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The New York Times as Iago
Undermining Peace Efforts by Sowing Suspicion
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The New York Times continues to outdo itself in the production of fake news. There is no more reliable source of fake news than the intelligence services, which regularly provide their pet outlets (NYT and WaPo) with sensational stories that are as unverifiable as their sources are anonymous. A prize example was the August 24 report that US intelligence agencies don’t know anything about Russia’s plans to mess up our November elections because “informants close to … Putin and in the Kremlin” aren’t saying anything. Not knowing anything about something for which there is no evidence is a rare scoop.

A story like that is not designed to “inform the public” since there is no information in it. It has other purposes: to keep the “Russia is undermining our democracy” story on front pages, with the extra twist in this case of trying to make Putin distrustful of his entourage. The Russian president is supposed to wonder, who are those informants in my entourage?

But that was nothing compared to the whopper produced by the “newpaper of record” on September 5. (By the way, the “record” is stuck in the same groove: Trump bad, Putin bad – bad bad bad.) This was the sensational oped headlined “I am Part of the Resistance Inside the Trump Administration”, signed by nobody.

The letter by Mister or Ms Anonymous is very well written. By someone like, say, Thomas Friedman. That is, someone on the NYT staff. It is very cleverly composed to achieve quite obvious calculated aims. It is a masterpiece of treacherous deception.

The fictional author presents itself as a right-wing conservative shocked by Trump’s “amorality” – a category that outside the Washington swamp might include betraying the trust of one’s superior.

This anonymous enemy of amorality claims to approve of all the most extreme right-wing measures of the Trump administration as “bright spots”: deregulation, tax reform, a more robust military, “and more” – cleverly omitting mention of Trump’s immigration policy which could unduly shock the New York Times’ liberal readers. The late Senator John McCain, the model of bipartisan bellicosity, is cited as the example to follow.

The “resistance” proclaimed is solely against the facets of Trump’s foreign policy which White House insiders are said to be working diligently to undermine: peaceful relations with Russian and North Korea. Trump’s desire to avoid war is transformed into “a preference for autocrats and dictators”. (Trump gets no credit for his warlike rhetoric against Iran and close relations with Netanyahu, even though they must please Anonymous.)

The purpose of this is stunningly obvious. The New York Times has already done yeoman service in rounding up liberal Democrats and left-leaning independents in the anti-Trump lynch mob. But now the ploy is to rally conservative Republicans to the same cause of overthrowing the elected President. The letter amounts to an endorsement of future President Pence. Just get rid of Trump and you’ll have a nice, neat, ultra-right-wing Republican as President.

The Democrats may not like Pence, but they are so demented by hatred of Trump that they are visibly ready to accept the Devil himself to get rid of the sinister clown who dared defeat Hillary Clinton. Down with democracy; the votes of deplorables shouldn’t count.

That is treacherous enough, but even more despicable is the insidious design to destabilize the presidency by sowing distrust. Speaking of Trump, Mr and/or Ms Anonymous declare: “The dilemma – which he does not fully grasp – is that many of the senior officials in his own administration are working diligently from within to frustrate parts of his agenda and his worst inclinations” (meaning peace with Russia).

This is the Iago ploy. Shakespeare’s villain destroyed Othello by causing him to distrust those closest to him, his wife and closest associates. Like Trump in Washington, Othello, the “Moor” of Venice, was an outsider, that much easier to deceive and betray.

The New York Times is playing Iago, whispering that Putin in the Kremlin is surrounded by secret “informants”, and that Trump in the White House is surrounded by people systematically undermining his presidency. Putin is not likely to be impressed, but the trick might work with Trump, who is truly the target of open and covert enemies and whose position is much more insecure. There is certainly some undermining going on.

Was the New York Times oped written by the paper’s own writers or by the CIA? It hardly matters since they are so closely entwined.

No trick is too low for those who consider Trump an intolerable intruder on THEIR power territory. The New York Times “news” that Trump is surrounded by traitors is taken up by other media who indirectly confirm the story by speculating on “who is it?” The Boston Globe (among others) eagerly rushed in, asking:

“So who’s the author of the op-ed? It’s a question that has many people poking through the text, looking for clues. Meanwhile, the denials have come thick and fast. Here’s a brief look at some of the highest-level officials in the administration who might have a motive to write the letter.”

Isn’t it obvious that all this is designed to make Trump distrust everyone around him? Isn’t that a way to drive him toward that “crazy” where they say he already is, and which is fallback grounds for impeachment when the Mueller investigation fails to come up with anything more serious than the fact that Russian intelligent agents are intelligent agents?


The White House insider (or insiders, or whatever) use terms like “erratic behavior” and “instability” to contribute to the “Trump is insane” narrative. Insanity is the alternative pretext to the Mueller wild goose chase for divesting Trump of the powers of the presidency. If Trump responds by accusing the traitors of being traitors, that will be final proof of his mental instability. The oped claims to provide evidence that Trump is being betrayed, but if he says so, that will be taken as a sign of mental derangement. To save our exemplary democracy from itself, the elected president must be thrown out.

The military-industrial-congressional-deep state-media complex is holding its breath to breathe that great sigh of relief. The intruder is gone. Hurrah! Now we can go right on teaching the public to hate and fear the Russian enemy, so that arms contracts continue to blossom and NATO builds up its aggressive forces around Russia in hopes that this may frighten the Russians into dumping Putin in favor of a new Boris Yeltsin, ready to let the United States pursue the Clintonian plan of breaking up the Russian Federation into pieces, like the former Yugoslavia, in order to take them over one by one, with all their great natural resources.

And when this fails, as it has been failing, and will continue to fail, the United States has all those brand new first strike nuclear weapons being stationed in European NATO countries, aimed at the Kremlin. And the Russian military are not just sitting there with their own nuclear weapons, waiting to be wiped out. When nobody, not even the President of the United States, has the right to meet and talk with Russian leaders, there is only one remaining form of exchange. When dialogue is impossible, all that is left is force and violence. That is what is being promoted by the most influential media in the United States.

Diana Johnstone is the author of Fools’ Crusade: Yugoslavia, NATO, and Western Delusions. Her new book is Queen of Chaos: the Misadventures of Hillary Clinton. The memoirs of Diana Johnstone’s father Paul H. Johnstone, From MAD to Madness, was published by Clarity Press, with her commentary. She can be reached at [email protected]. Diana Johnstone is a Research Associate of the Centre for Research on Globalization (CRG).

(Republished from Global Research by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Rational says:


    Thanks for the excellent article, Sir. Great points!

    This NYT op ed is a classic forgery, from the scammer NYT posing as a “conservative” (another common scam) to attacking Trump.

    Anonymous sources—fabricated conversations that cannot be verified, because the source is non-existent. It is all fabricated.

    Bob Woodward—another Judaist trying to scam the goy.

    Everybody knows that NYT is a Jewish rag that tells lies and attacks the goyim.

    It is a direct example of the Jewish problem and brazen attack on goyim that is likely to inspire more civilized people against the Judaists.

