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The New Kings of Jihadist Terrorism: Azerbaijan and Turkey
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The vicious war against the Armenian Republic of Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabagh) and Armenia by Azerbaijan, Turkey, and thousands of their jihadist terrorists has passed the one month mark.

The jihadis’ presence, which includes ISIS, is consistent with the debauched political cultures and national ambitions of Azerbaijan and Turkey. It also tells us that the U.S./NATO/EU stance towards those countries continues to be dangerously passive.

Just days ago, right in our nation’s capital, Azeri demonstrators chanted “jihad, jihad, jihad” and flashed the hand signal of Turkey’s homicidal, neo-fascist Grey Wolves.

It’s not surprising. Azerbaijan and Turkey are longtime Turkic allies of jihadist terrorists.

Turkic Jihadist Terror

  • In the early 1990s, Azerbaijan deployed thousands of jihadis and terrorists, including Afghan Mujahedin, Chechens, and Grey Wolves against Artsakh’s Armenians who had voted for self-determination. Turkish army officers also took part.
  • Al-Qaeda cells in Baku, Azerbaijan helped to plan the 1998 bombings of S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania. A dozen Americans and 212 others were killed.
  • The U.S. Military Academy’s Combating Terrorism Center reports that ISIS ranks have included over 900 Azerbaijanis and 7,400 Turks.
  • Ahmet S. Yayla, Turkey’s chief of counterterrorism from 2010-13, wrote: “Turkey was a central hub for the travel of over 50,000 ISIS foreign fighters, and the main source of ISIS logistical materials … making Turkey and ISIS practically allies.
  • Secret wiretaps revealed that Turkey has supplied ISIS in Syria via Ilhami Bali, codenamed Abu Bakr, a 36-year-old Saudi-born Turk.
  • Columbia University has issued two valuable studies: ISIS-Turkey Links and Turkey-ISIS Oil

Today’s Turkic Jihadist Terror

  • Since September, Azerbaijan and Turkey have brought in ISIS commander Sayf Balud, the Hamza and Sultan Murad Brigades, Syrian terrorists, and thousands of other jihadis to battle Armenians. Many were present even before September.
  • Some of the jihadis had committed atrocities against Christian Armenians and Assyrians, Kurds, Yazidis, and others in Syria and elsewhere.
  • Azerbaijan is using some jihadis as human shields for its soldiers. Others are thrust into battle while Azeris point guns at their backs to prevent retreat.
  • Armenian forces have dealt them severe blows. One jihadi warned, “Jihadi, don’t come, we have been deceived, everything is a lie. This is a meat grinder.”

Artsakh’s Ordeals

In the early 1920s, Soviet dictator Josef Stalin transferred the ancient Armenian territory of Artsakh (96% Armenian) to Azerbaijan to indulge Turkey. No country/people named Azerbaijan/Azeri had ever existed before 1918.

Artsakh’s Armenians subsequently suffered brutal repression, deportations, and mass murders under Soviet Azerbaijan’s scimitar. By 1988, Armenians had been reduced to 76% of the population. All this was due to raw, ethno-racial, Azeri fanaticism.

Artsakh’s Armenians voted in 1988 and 1991 for self-determination and independence from Azerbaijan according to Soviet law and then international law. Armenians won the ensuing war.

Note that Azerbaijan claims not only Artsakh but Armenia too.

Artsakh and Armenia are reformist democracies. Dictatorial Azerbaijan is light-years away from that. Turkey is a similar political and human rights disaster.

If you lived in Artsakh, would you ever agree to Azeri rule? Of course not.

America’s Global War for Terror

The Global War on Terror (GWOT) has been American foreign policy’s pièce de résistance since 2001. Supposedly, therefore, regimes that use jihadis/terrorists against civilized people should become pariahs.

Yet American administrations and Congress have acted largely deaf, dumb, and blind regarding Turkey and Azerbaijan’s support for jihadis/terrorists.

In 2016, I presented evidence to Richard M. Mills, U.S. Ambassador to Armenia, that Turkey supported ISIS. He foolishly lied and denied it all.

The U.S. (and Europe) fawn over Azerbaijan’s gas and oil deposits and westbound pipelines despite its sickening record on jihadis and human rights.

Our government lies about our GWOT, but we remain silent. What kind of people are we?

Rename the GWOT to GWFT: the Global War for Terror.

Azerbaijan has signed and is violating the “UN Convention against the Recruitment, Use, Financing and Training of Mercenaries.” Neither the UN, State Department, nor Congress has spoken up.

America provides “counterterrorism” assistance to Azerbaijan. Thus, Americans pay it to fight terrorists while Azerbaijan turns around and hires terrorists. This is sick stuff in which we as Americans are complicit.

Now consider the jihad against Armenian/Armenia/Artsakh by Israel and the Jewish American lobby.

The Kosher Jihad

Countless Jewish academicians, writers, human rights advocates, and elected officials have supported Armenian Genocide recognition and helped Armenians in other ways. Not so for top Jewish organizations such as the ADL, AIPAC, AJC, and JINSA.

For decades, they have diminished/denied the Armenian Genocide and colluded with Turkey and Israel to defeat Armenian Genocide resolutions in Congress. The ADL and AJC have relented a bit, though insincerely and only under pressure.

