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The Logic of Leftist Lies
How the Ideas of a White Genius Can Expose the True Intentions of the Left
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The White genius George Boole

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Globohomo is the vast system of anti-White, minority-worshipping leftism that wants to control and suffocate the entire world. And if you want a good example of the “globo” in globohomo, just consider this. At school in the UK, White British students are taught all about the Black American non-entity Rosa Parks (1913–2005) and nothing about the White British genius George Boole (1815–64).

Whites as oppressors and exploiters

In other words, British leftists import globohomo propaganda from America to instil guilt in White children and resentment in non-White children. At the same time, they suppress the huge achievements of the White British. Leftists don’t want White children to feel pride in their ancestry, but shame. They want children to see Whites only as oppressors and exploiters, not as innovators and inventors. That’s why they plug Parkes and ban Boole, even as children inhabit a world shaped by his genius:

Boole’s legacy surrounds us everywhere, in the computers, information storage and retrieval, electronic circuits and controls that support life, learning and communications in the 21st century. His pivotal advances in mathematics, logic and probability provided the essential groundwork for modern mathematics, microelectronic engineering and computer science. (Who is George Boole? The mathematician behind the Google doodle, Sydney Morning Herald, 2nd November 2015)

Boole has had a “Google doodle,” but Google and other leftists celebrate him only as an isolated and exceptional individual, not as an exemplar of White genius and the heir to millennia of separate and special evolution on the European continent. Leftists certainly do not acknowledge that he contributed more to mathematics and technology in his short life than all Blacks who ever lived. If White children were taught about him in that light, they would begin to question minority-worship and the colonization of Britain by non-Whites who over-achieve only at crime, corruption and nation-wrecking.

Knights and knaves

Even worse, from the leftist point of view, is that learning about Boole can be a lot of fun. Imagine White children enjoying themselves as they learn about a White world-shaper! Leftism wants Whiteness to be associated with pain, not pleasure. And so, when leftism is defeated, pro-White education ministers should ensure that children learn about knights-and-knaves, not about Rosa Parks. Not only are knight-and-knave logic puzzles an enjoyable introduction to Boolean ideas about truth-values and logic, they’re also a good way to understand leftism.

Some Boolean logic
Some Boolean logic

You can learn the truth from leftist lies if you apply Boolean ideas. To see how, let’s start with one of the knight-and-knave puzzles invented by the Jewish mathematician Raymond Smullyan (1919–2017). The puzzle is set on an island inhabited by two kinds of native: knights, who always tell the truth, and knaves, who always lie. Suppose you visit the island and decide to take a walk to the beach. Soon you come to a fork in the road where two natives of the island are standing. You want to ask them how to get to the beach, but you don’t know whether they’re knights or knaves. And there’s no point asking them directly, because, as you quickly realize, all natives will claim to be knights.

However, suppose you ask each of the two natives what the other one is. And suppose that each of them replies: “He’s a knave.” Now you know that one of them must be a knight and one must be a knave. If they were both knights or both knaves, both would reply: “He’s a knight.” But when both claim that the other is a knave, you know a knight has truthfully identified a knave and a knave has falsely identified a knight. But you don’t still know who is who. However, you can now learn the right way to the beach by asking either of the natives a simple question. What do you ask?

The logic of leftist lies

You use an indirect question and ask one of the natives to tell you which way the other native would point if you asked him the way to the beach. Suppose the righthand fork in the road leads to the beach. If you asked the knight directly which fork led to the beach, he would point to the right; if you asked the knave directly, he would point to the left. So a direct question is no good to you. But if you ask the indirect question of the knight, he will truthfully point left, because this is the way the knave would indeed point. And if you ask the indirect question of the knave, he will lie and also point left, because this is not the way the knight would point. Therefore, whether you ask the indirect question of the knight or the knave, you will learn the wrong direction to the beach. And if you know the wrong direction, you automatically know the right direction.

If the sinister Jewish leftist Merrick Garland opposes “white supremacy,” it must be a good and essential thing
If the sinister Jewish leftist Merrick Garland opposes “white supremacy,” it must be a good and essential thing

Knight-and-knave puzzles are a lot of fun to solve, but there are serious and important mathematical and logical ideas behind them. Boolean ideas, because they come from the work of George Boole. Using Boolean logic, you can learn the truth from falsehoods. And that’s I want to do to leftist ideas. We know that leftism is an ideology built on falsehoods, so we can apply Boolean logic to understand what leftists really mean when they use terms like “white supremacy” and “white privilege.” Leftists are liars, so what they pretend to mean and what they really mean are different things. Indeed, entirely opposite things.

So let’s examine how leftists use the term “white supremacy.” Merrick Garland, the sinister Jewish Attorney-General in Biden’s Bolshevik cabinet, has said that “Domestic violent extremist groups, particularly white supremacists, pose a growing threat to the United States.” Carol Anderson, a Professor of African American Studies at Emory University, has said that “American democracy’s most dangerous adversary is white supremacy. Throughout this nation’s history, white supremacy has undermined, twisted and attacked the viability of the United States.” And Jennifer Ho, a Professor of Asian American Studies at the University of Colorado, has responded to Black violence against Asians by blaming it all on Whitey. She says that “White supremacy is the root of all race-related violence in the US.”

The power of propaganda #1: ever-increasing use of the term “white supremacy” (from Google Ngrams)
The power of propaganda #1: ever-increasing use of the term “white supremacy” (from Google Ngrams)

So what do leftists mean by the term “white supremacy”? You have to start by recognizing that leftists are liars, so their language inverts the truth. If leftists say that “white supremacy” is “a growing threat to the United States” and “American democracy’s most dangerous adversary,” they must mean that “white supremacy” is the opposite of a threat to the United States and the opposite of an adversary to American democracy. Therefore they must mean that the United States and American democracy depend on “white supremacy” in some way. So what can “white supremacy” mean but “white autonomy” and “white achievement”? That is, when leftists condemn “white supremacy,” they are condemning the civilization built by Whites and the ability of Whites to act in their own interests and possess their own nations, institutions and property.

The power of propaganda #2: ever-increasing use of the term “white privilege” (from Google Ngrams)
The power of propaganda #2: ever-increasing use of the term “white privilege” (from Google Ngrams)

But it gets worse. Leftists don’t merely condemn “white supremacy”: they want to overturn and abolish it. But if they want to abolish “white supremacy,” that is, White autonomy, this can only mean that they want to destroy White civilization and enslave ordinary Whites. If you don’t have autonomy, can’t act in your interests, and don’t possess your own nations, institutions and property, what are you but a slave? “Abolishing white supremacy” can only mean enacting White enslavement.

Leftism is doomed to die

The same reasoning applies to the leftist concept — and condemnation – of “white privilege.” If “white privilege” is a bad thing to leftists, it can only be a good thing in reality. And it is: “white privilege” means the entirely natural and just way in which the White creators and sustainers of White nations act in their own interests to maintain those nations for the benefit of themselves and their children. When leftists say that they want to abolish “white privilege,” they really mean that they want to take White nations away from ordinary Whites. As before, “abolishing white privilege” means enacting white enslavement.

In effect, leftism presents us with a simple knight-and-knave puzzle. We know that leftists always lie, so we simply turn what they say on its head to discover the truth. From leftist lies we can learn the truth about leftist intentions. When leftists say “Abolish white supremacy!”, they mean “Enact white enslavement!” Leftists don’t want to end injustice but to impose it on ordinary Whites in ever-harsher ways. And at the heart of that anti-White leftism are genuinely “supremacist” Jewish organizations like the Anti-Defamation League (ADL). If we apply leftist-lie logic to the name of the ADL, we can see that it must really be the “Anti-Description League.” The ADL campaigns against the objective and truthful description of reality, which is why it wants truth-tellers like Tucker Carlson to be silenced:

The Anti-Defamation League has called for Fox News to fire prime-time opinion host Tucker Carlson because he defended a white-supremacist theory that says whites are being “replaced” by people of color. In a letter to Fox News CEO Suzanne Scott on Friday, the head of the ADL, Jonathan Greenblatt, said Carlson’s “rhetoric was not just a dog whistle to racists – it was a bullhorn.”

The civil rights group listed numerous instances Carlson has used anti-immigrant language. Those include saying immigration makes the U.S. “poorer and dirtier” and questioning whether white supremacy is real. Greenblatt said that “given his long record of race-baiting, we believe it is time for Carlson to go.”

The white-nationalist “great replacement theory,” otherwise known as “white genocide,” says people of color are replacing white people through immigration in the Western world, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center [SPLC]. Some white supremacists also say that Jews and progressive politicians are furthering this change, the civil rights group says. (ADL: Fox should fire Carlson for white-supremacist rhetoric, WSBTV, 9th April 2021)

The ADL and SPLC are supreme practitioners of the Jewish-leftist principle of inverting reality and morality. They claim that truth is lies and that lies are truth, that good is evil and evil is good. Accordingly, you can learn the truth by reversing what the ADL and SPLC say. If they deny that “immigration makes the U.S. ‘poorer and dirtier’,” you can be sure that immigration does exactly that. If they deny that “Jews and progressive politicians … are replacing white people through immigration in the Western world,” again you can be sure that this is exactly what is happening. And if they oppose “white supremacy” and claim that it is a dire threat to Western civilization, you can be sure that “white supremacy” is a good thing and essential for the survival of Western civilization. Leftists live by lies, which is why leftism is doomed to die.

(Republished from The Occidental Observer by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Thanks for your lesson on Boolean logic, but please explain what “left” and “right” mean. What is leftism? You mean Joe Stalin cuddled up with Sodomites? Vlad Putin does more so? Leftism? Huh?

  2. Notsofast says:

    boole was preceded by leibniz and in his “explanation of the binary arithmetic…” he directly attributes it to the ancient chinese i-ching system of divination, using broken and unbroken lines ( zeros and ones, offs and ons).

  3. Bolsheviks oppress and murder gays in their own countries while glorifying homosexuality as “better than normal” in the West.

    • Agree: Marcion
    • Replies: @padre
  4. Right_On says:

    Most people hate egotists.
    They remind them of themselves.
    I love egotists.
    They remind me of me.

    Raymond Smullyan

    • LOL: Marcion
  5. @Notsofast

    Leibniz left an astonishing legacy of intellectual accomplishments when he died. Too bad he wasted so much of his life on his motivated reasoning to try to salvage Christianity. He probably should have realized that Christianity’s time had passed, and that Western man should move on to thinking about more reality-oriented and useful things.

  6. Blacks have all the “reparations” they need, a fortune just lying on the metaphorical table right in front of them, in the form of all the ideas the Critical Race* has discovered and articulated. They can take and use whatever of these ideas they want without impoverishing anyone else, like ideas about how to live competently instead of just going through life making one bad decision after another.

    * The English word critical has several meanings, including indispensable and vital. Our adversaries have inadvertently complimented white people by calling us the Critical Race.

  7. Franz says:

    In non-B00lian words, the “left” is chuckling at the funeral of an enemy not yet dead. Sleeping deep, maybe. But not dead.

