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When Donald Trump suggested renaming Fort Bragg after Al Sharpton, it was a punchline. Contrary to the former Presidents wishes, ten Army posts named after Confederate generals are to be renamed. Trump’s joke could well be prophetic. To guess what kind of names the powers that be might go for, we can look to the Navy. Military ships have historically been named after warriors and Presidents. Breaking with tradition, the Navy has named a whole class of vessel after civil rights leader John Lewis. Each ship is being named after a civil rights figure. The USNS Harvey Milk, for example, is named after the first openly gay elected official in California (who also happened to be a long time supporter of Jim Jones, leader of a mass suicide cult). Other ships in the John Lewis class include Robert Kennedy; Lucy Stone, a suffragette; Sojourner Truth, an abolitionist; and Earl Warren, a former US Supreme Court justice. Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus said it was “important to recognize those who fought in a different way, who fought for the ideals we value as a country.”

John Lewis died in 2020. At his eulogy, Barack Obama dubbed Lewis “a founding father” of a “fuller, fairer, better America”. In that most tumultuous of years, statues of America’s real founding fathers had been pulled from their pedestals. Of the “relentless young people” responsible for widespread rioting, looting, and arson, Obama said, “John, those are your children”. The new fuller fairer America demands new symbols. According to one poll, many liberals would like to replace the stars and stripes with a flag that “better reflects our diversity as a people”. In many ways, that’s already happened: the rainbow ensign flies on military vehicles, on embassy buildings, and every redoubt of American domination. Secretary of State Antony Blinken authorized diplomatic outposts to fly the Pride flag on the same flagpole as the U.S. flag – not just for pride month, but all year round. Blinken also authorized U.S. embassies to fly BLM flags and banners.

Latinx girlboss imperialism

“I can change a diaper with one hand and console a crying toddler with the other…I am a woman of color. I am a cisgender millenial who has been diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder. I am intersectional… I am a walking declaration… I refuse to internalise misguided patriarchal ideas about what a woman can or should be.”

This is the face of the modern CIA. Significantly, this video series was a recruitment drive — these are the sort of people the CIA actively wants to hire. After proudly stating her race, sex, gender identity and psychological disorders, she claims to be “more than a box-checking exercise”. This proud “daughter of immigrants” wears a T-shirt emblazoned with a raised fist. It was but one in a series of such videos entitled Humans of the CIA. In another video from the series a man of indeterminate racial origin tells the camera that his experience as a “chief of corporate strategy and education for diversity and inclusion” was great preparation for his career in the CIA. The CIA recruitment drive has heavily targeted people of color. The official CIA Instagram account features a black recruit wearing a hoody emblazoned with the words “WE ARE BLACK HISTORY” above an image of the African continent. White males are now entirely absent from recruitment material. That’s hardly surprising, given that John Brennan, former Director of the CIA, told MSNBC “I’m increasingly embarrassed to be a white male these days”. Avril Haines, the Director of National Intelligence in the Biden administration, has referred to “diversity, inclusion, equity” as “mission imperatives” that are “quickly emerging as one of the top national security issues of our time”. If the case of Jonathan Pollard is anything to go by, the total opposite is the case. Minorities are liable to leak classified information to their co-religionists or to their ancestral country of origin in a way that non-hyphenated Americans aren’t.

Woke washing?

Many view the adoption of woke rhetoric as a charade, as little more than a shallow PR exercise. Glenn Greenwald, talking on the Zero Books podcast, referred to it as “an incredibly cynical branding weapon”:

“In 2015 the British spy agency GCHQ announced LGBT day. Their headquarters were bathed in the colors of the rainbow flag, trying to put this pretty liberal-left face on this militaristic institution. You see this over and over now where every major authoritarian institution of militarism and corporatism now drapes themselves in identity politics and woke ideology… Its all about deceiving you into believing that these institutions are kind and gentle and noble and loving and fair because their weaponising identity politics to distract you from the reality of what neoliberalism and imperialism are.”

Greenwald is partly correct. A CIA file released by Wikileaks talked of “tailoring messaging” to contain a backlash against the war in Afghanistan. The CIA perfected such messaging to, in their own words, ensure Western publics would be “better prepared to tolerate a spring and summer of greater military and civilian casualties”. The agency knew the obvious, that war brings death, and America justified the bodies by building a few girls schools in the wreckage. Education for girls has become the most effective propaganda tool in justifying a bloody, long-running, ruinously expensive, and utterly pointless conflict. In a 2001 radio address, Laura Bush declared the “the fight against terrorism is also a fight for the rights and dignity of women in Afghanistan”. Twenty years later, a CNN headline ran, “Concerns mount that US withdrawal from Afghanistan could risk progress on women’s rights”. According to a report by Vox, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley made an “emotional” case for keeping troops in Aghanistan, arguing that women’s right would “go back to the Stone Age” if America withdrew. Milley himself has acknowledged that “We have been in a condition of strategic stalemate where the government of Afghanistan was never going to militarily defeat the Taliban”, so assumably wants to keeps troops on the ground forever.

The American media has picked up the talking point. The Washington Post editorial board acknowledge that withdrawal “may spare the United States further costs and lives” but still objected on the grounds that it would be a disaster for the countries women and a reversal of “social progress”. Writing in that same paper, Max Boot asked readers to think of “all the women in the workforce”. The United States must drop cluster bombs on the heads of female civilians in Afghanistan in order to protect their human rights. Shrapnel from NATO munitions will rip through female flesh, spreading female empowerment in its wake. After the invasion, American media outlets celebrated such achievements as the first female tattoo artist opening a studio in Kabul. That, apparently, is what we were fighting for.

We are repeatedly prompted to celebrate the first – the first female CIA director, the first black Secretary of Defense. Joe Biden explained that he chose Lloyd Austin, who is African American, to join “our diverse national-security leadership team” as Secretary of Defense because he “reflects the lived experiences of all Americans”. Austin should have been a controversial choice. Up until his appointment he was serving on the board of Raytheon, one of the largest arms manufacturers. Rather than decry the military industrial complex we’re encouraged to celebrate the first black man to fill the role. It was “another milestone”, said the Atlantic magazine. Militarism is being rebranded as feminist, LGBTQ, and anti-racist. Mieke Eoyang, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Cyber Policy at the DoD, responded to white progressive critics of Susan Rice and Michele Flournoy: “training their fire on women of color who are under consideration to lead the national security departments makes me deeply uncomfortable about their allyship to those communities. Especially when the national security community is dominated by white men”. Both women have a track record of supporting catastrophic wars, but US imperialism can now be covered up and bolstered with claims of racism, sexism, and any number of phobias. Israel pioneered what’s been deemed ‘pink-washing’, using homosexual libertinism as a weird marker of civilized values as opposed to the barbarism of Muslim Arabs. Black faces in high places have been rather effective at minimising criticism of US foreign policy. War hawks have long wielded charges of anti-Americanism as a cudgel. Now their critics can be deemed anti-American and racist. Even Muammar Gaddafi was won over by Barack Obama, whom he designated “an exceptional case…being a black African his mentality is different to that of the Yankees.” Soon after that comment Gaddafi would be sodomised to death with a bayonet after a U.S. military intervention. Obama and Susan Rice were a black face for the same old militarism. The anarchy they unleashed on Libya remains to this day.

Politically correct rhetoric is often deployed to advance pre-existing American foreign policy. As Darren Beattie has pointed out, what he terms the Globalist American Empire has used minority groups “to advance its power objectives geopolitically (Uiguhrs, Rohinga) – and women and gays to mobilize color revolution protests in Eastern Europe and Thailand”. Warmongering is now often wrapped in a rainbow flag. Richard Grenell was the first openly gay person to serve at Cabinet level, appointed by Trump as Director of National Intelligence. In a campaign ad Grenell bragged that the then-President “fully supported our fight to crush the homophobic and barbaric Islamic terrorist organization Hezbollah and the Iranian regime that supports them.” One imagines the recipients of military-industrial largesse would latch onto any pretext for war. Wokeness may just be a handy way to propagandize for wars they would want to fight regardless.

It’s easy to be cynical about the American elites self-proclaimed values. This is the same elite that maintains the closest of ties with Saudi Arabia. One could dismiss the rhetoric as hot air, as disingenuous marketing spin. The high-minded moral indignation might ring rather hollow but do not underestimate the human capacity to truly and deeply believe our own self-serving bullshit. Human beings are fully capable of sincere inconsistency. Rank hypocrisy doesn’t disprove underlying values.

For a growing number of Americans though, wokeness isn’t a cynical and insincere means to an end, its a fanatical cult. What’s going on here is more than the adoption of some silly neologisms. This is not just a matter of style. It is not just performative. It is far more than a branding exercise. Every facet of American power has signed-on to the woke agenda. Critical race theory is the new governing ideology of the American empire and the implications of that are profound. Anybody with any sense of history will be aware of just how harshly America treats its ideological enemies. In Indonesia, up to one million civilians were slaughtered for communist sympathies with the full support of the United States. The vast security apparatus set up to fight the Cold War was never disbanded, it just found new targets. In 2021 the budget for the Department of Defense is 705.4 billion dollars. What happens when the influence of that money meets the influence of woke dogma?

The CIA and the Cultural Cold War

Far from cynically co-opting wokeness, the CIA were early investors. In 1950’s the CIA established the International Organisations Division. It’s cultural influence was huge. Looking back after the end of the Cold War, Tom Braden, chief of the IOD, described it as “the most important division that the agency had”. Some of the best-known publications of the Democratic Left (Encounter, New Leader, Partisan Review), were funded by the CIA. The goal of the Agency was to reorientate the left around anti-Soviet liberalism, and in that, they wholly succeeded. The Agency also funded influential feminist Gloria Steinem. Steinem described the Agency as, “completely different from its image”. She was “amazed to discover” that the CIA was full of “enlightened liberal non-partisan activists of the sort who characterized the Kennedy administration”. According to the ex-director of the CIA William Colby, the covert nature of the programme was necessitated by the “very retrograde people” in Congress.

In 1976, decades before becoming Director of the CIA, John Brennan voted for Communist Party nominee Gus Hall. One of the most prominent members of the Party at the time was Angela Davis, who went on to stand as their VP candidate. Davis was a student of Herbert Marcuse, who had served in the Office of Strategic Services (the forerunner to the CIA) and the State Department. Decades later, Davis would be a key influence on the founders of Black Lives Matter. I don’t know if Brennan was ever an Angela Davis fan, maybe he just liked Soviet economics, but his Twitter account reveals a man whose taken a giant gulp of the identity politics cool-aid. In the middle of deadly riots, Brennan tweeted: “National outrage about racial discrimination, hateful bigotry, & injustice of unequal opportunity is necessary for real change”. He blamed the violence of BLM on “injustice & economic inequity fuelled by people like Trump”. Throughout Trump’s presidency his Twitter feed consisted of non-stop accusations of Trumps “reckless jingoism”. Donald Trump is responsible for “fascism” and leading a “dangerous alliance” of “right wing extremists” and “malevolent bigots”, according to Brennan. He supported racial narcissist Colin Kaepernick. This was the man who had the power to launch coups and to massage and wholly invent ‘intelligence’. Significantly, John Brennan made his Gus Hall admission at a forum on Increasing Diversity in the Intelligence Community, to ensure black potential recruits that their activism wouldn’t be a bar to admission.

One of his predecessors, Michael Hayden, made an attack ad against Donald Trump, blasting him for not listening to experts: “Truth is really important, but especially in intelligence… The FBI says white nationalism is a real problem, and the FBI wants to do something about it, but the President doesn’t want to talk about that”. It’s a rather galling sentiment coming from somebody that worked under George W. Bush (Bush himself now spends his free time painting portraits lionizing immigrants). In reality, most white supremacist terror threats are make-work creations of the FBI — see, for example, The Base honeypot and the Gretchen Whitmer kidnapping hoax. Obese FBI officers literally kneel before Black Lives Matter. What Michael Hayden himself termed “the permanent government” has made patriotic white people the new Muslims. When Michael Hayden isn’t fantasizing about adding Edward Snowden to a drone kill list he’s on Twitter calling Tucker Carlson “a dirty pig!”, “white supremacist”, “asshole” watched by “Nazis” on “Der Sturmer TV”, comparing the Georgia GOP to the KKK and claiming the economy would collapse without “undocumented workers”. While a legitimate critique of Trump and Trumpism could be voluminous, the Never Trump movement of former Republicans — which has always included the most fervent supporters of war, many of whom remain closely tied the National Security State — has so often expressed opposition to Trump as opposition to fascism.

The military-industrial complex goes woke

A video from the Department of Defense explains how the Army prepared a young black woman “for a career as a beauty influencer and diversity activist with millions of social media followers”. Rather than recruiting strong young men who might be useful in a war, the American military is desperate to recruit people obsessed with nail varnish, hair extensions, and racism. Women in the military can now wear nail polish, lipstick and earings in the name of “diversity, equity, and inclusion”. An army recruitment video features a gay rights march and a lesbian wedding. A young female soldier “who operates your nations patriot missile defense systems” narrates her story: “It begins in California with a little girl raised by two moms…I also marched for equality. I’ve been defending freedom from a young age.” This tells us what the America army is fighting for: first she defended freedom by marching at a gay rights parade, now she defends that same freedom with patriot missiles.

The best way to predict the future of American military is to look at West Point, the elite military academy that has produced such prominent figures as Ulysses S Grant, Douglas MacArthur and Dwight Eisenhower. In 2016, sixteen black female cadets at West Point took a graduation photo with raised fists — a gesture commonly associated with the Black Power movement. In 2017 Ta-Nehisi Coates was invited to give a lecture to 800 cadets. Coates ouvre is defined by unbridled racial paranoia expressed in the fruitiest of language: he has severe doubts about whether white Americans can “erect a democracy independent of cannibalism”. Cadets and faculty met on multiple occasions “to consider the implication of Coates’s contributions for future Army officers”. In 2020, in the wake of George Floyds death, a group of students at the academy created an extensive policy proposal titled An Anti-Racist West Point. Notable in their demands: “demolish Reconciliation Plaza”. Wanting to tear down statues that celebrate the confederacy is one thing, but wanting to tear down a monument to peace is telling: these people will brook no dissent — enemies must be wholly destroyed. These are literal social justice warriors, ready to kill and maim for the cause.

Mike Waltz, who sits on the U.S. House Armed Services Committee, has brought to light workshops about “racist dogwhistles” and lectures with titles like “Understanding White Rage”. This sort of diversity training is nothing new. David Cole recounts his experiences with the Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute (DEOMI), which teaches that you’re a racist if you believe, regarding violent crime, “people of color attack white people too.”

The Pentagon is entirely obsessed with diversity. Pentagon Press Secretary John F. Kirby declared during a news briefing that the military is “the greatest the world has ever seen because of its diversity”. The U.S. Air Force describes diversity as a “force multiplier”. In 2009 Army major Nidal Hasan shouted “Allahu Akbar” and opened fire at Fort Hood, killing thirteen people. General George Casey Jr., the Army chief of staff, argued in the aftermath that while the deaths were tragic “it would be a greater tragedy if diversity became a casualty here”. Diversity matters to the Pentagon more than American lives.

It’s not just the military itself that’s been radicalised. The whole defense industry is drenched in a miasma of anti-white vitriol. Lockheed Martin, America’s largest defense contractor, sent senior white male executives on a three-day diversity training program to deconstruct their “white male culture”. A free association exercise listed connotations for the term white men, with the trainers offering: KKK, Aryan Nation, can’t jump, old, privileged, and racist. They were asked to read a long series of “I’m tired” statements from people of colour such as “I’m tired of the concept that we should be colorblind” and “I’m tired of people disparaging our campaigns, like Black Lives Matter”. The entirety of corporate America, including its gargantuan defence industry, wants total unquestioning ideological assent.

Where America goes, its allies follow. NATO released a video advertising their belief that “diversity is our strength.” The Permanent Secretary of Britain’s Ministry of Defence sent emails to staff that claimed “systemic racial inequality is not unique to America but also has deep roots within UK society, including Defence” before signing off with #BlackLivesMatter.

