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The Modern Prophecy in the Final Episode of Game of Thrones
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The final episode of Game of Thrones had an important message about the nature of modern politics. It was almost surely unintended.

The writing of the final episode, of the final season in general, was atrocious. Balerion the Black Dread could fly through the plot holes showrunners David Beinoff and D.B. Weiss created. Armies we thought decimated are suddenly capable of world conquest, dragons once easily killed are suddenly invincible, and the other “kingdoms” comprising the realm are utterly indifferent to what’s happening in the capital. The script was worse than fan fiction.

The explanation is simple—it was rushed. HBO is apparently developing multiple spinoffs but it would have made far more sense to greenlight one more season of the main show so characters and plots could be properly developed.

The character of Daenerys Targaryen was destroyed as thoroughly as was Stannis’s in past seasons—and in much shorter time. She exterminated the population of King’s Landing from the air after the city had already surrendered. It made no sense given her character development thus far. It was the television equivalent to clickbait, shock for shock’s sake, an empty twist.

Still, it was amusing simply for the reaction it provoked. Many journalists are furious that Daenerys Targaryen, the “Breaker of Chains” sustained by foreign non-white armies, was portrayed as a fanatic. Of course, she was a fanatic, who believed she was chosen by destiny. The flaw was in how the show executed her arc, not in where it ended up.

From a conservative perspective, the final episode had a good message. The episode begins with Daenerys promising in a foreign tongue to “liberate” the entire world. King’s Landing smokes in the background, filled with burned corpses of men, women, and children. It’s reminiscent of Dresden.

Notably, she speaks in a foreign language to her two major forces, the Unsullied and the Dothraki — both foreigners. As characters in earlier episodes noted, Cercei, for all her faults, was at least native to Westeros. Daenerys was a foreign invader, using other foreigners to conquer the country. It was the equivalent of using Mongols to conquer England and restore the Stuarts. The “legitimate” ruler might be back on the throne, but the destruction wrought is enormous. Worse, Jon Snow is Aegon Targaryen, the truly legitimate heir to the throne. Daenerys wasn’t really “chosen” at all.

Tyrion ends up in jail after he is arrested for resigning as her main advisor. He converses with Jon Snow, eventually prompting Snow to regicide. Tyrion and Jon’s argument against Daenerys resembles a typical conservative critique of Communism and other messianic left-wing movements. On a smaller scale, it is a critique of antifa, Social Justice Warriors, and others who think ruining lives, using violence, and telling lies are justified in the cause of equality.

Daenerys wants to “break the wheel” of power struggles by conquering all in the name of the oppressed. “If you truly believed that, wouldn’t you kill everyone who stands between you and paradise?” Tyrion asks Jon rhetorically. “Don’t Immanentize The Eschaton,” as conservatives of the 1960s would say.

When Jon confronts Daenerys, she invites him to build the new world with her. He tries to prompt her to humility, but she maintains it is for the ruling couple to decide what is good for the world, not everyone else. It is only after this he stabs her.

(All credit to an anon on /pol)
(All credit to an anon on /pol)

Notably, Daenerys seems to have developed the silver hair of her family by the end of the series instead of the blonde hair she once possessed. She’s truly Targaryen. She is “super-white,” essentially Hyperborean, freeing and leading non-whites who can’t do it on their own. No wonder liberal white women with a savior complex identified with her. No wonder they were furious with the ending.

The political settlement that ends the series is even more implausible. “Bran the Broken” possesses magical powers of seeing events in the past, present, and future around the world. He has mostly sat around the past few seasons, occasionally making awkward comments. Nonetheless, the lords of Westeros make him king, based on a speech by Tyrion. Democracy is laughed off, but some form of elective monarchy is created. Bran’s sister Sansa declares the North should be an independent kingdom, and Bran agrees, thus ceding a huge part of his realm as his first act. Why other kingdoms don’t also immediately secede is left unexplained.

Obviously, Westeros is a world of fantasy, where magic, dragons, and giants can be found. Yet as George R. R. Martin repeatedly states, it contains a low amount of magic for a high fantasy series, and the focus is on political realism and cynical maneuvering. Naïve audiences who hadn’t read the books got the message when Ned Stark had his head chopped off. Supernatural beings only work in fiction if they operate in a context where they are comprehensible. Characters must respond in believable ways. The idea that lords with their own agendas and interests would agree to have an odd cripple with no blood connection to the ruling dynasty is absurd.

Yet this is just lazy writing and not important unless you are deeply committed to a television show. If we accept “King Bran,” what’s the real message? It’s that he represents the rule of Narrative, which is to say the rule of media, rather than the rule of tradition, heroism, or even intelligence.

Tyrion justifies the choice of Bran by saying he has the best story. “The boy who fell from a high tower and lived. He knew he’d never walk again, so he learned to fly,” he says. “He crossed beyond the Wall, a crippled boy, and became the Three-Eyed Raven.” Many online wits observed just about every other character (Jon, Arya, Sansa) had a better story.

