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The Old America Is Dead. Where Do We Go from Here?
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“Then who do we shoot?” Like Muley Graves the sharecropper, John Steinbeck’s evocative Okie everyman in John Ford’s 1940 film, many Americans are bewildered by a tidal wave of forces that seem beyond their control. The answer is not easy. But increasingly it seems likely to involve geographical partition.

Facing eviction from his dust-bowl farm, Muley confronts a man on a bulldozer who has come to demolish the shack Muley and his family live in. The sharecropper is determined not to give in and threatens the bulldozer operator with a shotgun—only to discover he is a local man, one of Muley’s own people. The bulldozer driver explains it’s not his fault, it’s just a job that he was hired to do. If Muley shoots him, then someone else will come to do the job and Muley will land in jail.

“Then who do we shoot?” asks Muley. The banker? The people back East who own the bank? Morally disarmed and demoralized, Muley can only watch as the bulldozer man destroys his home.

Patriotic Americans understand Muley. Our people, our culture, our history, everything we hold dear, is under relentless attack by the Main Stream Media, politicians, “activists,” and kritarchs in the courts, aided and abetted by enemies within, often our own kith and kin, who have internalized the blood-libel Leftist narrative of an irredeemably “racist” America that must be razed to the ground.

“If you know your enemy,” wrote Sun Tzu, “and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles.” Our enemy, in this case is the globalist Blob and its militant would-be Che Guevaras and LARPing Leninists, the MSM, the bureaucracy, the courts, the big corporations, and the education establishment.

Yet, for the most part, until recently, the Blob has not confronted the Historic American Nation head-on. The Blob has been patient, killing us by the death of a thousand cuts, taking ground steadily through subversion, using propaganda and misinformation, censorship via Tech Totalitarians, and the slow encroachment of what the late Sam Francis called “anarcho-tyranny,” with mass immigration (“the Great Replacement”) as its weapon of mass destruction.

The Blob is amorphous, a slippery, slimy thing that probes and gropes its way into whatever social-economic-political cracks it can exploit, eventually engulfing its prey like quicksand.

It is also using “hybrid warfare” tactics that have been used before but have gelled with the expansion of mass communications and can quickly conjure up “flash mobs” and distribute “fake news.”[ Explainer: what is ‘hybrid warfare’ and what is meant by the ‘grey zone’?, The Conversation, June 17, 2019] The scare quote, creative editing, and constant repetition of bald-faced lies, magnified by social media, engulf us in a tidal wave of words and images. We live in a bizarre Twilight Zone that lacks depth and context.

Give credit where credit is due. Hybrid warfare has worked. The Blob infiltrated and subverted American institutions by exploiting our American sense of Fair Play and decency that made whites a relatively easy mark. As the Blob seeped into our lives, we gradually adjusted to a “new normal” each and every day.

Then Donald Trump was elected president. The Blob was shocked. Orange Man Bad seemed to threaten its plans to finish off the Historic American Nation. And so, ever since November 8, 2016, the MSM have kept the country in hysterics with one manufactured crisis after another. Fake news via a social media, a hybrid warfare tactic, kicked into high gear: Russiagate, Ukrainegate, the Chinese Virus panic and ensuing lockdown and economic crash, and now the myth of St. George Floyd and blacks being “hunted” by whites that catalyzed the mobs that have looted and burned American cities.

Using the Chinese Virus and Floyd riots as cover, the Blob and its militant wing—Antifa and Black Lives Matter—ratcheted up anarcho-tyranny to new heights.

In some American cities, Muley’s question—who do we shoot—has an answer, at least in an immediate sense.

So what next? Where do we go from here?

America faces three scenarios.

  • One: Trump is re-elected on a wave of anger over the looting and anarchy unleashed by the “I-Can’t-Breathe” narrative. Trump sends Javanka packing, dispatches the troops to restore order, extends the immigration moratorium, finally builds the wall, and begins mass deportations as the White House protects the dissident Right from deplatforming by the Tech Totalitarians.

That scenario is most likely a fantasy.

Even if Trump is re-elected, his past record of bluster and little to no action speaks for itself. The Blob and its executive arm, the Deep State, have boxed him in. Trump and his “team,” if one can call it that, are as easily disarmed by the antiracists as Conservative, Inc.’s operatives. Their immediate and reflexive condemnation of the police after Floyd’s death, like the Beltway Right’s compulsion to apologize for even existing, tells the tale.

Of course vote for Trump in November. But don’t expect too much. Trump has been, at best, a speedbump, not a roadblock, in the Blob’s path.

America has survived unrest before, but that was a different country. It had a white, Christian super-majority and a shared history. It had at least a theoretical chance of working out a modus vivendi with its black minority. The language was English and, most of the time, we played by a set of rules to which everyone—liberal conservative, Democrat or Republican—agreed. Elections were not winner-take-all apocalyptic events. Nominations to the U.S. Supreme Court did not occasion brutal, partisan, ideological war. No longer.

If we bank solely on electoral politics, we will lose, especially as the demographic ring closes. The winners will show no quarter.

Political life as we knew it in America is over. Again, the America we grew up in and loved is dead. Elections are a holding action at best. It seems highly unlikely that Trump (or anyone else, for that matter) can, for instance, deport and encourage to self-deport tens of millions of illegal aliens, even assuming a desire to do so.

What’s more, a substantial portion of the dwindling white majority has disavowed its identity—the “flight from white,” as Steve Sailer calls it. Meanwhile, the Blob controls the Deep State and its bureaucracy not only on the federal level but also in too many swing states and major metropolitan areas.

  • Two: Trump loses, and the Blob and its allies triumph. But because this is a country now and not a nation, with no shared sense of common identity and agreed-upon history, culture, beliefs, or language, only a full-blown police state can hold it together.

Even that might not ensure order in a chaotic post-America, and the diminishing number of whites will surely not enjoy the protection of the state. At some point, white Americans might well be living like white South Africans, ever in fear for their lives.

If order breaks down, vigilante groups, even criminal gangs, will step into the void, as vigilantes have done in Mexico and Hispanic gangs have done to protect their neighborhoods during the Floyd riots.

The good news: white men have followed suit when mobs threatened their homes and history. The boys in Fishtown in metropolitan Philadelphia who protected a police station, the heroes who surrounded and protected a statue of Christopher Columbus, and a group of armed Texans who gathered to protect the Alamo, are just three examples.

Meanwhile, following the “higher number than usual” of Atlanta police officers calling in sick when one of their own was charged with felony murder in the shooting of Rayshard Brooks, Seth Cohen at Forbes wondered whether the “Blue flu” would be “America’s next pandemic.” [As Atlanta Police Protest, Is “Blue Flu” The Next Pandemic? , June 18, 2020]. As calls to “defund the police” mount, that’s a good question.

And it raises another: what happens if America’s truckers decide not to deliver to cities with no police protection?

So far, resistance to the Blob is scattered and uncoordinated, but that could change as the American systemic crisis deepens.

  • Three: The country breaks apart, and the Historic American people establish enclaves for themselves and others who love and fondly remember the old America.

The breakup, indeed, is underway. Blue states and Leftist kritarchs nullify laws they don’t like. Sanctuary cities and even sanctuary states defy immigration laws. Meanwhile, American patriots have answered with Second Amendment sanctuary counties and even states. Americans in inland California talk of seceding from the “Left coast.” The Left has floated secession talk as well: anarchists have seized and established their own “autonomous zone” in Seattle. West Virginia’s governor, Jim Justice, invited conservative counties in Virginia to secede and join the Mountain State. [West Virginia Republicans encourage conservative Virginia counties to ‘Vexit’ by Kelly Mena, CNN, Sun February 9, 2020] .

States, counties, and cities that sided with or surrendered to the mob, and the Blob’s intensification of anarcho-tyranny during the recent coronavirus lock down, seem to have sparked a sharp reaction from the American remnant that could provide the bare bones of a Middle American defense movement.

Someday, “blue” and “red” enclaves, even whole states, might evolve into new polities.

American patriots are developing their own hybrid warfare with media of their own, effectively following the Left’s example of nullification and internal secession, as well as organizing an alternative cultural network that publishes its own books, educates its children, and tries to carry on despite the threat of Deep State suppression.

My guess for the future: combination of scenarios two and three. The managerial state tightens its grip, the result on November 3 regardless, but devolution continues.

The Blob won’t let up. The riots we recently witnessed will continue even if Trump sends in the troops now.

When that happens, we won’t need to ask Muley’s question.

Wayne Allensworth is a Corresponding Editor of Chronicles magazine. He is the author of The Russian Question: Nationalism, Modernization, and Post-Communist Russia, and a novel Field of Blood. He will soon be writing at American Remnant ( The website is currently under construction.

(Republished from VDare by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Rational says:


    Good article, but your reference to the “blob” that is in charge is incorrect.

    The Judaists are in charge.

    Statutes were toppled not by the mob, the invaders are coming in not by themselves, but they are being let in by the democratic party politicians, which party is totally owned and operated by the Judaists, such as Soros.

    The Jewish owned MSM has created an ILLUSION of a big blob and the whole country breaking down. It is all a big Jewish psychops to push white people down.

    White people need to have more white children, stop smoking, drinking, and stand up, stop watching the fake news and psychops lying MSM, Hollywood, black sports, vote for those who will ban immigration and amend the constitution to allow national referenda, so they can ban immigration directly.

    Don’t let the Jewish psychops MSM and corporate thugs illusion of BLM and “all whites are racists” and “we are all to blame” and “we must apologize” lies get into your head and brainwash you.

  2. I think inland CA seceding from the left coast would not be smart. The whole of CA seceding, so that there is no single prey of the Blob, would be smart. Better, take a couple of inland states with you.

    • Replies: @Neuday
    , @colsteve
  3. Charles says:

    What happens within the next several decades depends upon what sane Whites are willing to do. If they – we – care enough to organize and takes personal and financial risks, a new USA, which possesses the physical historical documents like the Declaration, could come into being.
    IF, however, Whites insist upon “playing by the rules” which our enemies don’t even acknowledge, and if we claim that an election – that is to say, some-or-other politician – will save us and our history, then we are a defeated people, in much the same way the American Indians are. The difference is we will not even be allowed reservations on which to live; our enemies will instead make every effort to completely exterminate us.
    I’m not predicting one or the other or any other specific thing. I am only expressing what I believe are (out of many others) the two most likely scenarios.

    • Agree: bruce county, El Dato, 22pp22, St-Germain
    • Replies: @Wally
    , @Realist
    , @Historic
  4. With today’s values and demographics, McGovern would have won in 72.

    What is to be done now?

    First, say PALESTINIAN LIVES MATTER and seek White Liberation from Jewish Supremacism.

    • Agree: GazaPlanet
    • LOL: Yusef
  5. Of course vote for Trump in November.

    Haven’t heard a single sound reason why that isn’t a stupid idea. Trump is Bozo the Clown with worse hair and stupider sycophants. A total, obvious fraud.

    I hope the whole lot of his ‘team’ get SJW’d into oblivion. That useless hump and his lackey morons and traitors. Face the truth: We’d likely have been better off with an HC regime.

    “But muh Supreme Court!”

    That one died also. May Trump the blowhard POS fade into deserved infamy.

  6. Biff says:

    It’s pretty much #2 all the way… I’m fully expecting a full blown Police State – just like now! Only a bit worse.

    • Replies: @Richard B
  7. vot tak says:

    Another likud white supremacist.

    “Where Do We Go from Here?”

    How about hell.

    • Troll: VinnyVette, starthorn
    • Replies: @ZCks
  8. Anon[224] • Disclaimer says:

    American patriots are developing their own hybrid warfare with media of their own

    I’m not sure which patriot media you’re referring to here, but I hope it’s not Breitbart or Fox News. Both are just different sides of the same coin, owned by the same (((Blob))). Breitbart spews incessant hate and venom on Iran, Venezuela, China…and occasionally, “deep state”, just to throw some red meat to the Appalachian crowd so they keep reading and believing everything else they read on Breitbart. It was founded by a Jew Andrew Breitbart after all, and has a columnist from Jerusalem Times as a regular contributor to make sure the Appalachian Trumptards stay loyal to Israel and continue to worship the Jews like Trump himself. Their comments censorship is even harsher than the NYTimes’. Mention the word “Jew” once and you are gone, every comment after deleted the minute you hit submit. Breitbart was a genius ploy by the (((Blob))).

    Fox News is owned by the Jew Rupert Murdoch. The only one worth watching on that channel is Tucker Carlson, and even he has completely steered clear of the elephant in the room. I have never once heard him said the word “Jew”. And what’s more he’s completely bought into the War with Eastasia.

    Meanwhile, Trump is an absolute lying POS when it comes to immigration, as he continues to appoint treasonous rats like Chad Wolf to run DHS. His biggest problem is Stephen Miller, who did everything to prevent real patriot Kris Kobach from taking the job. MSM attacks Stephen Miller for being an “immigration hardliner”, when it’s all just Kabuki theater. Miller is just another swamp creature like Jared Kushner, putting up a false front, deep down he is the jew weasel who makes sure to keep mass immigration flowing esp. the H1b hordes. His only concern is to limit Muslim immigration for obvious reasons. Trump loyalists who think they have a patriot in Miller have been fooled once more:

    As Henry Ford said in The International Jew published in 1920, exactly 100 years go, Jews excel at manipulation, and always make sure to dominate and lead *both* sides of the argument, to keep the people fighting.

  9. Pft says:

    Trump is a Trojan Horse of the Blob.

    Kadlec and Azar (Dark Winter vets, Azar advises we must wear masks and social distance) , Theil (Big Data Bilderberger now handling CDC health data) Redford (CDC head thats a fake vaccine data expert) , Eric Schmidt (Bilderberger heading Trumps NSAIC), Trilateralist/WEF Larry Fink (Black Rock is running the Feds bailouts) , Mnuchin (ready to foreclose us all again), Fauci (he appointed him to his COVID task force) , Barr (Iran Contra, BCCI, Precrime) , Acosta (let Epstein free) , Slaoui (Operation warp speed from GSK/Moderna) .

    My god, , he even offered Bill Gates a job as Whitehouse Science and Technology Policy Director.

    • Replies: @George Brent
  10. JimDandy says:

    There’s a country called South Africa. There’s another one called Brazil. Check them out, and imagine they had a baby.

  11. @Rational

    The vulture capitalists are in charge. Sure, the overwhelming majority of vulture capitalists are Jews, but many are not. And there are poor Jews.

    It depends on the aim of the Blob, whether it’s subversion of society e.g. with LGBTIXYZ, or pure greed. If the former, yes, you are right. If the latter, you are only partly right.

    • Replies: @Curmudgeon
    , @Dave Bowman
  12. @Rational

    Muttmerica deserves to fail. First for their sins against their own priciples in the 19th century.
    The 20th century is basically just a long record of why the mulatto country is destined to hell.

    1919 and 1945 payback, bitches.

    • Agree: Ghan-buri-Ghan, Moi
    • Replies: @Allan
    , @Gleimhart Mantooso
  13. Bill H says:

    This week the media is featuring the “police brutality” in the killing of Elijah McClain ten months ago, sufficiently that “thousands of protesters” gathered this weekend to “demand justice” for his death. The three police officers, initially exonerated, were placed on administrative duty yesterday while the incident is investigated, ten months after it happened.

  14. Mefobills says:

    America has survived unrest before, but that was a different country. It had a white, Christian super-majority and a shared history. It had at least a theoretical chance of working out a modus vivendi with its black minority. The language was English and, most of the time, we played by a set of rules to which everyone—liberal conservative, Democrat or Republican—agreed.

    In the 60’s Italy had a depression. At the time, Italy did not have a large social net to catch people as they became unemployed.

    What happened? Italians moved home, and extended families helped each other. There was no social crises.

    Italians were one ethnic people, with shared history and culture, along with intact families. A nation of this type can take “shocks” and bounce back.

    No so, in a mult-culti globo-homo utopia like U.S., where many white people have been taught to hate themselves (thanks Jews and owned media!)

    Worshiping the dollar at the expense of gift economy, at the expense of family formation, is a nation’s doom.

    Immigrating new people is to then have lower wages, to then have new debtors, and bonus…. replacement workers along with new easily maneuvered voters.

    Meantime “creditor” class replaces its current debts owed with new debtors/debts owed. New debts help pay for old debts. The creditor class remains in the drivers seat.

    A nation cannot exist simultaneously with finance capitalism. The international will use their finance “capital” to look for gains somewhere in the world. Capital is fungible. The international will import labor to make gains. Labor is fungible because it has legs and can walk. It especially can walk if it is given “micro loans” to fund invasion.

    Debt instruments and bank credit as money must be made non-fungible in the post collapse world. This requires Sovereign money, where capital (by law) does not rise above the polity.

    On-selling of debt instruments into “international” markets is a concept that is not challenged, yet is key to understanding of how globo homo operates.

    Companies sell their stock into international markets to then attract money from other nations.

    Private Banks move their bank credit (what we call money) anywhere in the world through elaborate systems like SWIFT, and through exchange rate mechanisms.

    America will die mostly because the founders made a mistake with one word in the constitution:

    To borrow Money on the credit of the United States;

    Fixing the error:

    To issue Money on the credit of the United States;

    Tyranny slipped in through a back door via privatized money power.

    • Agree: kerdasi amaq
    • Replies: @Emslander
  15. Anon[224] • Disclaimer says:

    The premise of this article reminds me of Kurt Schlichter’s book The People’s Republic, where he wrote about a Red America splitting off from Blue America. Kurt Schlicter is a regular contributor to the supposed “conservative” media Townhall, which also takes regular contributions from the Jewish conservative Dennis Prager, president of PragerU on YouTube, another Ziocon in disguise.

    But I digress, I had high hopes for Kurt’s book. Unfortunately he spent a good part of the book sucking up to the Jews, calling them America’s foremost loyalists and patriots, and Israel America’s best ally, even made sure it was a Jew who saved Red America. I had to try hard not to puke on that part. Is there any hope left for America?

    All the major conservative media have all been started or taken over by Jews, not just Breitbart and Fox News, but Zerohedge, National Review, The American Conservative, Wall Street Journal, Townhall, PragerU on YouTube, even Tucker Carlon’s Daily Caller. All have the same predictable playbook: Never mention the word “Jew” unless reporting on “anti-Semitism”, sensationalist reporting on antifa and the progressive mob, pretend hate on immigration (sometimes anyway, some like NR and WSJ continue to champion H1b’s), a lot of hate on Muslims, Iran, Venezuela, and attention please, we are now at war with Eastasia, we have always been at war with Eastasia, or at least when George Soros came down with the order.

    • Agree: GazaPlanet
  16. You forgot to mention.

    The bulldozing of Muley’s house is pure free-market capitalism at its finest.

    You on the wrong website.

    The bozos here just love bulldozing decent god-fearing Americans houses. If “The Market” demands it. They will defend this dumbass fucking “Market” thing to the death, even though they’ve never seen it, don’t know what it looks like, have no idea how it operates, no matter how many people it bulldozes.

  17. Eventually whites will not be only pushed to the wall. They will be nailed to the wall.

  18. Ghali says:

    Another racist Rubbish by VDare courtesy of UNZ.

    • Replies: @Julian of Norwich
  19. Wally says:

    – Statue of Jew Confederate and slave owner, David Levy Yulee, stands untouched in Florida:
    – David Levy Yule:
    – Yulee resigned his US senate seat to support the Confederacy.

  20. Wally says:

    “The difference is we will not even be allowed reservations on which to live; our enemies will instead make every effort to completely exterminate us.”

    – Probably so. They certainly are doing it now.

    – But then who will pay the bills of blacks & browns.

    • Agree: Charles
    • Replies: @Curmudgeon
    , @Wtf
  21. Richard B says:

    The Jewish owned MSM has created an ILLUSION of a big blob and the whole country breaking down. It is all a big Jewish psychops to push white people down.

    What we’re really witnessing is nothing less than

    The Pyrrhic Victory Of The Hostile Elite

    The reasons are many and everyone here knows them.

    But there are other reasons that aren’t talked about all that much.

    You simply can not run a civilization more complex and unpredictable than ever before without an element of mind. And they have lost theirs.

    Unfortunately, however, it’s not limited to them. The USA never really took to higher education.

    The American people made a fatal mistake a long time ago of dismissing higher education as “Elitist” and having nothing to do with making money.

    They were the original snowflakes. And they paved the way for what The USA was to become,

    Dunning-Kruger Nation

    Even at TUR, which I sincerely believe is the best website online, can be found a number of “experts” writing articles and posting comments as if reality had flung its dooor open to them and them alone.

    It’s rare to see people these days daring to quesiton their own assumptions.

    They simply make bold and unprovable assertions as if they were the ultimate truth and ignore or gaslight anyone who disagrees.

    There’s very little in the way of intellectual conscience or humility.

    But, more importantly and even more practically, you never hear people talking about the importance of exposing their ideas to a process of continuous correction and feedback, so as to make those ideas as strong as possible when applied to the real world for the purpose of improving the quality of life.

    Why not?

    We do it with cars, we do it with computers, etc.

    Why wouldn’t we do it with morals, with values, with the ideas we live by?

    We don’t simply need to do it now. We have to do it now.

    And not because I say so. Obviously not.

    But because what has collapsed is Explanation itself.

    Anyone who doesn’t know this will produce nothing moving ahead.

    And this was being discussed in our universities, even up until the 1980’s, though obviously considerably less by then.

    But it was certainly being discussed before The Frankfurt School, et al. took over.

    But more on that some other time. It’s worth going in to.

    The point is, the hostile elite is clueless to this state of affairs. Hence their chaos and dependency on violence.

    Correspondingly, anyone who thinks some form of “The Right” is going to save the day is seriously mistaken.

    If the Right was capable of making good its claims they wouldn’t be in the position they’re in.

    But first things first. We need to unite around an organizing principle that makes sense, is easy to understand, and inspiring.

    It’s not going to be a political party. That’s out of the question.

    The best we can do is an idea. One that counter theirs and speaks to a basic need, one that unites.

    And, since what they want for us is either tyranny or death, than the best we can do is preserve life by fighting for our freedom.

    • Agree: Old and Grumpy
    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @jamesbbkk
  22. Bert says:

    A civil war stemming from 120 years of cultural subversion by a genetically alien group that installed itself as an elite will not end in any sort of partition. The stronger side will win the entire country. And given the reality that the sword is mightier than the pen the stronger side is not cultural Marxism, political Marxism, or any other ideology than the common sense of working people. The most likely outcome for the US is a replication of Indonesia in 1965, which would settle the dust for a very long time.–66

    “Although mostly unknown in the West compared to the Vietnam War and various right-wing coups in Latin America, the massacres and Suharto’s rise to power are considered by historians to be a significant turning point in the Cold War.”

    • Replies: @Guest0206
  23. dually says:

    Here’s a start: “The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers” – Shakespeare

    Who’s to blame? The “all volunteer” military (as if rust belt kids have any choice) is affirmative action for rich white guys and their kids. Simple solution here: Bring back the draft – with no “college deferments”. End the serf state that was instituted to provide the ruling class with fodder for their beloved foreign wars.

    • Replies: @Abbott Hall
  24. Whitewolf says:

    What happens if the truckers refuse to deliver to cities with no police protection? Unless the national guard or the army take over those duties then empty shelves in supermarkets and other shops happen.

    Goods don’t magically transport themselves from farms/factories to the shops. Fuel deliveries not being delivered means there won’t even be alternative transport options. The horse and cart might come back into vogue.

    • Replies: @Haole2
  25. A very large factor, totally ignored in the article is what the economic reality will be over the next 1 – 3 years. Any negative outcomes referred to in the article will be magnified by the depth & breath of the recession/depression. The progress of the (imaginary) virus will also have a profound affect.
    The potential negative economic outcomes are so numerous as to be near incalculable. To take the most obvious: what affect will a real unemployment rate of 20% or so have on social stability? What affect will the upcoming wave of evictions & foreclosures have when rents/mortgages come due ?
    What will happen to social stability if States/cities etc, having lost their tax bases, cut even more social services ?

    • Agree: Bro43rd
  26. GMC says:

    The ” Blob” took out every old sovereign country in Europe , when they formed the E U Mafia in Brussels – also . I remember a pretty cool Europe – once upon a time. As far as White European American society, the NY Jews stopped that , along with their USG goy boys in 1965. That should have been a huge Red Flag when immigration from Europe , which was at 80% , was cut to 7% a year and the Open, Unlimited Heintz 57 took over and threw another 100 million — against the White European society. I’m sure the blob already has the New North American map drawn out. Notice DC – the shinning hill, wants to vacate their easement, and become a State. Best to force march on DC , while the Goy Boys are still – in country.

    • Replies: @Patagonia Man
  27. Secession – a retarded idea that will never die.

    1) The power-centers are such because of the ports, as it’s always been. If you want to rely on “liberal” breakaway republics on the coasts for all your imports, be prepared to starve.

    2) Empires very rarely cede any territory to ideological enemies, much less territory of any value. Wyoming has fossil fuels. Montana has cattle, oil, elite tourism. Vermont is a bedroom community for the elite. Alabama has Mobile, a port. There is no state and no stretch of land which the empire does not view as essential.

    3) Military installations, electrical grids, fiber-optic cable, rail networks, highways, all other such infrastructure – no one is going to let a bunch of “traditional Americans” with guns interrupt all this for a single day, and if they did, that’s exactly how long it would last before the tactical drone strikes.

    I really don’t know how this isn’t all obvious. It’s as if the nation were a kind of boardgame in which the only values are ideological, with players being free to move across and divide the board independent
    of things like how a major economy powers itself.

  28. gotmituns says:

    Pretty much, the Republic is dead. We maintain form as Augustus Caesar allowed. But the substance of governance has been taken over by a jewish cabal by stealth. There is only one solution now, race war and the deportation of the surviving blacks and the final reckoning with the jews.

  29. chris says:

    We’ve just seen that the deep state is willing to step into the limelight if under even a mild threat as Trump has been for them.

    Secession, however, would be pulling the rug from under the entire empire. For this reason, a de facto breakdown of America is not a choice, because they’ll come in with the armed forces and absolutely destroy anyone who attempts scenario 3 at this stage. Not to mention the vilification and propaganda war which will accompany any such actions. This part is already underway as may be currently observed.

    • Replies: @Tlotsi
  30. I think the breakup, if it happens, will be between city and rural life. The dangerous cities will be slowly avoided and people will begin to deploy outward. Life in the countryside will be a challenge; cities unlivable. Our nation no longer has a center and without a center; no mythology to cling to.
    Another possible scenario is a military coup in November. The brass understand that without a center;
    no funding.

    • Replies: @DanFromCT
  31. Haole2 says:

    Facebook won’t let you link to unz anymore. I use to post stuff like this on Facebook. My relatives disowned me

  32. Anonymous[339] • Disclaimer says:

    We are looking at the end of an Imperial society, about 70 years old. Its primary assets were its world wide influence, its manufacturing base, its loyal and cohesive population, and its self-sufficiency in resources. The first three are gone, but the self-sufficiency in resources remains.

    The vanished assets were spent in an effort to politically support American cities, which had by 1960 lost their natural monopolies in shipping and manufacturing to containerization, trucking over Interstate quality roads, and improved communications and computers.

    The United States is now in the same situation as the USSR was in 1980 or so. It ts industrial plant and lab or force have depreciated enough that the United States physical plant as it stands can no longer be supported.

    The USSR completely reorganized, shedding population and facilities it could no longer support. The US will have also have to shed some part of its existing physical plant, hence some part of its population.

    The question is: which part?

    It must be stated here that assimilation has failed, rejected by those who were to be assimilated. The groups that were to be assimilated say that they cannot be assimilated, and there are objective reasons to believe that these groups are correct. Don’t apologize, realize that the old “values don’t apply across cultures” theme is now operational. The Civil Rights act of the 1960s (and subsequent interpretations) put the “values” rule into Federal law and superseded much of the US Constitution (See: C. Caldwell, _The Age of Entitlement_, 2020/01). The European descended US population is governed by a different law than that applicable to any other population group. That is the environment in which the US population lives, and _please_ don’t tell me about your need to apologize to members of a different group who have rejected your group’s right to exist. If you need to make such apologies, go to God and make the apology directly. God doesn’t exist? Neither does a need to apologize.

    The comments by Charles ( are germane here. If you want a particular outcome, try to get it. BLM, Antifa, the various Black leaders, the Hispanics who want civil service jobs and political leadership in LA do it, you can too. In fact, you’d better.
    If you are European White, your group is losing badly in terms of demography, death rate, and political influence. If you want to go belly up, do so, but realize what you’re doing. Stop criticizing POTUS Trump for not giving you what you want and start organizing yourself to get what you want, using POTUS Trump for topcover while you have him. You will find that difficult, as the Civil Rights laws effectively (although not explicitly) prohibit such organization, but organize anyway (**). You have a lot to lose. Do it or don’t, but stop this psychotic ( “apology”.

    Back to nation level analysis:

    Quite likely the US has no real choice. Historicism and history both suggest that the outcome of the next few decades is something that nobody alive now would tolerate. Complete reorganizations are like that.
    Here are some presently unacceptable futures that may come to pass:

    * The US might, for example, end up without cities larger than, say, 30 thousand people, with a distributed economy and with a much smaller population — a Green ideal, in a way. In this scenario, the hinterland wins.

    * The US might also end up with smaller but politically dominant cities and a subjugated hinterland, all under a command eco0nomy that would probably be supported by a global hegemon (there are several candidates for global hegemon now). This, too, is a Green ideal, in a way. The hegemon would be necessary to support cities that cannot survive without such assistance (as in present day Afghanistan).

    * There could be two or more US successor states. Texas is one strong candidate, New York/Upper Midwest and California being two others. Much of the US, thinly populated and important for resources, would become a buffer area, with little industry, no strong government above the local level, and considerable intervention from areas needing mineral resources and water. US politics becomes like European politics in the 1700s as different areas fight for resources.

    What actually happens? Depends on who wins: who fights for what, the resources available, the geography, and to some extent on foreign intervention. It may even be that no serious fighting will be required — the USSR reorganized without serious fighting, although Iraq (for example) did not.

    The comments by Charles ( are germane here. The future is being made _now_. If you want a future in which your descendants can live, _this_ is the time to assure such a future.

    ** Old story: After the Mongol Conquest of the Silk Road, individual Mongols had immense prestige and authority. One such Mongol stopped a caravan far out on the steppe and commanded all personnel to form a line an kneel, all heads on one side. The Mongol then used his personal weapon to decapitate everybody in the line, starting from one end.
    One of the people in line had retained his personal weapon, one about like the Mongol was using, and whispered to his neighbor: “I’m going to resist this”.
    The neighbor, according to the story, replied “Don’t resist, or he’ll do something worse!”
    The reply was “What could he do that would possibly be worse than this?”
    And the story goes that the Mongol was killed in the resulting fight (perhaps his arm was tired).

    Related story: Kruschev (K) was at a meeting and a voice from the back of the room called out “Where were you when Stalin killed all those people?”
    K answered “Who said that!!!”
    Dead silence.
    And K said “I was where you are now”.

    People hide, people try to conform. This is not the time for that. Note that I’m Anonymous — don’t tell Stalin that you don’t like his cheesy clothes and become a casualty, but also, don’t kneel for the lone Mongol.

    • Agree: fish
    • Replies: @Corvinus
    , @Anonymous
  33. neutral says:

    The first and hardest step is to name the jew, nothing else can be done if you keep on diagnosing the symptoms but never the real cause of all of this. The negromania, the lunatics running academia, the cuckservatism, etc, none of these can be possible without the huge amounts of jewish money and participation. If you cannot name the jew either because of cowardice or complete ignorance, then you will keep coming up with ever new terms such as “blob” but never really get anywhere with them because they are not the correct description of the ultimate cause.

  34. Miro23 says:

    Traditionalist America comforts itself that it is well armed. When they “come for the guns” they can defend their property and exclude the invaders.

    In reality, this is wholly wrong, and just a set up for a long series of Ruby Ridges.

    The lesson of Ruby Ridge is that a (hostile) state holds a higher level of organization and weaponry that anything the public can put together, so, the small arms self defense option only amounts to a suicidal self-delusional fantasy.