The purge

The Capitol protest was a Reichstag fire moment – an event blown out of all proportion to justify the seizure of power. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin ordered a 60-day stand-down to “address extremism across DoD”. The term “extremism” is a useful one – it sounds politically neutral and non-partisan. But what counts as an extremist? In a report by DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency), alongside the typical groups – the KKK, Aryan Nations – sat more benign examples. Signs of extremism used to purge the ranks included depictions of Pepe the Frog, a cartoon character used by Donald Trump in his 2016 election campaign. A flag with the words “Come and take it” — used by second amendment activists — was another marker of extremism. According to a report in The Intercept, the Pentagon is launching a pilot program to “continuously” monitor the social media of military personal for non-PC sentiments. The man in charge of the ideological vetting operation is Bishop Garrison, Senior Advisor to the Secretary of Defense for Diversity and Inclusion. In a bout of catastrophizing paranoia, Garrison referred to racism and white nationalism as a “nation-ending” threat to America and an “existential threat to our country”. His definition of white nationalism is broad enough to include Jewish Trump aide Stephen Miller, of whom he claimed “we’re being destroyed without a single round being fired”. By redefining political opponents as a national security threat, radicals can then purge and capture previously moderate institutions.

So-called experts invited to consult on the alleged problem of extremism included several members of the discredited Southern Poverty Law Center. The SPLC is incredibly well funded but has lost legitimacy even among liberal media outlets. The New York Times asked “Why is the SPLC targeting liberals?”, so you can only imagine what they think of conservatives. For the President of the SPLC, the use of the word “extremism” is explicitly used not to denote promotion of violence, but as a tool to defeat political enemies: “Obviously the hate label is a blunt one. It’s one of the things that gives it power…Someone might say, ‘Oh, it’s without nuance.’ … But we’ve always thought that hate in the mainstream is much more dangerous than hate outside of it. The fact that a group like the FRC or a group like FAIR can have congressional allies and can testify before congressional committees, the fact that a group like ADF can get in front of the Supreme Court — to me that makes them more dangerous, not less so… It’s the hate in the business suit that is a greater danger to our country than the hate in a Klan robe”. They’ve even called the tediously milquetoast Ben Carson an extremist. And now they’re helping to purge the military. The inquisitors don’t need to expel every deplorable — their campaign is so demoralizing to melanin-deprived troops that they will leave voluntarily.


The United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) hired a man named Richard Torres-Estrada as Chief of Diversity & Inclusion. Such people oversee hiring, administer training and dictate the culture at military institutions. Estrada posted a photograph of President Trump next to one of Adolf Hitler in a crude attempt to draw parallels between the two leaders. USSOCOM’s Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Plan calls for the organization to “ruthlessly self-assess” its cultural norms and narratives. The norms and narratives of USSOCOM may well become the norms of the world. Under the umbrella of USSOCOM sit’s MISO (Military Information Support Operations), formerly known as Psychological Operations. The purpose of MISO is to “influence the behavior of selected foreign target audiences by disseminating messages that are consistent with national objectives”. Once the purge of the military is complete, the people in charge of brainwashing foreign populations will be woke ideologues. Once the military has been captured and subverted by the most fanatical ideology since communism, the almost unlimited resources of the security apparatus can be deployed. The official journal of the John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center describes MISO as USSOCOM’s primary means to counter “extremist ideologies”. What happens when this capacity is turned inwards? Or when “white supremacy” is declared not just the biggest security threat inside America, but in the world? What if the largest military industrial complex and intelligence apparatus the world has ever seen is put into the service of people who get their news from Joy Reid and their worldview from Robin DiAngelo?

Manufacturing dissent

Grievance-driven identity politics has become America’s primary cultural export. This ideological encroachment hasn’t gone unnoticed. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov accused the United States of spreading “a cultural revolution” around the world that consisted of anti-white aggression and political correctness “taken to the extreme”. Even Emmanuel Macron, a centrist liberal, has complained of social theories “entirely imported from the United States, with their problems… which are just added to ours”. Mr. Macron’s education minister talked similarly of “a struggle against an intellectual matrix from American universities” that was in danger of causing the “fragmentation” of French society. “Liberal imperialism reigns in western Europe”, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban told one radio station, “they are trying to force their world-view on countries that think differently”. Much of this influence is independent of the American government, functioning primarily through global media networks and academia. The American state does, however, utilise and direct its soft power by funding a network of NGOs.

Masha Gessen is the perfect embodiment of the globalist American empire. A they/them non-binary trans lesbian and frothing at the mouth Putin critic, Gessen was Director of the Russian section of the U.S. government funded Radio Liberty and has been a speaker at the State Department’s Gays and Lesbians in Foreign Affairs Agencies Pride Day. Responding to the year-long BLM riots in 2020, Gessen asked “Why would you expect protests against state-sanctioned racist murder to be peaceful?” Gessen has said of marriage:

“Fighting for gay marriage generally involves lying about what we’re going to do with marriage when we get there, because we lie that the institution of marriage is not going to change, and that is a lie. The institution of marriage is going to change, and it should change, and again, I don’t think it should exist.”

This is what America is pushing in Russia. Gessen has said wistfully “Bombing Moscow does not seem to be an option.” While launching World War Three in support of trans rights in Siberia is currently off the cards, Gessen promotes another option: “helping the Russian opposition in the same committed, involved, and even meddling manner as the U.S. once helped the Serbian opposition.” For Gessen and the State Department, the perfectly apt vehicle for such meddling was Pussy Riot, a wanton group of juvenile delinquents for whom protest mainly involved desecrating cathedrals.

Western powers like to present NGOs as a fundamental part of civil society and liberal democracy. They summon the image of conscientious local citizens banding together for noble causes. In reality, the most powerful NGO’s act as the de facto regime change arm of Western governments. Some of the most prominent NGO’s are “Non-Governmental” in name only. Freedom House, for example, shares a revolving door of employees with the federal government, and receives much of its funding from the American state. In 2019, Freedom House raised \$48 million, \$45 of which came from the US government. Former Secretary of Homeland Security under George W. Bush, Michael Chertoff, is Chair of the Board. Former CIA Director James Woolsey, a propagandist for the Iraq war, also served as Chairman. Freedom House is best known for its annual reports quantifying the level of democracy of different nations. Far from a neutral arbiter, Freedom House marks countries down for, among other things, a lack of same-sex marriage. Poland was downgraded for “mobilizing its base” (i.e. gaining a popular democratic mandate among the electorate) against “gender ideology”. While still contentious issues inside the US, promoting gender dysphoria and smashing heteronormativity have become objectives of the American empire. Trump was democratically elected on the promise of building a wall and reducing immigration. In spite of the popularity of such policies Freedom House downgraded America’s democracy score during Trump’s Presidency for what it termed “harsh” and “punitive” immigration and asylum policies.

Another key node in the invade-the-world-invite-the-world nexus is The Atlantic Council, a hugely influential think tank which has received funding from defense contractors BAE Systems, Raytheon, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman and General Atomics. Other financial backers include the Clinton Foundation, George Soros’s Open Society Foundation, the asset management firm BlackRock, and the U.S State Department. BlackRock, owned by woke billionaire Larry Fink, manages 6.84 trillion dollars worth of assets and is heavily invested in the defense industry. When not advocating for war, the Atlantic Council sponsors citizens of the third world to paint murals of George Floyd. The Council is a melange of politically correct apparatchiks and hawkish neocons. One Resident Fellow is Jared Holt, a man whose entire working life has been spent getting conversatives fired from their jobs and deplatformed from the internet. A sort of cancel culture commissar, Holt has managed to build a career out of calling conservatives racist at the Soros-funded Right Wing Watch. Another Atlantic Fellow is Terrell Jermaine Starr. Starr is pictured on the Atlantic Council’s website wearing an Angela Davis T-shirt. In 1969 FBI director J. Edgar Hoover declared that “without question” the Black Panther Party “represents the greatest threat to internal security of the country”. Today, their supporters are the foreign policy elite. Such people powwow with the ghouls of the Bush administration. In 2018 George W. accepted the Council’s Distinguished International Leadership Award and used his acceptance speech to warn against isolationism. The hegemonic ideology of America is now a mutant symbiosis of the thought of Dick Cheney and Ibram X. Kendi.

The Biden Doctrine: woke foreign policy and the new foreign policy establishment

Early in his presidency, Joe Biden spoke of America’s place in the world, explicitly stating that internal anti-white policies would also be applied abroad:

“We’ve taken steps to acknowledge and address systemic racism and the scourge of white supremacy in our own country. Racial equity will not just be an issue for one department in our administration, it has to be the business of the whole of government in all our federal policies and institutions. All this matters to foreign policy”. Speaking on the first anniversary of George Floyd’s overdose, White House National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan tweeted “the fight for racial justice at home and abroad is foundational to our future”. Karen Bass is Chair of a subcommittee of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs and had been a top contender to be Joe Biden’s vice-presidential running mate. She has worked with BLM co-founder Patrisse Cullors “for years” and is “proud to continue to call on her for advice”. BLM nearly had a direct line to the White House. Bass has been loudly calling for increased diversity in the State Department to spread this influence. Opal Tometi, one of the founders of Black Lives Matter, gave a speech on behalf of the US Mission to the United Nations in March of 2021 entitled “Addressing Racism as a U.S. Foreign Policy Imperative”. The agenda of BLM is now American foreign policy. In Washington D.C., the heart of the American empire, the words “BLACK LIVES MATTER” are permanently painted in 35-foot lettering in the newly renamed Black Lives Matter Plaza. Let’s be in no doubt that this is the official ideology of the U.S. state.

Diplomacy is the art of managing a country’s reputation, of trying to foster a positive public image, of cultivating soft power. America’s ambassador to the UN, by contrast, has pioneered what she terms “gumbo diplomacy”. Speaking in an address to the United Nation, Linda Thomas-Greenfield lambasted America: “I have seen for myself how the original sin of slavery weaved white supremacy into our founding documents and principles.” But it was not just America she would harangue for racism, but every country on earth, for “producing the racist”. Thomas-Greenfield uses the UN as a platform to take America’s local and historically specific culture wars and proselytize them to the world: “It’s the white supremacy that led to the senseless killing of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and so many other black Americans…That’s why the Biden administration has made racial equity a top priority across the entire government. And I’m making it a real focus of my tenure at the U.S. Mission to the United Nations.” America’s own diplomats are now decrying the country they’re meant to be promoting. Yet this does not imply a more modest USA. When it comes to events that happened hundreds of years ago, or the phantasm of alleged racism today, America is deeply and irrationally self-critical. When it comes to ruinous wars, less so. In a curious and deranged combo, the American elite will trash America’s own reputation while maintaining enough arrogance to push “democracy” and human rights across the world. The American ruling class has perfected the language of white guilt while still claiming the legitimacy to overturn foreign governments.

The State Department is heavily targeting historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) for recruitment. Kamala Harris described a conversation with Secretary Blinken: “We talked about you, the students of HBCUs. We talked about how you are the future of the United States State Department. You are the future of foreign policy.” Not part of the future, simply THE future. Hiring based on merit is over. Ambassadors Melanne Verveer and Bonnie Jenkins developed diversity recommendations for Blinken, telling him that “diversity should be a key consideration in all new appointments”. “Some of them might have had some blemishes, but we’re willing to take that chance”, says Lt. Gen. Vincent R. Stewart, about his own drive to increase diversity in the intelligence community. Increasingly then, the American halls of power will be staffed by people like Jalina Porter. Jalina believes that “The largest threat to U.S. national security are U.S cops. Not ISIS… not any one or anything else. If y’all don’t wake up and rise to this truth, the genocide against Blacks in America will continue until we are near extinct”. We will not have wokeness in one country — this is an ideology with global ambitions. Jalina says the USA will “expose and take action against the racism and racial discrimination endemic in every society across the world.” Once again proving that America is no longer a serious country Porter led a “Wakanda Forever” salute (a symbol of black nationalism taken from a children’s comic book movie) while recruiting students from HBCUs to enter the State Department. Speaking to a Diversity Career Symposium, Jalina told potential recruits “President Bidens bedrock principle is that diversity is one of our country’s greatest strengths. And we know that eliminating inequity both at home and abroad is hard to do without pioneers like you”. America’s ruinous race relations are purposefully and explicitly being spread throughout the world. An official State Department video positively referenced the violent BLM protests of 2020: “the global racial justice protests” the speaker says, “made me realise that the fight for racial justice is unified across borders, languages and cultures”. Diplomat Linda Thomas Greenfield declares that she is “determined to harness that global solidarity” seen during the year of rioting “to advance racial justice everywhere”.

Anne-Marie Slaughter, preeminent intellectual propagandist of humanitarian-driven bloodshed has asked “why not start imagining what a foreign policy with racial equity at its core would look like?” Anne-Marie has played a key role in undermining sovereignty and normalising “humanitarian intervention”. These aren’t idle words. The “responsibility to protect” doctrine Anne-Marie advocated led to the disastrous war in Libya. Dispassionate realism in foreign policy is wholly replaced by a militarized moralizing hysteria. America has long had it’s goal as the imposition of multiculturalism in all nations, leaving a cosmopolitan dystopia in its wake. General Wesley Clark, speaking in Kosovo in the aftermath of NATO’s bombing campaign, made this explicit: “That’s what the fighting was about. That it wasn’t going to be a purely Serb place. Its not going to be a purely Albanian place. It is going to be multi-ethnic in the future. People have to have tolerance, have to move out of the past, out of the nineteenth century”. Targets of the NATO’s ‘humanitarian’ aerial bombardment included a Serb TV station in which sixteen civilian staff members were killed. Kosovo should stand as a stark warning. If America was willing to launch a blood-soaked military campaign in the name of tolerance and diversity back in the comparatively moderate 1990s, what does that bode for the future? The French Revolution begets Napoleon — this time with nukes.

The Lincoln Project is a PAC (political action committee) staffed entirely by once high-ranking Republican operatives with links to such insalubrious characters as John McCain and Bush’s senior and junior. In a frankly bonkers video ad, the Lincoln Project refers to the soldiers that stormed Normandy in World War Two as “antifa”. These American troops “relentlessly annihilated” fascism. This is undoubtedly true. Allied forces aerial bombed the cities of Hamburg and Dresden. America started development of the nuclear bomb not to drop on Japan, but on Germany. “We again face the rise of fascism”, claims the Lincoln Project, but this time round its “on our own shores”. That such a war is now referenced as aspirational is truly terrifying. The Lincoln Project video transitions from grainy black and white World War Two footage to images of Donald Trump. When they talk about fascists, they’re talking about you and your family.

Joe Biden, the man that told us that “Antifa is an idea”, told Congress “white supremacy is terrorism”. White supremacy is an ideology with a miniscule number of adherents. Its a mantle almost nobody uses as a self-descriptor, and which is now defined so loosely that it includes just about anything. The New York Times ran the headline ‘White Supremacy’ Once Meant David Duke and the Klan. Now It Refers to Much More. Biden was using the phrase to refer to MAGA supporters. Given that America launches drone strikes against terrorists (with their families as collateral damage) and starts incredibly bloody wars to purportedly fight terrorism, its a pretty alarming choice of words. America is adopting an inverted “White Man’s Burden” where enlightened multicultural liberal policy-makers will conduct a civilizing mission to wipe out the last vestige of what Ta-Nehisi Coates terms the “demon religion” of “whiteness”. Meanwhile on MSNBC, Frank Figliuzzi, former assistant director for counterintelligence at the FBI argued that sitting members of Congress should be arrested in connection with the 1/6 Capitol protest, branding them the “command and control element of a terrorist group”. Writing in The Root, aforementioned Terrell Jermaine Starr goes further, enthusiastically quoting a deluded self-declared black national security expert: “the Republican Party is functioning like a terror cell”, “If they we’re in Afghanistan, we would’ve hit them. Either a raid, drop a bomb on them”.

In the 1960s, African American’s opposed to the Vietnam war adopted the slogan “No Viet Cong ever called me nigger” — the real enemy, they surmised, was white people at home in the United States. Legacy Americans must make a similar realisation: “No Chicom ever called me racist”. The biggest threat today isn’t Russia or China, it’s the permanent regime in Washington. Woke excesses are so often met with eye-rolling, jokes and memes. The last institutional redoubts of the worlds preeminent military power are being captured by woke derangement. That’s of world-historical significance.

(Republished from Dissident Review by permission of author or representative)
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  1. The Russians and Chinese must be laughing their asses off.

