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The Politics of Dysgenic Fertility: Edward Dutton’s SPITEFUL MUTANTS
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Dr. Edward Dutton’s latest book, Spiteful Mutants: Evolution, Sexuality, Politics and Religion in the 21st Century, is a collection of 10 essays that use evolutionary theory to explain the decline of the West. Less narrowly focused than most of the author’s books (Sent Before Their Time, Making Sense of Race, Churchill’s Headmaster), I warmly recommend it as an introduction to evolutionary thinking about cultural change, and to understand why Leftists promote mass immigration, the Floyd-Hoax-Black-Lives Matter riots, the mad rush to “transgenderism,” and the normalization of pedophilia.

Before 1800, only about half of children survived to adulthood. Those who did tended to be those with the fewest harmful genetic mutations. Then, within the course of a few generations, childhood mortality fell beneath one percent in most advanced countries. This meant that Darwinian natural selection ceased to operate. Children with harmful mutations began surviving to adulthood and passing on their unfavorable traits to offspring, a phenomenon known as “dysgenic fertility.” Since about 84 percent of the human genome relates to brain development, increased mutational load means that people began to think and behave in maladaptive ways. Compounding the problem, such people influence those around them, who might still be genetically healthy, to behave in similarly maladaptive ways. These are the “Spiteful Mutants” of Dutton’s title. Their behavior is “spiteful” because it damages others without bringing any advantage to themselves.

Dutton’s book focuses on two broad areas in which increased mutational load might give rise to maladaptive behavior: religion and sex. He proposes that the rise of sexual confusion and quasi-religious “social justice” movements such as Black Lives Matter, are the action of Spiteful Mutants. Plenty of commentators have criticized such cultural trends. But Dutton’s evolutionary approach might explain why they are appearing in our society now and what must be done to fight back effectively. For at bottom the struggle could be as much biological as political.

Natural selection favors religious belief and practice because they help us cope with stress and promote such adaptive behavior as fertility, in-group cooperation, and hostility to invasive outgroups. Regarding the connection between fertility and traditional religious belief, the author remarks on the fate of young women he knew as an undergraduate at Durham University in the North of England. Some of these belonged to the Durham Inter-Collegiate Christian Union:

This was a fundamentalist, evangelical Christian group that eschewed drinking, premarital sex, and, indeed, all of the hedonism that tended to characterize undergraduate life. As far as I am aware, all of the females I knew in this group have married and had children, in most cases two or more. By contrast, a girl whom I knew who was cold, nihilistic, anti-religious and spent her undergraduate years doing little other than drinking and bitching about thinner girls, has definitely not married nor reproduced. […] This is Darwinian selection in action.

In essence, traditional religion identifies evolutionarily adaptive behavior with the will of God. Of course, religious ideas can also be maladaptive. A radically ascetic sect which rejects all sexual activity would obviously harm the evolutionary prospects of those who join it, and thus eventually dies out itself. The Shakers are an example. But religions that have survived over long periods tend to be adaptive.

By traditional measures such as church attendance, Western society continues to become less religious. But, Dutton notes

there are behaviors typically associated with religiousness—intolerance of disagreement, fervent belief, or casting dissenters as ‘evil’—which are alive and well and, if anything, seem to be increasing in frequency.

He suggests that contemporary “social justice” movements are maladaptive mutations of our inherited religious dispositions.

Some background: As societies expand from local kin-groups to larger polities of relative strangers, moralistic monotheism becomes adaptive as a social-bonding mechanism. The in-group grows to include all who worship the same god, and hence the domain of trust and altruistic behavior expands, giving the society an advantage over rivals.

Following the Industrial Revolution, mortality salience—preoccupation with the inevitability of death—declined, group selection broke down, individualistic ideals gained prominence, and traditional religion grew weaker along with the social bonding it had favored.

In such circumstances, religion also mutates. Some aspects of the old religiousness are discarded, while others might be intensified and redirected toward new objects. Marxist Communism, as many have observed, served some of the purposes of a religion in the lives of its followers despite its atheism. Nineteenth century romantic nationalism has also been interpreted as a “replacement religion”—one far more adaptive than communism [Martyr Cults in Nineteenth-Century Italy Lucy Riall The Journal of Modern History, June 2010].

Today, runaway individualism and the collapse of group selection has led to new substitute religions wherein Spiteful Mutants compete for prestige and power by attacking the interests of their own group and advocating for hostile outgroups and replacement-level immigration. This is so maladaptive that Dutton describes it as a death cult.

The personality profile of the new zealots is the opposite of the prosocial personality of the traditionally religious. They are selfish and disagreeable, hypocritical, narcissistic, mentally unstable, and prone to emotional breakdowns when challenged. This, in turn, explains why they are so easily “triggered,” and feel they must “cancel” those who threaten their beliefs or self-image.

“Those of us who stand against this trend,” cautions Dutton, “must be aware that we are not dealing simply with [opposition to] free speech, [but] with a religion, with all the attractions to human psychology inherent in it.”

Dutton devotes an entire chapter to interpreting the BLM riots that followed the overdose death of George Floyd as a maladaptive variant on the religious revival. Traditional revivals typically take place in the wake of wars and disasters, periods of elevated stress and mortality salience. They are spearheaded by persons high in anxiety, neuroticism, and mental instability; such disturbed mental states are alleviated through the highly emotional religious experiences that take place through revivals. Women are prominent in such revivals because they are higher in the relevant traits than men, especially in their late teens and early 20s (the author suggests that young women’s anxiety is an evolutionary adaptation to their need to “worry” about babies). Once a revival gets underway, a kind of snowball effect sets in, whereby more mentally stable persons join in through mimetic infection or fear of ostracism if they do not.

Students of religion distinguish between “positive religious coping,” which involves the conviction that one has been forgiven and purified, and “negative religious coping,” which involves calling on God to smite the unrighteous, i.e., outgroup members. Less mentally stable people perceive the world as a hostile place, and are thus more prone to negative coping.

Several analogies between traditional Christian revivals and the BLM riots spring to mind. The latter occurred in the wake of the Covid scare and lockdowns, and young women assumed prominent roles. It should also be obvious, as Dutton notes, “that many of those involved —with their stereotypical unnatural colored hair and screams of righteous fury—are not mentally well.”

Negative coping is seen in participants’ conviction that the world is run by racists intent on keeping innocent black people down; protesters enjoyed a sense of superiority to “racists,” and perhaps even a conviction that they were bringing to birth a new world free of oppression.

BLM is, however, largely bereft of resources for positive coping, because white people can never truly be forgiven for the sin of racism.

The celebrities who felt compelled to jump on the bandwagon of BLM provided examples of mimetic infection and fear of ostracism.

Dramatically different from traditional religious revivals, however, were the flagrant violence and desecration of statues and monuments that accompanied the Floyd Hoax protests. But here as well, Dutton points to history. The first stirrings of the Protestant Reformation in Germany coincided with a period of serious famine. The result was the Peasants’ War of the 1520s, during which violent Protestant mobs plundered Catholic churches and destroyed their “idols.” As during the BLM riots, some authorities were reduced to preemptively removing religious art to appease the mob.

Dutton suggests another historical analogy for BLM iconoclasm: the Spanish conquest of Mexico, during which Hernan Cortes destroyed every Aztec idol he could find. Cortes found that this “left the Aztecs demoralized and less able to put up a fight. The previously certain, unique, and real system by which they made sense of the world—and in which they played an integral and positive part—was under assault.”

The BLM riots were a similar act of conquest. Notes Dutton:

[Statues in the West were erected] to honor highly group-selected people who have promoted the genetic interests of Europeans by expanding their territory and leading their ethnic group to victory over rivals. In a sense, such statues are sacred. To tear them down—to humiliate gods in broad daylight in full view of the public—is a means of asserting that the religion they represented no longer has any power, is no longer sacred.

Four chapters of Spiteful Mutants deal with sexual dysfunction: homosexuality, gender dysphoria, the rise of Japanese “herbivore men” uninterested in women or sex, and the pedophilia acceptance movement (apparently the next frontier). The author illuminates all these subjects with an evolutionary perspective absent from generic “conservative” cultural criticism.

Natural selection always triumphs in the end, however. The Industrial Revolution and modern medicine suspended its effects for a while, but it is now obvious that rising mutational load has replaced childhood mortality as the crucible of evolution. Ever fewer normal people seem able to resist the mimetic influence of Spiteful Mutants.

Dutton compares our situation to the classic Zombie-movie scenario in which the dead rise to attack the living, transforming them into Zombies in the process. Typically, a small uninfected group defend themselves from the quickly multiplying Zombified hoards and maintain a semblance of civilization.

In effect, the Zombie movie is a metaphor for the rise of Spiteful Mutants promoting maladaptive behavior among their own people. Only the genetically healthiest or mimetically best forewarned (e.g., by reading Dutton) will resist the new onslaught of natural selection. The future will belong to them.

Roger Devlin [Email him] is a contributing editor to The Occidental Quarterly and the author of Sexual Utopia in Power: The Feminist Revolt Against Civilization.

(Republished from VDare by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Science • Tags: Dysgenic, Evolution, Political Correctness, Religion 
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  1. anon[254] • Disclaimer says:

    Nice, neat little theory.

    But so abstract as to be meaningless. And incidentally unfalsifiable.

    • Disagree: TTSSYF
    • Troll: Eric Novak, 3g4me
    • Replies: @Dutch Boy
    , @WHAT
    , @Richard B
  2. [i]Dutton devotes an entire chapter to interpreting the BLM riots that followed the overdose death of George Floyd as a maladaptive variant on the religious revival.[/i]

    Did it ever cross his(Dutton’s) mind that BLM are nothing but an ersatz AstroTurf movement recruited by some donors to the Democratic Party as weapon to attack Donald Trump?

    In other words, without the organisers of this fake movement; the malcontents of the BLM-Anti-FA have nothing to rally around and make a nuisance of themselves.

  3. xyzxy says:

    It’s simply a correlate of easy living caused by our grotesquely artificial tech environment. I’ll tell you this, if because of catastrophe (natural, manmade or both) civilizational support ended tomorrow, the weirdness would end immediately. All the tranny, all the homo, all the feminism, all the equality, all the diversity, etc. would go away overnight.

    Because people would no longer be able to live in their minds, abstractly, divorced from reality. Immediate needs would become critical, and subsequent survival would necessarily demand a return to a more basic and fundamental normality.

  4. Catdog says:

    I don’t buy it. Does half of the West suddenly all have these same set of mutations? I think our problems are only “genetic” in the sense that the powerful group of people who are pleased by all these changes (and unnamed in this article) are second cousins to each other.

  5. Catdog says:
    @kerdasi amaq

    BLM is also not maladaptive, except to the stupid goodwhites who are part of it. BLM is quite good for blacks as a racial piracy strategy. If it is a religious movement, then it is an effective and likely self-sustaining one, to the extent that it is ethno-religious. But of course the leadership of BLM is not black.

    • Replies: @Alrenous
  6. J says: • Website

    The “Spiteful Mutants” rarely have descendance while the fundamentalist, evangelical Christian girls of Durham married and gave birth. Proving that no “Politics of Dysgenic Fertility” exists nor could last more than a couple of generations.

    • Replies: @CSFurious
  7. @kerdasi amaq

    Good point. The BLM riots were expressly designed to defeat Trump. Combined with the Covid scare and massive voter fraud was enough to elect basement dweller over MAGA.

    • Replies: @TKK
  8. @Catdog

    Indeed, the title Spiteful Mutants is quite original and very catchy, but it avoids the grinning 800 pound gorilla in the room, doesn’t it? But who can blame Eddie? His work must stay within the parameters of kosher thought, or he will find himself thrown into the wilderness, naked and very alone.

    • Thanks: Stones
    • Troll: Eric Novak
  9. @Catdog

    The “second cousins” certainly have their share of maladaptive genes and pathological thought patterns, too. Eddie certainly knows this but avoids the subject like the plague, which it actually is.

    • Replies: @American Citizen
  10. It’s very telling that the religious analogy holds true. We are not dealing with people who have different opinions on a subject (for example blacks in America). We are dealing with people who have accepted a worldview, and right or wrong, they are going full speed ahead with it.

    Consider the “hands up, don’t shoot” mantra that developed after Ferguson. You could take a highly educated BLM supporter, for example a college professor with a PhD. This person is not unintelligent, this person can read, can understand abstract concepts and reason with other people. You could show this person all the evidence collected by the Obama DOJ. You could show this person all the evidence for both sides of the story, videotapes, every single thing that exonerates Officer Darren Wilson of any wrongdoing.

    After that exhaustive presentation, the BLM supporter in question would stand up, smile, and walk out of the room chanting “hands up, don’t shoot” utterly convinced that their version of the story is entirely correct, evidence notwithstanding.

    In other words, these people are fanatics and cannot be reasoned with.

    • Replies: @RedpilledAF
    , @RoatanBill
    , @TKK
  11. Dutch Boy says:

    In the last thirty or forty years, we have seen an explosion in obesity, learning disorders, autism, attention deficit disorder, declining sperm counts, and various gender dysphoria disorders. The suddenness of these maladies suggests to me an organic, environmental phenomenon rather than a genetic change. By environmental I mean environmental chemical exposures as well as cultural influences. The gender stuff is especially subject to cultural influence, with the MSM constantly spreading what I call anti-gender propaganda (there are no males or females per se, many people are really the other sex and you, little twerp, are one of them).

    • Replies: @Tom Welsh
  12. @Bruce Arney

    With the lack of paternity knowledge in our “vibrant” sections of inner cities, it’s very likely that there is more inbreeding than anyone knows. Certainly the topic is verboten, I’ve not ever seen it discussed or studied.

  13. Dr. Rock says:

    Many years ago, I heard a theory explained by a scientist whose focus was mathematics and genetics-

    His theory was that by examining the human genome, mathematically, one could deduce that the genes would breakdown over the course of human existence, and eventually yield mutations that would manifest as increases in insanity and irrational behavior.

    Basically, that the human genome could only recreate and replicate so many millions-billions of times, before it would start to collapse in a variety of ways, and become flawed and poisoned.

    Over the years I’ve tried to find out who he was, and revisit this topic, to no avail, but it follows a similar path to what is written above, and bears true with what we all see everyday, everywhere; Lunatics, lacking the basic drive to reproduce, like all healthy animals possess.

    • Replies: @LysineDefender
  14. I never really liked the idea of Homosexuality and Race Mixing, let alone this Transgender nonsense.

  15. Ron Unz says:

    I’m extremely skeptical of this “Spiteful Mutants” hypothesis…

    Infant mortality rates dropped dramatically several generations ago around most of the world. Yet the effects described have only appeared in countries dominated by Western news and entertainment media, Hollywood in particular. Moreover, they only appeared when Hollywood began actively promoting them 50-60 years ago.

    Japanese infant mortality rates have been low for something like 100 years and Japanese total fertility rates are currently lower than most Western countries, yet Japan doesn’t exhibit almost any of the social pathologies described.

    Chinese total fertility rates are also extremely low, but certainly doesn’t have any of those pathologies.

    Pundits sometimes strain to come up with an “exciting” ev-bio explanation for things have have no connection with ev-bio issues.

  16. TKK says:
    @Bruce Arney

    But remember, Trump was President during the riots and did NOTHING. He tweeted law and order over and over, and then pardoned more black murderers because Kim Kardashian told him to do so.