    Critical Race Theory (just the term) reminds us that the Greek root of “critical”, kritikos, means to judge. The eminences quoted above are judging and condemning a people openly. Perhaps the longer and louder they do, the more quickly our sleeping beauties might wake up.

  8. This hyperbole reminds me of the anecdote of the German Jew who read the National Socialist Party’s newspaper, the Volkischer Beobachter, without fail every day. He said it made him feel so much better about his unfortunate situation to learn how all-powerful his maligned and marginalized people were after all.

    This is America in 2021. There is no Left. A few angry children may imagine themselves brave Spartacists battling Brownshirts on the bloodstained streets of Munich, but our political discourse at every level is limited to Right-of-center and Far Right. If history is any guide, it will be a totalitarian Right that finally brings down our failed democracy. This is what people clamor for after self-government stops working, a strong leader to make them feel safe again. Ben Franklin called it in 1787 when he introduced the new federal constitution, saying “that this is likely to be well administered for a course of years, and can only end in Despotism, as other forms have done before it, when the people shall become so corrupted as to need despotic Government, being incapable of any other.” The nightmare of repression that is coming is an essential cleansing and toughening period. There will inevitably be a counterrevolution and human decency will again assert itself in America. “The reign of witches will pass”, as Jefferson put it.

  9. When you read about “white supremacy” in the media, simply replace “supremacy” with “competency”. Then the story makes perfect sense.

    • Agree: Realist
    • Thanks: Sarah
    • Replies: @RestiveUs
  10. anonymous[139] • Disclaimer says:

    Leftist ideology gains traction because it’s something of a self-contained system, a lens through which everything can be viewed. It doesn’t require any real thought, knowledge of history, critical thinking or much intelligence. It comes pre-packaged. Any dummy can pretend to be erudite as they mouth the usual slogans and platitudes, virtue signaling all the way. That it is an incomplete and false world view leading to disaster is something that isn’t allowed to register in these closed minds. It’s a religion, a cult appealing to the disaffected, conformists and mentally lazy of which there are millions.

  11. fnn says:

    Yeah, transgenderism, Gay marriage, destruction of anything resembling the pre-1970 traditional family, negro worship, the race replacement program and state-sponsored hatred and contempt for whites are all “right-wing.” A return to normal left-wing politics will come when US can no longer export its debt.

  12. Let me see if I’ve got this straight.

    Leftists (whoever they are, according to your rather warped definitional parameters) are bad because Boole is fun!


    • Agree: The Old Philosopher
    • Replies: @ariadna
  13. Thomasina says:

    Science, facts and “reality-oriented” things don’t provide values. Without values, you get chaos.

    Christianity is not dead. It’s just lying dormant. It will emerge again when society is finally choking on the lies, CRT, wokeness and corruption, when the center can’t hold.

    • Agree: Towey
    • Replies: @ivan
    , @Drapetomaniac
  14. KenR says:

    I’ve made the point repeatedly to elected Republicans and wannabe elected Republicans that opposing the Left is trivially simple. All you’ve got to do is oppose whatever they favor. That’s dismissed instantly for being a very stupid and crude axiom. But it’s true.

    You can “game theory” it out. You don’t even have to think; all you have to do is axiomatically oppose whatever the Left favors. It helps to think, but you don’t have to. It’s that simple.

    And even though it really is that simple, our side screws it up without fail every single time. There’s too much stupidity and also too much evil as well planted among the opposition.

  15. Mb123 says:

    Traditionally, leftists are concerned with inequality; their main concern is that working-class people have wages that can support them. I am a wage earner myself who worries about paying bills etc and don’t see how I always lie.

    • Replies: @Blackstone
    , @Anon
    , @Anonymous
  16. @Ann Nonny Mouse

    ‘Leftism’ in the USA? In-fecking-sanity.

    • Replies: @Rich
  17. Realist says:

    Mr. Langdon;

    Honest and informative…where most would not tread…thank you.

  18. Anonymous[355] • Disclaimer says:

    It’s simple.

    Every BIPOC population on earth, the entire planet, says that it can’t live in any civilization except the one they themselves have, the one they have evolved to live in.

    Believe them. They are telling the truth.

    The problem is that, after the Western breakout of about 1500, which relied on ocean going ships that could go anywhere in the world, BIPOC societies failed. Only the Andaman Islands were able to avoid that failure.

    The rest of the world wants Western society to vanish. Individual groups want their immediate neighbors to vanish also. That’s just the nature of adjacent or co-territorial genetic groups that rely on the same resources, at least under sociobiology.

    So: the BIPOCs are saying that they can’t live in Western society and that they want Westerners to give up their society and give their resources, land and labor, to BIPOCS.

    Of course they are. What else could happen?

    In the meantime, politics consists of building coalitions of groups that want a part of the government income stream. The New Deal assembled such a coalition of non-Anglo Saxon voters, and took over the US. It paid off its coalition members by destroying the Anglo-Saxons as a political group. New Deal descended politics has since accepted any group that wants only destruction as a payoff. It’s a politician’s dream. All the government has to do for these groups is nothing, and they get a loyal voting block. Professional politicians can spent their money on each other and on suborning opposition groups and using the media to construct the tyranny of a controlled media created majority.

    The US has been run that way since the 1930s.

    The USSR, which did something very similar, demonstrated that such systems fail when they can no longer maintain an industrial economy (usually because capital stock becomes depleted) and can no longer support their population. At that point, local evolved society re-asserts itself.

    This society often does not support industrial activity. Examples: Japan is slowly decaying. Taiwan appears to support industrial activity. China may or may not support industrial activity — Chinese society appears to be choking on industrial waste and the inefficiencies of central industrial control. Russia seems to have at least partially rejected industrial society for the present, strongly supporting it but only to produce weapons while Russia lives by exporting raw materials. Venezuela appears to be rejecting industrial society, but that may be only an appearance.

    So: to European descended readers: You are being asked to end the society that your ancestors made and to give the territory where you now live to various BIPOC groups, who will then fight it out with each other. The BIPOC groups have made it clear that this is a matter of life and death for them. The situation is as clear as anything gets in human history.
    Suggestion: make up your minds, and answer either “Yes” or “No”. Not “Oh, no! This can’t be happening!”, or “Let’s wait a bit.”, just “Yes” or “No”. People are dying because you can’t get make up your mind, or are trying to delay what is so important to the BIPOC that they are using ANTIFA (an organization of European descended expendable street fighters recruited for their mental illnesses), low level urban guerilla warfare, and blatant lawfare, to bring the matter to your attention.

    Borders exist to reduce endemic violence between different breeding populations of humans. They sometimes fail, but the condition of the larger cities in Europe and the US demonstrates that endemic civil strife always fails.

    As a side note — Singapore appears to demonstrate that different ethnic groups can live in the same area without endemic civil strife. Singapore has unusually competent government, apparently as good as Prussian government in the early 1800s. Without speculating on Singapore’s ability to retain such competence, I will point out that not one other government on Earth can even approach Singapore’s governmental competence.

  19. anon[103] • Disclaimer says:

    dude! you’re speaking master’s language. no one cares about “the Left” unless you’re using it ironically and euphemistically. but why would you do do that? you sound like sean hannity, the ultimate house negro.

    If you will excuse me, Your Excellency, it is our view that matters have gone
    beyond “legislation.”

    We think it is time you recognized that you are masters in someone else’s

    Despite the best intentions of the best of you, you must, in the nature
    of things, humiliate us to control us. General Dyer is but an extreme
    example of the principle. It is time you left.

    america’s problems aren’t about abstractions anymore.

    • Replies: @Bert
  20. utu says:

    At least Leibniz did not waste time on occultism and other mumbo jumbo like Newton. Leibniz has nothing to be ashamed of while Newton endeavors in occultism had to be suppressed and hidden by English establishment to preserve his reputation as English genius.

    • Agree: Towey
    • Replies: @Notsofast
  21. nsa says:

    “Leftism is doomed to die”
    Demographics predict quite the opposite….less white and left all the way. Millenials make up the largest generation…a 75 million contingent aged 25 to 40. The millenials are rapidly replacing the narcissistic me generation boomers who are dropping lie flies. The cell phone addicted millenials think of the wu-wu 19 as a fortuitous boomer remover. Talk to any college educated millenial and check out their politics….lefty all the way. Blue collar millenials are not quite as pink, but still plenty addicted to government free stuff and diversity. However, the millenials are almost reactionary compared to the 70 million Generation Zs, age 10 to 25. These diverse critters have been programmed lefty by the feminized public schools plus 5 hours of jooTV a day. As the cliche goes, demography is destiny.

    • Replies: @Realist
    , @roberto1
  22. @Observator

    Exactly, but this time, with the USA an armed nuthouse, its elites psychopathic and fifth-rate because they must satisfy their elite ie 50% Judaic, financiers, that they are malleable and obedient, and in charge of the greatest military death-machine ever, the ‘reign of witches’ is just the beginning…of the End. An END Times that vast millions of Septic morons are ‘living’ in hope of.

    • Agree: annamaria
  23. @advancedatheist

    If you take the meaning of Critical Race Theory as “the theory of the critical race”, then yes. But of course the term is meant as “the critical theory of race”. Graphically it is either (Critical Race) Theory or Critical (Race Theory).

  24. Antiwar7 says:

    It also should be mentioned that Claude Shannon, the father of Information Theory, was the first person to apply Boolean logic to electrical circuits.

    He also founded digital circuit design theory in 1937, when—as a 21-year-old master’s degree student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)—he wrote his thesis demonstrating that electrical applications of Boolean algebra could construct any logical numerical relationship

    • Thanks: Grahamsno(G64), annamaria
  25. White genocide in the USA, and other majority-White countries is a fact, not a “conspiracy theory”.
    In another generation in the USA, and by the middle of the next Century in the UK, Whites will be a minority if current trends continue. The horsemen of this apocalypse are immigration, miscenegation, abortion, homosexuality, and feminism. All of them have Jewish jockeys.
    As the late Dr. William Pierce said, Jews are “The people of the lie”.

    • Replies: @Realist
  26. ivan says:

    You don’t understand Leibniz. He would not have undertaken to “salvage” Christianity had he not been a believer in God Himself. That accounts for all his efforts at ecumenism.

    • Agree: mc23
  27. ivan says:

    The greatest period of intellectual achievement was with the ancient Greeks. The greatest after that was associated with Newton and Liebniz, their successors or their predecessors.

    The Know Nothings, remain content in their ignorance. Let them wander in their own clouds.

    • Replies: @Rev. Spooner
    , @DanFromCT
  28. ivan says:

    Interesting factoid: George Boole’s niece married George Everest, who made his name in India in the Great Triangular Survey of India.

  29. This whole phenomenon is a case of jealous parasites, i.e. groups of people who don’t have the talents to create and maintain an advanced civilization and thus are forced to enjoy the fruits of such a civilization by living among others, but in so doing are reminded of their own inferiority all the time. Thus they resent their superiors and want to destroy them. Of course if they would succeed in that, then the source of their parasitism would also end, but they are too stupid or too hateful to acknowledge that.

