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THE INTELLIGENCE of NATIONS: Lynn and Becker Crush CultMarx Critics—But They’re Too Crazed to Notice
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Richard Lynn, now 89 years old, has made it his mission to discover the average IQ of every country on Earth. His first book on the subject, IQ and the Wealth of Nations [2002], written with Finnish political scientist Tatu Vanhanen (1929-2015), was put out by Praeger, a mainstream academic publisher. Since then, Lynn, usually with Vanhanen, has authored or co-authored a succession of books expanding on the same topic—Race Differences in Intelligence (2006), IQ and Global Inequality (2006), The Global Bell Curve (2008) and Intelligence: A Unifying Construct for the Social Sciences (2012)—published either by Washington Summit or his own Ulster Institute for Social Research. And now we have yet another one: The Intelligence of Nations, co-authored with a young German political scientist David Becker, based at the Technical University of Chemnitz in what was formerly East Germany. It is the most important of all of Lynn’s sequels , possibly even more worthy of your time than was the original—especially because Cultural Marxism is now eliminating, not merely public debate on the topic, but also academic science.

This ever-tightening Political Correctness stranglehold means that it’s impossible now for Lynn to publish his research via a house like Praeger. Similarly, conventional academic journals at least reviewed IQ and the Wealth of Nations, albeit nastily, but ten years later, there was no way they would review Intelligence: A Unifying Construct for the Social Sciences.

Indeed, in the wake of the uproar surrounding student journalist/ enforcer Ben Van der Merwe’s 2018 “discovery” of the London Conference on Intelligence, the University of Ulster caved into pressure and stripped Lynn of the Emeritus Professorship it had awarded upon his retirement, by implication (the university simply referred to “all relevant information”) because it had only just discovered (Lynn taught there for forty-six years!) that his research was “racist and sexist in nature,” exactly as the student Leftists had claimed. [Ulster University withdraws status from Prof Richard Lynn, BBC News, April 14, 2018]’s James Fulford commented that Lynn was being stripped of emeritus status “for saying the same things that made him a professor in the first place.”

As mentioned, Lynn and Vanhanen’s IQ and the Wealth of Nations received sensationalist and often extremely hostile academic coverage, with critics questioning the soundness of its methodology, the reliability of its data etc. Thus two female psychologists asserted that “we see an edifice built on layer upon layer of arbitrary assumptions and selective data manipulation. The data on which the entire book is based are of questionable validity and are used in ways that cannot be justified.” They concluded that Lynn and Vanhanen’s international comparisons were “virtually meaningless”. [National Intelligence and the Emperor’s New Clothes, by Susan Barnett & Wendy Williams. Contemporary Psychology. 2004]

And there were some reasons to criticize the book. Lynn and Vanhanen had data for 81 out of 185 countries and so had to make heroic estimates for that of the missing countries. Some national samples were small or highly elite and some of their literature reviews appeared haphazard. This allowed bigoted critics to engage in what was really the composition fallacy: to take a number of small mistakes and so cast doubt on the entire body of research.

As Estonian psychologist Juri Allik has put it: “A useful strategy is to discover a few small mistakes, declaring that all the results are equally suspicious”. [Geographical distribution of mental abilities and its moral consequence, by Juri Allik, European Journal of Personality, 2007].

This smear technique is best exemplified in British psychologist Nicholas Mackintosh’s review of one of Lynn’s books: “The errors may not be particularly important, and I do not know how typical they are. But they do not increase my confidence in Lynn’s scholarship.” [Review: Dysgenics,By Nicholas Mackintosh, Journal of Biosocial Science, 2002]

However, the sequels made steady progress. For example, Intelligence: A Unifying Construct for the Social Sciences presented numerous national level IQ proxies—education, health, democracy, and many more—and showed that they strongly correlated with the national IQ scores in the expected direction.

Still, what was not dealt with was the possibility of minor errors, the possible use of incompatible samples, and a lack of openness and systematic rigor with regard to how the national IQs were calculated.

Somebody—I would have preferred, purely for polemical reasons, somebody other than Lynn—needed to painstakingly go through all of the datasets, sort out all of the minor mistakes, dispose of the poor samples, update the dataset on an ongoing basis, and clearly set out exactly how conclusions were being reached.

That would mean that whenever a journalist, or SJW scientist, criticized a particular national IQ as problematic in some way, then they could be refuted immediately. Whenever they insinuated that these data were based on “assumptions,” or were “manipulated,” they could be set right at once, via an easy-to-use, online, continuously updated resource.

This is what Lynn’s new co-author David Becker’s has accomplished with his website View On IQ. The Intelligence of Nations presents these results as of the point of going to press.

Accordingly, the book is the most comprehensive, clearly presented, iron-clad-from-nit-picking, book on national IQs in existence—a go-to reference for those researching national differences in IQ. It also takes us far beyond the other books in the Lynn series.