Yet Tyrion says more than this. He argues that stories are ultimately what unite people more than armies, gold, or flags. “There’s nothing in the world more powerful than a good story,” he says. “Nothing can stop it. No enemy can defeat it.” (He obviously hasn’t heard of online deplatforming).

Much earlier in the series, Varys posed Tyrion the question of what power really was. Varys said “power resides where men believe it resides.” Tyrion now goes further—power lies in the ability to shape belief.

If any one person has this power, it is Bran. “He is our memory, the keeper of all our stories,” says Tyrion. “The wars, weddings, births, massacres, famines. Our triumphs, our defeats, our past. Who better to lead us into the future?” This is an echo of Orwell—“Who controls the past controls the future.”

Indeed, Bran shows he doesn’t just know about events, he can shape them. Earlier in the series he said he could never be Lord of Winterfell, because he was now the Three-Eyed Raven. He wasn’t really Bran anymore.

Now however, he accepts the crown. “Why do you think I came all this way?” he says. Though he claims he doesn’t want to be king (indeed, earlier in the series he says he doesn’t really “want” anything anymore), he overrules Grey Worm’s objection to making Tyrion Hand of the King. “I’m king,” he says in justification. Bran also shows more emotion and personality after becoming king, though not much. There’s not really “one” person ruling the realm through the power of story (of narrative). However, there’s clearly something with an agenda of its own.

Bran can control information, secrets, history, narrative, and even identity. He proved that earlier in the series when he revealed that Jon Snow was not a bastard, but the true heir to the Iron Throne. That revelation set in motion Daenerys’s collapse.

Bran is not Machiavelli’s Lion, defined by bravery and power. (Queen Cercei, the Lannister “Lion” from the family of 1980s movie villain lookalikes we’ve been conditioned to hate, is literally crushed.) Yet Bran’s not really the Fox either, defined by cunning and trickery. He cuts through Littlefinger’s schemes by telling him “chaos is a ladder,” reciting a line Littlefinger said in a private conversation. Littlefinger is visibly shocked. Intrigue is impossible if some magical being can hear anything he wants.

With control of narrative and information neither strength nor intelligence are really needed. It is also the death of politics and personality. It’s probably no coincidence Bran reminds me of Mark Zuckerberg testifying before Congress.

The lords of Westeros laugh off democracy, comparing the commoners to dogs and horses. Yet reframing power in terms of narrative control, instead of lineage, tradition, or military strength, critiques democracy in a different way. Bran is the Westerosi equivalent of Big Tech. If you control the story, you also control the choice, thus rendering “democracy” meaningless. This is the world we live in today, where traits like heroism, intelligence, or integrity are secondary to control over the Narrative. Do we have any more power over our current political or economic system than dogs or horses?

Such a system also makes real change impossible. It “breaks the wheel” in a different way. Instead of powerful personalities jockeying for power, a collective personality rules. No one could possibly be inspired by Bran. The final scenes of people calling him “Your Grace” look absurd. However, Bran can find out everything about everyone if he just knows where to look. It’s probably best to obey him.

The Dune series also confronts this idea and, intriguingly, ends on a different note. A “God-Emperor” with prescient powers understands that by knowing everything and being able to predict everything, he dooms the race to stagnation. His perfect reign is a tomb for humanity. He therefore implements a plan to eventually destroy his own power and scatter the race throughout the galaxy. He makes sure people will not be united by one story or one history.

Of course, there’s one exception in the former seven kingdoms. Sansa Stark becomes “Queen in the North.” The North, because of its horrific losses in the various civil wars of Westeros and against the Night King, feels totally apart from the rest of the realm. To some extent, it always has. Most people have a different religion than the rest of the realm. Bran’s narrative can’t incorporate them. They have their own more compelling story. They also have a strong leader, because the politically astute Sansa is unwilling to be controlled.

Yet even her victory is a step away from the idea of heroic leadership. Ned Stark, Robb Stark, and Jon Snow all operated by the stern northern code that the man who passes the sentence should swing the sword. Sansa obviously can not perform that role.

She’s not really in control the same way her father, brother, or cousin were. She can have men fight for her, but she can’t lead them the same way Robb Stark did. Though her ending appearance echoes Elizabeth I, unlike Elizabeth Sansa will have to marry and have an heir, otherwise there are no more Starks. The separation of sovereignty from an individual person has begun even in the North. It is a bit behind the other kingdoms but is on the same road to collective leadership.

An autocracy is freer than a mass-media democracy in one crucial aspect. To create change, you just replace the guy at the top. However, when what controls you is an entire System, you can’t identify who or what is sovereign. Left, right, and center, everyone today suspects the elected leadership isn’t really in charge. Everyone also disagrees on who or what is.

