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The Rise of Racial Alchemy
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Since the 1960s Washington has launched countless programs in what might be characterized as “racial alchemy” whose purpose is to make blacks nearly identical to whites in income, educational achievement, vocational status, being law abiding, eschewing welfare dependency and multiple other measures of equality. Despite all the billions, perhaps trillions, the results have been disappointing. But, almost invisibly, the enterprise has been transformed. It has evolved from one of seeking concrete results to one of manufacturing the illusion of equality. Success is now calibrated by cosmetic criteria–recall Oscar Wilde’s quip that only shallow people do not judge by appearances.

The racial Potemkin village is everywhere and let me depict only a few of the more obvious manifestations (I’ll skip TV sitcoms, the movies, video games, comics and book prizes). Consider the sudden appearance of well-spoken, well-dressed, “white speaking” blacks in TV commercials. A Martian who knew the US exclusively from watching TV would conclude that blacks comprised at least a third of the population and, without exception, lived as intact Ossie and Harriet-like families in bucolic suburban homes (the sole exception I’ve encountered is a State Farm commercial where the satisfied female customer is “ghetto” in speech and hairdo). One GMC truck commercial prominently features a black conducting a symphony orchestra. Add lots of good-looking typically young inter-racial couples and racially mixed groups of working class men quaffing a few beers together. Black actors also often portray doctors advising their white patients on the latest pharmaceutical products or explaining MRI’s to worried elderly white cancer patients. Highly presentable Ph.D’s of color likewise populate PBS-like scientific TV documentaries.

Today’s racial alchemy reaches industrial levels when it comes to black crime. Gruesome black-on-white murders only appear on the local news (if then) and would be almost non-existent save for politically incorrect websites that pass it along to wider audiences. And when black crime does escape containment, it is usually sanitized—accounts of black wildings at malls use terms like “youths’ or “teenagers” while black perpetrators are often race-less though crime details make it easy to identify the perpetrator as black. Meanwhile, those who somehow get on TV to challenge Black Lives Matter rhetoric with Department of Justice statistics on inter-racial violence get their ten seconds of fame before quickly being shouted down as racists. And let’s not forget rolling back broken windows policy as a way of “reducing” crime.”

A similar ubiquity infuses education. Difficult-to-boost test scores have been replaced by more malleable graduation statistics while performances on Advanced Placement exams (Chapter 5) are now often measured by the sheer number of “minorities” who take these exams. Similarly, large numbers of blacks are now pushed into gifted programs though they fail to meet the necessary academic criteria. Sustaining the charade are school officials who turn a blind eye to cheating on government mandated tests. Then there’s using grandiose names for disguising mediocre schools—only 14% of the graduates of the Bronx-based largely Hispanic and black Archimedes Academy for Math, Science and Technology Applications are academically ready for New York City’s flagship public college (as defined by not needing remedial classes) despite the school’s august sounding name. Further add Department of Justice consent decrees to close historic race-related gaps in school discipline. Nor is higher education immune to the construction of this racial fantasy land as even elite schools continue to embrace affirmative action and offer easy-to-pass majors such as Black Studies all the while hiring marginally qualified black academics to diversify once monochromatic departments.

Our public vocabulary has shifted to toward abstractions to absolve blacks from any personal responsibility for their plight. There are no lazy, intellectual inept black students; all want to learn but, sadly, have the misfortune to attend bad, often vandalized schools. Young blacks now, allegedly, commit crimes because they have the bad luck to live in a crime-ridden neighborhood and cannot find work because all the jobs have left town. And so many are in jail due to the government’s policy of mass incarceration.

In sum, just as old-fashioned alchemists faked the outcomes, miracles regarding American racial progress seemingly abound—base metals have been transformed into gold!

The shift into deceit is almost predictable. Most obviously, the dishonesty soothes black egos, welcome comfort after decades of bad news. Deception also makes life easier—obtaining a legitimate high school degree is tough work compared to waiting passively for educators who cook the books to award diplomas to those who can barely read them. Life in a Potemkin village can also be quite pleasant when what is illegal elsewhere, e.g., dealing a little weed, is tolerated to manufacture fanciful crime statistics. To be fair, this flight from an awkward reality is just human nature—what ethnic group relishes bad publicity? No group is immune to this type of deceit; blacks just have more to expunge. As such, for African Americans the construction of Potemkin villages is just a matter of degree not of kind.