    The US Neo-Bolsheviks own Homeland Security, NSA, the CIA/FBI, MSM, MIC and top levels of the military, so when the shooting starts (which it will), they hold the power, and no question that they’ll use it.

    Their predecessors ( the Russian Bolsheviks) already mapped out the ground, and had some successes (Russia 1917, Hungary 1919) and failures (Germany 1919, Spain 1936-1939) so it’s useful to look at what actually happened there.

    The principal take away is that successful resistance to Bolshevik coups always involved the military (or quasi military like Germany’s Freikorps). They used heavy weapons and showed superior organization, with a total war attitude towards their opponents:

    In Germany, the Freikorps (1919) comprised of experienced troops returning from the trenches of WW1 with access to artillery, armoured vehicles, flamethrowers etc. (provided by a friendly military) which they effectively used in the street battles of Munich and Berlin. After their defeat, Rosa Luxemburg (Jewish leader of the Berlin Bolshevik Spartacist uprising) was executed and her body thrown into a Berlin canal. Eugene Leviné (Jewish leader of the Munich Soviet Republic) was condemned to death for treason and shot by a firing squad.

    In Spain (1936) the country was sliding into anarchy with Bolshevik militias burning down church buildings, invading property and publicly attacking people defined a “bourgeois” (middle class), while the feeble socialist government looked the other way. The reaction came with the murder of traditionalist political leader Calvo-Sotelo. The commander of the Spanish Army of Africa (General Franco) airlifted his troops to southern Spain (thanks to the JU52’s provided by Hitler) with Spain’s cities and regions quickly polarizing for or against him (leftist major cities and regions against, and traditionalist rural and Catholic Spain for). The military split down the centre. His army showed superior organization with his leftist opponents frequently infighting (Ref. George Orwell’s, “Homage to Catalonia”). Their final defeat and capitulation came in Madrid/ Valencia (1939).

    With regard to Russia, David R.Francis was the U.S. ambassador for 5 years from March 1916 to March 1921 (and ex mayor of St Louis, Governor of Missouri and U.S. Secretary of the Interior). He witnessed the Bolshevik coup first hand. He personally knew all the major players and sent daily dispatches to Washington. He recorded the whole thing in his valuable but much neglected book, “Russia from the American Embassy: April 1916 – November 1918”. His conclusion was that the Provisional Government failed in a number of key areas:

    – The Bolsheviks subverted the loyalty of the 125.000 soldiers in Petrograd (St. Petersburg) with promises (lies) of private land, farms, stopping the war, avoiding the return of landowners etc. The result was that that only 25.000 or so remained loyal. These troops were already demoralized by defeats in WW1 and were poorly equipped and fed.

    – The Bolsheviks unilaterally issued General Order Nº1 producing chaos in the army and weakening a force that could have been used against them. Soldiers were required to remove officer’s rank insignia and disobey orders.

    – Kerensky (Jewish leader of the Provisional government) was weak and vacillating. He quarreled with Korniloff, the Commander in Chief of the Russian forces. They planned to combine to remove the Bolsheviks, but on Korniloff’s request to be made head of the government, Kerensky ordered his arrest. Korniloff replied by declaring his intention of marching on Petrograd. He never did, but Kerensky treasonously armed the Bolshevik workingmen’s and soldiers committee to defend Petrograd from the attack that never came. The Bolsheviks of course used the arms against the Provisional Government.

    Conclusion that the US military (all levels) need to do some serious thinking about their oath of loyalty:

    I, _____, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So help me God.”

    • Thanks: The Wild Geese Howard
    • Replies: @St-Germain
    , @Whitewolf
  35. If the US breaks up, I fear we will see many mini versions of the slaughter that took place after the partition of India.
    BTW here is Mike Pompeo admitting the pandemic is a “live exercise” and Trump murmuring “you should’ve let us know”.

    • LOL: schnellandine
  36. Let them bulldoze my home and steal my land,
    Burn the cities and wreck the businesses,
    Topple monuments and erase the past—
    I will never bow nor beg nor grovel.
    I am a free man in the land I love.
    My faith is in God and His guiding hand.

  37. Realist says:

    The Judaists are in charge.

    So two percent of the population took over the ninety-eight per cent of the population?

    What stupid assholes allowed that?

    • Agree: Stonehands
    • Replies: @Patagonia Man
    , @Malla
  38. MarkU says:

    In the event of a breakup of the US, the question most of the world will be asking is who gets custody of the nukes. One wonders what the US military will be doing during this process.

    It is also far from clear that Hispanics and Asians will be your enemies in the event of an armed conflict.

    • Agree: Miro23
    • Replies: @Amerimutt Golems
  39. Realist says:

    IF, however, Whites insist upon “playing by the rules” which our enemies don’t even acknowledge, and if we claim that an election – that is to say, some-or-other politician – will save us and our history, then we are a defeated people, in much the same way the American Indians are.

    That has already happened…or we wouldn’t be where we are today.

    • Replies: @Charles
  40. @schnellandine

    Lol why would the Russia baiting war criminal been better if put in charge? Cause ‘Russia is a gas station waiting to be occupied’?! The woman would have started WWIII, felt good about it, and when the bombs were falling over ‘her’ citizens – still felt righteous, and blamed those ‘damn Russians’ for defending themselves.

    She is a true aggressor, a quality the left seems to praise in its leaders.

    • Replies: @schnellandine
  41. geokat62 says:

    “If you know your enemy,” wrote Sun Tzu, “and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles.” Our enemy, in this case is the globalist Blob…

    Did Sun Tzu recommend the use of euphemisms in the process of identifying ones enemy? The Blob, really?

    Our enemy is Jewish Supremacy and those who work ardently to achieve it. It took Jewish Supremacist Organizations (JSOs) almost a hundred years, but they finally managed to get Hart-Celler passed in 1965. By pushing for mass immigration and by transmitting the cultural Marxist virus, they are chiefly responsible for the destruction of Old America… and the ushering in of the New America.

    Let’s not kid ourselves. This is their monster.

    We have no one but Dr. Frankenstein to thank for this mess.

    • Agree: Patagonia Man
  42. @Anon

    Absolutely true. Mr. Unz and Mr. Shamir are Jews, too, let’s not forget.

  43. onebornfree says: • Website

    “Of course vote for Trump in November. But don’t expect too much. Trump has been, at best, a speedbump, not a roadblock, in the Blob’s path.”

    The only good reason that I can see for supporting more Trump for another 4 year round of idiocy is that its going to further piss of the establishment and the rest of the marxist/liberal “intelligentsia”, to the point where the situation will almost inevitably devolve into a violent, defensive war fought by those small [but growing] few in the US resistant to having their lives run by a bunch of elitist, international corps. busy bodies composed of eugenicists, satanists, pedophiles and marxists beholden to the Chinese system of slavery via smart phone, and intent on one world government, mass slavery, mandatory vaccinations, plandemic lockdowns etc. etc.; all purportedly for “the good of humanity”.

    Fuck all that. ALL of these anti-freedom Marxist scumbags [private, governmental, corporate, supra-governmental etc.] need to be er, “disappeared”, and the sooner the better. This has all gone way beyond a laughing matter. Its us, or them. They ain’t gonna quit, ever. No more “spirited debate”, no more logical, respectable discussions of capitalism and freedom versus communism . All that these idiotic Marxist fuckers understand is a 50 cal. machine gun or similar in the face and the command: “back the fuck off, NOW!”, or similar, or worse.

    Unfortunately Trump, like all of his predecessors, can/will achieve very little [except to piss of all of the Marxist one world government libtards- admittedly a noble goal].

    He certainly has no desire to drastically downsize the federal government to its original constitutional size and functions [ as it should be- and quickly] – he doesn’t even appear to have ever closely studied/ seriously thought about the Declaration of Independence, the Articles of Confederation, the Constitution or [most importantly] the Bill of Rights. These do not even appear to exist in the Trump universe.

    Regards, onebornfree

  44. DanFromCT says:
    @Robert Magill

    Expect massive foreclosures and sanguinary dispossession of whites by the incoming black racist puppet regime in Jan ‘21 to result in the homes being occupied by inner-city blacks, with the whites families who remain now facing a lawless, violent minority in their midst, as happened, as I recall, in places like Yonkers, NY after ‘08. This will also destroy what’s left of white middle-class wealth inasmuch as blacks will destroy values and blame their new white neighbors’ “systemic racism” for turning pristine neighborhoods into slums overnight.

    Encroaching “blackness” has always meant ruin, such as along the Federal Highway in North Palm Beach as just one example, and now it’ll be blitzkrieg white dispossession Ramaphosa (being run by Int’l Jewry himself) would admire. The next move will have BLM and Black Panther militias armed like commando units running the suburbs before seriously outgunned whites can clear out.

    Because there’s precedent for this next stage in the extermination of whites, we’re being set up to the extent we’re not now responding in kind and being told by Fox News to set our hopes on rigged elections. There’ll also be gun confiscation, but only of whites, undertaken by (effectively) deputized and heavily armed BLM/Black Panther “peacekeepers.”

  45. Jayzerbee says:

    What a thoroughly insane and absurd essay.

    • Replies: @anon
  46. Emslander says:

    If you think free flow of capital and debt is the problem, then work to save money and buy your stuff. Control your materialistic obsessions. Get off pornography. Find a good woman. Marry her and have lots of kids. Develop a useful skill, like carpentry, plumbing or electric contracting. Forget the internet and the Jews. Become a Christian (probably first) and be happy.

    I could give you the names of ten places in my isolated city where you could work as an apprentice in a real trade and become wealthy in your lifetime. Your slavery is in your own head.

  47. Jake says:

    Yes, per capita Jews are in charge. However, that is but part of the story.

    What we are seeing now shifted into overdrive is the Elites playing the game that is most central to WASP rule back to the birth of WASP culture: Divide and Scour those who are your citizens just as you Divide and Conquer those you wish to add to your empire.

    WASP Elites always have acted against the best interest of the vast majority of the natives of the British Isles. Usually, the acting against the best interests of the vast majority of British Isles natives has been brutal.

    Yes, Jews have been central to that from the beginning, because Anglo-Saxon Puritanism was a Judaizing heresy. Following the logic of the heresy that made the revolution, archetypal WASP Oliver Cromwell made direct alliance with Jews, taking Jewish money, making Jews the most important bankers of the British Empire.

    The Anglo-Zionist Empire has existed back to at least Oliver Cromwell. You cannot separate the Jewish problem from the WASP problem.

    • Agree: Bro43rd, nokangaroos
    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @Anonymous
  48. Emslander says:

    The bulldozing of Muley’s house is pure free-market capitalism at its finest.

    So, you replace free markets with what? An economy dictated by morons who contracted unpayable debt for worthless college degrees?

    • Replies: @Oldtradesman
  49. SC Rebel says:

    Moving to Eastern Europe is looking pretty good to me right now.

    My wife was born there and her and her mother came to this country to escape Communism. I told them I’m sorry that you left that only to discover it’s here now. But let’s face it, it’s been here for a long time, slowly building up.

    It’s not perfect over in Eastern Europe, but at least they are still holding onto their cultural identity. I wish we had that here, but we don’t.

    America is gone, it’s finished. Whatever rises from its ashes will not be recognizable.

  50. Decades of White Flight clearly define a current and future Geographical Partition.
    Note too that the predominantly black and areas are not clamoring for “ Diversity”.

    An aversion to “ high crime areas” ( Black and minority population) has been a driver for suburban growth affecting entire regions.
    We are at the point where some areas that once attracted those fleeing have now “ changed”, forcing some to once again flee, bail out as if Hop Scotch game.

  51. Ahoy says:

    He sowed the beautiful land of America with a poisonous seed which produced a killer crop.

    “Community organizer” means every city in the US has a Trotsky with a precisely laid out plan to carry out.

    When Trotsky attacked the Russian Empire in 1917 he was very lucky. Russians did not have guns. Americans today may have a chance. Actually what is needed is weed killer, but this requires a government that loves its people. Very slim chance.

  52. neutral says:

    You on the wrong website.

    I think you are the one mistaken, there are not many that I have seen that support the “free market”, even more so now that corporations are openly doing the black worship thing and attacking whites.

    • Agree: RadicalCenter
  53. The system for visas is a joke. Please read after the introduction.

    Gary Weiss, is a former reporter for BusinessWeek. Weiss wrote about me, Edward Manfredonia, in the 26 April 1999 BusinessWeek sover story, “Scandal On Wall Street,” which exposed violations of federal law at the American Stock Exchange. Later, Weiss lied about the murders of Al Chalem and Maier Lehmann in order to sell a book. Weiss also smeared my name and was eventually fired for lying about me in an unapproved article. My friends and I were the sources of information for “Scandal On Wall Street.” Weiss lied in an unapproved article in the IRE Journal and said that I was not.


    But here is the proof the current system is a fraud. Note: All material can be found in my website: And yes, I was wired by the FBI- but that is not relevant here.

    Weiss is an incel. Women would not date him. Jewish women knew that he was toxic.

    Weiss met Anjali Sharma, a native of India, who was pursuing graduate studies in the United States.

    Sharma wanted to remain in the United States. So Weiss utilized the BusinessWeek computers and software to forge documents from The Pioneer of India. These documents included a letter of assignment from the Editor of The Pioneer of India, which stated that Anjali Sharma was assigned to the United Nations as a correspondent. Note: I do not have this letter; but read on for the surprise.

    On the basis of these forged credentials, Sharma obtained a letter from the United Nations Correspondents Association and Sharma produced copies of forged articles, which allegedly had appeared in The Pioneer of India, to obtain a J-1 Visa.

    Eventually the Editor of the Pioneer, Mr. Chandan Mitra, contacted the United Nations and denounced Anjali Sharma as a liar.

    On 16 March 2005 Anjali Sharma was evicted from the United Nations under armed guard. Google: Anjali Sharma + United Nations and you will see a copy of the letter of eviction.

    But that did not deter Anjali Sharma. Anjali Sharma joined a professional group, which represents Foreign Journalists in the United States.

    Sharma joined the Association of Foreign Correspondents in the USA. Thanos Dimdadis, President, placed Anjali Sharma of the Education Board of the Foreign Correspondents in the USA with the knowledge that Sharma was not a correspondent and Sharma had forged letters of assignment from The Pioneer of India. Sharma is one of the individuals, who chooses the recipients of scholarships to Journalism Schools.

    Sharma not only forged letters of assignment; but Sharma used these forged documents to apply for a J-1 Visa.

    Eventually, Anjali Sharma married Gary Weiss- but only after Sharma agreed to convert to Judaism.

    The United States Government refused to indict Anjali Sharma for submitting false documents and making perjured statements in her application for a J-1 Visa.

    I will write more about this in a future post.

    The letter from the United Nations, which expelled Anjali Sharma from the United Nations under armed guard, can be found on my website:

    Thank you.

    Edward Manfredonia

  54. Bro43rd says:

    It’s the zionazis. They aren’t a coherent bunch, and that’s purposeful. Although composed of primarily members of the tribe, there’s many non-tribe sellouts, mostly anglos. Most of the tribe members don’t even practice their tribe’s religion but give a bad name to the rest of the tribe. Just as 99% of whites aren’t supremacists, the rest suffer b/c of the behavior of a few. It’s the same with most other groups. Blanket accusations are a serious problem with many posters & authors here at TUR. Until we correctly identify and label the enemy, I fear we end up chasing our own tails. So we need to come together & choose a term for the elite that rule us through violence & fraud. I like Zionazis as nazis are imo universally despised & hopefully y’all understand the zio prefix. Open to other suggestions.

    • Replies: @Wally
  55. “Chinese virus”?

    Now that COVID-19 has been identified in the Barcelona sewers in samples from March 2019, I do believe that Amerikastani imperalists need to start calling it the Spanish Virus.

    Amerikastani fair play? Tell that to every group of human beings Amerikastani imperalists have been killing and enslaving for 250 years.

    • Agree: Patagonia Man
  56. Wade says:

    “If you know your enemy,” wrote Sun Tzu, “and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles.” Our enemy, in this case is the globalist Blob and its militant would-be Che Guevaras and LARPing Leninists, the MSM, the bureaucracy, the courts, the big corporations, and the education establishment.

    I stopped reading after this paragraph. It started so well and ended so poorly. This is just an update on the old Rush Limbaugh from the 1990’s haranguing against “The Liberals”. Although pointing out that the big corporations are part of the problem is a slight improvement over the Rush Limbaugh I used to listen to, everything else is mostly just an evasion. Does the author seriously think that the little Che Guevaras (antifa) running around out there have such an ability of self-organization that they were able to beat the rest of us?

    Linh Dinh has done a much better job of connecting the dots. If all you do is point to the ground forces and cannot even name the generals, then you don’t know the enemy. Our enemy hates their own ground forces too. They just use them.

    From the John Birch society, to Fox News, Rebel Radio, Glenn Beck, Breitbart and Alex Jones have all been controlled opposition.

    With its obsessive focus on immigrants and blacks, is VDare trying hard to add itself to that list? Besides Ron Unz who I believe used to give VDare money, who funds VDare? With leadership like this, we’re doomed to putting out the same fires in perpetuity.

    • Replies: @haha
  57. BuelahMan says:
    @Marshall Lentini

    Except that secession was part and parcel of the original founding. It took Abe’s illegality to thwart it.

    Sadly, too many fools fall for his shtick.

  58. “then who do we shoot?” wrong question, wrong approach..wrong discussion!

    as far as I know the basic social principle, the principle of civilization and its organization is ”The People in Popular Action” sweeping all before them, in creative popular action called revolutions, making, creating social organization that meets the collective need as they go….not ”So Who Do we shoot..” at all

    whatever the people create socially stands! that is the way forward..or would be the way forward if the people were not been consistently defeated by minority interests imbed in revolutions, to this point because of lack of understanding of further principles in social evoltion and existential fact of revolutionary movement.

    the people never understood subjectivity as it applies in ordinary existence to individuals and groups and how such interest finds expression in social reality, in self interest individuasl tied to group interest, that becomes ideology, and so on and on…

    for instance the people never knew, as far as I know, the significnace of politics as parasitism.


    all politics is parasitism and politicians parasites. rare has been the historical event where pliticians represented the people and went where the peoples interest took them.

    politicians as ‘Vanguard Peoples Parties’ in revolutionary times, have with patience consistently sold out revolutionary movements, have been what we call the “reaction” imbed in the popular movement that reversed popular social gain, createdd by the popular action, and established their own dictatorships..bueraucratic dictatorships.. which beld the people as efficiently as the capitalist before them…and always currently in league with capitalists.

    in fact the ‘so-called ‘Vanguard Revolutionary Political parties’ were all set up by the capitalist to do what they eventually did..sold out the revolutionas

    in the process the people have become convinced that the tools of the established politicians are basic, like written elitist national constitutions that established 2-party, multi-party political systems, replete with prime ministers and presidnets, butressing bureaucracies, political elites along with capitalist corporate elites.

    that is the problem with our protagonist in the Grapes above: he is concered with shooting people. and that story holds those same principles as basic and socialy dear..that the constitution and the resulting social system is basic, fundamental, that there is no other political place for the people to that if they start shooting they will have to shoot forever for that constitutional social formation is equally forever, that the exploiters are endless systematically… and that is the way things are eternally.

    so our protagonists lets his shack be destroyed and walks off to where ever, to whatever hell he will die in with his hungry family..on the streets somewhere, everywhere.

    were he current, today, he might have spent his last penny on a lottery ticket and won a million and so end his days in splendor – the american DREAM!. but he had to wait awhile for that opportunity. he could have tried horses in his day but they did not have dime bets then. you had to have your \$2 minimum or forget it.

    and you had to get to the tracks too..a daunting project for such then I imagine..or an off-track that would let you in if you were clean and looked the part

    but had he known that he, as an ordinary social being was and is fundamental, that what he can do and does politically is basic as alternative to the established criminal process that set him up in his penury, he would have been differently focused, not looking to shoot anyone – yet!

    he could have organized the village, the city, the state, states…organized all the people like him, the majority, all of whom were in the same boat. collecivley they could have taken over their space and created an alternative social form that looked after all of them, looked like them… and prepared their defenses that would have made their creation safe, inviolate from capitalist offensive to take it back, which surely would be coming, abetted by those ordinary troops… those who remained convinced that the national constitution is god given, forever right and cannot be gainsaid as the word of god.

    those ordinary troops would be killing the revolution, the very revolution they are going to need soon enough, which at that time would have probably seem to them to be the work of god, saving the church and the state from revolutionary heathens

    so the proper response of our protagonist was then and still is currently.. and never was ”who do we shoot?”, but to take over society, toss the elitist constitution, create a social process in the peoples: theproper response was to take it all, to dispossess the exploiter and organize the society to suit the interest of the people, to meet popular interest need.

    with all like you..the majority of exploited people of the world: when they do that they take away the resouces from the exploiters so he can no longer dont have to be endlessly shooting messengers, workers like yourself. you must neutralize the exploitation by taking over society.

    you take over society by taking away your labour and social agreement from what is really the exploiters arbitrary power, won and established over society by all manner of criminal and illegal permit the most exhaustive exploitation of ALL the people.. the zillions of humans like our protagonist above. that is the nature of the social power that sets us all up like our friend above

    and doing the same over the world – taking away the exploiters power by removal of our agreement for that is what it is..our agreement fooled out of us or not- rids the exploiter of power period, and sends him back into the hole out of which he came, which he vacated, and in vacating and put you – put us.. in there instead, where he used to live

    and now that we know where the reaction, which in time robs the people of their revolution lives.. they live in the portions of the life that is parasitic… we know how to kill the reaction as the revolution literally killing the vanguard political parties..indeed all political parties.

    there is also the crucial need to eliminate all space where bureaucracies can live. there must be no food where anyone can function outside the productive areas of the life and society. the revolution must find ways, create ways as they go to address all work..without creating parasitism..areas of labour that involve great numbers of people who depend on the taxation of those who produce to be paid salaries

  59. Mefobills says:

    If you think free flow of capital and debt is the problem, then work to save money and buy your stuff.

    Sorry you missed the whole point of the article. It flew right over your head.

    Money is the lifeblood of a civilization. If the money is tainted, then the body dies.

    Here is another article that puts it more succinctly:


    The world financial system is incredibly sophisticated and efficient. Every day, billions of transactions take place.

    In our minds, “money” is changing hands. In fact, “money” is an abstraction, a mental concept. “Money is a massive game of ‘Let’s Pretend” i.e. make-believe.

    Money doesn’t exist. It is an abstraction, a mental estimate of the value of something expressed in digits in some currency.

    “Money” is a medium of exchange. It only has value as an act of faith. We accept it as payment because we assume everyone else will also accept it.

    This medium of exchange is created out of thin air by the central bankers in the form of interest-bearing debt to themselves. Even though our governments could create this medium of exchange, debt, and interest-free, the bankers have finagled this golden goose and maintain it by selecting criminals and perverts to be our “leaders.”

    To protect this prize, they must now enslave humanity. This is the essence of Communism and the NWO — the expansion of their credit monopoly to include power, thought, and behavior – a satanist tyranny. Everyone will worship them and their god, Lucifer, who represents them.

    The old America died (will die), because of one word in the Constitution. Obviously, “where we go from here” would require us to at least change that one word.

  60. Facebook and Google are part of a Big Data Project no doubt funded by In-Q-Tel. The main focus should be taking down Twitter and Facebook and Broadcast Media. That cannot be so difficult in modern times.

    The more pervasive US Media is the more brittle the infrastructure. So much of modern Western society is exceedingly vulnerable.

    COVID-19 was supposed to be the “Chernobyl Moment” for the Communist Party in China but instead it has detonated Western societal structures. WHO seizes control will WIN.

    Observer Status is granted until the New Order establishes Control and seeks Absolute Control

  61. @Ilya G Poimandres

    Ahh, another ostrich heard from.

    We’re in WWIII. I prefer wars people notice, and fools/tyrants which inspire opposition.

    Now, let’s all to go a Trump really and cheer for the asshole who either brought us here or did nothing to prevent it.

    I know what it was; we didn’t cheer loudly enough.

    • Replies: @Ilya G Poimandres
  62. How’s succession going to work if you are landlocked? Its not like Canada isn’t part of the blob. Also how much of landlocked territory is owned by billionaires or Chinese? Finally are we really positive that Trump being elected president wasn’t the necessary catalyst for this current phase we are going thru? The man is a leveraged to the hilt “billionaire,” and thus easy to control.

    What we need is an underground system of support for survival. Also an ability to think out of the 20th financial century boxes we have been placed in. Capitalism, fascism, communism are all ruses of blob. Corporations aren’t tools of free market. Debt is still slavery. It seems debt is a mutual Achilles heel of both lender and creditor. Perhaps a place to start the rebellion? Only if you have that underground running.

    Finally to the millennials and zoomers out there, mommy lied you aren’t special. Now go get some work at the water works, electrical grid, and sewage treatment. Do any of you think the blob masters know how to operate any of that? Why do you think they are bringing trainable Hispanics up? To do that work. Lie about your heritage if you must, and start getting those jobs.

  63. Tlotsi says:

    You would think people would have learned from the Confederacy, but no.

    • Agree: chris
    • Troll: schnellandine
  64. Anonymous[428] • Disclaimer says:

    More WASP garbage. You are a JEW! It’s your people who have destroyed this country.

    • Replies: @Anonymous Jew
  65. haha says:

    Wade, you may be right that we need to stop looking at foot soldiers and instead search out the hidden generals. However, you offer no clue, no theory, not even a guess as to where to look. Would you care to? We all need to exchange ideas, theories and guesses if we are to figure a way out.

  66. @Marshall Lentini

    Meh..they won’t be “ceding” it, it will be Secession backed by and/or defended through force. There are plenty of states, joined together, that could form and work as their own nation to include the State of California itself; Texas/Oklahoma and Louisiana (even in parts) the South East, such as Atlanta through Savannah, etc etc etc. National Guards can switch sides as has happened in the past (the state militias). Other militias will be formed as well.

    Power grids and all that will be subject to the same targeting as people, until a negotiated settlement or complete victory (unlikely) is won by one or more sides–and it will be multiple sides. Eventually, the nations will work out trade agreements and eventually people will tend to migrate (where/how permitted) to whatever nation wants them, or they can get into. They will defacto racial/ethnic, with probably a “United State of America” rump state in the DelMarVaPA area. We may not live to see the final partition, but no one really does, as they change over time in even the greatest empires.

    City-states will be the first to depart. No one is saying it will be pretty or equitable, but it will happen, and likely within the next five years.

    What I would agree, is that there will be no amicable divorce, more for the reasons you state–but the break up of the USA is absolutely inevitable. Expect foreign interference/support of various factions as well. (China in CA, etc).

    • Agree: Bro43rd
    • Replies: @David In TN
  67. neutral says:

    Forget the internet and the Jews.

    That is simply stupid. You think that burying your head in the sand is going to grant you immunity from the jews? Even if somehow your cuckservative lifestyle recommendation could escape the gaze of the jew regimes, you are still just declaring that your life should be nothing but meek subservience to your masters.

    • Agree: Mefobills
  68. @Anon

    I’d hold off on whether Trump is a POS breaking all promises and hiring Boltonian rats and pandering to the Deep State till we see how his second term works out. He was inexperienced, and rendered powerless by anxiety over a second term. Now he’s experienced and could start making decisions without fear, except of assassination. The second term might be very different.

    • Replies: @Meimou
    , @profnasty
  69. Anonymous[293] • Disclaimer says:

    South Africa is your future. I was there as a young white man in the army, in the townships, during the violence which the globalists foisted upon us. I was there when they humiliated us.
    The globalists are running the exact same script which they perfected against us in South Africa, this time against you.
    Your future political leaders will be mostly incompetent, highly corrupt and bankrupt your country. Instead of changing their behaviour, they will change the laws to suit the 3rd world behaviour of the newly entitled. You will know what it is to transition from civilisation to a 3rd world country, in a few years. White women will momentarily profit from this with additional affirmative action (in order to split the whites), and being solopsistic they will turn against you even more. But they will eventually also be discarded, as has happened in South Africa. After that they demanded their husbands emigrate with them to Australia.
    Your academic standards will take a nose-dive you have never seen before. Rampant crime and murder will be your daily bread. Your brightest will leave overseas. Your daughters will be raped.
    Enjoy. You white americans threw us under the bus, thinking this will buy you some time. All you got was 25 years. Now it’s your turn!

    • Agree: BB753
    • Replies: @usNthem
    , @mcohen
    , @Rich
  70. @Anon

    The premise of this article reminds me of Kurt Schlichter’s book The People’s Republic , where he wrote about a Red America splitting off from Blue America.

    There are also echoes of T. Chittum’s book Civil War Two: The Coming Breakup of America the content of which was the Los Angeles riots plus collapse of the USSR and Yugoslavia.

    Some themes raised in the book are still relevant today like cultural dispossession, immigration, demographics, looting and gangs filling the law and order void.

    Chittum didn’t cover the JQ.

  71. @MarkU

    In the event of a breakup of the US, the question most of the world will be asking is who gets custody of the nukes. One wonders what the US military will be doing during this process.

    I think the ruling class has contigency plans just like for states such as North Korea and Pakistan.

    In tandem Russia, European powers and perhaps even China would have to intervene to secure stockpiles and research facilities like Lawrence Livermore, Los Alamos, Sandia etc. This is what makes dissolution complicated.

    • Replies: @MarkU
  72. Anonymous[339] • Disclaimer says:
    @Richard B

    a) Right. The current dispute is between the cities and their hinterlands. The cities produce less than they cost to maintain, and have a workforce that, on balance, produces less than it costs to maintain. The hinterlands produce more than they cost to maintain, and what they produce is the necessities of life — fuel, metals, food. The hinterland has the advantage in this contest.


    But first things first. We need to unite around an organizing principle that makes sense, is easy to understand, and inspiring.

    It’s not going to be a political party. That’s out of the question.

    The best we can do is an idea. One that counter theirs and speaks to a basic need, one that unites.

    And, since what they want for us is either tyranny or death, than the best we can do is preserve life by fighting for our freedom.

    After the money runs out (probably after November, 2020) the problems in (a) will become acute. At this point the dispute will have devolved to who gets what’s left. That sort of situation greatly clarifies the mind, and from that clarity will come the organizing principle you mention.

    c) From another group that found itself in a situation like the present:

    Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security

    • Agree: Richard B
  73. Trinity says:

    MOST Americans and America can’t or won’t IDENTIFY who the enemy is and when you can’t or won’t even identify the enemy, how are you going to defeat the enemy. The average 10 year old school kid ( okay maybe not the average 10 year old of 2020 but the average 10 year old white kid of 1960 ) could CLEARLY SEE WHO has orchestrated this destruction of America incrementally for the last 100 plus years. It’s the Jews dammit. Every single movement that has incrementally and slowly step by step brought this country to where we find it today has been led by a Jew or Jewess. Integration, racial division, feminism, changing immigration laws to favor nonwhite immigration, pornography, promoting homosexuality and transgenderism as normal, engaging America in foreign wars that have destroyed countless American lives and cost America trillions of dollars, etc. The World Wars were nothing more than a genocide of the White race and the result of defeating Nationalism/Germany in World War II is precisely why traditionally White nations are where they find themselves today. I said it before and I will say it again, it will take a man of the working class to bring America back, it will take a man with the balls of a Hitler. Trump might as well be a crypto-Jew or be part of the “Blob” as posters have mentioned because he is completely neutered and a HUGE disappointment. He has stood by and let the rioters basically run amok. Telling the LIES that his hands are tied or that he is letting these cities destroy themselves. Eisenhower and Kennedy had no problem sending troops into Arkansas and Alabama to FORCE Southern Whites to attend school with Blacks but Trump refuses or acts as if his hands are tied and he doesn’t have the power to stop these anti-White cretins from destroying monuments, terrorizing a woman and her small child in Virginia, beating and even killing cops and civilians etc. The whole nonwhite world is literally LAUGHING at how weak the White man and “his” nations have become. I would go as far to say that right now, there is no traditionally White nation that is controlled by Whites, maybe, and I do mean ((((maybe))) a few Eastern European countries might still have a majority of Whites ruling their nation, but even that is questionable.