  2. onebornfree says: • Website

    “The biggest threat today isn’t Russia or China, it’s the permanent regime in Washington. ”

    Barring abolishing the entire federal government [my preference], here’s a partial “fix”:

    Get rid of the CIA, the FBI and the rest of the criminal, unconstitutional federal agencies listed in this article, as well of 1000’s of others equally unconstitutional. Repeal the Federal Reserve Act [1913], and the 16th and 17th amendments. Strike down every unconstitutional executive order in existence to date. Bring all the troops home. Shrink the Federal government down [by around 95%], to its original constitutional limits/functions, and somehow chain it back down so that it cannot ever again escape those new chains.

    Or, we can continue the present course, which ends in either total collapse, civil war, violent revolution,World war, or some combination of all of those, and possibly something else I forgot to mention.

    Good article, thanks.

    Regards, onebornfree

    • Replies: @Hannah Katz
    , @moi
  3. You’ve brilliantly scanned all indicators that show clearly that another empire is due for the dustbin of history.

    If you check the last days of all previous empires that collapsed in history you’ll be surprised to see that they miraculously resembled what you’ve just described.

    The only difference this time in history is that there is no empire candidate to take over from the US. In 1945, the UK handed over the scepter to the US after 4 centuries of unfettered world domination.

    Russia and China are just laughing at the dying Hegemon and are working relentlessly to de-dollarize their economies in order to hedge them against the inevitable dollar crash.

    The US GDP is \$20trillion with a national debt of \$28trillion (this is federal debt only!) and a Total Debt of \$87trillion (Fed + states). This is a bankrupt empire and the government can no longer be sane, hence the behaviors mentioned in the article. They all know that the empire has no future and they keep spending like drunkards the money that they don’t have and will Never have!

    Welcome to the dustbin of history!

  4. El Dato says:

    About an anime of the 90s:

    Over the Rainbow is a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, “pride of the United Nations Forces”. It served as the command ship for the massive naval convoy formed from the UN Pacific Fleet which escorted Evangelion Unit-02 as it was being transported from Germany to Japan in Episode 08. According to Kensuke, it was built before Second Impact in 2000. The carrier serves as the power supply for Eva-02 in the episode and, to the dismay of its Captain, its flight deck briefly becomes an arena for the brawl between Eva-02 and Gaghiel.

    Screenshot from Episode 08, Gaghiel jumping out of the water onto the “Over the Rainbow”


    This is the face of the modern CIA. Significantly, this video series was a recruitment drive — these are the sort of people the CIA actively wants to hire.

    Wrong. The only thing we know is that these are the sort of people the CIA wants us to think it actively wants to hire.

    • Agree: Voltara
  5. El Dato says:

    Even Muammar Gaddafi was won over by Barack Obama, whom he designated “an exceptional case…being a black African his mentality is different to that of the Yankees.”

    Ghaddafi had no illusion about Blacks (did he really consider Obama as Black? I would highly doubt it).

    As for our Western Leaders, such utterances are for public consumption. Ghaddafi knew how to play the Western Game and what it was about, giving up his nonexistent weapons of mass destruction to allow Blair to make a big win-win statement on TV just before Gulf War II. But he was playing a losers’ game, having as opponent an relentlessly memoryless, psychotic immediate-reward driven powerful monstrosity.

  6. El Dato says:

    I assure you that they are not.

    If you have gay/negro kumbaya jihadis armed to the teeth as enemies, even if intellectuall deficient, you are looking for some way to terminate them ASAP.

    As the saying goes, we have seen that movie several times in history now know how it ends.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  7. @El Dato

    The US military has a flash in the pan problem. Their reliance on expensive high tech weapons with long lead times for replenishment means they can’t sustain a long drawn out non nuclear effort. Add to that the general degradation of the people in the military and you have a force that can strike effectively initially, but then has to fall back due to lack of resources.

    The exception is the use of nukes where the initial barrage is all that’s needed to ruin the planet.

    If uneducated goat herders with small arms can fight off the US military, then China and Russia must form a more formidable adversary and is why the US won’t start a kinetic conflict because at best it will end up with a draw. Should anything start, it will be biological as the Covid test case is being used to gauge effectiveness.

    As a professional white hat hacker, I could see the US being crippled by cyber attacks because corporations are stupid enough to put their command and control systems at risk by having them accessible via an internet connection. I think the Chinese in particular are smarter than that and have a lower exposure.

    Since at least Vietnam, the US military has shown to be less than effective in winning and terminating a conflict. That’s because the entire ethos for decades has been to pretend to be a fighting force while sucking up as much money as possible resulting in a military that can’t find its ass with both hands.

  8. Rahan says:

    Very interesting stuff.
    Had not realized that the system would be promoting proto-globohomo in the 1960s in order to detach its internal leftists from Soviet and Chinese influence.
    And today, of course, amplifying all the b.s. to keep anyone from realizing what is happening to the economy and to basic freedoms.

    • Replies: @Wally
  9. SteveK9 says:

    ‘The biggest threat today isn’t Russia or China, it’s the permanent regime in Washington.’

    Truer words were never spoken. Many Conservatives still blither on about the ‘threat’ from Russia/China. The ‘threat’ is Wokeism, BLM, Antifa, Identity Politics, Critical Race Theory, etc. Compared to them, Russia/China are no threat whatever.

  10. Altai says:

    The English football team hasn’t stopped ‘taking a knee’ yet and intend to keep doing it through the Euros and possibly forever. It’s not popular with the working class fans who see it as the ethnic and sociopolitical provocation that it’s intended to be.

    Here we even see the media drone repeat ‘A lack of diversity in football’. A lot of ethnic groups are underrepresented, none more so than ‘White British’ but none less so than ‘Black British’.

    • Thanks: Badger Down
    • Replies: @Johnny Smoggins
  11. To paraphrase Vox Day, they need to update the Uncle Sam figure to Uncle Schmuel – an evil tranny clown in a dress that doesn’t even bother to shave its legs. Perhaps one of the artistically inclined here could re-do the famous WW I poster (I want YOU in the U.S. Army!) for today’s fully woke monstrosity.

    Onebornfree hit the nail on the head.

  12. The hegemonic ideology of America is now a mutant symbiosis of the thought of Dick Cheney and Ibram X. Kendi.

    This is an outstanding article for its thesis, content, thoroughness, and style. One of the best I can recall reading here. I agree with more than 90% of it, rare for me. I’m center-left (rather, issue by issue positions that average out to center left). The sad thing is that most on the left today wouldn’t understand or even be able to read this piece. They might sniff it and call it racist. The Military-Industrial and Wall-Street-Right already embrace this mutation as the price to be paid for the continuation of imperialist profiteering. They reckon on being safe in their enclaves.

    Serious diplomatic and military analysts in many countries must be hurriedly devising contingency plans to deal with the giant gone mad.

  13. @El Dato

    Gaddafi would not regard himself as a black African, no matter how BHO designated him. He’d be Berber-Arab, the folks who are selling blacks today as slaves in Tripoli

    • Replies: @gotmituns
    , @profnasty
  14. I hope all these communists, jews and faggots get the gene therapy injection.
    Within 2-3 years they will be dead or disabled and, thus, of less danger.
    It will make it much easier for the rational, conservative, heteros to retake control of America. After all, our ancestors built the goddamned West.
    Fuck the Woke and all the other parasites.

    • Agree: Ace
  15. @Nostradamus

    The English were not hegemons for 4 centuries. They became an Empire gradually. They beat out the French in NA in 1763 but current tech levels meant N. America offered little. After Napoleon, the Brits were free in the East. The Rothchilds East India Co. gained India and set up an opium system to prevent silver loss which had plagued the Romans and destroyed their reserves.
    In truth, England was an Empire for less than a century and was swiftly conned out of it by American Jews wbo had FDR captive and English Jews that had Winston on retainer.

    • Replies: @Malla
    , @Rogue
  16. @El Dato

    We see how Blair and the Fabians repayed the good Colonel for his help. Such is how the enemy treats its servants and sycophants.

  17. And once again, the case for #Secession from odious, tyrannical blue states is made.

    • Replies: @gotmituns
  18. The USNS Harvey Milk, for example, is named after the first openly gay elected official in California (who also happened to be a long time supporter of Jim Jones, leader of a mass suicide cult).

    And a pederast as well.

    Galen “Jack” McKinley

  19. neutral says:

    They are probably not, the French Revolution did not remain in France, it ended causing a big war that engulfed most of Europe (all the way to Moscow). The lunatics running the US regime will be forced to become more belligerent internationally because their lunatic ideology can not lead to success domestically. While inferior races cannot be victorious in the long run, they still possess nuclear weapons and they would no doubt use them. Any rational Chinese and Russian military planner should go with the assumption that nuclear war is now more likely than it has ever been and they need to plan accordingly.

  20. A parallel commentary along similar lines.

    But some implications of the sordid tale haven’t received much attention. What does it say about America’s capacity for meeting the multifarious and growing challenges to its global leadership? Can a country utterly preoccupied with avoiding any imputation of negative feelings toward other peoples and other nations—those twin evils of “racism” and “xenophobia”—meet the kinds of challenges that inevitably emerge from other peoples and other nations?

    Such questions take on added force when meshed with another set of questions related to the underlying cultural current of national self-flagellation gaining prominence in American thought and discourse: What kind of nation devours its own heritage and national narrative? Or labels itself as unworthy at its core and defines itself as having been born in evil and intrinsically incapable of rising above that evil? What kind of nation seeks to emphasize the point by separating schoolchildren into classroom groups labeled “victims” and “oppressors” based on actions of their forebears?

    Such a nation is not well equipped to parry threats and challenges from other nations or well positioned to ask young men and women to fight and possibly die for the national honor and the national interest.

    • Agree: Robin Hood
    • Replies: @Irish Savant
  21. @neutral

    The US can’t become more belligerent because no one is buying their shtick any longer. With all their successes in Vietnam and the middle east, their aura of invincibility is shot. The bulk of what the US does to any nation that has a serious military is bluff and bluster.

    If they go after Russia or China they will get their asses handed to them even in a conventional war. The US Navy’s surface fleet will be sunk in no time and that gets rid of the fighter planes and their payloads.

    The US could inflict some serious damage initially but then they’ll run out of all their high tech, expensive, long lead time weapons when replenishment time come along. I think the US military murderers would prefer keeping the facade of a fighting force around much longer and therefore won’t risk a confrontation that could and would damage their toys. They’ll just keep putting out strong language for the consumption of the US idiot population but actually do nothing if they have any sense at all.

    The entire oligarchy is running out the clock on the US economy and the Dollar. Anyone with any intelligence knows the US is sinking fast and the elite are just strip mining what’s left till the crack up boom happens. They don’t want a war, they just want to grab as much as possible while they can and keep the population concentrating on other matters while they steal what’s left.

    • Agree: Alfred, Robin Hood
  22. flyingcow says: • Website

    Bye, bye, American pie…..

  23. Anon[296] • Disclaimer says:

    Nothing much in America has changed since the Battle Hymn of the Republic was written by fervent abolitionist Julia Ward Howe. 🎶 “As He died to make men holy, let us die to make Nogs free!” 🎵 Wokesterism is another iteration of fanatically universalist Christianity.

    • Agree: nosquat loquat
  24. To paraphrase a quote in the Bible from Jesus Christ, with a twist: “Let the woke bury the woke.” Patrisse Kahn-Cullors being “cancelled” is just the beginning.

    Note: the original quote is: “Let the dead bury the dead.”

  25. I was going to suggest they combine the BLM and LGBTQ flags to create a new US flag, but guess what: there are already several versions of that. Niggers and faggotry: that’s what America is all about now. This place is truly beyond parody.

    • Agree: ruralguy, moi
  26. The sack of onions is rotting from inside and it’s accelerating daily! Russians and Chinese are going to be seated around the ring and watch the show!

  27. John Lewis was a fucking retard.

    I have an advanced case of jewnegro fatigue.

    What in the hell are we going to do about this mess?

  28. Wally says:

    Author Oliver Williams wrote: “The Capitol protest was a Reichstag fire moment – an event blown out of all proportion to justify the seizure of power.”

    Williams and those indoctrinated like him have no chance if they continue to deny the fact that the Reichstag fire was indeed started by a Communist.
    Reichstag fire nonsense debunked:
    Fire in the Reichstag, By Peter Wainwright :

    When considering the facts, it seems incredible that the myth of Nazi responsibility for firing the Reichstag could ever have been accepted at all. Yet it was, and by reputable historians such as Alan Bullock, author of Hitler: A Study in Tyranny, and Anthony Sutton, author of Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler. One wonders what other mythical versions of historical incidents have been accepted by historians and others “without looking at the evidence.”

    The Reichstag Fire – False Flag

    • Thanks: Schuetze
    • Replies: @animalogic
  29. @RoatanBill

    Agreed. If we go to war with China, then all the shelves at Wal Mart, Target, and so on will suddenly become empty nationwide.

    Mass hoarding will be 1,000 times worse than the toilet paper crisis that occurred at the start of the pandemic hoax.

    The USA has the world’s largest trade deficit by far. This makes the USA utterly dependent on places like China. If there is a major war, the US will be cut off. The dollar will no longer be widely circulated. The USA as we know it will be finished. The end will be sudden and total, perhaps without a shot being fired.

    The USA won World War II by out-producing Japan and Germany. (Plus, the USSR sapped most of most of Germany’s strength, and China sapped most of Japan’s.) Today the USA’s manufacturing base has been moved to China and elsewhere.

    With no manufacturing, and no self-sufficiency, the USA has no chance against Russia and China.

    Furthermore the USA is crippled by by tranny supremacy, BLM supremacy, homo-anal-supremacy, and the “woke” cancer. White American males have been totally castrated. Elections in blue states are totally rigged. The police are withdrawing, monkeys rule the streets, Kamala Harris and her Cuntocracy are preparing to take power, and everyone must submit to the deadly Covid jab.

    In a war with Russia and China the USA will have no chance.

    On the plus side, all Jews will be run out of Palestine.

    • Agree: RoatanBill
    • Replies: @Rich
    , @tyrone
  30. Malla says:

    and set up an opium system to prevent silver loss which had plagued the Romans and destroyed their reserves.

    The earlier Mughal Government of India had a state monopoly on Opium too and India had been exporting opium before the British landed on Indian shores. Also, do not forget the big Sassoon Baghdadi Jewish family, the big fish in the whole trade. The Sephardic Sassoons, the “Rothchild’s of the East” would marry into the Rothshcild family to create Satanic spawns.
    Also there was this guy whose father was in U.S. Military Intelligence during the Vietnam War and on retirement, his Dad told him,”Communism is one big scam, the Vietnam War was about drugs”. Check out Operation Phoenix and the subsequent Golden Triangle in South East Asia. At about the same time we had deep State funded and directed, counter culture “movement”, hippies, free love and LSD. Today the CIA is one big drug dealer and the West is being destroyed by drugs, with loads of people behind bars because of the same trade. That black dude sellin drugs in the ghetto is small fish, the biggest shark in this is the CIA. Lots of money in it. And lets not forget the opium farms of Afghanistan.

    American Jews wbo had FDR captive

    Speakin of opium and FDR, FDR’s Delano maternal family made a lot of \$\$\$\$ on that Opium trade. in transporting the opium from India to China. So did Yale University. And with yale, we have Skull and Bones.
    Many Indian families made a fortune on that trade. Built up half of Bombay on it.

    • Replies: @Old Brown Fool
  31. @neutral

    That’s the rub. The dying Evil Empire has to resort to ever more lurid and Evil lies about Russia and China, partly to sate their ‘moral superiority’ delusions, partly in a sad attempt at intimidation and mostly to brainwash the plebs to prepare for war, and annihilation. They CANNOT and will not contemplate a world led by self-respecting Russians and Iranians and the Chinese returning to the traditional position as world leader, at warp speed. Whenever I see creatures like Jake the Snake Sullivan, in my opinion a florid psychopath, snarling its hatred of and contempt for China and spewing lies like confetti, I know we are for the high jump. No ifs, buts or maybes.

  32. Panadechi says:

    The current state of the USA is catastrophic and will get worse, the only way out is racial territorial division.

  33. Rogue says:

    In truth, England was an Empire for less than a century

    Nonsense. England’s empire disappeared during the 1960’s. It’s empire began several centuries before that.

