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The Great Replacement: Newark NJ vs. Minneapolis MN
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See also: The Great Replacement in Minneapolis: From 99% White in 1910 to 60% White in 2020…

I know what Minneapolis is going through tonight. I was born in Newark, New Jersey, in 1948. In those days, it was a vibrant medium-sized city in the New York metropolitan region. It was over 80% white. We had a huge Jewish population, mostly settled in the Weequahic section of town, a predominant Italian population and large numbers of Germans and Slavs of various types, by my recollection mostly Poles and Ukrainians.

It was a wonderful place. It was in fact truly “diverse” and an interesting place to live. In Newark and neighboring Irvington we had two German-language movie theaters, a Polish theater and an Italian theater. We had access to some of the best bread I have ever tasted, made fresh every day in the ethnic bakeries. Our delis were famous, as were our ethnic butcher shops. Our schools were first class. The future New York City Mayor Ed Koch was a graduate of Newark public schools.

What our elites like to call “The Great Migration” (and we’re not allowed to call “The Great Replacement”) had already hit Newark by then and the Central Ward had begun to rot. The elites, even then, did not blame the new inhabitants of the ward for the rot, it was the “landlords” who were to blame, we were told. People who only cared about profits. The landlords, on the other hand complained that the new tenants they were now willingly renting to were wrecking their properties.

Riding through the ward, as I did many times in the 1950s as a child, it seemed that the landlords were correct, the beautiful front doors of the old brick homes were smashed in because someone had forgotten a key, windows were smashed out. Garbage was everywhere. When we drove a few blocks into a neighborhood that was still Italian or Slav or Jewish or German, the same old homes were maintained by the tenants, they had beautiful window boxes overflowing with flowers and no garbage was on the streets.

Amazingly, the folks who were not so “great” were able to keep a neighborhood decent, worthy of living in.

The migration that was changing Newark forever, that would cause it to lose 200,000 residents between 1950 and the present, was to us not, “The Great Migration” bringing precious diversity to our benighted city. It was in fact “The Great Invasion” of people so alien, so primitive, and so in contrast with our concepts of how to live in a civilized society that it led to the “Great Flight” of over 200,000 white residents of that once great city and the total collapse of its school system.

The Great Invasion also had its violent, almost military side. As an elderly Ukrainian food truck operator told me in 1967, “this is a slow genocide, every week a few of us are murdered and many more sell our homes and run for the shore.”

It was just that, and then came the riots. Our liberal elites would have us believe that the Newark Riots were the result of “racism.” And indeed, racism—on both sides—played a part.

The first riots, which took place in 1967 while I was working my way across the Atlantic on an Israeli freighter, were sparked by the arrest of a black cab driver for a relatively minor traffic incident. Rumors started that he had been beaten and even killed. It was a very hot night, almost nobody in Newark had air conditioning in those days and both white and black were on their stoops or porches to get some relief from the stifling heat. Protesters appeared at the police station where the black guy was being held and things went crazy.

The city blew up. Whites in mixed areas hunkered down in fear. White shops were looted and burned by the black mobs—there was the real racism, the deliberate targeting of white-owned shops for looting and destruction. black-owned shops were spared. And since there was no rioting in areas as yet to be enriched by “The Great Migration” there were no lootings of black-owned businesses by whites, no attacks on blacks.

Although the Left now denies it, the “Great Migrants” used hunting rifles to snipe at Newark Police and New Jersey National Guardsmen sent in to reestablish the peace [See Police used the myth of black snipers to justify brutality in the Long Hot Summer of 1967, Peter Blackmer, Medium, August 11, 2017 and Newark Riot Deaths at 21 As Negro Sniping Widens; Hughes May Seek U.S. Aid, by Homer Bigart, New York Times, July 16, 1967] Liberal Democrat Governor Richard J. Hughes was so dismayed by the violence, by the rampant destruction of property, that he reportedly gave the National Guard the right to use machine guns against the rioters. [Newark Riot Toll Hits 16; 650 Injured With Battle In 4th Day, by Robert TK, Desert Sun, July 15, 1967.] MGs were almost certainly used against the snipers.