    If he had one speck of honor or true grit, he would have called out federal troops and put those “spiteful mutants” in a world of hurt.

    It’s an inconvenience when people froth about the double standard of the BLM rioters and the January 6th demonstrators, but cannot be ignored.

    • Agree: follyofwar, YesYesCircle
    • Replies: @onetwothree
  17. Init says:

    Contrived bollocks. Dutty is wrong in many of his core assumptions, but most importantly on heredity of political belief. Wokeism is a guided trip of sorts, not a biological phenomena but artificially elevated emergent religion substitute, and dysgenic fertility as far as it exists only takes the form presented in idiocracy.

  18. Speaking of fertility, get a load of this ROTFL.

    Something went nutty in the culture.

    • Replies: @GeneralRipper
  19. Spiteful Mutants: Evolution, Sexuality, Religion, and Politics in the 21st Century = some really stupid blathering.

    A couple of claims really stand out:
    Dutton has claimed spiteful mutants including liberals, Marxists and atheists are less physically attractive on average than conservatives and religious people.


    Edward Dutton has linked pedophilia to the spiteful mutant hypothesis in a video titled “Do paedophiles rule the world”.[100] He argues non-religious people and liberals (or individuals with left-wing political views) are more likely than religious people and conservatives to be pedophiles, or have views sympathetic towards pedophilia. There is no research to support these claims since no surveys have ever been conducted on liberal and conservative attitudes concerning pedophilia.

    An obvious criticism of Dutton’s claim that non-religious individuals are more likely to be pedophiles or sympathetic to pedophilia than religious individuals is the history of child sexual abuse in the Catholic Church.

    • Troll: Eric Novak
    • Replies: @Anymike
  20. >Edward Dutton

    This midwit is a prime example of typical anglo-huwhite-nationalists mentality, namely “we are doomed because we are too unique and superior.”

    • Agree: Ghan-buri-Ghan
  21. WHAT says:

    >Less mentally stable people perceive the world as a hostile place, and are thus more prone to negative coping.


  22. WHAT says:

    Nust the kind to probably land you a small grant somewhere.
    Hence Dutton and the ilk.

  23. @American Citizen

    Very true. I unfortunately know the exact type you described.

  24. Religious social justice movements were in full swing 200 years ago with Wilberforce et al and abolitionism.

    Charles Dickens satirised the ‘telescopic philanthropy’ of his contemporaries, mostly religious women, like ‘Mrs Jellyby’ based on Caroline Chisholm. Henry James in The Bostonians wrote about Victorian women who spent their lives protesting, going from abolitionism to suffragettism. Many early feminists were Methodists because that church deliberately fostered female leaders.

    Dutton fixates on some ‘1960s left wing religious women’ or woman? I wonder if he is talking about some personal experience and extrapolating from that? Mummy issues? (‘I know, let’s blame Marxism’!) Sorry Edward, bad mothers have been around a long time. Since Adam and Eve it would seem. They aren’t mutants then, and their ‘spitefulness’ probably serves some evolutionary purpose such as mate fitness selection. I’d have thought that would be obvious to an evo biologist.

    • Troll: Eric Novak
  25. Dumbo says:

    Nah. Fanciful theory, but wrong, like most “evolutionary” or “psycho-evolutionary” theories. He seems to have no clue about religion. BLM was a totally fake movement. No one really believed that, the blacks were in for the rioting, the whites for virtue-signalling. Now Climate Change is perhaps slightly religious, like those doomsday cults. But it will also fade away.

    • Replies: @Eric Novak
  26. Simon D says:
    @Ron Unz

    I’m extremely skeptical of this “Spiteful Mutants” hypothesis…

    Yet you carry the article and give it one of the two top spots.

    This is why the UR is so great. Thanks, Ron.

  27. Alrenous says: • Website

    Dutton is awfully materialist for an alleged non-atheist.

    Pedophilia will never be accepted, nor will public nudity ever be normalized. (Legalized, maybe, but not normalized.) These things are hard-wired.

    Their behavior is “spiteful” because it damages others without bringing any advantage to themselves.

    Also, they genuinely feel a lot of spite, which drives their behaviour.


    quasi-religious “social justice” movements such as Black Lives Matter,

    It’s not quasi-religious, it’s literally Christianity. Feed and clothe your enemies, Romans 12:20. The more criminal Bantu-Americans act, the more you’re supposed to feed and clothe them. If he takes the shirt off your back, offer him your cloak also, Matthew 5:40.

    what must be done to fight back effectively.

    The Amish already “fought” back effectively, except they are pacifists and don’t involve themselves with the government at all.

    the author suggests that young women’s anxiety is an evolutionary adaptation to their need to “worry” about babies

    Obviously women worry more because they are less capable and thus more vulnerable. Her body is more valuable short-term theft good than a man’s, but she is less able to secure it. A man with a similarly valuable but ineffective body would worry about as much as women do.

    Babies are of course even more vulnerable. Men have to split their investment between women and the babies, whereas the woman invests entirely in the baby which – get this – makes her more invested.

    more mentally stable persons join in through mimetic infection or fear of ostracism if they do not.

    The threshold is something like 8 or 10 people. This codes as “everyone” to your genes. If “everyone” believes something, and there are no visible dissenters, that counts as evidence and the brain simply switches to the new belief.

    This can cause severe stress if someone travels back to an old group where “everyone” believes something different. Rather analogous to metal fatigue, the brain isn’t supposed to be that flexible. It work hardens yet doesn’t relent on the pressure it applies to itself.

    Less mentally stable people perceive the world as a hostile place

    It’s envy. They see others as damaging their interests by having higher social status. Which is true; they are not competitive.

    is a means of asserting that the religion they represented no longer has any power, is no longer sacred.

    No, not really. Still Christianity. “So mankind will be brought low, and each man humbled; the arrogant will lower their eyes” Isiah 5:15.
    “Every valley shall be filled in, and every mountain and hill made low. The crooked ways shall be made straight, and the rough ways smooth. ” Luke 3:5
    Statue = hill => made low. Rough ways smooth => affirmative action.

    • Replies: @Dumbo
    , @Ben the Layabout
  28. Alrenous says:

    BLM is awful for blacks. The causes of Bantu death are, in order: old age, accidents, homicide. BLM has spiked the homicide rate on the order of 10s of thousands of extra deaths a year. Not to mention the terrorization effect of this massive crime wave.

  29. Disappointing. I thought it would be an article about dummies having 8 kids. No a bunch of malarkey about religions.

  30. Tom Welsh says:

    “The personality profile of the new zealots is the opposite of the prosocial personality of the traditionally religious. They are selfish and disagreeable, hypocritical, narcissistic, mentally unstable, and prone to emotional breakdowns when challenged. This, in turn, explains why they are so easily “triggered,” and feel they must “cancel” those who threaten their beliefs or self-image”.

    Initially plausible. But on a thoughtful review of Christian history… from the ghastly murder of Hypatia to the religious wars of early modern Europe, with their industrial-scale lynchings and judicial murders, one can easily find many examples of “traditionally religious” people feeling ‘they must “cancel” those who threaten their beliefs or self-image’.

    Other religions have “triggered” similar outbreaks of mass murder.

  31. Tom Welsh says:
    @Dutch Boy

    The explosion in obesity (to pick just the lowest-hanging fruit) is almost certainly due to false dietary advice given by career scientists and doctors in league with politicians and business interests.

    Human beings have always relied on meat as the core of a healthy diet; and by 1865 it was well understood that if you want to get fat and unhealthy – and eventually diabetic – all you need do is gobble lots of refined carbs, mainly flour and sugar. After the 1960s and the McGovern report, the foolish dogma of “healthy whole grains” spread like wildfire, accompanied by the even more foolish fear of cholesterol, red meat, and eggs.

    Today, unfortunately, reliance on grains has encouraged population to increase so far that it could not be properly fed on meat, eggs, fish, and dairy. Thus governments are forced to go on preaching the gospel of vegetarianism; food riots are the death knell to any regime.

    • Agree: Jimmy le Blanc
    • Replies: @orchardist
    , @Anonydog
  32. Ain’t that Sodomerica

  33. Very interesting and valuable contribution. Many years ago, the Russian thinker Grigoriy Klimov coined the term bio-negativity for more or less the same phenomenon. In a number of books, he examined the connection between sexual deviancy, insanity, and degeneration in a biological sense.

  34. With the exception of this one,

    Less mentally stable people perceive the world as a hostile place

    – you have to be mentally unstable to not perceive a world dominated by “spiteful mutants” as not hostile – the observations made are generally valid but valid observations don’t necessarily lead to a valid conclusion. Yes, the braindead wokesters do act like a religious cult, but no, their behaviour isn’t necessarily caused by the cancellation of Darwinian selection or harmful genetic mutation. Having more children make it to adulthood means that the less physically fit survive too, but the physically unfit never were necessarily also the intellectually unfit.

    Rather than genetic mutation, I see ideological subversion, technological means to indoctrinate masses or overeating low quality food as equally relevant explanations. I agree though that natural selection will eventually sort the mess. Which doesn’t mean that the mess won’t get real bloody before it is sorted out.

    • Replies: @Passing By
    , @Thrallman
  35. @American Citizen

    Anyone that believes in any god based religion has his mind prepared to believe in nonsense. That’s how gov’t survives, since they’re both belief systems.

  36. G. Poulin says:

    The religious analogy is certainly apt, whether or not this can be explained by evolutionary processes. But it’s not a normal, healthy religion. It completely destroys individuals and societies that adopt it. “Death cult” says it all.

  37. @Ron Unz

    I too seek to stick with more prosaic or at least demonstrable explanations. Have you experienced the same scepticism about Kevin Macdonald and his apparent anticipation of advance in biological science by invoking the explanatory power of evolution as in evolutionary group strategy? [Apologies for ignorance to those who have read more of MacDonald than I have].

    Unfortunately the last 150 years have been dysgenic for intelligence by any measure or definition with one of the most obvious proofs being that, in a Protestant country, Catholics, who were two or three generations behind in fertility control number 6 on SCOTUS – with 3 Jews and no Protestants. (Of course I recognise the effect on ambition of being the only child, or one of two, lined up for a comfortable inheritance).

  38. @Ron Unz

    Ron – I`ve never replied directly to a comment of yours, so let me just say a big thank you for your site and work in general.

    Japanese infant mortality rates have been low for something like 100 years and Japanese total fertility rates are currently lower than most Western countries.

    Obviously statistically that is true, but actually the much-mocked Japanese reproduction rate is probably about the same as an awful lot of Western countries and a little better than some, if you consider the indigenous population of that country. So for France, Germany, Britain and even the US (whites, not indigenous strictly speaking) the indigenous birth rates are all at one-point-something too, where the something is NOT 8 or 9.

    As Japan has lowish numbers of outsiders, essentially the Japanese (country) birthrate is very close to the Japanese birthrate.

    Incidentally, as is maybe quite well-known, the reason for the low birthrates are somewhat different. In the West, white people can form heterosexual couples but go no further. In Japan, the couple formation is proving difficult,

  39. Jim H says:
    @Ron Unz

    ‘Japan doesn’t exhibit almost any of the social pathologies described.’ — Ron Unz

    Author F Roger Devlin mentions the rise of Japanese “herbivore men.” A Business Insider article from 2015 expands on the subject:

    ‘Herbivores are increasingly present in Japan, according to 2015 survey of 1,134 people aged 16 to 49 reported on in the Japan Times.

    “Among male respondents, 17.9 percent reported little or no interest in having sex — or even an extreme dislike of it,” the Japan Times reports. “The proportion came to 20.3 percent for men between 25 and 29, up 2.5-fold from the level in 2008.”

    A survey of 1,134 people isn’t dispositive, but it is suggestive. What’s also suggestive is that the cited article was written by a gaijin surnamed Baer, who goes on to enthuse:

    ‘If we hold that people should be able to express their sexual orientation in the ways that they identify as — opposite-sex or same-sex, sexual or asexual — then the rise of the herbivores is progress, a liberalization from the strictness of hypermasculine ‘salarymen’ that have been conferred alpha status in Japan since World War II.

    ‘Identity progress is slow-going in Japan. It’s a country that is just beginning to have a national LGBTQ conversation, and it went into a racist tizzy about Miss Universe Japan 2015, who is biracial. ‘

    ‘So while ‘herbivorization’ might be a problem for getting the birthrate up, it’s the start of an answer as far as gender and sexuality are concerned.’

    Oh my … it seems that “Baer” has a very distinct identitarian agenda here, tacked onto what started out as a “news” article.

    As the saying goes in academic circles, “more research is needed.”

  40. @Catdog

    Right. Most of these “mutations” also occurred in Weimar Germany almost a century ago, including the tranny stuff.

    What a “coincidence”. I wonder if there are any common factors…

    • Replies: @Pure Coincidence
  41. It gives an evolutionary theory as to why we have all this seeming insanity happening right now. Nature is coming back with a vengeance and biting us in the butt. Nature has no “conscience”, it just acts and makes corrections.

  42. Dumbo says:

    Even the Devil can quote scripture when it suits him. All this is meaningless. BLM is not religious or para-religious, it was a scam, and even the blacks know it.

    • Replies: @Eric Novak
    , @Alrenous
  43. @Passing By

    I just noticed that I formulated that one wrong. I meant “you have to be mentally unstable to not perceive as hostile” or “you have to be mentally unstable to perceive as not hostile”.

  44. martin_2 says:

    Although Mr Dutton’s theory seems unfalsifiable at best there is another, probably related, phenomena that was promoted by a Canadian commentator whose name escapes me (Stein?).

    Anyway, he pointed out that fifty or so years ago countries such as Iran, Turkey, Israel, and Afghanistan were somewhat liberal and becoming more and more secular. There are photos from that time of young women wearing short skirts in those countries.

    But it isn’t the liberal and the secular types that have kids; it is the conservative and religious. So after one or two generations, with conservative religious types now the majority, and liberal secular types nearly extinct, as a natural consequence these countries have become conservative and religious.

    This goes some way to explain why Israel is very ethno-nationalist, whilst Western Jews want to make white countries multiethnic.

    • Replies: @Peter D. Bredon
  45. @RoatanBill

    It may be unavoidable. The human brains seems predisposed to accept conformity programming. Consider religion, politics, even sports teams. The term “Fan” is short for fanatic because fanatic sounds a bit extreme when describing a family watching a baseball game. It’s not so extreme when you see the fat guy in 10 degree weather wearing only team colored paint on his body.

    Consider that. The fat guy at the sports game PAID for his ticket, and still spends the extra money, time and effort to get painted up for the game. The team does not pay him to do this, and probably raises his ticket prices year after year, yet he returns for more year after year.

    Hence the ability to use facts and reason in American politics is useless. You will never change the mind of a fanatic. Arguments only make the fanatic stronger because those who argue against the fanatic become a target, sometimes unwittingly (see the Terror during the French Revolution).

    • LOL: europeasant
    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  46. Keeping the misfits alive isn’t near the problem that two massive white male killing world wars were. Both wars were banker approved, and both wars still have a huge residual effect. Having said that most of today’s social problems go back to constant gaslighting by a very kosher media and the rise of snobby women due to kosher feminism. Basically it is a genocide by suicide. Does that stupid really go back to misfits? Doubtful due to a good bit of modern misfitting is volunteered with mom approved gaslighting.

