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The Jewish Hand in World War Three
Free Speech versus Catastrophe
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Thanks to the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, we indeed seem to be rushing headlong into a major war—possibly a World War Three, possibly the world’s first (and perhaps last) nuclear war. Ukraine leadership and their Western backers seem hell-bent on fighting to the last man, and Vladimir Putin, as an old-school Cold Warrior, seems equally determined to press ahead until achieving “victory.” The cause seems hopeless for Ukraine, who cannot reasonably expect to prevail in an extended conflict with one of the largest militaries on Earth. At best, they may bleed Russia over a period of months or years, but only at the cost of massive blood-letting themselves. It seems that Ukraine will be the loser in this struggle, no matter what comes.

In the Western media, we are presented with a remarkably simplified storyline: Putin is an evil warmonger who simply wants to extend Russian territory; to this end, he is exploiting events in Ukraine, deploying his military ostensibly to support the Russian-speaking districts of Luhansk and Donetsk in the Donbass region of eastern Ukraine. But this is just cover, they say, for his mad quest to rebuild the Russian empire. In pursuit of his goal, he is willing to inflict any amount of material damage and kill any number of civilians. Fortunately, say our media, Putin has thus far been largely contained; the brave Ukrainian fighters are constantly “reclaiming” land, Russia’s advance has “stalled,” and indeed, Russia seems to be in danger of losing.

Consequently, the US and its allies must do all they can to “aid” and “support” the brave Ukrainians and their beleaguered but heroic leader, Volodymyr Zelensky. No amount of money, no assortment of deadly weaponry, no military intelligence, is too much. Like World War Two, this “war” is an unconditional struggle of Good versus Evil; therefore the West, as the moral paragon of the world, must step up, undergo sacrifice, and ensure that Good prevails.

And indeed, the financial support from just the United States is breathtaking: As of early May, Congress has approved \$13.6 billion in aid, much of it for direct Ukrainian military support. And yet this would only cover costs through September. Thus, president Biden recently called for an additional package of \$33 billion, which would include over \$20 billion in military and security aid, and, surprisingly, \$2.6 billion for “the deployment of American troops to the region,” in order to “safeguard NATO allies.” Incredibly, Congress responded by approving \$40 billion, bringing the total aid thus far to \$54 billion. For perspective, this represents over 80% of Russia’s annual defense budget of \$66 billion. (By contrast, America allocates well over \$1 trillion—that is, \$1,000 billion—annually in direct and indirect military expenditures.)

Notably, such unconditional support and defense of Ukraine is a virtually unanimous view across the American political spectrum, and throughout Europe. Right and left, conservative and liberal, working class or wealthy elite, all sectors of society are apparently united in opposition to the evil Putin. In an era when virtually no issue garners unanimous support, the Ukrainian cause stands out as an extremely rare instance of bipartisan, multi-sector agreement. The rare dissenters—such as Fox News’ Tucker Carlson and a handful of alt-right renegades—are routinely attacked as “Russian assets” or “tools of Putin.” There is no room for disagreement, no space for debate, no opposing views allowed.

In fact, though, this is yet another case of what I might call the “unanimity curse”: when all parties in American society are united on a topic, any topic, then we really need to worry. Here, it seems that the reality is of a potent Jewish Lobby, exerting itself (again) in the direction of war, for reasons of profit and revenge against a hated enemy. There is, indeed, a Jewish hand at work here, one that may well drive us into another world war, and even a nuclear war—one which, in the worst case, could mean the literal end of much of life on this planet. The unanimity comes when all parties are subject, in various ways, to the demands of the Lobby, and when the public has been misled and even brainwashed by a coordinated Jewish media into believing the standard narrative.

The best cure for this catastrophic situation is unrestricted free speech. The Lobby knows this, however, and thus takes all possible measures to inhibit free speech. Normally, such a struggle ebbs and flows according to the issue and the times; but now, the situation is dire. Now more than ever, a lack of free speech could be fatal to civilized society.

Context and Run-Up

To fully understand the Jewish hand in the Russia-Ukraine conflict, we need to review some relevant history. Over the centuries, there have been constant battles over the lands of present-day Ukraine, with Poles, Austro-Hungarians, and Russians alternately dominating. Russia took control of most of Ukraine in the late 1700s and held it more or less continuously until the break-up of the Soviet Union in 1991; this is why Putin claims that the country is “part of Russia.”

For their part, Jews have experienced a particularly tumultuous relationship with Russia, one that ranged from disgust and detestation to a burning hatred. As it happened, Jews migrated to Russia in the 19th century, eventually numbering around 5 million. They were a disruptive and agitating force within the nation and thus earned the dislike of Czars Nicholas I (reign 1825 to 1855), Alexander II (1855 to 1881, when he was assassinated by a partly-Jewish anarchist gang), and especially Nicholas II (1894 to 1917)—the latter of whom was famously murdered, along with his family, by a gang of Jewish Bolshevists in 1918. Already in 1871, Russian activist Mikhail Bakunin could refer to the Russian Jews as “a single exploiting sect, a sort of bloodsucker people, a collective parasite”.[1]Cited in Wheen, Karl Marx (1999), p. 340. The assassination of Alexander initiated a series of pogroms that lasted decades, and which set the stage for a lingering Jewish hatred of all things Russian.[2]Russia’s recent defense of Assad in Syria, against Israel, has obviously not made things better. Nor has the fact that Putin, once thought to be a tool of Jewish-Russian oligarchs, has been able to turn the tables and hold them in check.

For present purposes, though, we can jump to the 2004 Ukrainian presidential election (I note that Ukraine also has a prime minister, but unlike most European countries, he typically has limited powers). In 2004, it came down to “the two Viktors”: the pro-Western V. Yushchenko and the pro-Russian V. Yanukovych. The first round was nearly tied, and thus they went to a second round in which Yanukovych prevailed by around three percentage points. But amid claims of vote-rigging, Western Ukrainians initiated an “Orange Revolution”—backed by the Ukrainian Supreme Court—that annulled those results and mandated a repeat runoff election. The second time, the tables were turned, and the pro-West Yushchenko won by eight points. The West was elated, and Putin naturally mad as hell.

The following years witnessed financial turmoil and, unsurprisingly, constant harassment from Russia. By 2010, Ukrainians were ready for a change, and this time Yanukovych won handily, over a Jewish female competitor, Yulia Timoshenko—notably, she had “co-led the Orange Revolution.” Russia, for once, was satisfied with the result.

But of course, in the West, Europe and the US were mightily displeased, and they soon began efforts to reverse things yet again. Among other strategies, they apparently decided to deploy the latest in high tech and social media. Thus in June 2011, two of Google’s top executives—Eric Schmidt and a 30-year-old Jewish upstart named Jared Cohen—went to visit Julian Assange in the UK, then living under house arrest. It is well-known, incidentally, that Google is a Jewish enterprise, with Jewish founders Sergei Brin and Larry Page running the ship.[3]Google has been particularly tenacious in altering its search engine results to censor (‘de-rank’) critics of Jewish power and stifle alternative voices. And Google owns Youtube, another force for censorship, which is currently run by the Jewess Susan Wojcicki. For their efforts, Brin and Page have become among the wealthiest men in the world; each is currently worth in excess of \$100 billion.

The nominal purpose of the trip was to conduct research for a book that Schmidt and Cohen were working on, regarding the intersection of political action and technology—in plain words, how to foment revolutions and steer events in a desired direction. As Assange relates in his 2014 book When Google Met Wikileaks, he was initially unaware of the deeper intentions and motives of his interviewers. Only later did he come to learn that Schmidt had close ties to the Obama administration, and that Cohen was actively working on political upheaval. As Assange wrote, “Jared Cohen could be wryly named Google’s ‘director of regime change’.” Their immediate targets were Yanukovych in Ukraine and Assad in Syria.

By early 2013, the American Embassy in Kiev was training right-wing Ukrainian nationalists on how to conduct a targeted revolt against Yanukovych. It would not be long until they had their chance.

In late 2013, Yanukovych decided to reject an EU-sponsored IMF loan, with all the usual nasty strings attached, in favor of a comparable no-strings loan from Russia. This apparent shift away from Europe and toward Russia was the nominal trigger for the start of protest actions. Thus began the “Maidan Uprising,” led in large part by two extreme nationalist groups: Svoboda and Right Sector.[4]Svoboda began its existence as the “Social-National Party of Ukraine”—a not-so-subtle allusion to National Socialism. This is, in part, why both Svoboda and their allies have been called ‘neo-Nazi.’ Protests went on for nearly three months, gradually accelerating in intensity; in a notable riot near the end, some 100 protestors and 13 police were shot dead.

As the Uprising reached its peak, at least one American Jew was highly interested: Victoria Nuland. As Obama’s Assistant Secretary of State (first under Hillary Clinton, and then under the half-Jew John Kerry), Nuland had direct oversight of events in eastern Europe.[5]Nuland is currently “Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs” in the Biden administration. And for her, it was personal; her father, Sherwin Nuland (born Shepsel Nudelman), was a Ukrainian Jew. She was anxious to drive the pro-Russian Yanukovych out of power and replace him with a West-friendly, Jew-friendly substitute. And she had someone specific in mind: Arseniy Yatsenyuk. On 27 January 2014, as the riots were peaking, Nuland called American Ambassador to Ukraine, Jeff Pyatt, to urgently discuss the matter. Nuland pulled no punches: “Yats” was her man. We know this because the call was apparently tapped and the dialogue later posted on Youtube. Here is a short excerpt:

Nuland: I think Yats is the guy who’s got the economic experience, the governing experience. He’s the… what he needs is Klitsch and Tyahnybok on the outside. He needs to be talking to them four times a week, you know. I just think Klitsch going in… he’s going to be at that level working for Yatseniuk, it’s just not going to work.

Pyatt: Yeah, no, I think that’s right. OK. Good. Do you want us to set up a call with him as the next step? […]

Nuland: OK, good. I’m happy. Why don’t you reach out to him and see if he wants to talk before or after.

Pyatt: OK, will do. Thanks.

It was clear to both of them, though, that the EU leadership had other ideas. The EU was much more anxious to be a neutral party and to avoid direct intervention in Ukrainian affairs so as to not unduly antagonize Russia. But in time-tested Jewish fashion, Nuland did not give a damn. A bit later in the same phone call, she uttered her now-famous phrase: “Fuck the EU.” So much for Jewish subtlety.[6]Another Jew likely involved in this incident was the Hungarian-American investor George Soros. In late 2019, the lawyer Joseph diGenova appeared in the news, openly charging Soros with direct intervention in American policy: “Well, there’s no doubt that George Soros controls a very large part of the career Foreign Service at the United States State Department. … But the truth is George Soros had a daily opportunity to tell the State Department through Victoria Nuland what to do in the Ukraine. And he ran it, Soros ran it.”

But there was another angle that nearly all Western media avoided: “Yats” was also Jewish. In a rare mention, we read in a 2014 Guardian story that “Yatsenyuk has held several high-profile positions including head of the country’s central bank, the National Bank of Ukraine… He has played down his Jewish-Ukrainian origins, possibly because of the prevalence of antisemitism in his party’s western Ukraine heartland.” For some reason, such facts are never relevant to Western media.

As the Maidan Uprising gave way to the Maidan Revolution in February 2014, Yanukovych was forced out of office, fleeing to Russia. Pro-Western forces then succeeded in nominating “Yats” as prime minister, effective immediately, working in conjunction with president Oleksandr Turchynov. This provisional leadership was formalized in a snap election in May 2014 in which the pro-Western candidate Peter Poroshenko won. (The second-place finisher was none other than Yulia Timoshenko—the same Jewess who had lost to Yanukovych in 2010.)

It was under such circumstances that Putin invaded and annexed Crimea, in February 2014. It was also at this time that Russian separatists in Donbass launched their counter-revolution, initiating a virtual civil war in Ukraine; to date, eight years later, around 15,000 people have died in total, many civilians.

With this American-sponsored coup finished, Ukrainian Jews began to reach out to the West to increase their influence. Thus it happened that just a few months after Maidan, the wayward son of the American vice president got in touch with a leading Ukrainian Jew, Mykola Zlochevsky, who ran a large gas company called Burisma. In this way, Hunter Biden incredibly found himself on the board of a corporation of which he knew nothing, in an industry of which he knew nothing, and which nonetheless was able to “pay” him upwards of \$500,000 per year—obviously, for access to father Joe and thus to President Obama. Hunter carried on in this prestigious role for around five years, resigning only in 2019, as his father began his fateful run for the presidency.[7]For what it’s worth, Hunter seems to have a “thing” for Jewesses. In 2016, while married, he took up with his dead brother’s Jewish widow, Hallie Olivere Biden. The marriage failed and the illicit affair died out after a year or so, but then the ever-industrious Hunter latched on to another Jewess, “filmmaker” Melissa Cohen, in 2018. They married in 2019.

Despite a rocky tenure, Yatsenyuk managed to hold his PM position for over two years, eventually resigning in April 2016. His replacement was yet another Jew, Volodymyr Groysman, who served until August 2019. The Jewish hand would not be stayed. All this set the stage for the rise of the ultimate Jewish player, Volodymyr Zelensky.

This situation is particularly remarkable given that Jews are a small minority in Ukraine. Estimates vary widely, but the Jewish population is claimed to range from a maximum of 400,000 to as low as just 50,000. With a total population of 41 million, Jews represent, at most, 1% of the nation, and could be as small as 0.12%. Under normal conditions, a tiny minority like this should be almost invisible; but here, they dominate. Such is the Jewish hand.

Enter the Jewish Oligarchs

In Ukraine, there is a “second government” that calls many of the shots. This shadow government is an oligarchy: a system of rule by the richest men. Of the five richest Ukrainian billionaires, four are Jews: Igor (or Ihor) Kolomoysky, Viktor Pinchuk, Rinat Akhmetov, and Gennadiy Bogolyubov. Right behind them, in the multi-millionaire class, are Jews like Oleksandr Feldman and Hennadiy Korban. Collectively, this group is often more effective at imposing their will than any legislator. And unsurprisingly, this group has been constantly enmeshed in corruption and legal scandals, implicated in such crimes as kidnapping, arson and murder.[8]In a revealing quotation, Ukrainian nationalist Dmytro Yarosh once asked this question: “I wonder how it came to pass that most of the billionaires in Ukraine are Jews?” Criminal activity is surely a large part of the answer.

Of special interest is the first named above. Kolomoysky has long been active in banking, airlines and media—and in guiding minor celebrities to political stardom. In 2005 he became the leading shareholder of the 1+1 Media Group, which owns seven TV channels, including the highly popular 1+1 channel. (The 1+1 Group was founded in 1995 by another Ukrainian Jew, Alexander Rodnyansky.) Worth up to \$6 billion in the past decade, Kolomoysky’s current net wealth is estimated to be around \$1 billion.

Not long after acquiring 1+1, Kolomoysky latched on to an up-and-coming Jewish comedian by the name of Volodymyr Zelensky. Zelensky had been in media his entire adult life, and even co-founded a media group, Kvartal 95, in 2003, at the age of just 25. Starring in feature films, he switched to television by the early 2010s, eventually coming to star in the 1+1 hit show “Servant of the People,” where he played a teacher pretending to be president of Ukraine. Then there was the notable 2016 comedy skit in which Zelensky and friends play a piano with their penises—in other words, typical low-brow scatological Jewish humor, compliments of Zelensky and Kolomoysky.

By early 2018, the pair were ready to move into politics. Zelensky registered his new political party for the upcoming 2019 election, and declared himself a presidential candidate in December 2018, just four months prior to the election. In the end, of course, he won, with 30% of the vote in the first round, and then defeating incumbent Poroshenko in the 2nd round by a huge 50-point margin. Relentless favorable publicity by 1+1 was credited with making a real difference. Notably, the third-place finisher in that election was, yet again, the Jewess Yulia Timoshenko—like a bad penny, she just keeps coming back.[9]Not long after winning the presidency, Zelensky named another Jew, Andriy Yermak, as “Head of Presidential Administration.” (The current prime minister, Denys Shmyhal, seems not to be Jewish.)

Zelensky, incidentally, has dramatically profited from his “meteoric rise” to fame and power. His Kvartal 95 media company earned him some \$7 million per year. He also owns a 25% share of Maltex Multicapital, a shell company based in the British Virgin Islands, as part of a “web of off-shore companies” he helped to establish back in 2012. A Ukrainian opposition politician, Ilya Kiva, suggested recently that Zelensky is currently tapping into “hundreds of millions” in funding that flows into the country, and that Zelensky himself is personally earning “about \$100 million per month.” A Netherlands party, Forum for Democracy, recently cited estimates of Zelensky’s fortune at an astounding \$850 million. Apparently the “Churchill of Ukraine” is doing quite well for himself, even as his country burns.

In any case, it is clear that Zelensky owes much to his mentor and sponsor, Kolomoysky. The latter even admitted as much back in late 2019, in an interview for the New York Times. “If I put on glasses and look back at myself,” he said, “I see myself as a monster, as a puppet master, as the master of Zelensky, someone making apocalyptic plans. I can start making this real” (Nov 13). Indeed—the Kolomoysky/Zelensky apocalypse is nearly upon us.

Between rule by Jewish oligarchs and manipulations by the global Jewish lobby, modern-day Ukraine is a mess of a nation—and it was so long before the current “war.” Corruption there is endemic; in 2015, the Guardian headlined a story on Ukraine, calling it “the most corrupt nation in Europe.” An international corruption-ranking agency had recently assessed that country at 142nd in world, worse than Nigeria and equal to Uganda. As a result, Ukraine’s economy has suffered horribly. Before the current conflict, their per-capita income level of \$8700 put them 112th in the world, below Albania (\$12,900), Jamaica (\$9100), and Armenia (\$9700); this is by far the poorest in Europe, and well below that of Russia (\$25,700 per person). Impoverished, corrupt, manipulated by Jews, now in a hot war—pity the poor Ukrainians.

Hail the American Empire

Enough history and context; let’s cut to the chase. From a clear-eyed perspective, it is obvious why Zelensky and friends want to prolong a war that they have no hope of winning: they are profiting immensely from it. As an added benefit, the actor Zelensky gets to perform on the world stage, which he will surely convert into more dollars down the road. Every month that the conflict continues, billions of dollars are flowing into Ukraine, and Zelensky et al. are assuredly skimming their “fair share” off the top. Seriously—who, making anywhere near \$100 million per month, wouldn’t do everything conceivable to keep the gravy train running? The fact that thousands of Ukrainian soldiers are dying has no bearing at all in Zelensky’s calculus; in typical Jewish fashion, he cares not one iota for the well-being of the White Europeans. If his soldiers die even as they kill a few hated Russians, so much the better. For Ukrainian Jews, it is a win-win proposition.

Why does no one question this matter? Why is Zelensky’s corruption never challenged? Why are these facts so hard to find? We know the answer: It is because Zelensky is a Jew, and Jews are virtually never questioned and never challenged by leading Americans or Europeans. Jews get a pass on everything (unless they are obviously guilty of something heinous—and sometimes even then!). Jews get a pass from fellow Jews because they cover for each other. Jews get a pass from media because the media is owned and operated by Jews. And Jews get a pass from prominent non-Jews who are in the pay of Jewish sponsors and financiers. Zelensky can be as corrupt as hell, funneling millions into off-shore accounts, but as long as he plays his proper role, no one will say anything.

So the “war” goes on, and Zelensky and friends get rich. What does Europe get from all this? Nothing. Or rather, worse than nothing: They get a hot war in their immediate neighborhood, and they get an indignant Putin threatening to put hypersonic missiles in their capital cities in less than 200 seconds. They get to deal with the not-so-remote threat of nuclear war. They get to see their currency decline—by 10% versus the yuan in a year and by 12% versus the dollar. They get a large chunk of their gas, oil, and electricity supplies diverted or shut off, driving up energy prices. And they get to see their Covid-fragile economies put on thin ice.

But perhaps they deserve all this. As is widely known, the European states are American vassals, which means they are Jewish vassals. European leaders are spineless and pathetic lackeys of the Jewish Lobby. Judenknecht like Macron, Merkel and now Scholz, are sorry examples of humanity; they have sold out their own people to placate their overlords. And the European public is too bamboozled and too timid to make a change; France just had a chance to elect Le Pen, but the people failed to muster the necessary will. Thus, Europe deserves its fate: hot war, nuclear threat, cultural and economic decline, sub-Saharan and Islamic immigrants—the whole package. If it gets bad enough, maybe enough Europeans will awaken to the Jewish danger and take action. Or so we can hope.

What about the US? We could scarcely be happier. Dead Russians, the hated Putin in a tizzy, and the chance to play “world savior” once again. American military suppliers are ecstatic; they don’t care that most of their weapons bound for Ukraine get lost, stolen or blown up, and that (according to some estimates) only 5% make it to the front. For them, every item shipped is another profitable sale, whether it is used or not. And American congressmen get to pontificate about another “good war” even as they approve billions in aid.

And perhaps best of all, we get to press for an expansion to that American Empire known as NATO. We need to be very clear here: NATO is simply another name for the American Empire. The two terms are interchangeable. In no sense is NATO an “alliance among equals.” Luxembourg, Slovakia, and Albania have absolutely nothing to offer to the US. Do we care if they will “come to our aid” in case of a conflict? That is a bad joke, at best. In reality, what such nations are is more land, more people, and more economic wealth under the American thumb. They are yet more places to station troops, build military outposts, and run “black sites.” NATO always was, and always will be, the American Empire.

The push for Ukraine to join NATO by the West-friendly Zelensky was yet another blatant attempt at a power grab by the US, this one on Russia’s doorstep. Putin, naturally, took action to circumvent that. But of course, now the push moves to Sweden and Finland, both of whom are unwisely pursuing NATO membership in the illusory quest for security, when in reality they will simply be selling what remains of their national souls to the ruthless Judeo-American masters. For their sake, I hope they are able to avoid such a future.