    My request to these Judaists like Bob Woodward and NYT—please stop these childish scams. This is juvenile.

  2. Anonymous [AKA "Richard Hugus"] says:

    Coleridge commented on the “motiveless Malignity” of Iago. Since the Russiagate Democrats have an obvious motive, it seems that Iago is not the best comparison. On the other hand, what insane power would want to start a war with Russia, and what possible motive could they have for doing so? The comparison is apt afterall.

  3. AndrewR says:

    Jewish-Supremacy-loving Americans deserve whatever fate the Jewish Supremacists lead us to. May the first Russian nukes fall on NYC and DC.

    • Replies: @Dave Bowman
    , @Pindos
  4. Who follows the battle of words in GB about what antisemitism is, Labour the target, and sees what ordinary Britons think about it, Israel is a racist state, wonders when all this will backfire of jews world wide.

    • Replies: @Respect
    , @Respect
  5. Well, you know how it goes at the NYT and WaPo:

    In Pravda, there is no Izvestia.

  6. This anonymous enemy of amorality claims to approve of all the most extreme right-wing measures of the Trump administration as “bright spots”: deregulation, tax reform, a more robust military, “and more” – cleverly omitting mention of Trump’s immigration policy which could unduly shock the New York Times’ liberal readers.

    The main difference between Trump’s immigration policy and all the other things Diana mentions would be the fact that the latter all became law somehow, whereas no legislative action at all (as far as I am aware) has been taken on immigration.

    But apart from that minor cavil, another excellent article from Diana.

  7. prometheus says: • Website

    As posed to me, Trump with associates wrote the OPED and has now provided cover to dispose of Mike Pence and the Indiana Mafia. Anyone out there with theories on the dead billionaires from Toronto(Shermans)?

    • Replies: @Digital Samizdat
  8. We gave Trump the presidency, what he does with it is his responsibility. He was warned repeatedly about the neocons et al, but has chosen to staff up with the same swamp creatures he ostensibly meant to expurgate.

    We are left to wonder how much of this “reality” TV?

    • Agree: lavoisier
    • Replies: @Anon
  9. Anonymous [AKA "PhilipSanders"] says:

    Please note there is a typo in the sentence “No trick is too low for those who consider Trump an intolerable intruder on THEIR power territory. ”

    It should read: No trick is too low for (((those))) who consider Trump an intolerable intruder on THEIR power territory.

  10. Anonymous [AKA "see"] says:

    Quoth Diana:

    “Just get rid of Trump and you’ll have a nice, neat, ultra-right-wing Republican as President.”

    No need for that Diana – for what you describe is what we presently enjoy in the form of the current President, most especially as it relates to his efforts to bring “peace” to regions such as the Mideast.

    It is becoming something of a dark joke listening to Trump’s apologists endlessly repeat the meme that those opposed to him represent “war” – while he is our hope for “peace” (despite his never demonstrating one iota of that sort of behavior).

    With every further, obvious display of the President’s shocking belligerence towards countries that do not threaten the United States and in areas and matters where it possesses no valid security interests, the Diana Johnstones of this world spin the prayer wheel faster, repeat their mantras more urgently and come up with some silly excuses for why what we observe from Trump is not really what we observe. “It’s not Trump – it’s every one around him. You must believe us!”

    There’s no need for 4- and 5-D chess masters to interpret Trump – what we sees is what we gots. If there’s a “conspiracy” anywhere, it’s among those unwilling to remark the obvious.

    Not to worry, Trump has a condo just for you…….

    • Replies: @Skeptikal
  11. The usual pro-Putin propaganda coupled with the usual American master race ideology. The author says nothing she hasn’t been saying for years.

    • Replies: @chris
  12. @Rational

    Diana, Sir? Ma’am, surely.

    • Replies: @Herald
  13. This comes as no news. The NYT has been after part of the “get the president” for anything and everything camp since the nomination.

    I have no idea how deep this amorality charge goes, but coming from people who actually support killing children in the womb, that men and women are the same and marriage is the same dynamic between two people of the same sex as it is for the traditional dynamic, that relations out of wedlock are the same, that illegal immigrants are in fact entitled, that criticizing a foreign state is a crime, that have cheerlead for no less than the four military interventions or destabilizing state actions of the same . . .

    just does not have the weight to make much headway with me. It’s like the supposedly wonderful kobe beef from Japan I had today — spoiled and sour.

    The NYT reputation was tainted long before the current president took office. I think that the compromise made by the president to adopt in full the intel report has serious repercussions. The issue here is not whether the Russians engage in espionage or influence, i take it for granted that they do. But thus far the evidence has been mighty thin that they actually have done so and did so to any effect.

    Something rather nasty has been seeping out of US polity and if Trump is anything he represents that polity with all its veneer of integrity swept aside.

    Not all of the members he chose for his staff are self seeking aggrandizers, making the US safe for democracy is but a disguise. Some are honorable men and women who simply should not have been selected because they openly rejected the current executive for political, policy and personal reasons. I think that was a managerial mistake.

  14. They don’t need him gone, they just need him weak enough to destroy his ability to govern, his agenda and or him personally — I think they prefer all four.

    This article about who, wrote or said what is just a side show.

  15. APilgrim says:

    Is the recently reported birth of a ‘Red Heifer’, Real News or Fake News?

    ‘Red Heifer Candidate Born in Israel’, By Video Manager September 5, 2018, 12:34 pm,

    On the 17th day of Elul, 5778, (August 28, 2018), a red heifer was born in the land of Israel. The red heifer candidate is being raised and specially cared for under the auspices of the Temple Institute’s ‘Raise a Red Heifer’ program. If it remains without blemishes it could be used in a re-established Temple service.

    ‘Cattleman raising historic herd of red heifers in Israel’, Anav Silverman, Tazpit|Published: 07.18.15, 21:17,,7340,L-4681306,00.html

    • Replies: @attilathehen
    , @Alden
    , @Anon
  16. APilgrim says:

    Numbers Chapter 19: (Original 1611 KJV Bible, Authorized Version), Verses 1-2:

    “And the Lord spake vnto Moses, and vnto Aaron, saying, This is the ordinance of the Law, which the Lord hath commaunded, saying, Speake vnto the children of Israel, that they bring thee a red heifer without spot, wherein is no blemish, and vpon which neuer came yoke.”

  17. The New York Times and the New Yorker are gaslighting America. Americans are the most ignorant people in the world because their masters want their slaves dumb and servile.

  18. Da Wei says:

    You’re being Rational again: “please stop these childish scams. This is juvenile.” You’re appealing to hardened criminals.

    I commend you for moderation and compassion, but if these people were to be redeemed it would have happened before the FED, the Great Depression (read Wayne Jett), the assassination of JFK and RFK, Tonkin, 911, 2008 and God know what more.

    “This” is the same ol’ plan that Douglas Reed wrote about in The Controversy of Zion and long before that inspired Marlowe to write The Jew of Malta. A suitable metaphor for these louts may be the “reptilian” image of the ruling elite as another species.

