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The Fifth-Generation War on White People
First They Came for White Southern Males…
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Many Americans woke up this week to the crystal-clear realization that we have entered a fifth generation (5G) civil war for control of this county – a culture war, yes, but much more than that. In this short essay, I draw from history to briefly reflect on what this means to me as a more or less normal White guy who is trying to find ways to do more to resist the organized deluge of anti-White propaganda and policies.

Historical Parallels

Perhaps because I have been studying the rise of communism in Europe during the early 1900s, the past week feels eerily similar to my understanding of what it might have felt like to be a German Austrian in the 1910s and 20s, with the obvious difference that we have not recently lost a world war after failing in our attempts to salvage a dying, multicultural empire that has become increasingly hostile to its traditional citizens in order to secure the loyalty of its minority citizens. I believe I have uncovered nuggets of understanding, nonetheless.

I was not present in Austria a century ago, and I cannot really know what my Austrian doppelganger self would have felt thought while experiencing this period. I read a fair amount of history, but even this does not ensure this sort of experiential knowledge, since we self-censor our own diaries and journals. This matters little, however, because with some historical distance, I might see the situation more clearly than I would have if I lived during the time. And if the media and education system were as biased at that time against German-Austrian interests as they are against White American interests in the US today, then it is very likely that my understanding of Austria in the 1920s is better informed than those living them.

Rereading Mein Kampf, for the second time ever and the first time in over 15 years (and the first time I neither understood it nor finished half of it), it seems to me that Hitler felt much the same way that I do now. He was trying to save the Germans in Germany and Austria. I found it strange to admit to my wife that I think the biggest personality difference between Hitler and me is that he seems to have been rather more empathetic than I am. While I have completely lost patience with White Americans who intentionally or ignorantly are willing their own demise, Hitler repeatedly made excuses for those in Austria who were doing the same. He was so soft. But I think I have come to understand that he was trying to organize and inspire a mass of people far less intelligent and knowledgeable than himself, and so he needed to be patient with them. So, I believe that reading Mein Kampf again has made me a nicer, more understanding guy. I would contrast this with the way the Trotsky secured the loyalty of the officers of the Red Army, but that would be too much of a digression.

To the point, which is to use history to inform present action, you might say that Hitler’s plan to secure the future of the German people involved retaking control of the media, which had become a propaganda machine that continually tried to undermine the interests of the German people.

I will pause here to say that I often read articles from the Jacobin – the socialist magazine. And although most socialists would scream at you until their head exploded before they would admit that Hitler was a socialist (but he was, albeit a nationalist, i.e., German, socialist rather than an internationalist socialist), I see them as potential future allies in the fight against globalism. The oligarchy has freaked out about Trump because they see him as a populist who, like Hitler, united working-class Germans from Left and the Right to fight their common extranational and international enemies.

It is clear, however, that we have media problems. I was astounded and enlightened to read Hitler’s discussion of the media and propaganda in Germany prior to the rise of the Nazi Party. The parallels to today are uncanny – even though the media have evolved. It seems to me, at least, that we are in fact closer to the propaganda age of the early 1900s in Europe than we have been at any time in my life. Looking back, it was the Summer of Antifa and the astonishing response of the media and the politicians that caused me, and likely many other Americans, to begin to see parallels to the Russian Revolution and the color revolutions. I then found myself reading about the rise of fascism, first so I might understand the parallels between the Brownshirts and antifa, but then so that I could understand how Germany successfully fended off the communist revolution that killed 12 million civilians – with perhaps 20 million more people during Stalin’s reign. To put that into perspective, that is about half as many people, military and civilian, as died in all of World War II. To take it even further, less than five million Germans are reported to have died during the war. That is, for me at least, an unimaginably large number of deaths and a terrible, terrible tragedy – but the number of Germans who died in WWII was less than one-sixth of the people who died in Russia as a result of the communist revolution and ensuing regime.

Although I am a registered libertarian (just to give you a sense of where I am coming from), I have never more fully appreciated the appeal of national socialism than now. Similarly, I did not vote for Trump in 2016, but I found him more appealing this time around – certainly not because of his rhetoric, or even of his actions, but because of what he came, in the second half of his term, to begin to resist. The ongoing coup has been in place because some people rightly interpreted that Trump was striking a Hitleresque chord among the White Americans who the international bankers and international socialists are trying to undermine politically, psychologically, and economically.

I am not a jackboot-wearing skinhead. I am a normal, middle-aged, gray haired man who, rising from working poverty to the middle class, has experienced something like the American dream. I am respected at work, loved by my family, affable, rational, well-educated, and White. And I am preparing for a war.

I am not preparing for war in the way that most Americans would (fail to) understand it. That is, I am not taking up arms to overthrow a government. I am not joining the military so that I can resist “regimes” that seek to rein in the Jewish oligarchs who pillaged their economy. I am not preparing to wage war against a duly-elected South American government that seeks to abandon the petrodollar so they can remove the yoke of vulture capitalism that has been imposed on a people. Surely not now.

No, I am not gearing up to drop multicultural democratic bombs from a B-2 Stealth bomber or to use a Predator drone to assassinate a scientist from another country because he is successfully resisting the implementation of Greater Israel. The war that I am preparing for is a defensive war to protect my people from an illegitimate government that is unduly influenced by foreign interests and is controlled by hidden oligarchs who use two-party democracy as a veil to pillage my people and others.

Perhaps it would be more accurate to say that I am already fighting the war. As I said above, it is currently a fifth-generation war: an information and propaganda war against the traditional power structure in the US. It started as a war against the hegemony of White Anglo Saxon Protestant Southern Males. Then it evolved into a war against White Anglo Saxon (redundant, I know) Christian males. Once that was secured, it evolved into a war against White Males. As the recent Karen memes and a million articles, books, and television clips (speculation on the last one, since I no longer watch it) demonstrate, the war is now simply against all White people and other non-White people who do not hate White people and/or seek to undermine them at every opportunity.

It would seem, then, that we are fighting a fifth-generation Race War, but it is not that simple. First, there are many allies among Blacks, Asians, Hispanics, and others who share in the struggle against a common, nation-destroying enemy. Secondly, there are even more – many more – White people who still believe that to criticize anti-White policies and propaganda is a form of psychopathology. These people, blinded by stupidity—or more likely by ideology—fail to see the true reasons for and consequences of labeling phrases such as all lives matter as racist. As dumb as cows being corralled for the slaughter, they readily proclaim that it is so wonderful for people of all races and ethnicities to celebrate their people and value their heritage – so long as the celebrants are not White. Natural selection demands that this insanity will end one day: one way or another.

