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The Historic American Nation: Suicide or Murder?
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Earlier: Biden’s Immigration Disaster: None Dare Call It Treason. But What If THEY Call It War?

As this is written, another migrant caravan marches on our southern border, a column of invaders moving towards a country whose rulers apparently have no will to defend its frontiers. The Biden Administration is creating a permanent immigration crisis by making border protection ideologically indefensible. Republicans could take advantage of this, but they are strangely quiet, except for Donald Trump. The battle for common-sense immigration control has always been a race against time, and we are about to find out if time has run out—if changing demographics have led to a voting base that will permanently support mass immigration because it will lead to the replacement of the Historic American Nation.

The “massive” migrant caravan is heading north, already scuffling with Mexican police and overrunning a blockade [Massive migrant caravan begins journey to U.S. from Mexico, by Caroline Downey, Yahoo News, October 23, 2021]. And why wouldn’t they come? The last “caravan,” composed mostly of Haitians, was essentially turned loose into the country and the number of illegals is only increasing [Illegal immigration soars under Biden to third-highest in 97 years, by Anna Giaritelli, Yahoo News, October 22, 2021].

The Regime Media narrative on immigration has transformed from denying that there is a crisis into saying that the collapse of immigration law enforcement is actually a good thing. Congresswoman Maxine Waters’s declaration that Border Patrol agents trying to corral invaders was “worse than what we witnessed in slavery” is crystalizing into a doctrine that border enforcement itself is rooted in slavery [Advocates say US immigration is rooted in anti-Blackness. Here’s how policies puts Black migrants at risk, by DeArbea Walker, Insider, October 22, 2021].

Don’t laugh. The narrative that policing itself derives from slavery was a justification that was used for the “defund the police” demand during BLM protests [The Invention of the Police: Why did American policing get so big, so fast? The answer, mainly, is slavery, by Jill Lepore, New Yorker, July 13, 2020]. The result, of course, has been a crime wave that is still plaguing American cities. The ideological supports that justify the basic responsibilities of the state—law enforcement domestically and border protection internationally—have been kicked out from underneath. It’s like a man standing on a footstool with a rope around his neck who knocks it over so he can hang himself.

Actually, the better metaphor would be to say that America is like a man who has the footstool kicked out from underneath so he can be lynched.

Thus Biden’s current Deputy Press Secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, right, an immigrant from Martinique born of Haitian parents, is already lecturing Americans on who “we” are and throwing the Border Patrol under the bus:

I think we all felt such pain when we saw what happened at the border with, sadly, some of the officers (who were filmed using force to push back migrants) – those officers do not represent all of them. It was just a few officers and it was heartbreaking. The president spoke about it, the vice president spoke about it, they denounced it and said this is, basically, not who we are. And I think for many people in this country—especially African-Americans, Black people—it reminded them of a time that was incredibly painful, that is part of our history, that is part of this country’s history and I think that’s why it hits so hard when you think about slavery days and enslaved Black folks, when you think about the Jim Crow years. It was very hard to see, and the president spoke out about it, he was very clear that it was not acceptable and so to me that’s what matters: The fact that the two people that I work for, essentially the president of the United States and the vice president, stood up and were very strong about it and said this is not how we should be represented and that this is not how we should be treating migrants.

[Deputy White House press secretary: ‘We want to make sure immigration policy represents who we are,’ France 24, October 24, 2021]

(“Migrants” is Regime-speak for “illegal aliens.”)

The White House isn’t just implying that it’s bad to enforce the law because of racism. It’s also making sure that practically anyone in the world (presumably, except white South Africans) can qualify to be a “refugee.”

Consider three recent trends.

One wonders if the collapse in Afghanistan was so chaotic because the Biden Administration wanted to make sure as many people as possible would be shipped into the country.

In a reversal of the “War on Terrorism” propaganda, “we” won’t fight them there so “we” can bring them in here.