    • Replies: @animalogic
  34. Dumbo says:

    I can’t even look at those rainbow flags these days. Who would have thought that the rainbow would become the symbol of global tyranny (not to mention of a man inserting his penis into another man’s dirty anus.)

    Please, someone, make this nightmare stop! It’s metastasizing!

    “Heaven brings forth innumerable things to nurture man.
    Man has nothing good with which to recompense Heaven.
    Kill. Kill. Kill. Kill. Kill. Kill. Kill.”

    Zhang Xianzhong (张献忠), The “Yellow Tiger”, poet and mass murderer.

  35. The big question must be ‘where will all this end?’.

    • Replies: @Hamlet's Ghost
  36. Franz says:

    The CIA is the parasite that rules the host.

    “Getting rid” of the CIA wasn’t even possible 58 years ago when they got on Kennedy’s shit list.

    The fact that the CIA has always hated the nation it leeches off has always interested me for one reason: Conservatives of the Buckley persuasion have always thought it was patriotic in some way to support it. Buckley’s conscience is clear on this, he was CIA. But mere mortals are just dog food to them, why think the agency is an asset in some way?

    The CIA has done nothing with intelligence except use it against Americans. They’re finally getting honest about it, okay, but it was pretty obvious a long time ago.

  37. @New Dealer

    What kind of nation devours its own heritage and national narrative?

    Simple: Nations controlled by hostile ethnic and/or religious minorities.

    • Thanks: Ace
  38. gotmituns says:
    @Brooklyn Dave

    Just what is it a black can do as a slave in this century? Even slavery is obsolete.

  39. gotmituns says:
    @Sick of Orcs

    Yep, I don’t know how secession will occur, but you can see it coming. Possibly, a state or combination of states will band together on certain issues and defy the Fedgov. Once that happens, this already dead Republic will fall apart. Maybe it’ll be over this CRT they’re pushing in the schools now, trying to indoctrinate children against their own White parents.

    • Agree: Sick of Orcs
  40. Truth says:

    It’s One-World Government. There is no plan they didn’t come up with jointly.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  41. J says:

    America is only following the very successful English way of warfare. Two centuries ago the sanctimonious English ladies protested against the African slave trade. The Royal Navy was ordered to end that trade and patrolled the Slave Coast in West Africa. The price of agricultural workers in Cuba tripled and so the price of sugar. The dynamics of these moralistic interventions led to the conquest and colonization of Africa, India, China, etc. to “civilize” those savages. If history repeats itself, soon the BLM movement will demand “peace” by intervention in the Congo, free the schoolgirls enslaved by Boko Haram, and liberate homosexuals jailed and condemned to death in Palestine and in all the Muslim world. And of course, Chinese Turkestan has to be free and independent. US armed forces are preparing the coming interventions. Good.

    • Replies: @thotmonger
    , @Alden
  42. vox4non says:

    “Panem et circenses” (L: bread and circuses) is all that the USA is good for. So much similarity with the corrupt and conniving patricians, the distracted plebians, the ever weakening Caesars and even the much vaunted legions failing against much weaker forces. Wonder who will be Romulus Augustus (last emperor) and Odoacer (mercenary leader in the army).

    Just like the rot in Rome started long before its end, so too did the rot in the USA started. Question is only when and how it turn out. Will the USA split into its many disparate parts like Europe?

  43. A while ago somewhere I saw a vid in which the suspect (we’re all suspects) was being given a Rorschach test. Previously, he’d been honest about what he saw: monsters, guns, dead leaves. But this time he’d wised up: everything looked like “pretty little flowers”.

  44. @Truth

    It’s easy to make statements that may sound reasonable to certain predisposed people, but to others that want proof the statements are hollow.

    Where is there any proof of your assertion? Why would the criminals in the Chinese gov’t collude with the criminals in the US gov’t? These are rival gangs that control their territories and want to keep that control. The mafia families would cooperate with each other against a common enemy, namely the gov’t, but there is no common enemy of China and the US. The governments of the world are the apex of criminality and have no one to answer to above them.

  45. Stryker’s Question

    1. The USA is now limping out of Afghanistan. The Taliban will fire their weapons jubilantly at their exit & then forget about them like the Greeks, British & Russians before them. Why would the USA believe it stood a chance against China?

    2. Where would such volunteers come from now that rural Americans feel neglected & despised by urban Democrats? Hillary invented the world Deplorable. How can Biden convince them to volunteer for a war?

    3. Why do blacks attack Asians? What is their motivation?

    4. Why did the USA decline so suddenly after 9-11 during the Bush era?

    5. Why do some GOP still love George Bush?

    6. What would the US be like if the Iraq War never occurred? Is the decline of the USA infrastructure related to this?

    7. Asians & Jews do not originate in cold climates like Finns or Northern Europeans so why is their IQ high if climactic conditions determine IQ?

  46. Renoman says:

    America, the wuss of the World, what a bunch a stick it in shit Pussy’s, you’re doomed and it can’t happen soon enough.

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  47. Maybe the Arabs can start winning wars against this kind of military and start packing their POW camps with these perverts and degenerates – perhaps to the satisfaction of both parties – as Yanks would be getting the sodomy treatment traditionally reserved for the vanquished.

  48. @steinbergfeldwitzcohen

    That’s the part that confuses me. If the vaccine is that dangerous, the people who will suffer the most are the people who believe in it.

    Anyone who is really in on the plot will be taking fake shots, of course. The inner circle will remain intact. But that still leaves countless supporters who will sicken and die in the upcoming years, and certainly fail to reproduce one way or the other… while the ‘anti-vaxxers’ will thrive.

    It seems such an obvious flaw that I feel like I must be missing something. They’re cynical and inhuman, but they’re not that stupid. Maybe just too overconfident?

    • Replies: @Irish Savant
  49. @Wally

    And Wally, it can be added, regardless of who was responsible for the “Fire” that it is in NO way comparable to the trifle that was Jan 6 ( I wish no negative aspersion on that poor Ashley Babbit lady — disgraceful treatment)

    • Replies: @gay troll
  50. @Renoman

    At that point surely Israel & a bunch of other countries will crash.

    In Southeast Asia with no USAID the Austronesians will turn their attention to the Chinese overclass & start doing what happened in Indonesia in 1998.

    And here is the point to remember…Americans won’t care. They all left Europe & Asia voluntarily.

    The rest of the world will tank & the Americans have two oceans & don’t care…just like they don’t care about the refugees flooding Europe.

    Americans are hyperindividualist & don’t give a rat’s ass unlike Europeans who conduct BLM marches on the streets of Poland where there are not even any blacks.

    American no longer the world policeman? Americans will celebrate. Some of that tax money can be spent in the USA on the Southern border & on roads.

    No religion guides Americans except life, liberty & the pursuit of their own happiness.

    Nobody would care at all.

  51. @New Dealer

    “The Military-Industrial and Wall-Street-Right already embrace this mutation as the price to be paid for the continuation of imperialist profiteering. They reckon on being safe in their enclaves.”
    Interesting. For elites, is it merely a price? Or is it — all at once — a piece of camoflauge, a sword & a shield?
    Or to put it another way, do Elites believe (hope) that wokism is a disease that they can control sufficiently to realise greater profit than loss?
    That they are ingesting a poison is obvious. Equally, they think they can exploit such ingestion — in the sense that their enemies (foreign & domestic) will suffer more than they will.
    Well — sow the wind: reap the whirlwind.
    Their enclaves? Hopefully, to be their (whited) sepulchres.

  52. @Rogue

    It’s always tricky to locate the exact birth / death of Empires. Perhaps impossible.
    For my guess I’ll take the final naval defeat of the Dutch in the late 1600’s for birth & 1945 for death.
    But I’m not adamant….. (The US — I’m inclined to put 1918 as conception, 1945 as birth & 202? as death….?)

    • Replies: @Biff
  53. @Malla

    Even today the Indian government has a monopoly over opium cultivated; opium was not much of a problem in India. Indians had literally dozens of other weeds, beside the Weed. What changed during the British Raj was the enormous demand generated in China for opium. Such a demand could not have been generated without fooling people into addiction.

    • Replies: @Malla
  54. Sarah says:

    If you want to stop this hegemonic and imperialist war machine, if you do not want to become their quasi-slaves or even be killed by them if you are not docile : act !

    They use the proverb: “Money is power”.
    Take them at their word.
    Start acting now.

    If the richest and most powerful are 1%, remember that YOU are the 99%.

    This 1% has the money, but YOU the 99% have the number.

    That 1% is even richer by taking advantage of COVID-19, and YOU have become even poorer.

    Why are the rich getting richer? What do you think?
    IMHO they are getting richer and richer because you give them YOUR money.

    Start acting now.
    In a very concrete way, start by :
    – stopping buying from the monopolists,
    – stop subscribing to them,
    – stop using their services, even if they are (apparently) free,
    – stop using their so-called “social” media,
    – stop reading and watching MSM.

    • Agree: the grand wazoo
    • Replies: @Zarathustra
  55. Anonymous[710] • Disclaimer says:

    Targets of the NATO’s ‘humanitarian’ aerial bombardment included a Serb TV station in which sixteen civilian staff members were killed. Kosovo should stand as a stark warning. If America was willing to launch a blood-soaked military campaign in the name of tolerance and diversity back in the comparatively moderate 1990s, what does that bode for the future?

    American white Christian pilots had no reservations incinerating Christian Serb civilians on trains and even civilians in a horse-cart convoy. I recall American pilots mistakenly obliterating a convoy of Albanian civilians thinking they were Christian Serbs and afterwards joking, “Stick a fork in ‘em, they’re done.”

    Sadly, even today, after the mask has fallen and the curtain ripped away, the majority of white gentile males in the military and law enforcement will not think twice about brutalizing and killing for the Globohomo empire. Pay, pension, career über alles. Oh yeah, and “duty”. “Thank you for your service.”

    The military has become the greatest tool for deracination. For lower-class enlistees, military service becomes their identity. And this is something that has been fostered in the highly-compensated “all-volunteer” U.S. military in the past 40 years. Now this deracinating military culture has expanded to the family of military service members.

    Meanwhile there has been a precipitous decline in religion among the military and what still exists is the non-liturgical, ahistorical, deracinated brand of Judaized Christianity (i.e., Protestant, Evangelical Christianity).

    Near the end of this interview E. Michael Jones has some good comments on decline of the Anglo-American Empire:

    • Agree: Schuetze
    • Thanks: Sarah
  56. @onebornfree

    Curious if the flag burners would support my freedom of expression to burn an OBLM flag and a rainbow flag, that I own, in a public place.

    • Replies: @Onebornfree
  57. @Jeff Stryker

    Jewish endogamous breeding over millennia placed intelligence as the most desirable mating attribute, unlike most other peoples. The intelligent Asians are all from the north of the continent (Japanese, Chinese, Koreans).

    • Thanks: Sarah
  58. @Sollipsist

    I’ve wondered about that as well but remember that TPTB are hell-bent on getting everyone vaccinated. I imagine that those of us refusing to take the Devil’s Poker will come under increasing multi-vector pressure as time goes on.

    • Replies: @Franklin Ryckaert
  59. Malla says:
    @Old Brown Fool

    Yes I agree. It seems people in Bengal even have a vegetable dishes made up of opium poppy seeds!!! I have never tried it. Bengal was after all a major producer of opium.
    Opium was used as a pain killer in earlier days before modern painkillers existed. After all, morphine used in hospitals comes from opium.

    Such a demand could not have been generated without fooling people into addiction.

    There were hardly any Brits in the interior of China to push addiction.

  60. Malla says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    Asians & Jews do not originate in cold climates

    North East Asians are cold climate evolved. But Southern Chinese and Vietnamese are pretty smart too.

    Jews: Absorbing Europeans genes followed by eugenics.

  61. @Altai

    But those same working class fans still dutifully line up to buy tickets and merchandise don’t they?

    They may grumble about it, but they’re still supporting it.

    • Agree: Dnought
  62. Malla says:

    Allied forces aerial bombed the cities of Hamburg and Dresden.

    Land of the free, America allied with Communism to destroy Fascism and National Socialism and now it itself marches towards Bolshevism. Karma.
    Actually it seems even worse, it seem like a Bolshevik “revolution” + Haitian “revolution” combined in one.

  63. Biff says:

    1945 as birth & 202? as death….?)

    Poignant, I’ve been inclined to believe(input from people who are wiser and smarter than me) that there will be a major down fall between 2025 and 2030.

    • Replies: @animalogic
  64. Rich says:
    @A little boy in the crowd

    I can assure you, White males in America have not been castrated. Management from top to bottom is Pale and male. The best techs and mechanics are still White. The reason .gov is able to get away with this nonsense is because Whitey is doing so well, he doesn’t care. If things get tough, if Whitey’s kids can’t get jobs or into good colleges, it will change. Well fed, well entertained people don’t revolt, so the revolution is still a ways off. And now, even moderate White soccer moms are starting to get annoyed with the diversity game. It’s time is almost up.

    As far as war with China, you make great points and I’m leaning towards your opinion. The US is way overinvested in China and would face severe hardship in a real war.

  65. Gadsden flags and CSA battle flags are not welcome, but gay flags and BLM flags are ok to rally around.

    How about an all gay infantry unit, or all Black ship?

    The military cannot survive without White straight males, who it hates. If Whites have grievances, there are a million ways to slow-walk orders from the top. The unenviable task of the military is to attract bright, yet stupid White males who can’t see they’re being used and exploited.

  66. @Irish Savant

    I think the vaccine is meant to partly kill, partly sterilize and partly zombiefy the population. The aim is to create a reduced world population of slaves. But of course not all people will take the vaccine, not in the West and even less so in nations beyond the control of the global elite, such as Russia (which has taken a harmless vaccine).

    This plan is doomed to fail because there are simply too many factors the global elite does not control, but it surely will cause much harm. We should not confuse wickedness with intelligence. The elite is wicked, but stupid at the same time, due to self overestimation.

  67. anon[480] • Disclaimer says:

    Trotskyites gonna Trotskyite. Trotskyites own the Cathederal.

    We dont have a Stalin here to root em’ out and have “clownworld in one country”. They are missionary bout’ it. Expect moar lunacy. Prepare the youth to emigrate out if it gets really crazy.

  68. BorisMay says:

    The free West, is just one vast lunatic asylum run by the inmates.
    Russia & China are laughing all the way to the bank.
    The Jews see the goyim making a fool of themselves.
    The burka wearing Muslims look upon whites and blacks as being only fit for slaves.
    The whole idea of ‘modesty’ in a Muslim woman is that by covering up completely they see themselves as pure, whereas women without head and face coverings are whores!
    The Jews and whites who want to stay in Afghanistan want the Afghani women to be whores…QED.

  69. Anon[159] • Disclaimer says:

    Just goes to show…

    Satan is a nigger faggot trannie.

  70. 6-1-21 cannot have been America Reichstag moment, even though that was probably the intention of the FBI who staged a great part of it : however it may have unfolded actually, it is remembered by all leftists, liberals and would-be Europeans as the great moment when Democracy in the Weimar Republic sense, however corrupt and imperfect for the needs of their cause, was rather saved from a Reichstag event when the Capitol was about to be burned by Trump’s thugs. The official discourse in many left outlets of so many hues of red, green and turquoise is that it has been a dress rehearsal for the fascists, an even more like the Kapp-Putsch or the Munich takeover attempt in the 1920’s. What counts at this juncture is the event’s image, not the reality (which is the Capitol having been taken over by the military from the visiting public). The aim of the FBI, if they directed the operation as a false flag event, was to conflate American Yankee patriotism with fascism and White racism (though these are nearly opposite things on the backdrop of American history : Yankees, though Whiter than White by origin, had always posed as champions of Western humanity at large though for their hypocritical interest as a group closed to outsiders, not as a race, quite like the Jews often do, hence their obliged collaboration with progressive Jews throughout history and the progressive replacement of their leadership by Jews in person’s. Now it’s over. Yankees have been conflated with the partisans of an impending fascist catastrophe.

