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The Political Theology of White Guilt: Trump as a Threat to the EU’s Post-WWII Narrative
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The presidential postelection period unfolding now in the US is having a big impact on the political class in Europe. Historically speaking this is nothing new. Every politician in Europe knows that any major political change in the US is bound to have, the day after, an effect on his own decision-making policy and likely determine the time span of his career. This mode of mandatory pro-American mimicry among European politicians has been playing out in full force since 1945.

Therefore, it should not come as a surprise that the mainstream media in Europe, seconded by EU high officials, with a very timid exception of Poland, Hungary and Slovenia, are piggybacking on US media outlets in a joint effort to unseat Trump and his legacy. The German political class, with Chancellor Merkel at the top of the EU System, is at the forefront of this anti-Trump pro-Biden mimicry.

The good news for some — and probably the bad news for others — is that both in the USA and Europe there is a rising divide between the rulers and the ruled, with a good chance of pitting the one against the other, with civil unrest becoming a highly likely scenario — Trump or Biden notwithstanding. Not just nationalist parties of all stripes in Europe, but more and more average citizens, due also to bizarre and ever-changing Covid19 confinement regulations, are increasingly becoming suspicious of System decrees, no longer taking at a face value the palaver about tolerance and a multicultural shining future. Many people in Europe like Trump’s words — more by default, and less by their knowledge of how the American electoral system works.

It must be pointed out that Trump was and still is the American exception to the rule of the post-WWII global liberal System. Predictably, Trump’s lambasting the mainstream media and its mirror image, the Deep State, does not square at all with the post-WWII liberal or communist antifascist and postcolonial narrative which all White Europeans and Americans have been subjected to since 1945. In contrast to America, however, European nations have a very slim margin of political maneuvering, which is largely due to their former colonial, authoritarian, totalitarian and antiliberal past. Consequently, European conservative and nationalist-minded politicians can only offset the burden of their past and escape the haunting shut-up word ‘fascism’ through their penitent behavior and through constant self-flagellating sermons on White Man’s Guilt. This self-effacing behavior translates today in a massive import of young non-European migrants with all of Europe rapidly becoming a giant hospice of take-a-knee repentant Whites.

The masochistic White Man mindset can be directly traced to the post-WWII Auschwitz political theology designated not just as deterrent for the defeated Germany, but also as a warning sign for former US and UK victors. Having this in mind, any tentative endorsement at this stage of Trump-like policies by a putative high EU politician means his/her running the risk of being accused of fascist or revisionist sympathies. It is a kiss of death in his/her career.

In order to grasp the fawning conduct of European leaders toward the System, or let’s call it the Deep State embedded in the East Coast of the US, one must always put things into a larger historical perspective. With his critical remarks about the mainstream media and his anti-immigration rhetoric, Trump seriously damaged the System narrative and along the way raised, without even realizing it, some disturbing questions about the legitimacy of the World Order established in the aftermath of WWII.

In Europe the System — i.e., the Deep State — has its major outlet in Germany. Being the heartland of Europe, Germany after 1945 was preordained to serve as a role model for all future EU member states. Today the German government functions therefore as the loudest mouthpiece of anti-Trump and pro-Biden rhetoric. Given Germany’s neurotic process of post-WWII nation-state building, such penitent behavior is comprehensible. Germany was designed as a Europe’s new shining example of a successful Allied-Antifa social and racial multicultural engineering, which has spawned by now hundreds of thousands of self-censored, servile and atoning politicians and academics across the board, all of them deadly afraid that any minor dissident voice of theirs could result in their removal from the public scene. In day-to-day contemporary politics, German politicians and academics must be therefore constantly on a high alert and they must endeavor, metaphorically speaking, to be more Catholic than the Pope, i.e., more the American Biden lookalikes than Biden and his crew themselves. The same goes for all non-German European politicians, albeit to a lesser extent.

The toxic words fascism and racism serve today as an ideal tool of self-censorship in Germany, also explaining why Germany has been over recent decades, and particularly over the last decade, the most fervent advocate of its self-destructive multicultural policy manifesting itself in its constantly importing non-European migrants.

