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The Left’s "Book Banning" Meme: Fact vs Fiction
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Earlier: The NYT’s “Banned Books” List: Grossly Misleading As A Measure Of American Close-Mindedness

A persistent, highly-mocked social media meme is that of prominent Democrats reading what they claim to be “banned books.” The meme’s implication: conservatives and Republicans are censoring what kids can read in school or borrow from the public library. Nothing could be further from the truth. It’s Leftists and Democrats are censoring books—for what they perceive to be “racism” or other objectionable reasons.

For those unfamiliar with the Democrat-reads-a-banned-book meme, consider a few examples:

California Governor Gavin Newsom tweeted an image of himself “reading” an allegedly banned book, Toni Morrison’s Beloved. “Reading some banned books to figure out what these states are so afraid of,” he wrote.

As’s James Fulford reported, if Newsom actually read Beloved, he’d discover the following:

[T]he N-word, 37 instances, and the F-word, only four, but when I checked the F-word reference, I found that Morrison was talking about young black men, sexually frustrated 20-something farmhands, f—ing cows.

Or rather, because of size issues, calves, and this is in Chapter One, which is presumably the one he’s reading….

But here’s the thing: The book was not “banned.” For example, this is what occurred in Virginia.

Parents in Virginia had challenged the book because of the sexually-explicit content that Fulford described [Fairfax County parent wants ‘Beloved’ banned from school system, by T. Rees Shapiro, The Washington Post, February 7, 2013]. But Leftist Democrat Governor Terry McAuliffe ensured it would be available in public schools by vetoing “Beloved bills” that would have allowed parents to voluntarily opt children out of sexually-explicit reading assignments [McAuliffe vetoes bill permitting parents to block sexually explicit books in school, by Jenna Portnoy, The Washington Post, April 4, 2016].

In contrast, books like Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird, prominently featured in Newsom’s image, have indeed been banned … but in Newsom’s California because it was allegedly “racist” [‘To Kill a Mockingbird,’ Other Books Banned From California Schools Over Racism Concerns, by Samantha Lock, Newsweek, November 13, 2020].

On May 14, 2022, Leftist Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot tweeted an image of herself “reading” Mockingbird with this note: “In Texas, reading any damn book I choose. No banning of books or thought. Ever.”

The stunt was ironic, to say the least, considering the row over Chicago Public Library’s banning of Dr. Seuss books because of author Theodore Geisel’s alleged “racism” and “insensitivity” [Dr. Seuss controversy reaches local shelves as Chicago Public Library pulls 6 books over racist, insensitive imagery, ABC 7 Chicago , March 10, 2021]. This is a recurring theme in actual book bannings.

Suess, indeed, is an enticing target. A few years before that, a librarian in Massachusetts rejected a gift of “racist” Seuss books from First Lady Melania Trump, and the Seuss Museum itself replaced a mural because children’s authors complained. The offending mural contained the “offensive image of “a Chinese boy Who eats with sticks” from And to Think That I Saw it on Mulberry Street.

And none of that counts Geisel’s anti-Japanese cartoon during World War II.

One can be forgiven for dismissing posts like Newsom and Lightfoot’s as reminiscent of record companies that hype “explicit content” warnings to sell more albums. But that doesn’t mean real censorship isn’t occurring, with real hypocrisy in the background.

Let’s start with Star Wars actor Mark Hamill. On August 22, 2022, he tweeted a viral image purporting to be “Florida’s Anti-Woke banned book list.” Wrote Hamill: “this also works nicely as a Recommended Reading List.”

The problem: The list was a hoax. Even usually left-wing outlets like Newsweek called Hamill out for sharing the disinformation. Rating the claims FALSE, Newsweek’s Tom Norton wrote that Hamill offered a “mixture of missing context, misleading and false information”:

While some of the books in this list are not held in some Florida school libraries, the restriction is not state-wide across all schools, and neither does it affect residents who want to buy the books. Many of the books are not banned in schools or otherwise.”

[Fact Check: Star Wars’ Mark Hamill Shares Florida ‘Banned Book List’, August 25, 2022]


The list almost certainly alludes to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ signing bill HB 1467 which, like the proposed “Beloved bills” in Virginia, would allow “parents to make decisions about what materials their children are exposed to in school” [Governor Ron DeSantis Signs Bill that Requires Curriculum Transparency,, March 25, 2022].

The “banned books” are often portrayed as casualties of the supposedly repressive policies of DeSantis or Virginia GOP Governor Glenn Youngkin. To be fair, challenges are often based on content like sexuality and drug use, and many parents oppose texts they consider inimical to American values that are also, like Critical Race Theory, aggressively racist toward whites [Battle Over Critical Race Theory, by Christopher Rufo, The Wall Street Journal, June 27, 2021].

In fact, though, conservative parents—the ones the Biden Regime calls “terrorists”—don’t typically force school boards to ban books. Most of the books on Hamill’s list that actually have been banned were Cancelled over left-wing accusations of “racism.”

Consider these headlines:

  • To Kill a Mockingbird

‘To Kill a Mockingbird,’ Other Books Banned From California Schools Over Racism Concerns

  • Of Mice and Men

Mum’s fury after daughter’s teacher repeatedly said N-word while reading Of Mice and Men

  • The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

Huck’s Up The River * NAACP Wants Twain Novel Banned. Few Students Are Reading It Anyway.

