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The Racial Preference Zombie Lives On
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The racial preference zombie lives on, at least according to Judge Allison Burroughs of the U.S. District Court in Massachusetts in a decision upholding Harvard’s admission’s policy of favoring less academically qualified blacks and Hispanics over Asians. We are told, for the umpteenth time, that despite their lackluster academic records, blacks and Hispanics should be admitted over better qualified whites and Asians to promote all important diversity. In the Judge’s words, “The students who are admitted to Harvard and choose to attend will live and learn surrounded by all sorts of people, with all sorts of experiences, beliefs and talents. They will have the opportunity to know and understand one another beyond race, as whole individuals with unique histories and experiences.”

The case is being appealed and will likely reach the Supreme Court but if past judicial reasoning is any guide to the future, naked racial preferences will somehow survive as a compelling state interest. Their existence may require deceit (“holistic” admission screening being the equivalent of sausage making) but they will survive. After all, what good-thinking person, Supreme Court Justices included, could oppose diversity and all of its wondrous benefits? Certainly not university experts—some 37 higher education groups filed an amicus curie brief endorsing the “Harvard model” of holistic admission.

Left unsaid in this celebration of diversity is an obvious but never raised question—how exactly does adding blacks and Hispanics so dramatically upgrade learning vis-à-vis other students who are equally diverse but have different skin colors? Surely it is plausible that, for example, admitting a few poor but bright Appalachian whites would expose their classmates to distinct values rarely encountered in an Ivy League school. Are blacks and Hispanics akin to some secret sauce to enhance the “flavor” of the college experience? A “spice” to the campus mix far superior to what some trailer court trash might add?

In principle, establishing the value of a diversity “spice” would not be especially difficult. Harvard could begin by admitting some diversity applicants according to non-racial criteria, say a few white kids from exotic religious sects. Hardly difficult given a dozen or more of categories of students whose campus presence would be a great novelty.

Harvard’s admission office would then evaluate the academic successes of these multiple non-racial diversity enrollees, things like their majors, grades and subsequent admission to top graduate programs. The admissions office would then calculate the cost of all non-racial diversity admits–extra tutoring, funding separate housing units or the creation of entirely new academic majors to facilitate their graduation. (This accounting might also include the cost of handling campus disruptions.) An exit survey of seniors might ask about how regular admittees benefited from contacts with these non-racial diversity undergraduates. Who knows, these seniors might have learned more from southern Pentecostal whites named Bubba or Cooter than from the offspring of wealthy African Americans.

Going one step further, faculty could be surveyed regarding the classroom contributions of various diversity students. Is it true, for example, that black students brought fresh non-obvious insights to classroom discussion, perhaps suggesting topics once over-looked by their instructors and white middle class students? Or, on the other side of the ledger, did the mere presence of black students push certain important race-sensitive issues off the agenda? Moreover, was it true, as per Harvard’s claim regarding the drawbacks of “too many” Asians, that classrooms with lots of Asians lacked spirited debate? Based on my own decades of classroom experiences, most professors are fully aware of how presences of even a tiny number of “woke” students can shape what is taught and frank classroom exchanges.

A full accounting of the diversity contribution would also entail comparing the academic experiences of blacks admitted via preferences versus those admitted without them. Did blacks with below average SAT’s compared to their Harvard classmates receive a better education than, say, blacks with similar test scores at an institution where they were in the middle of the pack academically? After all, the diversity benefit is supposed to benefit all students, African Americans included, not just whites. What is the impact of encountering super-smart classmates they would not otherwise meet? How does it feel to nearly always be in the bottom of the class?

What about future donations to the old alma mater? What do African Americans give versus, say, first generation Vietnamese immigrants also admitted due to their diversity? Surely those in alumni relations are also aware of group differences in helping to recruit prized students or organizing local fund raisers.

This far broader assessment of diversity hardly icing on cake in defense of “the obvious.” Each piece of data is fundamental to the diversity defense and far more consequential than offering up the usual vacuous testimonials about mastering the skills necessary to navigate today’s multicultural world. Indeed, Judge Burroughs should have insisted that Harvard conduct this research to justify its “holistic” admission policy. And, and for good measure, dismissed Harvard’s purely rhetorical defense as “mere speculation” absent corroborating hard data. After all, Harvard is requesting an exception to a clear-as-day provision of Title VI of the 1964 Civil Rights Act and it would be bizarre for Harvard to insist that such an exception should be granted exclusively on the unsupported assurances of university administrators (an “everybody knows” defense).

As for Harvard’s possible rejoinder that this fact-based defense is beyond the school’s resources and capacity, this is nonsense. Hard to believe, for example, that Harvard is unaware of how affirmative action students perform academically, their majors, the costs of retention and their post-graduation contribution. Professors know full well how they have to steer classroom discussions on “hot” racial topics to avoid career-ending incidents. Surely the school’s bloated diversity bureaucracy can assemble these data, particularly if required for a legal defense.


Needless to say, it is highly unlikely that Harvard or any other diversity-obsessed school will broaden its diversity definition to include whites of any background let alone attempt to measure empirically the net diversity benefits of one group vis-à-vis another. The results could be embarrassing. Imagine if graduating seniors claimed to have benefited the most from encountering Hillbillies? Would the admission office then dispatch recruiters to rural Kentucky to find the next J.D. Vance? The entire idea of scientifically measuring diversity’s benefits is obviously unthinkable in today’s politically correct climate. What are the odds that the data will demonstrate that admitting academically sub-par blacks and Hispanics works as claimed? Stick to safe platitudes.

Now to bell the cat: this disinterest in assessing the benefit of diversity strongly suggests that racial preferences are just a political pay-off to a favored constituency no different than, say, ethanol subsidies to farmers or tax abatements for real estate developers. Alas, only the bravest of the brave will dare admit it in public, but at least in principle, the good news is that this confession is not especially loathsome. Politicians love to take credit for catering to their constituents.

What is immoral about a group wanting prestige diplomas unobtainable via color-blind admission standards? Recall that for decades Harvard awarded degrees to less-than-brilliant offspring of wealthy WASPs. Acquiescence to such demands is also just part of American pluralism whereby all (or nearly all) interests are accommodated via the political process. Just think of it as the moral equivalent of ethanol subsidies helping preserve the romanticized family farm. All and all, just one of countless examples of political corruption whose justification required lying, albeit lying that is particularly embarrassing.

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  1. Can the Asian groups appeal this decision?

    Is there any white collective that will make the case for whites, which is much more compelling then for Asians? Pending a successful appeal?

    And is a ChiComm dominated Ivy League any less unpalatable then a Jew dominated Ivy League? Both are bad.

  2. TRM says:

    Instead of reserving spaces at the top end why not offer free tutoring in math and English for all kids in poor families? Doesn’t matter what color you are, if your family are poor you get help.

  3. Just one way more of undermining the US Tertiary sector. As if bloated bureacracies, grotesque Admin pay levels, equally grotesque spending on sporting coaches & their absolutely necessary “infrastructure” & the whole trillions plus Student Loans & fees fiasco were not enough!

    • Agree: Realist, TomSchmidt
    • Replies: @Euripidoze
    , @Richard P
  4. HBDestiny says:

    We all know that positive discrimination/racial quotas/affirmative action etc is based on the false premise that all races are equally competent. However, I’m not sure if there’s been any discussion of unintended benefits of these policies from a HBD perspective. Here’s two I can think of:

    When education and employment are based on merit, the high IQ races get an inflated view of the low IQ races, since they will tend to work and go to university with only the few people from the low IQ races that are equally competent to themselves. This of course leads to disastrous political views. With positive discrimination, the high IQ races get a much more accurate picture of the low IQ races. This would also apply to desegregation policies in general, I’d guess there’s not many white SJWs living among poor blacks. You might call it the “Familiarity breeds contempt”-theory, perhaps someone here can offer evidence for or against it.

    Secondly, women have fewer children the more educated they are, regardless of IQ. Therefore, positive discrimination in education will reduce the birth rates of low IQ races while increasing the birth rates of high IQ races. (Source:

    Now, of course there are also negatives like:

    It increases the number of people from low IQ races in positions of power and influence and it provides more opportunities for interracial crime and race mixing due to increased proximity.

    The fact that low IQ minorities often live segregated from the rest has protected the high IQ races, but it has also insulated them from the consequences of diversity. What is better, being forced to face the problems of diversity right away while they’re still manageable, or remaining mostly insulated as the low IQ minorities gradually take over?

    • Replies: @Realist
    , @MBlanc46
  5. Dan Hayes says:

    Prof Weissberg,

    As pointed out, Harvard knows the post-graduation financial contributions of their affirmative action students. Academic studies have established that blacks are notoriously meager restaurant service tippers. I am sure that this same “cheapness” holds for their post-graduation contributions. I am even surer that Harvard will not release these results.

    • Agree: TKK
    • Replies: @loren
    , @TKK
  6. From Wikipedia:

    Judge Burroughs is most notable for her order putting a hold on President Donald Trump’s travel ban in January 2017…

    Appointed, of course, by the gay muslim kenyan.


  7. Racial preferences for black are to stay.

    Shortly before leaving office I listened to President Obama, interviewed, say that “racism” is “still part of our DNA that’s passed on.” “[P]art of our DNA”? I loved the professorial affected “sciency” ring to it? – made it sound so authoritative, objective and conclusive. When pressed, he switched from science professor to medical pathologist: “Racism. We’re not cured of it.” These six mind-boggling words didn’t get nearly the attention they deserved, in my view, because they laid down the future of race-relations in America, and not a happy one. Even my two-candle power intellect was sufficient to decode these metaphors and grasp that the outgoing, twice-elected with white support, first Black American President was solemnly announcing that the Black-moral-superiority/White-inferiority arrangement of American society remains solidity in place.

    Obama’s “we’re” who is not “cured” is not really a “we” but an “us,” white Americans, and given that it’s in our “DNA,” not his, it’s a very safe wager that the “cure” is yet to be discovered and a long way down the pike. And, it’s going to be black Americans who get to play epidemiologist and say when our DNA is clean and cure has worked. So, “we” shouldn’t hold our breath. The bottom line decoded: the good guys for the time being will remain the good guys and keep reminding us bad guys about how bad we used to be and lecture us about “white privilege,” as they tear down the “white supremacy” monuments and demand reparations for their forced participation in an institution destroyed by white people at the cost of 750,000 lives one hundred and sixty years ago.

    And our culpability will be even worse now because we mistakenly and stupidly believe that racism no longer permeates every crevice of American society and is responsible for every disparity in racial social position. “We shall overcome someday.” Someday like the second coming of you know who. The outgoing President, we might say, was “leveraging the collective guilt” far into the distant future.

  8. gotmituns says:

    Just burn these “colleges” down and forget about it.

    • Replies: @Arnieus
    , @Bill Jones
  9. Archangel says:

    One of the great advantages of studying at Harvard is access to truly good learning in science, law, medicine, etc; provided one is interested in learning. Even in fluff subjects such as political science one can learn a lot on sociology, polling, electoral segmentation, effective propaganda, etc. An intelligent student would never blow away such learning opportunities, a prestigious diploma, and the sunken tuition in a ‘frank’ debate. Sprinkle this with the ‘safe space’ and PC snitch atmosphere and the intelligent get paralysis of tongue syndrome. So the professors’ and administrators’ lament at the lack of ‘frank’ debate is not only disingenuous, it amounts to shifting the blame from them to the students. Another example of the inversion of responsibility.

  10. Realist says:

    College entrance should be based on merit…the ability to perform academically at the college level.

    • Replies: @Justvisiting
    , @Moi
  11. Realist says:

    Doesn’t matter what color you are, if your family are poor you get help.

    What if they are stupid…you can’t fix stupid.

    • Replies: @bruce county
  12. Realist says:

    Secondly, women have fewer children the more educated they are, regardless of IQ.

    Attending college does not mean you are educated.

    • Replies: @TomSchmidt
  13. conatus says:

    Everyone wants to graduate from the Ivy League so they will be hired by the top firms and make a lot of money, get a lot of power and prestige.  But wasn’t it the U. S. Supreme Court which created this monster of Higher Education? In Griggs v Duke power, by not allowing general testing for employment purposes and labeling those tests as discriminatory, SCOTUS forced businesses to turn to the proxy of a college degree.  Now, rather than spend 200 dollars on a simple test to hire people, business uses college ranking  and thus parents are forced to spend 250,000 dollars on  Higher Education(preferably super selective Ivy)  for businesses to use as a proxy for a test  to select their applicants. Rather than a 200 dollar aptitude test, SCOTUS Grigg’s decision forced us all to spend 250K on Higher Ed.Way to go judges…you know better than us.

     Forbes had an article ‘Think (or blame) the Supreme Court for credential inflation’ by George Leef in 2014 discussing this decision….”A 1971 Supreme Court decision, Griggs v. Duke Power, had a lot to do with it, by giving employers a strong incentive to use educational credentials as a proxy for aptitude testing.”

    • Agree: Rich, Alden
    • Replies: @anonymous
    , @Polymath
  14. Realist says:
    @Stephen Paul Foster

    Racial preferences for black are to stay.

    Not if Whites find their balls.

    • Replies: @KenH
  15. Anonymous[364] • Disclaimer says:

    The anti-white agenda seems to be gradually becoming an anti-Asian agenda in North America. It’s like the elites realise that the North American white is more or less done for and has moved onto the next target, Asians.

    I notice that mass immigration and multikulti propaganda is being ramped up in East Asian countries all the time. East Asians were never going to be spared the agenda, once the elites are finished with whites, East Asia was always going to be next.

  16. @Sick of Orcs

    Gay Muslim Kenyan Communist.

    • Agree: Sick of Orcs
    • Replies: @Cyrano
  17. Sean says:

    I suppose the idea of a university is not to produce the next Shockley or Noyce, but rather the liberal humanist conception that we should be developing through varied personal experiences into a fulfilled nuanced individual.