    America is now a Weimar state identifying with decadence, and literally wishing for decadence and national self-undoing by its very new symbols, like Germany would have gone on being if the Reichstag fire had been prevented in the last resort and transformed into a citadel protected against Nazis and all kinds of German patriots. Germany in such a circumstance would have been prevented to play any military role other than policing down German patriots and probably entered terminal decadence and disappearance from the World scene as a power. German fascists and racists would not have disappeared but they would have rather identified with Mussolini and been identified with Mussolini. But such as Germany would have surely been recessive, identified with weakness : Bismarck’s former political construction would have appeared as artificial, arbitrary, geared to particular Prussian interests, whereas Germany’s vocation would have appeared as a loose-defined entity of purely linguistic and cultural character, and renouncing to play a military role in Europe as it had been for a long time before Bismarck. Fascism would have been presented as a foreign thing, rather Italian and Latin in character, having tried a failed transplant in Germany. It would not have been defeated, since the reasons to be frustrated would have grown more than ever for ethnic Germans, but it would have been a party wishing to break up Germany and restore former Austrian grandeur while their opponents would have identified with the romantic and democratic revolutions of 1848 which took place in all Europe. Fascism would have not disappeared but its centre would have been displaced southwards while Germany as a political construction would have fallen into irrelevance. It could have marked the return to permanent internecine conflict between German cities with a democratic progressive pole in Scandinavia, Baltic Germany and lower Rhineland and a reactionary authoritarian in Italy and Austria as well as a strong Soviet influence in former Prussia. Germany would have been identified again as it had been for so long as a losers’ identity where the only real ideal dominant citizen would have been a Jew or a Protestant Jewer than Jew, though most Germans would have identified with cities and provinces rather than their great whole. Any military conflict within such a divided Germany, which was bound to occur two years later at most due to class war calling for repression, could have only ended by the fascist camp’s victory vying for a united Europe.

    With the present situation the US is like such a Germany on the plane of identity politics : the symbols it identifies with especially gay pride and BLM are of national self-hate. America in on the track of national suicide. Trump’s America has not disappeared — it cannot — but it is from now on forced to identify with a resurgent Confederacy, not as Union made Great Again. The Union as such is in a process of self-undoing. Any entity that identifies too much with the rainbow flag is crying out to the cosmos that it does no longer want to exert power. In particular the US cannot morph into a Bolshevik state of some sort : the Bolshevik state, though most opposite to Mother Russia as it had always been defined by Orthodoxy, was always ultra-nationalistic in its own way with a strong dominant male dimension, it needed Stalinism as a true heir of Ivan the terrible to exist. America just renounces to any form of self-respect in the world of symbols. The BLM cause is subservient to the gay rainbow one not the other way round. Graver : Blacks that are not clearly marked as LGBTQXYZ don’t really belong, Blacks are actually honoured in that ideological construct as a sexual, not racial minority, and their males are allowed only to miscegenate with self-hating White girls and boys that genuflect, not to go with their own women. To be a good Black you have to have an uncontrolled sex life, Blacks are a sexual minority characterized by perpetual debauchery and desire to rape outside their race, with the Black women offered only lesbianism as legitimate sex expression. This is bound to fail right at the moment Kamala Harris will take that construct in charge : Blacks in greater and greater numbers will realize that in the new social construct put forth by the DNC and Big Tech, which will clearly look like some kind of new Hindu dharma power goes to Asian nerds and Blacks are lower than ever and literally constrained into a losers’ role. NOI, among others, will voice a big NO and offer a tactical alliance with the MAGA camp. Since they have tried to conflate White identity causes with Islamic-like domestic terrorism, real Islamists will discover common interests with White identity groups. Most Blacks will ask for resegregation and pinpoint the rainbow flag as that of the very kind of Whiteys they loathe best. Multicultural America by having opted to identify with a Weimar-like Republic having escaped yet another Reichstag is bound to fall for a Second Civil War it is about to lose this time.

  71. @Malla

    Laudanum. Widely used in the past until the pharmaceutical industry started pushing far more dangerous and addictive synthetics. So now you get fentanyl, a synthetic opioid that is 80-100 times stronger than morphine.

    • Thanks: Malla
  72. @Biff

    Well — that US dollar, I suspect, will be a vital factor in any outcome…..

  73. “This is the face of the modern CIA.”

    It’s chaos at the Moscow Airport and the FSB agents are in hot pursuit of a CIA operative fleeing from the crime scene and about to board a flight to America to escape a decade in Siberian gulag. The Russian agents are running mad about the terminal looking for the suspect in a sea of White people and it resembles looking for a needle in a haystack. One of them radios the central command to let them know it’s difficult to identify the culprit but the dispatcher deadpans: it’s not a White American man … look for a Negress with a nose ring … it should not be so difficult to find her.

  74. Leo Den says:

    Between Pedophile Zionists,
    MidEast Wars and Terrorism for Israhell,
    Jewish-funded woke movement and fake Pandemic,
    and the Jewish DEEP STATE
    A m e r i c a is F*CKED.

  75. @Jeff Stryker

    Regarding your second question, Jeff:

    If the clueless Biden Admin can’t get enough volunteers to staff our bloated military, maybe they’ll bring back the draft – this time drafting all “genders,” of course.

    I faced the draft during the Vietnam War, and would love to see what happens if Biden-Harris try it. What choice would they have if no White boys are signing up? I very much doubt if they’ll get enough trannies to take their place. Drafting their princess daughters may be only thing that will galvanize insouciant White parents to get off of their couches and into the streets to protest. As they said in the ’60’s – Hell No We Won’t Go!

    • Replies: @neutral
  76. profnasty says:

    The Truth.
    A blue collar man was accidentally invited to a blue-nose soiree. A great debate ensued./ Our man successfully argued the upper class was violent, via war, and didn’t give a hoot for anyone but themselves. Violent sociopaths./ The ‘noses’ were forced to relent.
    But. At the end, they pointed out the real deciding feature is ‘force’. They have it, blue collar guy does not. Nothing will change, so just sit down, shut up, or get out.
    Force. That is the Truth.
    You can’t get around it.
    What happens when an irresistible force meets an immovable object?
    Don’t know?
    Something’s gotta give.

  77. profnasty says:
    @Francis Miville

    Isn’t it funny that almost every argument and discussion devolves into a comparison to Adolph Hitler and his National Socialists.
    Proof he was the greatest man of the 20th century. It makes this White German-American proud.

  78. Truth says:

    Think of them like pirates, they may argue, fight, or make each other walk the plank over who gets what booty, but that’s AFTER they board your ship, murder you, and sink it.

  79. @RoatanBill

    “The governments of the world are the apex of criminality and have no one to answer to above them.”

    That may be true in China’s case, but as I see it, Western nations are not ruled by their governments. Western nations are ruled by central bankers, in collusion with giant investment firms like Blackrock, Morgan Stanley, Vanguard, Lloyds Bank, and a few others.

    The latter firms own most of the stock on military contractors, media companies, pharma companies, and many tech companies. They get infinite money from their respective central banks (Federal Reserve, Bank of England, European Central Bank, etc) and they use that infinite money to buy anything and everything of value.

    As I see it, this nexus between central banks and the financial giants is the main driver of the pandemic hoax and vax mania, plus the constant rattling of sabers against Russia and China.

    The US government works for these financial giants, whereas the Chinese government works for China as a whole. It is nationalist. It does not let the central bank rule, and it does not hesitate to punish even the biggest financial giants and tech giants. And when it does punish financial giants, the CEOs apologize profusely in order to avoid going to prison. Meanwhile in the West, central bankers never go to prison, nor do the leaders of the financial giants.

    The fundamental clash between China and the West is nationalism vs neoliberalism.

    China is ruled by its government, which allows people to become billionaires, but not at the expense of Chinese society. China graduates 12 times as many engineers as does the USA, and its graduates are not crippled by student loan debt. China’s manned space program is advancing by leaps, whereas the US space program consists of throwing billions of dollars at Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk.

    Western nations are ruled by ZOG bankers and financiers who own the companies that own the companies that own the companies in all major industries. The financiers keep the masses in debt slavery, and they are currently reducing the West to feudalism, in which everyone will pay rent to the financial giants for life. The giants want a one-world government, but China stands in their way.

    The West is doomed. The financial giants are killing their host. Western society is being destroyed by tranny supremacy, homo-anal supremacy, BLM supremacy, and malignant “wokeness.”

    China did not cause any of this.

    Many Unz readers comfort themselves by vilifying China. In this way they defend neoliberalism and ZOG.

    So be it.

    ZOG will collapse. Meanwhile China gets stronger every day.

    • Agree: GomezAdddams
    • Replies: @RoatanBill
    , @Briggs
  80. “Gessen has said wistfully “Bombing Moscow does not seem to be an option.””

    Just wait until Putin nukes the homosexual capital of Israel, Tel Aviv, when Gessen is “marrying” some goy harlot for the umpteenth time on a beach… it won’t be funny!

    • Replies: @tyrone
  81. Anon[105] • Disclaimer says:

    ‘….The Capitol protest was a Reichstag fire moment….”


  82. @profnasty

    Isn’t it funny that almost every argument and discussion devolves into a comparison to Adolph Hitler and his National Socialists.

    This is a product of two conflicting drives.

    [1] Envy and admiration: Western nations are fascinated by the unity, the pageantry, and the optimism of Nazi Party rallies in Nuremberg.

    [2] Self-righteousness and despair: Western nations are cesspools. Therefore people in the cesspools comfort themselves by imagining that “At least we are better than National Socialist Germany.” Each president is worse than the last, but “At least he’s better than Hitler.” The USA commits endless atrocities, but “At least we didn’t perpetrate a holocaust.” And so on.

    Most real Americans secretly long to live in a National Socialist state. They know this will not happen, so they cope with their despair by vilifying Hitler and National Socialism. They denounce each other as Nazis, while they secretly admire the optimism and the teamwork of German National Socialists of 1933-45. They love the uniforms and insignia, and the “family values.”

    China today is National Socialist. Not like National Socialist Germany, since the two nations are different, but the structure is very similar.

    Average Americans do not understand China. Therefore they mindlessly obey orders and vilify China.

    • Agree: HeebHunter, vox4non
    • Replies: @TheMoon
    , @HeebHunter
  83. Agent76 says:

    I have a article that dovetails well.

    June 29th, 2020 Total U.S. Public & Private Debt To Reach \$80 Trillion Q2 2020

    When the results are released, the second-quarter economic data will be the worst on record. With the massive money printing by the U.S. government, public debt has ballooned more than \$3 trillion since the lockdown of the domestic economy. The total U.S. public and private debt will likely surpass \$80 trillion in Q2 2020.

    • Replies: @Fox
  84. @Francis Miville

    6-1-21 cannot have been America Reichstag moment, even though that was probably the intention of the FBI who staged a great part of it.

    The FBI’s motivation was simple. For decades (and especially since the 9-11 false flag) the FBI has routinely planned, financed, and organized “terrorist plots,” so the FBI could crush its own “plots,” and thereby justify an ever-increasing budget and ever-increasing power.

    The 6-1-21 event was a standard FBI operation that involved a few agents provocateurs, plus a lot of average people who the FBI used as patsies. Some of the provocateurs were FBI agents. Some were Antifa scum paid by the FBI. Most of the capitol police were ordered to leave, and the police who stayed were part of the FBI scam.

    Today the average people who the FBI used as patsies remain in prison, while the “unindicted co-conspirators” (FBI agents and Antifa scum) remain free. This includes the murderer of Ashli Babbit.

    To repeat, the FBI goal at all times is to justify an ever-increasing budget and ever-increasing power.

  85. Onebornfree says: • Website
    @Hannah Katz

    I’m sure you already know the answer to that question. 😒

    Regards, onebornfree.

  86. neutral says:

    I really hope they force all females to be part of the draft (what possible argument can the left use not to have this). Lots of woke hags being raped and killed in some war would be something I definitely support.

  87. @Nostradamus

    If you check the last days of all previous empires that collapsed in history you’ll be surprised to see that they miraculously resembled what you’ve just described.


    When empires are in their twilight, their societies go insane just before they collapse. Their religions disintegrate, and their values are inverted. Perversion is called righteousness, decency is called evil, and insanity is called reason.

    An empire is like a human that is born, grows, and eventually develops cancer. On its deathbed it has dementia, spouting gibberish and raving about imaginary demons. Then it goes silent, and its corpse is tossed into a garbage dump.

    The ZOG empire is now on its deathbed.

    • Agree: CelestiaQuesta
  88. @A little boy in the crowd

    Western nations and all nations are ruled by their thug governments because the use of force is implied in all transactions. That gov’ts are corrupted and influenced by other entities is true and has been true since the first warlord invented government.

    Only the gov’t will throw you in a cage or kill you if you don’t behave. The laws that allow this are influenced by many entities but bottom line it is gov’t that is the destroyer people fear.

  89. I can hear my father and his friends discussing and predicting this in the early 70’s – well here we are.
    It’s turned out even worse than they foresaw. How did we let this happen

    • Replies: @Miro23
  90. Fox says:

    Only 3 trillion? If I am not misremembering, I read recently that the public debt was at 28 trillion, up from 21 about two years ago. The increase in 7 trillion is in line with the ‘stimulus packages’ from Trump and Biden. When George Bush II became president, the national debt was at 6 trillion.

    • Replies: @CelestiaQuesta
  91. You reap what you sew. The generation of shallow snowflakes will probably suffer under a totalitarian dictator, eventually. The gulags will be named after these same woke creatures.

  92. @RoatanBill

    Rigged elections should equal Red State Secession!

  93. I’m auditioning musicians for a all white rock, blues, rap and country band. Must have own means of support, positive death wish, body piercing armor suit for live performances, and Life Insurance Policy.
    Band names you’ll be performing under:
    Jimmy Crow and His Lynchers.
    Kneeling Wiggers
    Magic Negroz Live
    Rainbow Gender Freak Review
    Goy Meets Tranny
    No Country For Whitey
    Burn Loot Murder
    Peaceful Protest
    The Last Whites

    What position would you like to audition for?

  94. @J

    This news flash just in: A mutiny just occurred on the USS Rodney King and the new Captain Ms. Cardie B, turned and rammed straight into the USS George Floyd. Apparently, a disagreement flared up over who would get to transport the school children girls recently liberated from Boko Haram down in the Congo, and whose beds they would stay in. But now both ships are sinking. And it appears not very many of the sailors on board know the least about lowering a life boat, let alone swim. The sharks are optimistic.

    Meanwhile the USNS Harvey Milk ran aground in the shallow waters off the shore of Bangkok. They were there to pick up a few teams of expert Thai ladyboys to train the newly freed Palestinian homosexuals for the next gay victory parade. Alas, as the ship skidded to a halt, Captain Yo Uras Sismine also slipped on a bucket of KY jelly and flew right off the vessel headfirst into the mud. His body was recovered. The large smile on his face revealed he died doing what loved the most.

  95. Deranged over-extended empire-in-decline sprawling everywhere like an out-of-control drunk.

  96. @RoatanBill

    Can’t say that I disagree with anything you have said…

    The problem is as Russian analyst Andrie Martaynov has stated, is that US political leaders (including our most senior military commanders who are completely politicized) are completely delusional regarding any military confrontation with either Russia or China. However, many US military senior commanders are quite aware of US and its the lack of military capabilities against far more formidable opponents. But they neither make the political decisions or the procurement and ideological decisions that would return our military to a more formidable set of institutions.

    After Vietnam, the US Army was actually revitalized for a short time but not to the extent that it could survive the completely debauched deterioration of its institutional mores and subsequent infrastructure constructs that the “woke ideologies” is fostering on it as well as among the other military services.

    Our military has completely forgotten what their primary mission is; to defend the United States from invasion. Instead with the constant mobilization of our forces to fight on foreign soil for god knows what reasons, our forces have been mentally and physically exhausted and weakened to the point that such idiocy as woke ideologies can make inroads into their sociologically tattered structures.

    My wife and I worry daily about what is happening to our country and what will eventually happen to it. We had been hoping the the US military would be the last bastion of sanity to stand strong for whatever values we hold dear but this no longer seems to be the case.

    All empires come to an end not because it is their time but because the leadership has become so corrupted that the populations lose all faith in their governing institutions. It appears that this same process is now happening to us…

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  97. In truth it was not force of arms that wasted

    Western men to a domesticated,

    Cringing lot. Since Thermopylae

    Had been tested and refined their soldiery

    Until none more fierce or dread existed.