The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian has been challenged or banned over the years for myriad reasons, including “vulgarity, racism, and anti-Christian content.”

Here is Wikipedia’s account of what occurred at Farragut Middle School in Hastings-on-Hudson NY:

In 2020, the book was assigned to an 8th grade English Language Arts class at Farragut Middle School. Upon a passage containing [the Deplorable Word] and sexual intercourse with an animal being read aloud in class without adequate preparation by the teacher, it was reported that this caused “psychological harm” to an African American student and that members of the school community felt “uncomfortable and marginalized while reading and discussing this book.” It was decided to immediately stop discussion of the book to prevent further harm. The book will be re-evaluated by the English department for future use.

[Hastings-on-Hudson Board of Education Meeting, YouTube, December 21, 2020]

But unlike Beloved, Alexie’s book doesn’t contain scenes of bestiality. Rather, it features a racist joke about Indians, intended to show the evils of white racism.

The great irony is that these books were written by progressive authors of their time, depicting and condemning racism but quoting racial epithets.

Fast forward 100 years: Whites are a diminished population in the school district and a black parent doesn’t understand/ have the emotional maturity to handle a racial slur he sees in a book.

Incapable of attempting an explanation without confronting the harsh realities of race realism, the modern White progressives running the school ban the book to keep the peace.

To thoroughly whitewash the reasons the book was banned, leftists callously blame it on “racist conservatives” so they can have their cake and eat it too: praise the progressive politics of the book amongst other educated whites who “get it,” while shielding it from the sensitive ears of offended minorities.”

The great irony of the “banned book” meme, with all of its high and mighty allusions to Nazi book burnings: the most banned books in the world are those by people like Adolf Hitler, David Duke, George Lincoln Rockwell, and various others described as Nazis, racists, or “white supremacists.”

“We don’t ban books like the Nazis,” Leftists say, as they ban all Nazi-related literature and strictly censor them without mentioning them in their sanctimonious “banned book” lists.

Countries like Germany not only ban books that question the historicity of the Holocaust but also punish so-called deniers, meaning those who simply express skepticism about the matter [93-year-old German jailed again for denying Holocaust, The Associated Press, April 1, 2022]

You don’t have to agree with the Nazis—I don’t—to see a double standard. Either we allow all ideas and information to flow or we should lose the smugness and sanctimony over free speech and “banned books.”

And lest you think only WW2 revisionism is systematically banned, think again.

In 2019, Amazon purged dozens of books from right-wing authors, including 16 titles from Counter-Currents Publishing, such as Greg Johnson’s White Nationalist Manifesto. Four books by American Renaissance founder Jared Taylor were banned, including 2011’s White Identity: Racial Consciousness in the 21st Century [After Activist Pressure, Amazon Purges Dozens of Far-Right Books, by Shane Burley, Truthout, March 22, 2019].

This is very serious. In June 2019, the Association of American Publishers told the Federal Trade Commission that “Amazon control(s) 50 percent of all book distribution, but for some industry suppliers, the actual figure may be much higher, with Amazon accounting for more than 70 or 80 percent of sales.” [Amazon Gets Bulk of Complaint in AAP Filing With US Trade Commission,, June 27, 2019]

In other words, Amazon essentially controls worldwide access to books, which is certainly more dangerous than a mere challenge to a required reading list in a public school district.

American Renaissance author Gregory Hood has cataloged some of Amazon’s other attacks on books it doesn’t like [Amazon and the End of Free Speech, February 27, 2019]:

Additionally, a number of Politically Incorrect news and/or publication outlets, including, have been excluded or booted from Amazon’s affiliate program, which enabled them to make a modest commission if their readers bought books through them.

So next time a Leftists preaches to you about “banned books,” remember that they’re only referring to books which were on childrens’ public school required reading lists to begin with. And these were mostly the works of left-wing, sometimes Communist, authors [Remembering John Steinbeck, a great American writer, by Dave Stancliff, Times-Standard, February 24, 2013] which the Ruling Class has used its authority to mandate into becoming pillars of Western Civilization.

Most, if not all, of these required public-school books could be aptly described by this sentence from Alex Graham of Counter Currents:

[S]ome sort of domestic or personal drama in which the protagonist is somehow victimized, often because of his or her “marginalized” status.

[The Farce of Banned Book Week, September 22, 2019]

In other words, these are often foundational works of feminism, Critical Race Theory, and other Leftist ideologies masquerading as wholesome, nonpartisan, literary fiction.

It goes without saying that books like Peter Brimelow’s Alien Nation and Jared Taylor’s White Identity would never land on required reading lists, although including them would balance what students hear and challenge their thinking. Yet these are books that are fighting for mere survival against governments and corporations hell-bent on censoring them into oblivion.

Next time you hear a sanctimonious leftist pretend he cares about “banned books,” ask him about the actual banned books, and remember the immortal words of Stephen King:

Read whatever they’re trying to keep out of your eyes and your brain because that’s exactly what you need to know.

He didn’t know how right he was.

Jason Kessler [Email him |Tweet him] is a freelance journalist and activist who has written for, Daily Caller and GotNews as well as his own site

(Republished from VDare by permission of author or representative)
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  1. How long till the likes of the Bible end up on the list of banned books?