The point is that this is definitely about race, but I for one would like people to be able to articulate an agenda that is far from “all Whites are good and everyone else is evil.” No one in this world believes this, and yet it is the mantra and the scarecrow constantly presented by elites in the media to those who lack the ability or desire to understand. Part of the goal of this essay is to help others better express this position that Whites need to do a much better job of defending ourselves against anti-White propaganda and policies.

From Academia to Media

I think it would be helpful for others to understand that the war that is being thrust on us has its origins in colleges and universities. Since the late 1970s, the influence of Critical Theory has been growing in academia. In college, smart young adults, most of whom have learned to do well in school by regurgitating what their teacher tells them, have for a couple of generations now been ingesting Frankfurt School ideology without being provided the opportunity to criticize it. To do so automatically gets one labeled as anti-Semitic or racist. This indoctrination has allowed critical theory to migrate from liberal arts and social science classrooms out into the rest of the world, where more people can see it.

Universities often get criticized because of all the liberal professors. My experience has been that there are far few liberal professors than people imagine – if liberal is taken in the classical sense, whereby professors introduce students to multiple perspectives and then allow the students to think for themselves. Liberal, in this sense, stands in opposition to both conservative and to leftist professors. There are and have been liberal professors in this sense (“I don’t care what you believe, I just want you to support it with evidence and reasons”), but their influence on young people has been increasingly overshadowed by leftist professors who take a very different approach. Rather than allow students to develop and apply their own moral sentiments, leftist professors profess that there is a right and a wrong; good and evil are real. And it sounds very much like it could have come from Jesus: blessed are the poor and oppressed; woe unto them that are wealthy. Coming primarily from a Jewish perspective rather than a Christian one, this has roughly been retranslated as Black people, Hispanics, and Jews are all oppressed and are therefore good. Non-Jewish White people, who have denigrated Jewish perfidy and parasitism, at least since Hellenistic times, are evil. That is the simple formula of Critical Theory in a nutshell (from someone who wrote a dissertation on the subject). People love their simple moral binaries, and the Left have been dishing it out under the mantra that “everything is political.” As such, universities have been evolving to the point that propaganda, rather than the pursuit of truth, has been the modus operandi. The result has been the creation of a Woke army who has very strong feelings, is very good at group think, but is not particularly knowledgeable or very good at reflecting on the limitations of their own beliefs. (This is, of course a gross overgeneralization, and I am sure there are many exceptions. These should be noted and celebrated.)

Now, however, this way of thinking – everything is political – has made its way into the mainstream media. The child of this view that everything is political is that we must all value social justice. There is no clear picture of what this term actually means or what its realization would look like, and this is intentional of course, because it is an unfalsifiable, pseudo-scientific, religious doctrine that cannot be refuted. That is, it must be taken on faith that ours is an unjust society, that the fault lies with and only with White people, and that the remedy is for Whites to give up their positions of power (to Jews and their surrogates).

Several years ago, to make the news more interactive, the big media agencies adopted opened discussion boards. This did not last long, however, because the anti-White bias was constantly exposed. The comments sections all suddenly disappeared from those corporate news outlets whose larger mission was to subtly construct and maintain an anti-White narrative. This gap was filled by social media. Even more recently, however, censorship has reached formerly unimaginable levels. The case in point is that social media as well as corporate media have fully censored the president of the United States of America. I think this has jolted many people, even those who would never have read what the president said. More people are beginning to wake up.

All of this begs the question why the media would do something so risky. Although I am not privy to those sorts of conversations, a historically informed reading between the lines suggests to me that the media was directed to hazard this extreme censorship because those pulling the strings have concluded that President Trump, likely despite his initial intentions, had come to connect and identify with the one group of people that the Two-Headed Beast of international banking and international socialism needs to undermine if they want to gain full control over the country. That group currently seems to go by the name of American Patriots.

Although still largely hiding behind progressive, well-intentioned, polite and accommodating, but ultimately self-eradicating Whites, the enemy has shown itself a little more clearly in this latest offensive.

Because of this bold gambit, many Americans have, in just the last several weeks, come to believe that there is no political party that represents normal, thinking, middle- and working-class people. In fact, many of those who can trace ancestors back to the founding of this country are surprised to find themselves questioning or denying the legitimacy of our government. They wonder how this has happened so quickly in the United States. They stand in awe at the surrealism of the media’s depiction of “an attempted insurrection” by those who are most loyal to the principles and traditions of our country. They stand, somewhere between dumbstruck and furious, over calls being made to “hold those in leadership positions accountable” who have in the past expressed any support for The President of our country. Has it really come to this? What should I do?

I woke up early this morning to the realization that I need to do more to resist anti-White and antipatriot propaganda and policies. But what can I do? I am not a politician. I am not super-wealthy.

We each have our strengths and weaknesses. I am a rural INTJ with a small social network, but I am somewhat skilled at research and writing. So, I decided to write this essay and send it to Professor MacDonald to see if he would be interested in publishing it. If he does, I will publish it under a pen name because I would very likely lose my job if I published this under my real name. And I enjoy my job. What became clear to me this morning was that whether I want it or not, I am engaged in a 5G Civil War. I can hope that the bullies will stop picking on my people, or I can join the resistance and try to turn back anti-White propaganda and policies by raising awareness and helping others do the same. And I need to talk with people and read more to discover what others are doing. To make sure I can continue the fight, I need to make a backup plan in case I lose my job. I would love to read in the comments what others are doing to prepare themselves for what lies ahead.

(Republished from The Occidental Observer by permission of author or representative)
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  1. JustAGOY says:

    Takes effort to understand macro reality. Lots of time digesting content.
    Hope these help you.

    Betsy DeVos Shows How Jews Are Failing Early Tests in Age of Trump
    Resisting that vision of a Christianized America has been a primary goal of organized American Jewish advocacy since its beginnings. The battle began on the day those 23 Jewish refugees landed in Nieuw Amsterdam in 1654. If America is a Christian nation, then Jews are, by definition, second-class citizens.