Even Regime Media is reporting that the system is broken and the military has been reduced to trying to control these random migrants [Afghan Evacuees at Fort McCoy Face Charges of Domestic Violence, Sex with Minors, by Konstantin Toropin,, September 23, 2021]. But these allegations are being met mostly with bored indifference [Lawmakers call for stronger vetting of Afghan migrants after alleged Montana sex crime, by Alec Schemmel and Julian Baron, NBC Montana, October 23, 2021]. Instead, the Washington Post is training its guns on Americans who have the temerity to wonder why they need to be replaced in their own community by Afghans [Afghans arrived near a small Virginia town, exposing two different versions of America, by Meagan Flynn , September 25, 2021].

  • Second, there are the mysterious nighttime flights of underage migrants into the country for resettlement.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki alluded vaguely to the federal government’s “legal responsibility” to care for underage illegals who arrive. I’ve been semi-critical of Mark Levin, who is not using his massive platform to tell the whole truth about what is being done to destroy this country via demographic replacement. But credit where credit is due—Levin clearly recognizes why these flights are taking place. “They’re clearly trying to affect the suburbs,” he said, charging that these flights are intended to change the domestic political environment [Levin: Migrant flights ‘all about politics,’ targeting suburbs: ‘They’re not going to Newark or Camden, by Charles Creitz, Fox News, October 21, 2021]. Levin has also joined Stephen Miller and Peter Brimelow in calling for impeachment.

Still, unless the GOP actually does something, these flights will continue. Why shouldn’t the Democrats keep doing this until they meet opposition?

The report blandly asserts that “tens of millions of people… are likely to be displaced over the next two to three decades due in large measure to climate change impacts” [Report on the Impact of Climate Change on Migration (October 2021), United States Government, October 21, 2021]. Besides making American taxpayers provide yet more foreign aid, the report asserts that wide-ranging changes to U.S. immigration law enforcement are necessary:

Existing legal instruments to protect displaced individuals are limited in scope and do not readily lend themselves to protect those individuals displaced by the impacts of climate change, especially those that address migration across borders. Given the growing trend in displacement related to climate change, expanding access to protection will be vital. The United States will need to strengthen the application of existing protection frameworks, adjust U.S. protection mechanisms to better accommodate people fleeing the impacts of climate change, and evaluate the need for additional legal protections for those who have no alternative but to migrate.

The potential ramifications of this are unlimited. It would impose new “legal responsibilities” on the government to simply accept whoever showed up at the border with an excuse about climate change. Such excuses would be unfalsifiable because you could claim anything is about climate change. The document is filled with the bureaucratic language about “stakeholders.” But the American people, who have the biggest stake of all, seem to be left out.

Perhaps that’s because our rulers have already written actual Americans off. The consequences of mass immigration are such that progressives can count on a “floor” of guaranteed support no matter how bad things get economically. Conservatives who are excited about a potential Republican victory in Virginia should instead be asking themselves how a once reliably red state became a progressive bastion due to demographic change [Virginia’s governor race in a dead heat, polls show, by Alex Seitz-Wald, NBC News, October 20, 2021].

Even if the GOP pulls off a close upset in the Old Dominion, it won’t undo the cultural and demographic changes that have perverted Virginia beyond recognition, essentially eradicating it as a meaningful identity.

Republicans who assume they will take back the House and Senate by doing nothing may face disappointment because there are vast swathes of the country that are essentially post-partisan. A statewide election in a place like California is as meaningless as one is in Venezuela or Zimbabwe. There is no point where things will get “so bad” that the people will spontaneously rise up and vote the bums out. That’s because there’s no longer a people, but squabbling tribes who vote based on race, not any shared community interest.

What’s the solution? If current trends continue, the American Right and the Historic American Nation simply cease to exist. Thus, conservatives need to stop conserving a hostile system and go on the attack, especially on immigration.

Unfortunately, President Donald Trump seems to be the only GOP leader speaking up about what’s happening to the country [Trump: US being ‘poisoned’ by illegal immigrants crossing the border, by Mark Moore, New York Post, October 24, 2021].