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  2. None of these sanctimonious virtue-signalers are reading The Unz Review — or would willingly tolerate others doing so.

    • Disagree: loveshumanity
  3. Anymike says:

    In the present atmosphere, certain things get harder and harder to contexualize. Some books should be kept out of the secondary school literature curriculum. There is enough good literature recognizable as relevant by the students themselves that is not offensive that secondary schools do not need to rely on fiction with explicit passages and street language.

    Most of the books conservatives want to ban from K-12 schools are second and third tier non-fiction works promoting leftist and progressive social ideology. The most significant form of book banning relates to books not published, not completed, not developed or never written in the first place because the potential authors know they will not published.

  4. Kim says:

    Stop pulling my leg. Lori Lightfoot can’t read.

    • LOL: TKK
    • Replies: @p38ace
  5. Speaking of Amazon, I remember buying a few books from Loompanics, a now defunct bookshop in Washington state. Several titles by Uncle Fester, and a short pamphlet by Adam Cash, Johnny ‘s brother I think.

    A nice wikipedia entry on the site is up, oddly does not label the founder as a right wing extremist, I’ll have to find my credentials and go in and fix that. Boing boing did a nice follow up on their FBI file. I’m skeptical, but interesting none the less

  6. Franz says:

    I expect Stephen King to get hosed by the middle of the week, latest.

    Even being quoted by the thought police is suspicious now.

  7. Dumbo says:

    Most of those woke books (Beloved, Mockingbird) are so bad, they probably *should* be banned. Or, at least, not taught at school.

  8. Jason, great to see an article from you. A couple years ago, you inquired about renting a room in DC from me. I was hoping you’d rent. I would love to meet you.

    • Replies: @Jason K
  9. zard says:

    What did you expect to happen? If millions of white gentiles from Britain/USA/Canada/OZ-NZ etc are going to fight for the triumph of anti-white Judeo-Capitalism/Communism in WWII over their own racial & socioeconomic advantage & benefit (represented by pro-white Germany) then its just a matter of time before your culture & nations are destroyed by the Semitic & simian scum you fought & won a war for…

    Since its inception ‘western civilization’ has been infected with the virus of Jewish Christianity, which is the cause & source of its politico-economic & ethical-cultural domination by Jews & its corollary contamination & decomposition into egalitarianism, mongrelism & Communism..

  10. I wrote for many years in the forum of Spiegel online. Everybody knows that they practice a heavy censure. Discussions are often impossible because answers don’t appear. Surprisingly enough, many posts are published where people complain that their posts don’t appear.

    I was used to this censure and tried to find ways to avoid it. I knew that they don’t want that people get to know that there are other interesting sources of information. So I only used to say that other authors think that xyz without saying who said that.

    But a few months ago I was completly banned. I still have an account that is valid, but absolutelly nothing that I write appears. Not even if I agree with what Spiegel says, or if I write about football.

  11. Karl1906 says:

    Ah, Stephen King. One of the “Talking Dead”. Too bad the imposter by the same name – posting on Twitter – is so very far away in moral standards and intelligence compared to the one from the 1980s.

    • Agree: Legba
  12. G. Poulin says:

    In that photo, Stephen King looks exactly like the Grinch Who Stole Christmas. Can we get that image banned?

  13. conatus says:

    Japanese as 5th Column
    The Niihau incident has been memory holed so the internment camps in California seem a little extreme with little justification. However the Niihau incident was the exemplar that caused the alarm and the subsequent reaction.
    Amazingly it is still on Wiki.

    “Historian Gordon Prange notes that “the rapidity with which the three resident Japanese went over to the pilot’s cause” troubled the Hawaiians and added: “The more pessimistic among them cited the Niʻihau incident as proof that no one could trust any Japanese, even if an American citizen, not to go over to Japan if it appeared expedient.”[18] Novelist William Hallstead argues that the Niʻihau incident influenced decisions leading to the Japanese American internment on the continental United States. According to Hallstead, the behavior of Shintani and the Haradas was included in an official Navy report dated January 26, 1942. The report’s author Navy Lieutenant C. B. Baldwin wrote: “The fact that the two Niʻihau Japanese who had previously shown no anti-American tendencies went to the aid of the pilot when Japanese domination of the island seemed possible, indicate[s] [the] likelihood that Japanese residents previously believed loyal to the United States may aid Japan if further Japanese attacks appear successful.”[19]

    Despite this, the Japanese population in Hawaii was largely spared from mass internment throughout the war because of economic concerns (more than one-third of Hawaii’s total population were Japanese-Americans who comprised “over 90 percent of the carpenters, nearly all of the transportation workers, and a significant portion of the agricultural laborers”).[20] However, Hawaii was subjected to martial law and lookouts were established. ”

  14. The REALLY BIG irony is that the entire collection of Western Literature is the story of the liberation and flowering of the individual mind in its quest to come to terms with who it is and what the purpose of consciousness is relative to both the broader society in which it lives and the Universe.

