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The Necessity of Discussing Black-White Race Differences
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We cannot discuss the failures of Black Americans without mentioning racial differences in intelligence and personality. Often we are led to believe by the mainstream media that disparities require correction in the form of diversity initiatives. To some, the obvious explanation for the shortage of Blacks in STEM is discrimination. Such a narrow outlook fails to account for the fact that on average, Blacks score lower on IQ tests, hence this could explain their reluctance to pursue difficult majors and why they usually drop out at higher rates than White students. Interestingly, researchers do not observe a similar trend for less demanding fields.

Unsurprisingly, data experts have identified physics, mathematical sciences, and philosophy as the majors with the highest IQs in America and Blacks are underrepresented in all three. These areas demand intellectual curiosity, so they naturally exclude dullards. And since curiosity is a function of intelligence — people with lower IQs will be less curious. As someone who has had countless interactions with Blacks, I am mystified by their disregard for abstract thought. Unfortunately, I have met too many formally educated Blacks who openly express contempt for research if it will not result in financial benefits.

Although money is a prominent motivator — high performance is driven by passion. So, considering that on average, Blacks have lower IQs and display less curiosity, their motivation to master complex subjects is relatively less. Affirmative action can never reduce the deficit of Blacks in fields like philosophy and the classics. People who study these subjects seek to unlock the secrets of life. Philosophers, for example, frequently debate the meaning of the good life. However, such theoretical matters are insignificant to Blacks.

Moreover, even though scholars assert that Blacks have made gains in IQ, Black culture is not conducive to learning. I am yet to fathom why Black acquaintances find my reading habits puzzling. Probably they think pondering the unknown will create a generation of misfits, though I suspect that this opposition stems from a dearth of curiosity. Attempting to understand Black people is truly a daunting task.


Likewise, studies on racial differences in self-control offer fascinating data. Blacks score lower than Whites on measures of self-control—what personality psychologists label conscientiousness or effortful control. One’s level of self-control is a good predictor of academic success, wealth, and involvement in crime. People with higher levels of self-control are likely to plan for the future. Unlike their impulsive counterparts, they master the art of delaying gratification. Further, when we account for the role of self-control in fostering academic achievement, the lackluster performance of Black students appears less unusual.

Whereas people deficient in self-control are reluctant to plan beyond the present, their peers will waive luxuries today with the awareness that their hard work will allow them to reap future dividends. Clearly, students in the latter category will prefer partying to studying, and so earn lower grades. In addition, reviewing the data makes it easier for us to appreciate the prominence of Black students in delinquent activities. Researchers show that among adolescents, lower rates of self-control have been associated with participation in delinquent activities. Also, of great interest is the important relationship between self-control and patience. Patience is a function of self-regulation, so people deficient in self-control exhibit higher levels of impatience. As expected, studies demonstrate that higher rates of impatience are related to a greater degree of disciplinary referrals at school, lower graduation rates, and expenditure on alcohol.


On the other hand, mainstream pundits often invoke the wealth gap as an indication of racial discrimination. However, their analysis is indeed mistaken. IQ and academic performance differences in the usual direction have been found when controlling for social class—which is why social class-based college admissions do not accomplish the goal of admitting larger numbers of Blacks; lower SES Whites still score higher than Black of the same social class. We have shown that Blacks score lower on tests of IQ and self-control, so this vicious combination should logically produce impulsive people. Borgo (2013) in an assessment of ethnic and racial disparities in saving behavior argues that “African Americans have lower saving rates than Whites, even after controlling for income and socio-demographic factors.” The dominant profiles of Black people preclude them from developing long term plans. As Borgo notes in the study: “Black…households are less willing to take risks and have significantly shorter planning horizons than do other groups, even after conditioning on income, age, and education.”