Daenerys tried to unite the world, but only through division can people be free. Yet Westeros is moving towards a different kind of slavery. Daenerys’s tyranny would at least have a sense of grandeur. But in the final episode of Game of Thrones, the dragon Drogon destroys the Iron Throne, the symbol of power and clearly identifiable sovereignty. He flies away with Daenerys, representing the flight of mystery, magic, and legend from the world.


Jon Snow, the true heir, goes into exile to father no children and end the mystical Targaryen family. Arya seeks adventure on the fringes of the world, because there is no more to be had in Westeros. The last small council meeting consists of dirty jokes, bickering over accounting, and talking about water supplies. “The age of economists,” as Burke might have said, has come. The glory of Westeros is extinguished forever. There are no more stories to tell—at least not any worth hearing.

(Republished from Counter-Currents Publishing by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Arts/Letters • Tags: Game of Thrones 
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  1. “It’s reminiscent of Dresden.”

    Glad I’m not alone in that observation.

    • Replies: @Logan
    , @Mark T
  2. So we have the communist promise as a bait in form of the stupid woman.
    We have Bran, the the autistic AI boy, as “King”.
    And we have the Oligarch advisory board.
    Hidden behind the Drunken Dwarf.

  3. Franz says:

    Daenerys’s tyranny would at least have a sense of grandeur.

    Pretty much that, yeah.

    But was it bad writing or a replay of the 1951 finale to Quo Vadis with the sexes reversed?

    This is the one where Nero (Peter Ustinov at the top of his game) plays a genuinely nuts but likeable tyrant, who in Act One banishes Acte, one of his palace women.

    Act Two, after frying a city and inciting a revolt, Acte returns to aid him as she had promised when he told her to leave and says to him, “You’ve lived like a monster. Now die like an emperor.” He still insists the people don’t know how much they’ll miss “his genius” so she shoves a dagger in him… but not before he asks, “Help me, Acte.)

    Mad Nero to Mad Dany… 68 years of total progress and counting.

    (When Ayn Rand allowed the Nathaniel Branden Institute to spread her gospel, this particular version of Quo Vadis was run during their “Romantic Screen” discussions because Rand considered it especially convincing and well-polished. Despite the mindless mysticism, obviously. Bit of trivia for film history buffs.)

  4. BenKenobi says:

    The only saving grace to the clusterfuck that D&D created was the tease & denial they gave the YAS KWEEN crowd. I was hoping for at least one fan suicide. Oh well.

    A lot of digital ink has been spilled on the subject of when GoT truly jumped the shark. I say it occurred with the ridiculous death of Roose Bolton, the last based man left on the series.

    PS: Stannis Baratheon is the true king of Westeros.

    • Replies: @Wally
  5. sally says:

    The production of propaganda is a product.
    Propaganda is a dangerous product.
    Propaganda can be manufactured to be capable to internalize and inject into a culture a thematic structure
    it is that injected structure which the unwitting victims of propaganda ingest.
    There’s nothing in the world more powerful than propaganda.. its more powerful than a nuclear explosion.
    so when Propaganda causes damages .. mental state damage, actual damage to a victim.
    hence I ask …< could it be that

    Is it possible to recover for damages due to propaganda?
    what if the propaganda induces evil mind-set that leads to harms?
    Is violating one's human rights a tort?
    If so, can damages be recovered under some theory of tort.. ??
    Can the producers and distributors of propaganda that seeks to develop persons willing to violate and deny others of their human rights be sued for damages under tort law?

    Are human right violations damages recoverable under the law of torts?

    • Replies: @Wally
  6. Nice. Now, do The Hunger Games series.

  7. It was almost surely unintended

    For fuck’s sake – are you 12? Of course it was intended.

    The person promising a revolutionary utopia is revealed as a psycho (as opposed to the death toll generated by the normal power games undertaken by the run-of-the-mill, no-dragons-having psychos of the real-life political class).

    Her dusky foreign-speaking hordes have few qualms about her use of technology to devastate a supine enemy – once they realise they have air support they behave exactly like the US military.

    And in the end the dwarf takes 90 seconds to convince everyone that the cripple should be in charge – and the people he convinces are people whose families have been involved in Great Power bullshit for hundreds of years.

    Literally the only thing that could have made the script more hackneyed was a ‘reveal’ that the cripple was a black Jewish tranny, using the ‘face/off’ technique that got a run in a narrative arc that featured the moon-faced chick.

    Game of Tropes.

    • Troll: Jan Assman
  8. The real lesson of GoT (taking the show at face value) is that northerners are subhuman scum. Everybody who ever tried to help them out of the goodness of their hearts got a knife in their back for their troubles. With the Night King dead – the only guy who was truly woke to the NQ – we can at least hope that 3ER is now also wise to their duplicity, wargs into Drogon, and gives Winterfell the deep frying that it deserves.