    Every library in the nation is currently holding front-lawn book sales in which they are dumping the classic oeuvre of Western literature, to be replaced with modern racial-consciousness stuff that more nearly resembles a personal diary–narcissistic musings and fussings. Gone is the attempt to give voice to the battle in which the individual mind struggles to come to grips with the mighty Forces that operate in the Universe at large; replaced by personal notes fueled by one’s own class and racial resentments. Today’s writers aren’t dealing with the Ontos, they’re dealing with the writers before them who were dealing with it. The current crop of colored writers are merely derivative, literally second and third tier.

    The limited intelligence of the blacks and browns who have inherited our great libraries prevents them from understanding just what has fallen into their laps. The decrepit libraries in Detroit are both a literal and symbolic representation of what is going on in the minds and the Collective Mind of America.

    • Agree: Walden999
    • Thanks: Mike Tre
    • Replies: @Legba
  15. Famabean says:

    I do remember my public elementary school’s library having of copy of “Mein Kampf”. Located not very far from the shelf with all the books about go-carts and minibikes.

  16. The Left’s “Book Banning” Meme

    This meme has been building for a while. Several years ago I went into a bookstore in a deep blue town in a deep blue state with my deep blue girlfriend, and I was puzzled to see a display labeled “Banned Books”. Knowing a bit of legal history, I questioned the store clerk about where these books were supposedly “banned”. Of course, it emerged that by “banned” they meant that a school district somewhere in America had declined to use some book on some occasion. I pointed out that declining to buy a book wasn’t the same as banning it, and that by that definition every customer who didn’t purchase everything in the bookshop was “banning” all the books they didn’t purchase. Rather than responding to this logical and factual statement, the clerk, some other customers, and my girlfriend all became hostile towards me and more or less drove me from the bookstore. I guess that I was now banned, come to think of it.

    Anyway, this is just to say that like “trans” “rights”, drag queen story hour, and other leftist memes, they workshop this stuff out in the provinces before putting it on primetime in national media and ordering prominent politicians to pose for it in their social media feeds. It’s still fake af, but they’ve worked out how to market what would otherwise be an obvious lie.


    One time I went to my kid’s school during lunch break for some reason I no longer remember, and I was surprised to find the teacher reading Huckleberry Finn to the kids while they ate their lunches. Knowing that the book’s character Jim is frequently referred to as “Nigger Jim” or just “nigger” in the book, I hung around to see how the teacher would handle this little conundrum, but I never heard the teacher say the word “nigger”. Eventually I realized that every time the original text had the word “nigger” in it, she was substituting the word “slave”. “Clever”, I thought, “and brave: there are a lot of substitutions to be made and all it would take is one slip up and her career would be destroyed and she would be banned by the Left’s ruthless hate machine.”

    Such is the risk a teacher runs just to let kids have a bit of classic American literature. I salute you, Mrs. S_______, across the years! Respect.

  17. Countries like Germany not only ban books that question the historicity of the Holocaust but also punish so-called deniers, meaning those who simply express skepticism about the matter [93-year-old German jailed again for denying Holocaust, The Associated Press, April 1, 2022]

    It is important to recognize the Holocaust and not deny the history of it. I know the wrath of Almighty God against anti-Christ Judaism when I see it and so should everyone else.

    Please join me in morning prayer that Joe Bidensilverbergman and Donald Trumpstein will kill themselves.

  18. Hitmarck says:

    Cancel culture is a right wing thing.

    • LOL: Mike Tre
    • Troll: Walden999
    • Replies: @Colin Wright
  19. Anonymous[253] • Disclaimer says:
    @Jonathan Gillispie

    They WILL ban the Book of Jesus, i.e. the New Testament but the Jew Bible, Tanakh, won’t be banned.

  20. @Dumbo

    Dreary bluhair catlady love that book. Run ed boaeds

  21. You did a nice logical job, Mr. Keesler, in showing the hypocrisy of those who talk about “banned books” that are simply “unselected” books for schools, as these same people make solid efforts to have other books never see the light of day. However, you should know that these Communists (yes, that’s basically who they are) are comprised of 2 types: The useful idiots – most of them – who are too stupid to understand this logic and the infiltrators of the American Institutions who know they tell lies but have no problem with that.

    Yes, the new Commies have finished their Long March through the American Institutions*, so don’t expect them to heed this call for logic and sanity. At the local library, you will find the woke books out front, even ones for kids. There’s a children’s book (looks like about 6-8 y/o level) on the life of Dr. Anthony Fauci. #Sick!


    * That includes Governments, Big Business, Higher Ed., Lower Ed., the Lyin’ Press, etc …

    • Agree: Walden999
  22. About the books in the schools now, it may not be convenient, but the real solution for this is home schooling and co-op schooling. Why spend your evenings arguing at the school board meetings at the risk of arrest for insurrection, when you can pick out the appropriate books for your kids (whether amazon has got them or not!) without any of the Establishment’s input?

    Finally, I am a big fan of Dr. Suess. I have seen no small children’s books to match. I remember the incident with that librarian refusing the Dr. Seuss books from the 1st Lady. In the post Dr. Seuss Revisited I discussed a pre-school teacher I know, who, as as old-style lefty as she is, still appreciates great books:

    Now, just to emphasize the stupidity about Dr. Seuss, as an example, I give you a school teacher I know. She seemed fairly left-wing, before I knew right away to quit talking politics when we discussed the Pope. She likes the Pope. I don’t mean “the Pope” in general, I mean the stupid Commie bastard they’ve got up there as Pope right now (that discussion was during the time he was encouraging the invasion of Europe.) Anyhoo, this very nice lady is a BIG fan of Dr. Seuss, and even will commemorate him on his birthday with cake for the kiddies. She’s pretty left wing, but not of the variety stupid enough to trash this guy.