Will this fantasy world ever end? At least in the short term probably not and may even expand as one nostrum after the next fails to deliver. Just wait until next year’s more diverse Oscar nominations. Of the utmost importance, the pressure to sustain the manufactured reality far exceed what comes from African Americans now appearing in TV commercials. I strongly suspect that the influential whites who facilitate the charade honestly believe that this alchemy will far outshine the failed billion dollar Great Society-like programs. That is, thanks to watching TV underclass blacks will receive a vicarious taste of a middle class existence (nice house, new car, pretty wife etc.) and this idyllic image will motivate them to avoid crime and pursue respectability. Similarly, blacks with unearned diplomas will nevertheless somehow get well-paying jobs thanks to enhanced self-esteem. On the other side of the racial divide, whites unconsciously prone to discriminate against African Americans will abandon their harmful prejudices when they no longer encounter of grim black-on-white crime on the 6:00PM news.

The interesting question, of course, is whether this façade will fool anybody other than the zealots. My guess is that eventually many though not all whites will see though the social engineering. There is just too much bad news to be papered over. At a minimum, distrust of the mass media will grow and as we now see with the rise of Donald Trump, resentment at being “social worked” will eventually bubble up. At some point the number of non-believers will grow and millions will finally confide to each other that they thought nobody else noticed the lies.

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  1. Mr. Weissberg, you are a true visionary. Blacks are indeed a privileged class of elite citizens living charmed lives while whites are disenfranchised and powerless victims of this dark-skin oligarchy.

  2. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    The end goal is to absorb blacks into white America through race mixing like black people in the Caribbean were absorbed into white Britain. (At the recent black lives matter protest in London there were brown Muslims and Somalis rather than a predominant Caribbean crowd like the Brixton riots of 30 years ago.)

    At that point these images promoting a middle class black America can end because there will be no need.

    • Replies: @Ed
  3. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Each and every of your short essays is interesting, and made a delicacy by their fine irony.

    Another Potemkin village deception: Social media were flooded by memes posted by NASA, showing males and (mainly) females of all skin hues (but darkish, principally) thanking them for the achievement that was celebrated at that time.

    Google does too.

    But if you happen to read a deeper reportage on Google or NASA, and it comes with pictures of the “high rooms”, what you see is males, and very untanned ones, with the exception of a few Indian (strictly all male, and taken fro a pool of 1.3 billion people, as we know).

    • Replies: @Boris
  4. Mark Green says: • Website

    American TV also glamorizes miscegenation. This choice is generally not good advice however. Bi-racialism can alienate children from their parents as well as their community. A white female who chooses to bear a black child is putting her offspring in a disadvantaged position and in underachieving class. Race correlates strongly with IQ and any number of behavior traits. This should not be ignored. Yet it is.

    When white females bear black children, they usually end up raising the child alone since black fathers often disappear. The white mother is then left particularly isolated since white males do not want to raise a black man’s baby. This causes further stress on mother and child alike.

    The children of interracial romance also suffer from identity issues. This spreads hardship throughout the family and into the community.

    Miscegenation is very risky. It should not be glamorized by TV/Hollywood. Yet it is.

  5. Realist says:

    Racial alchemy will work no better than the original.

    • Replies: @dc.sunsets
  6. Lot says:

    Professor Weissberg, you are a national treasure. Please don’t ever put down your pen.

  7. Ozzie, not Ossie

    • Replies: @hhsiii
  8. CK says:

    Alchemy the science of turning dross into dross.

  9. I like the one where the White couple are destroying their house to avoid having to call their insurance man while next door and the brilliant Blacks bought AllState (or whomever). Those folks are the epitome of the .0001% of Blacks pushed as the average. And, average Blacks would hate all the successful Blacks in ads because by being successful, they are “acting White”. There are a million of these examples now, of course.

    Now what kind of street cred does a conventionally successful (degree and an honest profession, wife and family) Black have? Zero. The Blacks in the ghetto would hate those folks because that path is what White folks take to success. That of course is abhorrent to low-rent Blacks because that path means hard work, in spite of how easy it’s become for Blacks to take that path. And true to form, any Black kid with the instinct to learn and succeed is derided and beaten up at school (ghetto schools that is) for acting White. That one aspect is huge, I suspect, bigger than we know..

    • Replies: @Barnard
    , @James O'Meara
    , @Ace
  10. Please define “black” as used in the article.

    • Replies: @Realist
  11. @Berta Arnason

    You forgot the sarc-tag.

    Blacks have their own “1%” who populate the MOG and race industry, and they are doing much better than the rest of us through these ventures and certainly punching above the weight their numbers would reflect if they were given a quota head-count based on representation in the broader population. There is no question the other “99%” have a hard-knock life, but they aren’t being helped much by their elite.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @Berta Arnason
  12. Ganderson says:

    What would be the estimate of the size of the black population if one only watched commercials and ESPN? 50%? 75%?

  13. Rehmat says:

    I suppose the writer is talking about the so-called HOUSE NIGGER class, otherwise, the vast majority of 22 million American Blacks are still at the bottom the economic, education, human-rights heap.