  9. The description reminded me of war-happy American politicians, making a huge point of speaking at podiums in Spanish. I always thought they were pandering for votes to keep their lucrative positions, not trying to seduce new military recruits using vanity as the sign-on bonus. Interestingly, Melania Trump learned English late in life, when a new language is harder to master, but she made her speeches in 100% English, while telling Americans that she teaches her kid second-language skills at home. But they speak English in public. A good way to divide a people is via language. It can be done by accents of the native language that denote class, too, and that was done for centuries in England and elsewhere.

  10. Horst G says:

    Not bad scripting, the occult narrative just had priority. Much is upside down, but much is in. Even the Holocaust, quoting movies of it, the white ash slowly raining down. The pale horse. The NWO, strict military discipline of the unsullied, wild terrorist hordes in the background, as they parade in front of the queen. No wonder, people are not entertained. And what do they do? They make a petition. An instrument from admiralty law, from the sea. And what does the StarKosher girl do? She starts to explore the sea. The Stark, short man, long curly hair. The iron throne reminded me of Solomon’s temple.

  11. Anonymous [AKA "Lecteur4"] says:

    Picked up George Martin’s first volume of Game of Thrones and after suffering through about 50 pages of his agonizingly dull, retarded writing, I gleefully threw it in the garbage.

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @Jake
    , @obwandiyag
  12. anon[596] • Disclaimer says:

    People actually pay cable subscriptions for this kind of tv show, and that is just totally weird to me. I don’t buy cable, I don’t do social media, and this article reminds me why.

    • Replies: @TKK
    , @obwandiyag
  13. Dany is a Feminist Icon

    1) She betrayed her family to uplift Non Whites
    2) She Facilitated the invasion of her Homeland
    3) She waged a genocidal campaign of her own kind to free the World from [Her] Oppression
    4) She practices miscegenation
    5) She had a late term Abortion
    6) She adopted non white children
    7) She defeated The Patriarchy (Night king and his army)
    8) She murders any White Man that dares stand in her way with relative ease

  14. Every once in a while I get nostalgic about my time at liberal arts college. I suppose articles like this are a better option than getting high and listening to bad music.

    • LOL: TKK
  15. Prophetic messages are often seen in contemporary fiction, a sense of doom and foreboding perhaps? There is good reason, as humanity hurtles towards nuclear Armageddon, following a pattern history towards another Dark Age.

  16. I don’t watch TV, other than occasional sports; I really tried to read to the end of this, since I generally admire Mr. Hood’s work; I could not do it; sorry.

    • Replies: @obwandiyag
  17. Anon[277] • Disclaimer says:

    Hard to do something that satisfying with my kindle version, but it was only .99c so there’s that.

  18. teo toon says:

    This is an excellent article and I didn’t even watch GoT or read Martin’s book.

  19. Narratives are not unlike Rorschachs.

    Here’s one of my take-aways, based on the fates of Khal Drogo, Mormont, Snow and the Lannister boys (and even Lord Varys):

    Strong men who fall under the spell of power-seeking women come to a bad end.

    (Danaerys was just a mirror image of Cersei, SJW style. And in the end, far worse.)

  20. GoTropes says:

    GoT fans, with their pointless fan fiction and petitions take themselves, and the show, too seriously. That said, its huge viewing figures shows its power and influence and explains why it became more politically correct as the numbers (esp of women) increased. The Jewish showrunners Beinoff and Weiss push this PC agenda further once they outrun RR Martins books so that a cripple becomes king, the invading Dothraki and Unsullied hordes become ‘liberators’ and women replace male heads of Houses and are instrumental in winning battles in the patriarchal world of medieval Europe and Asia Minor, while still stereotyping women in power as either cruel despot (Cercei) or emotionally unstable (descent of Daenerys into the Mad Queen).

    It is unclear if Beinoff/Weiss intended Daenery’s address to her invading hordes after they destroyed Kings Landing, to resemble Nazi Nuremberg rallies, but it was closer to Stalin’s razed Berlin/Dresden, and her speech straight out of Mao’s Little Red Book. Daenery’s iron clad conviction violence was necessary to create a better world as only she knew what was good, bore uncanny resemble to Antifa/SJW mantra.

    Beinoff and Weiss rushed the series endings as they wanted to move onto other projects (HBO wanted further shows) so it ends hastily with the unlikely ‘election’ of a crippled boy, the Dothraki and Unsullied sail home peacefully (because that’s what invading hordes always do), and the new small council which consists of a dwarf, sell sword, female knight and a smuggler.. welcome to the NWO.

    • Replies: @Wally
  21. Jake says:

    I made it through considerably less than 50 pages.

    Like Stephen King, Martin is a bad writer who has legions of hard core fans who will gladly race through another 1000 pager.

    Most of the same people will refuse to read War and Peace.