When the riots ended, mass white flight began. As a Jewish friend described it to me, the summer and fall of 1967 gave rise to “The Second Exodus.” According to him, Weequahic High School, which had been about two-thirds white/Jewish when school ended in June 1967 had tipped to two-thirds black when school started again in September 1967. By the end of the school year it was almost all black.

Weequahic High School is 91 percent black, 9 percent in Hispanic now, with white and Asian fractions too small to measure. It’s rival South Side High School is now called “Malcolm X Shabazz High School,” reflecting the new racial reality.

Some areas of Newark held out against “The Great Invasion” longer, Slav/German Upper Vailsburg until the 1980s, St. John the Baptist Ukrainian Catholic Church with its school serving as one anchor for the European-American community. The wonderful old babushkas of St. John’s produced homemade pirohe every Thursday and Friday afternoon, smothered in butter. I can still taste them. That was real diversity.

But increasing crime on the street led even these last holdouts to flee. The city, my home city now has a tiny (8.8%) white minority made up mostly of hold-out Italians in the North Ward and Portuguese in the Ironbound section.

The school system has become a joke, a parody of what public schools should be. In the early 1970s I worked for two years as a substitute teacher in the school system. In one High School I was instructed to give a pink slip for detention to any students caught having sex in school hallways. They got detention for causing a “fire hazard” by blocking the halls. In one elementary school I intercepted a note from a cute second grade girl to a boy in her class—its message? “I love your dick, please don’t give me no baby.” Lost childhoods in the ghetto.

Another side-effect of “The Great Migration”—in one Junior High, I witnessed a very good black male student harassed for wanting to get good grades, for “acting white.” This is a school where most students would not even write their names on test papers, let alone actually take the test.

The boy, whose father was an Army veteran and believed in discipline and success, could not take the harassment anymore and went berserk. He came into school with a .38 revolver to get revenge on his tormentors. I was on hall duty as he entered the school. “Leave me alone, Mr. B, this isn’t for you,” he said.

I left him alone. I ran to the office and called the police. They took their time getting to the school since they (by then mostly black) didn’t want to risk getting shot.

The best kid in the school shot his tormentor, luckily not fatally, and probably ruined his own life.

Since Mayor Hugh Addonizio was sent away for corruption in 1970, Newark has been ruled by black mayors, one of whom was “Spartacus” Cory Booker. Booker is one of the few who has not ended up like Addonizio, in the clink. Perhaps his time is yet to come. He is allegedly presidential timber.

My native city is now a ruined shell of what it was when I was born. Our elites can tell me all they want that I and my town benefited from “The Great Migration.” All neutral metrics show the opposite.

“The Great Invasion” created a less diverse, almost monolithic black Newark replete with food deserts and areas so dangerous that even the (black) police don’t like to enter them.

A warning for all of America that “Great Migrations,” and “Great Replacements,” might not be that great at all.

Thanks to current immigration policy, coming to an America near you.

Anthony Boehm [Email him] is a federal civil servant.

(Republished from VDare by permission of author or representative)
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  1. meamjojo says:

    Wow! Thanks for the history lesson and memories.

    I grew up in Newark’s North Ward (basically Italian and I think some Polish), from about 1962-1968. Lived on Park Ave across the street from Barringer high school 62-66, then moved up to 6th Ave. for 2-3 years. Got admitted to Arts High, so had to commute to the Central Ward by bus every day, where I got used to a very mixed race (mainly black though if my recollection holds) small school.

    I was on the swim team, so had to take the bus after school to the practice pool deep into the Central Ward and saw how dirty and falling apart the streets and area was out of the bus window.