    Reconstruction – Another Name for Cultural Genocide
    We might wonder where the term ‘reconstruction’ came from. It is worth noting that, in 1865, when Karl Marx (Ashkenazi) issued his praise of Abraham Lincoln (Sephardic), part of that praise was for Lincoln’s “…reconstruction of a social world.” Obviously Marx had no problem with the term when used in this fashion.
    Professional South-hater Thaddeus (((Stevens))) made a speech in September, 1865 in which he said of the South: “But reformation must be effected; the foundation of their institutions – political, municipal and social – must be broken up and relaid or all our blood and treasure have been in vain. This can only be done by treating and holding them as a conquered people.” Note that both Marx and Stevens [kindred spirits] talk openly about changing the social institutions and foundations of the South. Since the South’s social institutions and culture have been based upon orthodox Reformation Christianity since around 1830, what these men are really talking about is the destruction of orthodox Christianity in the South.
    What we have today, and have had since the 1830s, is an ideological [religious] war against Southern Christianity by apostate Northern liberals (jews), be they Unitarians or of some other persuasion, but all united in their efforts to stamp out the Christian faith, first in the South and, if that is finally successful, in the rest of the country.

    Jews changed our State Constitutions going back to the late 1770’s, they protested the Christian “Oaths of Office”. Because of the incompatibility between Judaism and Christianity, one religion must give way to the other.

  2. I, too, recently finished rereading Mein Kampf (the Ford translation), fast on the heels of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s “The Gulag Archipeligo”.” I thought I’d read Mein Kampf previously, but now realize what was spoon-fed to us in the university was a heavily abridged, badly-translated work designed to make Hitler look like a moustache-twirling villain. The truth was much more complex. All I can say is, after reading it, it feels like we’re living in the middle of a great, big red X with the words “YOU ARE HERE … AGAIN.” And NOT because of anything Donald Trump has done, but rather the left.

    Might I suggest you read next Robert Tabor’s “The War of the Flea.” If you’re going to engage in “guerrilla journalism,” then I suggest you read up on the history of insurgency so you can garner the importance of propaganda and gaining local support. You may also enjoy watching “Bandit Queen: the true story of Phoolan Devi” (Hindi language with subtitles) about the anti-caste discrimination which drives her to take to the hills, and the ways her bandits win over the loyalty of the local villagers who are similarly oppressed.

    • Thanks: al gore rhythms
  3. Rosie says:

    I have never more fully appreciated the appeal of national socialism than now.

    I think national socialism is the default form of government most people would prefer in a modern society, perhaps Whites moreso than others. Not being clannish, the nation-state is our natural focus of loyalty.

    When certain people say, or better yet imply, that Whites are latent fascists, they’re not wrong. Of course, libertarianism is also more common among Whites than others, but it doesn’t have the mass appeal that national socialism does, despite establishment attempts to make it synonymous with conservatism, at least here in the US.

    • Thanks: John Regan, cronkitsche
  4. First They Came for White Southern Males…

    … and Southern White Males kiss the asses of the Jewish supremacists who come after them.

    Look, if you praise and protect the very people who are attacking and destroying you, then you’re too dumb to be helped.

    • Agree: moi, BuelahMan, lavoisier, Druid
    • Replies: @Douglas
  5. Well the swinging pendulum is about at it’s most-left point as even white-guilt whites will realize (as I did in the late 70s having bent over backwards for blacks for years, and finally getting nearly assaulted by a black person calling me “racist” for trying to exit a store while he was entering and nearly hit me in the head with the door!)…white-guilt-ridden-whites will, very soon, realize that they need to stop bending over backwards…or bowing down to…blacks and other non-whites for the simple reason that if they don’t, they might not lose their jobs, but they will lose their minds and either commit suicide or they will wind up in jail or in mental institutions. Because whites bending over backwards or kissing black a\$\$ solves nothing dealing with people who crave power and are psychopaths. Which means that the whites who do the right thing and get over their guilt plus whites who have no guilt will win out while white-hating whites will lose it if you know what I mean and suffer the fate they deserve. So then, who do the identity politics power mad politicians go after next (since they won’t be able to get away with hating whites anymore)? The answer, of course, is Christians, regardless of race.

    Because America swings like a pendulum do–from a fellow INTJ….

  6. Bolteric says:

    Excellent piece. I agree there needs to be more solidarity among our readers. True armed insurrection will go nowhere. Traditional values and financial conservatism will help us hold out, as well as having as many children as we can (raising them right). I’m lucky to have a good political outlet, but am required to maintain a certain centrism, though the paleo and alt right are at times attractive. Both my day job and my avocations keep the reigns on this crazy horse. I would say Mr. Author you’re in a good space and keep doing what you’re doing. Expand your base and actively try to make friendships in unlikely situations; though I probably don’t need to tell you this. Take an interest in your fellow man, including some of your enemies. Friendship is your currency. Not much new here, the revolution began a couple thousand years ago.

    • Replies: @White Dad
  7. I have seen this coming for a few years. To prepare for the upcoming dark ages I have been doing what most “preppers” do: acquire rural land, stash gold and guns, grow veggies, that kind of thing.

    I loath giving advise but it sounds to me like you are asking for advise. I will tell you what I am doing. I am sucking as much income as I can out of my job, and saving as much income as possible. I try to keep a basic supply of cash, a few thousand dollars, and convert anything over and above that basic amount to hard assets such as gold, silver, guns, land, that kind of asset.

    Other than that I try to educate myself in several ways. Firstly, I have been teaching myself how to grow food, save seeds, preserve food. (Not so easy, not so difficult, always interesting)

    Another way I try to educate myself, which may sound silly to some, is to follow the advise of the famous general Sun Tzu. Specifically I try to know my enemy and know myself. Not so easy.

    A third way I try to educate myself is through moral self-discipline. I admit I need to do a lot more work in that discipline.

    Anyway, there you have it. Good luck and best regards.

    Mr. Craker

    • Replies: @Miro23
  8. Another written piece showing the need for our own brownshirts.
    Imagine if Washington and their half baked bolshees had to contend with fifty thousand american brownshirts.

    • Agree: RodW
    • Replies: @Phil the Fluter
  9. While the Ziocorporate regime keep the liberals blaming Trump and the “white supremacist domestic terrorists” and the MAGA/Qtarts blaming the “communist Clinton deep-state”, voodoo zombie Biden will be giving free rein to the CIA/Pentagon war/surveillance-profiteers to act however they see fit against left-wing and right-wing Americans standing against the “Great Reset” or whatever “national security” machination is in the offing.