Time is running out to save the country. It may be out already, which is why we’re hearing more talk of “national divorce,” secession, and (my preferred solution) movements to redraw political boundaries within the Union [Three Maryland counties request to join West Virginia, by Joseph Payton, WSAZ 3, October 22, 2021].

However, none of these things will happen unless conservatives and nationalists are willing to do something besides complain.

Who, after all, is the nationalist champion? As it stands, it looks like it’s going to be Donald Trump again [Trump, your 2024 nominee,’ by Mike Allen and Margaret Talev, Axios, October 22, 2021].

Given Trump’s quite modest immigration record in office, and his consistent failure to mention legal (as opposed to illegal) immigration since he left office, this doesn’t make me optimistic for the future of the Historic American Nation. It’s still looking for a tribune, someone who will have the will and competence to carry out the program that President Trump promised but failed to deliver.

But if a champion doesn’t emerge, many patriots will be forced into acting like the proverbially lunatic: doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting different results.

Of course, that’s still better than voting for a potential President Nikki Haley. Who knows? Perhaps Trump has learned from his mistakes.

Still, in a country so vast, I can’t help but think there’s someone out there with a platform and a voting base willing to protect the historic American nation. As someone said BT (before Trump), it would just take one speech.

James Kirkpatrick [Email him | Tweet him @VDAREJamesK] is a Beltway veteran and a refugee from Conservatism Inc. His latest book is Conservatism Inc.: The Battle for the American Right. Read Editor Peter Brimelow‘s Preface here.

(Republished from VDare by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Ideology • Tags: Immigration, Joe Biden, White Americans 
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  1. JimDandy says:

    Great column. You’re too sophisticated to say it, so allow me: “Karine Jean-Pierre, you’re a disgusting pig.”

    • Agree: Richard B
  2. All it would take is “just one speech”?Really?That’s about as ridiculous as “gun violence”.

    Wouldn’t one also need billions of dollars?And thousands of faithful employees?

    And a security detail of hundreds of trained experts,and tens of millions of votes?

    Body doubles,drivers,staff,coordinaters,pilots,secrataries,and of course,celebrities?

    Not to mention the rightous religious bureaucrats to “advertise” in “the media”?

    “Suicide or murder” seems like a plausible alternative to this reality…praise or else?

  3. onebornfree says: • Website

    “……Immigrants will continue to stream into this country, legally or illegally, so long as there’s a Welcome Wagon waiting at the border – offering free education, free health care, free welfare and a free lunch. We need to put the Welcome Wagon out of business, so only people looking for freedom will want to come here.

    Until then, no law, no policy, no border patrol will stop the flood of illegals……”

    From: “The Immigration Scam”:

  4. Battered Wife Syndrome.

    Jews beat whites but whites make excuses for Jews.

    Both Parties.

    • Replies: @Richard B
  5. @goldgettin

    Trump had all of the above except the MSM. He also won an election and carried the Senate and House to majorities in 2016.

    We know what happened. We know what Trump accomplished (not much), but he showed us one important truth. This country isn’t getting fixed at the ballot box. The deep state has too much control over this country. We had a populist president with a political majority in Congress, and they couldn’t even muster a symbolic vote on scrapping Obamacare.

  6. @goldgettin

    It is disingenuous for Kirkpatrick to claim that Trump is the only R politician speaking out against “illegal immigration.” It’s just that the MSM reports what he says (while putting a negative spin on it) as they ignore what other R politicians are saying. Bigger than life Trump has always taken all the air out of the room. I hate that he’s probably going to run again (when he’ll be 78 like senile Biden, for god’s sake!), as he’ll probably get the nomination due to millions of loyal Trumpers, who’ll follow him off a cliff.

    The key is, as Kirkpatrick notes, that Trump only speaks against “illegal” aliens, not “legal” ones. Under Biden, Afghan “refugees” are legal. Unless one is against both, and willing to do something about it, what does it matter in the long run? I’m not sure about now, with Biden’s open borders, but there used to be much more of the legal kind.

    Of course, looking on the bright side, re-electing Trump might finally lead to a much needed civil war.

  7. Richard B says:
    @Priss Factor

    Battered Wife Syndrome.