    During the riots the North Ward was pretty isolated as far as I remember. I was only about 14 or so then and was part of a “gang” that kept the neighborhood “clear” of any invading blacks. But I was just a kid tag along.

    I think our local councilman was named Anthony Imperiale (supposedly connected to the mafia, of course) and he had a crew that had a garbage truck w/a WW II machine gun mounted in the back. I never saw the truck but that was the story.

    We moved to Kearny after the riots and brought a house there but I continued to commute to Arts High until they finally caught up with me two months before graduation for not being a city resident. We couldn’t afford to pay them something like \$700 they wanted us to pay for being an out-of-city student, but they let me finish the year from home to get my HS degree although I was not allowed to attend the graduation ceremonies.

    After 2 years in Kearny, my mother got divorced from my step-father and we moved to Belleville, just outside of Newark’s North Ward. I went to work in downtown Newark and after a few years delay started college at NCE/NJIT before eventually transferring to Rutgers and leaving Newark behind forever.

    I have fond memories of Newark including the Newark public library, where I worked downtown for a while in high school, the museum, downtown and the North Ward in general.

  2. Dumbo says:

    Riots are a great way to promote white flight.

  3. You’re probably familiar with Amiri Baraka, the Poet Laureate of the Newark School District.
    He was formerly known as Leroi Jones and among his compositions is the following from The Dead Lecturer, an excerpt from a poem titled Black Dada Nihilismus:

    “A cult of death need of the simple striking arm under the street lamp. The cutters from under their rented earth. Come up, black dada nihilismus. Rape the white girls. Rape their fathers. Cut the mother’s throats.”

    I posted the information below on another thread, but I thought that it would complement the article here, as the situation and the outcome were very similar. So, I cut and pasted it:

    About 2 miles north of my old neighborhood (which had its own share of problems) was the formerly middle class, well kept and tightly knit community of Polytechnic Heights. The old Poly Freeway that bordered it was renamed Martin Luther King Freeway sometime ago.

    Scott Cummings, now a Sociology Professor at Louisville State University, was working with H.U.D. and Inner City Youth during the late 1970’s and early 1980’s. The Youth Center was located directly above the Senior Center. By proximity, Cummings was drawn into the plight of the Elderly White People falling victim to The Black Plague.

    Nearly 20 years later, Cummings published, “Left Behind in Rosedale; Race Relations and the Collapse of Community Institutions.” The horrors that he documents are enough to make Stephen King’s skin crawl. I have many of the old newspaper articles that I photocopied from the microfilm archives after reading the book.

    He tells of one old White Woman who was found in the bathtub when a group of Joggers entered her home. They picked her up by the chin and began to slap her around, demanding money. They punched her to the ground and kicked and stomped on her. The Joggers spray painted her genitals and killed her by shoving a fourteen inch wooden dowl down her throat.

    In a 3 month period between June and September of 1982, there were 46 White elderly victims of crime within a 30 block radius. Three Old White Women, ages 77, 80 and 94 were raped.

    Cummings wrote about an old White Man standing on the curb and helplessly watching Joggers load his furniture onto a truck. Another Old White Man was beaten to death at an intersection after leaving the grocery store while a crowd of Joggers stood by and watched. In addition to property crime, purse snatchings and routine harassment, the Old White People were regularly subjected to sheer terror and imminent mortal danger.

    The psychological effects were devastating. Longtime neighbors began to fear going out to get their mail, shopping or fraternizing with each other. Everyone had been a victim at one time or another, and everyone knew most of the people who had been raped and/or murdered. Cummings describes an Old White Woman who boarded up every room except the kitchen, living room and bathroom and moved hesitantly between those… certain that a Jogger was lurking in the other rooms waiting to pounce on her. Her nights were filled with trepidation until sleep eventually allowed her a brief escape from her immobilizing fright.