And all the while, American Jews and a Jewish-American media play up the “good war” theme, send more weapons, and press ever further into the danger zone. Ukrainian-American Jews like Chuck Schumer are right out front, calling for aid, for war, for death.[10]Other Ukrainian-American Jews, like Steven Spielberg and Jon Stewart, and the heirs to the Sheldon Adelson fortune, are assuredly equally elated about the course of events. “Ukraine needs all the help it can get and, at the same time, we need all the assets we can put together to give Ukraine the aid it needs,” said Schumer recently, eager to approve the next \$40 billion aid package. As Jews have realized for centuries, wars are wonderful occasions for killing enemies and making a fast buck. Perhaps it is no coincidence that the present proxy war against Jewish enemies in eastern Europe began not long after the 20-year war against Jewish enemies in Afghanistan ended. Life without war is just too damn boring, for some.

Public Outrage?

If more than a minuscule fraction of the public knew about such details, they would presumably be outraged. But as I mentioned, the Jewish-controlled Western media does an excellent job in restricting access to such information, and in diverting attention whenever such ugly facts pop up. The major exception is Tucker Carlson, who is able to reach some 3 million people each night; this is by far the widest reach for anything like the above analysis. But Carlson falls woefully short—pathetically short—in defining the Jewish culprit behind all these factors. Jews are never outed and never named by Carlson, let alone ever targeted for blame. This crucial aspect is thus left to a literal handful of alt-right and dissident-right websites that collectively reach a few thousand people, at best.

And even if, by some miracle, all 3 million Tucker viewers were enlightened to the Jewish danger here, this still leaves some 200 million American adults ignorant and unaware. The mass of people believes what they see on the evening news, or in their Facebook feeds, or Google news, or on CNN or MSNBC, or in the New York Times—all Jewish enterprises, incidentally. This is why, when polled, 70% of the American public say that current aid to Ukraine is either “about right” or even “too little.” This, despite the fact that around 50% claim to be “very concerned” about nuclear war; clearly they are unable to make the necessary connections. And for many, it is even worse than this: around 21% would support “direct American military intervention” against Russia, which means an explicit World War Three, with all the catastrophic outcomes that this entails. Our Jewish media have done another fine job in whipping up public incitement.

In sum, we can say that our media have cleverly constructed a “philo-Semitic trap”: any mention or criticism of the Jewish hand in the present conflict is, first, highly censored, and then, if necessary, is dismissed as irrational anti-Semitism. Sympathy toward the (truly) poor, suffering Ukrainians is played up to the hilt, and Putin and the Russians relentlessly demonized. Leading American Jews, like Tony Blinken and Chuck Schumer, are constantly playing the good guys, pleading for aid, promising to help the beleaguered and outmanned Ukrainian warriors. Who can resist this storyline? Thus, we have no opposition, no questioning, no deeper inquiries into root causes. Jews profit and flourish, Ukrainians and Russians suffer and die, and the world rolls along toward potential Armageddon.

The reality is vastly different. Global Jews are, indeed, “planetary master criminals,” as Martin Heidegger long ago realized.[11]Cited in P. Trawney, Heidegger and the Myth of a Jewish World Conspiracy (2015), p. 33. They function today as they have for centuries: as advocates for abuse, exploitation, criminality, death and profits. This is self-evidently true: if the potent Jewish Lobby wanted true peace, or flourishing humanity, they would be actively pushing for such things and likely succeeding. Instead, we have endless mayhem, war, terrorism, social upheaval and death, even as Jewish pockets get ever-deeper. And the one possible remedy for all this—true freedom of speech—recedes from our grasp.

On the one hand, I fear greatly for our future. On the other, I feel that we get what we deserve. When we allow malicious Jews to dominate our nations, and then they lead us into war and global catastrophe, well, what can we say? Perhaps there is no other way than to await the inevitable conflagration, exact retribution in the ensuing chaos, and then rebuild society from scratch—older and wiser.

Thomas Dalton, PhD, is the author of The Jewish Hand in the World Wars (2019). He has authored or edited several additional books and articles on politics, history, and religion, with a special focus on National Socialism in Germany. His other works include a new translation series of Mein Kampf, and the books Eternal Strangers (2020) and Debating the Holocaust (4th ed, 2020). Most recently he has edited a new edition of Rosenberg’s classic work Myth of the 20th Century and a new book of political cartoons, Pan-Judah! All these are available at See also his personal website


[1] Cited in Wheen, Karl Marx (1999), p. 340.

[2] Russia’s recent defense of Assad in Syria, against Israel, has obviously not made things better. Nor has the fact that Putin, once thought to be a tool of Jewish-Russian oligarchs, has been able to turn the tables and hold them in check.

[3] Google has been particularly tenacious in altering its search engine results to censor (‘de-rank’) critics of Jewish power and stifle alternative voices. And Google owns Youtube, another force for censorship, which is currently run by the Jewess Susan Wojcicki. For their efforts, Brin and Page have become among the wealthiest men in the world; each is currently worth in excess of \$100 billion.

[4] Svoboda began its existence as the “Social-National Party of Ukraine”—a not-so-subtle allusion to National Socialism. This is, in part, why both Svoboda and their allies have been called ‘neo-Nazi.’

[5] Nuland is currently “Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs” in the Biden administration.

[6] Another Jew likely involved in this incident was the Hungarian-American investor George Soros. In late 2019, the lawyer Joseph diGenova appeared in the news, openly charging Soros with direct intervention in American policy: “Well, there’s no doubt that George Soros controls a very large part of the career Foreign Service at the United States State Department. … But the truth is George Soros had a daily opportunity to tell the State Department through Victoria Nuland what to do in the Ukraine. And he ran it, Soros ran it.”

[7] For what it’s worth, Hunter seems to have a “thing” for Jewesses. In 2016, while married, he took up with his dead brother’s Jewish widow, Hallie Olivere Biden. The marriage failed and the illicit affair died out after a year or so, but then the ever-industrious Hunter latched on to another Jewess, “filmmaker” Melissa Cohen, in 2018. They married in 2019.

[8] In a revealing quotation, Ukrainian nationalist Dmytro Yarosh once asked this question: “I wonder how it came to pass that most of the billionaires in Ukraine are Jews?” Criminal activity is surely a large part of the answer.

[9] Not long after winning the presidency, Zelensky named another Jew, Andriy Yermak, as “Head of Presidential Administration.” (The current prime minister, Denys Shmyhal, seems not to be Jewish.)

[10] Other Ukrainian-American Jews, like Steven Spielberg and Jon Stewart, and the heirs to the Sheldon Adelson fortune, are assuredly equally elated about the course of events.

[11] Cited in P. Trawney, Heidegger and the Myth of a Jewish World Conspiracy (2015), p. 33.

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  1. “The mass of people believes what they see on the evening news, or in their Facebook feeds, or Google news, or on CNN or MSNBC, or in the New York Times—all Jewish enterprises, incidentally.”

    We need affirmative action for goys in journalism—in the name of diversity, of course!

  2. I could write a book on why Americans and the western European psyche are lambs to Jewish shepherds.

    It boils down to: millennia of Christianity removing the dynamism and energy of the European people to be replaced with submission, repression and guilt. Although Christianity as a creed is less popular than ever, as a mentality it remains as powerful as ever.
    And to wealth worship, wealth is the paradise of the living and if you are in paradise you must be righteous. wealth is always legitimate, whether it was luck, skill or guile that justifies the wealth or is justify and if you prohibit people from entering the paradise of the living known as wealth, then you are a devil, a satan.

    There are more points to be made, such as how Christian emphasis on individuality destroyed the ability to see Jewish ethnocentrism run amok.

    Contrary to what the confused and manipulated Western right wingers would think, the collapse of the USSR had increased Jewish power, and the remnants of the USSR and a strong communist China are what puts a limit on Jewish power on the globe.

  3. David B says:

    Superb, Dr. Dalton, as is everything of yours that I have read. Thank you.

    • Agree: JR Foley
    • Replies: @Doug Ryler
    , @Adûnâi
  4. What a surprise…NOT ! Since U.K started both WW ( and when you say U.K, you say The House of Rothschild’s ), what someone will expect today, when the SHTF ( debt at its peak, propaganda/fake news at its peak, and so on…a combination of Huxley’s and Orwell’s ‘ visions ‘ on steroids – a parallel/invented ‘ reality ‘ ). ” At the point where the illusion becomes too expensive to maintain, they will just take down the scenery, they will pull back the curtains, they will move the tables and chairs out of the way and you will see the brick wall at the back of the theater.”— Frank Zappa We are no longer free.

    • Replies: @Ulf Thorsen
  5. Buchananesque:

    It was under such circumstances that Putin invaded and annexed Crimea, in February 2014.

    Does the author dispute that annexation was sought pursuant to a referendum conducted in Crimea, in which a substantial majority of those voting endorsed secession from Ukraine and a request for incorporation into Russia? If so, on what bases? If not, why was this fact omitted?

  6. The Scofield Bible is one of the biggest culprits. It’s enslaved American Evangelicals to the Zionist cause. Imagine Hagee surviving to see the results of the nuclear holocaust he helped provoke — and Jesus never comes back. May God have mercy on his wicked soul.

  7. Archange says:

    Independent Ukraine is dominated by Jews because the Socialist Sovietic Republic of Ukraine was controlled by Jews since its conquest by the Bolsheviks between 1919 and 1922. The Jews kept control of the Ukrainian Communist Party until 1992 because party members were selectively admitted and coopted. Through the party they controlled the government, the state, the public companies, the universities, everything. It was the Sovietic Republic most dominated by Jews.

    After the fall of the Soviet Union, the Jews appropriated most of the country wealth in rigged privatisations and remained dominant in politics, in the bureaucracy, in the media. They also created or managed to seize control of most organised criminal groups of the country. Nothing would escape from their power.

    As always they used their position to enrich themselves and torment the local population. One does not have to be nasty to the serfs but the Jews have always been. Since they have no moral bounds they set up uterus rental as a business, politely known as surrogate motherhood; commerce of human hair; transplant of body parts such as kidneys or cornea; and of course trafficking in human beings for prostitution or other uses.

    For comparison, the Italian mafia did not resort to such atrocities, and not for want of poor, feeble people. The mafiosi consider themselves men of honour and do not resort to such vile ways of making money.

    So no surprise that they did America’s bidding and got in a war against Russia. More money to made from looting with impunity or from taking bribes. They will keep the show going as long as they can.

    Actual conquest by Russia is the best that can happen to Ukraine. I believe that denazification will go in hand with dejudaisation but the latter cannot be announced on the media.

    Europe is heading to ruin but not for everyone. I believe that Jews have a plan to seize vast amounts of real assets through the spell of inflation and the shock that is called the Great Reset. The new ruling class will be half Jewish, half Gentile. But Gentile does not mean White European: think of the Mittal or Saadé families.

    Hitler’s failure destroyed the possibility of anti-semitism as a form of religious, moral, and social defence mechanism. The Holocaust acts as a form of mental AIDS.

    • Replies: @anyone with a brain
    , @anon
  8. Once Jews start flooding “liberated” Ukraine with Negroes and Muslims, Ukrainians will suddenly discover they made a fatal mistake in opposing white Russia.

    • Agree: White Noise
  9. Tom Clark says:

    Those kosher hands were behind WW1 and WW2…in fact they
    are behind all wars, empires and genocides throughout history.
    They didn’t flee nations because they were being persecuted,
    they fled because they were being prosecuted.

    Time to wake up and realize Germany wasn’t the enemy
    in both World Wars. They weren’t trying to take over the world,
    they were trying to stop the people that still are. Germany tried
    to stop Communism… and Communism is just another way of saying

    In the words of General Patton, “I’m afraid we fought on the wrong side.”

  10. But there was another angle that nearly all Western media avoided: “Yats” was also Jewish.

    A while back I looked into this claim and found no confirmation for it. The Guardian article, to which the author linked, provides no explanation for its claim. A 2009 article in Ha’aretz , behind a pay-wall, states:

    Debate Rages Over Whether Ukraine Presidential Hopeful Is Jewish
    While Arseny Petrovich Yatsenyuk insists he isn’t, he daily reads and hears that he is a Jew.

    The English Wikipedia entry says, citing an article in The Jewish Weekly, retrieved in 2014 (link no longer available):

    Yaakov Bleich, a chief rabbi of Ukraine stated, “Arseniy Yatsenyuk is not Jewish.” Furthermore, Anna Rudnitskaya said, “[Yatsenyuk’s] hypothetical Jewishness was never established.”

    So what is the basis for the assertion? Perhaps the rumors are simply derived from the fact that he comes from Chernivtsi, which had a population that was roughly one third Jewish before the first world war, when it was part of Austria; that he earned multiple university degrees; and had chosen to wear a style of glasses that may make him “look” somewhat Jewish.

    On the other hand, there is documentary proof (see embedded image and link to article in my comment archives) and other evidence that Putin had a Jewish mother and has cultivated Jewish affinities. The author ought to have pointed this out because this seems far more relevant to his narrative than the questionable Jewishness of Yatsenyuk.

    From the information provided in this essay, much of which I had already been aware of, it does not rationally follow – nor did the author assert this – that one should support Russia in pursuing its war of aggression in this conflict. In light of all the circumstances and potentially adverse implications, such as potential European subjugation by Russia, siding with NATO is widely regarded as the lesser of two evils. It is truly an unfortunate situation.

    • Troll: White Noise
    • Replies: @emerging majority
  11. @Greta Handel

    Apparently he is not historical savvy.

    Said that Jews migrated to Russia, which is wrong. Said that Russia conquered Ukraine, which is also wrong.

    Sir, the land of Ukraine has been a part of Russia for a thousand years, save for a period of Polish occupation.

    When the Russians liberated the land, the Jews had been there.

  12. largely correct, and the most accurate post on Unz about what’s actually happening here.

    unconditional jewish demands to run and control every european nation is what’s causing the entire situation.

    boomers in DC and in the military are high on cold war nostalgia and go along with it. gotta kill those evil russians. defense contractors go along for the ride and the payouts.

  13. it appears that maybe 1 in 4 republican politicians is against the conflict, yet all democrat politicians are in favor of it, when historically they would almost all be against it. what explains this dramatic change in attitude?

    that’s simple. it’s a 2 step process:
    1) during the cold war, most democrats rooted for the soviet union. they supported communism and hoped it would prevail against the rest of the world.

    the soviet union ended though, and russians aren’t communists today and aren’t promoting communism around the world like they used to. for democrats, the default is no longer to root for these people. they have switched to rooting for everything that is not european.

    2) the democrat’s domestic war against blue collar, republican voting historic american populace.

    democrat politicans, lead by their jewish leadership, now strongly root AGAINST the people who made america america, and keep america running as america. they despise old stock americans who don’t vote democrat and aren’t fully onboard on the destroy america agenda.

    democrats have transferred this hatred to russians, who they see as exactly the same as their domestic enemies. stupid proles who are resisting, and worst of all, their greatest sin, rejecting globohomo and the homosexual agenda. that’s unforgivable. successful russian military action against democrat’s international junior partners drives democrats insane with anger. it’s akin to Trump winning the Presidency. resisting us? how dare you.

    in short, lots of the jewish communists from europe, immigrated over to the US over the previous 120 years, and are now doing to the US what they did in europe. many high ranking democrat functionaries are literally direct descendants of jewish communists from europe.

    • Agree: SS-The Independent
  14. In describing Ukraine, a number of minor errors.

    It was under such circumstances that Putin invaded and annexed Crimea, in February 2014.

    No such invasion. The Crimea Oblast Government expelled all Ukrainian military personnel from Crimea without loss of life ( probably first time since Belgian Revolution in 1830 ). It held a referendum on unification with Russia ( overwhelming Yes ) and invited the Russians in.

    In Ukraine, there is a “second government” that calls many of the shots. This shadow government is an oligarchy: a system of rule by the richest men. Of the five richest Ukrainian billionaires, four are Jews: Igor (or Ihor) Kolomoysky, Viktor Pinchuk, Rinat Akhmetov, and Gennadiy Bogolyubov.

    Akhmetov is not Jewish. He is an ethnic Volga Tartar and Sunni Muslim.

    But, he’s not an ethnic Ukrainian, so has little affinity with them.

    Otherwise, a good description of the mess that is present day Ukraine.

    Your conclusions about America are completely misplaced, however. Immediately before the incursion, a Dollar bought 81 Rubles. Now it is 65. The Dollar has lost over 25% against the Ruble, which is still strengthening. Massively indebted, with surging inflation, this is the last thing the American economy needs. As Russia demands payment for all its commodities in Rubles or precious metals, the USD’s role as the World’s Reserve Currency will end. This is the crisis that will cause America’s economic collapse.

    • Replies: @Rev. Spooner
  15. @Tom Clark

    Even Churchill said it…’ we slaughtered the wrong pig ‘…Gen. Patton paid with his life ( he was assassinated; see the book ‘ Target Patton…’, by Robert Wilcox ), like many other American Patriots. Since Dec.’13, America is a Land of ZOG…but most of the people are clueless. Anyway, USrael/Zionistan and other ZOG lands from West are bankrupt, not only financial, but mostly spiritual/moral. The only question I have is…are ‘ they ‘ ( the parasites ) going to find another ‘ host ‘…?!…

    • Replies: @Rev. Spooner
  16. Protogonus says: • Website

    Talmudic Mendacity to the detriment of the nations goes back centuries earlier than suggested by Prof. Dalton. And there will be no indefinite recovery from its satanic plans: the present time is the moment of truth for the whole human race.

    However, American and NATO recklessness is a hint that Prof. Dalton is correct in basic outline—they are proxies for the much more determined and cunning geopolitical actor of actors, whose base, however, is far off in Tel Aviv:

    No one anywhere else will be safe until Talmudic Mendacity is exposed and—what—killed, defeated, reformed? Only weapons of the spirit will be effective. But materialism has destroyed the living spirit of Man, a precaution engineered by the satanic enemy itself over many centuries.

    • Thanks: TheTrumanShow, Agent76
    • Replies: @emerging majority
  17. @anyone with a brain

    You make good points regarding Christianity (aka Churchianity, esp. with the Christian Zionist doctrines) as to the morphing of it from a rebellion of sorts into a meekness that even Christ would abhor (don’t forget, the only folks He ever attacked were the moneychanger Pharisses/Sadducees/Sanhedrin, known today as Talmudic Judaism)… most Christians have no clue as to the meaning of Romans 13, “turn the other cheek”, “render unto Caesar” etc. because over the many years Christianity has been corrupted to the core. But there are among us those who do not behave this way, see Talmudic Judaism for what it is (including Israeli Christians, BTW), and do what I call “Christ, not religion”. When Noahide comes, true Christians no matter what bent, we see the truth, finally!

  18. Richard B says:

    Impoverished, corrupt, manipulated by Jews, now in a hot war—pity the poor Ukrainians.

    Impoverished, corrupt, manipulated by Jews, now in a hot war—pity the poor Americans.

    Just cross out the country and fill in the blank.
    The list is a lot longer than those two places.

  19. in order to keep my original comment short, I didn’t discuss how Christianity as a whole had been replaced by the true universal religion of the West, holocaustianity. The catholics, the protestants, the Mormons, the wiccans, black lives matter, MAGA, the atheist and agnostics of the west all believe that for no reason at all Jews were sent to the labour camps, where they were exterminated in mass. the principles of holocaustianity are, Jews are victims and it is forbidden to question Jewish power and ethnocentrism, the invocation of the holocaust tendra all statements relate to be true e. g. putin is a nazi, own wants a holocaust and is a threat to the west, discussing racial differences is bad because of the Nazis, anti holocaust narratives are false and evil etc.

    I think the key to fixing everything is to free minds from holocaustianity, without that there can be no discussion to move past this low point in the cycle of civilisation.

    I think it is sad that in the year 2022 The Jews have still not learned how to not overplay their hand and create an antisemitic reaction. By enforcing holocaustianity on the west Jews have totally ignored John F. Kennedy’s warning that those who make peaceful reform impossible make violent revolution inevitable.

    • Agree: anarchyst
    • Replies: @Dave Bowman
  20. @Archange

    The Jews kept control of the Ukrainian Communist Party until 1992 because party members were selectively admitted and coopted. Through the party they controlled the government, the state, the public companies, the universities, everything. It was the Sovietic Republic most dominated by Jews.

    This is such a lie. Post some sources and proof.

  21. Pixo says:

    Yulia Timoshenko isn’t “a Jewess.” She has one Jewish grandparent, who she never met, because he was killed in WWII 14 years before her birth. Nor is her husband Jewish.

    Given Belarus and Ukraine historically were 5-10% Jewish, higher in the cities and among the educated, such partial Jewish ancestry is very common.

  22. Dr. Doom says:

    The Zion Pigs will destroy the Whole World with their STUPIDITY.
    That is why Satan “chose” them.
    )))They((( were the only fools DUMB ENOUGH to believe Him.

    The Zion Pigs stupidly believe they will rule something after this.
    )))They((( are programmed to DESTROY THE WORLD.
    )))They((( are DEAD either way.

    Either Kill the Zion Pigs or they will DESTROY THE ENTIRE WORLD.
    They are merely 2% of the population. A small sacrifice for The Future.

    Always sacrifice your enemies.
    There is literally no price too small to make it worthwhile.

    • Agree: White Noise
  23. @Carroll price

    They say millions of starving Africans will be flooding northward, when the planned famine commences. Drowning Israel in a tide of wretched humanity from the 3rd world would be the ideal consequence. But since the likelihood of that happening is close to nil, then swamping west Ukraine, (which Volo wants to make a new Israel), with Africans and Muslims, would be the next best thing.

    • Agree: Derer
  24. The politicians and their lackeys who support this conflict think they’re living in a war movie, where they are playing the part of Churchill or Patton. It’s cosplay. LARPing. They have no concept of what could happen.