Meanwhile, we are regularly reminded that Blacks are denied loans at higher rates than Whites. Yet compared to Whites, Blacks report lower levels of creditworthiness. In fact, Blacks perform worse than other racial groups with similar credit ratings. Assuming that financial institutions are guided by data they cannot be faulted for discriminating against Blacks. Perhaps, if the evidence suggested that on average, Blacks had more self-control and longer planning horizons, we could accuse bankers of perpetuating racial discrimination, but the reverse is true, so they are justified in preferring Whites and Asians over Blacks.


Similarly, their disproportionate involvement in crime can be ascribed to lower levels of IQ and self-control. Intelligent people are capable judges of the implications of present actions on future opportunities, so in their world engagement in criminal activities can only result in a life of drudgery. To smart people responding aggressively to an insult is not worth the cost of a criminal record. Less intelligent people, however, are impulsive and may defend their honor by resorting to physical abuse. For example, some time ago, a Black woman nearly killed a cab driver because he complained that she was moving like a snail and he wanted her to get into the car, so he could continue with his business.


Invariably, after perusing the evidence on racial differences, we can conclude that the dysfunctional state of the Black family is a consequence of racial differences in personality. Forming a family requires self-control, but impulsive people lack the willpower to eschew promiscuity. Nonpoor Blacks, for example, are less likely than nonpoor Whites to oppose premarital sex. The promiscuity of Blacks is a barrier to creating stable families — even conservatives are unwilling to admit this truth. For too long we have expected people suffering from a paucity of self-control to generate respect for the sanctity of the family and marriage. Now is the time to wake up from our slumber.

Though in my younger years, I ignored race realists, becoming a researcher has taught me that many stereotypes pertaining to Black people are true. Liberals may ignore the evidence, but political correctness cannot change the fact that racial differences are real and must be taken seriously.

(Republished from The Occidental Observer by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Svevlad says:

    From personal experience, they’re rather impulsive, energetic, hyperactive, but that’s pretty much it. Nothing beyond it. They also like money, but don’t care about it that much either.

    They’re actually really apathic – take away those elements and they would all have personalities of tree stumps.

    I wonder how come they’re so passionate about stupid social organizations like gangs, then. There must be some reason.

    Generally regarding them, I think it would be wiser to give them some sort of millet system type thing. Their own laws, own police, own everything. Basically a state within a state.

    Had they had higher IQ’s, their civilization would probably be utterly alien. The traditional west African equivalent of the police was literally just local secret societies. You do shit? You’re unpersoned and that’s it.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @GomezAdddams
  2. Rand lays out the ethnic, and therefore also the innate cultural differences that we have always known. This explains to a large extent the difference in the progress of white civilization as opposed to Africa where until the arrival of the white man, the wheel had not been deployed, there were not even two story buildings much less advanced societies. There were no Wakondas. The whites introduced roads, railroads, modern farming with irrigation and even fisheries. Just a look at the areas where the negro predominates today such as Liberia, Botswana, Haiti, Camden or Detroit, are a stark reminder of actual performance.

    The problem is that these racial differences have been and continue to aggravated and escalated by the policies of our Zionist controlled government. When we look back to the early 20th. century most blacks (a revolutionary term) held style jobs and their family structure was almost as good as the whites. This was an intolerable situation where the Zionist Jews saw the opportunity to divide the races, make proxy warriors of the negro and used the illegal 14th amendment to gain more federal power.

    International Jew Banker Jacob Schiff founded the all Jew NAACP in 1909 (did not have a black president for over 60 years) in order to radicalize the negroes. There were many communist race baiters employed including the Pritzker’s poverty pimp Obama’s real father, Frank Martial Davis (see Dreams of My Real Father). Next came the so called “civil rights mov.” (run by the Jews) that paved the way for todays anti-semitism, hate crime legislation, and the overall anti white culture pushed by the Jew MSM and the Zionist operatives in congress and Governorships fueled by the ADL and many others Jew groups along with the Jew :entertainment industry aided now by controlled corporate entities.

