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The Orientalism of Western Russophobia
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Last year marked the 40th anniversary of the publication of Edward W. Said’s pioneering book, Orientalism, as well as fifteen years since the Palestinian-American intellectual’s passing. To bid farewell to such an important scholar shortly after the 2003 U.S. invasion of Iraq, which Said fiercely criticized until his dying breath before succumbing to leukemia, made an already tremendous loss that much more impactful. His seminal text forever reoriented political discourse by painstakingly examining the overlooked cultural imperialism of colonial history in the West’s construction of the so-called Orient. Said meticulously interrogated the Other-ing of the non-Western world in the humanities, arts, and anthropology down to its minutiae. As a result, the West was forced to confront not just its economic and political plunder but the long-established cultural biases filtering the lens through which it viewed the East which shaped its dominion over it.

His writings proved to be so influential that they laid the foundations for what is now known as post-colonial theory. This became an ironic category as the author himself would strongly reject any implication that the subjugation of developing countries is a thing of the past. How apropos that the Mandatory Palestine-born writer’s death came in the midst of the early stages of the ‘War on Terror’ that made clear Western imperialism is very much alive. Despite its history of ethnic cleansing, slavery, and war, the United States had distinguished itself from Britain and France in that it had never established its own major colonies within the Middle East, Asia or North Africa in the heart of the Orient. According to Said, it was now undergoing this venture as the world’s sole remaining superpower following the end of the Cold War with the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq.

Today’s political atmosphere makes the Bush era seem like eons ago. Thanks to the shameful rehabilitation of neoconservatism by centrist extremists, Americans fail to understand how Trumpism emerged from the pandora’s box of destructiveness of Bush policies that destabilized the Middle East and only increased international terrorism. Since then, another American enemy has been manufactured in the form of the Russian Federation and its President, Vladimir Putin, who drew the ire of the West after a resurgent Moscow under his leadership began to contain U.S. hegemony. This reached a crescendo during the 2016 U.S. Presidential election with the dubious accusations of election interference made by the same intelligence agencies that sold the pack of lies that Iraq possessed Weapons of Mass Destruction. The establishment has even likened the alleged intrusion by Moscow to 9/11.

If a comparison between the 2001 attacks that killed nearly 3,000 Americans and the still unproven allegations of Russian meddling seems outrageous, it is precisely such an analogy that has been made by Russiagate’s own biggest proponents, from neoconservative columnist Max Boot to Hillary Clinton herself. Truthfully, it is the climate of hysteria and dumbing down of discourse to such rigid dichotomies following both events where a real similarity can be drawn. The ‘with us or against us’ chasm that followed 9/11 has reemerged in the ‘either/or’ post-election polarity of the Trump era whereby all debate within the Overton window is pigeonholed into a ‘pro vs. anti-Trump’ or ‘pro vs. anti-Russia’ false dilemma. It is even perpetrated by some on the far left, e.g. if one critiques corporate media or Russiagate, they are grouped as ‘pro-Trump’ or ‘pro-Putin’ no matter their political orientation. This dangerous atmosphere is feeding an unprecedented wave of censorship of dissenting voices across the spectrum.

In his final years, not only did Edward Said condemn the Bush administration but highlighted how corporate media was using bigoted tropes in its representations of Arabs and Muslims to justify U.S. foreign policy. Even though it has gone mostly undetected, the neo-McCarthyist frenzy following the election has produced a similar travesty of caricatures depicting Russia and Vladimir Putin. One such egregious example was a July 2018 article in the Wall Street Journal entitled “Russia’s Turn to Its Asian Past” featuring an illustration portraying Vladimir Putin as Genghis Khan. The racist image and headline suggested that Russia is somehow inherently autocratic because of its past occupation under the Mongol Empire during its conquest of Eastern Europe and the Kievan Rus state in the 13th century. In a conceptual revival of the Eurocentric trope of Asiatic or Oriental despotism, the hint is that past race-mixing is where Russia inherited this tyrannical trait. When the cover story appeared, there was virtually no outcry due to the post-election delirium and everyday fear-mongering about Russia that is now commonplace in the media.

The overlooked casual racism used to demonize Russia in the new Cold War’s propaganda doesn’t stop there. One of the main architects of Russiagate, former Director of National Intelligence James R. Clapper, in an interview with NBC‘s Meet the Press on the reported meddling stated:

“And just the historical practices of the Russians, who typically, almost genetically driven to co-opt, penetrate, gain favor, which is a typical Russian technique. So we were concerned.”

Clapper, whose Office of the DNI published the Intelligence Community Assessment (ICA) “Assessing Russian Activities and Intentions in Recent US Elections”, has been widely praised and cited by corporate media as a trustworthy source despite his previous history of making intentionally false statements at a public hearing of the Senate Intelligence Committee denying that the National Security Agency (NSA) was unconstitutionally spying on U.S. citizens.

The disclosures of NSA activities by whistleblower Edward Snowden that shocked the world should have discredited Clapper’s status as a reliable figure, but not for mainstream media which has continuously colluded with the deep state during the entire Russia investigation. In fact, the scandal has been an opportunity to rehabilitate figures like the ex-spymaster complicit in past U.S. crimes from surveillance to torture. Shortly after the interview with NBC, Clapper repeated his prejudiced sentiments against Russians in a speech at the National Press Club in Australia:

“But as far as our being intimate allies, trusting buds with the Russians that is just not going to happen. It is in their genes to be opposed, diametrically opposed, to the United States and to Western democracies.”

The post-election mass Trump derangement has not only enabled wild accusations of treason to be made without sufficient evidence to support them, but such uninhibited xenophobic remarks to go without notice or disapproval.

In fact, liberals have seemingly abandoned their supposed progressive credence across the board while suffering from their anti-Russia neurological disorder. In an exemplar of yellow journalism, outlets like NBC News published sensational articles alleging that because of the perceived ingratiation between Trump and Putin, there was an increase in Russian ‘birth tourism’ in the United States. More commonly known by the pejorative ‘anchor babies’, birth tourism is the false claim that many immigrants travel to countries for the purpose of having children in order to obtain citizenship. While there may be individual cases, the idea that it is an epidemic is a complete myth — the vast majority of immigration is motivated by labor demands and changes in political or socio-economic factors in their native countries, whether it is from the global south or Eastern Europe. Trump has been rightfully criticized for promoting this falsehood regarding undocumented immigrants and his executive orders targeting birthright citizenship, but it appears liberals are willing to unfairly apply this same fallacy toward Russians for political reasons.

In order to make sense of the current groupthink hysteria towards Moscow, it must be understood in its context as an extension of the ongoing doctoring of history regarding U.S.-Russia relations since the Cold War. Americans living within the empire are proselytized into a glorified and nationalist version of their entire background, beginning with merchants and explorers ‘discovering’ the continent and the whitewashing of indigenous genocide. This imaginary narrative includes the version of WWII taught in U.S. schools and the arms race with the Soviet Union that followed. The West presents an entirely Anglospheric perspective of the war starting with its very chronology. For example, it is said that the conflict ‘officially’ began with the September 1st, 1939 invasion of Poland by Nazi Germany. This mythology immediately frames the war from an Eurocentric viewpoint by separating the Sino-Japanese war that was already underway as the Pacific Ocean theater began long before the ‘surprise’ Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941 and U.S. entry into the conflict.

The truth is that nearly everything Americans are taught about U.S. participation in the war is either a mischaracterization or a lie, with its role in the Allied victory inflated exponentially. The widely held misconception that the 1944 Normandy landings in the Allied invasion of France was the decisive turning point in Europe is a fairy tale. The ‘D’ in D-Day does not stand for ‘decision’ as many Westerners assume, and when the Allied forces converged on Germany from East and West it was the Soviets who captured Berlin. Although Operation Overlord may have been the largest invasion transported by sea in history, the real watershed in the Great Patriotic War was the Soviet victory in the Battle of Stalingrad the previous year, the biggest defeat ever suffered by the German army. The U.S. only took on the Wehrmacht once it was exhausted by the Red Army which bore the real burden of overcoming Germany.

Just three years earlier, the British army had been completely vanquished by the Nazi armed forces. Omitted from Hollywood folklore like Christopher Nolan’s film Dunkirk is that the Germans were entirely capable of pressing on with an invasion of the British isles but abruptly halted their advance — what stopped them? Quite simply, Hitler’s fanatical desire to conquer the Soviet Union and eradicate communism which he regarded as a greater threat to the Third Reich than Western capitalism. It is not surprising that the Eastern Front became a higher priority considering that the ruling classes in Britain, France and the U.S. had previously financed the German rearmament in violation of the Treaty of Versailles.

The Germans did not hold the same hatred for the West that it reserved for the Russians. In fact, the Führer personally admired the U.S. so much for the extermination of its natives that he named his armored private train‘Amerika’, a mobile version of the Wolf’s Lair. The Nuremberg race statutes were partly inspired by Jim Crow segregation laws in the U.S. and many of the defendants at the Nuremberg trials tried to excuse their atrocities by arguing the similarity between Nazi race theories and the eugenicist movement which actually originated in the United States. Auschwitz physician Josef Mengele was even previously employed as an assistant to the head of the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute of Anthropology, Human Heredity, and Eugenics institute that was funded by the Rockefeller Foundation.

Hitler also preferred an attack on the Soviets over an invasion of Britain because of the eugenics of Lebensraum. Nazi Germany, like Britain and France, was really an imperial settler colonialist state and Hitler viewed the Slav inhabitants of the USSR as ethnically inferior to the ‘master race.’ The Molotov-Ribbentrop pact had been a strategic move to buy time for the Soviets in preparation for a German onslaught, at the time the most powerful military power in the world. Britain and France had rebuffed Stalin’s efforts to form an alliance in 1938, leaving the USSR no choice but to sign a non-aggression pact with Germany, knowing full well it was only a matter of time until Hitler would eventually embark on his Masterplan for the East. Operation Barbarossa in June 1941 broke the agreement and the German dictator ultimately sealed his own fate. Although the Soviets were victorious, the slaughter that proceeded it had no parallel in human history as 27 million citizens would lose their lives in the fight compared to less than half a million Americans. Even worse, the West has made a mockery of this sacrifice with their refusal to fully acknowledge the USSR’s contribution despite the fact that they did the vast majority of the fighting and dying while 80% of all German casualties were on the Eastern Front.

Meanwhile, the Cold War had already begun before the Second World War even ended. Whether or not Stalin was fully aware of either the U.S. capability or plans to use the atomic bomb against Japan is still a matter of debate, as U.S. President Harry S. Truman changed his story numerous times over the years. Nevertheless, their use is incorrectly attributed by the West to have brought the war’s end and very few Americans realize this tale was told entirely for political reasons. The purported rationale was to allegedly save the lives of American soldiers that would be lost in a future Allied invasion of Japan planned for the Autumn of 1945. Controlling the narrative became crucial in ‘justifying’ the use of such deadly weapons which held the secret motivation to begin an arms race with the Soviets.

Stalin and U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt had agreed at the Yalta Conference in February 1945 that the USSR would eventually break its neutrality treaty with Japan and enter the Pacific theater later in the year. That was until Roosevelt died of a massive cerebral hemorrhage just a few months later while American nuclear physicists were busy at work enriching uranium in Los Alamos, New Mexico. Then, just a day prior to newly inaugurated President Truman’s meeting with Stalin at the Potsdam Conference in July, the U.S. army and Project Y successfully detonated a nuclear weapon for the first time with the Trinity test as part of the expensive Manhattan Project. After his face-to-face with Truman at Potsdam, whom everyone agrees at least hinted to Stalin of the new U.S. weaponry, the Soviet premier suspected the new U.S. leader would go back on the previous agreement at Yalta with Roosevelt that included compromises with the USSR in the Pacific.

The ugly truth is that the U.S. was well aware that the Japanese were willing to conditionally surrender on the basis of immunity for Emperor Hirohito. However, the U.S. secretly wanted to achieve an Allied victory ideally without Soviet participation so it could demonstrate its exclusive nuclear capability in order to dominate the post-war order. Japan didn’t relinquish following the first bombing of Hiroshima but the second, Nagasaki, three days later — both of which mostly impacted civilians, not its military. What else happened on August 9th, 1945? The Soviet Union declared war on Japan upon realizing that the U.S. was backtracking on its pledge with the underhanded use of ‘Fat Man and Little Boy’ that instantly killed more than 200,000 civilians. The timing gave the appearance that the bomb resulted in the surrender when it was the Soviet invasion of occupied Manchuria in the north against Japan’s military stronghold that was the real tipping point which led to an unconditional acceptance of defeat.

According to the Western narrative, the Cold War only began following Winston Churchill’s invitation to the U.S. by Truman after being surprisingly voted out of office in 1946. At Westminster College in Fulton, Missouri, he gave a speech entitled “Sinews of Peace”, widely known as the Iron Curtain speech, where he condemned Soviet policies in Europe and popularized the moniker for the boundary dividing the continent after the war:

“From Stettin in the Baltic to Trieste in the Adriatic an “iron curtain” has descended across the continent. Behind that line lie all the capitals of the ancient states of Central and Eastern Europe. Warsaw, Berlin, Prague, Vienna, Budapest, Belgrade, Bucharest and Sofia; all these famous cities and the populations around them lie in what I must call the Soviet sphere, and all are subject, in one form or another, not only to Soviet influence but to a very high and in some cases increasing measure of control from Moscow.”

Although the term ‘iron curtain’ predates Cold War usage to describe various barriers political or otherwise, what is not commonly known is that Churchill likely appropriated the term from its originator, none other than the German Minister of Propaganda Joseph Goebbels himself, who used it in reference to the Soviet Union. In February 1945, he wrote in Das Reich newspaper:

“If the German people lay down their weapons, the Soviets, according to the agreement between Roosevelt, Churchill, and Stalin, would occupy all of East and Southeast Europe along with the greater part of the Reich. An iron curtain would fall over this enormous territory controlled by the Soviet Union, behind which nations would be slaughtered.”

The ‘Nazi megaphone’ himself may have gotten the term from the Wehrmacht propaganda publication Signal which in 1943 published an article entitled “Behind the Iron Curtain” that described:

“He who has listened in on the interrogation of a Soviet prisoner of war knows that once the dam is broken, a flood of words begins as he tries to make clear what he experienced behind the mysterious iron curtain, which more than ever separates the world from the Soviet Union.”

Is it any wonder that British newspaper The Guardian is now illustrating cartoons in its anti-Russia propaganda today that imitate Goebbels’ anti-Soviet posters during WWII?

Steve Bell cartoon of Putin in The Guardian (left) contrasted with Nazi propaganda (right).