    As for the NYT, it is a vile rag that spoils fish and scares puppies to constipation. Damn the NYT and damn Woodward, too.

  19. @AndrewR

    May the first Russian nukes fall on NYC and DC

    But preferably after Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.

  20. Just to be clear —

    I am not convinced that Russia attempted to overthrow the election.

  21. The importation of two million Jews between 1889 and 1920 has resulted in enormous destruction even a century later.

    • Replies: @lavoisier
  22. @Rational

    I had to do a check just to be sure — but the author is a a woman — minor detail, only mentioned because your “sir” threw me — i have often referred this author as Mrs/Ms or Miss . . . I think.

  23. FB says:

    Very astute piece by Ms Johnstone…

    It should be noted that the NYT oped cruise missile happened to be exactly timed with the big splash of the Bob Woodward ‘book’ that trumpets the same meme…ie the Trump administration is dysfunctional and in a state of mutiny…

    We note here that Woodward, himself a CIA plant since Day One…has proved to be the biggest scumbag to ever pose as a ‘journalist’…an excellent take on this was dished up yesterday by Finian Cunningham…

    ‘There is credible evidence that the American Deep State of the military-intelligence apparatus used the Watergate scandal as a way to get rid of Nixon whose febrile mental state was becoming a concern to them. Woodward, who had a background in Navy intelligence was suspiciously a prodigy journalist who rapidly rose to cover what became the scandal that ended Nixon’s presidency.’

    I would disagree only about Nixon’s ‘febrile mental state’ as the reason for the deep state wanting him gone…the real reason was in fact that Nixon moved against neoliberalism and expelled Milton Friedman and the ‘Chicago School’ from the white house…he in fact turned toward socialism on the economy…

    ‘Nixon’s purge of Friedman from his administration was not merely symbolic. Facing a serious economic downturn, Nixon utilized huge amounts of government spending, spending \$25.2 billion to stimulate the economy in 1972.

    Nixon went as far to openly propose a plan to provide a universal basic income of \$1,600 (the equivalent of \$10,000 present day) to every American family of four.’

    This was a step too far for the Rockefellers and the plutocracy that runs the United States…as Caleb Maupin explained presciently back in May in his superb historical parallel between the war on Trump and the Nixon offing…

    Now we see that the deep state ‘journalist’ Woodward is here attempting to reprise his Watergate role in bringing down a sitting POTUS… the claims in the Woodward book about an ‘administrative coup’ in the Trump white house, and this ‘oped’ are so obviously part of the same ploy that it is way beyond coincidence…

    Now it is interesting to note that we have on record THREE very astute commentators saying the same thing about the provenance of the ‘anonymous’ hit piece…that it is a creation of the NYT itself…PCR was first out of the blocks, yesterday Mr Cunningham, one of the few honest and capable writers on the REAL left…and now Ms Johnstone…

    And here’s where things get curioser yet…even the neoliberal standard bearer, the New Yorker magazine ran a scathing piece by none other than Putin [and Trump] hater Masha Gessen…condemning the ‘media corruption’ embodied in the NYT oped…

    ‘But having this state of affairs described in print further establishes that an unelected body, or bodies, are overruling and actively undermining the elected leader…

    An anonymous person or persons cannot govern for the people, because the people do not know who is governing.’

    Clearly there is a civil war going on behind the scenes inside the executive branch of the United States government…what the results will be nobody can know…but we must realize that when even one link in the chain of command is broken, the whole thing falls apart…

    I predicted right after the Singapore Trump-Kim summit and the fierce media backlash that resulted that the media and their deep state partners in crime would overplay their hand and shoot themselves in the foot…

    They have now done exactly that…we will see how the people react, but I suspect that even those who might not otherwise support Trump will in fact rally round the embattled president…by firing this cannonade now the treasonous media have nailed their on coffin tightly shut…

    • Replies: @Skeptikal
    , @Biff
  24. Pindos says:

    If it works, it is not juvenile. And it works.

    • Replies: @Anon
  25. Pindos says:

    If you want peace, target isreal. First missile in the air.

    “Ceterum autem censeo israelinem delendam esse” (English: “Furthermore, (moreover) I consider that israel must be destroyed”) Cato the Wise

  26. anon[317] • Disclaimer says:

    Trumps obvious defense to private party produced propaganda is to open the government networks to the public. Then all who wish to argue may do so in plain view; the public will no longer have to depend on journalist to tell the members of the public what is going on, everyone who wants to know will know.

    Here is a long read as to how:
    Use the government network as a second Internet, open the government up, encourage, and provide and encourage webpage publishing, government employees to support to all comers, allow anyone from any place or nation to author and post their own webpages in anything goes fashion. Keep the private party search engines and high end surveillance out, use only government owned and developed search technology and indexing services; so that no one will be denied access to publish on the government network of servers, anything, either for lack of money, for lack of technical knowhow or for whatever reason. Allow the privately owned promoters of propaganda to continue their network as is.

    Switch the entire government to Linux servers (the operating system and webserver software is already available and free, use only open source technologies so no one can say anything is other than truly democratic media used by the USA to support and encourage open democracy. In this way Trump will hit the deep state and anti democratic propagandist where it hurts, in their economic belts ( without an audience they cannot continue to pay their propagandist salaries) because all government websites will offer free advertiser access to the websites.. The advertise can adverstise on anyones website that they want to for free provided the website producer agrees to present the advertising. nd if that is insufficient the government can allow the advertisers to publish their own websites and to present their own advertising there again all for free. Its a government service. In other words, make the Internet completely capitalist, fully and fairly competitive. He who has the best website will get the biggest audiences and be able to attract if they want advertising dollars, but dollars will not be needed to publish a website, dollars from advertising might make the website promoter wealthy or whatever.

    In this scenario, the government websites would be leased (for a small cost fee) to its publisher. No one would own the website, but the space to present it would be free on government services.

    Trumps best defense against anti-democratic produced propaganda is to unleash the American public on a government media network. To attack the private producers and promoters of anti democratic propaganda and search engine owned public media by removing think source of revenue (instead of paid advertising, the advertisers can make deals with website owners on the government network (but no website owner will be forced to allow a publisher on their site).

    A great and timely article Diana one that reaches to depths of open, fair democratic competition vs closed, guided privately controlled propaganda.

  27. The Bolsheviks aka Zionists aka communists who own the NYTs and the rest of the MSM in America have decided that since they have failed with their Russia collusion ploy that they would try throwing a grenade into the Trump camp with concocted lies about Trump by having their staff members write this forgery.

    This has just enough half truths to seem possible but is written in such a third grade style that it blows its cover. If anyone has read Alexander Solzhenitsyns Gulag Archipelago this is the typical tactic of the Bolsheviks whose relatives operate at the NYTs and most MSM in America. The Bolsheviks aka Zionists aka communists are wrecking America just like they wrecked Russia in the Bolshevik Revolution and they got their financing from Wall Street , read Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution by Anthony Sutton.