    Most readers associate evolution with Darwinian natural selection, but Wagner points out its limited creative capacity. In natural selection, a better adapted organism produces more offspring. This preserves good traits and discards bad ones until it reaches a peak of fitness. This process works perfectly in an “adaptive landscape” with a single peak, but it fails when there are many—and higher—peaks. Conquering the highest—true creativity—requires descending into a valley and trying again. Natural selection never chooses the worse over the better, so it can’t descend. Wagner devotes most of his book to the 20th-century discovery of the sources of true biological creativity: genetic drift, recombination, and other processes that inject diversity into the evolutionary process. His final section on human creativity contains less hard science but plenty of imagination. The human parallel with natural selection is laissez faire competition, which is efficient but equally intolerant of trial and error. Far more productive are systems that don’t penalize failure but encourage play, experimentation, dreaming, and diverse points of view. In this vein, American schools fare poorly, but Asian schools are worse.

    Shockley was a failure in his later ventures, probably due to a mechanistic cast of mind from both his parents being technical specialists (Noyce the master administrator had ministers of religion on both sides). I suppose the Chinese will have more Shockley types swarming out of their associative mating and breeding grounds than Noyce types, so how good Shockley actually was becomes more than academic. According to a recent article by Professor Simms, “China — one of the most protectionist economies in the world — is now celebrated at Davos as the avatar of free trade … an apparent poster boy of political stability and governability. […] By the time the easily diverted West finds itself in open conflict with Beijing, we will have lost our relative advantage.”

    • Replies: @bomag
    , @Carroll Price
  18. sally says:

    To tell the truth this whole idea of academic admissions has become a historical problem. its no longer a rational argument about college or graduate school admission.

    Today the entire world can enter just about any school over the Internet. everyone can challenge the course experiences from the same professors at the same time, and everyone can take the same examinations at the same time.. world wide even laboratories can be shared. Its the fault of the university, and an elite controlled system of governance that demands society sort out those allowed to succeed from who to be denied that keeps segregated differentiated admissions policies in existence. Competitively , outcomes from Harvard experience is not over until the fat lady sings.

    Every student of any kind wishing to challenge Harvard or any other degree granting institution should be allowed to do so, my bet is that persons Harvard never dreamed of will be life-time star performers.

    Education is a bureaucracy, learning is a biological response to experience. The two are related only through experience. Give everyone the Harvard experience .. and quit complaining about admission differentials.

  19. Arnieus says:

    That is crazy. All those buildings could be homeless shelters.

    • LOL: bomag, 216
  20. Walter says:

    I would regard academic performance with skepticism…

    Lazy or stupid, rich whites get “a gentleman’s c”. Professors are under pressure to falsify grades…for several categories…”blacks” are merely one…then there’s fags and so forth…very democratic…sorta…if you mix ad hoc policies with intimidation and fakery…and call that democratic and see that as good.

    I cannot speak of Harvard, but I know what happens when unqualified graduate students admitted according to their race fail their exams at UCLA – because it happened.

    What happens is that the dean calls the professor and desires their grades to be raised.

    Then if their grades are not raised, the professor’s parking space is moved to a new assigned space as far as possible from her office.

    Then the professors quits…

    And the unqualified graduate students’ grades are raised by the new professor.

    Then, presumably, when they graduate and take the bar exam, and fail, they make the bar exam easier…

    Same for the engineering examinations, I hear…

    How this benefits either the students, their future clients, or the State remains mysterious, eh?

  21. The word “racism” is a communist invention that was specifically designed to silence those that were viewed as standing in the way of communist goals.
    Coined by Red Army founder Leon Trotsky, in his book History of the Russian Revolution, the term racism was invented to give the impression that the Eastern Slavs of Russia were selfish and greedy for doing nothing more than wanting to preserve their cultural identity. Sound familiar?

    America has become by definition “A Communist Country”. Racial Preference is a true form of racism. We are all “commies” now.

    Is Communism active in the United States? The answer is “yes”. Is the CIA involved?

    • Agree: Carroll Price
    • Replies: @anon
    , @Richard P
  22. @Realist

    College entrance is a great learning experience for young people.

    They learn quickly that what matters is the color of their skin and _not_ the content of their character.

  23. “…just a political pay-off to a favored constituency…”

    Ya think???? 😂😂😂

    • Replies: @Paw
  24. Anon[227] • Disclaimer says:

    Harvard, like much else, is ruled by a certain minority with an underpinning interest in such policies (and the hypocrisy that is their grounds), with the much-needed, never-in-shortage co-operation of the narcissism of most well-to-do, high-IQ Caucasians.

    So, no, it’s not going to change. More broadly: school and university are not going to be back to being school, and university for real (because you have the whole privilege to women thing that is still more harmful than racial privilege to blacks and Hispanics).

  25. bomag says:
    @Flint Clint

    Is there any white collective that will make the case for whites…?


    “Holistic admissions” should be a way to favor Whites, since they punch above their test score weight when it comes time to build a society in which people want to live.

    But that coin is currently being spent on behalf of Blacks and Latinos etc, and we’re reaping all the improvement that is rendering.(sarc)

    • Replies: @anonymous
  26. @Realist

    Yes, yes, we know. Cheap rhetorical point. I don’t doubt you agree with the original commenter’s point, based as it is in data. It just takes longer to type “the more years of higher education a woman has, the lower her fertility.”

    • LOL: Twodees Partain
    • Replies: @Realist
  27. @TRM

    Free tutoring was tried years back (the cram academies much liked by Asians). Despite a major effort to get black kids to enroll, only 6% of those eligible signed up. I have no data on what proportion improved their math scores but I’d bet is was less than half.

    • Replies: @The Dark Night
  28. Mr. Weissberg,

    Why no mention of jews being hugely over represented at Harvard? Oh right, jews are white when ever convenient and jewish the rest of the time. Did you really think this obvious slight of hand wouldn’t be noticed?

    • Agree: loren
  29. Rich says:

    I think part of this obsession of American elites to continue the nonsensical affirmative action route is that by separating the “smarter” Negroes from their brethren, they prevent Negroes from working together as a group. The Romans always took in the children of foreign leaders, educating them, in effect turning them into Romans, the Brits and the French did the same. This also helps foment tension among the lower classes and prevents, at least to their thinking, the possibility of violent revolution. Whites vs Black vs Hispanics vs Asians, is ingenious, in a way. It’s wrong, and I think it’s bound to fail as affirmative action morons rise up the ranks and destroy our society, but it’s working for them right now.

    Bridges collapse, buildings collapse, trains break down, ships crash into each other, the lowering of standards due to affirmative action hurts society in general, but barely has an effect on America’s elite.

    • Replies: @bomag
    , @Alden
    , @Ancient Briton
  30. zogborg [AKA "clusterfuck"] says:

    Alot of white nationalists are delusional in thinking they are the main target of this society. Its quite obvious the greasy kikes hate Asians (males in particular) with a vengeance. When was the last time an Asian male was portrayed positively in Hollywood movies? Why is racism against Asians tolerated but say one thing about the precious niggers and kikes and you’re immediately cancelled? The Jew masters don’t even care about you inbred crackers anymore, you guys have been neutered and defeated for quite a while now, which is why you worship niggers and kikes.

  31. @Realist

    Oh… but “we” can fix stupid. Our government has made sure the fix is included in everything we say and do. Right down to the penny on our taxes. We pay and things get better so we are asked (told) to believe.
    As John Wayne said..
    Life is hard.. Its harder when you’re stupid.

    • Replies: @zogborg
  32. bomag says:

    Far more productive are systems that don’t penalize failure but encourage play, experimentation, dreaming, and diverse points of view.

    True to an extent, but one must be careful of having too much of a good thing.

    When such systems get administered by mechanistic types, you get a push for more and more “diversity” (or play, or experimentation, or dreaming) until the system chokes to death.

  33. bomag says:

    …they prevent Negroes from working together as a group

    Our elites are happy to organize and lead the Negro masses as shock troops against political opponents.

    • Replies: @Rich
  34. zogborg [AKA "clusterfuck"] says:
    @bruce county

    Actually you could make the case that life is harder when you’re smart. Ignorance is bliss and if one is just intelligent without having alot of money and power, life can be living hell. The biggest example would be the retarded niggers in our midst who are coddled with welfare and affirmative action while productive races are forced to feed and support these apes, and of course foreign ((parasites)). Niggers have got to be the closest thing on this planet to two-legged animals.

    • Replies: @Richard P
  35. Bookish1 says:

    If you watch tv you will become convinced that the white Male is the number one hatred of jews. I dont believe the asian male is hated by jews nearly as much as the white male.

    • Agree: Alden
    • Disagree: Sam Coulton
  36. nymom says:

    The irony of the whole situation is that people exposed to black students actually like them less than people who rarely if ever encounter them. Thus, you have the phenomenon of students from upper class families (who never went to school with or interacted in any meaningful way with a black student) supporting all of this ‘woke’ nonsense. Whereas working class kids who interacted with black students on a regular basis dislike them intensely and want nothing to do with them as adults…

    It throws out the whole scenario painted by liberals that young people who interact with each other as kids are better able to handle a diverse society. It appears to be just the opposite…

    Same for Asians…I actually used to work with a woman who immigrated here from China and she told me she liked black people a lot more when she just knew about them in China versus coming here and having her son beat up by them every day in school…

    • Replies: @Wally
    , @KenH
    , @Ben the Layabout
  37. Realist says:

    Yes, yes, we know. Cheap rhetorical point.

    It’s a factual point…your point?

    • Replies: @TomSchmidt
  38. Moi says:

    In this new America, diversity is to be valued over merit/performance. We are just about all the way down the proverbial shit-hole.

    • Replies: @Realist
  39. anonymous[403] • Disclaimer says:

    how exactly does adding blacks and Hispanics so dramatically upgrade learning vis-à-vis other students

    Hah, in actual practice being in the same classrooms and schools with those groups degrades the educational experience. Busing destroyed public school systems everywhere. This is the reality, far removed from diversity wonderland fantasies.

  40. Realist says:

    We are just about all the way down the proverbial shit-hole.

    Coming soon.

  41. I wish someone would argue against affirmative action based on Brown v Board of Education.

    In Brown the SCOTUS overturned a 50+ year principle called ‘separate but equal’. The Court ruled there is no such thing as separate but equal because the act of separating harms certain people.

    Okay. So what is affirmative action but ‘separate but better’ ?

    The ‘better’ is obvious and ‘separate’ because by accepting separate rights the victims of affirmative action segregate themselves.

    If the Court believes there is no such thing as ‘separate but equal’ must it not conclude the same about ‘separate but better’?

    • Replies: @Alden
  42. Wally says:

    – Indeed, so called “liberals” overwhelmingly live as far away from blacks as possible.
    GIS studies using census, race, & income data prove that conclusively.

    – Most send their children to schools where there are very few blacks.

    They know the truth, but are afraid to openly admit it.

  43. unit472 says:

    Given the size and wealth in both the black and Asian communities their is no reason ( beyond the difficulty in finding first rate negro faculty) in funding their own elite university. Harvard maybe over 300 years old but William and Mary is too and it doesn’t have Harvard’s cachet. OTOH Stanford didn’t open its doors until 1891 when it was called Stanford Junior University but today its is as prestigious as Harvard or Yale.

    No reason LeBron James or Shaquille O’Neill couldn’t use their money to create a ‘Black Stanford’. If they pulled it off it would put paid to the idea of negro academic inferiority which is probably why no one will ever attempt it.

    No one doubts Asian academic acumen though so it is puzzling why wealthy Asians have not said to hell with Harvard and its anti Asian admission policies and put their money and names on a university where they call the shots

    • Replies: @Anonymouse
  44. Harvard is a business school and letting in more low IQ students to take easily taught courses is a much better business model than bringing in more high IQ students who will take hard to teach courses.
    A low paid grievance studies adjutant professor can teach a large class of students who are willing to pay a high price for a poor product. A high IQ student will take more demanding courses which will required much higher paid full professors. Even worse, the attrition rate will be lower. Instead of having a high first year cull rate, more students will advance to the second year which will require more expensive teachers and reduce the revenue per professor.
    It’s far better have just a few higher paid professors with a few students. This is expensive, but the economics are like a lottery. A lot of fools pay in and only a very few win, but when they win, they win big.
    The ideal is to have a high ratio of students to teacher with the students paying high tuition while the teacher makes a low salary. This maximizes profitability.
    At the graduate level, the competition for qualified professors for intellectually demanding courses is against a very high paying private sector. Hedge funds and other investments firms pay very high salaries to physics majors. The school has to match these salaries while the professor has only a handful of students.
    Grievance studies professors are in much lower demand with a much higher supply and lower salaries. It’s much more profitable to have lots of humanities professors teaching lots of students.
    If you truly have a good grasp of business, why stay at a university when you could be making millions in the private sector? There’s a reason why a lot of company founders drop out of school early. They quickly realize that their time is better spent making money with the knowledge they have, then spending time to acquire more knowledge that they may not need.
    There is little to no risk of this happening in the humanities. No one is going to get rich teasing some new nugget of information out of the works of Shakespeare.
    On the other hand selling prestige to status seeking idiots is much more profitable.

    • Replies: @Robert Dolan
    , @Euripidoze
  45. anonymous[348] • Disclaimer says:

    a society in which people want to live

    That does appears to be true. But, how did you get there?

    Your most beautiful cities were built on plunder and suffering of billions around the world.

    Your society also functions on various forms of ungodly degeneracies. No wonder many people love to be a part of that.

    Keeping that in mind, you are all headed for a great big fall… if not here, most assuredly in Hell.

    Enjoy for now… I assure you, it won’t last.

    • LOL: Wally
    • Replies: @bomag
  46. KenH says:

    Not if Whites find their balls.

    Well conservatism, inc. lost theirs decades ago and most whites are still looking for their set as of this writing when it comes to challenging racial preferences for non-whites .

    • Replies: @Realist
  47. KenH says:

    It throws out the whole scenario painted by liberals that young people who interact with each other as kids are better able to handle a diverse society. It appears to be just the opposite…

    Familiarity breeds contempt and the only whites who have a positive view of blacks are those who’ve had no or very limited experience with them. Or those that are so hopelessly brainwashed that they’re suffering from a psychological break with reality.