    When it comes to White and Jewish racism – Blacks are only second to Muslims in America. The country had its first HALF-BLACK president since the British North American colony became United States. During his 8-year in the White House, Barack Obama has proved 101% what Malolm X called HOUSE NIGGER.

    “Malcolm X, unlike Martin Luther King Jr., did not believe America had a conscience. For him there was no great tension between the lofty ideals of the nation—which he said were a sham—and the failure to deliver justice to blacks. He, perhaps better than King, understood the inner workings of empire. He had no hope that those who managed empire would ever get in touch with their better selves to build a country free of exploitation and injustice,” Chris Hedges says at Truthdig on February 1, 2015.

    • Replies: @Ace
    , @RadicalCenter
  14. macilrae says:

    I strongly suspect that the influential whites who facilitate the charade honestly believe that this alchemy will far outshine the failed billion dollar Great Society-like programs.

    Personally I take the more cynical view that this is a very cost-effective strategy employed by these ‘influential whites’ to dumb-down our society. Abhorrent black culture is constantly being foisted on our youth – my six year old grandson watches cartoons where distorted characters communicate in ‘cool’ jive-talk and ‘dem drums is everywhere’.

    But I won’t get started on drums.

    Race is something we cannot change but a toxic culture can be expunged – right now it is applauded, however gross.

  15. How come black women don’t have curly hair anymore? Watching the convention I marveled at Michelle’s do.

    Their hair straightening treatements are both a fiscal and ecological catastrophe. We are talking toxic chemicals flushed into the water supply and financed by the taxpayers.

    • Replies: @Triumph104
    , @Anonymous
  16. the author’s attempt to make white folk feel superior to black folk worked.

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  17. The counter-revolution cannot come too soon.

  18. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    The system is actually working as designed. First you must remember that the Democrats have always exploited blacks for wealth and power. Most school children fail due to low parental investment (welfare). So schools actually work for some children, The successful blacks or as President Obama called them “life’s lottery winners” are bought off with affirmative action for higher education and jobs in schools and bureaucracies. Where their union dues and votes go to the Democratic Party. Meanwhile the successful blacks and the Democratic Party support a system that cranks out black men that are not prepared to participate in our economic system, but are taught to blame and hate whites, while claiming that the schools are failing for lack of money. It’s all based on ignorance and corruption. It’s sick and must be stopped.

  19. @Mark Green

    Our elites claim they care about “mental health” so much, but as you point out they ignore the welfare of the products of the race-mixing degeneracy they’ve pushed onto us for the past few generations. “Think of the children!” goes by the wayside when it comes to the project of breeding white people out of existence.

  20. This article, although otherwise admirable, slanders the noble art of Alchemy, for which the reader is referred to the works of Julius Evola, esp. The Hermetic Tradition (Inner Traditions, 1991).

    What you really mean is: Kaballistic. Go ahead, say it. I dare you.

  21. Barnard says:
    @Jim Christian

    I like the one where the White couple are destroying their house to avoid having to call their insurance man while next door and the brilliant Blacks bought AllState (or whomever).

    That is one of the dumbest commercials I have ever seen. I cannot imagine who the target market would be for that how anyone would respond positively to it.

    • Replies: @Bill Jones
  22. @Jim Christian

    Someone should write a book about that. Maybe Counter-Currents would publish it. Nahhh.

  23. MMM says:

    Opinion – good points made in this article, which add up to:

    Cultures form over eons and different abilities are cultivated. That’s why it’s well for distinctly different cultures to have their own, inviolate territories (curb the predators). This said, there are individuals who are able and willing to adapt wherever they are. The rest should be returned to their own territories. That won’t solve all problems, but it is just. What’s going on right now is a lie.

    • Agree: MBlanc46
  24. joef says:

    It was asked in the article ‘if this will ever end’. I do not think so. Every failure in race relations with afro americans seems to demand that we blame whitey even more. The facts are now so confused with leftist obfuscation that we no longer can agree on what the problems are. With economic decline this leftist promoted balkanization will spell disaster for this nation. Its like watching a slow motion car crash that you cannot prevent. Yet the leftist will always call their failures a success or demand more funding (endless liberal social policy money pits).

    In addition we have the anarcho capitalist pundits joining in the confused rhetoric with their obsessive anti police theories. They show complete ignorance about the dynamics of interpersonal violent events. And they seem to be completely divorced from reality, with no ability to make proper distinctions ( which is an indication of an ideologue) . I do not believe most of them ever been to a major urban ghetto; nor personally know someone who’s been a victim of a extreme violent attack (and most probably could not fight out of a wet paper bag). Their complaint about unwarranted police violence as compared to afro american perpetrated violent crime is like comparing a firecracker to a stick of dynamite (they have no perspective which shows very limited real world experience – – they are merely book smart, and only read/study what reenforces their fanciful theories).
    As a result, those of us who live in major urban areas, who rely on the police to keep a lid on violent crime, will suffer the consequences of police cautiously slowing down, while leftist and anarcho capitalist giddily condemn the police, unconcerned that more of their fellow citizens will be victimized by crime. After all to them ideology trumps reality.