For example, The Intelligence of Nations has managed to increase the number of IQ test administrations available for many countries by converting national scores of international educational assessment tests into average national IQ scores, showing, in great depth, how this has been accomplished. These international educational assessment tests involve very large and highly representative samples and scores in such tests strongly correlate with IQ scores.

But for the less technically minded, this and similar innovations do, of course, mean that a portion of the book is devoted to some very complex math.

Becker’s careful, systematic approach has also resulted in numerous new estimates for the national IQs of different countries—though his results do correlate with Lynn and Vanhanen’s at around 0.87.

To give some examples: India’s IQ has decreased from 82.2 to 76.24. The IQ of Greece was 93.2. It is now 90.77. Finland, formerly 100.9, is now 101.2. Turkey, once 89.4, is now 86.8. Romania has similarly fallen from 91.0 to 86.88, making it the second least intelligent country in then EU after Bulgaria, which is on 83.38.

The United States hasn’t changed much, declining from 97.7 to 97.43. But that’s a lower average IQ than most Western European countries, the majority of whom hover around 100.

If I were to make a criticism, it is that Lynn’s results needed to, in effect, be independently replicated—which is essentially what Becker has done. But it seems to me that it would be far more useful if Becker, the sole contributor to his website, were the sole author of this book.

It would also have been ideal to publish The Intelligence of Nations with any publisher other than Ulster Institute for Social Research, as this organization headed by Richard Lynn himself. This will enable critics to argue that this is not an independent replication and they may also speculate that the authors couldn’t get the book published by a house not controlled by Lynn—which is probably true, but not for the reasons they insinuate.

To avoid these criticisms, I suspect that researchers will prefer to cite Becker’s website over this book, because Lynn has no overt involvement with it.

But, that aside, if you’re interested in the important area of national IQs then it will be invaluable to have The Intelligence of Nations within easy reach—something I personally have already found.

Lance Welton [Email him] is the pen name of a freelance journalist living in New York.

(Republished from VDare by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Science • Tags: IQ, Iq and Wealth, Race and Iq 
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  1. anonyous says:

    Love Welton’s work, and this is particularly useful and fair. He doesn’t declare Lynn a god, but understand his flaws and makes his points succinctly, clearly and rigorously. No journalist in America is capable of such a fair-minded yet non-dismissive example of highthink.

    • Replies: @Thulean Friend
  2. The View of IQ hyperlink in the blogpost does not work, but I found the site using a web search. Slight edit to hyperlink is needed.

  3. Thanks for pointing out the bad link, I’ve fixed it on Owing to a copy paste error, the link had an extra character after it, so while it goes to the right site, there’s no page on that site called “”

    Sorry about that!

  4. @anonyous

    It’s sad that such a good writer gets such a crappy editor. The overuse of HTML links in the text, the crazed – even deranged – ALL CAPS titles, it all comes across as positively lunatic. VDare has not taken off for this very reason.

  5. Taleb thinks Lynn, and all of you who agree with him, are a bunch of sophomoric phonies, and your “statistics” a bunch of meaningless gobbledegook. And Taleb forgot more about statistics than you or Lynn ever knew.

    “Statistics without probability is meaningless” Taleb.

  6. I wonder how many people on this site have actually been in a classroom in a ‘real’ third or fourth world country. They probably think it’s equivalent to a public school in Detroit. It isn’t – it would make a Detroit public school look like Stuyvesant. Kids sit and fidget for 6 hours a day while a “teacher” reads a text book to them, most of which he himself probably doesn’t understand himself. Learning the alphabet and counting to 100 is pretty much all the cognitive exercise these kids will ever get.

    Then some ‘researchers’ come in with a Raven matrix or something like that. It’s a joke. The idea that those kids would have the slightest idea what to do on such tests or that their brains would have had any exercise or stimulus remotely like an IQ test is laughable to anyone who knows the real conditions. And that would extend to many private schools in the third world too.

    I don’t doubt there’s something to HBD. But Lynn’s ‘data’ in third world countries is not meaningful. In my own experience of a third / fourth world country, I’ve seen way too many people excel in difficult academic subjects overseas when they get out of their awful education system. How would they have scored aged 8 on a Raven matrix test?

    • Replies: @Leon Haller
  7. Okechukwu says:

    This junk is a dead end. There has never been any group, race or ethnicity anywhere on the planet that has bought into the propaganda that they were inferior. Even if they were living in shacks and you flew over on an airplane, they would simply say, “that’s interesting.”

    If you go to any African village and tell them that you’re smarter or superior, they’ll laugh in your face. No one buys it. They never have, they never will. Besides, if such superiority were real it would be self-evident such that it wouldn’t require constant promotion and constant references to spurious pseudoscientific “studies.”

    This unending desire for supremacy and to relegate other people into inferior classes does nothing but create endless resentment and conflict. It has been ruinous to white western people as their belief in their own superiority and the inferiority of others has resulted in them getting their asses kicked and evicted in various wars and conflicts all over the world. It’s now 2019. I think it’s time to stop. People who allegedly are “more intelligent” should have figured that out a very long time ago.