    The (((media))) and the smart set endlessly lecture us that whites who are wary of blacks are just motivated by blind racism and ignorance but in fact it’s because those whites have had contact with blacks and have learned that they aren’t mirror images of ourselves in every way albeit with chocolate coating. In general blacks are dumb, surly, attitudinal, prone to violence and no fun to be around which is why lots of people of various racial types, not just whites, tend to avoid them.

  48. @Boiled Brain

    Harvard doesn’t care about making money. In fact, making money is not even on their radar.

    The elite schools have billions of dollars in endowments that were earned by white Christian men over the centuries. Then the jews took over the schools and turned them into marxist anti-white indoctrination centers.

    The elite schools are now centers of propaganda for the jewish internationalists. and their main goal is to disenfranchise/ demonize/atomize white Christian people.

  49. Rich says:

    You are exactly right. Negroes, in general, aren’t a very intelligent people and always vote for candidates who favor more immigration, legal and illegal, which drive down most Negro wages and makes finding and holding a job even harder for them. Meanwhile, those Negroes, who, through affirmative action, are able to get higher paying positions, always parrot whatever lines are fed to them by their elitist masters because they know that if they lose the support of the masters, they’ll be unemployed, and forced to live among their own people.

    The use of “Negro shock troops” is a great tool of American elites because it makes Whites, Hispanics, Asians and civilized blacks support more police power and a stronger state.

  50. bomag says:

    Your most beautiful cities were built on plunder and suffering of billions around the world.


    Okay, but then Whites have done more with plunder than anyone else.

  51. beau says:

    bullshit, amerikan style, is the reality.

    politics ruins everything it touches, it touches everything and it is quite obvious this is so.

  52. S. Handle says:

    On the face of it, diversity is the opposite of university.

  53. anonymous[217] • Disclaimer says:

    Are there countries out there not subject to the Griggs decision that use IQ testing to hire non-university graduates? I can’t think of any. I think it’s highly exaggerated to blame Griggs.

    • Replies: @conatus
    , @Alden
    , @Dan Hayes
  54. Haha says:

    Exactly, you nailed it in a few sensible words. Offering free of cost extra tutoring is not only non-discriminatory and therefore ethical, but the only sensible educational strategy. But then we are not living in a sensible age. It is politically more expedient to simply print diplomas and hand them out like candy – strictly per racial or diversity quotas of course. The resulting age of semi-literacy and mass idiocy is of no concern to the powers that be. And while at it, why not hire professors not by merit but to further the cause of diversity. Stupid is as stupid does!

    • Replies: @Alden
  55. Realist says:

    Well conservatism, inc. lost theirs decades ago and most whites are still looking for their set as of this writing when it comes to challenging racial preferences for non-whites .

    Yes, and many issues as well.

  56. Anon[212] • Disclaimer says:

    I love when you IQ fetishists call political science “fluff” while bemoaning the state of … politics. I guess some “fluff” is kinda important, eh? Too bad all you high-IQ types went into physics since everything else was so infra dig, leaving politics to the dumbassses.

  57. 216 says: • Website

    The big question is whether or not a Chinese academic model can displace the Western model.

    Few Westerners want to learn Mandarin and study in China, and it would be ill-advised for China to sponsor English-language faculties which would prove a subversive element.

    But the Chinese might be able to make a digital proctoring system work, as they have less tied into the prestige gambit of American academia.

    That’s a game-changer, if it means that conservative parents don’t have to shoulder the cost of four-year residential institutions, or the higher taxes to provide “free college”

  58. Liza says:

    Yep. J.D. Vance unquestionably did benefit from rubbing shoulders (and I guess a whole lot more) with his fellow students at law school. Mind you, some would consider his wife a notch or two above the Hispanics and Blacks and more than a few notches above the girls from his home town. Just saying, you understand.

    Vance is married to one of his former law school classmates, Usha Chilukuri, an Indian-American woman

  59. @Realist

    You’re nitpicking semantics with someone who agrees with you. Good way to lose an ally. Who in fact believes the same thing you believe, but phrased it differently.

    You think your enemies bother to nitpick semantics while confronting their enemy? It’s only when they think they’ve won that we get the amusing circular firing squad on the left, or whatever it is nowadays, since the old left wasn’t as concerned with identity politics as economic issues.

    The time for the circular firing squad on the right isn’t here. It may never be here, but at least you’ll have made your minor rhetorical point, I guess.

    • Replies: @Realist
  60. conatus says:

    Bryan Caplan had a post on that in 2013.
    There were countries in 2013 that allowed IQ tests for employment according to the commenters.

  61. There is no excuse for whites/conservatives to put up with any of this. Many schooling options are available these days. Home schooling, private schooling, community/group schooling, tutors, trade schools, apprenticeships, and of course online training. People are just lazy and would rather complain and give excuses than rebuild the culture. I’m extremely disappointed in you losers.

    • Replies: @Alden
  62. @TRM

    I think remedial help help has been available for those who need it. There’s no excuses.

  63. Negroes have tried to create black Harvards–they’re called Spelman and Howard and they are laughingly lousy. Affirmative action is basically a parasitic survival strategy Negroes have embraced because they know deep down that they are society’s losers and need lots of help from smart races.

  64. TKK says:
    @Dan Hayes

    The original use of niggaredly was cheap or meager.

    I just read ” Life on the Mississippi” by Mark Twain and a working boy on a barge complained:

    The cook gave me a niggared portion of taters and rice.

  65. This article managed to avoid stating the real issue: a powerless minority, Asians, are being denied their quota by Jews, a very powerful minority. Affirmative action is just the excuse. Affirmative action must be relegated to the dust bin of history, despite the babblings of homosexual, muslim, faux presidents like Soetoro.
    It’s time for the Majority of White Americans to demand a ‘birthright’ Amendment. It’s ours. We built it. 65% or greater must reflect the historic, European nation at all public institutions.
    We must then proceed to hire each other., exclude others and make no apologies. They will leave or shut up.
    Simultaneously, of course, we must implement ownership requirements for all Media to reflect the dominant culture. This is how we retake our society. The failure to do so will result in more Balkanization, more insanity and more corruption.
    Immigration reform. No more anchor babies. Send them back. Etcetera.

  66. @Sick of Orcs

    Anti-White gay muslim kenyan communist

  67. I read on the very top of the article….

    “The racial preference zombie lives on, at least according to Judge Allison Burroughs of the U.S. District Court in Massachusetts in a decision upholding Harvard’s admission’s policy of favoring less academically qualified blacks and Hispanics over Asians”

    Hmmmm is something missing from this first sentence?
    Like…..Harvard’s admission’s policy of favoring less academically qualified blacks, JEWS and Hispanics over White and Asian students” ??????

    Or Jews are THAT smart, above and beyond everybody else

  68. Realist says:

    You’re nitpicking semantics with someone who agrees with you. Good way to lose an ally. Who in fact believes the same thing you believe, but phrased it differently.

    Nitpicking? Your comment #26 to my comment #12, that wasn’t even addressed to you, is as follows:

    Yes, yes, we know. Cheap rhetorical point. I don’t doubt you agree with the original commenter’s point, based as it is in data. It just takes longer to type “the more years of higher education a woman has, the lower her fertility.”

    You’re a great ‘ally’. Don’t ‘help’ me again.

    The time for the circular firing squad on the right isn’t here. It may never be here, but at least you’ll have made your minor rhetorical point, I guess.

    You need to figure it out and stop guessing .

    • Replies: @Alden
    , @TomSchmidt
  69. @Bookish1

    All the things Jews complain are stereotypes: superiority complex, greed-based, racial nepotism, control of The Narrative via media and (re)education, diversity for all but themselves, are greatly admired by the Asian.

    • Replies: @Sam Coulton
  70. Marcus25 says:

    Not buying your premise in your last sentence. The white Christian male is the antithesis of who they are, and it’s the Jewish fear of non-existence which drives them.

  71. Running a real world institution according to the belief in a fantasy….. what could possibly go wrong?

  72. @Flint Clint

    Not only do the Jews dominate the Ivy League they dominate who runs the Ivy League. Over 75% of all Presidents, Deans, Chairmen, and higher administrators are Jewish. How is this diversity? The entire argument that there is diversity when you put students from diverse backgrounds that benefit the university no matter what their academic status is total nonsense. At these so called “melting pots” of diversity the blacks hang with the blacks, the Asians with the Asians and the Jews with the Jews. The Jews even have their own Kosher Dining Halls I believe at Harvard.

    This is just another game to put people who can’t make it academically to give them fake degrees for their so called minority status. The damn country is done. Instead of a society based on merit and skill set we will have a world based on some birthright of color or minority status.

    • Replies: @Skeptikal
  73. Harvard, Yale, Columbia and the others should be declared Historical Black Colleges (HBCs). We now know these institutions were built by black slaves. These HBCs should educate only African-Americans and black trans women of color. There are plenty of other colleges that can be used to educate Asian-Americans and the dwindling number of white people that graduate high school. We should make an exception for Jewish white people and allow them to attend the new HBCs, due to the Holocaust and the pervasive anti-semitism faced by this population.

    It’s all about equity and making sure we have a level playing field.

  74. @animalogic

    You forgot Safe Spaces, wherein students who begged, cheated, and sued to get into the Ivy League can be safe from Ivy League students. Say what you will about legacy set aside admissions, at least they don’t bitch about their gift after they receive it.

  75. @Boiled Brain

    I agree. Our elite universities will still turn out world class scientists and engineers, even though sections of the campuses are given over to Victims’ Studies and Semi-professional athletics. In a way those programs help to finance the education of the good students. As long as they can keep the coeds safe from the football majors, coexistence should be achievable.

  76. Cyrano says:

    You don’t know s**t about communism. Communism was not about equality between races, it was primarily about equality within a nation. Your North American brand of “communism” is purely Anglo-Saxofon invention. Enjoy it.

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @Richard P
  77. @unit472

    Different kinds of Asians would require different colleges.

    The jews founded Brandeis Univ.and Yeshiva Univ. to compensate for jewish quotas in admissions to traditional universities.

    • Replies: @Dan Hayes
    , @Alden
  78. Can we please base skills and talent on skills and talent; not color, a penis or vagina?

    Thank you.

  79. @nymom

    Interesting points. Often unmentioned is the follow-on problems that racial preferences or quotas creates. Sidebar: I continue to be amused that (so I understand) the Civil Rights Act specifically bars racial quotas! But exceptions abound…as this article shows. Anyway, the problem of saying that Jamal with his SAT of 1000, or Miguel with his of 1050, is on par with the better White’s or the even better East Asian’s is precisely that: you are claiming that measurably unequal things are equal (intelligence, or more likely, chances of succeeding academically). Yes, the unqualified Black, Latino or Lesbian Transexual Entity ends up above his/her/its head. This has both a downside (unqualified or stupid person in a position of authority = chance for mischief or outright danger to self/others) but also an upside (the more duds in important positions, the sooner the corrupt system will collapse, as well as remaining smart people will take the “red pill” whether they like it or not). Finally, and perhaps the only one in the room to feel sorry for, is the very rare but genuinely qualified Black, Latino, etc. that could have competed on the same level as Whitey or Chinaman, but will be lumped in with all the moron-with-a-degree that represent the vast majority of his ethnic/racial cohort.

  80. Alden says:
    @Gordon Pratt

    The judges just make it up as they go along.

    Overturn an existing law, create a new one, they do what they feel like. Unless you’re an attorney who might have a case in a higher state or federal court, it’s not worth thinking about.

    Look at what happened after Brown

    1956 Brown 5 White male judges FOUND it was a violation of the 14th amendment that a Topeka KA black child had to walk 8 blocks to a blacks only school when a Whites only school was closer.

    Therefore the judges ORDERED that all children in Topeka KA attend the nearest public school.

    10 years later the lower federal and state courts
    ORDERED school children all over the country to attend schools as much as 40 miles from home and the tax payers spent billions a year to do this.

    That was a total contradiction of Brown’s finding that sending a child to a far off school when there was one closer to home was a violation of black’s 14th amendment rights. The later school destruction cases found that it’s a violation of black’s 14 th amendment rights to send children to the nearest school.

    That’s the American version of the English common law system. Essentially, judges just make up the law as they go along.

    Achievement? Black White achievement gap the same. Black behavior in school became a thousand times worse Whites who went to school with more than 5% blacks despised them because of their behavior .

    Achievement? Destruction of every school district that had more than 15% blacks and destruction of America’s great cities as Whites fled terror and violence

    FYI Topeka and previous school integration cases were funded by guess who? The American Jewish committee. The plaintiff Brown was not a black parent or child but Esther Brown a White Jewish civil rights attorney. Most of the attorneys on the anti White side were of course Jews.

    How an adult attorney with no children in the Topeka public schools was granted standing to sue the school district is beyond me.

    School destruction , great city destruction and affirmative action are reasons I believe the Protocols are real.

    FYI the longest lasting school
    destruction law suit in the country was filed by the San Francisco Chinese. They filed it against school destruction in 1966. They lost and appealed; lost the appeals They filed again, lost, lost the appeals and filed again. It went in for decades. File, loose, appeal, loose , file a new lawsuit. It went on for decades.

  81. Anon[424] • Disclaimer says:

    Very good point Cyrano , old soviet communism was still a clasical ideology , a totalitarian ideology of course , but did not interfere too much in many personal things , it was ” old fashioned ” , ” mechanical ” , according to Dalmacio Negro .

    While our western liberalism or social -democracy or whatever you want to call it , it is mainly an anglo-saxon ideology , as you say, thats what Negro says too , and he thinks it is derived from Darwinism , it is a bioideology . Bioideology is the modern ideology which goes further than classical communism because it intervenes in everything bio , human , animal and earthian ( see the climate crusade ) .

    Modern bioideology feels legitimated to intervene in anything biological , human , animal , earthian ….what means in anything : if you are a man or a woman , in races and racial differences
    , in ” sexist ” language , in medical and health matters , in sexual identity , sexual desires , in old and young ages , in reproduction , in everything bio , that `s to say in everything in all the aspects of the live of people , including the environnement .