    • Agree: Clyde
    • Replies: @MMM
    , @AndrewR
  25. Priss Factor [AKA "Anonymny"] says: • Website

    “Since the 1960s Washington has launched countless programs in what might be characterized as ‘racial alchemy’ whose purpose is to make blacks nearly identical to whites in income, educational achievement, vocational status, being law abiding, eschewing welfare dependency and multiple other measures of equality.”

    It’s easier to turn whites more like blacks, and it’s succeeding.

    There is the race-mixing, the rap culture, the trashy tattoo culture, the savage sex culture, the breakdown of family, etc.
    Cornel West was prescient about the ‘ni**erization’ of American society as a whole.
    Cornel West is a moron, but he’s partly right about the political culture of America.

    White masses are coming apart from white elites, but they are merging with black masses.

    • Replies: @Ed
  26. Priss Factor [AKA "Anonymny"] says: • Website

    The US media favor the Cause over the Case.

    Instead of treating each story as a separate case, it is procrusteanized or procrusted to serve the Cause.

    The Cause is seen as the higher good, therefore the higher truth.
    Just like adults must lie to kids for their own good(as kids cannot deal with the real truth), the media feel that the people must be fed certain myths that serve the higher good.

    In an extreme time like WWII, this was understandable.

    But the WWII mindset that still pervades media is nuts. It’s still premised on Allies vs Nazis mindset.

    The UVA rape hoax was part of the service to the Cause. Blonde Aryan Nazi fratboy rapists.

    Cause molds the case.

  27. Priss Factor [AKA "Anonymny"] says: • Website

    “That is, thanks to watching TV underclass blacks will receive a vicarious taste of a middle class existence (nice house, new car, pretty wife etc.) and this idyllic image will motivate them to avoid crime and pursue respectability.”

    The Cosby effect?

    I sometimes think white Americans are drug-raped with the Lie.

    Even if Cosby Effect is possible, wouldn’t it be neutralized by the promotion of Rap-Thug Culture by the very same ‘influential whites’?

    Maybe what will happen is this: Black Africans(cream of African societies) will take the elite Negro position in american society, and white elites will deal with them than with black Americans. We see this already in Obama whose father is pure African.

    • Replies: @Rehmat
  28. ”Then there’s using grandiose names for disguising mediocre schools”

    Public schools are named “Academy”, have students wear uniforms, and have small class sizes in the futile attempt to mimic private schools without acknowledging that the top private schools select students by family income and test scores.

    Berkeley, CA only has one comprehensive public high school (plus an alternative school). They maintain the façade at the high school that everyone is equal by having different Small Schools within the high school so most of the black students don’t have to interact with the white kids in the more rigorous programs and everyone has the opportunity to get good grades and graduate despite their ability.

  29. Mr. Weissberg’s final paragraph may be a bit unnecessarily pessimistic. I suspect that most whites (the zealots excepted of course) already can see through this charade.

  30. gwynedd1 says:

    That picture is just brown white people. May as well just put 3rd generation Punjab in America’s upper middle class. Same thing.

  31. Johnny says:

    There’s a channel on YouTube run by a Japanese guy. Foreigners send him questions about Japan and he uses them to interview random Japanese people on the street. When asked, one Japanese girl thought the African American population was close to 50% of the US, no doubt because of media depictions.

    • Replies: @Frankie P
  32. @Elmer T. Jones

    Fewer black women are straightening their hair either with chemicals or heat. Most of the ones you see with straight hair are wearing wigs, weaves, or extensions. I believe Michelle Obama’s own hair is chemically straightened but her hair at the convention is a weave.

    YouTube has thousands of “sew-in weave” videos.

  33. Priss Factor [AKA "Anonymny"] says: • Website

    Europe had one huge advantage over America. No blacks.

    That advantage is gone.

    Europeans envied American ‘cool’ in music and sports due to blacks.
    Europeans wanted their ‘cool’ race.

    Also, Europeans believed American problem with race had to do with slavery and bigotry.
    So, Europeans would show the way of racial harmony by importing blacks and treating them nice.

  34. Ace says:

    Of about five photographs of happy Wal Mart customers posted in one entrance of my local Wal Mart, two out of 13 people depicted are white, the rest POCs. The same display is at other Wal Mart stores. Whites = 15%.