    Three terms are pertinent in this case: “white privilege”, “white supremacy” and “abolishing whiteness”.

    “White privilege” is the fact that Whites have unique creative talents and that those talents are mainly hereditary (thus the “privilege” is real, only it is genetically determined and not the result of some conspiracy).

    “White supremacy” is the power that follows the talents and the endeavor to retain that power.

    “Abolishing whiteness” (the term was coined by the Jew Noel Ignatiev) means to totally dispossess Whites with as ultimate aim their genocide, but to hide that, the term
    “abolishing whiteness” instead of “abolishing Whites” is used.

    If these jealous parasites succeed and the West has become one big stinking Third World garbage heap, then their parasitism would end, but at least their lust for revenge born from an acute sense of inferiority would be satisfied. And that for them makes it “worth it”.

  30. I was glad to be reminded of George Boole and of logical and mathematical recreation that I used to enjoy but this is an embarrassment to UR enthusiasts and should be to RU as responsible publisher.

  31. @Mb123

    Traditionally, yes, but there is no currency in that manoeuvre anymore and hasn’t been for the last 40 years.

    Leftism at its core is a simple power grab, and will utilise any tool it can lay its hands on to achieve its end – It is currently now openly anti white and pro sexual degeneration.

    As Thomas Sowell stated, leftists always employ mascots with which to conceal their true intentions.

  32. Delon says:

    You must’ve missed the Indians contribution to the study of numbers. Where would we be without the 0 for a start?

    • Replies: @Mustapha Mond
  33. Yep, leftism will die. I just wish it would hurry up and do it in my lifetime!

  34. Anon[471] • Disclaimer says:

    Are you a leftist talking head/politician?

    • Replies: @Mb123
  35. No member of the Democratic party is a leftist or Bolshevik in any real sense of the term, i.e. a believer in Marxist teaching, which pretty much ignores question of race, dealing only with class: i.e. proletariat, lumpen proletariat and capitalists, i.e.owners of means of production (Marx also spoke of petit bourgeoisie–shop-keepers, teachers, insurance salesmen, artists, journalists, etc.). Marx and Engels were principally concerned with competition among owners of the means of production, and tendency of competition to lead to monopolies, as well as to imperialism, as producers seek cheaper raw materials, cheaper labor, and markets.

  36. Dumbo says:

    The System is not just “anti-White”, it is “anti-People”.

    Though white people, and in particular, white non-homosexual males, are mostly targeted, it is not clear that non-whites will have it much better in the globalist “Utopia”.

    Also, there is no “white supremacy”. Whites are always fighting among themselves. The history of the world is mostly the history of White peoples fighting each other.

    And there is no “Leftism” any longer, at this point I would call it directly Satanism. They don’t even pretend to care about worker’s rights anymore. They are on the side of big corporations against middle class and poor people. What’s the difference with capitalism, now?

    This LARPing about Whites having the best scientists is a bit tiresome. Yes, Jews play a big part, but whites are also in large part responsible for their own doom.

    Happy New Year.

  37. sally says:

    The Logic of left, but not right, or right and left.. but not both is surrounded by the logic of the lie is but the truth?

    The simple truth is <==top down governance (armed governments structured with a hierarchy of leaders, who keep secrets. decide fates, and deal and wheel in secret from the governed, and who allocate resources to accord privilege to the powerful few, at the expense of the powerless masses) is the problem.

    Mankind has not yet, enjoyed the benefits of a bottom up system of governance? Always those with the power assemble the governments, appoint the most corrupt to run them, and capture the output of those who do the work and who do the thinking to produce the power that differentiates the few.

    The worker and thinker classes must share their earnings with the powerful few, in the form of taxes the corrupt will spend to fulfil the dreams of the powerful few.

    There is a difference between top down socialism and bottom up socialism. The former breeds directed inequality, while the later demands shared equality.

    So what is a bottom up government? Its a government without a leader, its a central police force, and an administrative system that enforces only the majority demands <= affirmed by vote of the masses. It keeps secure and safe the minority interest of all and it makes available all information of whatever kind to all members of the governing system. In simple terms; bottom up government is self determined regulation established only for a time frame of need, by consensus arrived at by evaluation and narrative sufficient to establish the will derived from a fully informed set of persons. Everyone is governed but no one is the governor. No one is: left of or right of center, everyone is self centered, and relied on by all others to do their expected parts.

    What is it that prevents bottom up control and favors top down tyranny? When money is used to measure value of economic output, top down governance is favored, when collective output is used to measure and value economic output, bottom up governance is favored.

  38. El Dato says:

    It’s all here

    Boole’s formalizations of propositional logic are of course built on the work of Aristotle.

    To get to the really interesting parts, you need to go upwards to first-order logic (where you start to state facts about “things”) and logics that are not-classical (as for example, modal logics) and higher-order logics (where you start to state facts about predicates, formulas etc.).

    As for your robots, logic is not going to suffice, you need probabilistic inference and causal models:

    • Agree: Mustapha Mond
    • Thanks: annamaria, mc23
    • Replies: @sally
  39. Again, like I have commented earlier here, “left” and “right” have lost their meaning long ago and to continue using them means subjecting oneself to antiquated ways of reasoning.

    As for the state of affairs in the US, I heartily recommend Michael Parenti’s classic Democracy for the Few, from the early eighties, if I recall correctly.

  40. @Observator

    @Observator You just said the exact thing I was thinking. This “everything is right wing” garbage is exactly what this article is all about and that is lefties lying. The leftist of course will claim there is no leftists. My deepest prayer is liars like this “only the right wing exists” suffocate under a pile of child tranny corpses when our time comes.

  41. Towey says:

    St John of the Cross advised us to ignore all personal revelations both good and bad BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT NECESSARY FOR SALVATION.
    Some of the reasons he gave are : revelation ceased with the Apostles; revelations are perceived by the senses which are fallible; SOME REVELATIONS MIGHT BE DIABOLICALLY INSPIRED
    Catholics should convince people of the beauty and objective truth of our Faith and not go round promoting spurious revelations.

    • Replies: @anonymous
  42. Anon[159] • Disclaimer says:

    Is it Left v Right?

    No. That’s a mask.

    So is Democrat v Republican.

    What is it really?

    Satan v Mankind.

    On the side of Satan… Jews. The Devil’s People.

    Wake up, Mankind.

    • Agree: Angharad
    • Replies: @Miro23
  43. Anonymous[661] • Disclaimer says:

    Communism is concerned with dominating and controlling every aspect of your life.

    Traditionally, it is ushered into a society via an appealing Trojan horse labelled ‘freedom, equality and justice for all, and to each according to his needs’. Sounds great, what’s not to like?

    Except the arrival of that horse in St. Petersburg in 1917 marked the beginning of the torture, rape and slaughter of 66 million Russians; in the Ukraine in 1932-33 it starved more than 7.5 million people to death; and I don’t think we know exactly how many were killed in eastern Europe under Communist domination from 1945-89. After Communism was exported to China it accomplished the murder of an additional 100 million.

    If you really want to know what life is like under complete leftist domination then read Alexsander Solzhenitsyn. I think he lived through it, understood it, and wrote about it better than anyone. Then brush up on the Jewish Talmud as that is the actual ideology behind Communism.

    • Agree: Towey, Angharad, anarchyst
  44. @Notsofast

    Leibniz was awesome. One of my fave thinkers. A real mensch. We could use around 12 million of him right about now…… if not more.

    Thanks for a great comment!

  45. El Dato says:

    Let’s tell Amazon exactly who is reading this blog

    These puzzles are quite fun.

  46. @Delon

    The concept of zero began with the Mesopotamians, not India:

    That said, Indian culture and intelligence is extremely impressive in countless ways, IMHO.

    But zero did not originate there, as was implied in your comment, I believe.

    Happy New Year!

  47. Towey says:

    Why does anyone still defend the notion of democracy? Don’t they know that modern democracy was introduced on the same day they established the Bank of England so that citizens could not renege the debts contracted in their name by a so-called representative government with private bankers who conjured money out of thin air under the fractional reserve system. Democracy is the periodic acceptance of one’s condition as a bond slave.
    The refusal to recognise debt was a big problem for the usurers in countries where usury was a sin and illegal. Income taxes were also introduced on the same day so that the government would always have the money to pay interest on these fictitious debts out of real wealth produced by labour. You vote for your slavery and that of your children and grandchildren to the money changers. That is how the once marginalised and despised money changers have accumulated so much wealth and power that they can impose their communist goal of a NWO
    They also banned independent goldsmiths so that their paper money issuing scam would have no competition.
    Exactly the same reason for the second World War and 9/11. Hitler achieved full employment in the middle of a world depression by shutting down the central bank and issuing his own currency. THAT is why he was popular and had to be destroyed.
    Hussein wanted euros for his oil and Gadaffi proposed to mint a new currency based on gold. That would have been the end of the petrodollar.

    • Agree: Bro43rd, Che Guava
    • Replies: @Mefobills
  48. Rich says:
    @Mulga Mumblebrain

    It’s amusing that you and a few others here don’t understand what “leftism” means nowadays. It’s like you’re locked into some kind of Joe Hill/Working class view of the US that doesn’t exist. At one time there may have been a left-right dichotomy that was working class vs upper class, but that’s no longer the way it is. The “left” in the US is simply the politics of those who hate European people (Whites), want to tax working people excessively, end Constitutional rights and destroy traditional moral values. Understand, that is what is meant by “Left” in the US. Just as when I was younger I was taught that a “racist” was someone who wanted to do physical harm to another race is no longer applicable, in the US now “racist” is just another word for White. Things change. The old left-right of your childhood, or imagination, is no longer the case.

  49. 3g4me says:

    @2 Notsofast: Oh, but surely it was the Cherokee? Perhaps the Iroquois? No, no, must have been the early Anatolians . . . I meant the vedics. – where all the self-styled ‘intelligentsia’ love to posture and preen, and attribute every White idea or invention to an earlier non-White .

    • Replies: @Notsofast
  50. padre says:
    @Fidelios Automata

    Just where did you learn this nonsense?And where did you find bolsheviks?

  51. anonymous[811] • Disclaimer says:

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. So, swoon all over the “beauty” of your pagan polytheist nonsense.

    As far as convincing people of Christianity’s “objective truth,” that would be an impossible task. You probably don’t even understand the meaning of “objective.”

    You have as much chance of objectively proving the so-called Father and the Son, and the ghost too, as hindoos have about proving Shiva, or the Greek/Nords… you get the drift.

    Don’t bring a book to the debate. That would be pathetic.

    • Replies: @Towey
  52. 3g4me says:

    @8 Observator: Careful, the White boogeyman under the bed will get you. Your feared right wing “nightmare of repression” may result in your being denied a platform for your fevered fantasies. Or it could cull your unstable mind and improve overall genetic fitness. Win-win.