    The great way of teaching English via the clever rhyming and repetition, along with the wonderful illustrations is what makes these books timeless. Look at the smiley faces in the top view from the off-cited “Fox in Sox”. OK, Mr. Knox there is a little miffed from all the tongue-twisting, but the creatures in these books are so happy-looking and cute, that if you hate this stuff, you have no damn soul, that’s all I can come up with.

    Since then, the lady has retired. I wonder what she’d think about your points here.

    • Replies: @Nervous in Stalingrad
  23. bert33 says:

    teach carpentry and other trade skills instead of all this 60’s garbage so kids can get good paying jobs when they grow up and dont give them victim chalk, instead, give them hand tools with which to build a better life.

  24. Whoever wrote the stuff attributed to Rand didn’t use enough bureaucratese.

    Seems a pretty obvious fake. The question is “Why write it and claim it was by RAND?’

    Some people don’t want their work to stand or fall on its merits, so they fabricate an imprimatur. The crowd who made up the Old Nonsense did the same thing.

  25. anarchyst says:

    The “left” complaining about banning books? That is laughable on its face.
    Let’s look at what the “left” and “woke” school boards are doing to children who attend government schools.
    Books portraying homosexuality, lesbianism, LGBTQXYZ, cross-dressing, grooming and other perversions in a positive light are being pushed on children as little as three to five years old, with the books being pushed getting more demented and grotesque as the reading level goes up in upper grades and high school.
    Parents who have brought attention to these “grooming” texts by reading the contents at school board meetings have been summarily thrown out of these meetings with the school board members declaring that the content of these books are not suitable for public discussion.
    There is only one solution. Remove your children from these dysfunctional left-wing run schools.

    • Agree: Walden999
  26. anarchyst says:
    @RoboMoralFascist 1st

    The holocaust™ is a fraud. Research it yourself. You may not like what you find, but you will be a better person for seeking the TRUTH.

  27. Ktulu says:

    The best response would be to assign The Bell Curve in Highschool biology classes across Florida and let the actual censors reveal themselves.

    • Replies: @loveshumanity
  28. Hitch says:

    Book banning during Weimar: the truth slowly leaks out:

    How can you tell if a Jew is telling a lie? His lips are moving.

    • Thanks: 3g4me
    • Replies: @loveshumanity
  29. @Ktulu

    Not appropriate to assign it in a class, but it could be put in the school library as an experiment.

  30. @Hitch

    I actually know a guy who finds stuff like this convincing. Lots of Christians love this shit. God damn, I hate YT.

  31. @Hitmarck

    ‘Cancel culture is a right wing thing.’

    It’d be nice if that were so.

    • Agree: Walden999
    • Replies: @Hitmarck
  32. I was taught long ago that “while one should read books, life is so short that one should read only the BEST books”.

    So – if the ten brightest minds to have ever lived were polled as to which ten books they would each consider to be the BEST, what might those ten BEST books be?

    • Replies: @loveshumanity
  33. Digger says:

    So Kessler the fed whose daddy runs the Democrat dark money outfit Arabella is given a platform on Unz? You folks really that dumb, or does Arabella fund you too?

  34. Anon[357] • Disclaimer says:

    Another article in Unz Review tradition of weilding everything-but-the-kitchen-sink to hack out some begged question, while pig-piling on an abstruse idea of “Leftists”, and serving a side litany of how unfair life is to the white complected what with their propensity to sunburns. As to calling out DeSantis, follow Stephen King dictum in comments and realize that merely by invoking defense of his policies by name tells us he really is the problem, even if he just orchestrates stunt law for pure political gain. There’s a significant distinction between local suppression because speech because it harmed someone specific, versus legislative curtailment of speech because it offends your party values. Hitler ranks as an epic villain because he amplified low-grade psychopathology with the powers of the State. It was his State that was fearsome. He was just another vulgar artist. A school board fluttering over reading lists is exactly what you want as communities introspect their culture to evolve their values. Decisions to restrain speech to limit local harm are a different matter altogether than statecraft in the service of a regional party agenda with aspirations to the Presidency. Republicans could help their countrymen more by re-discovering and supporting conservative principles of integrity, self-reliance, helping others, and advancement of the truly American ideal (but rarely practiced) of a liberal society governed by conservative reading of law to protect individual rights against the tyranny of oppressive wealth and its moralizing… This article just snorts and coughs and spits phlegm at imaginary “leftists” while rhetorically forever grinding a dull axe of white victimhood. Dudez, if you’re white and not making it, you should ask yourselves why you built your systems this way, not dump on behind you. Conservatism should be incredibly reliable as a ideological principle of sticking with what works unless you have good reasons to change. If USA is not working for white men, the greatest gift to the human species, maybe you’re not that great. You can feel better imagining Reagan looking into the camera with that glint in his eye and reminding us all that life is nasty and short, but sometimes, especially for famous white men in America, it’s not.