    • Replies: @Alicia Lind
  74. The destruction of America has been going on since 1913 when the zionist banking kabal fastened their privately owned central bank aka the FED and IRS on the backs of the American people and as Nathan Rothschild infamously said; I care not what puppet is placed on the throne of England , the man who controls the money supply controls the British empire and I control the British money supply.

    In fact the destruction of America goes back even farther to the Act of 1871 by which congress made the US a corporation when they sold the US to the international bankers, see The zionist satanic one world order kabal/cult has been in control of America at least since this sedition ie the Act of 1871.

    The zionists have been the perpetrators in every foreign war that America has been forced into from WWI right down to the middle east, which was forced on America with the Israeli and ZUSS attack on the WTC and blamed on the Arabs and plunged America into endless war to destroy the middle east for the greater Israel agenda.

    The zionists now are using the scam of coronavirus to finish us off and very few Americans are even aware that this is a massive psyop designed to finish the destruction of America, this is what zionists do, they are wreckers and destroyers of humanity.

  75. usNthem says:

    Yep, SA definitely got thrown under the bus and we’re absolutely well on the way to third world status in many parts of this former country. No need to wait for corrupt and incompetent politicians – they’re already here – from national to local. The biggest difference though, is Whites were vastly outnumbered in SA even though they controlled all the levers of power, and it was probably only a matter of time before that power was wrested away. Not the same situation here. Unfortunately, with so many self hating and groveling Whites, it’s also only a matter of time.

    • Replies: @follyofwar
    , @Anonymous
  76. sally says:

    but the fact that the psychops worked is the fault of the educated middle class, who sided with the Oligarch wealth.. always seeking that extra \$40 a week from the next raise for kissing their oligarch ass. Corporations, allowed many Oligarchs to enjoy passive incomes, at the expense of the working classes. Corporations are the nemesis of this world (they are formed to provide power to the few, to give monopoly power to the few) and they are responsible for the wars. Yet when war is announced, almost never, do news reports or historians, tell us who is behind the war, all the news and historians say is the Brits did it, or the Russians did it, or Israelis did it, but never was x,y,z corporation, which nearly it has always been.

    We must understand the wealthy elite are not elite, they are taught in their private schools and high priced Universities they they, and they alone, are entitled to be the scum of the earth. The elite have used their wealth to continue the sin of reckless, self directed greed, looting societies that they can control, and destroying those they can’t by whatever means the elite financed propaganda, chaos imposed by elite influence over corruption and weak nation states leaders, and Divide and Conquer (D&C) methods (which I call the binaries: Democraps and Reputaturds, guns no guns, abortion vs life at conception) and so, whatever they could make work. The MSM is completely funded by the corporations, and the nation states give them a deduction for it, its advertising expense; but every dollar of advertising supports the propaganda the MSM sputters.

    It is the fault of the middle class in most of the western world.. The educated working middle class have let their moneyed Wealth hold a carrot in front of the wagon, the middle class has pulled that wagon in search of that extra \$40 a week .

    One big point in t he D&C is how they used education to divide us.. and thereby to conquer us. First the corporate oligarchy refused to hire people who did not have a high school education to upper level opportunity, then it was college degree required for that well placed training job, and then, it was a masters degree, and after that Phd and now its 10 years of purgatory in Post docs. But what that progressive divide did, was to take the training jobs out of the corporate ladder, it hide the skill training and environmental awareness training (inside of the university system, universities no longer taught the arts and science(because no corporation would hire them), it was all in the institution Job Training (IEIJT) that prepared smart people for high corporate ladder jobs later as their experience and knowledge developed. The Phd is the greatest single contributor to the change that happened to America since 1947. It separated (D&C)d the educated into classes, and it limited their access to others educated in different fields, then license came along, and those who were educated could be licensed, and so on and son.. each step limited personal ability to compete against wealthy oligarch corporate elite.

    Now publishing on the Internet is limited to those allowed to access it, to access the media a content providers needs to be a proven Oligarch ass kisser.

    I suggest that its time for the educated middle classes to use their education to teach (by word of mouth<=cause the internet is no longer, uncontrolled open source) those who station in life was limited to blue collar and to those who were given even less access to the resources of the good life. The way to save America is by word of mouth. To save America and enlightened nation is needed.

    • Agree: BB753
    • Thanks: Ann Nonny Mouse
    • Replies: @Negrolphin Pool
  77. I’m an old-fashioned pro-working class, pro-science, anti-identity politics, anti-imperial/MIC, anti-authoritarian leftist who voted for Trump because I feared Clinton and her band would start a general cold/hot war. I realized decades ago that the main macro-level struggle will be not between “races” (I don’t believe in that distinction) or religions but between globalist corporatist forces and countries as we have known them. The corporatist forces have, it appears, won and this is the problem this article addresses. The old America let it happen by believing the Narrative created by the CIA/Deep State and their tools in the mainstream media, Hollywood (creating false narratives, false history, false heroes and visions). This old America completely succumbed to narcissism, gave up nearly all moral virtue in the service of a relentless materialism/consumerism. Where were the churches? They were focusing on bullshit and ignoring the eroding effects of worshiping technology, wealth, and believing that you could drive a semi through the eye of a needle and ignored Corinthians 1:13 and went along with slaughtering and displacing tens of millions of people is wars fought primarily for a) using up ordinance; and b) intimidating populations to fear and obey Washington. The left has failed by it’s refusal to face the fact that breaking down cultural values and not replacing them with anything meaningful can only result in chaos. The right failed because it focused on making getting rich the meaning of life and focusing, like the left, on bullshit cultural issues. We all failed.

    It’s too late for any kind of peaceful resolution. Trump can’t possibly win because he turned out to be a paper tiger concerning the Swamp. Every major propaganda organ publishes real and invented negative stories about Trump and, eventually, propaganda works. With Biden we are likely to have some sort of slow-motion cold/hot civil war so I think we will probably fragment. I don’t see how this current projection can change since we not only lack collective values but values of any sort.

    • Thanks: Ann Nonny Mouse
    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @Richard B
  78. Charles says:

    I agree, it’s important to note those things have already happened, not that they are a possibility. I meant for that statement to reflect what is in fact going on – which, as I re-read it, isn’t completely clear.

    • Thanks: Realist
  79. Antonius says:

    I would love to introduce the snowflake’s to the joys of black rule

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  80. Z-man says:

    One: Trump is re-elected on a wave of anger over the looting and anarchy unleashed by the “I-Can’t-Breathe” narrative. Trump sends Javanka packing, dispatches the troops to restore order, extends the immigration moratorium, finally builds the wall, and begins mass deportations as the White House protects the dissident Right from deplatforming by the Tech Totalitarians.
    That scenario is most likely a fantasy.
    Even if Trump is re-elected, his past record of bluster and little to no action speaks for itself. The Blob and its executive arm, the Deep State, have boxed him in. Trump and his “team,” if one can call it that, are as easily disarmed by the antiracists as Conservative, Inc.’s operatives. Their immediate and reflexive condemnation of the police after Floyd’s death, like the Beltway Right’s compulsion to apologize for even existing, tells the tale.
    Of course vote for Trump in November. But don’t expect too much. Trump has been, at best, a speedbump, not a roadblock, in the Blob’s path.

    Scenario One: This is my choice/hope/wish.
    Yes, even if he sends his weird Orthodox Zionist Jew son in law and Ivanka packing back to ‘NY City One'(more likely to one of the mansions in New Jersey), Trump is boxed in but with no fear of reelection he will be less restrained and be an America Firster! Even if ‘Javanka’ stays.
    In any event there will be a war and Antifa, the Deep State, NEOCONS and even BLM must be destroyed! One can hope.

  81. KenH says:

    Wayne Allensworth is doing a grave disservice by calling the main force behind this recent all out offensive on white history and white racial interests as the “blob”. That’s just spineless and cowardly.

    We’re never going to win if we don’t identify Jewish power and influence. You can’t begin to fight and win if you don’t name your enemy. What we’re seeing now is the Jewish revolutionary spirit being unleashed in America.

    The American diaspora has bestowed more wealth and privilege upon the Jewish people than any nation throughout history. Yet, they still hate the white goyim who made it all possible and are doing everything in their power to destroy the white race utterly.

    • Agree: Katrinka
  82. Anonymous[339] • Disclaimer says:

    It would be a cardinal mistake to assume that the Jewish Establishment is the _only_ source of the West’s current difficulties. Sort of like insulting an entire street gang and then only fighting one person. The remaining members will take you apart.

  83. The problem is not white America’s sense of “fair play,” such sense has never existed. The problem is unfettered greed. Big business at recently as the late 1960s still was “American” in character. Then greed took over. Over a period of twenty-five years most FDR banking reforms were undone, the Eisenhower tax rates went away, we replaced well-managed pensions with 401k, we divided individual interest from business interest, we allowed corporate share buy backs, we allowed private equity, we treated stock speculation as “capital gains” for tax purposes instead of as ordinary income … there is so much. Bottom line is the 1% owns most things and uses whatever tool they can to take more. “Fair play” is a tactic. “Wokeness” is a tactic. “Property” is a creation of law, it is not real, and the 1% have learned they can acquire even more property by taking things of value from others without paying for them. White males can be defined as “Racist” which overnight bids down their market wage value. The answer–if there is one–is to stop the 1%. Bernies wealth tax was a start, but a weak one. Ending trade with China is vital. Aggressive anti-trust would be an answer. Break up the largest 300 companies merely for being big. Break up the Ivy league schools. The answer is not to engage on race, gender, LGBTQ or anything similar, but to engage on wealth. At all turns, break up concentrations of wealth.

    • Agree: Poco
    • Replies: @Stonehands
  84. fish says:

    My relatives disowned me….

    You should get new relatives.

  85. Anon-og says:

    Spot on again, my friend.

    “ All the major conservative media have all been started or taken over by Jews, not just Breitbart and Fox News, but Zerohedge, National Review, The American Conservative, Wall Street Journal, Townhall, PragerU on YouTube, even Tucker Carlon’s Daily Caller. All have the same predictable playbook: Never mention the word “Jew” unless reporting on “anti-Semitism”, sensationalist reporting on antifa and the progressive mob, pretend hate on immigration (sometimes anyway, some like NR and WSJ continue to champion H1b’s), a lot of hate on Muslims, Iran, Venezuela, and attention please, we are now at war with Eastasia, we have always been at war with Eastasia, or at least when George Soros came down with the order.”

  86. @Ann Nonny Mouse

    the overwhelming majority of vulture capitalists are Jews,… And there are poor Jews

    True. However, I have always tried to look at it from the perspective of how much the “Jew” is invested in organized Jewry. Aside from the Holocaust narrative and its illegitimate child’s existence, Jews are hardly a monolith. It is organized Jewry that is the monolith, and it is dominated by its capitalist arm not its communist arm, both of which seek to concentrate wealth (and more importantly control) into the hands of the few.
    A retrospective look at the individual, regardless of faith, comes from reading obituaries. I read them daily to make sure I’m not in them. The ones that request, in lieu of flowers, that donations be made to specific charities or causes speaks volumes about the person’s life. I have noted that the Jews who have been close to “Jewish life” always request donations to their own foundations (if wealthy) or Jewish Charities if not. Gentiles, and “regular Jews” not nearly so. Organized Jewry has been very successful in keeping the wealth within the “community”. It’s an observation, not a criticism, and a lesson that needs to be learned.

    • Thanks: Mefobills, Ann Nonny Mouse
    • Replies: @Moi
  87. Haole2 says:

    The truckers? Nigerian’s and Mexicans can drive trucks
    We need Nigerian truck drivers to do jobs Americans won’t do, like drive thru american cities. It all works out fine for the Dems.

  88. whodat says:

    Problem with scenario 3, the best bet, is that no area is homogeneous enough to separate itself from the blob. The media and the schools are problems. Some machinery would be needed to replace the current ones, even on local basis. Where I live there are militants on all sides of it, and it would only be resolved with some coercion for one faction or the other to leave. This whole kerfuffle would expose the 1964 civil rights act as basically an impossible dream. Always was. If a private individual could shun whomever they choose, and do it without arrest or the national guard imposing their will, then scenario 3 might have a chance. Lacking that we need a rematch on that whole issue.

  89. @obwandiyag

    There are certainly people here that fit that description. I will give two examples of “how it works”:
    1) Shorty after the Berings Bank fiasco in 1995, I read an article written by a mid 50s investment fund manager. He recounted being in a meeting with the currency trader group where his normal economic activity and forecasts talk was being met with blank stares and/or boredom. Then it dawned on him that other than him, everyone else in the room was under the age of 30. He saw them as viewing currency trading as a video game, where with one click, the value of a country’s annual GDP was transferred to a trade worth 1/4% more. Recall that in 1994, Mexico, for no particular reason if based on “real” economics, suffered the largest crash in currency/capital outflow in history.

    2) At a pension conference one year long ago, a group of us from across the county were chatting about the “market” reacting to events. One of the group was a trustee on a plan with about \$50 billion in assets said that, according to his plan’s director of investments, the plan was not big enough to move the market. Keep in mind that pension plans are well diversified, and a 10% investment in any single equity is massive, and also that pension plans don’t like volatility, which is risk. How many people really believe that all of the day traders or asset managers for individual retirement savings would trade more than a \$50B pension fund in order to move the market?
    That’s a rhetorical question, by the way.

    The hidden hand of “market forces” is hidden alright, just not the way it is advertised.

    • Replies: @obwandiyag
  90. Truth3 says:

    Whom to Shoot?


    Need about 18 million bullets.


    Regarding South Africa….

    Because worldwide Whites refused to defend White South Africans, expect no help White Americans when the Blacks backed by Jews confiscate your life’s work.

    • Replies: @Trinity
  91. And there is the ultimate chance of a civil war between the blob and the deplorables. Nothing ventured, nothing gained!

  92. @Wally

    No criticism intended, but it appears that you believe they can think that far ahead.

    • Replies: @Wally
  93. Anonymous[179] • Disclaimer says:
    @Chris Cosmos

    We are not without values. We are without leadership.

    All values are irrelevant to the elites next to the value of money. Big business (corporation and university) and government (loan guarantees to colleges) have been working together to destroy traditional values because they are an impediment to what they believe is unlimited growth. They need to believe in unlimited growth or the money will stop growing.

    Traditional families save money, practice frugality and focus on virtuous living. These by their very nature are conservative. It has been the goal of both Republicans and Democrats to break the traditional family up, soak it with feminism and get our wives and daughters to break rank.

    To get women in to the work place, to take out those massive college loans, to add women to the economy thus doubling it’s size. And make everything twice as expensive. This is why housing costs are through the roof. Forget supply and demand. New supply doesn’t bring the cost down.

    The greed of the elites has destroyed this nation. Their plan of unlimited growth has backfired. Turns out human nature has it’s limits. Feminism and the acceptance of parasitic minorities is too much for a society to handle. Instead of acknowledging this, they have doubled down and make things even worse.

    Our problems are way beyond statues being toppled. We are approaching unpredictable times. Be prepared for anything.

    • Replies: @BB753
  94. @Miro23

    Excellent comment. The opposite of anarchy being hierarchy, it stands to reason that the side with the better organization will eventually prevail, as it did in each historic example you cited. The side that got away with 911 and has now escalated to a form of martial law with the virus house-arrest hoax followed by the bogus racism caper obviously has the superior organization that comes with the control of the financial system and the main institutions. On the leaderless traditionalist side, I don’t see much more than diffuse anger and frustration. And good that you mentioned the officer’s oath. Unfortunately the public comments coming from the flag officers billet in recent weeks suggest that these revolving-door politicians in uniform, unlike the troops they command, have already been bought off. I don’t see much hope for the rest of us.

    • Replies: @Culpepper
  95. @usNthem

    I have a few questions, if anyone would like to respond.

    What happened to the stories of Russia taking in thousands of persecuted South African whites, and even giving the farmers some land to farm? Are they true? If so, is Russia still taking them in?

    What happened to the story from a few years ago that Trump ordered Secretary of State Pompeo to look into the plight of South African whites? Was anything actually done? If so, I never read anything further about it.

  96. Anonymous[293] • Disclaimer says:

    in 1900, there were 4 mio. whites and 4 mio. blacks in South Africa. The lob-sided numbers by 1994 came from vastly faster pop. growth amongst blacks, and mass immigration.
    Power could have stayed in white hands indefinitely, had it not been for the pressure from mostly jewish groups, the church, Europe and the US. Even the liberal white fifth rail in South Africa was contained.
    If white countries would display only a fraction of the solidarity which blacks exercise worldwide, South Africa would still be white-ruled.

    • Agree: usNthem
  97. @JimDandy

    To take someone else’s quote: we’ve become Brazil but without the warm weather and fun culture.

    Perhaps Fred’s move to Mexico isn’t so bad in hindsight. No tolerance for Blacks and unity behind their “we’re all Mestizos” slogan. They actually have a pretty good cultural solution to deal with their racial diversity: the 95% White businessman and the 80% Indio peasant both say “we’re all Mestizo”. Also, Whiteness is admired, not attacked.

    Yeah, there’s the rampant drug violence, but nobody is perfect.

    • Agree: Haole
  98. @Wally

    Get that over to 4chan. I’m sure they could get some SJWs to destroy it within the day.

  99. Neuday says:
    @Ann Nonny Mouse

    Inland CA is overwhelmingly Mexican/Central American. Excepting the coastal counties, California is culturally closer to Mexico than middle America.

  100. ‘… The Blob won’t let up. The riots we recently witnessed will continue even if Trump sends in the troops now…’

    Not necessarily. Judging by how those vermin behave when they face even informal opposition, I don’t think they’d stand up to any real force.

    That town in Ohio, Coquille in Oregon, Yucaipa, California…they cry and run away.

  101. Miro23 says:

    I don’t see much hope for the rest of us.

    I don’t see much hope either. Now that it’s out on the streets, the US could descend into unbelievable anarchy.

  102. @Trinity

    When it comes to Poland, I can assure you that all of consequence is controlled by the Zionists, even the Roman Catholic Church. (There are decent people among the lower clergy, but that doesn’t change anything, due to the obedience rule.) The latter, i.e. RCC is – not quite surprisingly – spreading lies about the Germans’ owning everything worth to have in Poland. And the brainwashed Poles believe it, as they envy that Germans have a much higher living standard. I have relatives in Poland (live in Sweden) and I hardly can have a phone conversation with them without learning how barbaric the Germans have been in the past and still are. To my question from where this “info” comes, I get the answer: “Radio Maryja” (Virgin Mary’s radio that is controlled by crypto chosenites) and “other patriotic sources”. There is no racial awareness in Poland, as you are Polish if you go to church and speak Polish without accent. No wonder that many Poles actually have other roots than Slavic, but aren’t aware of it. Having said that, I must underline that Poles are not as stupid as the Swedes. Unfortunately, there is no more powerful brainwash remedium than religion. The majority of people living in Poland are Catholics. Alas, you have to put much effort to find many who aren’t setting the Mammon first.

    • Thanks: Trinity
  103. Anonymous[293] • Disclaimer says:

    been there done that. after the initial shell shock, the South African snowflakes mostly emigrated to Australia or Europe. Some even ended up in the US, such as Lara Logan and Bradley Steyn.
    The problem with this mentality is that you eventually run out of white countries to flee to, expecially when you keep repeating your mistakes, such as Bradley Steyn.

    • Replies: @Antonius
  104. BB753 says:

    Ultimately, all elites turn weaker, then lose power and are replaced by another elite. Our current globalist elite is already showing signs of desperation. Once the dollar loses its value as international reserve currency and the Fed goes broke, it’s game over. It shouldn’t take longer than a generation.
    To our future and as of yet unknown elite: let’s hope you’re not as evil and greedy as our current one. Here’s my advice: in order to win you need a) to infiltrate the government
    b) win over 5 % of the younger and more disaffected of the lower rungs of the current elite
    c) you need financial support
    d) backing by a foreign superpower

    If you look back, it’s the only way regimes have been overthrown. That’s how America came to be, for instance. That’s how the French Revolution was successful. That’s how Attatürk destroyed the Ottoman Empire from within. Etc.

  105. @Curmudgeon

    Nice being specific about just a smidgeon of the idiocy, or perhaps total non-existence, of the vaunted, and I guess you could say “mythical,” free (my ass) market.

    But one thing I’ll stand by. The cocksuckers will bulldoze anything that gets in their way, including and especially Muley’s house.

    It’s like a bunch of underage assholes fucking around with other people’s money and they call it a “market.”

    Been re-reading Gore Vidal and am reminded about how he is always reminding us that we are told, specifically, exactly how to think, and then we go and think we thunk it all by our own lonesome right out of our own heads. It’s like, I don’t even believe in it, and yet I still find it disconcertingly hard to actually visualize the “free market” as some lame scam, so inculcated am I, and are we all.

    • Replies: @Curmudgeon
  106. Trinity says:

    EXACTLY. Whites around the globe supported the destruction of South Africa and have shown little to no pity for the plight of White South Africans since 1994. Trump will go out of his way to free a Black rapper from a Swedish prison/jail ( really, how hard is doing time in a Swedish prison/jail?) but won’t do shit about White South Africans being raped, beaten, tortured, and murdered in some of the most gruesome ways imaginable. Speaking of freeing people from prison, I guess those Whites defending themselves in Charlottesville won’t be pardoned from Trump anytime soon, and Jeffrey Fields, whose car was viciously attacked by the same people beating people on the streets currently will rot away the rest of his life in prison. Fields would have been pulled from his car and beaten to death had he just stood there and waited to be dragged out of his vehicle and everyone knows it. Of course American leaders had no problem deploying American troops in WWII to save the Jews, or involving themselves in other scenarios to help out nonwhites like in Somalia. I guess some lives are more equal than others, right Mr. President Trump, President Obama, President Bush and President Clinton? And where in the hell are all those 80s rockers nowadays that protested South Africa in the 1980s and demanded that “We Are The World” and we are the children? Why hasn’t Ivanka or her weirdo husband cried tears for White South African children being forced to watch their mothers and even grandmothers be raped and sodomized right in front of them? Look at South Africa, White America. Our numbers dwindle with each passing day. Do you honestly believe the (((census))) figures that list White America at 63-65% of the American population. Do you see what passes for “white” nowadays. I would guess the REAL percentage of White Americans to be much lower than 63%, probably at best no more than 57-59% and declining fast.

    • Replies: @Tucker
  107. Culpepper says:

    How dis Gerry Adams secure his objectives? Didn’t HMG cave?

  108. @Neuday

    “Excepting the coastal counties, California is culturally closer to Mexico than middle America.”

    I can’t speak for Nevada City or Mariposa, but my 91405 zip code is maybe 15 miles from the Pacific as the crow flies, and is roughly 75% Latino. And this demographic capitulation is fully reflected in my community, with its poverty, graffiti, gangs and dual-language everything.

    Don’t kid yourself. ALL of California is closer to Mexico now, except for Cher’s and Barbra Streisand’s hilltop homes.

  109. There are an infinite number of possible scenarios as to what the future will hold. Nobody has anyway of knowing or controlling the outcome. Civil unrest by historical standards is never pretty. It is violent, bloody, and unpredictable. The deep state is desperate since they have been exposed for the corrupt, self-serving, predatory, beasts that they truly are. It is why they want to wear masks, force lock downs, and censor. They have suffered a humiliating defeat and are expressing full blown narcisstic rage.

    I refuse to compromise any longer. We only stand to lose by compromising and negotiating with thieves. I simply refuse to allow them to set the rules, offer their preferred bad choices, and ask us to choose between the lesser of two evils.

    The Democratic Republican Party is 100% coorupt. I am unwilling to accept that, and I am unwilling to remain silent on their barbaric predation and long and bloody murderous crime spree on those that they were elected and hired to serve.

    • Replies: @Corvinus
  110. “If you know your enemy,” wrote Sun Tzu, “and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles.” Our enemy, in this case is the globalist Blob and its militant would-be Che Guevaras and LARPing Leninists, the MSM, the bureaucracy, the courts, the big corporations, and the education establishment.

    Or, as Pogo said, we have met the enemy, and he is us.

    Intelligence is not regurgitating the pablum pedalled by the propaganda ministry. It is observing, judging, evaluating, concluding and comprehending what is seen. And acting based on those conclusions.

    Just as the Roman Empire fell apart, so too, will America. Someday. The only question is, when.

    Concerning the current riots and disturbances, they have the support of the powers that be. Otherwise they would have been suppressed without mercy. Perhaps it’s just permitting the blowing off of steam as the result of the Covid imprisonment.

  111. What happens when the (((Blob))) takes over and exterminates all of the whites? Do they make friends with Asia and Africa and usher in utopia. Or is the logic of it to murder those people too? Or make all of them slaves and ride them like horses? And then, if they succeed at that too and the Gentiles are gone the way of Neanderthals, does the world then finally live in peace and harmony? Or do they pick each other’s eyes out, as Hitler prophisized in Mein Kampf? Do they split up into warring kingdoms of Israel and Judea and keep the fight going? Maybe killing all of one’s adversaries is and has always been the only game in town, but the end game is one that truly will end, all in a little flicker delectable on by the inhabitants of other planets millenia from now.

    • Troll: Corvinus
    • Replies: @Robjil
  112. @Marshall Lentini

    You got it.

    These ridiculous fantasists. What, they’re gonna get up off their barca-loungers and what, shoot at tanks?

    They actually think the demonstrations mean anything other than unemployment and time on hands.

    All in all, maybe we all get a little poorer while the plague peters out. Food riots maybe. But food riots do not a revolution make.

  113. fish says:

    These ridiculous fantasists. What, they’re gonna get up off their barca-loungers and what, shoot at tanks?

    So what are your plans when it finally augurs in Obi? Still more carping at

    • Replies: @Blaque Knee
  114. I think people are dreaming, fantasizing if they think the immediate post ww2 boom and high would ever return.

    That was only achieved when the rest of the world was in tatters after a world war.

    But we can 100% start making the middle class better.

  115. Anon[375] • Disclaimer says:

    Why would that solve the problems?

    • Replies: @neutral
  116. Anon[375] • Disclaimer says:

    America has had awful riots before. In fact, there are rarely times in which we don’t have awful riots. For our entire history, our country has been a mess. There is no reason to believe that it will fold in this present era. It will chug along. It will just be sinking into more of a 3rd-world state, and not because of race, necessarily (non-whites will become ever-more successful).

  117. Trinity says:

    What do (((the Blob))), “the Deep State,” “the Globalists,” “the Marxists/Communists,” and the “Neo-Cons” all have in common.

    You aren’t about to defeat an enemy that you can’t or won’t identify. Paul Revere didn’t ride through the streets proclaiming, “the Blob” is coming, “the Blob” is coming.

    • Replies: @Anon
  118. @schnellandine

    You’re making it out as a choice between good and bad. I am not saying that.

    The choice is between bad and worse, and Trump is, 100%, bad. This is coming from a socialist, but HC was a fascist wolf in sheep’s clothing. Better that Cleon never hold a microphone to the public again.

    • Replies: @schnellandine
  119. Corvinus says:

    The author of “The Old America Is Dead” is awfully ignorant.

    “Our people, our culture, our history, everything we hold dear…”

    Who exactly is this “Our”?

    “Russiagate, Ukrainegate”

    Still ongoing and very real. Please read Seth Abramson’s work and educate yourself.

    “the Chinese Virus panic and ensuing lockdown and economic crash”

    Covid-19 is assuredly real.

    “and now the myth of St. George Floyd and blacks being “hunted” by whites that catalyzed the mobs that have looted and burned American cities.”

    A false generalization.

    “the Historic American Nation.”

    Consider that prominent members of the Alt Right find fault with those “current Americans” who trace their ancestry to the Irish, the Germans, the Italians, and the Slavs. Why? Well, since their relatives were “allowed” to enter America, their undesirable traits have eroded and diluted the customs and traditions created by the original founders of the United States, the English. It is not an issue of being white, but being non-English. To quote, “The American civic heritage does not ‘transcend ethnicity’, as I [Vox Day], or any other American Indian, can tell you. And it is restricted by geographic extent. The Chinese, the Portuguese, the Swedes, and the British are not Americans…[Moreover], there is nothing exceptional about America except its superior founding stock and its geographic advantages, both of which are now significantly reduced.”

    More from Alt Right leader Vox Day…”The Italians and the Irish were the original problem. They could have, and should have, been handled like the Chinese were. But they laid the groundwork for the Jews, the Germans, and the Scandinavians, who made things even worse. And they paved the way for the Mexicans, the Africans, and the Muslims. At this point, the USA probably can’t get back to 1986, let alone 1965.” Interesting. Basically, a specific group of whites, in this case European, who were deemed undesirable, which then opened up the floodgates to other “alien” Europeans to invade our shores.

    S0 much for white unity. We have to go back.

    “with mass immigration (“the Great Replacement”)”

    The Great Replacement actually began in the late 1800’s/early 1900’s. Senator Henry Cabot Lodge articulated the necessity for literacy tests and other measures to weed out, at worst, or outright deny, at best, the inclusion of “new” immigrants into American society –>

    “It is found, in the first place, that the illiteracy test will bear most heavily upon the Italians, Russians, Poles, Hungarians, Greeks, and Asiatics, and lightly, or not at all, upon English-speaking emigrants, or Germans, Scandinavians, and French. In other words, the races most affected by the illiteracy test are those whose emigration to this country has begun within the last twenty
    years and swelled rapidly to enormous proportions, races with which the English speaking people have never hitherto assimilated, and who are most alien to the great body of the people of the United States.”

    Old-stock Americans, whose ancestors were Anglo-Saxon, clearly harbored hostility toward Eastern and Southern Europeans, as evident by Senator Lodge. He stated the problem succinctly–these peoples were culturally corrosive. Anglo-Saxon ideals, i.e. the political and social aspects created by, from his perspective were being destroyed by waves of foreigners with their own culture and no desire to preserve nor adopt.

    Again, we have to go back.

    “America has survived unrest before, but that was a different country. It had a white, Christian super-majority and a shared history…”

    Some assume that tribal identity is predicated upon your race being your uniform. But as John Wright, a science fiction author who is Christian states, “Using race as the uniform of the culture war is stupid. There is no Western Culture outside Christianity. The West consists of Christianity and its heresies and by products, along with whatever of the pagan world, such as Aristotle, the Christians preserved as used to our cause.”

    Imagine some on the Alt Right having the audacity to claim that 1) the supermajority of Christians are on the “wrong side” and 2) “whites” are on one side and “non-whites” on the other side. Thus, those whites who are Christian but have sympathies to Alt-Right positions are caught in the crossfire–though they prefer to live in a society based on religious identity, not racial identity, that Mexican Catholics and Kenyan Catholics are one of them, white Christians are subsequently labeled “cucks” and “Churchians”.

    Wright continues…”There are no White Cultures, What Nations, or White nothing. There is Christianity, pre-Christian remnants found in the Jews and Paganism, and postchristian darkness found on the Left…The Alt-Right will survive if it identifies itself with Christianity. Otherwise it will not. All enemies of the Church will die in time.”

    “The breakup, indeed, is underway.”

    One has to wonder about the sincerity of those self-described philosophers of the Alt-Right, whether or not their scribes will turn to actions when the hammer falls. They gleefully rationalize any and all types of doomsday scenarios, and take those to task those who “foolishly disagree” with their “clear analysis”. ”Sounds good on paper” Cyberian wisdom doled out from the ivory towers of the Alt Right. Then, in a blink of an eye, one little iota of not agreeing lock-step and the ad hominem Alinsky shaming attempts begin in earnest.

    Interesting how their courses of action require brutal foot soldiers on the front lines, but Alt-Righters prefer to give orders as generals in well-fortified bunkers. In other words, they are impotent to move forward their thinking from a physical point of view, so they adopt their own brand of virtue signaling. Yet, how are their pithy comments from a blog able to demonstrate forceful power if they remain in the shadows, with the curtains drawn, when raw energy and power is required to whip up the mob and stir up the nest of hornets to sting to death SJW’s, cuckservatives, “vibrants”, and “fake whites”?