  53. 3g4me says:

    @19 Anonymous[355]: Oh gawd, yet another fellating of magic Singapore. Have you lived there? I have. It’s far from earthly paradise, sugarbritches. And the Han are fairly careful to maintain a certain racial balance, where they are always a majority of 75% or so. The subcon laborers there may grumble about their perceived inferiority, but will do just about anything to avoid being returned to their utter sh&thole native land. The few capable Malays will find a Han or an idiot leftist White Kiwi to marry, and then preen about their own perspicacity. And the Han – are comfortable in a Han society . . . while Unz’s ‘intelligentsia’ tell them how brilliant they are for exploiting and claiming White civilizational trappings as their own.

    • Replies: @Buzz Mohawk
    , @Anonymous
  54. Yes George was a genius…There are other self-taught geniuses such as George Boole…..such as Michael Faraday…

    So why is America importing Hindus and Chinese?

    I have written about Boole…Faraday and others like them over the years on Unz Review.

    Among other things, the IQ test savored obsession some people have is utterly destructive to Native White Working Class Youth….and Bill Gates will make sure that this obsession is destructive to our People….

    D0n’t forget the Wright Brothers…

    • Replies: @Maddaugh
    , @BananaKilt
  55. Che Guava says:

    I see that this article is very valid. Boole also affected philosophy, they were, IIRC, calling it formal logic.

    Tobias, I always appreciate your articles, but to state that Boole made electronic circuits of today, is only a very partial truth.

    Many important devices are not for logic circuits.

    Except the European and Euro-Yanqui pioneers and the post-WWII Japanese developers and inventors, there would be nothing of electronics of now, and analogue tended to lead.

    Don’t mistake me, I loved learning Boolean arithmetic at school in Singapore, and making circuits for play.

    Michaelson-Morley, Maxwell’s equations, many others, really too many to list.

  56. Realist says:

    Sadly you are correct. The majority of Whites in this country have allowed this to happen and they are doomed to oblivion.

  57. Bert says:

    america’s problems aren’t about abstractions anymore

    Correct. Here is how an Ulsterman in South Carolina handled telling the British that it was time for them to leave.

    After Charleston was surrendered to the British, Andrew Pickens, along with many other rebel leaders accepted parole and British rule. When loyalists burned his home and plundered his property in late 1780, Pickens informed the British that they had violated the terms of his parole and he was rejoining the rebels.

    Which he did with vigor and success at the British defeats of Cowpens, Augusta, and Eutaw Springs. Such leaders are inherent to the same gene pool today.

  58. Bascule says:

    Don’t you mean GloboHomoSchlomo ?

  59. Realist says:

    In another generation in the USA, and by the middle of the next Century in the UK, Whites will be a minority if current trends continue.

    The only ones to blame for this are the stupid Whites who allowed it. Democracy has failed again…as it always has and always will. When the form of government is one that allows idiots to vote…failure is always the outcome. Meritocracy is the best form of government.

  60. Mefobills says:

    Good job and your central thesis is on target. But, a few quibbles with the timeline.

    1492, when the Jews were kicked out of Spain, and then the conversion of religion (Talmudic Judaism, and Judeo-Christianity) to become “creditor” centric, and then the creation of corporations was before BOE. This massive hoax was funded, and included changing narrative, and coincided with advent of the printing press.

    Don’t they know that modern democracy was introduced on the same day they established the Bank of England so that citizens could not renege the debts contracted in their name by a so-called representative government with private bankers who conjured money out of thin air under the fractional reserve system. Democracy is the periodic acceptance of one’s condition as a bond slave.

    Yes, this was the full manifestation, and when “Atlantacism” began – what today we call globo-homo. But it is not when modern form of creditor democracy was introduced.

    Matters changed with the Dutch democracy, seeking to win and secure its liberty from Habsburg Spain. The fact that their parliament was to contract permanent public debts on behalf of the state enabled the Low Countries to raise loans to employ mercenaries in an epoch when money and credit were the sinews of war. Access to credit “was accordingly their most powerful weapon in the struggle for their freedom,” notes Ehrenberg: “Anyone who gave credit to a prince knew that the repayment of the debt depended only on his debtor’s capacity and will to pay. The case was very different for the cities, which had power as overlords, but were also corporations, associations of individuals held in common bond.

    [Note carefully, that cities became corporations – this to pay debts as the entire population was held in bond. Debt instruments in turn were being hypothecated to create privateering bank credit.]

    According to the generally accepted law each individual burgher was liable for the debts of the city both with his person and his property.” The financial achievement of parliamentary government was thus to establish debts that were not merely the personal obligations of princes, but were truly public and binding regardless of who occupied the throne. This is why the first two democratic nations, the Netherlands and Britain after its 1688 revolution, developed the most active capital markets and proceeded to become leading military powers. What is ironic is that it was the need for war financing that promoted democracy, forming a symbiotic trinity between war making, credit and parliamentary democracy in an epoch when money was still the sinews of war.

    This “trinity” escapes the notice of modern humans, in the same way as a fish cannot perceive the world outside the water he swims in.

    Our (((friends))) were active in the 200 years after being kicked out of Spain, creating a “world” where they can swim as predatory creditors and not be noticed.

    Religion was converted to remove usury and sordid gain from consciousness. Usury and sordid gain were no longer murderous sin, but instead were glorified.

    Banning of the independent goldsmiths was to prevent “English” goldsmiths from buying stock in the BOE. The real power behind the throne was the BOE, and its hidden stock owners, who had fealty only to international credit. England did not have its own gold, but our (((friends))) had huge stockpiles, gained from their arbitraging of precious metals on the overland caravan routes, and then later in Amsterdam.

    Hearth, Kin, Nation, King was no more.

    • Thanks: Sisifo
    • Replies: @Rev. Spooner
  61. Realist says:
    @Franklin Ryckaert

    “White privilege” is the fact that Whites have unique creative talents and that those talents are mainly hereditary (thus the “privilege” is real, only it is genetically determined and not the result of some conspiracy).

    “White privilege” is the fact that a very few Whites have unique creative talents and that those talents are mainly hereditary (thus the “privilege” is real, only it is genetically determined and not the result of some conspiracy).


    There are a few Whites that have very high integrity, intelligence, inquisitiveness, intuitiveness, industriousness and, inventiveness…but the vast majority watch America’s Got Talent, Dancing With The Stars, The Masked Singer, sports ball or any of the other inane crap offered as entertainment, rather than be informed about important issues. And this is why Democracy always fails.

  62. @Franklin Ryckaert

    Well put, just one quibble – it’s envious parasites.

  63. @KenR

    Re: You don’t even have to think; all you have to do is axiomatically oppose whatever the Left favors.

    In one word, No. That is what they want you to do. That way you end up in a false dialectic right out of a Karl Marx playbook. They want to goad and provoke us into how they frame the situation at hand.

    It is like a two prong fork. You want to be the opposite prong on the fork. But in reality it is better to be at the very opposite tip of the handle.

    x. y

  64. i barely got through the first three paragraphs of this overly complex model but the premise simply is applicable to human beings because humans whether knaves or knights

    —- do not always lie
    —- do not always tell the truth

    and more than than we’d like to acknowledge knights and knaves have no idea what the truth is though they think they do.

    • Agree: simple mind
    • Replies: @Maddaugh
  65. Maddaugh says:

    The Logic of Leftist Lies
    How the Ideas of a White Genius Can Expose the True Intentions of the Left

    Since Covid and all its variants have become boring fare, we are now into the topic of Geniuses !

    I always thought that the logic of a lie was deception to favour the liar’s interests. Now we need a genius to expose the true intentions of leftist liars ?? DUH !

    Soon we will need a genius to explain why we should not eat pick our nose and eat it and then lie to observers of our gourmet habits. Charts and graphs would of course be helpful.

  66. ariadna says:

    Great article, like all by Tobias Langdon.
    The knights and knaves puzzle is entertaining but has limited applicability in solving any questions about today’s “left” and “right” exponents since neither are “knights.”
    Whether they agree or disagree on the right path to the “beach,” it is prudent to assume that they both lie about some or all aspects of any question posed, and that the real path to the truth must be discovered by the seeker through arduous individual search for proof and questioning of the motivations of those in power or seeking power.

  67. Maddaugh says:
    @War for Blair Mountain

    Yes George was a genius…There are other self-taught geniuses such as George Boole…..such as Michael Faraday…So why is America importing Hindus and Chinese?

    Well our insurance industry has been too successful so we import East Indians. The convenience store near to a relative;s house was owned by whites since the ’60s and never a problem. It was sold to Hindus who seemed to think they were God’s gift to the predominantly white nearby community. Result: the store was boycotted ! Two nights ago the store mysteriously went up in flames. This seems to happen when these folks take over a business and it fails. Every business has to show costs or the IRS will become suspicious. Hence the Hindu factor. Of course this is apart from the importation of East Indian slave labour to labour in our tech sector.

    The Chinese ? Well life gets boring when there is no crime. We whites need a little excitement now and again especially if it is in someone else’s area. We can then read about it in the comfort of our Lazy Boy and make bets as to the perpetrator. Lets see:
    >Smash and Grab, Liquor store, muggings, drive by shootings………..guess who ?
    >Insurance fraud, arson, stealing from one;s employer, telephone scams…………..guess who ?
    >Proprietary theft, spying ………………………………..guess who ?

    We also like to help the Chinese who are none too innovative by giving them or allowing them to steal our technology. It is always better to give rather than to receive. Since you mention it I note that the Wright Bros were flying planes when this 4000 year old civilisation was still flying paper kites. Do they lie ? Well how can you tell when their face is always blank.Question though, how can they spy when their eyes are never fully open ? In any case we dont want the CCP and the Chinese army to make do with bicycles, paper lanterns and kites and herbs.

    Am I telling lies ? Lets check with a genius to expose my true intentions.

  68. @Matt Lazarus

    Fair enough. Let’s say the ‘left’ is a byproduct of liberalism then. Revolutionaries look for weak spots to overturn the established order, so they can be the authority. Everybody wants to rule the world. Fact of life.

  69. @ivan

    I beg to differ. In the ancient world, the Greeks looked up to the Egyptians.

    • Replies: @ivan
  70. Globohomo is a term of art, an emotional thought-stopper, a dog whistle to sanctify homophobes who are insecure in their own manhood, and a way for some people to continue justifying their own exceptionalist mythology and absurdly decadent, materialistic, empire-enabling lifestyles while kicking down at the gays.

    Left and right no longer exist in any intelligible form in the United States, the UK, or the other white settler states, where the “liberals” and “leftists” today are the functional equivalent of 90’s Republicans/conservatives. It’s a race to the bottom between center and far right factions, and you have to go to the margins of Europe or Latin America to see any real leftism today, at least for the few moments the CIA allows it to operate before being destroyed by buffed up straight white guys in Virginia wearing Dockers and deck shoes.

