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The National Question and the War on Poland
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I hid in my bathroom from anti-Semitic marchers in Poland – in 2017” screamed Sam Rubin in The Forward, (November 13, 2017) triggered by the sight of tens of thousands of Polish patriots honoring their country’s independence in a march last Saturday November 13. Needless to say, despite the clickbait headline and ritualistic invocation of The Current Year, Rubin wasn’t chased into his bathrooms by Nazis. In fact, even though he was pretending to be a reporter, he couldn’t actually report on what he saw because “I was too afraid to look out the window.” He even shuttered his windows, unplugged “every light producing appliance” and retreated to the “windowless bathroom.”

Thus, Rubin’s article really wasn’t about a Polish nationalist march at all, but simply an unintentionally comic report on his own neuroses. But he wasn’t alone. Polish patriots need to act swiftly to defend their independence from what may be an even greater threat than the innumerable foreign armies they have outlasted in the past.

The international Main Stream Media, in that curiously coordinated way it has, has exploded in outrage over the country celebrating its existence. This reaction shows hatred is indeed on the rise—not among Poles, directed against Jews or minorities, but among journalists determined to ensure not one functional Western nation-state will survive the 21st century.

In just about any other country in the world, a march to celebrate national independence would be taken for granted. And Poland poses no threat to its neighbors and is not engaged in territorial revanchism. Given the Anglosphere MSM’s insane bigotry against Russia, one would think Polish nationalism would be celebrated the same way Ukrainian nationalism (also often aligned with “far-right” elements) was mostly hailed after the Maidan. But the Polish march drew a remarkable amount of criticism and scorn from foreign journalists—showing them to be heirs in spirit to those Communist commissars who oppressed the Polish nation for so many years:

There was also a great deal of Narrative Confusion regarding the event. CNN absurdly claimed “tens of thousands of nationalist protesters disrupted Poland’s independence day events,” as if the nationalists were somehow trying to sabotage the celebrations instead of hosting them [Nationalist protesters disrupt Poland independence day events, by Matthew Day, November 13, 2017].

In reality, the only people who seemed to want to halt the events were antifa, who protested the march. One protester, an “Andy Eddles,” demanded to know why nationalists were “allowed to demonstrate on this day,” a presumptuous question considering Eddles is apparently not even Polish, but a British man living in someone else’s country [Poland marks independence day with rallies, Gulf Times, November 12, 2017].

Most reporters acknowledged that most of those marching were not “Nazis.” However, they still hyperventilated about the occasional sign or slogan they did not like. But even those regarded as “offensive” are only so to those who hate the idea of Europeans retaining control of their homelands. For example, innumerable articles referenced a slogan reading a “White Europe of brotherly nations” [Declaring ‘White Europe’ and ‘We Want God,’ 60,000 join far-right march on Poland’s Independence Day, by Vanessa Gera, Associated Press, November 12, 2017]. Yet this would have been regarded as an idealistic, internationalist sentiment in 1939, with the “White Europe” being redundant, just as “White American” was to the founding generation that wrote the Naturalization Act of 1790.

But there was a more specific agenda behind the MSM reaction. As the viscerally anti-white Anne Applebaum and many others argued, it’s not that every one of the marchers was “far right,” it was that the Law & Justice Party, a National Conservative party by orientation, “welcomed and encouraged Saturday’s march as a ‘patriotic’ action, though the party knew who was behind it” . [Anne Applebaum: Neo-fascists in Poland suddenly feel enabled and encouraged, The Salt Lake Tribune, November 13, 2017]

Thus, this international media campaign is a vast exercise in concern trolling, trying to get the Polish government to punch right and undermine its own coalition. The endgame of course, is to force Poland to accept mass Muslim immigration, break Eastern European resistance to the policies being set by Germany and other anti-white Western European governments, a nd reduce Poland to simply a province of the EU, rather than an independent nation-state.

And the campaign is working. After a few days of media hysteria, President Andrzej Duda was sufficiently broken and dutifully repeated the tired slogans about how “there is no place in Poland” for xenophobia. He also seemingly endorsed Poland as a proposition nation, proclaiming it didn’t matter what a person’s origin was [Polish president sharply condemns weekend nationalist march, by Vanessa Gera, Associated Press, November 13, 2017].

But if that’s true, then why bother resisting Muslim immigration, if they can somehow become just as Polish as everyone else? For that matter, why bother celebrating independence at all, if Poland is just a spot of dirt rather than homeland for a particular people?

One Narrative widely deployed by reporters is that Poland, as a country conquered by the Wehrmacht during World War II, has no right to be nationalist.

Martin Sandbu moans:

That this [the march] should happen in Poland is particularly saddening. It is a country that has benefited enormously from its return to the western family after four decades behind the Iron Curtain. And it is a country whose size means it could, in time, take its rightful place among Europe’s chief powers if it stayed on a European course.

[Poland leads the way in normalizing the far right, Financial Times, November 13, 2017]


But it’s precisely because Poland wants to remain European that is so hated by the MSM and the EU’s anti-European leadership. Indeed, it’s a step beyond Orwell that the word “European” is now used by reporters to refer to a deliberate policy of replacing the Continent’s indigenous population with the Third World and facilitating the Islamization of what was once Christendom. And to appeal to Poland’s history of foreign occupation as a way of shaming it into surrendering independence is nothing less than obscene.

Poland, like every other nation, must decide whether to resist or die. There is no other choice: the globalist elite and its servants in the press will not permit it. The National Question will dominate Western politics for the decades to come. And how each nation answers will determine whether that nation and people continues to exist. Indeed, it will determine whether Western Civilization will continue to exist.

The hateful maniacs of the global media are demanding we pretend a country’s culture and identity be considered as something entirely separate from the people who make it up. Poland’s president has already shown weakness in defying this absurd commandment.

He had better find his courage. For if he loses this ideological battle, in far less than time he could expect, it will mean the end of Poland’s national sovereignty and European identity.

The same goes for every leader of every Western nation, including President Donald Trump a nd the United States of America.

James Kirkpatrick [Email him] is a Beltway veteran and a refugee from Conservatism Inc.

(Republished from VDare by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Beckow says:

    It will be very hard to put the ‘national question’ back in the box. 2015 was a disaster because it made visible what was going on: millions marching into Europe and the elites who wanted it. The impact of seeing the migrant march on Europe cannot be reversed. It was going on before, but more quietly, more gradually. Since 2015 the national question has been in the centre of European politics.

    In Poland (and Eastern Europe in general), the pro-national sentiment is completely dominant, probably more than 90%, a bit less in the capitols. To try to force migrants on these societies would have very unpredictable consequences. So EU has been stalling, they got their ‘court ruling’, they are running the propaganda, but they are waiting with implementation. First they need to replace the political elites, and feed some propaganda to the locals.

    Longer they wait, harder it will be. Poland will not give in. And that gives us an inevitable outcome 10-20 years from now of dysfunctional West, overrun by migrants, versus a prosperous old-fashioned Europe in the east. And that is what really scares the Western liberals – once that becomes obvious to all, the consequences for the open-borders liberals will be ugly.

  2. FKA Max says: • Website

    Mr. Kirkpatrick,

    I extensively commented on the political and religious situation in continental Europe a few weeks ago, in the following comments threads:

    A recent insider’s perspective on the European Union:

    “Institute Encounters” featuring Archduke Georg von Habsburg-Lothringen

    westernciv ttu
    Published on Oct 18, 2017

    His Imperial and Royal Highness Archduke Georg von Habsburg-Lothringen of Austria and Hungary visited Texas Tech University October 15-16, 2017, who honored us with his presence at the Texas Tech Institute for the Study of Western Civilization on Monday by consenting to an interview with Institute Director, Dr. Stephen Balch. His Royal Highness discussed his current views of the European Union and its greatest challenges to survive Brexit, which was the topic of his talk later the same evening at the International Cultural Center.

  3. utu says:

    I have read elsewhere that the official theme was ‘We Want God.’ This might be the chief reason for the coordinated lashing out by the left. Nothing enrages them more than Christianity and Catholicism in particular. And when the adherence and loyalty to Christianity is demonstrated by young people despite of 24/7 anti Christian propaganda in MSM they panic.

    This report in Chicago Tribune does not seem to be too hysterical.
    Declaring ‘White Europe’ and ‘We Want God,’ 60,000 join far-right march on Poland’s Independence Day

    But the march has become the largest Independence Day event in recent years, overshadowing official state observances and other patriotic events. Some participants expressed sympathy for xenophobic or white supremacist ideas, with one banner reading, “White Europe of brotherly nations.”

    Participants marched under the slogan “We Want God,” words from an old Polish religious song that President Donald Trump quoted during a visit to Warsaw earlier this year. Speakers spoke of standing against liberals and defending Christian values.

    The march has become one of the largest such demonstration in Europe, and on Saturday it drew far-right leaders from elsewhere in Europe, including Tommy Robinson from Britain and Roberto Fiore from Italy.

    State broadcaster TVP, which reflects the conservative government’s line, called it a “great march of patriots,” and in its broadcasts described the event as one that drew mostly regular Poles expressing their love of Poland, not extremists.

    “It was a beautiful sight,” Interior Minister Mariusz Blaszczak said. “We are proud that so many Poles have decided to take part in a celebration connected to the Independence Day holiday.”

    Not sure why “White Europe of brotherly nations” suppose to imply supremacism

    • Replies: @Veritatis
  4. Lex says:

    Hated both by Western Liberals and Russian Imperialists/Nationalists(like The Saker). I wonder if Polish Nation is the only one in this position.

    Also Western media like The Guardian, Daily Mail, CNN or Washington tried (some are still trying) to convince everyone that Independence March official theme was “Pray for Islamic Holocaust”(sign like that was displayed in 2015 amid reports of mass murders o Christians by ISIS murderers)..

    • Replies: @anon
  5. Veritatis says:

    @ “He had better find his courage. For if he loses this ideological battle, in far less than time he could expect, it will mean the end of Poland’s national sovereignty and European identity.”

    Very good article. I think the Polish president has a strong ally in the polish Church. The immediate background for this March would be the Oct 7 nation-wide event “Rosary at the Borders” organized by the polish bishops. I read that perhaps a million peaceful poles participated. It was celebrated in the feast of the Virgin of the Rosary, which coincides with the anniversary of … the battle of Lepanto.

    The Polish Bishops undoubtedly reared and  strengthened by John Paul II, are catholic to the core, and have nicely and openly withstood our current more liquid Pope in matters both of doctrine and practice (immigration).

    But is this not what is happening in the old, defeated, scattered and very catholic Habsburg Empire? Look at Hungary, Austria and Poland, there’s resistance to annihilation there based on faith. And the Visegrad-4, though not all as practicing, are ex-Habsburg. The new Austrian leader, Sebastian Kurz, is reputedly catholic:

    and very nimble politically:

    Shamir did a piece on Kurz, but no one else on this site, which is pretty surprising to me.

    The other locus of resistance to globalism, I think is also located in one of the territories of the long-gone House of Austria: Spain. There are thinkers, and journalists, and media outlets that have developed the ideas and language (political battles are also fought as language battles) to oppose multiculturalism, gender ideology, and increasingly transhumanism. They speak about Soros openly and in detail, they publish books about Bildeberg. Though to be fair, much of this conservative spanish line of thinking was sown and fostered during Franco’s long reign.

    I wish Unz Review would devote a bit more space to these current battles (gender ideology, transhumanist ideology, globalism as such) instead of so much rehashing of historical events (Mao, Holocaust, Lenin) lately. More forward-looking journalism, less historical opinion! It is now that we can gain the future.

    • Replies: @John Gruskos
  6. Veritatis says:

    “I have read elsewhere that the official theme was ‘We Want God.’ This might be the chief reason for the coordinated lashing out by the left.”

    I agree. It is made worse because the phrase is part of their recent culture: it first chanted as the poles’ spontaneous reaction to John Paul II’s 1979 visit, like the counterpart of his famous “Be not afraid”. He was speaking and the crowd started chanting “We want God”. He sparked the Solidarity movement, of course.

  7. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:
    @FKA Max

    Catholics are saving Western civilization, you ninny.

    • Replies: @FKA Max
    , @anon
  8. Veritatis says:
    @FKA Max

    How curious, I read your comment after posting mine below. Is one of your arguments related to the link between European/national identity and faith?

    As to the Habsburgs, I can’t quite read this branch at least of the family. He (Archduke George) and his brother, the nominal heir, appear to be “Paneuropeans” as their father was, which may be because they think the EU can embrace and unify national sovereignties and give them relative strength, as was the Habsburg wont (am thinking about Franz Joseph and Karl). And they are very cautious, which is understandable given past persecutions and laws against them.

    But given that currently EU institutions are co-opted by globalists, and would rather dissolve nation-states and retain “regions” answerable to them (Catalonia), his insistence on “Europe” seems a bit suspect. I know that an individual country resisting the multilateral cartels is like David vs Goliath, but maybe the answer lies in intermediate arrangements (V-4) first and then dream of taking back the EU. Not a really hopeful outlook.

  9. Veritatis says:
    @FKA Max

    Well, I just speed-read some of your comments, I missed your interesting conversation with polskijoe. I see some of the same things you guys are seeing. I think you are not catholic? On top of what Polskijoe pointed out about Germany-Orthodoxes, our wonderful Pope has to be put in the mix, also the political reality on the ground: EU institutions coopted by globalist, plus advanced social reengineering in several parts (Spain, for example).

    But for some reason, the immediate future does not spark feeding-frenzy in the commentariat at Unz’s.

  10. FKA Max says: • Website

    This is what I wrote:

    As said above, this development is a doubled-edged sword. One the one hand, continental Europe and the European Union are becoming more right-wing Roman Catholic, but on the other hand right-wing Roman Catholics are the most experienced fighters and best defense and bulwark against incursions of radical Islam into Europe.

    They are not exactly and so much saving Protestant-Western Civilization though. It is important to be aware of this other religious dynamic/conflict and to point out the Protestant-Catholic divide within Western Civilization. In continental Europe Catholics are protectors and defenders of Western Civilization against Islam, I agree. In historically Protestant North America and Northern Europe, however, Catholics are considered to be and perceived of as invaders, bringing with them a hostile, authoritarian, backward and oppressive ideology and political system that is a threat to Protestants’ culture, identity and way of life. Protestant very much feel the same way about Catholicism as Catholics feel about Islam. Protestants don’t like Islam either, but they are equally or even more concerned about the power of the Roman Church:

    The Catholic Church Will Use Force!

    If the Roman Catholic Church indeed has confined itself to letting everybody decide what to believe, think and mean, this would not be so serious. But – the problem is that this Church uses all means, especially the control of state power where possible, to further its ends. The Church itself confirms that it will use power if people will not willingly submit.

    Immigration and the Catholic Church


    Good on you for bringing up Tony Blair’s conversion, not many people realize how crucial of a fact that is to understand the bigger picture […] Do you think this is just a coincidence and accident that Britain is being “Catholizied” through open borders?

    Why Britain is flooded with the Polish?

    The Poles leaving the UK after Brexit – BBC News

    Catholics like the European Union more than Protestants do. This is why.

    So Catholics have always been very comfortable, even if subconsciously, with the notion of supranational governance.

    After the Reformation, Protestants, on the other hand, attempted to carve out areas of religious liberty and caught on to the notion of the nation state.

    • Replies: @FKA Max
  11. Lex says:

    Here is something of interest about Jewish attitudes towards Poland almost 100 years ago:

    Probably no tactic employed by the Zionists caused greater resentment than their efforts directly to intimidate the State Department and its staff. One such effort serves to demonstrate the Zionist technique. It was a highly effective tactic, and continues to be, and it goes far in explaining why the professionals at the State Department and successive secretaries of state harbored various degrees of animosity towards the Zionists.

    The case involved an urbane and highly successful diplomat, Hugh Gibson. At the age of 36 in 1919 he was the newly installed ambassador to Poland, or to use the grandiose title of the day, the envoy extraordinary and minister plenipotentiary. Post-war Poland was home to one of the largest and least assimilated Jewish communities in Europe and their troubles were trumpeted by the Zionists as an example of ruthless anti-Semitism. In fact, anti-Semitic incidents were common, but not as common in Gibson’s view as claimed by American Zionists. To his mother he wrote: “These yarns are exclusively of foreign manufacture for anti-Polish purposes.”

    Gibson’s skeptical reports to the State Department about the troubles of Polish Jews came to the attention of Brandeis. On 24 June 1919, Gibson was called by Colonel House to a meeting with the fabled justice and his prot�g�, Felix Frankfurter. Gibson not only was at a disadvantage because of Brandeis exalted status but also because his appointment as ambassador to Poland had yet to be confirmed by the Senate.

    In Gibson’s words, the two Zionists opened what the young diplomat later called the “prosecution” by saying that

    I had done more mischief to the Jewish race than anyone who had lived in the last century. They said…that my reports on the Jewish question had gone around the world and had undone their work….They finally said that I had stated that the stories of excesses against the Jews were exaggerated, to which I replied that they certainly were and I should think any Jew would be glad to know it.

    Frankfurter claimed that Gibson “had no right to make reports to the department in regard to Jewish matters and should have ‘refused’ on the ground that I could not possibly learn enough about them to make even general observations.” Frankfurter then hinted that if Gibson continued his reports that Zionists would block his confirmation as ambassador to Poland by the Senate.