  47. @Ron Unz

    Yes, it seems more likely an artificially created phenomenon, created by those who control the news and entertainment media (and academia), hence only prevalent in the West and not in other industrialized societies where such media control doesn’t exist.

    This concerted attack on sexual morality and racial integrity is relatively recent. It started in the 1960s in the US, then spread all over the western world, but over the western world only.

  48. @Dumbo

    He has a Ph.D in theology and comparative religion, so he might know a thing or two about religion.

  49. @Ron Unz

    The process of cumulative mutational load attributable to a single evolutionary cause in one population will not proceed in the same way or at the same speed in another.

  50. “Mutation” is how evolution works, and it takes place across hundreds and thousands of generations. The process is random, has no goals, is neither benign nor “spiteful.” Its pace is occult to a species that measures its lifespan in decades and whose fatal flaw (according to Socrates) is its need for irrational beliefs. Mistaking our emotional reaction to situations for the actual experience of the situations is also a basic human weakness.

    In any case, the fundamental premise of religion is that there are unseen powers in the world that are responsible for what occurs within it. This presupposition, that there are exceptions to materialistic or physical causality, has simply never been validated in centuries of scientific investigation. It is abundantly clear by now that religious faith is mistaken in its understanding of the natural world and the human place in it. We are demonstrably not orphans placed at the caprice of an alien intelligence on a hostile planet ruled by invisible spirits. We are not capable of altering the properties of matter or the behaviors of other organisms to conform to our thoughts and wishes, i.e., by faith and prayer, and evidence that individual consciousness endures after brain death is wholly lacking. Philosophically, the relentless dualism and judgmentalism of Christian belief form the greatest imaginable roadblocks to mature self-awareness and serenity.

  51. anon[408] • Disclaimer says:
    @American Citizen

    I remember reading an account of a guy who had attended a high school that was about 50/50 black/white. He said the black boys were surprised to learn that the white boys didn’t have sex with sisters, mothers, aunts, and cousins.
    And a young black woman once told me that she left home because either her dad or brother kept wanting to “sex her up.” So I’m thinking this stuff is indeed a problem in that “community,” but we won’t hold our breath waiting for the social workers, media, or local “leaders” to talk about it. Much less try to discourage it.

  52. @Dumbo

    Dustin’s thesis is not about BLM’s origin and purpose. It’s about BLM’s white progressive supporters and supporters outside that group in 2020.

  53. @American Citizen

    In general, I agree with you. Although I’d like people to wake up to the control mechanism that both religion and gov’t are, I’m not holding my breath till it happens. Religion is slowly losing its appeal for the more intelligent populations, while the low IQ nations and peoples are doubling down on stupid.

    The influx of 3rd world useless eaters into 1st world economies is bringing in their religious shrines along with their idiocy and violence. I suspect there will be a backlash once the SHTF world wide as currencies and debt loads finally succumb to economic gravity. All those mosques need to get bulldozed or converted to secular use and the adherents deported back to where they came from.

    We must respect the other fellow’s religion, but only in the sense and to the extent that we respect his theory that his wife is beautiful and his children smart.
    H. L. Mencken

    The fanatic you used for your example is the outlier. Not everyone at a ball game is a painted moron. The go along to get along mentality prevalent now will break down as people are squeezed economically. When the farmers in the Netherlands became the target of the woke dictators, they reacted, for example. So far, there’s been no serious pushback but as this migration into a new woke world order proceeds with rationed fuel, empty shelves, etc, I suspect gov’t will fall as the pushback increases in intensity. The cops shooting at protesters will eventually get return fire and then we’re off to the races. There’s revolution brewing everywhere and will eventuate if the pinheads in gov’t don’t back off and, so far, I see no evidence of that.

    • Agree: Realist
  54. TKK says:
    @American Citizen

    This is very similar to Scientologists.

    They believe that if you become ill, whether it be cancer, flu or any malady- it is your fault. You are openly demeaned and ruthlessly interrogated about what “Tech” (their lingo) you failed to follow that made you sick.

    No amount of clinical data, or even common sense appeals, will change their minds.

    They show no sympathy or compassion to the terminally ill in their “congregation”. Rather, the afflicted are forced to undergo IV fusions of Vitamin C, useless herbal remedies, saunas to the point of exhaustion/dehydration and Koran style zombie recitation of Ron L Hubbard’s “teachings.”

    The rank and file are the true fanatics, but the Elite of Scientologists, termed “Sea Org” are no different than any other grifter or con man. Very much like BLM….the Marxist Lesbians living in mansions in L.A. off the fools that donated to BLM.

    Isn’t America just one big Hustle?

  55. @Ghan-buri-Ghan

    Excellent point and comparison that needs repeating over and over again so that those on the cusp of understanding eventually get it.

  56. @Eric Novak

    Just understand that many of the apparently white supporters of BLM were children of the elite who took good care to ensure that their precious anti-social darlings didn’t get criminal records as a result if their illegal activities at those protests.

  57. Anonymous[625] • Disclaimer says:

    If you want a more detailed account of how spiteful mutants can dominate a population, try Edward Dutton’s The Past is a Future Country. Briefly, all that is needed is welfare that permits the dysfunctional mutants to have first child or two while the functional are getting their education, and supports dysfunctional women until about age 40. That’s all.

    Dutton conjectures that this was why we’re in at least our third civilization now, having experienced two civilizational collapses (Rome/China and Late Bronze Age Collapse) that we have records of (and quite possibly more that we just have hints of — [1, 2, 3]).

    Basic phenomenon is that oxygen metabolism in eukaryotes [4] leaks reactive compounds that react with DNA, causing errors. The eukaryote cell has chemical processes that check for and repair most DNA errors, but not all of them.

    Consequently, eukaryote lineages can mutate quickly. Absent environmental constraints, eukaryote lineages will mutate randomly and over the space of just a few generations. For hominids most of these mutations will be in the brain, because about 85% of hominid genes affect the brain.

    Given severe environmental constraints, high mutation rate is a species advantage in that it permits fairly rapid adaptation to new environments (example: Eocene explosion of mammalian species). Absent environmental constraints, we get phenomena such as the Japanese “Herbivores” and the Mouse Utopia:

    Dutton’s thesis is not the sort of thesis that can be tested in a laboratory; much the same can be said about astronomy. However, it is consistent with most or all of what we do know that has been laboratory confirmed, and quite a bit of observational evidence concerning observed phenomena, as discussed briefly above.

    Dutton, like Turchin, has attempted to model his results. He has used the Forrester World Model methodology of linked difference equations, which methodology is at least defensible [4]. Dutton makes concrete predictions of trends, and, therefore, is as predictive as Turchin’s or Forrester’s work. Note that the most (although not the only) important test of theory is its ability to predict. If Duttons’ predictions are accurate, then his theory is worth further consideration.


    1]Gobeki Teki: This civilization lived 12,000 years ago (before Younger Dryas warming). Whatever else it could do, it constructed and then buried a massive collection of artifacts that argue for persistence of the civilization over centuries of time and the civilization’s ability to concentrate resources over centuries of time:

    Perhaps the most impressive part of Gobeki Teki is that it was deliberately preserved by burial. That must have taken at least a decade, probably more, and and the civilization’s motive for the burial is unknown — perhaps transfer of the rites to another site?
    Similar, roughly contemporary, site:

    Note that the settlement is in the uplands, like Gobeki Teki.
    It would appear that human civilization is not quite as durable as has been generally thought. I remember back when it was thought that an industrialized country could not simply collapse. Industrialization was thought to be so productive that it could support any regime, especially a centrally controlled economy/police state/ideological state. Then the USSR proved unable to support itself. Maybe we’re just as unstable.
    2] The first Dynasty Egyptians, who constructed the first (and largest and best engineered and best constructed pyramids) are of unknown origin, as is their engineering and astronomical knowledge. They seem to have been external conquerors, but the society that produced them is not known.
    3] Map of world ~12,000 years ago (before Younger Dryas warming):

    Early civilizations (such as whatever produced Gobeki Teki) would have concentrated on the lowlands of sea coasts, as did later human civilizations. Their favored lands would been flooded by several hundred feet of water during the Younger Dryas warming, with perhaps only a few holy shrines built inland.

    • Replies: @A B Coreopsis
  58. @Ron Unz

    “Chinese total fertility rates are also extremely low”

    My wife and I were on track to have 8 children. But we decided to have only three. Modern birth control methods were used to keep the “fertility rate” at three. Many people I know chose to keep their “fertility rate” at zero or at most two.
    I agree that something is going on with many young White people these days. They are choosing to have a zero “fertility rate”. Too much entertainment, restaurants, sports watching to keep them busy. These activities also contribute to our obesity epidemic. Our low birth rate is causing our rulers to import third world peoples. Without a constantly increasing population our America will suffer a financial disaster like has never been seen before.

  59. How does childhood mortality weed out mentally maladaptive genes? Infectious diseases and accidents don’t seem to harm crazy children more.

    And the rapidity of the cultural decline seems too fast to be a result of genetics. You sure all it takes is a few generations to get woke? I don’t see the Mormons get woke. Do half their babies die?

  60. Edward Dutton goes by the name Jolly Heretic on YouTube

    His review of the movie Idiocracy is a good place to start.

    All his videos begin with an annoying skit, which is usually best skipped.

    Many comments criticize the genetic explanation of our present problems. I would point out that there are always bad ideas floating around but an intelligent and moral society can resist them. The reason we’re plagued by so many bad ideas now is that average intelligence has decreased, the Flynn Effect notwithstanding. Intelligence is like our immune system; when it breaks down pathogenic ideas infect society.

    • Agree: Alrenous
    • Replies: @Alrenous
  61. Rurik says:
    @Ron Unz

    Yet the effects described have only appeared in countries dominated by Western news and entertainment media, Hollywood in particular. Moreover, they only appeared when Hollywood began actively promoting them 50-60 years ago.

    The Frankfort School and its 21st century tentacles, and what you’re describing above, is simply the natural progression of everything that was laid out in the Protocols.

    Are people simply too lazy (afraid?) to read the Protocols?

    No one has to wrestle with why our society is the way it is today, because everything they’re doing, they said they would do, (and laid it all out plain and simple), for anyone to simply read it.

    The debate over whether the Protocols are a forgery or not is moot. It doesn’t matter.

    It’s exactly like the PNAC. It’s enough that everything they said they would do, (another Pearl Harbor-like event, and so on..) is exactly what we’ve all witnessed has happened, exactly as they spelled it all out.

    If Putin says he’s going to de-((Nazify)) Ukraine, and then he goes about doing it, wouldn’t it be the dumbest thing in the world to wrangle and agonize over ‘Golly, what is he doing? What is he up to? What could possibly be his convoluted, esoteric motivations?

    When he out and out said it, so any fool could simply listen to what the man said and know exactly what he’s doing and why.

    It’s the same with our societal meltdown and civilizational pathologies. They said they would cause them, they said how, and why. They intend to destroy us, and they are.

    Here’s a clue Devlin; read the Protocols.

    • Replies: @Rurik
    , @Pure Coincidence
  62. @American Citizen

    This is something I have thought about a lot. I attended an inner city mostly black ghetto high school. Until you have experienced the level of disfunction of ghetto blacks up close and personal it is almost hard to believe. These people were extremely low iq savages.

    I think most whites who encounter blacks in the workforce don’t really get how bad it is on the left side of the bell curve of black intelligence. Blacks who hold steady jobs may not be the sharpest knives in the drawer, but they are usually able to function at a reasonably competent level. And they are typically not violent and anti-social. I don’t think “good whites” who only deal with these types of blacks have any idea how bad black behavior is in the inner city ghettos.

  63. SafeNow says:

    “The biological imperative” is what psychologists call this motivational state. It is not merely “mimetic” (imitative) but wired. Wired to maximize territoriality, group formation, competitiveness, and of course, reproduction. I am old and I saw this begin, during the late 60s, at an “elite” New England University. Joan Baez – – yes, of all people – – recognized this mental state, and she popularized the above poster to put her stamp on it at the time. Now, we have probably reached the point of no return.

  64. @Tom Welsh

    Indeed.. and we can see the same behavior amplified x10000 by atheists in their hundred million person body count in the 20th Century alone. Its just human behavior.

  65. @kerdasi amaq

    It is both and all the above and any other evil you may ascribe. Nature hates a vacuum. Whites abdicated a long time ago. Today they mainly make excuses and keep trying to rectify and reconstitute themselves by using the same broken and useless tools, like Christianity, and regional infantile hubris like “Aryans”, “Nordics”, and pathetic reliving the glory days of 7 centuries of invention and discovery. Before that they-the Norther Europeans did not know how to wife their asses.

    The Occidental Observer is full of these fantasizers. No matter how stupid, inaccurate, or duncely, mention Nordic or Germanic and you get a pass my the owner, for whom big, strong, smelly men of the Norse “races” provide a fetish escape similar to the addiction of Vladimir Horowitz. For Leonard Bernstein, it was little boys.

    • Replies: @Peter D. Bredon
  66. Engels says:
    @kerdasi amaq

    Did it ever cross his(Dutton’s) mind that BLM are nothing but an ersatz AstroTurf movement recruited by some donors to the Democratic Party as weapon to attack Donald Trump?

    No doubt, but there remains the question as why it had such resonance. Its funding and promotion is a necessary but not sufficient condition for attaining widespread, even if minority, support.

  67. Rurik says:

    our societal meltdown and civilizational pathologies

    I should point out that there is some truth (IMHO) to the theme in the article, and that it isn’t all just ‘the Jews’ and their goyim dupes that are responsible for the mutants we see everywhere.

    A lot of it does have to do with the dysgenic trends following the industrial revolution, or even going back to the neolithic era when humans started farming and domesticating animals.

    It is the evolutionary struggle that keeps a species healthy and strong, and once humans had the means to keep the weak and defective members of its tribes and nations alive, to breed more of the same, then a certain trend was set in motion.

    Then it didn’t help when those advanced societies made all the medical and other advances available to the world’s people, which then of course exponentially exploded in their numbers, and then invited all those burgeoning hordes of humans (many of whom were also weak and defective, to breed more of the same), into their own lands, (often at the insistence of yes, ‘the Jews’ ; ) the trajectory it set in motion was not hard to anticipate.

  68. Poupon Marx says: • Website
    @Ron Unz

    Ron, I believe you and the author are both right. The West in the past 150 years has become a pastiche of over lapping ethnicities, wider ranges of collective IQs and “CQs” (Civilization Quotient, aka The Poupon Factor).

    In a homogenous population, there are little chances that offspring will adjudicate and demand subsidies and consume more than they produce. In the incompatible mixtures of races and ethnicities, were different outcomes are viewed as externally and artificially caused (“racism, bigotry, exclusion, etc) there. will be an expectancy of living off the surpluses. Successful societies are defined by producing surplus resources. That’s how other non-essential endeavors (art, creativity, pure learning, etc) are sustained. Those in the lower realms will make demands upon these goods. Since, providing for their children is less of a burden than it is for producers who sacrifice and save to launch them into careers to advance higher than their parents, the outcome is predictable. Poor people product more babies, when their survival is guaranteed by others.

    Finally, primitive societies rely on large families for their children to survive to take care of them in later years. Higher mortality rates encourage this adaption. When people like this immigrate to the industrial economies, they continue with the momentum of this cultural program.

    • Replies: @schnelladine
  69. Interesting article. Fascinating thesis. Whether or not Dutton’s proposition satisfies everyone’s itch for a grand unified theory is beside the point. There’s a lot of insight here. Politicized dysfunction is reaching peak levels.