Although Stalin was unaware of Churchill’s lifting of Nazi phraseology, he still detected the resemblance between Western and Third Reich policies toward the Soviet Union in the Fulton speech during an interview with Pravda:

“A point to be noted is that in this respect Mr. Churchill and his friends bear a striking resemblance to Hitler and his friends. Hitler began his work of unleashing war by proclaiming a race theory, declaring that only German-speaking people constituted a superior nation. Mr. Churchill sets out to unleash war with a race theory, asserting that only English-speaking nations are superior nations, who are called upon to decide the destinies of the entire world. The German race theory led Hitler and his friends to the conclusion that the Germans, as the only superior nation, should rule over other nations. The English race theory leads Mr. Churchill and his friends to the conclusion that the English-speaking nations, as the only superior nations, should rule over the rest of the nations of the world. Actually, Mr. Churchill, and his friends in Britain and the United States, present to the non-English speaking nations something in the nature of an ultimatum: “Accept our rule voluntarily, and then all will be well; otherwise war is inevitable.” But the nations shed their blood in the course of five years’ fierce war for the sake of the liberty and independence of their countries, and not in order to exchange the domination of the Hitlers for the domination of the Churchills. It is quite probable, accordingly, that the non-English-speaking nations, which constitute the vast majority of the population of the world, will not agree to submit to a new slavery.”

It is easy to see the parallels between Stalin’s explanation for the geopolitical tensions underlying the Cold War and Edward Said’s postcolonial theory. From a Marxist perspective, one of Said’s shortcomings was a reductionism in understanding empire to cultural supremacy, one of the reasons he unfortunately conflated Marxism with Orientalism as well. When it came to the Cold War, Said also demonstrated a lack of understanding of internationalism. He wrote:

“By the time of the Bandung Conference in 1955, the entire Orient had gained its independence from the Western empires and gained a new configuration of imperial powers, the United States and the Soviet Union. Unable to recognize “its” Orient in the new Third World, Orientalism now faced a challenging and politically armed Orient.”

Yet who foremost ‘armed’ the movements of national liberation? The USSR, including support for the Palestinians during most of its history. Nevertheless, Stalin’s description of the West’s prerogative for post-war hegemony based on the belief in its primacy has many overlaps with the idea that the Occident exercised patronizing dominance over the East. Today, even though the Berlin Wall has long since fallen and Eastern Europe is under free enterprise, the political establishment in the West is still clinging to this attitude and misunderstanding of Moscow to fulfill its need for an permanent global nemesis with a desire to eventually colonize Russia with foreign capital as it did under Boris Yeltsin.

Russia has historically possessed a unique and ambivalent identity located between the East and West, having been invaded by both European and Asian empires in previous centuries. Said included Russia in Orientalism in his analysis of European countries and their attitude toward the East, but did not note that Russia is in many respects the Orient within the Occident, as more than 75% of its territory as the largest nation in the world is actually located in Asia while three quarters of its population live on the European side. Russia may be partly European, but it is certainly not Western. Then again, Europe is not a continent unto itself but geographically connected to Asia with the arbitrary division between them based on cultural differences, not landmass, where Russia is an intermediate. Expansionism under Peter the Great may have brought Western European ‘cultural values’ and modernization to Russia, but the majority of its territory itself remains in Asia.

Even after the presumed end of the Cold War, Russia has been excluded from the European Union and instead joined the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), while developing strong ties with China. As recently disclosed documents from the National Security Archive prove, NATO has broken its promise to Mikhail Gorbachev during the George H.W. Bush administration that it not expand eastward following Germany’s enrollment. It has since added 13 countries since 1999, 10 of which were former Warsaw Pact states. Russia’s alliance with China has been solidified precisely because it is still not treated in the same regard as other European nations even after the adoption of a private sector economy. In order to justify its continued armament and avoid obsolescence, NATO has manufactured an adversarial relationship with Moscow.

Contrary to the widespread perception of his rhetoric, in terms of policy-making President Trump has been equally as hostile to Moscow as his predecessors, if not more so in light of the U.S. withdrawal from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF). What the usual suspects behind the attempted soft-coup against him fail to understand is that Trump’s tact toward Putin is more likely an inverted version of the ‘only Nixon could go to China’ strategy, an unexpected style of diplomacy based on the pragmatic objective of containing Beijing by dividing America’s two primary foes. The liberals still in denial about their election defeat continue to underestimate Trump, but the Chinese are not fooled. The architect behind Nixon’s détente with Mao, Henry Kissinger, is even believed to have encouraged Trump to ease tensions with Moscow in order to quarantine China and don’t think they haven’t noticed. Ultimately, the divide between Trump and his enemies in the establishment is really a disagreement over strategy in how to surround China and prevent the inevitable downfall of the U.S. empire.

The ongoing demonization of Moscow is ultimately about China as well. It was only a matter of time until the uncertain allegations of election interference were also leveled against Beijing without proof as a Joint Statement from the U.S. intelligence agencies recently showed. Make no mistake — underneath the West’s Russophobia lies Sinophobia and as Washington’s real geopolitical challenger, China will in due course emerge as the preferred bogeyman. The bipartisan hawkishness has created an environment where rapprochement and diplomacy of any kind is seen as weakness and even a sign of treason, making the prospect of peace seemingly impossible. As China continues to grow, it will find itself more squarely in the crosshairs of imperialism, regardless of whether Trump’s strategy to renew relations with Moscow against Beijing is successful. Until then cooler heads at the highest levels of government must prevail as they thankfully did at the height of the first Cold War for the sake of peace between Russia, the U.S. and the entire world.

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  1. Yee says:

    This connected continents of Europe and Asia have 70% of the world population, so it is the center of the world. But the United States is not a local power, it’s thousands of miles away from it. Therefore, the US NEEDS conflicts in Europe and Asia to maintain its influence in the world stage and its status of “safe haven for capita”, as it found out in WW2 that can be very profitable.

    Peace and intergration in Europe and Asia is the last thing the US wants. This is why it’d try its hardest to stir up tension in Europe, Asia and MiddleEast. The Russians were naive to believe it was about Communism.

    World dominance has been very profitable for the capital class, whether the cost for world dominance worth it for the working class, is open for debate, as citizens of the dominate nation enjoy nice benefits too.

    • Agree: Moi
  2. Wally says:

    Max Parry said:
    “More commonly known by the pejorative ‘anchor babies’, birth tourism is the false claim that many immigrants travel to countries for the purpose of having children in order to obtain citizenship. While there may be individual cases, the idea that it is an epidemic is a complete myth ”

    Study: 300K Anchor Babies Born Every Year, Exceeding U.S. Births in 48 States:

    “New wide-ranging analysis by the Center for Immigration Studies‘ Steven Camarotta reveals that there are roughly 297,000 births per year to illegal immigrants in the U.S.

    The children of illegal aliens are commonly known as “anchor babies,” as they anchor their illegal alien and noncitizen parents in the U.S. and eventually are allowed to bring an unlimited number of foreign relatives to the country through the process known as “chain migration.”

    As Breitbart News reported, in the Los Angeles, California metro area, illegal alien births make up nearly 18 percent of all births in the region. In the Las Vegas, Nevada metro area, illegal alien births account for about 17 percent of all births.

    California — a sanctuary state for illegal aliens — has the largest number of illegal alien births with about 65,000 illegal alien births every year. Texas has about 51,000 illegal alien births every year, while Florida has about 16,000 illegal alien births every year.

    • Replies: @Fidelios Automata
  3. Swede55 says:

    What stopped Hitler from invading the British isles was the Royal Navy, one of the 3 strongest in the world at the time, compared to a weak German navy.

  4. webname says:

    To my understand: No2 and No3 will join hands to fight against No1.
    No1 can’t easily join hands with No3 to fight against No2, because No3 was so bullied that it won’t trust No1 meanwhile No1 is too arrogant to join hands with anybody other than his same blood.
    So I guess US is not No1 during the 70s and 80s. It was USSR at the time. US was crowned in the 90s.

    Just a funny thing I heard about how the westerners see Russia: he is the bastard son of my father, I don’t admit him as my brother since we crawl out from very different tummy.

  5. Sean says:

    China is a giant investment opportunity. This isn’t back in the 50s, shareholder value will determine US firms’ decisions. That is how they will infiltrate and corrupt. There will be no way to stop them without a war. The sooner the better.

  6. DFH says:

    Omitted from Hollywood folklore like Christopher Nolan’s film Dunkirk is that the Germans were entirely capable of pressing on with an invasion of the British isles

    No they weren’t

    • Replies: @Jake
    , @Counterinsurgency
  7. Jason Liu says:

    The western establishment will never see Russia as a victim the way Said portrays former colonies, why bother going down that route? Russia is white and sorta nationalistic, no sympathy will go their way. Said’s whiny bullshit isn’t much of a theory anyway. “People from one cultural sphere don’t fully understand people from another.” Wow, brilliant take. It’s not worth emulating.

    And besides, this is not really about Orientalism. The culture war has simply gone global: liberal democracy on one side, and nationalism/autocracy on the other. Russia (and China) are both on the side of nationalism/autocracy. It’s really the liberal democratic west that instigates these conflicts. The existence of any system not like liberal democracy is a threat to the west’s worldview, whereas autocratic countries tend not to give a shit about how other countries are run.

    So there will not likely friendly relations between Russia and the west until Russia becomes more liberal/democratic, or until the west becomes less liberal/democratic. Entropy suggests the latter is more likely, but not anytime soon.

    • Replies: @EugeneGur
  8. @Swede55

    Hitler never wanted to invade or defeat the British. He looked at them as fellow Nordics. That’s why he stopped the German army and allowed the British troops to get away at Dunkirk.

    • Replies: @Charles Carroll
    , @Wally
  9. onebornfree says: • Website

    Reality check:

    “Because they are all ultimately funded via both direct and indirect theft [taxes], and counterfeiting [central bank monopolies], all governments are essentially, at their very cores, 100% corrupt criminal scams which cannot be “reformed”,”improved”, nor “limited” in scope, simply because of their innate criminal nature.”

    Regards, onebornfree

  10. Alfred says:

    Strange how many people who go against the AngloZionists seem to die from freak diseases just when they are most needed. How convenient!

    Another example is Yasser Arafat.

    And how about Hugo Chavez

  11. Jake says:

    “The U.S. only took on the Wehrmacht once it was exhausted by the Red Army which bore the real burden of overcoming Germany.”

    True, and that was after Stalin’s Great Purge had nearly decimated some sections of the Red Army officer corps just before the start of World War 2.

    @ DFH – Perhaps the Germans could not have invaded England, but if Hitler had not pulled them back, they would have killed or captured every British soldier in Dunkirk.

    • Agree: Endgame Napoleon
    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  12. Alfred says:

    What stopped Hitler from invading the British isles was the Royal Navy

    Hitler deliberately allowed the British Army to retreat from Dunkirk. The German commanders tried repeatedly to get him to change his mind. He threatened them with a court martial should they contradict his orders. Ever wonder why?

    A navy without air cover in such a confined area as the English Channel is hopelessly vulnerable. In 1941, Japanese aircraft sank two of the UK’s biggest warships in one afternoon off the coast of Malaya.

    Sinking of Prince of Wales and Repulse

    • Replies: @Rogue
  13. Jake says:

    ““A point to be noted is that in this respect Mr. Churchill and his friends bear a striking resemblance to Hitler and his friends. Hitler began his work of unleashing war by proclaiming a race theory, declaring that only German-speaking people constituted a superior nation. Mr. Churchill sets out to unleash war with a race theory, asserting that only English-speaking nations are superior nations, who are called upon to decide the destinies of the entire world. The German race theory led Hitler and his friends to the conclusion that the Germans, as the only superior nation, should rule over other nations. The English race theory leads Mr. Churchill and his friends to the conclusion that the English-speaking nations, as the only superior nations, should rule over the rest of the nations of the world. Actually, Mr. Churchill, and his friends in Britain and the United States, present to the non-English speaking nations something in the nature of an ultimatum: “Accept our rule voluntarily, and then all will be well; otherwise war is inevitable.”

    I had never heard of this interview until now. It shows how clearly Stalin and his inner circle grasped the essence of WASP culture, that they grasped its insatiable self-righteous imperialism. One WASP Ring to Rule Them All.

    Trotsky and a dozen or so other Soviets, most of them Jews, were worse than Stalin, but Stalin also was a monster. However, he was a most insightful monster in regard to threats to himself and to the lands he ruled.

  14. Edward Said was a Christian Palestinian… only if the rest of the Palestinians were of similar ilk, they would not be in the doghouse! Islam isn’t conducive to advancement…

    • Replies: @ploni almoni
  15. Anon[424] • Disclaimer says:

    Russofobia , just means the desire of western europe to conquer eastern europe .

    The germans tried since the Teutonic order . The french tried since Charlesmagne , the english and their sons the yankees keep on trying ……

  16. Even though it has gone mostly undetected, the neo-McCarthyist frenzy following the election has produced a similar travesty of caricatures depicting Russia and Vladimir Putin.

    Oh, shuddup.

    You’re correct about Russia and Putin, but your caricature of McCarthy is as brain dead as it is nauseating. McCarthy was correct as far as he could go.

    • Replies: @Byrresheim
  17. Anonymous [AKA "Hums"] says:

    I don’t understand the fixation on Russia’s territory in North Asia or Siberia. It conquered most of it quite late, and settled it even later in its history, mostly to exploit its natural resources and prevent it from being conquered by someone else. The Russians clearly had a colonial relationship with the native population, analogous to the relationship between the British and the First Nations in Canada, with the same focus on fur trade that entails weak state-driven settler colonialism. When Russia conquered Alaska, there was no fundamental difference between it and the Far East – it was even populated by the same ethnicities (e.g., the Aleut). The conquest began only in the late 16th century, with the first Russian city being established in 1586. In the late 18th century, about 5% of modern Russia (i.e., excluding Ukraine, Poland, etc.) lived in Siberia, and most of those people were not ethnic Russians.

    The Mongols and various Turkic tribes conquered plenty of other Eastern European countries, including Ukraine, Hungary, Romania, and Bulgaria. A hostile relationship with nomads from the Great Steppe is just part of the region’s history, and it is hardly unique to Russia. Hungary was so thoroughly conquered the locals even switched their language, though genetically they are not distinct from neighbouring Slavs like the Slovaks. In general, extra-European conquest is a typical experience of the European periphery, be it Arabs, Berbers, Turks, Turkics, or Mongols. Russia’s experience is actually one of the less extreme because the control was short-lived, the genetic impact non-existent, and the direct cultural influence minor.

    Is it partly a consequence of looking at political maps without considering the contents? Sort of how you might look at Australia and imagine that it is closely tied to Indonesia while unrelated to the distant Britain. Or you might imagine that many Canadians live in the Arctic cold on the shore of the Arctic Ocean.

    • Replies: @Sam Coulton
  18. ‘Demonization of Moscow is ultimately about China as well.’ That is true. A major Sino-American confrontation is looming, largely because of the US seeking to retain its position as alpha superpower, hence the need to ‘surround China and prevent the inevitable downfall of the U.S. empire.’ Although this policy goes back to the 1990s under the Clintons, long preceding the current administration. It is important to look beyond the phobias, the bogeymen, to get to the truth why humans fight wars.
    Power (manifested as interest) has been present in every conflict of the past – no exception. It is the underlying motivation for war. Other cultural factors might change, but not power. Interest cuts across all apparently unifying principles: family, kin, nation, religion, ideology, politics – everything. We unite with the enemies of our principles, because that is what serves our interest. It is power, not any of the above concepts, that is the cause of war.