    Gibson was so furious by the confrontation that he wrote a twenty-one page letter about it to his friends in the State Department, including Frankfurter’s claim that Gibson should not report on Jews. Nothing is more disconcerting or insulting to a diplomat than to have his reporting questioned, much less to be advised that he had no “right” to report on certain matters. Reporting is the secret heart of the diplomat’s art, a talent especially valued in Washington where officials in those pre-television days depended on it as their window to the world beyond.

    Frankfurter could hardly have raised a more sensitive question or one more certain to raise the hackles of diplomats. Gibson went further in his letter than just describe his encounter. He also shared his suspicions of what the Zionists were trying to accomplish-a conscienceless and cold-blooded plan to make the condition of the Jews in Poland so bad that they must turn to Zionism for relief.” The State Department in those days was a far more closed and clubby establishment of upper class scions than after 1945. This attack on one of its own was highly resented. A rising star of the foreign service had been humiliated and threatened by a justice of the Supreme Court acting as a spokesperson for a narrow Jewish group not even accepted by most Jews. Rancor was particularly strong in the Warsaw embassy, where it lingered for years. In 1923, Vice Consul Monroe H. Kline reported: “It is common knowledge that this race of people [Jews] are continually and constantly spreading propaganda, through their agencies over the entire world, of political and religious persecution.” He added: “The Jew in business oppresses the Pole to a far greater extent than does the Pole oppress the Jew in a political way.”

    One of the consequences of the Gibson case, and similar if less dramatic ones over the years, was that Zionism would have few good friends, high in the State Department until Henry A. Kissinger became Secretary of State in 1973. As for Gibson, he went on to serve honorably as an ambassador in various posts until his retirement on the eve of World War II. Despite his early promise, however, he never became one of the department’s principal officers.

    As if nothing changed.

    • Agree: renfro
  12. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    What an interview! Who was Colonel House? As is not the author jewish?

  13. Lex says:

    It’s “Fallen Pillars” by Donald Neff.

    Googling Colonel House gave that result:

    • Replies: @RobinG
    , @Anon
  14. FKA Max says: • Website
    @FKA Max

    Typo in my above comment: *Protestants* very much feel the same way about Catholicism as Catholics feel about Islam.

    Good on you for bringing up Tony Blair’s conversion, not many people realize how crucial of a fact that is to understand the bigger picture

    In this interview Ian Paisley recounts how and when Tony Blair told him he would convert to Roman Catholicism.

    Video time-stamped to 7 min 22 sec:

    Ian Paisley – Genesis to Revelation. Part 2


    how much time did you devote to talking religion with Tony Blair at Leeds Castle Oh good deal of time, why was that, It was matters that were brought up and matters about this grandfather being an Orangeman and his grandmother was a very very strong supporter of mine, was she a Paisleyite?, she was, she said to him you don’t do anything on Ian Paisley because it’ll be very on lucky for you if you do, now did Mr. Blair tell you a story about his granny’s comments to him as she was ailing and advancing in years, yeah, about getting married to a Catholic and the danger of getting married to a Catholic, yes, What did he say, she said son you must never marry a Roman Catholic and you must never join the Roman Catholic Church, and he of course dutifully disobeyed her and married Cherie a Catholic, that’s right yes, can you just tell me about the day that he told you he was going to become a Catholic, well I used to meet him in his private room not so much in his office and he says look I’m got downstairs now and he says I let you out the back door, [so you can] get away quick and I said it’s alright as we are walking down the stairs he stopped he looked back at me and he says Ian there’s something I need to tell you, when the hands of that clock, and he pointed at a big wooden clock, when they come to eight o’clock I will be a Roman Catholic, and he said I didn’t want you to leave without telling you, rather tell you myself, and I said you’re a fool

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @anonymous
  15. truthman says:

    I love how when President Duda backtracked about the march and said it didn’t matter who one’s parents were in order to be Polish, he mentions Germans, Jews, Russians or Belarussians, as opposed to a US liberal who might mention a Sri Lankan, a Chinese, a Nigerian and a Guatemalan.

    • Replies: @szopen
    , @Anon
    , @Anon
  16. karalan says:

    Has it occurred to any among the deluded that if white men controlled and abused everyone else in the past, there’s nothing stopping us from doing it again, if we feel like it?

    • Replies: @Wally
    , @Wizard of Oz
  17. Anon • Disclaimer says:
    @FKA Max

    *Catholics* very much feel the same way, to a lesser extent, about Protestantism as Catholics feel about Islam.


    • Replies: @FKA Max
  18. anonymous • Disclaimer says:
    @FKA Max

    Ian Paisley. The founder and Demi-God of his very own “church”. Okay.

  19. FKA Max says: • Website

    When you look at the English and Welsh prison population, it is understandable why white, English Protestants are leery of white, Eastern European and Irish Catholics:

    Catholics seem to be overrepresented in the English and Welsh prison population as well. I wonder how many of them are non-English (some of them are probably from Poland, Ireland, Lithuania, etc.)?

    Anglicans seem to be the least crime-prone, i.e., the most civilised group/culture by this, admittedly rather crude, measurement. However, even Catholics can’t quite keep up with Muslims, as cousin marriage appears to have a highly uncivilising and dysgenic effect:
    24% of prisoners in 2010 claimed to be Anglicans [ ~ 45% of population], 17% Roman Catholics [ ~ 10% of population], 7% other Christians, 12% Muslims [ ~ 5% of population], and 5% of other faiths.

    Poland tops league for foreign inmates in UK’s overcrowded jails ahead of Ireland and Jamaica with almost 1,000 behind bars



    “Other Christian” are most likely non-white/black Protestants from places like Jamaica, Nigeria, etc.

    In the United States around 28.7% of the federal prison population is Protestant and 24% is Catholic, while the U.S. population is currently ~48% Protestant and ~22% Catholic.

    In the total U.S. prison population ~51% are Protestant and 14.5% are Catholic.

    However, 34% of the total U.S. prison population is black/African American and since this group is overwhelmingly Protestant, this somewhat distorts the numbers unfavorably for non-black/African American Protestants.

    If the total U.S. prison population is 51% Protestant and also 34% of the U.S. prison population is black/African American Protestant, that means that 17% of the total U.S. prison population are non-black/African American Protestants (whites and Hispanics).

    If 48% of the U.S. population is Protestant and about 10-12% of the U.S. population are black/African American Protestants, this means that approximately 38% of the U.S. population are non-black/African American Protestants (whites and Hispanics).

    17% prison of the population divided by 38% of their share of the total population means non-black/African American U.S. Protestants (white and Hispanic) offend/are incarcerated at a rate of 0.45

    14.5% of the prison population divided by 22% of their share of the total population means U.S. Catholics (white and non-white (mostly Hispanic)) offend/are incarcerated at a rate of 0.65

    34% of the prison population divided by 10-12% of their share of the total population means black/African American U.S. Protestants offend/are incarcerated at a rate of 3.4

    In addition to that, Protestants make up 28.7% of the prison population; Catholics, 24%; Muslims, 5.5%; American Indians, 3.1%. I’ve put together a bare-bones spreadsheet with these numbers here — feel free to do with that what you will.
    We’re also only talking about prisoners in the federal prison system — about 218,000 people — not all prisoners in America.

    Today, those numbers are still the most detailed ones available.


    This statistic shows U.S. prison chaplains estimations of the percentage of inmates belonging to different organized faiths and religions as of 2011. Chaplains surveyed reported that on average 50.6 percent of inmates were of protestant faiths.

    The religious affiliation of inmates in the United States, the country with most prisoners per head globally, is reasonably similar to the religious affiliations of the society overall. That said, the proportion of non-religious inmates and those declining to express their religious affiliation is smaller than the overall proportion. In contrast the number of Muslim inmates is disproportionately large in comparison with wider society. As a result a sizable share of prison chaplains identity as Muslim, catering to the preferences of the Muslim prison population.

    It would be better and clearer if the total U.S. prison population would be broken down into more specific denominations, e.g. Evangelical, Mainline Protestant, Historically black Protestant tradition, etc. like Pew Research did it here. They should probably also group the U.S. Catholic prison population into German, Irish, Italian, Mexican, etc. Catholics:


    In conclusion: Not all Protestants, Catholics and Muslims are created equal, it is important to distinguish between non-white Protestants, Catholics and Muslims, and white Protestants, Catholics and Muslims when one attempts to judge a culture’s and race’s civilization/civilizedness level.

    Nevertheless, white, North American and Northern European Protestantism, on average, seem to be one of the most civilized and peaceful cultures/religions on the planet, at this time. Followed by Catholicism, with Islam being the least peaceful and least civilized religion/culture on the planet, at the moment.

    Judaism ranks somewhere between North American/Northern European/Anglican Protestantism and Catholicism, at least in England and Wales:

    Huge leap in number of Jews behind bars

    The most recent census in 2011 showed that Jews make up 0.47 per cent of people in England and Wales, while Jewish inmates constitute 0.38 per cent of the prison population.

    After violence, the most prevalent crimes in the community were theft, and drug and sexual offences.

    Though Jews committed proportionately much less theft than the wider population, three times more members of the community were convicted for sexual offences and twice as many for robbery (theft by means of force or fear).

    Jewish offenders were also more likely to be guilty of drug offences or fraud than the average convict.


  20. FKA Max says: • Website
    @FKA Max

    Typo: 17% *of the prison population* divided by 38% of their share of the total population

  21. FKA Max says: • Website
    @FKA Max

    However, 34% of the total U.S. prison population is black/African American and since this group is overwhelmingly Protestant, this somewhat distorts the numbers unfavorably for non-black/African American Protestants.
    If 48% of the U.S. population is Protestant and about 10-12% of the U.S. population are black/African American Protestants, this means that approximately 38% of the U.S. population are non-black/African American Protestants (whites and Hispanics).

    My estimates above on black/African American religious affiliation are confirmed by Pew Research and Wikipedia:

    While the U.S. is generally considered a highly religious nation, African-Americans are markedly more religious on a variety of measures than the U.S. population as a whole, including level of affiliation with a religion, attendance at religious services, frequency of prayer and religion’s importance in life. Compared with other racial and ethnic groups, African-Americans are among the most likely to report a formal religious affiliation, with fully 87% of African-Americans describing themselves as belonging to one religious group or another, according to the U.S. Religious Landscape Survey, conducted in 2007 by the Pew Research Center’s Forum on Religion & Public Life. Latinos also report affiliating with a religion at a similarly high rate of 85%; among the public overall, 83% are affiliated with a religion.

    The vast majority of African-Americans are Protestant (78%), compared with only 51% of the U.S. adult population as a whole. By a wide margin, African-Americans stand out as the most Protestant racial and ethnic group in the U.S.; far fewer whites (53%), Asians (27%) and Latinos (23%) belong to Protestant denominations.


    African Americans Total population
    12.7% of the total U.S. population (2015)
    Predominantly Protestant (78%);
    largest minorities Roman Catholic (5%), Jehovah’s Witnesses (1%), Muslim (1%); Irreligious (12%)[2]

    78% Protestants of the black/African American 12.7% of the total U.S. population means about 10% of the total U.S. population are black/African American Protestants.

    Religious affiliation of African Americans


  22. FKA Max says: • Website
    @FKA Max

    Another typo: Nevertheless, white, North American and Northern European Protestantism, on average, *seems* to be one of the most civilized and peaceful cultures/religions on the planet, at this time.

    Typical Swedish Christianity

    More than 70% of Swedes are members of the Church of Sweden, although most of those don’t believe in God. Many feel like cultural Christians and were baptised into the church as kids, but are in increasing numbers leaving the church as they discover that they are paying taxes for an organisation whose beliefs they don’t share.

  23. RobinG says:

    Thanks for this reference, Lex. Here’s a very good review of Neff’s book. It also spotlights Washington Post [& other MSM] pro-Israel bias.

    “Fallen Pillars is an astonishing feat that could only have been written by Donald Neff, who surely knows and has documented more about Palestine-Israel and U.S. relations with it than any other writer in English. Serious students of the Middle East should read it, and then read it again.”

    • Replies: @SolontoCroesus
  24. anon • Disclaimer says:

    Don’t look to US Conference of Catholic Bishops to save western civilization.

    they’re too busy whinging about “Charlottesville”.

    Let muh people go!

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  25. utu says:

    LOL. They are Gypsies

  26. szopen says:

    Unfortunately it’s rather 80% than 90% 🙁 Also, my compatriots are still predominantly pro-EU, with anti-EU sentiment going up very slowly, with still over 80% being pro-EU – making us probably one of the most schizophrenic nations in Europe.

    ALso, I am not sure about not giving-in. There is a growing class of SJWs and different parasites, large immigration from Ukraine – some genius might get the idea to give them all citizenship, and they would naturally vote against Polish nationalists. Note that I have nothing against Ukrainians – we are both Slavic, we share history, our countries are natural allies – it’s just some things inevitably happen, and if you introduce a large enough mass of migrants (no matter whether those are Poles into UK, or Ukrainians into POland) some tensions are inevitable.

    • Replies: @Beckow
    , @nebulafox
  27. szopen says:

    Those are not Poles – they are Polish citizens, but not Poles. You might be confused because it seems to me you English speaking people keep on confusing “nationality” with “citizenship”. Those particular guys are gypsies.

    • Replies: @Anon
  28. szopen says:

    Actually, he has just repeated the standard tenet of Polish nationalism. The Polish nationalists thinkers (from before WW2) always stressed that being Pole is about love to the country, willingness to sacrifise for the country, respect for the tradition, history and language. Those nationalist thinkers are sometimes called far-right today 😀

  29. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    He’s being ironic I think.

    • Agree: Lex
    • Replies: @szopen
  30. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    A US liberal wouldn’t mention a Sri Lankan.
    Nobody ever mentions Sri Lankans*. We like it that way.

    *Except you. Any Ceylonese ancestry?

  31. szopen says:

    AAaah, I see it now. Irony is hard to spot in a foreign language. Sorry @Lex!

  32. Beckow says:

    I agree that 80% is much worse than 90%, you might be right. Generally, capital cities and a few other core areas always have at least double support for any crazy liberal project since many benefit from it via jobs, travel, social acceptance.

    And controlling capital cities, almost all the media, access to global institutions and courts – that can turn 20% electoral support into a de facto dominance of the country. (Czech president Zeman calls it ‘media-cracy’). Then you have the ‘minority’ groups, whether Ukrainians or other, they will for self-serving reasons always vote against anything remotely ‘nationalist’.

    But I think that the massive anti-migrant majority will prevail. The problem for the open-border ideologues is that 2015 highly visible mass migration happened. That cannot be undone. There is now another side to the previously suppressed political discussion. 2015 was a catastrophe for the globalist project. They think that they have stabilised it now with Macron, Merkel, May, that people have been shut down. But nothing has changed and each election for foreseeable future will have the ‘migrant’ tension about it, and it is the fact that it is now in the open that has hurt the globalist ideologues. They cannot prevail at this point, except by suppression, and the zeitgeist is not conductive to violent force (see Catalonia recent fiasco). A back-door attempt at population replacement cannot succeed after 2015. Thank you Merkel for putting it out in the open.

    • Replies: @Heros
  33. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    “Colonel” House, largely unknown, was something like all powerful in the US, ubiquitous, and Wilson’s representative in the Versailles negotiation that undid Europe’s political order. He was also the one who negotiated with the Canadian government to let detained Trotsky continue on his way to Russia. Not jewish by any means, but certainly a freemason.

    I suspect that is the reason his statue stands today in Warsaw, as per the article you cited: “A statue of House, financed by Ignacy Jan Paderewski in 1932, is located at Skaryszewski Park in Warsaw.”

  34. @Veritatis

    Hungary is 20% protestant, as is Viktor Orban himself.

    The voters of protestant Ulster kept Enoch Powell in parliament for decades after the Tory party establishment turned against him.

    Red-state American evangelicals are the #1 enemy of globalism and cultural marxism.

  35. FKA Max says: • Website
    @FKA Max


    I made a major mistake/error in my calculations/thought process. I forgot to separate the 78% Protestant share out of the 34% black/African American share of the total U.S. prison population.

    Wrong version with errors emphasized:

    If the total U.S. prison population is 51% Protestant and also 34% of the U.S. prison population is black/African American Protestant, that means that 17% of the total U.S. prison population are non-black/African American Protestants (whites and Hispanics).
    17% [of the prison] population divided by 38% of their share of the total population means non-black/African American U.S. Protestants (white and Hispanic) offend/are incarcerated at a rate of 0.45
    34% of the prison population divided by 10-12% of their share of the total population means black/African American U.S. Protestants offend/are incarcerated at a rate of 3.4

    This is the correct version, my emphases:

    If the total U.S. prison population is 51% Protestant and also 78% of 34% of the U.S. prison population is black/African American Protestant, that means that 24.5% of the total U.S. prison population are non-black/African American Protestants (whites and Hispanics).

    24.5% of the prison population divided by 38% of their share of the total population means non-black/African American U.S. Protestants (white and Hispanic) offend/are incarcerated at a rate of 0.65

    26.5% of the prison population divided by 10% of their share of the total population means black/African American U.S. Protestants offend/are incarcerated at a rate of 2.65

    This means non-black/African American U.S. Protestants (white and Hispanic) and Catholics (white and Hispanic) offend/are incarcerated at about the same rate, 0.65, and black/African American Protestants offend/ are incarcerated at a lower rate, 2.65

    This means that black/African American Protestants offend/ are incarcerated at about four times the rate that non-black/African American Protestants (white and Hispanic) and Catholics (white and Hispanic) do/are.

    I am not going to separate out the Hispanic shares in order not to make any further mistakes 😉

    I hope my calculations and thought process are correct this time.