    The Ziocorporate regime are light years ahead of the people in terms of organization for goal-achievement. They can even lead 75 million Americans to believe a Ziocorporate conman like Trump is some sort of “nationalist anti-deep state maverick”. They don’t only control the media but have designed an “education” system that serves their purpose and subverted entire racial and social groups to work as their serfs.

    Even in far more isolationist societies, say like Japan, you will find considerable amounts of people who won’t be discriminating against non-Japanese if they do as the Japanese do. So, what would white Americans achieve as an isolated group in these Ziocorporate globalist circumstances without associating with like-minded people that aren’t white? other than exactly what’s been achieved, nothing. Hitler fucked up by not finding a way to keep peace with the USSR and invading far, far, far easier target England instead, there’s no way around that and many French would’ve joined him.

    Then again, the ideas of “freedom, republicanism and democracy” in a society whose founding fathers were classist slave-drivers are doomed to be nothing more than tools of political manipulation.

  10. Seraphim says:

    ‘Reformation Christianity’ has nothing to do with ‘Orthodox Christianity’. It is its exact contrary. ‘Orthodox Reformation Christianity’ is a contradiction in terms.

    • Replies: @moi
  11. Brian USA says:

    Elite Jewish extremists achieved their huge goal: Control the mainstream media, most of the popular alternative media, think tanks, the White House and Congress and create huge power in higher education.

    Elite Jewish extremists in the USA, Europe and other White Christian countries, brazenly combined the huge lie White people are racists with massive legal and illegal immigration of non-Whites.

    THEIR GOAL: Destroy White Christian power in the countries White Christians built.

    HOW? Demonize White Christians and destroy their majority status (massive immigration of non-Whites) in their own countries. For example, the Census Bureau projects White Americans will lose their majority status by the year 2044. The USA was close to 90 percent White before the deceptive Jewish created Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 (includes chain migration).

    Elite Jewish extremists have controlled European countries for decades, but historians claim White Christians kicked Jewish people out or limited their rights more than 100 times in European countries because they dominate countries on behalf of Jewish people.

    Elite Jewish extremists don’t want this to happen again in European countries or occur in other White Christian countries they dominate, including the USA, so via massive legal and illegal immigration of non-Whites, they’re lowering the percentage of White Christians in these countries to decrease White Christian power, making them a weak minority.

    Elite Jewish extremists are destroying White Christian societies with the powerful combination of massive immigration of non-Whites and the huge lie all White people are racists.

    How can White Christians stop it? Let people know the elite Jewish extremists who control the media covered up the Israeli government/elite Jewish extremist evil 911 false flag event.

  12. frontier says:

    I woke up early this morning to the realization that I need to do more to resist anti-White and antipatriot propaganda and policies. But what can I do?

    Go back to sleep. Seriously, you aren’t fit to do anything but damage. There isn’t even a shred of rational analysis in you ramblings, if you like the barking of private Schicklgruber, play his reruns for yourself. Do you happen to be a failed artist too? If you do, stop any political activities immediately, it’s for your own good, we know how that ends… from your dupelganger.

  13. This was a good article. The first few paragraphs had me rolling my eyes, but I ultimately changed my opinion. Bravo

    I lament the fact that pirate radio is not a good means of spreading underground information, because it truly is difficult to censor. Print is good, but the general public doesn’t read much, especially not thoughtful pieces requiring background knowledge. Web is of course king, but it’s easily censored when the userbase gets above a certain size, if the political will is there to quash it.

  14. So what’s the difference between national and international socialism? International socialism wanted to export socialism/revolution NOT import immigrants/foreigners/other races. German national socialism wanted to colonise/cleanse/genocide and enslave foreigners, and imported far more foreign labourers during the war than did the Soviet Union. Even the SS was far more international in character than the Soviet army units and the Germans recruited foreigners from all over into their units (Albanians, Scandinavians, Belgians, French, Dutch, Spaniards, Muslims, Indians, etc.). The Waffen-SS was probably the most international military unit other than perhaps the French Foreign Legion.

  15. AReply says:

    The solution to all the author’s personal problems as described in this article is to stop identifying as white.


    If you insist on retaining this identity, you will continue to suffer it. It’s this simple.

    As race is entirely a social construction, you can decide to become free of it.

    As to others’ hang-ups on race impinging on you, white America set a horrible precedent and it will take generations to overcome. Let other’s racism be your penance and receive it as valuable perspective on how to help move beyond American’s regressive tendencies.

    It you can’t conceive of transcending your own ideological biases and learn to triangulate and control your own racist significations, then why would you expect others overcome theirs to deem you as acceptable?

    Maybe it’s never occurred to you that you could end up losing according to your own game. Maybe you think you can crush the others? Maybe you think you can remain a passive bigot and no one will be the wiser?

    Best of luck.

    The measure of humanity is when you discover you have something of value to offer others. And if you have none, don’t resort to wrecking things for others while you try to come to terms with your poverty.

    • Disagree: TheJamesRocket
    • LOL: Hans
  16. I recently read MEIN KAMPH and quickly came to the conclusion that Adolf Hitler was not the man that that the post WW2 powers say he was. He was definitely for the German white people and even had some support for the Anglo Saxon English peoples. If a biography is testament to the real person then back in Hitler’s day I definitely would would have supported him. I have also read the protocols of the Elders of Zion and just as Henry Ford stated, “they fit.”

    • Replies: @Bookish1
  17. Schuetze says:

    My expedition down the rabbit hole started about 2005 when I realized that 9/11 was an inside job and that 2 jets could not have blown 3 sky scrapers apart. When Barry “chooms” Sotero and his tranny “wife” got elected in 2008, my wife and I recognized that the Kazar-communist take over was complete and started implementing our plan, which centered around “prepping”.

    Since that time, I have managed to alienate the vast majority of my extended family and friends trying to wake them up. My success rate at getting people to open their eyes probably approaches that of the “covid 19” death rate. It goes without saying that all these contacts that I have lost are mask loving idiots.

    As the years have passed and as my wife and I, and to a large degree our children, have progressed down the “conspiracy theory” rabbit hole, one thing that I have noticed reading Unz and other similar blogs, is how often people who wake up suddenly believe that they have achieved understanding, while at the same time frowning upon people further down the rabbit hole as “conspiracy theorists”. Ron Unz is actually a very good example of this, he call people who discuss things like faked moon landings or MKUltra “nutters”.