  19. Well, so depiction of Putin as Hitler failed, so now he is depicted as Genghis Khan. I wonder what’s next. Anti-Christ or Sun-god? I knew that Western elites degenerated in the last few decades and became clinically dumb, but their hired hacks seem to be even dumber.

    • Replies: @Beckow
  20. @joeshittheragman

    Hitler may not have been informed that it was the Anglos who mainly caused WW1 with the help of the Zionists.

    • Agree: Iris
  21. EugeneGur says:
    @Jason Liu

    Russia is white and sorta nationalistic

    Russia isn’t nationalistic. How could a country with more than a hundred nationalities and all world religions except Hindu be nationalistic and survive? Russia is just independent and not particularly eager to lick anybody’s boots, that’s all. There is nothing particularly nationalistic about this.

    Ukraine is ultranationalistic to the point of been Nazi – doesn’t bother the West one bit. Poland, the Baltics – ditto. Russia isn’t, and Russia is the problem.

    It’s really the liberal democratic west that instigates these conflicts.

    This is a contradiction in terms. What is liberal about instigating conflicts? It is the most illiberal thing in the world to do. Perhaps, this is just a misnomer, and the countries that call themselves “liberal democracies” are nothing of the sort but are instead authoritarian and supremely illiberal.

    Russia and the west until Russia becomes more liberal/democratic, or until the west becomes less liberal/democratic.

    Well, probably until the West stops lying to itself and the others and messing with other people’s lives.

    • Replies: @Anja Böttcher
  22. Beckow says:

    …their hired hacks seem to be even dumber

    It reflects the consumers. It takes two sides for a lie to exist, it also takes a dumb population to support clinically dumb hired hacks in the media.

    • Replies: @AnonFromTN
    , @annamaria
  23. The 2001 “attacks” were not “attacks” and did not kill 3000 Americans. They were a controlled demolition, a psy-op, and fake false flag, and an insurance and stock market fraud. There were no planes, no suicide hijackers. The 3,000 names are phony. Of course there were some accidents, and then some first responders died afterwards from toxic contamination, and millions were killed as a result, and many more will die. Learn where up and down is first before you go off the deep end.

  24. @Beckow

    Unfortunately, you are right. The education kids get in most US schools is pathetic. Most colleges are not much better, either. Really good colleges (Ivy League and equivalent) graduate ~2% of college students. With election participation under 50% in most cases, the smarter 2-3% don’t matter. Hence we have what we have.

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  25. @Wally

    Parry should check with obstetrics wards in border states. Ending so called birthright citizenship for the progeny of illegals should be our first priority even before the wall.

    • Agree: RadicalCenter
    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  26.  the vast majority of immigration is motivated by labor demands and changes in political or socio-economic factors in their native countries, whether it is from the global south or Eastern Europe. Trump has been rightfully criticized for promoting this falsehood regarding undocumented immigrants and his executive orders targeting birthright citizenship, but it appears liberals are willing to unfairly apply this same fallacy toward Russians for political reasons.

    You lost all credibility with this intentionally misleading statement.
    – There is no labor demand anywhere there is unemployment. “Labor demand… in their native countries,” is labor surplus. “Labor demand” in the US, and other first world countries, is a demand for cheap labor to suppress wages.
    – There is no such thing as “undocumented immigrants”. To be an immigrant, you have to apply for immigrant status in any country. “Undocumented immigrant” means illegal alien. A person who has broken US (and any other country) law.
    – “Birthright citizenship” is a myth. The 14th amendment is the starting point of the myth. The expressly stated purpose of the 14th Amendment was to provide citizenship to freed slaves and their families, Not to someone who was born in the US by chance. Further, if a criminal cannot “gain” by his actions, for example writing a book about his crime, how can a mother, who has committed a criminal act through illegal entry, gain from giving birth?

    In respect of the claim that the “anchor baby” claim is overstated, I would ask why a television program Border Security had a segment on a couple coming to the US, from an African nation, stating specifically that they were coming so the 8+ month pregnant wife could give birth in the US? The woman was allowed in with the explanation that medical costs were all hers, but the husband refused entry, because he wasn’t having the baby. If a tv program can film an encounter like that at one desk, on one shift, at one airport, in one city, I’m supposed to believe that only a handful of the 200,000+ a year ILLEGAL ALIEN pregnant women coming to the US aren’t coming for that purpose?

    As for the Russians, a wise man once said, of the top 100 things wrong with our country, that would be 104th.

  27. Wally says:

    Well said.

    The Zionist propaganda about WWII is massive yet easily debunked.
    This is quite good at just that:

    Why Germany Invaded Poland, by John Wear:


    • Replies: @Anja Böttcher
  28. Wally says:

    Yet it’s claimed that ‘Germany was trying to rule the world’.
    With a small navy and much smaller army than Britain, France, the USSR and others.
    The claim is laughable.

    Hitler had no interest in occupying England, there is no proof that he did.

    • Replies: @Andrew E. Mathis
  29. bucky says:

    the West faces the greatest threat from.subsahara Africa but it is not allowed to say so.

  30. Wally says:

    Max Parry is ridiculous when he talks about such things like US Indians & Hitler’s train, the contrived & absurd nonsense about Mengele, and Parry ignores the fact that the German attack on the USSR was preemptive. Parry has the all too common fantasies of evil for anything about Hitler, which say a lot about Parry and nothing about Hitler.

    Like most dilettantes, Parry gets a few things right, but is incompetent on the whole.

  31. @Wally

    I don’t think that Germany was trying to rule the world — just Europe. That said, only the U.S. and USSR had larger armies than Germany did, and those two armies weren’t much large — both were around 12.5 million, compared to 10 million for Germany. Germany’s army was twice that size of those of France and the UK, at around 5 million apiece.

    I’m curious: If Germany had no intention of occupying the UK, then why spend all that time trying to achieve air superiority? What was Unternehmen Seelöwe if there was no such plan?

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @Curmudgeon
    , @Wally
  32. onebornfree says: • Website
    @ploni almoni

    ploni almoni says: “The 2001 “attacks” were not “attacks” and did not kill 3000 Americans. They were a controlled demolition, a psy-op, and fake false flag, and an insurance and stock market fraud. There were no planes, no suicide hijackers. The 3,000 names are phony. “

    Regards, onebornfree

    • Agree: Agent76
    • Replies: @Agent76
  33. @Jake

    Even the native people of formerly-great formerly-Britain would very likely be better off under German occupation today than their actual plight.

    Instead of being ruled by highly intelligent, productive people of very similar genetic stock with a closely related language and a largely compatible Greco-Roman-influenced Christian culture, the English, Scottish, Irish and Welsh will find themselves increasingly abused and then formally ruled by Muslims, often of Arab, Turkish, Pakistani / Indian, or worst of all African background.

    Britain actually lost at Dunkirk.

  34. @ploni almoni

    Certainly the us government may have done the 9/11 attack itself as a false flag. But there were real victims.

    I grew up in northern NJ and still have friends and family there and in nyc. Our family friend personally worked in the twin towers and well knew people from his office who died that day. They were real people who had worked there and known our friend for many years, not government crisis actors. Our friend was on vacation and hence survived.

    • Replies: @ploni almoni
  35. I don’t think that Germany was trying to rule the world — just Europe. That said, only the U.S. and USSR had larger armies than Germany did, and those two armies weren’t much large — both were around 12.5 million, compared to 10 million for Germany. Germany’s army was twice that size of those of France and the UK, at around 5 million apiece.

    Minor correction: in 1939, the size of the US Army was a measely 174,000.

    If by “rule the world” you only mean “conquer the world” you are correct. That said, if Germany could conquer England and the USSR, while its Japanese friends conquered China, then Germany and its friends would indeed “rule” the world.

  36. Anon[424] • Disclaimer says:
    @Andrew E. Mathis

    Man , but don`t forget that the Fhürer believed that each german soldier was worth at least 10 times any soldier from France , Russia or England ( and maybe ever more when they were on amphetamines , Pervitin trade mark ) . So the 10 million german soldiers were worth at least 100 million enemy soldiers . They were so superior than even they did not have real winter clothes for the russian campaign , what for ? , a superior german soldier is never cold , even in the russian winter .

    • Replies: @Curmudgeon
    , @Wally
  37. @AnonFromTN

    People who attend Ivy League universities are perhaps the most brainwashed, ill-informed, irrational, and ill-equipped for normal life, compared to grads of supposedly less prestigious colleges and Voc-Tech schools, Farm and ranch kids, and kids who go right to apprenticing and working at a useful tangible necessary trade like electrician, plumber, auto mechanic, welder, etc.

    We need to stop being impressed with Ivy League grads or assuming that they’re consistently much smarter than other people.

    • Replies: @AnonFromTN
  38. @Fidelios Automata

    Yes, and not just babies born to people here illegally.

    Also deny citizenship to babies born to people here legally on a tourist visa, as thousands of Chinese women do every year in Guam, Hawaii, and on the west coast.

  39. @DFH

    See _Icebreaker_. Had the Germans invaded England, they’d have lost decisively to a major USSR assault. Unz has posted quite a bit about this.


    • Replies: @AnonFromTN
  40. Yet another article about evil as embodied by the writer’s enemies. The reaction to the US White Death (which was “Yay! Pile it on, whites!”) and the gleeful publicists who won’t shut up about imminent white genocide have changed the climate for such articles. They aren’t interesting, nor are they signs of a mentally ill person who only needs help and a bit of understanding, perhaps a rational argument (There couldn’t _really_ be demons under your bed. Look, I’m checking now!) to become a productive friend.

    Nope. They’re more like signs of one more psychopath or, worse, one more reporter.


  41. @RadicalCenter

    I am talking about STEM, not those graduating in BS “sciences” like “political science” (a contradiction in terms). In real science areas Ivies give education, whereas most colleges are just remedial: teach what kids should have learned in school but didn’t. I know it from experience with our grad students. Although my best grad student ever came from a no-name college in Iowa.

  42. Agent76 says:

    February 26, 2019 The Empire: Now or Never

    Many people I talk to seem to think American foreign policy has something to do with democracy, human rights, national security, or maybe terrorism or freedom, or niceness, or something. It is a curious belief, Washington being interested in all of them. Other people are simply puzzled, seeing no pattern in America’s international behavior. Really, the explanation is simple.

    Nov 29, 2016 The Map That Shows Why Russia Fears War With US

  43. @Counterinsurgency

    Well, Germans did not invade England, but still lost decisively to the USSR.

  44. Anonymous [AKA "pl282"] says:

    Despite all this slander, AmeriKKKa has no problem working with the direct descendants of Mongols – Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, etc. Who’s the Mongol now?

    • Replies: @Sam Coulton
  45. @RadicalCenter

    I said, if you read, that some First Responders died as a result of exposure to toxic materials, despite the presence of the chemical hazard teams brought in the day before for an “exercise.” And the whole population of New York and New Jersey was exposed to toxic chemicals about which the government accomplices lied. The assignment of the Fire Department was not to put out fires but to evacuate people. 17,000 people walked out. (If the buildings were actually occupied it should have 100,00, but they were losing money a long time ago.) But no one died in a plane because there were no planes. That afternoon the CEO of United Airlines plainly announced “all of our planes have safely landed.” The American Airlines planes never actually flew. And no one died in the buildings because of an airplane hit. The explosions were arranged like Hollywood disasters in empty offices. Those who actually walked out from the upper floors remarked on how cool they were. The first explosions were in the basement as a signal to evacuate, and people who could not walk were carried out by the fire department. Not only that, all lost wedding rings were found, not to mention the gold in the treasury offices. But how many bodies? The buildings were 70% already unoccupied. The apparent fires were butane gas to create the illusion of fires and when that was used up, within an hour, they had to start the demolition otherwise the thing would not be convincing. The Fire Department were told when to evacuate themselves because “another plane is coming.” What, do you think that the people who did this were monsters? When you need a cheap demolition at taxpayer expense you know who to call. They are experts. Next, the Empire State Building.

  46. @Anonymous

    Hungary was so thoroughly conquered the locals even switched their language, though genetically they are not distinct from neighbouring Slavs like the Slovaks

    Huns weren’t genetically distinct from Slavs. Huns were descended from the same Indo-Iranic root populatuon (Corded Ware-Sintashta) as the Slavs.

    Interesting article on Hunnic DNA:

    The men’s genes were similar to those of northern and central Europeans. The women with modified skulls, however, had a much more diverse set of ancestors. The majority matched up with southeastern Europeans like Romanians and Bulgarians, and one even had East Asian ancestors.

    • Replies: @Plato's Dream
  47. @Anonymous

    You’re trolling. Uzbeks and Tajikistan have almost no DNA from Mongols. Like most Turks they are a mix of Indo Iranic genes on the paternal line and East Asian on the maternal line.

  48. @AnonFromTN

    The slave people of the USSR were the greatest losers of all.

    • Replies: @AnonFromTN
    , @annamaria
  49. @Andrew E. Mathis

    If Germany had no intention of occupying the UK, then why spend all that time trying to achieve air superiority?

    It would be helpful to understand the difference in military philosophy between Britain and Germany. The psychopathic holdovers from the Plantagenets rejected the principals of the 200+ year old Treaty of Westphalia, which, among other things forbade attacking civilians, and required combatants to be in uniform. The Germans foolishly expected the British to uphold those principals.
    As early as 1937, the long range Lancaster bombers production was being ramped up. The German air force was designed for the Blitzkrieg. That is deployment near the front lines. They were never long distance bombers. That didn’t mean that cities would never be bombed if there were military targets within.
    The day after Churchill replaced Chamberlain, Britain began bombing civilian targets in Germany. To do that, they violated “neutral” Belgian and Dutch air space, although neither complained, and in fact were allowing reconnaissance flights over Germany from their territory. It was more than 2 months and dozens of attacks on civilians by British bombing raids, that Germany launched their first attack on Britain. Damage was relatively light, because extra fuel tanks took up space that would have been for bombs. Similarly, the Messerschmidt fighters were never long range like the Spitfires and Hurricanes, and could barely provide cover over the Channel. The air superiority was an attempt to stop the bombing of civilians.
    What is never discussed, is what was later built on the French coast for fortification. I recall Gerald Bull, who was offed by Mossad, stating that the Germans had built cannons there that could have been shelling London. He wondered why they didn’t. Studying them gave him the idea for his “supergun”. In the 60s Bull claimed that from his Space Research facility on the Quebec – Vermont border he could hit Mexico City with a shell equipped with a nuclear warhead.

    • Replies: @Plato's Dream
  50. At the time of Dunkirk, it was still thought that the firepower of a ship’s anti aircraft batteries could shoot down aircraft and defend itself. Also, so far as battleships were concerned, the bombs weren’t big enough to sink them. So the German army would not have thought that battleships could easily have been driven off. The German Army had 320 tanks left operational. The bigger battleships at Dunkirk could start destroying tank columns at 20 miles range, in some cases more. Hitler could have lost all his tanks without them engaging the enemy once. So he sent in the Luftwaffe instead. Contrary to British Army folklore, the RAF engaged the Luftwaffe at Dunkirk, initially with large losses, until the very first Spitfires turned up. On the other hand, the RAF did not have air superiority or anything close to it.