  35. Ace says:

    House niggers identified with the whites they served. Obongo, to say the least, has not a smidgen of such allegiance. You are confusing “high-class black” with “house nigger.”

    You’re right that blacks can’t get justice in the white American empire. Look at how we force blacks to wear their pants down around their knees to humiliate them and make them unemployable.

  36. Priss Factor [AKA "Anonymny"] says: • Website

    Get a load of this. Too funny.

    —–Violence “has hijacked the celebration of the Caribbean culture,” Adams said. “We want to free the community and that culture from that violence.”—–

    Take out the violence and what is left in Caribbean culture?

    It’s funny. Blacks hate cops.
    But more blacks at any social event means the need for more cops to maintain the peace among violent blacks.
    But when cops do their job, blacks bitch ‘racism’.

    If blacks acted peaceable, there would be less need for police presence.
    But blacks act wild. Therefore, need for more police presence.
    But then, blacks just blame the police for the violence.

    And the affluent Libs rely on police for their own protection but then mouth proggy platitudes about BLM to seem righteous.

  37. Priss Factor [AKA "Anonymny"] says: • Website

    Americans think 25% of the nation is homo.

    And media tolerates such outrageous ignorance cuz it serves the homo agenda.

    So much for secularism. A secularism(in name only) that aids and abets ignorance to push an agenda is really a cult, not an agent of reason.

  38. Art says:

    Jews always control both sides of all arguments in America. All you uppity white bigots need a Jew leader to think for you.

    Listen up you’ll, Mr. Weissberg is telling you brainstem white bigots how to be proper racists.

    You stupid right wing whites, yelling “I hate darkies” is not going to work – be like the Jews, yell “victim.”

    Everyone knows how whites are victims of the the left wing Jew media culture that promotes black victimization. (In truth we are all victims, black and white.)

    You bigots need a “right wing Jew culture” led by Jews —- fight fire with fire “cry victim.”

    Let Bobby Weissberg lead you.

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
    , @dahoit
    , @Ace
  39. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:
    @Elmer T. Jones

    Michelle wears a wig hat. That’s not her hair.

  40. Priss Factor [AKA "Anonymny"] says: • Website

    Let’s not forget Diverse Alchemy.

    All those ‘refugees’ flooding into Europe will become doctors and engineers.

    Let’s not forget homo alchemy and tranny alchemy. Bunghole is a sex organ and a penis can turn into a vagina.

    And there is sexual alchemy. Women will save American business. There was Ellen Pao. Now this one.

  41. hhsiii says:

    Freudian slip. He is probably thinking of that other famous acting couple, Ossie Davis and Ruby Dee.

  42. @Rehmat

    Rehmat, your estimate of the number of Africans in the USA is decades out of date.

    You say 22 million, but there are more than FORTY MILLION Africans here, unfortunately.

  43. @Lawrence Fitton

    We didn’t need this column for that.

    • Replies: @Lawrence Fitton
  44. AndrewR says:

    The problem is that American cops have gotten away with incredibly egregious things for many years (SWAT overuse and “asset forfeiture” to name but two) that many people simply are unwilling to ever give any cop the benefit of the doubt. Any real solutions to the black crime problem must also involve major police reform.

    • Replies: @Stan D Mute
  45. dahoit says:

    [You have been repeatedly warned to improve your spacing, punctuation, and grammar if you wish to see your comments published rather than trashed. It’s your decision.]

    I don’t watch commercials,I sort of tune out,so I can’t tell you the number of blacks on them,but the number of blacks on ESPN is because they are damn good athletes.
    Look,biology says we are all the same species,and there is no doubt some floors are others ceilings,but which is which is in the eye of the beholder.
    Being white myself,our IQ tests pale to Asian,so I’d temper any arrogance.
    The real crime is that pro athletes are paid insane money,while the street is penniless.Its a sports lottery,where if you have good genes, good breaks,and support,you might hit it big time.And I don’t see much giving back,although MJ just donated some big dough.
    The inner city violence is ridiculous,and must be faced.
    But the panderer,HRC, will never deliver.What fools.

    • Replies: @dcite
  46. dahoit says:

    Divide and conquer.

  47. The basis for all this is sacralization of ‘anti-racism’ and demonization of all white gentiles as racist. Blacks can’t get ahead because of white racism. All those helping-hand programs are con games; it takes a nation of millions to hold them back.

    …But not if they’re holding themselves back.

  48. Frankie P says:

    When I ask my Taiwanese students about the demographics of the US, especially concerning blacks, these educated professionals routinely make guesses in the 35 – 45% range. The squeaky wheel gets the media coverage. Perhaps more surprising is the fact that US citizens also believe that blacks make up at least 25% of the population.