    • Replies: @Fray Juan Crespi
  120. Whitewolf says:

    The state has the organisation but does it have the loyalty needed to wage open war against traditionalist America? Back in the days of Ruby Ridge or Waco it had near 100% total information control. The current clowns running the show are working in an environment of near zero credibility amongst people with any intelligence.

    Sure they could kill the internet but that would hardly raise their credibility. Their narratives would be dismissed as lies by most people. Even liberals weren’t buying into russiagate as much as the government would have liked.

    Without a believable narrative to warrant a major attack on US citizens their superior organisation will face serious problems.

    How many people would seriously support the government ordering the killing of hundreds or thousands of protesters right now? Maybe they’d support shooting looters but other than that I doubt they’d be comfortable watching the full force of the government turned on US citizens in a major offensive. The people tasked with attacking their fellow citizens would have to believe the government lies as well. That’s unlikely in today’s environment.

    Absolutely no one with a brain believes the US government line on anything these days. The media might tell you otherwise but as usual they are lying and even the president regularly calls them fake news. Ever since 911 the US government has been busy squandering every last drop of credibility it once had.

    • Replies: @Miro23
    , @St-Germain
    , @Miro23
  121. Corvinus says:
    @No Friend Of The Devil

    “I refuse to compromise any longer.”

    So what are you planning to do about it other than lament on a blog?

  122. Corvinus says:

    You write great fiction. Contact Castalia House.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  123. America has been subverted by the dark forces of Marx. These forces are alive and well within the street mob. Within the online news media outfits like Vox and Vice and Salon and Slate. These forces are members of the alphabet Bois Agencies like the CIA and the FBI and NSA. Finally, these forces are United Nations directors.

    Agenda 2030. The Great Reset 2021. The New World Order is here. The real one.

  124. @fish

    The Boog is like a non-wignatz Siege movement. Fish, I roasted you last month dude. Wignataz

  125. neutral says:

    I said it is the first step, I didn’t say it was the last step in solving the problem.

  126. @Ilya G Poimandres

    Good lord, how thick some intelligent people can be. Trump brings most/all/more of the horrible things his ‘opponent’ would, less opposition. How is this difficult to see and understand?

    The craziest bit: If it were in a movie, 95% of the crowd would see immediately. In real life? No.

    • Agree: Trinity
  127. Begemot says:

    What is the definition of “Historic American Nation”? Whom does it include? Are there dates involved in this definition?

    • Replies: @Trinity
    , @anon
  128. Whitewolf says:
    @Marshall Lentini

    Secession was unthinkable to smaller republics within the USSR as well once upon a time. The so called “evil” empire looked like it was going to last a long time. Then one day it disappeared. It disappeared because the ideology it was based on was ridiculous and that fact became impossible to ignore.

    What ideology is the US empire based on? Diversity? homosexual superiority? transgenderism? feminism? anti-Whiteism? Israel worship? It used to be easy when it was just capitalism vs communism. Freedom vs totalitarianism. Now there’s no vision and no unity.

  129. @Corvinus

    You are not entitled to any explanation.

  130. Thunder says:

    Look at history and you know what is happening,,what must happen. The collapse of a civilization whether engineered or not is happening right now. The old will disperse and exist no more. This will be followed by a new beginning. Chaos is in full effect. Sure, when we were kids we thought that everything was cool and fun,,but was it or were we just naive to the fact that the world has always been a cesspool of corruption? World wars or wars in general were always about money and power and most of the history we have been taught is a lie, where the supposed good guys were actually bad guys and complicit in perpetuation of evil and war with hidden agendas. Look at how America was born? On the graves of millions of indigenous people of this land. The real question you need to ask yourself is this. Where is your consciousness and what are your spiritual values,,and I don’t mean religion because that to is a lie. The only thing that you can do to achieve a peaceful state of mind is to go within, like all great masters taught..”The kingdom of heaven is within you.” Man lost site of his connection with all other sentient beings and his role as caretaker of the planet. He lost site of the fact that we are all one,,the earth, other men, animals, the cosmos. The universal mind or the all,,or if you wish GOD is all of us and everything that surrounds us. So when mankind fights hurts and destroys others he is hurting himself,,what fools! Be still and watch the world form around you or collapse around you because your salvation will come from a higher consciousness beyond what you can even imagine. Cast out fear for it is the tool of the dark ones and is used to manipulate the masses. Detach from it all,,center,,go within,,stay close to loved ones,,peace!

    • Replies: @WJ
    , @Reggie
  131. MarkU says:
    @Amerimutt Golems

    I really can’t see the ruling class allowing Russia, China or even the EU to secure US stockpiles. I reckon Israel would get the job, a horrifying possibility but a true reflection of who is in control in the western world.

  132. Antonius says:

    I hate the likes of Bradley Steyn, the idea that he may not be able to procreate pleases me. When he was protesting I was in South West Africa and Angola, two years, basic training in the desert. I am glad I did it though not that your average ‘ naartjie’ appreciates the fact that ‘Anglos’ went far up north.

    • Replies: @dickr
  133. Miro23 says:

    The state has the organisation but does it have the loyalty needed to wage open war against traditionalist America? Back in the days of Ruby Ridge or Waco it had near 100% total information control. The current clowns running the show are working in an environment of near zero credibility amongst people with any intelligence.

    True this. And I read that even at Ruby Ridge some of the US Marshalls were very conflicted about what was happening.

    The people tasked with attacking their fellow citizens would have to believe the government lies as well. That’s unlikely in today’s environment.

    Again this is true. The original Bolsheviks had more true believers (Marxists Communists) that the current Neo-Bolshevik crowd. There aren’t all that many true believers in Jewish billionaire rights, BLM and LGBT.

    Ever since 911 the US government has been busy squandering every last drop of credibility it once had.

    9/11 looked a lot like a coup that (partially) failed. It triggered the ME invasions, and introduced the Patriot Act and Homeland Security but they didn’t get their Iran war or a US Emergency Government. Since then they’ve looked desperate as their 9/11 narrative falls apart and the MSM is increasingly viewed as propagandists/liars.

  134. @schnellandine

    “A total, obvious fraud.”

    Agreed: President Blumpft! aka John Miller is a fraud. He’s a sad wounded buffoon, leaving a greasy orange smear on his constituency. If the nature of the “Blob” wasn’t so all-consuming, I’d suggest the real resistance sue for peace with the caveat being the Blob knew the real resistance had the ability to bring terror and destruction to It’s neighborhood. But the Blob knows the real resistance has no power; and can be further fragmented and eventually decimated with dispatch. There really isn’t an alternative in the other Western countries: the Blob has its tentacles everywhere. And the Western intelligence and law enforcement systems are tools of the Blob. The hope for the real resistance lies in the moderation of the political and private sectors, and working within that stabilized landscape. The real resistance should abandon thoughts of violence except for self-defense. But I’m usually wrong about these things.

    • Replies: @Richard B
    , @Richard B
  135. Anon[356] • Disclaimer says:

    The release of the coronavirus by the Deep State was to keep the rest of the world busy while a color revolution was ran on America to get rid of Trump and populism all along. It made hiding identities with masks acceptable also.

    You dont think the Deep State has a gameplan for ethnic Rodney King-like upheavals, abetted by it own agents embedded in Antifa (prestaged bricks folks)? It didn’t work, because Trump didn’t take the bait and attempt to order the military to quell it so the Generals (remember all the “Trump is authoritarian talk?” Thats what they do prior to a color revolution, call the government to be overthrown ‘authoritarian’)could remove him like WaPo’s George Will pleaded for them to do. They will gin up more mischief before November. Vote early folks, antifa may try violence at the polls on November 4.

    • Replies: @Blaque Knee
  136. WJ says:

    Was Clinton /Kaine lying when they promised to amnesty 30 million former illegals, in their first 100 days? Would that be better than this? 30 million would have been 60 million, of course.

  137. WJ says:

    The indigenous Americans didn’t even have the flippin horse, much less the wheel . They had no unity. Just a bunch of Siberian immigrants living as separate tribes. They had one hell of a bbq in their first 1000 years in North America considering how many species of mammals they wiped out through consumption in that time frame.

    • Replies: @Miro23
    , @Thunder
  138. Anonymous[339] • Disclaimer says:

    Caw, Caw, Corvinus. Caw, Caw.

  139. Miro23 says:

    They had one hell of a bbq in their first 1000 years in North America considering how many species of mammals they wiped out through consumption in that time frame.

    Same in Australia. Aborígines deforested the whole continent ( burning/hunting) and drove to extinction all the continent’s large mammals. Strange to think that Australia was once one large forest rather than the present hot arid desert.

  140. Anonymous[339] • Disclaimer says:

    Example of an action to take:
    Support vigorous prosecution of:
    * Those responsible for Russiagate.
    * Those who lied to the FISA court.
    * Those on the FISA court who accepted the lie, and the general conduct of the FISA court.
    * The people who framed Flynn.
    * The judge that engaged in ultra vires acts with respect to dropping the Flynn prosecution.
    * Those responsible for maliciously prosecuting POTUS Trump’s immediate companions.
    * Biden’s Poland affair
    * People who crossed State lines to engage in rebellion by setting up any of the “liberated” zones, or set up any of the liberated zones in Washington, DC.

    None of these are illegal, none of these necessarily put you into engagements with street fighters, none of them are even controversial – you are simply asking that the law be enforced. But it will support rolling up the Left establishment’s control network. This is a good time for that, as at least some of the Millennials will support anything that takes out the old guard and offers them jobs.

    You can see the approach. It’s the old idea of attacking the opposition’s weak spots rather than remaining on the defensive. Eventually, defenses fail. You want to attack your enemy and win before your own defenses fail.

    • Agree: Ann Nonny Mouse
  141. Ko says:

    Let’s add a 4th possibility. The DNC (deep state public representative) wins, and yes, totalitarianism reigns, oppression, social chaos ensues, bloodbath between races though in small confrontations all over the nation, and finally a faction of REAL AMERICANS decide its time and the military takes over.

    Or, maybe a lot more of this happens and finally Americans who don’t know what to do realize, they do know what to do, and more of this happens again. Grease the insurrection, the people who staged a coup get tried and sent to live isolated from decent society. And Bill C is forced to finally have sex with his psychotic bitch wife on live tv. (just threw that last line in for a laugh.)

  142. The USA is currently being taken over by BlackRock Inc. which is a Hedge Fund that is privately owned by an oligopoly of moneyed interests dark to public view like the Primary Dealer Credit Facilities they now run as a Federal Reserve private commercial contractor that is unaccountable to the American taxpayers, & Congress, or the White House.

    BlackRock has been hired to assist in the strip-mining of what is left of the financial booty of America via Real Estate & Junk Bonds & US Stocks. They are not benevolent towards Americans and are in no way in the game to assist the American taxpayers, or US Government.

    The USA is currently imploding across all asset classes & employment classes which will in turn create knock-on effects across the insurance industry & banking industry along with the already imploding Retail sector & Commercial lending sector for medium sized business, and large corporate sector.

    BlackRock Inc. specializes in buying up firesale assets for pennies on the dollar as they are a no holds barred corporate raider of stealth proportion when it comes to rape & pillaging of whole countries or sectors of governance that are centrally funded by taxpayers.

    BlackRock Inc. is most assuredly going to rape & pillage America as long as American taxpayers allow the financial assault to occur via turning a blind eye to their financial assault via US Treasury & Federal Reserve incompetency to govern money, or tax expenditure.

    America has nowhere to turn if the Federal Reserve is allowed to continue pumping trillions upon trillions into the fake economy they have cooked up to cook their books quarter upon quarter.

    American Casino Capitalism died in 08 and what we have now is merely indication that 08 was never resolved whilst all G7 sovereign claimed otherwise.

    The USA is about \$800 trillion Petrodollars USD in debt with declared & undeclared liabilities all totaled. The currency USD is a dead hegemon and bang-for-buck USD is near nil by standards of Federal Reserve borrowing like drunken sailors to buy Junk Bonds from BlackRock Inc. at USA Government Contractor rates for service rendered.

    BlackRock Inc. is going to ream all taxpayers of the USA until absolute revolution manifests throughout all states and world war manifests to add insult to injury for all sovereign nations on Earth.

    Trump is not going to be leading this mess in the future. The world has seen what Trump can and can’t do now that we have all seen his first term botched all to Hell via rank incompetency to govern anything.

    Trump is not a successful politician. H should have stuck to his day job as a RE scion in NYC.


    • Replies: @Ole
    , @Malla
  143. colsteve says:
    @Ann Nonny Mouse

    Ann, We here in Central California are the insides of the dying body politic of this state. We will come from within and remove these scum. The Greasy Hair Kid, Pelosi’s nephew, a philanderer and a punk is toast for re-election. We now have a petition to recall him and it is doing well for the November ballot.

    During this COVID Mr. Greasy Hair has pissed off nearly every Californian, bankrupted businesses by his heavy hand of closures and lack of religious freedoms but permits to riot are not needed, just do it! Moron Mayors in Sacramento, SF, LA and Oakland have sealed their legacies as tyrants and fools. The homeless living in the luxurious Mark Hopkins hotel in SF at the city funded rate of \$6,000 per person, per month! They get pot, beer, food and booze catered to them. Yet, they still prefer to hangout on the sidewalks instead of being sheltered.

    One man recently was found dead in a hallway with a needle in his arm! I hope these bullied hoteliers can recover their former glory but the stain will remain on the city fathers who shamed them where the tourism has dropped to nothing and they need income!

    Plandemic by the Demo KKK rats will be a failure if we can prevent the illegal voting tricks and other stunts to control us. Think Venezuela in California if we do not counter. Sad, the GOP is as gutless as an ice cycle in July.

  144. Shoot first ask questions later if at all.

  145. @Rational

    Smoking and drinking are irrelevant strawmen. Like minded whites organize and do what’s necessary to survive and maintain their culture. Fed and state governments for all intents and purposes are null and void.

  146. Some good observations and links, but missing somewhat the larger global perspective. It’s not a blue vs. red political battle, that is only how it manifests in the USA.


    The ruling class have moved their markers to the Chinese model for their new Utopia. A multi-polar world order on the surface, controlled top down by totalitarian wealth and influence, in the areas of global health and vaccination/digital identification, global commerce, a global politic and a global culture of social surveillance and behavior awarded credit points.”

    Just as in the Grapes of Wrath, it is always about money and power after all. America is an important chess piece, but country’s are not the kings of the past, they are knights at best. There are larger interests than countries – larger than the declining USA. There is global corporatism with many trillions in influence and power – and similar vested interests.

  147. @obwandiyag

    Forgot to mention you’re an obnoxious socialist troll.

  148. teo toon says:


    “But,but,but that is anti-Semitism!” Bullshiite. Calling a spade a spade is not anti-spadism.

    • Agree: Trinity
  149. @obwandiyag

    The cocksuckers will bulldoze anything that gets in their way, including and especially Muley’s house.

    In a (((New York))) minute.

  150. Thunder says:

    Sounds like your one of those people who fail to realize the oneness of all people. So what if they didn’t have a horse and a wheel? So what if they were from Siberia? Your comments are flippant shallow and show a lack of true enlightenment and empathy! How many species of mammals they wiped out? Boy your really grasping at straws to justify the killing of close to 200 million people by European man! You really should be ashamed of yourself.

  151. Richard B says:

    He’s a sad wounded buffoon, leaving a greasy orange smear on his constituency.

    What an image. But accurate and on target.

    The hope for the real resistance lies in the moderation of the political and private sectors, and working within that stabilized landscape….But I’m usually wrong about these things.

    Well, you’re only wrong in the above quote exactly because you’re so right in this one:

    the Blob has its tentacles everywhere.

    Unfortunately, this next quote from your comment is also a problem.

    The real resistance should abandon thoughts of violence except for self-defense.

    They’re already declaring self-defense an act of terrorism.

    Did you happen to see that video of a woman trapped in her car by “protesters” and how the media reported it? Or another woman with her daughter also trapped in her car as “protester” bounced up and down on it while threatening obsenities and threats, and how the dispatcher responded?


    But, your comment was interesting to me exactly because it’s something written by someone who seems like a sensible and decent person.

    Unfortunately, that only works in a civilized world.

    And we don’t live in that kind of world anymore and won’t for a while.

    Even before Ortega y Gasset’s masterpiece appeared on the scene 90 years ago people were talking about The Revolt Of The Masses, which is why he used it as the title of his short book.

    And his whole thesis was that, unless we did something to arrest the descent of The West then we would officially enter The Age of Barbarism.

    Today we could called it The New Dark Ages. A Hi-Tech Tyranny where Freedom replaces even Racism as the worst thing anyone can be associated with.

    It’s going to fail. In fact, it already is. None of what they’re doing will last.

    And those in control will probably end up working for the Chinese, who, much to the shagrin of the hostile elite, do not hate Russia as much as the elite do. In fact, they don’t hate them at all.

    So, look to Russia to actually gain from the collapse of The USA.

    Something the elite didn’t count on, but that will happen none the less.

    Til then, first things first.

    The Collapse of The USA and The Pyrrhic Victory Of The Hostile Elite

  152. @schnellandine

    At least with Trump we are not yet in WWIII. Hilary would have us there now.

    This line sums up that thought, one I expressed when he was elected.

    “Of course vote for Trump in November. But don’t expect too much. Trump has been, at best, a speedbump, not a roadblock, in the Blob’s path.”

    • Agree: Blaque Knee
  153. Richard B says:

    And those in control will probably end up working for the Chinese, who, much to the shagrin of the hostile elite, do not hate Russia as much as the elite do. In fact, they don’t hate them at all.

    I meant “chagrin” of course.

    In any event, you get the idea.

    Stay safe!

    It’s going to be a rough ride.

  154. @Wally

    I doubt there is anybody in the neighbourhood who even knows the identity of the statue.

  155. tfw someone says the secret to everything is knowing your enemy, then he misidentifies the enemy

    “If you know your enemy,” wrote Sun Tzu, “and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles.” Our enemy, in this case is the globalist Blob and its militant would-be Che Guevaras and LARPing Leninists, the MSM, the bureaucracy, the courts, the big corporations, and the education establishment.

  156. Richard B says:

    It’s pretty much #2 all the way… I’m fully expecting a full blown Police State – just like now! Only a bit worse.

    You’re probably right.

    But that’s exactly why it’ll fail.

    We’re witnessing two things at the same time.

    The Collapse of The USA and The Pyrrhic Victory Of The Hostile Elite

    People are, understandably, so focused on the first one that they can’t see the second.

    But it’s already happening.

    I think you’re also right in saying that it’ll be worse.

    But, again, the worse it is the faster it’ll fail.


    Because, if history and human behavior show us anything it’s this:

    The application of force destablizes the social institutions that power controls, disrupts economic activity and leads to a cultural impoverishment that makes social and economic recovery impossible.

    The only thing to do is wait for the next collapse to finish the system off once and for all.

    This is what happened to Russia under Stalin and China under Mao, to give just two examples.

    And it’s exactly what’s going to happen in this case.

    In fact, if one looks close enough they can see it plain as day.

    • Replies: @annamaria
  157. Trinity says:

    WHY don’t you ask that question about your beloved Israel, Shlomo?

    • Replies: @Blaque Knee
  158. @Haole2

    You must be speaking the truth. My relatives have disowned me as well. Lucky I live in Ukraine.

  159. Historic says:

    The history of the Bolshevik since they mass murdered 20 million white Russian Christian middle-class, and their families,within the month of the assassination attempt on Lenin’s life…by another Bolshevik, gives credibility and fuel to the American Bolsheviks claims and desire to out do their predecessors.

    This time is not different.

    It is past time to pay attention to all of them, their useful idiots and their Enablers.

  160. Anon[143] • Disclaimer says:

    You aren’t about to defeat an enemy that you can’t or won’t identify. Paul Revere didn’t ride through the streets proclaiming, “the Blob” is coming, “the Blob” is coming.

    Speaking of Paul Revere, isn’t there a famous statue of him up in Baasten that should be torn down?

    Old boy was probably a “racist” and possibly an “anti-Semite” as well.

    • LOL: Trinity
  161. Anon[143] • Disclaimer says:

    “Then who do we shoot?” asks Muley.

    Academia and the media would be a real good place to start.

  162. usNthem says:

    Wait, how this be? We’ve always been taught that the duskie heathen was at one with and in harmony with Mother Nature – just living off the fat of the land.

  163. @Anon

    The color Revolution is blue and white happening in Israel with the West Bank Annexation on July 1

    • Replies: @Adûnâi
  164. @Trinity

    Israel is America’s #1 … problem

    • Replies: @Trinity
  165. Facing eviction from his dust-bowl farm, Muley confronts a man on a bulldozer who has come to demolish the shack Muley and his family live in. The sharecropper is determined not to give in and threatens the bulldozer operator with a shotgun…

    A deadbeat who wanted to continue to use someone else’s land despite the actual owners telling him to leave, resorted to armed threats of violence…

    I can only imagine the “He deserved it!” narrative if The Grapes of Wrath had been a much shorter book (Black man faces eviction for defaulting on his mortgage; black man threatens bulldozer operator with shotgun; black man is shot by police; The End).

    The Depression sucked for a lot of people, but it’s just plain stupid to hang this article on a ‘hook’ involving a failed retard whose solution is to shoot his debtors (or their representative). He’s exactly the wrong character to pick: at least the other Okies move in search of a better life – whereas Graves just loiters at the scene of his failure and keeps failing.

    The hook to Steinbeck is clearly just a sophomoric attempt to try to signal literacy, in a stupid “Scared weird white dude” paranoid screed.

    Likewise, the reference to Sun Tzu. After all, the writer goes to great pains to try to show that he knows the enemy, so his side’s failure must – according to the quote – be due to their failure to understand themselves.

    I’ve said for decades that life in the US is just as bad for poor whites, as it is for blacks: it’s just that a greater proportion of blacks are poor. The US political class’ ham-fisted cack-handed bungling of the COVID19 scam has fragilised the entire labour market, and a lot more whites now know what it feels like to have the ‘system’ fail you – and it has also left the already-downtrodden with nothing to lose.

    The US system is heavy on corny platitudes and “punching down”, and very very light on solutions. It always has been – going right back to the use of sheriffs and deputies and mercenaries to break up strikes with machine guns, and the Colorado National Guard committing the Ludlow Massacre… all so that John D Rockefeller could get very very slightly richer.

    Reap the whirlwind, motherfuckers.

  166. Barzini says:

    Way too gloomy. All that is really necessary is for the Pope and the Catholic bishops to obey the request of Our Lady of Fatima and consecrate Russia to her by name in a solemn public ceremony and the whole situation gets turned around overnight. In fact, we know that this is going to happen and that the current dark age will not last more than a few more years. Keep the faith! To learn more about the Fatima prophecies, start following the following website:

  167. @Haole2

    See. Facebook has everybody’s best interest at heart.
    They are striving to prevent family breakups.

  168. @Rational

    More Zionists/Masons, because IF you say Jewish, you put ALL the Jewish in the same category ( like all Germans were ‘ NAZI ‘, ALL whites are racist, all blacks are thieves/criminals, etc. ). You post on a site on by Mr. Unz, a Jewish himself, remember ? What about other many ‘ good ‘ Jewish ( on ‘ our ‘ side ), like Gilad Atzmon, Israel Shamir, Benjamin Freedman, etc., are they responsible for the money changers crimes ?! PS: regarding the NAZI, I’m NOT saying that they were bad, but that the history is written by the victors, and the victors were/ARE the Zionists ! Many political whores, like the senile/pedophile ‘ Uncle ‘ Joe ( Biden ) declared themselves Zionists…I hope you got my point ( of view ).

    • Replies: @sarz
  169. Trinity says:
    @Blaque Knee

    Israel and the Israel firster dual citizens in “our” government along with their shabbos goy boot-lickers are definitely America’s biggest problem. I bet you a steak dinner, BLM and Antifa are led by you know (((who))) as well. What a pal, huh?

    TRILLIONS SPENT ON ISRAEL. Thousands of lives RUINED fighting for the Greater Israel. And what do we get in return? People who seek to flood our countries with hostile biological WMD in human form bent on literally and figuratively raping America. People who program a non-stop media blitz that run anti-White programming 24/7/365. The list could go on and on but you get the message. What a bargain, huh? What an ally, huh?

    Muh buddies.

    • Agree: Sick of Orcs
    • Replies: @Sick of Orcs
  170. @Rational

    As New York Frankie says on Zero Hedge: ‘It’s the Jews. But not only the Jews’. And this is very true.

  171. Moi says:

    The impetus to America’s slide downward was its response to “9/11,” resulting in the invasion and bombing of Muslim countries–they only people who hold Christ in reverence aside from Christians.

    Because of whitey’s stupidity, the Jews have America by the nuts. Hey, whitey, don’t blame the Jews for your own idiocy and ignorance. And relax, because China will soon take the leadership of the world.

  172. Robjil says:

    So true.

    Badness goes to badness.

    Badness is destruction. It will always devour to survive.

    If Zion mania continues to the bitter end,

    in the end two beings will be alive.

    Perhaps the two might be

    Victoria Nuland and Barbara Spectre.

    Vicky last line if she “wins” could be – “F–k the Earth”. I won.

    Barbara’s last line if she “wins” could be -“we are going into a multi-cultural mode” – cockroaches on a blacken earth perhaps.

  173. Richard B says:
    @Chris Cosmos

    One obvious takeaway from your excellent comment is that the Right and Left are intellectually, socially, and morally bankrupt.

    But I don’t think it’s because either one is inherently bad.

    It’s because they’re both two sides of the same 18th century Enlightenment coin.

    It’s a mental model, so to speak, that simply does not fit a civilization that is now more complex and unpredictable than ever before.

    Culturally, the USA is a geographical extension of Europe.

    That’s why those operating at the cutting edge of advanced culture in both Europe and America during the early 19th century, and throughout the 20th (though less and less as the century went on) were responding to what they saw as the collapse of Enligthenment values.

    Because they didn’t just see the Enlightenment explanation of the world collapse.

    What they were responding to was the collapse of Explanation itself.

    To keep this comment from turning into an essay, the point is that this was very much discussed in our universities right up until the 1960’s and even until the 80’s, though much less so.

    That’s when I was exposed to it, and I’m certainly not making this up.

    I learned it as only one of three out of ten children from a working-poor family who was lucky enough to have made it to college. At least I considered it a piece of good fortune.

    It turned into what was supposed to become the official study of Cultural History with a particular and non-ideological study of European Romanticism.

    But all attempts to implement such a program was squashed by the major universities.

    That’s why some of the best teaching happened in less academically competitive institutions. That obvious paradox says everything about where education was headed in the USA, and not just the USA.

    In any event, by 1971, a few years after the campus distrubances (1965-68) the great cultural history Morse Peckham (1914-1993) pronounced higher education in our universities, and therefore, the universities themselves, officially dead.

    That was almost 50 years ago.

    You simply can not run a civilization more complex and unpredictable than ever before on a steady diet of propaganda, censorship, coercion, intimidation, denigration, insult, threat and force.

    The CCCP today stands for Chaotic, Confused, Corrupt People.
    The DNC = Demonic Narcissistic Communists
    The RNC = Really Never Cared, or, Repressed Neo Cucks
    The FBI = Framed Before Investigation
    The CIA = Communists In America

    The list could go on but I’d never finished.

    The point is, we’re witnessing two things at the same time.

    The Collapse of TheUSA and The Pyrrhic Victory Of The Hostile Elite

    The goal now is survival.

    Only after that’s secured can we begin to think again about enhancing the quality of life.

    Til then, first things first.

    Thanks again for your great comment. Stay safe. Going to be a rough ride.

  174. Moi says:

    Just one small info-nugget: the great Justice Brandeis continued to support a Jewish secret society (I believe it was called Parushem) while on the bench. He brought in “brilliant” Jews like F. Frankfurter to populate important positions in government.

  175. anon[217] • Disclaimer says:
    @Marshall Lentini

    Secession – a retarded idea that will never die.

    It’s the only viable option. I dare you to present a more viable one.

    1) The power-centers are such because of the ports, as it’s always been. If you want to rely on “liberal” breakaway republics on the coasts for all your imports, be prepared to starve.

    Nonsense. Lots of Red States border water. Have you not seen a map? Further, there are many examples of land locked states — Switzerland.

    2) Empires very rarely cede any territory to ideological enemies, much less territory of any value. Wyoming has fossil fuels. Montana has cattle, oil, elite tourism. Vermont is a bedroom community for the elite. Alabama has Mobile, a port. There is no state and no stretch of land which the empire does not view as essential.

    Cough. Soviet Union. Further, they have to actually take it and hold it. They don’t have the power to do that against determined opposition while stationing so many troops overseas.

    3) Military installations, electrical grids, fiber-optic cable, rail networks, highways, all other such infrastructure – no one is going to let a bunch of “traditional Americans” with guns interrupt all this for a single day, and if they did, that’s exactly how long it would last before the tactical drone strikes.

    One red state secedes, and it’s over. I’m not talking Chaz. I’m talking the entire state apparatus voting to leave the Union. The minute any person got droned and you’re talking a land invasion of blue territory in retaliation. Blue state types prize easy living over all else. They aren’t going to risk a war to keep Alabama, Mississippi, and Arkansas from leaving their Union.

    I really don’t know how this isn’t all obvious. It’s as if the nation were a kind of boardgame in which the only values are ideological, with players being free to move across and divide the board independent of things like how a major economy powers itself.

    It’s not obvious because it isn’t, not to those of us who know what we’re talking about. You’re either 1) a fed trying to divert attention to unwinnable areas and groups (antawafen, was it?). I think this is a real possibility because no matter how many times I debunk these stupid talking points I still see someone repeating them 2) a boomer patriotard with 401k. These people will have us fighting until the left controls everything and we are totally screwed. What’s this guy’s plan? Absolutely nothing aside from “trust the plan.” Lol. Yeah, that’ll show’em. Let the other side demographically swamp us to the point where we lose all elections and live in a police state. Any day now things will turn around. 4d chess. Qanon.

  176. anon[264] • Disclaimer says:

    What a thoroughly insane and absurd essay.

    Feds getting scared. Love to see it. You’re dumb “trust the plan” failsafe for diverting attention is failing. One day we’ll have separate countries where my people can live free.

  177. Allan says:

    And then there was an abominable foreign policy action “In the Spring of 1948”.

  178. Art says:

    The only one worth watching on that channel is Tucker Carlson, and even he has completely steered clear of the elephant in the room. I have never once heard him said the word “Jew”

    Please — caution – if Tucker where to say “Jew” he would be politically murdered in a NY minute. Then we would have no one willing to go after the monolithic Jew controlled Security State, congress, internet giants, and JMSM.

    It looks like Tucker is the only one Trump listens too. We need Tucker!

    p.s. We must boycott those advertisers who boycott his show. Like “T-Mobile”

  179. @Anon

    Has Zerohedge now fallen as well? I do know that they’re tightened up considerably on their comments but thought this was due to threats from Google.

  180. jIMMY1969 says:

    It is now every man for himself….the collective totality of the white christian male has lost the battle.

  181. anon[372] • Disclaimer says:

    What is the definition of “Historic American Nation”? Whom does it include? Are there dates involved in this definition?

    What is the definition of an Israeli? Do they have to be Jewish, and if so what is the definition of a Jew? You can’t give an answer to those questions, but it is still easy enough for Israel to have border walls, immigration restrictions, and (just recently) deportation of Africans based on racial incompatibility with Israel.
    What is the definition of a Mexican? How much Spanish or Aztec blood is necessary to qualify? You can’t answer that either, but it is easy enough to see that Quatemalans and Cubans aren’t Mexicans, and Mexcio has border walls and immigration restrictions.
    The Historic American Nation is predominantly English in anscestory, genetics, and culture. Blacks, Indians, Chinese and 1920’s immigrants were part of the mix, but we were still predmonintly of English descent until the 1965 immigration act and subsequent illegal immigation taking place under its unwatchful eye.
    Americans aren’t everyone in the world, just as Mexicans aren’t. We’ve been here long enough to say “it’s ours” and to make whatever rules we want to keep it that way.
    How long is long enough? We don’t have to put a date on it. I have multiple ancestors who came here in the 17th and early 18th centuries. I have ancestors who fought in the civil war. My uncle was in the D-Day landings. I was raised by Americans who were raised by Americans who were raised by Americans. That’s long enough. America belongs to me, not to a Mexican or African who crossed the border illegally last week.