    The RAF did the same trick again later. Britain came closest to losing in the Atlantic. Without the US and Russia, the British Empire might have taken until 47 or 48 to beat Germany. The Anglo-Canadian bomb (the Hiroshima design) was workable. Without the US it would have taken longer to build. The German design was not workable.

    However, the involvement of Russia was inevitable. Hitler’s strike was defensive. Japan’s oil and rubber shortage was inevitable too.

    The author is excessive in his “Russia is a victim of Western propaganda”. He hasn’t read a British school history book. In my children’s primary school books, the Pacific War had one page, the Eastern Front, two; one of which noted the suffering of civilians.

    He is as zealous in his pursuit of victimhood and lack of agency for his Russian protagonist as Said for the Orientals. Sorry, I don’t buy the Soviet Union of 1939 as a helpless victim of an Anglo plot. It was capable of its own mistakes and aggressions.

    • Replies: @Avery
    , @Anja Böttcher
  51. @Anon

    And no US President has ever declared the US Military as being the greatest fighting force on the planet. WTF do you think he’d say? You’re all losers?

  52. @vagabondtheelder

    There are people brainwashed to the point of total absence of brain who believe that the people of the USSR were slave people. As psychiatric disorders are incurable, nobody can help those brainwashed people.

  53. Agent76 says:

    Here is a eyewitness of one of players involved exiting building 7 on the morning of.

    May 25, 2014 FDNY 9/11 Survivor Witness and Whistleblower Speaks on WTC 7

    Listen very carefully starting at the ’20’ second mark! As a firefighter on 9/11, he was at Ground Zero and was there when Building 7 came down.

  54. @AnonFromTN

    Yes, communism as practiced by the USSR government(s) was one which allowed free will. Thank you for correcting me on that. I now begin to see the people of the Soviet Union could speak and live openly as they desired, had freedom of association, travel, religion and the people were not controlled with respect to every aspect of their life.

    Thank you for correcting me, in your infantile way. I will now challenge myself to alter my perception of the communist system and its free people whom I had not before seen. Grand work on your part, I say.

    • Replies: @AnonFromTN
  55. @vagabondtheelder

    I suspect I know more about Jainism that you about USSR or communism (FYI, these are two different things). Cannot be helped. Propaganda works, just ask Dr. Goebbels.

    • Replies: @vagabondtheelder
  56. @AnonFromTN

    That you’d answer with

    USSR or communism (FYI, these are two different things).

    after I posted

    communism as practiced by the USSR government(s)

    explains why I’ve muted you.

    • Replies: @AnonFromTN
  57. Rogue says:

    A navy without air cover in such a confined area as the English Channel is hopelessly vulnerable.

    Except the British had plenty of air cover as they would go on to prove.

    Also unlikely the British would have relied on battleships to counter a German invasion in the English Channel, other than to counter German capital ships.

    Vast numbers of light cruisers and destroyers packed to the rafters with anti-aircraft guns would have been pretty daunting even for an airforce as skilled as the Luftwaffe.

    What about submarines? The English Channel is not very deep and would have been a dangerous place to operate for U boats, especially seeing as the Royal navy had Asdic (sonar).

  58. @AnonFromTN

    Well, Germans did not invade England, but still lost decisively to the USSR.

    If the Germans had invaded England, the USSR’s Red Army would have conquered Europe all the way to the Atlantic, and with minimal casualties. It might have taken England, might not have — it wasn’t equipped for trans-Channel operations and would have had its hands full administering what it had taken.

    The Stalin/Lenin plan [1] was maximax, which is idiocy for a land empire because maximum loss means losing the entire empire. Maybe it was “Well, we small group of revolutionaries took Russia, nearly took much of Eastern Europe with revolutions. If we lose WW II, then ‘easy come, easy go’”.


    1] Victor Suvorov.
    _Icebreaker. WHO STARTED THE SECOND WORLD WAR?_ for a Kindle edition.

    • Replies: @AnonFromTN
  59. @Sam Coulton

    Interestig article, except that it doesn’t say anything about the Hunnic DNA. The men were Germanic and the women paleo-Balkan.

    • Replies: @Sam Coulton
  60. @Curmudgeon

    “In the 60s Bull claimed that from his Space Research facility on the Quebec – Vermont border he could hit Mexico City with a shell equipped with a nuclear warhead.”

    I smell Bull shit.

    • Replies: @Curmudgeon
  61. annamaria says:

    On the rotten and disintegrating corpse of corporate media:
    Comment section:

    … the BBC – and other UK MSM outlets like Sky News – are little more than mouthpieces for the UK .gov and SIS (MI5 & MI6). Their news reporting on important controversial news stories like the Skripals amounts to little more than reading out agreed scripts which contain untruths and which are knowingly intended to deceive and mislead the British public – the very same people who are obliged by law to fund the BBC thru the annual TV Licence – and by extension the rest of the world thru BBC World.

    The fat salaries paid to the likes of SIS-linked Mark Urban by the BBC are all paid by British residents whether they like it or not. Even if you don’t have a TV reception device (TV) you are still required to pay the BBC TV licence if all you do is occasionally watch BBC iPlayer on your PC or smartphone.

    Attempts to restructure the BBC by successive political parties have never succeeded because once in power they quickly realise that the BBC is directly linked to SIS [MI5 & MI6] and its usefulness in pumping out State propaganda applies to whichever political party is in office.

    • Replies: @AnonFromTN
    , @Beckow
  62. annamaria says:

    vagabondtheelder, are you a product of the American educational system?
    If this is not too hard for you, you might want to check the names and bios of professors in sciences & math at the leading European universities. You will be for a surprise!

    And what exactly has made such bastions of free will as the UK and France the subservient tool of the Friends of Israel? AIPAC, vagabondtheelder?

  63. Avery says:
    @Philip Owen

    { Hitler’s strike was defensive.}

    No it wasn’t: it was aggressive and expansionist.

    Hitler said that Germany’s future has to lie in the acquisition of land in the East at the expense of Russia, which he openly stated in Mein Kampf.

  64. @Counterinsurgency

    Well, maybe, maybe not. History does not have subjunctive mood. Whatever really happened did happen, the rest is hand-waving.

    • Replies: @Counterinsurgency
  65. @annamaria

    The best thing about BBC is that every Brit actually pays for it. In essence, they pay the Big Brother for telling them that war is peace. Orwell was a Brit, no random coincidence there.

  66. @vagabondtheelder

    Good for you. Dr. Goebbels would approve wholeheartedly. Funny thing is, Stalin would agree with him on this.

    • Replies: @yurivku
  67. @Avery

    You cannot prove that 2×2=4 to someone who refuses to acknowledge it.

  68. Beckow says:

    I have always had a sense that Anglos don’t know how to handle losing. Historically, they have led a charmed existence, especially the Anglo elites. They have created a grandiose and appealing infrastructure of liberally appearing institutions, rules, culture, etc… all based on the fact that the winners can afford to be magnanimous. Some of that freedom and tolerance has over time become genuine and that makes Britain still a great country.

    But when things go badly, when they lose, or fear losing, the rhetorical patina is thrown away and Anglo elite’s selfish, ugly and hypocritical character comes out. They become in some ways worse than other propaganda pushing groups because they are genuinely unaware of what they are doing. Others can see it. The culture that has given world so much should not embarrass itself so publicly.

    It is like the English concept of fair-play : only people who by nature are inclined to cheat need to have a formal concept of ‘fair play’. Playing games should be fair on their own, if you have to restate – as the English do – there is something wrong. BBC seems like an example of a collapsed institution: great setup, professionalism, and yet it turns out that they cannot handle losing. So they go into a propaganda overdrive. Or maybe it is the aspirational South Asians and end-of-liners who work there. Sad.

  69. @Beckow

    There is an American expression “sore loser”. It is derogatory.

    • Replies: @Beckow
  70. annamaria says:

    “BBC seems like an example of a collapsed institution: great setup, professionalism…”

    the BBC is directly linked to SIS [MI5 & MI6]

    The BBC does not belong to free press anymore; the BBC has been converted into a tool of oligarchy.

    • Replies: @Beckow
    , @Curmudgeon
  71. @AnonFromTN

    Whatever really happened did happen, the rest is hand-waving.

    I agree. You might want to look at Victor Suvorov’s books [1], though (he has several), or his various presentations (US Naval Academy [1], Hudson Institute) on . Suvorov has a pretty strong case, and his account is widely accepted. Hitler attacked two weeks before the scheduled Soviet jumpoff.
    It’s kind of like the submariner who prevented WW III during the Cuban Missile Crisis [2]. Sometimes things really are that close [3]. Makes you wonder just how uncertain the future is now.

    There are quite a few videos etc. contradicting Suvorov. I’d suggest reading Suvorov first. After that, the contradictions seem like plausible lies.


    Search for more and longer videos by suvorov.
    3] Start of WW I being a well known example in which the bullet was not dodged.

  72. Beckow says:

    Over the years people have used a lot of ways to push propaganda. One thing nobody has ever figured out is how to get the consumers to pay for propaganda. The neat trick of a compulsory ‘BBC license fee’ is quite creative, I wonder how much longer it can last.

  73. @Plato's Dream

    The women were Huns, Einstein.

    • Replies: @Plato's Dream
  74. annamaria says:

    An essay on treason in high places: Bruce Ohr testimony

    Synopsis (from comment section):

    Clinton hires Fusion GPS

    Fusion GPS hires Chris Steele “former” MI6 to create pee pee dossier w muh Russia collusion

    Bruce Ohr brings dossier to FBI

    Must spy on Trump

    pee pee dossier leaked to (((journalist))) [CIA assets]

    FBI uses pee pee and articles from leak to get a FISA warrant to spy on Trump

    Bruce Ohr’s wife Nellie works for fusion GPS

    Nellie has a sudden interest in ham radio (avoid communications being compromised)

    Bruce Ohr meets with Andrew Weismann months before special counsel for muh Russia

    Andrew Weissman is Mueller’s head prosecutor.

    Beautiful! A ready-to-go libretto for an opera “High Treason in Our Home”

    BTW, here is the dirty opportunist Andrew Weissman:

    He is one of the “The 3 Jewish Lawyers Joining Mueller’s Investigation into Trump:”

  75. @AnonFromTN

    I thought that before I actually went to Russia. I had my suspicions otherwise but tended to the propaganda view.

    • Replies: @AnonFromTN
  76. @Avery

    Mein Kampf was written just after the Bolshevik revolution a long time before 1941. Hitler’s speech the day before Pearl Harbour, when he thought he was winning on all fronts, was clear that he invaded Russia in fear of a Russian attack. By 1941, Lebensraum plans had shrunk to resettling Germans from the East in Western Poland for which there were elaborate plans in place. Hitler remains an all time World Class monster but with the Danzig corridor he had recovered the territory of 1913 Germany.

  77. @Avery

    Context is everything. Hitler also stated in Mien Kampf, that recovering all lands lost in the Treaty of Versailles was necessary, yet he ceded land to Poland and was prepared to cede more through a referendum that Germany most likely would have lost. He also declared Germany’s border with France fixed and gave up claim to Alsace and Lorraine.

    The reference to the the attack on Russia being defensive is entirely accurate. One of the largest military buildups in history was taking place at the USSR’s Western border. It’s been well documented, but ignored, because it doesn’t fit the “evil Nazi” narrative. The non-aggression pact with the USSR was to avoid a war on 2 fronts. Waiting for the Soviet attack would have been folly. As Leon DeGrelle stated, if it weren’t for Germany, Stalin would have been standing in Calais planning his invasion of Britain.

  78. @annamaria

    the BBC has been converted into a tool of oligarchy.

    Bingo! Maggie made it look easy. Every time the BBC stepped out of line, there were funding cuts. It only took 3 or 4 times, along with new Board of Governor appointments, for the project to be completed. The same happened in Canada. The CBC was mostly critical of government, regardless of the party. Reagan’s singing partner Lyin’ Brian Mulroney borrowed Maggie’s trick. Today, I wouldn’t believe the CBC if it announced the day of the week.

  79. @Philip Owen

    So, you were open-minded. True believers never let the reality shake their “true beliefs”. If the facts contradict their beliefs, they ignore the facts.

    Quite a few freedoms were curbed in the USSR. We had no political choice, we could not travel abroad without authorities’ approval, etc. That galled a lot of people (myself included). We did not value what we had: free education at all levels, free healthcare, ridiculously cheap housing, plentiful jobs that paid enough to feed and clothe your family, etc. Many people in today’s Russia lament the loss of these things: when you are poor, you might be free to travel, but you don’t have money for it. You can support whatever political party you like, but still remain poor.

    E.g., in the US people are free to travel, but the majority does not even have foreign passport, because they don’t have money to travel anywhere, even to Mexico. More than half do not vote because there is no difference between the two main parties, and because voting gives them nothing whatsoever.

    As to WWII, slaves do not fight for their country. In fact, slaves do what most Europeans did: surrender instead of fighting. Brits fought, but most of continental Europe (with a few exceptions, like Serbia or Poland in 1939) just surrendered.

    The funniest thing is that in today’s Russia there is a lot more political freedom than in the US and most of Europe. Media promote different views, different positions are represented on TV, etc., in sharp contrast to the uniformity in MSM opinions in the US and Europe, which compares only to the worst years of Hitler’s and Stalin’s rule. As Dr. Goebbels rightly said, the lie must be big, and you need to repeat it over and over.

    • Agree: Andrei Martyanov
  80. Skeptikal says:

    An excellent “revisionist” work on the Second World War, and very readable, is Clive Ponting’s

    The Reality Behind the Distortions,: Myths, Lies, Illusions of World War II

  81. Beckow says:

    Well, losing is tough. It has been hitting the Anglo world like a hurricane in the last few years, no wonder they are slightly hysterical and abandoning all decorum. But it actually make it worse…

  82. Wally says:
    @Andrew E. Mathis

    – French Army ready on eve of Battle of France: 5,000,000
    – German Army ready on eve of Battle of France 3,000,000
    – France had many more tanks.
    – Germany had to fight the Brits as well in France, recall Dunkirk.

    – Germany Luftwaffe wanted to stop the bombing of civilians, which the British started.
    The Brits and Allies in general wanted air superiority, as do most forces in war time.

    – All countries had / have invasion plans for other countries, especially belligerents at war. Doesn’t mean they were actually going to invade, it’s what military planners did / do everywhere.

  83. Wally says:

    Actually, the German soldiers were superior. vastly so.
    German Soldiers of World War II, Why They Were the Best, and Why They Still Lost:

  84. annamaria says:

    Trump, who pretends to oppose Obama’s regime-change policies, alternately expands them and shrinks them. Though he’s slightly different from Obama on domestic policies, he never, as the US President, condemns any of his predecessors’ many coups and invasions, all of which were disasters for everybody except America’s and allies’ billionaires. They’re all in on the take.

    The high-placed thieves, liars, murderers, violators of international laws and of the rules of human decency.

