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The Plot Against Australia
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Part I: How Portnoy Took Down Australia’s Obscenity Laws

I suppose, after me, all the shits came in? — Phillip Roth

Australia was one of the last holdouts in the West in policing and restricting the publication, importation, and distribution of pornography and other forms of obscenity. Where censorship regimes in the USA and UK had already collapsed by the mid-1960s, as late as the year 1971 vice squads in police forces around Australia still ran raids of bookstores believed to be selling obscene literature. Political leaders of the era such as the formidable Vice-Premier of the state of Victoria, Sir Arthur Rylah, and his counterpart in the state of New South Wales, Sir Eric Willis, still possessed the vocabulary and conviction to resist the mass sexualisation of society and provide a defence to the Christian morals of the Australian people. The prohibition of obscene publications is now a politically dead issue, but opposition to it, the anti-censorship cause as it was known, once occupied an incredibly important front in the wider cultural and sexual revolution of the 1960s and 70s that set countries like Australia onto a path of cultural and demographic ruination. Every country in the West has an infamous piece of literature or film that either put a foot in the door for the entrance of pornography or otherwise resulted in the breakdown of obscenity laws and controls in their respective countries, often as a result of a much-publicised legal trial. In the United Kingdom, this was works such as Lady Chatterley’s Lover (first unexpurgated version in the UK in1960) and Last Exit to Brooklyn (1964). In the United States, the film The Pawnbroker (1964) saw the end of the power of the Motion Picture Production Code, a set of industry guidelines on content that was imposed on the film studios of Hollywood. But in Australia, this ignominious title is given to Philip Roth’s most famous work, a now iconic Jewish book by the name of Portnoy’s Complaint (1969).

As this essay will uncover, the story of the end of obscenity law and censorship controls in Australia—events that subsequently caused the flowering of the sexual revolution—is one of a cultural and political push teeming with Jews. Although not intended to do so, the recently released book The Trials of Portnoy[1]P. Mullins 2019, The Trials of Portnoy, Scribe Publications, Australia. by Australian journalist Patrick Mullins exposes the key Jewish role in this undertaking, showing the deeply involved nature of Jewish ideas, activism, and money, and how crucial Jewish literature was in breaking down the laws that served as a bulwark against the advance of the sexual revolution and the permissive society. Throughout the book, Mullins identifies the major pre-Portnoy victories for anti-censorship that led up to the decisive final battle over Portnoy’s Complaint. Each subsequent victory served to embolden the anti-censorship cause and its supporters, who were convinced the march of progress was on their side, and conversely weaken, embarrass, and enrage the defenders of sexual mores and the moral virtues of Australian society. At the conclusion of this came Portnoy’s Complaint, which was prosecuted for obscenity in courtrooms around the country in the most widely publicized and debated censorship trials since World War II. After Portnoy, it was no longer possible for an obscene publication to be banned in Australia.

Legal Framework

These events will be explored in turn, but a brief digression is necessary to understand the structural basis of the obscenity laws and other legal restrictions that operated throughout the country. In the pre-internet era, the Australian legal framework for the restriction and prohibition of publications deemed to be obscene was contained in federal law jointly under the Customs Act and the Post & Telegraph Act, which took their inspiration from the UK Obscene Publications Act of 1857. Together these Acts gave broad powers to the Federal Customs Minister and customs officials to proscribe “blasphemous, indecent or obscene works” onto a banned publications list and restrict the importation and local distribution of such banned works. This included the power to search through the luggage of arriving travellers from overseas. Further state laws existed, with some variations on a state-by-state basis, to police obscenity on a local level. These were the laws utilised to, for example, fine a bookstore caught selling obscene literature or people caught in possession of a federally prohibited import.

The legal definition of obscenity used in Australia was established under common law precedent by English case law in Regina v. Hicklin 1868, which entrenched what came to be known as the Hicklin Test of obscenity. Central to the Hicklin Test was the question of whether the publication under consideration had “the tendency to deprave and corrupt those whose minds are open to such immoral influences and into whose hands a publication of this sort may fall.” As such, the focus of the Hicklin Test for obscenity rested not upon the impact of the publication on mature and law-abiding adults, who were considered morally upstanding enough to recognise the obscene work and handle it appropriately, but on those such as children, a group seen as particularly susceptible to the corruption of obscene literature due to their still-developing minds and therefore far more in need of strong laws to restrict its dispersal throughout society. The Hicklin Test did not require obscenity to be established in the context of the publication as a whole. Instead, a publication could be prohibited even if only a few passages in the entire text were found to be obscene. In the era before the sexual revolution, it was exceptionally rare for the law to confront the types of obvious pornography that are commonplace now. Instead, works deemed obscene were those of a sexually explicit or indecent nature, those exhibiting particularly graphic violence, or works that contained egregious attacks on religious beliefs.[2]For a while seditious works were also prohibited in Australia.

The Hicklin Test also implicitly acknowledged a fact that is ignored by pornographers and other liberal opponents of obscenity laws, namely that once an adult can legally and freely access something, it is then not difficult for it to fall into the hands of a child. Even if an age-restricted product can only be purchased in a store by an adult, from that point onwards, any control over its future readership or viewership is entirely down to the prerogative of the purchaser, or simply a matter of chance. No amount of age-restrictive laws on purchase or distribution could, nor can, stop a pornographic magazine/videotape or a violent video game from being discovered hidden under a bed by a child, or from being given by a careless 18-year-old to a younger sibling. Put simply, one cannot effectively protect children from pornography without also restricting it for adults.

The Hicklin Test was also introduced as the definition for obscenity in America in Rosen v. United States (1896), where a New York Jew by the name of Lew Rosen was found guilty of using the postal service to send an obscene publication . Hicklin was later overturned in the US in favour of a ‘community standards’ test (also known as the Roth test) in the landmark Supreme Court case Roth v. United States 1956, where yet another Jew, publisher Samuel Roth, was convicted for selling erotic literature.

OZ Magazine

Early rumblings of change came in 1963 with the founding of the magazine OZ, the premier satirical publication of the 1960s counterculture in Sydney. Established by three students at the University of Sydney, all of whom later went on to prominent positions in Australian cultural life, OZ grew out of the libertarian subculture of the “Sydney Push” and took its cue from Jewish satirists Lenny Bruce and Mort Sahl, the British magazine Private Eye, and the satirical BBC television program That Was the Week That Was. OZ sought to expand published counterculture in Sydney beyond the limited confines of the student press, prominently Honi Soit at the University of Sydney and Tharunka at the University of New South Wales, and established itself as a literary focal point for the growing forces of the New Left. Alongside its opposition to censorship, OZ was a trailblazer in Australia for a number of other political causes that would soon become major left-wing policies, from the anti-Vietnam War effort, to the dismantling of the White Australia Policy. The founders of OZ magazine, as well as the other leading members of this subculture (Wendy Bacon, the former editor of Tharunka, was another prominent anti-censorship activist) were deeply influenced and indebted to Jewish psychoanalysts Sigmund Freud and Wilhelm Reich. Reich’s works in particular formed the basis of much of their anti-censorship critique attributing sexual “repression”—including the proscription of sexually obscene literature—as a root cause of social, economic and political ills in society, as well as providing a seemingly scholarly basis for their belief in the abnormality of Christian morality.

Publication of the first issue of OZ in April 1963 met with immediate outcry. The magazine featured a series of interviews with an abortionist and young women who had procured abortions, as well as a tongue-in-cheek article about the history of chastity belts—intended as a metaphor for Australian sexual norms being “locked in the past.” The founders pled guilty to charges of obscenity levelled against them by the NSW government and were fined 20 Australian Pounds. Unrepentant, the founders of OZ were again charged and found guilty of obscenity for Edition 6 of the magazine in February 1964 with even harsher penalties were imposed, including a prison sentence. Wanting to take a stand against censorship, outraged by the severity of the charges and realizing that the magazine would not survive its infancy much further with repeated convictions, they lodged an appeal against the decision. The case was heard by the Jewish Appeals Court Justice Aaron Levine, a known progressive justice, who bucked public outrage by overturing the obscenity charges, ruling that OZ was satire and that the prosecution had failed to identify any real examples of people that would be corrupted or depraved by the publication, and had to point to more than “a theoretical group of unidentified persons”[3]Mullins, op. cit., p.30.—a stark redefinition of the Hicklin Test.

Levine’s progressive credentials would solidify in 1971 when he adjudicated in R. v. Wald[4]The defendant Wald was Jewish abortionist Louis Wald, a practitioner at the Heatherbrae Clinic in the suburb of Bondi, at the time the largest illegal abortion clinic in Australia., a case which effectively legalised abortion in the state of New South Wales. Justice Levine provided a defence to abortion on economic and mental health grounds so broad, that legislation to de-criminalize abortion was not taken up in NSW until nearly 50 years later in 2019. The founders of OZ later relocated to the UK, starting London OZ in 1967, and the cover pages of the magazine became progressively more pornographic and LSD-influenced, owing to use of that drug by the editors. The May 1970 edition, Schoolkids OZ, written by and aimed at high school teenagers, was the subject of one of the last major obscenity trials in the UK.

The Trial of Lady Chatterley

Infamous in the history of UK literary obscenity, the unexpurgated publication of Lady Chatterley’s Lover had been banned in Australia since 1929 due to its erotic passages. The issue had lain dormant in the country until 1964, following the UK publication of The Trial of Lady Chatterley, an account of the famous court case four years earlier (R v. Penguin Books Pty Ltd) that broke UK obscenity laws. For including the offending passages, The Trail of Lady Chatterley was also subsequently banned in Australia. A rescue mission for The Trial would come in the form of a trio of liberators, who formulated a daring approach to flout Australia’s obscenity controls. This trio was led by Jewish entrepreneur and property developer Leon Fink, conspiring with Alex Sheppard, the Secretary of the NSW Council for Civil Liberties (CCL), and a local bookshop owner and tenant of one of Fink’s properties, to secretly publish a local edition of the book. With Fink bankrolling the illegal enterprise, a copyright was obtained from UK publisher Allen Lane, and Fink had torn up sections of the book sent to Australia through the post by friends overseas. Using the smuggled pages, 10,000 copies of the book were printed in secret, and distributed to select bookstores around the country in April of 1965.[5]Mullins, op. cit., p.40. Once the books were in place, Fink and Co. notified the Australian government of their act in an attempt to pressure them to rescind the ban. Prosecution of bookstores selling the book was attempted by Arthur Rylah in Victoria, but the stunt was an embarrassment to the federal government, who promptly gave in and removed Lady Chatterley’s Lover, the Trial of Lady Chatterley and a number of other works from the prohibited list.

The incident exposed the need for a unform approach to obscenity across all states, as the anti-censorship activists were now getting bolder with their approach. Amendments were made to the Customs Act to tighten up procedure, to close the loophole for local editions of banned works, and a new Board of Review was established to act as a higher review authority than customs officials, which was given the ability to exempt from restriction works that were of “literary, artistic or scientific merit.”[6]Mullins, op. cit., p.45. This flimsy strengthening of obscenity law was utterly undone however with the landmark High Court of Australia case Crowe v. Graham (1968), an appeal against a conviction of obscenity in relation to two self-published magazines. Despite upholding the obscenity convictions, Justice Windeyer overturned the Hicklin Test in Australia, specifically citing Roth v United States in his decision, and formulated a new Australian test for obscenity based on the Roth Test: whether the publication would offend the modesty of the average man or woman in sexual matters .[7]High Court of Australia, Crowe v Graham Judgement, retrieved from:–CROWE_v._GRAHAM–(1968)_121_CLR_375.html The shift was subtle at the time, but it had far-reaching implications for the Portnoy’s Complaint battle that was soon to come. Thereafter, a publication declared obscene only had to answer for an offence against broad “community standards” (a community acknowledged to have a “new frankness regarding matters of sex”[8]Mullins, op. cit., p.147.) not against the category of “those whose minds are open to such immoral influences”—that is, primarily young people whose minds were still being formed. The two magazines in question, Censor and Obscenity, were amateurish publications, designed to do little more than thumb disapproval at obscenity laws, and contained a hodgepodge of pornographic images and selections from banned literature. Existing sources are unclear on the identity of the culprits, but they are likely to be more members of the same Reich-influenced university milieu as OZ and the university press; OZ advertised for both magazines within its own pages.

American Hurrah

A performance of the play American Hurrah at a Sydney theater became the scene of another victory for the anti-censorship cause, where a complaint from a local grandmother, who mistakenly attended the performance with her grandchild, led to threats of legal action from deputy leader of the State Government, Eric Willis. Her complaint was directed at a series of obscenities scrawled on the walls of the set during the third act of the play, a set piece intended by the playwright to shock the audience. Written by Jewish playwright Jean-Claude van Itallie, American Hurrah premiered in New York in 1966, directed by Jews Jacques Levy and Joseph Chaikin and critically explored the themes of consumerism and American involvement in the war in Vietnam. The play had gone largely unnoticed until the complaint, but the theater company agreed to remove the offending portions of the set from all performances henceforth. In response, a group of outraged intellectuals conspired to stage a free performance of the play with the offending set pieces included. Willis placed police into the audience, in order to shut down the free performance should they discover that the offending parts were included. The organizers, the “Friends of America Hurrah” which included Jews Cyril Pearl and Harry Seidler, watched on as the free performance degenerated into a pornographic spectacle:

Two actors dressed as dolls simulated sex, wrecked the set, and drew on the walls the words fuck shit, and, a big cock up my juicy cunt. As police all over their theatre leapt to their feet, the actors jumped into the audience and made for the side doors.[9]Mullins, op. cit., p.32.

Later performances of the play were restricted but the perceived heavy-handedness of Eric Willis’s approach was taking its toll. The anti-censorship cause won more converts, who felt that the mere presentation of “four-letter words” was no longer sufficient grounds for legal action.