    This conflict has confirmed to me that the run up to earlier wars were just as riddled with lies and misrepresentations. The “official” narrative is being set. The winners write history.

    We’ve been lied to all of our lives.

    • Agree: follyofwar
    • Replies: @Dave Bowman
  25. Then there is The American Hand in World War 3.

    US to refuel Israeli warplanes during massive drill simulating strike on Iran

    One of the Apartheid state’s big problems with Iran is that it is so far away. Joe “I’m a Zionist” Biden is willing to fix that for them.

    If more than a minuscule fraction of the public knew about such details, they would presumably be outraged.

    The natural reply to that is Mencken’s quote: “No one ever lost money underestimating the intelligence of the American public.”

    Americans who are willing to pay \$45 to enter the Creation Museum in Northern Kentucky and \$85 to see a fake Ark aren’t going to be bothered by the trifles this Author describes. There are an awful lot of these holier than thou dupes.

    • Thanks: turtle
  26. @anyone with a brain

    “Judeo-Christian Civilization” THEY like to call it. There is no such animule. That which constitutes civilization in the Western world is our heritage from the ancient Hellenes—the Greeks of some 2,500 years ago who brought us a trifecta of philosophical genius in Socrates, Plato and the lesser of the three, the rationalistic Aristotle.

    Their theater was sublime. Their sculpture and architecture of levels which have only occasionally been matched, and that development primarily occurring during the Italian Renaissance, which was heavily modeled on the Hellenic exemplars.

    So what has come to us as positive contributions of Judaism? For starters, the Jewish rebel Jesus or Yeshua. His ultimate action against the deep degradation inherent in Talmudic rule by the Sanhedrin was when he drove the moneychangers out of the temple, flogged them, according to the reports. He did not set out to create a church, an organized religion. All biblical references to such were evidently extrapolations–insertions by the Emperor Constantine’s clique.

    The Christed One did not claim to be the “only begotten son” of Creator. His emphasis, as is to be discovered in the long deliberately buried Gospel of Thomas, but also in the New Testament as approved by Rome being “the Father is within”.

    The entire concept of vicarious atonement, that Jesus died on the cross to save us from our “sins”, along with the latter-day Roman Catholic infusion of “original sin” was nothing more than a crock of crap, inculcated to keep the masses of deracinated folk in a constant state of fear of “eternal damnation” and the hope for a Heaven embroidered with streets of gold.

    Yahweh, the tribal WarGod of the ancient Hebrews, can be seen as a blood-thirsty villain, Satanic in nature. He is the “God” who would “have no other gods before him”. Proof in the first commandment itself, that if you use a wee bit of reason, that this tyrant was nothing more than one of many contesting god concepts, albeit, a “jealous god”. Nothing more than pilpul and bullshit.

    That’s why I call the entire “Judeo-Christian Civilization” shtick, the “JudieChristie Magick Mindfuck.
    It’s also the reason why millions are giving up on Churchianity and its “Chosen” “betters”.

    The way of the spirit was the pathway to which Jesus reminded us. “The Father is within”. Creator has made us in his own image. We must learn to think with our hearts, our souls and our spirits.

    Blessed Be.

    • Agree: follyofwar
  27. Some talk of how much the West hates Russia, but it’s really a matter of the West loving and worshiping Jews too much. If Jews didn’t hate Russia, would the West?

    No, Jews say, goyim obey. It’s like master and dog.

    If Russia were in the Jewish pocket while Ukraine were independent of Jewish control, the Jews would hail the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the West would totally agree.

    Look at the Germans. Shame about their Nazi past is supposed to be a big thing, but they are cheering on Ukro-sub-nazis because Jews are behind Ukraine war with Russia.

    No agency.

    Whites love or hate what Jews love or hate. Dogs bark to please the master.

  28. @Been_there_done_that

    Here we have once again the most virulent recent poster on behalf of the Ha\$barfa agenda. If you have read Larry Romanoff’s brilliant exposition on this type of creep, you will immediately come to understand that when he quotes the likes of the totally Talmudist dominated Wickedpedia; he is merely echoing the Ha\$barfian chorus from the amen choir.

    Chutzpah? Has Been is a past master. He even smears our faces with “Yaakov Bleich, a chief Rabi of Ukraine”. This convicted bass-turd we are supposed to believe? When Talmudists openly quote each other, what can we call this but a Ha\$barfian conspiracy. No theory, just fact.

    Then this SOB goes after Putin, claiming he has a Jewish mother. Russia stands as the primary obstacle to the Babylonian Talmudist scheme for total world domination. Russia falls and THEY become what they have long dreamt of—the planetary slavemasters.

    As his grand finale, this Ha\$barfian extols “the lesser of two evils”. He damned well knows that, to quote none other than Gertrude Stein with a slight twist of fate: “Evil, is evil, is evil”.

    Has Been is a has-been. Once again, enraged by Romanoff’s and now Dalton’s revelations, the ultimate Ha\$barfian has outed himself in an orgiastic combination of bombast, bullshit and pilpul.

    • Agree: White Noise
    • Replies: @Been_there_done_that
  29. @Protogonus

    “The moment of truth for the whole human race”. Excellent, you have nailed it.

    I’m not so sure that the base is specific to Tel Aviv. It’s more widespread than that as the Talmudists are wary about putting all their eggs into a single basket. Add New York City, at least the three Burroughs of Manhattan, Bronx and Brooklyn as well as City of London and you likely would be including the majority of the Sanhedrin shot-callers.

    Should Mama Bear get hit with a massive provocation, or an amplifying series of them, three precisely aimed non-nuclear hypersonic missiles striking the primary concentrations of probable Sanhedrin operatives in the above mentioned cities would surely throw a major monkey-wrench into their three millenniums old schemes.

    Regrouping would maybe not impossible, but quite difficult.

    IF the fading West does not over-react to a string of Russian victories, then the spiritual equation would be primary. This battle is indeed spiritual, with demonic forces, comprised of Talmudists and non-Jewish elitists all aligned in their worship of the golden calf. Materialism and its spiritually void values. Materialism has no inner meaning beyond self gratification and empowerment.

    It is quite literally a dead-end.

    • Replies: @Protogonus
  30. It seems that even Putin is afraid of the most powerful and doesn’t dare to mention the facts and conclusions stated in the article of Dr. Dalton. And he, who is always rough and normally never apologizes, apologized to Israel because of a not so important remark by his foreign minister Lavrov about the ancestors of Hitler. And some time earlier, the Russian president had called a Polish statesman of the pre-WW II-era “an Anti-Semite pig”. And how does Putin justify his invasion into Ukraine? With the necessity of “denazification” of this country! What’s the difference to the American administration’s obsession with “White supremacy” and “domestic terrorism” then? Or with the approach of German politicians like former foreign minister Ingo Maas, who said, that his motive for engaging into politics was “Auschwitz” (and not serving the German people)?
    Very scary, all this…

    • Agree: Protogonus
  31. Dumbo says:

    There is no room for disagreement, no space for debate, no opposing views allowed.

    Actually, this is exactly the same that happened with COVID, when no opposing views on lockdowns or vaccines were allowed. Things have changed in the West.

    • Replies: @Carroll price
  32. Ghali says:

    “It was under such circumstances that Putin invaded and annexed Crimea, in February 2014″. This is NOT true. It is mainstream propaganda. The people of Crimea through a well-organised and fair Referendum voted overwhelmingly (95%) to reunite with Motherland Russia. Indeed, most Crimeans are Russians.
    Like all Dalton’s articles, it is a descriptive article with misleading allegations and plenty of unverified rumours.

  33. Dumbo says:

    How do you know? Wikipedia lists only her paternal grandfather being Jewish, but we know nothing of the other grandparents or relatives. Some say her mother was Jewish too, in which case, she would be Jewish even according to the haredim. In any case, even if she herself is not Jewish, for some reason there are/were a lot of Jews in the Ukrainian government, up to Zelensky. Which makes the alliance with banderism a strange phenomenon.,7340,L-4791542,00.html

  34. The Jewish hand in it?
    It is through and through Jewish. It is Jewish and nothing but Jewish (& hyena).
    The Third Jewish World War!
    JWW3 started on the 8th of May 1945, climaxed now rememberable with the coup d’etat in Kiew in 2014.
    The flow on and continuing wave of Jewish attack of 2015 was and is the further and open invasion of Europe through their steered brown and black people.
    Their third front is their Dovid…
    The acute front is their attack on Russia.
    (Russia did not attack “Ukraine”. Jewkraine attacked Little Russia, killed off 14.000 Russians and chased away 1,3 million Russians.)
    That is a bit more than a hand. It is JWW3
    It is the fully fledged body of evilness = Judaism.
    Kadyrov: Russia’s is attacked by satanism (= Judaism).

    • Agree: Seraphim, White Noise
  35. @Kevin Barrett

    Funny, educating the masses, amounts to milking for the last drop (please donate). The enemy is at the top of society! If anything go for the middle-class knee caps. These middle layer whores and collaborators are the pressure point of the elites. This middle class bulge in the military, media, academia, politics should be the target of your slugging (and not writing and pod-casting repeats of what is obvious to meat-ball society that obviously cannot process your vego broth).

    Slugging: warfare on all fronts: terror, intimidation, guerilla, menace, infiltration, parallel loyalties (as a Jew should well know), and that is a start.

    Anything in the making (Dalton and/or Barret?), or is agency and organized clusters of risk taking as a term not known to yours truly? It used to be that “intellectuals”, (some), were born with balls.

    Please censure (“edit”).

  36. Seraphim says:

    If anyone wants to seriously understand the ‘hand’ he must start with ‘Birkat haMinim ”the curse applied by Jews in their daily prayers to several kinds of people or groups: Jews who apostatized to Christianity; Christians themselves; the enemies of the Jews, and to the governing authorities of the Christian world”.
    What is the frenzied demand for all and sundry to ‘condemn’, ‘punish’, ‘cancel’ Russia, Putin, the Orthodox Church (not only Russian)?

    • Replies: @Kolya Krassotkin
  37. Putin ignited a conflict with Jewry when he took down the two oligarchs Berezovsky and Khodorkovsky.

    I knew there would be an ongoing war between Jews and Russia when I saw the Documentary series “Russian Godfathers” over 15 years ago. None of this is a surprise to me.

    • Agree: Miro23
    • Replies: @Miro23
  38. @anyone with a brain

    The fact is that Christianity is the most anti-Jewish belief system there is. In John 8:44 Jesus Christ proclaims the devil to be the father of the Jews and Judaism is called the “synagogue of Satan” twice in Revelation. That makes the wickedness of the Jews literally gospel truth, which is to say, orthodox Christians are obligated to hold beliefs that are characterized as “antisemitic” by secular society. John Hagee and other Jew-worshipers are not Christians but apostates. It is secularism that favors Jews because the notion that religion isn’t important gives them cover. That’s why Jews favor secularism. Your inane attacks on Christianity make you an unwitting ally of the Jews.

    By the way, your handle is all too typical of those who are arrogant yet ignorant.

  39. Al Liguori says: • Website

    The Jewish hand in World War 1 2 3 (it is one war in three phases) is not merely political, but a deep religious imperative. Judaism teaches that their “moshiach” (the ANTI-Christ) will not arrive until all Gentiles are subjugated or exterminated. I have aggregated much documentation of this long-range plan on these pages: , , and It is necessary to penetrate the Kaballistic jargon of “Edom” (also “Rome” = Western Civilization/Christendom), “iskra” (“sparks”), “kelipot” (empty satanic husks of gentile souls), “amalek” (a tribe long ago exterminated by the Israelites, but now designating anyone in the Jews’ way) and “tikkun olam” (“repairing the world” by subjugating and exterminating Gentiles), but no matter how esoteric their jargon they want you dead or enslaved. A small representative sample of the evidence:

    • Agree: White Noise
  40. @anyone with a brain

    It has been duly noted even in the distant past, the degenerative effect that Christ-insanity has often had on the minds of white, European mankind –

    “In the first ages, however, Christianity produced among the people, as was the case in other countries besides England, a sort of degeneracy and weakness. Instead of the din of battle of the heathens there were now heard songs and prayers, which, joined with the constantly-increasing refinement, made the people dull and effeminate, so that they willingly bent under the yoke of their masters, both spiritual and temporal. In the ninth, tenth, and eleventh centuries the Anglo-Saxons had greatly degenerated from their forefathers. Relatives sold one another into thralldom; lewdness and ungodliness were become habitual; and cowardice had increased to such a degree, that, according to the old chroniclers, one Dane would often put ten Anglo-Saxons to flight. Before such a people could be conducted to true freedom and greatness it was necessary that an entirely new vigour should be infused into the decayed stock. This vigour was derived from the Scandinavian north, where neither Romans nor any other conquerors had domineered over the people, and where heathenism with all its roughness, and all its love of freedom and bravery, still held absolute sway.”- Danish Historian Jens Jacob Asmussen Worsaae

    Christians go on and on about how much Jews hate Christians or Christianity but they exaggerate. In doing so they never get around to addressing the valid points of criticism of Christianity. It always comes back to the notion that Jews hate Christianity so if you criticize it, then you are somehow in league with Jews. Everywhere I go I see churches galore, whether Catholic or Protestant. I don’t see Heathen temples. Christianity is still very prominent. Their complaints remind me a lot of the way Jews kvetch on and on. Including but not limited to acting as though poor little Israel is so put upon but the world, all the while they get \$billions\$ in aid from us, have a nuclear arsenal, have their grubby hands in nearly every conflict going on around the world etc. But no, it’s the poor put upon Jews and poor Israel who are persecuted. Same mentality. But why wouldn’t it be? After all we have passages in that stupid book telling them they are now honorary Jews who have been “grafted in” to the original tree(Jews). It amazes me that there were such potent and intelligent polemics written against Christianity so long ago by people like Celsus, Porphyry and last but not least Julian the Apostate who had it nailed in his writing about Christianity. Yet here we are all these centuries later and so many still adhere to this nonsense. I think deep down many of them don’t really believe much if any of it, but they do see Christianity as some sort of uniting force that could help reunite white Europeans, but I don’t agree with this and I believe it should be obvious that the history of Christianity and the wars it spawned in Europe over the cneturies should dissuade them from kmidding themselves about it’s ability to “unite”.

    This guy is for me the best today at exposing this religion(as well as Jews and their activities) –

    • Agree: anyone with a brain
    • Thanks: emerging majority
    • Replies: @Ulf Thorsen
    , @Al Liguori
  41. anon[398] • Disclaimer says:

    Hi all,
    Interesting reading, although a chapter is missing : aren’t Jews cleansing Ukraine from Ukrainians, looking forward to make it a new Khazaria ? They won’t have to do the cleansing job they have had to do in Palestine…

  42. Hans says:

    “… [Jews] are, all of them, born with raging fanaticism in their hearts, just as the Bretons and the Germans are born with blond hair. I would not be in the least bit surprised if these people would not some day become deadly to the human race.” — Voltaire, Lettres de Memmius a Ciceron (1771)

    • Agree: White Noise
  43. Towey says:
    @anyone with a brain

    Why then are they so determined to destroy the Catholic Faith and all remnants of Catholic Europe? You can tell who their real enemy is by the time and money they have invested in destroying it.
    They don’t give a damn about the Hindus, Buddhists and other assorted creeds. The WASPS have been their willing collaboraters since the Reformation. Without WASP muscle they would be impotent.
    What did the pagans ever produce of any worth? Or the Hindus or Buddhists? The culture that produced the best art, architecture, music and literature was Catholic Europe.
    The Reformation resulted in the legalization of usury, capitalism and communism , the worship of wealth, two world wars, various genocides, and the destruction of white European Catholics and culture.
    The USA, where the worship of wealth had always been a virtue, has produced ugly architecture, art, music and literature and dreadful food

    • Replies: @Backward
  44. Anonymous[242] • Disclaimer says:

    Analyst working with historical cycles says war 2023 or so, 1/3 of world’s population killed. At the usual dead/injured ratio of 3/1 under bad conditions, the remaining 2/3 would be injured. Analyst suggests that all retired people on pensions would die. (

    The description in Dalton’s article is actually a bit optimistic. The US is not entirely run by Jewish organizations, as the expulsion of Jews and Whites from Hollywood demonstrates.** It is also run by an African politician, Obama, through Pres. Biden’s chief of staff (the man who controls the “off” button for Biden’s microphone). It’s sort of like the old “good news, bad news” jokes. African politician dominance might well seem worse than Jewish establishment dominance, when one compares, say, Western Europe to the Congo.

    Even a month ago (2022-04-19) the analyst’s predictions would have seemed unlikely. However, Ritter says that US funding of Ukraine is massive enough to change the conflict, so the situation has now become like that of the US/North Vietnam in Vietnam War: if you have a national resistance, a sanctuary for force reconstitution, and a foreign sponsor to keep the munitions coming, the war can go on indefinitely.
    But this war can’t. It’s a central war, the existence of Russia is at stake. If Russia appears to be inevitably losing, it will use its superior nuclear arms, and we will get the analysts “WW III”. Same if Europe decides to drop US domination with Russian help: the situation devolves in to a nuclear strike affair.

    Of course, most deaths and debilitation during wars comes from starvation, and the shutdown of word trade during any conflict gone nuclear would be unavoidable. Again, the analyst’s figures seem plausible.

    “I’d expected this, but not so soon.”

    ** Whites are limited to 10% of Hollywood production companies, and Jews are classified as White under the agreement. It is difficult to imagine a situation in which the Jewish organizations agreed to this, but if one does imagine, the imagination includes strong threats to non-Hollywood Jewish interests. Such threats would only be possible if Jewish organizations had lost dominance of the US ruling political coalition (“the swamp”). The candidate for displacing entity would be Obama’s coalition.

    • Replies: @Robert Dolan
  45. @anyone with a brain

    I could write a book on why Americans and the western European psyche are lambs to Jewish shepherds.

    Why not? Join the queue! It isn’t as if you would be the first Christ-hating Hasbara pusher to fill pages with “irrefutable evidence” and “careful analysis” that, upon examination, amount to nothing but thrice-familiar moronic insults and vacuous pretensions masquerading as thought.

    Who knows, Dalton might even buy a copy.

    • Agree: White Noise
    • Replies: @Al Ross
  46. @Fidelios Automata

    And the dispensationalist edict for Jews to accept Jesus as Messiah is wilfull blindness and a delusion that will simply not come to pass. Zionist Christians are getting a hefty dose of Zionist butt fcuk. When they realize what hit them, it will be too late. They, along with the rest of humanity may not be around to express remorse at their stupidity.

  47. GMC says:

    The Zionist media is the Number One weapon in all these wars and if they aren’t writing or speaking their lies, they are killing the Unbedded journalists that are telling the truth. It matters little which Western army does the killing , they are all owned by the Zionist One World order.

    One of the best Ukraine lies coming from the Jew News that no one is picking up on is the Ukie Grain Holohoax. Oh, Russia is stopping the Ukrainian grain from feeding the World”” lol. Ukraine doesn’t have much to say about those Farmlands – Monsanto, Bayer, Carghill, DuPont, John Deere, along with various others – including some US University Agri Dept. – DO ! And along with all that, how about those GMO Labs and Genetic Animal Labs, – W H O, were most likely connected to the US BioWeapons labs !!

    And in the old days when Ukraine was a fairly decent country, they did feed many of the 3rd world countries at a really good lower price, as Russia has done in the past. It’s too obvious that the Ukrainian people saw very little of a gain in their lifestyles, from the farmland. If they did, the IMF loans and the conditions of higher energy prices, lower pensions, etc. etc. etc. overruled any sort of benefit. But a Jew Prez with a Nazi Army , has to say it all !

  48. Durruti says:

    The Nazis were created by the Zionists.

    1. Their morality (terrorist, thieving, racialist/racist, elitist) is the same. Jericho (all living humans minus 1, children, adults, women, and animals were exterminated THE FIRST HOLOCAUST – on orders from their God, Yahweh). Samson then, to Samson Option in 2022. Old Testament & Talmud litany, (advocacy) of extermination & butcheries. Noah’s Ark, (all living things, & all humans exterminated except for one family-Rothschilds? & 2 of each other specie, (again on orders from Yahweh). Hollywood just produced another Movie, lauding the horrific tale of The Ark. Russell Crowe and his family came out of the flood in good shape. All others drowned. The twin Zionist & Nazi morality & advocacy are IN PRINT, IN BLACK & WHITE.

    The Nazis are not quite so bloodthirsty.

    2. Nazis destroy openly while their masters, Zionists, pull the strings from behind the curtain.

    3. The so-called ‘Ukraine’ is a prime example of how the political (Zionist to Nazi) system operates. Haaretz, pretended to be outraged as the truth of Israel’s financing, arming, – breeding Nazis in the Ukraine, was revealed.

    4. US puppet gov’t (dominated by Zionists at all levels), French (last 3 Presidents – Jewish/Zionist), Ukie/NATO (last 3 Presidents – Jewish/Zionist – 2 with Israeli citizenship), for some examples – with Azov Nazi military units – their proudest creation/possession.

    Saving the best for last:

    5. In The Night of the Long Knives, Just after Adolf Hitler was appointed Chancellor-1933, Hitler & other members of his gov’t eliminated 8,000 political Nazis, who actually believed the propaganda and opposed the Moneychangers. Cui Bono? Then appeared the financial miracle that allowed for the expansion of the German (and many other Armies), with the ultimate intent to DESTROY Russia.

    *Has anyone on this website ever analyzed the History of The Night of the Long Knives? Seriously analyzed this event, with the goal of understanding Just Why it Happened & who benefitted from this early butchery?

    The Nazis were serving their Zionist Masters from Day 1. They are one and the same.

    Is there no end to this horror? [1984 in 2022]

    Restoration of our American Republic (destroyed in a hail of gunfire on November 22, 1963 – along with our last Constitutional President, John F. Kennedy), might help. We’ve got some work to do.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  49. @Kevin Barrett

    9/11, JFK, USS Liberty, what are they feeding that nulander?