    Dysgenic fertility. Check.

    Thinking and behaving in maladaptive ways. Check.

    Mutational load. Check

    Maladaptive mutations. Check.

    The loony maladaptive Left is engaged in a semi-coordinated assault on what remains of (White, Christian, hetero-normative, patriarchal) Western civilization.

    That idea and Dutton’s concepts will endure, as they should.

    We have barely begun to resist. Yet we must. Dutton is providing very useful ammunition.

  70. CSFurious says:

    I think you also need to factor in that the less intelligent are outbreeding the intelligent. This starts to cause a major problem.

  71. @RoatanBill

    Then we look at atheists and their murder of a hundred million people in the 20th century equally ready to believe in the nonsense of Marxism.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  72. Anonydog says:

    Yep, we have been going dysgenic World wide for a couple of centuries, if not more. And now we are faced with collapse of fertility among the relatively less dysgenic segments of the population and the alarming prospect of the a low IQ sub-Saharan population explosion and out-migration.

    The World has a window of a few decades to massively innovate technologically to mitigate and overcome a very bleak future, but here we have truly insidious bad ideas like de-industrialization for “Climate Change” and sub-optimal economic systems in the form of “woke” and ESG becoming mainstream and threatening to shut it all down.

    A perfect storm of factors. No wonder the psychopathic WEF guys want to kill of all the “useless eaters”, they have seen the writing on the wall as well, but from a different angle.

  73. @Rurik

    Tangentially related to your important comment, again, another so-called expert of predictable ethnicity claims “China ‘convinced it needs to hit US with Pearl Harbor-style surprise attack’ to win war over Taiwan.” Everyone needs to be on high alert in the coming days:

    • Agree: Rurik
    • Replies: @James J. O'Meara
  74. @Swaytonious

    Gov’t and religion are two sides of the same coin. The religious are inculcated with respect for authority from an early age and are ready to follow the edicts of gov’t because they mistake the force and violence of gov’t as authority.

    Throne and altar were twins–two vultures from the same egg.
    To attack the king was treason; to dispute the priest, blasphemy.
    The sword and cross were allies.
    Together they attacked the rights of men; they defended each other.
    The king owned the bodies of men, the priests the souls.
    One lived on taxes collected by force, the other on alms collected by fear.
    Both robbers, both beggars.
    The king made laws, the priest made creeds.
    With bowed backs the people carried the burdens of one, with open-mouthed wonder received the dogmas of the other.
    The king said rags and hovels for you, robes and palaces for me.
    The priest said God made you ignorant and immoral; He made me holy and wise; you are the sheep, I am the shepherd; your fleeces belong to me.
    You must not reason, you must not contradict, you must believe.
    Robert G. Ingersoll

    You’re correct that the belief in the necessity of gov’t fraud, theft and violence makes the many low IQ of any society obey to do terrible things. The US has been the primary killer around the world in the current century and has the religious and nationalists murdering people around the world while the bulk of the population thanks them for it. It takes both atheism and anarchism to resist the faux authority that religions and gov’t rely on to enslave their population’s minds.

    Anarchists did not try to carry out genocide against the Armenians in Turkey; they did not deliberately starve millions of Ukrainians; they did not create a system of death camps to kill Jews, gypsies, and Slavs in Europe; they did not fire-bomb scores of large German and Japanese cities and drop nuclear bombs on two of them; they did not carry out a ‘Great Leap Forward’ that killed scores of millions of Chinese; they did not attempt to kill everybody with any appreciable education in Cambodia; they did not launch one aggressive war after another; they did not implement trade sanctions that killed perhaps 500,000 Iraqi children.
    In debates between anarchists and statists, the burden of proof clearly should rest on those who place their trust in the state. Anarchy’s mayhem is wholly conjectural; the state’s mayhem is undeniably, factually horrendous.
    Robert Higgs

    • Agree: Kratoklastes
  75. @Tom Welsh

    Indeed. “Traditionally religious” must mean something like “before all this New Age stuff” but leaving that aside (“New Age” has been with us since at least Emerson and perhaps the Renaissance) the more “traditional” a religion — say, Christianity as a relevant example — the more it exhibits precisely those socially sadistic behaviors you list.

    People like Dutton hear “religion” and they think of eccentric old vicars at tea or (as Alec Waugh said) “kindly Father O’Bubblegum”. But the Anglicans also had a Low Church of censorious busybodies, who along with the outright Dissenters like the Puritans and Quakers, went to America and gave birth to… Woke. They regarded the vicars and kindly priests as soft and “not really Christians” just as we regard New Agers.

    Christianity originated as an apocalyptic death cult and survived the failure of the Second Coming by “adapting” to the world — marriage and family, for one thing, and not exterminating people who disagree over theological niceties. It periodically suffers from a recurrence of the death cult among people who find the former milk and water piety to be “not serious.” (Luther started it all by stupidly letting people actually read the Bible, whence they discovered everything from The Apocalypse to MLK’s We Shall Overcome).

    This is why “Christian Nationalism” won’t work: it papers over or hide from sight all the religious divisions. If they ever took power it wouldn’t be The Handmaid’s Tale — that’s a leftist BDSM fantasy — it would be wars between Trad Caths and Evangelicals. That’s what we actually had until the bad, evil Enlightenment came along.

    That’s IF they took religion seriously. If not, that’s how it gradually drifts into softer and softer forms until you get secularism.

    We need not religion (although that may be useful to keep the proles in line) but monarchy:

    “Since the great majority of men are extremely egoistic, unjust, inconsiderate, deceitful, and sometimes even malicious; since in addition they are endowed with very scanty intelligence there arises the necessity for a power that shall be concentrated in one man, a power that shall be above all law and right, and be completely irresponsible, nay, to which everything shall yield as to something that is regarded as a creature of a higher kind, a ruler by the grace of God. It is only thus that men can be permanently held in check and governed.” — Schopenhauer

    Making the monarch a Pope just defeats the whole purpose by leading to war.

    • Thanks: West reanimator
    • Replies: @Ben the Layabout
  76. Anonydog says:
    @Tom Welsh

    Could also explain (along with sedentary lifestyles) the collapse of T levels and feminization of men and the concomitant rise of militant radical feminism, tranny-ism etc. to take up the vacated space. This feminization of society in turn leads to very feminine ideas like wokism and environmentalism becoming dominant.

  77. @Observator

    “Philosophically, the relentless dualism … of Christian belief form[s] the greatest imaginable roadblocks to mature self-awareness and serenity.”

    Says the mind/matter dualist:

    “We are not capable of altering the properties of matter or the behaviors of other organisms to conform to our thoughts and wishes, i.e., by faith and prayer,”

    who also thinks mind is matter:

    “and evidence that individual consciousness endures after brain death is wholly lacking.”

    You use the word “philosophy” but I don’t think it means what you think it means.

    • Replies: @Alrenous
  78. @Pure Coincidence

    From his lips to God’s ear. Come on man, just do it!

  79. @Poupon Marx

    You really should see somebody before that rage gets out of control and you do something you’ll regret.

    • Replies: @Poupon Marx
  80. @martin_2

    So after one or two generations, with conservative religious types now the majority, and liberal secular types nearly extinct, as a natural consequence these countries have become conservative and religious.

    So the only way for society to survive is to fill it with Catholic sheep? (Prots don’t have kids or else lead to Leftists who don’t). That’s a pretty dark vision.

    Can’t we just rationally argue that the law should require marriage and children? It worked for the Greeks and Romans, long before “become a eunuch for God” Christianity came along.

    IF not, they why bother over whether a society of dumbasses survives, like a cockroach colony?

  81. @Poupon Marx

    “Poor people produce more babies, when their survival is guaranteed by others.”

    Are you referring to the negro?

  82. God Bless Sir Ed Dutton, But Dutton Is A Thatcherite.

    Privatization And Plutocracy Go Perfect Together

    Thatcher and Reagan and Blair and Clinton all pushed privatization, globalization, financialization, mass immigration, multicultural mayhem and open borders.

    Thatcher and Reagan and Blair and Clinton were and are SPITEFUL MUTANT politician whores who did the bidding of the JEW/WASP Ruling Class of the American Empire and the JEW/ENGLISH Ruling Class of England.

    Sir Edward Dutton revealed himself to be a Thatcherite who can’t make the connection between that filthy SPITEFUL MUTANT GLOBALIZER TART HAG Margaret Thatcher and the high cost of housing in England and Affordable Family Formation and monetary policy and mass legal immigration and mass illegal immigration and genetic mutants attacking the young through inter-generational violence of a disgusting sort.

    Attention Ed Dutton:

    That damn globalizer tart Margaret Thatcher set in motion a vicious and disgusting attack on the ability of future English people to be able to enjoy AFFORDABLE FAMILY FORMATION and you cheered it on because one of your blood relations of a certain generation was able to buy his council house on the cheap and monetary policy and immigration policy ballooned the frigging Hell out of the value, thereby doing direct and deliberate harm to the younger people who now have to face massive increases in housing costs due to that globalizer tart Thatcher and, in part, your damn blood relation.

  83. Anymike says:
    @Zachary Smith

    The percentage of Roman Catholic priests who are pedophiles is about the same as the percentage of Protestant clergy and adult leaders in youth organizations who are pedophiles – about two percent.

    That Catholic priests are forbidden marriage has nothing to do with it either. Those who do not want to keep their vows of celibacy will simply find an adult partner according to their interest and orientation. Those who are pedophiles are pedophiles because they are pedophiles, not because they are unmarried.

    • Replies: @Anonydog
    , @Alrenous
  84. Alrenous says: • Website

    Christianity is a scam, yes. That would be an argument in favour of my thesis.

    The thing about scams is the victims – eventually – catch on, so the scam has to evolve. It has to change its spots for stripes or what have you. The core remains the same, though.

    • Replies: @Dumbo
  85. Alrenous says: • Website
    @White Memer

    The Flynn Effect is fake. Even such luminaries such as Flynn suggest it’s a measurement error.

    Reading, writing, and arithmetic have, depending on your controls, either stayed steady or gone down. Along with reaction times.

    The stuff that’s gone up is things like “picture arrangement” or “block design” and other such fudge.

  86. Alrenous says: • Website
    @James J. O'Meara

    Aren’t you impressed by Observator’s proud unflinching worship of atheist orthodoxy?

  87. @Priss Factor


    Sez the retard who’s vision for the White race is “virile paganism”.

    Do you do the Stonehenge and Burning Man LARP scene, Prissy?

    • Agree: Anonydog
    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  88. @TKK

    The media was abosolutely *dying* to get a Kent State moment out of those riots. Had a federal soldier shot even one rioter, we would still be hearing about it today. If the Democrats want to burn down Democratic-run cities, let them. Doing nothing was the correct move.

    • Agree: Bubba
  89. Hegar says:

    In essence, traditional religion identifies evolutionarily adaptive behavior with the will of God.

    Hilarious. Then why do religious people in every society have a lower IQ? Within races and between them. Religious Whites have a lower IQ, and Orthodox Jews have the lowest IQ among Jews. Latinos are more religious than Whites and have a lower IQ, and Blacks are more religious than Whites and have the lowest IQ.

    Xtianity shares egalitarianism with Marxism, which built on the opportunity Xtianity gave by suppressing biological reality. “Wez be all brothaz in Christ!”

    Any loser can feel he has a sense of worth by attaching himself to something bigger, whether it’s Marxism or Islam or Christianity. Look at Twitter, the dumbest people on the Left are the ones talking about the Soviet Union, and the dumbest people on the Right are the ones roleplaying as Christian Heroes Fighting Atheism and GNOSTICISM!!!

    Every church will praise the members that are highly religious, so that’s what the losers choose to be.

    When Xtians were set loose to attack the Romans, they were the freed slaves and servants, foreigners who attacked the temples, desecrated the statues, as a way to attack normal Roman society. For Romans religion hadn’t been dogmatic but a reflection of the views they already held. Xtianity was dogmatic egalitarianism that had to be imposed.

    The Xtians dressed in black robes and went out to desecrate Roman and Greek temples, then met again to brag about what they had done, with the guards forbidden to stop them. These were the Antifa of their day. The black robes would later become monk robes, amusingly.

    The Xtians hated the advanced Roman economy and ruined it, and Rome fell into a dark age. The Xtians despised washing themselves in the bath houses, saying “a Christian only needs one bath and that is baptism”. Washing yourself meant an attachment to the material, real world, the world they had been the losers in. “The world of the devil” they called it.

    This carried over to priests and monks who took a pride in their stench until the 19th century. That is why they had a hard time recruiting in clean Japan.

    The Roman bathhouses fell into disrepair, as did the aqueducts that supplied them with water. The ability to make concrete was lost and wouldn’t be rediscovered until many centuries later. The scientific progress stopped.

    Still, Whites carried on, though hampered, with the wealth already accumulated in Europe’s most generous environment, the warm Mediterranean. The Xtians in Byzantium sent missionaries to their future BROTHAS IN CHRIST, the Arabs, and told them they could be rich like Romans if they believed in just one God – lying and claiming their religion had built Rome.

    So the Arabs listened to them and took their angel Gabriel and made their own religion.

    Xtian Byzantium attacked less fanatic Christians, the Vandals in Tunisia, paving way for the invading Arabs. Before that they had invaded Italy, where the Goths like the Vandals were Arian Christians, a less fanatic form, and they burned the fields, emptied the cities. Enabling the Arabs to take Sicily and change the DNA. And later do the same in Iberia. But before that, Byzantine made sure to attack Persia in an increasingly religious war, 12 years, that weakened both empires and was crucial for Arab success. They also held down Christian cults in the Levant, who then along with the Jews joined the Arabs, which was also necessary for Arab progress.

    In short, the Xtian fanatics only cared about spreading their religion, ready to destroy anything Whites or Persians had built, while preaching to all and sundry that they were Monotheist brothers.

    Just like today.

    The Black Death spread in Europe because the priests lied and said it was “a punishment from God” and people should pack into the churches. Where the plague spread easily. When people figured this out, it was a severe blow against the fanatic egalitarian anti-reality Xtians. Science took hold, leading to isolation and a system of safe food distribution and collection of dead bodies. No one went to church. The intelligent realized that you had to observe the world, try and observe again, until you found a solution, and this had nothing to do with the Bible the priests had kept in Latin and forbidden people from reading so they wouldn’t see the lunatic claims in it.

    But still the egalitarians persisted in Xtianity, until they also found Marxism to make them feel they had an egalitarian worth. One taking over from the other.

    We were always instinctive conservatives, despite religion. “Conservatism” meaning the goal-oriented morality, to help your people survive and advance. Xtianity, based on a belief that the world would end soon, could never erase that completely. The instinctive morality had to come up with factual answers in the last two centuries, and racialism was a major part of this. But this was forbidden after WWII, when the vast resource-rich U.S., built by pioneering Germanic peoples, was tricked by Xtian egalitarian morality into attacking the racialists in Europe to pave way for communism.

    After this conservatism could only motivate itself through – religion. What a joke. A handicapped conservatism, which had been imposed on the church over the centuries because it was people’s instinct to be conservative. This conservatism couldn’t stand up for the White race, not when questioned directly. The Bible says nothing about Whites being better than the rest. Wez be all brothers, preach to everyone to join you.