Dennis Altman’s Suitcase

Justice Aaron Levine made another appearance in a legal case bought by Dennis Altman and the CCL in 1969, appealing the act of a customs official who seized two copies of banned literature from Altman’s luggage on a return trip from the USA—Sanford Friedman’s Totempole and Gore Vidal’s Myra Breckenridge. Altman saw the opportunity to try the strength of the revised Customs Act in the aftermath of the backdown on Lady Chatterley’s Lover, and another prominent censorship case made its way before Justice Levine. Like the Jewish homosexual protagonist in the novel Totempole, Altman was also a Jewish homosexual, and would later become Australia’s foremost gay rights activist, soon to publish his iconic but now forgotten work Homosexual: Oppression and Liberation in 1971. Levine ruled that Totempole was not obscene and should be returned to Altman and upheld the ban on Vidal’s Myra Breckenridge, but as Levine was delivering his judgement, greater efforts to bring down Australian censorship laws were fermenting in Australia and abroad.

Portnoy’s Complaint

What I’m saying, Doctor, is that I don’t seem to stick my dick up these girls, as much as I stick it up their backgrounds—as though through fucking I will discover America. Conquer America—maybe that’s more like it. — Alexander Portnoy

Portnoy’s Complaint was first published in New York in February 1969 and was an immediate sensation. Before it even hit the bookshelves, the film rights had already been sold to Warner Bros. for \$250,000 USD.[10]Mullins, op. cit., p.62. The novel, by Jewish author Phillip Roth, is written in the form of a monologue delivered by the titular character Alexander Portnoy, who exorcizes the lurid details of his sexual life and guilty conscience to a Jewish psychoanalyst and ruminates on the frustrations of being a modern Jewish man. Much of the themes of the book likely went over the heads of non-Jewish readers who have not studied the peculiarities of this group of people—the overbearing Jewish mother and timid Jewish father, the lusting after non-Jewish women (“shiksas”), the pangs of Jewish assimilation, and the unique complications of being a Jewish minority in a Christian society. But the significance of the book as an honest presentation of the Jewish psyche (many consider Portnoy to be an author insert for Roth himself) was not lost on the more conservative Jewish leaders. Roth’s earlier works had caused a stir with the American Jewish community, who labelled him a self-hating Jew for failing to follow the dictum that Jews must never be portrayed negatively, only positively. Negative reviews of Portnoy’s Complaint appeared in Commentary magazine, the mouthpiece of the America Jewish Committee, and the religious leaders in the Australian Jewish community were similarly perturbed. Local Rabbis worried that the book was “very dangerous from a Jewish point of view” and “not good for the Jews.”[11]Australian Jewish News, Portnoy—A Series of Complaints, 30 September 1970, p.11.

Of Portnoy’s Complaint, Israeli philosopher and kabbalist Gershom Scholem declared that the book was more disastrous to Jews than The Protocols of the Elders of Zion and was “the book for which all anti-semites have been praying.”[12]Mullins, op. cit., p.64. With this critique, Scholem likely had in mind the numerous passages where Portnoy ridicules the “stupid goyim” or Portnoy’s cognizance that his lust for sleeping with gentile women (schtupping the shiksas) was almost a political act; by defiling their daughters, Portnoy was getting revenge on the WASP anti-semites who mistreated his father at work. Portnoy is, as E. Michael Jones writes, “a Jew right out of Mein Kampf,”[13]E. Michael Jones, 2008, Chapter 30 The Messiah Arrives Again. In : The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit, Fidelity Press, USA, p.974. another Messiah who has come to liberate the gentiles, in particular the shiksas, from the binds of their Christian morality:

To save the stupid shiksa; to rid her of her race’s ignorance; to make the daughter of the heartless oppressor a student of suffering and oppression; to teach her to be compassionate, to bleed a little for the world’s sorrows.

Portnoy’s shiksas, each given a disparaging nickname (The Monkey, The Pilgrim and The Pumpkin), become the vehicle for his revenge-saturated sexual fantasies, but all three are eventually discarded when they fail to meet his expectations as sex objects. The archetype of the Jewish man indulging his fantasies—often revenge motivated—by having sex with the Christian girl, would become a common theme in the so called “golden age” of pornography, the pairing of Harry Reems and Linda Lovelace in the film Deepthroat being a famous example. It also played out in real life throughout the history of Hollywood, the #MeToo scandal being the latest iteration, where Harvey Weinstein and a cast of other famous Jews were caught out taking liberties with the shiksa on the casting couch. Aside from the screeds against gentiles, the most offending passages, and the ones read aloud the most in the obscenity trials, were undoubtedly the frequent descriptions of masturbation and the objects that accompanied Portnoy’s lewd ritual, from chopped liver to a sister’s item of underwear. Whereas Lady Chatterley’s Lover is embarrassingly written Pagan eroticism that is now quaint to read, Portnoy’s Complaint is fully fledged Jewish obscenity that has not lost its shock value. Even to a modern reader such as this writer, having been fully exposed to the depravities of sexual modernity, the masturbation passages are still viscerally repulsive and generally unpleasant to dwell upon.

In March 1969, an advance copy of Portnoy’s Complaint was sent to the Australian customs office by Tom Maschler, the Jewish literary editor of Jonathon Cape (Roth’s UK publisher), for approval to export the book to Australia. The book was identified for the prohibited list but conscious of the stir it caused in America, it was sent to the National Literature Board of Review for a final decision. Despite conceding literary merit, the board agreed that the presentation of obscene sexual themes outweighed any such merit and Portnoy’s Complaint was duly prohibited. Declaring the book to be “one of the most important literary works we have published in the last 10 years,”[14]Mullins, op. cit., p.69 Tom Maschler was outraged and vowed to fight the ban, turning to his colleague Graham C. Greene, the managing director of Jonathon Cape who had connections in Australia, to deal a death blow to Australian obscenity laws. Anti-censorship and sexual liberation ran in the blood of the Greene Family. Graham Greene was the son of none other than Hugh Carleton Greene, Director-General of the British Broadcasting Corporation from 1960 to 1969. With Hugh Greene’s support, his tenure at the BBC oversaw the arrival of the sexual and cultural revolution onto British television screens, decisions which led to his arch nemesis Mary Whitehouse’s campaign against the BBC. Greene was the BBC’s Berlin correspondent throughout the 1930s and it was here in 1936 that Graham was born, to the first of Hugh Greene’s four wives. Hugh Greene’s time under the National Socialist regime left him with a dislike of any form of censorship, equating Mary Whitehouse’s crusade against sex and obscenity on British television with the events of National Socialist Germany—comments for which Whitehouse won a successful defamation suit against Greene.

In Graham Greene and Tom Maschler, the Australian anti-censorship cause now had two heavyweights of the English publishing industry on their side and Greene began corralling the forces of the anti-censorship vanguard, seeking their advice on the specifics of the Australian situation. Greene voiced his criticism of Australia’s obscenity laws during his visit to Australia in October 1969, publicly threatening that Jonathon Cape would publish an illegal edition to flout the law. Various local publishers offered to run expurgated editions of Portnoy’s Complaint, but Maschler and Greene held to their aims (Maschler explicitly refused to allow an expurgated “Australian edition”), and saw an opening in a censorship system that was on increasingly shaky grounds. They found a willing publisher in Penguin Books Australia, who agreed to illegally publish the unexpurgated edition and struck a deal with Jonathon Cape for the publishing rights, agreeing to pay progressive royalties, depending on how many copies were sold. Following the model set by Fink and Co., 75,000 copies were printed in secret, reproduced via photo offset of smuggled copies, and by late August 1971, copies had been surreptitiously distributed to willing bookstores around the country. Word got out on August 30 and crowds of customers lined up to purchase a copy. Amongst them were the detectives of police vice squads.

In the ensuing chaos, the Australian government held firm in its support of the ban and legal action was taken against bookstores around the country, but defenders of Australian morals watched in dismay as the supposedly iron-tight response broke down around them in a mess of contradictory and disparate outcomes. Almost immediately the anti-censorship forces found a victory in the state of South Australia, where Don Dunstan, the then still closeted homosexual Premier (at the time still with his Jewish wife), announced that there would be no prosecution of the book in his state and that Portnoy’s Complaint would be free and legal to purchase for all adults. In Tasmania, the ban was upheld but no court cases ensued; in the state of Victoria, the book was declared obscene by a judge and the ban upheld; and in Western Australia, a trial centred around a bookstore in Perth owned by the Communist Party of Australia. The book was declared legal for sale on literary merit due to more liberal legislation in the state.

In Queensland, a court case saw a token fine imposed on another Communist bookstore, but the key battle came in New South Wales, Australia’s most populous state, and the location of the most important Portnoy trials. An impressive prosecution against bookstore chain Angus and Roberston was led by Jack Kenny QC, who outlined the impact a not- guilty verdict on the book would have not only on obscenity law but on wider moral virtues in the country, and attacked the concept of literary merit. Nevertheless, the defenders of Australian sexual mores found no respite, as two back-to-back court cases in NSW ended in a mistrial. Both juries were unable to come to a verdict.

Portnoy’s Aftermath

Following the second mistrial in NSW, Australia’s censorship system was in tatters. A third trial against Portnoy’s Complaint was out of the question. The country-wide mechanisms to police obscenity had been thoroughly broken. A different legal situation existed for Portnoy’s Complaint in every Australian state; in some it was still banned, and in others it was completely legal for purchase and possession. Or it was subjected otherwise ambiguous legal outcomes that resulted in the book’s effective legalisation. As Mullins notes:

Where the publication of Portnoy’s Complaint figures most in the history of the end of book censorship is in its scale and scope. It was an unprecedented undertaking. In all the opposition to censorship in Australia, no other act of defiance was as bold. It was the first occasion where one book was used to test every channel of the Australian Censorship system.[15]Mullins, op. cit., p.261.

The Australian government, weary of the continual losses on this front, finally gave in on the June 15, 1972, and Customs Minister Don Chipp rescinded the importation ban on Portnoy’s Complaint and number of other previously proscribed books. Two final scuffles over obscenity ensued during the latter half of 1972, one over The Little Red Schoolbook and another over Leonard Cohen’s Beautiful Losers, banned since 1966, where a local publisher threatened to redo the tactics of The Trial and Portnoy’s Complaint with an illegal local edition. However, by this stage it was not only the censorship system that was in tatters, but also the governing Liberal Party of Australia. The election held in December 1972 swept the Liberal government out of office for the first time in 23 years, replaced by the Labor Party and Gough Whitlam as Prime Minister. A kindred soul to the anti-censorship cause and the political embodiment of the coming to power of the New Left in Australia, Whitlam promptly dismantled the censorship infrastructure under the Customs Act, removing all books from the importation ban list and removing powers from the Department of Customs to search for banned publications. The legal apparatus for dealing with obscene works shifted to the function of “classification” of publications based on age limits, and in 1974 the Whitlam government oversaw the introduction of a new federal classification scheme, which for the first time allowed pornography for sale and outright prohibited only publications which advocated for, or incited, crime, violence or the use of illegal drugs.[16]Commonwealth of Australia, 2011 Review of the National Classification Scheme: achieving the right balance, Legal and Constitutional Affairs References Committee, p.30. At the conclusion of the short-lived Whitlam Era in 1975, the concept of obscenity and the words “tendency to deprave and corrupt” had all but disappeared from the Australian legal system.

All told, Tom Maschler correctly identified the book as the ideal battering ram to bring down Australia’s obscenity laws. Just as Sidney Lumet’s The Pawnbroker was the perfect mix of nudity and a “culturally important” holocaust tale that broke down the Catholic-based Production Code in Hollywood, Portnoy’s Complaint was the perfect mix of obscenity and celebrated Jewish literature that gave it all the leeway to exploit the fractures in the Australian legal system.

A Question of Literary Merit

Moving back to the Portnoy trials, the concept of literary merit was the common point of contention throughout all the criminal cases brought to trial in the Australian states. It all came down to whether or not Portnoy’s Complaint had literary merit, and if this merit overruled—where it had been successfully established—the obscene nature of the book. As Jack Kenny QC, counsel for the Crown during the NSW Portnoy trials outlined to the jury, the term literary merit has no accepted definition, being inherently vague resulting it being utterly up to the interpretation of the numerous individuals professing to be literary experts who were called as witnesses for the defence.[17]Mullins, op. cit., p.197. In practice, literary merit is established as soon a book is published by a reputable publishing firm and given positive reviews by book critics in papers of record. In other words, Portnoy’s Complaint is literature for the same reason “Piss Christ” and Duchamp’s “The Fountain” are considered art—because it is in a museum, or in this case, because it was published. Once a piece of writing has passed these gatekeepers in the publishing firms and newspapers, any number of witnesses can be dredged up (as they were in all the Portnoy trials, and similar obscenity trials in the UK and USA) to declare a work as having literary merit. There were as many different interpretations of the term offered during the trials as there were people declaring to be literary experts. When it comes to Portnoy’s Complaint then, who were these gatekeepers?

By now the answer should come as no surprise to readers. It was published by Random House, Jewish Chairman and co-founder Bennet Cerf personally presenting Roth with a contract and an advance payment,[18]Ibid., p.62.
(Mullins, op. cit., p.197.)
and the book received early positive reviews from Jewish critics Josh Greenberg at the New York Times, Albert Goldman at Life magazine and Alfred Kazin of the New York Review of Books. Portnoy’s Complaint struck a deep chord with second- and third-generation Jewish immigrants in America, who at the time were becoming entrenched in the publishing houses and in the wider literary culture of America. It was a time when the older concerns about how Jews were to assimilate into America were subsiding to the realization that American culture itself was becoming Jewish. As underscored by Edmund Connelly:

Roth began writing in the midst of what we can think of as the “Jewish American literary onslaught,” as Jews practically took over publishing fiction in America, and Jewish authors shouldered aside non-Jewish writers. Any English student at an American university from 1970–2000 or so would be familiar with the names: Abraham Cahan, Isaac Bashevis Singer, Joseph Brodsky, Henry Roth, Bernard Malamud, Chaim Potok, Saul Bellow, E.L. Doctorow, J.D. Salinger (half), Norman Mailer, Susan Sontag, … Erika Jong, Cynthia Ozick and so many others.[19]E. Connelly, 2018 ‘Harvey Weinstein: On Jews and the Shiksa’, The Occidental Observer, retrieved from:

The idea of literary merit, if it ever had a concrete definition, comes from a time before Jews took over the reins of the major publishing houses and the direction of American (and therefore Western) culture; a time when it could be expected that the people at the helm of publishing houses would hold the fort against obscenity and not allow blatantly obscene works to be published.