Another example of Germany’s self-denial: Just recently the German minister of foreign affairs Heiko Maas, in typical German preemptive atonement mode, and in in order to counter any speculations that Germany might someday depart from the embedded post-WWII New World Order, issued the following statement: “I will proceed against the extreme right-wing venom for our democracy. “ (Ich will gegen rechtsextremes Gift für unsere Demokratie vorgehen).

Such a show of German and European atonement is a natural and logical outcome of the Allied brainwashing process that has been going on in the media and higher education, not just in the East, but also in the West since 1945. Hence, if Trump keeps accusing the mainstream media and the Deep State of political dishonesty in slanting coverage and covering up a stolen election, it inevitably raises the question as to how truthful, or rather how fake the whole System and its historical narrative have been over the last seventy years. Trump was a threat to the entire post-WWII narrative of the West.

The former Russian anticommunist dissident and writer Alexander Solzhenitsyn wrote long ago that we “should not live the Communist Lie.” Well, time seems to be ripe to raise the same question about the Lie of the Liberal System.

(Republished from The Occidental Observer by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Foreign Policy, History • Tags: Donald Trump, EU, Germany, World War II 
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  1. Rahan says:

    BTW, Slavs are honorary Negros now.

    We wuz Tsars n sheit.

    • Replies: @Franz
  2. sonofman says:

    The „Deep State“ implies that unknown individuals or organisations influence or dictate how elected government officials frame their policies. That might be so in America, but in Europe, it is no secret that the European Council in Brussels is running the show.

    Although “White” is used to describe European descendants in America, and are being shamed for past prejudices and atrocities against African-Americans, “White Guilt” doesn’t exist in Europe because “White” is not used to describe the Europeans and their diverse cultures. Even if some European countries are blemished by their colonial past, still, only the German people are guilt-controlled by the National Socialist narrative.

    What an incredible disappointment Chancellor Merkel has become, and to suggest that she and Germany are the heartland of Europe is a misnomer. Piggy bank would be a better description.

    The German leadership knows:

    In 2017, the German Supreme Court affirmed Dr. Stefan Lanka’s scientific analysis that pathogenic viruses do not exist.

    The German Corona Investigative Committee, probably the most competent, organized lockdown
    opposition in the World, has obliterated the Drosten PCR test, yet they are being ignored.

    The foundation of the very successful German economy, the private savings of German citizens, is
    now being deteriorated because of lost consumption due to the lockdowns.

    German politicians are not uninformed and they are certainly not stupid, so this just shows that they are more beholden to European/Corporate dictates.

    Nationalism is the largest obstacle to the goals of the NWO and “Reset” advocates. In Germany, nationalism is associated with extreme-right ideology and even anti-Semitism. So this is the universal disparager to vilify legitimate opposition (Querdenker) and competition (AfD).

    So the questions remain: Why would politicians use fraudulent reasoning to purposely hurt their own people and economies, and why now?

    Normally, new technologies and industries are the natural result of progress, but why is it now being politically forced upon with such speed?

    Is it just a coincidence that the timing of the fraudulent pandemic facilitated the fraudulent use of mail-in balloting in an attempt to remove from power a proud and insolent nationalist who is committed to independence and indomitability?

  3. “White Guilt” is another red herring. I’ve never met a white person that fwwlagenuinely guilty for some kind of theoretical arguments about past white history, that are made by communists and leftist like for example Angela Merkel in Germany or Biden, in the U.S. The operative word is “genuine”. The concept of white guilt, is just another devise used by anti-white propagandists to convince whites of something they have but in reality do not have, or even spend two seconds pondering. However, with the increasing number of attacks against whites, even murderous attacks, only whites that continue to be deluded with propaganda like their “white guilt”, will be in danger. Wake up. Live in reality.

  4. @sonofman

    The ONE AND ONLY reason Merkel continues to get elected, is because she allows business to do anything they want to do. Literally anything. She dances to the globalists and gets rewarded for selling out her country. On the other hand, President Donald Trump did not always want to dance to the tune of the globalists and therefore was removed from the dance floor by them.