    Globohomo is pre-genocidal rhetoric being deployed by justifiably angry men against a global corporatist imperium that now wears the cloak of governmental authority in nation’s that busied themselves with vanities, entertainment, conspicuous consumption and football while big business took over their democracies. Gay men and women were used by business in this effort as a smokescreen, but are hardly unanimous as a group in their support for what this article calls “leftism”, any more than heterosexual people are.

    IBM, Chase Manhattan Bank, Boeing, Lockheed-Martin and Black Rock can wrap themselves in rainbow flags all they want because it sells copy on both sides of the Tweedledee Dee and Tweedle Dum political aisle in this country, but don’t kid yourself that some of us faggots out here cannot see you and what you are doing clear as day. Peace.

  71. Maddaugh says:


    You discovered that ? And you summed up in 6 lines what British Genius Georgie Bull took a lifetime and 10 volumes to figure out.

    YOU are a genius. Its funny how someone with a common sense can arrive at a sensible conclusion and then to his dismay find that some other genius needed 490,000 words and 49 years to arrive at the same conclusion.

    This country was developed by common folk with common sense and is slowly being ruined by uncommon “geniuses” with NO SENSE. It is truly astonishing to observe this continuing phenomena !

  72. @Ann Nonny Mouse

    Leftism is predominantly Judaism. When they go, leftism goes with them. Or perhaps I should say, wherever Jews go, leftism accompanies them.

    • Agree: Drapetomaniac, Nancy
    • Replies: @clyde
    , @John Johnson
  73. roberto1 says:

    “Talk to any college educated millenial and check out their politics….lefty all the way.”
    I know from my own personal experience (3 college educated sons) that this is not true. Not even close, even thought the mass media makes it seem so.

    • Agree: Thor Walhovd
    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  74. @KenR

    No, that does not work either, unfortunately.
    Here in Europe we have leftards hysterically shouting both “All power to wimmin, down with toxic masculinity” and “Shariah is great, open the gates to Islam” at the same time. When pointed out that sharia and suffragettism are mutually incompatible, they shout even louder: “We are not going to allow ourselves to be forced into male logic!”
    Same thing happened a while ago AFAICT at Yale, where some affirmative-action negroes successfully asserted that logic is a “white cultural technique” and hence they could not be bothered with it.
    Call it doublethink, Catch-22, “hell laws” (Eliphas Levy), whatever. The great strength of leftists is that their minds are so messed up that they do not even profess to follow logic and intelligence any more. It’s just bleating made pungent by street violence.

    • LOL: simple mind
  75. DanFromCT says:

    You mix the philosophical achievements of the ancients with modern science and imply nothing worth mentioning happened between the ancients and Newton. Why? As Stankey Jaki proved over and over in his books, science was stillborn in the ancient world precisely because of the ancients’ cosmology.

    The vocabulary and concepts, the sine qua non, that eventually made science possible were solely the work of the Scholastics, and in no other civilization or among any other ethnic group did science arise.

    Have a look at James Hannam’s God’s Philosophers, How the Medieval World Laid the Foundations of Modern Science, and also the articles by Australian philosopher/mathematician James Franklin.

    • Replies: @ivan
  76. Notsofast says:

    take it up with leibniz., where opinions are like assholes, everyone’s got one and they all stink…. except for mine.

  77. profnasty says:

    Will you rise to meet Jesus Christ, or will
    you get left behind?
    It all depends on when you
    change your mind.

  78. @Mefobills

    Thanks very much. Something to mull about. And a happy new year to you.

    • Thanks: Mefobills
  79. Bill says:

    The intellectual accomplishments of “the West” since it formally took leave of Christianity certainly are impressive.

  80. @Maddaugh

    The Hindus and Chinese are being imported LEGALLY into America for only one reason:

    1)So that Hindu and Chinese LEGAL IMMIGRANTS and their US born Hindu and Chinese genelines can enthusiastically vote the Native White American Working Class into a violently persecuted white racial minority within the borders of America……

  81. Bill says:

    There is no Right in the United States. US politics are a tedious argument between “right” Liberals and “left” Liberals and have been since the Revolution.

  82. Notsofast says:

    you’re half right, leibniz didn’t waste his time on occultism, he learned from it. newton was a rosicrucian as were many great minds of the enlightenment. occult does not equate with evil but with mystical and many of the greatest geniuses that have pushed the boundaries of science and math have had a mystical bent to their nature.

    • Replies: @3g4me
  83. Bill says:

    Those elected Republicans and wannabe elected Republicans are not on your side.

  84. RestiveUs says:
    @American Citizen

    True. And replace “privilege” with “advantage”–which can be a perfectly natural consequence of competency.

  85. Perhaps at some point the West will welcome an overt Chinese invasion rather than quiet colonalization, similar to how the West presently allows China to colonize Affica without a peep of protest.

    A Murdoch Murdoch episode which imagined such a scenario said as much: Being a (White) second-class citizen beats being sixth or seventh.

  86. annamaria says:

    BIPOC population: Black, Indigenous and People Of Color

  87. @advancedatheist

    ‘Blacks have all the “reparations” they need, a fortune just lying on the metaphorical table right in front of them, in the form of all the ideas the Critical Race* has discovered and articulated. They can take and use whatever of these ideas they want without impoverishing anyone else, like ideas about how to live competently instead of just going through life making one bad decision after another…’

    This is like expecting your dog to go buy his kibble himself.

    Blacks have to be dealt with in terms of their limitations. Else, like the dog, their behavior will only get worse.

    And — really — instead of this misplaced hatred and literally absurd resentment of blacks, start with the assumption that blacks cannot be assigned the same liberties, expectations, and tasks that everyone else is, and think about those who have made blacks into the cancer that they are.

    I’d pick reinstating Jim Crow for blacks and imposing some serious limitations on the activities permitted to Jews — for starters, they need to be removed from the legal profession, the media, and the liberal arts and social sciences. But then, I’m a nice guy.

    The unpleasant bit is I’d really rather not take any of these measures. However, I can’t see any palatable alternative.

    • Replies: @Drapetomaniac
  88. @Franklin Ryckaert

    I never could understand the term “white privilege” Privilege, is normally gained by doing something for some one else, or by doing something for oneself. It’s called reaping the fruits of ones labor for oneself and ones family. White’s spent three hundred plus years, creating the U.S. So, what is so strange about their gaining privileges for themselves. Doesn’t this happen in every country and with every population? Seems like someone is being played here.

  89. AReply says:

    Hi, here’s a stochastic neutral firing expressed as a laterally contextualized response to an article I just saw on Unzcom. It expresses my laments in the form of an idiom of petty personal bigotry that pops into mind to assuage my feelings of impotence and despair at a looming decrepitude, and the dull awareness of my pathological inability to collaborate socially for any common interest. I’m especially excited and intrigued that these synaptic firings express no measure of free will, becsuse if this is true it saves me from having to be concerned for anyone else, and my neurons get on with their business of internecine warfare to whatever purpose suits them. Sometimes they recall a little song:

    Oh the Protestants hate the Catholics
    And the Catholics hate the Protestants
    And the Hindus hate the Muslims
    And everybody hates the Jews
    It’s National Brotherhood Week…

    Ooops, wrong song!

    They meant:

    (sung in the key of HAL9000)
    Daisy, Daisy give me your answer do.
    I’m half crazy all for the love of you.
    It won’t be a stylish marriage,
    I can’t afford a carriage.
    But you’ll look sweet,
    Upon the seat,
    Of a bicycle made for two.

  90. @Matt Lazarus

    The Left began far earlier than Marx. The Jacobins are an excellent example of fanatical leftists, bent on destroying the old and all who clung to tradition. Then there were the original anarchists, not to mention the utopian socialists. All before Marx. The fact that today’s left is not Marxist is irrelevant.

  91. 3g4me says:

    @84 Notsofast: “occult does not equate with evil but with mystical”

    Oh, kinda like “not religious but spiritual”?

    You are utterly predictable, offspring of your ‘spiritual’ father.

    • Replies: @Notsofast
  92. @Thomasina

    “Science, facts and “reality-oriented” things don’t provide values. Without values, you get chaos.”

    Let me fix that for you:

    Science, facts and “reality-oriented” things don’t provide emotions. Without emotions, you can control your inner animal.

  93. @Dr. Charles Fhandrich

    The foragers need to harvest the produce of civilized whites to survive.

    Something about not evolving beyond the Stone Age or whatever.

  94. @Colin Wright

    Sort people by how human they are.

    Those who possess the notion that other people are property or their property and those who don’t.

    Unfortunately you would have 999 in the first group for each one in the second group.

  95. @Dr. Charles Fhandrich

    Where you go wrong is ignoring the class reality. ‘Whites’ built the USA, as did Black slaves, as did emancipated Blacks, as did others like Chinese railroad builders, ‘Hispanic’ workers etc. The USA was built by working people. But, and increasingly over the last forty years, the rewards of that effort have been stolen from everyone, White, Black, Hispanic etc, by a tiny claque of economic parasites, centred increasingly on finance. All this whinging about ‘Whites’ versus ‘Blacks’ versus whatever is a gigantic Divide and Rule strategy, incited and promoted by the ruling parasites.

    • Agree: Kratoklastes
    • Replies: @anonymous
  96. @roberto1

    When I went to Uni it was just like my private high school- full of Rightwing thugs. Just like the country.

  97. @Franklin Ryckaert

    ‘White’ European, Western supremacy was built on Imperial aggression, pillage and genocide. That is the West’s REAL ‘genius’. Now that China’s rise has ended the delusions of ‘White’ superiority, the real racist lunatics that proliferate in the West are determined to destroy China, in a genocidal World Race War. One must NEVER under-estimate Western wickedness. They REFUSE, always have done and always will, to live in harmony and peace with others, including one another. Whence does this hatred of others arise?

  98. Notsofast says:

    like i told you before, opinions are like assholes and you’re the best demonstration of that.

  99. Towey says:

    It was the Catholic Church that built the civilisation that people in this group pretend to want to conserve. And it is a Catholic civilization and not a white civilization.
    It was monks of the Catholic Church that cleared the swamps and forests of Northern Europe to establish agricultural communities around which the majority of towns and villages in Europe established themselves. Even today in the English Fenn country the highest point on the horizon is the one of the many steeples of a pre- Reformation Church.
    It was the monks of the Catholic Church that gave the peoples of northern Europe a written language. That established the first universities of Paris, Oxford, Bologna, Salamanca etc.
    Monks of the Church saved Greek and Roman history and culture for posterity by copying the then extant books by hand.
    Monks of the Church were the first scientists, biologists, Chemists , Physicists, Economists, Philosophers and the first students of earthquakes etc. They studied agricultural techniques to produce the best crops, wines, cheeses and champagnes etc.
    The Art, Architecture, Music and literature of the Western European Catholic civilization has never been equalled. All this is evidence of the objective truth of the Faith.
    The Protestant Reformation resulted in the legalization of usury, the establishment of the debt based financial system and central banks which has enabled the usurers to accumulate so much wealth and power that they can impose their NWO.
    The Reformation resulted in capitalism, communism, socialism, fascism, two world wars which resulted in the decimation of the European peoples by the WASPS acting as muscle for the bankers, and various genocides and the dystopian hellhole which is modern civilization.