    More like Battered White Syndrome.

  8. Primarily murder, but a dash of suicide tossed in which makes the murderers’ jobs easier. That which refers to itself as Christianity is chiefly responsible for suicidal part: the Darwin-award level of thinking about the benefits of the “diversity” as promoted endlessly by GloboPedo and its followers.

    That which calls itself “Christian” in the west denies Christ while worshipping either the Judeo-Christ (a skinsuit of Satan) or the magic negro (another skinsuit of Satan). As Christ himself warned: What good is salt which has lost its saltiness? It is worthless and only suitable to be tossed into the fire.

  9. Nor suicide nor assassination but AIDS. Too many child butts, especially from tropical countries.

  10. Baxter says:

    British historian Arnold Toynbee said “civilizations die from suicide, not by murder.” I have identified 5 major self-inflicted and probably mortal wounds: diversity, multiculturalism, feminism, anti-racism, and queer rights.
    Diversity-? I can’t come up with a definition. It appears to be a slogan that makes people feel good about themselves without thinking about consequences.
    Multiculturalism-all cultures are equal. Okay, another mind-numbing term.
    Feminism-took women from the primary role of wife and mother to working world, helped destroy nuclear family, teaches casual sex is healthy, women don’t need men.
    Anti-racism-it was inevitable by arbitrarily painting some white people and white things as racist…eventually all white people and everything white people do, and everything white people don’t do, would be called racist.
    Queer rights- I hope this little error in social progress is evident to everyone. Every perversion known to man is permissible, with the exception of pedophilia and beastiality ( for now).
    How in the world will this country ever recover from this? It can’t. When the crash finally comes I won’t be shedding any tears. I’m almost of the opinion that America has to die for the rest of the world to live.

  11. S says:

    It’s a murder suicide.

    And with all those intent upon committing murder suicide you have to find a way to succesfully separate from them before they take you down with them. Speaking of which, so called ‘progressive’ sorts and their hangers on have long known exactly what they were doing with ‘mass immigration’.

    The excerpt below is from a chapter of an 1871 book entitled ‘One Hundred Years Progress of the United States’. It describes in glowing terms what life is to be like in the future continental super-state of North America in 1970 due to the then fully expected to be continuous unchecked mass immigration.

    One Hundred Years Progress of the United States (1871) – pgs 460, 467

    One Hundred Years Progress in the Future

    A View of tlie Prospective Increase of Population of the United States in each Decade for a Hundred Years to come..WITH REFLECTIONS On the Social, Political, and Religious Changes which will ensue from the Transference of the Governing Power from the Anglo-Saxon race to the admixture of the Teutonic, Celtic, and Scandinavian peoples of Europe, and the Mongolian, Malay, and African races, which are destined to form so large a portion of its Population with Examples from Ancient and Modern History of the Effect of such Changes…From 1960 to 1970, the increase is estimated on a ratio of 21 percent, giving a population in 1970 of 474,011,000.

  12. BCB232 says:

    If it’s suicide, it’s physician-assisted suicide. The physician wears a funny little hat.

  13. KenH says:

    What we’re seeing under Biden is pure Jewish hatred of white America. Biden just shuffles from place to place reading scripts on a teleprompter that Jews write for him.

    Trump has come out hard against Biden’s importation of nearly two million illegal aliens with more on the way. He’d be better than Biden by far but another four year clown show with moderate immigration policies isn’t going to move the needle.

    Chip Roy and a few other Repubs have come out hard against border lawlessness, but most of the Republican caucus has been mute. DeSantis opposes it but I still don’t trust him on legal immigration.

    We will need net zero immigration policies for the next several decades. Jewish and non-Jewish white elites driving these policies need to have their wealth confiscated and assets seized since they are guilty of treason and ethnic cleansing of the white population.

    If Republicans miraculously win in 2024 they will need to deport 2-3 million illegal aliens per year. They should redirect money from the woke military to ICE and make ICE the most well funded federal agency in the government. They will need to ignore and possibly arrest activist and scofflaw judges who will try to block these plans.

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