    And though for centuries they enlisted

    Against their European cousins

    For territories, thrones or petty reasons

    Masquerading as religion,

    The pace of their martial invention

    And deterrent had grown mythic,

    Their formidable peace a monolithic

    Culture spanning nations, an aegis

    Sheltering all varieties of genius.

    Symphonies and libraries rose after hordes

    Of saracens bent on being lords

    Of Europe had been bloodily repulsed.

    Vlad Tepes dined where they convulsed

    In a forest of pikes to teach them terror.

    Winged Hussars proved their error

    At Vienna. No, not from without

    Was the European soul’s redoubt

    Overtaken, but from within the Enemy

    Began to undermine it with an enmity

    Unfathomed by the conscience

    Of his host in depth and patience.

    • Agree: Mulegino1
  98. How else would the Mafioso Gangster Racket that is the US Military justify illegally occupying Syria and stealing Syria’s oil 0n behalf of the crypto Jew Kurds?…”Our intentions are benign and noble…we are not conquerors and invaders…..”..Just wrap the US Military up in the language of the 1964 Civil Rights Act…..Bomb Syria in the name of Gay Rights and George Floyd…..

    The US Military needs to be destroyed in open conflict with the Russian Military…Yemen Military…Hezzbolah….and Iran…and Chinese Military……There will be an incident in the Black Sea….

    In a relative comparison…Vladimir Putin is very close to Jesus and the Blessed Mother in Heaven….

    Joe Biden and Kamala Harris with incurable twat disease are not only close to maggot infested feces…..Joe Biden and Kamala Harris with incurable twat disease are maggot infested feces……DO NOT CONSENT TO BE GOVERNED BY THIS MONSTROSITY FROM HELL!!!

  99. @Nostradamus

    Peak oil has not gone away. Fracking, under heavy government subsidy, bought the world another 20 years. Time has run out. This is the reason for 9ll, the climate hoax, BLM, Antifa, the increase of crime in the cities to drive the population out, the insane identity politics, and COVID with the lethal responses to it.

    Those who control the West want to retain some semblance of a controlled population and a functional economy. They are willing to sacrifice half of the population of earth. To cut down on the depletion of fossil fuels they want to destroy the country that burns it up the most. A country not needed because they no longer make anything worthwhile. Guess which country that is. COVID went a long way in preserving the oil with its lock downs and the interruption of travel. This strategy will be continued, and it will not be pleasant. There are no alternatives.

  100. @Steve Naidamast

    I’ve been anti military since I got a draft notification for Vietnam. That made it real and personal. I decided I’m no ones slave and told them to pound sand. I never was an accessory to military murder and never did alternative service.

    If the morons in charge decide to start a war with some competent adversary, they will have initial success if it’s some sneak attack. Once the other side realizes what’s happening, the inevitable blowback will commence. If nukes are involved, even tactical small ones, then it’s going to be a civilization ending event.

    I doubt the admirals and junior officers are going to cooperate in sending aircraft carriers into harms way when they know those large targets are going to get destroyed by missile swarms. The morons in the pentagon are going to have a revolt on their hands. Even if some asshat festooned with medals aboard ship wants to tempt destruction, the grunts might object and there could be a tragic accident aboard ship where the admiral was killed, just like they were fragging lieutenants in Nam.

    The asshats think they’re in charge. The grunts go along till the SHTF and then reality and self preservation kick in. It’s one thing to go after goat herders and you have air cover and superior weaponry, but another when you personally have no way to protect against an incoming missile and some asshole demands you die for some flag.

    • Agree: HeebHunter
    • Replies: @HeebHunter
    , @Theone
  101. PJ London says:

    With all the time and money that is spent on journalists and articles, I do not understand why all the nonsense is being spouted.
    The Dem/Leftist have spent 25 years putting their people in government. Every person appointed and promoted since Clinton was President is Dem/Left. That is approx 10 million workers dependent on the government for their career and pay-check. All of them espouse the same agenda.
    The only hold-out was – is the military.
    The government ‘owners’ know that China is no physical threat because the USA has nothing that china wants. At one time USA was the biggest consumer of Chinese production, but now China has internal markets and looks mainly to the Eu and Asia-India for consumers. USA is not yet irrelevant but it is not critical either.
    Russia won’t even invade Ukraine let alone the USA.
    So the propaganda that China or Russia or Iran is an existential threat is just nonsense.

    ‘This and no other is the root from which a tyrant springs; when he first appears he is a protector’.
    “If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.”
    James Madison

    There is only one threat to the USA as represented by the government, and that is those Americans who want to have a voice in how they are governed. Those who want the Constitution to rule their daily lives. Those who actually believe in and would work for the freedom to live as independent humans.
    They are identified as Clinton’s ‘deplorables’ as Biden’s ‘White extremists’.

    These people are being demonised in the most egregious propaganda campaign ever waged by the USA.
    They are worse than Hitler, they are “RACISTS”.
    So the USA rightly has no fear of an external aggressor. Kim Jong Un is not going to attack USA, never has, never would and doesn’t even think of it except in the minds of the Propagandists.
    The military, and all the state machinery is concentrated on the only threat that exists to the current order, normal Americans who want their country back the way it was.
    You better believe that the NKVD, the Stasi and SAVAK are the prototypes for the FBI and all the state enforces.

    Senator Frank Church – who chaired the famous “Church Committee” into the unlawful FBI Cointel program, and who chaired the Senate Foreign Relations Committee – said in 1975:
    “Th[e National Security Agency’s] capability at any time could be turned around on the American people, and no American would have any privacy left, such is the capability to monitor everything: telephone conversations, telegrams, it doesn’t matter. There would be no place to hide. [If a dictator ever took over, the N.S.A.] could enable it to impose total tyranny, and there would be no way to fight back.“

    You better believe that these people have absolutely no qualms about putting everyone in gulags or as they are known in USA, “FEMA Facilities” and leaving them there until they die.
    They are recruiting an army to fight you on the streets, blacks and Latinos who WILL be told that you are out to massacre them.
    Until and unless the people find a leader (and not the Orange idiot) who can motivate them to stand up recognise that the enemy IS the USA “State” and not some foreigner who doesn’t care at all, the country will continue on its path to total dictatorship.

    • Agree: CelestiaQuesta
    • Thanks: mark green
  102. @Francis Miville

    Excellent post. Your conclusion is true in my opinion, on the fate of Germany had it never experienced National Socialism. The Weimar Republic was a delightful entity to all of the usual power players in Europe, especially the British and French. It had reverted back to a time when its place of influence was exactly as it had been at one time before Bismark, when it’s position was thus, Britannia rules the sea, France rules the land and Germany rules the clouds. That is the position the U.S. will soon be in if it continues on the present course, it will be the Paper Tiger nation that rules the Clouds.

  103. @New Dealer

    Yes..I think you nailed it…the White Liberal Greedy Cheating Class believe that they will safe in their Enclaves…..I believe that when Civilization Collapses in America Jeff Bezos will be hunted down as a source of protein by roaming the wasteland bands of hungry young cannibals….

  104. That day will come that the Chinese or another regional power will test this new US military. And it will be a bloodbath.

  105. They’ve got so much shit on Biden and his VP hoe, they’ll do and say anything to live another day.
    As for the millions of government paid leeches carrying out orders on behalf of (((Woke Indoctrination))) led by White Wiggers/POC/LGBTIQPWXYZ aka Global Homo, the sooner they’re purged from humanity the better the world.

  106. @Jeff Stryker

    I’ll give your questions a shot.


    1. It’s not clear that the USA actually feels it does stand a chance against China. It could very well be a bunch of bluster to justify Pentagon budgets and deflect mass dissatisfaction with the domestic situation towards an outside enemy. Of course, with Belt and Road, Eurasian integration, etc. the days of the \$ are numbered and Amerikan elites might decide to pull the trigger. I imagine “victory” to these planners looks like mass (nuclear?) stand-off strikes on critical Chinese infrastructure as opposed to combat with the PLA. Either that or some kind of proxy conflict where Washington arms Uyghurs or other separatists in China, thus sowing chaos in central Asia and disrupting economic integration. That said, I think bluster and bravado are more likely.

    2. It is a bit bewildering that the elite would poke the dragon and the bear while simultaneously demoralizing many of citizens with anti-white rhetoric. Wars require unity and yet they are sowing discord. This would speak to my bluster hypothesis in #1 – they know they can’t stop China with a war, so they are sowing discord domestically to prevent a united popular revolt while they figure out how to abandon the sinking ship. It’s like the Titanic is sinking and the rich passengers are getting the lower classes into fist fights while they grab the life boats.

    3. Boredom. Actually, scratch that. All those Asians were attacked by White Supremacists in black face.

    4. Therein lies the “secret” of 9/11. By that time, Washington had already realized what building up China economically would mean for the 21st century. The Project for a New American Century was an attempt to use a window wherein China was not yet a superpower and Russia was dysfunctional to lock down ME oil and secure the petro-dollar. In short, 9/11 was to forestall the imperial decline that Washington already saw unfolding. It was a gamble. The decline happened so quickly because ultimately the plan failed.

    5. Because to most mainstream GOP voters, “conservatism” means tax cuts and foreign wars. They like the foreign wars because they are surrounded by messianic jingoism that appeals to their ‘Murican identities. Neo-conservative propaganda gave narcissistic supply to GOP “patriots” in the same way that Wokism gives it to liberals.

    6. Hard to say exactly. Had the Iraq War never happened, I imagine the rest of the proxy wars would not have as well. The result would have been that the “need” for growing military budgets would have been absent, thus Pentagon budgets would have continue their process from the 1990s of being “normalized.” This would have opened up opportunities for better investment in the American people. Over time, the US would have slowly lost market share in global markets to Asian competitors and the Euro would have gained in status against the dollar. The US would have been “forced” to adjust its trade deficits, which would have been a little uncomfortable in the short run, but ultimately would have guided America to being a normal country alongside other normal countries. We would have been a lot happier. But, we chose Empire and here we are.

    7. Others answered you on Asians. Also, I agree with those who attribute Ashkenazi IQ to the Tribe’s careful and artificial selection of its members. However, I think I might add something to that. The Jews are not really a race, they are the priesthood rump of a largely vanished race. Nations have middling average IQs because they consist of a broad cross section of cognitive levels. Societies need farmers, plumbers, brick layers, in addition to accountants, chemists etc. Thus the blue collar balance the white collar producing an average IQ of about 100 in countries of largely Euro stock. Imagine, however, if say France had been conquered by Moors and the French people had been assimilated into Moorish culture, but the French aristocracy had managed to escape and continue as a Diaspora only growing from internal fertility. Centuries later people would say, “These French have really high IQs, how did that happen?” It happened because the French farmers and laborers became Moors and only the aristocratic rump continued. A similar thing has happened with “Jews”. Israelites and Iudeans were largely absorbed into the cultures that conquered the area. What remains are the descendents of the Levite priest class. Check out “Controversy of Zion” featured here at UR.

  107. Miro23 says:

    I can hear my father and his friends discussing and predicting this in the early 70’s – well here we are.
    It’s turned out even worse than they foresaw. How did we let this happen.

    I agree that most of the present trends were visible that far back in 1970’s Counter Culture. For example:

    – Police as “Pigs”

    – Blacks as cool revolutionaries – Angela Davis etc.

    – Applause for burning the Stars & Stripes. Hippies and cool drugs culture – Ken Kesey and the Pranksters

    – Sleazy counter-cultural art, writing and music. Had to be counter-cultural for critical approval.

    – Cool Whites fight the “White supremacists”

    – Jews are the coolest revolutionary leaders and organizers.

    – Frankfurt School was the way to go – Herbert Marcuse (“Liberating tolerance” defined as intolerance against movements from the Right and toleration of movements from the Left). Destruction of the family.

    – Industrial failure. Activism, strikes = start of outsourcing.

    – First Asian products and Asian supply chains.

    – First micro computers with first networking (email) in academia.

    – Start of serious growth in debt culture.

    Maybe it was enough in the early 1970’s to just extend these trends to arrive where we are today.

    Equally, to move forward, take these trends as continuing (but more extreme). The result is Jewish/Woke totalitarianism = a Counter Culture dictatorship aiming for the elimination of Whites – which looks like it’s been in the works for the last 50 years.

    • Replies: @Alfa158
  108. babu says:

    John Lewis is no warrior he was a servile and subservient Democratic operative. I would like a warship or a military base in the US named after a real hero of the new revolution George Floyd.

    • LOL: Bardon Kaldian
    • Replies: @Miro23
  109. TheMoon says:

    Many Conservatives still blither on about the ‘threat’ from Russia/China.

    I post on Conservative, Inc. sites about how Putin is practically the only government official to say Ashli Babbitt’s name, and the old fart Cucks go into “Grrr, he’s former KGB, it’s an old Soviet tactic, grrrr, hisss, growl!”

    And they don’t understand it doesn’t even matter if it is. They are incapable of thinking outside their tiny boxes and using things for effective rhetoric.

    Oh, and now I’m seeing articles along the lines, “Don’t push back too hard against CRT or we will look bad!”

    Faggots. Conservative, Inc. is nothing but bum fondling faggots.

  110. funny says:

    This collapse has been planned for ages. Matthew 24 explains it. All the players regardless of which side they are on are in on it. There is nothing new under the sun.

  111. TheMoon says:
    @A little boy in the crowd

    If we could get the Nationalist without the Socialist, that would be super. I call myself a radical trad-right which is lulz-speak for a woman with traditional values. I’d probably fit in with such a system. China is a bit shit, though. Like you said, different, but not in a batter way.

    When the TV show Main In The High Castle used this poster ad:

    They eventually pulled it because young people who didn’t even know all that much about WW2 were posting things like, “Well, damn, my neighborhood is nothing but homeless junkies and gang bangers shooting everything that moves. Where do I sign up for this?”

    • Thanks: CelestiaQuesta, Miro23
  112. tyrone says:
    @A Half Naked Fakir

    Putin is one of the few humanitarians in power today…….he loves his people …..gotta’ respect that..

  113. ricpic says:

    I must be like millions who have no capacity for sophisticated analysis but do sense the end coming. The end of what? Of an orderly existence.

    • Replies: @Miro23
  114. Escher says:

    In unrelated news, the Chinese and Russian governments have slashed their military budgets by 25%.

  115. @Fox

    There’s a correlation between government debt and corporate/technopoly profits, the more government spends, the richer both politicians and (((BIG))) become.
    There are no longer checks and balances on government, much less (((BIG))).
    The only checks are for gender compliance, CRT certification, Social Media Score, and self hating flagellation marks on your back.
    I would have thought this was just another (((Film Actors Guild))) dark dystopian horror film if it wasn’t so real. The best anyone can do now is prepare to be,
    A) nuked
    B) gulaged
    C) civilization collapse/zombie apocalypse on steroids.

    Note to self – There will be NO messiah coming to recuse you. You are on your own.

  116. Getaclue says:

    The coming WW3 will be Nukes — the Russians changed to expecting a 1st Strike a couple years ago — that is the basis they are on now “defending” being encircled (illegally) by NATO — What could go wrong? — expect a Nuclear War WW3 within the next 4 years….The ChiComs might have let the WuFlu out by accident — but they definitely fanned it around the world on purpose — (the “Defector” Dong Jingwei has given lots of info on this and other ChiCom actions….) — so the ChiComs are definitely in on WW3 right now even if the USA Peons have no clue — of course Fauci was there to help them with USA Taxpayer Funding and Billions in USA Science work handed to them — anyone who thinks the USA is going to “win” any conflicts going forward is seriously delusional….:

    Here is what Intelligence Officer Wong let us know about the ChiComs and their helpers (he’s the reason the narrative as to the WuFlu not coming from the Lab had to be changed — he brought proof it seems….):

    • Disagree: Miro23, nosquat loquat
    • Thanks: RoatanBill
    • Troll: Mulga Mumblebrain
    • Replies: @Miro23
  117. 1. The wealthy or even run-of-the-mill expats like myself know that Chinese power is in economics: anybody who has done business in SEA knows that the upper-class there are Chinese. A war with China would accomplish nothing. It’s like the schoolyard bully who tries to steal the lunch of the kid who can buy lunch for five other kids who are sick of the bully anyhow if they stomp him at recess.