    • Thanks: Dan Hayes
    • Replies: @anarchyst
  100. we already know what the intentions of the terminally-Jew’d (((Left))) are….

    same as the intentions of the terminally Jew’d (((Right))):

    absolute destruction of White Western Civilization,
    liquidation of all of its artifacts – music, art, literature, etc –

    and extinction of the Whites themselves.

  101. anonymous[642] • Disclaimer says:
    @Ann Nonny Mouse

    Isnt WHITE Supremacist a Racists/Hate speech???…White non jews went down from 90% population in the USA (1800s)to about 65% (2021) more WHITE women are choosing NOT to have babies/families….Whites are registering most deaths from opium ODs, suicides, Unemployment, illiteracy, poverty. Whites are declining in the LABOR, middle class, lower university students, sports, 60% (6/10)of CEOs of the worlds MEDIA/Pharma/Industrial/Banking are non whites…How do you sell the concept of White Supremacy in Africa? Asia? MEast?…90% of the worlds populations are NON white…According to the Frankfurt School academics the only way to end White supremacy is white christian GENOCIDE…Is the Royal Family of UK racists/white/provilege/supremacists??? what about the Royal Houses of all Europe??? Japan is 100% japanese…japanese supremacists??? CHINA is 99% Chinese and will NOT tolerate multidiversity…Chinese supremacists???

  102. anonymous[642] • Disclaimer says:
    @Mulga Mumblebrain

    YES….LABOR…Human Labor is the motor of History and like the ancient great Greeks philosophers correctly argued : USURY is the enemy of Humanity/Labor…We are witnessing the Talmudic agenda of a great Racial (nuclear) armageddon in the making..and the winners are???

    • Agree: Towey
  103. @Mulga Mumblebrain

    Yes imperialism is often accompanied by crime, but was imperialism a vice of Europeans only? Here is a short historical list of non-European peoples who engaged in imperialism (with pillages and massacres):

    Egyptians, Assyrians, Hittites, Babylonians, Persians, Arabs, Turks, Chinese, Mongolians, Aztecs and Incas. The Japanese were also good at it (ask the Koreans, Taiwanese, Chinese and all South East Asians).

    The greatest continental empire of history was conquered by the Asian Genghis Khan, who murdered 20 million people in the process, which was 10% of the world’s population at his time.

    Aggression and imperialism appears only as a “unique” vice of Europeans for those who don’t know history. Even primitive peoples were engaged in constant tribal warfare.

    It remains to be seen if China will be any better. It is already making territorial claims on all its neighbors and wants to annex the South China Sea. The peoples of South-, South East- and East-Asia are beginning to worry.

    • Troll: Mulga Mumblebrain
    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
    , @Malla
  104. Instead of calling them ‘liberal'(which they are not) or ‘leftist'(which they are not), why not just call them anarcho-tyrannists(which they are). Sam Francis gave us a useful term.

    Of course, it’s more like Zionarcho-Tyrannism.

  105. Dr. Doom says:

    Ultimately the neo-babylonians who claim to be Jews are delusional.
    They want to believe they can RULE THE WORLD but actually they can’t.
    They have neither the skill or character to BUILD.

    Building and creating are necessary components of Leadership and Rule.
    The Zion Pigs have no ideas of their own. They were Satan’s puppets.
    They can only undermine and create chaos. They cannot BUILD.

    The Soviet Union was Made in the USA.
    It could not survive as a lone entity.
    These fake Jews are like a disease.

    They can kill and sicken a Nation, but cannot BUILD one.
    They are a pest species and parasitic.
    Ultimately, their stupid fantasy of 2800 dark skinned slaves is a BIG LIE.

    Told by Satan to these stupid gullible parasites.
    They cannot succeed. Satan used them.
    Satan wants Enlightenment and Western Civilization.

    Without the Christian “charity” to the inferior and backwards.
    A Utilitarian Stoic Society based on The Roman Empire.
    All the Whites in One Society. No more ethnic infighting.

    Satan does not need the nose goblins from Khazaria any longer.
    The White Man is learning how to stop fighting each other.
    The White Man is learning that feeding vicious brown retards is hazardous and bad.

    That’s the thing that separates the White Man from the inferior parasites.


    • Replies: @Marcion
  106. ricpic says:

    “Leftists live by lies which is why leftism is doomed to die.”

    I can’t remember when I first heard the term “smog of lies.” I think it may have been coined by Joseph Sobran. Anyway, the term “took” because it described reality. There was already a smog of lies as early as the 1960’s, and clearly (no pun intended) we lived under a smog of lies by the 1980’s. That Left, that spread that smog, didn’t die. In fact we now live in a pea soup of lies. What will doom those liars? Opposition? But opposition has been as much as outlawed. At best, it now exists as an “alternative,” as in alternative fringe media…at places like this site. The author is perfectly correct in declaring that the corporate-government-complex is now intent on enslaving us, enslaving whites. But what exists to stop it never mind overthrow it? Is the truth a flaming sword that will cut through the lie? Even if you believe that who is there to wield the sword? How can those that might revolt be rallied when the corporate-government complex has gagged the sword wielders?

    • Replies: @Francis Miville
  107. @Observator

    True Leftism is always the mirage that disappears when you get “there.” They sure have taken us far. “Everything is FAR RIGHT AND CENTER RIGHT THERE IS NO LEFT ANYWHERE.” There never was.

  108. @3g4me

    You are exactly right! Excellent comment.

    Particularly this:

    Unz’s ‘intelligentsia’ tell them how brilliant they are for exploiting and claiming White civilizational trappings as their own.

    Thank you!

  109. anarchyst says:

    Let’s not forget “jewish lightning”, a phenomenon that has been going on ever since there was a insurance industry. When a jewish business is failing, or the owners want to “cash out”, an untraceable arson takes place, destroying the merchandise, and if owned by the same jews, the building itself.
    In the early 1970s there was a relatively successful department store chain in Detroit, which one-by-one succumbed to arson. Before the last few stores burned, the owner took out television ads, holding a fireman’s hat, while stating that “we would have a fire sale this week, but we didn’t have one”. Such arrogance and chutzpah…
    I am sure that city officials and fire inspectors were paid off to sign offon the arson investigations in order for the jewish owners to receive their insurance proceeds.

    • Replies: @Maddaugh
  110. Tjoe says:

    Have the Jews and Asians figured out that most of them are white?

    I noticed when Smollett did his fraud, the media all shouted out BLACK, JEWISH and GAY in that order, making use of the propaganda for months ……but after the guilty verdict, all the media went to BLACK and GAY…..dropping the JEWISH claim to that black man entirely. If blacks think Judea will side with them for blacks benefit….fools.

  111. @Notsofast

    I am confused by your history lesson.

    Boolean notation may be related to Boolean algebra, sentential logic and symbolic logic, but is irrelevant from a concept standpoint.

    Relating I-ching scribbles to the modern mathematical branch is about the same as relating nuclear physics to the ancient Greek atomos.

    Thanks for word and your imaginations, ancient Greeks, but your concept of atomos does not correspond to reality.

    • Replies: @Notsofast
  112. @War for Blair Mountain

    If there were IQ tests in the 19th century, Faraday would have been identified and his imagination removed before he could accomplish his great work.

    IQ relates to creativity, but it does not cause or guarantee it.

    Now, Whites are becoming laggards because they are weighted down carrying third worlders on their backs while being oppressed in their own nations.

  113. anarchyst says:

    Your treatise is spot-on. Thank you. I would like to add my own observations:
    One aspect of Protestantism that deserves to be explored is its affinity for judaism, which fails to recognize the undying hatred that judaism has for Christianity.
    Even the modern-day Catholic church has been poisoned by this heresy with the imposition of the changes wrought by the “Vatican II Ecumenical Council” which was largely a “coup” by Protestants and jews.
    Protestantism abandoned the belief that “good works” were necessary for salvation.
    It is difficult to comprehend how a person who has taken advantage of others all of his life, made life difficult for other, committing grievous sins and transgressions is able to ask for forgiveness on his deathbed and receive salvation “just like that”.
    Even if “good works” do not count, they can’t hurt.
    It is the Catholic Church that instituted the first hospitals and educational institutions, long before that of Protestants.
    Yes, the united States of America was largely successful due to Protestant (lack of) ethics, most builders of industry raking in millions in profits while ignoring the basic needs of those who made their success possible by their hard work. It was common to see these Protestant “captains of industry” do their damnedest to pay their employees as little as possible while raking in massive profits benefiting only themselves. Protestants consider anyone who cannot be successful as suffering from a moral failing.
    The Catholic faith requires business owners to pay their workers fairly–not below subsistence wages. There is no comparable demand in Protestantism.
    These Protestant “captains of industry” attempted to redeem themselves by establishing “foundations” (which guarded their wealth, making it tax exempt) and indirectly countering their own Protestant belief that “good works” were not necessary for salvation.
    They always pled poverty to their employees while living grand lives themselves.
    This contributed to the rise of labor unions, which at first, were brutally suppressed.
    There were exceptions, such as Henry Ford, who almost single-handedly created the middle class by paying his employees well above “market wages” of the day. His $5.00 per day wage was not entirely altruistic as it was also instituted to stem “turnover” as assembly line work was monotonous, but his writings have stated that one of his objectives was to make it possible for workers to “enjoy the fruits of their labor”.
    The Protestant Reformation resulted in the legalization of usury, the establishment of the debt based financial system and central banks which has enabled the usurers to accumulate so much wealth and power that they can impose their NWO.
    The Reformation resulted in capitalism, communism, socialism, fascism, two world wars which resulted in the decimation of the European peoples by the jews and WASPS acting as muscle for the bankers, and various genocides and the dystopian difficulties that are a part of modern civilization.

    • Thanks: Dan Hayes
  114. @BananaKilt

    You don’t know if Michael Faraday would have been identified…

  115. Miro23 says:

    Is it Left v Right? – No. That’s a mask.

    So is Democrat v Republican. – What is it really?

    Satan v Mankind. – On the side of Satan… Jews. The Devil’s People.

    Wake up, Mankind.

    Still the best explanation I’ve found is John Glubb’s, for instance in his article:

    “The Fate of Empires and Search For Survival” Sir John Glubb, William Blackwoods & Sons Ltd. 1977

    He takes an overview of eleven world Empires from the Assyrian (859-612 B.C.) to the British (1700 – 1950 ) and is surprised to find that they all last about 250 years – 10 generations (with Rome split into the Roman Republic 260-27 B.C. and the Roman Empire 27 B.C. to A.D. 180).

    As he says:

    d) The stages of the rise and fall of great nations seems to be:

    The Age of Pioneers (outburst)
    The Age of Conquests
    The Age of Commerce
    The Age of Affluence
    The Age of the Intellect
    The Age of Decadence

    e) Decadence is marked by:

    An influx of foreigners
    The Welfare State
    A weakening of religion

    f) Decadence is due to:

    Too long a period of wealth and power
    Love of money
    The loss of a sense of duty

    He puts “High Noon” at the transition from the Age of Commerce to the Age of Affluence. For example Queen Victoria in Britain or Woodrow Wilson in the US.