Part II: Censorship and the White Australia Policy

Broader ideological connections between the anti-censorship cause in the post-war era and the crusade against White Australia are also apparent, and the contribution of Jews, as well as their literature at the cultural vanguard, was in part responsible for a major ideological shift in the character of the anti-censorship cause. Prior to the 1960s, it was the overtly political nature of censorship in Australia that aroused the most indignant opposition. Censorship of the press occurred during both World Wars, and the banning of communist and other socialist works—as well as books like Huxley’s Brave New World and Orwell’s Down and Out in Paris and London—was a point of contention for the intellectual class, who argued such censorship restricted political freedoms. There was also a strong strand of “anti-wowserism” among the intellectual class that sought to improve the poor cultural standing of Australia and combat what was perceived to be excessive puritanism. ‘Wowser’, an outdated Australian term, was defined as an overly zealous or puritanical person, in particular those who campaigned for temperance. Moralistic attempts to ban even things like comic strips or cheap “paperback junk” arguably backfired and gave far more credibility to the later anti-censorship cause than it otherwise would have had. Instead of Reich-reading revolutionaries who hated the racial status quo, prominent anti-censorship advocates prior to 1939 included the likes of artist/author Norman Lindsay and his close associate P.R. Stephensen, a now forgotten nationalist intellectual who was imprisoned during the war for his Axis sympathies. In the wake of a politically embarrassing banning of J. D. Salinger’s Catcher in the Rye, reforms in 1954 by Liberal Prime Minister Robert Menzies largely rectified the heavy-handed nature of earlier prohibitions. As such, in the run up to Portnoy’s Complaint, just about the only publications that were still being banned were those of a particularly sexually obscene nature, works such as The Painted Bird, or the explicit pornography that was beginning to appear.

It was the banning of James Baldwin’s Another Country in 1963 that for the first time brought the White Australia Policy directly into the picture when it came to censorship debates. Censorship opponents were by now fully under the sway of Boasian ideas of racial equality, and they argued that the ban on Another Country would be interpreted as an act of racial prejudice.[20]P. Mullins 2019, The Trials of Portnoy, Scribe Publications, Australia. At a time when Australia’s racially restrictive immigration policy was coming under international pressure, it was this new breed of anti-censorship activists explored in this essay that were taking up leadership roles and shifting the nature of the cause into a revolutionary endeavour to upend every aspect of Australian society in sexual as well as racial terms. Obscenity laws were increasingly seen as a crucial bulwark against the creation of a new sexually liberated and racially diverse Australian society. To free Australia from racialism and rid itself of the White Australia Policy, it was seen as necessary to first rid the country of the fear of sex and foreign contamination argued to be implicit in the establishment of obscenity laws and importation restrictions. Critics such as Geoffrey Dutton, who was one of Graham C. Greene’s local contacts, lambasted censorship as being merely a small part of the broader moral and racial protectionism of Australia, seeking to isolate itself in a “pure all-white paradise” protected from corrosive foreign influences.[21]For a while seditious works were also prohibited in Australia. Seizing upon the ideological similarities between the impetus behind immigration restriction (i.e., protection of Australia from Chinese migrants and cheap coloured workers) and censorship in protecting Australia from foreign moral influences, Dutton clearly enunciated the case for the discarding of censorship laws not simply on the grounds of literary merit or the ability for an adult to decide for themselves what works they should be allowed to read, but on the removal of racial and moral protectionism. The Jewish newspaper editor and columnist Cyril Pearl, another veteran of the anti-censorship campaign who made an appearance for the defence at the first NSW Portnoy trial, mockingly referred to censorship as “a part of the White Australia Policy”[22]Mullins, op. cit., p.30. and the radicals of OZ and the student press also saw their participation in strong racial terms.

The editorial line of OZ consistently agitated against the White Australia Policy in unison with their case against obscenity laws. A perfect example of this is found in Edition 18 of the magazine from April 1965. As a cover story, OZ reviewed the statement of policy of a new conservative magazine set to be published, the “Australian International News Review,” which eventually ran for only 17 issues and ceased operation two years later. Published in-full by OZ, this statement of policy included the following points:

News Review supports severely restricted immigration to prevent the development of a colour problem and its consequent danger to Australia. News Review is utterly opposed to the present mass exploitation of the sex theme and the impetus it gives to increasing moral delinquency throughout the commonwealth.[23]The defendant Wald was Jewish abortionist Louis Wald, a practitioner at the Heatherbrae Clinic in the suburb of Bondi, at the time the largest illegal abortion clinic in Australia.

The editors of OZ were hysterical in response, and revealed the connection they saw between the two causes:

And now, when there is some stirring of the forces proposing such basic civil liberties as less severe censorship and racial equality, we are about to have the “National Review.” … The excerpts reproduced here … indicate clearly what these policies are. The words “Fascist” and “Nazi” are smear-words more often abused than correctly directed these days; but if any policy deserved such a description, this is it, with its careful blend of national jingoism and Anglo-Saxon racialism.

The publisher Graham C. Greene would later become involved with the global anti-apartheid movement that was attempting to overthrow the white minority government in South Africa. Under his leadership, Jonathan Cape published the works of Jewish author Nadine Gordimer, a member of Nelson Mandela’s African National Congress whose novels Burger’s Daughter and July’s People fantasied the violent political overthrow of the South African government—works for which she won the 1991 Nobel Prize for Literature.

The Pornographic Era Begins

The immediate winner of the collapse of Australia’s obscenity laws was of course not literature, but pornography. Within two years, the country was already becoming awash with smut, and authorities around the country attempted to stem the tide:

By 1974, the New South Wales Government was complaining that Sydney had been “flooded” with pornography. … The Queensland Literature Board of review sought to step in where the federal government had retreated and set about prohibiting an increasing amount of material. It banned ninety-three publications in 1972–1973, sixty-seven in 1973–1974, eighty-two in 1974–1975, and eighty-eight in 1975–1976.[24]Mullins, op. cit., p.40.

Locally produced sex comedies with R18+ ratings like Alvin Purple were reaching cinemas in late 1973, but the majority of pornographic material was (and still is) coming from the United States. The consequences of this collapse and the shift to the supposed “control” and classification of publications is plain for everyone to see. Hardcore pornography now brims from our screens and laptops, freely accessible by any child with an internet connection and inattentive or lax parents; every sexual perversion imaginable is openly discussed and displayed on television and in films; streaming networks Netflix and HBO commission shows about teenagers that graphically depict sex, drug use, miscegenation, and the celebration of sexual immorality[25]Mullins, op. cit., p.45.; sexual lyrics are practically mandatory in the pop songs that emanate from Spotify playlists and the radio; and smutty literature sits in the bestseller sections in bookshops. The broader influence of internet pornography and the prominent Jewish role in this, as well their role in the birth of the pornographic industry itself, is beyond the scope of this essay. Nevertheless, by the 1990s internet pornography was the coup de grâce of a global Jewish effort of moral subversion and social engineering that successfully disintegrated the final remnants of obscenity law that remained in the West. With the arrival of internet porn, the Australian government had lost any effective ability to dictate the reach and accessibility of obscene pornographic material in society.

Obscenity controls have now vanished from Western countries, but the underlying propensity to ban and restrict that which is believed to be harmful or destructive to your culture and religion (this being the essence of the intent behind obscenity laws) has not. Over the course of the last 60 years, the political and cultural power to enact censorship laws and to enforce these restrictions over society has rather shifted to Jews who subsequently inverted the political mechanisms previously used by obscenity laws to suit their own purposes. Instead of the idea of obscenity (that which is harmful to Christianity and Western people), we now have the idea of “hate speech”—that which is harmful to the Jews. Accordingly, our culture no longer bans pornography or works like Portnoy’s Complaint, and instead bans only ”anti-Semitic” material and “racist” and “hate” publications. Similarly, depictions of homosexual behaviour used to be considered obscene; now to be against homosexuality is to engage in “hate speech,” which, as we are always told, inevitably leads to another holocaust. These new hate speech controls, which are in every sense a substitution of obscenity controls, have been enshrined into law across the West and hate speech policies operate on all major social media platforms. In Australia, hate speech laws have been in force since 1995, under Section 18c of the Racial Discrimination Act. The law came into existence as a result of Jewish ethno-political activism and Jews continue to defend the law with the utmost ferocity against any gentile who dares to attempt to weaken it.[26]High Court of Australia, Crowe v Graham Judgement, retrieved from:–CROWE_v._GRAHAM–(1968)_121_CLR_375.html Dennis Altman argued in 1970 that censorship acts “not only to preserve good taste, but also to exclude radical critiques.”[27]Mullins, op. cit., p.147. By the same token, hate speech laws act to exclude radical critiques of Jews and their actions. In all, the Customs Official with his government list of prohibited books has not disappeared, he has simply been replaced by the Amazon Employee and his digital register of books deemed by Jewish groups like the ADL to be hate speech.

A Depraved Youth

As was constantly (and mockingly) pointed out by opponents of censorship, being exposed to one single obscene book on its own won’t necessarily deprave a reader, but being exposed to a lifetime of pornography and sexual content, to such an extent that it is considered a normal state of affairs, certainly can. Presently our youngest generation of men and women are practically raised on the sort of hyper-sexual content uploaded to all their favourite social media sites like TikTok, Reddit, Instagram and YouTube, and are a demographic consistently identified by researchers as having strong porn-viewing habits. A government survey from 2017 found that 44 percent of Australian children between the ages of 9–16 experience regular exposure to sexual images,[28]Mullins, op. cit., p.32. and another study of exposure to explicit pornography found that the median age an Australian child first views pornography is 13 in boys and 16 for girls. The study also found that “LGBTI children” watch pornography more frequently and from a younger age.[29]Mullins, op. cit., p.62. One can confidently assume these figures have only gotten worse in the intervening years, but as anyone who attended high school in the last two decades can tell you, online pornography viewing is rampant amongst teenagers. In the distant days of porn videotapes/magazines, or when an internet connection meant a fixed computer monitor sitting in middle of a living room, viewing pornography was a more complicated affair. Nowadays it is discreetly and effortlessly accessed on portable laptops and phones, and the proliferation of personal mobiles and other such handheld devices amongst children has removed almost any last control that parents had on pornographic or other hyper-sexual exposure. Far from ushering in a period of sexual decency and health as was predicted by some of the anti-censorship activists, Australia in the aftermath of Portnoy’s Complaint now grapples with a crisis of abnormal sexuality, pornified culture, and a seeming epidemic of sexual harassment and other sex crimes. A slew of sex scandals, sexual harassment claims and rape allegations have hit the Australian political scene over the last four years, prompting all kinds of exposés about a culture of sexual misconduct that exists in even the highest offices in the land. The worst incidents include a case of rape that occurred inside the Australian parliament building, and a political staffer who outdid Portnoy himself by being caught masturbating onto the desk of a female Member of Parliament and sharing pictures of the act to his colleagues.[30]Australian Jewish News, Portnoy—A Series of Complaints, 30 September 1970, p.11.

Moreover, the obvious link between the hyper-sexualisation of society that was unleashed with the defeat of obscenity laws and the modern outrage over such incidents and things like “rape culture” and the misogynistic impact of pornography on the male mind continue to be ignored by progressives. At no point in his book can Patrick Mullins bring himself to make these connections (nor the Jewish connections for that matter), as to do so would be to undermine the moral and political “victory” that Portnoy’s Complaint delivered for the left. The best he can muster is a few bland sentences about the “increase in availability of and demand for pornography”[31]Mullins, op. cit., p.64. absent from any extrapolation of the impact this has had . Also ignored are the former comrades-in-arms against obscenity who later renounced their work when the consequences of liberation became apparent. Peter Coleman’s 1962 book Obscenity Blasphemy Sedition is still a standard work on the history of censorship in Australia, written when Coleman was under the spell of Jewish academic Henry Mayer, but he has since turned against it:

It is also the one book that I later renounced. I began it with the idea of striking a blow for the total abolition of censorship. By the time I delivered it to the publisher, I was beginning to have doubts about the abolitionist cause, libertarianism in general, and even Henry [Mayer] as “guide, philosopher and friend”. (He remained a friend.) It was too late to rewrite it, although in later editions I added some “second thoughts”. Critics welcomed the new editions but not my second thoughts.[32]E. Michael Jones, 2008, Chapter 30 The Messiah Arrives Again. In : The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit, Fidelity Press, USA, p.974.

As for sexually healthy relations, increases in STD rates are prevalent across the West, and our society now must deal with the abhorrent spectacle of young men, inspired by hardcore pornography, strangling women to death during sex, or ordinary young women making money by selling naked images of themselves on the internet via websites like Onlyfans. Originally a non-sexual content subscription service, Onlyfans was purchased in 2018 by Ukrainian-born businessman Leonid Radvinsky, the latest in a long line of Jewish porn-tycoons, who promptly turned the site into a hub for selling pornography and sexually explicit content, utilized by prostitutes and underage girls alike.

The Australian Reich

The spectre of Wilhelm Reich looms large in the conflicts over obscenity encapsulated in this essay—a figure whose ideas, as briefly alluded to, provided much of the basis for the anti-censorship critique from the 1960s onwards. Years after his death, Reich was hitting new heights of popularity with the student revolt and the ’68 generation at the same time that Portnoy’s Complaint landed on Bennet Cerf’s desk. Identifying Australian political and cultural figures over the course of the 1960s who directly read and comprehended his works is difficult to uncover, but what is clear is that by the turn of the century the ideas of Reich had fully permeated the culture. The erstwhile defender of Australian obscenity laws during the Portnoy battle, former Customs Minister Don Chipp, could be found in 2003 practically repeating the lines of Reich’s The Mass Psychology of Fascism:

Tomorrow, in a speech for the Eros Association, he [Don Chipp] will issue a warning: censorship of sexual content opens the door for political censorship, deprivation of civil liberties and totalitarianism.[33]Mullins, op. cit., p.69

Reich, writing during the ascension to power of German National Socialism, saw the revolutionary value in promoting the sexualization of children—something which his most devoted disciples during the sexual revolution sought to accomplish. He understood that a society of gentiles befuddled and distracted by sex and pornography—one where political energy and moral outrage has been redirected or blinded by sexual passions—is a docile society where an anti-Jewish reaction can never take deep root:

If we could once succeed in engaging the sexual interests of children and adolescents on a mass scale, then reactionary contamination [fascism] would be faced with a tremendous counterforce—and political reaction would be powerless.[34]Mullins, op. cit., p.261.