    “.. a shameless thief.. called the Fat Jew, is a full-fledged Instagram celebrity, with 5.7(not 6 million®) million followers”

  50. Diouldé says:
    @emerging majority

    Yet you forget to mention that these famous Greeks were confirmed students of the Ancient Kemetic people (aka. ancient Egyptians). Kemet surpassed the Greek in everything including architecture, sculpture, and wisdom. You, yourself, are a victim of brain-washing. Check the facts, and don’t be a willing consumer of Academia garbage of Greco centrism. The rest of humanity was well civilized before the Greeks came to history (around -12.000 at the most).

  51. “seems that Ukraine will be the loser in this struggle, no matter what comes.”

    The White Christian Ukrainians will be the losers but the Jew will prosper. Isn’t that the goal of the whole bloody charade?

  52. ariadna says:
    @Kevin Barrett

    My only criticism of this piece is what I will call the “argumentum ad judeum” the author uses, namely, that he, as many other non-Jews, feels the need to cite jewish ”authority” (in this case Weiss) to demonstrate his criticism of Jews and their outsize power. Like a pre-emptive defense against the accusation of —perish the thought!— “anti-semitism.” Kosher-dipping the uppity Goy kvetching.

  53. @emerging majority

    Mr. Dalton also wrote an eye-opening essay on the origins of the slave religion known as Christianity, invented out of whole cloth by Jewish Supremacists. If interested, you can find it on National Vanguard, “Christianity: The Great Jewish Hoax,” 9 Aug 2020.

  54. geokat62 says:

    The Jewish Hand in World War Three

    More like The Jewish Supremacist Hand, Foot, and Brain Behind World Wars One, Two and Three

  55. @Diouldé

    Yes, Solon himself credited ancient Egypt with many advances and discoveries. Digging back even further, Egypt itself, consider the Sphinx which is far more ancient than current Egyptologists claim; we must arrive at the conclusion that the land of the Nile was the recipient of wisdom from long lost high civilization.

    Why are these people lying to us? Consult Graham Hancock’s books on this subject and much more. Somebody does not want us to know the truth about our past history. Is it the Vatican? Consider the role of the Smithsonian institution in destroying the relics of literal giants from prehistoric burial mounds in North America.

    My suspicion is that much if not all of this comes from those who would maintain the narrative which is embedded within the JudieChristie Magick Mindfuck, in which matrix civilization is held in a constrictive vise.

    From the clearly articulated evidence we do owe much to the Greeks as well as to the earlier civilizations of India and China, all additional to those Kemetic people your reference. Thank you for that reference, BTW.

  56. nsa says:

    Massive surrender of close to 2000 Azovstal zio-nazi rats…..nary a word in the ever vigilant US judenpresse. Emerging from their ratholes: Southfront has videos of the rats with nazi tats (referred to as “painted beauties”) being separated out for special attention.

  57. @Anonymous

    Hollywood is run by jews, period.

    Your comment is nonsense.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  58. Anon[512] • Disclaimer says:

    At best, they may bleed Russia over a period of months or years, but only at the cost of massive blood-letting themselves. It seems that Ukraine will be the loser in this struggle, no matter what comes.

    You forgot to mention they are also bleeding the West. For a show of hands, how many people believe the money (\$\$ Billions) and weapons being sent to Ukraine are being siphoned off ? DUH !! Its the old Hollow Cost routine dusted off, tuned up and implemented with blank invoices and cheques. The cynical among us would call it a Nose Scam !

    Also it needs to be pointed out (ad nauseum) that Russians are accustomed to hardship, and total war on their territory is part of their DNA. The indolent people of the West ? Porn, Weed, Video Games, Beer, Cancel Culture and the Sunday football game are part of their DNA.

    Guess who will prevail, that is if we are not all reduced to dust. Ukraine will bleed out first, then the West way before Russia and Russians. As usual, MSM is filled with all this bullshit about Ukraine “winning”. Just today, there is an article about Ukrainian Wolverines coming out of the forest “a la Red Dawn”. Who comes up with this make believe shit must have some fucking imagination especially since the survivors of the impregnable Mariupol steel factory just surrendered.

    Ukraine is winning and Putin made a serious mistake. LOL

    As well, the West has a small pool of whites to draw from in the event of all out conflict. Anyone who thinks the beneficiaries of the “Great Replacement” or blacks and hispanics will bleed for the white man must be smoking bud and glue in a clogged pipe.

  59. anarchyst says:
    @emerging majority

    We have to get away from the “judeo-Christian” mindset…
    Using the “Old Testament” for “laws” is wrong. Yes, the Ten Commandments are a good guide which proscribes certain behaviors, but the rest of mosaic law relies on a vindictive, vengeful “god” to exact “punishment” on “his people”.
    That my work fine for jews, as they have their supremacist “Talmud” to rely on, but “for the rest of us”, it won’t wash.
    Judaism is an insular belief system that shuns outsiders, prohibits proselytization, and promotes a form of supremacy, relegating all gentiles (non-jews) to the status of livestock-subhumans with souls, only to be used for the advancement and benefit of jews.
    In fact, slavery (of goyim) is still condoned and encouraged in the jewish Talmud. In addition, the jewish Talmud condones pedophilia, allowing lecherous old jews to rape children as long as they are “three years and a day” of age.
    The barbaric practice of circumcision (male genital mutilation) is also suspect, the mohel fellating the infant after the “deed is done” passing on (who knows what) STDs to the infant. Sick…
    In fact, every jewish “holiday” (holy day) is based on the celebration of genocide and destruction of gentiles.
    Our present troubles are a result of a jewish cabal taking over political decisions in our nominally “multicultural” country.
    Tying Judaism to Christianity was a clever trick used by the jews to “cement” their claim to the “land of Israel” and of the covenant, to which I reply, “God is not a real estate agent”.
    Jews rejected the covenant when they murdered Jesus Christ. Their covenant with (their) God was then “null and void”.
    It is the flawed Schofield translation of the Bible that elevated jews to the status of Christianity’s “elder brothers”, which was then reinforced by the Catholic (flawed) “Vatican II Ecumenical Council” in the 1960s.
    I cringe when I hear well-meaning people talk about out judeo-Christian heritage.
    Nothing could be further from the truth.
    The god of judaism is a vengeful god, totally unlike the merciful and welcoming God of Christianity.
    Christianity welcomes ALL, regardless of nationality or social status, not true of judaism.
    Sad to say, even the present-day (post-Vatican II Ecumenical Council) Catholic church has bought into absolving the jews for Jesus Christ’s murder.
    As is the case, even today, the jews got others, the Romans to do their dirty work for them, the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.
    How can Christians have the same values as the Jews; the very people who denounced and betrayed the founder of Christianity, Jesus Christ, and call for his execution (by others, of course, that is the Jewish way)?
    It makes absolutely no sense at all.
    Jews have no respect for Christianity, for Jesus Christ or Mary, his mother, who are both honored as Prophets in Islam, but instead, Jews spit on hearing their names and do the same while passing a Christian of any kind or a Christian Church in Israel. They have no respect for Christians or any other religion.
    It is time the Jewish lobbies and the American Government leaders as well as the evangelical Christian leaders who mislead the poor American young into joining the military and believing that they are doing something for God and Christianity by fighting Israel’s wars were named, shamed and arrested and tried for treason.
    In a perverse sort of way, israel’s favorite “war song” is “Onward Christian Soldiers”…
    There…I’ve said it…

  60. “Instead, we have endless mayhem, war, terrorism, social upheaval and death, even as Jewish pockets get ever-deeper.”

    That’s Tikkun Olam for you! Perhaps, Putin will put all of US out of our misery by emptying out his nuclear arsenal.

  61. Che Guava says:

    The article is very interesting, the setting of the context has a few points I didn’t know and some I had forgotten.

    Tymoschenko’s being a Jewess seems a fairly recent discovery. Her Third Reich’n’roll braids and bleach hairstyle was quite popular with American rightist commemtors at the time, more than once I saw comments along the lines of her and Benazir Bhutto (the latter for a good facial structure and heavy use of bright-red lipstick) being the hottest women in politics.

    Even here in Tokyo, Tymoschenko inspired many young women, not heavily bleached, to adopt the style for a time, just because it looks good.

    In the case of Tymoschenko, however, it was clearly a mating-call to Banderistas and post-Sov. would be neo-Nazis.

    Tymoshenko’s wheelchair act was hilarious.

    Seriously—who, making anywhere near \$100 million per month, wouldn’t do everything conceivable to keep the gravy train running?

    That is a little bizarre, and does not apply to people in general, I know of many who have given up prospective wealth on a moral or ethical point, and have done so myself.

    In Japan in general, company directors and managers get more money, but the gap is generally not obscene, except at Sony U.S.A. Sony unwisely invested in the bubble economy time, so isn’t really a Japanese company any more, even if the mew Jewish overlords still allow some Japanese control in computer games and electronic consumer goods.

    Those who choose greed above all are a minority.

  62. Jim H says:

    ‘All the while, American Jews and a Jewish-American media play up the “good war”’ — Thomas Dalton

    What a coincidence — that Top Gun: Maverick, a movie delayed by covid, comes out now.

    Hotshot pilots fly a dangerous mission against a nuclear facility in an enemy state that has snowbound mountains.

    At the premiere in Cannes, French fighter jets executed a flyover, trailing red white and blue smoke.

    Hollywood, promoting good, heroic, surgical war via US bombing strikes?

    Say it ain’t so …

  63. Diouldé says:

    Sorry I meant 1,200 BC instead of 12,000! But actually, Greece was nowhere to be seen before -800 BC, and by then the world had already seen Egypt, Persia, Ethiopia, Meroe…come and go.

  64. Another most useful, clearly stated and explanatory analysis by the author, Thomas Dalton and indirectly by the editor of the web site.

    Thank you for it.

  65. Do we really deserve WWIII? Could we have stopped the Jewish takeover when our elite are so foolishly enamored with them and their fiat money? Voting isn’t going to help. Justice is a joke. Mentioning white replacement gets the Jewish collective knickers in a bunch, but will it stop their predatory insanity? Most here are blaming Christianity, when old school Catholicism had no use for them. Of course feminism and porn as played a big role in the Jewish mind games on the masses. We might deserve a heaven’s raining down wrath for these two follies. I just wish it were something other than bombs.

  66. @emerging majority

    If you have read Larry Romanoff’s brilliant exposition on this type of creep…

    …it becomes apparent that you perfectly fit the type described as a Hasbara troll, who cannot – and therefore will not – address the argument or claim, resorting instead to cheap name-calling to deflect from that fact.

    Essentially, you have arrogantly decided that it is you, who is the ultimate arbiter who gets to determine who is a Jew and who is not, regardless what the person himself and others claim (Yatsenyuk) or what the official documentation shows (Putin). Also, in an act of projection, you decide that the other is the Hasbarist, not you. This transparent modus operandi is always the same, you keep repeating it regularly.

    With regard to Jews, your authoritarian attitude is the same as that of Karl Lueger, mayor of Vienna (1890-1910) and later also Hermann Goering, to both of whom the quote “I determine who is a Jew” are commonly attributed („Wer ein Jud ist, das bestimme ich“).

    • Troll: White Noise
    • Replies: @emerging majority
  67. @Seraphim

    Thanks for the mention of Birkat HaMinim. Interesting and disturbing.

    Years ago I used to be a philo-Semite. So out of curiosity I began studying whatever came my way about Judaism, and I soon realized that Judaism’s developed moral code was just a highly polished veneer hiding the shabby prejudice and hatred toward outsiders lying beneath and at its heart.

    Today I tell Christians they should study Judaism. Study it in depth. Especially study the pharisees, since they are the forerunners of the Rabbis. Studying it will help Christians to understand what a radical change was being preached by Christ. Plus, it will help lay to rest that nonsense Christians are told about Jews being their older brothers in the faith.

    • Replies: @Seraphim
  68. Al Liguori says: • Website
    @Ulf Thorsen

    For over 1,000 years Christendom successfully enforced common-sense Jew control that minimized (but did not completely eliminate) Jewish scope and ability to act out Judaism’s supremacist malevolence and genocide. It is no “exaggeration” to recognize the pervasive fundamentals of Judaism: (1) Only Jews are human, (2) (2) Kill even the best of the Gentiles to hasten arrival of the anti-Christ “moshiach”, and (3) all the corollaries: rape, enslave, loot, deceive Gentiles, etc. Whether or not you believe is irrelevant, because (((they))) believe and act out the precepts from (((their))) “holy” books. Neither Teutonic nor Scandinavian paganism successfully resisted Catholicism. Much less did cold-weather Paganism resist or control Jewish (Babylonian, Egyptian, Assyrian) paganism. Ironically, Jews are the “Elder Brother” co-religionists of cold-weather pagans. Kabbalah:

  69. @anyone with a brain

    Christianity is communism with a God, almost the same doctrine: love your neighbor as yourself, we are all brothers, egalitarianism, universalism, race denial, the weak shall inherit the world. There are other points to Christianity that are not shared by communism but it doesn’t help its case: turn the other cheek if your enemy hits you, confession, ultra tolerance for the intolerable, ruthless treatment of animals, hate of the body and of the senses, belief in an after life, God is in control of everything lead to a lack of responsibility. Yet despise these faults, we all know Christians that are decent people.

    • Replies: @Al Liguori
  70. Anonymous[242] • Disclaimer says:
    @Robert Dolan

    Hollywood is run by jews, period.

    Your comment is nonsense.

    I guess I’ll have to put the URLs in every time. Sorry to have failed to do so previously.

    It is amazing, though, that the usual response I get is from people who use angry contradiction as a reply rather than to investigate a report of a very real, well established, and obvious (to anybody watching Netflix) fact.
    It’s almost as if these people were proud of Jewish power, and cannot allow it to be questioned, as is the case in Jewish triumphal media.

    Anyway, here are the URLs:

    Hollywood civil rights agreement:
    To see how it all worked out, read:
    David Cole, “Hollywood Apartheid is Ready for Its Close-Up, Takis’s Magazine, 2022-05-03;

    Usually such agreements are kept confidential, and I’ve seen no indication of the actual agreement. If you can find a copy somewhere, please let me know.

    • Replies: @Caruthers
  71. Am fast coming to the conclusion that the best possible way to completely collapse the American (Jewish) Empire and so end the subversive liberal tyranny (political correctness, transgenderism, LGBTism, multiracialism, forced integrationism, feminism etc ad nauseum) and by so doing give the white race, civilization and a sane world the best chance for a recovery would not in fact be for the Ukraine war to end relatively quickly, but for it to drag on as long as possible. This is because that although the ‘West’ thinks that by prolonging the war they are bleeding Russia dry, the converse seems actually to be the case. Not a day passes without new economic problems arising in the West caused or exacerbated by the anti-Russian sanctions (the covid lockdowns and compulsory vax regime started many). Even the staid Bank of England is predicting economic apocalypse. It is really only in the sort of tough times that are approaching that people willingly revert to traditional values, re-adopt the old ways of doing things, rediscover their ethnic identity and throw off their secret Jewish overlords. Nations comprising only one ethnic group can ride out economic collapse, nations with two or three will have civil war, but Western nations (busy as each nation is in importing new ethnic groups every week through a compulsory policy of mass immigration ), have literally now hundreds of ethnic groups, which, to put it mildly, will make, when the collapse comes, for an interestingly intense level of communal violence – the true fruit of liberalism!

  72. @anarchyst

    Christianity is nothing more than a way-stop, a traveler’s inn. Because it recognizes the Old Testicles, it is based on a compounded set of lies and pilpul. Jesus was a Way-Shower…the way being to look within where Creator resides (in our hearts). The Way of the Spirit is to abandon all the promises, pleas and threats of organized religion as it was and currently is.

    When any religion has as its foundation a satanically false god-concept; then it must be considered as being rotten from the roots upwards. Do we need to throw out the baby with the bathwater? Not exactly. Jesus and the righteous disciples such as Thomas (kept out of Constantine’s Bible for devious reasons of state) are a proper basis for a fully spiritually-infused concept of re-ligion (meaning of which is to re-bind or to re-tie) social bonds based on something quite other than a satanic god-concept such as Yahweh/Jehovah.

    We must look to other traditions such as Buddhism and Taoism to come to an understanding of the importance of balance, as against mere polarization. We also need to re-discover the ancient tribal European roots in harmony with the natural world and not to fall into domination madness. The Native American peoples also have spirtual lessons to help us find our ways out of the shadowy unreality of Plato’s Cave and of the Minoan Labyrinth.

    Jesus as our savior can only be acceptable by looking within and discovering our own personal links with “the Father”—Creator. He did NOT die on the cross to save us from our sins. The whole concept of “Original Sin” is in itself utterly sinful.

    True, we are not perfect. Sometimes we are not in touch with our higher selves and make mistakes along the way. But do those errors in judgement and control condemn us to everlasting torment?

    The answer is within.

    • Thanks: anarchyst
    • Replies: @Mefobills
  73. @Che Guava

    SONY was not even Japanese in its inception. Underlying the firm was money which came from the Rottenfeller influence over MacArthur and other American overseers of Japan in the postwar years. A deal with Japanese industrialists was cooked up to place a Japanese face on the company.

    SONY is acronymic for Standard Oil of New York. So I let the cat outta the bag. Meyowww.

    • Replies: @Che Guava
  74. @Been_there_done_that

    Inversion is a common tool of the Ha\$barfa such as Has-Been. Here, he describes genitally intact me as a Hazzy. Has-Been is descended from more than 60 generations of Wounded Weenies, mostly sucked off by the Mohel after he did the dirty deed.

    Induced neurosis and genital insecurity is the common lot of those creepoids.

    As for Yatsenyukyukyuk, I am reminded of the Yiddischer slapstick role played by Curly of the Three Stooges with his signature “yuk, yuk, yuk”.

    So Has-Been insists that only Jews can determine who is Jewish and who is not? How about Winston Churchill, whose mother Jenny Jerome, was actually the daughter of a Yacobsohn (Jacobson) whose mother was Jewish and thus, by Rabbincal “law” so was that daughter’s son…Wee Winnie.

    It amuses me how Talmudists get hung up on their own self-contradictions and pilpul.

    • Agree: White Noise
  75. Agent76 says:

    May 18, 2022 Ukraine War: Evidence of new attacks in the Donbas region

    Sky News’ Special Correspondent Alex Crawford is in Bakhmut, a town in the heart of the Donbas region in Ukraine where evidence of new attacks are cropping up.

    May 15, 2017 Ukraine: US-Installed Fascist Rule in Europe’s Heartland

    Will Donetsk Rejoin Russia? The nation shares a near-1,500 mile land and sea border with Russia. Stop NATO’s Rick Rozoff earlier explained Ukraine is “the decisive linchpin in plans by the US and its NATO allies to effect a military cordon sanitaire, severing Russia from Europe” – a sinister plot perhaps intended as prelude to nuclear war.

    Sep 9, 2016 US funded Ukrainian army is terrorizing civilians, 2016

    Russell Bentley is a former US marine, that now fights for the Donbass, Eastern Ukraine, against the US-funded Ukrainian army.

  76. Zionists have had a hand in every war involving the US since they installed their privately owned FED and IRS on America in 1913 and from that point on the zionist threw America into WWI and every war since, as wars created money for the zionist banking kabal and created debt and death and destruction which is the goal of zionism, read The Protocols of Zion, there is the zionist playbook for all the world to see.

    The FED and IRS are 2 of the 10 planks of the communist manifesto and are unconstitutional , but most Americans are not aware of this, the FED and IRS have Americans in a prison without bars, but it is the worst kind of prison as the American people think they are free and do not realize they are under a communist government.

    • Agree: Ralph B. Seymour
    • Replies: @Alan Collins
  77. I have a question for the author or for any other informed person. Do you have a hypothesis or reasonable suspicion for who or what entity was behind the poisoning of Victor Yushchenko with dioxin, which left him with severe, deforming skin lesions? Was this poisoning intended to be lethal, or was it unlikely to be lethal? Please elaborate.

    • Agree: V. K. Ovelund
  78. YesSiree says:

    The third time (WWIII) will certainly be the “charm” for the Jews. They will be gone from this planet.

  79. What is wrong with you Americans? The two oceans protecting your flanks have crumbled due to modern technology. In a nuclear war with Russia, you are as exposed as any, reclaim your country from the Jews or perish. Putin has stated that he sees no future if Russia ceases to exist.
    I recently saw a news report where Americans were asked to pinpoint Ukraine, believe me, sub-Saharans would have done better on this test.
    Another report that confirmed this was a case of two Korean twins separated at infancy. One ended up in USA while the other remained in S Korea. The Korean twin tested 12 i.q points higher. They have blamed this on fluoridated water and/or lack family nurturing.

  80. What is lacking in media and academia is the subject/topic/theme of Jewish Power.

    There are lots of Jewish studies about history, culture, religion, wonders of Israel, ‘antisemitism’, and of course the Shoah, but there is precious little discussion of Jewish Power, the most important power in the world.

    We speak of Russian power, Russian strategy, and Russian interests. And Russian corruption and evil.
    We speak of Iranian power, Iranian strategy, and etc.
    We speak of Chinese power, Chinese strategy, and etc.
    We speak of white or ‘white supremacist’ interests and strategy.

    But there is hardly any talk of Jewish power, its worldview, its resentments and political psychology and pathologies. We hear of how corrupt Russia, China, Latin America, and Arab world are(and they are), but there’s no talk of Jewish corruption despite Wall Street meltdown, rape of Russian economy, endless ‘aid’ to Israel, Zionism’s ties with war industry, and etc.

    Free Speech isn’t enough. We need to institutionalize the study of Jewish Power.

    Every college should offer a degree in Jewish Power Studies. I’m sure Palestinians have much to say on the subject.

    And media should have a segment on Jewish Power. World News focus on what’s happening in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and etc. But as Jewish Power is global and interlinked across all continents, there should be a topic about Jewish global power.