    If we had retained our Republic of very limited federal power these problems would have been avoided. In a free market economy where the government is prevented from interfering in the affairs of the individual, everyone would gravitate to their natural market demand. When the Zionist government initiated the unconstitutional and racially divisive minority set asides, affirmative action hiring quotas along with the welfare programs beginning with LBJ’s Great Society programs in the 60’s over 15 trillion of productive wealth has been thrown thrown down the rat hole. This is money that could have provided real jobs for everyone who wanted to work in the real economy. Not socialist money pits like the new proposal by the Biden (Zionist puppet actor) ad. for black farmers ostensibly facing discrimination. The government needs to get out of ALL so called aid programs and let the market determine who is best qualified.

    The Zionists are using the race issue along with other contrived issues to demoralize and destabilize the western nations. They care nothing about the minorities or about anyone but themselves and their elite cronies. These are the same elite pushing the Green energy scam and the fake virus all as part of the NWO plan for their long planned Neo-feudalist agenda for all the livestock no matter what their ethnicity.

    • Replies: @martin_2
    , @aj54
  3. You gotta discuss muscle and dong differences.

  4. Patriot says:

    It’s not Systemic Racism, its SBS, Systemic Black Stupidity.

    Of course there are some smart Africans, especially among those with mixed racial heritage. But unfortunately, the vast majority have low IQ and other gene-based behavioral problems, making it impossible to succeed in a complex modern, liberal technological society.

    As primitive hunter-gatherers, subsistance farmers or hearders they seem to do OK. But by-and-large, they lack the mental power, longterm planning, and self control to achieve in the Western Civilization. This is why they have failed in every Western Nation. In fact, there is not a single place on the planet in habited by majority of Blacks that is not a total disaster.

    • Replies: @aj54
  5. songbird says:

    I wonder how much the cost of blacks living in the West would be compared to the value of the oil that has already been pumped out of the Middle East. A black hole compared to black gold.

    Imagine if Arabs and Persians had not been given that money (essentially free to them) but if it instead had been sucked out of them, or they had to work it off as indentured servants.

  6. SafeNow says:

    “racial differences are real and must be taken seriously”

    How? Colleges, large corporations, government, and the military created make-work employment infrastructures. What might the inner-city counterpart consist of? The mechanical, repetitive manufacturing jobs are gone. Seattle hired a former pimp as a street-cred consultant, but you can have only so many of those.

  7. MarkinLA says:

    The biggest problem is their attitudes. There is a far higher percentage of Indios who do OK in America with the same low level of intellectual ability as blacks. They just have a better attitude about work, the job they have to do to survive, and the willingness to take orders from the boss without any attitude. They are innately happier and less surly about life in general.

    The Mexican doesn’t think he is constantly being cheated just by being at the bottom of the ladder, unlike the black. Unfortunately, they are being conditioned to believe they are by the same people that convinced they blacks they are.

  8. It’s not a daunting task; it couldn’t be simpler. Julius Caesar said Britons were the most stupid and ignorant people he had ever conquered, and when the Romans left four centuries later they hadn’t absorbed a single Roman advance so all that they were left crumbled.

    Then in the next thousand years came feudalism and manoralism, where planners and doers were the most productive and so their children tended not to die so often as others; cousin marraige was banned by the Church to the fifth cousin so they became quite outbred; and regular execution fairs took out 2% of the young male population each generation most lacking in impulse control. Evolution is not a treat, it’s a bitch. Which population is it that never spent that time in the barrel?

    • Agree: Kratoklastes
  9. Anonymous[828] • Disclaimer says:

    I think it would be wiser to give them

    Sorry, gonna have to stop you right there. “Give them” is Minister Farrakhan’s position. “Give them” part of a country that’s still pretty good so they can f*** things up on their own. Now, if you said a one way ticket back to Africa, then we could have a conversation.

    “Give them” dates to LBJ’s Great Society. He said “We’ll have the n*****s voting Democrat for 200 years.”

    Black men are disproportionately incarcerated because they’re worse than average at crime. By which I mean stupid. When you factor in that they commit more crimes, well, there you have it.

  10. “Clearly, students in the latter category will prefer partying to studying, and so earn lower grades.”