  35. Legba says:

    I hadn’t thought about the public libraries located in our diverse areas. Reminds me of an old ‘Onion’ headline – ‘Street smart kid found dead in library’

    • LOL: Achmed E. Newman
  36. Durruti says:

    The Left’s “Book Banning” Meme: Fact vs Fiction

    Concept & Thought banning by ‘Left’ ‘Right’ & ‘Center’ from CNN. MSNBC, to UNZ forum.

    1. Adolf Hitler was already a Zionist agent when he left Austria – and when he joined the German army. He was employed during the war as an Army ‘Messenger’, & after the war as an army AGENT (where he infriltrated/seized control of the German Worker’s Party). After he was appointed Chancellor, by Hindenburg, Hitler accomplished his first assignment. He ordered The Night of the Long Knives (where his SS killed 8,000 anti-Zionist officers and politicians – allied with Rohm‘s SA). Hitler receives much praise in the Media, for his ‘magical’ rebuilding of the German economy & military (1933-1939). Of course, he accomplished that ‘magic,’ with the Money Changer’\$ silver.

    2. NEXT: 1939-1940, British & French do not resist (they run away, or surrender). This permitted a German (and European), military realignment-EAST, for their Western Imperialist assault on Russia.

    This topic is VERBOTEN here-on this forum. This analysis exposes those who attempt to portray Hitler as some kind of independent minded ‘hero.’ Say they, Hitler was just another Casino Trump, a well-meaning good-old-boy, who was going to “drain the swamp.”

    Comment #29 “Hitch” is just one example. Photo of Hitler, supposedly saying “I was right.” The/His implication is that Hitler & his Zio-Nazis were, and ARE (in 2022), politically correct. The intended political mis-direction is that Hitler served the German People, and not the Money Changers. Therefore, we Americans should follow Adolf Hitler, rather than John F. Kennedy.

    And back at Home!:

    3. Republican respect for Democracy, and America’s survival as a free nation – until November 22, 1963, is left out of the discussion. After all! How important/significant is it when an elected President, and, later, his brother, Robert Kennedy, were shot (eliminated) from the political equation? ‘Move on folks, Nothing to see here!’

    Political alternatives, even political HOPES, are left unvoiced.
    We the People are triggered into worshipping Dictators. We the People must remain on our knees. History must be forgotten. Lobotomy 101.

    Hilton and Orwell had more positive ideas. Jefferson, Paine, Twain, and others, opened the doors to freedom, opened our minds, to our self-worth as Humans, and as Responsible citizens of this world. We must not settle for our current role as victims, as slaves. We want our Honor and our Nation’s Sovereignty. We want LIBERTY.

    Dr. Peter J. Antonsen – nom de guerre, Durruti

    Detective game raises good political issues.

  37. @orchardist

    How do you decide who the ten brightest minds are? And once you’ve chosen, they will be in different generations with very different tastes.

  38. “Deep State Fears the Memes”

  39. I really liked Henry Millers ‘Tropic of Cancer’. His other work not so much. But it did help with understanding certain things about the Cosmodemonic Telegraph Company.

    It was likely pre-cognition that led me there.

  40. Alrenous says: • Website

    >required reading
    >it’s okay to force children to read books

    at best you can say the children aren’t being forced at gunpoint, although the parents (are told) they’re forced to send their kids to “””school””” at gunpoint

    yeah this is totally a free country lol

    It’s way too late to worry about what colour your jail is painted.

  41. Richard B says:
    @Ron Unz

    Conclusion: Cultural Impoverishment and Societal Collapse.

    Hard not to come to that conclusion after reading Kessler’s article and rereading Ron’s Pravada essay on censorship.

    But don’t take my word for it. Simply convert the above conlusion into a theory and test its predictive value. In fact, since science is the model of knowing, one would think that this is what everyone should do with every article, essay, or book, as well as any comment in response to any article, essay, or book.

    Why would anyone want to do that? Because we are our ideas (and education in general and books in particular are supposed to have something to do with ideas). Ideas are how we adapt ourselves to the world. But sometimes our modes of adaptation are themselves maladaptive. By refusing to question our ideas we not only increase the chances that they will become maladaptive, we guarantee it.

    The greater the power the truer this is, and the easier it is to see the maladaptive character of the elite’s ideas, even before they are applied. So instead of talking about whiteness we should be talking about the elite’s maladaptiveness. Especially since there’s more evidence for it.

    For example, the major social institutions of the United States, business, government and education, owned and run by a hostile elite, are all notably defecient in social techniques used for the purpose of circumnavigating the use of force, and have been for decades, exactly because all of their ideas operate in the realm of the absolute. So they’re never really questioned or analyzed. The result is a dependency on force. A dependency explained by the fact that, for the elite, science is no longer the model of knowing. They are. A thought as horrifying to consider as it is impossible to ignore.

    The irony is, this dependency on force has left them helpless against the imposition of cultural demands that are themselves the result of the hostile elite’s “techniques” of social management. Talk about a vicious cycle.

    Wokeness hasn’t changed this situation one bit, except of course to further impoverish the culture by increasing its dependency on propaganda, censorship and force and thus increase that defeciency. And now we’re back to the above mentioned Cultural Impoverishment and Societal Collapse.

    Needless to say, the same thing happened in Russia under Stalin and China under Mao.