As long as the masses are too busy masturbating, having casual sex and letting their children watch porn, then the West lacks the moral clarity, let alone the political ability, to attempt to curb Jewish influence on our culture. So as it turns out, Gershom Scholem and the Australian Rabbis were wrong. In bringing down Australia’s obscenity laws and leading the way for the pornographic era and the mass sexualization of children and broader society, Portnoy’s Complaint was in fact good for the Jews of Australia—but don’t expect that admission to come from them any time soon.


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(Republished from The Occidental Observer by permission of author or representative)
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  1. I didn’t read this article cover to cover, just skimmed through it – I don’t need to; The Occidental Observer is laughably previsible. So, let me guess…
    It’s “good for the Jews” if there are no Obscenity Laws in “White countries”
    (So… did I guess it correctly, eh?)

    Assuming, arguendo, that this thesis is right – my reaction can only be ONE:
    Hurrah for the Jews!
    Hail Free Speech!

    • Agree: Bob - Enough
    • Disagree: Petermx, Getaclue
    • Troll: Che Guava
  2. Rebel Roy says:

    Vergissmeinnicht,oh you are so smart,we are all so impressed.Who knows or even cares what arguendo means. I looked it up(like you did)and its a Latin legal term.Someones tryin’ to hard.This White Christian is not for the destruction of decent Christian culture or as the Jews call it”free speech”.I bet much like Don Dunstan you have a lot of sick secrets.Our young people should be protected from Jew filth.The good Lord condemns those who hurt his children.You are likely a Jew and certainly Hell bound.You may mock God but one day you will tremble and beg Him for mercy.The Jews are truly the children of the Devil.

    • Thanks: Irish Savant
  3. Hitch says:

    Put down that penis and stop slapping the poor thing.

    • Agree: Petermx
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  4. Hitch says:

    “Jewish” is just a code word for “Pervert”.

    • Thanks: inspector general
    • LOL: JM
  5. @Rebel Roy

    I don’t think ‘Free Speech’ extends to photography, motion pictures, comics etc. – only to words, that are SAID or WRITTEN. Therefore, “Lady Chatterley’s Lover”, since it’s a book, is protected by Free Speech but POV pornos aren’t.

    • Agree: mark green
    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @JM
    , @Wizard of Oz
  6. Hitch says:

    Sacrifice all those white babies to Yahweh.

    • LOL: RJ Macready, W
  7. Australia’s racially restrictive immigration policy coming under international pressure…

    It was NOBODY’S business but Australia and Australians who they decided to let into their country. What right did other places have to put “international pressure” on this white nation to be changed? The Aussies should have told the “international community” to STFU!

    • Agree: mark green, mocissepvis
    • Replies: @Liosnagcat
    , @JM
    , @eah
  8. Emma S. says:

    Why do Jews have such a hatred towards European gentiles? I’ve asked myself this question so many times. From Noel Ignotev, Susan Sontag, Tim Wise, Barbara Specter, Jennifer Rubin, Jon Stewart and many more. The hate is so seething and palpable, what do they get out of this? If Europeans are gone, would they not be the next target since most non-Whites can’t tell the difference between Europeans and Jews? When it comes to the porn industry Jews have a disproportionate amount of influence and in many ways, they have used it as a way of hate against Whites and to demoralize particularly in the making of interracial porn. They make a cuckold of White men by emasculating and use a repulsive fantasy of trying to seduce White women with Black men using penis myths. Mark Collett did a video about this quite a while back…

    Video Link

  9. JR Foley says:

    Ron Jeremy will marry Nina Hartley–just watch.

    • Replies: @mocissepvis
  10. Portnoy’s Complaint is one hell of a novel, a real work of art.

    But this below, not so much.

    • Replies: @Che Guava
  11. Seraphim says:
    @Emma S.

    They hate all the gentils and Christians doubly so. Gentils do not mean ‘White males’.

  12. Caruthers says:

    Indeed, Hail free speech! No to the banning of “hate speech”! No to the de-platforming of MacDonald, Nation of Islam, etc., on Amazon, etc.! No to the ADL!

  13. So in 1971 a book about a compulsive masturbator was banned in Australia;
    50 years later this sort of thing is compulsory for primary school kids:

    Pales in comparison to what children get exposed to in NY & Californian schools though ~

  14. Instead of Portnoy’s Complaint we should publish a book called Goy’s Complaint, with all the complaints we have about Jewish subversive behavior.

  15. @Vergissmeinnicht

    Glib, arrogant, overbearing, obnoxious, not quite as smart as he tries to project. . . hmmmm. . . don’t tell me. . . JEW!

    • LOL: JM
    • Replies: @TheTrumanShow
  16. @anonymouseperson

    Sadly, it epitomizes the insidious nature of Jewish infiltration.

    The battle was lost a soon as the first yid was admitted into Australia.

  17. @Hitch

    Not that I disagree with you but how is it any worse than mainstream superhit cartoon shows like SouthPark or Family Guy? Almost all are laden with sexual inneuendos especially Family Guy. At least in this case they’re subliminal.

    The Simpsons was such a great show. The 90s were still good in my opinion. The coming of broadband internet spelled the doom of everything. Too much pornography, loss of innocence and shitty shows like Family Guy(and they compare this crap to the Simpsons).

    • Replies: @Dweezil the Weasel
  18. This gives me a lot to revisit and think about from 21st century perspectives which include noting what technology has facilitated since the 1960ish revolutions in ideas, consummated later in many instances like decriminalisation of homosexuality.

    Is James Cannon the La Trobe University academic by that name? Retired La Trobe Professor Robert Manne, a completely secular Jew married to a non Jew, was editor of the conservative monthly magazine Quadrant. (As was Peter Coleman long before him). It makes me wonder why an article like this does not appear in Quadrant. Was it submitted and rejected? If so could not the Jewish references be tidied up with a bit of dispassionate editorial help and the article made fit for Quadrant?

    The underlying assumption about Christian morals needs much spelling out and re-examination with respect to inevitable adaptations to the invention of effective birth control,the spread of higher education (that extended to the not very intelligent), and the place of women transformed by the intelligent energetic ones having irresistible opportunities opened up to them. The dysgenic breeding of modern populations is not I guess a function of
    the prevalence of pornography but much more a function of feminism which may pay off economically in the medium term but may need very expensive eugenic incentives and science to rectify.

    For 1,000,000 marks: Discuss

    • Replies: @Grimnoir
    , @Wizard of Oz
  19. @Hitch

    In relation to your list of ‘sexual predators’, there are two individuals on it that don’t deserve to be there and their predatory behaviour, to the extent that there was any at all, has been greatly exaggerated.

    I had heard the rumours doing the rounds in the past that Charlie Sheen was Jewish but looked into it after he got fired from the sitcom ‘Two and a Half Men’ (Charlie liked to mock the Jewish producer of the show, Chuck Lorre, by referring to him by his real name [Chaim Levine] which he pronounced in an exaggerated and mocking manner).

    I have found no evidence that Charlie Sheen has any Jewish forebears on either side.
    What I have ascertained is that his paternal forebears were Spanish and Irish and that his mother (Janet Templeton), was Southern Baptist.

    And it makes sense that Sheen isn’t Jewish in the context of his involvement with the 9/11 Truth Movement (Sheen came out publicly on 9/11 and said that the official government narrative was a lie – this got him fired from the show).
    Sheen also made a short video about a decade or so ago (which I’m unable to locate as it appears that You Tube has purged it), that appealed to then President Obama to reinvestigate 9/11.

    BTW, actor Steven Seagal has a Jewish father and an Irish mother – so not technically classified as a jew by virtue of the maternal lineage.
    Seagal is reported to be a friend of Vladimir Putin and considers the Russian leader as ‘a brother’.

    Other than the U.S, Seagal is also a citizen of Russia and Serbia – two countries that are a thorn in the side of the rabid Zionists (witness the constant demonisation of these two countries by the Zio MSM/bombing of Serbia by Bill Clinton and attempted destruction of the careers of tennis stars like Maria Sharapova and more recently ‘NoVaxx’ Djokovic).

    No question about it, Steven Seagal is among the righteous and should not be grouped together with rodents like Harvey Weinstein, Jeffrey Epstein etc.

  20. I have been addicted to porn for well over 20 years now. Even though I’ve had relationships, it’s such an easy access and immediate dopamine hit. At least back in the day there was an allure with video cassettes and playboy magazines. It was rare and unique. Today everything is so oversexualized nothing feels unique. The shallow, plastic feeling floats over all romance and dating culture.

    Another effect that no one is seeing is how more freedom of perversion has allowed homosexuals to get involved at in television and movies and totally destroy that outlet.

    I am a fan of shows and movies based on the inner workings of Hollywood and the studio system. There have been many shows and films I have enjoyed like The Last Tycoon(1976).
    I saw a show called Hollywood on Netflix and the synopsis was about a bunch of actors trying to make it in the 1930s. It looked appealing with its old school set designs and men and women in 30s attire. What I got was a homosexual fictional tale will full on men on men sex. I looked at the credits and yup, the show runners were gay.
    Then I heard about a show currently running called The White Lotus about a murder mystery in Hawaii. Within the first 20 minutes theres a full frontal shot of a man checking his penis (he thinks he has cancer). It took me out in an instant. Shocking and out of the blue. Another scene has a man penetrating a young guy from behind after doing drugs. I checked the credits and yup,the creator is a bisexual dude with a gay father. This show was nominated for many Emmys and has developed a following with season 2 and 3 in development.

    My point here is that these gay creators unleash their full hypersexual load at the cost of everything else …plot, characters, flow. They are very sexual as any of you very well knows and now that this window has been opened to them, everything else be damned. It’s all about sweaty gay sex for the world to see. This is their true nature. Selfish and self centered apart from the perversion. They don’t realise what they’re showing will deeply offend the majority of people. Even those left leaning pro gay rights dudes hate seeing men on men, and neither do women of any orientation. They just don’t get it. Watch the shows and you’ll get my point. This is netflix- the no.1 streaming channel on earth.

  21. Wait, what?

    Are you seriously telling me mate, that there are people in the world who give more than 2shitz about Oz to plot against us? Wow. I’ve heard of batshitz crazy conspiracy theories, but this one is up there with the best!

    More seriously numbnucks, the only thing you got right there was the Gore Vidal and Myra Beckinrideg reference. But since you clearly haven’t heard of Phillip Adams and what he and his mates did, or you have and didn’t bother coz since he ain’t Jewish and none of his mates who helped and had real pull in those days were Jewish either, I suppose you ignored him. And as for Jewish influence in Ozzie in the days of the Proddie and papists wars – lol, you’re a clueless dickhead mate.

    You really got no idea about Oz mate. Stick to your side of the world and keep on Waltzing Matilda like you clearly do on a regular basis. Wanker.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  22. Dumbo says:

    Jews promoting porn and sex, what’s new?

    I remember a now forgotten book written in the 1950s, about sexual education and telling people that they should let go of the outdated Christian morality. The author, I checked later, was Jewish.

    I’m not sure if it is done just to “bring down gentiles”. I think it has to do with Jewish sexuality which harbours some love for perversion. There are a lot of homosexual Jews too.

    As for Portnoy’s Complaint… I read it years ago and it is far from being Roth’s best work. I wonder if he himself felt ashamed of it afterwards… But it bought Roth’s fame. In publishing, these kind of “overnight successes” are usually engineered. Would it really have been a hit without all this pushing by critics and media, with the “movie rights sold in advance”, etc?

    • Replies: @Thomasina
    , @mocissepvis
  23. So many pimps.

    So many pornographers.

    So many Jewish entrepreneurs.

    • Agree: JR Foley
  24. Apu says:
    @Emma S.

    People have postulated this question before….due to high intelligence of Europeans and perceived “antisemitism” in Europe over the ages, they hold an eon-like grudge and deep rooted animosity against White Gentiles and perceive us as the greatest threats…some of them have been very open about this, hence their open borders immigration policy to conceal them as just another “oppressed” minority…the Arab/Muslim vs Jew conflict is very recent and due to lower intelligence and organisational skills of the Arabs, they probably don’t perceive them to be such a threat to them in the long term…don’t forget that Jews have the entire Anglosphere on their side and will literally drop nuclear bombs against their enemies…ultimately, it’s just a “frog-and-scorpion” scenario…if you read You Gentiles by Maurice Samuel, he basically says as much…our differences are irreconcilable and coded into our DNA…but for our brown/black friends who rejoice at the falling of the West…maybe you should ally with us, because when we are gone…you are next…Check out this video from a genuine Left Wing Israeli…Israel is going further and further to the right, so much so that not only do they want a 100% ethnostate…but they want to expand the ethnostate and include Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Southern Turkey, half of Saudi Arabia, 1/3 of Iran, 1/2 of Egypt as well…

    • Replies: @Francis Miville
    , @JM
  25. Anonymous[722] • Disclaimer says:

    Good, then all content featuring your beliefs should be censored if in any other form than written while the rest of us can enjoy videos promoting our beliefs too.

  26. Hitch says:
    @Emma S.

    Just like abortion, pornography is a Jewish value and as far as they are concerned, it is their Talmudic right. This is Jewish privilege, and as far as they are concerned it transcends national boundaries because they, god’s “chosen people”, are rootless cosmopolitans.

    They claimed that pornography was a “right” protected by “free speech”, which ultimately meant that Jews got to control the vocabulary and ban anything that is bad for Jews. Using that control of vocabulary, mothers have been redefined as “birthing people”. Patriots and militiamen have been redefined into terrorists and Nazis. Any critique any individual Jew or any group of Jews has been redefined to be “antisemitism”.

    So what is now historically clear is that whenever a Jew starts arguing about “rights”, it is NEVER really about anything but some secret agenda. When the Talmudic communists claimed the USSR would be a workers paradise what they really wanted was anything but that.

    The Jewish “right” to create pornography has morphed the Jewish “right” to create deviant and sadistic sexual exploitation films. The Jewish “right” to abortion has morphed into the Jewish “right” to prevent Christian communities from banning abortion among their members. The Jewish “right” to “gay marriage” has morphed into the Jewish “right” to drag queen story hour and transexual propaganda being taught in school.