    • Replies: @Dave Bowman
    , @Caruthers
  81. @Verymuchalive

    Rinat Akhmetov is married to a Jewess.

    • Replies: @Verymuchalive
  82. Anonymous[358] • Disclaimer says:

    Dear derurranged stop drinking the slavic bug juice. Nazis stopped the jewish bolshevic degeneracy before people like you were on your knees in moscow.

    • Agree: Backward
  83. @SS-The Independent

    Churchill was the Pig. Starved 4 millions in india’s Bengal. The British actually did experiments on how to create firestorms that would maximize the effects of their bomb raids on Dresden.
    Churchill was indebted to Jewish bankers because of his lavish lifestyle. Don’t believe me? Look it up.

  84. HT says:

    The Jew factor is the only reasonable explanation for why Democrats, Republicans, the establishment media, and nearly everyone else is miraculously united in limitless support for a such a corrupt and irrelevant country like Ukraine. We are apparently willing to spend any amount to prop them up and defeat Putin. Only Israel gets similar treatment.

    • Replies: @Geowhizz
  85. Morten says:

    Typical Jewish answer. Find 8nw wrong if it so and the cry while stumping another humans head.

  86. bert33 says:

    lets all hold our breath for zelensky to stand trial in moscow… in 3, in 2, in 1….(THUMP)

  87. Art says:

    The Jewish Hand in World War Three – Free Speech versus Catastrophe

    The Clownish Disinfo Czar Got The Boot, But Biden’s ‘Ministry Of Truth’ Hired Monster (Daily Caller)

    Catastrophe — Big Jew Michael Chertoff takes over government Disinfo cabal.

    (America is cursed)

    • Replies: @geokat62
  88. aandrews says:

    EU panics to prevent Ukraine bankruptcy. Elensky crowd funds. Former UK spy says Putin ill. Update 1
    Topic 546
    First published at 15:45 UTC on May 19th, 2022.

    Video Link

    • Replies: @Kolya Krassotkin
  89. geokat62 says:

    The Clownish Disinfo Czar Got The Boot, But Biden’s ‘Ministry Of Truth’ Hired Monster (Daily Caller

    Here’s the link:

    • Thanks: Art
  90. Jews get a pass on everything (unless they are obviously guilty of something heinous—and sometimes even then!). Jews get a pass from fellow Jews because they cover for each other. Jews get a pass from media because the media is owned and operated by Jews. And Jews get a pass from prominent non-Jews who are in the pay of Jewish sponsors and financiers.

    Great article! Yes, Jews get a pass on everything, as they do own the media and control almost all major corporations via ownership or indebtedness to Jewish banks. Jews own and control the world’s banking system, i.e., the IMF, World Bank, central banks (except for the Swiss…possibly) and most local banks. The U.S. Federal Reserve is owned by eleven Jew “bankster” families, whose origins go back millennia! The banks are their real source of power. The world’s nations’ debt is \$75 trillion, and private debt is even higher…all owed to Jewish banks! The only way to collect is to make all private holdings…public and then pay the banks with our previously owned assets. You don’t think governments/politicians are going to pay…do you?! What we’re left with is a communist Jewry controlled world or as coined by the World Economic Forum…The Great Reset of which the Jewish Klaus Schwab states, “You will own nothing and be happy.” What Schwab omits is most of the population will be killed-off by 2030 by a Jew-made pandemic. No, not SARS-CoV-2, but perhaps it’s the avian influenza (H5N1), set to be released later this year!

    • Replies: @RamboDave
  91. Agent76 says:

    May 19, 2022 “Kyiv Evacuates” 1700 Ukrainian Soldiers From Azovstal In Mariupol

    Over 1700 Ukrainian military members have been “evacuated” from the Azovstal plant in Mariupol with the “assistance of Kyiv” is what Kiev is telling the world but it’s a lie.

  92. anon[286] • Disclaimer says:

    Ron Unz is descended from Ukrainian Jews. I’m wondering if he is willing to share his family’s story and also share his personal thoughts on the Ukraine-Russia conflict.

  93. nickels says:

    All wars are jew wars.

    • Replies: @SafeNow
  94. Wherever Jewish influence follows, iconoclasm follows.

    Antifa and BLM in US and UK desecrate monuments.

    ISIS(backed by Israel) destroy ancient ruins, priceless treasures.

    And in Ukraine…

  95. Why is Z not being hunted down like Saddam?

    And his fortunes shattered by rockets…

    Is Putin not being mean enough or what??

  96. Derer says:

    There is, indeed, a Jewish hand at work here,

    With overwhelming evidence.

  97. Miro23 says:
    @Jon Halpenny

    It was probably Putin that had gangster Berezovsky assassinated in England and also imprisoned Nº 1 Jewish oligarch Khodorkovsky for 8 years.

  98. This is only half the story…Their goal is Iran. The American people need to think about what will happen next… Russia is mired in conflict in Ukraine. And now Russia is not able to fully provide military assistance to Iran. However, Iran still has a situational ally in the person of China. But China has its own Achilles heel. As soon as China gets bogged down in Taiwan by the efforts of the American establishment, then what all this (the Ukrainian crisis) was started for will happen.
    The next step will be something like a strike under a false flag on the United States and blaming the leadership of Iran for this. And then the American and Israeli air forces start a war against Iran, which was left without its allies.

    • Thanks: mark green, Protogonus
  99. Al Liguori says: • Website
    @Pierre Simon

    Yours is a fashionable claim that cannot withstand analysis: All types of Judeo-Communism are antithetical to authentic Christianity (true Catholicism, not the post-“Vatican 2” Novus Ordo imposters).

    Unlike Judeo-Communism the communal living of some early Christians and of later religious orders was, and still is, voluntary. Unlike Judeo-Communism private property is respected and protected by Catholic law and moral theology. About a dozen papal encyclicals have condemned Judeo-Communism since its earliest inception by Rabbi Moses Hess and his disciple Marx (among many, see Rerum Novarum, Leo XIII 1891).

    As Pope Pius XI noted in Quadragesimo Anno, May 15, 1931, issued on the fortieth anniversary of Rerum Novarum, the capitalist error of individualism cannot be ‘fixed’ by the socialist error of collectivism. Men need the true Faith to guide them as they conduct their temporal affairs in light of their Last End:

    “If Socialism, like all errors, contains some truth (which, moreover, the Supreme Pontiffs have never denied), it is based nevertheless on a theory of human society peculiar to itself and irreconcilable with true Christianity. Religious socialism, Christian socialism, are contradictory terms; no one can be at the same time a good Catholic and a true socialist.” (Pope Pius XI, Quadragesimo Anno, May 15, 1931.)

    See also Pope Pius XI’s encyclical against National Socialism: Mit Brennender Sorge (With Greatest Sorrow: On the Church and the German Reich) – March 14, 1937.

    Your other claims are equally false. “hate of the body and senses”??? Note the size of pre-Vatican 2 Catholic families. Hardly evidence of Puritanism. Pacifism? Ever hear of the Crusades? Lepanto? The namby-pamby crap is a feature of the (((Occupied Vatican))) and the crypto-Jew Anti-Popes, not the Catholicism of Christendom.

    • Replies: @simple mind
    , @Anon
  100. Mark Dankof says: • Website

    An absolutely terrific article which explains and contextualizes what is obviously afoot here. I shared it with The Saker on Telegram and on Vkontakte.

    I wrote Zelensky and his new United24 Crowd Fund scam in Ukraine today. If interested, I include the link here:

  101. Renoman says:

    Zelensky is a worm and a weasel who has hood winked all the stupid people and there sure are a pile of them. Most don’t even know where Ukraine is and still think Russia is Communist. Maybe it’s a good thing the Jews run America, imagine if “the people” did.

    • Replies: @simple mind
  102. SafeNow says:

    All wars are jew wars.

    Yes, and Jews are prone to instigate small, interpersonal, unnecessary daily life wars. Maria, dumping Zukerman, in Philip Roth’s “The Counterlife”:

    “Why the obsession with irresolvable conflict? Don’t you want a new mental life?
    Dissension and contentiousness put a spring in your heel.”

    What is especially important about the above is the context. Zukerman had been trying valiantly to suppress the above mental life. But finally, he lost control.

  103. @SS-The Independent

    Couldn’t just click “Thanks” so I’ll reply. I agree. It’s the same BS scam they’ve pulled for centuries,, and not just The Tribe but the Christian(and Muslim) lackeys at the top of their combined pyramids. AT THE TOP, not everyman Christians or Muslims who have been and continue to be used as fodder of sorts. As I had said/inferred here before. Christianity and Islam themselves have been altered to suit the current circumstances in every age since their beginnings to essentially kick the can forward and maintain their preeminence. Even when criticized(or even persecuted) they have maintained it. As the old saying goes, even bad publicity is still publicity, and all 3 of the “not so” Great Religions have parlayed even their persecutions into great wealth and power. I wonder when the plebes within each will finally figure out the score/scam? Someone responded to my earlier post with of course yet another rather dull defense of their religious claptrap in contention with what I stated. I didn’t bother replying. Their words bore me frankly. They don’t elicit any sort of colored response from me. Yawn… Tired of replying to stick in the mid pin-heads. One could accuse me of going far off topic from your Zappa quote but in fact the picture you painted is what all these creatures and their religious combined with political powers have always done and they somehow have kept people stupid.

    I will end this ramble with this, when the Christians decided to convert by force in Europe, it ended up a cataclysm for Europeans, including my people but also the “Balts”. I find it ironic that Christians today seem to be sensing the same cataclysm for themselves. I think deep down the real cataclysm they sense is not that their religion will end by their persecution but rather by the weight of evidence reducing the numbers of white Europeans who continue to fall for this Jew invented Christ-tard bull****. What goes around comes around. Personally I will always defend my own people and always have. I hear and read a lot of talk, but I have always backed my talk up with actions and will continue to do so. That said, I won’t and don’t tolerate Christ-Insanity and whether ones wants to see it or not, it is rooted down hard in a lot of people even many I have seen and listened to who no longer claim to be Christian. It is still deeply rooted in their psyche and Jews wouldn’t have it any other way.

  104. saba says:

    Are you ready for more demands from the Jewish mafia to keep their control over the lives of billions of people around the world intact using ‘antisemitic’ charge?
    That’s why the Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz is bringing another bill of ‘antisemitism’ to the floor to force education on ‘holohoax’, and ‘antisemitism’ not only the Americans, but the world population. Everyone is going to be affected, since these zionist supremacists demanding the purge of ‘antisemitic’ all over the world, including online!!!

    • Replies: @anon
    , @hardlooker
  105. GenFranco says:
    @anyone with a brain

    I would humbly suggest that ignoring the ACTUAL history of Catholicism from the Gospel of John to the mid 20th century is not the way to show off your enormous brain. Jewish perfidy, power, and satanic machinates have the been amply exposed by real Christians since the time of Christ, through the Early Church Fathers and the Middle Ages, and into the 20th century. Judeo-christianity is a recent, albeit potent apostasy.

    The amount of evidence refuting this simplistic rant would fill several volumes (and indeed spans at least a century and a half) but if “anyone with a brain” wants to move beyond this tripe (i.e., mistaking modern “judeo-christianity” for the history of the one true Church) then I recommend E. Michael Jones’ scholarly and comprehensive “The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit.”

    Consider this: the more secular and less religous the West has become the more enslaved to judeo-supremacy it has become. And what tops the hit list of the judeo-surpemacists? The actual Catholic faith.

    In the meantime, the idea that Stalinism (an offspring of jewish bolshevism) was a legitimate check on jewish power gave those of us who are sane our laugh for the day. Thanks.

    • Agree: Towey
  106. Sounds like the sob story of another defeated Russian troll. Slava Ukraine! Guess who “cares” about the Ukrainian soldiers? THE UKRAINIANS, who would smack your boomer face for disrespect. Knock them ALL DOWN.

    What we need is more Boomer slapping. See a boomer? Slap a boomer.

    When Russia falls to pieces and breaks up in constituent chaos, everyone will rejoice. The ultimate shytehole country, while Ukraine is new and expanding. The 1st new country of the 21st century, welcome to the world Ukraine, and blast “Russia” forever.

    • Replies: @emerging majority
  107. Anon[306] • Disclaimer says:

    Better than outstanding is this brilliant, comprehensive, courageous analysis. Superb!

    I have one question regarding “Perhaps there is no other way than to await the inevitable conflagration, exact retribution in the ensuing chaos, and then rebuild society from scratch—older and wiser.” Where will Jews be when we rebuild?

    • Replies: @Dave Bowman
  108. @Renoman

    Zelensky is a hero and appointed for the task by his constituency, he lived up to his moment well. Ask UKRAINIANS what they think! Not the internet

  109. @Al Liguori

    This issue is not “community of goods” but community of nation. The land is a public good that belongs to the commonwealth at large, and dividing that land according to popular custom is the 1st duty of any State, owed to the people.

    • Replies: @Al Liguori
  110. Notamason says:

    As I stated before it is a war between a government of Kikes verses a nation of Christian Government.

  111. @Rev. Spooner

    Who said I don’t believe you…that I don’t know that ?…I wrote ‘ even Churchill ‘…ya know…the Shabbos Goy…admitted that they fought the wrong enemy…I grow up hearing the oldest saying that Churchill sold us at Yalta, back there, in Romania. Also ‘ perfidious Albion ‘…Sorry, Brits…nobody like you, in Eastern-Europe/Balkans…NOBODY ! Even with the psychopaths, filthy rich Rothschild’s you become more and more irrelevant day by day ( and with little luck, the Russian will put an end to your misery )…

    • Replies: @Towey
  112. @Rev. Spooner

    Mark Twain — ‘God created war so that Americans would learn geography.’

  113. @aandrews

    Good video.

    BTW. Duhbyah is an idiot. He should stand trial for war crimes.

  114. anon[578] • Disclaimer says:

    Thank you, Debbie Wasaman Shluts.
    Now, return to your fish tank.

    • LOL: Kolya Krassotkin
  115. Bookish1 says:

    I see the game plan now. But first, I agree jews will have big hand in coming war. Here is their plan. When America is in the thick of the battle with Russia the jews will turn the tables against hated America and America will lose the war. Jews hate America as the past shows. America goes under and so does the rest of the west. To be continued.

  116. Anonymous[490] • Disclaimer says:
    @Rev. Spooner

    What is wrong with you Americans?

    I have an IQ in the 140+ region, and had upper middle class relatives.

    Every last one of them told me to act stupid, and that there was no market for smart people, but rather for “regular guys”. I’ve seen this attitude a good deal during life.

    The general attitude is described fairly well in Whyte’s The Organization Man, 1950s. Whyte was an editor of Fortune, the premier business magazine in the 1950s, and was in a good position to see changes between Pre-WW II and Post-WW II milieus. According to Whyte, the idea of contemporary Post-WW II managers was to manage everything, and above all not to allow any conflict or even ripple in the corporate “family”. The CEO was to be just as average as anybody else, although he was allowed one “captive screwball” to understand external reality. Metaphorically, the manager was a housewife, tasked with keeping the corporate “family” placid while Modern Management Theory did its work.

    The above paragraph describes what was, in practice, a workable theory. WW II had ended with the New Deal dominating the West. The New Deal was a direct descendent of Golden Age urban political machines, with some admixture of labor unions and 1850s slave state efforts at revenge for losing the US Civil War. It was initially dominated by the Irish, but in the 1950s the postwar New Deal was being taken over by Jewish organizations, with the takover complete after JFK was assassinated. Everything became political by the early 1970s, in part because of the New Deal ancestry of the dominant political coalition, but also because the New Deal urban areas had become economically nonviable, and for that matter by 1980 the major American corporations had become non-viable.
    Corporate life had to be conformist and nonproductive because the US Federal Government tried, with considerable success, to end innovation. Only computer areas, which could be used for population control, were permitted to advance significantly. I was in R&D for much of my life, and that was the rule: nothing revolutionary or that would make the corporations look bad. This has resulted in the replication crisis: why not produce bad results when any results will be so incremental as to be ignored? Science ends because the experimental data is often bad, and the theoretical work is limited to rehashes of old results?

    And the “trickle down” effect has been to make the American population stupid and more than a little insane. As the intellectual area of thought became inactive or outright deceptive (e.g. Postmodernism), the general public lost its respect for intellect. This is just beginning to be reversed, as the general public is using its “common sense” to tell itself that (for example) letting the schools castrate general public’s children is not a good idea, and is actually listening to arguments (poor though they be) from some political programs.

    As for the “pinpoint on a map” part — US citizens realize that they have lost all human rights, all control over what their government does, and any prospect of their opinion mattering to anybody anywhere. The stolen election of 2020 cemented that realization. The details of something they can’t control or even influence are of little interest and less use.

    • Replies: @Rev. Spooner
  117. @Greta Handel

    The date is wrong, too. In mid-March 2014, Crimea held a referendum and seceded from Ukraine. Then Crimea asked to rejoin Russia. Putin accepted.

    “Annex” is too flexible a word for this. “Invaded and annexed” sounds like armed robbery.

    • Thanks: Greta Handel
  118. @Ray Caruso

    Like Robert Dolan, I agree with your comment, and I commend you for stating all the essentials in plain and unprovocative terms. I would add two brief glosses, however.

    Your inane attacks on Christianity make you an unwitting ally of the Jews.

    As this site and others have, in the past three months or so, been under intense, unrelenting hasbara assault, I would not be at all surprised if the other commenter turned out to be a rather more witting ally of the Jews than he might prefer to appear.

    By the way, your handle is all too typical of those who are arrogant yet ignorant.

    How true! A growing number of commenters seem to find the urge to use a self-congratulatory screen name, however unmerited the compliment to themselves may be, too tempting to resist.

    • LOL: Carolyn Yeager
  119. @prime noticer

    Thanks for putting a face on disinformation.

  120. Al Liguori says: • Website
    @simple mind

    It’s not clear to me what you derive from your distinction. I have not run into such a distinction in our moral theology, but then I am not a theologian, just a reasonably well-catechized layman.

    Catholicism demands no specific form of government providing that the form (whether monarchy, constitutional republic, or other) providing that the nation accepts the “Social Reign of Christ the King.”*** Certainly a State may designate certain land/properties that are “public,” but a State that designates all land/property as the States’ violates the natural rights of private property that the Church supports and defends. Again, I’m unclear where you mean to go with your community of goods and community of nation distinction, so feel free to elaborate on your thoughts.

    ***The best single resource I have seen on the Catholic doctrine on the Social Reign of Christ the King:

    • Replies: @simple mind
  121. Seraphim says:
    @Kolya Krassotkin

    Russians studied them both in depth and on the surface. Take for example Dostoevsky:
    “I know that in the whole world there is certainly no other people who would be complaining as much about their lot, incessantly, after each step and word of theirs — about their humiliation, their suffering, their martyrdom. One might think it is not they who are reigning in Europe, who are directing there at least the stock exchanges and, therefore, politics, domestic affairs, the morality of the states…”
    “It is possible to outline, at least, certain symptoms of that status in statu — be it only externally. These symptoms are: alienation and estrangement in the matter of religious dogma; the impossibility of fusion; belief that in the world there exists but one national entity, the Jew, while, even though other entities exist, nevertheless, it should be presumed that they are, as it were, nonexistent. ‘Step out of the family of nations and form your own entity, and thou shalt know that henceforth thou art the only one before God; exterminate the rest, or make slaves of them. Have faith in the conquest of the whole world; adhere to the belief that everything will submit to thee. Loathe strictly everything, and do not have intercourse with anyone in thy mode of living. And even when thou shalt lose the land, thy political individuality, even when thou shalt be dispersed all over the face of the earth, amidst all nations — never mind, have faith in everything that has been promised thee, once and forever; believe that all this will come to pass, and meanwhile live, loathe, unite, and exploit — and wait, wait . . . .”
    Waiting for what?
    ”Now, how would it be if in Russia there were not three million Jews, but three million Russians, and there were eighty million Jews — well, into what would they convert the Russians and how would they treat them? Would they permit them to acquire equal rights? Would they permit them to worship freely in their midst? Wouldn’t they convert them into slaves? Worse than that: wouldn’t they skin them altogether? Wouldn’t they slaughter them to the last man, to the point of complete extermination, as they used to do with aliens in ancient times, during their ancient history?”
    “Thus, Jewry is thriving precisely there where the people are still ignorant, or not free, or economically backward. It is there that Jewry has a champ libre. And instead of raising, by its influence, the level of education, instead of increasing knowledge, generating economic fitness in the native population — instead of this the Jew, wherever he has settled, has still more humiliated and debauched the people; there humaneness was still more debased and the educational level fell still lower; there inescapable, inhuman misery, and with it despair, spread still more disgustingly. Ask the native population in our border regions: What is propelling the Jew — and has been propelling him for centuries? You will receive a unanimous answer: mercilessness. ‘He has been prompted so many centuries only by pitilessness to us, only by the thirst for our sweat and blood.’

    • Thanks: Miro23, Kolya Krassotkin
  122. @Ray Caruso

    Also, it seems clear that the beast from the sea as described by John of Patmos in Rev 13 (Satan’s agent in the physical realm) refers to the Jewish collective.

    • Replies: @Che Guava
  123. Seraphim says:

    More Dostoevsky:
    “It is impossible to conceive of a Jew apart from his religion. They are all waiting for their messiah, all of them, from the lowest Yid to the highest and most learned philosopher and rabbi-Kabalist. They all believe that their messiah will unite them in Jerusalem and bring by his sword, all nations to their feet.
    The Yid and his bank are now ruling over everything: over Europe, education, civilization, socialism, especially socialism, for he will use it to uproot Christianity and destroy its civilization. And when only anarchy remains, the Yid will be in command of everything.
    For while the Jew goes about preaching socialism, he will stick together with his own, and after all the riches of Europe have been wasted, the Yid’s bank will still be there.”