    This is what Bolsheviks/zionists do, they wreck countries as in Russia in 1917 and as in the Mideast aka Iraq/Libya/Syria/Lebanon and they are trying to wreck Iran and are wrecking America , which wrecking started in 1913 with the zionist privately owned Fed and IRS.

    The bolsheviks/zionists openly wrecked the WTC with their attack on 911 which killed some 3000 Americans and they ie Israel and the zionist controlled deep state got away with it and every thinking American knows that Israel did it.

    Zionists are WRECKERS that is what they do and they are wrecking America.

  28. APilgrim says:

    Jew York Times Publisher Arthur Gregg Sulzberger & his Jew Jersey published RAG, could not be more irrelevant. IMHPO.

  29. Sean says:

    I was an attempt to make trouble for Jeff Sessions. They long for Trump to get rid of Sessions and that is why there will be endless unattributed mainstream stories about what they are supposed to have been saying about each other. The Joint Chiefs would not obey an order to attack Russia. Anyway, public option is now against Mueller’s investigation. The decks are being cleared for an attack on Iran,.

    • Replies: @APilgrim
  30. APilgrim says:

    1) The Joint Chiefs will execute any lawful order of President Trump, who is an Article-II-Eligible, Electoral College Elected, duly sworn, Commander In Chief.

    2) SAC & the Navy will LAUNCH, with or without the Joint Chiefs, upon a proper code-sequence, from either ‘Football’, in moments.

    3) President Trump, Vice President Pence and a regularly designated colonel are @ the ready.

    4) I certainly HOPE that it does not come to that, for it would extinguish life in the Northern Hemisphere, within a couple of weeks. Most humans would be dead, within a day.

    5) Any accidental nuclear strike on any Spent Fuel Pool, at any Nuclear Powered Reactor electrical generation Station, in the Northern Hemisphere would have the same result.

    Deal with it.

    • Replies: @Sean
  31. APilgrim says:

    The Jew York Times, WAPO, and the rest of the MSM, together with the traitorous Globalists in BOTH major Political Parties, are PlSSlNG up a Rope.

    President Donald John Trump will be @ The Helm, for 6.5 more, LONG, Glorious Years.

    Fuggin Deal wid it Whiny-Beotches.

  32. Che Guava says:

    Very good piece, Diana, as always. I am very surprised by this latest piece of very obvious black (not as in skin colour) propaganda.

    I stopped reading the NYT supplement to Asahi News long ago, too many lies.

    Don’t think the ‘net would have had much effect, really,

    … and we should never forget that this Thomas Friedman made a parasitic marriage to a very wealthy heiress.

    Sure, I read enough of his crap to see that your suggestion may be valid, that it is all a fake.

  33. Anonymous [AKA "Pravica"] says:

    Thank you for such and excellent and well informed article! Kudos to the author!

  34. chris says:
    @Michael Kenny

    Unlike you there, Michael, heh?

  35. Respect says:
    @jilles dykstra

    Is the Golem the USA ? , what do you think ?

  36. chris says:

    Trump gets no credit for his warlike rhetoric against Iran and close relations with Netanyahu, even though they must please Anonymous.

    Right there is the big give-away !!!

    With that, the supposed insider is showing his hand very clearly. Far from the honest-broker image he’s trying to portray, he’s tayloring his story to dovetail perfectly with that of the establishment. The fact that he leaves out, what for Trump would be exculpatory facts vis-a-vis the deep state establishment, clearly shows that the motive has nothing whatsoever to do with the whistle-blower image. The cherry-picked facts used to discredit Trump proves for me to be the hand of the deep state cabal.

    Excellent analysis, Diana!

  37. renfro says:

    The coup is on. Pence waiting in the wings.

    Donald is a disaster because his ego overrules his better instincts.
    But Pence is pure evil because of his fire and brimstone religious fanaticism .

    • Replies: @chris
    , @Alden
  38. Sean says:

    No. They would obey an order for a tit for tat retaliatory strike in the event that the US had been attacked. If there was a single specimen nuking, a limited strike, or a massive nuclear strike on America the Joint Chiefs would return the favour, but they would not obey an order to start a nuclear war.

    The Joint Chiefs will execute any lawful order

    They would be the first to die in a nuclear war, and being in possession of the heavy firepower, they can “execute” anyone ordering them to murder their family and commit suicide, an order they would deem the command of a madman, whereby he had disqualified himself from being the lawful authority.

    SAC & the Navy will LAUNCH, with or without the Joint Chiefs, upon a proper code-sequence, from either ‘Football’, in moments

    The President has to go through his armed forces advisors before he can authorise the Pentagon to carry out a nuclear strike. The Pentagon is who actually issues the command for any launches. Clearly the there must be a contingency plan for sudden assasinations and by a sneak decapitation of the command structure; by GRU backpack nukes for example, in which the President and even entire White House and Pentagon are destroyed so it is not possible for the President and Joint Cheifs to do anything. The ranking surviving Joint Chiefs can order it themselves. The armed forces at the level of a Nuclear ICBM Submarine Captain and senior officers are certainly instructed on the circumstances in which they are to launch without any authorization. But there is also an increasing awareness of the possibility of cyber warfare and a hack.

    Be they generals or captains, they might not use their common sense, but you can bet a sense of self preservation would be present in enough people for an out of the blue order to use nuclear weapons to be repeatedly subject to requests for confirmation, meanwhile they would be in contact with colleagues.

    • Replies: @Bobzilla
    , @APilgrim
  39. @prometheus

    Not likely. Unless he dies or chooses to resign, Pence can only be removed from office by impeachment. Trump can’t just fire him.

  40. hetro says:

    The style of this op-ed, the rhetoric, the talking points, the use of “resistance” all suggest oppositional politics pushed by the Democrats particularly. Guccifer 2.0 has taught lessons on leaving fingerprints, such as “lodestar,” recently used in eulogy by Pence. It’s good to have Diana and others pointing out the likelihood of falsity here. The brazen suggestion that Trump’s policies must be subverted (with the context particularly his efforts to negotiate with Russia) in what constitutes an act of theft (let alone sedition), while claiming the moral high ground, also suggests the thin, ultimately stupid nature of this op-ed pretext. It reminds of Richard Nixon’s homilies to himself and his self-righteousness, as with his “checkers” speech, wowing millions with his falsity.

    Needed now is a dispassionate analysis of patriotism vs. sedition, as this op-ed is being interpreted at both extremes. To control and guide a president who is out of control and incompetent is one side of the question; the other is to act falsely to overthrow a legitimately elected representative for special purposes or an opposing agenda.

    • Replies: @Skeptikal
  41. “It reminds of Richard Nixon’s homilies to himself and his self-righteousness, as with his “checkers” speech, wowing millions with his falsity.”

    Hmmmmm . . .,

    VP Nixon’s speech was successful because it was astutely used to challenge democratic pettiness.