    Over the years I have burrowed ever deeper down the rabbit hole and I have been forced to completely change my entire world view as new “facts” were discovered. In order to illustrate my interpretation of this rabbit hole to reality and truth, I will present off of the top of my head a few important milestones along my path, listed in order of depth down the hole. You could also consider this to be metaphorically peeling the layers of the onion.


    – There was no WMD in Iraq and they all knew it
    – The Kennedy assassination was an inside job
    – The Kazarians tried to sink the Liberty
    – 9/11 was an inside job
    – Global Warming is a scam
    – Balfour
    – Schiff and the Kazarian Banker Cabal finance and caused the Russian Revolution
    – WWII was a continuation of WWI
    – Kazarian Bankers started both wars
    – Eisenhower had Patton assassinated
    – Lusitania was loaded with explosive and England lied
    – Wilson dragged the US into the war on the behalf of his Kazarian owners
    – Operation Gladio and the terrorist acts in Europe after WWII
    – Bela Kuhn and the November revolution
    – Jews owned and ran the slave trade in the US
    – The “Civil War” as an act of genocide
    – The holohoax
    – The “founding fathers” were all freemasons
    – The Macy conferences and MKUltra
    – The Grateful Dead, Doors and Airplane were CIA fronts for passing out LSD
    – Transhumanism
    – The interesection of 5G/nano-particle vaccinations/Covid 19

    I think that is enough to get the idea across. The real point here is that we are far beyond the point of getting people to open their eyes, they never will until they actually experience physical pain. It is just as Uri Besmenov told us in the ’80’s, the US and the planets white people have become demoralized. So now this demoralized world population has to face a massive conspiracy centered around “ze great reset” that has been orchestrated and computer gamed for decades. The plan is clearly a form of neo-feudalism centered around transhumanism and massive population reduction. Google Catherine Austin Fitts.

  18. Anonymous[231] • Disclaimer says:

    White people must abandon racism and the ideology of white supremecy, it will never work well. Try another route to promote white interest, attack will never work for white people.


    • Replies: @Curle
  19. The lefty says:

    From a leftist perspective not to be confused with a liberal perspective.

    The bankers who will support any side necessary according to the situation know that the west/economy is tanking fast and this will increase the chances of an uprising from the poor/working classes. In order to postpone this possibility they have pitted poor white against poor blacks and vice versa. The current obsession with quickly labeling any angry white person as racist is to limit the possibility of any angry groups with majority white people to get any support from other non white groups. Blacks are used as tools to implement this current strategy.

    • Replies: @Cletus
  20. Phoenix says:

    I would love to read in the comments what others are doing to prepare themselves for what lies ahead.

    a few options

    1. Discrimination laws can be applied to protect Caucasians
    (where courts or law enforcement are willing to support such claims)

    [Missouri] Lawsuit filed claiming ““overt and intentional racial discrimination against its Caucasian students”

    [Nevada] “Family sues school that won’t let student out of class promoting anti-white racism”

    2. Identify which countries, state legislatures and courts are most willing to protect the rights of whites and move there.

    3. Peaceful state secession needs to be discussed as an option

    • Agree: cronkitsche
  21. erzberger says:

    I don’t know where you get the 5 million figure for German casualties during WW 2. to my knowledge there were 5 m military casualties at the Eastern front alone. so you would have to add casualties elsewhere, from Western Europe to the Middle East, plus civilian casualties due to bombings and effects of the British naval blockade, deaths in cc, and many more. Most German civilians died after surrender under Allied occupation, and the massive ethnic cleansing from Eastern and south Eastern Europe ordered by the Potsdam Agreement

    interesting piece though, good points

    • Replies: @Lee
    , @Druid
  22. Theres not much that common citizens can do to oppose the organised forces of the Deep State. They are employing some of the most sophisticated techniques of psychological warfare ever devised. It is nothing less than social engineering on a national level, which has been ongoing for at least 20 years. Nearly half of all whites in America have been brainwashed into becoming ‘self-eradicating whites.’

    It is very hard to organise people together into a coherent network, because of the sophisticated propaganda which has made the very notion of white nationalism into an obscene act of heresy. In this political climate, whites have absolutely no right to argue for the preservation of their own race. Discussing the topic in public will gain you no friends but many enemies. Most people don’t want to be shackled by a bad reputation.

    People are also much more atomised than they were 50 or 60 years ago, due to the breakdown of the family. This is the most basic of human social structures, which allows people of different ages and genders to organise for the greater good. The destruction of the family has an all pervasive effect on the cohesiveness of society at large. Creating a grass roots movement nowadays is like trying to herd cats.

    Another problem is that people today are lazier, more anti-social, and more risk averse. They don’t want to do hard work, they don’t want to talk to strangers, and they don’t want to risk anything. Many Americans are also ignorant of basic facts about their own society. They believe in the existence of such things as ‘institutionalised racism’ against minoritys, and ‘institutionalised sexism’ against women.

    When taking all of these factors into account, it would seem that the prospects of rescuing white America are very poor indeed. The simple fact is that we are operating from an extremely disadvantaged position. It isn’t a hopeless struggle by any means, but there are huge obstacles in our path. It would require the talents of an extremely capable leader to overcome, backed up by a well organised and cohesive political movement. We do not have that. Most white nationalist groups have ended in abysmal failure due to grossly incompetent leaders and disorganised movements.

    There may be deeper reasons for this recurring pattern. For the past 30 years, only the most disenfranchised of white Americans have understood the true danger facing whites. Most whites do not have any sense of racial identity, and they don’t gain one until they have a bad experience with minoritys. Maybe they lived or work in an ethnic neighborhood, did a stint in a prison, or they were assaulted or robbed by minoritys. Whatever the reason, these people were the first to wake up to the importance of race. But these were also the people least equipped to create a coherent movement with a feasible strategy.

  23. It’s Jew-Caps or Zio-Caps, not Chi-Coms.

  24. Anonymous[254] • Disclaimer says:

    I took the opportunity to write this here since this is a new article and my comment will be on top for most readers to see and respond.