    • Agree: Miro23
    • Replies: @Patagonia Man
  182. ZCks says:

    Nice inflated numbers that are more then 5x the actual ones.

    You also make no mention of the fact those “natives” wiped out the pre kennewick people who were here before them.
    Practiced slavery
    Practiced human sacrifice
    Regularly slaughtered each other
    Had an insanely high infant mortality rate
    Had an average life span of about 30.

    • Thanks: RadicalCenter
    • Replies: @Bombercommand
  183. @neutral

    The problem is that literally 90% of the population has been programmed to see such naming as the worst kind of ‘hate’ and you’ve antogonised them straight away. Anyone doing it can be guaranteed permanent obscurity after the ritual denunciations. How can you achieve anything if you’re a non-person?

    The most effective approach imo is to deploy so-called dog whistles such as ‘banksters’, ‘Hollywood’, ‘fake media’ and helpfully foster the relevant associations. In addition this doesn’t drag the good Jews (few in number admittedly) into the net.

  184. ZCks says:
    @vot tak

    All you fools have is claims of racism (a term invented by marxists)
    You have never actually proved how any of them are wrong.

  185. @Wally

    It’s Jews deciding the targets, and the Jews who control the Trump administration are happy to allow these statues to topple. They have all the chutzpah necessary to try to get votes for Jew wars by letting it happen for a month!

  186. dickr says:

    Thx, i do appreciate it

  187. @Trinity

    Certainly not all Jaws are guilty, but those who are the prime movers of undermining along with their Gentile golems should be called out.

    • Replies: @Trinity
  188. Ole says:
    @Robert White

    This is very interesting.

    If we are to believe current Federal Reserve intervention, money is being printed to purchase corporate bonds in order to keep retirement funds afloat, otherwise the currently retiring baby boomers will be left with far less than what they would have had otherwise.

    What is happening in actuality? Where is the corporate accountability? If the stock price falls, and a company is margin-called, why not just let the free-market do its trick and let the greedy and irresponsible fail?

    How is the stock market still near all-time highs with record unemployment, pending bankruptcies, and blatant cracks in the system.

    In your opinion, what will be the state of the financial system in ~3 months or even a year? More debt, inflation, deflation?

    Thanks in advance.

    • Replies: @Robert White
  189. @Emslander

    I read that good electricians are needed in South Africa. I bet a good, Christian electrician with lots of white children would make a killing over there!

    • LOL: fnn
  190. @Emslander

    It’s always all or nothing with you market-types, isn’t it?

    • Replies: @jay
  191. Dr. Doom says:

    The Zionists and the Federal Reserve are the problem.

    Cut off Washington, D.C., burn down the banks, and round up the Zionists.

    100,000 men could do it in a week to 10 days.

  192. @colsteve

    Okay. You have raised several issues. A maybe desperate and maybe stupid way to give a home to the homeless, and they go back onto the street because they grew up there, but why are there homeless in CA of all places anyway? Mad, crazy mayors, but why?

    My idea was that if CA was a sovereign country, WA likewise, East Coast 2 or 3 countries likewise, and all made a new start as sovereign countries, the weird, unique problems of the USA would disappear.

    But you prefer it this way to Venezuela without US sanctions? Because that would be, oh, horrors, socialist? Okay, enjoy.

  193. jsolbakken says: • Website

    Teddy Spaghetti said that you refused to name the enemy, but he was mistaken. You said the enemy is the Globalist Blob, and all their allies. He must have meant that you did not use the “J” word, but that would just mean he didn’t agree with your identification of who was the enemy, not that you did not name them.
    I wish Teddy Spaghetti would get over his self righteous arrogance. He is not helping our cause by being so obtuse and posturing.

  194. What is to be done?

    Push back against the main enemy. Jewish Supremacist Power or JSP.

    This latest fiasco sweeping across the US and even EU is more of the same old Jewish War on White or J-WOW.

    Naturally then, the most sensible thing is for whites to seek White Emancipation or White Liberation from Jewish Supremacism. A call for White Liberation from Jewish Supremacism will be most effective in dispelling the myth of ‘White Privilege’. If people scoff and ask, “White Liberation? What do whites gotta be liberated from?”, one need only say, “From Jewish Supremacist Power that makes white people fight Wars for Israel, makes white people support Zionist ‘genocide’ of Palestinians, makes white people cheer on the Jewish War of Hatred against Syrians, Iranians, Russians, among others. White Liberation from Jewish Supremacist control of predatory financial looting. White Liberation from Jewish Supremacist promotion of degeneracy and decadence as the stuff of neo-spirituality. White Liberation from Jewish Supremacist encouragement of more Drugs on the populace, which by the way, led to mass white deaths. White Lives Matter, and no white life is ‘white trash’.”

    The problem began when whites didn’t only cede power but moral(and even spiritual) authority to Jews. It’s one thing for power to go from one people to another. It happens all the time. And in a democracy, the power goes back and forth among various parties. But suppose one party not only cedes power to the other party but totally surrenders to it as the fount of all truth, wisdom, and nobility. In other words, the other party that now has total power cannot even be criticized. But suppose it gets even crazier than that. Suppose the other party that has the power and the moral authority cannot even be said to have the power. Even though the other party pretty much rules everything, it must be characterized as ‘for the little guy and the underdog, a party of helpless victims in need of eternal protection and special sensitivity’. Suppose Tiny Tim becomes Titan Tom but we go on pretending he’s tiny and timmy. This is why Jewish Power is so utterly toxic in the US(and West in general). Jewish Power is like a black hole. It wields immense power and force but cannot be seen. It sucks in the light that could illuminate it.

    When white people, especially Anglo-American Christians, ruled America in the past, they were sometimes good, sometimes bad, but one always knew WHO held the power. Indeed, the so-called Wasps were proud of their power. And because everyone knew they had it, they could be criticized and corrected. They could be pushed back from within and without. Wasp reformers pushed for progress for a more just society. And non-Wasps, especially Jews, critiqued and often satirized the negative aspects of Wasp rule. Thus, white power was out in the open, and as such, could be analyzed, criticized, and reformed. Also, there was an element of self-criticism and magnanimity among Wasps. Sure, Anglo-Americans could play dirty like everyone else, but there is no denying that Anglos and Northern Europeans made the best and most law-abiding(and reformist) societies because of the cultural(and possibly racial) character of those peoples. (Compare them with the social orders created by Muslims, Hindus, Chinese, or Southern Europeans & Eastern Europeans. If some people were too hot-tempered & contentious to maintain a just and orderly society, others, especially the East Asians and Tacoans were too passive and subservient to challenge corruption and tyranny.)
    Jews posed a special threat to the American Order because they were (1) smarter than Wasps, thereby on the up and up and (2) lacking in cultural character. While Jews drone on and on about Tikkun Olam, it’s just self-serving BS, ethno-propaganda. After all, if Jews CARE so much about the well-being of humanity, why haven’t they done anything about the Palestinian Problem? How could they blithely allow current Jewish Power to do what it’s doing in Syria, Iran, and Libya? How could they cover up what Jewish globo-capital did to Russia in the 1990s? While non-Jewish minorities were also lacking in cultural character, they were less dangerous because they were either less intelligent & capable than Wasps or only equally intelligent. In contrast, Jews, being smarter by one standard deviation than whites, could rise above them. Also, being pushy and crypto-supremacist in outlook, they were going for the jugular in the American power game. Now, if Jews had cultural character, maybe they would have made decent and even better elites. But being devious and vicious like Alan Dershowitz(and he’s not the worst of them as there’s even bigger scum like Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler), they want all the power and all the moral authority without any accountability and responsibility. Indeed, look what Jews have made of the Shoah. A genuine tragedy, it’s been turned into shameless shoah-business.


    Power is always dangerous but not so much when it’s out in the open for examination and criticism. Adolf Hitler and Josef Stalin would have been far less dangerous if they could have been publicly scrutinized. Also, power shouldn’t be synonymous with moral authority. Power is only as good as it behaves. This is how democracy works. People get sick of Party A and hang their hopes on Party B. If Party B messes up, the people go back to Party A or go with Party C. So, the power has moral authority only as long as it delivers. It doesn’t get to have the power and authority just because it is what it is. But that is the state of affairs with Jewish control of the US. With Wasps, we could see the good and the bad. We could look back on Wasp history and see the triumphs, the tragedies, the evils. But with Jews, we must pretend they don’t have the power when they control just about everything. We must pretend Jewishness = moral authority from the beginning of time to the end of time. We must pretend everything about Jews and Jewishness is the noblest thing. Even when it’s clear that Jews have wronged Palestinians, all we hear from US politicians and elites is ‘Muh Israel’. Meanwhile, there is ZERO sympathy or even acknowledgement for the countless victims of Jewish-Zionist globalist supremacism in Russia, Middle East, and around the world. That vile harridan Madeleine Albright, the murderess of countless Arab children, is still given the podium to pontificate about the dangers of ‘fascism’. The vile Cass Sunstein, the ardent Zionist and pro-Deep-State war-monger, sounds the alarm on the coming of ‘fascism’ to America. Jewish Control of the US has led to Wars for Israel that have destroyed so many lives. Jewish Power acts like Judeo-Nazis, but what do we get from TV shows? Stuff like NAZI-HUNTERS and PLOT AGAINST AMERICA.

    These are truly a shameless and awful people. These people who’ve done most to defame the white race and desecrate white monuments(via their proxies, of course) are the ones who are most revered by idiot whites. That being the case, whites DESERVE all the horrors awaiting them as monumental stupidity can’t be helped. But then, in many ways, white cuckery to Jews is more the product of white elite cravenness than stupidity. Surely, many white elites KNOW who has the real power. To keep their own status and privilege, they must suck up to Jews. And since white elites serve as the brains of the white masses, their attitude serves as the template for the rest of the white population. Look how GOP’s cucking to globo-homo-mania has led to so many white ‘conservative’ normies, even Evangelicals, embracing Lady Maga and other lunacies. Even Orthodox Christians are over 50% for ‘gay marriage’. But Jewish Power, so immense in media and mass entertainment, not only control white masses through the elites but through Hollywood, advertising, and propaganda. Why are so many white youths even from working class and lower middle class backgrounds joining Antifa or marching down streets chanting Black Lives Matter? What were their formative influences? Endless TV ads showing blacks radiating with wisdom while whites are shallow shits. So many movies like 12 YEARS A SLAVE, DJANGO UNCHAINED, THE HELP, GREEN BOOK, SHAPE OF WATER, SELMA, BLACK PANTHER, and so on and so on. Meanwhile, the worst villains and vermin are whites, even more so than the ‘Muslim Terrorists’. Most people are pretty shallow, dumb, or childish, and of course, most white idiots who have TV, movies, pop music, and advertising for their MAIN CULTURE will be mentally molded by Jewish Media Monopoly.
    Now, certain works about the black tragic past are warranted. After all, there is a dark side to US history. But even an art film like 12 YEARS A SLAVE is suspect in the larger context because Hollywood’s moral conscience and outrage are so selective and tribalistically distorted. Indeed, if Jews really care about the truth and justice for all, why hasn’t there been a single movie about the horrors faced by whites in South Africa? Why not a single movie about Nakba and the plight of Palestinians? Why not a movie about the Jewish role in Communism and the deaths of millions in the Great Famine? Or the turbo-gangster-capitalist rape of Russia in the 90s? Or how about USS Liberty? 12 YEARS A SLAVE was produced by Arnon Milchan, the arch-Zionist who is totally okay with Jim Crowitz in the West Bank. He once worked to steal US nuclear material and then negotiated with Apartheid South Africa. Yet, THIS JEW dares to lecture whites on the evils of their ‘racist’ past. Okay, there were evils in White History, but where are the movies about evils of Jewish History? Or about black brutality that has taken so many lives in American Life? Or how Israel supports ISIS terrorists in Syria? This is why Jewish Moralism works in bad faith, indeed worst faith. It’s not true morality where the rules apply to all but cheap(but effective) weaponized moralism meant to increase Jewish Power at the expense of others. If White Christians have some degree of guilt-conscience about the Other, it appears the core of Jewish Power has no such consciousness. It’s really merchant-morality where Jews invoke the shackles to collect more shekels.

    Jews have not only poisoned the minds of so many white youths but those of blacks as well. Now, blacks were bound to be problematic due to genetics. They evolved to be tougher, wilder, more muscular, and more aggressive. The very hunter-warrior traits that were generally weeded out among most other races were favored in black evolution. Also, hot Africa favored lean muscle and impulsiveness. In contrast, the northern savages, such as Eskimos, American Indians, and the Lapps, developed more fatty tissues and even temperaments during long cold months. As for Australian Aborigines, they evolved alongside kangaroos and wombats, animals less dangerous than lions, hyenas, cape buffaloes, hippos, rhinos, elephants, and other beasts that just couldn’t stand the Negroes and tried to stomp them out, which made blacks run faster and jump higher. So, blacks would have been problematic regardless.
    But Jews, with their control of media and academia, emphasized Negro Nobility and White Culpability. The new Narrative made far less sense than the old one. The Anglo-American Narrative on the Negroes was more judicious. Yes, slavery went against American Principles, blacks toiled on the farms, and the suffering of blacks must be recognized and addressed. That said, blacks did make great strides in the US compared to what they’d been in the Dark Continent: spear-chucking savages beating on bongo drums and driving hippos crazy. Under whites, blacks adopted a great religion, learned work ethic & civilized behavior, gained access to modernizing amenities. Also, blacks gained higher morality. Indeed, even when black Americans argued against oppression and for liberty, they were using the white man’s values. By African ‘values’, there was nothing wrong with slavery. The Bantu Way was “if you kick the ass, you keep the ass.” That was it. If Frederick Douglas had decolonized his mind of white influence and thought like a black African, he would have thought, “Sheeeeeeiiiiit, dem honkeys deserve to rule over us ni**ers cuz they’s badass and gots da power.” So, the Anglo-American view of blacks in America was balanced. Whites had clearly done wrong to practice slavery in the US and sometimes treated blacks in terrible ways, but blacks did go from savagery to some semblance of civilization in the New World under whites. But then, Jewish Power pushed the Narrative where whites were totally wrong and blacks were pure as snow. And even though the number of lynchings of blacks(most of them thugs and criminals) wasn’t all that high throughout US history, Jews created the myth that just about every other Negro was hanging on a rope from a tree. Lynchings became Lynchocaust. But compare lynchings of blacks in the US with violence around the world, and they hardly qualify as among the greatest horrors in human history. In many parts of the world, many more people died in one year or even a single month than all the blacks killed by lynching in all of US history. Indeed, Jews have killed more Palestinians since 1948 than whites killed blacks with lynching. And how many Arabs/Muslims died as the result of Zionist-led sanctions on nations like Iraq, Syria, and Iran? Too many to count.

    Jews have pushed a cartoon history were the Confederacy was merely about slavery. But it was much more, as any society is about much more than its economic institution. Back then, the Confederacy wasn’t merely defending the slave system but their own kind of civilization and way of life distinct from those in the North. Besides, the real catalyst for the Civil War was more ‘genocide’ than slavery. It was westward expansion(that led to massacres of American Indians) that pushed the slavery issue to the front. As the North added another more state, the South insisted on adding another as well to balance things out. It was Manifest Destiny and destruction of the American Indians(in which the North was even more involved than the South) that made the slavery issue more contentious. But notice how we almost never hear anything about that. Characterizing the Confederacy as nothing-but-slavery is utterly disingenuous. In truth, every social order, every civilization, has sought to defend itself despite its problems of oppression or ‘human rights’. American Indians were savages and practiced all sorts of horrors, but we honor their fight against the white man because they were trying to preserve their way of life, the only one they knew. True, Indians had slavery and some of them even practiced cannibalism and sadistic torture, but they had a culture of their own. When the West arrived on Japanese shores, the West was bringing lots of progress, but the Japanese still resisted and tried to maintain their independence. Should we boil it all down to ‘Jappers were trying to maintain an oppressive caste system and slavery of the peasants?’ When the French invaded Russia, it’s true they were coming with more advanced ideas about liberty and dignity of man, but was it wrong for Russia to resist and fight back? Would it make sense to characterize the Russian defense of the motherland as merely ‘trying to preserve serfdom’? Only a puritanical moralistic fool thinks like that. Even when a civilization practices slavery or things we may disapprove of, it is MUCH MORE than that single institution.
    And even though the KKK degenerated into a kind of nihilism, it arose to defend whites from blacks who’d been encouraged by Northerners to act up. To merely call it ‘terrorist’ is hilarious coming from Jews who created Israel through use of much terror. Surely, Jews know of Irgun. Indeed, Jews revolutionized the modern use of terror as Bolsheviks and Zionists. And Jews have no problem aiding terrorism all across the Middle East to make Arabs fight Arabs, make Muslims fight Muslims. And speaking of terror, what of US military in WWII? Weren’t the willful mass-bombings of civilian targets in Germany and Japan a form of mass terror? A single such bombing killed more innocent civilians than all the killings done by the KKK. And what are sanctions but a form of terror-by-disease-and-starvation? This isn’t to defend the KKK, which became a sinister outfit, but it is hardly unique in having used terror to gain certain objectives. And today, blacks are even worse. Their riots, lootings, rampages, random attacks on whites, arson, and etc. are all forms of racial terror meant make others cower to their neo-savage demands. In some respects, blackkk rampage is worse than KKK violence. Whites in hoods, though violent, were trying to maintain or restore order. Black rioters and looters, in contrast, are using terror to spread disorder and mayhem as the New Normal of America. Also, KKK was closer to the truth than BLM is. It’s been true that blacks are a natural threat to whites because they are more aggressive and tougher. In contrast, BLM is based on the utter BS that countless innocent blacks are being mowed down by the white police. If the KKK over-reacted to the grim truth of black thuggery, BLM lunatics are basing their actions on utter fantasy. The truth is black lives are killed by black lives, which also kill non-black lives all across America.

    With American Indians, there is a more nuanced and complicated understanding. Yes, no one would deny that American Indians were proud peoples(though bloody savages as well) with deep and rich roots in the American Land. And there was real tragedy in their defeat at the hands of whites. It was especially tragic as most subject peoples of white colonization regained control over their lands. With American Indians, this became impossible as they weren’t too many in number to begin with, too many were wiped out by diseases, and the mass-immigration from the Old World never ended. So, there is that tragic side to American Indian History. But there is also the other side of America, that a great rich and free nation was founded on where there had been only wilderness and Red Savagery. And in time, even American Indians benefited from the New Order. So, we can see both the tragedy and triumph of the American Indian narrative.
    And such a narrative used to prevail with blacks as well. Both Northern and Southern scholars acknowledged how blacks had gained as well as lost in their American experience. But why is there still a nuanced perspective on the story of American Indians(even though they suffered ‘genocide’, far graver than slavery) while no such exists with blacks? For one thing, Jews gained too much from immigration to associate mass immigration with imperialist invasion that led to the great replacement of natives, especially because they pulled something similar with the Palestinians. But the main reason why Jews have promoted the cult of the Noble Negro is that their supremacist rule over the West relies on white submission and white obedience, and THIS means making whites feel shame and guilty about their own identity and interests. NO UPPITY WHITES. Whites must have their heads bowed low. In Europe, Shoah Guilt was enough to cower people’s heads over there, but in the US, it was the stuff about blacks. Jews also figured that blacks are especially useful in this because whites will tend to feel most guilty about whom they look up to as ‘cool’, ‘awesome’, and ‘superior’. Whites may feel bad about all those dead Vietnamese, Central Americans(killed by US-backed right-wing death squads), and Arabs, but they are, visibly at least, mediocre peoples, and whites can’t get to excited over them. But whites were bound to feel a special guilt regarding blacks, the race of athletes, studs, orators, singers, and etc. And so, there could be no nuance or complexity about white-black relations. Whites could not say something sensible like, “Hey, it’s too bad that our ancestors whipped your kind and made them pick cotton, and I’m sorry if I ever said ‘ni**ger’, but you gotta admit you blacks were a bunch of jungle/savanna savages without written word, the wheel, higher spirituality & ethics, and it was through us white folks that you were elevated from savagery to civilization.” And once upon a time, prominent blacks like Zora Neale Hurston and Booker T. Washington admitted as much. While harshly critical of the institution of slavery, they also realized that the Negro was uplifted from savagery thanks to contact with whites. But such nuance has been banned over the years. Blacks are all good and were living in Edenic paradise, and it was them evil ‘racist’ whites who ruined black utopia. Today, many fools, blacks and whites, think all of Africa would be one big Wakanda if not for white colonialism, which is ROTFL. Righteous Negro Pastor Manning speaks the truth:

    With a more nuanced view of history, whites could correct their ways but so could blacks. But once the New Narrative became Black Angel and White Devil — oddly similar to one pushed by Black Muslims, albeit with Jews included among the White Devils — , whites were responsible for everything while blacks were responsible for nothing. Even when blacks failed, the blame wasn’t on them. Rather, it was said whites failed them. So, if black students failed, they didn’t fail on their own, but white society failed them. If blacks rioted and looted, they were acting in the name of vigilante justice because whites failed them in justice. George Floyd likely died more from drugs than the police restraint, but never mind his criminality and pathology and just blame the white knee… and white everything. Is it any wonder that we now live in a nation where blacks rampage around like animals but are revered as angels? Blacks murder each other, but the narrative is ‘whites must stop killing blacks’. Never mind many more whites are killed by blacks in any given year. When one side is totally right no matter what while the other side is totally wrong no matter what, it’s not politics or morality but a demented form of theology. It’s like gods are right no matter what they do because they are gods and therefore must be appeased by humans, even if gods cause terror on mankind. Nothing good can come out of this Negrocracy or Afrocracy, but Jews pushed it as effective weapon against white identity.

    But then, Jews enjoy the same kind of ‘spiritual’ nihilism for themselves over whites. No matter what Jews do, they are right. If Jews got too much power and privilege, it must be blamed on whites as ‘white privilege’. Jews can use media to criticize, condemn, and lambaste White Christians, Russians, Iranians, Chinese, Turks, French, Germans, Anglos, and etc., but no matter what Jews do — spread wars, financially loot the world, mess with elections, spread degeneracy, promote drug culture, and etc. — , you better NOT name the JEW in the abuse of power, corruption, and decrepitude. Even now, many in the US don’t know that it was the Jewish oligarchs who raped Russia in the 1990s. (Indeed, even Russian leaders are afraid of speaking this truth.) Even now, most Americans don’t know that these crazy wars were essentially Wars for Israel.
    This is why Jewish Power is infinitely more dangerous than Anglo-American power of old. Wasps could be jerks, a**holes, stinkers, and lowlifes, but you could call out on them. And many groups did. Jews, Italian-Americans, Irish-Americans, black-Americans, and etc. all called out on Wasp Power and, as such, pressured Wasps to mend their ways. But with Jews, it’s impossible. It may partly be because Jews feel more anxiety and paranoia as a minority elite, but it’s also a matter of personality. Jerry Nadler is a rather typical personality type among Jews. You see it in Abe Foxman and Neumann(on SEINFELD) as well. It’s a vileness, viciousness, mendacity, and obnoxiousness beyond human imagination. All combined with utter shamelessness, the kind that led Ron Jeremy to suck his own dic*.

    You see this personality type in Sarah Silverman and Howard Stern as well, but at least certain Jewish comedians, like Don Rickles, had the saving grace of brazen Jewish irascibility, which at least dropped all inhibitions and said it like it is, as with Mel Brooks. But when Jews like Nadler go into moralistic mode, it is beyond repulsive because they lack the requisite character for speaking about truth and justice. Howard Stern being trashy and vulgar in his shamelessness is one thing, but when loathsome Jews like Anthony Weiner, Jerry Nadler, and Adam Schiff pretend to be the moral arbiters of US politics, it’s total pukesville, all the more so because they have no qualms about promoting Jewish Supremacist wars all over the Middle East.

    So, it’s about time to expose the real power behind the Wizard of Globoz. It’s Jewish Power. All these Antifa and BLM riots are part of the Jewish War on White. Now, most Antifa and BLM clowns surely don’t know that they are tools of Jewish Power. They really believe they are on the right side of history. But who made them feel such cartoonish emotions that reduces the world into a comic book of heroes and villains, angels and demons? Who financed stuff like GREEN BOOK and other movies that ONLY focus on white moral failings or white bigotry while presenting blacks as the flawless breed? Who were behind PC education that sanctified Jews, blacks, and homos as angels while whites were scapegoated for all that is wrong? Who funds groups like Antifa and provides lawfare to free them after new rounds of vandalism? Who controls the media that gives gushing coverage to BLM mayhem and Antifa thuggery? Who created all those TV shows and devised public education that made so many whites into sappy, silly, and stupid cucks who kneel at the feet of Negro thugs and cheer on Antifa vandals & hoodlums? Who pushed Russia Collusion Hoax? Sure, Deep State did it, but who gave the go-ahead? And regardless of how serious Covid is or isn’t, who politicized it to shut down the whole economy to bring down Donald Trump and to send a message to the whole nation, “If you re-elect Trump, we will mess up the economy for all of you!!”? It’s JSP or Jewish Supremacist Power. (Indeed, if Hillary were president, all these panics and hysteria would have been kept under lid by Jewish Power. Though Trump is a shill of Zion, the mere perception of him as a tough-talking white guy with balls has been sufficient for Jews to smear him and humiliate him to send a loud-and-clear message that whites deserve no identity and must only kneel as cucky-wucks. Once again, Trump was caught in a vice. If he took hard action, he would be blasted as a ‘fascist tyrant’ by the deep state and Jewish-run Media. If he did little or nothing, he would look weak and his tough-guy exterior would be exposed for its utter hollowness.)

    Trace the puppet-strings to the puppet-master, and this is yet another Jewish War on White. But idiot white MAGA-tards will cheer Trump as he declares West Bank as part of Israel. Jewish Power defames and destroys whites, but whites just can’t cuck enough before the holy holocaust Judeo-Nazis. Indeed, what is the #1 rule of American Politics? Thou Shalt Not Offend Jews. Why did GOP cuck to ‘gay marriage’? Main reason was it was afraid to offend Jews who wanted it. Why haven’t Trump and Barr taken serious measures against Big Tech monopoly and Antifa thuggery? Because Jews would be very displeased.
    Incredibly, Jews who practice apartheid and enforce Jim Crowitz policies in West Bank are lecturing White Southerners about the evils of ‘racism’ and the bad ole Jim Crow days. Even as Neocons call for the erasure of Southern Heritage, they call on Southern Whites to support Zionist tyranny over Palestinians. The truly sickening thing is whites fall for this Every Single Time.

    If in recent years, blacks have reason to be pissed, it’s because globalists pushed mass immigration that led to more competitive pressures on blacks. Also, it was urban ‘liberal’ Democrats and their homo allies who spearheaded gentrification that removed many blacks from big cities. And if blacks got incarcerated at higher numbers, it was because the New Democrats under Bill Clinton decided to get tough on crime. And in overwhelmingly ‘liberal’ cities like NY, the voters elected Rudy Giuliani twice and Michael Bloomberg three times to bring down crime, mostly black. And Jews also used globo-homo to push black issues to the back of the bus. And US police was trained with Israeli strong-arm tactics under the auspices of ADL and other Jewish groups. And it was the Jewish-run music industry that promoted and spread gangsta rap that encouraged blacks to murder each other. But now, these Jews and so-called ‘progressives’ try to pin all the racial problems regarding blacks on Trump and his voters. And so many whites are so cucked that they fall for this slime tactic and get on their knees. It’s beyond pathetic. And it goes to show that Jewish Power is utterly shameless in its sham moral pornographics to push any narrative, no matter how false and ludicrous, to get what it wants.

    Unless whites call for White Liberation from Jewish Supremacism and side with Palestinians and wave the Palestinian Flag(if Confederate Flag is banned), they have no hope. Whites can bitch about Antifa, BLM, crime, and diversity, but if they don’t Name the Jew, it’d be like a cancer patient and his doctor discussing all the symptoms of cancer without ever naming the cancer. Such a doctor is useless, and such a patient is sure to die. If there’s a dead rat stinking up the house, find the decaying rat. No amount of removing objects from the house will deal with the smell. And air sprays and opening the windows will only be temporary fixes. You must find the dead rotting rat.

    Also, anyone who still uses the term ‘racist’ as an epithet is part of the problem. It doesn’t matter how ‘based’ you are. Using the term ‘racist’ to mean the worst of all evils is to give into the terms of the enemy. The fact is Ism means belief, and race + ism should mean belief in the reality of race and racial differences. Thus, yes, America is race-ist because races exist and the races are different. Blacks do what they do because they are more muscular and more aggressive. That is a race-ist truth, and it has to be addressed honestly. Against lies, only truth is the real weapon.

    • Replies: @Miro23
  195. Trinity says:
    @Sick of Orcs

    Interesting typo. “Jaws?” (((Freudian))) slip? lolol. Only kidding. That shark in “Jaws” was a Great White so obviously it had to prove it wasn’t racist by attacking only Whites, probably went to some (((Ivy League))) collage. Hmm, come to think of it, given most Blacks can’t swim very well, that shark was probably too damn hungry to be racist given most Blacks aren’t about to take a dip over their heads in the pool much less the ocean. Guess good ole “Jaws” was a white traitor trash shark. hehe.

  196. Trinity says:

    I only saw the original “Jaws,” didn’t watch any of the sequels. Does anyone know if any of the sharks attacked a “diversity” aka nonwhite in any of the sequels? IF the Great White shark attacked a diversity, wonder if the “rioters” would seek to ban those movies as “racist?”

    • Replies: @trickster
    , @SafeNow
  197. @Ole

    I’m waiting for the Ratings Agencies to downgrade USA Government based upon debt, and inability to pay debt based upon Federal Reserve Balance Sheet expansion since they claimed they were reducing their Balance Sheet pre-REPO Quantitative Easing Four September 2019. Since September 2019 it is now obvious to all finance analysts the world over that the USA will never reduce the Federal Reserve Balance Sheet which means that market fundamentals will never be restored, ever.

    In three months there will likely be more Psyops like SARS-2-nCoV-19 to add subterfuge to the global financial reset that is occurring through the United Nation Climate Change Bank headed up by Mark Carney to flood the world with electronic money and establish a new global hegemon & currency via the International Monetary Fund rescue packages doled out to insolvent sovereign nations that have become bankrupt in the face of COVID-19 and physical distancing protocols rolled out to ameliorate the Gain-of-Function Dual Use bioweaponized nCoronavirus SARS-2-nCoV-19.

    Presently, the USA Ratings Agencies are stamping Federal Reserve purchases of Junk Bonds and USA Stocks that are crap triple AAA Investment Grade. And BlackRock Inc. is in charge of hiding all the toxic waste that is in reality worthless compared to real Invest Grade AAA Securities.

    Currently, the Federal Reserve is buying Commercial Subprime Non-Performing Loans too, and BlackRock Inc. is making the commission fee at USA Federal pay rates for Commercial Contractors that government employs contractually.

    Three months away will be second wave of COVID-19 infections and concomitant SIX Sigma crases of Tertiary Care Medicine throughout all Intensive Care Units worldwide.

    At some point in the near future the Ratings Agencies will have to downgrade governments in the G7 & G20 for inability to pay increasing debt servicing costs.

    Welcome to the New World Disorder where up is down and black is white whilst night is day and pigs fly too because the fundamentals are no longer there.

    Thank Nixon.


    • Thanks: Ole
    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @Guest0206
  198. Alba - says:

    All your discursions are irrelevant in comparison with the importance of building a colective WE.
    You are gonna lose until the white race imbued itself with a positive founding myth like nazis did with aryanism

    This web is selling only blackpills camouflated as redpills , for every article speaking about the jews and their influence there should be at least one speaking about solutions and building our own identity if not you only end sucumbing by overdose of defeatism


  199. Hayseed says:

    The reality is that the American people have been fucked at least since the civil war, when “state rights” were demolished by an international corporatist regime who took power in the North. Once the south was sacked and laid waste, the “assets” (slaves and land) were both “absorbed” by the “carpet baggers”.