    Clearly, many Jews, possibly even the majority of Jews, do not accept this agenda, very few hasidic Jews accept this behavior in their communities. But all Jews accept Jewish Privilege and Jewish Power, and no Jews support policies that are “bad for the Jews”. The majority of Jews benefit from Jewish “charity” funneled to Jewish organizations, and the majority of Jews benefit when countries or groups of peoples are forced to pay “reparations” to Judea. Hitler said that he was not against Jews, but that Jews “stick together like a clump of burrs and it is impossible to separate the good Jews from the others”. Hitler realized that “good Jews” are compromised and cannot be counted on to stop or even resist the actions of this inner group of perverts.

    What we have to recognize is that there is an inner kahal of Jews who control Judea, not too distant from the inner cabal of higher degrees that control Freemasonry, which has been defined as Kabbalism for Goyim. This kahal of Jews includes, but is not limited to, many Rabbis and the Chabad Lubowitz.

    If we trace the actions and agenda of this inner Jewish kahal back through history, it is certain that Jacob Frank and his Sabbatean Frankist movement was historically a part of it. Frank converted to Islam and the later Donmeh Jews/Muslims in Turkey were also aligned with this Kahal. Today, the Pope and Vatican appear to also be in their clutches, and this is why there is so much pedophilia and so much homosexuality in the upper echelons of the Catholic church.

    The Sabbatean Frankists, and the Jewish kahal, are involved in a secret agenda that is deliberately warping the morals and values of our culture and the entire world. Judea was subverted centuries ago, and European Christian civilization can not count on any help from Jews against this subversion, because Jews have already been bought and paid for.

    The Influence of Sabbatean Frankism on the World

    The great majority of Frankists who outwardly appeared to embrace Judaism integrated themselves into the Jewish community. Despite the fact that they were all outwardly religious, they still cherished as their goal “the annihilation of every religion and positive system of belief,” and they dreamed “of a general revolution that would sweep away the past in a single stroke so that the world might be rebuilt.”

    For the Frankist, anarchic destruction represented all the Luciferian radiance, and “great is a sin committed for its own sake.” The Frankists taught that their Four Godheads represented the major religions that needed to be destroyed: Elijah represents the ultimate Messiah, which is reached by starting with Judaism, represented by Jonathan Eibeschutz; going on to Islam represented by Shabbetai Tzvi; a the last portal represented by Frank in Christianity. After the revolution, comes Big Brother, who rules the earth.

  27. JM says:
    @Rebel Roy

    “The good Lord condemns those who hurt his children.”

    Says it all. Thanks, comrade.

  28. JM says:

    Well that is a serious point. But you put it so provocatively. You a narcissist?

  29. JM says:

    Surely you jest by putting out this shit?

    Australia is surely the must abused and “immigrated” nation of the West. It is a repository of all those from the shitholes of the Third World up to the point where Australian Nationality has long since been challenged. Google it.

  30. padre says:

    I stopped reading, when I reached “Christian moral of ..”!

  31. Ed Case says:

    If we could once succeed in engaging the sexual interests of children and adolescents on a mass scale, then reactionary contamination [fascism] would be faced with a tremendous counterforce—and political reaction would be powerless.[34]

    Reich is saying that Reactionary and Fascist politics derives it’s lifeforce from the repressed sexuality of Adolescents.
    That’s not controversial at all.

  32. Thank you; i) to the author (Australians need to see more of this, although it probably couldn’t be published here), and thus ii) to Ron Unz (who allows for these sorts of articles to reach an audience).

    Earlier this year billionaire Anthony Pratt (born to Richard Pratt (né Przecicki) and Jeanne Pratt AC, Polish-Jewish immigrants) topped the list of Australia’s biggest political donors. This year, one of the free-to-air channels described Easter as a festival for people who believe Jesus rose from the dead, and then in the next breath wished Jews a happy Passover (which apparently didn’t require a description – although when I later asked family members none could clearly tell me what it celebrated). News broadcasts daily confirm we will follow US Jewish neocons into whatever clown war they start while the RBA punishes us because 95% of brainwashed Australians have consumed their way into Hell, albeit fully vaccinated. “High-rise Harry” (Russian Jew billionaire property developer Harry Triguboff) has no doubt been busy behind the scenes pushing for more migrants to purchase his shoddy apartments – now numbering more than 50,000 – thus keeping prices inflated and maintaining his position as on of the country’s richest individuals, and all the while destroying our cities.

    And yet, as some of the comments here already demonstrate (and no doubt there’s more to come), Australians are too cowardly and brainwashed to confront what stares them in the face. We will all kneel before God on Judgement Day, and suffering in this life is to be expected, so the answer is obvious to anyone with the courage to seek the truth; Lord, open my lips and my mouth will declare your praise.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
    , @mocissepvis
  33. Hitch says:
    @Truth Vigilante

    If Jews weren’t such a giant clump of burrs and had any pride, they would tell us who is truly Jewish. If Jews weren’t such perverts, they would be ashamed of all these Jewish kid-fiddlers and porn stars. Lets just face it, Jews are simultaneously proud and ashamed, but more ashamed than proud.

    This is just more prima facie proof of their self hate and genetic predisposition to deceit. This is the same kind of genetic predisposition that the negro has towards self hate and violence.

    Is Sheen devoid of Jewish ancestry? I certainly can’t tell. But in my opinion he is a “rodent” just like Weinstein and Epstein.

    Seagal? I can’t say very much. I just remember his run in with the ((IRS)), which is a flag of honor.

    • Thanks: Truth Vigilante
  34. Hitch says:

    Christian High School In Manhattan Hosted Mandatory Drag Show In Place Of Church Service

    Definition of Progressive: Someone who pushes a secret agenda for the progressive decay and break down of civil society.

    Example: The progression of sexual deviancy.

    Soft Hetero Porn => Hard Hetero Porn => Soft Homo Porn => Hard Homo Porn => Slut Parades => Gay “Pride” Parades => Drag Queen Story Hour at Library => Tranny Pride Parades => Drag Queen Show at Church => Tranny Show at School => Tranny Teachers at School => Gender Transformation Drugs at School => Health Insurance Companies forced to pay for Gender modification surgery => Acceptance of Androgyny => Open Worship of Baal/Baphomet

    Germany to bring ‘Self-Determination Act’ that will permit citizens to change gender and name once a year, every year

    Lets face it, “Progressive” is just another word for “Useful Idiot”

    • Replies: @Hitch
    , @SunBakedSuburb
  35. Hitch says:

    Photo from the gay parade in Amsterdam:

    Macron’s wife (Jean-Michel Trogneux) is a tranny, just like Michael Obama. This is all part of the Progressive march to Androgyny.

    Rumours persist that Brigitte Macron is a man

  36. Tucker says:

    Hungarian Prime Minister Orban at CPAC

    Pay close attention to how Orban let the truth slip from his mouth and then how the jewish owned and controlled Western media reacted with their pathological level of hysteria.

    Race mixing, i.e., miscegenation – is a critical component of the jewish White Genocide Agenda – because, as many have said before, when White Europeans only make up between 8-10 percent of the entire world’s population, and when the White birth rates in literally every historic White European nation is below replacement levels, if the jewish media control of Hollywood and the TV networks and all of the online streaming services can pump out non-stop brainwashing that snookers Whites (females especially, since only they can produce White babies) into not being opposed to miscegenation, then in less than a few more short decades, White European genes will become submerged under the 90 percent of the non-White population of the world and the jew’s Final Solution to their hated enemy, White Europeans, will be solved because there will be no
    more White Europeans left.

    They have been working on this agenda to race mix White into extinction for well over a full century and I suspect Orban secretly understands what the jews are up to, but notice how he turned into a gigantic race wimp and issued a cucky clarification of what he meant?

    A White man with real balls would have doubled down on being opposed to race mixing and he would have gone one step further and accused the jews of being behind the miscegenation agenda because of their intense hatred of White Europeans and because of their evil desire to render White Europeans extinct.

    • Replies: @Towey
    , @Anonymous
  37. @Liosnagcat

    Even convicts on the First Fleet?

    • Replies: @Truth Vigilante
  38. @Vergissmeinnicht

    Without checking I am confident that you are wrong as a matter of law for the good reason that it is the communicationof opinions and allegations of f act that can’t necessarily be proved that is protected and the means for that may not be just words.

    • Replies: @Curle
  39. @Vergissmeinnicht

    V, ya missed the point: it’s free speech for the Jews advocating obscenity and no free speech for those opposed to obscenity.

    • Agree: Towey
  40. @Liosnagcat

    Could well be. See my comment on his “Frreeee Ssspppeeech comment.

  41. Anonymous[400] • Disclaimer says:
    @Rebel Roy

    Right, Vergissmeinnicht probably speaks algebra, too. That’s when he’s not getting off reaming and smearing the wax from his ear like Woody Allen, Larry David, or Jerry Seinfeld do in public. It’s a silent shibboleth with them, not to mention apparently erotic in some sick way.

    You can bet this creep pays a psychoanalyst to excuse his Rothian perversions, which he no doubt blames on being born looking like Woody Allen or Larry David in a European world. You can also take it to the bank this weasel disappears up his own arse with his sort’s signature shit-eating grin on his face when bested in person, arguendo.

  42. @Emma S.

    Say, d’ya suppose centuries of murderous persecution might have even a teensy-weensy little bit to do with it? Christian mythology assigns guilt for the murder of Almighty God Himself to all Jews. John makes this bizarre claim in his Gospel –it is lacking in the earlier Synoptic gospels – but he did so simply to distance the growing Jesus cult from its embarrassing origin among what Romans thought of as disgusting provincial barbarians from a perennially disloyal desert shithole.

    Sexuality remains a great constant all throughout human history. People have always done the things all of us love best to do, in the galaxy of infinite variety that human imagination provides. The difference is how honest people are about it, or how hysterically prudish they can be. Romans, again, thought Christians’ morbid obsession with what people did with their private parts was as ridiculous as their hare-brained notion that a crucified criminal could be a god.

    • Replies: @Bookish1
  43. eah says:

    In Liberia, citizenship is restricted to ‘Negroes’ (THE 1986 CONSTITUTION OF THE REPUBLIC OF LIBERIA, see pg 5 and pg 22) — but the ‘international community’ takes no notice and exerts no ‘pressure’.

    The ‘Negroes’ who inhabit Liberia have not been able to exploit the economic potential of their country (link):

    Liberia is a low-income country that relies heavily on foreign assistance and remittances from the diaspora. It is richly endowed with water, mineral resources, forests, and a climate favorable to agriculture.

  44. Anonymous[335] • Disclaimer says:

    I am reliably informed by an Oz friend that your first Governor-General went by the name Isaac Isaacs, and that this was the start of a pattern.

    Like Abels or Abeles and Hawke ALP much later?

    You wouldn’t be a pen-name for Sandy Gutzmann, by any chance?

    • Replies: @Truth Vigilante
  45. @Change that Matters

    Is it wilful delusion or lack of courage which prevents you acknowledging the truth that there will be no Judgment Day and that the burning or rotting of your dead brain’s neurones will protect you from having a self which can learn from experience what ridiculous twaddle you have just written above. I don’t put it down to want ilof IQ points because my learned Rabbi friend and friendly acquaintance who is a Cardinsl with a doctorate from Oxford continue to profess belief in a presumably Abrahamic Creator God who/which I regard as absurd. (Short question: why didn’t he reveal Himself to billions of Buddhists, animists or Hindus
    and tell most of the Abrahamics that they had misheard?)

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  46. @Hitch

    Hamilton Fish, whatever he is alleged to have done (don’t know, don’t care) is not Jewish. He is a scion of the long-established Fish family of New York, members of which have rendered service to the nation since its founding. Not saying he or they are necessarily venerable, but they’re not Jewish.

    • Replies: @Hitch
  47. @Wizard of Oz

    So tell us Wizard of ZOG, because I’m curious.

    How many jews were amongst the convicts on the First Fleet ?

    • Replies: @Ed Case
  48. Towey says:

    White Anglo-Saxon Protestants have been responsible for the deaths of more white Europeans than any other race. Starting with the genocide of Irish Catholics by Cromwell in the 17th century, the killing of their white coreligionists in the Boer War,the financial support given to the Bolsheviks in the Russian Revolution which resulted in the death of at least 50 million Russian Christians, Ukrainians and Hungarians, the two world wars and the starvation of innocent German civilians, the carpet bombing of German cities etc. etc. The only racial loyalty WHITE Anglo-Saxons know, is to their Jewish masters.

  49. @Truth Vigilante

    Lol he’s a hopeless actor though and an egoist of the highest order. Does anyone here like(or even seen) any of his films?

    You know who I was shocked to find was Jewish? Harrison Ford!!! He’s as American as they come. Dude looks dashing and is really charming. So it came as a total shock that he is a Jew.

    • Replies: @Truth Vigilante
  50. Hitch says:
    @Pa Sintrue

    I did a little digging on Hamilton Fish. Aside from being a flaming New York liberal, he once worked closely with/for George Soros…

    George Soros Adviser
    In 2000, Hamilton Fish V was a political adviser to liberal billionaire and financier George Soros and he sat on the board of Soros’ Open Society Institute (OSI), now the Open Society Foundations. In this role Fish V worked with Soros and left-wing blogger Arianna Huffington to plan a “shadow” convention held in Philadelphia during the Republican National Convention featuring “left-wing GOP-bashers” such as Ben and Jerry’s co-founder Ben Cohen and comedian and later U.S. Senator Al Franken (D-Minnesota).[47]

    The “shadow” convention also featured Soros’s other liberal sub-organizations. For instance, the Lindesmith Center in New York, regarded as Open Society Institute’s drug-policy arm that lobbied for needle exchanges and medicinal marijuana, was said to be playing a direct role in the shadow convention to make sure “the drug war comes under attack.”[48]

    Three years earlier, Fish had defended Soros claiming that he was “not a traditional leftist,” but rather “a humanitarian who’s very concerned about the way a growing number of people in America, from prisoners to legal immigrants, are being disenfranchised.”[49] In 1999 Soros’ Open Society Institute gave a \$50,000 grant to Fish’s Nation Institute.[50]

    His family comes from old “Dutch” New York money, the majority of which were Marrano and Converso Sephardi Jews from Spain. These Marrano crypto Jews have a motto: “deny, deny until you die”.