    I am from india, 21, Male and sitting for my final year in history(BA Hist). I have had a fascination with white anglo saxon culture and possess indepth knowledge of their culture, literature, history and cinema. Primarily of the nations of England, America and Germany(Australia, Canada et all as well). It is sad to see the decline of your culture and upon reading links and clicking sites i chanced upon last week and havent budged ever since. The world is warped. It is sad. With this said, tell me in simple english the following:

    1. What is the difference between communism, socialism and marxism? Why is there such fervert hatred against communists ? From what i understand these are economic ideals and yet the hatred Americans have for communists seems to be worse than against islam. What is the danger? Which is the worst amongst those 3?

    2. Is china communist or capitalist? Everyone says theyre commies and yet their business model is clearly capitalist. How is china successful and Russia poor?

    3. I have zero idea about the jews. But the more I read the more something sinister unfolds. But by the principles of nature wouldnt self interest be something normal for a group? Wouldn’t anyone do it? So why blame them? I do notice that theyve always been hated. Even my 10th grade english classic The Merchant of Venice had a jew(Shylock) as the main bad guy…and this was written in the 15th century

    4. Isnt islam also a massive clan and if we hypothetically zoom out into the future(say 200 years) in a world full of muslims(strict regime, anti rationality and science, every woman in burka)….wouldnt that be a far worse outcome than what jews are doing? From what i gather jews are moneylenders and their interests end there. Sure it sucks but it couldnt be worse than an islamist culture. How is a jew world worse than islamist or communist?

    5. I am young and i already feel democracy is utterly fraud as a concept. Am i wrong? When i see 60 year old men voting with zest i wonder….havent they seen enough to realize thjs system sucks?


  25. Anonymous[661] • Disclaimer says:

    “I am not a jackboot-wearing skinhead. I am a normal, middle-aged, gray haired man who, rising from working poverty to the middle class, has experienced something like the American dream. I am respected at work, loved by my family, affable, rational, well-educated, and White. And I am preparing for a war.”


    Good article.

  26. After a transparent attempt at misdirection: “normal guy”, the writer immediately, and unearned, goes on to imply that he is far more intelligent and knowledgeable than everyone else.

    Absolute pathology.

    He needs to work on changing himself before he goes off into utterly deluded fantasies of understanding or even changing others.

    Ah, but I haven’t dealt with the substance. No, thin vanity has no substance.

  27. Tom says:

    Excellent article. Thanks. The only suggestion that I can make is for Whites Who Care to start reading about the techniques used by Marxists to dismantle the West. Read Rules for Radicals by Saul Alinski, for example. Marxist techniques of cultural sabotage require no honor to win a war, just time. But then again, maybe that’s a commodity that we don’t have now at our disposal. Use their cannons against them!. Where are the good-guy hackers when we need them? Imagine shutting down CNN? LOL! Maybe sit-down strikes, where police have to drag protesters away. But then would the MSM cover it? Of course, measures should’ve been in place decades ago, but most were too busy to care. I have posted many of my photoshop posters on FB on this subject, and haven’t yet been censored. Lastly, I just saw a great video expose on NewsMax. It showed maybe 25 clips of the vicious hatred and threatening vitriol directed at Trump and “Trumpers” coming from the mouths of “progressives”. Let’s gather all such videos, and all hate lyrics from hip hop, and all footage of looting, and arson, and black on white beatings, and send them to Newsmax. Maybe they could start a special segment that shows the reality of hate and where it comes from.

    • Replies: @Frank McGar
  28. anon[428] • Disclaimer says:

    america was founded as the 3rd rome in main from the constitution the art, literature the heroes ,the mayority of simbols the larp reach such a point that every founding father identified with the mayour figures of the roman republic

    George Washington: others were calling him American Cincinnatus. While he preferred to call himself Cato the Younger,
    John Adams was called Cicero, the greatest attorney of the ancient world,
    Besides their differences with Adams, Thomas Jefferson was called Cicero too,
    James Madison was known as Publius (Valerius Publicola),
    Alexander Hamilton was most surprisingly identified with Caesar.
    John Jay, the first Chief Justice of the United States, was identified with Publius (Cornelius Tacitus).


    The ideological similarities between Rome and the US from the perspective of law and citizenship
    Alexander Hamilton, an astute student of classical history, devoted his first contribution to The Federalist Papers to a warning against tyrants or “men who have over-turned the liberties of republics, commencing as demagogues and ending as tyrants.” This education aided in their ability to understanding history and bringing out a new political system. The resemblance between the Ancient Roman Republic and America’s political system is uncanny. America’s advent of the executive, judicial, and legislative branches were directly derived from the Ancient Roman model.

    Executive Branch
    In times of peace, the executive branch of the ancient Rome comprised two consuls, elected by Roman landowners for 1 year terms. At all times, the executive branch also contained various bureaucrats who were in charge of arranging festivals and conducting censuses. The same system was used in The USA, President, & Vice President similar to the two consuls and the government similar to bureaucrats.

    The most influential members of the legislature in Rome were those in the Senate. This large body of elected land owners decided how state money was spent and what projects were viable for state funding. The Senate also took control of foreign policy in particular, the many wars Rome was engaged in as it expanded its territory. In this case similarities are more than obvious, the modern US Senate generally speaking has the same role and rights as the ancient Roman, even the name of this institution was not changed. By the way, today very often Senators are nominated and elected as presidents just like it was with the counsels in Rome.

    The judicial branch of ancient Rome was very similar to the modern US courts (however we have to admit that the judicial branch in the US bears some significant influence of English law), particularly the Supreme Court of modern-day America. Six judges were elected on an annual basis to administer the law of the land to those who broke it. Unlike the judges in the modern US, the Roman judiciary could actively create sentences and punishments instead of merely following the past precedent or the sentencing law handed down from the legislative and executive branches, however the right of the constitutional court to interpret the constitution and the laws is somehow the transformed form of the creational jurisprudence of Rome.

    The citizenship and professional armies are another remarkable similarity. The Citizenship of Rome was the prototype for the “New” idea of equal and free citizens in the US. The citizens in both places have rights that are differentiating them from the rest of the world in the eyes of the state. And last but not least, the first model of the professional army much before it was created in the US was the Roman Legion.