    Mea Culpa


    • Replies: @Patrick Harris
  36. Anon • Disclaimer says:
    @John Gruskos

    Red-state American evangelicals are the #1 enemy of … cultural marxism.

    Quite possibly.

    Red-state American evangelicals are the #1 enemy of globalism

    Not in the least.

    • Agree: TheBoom
  37. nebulafox says:

    No matter how much Orban raises the hackles of All Decent People, his future political prospects in Hungary seem to be just fine, so Poland won’t be alone. The Eurocrats have grown so unable to understand how anybody outside their world-view thinks: the notion that *fines* would be enough to get them to open their borders… have elicited the opposite policy reaction. The Visegrad nations have even gone so far as to hire Israeli advisors-with Netanyahu’s blessing-to teach them the finer points of keeping unwanted migrants out and bien-pensant journalists powerless.

    And the more they dig in and show that demographically revamping your nations is a choice, not some inevitable twist of the “march of history” as Western elites would have it, the more the hard right in Western Europe will get encouraged. Bring popcorn, folks.

  38. nebulafox says:

    >Also, my compatriots are still predominantly pro-EU, with anti-EU sentiment going up very slowly, with still over 80% being pro-EU – making us probably one of the most schizophrenic nations in Europe.

    I’m curious: how much do you estimate that is fear of the out-and-out neo-Tsarist “former” KGB officer currently in charge in Moscow, and how much do you think it is a central affiliation with Poland’s longstanding emotional identification as a Central European nation?

    An interesting aside: the Ukranian Orthodox Church has made it very, very clear that while they reject Western Europe’s social norms and ideas on open borders, political correctness, et all, they emphatically do not reject Europe itself-most likely, again, because of Russia.

    • Replies: @szopen
    , @WHAT
  39. nebulafox says:
    @John Gruskos

    Hasn’t Hungary’s Calvinist minority traditionally been influential in their politics?

  40. @Lex

    Excellent find, Lex.
    Thanks for posting.

    Alison Weir included results of her investigation into Louis Brandeis and zionism in her book,
    Against Our Better Judgment

    she talks about Brandeis here:

    • Replies: @jacques sheete
  41. helena says:

    Open Society has apparently been funded with 18bn from George Soros to help the EU put pressure on Poland and Hungary and this fact cannot be mentioned in public in UK because of ethnic affiliations of the donor.

    • Replies: @helena
  42. szopen says:

    I would say while the feat is existant, a lot of this is the emotions: “wow, we are europeans now! we were accepted into the club!”. The complexes run high in many Poles and they seem to think that anything fashionable in the West is a gospel, and our own traditions are per definition backward and evil. The money is another factor – the constant propagnada how much we got for absolutely nothing out of good will of EU is still believed by many.

  43. @Lex

    In 1912 Brandies became a Zionist and a member of a secret Zionist society call the Parushim whose paramount goal was to the creation of a Jewish state. An Israeli scholar, Sarah Schmidt, published her research in the Israeli American Jewish Historical Quarterly, Sep 1975-Jun 1976; 65. l-4; AJHS Journal pg. 121

    At the secret initiation ceremony, new members were told: “You are about to take a step which will bind you to a single cause for all your life. You will for one year be subject to an absolute duty whose call you will be impelled to heed at any time, in any place, and at any cost. And ever after, until our purpose shall be accomplished, you will be fellow of a brotherhood whose bond you will regard as greater than any other in your life– dearer than that of family, of school, of nation.”

    Few are aware of this secret society in which its members gave their total loyalty, no dual loyalty here, first and foremost to the Zionist goal. We are told that secret society was abandoned but based upon U.S. Zionist’s singular devotion to Israel, it’s not unrealistic to believe that since the creation of Israel they now have an updated and more urgent oath of allegiance to protect Israel above all other obligations.

    • Replies: @Anon
  44. WHAT says:

    Lol. Uke “church” is literally a rebellious rump of Moscow Patriarchy, and it was such long before 2014.
    Same with Polish political theater – leaving your sad muh tzar bullshit aside – if they actually feared Evil Putin as they claim, they would make damn sure to be neutral. Instead, they managed to turn even their owners in Germany against them.

    Schizo indeed.

  45. Heros says:

    ” it is the fact that it is now in the open that has hurt the globalist ideologues. They cannot prevail at this point, except by suppression”

    This is roughly the same position the cabal was in 1933 after the German people finally realized who was responsible for the Dolchstoss, Versailles, loss of colonies and corresponding investments, the hyperinflation, the destruction of the middle class and social capital that it represented. So what did the cabal do? Judaism declared war on Germany 1933 and started a world-wide trade boycott against her when she needed every penny of exports just to prevent any more of her people from dying in this genoocidal world wide jewish boycott. It still took the combined effort of all 3 Zio-colonies (US, English and Soviet puppet states) to not only crush the German people, but to place a slave-yoke of guilt on them for eternity or until their genocide is completed.

    So are Poland and Hungary ready to have “Judea Declare War” on them, boycott them and conduct hybrid warfare and never ending false flags on their peoples? The cabal as good as owns the ICJ and the UN. They control the CIA, MI5, Mossad and BND. Some of their bag of dirty tricks include mass shootings, bombings, vehicular attacks, coup d’etat, poison gas attacks, weather weapons, viruses (cyber included), rapid spreading cancer, organ harvesting, and on and on.

    This really started when the Rothschilds and the illuminati took control of the Bank of England at the end of the 17th century, and this web of financial control spread from the British Empire with the creation of the Fed in 1913, the IMF in 1948(?), and the ECB in 2001. It will continue until the cabal’s grip is torn off of the world-wide control of money and energy. Don’t ask me when that is going to occur….

  46. Greg Bacon says: • Website

    This reaction shows hatred is indeed on the rise—not among Poles, directed against Jews or minorities, but among journalists determined to ensure not one functional Western nation-state will survive the 21st century.

    That is the the plan, to flood Europe with migrants that have nothing in common with the indigenous Poles or Germans or French, They speak different languages, have different, sometimes almost voodoo-like religions, aren’t white, have no training or education and IQs that barely reach 100, meaning they will be a serious problem for Europe for decades to come, if Europe even survives this weaponization of immigration.

    If you know what group of religious fanatics hate Christians and have an unnatural control over those MSM outlets screaming about White people needing to be diluted, you’ll know who’s behind this planned destruction of Europe.
    That will enable their SLC nation–which doesn’t allow immigrants unless they’re part of the Tribe–to be #1 in the world, ruling over a mongrelized Europe and USA, which are breaking up due to being overrun by 3rd world migrants that we never asked for and being destroyed by identity politics by the ones gaming the situation.

    But speak about this and you’ll get savagely attacked, getting called a hater or anti-Semite or some kind of neo-Nazi, just because you love your country and are worried about its future.

    This is not a conspiracy theory, it’s being advocated and pushed by the Tribe right in front of our faces, as this video shows.

    • Replies: @anonymous
  47. anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    We Want God!

    LOL! Which one?

    Those racist spiritual (and economic) losers are too deluded to even know what they want. If they did know, they would be more clear… after all it is a foundational thing, you know.

    Those cursed haters of True Monotheism much revise their slogan to;

    We Want 3 Gods, and a Goddess!

    The question is whether the pagan polytheist west will own up to their true spiritual beliefs, and not hide in shame, behind the mask of Pseudo Monotheism.

    • Replies: @CanSpeccy
  48. anonymous • Disclaimer says:
    @Greg Bacon

    sometimes almost voodoo-like religions

    I suppose you include Islam in the “voodoo-like religions.” I laugh at the likes of you.

    Islam simply means complete submission to God, the One, Infinite and Unique. For any theist, is there any voodoo about that?

    Now, consider the predominant faith of the “enlightened” West. The utter nonsense called “trinity” which even you spiritual losers cannot comprehend fully… except take it on “faith.”

    Then there is the following abomination, which has been formulated by your “wise” to answer the query, “What about those before Christ?”

    A dogma which implies that even the great Prophets of God, residing in “hades,” (why let a “good” Greek myth go to waste, right? 😀 ) require preaching and salvation, is the height of voodoo.

    First, my understanding of that nonsense was that even the great patriarch Abraham (pbuh) would be in such a position. Then I came across this mind bending stuff;

    …While he was circumcised, or uncircumcised? Not while circumcised, but while uncircumcised…


    Serious voodoo stuff man!

  49. wayfarer says:

    Six-million people, DID NOT DIE in the “Holocaust.”

    Is this a statement of ignorance, or of anti-humanism, or of racism, or of ethnicism, or of hate, or of denial, or possibly of TRUTH?

    In fact, roughly 80,000,000 (eighty-million) people were unceremoniously killed in the holocaust of world war 2.


    Does this eighty-million death statistic not fit some self-serving agenda or even some lucrative business model?

    Realize that in just one instance, the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum has a requested 2017 budget of about $51,000,000 (fifty-one-million dollars). Paid for in full, by average hard working American citizens.


    It would be interesting to see a cumulative figure for all monies and materials received to date, by the international Holocaust business model.

    To be honest, this is one hell of an innovative rip-off scam.

    And with all that easy money flowing in, sadly the holocaust continues to this day.

  50. Main Stream Media

    There is no such thing.

    So quit legitimizing corporate and bankster propaganda by calling it “main stream.”

  51. @Lex

    There’s a lot of info there and it’s not a bit surprising. Thanks!

  52. @karalan

    Oh yes there is. Many more non-whote people and much lower white fertiliity, plus, more important already, tbe declini g quality of whites getting progressively worse for decades. Also, few whites now live in polities unencumbered by non white voters and politicians.

  53. anarchyst says:

    I don’t know of any Polish people who have a liking for jews. Every Polish person I know has a hatred of jews because of that jewish invention–communism. When the eastern bloc countries were sacrificed (actually stolen and sold) by jewish interests at Yalta and turned over to communism, it was no secret that ALL government agencies, secret police, were run by jews. Yes, there were gentile communist officials, but almost all of them were only nominally communist and were good Catholics who attended Sunday Mass. The Catholic Church played a major role in blunting communism and making life somewhat more livable for the ordinary (none-jewish) Polish citizenry. Almost every Polish person that I have known, even on their deathbeds professed a hatred for jews.
    As an aside, many Polish people do not subscribe to the jewish takeover of the Catholic Church by those of the Vatican II council and prefer to celebrate Mass and doctrine in pre-Vatican II form. Pre-Vatican II doctrine does assign blame to the jews for the murder of Jesus Christ…(of course, as always, the jews got others (the Romans) to do their “dirty work” for them)…not unlike the United States (actually doing Israel’s “dirty work”).

    • Replies: @szopen
  54. @anonymous

    You seem to take this theistic religion stuff seriously, so I ask how is it possible for any of the Abrahamic religions to be true since they posit a Creator god that communicates with humans and is supposed to care about us and what we do yet hasn’t taken the trouble to tell us whether any which of the dogmas and doctrines we have killed each other for are true? Not to mention failing to tell the Buddhists, Hindus and animists.

  55. wayfarer says:

    An open, curious, and inquiring mind, may possibly realize that rigid Abrahamic religious dogmatism may not “enlighten” the individual, like that of an imaginative Hinduism-Buddhism hybrid belief system.

    Hinduism vs. Islam

    • Replies: @helena
    , @FKA Max
  56. @SolontoCroesus

    Weir is excellent. She really gets going at ~11:44 and gives an excellent summary of what happens to people who speak up, so thanks for posting the link.

    Now, I need to investigate the Dorothy Thompson story.

  57. helena says:


    so sad

    Big Ben (the bell) is out for repair for 4 years and at the same moment the non-too publicised memorial to be inserted next to HoP was announced so I’m guessing by the time the bell returns it will have been installed – going to need some massive diggers and cranes to install the monster metal structure. And also recently announced a new wing to the Imperial War Museum.

    Is there a memorial in Israel commemorating the British, who liberated camps, took in refugees and taught them English, or the governments that gifted the ancient homeland?

    • Replies: @wayfarer
  58. The classic pro-Putin/anti-EU propaganda line. What’s interesting is what’s not being said. Nobody in Poland is talking about leaving the EU. Not surprising. For Poland, as for all the former communist countries, including Ukraine, there are only two alternatives: the EU or Putin’s tanks. With 45 years of Soviet oppression fresh in everybody’s minds, nobody wants to have anything to do with Russia, particularly under a revisionist like Putin.
    As in Catalonia, several anti-EU propaganda lines have crashed into each other in Poland. Putin’s revisionism is a real threat to Poland. The US refusal to stand up to Putin and all the talk about withdrawing from NATO make the US a totally unreliable ally. That leaves the EU as the sole alternative. Brexit gives the lie to the claim that EU Member States lose their sovereignty. In fact, the country whose sovereignty is being violated is Poland’s neighbour Ukraine, which isn’t an EU Member State. Once again, that leaves the EU as the sole alternative. Merkel’s relative defeat in the German election means that the (allegedly CIA-run) refugee scam has now failed and, having realised how unwelcome they are, the refugees are starting to go home. The Member States who opposed the quota system have won. The belief that the EU system is very favourable to the smaller Member States has been proved right. All’s well that ends well!
    It’s amusing to note that the very same people who preach non-intervention (when it suits Vladimir Putin!) are now telling the President of Poland how to exercise his office and threatening him with dire consequences if he doesn’t follow their “advice”. Also, in what way does it promote the continued existence of “Western civilisation” to set white American Christians at the throats of white European Christians? Sounds more like divide and conquer to me. Who’s doing the dividing and who is supposed to conquer?

  59. helena says:

    Cool. Reminds me a bit of the beginning of Dr Who.

  60. helena says:

    I’m not sure it’s personal so much as ambitious and exceptionally organised. The point of a race is to get to the front.

    • Replies: @SolontoCroesus
  61. nsa says:
    @John Gruskos

    “Red state american evangelicals are the #1 enemy of globalism and cultural marxism”.
    Hey Johnnie,
    Surely you jest. You chigger belt chrissy-zios are little more than jooie tools, worshipping a long dead jooie zombie while promoting all the murderous jooie proxy wars and advancing the vile jooie agenda of enslaving the goyim. Wake up and slip the jooie leash……..

  62. helena says:

    he might have been thinking more of fgm.

    Islam is interesting because cultural Marxism also only requires submission.

  63. Anon • Disclaimer says:
    @Chet Roman

    Sounds very like the Masonic Bnai Brith.

  64. @John Gruskos

    Red-state American evangelicals are the #1 enemy of globalism and cultural marxism.

    Evangelicals are crazy zealot supporters of seditious Israeli influence in the US.

    Neocon evangelicals are integral to the fake right wing promoted by the mafia media in the US.

    Genuine right wingers are pro-constitution, not pro-Israel.

    Zionism is Jewish victim cult supremacy, and globalism is victim cult supremacy on a larger scale.

    It’s questionable whether evangelicals are genuine new testament Christians.

  65. @FKA Max

    Worth keeping in mind that some of these figures (especially Muslim, possibly Churches of Christ) probably reflect in-prison conversions more than baseline criminality of a group outside the prison walls.

  66. Greg Bacon says: • Website

    Until you grow a pair and tell me your real name, you’re written off as some noxious troll, being paid by some govt thug to muddy the waters and confuse people.


  67. szopen says:

    Well, I am Polish, and I do not care either way about them. One of my friends once told me he was Jewish; no idea, why he felt it was so important so he must said that to me. I didn’t care. If one of my ancestors would be Jewish, I wouldn’t care.

    Also, it’s not true that everything was run by Jews. They were waay overrepresented (in some regions, IIRC up to 30% of special communist service was Jewish), but there was enough of our own scum, unfortunately.

    • Replies: @RobinG
    , @Santoculto
  68. wayfarer says:

    I subscribe to a theory of eternal spiritual conflict, that’s evidently part of the cosmic design.

    Some believe each unique entity, with a “hologram of the One-Infinite-Creator” at the core of its being, evolves along one of two spiritual paths. Either the path of service-to-self or service-to-others. As a result, conflict among individuals is always imminent.

    Apparently a spiritual war rages seemingly forever throughout the cosmos, based on these two opposing choices or fundamental viewpoints.


    • Replies: @SolontoCroesus
  69. @wayfarer

    In fact, roughly 80,000,000 (eighty-million) people were unceremoniously killed in the holocaust of world war 2.

    Great point. I wonder why it’s so rarely mentioned…

    • Replies: @wayfarer
  70. @RobinG

    from the passages 12. Lex quoted:

    He added: “The Jew in business oppresses the Pole to a far greater extent than does the Pole oppress the Jew in a political way.”

    In this excerpt from E Michael Jones’s “The Revolutionary Jewish Spirit,”
    Jones draws on Heinrich Graetz’s History of the Jewish People to trace
    > the socio-religious characteristics of Jews in Poland (Kabbalism –> excessive ‘hair-splitting’ argumentation –> Talmudism –> rationalization for trickery & treachery leading to development of habits of delighting in cheating and deceiving;
    > population of Jews in Poland increased 75-fold, compared to quadrupling of other population;
    > differentiated ways that Jews interacted with Polish monarchy, nobles, and the People;
    > Jewish involvement in Polish finance, especially tax farming to the extent that Jews controlled access to Catholic churches for Baptisms, etc.

    From another history of Jews (a Great Courses series, don’t remember the author), the lecturer stated that while England and Germany were prospering from industrial revolution innovations and systems, Poland was structurally incapable of participating in those innovations– Poland did not have even the germ of representative government, did not have sound fiscal policies and institutions.

    At the same time, 1871, German unification presaged a promising future for Germany, motivating a massive migration of Polish Jews (and Russian Jews) to Germany.