    • Agree: Protogonus
  124. @simple mind

    There’s another name or title? for a simple mind: Idiot.

    • Agree: TheTrumanShow
  125. @saba

    … displaying profoundly unmistakable Jewish morphology, obsessive traits, and neuroses.

  126. @Rev. Spooner

    Rinat Akhmetov is married to Liliya Nikolaievna Smirnova (born 1965), and has two sons with her, Damir (born 1988) and Almir (born 1997)

    It doesn’t say anything about her being Jewish. Also, both sons have Turkic names. So it seems unlikely. But, unless disproven, the possibility does remain.

  127. Jon Chance says: • Website

    Given the near certainty of a nuclear war, perhaps it makes sense to make plans for the post-holocaust era.

    If most of the criminals reside in the Terrorist Theocracy of Israel and metro areas like New York, Washington, Los Angeles and London, it would be advisable for Gentiles to establish closed borders and minimize the damage of this conflict:

  128. Towey says:
    @SS-The Independent

    Wasn’t it General Patton who stated that the USA defeated the wrong enemy and wanted to arm the German POWs to take the war to the USSR and defeat communism but Churchill wouldn’t let him.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  129. Capture Zelensky and just execute him.

    • Agree: Protogonus
    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  130. @Al Liguori

    It’s a matter of any civil government to define land ownership with the custom and use of that nation. Regardless of form (monarchy, democracy. etc.) the main question in any country is the distribution of land, all land is in the State through eminent domain, which is a “public good”. The common territory is public by nature.

    Catholics seems to have no problem understanding the necessity of land reform, whether right wing or left wing. Land belongs to people who work it, live on it, build with it, and relate to it. All ‘goods” wear out in 20 years at most, so what anyone “has” today is irrelevant; what matter is how it unfolds going forward over time.

  131. Che Guava says:
    @emerging majority

    Your first claim is unlikely, it has no connection with Sony’s history as taught or in various media. You cite nothing to support it.

    The second claim is pure nonsense.

    A little funny, but not much.

    • Replies: @emerging majority
  132. Lau says:


    Interessanting article – however one-eyed: The Western Jews are the bad guys (and they are) – but not a word against Putin, the mass murderer of political opponents and thousands of innocent patriotic Ukrainians. And Czhecnians, too, apart from driving millions of peaceful people from their destroyed homes. No Jew can make people fight till the last stand if they do not want to – just compare the miserable morale of the Russian army which has lost about 1/3 of its invasion force and material – disclosing the Russian army as one of the most impotent armies in Europe.

    The author seem ignorant about the fact that Putin´s mother was Jewish – MAKING PUTIN A FIRST DEGREE JEW! (1)

    And Putin is not only a Jew – he is a member of the Doomsday sect, Chabad Lubavitch (2, 3)- as is his bosom friend, supreme Russian Rabbi Berel Lazar.
    This sect has one single goal: Speeding the coming of the Jewish Messiah, ben David through Armageddon – promoted by Messiah ben Joseph, a role given by Chabad-Rebbe and  presumed resurrected ben David, Menachem Schneerson, to Binyamin Netanyahu, who is to be the last prime minister of Israel – and probably re-elected in upcoming Israel elections, after Prime Bennett has lost his parliamentary majority.

    This sect has other famous members: The Trump clan (3), the Rotschilds (2) e.g. – and it steers  world governments and politics through them.

    BUT: The Chabadniks stricly follow Bible prophecies. That means thar Isaiah 17 about the deletion of Damascus forever  (Isaiah 17)and then the deletion of Israel by Gog from Magog, the Prince of Rosh, from the extreme North, followed by i.a. Persians/Iranians (Ezekiel 36-39)  must be fulfilled, before ben David can come. The epart of the prophecy about the restoration of Israel from all peoples of the world  has been fulfilled. When Jerusalem is thus deleted WWIII will Come (Matth. 24, Jeremiah 25)



    • Replies: @Al Liguori
  133. An ‘A’ for the assessment of the Jewish role. A ‘D’ for knowledge of the history of the region.

  134. Al Liguori says: • Website

    Yes, Zelensky the Jew and Putin the crypto-Jew are both playing their assigned roles to instigate another gentile-against-gentile World War: Both of them are under the thumb of CHABAD: Putin is a proven fraud and communist.
    Russia and China [see my following post about China] are in final preparations for military conquest of the West. World War 3 is the final act in a long-range synagogue script to achieve world Jewish domination.

  135. Al Liguori says: • Website

    indigenous k’aifeng and alien Jews in China • Surprising to some, Jews have been an important fraction of the Chinese ruling class for almost two millennia. Jews fomented the revolution against the Last Chinese Emperor, then founded the first Chinese Republic under Dr. Sun Yat-sen, himself a K’aifeng Jew. Jews dominated the founding of “Chinese” Communism. It was, of course, a Jew, Grigori Voitinsky, that founded the Chinese Communist Party. Just as globalist and nationalist Jews appear to fight today, Jews, Mao Zedong and Chiang Kai-shek, also led the subsequent clash of Communist and Nationalist Jews. K’aifeng Jews continue to dominate “Chinese” Communism.

    Despite Jewish suppression of knowledge about the dominant role of Jews in “European” Communism, such awareness is increasing. Jews have denied the Jewish roots of Marx, Lenin, Stalin, Beria, and Dzerzhinsky, but recent testimony, as noted above, is penetrating Jewish denials. Still, many are startled to learn of the extensive role played by both indigenous Chinese K’aifeng Jews and alien European Jews—not a “semite” among them.

    Kaifeng Jews
    גנפייק ידוהי
    Chinese Communism and Chinese Jews
    by Itsvan Bakony

    How Jews took over China and created Chinese Communism

    Chinese Communism is as Jewish as its Russian Cousin

    So blame Rabbi Hess, Marx, Voitinsky, Rittenberg, Sachs, et al. for Mao and add another 75 million dead at the hands of Jews.

    “According to conservative estimates of experts, there are currently about 45 million people in China who fall under the Israeli Law of Return – Jews, immigrants from Kaifeng [141] and other ancient communities and their families.… This information ended with a passage that is, in our opinion, sensational to a certain extent. Let’s quote it in full: ‘The first planes with repatriates from China will land at the airport. Ben-Gurion on a symbolic day – December 26, 1993, when the whole world will celebrate the 100th anniversary of the birth of the great son of the Kaifeng [JEWISH] community – Chairman Mao.’ [“Moscow – Jerusalem”. Zionist Newspaper, December 1993, no. 15 (17).”]
    machine translation from: ЛитМир – Электронная Библиотека > Русаков Роман > Дыхание драконов (Россия, Китай и евреи) > Стр.12 (LitMir – Electronic Library> Roman Rusakov> Breath of Dragons (Russia, China and Jews)> Page 12)

    Russian academic & Jew Leonid Eilman reveals a Chinese student told him that communist heads Deng Xiaoping & Zhou Enlai were Jews. machine translation from: По следам переселений евреев-мизрахи.
    by Леонид Ейльман • 21 мая 2016 (In the wake of the migrations of the Mizrahi Jews.
    by Leonid Eilman • May 21, 2016)

    • Replies: @Franklin Ryckaert
  136. @Fidelios Automata

    Scofield bible is a Jewish program to influence Jakob (whites). The Jews are Edomites, sons of Esua. God hates the Jews. Jesus (Yashua) was not a Jew. Judeans was changed to Jews, by the Jew translators, to mislead Jakob. Jesus was a Isrealite (Jakob-white) of the Kings tribe Juda.

  137. @Che Guava

    What is “as taught or in various media” is totally open to question, as you ought to know seeing as you are a regular poster here on this post-phd interchange aka U.R. Simply stated, edjumacasion and mass mindfuck media is totally under control by the enemies of humanity.

    As for citations, intuitive understanding may be beyond your pay-grade, as you appear to be quite ruled by leftbrain monomaniacy.

    What we do know about the Rottenfeller Crime Clan is that they hire the best brains that dirty, big money can take on. They work behind the scenes, yet leave little clues, of which the acronymic SONY sticks out like a freshly circumcised wounded weenie.

    • Troll: Che Guava
    • Replies: @Che Guava
  138. Anon[338] • Disclaimer says:

    So let me get this straight the Jewish controlled Biden administration collaborated with Putin who is Jewish and Kolomosky(felon)/Zelensky to start a war where millions of non-Jews lost there families in displacement and are killing each other while the Jews sit back and rake in millions of dollars while entirely protected and free from danger on top of receiving lots of fame, and the reaction of both America and Europe is to pass stringent antisemitism laws to protect the Jews? This means that basically I was right from the beginning. No one cares about the Ukrainians or non-Jews. Literally the only lives that matter in this conflict are the Jews. So basically the Jews collaborated to displace and kill millions of non-Jews, so the Jews could have another Israel.

    Zelenskyy says wants Ukraine to become a ‘big Israel’

    • Replies: @Al Liguori
  139. @Tom Clark

    “Those kosher hands were behind WW1 and WW2…in fact they
    are behind all wars, empires and genocides throughout history.”

    It is easier to understand if you refer to the “world” wars as JW1,
    JW2, and now they have started JW3. Poland seems to be the flash

  140. bronekc says:

    An excellent report. Lots of facts. Prior to Eurocide II there were 3 mln zyds in Eastern Poland and a similar number in Soviet Ukraine. It would be politically incorrect to imply that they were not all eradicated. However, after the Soviet Union dissolved over a million went to Israel and another million went to Western Europe and other places. They must have fell out of the sky and suddenly landed on Ukrainian soil.

    A person has to remember that during the era of the Soviet Union most zydz were extrinsically Soviets and intrinsically they remained zyds. In all probably, at least 2 – 3 mln remain, many from what was formerly eastern Poland. I read somewhere, can’t recall the language, that over 150,000 who migrated to Israel returned to the land of their birth (Ukraine).

    Whatever, just about the entire hierarchy of Ukraine has a zyd background. This was an amazing report by the professor. Hats off to his commentary on ethnicity. It’s a tricky topic.

  141. @anyone with a brain

    This is a truth that too many people don’t want to admit, and it’s only because they were raised Christian and cannot think outside its parameters.

    • Agree: anyone with a brain
  142. @Anonymous

    Corporate life had to be conformist and nonproductive because the US Federal Government tried, with considerable success, to end innovation.

    Could you eleborate a bit on the above some more?

    As the intellectual area of thought became inactive or outright deceptive (e.g. Postmodernism), the general public lost its respect for intellect. This is just beginning to be reversed.

    I feel the internet has made most (those who are curious) more immune to propangada.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  143. Jon Chance says: • Website

    President Kennedy speaks about national security and secret societies in 1961:

    My father worked for Kennedy and the CFR. Somehow an aerogram from Israeli terrorists regarding JFK’s assassination found its way into my father’s files.

    When I found this aerogram, I felt a bit like Luke Skywalker discovering that his dad is Darth Vader.

    My father’s third wife was a Polish-Israeli terrorist sent by ISIS in 1976 to ensure my father wouldn’t stray from the Tribe.

    What have we learned in sixty years about antisemitic conspiracy theories?

  144. Che Guava says:
    @Harold Smith

    Harold Smith is likely adopted from a character in a Steven King novel, the whole is pretty dull, but Harold and Nadine had a sexual relatationship of any but penis in vagina, to prevenossibly pregnancy before she became bride of the antichrist.

    Porn movie inspired by Harold and Nadines co-habitation would be entertaining.

    • Replies: @Harold Smith
  145. @Al Liguori

    You pose as an expert on Jews and Judaism, but you don’t know even such a basic thing that Hebrew, like all other Semitic languages, is written from right to left.

    גנפייק ידוהי is supposed to mean “Yehudi Kaifeng”, but you write it from left to right, thus read from right to left as it should, it reads: gnehpaiq iduhey, which is nonsense.

    The rest of your information is similarly bogus: that there are 45 million (sic) Jews in China, that Sun Yat-sen, Mao Ze-dong, Chiang Kai-chek, Deng Xiao-ping, and Chou En-lai were all Jews. In reality the Kaifeng Jews were always a small community. Racially and culturally they have entirely assimilated. Only a very small group remains:

    “…The last census revealed about 400 official Jews in Kaifeng, now estimated at some 100 families totalling approximately 500 people.[40] Up to 1,000 residents have ties to Jewish ancestry,[16] though only 40 to 50 individuals partake in Jewish activities…”


    BTW, Stalin and Beria were Georgians, not Jews.

    Yes, Jews are in many places, but not everywhere. And yes, many destructive individuals in history were Jews, but not all.

    • Thanks: anyone with a brain
    • Replies: @Al Liguori
    , @Al Liguori
  146. Protogonus says: • Website
    @emerging majority

    The talmudists in occupied Palestine believe only they are correct and informed among judaists of the world. This is basic to events as they are unfolding in the End Times, which are announced independently by traditional and sectarian sources reviewed here:

    We have recommended elsewhere on this site that Russia should declare the intent to obliterate Tel Aviv if Russia is attacked by NATO with nuclear weapons. The talmudists are cowards and will call off their hot war, once they are convinced that Russia is determined to prevail.

  147. @Jeffrey A Freeman

    Capture him, put him on livestream as he goes ‘Cold Turkey’, then put him on trial, and see if he can be swapped by his Western owners afterwards. Market value? Ha, ha. Patsies come cheap.

  148. @Towey

    Patton would have been crushed by the Red Army in days. No blow-hard like a Yankee blow-hard. Grenada’s more your go, Rambo.

  149. @Seraphim

    ‘Mercilessness’ Yes-ask any Palestinian, or Jeremy Corbyn for that matter.

  150. Anon[338] • Disclaimer says:

    @Al Liguori

    I guess if I went around claiming to be a higher species with greater souls while profiting greatly from war and hiding that fortune all over in shell accounts in tax free havens as well as not even feeling the need to pay taxes to contribute back to the society that they demand protect them, I would want a ton of laws and protection as well.

    “…Goyim were born only to serve us. Without that, they have no place in the world – only to serve the People of Israel.”
    ~Ovadia Yosef, Sephardi Chief Rabbi of Israel

    • Agree: Al Liguori
  151. @Che Guava

    Well thanks for taking a little time away from your Talmudic studies, or stealing Arab land, or painting swastikas on your front door, or defrauding your insurance company, or fellating your boyfriend, (or any of your other manifold perversities), to share your unsolicited judenfilthy opinions with the readership here.

    • Replies: @Che Guava
  152. jsigur says:

    This is the only place we can talk about Jews cause the Jews don’t care if we know it as long as it is pretty near impossible to communicate it to those who don’t know it.That’s why all that reshuffling occurred a few years back, to get us out of the same place as the trusting normies.
    I remember a conversation with a Jew in private chat. The guy was willing to be honest in private chat with me and he told me that many Jews believe that for intensive purposes the battle was won with WWII.
    All the goyim that believed Jewish propaganda that Hitler was some form of true evil sealed the deal for Jews
    I personally gave up serious efforts as a non profit in this fight in 2018 when I closed my total honesty about Jews site named “‘Blindlight. Believe me, its hard to come to terms with the fact that your previous 6 years was a total waist
    What’s mostly left to make weak arguments for our case are likely to be in some way funded by “The Deep State” (Jews).
    At this point, the profit motive is the only viable reason for those who see the game clearly to keep fighting the good fight
    Though I quit, I’m on the sidelines watching while doubting anything good will come of it.
    In hindsight, I now understand that the real time to make a stand for the white race was 1939

    • Replies: @Dave Bowman
  153. Al Liguori says: • Website
    @Franklin Ryckaert

    I “pose” as a well-catechized and reasonably knowledgeable Catholic, nothing more, nothing less. Indigenous and alien Jews dominated “Chinese” Communist genocide just as they dominated European Communist genocide. Whether “45 million” or “500,” Jews killed 75 million in China and 60 million in the USSR and engineered world wars and crimes against humanity that killed ¼ BILLION people in the 20th century


    When their genocide was under way, the “Chosen” boasted that Communism was theirs. Now that the death toll of Judeo-Communism’s tikkun olam (repairing the world the Jewish way) is well-known, the Synagogue of Satan pretends they had nothing to do with it.

    Lenin was a Jew. Evidence aggregated here:
    Stalin was a Jew. Evidence aggregated here:
    Beria was a Jew. Evidence aggregated here:
    Sun Yat-Sen was a Jew. Mao Ze-dong was a Jew. Deng Xiaoping was a Jew. Zhou Enlai was a Jew. Evidence aggregated here: etc., etc., etc.

    Wikipedia’s “500” factoid was “sourced” from the unsourced and completely gratuitous assertion of the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs. The Talmud exhorts deception of Gentiles in general (Bava Kamma 113a) and explicitly exhorts concealing Jewish population numbers (Yoma 22b), so no Jewish source can be taken at face value, especially Jewish claims of their numbers—or lack of numbers. “6 million” anyone???

    • Thanks: Malla
  154. @katzenellenbogen

    Putin has referenced the role of Jews in Marxist-Leninist political philosophy and the creation of the USSR.

  155. Anonymous[427] • Disclaimer says:
    @Rev. Spooner

    End of innovation

    First: the rate of innovation has actually slowed since WW II. It has been about 8 decades since WW II ended in 1945. So, compare 1945 to 8 decades earlier, 1865, US Civil War times. A person from 1945 could manage daily life in the present time, 2022, once that person learned about the Internet, which is largely a set of virtual emulations of physical items in 1945 (e.g. YouTube is an emulation of a movie screen, Facebook is gossip at a virtual club meeting, Amazon is a virtual Sears-Roebuck catalog). We have nothing resembling the introduction of automobiles or refrigeration, and we are actually losing effective antibiotics and immunizations.

    Back in the 1970s “technology” (a nelogism, prior to that it had been “science” and “engineering”) was cast as an evil influence, and the Congress even had on “Office of Technology Assessment” that was supposed to report bad “unforeseen effects” of technology to the Congress, which would then make the technology illegal. This was the start of the counterproductive regulation that we see today (e.g. California transmission lines not permitted to either be maintained correctly or to have surrounding vegetation cleared adequate distances, and the consequent fires).

    For a compilation of innovation rate, see Dutton’s _The Genius Famine_ and _At Our Wits End_ in

    I once solved a very important problem for a very important project, so important that the head of NSF called me to try to get me to continue my research. Unfortunately, I could not do so, as the entire academic field in my area was solidly opposed to any change in their knowledge base, refused the Fortran compiler (!) I needed, knew nothing and cared less about NSF’s goal. I had taken information from several different fields to solve the problem. Industry was simply uninterested — they, too, wanted stasis until their retirement.

    NASA, a great hope in the 1960s, was an utter fraud on the public. That is laid out in Logsdon’s _The Decision to Go to the Moon_, MIT Press, 1976, and also see:
    JFK thought of the Apollo project as a stunt, to be shut down and forgotten after completion, and had no understanding of the importance of space industrialization (such as we now have for satellite communications).

    the New York Times once, upon the retirement of the NASA chief engineer of the original Shuttle development program, detailed with apparent pride that the chief engineer had completely falsified his report to Congress on projected Shuttle costs. Getting the Shuttle to orbit with its rated cargo required that the shuttle main engines be run at 103% of max rated capacity. That necessitated a complete teardown and rebuild for the engines after every flight, which in turn required a “marching army” of technicians and engineers, who had to be paid. Their pay made the shuttle the most expensive way of getting to orbit, even when the shuttle was not lost during the trip. In his report to Congress, the chief engineer had simply increased the number of flights/year until the price/pound to orbit was lower than the expendable launch vehicles. I would say, off hand, that NASA killed off any space industrialization except communications, and it actually tried to do that.

    As for education, universities decided that they were not in the business of educating, but rather in the business of trading certification for tuition. The Federal Government’s requirement that all politically important groups have the same general level of certification was consistent with the universities’ decision. As a result, universities are simply not educating the level the reached in the 1960s. Without the understanding that underlies current devices, improvement is not possible.

    I feel the internet has made most (those who are curious) more immune to propaganda.

    My point was that intelligence and knowledge is being reviled as being “whiteness” which should be “ended”. This is a fairly recent development. Even back in the 1950s, when conformity and a sort of mute stupidity was required of corporate personnel, and “eggheads” were thought to be largely homosexual, there was an element of “everybody knows that this is just ego preservation”, or, in more classical terms, “envy”. That is gone today. Thomism is not widely influential anymore, even among technical/engineering/scientific personnel, and consequently we have the replication crisis.

    As to your remark, the internet can be used to counter propaganda, true enough. However, in venues such as Facebook, in which organized groups can simply shout down unorthodox opinions, it can also be used to reinforce propaganda, giving an impression of a unity that does not, in fact, exist.

    Again, I think that after WW II, Tammany Hall’s professional politicians found themselves effectively head of a great empire that they were unable to lead. After maneuvering to eject other ethnic groups and the Solid South, a process complete by 1970 or so, Jewish interests came to dominate the remnants of the Anglo-Saxons, who at that time still dominated industry. This happened at the same time that the urban areas whence Tammany class political machines originate lost their shipping and manufacturing income to containerization and corporations, both of which moved operations out of the cities. By 1970, cities were supported by Federalized welfare and similar government activities. Since then, the national political establishment has been, well, monomaniacally focused on keeping that Federal and State money coming, at the expense of all else — including innovation. Recently, the Jewish coalition has lost much of its power, being replaced for the time being by the BIPOC coalition, which is also urban based and also monomaniacally focused on keeping the Federal and State money coming.

  156. Adûnâi says: • Website
    @David B

    > “Vladimir Putin, as an old-school Cold Warrior, seems equally determined to press ahead until achieving “victory.”

    Unfortunately, Thomas Dalton seems like a typical normie – maybe, not of the liberal kind, but the pro-Russian one. Just as Andrew Anglin, blinded by his mental imagery to see the clown world around. “An old-school warrior”? When every Russian nationalist is suspecting Putin of high treason? What other nation in the history of the planet started peace talks on the first day of the war? What other nation outright refused to kill enemy soldiers when such a capability was well in reach? What other aggressor state ever made such a “gesture of good will” as abandoning half the captured territory – without any concessions from the enemy at all?