    Perhaps his family “rendered service” to the “country”. The Rothschilds, Roosevelts and even Soros clans would claim the same.

  51. Anonymous[209] • Disclaimer says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    Wizard of Oz is an illiterate Jew who falls back on the nonsense IQ thing. You can bet this worm looks like Woody Allen in real life, whose hatred of Christians is a projection of his self-loathing as a compulsive Jewish wanker like Philip Roth. Oy vey, Wiz, you’re so shmart and clever, speak some algebra for us next time.

    • Agree: Hitch
    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  52. Che Guava says:
    @RJ Macready

    It isn’t entirely true. Here in Japan is a very big market for what are termed Boizu Rabu (boy’s love) comics.

    Any mid-sized bookshop has at least a few shelves devoted to them.

    At more specialized places, usually most of one floor.

    The most avid of the fans are even nicknamed as a tribe.

    For western countries, I never met any of them, but the talented and obviously homosexual figure skater Johnny Weir seems to have had a fanatical and fervent following among U.S. women, precisely because he was obviously a homosexual man.

    Examples from pop music are many, from K-pop boy bands and boy idols for many years now, earlier, several western performers and acts, then much of J-pop.

    • Replies: @Dumbo
  53. @Truth Vigilante

    Thanks for a very informative post. I do not watch ANY television, but my “lady friend” (my ex-wife), with whom I live, watches TV And I constantly see the name of Chuck Lorre in the credits. Right away, I figured that he was a Jew.

    Years ago, I used to watch TV. I liked many of the shows but now cannot stand any of it, especially the sit-coms and the “reality” shows. Before I go to sleep at night, I will watch an episode or two of Gunsmoke, with James Arness and the rest of the cast. I have all of the Gunsmoke episodes on DVD and I have not seen an episode that I have not liked (I am 71 years old).

    Rather than watching TV, I do a lot of reading, in an attempt to learn the REAL history of my country (the USA) and that of the rest of the world. I also depend on a few “alternative news” web sites, such as Unz and Global Research. I also try to take care of my house and spend time with my hobby, amateur radio (ham radio). I normally have contacts with foreign stations, especially stations in Scandinavia (I am of Swedish descent) and also Russia. I have found that Russian hams are very friendly and they very much enjoy having contacts with USA stations, such as myself. I normally use Morse code in my hobby and I really try to act as a “good-will ambassador” for my country.

    I thought that I remembered awhile back that Charlie Sheen had in some way affiliated himself with the 9/11 Truth movement. That must have taken a lot of courage on his part and I admire him for that. Years ago, there was a TV program series on “Tru TV” and Jesse Ventura would cover some very controversial (but true) topics. “They” took the series off the air, because “they” did not want Americans, or anyone else, knowing the truth about important events. I also admire Jesse Ventura for publicly taking a stand in these matters.

    Take care and best of luck!

    • Thanks: Truth Vigilante
  54. Only anecdotal — but starting out in the sixties, when sex in any form was basically de rigueur, and unless one lived in a cave, young women would practically jump into anyone’s bed — one had opportunity to do some observations. Catholic women very hot, very forthcoming. Protestant women could have issues, though by the 70s, they had largely resolved these. Jewish women? They might get into one’s bed, but if they got that far, they had real issues. Whatever they might say or do, Jewish women (i.e. Jewish American women) (this is all strictly anecdotal), had serious problems. They had to call their mom right before, or right after, i.e. if there was a right after. I can imagine it was worse if they were with Jewish men, because of all the additional baggage, i.e. the guy knowing what was the right thing. Jewish men went after the shiksas because they could not deal with Jewish women going frigid on them. All anecdotal, speaking only from personal experience.

  55. Hitch says:
    @RJ Macready

    My 11 year old grandson recently told me about a boy who he plays with after school who has his own smart phone. He told me that this boy is always watching porn on his smart phone. I tried to explain that watching that stuff is addictive, but my biggest fear was that some kid will start exposing him to gay porn, so I just came out and told him about queers who look for young boys like him so they can stick their penis in his ass. I told him that they would try to get him to watch gay porn and that he should just stay away from all porn, because it is just about old perverts trying to have sex with children.

    When I was his age Playboy first started appearing at check out stands in convenience stores, with their exposed mammaries hidden just below the rack edge. A friend of mine’s father subscribed to Playboy (he only bought it for the articles, LOL), and soon we had a collection hidden by a fenced of power transformer we knew how to get access to.

    My point here is that pornography started out pretty tame and and relatively innocent, but the agenda was always far bigger.

    E. Michael Jones has explained in many videos how the first movie that showed front on female breasts was about the holocaust. It is important that we understand that Jews first saddled us with false guilt, and then used the guilt in order to sneak pornography into our families in order to break down our culture.

    • Agree: Towey
    • Replies: @YesYesCircle
  56. nsa says:

    Very selective outrage. What about another much admired jew book that offers up a constant menu of pervy sex and ultra violence? Some creep named Lot stays drunk in a cave banging his daughters, after escaping a town filled with homos being razed to the ground, following the wifey being converted to a pillar of salt. A text with a unique understanding of conflict resolution, advising “kill both man and woman, infant and nursing child, ox and sheep, camel and donkey”. At least Portnoy banged adult women, and the demented Humbert Humbert banged someone else’s underage daughter. And neither promoted endless conquest, mass murder, and gratuitous carnage…………

  57. @Apu

    According to Israel Shahaq, the best-seller author of “Jewish History, Jewish Religion, the weight of 3000 years”, the fiercest anti-goy racism always came, throughout history, and as he witnessed it from his own experience, from the fake left and the fake humanist Jewish parties and circles. Purely religious conceptions of Judaism, ultra-racist though they are in theory, forbids less ordinary human contacts to take place with neighbouring non-Jews nevertheless, and also tends to see non-violent Islam such as Sufism as a simplified copy-paste version of their own “real thing” : the basis of their racism they place in the quality of souls, while left-wingers, being materialistic, think themselves to be superior through their own genetically inherited cunning.

  58. @Hitch

    Great, great comment, Hitch. I tried to say as much in my reply to V’s #1 pole-positioned comment.

    • Thanks: Hitch
  59. Commercials Promoting White Death – Cancerous Jewish Advertising Vol 1

    Video Link

    • Replies: @ariadna
  60. @Anonymous

    I am reliably informed by an Oz friend that your first Governor-General went by the name Isaac Isaacs

    In fact he was not Australia’s first GG but he was the first Australian born GG of the country and was Jewish as well.
    His parents emigrated to Australia when they found out gold had been discovered. (Same reason I guess why there is a ton if jews in South Africa – I guess it’s in their DNA to ‘follow the money’).

    You also asked:

    You wouldn’t be a pen-name for Sandy Gutzmann, by any chance?

    If you’re referring to the comedian that had the stage name Austen Tayshus, it’s Sandy Gutman.
    Now there is a rabid Zionist if ever there was one.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  61. Z-man says:

    That first sentence says it all, thanks.

  62. TGD says:

    Your hypothalamus is the main culprit in the libido department. Fascination with sex and bodily functions is a product of an evolutionary urge to procreate. In my experience, sexual deviancy is more prevalent in the Aryan male than the Hebraic male as the Aryan is more primitive although many Jews display atavistic traits in relation to sex.

    Why do so many white females get caught up in the porn business? It is a proven fact that they are the product of sexual abuse at home by their fathers, brothers, uncles, cousins, etc. If there were not a big untapped market for porn, Jews wouldn’t be in the business.

  63. Z-man says:
    @Truth Vigilante

    Charlie Sheen was a cash cow for CBS but once he called out the Jew, Laurie/Levine, ((they)) cut him out.

  64. @RJ Macready

    You know who I was shocked to find was Jewish? Harrison Ford!!! He’s as American as they come.

    Harrison Ford is what the German’s would call a Halbjude:

    (ie: half Jew – seeing as his father was a Catholic of German and Irish descent).

    His mother was jewish so yes, in their eyes he’s one of them.

    The fact is, it was the role of Indiana Jones in Raiders of the Lost Ark (and it’s sequels) that made Ford famous. But that role was first offered to Tom Selleck – who turned it down.

    This from Wikipedia on Selleck:

    His father was of primarily English ancestry but had distant German ancestry as well, while his mother was of English descent. Through an entirely paternal line, Selleck is a direct descendant of English colonist David Selleck who moved to Massachusetts from Somerset, England, in 1633. Through this line, Selleck is of the 11th generation of his family born in North America.

    Short of being one of the Pilgrims that arrived on the Mayflower, THAT is as American as you’re likely to find.

    Who knows, had Selleck taken the role of Indiana Jones, HE would’ve been the one elevated to super stardom and not the half-Jewish guy.


    No wonder elitist wasps handed power to Jewish elites.

  66. Another case of Thanks Jews

    • Agree: Che Guava
  67. Dumbo says:
    @Che Guava

    Here in Japan is a very big market for what are termed Boizu Rabu (boy’s love) comics.

    I could be wrong, but I think most of the market for that is not gay men, but straight women (these type of mangas are usually created by women, too).

    Why do women love (fantasy) gay sex?

    K-pop, the same thing. Effeminate or gay men.

    Men usually view homosexuality in a bad way. If it’s a big deal in the culture today, it’s because women love it, for some reason.

    • Agree: Che Guava
    • Replies: @Che Guava
  68. @Emma S.

    “Once you go black, we don’t want you back.”

    • Replies: @Emma S.
  69. Chris Moore says: • Website

    ((Jews)) seek to profiteer off of human natural resources and their needs. If they were simply entrepreneurs, they could be managed the same way any natural resource profiteer can be managed. But the ((Jews)) are organized, coordinated, and guided by Big Zion, which follows its own, entitled, self-serving, anti-goyim internal logic and “vision,” and uses the most ruthless and shameless tactics and methods to have its way.

    To Big Zion, goyim nations are just so many cells and atoms bouncing off one another in a random, disorganized, chaotic mess (this amounts to schizo ((Jews)) projecting). They need Big Zion to manage them, profit from them, control them, and if they don’t know this and undstand this and bow to this structure, they’ll be destroyed. And Big Zion has every right and even duty to do the deed, in order to achieve Big Zion’s vision of a world organized and managed and dominated by insane, perverted, deranged and warped rabbis and ((Jew)) gurus.

    So even if these schizos were to achieve their “paradise” (the destruction of non‐((Jewish)) human civilization, particularly Christian Civilization, but also Islamic, Buddhist, Hindu, Zoroastrian, etc.) the world would enter a phase of near extinction from schizo chaos and savagery.

    But these ((Jews)) and their stooges are so fanatical, and so brainwashed, and so self-absorbed, and so certain of ther Satanic righteousness, they simply wouldn’t care.

    This is why the rubes and Satanists who demand “tolerance” for ((Jews)) are to be equally feared, loathed, and targeted as Big Zion itself. Judas is Big Zion’s junior partner and bodyguard, and conjoined with his evil master.

    One won’t get to the Big ((Jew)) without going through Judas first. One should have zero “tolerance” for calculating Judas on the way to zero “tolerance” for insane and schizo Big Zion.

    As the song goes: “God damn the pusher man.”

  70. @RJ Macready

    I would take issue with The Simpsons. It was much more subtle, but it was there. Bart, the little vandal and criminal was always the hero. The cops were all dumb. The Christians were depicted as psychotics, schoolteachers and other authority figures were lampooned on a day-to-day basis. This started in SoCal in the 1950’s, when ((They)) infiltrated the LAUSD. Next thing you know, there was no more singing of classic Christmas Carols and public schools had “Winterfests”. Then TV shows started pushing the envelope of raunch. The ((writers)) – look at the credits- showed their disdain for the morals of the Goyim. The public was given small doses of social arsenic, until they were numb to the effects. Watch ALL IN THE FAMILY. Their useful idiot, Carroll O’Connor, was on board with the producer ((Bill Lear)) and the rest of the Hollywood deviate, Marxist, druggie, pedo-culture. Res ipsa loquitur – The thing speaks for itself.

    • Replies: @Alden
  71. Bookish1 says:

    Centuries of murderous persecution because of centuries of Jewish destruction of gentiles hard built civilizations. Nothing new today— same tricks as always used on the gentiles societies as we see in the west today.

    • Replies: @Franz
  72. Hacienda says:

    Don’t just blame the Jews! WASPs love the crap thrown their way, too.

  73. Che Guava says:
    @Priss Factor

    Is that your real thought?

    I read a few pages and it was too tedious.

    Even The Graduate, which I suppose is a kind of Portnoy-lite, I read the book and found it distasteful in a way I could not umderstand at the time.

    After seeing the film years later, I really understood how despicable is the line of thought it embodies.

  74. I would like to look at this from a different angle, i.e. not a Christian, Judaism or Islamic one.
    Let’s go back 20,000 years with the hunter-gatherers living in communal gatherings, wearing animal skins for warmth and/modesty.
    How far apart (between blood relations) were sexual unions enforced. What was their moral code? How often was this moral code enforced? I think there will be just conjecture and others will cite DNA.
    Looking at cave paintings and the absence of human sex, I don’t think our ancestors were into multiple partners or casual sex.
    Life was hard and having a child by another man must have been a major crime.
    Abortion and the pill has made it easier for the antisocials.
    I did read Portnoy’s Complaint when I was in my 20’s and found it quite funny.

  75. @Hitch

    Devon Stack (Black Pilled) also has an episode about that same movie.

  76. @Hitch

    Thanks for the well-informed comment. I would only add that the connection between the Frankists and the Rothschild banking family that began in the 18th century and continues to the present day is important in understanding the power of this cult.

    • Agree: Hitch
  77. @Hitch

    “sexual deviancy”

    That’s certainly an element. Exposing grade school kids to freak show trannies also instills in them an acceptance and perhaps worship of ugliness. It’s an assault on body, mind, spirit.

    • Replies: @Dumbo
  78. Curle says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    You are correct, but it is a matter of case law and the cases, beyond my memory, could have easily gone the other way in some instances and does with child pornography. Nude dancing is more on point regarding the boundary between speech and non-speech.