    The Right’s natural road forward was from instinctive goal-orientation to racial, factual goal-orientation, and this was denied us. Thanks to Xtian morality, which had made sure to take control of the power centers in the eastern U.S. along with the Jews, who Xtians worship.

    Racialists are hated in Xtian churches. While any freak is prasied as God’s child if he spouts Xtian egalitarian propaganda and claims angels come to see him at night. It is total victimology, the weak are praised.

    “Blessed are the weak.” That’s what the weak want to hear. From Xtianity and its secular sister, Marxism.

    • Agree: Alexandros
  90. @GeneralRipper

    That’s not virile paganism but larping cosplay by Harry Potter fans.

    Virile paganism respects the power of nature and understands that despite man’s need for his own domain apart from nature, he is nevertheless part of the larger nature.

    But you don’t get it, so you stick to celibate Catholic priests who diddle boys and green-haired lesbian ministers of mainline churches.

    True paganism isn’t for sap-cucks like you who need to rely on Jewish prophecy for meaning because your lack imagination and vision of your own.

    But there is another way.

  91. @Dr. Rock

    The human genome contains a lot of tools for repair and updating, and is constantly trying better fits by mixing DNA strings looking for dominant trait pairs. It is quite able to defend itself, and creates new defenses as it encounters new threats. So the problem is not the genome ‘breaking down’ over time. The genome merely creates the ‘hardware’ (actually soft or meat-ware) structure for sensory input and information processing. The culture and certainly the parent selection provide the important determinants for how the wet ware learns to view its existence.

    The maladaptive mental constructs identified here are the result of obvious untruths being taught or imposed through propaganda and group pressure, driven by sociopaths with small hats who control the media, which, in our technological society, defines the zeitgeist and the Overton Window. Since parts of this media message are clearly elements of a Death Cult religious programming, the need to divert or subvert these concepts, which have negative survival value, result in aberrant behaviors springing up as escape outlets by impressionable young minds.

    So I will vote for environmental poisons being the primary cause of many unhealthful conditions being suffered in large parts of the population, with diet and food sources accounting for most of the physical illness, and media accounting for most of the mental illness.

    • Agree: Dr. Rock, Automatic Slim
  92. Is PC culture killing comedy? | Bobby Davao shares his thoughts

    Video Link

    It maybe killing comedy but it’s actually funnier than comedy. PC went from trying to regulate speech and expression to promoting the craziest speech and expressions. Sad and pathetic but crazy-hilarious on some level.

    Few examples:

  93. xyz234 says:

    “Before 1800, only about half of children survived to adulthood.”

    Probably a lot less than half, considering that women not using any birth control can have a dozen or more children. Population growth stayed fairly flat before 1800, meaning all but 2 of that dozen died from various causes, probably mostly related to immune system dysfunction since the bulk of the deaths would be in the neonatal period from gastrointestinal illness. That means the vast majority of people alive in the West today are genetic defectives that Nature would have culled through infectious disease.

    I wonder how many of the current population would survive, and for how long, if modern civilization collapsed. They do not have the genetic wherewithal to survive under natural circumstances.

  94. Jimmy1969 says:

    Roger: did you ever wish that you were born an upper middle class Irish gentleman like me and not have to put out your fears for the world to see.

  95. @Priss Factor

    Yes, you’re a real tiger. Meow.

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  96. Although the term ‘spiteful mutants’ has some appeal, I believe ascribing them to Satan holds more water than evolutionary biology, a marriage that should have been prohibited on the grounds of neither party being of a sound mind.

  97. Anonydog says:

    And were completely disemboweled by Jew driven propaganda, lawfare and financial pillage.

    • Replies: @Anymike
  98. @Anonymous

    A good summary of Dutton’s theory which derives from cell biology. To which I would add (I’ve not read Dutton so he may have touched on it) that heritable changes in phenotype or behavior which are not accompanied by mutations (alterations in DNA), cursorily called “epigenetics”, has uncovered extremely interesting events, such as the studies of maternal behavior in offspring early brain development (murine models).

  99. Anonymous[387] • Disclaimer says:

    I don’t disagree with Duttons hypothesis is general. However, I strongly suspect that Dutton himself is properly categorized as a spiteful mutant, albeit of a type he may not recognize.

    I will expound: “Survival of the fittest” is an unnecessarily limited restatement of “the wages of sin is death”, “sin” at the time of writing meaning “imperfection/failure/insufficiency”.

    “Natural Selection” is a less perspicacious version of “Deus Vult”.

    There is forever a struggle between intuitive and syllogistic reasoning. There are unfortunately many people with nonfunctional intuition who nonetheless speak their intuitions as though they were functional, some of whom would be termed “false prophets”. On the other hand, so long as the fundamental or foundational principles are in accord with reality, syllogistic structures can be slowly built upon to achieve great heights with excellent reliability from one person to the next, regardless the errancy of their intuition.

    However, syllogistic structuring is glacially slow, and absolutely dependent on the verity of its fundamentals. Intuitive reasoning’s speed is competitive with the proverbial bolt of lightning, and often makes difficult-to-syllogize leaps. It is however dependent upon each of the mental structures it utilizes having a great degree of accord with reality. Great leaps performed with low accuracy are greatly destructive. This quickly results in people with bad intuition either ignoring it or being “de-selected”, which may de-select others who believed in them as well.

    Both methods depend on accord with reality. However, good intuition, being incredibly fast will arrive at the conclusions of syllogism and complex artificial experiments much sooner, as observed above where Dutton’s syllogistic and experimental conclusions were already codified at least 1,800 years prior. Syllogism is left to order the house that intuition has built before it, but can as readily destroy it, if syllogism proceeds on false premises, such as “There is no God”.

  100. Anonydog says:
    @Priss Factor

    The current semi-dystopian situation in the West is mainly due to the hollowing out and collapse of Patriarchal Christian West.

    And to suggest that somehow going back to neo-Paganism – something that has been defunct in the West of a 1000 years) – is the ticket to0 revival is absurd to put it mildly.

    In any case, this is moot because neo-paganism has already been captured and co-opted by the Dystopians, since the days of the hippies and new-age bs

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  101. Anonydog says:
    @Ron Unz

    Japan and China are homogeneous and conformist cultures. Many of the social “modernity” you see there are partial importations from the West, including the recent “woke” phenom – it will not have the same scope it has in the West, by a huge margin.

    In the West, especially the US we have to deal with “intersectionality” of race – the black problem and an exploitatively extra-national elite – the Jewish question. The associated politics turbocharges these dysgenic changes.

  102. Peter Frost says: • Website

    I haven’t had time to read Edward Dutton’s book. Yes, mean intelligence has declined over the past century in Western societies. This has been shown by two population studies of alleles associated with cognitive ability:

    – Among Icelanders, the genetic component of intelligence has fallen since the cohort born in 1910 (Kong et al. 2017).

    – Among White Americans, it fell between the 1931 and 1953 cohorts (Beauchamp 2016). We have no further genetic data on White Americans, but we know that vocabulary test scores have been declining among non-Hispanic White Americans since at least the 1970s (Frost 2019; Twenge 2019).

    The decline in mean intelligence is partly driven by the tendency of university-educated people to delay reproduction and have fewer children. But even if we look only at those people who don’t pursue higher education, we still see lower fertility among the intellectually gifted, apparently because their intelligence is associated with a desire to plan for the future and delay gratification. Another factor is the decline in religion, which played a major role in facilitating the formation of families and ensuring that families stay together. Among the intellectually gifted, religion kept shut the Pandora’s box of excessive planning.

    If Edward Dutton is blaming the decline in mean intelligence on the decline in infantile mortality, he is not carefully reading the scientific literature. Again, I haven’t read his book, so I shouldn’t comment further.


    Beauchamp, J.P. (2016). Genetic evidence for natural selection in humans in the contemporary United States. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 113(28): 7774-7779.

    Frost, P. (2019). Why is vocabulary shrinking? Evo and Proud, September 11

    Kong, A., M.L. Frigge, G. Thorleifsson, H. Stefansson, A.I. Young, F. Zink, G.A. Jonsdottir, A. Okbay, P. Sulem, G. Masson, D.F. Gudbjartsson, A. Helgason, G. Bjornsdottir, U. Thorsteinsdottir, and K. Stefansson. (2017). Selection against variants in the genome associated with educational attainment. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 114(5): E727-E732

    Twenge, J.M., W.K. Campbell, and R.A. Sherman. (2019). Declines in vocabulary among American adults within levels of educational attainment, 1974-2016. Intelligence 76: 101377

    • Replies: @Alrenous
  103. Anonymous[387] • Disclaimer says:

    I should probably add that, if spiteful mutations propagate in stable and plentiful environments, this would imply several things:
    -War, whatever the stated reason, is often a beneficial culling of populations with heavy spiteful loads.
    -Even less-spiteful-mutant humans, since they still produce spiteful mutant offspring occasionally, are elementally unfit for better things than we already have.
    -If the load of spitefuls becomes great enough to form selective pressure, we should expect the survivors of the near future to display great resistance to at least the more common spiteful influences, at the genetic level.

    I suspect also that a study of these inferences would project that one or more of Dutton’s syllogistic fundaments are spiteful mimetics, possibly resultant from a spiteful mutation. This would leave his logical frame in a state of ouroboric self-destruction.

    As befits epicyclic explanatory mechanisms. The planets don’t dance in circles around the Earth, nor does logic dance in circles around Man.

    • Replies: @Ben the Layabout
  104. Anonymous[104] • Disclaimer says:

    The spiteful mutants, the psychopaths, now are united in pushing the spike protein vax on the entire population. Why? Can’t be for our good.

  105. @Anonydog

    The current semi-dystopian situation in the West is mainly due to the hollowing out and collapse of Patriarchal Christian West.

    Byzantine East followed the patriarchal Christian path and decayed and was overrun by Muslim Turks.

    The West escaped that fate because of the neo-paganism of the Renaissance that brought back the original European way, albeit syncretized with Biblical and Christian themes.

    And the West really shot forth with Enlightenment, science, technology, individual liberty, concept of rights, and etc. And there was the rise of modern nationalism. Richard Wagner revived the glory of German paganism through his great operas, the native culture that had been suppressed for centuries of grim self-flagellation before the Jewish-made God.

    In a way, the great struggle between fascism and communism was between neo-paganism and neo-judeo-christianism. Paganism is pluralist in having many gods and respecting many voices and perspectives. In contrast, the Judeo-Christian-Islamic way says there is one God and only one truth that explains everything. For Marx, this was dialectical materialism of class theory. Paganism is mythic, Judeo-Christianism is religious.

    Neo-Paganism isn’t a return to the old way, which would be boring and dull. Rather, it’s about being unshackled from the current malaise and reconnecting and rediscovering what is vital, virile, and true. It’s not about rituals around the Stonehenge or larping as vikings. It’s about pondering the true roots of European man before it was rudely interrupted by the coming of Christianity, the origins of which is Jewish and Middle Eastern.

    There is no simple answer to this, and it will take some time before a new set of truths are found. It will be like the search for the Grail. But a great search awaits for those willing embark on the journey.

    But there is a great lesson to be learned from the Semitic Way as well. Jewish idea of the Covenant is indeed powerful. If Jews believe they have a special covenant with the universe, whites must find a pagan path to their own covenant with the universe. If Jews were chosen in a certain way, whites must be chosen in their own way.

    In any case, this is moot because neo-paganism has already been captured and co-opted by the Dystopians, since the days of the hippies and new-age bs

    But the same can be said for Christianity. Much of it has been captured by globo-homo and the likes of Francis the devil pope. But that doesn’t mean true Christians can’t still exist and maintain their culture. And just because silly people turn paganism into silly nonsense doesn’t mean paganism only belongs to them.

    There is no single anything. It all depends on the power of the will to impose one’s own meaning on something. Lenin made of Marx as he saw it. Stalin did it his way. Mao did it his way. Castro his way. They didn’t simply cave to one interpretation of Marx. And the Frankfurt School found their own interpretation of Marx.

  106. In other words, food is too easy to obtain. One hopes the coming inflation and shortages culls the “spiteful mutants.”

  107. Anonydog says:
    @Priss Factor

    I agree insofar as Western Christianity is dead and a non-dysfunctional post-Christian West needs to evolve, if that happens at all one can call it neo-paganism because it is highly unlikely that it would be another version the just discredited version of Christianity aka Judeo-Christianity.

  108. Alrenous says: • Website
    @Peter Frost

    It’s painfully obvious that infant mortality disproportionately affects infants of low IQ. If the literature does not reflect this, so much the worse for the literature.

    • Replies: @Peter Frost
  109. Alrenous says: • Website

    See also: public school teachers. Except there are a lot more public school teachers. And schooling is supposed to be compulsory, unlike church attendance.

  110. Alrenous says: • Website

    General comment: watch out for culture absolutists / egalitarians trying to project biological absolutism on Dutton.
    He only doesn’t talk about it because he’s displaying focus and discipline, not because he isn’t aware that culture is a factor. Low IQ and/or mutational load is a predisposition toward dysfunction, not a guaranteed trigger.

    Likewise watch out for biological absolutists who project their absolutism onto Dutton. Culture is downstream of biology? Yeah, sure, but a) that’s not the only thing it’s downstream of b) biology is also downstream of culture, oops. Gregory Clark and hbdchick have very convincingly demonstrated cultural effects on biology, given long enough timescales. The Malthusian oven bakes out, among other things, criminality; and manorialism combined with cousin marriage bans lead to a vulnerability to individualist socialism.

  111. It’s the Jews — it’s still just the Jews pushing black supremacism, hedonism, anti-christianism, perpetual war for perpetual war, white genocide, fake tolerance ad inf. Take them out of the American picture over the last century and things are vastly better for all concerned.

  112. Escher says:
    @American Citizen

    Hopefully this inbreeding will eventually slow down the growth of the worlds Muslim population.

  113. RVIDXR says:

    It seems like every advanced civilization ends up with this problem, life gets easier and lowers the selection pressure for adaptive genes which in turn allows more genetic degenerates to survive and negatively influence society. What’s unique this time around is the fact the industrial revolution supercharged the maladaptive demographics and gave them an unprecedented ability to spread their influence through the newly emerging and rapidly advancing technology. We got the one-two-punch in that sense, or more accurately the one-punch-one-haymaker with demographics and technology, respectively. Even with the currently inflated demographics I don’t think the West would be anywhere near as degenerate (or multiracial) as it is now without modern tech but those two went hand in hand.

    The faster modernization happens the less ability and time people have to react and resist, societies that are slow to modernize are in a better position to keep the negative influence at bay, the US was a victim of it’s own success in that way. Another factor is that I think we’re in late stage civilization, the era of liberalism seems to have reached it’s end state. There’s many other smaller factors at play but I think the end of this civilizational cycle and modernity specifically are the biggest drivers of what’s happening, it probably would’ve lasted a lot longer if not for the industrial revolution, that sped up the time table quite a bit.

    The more technologically advanced, wealthy and individualistic a society is the faster it’s nosediving, why the US is king of clownworld. The US had the trifecta after WWII, every success was a harbinger for it’s eventual degeneration. Countries that are more collectivist, less wealthy, less multiracial and/or less advanced will be more likely to survive and rebound, I’m not confident that much of the Anglosphere will make it through this, time will tell. The jews and their mutant golem have been sewing termites in the foundation of the West for generations and now the cracks are really starting to show, I hope enough genetically fit people survive to rebuild after it hits rock bottom.