    The spanish intelectual Dalmacio Negro has a book ” El mito del hombre nuevo ” , 2008 , ( The myth of the new man ) in which he explains the rise of bioideologies , and the myths of modern man . It is a magnificent book , unfortunately as far as I know it has not been translated to english .


  82. Alden says:

    Most of the western world uses merit testing for jobs. Griggs( hire the dumbest) only applies in America and to a lesser extent, Britain. In many countries there’s corruption and nepotism that favors some. But no country will admit total retards and illiterates to college. Except America.

    Griggs wasn’t even about testing. It was Duke Power’s requirement that trainee applicants for the lowest level jobs had to have finished 6th grade. 6 th grade! How difficult is that. ? And it was 1971, not 1871 when lots of rural southerners didn’t go to school at all.

    Kaiser vs Weber 1979 was about testing. It also ended Kaiser’s requirement that a steel mill foreman needed experience as a steel worker, a high school diploma and the ability to read memos instructions and figure out simple math problems and solve work problems.

    Here’s a typical work related question for the job of steel mill foreman. It was discriminatory because it required the ability to read the question. And blacks couldn’t read the questions. That inability if blacjs to read is the reason courts struck down tratibg

    You have a crew of 23. You can’t function with less than 19. It’s flu season only 17 show up
    What do you do?

    A. Do as best you can with 17
    B send everybody home close up
    C Notify your supervisor
    D Notify HR
    F Notify both the supervisor and HR
    Correct answer is of course F

    The entire written test was found to be discriminatory because it required the ability to read.

    Another requirement was a foreman applicant had to have a high school diploma. In 1979!!!!
    That requirement was found discriminatory.

    If nothing else, high school diploma shows the ability to get out of bed in the morning , get somewhere and remain in school or workplace all day. Come back after lunch follow directions behave like a normal human being, no insane outbursts of rage no fighting etc

    Because it was Kaiser Steel Mill, knocking down the test was insane.

    Making steel is a complicated process and extremely dangerous. The foreman aren’t the chemists and engineers who make the formulas but they have to have experience, a basic understanding of the process and normal patterns of behavior and intelligence. In those days no computers. They’d have to send the work sheets with correct overtime etc in to payroll. They’d have to make up vacation schedules and figure how many of the crew could be off at any day. They’d have to read management memos and write memos for their crews.

    The test was totally reasonable

    That’s probably why there are no steel mills in America anymore.

  83. Alden says:

    Endless tutoring won’t help kids with average black IQ of 85. It won’t help the IQs of the 40% blacks whose IQs are under 80. That used to be deemed retarded . It’s the cut off for disability for the retarded developmentally disabled whatever this year’s term is

    The 4th protocol in the 1890s edition I read is absolutely accurate about what Jewish attorneys and lawsuits ramming the retarded into government have done since 1968 the affirmative action laws.

    “ We shall see to it my brothers, that they appoint only the unfit and the incompetent to government positions so we shall conquer them easily when the time comes”

    That’s affirmative action as anyone can see in every government office. Ever been in downtown DC at 5/pm around those big government buildings? Blacks and nothing but blacks streaming out of all the government buildings .

    • Replies: @Haha
    , @Mr McKenna
  84. @gotmituns

    Harvard should have been burned to the ground when the college created to train Christian Ministers appointed its first Jew.

  85. Alden says:
    @Roberto Masioni

    As far as I know only the union plumbers iron workers carpenters and electricians have apprenticeships. Contractors don’t hire skilled licensed union carpenters any more. I don’t even know if most of the locals even have apprenticeships anymore.

    Only reason the Jews liberals capitalist pigs and other haters of Whites allow the ironworkers electricians and plumbers unions and apprenticeships to exist anymore is that federal state county and muni building and safety codes require licensed workers for those jobs.

    Good luck finding an apprenticeship. Unlike vocational schools, apprenticeship classes only open up every few years IF there is enough work for the apprentices. When there’s not enough work, no apprenticeship classes.

    And the unions with apprenticeships have been under the affirmative action gestapo since Republican Richard Nixon’s 1970 Philadelphia plan.

    Eliminate apprenticeships because the math engineering mechanical and ability to read the entrance test questions was discriminatory towards blacks.

    Eliminate apprenticeships because union workers, whether apprentices journeymen or foremen are expected to show up everyday, on time, stay till quitting time, come back after lunch , have the requisite skills, be competent or better at the job, not fight not go into insane rages.

    Of course as soon as the government banned Whites from construction, after a few years of dealing with incompetent no show up blacks the contractors started hiring Hispanics.

    As well as his Philadelphia plan in 1970 Richard Nixon signed an executive order creating the Hispanic race and made them eligible for affirmative action.

    Don’t blame Johnson his VP Humphrey who handled the process and the 1968 congress and senate solely for affirmative action. Blame just 2 executive orders of Richard Nixon Philadelphia plan and creating the Hispanic race for the worst of affirmative action.

    Trade and vocational schools don’t control the labor market the way the union apprenticeships did. Plenty of people have finished trade schools and found there were no jobs anywhere in the country. Some students have sued and won against the vocational schools because there were no jobs.

    A college diploma is still supposed to be of value in and of itself for the 4 years of whatever. Can’t wait for students to start suing the universities for the worthless diplomas, including STEM diplomas. If STEM jobs are for non White immigrants only, it’s dishonest and fraudulent for colleges to accept tuition from White STEM students if there are no jobs for them.

    • Replies: @anarchyst
  86. Alden says:

    There’s a major difference between low fertility a strictly medical issue and a conscious decision to have none or just one or two children.

    For most White women not welfare mammas, the decision to have children involves a husband and father, not a sperm donor. If White men want White women to have more children marry a White woman and participate in the process.

    As for the argument that Whites are losing because of non White immigration and native blacks having more children than we do, I must remind you that all the damage was done by 3 court cases 1956, 1971 and 1979 when America was about 88 percent White.

    The judges in Brown 1956 were all White men. So were the Judges in Griggs and Kaiser.

    The president Vice President and senate of the 1964 civil rights act, 1965 non White immigration act and 1968 affirmative action act were all White men Of 435 congress critter’s there were only about 5 women and a couple blacks the rest were all White men.

    The worst president for Whites was a White male republican Nixon with his affirmative action executive order for Hispanics and anti White male Philadelphia Plan Then there was White male Republican Ronald Regean and his many pro non White immigration executive orders.

    And don’t forget entire industries run by White men who hire as many below minimum wage supported by their kid’s welfare illegal non Whites instead of American Whites.

    • Replies: @Realist
  87. Alden says:
    @Flint Clint

    They can appeal. They’ll probably lose.

  88. Anonymous[231] • Disclaimer says:

    Asians don’t seem to think in terms of race as such. Most Asians would be offended to be compared to another Asian nationality in any way, they don’t seem to regard each other as ethnic or cultural kin at all.

    There is no Asian equivalent of white nationalism. Asians are only ethnic nationalists in terms of their own nationality, not in terms of the Asian race generally.

  89. anarchyst says:

    You are correct about the union trades being unavailable to whites.

    Some fifty years ago, I attempted to “break into the trades” (electrician) by applying to my local union (IBEW). I was informed that unless I “knew someone” or was a relative of a union official, my chances to gain an apprenticeship were almost nil. In those days, “knowing someone” was one way in…the other way was to be of “minority status”. A helpful union official told me as such.

    At that time, president Nixon had also ordered “affirmative action” to be the “law of the land”, reducing my chances even further.

    Always having a knack for “all things engineering” my employer was instrumental in recording my hours so that I could take the municipal (state) electrician exam, passing it on the first attempt and gaining my state electrical license.

    I never gained electrical union membership, but nevertheless was successful in my career, even being able to run circles around “union electricians” both on work and technical expertise. It was their loss.

    • Replies: @Skeptikal
    , @Alden
  90. Dan Hayes says:


    When kept out of NYC’s “Waspitals”, Ashkenazi Jews founded Mount Sinai Hospital!

    When kept out of Mount Sinai, Orthodox Jews founded Beth Israel Hospital!

  91. Anonymous[140] • Disclaimer says:

    They can fight the system by demanding real diversity or a true merit based system. If there are quotas, it should apply to everyone equally. Or none at all.

    Either should achieve the same results: fewer Jewish/white numbers and an increase in Christian/white admissions.

    The ginormous overrepresentation of Jews is the real sticky problem here, not the marginal set asides for blacks and hispanics.

  92. Dan Hayes says:


    I believe that Israel IQ tests quite heavily for their redundant military-industrial-academic complex.

  93. Affirmative Action is the adult version of Head Start which didn’t work either.

  94. Alden says:

    It’s a complete lie and fraud the the prestige universities had discrimination quotas for Jews. By the 1920’s the Ivies and other prestige universities had as much as 15-20% Jews when Jews were only about 4-5 at most percent of the population. That’s way way over quota. There’s articles showing the statistics on the internet. Try amren occidental observer.

    My mother went to Cornell in the late 1930s. There was a big Jewish presence there Jewish fraternities religious clubs Zionist clubs communist clubs. Maybe it was proximity to Jewish fortress of NYC.

    • Agree: Rich
  95. Sam Coulton [AKA "S. M. Coulton"] says:

    The Jew masters don’t even care about you inbred crackers anymore, you guys have been neutered and defeated for quite a while now

    LOL! And Asians haven’t been?

    • Replies: @zogborg
  96. Sam Coulton [AKA "S. M. Coulton"] says:

    And how did you come to that fucktarded conclusion? White males are the majority of leading roles, a remarkable fact considering that the majority of consumers of media in this country are nonwhites. Disproportionately so.

  97. Anonymous[648] • Disclaimer says:

    Years ago two Chinese kids my kids’ ages in Chappaqua (father an IMB engineer from China) spent their Saturdays at Chinese school where they learned test taking itself as early as the 4th or 5th grade. Despite articles here purporting to show Asian intellectual superiority, it’s a fraud. Their generally nasty kids are being prepped from an early age to appear a lot smarter than they are. My kids were also in school with Indians—same thing.

  98. Sam Coulton [AKA "S. M. Coulton"] says:
    @Sick of Orcs

    Obviously not as Asians live in the most diverse neighborhoods and outmrarry the most (and to the most diverse assortment of partners), control none of the media and show little sign of attwmpting to advance in media in this country, and generally don’t have a superiority complex.

    Whole lotta white trash in this comment section.

  99. Skeptikal says:

    I agree.
    This new influence of Jews explains the jihad against final clubs at Harvard.
    And, I believe, they are behind the destruction of the old house system in the pursuit of an ideological agenda, which is to micromanage and engineer the social life of students in a way that reduces their choices, their freedom on assocation, and probably the quality of both their Harvard education and “experience.”

    Actually Harvard is practicing diversity in a less publicized form in its sheltering of the criminal Andrei Schleifer.
    I would not now aspire to attend Harvard.

  100. @Sean

    As you probably know, Shockley’s undoing was publically stating that human intelligence depends primarily on race.

    • Replies: @Sean
  101. I thought that the quotas at Harvard were 25% Jewish, 20% Asian and 15% non-Jewish European American (please correct me if I’m wrong). Surely it has less to do with African and Latin Americans than Jewish privilege and bigotry. You can’t have non-Jewish European privilege when there is no such power at Harvard and you can’t have justice for Asian or non-Jewish European Americans when US judges support Jewish bigotry. I suspect the judge is Jewish but only because she ignored the quota for massively over-represented Jewish Americans and virtue signalled about African and Latin Americans. You need a lot of cheek to ignore an elephant in the room and not everybody is that cheeky. Of course, she could just be ignorant; there are an astonishing number of Yanks who know nothing about their own country except the corruption (I’ve never met one who didn’t say “We have the best politicians that money can buy”). [email protected]

    • Replies: @Carroll Price
  102. Any white with ANY Iberian ancestry can claim Hispanic (that’s the federal standard any way). Also, I continue to expect more white men to convert to Islam, and work that into their narrative, for college apps and jobs.

  103. PeterMX says:
    @Flint Clint

    The author does not mention the extremely high numbers of Jews at the Ivy League schools. There are higher numbers of Jews (which comprise about 2% of the American population) than whites at “each” Ivy League school. There are eight schools. Another reliable website, The Occidebtal Observer, cited Ron Unz’s study of the Ivy League, which demosstrated that Blacks and Latinos were getting preferential treatment over Asians, as also demonstrating that less qualified Jews are getting admitted to these schools over whites.

    The Ivy League schools were founded by and dominated by the majority white population the US had for centuries. No more. Furhermore, these schools were founded by religious Christians, particularly Harvard. But whites no longer run Ivy League schools. Like most halls of power in the US, Jews are the administrators at the Christian founded Ivy League schools now. So there is a twofold problem and just as with foreign policy, the elephant in the room (Jewish power) is being ignored.

    Although two highly qualifed academics (Walt and Mearsheimer. from Harvard and the University of Chicago respectively) demonstrated decisively in their bestselling book The Israel Lobby, published in 2007, that American foreign policy was run by Zionists for Israel and that the wars in the middle east were not fought for oil, but rather for Israel, American mainstream media continues to lie nnd ignore the elephant in the room, Jewish power and how it incited these wars. Everyone has seen the mega billionaire and arch Jewish Zionist Sheldon Adelson (who said the US should drop an atomic bomb on Iran if it doesn’t do what the US wants – this is also on Youtube), being faugned over by all the Republican Presidential candidates and have seen the entire US Congress getting up out of their seats to applaud Israel’s Netanyahu with standing ovations about 20 times (no other foreign or American leader has received such accolades) in a speech. As Pat Buchanan said many years ago, Congress is Israel occupied territory. This was all on Youtube and still is to the best of my knowledge, despite the mass censorship Youtube, Amazon and other companies now practice. But night after night, the mainstream networks continue to lie and claim these wars are for reasons other than the real reason – security for Israel. Even the fantastic Tucker Carlson won’t invite Mearshemer or Walt on his program, and for good reason. The Zionist Murdochs (and probably also Jewish) would fire Tucker soon after that program. And Adelson is just the tip of the iceberg. Israeli citizen Haim Saban is the top donor to the Democrat Party. There is so much more. When people realize the lies that the entire US media and establishment have repeated night after night for decades (at a minimum), I would expect a mass explosion of anger.