    • Replies: @IP Freely
  22. Anon[233] • Disclaimer says:

    I have to disagree that ham-fisted messaging with such clear political and historical references could ever be unintentional in such a popular and closely critiqued series.

    In today’s political milieu, that just isn’t possible. In this case, the political message was the centerpiece of the culmination of an entire eight year series that may be the most popular television in the West.

    Respectfully, it was intentional.

    It’s reminiscent of Dresden.

    I can see where one would derive that conclusion, but I would politely disagree.

    Messaging through entertainment is about predictive programming. That’s always been the case. We have to look to the future for their reference, not the past. And in doing so we’ll find predicted events that match up much better than Dresden.

    In their texts, the future Jewish apocalypse predicts / programs (within 200 years from now) an end to this world by

    fire (the dragon) and

    mass genocide (the genocide of the people of King’s Landing).

    It is to be initiated by a war with Islam (the scimitar wielding Dothraki).

    Who, as we observe, are under the protective umbrella of utopian Marxists (Daenerys) and
    allied with non-white minorities (the unsullied).

    After Islam and the its allies are defeated (Jon killing Daenerys)

    the nations of the rest of the world will be totally destroyed and vulnerable, but especially Europe (King’s Landing).

    Which will pave the way for the end result of the Messianic Jewish King (Bran the Broken) who will rule over the entire world / seven continents (the Seven Kingdoms) because the broader nation that he is from in the North (Israel) (“North” is always symbolic of the right to rule) was the only nation left standing after the apocalypse.

    Bran is elected by the representatives of the remaining world, after they cease fighting each other for power, because it is so broken as a result of the apocalypse. In kind, the Jewish messiah is said to come to power through the exhausted acknowledgement of him as the best King to rule it after the Jewish apocalypse.

    These are the methods and results Jewish apocalypse down to the last detail.

    The only difference between GOT and how this apocalyptic myth relates to the real world is that in GOT Europe is depicted as the more southern King’s Landing (under wicked (very Aryan) rulers, as the Jews depict), and Israel is depicted as the Northern nation who ‘fights not to bend the knee’. And which and justifies its post apocalyptic sole retention of nationhood through a claimed history of being submitted under others.

    This geographical inversion is easily explained by the fact that it is traditionally and esoterically required to identify with the North (the unmoving North Star, in-particular) to justify the Right to Rule under Heaven. The throne of God was always said to reside at the North Star.

    We also see this in the anointing of “Christ the King” as the new world King in his Jewish invented myths. He is “nailed” to the cross. ” The Nail” is another traditional name for the North Star, and the cross pinpoints the center of the Zodiac where the North Star sits. The emphasis on Christ being nailed to a cross is an esoteric anointing of a new monarch or (Jewish) god to rule over the world. It identifies him as the only person with the true right to rule. The northern origin of the new true King of Westeros, Bran, serves the same purpose.

    • Replies: @Fuerchtegott
  23. IP Freely says:

    If GRRM wanted to know how to pace a serious character driven epic he should, or the writers of HBO’s BS, any of James A. Michener’s epics. Far better pacing and fewer characters to sort through, Mich wasn’t any where near as frenetic as King/GRRM, and far more enjoyable. Damn, just writing this makes me want to go back and reread the The Eagle & the Raven, or Texas.

  24. Mr. Grey says:

    Real history is so much more interesting than silly tales with dragons and magic.

  25. Wally says:

    “It is unclear if Beinoff/Weiss intended Daenery’s address to her invading hordes after they destroyed Kings Landing, to resemble Nazi Nuremberg rallies, but it was closer to Stalin’s razed Berlin/Dresden, and her speech straight out of Mao’s Little Red Book.”

    or to resemble:


  26. Wally says: • Website

    “Yet Tyrion says more than this. He argues that stories are ultimately what unite people more than armies, gold, or flags. “There’s nothing in the world more powerful than a good story,” he says. “Nothing can stop it. No enemy can defeat it.” (He obviously hasn’t heard of online deplatforming).”

    Indeed, it is the “story” of the “holocaust” that is at work now.

    Believed by many, proven by none.

    Used to form a single government led by those who contrived it.

    • Agree: Tusk
  27. Wally says:

    “Action makes propaganda’s effect irreversible. He who acts in obedience to propaganda can never go back. He is now obliged to believe in that propaganda because of his past action. He is obliged to receive from it his justification and authority, without which his action will seem to him absurd or unjust, which would be intolerable. He is obliged to continue to advance in the direction indicated by propaganda, for action demands more action.”

    – from ‘ Propaganda ‘, by French communist, Jacques Ellul

    “We can force through any lie. It just has to be big enough so that a normal person says, ‘Well that cannot be a lie!’. Then the lie cannot be recognized as such. And the lie has to be repeated continuously. Then it is believed and is powerful because it is the belief in a ‘truth.’”