  49. @Barnard

    My fave commercial is the Liberty Mutual one where the woman is mocking the man because she got a rebate check for “superior driving”.

    Apparently for women, failing to have two accidents a year constitutes driving excellence.

    • Agree: Barnard
  50. dcite says:

    All due respect to Asians, but what is this dramatic superiority in intellect that makes Europeans “pale” before them? I mean, we’re not typing just now on an Asian invention. We’re not speaking Chinese or Japanese and millions of us aren’t huddled masses yearning to breathe free in Beijing, although I wouldn’t mind a vacation in Thailand. (no, nothing to do with sex.)
    Should Italy “pale” before Poland? They are about 5 points apart too. Should blacks “pale” before white intellect? Now that would be something to see.

  51. Hibernian says:
    @Berta Arnason

    You win a prize for deliberately (I hope) missing the point.

  52. Realist says:

    Excellent article. Great observations.

  53. Realist says:
    @Jacques Sheete

    Dark skinned people with an average IQ of 75

  54. KenH says:

    Racial alchemy indeed. Little green men watching American TV would get the impression that blacks are America’s leading citizens and represent an intellectual elite. It seems every police chief is black and most judges are black females. Only on TV are the criminals mostly white and the cops mostly black.

    Blacks are never depicted as exclusively evil in movies. If an evil black or two is required then it will be balanced by equally evil whites and good blacks. After all, we don’t what those white people in flyover country getting the wrong ideas about race or looking askance at the black man.

    The popular TV series The Walking Dead is a perfect example of this longstanding industry trend where goodwhites and blacks ban together against badwhites and blacks. But the really dastardly characters are almost always white like the governor.

    And it’s Weissbergs co-racialists in the entertainment industry who are responsible for that which he laments. If his folk were true to their principles they would be churning out movies about Israeli women falling madly in love with Palestinian Muslims and depicting Muslims as leading members of Israeli society. They would include stories about the legendary size of the Palestinian Muslim man’s genitalia and his unmatched sexual prowess much like they promote the black man and sell him to brainless and naive white women in America which has produced legions of mulattoes.

    • Replies: @anon
    , @Anonymous
  55. Priss Factor [AKA "Anonymny"] says: • Website


    NFTO or not from the onion(which must be desperate at this moment as reality outdoes parody)

    Maybe the negroes will be like Eddie Murphy saying ‘I got my ice cream’.

  56. @The Alarmist

    Take a look at humanity. The 1% is us.

  57. Rehmat says:
    @Priss Factor

    Do you know the meaning of the so-called COSBY EFFECT?

    On July 22, 2015, Jewish ‘The Daily Beast’ slammed Pakistan-born American author and academic Dr. Kaukab Siddiqui (Lincoln University, Pennsylvania) for “supporting” Black comedian Bill Cosby on his Facebook page.

    Dr. Siddiqui wrote: “The Info about Cosby is not very surprising. Most non-Muslims behave like he did and he had a lot of money. Date rape is common in American universities as the stats show. It’s common in show business. What I can’t understand why it took so long for the violated women to come against him. Was it:

    1.He paid them off.

    2.Many women are sluts.

    3.American women are slaves of rich men.

    4.Random sex is quite acceptable in America.

    5.I really want to know. These “liberated” women of America have taken 10, 20 even 30 years to complain openly. Why?”

    • Replies: @anon
  58. @Berta Arnason

    Well, if you enjoy a significant advantage in being hired or promoted specifically because of your skin color, I’d call that “privileged,” too.

    I’ve seen it with my own eyes. Corporate America will move mountains to hire and promote blacks (and Latinos and women and gays, etc., etc., etc.)

    I guess I should just count my blessings, all of which I was born with due in part to being a child of people whose ancestors spent most of the last 1000 years in Northern Europe and/or England. Me and mine do well in “life’s big race” even when the others enjoy all the extra help my taxes can purchase for them.

  59. @Realist

    I think the word is BLOWBACK.

  60. What is the effect of all this alchemy (and Magic Negro narrative) on blacks?

    Do they think, “Wow, all the other blacks are getting ahead, but Whitey is holding ME, personally, back?”

    Does seeing endless images of “black success” make the average black even MORE bitter?

    Does simply pushing more unprepared and incapable blacks into college or demanding jobs render happy people, or are they even more embittered when they see others (whites, Asians, Ashkenazim) sailing through what very few blacks can tackle?

    I’d ask the same questions about mainstreaming “special ed” kids in regular ed classrooms (which is today’s Big Fad in education) but then the whole thing would be from the department of redundancy department.

  61. Boris says:

    That was a disjointed, paranoid and rambling mess. You hate black people. WE GET IT. But you are way more likely to be attacked or killed by a white person. Where’s that article? What? You’re too upset by WELL-SPOKEN BLACKS SELLING CORN FLAKES!?!?!?
    Morons like you have been stepping all over black people for a long time. I assure you, your superiority is a delusion.