    And it’s been CARPET BAGGING ever since, 24/7, for over 150 years, marked by several important highlights, such as the 2 world wars, and the 1913 bribery of the US Congress to abrogate its constitutional duty to manage this country’s money and credit, and establish the Federal Reserve.

    I know HEADLINES sells news, even on this site, but some of us out here are not completely brain dead, and know that the KLEPTOCRATIC PARASITIC OLIGARCHY which rules this country has been in the saddle for a VERY VERY long time.

    And the SAME tactics are used repeatedly to guide the goyim by their nose rings to focus on what OUR masters want us to see…and certainly NOT what they are up to as they continually and predictably rob us blind.

    Don’t believe me ? Check out >
    TRILLIONS for them, crumbs for the people.

    And it NEVER changes…regardless of WHO is elected.

    WHY ???

    • Replies: @Patagonia Man
  200. @HeebHunter

    The American people did not want anything to do with the European wars, dummy. We were not in control then, just as we are not in control now. Your axe-to-grind routine gets really old.

  201. trickster says:

    Yeah, a great WHITE eating a BLACK man would be racist. No it never happened in any of the sequels and is not ever likely to happen. Do you want all the marine worlds closed down ? Do you want Hollywood torched ? No dont answer that question LOL

    Its at the fucking stage where if a white man buys black skivvies its racist, brown skivvies its racist, yellow is racist and white skivvies its white privilege. This utter bullshit knows no end until someone cracks down hard on these idiots.

    • Agree: Sick of Orcs
    • Thanks: Trinity
  202. Wally says:

    It’s certainly not difficult to predict the future when actions of the present give compelling clues as to what that future will be.


  203. Anonymous[339] • Disclaimer says:
    @Robert White

    Downgrading Federal Debt of the USA sounds unlikely, but it’s already happened once, 2011.
    “In order to mend its relationship with the US government, S&P asked its then-CEO to step down, a mere 18 days after the US was downgraded. ”

    This year, Canada has been downgraded.

    So, seems unlikely, but its possible. Equally possible is that the Feds should have been downgraded but haven’t been.

  204. Wally says:

    Hello Bro43rd.

    – The term “ZioNazis” is indeed highly inaccurate.

    – Whereas the ‘Nazis” did not do what is alleged, Zionists have done and are doing what they are accurately accused of.

  205. anon[427] • Disclaimer says:

    “The Old America Is Dead. Where Do We Go from Here?”

    To the grave, it’s the spot you haven’t gone to yet.

  206. @ZCks

    The Plains Indians have the highest proportion of Ainu DNA of all Indian groups. Look at the nineteen century photographic portraits of the Plains Indians. Many look remarkably Caucasian. The Japanese actor Tetsuro Tamba has the same look, he clearly has a good bit of Ainu in him. I love the Japanese actresses that have the “Ainu look”, white skin and big Caucasian noses, Yumiko Nogawa is a good example. The “First Nations” should be called the “Second Nations”, the Ainu got here first. Look at some pure Ainu in Japan today. I’ve seen a group portrait of some young Ainu guys, they look like they could be in the band Oasis, from Manchester.

  207. Anonymous[339] • Disclaimer says:

    Sounds like your one of those people who fail to realize the oneness of all people.

    All peoples are one in the sense that every material object is in the same place, but it is a very big place.

    So what if they didn’t have a horse and a wheel?

    Kept them in the upper Neolithic.

    So what if they were from Siberia?

    Like every other mammal in the Americas, they were cut off from Eurasia/Africa and thus subject to a very much lower evolutionary rate — no Mongol Invasion for them, indeed, no Mongols. or for that matter African or Asian diseases.

    Your comments are flippant shallow and show a lack of true enlightenment and empathy!

    “True Scottsman” argument (

    How many species of mammals they wiped out?

    Their ancestors are credited with driving the Pleistocene megafauna to extinction ( Once the Plains Indians had the European horse again, they were well on their way to driving the buffalo to extinction.

    Boy your really grasping at straws to justify the killing of close to 200 million people by European man!

    Europeans tried to keep American many Indians alive, if only as labor or Christian converts or sources of tax income. They failed. Eurasian/African diseases killed most of any group the Europeans came in contact with. They also killed more from un-contacted groups, disease being spread by zoonosis ( African slaves brought with them African diseases that made the tropical regions of the Americas highly lethal to European humans. All of this was before the germ theory of disease was discovered, and none of it was deliberate could have been predicted by then current knowledge.
    And, yes, 300 million is a very high end estimate, even according to Wikipedia (

    You really should be ashamed of yourself.

    You’ve been lied to.

  208. Glaucon says:

    Rupert Murdoch is not a Jew

    • Disagree: neutral
    • Replies: @Patagonia Man
  209. @Wally

    It’s in Florida. His name is Levy. And with that nose. Of course it won’t be disturbed.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  210. “The Old America Is Dead. Where Do We Go from Here?”

    Well the first step is in your mind to mentally secede from the doomed mongrel nation. That will prepare you for the following necessary steps.

  211. The Old America Is Dead? I don’t think so. Symbolic of the Old America, and chiseled into Mt. Rushmore, are four American “heroes”, whose exploits demonstrate the white man’s biggest problem, himself. First we have George Washington, who magnanimously freed his slaves, but only after his death, after which he had no further use for them. But how many white Americans have been robbed, murdered, or raped by the descendants of those slaves? Quite a few, no doubt. Thanks George!

    Then comes Lincoln, who authorized the murders of hundreds of thousands of whites on his way to freeing the slaves and then turning them loose on his countrymen. His admirers say that, like MLK, he had a dream. But Abe’s dream was that all of the negroes would volunteer to leave these shores. How racist! Amazingly, and no doubt a big surprise to Abe, few wanted to do so. Thanks a lot, “honest” Abe!

    Then we have Thomas Jefferson, a randy old fellow who was probably nailing his quadroon slave Sally Hemings, and likely had a child by her. His was the colonial prototype for the long American tradition of race mixing (aka white racial suicide). Thanks Tom! You set a fine example.

    Last is Teddy Roosevelt, the original Progressive. He was an advocate for women’s suffrage, yet another step in the direction of the hallowed American cause of “equality”, and it’s painfully obvious how that turned out. Also, he favored a powerful federal government, just as do progressives today. To fund such a government, he favored the income tax, a noose into which the American public eagerly thrust its neck.

    The current unrest is only more of the same white racial self-destruction. So the Old America isn’t dead. Its spirit is just flying new flags, reorganized under the banners of BLM and antifa. Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.

    • Replies: @Adûnâi
  212. The one thing I’ve never understood about the American people:

    – You were settled by the British as a white-settler colony (the 13 colonies).
    – You fought the American Revolutionary War for your independence.
    – You fought in the British – American Wars (1810-12) – for your independence.
    – You fought the American Civil War to remain one unified nation while the British-zionists were clandestinely arming and funding the Confederacy.
    – British-zionists plotted the assassination of your President Lincoln from Montreal (French Canada).
    – 3 of your richest men and most vocal opponents of the Federal Reserve were drowned in the 1912 sinking of the Titanic – the ship’s owner being J.P. Morgan (who was sponsored by British-Zionists, the House of Rothschild & the Bank of England – to subvert the American Republic).
    – On 23 December 1913 your President Wilson signed away control of your money supply – the lifeblood of your economy, saying afterward:

    “I am a most unhappy man. I have unwittingly ruined my country. A great industrial nation is controlled by its system of credit. Our system of credit is concentrated. The growth of the nation, therefore, and all our activities are in the hands of a few men”

    – You were dragged into war based on the lie of the 1915 sinking of the Lusitania (WWI started 28 July 1914)
    – You were dragged into the Second War again based on a lie: the “surprise” attack on Pearl Harbor but were secretly giving assurances to Britain & France that if they were attacked you’d come to their aid, at least as early as 1938 – and still trading with the NSDAP regime in Germany up to 1941.

    As an aside, it was your Senator Ron Paul who said:

    “It is no coincidence that the century of total war coincided with the century of central banking.”

    … and what is it all for??? For British-zionist’s wet dream of world domination!

    So, in answer to the question ‘who is to blame?’ – given the history of the United States over these last 250 years since 1776 – it seems pretty obvious, doesn’t it?

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  213. @Glaucon

    Rupert Murdoch is a zionist jew.

    His mother Elizabeth was jew.

    “jewishness” (for lack of a better word as its an ethno-religion) is matrilineal, i.e., it passes down the mother’s line.

  214. Reggie says:

    Stop eating lead paint chips.

  215. @colsteve

    Same here in Washington. Governor Jay Inslee, Bill Gates’ boy, has destroyed the state and now ordered everyone to where masks…by law.

    But people are still defying the order because technically when a store says they require a mask by law, you can tell them you cannot wear one due to medical condition. If they probe you can say “no further information will be provided as I am protected by Hippa law”.

    I wore my first mask around this weekend but I was sure to have a political message written so all could see “Vote Inslee Out 2020”

  216. SafeNow says:

    “Does anyone know if any of the sharks attacked a “diversity” aka nonwhite in any of the sequels? IF the Great White shark attacked a diversity…”

    Actually, in the water, in real life, it was the other way around. In other words, the diversity attacked the White. During Hurricane Katrina, many Coast Guard rescuers were punched in the face by the people they were trying to rescue. Imagine if you can the kind of mental state that prompts a victim to punch a rescuer in the face.

  217. @Hayseed

    Very well said – it’s refreshing to see someone else is awake.

    In answer to your question:

    “And it NEVER changes…regardless of WHO is elected.”

    For several reasons:
    1. government is an institution. Institutions are set up to resist change.
    2. your elected representatives are ‘owned’ – either thru bribery or blackmail (true, the world over). If they cant be owned – they’re assassinated, these days usually made to look like an “accident”
    3. the US has one political party with two wings.
    4.then theres the deep State – whi actually run the show – the sum total of military centered on the Pentagon, the diplomatic corp, the heads of government departments. and ‘intel’ community centered on the UK’s Chatham House.

    Lastly, they get away with it:
    1. the people are ‘dumbed down’ via their ‘schooling’
    2. the media always keeps you distracted by use of cover stories e.g. Russiagate. Cover stories are used to *control* explanations.

    So, not knowing what to think, Americans never know where to look and that’s why the Cabal keep getting away with it.

  218. Sooooo, What I learned from this article:

    “Trump sucks balls, but you gotta vote for him because muh Democrats/Leftists”

    What I learned from the comments:

    The CIA, Corporate elite are actually communists and marxists.

    This will be news to the communists and marxists that the CIA/Corporate elite have been murdering for the past century, with the help of Nazis and various other fascist organizations

    This writer is your enemy. Those people in the streets are no different than you, minus some disagreements over mostly stupid petty shit. They’re angry, rightfully so, looking for who to blame, and being manipulated by the ones responsible for their misery into blaming their fellow slaves. Oldest trick in the book.

    Trump knows this, Trump is complicit. He’s going along with the “Blob/Deep State” narratives because he is one of them. This isn’t hard to figure out folks. Do any of you seriously believe that Trump doesn’t know that this is the CIA’s work? They do this in foreign countries on the regular, so its no big secret. Trump, Biden, Sanders or anyone else not willing to call out the CIA and the capitalist system they serve and protect is the enemy. Period.

    No difference in the 2 parties for Pete’s sake!

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  219. @OscarWildeLoveChild

    Over 15 years ago I exchanged emails on this subject with a prominent author of the Old Right/Paleo type. He told me foresaw “breakup.”

  220. mcohen says:

    Absolutely agree,and it was a republican president Reagan.What goes around comes around

    Mao going to eat the elephant for breakfast and the donkey for

  221. The Blob huh? OK, I have gone off on this subject so many times that I am beginning to bore myself. So this is the last time.

    Actually, I can’t even get it up for a rant this one last time time. So let me just ask – no plead -for the last time: will someone please tell me why these Vdare and Amren type writers refuse to indict the ethnic group most responsible for destroying these United States? It is not as if this ethnic group are going to give these Vdarers and Amreners good jobs if they keep their mouths shut. Right now Vdare is locked in legal struggle with some internet access company that is trying to push it into to the Dark Web. None of these writers can get published anywhere in respectable journalism and presumably never will. So what is in it for them to deny what EVERY knowledgeable person knows about who is destroying our Nation State: It’s the JOOS.

    OK, I’ll make it easy for you. Just say 1 or 2. Or 1 AND 2. Or Anything

    1) Vdare/Amren writers think that the hardest fact for the average intelligent white gentile normie to assimilate is Jewish Power. Blobs they might someday deal with but not The Tribe up to its historic tricks. That is a bridge too far.

    2) A great many of these Amren and Vdare writers are Anglo and the Anglo -or primarily the WASP version – has a historic religious or metaphysical relationship with the Chosen People that reduces to a sort of visceral wannabeism. This Jew envy has gone on for so long that KMac might say that it is now genetic. No matter what the Jew does – including what the Jew does to the Wasp – the WASP cannot break the tie by calling out the Jew. Carolyn Yeager aptly calls it “separation anxiety”.

    • Replies: @Patagonia Man
  222. @GMC

    “I’m sure the blob already has the New North American map drawn out”

    They have!

    It may take another 50 -100 years but after the civil war and blocs of states secede from the Union, North America will be organized based on the principle of bioregionalism. Cascadia in the USA’s N-W & Canada’s S-W is a classic example.

  223. Miro23 says:
    @Priss Factor

    There’s no point referencing justice and fair play in looking at Jewish activism. They will coordinate their activities to gain power, and use all the tools available, however loathsome – blackmail, murder, historical fakery, guilt, theft, violence, deception, media lies etc.

    Many peoples throughout history have had to deal with this powerfreak minority – and each has had to work out its own answer.

    The most recent examples (of many) are Germany (German nationalism – Hitler) and Russia (Russian nationalism – Stalin and Putin).

    The Anglo world hasn’t worked out what to do yet, while they’re still in the process of getting horribly attacked and crushed from every direction. And there’s also a sort of “End of History” aspect to the whole thing.

    Jews could always historically find a new refuge following expulsion. However, in our new interconnected/globalized world there’s nowhere left to go. New Zealand or Patagonia don’t cut it, and the last place US Jews want to emigrate to is Israel (there’s no one to exploit there, Israelis don’t like them, and anyway it’s too small).

  224. @neutral

    Totally agree, neutral.

    We never start solving a problem – until we give that problem its correct name.

  225. Biff says:

    Tear down those naughty statues..


    • Replies: @Biff
  226. Anonymous[146] • Disclaimer says:
    @Sir Launcelot Canning

    Funny how the statue is so much better looking than the photo.

  227. We are looking at something exactly the same as Germany’s Weimar Republic, but I don’t see a great leader waiting in the wings, able to immediately nationalize the Fed and the banks, able to immediately end the depression.

    So I think it’s essential that the USA split up into a number of independent republics, each with its own separate currency. They need to secede so federal law becomes null and void and the mountain of financial institutions from the Fed to the IMF and further become irrelevant. They need to capture the US gold reserves and take their shares.

    And they all need to do as Hitler did, crack down on the Jews, perhaps with less severity. Disenfranchise them because they have betrayed the deal that gave them full citizenship. Force their deceased to join the “unclean” rather than have separate cemeteries etc. Don’t drive them out of the new country, though, because that would harm other countries.

    • Agree: Malla
  228. @Realist

    Sorry to say, you’ve been badly betrayed by your political class – who are bought off either thru bribes or by blackmail.

    As a group you’ve been way to trusting and much to easily distracted by sports and other entertainments.

    • Replies: @Realist
  229. @JimDandy

    Blasian has two distinct definitions.
    I shall now elaborate .
    1. Black Bengal such as Sri Sivananda of Divine Life Society ~ He appears indigenous aryaGold of bharatiBengaliasthan ya {reparations sought for man made famine similar to potato famine entirely man made for Nature’s bounty knows no bounds ~ Prakriti mercy and arsenal – an earthquake here- a cyclone there etc connect the dots . (It is high nigh time to halt mocking beloved biendiDot indicative of ability to simultaneously experience pleasure bliss and maybe even actual happiness for a fleeting moment or two.
    Redindian have casino gambling problem just like pandava of Bhagavad Gita infamy.
    But different Tschandal [insectoid } stock . Unfortunately.
    2.Caucasian Aryan Asia Chechnya is last remnant of whitest part of white racial grouping of mankind .
    Occultist Blavatsky divulge that unadmix Arabic is protoAryan and mind your well Aryan equal hindu and hindu equal Aryan. So Hazrat M (pbuh) founder of Sufi is Aryan incarnation avatar of Shukra Venusian very romantic in classical sense of high noble romance as per brahminical analysts. Sure early Musslmann had tough time with hebehippie who doesn’t ?World body Hindudom includes
    1 Vedantic six schools of AryaHindu philosophies
    2 Zarathustra
    3 jain
    4 Gautam Buddh
    5 Sikhism
    6 aryasufi & germanik pagan hellenic pagan dionysian Thor etc Odin 2 ya
    So that’s one blasian .

    2nd is bantuadmix plus ornamental insectoid tscandal canine torturer and eater admix — nasty .

    3 proper within caste parameter gandharva love match is ideal .

    Aryavartasthan is bestest.

  230. Malla says:

    Judaists have a history of taking charge from ancient times even in the ancient Middle East. they are experts in taking over.

    • Replies: @Realist
  231. Anon[378] • Disclaimer says:

    Trump finds some will, the blob wins or the country breaks up. The first is unlikely and Trump has been called controlled opposition. Whether true or not his record does not encourage confidence.

    The other two are far more important. The blob has not yet demonstrated it is beyond the crisis point for no effective resistance has yet demonstrated itself. If Trump is impotent perhaps there is someone else who can show the ruthless will to destroy the blob. Perhaps a collection of forming statelets will show the will necessary, but that world will likely be only a stage in the struggle to the finish with the blob and the blob may win.

    What all of you are forgetting in any incipient collapse of the government is who gets the nukes? Will the army stay loyal to the current regime or will it change sides in whole or in part? Will someone with an objective in mind seize some nukes? Will the blob nuke some cities as a preemption fearing such an action?

    The mindset of people in such a scenario likely cannot be imagined but will be vastly different from anything current. Since the middle of March we have moved light years in this direction yet, I am sure, we still have no conception.

    Nukes could provide instant stature to someone who would stand against the blob. Some one who sees the end of the world coming and is willing to use them to keep the blob from victory. The MAD doctrine will have no hold on someone willing to just say no and pull the trigger however aghast others may be. Likely a world in which this scenario plays out will have many people who have given up on the world before, have no hope for the world after, and simply will not let the enemy win.

    The possibility of ruthless resistance is still available. As things get darker a call for such a man will grow louder. Such an individual could demand the arrest and execution of blob supporters on pain of a nuclear attack on all who hesitate.

    For all the horror contemplated and the melancholy understanding that the old world is dead it is hardly certain that the fight is now over. What people will do as we fall further into this sinkhole and people stare ruin in the face is yet to be seen.

  232. Anonymous[339] • Disclaimer says:

    What I learned from your comment:
    You’re pretty bad at learning things.

  233. Malla says:
    @Robert White

    There is BlackRock Inc and then there is Black Stone Inc. What is dis black rocks and stones?
    Why do we have all these black cube sculptures around the world?

    Vice: The Satanic Temple Built a Black Cube Monument


    And why does the United Nations (House of Herlots according to Douglas Reed) Prayer/ meditation Room have a black structure like that??

    • Replies: @Robert White
  234. Anonymous[339] • Disclaimer says:
    @Patagonia Man

    and what is it all for??? For British-zionist’s wet dream of world domination!

    You some kind of prevert?

  235. @Whitewolf

    The state has the organization but does it have the loyalty needed to wage open war against traditionalist America? Back in the days of Ruby Ridge or Waco it had near 100% total information control. The current clowns running the show are working in an environment of near zero credibility amongst people with any intelligence.

    I applaud your optimism but I don’t share it. The loyalty you speak of is ethos, a consensus of shared social values. Those mostly white Christian values, like individual freedom, are long gone, replaced by materialism, mindless consumption, the pursuit of money and the security to hang onto it. Those who invoke the word “values” today know that it is just another commmodity to be purchased. This anti-value system is incessantly propagated by mass media and has corrupted all of society’s other main institutions, including the revolving-door generals at the top of the military. This arrangement proceeds on the premise that everyman has his price and they have the means to pay for it. That spiritual/ethical vaccum leaves only superior organization as the decisive advantage.

    Without a believable narrative to warrant a major attack on US citizens their superior organisation will face serious problems.
    How many people would seriously support the government ordering the killing of hundreds or thousands of protesters right now?

    Please, 911 launched half a dozen bloody wars and killed thousands of Americans. Preposterous as that caper was, anyone who points this out finds himself without a public platform. The virus hoax and the divide&conquer “racism”/riot orchestration are just two more examples of what perverted government institutions can perpetrate effortlessly with the full support of subversive MSM.

    How many people can they kill? Just count the number of bullets they can buy with unlimited fiat money. And when they reach your neighborhood, MSM will simply tell you it is for your own good and security. Make the lie big, repeat it often and eventually they will all believe it. You too.

    • Agree: Ultrafart the Brave
    • Replies: @Whitewolf
    , @Anonymous
  236. jamesbbkk says:
    @Richard B

    You deployed so many words, but said so little. What is the organizing principle? You didn’t say. Fighting for our freedom? Freedom for our daughters to be taught to be thots, or boys?

  237. Meimou says:
    @Ann Nonny Mouse

    The second term might be very different.

    Yes, he doesn’t need to worry about reelection so he will go full globalist: red flag laws, gun control, more immigration, hate speech laws.

    Now he’s experienced and could start making decisions without fear, except of assassination.

    Name one thing that Trump did that actually hurt the NWO agenda.

    He is one of them.

    Myth of Trump

  238. @Wally

    Yulee’s statue looks like a slim Ron Jeremy.

  239. Realist says:

    Judaists have a history of taking charge from ancient times even in the ancient Middle East. they are experts in taking over.

    You didn’t answer my question…you just rephrased the comment.

    The answer is dumbass goyim…the Jews outsmarted them.

  240. Realist says:
    @Patagonia Man

    Sorry to say, you’ve been badly betrayed by your political class – who are bought off either thru bribes or by blackmail.

    Yes, Whites have betrayed their own through avaricious ways.

    As a group you’ve been way to trusting and much to easily distracted by sports and other entertainments.

    I totally agree…and have said the very same here many times.

    Great points. My question was rhetorical.

  241. Guest0206 says:

    Will the CIA, like in Indonesia, provide the extensive lists of the targets to kill, this time in USA?
    (lists of American “Marxists” – LOL, who would have known they existed)?
    And who will be the “death squads” this time around?
    Keyboard supremacists?

  242. the only hope we have is a collapse…do whatever you can to help bring about a collapse…do not spend!

  243. Guest0206 says:
    @Robert White

    So US default is coming a lot sooner than many may think
    And the game is to issue and to exchange as much of the worthless US treasuries
    for as many and any tangible assets anywhere in the world before the actual default

    Everything else (BLM, covid etc.) is just a smokescreen and diversion

    Who will be the biggest losers? Not China and not Japan.

    “Most headlines focus on how much the United States owes China, one of the largest foreign owners. What many people don’t know is that the Social Security Trust Fund, also known as your retirement money, owns most of the national debt.

    The public holds \$19.7 trillion, or 77%, of the national debt.
    Which agencies own the most Treasurys? Social Security, by a long shot.

    The most recent data is from March 2020. Here’s the breakdown:

    The Social Security Trust Fund and Federal Disability Insurance Trust Fund: \$2.89 trillion
    Office of Personnel Management Retirement: \$927.9 billion
    Military Retirement Fund: \$924.5 billion (this has become a big issue in funding our nation’s defense and is only expected to grow)
    Medicare, which includes the Federal Hospital Insurance Trust Fund and the Federal Supplementary Medical Insurance Trust Fund: \$309 billion
    All other retirement funds: \$262 billion”

    • Replies: @Robert White
  244. Secession is natural and necessary. If even one seceding state takes control of the nukes in their territory there won’t be a hot civil war.

    Be of good cheer! We were never going to vote our way out of this, even if Trump Maga’d instead of sucking jared’s ring.

    • Agree: Patagonia Man
  245. @Malla

    Black Box symbolism connotes darkness and no accountability in so far as nobody knows what is inside because the black box is dark to public view. In Aviation the Black Box is an information retrieval system that is regulated by the NTSB, and government. Private individuals don’t get to look inside the Black Box because that information is regulated by government too.

    Black Box symbolism connotes systemic withholding of information so that information is commoditized and held in select few hands.

    The Black Box of government is secrecy.


    • Thanks: Malla
  246. profnasty says:

    Wow! This comment really lit up the pinball machine. Here’s the skinny on that.
    Who first brought in Meskins? White Republican farmers. Who brought in Meskin construction workers? White Republican contractors. It wasn’t White hating Democrat Black. It was you- Traitor!

  247. profnasty says:
    @Ann Nonny Mouse

    Sign seen in bar: FREE BEER, TOMORROW.

  248. Adûnâi says: • Website
    @Dr. Robert Morgan

    An absolutely marvelous summation! And no conspiracy theories needed – every single word of it is a fact known from schoolbooks! And nothing of this is conceivable to any normie mind!

    Old Christian academics will talk about the battle between the god and anal sex – the only “atheism” they might imagine. Darwin is “scary” to them – to the acolytes of peak idealism!

    Historians will be blind towards the fate of the lands south of Rio Grande; perfectly racially-offensive to non-Aryans, Latin America does not exist in their mind – and they don’t even think it could have!

    And the story of the great collective suicide of the Aryan race? Missing in any Weltanschauung… Even when the facts stare you in the face. What else can be expected of idealists? Marx is more popular among the matter-deniers – it is not the genetic information, but the spirit of money that is paramount. And who is behind that money? The evil Jews, of course! What a joke. Perfect schizophrenia.

    Is self-reflection achievable? And is salvation possible without introspection? Or will the Aryans get the Fourth Reich handed to them on a plate by circumstance? So far, every visible vector has been pointing downward, and vectors are all that matters – the rest is a matter of time.

  249. jay says:

    There is no alternative other than probably Distributism. And banning usury alongside banning fractional reserve banking.

    Full Reserve Banking without usury is what would fix the market.

    • Replies: @Oldtradesman
  250. Adûnâi says: • Website
    @Blaque Knee

    > “The color Revolution is blue and white happening in Israel with the West Bank Annexation on July 1”

    How is that piece of desert land in the middle of nowhere in Asia relevant to the West?

  251. @Guest0206

    Black Lives Matter is a lobby group, and a social activist group just as Mothers Against Drunk Drivers is too. In terms of BLM it is a Colour Revolution funded by the left oligarchs that are determined to retain democracy & democratic tradition via Monetary Policy.

    BLM is not being funded by the Koch brothers or Roman Catholic Church.

    Social activism as practiced by BLM is perfectly acceptable form of activism in the face of BlackRock’s Federal Reserve anti-social finance activism whereby American taxpayers are funding the one per cent right-wing oligopoly just as they fund the left too when they are in power.

    The two party duopoly is merely a ruse to control activism and protest movements that attempt to undermine that duopoly.

    Both Democrats & Republicans are fascist totalitarian tyrants when in power holding the door for the next government run power play against the people.

    In the end the taxpayers always lose because ‘Only the little people pay taxes’ unlike the wealth extracting one per cent oligopolists like Hank Paulson, Ben Bernanke, & Timothy Geithner.

    Bernie Madoff practiced the same corruption but only he went to jail.


  252. Whitewolf says:

    The government isn’t powerless as you point out but they still need the propaganda machine pumping out lies 24/7 to operate effectively. They need those lies to be believed as well. Those lies are believed less each passing day.

    Even the most totalitarian states need somewhat believable narratives or large scale extreme ruthlessness and violence is the only way to govern. How would such violence be viewed across the US empire? What would countries with US bases on their soil think about the situation?

  253. @Harry Huntington


    That says a lot about this place.

  254. The old world is dead. It’s called neo-liberalism…..

  255. @Stonehands

    Most folks are not very good at looking past the surface and finding root causes. That is how they always end up engaging the flavor of the month.

  256. sarz says:
    @SS-The Independent

    “The Jews” means the tribe, acting as a whole, snd not individual Jews.

  257. @Miro23

    Strange to think that Australia was once one large forest rather than the present hot arid desert.

    … and the European settlers have done their best to finish the job.

    Back when farmers were still spreading out across Victoria, one bright spark claimed he had the tallest tree in the world on his property – and he chopped it down to prove it.

    It was a Mountain Ash, around 450 feet tall (sorry, long), as far as I can remember.

    Some of the woodcutters back then said there were heaps of Mountain Ash way taller than that (but they’d chopped them all down).

    The world might have been a better place with less humanity – or at least maybe a different type of humanity. Maybe elves would have been better. But it is what it is.

  258. I wonder if there ever was “The Old America” you yearn to return to and would you really like to return to it. Have a look at this.

  259. anon[387] • Disclaimer says:

    If you don’t support secession, you support tyranny (or you’re a fed). It’s as simple as that, because there is no other solution now. We have every right to live in freedom. We should have our own nation where we can make our own rules. Who are these tyrants to burn our books, our history, tell us what movies we can watch, inundate us with racist hate, and make us second class citizens in the country we founded? Why do we have to live in constant fear of being outed as a crime thinker? One wrong incident can ruin your life; ask that guy who was recently fired for cracking his knuckles at a stop light (the racist left and their hate groups have declare “the okay” hand signal to be “white supremacy”). That’s Soviet level tyranny. What happened to all those gun-ho patriots who talked about staring down communism? Have you all died or run away? Or were you always cowards? Do you people really value cheap hamburgers and diet coke over your freedom? George Washington is spinning in his grave.

    You may not want to admit it, but the old America is gone. It died many years ago. This monstrosity is what remains. So, what’s holding you back? The constitution? It’s paper, nothing more. Recent Supreme Court decisions have made that clear. It’s open to interpretation. Whomever has the majority makes the law, and the democrat party has imported so many scab voters that they will win all future elections. I didn’t consent to that, my ancestors didn’t consent to that. So, any election from this point forward is illegitimate, and I refuse to accept the results.

    We’re fast approaching 1917. Example: the regime’s social media complex just went on another purge; Twitched banned Trump; Reddit banned r/Donald and YouTube banned Stephan Molyneux, among others*. After the election, which their tech companies and media are helping to rig (Facebook now bans immigration ads), they’ll ban Trump himself. They may even come for you. We are waaaaay beyond 1776. If you’ve been paying attention, you should know. The list of grievances against this illegitimate police state are almost too many to list.


    *Short list of dissidents banned from YouTube since 2019:

    James Allsup
    Mister Metokur
    Way of the World
    American Krogan
    TRS Radio

    They’ve previously banned BPS and will likely do so again soon.

    These tech scum are trying to deplatform Vdare off the internet for good. Disgusting tyranny. Meanwhile, racist left-wingers spew hate and lies at us with impunity, often aided by those same people.

  260. Whatever you think of his piece, I think we can all agree the idea of a “United” States is done for good. Going forward, there will be no cooperation, no bipartisanship, no give and take. It will be one-party rule, or nothing is done. If the Dems take control of the Executive and Legislative branches starting next January, we will see what little is left of our liberty quashed, and fairly quickly. Remember, in 2008, Pelosi declared the Republicans would be the minority party for the next 20 years. Their dominance was gone in less than 2 years. They know they will have to pass the unpopular measures very quickly, so the filibuster is gone in the Senate, and party-line votes will be the result. Violence in America will intensify, as smaller communities will not allow the gang trash to destroy their locales. All in all, the Bible is right – we are on the way down.

    • Replies: @Gil Favorite
  261. No one is going to do anything to oppose the Marxist takeover

  262. @dually

    The entire structure would collapse if working class kids wised up and didn’t join the Armed Forces. They should be fighting here instead of in Iraq.

    • Replies: @dually
  263. @anon

    They aren’t going to risk a war to keep Alabama, Mississippi, and Arkansas from leaving their Union.

    Three of the blackest and most backward states in the nation. Great plan.