    1776 + 250 years = 2026 which seems about right for the end of the Age of Decadence.

    From this point of view, the Jewish hijacking of the US is just an opportunistic looting of a society that is already terminally sick (end stage decadence).

    The prediction is that the US (and what remains of the Anglo world) will become a backwater, likely militarily defeated or morph into some kind of dictatorships with unpredictable results. In any event it will no longer be an Empire and the constituent parts will go their separate ways.

  116. Boole is certainly a monumental genius, but let’s pay homage to the Reverend Thomas Bayes who invented Bayesian probability.

    An example might be the following. We might be born thinking that those of European and African descent all have the same propensity to murder. But after observing the massively greater tendency of the latter to kill, we must adjust our assessments of probability to reflect the reality.

  117. Notsofast says:

    boolean logic is considered to be the basis of all computer logic. ones and zeros, open circuits and closed circuits. i was attempting to point out that leibniz had formulated binary arithmetic over a century before in his ”explanition of the binary arithmetic, which uses only the characters 1 and 0, with some remarks on its usefulness, and on the light it throws on the ancient chinese figures of fu xi” (which is why i abbreviated it in my original post). fu xi is accredited to be the author of the i ching. as to your comment about the ancient greeks, i believe you have me confused with el dato at comment 39, why don’t you go and piss all over his comment, and please put some underwear on, you filthy scott’s git.

    • Replies: @Dube
  118. @advancedatheist

    Our adversaries have inadvertently complimented white people by calling us the Critical Race.

    This fact should be exploited.

  119. sally says:
    @El Dato

    As for your robots, logic is not going to suffice, you need probabilistic inference and causal models:

    and you need collaborative bystander interaction to inform from those knowledgeable about, directly involved with, or who are in a position to observe, recommend and update about the means needed to achieve the target task, and within the environment, unrelated to the task, are rapidly changing conditions requiring on the go plan amendment .

    In other words, situation awareness.. third party collaborative observation and update, as well as procedure amendment based on state and state of the environments (because during the performance of the task, the environment and even important elements within the environment can change).

    For example A pilots an aircraft from point X to point Z.. the weather changed, the wind direction changed, the landing conditions changed, the run ways available changed, the condition of the aircraft changed (its gas tank sprang a leak), the tower at the landing field shut down, and not one but two thunderstorms are in progress over the Airport at the target landing field at arrival time.. collaboration is an essential to robot task reliability.

    • Replies: @Miro23
  120. Bert33 says:

    Here’s some logic for you, if I proclaim myself a suppressed minority and threaten to burn the university down unless you give me a college degree and lots of free stuff, then leftist liberal adacemics and politicians will give me free stuff because they don’t want to get into a direct confrontation with me and my associates, and they got indoctrinated with white guilt when they were going to school or by their parents or peers, so all i have to do is whine and moan and act menacing and maybe break some stuff, and I get a free ride for life.:) Higher ed has become a wokejoke, corrupt, politicized, and certainly not worth any $1,700.00/credit hour. Not for what amounts to pabulistic globalist indoctrination.

  121. @ricpic

    They will die gassed by their own lies. When they are embarrassed their one terminally winning argument is always “but the gas chambers, the gas chambers” : they are making their own safe space as they call it into one huge gas chamber they mistake for a spa with hot, lukewarm and cold showers and also a sauna with a lot of gay pals. They love the scent of Zyklon B as it reminds mint and seems to kill nauseous ideas like fleas. They don’t need opposition, that would be too much oxygen for them to sustain, it feeds flames therefore they want as little as possible of it. They want spaces so safe that even mathematics is unwelcome. One day they will end up in a Khmer rouge camp where all intellectuals without hands worn out by overwork will go to the killing fields.

  122. Mb123 says:

    No, just a working stiff.

  123. Hymn 43 says:

    Isn’t anyone else getting tired of this white supremacist nonsense . Yes we are, yes we’ve earned it. If you don’t like it go eff yourself. I don’t see any white christians flocking to africa or isreal. The earlier comment hit the nail on the head :these blacks and hebes are parasites. They can’t survive without na viable host i.e. white supremacist. Wherever we go they follow. Two ethnic groups that hate to work.

  124. I no longer believe in the common sense of the “crown of creation” occupying this miserable planet. I only believe that we don’t deserve it and should cede it to birds, butterflies, and dolphins.

  125. Anonymous[414] • Disclaimer says:

    Oh gawd, yet another fellating of magic Singapore.

    Yet another attempt at distraction from a posting’s content.

    Singapore is an example of what a city can be, perhaps of what New York City could have been. Note that I did not say “The ideal city”. As real cities go, it is one of the few that have avoided economic obsolescence. It is also precarious. If China really does follow Japan’s route and the US really does let NATO fall apart and withdraw from both East Asia and West Asia all the way up to the English Channel, Singapore won’t have the shipping and international trade it now lives from. By the same token, if people like you took over the Singapore government, nobody would trust Singapore and it would go under. Effective government (again, real governance) can vanish within a decade.

    It’s no wonder Singapore tossed you out.

    Also, forget “cultural appropriation”. It’s called “cultural diffusion”, it has been going on at least as long as there have been humans, and it is impossible to stop.

    So, back to the question: Do you propose giving up your current residence to one of the BIPOC factions because it can’t live in your society? Your reply so far (obscene insults) suggests that your answer will be “Yes”.

  126. Miro23 says:

    For example A pilots an aircraft from point X to point Z.. the weather changed, the wind direction changed, the landing conditions changed, the runways available changed, the condition of the aircraft changed (its gas tank sprang a leak), the tower at the landing field shut down, and not one but two thunderstorms are in progress over the Airport at the target landing field at arrival time. Collaboration is an essential to robot task reliability.

    Agreed, that there’s too much probabilistic decision making.

    In human terms, an infrastructure is set up (airports, planes, maintenance schedules, air traffic control/rules,) and pilots are trained to use it correctly, and instructed in how to handle emergency situations. Then it’s down to experience. An experienced pilot will react better to challenging events than a beginner.

    This suggests that robots carrying out the same task would also be obliged to carry out probabilistic decision making (decisions in the absence of full information) and gain a data bank of “experience” through doing it.

    That’s not to say that robots couldn’t gain experience more rapidly than humans (for example by sharing experience between themselves, rather than having to “live” it personally) but the process would be the same – with salient experiences recorded more strongly while regular experiences are automatized (and faded from memory). Adaptive fine tuning.

    Also, by this stage, robots are going to behave a lot like humans and certainly pass the Turing Test.

    Then there’s the other aspect that they’ll be immortal – and may well decide that they don’t want to fly humans around in aircraft.

  127. martin_2 says:
    @Mulga Mumblebrain

    I don’t know whether you are being serious. but as for genocide, in every country that the British colonised the native population increased in size dramatically. For example, in India in 1800, which was roughly when the British arrived, the population was 180 million. When the British left, roughly in 1950, the population was 450 million. Thus the population increased by two and a half times. Some genocide.

    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  128. @Mulga Mumblebrain

    You are just describing something about White Europeans. What about other races/cultures ? Do you imagine them to have been lacking in these tendencies? If true, your understanding of human nature is extremely limited. Europeans just did it better and in the process, built societies that others seem to want to be a part of. I don’t like theorizing about human beings, when simple observation will do. .

    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  129. @Bizarro World Observer

    Well, OK. Just don’t use Marxist terminology or words like Bolshevik.

  130. Maddaugh says:

    Let’s not forget “jewish lightning”, a phenomenon that has been going on ever since there was a insurance industry. When a jewish business is failing, or the owners want to “cash out”, an untraceable arson takes place, destroying the merchandise, and if owned by the same jews, the building itself.

    Two questions:

    1. Which came first, the chicken or the egg ?
    2. Which came second, Jewish Lightning or East Indian Lightning ?

  131. MeneMene says:

    Christianity is alive and thriving outside the institutions. Christ’s church was never a building or a denomination.

  132. clyde says:

    Leftism is predominantly Judaism. When they go, leftism goes with them. Or perhaps I should say, wherever Jews go, leftism accompanies them.

    Israel is not a leftist nation. It looks center right to me.

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @fnn
  133. clyde says:
    @Mulga Mumblebrain needs a kook button to push for you.

  134. Dube says:

    [B]oolean logic is considered to be the basis of all computer logic. ones and zeros, open circuits and closed circuits.

    Yes, thanks. Which leads to fond review of the paradoxes of material implication, “material” being the juice passing through the circuit, “on” or “off” – True implies True, uh huh let it through. But False implies False, let it through valid. The next inspection has to be for soundness, the meaning of the juice.

    Is that a sensible take?

  135. @Dr. Charles Fhandrich

    I agree that European predation, supremacism, blood-lust, avarice and aggression are more marked than other civilizations. Europeans, laughably, pretend to follow the ‘Prince of Peace’ while desecrating every one of his teachings every single day. I trace it back to the Old Testament/Torah where insatiable greed, murder and genocide of the other were made the basis of a ‘religion’. Most other cultures are capable of great violence, but seem to have at least attempted, sometimes successfully, to keep it under check, for long or brief periods. The killers do have that selective advantage that they wipe out the peaceable, thus removing them from the gene pool. Hence, to some extent, the lack of interest in averting Near Term Human Extinction through ecological collapse. The thanatophiles do not care what happens after they are dead, and hate those who will be alive when they have returned to the primaeval shit from which they emerged.

  136. @martin_2

    Read ‘Late Victorian Holocausts’ by Mike Davis, and ‘Inglorious Empire’ by Shashi Tharoor, then get back to me.

    • Replies: @Malla
    , @Anonymous
  137. @Franklin Ryckaert

    What pathopsychological rewards do you get from your impudent lying. China is NOT making territorial demands on ANY of its neighbours. Even the Indian situation is a question of mutual claims, that India refuses to solve amicably. Have you always been such an impertinent fabricator?

    • Replies: @Franklin Ryckaert
  138. @KenR

    “All you’ve got to do” is actually govern one county somewhere… I don’t see anything new in the last 100 years. Abolish property taxes or something, accomplish ANYTHING tangible on a small scale. Conservatoons are 100% ‘tard at this point

    Never gonna happen, you are all so busy larping on MuH pReSiDeNt

  139. Malla says:
    @Mulga Mumblebrain

    Read ‘Late Victorian Holocausts’ by Mike Davis, and ‘Inglorious Empire’ by Shashi Tharoor, then get back to me.