  5. CCZ says:

    An excellent (to me) summary examination of the how “The masochistic White Man mindset can be directly traced to the post-WWII Auschwitz political theology….” is presented in the Black Pigeon Speaks video on the transformation of the West’s “foundational” narrative from one of virtue and independent national strength to one of evil nationalism and anti-national “diversity is our strength”:

  6. Chris Moore says: • Website

    The former Russian anticommunist dissident and writer Alexander Solzhenitsyn wrote long ago that we “should not live the Communist Lie.” Well, time seems to be ripe to raise the same question about the Lie of the Liberal System.

    The post WW2 “liberal” system was never really liberal in the Jeffersonian sense (opposed to concentration of power, opposed to permanent hierarchy, opposed to self-dealing royalty and corrupt concentrations of wealth). It was Bolshevism masquerading as “liberalism,” and Jewry and its Chosen sense of entitlement were/are at the center of it, just as they were in Solzhenitsyn’s Russia. Only the Bolsheviks didn’t call themselves the “Chosen,” they called themselves the Revolutionary Vanguard.

    But they shoveled the spoils the totalitarian regime to themselves and their inner Party cronies as eagerly as any royalty, and they murdered any and all opposition with unprecedented abandon, setting up death camps and the Gulag to systemize their terror and state-organized killing.

    Today, in the US, they’re shoveling the spoils of the nation to themselves and their scummy left-wing and neocon collaborators with similar abandon, but they haven’t set up death camps yet (at least not for Americans; the “Islamofascists,” however, might call the Israel lobby and Zionist-instigated “War on Terror” against millions of Mideasterners the equivalent).

    The death camps are coming to America, though, under the oversight of the Chinese Communist Party and its Jewish, “liberal,” and neocon fifth column, the Zionists needing a new milking cow to pay for Greater Israel now that America is on its last legs.

  7. The Nationalists in Europe have, in some instances, begun calling their own ethnicity “indigenous” as a way of finessing the politically correct reverse racism. May be Slavs can use the honorary inferiority conferred on them by some politically correct types to strengthen their resistance to the “woke” bullshit. In the end, any of the traditional majority who backs that mindset is a turkey voting for Christmas, and resistance has to occur. It also has to occur against the medicofascism destroying our lives, which is part and parcel of the same hostile takeover

    • Agree: Digital Samizdat
  8. Dr. Doom says:

    When you’re a tiny minority of cowards, you have to use deception.

    The tribe of Khazar has never done anything by themselves.

    There is a Hidden Hand. A Greater Power. A Master of these fools.

    They are simply assets. Expendable assets. Dancing to the tune of Higher Powers.

    There are no “powers that be”. There is only ONE Master of the World.

    He calls the tune. These fools will pay the piper.

    They will take the blame for EVERYTHING due to their own egotism.

    It is their DOOM.

  9. Vaterland says:

    Donald “the king of Israel” Trump, the most militantly Zionist president in post WW2 US history and his MIGA agenda have probably done more to destroy European free speech and fight the Jewish-American oppression of Europe than any president before. Except Roosevelt, Truman and Wilson of course.

    Under Trump not only have we seen the rise of trans-atlantic anti-Semitism “Czars” (probably a flex by the people of the Bolsheviks who murdered the last one), we have seen the total monopolization of the internet under Jewish/Zionist owned media mega-giants like Facebook/Instagram, Microsoft, Google/Youtube – companies which Blumpf called the MAGA companies and rewarded them with corporate tax cuts as they deplatformed his 2016 core supporter base among which I was. Already in 2017 we had the combating European anti-Semitism act in combination with a condemnation of any forms of white identity as a reaction to the comments by Steve King plus Charlottesville. And it goes without saying: a bipartisan total endorsement of Zionism giving them everything they want: billions and billions of dollars, the Golan Heights for Murdoch-Rothschild Genie Energy, Jerusalem, banning of BDS, attacks on free speech, pardoning of Pollard and Rubashkin, persecution of over 90 year old “Nazi-criminals” who lived their entire lives in the US, show trials, arrests, Soleimani assassination, the case of Epstein…it just goes on and on and on.

    We’ve also seen record arrests and persecution of actual dissidents and parties in Europe in the years of his presidency, most of which his administration or the state of Israel and the World Jewish congress, which is one and the same in the end, were responsible for. He has also pushed the American “right” significantly to the left on the big gay agenda.