    Three months into this Pelevin’s SNUFF-esque war, there should be a public outcry that Putin is the greatest Jewish asset against Russia. Throwing the most nationalistic Donbass militia into suicide charges. Not enacting even partial mobilisation to guard the supply lines. Letting treacherous billionaires off the hook, allowing them to escape to Israel or England (and then welcoming them back, as in some cases). There are still legal difficulties with sending medicine from Russia to Donetsk. And so on.

    > “If more than a minuscule fraction of the public knew about such details, they would presumably be outraged.”

    Why would Americans be outraged at their side winning? Talking about the most basic stuff, namely, the fridge – if the US dollar collapses due to Asiatic victories, the American normie will have to lose weight. Isn’t the Jew the guardian of the American dream?

    • Replies: @JohnnySweden
  157. @anyone with a brain

    I think the key to fixing everything is to free minds from holocaustianity

    This is exactly correct – and up until some time last year there was for several years a very regular, erudite, focussed and highly-intelligent commenter on these articles called “Wally”, who pointed out this single unchangeable truth determinedly and tirelessly. Unfortunately since last year, “Wally” appears to have completely vanished.

    I believe Wally was connected with – and probably a key part of – CODOH – “Committee for Open Debate of the Holocaust” – and though he seems to have departed these shores, CODOH is still up and running as far as I can tell, appearing not yet to have been crippled by ADL / SPLC online intimidation and sabotage –

    I think it is sad that in the year 2022 The Jews have still not learned how to not overplay their hand and create an antisemitic reaction

    No, I don’t think this is “sad” in any way at all. From the perspective of beleaguered, beaten-down, intimidated and oppressed Whites across the West, I think it’s little short of a miracle from God himself that ruthless White-hating, Satan-worshipping Talmudic Jew filth have one critical and ever-present fatal weakness after all these millennia of their demonic evil which intelligent, calculating, organised Whites can – and WILL – eventually use to expose, and then destroy them, in order to save ourselves. The supremely-ugly, unchanging, over-riding “god-like” arrogance and disastrous lack of self-awareness of the Jew – despite their own extensive and deeply-depressing history of repeated punishments for their relentless nation-wrecking wickedness – will lead them once again eventually back to the same place.

    In a way, it’s a very good thing that you can’t fix stupid. Or, to put it another way, it’s good to know there’s always someone in life you can rely on – to fuck it up every time.

    • Replies: @JohnnySweden
  158. @Jimmy le Blanc

    The politicians and their lackeys who support this conflict think they’re living in a war movie, where they are playing the part of Churchill or Patton. It’s cosplay. LARPing. They have no concept of what could happen

    This is precisely correct. I have believed for very many years that the “universal”, international, cross-cultural 24/7 human addiction to the television and cinema screen in every home – sometimes in every room – is responsible for a profound (and probably unchangeable) alteration in some primary aspects of human consciousness – not least the completely critical ability to tell the difference between reality and fantasy. Saturation of anything powerfully-visual – including of course pornography such as medically-dangerous anal sex – is the most fundamental means of impressing the mind with new ideas, altering brain patterns – and changing perceptions of the world and one’s own activities in it.

    And who exactly was responsible – partly via a studio called “Universal”, and also including the worldwide porn industry headquartered just a few miles from Hollywood and using the same moonlighting photographers, set dressers, etc – for the addiction of the world’s population to the “silver screen” for every purpose and in every way from the very beginning ?

    What a cohen-cidence.

    • Agree: Jimmy le Blanc
  159. @Che Guava

    Her Third Reich’n’roll braids and bleach hairstyle was quite popular with American rightist commentors at the time

    She’s as hot as hell, indeed. Even her most “business-like” photos are smouldering.

    But, being a mere man, I’m struggling to understand how exactly a front-line politician seen in front of the cameras every single day has the time to do this with her (already-perfect) hair every morning ? In almost every photo she looks more like something out of a VERY special 60’s movie – probably alongside Julie Christie. Western non-Jew women could learn a whole lot from her.

    And don’t even get me started on her “nerd-glasses ” look. Holy crap !

  160. A very well written article. The world have big problems with Jewish power today. It needs to be taken care of and it will be, it always has been in our history. I can not see how we all can profit from Christian Russians fighting Christian Ukrainas, killing children, women and men will not solve the Jewish problem, it will just create more suffering, more pain and hardship. If Russian security service would take out the 1000 most powerful Jews problem would be solved for about 100 years until next generation of parasitic Jews appear again.

    • Replies: @Backward
  161. @Dave Bowman

    I agree, good to have confidence of victory in this eternal fight between good and evil. Roman’s kept the Jews at bay by keeping them away from banking, media and education I have been told. The best way how to proceed I don’t know.

  162. @Adûnâi

    Interesting comment by you. I am trying to understand what you mean and was checking the SNUFF concept but did not get clarification on your point of view. Please expand on what you mean, it feels like something interesting.

    My link to SNUFF:

    • Replies: @Dave Bowman
  163. @Priss Factor

    Every college should offer a degree in Jewish Power Studies. I’m sure Palestinians have much to say on the subject.

    And media should have a segment on Jewish Power. World News focus on what’s happening in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and etc. But as Jewish Power is global and interlinked across all continents, there should be a topic about Jewish global power

    Come back to earth for a visit some time. You probably need a break now and then from cloud cuckoo land.

  164. @Anon

    Where will Jews be when we rebuild?

    I think the world’s peoples – almost all of whom have at some point in their own histories been either direct or indirect victims of Jew economic and / or military evil – will probably have one or two ideas to cover that.

  165. @jsigur

    the real time to make a stand for the white race was 1939

    This is the single most important truth in all of cursed and doomed human history. There has only ever been one man in all the nations, in all of human history, who saw clearly and unquestioningly the full truth of the demonic and murderous Jew evil we are up against, and had an iron will for what MUST be done to remove their power forever – and he ended his days trapped in a bunker with his beloved Germany in burning ruins around him.

    And even so, as his heart broke, his iron will remained. I read somewhere that when one of his remaining Generals – I forget which – said to him hours before the end,

    “What will we do when the war is over?”

    he replied

    “Prepare for the next one”.

  166. @JohnnySweden


    Don’t waste your time. Adunai’s back, after what seems like a very pleasant long break from this forum.

    And he’s as much of a lying, dissembling, White-hating, Russia-hating Zionist scumbag as ever.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  167. Caruthers says:

    Upshot of these “sources”: some Jewish journalists are upset because in some Hollywood contracts there is no Jewish exception to the woke-ist targeting of those with white skin as privileged. The eternal victimhood of this rich and powerful group, vastly over-represented in all position of power and influence, before whom politicians of both parties must audition, has suffered a tiny setback. Their extreme racial tribalism and huge over-representation in power centers is, of course, still taboo in the MSM. But those who know “how things work” will be uttering confident assurances for the next 50 years that this is taboo is “on the verge” of ending.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  168. Caruthers says:
    @Priss Factor

    As Atzmon has observed. Jewish power is the ability to censor and suppress all discussion of Jewish power.

    • Agree: annamaria
  169. Che Guava says:
    @emerging majority

    I will revoke the ‘troll’, but of the two founders, Morita published an economic nationalist book, and an anti-globalist book with Malaysian P.M., then and recently, Mahathir Mohammed.

    The U.S.A. had multiple econonic wars with Japan from the mid-8Os to the 00s of this century.

    The war on DRAM production, the war on the TRON OS, the war on Japanese flash memory, even though it was invented here, the war on export of Japanese mobile phones, only the Korean makers achieved, a little later, similarly impressive results, Japan had the best in the world, then Japan and Korea.

    The first company to make a system for applications from other companies to be available to run on phones was NTT, here.

    They are called appuris, not APPS, but it was a long time pre-Apple’s failing efforts.

  170. Che Guava says:
    @Harold Smith

    Don’t blame me, blame Steven King, simple unames are generally pseudonyms or fictional refs., still, my sincere apology if you were posting under your given name. However, I’d put the odds on it not being.

  171. Al Liguori says: • Website
    @Franklin Ryckaert

    And yes, many destructive individuals in history were Jews, but not all.

    Love your straw man!

    …and here’s some right-to-left for you:

  172. Anonymous[292] • Disclaimer says:
    @Dave Bowman

    You have a real talent for calling everybody names.

    Question is, do you have any other talent?

    Old saying: If Tom sings well, he can’t do anything else well. Implication: if you spend the time it takes to sing well on just singing, you won’t have time to learn anything else. Same with vituperating well.

    There was a time when vituperation was tolerated on the grounds that the vituperator would run out of energy and go away after being ignored. The rise to political power of groups unable to do anything except vituperation has ended that time.

  173. Anonymous[292] • Disclaimer says:

    When I point to a star (yes, with my index finger) and ask you what I’m pointed at, don’t describe my finger, OK? Think a bit.

    The eternal victimhood of this rich and powerful group, vastly over-represented in all position of power and influence, before whom politicians of both parties must audition, has suffered a tiny setback.

    The settlement is large enough that it will serve as a precedent for future settlements. That puts Jewish groups and individual Jews as Whites under the 1964 Civil Rights Act and the various Hate Crime laws. That is, under this legislation, Jews are considered as a “suspect group” that must prove innocence, rather than as a “protected group” that must have its innocence presumed.

    Obama now controls the White House, and Blacks are being appointed to positions of authority with the intent of suppressing “Whiteness”. Well, that suppression now includes the Jews. Their reign is not over yet, but is coming to an end, as it historically has.

    You need some perspective: Ashkenazi Jews arrived in the US en mass only in the 1890s, thanks to their expulsion from many European/Russian areas. By 1940, only 50 years (as 1972 is only 50 years ago) they were partially dominant in the New Deal, and by 1970, had not only expelled the Irish, Italian, and Polish factions of the New Deal, but also expelled the Deep South wing and had replaced them all with Blacks, who provided the muscle (riots) but not yet the brains, of the governing coalition. After LBJ, no Democratic President was elected with a White majority; the non-whites (which then included Jews) effectively ruled.

    In 2009, the rule the Black faction needed, Barack Obama, was elected. Obama was and is a politician in the African tradition, heavily influence by the idea of “Chieftain”. He takes what he wants and destroys what he does not control or understand. His first step along those lines was ruling through Executive Orders, essentially ignoring the other two Branches of the US government. He was solidly backed enough by his faction strong enough to succeed at that.

    And now, 2022, only 13 years later, Obama still controls the Executive Branch through Pres. Biden’s senility and chief of staff. Obama does not like Jews, considers them as White, and, lo!, now the Jews are White under US law. They have lost Hollywood, and that’s only the start. With Jews as White, they can now be stripped of assets as were the Anglo-Saxons once the Jewish faction headed the US government. Can and will.

    Apparently the world is headed for serious conflict. Whoever wins, the Jewish establishment has demonstrated (by losing the US) that its days of power are over.

  174. GAO says:

    Jew blaming only goes for far, the religious are Jewish identity certainly they are not of.

    The non religious you see are the same as Whites in DNA and have 0 Jewish Identity. The same as any White liberal.

    The ones being blamed for “everything” are are secular liberals, same and indistinguishable as every other secular libtard limp-wristed White, Hindu, Blacks running the entire Culture from Silicon Val to Mainstream media but always almost zero blame goes to them?

    Yet it is always kneejerk reactions of Jews, Jews Jews!

    Well, those very same secular liberals never had Judaism or a Jewish identity anyway since they are so assimilated, did they? They act exactly the same as White Libtards and not to mention how intermarried White and especially libtards gladly try to utilize White “Libtard” nationalize until the Blacks and Lib Elites turn their guns towards you isn’t it? The hypocrisy’s very blatant isn’t it?

    So where is the difference and who is really to blame? Blame your self you White Libtard little shits and not enough Right Wing Whites call out the Libtards just because they happen to be “White”

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  175. 45r says:

    “As the Uprising reached its peak, at least one American Jew was highly interested: Victoria Nuland. As Obama’s Assistant Secretary of State (first under Hillary Clinton, and then under the half-Jew John Kerry),…”

    Try to find a picture of hillary’s mum (scrubed). she’s a dead ringer for dr ruth. hillary is a jew

  176. JR Foley says:

    USA should become more like Canada. After Madeline Albright died Trudeau took it out on the truckers. Justin “Jackboot” Trudeau and his partner from Western Canada is Chomiak’s grand-daughter- a double for Edith Prickly on SCTV. Now Chomiak’s granddaughter is Freeland and USA has Nuland and the Ukraine needs Cash –lots and lots of cash —Zylenskyy’s wealth is now 89 million and more to come —-5% of 40,000,000,000 is a tidy sum—the son of a Jewish rabbi becoming wealthy overnight and USA backs him 101%. Chomiak was newspaperman in Ukraine who sponsored Stepan Bandera who should be now replacing Washington and MacDonald as the Father of both countries under Jewish Money control. John Hagee will have a tent meeting praising the pest in the biolab.

  177. Jon Chance says: • Website
    @Al Liguori

    Thank you for your superb website, Al.

    Given the profound influence of Jews around the world, how is it possible for anyone of significance to have zero historical ties with Jews and Judaism?

    Furthermore, isn’t it true that the Catholic establishment has been one of the Jews’ most influencial puppet institutions for thousands of years — imposing “Original Sin”, authoritarianism, and wars of aggression upon aspiring Christians and other Gentiles?

    Given Taiwan’s prosperity, industry, patriotism, and democracy, it seems to me that the fruits of Sun Yat-sen and Chiang Kai-shek were well worth their efforts regardless if they were “crypto-Jews” or perfectly innocent Popes:

    San Min Chu I – The Three Principles of the People


    • Replies: @Al Liguori
  178. Interesting that Yatsenyuk appeared in a now famous photo giving the Hitler salute standing next to open nazi Tyahnybok- a photo too widely disseminated to eradicate from the net. So what does Wikipedia do? It pretends that Yatsenyuk is not a Jew. I saved the Guardian link from 2014 saying otherwise.

    • Replies: @geokat62
  179. ballbag says:
    @Rev. Spooner

    Someone’s getting his history from false book i see. A few points regarding your expert opinion on the Bengal famine but first i want to make it clear i’m no fan of the drunk, warmongering turd Churchill but even less of a fan of out right nonsense.

    1) your 4 million according to many sources is exaggerated, however numbers aside at least half the deaths were from disease not starvation.

    2)rice provided between 75-85% of daily food consumption, rice yield per acre remained stagnant since the beginning of the 20th century while the population increased by 43%, also rice imports from Burma prior to the Japanese invasion which were stopped after Burma fell not to mention 500,000 Indians fleeing the Japanese into Bengal adding to more people and less food .

    3) railways also exacerbated the problem by parcelling land into compartments, interrupting drainage and proliferating diseases such as cholera, smallpox, Dysentery and malaria.

    4) famines have happened in India for centuries prior to this one with a cyclone in 1942 causing flooding and loss of crops.

    5) grain hoarding by Indians and price rises.

    6)a little thing called ww2 was raging (something Churchill was partly responsible for ) with rightly or wrongly rice going to what was deemed necessary. All goods silk, leather, wool and food was sold to the military at a fixed price yet sellers could sell to the people at what price they deemed..gouging.

    this list is by no means exhaustive but each did impact the famine and the British government had their usual devil may care attitude towards the local population. Did Churchill’s war government do enough?, i doubt it as the Brits didn’t with the potato famine in Ireland but then i wasn’t there neither were you but to solely blame Churchill for the deaths of 4 million as you put it is myopic drivel .

    • Troll: mulga mumblebrain
    • Replies: @Rev. Spooner
  180. geokat62 says:
    @Fiendly Neighbourhood Terrorist

    Interesting that Yatsenyuk appeared in a now famous photo giving the Hitler salute standing next to open nazi Tyahnybok- a photo too widely disseminated to eradicate from the net.

    Are you referring to this pic:

    Isn’t the standard for throwing a Roman salute met when the hand is held straight out and near shoulder height?

  181. C22 says:

    Napoleon, Hitler were both non white (non indo European) they belong to an African male line (y dna haplogroup ‘E’) when found in Europe it is associated with Jews.
    Some claim that Putin belongs to this group, his acts says so, his lovers wrote many articles to defend his holocaust related actions, his campaign in Syria was purely for Israeli agenda, and now mongering a war among white people.
    He may not be the knight on horse that you wish he is

    • Replies: @emerging majority
  182. Cking says:

    Yet, isn’t Israel the Achilles heel in this monstrous offensive, as well as the UK for that matter, very vulnerable to Russia’s anger? Sorry, but you can be too proud, before the god’s destroy you.

  183. Al Liguori says: • Website
    @Jon Chance

    Since I must soon get ready for Mass, this will be perhaps shorter than I would otherwise answer. You ask: “Furthermore, isn’t it true that the Catholic establishment has been one of the Jews’ most influencial [sic] puppet institutions for thousands of years — imposing “Original Sin”, authoritarianism, and wars of aggression upon aspiring Christians and other Gentiles?”

    I answer. No, not true—and not true on so many levels. The one (singular in Matthew 16:18) Church founded by Jesus Christ has been the most effective earthly opposition to the Synagogue of Satan. Hence, from the first days Satan and his Synagogue have targeted the Church. In the earliest days the Jews used the Romans as their cat’s paw (the judicial murder of Jesus Christ, the “Roman” persecutions). To those outside attacks Satan’s Chosen added inside attacks. The Jews instigated and abetted every major heresy within the Church including the Protestant Deformation (Rabbi Newman catalogs those efforts here: ) and they enlisted hoards of false converts, marranos (“swine”) to subvert Faith and Morals.

    The diabolical infiltration of the Church accelerated covertly in the 14th century Renaissance—truly a “Renaissance” or “Rebirth” of Babylonian, Egyptian, Roman and Grecian Paganism, Occultism, Kabbalism, the theurgy of “Hermes Trismegistus.” Change agents like Pico Mirandolla, Johannes Reuchlin, Marsilio Ficino, Niccolò Machiavelli, and others attempted to baptize Kabbalism and other paganism as compatible with Christianity. Opponents were marginalized, even excommunicated by the infamously promiscuous and Judaizing “Borgia Pope” Alexander VI. He hanged, burned and scattered the ashes of that faithful, moral, and zealous Italian Dominican Friar Girolamo Savonarola (burned 1498 A.D.). This rebirth of paganism was covertly nurtured under the protection and funding of the Medici usurers and other Judaizing Popes such as Pope Leo X. Leo X’s pontificate straddled the 15th and 16th centuries. That second son of the Florentine ruler “Lorenzo the Magnificent” was the Medici publisher of the most decorative Talmud ever. Such covert infiltration grew and so thoroughly processed the hierarchy and the laity that, five centuries later, the overt Judeo-Luciferian revolution in the Church, the illegitimate “Second Vatican Council,” was little resisted by the mostly stunned and falsely obedient (they were obedient to men, not to Jesus, hence “false” obedience) bishops, priests, laity. The unsuccessful attempt to place Rampolla in the Chair of Peter is instructive.

    The current anti-Pope has dragged the Church to a nadir that gives the appearance of the Church being a Jewish institution. The Vatican and Church edifices are occupied territory. That is no mere semantic distinction. Consider that the Church no more belongs to the Jews than does the Holy Land, Occupied Palestine.

    Jewish agitprop (“history”) is not to be believed. The Church defended herself from outside attacks. That is entirely legitimate according to Jesus’ own standards.

    If you want to discuss this more, I will be available later.

    • Thanks: Cking
  184. ” But Carlson falls woefully short—pathetically short—in defining the Jewish culprit behind all these factors.”

    It’s so strange you would write something like that amidst the statements of how Jews own all the media. They do – so how on earth could Tucker Carlson call them out when you know fine well that he would be off the air and demomized in very short order. Nobody has called them out and survived.

    • Agree: Cking
  185. Jbessee says:

    The Ukraine war is a fake phony war. Both sides have one goal, to ethnically cleanse the Ukraine/Khazaria, for the jews who will be going there when the Middle east blows up, after they nuke Iran. The christians will all have to flee the country or be killed and the christian soldiers will have no weapons as reported, and be left to die, even foreign mercenaries, going to help get their passports taken and are slaughtered, and unable to flee.
    Ukraine will be rebuilt for jews, all brand new homes, that is why they are both sides destroying all the homes and buildings. It is the easier way than they dealt with Palestine. In Israel they moved in and then had to bulldoze all the homes of their neighbors, all the villages and build new ones for themselves, the ashkeNAZI jews. They had to ethnically cleanse and murder all the Muslims and Christians, after they arrived, over 7 million and make the rest refugees in Scandinavia, NATO, America, Australia and Canada. This way it is easier for them. It will be the safe place where they bring back all the plundered gold and silver, from the same nations they will weaken by begging foreign aid, for this fake war, during the coming WW3.
    They will pretend there is a pandemic in Ukraine to keep people out and their gold and silver safe.
    They are the evil on this earth and all evil comes from them.

    • Thanks: Al Liguori
  186. Biden is just rolling over for Zelensky and the Ukrainian Jews. Seems like he has been in the pay of the Jewish Lobby for years. I guess that’s why he said “I’m a Zionist” (2007). And he also “gaffed” in 2013, when he admitted “85% of the changes in Hollywood and social media are a consequence of Jewish leaders.” He added, “The influence is immense.” Indeed.

  187. @C22

    Idiot!!! Putin saved Syria from the head choppers abetted and armed by the captive nations of the West.

    When the Russians stepped in, the Assad government was in dire straits. Collapse seemed immanent. Particularly with their air-support, the Syrians held on against the Takfiri/Wahabi terrorists and then began winning.

    However, the Yanks and Perfidious Albion have kept the pot boiling—that on behalf of their masters, the Sanhedrin led Khazarian Mafiya.