    The architecture of the American founding also showed a predilection for the Roman aesthetic sense. It is not too much of a stretch to assert that the buildings and monuments lining the National Mall in Washington, D.C. with their stately, classical architecture might resemble a Roman colony.

    the most obvious example of this lies in the Supreme Court building. Cas Gilbert’s design draws its inspiration from Roman temples. The staircase, raised podium and the columns would not be out of place in the Roman Republic. Similarly, the white marble on the Supreme Court and throughout Washington, D.C., was consciously selected to mimic the architectural splendor of ancient Rome.
    The Capitol, White House, Thomas Jefferson’s memorial were loosely based on the Roman Architecture.
    The same logic works not only in architecture but also in arts and symbols of the time of young American republic:

    The Founders’ sculpture and painting were also inspired by Roman precedents. It is not unusual to see them adorned in a toga.
    The Roman Eagle was transformed into the great seal of the USA.
    The US Capital is identified even with Rome’s geography. In Washington, D.C., Capitol Hill (formerly called Jenkins Hill) alludes to one of the Seven Hills of Rome. Almost all political and law terminology was also copied from the Latin roots

    after the reinassance all europeans ” best sellers” like cicero ,aristoteles… that inspired us to built the modern world were graeco romans the entire clasic culture inundated the universities and the knowloadge of latin and ancient greek became obligatory to all universatary students until 1880 in usa and in 1960 in europe ,sadly is true that the jewish poison thwo puritanes and masonry trying to coopt modernity poisoned what was a purely european affair and the rebirth of the clasic world

    but the base is purely the actualization of the clasic world philosophy, psientific method,rule of law ,republic ,democracy,literacy rate of 15% while in china or egypt was under 1%, olimpic sports, art , literature …..

    For the second time they have corrupted what was the rise of the best civilization that the world have ever know first with cristianity and this time with a secularized verion of the old trick

    • Replies: @Bolteric
  29. anon[428] • Disclaimer says:

    be alert the new strategy from shills like this one is to make europeans americans identify excluvely with cristianity in oposition the republican foundation inspired in the classic world so that jews can identify as the legitimate owners of america

  30. G J T says:

    Frankly the best thing for us to do is ride it out and be smart while the regime eats itself alive. It is on its way out, that I am sure of. When the day comes, that is when it is our duty to take charge.

    The other wise thing for white dissidents to do is to seek Jesus Christ, as it is only He who has the true cure for the Jewish parasite that has infected our nations. Everything else is a temporary fix.

    As far as reaching people goes, everyone will come around on their own time. This latest major event will certainly be a catalyst for many to do just that, but there is no way we can makeanyone see. We can plant seeds, but there is certainly no easy way to start these conversations in a meaningful sense with people who aren’t ready to have them.

    The end of the ZOG regime (in America at least) is coming, and it’s coming faster than I ever imagined. Unfortunately it’s going to be a very painful process, but we will have our chance to strike. In the meantime, let the enemy destroy itself. And that includes self-hating whites and libtards who belong in the trashbin of history right along with ZOG.

    • Agree: TheJamesRocket
    • Replies: @Irish Savant
    , @Anonymous
  31. Ugetit says:

    A good vid that indicates even the rabbis are learning some truths and speaking out.

    • Thanks: Peripatetic Itch
  32. “I am respected at work, loved by my family, affable, rational, well-educated, and White. And I am preparing for a war.“

    Wow. Can we say that the White Phoenix is finally rising?

    “ …had come to connect and identify with the one group of people that the Two-Headed Beast of international banking and international socialism needs to undermine if they want to gain full control over the country.“

    At the risk of being redundant, I think it appropriate to republish this enlightening piece by Mikhail Bakunin in his “Study of German Jews”; Bakunin is famous for his opinion on Jews, particularly in relation to his political conflict with Karl Marx ( but here I would rather substitute the word Zionist for Jew as IMHO not every Jew is a Zionist and many non Jews are Zionists):

    “Marx is a Jew and is surrounded by a crowd of little, more or less intelligent, scheming, agile, speculating Jews, just as Jews are everywhere, commercial and banking agents, writers, politicians, correspondents for newspapers of all shades; in short, literary brokers, just as they are financial brokers, with one foot in the bank and the other in the socialist movement, and their arses sitting upon the German press. They have grabbed hold of all newspapers, and you can imagine what a nauseating literature is the outcome of it.Now this entire Jewish world, which constitutes an exploiting sect, a people of leeches, a voracious parasite, Marx feels an instinctive inclination and a great respect for the Rothschilds. This may seem strange. What could there be in common between communism and high finance? Ho ho! The communism of Marx seeks a strong state centralization, and where this exists there must inevitably exist a state central bank, and where this exists, there the parasitic Jewish nation, which speculates upon the labor of the people, will always find the means for its existence.
    In reality, this would be for the proletariat a barrack regime, under which the workingmen and the working closely and intimately connected with one another, regardless not only of frontiers but of political differences as well – this Jewish world is today largely at the disposal of Marx or Rothschild. I am sure that, on the one hand, the Rothschilds appreciate the merits of Marx, and that on the other hand, women, converted into a uniform mass, would rise, fall asleep, work and live at the beat of the drum; the privilege of ruling would be in the hands of the skilled and the learned, with a wide scope left for profitable crooked deals carried on by the Jews, who would be attracted by the enormous extension of the international speculations of the national banks.”

    “ I would love to read in the comments what others are doing to prepare themselves for what lies ahead.”

    Dump the screen and reach out for your neighbours, your relatives and your friends. Tribalism has proven its mettle throughout history, and there is no need to look backward beyond the latest war in Afghanistan.

  33. Scotist says:

    …’a dying, multicultural empire that has become increasingly hostile to its traditional citizens in order to secure the loyalty of its minority citizens’

    What does this even mean? Was a Slovenian here in Carniola somehow not a “traditional” citizen? Especially in distinctly non-national entities such as the Holy Roman Empire, the Habsburg Monarchy, the Austrian Empire, and Austria-Hungary. That makes about as much sense as saying that a Welsh person is not a “traditional” citizen of Great Britain.

    If your point is that some of the demands that nationalists started to make in the 19th and 20th centuries were unjustified, you can argue for that. I’m not sure if a good argument can be made or not. But to say that we somehow were not traditional citizens is simply bizarre.

  34. Mikael_ says:

    Your waking-up and now clear-sightedness on the propaganda front is to be commended.

    But the central question you need to work on is: What are you [peacefully] fighting for?
    And the answer to that should be quite specific and detailed, not discretionary for the sake of maximum inclusivity.

    After you found your answer comes the most difficult part, you need to find like-minded people. Or educate people about your answer, in an open-ended way, and how you got there.