    Speaking of which, Orwell wrote about the power of facing unpleasant facts, and it is a power. One that we would do well to acquire and fast. We could start with the very unpleasant fact that the problem in education goes way beyond banning books that, let’s face it, most people don’t even read in the first place.

  42. Tell the globalists, “We’ll allow any of your books if you allow David Duke and Kevin MacDonald’s books.”

    Watch them squirm.

  43. @RoboMoralFascist 1st

    So obsessive over Jew this and Jew that. You are controlled opposition to discredit actual dissent. WEF is a Nazi organization. Klaus Schwab’s daddy was a Nazi. Christia Freeland’s grandaddy was a Nazi. George Soros actually collaborated with the Nazis. The EU, NATO had Nazis in them from the very beginning. And Hitler was never popular. He only won a third of the vote. His base of support came from the professional managerial class. Same people who rule over us. Jew and non-Jew alike.

    • Replies: @loveshumanity
  44. @Achmed E. Newman

    About the books in the schools now, it may not be convenient, but the real solution for this is home schooling and co-op schooling.

    Alas, homeschooling is not merely inconvenient, it is economically out of reach for many.

    In essence, homeschooling means taxpayers are paying twice for the education of their children: once for the slot in public school their child is not occupying and again when they pay for whatever their homeschool programme costs.

    (Speaking of costs, I am surprised homeschoolers have not yet formed a lobby in an attempt to try to claw back some of their tax money from local school districts (who should not be receiving money for a service they are not performing). From what I understand of the pandemic, it drove homeschooling numbers up, but those larger numbers do not seem to have translated into any useful action on the political front in the US.)

    In any case, I agree with you that homeschooling is the way to go. However, the system of taxation appears to make it so onerous that I cannot imagine much more than 20% or so of the population being able to spare what it takes in terms of time and money to make it possible.

  45. @Jonathan Gillispie

    WEF is a Nazi organization. Klaus Schwab’s daddy was a Nazi. Christia Freeland’s grandaddy was a Nazi. George Soros actually collaborated with the Nazis.

    This site is too crazy 🤣 feels like I’m tripping on acid

  46. p38ace says:

    I laughed so hard. It apparently true.

  47. @Franz

    “I expect Stephen King to get hosed by the middle of the week, latest.”

    You mean like, banned?

    Stephen King’s books are not super “woke,” but King himself is militantly “woke.”


    Disgustingly so. Insufferably so.

    I appreciate that leftists often eat their own, but King in his political opinions is so extremely “woke” that he is untouchable.

    • Replies: @Franz
  48. Sarita says:

    Off topic but near topic.
    The Jordanian and Egyptian regimes removed the story of the Nakba off of the history books since they signed the treacherous peace accords with the Jews who created the shitty little entity.
    The new generations know jack shit about the 600 villages so called israel destroyed in 1947/48.
    They get 1 billion each a year from the US.

  49. Don’t forget Herge’s Tintin novels. Wonderful.

  50. anon[237] • Disclaimer says:

    Didn’t actually read the article (though I probably will later), but one thing becomes increasingly clear:
    That comment control is pretty much iron sided control of what commenters are ‘allowed’ to contribute (even Unz).
    It wasn’t like this in the very early days of the internet; before it got controlled by monied interests.
    Back then there was a sense of freedom, where you could argue about things you actually believed in. Very little of that anymore, now you sort of know what you can argue and what; if anything, you can argue against. Internet went a long way and it went a long way down as far as human rights are concerned.
    Nowadays it is more like a video game just to get your published anywhere.

  51. Jason K says: • Website

    Email me at [email protected] with your preferred cotnact method

  52. anon[237] • Disclaimer says:

    Nowadays it is more like a video game just to get your thoughts published anywhere.

    • Thanks: loveshumanity
  53. Thank you. Will consider this perspective.

  54. when I said; ‘Internet went a long way and it went a long way down as far as human rights are concerned’, I was talking about freedom of speech, without which there is no democracy anywhere in the world.

  55. @Nervous in Stalingrad

    NiS, homeschooling doesn’t have to cost much at all. The Government Schools waste so much money that the costs aren’t nearly on par. (Maybe it’s 1/10 to 1/5 at most.)

    I had thought you were going to get into the opportunity costs of one parent not working. On that, I would ask the parents to consider what they really need in life and what it’s worth to keep their children from the stupidity in the schools that may linger in them.

    Regarding your own point again, keep in mind that people with no kids are also paying for Government Schools. The best bet is for all those who want or have nothing to do with them to take this up with their local governments.

    Yes, I wish the homeschooling movement would get more political clout. OTOH, I am surprised that Big Gov had not come down on these parents and children yet.

    • Replies: @Your Dumb Canadian
  56. @Achmed E. Newman

    “On that, I would ask the parents to consider what they really need in life and what it’s worth to keep their children from the stupidity in the schools that may linger in them”
    ?? What they really need in life is the right to educate their own children in a decent way which does not necessarily include the war like and propagandist ways the government of their day enforces with things like outrageous taxes and things like conscription in wars which the majority of the electorate do not want in any way.
    That was demonstrated in the sixties. The government lost. But; like scabies and bedbugs, they never give up.

  57. @Anymike

    Are you talking about a “chilling effect”? Basically self-censorship.

    In United States and Canadian law, the term chilling effects refers to the stifling effect that vague or excessively broad laws may have on legitimate speech activity.