  188. @anyone with a brain

    While belief in Christianity has waned considerably during the last century, largely due to Darwin, Christ’s teachings survive in the egalitarian value system. In this secular incarnation of Christian ethics, the supposed virtues of pity and compassion for the weak are still upheld. This pity is what preserves those wretched mutations which should, by all rights, perish. This in turn perverts the natural process of elimination which forms the bedrock of evolution, and the liberal progressives that facilitate this malfunction are the traitors in our midst who betray all our futures in exchange for the moral high of signalling their own self-righteousness. We all suffer because the Left elevates the most worthless people at the expense of our best and brightest. Christianity’s maladaptive system of ethics endured the death of God and found fertile ground in the creed of secular humanism which had formed to assuage the wounds inflicted by the world’s most devastating war. Christ on the cross became a proxy for non-whites, non-heterosexuals and women, in whom has been cultivated a status of perpetual victimhood. These groups are repeatedly told that they’re oppressed and marginalised, and all the evidence in the world to the contrary won’t convinced them otherwise. It has become imprinted in their brains, and so they play the “discrimination” card whenever they encounter any difficulty in their lives. They lay all the blame for their shortcomings upon those who succeed where they fail, which absolves them of responsibility for their behaviour and deflects the shame they would otherwise feel at being evolutionary losers. The essence of evolution is eternal struggle, that of finite quality against infinite quantity. With the abrupt reversal of the eugenic revolution, the world stage was set for the revolt of the underman. The excess glut of humanity now numbers some six billion, and among the refuse has emerged a sizable contingent of spiteful defectives, all marching in unison under the banner of equality.


    Tracing the genealogy of this “wokeness” reveals it to be a product of Christ’s egalitarian sentiments about the brotherhood of man. Kevin MacDonald and his protégé Andrew Joyce have done some phenomenal scholarship on the Jews, but they are both blind to the role Christianity has played, as the progenitor of both liberalism and communism. MacDonald subscribes to a monocausalist explanation for white decline, pinning the blame almost exclusively on the activities of Jews, with whites themselves assuming little to no culpability. I recognise that the Jewish Question and the Christian Question are synonymous, however, and that whites have been complicit in their own downfall by prostrating themselves before an alien religion. In his multi-volume Christianity’s Criminal History, Karlheinz Deschner painstakingly uncovers how the new religion plunged classical philosophy into centuries of near-oblivion, clashing with the established and ancient European wisdom regarding the inequality of men. Spreading first among the slaves and lowest classes of the Roman Empire, the Christian faith came to teach that all men were equal in the eyes of a universal creator, an idea that was totally alien to traditional European thought, which had recognized a hierarchy of competence among men and even among the gods. Opposing the traditions of classical philosophy and scientific enquiry, Christianity introduced the concept of a single, omnipotent “God of History” who controlled all phenomena in the universe, with mankind being the pinnacle of his creation. Since all human beings were “the children of God”, all were equal before their Divine Maker. Faith in the church’s interpretation of supposedly prophetic revelations became more important than scientific or philosophical enquiry, and to question the church’s view of reality was a grave sin, one that could spell death for the blasphemer.

    Nietzsche saw that the successful promotion of Christianity relied on a pretence of reciprocal hostility between Christians and Jews. It required making the Jewish cult, when peddled to gentiles, seem non-Jewish and even anti-Jewish. “Was it not a necessary feature of a truly brilliant politics of vengeance, a far-sighted, subterranean, slowly and carefully planned vengeance, that Israel had to deny its true instrument publicly and nail him to the cross like a mortal enemy, so that the whole world (meaning all the enemies of the Jews) might naively swallow the bait?” It would, and indeed did, take many volumes to chronicle the nefarious history of Christianity, from its known beginnings around the middle of the second century to the triumph of a particularly shrewd and aggressive sect in the fifth century. There were hundreds of sects, each with its own bundle of gospels, peculiar doctrines, and adroit theologians, but among them all were innumerable hoodwinked fools who took seriously the purported antagonism of the Jews to the new religion.

    Nietzsche realised 130 years ago that eugenics finds its greatest nemesis in the pacifism of Christ and his transcendent teachings, which, being anti-Darwinian, have dysgenic consequences. Time and again, computer algorithms identify sub-Saharan faces as non-human, as simian. This is because computer programs are objective. They have no concept of soul equality, since they have not been tainted by Christian axiology. If our people had never been infected with this Levantine poison, it is doubtful that blacks would be classed as human. It is more likely that they would be viewed as an infestation, a hostile species of archaic hominid in competition with us for our beautiful white women. Darwin believed that, if not for Christianity, we would have exterminated them with pitiless indifference. César Tort observes that “Christianity, in essence, means not the number of priests ordained, but the number of niggers loved.” It is for this reason that Christians are unlikely to be motivated by ethno-nationalism, their focus being on God’s eternal kingdom in the hereafter, not on any earthbound nation. Their priority is the salvation of immortal souls, and the importance of genetics will not resonate with them.

    As if fulfilling Nietzsche’s prophecy in Der Antichrist, the Third Reich was a culture that, for the first time in over a thousand years, rejected the “spiritual syphilis” of Judeo-Christian ethics and adopted a more organic, evolutionarily informed moral code. It was essentially a return to pagan values, and Germans were soon reaping the rewards, becoming the most scientifically advanced nation in the world. In terms of politics and philosophy, they had a very intimate understanding of certain realities which are to this day verboten to acknowledge. Viewed within the context of society as a living organism, a revolutionary concept at the time and one which is consistent with many contemporary findings in evolutionary psychology/biology, the Nazi movement was a healthy immune response to the latest manifestation of the subversive exploitation which the Jews had wrought with inexhaustible chutzpah upon their host nations since time immemorial. Nazism identified disease vectors in the body politic and neutralised them, with the SS functioning much like antibodies, developed in response to the Jewish bacillus. Mercilessly exterminating this parasite without remorse would previously have been unthinkable, due to Christian ethics. The regime’s days were numbered, however, as the existential threat posed by Jewry had bifurcated, with bolshevism looming in the east and international finance capitalism poised to mobilise its forces in the west. In due course they would form a pincer movement to encircle and destroy the one nation that stood in their way. Although this new culture was obliterated while still in an embryonic stage of development, one cannot help but be awed by its unrivalled success in such a short space of time.

    In the ensuing decades, the narrative of the Second World War as a herculean effort to defeat the ultimate manifestation of evil became set in stone. To be the antithesis of Hitler in every conceivable way became the paragon of virtue for all white people, and the memory of the Nazis was used to browbeat any whites who still dared express ethnocentrism into submission. This has cultivated ethno-masochism and pathological altruism in the European peoples on a mass scale, leading to their destruction at the psychological and demographic level. It’s a very disturbing and entirely novel phenomenon, and while I share fascism’s disdain for democracy and the concept of rotational governance, I feel that my ethical commitment to anti-natalist philosophy prohibits me from fully embracing fascism. On the micro scale, it is correct about many things, but on the macro scale, none of it really matters. Life is awful and then we die, obliterated for eternity. Once you accept this, all other considerations and commitments become fairly meaningless. I don’t think there are any real solutions, political or otherwise, to human problems. I think they are endemic to our species and will always be with us. The real problem, I think, is that humans exist at all. The mistake at the heart of Hitler’s vision is the attempt to perfect that which is inherently and irredeemably flawed.

  189. Chew Chow says:

    Russian history from Wikipedia.
    CAPITALS are mine:
    “KIEVAN RUS (…) was a state in Eastern Europe and Northern Europe from about 880 to the MID-13TH CENTURY (…) ecompassing EAST SLAVIC, NORSE, BALTIC and FINNIC. It was ruled by the RURIK DYNASTY, founded by VARANGIAN PRINCE RURIK.
    The modern nations of BELARUS, RUSSIA, and UKRAINE all claim Kievan Rus as their cultural ancestors, with Belarus and Russia deriving their names from it.
    At its greatest extent in the mid-11th century, Kievan Rus’ stretched from the White Sea in the north to the Black Sea in the south and from the headwaters of the Vistula in the west to the Taman Peninsula in the east, UNITING THE MAJORITY of EAST SLAVIC TRIBES.”
    In a nutshell:
    KIEV IS THE CRADLE OF TODAY’S RUSSIA. The Russian word “Ukraine” means in English “on the border”. Border here meaning the border of the Eastern Slavic state of Russia and what is now Eastern Europe (roughly Poland, Hungary, Rumania, Bulgaria).

    • Replies: @JustBrooklyn Here
  190. Dream says:


  191. Anonymous[115] • Disclaimer says:

    The non religious you see are the same as Whites in DNA and have 0 Jewish Identity. The same as any White liberal.

    That hasn’t been my experience. Ashkenazi are Ashkenazi – switch from friend to covert deadly foe without warning. This has happened in my experience 5 times, 4 of them representing serious threats.

    Not that Ashkenazi are the only people who do that, it’s that their style is unmistakable.

  192. @Al Liguori

    You’re insane, troll. Do you check for Jews under your bed at night?

    • Replies: @Al Liguori
  193. Al Liguori says: • Website
    @mulga mumblebrain

    I provided verifiable evidence to my every statement. You provided… name-calling. How (((stereotypical))).

  194. @ballbag

    So what was the number, 1 milion, 1/2 million i.e 500,000?
    Another question that you deftly avoid is about exporting the rice to the forces outside India. Was the grain sent out or no????
    Do reply.

  195. annamaria says:

    “European leaders are spineless and pathetic lackeys of the Jewish Lobby. Judenknecht like Macron, Merkel and now Scholz, are sorry examples of humanity; they have sold out their own people to placate their overlords.”
    — Agree.

    If the war in Ukraine unravels into WWIII or Judea War on Russia, that will be the end of talmudic dominance in the US and Europe. The special qualification of Jews, in the words of Mikhail Bakunin, is “a single exploiting sect, a sort of bloodsucker people, a collective parasite,” which has become too obvious to hide, despite the strenuous (and amoral) efforts of super-wealthy Jews who captured mass media and the popular internet search engines.

    The zionized US congress of geriatric kleptocrats and outright traitors like Schumer and Cardin is irreparable but the US populace at large has already mentally connected the Jewish Lobby to the self-proclaimed Nazis (Banderites). In Ukraine, there are Zio-Nazis (Semite-led Untermenschen or Ukrainians who are brainwashed and guided by Ziocons) and Judeo-Nazis (those Jews who are actively collaborating with and guiding the Ukrainian Nazis).

    It is time to demolish all holobiz museums as tools of propagation of lies and slanderous accusations collected by profoundly amoral and merciless Talmudists – because the Talmudists are much worse than the accused and slandered. The Jews, unfortunately, proved with their deeds that they are indeed “planetary master criminals” who must be controlled and supervised like those with dangerous mental defects.

  196. annamaria says:
    @Al Liguori

    “Only Jews are human” – an excellent intro to Sam Harris’ podcasts. This obnoxious talmudist became so self-admiring that his worldly ejaculations – like an insistence on his special Jewish honesty (the fraudulent “memoirs” of Anne Frank are promptly featured) – suggest an early onset of dementia.

    The ongoing collaboration between the Jewish Lobby and Banderites offers a great tool to remove the thick cover of lies and self-aggrandizement, which the tribe has been using to extract money from and impose its corruptive power on western civilization.

    An example, of Jewish depravity:
    Babiy Yar massacre was “the largest single massacre in the history of the Holocaust” in Ukraine. And now, Attention! The self-proclaimed Ukrainian Nazis are the bestest friends of the Jewish Lobby and the most important beneficiaries of the zionized US Congress (Knesset on Potomac). All Jews are Banderites now!

    What is the price tag (so far) of preventing the de-Nazification of Ukraine? \$55 billion. Bravo, Jewish Lobby!

    • Thanks: Al Liguori
    • Replies: @Al Liguori
  197. Al Liguori says: • Website

    The planned collapse is in full swing. Of course the JMF octopi are grabbing all the loot they can during the last gasps of the latest nation they have murdered.

  198. @Kevin Barrett

    The mass of people are lazy when it come to news if it isn’t on the MSM or their social media, they pay no mind. And a lot of these people think they’re reasonably informed and get highly insulted if you tell them that they’re talking out their arse. Most normies are programmed not to investigate alternative sites as if they were Covid laden, especially if it could be interpreted as anti-Semitic.

  199. @Pixo

    I could be wrong, but I believe Yulia Timosehenko is a Ukrainian Catholic. She has a strong connection to the Ukrainian diaspora in USA. More info on this would be appreciated.

    • Replies: @Fourth Horseman
    , @Anon
  200. @Chew Chow

    Actually I do believed that Kievan Rus did not actually ruled the area right on the Black Sea. The are was too infested with peoples such as the Pechenegs etc – Turkic groups (some hadn’t become Muslim yet) Maybe Kievan Rus made treaties with these Turkic peoples so they could have access in trading with Constantinople.

  201. Snide says:
    @Tom Clark

    “They didn’t flee nations because they were being persecuted,
    they fled because they were being prosecuted.”
    – Thank You for my favourite quote of the day! 😎

  202. Mefobills says:
    @emerging majority

    Jesus died on the cross because he challenged the Pharisee creditor class.

    The cross was reserved for the wicked, including political prisoners.

    Do not challenge the ruling creditors. By ripping off their religious garb, and using their own words against them, Jesus represented an enormous threat to the Pharisee class.

  203. @katzenellenbogen

    Putin has been holding the Israelis back in Syria for almost a decade now. Israel is/was staging the exact same cowardly cross border shelling on Golan Heights as the Ukraine was on Donbass. Putin just this week fired back at an Israeli warplane, so he signals that the Jews are next!

  204. The GOYIM are in BIG trouble. Especially the goy in the United States, of whom, some 80 million had the temerity to vote for a MILK TOAST nationalist by the name of Donald Trump, who skated around the edges of REAL CHANGE, but talked an extremely good game for domestic consumption. So good, in fact, that it prompted an acceleration of the ZIO-GLOBALIST OLIGARCHY plan for world domination that otherwise might have zigged and zagged rather then launched for the jugular.

    Make no mistake, GOY, you are in deep doodoo. These thugs make 1984 look like a junior college course in basket weaving, as they frantically and furiously build out their THOLIAN WEB (star trek) and demolish the remnants of what might have been the world’s next Alexandria Library, otherwise known as the “internet”. Their goal is not too difficult to describe….TOTAL DOMINATION & CONTROL of PLANET EARTH. YOU goy, as the saying goes, are NON ESSENTIAL. Translation > You’re dead meat. These vermin will take you to ARMAGEDDON before they ever let go of your throats.

    And goy, FYI, that’s exactly where all of us that survive their PLAGUES, FAMINES, WARS and PERSECUTIONS are going.

    The SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN is marching into the last half of the 4th quarter with a commanding lead, and determined to annihilate TEAM GOY before the final whistle blows. Best be hoping for a bunch of HAIL MARY passes goy , or else as Don Meredith used to sing on Monday Night Football so many years ago….

    “Turn out the lights, the party’s over
    They say that, ‘All good things must end’
    Let’s call it a night, the party’s over
    And tomorrow starts the same old thing again” ***
    (willie nelson)

    ***Ain’t gonna be no more tomorrows for you goy, not if these vermin pull it off.
    But heh, what do I know ?

  205. @JustBrooklyn Here

    Could be. But of course, Dalton also likely undercounts many Jews who are able to hide their ethnicity or marry into a Ukrainian family. For every one that he cites wrongly, I’ll bet 5 or 10 are out there who he missed. Seems that every estimate of prominent Jews, in any industry or any nation, is short of reality — which is a really bad sign.

  206. Anon[522] • Disclaimer says:

    Anyone who quotes from RT (Russia Today) snd Heidegger to support his thesis can’t he taken seriously. Long live Ukraine. Screw Putin and his fascist lapdogs

    • Replies: @emerging majority
  207. Anon[522] • Disclaimer says:
    @JustBrooklyn Here

    You are right Dalton can’t be trusted. He seees Jews everywhere the same way McCarthy used to see commies.

    • Replies: @JustBrooklyn Here
  208. @Desert Fox

    I suggest that you consider substitute the word “authoritarian” for “a communist government” (above) because although the capitalist members of the so-called Security Council pretend to be democratically installed and inclined, ( as does the bolshevik government in Russia, which pretends to be communist). They are all oligarchical and almost equally authoritarian in nature as any fascist government led by any dictator; especially the feudal oligarchy in the UK (where I live) which remains a fascist or authoritarian nation; because every soldier, sailor, airman, magistrate, judge and member of parliament – in both the House of Lords and the House of (so-called) Commons – makes a legally binding oath to serve the monarch, not the ordinary citizens of Great Britain, before they are allowed to sit down in that den of iniquity where any newcomer soon finds out that there are men and women paid by the Queens MI5 secret service attached to each office or prowling around to make sure that socialists like Jeremy Corbyn will continue pissing in the wind, – which was what I told Tony Benn, who surrendered his seat in the House of Lords to become the only honest man in the House of Commons, until I disagreed with his entryist argument at a garden party and shared my view and he resigned and went on to lecture university students about the need for a balanced right and left wing political and economic structure in every government, in order to support the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Artical 25, as agree in the United Nations Assembly. For example: No country can really be accepted as civilised unless or until it provides free medical and educational facilities, and fulfills that promise for all its citizens. Low paid workers and rich businessmen who can afford to share their surplus wealth for that truly civilised purpose. I will take your advice and get my hands on The Protocols of Zion, but I’m sure that jews are not the only selfish greedy people in the world, who are part of the ruling oligarchy in every so-called “democratic” country as far as I can see. I recommend that you study the amusing INTELLIGENT WOMENS GUIDE TO SOCIALISM, CAPITALISM, SOVIETISM AND FASCISM by Bernard Shaw. It is both highly instructive and amusing because its author was a genius. I could also suggest you read a pamphlet by Alice A Bailey about an alternative (ie non-athoritarian) NWO but I probably have the only remaining copy since it seems to be out of print. Amen.

  209. It’s time Volodymyr Zelenskyy goes the way of Ngô Đình Diệm, the president of South Vietnam, who was arrested and assassinated in a successful coup d’état.

  210. Anon[342] • Disclaimer says:
    @Al Liguori

    Christianity is Judaism 2.0. Goyim have no biz believing the myths of primitive desert dwellers

  211. @Anon

    I like a lot of the stuff Dalton writes but he sees a Jew under every bed. They might be under every other bed, but not every bed.

    • Replies: @Fourth Horseman
  212. @JustBrooklyn Here

    But if he only addresses “every other bed” in his pieces, then it looks like 100%. Obviously, he is not addressing the non-Jewish issues, of which there are many.

  213. Holy Smokes, what a fantastic article.

    Thank you Thomas Dalton.

  214. @Priss Factor

    The entire west is a jewish dictatorship.

    And it’s way too late to do anything about it.

  215. @anarchyst

    I don’t think that the satanic kaballah bankers cabal – who say they are j.-s but are not – will succeed in their planetary genocide either via bioweapons (covID 19) or nuclear (Ukrain via crypto fake j. Vlad P & j. former actor / comedian Zelensky)….

    ” The Ethiopians, as historians relate, were the first of all men and the proofs of this statement, they say, are manifest. For that they did not come into their land as immigrants from abroad but were natives of it and so justly bear the name of “autochthones” is, they maintain, conceded by practically all men; furthermore, that those who dwell beneath the noon-day sun were, in all likelihood, the first to be generated by the earth, is clear to all; since, inasmuch as it was the warmth of the sun which, at the generation of the universe, dried up the earth when it was still wet and impregnated it with life, it is reasonable to suppose that the region which was nearest the sun was the first to bring forth living creatures. ” (Diodorus Siculus 90 – 21 B.C.)

    ” We have the strongest reason to believe that the country neighboring to the tropics ( Sudan & Southern Egypt ) was the cradle of the sciences and of consequence that the first nation was a nation of Blacks/ for it is incontrovertible that by the term Ethiopian the ancients meant to a people of black complexion/ thick lips and wooly hair ”

    ” Just think/ that this race of Black men/ today our slave and the object of our scorn / is the very race to which we owe our arts / sciences and even the use of speech ” (Count Constantine de Volny in 1787 after seeing the Sphynx in Egypt)

    Napoleon a few decades later is said to have ordered his soldiers to cut of the nose of the Sphynx.

    Ethiopia is the Biblical Cush/ Egypt is Mizraim/ presentday Libya is Punt / btw the presentday slc the sweet little country on the eastern shore of the Mediterranean / the ancient Israel lies on the ArchiTectonic plate of the continent of Africa.

    Try this one :

  216. @anarchyst

    ” As is the case, even today, the jews got others, the Romans to do their dirty work for them, the crucifixion of Jesus Christ….”

    The Kazar socalled j.’s are converts – they come from Kazaria which covered much of todays Ukrain – to rabbinic talmudism today labeled judaism / they were not there to let the Romans do their dirty work / important issue / u should watch the video I link to Judah’s DNA ? esp. the DNA proof of the Lachish bodies/ E1B1A negroid dna

    We should get history straight / the fake j.’s don’t like that / Shlomo Sands / Arthur Koestler sold many of their books – surtout in presentday israhell / but their essentuial message has not yet sunk in.

    The only group in the Tel Aviv territory today having dna link ancestry ties to the Hebrews of 2000+ years ago are the Ethiopians / they did not know a iota of the talmud when they came in the 80’s / they are Tora based

  217. Backward says:
    @Carroll price

    You mean the Russia which is home to millions of Muslims, and where ethnic nationalism is a criminal offence?

  218. Backward says:

    What have pagan civilisations produced? Oh nothing, you know? Greeks, Romans, Chinese, Hindus had no art or literature whatsoever.
    Also, it’s not as if everything produced by Christian Europe was a development of earlier culture: no no, Jesus taught Europeans how to create art.
    Such a pity Bach was not a Catholic, or he would have composed great music.

  219. Backward says:

    “If the Russian security service took out the 1000 most influential..”

    Ask yourself why it doesn’t.

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