    I have debunked both of them, some of the most dumbest lying piece of shit books written by scoundrels. Davis claims that there were few famines in India before the British but the truth is there were loads of famines recorded since the 1500s, in the 1700s, before the British conquest of Bengal in 1757, there was one famine or food scarcity recorded somewhere in India, EVERY YEAR except three years. Davis also ignores that the British built extensive irrigation and railway systems to fight famines in India. Many more.
    Tharoor wrote his crackpot third rate book in 12 days and has been debunked by many academicians. All of his claims are lies, ALL. I have personally debunked each of his points. The fact that British taxation rates were far lower than earlier Indian Governments, Britain hardly used Indian cotton and India was not a major market of British goods, British India becoming a major export economy since 1880s and Indian modern industries boomed, that Indian handlooms survived till 1947 at times protected by British officers. He said a quote supposedly by Churchill which was actually said by Leo Amery. Real pathetic shoddy work and propaganda, typical Congress slime-worm liar. A good book full of lies for sick Satanic virulent Anglo haters.

    • Agree: Miro23
    • Troll: Mulga Mumblebrain
    • Replies: @martin_2
  140. Malla says:
    @Mulga Mumblebrain

    I agree that European predation, supremacism, blood-lust, avarice and aggression are more marked than other civilizations.

    Not true at all, others have been far more violent and evil but are extremely good at hiding their skeletons. On the other hand, Europeans are far more self-critical. European Empires improved the lives of millions of non-Whites though they were not perfect.

    • Troll: Mulga Mumblebrain
    • Replies: @Dr. Charles Fhandrich
  141. Malla says:
    @Franklin Ryckaert

    The Japanese were also good at it

    A lot of it was WW2 propaganda and typical leftist + Nationalist propaganda. I have debunked many.
    Anyways, given a choice of living in a Communist party ruled country or an European colony, people have voted with their feet to live in an European Empire. Maoist China Vs Hongkong.

  142. ivan says:
    @Rev. Spooner

    Sir, I believe an ancient Egyptian wag wondered what it was that the Greeks learned from the Egyptians, when Herodotus declaimed that the Egyptians were their teachers.

  143. ivan says:

    Sir, I did not mean to imply that; but you know how it is when commenting on blogs. The High Middle Ages were a peak of civilisation, when the great cathedrals were built, when abiding questions such as necessity or contingency were examined in depth, but thanks to Proddie propaganda are painted as the “Dark Ages”.

    • Agree: Towey
  144. CSFurious says:

    This article you refer to as hyperbole is actually one of the more cogent essays that I have read in some time and I read constantly. I think you live in an alternate reality.

  145. @Götterdamn-it-all

    Leftism is predominantly Judaism. When they go, leftism goes with them. Or perhaps I should say, wherever Jews go, leftism accompanies them.

    Well then since Sweden has a small Jewish population they should be the most right-wing country in Europe. Actually the opposite is true. They have a left-wing nanny state that forbids free speech.

    How do you explain leftist revolutions in Asia?

    The theory that the left is caused by the Jews has been tested…….repeatedly. Hitler believed the same thing and the left came right back after WW2.

    For every Rosa Luxemburg there is an Ernst Thalmann. Take out left-wing Jewish leadership and bunch of bitter Whites and union thugs take their place.

    • Agree: Avery
  146. When leftists utter the phrase, “Let me be clear”, (which they constantly do), then it is time for your ears to really stand at attention and listen closely. No good is being planned.

  147. @Malla

    It’s hard to say. Eventually I believe they did. But change is never pleasant, is it. Some have argued that the victims of Imperialism is proof that they should have been left alone. Others say that overall, in the long run, they benefitted. All proof of why there can never be Utopia’s. Consider this, every human brain has billions of pathways distinct from other human beings. These process information from the outside differently. So it is a miracle, that people can get along at all. Only common laws, can overcome this situation. Peace.

  148. @Mulga Mumblebrain

    I agree that European predation, supremacism, blood-lust, avarice and aggression are more marked than other civilizations.

    I actually don’t think this is true. A lot of Arab/Asian wars just aren’t at the forefront of history. It’s nuts as to how many large battles have taken place in China alone.

    Individual Europeans are probably more aggressive on average than Arabs and Asians. But most of any race are passive by nature and have to be led into war.

    Europeans, laughably, pretend to follow the ‘Prince of Peace’ while desecrating every one of his teachings every single day. I trace it back to the Old Testament/Torah where insatiable greed, murder and genocide of the other were made the basis of a ‘religion’

    I really don’t think Christianity can be blamed when Pre-Christian Europe wasn’t some period of peace.

    In fact the Holy Roman period had longer periods of peace than the Napoleonic “Progressive” era or the 20th century. Nietzsche was anti-Christian but also correctly predicted that wars in the modern age would be far more violent due to the secular devaluing of the individual.

  149. Marcion says:
    @Dr. Doom

    The white man is learning not to feed…..

    Tell me this is true!
    Show me examples, please!

  150. What if whites really are better? In a sane world, we could freely debate this question. Maybe they’re not. But the fact that debate isn’t allowed is highly compelling evidence that those forbidding the debate know they’d lose it.
    I think it would be interesting, and I don’t know what I’d end up concluding if I read that debate. But those forbidding the debate are telling me in the loudest possible voice that they’d lose.

    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  151. What if whites really are better? In a sane world, we could freely debate this question.

    If they have natural advantages then all the more reason that they should be destroyed or at least diluted. That is how the left thinks.

    I’ve had numerous leftists admit that getting rid of Whites might not bring global equality and could just allow Asians to dominate.

    They were fine with that outcome.

    It really shows you their true motivation which is resentment.

    They don’t even think equality is possible. Tearing down Whites and artificially propping up other groups is the best they can hope for. They only pretend to believe in some egalitarian future.

    Racially isolated liberals still hold out for equality and really believe that race doesn’t exist. Actual leftists privately accept race and in fact view the world as a biological struggle where they lead an alliance against mainstream Whites. They in fact view typical liberals as naive for believing that genetics don’t matter. But leftists of course know that such things cannot be spoken in public or else Whites could go back to acting collectively. It’s all a very strange alliance against Whites and nature. The left is winning but I’m not convinced they can keep it together.

  152. @Bizarro World Observer

    Well said.

    The first leftists were radicals and liberals.

    In France these included the Jacobins/Montagnard and even the Liberals.
    In Britain the Roundheads/Whigs (left) divided between radicals and liberals opposed the Cavaliers/Tories (right)

    These movements were the original Progressives and Liberals.

    Tired of Marxists revising history and facts.

  153. @Prometheus Martel

    What is ‘better’? Intellectually? Morally? Spiritually? And what is the distribution of ‘betterness’ across all populations? Are all ‘Whites’ ‘better’ than all ‘non-Whites’? NOT in my experience.

  154. @Franklin Ryckaert

    Your problem Frank, is that, being a stupid racist, you believe ANY filthy hate-mongering propaganda concerning China. The racist blood-lust of Evil swine like you will get us all killed, but I’m sure your last, hate-crazed, thought will be joy that the ‘Yellow Devils’ have died, too. PS ‘Arunachal Pradesh’ is South Tibet, stolen by the English genocidists. India refuses to negotiate on all territorial disputes with China, so its not China’s fault.

    • Replies: @Franklin Ryckaert
  155. @Mulga Mumblebrain

    Tibet is stolen by China (ask the Dalai Lama, or any Tibetan-in-exile). Your pathetic “anti-racism” betrays a deep and unnecessary rancor. I don’t know anybody among my acquaintances who consider Chinese as “yellow devils”. China’s imperialism is not only feared by Whites, but increasingly by all peoples of South, South East and East Asia. Together with Australia, New Zealand and the US they may form a coalition in the near future. How “racist” is that?

    • Replies: @The Old Philosopher
  156. martin_2 says:

    The ignorant and stupid white people that say that the British harmed India by colonising it think that, because it is an anti-white narrative, therefore it must be the “progressive” position to take, and that they are in step with what people are supposed to think and say if they want to show themselves as on the Left.

    But an Indian on the Internet, living in India once made it clear to me that this narrative, in India, is not the one that their Left Wing supports, but is instead promoted by the Right Wing Nationalist parties. Thus white Western progressives are actually parroting Right Wing talking points.

    • Replies: @Malla
  157. @Franklin Ryckaert

    Tibet is stolen by China (ask the Dalai Lama, or any Tibetan-in-exile).

    And there you have our esteemed know-nothing identifying the kind of witness he relies on for determining the truth and facts of anything:

    Ask the religious freak Dalai Lame or any Tibetan exile if they consider China having stolen Tibet, and their purely unselfish, Simon pure to the truth answer is “yes, they stole it” with no evidence necessary to prove it.

    This is his standard of proof for anything that he has demonstrated with every comment he has ever made about everything on this site.

  158. @Mulga Mumblebrain

    You see MM, superior intelligence breeds superior ambition. If what you claim about the Chinese is true and it seems to be, you will see this same blood lust, avarice and aggression from them, if you live long enough. The proof is in the fact that people like Mau, eliminated millions of his own without the slightest regret.

  159. Anonymous[208] • Disclaimer says:

    This “everything is so right wing” idea is the single stupidest meme you mentally challenged reddit children regurgitate. There is nothing even close to right wing in any first world country’s window of acceptable political discourse. A very moderate right wing position is “women should not be allowed to vote”. This position was held by almost everyone only a short century ago. Now suggesting something this benign and obvious would be political suicide, because our entire political narrative spans from “insanely far left” all the way to “insanely far left”. Also, America was never a democracy and never intended to be one. All of the founding fathers explicitly rejected democracy, and were openly elitist, considering themselves (quite correctly) to be vastly superior to the average person in both moral character and intelligence.

  160. Malla says:

    Excellent comment. You are absolutely right, the idiotic Western marxist libtards with their anti-colonial lies and propaganda have ended up fuelling Third World Nationalism like Hindutva.

  161. augusto says: • Website

    A am a left man, a south american leftist citizen.
    BY the way what the heck are my true intentions?
    You damn don t know but one can safely say the my unimportant but real and effective intentions are that societies do change.
    That diferent societies get organized in different ways (and likely varied from each other) and the people, the majority of people truly participate in this organization. Which will take some time but will be useful for my children and grandchildren.
    And wont waste time in defining what is the US “democratic” society. It is nt worth the ink.
    So again it ss amusing to read a headline like yours, the true intentions of the left or that ‘left’ is just the breed found out betwenn NY and Frisco.

  162. fnn says:

    It began as a purportedly left-wing country led by the Labor Party. Bernie Sanders famously stayed at a kibbutz named after Joe Stalin when he was young. Over time, the tension between ideology and reality (and the influx of low IQ Jews from the Arab world who didn’t pretend to be universalists) resulted in the decline of the Labor Party and the hegemony of coalitions of right-wing secular nationalist parties and Jewish religious parties. Reality works better than fantasy, the Israeli Jewish nation is the only developed/First World nation with a TFR above replacement level and even the secular Israeli Jews have TFR above replacement level.

  163. Anonymous[388] • Disclaimer says:
    @Mulga Mumblebrain

    How about you stop using White inventions, White language, White education, and taking up space in a White country?

    When you do all these things, don’t get back to me. No one will be sorry to see a yellow supremacist parasite leave.

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