    It was first used to suggest cold-war politics in 1950, used as a legal term the Burrito Supreme Court , overturned a law requiring a postal patron receiving “communist political propaganda” to specifically authorize the delivery. Its now used more generally. Like when Snowden disclosed in 2013 that the US government’s Upstream program monitoring Wikipedia usage- when people heard about it, they stopped visiting/editing stuff about terrorism. Thats a “chilling effect”.

    I’m not sure what books the libtards want to ban. The funny thing is, the Free Speech Movement used to be their baby, and was opposed by a Democrat named Ronald Reagan. (Not sure if that was before “his party left him”, actually.) Cuckservatives usually have a hard time understanding (or at least admitting to) the big political switcher’oo. Eventually, both the right and left pursued banning all Rock and Roll in the USA, claiming that Satan was speaking to listeners through the backwards music bits. Al Gore’s wife , Tipper, championed that idiotic idea. Then Frank Zappa testified to Congress that he wrote a song about dental floss, but nobody’s teeth got clean. People felt stupid, man. At least on the left. After that the Satanic Panic was more a right wing thing. This was before said panic metastasized into Pizzagate and then QAnon, by my reckoning.

    Then again, I’m a pizza-eating Satan affectionado with snake DNA who travels underground through a hidden tunnel complex when I’m not running a sex ring or eating babies with Obama and Stalin’s ghost, so I’m probably biased.

    • Replies: @Anymike
    , @Reg Cæsar
  58. fnn says:

    I’m not sure what books the libtards want to ban.

    Mainly books that are positive about White identity and White history and/or tell the truth about racial and ethnic differences. Also books that deviate from Woke party line on LGBT issues-especially trans.

    After that the Satanic Panic was more a right wing thing.

    But it’s funny that what was the keystone Satanic Panic criminal case (McMartin preschool) was prosecuted in Los Angeles County. Another major Satanic Panic case was the Fall River Murders in Massachusetts. Some claim that Fall River was part of the Bible Belt back then, but I’m not buyin’ it.

  59. Anymike says:
    @Itajara “Herr des Felsens”

    I am talking about antitrust law violations. But yes, the idea that you cannot be published does have a chilling effect.

  60. Franz says:
    @A little boy in the crowd

    Stephen King’s books are not super “woke,” but King himself is militantly “woke.”

    It would be fun if one of his fellow wokesters called him out on it.

    Would he fold?

    Everybody thought Ralph Nadar would beg forgiveness of the ADL when Ralph dared to say American politicians worshiped Israeli butts in the run up to the Iraq war after 911. Nadar shocked everyone and told the ADL to go blow.

    Sometimes they surprise us. Not very often.

    • Replies: @fnn
  61. fnn says:

    Nader is an ethnic Levantine Arab Christian, so that wasn’t surprising. In that part of the world confession= nationality. Except in the case of the Kurds.

    Israel has a foot in both camps-one in the post-1945 secular liberal democratic world and one in the ancient Levant:

    “So it has two sets of definitions: one inside Israel, one abroad. Let’s call a spade a spade: the State of Israel lies about its definitions and misrepresents them internationally.”

    I don’t have an israeli passport. My ID card shows my place of birth – united states – has ******** for nationality. Inside israel I have no nationality. I don’t know what it would say on my israeli passport under “citizenship” if I had one. This is the internal israeli method of separating the Jew by birth from a convert so any time I have to present my ID card, I have no identity. I was so self-conscious about this difference for a long time but was told many years ago that converts and Russian Jews have asterisks under nationality – which confirms my understanding that converts in israel are seen as fakes, as are Russian Jews. Fine by me.

    • Thanks: Franz
  62. @Nervous in Stalingrad

    In our area the home-schoolers bring their kids to the local church one day a week (usually Wednesday) to socialize.

    It is quite the mob scene.

    While the kids are causing mayhem outside the adults share “tips and tricks” and resources.

    Public schools are child abuse and the taxes that pay for them are theft.

    • Agree: anarchyst
  63. Hitmarck says:
    @Colin Wright

    It is the Right that acts and removes itself.
    It is the Right that ensures there is nothing further right of the last thing that got canceled on the Right.

    That DOES NOT happen on the left.

    • Replies: @fnn
  64. fnn says:

    This has been going on a long time. It’s likely inherent in the beast (conservatism) :

    This is a party which never conserves anything. Its history has been that it demurs to each aggression of the progressive party, and aims to save its credit by a respectable amount of growling, but always acquiesces at last in the innovation. What was the resisted novelty of yesterday is today one of the accepted principles of conservatism; it is now conservative only in affecting to resist the next innovation, which will tomorrow be forced upon its timidity and will be succeeded by some third revolution; to be denounced and then adopted in its turn. American conservatism is merely the shadow that follows Radicalism as it moves forward towards perdition. It remains behind it, but never retards it, and always advances near its leader.

    Robert Lewis Dabney, 1897

  65. @Itajara “Herr des Felsens”

    Eventually, both the right and left pursued banning all Rock and Roll in the USA, claiming that Satan was speaking to listeners through the backwards music bits.

    That’s a cartoonish rendering. The music was criticized in the 1950s for being crude and oversexed. Are you denying that? What has become of youth culture in the 65 years since?

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