    As explained in The Jews in Germany, in Eclectic Magazine, 1881, Jews exploited Germany/Germans by extending credit at usurious rates, thereby driving German farmers, merchants and ordinary people from their lands, businesses and homes. Jews gained control of ports, shipping, grain, printing, etc. All of this in what was supposed to be the time of reward to Germans who had successfully unified their country thru discipline, establishment of education systems, etc. One major outcome of this situation was the migration of German natives, many to USA, as Jews migrated to Germany.

    The NS government assigned Richard Korherr to prepare statistical reports on The Final Solution of the European Jewish Problem. Data from Korherr’s reports reveal (among many other hoax-busting things) that:

    — it was extremely difficult to identify Jews based on religion because so many had married into Christian families and/or converted:

    “Leroy-Beaulieu estimated in 1893 that the Jewish faith had lost between four and ten times its then number of believers, because of conversions to Christianity. ” p 16

    — Jews themselves insisted on identification of persons “by blood”:

    “the Lithuanian Jew Brutzkus goes so far as to claim that the Berlin Jews are purer Europeans by blood than the Berlin Germans.” p 17

    there’s lots more — see for yourselves.

    When a Zionist comes to your town, who ya gonna call?
    – – – – – – – – – – Hoax Busters! – – – – – – – – – –

  71. wayfarer says:

    Just have to keep shining light on the truth, and hopefully someday the darkness will eventually fade away.

  72. @helena

    My comment referred to the before-and-after photos.

    If it has to be spelled out, my attempt at communication failed, so I’ll spell it out:

    WE — USofA taxpayers, apathetic voters & citizens, crazed Christo-zio freaks (and I’m forced to add, brain-dead American Catholics, from Bishops on down to pew-warmers)

    frickin’ destroyed at least four formerly-functioning states!

    (only in the last 20 years, and following in the glorified footsteps of having deliberately destroyed the heart of Christian Europe in WWII)

    • Replies: @Lex
  73. wayfarer says:
    @jacques sheete

    Well, it seems a small group of self-serving individuals are working overtime and have summarily appointed themselves (e.g. Foolgle, Tweaker, FacePlant, etc.), as humanity’s gatekeepers of knowledge and truth.


  74. @Beckow

    “…the consequences for the open-borders liberals will be ugly.”

    Certainly, the consequences for patriots of the nation state have already become ugly. Eastern Europeans do not want a repeat of the consequences they see in Western Europe. Blood and Soil, it seems, are worth fighting and dying for.

  75. Lex says:

    What was the heart of Christian Europe at that time according to you?

    • Replies: @SolontoCroesus
  76. Merkel just failed to form a government, immigration seems to have been the breaking point.
    As some German politician already weeks ago said ‘Germans want Germany to remain as it is’, or was, I would add.
    Immigration is closely connected with nationalism, and ‘Germany to remain’ is about German culture, that Merkel wants to change through immigration.
    In the Netherlands the resistance against those who want to abolish black Black Pete is rising.
    The Frysian woman who led the movement against the black anti Black Petes demonstrating in Dokkum, the official entry place of Sinterklaas this year, first name Jenny, now is called Jenny d’Arc.
    To pay the fines for those who blocked a highway wit the buses with the anti demonstrators already E 20.000 has been donated.
    Are cultures beginning to strike back all over Europe ?
    Brexit was the first movement.

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  77. @wayfarer

    Thank you, wayfarer.

    I have only a rudimentary understanding of Hinduism — that it entails somewhat systematic effort at self-discipline/self-control. I admire that perspective, tho I have to say, the notion of constant cosmic conflict is daunting and less optimistic than my (preferred) perspective — I think Aristotle said: “All men seek the good; to do otherwise is irrational.”

    Ancient Zoroaster was, perhaps, more general and less systematic than Hinduism, its essence being,
    پندار نیک ، گفتار نیک ، کردار نیک

    Coming from a super-Catholic background, I admire the simplicity of “Good thoughts, Good Words, Good deeds;” Aquinas gave me a headache, and I thought/think Augustine was a hypocrite and opportunist.

    Abrahamism needs to be stricken from the mental framework of all mankind. Maimonides explained Abraham thus:

    Maimonides Mishnah Torah Laws of Idolatry

    Once Abraham was weaned, he, as a child, began contemplating and thinking day and night, and wondered how a sphere could follow a fixed path without being directed. If so, who directed it? Surely it would be impossible for it to rotate on its own! Abraham did not have a mentor, but was immersed amongst the stupid idolaters of Ur Casdim, where everyone, including his mother and father, served idols, as did he. In his heart, however, he continued to contemplate, until he realized the way of truth and understood the ways of righteousness from nature, and knew that there is a God who directs the spheres, created the world, and besides whom there is none other. He also knew that the whole world was erring, and knew that what caused the mistake was that they [had] worshiped the stars and figures for so long that the truth had vanished. Abraham was forty years old when he recognized his Creator. Once he achieved this, he began to reason with the inhabitants of Ur Casdim and to argue with them, saying that by serving idols they were not following the way of truth. He broke their images, and began to proclaim that it is not fitting to serve anyone other than God, and to Him it is fitting to bow down and to offer drink sacrifices and sacrifices to, so that all creation will recognize Him. Abraham also proclaimed that it was fitting to break and destroy all the figures, so that nobody will err on account of them,

    I disagree with the two major claims here: that ‘Abraham’ had the lock on Truth; and that anyone has the right to “break and destroy” the icons of another. But those have become central tenets of Judaism and also of even mainstream Christians and Catholics.
    Ironically, or tragically, or inevitably, the German theologian Walter Grundmann sought to detach German Christianity from a Hebrew (Abrahamic?) matrix. Susannah Heschel, daughter of a rabbi and a zionist, called that activity “anti-Semitic.” duh.

    A few days ago I posted two videos and noted that they ‘went together.’ The first video was E Michael Jones discussing his theory of Logos and Jewish refusal to accept Jesus, the personification of Logos. The second was a choral rendition of the Christmas hymn, “Behold the Star.”
    Jones included in his remarks the story of the Three Magi (who were Persians, you recall), who “followed the Star” and found the child Jesus. Now, the Persians were Nobel prize winning astronomers before Nobel existed. The Stars had an Order; Arabs called it Al-gebra — the arrangement of the bones. My high school algebra text opened with Galileo;s statement that “Mathematics is the language with which God wrote the universe.”

    I had two amazing experiences in Iran: First, we drove through the vast Iranian desert to a caravanserie — an enclosed space, with a well-head, along the “Silk Road” that the state erected, every 40 or 50 miles, where travelers could find shelter and water. Have to emphasize: the desert is VAST. Persians — and their fellow travelers, learned to navigate that desert by the stars; understanding the laws of the universe was a matter of survival. There’s more to that story, but for now, the emphasis is on understanding the universe as a salvific force.

    It was intriguing that Abraham felt that his understanding that god was the dynamism behind the rotating spheres was the only correct understanding, the rest of the world was deluded, and he had the right to destroy their icons:

    He also knew that the whole world was erring, and knew that what caused the mistake was that they [had] worshiped the stars and figures for so long that the truth had vanished.

    Judaism still believes it has the right to destroy the icons of those who do not believe as Abraham did. Amy Jill Levine lectures on New Testament stories and characterizes the Three Magi as “traveling magicians, kind of clowns.”

    But this really bugged me: a few days ago the National Catholic Reporter website carried a banner ad for the children’s movie, The Star, released a few days ago. It’s a computer animation, billed as an “adventure comedy,” described thus:

    In Sony Pictures Animation’s The Star, a small but brave donkey named Bo yearns for a life beyond his daily grind at the village mill. One day he finds the courage to break free, and finally goes on the adventure of his dreams. On his journey, he teams up with Ruth, a loveable sheep who has lost her flock and Dave, a dove with lofty aspirations. Along with three wisecracking camels and some eccentric stable animals, Bo and his new friends follow the Star and become accidental heroes in the greatest story ever told – the first Christmas.

    Notice what’s missing from this “greatest story ever told — the first Christmas” story?
    No Magi.
    Instead, “three wisecracking camels.”

    Far from condemning this film as “anti-Christian,” the premier Catholic website featured it as a banner ad.

    I’ve taken enough of your time.
    Go well, Wayfarer.

    • Replies: @wayfarer
  78. RobinG says:

    LOL. As you see, “anarchist” is an ignorant blockhead as well as an equal-opportunity bigot. Was the real motivation to demonize all Polish people?

    • Replies: @anonymous
    , @anarchyst
  79. anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    whoaaa there, RobinG.

    your left brain appears to be at war with your right brain.

  80. No mention about (((precious))) ones… When or if all people who are supposedly against (((globalitarianism))) start to talk in unison about the (((Greeks))) and not the <<>> maybe we will have some balance in this undeclared and slow total war.

    And not The horse**

  81. @szopen

    Zopen is just like “Emil Kike” but with polish ancestry… Szopen. Their discourse is identical.

    “I don’t care about this people”… But maybe they care enough about: blacks?? Jews????

    Most of this people come from working classes and I doubt they are that “scum” as you call them Szopen, even they are homophobic and carnists, at priori, most people are, and some foreign ones are even worse…

    ORDINARY whites are the Indian natives this days. They are being victimized and I always will be in the side of real victims, regardless their race…

    • Agree: anarchyst
    • Replies: @szopen
  82. szopen says:

    Most of this people come from working classes and I doubt they are that “scum” as you call them Szopen

    Everyone who conspired with Soviets to kill off Polish intellectual class was scum, period. No one was forcing them to join Soviets to chase after Polish nationalists in forests. During the 50s, hundreds of thousands of my people were killed, arrested or deported. People who worked for UB in this period could be from working class or from Mars, I don’t care, they were the worst kind of scum.

    Also, I am really disgusted that you try to justify Soviet collaborators.

    • Replies: @Santoculto
  83. @Anon

    Colonel Edward House was the personal confident and special adviser to President Wilson. Had he not been there to temper Wilson’s “delusions of grandeur”, Wilson would have gone further off the “deep end” than he had, which was quite far indeed….

  84. anarchyst says:

    Your name-calling exposes you as a small-minded individual and possibly a hasbara who chooses not to see the “big picture”…Ask any Polish person who has lived under jewish communism, and almost to a man, they despise their former rulers.
    Poland is one of the few countries that has resisted the call for “multiculturalism and diversity”, instead choosing to honor and cherish their own culture.

    • LOL: iffen
  85. FKA Max says: • Website

    An open, curious, and inquiring mind, may possibly realize that rigid Abrahamic religious dogmatism may not “enlighten” the individual, like that of an imaginative Hinduism-Buddhism hybrid belief system.

    No offense meant, but your comment had me think of Carl Sagan’s quote:

    “It pays to keep an open mind, but not so open your brains fall out.” – Carl Sagan

    I, personally, quite like the concept of reincarnation and I think it is a more useful and likely a more plausible way how to conduct one’s life and to how interpret/understand the reality we inhabit, than concepts like Heaven and Hell, etc. This incidentally might also explain why we harbor certain, understandable, justified, unjustified or inexplicable, animosities towards particular cultures, religions, peoples, etc. and have strange phobias, attractions, etc.

    I don’t mean to be disrespectful, but I do NOT admire traditional Chinese culture and I think Feng Shui is superstition.

    No offense taken.

    I feel in good company:

    and may also refer to their interest in Eastern religions, fostered perhaps by the impact in the 19th century of the transcendentalist writings of New England literary icons such as Ralph Waldo Emerson and Walt Whitman, and the enlightened appeal of Universalist Unitarian movements of the same period.

    Thank you for being so respectful in your replies. I hope you can forgive me for my feuding with your Church, it’s personal, I have Huguenot ancestry, it must be genetic memory:

    The exodus of Huguenots from France created a brain drain, as many Huguenots had occupied important places in society. The kingdom did not fully recover for years.

    It would make sense to me that many Eastern Europeans, particularly Poles, also carry a certain genetic memory in and with them and some or many Poles might even have been Poles in past lives and therefore they perceive and understand the threat Islamic migration into Europe poses to European cultures and peoples much better and more instinctively, intuitively, viscerally and intimately than northern European peoples, for example.

    Is There Life after Death? Fifty Years of Research at UVA

    UVA Medical Center Hour
    Published on Mar 7, 2017
    February 22, 2017
    Jim B. Tucker
    Bruce Greyson
    Edward F. Kelly
    J. Kim Penberthy

    Does some aspect of our personality survive bodily death? Long a philosophical and theological question, in the 20th century this became the subject of scientific research. Fifty years ago, in 1967, Ian Stevenson, then chair of UVA’s Department of Psychiatry, created a research unit—now named the Division of Perceptual Studies—to study what, if anything, of the human personality survives after death. Dr. Stevenson’s own research investigated hundreds of accounts of young children who claimed to recall past lives.

    • Replies: @wayfarer
  86. CanSpeccy says: • Website

    Those cursed haters of True Monotheism much revise their slogan to;

    We Want 3 Gods, and a Goddess!

    There you have it: the authentic voice of the settler immigrant intent on replacing the indigenous people of Europe and destroying Europe’s culture.

    Yes, very well said, Anonymous, too gutless though you are to identify yourself in any way.

    What follows from Anonymous’s hateful anti-Christian statement are some definitions.

    Nationalism in Europe today = anti-genocide by suppressed reproduction of the indigenous Europeans combined with mass replacement immigration. Multiculturalism is an add-on to ensure cultural as well as racial genocide.

    This conforms precisely with the definition of the term “genocide” given by the Polish Jewish legal scholar Raphael Lemkin who coined the term. Lemkin wrote:

    The crime of the [German Nazi] Reich in wantonly and deliberately wiping out whole peoples is not utterly new in the world. It is only new in the civilized world as we have come to think of it. It is so new in the traditions of civilized man that he has no name for it.

    It is for this reason that I took the liberty of inventing the word, “genocide.” The term is from the Greek word genes meaning tribe or race and the Latin cide meaning killing. Genocide tragically enough must take its place in the dictionary of the future beside other tragic words like homicide and infanticide. As Von Rundstedt has suggested the term does not necessarily signify mass killings although it may mean that.

    More often it refers to a coordinated plan aimed at destruction of the essential foundations of the life of national groups so that these groups wither and die like plants that have suffered a blight. The end may be accomplished by the forced disintegration of political and social institutions, of the culture of the people, of their language, their national feelings and their religion. It may be accomplished by wiping out all basis of personal security, liberty, health and dignity. When these means fail the machine gun can always be utilized as a last resort. Genocide is directed against a national group as an entity and the attack on individuals is only secondary to the annihilation of the national group to which they belong.

    Consistent with this definition of “nationalism,” the terms “anti-nationalism,” “anti-fascism,” anti-Semitism, etc. are all terms describing the efforts of those promoting European genocide (people like the foolish Barbara Spectre, for example).

    Naturally the latter definitions cannot be acknowledged nor can anyone deploying them expect other than to be declared a racist, a lunatic, a Nazi, etc., since the European genocide that is now proceeding apace is organized by national (though certainly not nationalist) governments. In fact, it is driven by governments under the influence of a Money Power globalist elite that can impose global governance only over the opposition of sovereign, democratic nation states. Thus the nation states of Europe are to be overthrown by destroying their people, the crime to be accomplished by the ruling Treason Parties of Europe headed by the likes of Merkel and May.

    In the first place, the aim is to establish a multicultural society in which the settler immigrants like our gutless anonymous commenter will agitate for the Treason Party and globalization against the interests of the indigenous people. Once the European people have become minorities in the own homelands, then the business of putting the uppity immigrants in their place will become a more central focus of domestic politics, while other issues will increasingly be decidedd by the EU, NATO, the UN, the WTO, etc., all undemocratic and susceptible to money power manipulation.

    • Replies: @helena
  87. @szopen

    Everyone who conspired with Soviets to kill off Polish intellectual class was scum, period

    Are you talking about this ”nazis” or communist poles**

    In the end, try to minimize the always-bad-jewish-role is not good either… It’s was you tried to do here.

    All this divisionisms was capitalized by them and not just ”they, accidentally, has been overrepresented”.

  88. Generation Zyklon will physically remove kebab, so to speak.

  89. wayfarer says:

    I’m no Hindu or Buddhist scholar, by any stretch of the imagination. Although one of my favorite pastimes is examining, contemplating, and experimenting with these philosophies.

    I always say to myself, I’d rather be given a faith in the laws of karma and reincarnation, than win a million dollar lottery. These two principles more than anything else, have been guiding lights that have kept me from falling off the rails-of-life.

    Thank so much for the interesting reply, SolontoCroesus.

    پندار نیک، گفتار نیک، کردار نیک (Good thoughts, Good words, Good deeds). The scavenger of wisdom within me, appreciates this simple but profound piece of knowledge. Until today, I’ve been unaware of it.

    I spent over twenty years tutoring mathematics, and was never aware of that statement by Galileo. It’s fascinating to view the world around us, and ponder what part the hands of providence had in it all.

    This morning at 3 AM as I walked backed to my mobile sanctuary after taking a long hot shower in a community bath here in Yuma Arizona, I gazed up at the stars and for the first time in my life mumbled, “It’d like to understand how to navigate by those stars.” Then possibly via synchronicity, the topic of star navigation comes up a second time today, in your reply.

    As a kid, I began my life being raised a half-block from the Warner Brothers Studios, in Burbank California. Most people have no clue, as to the broad spectrum of darkness that lies within the Hollywood entertainment industry. I could tell some stories that are almost impossible to believe. Yet most would consider them nothing more than tall tales.

    Anyway, this evening I look forward to watching those videos you’ve cited.