    Not because there was any real truth to them. What most people miss about President Nixon was that he came up through the ranks despite being an outsider. And he was an outsider in the traditional sense of the word. He did not attend the proper schools, social circles nor was he from the class of wealth and status. Hence Watergate — what the Aussie’s call poppy topping.

    President Trump is a different kind of outsider. Same schools, same clicks, same social circles, wealth, etc. They have all been to happy to take his money and support, until he decided he thought they had done a lousy job and opted to take the issue on himself. They are poppy topping, but this is insiders culling one of their own — at least attempting to do so.

  42. chris says:

    Fortunately, far from a Iago, Pence is an A-class moron to whom a doorknob could give a run for his money.
    Pence is a dunce; on that count both he and Haley are 100% innocent of having written that ransome note.

  43. There won’t be enough lampposts to hang the traitors when the tree of democracy is replenished with their blood. This article is just one more step closer to that day.
    Repatriations to country of origin will include a plane ticket and a bottle of water. All assets will be forfeit.
    America will experience an economic boom akin to post-black death europe.

  44. Cat_Hair says:

    Dear Dianna,

    Thank you for this timely and positively brilliant article which illuminates a crucial issue for the United States.

  45. Please help me!
    I am puzzled again.
    When I did listen to first Obama’s speech I did get an impression that Obama was the greatest demagogue God ever created.
    Now I did listen to second Obama’s speech.
    There was not one sentence without stuttering, In every sentence were prolonged periods where obviously he was searching for a word. The speech overall did not make any sense.
    It was so pathetic that I was ashamed for him.
    So what is happening?

  46. lavoisier says: • Website
    @Bill Jones

    The importation of two million Jews between 1889 and 1920 has resulted in enormous destruction even a century later.

    Are you sure about this? I thought most of these Jews had assimilated??

  47. Bobzilla says:

    The armed forces at the level of a Nuclear ICBM Submarine Captain and senior officers are certainly instructed on the circumstances in which they are to launch without any authorization.

    My understanding is that during the Clinton years nuclear submarine commanders had the ability to unilaterally launch missiles taken away. In place was put a protocol that required a preauthorization by Whitehouse / JCS / Pentagon and then and only then was the submarine commander able to launch his missiles.

    I could be wrong but, that’s what I remember. And of course, perhaps policy has changed since then.

    • Replies: @Sean
  48. Skeptikal says:

    Dear Diana Johnstone:

    I agree with your analysis of the anonymous memo.
    And, with your implication that it is an inside job at the NYT.
    That would surely be some kind of crime. That surely breaks some law.

    It is crazy that Trump can openly be accused of treason for talking to Putin, but when he accuses the writer of this letter of treason, which IMO it is, it is taken a further sign that he is crazy and incompetent. The memo contains loud unmistakable dog whistles to remove Trump in any way possible, and to create the situation to do so. In other words, an internal type of false flag operation. That is what this memo is.

    If I were Trump I would order the DoJ/FBI to seize NYT computers and hard drives immed. (a la The Guardian) and find out who is behind this memo and also all email of the NYT editorial board. I would also instruct my national security advisor or whoever is in charge of cyber intelligence to instruct the NSA to use their collected intercepts etc. to find out who planned this, and bring charges and indict.

    I am not a Trump voter, but I am becoming a Trump supporter when I see the totalitarian lengths that are being gone to to undo the results of the election. I am persuaded from the Ohr-Deripaska-Steele-Strozk connections that the Obama DOJ is involved in this whole thing.

    The NYT is hiding behind and actively using its “journalist” protections to bring down the president. That cannot be allowed to pass. The NYT and it readers, whoever they stlil are, must be reminded every day of the compendium of lies—-let’s just call them hoaxes—that the NYT has foisted upon the world, first among them: the Iraq WMD hoax.

    • Replies: @Da Wei
  49. Skeptikal says:

    “With every further, obvious display of the President’s shocking belligerence towards countries that do not threaten the United States and in areas and matters where it possesses no valid security interests, the Diana Johnstones of this world spin the prayer wheel faster, repeat their mantras more urgently and come up with some silly excuses for why what we observe from Trump is not really what we observe. “It’s not Trump – it’s every one around him. You must believe us!””

    I think you majorly miss the point of the article.

    I don’t htink DJ is trying to make obnoxious Trump policies smell good. In fact, the memo writer is the one in favor of most of DT’s policies.
    Johnstone is writing about the extrajudicial lengths being gone to to get rid of Trump.
    And, the perfidiousness and perniciousness of the NYT.

  50. @APilgrim

    This red heifer is nothing but bull. The temple will never be rebuilt. The Zioevangizer cucks are all excited because of this red cow. If the Jews and Zioevangizers try to rebuild the temple, there will be an earthquake. They never mention what happened when Julian the Apostate tried to rebuild it in 362 A.D.

    However, the Zioevangizers are not the only problem. Cuck pope Frannie is destroying the West. The Roman Catholic Church is the other problem we have to deal with.

  51. Skeptikal says:

    “To control and guide a president who is out of control and incompetent”

    To interpret disagreements within the cabinet and the executive as to what is the best course, what is “sane” and what is not, as a sign of dysfunction is itself a sign of immaturity. All presidents have faced crises of different sorts, and all have had to ultimately choose from among different pieces of advice from close advisors. So the memo writer to me shows his or her ignorance and childish expectations as to what being a presiential advisor even entails.

    JFK went against all of his advisors except I believe his brother in his handling of the Cuban Missile crisis. JFK went against all of his advisors in his decision not to go along with the CIA in the Bay of Pigs operation. Truman went against most of his advisors when he supported Israel in its unilateral Declaration of Independence (now that was a howler, huge mistake, that marks Truman for a precursor of Trump in not following advisors’ advice!). In none of htese cases was the president labeled insane or incompetent. And, in none of these cases AFAIK did a member of the president’s inner circle of advisors get his nickers in a twist and write an anonymous memo to the NYT saying that the pres was insane or incompetent for not follwoing teh memo writer’s advice. . If one had done so, I believe that JFK or Truman would have foind out immed who it was and fire that person on the spot, while letting him know in no uncertain terms who is the president and who is NOT.

    My point is: Not following what advisors, or some advisors, advise is normal behavior for presidents.
    The memo writer doesn’t seem to grasp this basic point.

    • Replies: @hetro
  52. Anon[294] • Disclaimer says:

    If the outlets on top of the fake news production ranking (I’ll add The Guardian to NYT and WaPo) are the most read, quoted, followed by everyone who is someone, and influential, doesn’t this tell us something about humans?

    • Replies: @Anon
  53. Anon[294] • Disclaimer says:

    “Was the New York Times oped written by the paper’s own writers or by the CIA? It hardly matters since they are so closely entwined.”

    They do such jobs in co-op, I agree with you on this one, while I appreciate the pervasive, quite ebullient sense of irony.

    The only thing holding its mystery is, to me, how no fewer than 80% of readers don’t see what is what, and why is where it is, at the juncture it is.