    • Thanks: mark green
  114. Who needs comedy when you got ‘wokeness’? Total ROTFL

  115. Anymike says:

    Some of it is just money. The Catholic Church has a corporate structure and owns lots of property. It also has a huge membership base which can always come up with a little more money.

    The little white church on the corner may not even be the same institution legally it was some decades ago. That’s always an issue. Who do you name? No one to name with any assets, no lawyer takes the case.

    Another possible issue is sexual contact between leaders and underage youth, most often female, within leftist activist organizations. First of all, the victims may not consider themselves victims and if they remained adherents of the “movement” might not want to disrupt the movement. Some of them undoubtedly see their encounters with charismatic older leaders as just part of the coming-of-age process. Even if someone wanted to bring action, who would they name? Some of these organization had no legal existence, and even if they did at the time, they probably became defunct long ago. The former leaders might be either dead or dead broke.

    The lawyers tried to go after Scouting the same way they went after the Catholic Church. They achieved some success but not the same success they had going after the Catholic Church. Pedophilia is not confined to a few organization, but only a few represent fat legal targets.

  116. Anymike says:

    The point I am always trying to make is that the Catholic Church does not uniquely create these kind of personalities. What is uniquely bad about the Catholic Church is that unlike other entities, it has a hierarchy and the hierarchy actively kept any knowledge of pedophilia within the priesthood out of the public eye. The Catholic Church is almost unique in the vastness of its corporate structure and holdings. What other organization is like it?

  117. Thrallman says:
    @Passing By

    Agreed. The reduction of childhood mortality is an important historical trend, but it doesn’t have the effects Dutton claims. The ability to survive measles or smallpox does not correlate to mental stability.

  118. Anonymous[625] • Disclaimer says:
    @Priss Factor

    You want a unique gift from God to validate Western Christendom?

    Try the idea that God keeps his word, and that this is the basis for Western science. Not the Fauci kind of science, the real thing that gave us the idea that God respects truth, and that truth is consonance with reality as God has made it, so to find God one must use the idea of truth to study God’s acts, acts that include all of nature. This idea ultimately gave us contemporary physics, chemistry, biology. All of these are developed Thomism, accepted whole into the Protestant sects, and applied to the daily needs of God’s people.

    Note that science and its related knowledge engineering, did not work well for non-European people, even the whites above the Sahara. The engineering developed by Christendom has been used in massive but political mega-engineering projects that eventually failed, leaving an unusable landscape behind. Even in the United States, we are seeing the failure of New Deal water diversion projects thanks to political decisions that ignored the idea of truth and did not respond to indications of infrastructure failure.

    This suggests that God gave this gift to Christendom alone, and that it is not a gift when taken by non-Christian groups.

    The West has been subject to a PTSD-like condition since the World War era, when the deaths of so many Europeans clearly showed that high explosives and steel could be used for other purposes than mining and railroads. The obvious lesson from the WW era is that warfare between the various forms of Christendom is not feasible anymore, and sociology’s “new forms of governance” are actually regressions to weak versions of Bronze Age “god kings” (e.g. Mussolini, Franco, Hitler, Stalin, Mao, F. Castro, Pol Pot, etc.). A form of government that is not based on Tammany Hall and the idea that “politicians should get something out of politics” other than the prestige of the office and enhanced survival of their society is necessary.

    In the short run, what is needed is simply defense of Christendom and realization of exactly how dependent it is, in strictly mundane terms, in realizing that God’s gift of understanding God’s physical works depends in a quite literal and secular sense in belief in a God who keeps his word, made Man in God’s image, and wants Man to understand God so as to grow closer.
    Otherwise understanding dead matter is a waste of time, since Man interacts with humans and since God probably made dead matter obey rules that change and even when stable for a time, are too complex for human understanding.

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  119. Peter Frost says: • Website

    The decline in infantile mortality may be a factor, but it doesn’t seem to be a major factor. Keep in mind that the big improvements in infantile mortality took place during the first half of the 20th century. In contrast, the cognitive decline is showing no signs of bottoming out.

    I have no problem with speculation, but speculation has to be tested by looking at the data, however imperfect the data may be.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  120. @Anonymous

    Try the idea that God keeps his word, and that this is the basis for Western science.

    Then, how come science advanced in the more secularizing parts of Europe while the most religious parts clung lagged behind? If God favors the Christians in science, all Christian parts would have been equally blessed with science. Not so. How many great scientists came out of Bulgaria or modern Greece? But plenty of atheists and Jews were great scientists.

    It’s all very childish to believe science advances because of the favors of God or the gods. In the West, science advanced against religious pressure, something the Muslim world and Byzantine Christendom failed to do.

    Btw, blacks are largely Christian in the US. So, where is black science? There’s a lot of black crime. Using your logic, God must be behind black crime since black Christians commit lots of it.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  121. Richard B says:

    Natural selection favors religious belief and practice because they help us cope with stress and promote such adaptive behavior as fertility, in-group cooperation, and hostility to invasive outgroups.

    Right. So the only way to keep the human race going is to force yourself to believe in an impossible to believe in pre-modern religious myth that claims to be the truth, and all so you can have more children who you will raise to believe in the same myth as you, whether they want to or not.

    So much for religious freedom. Which in the West eventually led to political, cultural and scientific freedom. And the point of that freedom was to be able to question beliefs that may no longer be, well, adaptive.

    That explains why there is no mention as to whether or not religious belief is itself adaptive. Just that Natural selection favors religious belief. Which is not at all the same thing.

    What should direct our attention is the fact that Natural Selection in the above quote is used in the same way the Left uses White Supremacy, Systemic Racism, or Antisemitism. Meaning, he converts the term into a metaphysical pseudo-entity that actually does what the writer says it does because the writer says so.

    When a scientist or science educator is using science to justify political or religious beliefs they are no longer scientizing, as it were, but politicizing or dogmatizing. So from this perspective what Dutton is engaged in is theoretical evolutionism and not scientific evolutionary theory.

    The point is, Right or Left, ideologues always drag science down the same dark alley, or ideological or theological cul-de-sac. Whatever they are doing in that moment, they are not doing science.

    Conclusion: Yet more reason to ditch the polarizing, moralizing Right and Left.

    The heart of Darwin’s hypothesis is that adaptation of organism to environment is inevitably imperfect, and that in fact any adaptation is, to a certain extent and in the course of time inevitably, a maladaptation.

    That’s why by the 1870’s Darwin began referring to scientific theory as a mental convenience, and why not long after Ludwig von Boltzmann was talking about the hypothetical character of all theoretical constructs.

    They brought us that much closer to the secret of modern science – the inherent instability of all knowledge. Hence the explosion of modern science in the 20th century.

    This points to the whole difference between mythology and science. Science is self-correcting and mythology isn’t. In fact, given that many explanations that once had scientific status but were removed to the category of mythology, such as the phlogiston theory, science could be referred to as self-correcting myth.

    But no. What Dutton is saying is that what is really adaptive is clinging to religious myths that are never questioned, and definitely not self-correcting. And he’s saying it in the name of science.

    So now we can rewrite Dutton’s quote to read:

    Religious believers favor religious belief because it helps them adapt to the world.

    And because that’s all they’re concerned with they never question whether or not their method of adaptation is itself adaptive. Not to mention the fact that adaptation works both ways. We have to adapt to the world and make it adapt to us. So a belief that may help us adapt to the world might prove useless in making the world adapt to us.

    In any event, the key takeaway from Darwin’s work was that a method of adaptation that might have worked well in the past might not work at all in the present.

    The fact is, Darwin was writing as a scientist, not a moralist – and he knew it. Whereas Dutton (his many valid points notwithstanding) often writes as a moralist who uses science to make his point, and doesn’t know it. Or, worse, he knows it but won’t admit it.

    • Replies: @Anonydog
  122. @Priss Factor



    A clip from some B grade 80’s flick is the best you can give me?

    Lookie here, sweetheart:

    That’s a small sampling of the greatness of Christian Civilization.

    You should be thankful Christians were gracious enough to preserve and incorporate the good things the pagan world had to offer, instead of simply destroying it all.

    In many cases, we built our great cathedrals to The Living God on top of your Satanic pagan sacrificial shit heaps. Especially in Central and South America.

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  123. @Peter D. Bredon

    How can one NOT be enraged by the current state of decline and collapse?

  124. @GeneralRipper

    A clip from some B grade 80’s flick is the best you can give me?

    Here’s the thing. Christianity doesn’t belong to any particular part of Europe. England, France, Italy, Germany, and etc all became Christian. But what distinguished the Britons from the others? It’s the blood and soil thing, essentially pagan in nature.

    Christianity doesn’t make the Brits British or the Irish Irish. The Irish were Catholics but so were Poles and Italians. Christianity isn’t national or tribal or rooted in a people and culture. What distinguished a people was their folklore deep in pagan roots. Christianity is a credo. An Arab Christian and African is no less Christian than a white one. What makes whites truly and uniquely white are the pagan myths. (And EXCALIBUR is a masterpiece, a real work of art, not some B-grade flick, which would be something like Red Sonja or Conan movies.)

    Btw, many of those cathedrals were derided by Europeans themselves as ‘gothic’, or barbarian-in-look. Europeans moved to a neo-classical style but its origins are pagan in Greece and Roman. Much of Renaissance was pagan forms depicting Biblical figures, or the Aryanization of Semitic characters.

    • Replies: @GeneralRipper
  125. @Peter Frost

    Hi Peter
    Glad to see you contributing your expertise. I want to be able to cite reliably good stuff on world dysgenics with respect to intelligence and other good characteristics for positive achievement. Can you give a brief bibliography and ranked approved reading list. What weight can one give to Woodley of Menie e.g.?

    The more I look around me the more I understand the relatively modest correlation between IQ scores (at any age) and practical measures of worldly success or e.g political leadership qualities. But can you help me support my view that a mixture of IQ tests, and analogous ones like SAT, is about the best way of picking appropriate future potential citizens if one adds rule of thumb exclusions for obvious or highly presumptive impairment of energy levels or elf control?

    • Replies: @Peter Frost
  126. Bert says:

    Much more plausible than Dutton’s fertility-based hypothesis for explaining the recent rise in societal instability is a mortality-based hypothesis. Up through the mid-19th century, sociopathic behavior was strongly selected against through the reaction of victims or their families. See the link below discussing the high homicide rate in ante-bellum Florida.

    Why Was Antebellum Florida Murderous? A Quantitative Analysis
    of Homicide in Florida, 1821-1861

    State imposed justice seems to be the cause of societal instability.

  127. TTSSYF says:

    Yes. The facts of life are conservative.

  128. TTSSYF says:
    @American Citizen

    Just like you don’t hear much about Islam and cousins marrying.

  129. Peter Frost says: • Website
    @Wizard of Oz

    ranked approved reading list – approved by whom?

    I can only offer the following suggestions. Michael Woodley of Menie is an “idea person.” He is good at finding new ways of imagining a problem, particularly in the area of archaeogenetics. I think he is lacking in self-criticism, and I’m worried by his dabbling in spiritism, but that’s my opinion.

    Bell, D. (1976). The Cultural Contradictions of Capitalism. New York: Basic Books.

    Clark, G. (2007). A Farewell to Alms. A Brief Economic History of the World, Princeton University Press, Princeton and Oxford.

    Clark, G. (2009a). The domestication of man: The social implications of Darwin. ArtefaCTos 2: 64-80.

    Clark, G. (2009b). The indicted and the wealthy: surnames, reproductive success, genetic selection and social class in pre-industrial England.

    Frost, P. and H. Harpending. (2015). Western Europe, state formation, and genetic pacification. Evolutionary Psychology 13: 230-243.

    Frost, P. (2019a). The Original Industrial Revolution. Did Cold Winters Select for Cognitive Ability? Psych 1(1): 166-181.

    Kong, A., M.L. Frigge, G. Thorleifsson, H. Stefansson, A.I. Young, F. Zink, G.A. Jonsdottir, A. Okbay, P. Sulem, G. Masson, D.F. Gudbjartsson, A. Helgason, G. Bjornsdottir, U. Thorsteinsdottir, and K. Stefansson. (2017). Selection against variants in the genome associated with educational attainment. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 114(5): E727-E732.

    La Griffe du Lion. (2002). The Smart Fraction Theory of IQ and the Wealth of Nations, March, 4(1)

    Madison, G., M.A. Woodley of Menie, and J. Sänger. (2016). Secular Slowing of Auditory Simple Reaction Time in Sweden (1959-1985). Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, August 18

    Rindermann, H. (2018). Cognitive Capitalism. Human Capital and the Wellbeing of Nations. Cambridge University Press.

    Woodley of Menie, M.A., S. Younuskunju, B. Balan, and D. Piffer. (2017). Holocene selection for variants associated with general cognitive ability: Comparing ancient and modern genomes. Twin Research and Human Genetics 20: 271-280

  130. Dumbo says:

    I don’t pretend to have solved all the mysteries of live and the universe, but it’s always amusing to listen to those who think they did. As a famous author once said, those who believe only in the material universe and think that because of their atheism or lack of religion that they “know better” than the rest, are like “people in an institution for blind and deaf people who were told that they are the only ones who can see.”

    • Replies: @Alrenous
  131. Seems like well-reasoned arguments. In the broadest context, someone has stated (correctly, I believe) that civilization itself can be called a rebellion against Nature. Surely this is true in the context whenever Man seeks to gain control, always temporary, over the forces of Nature.

    Religion as a survival value: Certainly. Nietzsche wrote widely about this. I don’t know if his ideas were all original; I’d hazard not, since he was a philologist which means very well-read. Core concepts of his include master and slave morality. Related to these, he classed Judaism as a prime example of the latter, “survival at any cost,” he called it. St. Paul later adopted Judaism and added trappings of “pagan” beliefs and Neo-Platonism and the world adopted his creation, Christianity.

    No matter one’s religious views, surely beyond all doubt, religions and other strong social beliefs will dramatically shape the success — or failure — of a culture.

  132. @Alrenous

    Many of what are commonly considered deviant behaviors may indeed never be normal, but they are far from rare or uncommon. Let’s consider the [lack of] taboo against sex with children, for just one. Pederasty was openly practiced in Ancient Greece. It’s right there in the writings of Plato, not in great detail, but clearly it was an accepted part of their society. It’s worth mentioning that this was not adults raping infants, nor anonymous sex at a gay gala in Spain as practised in the modern world. It was a type of friendship between consenting (young) male and older man.

    I also submit for your consideration the very fact that the prohibitions against incest/child sex and other activity most of us typically find distasteful, that are found in the ancient religious law* of major religions as well as civil law, probably would NOT exist unless the prevalence, or at least the tendency, to such “sin” were NOT a fairly common fault of human beings.

    I’m neither condemning nor pardoning such sex acts. I’m just pointing out they’re a recurring feature of human beings. Sometimes condemned, sometimes allowed.

    *Voltaire humorous wrote (paraphrase): Unique among ancient civilizations, only the Hebrews needed a written commandment against bestiality.

    • Replies: @Alrenous
  133. @James J. O'Meara

    Mostly agree. It’s worth mentioning that what the modern (indeed, for most of its existence) that “Christianity” bears very little resemblance to what the man named Jesus of Nazareth actually taught (to the extent we have reliable documentation.) Virtually of of the core tenets of the early Church came directly from St. Paul and others, adapting various cults (not necessarily “death cults,” however) that were prevalent in the Near East, as well as a liberal amount of Neo-Platonism. A savior born by a miraculous birth from a virgin? Resurrection of the dead? Etc. These are all bolt-on beliefs from earlier cults, precisely added to make the new religion more popular to the masses.

