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THE FULFORD FILE: “Non-Racist” White Jeffrey Dahmer Killed By Racist Black…Wait, What?
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Earlier: Ed Buck Says Like Jeffrey Dahmer, He Loves Black Males To Death, But The NYT Says He’s “Racist”

When Ed Buck, a white, gay Democrat donor, was accused of “racism” in his relations with young black men (they kept dying of drug overdoses at his house), I wrote that the weird thing about Buck’s denial of racism is that he’s a racial fetishist, like Jeffrey Dahmer. Dahmer, a gay serial killer and cannibal, victimized mostly young men of color.

Responding to the SPLC’s repeated charges of “racism” at CIS, Mark Krikorian said on a panel in 2010 that:

The accusation of racism is the most serious charge you can make against someone in modern America, comparable to accusations in the past of being a leper, a witch or a communist. The charge of racism is so incendiary that even mass murderer Jeffrey Dahmer felt it necessary to deny that his crimes were motivated by it. This man, a cannibalistic, necrophiliac killer, went to great lengths to assure a relative of one of his victims that, in her words, quote, ‘He was not a prejudiced person. It wasn’t out of race that he killed these young men,‘ unquote.” [Links added]

The new Netflix series about Dahmer, Monster, has led to some racism thumb-sucking:

Monster has become one of the streamer’s most-watched series since debuting on Sept. 23 and criticism over the show has grown as quickly as its popularity. Critics have questioned the need to revisit the story of a serial killer who targeted young men who were primarily Black and brown. Much of the discussion has focused on the way in which systemic racism allowed Dahmer to continue killing men. Some family members of the victims of Dahmer have also spoken out against the series, saying it has retraumatized them. The series also came under fire after Netflix tagged it as “LGBTQ” content (as drama over this choice arose on TikTok, Netflix quickly removed the label).

[How Dahmer Became Netflix’s Most Controversial Show in Years, by Moises Mendez II, TIME Magazine, October 6, 2022. Links in original]

Of course, the point of Jeffrey Dahmer’s choice of victims was that he liked young men of color, and had a racial fetish for them, and if he hadn’t been a cannibalistic, necrophiliac killer, that would have been fine, because homosexuality, once considered perverse, is now an uncriticizable, sacred, protected category.

The police in the Netflix clip above didn’t help the victim Konerak Sinthasomphone, a non-English-speaking refugee from Laos) back into Dahmer’s apartment after he was found “wandering dazed and naked on the corner of 25th and State in Milwaukee, Wisconsin” when Dahmer told them he was he was Dahmer’s “drunk lover” because they loved whites or hated young immigrants of color, but because they, like all police by 1991, had been told not to interfere with homosexuals and their private affairs [Who Was Konerak Sinthasomphone, the Jeffrey Dahmer Victim Who Police Returned to the Killer’s Home? People Magazine, October 13, 2022]

The quote CIS’ Krikorian referenced above is from Why Jeffrey Dahmer Killed So Many Black Men, Jet Magazine , December 19, 1994, Page 14.

Jet Magazine, a magazine for and by blacks, included pictures of the young black male victims.

Also pictures of the young male victims who were non-black, including one Hispanic and Laotian immigrant Konerak Sinthasomphone.

A liberal New York studio audience cheered when they heard from SNL’s Norm MacDonald, below, that mass murderer Dahmer had himself been murdered in prison. (Wisconsin, where Dahmer killed 17 people, doesn’t have the death penalty.)

Here’s the guy who killed him, Christopher Scarver.

Jet Magazine, a magazine for and by blacks, was willing in 1994 to state Scarver’s motivation, a generic hatred of white people. The Wikipedia article on Dahmer’s death doesn’t currently mention that.

His hatred of whites does get a mention in Scarver’s own Wikipedia page:

It is believed that Scarver murdered Dahmer and [Jesse] Anderson, who were both white, because of Dahmer’s murders of black males and because Anderson had stabbed his wife to death and attempted to frame two black males as the perpetrators of the attack. Scarver was quoted as having said, “nothing white people do to blacks is just.”

The original crime that put Scarver in prison was a work-related (and by work, I mean Wisconsin Conservation Corps training program) robbery and murder, in which the victims were two white men, one of whom, Steve Lohman, died:

According to court records, the motive in the killing that put Mr. Scarver in prison was robbery and vengeance against a job-training program that he thought had wronged him. The records show that Mr. Scarver shot a 27-year-old job-training worker four times in the head and then, at gunpoint, forced the program site manager [John P. Feyen] to write him a check for $3,000. He fled with the check, $15 in cash and the manager’s credit card.

[Suspect in Dahmer Killing Said, ‘I am the Chosen One, by Don Terry, The New York Times. November 30, 1994]

This killing follows a pattern familiar to me as a chronicler of what I’ve termed “Disgruntled Minority Massacres”, in which a “black—or other minority—employee or co-worker reacts with crazed violence to normal workplace actions like being fired or disciplined.”

[Scarver] dropped out of James Madison High School in the 11th grade and enrolled in a one-year Conservation Corps job program as a carpenter trainee.

He told investigators and [court-appointed psychiatrist] Dr. Crowley that after he had completed the program, a supervisor told him he would be hired full time. But the supervisor was dismissed and Mr. Scarver was not hired. Mr. Scarver said he blamed the site manager, John P. Feyen, for his troubles.

Mr. Scarver said that after he lost his “job” at the program, he began to drink three 40-ounce bottles of beer every day and smoked at least four marijuana cigarettes a day.

Dr. Crowley testified in court: “He began to brood about it. He felt that there were racial overtones involved.”[ Emphases added?]

The murder and robbery based on racial resentment put Scarver the same prison with two white killers who could also be considered racist.