    The following may or may not resonate with you. But it’s a clear and refreshing interpretation of an ancient esoteric text.

    “Philosophy of the Bhagavad Gita, by Swami Krishnananda “

    Chao, SolontoCroesus!

  90. Vinteuil says:

    Gotta say – I’m simply amazed by the lack of response, here, to this amazing & brilliant event.

    Here’s Tommy Robinson talking about it with Stefan Molyneux:

    If there’s any way I can manage it, I’m there, in Warsaw, 11/11/18.

    Jeszcze Polska nie zginęła

    • Replies: @SolontoCroesus
  91. El Dato says:

    Sam Rubin LARPing as Anne Frank, then writing about it for all to read,

    Mental illness.

    • Replies: @anon
  92. anon • Disclaimer says:
    @El Dato

    Sam Rubin LARPing as Anne Frank

    we oughta blizzard him w/ cheap bic pens.

  93. Thirdeye says:

    Tricky issue when the basic rights of nations are only being defended by those who embrace the legacy of a particularly nasty strain of nationalism. And Polish nationalism has a nasty history going back to its Medieval persecution of Orthodox Christians and claim of dominion over the Baltic region. The Polish state that emerged after WWI embraced a bigoted nationalism in opposition to Germans, Ukrainians, and Jews within its borders long before anyone foresaw Third World immigration to Europe. Pilsudski’s ethnic philosophy differed from Nazism more in content than in substance. Poland’s far right still has designs on the western Ukraine. Good luck sorting it all out, Poland.

    • Replies: @Vinteuil
    , @utu
    , @polaco
    , @helena
    , @szopen
  94. wayfarer says:
    @FKA Max

    Albert Einstein had an opinion, “God doesn’t play dice with the universe.”

    A seemingly destitute black man on skid row can be quite capable of taking each day in casual stride without a worry on his mind, simply just loving life. While a billionaire on Wall Street is worrying himself to death obsessed with the thought of losing his fortune, simply just hating life.

    It wasn’t a crap shoot that landed these two individuals in different shoes. I believe that’s where karma, eternal soul contracts, and past life experiences are brought into a day-to-day moment-by-moment play.

    At least that’s my world view, and opinion.

    “Thou shalt understand that it is a science most profitable, and passing all other sciences, for to learn to die. For a man to know that he shall die, that is common to all men ; as much as there is no man that may ever live or he hath hope or trust thereof; but thou shalt find full few that have this cunning to learn to die. . . . I shall give tliec the mystery of this doctrine; the which shall profit thec greatly to the beginning of ghostly health, and to a stable fundament of all virtues.” – Orologium Sapnenliae.

    “Against his will he dieth that hath not learned to die. Learn to die and thou shalt learn to live, for here shall none learn to live that hath not learned to die.” – Toure of all Toures: and Teacheth a Man for to Die.

    • Replies: @FKA Max
  95. Vinteuil says:

    “Polish nationalism has a nasty history going back to its Medieval persecution of Orthodox Christians and claim of dominion over the Baltic region. The Polish state that emerged after WWI embraced a bigoted nationalism in opposition to Germans, Ukrainians, and Jews within its borders long before anyone foresaw Third World immigration to Europe.”

    Get over it.We’re not refighting 1420 – or even 1918, or 1943.

    • Replies: @Beckow
    , @Thirdeye
    , @El Dato
  96. Beckow says:

    “Get over it.We’re not refighting 1420 – or even 1918, or 1943”

    We are not? It seems to me Poland is still obsessed with stuff that happened in 18th century, or in 1941, or in 1956, etc… You can’t have it both ways. History either matters, and then everything matters, or it doesn’t and we ‘get over it‘.

    But you don’t get to cherry-pick what is allowed and what is not…

  97. KenH says:

    It looks like the (((usual suspects))) are at it again and trying to destroy the last white save havens in Europe. The Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary are three of the last dominoes standing. It sounds like the resistance of the Polish government is starting to flag which is a little dispiriting. It makes me think at least 50,000 Muslim and black African colonists could be in Poland’s near future.

    Jews can boldly proclaim that Israel is a Jewish state and are given a raucous standing ovation by our bipartisan elite, the media and celebrities. But if the Poles declare that Poland is for ethnic Poles and that Poland must remain white then were warned about the “dangers of nationalism”, it’s 1933 all over again and Jews see gas chambers every where they go in Europe.

    • Replies: @geokat62
  98. utu says:

    And Polish nationalism has a nasty history going back to its Medieval persecution of Orthodox Christians and claim of dominion over the Baltic region.

    Give us an example of nationalism w/o a nasty history.

  99. polaco says:

    Talking about medieval kingdoms and nationalism is stretching it a bit. And why are you singling out Poland? We have no history of perpetrating genocide contrary to the Jewish lies about various pogroms. In Russia they teach schoolchildren how their ancestors were just simple peaceful peasants and suddenly some evil Hitler attacked them for no reason. Every government and country in history have operated similarly, big fish eat the little ones. And I must say that over 90% of the Orthodox Christians in Poland voted against the current government, so they’re no friends of ours even today, we’d have Belarus here if they had their way- of all white people, the Russ have had the most horrible, anti-human countries for centuries, Snowden had hoped he could leave Russia and get asylum in Brazil. The cities in Western Ukraine were founded and build by Poles, they’re probably never going to be Polish again, nevertheless lots of people have fond memories of the past and sentimental reasons to reminisce. The far right is politically irrelevant, just like the German far right with their dreams about Danzig, Breslau, and Stettin. Russians, Germans, and the Jewish civil servants in their service were particularly nasty to us while Poland was partitioned, after WWI, they got practically zero in terms of the payback they deserved, their allegiance was never to the host country. These are minor issues actually, Poland is still a very statist country, no communist was ever convicted for his crimes, the government run medical care system is dysfunctional and corrupt, most communist-era bureaucracies remain in place, there is even the Ministry of Sport if you can believe it. But compared to other European countries things are at least improving, the current government is the first since 1939 that actually has our interests in mind, and they’re not thieves like their predecessors were. Many big name financial institutions are setting up shop in Poland. The Poles who work abroad see what diversity is and resent becoming strangers in their own country, at least this issue is not up for debate.

    • Replies: @Thirdeye
    , @utu
    , @Anon
  100. geokat62 says:

    But if the Poles declare that Poland is for ethnic Poles and that Poland must remain white then were warned about the “dangers of nationalism”, it’s 1933 all over again and Jews see gas chambers every where they go in Europe.

    Sounds very familiar:

    If we say that “I’m Sweden, I’m proud to be a Swede, I love my country, Sweden is the country of the Swedes, and I want us to take our country back.” Then I will always hear, “Oh, so you want another holocaust? Is that what you want? You are a nazi. Everyone who is a patriot, a nationalist, is a nazi. And that leads to one thing: to gas the Jews.” – Ingrid Carlqvist (Swedish journalist)

    • Replies: @SolontoCroesus
  101. Thirdeye says:

    Your complaint seems odd since the march at the center of the whole discussion commemorated the founding of the interwar Polish state. Poland is not shy about revisiting wrongs committed against them; they should be willing to face wrongs committed by them. It’s time for these double standards to end.

    • Replies: @anon
  102. Thirdeye says:

    The ethno-chauvinist, revanchist attitude dripping from your post illustrates my point spectacularly.

    ….after WWI, they [Russians, Germans, Jews] got practically zero in terms of the payback they deserved….

    Wow. So did the ethnic Ukrainians ruled by Poland deserve such “payback” as well?

    • Replies: @polaco
  103. @geokat62

    Flip that argument:

    The Sacred Holocaust is bogus. Jews — perhaps a lot of Jews but a relatively small number compared to the millions of innocents & other totals of killed, and also in view of the fact that Jews and Americans were the primary beneficiaries of that war — died in a war that Jews, by their own declaration — see Benjamin Ginsberg, “How the Jews Defeated Hitler” — ginned up, propagandized, maneuvered American taxpayers and citizens to pay for, bleed for, and die for.

    That being the case, the present-day argument of Jews against, i.e. Swedish nationalism and pride in country and culture; and Polish nationalism and pride in culture, amounts to an admission that Jews waged war against Germany to destroy German nationalist pride in their culture.

  104. anon • Disclaimer says:

    Poland is Jews are not shy about revisiting wrongs committed against them (!!!); they should be willing to face wrongs committed by them. It’s time for these double standards to end.

    • Agree: anarchyst
  105. @Vinteuil

    Here’s Tommy Robinson talking about it with Stefan Molyneux:

    Two confused, self-contradicting Brits displaying their ignorance and preference for Koolaid rather than Red Pill.

    Who is behind “invade the world, invite the world?”
    (Hint: arbraBay ectreSpay)

    The confused dudes condemn West Germans for being weak and not defending their national culture, condemn Nazis for having been strong and defended their national culture; push back against any suggestion that Poles bear enmity toward Jews, who had for hundreds of years carried on oppressive measures against Polish people, were a major element in the Communism that brutalized Poles for decades, and are major operatives behind dilution of Polish nationalism and culture today.
    (nb. I only listened to the first 20 min or so of Molyneux-Robinson, stopped when Moly climbed on the anti-Nazi virtue horse.)

    In this talk, E Michael Jones says, “Jesus taught, my church teaches, the bible teaches, Love your enemy. It’s hard, but that’s what we’re called upon to do. I love Jews!”

    The implication is: first you have to be able to identify your enemy as your enemy. Instead, many Catholics “internalize the demands of their oppressors.”
    If a person/entity/system is oppressing you, you have to identify it before you can properly resist it; and once identifying your enemy as enemy, Love your enemy — do not resist your enemy out of revenge or rage, but in defense of your own values and identity.

    • Troll: Vinteuil
    • Replies: @Vinteuil
  106. @anon

    Agree. My former church, the RC Church, is one of the most active, relentlessly anti-white, anti-Western, pro-immivasion forces in the USA and Canada. Preached at us from many different parishes, and lectured at us in ill-informed, sometimes rude or hostile terms in conversation or debate with priests after Mass MANY MANY times. Big reason why we left the church.

    • Replies: @anarchyst
  107. @Lex

    These men look like no Poles I’ve ever met or seen, and I think you know that they are racially / genetically NOT Polish. You are a liar or an ignoramus.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  108. utu says:

    Many big name financial institutions are setting up shop in Poland.

    Are you sure this is good for Poland? Who are you working for?

    • Agree: SolontoCroesus
    • Replies: @polaco
  109. @jilles dykstra

    Admirable. More than many of us here in the USA do to stick up for each other in the face of an antiwhite, anti-American government.

    But we won’t know we have really gotten serious and courageous until such a lady can simply refuse to pay the fine and then be protected by crowds who refuse to give way to the police who come to arrest her.

    • Replies: @jilles dykstra
  110. helena says:

    “European genocide ”

    or simply,

    European Civilisation Denial

    • Replies: @iffen
  111. Anonymous [AKA ""] says:

    relax, live a little, read #31.

  112. Whatever sympathy and admiration I once had for Jews are all gone. I detest them for what they did to our schools, for the crap PC SJW garbage, modern lit garbage, social studies garbage and sex ed garbage they are forcing down my kids’ throats. At a societal level, I detest the Jewish libtards for all the identity politics, victimhood narrative, hedonism, narcissism, moral relativism, cultural Marxism and open borders madness that they’ve been pushing down all our throats, tearing apart our once cohesive society, all the while using their control of the media to cover up their own disgusting transgressions of out-of-control greed and lust on Wall Street, Hollywood, DC swamp. I also detest all the neocon Jews who keep trying to get the US into more wars on behalf of Israel while advocating open borders.

    I really don’t care what the Poles do to them. I’m sick of hearing about the Jews and their plight. They are a menacing tribe who need to take equal responsibility for what happened to them throughout history. It takes two to tango. Stop crying the perpetual victim, it’s getting old. This menacing tribe causes acrimony and division among every people they live with. Curse the Romans for taking them out of Israel and spreading them all over Europe.

    America should offer all Jews incentive to move back to Israel. There are 8.5 million people in Israel, with a population density of 343 per sq km. That’s far below Singapore’s density of 7,987 per sq km. There are 6.4m Jews in the US(2% of 320m), even after all the Jews in the US move to Israel, it’ll still be far below Singapore’s density level. It’s time to undo the Romans’ most damning damage to the west and invite all Jews to return to their homeland, so we can all live in peace.

    • Replies: @utu
    , @CanSpeccy
  113. helena says:

    Wrong sort of nationalism? Sounds like a Monty Python sketch.

  114. utu says:
    @Another Realist

    I really don’t care what the Poles do to them. I’m sick of hearing about the Jews and their plight.

    A perfect example that propaganda works. You have already accepted its premise. Poles are anti-semitic and they want to do something bad to Jews, right? It is all BS.

  115. @RadicalCenter

    The curious thing is that money keeps flowing in, it is now 35.000 euro, while it is not at all sure that those who blocked the highway will be fined.
    Also striking is how overnight our ‘news’ changed, until now a lot of attention for those who feel themselves hurt by Black Pete, being black themselves, now for the first time a detailed map op the Netherlands where one sees which regions want to keep Pete black, and where white or coloured.
    We now see that just Amsterdam and Rotterdam want Pete changed.
    As with most big cities, they are international, even Dublin, as one of my children experienced.

  116. Anonymous [AKA "Shonan Jack"] says:

    I don’t need the MSM to ‘report’ on the ‘situation’ in Poland. I am quite certain George sore ass is in the thick of it.

    Why anyone would believe anything the legacy media reports on is beyond me. Are people just ignorant and lazy or are they as dumb as a rock?

  117. iffen says:

    European Civilisation Denial

    It’s just transitioning, you know, keeping up with the times. It always knew that it was a different civilization inside.

    • Replies: @CanSpeccy
  118. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    @ ” But compared to other European countries things are at least improving, the current government is the first since 1939 that actually has our interests in mind, and they’re not thieves like their predecessors were.”

    Interesting first-hand account, once aware, the citizen in the street can have a good perception of government corruption. I hope for your sake the above is true. The question is why? Why do you think your elites changed in Poland from corruption to solidarity? Was it a particular leader, the change in the political system, new subcultures in power? No sarcasm intended.

    • Replies: @polaco
  119. helena says:

    like a beehive transitioning into a wax candle and a jar of honey

  120. CanSpeccy says: • Website

    It’s just transitioning

    Aided in Britain by the Thereason May Party, which has declared the British people non-existent, a fake people, and people who never existed:

    Schools Must Teach Britain Is an ‘Immigration Nation’ to Fight Islamophobia

    • Replies: @helena
  121. CanSpeccy says: • Website
    @Another Realist

    It’s time to undo the Romans’ most damning damage to the west and invite all Jews to return to their homeland, so we can all live in peace.

    Wasn’t the Balfour Declaration just such an invitation?

    Thing is, though, most Jews declined the invitation.

    So what to do?

    Many Jews, it seems, have already considered that question, and those of the NeoCon faction have decided, apparently, that the best solution is to genocide the European nations. That way, the question won’t come up again and it will be possible to bring in a system of global governnace ruled by the Money Power elite via the global institutions.

    The European nations, it seems, have accepted the plan. In particular, under the leadership of childless women, the British and the Germans have decided to off themselves, denying, even, that they ever existed.

    Back in the 50’s and 60’s, many folks in the West lived in terror of nuclear weapons. But the world has survived the nuclear age, so far. What it has not survived is the age of psychological manipulation. Clearly psychology is vastly more dangerous than nuclear physics, which means it’s time for mass protest against the manipulative news and social media, the entertainments and porn industries, etc.

    But those with the most reason to protest are those most firmly in the paralyzing grip of the manipulators. The West is truly and irreversibly doomed.

    Still, its warms a patriot’s heart to see Mörder Merkel and Thereason May on the ropes.

    • Replies: @El Dato
    , @Another Realist
  122. helena says:

    I can’t work out why there is no opposition to these changes in education nor why communist ideology is being allowed to run rampant. Why are there no dissident intellectuals, has the uk run out of smart natives?

    • Replies: @CanSpeccy
  123. utu says:

    I can’t work out why there is no opposition to these changes

    Perhaps you should look at what it takes to construct the so called dissident intellectuals. Where do they come from? Whose face becomes publicly known?

    Then there is the Zeitgeist which once created has its own momentum and inertia. The so called progressive ideas and arguments are very powerful and appealing: brotherhood –> we are all equal —> there are no races —> we do not need borders.

    As always one must look behind the scene and who really is to benefit from the changes. Who jumps on the gravy train first? The greatest mistake made by conservatists and traditionalists is to misidentify their enemies and allies. By calling the enemies communist is the most revealing clou that the trick has worked and people are barking at the wrong tree. It is the left that was fooled first and turned to the identity politics and the brotherhood issues in social terms but not in economic terms and thus abandoned the real issue for which the left was originally created. Yes the left is your enemy but it is the left that works for capitalism or its neoliberal incarnation. Go after capitalism and you have a chance. Do not think that big capital is on your side. It never was.