    2. Judging by your name you would know that two white American groups formed the tough enlisted ranks including infantry…rural white hicks who were already semi-trained in guerrilla warfare & had no options in their anonymous small towns…Tough urban Italian-American kids from the major cities who tended to go into the Navy or Marines in particular(Sammy the Bull & Gotti’s crew were all Vietnam veterans). These kids have had the shite insulted out of them, told they were worthless unwoke fascist deplorables, are aware that Harris & Biden despise them. Does not win wars on the Chinese-Siberian front. Why would Cleetus or Nino volunteer?

    3. What happened in LA when the whites left the Koreans & blacks to co-mingle? I’ve always argued that whites score victories by default-they leave. We saw this in Uganda…wherever the whites don’t play policeman. Much is made of the Chinese miracle in Africa but it will go as wrong as meth deal on the Tijuana border…there will be some sort of massacre.

    4. The plan failed rather quickly, but the consequences were long term. Bush was elected 21 years ago. And the US went downhill during his presidency. The hicks & rubes with their blind GOP devotion will say that Clinton set it all in motion, which is not false, but by 2008 the USA went from having no deficit to losing its Triple A rating.

    5. They seem to struggle to have an identity. Since church does not matter & marriage is rare & no jobs or social contract exist it’s probably a crisis.

    6. Wars are supposed to make money. But the ME wars might have made a few military contractors wealthy or the defense sector…but that is all.

    7. Sure, although why Han Chinese in subtropical Southern China are of high intelligence I don’t know. Overall, I think it is more sexual selection than cold winters.

  118. tyrone says:
    @A little boy in the crowd

    There will be no war with China and Russia ,our armed forces are being prepared to fight the civil war the left has been jones’n for .

  119. @Franklin Ryckaert

    I largely agree. The one thing bothering me about this relatively benign take is the way they’ve been able to cast an evil spell on so many people, a spell that has destroyed people’s capacity for rational thought. If the death toll surges due to the vax I fear that they’ll be able to convince such people that vax refuseniks are to blame.

    • Replies: @Sollipsist
  120. @RoatanBill

    asshole demands you die for some flag

    For muttmerica, it is to die for some literal FAGS.

    Can’t wait to see that satanic shithole gets what it deserves.

  121. @A little boy in the crowd

    Amerimutts are the spawn of kike loving, devil-serving sinners. They and their spawns will always be automatically directed to hell when they finish their last breath and stop polluting the Earth. Just like the yids they love so much.

    Good riddance. 1945 payback.

  122. Miro23 says:

    I must be like millions who have no capacity for sophisticated analysis but do sense the end coming. The end of what? Of an orderly existence.

    The WEF/Davos elite are interested in their NWO (New World Order) – a “rules based” international system . The problem that it’s a Bolshevik style order where they give the orders and you follow them – or get cancelled – or worse.

  123. @RoatanBill

    And they won’t be the only ones …
    Though saddening to be so depraved, country with such initial promise, huge rich continent, less than 250 years old, satanic, shirtlifters, wrecked cities …

    “Grotesque, Unbelievable, Bizarre, Unprecedented.”

    Pride goeth before Destruction, and an haughty Spirit before a Fall.

    • Agree: RoatanBill
  124. aandrews says:

    Today, on Drudge, at the very top…

  125. Alden says:

    It wasn’t sanctimonious English women who ended the slave trade. It was sanctimonious English men.

  126. @Irish Savant

    There’s plenty of study into historical waves of mass hysteria. Unfortunately the very people who obsess over it always seem to end up lighting the torches and handing out pitchforks during the latest wave.

  127. @steinbergfeldwitzcohen

    Don’t be surprised if a special list popped up on National Vaccination appointments where certain individuals were given placebo instead of the real jab.

  128. This text is, I’d say, something written from frog’s eye-view.

    Simply, CRT-LBQWERTY-… hysteria will sizzle.

    And China, while doubtless a formidable power- is a colossus with feet of clay.

    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  129. Miro23 says:

    Check out Ron’s link regarding Dong Jingwei. It’s a completely fabricated story.

  130. It won’t be long before Biden admits that he wears women’s adult diapers and the Kamala’s really a man. With everything getting turned upside down, where everything we knew as being normal, is inverted, where whites are constantly being told that they’re the cause of every problem in the world and that the very personification of evil is the white male, whites will increasingly just turn off the media, because it gets to a point where one only can take so much. I haven’t watched a TV newscast for over 20 years and only watch old TV shows and occasionally one like American Pickers because I like antiques and collectables. I turn off the commercials because they are repulsive to me on every level. Youtube is just as bad with the same commercials that they bombard you with on TV although it’s just as easy to turn off the volume and look the other way.

  131. Cking says:

    We must now all recognize and revere the LGBT, Sterile Sex People proscribing the mother and family unit headed by a male father. The US government is completely dedicated to creating a sterile and royal caste within our society, culture, political apparatus, and institutional government and military; all serving the zero population growth ideal, the Radical Population Reduction Policy as by the UN’s Agenda 21.

    Today, young people, thoroughly educated in the doctrine of Thomas Malthus, fear the specter of overpopulation, say ah-ha to the threat of thermonuclear war as if in agreement and will not fight for jobs, wages, affordable housing, family formation, free medical services, free college education, or launch an anti-war campaign against Globalization’s thermonuclear war. A generation that just shrugs to their fate, many gladly take their place among the homeless, thinking they’re enlightened, conscientious, and pure.

    • Replies: @Oleander
  132. Theone says:

    Specially when the flag in question is the rainbow one.

  133. @aandrews

    There goes women’s sport. Imagine being a real woman weightlifter, not a bloke pretending to be female. Years of training, expense, sacrifice, not to mention hopes, spat upon in an instant by a bloke in drag. The utter misogyny of it all is bad enough, but to see female sports administrators boasting of thus supporting transgender athletes, tops it all. Societies gone fucking mad.

    • Agree: Commentator Mike
    • Replies: @ThreeCranes
  134. @Bardon Kaldian

    Good to see you Zionazis pissing yourself with fear at China’s rise. I can almost smell the stink of race hatred.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  135. @Charles Carroll

    Gosh that ‘climate hoax’ sure is ‘hoaxing’ the weather in the Western USA, and in floods around the world. It’s ‘hoaxing’ the Arctic sea ice, northern permafrost and Antarctic glaciers into melting, too. Some ‘hoax’.

    • Replies: @Rufus Clyde
  136. Oleander says:

    The American spirit, which at one point was comprised of perseverance, an internal locus of control, and self-efficacy has been replaced with quietism, apathetic torpor, and self-indulgence.

    With such beliefs, homelessness has its allure, being seen (granted only to some) as a lifestyle which does not encumber one with responsibility, duty, or agency. The homeless individual is one who has no control over his life, placing all blame on others, and while it is fair to say that many homeless individuals have endured severe hardship in childhood, the individual’s lack of meaning and commitment does not confer the ability to overcome adversity and triumph over obstacles.

    When asked whether or not there is virtue in suffering, one must remember that it was the peasant class who suffered, while nobility remained largely unscathed.

  137. Ace says:

    Vietnam was a U.S. military victory thrown away by treasonous, leftist Dems in Congress.

    It’s in Frank Snepp’s book, Decent Interval.

    After Nam the military knew they had to do something about the unreliable and ill-disciplined black troops. The solution was to do all-volunteer and avoid the problems of drafting blacks who, at a minimum, took to heart Cassius Clay’s ultra patriotic observation that no Viet Cong ever called him n____r.

    It wasn’t long before the neocons got control over U.S. foreign policy and our fine military has been chasing its tail on dumb ___ missions thousands of miles from home ever since.

    U.S. troops repelling foreign invaders on the U.S. border? Zero.

  138. Wow… yet another laundry list of outrages perpetrated by the left. But as usual, it has not an iota of a semblance of a clue as to what to do about it. You’d think that after decades of watching the left slice and dice its way through society, the right would have devised an effective counterstrategy to oppose it. Oh well, perhaps this kind of article will provide handy reading material to pass the time, as we’re shipped off to reeducation camps.

  139. Alfa158 says:

    Add one more.
    Here on the West Coast in the early seventies the first oncoming ripples of the tidal wave of mass immigration were already visible.

    • Agree: Miro23
  140. Ktulu says:

    At least we don’t speak German though. That would be horriffic.

  141. @TheMoon

    Thanks for your comment. A couple of thoughts if I may…

    [1] Please don’t be put off by the word “socialist.” For Germany 1933-45, “socialist” meant a government that served the people, rather than serving only the rich, as occurs in the USA.

    Germany had private enterprises, and many Germans got rich, but no one was allowed to get rich at the expense of society. And the government ultimately maintained control of the banking system. Germans had their own houses. To buy a home they were given a flat rate 4% mortgage, with one quarter of the principle erased for each child a family had.

    China today is National Socialist, similar in some ways to 1933-45 Germany.

    By contrast the USA is neo-liberal, mired in the ZOG sewer, and doomed.

    [2] Thank you for that poster image. (“Man in the High Castle.”) It is an example of what I said about Americans admiring National Socialist Germany. The TV series was the same. Americans are fascinated with Nazi Germany, and they secretly envy it.

    However Americans also vilify Nazi Germany as a way to cope with the misery of living in a ZOG cesspool.

    They eventually pulled the poster because young people who didn’t even know all that much about WW2 were posting things like, “Well, damn, my neighborhood is nothing but homeless junkies and gang bangers shooting everything that moves. Where do I sign up for this?”

    Exactly. The image was designed to attract interest, but not so much interest that it gave people ideas about resisting ZOG filth in real life.

    Incidentally the poster image isn’t clear, but the SS insignia on the guy’s collar looks like that of a Brigadeführer; the SS equivalent of a brigadier general. The guy seems too young for that. (I never saw any of the episodes.) Actor Rufus Sewell wore the insignia of an SS Obergruppenführer, equivalent to a three-star general. Sewell was 48 at the time of filming. Again that seems a bit young for such a high rank. Whatever.

    The series got his hat wrong. As an SS member, Sewell’s hat should have had a Totenkof, but in the series his hat has a cockade like the regular army.

    Hugo Boss, the German luxury fashion house, designed those SS uniforms. At first the Nazi Party had few members, but when young demoralized German males saw those smart-looking SS uniforms, many young men signed up.

    • Agree: HeebHunter
    • Replies: @HeebHunter
  142. @Jeff Stryker

    Much is made of the Chinese miracle in Africa but it will go as wrong as meth deal on the Tijuana border…there will be some sort of massacre.

    I disagree. Africa’s relationship with ZOG is different from Africa’s relationship with China.

    ZOG rules nations by putting them in extreme debt. ZOG also installs puppet dictators, and injects target nations with ZOG filth (e.g. strip clubs and holocaust monuments). ZOG demands that its slave nations surrender all their natural resources to ZOG, and buy all products from ZOG at obscenely high prices. If any African nation becomes too prosperous and independent, ZOG destroys it (e.g. Libya).

    China does none of these things. This is one reason among many why China is fast eclipsing ZOG.

    Furthermore I have met many Africans from several nations, and they are nothing like Blacks in the West.

    • Agree: Miro23
  143. profnasty says:
    @Brooklyn Dave

    Ghaddafi was one of the great men of the 20th century. In no way did he hate Black Africans.

    • Agree: nosquat loquat
  144. Richard B says:

    Article photo caption: Old Glory Get’s Gang Raped.

  145. Miro23 says:

    John Lewis is no warrior he was a servile and subservient Democratic operative. I would like a warship or a military base in the US named after a real hero of the new revolution George Floyd.

    The USS George P. Floyd could join the USS John S. McCain in time to get sunk off Taiwan.

    • LOL: Che Guava
  146. Malla says:
    @Francis Miville

    The plan of the Satanic globalist pigs was that Germany’s economy would be tanked and conditions of its people made worse after WW1 so that they could have a successful Bolshevik “revolution” in Germany like in Russia earlier. But unfortunately for them, the National Socialists came to power and the Third Reich was shaped and designed as an impenetrable fortress where any Globalist subversion either Marxist or Global Capitalist was impossible. The Satanic NWO Globalist pigs screeched and screamed, the Third Reich had to be crushed from outside and their minions Britain, USA and USSR were used. Japan had to be crushed as it was a dangerous barrier to the spread of Communism in the East.
    Now of course they have plans for eventual Bolshevisation of the West. But they are afraid of things going in the opposite direction, a Hitler coming up in the USA or the West in general. So prevent that happening they encouraged and allowed mass migration of enemy foreign infiltrators into these countries and the slow march through the institutions, slow brainwashing of the population via Cultural Marxism. The Jewish professors studied mass psychology on how a Hitler like rebel figure could emerge instead of a Globalist mass murderer, Trotsky. They came up with the concept of “Authoritarian Personality”.
    Also the USSR and Warsaw pact world was slowly moving in a different direction as the globalists had envisioned. It was becoming a failed experiment and the USSR had to be brought down. They promise that the next experiments would be more successful and permanent than the USSR.
    “Liberal Democracies”, where the media & academia is controlled by the Globalists, the people slowly brainwashed , will inevitably move towards Bolshevism as it will be slowly pushed in that direction. The frog will be boiled slowly to the gulag.

    • Agree: HeebHunter
    • Replies: @Francis Miville
  147. The USNS Harvey Milk, for example, is named after the first openly gay elected official

    Bringing new meaning to “swabbing the poop deck.”

    • LOL: Rufus Clyde
    • Replies: @Dr. Charles Fhandrich
  148. @Sarah

    Dig out cave on the side of mountain.

    • LOL: Sarah
  149. @Mulga Mumblebrain

    Ron used to put his foot down and admonish us to rein in our curse words, but really, what other words can convey how stunned we are by the escalating lunacy? Each day brings a fresh round of insanity.

    The irony is, is that if blacks and others were to simply shut up and retire to the sidelines and let whites run the show as they know how, then not just whites, but blacks as well would be more prosperous. These idiots just can’t see that by letting themselves in on having a say in how to run systems that call for skills which are beyond their cognitive and organizational capabilities, they’re actually reducing their own bottom line. A poorly run system yields less for everyone.

    They believe that they’re cutting themselves a larger slice of the pie, but don’t realize that with their inept involvement, the overall size of the pie is shrinking.

  150. gay troll says:

    that poor Ashley Babbit lady

    Yes, acting is hard. Or do you think it’s a coincidence that her “death” was recorded by a photojournalist and “left-wing activist” named John Sullivan, who appeared on CNN that same evening? What was this woke dude doing on the front lines with Babbitt, recording a disembodied pistol hand until it “fired” at her? Are we supposed to believe this man was simply in the right place at the right time to document the only substantial act of “violence” that occurred on 1/6? In the aftermath of the “shooting”, Sullivan celebrates with Jade Sacker in the rotunda, who says “we did it!” (Sacker also appeared on CNN that night). Sullivan says “Is this not going to be the best film you’ve ever made in your life?” Sacker then asks Sullivan if he’s recording their celebration, and he says not to worry, he’ll delete it. Sullivan later published the video.

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  151. @SteveK9

    The ‘threat’ is Wokeism, BLM, Antifa, Identity Politics, Critical Race Theory, etc. Compared to them, Russia/China are no threat whatever

    Russia n China are not only not a threat. They are important allies in the struggle to eliminate Wokism. A Franco or Pinochet would do well to invite Russian advisers to restructure a rotten military. History shows that revolutions rarely succeed without foreign help.

  152. @Franklin Ryckaert

    At least they’ll get to see their favourite band live and cheer their football team in the stadium while they’re alive. Hell, with most here predicting the Apocalypse, or as CelestiaQuesta writes at #115:

    The best anyone can do now is prepare to be,
    A) nuked
    B) gulaged
    C) civilization collapse/zombie apocalypse on steroids.

    is having some vax approved social fun at the end of time such a bad option D)?

  153. @Jeff Stryker

    Much is made of the Chinese miracle in Africa but it will go as wrong as meth deal on the Tijuana border…there will be some sort of massacre.

    It will only be a temporary setback as the Chinese never really give up, trying to suck up the last that they can from the indigene. They actually colonise targetted countries with middle class or wealthy Chinese, or actually very poor, even barefoot economic refugees, who by the nature of things (their high IQ – locals low IQ, their work ethic – locals laziness, networking, etc.) quickly progress to become local middle and upper classes.