  79. The Jewish Crown in London has and will do with the colonies & inmates as it pleases; see the Covid porn. Australasia is a “young &%\$ free” prison laboratory with changing experiments often as laughing stock for the stiff upper lips and their unlimited arrogance.
    I am sorry for the inmates (who can be ferocious savages once let loose, as they have shown and will show in each and every war they were or are allowed to participate in).

    Skippies start learning Chinese…

  80. If someone is making an argument that Portnoy’s Complaint should be banned, I’m not interested.

    We can talk about other things being banned, but seriously–if you think we need laws against Roth, you’re a fucking idiot.

    • Replies: @Liosnagcat
    , @Dumbo
  81. Thomasina says:

    “I’m not sure if it is done just to “bring down gentiles”. I think it has to do with Jewish sexuality which harbours some love for perversion.”

    And a love for money. If there were no money in it, they’d be elsewhere, monopolizing some other industry. Right now perversion sells.

    And they also have a hatred for rules (or rules not laid down by them). Notice how they don’t pervert their own beliefs, only the beliefs of others. Freedom of speech for them, but not for you. Freedom of speech ends the moment you dare criticize them or question their history.

    This IS a slow dismantling of everything we held sacred, our values, to be replaced by their values. Once you strip someone down, demoralize them, make them believe that up is down and down is up, guilt-trip them, shame, blame and gaslight them, you win. This is what a narcissist does.

    A tight society is one they can’t control, and they don’t like that. They want to be in control. Keep a society in debt, focused on the hustle, and they won’t have time to pay attention to what you’re doing behind the scenes; they won’t see the real hustle taking place.

    When you own the media, the centers of power, you don’t need a gunfight, you don’t need outright war. All you need is an insidious crushing. This is ALL about power and control.

    Of course, it will again be doomed to failure.

    • Agree: Getaclue
  82. Anonymous[257] • Disclaimer says:
    @Truth Vigilante

    Why are you replying for the earlier dingbat?

    However, you are correct, thank you, Oz friend said ‘first gg’, really only first not appointed by or from London.

    I checked, this radical move to ‘Australian Independence’ was under ALP P.M. Scullin.

    I also checked the ‘comedian’s’ name, and I am sure this is also fake, he is the type that would have a fully Jewish name, ‘Alexander Jacob Gutman’ is the last layer of formal cover over his real name.

    Let’s see if m8y drongo ever returns.


    • Replies: @Ed Case
  83. Grimnoir says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    Just about all mainstream “right wing” publications in Australia have gone extremely pro jew/Israel in the last 10 years or so.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  84. Emma S. says:

    The consumption of porn has ruined the minds of men and so many women. Many of the people I met online and in person think all White women like Black men. “BBC” and “White men can’t satisfy their women” is what they say. These people get a sick sense of satisfaction. Just yuck! 🤢

    • Replies: @YesYesCircle
  85. @Ralphie in WPB

    If someone is making an argument that Portnoy’s Complaint should be banned, I’m not interested.

    I agree. Banning books is silly, mainly because it’s just treating the symptom, without going after the disease.

    It’s Jews who should be banned. Great point, Ralphie!

  86. @RJ Macready

    No-one is “addicted to porn”. You are only addicted to anxiety relief and distraction, unless you take a drug that elevates extracellular dopamine. This is by your own admission: you got a “dopamine hit”, which, if you are seeking it, means you had become deprived of it. This is an anxious/pre-depressed state.

    As for the rather stupid writer, he should have checked some statistics to see if they match his assertions. He would have discovered an overwhelming rejection of the hypersexualisation hypothesis. The number of US 14 year olds with sexual experience has halved from 2000-2020. The fertility rates are catastrophic, and only held up by the criminal class. This suggests desexualisation has been enforced. For example, the British Sexual Offences Act of 2003 criminalized sexual contact between minors.

    Then, years later you get “Anxiety, depression and self-harm on rise among teens”. Cause and effect.

  87. Race-ism is necessary for survival. Sure, it has its dark side, but all ideologies and systems do. Consider all the crimes committed by liberal democracies. Liberal Democracy went hand in hand with imperialism for a long time, esp in Anglo World. But we don’t say liberal democracy is totally evil because it committed evils, no more than we condemn all forms of socialism because of what the Khmer Rouge did.

    Race-ism has a dark side but also a bright side, and just about all achievements of the West and the US were race-ist in nature. It was racial unity and organization that made the rise of the West possible.

    But notice how ‘racism’ is only associated with white extremism of KKK and the like. So, the effect of combating ‘racism’ is really to undermine white identity. Instead of remembering the great achievements of the white race acting as a unity, it only remembers white bad stuff done in collective.

    But notice this isn’t so with blacks and Jews. Jews can take pride in Jewish tribalism and identity, and it is associated only with positive Jewish stuff or Jewish tragedy or suffering. It’s never associated with Jewish supremacism, Jewish chauvinism, Jewish involvement in mass murder.

    When it comes to the topic of white racial history, it’s all KKK, but when it’s about Jewish identity, it’s all bed and roses.

    The biggest crime whites committed was against future whites, and the worst of all was dumping savage blacks on white communities that saw short-term profit but long-term loss. In the long run, not only are whites robbed of property but manhood itself. How can the white race(or any race) survive for long when its men are a bunch of cuck-maggots who are held in contempt by white women?

    Now, Jewish identity politics should also be called ‘racist’ because whites doing the exact same thing is labeled and condemned as such. Hungarians wanting to preserve their own nation is ‘racist’ according to Jews. If so, then Israel is ‘racist’ too. But Jews say NO and decry such criticism as ‘antisemitic’. You see how they play the game. If you hold Jews to the same standards as whites, it’s ‘antisemitic’. But if whites want what Jews got in Israel, it’s ‘racist’.

    As for ‘white guilt’, I see value in it IF reconstrued. So far, ‘white guilt’ has been defined in terms of the wrongs done by whites to nonwhites. Sure, there is a dark story there.

    But a new concept of white guilt is necessary and useful for white survival. This new concept holds past whites responsible for wrongs done to present day whites and future whites. Past whites condemned the future of the white race by importing blacks to the New World.
    In the end, it was a boon for blacks because they would have NOTHING but spears and bongo drums had it not been for white contact with the Dark Continent. (Even the notion that slavery is wrong is something blacks got from whites, not something they realized on their own.)
    Blacks went from savagery to living in the richest country in the world, mostly on the dime of whites. But future whites are burdened with black thuggery. White males have lost manhood due to tougher blacks. White kids get beat up. Jews exploit black arrogance and rage against whites.

    The new definition of white guilt must be about what past whites did to future whites. And to redeem this white guilt, future whites must find a way to liberate from the burden placed on them by past whites. Past whites burdened present and future whites with black thuggery and pathology. Then, the only way to overcome that guilt is for current whites to break free of black savagery and lunacy.

    There is another aspect to the New Meaning of White Guilt, and it is class-oriented. It should be about how vain, shallow, hypocritical white elites totally betrayed the white race, sold their souls to Jewish supremacists(as the highest bidder), and abandoned the white race to eventual extinction. White elites, esp wasps, who did this must be held accountable.

    So, hell with the old definition of White Guilt. That’s bogus because, even though whites did mistreat nonwhites, they also contributed so much to the world to improve the lives of all of humanity. So, it balances out. In other words, white guilt(to nonwhites) is balanced by White Built, or whites built the modern world to the world’s benefit.

    But what past whites did to future whites is totally unforgivable. And what wasps did by handing power to Jewish supremacists(in exchange for being allowed to remain in the game in elite circles as cuck-collaborators) is also unforgivable. Wasps must be charged with White Guilt of racial betrayal and choosing class privilege over racial survival and well-being.

    So, when it comes to nonwhites, it’s time to talk about White Built than white guilt.
    But when it comes to past whites and elite whites, the new notion of white guilt blames them for f***ing things up for future whites or lower-statused whites.

    • Replies: @Chris Moore
    , @Thrallman
  88. @Truth Vigilante

    According to The Spanish Embassy [!]

    The real name of the American actor Martin Sheen is Ramón Gerardo Antonio Estévez. His father, whose name is Francisco Estévez, was born in Salceda de Caselas, Pontevedra (Galicia, Spain) and moved to Ohio with his Irish wife. They had ten children there. The seventh son (Martin Sheen) wanted to become an actor and he changed his name to help him get more acting jobs. A few years later, Martin Sheen’s son, Emilio Estévez, decided to keep his real surname, but his little brother, Charlie Sheen, decided to use his father’s stage last name for his Hollywood career.

    Martin is a hard core Catholic; see his early role in a film of Brian Moore’s anti-Vatican II Catholics. So I assume, like Mel Gibson, Charlie was pretty J-wise.

    He joined the cast of Charlie’s later show, Anger Management, as his father (duh!) who was often trying to get him to go to Mass. OTOH, as per Anger Management, the church was Hispanic, and I suspect he’s one of those pro-immigration Catholics; not really on our side.

    The embassy doesn’t mention Martin’s brother, Joe Estevez, who’s carved out a nice career for himself as Discount Martin Sheen in a vast number of B-films, such as Werewolf, Soultaker, and Rollergator. He was Martin’s stand in for distant shots in Apocalypse Now, and dubbed his voice when Martin was hospitalized for a heart attack. He and MST3k are great fans of each other.

    • Thanks: Truth Vigilante
  89. Che Guava says:

    I should have been more specific. The boy’s love comics are exclusively for a market of young women. The conventions of how they are drawn, eye shapes, backgrounds, etc. are much the same as in normal romance comics for women and girls in the same age groups.

    The fans of boy’s love comics, though, are a visible and named sub-group.

    • Replies: @spacewanderer
  90. @Truth Vigilante

    Charlie’s brother becomes Jewish so as to use

    “I think ‘our people’ are Scotch-Irish.”

  91. Jews decree, goyim agree.

    What a pathetic state of affairs. No minds of their own.

  92. Ed Case says:
    @Truth Vigilante

    I haven’t got the numbers breakdown, but they were all either Jews, Roman Catholics, or Africans.

    • Replies: @Alden
    , @Truth Vigilante
  93. Portnoy is a bad example to use. Yes, it’s full of “dirty” stuff, but just as the judge in the Ulysses case said that the “dirty” parts of the book were if anything a turn-off rather than arousing, Portnoy was controversial among Jews precisely because it revealed his fellow Jews as being 1. perverts and 2. goy-hating. This was Roth’s “gimmick” at the start of his career: exposing the warts of his fellow Jews. Goodbye Columbus, for example, “exposed” the Jewish American Princess, etc. A shanda fur die goyim. Shut it down, the goyim know!

    Arguably, goyim should be forced to read Portnoy. It would be part of being Jew-wise.

    The Plot Against America, to which the title alludes, is far more dangerous to read, assuming the goy absorbs it as another lesson in how the goyim have to be controlled, lest they become nasty nationalists and target the innocent Jews.

  94. Ed Case says:

    I checked, this radical move to ‘Australian Independence’ was under ALP P.M. Scullin.

    Isaac Isaacs was a hopeless Attorney General so Scullin appointed him Governor General.
    He succeeded by failure.
    Scullin later appointed Evatt to the High Court for the same reason, he was a hopeless clown.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  95. Franz says:

    Centuries of murderous persecution because of centuries of Jewish destruction of gentiles hard built civilizations. Nothing new today— same tricks as always used on the gentiles societies as we see in the west today.

    It’s because they’ve mastered the art of tailoring the message to the target audience.

    And the target audience is always set up by enough upper class sophistication to disguise the essentially alien message.

    It’s why Western former elites bear the brunt of the blame. They rolled over convinced they were doing some so great and progressive.

    As the 2001 man put it:

    “Evil men could be destroyed, but nothing could be done with good men who were deluded.”

    — Arthur C. Clarke, Childhood’s End

  96. Who was that dual-citizen ‘Australian’ MP who told the Israelis that African refugees would destroy the ethnic homogeneity of their country and who on his return to Oz started a campaign to get them transferred to Oz as they’d be of “great benefit” to the country? Traitorous scum.

    • Replies: @Ed Case
  97. @Emma S.

    “When it comes to the porn industry Jews have a disproportionate amount of influence….”

    That is what’s known as masterly understatement.

  98. Anonymous[259] • Disclaimer says:

    The first time I ever considered our replacement in the world population as even a possibility was when, as a high school student in the early 1960’s, I independently read Arthur C. Clarke’s science fiction novel Childhood’s End where this universal mixed race of mulattoes was posited as fact in the future and a desirable thing, the fruition of social justice and an open mind. We still made up 90% of the American population back then, people married their own, successful blacks were not yet purposefully taking only white trophy wives or making them their baby mamas, marriage still preceded childbirth among the white middle class and the majority of female enrollments in American high schools were not yet default sluts magnetically attracted to black bad boys. (Like in the German schlager hit recording, “Ein Lausbua muss er sein.”) But then again young white boys in my day still had the opportunities to get the best educations and be employed in a high status good paying job rather than languishing behind women and people of color in the very real but vociferously denied quota system. You want “white privilege,” in this day and age, claim to be a Jew, go to a Yeshiva and get bar mitzvahed. Now our sons and grandsons have to be satisfied with being a talented “gamer” down in his parents’ basement. The only Shiksa ass you get is beating off to porn on your “smart”phone. As PCR makes clear routinely, it’s a vast conspiracy against us and the targets have been our sons and daughters of reproductive age for the past 50 years, maybe longer. You could clearly read the handwriting on the wall by simply observing high school demographics and social behaviors as the kids got off the buses or walked to school no less that 30 years ago–at least in the urban and suburban environments.

  99. Chris Moore says: • Website
    @Priss Factor

    The new definition of white guilt must be about what past whites did to future whites. And to redeem this white guilt, future whites must find a way to liberate from the burden placed on them by past whites. Past whites burdened present and future whites with black thuggery and pathology. Then, the only way to overcome that guilt is for current whites to break free of black savagery and lunacy.

    And break free of ((Jewish)) guilt-tripping of all Whites for what a handfull of Judas Whites did with ((Jews)). But Judas Whites are so stupid, greedy and soulless, they’d rather get peanuts and a pat on the head from “chosen” ((Jews)) and betray all non-Judas Whites than turn against their Satanic master.

    To hell with them. They deserve the hell they’re digging for everyone to be visited upon them NOW.