  62. Boris says:

    “memes posted by NASA”

    You know a group that is completely absent from NASA?

    White supremacists. Because you’re stupid.

  63. dcite says:

    You only know Hollywood blacks apparently. Or you just make stuff up. I live around a NASA campus and have worked with them. They would understand all the thoughts expressed by commenters here …the white ones would be more salient.

    • Replies: @Boris
  64. Boris says:

    I live around a NASA campus and have worked with them. They would understand all the thoughts expressed by commenters here

    Some might humor your racist views in the spirit of non-confrontation, but they’ll call you an idiot the moment you walk away.

    • Replies: @dcite
  65. Ed says:

    Black Caribbeans in the UK are relatively few something like 500k in a population of 65 million. A lot easier to subsume than 40 million US blacks. Keep in mind interracial marriage rates distort the fact that blacks are the least likely to be in such unions. Black women the least of all.

  66. Ed says:
    @Priss Factor

    Not sure about that. Certainly more whites have become “niggarized” but only among those that latch on to the mainstream culture as its guide. Plenty of whites have minimum exposure to it. Large swaths of the South, Appalachians & Mountain West are not on board with debauched culture of today.

    Trump’s rise is almost entirely due to this backlash. Look what happened to Mizzou? Behind the scenes donors called pulled funding, applications dropped & now enrollment dropped 25%.

  67. Duke says:

    Wifey and I always make the same comment when we see these commercials…..”science fiction.”

  68. anon • Disclaimer says:

    awesome comment !!!
    loved that genitalia line !!!!
    this boy has talent !!!!

  69. anon • Disclaimer says:

    yes yes !!!!
    three cheers and a hip hip hooray for the good dr suddiqi.
    we westerners must adhere to superior muslim sexual mores . we will adopt mutta marriage (prostitution), bacha bazzi ( forced homosexual sodomy on pre pubescent boys) and of course in a nod to the founder of the religion , marry 6 year old and consummate when she is 9. thank you for setting us straight ramhat

  70. dcite says:

    I don’t divulge “racist” views. I listen.
    NASA employees are just as likely as anyone else to have been, or known, someone murdered, raped, harassed, mugged, etc. I know someone quite important, who was on the metro one morning very early when a black man, for unknown reasons, jumped her and pinned her to the floor. She talked him out of his position. Another time she was in the crowded metro and a black grabbed her laptop with god-kn0ws-what on it; he thought the doors would close too fast but she gave chase through the metro. To their credit the metro police caught him (I think some of them were black.)
    Her experiences have been mild compared to some I know. FBI stats would illuminate you to no end, but they are hard to find.

    • Replies: @Boris
  71. Boris says:

    NASA employees are just as likely as anyone else to have been, or known, someone murdered, raped, harassed, mugged, etc.

    White people are more likely to be murdered, raped, etc. by white people than by black people. So by your logic, I’d expect to see more NASA employees biased against whites than blacks.

    Then again, since it’s irrational to blame an entire race of people for the actions of a few individuals, your “logic” is moronic to begin with.

    • Replies: @Eric Novak
    , @Ace
  72. @Berta Arnason

    They are indeed. Last year, we waited to speak to a salesman at a Honda dealer who was finishing up a sale with a Black woman buying an $32,000 Odyssey with almost half down from her EITC/ACTC check. The salesman did not need to know the source of the down payment, but the buyer volunteered the information.

  73. @Boris

    Whites working or living in areas with high percentages of Blacks are far more likely to be victimized by Blacks than by Whites.

    • Replies: @Boris
  74. @Mark Green

    Are your daughter’s Vanessa and Jessica???

  75. Boris says:
    @Eric Novak

    Whites working or living in areas with high percentages of Blacks are far more likely to be victimized by Blacks than by Whites.

    This is trivially true and holds even if all crimes are completely random.

  76. @AndrewR

    Any real solutions to the black crime problem must also involve major police reform.

    Except the truth is that you cannot effectively police a population of low IQ, angry, resentful, and violent Africans using the same tactics and strategies used to police whites and Asians. Policing the Africans is more akin to our occupation of Iraq where your cops may be ambushed and murdered in a crowd of 300 people, but without a single witness. Whites, on the other hand, trip over one another to be first in testifying and often will chase down, apprehend, and restrain the guilty until the police arrive. Because of this vast difference, we see more and more cops treating everyone as if they are African which leads to the loss of support in the white population.

    The lesson we just refuse to acknowledge is that government cannot erase 50,000-75,000 years of divergent evolution. Perhaps 10% of Africans can and do “act white” enough to function in a positive productive manner in western civilization. The majority on the other hand will never assimilate. 150+ years after Emancipation and we see the same “Talented Tenth” we saw in 1865.