    Trump’s presidency harmed right-wing populism more than any other person or party who ever was in politics. He was the most corrupt, most impotent, most idiotic president I ever had to see. A greater fool than Bush the younger and his handler Dick Cheney. An amateur and con-artist who lived in the delusions of his own grandeur fueled by Machiavellian types who knew how to use him and apply the Trump brand for media gains.

    The reason why Salvini, Orban and the Polish government endorse him, is, that they are more kosher than anyone in Europe. And in the case of the Polish government the intentions of it and the US towards my country and Russia equally could not be more obvious. A direct continuation of WW 2 politics by our dear hegemonic master. Contrary to US fake news Trump acted like an enemy of Russia, an enemy of Germany and an enemy of Europe whose real loyalties, like that of Biden, could not be more obvious.

    Drumpf 2020 campaigned on Lady Maga, the platinum plan for blacks as a big thank you to BLM, Zionism and gay libertarianism with the occasional based tweet in-between. But what should worry you as Americans is not that Drumpf completely abandoned his 2016 platform and for example went from the Muslim ban and BUILD THE WALL (which were fake and gay in the first place) to “highest number of immigrants ever, but they have to come in legally”, or from attacking globalists, the FED, Goldman Sachs and Soros, to then appointing Cohen and Mnuchin or Willbur Ross. Instead what should really worry you is that the Kushners, Netanyahu and the masters of mass-psychology, including the controlled “alt”-media, who designed Trump’s 2016 campaign know EXACTLY what you want and they won’t give it to you. Instead they will continue to play you like a fiddle, exemplified by Q, then drain you dry for the last tax dollar and finally some day move on to greener pastures in China and elsewhere. To where they transferred most of your tech already anyway. Trust the Plan! Trust Sessions!

    And Germany is obviously on top of nothing in the EU. Instead it’s the trans-atlantic deep state which controls the most anti-German state in our history. And staffs the traitors who rule both the USA and what is now called Germany.

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  10. Franz says:

    This opens a SERIOUS can of worms.

    A big number of Europeans in America have been intermarrying since before Ellis Island. A lot know their antecedents.

    For instance, my wife is Polish on her mama’s side and German from her daddy’s.

    Does that make her half-victim/half-oppressor?

    Which half counts?

    The regime just wants to drive us crazy.

  11. @sonofman

    I was in Germany during Merkel.s first election run. Disappointment is right. People would be shocked the establishment ran her as a “Conservative”. Maybe destroying Germany is a “Conservative” value. Destroying the USA certainly seems to be a “Conservative” value these days.

  12. @Vaterland

    Under Jewish domination, Queertianity is the new faith. Anno Sodomini. And who thought that the Jews would turn the Holy Land into Sodom and Gomorrah?

    But there is a difference between Sodomania in Israel and in goy nations. In Israel, it is a symbol of Jewish Power over others. In goy nations, it is a symbol of goy submission to Jewish Power.

    Why did Jews spread Globo-Homo around the world? Because every nation has its share of alienated homos, and Jews prize them as willing collaborators of globalism because globo-homo elevates homos over the majority straight population in every nation. Homo minority elite supremacism complements Jewish minority elite supremacism. Also, the generally devious and vain nature of homos means they’re more likely to do anything, no matter how devious, to push The Agenda.

    Holo-Homo is the Jewish formula of neo-spirituality for goyim.
    Just like Christianity has its dark side and bright side — Crucifixion & Death and Christmas & Easter — , Jews used both the gloom of the Holocaust and the fanfare of homo celebration to concoct a neo-faith for the West(and the Rest as well). Holocaust parallels the death of Jesus, and Homo celebration is supposed to be like Easter.

    Homos are especially useful for Jews because homos are both ‘universal’ and ‘particular’. Unlike Jews who belong to a closed tribe, there are homos in every group, even among Muslims and Evangelical Christians. In that sense, homos are ‘universal’. But because homos constitute a small minority in any group, they also represent minority interests/rights. The universal side of homosexuality means globo-homo could be used on any people. But the particular side of globo-homo necessitates the majority straight population to revere the minority ‘gay’ population.
    As Jews are a minority everywhere except in Israel, Jews like the idea of the majority kneeling before the minority. Likewise, Jews push tranny politics because the great majority of real women are made to bow down before the minority of men who think they’re ‘women’. Minority-elite supremacism.

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