  100. Dumbo says:

    Yes, ugliness is part of it. Drag Queens were always presented as a gross caricature of the female sex.

    The way “Drag Queens” (homosexual transvestites), which started as a fringe element of the gay nightclub scene, were sold first as something omnipresent in general pop culture (movies, music, TV), and now is being promoted to children in schools and even in churches (!) is something almost incredible. An amazing feat, in a way.

    Take this whole “Drag Queen History Hour” thing. The concept of male transvestites reading to children doesn’t even make sense. Why? It started as a small event in San Francisco, promoted by a transgender activist. Now it is everywhere. How does something like this become national (or even international) without a huge government (CIA?) support?

    The Drag Queen stuff is proof that there’s a lot of money and power put into promoting non-popular, degenerate, ugly stuff to the masses, not for financial reasons, but for pure promotion of social decay. (Some forms of degeneration, such as pornography or superhero movies, are popular, but the “popularity” of drag queens feel completely forced upon us).

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  101. “Trolling City Council Meeting About Disney’s New Woke Agenda”

  102. Dumbo says:
    @Ralphie in WPB

    I don’t think that’s the argument being made here.

    But why not banning “Portnoy’s Complaint”? It was never a great book, and perhaps even Roth, who later on went on to write more “serious” novels, would think it was a good idea (I think he had an ambiguous feeling toward it).

    Anyway — “Free speech” was always a lie, as we are learning now. It is always about whose speech is “free”, and whose isn’t.

    Eventually, civilization will have to come up with some sort of moral censorship again. Otherwise, where’s the bottom? We already have gay porn comic books promoted to middle schoolers.

  103. @Che Guava

    The boy’s love comics are exclusively for a market of young women.

    Right. Modern Japan’s subculture has degenerated into various types of disgusting perversion. The rampant of male homosexuality fictions for females is one of them. But you can’t expect anything better for a hardcore feminist country, which has been occupied by muttmerica for almost 80 years.

    • Replies: @Ed Case
  104. Ed Case says:
    @Irish Savant

    Michael Danby?
    Whoever it was, he promised Danny Danon that Australia would take Israel’s African problem off it’s hands.
    I’d say it happened, with no publicity, under the second Rudd Government and the Abbott Government.
    The Queensland Housing Commission were evicting widows from their Brisbane properties from 2012 onwards and housing Sudanese families in their place.
    The QHC later built 450 4 bedroom houses at Redbank Plains exclusively for the Sudanese.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  105. @Wizard of Oz

    Duh! A dyslexic person could earn to be extra thorough but I haven’t yet learned to turn my damaged maculas to advantage. Not James Cannon but Jason Cannon and I gave them a clue who he is..

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  106. @Grimnoir

    I’m not sure you are right. Indeed I don’t know that I would find it easy to check. (And checking would include checking your equating of Israel and Jews). However I take it that you are agreeing with me that a bit of a subtle rewrite might be required to get it into Quadrant???

  107. @Wizard of Oz

    More typos to put down to my Marulan deficiencies. Sorry folks.

  108. Anonymous[154] • Disclaimer says:

    Anti-censorship and sexual liberation ran in the blood of the Greene Family. Graham Greene was the son of none other than Hugh Carleton Greene, Director-General of the British Broadcasting Corporation from 1960 to 1969. With Hugh Greene’s support, his tenure at the BBC oversaw the arrival of the sexual and cultural revolution onto British television screens, decisions which led to his arch nemesis Mary Whitehouse’s campaign against the BBC. Greene was the BBC’s Berlin correspondent throughout the 1930s and it was here in 1936 that Graham was born, to the first of Hugh Greene’s four wives.

    Jason Cannon is mistaken about the novelist Graham Greene, who was the older brother of Hugh Carleton Greene, not a son born in 1936. By that year Graham Greene (1904-1991) had published six books, including The Man Within, Stamboul Train, It’s a Battlefield, England Made Me, A Gun for Sale, and Journey Without Maps. I was waiting for some other commenter to mention this ludicrous error, but none of Unz’s readers seems familiar with this major literary figure.

    • Thanks: Wizard of Oz
    • Replies: @Anon
  109. This guy aiming to be the new Howard Stern?

  110. Ed Case says:

    The Samurai were exclusively pederasts.
    Japan is just returning to it’s Reactionary roots.

    • Replies: @spacewanderer
  111. @Dumbo

    Why aren’t fathers, or mothers, reading stories to their children instead of sending them to these drag queen storybook events? How can these events even occur without the parents’ (or single parents’) cooperation? Parents should be boycotting these events by staying at home and reading books to their own children. Tomorrow they could be asked to take their children to something far worse (pedo orgies perhaps) and they’ll comply.

  112. @Ed Case

    Isaacs hadn’t been an Attorney-General in most Australians’ adult lifetimes. He was Chief Justice and hadn’t had time to prove himself hopeless or otherwise. He was, BTW, staunchly anti Zionist.

    • Replies: @Ed Case
  113. @Ed Case

    Look on the bright side. We got an inoculating dose. I think Amanda Vanstone in the Howard LNP governmrnt was the relevant Minister of Immigration and I recall a refugee advocate telling me she thought bringing Africans in out of the world’s potential millions was “Amanda boring it up us!” I hadn’t heard about the Israel connection. I would be interested to know more.

  114. @Anonymous

    You have to be illiterate or totally careless about truth to say on my record of Comments that I am Jewish or “falling back on this IQ thing” whatever nonsense you mean by that.

    Would you care to disclose your motive in replying so angrily to my dismissal of the possibility of there being an Abrahamic god?

  115. Anon[146] • Disclaimer says:

    It is not an error.

    Graham Green and Graham C. Greene are two different people. It is clearly the latter that is being referred to here.

  116. Way too long. I was disgusted by Portnoy’s Complaint when I read it in the 1970s, but I’m more disgusted by government censorship. What gives any government the right to dictate morality?

    Perhaps the worldwide obsession with sex, war, and drugs signifies a human craving to transcend the limits of false authority.

  117. @Hitch

    Thank you… indeed it was the donmeh crypto jews that were the architects and engineers of the first modern genocide…that of the Ottoman Armenians….it was the bloodthirsty religious lower classes of turk and kurd peasants that did the dirty work…. today’s turk denies the atrocity of their ancestors, glorify the crypo jew attaturk and are resurrecting the memory of the chief young turk genocide architects…. They are supported in that denial by the controlling khazarian mafia that rules the US via graft and pedophilia blackmail….Israel has not and will not recognize the Genocide.. yeah rather the provide arms to Azeri turks to finish the job………Christendom (if there is such a thing anymore) does nothing….. will this get published… here goes the dice roll

    • Agree: Hitch
  118. Roth: “Let’s put the id back in yid!” and give some oy to the goy by taking our revenge against America out on the shiksas.

  119. Alden says:
    @Dweezil the Weasel

    Like most kids, I watched Gunsmoke . I didn’t watch Gunsmike again till I retired. And I saw what Gunsmoke was all about

    The show was all about WELCOME THE STRANGER.

    The plot of many episodes was strange people or person arrived in town. The locals didn’t like them. The strangers were suspected of wrongdoing. Conflict ensued. Then the Marshall learned the strangers were good people. And everything was OK.

    One thing I didn’t like as a kid was the Miss Kitty brothel and bar owner. I always thought the main woman character should be the Mayor’s wife or Doc’s wife or a single woman owner of a respectable hotel and restaurant store the livery stable .

    But no, she was a brothel and bar owner.

    Watched a lot of western movies when I was a kid. About 70 percent of the woman characters were prostitutes hanging around bars.

  120. Alden says:
    @Ed Case

    How could there be Africans in the first convict fleets sent to Australia in the 1787 s I think. Few Jews but mostly ordinary low class English Church of England. There were technically no Roman Catholics in England at the time because that religion was illegal and there were no legal Roman Catholic Churches.

    Please explain.

    • Replies: @Ed Case
    , @Wizard of Oz
  121. Anonymous[278] • Disclaimer says:

    Thank you for the clarification. However, our author should have referred to Hugh Greene’s son as Graham C. Greene or Graham Carleton Greene to avoid confusing him with the novelist brother. To American audiences, at least, Graham Greene means only one person. (Well, there’s the Canadian actor. . . .)

  122. @Ed Case

    Are you illiterate or have some kind of dyslexia, mutt? Can’t you understand the meaning of the simple phrase “male homosexuality fictions for females”?

    Not all races are homosexual pedophiles like you anglos. Mumbling a total nonsense out of psychological projection cannot make it truth. But I understand your culture is fundamentally rooted on homosexuality, so you can’t imagine anything beyond your own cultural experience. I guess it’s too hard for a mutt to imagine that there are cultures out there who don’t practice pederasty like yours.

    • LOL: Ed Case
  123. JM says:

    If he shits in his own nest like this, imaging how bad he’d be when it comes to open borders Third World “immigration” into the West.

  124. @Emma S.

    They are low IQ who don’t have conversations with real White women. The only White women I know who are with black men are undesirable by White men, so they settle.

  125. @Emma S.

    Why do Jews have such a hatred towards European gentiles?

    Because Europeans –especially Eastern Europeans– saw them for what they are very early on and made it clear at some point that enough was enough, they were NOT going to put up with their disruptive and destructive presence any longer. Many European nations expelled them at some point (England did before the 13th Century, only to be later blackmailed into readmitting them in the 17th). Unfortunately, too many European leaders, particularly monarchs of yore, were fiscally irresponsible wastrels who came to depend on hooknose money to get themselves and their countries out of hock. Even after recognizing Jews for the noxious creatures that they are, they had no choice but to tolerate them (and re-admit them to their countries after expelling them).
    Along with this tainted “bailout money” came strings and blackmail, two things that assured the metastasis of the Jewish cancer. It has always been thus and, barring some great awakening, will always remain thus. Jews know that the goyim know them for what they are, even if only on a visceral level that they either cannot recognize or admit to. Thus the hatred for anything European.

  126. Ed Case says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    You’re right, he was Attorney General in the Watson Government of 1904.
    He was a dud as Chief Justice, that’s part of the reason Scullin appointed him G/G.

  127. @JR Foley

    That wouldn’t be a bad thing if it were to be part of a snuff flick in which both were snuffed.

  128. @Liosnagcat

    The battle was lost a soon as the first yid was admitted into Australia.

    Was the first Yid admitted to Australia a convict like the rest of the early settlers, or was it a leech that came of its own accord in order to profit off of and exploit the misery of those imprisoned there (I think I already know the answer, but I’m willing to have an expert historian enlighten me)?

  129. Ed Case says:

    There were African convicts on the First Fleet, on of them has 20,000 living descendants.

    Convicts came from all over the United Kingdom, which included Ireland until 1922.

    And, no, there were always plenty of Roman Catholics in England itself, the cult was never illegal.

    Church of England convicts?

    I very much doubt it.

    The early Governors could only resist the emigration of Catholic Priests until 1802, that’s how many catholic

    convicts there were.


    Well, until the 1970s, the only thing Australians read about Jews in the papers was when one of

    them was involved in a Sydney Underworld shootout or car bombing.

    • Replies: @Che Guava
    , @Wizard of Oz
  130. Thrallman says:
    @Priss Factor

    Excellent post.

    The Civil Rights Act was a disaster for America. William Rehnquist said it was unconstitutional. Without the right to free association other rights are meaningless.

    The group most guilty of betraying White Anglo-Saxon Protestants is the very core of that group, the Unitarians and the U.C.C. (that’s Obama’s church). — the heirs of the the Pilgrims. This is a very deep and existential problem for an American.

    Our founders were religious fundamentalists. God died at the Salem witch trials and we have been lost ever since.

  131. @Dumbo

    There are a lot of homosexual Jews too.

    One can make a thoroughly convincing argument that if you were a Jewish man and the only realistic opportunities for female interaction in your foreseeble future were Jewish women, you would turn into a flaming fudgepacker, too.

  132. @Change that Matters

    Earlier this year billionaire Anthony Pratt (born to Richard Pratt (né Przecicki) and Jeanne Pratt AC, Polish-Jewish immigrants)

    It really, truly should be made a crime for these creatures to Anglicize their names.

  133. @Ed Case

    You’re shittin’ me, right ?

    There were Africans among the convicts in the First Fleet* ???
    (*Australia’s equivalent of the Pilgrims on the Mayflower – other than for the fact that the first Aussies were felons).

    • Replies: @Ed Case
  134. “The Rise of the New Right”

  135. Ed Case says:
    @Truth Vigilante

    There were at least 2.
    One has 20K living descendants, the other has quite a few.
    The backstory is the Revolutionary War.
    Many Blacks picked the wrong side to fight for so the British evacuated them to England following the defeat..
    After a few years it became obvious that that was a huge mistake, so they founded Sierra Leone and sent those who hadn’t been hanged or Transported, there [c. 1807].

    • Thanks: Truth Vigilante
  136. Che Guava says:
    @Ed Case

    the cult was never illegal.

    Sure ‘n’ all, you could use a little reading proficiency, or a little reading.

    Catholicism was heavily illegal in England for at least many decades, anti-Catholic laws were not repealed for a few centuries.

    Equivalents in Wales and Scotland, but not the same.

    • Replies: @Wizard of Oz
  137. @Alden

    You misconceived the restrictions on Catholixs. My second Australian ancestor was an English Catholic woman (1798). Of course her male equivalent couldn’t become a member of Parliament until 1829 (Jews later still). There were Cayholic peers like the Dukes of Norfolk without a break. I don’t know about Catholic churches without looking it up but they certainly had consecrated private chapels.

  138. @Ed Case

    Was there a hiatus in mention of Jews after the death in 1931 of Australia’s greatest general SirJohn Monash?

    • Replies: @Ed Case
    , @Ed Case
  139. @Che Guava

    Anti Catholic laws did not make Catholicism illegal or prevent Catholics owning property including land.

    • Agree: Ed Case
    • Disagree: Che Guava
  140. Ed Case says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    Hell, no!
    Apart from the Sydney and Melbourne Underworld shootouts, and the Jewish Stocktakes [Fire Brigade required], the Swindling never stopped.

  141. Ed Case says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    Then there was the Black Market.
    Despite the War finishing in August 1949, Petrol Rationing continued until 10 December 1949, when Australia finally began 23 years of peace.

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