    When Cummings spoke to the Youth Director, he acknowledged there was a problem, but he shrugged it off by saying the problem would resolve itself in a few years; meaning the Old White People would die off. That is the attitude of our government, it is in line with that of the Negro Youth Director. They are waiting for us to die off.

  4. Sean says:

    Good article but there were no uniformed police or National Guardsmen shot dead in the riots so there probably were no black snipers shooting at them. There were fireworks being let off.

    Although the Left now denies it, the “Great Migrants” used hunting rifles to snipe at Newark Police and New Jersey National Guardsmen sent in to reestablish the peace

    As I recall official investigation concluded the Police and National Guard were unknowingly shooting after hearing each others shots in the distance, and possibly there were armed civilians shooting to scare blacks away. It is a fact that the National Guard shot at any black face that appeared at a window .Difficult to tell where shooting is coming from in a built up area because of echos. The shooting in Northern Ireland’s 70’s Bloody Sunday is said to have started that way.

    • Replies: @Hibernian
  5. Anonymous[129] • Disclaimer says:

    Only comrade Xi Jinping can fix race relations in the U.S. whites are either too race denialist or race supremacist.

    takes race realism and self-awareness to solve this issue. The U.S being the land of extended adolescence(fairy tales and superheroes narratives beun mainstream media). americans believe only in victims and übermensch.

    It is obvious that the solution will come from outside America hopefully in the form of comrade Xi Jinping, he of the oldest continuous culture on Earth. Leader of a nation that is experiencing growth in a time of global decay.

  6. We had a huge Jewish population, mostly settled in the Weequahic section of town, a predominant Italian population and large numbers of Germans and Slavs of various types, by my recollection mostly Poles and Ukrainians.

    It was a wonderful place. It was in fact truly “diverse” and an interesting place to live. In Newark and neighboring Irvington we had two German-language movie theaters, a Polish theater and an Italian theater

    And an actual American could not be found.

    • Replies: @orionyx
  7. I taught at Upsala College for a year in the early 1970s as East Orange morphed from a lovely suburban city into a Black hellhole. Those who have not witnessed such transformations cannot imagine the brutal rapidity with which they occur. I later saw Trenton, New Jersey suffer the same fate. It happened in exactly the same way as Mr. Boehm described Newark’s descent. The only solution is an eventual division of the current USA into a number of separate nations. I hope that progs will end up with the Negroes.

    • Agree: mark green
  8. anon[191] • Disclaimer says:

    70 years of trying to bring the negro up to the level of whites has produced nothing but failure. How much longer are we as a society going to pretend that the negro is anything else but a menace to everything we value? There were major riots that burned down major cities in the 60’s and 70’s and we just threw money at the problem in hope it would go away. At least in those days, most white people weren’t so blinded by racial propaganda that the majority of the population knew the nature of the negro and avoided them at all costs. Two generations later so many whites don’t know the true nature of the negro and will need to learn the hard way over and over again by either getting mugged or getting out of an abusive relationship with one. Here we’re back to 1970 with cities getting burned down again and he negro is worse than he ever was. The main difference between then and now is that the economy was fairly good back then and now the economy has tanked. Is the government going to print endless amounts of money to placate the negro again, hoping for another 50 years of relative peace or address the reality that the two races can’t live in proximity to each other. Obviously, they’ll take the easy way out and throw money at them again, playing pretend? Besides the bad economy, there are other factors at play today that can be worked in our favor. Back then, it was strictly a white/negro thing. In 2020 we have Asians, Somalis, dot Indians, Arabs and Mexicans that we can use as a buffer between the negro and us. We can take advantage of the intense hatred the negro has for other non-whites simply because the negro hates anyone who is more financially successful than him. If he sees someone like a dot Indian who’s the same color as him driving around in a fancy car it irks him a hundred times more than when he sees a white driving the same car. It irks him because he can’t call the discrimination card. He can’t say it’s because of the color of his skin that he doesn’t have the “good” things in life. Most negroes can’t see cause and effect, they can’t comprehend the connection between hard work and success. The 5% of negroes that are smart enough to see the connection, don’t want to because they have everything their way as it is. All they need to do is to cry the word “racism” and whites prostrate themselves before them begging for forgiveness. Looking back over the past 50 years, I can only see the situation getting worse over the next 50 years. Liberals will continue to squander what little money there is on more of the same. Whites will continue to lose their remaining power to non whites.If I were to give any advice to young whites in their 20’s, I would say get out, go anywhere, because the future of the US is one of endless racial violence until it all comes down crashing like a burning building. The US is going to be the worst place on earth for whites in the next 50 years, get out while you can.