    The US Government claims to be anti-ISIS, but actually didn’t even once bomb ISIS in Syria until Russia started bombing ISIS in Syria on 30 September 2015 … the US had actually been secretly arming ISIS there so as to help ISIS and especially Al Qaeda (and the US was strongly protecting Al Qaeda in Syria) to overthrow Syria’s secular and non-sectarian Government. …

    And, under Trump, on the night of 2 March 2019, the US rained down upon ISIS in northeast Syria the excruciating and internationally banned white phosphorous to burn ISIS and its hostages alive, which Trump’s predecessor Barack Obama had routinely done to burn alive the residents in Donetsk and other parts of eastern former Ukraine where voters had voted more than 90% for the democratically elected Ukrainian President whom Obama’s coup in Ukraine had replaced. It was a way to eliminate some of the most-undesired voters — people who must never again be voting in a Ukrainian national election… The land there is wanted; its residents certainly are not wanted by the Obama-imposed regime. …

    The US had done the same thing [stole gold Syria] then it took over Ukraine by a brutal coup in February 2014: It grabbed the gold.

  85. yurivku says:

    This thread also looks as a menthal hospital where only few sanes inside, those could be counted with just one hand. Such a pityful picture, it’s actually everywhere when people communicate on English. I’ve lost all the illusions if I had some.

    • Replies: @AnonFromTN
  86. yurivku says:

    But when things go badly, when they lose, or fear losing, the rhetorical patina is thrown away and Anglo elite’s selfish, ugly and hypocritical character comes out.

    Well, that’s certainly true.
    One more point is – they are no better when they succeed, like destroying countries, toppling foreign gov’ts, telling stories about bringing democracy while killing childs … etc, you should to know.

  87. @yurivku

    A lot of people in the US and Western Europe are brainwashed to the point that they don’t even realize how brainwashed they are. This disease is even worse in the West than it used to be in the USSR. However, sites like this, where freedom of speech is real, are the only places where at least open-minded people can get some real info, as opposed to pure propaganda and fake news in the MSM. Sure, it won’t help “true believers”, but those are hopeless, like mental cases.

  88. joe webb says:

    I re-read Said’s book on Orientalism a year or so ago.

    He states that his method is a hermeneutic which by definition excludes all contrary evidence.

    He writes as an anti-Orientalist…and flat-out rejects any other pro-orientalist writers or evidence.

    Therefore, Said joins the company of yet another largely Jewish subversion of Objective thinking and writing.

    In other words, it is junk and will fade away with all the other post-modernisms of the late 20th century.

    I am a total Orientalist…The Orient is pure Oriental Despotism, and for that matter all the other races beside Whites are similar, none of them having invented free Speech, etc. Especially Jews…

    Now that another 20 or so years has gone by, with the Oriental World proving itself to be, uh, Oriental…ta ta Edward.

    He did have a couple beautiful daughters though.

    Joe Webb

  89. @Philip Owen

    Oh, really, your incredible islandish historical education, based on two pages in a primary school schoolbook, tells you “Hitler’s strike [against the Soviet Union] was defensive”?

    I would recommend you to start reading Adolf Hitler “Mein Kampf”, 2nd book, chapter 14. It was by the way dicated to and written down by Rudolf Hess, then published in 1925. Composed during Hitler’s arrest in Landsberg am Lech.

    Then some further primary documents of the early 30s, but especially of 1940 following. They are mostly faksimilies, i.e. copy of the originals, provided by a Russian-German research project under involvement of the Bavarian State Library:

    [MORE],_1891-1939 c=1000_dokumente_de&viewmode=0&l=de&von_treffer=60&bis_treffer=69
    Read here Book 2, chapter 14:
    Solid historiographical records for countering revisionist lies:

    Just a bit resource base for studies – as British primary school education seems unbeatable in academic historical education:

    Without the US and Russia, the British Empire might have taken until 47 or 48 to beat Germany.

    Great British Empire would certainly easily have replaced 18 million Red Armists, whose encounters with Axis forces made up 85% of the non-Pacific fights of WW2, huge Russian territory and Soviet plus USAmerican war production – and could have celebrated a giant victory on defeat of Nazi Germany all alone.

    That is exactly what British post-war technological and economic sucess looked like.

    However, we all know that Great Britain is still the most impressive Empire on the planet – and now, after Brexit, the largest economies of the world line up to offer Britain the most attractive trade agreements imaginable.

    Wo could ever match Britain’s glory and sense of reality?

  90. @Anja Böttcher

    Formerly Great formerly Britain committed suicide. Follow Roman wisdom: De mortuis nil nisi bene (“Of the dead, nothing but good”).

  91. @AnonFromTN

    Reminded me of a Russian joke.
    Moishe died, and Rabinovitz tries to get to the podium to say something. People tell him: “We all know that you and Moishe did not like each other. You know that of the dead, you say nothing but good”. Rabinovitz answers: “That’s right. I just want to say that Moishe died, and it is good!”

  92. @AnonFromTN

    You are perfectly right. That is why I chose the form of message I chose. Permits him to stick to illusions, if he likes, or to get the clue, if he is capable of.

    I have had looks at two comment threads here and am stunned to which degree they are full of Nazi revisionism, historical distortion and right extremeist ideological hate. Before that, I could see that on websites like Russia Insider and The Duran this is exactly the same.

    So-called US-made ‘pro-Russian’ websites are fascist ratholes. How could anybody with a modest degree of historical knowledge think Nazi revisionism could be “pro-Russian”?

    Do you live in the US? Does public there really only consist of two kinds of lunacy?
    I am German. There is not one website in the German language on which people dared to spread that degree of dirt. They would rightfully face criminal charges. There are Nazis here, but they have to clad their messages in kind of cryptic language, cannot spread their revisionism openly – which is good that way: Rats should be kept in their ratholes.

    From where do all these lunatics pop up? Are they visible in the open street in the US? How can sane people then exist in a country where they are only surrounded by madness?

    • Replies: @AnonFromTN
  93. @EugeneGur

    Hallo Eugene,

    stunned by the degree of intoxicating historical distortions in comment threats under this website, I have read several of your comments and admire the degree of patience and accurateness with which you respond to these people.

    However, one question:
    I have witnessed crowding of similar commentators on websites like The Duran and Russia Insider. The latter started decently. I had back then, 2015, after publishing several articles, to counter Nato diescourse in the mainstream, written several articles myself on – quite different – alternative German websites. Five texts of mine were published on RT Deutsch, as they were just starting at that time with a very small budget, thus welcomed contribution from outside.

    As I thought that “pro-Russian” websites in English might be a good way of endorsing cross-border communication, I first did not comment on RI, but translated two good German articles for them into English, which they published. When in the course of about a year, the website turned into a rat-hole of Nazi revisionism, I made the publisher of that website delege these articles, as I knew the original German authors would have objected to have their articles on Nazi websites.

    Nevertheless, it is ovious the case that in the US established political milieus, whose media discourse is intoxicating and hateful, meet a likewise hateful and intoxicating inner-US opposition which embraces open fascist and chauvinistic cacists autoritarian political views.

    These people, however, seem to have chosen your country as projection field for their dreams of a ressurection of fascism. This is, historically seen, absolutely lunatic – but none of these people react to any reasonable argument, nor to historical evidence, no matter how many primary documents one links.

    To Nazi revisionists who wrote about the “good German patriot” Hitler who had to “preempt” aggressive Stalinist intentions, I could link faksimilies of hundreds of pages of primary documents from various German internet archives, plus various from a common projet of German and Russian historians. These people just declared me that those were “fakes” and Germans had just swallowed “Bolshevik reeducation”. Pointing out to them, that this was rubbish, as I was from the German west and joined research of German and Russian historians I was talking about started in the 1990s, so definitely not under “Bolshevik occupation”. Pointless. These people are immune against logical arguments and undeniable historical facts.

    I would like to know whether this is perceived in Russia, that somehow your country has been chosen as some kind of Eden for western, I suppose mainly USAmerican, neofascists? I know, for example, that Charles Bausman, editor of the openly fascist website Russia Insider, is a USAmerican who resides in Moscow. He seems to have contacts a fascist anti-Soviet Russian oligarch, a monarchist, as I was told by a compatriot of yours, but in 2015, whe the website was still bearable, he even received a media prize in Russia.

    For people in Germany who try like mad to counter the anti-Russian discourse in the mainstream media, who are well connected with the “NATO-information warfare”-infrastructure, these Nazi revisionist wrong ‘sympathies’ for Russia are deadly. They permit mainstream to denounce as as supporters of the extreme right – which we are not. There are many people here who object to current NATO policies and our government’s support for the confrontation course, but they do not want to have anything to do with bloody Nazi apologists. If I met one or the other lunatic here and they would talk the rubbish they write right in my face, I would plant a fist on their noses.

    I really regret that there is no decent platform for serious communication. What has happened since 2014 is, in my view, incredible: That an all in all tiny layer of people, politicians, NATO officials and related alpha-journalists, who felt in best corps-spirit connected to that political class (results of transatlantic networks that have existed ever since 1945, but obviously even expanded their range post 1990s) suddenly decided that western population have to regrad Russians as enemies. Most people here object to it – and think this is absolute madness.

    But if the only websites that object to that organized hostility are crap Nazi revisionist, this is no option either. I am not willing to choose between two forms of lunacy and dishonesty.

    How could sane, decent and honest communication between people in Russia and people in European countries be made possible? I am not interested in the US population here, after all we share a common continent, not them, and we all must have the genuine interest to keep peace on European soil.

    I am just interested in your views in that respect.

    • Replies: @yurivku
  94. yurivku says:
    @Anja Böttcher

    Anja, sorry for answering here, but – AFAIK:

    – AnonFromTN is Russian/Ukranian scientist living in US
    – not sure about Eugen, but believe he is also living outside Russia.

    90+% of others here are Nazy / brainwashed dummies / payed trolls with only few exceptions, I won’t list those here.

    What about RI – I’m watching it for about one year and mainly it was adequate, but yes, recently about 10% of articles got to be of Nazi revisionism stuff. Other articles decreased of quality..

    In commenting section about 70% of commenters are normal people with just a few sad exception.
    I don’t know why.

    So, I don’t know any decent English resource which not filled with dirt up to its top.
    Probably because people speaking it are not able to speak anything else.
    And even best from normal commenters here are not gonna do something about their life.

    How could sane, decent and honest communication between people in Russia and people in European countries be made possible?

    I’m afraid currently it’s not possible and good chances for good are bad. Communications are fastly go to military, WW3-like, way.

    • Replies: @Anja Böttcher
  95. @yurivku

    Any war today would go nuclear.

    Yuri, I am in my early 50s, from what you wrote about yourself I can see that you are about ten years older. So I would say, we both have had lives. However, as I have kids, nephews and nieces plus teach more than a hundred kids, many of who have either experienced war themselves or their families – in Yugoslavia, Kurdish part of Turkey, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria – thus I think, every grown-up, no matter which nation, who is still sane, should stand up against a devastation that might be unparallelled in history – as we have, as human beings, really the capacity to eracidate human life on this planet.

    That it is again so easy for cynic power elites to turn one bulk of people into insane hate-infested lunatics, lure others in apathy or indifference and makes the rest so helpless, is incredible.

    There must still be enough people on the planet who are as sane as morally intact that standing up together and calling murderous lunacy murderous lunacy must be possible.

    Not doing something against doom is kind of surrendering to bastards, isn’t it?

    • Replies: @yurivku
  96. yurivku says:
    @Anja Böttcher

    You are right in all your points, but I see no exit.
    We, Russians, have to defend ourselves, and we will, it’s for the West to change something.

    • Replies: @Anja Böttcher
  97. @yurivku

    Believe me I would, if I could.

    Many try , but they have to cope with a huge organised NATO-information war machinery, against which hardly anyone can get through. Those people were prepared, as they knew years before what they were up to.

    Imagine a square and thousand shouting at the top of their voices against 50 guys with huge loudhailers. They pretend as if we were not there – although it’s quite obvious.

    It is even worse for people who voice what is right on a public stage. Sarah Wagenknecht had a physical breakdown this week – and withdrew from her post at Die Linke. Due to the degree of poison she had to face for five years now – although her anti-war stances were greeted by the overwhelmig majority of the population.

    What I meant was not that any others do any job for us, but that it would be of use, if people here had the impression that others at least perceive what they try. It is not good that there are no relations between ordinary people.

  98. @Anja Böttcher

    Yes, I do live in the US for the last 28 years. In fact, very few people are open Nazi apologists here. They congregate on uncensored sites like this one because in most places they’d be censored out. But censorship does not change the reality, it only creates an illusion that something that actually exists does not.

    Being born in the USSR, I must say that the core Nazi belief (my tribe is better than your tribe) is ingrained in the so-called European culture. It explains massive crimes against humanity committed by all colonial powers (Brits, Spaniards, French, Dutch, even Belgians in Congo) that Europeans pretend not to know about. It also explains recurring every century unification of Europe and subsequent aggressive wars against Russia (Napoleon, Hitler). Every time Russia beats united Europe to a pulp, whereupon it whines and licks its wounds for a century, then tries once more. Now Europe is NATO, literally asking for the same treatment yet again.

    I know a lot of Germans, have German DAAD RISE students in the lab virtually every year, and collaborate with several labs in Germany. These Germans appear to be perfectly normal, but my sample is skewed: the Germans I know are all scientists. Their attitudes do not explain why German “advisors” and troops are in the same places today as in 1943: Baltics, Ukraine, etc. What’s more, your government openly supports Ukrainian and Baltic Nazis, but you keep voting for Merkel’s party. Reminds me that Hitler was democratically elected in 1933, and then Austrians overwhelmingly voted to join Hitler’s Germany.

    All I can say is that illusions created by censorship are deceptive and very dangerous for those who believe their own propaganda.

    • Replies: @Anja Böttcher
  99. @Wally


    An article by a USAmerican fascist website quoting not a single primary sources, but solely a handfull of other USAmerican fascist authors, mostly articles, who again only quote other USAmerican fascists. People out of a completely closed USAmerican rightextremist bubble, who know neither Polish nor German, have never in their lives visited archives, confirm each other in ficticious history which only pleases the USAmerican righ-wing bubble.

    If you are interested in self-confirming fiction, could you USAmericans not just invent bullshit about your own country and batter each others’ heads within your own country, drawing all your uniformed slaughterers from foreign territory and leaving the rest of the world alone?



    It is no question that the aggressively nationalistic Pilsudski-regime in Poland had no problems to dream of pretty expansionist greater-Polish aspiration themselves, treated ehtnic minorities in an utterly ugly way (not only Germans, but as well Ukrainians, Russians, Jews and smaller Slavic minorities) and was awfully hate-stricken. Only Polish nationalists may believe that post Ww1-Poland was a nice country.

    However, that poor and mild Hitler only wanted peace with Poland and was the most peace-loving creature on earth, is against all historical evidence. That he likewise only played along with them and had no intention at all to permit Poles a sovereign existence as a nation, is no secret either. Sources – and I am talking about REAL SOURCES, primary sources, i.e. texts, memos, decrees, records of what Hitler and Nazis actually said, prove what Hitler planned to do with all populations in eastern Europe up to the Ural.

    In order to prove what Hitler wanted to do with Balts and Ukrainian, which he regarded as pro-German I just quote what his secretary recorded from speaches he gave to high Nazi-officials.