  104. Skeptikal says:

    I recently had a rewiring job done on my house.
    It was somewhat complicated.
    They did a great job and I found it pretty interesting to see how they worked.
    One master electrician, one smart fellow currently preparing to get his master electrician license, and two other guys who were Hispanics. Don’t know whether these two are planning to become master electricians.

    I have the greatest respect for those who know how to work with the elemental force that is AC current. Get a whole house set up with all the switches of various sorts, “fish” them through walls from attic down to the electric panel and get that whole thing set up, then connect it to the current from the street (my guy did this ‘live”—phew!).

    I would not want to have a dummy fiddling around with electric stuff in my house, that is for sure.

    • Agree: anarchyst
  105. Haha says:

    I can reconcile to “endless tutoring” as the lesser evil. Look, if you go on throwing peanuts at certain creatures but those creatures don’t have the brains to pick them up and eat them, their stupidity gets revealed. Stupidity, alas, is not the preserve of any single race or tribe these days, though its dispersion does seem to favor certain segments of humanity. Good God, how do we thrust stupidity out when our age is stuffing stupidity into us? Why is it that the formerly bright races are now gorging on a feast of stupidity?

  106. More snobby blacks with little intelligence will be produced and they will join their white
    liberal allies in keeping the Democratic Party in power.

    Give poor blacks scholarships for vocational training. What good was a Harvard law degree
    to little, poor, ol’ Obama? He couldn’t even pass the bar exam and he still can’t fix a car or unplug a toilet.

  107. Dan Hayes says:


    In NYC’s Queens County there are many Jewish Master Plumbers.

  108. zogborg [AKA "clusterfuck"] says:
    @Sam Coulton

    Who the hell are you? Judging by your post history, you’re either a troll who just likes to antagonize with anyone, or you’re a liberal cuck.

    • Replies: @Sam Coulton
  109. Affirmative action is the govt mandated persecution of white people and the biggest hate crime in america. But libs tell us AA is not racism but in fact is how we FIGHT racism. Straight out of orwell.

    • Agree: Whitewolf
  110. Richard B says:
    @Flint Clint

    Better for us to cut the BS so we can all just cut to the chase.

    Since it’s obviously true, we might as well make it official.

    Whites are an Occupied Territory.

    And the only way to liberate an occupied territory is with organized aggression.

    Jewish Supremacy Inc. (JSI) knows this. Of course, it’s what they started with.

    Hence the 24/7 White Man Bad propaganda and the laughably self-refuting, logic-defying, reality-denying accusation of White Supremacy made by people with the power to outlaw “Antisemitism.”

    Hence the elimination by exportation/importation of jobs for millions of Whites to the Chinese and Mexicans who both partner with JSI to have herion from Aghanistan (guarded by US Military) sent to China to be processed and then to Mexico to be muled across the border by Cartel employees masquerading as “Dreamers” and “Families” who then sell the drug to the now down and out Whites who have lost their jobs to the Chinese and Mexicans thanks to JSI.

    The only bright spot in all of this is that we’re witnessing The Pyrrhic Victory of JSI.

    Because their rise to power has been in direct proportion to the collapse of the very civilization that power controls.

    And one of the reasons for that collapse is found in our universities. Especially in The Ivy League.

    Which now, thanks to JSI, is The Poison Ivy League.


    Because they have betrayed The Mission of the University.

    The Mission was never to moralize a wicked world

    It was to impart knowledge and develop intelligence through the teaching by example and precept of rigorous thinking, consistent reasoning and cautious judgment across all disciplines and forms of instruction.

    Because the mission was never to “change the world.”

    It was to develop the attributes of wisdom such as,

    emotional detachment
    intellectual insight
    prolonged problem-exposure
    solution postponement
    and the ability to maintain calm under situations of great intellectual stress
    to maintain one’s humanity and sense of justice while engaged in debate
    to look for situations that encourage high-level problem-solving and significant innovation

    Who’s learning these things today? No one! Because there’s no one to teach them.

    Both teachers and students today aren’t just brainwashed. They’re brainsoiled.

    The hostile elite today would rather die than think because they’d rather just “believe!”

    And at a time when the civilization they “control” is more complex and unpredictcable than ever before.

    That’s why our social-institutions are in free fall. All of them.

    They might have been good at infiltration, subversion, disintegration, destruction and death.

    But they’re no good at social-management. At all. Just look around you.

    When one considers the destructive force of JSI and the inability of the host population to stop them we shouldn’t laugh at the dinosaurs for getting themselves extinct.

    After all, they lasted a lot longer than we have so far.

    • Replies: @Houston 1992
  111. Paw says:
    @Kolya Krassotkin

    As they are all ….just THE JOKERS../And can not stop joking/.

  112. getaclue says:
    @Flint Clint

    They can appeal all the way to the Supreme Court!–You know–the Court that found “Gay” Marriage was in the Constitution…those clowns….

    • Replies: @Richard P
  113. MBlanc46 says:

    I fear that the problems of diversity are past being manageable.

    • Agree: Richard P
  114. joe862 says:

    asian males aren’t relevant enough to be mentioned. Asians make impressive children and nothing else.

    • Replies: @Richard P
  115. Polymath says:

    No. Griggs allowed companies that wanted to favor blacks to justify doing so and damaged only those companies whose managers were too stupid to figure out how to judge how smart their applicants are. Tech companies notoriously give IQ type tests to their applicants by dressing the questions up as job related; this is ridiculously easy to do if you yourself are smart.

  116. Richard P says:

    I couldn’t agree more. No self-proclaimed Traditionalist white male with any self-respect and dignity should be watching the J-Tube.

  117. Richard P says:

    Asian males aren’t relevant enough to be mentioned.

    Indeed. That’s why Asian and Chinese women adored me, the epitome of an all-American, White bad boy while I was living in Washington, DC. They had no respect for their effeminate men — including their husbands.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  118. @Richard B

    I agree with this post. AJs lack perspective or wisdom. And many WASPs have assimilated their world view.

  119. @Alden

    Exactly. You can offer all the ‘free tutoring’ you want to poor students, but by and large the only ones who’ll profit from it are White and Asian. That will be directly contrary to the goals of our current Ruling Class.

  120. @Stephen Paul Foster

    It’s pretty funny. They believe in DNA except for the things where DNA actually applies.

  121. Richard P says:

    Gay marriage is an abomination to God. Homosexuality and transgenderism are sinful, deviant behaviors. They’re degenerative as homosexuals and transgendered can’t procreate — thus they’re not generative. Furthermore, the aforementioned behaviors are self-serving and unorthodox as they’re incompatible with Orthodox Christianity.

    Religious reasons aside, homosexuality and transgenderism are degenerative and self-serving behaviors that shouldn’t be tolerated to any capacity. They’re a product of our highly sexualized environment and an indicator of blatant individualism — a modernistic cancer that Evola warned us about.

    • Replies: @Anon
  122. Alden says:

    Residential is simple.

    We got a piece of the refit for green planet saving electricity on the Golden Gate Bridge. They did it all hanging off the towers and upside down in 80 mile an hour wind. The cost of the refit is supposed to save money eventually Someone figured it would take 40 years for the savings in electricity to equal the cost of the refit

    All this green planet saving is just a scam for the construction industry to make money. I read the trade newsletters It’s all cheer cheer for green electricity. The county of ….. plans to refit all county buildings for green electricity. Billions of dollars!!! A piece of it for every contractor in town!! Jobs overtime !!! Estimate it will take 3 years

    I mean, it’s good for us, but bad for the taxpayers who pay for it. It’s commercial industrial buildings no Home Depot parking lot illegals, just licensed Americans

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  123. @Skeptikal

    I have the greatest respect for those who know how to work with the elemental force that is AC current.

    Pretty easy stuff, actually. Especially residential. Your job, the artwork was the snaking. Commercial electrical is hard, demanding work, everything to a completely different standard with everything either metal-clad or in conduit, another piece of artwork (pipe-benders are geniuses) and most of it attached to concrete. Yeah, as the phone-bizz started slowing down, I took up electrical work and you know you did a days’ work doing electrical on a commercial site.

    • Agree: anarchyst
    • Replies: @anarchyst
    , @Alden
  124. @zogborg

    Its quite obvious the greasy kikes hate Asians (males in particular) with a vengeance.

    So they’re greasy are they? Who knew?

  125. Anonymous[140] • Disclaimer says:
    @Richard P

    Indeed. That’s why Asian and Chinese women adored me, the epitome of an all-American, White bad boy

    No one cares.

  126. Anonymous[196] • Disclaimer says:

    The rich Asian countries like China and Japan hate each other but also look down on the poorer Asian countries like Thailand and Vietnam as practically savages.

    There’s no North East Asian/South East Asian unity like there is Western European/Eastern European unity. In fact even Koreans are treated as second class citizens in Japan and generally denied citizenship.

  127. Anonymous[648] • Disclaimer says:

    The only thing green about green building practices is the color of the money being extorted from the public by self-certifying green building experts. Green is also the pallor of the occupants of (almost) hermetically sealed buildings, caused by the off-gassing of synthetic building materials manufactured from industrial waste and recycled plastic garbage. The sealing now requires mechanical ventilation, which even green building “experts” acknowledge is in most cases either ineffective or improperly installed, thereby worsening the problems these ERVs are designed to cure. LEED-certified buildings turn out to be less energy efficient than older, drafty buildings because of cost overruns, faulty installation, retrofits, and maintenance nightmares. Yet, plastic moldings, flooring, decking, doors/windows, ad nauseam are the perfect compliment to today’s anti-cultural lifestyle and perfectly suited to materialism’s beneficiaries in their enormous MacCoffins.

    • Replies: @anarchyst
    , @Alden
  128. Realist says:

    I’m not sure why you are addressing your comments to me.. I agree with you, but I will add some.

    As for the argument that Whites are losing because of non White immigration and native blacks having more children than we do, I must remind you that all the damage was done by 3 court cases 1956, 1971 and 1979 when America was about 88 percent White.

    Agreed Whites allowed it. I have had extensive discussions with quite a few on Unz Review who claim Jews are to blame and while some Jews do have culpability…Whites allowed it to happen.

    The worst president for Whites was a White male republican Nixon with his affirmative action executive order for Hispanics and anti White male Philadelphia Plan Then there was White male Republican Ronald Regean and his many pro non White immigration executive orders.

    White democrat Johnson,who signed Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 also known as the Hart–Celler Act, and White democrat Congress members, through the years, have much blame.

    And don’t forget entire industries run by White men who hire as many below minimum wage supported by their kid’s welfare illegal non Whites instead of American Whites.

    Agreed, but again I am not sure why you are addressing this to me.

    • Replies: @Alden
  129. The Dark Night [AKA "Sagi Harari"] says:
    @Robert Weissberg

    Free tutoring is meaningless for them if the cost of education is that high. Most of them wouldn’t be able to raise the funds. Or is there some kind of scholarship?

    Here in Europe for example in some countries education is free, and in some others it is not, but still affordable to people from all social stratas. And in the US there are large clusters of people who are unable to get out of the economic pit.

    This includes white people too, but for the most part as far as I know these are black and Hispanic communities which are the poorest. To help them is a right thing to do.

    • Replies: @Justvisiting
  130. This is how the system plays the color game. AA was never intended to advance unqualified people for positions.

    Ir was a simple proposition, of schools government funded engaged is not accepting blacks or native prima facie then there were cease doing so and consider those populations regardless of race and there was no expectation to lower standards save as they would apply to other populations.

    This play about qualifications plays out as though there are not qualified blacks and native americans who would be qualified to attend. So we get these bizarre scenarios in which guilt ridden, lazy stems which are guilty of discrimination based soley on color lowering standards as if that’s the only mechanism to recruit from said populations.

    And frankly, I don’t buy it. I think if Harvard or any other school wanted to enroll previously barred students based on skin color they could do could find them. The same applies for women, which is the real reason for the lowered standards. The play made by women, half the population has been the real cause for lowered standards.

    But it is far easier politically to scapegoat blacks.

    Might want to include that the country has managed to preference whites in every aspect of life, regardless of their qualifications.

  131. anarchyst says:
    @Jim Christian

    You are correct about residential electrical systems being “easy”.
    However, please do not discount those of us who who update old houses, with minimal disruption and damage to existing plaster, lath, grid and other ancient and obsolete building methods.
    It takes careful planning and execution of work to achieve the update without punching holes in walls and disrupting existing systems.
    Although I spent most of my career as a commercial and industrial electrician, my retirement is now spent in planning and retrofitting of antique residences and other buildings.

    • Replies: @Jim Christian
  132. anarchyst says:

    You hit the nail on the head.

    The environmental “green movement” is one of the greatest scams ever imposed on the public.

    Tightly sealed buildings do cause a whole list of health problems for a minimal increase in “energy efficiency”. Recirculating air without the introduction of enough outside “make up air” does cause respiratory difficulties in many occupants.

    This is not only limited to HVAC systems, but lighting as well. LED lighting is so different from incandescent and fluorescent lighting that existing lighting standards have had to be modified.

    Even the environmentalists favorite scam, windmills not only suffer from bird strikes, but generate an infra-sound which can be picked up by many people and is not only uncomfortable but can be outright dangerous.

    • Agree: Richard P
    • Replies: @Richard P
  133. If I remember correctly, Ron Unz’s research which set this Asian discrimination Ivy League suits in motion noted that 1) white males were even more discriminated against than Asians and 2) the beneficiaries of this discrimination against “the best and brightest” were underachieving Jews, the new Brahmins of the North East.

  134. anon[114] • Disclaimer says:
    @Johnny Walker Read

    stop calling him Leon Trotsky

    His name was Lev Bronstein

    • Replies: @Sean
    , @Richard P
  135. Sean says:
    @Carroll Price

    I have sometimes thought Shockey very similar to William L Pierce. They did not know how, and did not much care to try, to navigate the social environment. In China the mechanistic cast of mind is much more common.