    • Replies: @anon
  264. @Biff

    Is that the “Where’s the beef?” Wendy’s Commercial old lady?


  265. dually says:
    @Abbott Hall

    working class kids

    There is a hidden motivation to keeping them dumbed-down and impoverished.

  266. What if a group of people acquired a handful of nuclear weapons and threatened to detonate them if the country was not divided in half? The Conservative Whites could take over the Northeast plus Northern California. Add Idaho, Wyoming, Utah, etc.. POC and liberal whites would be asked to relocate to the BLM utopian states. Form an alliance with Russia and China. North Korea is left alone because it has a nuclear weapon.

    • Replies: @anon
  267. anon[137] • Disclaimer says:
    @Mike Pierson, Davenport Rector, Midfielder

    Three of the blackest and most backward states in the nation. Great plan.

    The alt-right sports some of the dumbest imbeciles the internet has ever seen. Arkansas has few blacks. Alabama is whiter than the national average.

    Lack. Of. Human. Capital.

    • Replies: @HammerJack
  268. anon[205] • Disclaimer says:

    What if a group of people acquired a handful of nuclear weapons and threatened to detonate them if the country was not divided in half?

    Fantasy at best (no one who’s remotely competent would suggest that), fedpost at worst. Stay away from that kind of talk.

    Add Idaho, Wyoming, Utah, etc.. POC and liberal whites would be asked to relocate to the BLM utopian states

    Landlocked cuck states, one of whom elected Mitt Romney. You’re better off trying to get a Southern state to secede. Those states have relatively small populations and could be the nucleus for future white emigration from the Union. With just a small percent of Trump voters moving there, the area would be whiter than America was in 1960.

  269. Jerusalem is that city , the jews have bewitched this world through their sorceries , they have long owned the catholic religion , they have long owned islam .

    Who claims to own the world ? Is it not the jews named rothschilds ? Even if they are patsies, by their actions and words they alone make that claim

    Just as one wise theologian said just as the Saviour came from the real tribe of Judah , it is only logical the false one will come from the fake tribe of Judah which leads the world in spiritual fornication

    You cannot criticize these delusional freaks without losing your job,etc . They are anti-mankind PERIOD as long as they stay in that false religion and mindset of judaism

    The noble ones who came out from her usually are bold against her sins

  270. Greggg says:

    “The Blob won’t let up. The riots we recently witnessed will continue even if Trump sends in the troops now.”

    Not true!

    Organize a group to take down Martin Luther King statues and Holocaust memorials.

    That would not continue!

  271. @anon

    Alabama is 27% black and Arkansas is 16% black as well as [depending on the year] 49th or 50th in the Health and Human Development index. One year it got up to 45th.

    No wonder you’re staying safely anonymous. Takes 30 seconds to look these up.

    • Replies: @anon
    , @anon
  272. anon[387] • Disclaimer says:

    Alabama is 27% black

    But whiter than the national average, like I said. Imbecile. The total number of blacks in Arkansas isn’t much greater than the national average and the real number is relatively small.

    You can’t look up IQ points.

    • Replies: @HammerJack
  273. anon[347] • Disclaimer says:

    United States White National Average: ~56%

    Alabama White State Average (2010 census): ~69%

    It took me about 15 seconds to find that.

    If the right wants to build their own community, it shouldn’t be too difficult to move a few people there and shift that state’s politics to the radical right. Just 50k – 100k voters would do it, even if that’s a relatively small portion of the overall population. And unlike illegal immigrants, they are eligible to vote ~almost immediately. Alternatively, there may be a way to have outside republicans register a residence within state even if they live outside the state for much of the year. They could vote in state elections under that scheme much as American ex-pats can still vote in American elections.

    State politicians could be encouraged to change state laws to allow this (new residents pay some kind of minor fee or tax, bringing revenue into state coffers). This would be popular with state GOP because it brings in money and bolsters their membership. It’s also poetic in that democrats did exactly the same thing to republicans with mass immigration.

    I think this is a promising option that should be considered for the right. You’ve clearly lost the national battle now. You may even find yourselves oppressed by a national police state within the next 10 years. Retreat to safety seems warranted. There is strength in numbers.

    After you gain state control, you could implement an official state-backed program to attract right-wing conservatives from other places in the United States, further boosting your numbers. The addition of just a few percent of Trump voters elsewhere would turn the place into a veritable whiteopia with demographics whiter than 1970s America. The weather is fairly nice — better than most people think — and, despite popular misconception, there are some decent places to live in each of those states. At least there you may not be in danger of being thrown into President Kamala Harris’s future gulag.

    Perhaps the federal government might even allow it if it turns other states blue. Honestly, this might be one of the best ways to prevent a national break up (or crack up); give them a place of their own within the Union with legal protections. Alabama is one of only about 3 states where this is feasible — Mississippi, Arkansas, and maybe Louisiana being the others. In each of those states whites overwhelmingly vote republican and have some residual ethnic identity; 3/4 have a coast of some sort.

    The NorthWest front is a joke and almost certainly an FBI honeypot. Those states also haven’t voted republican in decades, so there is no point in relocating there. Also, New England states voted democrat in unison against Trump during the last election, IIRC. So, throw them out. Midwestern states are thoroughly boomercon. No point in bothering with landlocked states that would prefer Mitt Romney over Jeff Sessions.

    There are places you can move to in the U.S. if you want to have your own “community.” And like I said, there is strength in numbers. Larger communities equal stronger communities, to a point anyway.

  274. @jay

    There is no alternative other than probably Distributism. And banning usury alongside banning fractional reserve banking.

    I agree with you, jay.

  275. @anon

    The assertion with which you took issue was this:

    Three of the blackest and most backward states in the nation.

    HTH, genius.

  276. Anonymous[339] • Disclaimer says:

    For your information that information is old information. See: Boom, _Closing of the American Mind_, 1987. The thesis that Enlightenment society is based on sin as defined by pre-Enlightenment society is well founded, but it gets you nowhere. The Left / postmodernists don’t believe in either God or sin or even morality, they believe in power. Protests that non-Left is sinful or immoral simply prove that the Left is sinful and immoral. Also profoundly stupid. Put it all together, and you ahve a a workable definition of the Devil as seen in per-Enlighttenment times.

  277. @Achilles Wannabe

    “Separation anxiety” is inappropriate.

    Much more appropriate is Stockholm syndrome which has been defined as a condition in which hostages (victims) develop a psychological alliance with their captors (persecutors) during captivity. Emotional bonds may be formed between captor and captives (victims and persecutors) – which are generally considered irrational in light of the risk/danger endured by the victims.

    • Replies: @Achilles Wannabe
  278. Anonymous[339] • Disclaimer says:

    How many people can they kill? Just count the number of bullets they can buy with unlimited fiat money. And when they reach your neighborhood, MSM will simply tell you it is for your own good and security. Make the lie big, repeat it often and eventually they will all believe it. You too.

    St-Germain (

    Do you really think that the US could occupy itself?

    Look at what’s happening on the ground:
    * Cities cannot rule by force even inside their own borders. The mayors who support “liberated zones” are running in front of the mob and pretending to be leaders. If they did anything else, they’d be attacked as Trump has been and be out of office very soon, along with their political coalition.
    * Left/Government propaganda is now discounted. As in the 1980s USSR, the response to TV is “Lie to us some more! Go on, lie some more!” The media cannot make an artificial majority anymore by pretending to be “the will of the people”.
    * The individual states/regions still exist (See: and are independent. Given a Federal government trying to rule by force under cover of law, regional governments would have to be visibly suppressed. Many of the regional governments would not cooperate. This would destabilize the United States. Note the failure of US military attempts to rule other countries by force, even using an imposed local government.
    * City populations are non- or anti- military. An attempt to draft them into an occupation force sufficient to give a free hand to the gangs you mention would fail, and for several reasons.
    * Most important, the political base of the Democrats is urban. Cities have no economic value, and the takeover you describe would amount to instituting a command economy to forcibly extract the resources that the cities need because the Left’s and the Democrats live there. The net effect would be to substantially reduce the resources available to the cities, quite likely to starvation levels. That would destabilize the Democrats political structure very quickly.

    I suspect that what we will really see is a continued destabilization of the cities. They will fold into themselves, become much less influential, and eventually become entirely the ruins that most of them partially are. This urban infolding can’t be stopped — the resources to rebuild US and Western cities up to a livable standard don’t exist. Noise and burning down neighborhoods won’t conjure them into existence, and the rural areas are already being squeezed enough to increase the rural death rate.

  279. Trinity says:

    Well considering the Old America was totally controlled by Jews for a century or more, maybe the New America will be #110.

  280. I anticipate the “Balkanization” of America.

    The good news is that some of us might create an alternative American Conservative Homeland.

    Key Concepts for our slice of paradise:

    1.) We might not save all 50-States overnight, but we might start with a small group of States, (“..right now..”) and watch it grow.

    2.) Unlike the unpleasantries which began on 12-April-1861, when Confederate guns opened fire on Fort Sumter in Charleston harbor, this does not be a violent secession, and we don’t need to go toe-to-toe with Federal forces.

    3.) I’m very familiar with some Asian examples of “Political Separation” – –

    ** Singapore was once a part of Malaysia, but it is now an extremely successful separate city-state, which controls much of Malaysia’s business.

    ** Hong Kong, during its former period of the 99-Year lease and nominal British control, was the financial gateway to the “People’s Republic of China”, and has remained successful and exceptional.

    ** Taiwan was established when General Chiang Kai Shek escaped from Communist Red China after WW-2. Taiwan (per capita) has more wealth than the PRC, and is equally productive, and has maintained real happiness and real freedoms that are supported by traditional values.

    4.) Imagine if a few American States joined together, not in a “Confederacy”, but in a Semi-Autonomous Republic? And imagine if that initial group of States attracted other States in the future? (..I’ll refer to this group of States as the “American Semi-Autonomous Republic”, or simply the “SAR” for the rest of this screed..)


    5.) Some Candidates for the first few States to join the SAR – –

    a.) First group – – Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming – – These 3 states could be the catalyst. ( a Google search for the “American Redoubt”.)

    b.) Second group – – Perhaps North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska

    c.) Third group – – There are counties on the east side of both Washington and Oregon states which have expressed an interest in breaking away from those 2 states and joining Idaho.

    d.) And many others will follow – – The State of Jefferson, which was supposed to have been carved out of Northern California and Lower Oregon in 1941 (Now, we’re not landlocked, and we can access the Pacific Ocean.)

    e.) Which other states might easily join in? Kansas? Oklahoma? Texas? Alaska? Utah?

    f.) What about Canadian Provinces? Alberta has a healthy secessionist movement, and could join the American SAR.

    g.) I’m initially writing off the traditional “Southern States” in this concept, because those states are too highly infested with blacks.

    6.) What are the key points, which would keep our SAR as nominally part of America, but still with a good degree of anonymity? – –

    a.) Laws – – The SAR would Adopt only the First Ten Amendments of the US Constitution (the Bill of Rights) but no other US Amendments, Laws, Rules, or Regulations.

    b.) Taxes – – Each member state would set a sales tax, and meet it’s own needs. Citizens of the SAR would pay no income taxes to anyone (State or Federal) and no property taxes, no school taxes, etc., etc., only a “Sales” or “VAT” tax.

    c.) US Military – – With exception to US military bases and test ranges, the SAR and its member states would control all lands, including former Federal Parks, BLM, and BIA Lands. The US would continue to maintain Federal Highways, and pay taxes or fees to the SAR for the use of existing military bases and test ranges.

    d.) US Federal Agents (except for US regular troops in transit) would not be allowed to come into the SAR except with prior notice and as permitted.

    e.) Transportation – – Assume that not unlike travel within the European Union, travel from the East coast through the SAR to the West Coast via existing Rail, Highways, and Air Flights would remain unchanged.

    7.) There will be problems – –

    a.) “Bad Apples” wanted by states back east (or on US Federal warrants) would undoubtedly try to escape to the SAR. Just like the larger problem that America has now, controlling immigration would be very important.

    b.) Currency/Monetary issues – – Initially, we would be on the US Dollar, but as the USD inevitably crashes, the SAR must develop its own currency.

    c.) Some substitute for Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid would have to be worked out. I see this as a stop-gap need for only 1 or 2 generations, until traditional extended families become the norm, again.

    d.) Services – – for example, there would be no Federal post offices in the SAR, but that service can be replaced locally with courier services like UPS, etc. Also, if most people are billed electronically, and pay electronically, then there becomes less and less need to replace the US Postal Service.

    e.) Home Guard – – Each State’s US National Guard becomes that state’s militia.

    8.) Near-Term Catalyst – –

    (a.) Imagine if Joe Biden is elected on 03-November-2020, and “just imagine” if his VP is somebody like Stacey Abrams.. (“..quiet cough..”) Don’t you just reckon that the word “secession” will be on the lips of about 40-percent of the nation?

    (b.) Conversely, what if Trump actually wins a second term? It’s unlikely, in today’s rigged system, but what if he wins? That would be wonderful, and it would give us 4-years to create the SAR.

    Just my 2-cents..

    • LOL: Ghan-buri-Ghan
    • Replies: @RP1
    , @Patagonia Man
  281. trickster says:

    Mefobills touts himself as some kind of financial know it all but writes the most extraordinary nonsense. All this rubbish about free flow of capital and debt being a problem is sheer hogwash. All context and relevance is consistently missing from this fellow’s sloganeering and jargon mongering. These are things he read in some article from where he extracts a sentence or two that on their own are out of sync with logic and reality. In simple terms this character would argue driving a car on the freeway is extremely dangerous because he read somewhere lots of people are killed as a result. Mefobills does not understand what the terms mean or the circumstances or implications of any of his absurd scribbles. He lacks both basic financial intellect and knowledge.

    Readers need to set aside his rubbish. I dont know if he does this to impress the other commentators. He sounds intelligent to the ignorant and ignorant to the intelligent.

    I agree with you. People come to the US every year with absolutely nothing and make it in this wonderful country. Many arrive with no skills and even unable to speak English. It is a matter of choices. Your point is well taken. If I make a \$100 an hour and spend it all on trinkets and you make \$25 an hour and save \$5 consistently I will always be broke and you will attain financial independence. This is simple Math and has nothing to do with Jews, the deep state, Soros and being cucked by Zionist slavemasters and Marxists who need to be wiped out.

    There is an enormous shortage of tradesmen and I know many people who make an excellent living even without a formal education or licence in plumbing, carpentry and electrical work. One family friend, a woman got fired in 2005 from her job earning \$45K a year with a severance. Unable to find another job and at her wits end she put an ad in the paper offering her pickup for small moving jobs. One thing led to another, she now employs 15 people, moving, painting, shovelling snow, shopping for seniors, grass cutting with a net income of over \$260K. No Jews held her back.

    These days the white man is the boogey man oppressor for the black man and Jews for everyone else. People can disagree with me but how many whites spend any time during the day thinking about blacks and how many Jews spend their days obsessing about some other race.

    Everything now is the deep state, Zionists, Soros and Jews running things, pulling strings, robbing, looting, plundering, lurking in the bushes watching and waiting. Maybe so, but the level they operate at is way beyond that of the average citizen. Mr. Goldberg working on a deal in New York that will run into the tens of millions could care less about Mr Ordinary Citizen running a small business and raking in \$100K a year in Small Town USA.

    There is a saying that there are men in prison who are free and men who are free that are in prison. People build their own cages by constantly looking for and actively searching out others who may actually be or are supposedly controlling their lives.

    They are an impediment to their own success and if they diverted their energies to succeed will find that not only is there no one holding them back but in fact no one really cares one way or the other. Jews dont think about us any more than we think about Bubba !

    • Replies: @HeebHunter
  282. More bullshit from the Unz review that is now simply the MSM with a lite dose of jew truth.

    Fascism is coming. We alreadyt see it. Trump Tweeted a man white power. The man was obviously being sarcastic but Trump had to know it and decided to go a little fascist. Failed commies revolutions always lead to fascism and failed racial minority commie revolutions ALWAYS lead to racial majority fascism.

    It won’t be called fascism but it will be fascism.

    It will be the love of nation and kith and kin and business will not be allowed to put profit ahead of what is good for the nation. This is what fascism is and it is beautiful and that is why the jew led globalist commies hate it.

    The only way the USA does not go down the road described above is if the commies win and they have already lost. Look at the faces of the talking heads and the leftist politicians controlling the leftist strong holds that have been ALLOWED to burn. Do they look like they think they are winning?

    In ten years non whites will look back at the Trump era as the good old days from whatever shit hole they have been sent back too.

  283. To the people who think Trump is controlled opposition. You have zero critical thinking skills. Trump is very effective against the jew mob. He is draining the swamp. He keeps pulling people out of the Deep State, which is really the US bureaucracy, by enticing them with high profile jobs in his administration. He then fires them after he fills their old position in the bureaucracy. He has done it over and over again. He surrounds himself with toxic people marginalizes them and fires them.

    To all of you so sure Trump is controlled opposition ask yourselves why is all this happening? Why are they pulling out all the stops to depose someone they control? They burned down all of their large power bases for what reason? Claiming it is to get his base to re elect him is dumb. The media jews know how to use good press to keep a politician they control in power extremely well.

    The jew banker media mob is terrified of Trump for sure so claims he is controlled are stupid.

    The jew mob has been loaning itself huge amounts of wealth from debt in the USA for 97 years now. Anyone who thinks Trump can wave the jew mob away is delusional. If you even think Trump can ignore the jew mob you don’t know how to think. Pragmatism and realpolitic are eluding you.

    This site is proof that white people should never allow jews to be involved with fixing our jew problem.

    • LOL: schnellandine
  284. @James Scott

    ” Why are they pulling out all the stops to depose someone they control?”

    Actually this brilliant question is too complicated for all of the brain-dead BO worshipping never-trumpers to wrap their pea-brains around.

    You are right on the money.

    There was no way possible for him to arrive in the oval O and then simply ban all Hebrews with the wave of a wand.

    AJM ” Mensa” qualified since 1973, airborne trained US Army vet, and pro Jazz artist.

  285. @trickster

    Everything now is the deep state, Zionists, Soros and Jews running things, pulling strings, robbing, looting, plundering, lurking in the bushes watching and waiting. Maybe so, but the level they operate at is way beyond that of the average citizen. Mr. Goldberg working on a deal in New York that will run into the tens of millions could care less about Mr. Ordinary Citizen running a small business and raking in \$100K a year in Small Town USA.

    This is so disconnected from reality it is insane. The whole modus operadi of globalist giants is about crushing any local, native businesses, big or small.
    But of course, a KIKE would try to twist the facts. Don’t worry. The niggers will come for you too.

    • Agree: Mefobills, Stonehands
    • Replies: @Stonehands
    , @trickster
  286. @TheRandyGuy

    You are correct. Demographics will destroy USA once the Dirty Dems gain control of House, Senate and Presidency. They’ll pass all their wet dreams, such as unlimited immigration and amnesty for illegals, discharge student loans, install free college for everyone at taxpayer expense, tax the “wealthy” (anyone with assets over 300K) and give ever more handouts to the “poor,” etc., etc. — thus buying all the votes they need to stay in power indefinitely. They’ll install even bigger leftist, PC fools to replace Ginsburg and Breyer on SCOTUS. The Repubs will likely never recover once whites are no longer a majority. Those who can will flee somewhere. USA will become overtly socialist and drift into communism.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @Stonehands
  287. RP1 says:

    As I see things, any state or group of states seceding from the Union (even if in a semi-autonomous region as suggested) will cascade into further balkanization of the Union. Additionally, even if the initial SAR secession were peaceful, follow-up secessions will not be. Uncle Sam might let some territory go, particularly if that is TX, but such an event will only cause a knee-jerk grip-tightening on remaining territories.

    No, I am convinced the two most likely outcomes are either complete, violent balkanization or the ongoing boiling frog we are now.

  288. Anonymous[339] • Disclaimer says:
    @Gil Favorite

    USA will become overtly socialist and drift into communism.

    Doubt that the US could have a stable government in that situation. Government would be of one ethnic group, citing the Civil Rights act as its justification. Trouble is, there are several ethnic groups — White, Hispanic, Black, Asian — who would dispute such a rule.

    So, in addition to drifting into poverty as Venezuela has, the US would drift into a very weak and often disputed ethnic government that, as you say, would most likely always cite Socialism and Communism as is organizing principle.

  289. Anonymous[339] • Disclaimer says:
    @James Scott

    This site is proof that white people should never allow jews to be involved with fixing our jew problem.

    Historically, the Jewish population since Late Antiquity, in the West and in Islamic lands, has been allowed to run wild as agents of the ruling establishment, harvest wealth from every failing person and institution in a society (even making some of them fail), and then find that hard times have arrived and the money they’ve accumulated is taken back.

    This is a fairly common pattern in human history. Imperial China used Chinese businessmen in a very similar way. For that matter, the combatants in WW II _all_ used their rich that way; there wasn’t a combatant after WW II, winner or loser, that hadn’t completely looted their rich population ( Walter Scheidel, _The Great Leveler: Violence and the History of Inequality from the Stone Age to the Twenty-First Century_).

    Those who think the rich run everything, or that the Jews do, should carefully consider this. After WW II, Jewish interest gained great influence because of Jewish participation in the Federal bureaucracy of the United States, and rich Jewish people were looted along with all other rich people.

    Will the pattern repeat? Well, I won’t repeat it, couldn’t if I wanted to. As for everybody else, figure it out for yourselves.

  290. bruce county says:

    Every day ending in “day” is now Judgment Day.

  291. @M.Clements

    Interesting predictions.

    For both historical and economic reasons I predict it will go like this (and take til 2025 to fully come into effect):

    While other states also have secessionist movements, California and Texas have developed strong secessionist movements for quite a while (Texas was a republic before joining the Union remember?)



    – has the largest population in the US
    – has the largest economy in the US
    – if it were a sovereign country, it would be the world’s 5th largest economy, bigger than the UK, France
    – has Silicon Valley, home to some of the world’s most valuable tech companies, incl. Apple, Alphabet Inc.(Google & youtube), and Facebook
    – has over 10% of Fortune 1000 companies – more than any other state.

    – has the second largest population in the US, after California
    – the second largest economy in the US.
    – if it were a sovereign country, it would be the world’s 10th largest economy bigger than Sth Korea & Canada
    – has 6 of the top 50 companies on the Fortune 500 and 51 overall, incl. ExxonMobil, ConocoPhillips & AT&T
    – in 2017, Texas exported more than California and New York combined.

    So, assuming that when states are considering secession, foremost in discussions will be if the state/s be economically viable?

    So the progression will go something akin to this: California, or Texas, or both simultaneously will start the breakout.

    1. California will propose to secede with her 6 nearest states:
    – Washington State,
    – Oregon,
    – Nevada,
    – Arizona,
    – Idaho, &
    – Utah (altho’ Utah might seek independence on a religious basis due to the Church of Latter Day Saints)
    Note: Be not surprised that Canada’s British Columbia seeks to join this union, given the strength of the Cascadia Secessionist movement.
    This union could be called the Pacific States of America (PSA)

    2. Texas will propose to secede with the ‘old South’ plus a couple of ‘newbies’
    – New Mexico,
    – Oklahoma,
    – Arkansas,
    – Louisiana,
    – Mississippi,
    – Alabama,
    – Georgia,
    – Florida,
    – Kentucky,
    – Tennessee,
    – N Carolina,
    – S Carolina, &
    – Virginia
    Note: As has already been prophesied the Afro-Americans resident in this union will migrate to the North

    This union could be called the Confederate States of America (CSA).

    3. After these secessions, New England will see their chance and go as a bloc:
    – Maine,
    – Massachusetts,
    – Vermont,
    – New Hampshire,
    – Rhode Island, &
    – Connecticut.
    Note: Be not surprised that Canada’s eastern provinces of:
    – New Brunswick,
    – Newfoundland & Labrador,
    – Nova Scotia, &
    – Prince Edward Island
    seek union with New England for historical-cultural reasons.
    This union may be called North East States of America (NESA)

    4. Seeing New England secede, the Mid-Atlantic states will coalesce around New York & Pennsylvania taking with them:
    – New Jersey,
    – Delaware,
    – Maryland,
    – W. Virginia,
    – D.C., and quite possibly extend through to the Great Lakes states of:
    – Ohio,
    – Illinois,
    – Indiana,
    – Michigan,
    – Wisconsin
    This union could be named of the Atlantic States of America (ASA)

    5. … and that leaves the 9 Mid-West states. While there’s no one state big enough to serve as a catalyst for a separate union:
    – Montana,
    – Wyoming,
    – Colorado,
    – N. Dakota,
    – S. Dakota,
    – Nebraska,
    – Minnesota,
    – Iowa,
    – Missouri
    will be left with little choice than to unify to be economically viable.
    This union could conceivably be called the Midwestern States of America (MSA).

    For purely geographic reasons:
    • Alaska will either seek union with Canada or go independent.
    • Hawaii may revert to being an independent kingdom. The House of Kawānanakoa survives to this day and at least 2 members have claims to the throne should the Hawaiian monarchy be revived.
    • Puerto Rico will become fully independent.

    Note: Gross Domestic Product by State, 4th Quarter and Annual 2019

    • Replies: @Miro23
  292. @HeebHunter

    What a retarded comment by trickster. That old saw “ coming to America” what bullshit under these current circumstances. There’s no fool like an old fool.

  293. @Gil Favorite

    “Dirty Dems gain control of House, Senate and Presidency…”

    …And the Republicans brought it upon themselves. It couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch. Oh, l know “ But I had to vote against killery.”
    Look here Jack: OMB is Obama’s third term! And those pussies on the not-so-Supreme Court are of zero effect. Looks like you’re going to have to grow a sack.

  294. @Patagonia Man

    OK, that is plausible. But WASP’s have been intellectually schmoozing Jews at least since Cromwell’s time when there weren’t any Jews in England. Perhaps more is a foot?

  295. Tucker says:

    Let me offer a little advice to Trinity.

    Your comments are usually very on the mark and worthwhile to spend the time reading them.

    But, there is a key on your computer keyboard that is either labeled ‘enter’ or ‘return’, and if you could train yourself to use it – like when you move from one topic to another, your comments would be much easier to read. Single spacing between paragraphs would work wonders for your desire to express your views and make your comments less tedious on the human eye.

    • Replies: @trickster
  296. Rich says:

    We didn’t throw you under the bus, brother, corrupt politicians and globalists, the same crew that did you in, took over our country, too. Terrible injustice was foisted on the good men and women of SA, the descendants of those who carved out a successful nation on that impoverished continent. Many of us supported you, unfortunately, the bad guys won everywhere. One day, I hope, sanity will return to the White race.

  297. trickster says:

    I am neither for or against Jews. I really dont care one way or the other. But too many people on this site are obsessed with them. They are pulling the strings, their fingers are in everything, manipulating the world..ooooooooohhhhhhhhh ! They are under he bed, lurking in the closet.

    Name one Jew who has held you back ! Name one Jew who has held back someone you know ! Name one who has held back a friend of a friend who knows another friend….and dont tell me Soros or Warburg please. You guys are too hung up on the Jew.

    Therefore, since your level of reprehension is so great you need to get together and do the following:

    -Censure Disney world (Jew controlled)
    -Stop going to the movies (Jew controlled)
    -You drink ? Better stop, you are supporting Jews
    -Live in an apartment ? Better check the ownership and move out.
    -March on Washington and demand the Trumpster fire ALL Jews in the Government
    -March on the Senate and demand all Jews leave
    -Flying on a plane and see some guys with black hats and curls. Accost them, demand they leave the plane and building, OR you can just cancel your flight and drive but wait is the car company Jewish owned ?

    Let me know how that goes LOL. You fellas spend too much energy on all this tripe. The Jew looks at you all and laughs, he mocks you for while you are obsessing he is going his merry way, making money, doing his thing while he has all you dubs under control without having to lift a finger. You are prisoners of your own minds and thus under his control. He has an imaginary leash on you. You are his slaves because YOU think he is the Master.

    Throw off the yoke of Jew paranoia, whether it exists or not is beyond your level financially, intellectually or socially. Get on with your lives, make money, build influence, pursue your goals, hang with family and friends.

    Dont hang yourself up and make your own life miserable about things and a race you have no control over and can do nothing about. No Kike is going to come for me. He will not even come for you because you are already his mutts ! LOL

  298. Rurik says:

    There is a germ of salience to your general point.

    The best revenge against all J-supremacists.. is to ignore their hate, and get on with your lives, and especially to be happy. Nothing irks them more than happy, contented white people.

    So you’re right, enjoy life, as the cliché is true, the best things in life are free.


    But this is a forum for examining our political and cultural and philosophical veracities, and hashing out what are the truths and falsehoods we labor under today.

    They are pulling the strings, their fingers are in everything, manipulating the world..ooooooooohhhhhhhhh ! They are under he bed, lurking in the closet.

    You guys are too hung up on the Jew.

    You fellas spend too much energy on all this tripe. The Jew looks at you all and laughs, he mocks you for while you are obsessing he is going his merry way, making money, doing his thing while he has all you dubs under control without having to lift a finger.

    Throw off the yoke of Jew paranoia, whether it exists or not is beyond your level financially, intellectually or socially. Get on with your lives,…

    Dont hang yourself up and make your own life miserable about things and a race you have no control over and can do nothing about.

    Please just consider 9/11.

    You ask;

    Name one Jew who has held back someone you know !

    now I’m not saying that on 9/11 people were necessarily “held back”, because the First Responders were certainly encouraged to Go Forth! into the carnage, ((knowing that they’d add to the casualties)).

    So when you ask, ‘name one Jew’, I give you Lucky Larry Silverstein, as exhibit number one.

    A man of great wealth and privilege, who’s tenure in this nation (of Christian Gentiles) gave him and his family very many blessings indeed. But then look at how he repaid all the blessings that America bestowed upon him. He cynically told the people in the second tower to go back to their offices and cubicles, and had the security of the building telling the people trying to get out, that there was no danger, and to go back to their offices in the second and doomed tower.

    Imagine a man like that, who would plot and plan the murder of thousands of innocent Americans, so that he could reap billions in insurance fraud. And, of course, not only that, but also so that his fellow tribalists could use the unspeakable crime to foment Eternal Wars for Israel, that would cost Americans thousands of lives, and trillions of dollars, all while slaughtering and maiming millions of innocent people in far away lands that had done no American any harm whatsoever.

    But simply because Jewish supremacists considered those people inconvenient to their agenda of Total dominance in the Middle East, they and those Americas were all sacrificed into the juggernaut of hatred and death, and all to sate the insatiable lust for death and power and genocide, of our resident Jewish supremacists.

    Is that something we should all ignore? Especially since they’re doing all they can to foment an American war on Iran?

    Should we just put our collective heads down, and shuffle along, hoping not to get assaulted by a ((BLM)) rioter, or an (((Antifa)) thug?

    As our cities burn, and our nation is ripped apart by racial strife and hatred?

    And all of it cynically manufactured by our (((media))).

    Is the correct posture, as our nation dies, to pretend that it’s just a consequence of fate?

    Is Lucky Larry just another American ‘trying to get by’? Of no more concern or interest than any typical Joe Six-pack?

    • Agree: Sya Beerens
    • Replies: @trickster
  299. trickster says:

    Let me offer a little advice to Tucker. Let Trinity write the way he wants. What are you some kind of grammar guru, paragraph purveyor and sentence surveyor ?

    Did you check that all his commas and full stops are in place? Is context correct, is flow rational, is relevance relevant, is conclusion conclusive, is your comprehension comprehensive, are your cerebral functions rectal ?

    Its a free world Brother and a site free to say what one wants, when one wants and how one wants. If you have trouble with comprehension read his comment again. He does make good points and his opinion is always well worth the time OR dont read what he has to at all.

    Dont be a tedious and pedantic critic. In other words Tucker, dont be a Fucker !

    • Replies: @Tucker
    , @Anonymous
  300. @trickster

    Name one Jew who has held you back ! Name one Jew who has held back someone you know !

    “No-Fault” divorce legislation which lowered the standard to “No-Reason-Required-for Divorce” has visited slow murder on countless among whom are those for whom there is the willingness here to fight to the death to protect.