    Just some examples out of the Führerhauptquartier from 19 September 1941 (first always in German, then in English, my translation):

    ” Die slawischen Völker sind zu einem eigenen Leben nicht bestimmt. Das wissen sie, und wir dürfen ihnen nicht einreden, sie könnten das auch. Wir haben 1918 die baltischen Länder und die Ukraine geschaffen. Wir haben aber heute kein Interesse an dem Fortbestand der ostbaltischen Staaten und an einer freien Ukraine.
    Rechristianisierung wäre der größte Fehler, denn das wäre Wieder-Organisierung. Ich bin auch nicht für eine Universität in Kiew. Wir bringen ihnen das Lesen besser nicht bei. Sie lieben uns gar nicht, wenn wir sie mit Schulen quälen; es wäre schon falsch, sie auch nur auf eine Lokomotive zu stellen.”

    “Slawic people are not meant to lead their own lives. That is what we know, and we should not persuade them they could do so. We created in 1918 the Baltic States and Ukraine, but we have today no interest that eastern Baltic states and a free Ukraine continue to exist.
    Rechristianisation would be the largest mistake – that would a return to some form of organisation. I am neither for a university in Kiev. We better should not teach them reading. They do not like us, if we torment them with reading; it would even be wrong to place them on a steam lokomotive.”

    “Den Ukrainern liefern wir Kopftücher, Glasketten als Schmuck und was sonst Kolonialvölkern gefällt. Unsere Deutschen — das ist die Hauptsache -müssen eine festungsartig in sich geschlossene Gemeinschaft bilden. Der letzte Pferdebursche muß höher stehen als einer der Eingeborenen außerhalb dieser Zentren.”

    “We will give Ukrainians some headscarves, necklaces of glass pearls and other trivialities colonized folks are pleased with. Our Germans – that is the main point – need to live in a fortress-like closed community. The lowest groom must be placed higher than any of these natives.”

    I can assure you: Hitler did not think much differently about Poles than about Balts and Ukrainians.

    I know that USAmerican fascists like you are convinced that Hitler was only an enchanting German patriot, while the real nasty guy in WW2 was Stalin.

    The majority in the EU parliament in 2008 came to the conclusion in the Declaration of Prague, after a terrific appearance of the USAmerican neocon-sponsored historical fiction writer Timothy Snyder, that “red oppression” (state communism) was as evil as “brown oppression” (Nazism).

    German officials kept lip-tied and pretended they were not present.

    However, the western German population met on the 9th November 1989 eastern compatriots who were definitely as well educated as us. So much about the difference between propaganda views and historical reality.

    Only in case of the US I am not too sure whether they are today ideologically too different from Nazis. When Condoleeza Rice came in 2015 to Ukraine and admonished quick “reforms”, i.e, transferrance of Ukrainian property to US banks, she emphasized her appeal to cut state expense with attacks on free education. Mrs Rice said: “Ukrainians must learn that education is nor right, but a privilege.”

    Honestly, if that is “freedom”, I am much more fond of socialism. In my view every single kid on a planet has the damned right to receive every bit of education that fits his understanding. This puts me in definite opposition to Adolf Hitler and Condoleeza Rice. If anything is worth fighting for, it’s definitely free education instead of USAmerican or Nazi concepts of “freedom”.

    • Replies: @AnonFromTN
  100. @AnonFromTN

    I can only assure you and anybody else that there were three polls what Germans thought about Bundeswehr soldiers at the Baltic-Russian border – and in all three 94-95% ressented it.

    While the 2+4 treaty permits an army of 270 000 active German soldiers, they do not even find remotely 200 000 who are willing to enlist, although they try to attract young people with massive recruitment campaigns, splendid acedemic education and high salaries.

    That is how attractive Germans find the German army under current circumstances. However, you have chosen to enrich the Dragon itself, the core of all current evil, with your workforce, don’t you? And Merkel’s party received 30.5% at election. Hitler btw received not more than 34% in October 1932, at a time when communists were on the rise. Exactly because of that 20 corporate industrialists pressed Hindenburg to shift him into office – where he was meant to be “framed” by Junkers.

    Rosa Luxemburg said already in 1914, after the highest officials in the SPD appeared to have returned into Junkers: “If elections could change anything, they would have been forbidden.”

    That means – problems why Hitler came to power where manifold and it is true that, apart from those who actively brought Hitler into power, there was hardly any faction in Germany who had not failed, but elections have simply never been anything which decided about core political questions in countries – any illusions in that respect only shows that somebody has corrupted his brain in believing capitalism would allow some funny people whose activities do not go any further than making funny crosses on ballots to prevent them from cementing profits in crises through war.

    In fact, there is no government I could call “mine”. I simply suppose that either Germans and other Europeans will show up to the need of real resistance – or we all will be in a mess. But there is no question where the core of evil is situated on this globe by now. None at all.

    Then your suggestion of “cultural genes” – that is rubbish, isn’t it? People can read Goethe, Schiller, the Bible, writings of Marx or Nazi crap. They have a brain and a conscience. They can take choices – and at some times they must do so. This does still not solve the problem of power asymmetry, so resisting is no guarantee to succeed. But if wrong choices and wrong deeds were genetically determinated, none of us would be responsable for his choices and deeds. I suppose I am too Christian that I can agree to that view.

    Still a last question: Why do you, as a Russian, stay in the States, seeing what they do to your home country?

    Nor can I accept any talk about

    • Replies: @AnonFromTN
  101. @Anja Böttcher

    Well, Anja, you appear to be yet another perfectly normal German. So, you have the same problem in Germany that the US has: your political leaders represent the elites, but not the people. This seems to be a common situation in all self-proclaimed “democracies”.

    I agree that the Empire is at the root of almost all evil in the world today. However, I do basic biomedical research, and the US is still the best place to do it, even though the US Congress is doing its level best to ruin American science. I came from the USSR when it was on its last legs, in 1991 (actually, ~6 months before the USSR was dissolved). It was quite clear that science funding was declining, and there was no light at the end of the tunnel. So, the choice was either do something other than research, or get out. I got out to keep doing what I am really good at. I don’t do anything related to the military (didn’t do in in the USSR, either), and everything we discover is published, so the product of my work is publicly accessible and cannot enrich greedy US elites. If you ask regular people (not the bought and paid for political whores), they don’t want wars and they don’t want the US to interfere everywhere in the world. Most people want the US government to focus on internal problems, which are plentiful. That’s how Trump got elected, although he broke all of his promises and continued the same policies as Clinton, Bush Jr, and Obama, all of whom should be in jail for life for the war crimes they committed.

    I am not talking about genes, I am talking about European culture, widespread superiority complex. That’s how many Europeans justify the horrors European countries bring to other people, be it colonialism, globalism, or aggressive wars with other countries, including Russia. This superiority complex helps the elites to spread the lies about “democracy”, which, according to their propaganda, Europe and the US has, but others don’t. I know from personal experience that “authoritarian” Soviet government was a lot more responsive to the opinions and needs of the common folk that “democratic” governments in the US and EU. The same appears to be true about “authoritarian” Chinese government (see a paper on Unz today). So-called “democracy”, “free speech”, “freedom of association” are ruses for the feeble-minded, but as most people are dumb, they buy these fairy tales.

    So, all decent people can do is spread truthful info and hope that it opens the eyes of others. Of course, really brainwashed people are hopeless, but many have an open mind. Besides, Western propaganda undermined its credibility today as thoroughly as Soviet propaganda did by 1991: if MSM claim that 2×2=4, normal people would start doubting that.

    Regards from Tennessee.

    • Replies: @Anja Böttcher
  102. @Anja Böttcher

    Anja, you are trying to argue with a “true believer”, which is about as productive as a heart-to-heart conversation with a lamppost. When the facts contradict their “true beliefs”, they disregard the facts or claim that those facts are fakes. The less people know or understand, the more they cling to their “true beliefs”. As one Russian saying has it, “only the grave can straighten out a humpback”.

    • Replies: @Anja Böttcher
  103. @AnonFromTN

    Problem is that assymetry of property at the moment is higher than at the time of WW1 – and it was extremely unequal then. As world economy additionally relies on a logic of exponential capital accumulation and profit, plus a geographic shift towards the southeast is on the horizon, a player like the US, whose currency was the international reserve currency and that therefore could make debts endlessly, feels threatened by the prospect of collapse, Thus they pressed for further expansion of range – which they have already failed to achieve, as it is quite obvious – and now their pressure on allies is to provide them with the means to try a last military strike for irrational maintenance of already lost hegemony.

    Trump’s governments pressure on Germans to cancel Nordstream II and make us coerced clients of US fracking gas, current pressure to cancel cooperation with Huawei in telecommunication deals and attempt to enforce on us costs for US military activity from our ground (which has nothing to do with any service they do to us, but we are simply still the aircraft carrier for all US military operation in the ME and Africa), plus further 50% – with the imposterous proposal, that goverments whose populations have the doubtful pleasure to house US military may be granted annual “price reductions”, if their governments follow wishes of the US foreign ministery in every aspect are open orders to submit themselves economically and politically fully to the US.

    It is not my view that EU governments play the same game as the US. We have a huge network of organized transatlanticists here – but there are as well different vocies, which say there needs to be more “European independence” – which would, in fact, be the orientation to the east.

    Western Europe’s elites economic and political range, after WW2, was, like all other countries, defined by the division in east, west and block-free states – which was history with the end of the Warsaw Pact. The US then saw themselves as world hegemon – and rushed to cement that position for the 21st century according to the Brzezinski motto: “whoever dominates the heartland, dominates the world” – which meant the bridge between Europe and Asia. This is what the US tried with the Ukraine coup – and it failed. Center of world economy has even moved further to the east.

    In Europe capital elites know quite well that being tied to the US means being soaked out – as the US is by now a dying hegemon. On the other hand, they are still the first capital power, Europe’s banking capacities are weak and there is the risk of centrifugal developments : With the EU falling apart, all European countries would only be annexes of other big players.

    This is the German’s government biggest problem: People in western Europe want to drift away from the US; rather eastern countries are US-oriented, especially Poles, but as well Bulgarians and Romanians. Chinese on the other hand have huge economic impact by now in Greece, the Balkan and Italy – but as well in Germany.

    So there is a clash of interests – which at the same time can be felt within western countries, as one part of the capital is still tied strongly to the US, the other seeks business opportunities in Asia, thus does not want economic dictates by the US.

    Media here, by now highly concentrated in three giant corporations, are still in hands of transatlanticists. Their Russian-hostile hysteria is by now means any mirror of what people think.

    We live in a time of huge transformations – of highly concentrated economic power, in a situation of huge economic bubbles, and huge danger of clashes. In none of our societies the majority of people are heard.

    What can ordinary people do? Firstly, stay sane; secondly try hard that their social surrounding stays sane, thirdly try to mobiliize enough pressure from below that they are at least a minor factor that can push politicians a bit more in the right direction – as they still (politicians) fear instability.

    Cross-border contacts would be a nice surplus, as then it would not be that easy to chase people against one another, but it is difficult, it seems.

    In my view there is still more sanity here than in the US – while we have lunatics enough. And there is more knowledge about other countries here than in the US. Well, if that will be enough, is something I do not know. We all can only hope – and do our share to move matters in the right direction.

    • Replies: @AnonFromTN
  104. @AnonFromTN

    I know that people like her? cannot really be convinced by logic or evidence, but lunacy of that kind provokes me to the degree that I cannot leave such crap uncommented.

    • Replies: @AnonFromTN
  105. @Anja Böttcher

    In my view, increase in the inequality is a sure sign of degeneration of Western elites: they forgot that to survive you must share. As far as economic growth goes, there is a good joke in English: “if you think that unlimited growth is possible, you are either mad, or an economist”.

    The US dollar is now supported almost exclusively by other countries’ oil. Hence belligerence towards Iran, Venezuela, and Russia, and unwavering support of the most odious regime in Saudi Arabia, as well as not much better regimes in other Gulf satrapies. The US was shooting itself in the foot for a while, and now it is preparing to administer itself a fatal blow: they are discussing a law that would allow suing in the US courts international monopolies, like OPEC, based on the US anti-monopoly legislation (naturally, nobody talks about purely American monopolies, like Google, Twitter, Facebook, etc.). This would accomplish what China tried, so far unsuccessfully: make oil-producing countries sell their oil for other currencies. The US destroyed Saddam and Gaddafi for that: without oil selling for it, the US dollar is kaput. Now, as usual, the US elites are shaking their own house of cards. The US hegemony is dead, they lost every gamble in the last 20 years: Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Ukraine, Venezuela are all failures. Looks like the US elites wanted to use Ukraine as a battering ram against Russia, but they did not take into account that something rotten through and through cannot serve as a battering ram.

    Yes, Europeans are still better informed and educated than Americans. But I am not optimistic about Europe, united or disunited, ever becoming anything but a pathetic vassal of whoever is on top. Right now Europe desperately clings to the status of trusted servant of the Empire. It looks like Europeans have lost their drive. Besides, most Western European countries effectively committed suicide by letting in totally incompatible immigrants in crazy numbers. Russia, and whatever parts of Eastern Europe manage to side with Russia in time, has a chance to retain real independence if it keeps successfully playing China, India, and other emerging powers against each other. If it loses this delicate balancing game, all bets are off.

    Basically, Pax Americana is dead. Its demise was sped up by crazy US policies. The US could have retained its hegemony for another 2-3 decades, but now this is not on the cards. So, the options are either a multi-polar world (where Europe won’t even be a pole), or Pax Sinica. With all due respect to China and its sober policies (especially compared to totally mad US banditry in the world), I’d prefer multi-polarity.

    • Replies: @Anja Böttcher
  106. @Anja Böttcher

    My experience of teaching graduate students for over 15 years suggests that human females tend to be smarter than human males. So, I think this odious bonehead is a male. I might be wrong, though.

  107. @AnonFromTN

    I am afraid, but I am a bit disappointed that somebody who has received is education in a the very literate Soviet society pre-1989 gives such a USAmericanized answer.

    Let’s go, analytically and in historical understanding a but deeper: The “elites” you are talking about are the logical product of the inner dynamic of unfettered capital accumulation. Keynsian restrictions were removed in a roll-back which could occur exactly the moment US-led capitalism did no longer need to compete with state socialism – which does not mean that Keynsian framing would have prevented the crisis dynamic forever, anyway.

    Elites cannot be any different from the logic that produced them. If the individuals, of whom that elite is consists, would be any different, they were not in the position as they are. Filters of power shape via selection a certain type of man. The moment over-accumulation has reached a point at which accumulation of profit is no longer based on production, thus production, which, at least needs to respect workers’ health state to the degree that they can work, is turned into the hostage of big capital only, which is accumulated from other capital, i.e. shareholders’-lottery, only a certain kind of character will climb up in related function.

    The same is true for societal subsystems: See our media: That highly concentrated media corporations only employ alphajournalists going along with the agenda of transatlantic networks, who then only employ ‘free journalists’ (i.e. people without stable employment) who are willing to serve that agenda, is no indication of what kind of journalists we have, but simply who of them receives the well-paid jobs and thus are perceived in the power-based ‘public sphere’.

    In other words: A system based on prositution will only promote prostitutes – which does not mean that these prostitutes are automatically typical of the population they are from.