    He said it but hardly was alone in knowing it. Shockley got a Nobel so was not only brilliant, but hard working brilliant. He alienated everyone including the best of his subordinates on the purely technical projects he tried to lead. I think his own mechanistic style of thinking (doubtless inherited from his engineer parents) was the problem. He lacked people skills, which is why Noyce (from ministers of religion of both parents’ sides) did so much better as a force for fostering innovation and growth in the tech sector.

    It is not obvious to me that 100% percent indigenous research teams in China will not be able to surpass ethnically diverse scientists in Harvard. The kind of diversity that is good for making economic and technological leaps is pure research conducted by people quietly working away in long chains of innovation with a eclectic perspective, while not narrowly focussed on immediately comercial results or political correctness. I think the Chinese will have an advantage.

  136. Sean says:

    And what was Stalin’s name?

  137. @Anonymous

    There’s no North East Asian/South East Asian unity like there is Western European/Eastern European unity.


    I knew a British guy who hated the influx of Poles to his native land.

    As someone of Polish extraction, I really wanted to tell him-
    1) Stop
    2) The Poles are not your real problem.

  138. @The Dark Night

    To help them is a right thing to do.

    Tried–and failed.

    Enough is enough.

    Affirmative action must end immediately–it cannot and must not be negotiable.

  139. To the commenter averring that blacks are the scapegoats in this affirmative action debate: underperforming Negroes have been putting pressure on the United States for a long time to lower standards EVERYWHERE except sports. Think back to the disgusting Negro-led campaign that produced a National Book Award for the lightweight Toni Morrison. The discussion we should be having is not what whites owe the Negro but what Negroes owe whites. If there were a real accounting of the cost of the massive crime and degradation brought here by Africans . . .

    • Replies: @anarchyst
  140. Richard P says:

    Stop calling him Leon Trotsky

    His name was Lev Bronstein

    Bronstein was his assumed Russian name. In October 1917, when the Revolution broke out, 29 prominent Jews were assigned Russian names. The aforementioned Jews were conspirators in certain Soviet Organizations who seized the leadership of Russian folk.

    Some of the more influential names were the likes of Trotsky (Bronstein), Steklow (Nachamkes), Martow (Zederbaum), Sinojew (Apfelbaum) and Kamenew (Rosenfeld).

  141. Richard P says:

    Even the environmentalists favorite scam, windmills not only suffer from bird strikes, but generate an infra-sound which can be picked up by many people and is not only uncomfortable but can be outright dangerous.

    Windmills are hideous and require extensive maintenance during the winter, such as de-icing. The concept of de-icing is contradictory to the “environmentally friendly” goals of windmills as cleaning the blades following an extensive blizzard requires a significant amount of Carbon-releasing tools such as helicopters and other machinery. Blizzards throughout the Mountain West and Great Plains are a dime a dozen — and these are the same regions were most windmills are operating.

  142. anonymous[170] • Disclaimer says:

    In fact even Koreans are treated as second class citizens in Japan and generally denied citizenship.

    Zainichi Koreans in Japan have Special Permanent Resident status, which gives them more privileges than any other foreign group. On top of that, they are free to apply for Japanese nationality anytime they wish. About 11,000+ zainichi gain Japanese citizenship every year, but the majority refuse to do so because they do not want to assimilate and “lose their Korean identity”. And despite the fact that the overwhelming majority of zainichi already have South Korean citizenship, they’d rather live in Japan than in (what they themselves consider to be) their own country.

  143. anarchyst says:

    It’s not “negroes” but JEWS who have pushed the so-called “civil-rights (for some)” and affirmative action movements. Their motives were (and still are) to dilute any sense of white solidarity, weakening and eliminating any sense of white cohesiveness and social power. Jews FEAR us…

    I came of age during the first so-called “civil-rights” movement and saw for myself the underhanded dealings, the demonization of decent, law-abiding whites, and in general, the deterioration of civil society.

    Almost all of the “civil-rights” workers and demonstration “handlers” were of one persuasion–New York based leftist communist jews. They cared not one wit about true “civil rights”, but were there to create hate and discontent among their black charges (who were too stupid or naive to see that they were being used to suborn and destroy legitimate government and society–a favorite communist tactic).

    These New York-based “carpetbaggers” fomented their hate and discontent, only to become future “civil-rights” attorneys, race-hustlers, and America-hating leftist communists…and the ADL and $PLC being invented.

    Those of us whites who were in the middle of this “civil-rights” revolution had a saying: “Behind every negro, there is a jew”. No truer words were spoken.

    Let’s not forget their infestation of the nation’s education and entertainment systems, (which continues to the present day), in which they can spread their jewish supremacist poison.

    The so-called “non-violent civil-rights demonstrations” were anything but “non-violent”. Robberies, rapes, and other criminal acts were common, but never reported, as even the “mainstream media” was “in on the game” and conveniently turned off their cameras during the acts of violence. You see, even then,”creating crises” was a part of the agenda.

    The “beginning of the end” of America was the use of federal troops against white Americans, which, in itself was a violation of “posse comitatus”–the prohibition on the use of federal troops for domestic “law enforcement” purposes. As most whites were (and still are) law-abiding, they (we) were “steamrollered” by the use of federal troops to crush honest dissent. We never recovered from those unconstitutional actions. It was all downhill from there…

    The next step may be “civil-war” in which us whites will have to take back our birthright by force.

    • Replies: @Anon
  144. There is more knowledge in the palm of a hand holding a modern mobile phone, than all of Harvard.

    That’s equality.

  145. Alden says:

    Sorry, I must have been sleepy or someone called or something. That’s my thing, anti affirmative action. Hasn’t done any good, But I try to raise consciousness.

    • Replies: @Realist
  146. @anarchyst yes, there were many Jews who helped/are helping the Negro agenda–that said, the Jews have made, overall, a tremendous contribution to America and Americanism–the Negroes? LOL

    • Replies: @anarchyst
  147. Alden says:

    The British royal family trust financial arm made a profit of £100 million just this year from its investments in green construction and power.

    Now we know why Prince Charles’ been preaching green and sustainable for the last 40 years. And why the Spares, Harry and Meghan are doing it too, they can take up the cause when Charles dies. I’m sure Prince William’s younger kids will take up the cause too.

    When the industry first built those sealed windows buildings a lot of people got sick from the recycled air. It was known as sick building syndrome. Lots of mass tort attorneys made money off it because it was true. Spending 8,9 hours a day breathing everybody’s germs plus building materials made people sick.

    Not replacing filters often enough had something to do with Sick Building Syndrome but only slightly.

    When electricity was turned off for 2 days during the high winds in S California , people were shocked to find their solar panels didn’t provide them with electricity.

    Because, electricity generated by solar panels doesn’t go into your building. It goes directly into the gird. Which means, the customer pays for installation and maintenance of solar panels. So the customer generates the electricity, gives it to the power company for free. Then the power company sells it back to the customer.

    Recent article that solar panels generate immense amounts of toxic waste. Plus maintaining is costly. And needs replacing after 20 years.

    I always thought solar panels were a crock. Unless you have an electric dryer and heat and keep the air conditioning on all summer if temp goes over 72F and heat at 80F all winter the electricity doesn’t cost that much. After all, most people are at work during the day and asleep by 11 5 days a week. Most people have gas furnaces hot water tanks and dryers.

    Every thing liberals advocate turns out badly.

  148. Alden says:
    @Jim Christian

    Subway tunnels are now dug by massive electric drills controlled by a very complicated panel which controls the surges. To work on those panels requires both a written test the day before and 4 hour trial under close observation. Licensed experienced inside wiremen often don’t make the cut and are laid off after a couple hours observation.

    I don’t know the details. I’m neither an E. Engineer or wireman. Just a black woman corporate officer that keeps the affirmative action gestapo off our backs.

    I don’t know the details of green electricity and sealed building HVAC either. But it’s academically and practically complicated and requires all sorts of new courses and certifications in this and that.

    As per usual, costly for the consumers good for the suppliers. From the copper mines to the ships that carry it to China to make cables the ships that carry the cables and fittings back to America, to Leo Daly and Peter Kiewit down to the smallest contractor licensed electricians assistants who work in the shop selecting materials for each job, green electricity is a total bonanza for the entire industry.

    Not so good for the taxpayers who pay for all those green refits for government buildings and infra structure.

    I’m sure the industry is madly lobbying in DC every state Capitol and every County Board of Supervisors to save Mother Giai with massive electrical contracts.

  149. Alden says:

    My opinion, AA is to keep the middle class from rising to upper middle and upper middle from rising to and replacing the upper class.

    That’s essentially the history of the western White world isn’t it? Upper class being replaced by rising middle class.

    Affirmative action prevents the White middle class from ever rising and often makes unemployable which means poor under class.

    • Agree: Rich
    • LOL: Truth
  150. anarchyst says:

    “some contribution” Huh?

    • Replies: @Meretricious
  151. @Donald A Thomson

    Preferential treatment toward Jews and Israel is considered good and apparenly desirable by most Americans. With this being unique in that it applies to virtually no other group or nation. A good example is the current hot topic of foreign interference in US elections, where nary a mention is made by anyone of Jews and Israel campaigning for, financially supporting, and openly bribing US candidates through all-expense paid trips to Israel, being one of the more obvious.

  152. Druid says:
    @Sick of Orcs

    I’m not a fan of Obama but to call him a “gay Muslim kenyan” is a very bad reflection on you and your credibility

  153. @Druid

    1. there’s nothing wrong with being gay 2. there are many credible reports that Obama likes older white men–that doesn’t make him “gay”–my guess he’s bisexual 3. name calling usually exposes a 2d-rate mind

  154. melpol says:

    High status schools are not based on intellectual merit bu on social skills. If Asians want a great education they should apply to MIT or Cal Tech. Harvard education provides a snobbery environment and it would be downgraded by low status Asians. Jews are not accepted in Park Avenue apartments not because of Jew-Hatred but because its high class status is downgraded. Snobbery is permitted in the US and it is American as Apple Pie.

  155. @Druid

    and I have always thought that the best characterization of Obama–one that has defined his entire career–is affirmative action Barry Soetoro.

  156. Richard P says:
    @Johnny Walker Read

    The word “racism” is a communist invention that was specifically designed to silence those that were viewed as standing in the way of communist goals.
    Coined by Red Army founder Leon Trotsky, in his book History of the Russian Revolution, the term racism was invented to give the impression that the Eastern Slavs of Russia were selfish and greedy for doing nothing more than wanting to preserve their cultural identity. Sound familiar?

    Indeed. For a more in depth analysis on the aforementioned subject, I suggest reading Trotsky’s White Negros: The Censored Holocaust by Michael Walsh.

  157. Anon[311] • Disclaimer says:
    @Richard P

    For everyone like this, we need a New York Times/Guardian and a thousand bots programmed by the NYT/Guardian
    You reminded me we are lucky to have them

  158. Anon[311] • Disclaimer says:

    Have you given yourself any explanation why all what you say has worked so fine so far?

    • Replies: @anarchyst
    , @Alden
  159. anarchyst says:

    Things are not working fine for white gentile males and have not been since the inception of the civil-rights (for some) laws and affirmative action.
    As I have previously stated, it’s ALWAYS the jews starting trouble for everyone else.
    The one reason that makes jews so successful is that they formulated and enacted laws (civil-rights for some) that deny us whites the right to look after our own self-interest while they flout the laws that are imposed on the rest of us. THAT, my friend is a reason for their “success”.

    A good example of jewish flouting of “civil-rights” laws is the jewish community of Kiryas Joel, New York, among others. If you are not jewish, you cannot buy property there, nor can you send your non-jewish children to the (jews-only) “public” schools.

    Not only that, but most of the jews who occupy Kiryas Joel and other “jews only” communities also take advantage of “social services” and “welfare” programs out of proportion to their numbers. Almost every jew is running some kind of “scam” on the American “social welfare system”.

    You see, “multiculturalism and diversity for thee, but not for me” is the jewish mantra and is the primary way that they destroy cultures and civilizations. Their lack of morality figures heavily into their success. Jews think nothing of screwing over a “goy”; it is just “normal business” for them…

    Jews are the only group that lacks a moral component. Jews are very amoral, think nothing of screwing a “goy” out of money, possessions, or even reputation or life. You see, the jewish talmud elevates the jew above all others, “goyim” being “livestock with souls, created only to serve the jew”.

    This amorality is a critical component in jewish life and is partially responsible for jewish successes. When one does not possess a moral compass that defines and separates “right from wrong” THAT in itself gives the jew greater latitude to “get what he wants” as there are “no limits” on what a jew may do to gain the advantage in just about any situation. The lack of a moral component within jewish life is a major reason for jewish supremacy in civilized societies.

    It’s not “smarts” or “IQ” that gives jews an advantage over gentile whites, but is their rabid insistence on cultural and social cohesiveness, insularity and nepotism (but only for themselves) that gives them an “advantage”.

    This same cultural and social cohesiveness that is prized so highly by jewish interests is denied to gentile whites. Jews, to a man will fight to deny this same cultural and social cohesiveness to gentile whites that they themselves enjoy as it is a major part of the jewish purpose–the destruction of gentile white culture, which IS superior to any jewish cultural or social society. If jews did not possess this power, they would most likely be rag merchants, liquor merchants, or furniture merchants–nothing more.

    As I have previously stated, jewish success is based on cultural and social cohesiveness and insularity–NOT “smarts” or “IQ”. Once enough jews get into a position of power in the work world or education systems, they will hire and promote their own, even bypassing more qualified gentile white candidates.

    Jews have latched on to cultural cohesiveness and nepotism, as it serves their purpose exceedingly well.

    At the same time, jews pushed the concept of racial “equality”, (but only for gentile whites), backing it up with “civil-rights” and “equal accommodation” laws which are enforced by governments–but only against whites. These “civil-rights” laws are used as a “battering ram” against gentile whites to diffuse and fragment any semblance of gentile white solidarity and cohesiveness that may arise.

    A great reckoning dealing with the jews is coming. As gentile whites become more marginalized, the accusation of being tagged as “racist” or a “holocaust denier” is rapidly losing its “sting”.