    “If I were Trump I would order the DoJ/FBI to seize NYT computers and hard drives immed. (a la The Guardian) and find out who is behind this memo and also all email of the NYT editorial board. I would also instruct my national security advisor or whoever is in charge of cyber intelligence to instruct the NSA to use their collected intercepts etc. to find out who planned this, and bring charges and indict”

    They would not oblige and it could not be done. The NYT, to quote a wise man, is above the President.

  54. Skeptikal says:

    “as Caleb Maupin explained presciently back in May in his superb historical parallel between the war on Trump and the Nixon offing…”


  55. Anon[294] • Disclaimer says:

    If it works royally, it is royally non-juvenile.
    Juvenility, majestic juvenility, is the cause it works indeed, but not juvenility on the NYT’s part.

  56. Anon[294] • Disclaimer says:

    Who would Trump hire for his staff? You? Me? You and I?
    An elected President who is an outsider to the swamp is a newcoming chesspiece coming onto a chessboard, to play a hectic game with very… flexible rules. Let’s even assume he is the king; he is still one piece, surrounded by many, a lot of which powerful and wild…

  57. Sean says:

    They (a captain and a few other officers whose cooperation is needed for a launch) always have the ability to take the decision themselves, it is the authorisation we are talking about. A chain of command preauthorization by White House / JCS / Pentagon would be the standard protocol. But just taking out the sub communication stations, the Pentagon and the White House before anyone in the chain of command realises surely cannot disable the whole ICBM sub fleet because that would be a massive incentive to do it. There is surely a protocol for launching after a verified successful enemy sneak attack.

    • Replies: @Bobzilla
  58. Biff says:

    You may be on to something.

  59. njguy73 says:

    The letter by Mister or Ms Anonymous is very well written. By someone like, say, Thomas Friedman.

    Did the letter say that after Trump’s gone, it would take another six months before the presidency gets out of the Flintstones and become the global Jetsons-style executive branch that China would be proud to have?

  60. Bobzilla says:

    From Wikipedia…

    Modern PALs use the two-man rule, which is designed to prevent accidental or malicious launch of nuclear weapons by a single individual. For example, on a ballistic missile submarine (SSBN), both the commanding officer (CO) and executive officer (XO) must agree that the order to launch is valid, and then mutually authorize the launch with their operations personnel. Instead of another party confirming a missile launch as in the case of land-based ICBMs, the set of keys is distributed among the key personnel on the submarine and kept in safes (each of these crew members has access only to his keys), some of which are locked by combination locks. Nobody on board has the combination to open these safes; the unlock key comes as a part of the launch order from the higher authority.

    And Quora…

    The weapons have long had PAL (Permissive Action Links). There was a procedural change in the way things were handled since the 90’s that required a code sent with the EAM (Emergency Action Message) launch order. The rest of the procedure is the same. An EAM comes in and is decoded. If a launch order is received, three officers must agree that it is a valid launch order. A safe us opened and the days authentication code “biscuits” are brought out and the message is authenticated. Missile and launch keys are then removed from secure storage. The sub then begins maneuvers to go to launch depth. Based on the specific launch order, targeting and weapons selection is handled via predefined packages and are uploaded to the missiles along with local GPS and inertial data for the location from which the launch is being made. Keys enabling individual missiles are inserted at this time. When launch status is achieved, the three responsible officers – Captain, XO, and Weapons officer turn their keys to enable launch (simultaneity required). Launch is performed one missile at a time with the actual launch button push performed either by the captain from the bridge or the weapons officer from his console. Minimum cycle

  61. renfro says:

    [It’s very bad form to duplicate your long comments across several different threads. If you continue do that, all your comments may get generally trashed.]

    I am confident that Trump is no longer in charge of anything. He is totally ‘handled’ by the Jews he brought in starting with his son in law.
    And there is actually more to this story. VP Pence tried to make Lerner a Nat Security advisor for the WH even knowing Lerner had done vicious attack ads on trump for Rubio in the election.
    They are going to remove trump, he has served his purpose in opening the gates to the zionist in every US agency and office including the UN. I think now they ratcheting up the negatives on trump to shake him up ,distract him, to the point where he lets others handle everything except his personal fight with the media and his twitter war. a way to slip in attacking Iran as necessary for him to do. If he does great, but even then they wont let him stay. They will need a ‘quieter’ figure like Pence to mantain it and carry it on to the end because there will be a enormous outcry at aimed at trump for starting another war.
    All the trump lovers and haters and all the Hillary lovers and haters and all the repub sheep and Dem sheep and all the Deep State theorist can blame each other but what is happening to trump now has nothing to do with any of that.
    This is about one Cabal that is focused on the ME, Israel, Syria, Iran and the monkey wrench in the wheel, Russia.
    There is even more to support this, way too much for me to explain here so I guess I will just wait and say I told you so.

    Jon Lerner to Serve as Deputy UN Ambassador

    via Twitter/@Mike_Pence

    WASHINGTON – Nikki Haley, President-elect Donald Trump’s nominee for UN Ambassador, has selected Jon Lerner to be her deputy, according to FITSNews, a South Carolina political website. The selection was first reported by New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman, citing several sources.

    A veteran advisor to the South Carolina Governor, Lerner, who is Jewish, has worked with numerous GOP clients including Senators Marco Rubio (R-FL and Tim Scott (R-SC). Lerner is considered a staunch conservative. Former First Lady Jenny Sanford told McClatchy Newspapers in 2010, “He works for clients who he believes in and who reflect his own ideological principles. That provides him a sense of purpose and integrity and focus that is lacking in other consultants.”

    Throughout the 2016 Presidential race, Lerner played a key role in the NeverTrump campaign, Politico reported in March. Working as a senior strategist for the Washington-based Club for Growth, the group started airing ads against Trump during the fall of 2014 in Iowa. Club for Growth intensified its efforts against the New York businessman spending millions on ads in key states of Florida and Illinois.

    “Jon is one of the most brilliant minds in politics, having guided candidates such as Tim Scott, Nikki Haley, and Marco Rubio,” Nick Muzin, a former senior advisor to Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) told Jewish Insider. “He is also a tremendous mentsch, and a Kiddush Hashem. I can’t wait to see what he and Nikki will do at the UN.”

    • Replies: @chris
  62. renfro says:

    These are Trump tweets about Obama and Iran back when. So Trump is now the desperate one and all his Zio advisors will suggest to him that yes indeed….. a war would change the conversation.
    Trump is so battered and beleaguered that whatever good instincts he has or had are lost in the ether of his raging against his disloyal minions and enemies.

    In order to get elected, @BarackObama will start a war with Iran.

    — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) November 29, 2011

    Now that Obama’s poll numbers are in tailspin – watch for him to launch a strike in Libya or Iran. He is desperate.

    — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) October 9, 2012

    Don’t let Obama play the Iran card in order to start a war in order to get elected–be careful Republicans!

    — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) October 22, 2012

    I predict that President Obama will at some point attack Iran in order to save face!

    — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) September 16, 2013

    Remember what I previously said–Obama will someday attack Iran in order to show how tough he is.

    — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) September 25, 2013

  63. Da Wei says:


    Yours is a thoughtful reply to a cogent article by Ms. Johnstone. I want to add only that for President Trump to take control of NYT would give the media whores and the AIPAC US Congress great cause to squawk, and any truth to be gleaned would be lost in the bullshit kerfuffle that would surely follow. (Notwithstanding, he’d be straining the law and have some serious splainin’ to do.) All that would serve their ends.

    The NYT and the whole MSM cesspool are not interested in fostering intelligent debate, nor do they want an informed citizenry. Their end is to pound endlessly the drum of redundancy until the herd is trudging lock step toward the brink. This is past brainwashing. Amoebas don’t have brains, and that’s what the whole dumbing down PC effort is intended to reduce us to, the United States of Amoebas: no sex, no community and certainly no back bone.

    President Trump would best serve us all by ignoring the NYT altogether. Remember: only the most insecure among us dwell on unreality. The NYT is irrelevant. Better things are on the horizon.

    • Replies: @NoseytheDuke
  64. @Herald

    Yeah, I see what you mean, gender pronouns are so last season.

  65. @Da Wei

    I’d prefer it if Trump were denigrate them with sarcasm instead, such as, “Yeah, the NYT told everyone that Saddam had weapons of mass destruction and 5 trillion dollars wasted, a million lives and a nation destroyed, we found out the hard way what to expect from the NYT” and “People can feel safer knowing that they have a President who doesn’t bother reading the NYT”. Something like that.

    I would craft ten or more zingers and then rotate them over and over.

    • Replies: @Da Wei
  66. APilgrim says:

    I spent much of my youth at the SAC ICBM installations & B52s, related to Launch Electronics.

    You live in a dream world. A strategic launch has ALWAYS been ‘At The Ready’. Hell yes, every man on every B52 KNEW they would NOT survive a strategic nuclear exchange with the USSR. And just as certainly, every crew was remorselessly, ‘Good To Go’, at a moments notice.

    We have been minutes from nuclear midnight, for 70 years.

    • Replies: @Sean
  67. Sean says:

    If the Missileers and pilots got the authorization message from their superiors, yes they would do what they are trained to do. But the top generals at the Pentagon are what we are talking about and they are not going to obey an order from the President coming from out of the blue. Kissinger told the Pentagon not to obey any order of Nixon relating to nuclear readiness at one point while he was under threat of impeachment. They wouldn’t have anyway. Fragging is more common than a soldier obeying an order to blow his own brains out.

    • Replies: @APilgrim
  68. APilgrim says:

    The Strategic Air Command (SAC) receives and executes ‘Launch-Codes’, NOT debates.

    I presume the Navy has a similar RESPONSE, to electronic nuclear deploy codes.

    Our adversaries are quite well aware of this. Sean is uninformed, and/or lying.

  69. The letter by Mister or Ms Anonymous is very well written.

    A subtle dig suggesting that many of the people in senior positions in the administration are not top intellects. However most have highly educated aides and there are in fact tens of thousands of people who in Washington who would be capable of such polished prose and even of inserting a word like lodestar for reasons of mischief.

    • Replies: @Anon
  70. Sean says:

    The Strategic Air Command (SAC) receives and executes ‘Launch-Codes’,

    Yes but those actual launch or go codes do not come from directly from the president, The launch codes that the actual Missileers, submarine officers and aircrew would act on come from the Pentagon, and only come after the President has met with his military advisers and decided to launch. There are steps the military are in on before and after the President issues the order. The Pentagon get a “watch” alert the coded order will come, and then the Secretary of Defense and the President use their special ID to verify they are authentic and jointly issue the order for whatever strikes have been chosen (from a range of options from a single specimen strike a counterforce or a maximum attack on enemy cities or a mix). The ultimate option is all out, which would be the US part of a full nuclear exchange for mutual assured destruction; all I am saying is that such an order from the President would have to come after the US mainland. probably cities, had been attacked with nuclear missiles. I accept there is no officialf unction of the Pentagon for them deciding the order from the President is so unreasonable in the circumstances that it is not lawful to execute it

    • Replies: @APilgrim
  71. APilgrim says:


    The Nuclear Briefcase is self-sufficient, to initiate a Full Strategic Exchange. There is no time, to engage in discussion. The missiles are on their way. The targets are doomed, from overlapping ground zeros.

    Any hesitation, for any reason would LOSE a nuclear war. Neither side has the luxury of delay.

    • Replies: @Alden
    , @Sean
  72. hetro says:

    IMV the op-ed is a deliberate back to back effort with the Woodward excerpts, adding on to those excerpts policy rigidity, as on Russia, (Establishment views) given primacy. No supporting evidence is offered to either of these prongs of the attack–demonizing instead, priming the pump toward impeachment, I believe, is its goal. The piece of my quote you put here suggests I’m in favor of this scurrilous (and yes infantile) approach, whereas I meant to pose it as in need of analysis versus the possibility of propaganda and exploitation.

    • Replies: @Skeptikal
  73. chris says:

    Thanks for duplicating your comment accross different threads, renfro because this is where I first saw it!

  74. renfro says:

    Thanks for duplicating your comment accross different threads, renfro because this is where I first saw it!

    Let un trash them if he wants….its important info on the players connected to the Trump WH …its a bread crumb trail of the main people in plain sight that exposes the planning of the cabal.
    People need to see beyond the usual musical chairs blame throwing and look at the ‘who and why’ of the people that are formulating what we are seeing in Trump’s policies.

    • Agree: chris
  75. Alden says:

    Like most of the men on this site, Pence is against abortion and has been all his life so I’m sure the unz commentators will rejoice if an anti abortionist becomes president.

    • Replies: @renfro
  76. Skeptikal says:

    “IMV the op-ed is a deliberate back to back effort with the Woodward excerpts, adding on to those excerpts policy rigidity, as on Russia, (Establishment views) given primacy. ”

    I agree.
    It is a setup.

  77. Alden says:

    There’s millions of red beef cattle in the USA. Some breeds have white markings which the supreme synod of judging redness considers not a perfect red.

    The Jews oh so special herd is an ordinary Aberdeen red angus But Jews have a herd of that breed and it’s something special The rabbis/conmen have an ongoing world wide appeal asking Jews to contribute to the effort to breed this sacred heifer.

    All they’d have to do is contact the Aberdeen Red Angus association or get on the internet and look for ranches with big red angus herds and just buy one.

    But oh no, like every Jewish religious and political effort, it has to be a big fund raising effort, like bringing all those fake Russian and Ethiopian Jews and needing billions to do it. If you want to throw up just read about how the Israelis located the Ethiopian fake Jews and airlifted them to Israel. They got the scenarios straight from ancient aliens TV show.

    Whatever happened to the Jewish rule that farming is the lowest occupation and that it’s better for an Orthodox Jew to be a criminal or a beggar than do dirty manual work such as raising cattle
    or laying tile.

    Or maybe the dirty goy Palestinian slaves do all the dirty work. I wonder if the mothers are considered unclean for 6 weeks after the birth?