    But systems that increasingly appal and repress people, while they cannot offer majorities a safe and decent supply, have become dysfunctional – which finally leads either to slow erosion or sudden collapse or an explosion (i.e. war).

    After erosion and collapse, the core question is: Which other social layers does a society consist of and which group of people can in societies than take the lead? – as no society is solely its “elite structure”, but that elite structure rests, apart from depending, in case of Europeans, from outer factor, bases on a broad social substrate.

    Old societies have lots of layers in which vast cultural potential is stored that simply, under a dysfunctional leadership, has not been asked for sometimes. No national culture of more than a thousand years has turned that old without the ability of surviving collapse and reshaping out of the ashes. Therefore, I do not suppose you need to worry for Europe.


    I suppose it is the US that will vanish culturally. Based on the Calivinist ideological foundation of the American Dream, which has intrinsically never been anything but a narrative of predestination, success and suprematism , they have never experienced anything but success and increase of power. From which cultural base should they be able to face failure and decay? There is simply no reservoir to do so. Nor has the US any neighbour country or neigbour region that could challenge it to reinvent themselves on a non-Calvinistic way: They have simply soaked out all independent energy from all their neighbours. There is no match around – and that is simply counterproductive in case of a decline.

    Now let’s approach your following remark – which could have been taken from “Breitbart-News”:

    “Besides, most Western European countries effectively committed suicide by letting in totally incompatible immigrants in crazy numbers.”

    Those who produced these immigrants were those responsable for battering their countries and destroying their infrastructure, thus those who created a degree of collective distress which just turns people in nomades.

    I have loudly raised my voice against a German government’s involvement in:
    – in wars against Serbia, Afghanistan and delivery of data with Tornado’s to US bombers in Syria
    – economic warfare against Syria, which pressed average Syrian incomes form 1200 Euro to 250 Euro in the average
    – the regime change in Ukraine and confrontation policies against Russia

    Additionally I thought it shameful that the German government ignored increase of immigration pressure on poor Greece, Italy and Spain, as long as it did not concern us.

    A government meeting my demands would definitely behaved differently – and gone, for the sake of our and our geographical surrounding’s stability – gone the only step, which have brought positive effects: to kick US lunatics out and send US uniformed massmurders back to their home country – the place where you have resided for continuing your scientific career.

    However, when in 2015 people just were on the move, there was nothing else anybody could have been done – unless he would have wanted to massacre hundredthousands. Period.

    Now, to tackle the question who is “culturally incompatible”: I work in advanced education as teacher of German literature in a school with 60% of children and adolescents whose ancestors are form somewhere else, mainly: Turkey, Poland, Greece, Serbia, Bosnia, Croatia, Russia, Kosovo, Kazhakstan, Syria, Palestine, Afghanistan – but as well about a dozen English, Chinese, Iraqi, Tamils and Pakistani.

    We have had three “refugee classes” with alltogether 70 children since 2015.

    I can definitely tell you that Syrians from Damaskus or Homs agree culturally much more with me than USAists. So what clichees are you driven by?

    A re-shaping of the battered Middle East and a consolidation of Europe will only work hand in hand. There have been cultural interchanges for more than two milleniums: I suppose as a Russian you might be aware that the common cultural constituents of Europe and the south of the Mediterrarian Sea have their roots in the Roman Empire, Ancient Greek culture and Mesopotanian monotheism and intercultural exchanges from late Roman time on.

    Europe will not come to peace, if the Middle East will not settle – and the other way round. Or to put it in Goethe’s words:

    Wer sich selbst und andere kennt,
    Wird auch hier erkennen:
    Orient und Okzident
    Sind nicht mehr zu trennen.
    (J.W. v. Goethe: West-östlicher Diwan)

    Who knows himself and others well
    No longer may ignore:
    Orient and Occident dwell
    Separately no more.
    (J.W. v. Goethe: West-Eastern Divan)

    Having gone to school in a part of Cologne which was even called “Little Istanbul” in the second half of the 70s, I have had Muslim mates for more than 4 and a half decades.

    In my view it is utterly perfidous that USAmericans, neocons as much as altright, blame on the many people whose lives they have destroyed their very tools of destruction:

    – an overproportionate weight of Wahabi Islam, the most primitive and insane version of Islam, which is despised by 90% of Muslims, by the US’ support for the Saudis as prime column of their ME policies since the 1920s,

    – the deliberate creation and continuous training of Wahabi-based terrorism ever since their plotting against the SU in Afghanistan in the 80s,

    – permanent attacks on ME societies by alternately sussporting and implementig dictatorship and destruction of statehood under the pretext of “tumbling dictators”,

    – by alternative starvation of ME societies and subsequent battering through war.

    How many lives did that cost? How much destruction?
    What did that do to oriental Christianity?

    I have as well many Aramean, Armean and Syrian Orthodox Christians among my pupils who mourn for their lives before US wars.

    How do you think can this ever be stopped, if not mutual encounters make sure that the end of terror in the region becomes a serious concern in any European society?

    My collegues and me have had enounters with the psychic consequences of bloody USAist wars in every single of our work days for more than 25 years now. It is what makes us despise that country – and why we regard USAists as simply a mass of lunatics.

    You tell me there is a difference between US elites and their rulers, but I do not know any larger group of USAists who spread about countries they have destroyed and populations they have traumatized in any other but a tone of contempt. And exactly that is why USAists deserve facing with their rulers the consequences of collapse and decline.

    Do they object to US wars for any other reason than that it costs them money?
    Would they still be against war, if they were aware that overproportionate share in global prosperity is based on these people’s misery? Or do they only assume that they were more prosperous, if the money was not spent for war?
    What have they done for any of their wars’ casualties? Where is their empathy? Instead, I see a nation spying on the people whose lives they have messed up.
    Has that nation ever been capable of standing up for anything else but their own profit?
    Is there any real commitment for people in misery – or only the kind of charity which pleases their conceit?

    You have been living there for more than two decades: Thus you might be able to judge.

    • Replies: @AnonFromTN
  108. @Anja Böttcher

    This is the first time anyone accused me of being too American. Well, I know 100 times more about human history and 10 times more about geography than a typical American. I lived in a socialist society for 33 years, so I don’t buy the BS about socialism spread by the Western propaganda, like many brainwashed people, including commenters here.

    I know that a lot of Europeans lump all Americans together and think of Americans as dumb ignorant war-mongering monsters. This is true of current US elites, who mess up much of the world to maximize their profits, committing any crimes imaginable in their insatiable greed. However, most Americans are normal, often fairly nice people. They would be appalled if they knew what the US government is actually doing in the world in their name. Problem is, the educational system in the US is specifically designed to keep people ignorant – it is easier to lie to ignorant people who have nothing to compare the fairy tales of propaganda with. CNN journos placing Ukraine somewhere in Pakistan live on TV, or demented representative Maxine Waters not knowing the difference between Crimea and Korea are typical examples of the products of the US education. While politicians and journos are, as you aptly called them, prostitutes, most Americans aren’t. They just don’t know anything and often believe the lies of the propaganda out of ignorance, not out of malice.

    I agree that the best strategy for all would be if the US and its European vassals did not ruin other countries, like Yugoslavia, then Serbia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Ukraine just in the last 30 years. The US elites always use the worst scum in any region they are interested in: Nazis in Ukraine, Wahhabis in the Moslem world, compradores and traitors in Venezuela, etc. The US government was and is against the most secular and decent regimes in the ME, including Iraq, Libya, and Syria, while supporting the most odious ones, like in Saudi Arabia and other Gulf satrapies. I agree that the wars instigated by the US and condoned by its European sidekicks killed, maimed, and displaced millions of people in the ME and elsewhere, creating this refugee pressure. I disagree that accepting the refugees was the right response on the part of Europe: Europeans should have stopped the US crimes, so that there would be no refugees in the first place.

    I do believe that each nation should live by its own laws and develop at its own pace. I do not believe that accepting millions of Muslims, thereby ruining European culture, can in any way atone for the sins of the US and European governments. This only adds to those sins: now in addition to becoming accomplices in the US crimes of sowing chaos in the ME you committed yet another crime of destroying Europe. Not to mention that “refugees” Erdogan unleashed on Europe (not out of kindness of his heart, but to achieve his own ends) were predominantly draft-age young thugs, an invasion army. Real refugees, like those from Donbass bombed and shelled by Ukrainian Nazis, who run to Russia, are mostly women, children, and elderly, with very few draft-age males. If this sounds like right-wing to you, so be it.

    So, I understand your anger directed at the US, and I agree that the American people did not do their duty to stop the crimes of their government. But did European people prevent their governments from actively participating in those crimes? The answer is “no”. It is unwise for the people living in glass houses to start throwing stones.

    Finally, in my book what is really needed is not cause widespread misery and then try to help the people affected, but refrain from causing misery in the first place. If you burned you neighbor’s house, burning your own is not going to help him.

    • Replies: @Anja Böttcher
    , @yurivku
  109. @AnonFromTN

    Number of demonstrators against war against Serbia in Berlin was 100 000. In London, too. Likewise many other European countries.

    In the US?

    Number of demonstrators against war against Afghanistan only several tenthousands. 9/11 caused some irritation.

    Number of demonstrators against war against Iraq more than 100 000, although the German government was not involved and even spoke up against it – together with Russian and friends.

    Number against demonstrators against war in Lybia only some thousands, as the German government was not only not involved, but refused Brits, the US and French even support in the UN.


    People liked that; government afterwards though it was a mistake, as not only the US, but French were pissed.

    Number of people who demonstrated against the three Tornados which supplied US bombers in Syria with data, only several hundreds, as you only know it, if you read pacifist websites – and involvement of two dozens of Germans is really not something easily perceptible.

    Number of spontaneous protest activities at the beginning of the Ukraine coups, more than a hundred, each in different towns. Then protestors were denounced in a perfidious media campaign as Nazis, as they could find a dozen Neonazis among alltogether 100 000 protestors.

    Protest against Merkel’s rejection of Putin’s invitation to the celebration of 70 years of end of war: More than 50 000 people all over Germany went to memorial parks and Soviet graveyards in Treptow and Thiergarten plus graves of Russian POWs who died in Germany and brought flowers. Bank accounts were opened to collect money from old people who were not mobile any more. Many old war veterans. I could, with two friends, flowers for 1800 Euro to Treptow, who were complete foreigners for us, all old people plus 80, the oldest 104. He had been a engineer specialised on reparing damaged bridge and was, as his expertise was needed, ten years as POW in the SU, only under much better conditions than ordinary POWs and had contact to many Soviet people. Several thousands even went to Russia, mainly Moscow, on 9th May 2015.

    More than a hundredthousands people wrote tons of protest letters and mails to media, especially public service TV, for their Russia bashing, since 2014. Media makers complained publicly about being harassed. Of course end of the story was that they claimed the Kremlin must have organised our activities.

    A Nato conference on necessity of information warfare against Russia by the JAPCC, a Nato Excellence enter in Kalkar, US aircraft base. NATO regards Germans as lost case – but is determined not to bother. I quote from the conference:

    „The German case study shows a marked contrast with the American and the English one. After WWII the German pacifist sentiment was very strong and remains so. The public opinion oft he armed forces is almost the opposite of the British and oft he American one. In any case of NATO using force, the Germans are far more susceptible for disinformation campaigns and anti-military campaigns than most other NATO nations. In short, a variety of political and cultural factors make Germany a very problematic case of supporting NATO military operations and to agreeing in any use of force in service of NATO.

    The study of Italy very closely resembles that of Germany with a strong leftist and pacifist sentiment in the general public and also a public that opposes a use of force even if a NATO country were directly invaded.“ [58]

    Additonally there are every year demonstrations and protest work camps at every single US military base in Germany. If you ask, why we do not storm it — signs make pretty clear that every German who approaches the barbed wire around more than 50 metres will be shot instantly.

    Well, that is far from revolutionary – but I suppose much more than in the US.

    Then if you want to base your out-of-the-blue judgement on questions of refugees on real judgement you might accompany me to school. I am willing to translate for you quite frank discussions with 70 teenage refugees.

    When the US finally gets kicked out of regions they do not belong, we have – as neighbours of the ME – to form new and saner relations to them. They are just around the corner, right?

    Take Syrians: Although Syrians think negatively about EU policies, they think positively about the German population. Several millions of Syrians have still relatives abroad. They know Syrians lead miserbale lives in Lebanon, poor and exploited lives in Turkey and Jordan. Are treated unfriendly in many other European countries – but lead normal lives in Germany.

    One million helpers were involved in help of refugees. 30 000 new teacher employed. You can ask kids too what they think their teachers think about war. They will tell you.

    And that is one reason why the German government has no chance to find even 180 000 young people for inscription of soldiers in a country of 82.5 million inhabitants.

    Btw: Just one impression about “free speech” on US websites: If I do not answer you any longer, they might have blocked me. I had the “cheek” to answer to US Nazis who wrote here that the Jews-established Soviet Union, in which Jewish Bolshevism had only been established to turn Russia into an instrument to attack and expand onto Germany and commit genocide of Germans, which the mild German patriot Adolf Hitler had tried to pretend through an unbloody preemptive war.

    I linked works of six German and two Russian historians (in German translations, of course), named universities they worked for and explained that each of them had after years of research in Russian archives proved that Stalin’s activities had been clearly defensive and that there was not a single document that gave evidence of any of his plans of attacks, while archives of German universities and a Russian-German historical project had provided internet archives with numerous pages of viable primary sources, often faksimilies of original documents, which proved that it had been from the very first beginning Hitler intrinsic intention to attack the Soviet Union, take possession of land up to the Ural and eliminate or expell civilians living there. Then I linked all related documents. Links all contained the words “archiv” or “dokument”. They were all from proper historical institutes.

    My comment was deleted, another containing likewise various links and this one were additonally equipped with little threats by the UNZ-moderation:

    [You have already been warned that gigantic lists of links, especially foreign-language ones, clutter-up comment-threads and will be trashed. If you continue this misbehavior, most of your other comments will suffer the same fate.]

    Now I ask you:

    Mainstream media in the US and Europe pretend Russians want to destabilize “the west”, the EU and Nato by supporting the extreme right.

    Then numerous US-financed websites pop up which are allegedly ‘pro-Russian’, but in reality absolute Nazi ratholes.

    Might both be the financed by the same players? Might both be part of the same kind of “information warfare”?

    Whether Russia Insider, The Duran, The Saker, Unz – all the same crap and strategy.

    And concerning “freedom of speech” in regard to Nazism: The Republic of Weimar, which had over most of its time definitely a population much more socialist than far-right, did right from the beginning, with help of Free Korps, batter tens of thousands of socialists’ hads – I am really speaking of tenthousandful brutal murder, while Hugenberg’s press empire, police, judges, even the SPD gave Nazis and their hooligans all “free speech” they wanted.

    It really helped.

    All Nazis are despicable cowards. Face them with completely justified criminal charges the moment they commit the verbal part of racist harrassment and ethnic murder, and they withdraw in their ratholes. Give them “free speech” and they batter heads and split skulls.

    No, what I can see from views of ordinary USAmericans, in comment sections of their mainstream media, in comment sections here and in their social networks what these people are like. This is, in case of the US, not only elites. You betray yourself. Bloodtoll originating from them is the damned country as such in its rotten current state. To keep their lousy consumer standard, they do not mind massmurder in their names.