    Did you not mean to say: “. . . in the former category . . .”?

  11. Thomasina says:

    Big Five Personality traits:

    Openness to Experience (curiosity) – low.

    Conscientiousness – low.

    Extraversion – high.

    Agreeableness – low.

    Neuroticism – high.

    A very bad combination.

  12. BuelahMan says:

    All men and women are created, by the, you know, you know the thing,

  13. martin_2 says:
    @Mark Tapley

    I don’t think Botswana belongs on that list. Botswana had the good fortune to be at one time part of the British Empire and, with that and the fortuitous presence of diamonds, they have one of the highest scores on the Human Development Index in all of Sub Saharan Africa.

  14. We cannot discuss the failures of Black Americans without mentioning racial differences in intelligence and personality.

    From an international perspective, the context of this article has to be kept in view.

    It’s a very particular context, namely the “American” context. So all the studies, measures and comparisons between “Blacks” and “Whites” cited in this article apply to the USA. Fair enough.

    My reason for noting this is that, while humanity most emphatically and self-evidently can be partitioned into numerous categories with consistent and distinctive characteristics, the diversity of human races is not defined by the skin colouring alone.

    Far from it. In fact, there are multiple distinctly different races which all happen to have black or brown skin – even across the expanse of continental Africa, let alone Asia, Australia, the Pacific Islands and South America. So too for the white races, and yellow, and red. Perhaps in antiquity there were other colours too.

    So in respect to this article showcasing the traits of “Black Americans” versus “White Americans”, I say – fair enough. Let’s just keep in mind that there’s a larger global context.

  15. aj54 says:
    @Mark Tapley

    Please look up some info on a genetic disorder carried by Africans called the MAOA 2 repeat or 3 repeat allele. It causes the debris from the decay of a neurotransmitter to build up in the brain, leading to progressively worsening behaviors, culminating in psychosis. Add to that the very high levels of testosterone carried by some blacks, both male and female, which has effects on behavior. To these must be added the stress of poverty, dysfunctional upbringing, drug use, and the inability of some to be adequately educated. The military has an IQ cutoff of 85, because such cannot even be trained to do a simple repetitive job, let alone be educated for a technical job. I recently read that the majority of black males in the CA school systems have average IQ scores of 75, which is the same found in sub-Saharan Africa. The biological and socioeconomic factors are mutually reinforcing.

  16. aj54 says:

    30% of African American males carry a European Y chromosome. I would love to see some research on their success or failure vis a vis those who carry an African Y.

  17. @Svevlad

    So off they went to shoot up some third world country to keep the animals safe in Chicaco -Baltimore- East LA – St Louis- Atlanta so these animals could experience happiness and the pursuit of happiness AND if not –our system will be undermined —?

  18. There is no GIANT WHITE CONSPIRACY holding down blacks. If there is it sure doesn’t work in pro sports. Black failure is due to black mental inferiority.

    1. Black-americans come in last in all standardized tests. Asian-americans do fine on all the tests so it’s not due to cultural bias in the tests.

    2. Africa is by far the poorest and most backward continent on the planet. All of black africa is now controlled by blacks and has been for decades so it’s not due to racism.

    3. No black has ever won a Science Nobel Prize unless you count one in 1979 for the semi-science of economics. They have won many nobels in non-brain fields like Peace and also in Literature so it is not due to racism.

    4. Out of 1552 chess grandmasters in the world, only THREE are black.

  19. Sean says:

    But why are the test cores of upper class whites pulling away from those of lower class whites.

    More associative mating among whites?

  20. Peg B says: • Website

    Mr. Rand, and commenters, but what about all the dumb, violent, lazy, thieving, low IQ white people. Since they aren’t black, they have no excuse for being dumb, violent, lazy, etc. Right?

    Actually, thanks to slavery, rape, intermarriage, lust and opportunity, it’s doubtful there’s a racially pure-blooded human on the planet, so racial derisiveness is based on silly sh#t.

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