    “Was Paul crucified for you?” (1 Cor 1:13) No, but he wrote much of the New Testament, and the new religion would be honestly called Paulism than Christianity, but neither historical accuracy nor.anything more than the most tenuous links to reality have ever been high priorities with mysticism.

    • Replies: @Alrenous
  134. @Anonymous

    Your war comment is not wholly accurate. I agree in the case where an entire population is uniformly affected by some extreme adversity, such as a famine or pestilence. This, of course would be selection pressure that will tend to weed out the less fit. But war specifically? Quite the contrary: in most civilizations, it is the young, fit males that do battle and suffer the greatest culling. This can lead to imbalances that last for generations, as happened in the Soviet Union.

  135. @Priss Factor

    Are you a reader of Nietzsche? He wrote in detail about and largely in alignment with many of the points you lay out. Amusingly and very tellingly, he was a fan of Wagner until the great musician “sold out” (as we’d say nowadays) by having one of his later opera characters adopt Catholicism. This led to a bitter split between Nietzsche and Wagner.

  136. Alrenous says: • Website
    @Ben the Layabout

    “Unique among civilizations, the Americoid empire needed a written commandment against racism.”
    “…against letting your donkey sleep in a bathtub.”
    “…against selling dog hair.”

    Something something boiling a kid in its mother’s milk.

  137. Alrenous says: • Website

    If Christianity is in fact Satanism – which would indeed make it easy for the devil to quote scripture – then we should expect its adherents to be prideful and narcissistic. Since Dumbo is not talking about me, by process of elimination it seems probable that their gaze is directed selfward.

    Come to think, the narcissist’s ability to leap directly and surely to conclusions isn’t really pride, is it? They’re in fact talking about themselves; through extensive experience, they know exactly what they’re talking about.

    The narcissist reveals exactly that which they wish to hide. (It’s ironic that this seems ironic in the slightest.) Because they attribute it outward instead of inward, they’re unaware they should keep these observations private.

    This in turn reminds me of Last Psychiatrist. He struggled to put his observations in plain language. But, there is it: the narcissist who wishes to repent ought to keep to themselves. “But I want to be cured,” there is no cure, precisely because of this [I want] thing you immediately jump to. Even if there is some unknown cure, it can only be applied after the patient gives up, totally, on wanting it.

    The narcissist always plays a role. The solution is to lean into this; explicitly define the anti-narcissist role, and have them play that. Which is, in short, shut up and obey. Have them explicitly ask others for their interests, and then serve those interests instead of their own.

    Narcissism says: I, me. Never you, them.

    No one ever asks me, ever, “I think I’m a narcissist, and I’m worried I’m hurting my family.” No one ever asks me, “I think I’m too controlling, I’m trying to subtly manipulate my girlfriend not to notice other people’s qualities.” No one ever, ever, ever asks me, “I am often consumed by irrational rage, I am unable to feel guilt, only shame, and when I am caught, found out, exposed, I try to break down those around me so they feel worse than I do, so they are too miserable to look down on me.”

    If that was what they asked, I would tell them them change is within grasp.

    Remember to tell the patient to mention occasionally that it’s a set of habits for treatment, and not suitable for healthy folk. Adopting the treatment regime will actually cause narcissism if you don’t already have it. Likewise, taking heroin will cause pain if you don’t already have it. Taking ritalin will make you sick if you don’t already have ADD. Taking vitamin A (cod liver oil) will make you sick if you don’t have a deficiency. Etc.

    E.g. a good Christian isn’t supposed to buy things for themselves. You can’t take the last peach, but you can accept the last peach if it’s offered to you. This is a narcissism-causing prescription.

    You don’t “cure” a narcissist for the narcissist’s sake. To their horror, you cure them for everyone else’s sake. They don’t need to be cured, they merely need to act as if they were already cured. Which, as a treatment regime, isn’t mechanically difficult.

  138. Alrenous says: • Website
    @Ben the Layabout

    Do you have a source for what Yeshua actually taught, or are willing to briefly summarize it for me?

  139. Anonydog says:
    @Richard B

    A system where a reasonable functional religious belief/culture may be good for the masses and the stability of society, even though many in the elite know it is mostly all BS.

    Call it practical religious morality. This is anything but a new idea.

    This idea may be unsatisfying and I have doubts about its sustainability and am not a proponent of this. However, to me it seems superior to a system where the elites want the masses, even the very sub par IQ importees into society to adopt the values of the elite as is happening in the West,

    In the West the situation is made much worse when we have a dominant extra-national Jewish elites pushing their values (the consequences of which they can handle easily) on to the everyone, even to the segments of the population 2 standard deviations in IQ below them, with disastrous consequences

  140. Blissex says:

    «the author suggests that young women’s anxiety is an evolutionary adaptation to their need to “worry” about babies»

    In traditional times the main usefulness of men to women is as templates for their sons, and because bearing and raising children is both risky and expensive, women’s instincts are to be very selective as to potential fathers, preferring (“hypergamy”) those that are most sexually attractive and least attached to their partners (“hot pump-and-dump players”), because that’s the type of sons that maximizes the chances of a woman having many grandchildren.

    Because of that in traditional times women had a constant FOMO (“Fear Of Missing Out”) anxiety, where they are always worried that if only they had waited a bit more they could have chosen a father that was more attractive and unsentimental than their current choice as the template for their sons. Women used to be constantly anxious between the fear of missing out on a better template and on delaying having children too long.

    Most men don’t understand how risky and expensive pregnancy and childraising are for women, and that in the past they were not optional.

  141. Blissex says:

    Religion is far from dead, it is “traditional” religions that have declined, because “traditional” religions as a rule are propaganda vehicles for elites to support their supremacy, as “ordained by God”, consider the traditional english hymn:

    “All things bright and beautiful, / All creatures great and small, / All things wise and wonderful, / God made them all.
    The rich man in his castle, / The poor man at his gate, / God made them high and lowly, / And ordered their estate.”

    and the neoliberal version preached in many Economics articles and media columns for decades:

    “All things bright and beautiful, / All creatures great and small, / All things wise and wonderful, / The Markets made them all.
    The rich man in his castle, / The poor man at his gate, / The Markets made them high and lowly, / And ordered their estate.”

    Once upon a time it was vicars who delivered sermons on submission to God’s will as to “made high and lowly”, today it is Economists who deliver the same sermons on submission to The Markets’ will as to “made high and lowly”.

    • Replies: @Blissex
  142. .end. says:

    Neo-Paganism isn’t a return to the old way, which would be boring and dull. Rather, it’s about being unshackled from the current malaise and reconnecting and rediscovering what is vital, virile, and true. It’s not about rituals around the Stonehenge or larping as vikings. It’s about pondering the true roots of European man before it was rudely interrupted by the coming of Christianity, the origins of which is Jewish and Middle Eastern.

    priss you were eager trying to purgue any eurocentrist or ” arianist ” macro ideological front , the moment you thought i resigned and i was helplessly playing the victim you automatically conceded the jew the irrevocable victory in your last essais to finally get ridd of any “arianist “macro conception that you hate above anything else , didnt you say big ideas sub subsume litle ideas ;there is nothing bigger than that . there is nothing more virile than reclaiming the core and facing judaism for the inner spiritual core of the world . you want a new prophecy and i fully agree that we cant blindlesly follow the outdated conception of what the early indoeuropeanist fantasist like Govineuan wrote in the end of 19 century nor the outdates pangermanic arianism of nazism , it need a mayour update in every front but the spirit must be preserved.

    only a complete cosmovision that restores the centrality of existence, a kind of religious destimy rooted in our myth and history and a fusion with it can energize european to reclaim the west, the only thing the jew truly fear is that those ideas slowly permeate among the most educatedd european class and some people start having the dangerous ideas of thinking thenself as the legitimate inheritors of it and organize a real resistence, only playing the victim even if we are Being spied, pigeonholed, corrected, insulted, admonished, judged, ridiculed, desumanized and prepared to be sacrificed like cattle in this giant concentration camp that the west have become is not enough to rebel. there have been hundreds of tribes crushed under the yoke of slavery and the vast majority have never rebelled. playing the victim only breed impotence an inaction if isnt accompanied by a positive affirmation of our identity.

    of course anglo scititicism of dutton and the like wont work either, the british became the perfect prey in the hands jew when science and rationalistim had degenerated in england to a mere utilitarianin individualism , reducing the search for truth to technique to manufacture more industrial equipment to the colonies and the roots and history of the british discarded in the name of the economy a fatal mistake against a tribe with one the oldest memories alive .Disraeli romantic vision that moved the British aristocracy to the fields of mythology in the same way that Freemasonry did with the ascendant British bourgeoisie only demonstrate the enormous spiritual emptiness of a society that jews were able to see and exploit, providing a sense of PERMANENCE , DIRECTION AND HISTORICAL TRASCENDENCE in a world that was changing at simple sight,., there is nothing that people crave more specially in turbulent trasfonsformative eras that his ways of live and the sacrifices that they have to make everyday are in some way “inmortalized ” by an ascendant force that have a clear conciousness of what they are , from what they came from and what are destined to be , of course if you let the jew fabricate your myths and spiritual trajectury you cant expect nothing more than slavery once your usefulness end .

    race realism is only the last interaction of the rootless materialism that have failed for 200 years to confront the jew and will continue to do so until our total disapearence of history is complete . sadly is clear that there is no real intention at all of building here any kind of organic nationalism that truly can challange the staus quo .> im not free of blame either i have behave like a little child wanting one thing and the contrary and i truly deserve all the insults and mockery i have received in the last months .

    nazism succesfully understood it all creating a fusion of left and right, rationalism and romanticism individualism and colectivism enhanced by a new founding myth that returned the centrality of existence to the Germans and challenged Freemasonry for the germinal role of the ethno-cultural foundation of Europe. Sadly it went out of control, it is like the human body that goes crazy and raises the temperature of the organism to 45 degrees to kill the virus, putting its own life in danger..they were ,the last antibodies of the european organism .

    btw priss the way you characterize “whites”as being driven exclusively by emotion is only partially truth thou, one of the cardinal axis under which european civilization began its journey start when greeks entronized as the mediator between man and the world . .if the thesis is that we can only achieve salvation through knowledge, it is natural that the pendulum will swing in the opposite direction. alongside the sublimation of the inner speech of the aristotelian logic coexist unbridled Dionysian cults that seek refuge in nature and in the midst platonic misticism with a strong rationalistic core that filtered thought cristianity give birth to the middle ages , in fact jewish misticism is a late com , its only a platonic and neopitagorean misticism sincretized with the supremacist cult to yahve in alexandria hundred of years later, far away of the dogmatic intransigence of the orthodox priesthood of jerusalem .

    if the historical experience of Europeans is structured around the axis reason/emotion for the Hebrews judaísm explicit tribal racial supremacism mark the tesis so an egalitarian raceless ideology that empower the humanity as whole was destined to be born when the circustances were adecuate. Once the romans reduced the jews to slavery or tzars confined them the pale setement the jewish tiger became a desert semitic snake chanting about equality an antiracism. it doent matter if under cristianity ,comunism “cultural marxism the non jews beneficiated even more tan jews thenselfs in relative term like you said if that means evading the mortal fate that was surely awaiting them an beneficiate enormously in absolute terms for making peace and a compromise with a humanity .Now that the jewish power is nearly absolute you cant forget about a real egalitarian economic or identitarian mesianic ideology supported by the mayority of jews , at least until some space nazis appear in the horizon and forze them to do it .

    i think much of the impulsiveness that you adcribe to whites ( even if i agree that whites are usually more emotional than jews) is just the cancerous process of ahistorification , whites have became ahistorical beings without a past or future , living in an eternal now while even the most retarded jew is embedded with a sign of destiny that unconciusly putt all his energy to work in a certain direction . white lack direction to canalize all the energy and end up exploting in every single direction now that the social fabric is incapable of providing any semblance of direction

    Moreover, if the fundamental idea on which an important part of Western culture is based is that the world is governed by reason and that consequently it is reducible to a set of universal laws, the conception of the etymology of the word -truth- comes to endorse the autochthonous origin of this great worldview. The Greeks referred to truth by means of the vocable -aletheia- which means the unveiling of what is hidden, the the discovery of the true being of things, to understand and conquest the essence that is hidden behind the appearance. However, for the Hebrew “emunah” truth is confidence in the promise, in fidelity to the promise, it is the meaning of amen with which the prayers are closed “so be it”.
    Two antithetical conceptions of truth, emunah refers to an authoritarian conception of dogmatic fidelity to tradition, contrary to the very esence of philosophical spirit that demands criticism as the only presupposition

    do we want to take the next prometean steep and take definitevely the fire from the gods getting ridd of the false interpreters of the gods in the process ?

  143. @Priss Factor

    Here’s an interesting tidbit that I left out, which pertains to ALL our great Cathedrals as well as innumerable beautiful and inspiring Christian churches all over the world; the vast majority of the funds and labor used to build them came from simple working class and middle class people.

    Sure there were donations from the wealthy, but they could not have been built without the love and SACRIFICE of the Common Man.

  144. Anonymous[546] • Disclaimer says:
    @Priss Factor

    You didn’t read my post, at most you skimmed it. Further, you are reproducing an argument from the French Enlightenment, at about the time of Newton. Newton was within the Thomist framework, seeking to understand God through understanding some of His works. You have to realize that the Christian Bible is not in the form of a work of philosophy, it is in the form of a work of history. Its contents are preserved so that the nature of God can be estimated from records of what God has done in the past, treating the universe as “God’s fingerprints”. What Thomism says is that similar knowledge can be gained from studying the universe, rather in the way that an archeologist can study abandoned artifacts.
    In the above conceptual framework, the French Enlightenment asserted that Man knew so much about God’s fingerprints that it did not need God anymore. What we’re seeing now is a consequence of that.

    Knowledge of God’s fingerprints tells us quite a bit, but it does not answer the question “what should we do”, the old “is/ought” dichotomy (
    Here is a very brief introduction that emphasizes the basics:
    Very briefly, the idea is that there is no way to go from facts to “values”, from “is” to “ought”. Example: Q: Why we do something to aid our survival? A: What facts show that our survival is important to us? Posterity? What has posterity ever done for us? And if you don’t do what I tell you to, you personally won’t survive.

    In a sentence, the French Enlightenment is wrong. World War I showed that pretty conclusively, with WW II and the fall of the USSR, and the apparent impending fall of the PRC, emphasizing the lesson: human knowledge is not adequate even for brute survival. You need a self-regulating social system to ensure that the knowledge is used for the benefit of at least some part of humanity.

    Thomism includes the above conclusion. It does not prohibit use of increased knowledge of God’s nature, but it does provide conceptual limits to that use, differentiating knowledge of God’s works from knowledge of how people should act, in effect providing an answer to is/ought.

    As to your objection that one cannot look at the consequences of God’s works, such as favoring those areas that hold Thomism (not Christianity per se, but Thomism in particular) — let me point out that the entire Bible, old and new Testaments, routinely talks of the physical benefits of God’s intervention. Enemies defeated and miracles appear frequently. Within this context, it is quite certainly possible to justify Thomism because of the benefits to God’s people. Example: Jesus healed people, and so did Moses (indirectly) during Exodus; so do antibiotics, which ultimately came Thomist doctrine. French Enlightenment says we therefore do not need Jesus or Moses. Note that the gift of antibiotics is gradually being removed as abandonment of Thomism changes curious scientists to job-clinging deadwood, and somewhat democratic leaders of a somewhat cohesive Christendom to Red Queen individualists shouting “off with their head” more or less randomly.