    • Replies: @Free Truth
  8. @Okechukwu

    “This junk is a dead end.”

    You’re right, you can’t fix stupid. It’s just white people dealing with their own failed attempts at altruistic idealism, primarily seeking to impose the anti-nature concept of egalitarianism, in a bubble. Northeastern Asians are the superior race of he future, not Europeans, and they will rule the world in the next century.

    “There has never been any group, race or ethnicity anywhere on the planet that has bought into the propaganda that they were inferior. Even if they were living in shacks and you flew over on an airplane, they would simply say, “that’s interesting.””

    Yep, you don’t know what you don’t know and you can’t understand what you can’t understand.

    “This unending desire for supremacy and to relegate other people into inferior classes does nothing but create endless resentment and conflict. ”

    Endless resentment and conflict is the default position of the history of the human race and egotistical Europeans truly believed that they could bring this natural condition to an end simply by providing an example and framework of social organization, which took their ancestors thousands of years to create, to conquered peoples. The desire to share the benefits accorded to those whom follow the social norms that evolved into Western Civilization reveals a core naivety among those whom take for granted their higher IQs. This is likely primarily due to the psychological tendency of all to project their own abilities and traits onto others, even when it is demonstrably not the case. What you call a “desire for supremacy” is really altruistic pity stemming from frustrated do-gooders reverting to low-expectations when faced with reality.

    “It has been ruinous to white western people as their belief in their own superiority and the inferiority of others has resulted in them getting their asses kicked and evicted in various wars and conflicts all over the world.”

    Europeans conquered the world and then began the process of giving it back; the first time in history that ever occurred. Western Civilization (based on Christian principles of forgiveness, sharing and non-violence) is the first and will be the last dominant civilization to shun genocide in favor of egalitarian principles. This shunning of eliminating conquered peoples by European idealists is what “has resulted in them getting their asses kicked and evicted in various wars and conflicts all over the world”, not some renewed military prowess on the part of the losers.

    As has been shown to be the case in South Africa, where after white people the world over shunned the white South Africans (in the name of “equality”) into voluntarily giving black South Africans political power, the recipients commenced to raping, murdering and stealing property from whites instead of adopting the social norms that had created prosperity in South African for the first time in history. The next iteration of white ethnocentrism will occur when enough whites feel cornered and lash back with less pity and empathy due to such “results”.

    Unfortunately, I don’t believe that enough anti-white peoples (includes overly educated low-IQ whites brainwashed to hate themselves) have what it takes to adopt the requisite self-criticism of their ideals typical of white populations needed to stem this escalating attack on whites before forcing them into said corner. Asians will be the likely winners in the end due to their cohesive ethnocentric cultures and higher average IQs, as whites and blacks fight and weaken each other.

    • Troll: Okechukwu
  9. @blank-misgivings

    Stupid comment. Third World countries send their “best and brightest” to the West, so they can learn (steal?) our hard-won knowledge. Overseas students are hardly representative samples of the population “back home”.

    Funny, though, how well global IQ distributions correlate with “real world” levels of cognitive accomplishment, isn’t it?

    • Replies: @Okechukwu
  10. Okechukwu says:
    @Leon Haller

    Overseas students are hardly representative samples of the population “back home”.

    We have testimonials from the more worldly Unz denizens who say, unequivocally, that these students are indeed representative samples of the people back home. Perhaps if you left your trailer park and did a little traveling you would confirm that.

    • Replies: @res
  11. Alfred says:

    They somehow measure GDP for every country – despite GDP being a fake number. A McDonalds hamburger in Switzerland costs 4 times that of an identical one in Russia. Also, if you cook your own at home, it adds almost nothing to GDP.

    Surely they can measure IQ and publish it yearly. That would quickly put an end to the notion that these friendly Africans invading Europe will replace the dying-off real Frogs and Krauts.

    BTW, I noticed that in Ukraine lots of women have opted for one child. I guess that is their way of saving the Slavic race. If things eventually turn around, they can increase that to 3+ kids per woman and all will not be lost. A sort of insurance policy.

  12. res says:

    these students are indeed representative samples of the people back home

    The IAB brain data makes very clear you are wrong about that.

    For example, here are the rates of Nigerian emigration by educational category for 2010.
    Total Low Medium High
    0.61% 0.11% 0.56% 12.04%

    So the most educated group emigrates at 100x the rate of the least educated group.

    For comparison, here are the total numbers in each category for male Nigerian immigrants in the US.
    Total Low Medium High
    91361 1786 9632 79943

    So much for being representative. I have gone over this with you before in discussions of selective immigration in Chanda Chisala’s blog, so I have to assume you are simply lying here.

    P.S. Being charitable to those “worldly Unz denizens” (and who exactly do you mean?) I assume they spend most of their time around the elites of those countries.

    • Troll: Okechukwu
    • Replies: @res
  13. res says:

    Presenting data which refutes his point equals being a Troll in Okechukwu speak. Got it. Given that, it is quite sad how often he feels the need to troll flag comments.

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