    • Replies: @helena
  124. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    Read and weep:
    “US Senator Ron Wyden (D-Oregon) branded the Russian leadership “fascist” during Senate testimony on the alleged Russian meddling in the US elections.”
    Ronald Lee Wyden was born to Jewish parents who “had fled Nazi Germany.”
    Enters Nuland-Kagan with her cookies and foul language and $5 billions invested in regime change in Ukraine. In 2014, Mrs. Nuland-Kagan (from the famous clan of ziocon Kagans), has managed to install a pro-Nazi regime in Kiev.
    Mr. Wyden, a Jewish Democrat, has been totally numb about the neo-Nazis in Ukraine, where Jewish cemeteries become defaced by neo-Nazi and where the neo-Nazis hold parades to celebrate fascists and their collaborators. — All that became possible after the Maidan (Nuand-Kagan) revolution.
    Mr. Wyden is OK with these neo-Nazis (is this because they are “useful” neo-Nazis?) And yet Mr. Wyden, the Jewish Democrat, accuses Russians in being fascists, despite the horrendous losses suffered by Russia in a fight with Nazism. Guess this is Mr. Wyden way to remember the Jewish victims of the WWII. — Does Mr. Wyden have any dignity? Very doubtful.

  125. FKA Max says: • Website

    I believe that’s where karma, eternal soul contracts, and past life experiences are brought into a day-to-day moment-by-moment play.

    Wow, you are exploring and dealing with the advanced levels of existence, e.g. soul contracts, etc.

    These are some interesting thoughts on these topics:

    In that sense, he or she is preserved by virtue of his or her “soul”. And since the universe is a self-refining entity, that which is teleologically valid in the informational construct called “you” may be locally re-injected or redistributed in spacetime. In principle, this could be a recombinative process, with the essences of many people combining in a set of local injections or “reincarnations” (this could lead to strange effects…e.g., a single person remembering simultaneous “past lifetimes”).

    In addition, an individual human sublanguage might be vectored into an alternate domain dynamically connected to its existence in spacetime. In this scenario, the entity would emerge into an alternate reality based on the interaction between her local level of consciousness and the global level embedding it…i.e., based on the state of her “soul” as just defined. This may be the origin of beliefs regarding heaven, hell, purgatory, limbo and other spiritual realms.


    I am not sure I agree with everything Swedenborg said and discovered/experienced, but it is interesting information to ponder and contemplate concerning reincarnation, etc. I personally believe reincarnation to be a real phenomenon, but maybe I am simply “insane” 😉

    None of this suggests that Swedenborg would be sympathetic to the idea of living multiple lifetimes on earth. And in fact, in one of his rare explicit references to reincarnation, he depicts a philosopher in the afterlife first arguing in favor of reincarnation and then, having been enlightened by the Lord, disavowing the notion as “insane” (True Christianity §79:6, 8).
    In Heaven and Hell §256, he offers an explanation for why it might appear that some people remember past lives:

    Angels and spirits actually have memory just as we do. If a spirit were to talk with us from her or his own memory, then it would seem to us entirely as though the thoughts were our own, when they would really belong to the spirit. It is like remembering something that we have never seen or heard.

    Swedenborg and Life Recap: Do We Reincarnate?

    George Bush who is distantly related to the Bush family was a Swedenborgian:

    In 1845 he embraced Swedenborgianism and went on to write many defenses of his new faith.[7] He translated and published the diary of Emanuel Swedenborg in 1845, and became editor of the New Church Repository.[2]

    I believe reincarnation, etc. research to be the next frontier in human evolution and exploration, not so much space exploration, artificial intelligence, gene editing, etc.

    If humans can start to better understand and more reliably remember their past lives/existences and hone their extra sensory perception/cognition skills, etc. the power of these abilities and this knowledge far surpass any advances we could hope to possibly make through medical, technological or genetic interventions, in my opinion.

    Mutation and Human Exceptionalism: Our Future Genetic Load

    [The average human desires to remain in operation for as long as feasible, and the applied life sciences are increasingly devoted to making this possible. In the United States, mean life span has doubled over the past 160 years, although maximum longevity has not notably changed and based on the preceding arguments is not likely to.]

    Instead of trying to achieve “immortality” and super human intelligence in one single human body/vessel it would probably be wiser and more productive, cost-effective and in harmony with Nature/God if we would, like you quoted, “learn to die” properly and also learn how to be re-born properly through many different, successive bodies and life times.

    “A Vehicle of Symbols and Nothing More”

    George Romanes, Theory of Mind, Information, and Samuel Butler

    Donald R Forsdyke
    Queen’s University, Canada

    And that complex ‘factory-installed’ behaviors (instincts) can be accounted for on the basis
    of the information content of gametes alone is also hard to believe. Outsourcing to a
    parallel extracorporeal racial memory – a ‘collective unconscious’ (Jung,1959) –that could
    be tapped into during neural development, is no less hard to believe.
    Yet, failing the emergence of other explanations, both these arguments-from-incredulity deserve a place at the table of responsible neuroscientific discourse. While the critical ‘crossroads neuroscience has reached’
    is gaining recognition, a multimillion dollar ‘brain initiative’ (Yuste and Church, 2014) may err if too narrowly focused on that wonderful organ.

    Cloud Atlas – Official Trailer [HD]

    P.s.: To the moderators: I reported a software bug and the comment seems to still be stuck in moderation:

    • Replies: @FKA Max
  126. anarchyst says:

    Try the SSPX…the traditional, pre-Vatican II wing of the Catholic Church…

  127. CanSpeccy says: • Website

    I can’t work out why there is no opposition to these changes in education nor why communist ideology is being allowed to run rampant.

    It’s more than anyone’s job is worth. The educational institutions, including the universities are run by jobsworth nobodies who do as they are told, which is to make sure the faculty do as they are told, which is to make sure that all British youngsters are indoctrinated with white self-hatred, and the belief that white people are a disease of the planet and that the only sexual vice is reproduction, reproduction of white people, that is. Thus the indigenous population declines while the Muslim, Middle-Eastern, Asian and African setters take over while pissing on the English.

    I wrote a piece about the decline in merit of university administration as exemplified by my alma mater, the University of Leicester: The Rot at the Head of the University. When I graduated, the Chancellor of the University was Lord Adrian, President of the Royal Society, a Nobel Prize Winner, and the frail, diminutive, gray-haired individual who, by incanting some Latin phrase as he shook my hand, graduated me. He was succeeded as Chancellor by Alan Lloyd Hodgekin (Nobel Laureate, President of the Royal Society) , Sir George Porter (Nobel Laureate, president of the Royal Society), and Sir Michael Atiyah (Fields Medal Winner, President of the Royal Society). To be followed, under war criminal and national sell-out Tony Blair, by a one-time lecturer in sociology at the Birmingham College of Commerce, Bruce Grocott, a man who turned from the lower levels of academia to politics, rising in due course, to become a Labor MP and senior Blair side-kick, for which service he was appointed by Blair to the House of Lords.

    As for:

    Why are there no dissident intellectuals, has the UK run out of smart natives?

    When a civilization undergoes a moral and intellectual implosion as has happened across the West, smart people mostly just focus on personal security, getting money, and fending off competition. Moreover, the destruction of the West has been a long-planned objective of the globalist Money Power, in fulfillment of the Rhodes-Rothschild-Milner-Council on foreign Relations project for global empire. The thing is now in rapid motion. The momentum is tremendous, with shills and traitors in place throughout the political, administrative andcorporate worlds. Most of the dissidents are fakes, probably controlled by MI5 or 6 or 7, or whatever.

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @helena
  128. @Anon

    Dr. Stephen Sniegoski’s study of House’s “Philip Dru” was posted on Unz awhile back

    The Authoritarian Utopia of Colonel Edward M. House

    • Replies: @anonymous
  129. El Dato says:

    Moreover that was a really different Poland back then.


    (while Prussia basically gets the Mongolian Treatment to the sound of “Stuck in the Middle With You”)

  130. El Dato says:

    It’s over, but the thought of giving the Islamic World a cheap way of producing top quality nukes and delivery vehicles off an established industrial base brings a forlorn smile to my lips.

  131. Vinteuil says:

    What an embarrassment to this thread has been.

  132. @CanSpeccy

    Thing is, though, most Jews declined the invitation.

    Did I say invite? I meant “invite”. Give them some incentives, free one way tickets plus $10,000 each? Offer the same deal to the blacks, with one way tickets to Liberia. Then both can stop hating life in the foreign land of racist whites. Everyone’s happy.

    Back when Israel was first created, it had nothing. Today’s Israel is a prosperous, modern country (at least a large part of it), and there hasn’t been any intifada by the Muslim horde since 2005. The last serious bombing with 1 fatality occurred in 2008, almost 9 years ago. Lots of Palestinians now live and work in Israel, along with Moroccans, Tunisians, Turks, Iraqis…mostly Sephardic Jews co-mingling with Ashkhenazi Jews from Russia, US and all over Europe. I think with the right incentives, more could be enticed to move back to the motherland.

    The biggest problem now is Israel’s continued encroachment of Palestinian land through new Settlements. It’s clear the Israelis are the more capable bunch. Why not just let them take over all the land and develop the whole place, give Palestinians Israeli citizenship, lots of Palestinians are already living in Israel anyway. Prosperity will bring peace to all.

    Look at Dubai, it’s turned itself into the playground of the Middle East. Israel can be the Singapore of the Middle East, with 1/10th its density, in a much prettier setting and better weather.

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @CanSpeccy
  133. Vinteuil says:

    “Two confused, self-contradicting Brits displaying their ignorance and preference for Koolaid rather than Red Pill [sic].”

    Where’s the self-contradiction? Where’s the ignorance?

    I found their conversation very well-informed and, sometimes, pretty inspiring.

  134. @Lex

    “according to you.”

    My views are not mainstream but I take responsibility for them, try to support them with evidence, willing to entertain sound critique.

    “The heart of Christian Europe.”
    In WWII, “according to me,” Germany was the “heart of Christian Europe.” But the heart spreads its power throughout the (Mystical) Body (of Christ). Multiple parts of that Body were decimated by Allies and Stalin during that war.

    It’s a cookie-crumb trail — the trail of the deliberate destruction of Christianity in Europe.

    1. Jews played a leading role, motivated by seething hatred of Rome and Christianity.

    THE Zionist movement dates from A.D. 70, the year of the destruction of the Temple and the Jewish State.

    A Jewish Palestine by H. SACHER in JULY 1919 ISSUE Atlantic Magazine

    2. Jews are not a people for whom “forgive and forget” is a core value —
    The oft-repeated Psalm 137:

    By the rivers of Babylon we sat and wept when we remembered Zion.
    There on the poplars we hung our harps,
    for there our captors asked us for songs, our tormentors demanded songs of joy;
    they said, “Sing us one of the songs of Zion!”
    How can we sing the songs of the Lord while in a foreign land?
    If I forget you, Jerusalem, may my right hand forget its skill.
    May my tongue cling to the roof of my mouth if I do not remember you,
    if I do not consider Jerusalem my highest joy.
    Remember, Lord, what the Edomites did on the day Jerusalem fell.
    “Tear it down,” they cried, “tear it down to its foundations!”

    Daughter Babylon, doomed to destruction, happy is the one who repays you
    according to what you have done to us.
    Happy is the one who seizes your infants and dashes them against the rocks.

    3. Jews maintain a major grudge against the Romans, which represents “Western civilization” and Christianity. In their prayers, that they teach to their children, they remind themselves to take revenge on those who tore down their temple, by “seizing their infants and dashing them against the rocks.”

    4. In the ‘modern’ era, the French were the first to be de-Christianized.
    According to Ruth Harris, the Dreyfuss Affair could have been settled administratively; a Protestant French bureaucrat offered to do just that — obtain the release of the Jewish soldier quietly and quickly. But a Jewish banker, Joseph Reinach, had a larger agenda: he hated the Jesuits and maneuvered to topple them, and in the process, the Catholic church in France.

    5. If Russia is considered “European” and “Christian,” its Christian-ness was seriously attacked by Bolsheviks from 1917 onward, until Putin.

    6. A case can be made that the war against Germany was Jewish revenge against a state’s government that “Knew not Joseph.” (see this interesting essay by Rich Cohen in Tablet magazine, June 2015: — EBB TIDE IN THE GOLDEN COUNTRY
    All is not as it was for Jews in America

    Probably the scariest sentence in the Bible, and maybe in all of Western literature, comes early in Exodus. “Now there arose up a new king over Egypt, which knew not Joseph.” It suggests how era changes to era, way leads to way, evening darkens to night and home turns ominous and mean. . . .

    By the 1930s, Jews had re-imagined the nation. It’s the gift of the outsider—to see with new eyes. . . . Jews had escaped not only ghettos and poverty, but history itself. That first generation had the freedom to work and to pray but also to stop being Jews. Unlike Germany or England, there is no host population in America, no single race that can be threatened. America is a nation of nations, a nation of mutts. The Constitution was set up as a series of checks against any such majority forming. The liberty found here did not depend on Joseph’s charm or special relationship with what my father would call “the key guys.” It was built into the founding documents of the country. The importance of the written word echoed the Jewish mind.

    6a. Although Cohen is speaking of the Jewish experience in USA, he alludes to the fact that in Germany, Jews felt that their wellbeing hinged on their relationship with “Joseph,” and if the ‘pharaoh’/Hitler “knew not Joseph,” then Exodus with extreme prejudice was in order.
    Louis Brandeis issued the directive that “all Jews must leave Germany,” and then Brandeis & his Levites arranged for the destruction of German leadership, the destruction of “Babylon,” and to dash German children against the rocks” — or incinerate them, as case may be.

    6b. Rabbi Stephen Wise was one of Brandeis’s willing executioners. In May, 1933 — pre-Holocaust — Wise’s son, James Waterman Wise, published a book titled Swastika, The Nazi Terror.

    The second sentence of the book declares that “the swastika symbolizes hatred of the Jew.”

    By some accounts, Hitler was inspired to use the swastika in the flag of the Third Reich by a symbol on the Benedictine monastery where he attended high school.

    (This is a subtle but, imo, important point.)

    6c. Benedictines were an ancient order of Roman Catholic monks whose way of life centered on Prayer and Work — Ora et Labora.
    Hitler’s economic policy sought to eliminate dependence on credit finance — usury — but instead to value Labor as the medium of exchange. The entryways to Auschwitz and Dachau bore the epigram, “Arbeit Macht Frei,” Work Makes You Free.” Free of debt-slavery.

    This was, of course, anathema to American bankers and Jews; after a meeting in Northern Europe in late February – early March 1933, “International Jewry Declared Economic War on Germany.” The stated goal was to destroy Germany’s economy, to “bring Germany to its knees” (in prayer??).

    Jews were ambivalent about destroying Auschwitz, the symbol of the superiority of Labor over Usurious-Capitalism. In June, 1944, David Ben Gurion was head of the Jewish Agency Executive when it was called upon to decide whether to request Allies to bomb Auschwitz. The Agency reported that because they “thought Auschwitz was [just] a labor camp,” that many Jews were there, they did not wish to be responsible for harming “a single Jewish person.” So they did not request that Allies bomb Auschwitz. As we know, other events conspired to bring about the deaths of many at Auschwitz, and equally importantly, those deaths, however caused, were mendaciously and ruthlessly exploited by Eisenhower and his Jewish film crew to completely vilify — and terrorize — the German people. Arbeit Macht Frei is for friers.
    So much for the Benedictine spirit of German Christianity.

    7. Aachen was the seat of the German mythos and location of Charlemagne’s throne. Charlemagne was, of course, the Holy Roman Emperor who brought Christianity to Germany.
    85% of Aachen was destroyed by Allied firebombers. Tens of thousands of incendiaries and thousands of tons of bombs were dropped on Aachen in over forty firebombing raids on the city. This was culturecide.

    8. Italy — we all know that Mussolini met the same fate as the Egyptian leaders in the Jewish Exodus, though I know of no instance where a pharaoh was hanged upside down. Exactly who killed Mussolini remains a mystery; it is marked to “partisans,” but it is also the case that OSS infiltrated Italian partisans — much like US forces “train” ISIS to kill whomever is on the US president’s kill list that day.

    9. Came upon this old news item the other day:
    Error led to bombing of Monte Cassino:

    The world’s most glorious monastery, at Monte Cassino in Italy, [built beginning in 526 and home to Thomas Aquinas, among others] was destroyed during the second world war because of a mistake by a British junior officer, according to new evidence in a book due out this week.
    The officer – translating an intercepted radio message – mistook the German word for abbot for a similar word meaning battalion. His version convinced his superiors this meant a German military unit was using the monastery as its command post, in breach of a Vatican agreement which treated it as neutral.

    Allied generals ordered a huge bombing attack. Only when the planes were in the air did a British intelligence officer, Colonel David Hunt, recheck the full radio intercept. He found that what it actually said was: “The abbot is with the monks in the monastery”.

    “Tragically, this was discovered too late,” the book says. “The bombers were already approaching.”

    450 tons of bombs were dropped on Monte Cassino.
    How long do you suppose it takes to assemble, load, etc. 450 tons of bombs?
    Are decisions to commit such manpower and materiel taken on the basis of ONE, SINGLE, SOLITARY intercepted radio message?
    Are we really to accept that a 1500 year old symbol of Italian Catholicism was destroyed in error?
    Thousands of German soldiers fought ferociously to keep Allied forces from taking the Italian Benedictine Monastery at Monte Cassino.
    In return, the Italians switched sides.
    Well done, Paisanos.
    Polish soldiers take pride in having aided in conquering Monte Cassino.
    Well done, Pollacks.

    10. On to Rome.
    In a 2014 talk at the New York Military Affairs Symposium,
    author Andrew Buchanan explained how Franklin Roosevelt called Gen. Mark Clark to meet with him at the North Carolina estate of Bernard Baruch. In that meeting, Buchanan says that it is plausible that Clark was given instructions to ignore the plan for British forces under Gen. Alexander and American forces under Clark to jointly take Rome. Instead, Clark and the Americans were to march on Rome before- and without- the British. This infuriated Churchill, as it gave leverage to the Americans to control Italy, and thereby to control the Mediterranean.
    Mark Clark’s mother was Jewish. Clark’s parents had him baptized because a Jew could not have advanced in military service as Clark was intended to do.