    – Zionist Jew, Edward Bernays

  28. TKK says:

    Jon Snow escaped politics. He was supposed to go back to the Night’s Watch. Instead, he is last seen with his true friend- who bends a knee to no man- Tormund a Wildling, as they leave the Wall and venture into the Great Wild North.

    In the final shot of Jon leaving the “civilized” world, there is a blade of grass seen rising up through the snow. This symbolizes new life, fertility and hope.

    Jon escaped the bickering of the Small Council, the machinations, sleeping with one eye open and will roam the vast North with his faithful Dire Wolf Ghost, have sex, hunt, procreate and be free.

    He doesn’t have to play any more games. He’s the true winner of the GOT.

    • Replies: @Feric Jaggar
    , @Mr. Zeanon
  29. Ragno says:

    Just one more mandatory delight of our time I must do without due to not having HBO in my cable package.

    However, I would recommend to anyone interested in films chock-full of political realism and cynical maneuvering, set long ago and far away, to make haste to whatever format’s handiest – bluray, DVD, even poky old VHS – for a viewing of Polanski’s version of MACBETH; a masterpiece which, while light on blue-screen giants and CGI dragons, makes up for it with Shakespeare’s canny eye for human nature.

    While I’m perhaps too fond of the original tragedy – I’ve never seen a version, staged or filmed, that wasn’t worth looking at – you will seldom if ever see a more indelibly realistic portrayal of the era or the everyday callousness and brutality that underlies even the most genteel forms of “politics”. Polanski even slips in a hard-to-miss allusion to the Tate-LaBianca murders. (I’d characterize it as ‘shocking’ but so much of this film is just as shocking if not more so, in a matter-of-fact manner – also, don’t expect any sort of modern soundtrack to underline key moments, or defang particularly vicious bits with symphonic melodrama.)

    • Replies: @Rich
  30. TKK says:

    When you work all day, especially heady mustard sh*t- like trial- you want to zone out. GOT is far and above anything else on TV. You don’t feel like plowing through Herodotus after working 12 hours.

    Life is hard. We need some distractions. GOT was good entertainment with complex characters- Jorah Morment and Tyrione (Dinklage) were great to watch, as was the Hound.

    • Replies: @obwandiyag
  31. niceland says:

    Interesting article and many points I can agree with. I was surprised how it ended. If I understand correctly this is the most popular TV show ever made and they had easily enough material for two full seasons buttoning up the two major conflicts and the personal stories they spent so much time creating. Instead it was all over in a hurry and like the author points out many corners were cut. This makes no sense to me.

    I wonder why – was the show loosing money in the end?

    • Replies: @GoTropes
  32. anon[111] • Disclaimer says:


    Nearly 100,000 people in the UK have signed up to learn the Game of Thrones language High Valyrian on Duolingo, the language learning app – more than the number who understand Scottish Gaelic, which stands at 87,056, according to the last census.

    Not that dragons weren’t bad enough, but the zombiesque white walkers? Jumped the shark doesn’t began to describe it.

    At least the most invested were furious. The decrease in gratuitous nudity was disappointing, but call me old fashioned.

    • Replies: @The Wild Geese Howard
  33. GoTropes says:

    HBO were happy to pay for more shows, but the showrunners Beinoff and Weiss wanted to move on to other projects (Starwars, among others). RR Martin hasn’t written a book in 8 years and was hoping they would expand his last book into two series so he could finish in time for the last series. However they compressed his last book into one series and he missed his deadline, so they went ahead without this books.

  34. This was good article. I enjoyed it.

    If I were Jon, I would have gone the other way, but I suppose the idea was to contrast the Lannister’s, brother and mad-sister with the Tragaryen brother and mad-sister. Jamie’s last words are something like :“We are the only ones that count. Nothing else matters.” Jon chooses everything else.

    You can say what you like about Daenerys, but in the end she did Drain the Swamp. If you don’t like it, you should drain your own damn swamp.

    • Replies: @Wally
  35. @Anon

    “Non-flamable is not a challenge.”

    Chalkboard gag.
    Trump Simpsons Episode.

    Couch gag.
    Trump Simpsons Episode.

  36. notanon says:

    It’s reminiscent of Dresden.

    i predicted six seasons ago it would end with the blond (lannisters) and/or blue-eyed (walkers) being incinerated in a burnt sacrifice.

  37. Wally says:

    “You can say what you like about Daenerys, but in the end she did Drain the Swamp. If you don’t like it, you should drain your own damn swamp.”

    Nope, she exchanged an alleged, imagined one, for a very real one.

    Hmm, just like the Allies in WWII.

  38. @anon

    Not that dragons weren’t bad enough, but the zombiesque white walkers? Jumped the shark doesn’t began to describe it.