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
    , @Baxter
  9. A warning for all of America that “Great Migrations,” and “Great Replacements,” might not be that great at all.
    Thanks to current immigration policy, coming to an America near you.

    But not all great replacements are the same. It depends on who replaces whom. If non-black immigrants take over once black areas, the crime goes down. This is one reason why SWPL whites prize immigration as a buffer against too-many-blacks in cities.

    There was great replacement in Palestine when Jews took it over from Palestinians. While what Jews did to Palestinians was imperialist and brutal, the new order created by the Great Replacement has been a modern and orderly society because Jews can create and manage civilization.

    On the matter of urban blight, the real problem is blacks, not great replacement itself.
    If Little Italy were taken over by Germans, Chinese, Iranians, or Mexicans, it might be sad to see the end of the Italian community, but it will still be a pretty nice place. But if blacks took over… oh boy.

    But never mind. Despite all that happened, whites worship black rappers and athletes, so blacks have nihilist license to do as they please.

    • Troll: Colin Wright
    • Replies: @Tony
  10. @anon

    70 years of trying to bring the negro up to the level of whites has produced nothing but failure. How much longer are we as a society going to pretend that the negro is anything else but a menace to everything we value?

    But Americans are addicted to sports, rap music, and TV. Sports feature black heroes, rap music is black, and Jewish-run TV sacralize blacks. So, reality doesn’t matter.

    Indeed, whites today worship blacks even more than in the past. In the past, white politicians condemned black riots. Today, even Trump and GOP dare not denounce the riots lest it might offend blacks, and so many whites are joining with BLM thugs.

    Reality caves under the power of official myth. Did millions of dead Ukrainians stop Stalinism? No, Stalin grew even bigger in prestige because he controlled the official myths.

    So, get on your knees and worship the negro.

  11. Irvington, New Jersey named above, was for much of the 20th century the home of the main factory producing the heirloom-value Lionel toy trains, at 605 21st Street. Lionels were distinctive in the toy train world for being of superb quality but not to scale, enabling a big, noisy, beautiful train to operate in a small space in a home. Here a page with sad photos of the Irvington Lionel factory buildings as they are today, dilapidated and abandoned:

    Speaking of Malcolm X, also mentioned above:

  12. Tony says:
    @Priss Factor

    Another dip crying big crocodile tears for the palestinians. Give me a break. They dont give two craps about you. Fact of the matter is, they hate your infidel guts. Trying to show sympathy for them just because you hate their enemies more just makes no sense.

  13. orionyx says:
    @Chris Mallory

    Just how do you think your ‘actual Americans’ came to be?

    • Replies: @Anon
  14. Anon[375] • Disclaimer says:

    Where did the REAL Americans come from? I will tell you.

    Actual Americans came mostly from Great Britain as settlers. They were settlers in colonies with semi-autonomous governments, created by and for them, specified in a way they felt was the ideal culture for them.

    They later revolted against England. They decided to become “American,” a new ethnicity. A new people, a new nation.

    They decided to shed their European identity and overly strong attachments to Britain, Holland, Germany, etc. They decided upon American ethnogenesis. It’s not too different from Mexican ethnogenesis.