    11. Most are aware of the German bombing of a Spanish town, memorialized in Picasso’s Guernica. Less well known is the rampant destruction of Spanish Catholic churches and killing of nuns and priests in Spain, carried out with assistance from The International Brigade, which included a “large number of Jews” from English-speaking and Eastern European countries. According to Gilad Atzmon, Jewish fighters “sent letters home apologizing for their absence from holiday celebrations, but explaining that they were fighting to avenge the Spanish expulsion of Jews in 1492.”

    • Replies: @utu
    , @iffen
    , @Anon
    , @Lex
  135. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    “When a civilization undergoes a moral and intellectual implosion as has happened across the West, smart people mostly just focus on personal security, getting money, and fending off competition. … The momentum is tremendous, with shills and traitors in place throughout the political, administrative and corporate worlds. Most of the dissidents are fakes, probably controlled by MI5 or 6 or 7, or whatever.”
    Thank you for the succinct description of our times of unnatural selection.

  136. Anon • Disclaimer says:
    @Another Realist

    “It’s clear the Israelis are the more capable bunch…”
    Sure. What was Germany’s inspiration in the 30-s? – Get more land and more natural resources which belong to other, “less capable bunch.” Beautiful summation on your part. And, by the way, you post presents a great example of moral relativism.

    “Why not just let them [illegal Israeli settlers] take over all the land and develop the whole place, give Palestinians Israeli citizenship?” — Yes, why? Perhaps because Israel wants to be a Jewish state and because Israel is kind of a theocracy? Have you checked their Constitution? – There is none.
    Have you also heard about the Lobby? What about Oded Yinon plan for Eretz Israel? Do we really need this very questionable “friendship” with Jewish supremacists? – No!

    • Replies: @SolontoCroesus
  137. utu says:

    Interesting story about the bombing of the monastery on Monte Casino as a result of alleged mistake. One wonders why silly story like this is floated at all.

    You could add to your list of hidden anti-Catholic anti-Christian motives Nagasaki. I have seen discussions on internet about whether the fact that Nagasaki had the largest Catholic population Japan played a role in selecting it for a target.

    The anti-Catholic animus was not just Jewish but it was also shared by masonic WASP elites of the US.

  138. @Anon

    Thank you.
    I think I recall that you mentioned elsewhere that Nagasaki had a large Catholic population.

    Why in the world was that war started. It is overwhelmingly sad, and it’s continued for a hundred years.

    Yeah, what did they think they were accomplishing with the Oops story about Monte Cassino? Adding insult to injury.

    • Replies: @Anon
  139. polaco says:

    Many Russian serfs were escaping to Poland where they would have been treated better, If they had made it to the Zaporohzian Sich they would become free people. The Ukrainians fared better in Poland and their language has survived only where Poland used to be. Ukrainians are responsible for a real genocide of the Poles- the Wolyn Massacre, and Russia had employed the Cossacs against us many times in the past. The countries that partitioned Poland had hoped to destroy our culture and identity, and went about it rather strictly, but that’s not easy and takes a long time, WWI gave us a break, and we had the more reason to really rally together and keep these minorities in check. Many Poles throw all eastern Slavs into the same bag, there’s no distinction as they are usually called the Russkies, regardless of whether they’re from Ukraine or Belarus. Now some on the far right see this differently, they’d been sympathetic to Russia against Ukraine (let Russia take the east and we’ll take back the west) long before Russia started to defend her military equipment production facilities in Eastern Ukraine in the current turmoil, and because of the present situation in Ukraine even the average guy on the street begins to notice some differences. But many Poles who still live in Ukraine would say that Russians and Ukrainians are the same peoples as far as they’re concerned. If you want to live in Poland, fine, but we’re not multicultural and we have historical reasons to look at our neighbors with suspicion. All countries should cooperate economically, respect one another, but retain their identity and suppress all centrifugal forces.

    • Replies: @Miro23
    , @Thirdeye
  140. polaco says:

    I’m just describing what’s happening. It’s not like Poland will ever become the financial capital of the world, but they are bringing in jobs in IT and other fields. A small country like Poland has to contend with the existing situation, and it’s the big players who make the rules. Whatever market manipulations bankers engage in, their having a back office in Poland is of no consequence. Before joining the Euro, Greece brought in Goldman Sachs to help them disguise their debts and look what happened to them down the road, I don’t know if GS had a branch office in Greece at that time. Just this year, I think this month, Poland said adios to the IMF’s emergency line of credit, the access to which carried a large annual “subscription” fee, and it was the previous government that had arranged it with the dreaded and corrupt IMF.

  141. polaco says:

    There was a prime minister in 1992, Olszewski, a lawyer by trade and an atheist I think, who tried to have a law passed that would have prohibited former communists from holding public offices, at least for the following two decades. He had also tried to make the secret police archives public (most of them by then had unfortunately been destroyed, many remain in the hands of former officers of the secret police, the notorious SB) which would have exposed all their assets still active in public life, and subject to blackmail. Walesa had long been suspected of being one, going back to the seventies, and it has now been confirmed, although he vehemently denies it. The Walesa files were held by a high ranking police general- Kiszczak, whose widow attempted to sell them to a private collector after her husband’s death this year, the prospective buyer notified police, and these files saw the light of day to Walesa’s understandable disappointment. There was a de facto coup d’etat against Olszewski, in which Walesa played an important role. Olszewski was a statesman, and that was shortly after the fall of communism in Poland. Up until now there was a lot of mismanagement, theft and corruption and things have gotten so bad that even those most in denial had to face reality, and opted for something different. The number of people who left the country to work abroad speaks for itself, it’s been at slightly over two million since 2007, and domestic unemployment has been intolerable (about 15% in 2013 and now about 7% officially, these government numbers as always are questionable). The former elites that lost power, had occupied the Polish house of parliament for two weeks in late 2016 hoping to force a new election, the people for the most part laughed them off, and they gave up defeated. But all the legacy communist institutions, and the people who work there, have inflicted the maximum damage by now, so it’s all about picking up the pieces presently. The current ruling party didn’t really win in a landslide, they got 37%, but because there are many political parties, and due to the way the seats in the parliament are allotted to the parties that get the most votes, they got to form the government, and so given the way the system works it was a big win. I’d say in Poland about 30% of voters are communists/left-wingers, 30% right wingers, and 40% swing voters. So if the world economy nosedives taking Poland with it the old people may be back in power.

  142. Miro23 says:

    If you want to live in Poland, fine, but we’re not multicultural and we have historical reasons to look at our neighbors with suspicion. All countries should cooperate economically, respect one another, but retain their identity and suppress all centrifugal forces.

    As they say in Spain “Ojalá!” (May it come to pass). God (Allah) willing from the Arabic.

    • Agree: Vinteuil
  143. helena says:

    I see from wiki, grocott’s MA was on local govt. I wonder what the thrust of it was; whether a (‘marxism-informed’) political inclination is discernible in it.

    what are you doing with yourself nowadays? You can obviously think and write; heeeelllpp uusssss!!!!

    What I’m working on is a condensed history of the Eng-Brit monarchy – century by century. There are some absolutely brilliant history and ancient history documentaries, which are very interestesting but generally can be reduced down to just a few key developmental moments/activities. Its taking a long time because my background is biology not history but it keeps me distracted from the threat of being taught how to communicate with non-english people. So, for instance, Michael Wood’s series on Castles opens with the bold claim that ‘in order to understand modernity, we need to understand castles’. Wow, really? I didn’t realise. And if I was asked to explain how that was true I wouldn’t be able to, yet.

    Its all there in the documentaries, ‘things’ that shaped the social evolution of the country. I believe that just as all children should come out of school able to state with confidence that objects fall to the ground because of gravity (without being able to write the equations) so too, they should come out understanding that e.g. castles were a stepping-stone to modernity without necessarily understanding how although I can see a bit more detail maybe useful.

    Another one off the top of my head was David Starkey’s Music and Monarchy – absolutely fascinating the way the musical tudors, henry and liz, kept choral music alive during the reformation. Now, that information is lost to anyone who is not going to sit through an hour’s history programme making that one point, d’you see? Well, I can dream that one day I will complete this opus but ho-hum time will tell.

    • Replies: @CanSpeccy
  144. Thirdeye says:

    Not to justify the horrific crimes committed by Ukrainian nationalists against ethnic Poles – I fully support Poland in the recent kerfuffle over their efforts to bar entry by anti-Polish Ukrainians – the Poles have treated Orthodox and Uniate Ukrainians horribly.

    Many Russian serfs were escaping to Poland where they would have been treated better…..

    The opposite happened. Orthodox Ruthenians migrated eastward away from oppression by Catholic Poles. The Uniate Church gained converts who hoped that by joining something called “Catholic” they would get better treatment from the Poles. That only worked until the Vatican decided the Uniates were heretics and the Polish lords treated them accordingly.

    The Ukrainians fared better in Poland and their language has survived only where Poland used to be.

    The Ukrainian dialect emerged in areas under Polish rule. It was first recognized as a language under Austrian rule. Austria allowed the Ukrainians rights that they never had under Polish rule. They were conferred rights to their own political organizations and to have printed works that reflected their identity. Ukrainian language newspapers were first allowed under Austrian rule. To this day, Austrian rulers are presented in heroic portraits in western Ukraine. Not that the Austrians granted Ukrainians their status out of the good of their hearts; they were seeking allies against Russia.

    WWI gave us a break, and we had the more reason to really rally together and keep these minorities in check.

    Such “keeping minorities in check” included driving them out of business, professional services, and academia in the territories Poland gained during their 1918-1921 wars against the Ukrainian Republic and the Soviets. A large emigration of Ukrainians and Jews resulted. A lot of those Ukrainian emigres ended up in Canada.

    …Russia started to defend her military equipment production facilities in Eastern Ukraine in the current turmoil…

    That is a bizarre contention. Russia had no problem in-sourcing any armaments production formerly farmed out to the Ukrainian SSR. Ukrainian industry was more dependent on trade and technological exchange with Russia than vice-versa. That’s one major reason why Ukrainian industry has stagnated in the post-Soviet era and their aerospace industry has imploded.

    • Replies: @polaco
    , @szopen
  145. helena says:

    But it is so easy to debunk these tropes and there are public commentators on the side of naturalism as opposed to blank-slatism but they don’t seem able to handle the word games. For instance, there was a period a few years ago when leftist politicians were allowed in intellectual discussions to say things like ‘it’s just wrong’. And I never saw/heard anyone say ‘you can’t use that as an argument!’ but they did try to argue against the substantive policy or point that was declared ‘just wrong’; and they lost because leaving ‘its just wrong’ unchecked meant that the public got brainwashed.

    Anyway, if the Lunar Society could do it then it can be done again; if there are enough smarts still in the country, and maybe there ‘just aren’t’.

  146. CanSpeccy says: • Website
    @Another Realist

    I agree that Jews such as Barbara Spectre should get the Hell out of the Western nations where they now reside. However, Jews can, and do, assimilate. What one would like to hear clearly from assimilated Jews is acknowledgment that Judaism is a religion of racial supremacism that they explicitly reject. Failure of Jews in the West to do that means that they will always be seen as actual or potential Fifth Columnists.

    Same is true of all immigrants to the West, the mass of European Muslims with a settler mentality, for example.

    Moreover all immigrant groups are a potential threat to the coherence of a society or a civilization and thus should always be admitted in only very limited numbers. That Western government are mainly committed to disrupting their own societies by promoting mass immigration of incompatible elements is clear evidence of treason in the service of the Globalist Conspiracy.

    • Replies: @polskijoe
  147. CanSpeccy says: • Website

    heeeelllpp uusssss!

    Well, I’m doing my best!

    Trouble is, most people learn only very slowly. As a great Canadian industrialist (he created what was Canada’s largest forest company) said:

    In the course of a long life, one learns how things work. Then, the Lord, in his wisdom, takes one away and a new generation has to learn everything for themselves.

    The Lord, it seems, set things up to insure irremediable and unending chaos and catastrophe.

    • Replies: @helena
  148. gwynedd1 says:

    Agreed. We have seen this before. Soviet style socialism could have compared quite well to Africa or China. However the West exposed it. Now the East might take its turn in exposing the West .

  149. helena says:

    “Well, I’m doing my best!”

    oh yes, I forgot about your website. (I did a smiley but then it looked sarcastic so I removed it)

  150. FKA Max says: • Website
    @FKA Max

    Interesting account of a past life regression session. One has to give her credit for at least keeping an open mind and giving it a try, even if she does not believe in reincarnation:

    In Another Lifetime, I Was a White Man: A Skeptic Meets Her Former Selves


    As I put it at the time, “It’s all bullshit, anyway.”
    Again trying to answer with whatever felt right, I introduced myself as a high ranking male British soldier stationed in the desert during the race to colonize Africa in the late 1800s. (So not a Nazi, but not entirely far off.) Cocky and surging with affection for Queen and Country, I felt free, not plagued with self-doubt or guilt (even deserved guilt) for quite possibly the first time ever.
    One of the chief skeptical speculations about past life regression therapy is that what’s experienced while under hypnosis is the result of cryptomnesia, the accidental plagiarism of books, TV, movies, or stories. Considering my own regression, I can certainly find enough pieces of The English Patient or The Lost City of Z (or even the survey of Africa course that I took in college) to create an exciting story.

    This is what John Wesley had to say about Swedenborg:

    Two years later, in his Arminian Magazine, Wesley published an “authentic account” of Baron Swedenborg’s “insanity.” In detail it describes an incident that supposedly occurred in 1744, when Swedenborg, in London, was lodging at the house of a John Paul Brockmer- 1744, a year after the Lord had first appeared to our seer. “His hair stood upright and he foamed a little at the mouth He said . . . he was the Messiah . . . come to be crucified for the Jews. He then went to a place called the Gulley-Hole, undressed himself, rolled in very deep mud, and threw his money out of his pockets among the crowd.”

    Here Emerson on Swedenborg, paragraph 37:

    III. Swedenborg; or, the Mystic

    The vice of Swedenborg’s mind is its theologic determination. Nothing with him has the liberality of universal wisdom, but we are always in a church. That Hebrew muse, which taught the lore of right and wrong to men, had the same excess of influence for him it has had for the nations. The mode, as well as the essence, was sacred. Palestine is ever the more valuable as a chapter in universal history, and ever the less an available element in education. 28 The genius of Swedenborg, largest of all modern souls in this department of thought, wasted itself in the endeavor to reanimate and conserve what had already arrived at its natural term, and, in the great secular Providence, was retiring from its prominence, before Western modes of thought and expression. Swedenborg and Behmen both failed by attaching themselves to the Christian symbol, instead of to the moral sentiment, which carries innumerable christianities, humanities, divinities, in its bosom.

    I feel the Poles are making the same mistake that Swedenborg did, with their chants of “We want God”, etc. Their calls for sovereignty would be much better received and more effective if they were not “attaching themselves to the Christian symbol, [but] instead [] to the moral sentiment, which carries innumerable christianities, humanities, divinities, in its bosom.”

    The PEGIDA movement, which originated in formerly majority- Protestant and now mostly atheistic Eastern Germany, is doing a much better job in this regard, in my opinion, by not incorporating Christian ideology and not too many Christian symbols into their protests, etc.:

    Never mind the cross, Germany’s ‘anti-Islamization’ movement isn’t really Christian

    The PEGIDA protest movement is best understood as anti-religious, says Werner Patzelt of the Technical University of Dresden. “It is in this way part of the [former] East German society,” Patzelt says. He says only 20-25 percent of the people living in what used to be the German Democratic Republic identify as members of an organized religion.

    “The usual attitude of east Germans towards the phenomenon of religion is that either religion is something for stupid persons, who are not enlightened enough. Or, it is something quite dangerous leading into violence,” Patzelt says. “The PEGIDA movement is a reaction against all religions.”

    So, why are the protesters not taking aim at Christianity? “Because it’s not taken seriously,” Patzelt says. “Christians here don’t have much impact on society.”

    The Pegida Anti-Immigration Movement Splits Germany | The New York Times

    The New York Times
    Published on Feb 11, 2015

  151. polaco says:

    the Poles have treated Orthodox and Uniate Ukrainians horribly

    Poland was in real control of its territory for a mere 21 years from 1772 to 1989. Then tell me who inflicted more suffering upon whom, especially in the most recent time period. Nevertheless, the Jewish propaganda film directors in the Soviet Union made many movies showing how terribly the evil Catholic Polish landowners had treated the Orthodox peasants before the Soviet Union stepped in to help. The Czars have exiled huge numbers of Poles to Siberia, and confiscated their assets, which were oftentimes acquired by Jewish merchants and financiers. Before WWI people had to travel to the Austrian partition to have a Catholic wedding in a church, because Russians prohibited it. I don’t need to write about the Poles who died in Soviet labour camps in Siberia, how mothers had to throw their frozen babies out of train windows while being transported there, or died working as literal slaves while building various industrial city complexes in Soviet Russia. This was all in the twentieth century.

    The Ukrainian dialect emerged in areas under Polish rule.

    Then I’d say we’re quite right to call them Russians, it was the Kievan Rus after all.

    Such “keeping minorities in check” included driving them out of business, professional services, and academia in the territories Poland gained during their 1918-1921 wars against the Ukrainian Republic and the Soviets.