    You’ve touched on the overall problem with the novels and the show – ultimately there were too many storylines and too many characters for the author/writers to handle. This influenced the rushed end to the show, and it is a huge factor as to why GRRM has repeatedly failed to write and publish the next novel in the series.

    I won’t be surprised if the novels wind up like Robert Jordan’s even longer Wheel of Time series where the original author passes before finishing his work. Brandon Sanderson was brought into finish that series, and his conclusion is well-regarded by the fans.

    Sanderson has already stated he doesn’t want to finish GRRM’s work unless people are okay with every winding up happily married at the end. Not sure how true that is, he has written bittersweet endings to some of his works before.

  39. Rich says:

    Can’t watch anything with Polanski’s name on it. That child rape thing always gets in the way. How the hell has this freak avoided prison for so long? Do Europeans really work that hard to protect child-rapers? And remember, the girl was only 13 years old when he drugged and raped her. 13 for crying out loud. Guy should’ve rotted in prison.

    • Replies: @Tusk
  40. Alfred says:

    It is all too much for this little brain of mine.

    I barely have enough neurons to process what is currently going on in the “real” world?

  41. Spanky says:

    Excuse me, but what the hell is Game of Thrones?

    Oh, so ya’ll not only watch TV, but pay money to do so… Got it!

    Muttering to self: Fools

    • Replies: @obwandiyag
  42. Tusk says:

    They’re too busy locking up historians who question WW2 history.

    • Replies: @Wally
  43. Definition of Game of Thrones: Lord of the Rings for Illiterate Perverts

    • Replies: @Anon
  44. Anon[178] • Disclaimer says:

    Das illiterate!

    Sums up literally almost every post by this Negrotastic Master of Prose and Rhetoric.

    • Replies: @obwandiyag
  45. Man, have they got your number.

    Only puerile retards “analyze” stupid boring monster slasher movies.

    Got a bridge you might like.

    • Replies: @Anon
  46. @Spanky

    Correct. You seem to be smarter than the fools. Admittedly, it doesn’t take much. Several brain cells maybe.

  47. @TKK

    So you admit you are an idiot.

  48. @Anonymous

    You are right. I didn’t even read it and I know it sucks.

    Just like I don’t have to read Stephen King to know it sucks.

    Only fifth graders who have just discovered “fairness” argue that you have to watch or read crap to know its crap. Aren’t they cute.

  49. @anon

    I suspect the writer is young. Young people unquestioningly accept what is shoved down their throats and ask for second helpings.

    If not young, he never grew up.

  50. @the_old_one

    Don’t be sorry. It was stupid.

  51. @Anon

    Wow. You’re sort of a genius of humor, aren’t you. Sort of like Dom Deluise. Or Wink Martindale. Or Paul Lynde.

    • Troll: Wally
  52. @TKK

    I agree. Gregory Hood got it wrong. JSnow abandons the wall to wander with the wildings. One is left to wonder — maybe he is destined to become a king after all. And the wall becomes his southern border.

  53. Anon[318] • Disclaimer says:

    Take a writing course that will lift your style from the doldrums. Adjectives are for “puerile retards”. They sound worse when you are apparently ever-attempting to sound like a high school junior in the midst of College Board course that his parents paid for. The combined effect is quite Negrotastic.

    • Replies: @obwandiyag
  54. Wally says:

    They’re too busy locking up those who point out the scientific impossibility of the Zionist – Communist “holocaust” propaganda.

    Below is where free speech on the truly impossible “holocaust” storyline is illegal, violators go to prison for Thought Crimes. In all western countries, persecution, harassment, violent attacks & threats are the order of the day against those who engage in free speech about the impossible claims within it.
    Those are obvious admissions that the storyline doesn’t stand up to scientific, logical, & rational scrutiny.

  55. Wally says:

    And the ne0-Marxist ‘feminists’ went nuts:

    Why feminists threw a fit about the finale to Game of Thrones:

    “Liberals have grown so accustomed to having Hollywood and entertainment serve their “cause” that this finale has given them agita. The liberals have invested so much in manipulating entertainment for the sake of their agenda that any deviation from their preferred narrative is perceived as a threat. In the case of Game of Thrones, liberals fear that, subconsciously, people might come to see their stable of leftist female politicians like Queen Daenerys — seemingly good on the outside, but power-hungry, overly emotional, and irrational on the inside. Here the image of someone like Hillary Clinton as president comes to mind. Hillary would not have a fire-breathing dragon at her disposal, but as president, she’d have her finger on the nuclear button. That’s worse.

    The Left understands the value of symbols, images, and language in the cultural war it is fostering in America. Unfortunately, many conservatives still do not. Game of Thrones turned out to be a bump in the road for leftists.”

  56. @Anon

    Only complete utter incredibly puerile retards who know nothing about usage in the English language actually subscribe to that old brain-dead canard proscribing adjectives, you utter incredibly puerile retard from childish idiot-land.