    “No-Fault” divorce is really “Jew-Fault” divorce because Jew Bolsheviks first imposed it after they took control of Russia in the “Jewish Terror” as Russians called it which we’ve been taught to call “The Russian Revolution” of 1917.

    Jews then brought it to the USA via their lobbyi\$ts beginning in 1968. The devastation that law change has wrought weighs in favor of proposing to Jews that they revoke in every jurisdiction to pre-1968 standards within 90 days or face complete expulsion off all Jews identifiable by DNA.

    By prior comment details were provided of theft by a Jew leech aided by a kike enabler within the industry self-regulatory body all ultimately enabled by corrupt Jews on the bench stealing the fruits of seven years of a young family man’s successful innovative venture of the nature that all the Jews in the world with all their money lack the ability to do what was accomplished to make that venture successful as it was before they hijacked the rewards.

    • Replies: @trickster
  301. trickster says:

    Well again, I have been married a very long time to the same woman so fault, no fault or whatever or whereever it comes from or came from whether Russia or Timbuktu, brought by Goldstein, Abdul or Chief Mdongo or is of absolutely no concern to me.

    Further, if I were to get divorced all this is irrelevant. What ever the law is I have to abide, what ever legal fees I have to fork out I must pay. Whatever the settlement I must agree. I can gripe all I want about Kikes, Niggers, Islamists, the Chinese and East Indians corrupt judges, lawyers, my in laws, the plumber and soda can collectors it makes no difference.

    Anyone who fears divorce (or no fault divorce) then dont get married ! Got a lot of money and want to live together get a pre nuptial or co habitation agreement. Better yet live apart and just get together for sex. Every contractual arrangement has its risks and dangers. Youse signs the papers and youse takes the risks !

    I had a friend who some 4o years ago went through a devastating divorce. From having everything the guy was reduced to living in a room with shared bath and kitchen. Wife gone, money gone, career ended, kids in a mental mess. Yet, he was as cool and pleasant. Seeing him you would never believe the meat grinder he had gone through. I asked him once how come he was so nonchalant and he told me “I can take 3 years, 3 months, 3 weeks or 3 seconds to get over this disaster. I decided to take 3 seconds”.

    I can find a million laws to make me unhappy, to make the world seem unjust, cruel, exploitative, predatory. At the end of the day I would be completely exhausted and would have solved nothing.Nobody can make me happy or unhappy. I am the only one responsible for my mental outlook not Bubba, A Jew, world affairs or no fault insurance or marriage.

    The world continues on its merry way oblivious to the Trickster or any of us. What is that old saying “Smile and the world smiles with you, cry and you cry alone”

    So, I dont really care what any other race did, does, or will do. I dont have the time or the energy. Those must be focused on what I want.

    Thousands of years from now, when archaeologists are digging up the Trickster, the world will be the same as it was. In the meantime I want to dip my bread in the honey like every prudent and practical vulture LOL

  302. annamaria says:
    @Richard B

    “The application of force destabilizes the social institutions that power controls, disrupts economic activity, and leads to a cultural impoverishment that makes social and economic recovery impossible.”
    — Agree.

  303. Miro23 says:
    @Patagonia Man

    So, assuming that when states are considering secession, foremost in discussions will be if the state/s be economically viable?

    So the progression will go something akin to this: California, or Texas, or both simultaneously will start the breakout.

    1. California will propose to secede with her 6 nearest states:
    – Washington State,
    – Oregon,
    – Nevada,
    – Arizona,
    – Idaho, &
    – Utah (altho’ Utah might seek independence on a religious basis due to the Church of Latter Day Saints)
    Note: Be not surprised that Canada’s British Columbia seeks to join this union, given the strength of the Cascadia Secessionist movement.
    This union could be called the Pacific States of America (PSA)

    Economic viability won’t be a problem if these new political entities raise and spend their own taxes and look after their own banking, media, healthcare, schooling, policing etc.

    The real problem, is that the Pacific States of America (PSA) is a vast entity, just waiting to repeat the problems of the USA/Washington. It inevitably attracts the ZioGlob/ special interests and doesn’t have the required structural defense mechanism.

    The defense mechanism is obligatory political participation (citizen issue by issue study and voting) at the lowest level possible (county), ensuring accountability and excluding national special interests. For example a county funds and runs its own schools, healthcare, police etc. based on what informed citizens decide they want. Counties interact to share/fund larger projects like infrastructure or a state hospital with shared and state media and banking (also locally accountable).

    The political key, is that a high level of local involvement combined with local funding means that special interests like AIPAC, the MIC, FED, MSM and national healthcare and education lobbies are excluded. County citizens can for example debate and vote on whether they have SWJ/ LGBT education in their schools – it’s up to them since they’re paying for it. Nothing to do with Washington.

    It’s actually the Swiss Commune/Canton model applied to the US.

    • Replies: @Patagonia Man
  304. It’s the Jews stupid.
    Every. Single. Time.
    Their allies: useful idiot whites, sell out whites and POC with an axe to grind.

    They have no faith, no love, no honor and no morality.
    As Marxists the optimist view could be that they have nothing and want to share it with you. The realistic view is they simply wish to steal from others out of envy. The truth is that Marxism is a mere con, invented by elites, so as to have all the power and run a tyrannical state with no freedom – religious or economic.

    The ‘woke’ would make everyone broke buat would be quickly executed by the Oligarchs for they are mere useful idiots. That they are too stupid to see this fact is incredible.

    • Replies: @Rurik
    , @annamaria
  305. Rurik says:

    Marxism is a mere con

    it’s just the controlled opposition- other side of ((capitalism)) that funded it.

    Both ‘ism’s being controlled by the moneyed elites, and both intended to loot the efforts of the average schmo on behalf of those elites.

    • Replies: @Dannyboy
  306. @sally

    First the corporate oligarchy refused to hire people who did not have a high school education to upper level opportunity, then it was college degree required for that well placed training job, and then, it was a masters degree,

    Unless this was substantially occurring prior to the 1970s, it is almost entirely explained by Griggs v. Duke Power followed by grade inflation and sharply lowering standards wrought by the .gov-backed student loan scam.

    Remove those two anti-meritocratic and unnatural forces, and the problem self-corrects.

  307. Dannyboy says:

    it’s just the controlled opposition- other side of ((capitalism)) that funded it.

    Both ‘ism’s being controlled by the moneyed elites, and both intended to loot the efforts of the average schmo on behalf of those elites.


    Under the deceitful slogan of the Rights of Man, Christian society has become ripe for conquest. Firstly, by Capitalism, all wealth falls to centralized control. Secondly, by Liberalism and Socialism, the understanding of nations is perverted and their heart corrupted. Thirdly, by Communism, all opposition is eliminated and the remaining people are submitted to a yoke from which they cannot escape.

    • Replies: @Rurik
  308. @trickster

    Anyone who fears divorce (or no fault divorce) then dont get married !

    Just what the Jew wants the goyim to conclude and what the goyim have been doing for a half century now to the devastation of society.

    The goyim who so conclude are none too bright.

    Whitey is the descendant of Christendom.

    The laws and culture of Christendom were based on and aligned with the rules expressed by God Incarnate Jesus Who stated these rules not just to provide the path to eternal life but also to make life in this world as good as humanly possible, and it all worked as Western Civilization / Christendom propelled itself to unimaged standards of living and pulled the rest of the world upward as well.

    But because the Jew focuses his life on his hatred for God Incarnate Jesus just as his forefathers did who committed the Deiocide, all rules and followers of Jesus are targets for eradication by the Jew.

    The whites who fail to understand all this are one step less harmful to their fellows than shabby goyim and one step less beneficial to the #Jew4wihiteGENOCIDE initiative.

    All the wonders of The West are the result of lifetime monogamy.

    The most socially detrimental behavior between the only two natural genders is polygamy.

    Sadly, too many whites are so disappointingly dimwitted as to not be able to recognize and understand that serial monogamy is polygamy.

    • Replies: @trickster
  309. Dannyboy says:

    Come and get it, brother man

  310. @Miro23

    Economic viability won’t be a problem if these new political entities raise and spend their own taxes and look after their own banking, media, healthcare, schooling, policing etc

    Generally speaking, these new geopolitical entities of the former USA will need to earn foreign exchange for trade – PSA, CSA & ASA will be fine in that respect. But for NESA & WSA international trade is more problematic – what have they got that the rest of the world wants/needs? Unless, of course, they are going to re-industrialize and produce all of their own manufactured wants/needs within their own territories.

    And do they have their own natural resources, e.g., oil, gas, coal, uranium, etc. The MSA might be fine, but I don’t know if NESA is particularly well endowed with energy resources.

    I take your point of Zio-Globo-Homo infiltrating all levels of government, education, media & banking & finance – the same problem in all Western liberal democracies which eventually results in state capture as we’ve seen in Germany, France, the UK, US and their respective former colonies (via international bodies like the World Bank, the IMF & Bank for International Settlements, BIS). The only way around that is to exclude the Zio-Globo-Homo subversives from these sectors of society – like Byzantium did for 1,400 years.

    The only way that I can see this can be achieved is thru full participatory democracy rather than representative democracy (which is what the US is supposed to have currently and has been grotesquely manipulated via the delegate system).

    With the technology we have these days there’s nothing to prevent citizens, after registering, from voting on each & every issue electronically. For a first approximation on this, see Online Direct Democracy

    In addition, these USA successor states need to abolish an Executive-style republican model, i.e., with a President enabled to sign Executive Orders and move to, in the very least:

    a parliamentary republic model which operates under a parliamentary system of government where the executive branch (i.e., government) derives its legitimacy from and is accountable to the legislature, i.e., the Congress or Parliament,

    OR at most,

    a more anarchical (i.e., self-rule) system of free association – a relationship among individuals where there’s no state/hierarchy/private ownership of the means of production. Once private property is abolished, individuals are no longer deprived of access to the means of production, enabling them to freely associate without social constraint to produce & reproduce their own material conditions of life and fulfill their individual & creative wants/needs. See: Maslow’s Hygiene Theory of Self Actualization
    This model could be attractive to both libertarians and Leftists alike – but, being a pragmatist, I’m the first to admit it may be way too ideal for Americans who have a distorted understanding of freedom, i.e. believing they can do whatever they want, whenever they want – whereas true freedom comes from developing a self-discipline (i.e., living by a code of honor) in order to have the freedom to choose our emotional reactions – in any given situation.

    Without being condescending, even this discussion Miro, would be way over the heads of the vast majority of Americans, (at least who I’ve met).

    • Replies: @Miro23
  311. starthorn says:

    As the statues come down, I for one won’t be visiting the “opportunity zones”.

  312. Milton says:

    The old America died on November 22, 1963. Trump had his chance to reverse the Curse when the opportunity arose to declassify the remaining, sealed JFK assassination records that were mandated to be unsealed in October, 2017. Sadly, Trump caved to Deep State peer pressure and resealed those records, thus extending the Curse.

    • Agree: Patagonia Man
  313. @Ghali

    “People called the Romani they go house?”

    • Replies: @Julian of Norwich
  314. Tucker says:

    It appears as if we have at least one ‘Snowflake’ lurking about the comment section of

    This is a well known, often cited, and completely justified criticism of people who are in the Millennial generation.

    This unbelievable, pathetic inability to withstand any criticism, regardless of how deserving and truthful or constructive the criticism might be – is pure baloney. This kind of twisted mindset has lead to the rampant lowering of academic standards across the entire United States, and is even now leading to demands by lower IQ minorities to completely eliminate SATs and even the old A-B-C-D-E/F grading systems, simply because of the fact that certain minority groups (blacks, mexicans) tend to do poorly and so instead of these poor performers being told to hit the books harder and stop skipping class and to start taking their education more seriously – their solution is to destroy all standards of measurement across the entire American education system.

    You appear to buy into this destruction of all standards of academic excellence.

    Despite the fact that Trinity’s comments are almost always great and insightful – it should be clear to anyone who reads them and notices the awkwardness of his writing – that he more than likely had a liberal English professor who chose to indulge his refusal to conform to proper English grammar and punctuation. How does that not qualify as disservice to Trinity, who could easily lose out on career opportunities – should a prospective employer prefer to hire people who’s writing skills did conform to proper standards?

    • LOL: trickster
    • Replies: @trickster
  315. Anonymous[339] • Disclaimer says:

    I once knew a woman whose favorite phrase was “You can’t change me!”. She ended up responsible for the deaths of her husband and three of her four kids. However, she didn’t change, so I suppose she was happy.

  316. Miro23 says:
    @Patagonia Man

    Thanks for your reply.

    And do they have their own natural resources, e.g., oil, gas, coal, uranium, etc. The MSA might be fine, but I don’t know if NESA is particularly well endowed with energy resources.

    I don’t see this as such a major issue. The Swiss Communes /Cantons are small places that aren’t resource rich but they carefully control how their money is spent (on themselves) and have a currency shared with the rest of Switzerland (SFr) that is of recognized quality. They can buy internationally anything they need with it. For example the Canton of Vaud is mostly mountainous (1240sq miles) with a population of 800.000 (in 16 districts) working in mostly services with some farming.

    The only way that I can see this can be achieved is thru full participatory democracy rather than representative democracy (which is what the US is supposed to have currently and has been grotesquely manipulated via the delegate system).
    With the technology we have these days there’s nothing to prevent citizens, after registering, from voting on each & every issue electronically.

    Agreed about the participation – but this needs to involve a serious personal commitment . And I can only see it working locally. Citizens receive profession impartial research on the subject they are going to vote on, study it, and attend a special meeting to discuss it. They get to know personally the political proponents (for and against). They know what it will cost (they have to pay in tax) and what the benefits will be. Accepted that it’s time consuming and expensive, but then so is their obligatory military service (that also builds community) with its lifetime commitment. Swiss democracy is really hard work.

    I’m the first to admit it may be way too ideal for Americans who have a distorted understanding of freedom, i.e. believing they can do whatever they want, whenever they want.

    This isn’t freedom – it’s a children’s party with adults providing the room, food, drinks and entertainment . If the organization and responsibility is always left to others, it’s not actually a surprise that the ZioGlob come along, offer to be the adults, and take care of things. Which they do – at a very high price.

    A framework that allows citizens to self actualize at the top of Maslow’s pyramid is a completely different thing. It involves a great deal of state organization and personal discipline. It’s forcing direct local democracy and power down to the lowest level (where it doesn’t want to go – far too much work for the average person) and keeping it there by law.

    A much more “natural” societal organization is an elite or dictator who remove everything of value (because they have the power) and enforce obedience to their wishes.

    Without being condescending, even this discussion Miro, would be way over the heads of the vast majority of Americans, (at least who I’ve met).

    Well, that’s a problem. If they’re stuck in their multicultural miasma, can’t understand the concept, and 100% not ready to make the required effort (even if they did understand it) then they need to get used to living with what they’ve got.

    • Replies: @Patagonia Man
  317. @Julian of Norwich

    Apologies. It should say “Romanes”.

  318. trickster says:

    Oh dont be so sensitive, self righteous and sanctimonious. It is boring.

    I attended elite schools and studied Shakespeare and Maupassant. By the age of 14 I had read and reread all of Dickens among a host of other authors both English and American plus works in Spanish (El Gran Capitan) and Portuguese.

    I can have a very pleasant all day conversation in pure Spanish with the street spanish donkey cart man in Mexico, broken and chopped up English with a Jamaican rasta (wa happun deh bye, tings iree?) or bastardized Afrikaans over a beer in a township shabeen with a bunch of desperado Xhosas.

    Afta duh, me can stan up an mek wan tawk to dee room full ah English man an wen ah dun tawk dem gun giv me all da money fuh dee ganja LOL

    Trinity is a righteous gentleman and I very much doubt he is making do on stale bread and warm water because a comma is out of place. You are the only one who gives a shit about his grammar.

    So Old Chap, keep your upper lip and your dick stiff and you will cop lots of pussy. In the meantime, just to keep you busy, you know what they say about idle minds, you can correct my grammar and advise if I should take lessons in elocution. Tah Dah, there is a good Old Chap for you.

    • Thanks: Trinity
    • Replies: @Dr Giggles
  319. trickster says:

    YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWNNNNNNNNNN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  320. trickster says:

    I have been thinking about what you said but I have a law exam in another hour so stay tuned for my riposte LOL.

    Be of good cheer though. Life is so short and most things not worth one grey hair….or a bunch of curls, a black hat, beady eyes and a big nose !! ??

    • Replies: @Rurik
  321. Rurik says:

    From your link..

    And fascinating, because who can concern himself with the Jewish people without a feeling of admiration or pity, or of both at the same time?

    What if I don’t feel either?

    I have admiration for some Jews, sure. And pity for some as well. But taken as a whole, my admiration and pity are for the myriad victims of Jewish supremacism, not the perpetrators.

    Christian society has become ripe for conquest.

    Can’t argue with that!

    It seems a fait accompli, at this point.

    Columbus was, if nothing else (and he was much more than ‘nothing else’), a devout Catholic.

    So as the orcs rampage and desecrate his statues and monuments, where are the Catholics?

    Does George Soros have to give them money to protest for their religious dignity?

    At least nobody had to pay those men at Charlottesville, who gathered to peacefully and legally protest this black-supremacist madness and the dignity and heritage of their ancestors.

    But where are the Catholics?

    • Replies: @Dannyboy
  322. Rurik says:

    I have been thinking about what you said but I have a law exam in another hour

    the good news is that having pondered the perspicacious and scintillating wisdoms thus granted, your mind will no doubt be so augmented that you’ll wiz though that exam as if by some ineffable guiding light.

    ~ You’re welcome.

    • Replies: @trickster
  323. @Ann Nonny Mouse

    And there are poor Jews

    You must be living in some kind of chaos-induced dream world. The “poorest Jews” in the USA – and certainly in Britain, especially those in plush, peaceful exclusive gated north London estates for millionaire “Landlords” – are orders of magnitude richer than I’ve ever been, after an honest, hard-working and now largely-pointless 38-year working life.

  324. Miro23 says:

    The people tasked with attacking their fellow citizens would have to believe the government lies as well. That’s unlikely in today’s environment.

    I think that the Zioglob appreciate the problem. They need a heavily armed force without the potential internal conflicts of the military. That’s why they used 9/11 to introduce Homeland Security.

    By no stretch of the imagination is Homeland Security being equipped and trained to deal with the odd Arab terrorist. They ordered 1,6 billion rounds of ammunition (including hollow point and large amounts of sniper shells) + 1000’s of APC’s returned from the Middle East with all of it aimed at Anglo America.

  325. Dannyboy says:

    Well Rurik, I was raised Catholic but I would not describe myself as “devout”. I have brothers and sisters who would fit that description, and they seem to think God is going to take care of everything. To me, that sort of reasoning borders on pacifism and does not resemble Catholic/Christian history much at all. Take the Crusades as one of many examples. I’d say it’s painfully clear that the Catholic Church has been infiltrated and subverted. The current “Pope” is more concerned about “climate change” and “cyber bullying” than defending what is left of Christendom or the memory of great men like Columbus.

    The essay I linked to is overall an excellent and informative one, but I agree the writers go way too easy on the Tribe. I guess they figured if they went easy on them, they wouldn’t raise too much of a stink about the many truths it contains, but once again they were mistaken. That’s not how the Jews roll. Never have. They’ve been trying to get that removed from the internet since not long after it was published.

    • Replies: @Rurik
  326. Rurik says:

    The current “Pope” is more concerned about “climate change” and “cyber bullying” than defending what is left of Christendom or the memory of great men like Columbus.

    and of course, inviting in a billion Muslims (and everyone else) into the heart of Christendom, with the express intent of destroying Christendom for ever.

    Some Defender of the Faith’

    But as you say, the Christians, (and I know many) put their trust and their faith in God.

    So did the Kulaks, and the devout people at Waco..

    But try explaining any of that to a modern Christian, and you’ll finally get the kind of militancy that’s lacking when homosexuals demand all kinds of sacraments.

    At least they’re not planning another Children’s Crusade to march on Iran. At least not yet..

  327. @Corvinus

    corvinus, you must be vox gay, the non-leader of the alt-dreidel.

    i’ve seen your name around for a long time.

    and you seem to be the only person still consistently spamming copy and pasted garbage from that zionist ex-pat’s blog onto other peoples’ sites.


  328. anon[185] • Disclaimer says:

    The Old America Is Dead. Where Do We Go from Here?

    first we figure out who is “we” and who isn’t.

  329. Boldizar says:

    I want to take this article seriously but if you think that Wuhan Flu is a psyop you are a moron.

  330. aandrews says:
    @Marshall Lentini

    “…be prepared to starve.”

    You’re overlooking the big river in the middle of the country that empties into the Gulf of Mexico, and the number of states that lie alongside its course. And the inhabitants of several of those states are purported to be uncouth, and at heart unreconstructed, gun nuts.

  331. @Pft

    The elephant in the room will have to be addressed at some point loud and clear with lots of proof of sedition .Has Trump taken a head count of the military generals and admirals that would back him if needed?the thing that is most needed at this point is for Trump to address the nation and tell the honest truth .somehow when someone spells out the harsh and honest truth it sinks in. God help us all

  332. annamaria says:

    Here is an article on Saker, which gives an expanded view of those yielding global power.

    Obama is surrounded by a Jesuit council of war—a sinister camarilla responsible for the killing, maiming and spying on millions of people throughout the world. Barak Obama dropped more bombs on innocent people than… fill in the rest. These are not regular Joes who happened accidentally to partake in the fine education provided by the Jesuit (and other) fathers. Rather, they are zealous Roman Catholics who were groomed from early days for senior positions in the CIA, FBI and other nefarious three-letter agencies that guarantee the survival of America’s bloated empire.

    These people (and not nobodies such as Victoria Nuland or Geoffrey Pyatt) were behind the bloody putsch in the Ukraine… The fact that president Putin partly parried the fascist offensive cannot erase the bitter truth that the forces of Mordor are now closer to Moscow than they’ve been since the summer of 1941 (SOMETHING THAT NO-ONE IS PREPARED TO DISCUSS). …

    Everybody knows that Jews have been expelled from many countries. How many people know that the same happened to the Jesuits and that they often earned the wrath of kings, emperors and even popes for their meddling, subterfuge, sabotage and plotting—always with the aim of strengthening the hand of the Catholic Church (as they saw it) and weakening its enemies. From the perspective of their patrons, the problem was never their aim but their methods which caused political frictions, international tensions and religious strife.

    • Thanks: SeekerofthePresence
  333. hotrod31 says:

    Rational: Your diatribe enunciates, in spades – why Zog has/have been so successful in dividing and conquering all over the world. Remember their; ‘In your face’ warning to anyone without rocks in their head … that is, ‘By deceit, we wage war’. Now just take a few minutes to think about this very simple, and yet, profoundly loaded warning, to all of us, repeat; ALL of us/you/me, not from the ‘tribe’ of Zog. By deceit, they wage war …

    Therefore, enough already with any divisive, myopically hypothetical polarity. Disunity is death.
    Do not allow your selfish little white/black infraction through a hazy prism distort the clear and present danger. The Erik Prins theory of survival is borne of personal greed, and fractious to the whole.

    International human relations are in such a dark and desolate place, stirring the racist-pot doesn’t do anyone, not of the tribe of Zog, any good at all. Simplistically, ALL of us, are better than one of us … Think!

  334. @Miro23

    All good points.

    I stand corrected re: your point on Swiss communes /cantons and agree with all of your other points.


  335. Wtf says:

    Without whites the other races will brutalize blacks
    Its anazing how they cann t see it themselves

    • Replies: @Nicholas Stix
  336. @Wtf

    Like insane people, they completely lack insight.

  337. @trickster

    You mean this Tucker is going around checking grammar on Unz ? This site is beginning to attract some really strange individuals

  338. Treg says:

    The Solution is very simple:
    1) Capture the Cultural Armies,
    2) Strip of them of their Citizenship,
    3) and Deport them to Cuba.

    I would add that BLM protesters and all their hast tags such as #WeAreRising and #BlackandBrownUnite are indeed out to take down the Constitution, Bill of Rights & the Declaration of Independence. For them, it all must go.

    These are not just “citizens”. No these are people who are openly against America and have described America as the embodiment of “White Supremacy”. For “white supremacy” to end, America must end. They say this country has to be overthrown and taken down or in their vernacular, “burn it all down”.

    Next, its NOT about “Free Speech”. They have demonstrated that their opinions are not open for discussion and that they are only interested in action. There is no talking to these people. Like the army that they are, we conservatives and republicans are targeted for exercising our free speech.
    Talking gets us smeared, banned, & fired. Talking by them however, gets them promoted and applauded. Again, its not about “Free Speech”. Political Correctness made sure of it years ago.

    Therefore, we should no longer view these people as simply “exercising their free speech rights”, but as a 4th generation Cultural-Warrior ARMY that is in open revolt and seek America’s destruction. So if its an ARMY, what then?


    First: CAPTURE this ARMY in revolt. We must now advocate & push our most right of center State Governors to use its National Guard to immediately go out to CAPTURE this ARMY of citizens who are in open revolt against America & the Constitution. Capturing these people is KEY to our success. Holding them indefinitely is the measure of our resolve.

    Second: STRIP CITIZENSHIP. We Strip these Rioters of their Citizenship. A State Governor must then declare this riot-revolutionary-citizen (BLM etal) no longer have the right to be or reside in his/her state and will be held in perpetuity until the Federal Government also strips them of their Citizenship and deports them all to live in Cuba. Most of all, inside the State itself, the Governor must act swiftly and decisively to CAPTURE “intellectual leaders” of this ARMY. That is all these socialists and cultural Marxists professors and school teachers residing in the State should be similarly rounded up and held captive, stripped of citizenship, and eventually deported to Gitmo, Cuba.

    Third: DEPORTATION to CUBA. After deportation, any attempt at reentry will get this revolutionary shot, executed on the spot. I believe that there is historical precedence for this action coming from Teddy Roosevelt days capturing and deporting Communists from the USA. I am no historian so others can correct me on the details and set the record straight.

    Once the most Right-wing govenor and State Attorney General take this bold action, other conservative Republican states will come along in time. The economic benefits to such a state will be apparent as small business entrepreneurs emigrate from the Democrat States to Republican ones which treat these citizens as “Enemies of America”.

    Just Who are the “Enemies of America”? They are communists, Antifa punks, Cultural Marxist Proefesors and School teachers. They are anarchists of all kinds and Islamists who seek the overthrow of the US Constitution. They are Hollywood film writers and directors and producers who are pushing the Cultural Marxist ideology. They are Big Companies who donate to BLM or to any Enemies of America. They are Big Tech companies who do not treat their platform as a public square, but instead use it to advance the Cultural Marxist agenda.

    The GREAT PURGE. The howls and screams of a “new McCarthyism” will be heard from CNN and the rest. Our answer will be this: McCarthy was Right – Communists & Enemies of America must be expelled. But it all starts with one State. A Sherriff can also capture these enemies of the Constitution. Indeed, just one governor, one Attorney General, and one Country Sherriff can together kick off this war against the “enemies of America”. The State of Arizona can kick it off, followed quickly by Idaho, Nevada, Utah, Texas, and Florida. Border states might even threaten that if the Feds do not strip citizenship fast enough, then that state will expel these Enemies across the border and shoot them upon re-entry into their State.

    THE WAY FORWARD. As Republican State after Republican State captures the left’s Army within its State borders, slaps down & expells Leftist companies and petitions for the stripping of citizenship from these Leftists in Revolt, the Left will seek to talk. Once over 100,000 people have been deported the Left will no longer see or believe the Conservative Right to be a toothless powerless group of uneducated deplorables, and the so-called “Cultural War” will abruptly end….. for now.

  339. trickster says:

    Was it Edison who said success is 10% inspiration and 90 % perspiration ? In my case it is 100% perspiration and 100% constipation. Anyway back to the issue.

    Disliking or hating a person or group of persons is counterproductive and self damaging. So for example an UNZ commentator may say “Who is that Billy Bobstein fellow, a moron, an asshole, who does he think he is, he is responsible for the woes of my life, for the woes of the world. He is a cheat, scum, a fraud, a cunt, a thief, a man whore. The world would be a better place without that fuck and his whole lot. If I had the courage I would……, If I saw him I could……….the last time we met I should have…………..”

    They spend their time hating, obsessing, planning schemes of revenge they will never carry out, wondering why the world is so unjust, wondering when others will step in and make things right. In the meantime Mr Bobstein is unaware of their malicious thoughts and if he is then he is amused he has to do nothing to piss them off, to upset them, to manipulate them. The more they go on and on the more power they give to Bobstein. He has in effect, an iron grip on their emotions.

    Far better to ignore Bobstein and his ilk. I cannot control what HE and his lot do. I CAN control what I do and what I think and that is where my focus must be. The time I spend thinking about him is wasted ! I could put that to use bettering myself such that while I may never attain his level, I can have a better life for myself.

    I know oh so many people who complain about whatever category of folks they feel is holding them back who if they devoted that time to more productive activities would surpass the person/ persons they detest.

    So where Larry is concerned he has done me no harm and even if he did or his crew did, I am not going to waste my time being resentful and hateful, burning up with rage, discontent and working up a poison 24/7.

    There is also a great deal of hypocrisy at play with us non Jews. Imagine one day there is a rap on your door and there are 3 guys dressed in suits. They tell you they are from the Senate CRAP (Committee for Reparations to Abused Persons) and that since your long dead ancestors were “abused” you and your entire family are entitled to a lifetime indexed pension of \$100,000 per year each which will carry over to your successors in perpetuity. How many Jew hunters and haters on UNZ would say “Oh I could never take that filthy money. It would be unfair. I would be a thief, scum, a shitbag etc. I would be no better than a Jew”

    Here is the Trickster’s answer to that question : NOT ONE !

    Yet, we beat them up for dipping their bread in the honey. As Don Corleone said “Its just business, nothing personal”. So we can blame them, trash them, hate and vilify them for each and every ill visited on the world and for all their actions past, present and to come. We can recite all the countries they have been kicked out of and their sly, cunning and manipulative ways. Yet given half the chance we would do the same. WE give them a power over us and we hold ourselves back with our own useless thoughts and resentments.

    Dont get me wrong, I enjoy a poke now and then at the tribe but in essence I dont really give a shit what they have done or about to do. I am too busy improving myself and spending my thoughts and energy on bettering my position.

    As I said the Jew spends as much time thinking about us as we do thinking about the darkies ie very little !

    So I dont really give a shit what the tribe does. I dont love them or hate them. I am…..INDIFFERENT !

    • Replies: @Achilles Wannabe
  340. @Rational

    The Judaists are in charge.

    They’ve been pushing evolution in the schools since 1925. Nobody stands up for Bryan anymore, let alone his anthropology.

    Looks like they’ve won that battle…

  341. @trickster

    You are a good Goy Trickster. Or are you actually a Chosen who is feigning Goy?
    Your pitch reads like it was written by the American Jewish Committee. In good Talmudic style and morality, you are cleverly confusing individual behavior and human weakness with group morality and ethics. Sure, if CRAP makes me such an offer I will not refuse. After all I have watched the State redistribute at my expense for virtually my entire life and my country – or what used to be my country – is now disintegrating because of the divisive policies of the Tribe that fostered that redistribution. More particularly, I am not in shape financially and desperation is not a good motivator. But realistically – as opposed to your Talmudic abstraction – the hypothetical CRAP would not offer me anything because I am Euro Goy and CRAP would be run or at least controlled by the Tribe that wants to continue to dispossess Euro Goy. Moreover, while I would take the money and run, I would still have the residual decency to feel guilt and shame as I have an Aryan sense of honor and responsibility not promoted by the Tribe among the Goyim for whom individual opportunity is supposed to be the sole motivator. And yes Trickster , I do and will continue to RESENT the Tribe. I treated them fairly as individuals and they conned me as a Tribe. Anybody who doesn’t resent being conned is a good Goy. I spent most of my life as a good Goy but now I know better. I know who THEY are and I know who YOU are Trickster. Either you are a Jew or a Judaized who will criticize your own kind for finally achieving consciousness of who our enemies are.

  342. @Rational

    Why use so many words, just say ZOG.

  343. United States of Anarchy ?

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