    • Replies: @APilgrim
  78. Alden says:

    Thanks for the information.

  79. APilgrim says:

    Perhaps Anon is unfamiliar with the Israel Kibbutz Agricultural system.

    More likely, Anon is just a liar.

  80. Anon[230] • Disclaimer says:
    @Jonathan Mason

    I’m curious as to the standards for “well written”. I found the Op-Ed sophomoric in style and content.

  81. Anon[230] • Disclaimer says:

    No one should treat Jewish attempts at black magic with anything but alarm, scorn, and subterfuge.

    Their Sabbath rules and theology is another example, other than their heifer sacrifice. If you want to inhibit their religious goals, put a Jew to work on a Saturday. Asking him to carry something, like a coin, is enough. Get him to use a computer, phone, etc.

    Also, do your best to not work on any one day of the week. To halachic standards. No work whatsoever. In their minds, this ruins their magic toward bringing their supremacism in their messianic age. Which is clear by the fact that their halachic punishment for a gentile keeping a Sabbath is death. Its an effort for the sake of humanity.

  82. Da Wei says:

    Well, I think you’re right, that it would be fun to watch, and your wording is flush on the mark.

    Still, satire is always misunderstood and while a few would enjoy the show, MSM would feed on this like starved maggots.

    Thanks for the chuckle.

    You know, the NYT did publish something truthful once, on the cover of the NYT magazine. It was a picture of Joey Heatherton posing in a pair of tight wool slacks … back in 1959. That was their best journalistic effort.

  83. renfro says:


    Vanity Fair reporters say bookies are laying odds 50 to 1 that Jared Kushner wrote the NYT op ed or had it written.
    WP also says Kushner probably wrote it.
    Newsweek says Jared and Ivanka are telling Trump that John Kelly wrote it in an effort to oust Kelly as chief of staff.
    Another suspect is Jon Huntsman currently Abm to Russia and former losing presidential contender.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  84. renfro says:

    I think no one likes abortions , even the women who have them for whatever reason.
    “IF’ I were in a position to make laws on this I would say women have a right to their own decisions.
    And even seen as immoral by others they cannot have the government ‘enforce their morality on others.’
    What the government can do is respect women’s choices but bow out of the government supporting abortions with clinics using taxpayers money or grants and leave it to private insurance, charities and organizations.
    That’s the only fair way to split the differences that I can see.

    • Replies: @Amber Dekstris
  85. @renfro

    What the government can do is respect women’s choices but bow out of the government supporting abortions with clinics using taxpayers money or grants and leave it to private insurance, charities and organizations.

    Perhaps unless it is a public health issue. For example, there is growing support for hard drug addiction to be decriminalised and treated as a health issue. Perhaps arguments can be made that the public is better off if abortions are publicly funded rather than privately funded.

    • Replies: @renfro
    , @NoseytheDuke
  86. Anonymous[251] • Disclaimer says:

    Vanity Fair reporters say bookies are laying odds 50 to 1 that Jared Kushner wrote the NYT op ed

    Kushner is an Israeli and a dumbass. Vanity Fair is a tool of neocons and Antifa.

    The NYT editorial staff wrote the op-ed. Perhaps they called in a few of the more capable corrupt professional media for help writing it (few people below the age of 35 can read and write English capably), but it’s ALL NYT, bottom-to-top.

  87. renfro says:
    @Amber Dekstris

    For example, there is growing support for hard drug addiction to be decriminalised and treated as a health issue

    I would have to disagree somewhat.
    Everyone knows how to avoid getting pregnant , including the male partner.
    Everyone knows the danger of taking drugs.
    At some point people have to be forced to take responsibility for their own choices and actions.
    Otherwise have a population of permanent 2yr olds.

  88. Sean says:

    As you have put it and in in a real life instance of that familiar-from-fiction scenario in which there is a massive attack on the big board and no initial radar blinding : yes. But that does not mean a full attack on the civilian population of Russia would be launched by the US as soon as Russian ICBM’s were heading for the US. I have difficulty in thinking up a situation in which no options short of all out attack on cities are available or attractive as a first response. The football has may options. In reality there would be an initial radar blinding and no real difficulties in of knowing if cities were being targeted until the missiles’ warheads landed and were detonating. The initial retaliation would be would be tit for tat with a only a certain carefully measured amount of escalation.

    Any hesitation, for any reason would LOSE a nuclear war.

    Instant full spectrum US launch at Russian cities and missile bases when incoming Russian missiles were detected would stop America losing and also winning because it would be nuclear Fools’s Mate: a draw. The US has superiority in everything so why would it go straight to nuclear attack on cities (which contain the population they are sworn to defend) and assure the destruction of same? The Russian Federation have ICBM missile subs too and they would hit US cities in retaliation. It might not be an attack on cities at all, and in that case the US has initiated a process that would destroy its own civilian population.

    My conclusion is the likelihood although not the certainty is on detecting a verified Russian ICBM attack, but before the warheads had landed, the US’s ground based ICBM’s in Dakota and Montana would be sent at Russian counterpart targets rather than cities. The ground based ICBM weapons are more useful for a counter-force strike and are also vulnerable to an enemy counter-force first strike, so the American would try and get them away. The US’s ICBM subs cannot be destroyed by a first strike and American sub launched ICBMs are so accurate they can be used in a pinch for a counter missile base strike, and they are of course also capable of destroying every Russian city. The first round of a nuclear war would be against the oppositions nukes and maybe command and control (for a Russian attack on the US this might or might not include the Pentagon and White House. I know for a fact that the nuke missile sub commanders’ standing orders if their boat is cut off from communication with the US and Pentagon (the Pentagon having presumably been destroyed) is they can can launch an attack on Russia’s cities on their own authority if they think the situation warrants it,

    This thread started when I said if came to a full nuclear cities and military targets strike by Russia on America that China would also be targeted by Russia, and quite possibly Russia would hit Israel. too. I am not as certain that America would also hit China in the final act of a full nuclear exchange on civilian and military targets with Russia but I think it is probable. This is a multi polar world in which China (and India) have missile subs and given the confusion of radar blinding high altitude detonation cloaking an attack there is no certainty America could be sure who was attacking it or even false flagging a nuclear attack. Why leave China to inherit the Earth?

  89. @Amber Dekstris

    It has been argued that Roe vs Wade prevented a generation of would-be-criminals from being born due to that class being overwhelmingly a product of the poor. If true then it could well be in the public interest to fund terminations of unwanted pregnancies.

  90. “Iago” ?

    Surely “Wormtongue” would be a far more appropriate sobriquet / analogy: Everyone around him knew him for what he was — except for the King of Rohan, who did everything he could to protect him…

  91. Anon[422] • Disclaimer says:

    Great article.

    It does appear that the op-ed and the Woodwork book are a coordinated effort. And it looks like a Brennan CIA job. AGAIN!

  92. Brilliant piece, thanks to Diane J, and Adam for reprinting here.

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