For years, Israel and most of these organizations, led by AJC, have supported Azerbaijan.

Azerbaijani dictator Ilham Aliyev has given his country’s highest award to AJC Executive Director David Harris.

Israel demands worldwide recognition of and legislation on the Holocaust but refuses to recognize the Armenian Genocide.

Israel is probably Azerbaijan’s biggest weapons supplier. Israeli cluster bombs — usually banned under international law — are killing Artsakh’s civilians.

As Azerbaijan runs short of weapons and ammo, Israel is now sending more.

There are 24 righteous Armenians in Israel’s Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial but no Azeris. No problem, bomb the Armenian goyem anyway using Israeli weapons.

Meanwhile, scores of Jewish and Israeli writers defame Armenia and Armenian Americans.

Israel always complains it’s the victim of terrorists and jihadis. Now it’s on the same side as the jihadis and terrorists in Azerbaijan.

Countless Americans, including Christians, sell their souls to the Jewish lobby for political expediency, money, and career advancement and dare not whisper a word of dissent. You know who you are.

Meanwhile, Armenian Genocide 2.0 beckons.

Artsakh’s ombudsman correctly notes that “various representatives of the international community are either blind or incapable.”

How long will this remain so?

Much of the author’s work can be found at .

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  1. Brian73 says:

    Turkey is continuing the Armenian Genocide of 1894-1923. Azerbaijan has now lost its sovereignty to the Turks and become a hotbed of international terrorism, backed also by Israel. Artsakh Armenians have every right to live in peace and dignity in their independent homeland.

  2. hovsep says:

    This proves Turkey and Azerbaijan are firmly in the terrorist camp. As such, Turkey is clearly unqualified to continue as a NATO member and to receive military equipment from the US and other NATO members. All shipments of military equipment, including weapons as well as non-weapons such as trucks, radios, and spare parts, to both Turkey and Azerbaijan should cease immediately. Turkey should be put on notice that if ANY US supplied weapons are use against Armenia and Artsakh, there will be a complete embargo of Turkish products in the US.

  3. anonymous[400] • Disclaimer says:

    Who will help the Armenians? Do they have any backers or are they orphans? They seem to be in a bad position right now without the resources that a large NATO country like Turkey can throw into the situation. It seems strange that Azerbaijan/Turkey would be using foreign mercenaries when their population is already so much larger. Perhaps their own soldiers have poor morale?

  4. OCGOKTAS says:

    As always Armenians want others to fight their wars. Much talk about Turkey, Israel and Syrian Jihadist proving arms and help to Azerbaijan. BUT never mension Russia provides Armenia with every means of arms and armours and the help they get from other countries and their diaspora. Still the only hope they have that Russia or US or some EU countries will come help and fight their war intead of them. I can say that history has never forgiven or will forgive such coward attitute. One can think of Armenians are aganist a much larger foe as Azerbaijan is about 3 times larger in many ways. Hovewer that did not stop Armenians in 1992 when they drove out 850.000 Azeries from Nagorno-Karabagh.

  5. OCGOKTAS says:

    You know, the more you spread a lie systematically by means of media and parliament resolutions, the better you convince the uninformed masses that it is true. There is no single document that proves that the Ottoman Government ordered any (mass) killings of Armenians and mass graves have to be found yet.

    Well, the mass graves of those poor Turkish people who were slaughtered by Armenian gangs and militia are popping up everywhere. While accusing Turkey of an alleged Armenian genocide, nobody seems to care about the 1,2 million Muslims who were slaughtered by Armenian gangs and militia in such a diabolical and inhumane way, with brutality yet to be seen in the history of mankind, between the years 1877-1915 in today’s Turkey.

    What about the nearly 10 Million Turks and Muslims who had to flee the Balkans during the same years (nearly all of them were massacred on the way). No one knows, no one cares. Here lie the historical double-standard and hypocrisy of Western politicians and the uneducated masses.

    There are lies and there are despicable, rotten and shameless lies like the so-called Armenian genocide. Bohos Nubar went to the Paris peace conference and stated that they had sided with the Allied forces and joined the fight against the Turks expecting to be rewarded for their part but left with nothing. Boghos Nubar (1851–1930) was a Chairman of the Armenian National Assembly, he was the first ever president of the Armenian General Benevolent Union (AGBU) from 1906 to 1928.
    The Times published a letter from Boghos Nubar (an Ottoman citizen) in which he protests, belatedly, about the non-representation of Armenians at the Paris Peace Conference, 1919. The letter includes a useful summary of the Armenian contribution to the allied war effort.

    “Our volunteers fought in the French Foreign Legion and covered themselves with glory. In the Légion d’Orient they numbered over 5,000 and made up more than half of the French contingent in Syria and Palestine, which took part in General Allenby’s decisive victory.In the Caucasus, without mentioning the 150,000 Armenians in the Russian Armies, about 50,000 Armenian volunteers under Andranik, Nazarbekoff and others, not only fought for four years for the Entente, but after the breakdown of Russia, they were the only forces in the Caucasus to resist the advance of the Ottoman Empire, whom they held in check until the Armistice was signed. They helped the British in Mesopotamia by preventing the …” By Joan George, Merchants in Exile: The Armenians of Manchester, England, 1835-1935, page 184-185

    Let the facts speak for themselves.

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