a given place if that is what you imply? – note the question mark

    What it maybe demonstrates and certainly strongly implies is, that what basically happened was: centuries of Drang nach Osten were reversed brutally and swiftly in literally a couple of years. It was not nice to those who had to leave, that much is certain, but then again I never claimed otherwise.

    Reading some comments it appears to me that this admittedly stunning historical reversal is something that results in accusations and butthurt, in fact very heavy butthurt. It seems some have a rock solid conviction that certain peoples were just destined to retreat, recognise the claims of others, not have any claims of their own and so forth – for if not they are mad arsonists setting Europe ablaze. Yet apparently somehow they did not get that part of the script. Perhaps they thought that such should apply to other too? Because it so happened that there was a nation thinking it had a right to expand at the expense of others, claiming more and more with each encroachment and generally be looking for trouble. It also had a rather annoying habit of thinking it is somehow endowed with a right to do so and reacted with severe butthurt when it did not get its way. Due to a number of factors, it managed to gobble up a lot but only for a short time as it was soon forced in a very unpleasant way to disgorge that lot with some additions of what it held for centuries – sowing wind is a dangerous game which frequently ends with harvesting the whirlwind. Proverbs are sometimes true.

  446. FB says: • Website
    @Carolyn Yeager

    Yes, I would say it was posed. They were probably paid.

    Wow…I’m actually glad to see this display of complete inhumanity from this wannabe ‘author’…

    Let’s step back into the real world, folks…

    This was one Otto Ohlendorf at his Einsatzgruppen war crimes trial in 1947…

    He was convicted and executed in 1951..

    Among his many victims were hundreds of children, like this Ukrainian boy…

    A teenage boy stands beside his murdered family shortly before his own death by the SS. Zboriv, Ukraine, 5 July 1941

    Murdering children was a very special delight for Ohlendorf and his ilk…

    A man is the lord over life and death when he gets an order to shoot three hundred children—and he kills at least one hundred fifty himself.

    –One of Ohlendorf’s most trusted “proper” military-style murderers, SS-Haupsturmführer Lothar Heimbach

    At his trial Ohlendorf ‘justified’ his killing of innocent children thus…

    …the children were people who would grow up and surely being the children of parents who had been killed, they would constitute a danger no smaller than their parents.

    Ordinary people everywhere cannot possibly understand the depth of such depravity…it is universal to be repulsed, shocked and disgusted with such acts of violence against children…but for sociopaths like ‘Carolyn Yeager’ and her sick little Nazi helpers here, I guess it’s all in a day’s work to murder children…

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  447. @FB

    And now you also have evidence that establishes to a scientific certainty that a resdidual DNA mico bit tracing back 20,000 years directly impacts on how people act today, you may get my attention .

    Until then, with your blabbering you are merely proving you are way ahead in the race for who is dumber than a brain dead imbecil.

  448. @Carolyn Yeager

    I do apologize!!!!
    I should have not argued with you.
    My pathetic little intelligence does not match with your towering one.
    So I do humbly ask from You a only little favor.
    Could you tell me please why did you blow off the dust from your article.
    And decided to re post it after a decade?
    Could it have to do something with the fact that US is mulling about to introduce sanctions on Germany because of the new pipeline?

    • Replies: @Carolyn Yeager
  449. @Franklin Ryckaert

    Using your “method” one could also claim that the photo of the My Lai massacre was “staged”. After all, the always innocent Americans only wanted to bring “freedom and democracy” to the Vietnamese. THEREFORE they were incapable of atrocities and THEREFORE photos such as these must have been staged :

    No it could not for the simple difference the My Lai photo clearly is not staged while the alleged massacre by the Germans clearly is.

    Just one note of difference I tould point to you. There is clear evidence of bleeding from the wounds sustained by the MyLai victims. Now point to any evidence of blood from the wounds that had to have been inflicvted on those supposedly massacred by the Germans. Even a tiny drop.

    The evidence of bleeding should have been starkly visible in the German massacre picture because it would all have been on the back ground of white skin, while many Vietnamese were wearing dark clothes that would have covered up the presence of blood.

    No its the evidence in the pictures themselves that proves one is real and the other is fake.

    • Agree: Robjil
    • Replies: @Franklin Ryckaert
  450. Anonymous[179] • Disclaimer says:

    All your copy-and-pasting is proving is that leftists are emotionally unstable and brain-dead. Yeah, I get that Yeager is a Nazi dingbat, but you are her mirror-image from the other side of the ideological aisle.

    • Replies: @FB
  451. @Fox

    I’m really interested how german armed forces during first stages of second world war would manage without Czech artillery equipment and tanks.( Poland , France and early Russia campaigns )
    PzKpfw 35t 298 pcs?
    PzKpfw 38 T ca 1300 pcs?
    Yeah , no value ( because produced by Czechs of course ) equipment that they have to use to the beginning of 1942…

  452. Wally says:

    – Seriously?
    A big yawner, it’s been debunked a million times.
    Laughably staged, fake as can be.

    – No bullet holes.
    – No blood.
    – Not German uniforms.
    – No proof they are Jews.
    – Contradicts the fake narrative which says that such actions were top secret, hence no photos would have been allowed.

    Only liars need to manufacture fake photos.