  154. @gay troll

    What’s the point of hoaxing her murder? Wouldn’t it have been better if they hoaxed her killing the cop? You can just imagine the outrage and calls for shipping those protesters and their supporters to gulags already.

  155. @A little boy in the crowd

    Hell, even in the Third Reich gun laws were better, and people were encouraged to own full size weapons. 1938 Reichswaffensgesetz. Real guns for real fights.

    Amerimutts have been coping with the NFA and their pipsqueak cuck .22 for almost a hundred years now. One must understand these subhumans can only drive themselves with inherent evil inside of them and all the vilest sins. Envy, Lust, Pride, Greed, all of them combos etc.

    They destroyed Europe, they destroyed the Middle East, but the fucking brake has been pressed. Their inability to attack China, Russia and Iran (they even botched their Venezuelan job, LOL) means the end of Neo Liberalism as the dominant force is nigh. Humanity will prevail and amerimutts bzw. their kike masters will spend eternities in hell.

  156. moi says:

    Well, America is progressing from the wholesale slaughter of Muslims to now turning on each other. I say “hallelujah!”

  157. moi says:

    The world does not need a hegemon, most especially a violent, greedy, immoral one like the US. Trade, not hegemony, has been the Chinese way throughout much of their history. Sweet baby Jesus has washed his hand off the US.

    • Agree: GomezAdddams
  158. Vssc-21 says:

    TLDR; whites are cowards.
    When you’re cowards bad things happen.
    Stop being cowards, or be weeded out.

    The others are just instinctively attacking weakness, an evolutionary trait to purge those that endanger the herd. Don’t blame them.

    Why yes of course I’m white, and not self loathing but the cowardice is loathsome,

  159. @Malla

    Not just Bengal; poppy seeds are a regular item in Indian kitchens.

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  160. @Sick of Orcs

    This is sick, the USNS Harvey Milk!!!?? The insults never end.

    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  161. @Commentator Mike

    Indeed, if the motive of a PSY OP makes no sense, then it is no PSY OP.

  162. Will you relax around them?
    Will you take the knee?
    Will you take the jab?
    Will you eat the bug?
    Will you live in a pod?
    Will you cut off the penis?

    You will. You will. 🇮🇱🏳️‍🌈

  163. @aandrews

    There’s this now:

    Win Olympics to burn US flag? Team USA transgender cyclist reacts to resurfacing of scandalous Facebook post

    This is the end of fair sports. Women should be protesting this. Everyone should be protesting this. A few years down the line all of the WNBA players could be second rate men pretending to be women and a woman won’t have a chance to compete. I thought that women wanted to be liberated so they could play sports and now they’re being squeezed out by gender bender fraudsters.

    • Agree: Mulga Mumblebrain
  164. @Old Brown Fool

    You hardly get a buzz from poppy seeds. The opium content of even untreated poppy seeds is extremely low.

    • Replies: @Old Brown Fool
  165. @profnasty

    No. This is proof that the propaganda campaign to justify the post-WW2 economic order was as successful as that of any world religion. No facts necessary. If Hitler’s job was to lead the German people into a position of prosperity and security for future generations, would you say that the hoisting of the hammer-and-sickle over the Reichstag, as German cities lay in ruins, represents the fulfillment of that duty?

  166. Hegar says:

    America justified the bodies by building a few girls schools in the wreckage. Education for girls has become the most effective propaganda tool

    Indeed. There was a story about Washington’s mercenaries building a school for girls deep in Taliban territory. Victory! But the mercenaries had to withdraw, and the Taliban used the building as a recruitment center.

    I am glad the Taliban will win in Afghanistan. The only downside about them is their hostility toward Shias, specifically toward Persians, who they nominally hate for religion but like the Arabs do, hate because they are more capable and intelligent, and look far better than the ugly peoples to the east and west of Iran.

    But the Taliban will have their hands full, as they focus on gaining control of the country and changing things after twenty years of occupation. And today’s Taliban allow music and other things the original Taliban banned. More than two decades ago. The Taliban have long recruited people with a less strict message, focusing more on nationalism.

    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  167. Yeah it’s not a pretty picture. All we can hope for is that all the woke racists pushing this nonsense so arduously take the vaccine shot, and pray that Dr. Judy Mikovits and the many other good doctors are right in their assessment that it is: “a perfectly designed killing machine”.

  168. Anonymous[290] • Disclaimer says:

    Legacy Americans must make a similar realisation: “No Chicom ever called me racist”.

    Disappointing to find such counter-factual nonsense at the tail-end of an otherwise informative article.

  169. Anonymous[290] • Disclaimer says:
    @Mulga Mumblebrain

    Take a bath. You practically reek of it.

  170. Briggs says:
    @A little boy in the crowd

    There is no space. Educate yourself on Flat Earth.

  171. FatR says:

    There is nothing strange about losers obsessively bringing up fellow losers. The first thing any sort white advocates need to do if they ever want to stop losing is to start viewing Hitler and his regime as an object lesson in catastrophic failure. But of course, following the script written by their enemies is so much more convenient.

  172. @Commentator Mike

    So, is she dead or not? Not that I need proof, but a neat story (& hot chocolate) would make me feel all warm & fuzzy….

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  173. @Malla

    Wilhelm Reich was the only Jew of the lot to understand the whereabouts of fascism. As he pinpointed it is no use to prevent it to combat White racist nationalism through multiculturalism, the solution the Austrian Empire had always tried to push forward for centuries. Fascism is NOT a phenomenon of national or racial frustration but of sexual frustration. It tends to speak though nationalistic ideologies that are NOT supported by the races or nations they extol but rather by subject peoples who don’t belong but see an avenue to power by going for it. In Germany fascism started not in Prussia but in Bavaria, a state judged as racially inferior and un-German by most of Germany : moreover even in Bavaria it was favoured as a means to combat Bavarian separatism and appealed to those who were most mixed with Polish or Czech. In Spain Franco’s fascism appeared … among the Moroccans and other Moorish.

    In America it won’t appear among Whites but rather among more recent immigrants that fancy about Whites like today’s Whites now have renounced to be since long ago : the two groups it is about to appear among are Latinos, where the most dominant harbour a visceral hatred for their own inferior classes, and among Hindus of the kind Kamala Harris identifies with. It identifies with White gods, not real White people. White supremacism doesn’t start with White children rejecting Black children for fear of being bullied but with Black or half-Black or off-White children always selecting the whiter Barbie doll as kinder than the the darker one when it comes to choose a toy : no one of these children will reject Blacks as such though in the long run clearer and clearer class leaders will be elected. It seems that this choice of dolls thing is observed as a hard-wired constant throughout all humanity. Fascism is a matter of sex symbols, not of race. The only theoretical way no to feed the fascist beast is sexual self-control, and it seems very clear such an avenue is out of question. The gay community, not for being attracted to the same sex, but for having ten times as much sex and partners, is always the most prone to the emergence of fascism, even when the fascist doctrine talks about eliminating gays from the public scene : frustrated sexual energy always votes for authoritarian personalities.

    All those barriers of political correctness and wokery erected against the racial manifestations of fascism such as White identity are so many bastions of a kind of imaginary Maginot line, which was supposed to protect France and Mediterranean countries from Germanic agression and barbarian invasions for eternity. It is a phony war they imagine they are winning for good. Maginot lines are meant to be turned around. In France it was the neutral territory of Belgium, which was thought to be concerned only with religion as a political theme, that all of a sudden welcomed the Nazis. In America that supposed neutral ground is the immigrant religions : many of those religions seemed to have adhered to absolute political correctness but their public don’t agree that much and generally switches sides at the last minute. Anyway, whenever gay power is triumphant it generally means that the more general cause that lionizes it is targeted for death by its sponsors : the gays themselves are not turned on by leftism or humanism but rather look for a White dominant male as the ultimate fantasy of the kind that is not accessible for real in the heterosexual world. In the Europe of the 1930’s the French judeao-Masonic elites thought they were at the apex of the Latin world behind, which would follow : Mussolini’s Italy was seen as non typical and short lived as an experiment : all Latin peoples especially the Southern olive hued would join the humanistic crusade against Germanic identity. America’s Zionist establishment thinks like that, along the same reflexes. We know what rather happened : Latin countries fell more easily for the fascist pro-German discourse than the Germanic Northern French.

    The American fake left Zionist cultural establishment is fighting against fate literally, just desperate to turn History away from its normal course by any means. The result is always fate already manipulating you into its desired result : the kind of Whites they attack are the most centre-left ones who long for another New Deal and a reduction in inequalities, while the allies they choose, especially those whose role is to fight for them while remaining in the shadow (religious Blacks, pro-White anti-Latino Latinos, Hindus of strong caste mentality) are about to serve as an open boulevard to turn around all dictates of political correctness, as they are exempted and mistaken for unconditional venal allies : for instance an Hindu is allowed without problem to view Africans as a non human species. Trump was not America’s Hitler as he did everything to please his Israeli sponsors so as to calm down his audience he just despises even more than Hillary did. Fascism in America won’t be political but religious, as has been predicted since very long ago. It will start not as an anti-Black movement but as a rabidly anti-intellectual and anti-human one the Woke themselves won’t see coming as they will feel rather charmed as it will look like by vibration the Chinese cultural revolution. Intellectuals that genuflect to Blacks will be all accused of cultural misappropriation with the result that all people supporting Blacks the way they did will be condemned, whereas certain cultures that do discriminate against Blacks will be protected by affirmative action against those pro-Black Whites. Last but not least, the great mass of Blacks won’t follow suit : what the woke mentality is offering them is being treated as a privileged sexual minority, to be hallowed for its deviant lifestyle. America’s fascist leader to come will be a fundamentalist preacher not a politician and that preacher will preach among others anglo-israelism : Anglo are in reality white due to their being lost tribes of Israel. All those who would object will have been rejected as intellectuals by both woke and right.

  174. @Charles Carroll

    I left the United States in 2010 and it was the best decision I ever made. Where I live I do not have to worry about crime, money grubbing cops so I can enjoy driving, insane city laws, and most importantly I don’t have a single black within 50 to 100 miles of me.

    No fat feminists to deal with
    No flamboyant gays to avoid
    No indoctrination of my 3 kids
    No diversity

  175. @animalogic

    Officially she is:

    But the MSM and the public did not make as much fuss about her death and funeral as they did with Floyd George.

  176. @Jeff Stryker

    Hay Jeff yaar

    Stop with this nonsense. Asia is one big piece of land and has some of the most coldest places on earth. MOngolians, northern chinese as well as the koreans and japs are all accustomed to bitter cold. Its us desis in the south and those SEAs that are warm climate accustomed

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  177. @Mulga Mumblebrain

    What exactly is alleged to constitute the hoax? I assumed that global warming was real over thirty years ago simply because the scum-bag coal industry was paying hacks to say that there was no evidence of rises in temperature, when there did seem to be such rises. But given the place of climate change in the degenerate, sociopathic neoliberal globalist plan to “keep the rich getting richer while the poor, oh, I don’t know, perhaps die off when Universal Basic Income doesn’t pan out”, I have come to question whether the source of current climate shifts is indeed anthropogenic.

    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  178. @DesiBlowhard

    What part of India do you mean? Now take this Sunny Leone Philippines horror film which was filmed in Cebu.

    The Sardarji lead herself looks fair compared to her SEA costars

    And in this other Sunny Leone Kollywood film made in tropical Kerala near the waterfalls again the North Indian cast contrast strongly with the South Indian actors as you can see from a clip

    India spans from tropical Kerala to Alpine Kashmir & North India is not tropical.

    Yet it is the South Indians from the tropical South who are generally (At least they believe) much more intelligent than Sardars. Cue the Sardaji jokes.

    However, similar to blacks, they like fair-skinned North Indian women which is why they import Sikh actresses. But that is sexual selection. Not intelligence.

    And the odd thing is that Kerala & Bangalore are far more developed & have far less poverty than North India.

    Americans generally think of India as reflected by North India poverty but Kochin does not have this.

    We could argue, of course, that Gulf remittance built Kerala. That would be true. We could argue that North India was riven by caste issues, South India wasn’t.

    I’m only speaking of my own impressions.

    Similarly the most intelligent Chinese are not the Northerners, but the Southern Chinese Han.

    So ultimately, I’m not sure I see Fred’s argument.

    • Troll: Mulga Mumblebrain
  179. @Commentator Mike

    True, but prolonged consumption in large quantities makes one dull. A drink (“poustho”) made from poppy seeds was compulsory for Mughal political prisoners (usually emperor’s rivals and their families), first thing in the morning. Just two or three years, they become disoriented and incapable.

  180. @Rufus Clyde

    Rufus, anthropogenic climate destabilisation is INCONTESTABLY ‘true’. That the global scum overlords are using it for their nefarious ends, as they exploit everything to enrich themselves and impoverish others, does NOT change that truth. To avert Near Term Human Extinction, if that is still possible, we have to stop being fooled by denialists who use justified hatred of the elites to denigrate the science.

  181. Anon[679] • Disclaimer says:

    Sigh…. from ForwardsFromKlandma

    Read this please.

  182. @Hegar

    The US is letting the Taliban win, then, in league with the US created ‘ISIS”, they can become allies in attacking Iran. To understand the Zionazis and their pet Sabbat Goy Americans, think of genocide as religious obligation.

  183. @Dr. Charles Fhandrich

    I suppose you’d prefer the USS William Calley.

  184. denk says:

    China Hopes to Put First Human on Mars in 2033: Report

    Some gems from the west.

    What about Tibet, Uighurs, HK ?

    [This is standard fare from the west..
    especially the five liars.

    They never talk about iraq, libya, Syria, Yemen …
    when FUKUS did a launch….everbody chant USA USA !
    They dont sniff ‘what about Kashmir, Naga, Manipur…?’ when India sent up a statellite, everybody gushed over their aryan cousins..
    ‘the INdians will soon beat the chicoms in the space race’

    I’d appaud if they aint such totalitarian brutal regime who killed millions of their own people

    Do they have the technology to bring them back ?
    Dont think they care either, the way they treat their own people.

    Why dont they all go there…and stay put,.?

    If they’ve the money to spend on such vanity proj, why cant they compensate us for killing millions with their virus ?


    YOu know,
    some time I wonder if the ‘west’ live on some parallel universe ?

    • Replies: @Mulga Mumblebrain
  185. @denk

    Tibet-the end of neo-feudal, theocratic, terror. The end of serfdom. The end of illiteracy. The emancipation of women. The rise in life expectancy of three or more decades. The end of CIA subversion, using their asset, the Dalai. The Uighurs-protected from salafist ETIM Wahhabist terrorist butchery. Life expectancy and population growing. Like ALL Chinese minorities, not subject to the one, two or three child policy. Economy booming, income and welfare booming. Hong Kong-the traitors like Lai, on the US payroll, given their just desserts, and the terrorist thugs roaming the streets and destroying property, crushed. All very, very, good.

    • Agree: denk, GomezAdddams
    • Replies: @denk
  186. @Mulga Mumblebrain

    No, but since both represent a minority among a vast majority of other people and really didn’t do anything I would deem distinguished, how about someone in between. I have absolutely nothing against gay people like Harvey Milk was, since my favorite English teacher long ago was a gay man and one of the best teachers I ever had. He was extremely popular and no one hassled him for his being gay. Of course, it is worse today than it was at that time. My opinion. Today, everyone is a hypocrite on almost everything, including gay people!!

  187. @Mulga Mumblebrain

    Oldentimes Canada TV show Front Page Challenge ( Quiz show with panel guessing identities and headlines) and Medina was Guest. Betty Kennedy identified this hidden guest and when the interview came Gordon Sinclair ( he earlier was famous for the USA –rah rah rah- circa 1971) opens ” The panel tonight should not be with Moderator Fred Davis and Panel of Betty Kennedy, Pierre Burton and myself but rather Boris Karlof, Bella Legusi, Vincent Price and Peter Lorie”

  188. When a nation starts naming their warships after diversity imbeciles and agents of societal destruction, if not outright civil war, you shall know for certain that the endgame has started.

    The United States of America is no more. What remains is The United Superstate of Washington.

    In other words; a fascist/socialist monster where the former citizens are nothing more than obedient serfs.

    Obidient serfs that may serve as human livestock, and maybe vote a little bit every 2 years…

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