    But these European ethnics, who came to the USA 200+ years after the REAL Americans laid it all out for them, did not want such a thing. They had no interest in becoming American, they apparently thought they could colonize the USA with a thousand little Italy’s and Jewish shtetls and a thousand Irish towns.

    Nostalgic racists like the author of this article are in willful denial of the terrible ethnic tensions between these Euro groups. No, Euro diversity was not so wonderful. But by the 60’s, the problems were on the way out because the ethnic identities were fading and people were intermarrying (in other words, the diversity was on the way out due to amalgamation). One reason things got better between them was that these Euros started to leave their religions. Another is that their schools got desegregated.

    But perhaps the biggest unifier of these Euros was hatred of the terrible WASP, who committed the unforgivable sin of wanting the country which his people suffered wars, disease, and deadly poverty to create out of the f-ing wilderness, to be adopted by these selfish Euro immigrants. The welcome was always there; anyone could be American! Just go to a Protestant Church (there are plenty of flavors for people with different tastes and moralities) and join the natives for some barbecue.

    But nope, not even that was possible for the hyper-ethnocentric Euro immigrants. Their failed countries, which they fled from, were too special for them to give up!

    PS I am half-Italian.
    F&!# “Italian-Americans”

  15. Thank you for the very interesting personal experience of this history, Mr. Boehm. I was ready for the part about Minneapolis in comparison, though. Will you have a Part 2? I’d like to read it.

    • Replies: @Justvisiting
  16. @Anon

    That’a s great comment – there’s nothing I can argue about in that. Since it took about 40 years for the assimilation of a large number of foreigners that came over a < 40 year period, how can this happen for even more, and much more foreign, people that have come for 55 years and counting?! It won't.

    Peak Stupidity expounds on Immigration invasion, assimilation, and refugees.

  17. Baxter says:

    “Get out while you can.”
    Yes, that is exactly what I am doing. Americans, being able to live in an extended adolescence, don’t give a great deal of consideration to where they will be in 25-50 years time. I am almost 40. I’m still young enough to uproot myself and begin in another country.
    I’ve already picked the country and am learning the native language. I am not married and don’t have any kids so what I save goes into the “get out” fund.
    As an aside- I don’t understand why any man in America would be interested in getting married or having children in this country. You’ve got to be nuts, or delusional.
    I’ll be visiting my country of expatriation again this fall.
    I encourage American men who are unattached to detach from America. Where I live I have a birds eye view of the hell of ‘diversity.’ This country will linger on for a while like walking corpse or Lindsey Lohan’s career. It’s done guys.

  18. @Tony

    Another Judeo-Nazi Hasbara BS.

    What is the going rate for being a Zio-Troll?

    • Replies: @Tony
  19. @Achmed E. Newman

    Hartford, CT had a similar history as Newark.

    If you walk around the “bad areas” (not recommended, btw) and look carefully at some of the formerly beautiful old brick buildings, you can see faded out Hebrew letters.

    In 1950 Hartford had 177,000 residents, most of them white.

    Today the population is 122,000. 39% black, 43% hispanic.

  20. @Baxter

    Uruguay? (Asking for a friend.)

    Good comment. It’s a tough call for those more established.

  21. Hibernian says:

    Disparaging ethnics in the Northeast and Irish Catholics in Northern Ireland in one fell swoop. Victim blaming in the nth degree.

  22. Hibernian says:

    PS I am half-Italian.

    You have a big problem with your Mother and/or your Father, probably both. You might consider seeking counseling.

  23. BuelahMan says:

    I personally don’t care one bit about Palestinians, yet that is no reason to ignore and misdirect from the criminal, viscous behavior the jews expend upon them in order to establish what is not allowed by jews in America: racial cohesiveness. Besides the fact that Israel (Palestine) should not ‘belong to jews’, is a massive criminal empire controlling America and many other nations, and is only done so based upon the lie of “God’s Chosen”.