    Increasingly, jews are more wary of being “called out” and recognized as “jews”. One can call a jew a shyster, shylock, bankster, criminal or ne-er-do-well, and it will roll off his back like water off a duck, BUT call a jew a “jew”, and he will recoil in horror, having been “found out”.

    • Replies: @Meretricious
  160. Ronnie says:

    The author writes “What is immoral about a group wanting prestige diplomas unobtainable via color-blind admission standards? Recall that for decades Harvard awarded degrees to less-than-brilliant offspring of wealthy WASPs.” He fails to mention that 25% of the current Harvard class are Jewish. In my opinion the fact that the 2% Jews in the US population are more than 12 times overrepresented as undergraduates at Harvard, has been obfuscated as a form of forbidden ground in the discussion of this topic. Clearly this is done in order to protect Jews from criticism. The only other group that is overrepresented at Harvard (compared to percentage of the US population) are the Asians who are by comparison only about 4 times overrepresented.

    Asians are approximately 6% of the US population and are 22% of undergraduates at Harvard. Whites (including Jews) are 61% of the US population and are 50% of the undergraduates at Harvard. Jews are 2% of the US population and Hillel says that they represent 25% of undergraduates at Harvard. That leaves 25% of the total Harvard undergraduates who are white (non-Jewish) and who represent the 59% of the US population that is White (non-Jewish).

    The analysis of this data shows that Asians are 4 times overrepresented in the undergraduate population at Harvard.
    Amazingly, Jews are 12 times overrepresented at Harvard. Also amazingly, non-Jewish Whites have 25% of undergraduate places and are 50% underrepresented in the undergraduate population at Harvard. Blacks and Hispanics who total about 29% of the US population are 28% of the undergraduates at Harvard so they are approximately at par. The conclusion is that compared to Jews and Asians, the Whites, Blacks and Hispanics are significantly underrepresented, especially the Whites. The non-Jewish White population is hugely underrepresented as compared to Jews. The conclusion is that if the Asians were overrepresented to the same extent as the Jews, there would be almost no places left for the other groups. Jews have at least a 25 times better chance of getting into the Harvard class as compared to non-Jewish Whites. Asians have an 8 times better chance of getting into the Harvard class as compared to non-Jewish whites. In addition, Jews are more than 3 times more overrepresented in the Harvard undergraduate class than the Asians who clearly dominate the meritocracy.

    Since 1900 Jews have been overrepresented by at least a factor of 3 at Harvard. Jews at Harvard tripled to 21% of the freshman class in 1922 from about 7% in 1900. In 1922, Harvard’s president, A. Lawrence Lowell, proposed a quota of 15% on the number of Jews gaining admission to the university. Lowell actually argued that cutting the number of Jews at Harvard to a maximum of 15% would be good for the Jews, because limits would prevent further anti-Semitism. A Harvard committee rejected a Jewish quota but agreed that “geographic diversity” in the student body was desirable. By 1931, because students from urban states were replaced by students from rural states who ranked in the top of their high school classes, Harvard’s Jewish ranks were cut back to 15% of the student body but had increased again to 25% by the late 1960ies and remains at 25% today according to Hillel. Today’s standards have changed, if Jared Kushner is any indicator, and according to several publications, the 25% undergraduate Jewish population at Harvard has declined in quality and might now be comparable to the “less-than-brilliant offspring of wealthy WASPs”. However, as described above, the percentage of Jewish undergraduates at Harvard and the percentage of White (non-jewish) students are both about 25% while Jews make up only 2% of the US population and the non-jewish whites are 59% of the US population.

    The huge overrepresentation of Jews and the equally unnatural underrepresentation of whites are clearly facts that pertain to the treatment of Asians at Harvard. For various reasons it is no longer politically correct to draw attention to these dysfunctional elephants in the room.

    • Agree: Alden
  161. @anarchyst

    dude, to describe Jews as immoral is a F’n joke–the Talmud’s most important message is to look out for the needy. You need to take a course in the history of Jewish philosophy

    • Replies: @anarchyst
    , @Jeff Stryker
  162. Anonymous[369] • Disclaimer says:

    There’s no North East Asian/South East Asian unity like there is Western European/Eastern European unity.

    Unity is only expected from Westerners who think Asians are all alike. “Asia” itself is a misnomer.

    Europeans share a common religion, ethos and culture inherited from ancient Greece/Rome. Asia doesn’t have that except within the Sinosphere.

    But despite shared traditions, Europeans have been at each others’ necks since nearly forever.

    In fact even Koreans are treated as second class citizens in Japan and generally denied citizenship.

    Colonialism and war can do that.

  163. RaRay says:

    They don’t want ‘equality’. Never did, never will. They just want a turn at playing ‘massa’ to White surrogates, punishing the descendants of those who supposedly cracked the whip 150 years ago.

    And what the hell purpose is served by admitting them if they can’t keep up with the rest once they guilt Harvard, et al, into letting them slip a size 12 ‘Jordan’ in the door? Doesn’t this just dilute the product? You really want to be known as the next ‘Cadillac’, Harvard? The next ‘CNN’?

    So damned tired of paying the ‘diversity tax’.


    BTW, La’Trina, NO, I don’t want to touch your disgusting hair. Can’t imagine where ya’ll got the insane notion that White people want to. We’ve got our own pubes, thank you very much.

  164. anarchyst says:

    Jews ARE immoral. Your Talmud says as such. Screwing a “goy” is OK in jewish circles. Not only that, the Talmud regards us gentiles as “livestock with souls, born to serve the jews”.
    Are you a member of IDF unit 8200?
    Are you a hasbara?

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  165. Sam Coulton [AKA "S. M. Coulton"] says:

    LOL @ this pissed off idiot. Triggered much?

  166. @anarchyst

    However, please do not discount those of us who who update old houses, with minimal disruption and damage to existing plaster, lath, grid and other ancient and obsolete building methods.

    Easy, Anar, you’re good with me, I see your misery weekly. And I’m not discounting anything and in fact, if I ever get involved in a rehab of an old property, I usually throw in about a 40% surcharge for labor and more for consulting when it’s those sorts of homes and situations and I bet you do, too. There is lots of that rebuilding here in New England today and we had a lot of that in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia where the homes were 250-300 years old and were heavily protected by preservation regs and first order of business in a serious rehab was to replace the knob and tube electrical systems still in service. Those old houses burn down nightly around my region up here, big, spectacular, fast-burning fires from the old balloon-wall structures and complete lack of fire sprinklers. Lots of them were allowed to be converted to apartments and they go up quickly, often with lots of fatalities and the destruction of adjoining properties. If you want to study old-house fires and gain the benefit of the mistakes of others, New England is a good place to find case-studies.

    Bee Careful!

  167. @Druid

    I’m not a fan of Obama but to call him a “gay Muslim kenyan” is a very bad reflection on you and your credibility

    I love it when Obama fans start of with “I’m not a fan of Obama, but…”. Well, in the interest of falling short of your opinion of my credibility, let me say the Moronic Gay Mulatto, (with no birth certificate not composed in M/S Word/Adobe) has a tranny wife. Michael Obama’s junk shows when ‘she’ wears jeans, gowns, you name it. “She” has the muscular composition of Mike Tyson. I know a grown man when I see one. Major deception, all of it.

    There is no defense possible of the Obamas. Their own depravities, the racial divisions and hatreds they dredged up, the cashing-in, the corruptions and diplomatic and other failures throughout their time in Washington that took place under their very noses are all the worst of any President’s acts, bar NONE. But they’re Magic-Black and got a pass on all of it. Love to know what the bribe was to Harvard to accept their proxy-daughter to Harvard? The both of them, idiots, those kids. Comes from the parents.

    There I go, into Credibility Gap.

    • Agree: Sick of Orcs
    • Replies: @Truth
  168. @Meretricious

    Gentiles and particularly white Gentiles are mixture of bone-callous and hardcore individualistic which is why the Jews, Italians, Irish Catholics, Arabs, Asians, Indians, Hispanics and just about every other group who ever came to America has surpassed Anglo-Saxons in earning power.

    Italian-Americans and Arab-Americans-two groups who have a long and sometimes fractious history with Jews right up to today-have held their own.

    Culturally, Asians and Italians are all about family and tribal loyalty. Anglo-Saxons celebrate individualist loners like Clint Eastwood or John Wayne or Chuck Norris who treat others with contempt and ride off alone into the sunset. Because nepotism and tribalism rules the roost in a democracy, needless to say the atomized Northern European is out of luck.

    This is not to say that Chinese and Indians are not capable of callousness. They are. Incredibly so. But greed and self-interest usually results in a clannishness that Jewish influence over the media or finance cannot really penetrate.

    It is the same reason why Chinese dominate Southeast Asia.

    Also, whites who would probably fare better under some form of socialism are always Republicans all the way to the welfare breadline. The individualism is just bone-deep in Anglo-Saxon Americans.

    • Replies: @Europe natonalist
  169. Ed says:

    Another thing dumb dumb conservatives didn’t address during Trump’s first two years in office, ending disparate impact or at the very least legalizing IQ tests for a broader range of jobs. These guys are just too incompetent.

  170. @Jeff Stryker

    The claim that all those groups surpass Anglo-Saxons in earning power sounds like rubbish. WASPs although declining are still just about the ruling class in America along with Jews.

    I highly doubt that Arabs, Hispanics, Irish and Italian Americans earn more than real Anglo-Saxon Americans on average. Just sounds very far-fetched to me. If Italians and Spanish people are so brilliant than why are both countries considerably poorer than the UK?

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
    , @Alden
    , @Alden
  171. @anarchyst

    By Goy you mean a white. You’re not referring to Asians, Arabs, Indians or even Italian-Americans (Who seem to harbor some genetic connection to Jews).

    This leads to a question of why White Gentiles are so vulnerable to exploitation. More so than Asian-Americans, Arabs, Indians, even the wary and distrustful Italian-Americans.

    Why? Is it the fact that Northern Europeans came from high-trust agrarian societies as oppose to Jews or Asians or Italians whose civilizations were low-trust and corrupt since time immemorial?

    What is the reason?

    • Replies: @anarchyst
  172. @Europe natonalist

    There was a Scottish BBC presenter named AA Gill who went to visit his second cousins in West Virginia and he could not understand why they were so poor or trapped in a cycle of what we would call rural white trash stupidity. They all had the same great-grandparents, after all. All from Edinburgh. And yet upon arriving in the United States, his family had devolved into white trash.

    For that matter one could look at the great-grandson of a respected Swiss doctor and inventor-rap artist Eminem. How did he devolve into an icon for whiggers who behaved like ghetto blacks three generations in America?

    Italians come from an ancient low-trust mega-corrupt civilization. When they hit the steel canyons of the East Coast, it was nothing new. They seemed to thrive.

  173. @Rich

    The Romans slipped up with Arminius (Herman in German) in 9AD. “Varus, give me back my legions”, wailed Agustus late into the night.

  174. Delmas says:

    Whew. when I think how lucky I was to get my college education before all this diversity nonsense went full swing. Glad I did, and with decent marks. 3.0 average. Three years later I even went back to get my Texas State Teaching Certificate and then 2 more years of teaching in Texas schools and I was gone from that state, and gone from the American continent. I brought up my children in France where this is only just now getting started, but the kids are already through their university studies and out in the active world. This is quite circus to me as at almost 74 I watch all this wreak havoc in what people used to call “the greatest country in the world”

  175. Delmas says:
    @Stephen Paul Foster

    Racial preferences are here to stay. Unless there is pushback from the new deprived minority: the whites, who might just start moving toward an ethnostate.

  176. anarchyst says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    That’s easy…
    Whites come from polar and subpolar climates, and as such, trust in each other was necessary for survival. Those who live in cold climates need each other to survive.

    It is TRUST that is necessary for survival that makes us whites vulnerable to the exploits of jews and others who live in low-trust societies.

    Add to that, the penchant for jews to exploit their supremacy over others (us “goyim”) which adds to the differences.

    A good example of trust in American society is the fact that most single-family residences do not have walls and courtyards to “keep out the riff-raff”, but are open and readily accessible. Only the rich have need for walls and other accoutrements to “keep out the riff-raff”.

    Those who live in tropical climates have much less need for shelter, and even food, as food supplies in tropical and subtropical climates are abundant in most cases.

    • Replies: @Liza
  177. Alden says:
    @Europe natonalist

    Get used to Jeff He couldn’t make it in America. So he left. And now he enjoys sneering at White Americans. We’re all po’ White trailer park trash, low IQ, 7th grade dropouts, homeless, drug addicts, welfare moms, tattooed useless drunk worthless men. He claims he’s White but I have my doubts.

  178. Truth says:
    @Jim Christian

    let me say the Moronic Gay Mulatto, (with no birth certificate not composed in M/S Word/Adobe) has a tranny wife

    And your point is?

    • LOL: Alden
    • Replies: @Rich
    , @Alden
  179. it’s called, “black privilege”….

  180. name calling usually exposes a 2d-rate mind

    obozo–aka gay muslim kenyan–got off light since he’s also a traitor, appeaser, warmonger, thief, liar, stutterer, fraud and anti-White communist.

    The only jabroni who has a reason to like obozo is Jimmy Carter, for taking the title of ‘Worst Modern President’ off his hands.

  181. Rich says:

    Wow,you compare a beautiful woman like Melania to that beast Michelle? Melania was a top flight, internationally known model, Michelle was an affirmative action do-nothing at a state hospital because her fake degree didn’t help much in the real world.

    Guess it takes all kinds, but if you think Michael is good looking, I know a few NFL linebackers you’re probably attracted to, too.

    • Replies: @Truth
  182. Alden says:

    My late mother in law was 5ft 11. Was she really a man because she was tall? Are all women taller than 5ft 7 really men?

    • Replies: @Richard P
    , @Truth
  183. Alden says:
    @Europe natonalist

    No one really knows how much money Italians have. That’s because they don’t report it. Going by the way they dress, their cars, homes etc I’d say they keep their money and spend it on themselves instead of giving it to the government.

    Spain, I don’t know.