    It’s not a good idea to give minorities a voice in politics. Poland has a problem with corruption because of the communist legacy, but in Ukraine corruption is staggering. The sons of president Yanukovych were engaging in extortion and racketeering. If you travel to Ukraine in your car with Polish marker plates, it’s like a target on your back, the cops will pull you over and you’d better have the money ready. The drivers are aggressive and the traffic is as chaotic as in Albania, no rules basically. Members of a society that cannot produce an orderly and functioning country should not be allowed to have a say in Polish politics now, and shouldn’t have been in the past.

    A large emigration of Ukrainians and Jews resulted.

    One of the slogans of Ukrainian nationalists was “Death to the Jewish- Muscovite Communism”.

    That is a bizarre contention. Russia had no problem in-sourcing any armaments production formerly farmed out to the Ukrainian SSR

    There are more than twenty military equipment factories in the Crimea, including one that makes the optics for the T 84 tanks. But of course the Naval base was what mattered most. The Motor Sich factory was responsible for supplying more than two thirds of Russian helicopter engines. Up until four years ago, the Yuzhmash factory used to build and service most of the Russian Satan 2 missiles. I don’t know this for a fact, but I’ve heard from several Ukrainians there was no real border between Russia and Eastern Ukraine.

    • Replies: @FKA Max
    , @Thirdeye
    , @polskijoe
  152. szopen says:

    Pilsudski’s ethnic philosophy differed from Nazism more in content than in substance.”

    Can you even tell a difference between Pilsudski’s philosophy and DMowski? Hint: post-1918 Poland was modeled on Dmowski’s ideas, not Pilsudskis.

  153. szopen says:

    the Poles have treated Orthodox and Uniate Ukrainians horribly.

    I am not sure what period you are refering to. XVI century? XVII? Yeah, Polish and Polonized ex-Ruthenian, ex-orthodox magnates were treating peasants terribly. Note “peasants”. It was not anti-Ruthenian sentiment, but the anti-peasant sentiment, which in Poland-Lithuania was over tie aggravated by the fact that most (but not all) Ruthenian nobles peacefully converted to catholicizm and started speaking Polish. The most powerful magnate of Ukraine, Yarema WIsniowiecki, was Ruthenian by birth. Of course, in P-L in XVII century no one could force a magnate to convert against his will.

    If you think about 1920/30s, then yeah, the orthodox churches were captured and turned into catholic churches, and there was various actions of “rekatolizacja”. Also, in response to actions of Ukrainian nationalists (you know that nationalists from Ukraine shot Polish minister, right?) Poland reacted out of proportion. At the same time there were no genocide, no mass killings and though police coming to your village, beating randomly people in retaliation because some hothead smeared shit on portrait of Pilsudski surely made no one love Poland, I really can’t get how anyone would want to compare that to genocide in Volhyn, where UPA units were going from the village to village, killing all Poles (and a lot of Ukrainians too!), including women, children and men – and sometimes after first assuring locals that they have nothing to fear.

    The opposite happened.

    The escape of Russian serfs into Poland-Lithuania did happen and is well attested in sources. You see, P-L in XVI and XVII century was decentralised state, where pretty much every noble did anything he damn pleased in his own estate.

  154. RobinG says:

    The most powerful magnate of Ukraine, Yarema Wisniowiecki, was Ruthenian by birth.

    Sienkiewicz’s Prince Yeremi, thanks for the refresher.

  155. FKA Max says: • Website

    But of course the Naval base was what mattered most.

    In Taking Crimea, Putin Gains a Sea of Fuel Reserves

    When Russia seized Crimea in March, it acquired not just the Crimean landmass but also a maritime zone more than three times its size with the rights to underwater resources potentially worth trillions of dollars.

    Russia portrayed the takeover as reclamation of its rightful territory, drawing no attention to the oil and gas rush that had recently been heating up in the Black Sea. But the move also extended Russia’s maritime boundaries, quietly giving Russia dominion over vast oil and gas reserves while dealing a crippling blow to Ukraine’s hopes for energy independence.


  156. Thirdeye says:

    It’s not a good idea to give minorities a voice in politics…..

    It’s a different story when a country annexes someone else’s land, like Israel in Palestine or Poland in the Ukraine. Ukrainian objections to Polish annexation were rebuffed in the Riga settlement of 1921. Poland could have respected the Ukrainian desire not to be annexed. Or they could have adopted the Austrian model with local autonomy in the Ukrainian and Belarussian territories they annexed. Again, not to minimize the viciousness of what Ukrainian nationalists did to Poles, but you can’t deny what Poland did to stoke the conflict.

    Up until four years ago, the Yuzhmash factory used to build and service most of the Russian Satan 2 missiles.

    The RS-28 is a system undergoing testing for deployment in 3 to 4 years.

    • Replies: @szopen
  157. anon • Disclaimer says:

    ‘Islamic Holocaust ‘ from the drunken staggering drove of Polish right winger ‘ keister smell of convenient amnesia of the role Poland played ( and so did Slovakia ‘s Prague ) in causing Holocaust in Iraq and Afghanistan for a few pieces of silver . It still does by its moral support to American missile attack on Syria .

  158. iffen says:

    Hitler’s economic policy sought to eliminate dependence on credit finance — usury — but instead to value Labor as the medium of exchange.


    Hjalmar Schacht formed the limited liability company Metallurgische Forschungsgesellschaft, m.b.H., or “MEFO” for short. The company’s “mefo bills” served as bills of exchange, convertible into Reichsmark upon demand. MEFO had no actual existence or operations and was solely a balance sheet entity. The bills were mainly issued as payment to armaments manufacturers.
    Mefo bills were issued to last for six months initially, but with the provision for indefinite three-month extensions. The total amount of mefo bills issued was kept secret.
    Essentially, mefo bills enabled the German Reich to run a greater deficit than it would normally have been able to. By 1939, there were 12 billion Reichsmark of mefo bills, compared to 19 billion of normal government bonds.
    This enabled the government to reinflate their economy, which culminated in its eventual rearmament.

    • Replies: @Anon
  159. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    A case can be made that the war against Germany was Jewish revenge against a state’s government that “Knew not Joseph.”

    Then whose revenge was the war against Poland? There was no Christian side in WWII.

  160. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    Yeah, what did they think they were accomplishing with the Oops story about Monte Cassino? Adding insult to injury.

    That was in a recent book, you said. Probably self-aggrandizement on part of author.

    Have you read Waugh’s WWII trilogy? You might find it interesting.

    RSDB (diff. anon)

  161. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    I’m not an economist or banker, but that sounds like a form of fiat currency, cleverly compartmentalized from the actual currency, which is not the same thing as usury. I have no idea what the actual Nazi stance on usury was, whether encouraged, discouraged, allowed in some kinds but not others, etc.

    • Replies: @Thirdeye
  162. William says:

    Can anyone answer this question for me?

    Why is it perfectly all right for Israel to proclaim a Jewish state, for Jews, but it is not all right
    for Poland to want a Polish state for Poles?

    Anyone up to that? I really don’t expect an answer.

    • Replies: @Miro23
  163. Thirdeye says:

    Credit finance any way you look at it, and if any transactional fees were involved they would be a form of interest.

  164. Miro23 says:

    Can anyone answer this question for me?

    Why is it perfectly all right for Israel to proclaim a Jewish state, for Jews, but it is not all right
    for Poland to want a Polish state for Poles?

    Anyone up to that? I really don’t expect an answer.

    There is an answer: Because Jews, for the moment. can enforce the answer to the question, but when their power is gone, they can’t enforce anything, and Poles (and Americans) can do what they Democratically decide.

  165. szopen says:

    Why Poland should respect Ukrainian desire not to be annexed, while Ukraine should not respect Poland’s desire not to be annexed? There were millions of Poles living in Ukraine, you know. Lwów was Polish-majority city; in Tarnopolskie voivodship almost half were Poles, about 5% Jews, and the rest were Ukrainians. In Lwowskie, Poles were in 1931 57.7% (though the voivodship encompassed also the areas in modern Poland).

    And actually remember that the approach most close to your vision came in Vohlyn under Józewski. As you know, the massacres started in Volhyln and in Vohlyn they consumed the most victims.

  166. Lex says:

    In other words you support Zionist plan of destroying Poland. What’s Christian about that? What’s Christian about Generalplan Ost? What’s Christian about Hunger Plan? What’s Christian about AB-Aktion and Intelligenzaktion? If you had it your way Polish Nation would not exist, so why are you even in this thread? It looks to me like you need Polish people only when they’re handy to bash Jewish heads with. Like stories of Jews misbehaving in Poland throughout centuries. But what do you care? You would like to see both Polish and Jewish people destroyed.

    That’s how Germany started that war:
    I don’t see anything Christian about that.

    • Replies: @polskijoe
  167. anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Interesting. Wholly absent was any open reference to freemasonry, the network which explains his rise to power, his way of operating, and his ideology. But you can see its workings once you know what to notice.

  168. polskijoe says:

    Posting late…

    Lets start with numbers…

    1)Most Poles are realist on Jews of on some level (whether its a stereotype or whatever). Nothing wrong with that.
    2)Around 35 percent are labeled “antisemitic”, this simply means things like we believing Jews have to much power, they are loyal to Israel, they talk about Holocaust too much. Again nothing wrong with that.
    3)Around 25 actually dislike Jews.
    4)Around 35 percent like Jews

    Jews and blaming Poles

    If the Yids blame Poland, we can easily blame the Jews.
    If Poles killed a few Jews, then the Jews did so more to us (through communism, and some joined the Nazis)


    The Jews do have too much power. They have a habit of interfering in every European nations affairs. They are sacred cows in the USA.

  169. polskijoe says:

    Thank you. Nazi Germany was antiChristian, antiSlavic, and antiEuropean. In idealogy from 1933-1938. And in action from 39-45.

    Did they make some good things in Germany? Yes. But that is secondary. to murdering millions and millions of Europeans, and allowing USA to overtake Europe.

    Their attitudes were quite Freemasonic even though they killed Freemasons.
    Nazism borrowed ideas from Bismarck, paganism, and others, but took it to a huge stretch.
    They used Christians only to gain support.
    2/3 of Germans were Protestant and actually Protestants liked Hitler, more than Catholics did (in Germany). Hitler of course was raised Catholic, but hated it.

    (Freemasons from the USA and UK did aid Hitler, as part to foment war in Europe. They did the same to the Soviets).

  170. polskijoe says:

    Judaism is a mixture of many things.

    Basically it was Torah and tribal based. But did borrow ideas from Zoroastrianism and Babylon/Egypt.
    Later it adopted Talmudism. Which is quite evil. This made them hate on Christians.
    Zionism used International power to create and strengthen Israel.
    And finally Kaballah.

    Zionism and Jewish Freemasonry united various camps into ultra tribalism.
    They have two standards, one for gentiles and another for themselves.

    In the US almost everyone can be placed under Liberal or Neocon. Borrowing from Trotsky and Rothschild. The New left was heavily Jewish. As was Neoconservativism.

  171. polskijoe says:

    Bring so many Ukrainians to Poland may become problematic in near future.
    Even with the Anti-Bandera laws.

    The Polish elite attitude is: Poland can not be safe without a “free” Ukraine.
    But Polish elite dont care much for Ukraine. They will use them, regardless just cause of the Russian threat real or not.

    Poles have a wide range of views on Ukrainians. Im not a fan of Ukraine in its 20th and 21st centry form. Does that mean I hate them? No. They are Slavic. Better than Swedes, and other such liberalized nations. 20th century had many mistakes. Poland kept trying to get Ukraine help, only for scum like Bandera to appear.

    I dont know what to do with Ukraine. I liked Dmowskis ideas. But now is a different case.
    Part of me wants it split, part of doesnt care.

    Like you said giving minorities power is not good.

    • Replies: @Greasy William
  172. @polskijoe

    The Jews do have too much power. They have a habit of interfering in every European nations affairs. They are sacred cows in the USA.

    They really aren’t, although this is a common Euro delusion.

  173. Anonymous [AKA "Serban"] says:

    In all those years you’ve mentioned,you have forgotten one-1683,when the Polish actually saved Christian Europe,from Islamic wave.Today it sounds like some folk fairy tale,but in those days it was an direct onslaught off ISIL,which was known as Ottomans then, on the heart of Christianity. If they won that day, descendants of the surviving Europeans would be mostly Islamic,and main wars in Europe would be between Sunni and Shia, with bloody persecutions of dwindling christian minorities,something similar to those scenes we have pleasure to observe in Syria today. Not nice sight,eh!?
    You must know basic Islamic commandments if you are to oppose them,or save yourself. And first one is kill the unbeliever !(Kill males,rape girls and boys,and sell them into slavery later!) ISIL reminded us of that pious Islamic practices recently! That’s the reason why there are so many cases of sexual violence coming from young immigrants,they been thought for centuries that you have to prove your self as a man by killing infidels and raping their woman! That’s also the reason why in traditional Islamic societies females must be constantly hidden and under protection.Every „free“ woman is a natural prey! Now we see with what kind of culture we have to deal!Also there is a tolerance- If enemy of the religion submits, he could be spared,but only if they except status as a subject and lower being. And in the long run,proper Muslims should take care that such people slowly disappear altogether ! In the times of wars and turmoils many massacres of Christian subjects„spontaneously“ take place. Armenian genocide is the most known in the West,but it’s a really a drop in the ocean in the vast sea of Islamic „tolerance“ That’s why all Islamic countries has wast Islamic majorities. The others were simply forced to convert or (slowly) disappear.
    Hitler himself credited Islam with „many positive aspects“,and he was referring to Islamic practices of treating subjugated populations as „subhumans“. But of course Islam is not rasist,if you convert to Islam you would gain all your civil rights! It’s easiest thing in the world,to join Islam!You just need to say proper words(in Arabic,they are not racist at all,of course) in front of some Muslim audience, and you are excepted as a brother! Of course if you change your mind,every Muslim in the world has a right and duty to kill you as a dog,on the spot.
    Because Islam is a tolerant religion you are risking to be killed as well, if the wrong faction takes power, for example you cold be shia,and sunnies rules,there is a chance you will be killed probably, as we can see also in Syria these days. Generally they tend to settle everything with killing, and they are fond of sexual violence. Also in their religion is considered as something good if you together with your self kills a whole lot of „infidels“. If you appear,with so many in this fashion captured „slaves“ in front of the supreme God-The Allah, you would be richly rewarded with carnate pleasures-after you are dead!
    For that valid deed, they acquired the title of the „martyr“. Now in Christianity martyr is also someone who suffered for his fate, but there that means someone who withstand torment,and still kept his fate. In Islam that means- Someone who was killed trying to kill other people,whom he sees as enemies of the fate. Now, you are free to judge moral value these two approaches,and reach your own conclusions.
    Overrunning Southeast corner of Europe, enslaving mine and dozen other christian peoples, armies of Islam targeted the heart of Central Europe,not once but twice. The second time Polish had stopped them. The plan was the same both ways. One wing will scorch the land from Wiena to Rhine, They will burn and destroy and kill,as allways everything they can,and drag to slavery the rest.The other wing will invade Poland,and the Slavic east crushing and pillaging everything in it’s path,like the first wing. They will left wasteland,ready for imminent conquest.This is the way of Islamic conquest. It’s always have been. Thanks to Poles most of Christian Europe never learned that,never felt it for real, like our part did. Many of Central Europe was liberated from Islamic rule,but South East was not. We raised rebellion in the wake of Islamic defeat,but Most Catholic king of France, the greatest king in the history of France sided with Islam,and treacherously attacked Christian coalition from the back. So Islamic Turks and Albanians who turned on Islam, and sided with them massacred my people, and forced them to flee from his land. That my people was not cleared from the map completely could only thanks that to their third world natality rate of those days.In that time European Christians were able to be equal with Muslims in the birth rate,so that’s the major factor why Christianity survived to this day.But now things are much more grim.
    Ofcourse Polish did not received any gratitude for their gallant endeavor. As soon as they could German rulers,whose crown were saved by Polish intervention, agreed to split Poland amongselves, and with German Russian Queen,quite happy that from now on Russia will have to bother with that unpleasant Islam, and they could go to do their Christian businesses, fight each other, and so on. As for the here so many times aforementioned Jews, I must say that I find somewhere, that in those times Jews of Constantinople,had a vivid connections with Jews of France, for some trade business , for shure, and that some letter occurred,in which they prophesize „the doom of Christianity“, but that of course is some fabrication. Jews were very numerous and prominent in the Islamic empire of that time,and the Muslim overlords has nothing against that,on the contrary they were invited them in huge crowds to settle in. What was the influence of the Jews of that time on the French court, and ruling circles I could only imagine, but giving what had happend there after ,the rise of atheisam, revolutionary ideas,and so on…who can tell!?
    As for Islam, somebody there finally understand that war and weapons will not suit their aims well anymore, still something must be left to the „peacefull coegsistence“ and „trade of goods, peoples and ideas“. So, in the late XX-century Socialistic Yugoslavia,in the province called Bosnia-Hertzegovina, an interesting book was produced,called: „the Islamic Declaration“. The main point of the book is that Muslims,if they live with infidels(Christians) in the same state has a duty to become majority in that country,and impose Islamic law to anyone,using democratic way,and fact that they are now a majority so they could „vote“ and impose any decisions of theirs. So,voila! No need for jihad war anymore! Just wait and conquer. Not to mention that those ideas were not welcomed by the Christians of Bosnia,and that war still came! But those ideas are wide spread among Muslims now, and this type of peacefull conquest opens the door for future civil wars in every European country, until Europe start to look like Middle East today. Or start to look like version of itself from 17-century! Please think of that stuff. I am writing from border area that had experienced lots of those things all ready!

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