So while Dahmer wasn’t a racist, Christopher Scarver—still in a maximum security prison—was and is. But no one is asking that—except us here at

James Fulford [Email him] is writer and editor for

(Republished from VDare by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Bo Bo says:

    I finally figured out why we have really been wearing the masks supposedly for COVID. Really it makes it easier for Blacks to rob convenience stores and mug people. If everyone wears a mask, Blacks don’t stand out when they walk into convenience stores for robbery purposes, or approach someone to mug them.

    • Replies: @BuelahMan
    , @Truth
  2. A liberal New York studio audience cheered when they heard from SNL’s Norm MacDonald, below, that mass murderer Dahmer had himself been murdered in prison. (Wisconsin, where Dahmer killed 17 people, doesn’t have the death penalty.)

    The same people who believe the death penalty is inhumane, laugh when men are brutally raped and murdered in prison.

    • Thanks: Trinity
    • Replies: @AceDeuce
    , @Trinity
    , @KenH
  3. BuelahMan says:
    @Bo Bo

    I don’t know about anyone else, but mask or not, I don’t trust black people.

  4. Truth says:
    @Bo Bo

    And they would have gotten away with it too, if it wasn’t for you meddling kids…

    • Troll: anonymouseperson
  5. AceDeuce says:
    @Sam Hildebrand

    The same people who believe the death penalty is inhumane, laugh when men are brutally raped and murdered in prison.

    White men, that is. I’m sure if a niggbo got tuned up by the Aryan Brotherhood and the story got out to the media, he’d be the new “Saint Emmett Floyd” (that’s my nickname for the generic nigro martyr du jour–a mashup of Mr. “I f**ked around and found out” Emmett Till and George “Fentanyl” Floyd).

    If niggbo O.J. was killed for his crimes by a White member of Nicole’s family (if only…) the media would go crazy. niggbos would be bigly sad and mad–maybe even a bit looty–and cuckwhites would cry and self hate even more.

    I’m no fan of Dahmer, but I’ve said for more than 25 years that he’s the only lynching victim that I know of in the last four decades.

    • Agree: Pastit
  6. Trinity says:
    @Sam Hildebrand

    They only laugh because MOST guys raped in prison are White and the perpetrators are MOST always Black. What did Dostoevsky say about judging a nation by their prison system?

    Remember back in the early 1970’s a group of prisoners escaped from a low level prison in Maryland. Carl Isaacs, his half brother Wayne Coleman and Coleman’s Black homosexual lover, George Dungee. They brought along 15 year old Billy Isaacs, Carl’s younger brother. Group of misfits killed a man in Pennsylvania, went down to Florida briefly. They decided to make their way back north. Stopped at a trailer in rural southwestern Georgia where they brutally killed members of the Alday family. They gang raped and sodomized the female.

    This happened in 1973 and Carl Isaac wouldn’t be executed until 2003. Earlier in his life Isaac was sentenced to a Maryland maximum security prison at 18 for some petty crime. While there he was gang raped for hours by a group of older Black inmates. After the incident( apparently the prison system had fucked up putting a petty criminal in a max security,) they transferred Isaac. Perhaps this guy was born a piece of shit, but being gang raped for hours probably didn’t help him become a better human either. But alas, the scum took out his pain on innocent Whites hundreds of miles away from a Maryland prison not on Black street thugs in Baltimore. Coward is no doubt resting in Hell.

    • Thanks: Sam Hildebrand
  7. Trinity says:

    With the exception of Wayne Williams, Black serial killers target either NEARLY all White or ALL White victims. I think the Black serial killer recently apprehended in California targeted MOSTLY homeless Hispanic men. MOST White serial killers target MOSTLY White or ALL White victims.

    • Replies: @A.C.
  8. Trinity says:

    (((SNL))) mocked White boxer Duane Bobick after he was stopped in the first round by Ken Norton in a prime time bout shown on network television in 1977.

    Fast forward 4 years later and Ken Norton is nearly decapitated and stopped by Gerry Cooney in the first round on prime time network t.v. Funny thing though, (((SNL))) couldn’t come up with any material for this one.

    • Replies: @Pastit
    , @Truth
  9. Pastit says:

    Yep. The depraved NYC Jew produced SNL could not be expected to make fun of a black getting hammered by a white but the other way around and ‘Shit we gotta do a skit on this’.

  10. Truth says:

    Of course, Duane Bobick was ridiculed because he fell on his face the first (…and second, and third) time he stepped up into the big time, whereas Ken Norton was an ex-heavyweight champ who had taken part in some of the greatest fight in heavyweight history, and was well past his prime…

    But yeah, same thing.

    • Replies: @Trinity
  11. KenH says:
    @Sam Hildebrand

    The same people who believe the death penalty is inhumane, laugh when men are brutally raped and murdered in prison.

    I’ve heard many a “humane” leftard over the years express prison death wishes for mostly white people who they don’t like. Many of these leftist humanitarians have little Lavrenty Beria’s lurking inside of them and we saw that with James Fields and the Brunswick Three cases.

    • Agree: AceDeuce
  12. Trinity says:


    Norton won all 3 of the fights against Ali IMO, but he was knocked out by George Foreman in 2, Shavers and Cooney in the 1st round and by one 188lb Jose Luis Garcia in their first fight.

    Norton was lucky to escape with a draw against Scott Ledoux in 1979 and lucky to escape with a narrow “victory” against Jimmy Young. However, I think Norton beat Holmes IMO. Norton was a class act, a bit egotistical but a good fighter. Not a great fighter though, just had the right style against Ali. Largely made his name off his 3 fights with Ali. Clearly a level below Ali, Frazier and Foreman.

  13. A.C. says:

    Not true at all. Most blacks murdered are murdered by blacks and most whites murdered are murdered by whites.

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