    • Replies: @Anon
  184. Richard P says:

    I ounce dated a woman who was 6’2, 125 lbs, and a size 0. She had an exotic look and modeled. While many thought that she was beautiful, there were several who suggested that she was a “man”. I blew it off then, but looking back, especially as she was extremely liberal and heavily infused with the LGBT crowd, I now question this. She was stunning and feminine – and she got wet, which I assume would eliminate any chance of her being transgendered? Furthermore, she proclaimed to be on birth control and would often not take hit because of her other medications for an assortment of mental health conditions. Moreover, she eventually wanted to get impregnated by me. Her physical attributes, aside from her unusually large feet and excessive height, were extremely feminine.

    • Replies: @Truth
  185. Alden says:

    It was very well known at the time.

    In the 70’s and 80’s when I worked in the criminal courts I couldn’t help but notice all the Jewish civil rights foundations and attorneys buzzing around and living off their do gooder “ work” for criminal and life long welfare blacks.

    Grant grifting and hustling is known as doing well by doing good.

    I most definitely do not mean criminal defense attorneys either private practice or public defenders. I mean all the other Jewish attorney grant grifter hustlers grifting government and charity money for non criminal defense lawsuits

    A few things I remember

    1. Jewish attorneys using ADL AJC ACLU and other Foundation money all during the 1960’s to the present to sue school districts.

    These lawfare lawsuits resulted in Judicial FINDINGS and ORDERS that schools could not, by JUDICIAL ORDER ; prevent the mayhem, assaults and batteries, beatings, rapes, robberies, occasional murders and other crimes committed by the black yout in the public schools

    The crime and violence allowed in black infested public schools is a DIRECT RESULT of Jewish attorneys funded by government and charitable educational foundation money With joyful cooperation by 75 IQ savage black yout of course.

    2 Another lawfare lawsuit by a Jewish attorney and Jewish assistants staffed grant grifter legal foundation against the County Housing Authority.

    Those lawfare lawsuits ended in judicial findings and orders that dangerous and disruptive tenants AND THEIR GUESTS could not be evicted from government housing projects for any reason including killing other tenants; let alone rape, robbery, beatings resulting in great bodily injury and mayhem, arson and even death. GUESTS could mean visitors or permanent roommates and family not on the lease.

    Those lawsuits were funded and paid for by the Johnson Nixon Carter Reagan War on Poverty trillions of taxpayers money. The names of the attorneys were mostly Jewish

    Conservatives complain about welfare and blame welfare.

    Extended welfare was the least of it. The real damage the War on Poverty trillions did was fund these endless hustling, grant grifting legal charitable educational foundations whose lawfare destroyed America via judicial findings and orders. ADL AJC no longer has to fund these lawsuits. The dumb goyim taxpayers do.

    3. Here’s another idocracy warfare lawsuit by Jewish attorneys funded by grant grifting the taxpayers money . Teen girls as young as 12 who had their own children got their own welfare checks separate from their mothers welfare checks. The mothers of the teens didn’t like it of course but the teens sure did.

    So a group of government supported Jewish civil rights attorneys thought it was a good idea to troll for plaintiffs and file a lawfare lawsuit. The object of the warfare lawsuit was teen girls with children would get their own apartments in the projects

    They found a plaintiff. The lead attorney was a friend I saw all the time. BTW she was a cousin of Edgar Bronfman if you know who he is.

    The plaintiff was 15, not yet 16. She had 3 children. She had been arrested for shank street prostitution several times. Her name was Debbi. Common name for girls of that era.

    I told my friend Ms B. that it was a dreadful idea. Debbi’s apartment would end up housing her pimp his other hos and his henchmen. It was just aiding and abetting under age prostitution.

    Ms B virtuous do gooder knew all about Debbi and her associates better than I did. She pursued the case and viola!!

    The retard judge FOUND that 15 year old Debbi by reason of being a mother was an emancipated Minor with her own welfare check

    The court therefore ORDERED that henceforth all teen girls in the county who had babies and their own welfare checks SHALL be given their own apartments in the projects.

    Those are just 3 results I remember Jewish attorneys did with grifted government money.

    Anarchyst is absolutely right The civil rights movement Freedom Riders and the rest was way way disproportionately Jewish.

    Those of us who were there observed it.

    My commie beatnik parents best friends were a Jewish couple. Husband was a Standard Oil heir through a late 19th century Standard attorney who was paid in Standard preferred stock.

    The husband directed millions of tax exempt trust Standard money to the Freedom Riders, lawsuits, lobbying, public relations and other parts of the civil rights movement. Even had fundraisers for James Baldwin in their home.

    I was young, but I remember it because my parents and their many commie Jewish friends never shut up about the poor suffering blacks of the south and that Noblesse Oblige mandated school destruction, unleashed black crime, and the rest of the Civil Rights For All But Whites movement.

    They also believed that no black man ever raped any women, ever.

    Anarchyst is right. You’re wrong.

  186. Truth says:

    Michelle O. Is 6’0. You tell me.

    • Replies: @Alden
    , @res
    , @Richard P
  187. Truth says:

    Hey Sport, i’m not in the habit of rating one tranny’s looks over another, i’m just not into dudes.

    I would say that you must be blind or dumb if you insist that Male-Anna is anything but though

    And if you are repulsed by the black tranny and want to bungle the white one; more power to you.

    • LOL: Rich
  188. Truth says:
    @Richard P

    Well, Old Sport; I’m sure the GHEY club will be proud to have you as a member…

    • Replies: @Richard P
  189. Anon[247] • Disclaimer says:

    It all changes when you consider the upper, or Southern, half of Italy.

    • Replies: @Alden
  190. Liza says:

    A good example of trust in American society is the fact that most single-family residences do not have walls and courtyards

    Do you recall the massive wall surrounding the Corleones’ house in Godfather? I wonder if it was because (Sicilian) Italians are a low-trust group or purely because they were involved in crime full-time. Or that the two somehow go together.

    Gated communities seem to be white people’s version of low-trust societies’ technique for self protection. Wishy-washy, mind you. Not the same as a 10-ft solid fence around your own individual house.

    I read the following on the internet:

    A gated community can also promote a general feeling of social paranoia, implying that other parts of the area are unsafe and the gated community is necessary to protect residents

    LOL. I’d say the (justified) paranoia came first.

  191. Alden says:

    Who knows. Her brother is several inches taller He was a college basketball player. Her parents are both tall and had tall children

    5ft 11 Mother in law was definitely a woman. Her 3 children and granddaughters all look like her. So must have been her natural children

  192. Alden says:

    I know, I know, I just didn’t want to get into it.

  193. Richard P says:

    This is repulsive. Perhaps that’s why she was hypersexual and thoroughly enjoyed receiving anal and giving oral. But I’m not buying into this absurdity. A transgendered woman wouldn’t have the more intimate physical attributes of a biological woman.

    • Replies: @Truth
  194. Richard P says:

    Are all women taller than 5ft 7 really men?

    The aforementioned statement got me thinking. Generally speaking, all of the regions in the world that are well-known for an abundance of attractive and feminine women, would validate this assessment. Most women in Eastern Europe, Russia, SE Asia, and the Mediterranean region are 5’7 or shorter. Perhaps there’s some truth to your observation?

    • Replies: @Truth
  195. Richard P says:

    Doesn’t matter what color you are, if your family are poor you get help.

    While I agree that those with inadequate finances shouldn’t be set aside, but like some others have previously mentioned, you can’t fix stupid — especially when a certain demographic has an average IQ of 80.

  196. @Realist

    The ally wasn’t me, though I’m pretty sure we are agreed on the worthlessness of credentialism in education. Comment #12 was someone whose position aligns with yours. You raised what we might call in our extended version of Robert’s Rules of Order a Point of Minor Correction.

    Perhaps you disagree with the idea that higher ed reduces fertility in women? Dunno. Perhaps you believe reducing fertility in the kinds of women who have enough smarts to obtain a college degree is a good thing? Those might be on-topic responses to the original commenter. You might have chosen to sharpen the original commenter’s point, rewriting “women have fewer children the more educated they are” to “women have fewer children the more years of education they have”.

    You chose instead an opinion in response to a data-linked argument. You might consider whether that’s effective in dialoguing with people who choose data.

    • Replies: @Realist
    , @James Forrrestal
  197. Truth says:
    @Richard P

    The two women in those videos ADMIT to being dudes. The second one is a spitting image for a certain First Daughter, who’s father organized her “beauty paegent.”

    That’s right, cough….cough… et tu Ivan?

  198. Truth says:
    @Richard P

    There are a million side routes and subtleties i could go into, but the bottom line is this: if you see a woman on TV, or in the movies, you are looking at a man. I would say this teue %95 of the time.

    Additionally, i would say that 50% of famous men are broads .

    The word Apocalypse is Greek for “uncovering.”

    Thats where we are now, so find God.

    • Replies: @Richard P
    , @Ian Smith
  199. Realist says:

    Perhaps you believe reducing fertility in the kinds of women who have enough smarts to obtain a college degree is a good thing?

    See there’s the rub. I believe many women, and men, who obtain a college degree aren’t as smart as you imply, particularly in the last 40 years or so. The intelligence of college graduates depends on their course of study. Over the last 40-50 years the tremendous increase in trivial, useless courses have allowed people of lesser ability to obtain college degrees thereby degrading the value of a college degree.
    The fact that women with college degrees choose to not have children, if it is a fact, may well be a good thing considering many graduate with degrees that do not require much above average intelligence…the same for men. The important thing is that men and women that graduate with degrees that require a high level of intelligence, have children…hopefully that is the case.

  200. Richard P says:

    The word Apocalypse is Greek for “uncovering.”

    And the words Kali Yuga are Hindu for Dark Age. We’re in the period of darkness and divisiveness, hatred and greed, warfare and inequality — but another Golden Age awaits us, once we pass through the Kali Yuga.

  201. Richard P says:

    Ignorance is bliss and if one is just intelligent without having alot of money and power, life can be living hell.

    There’s a lot of truth in this statement. Blacks are noisome beasts and contribute nothing positive to society — yet they live a plush lifestyle off the backs of those who do contribute.

  202. Richard P says:

    The grotesque spending on collegiate sports must end and they should be eradicated. Higher education should focus on educating and conducting useful R&D — not trivial spectacles such as collegiate sports. They serve no legitimate purpose in the educational sphere.

    Case in point would be this bloated and wasteful athletic complex for the University of Nebraska’s football program. It’s absurdity on steroids.

    Nebraska plans to ‘Go Big’ with $155 million, 350,000-square-foot football training complex

    “Frost, now in Year 2 as Nebraska’s head coach and in the midst of a major program-building project himself, and Davison, now the associate athletic director for football, saw that idea move a step closer to reality Friday as NU announced plans for a $155 million, 350,000-square-foot North Stadium expansion to serve as the future training home of the Husker football team and with dedicated space for every student-athlete on campus.”–square-foot/article_39675ed3-86e2-5c39-b99e-8ec43ce4b50e.html

    • Replies: @animalogic
  203. Richard P says:

    Communism was not about equality between races, it was primarily about equality within a nation.

    So this form of “equality” would explain why Trotsky committed genocide against Russian citizens who were Christians and loyal to the Tsar?

    Hasn’t Communism been responsible for the deaths of 150 million people over the last 100 years?

    Only a liberal would find logic in this nonsense.

  204. @Richard P

    Couldn’t agree with you more Richard P.

  205. @Sam Coulton

    You are a fool if you think any other race defers to yours.

  206. Richard P says:

    You are a fool if you think any other race defers to yours.

    Only a fool would think that there isn’t a difference between races.

  207. @Stephen Paul Foster

    Shortly before leaving office I listened to President Obama, interviewed, say that “racism” is “still part of our DNA that’s passed on.”

    So-called “racism” is a biological reality; a concrete “thing” that is largely genetically determined… while race is merely a “social construct,” of course.

    Sounds legit.

    Also: call me a grammar jew, but… when did you leave office?

  208. @Sam Coulton

    Whole lotta white trash in this comment section.

    Typical jew trash projection.


  209. @TomSchmidt

    Perhaps you disagree with the idea that higher ed reduces fertility in women? Dunno. Perhaps you believe reducing fertility in the kinds of women who have enough smarts to obtain a college degree is a good thing? Those might be on-topic responses to the original commenter.

    Tough to tell whether he’s actually having this much difficulty understanding the basic point, or whether it’s deliberate obfuscation/ diversion.


    See there’s the rub. I believe many women, and men, who obtain a college degree aren’t as smart as you imply, particularly in the last 40 years or so. The intelligence of college graduates depends on their course of study.

    Uh huh. Let’s simplify it even further for you:

    – Are women who go to college (controlling for race), on average, smarter than those who do not?

    Yes or no.

    – Does attending college correlate with reduced fertility in women?

    Yes or no.

    – Does this relationship appear to be causal?

    Yes or no.

    All of this blabber about the value of various courses of study, or what proportion of the population should be attending college, etc., is entirely irrelevant to the question of whether higher education for women is dysgenic with respect to intelligence at a population level.

    • Replies: @TomSchmidt
  210. @James Forrrestal

    All of this blabber about the value of various courses of study, or what proportion of the population should be attending college, etc., is entirely irrelevant to the question of whether higher education for women is dysgenic with respect to intelligence at a population level.

    Yep. If intelligence, as measured by IQ, is important to a society, then sending intelligent women to higher levels of education means lowered levels of societal intelligence if intelligence is heritable, given the lower fertility of higher-education-studying women.

  211. Dr. Doom says:

    These`dark skinned dummies are merely pawns to hurt Whites. No more, no less.

    They serve no other purpose, nor can they…

    Nobody really cares for darkies, not really. They care not for each other…

    • Replies: @Richard P
  212. Richard P says:
    @Dr. Doom

    They care not for each other…

    No, they most certainly don’t care for each other and that’s quite evident in the fact that Blacks have murdered 324,000 Blacks over the last 35 years in the United States. Thuggery has no place in America.

  213. Alfred says:
    @Sick of Orcs

    Please. Please. I was born in Africa. That Obingo guy had a Black American father and a White American mother. The Kenyan father story is rubbish.

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