    More on this desperate fake:
    Nude women photo:
    also see:
    A Closer look at a German “Atrocity Photo”, By David Thomas:

  453. Wally says:
    @Franklin Ryckaert

    LOL, see my comment to Olivier1973
    Another fake that was previously said by Wikipedia to be at Babi Yar.
    They can’t even keep their lies straight.
    see my comment to Olivier1973, exc.:
    – No bullet holes.
    – No blood.
    – Not German uniforms.
    – No proof they are Jews.
    – Contradicts the fake narrative which says that such actions were top secret, hence no photos would have been allowed.

    BTW, here’s yet another absurd fake that Franklin Ryckaert thinks is proof of the “holocaust”:
    “Photo taken from the body of a dead German officer killed in Russia, showing a Nazi firing squad shooting Jews in the back as they sit beside their own mass grave, in Babi Yar, Kiev, 1942.”

  454. Anyway!
    Open the old wounds at this time was a plain insanity.
    I would even characterize it as sabotage to present good relations between Russia and Germany.
    We all should support the good relationship between Russia and Germany.
    The reason for it is that good relations between Russia and Germany is one of the most powerful pillars supporting the world peace.
    We should rather concentrate at the facts what Jews are doing to US. Because it is the US that is the greatest threat to world peace.

  455. Robjil says:
    @Franklin Ryckaert

    We have no religion from the My Lai massacre.

    We have no religion from the use of Agent Orange on civilians in Vietnam.

    The religion part of the big 6 is the problem

    Why is the big 6 being promoted as religion like in the days of the High Middle Ages?

    Take the religion out the big 6. Allow real investigations like the My Lai massacre.

    The people of the world want a real free world without the cruelly enforced religion of the Big 6 like in the High Middle Ages.

    • Agree: Iris
  456. MarkNiet says:

    That’s the price! If they had accepted Hitler’s proposal, none of this would be happening.

    • Agree: Carolyn Yeager
    • Replies: @Robjil
  457. @the shadow

    First of all the photo of the My Lai victims was taken from closer by than that of the Mizocz victims, therefore its details are better visible. Secondly, the Vietnamese were shot at randomly by machine guns, therefore their wounds are visible all over their bodies. The Jewish victims were shot at with a single shot in the neck from close by and as women their necks were covered by their long hairs, so those single wounds are not visible, and certainly not from that distance. Conclusion : not staged.

    • Replies: @the shadow
  458. FB says: • Website

    Excuse me, pinhead number 179…

    This isn’t about ‘leftists’ nor any kind of ‘ideological aisle’…

    This is about historical facts, and separating such from the historical fiction that nutbars like Yeager are trying to peddle…

    And what you call copy and pasting is called citations and references, which are not only mandatory, but also very helpful to readers who want to check those references…

    A quick recap of this discussion…this so-called ‘article’ purports to shed new ‘light’ on the subject of atrocities in that war of aggression started by the Nazis…

    Of course it was quickly pointed out by many readers that it was a bunch of malarkey…not even being able to get the facts right about the origin of place names in Poland…

    What is perhaps ‘new’ here is that this wannabe ‘author’ resurrects the ugly Hitler theme of Poles and Czechs as being ‘untermenschen’ inferior to Germans…which may have sounded like a good idea at the time, but was of course erased as soon as those Slavic ‘untermenschen’ marched into Berlin [and collected the barbecued remains of one Adolf Shitler, who had decided to take a cyanide pill rather than lead his men to an honorable surrender…]

    In this vein, it is worth noting that there is indeed an overlooked aspect of the Nazi crimes…while the focus has been on the death camps, the massive Nazi crimes against civilians in those Slavic lands which they managed to occupy briefly, has somehow garnered less attention…

    –Masters of Death: The SS-Einsatzgruppen and the Invention of the Holocaust

    There are no less than 210 reviews of this critically and popularly acclaimed work…

    One reviewer noted…

    Two observations regarding time in history come to mind in regards to this book. Most of all when the war was started the plan was already in effect to destroy the people of Eastern Europe.

    In fact, the Germans had visions of the solider who was also a farmer on the fridges of their nation. The speed at which they acted was astonishing. The same could be said about how quickly they fell.

    He adds…

    A friend of mine once said Ireland has a history that would make a stone weep. I think the same could be said about Poland and the Ukraine. These wounds are still open. The scars can still be seen.

    That is exactly what this so-called ‘author’ is trying to do here with this ‘article’…the fraught reactions from a number of Czech and Polish participants here are very telling…as is this ‘author’s’ palpable hate against these nationalities…

    Even more problematic, she deigns to speak on behalf of GERMANS…even though she is NOT a German national, and would be surely denied citizenship in that country…

    In any case, it was good that this debate took place…it’s quite clear that the mindset of the denialists is pretty pathetic…Hitler Dindu Nuffin…the photos [thousands of them] are all ‘staged’…the documents are all ‘forged’…and even the people still alive in Poland and Ukraine and Czechia today who witnessed their own families being slaughtered…well, they must surely still be lying…

    Of course in the real world, not many people are capable of believing such mental gymnastics…I’m happy to say I don’t know a single person who is a hater or who would give these haters the time of day…much less be taken in by such ridiculous fakery…

    And that’s what it boils down to…I