    Otherwise they would bother and inform themselves. You say the school system is lousy. True – I know. But they learn to read and write – and are responsable for the useless heads they carry around on their shoulders. It would be right to send at least 50 million refugees from countries they battered to the US: Then USAmericans could learn what they do elsewhere. Would be pretty good for their education.

    People have no dignity, if they do not take up responsibility. They endanger all our lives. And if they do not know, they simply do not care. Even when you tell them and give evidence, they refuse to perceive what they are doing.

    • Replies: @AnonFromTN
  110. @Anja Böttcher

    Yes, more Europeans protested Iraq and subsequent aggressive wars than Americans, and it does not give credit to the US population. The last really massive anti-war demos in the US were against Vietnam war, i.e., more than 40 years ago. However, practically all European countries (with the exception of Italy very recently) dutifully vote in governments assisting the US in their crimes in the ME and elsewhere. Just a recent example: every major EU country, including Germany, recognized self-proclaimed “president” of Venezuela, who has very little support inside, is an obvious US puppet and a traitor to his people. Again, except for Italy, which appears to be coming to its senses lately and did not recognize that clown. Rothschild banker turned French president Macron and Spanish pseudo-socialist Sanchez declared that they “support Venezuela protesters”, whereas one is brutally suppressing yellow jacket protesters, and the other Catalonian ones at home. That’s just one example of pervasive European hypocrisy. Quite a few European countries assisted the US in the theft of Venezuela assets, which is a crime punishable by jail time according to existing laws in every one of them. So, the situation is not different from that in the US: the government does not give a hoot about what the people think. Some democracy.

    I don’t think that Russian authorities are trying to undermine the US, EU, or other imperial vassals. My impression is that they act according to English wisdom “if you see your enemy committing suicide, do not interfere”. I would not be surprised if Western secret services organized many Nazi sites and told them to pretend to be pro-Russian. After all, CIA with the help of British and other secret services organized, armed, and trained Al Qaida and ISIS. The funding was mostly from the most despicable Gulf regimes, including the US best friends Saudis. However, I know the Saker personally, and my impression is that his beliefs, however misguided, are sincere. He never was in Russia, though, which explains some of his blunders. However, there is freedom of speech on some websites. In my experience, site is not censored. I never tried to add many external links, though. If I see evidence of censorship here, I’d stop posting. I strongly believe that censorship is a sure sign that people have run out of arguments and know it.

    I go to Germany (mostly to visit collaborators and to scientific meetings, once I even taught a 10-day receptor theory course to graduate students at Leipzig University) almost every year. I would like to meet you, if it’s practical. Maybe we should establish direct contact bypassing this site.

    Best from TN.

    • Replies: @Anja Böttcher
  111. yurivku says:

    So, I understand your anger directed at the US, and I agree that the American people did not do their duty to stop the crimes of their government. But did European people prevent their governments from actively participating in those crimes? The answer is “no”. It is unwise for the people living in glass houses to start throwing stones.

    I think you both are right, there is no sense to choose who’s more guilty.
    If US and EU dumbhead won’t do anything they will evaporate in nuclear fire and the only pity for me will be that we have to disappear also.

  112. @yurivku

    I think the globalist elites still remember that to enjoy their loot they have to remain alive. I think even the dumbest of them know that God does not accept bribes. Maybe I overestimate their intelligence, though.

  113. @yurivku

    Yuri, knowing the difference between the 80s, when about a million people were in the streets. and now, many here are really cracking their heads what to do. We had then massive infrastructure: Unions backed peace protest, the Greens were a pacifist party then, the left wing of social democrats was behind it – and, of course, German communists were – simply true too – financed via the GDR.

    People like me see in polls and experience in every day life that they are a majority – like in the 80s. To organise a demostration of 1 million people, you must have infrastructure to make enough people know that there is at a certain time and a certain place a huge thing. Especially as now, in contrast to then, when half the media were on our side, only conservative different, the media are against us. If you have a hundred domonstration with 8000 people, this has simply not the same effect than one demonstration with 800 000 people, although the same number of people are demonstrating. The many small demonstrations are ignored by the media – so all who demonstrate have the feeling they are only them.

    As in the decades between huge lobbyism has destroyed the top of all organisations – Greens are now a war-mongering party, social democrats are absolutely lousy and union leaders are not the same kind of people as before, the technical means to make something have deterriorated immensely.

    The war-mongers planned years before what they have been doing since 2014. Media concentration means that 90% of our newspapers are now in hands of only three media corporations. In the 80s we had hundreds of media owners.

    It is not lack of spine – definitely not. It’s technical difficulty to reach masses at once. Hundredthousands, for example, could block railway lines when the US transports military good to the Russian border. Doing so with several hundreds, the police will finish such attempts within less than two hours.

    Even if we strangulated lousy politicians of us, they would be replaced within days by exactly the same kind of people, trained for their purpose in US fellow-programmes, transatlantic networks and NGOs. Parties have vanished: look at French socialists, reduced to 7% support since lousy Hollande stepped down. Then found new parties: Within less than a year they are the same as old ones.

    If you have a clue, just tell me. I am open to any inspiration from outside.

    • Replies: @yurivku
  114. @AnonFromTN

    No it is not the same.

    And I am not throwing stones sitting in a glass-house, Anon.

    I have been on at least twelve peace demonstrations since 2014, plus a couple of other peace activities. Since 2014 I have written for Germa alternative website more than four dozen articles and thirty public complaints against biassed anti-Russian propaganda broadcasting on our public service TV and radio, as they were against their legal base, that require commitment to peace, neutrality and fairness, which NATO propaganda clearly lacks.

    Friend of mine had a website which published these complaints. It was visitited by so many people that a leading green politicians demanded the secret service should observe my friend and me – although there is absolutely no legal base for it. I have not only a public right to be for peace, but our consitution requires it from state servants. I have sworn an oath on keeping up peace – Merkel too, but I keep mine, she not hers.

    I have written from 2014 to 2017 weekly protest letters to Merkel’s Kanzleramt and our foreign ministery. I heard they regularly received tons of letters.

    Give my name in a searching machine – and you will find defamations against myself in masses. NATO finances trolls for that – who join the 27 000 NSA and 7000 GCHQ trolls.

    I have spent about 2000 hours on peace activism in the last four years.

    And you pretend that being active is no different from doing nothing, as is the case with 99,9% of USAmericans?

    Then you deny Europeans had not changed voting attitude? They did! Look at the completely shrinked EVP (conservatives) and social democrat faction in the EU parliament. However, then new parties emerged – but were, the moment they joined strutures no different from the old ones. Determining are lobby institutions underneath.

    You compare that with the US, where none of the two leading parties had never to fear decline?

    And you ignore the power axis: At least two European leaders were already murdered by US services and/or Gladio structures as they opposed in peace matters in the old Cold War: Italian prime minsiter Aldo Moro, when he tried an inner peace with Italian communists which would have led to more balanced relations to the Warsaw Pact. It was then blamed on Red Brigrades, but since the 90s Italian courts know it was Gladio murder.

    In the 1980s the Swedish prime minister was murdered when he tried through a peace initiative to end Reagan’s lunatic armament escalation. It was blamed on a “right extremist terrorist”. Around the millenium a German film maker found out with Swedish investigative journalists that this was a CIA murder with help of a handful of Swedish generals.

    Willy Brandt was as well on a CIA killing list – but he was finished off politically, when the BND, founded by USAists and working for them, did not warn him that a GDR agent was around him, but helped to press his step down when newspapers suddenly got secret service hints about the matter.

    We know various other interferences by the US.

    Did you know that the German parliament decided in 2010 that US nuclear plants had to vanish from our territory? Then Merkel was called to the US ambassy – and that parliamentary decision was never talked about.


    Do you seriously pretend as an achieving scientist you have no idea what it means that we are the most spied-out nation in the world?

    They could, just digitally, turn every single power station in Germany into a bomb, killing millions.
    They could turn every chemical factory in Germany into a giant chemical bomb production site, turned against us.

    They posses every item of digital communication anyboy of us has ever made – and have stored it in Utah.

    We still do not know how many nuclear missiles they have buried in our ground – and cannot even check it.

    The US has here an infrastructure they could build up during decades of occupation.

    We have here an absolutely hostile and deadly enemy from outside – the US is that hostile and deadly enemy, including US population that makes all that possible.

    And you tell me I am sitting in a glass house and throwing with stones?

    No, Anon, be honest to yourself: You defend what is not defendable, as you have chosen to live there. You pretend being not (yet – hopefully) fighting successfully was the same as being the culprit?

    90% of USAmericans say they trust their army. You tell me they are against these wars. But I only see that they resent spending money for it. They are not interested in the damage they cause elsewhere. I have checked comments on alternative websites, which are full of Nazi approval and blind antisemitism, on mainstream media they share their elites hate against Russia, China and Muslims. When I contradict on the one kind of websites, USAists tell me I was a Jewish or Russian troll or whore, on the other website only I was a Russian troll or whore. Abuses follow everywhere – and denial that I was German. I can even back my statements about the general mood in Germany with huge polls by our foreign ministery: They still insist my links must be right either from the Kremlin or produced by the Mossad.

    So USAmericans are not only ignorant, but they abuse everyone who from outside who does not match their cliché about that country.

    I may sound rude – but I am just trying to put down bluntly what I said, Anon. I am sure you are a decent and intelligent person – and if you are everywhere in Germany, as you said, which is technically not too far from me, I certainly like a meeting. Btw, you might here find out how to contact me.

    But I think you have illusions about US people.

    • Replies: @yurivku
  115. @yurivku

    Yuri, I have just read on a German alternative website on Russia for which a good German-Russian friend of mine translates texts from Russian form time to time, that the Italian parliament has handed in a proposal to give to Anna Tuv, activist for peace in Donbass and from there, living since her husband’s death in Moscow and called by the parliament in Kiew a “Russian propagandist”, the Nobel Peace Prize. More than 6700 Italian parliamentarians and public persona have signed the proposal.

    Although the Swedish committeee with its NATO ties won’t support it, this is at least a good symbolic step. Public mood in Italy is the same as here, in regard to NATO, but they have now a government which at least does some things people want.

    Do you know her from your media? I link the German article, as there are photos of her.

    Poland on the other hand is trying to press through building of a US military base on their soil – which would mean an open breach of the NATO-Russia Act. So far Italian, French, Belgian and German governement object to it. I hope, if Poles do that, bloody NATO finally breaks apart.

    • Replies: @yurivku
  116. @Anja Böttcher

    No. The text books take the standard line that Hitler’s invasion of Russian was aggressive. I was therefore astonished to find an old film on Youtube of Hitler explaining his reasons for invading Russia. The date was 6th December at which time Russia had not counterattacked. Pearl Harbour was a day away. He had no reason to lie. There is a certain amount of victor’s rewriting of history in simple terms after any war. Hitler was a monster. No dispute but let’s have the facts right.

    • Replies: @yurivku
    , @Anja Böttcher
  117. @Anja Böttcher

    We wouldn’t have needed infantry in that quantity. Even so we had it. The British 14th Army was the biggest of the war.

  118. yurivku says:
    @Anja Böttcher

    If you have a clue, just tell me. I am open to any inspiration from outside.

    Of cource, I haven’t got the recipe, we have our own problems in Russia (but those are about our life only) and not found a way to fix them yes. Ukranian scenario of a coup prevents people to go on streets, at least, yet.

    But it’s clear that first of all majority of people have to understand where they are, for the start you can (actually must) stop voting for Merkel and get rid of diversity admirers.
    I don’t actually like what is going on in France, but it is better than nothing. Than to sit on asses and complain that nothing is happening. Of course Anja it’s not about you – you’re trying, I do appreciate it.

    • Replies: @Anja Böttcher
  119. yurivku says:
    @Anja Böttcher

    No, Anon, be honest to yourself: You defend what is not defendable, as you have chosen to live there. You pretend being not (yet – hopefully) fighting successfully was the same as being the culprit?

    I think you nailed it. He’s certainly decent and intelligent person, but he’s not a Russian anymore norhe’s an American. We say “свой среди чужих, чужой среди своих”. I can’t translate it correctly.
    So he won’t try to change the US and he can’t do it for Russia neither.

    But biology will go its way until no objects to investigate left.

  120. yurivku says:
    @Anja Böttcher

    Do you know her from your media?

    Yes, we know her
    and many like her. I wan’t post here hundreds of photos of killed children and oldies in Donbass.

    Good for Italy, but ….

    • Replies: @Anja Böttcher
  121. yurivku says:
    @Philip Owen

    No dispute but let’s have the facts right.

    You’re a scumbag that’s the fact. BTW, can you just go out of my country ?

    • Replies: @Philip Owen
  122. @yurivku

    I know, it is firstly only symbolic and the Swedish committee won’t consent anyway.

    By such channels nothing changes.

  123. @Philip Owen

    Oh, great, you have watched a Hitler speech on youtube?
    Btw, in regard to lies: Hitler was a habitual lier.

    But I have quoted here something more substantial than bloody propaganda stagings of Hitler.

    I have quoted memos, decrees and orders from late 1940 to end of 1941 which were purely genocidal. Do you know the difference of memos, orders and decree from propaganda speeches? The first kind of speech acts are those which are afterwards put into practice by armed men.

    I have linked General Halder’s protocol of Hitler’s speech on 30 March 1941 to the 250 leading German Wehrmacht-officers, who in charge of the Unternehmen Barbarossa. Halder was one involved. It contained all intentions and the nature of that war quite plainly: It said that the war machinery was meant be supplied by robbing Soviet population’s food stocks, as their lives played no role. That conventions of the Conventions of The Hague played no role. That they had to be expelled on deadly conditions anyway, as the territory was meant to be settled with Germans. That millions of civilians were bound to die.

    I have linked the Hunger- and Backe Plan that calculated with 30 millions dead Soviet civilians.

    I have linked it twice – then UNZ, rather fond of Nazi crap, objected to German links to German historical archives – which offer photographs of the original on pdf online.

    They are afraid on this extremist right website to be confronted with German documents.

    How can morons like you deny hundredthousandtimes proven facts?

    Against undisputable evidence?

    Yuri has grown up within a society which had the reality of that time deep in their bones – me too, although of the opposite side. Thirteen males in my family were sent to war, as ordinary soldiers. All to the SU.

    Original documents confirm the same.

    How can you scumbags have the cheek to deny whose truth is as clear as crystal?
    How can anybody be so disrespectful of other people’s lives – and then you have the cheek to live in Russia?

    Are you a human being?

    • Replies: @Philip Owen
  124. @yurivku

    Merkel has not more than 30%. The rest, however, is not too different.

    The point is that people just need to go demonstrating, without worrying if others follow. Bloody Germans are bad at doing anything without organising it properly. And organisations are today under pressure, thus leaders can be bent.

    Sarcastic remark by Lenin, that Germans would buy platform tickets before storming a station is unfortunately not too wrong.

  125. @Sam Coulton

    The Hunns were NOT pale-Balkanic, Watson.

  126. @yurivku

    A xenophobic fascist indeed.

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