  24. Baxter says:

    Uruguay is the crown jewel of South America and I gave some consideration to starting a new life there. It has a largely Euro-white population and all the associated cultural flavors. It is not overcrowded, something like 1/3 of the population lives in the capital. It is largely Cristian or Catholic in tradition though not in practice. Its government and economy have both enjoyed long periods of stability by South American standards. Spanish is not a terribly hard language to learn, though it takes time like all languages.
    In my opinion, it would be a country your friend should investigate more and decide for myself.
    I am going to quite a different place, however. Turning my back on America was not a decision I just made one day. It is the conclusion of many years of thought and soul searching. There is no “grass is greener on the other side.” My destination of choice, like everywhere has its problems. One of its strengths however, unlike America it is not a sick and dying society. That is a very important factor in my decision to leave. Also, I’d like to be a husband and a father one day. I will be able to create a family in my destination of choice.
    Best wishes to your friend.

    • Replies: @OsgoodDeLaPoopoo
  25. @Baxter

    Run you cowards, we don’t need pussies like you around.

    • Replies: @Sailorant
  26. @Baxter

    Run like a little bitch, you coward. Good riddance.

  27. Hrw-500 says:

    It could also be interesting to talk of the other “Great Replacement” where blacks was replaced by hispanics in Compton and other parts of South Los Angeles like Watts after the 1992 Rodney King riots.

  28. You should have stuck around Newark for a little longer. You could have met the lovely Portuguese community that came to the Ironbound in the 60’s and I got to grow up with during the 70’s and 80’s. They were a bunch of fucking savages who wanted to start shit over everything.

  29. @Baxter

    I hope you’re not going to Thailand,or some other dump like that. Rice burners are so pathetic.

  30. Tony says:
    @Priss Factor

    Nice try. Well no not really. That line is getting pretty old already. And not even true. Just a proud infidel.

  31. anon[146] • Disclaimer says:

    Mere propaganda. When melanin rich people arrive these places become glorious WAKANDA!

    • Replies: @OsgoodDeLaPoopoo
  32. @anon

    I know!!! You should see the South side of Chicago. The blacks have made it into a paradise!

  33. In September 1962, I matriculated at the University of Chicago. I was a sophomore transfer from my hometown school, University of Colorado at Boulder. I became friends with Mark R. Birnbaum, also a sophomore transfer, in his case from Knox College. Mark was from Newark and a proud graduate of Weequahic. His parents, Max and Elizabeth, both taught there as well. The school sent many students to U. of C., and they performed well there. Mark’s father collaborated with another teacher and produced “Birnbaum and Cass’s College Guide,” which proved very successful. They made enough money to leave teaching and concentrate on updating and promoting the guide. Last heard, Mark owned a club called Muddy Waters’ in Truro, Mass. I think it is on the Cape.
    Eleanor P. Simpson, University of Chicago, 1965

  34. I just drove through Newark’s business district.It was totally dead.You can’t blame the virus because Newark looks this way EVERY Saturday.

    • Replies: @Justvisiting
  35. @Tony

    The Palestinian Christians do not “hate your infidel guts”.

  36. @David Gurney

    I had to stay in a downtown Newark hotel on business once (meeting at public utility commission early in the morning, flew in from southern CA, couldn’t get out of it).

    In the lobby was something I have never seen before or since.

    There was a security guard that looked like a NFL offensive guard, with a huge rifle, as tall as he was–and almost as wide.

  37. Sailorant says: • Website
    @Chad Bigly

    I ran and I accept being called a pussy and a coward. I retired to Costa Rica and haven’t been back to the US in 15 years. You are stuck with what is taking place in the US today, not me. The real pussy and cowards are you, the White keyboard warrior who takes a knee and gives Antifa and Blacks whatever they want. We expats don’t have that problem down here. I ran but only because of cheap pussy, I don’t have to fly in my private jet like some NFL owner to get a handjob from some Asian in a Florida massage parlor.

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