    So: Nice try, and if we weren’t in the middle of the ruinous decline of the French Enlightenment your arguments might have been tentatively accepted, as they were up until about 1970 in the US. Lord knows they prevailed back in the 1960s. As it is, your argument’s flaws are not only obvious and unavoidable, they are causing gross harm on a worldwide scale. You are in the position of a Bernays trying to sell tuberculosis to the American population for a second time.

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  145. Blissex says:

    «and the neoliberal version preached in many Economics articles and media columns for decades:

    “All things bright and beautiful, / All creatures great and small, / All things wise and wonderful, / The Markets made them all.
    The rich man in his castle, / The poor man at his gate, / The Markets made them high and lowly, / And ordered their estate.”»

    Oops! That was the Classic Liberal version, the neoliberal version is:

    All things bright and beautiful, / All creatures great and small, / All things wise and wonderful, / The Corporations made them all.
    The rich man in his castle, / The poor man at his gate, / The Corporations made them high and lowly, / And ordered their estate.

    Rejoice! Rejoice! 🙂

  146. @Anonymous

    Newton was within the Thomist framework, seeking to understand God through understanding some of His works.

    Most men of his time were raised in Christian faith.

    But Newton’s great achievements had nothing to do with religion. Even if he sought to understand God better, his explorations of math and scientific theory were based on logic and reason.

    It’s like this. Columbus set out find a quicker route to India. But what he really found was something entirely different.

    So, even if Newton had God in the back of his mind, his very tools and conclusions had nothing to do with religion or God.

    For example, if a Buddhist person uses chemistry to better understand Nirvana and comes upon some scientific discovery, it has nothing to do with Buddhism. He may have had Nirvana on his mind, but his better understanding of chemistry still remains in the realm of science, not religion.

    The Hindus came up with ‘Arabic numerals’, but math isn’t about Karma and Dharma.

    Suppose I embark on physics experiment to better understand the Force in Star Wars. Whatever I find, it’s just science and has nothing to do with the fantastical Force in the Lucas movie.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  147. Alrenous says: • Website

    A religion is good if it’s true, and bad if it’s not. It’s not difficult to come up with a true religion if that is your genuine motivation.

    A false religion can nevertheless be associated with good things when the adherents misunderstand the false teachings and accidentally land in some true ones. Or: Satan is hardly omnipotent and can’t keep his Book free of truths, despite strenuous efforts. Copyeditors keep “fixing” the “misunderstandings,” haha, or else someone notices it’s mostly a crock of shit and “accidentally” insert truths to try to incrementally de-Satanize the culture.

  148. Anonymous[546] • Disclaimer says:
    @Priss Factor

    reply to:

    This reply is a serious attempt to show some crucial misconceptions that are responsible for the West’s current decay.

    But Newton’s great achievements had nothing to do with religion. Even if he sought to understand God better, his explorations of math and scientific theory were based on logic and reason.

    You have made a cogent, well organized, and to an extent fact based presentation. Now I’ll do the same, perhaps based on personal experience that you have, to your good fortune (sarcasm not intended here, congratulations) avoided. Read and learn:
    That’s the conventional wisdom. It amounts to saying that pursuit of knowledge is founded in reality. In actual practice, things aren’t that way. Pursuit of knowledge is necessary for our current civilization, but (surprisingly) is not grounded in reality. It is grounded in religious revelation. Once you actually try to work in a field and discover some new truths about nature you find that it is false. Lack of faith in this religious revelation is responsible for the visible decay of Western civilization.

    Please read the proof, below. None of the following proofs is simple assertion, and, except for some reporting of my personal experiences, it’s all well established and most of it has been since AD 1900 at the latest.

    Academic/research work is the easiest profession on Earth to fake. The outsiders can’t tell what you’ve done, and the insiders are (since the great post-WW II expansion of the university system) largely deadwood, the equivalent of High School teachers. The NSF requirement for “peer review” means that they can review each other’s research papers and recommend each other for funding. That has made research into the political activity that Kuhn described it as. It being a political activity, there was little difficulty in administrative capture, followed by retention of students for either indoctrination, simple tuition capture, or racial quotas. From the inside, universities look a lot like the Mafia, and I’m not exaggerating. In a tenure track position I was threatened by an Australian labor organizer with “retaliation” unless I simply obeyed him by accepting work that was, in fact, never offered. Strange man, a bit of a street thug, and quite clear in his methods. The standard method for university administrations back then was to make the research that is a formal qualification for advancement impossible by blocking it at every turn. Yes, this takes place in top level universities as well as other places; I ran into it from Stanford.

    And, yes, it’s happening at non-Western universities as well. The path of least resistance, enforced by administration, is as deadwood seeming to be master of an abstruse body of information that is not understood.

    So how did Newton stand against that? In his day, in England, Thomism was a live belief of the dominant Protestants. Belief in Thomism by a very large number of Englishmen was what made Newton’s discoveries seem more important than gulling yet more money out of the nobility for tutoring their offspring. It’s also what used to provide (until the 1960s) what Dutton calls the only safe environment for genius at the Oxbridge universities.

    It is the general view that Fauci level misinformation is a recent phenomenon. Not so. The NASA “manned space program” and “space shuttle program” was on the same level. The deception was that NASA wanted to enable manned space travel. It did not; it wanted its budget continued, so it prohibited all space activities save its own, produced the National Launch System (NLS, also called “never launch system”), justified the Space Shuttle fraudulently (which later made the _NY Times_ in an obituary when the engineer who did it died and was presented as a brilliant piece of workmanship). That one managed to kill two crews and (thanks to the genius of requiring over 100% full rated thrust of during launch) required an immense and very expensive “marching army” to tear down and rebuild the Shuttle engines after each launch. The existing International Space Station is a similar program: it has produced no useful knowledge (outside of the effect of microgravity on crew members) so far, but it has supported many Federal employees. NASA suppressed every other attempt to develop space travel or commercial boosters.

    So, you say that religion has nothing to do with research results? Well, you’re right in that research does not ordinarily say “and then a miracle occurred”. As for insurance that the apparent research is actually research, the “replication crisis” [1] comes from making research secular.
    Research is not secular, and by its nature cannot be.
    An example of a secular process was Arabic numbers [2]. The contemporary European symbols for numbers (0, 1, 2, … 9) and positional notation (123 == 1*10^0 + 2*10^1 + 3ˆ10^3) has a long history, one that is comparable to the development of writing. It was not the invention of Hindu mathematicians, and was apparently developed over a long time span by very many people for civil (that is, commercial) use, and the first use of 0 may have come from 1 + Cambodia [2] (although I’ve seen arguments that the Sumerians had a symbol for zero [2a]). Classical rejection of zero was not simple ignorance, but rather a byproduct of Greek concentration on geometry [2b].
    Development of new knowledge on the genius level is not secular. Dutton points out that geniuses are not motivated by secular ends. They have very high IQs (140 and up), very low Agreeability in the OCEAN personality categorization, and attempt to understand reality far beyond a level that is adaptive in a social or economic sense. Galileo Galilei [3] is a fair example. Galileo was condemned by the Inquisition during an era, and the person who refused to look into Galileo’s telescope was an Aristotelian professor whose annual salary was (and continued to be) several times that of Galileo. Galileo could have shut up and studied Aristotle, but did not.
    Galileo (1564-1952) lived during an extreme secular time for the Catholic Church, during a prolonged war during which the authority of the Catholic Church was being destroyed, and at a time of extreme doctrinal rigidity: Thomism was dispensed with to an extent. Even so, Galileo was not physically harmed, nor was his income stopped. He was merely told to stop his investigation and publication. Compare that to what happened to Edward Dutton: he’s English, but not an English Academic. Apparently he was canceled in the UK. Now he’s a professor in Finland who appears to be self-financed. Or compare it Galileo’s contemporaries in Turkey [4], which is very like what is happening to “race realism” researchers in the US today.

    Dutton is clearly not in it for the money. Nor is anybody capable of creative work on the frontiers of knowledge. Such people may try to continue their work, but without some social support their work is at best lost, destroyed for the same reason the Catholic Church silenced Galileo: new knowledge always interferes with existing practice. That’s a fact. The long-term benefits often outweigh the cost of interference, but tell that to NASA and its “manned space program” personnel. Or tell it to Fauci.

    The important thing here is that some very important statements cannot be either verified or falsified. Hume’s work [5] has never been answered.
    “Hume argued that inductive reasoning and belief in causality cannot be justified rationally; instead, they result from custom and mental habit. We never actually perceive that one event causes another but only experience the “constant conjunction” of events. This problem of induction means that to draw any causal inferences from experience, it is necessary to presuppose that the future will resemble the past, a presupposition which cannot itself be grounded in prior experience.” [5]
    It is tempting to a Westerner to think that causation exists, and that any sensible person would realize this. Well, most of humanity doesn’t realize this, or believe it either. The very idea of necessary causation was an invention of the Greek philosophers, c.a. 4th or 5th Century BC [6]. Prior to that, people thought that custom and will was all the mental equipment needed [6a], and that the King’s/God’s will was much more important than knowing why levers worked, or why solution methods for quadratic equations that came up in survey work always gave the right answer as verified by subsequent survey work. Islam still says that Allah maintains the Universe second to second by Allah’s will, and that if Allah’s will changed (as it might, Allah being all-powerful, even over himself) then so would physics. Others, most, believe that physical laws can remain constant or might vary and that this is of no particular interest [7] compared to getting money to buy food and shelter. Postmodernists in the West believe this [8].
    So, we are left with this question: Do we rely on religious inspiration or not? As shown by Turkish astronomy 4], and the replication crisis [1], the existence of genius is independent of Thomism, but is not in itself sufficient to actually discover and use new knowledge as the West has. To do that, you need external support for the geniuses, which external support has boiled down to Thomism or nothing. Even the estimated low population IQ in the 1200s, if given Thomism, could support pursuit of knowledge. Contemporary civilization, absent Thomism calls pursuit of knowledge “Whiteness” and wants to destroy it. This alone could make Dutton’s possible repetition of a “Bronze age collapse” [9] a reality.

    Some philosophies say the same thing, but that is an assumption, not a necessary truth (again, see Hume). Questions that cannot be answered but must be answered are answered by religion, by Divine inspiration, and the answers differ. Thomism is the only religious belief I know that that says causation is real and persistent, and that God has made humans able to understand things far outside evolutionary utility, things like neutron stars and protons. That to date this belief has given Thomist societies unprecedented capabilities would seem to suggest that God intends this knowledge to benefit believers. A secular blessing is usually considered proof of God’s will in any religion, and it should be so considered in this case. Instead, we get postmodernism, deadwood, and Fauci. But a rebirth of Thomism would be regarded as “religious fanaticism” and “Whiteness” [1], and strongly opposed. Something is wrong.


    1] Which even Wikipedia has noticed:
    2b] Roman numerals were used in Classical civilization because the Classical Greeks studied geometry and were interested in line lengths, regarding numbers as whole numbers quite distinct from lengths, and negative numbers as “spurious solutions”. Numbers and line lengths were considered as two entities: one for counting distinct items (ships in a fleet, for example) and one for measuring lines. “Zero” was thus not a number (you would say “there is no fleet” rather than “the fleet contains zero ships”) and lines were clearly not numbers either. In historical fact, negative numbers did not come into general use until Descartes developed the idea of graphing equations and negative length to get analytic geometry.
    In effect, Greeks used what we call the positive natural numbers to count, and “irrational numbers” to measure lengths (although they were equivocal on that, and generally maintained that they used rational numbers) ). Even today, we say “I owe x thousand dollars to Amex” rather than “I have minus x thousand dollars in my Amex account”
    6a] For an example of this mentality, consider Odysseus (“man of hate”, also Ulysses, “scar”) in the Odyssey. Can you imagine Odysseus as a research scientist?
    7] For some very funny fictional examples of this, search for “Orks discuss philosophy” . . Try not to cringe.
    8] Postmodernism is, according to its defenders, a reaction to modernism characterized by universal negation, a sort of extreme version of the Enlightenment that rejects the same things, and additionally rejects Enlightenment thought itself, leaving nothing but a desire deconstruct existing society and keep the pieces for their own personal use: :
    9] Renunciation of “Whiteness” and Thomism would cause the same regression that the Union of South Africa has experienced. This would lessen global agricultural production, and lead to a world population of 1 billion to 0.5 billion people. Just the current Ukraine/Russian Federation fight could lead to 1 to 3 billion lives lost and Europe overrun from Africa, its industry destroyed. Without Thomism, the population loss could be seen as the result of human knowledge (c.f. the poste who frequently uses “whitevil”), which could seem to be evil (that’s the underlying theme of the 40K Warhammer universe, which is wildly popular). Consequently, Thomism and industry would not reappear for perhaps two thousand years (that being the approximate length of the Iron Age). .
    10] “and quite a variety of unpleasant names” See: Tom Lehrer, “Poisoning pigeons”

  149. Anonymous[546] • Disclaimer says:

    A religion is good if it’s true, and bad if it’s not. It’s not difficult to come up with a true religion if that is your genuine motivation.

    Religions are not true or false in the sense that they contain statements that are neither provable nor falsifiable. Nor are they predicate calculus with symbols, axioms, and proofs. A “true” religion is true by claim to divine (or other) revelation. Since there are several religions, each contradicting the other, it is evident that one must make a choice (even if the choice is to conform to local norms), presumably guided by or at least reinforced by divine revelation.

    A false religion can nevertheless be associated with good things when the adherents misunderstand the false teachings and accidentally land in some true ones. Or: Satan is hardly omnipotent and can’t keep his Book free of truths, despite strenuous efforts. Copyeditors keep “fixing” the “misunderstandings,” haha, or else someone notices it’s mostly a crock of shit and “accidentally” insert truths to try to incrementally de-Satanize the culture.

    This is called “Man’s traditions make void the word of God” (or as you mention, “of Satan”, and is quite true.

  150. Might I suggest a slight change of packaging? The content is, of course, superb, but why leave anything on the table?

    There is a-mainstream-version of evolutionary theory called “hopeful monsters” This is not a disparaging term-i can only suppose they mean “monster” or “monstrosity” in the ood-fashioned sense of “abnormality, freak”. It is a subset of saltation theory-perhaps kangaroos evolved in a kangaroo court.
    What I propose is, of course, “spiteful monsters”. In the new sense of “sick freaks”. Hilarity ensues. Indeed, I initially read it thus, and was shocked to see such low-hanging fruit, as it were, rotting on the vine.

    Ah well, send check in enclosed envelope.

  151. Might I suggest a slight change of packaging? The content is, of course, superb, but why leave anything on the table?

    There is a-mainstream-version of evolutionary theory called “hopeful monsters” This is not a disparaging term-i can only suppose they mean “monster” or “monstrosity” in the ood-fashioned sense of “abnormality, freak”. It is a subset of salutation theory. What I propose is, of course, “spiteful monsters”. In the new sense of “sick freaks”. Hilarity ensues. Indeed, I initially read it thus, and was shocked to see such low-hanging fruit, as it were, rotting on the vine.

    Ah well, send check in enclosed envelope.

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