    Most in the alt-right lament Obama’s AFFH scheme. I think it’s exactly what we need. The harder it becomes for goodthinking whites to ignore or excuse African dysfunction, the sooner we might honestly and openly debate this issue and implement a real solution.

    • Replies: @Ace
  77. kikz says:

    “At a minimum, distrust of the mass media will grow and as we now see with the rise of Donald Trump, resentment at being “social worked” will eventually bubble up. At some point the number of non-believers will grow and millions will finally confide to each other that they thought nobody else noticed the lies.”

    The Rubicon is crossed. We’re not stupid, as you assume.

    Other than explaining the bleedingly obvious in some dashboard detail across multi-channels of the environment….the author fails in any detailed attempt to identify any common elements at work in these sectors aiding and abetting these nefarious efforts, or hold them accountable for their actions. “oy, the system is corrupt.. live w/it”

    The author also fails to hypothesize what if anything, other than Trump, Whites will do as they tire of the 24/7 inundation of: institutional lies, systemic governmental discriminatory anti-White legislation/rhetoric, and open political support of anti-White hate groups on one side, with daily attacks of violence and murder by Blacks on the other.

    We are not going to bend over for it anymore, nor remain silent.

    if (((weissberg))) is so troubled by these developments, he should seek to remedy them by pointing out to his religious/cultural brethren how their continued efforts in this ‘industry’ are contributing to the problems he laments.

    • Replies: @Ace
  78. WhatEvvs [AKA "Mipchunk"] says:

    Every scientist I see on TV commercials and on PBS, is a black man, and I’m excluding NdGT.

    Yes, life would be wonderful if it were a stock photo.

    And by the way, even stock photo databases are rigged. If you look on Shutterstock for American, it’s all black. Try it.

    • Replies: @Boris
  79. Boris says:

    Lol. Black people show up because their photos are tagged “African American”, you paranoid doofus.

  80. WhatEvvs [AKA "Mipchunk"] says:

    Guess what, I actually wrote to Shutterstock and asked them for an explanation and they responded with that lame reply.

    That explains nothing. There is no essential reason why if you key in “American man” African-Americans should predominate. Try “white American man” – you still get African Americans. Try European-American man – you still get blacks.


    Now explain all those black physicists, Boris.

    (You get the same stuff with women – key in “white American woman” and you get blacks.)

    • Replies: @helena
  81. helena says:

    “(You get the same stuff with women”

    omg, if you’re talking about google, you’re right. that’s egregious. try latvian and regain some karma.

  82. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    KenH, liberalism is a fear of being hated by the more rapine. The average liberal white is more afraid of Blacks, and Muslims than they are of Whites., and the queers the thinking of “liberal”Jews as well. But there is a reason that Jews dominate both sides of the arguments. We are smarter. From the intellectual left, we will get published, have our movies produced, On the intellectual right, we will dominate Talk Radio i.e. Michale Savage.

    As for who jews are depicted in the media when Jews are involved, you might want to research comments within the Jewish community on self hating Jews. It dominates Israeli intellectual culture. As for showing superiority, of Arabs and Muslims over Jews, just watch any Israeli sitcom, any Israeli movie, sit in any Israeli university lecture. As for real life Go to any Arab village in Israel and you will see captive Jewish wives who were seduced.

    If you watch Law & Order SUV, they never make the Jewish character look good, Never sympathetic.

    With all the Jew bashing that Jews in media due, it’s always depicting our women being conquered within the white community. I haven’t see them depicting a Jewish woman seduced by a Black man, or Muslim. they have to challenge their liberalism further.

  83. Ace says:
    @Jim Christian

    The WSJ had a two-day story c. 1990 about a fantastically motivated black fellow in a black DC high school. He was determined to get into an MIT summer program and then unto MIT.

    He did well though not quite as he hoped. Point being that he had to endure abuse from the oxygen thieves at his school who said he was … wait for it … acting white.

    I’m sure the principal never lost her job.

  84. Ace says:
    @Mark Green

    Anglo-Indians were used by the British in India in the civil service because they were disdained by Indians and could thus be trusted to serve the British.

  85. Ace says:

    Any chance you could consider Mr. Weissberg’s piece on its merits?

  86. Ace says:

    Boris needs to cite some statistics and sources instead of running his mouth.

  87. Ace says:
    @Stan D Mute

    Negroes who are snitches will be the recipients of blows, cuts, GSWs, and surgical procedures that require stitches.

  88. Ace says:

    His lamentations are, however, very informative and insightful.

    Articles on diagnosing and fixing automobile problems do not require a discussion of Japanese auto industry quality control.

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