  57. Roy says:

    That is true. The only problem is that you cannot tell real history without offending someone. Better to use fantasy or comic book characters to keep the PC police.

  58. Anonymous [AKA "Bugenhagen"] says:

    It’s reminiscent of Dresden.

    That’s just straight up retardation when the US dropped two Atom Bombs on Japan.

    • Replies: @Wally
  59. Wally says:

    Hey silly emotional child, pay attention, just ran a story on Dresden, so of course the comparison will be made, and rightly so.

    Let’s all just say ‘it’s reminiscent of Dresden, Hiroshima, & Nagasaki’.

    Get a grip.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  60. As an anti SJW message, I kinda liked it.

  61. Anonymous [AKA "21inches"] says:

    Lol u do realize that his one sentence triggered u so much that u became a silly emotinal child yourself?

    Maybe he should pick up a book or two and read about it from real historians instead of listening to hardcore history.

    Branding other germans as refugees and not discussing it is silly. One thing that today everyone gets wrong is that the german population was conned into nazism or brainwashed. no, most of them desired it and thrived on it. you can’t get that out of them without fire. and you still didn’t with.

  62. @TKK

    The male lead gets rid of his crazy girlfriend and hits the trail with his best dog and his huntin’ buddies. Best. Ending. Ever.

    • LOL: JimDandy
  63. JimDandy says:

    Oh, God. You saw one of the most popular mainstream stories in history end as an indictment of SJW’s and white feminists with a savior complex and Antifa, and you’re actually harumphing that certain things weren’t ‘plausible’ etc.?

    The ending to this dragon-zombie-sword-soap opera was GREAT and cause for celebration. Full stop.

  64. I just cannot share all this enthusiasm for the tits & dragons show. It is a faux naturalist profanity nudity saga set in faux 14th C iconography epic fantasy world- but, ultimately, it is shallow, dull, excruciatingly boring as anything written/filmed in this genre.

    But let’s be constructive.

    I talked, a few years ago, with a friend of mine, who was a sensitive, highly imaginative & immensely inammorato with Tolkien (whom I find simply not interesting): why do you care? Why do you find this rubbish entrancing?

    My conclusion was- high epic fantasy somehow clicks something inside people who have (over)developed imaginative faculty & who are, not infrequently, exhausted by drabness, futility & meaninglessness of the ordinary workaday life. It either relaxes them or fires their inner spark (or both).

    So, while I don’t give a hoot about TGOT, it may have something to do with a) my basic temperament, b) the fact I am not, due to many circumstances, sentenced to a life of routine.

    • Replies: @JimDandy
  65. JimDandy says:
    @Bardon Kaldian

    I can’t believe I’m doing this. I always vowed I’d never dox anyone. I’m afraid you leave me no choice, Bardon, but to reveal your true identity.

  66. Hoppjerka says:

    Denayeres is a classic hero figure, until the last episodes. She just happens to be a woman. That does not make her a SJW wanting to push diversity on people. She uses violence which is not a SJW tactic. And there is no discussion that the unsullied should live in King’s Landing under multiculturalism.

    In the last episodes, Denayeres goes mad. Totally at odds with her character. A power hungry person goes mad because she does not get the full love from John Snow. Come on… No this is bullshit writing. The ending can be seen as reactionary conservative. A power-seeking woman must be cut down. Soft-spoken Sansa is the ideal woman. In no way do I see the ending as good for the right. It is more likely to be a feeble attempt to surprise the audience. with some postmodernism (all is about power and power is bad) and scientism (Bran knows everything from the past, kind of like an artifical intelligence).

    It is really inexplicable why HBO did such a poor job with a blockbuster series. The only reasonable explanation is that many actors wanted out. Prequels cannot explain.

  67. Mark T says:

    Dresden….and Tokyo, and Cambodia, and Vietnam….and Yugoslavia, Iraq, Syria…Makes you wonder if there wasn’t a deliberate angle about the way people need to be grateful for the Imperial delivery of ‘freedom and democracy’ from the Dr(ag)on(e)s of the MIC

  68. Anon[116] • Disclaimer says:

    The first graphic, Promising Diversity / Implementing Diversity, is that an original?
    The reason I want to know is that I’d like to share it on facebook and give attribution.
    It’s hilarious.

  69. Well, count me as odd woman out, but I thought the GOT ending made sense.

    Absolute power corrupts absolutely and certain traits, i.e. mental illness, are genetic. Daenerys was genetically unstable and her whole life had a series of traumatic events that contributed to it. The dragon gave her absolute power. Like the mad king her father, she enjoyed watching people burn alive even if she covered it up with the self-righteous patina of a SJW avenger.

    She was totally unfit to rule because, with her pyromania coming across people’s sense of self-preservation, she would have become increasingly paranoid and ended up killing anyone who even looked like s/he would disagree with her. Jon Snow was right to kill her.

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