    • Replies: @geokat62
    , @Ugetit
  35. Thanks to the author for his honest and detailed explanations. His understanding of Hitler and National Socialism confirms what I’ve learned at this site about WW1&2. And we all hope that his waking up from woke propaganda may help the awakening of more victims of the woke lies.

  36. “Although still largely hiding behind progressive, well-intentioned, polite and accommodating, but ultimately self-eradicating Whites, the enemy has shown itself a little more clearly in this latest offensive.”

    Is the enemy the international Jew or is it that all Jews are the enemies?

  37. White versus Black Black versus white —needs a mixing –Lurch suggests hacving 300,000.000 Indians coming tn to Kamala the Calada..

  38. Mikael_ says:

    While I disagree with a few points on your list (and not because I’m less deep down the rabbit hole, but because I have looked very deep into them and concluded there are variants that require much less conspiracy to get to the same outcome), and would add
    – MH-17
    – the Cypriot “banking crisis”
    – the “surprise” attack on Pearl Harbor
    – Skripal & Navalny

    I’d like to hear from you [just as I asked from the article writer], what are your ultimate positive goals, i.e. highest values?

    It is extremely difficult in this vast tangle of malice, to find a positive way out. Did you find one?

    • Replies: @Schuetze
  39. Malla says:

    If you insist on retaining this identity, you will continue to suffer it. It’s this simple.
    As race is entirely a social construction, you can decide to become free of it.

    “Race as a social construct” is one of those Cultural marxist propaganda brainwashing pushed on people. Listen dearie, grow up. The whole world is race and tribe. I am Indian and if you tell Indians on the street that being Indian is 100% a “social construct” and nothing to do with genes, they would laugh so hard they would burst an organ or something.
    Grow up and give up all those childish touchy feely bullshit.

  40. Lee says:

    ER said:

    Most German civilians died after surrender under Allied occupation, and the massive ethnic cleansing from Eastern and south Eastern Europe ordered by the Potsdam Agreement

    Shouldn’t be a problem for you to cite the part of the Potsdam Agreement that ordered the ethnic cleansing of Eastern Europe.Right ?????

    • Replies: @The Alarmist
    , @erzberger
  41. @Rosie

    National Socialism isn’t even a real ideology. It was common sense rulership when a nation is finally free from the kikes and not actively trying to harm it’s people. Like modern China, heh.

    The Great Leader was indeed too soft. He loved all of his people and constantly made excuses for them. Which is how German intelligence during the war was abysmal, and the traitor rats were everywhere in the upper ranks (mostly old, butthurt, sterile prussian junker cunts).

    But there was nothing he could have done otherwise. Huwhites as a whole after the “enlightenment” have been a vile and abortive plague, just like the kikes. Repent or else.

    • Replies: @Rosie
  42. Scotist says:

    Also, where did you get the 12 million civilians killed by the communist revolution? That’s generally the highest estimate for all people killed in the Russian Civil War, civilian and non-civilian, with the number for civilians actually murdered intentionally being somewhere between 100,000 and 200,000.

    Even the 20 million figure for Stalin is much too high:

    • Troll: Katrinka, Druid
  43. moi says:

    Yup, in the same way you cannot compare Hitler to an eff-up like Trump.

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
  44. @Anonymous

    Communism, socialism, marxism, capitalism, etc are all just words that try to distinguish between governments and the policies they institute when in reality, they are all the same. The real dividing line is between the gov’t, any gov’t, and the people it enslaves.

    Every gov’t, regardless of any label one may want to apply, is force and fraud on a grand scale. That’s it. Just look at the political class in any country in the world and they are all the same – sociopaths.

    The State – a criminal gang with flags.
    Alan Turin

    • Agree: chris
  45. Publius 2 says:

    The author should have known this since 2014. He’s a normie. Anyone who didn’t vote hard for Trump in 2016 was asleep.

  46. Schuetze says:

    “to find a positive way out. Did you find one?”

    I don’t have a “way out”, but I do have a positive purpose. They are called grand children, born and yet to be born. I cannot imagine leading a rudderless life with out their future being my guiding star. One of my worries is when push comes to shove, how much will I be personally willing to sacrifice for their well being. Poverty? Pain? Starvation?

    I slapped that list together as I was finishing my coffee and getting ready to go, some of them were certainly not entirely on target.

    I find that you added Skripal & Navalny to be interesting. I have followed the story and there is litle doubt in my mind that they were psyops aimed mostly at Russia, almost certainly from MI5 or 6 and originating from Portendown. In what way would you say that this relates to southern males though?

    • Replies: @Mikael_
    , @Peripatetic Itch
  47. Truth says:

    …Duh man holdin’ Duh Man down again…

  48. Schuetze says:
    @Commentator Mike

    One of the faults, or falsehoods, of the Third Reich was that Germany and Germans were one homogeneous culture or race. One of the first acts of the NSDAP on coming to power was to crush the independence and history of the various länder in order to form a country large and strong enough to face the wrath of Judea.

    An interesting comparison would be Switzerland, where when confronted with the unified and angry Germany, General Guisan forced all the Cantons of the Confederation to come together and swear not to leave the Confederacy. There was a lot of concern that Ticino would side with Italy, the Swiss Romand with Vichy, and the German speaking Cantons would side with Germany.

    Instead, all the cantons united together in an effort to stop invasion and survive the war. Of course the Swiss had Germany and Italy as their primary threat to help them band together, with perfidious albion and Judea working with them instead of against them, so in this aspect Switzerland had a great advantage.

    When we look at the Third Reich, we have the not only SS members from the areas you mention, but Bavarians, Austrians, Tyrolean, Alsacians, Prussians, and the Volga and Donau Deutsch. All of these groups spoke different dialects of lower German and were not of the same religion.

    In reality, instead of “National Socialism”, Hitler should have worked for a “Socialist Confederation” of independent Länder. At least that would have been a far better country for ALL Germans. But of course this German Socialist Confederacy would have been crushed by Stalin’s Red Jewish Army in days.

    • Replies: @Wally
    , @Ugetit
  49. Dumbo says:

    Resisting that vision of a Christianized America has been a primary goal of organized American Jewish advocacy since its beginnings. The battle began on the day those 23 Jewish refugees landed in Nieuw Amsterdam in 1654.

    Jews are quite candid about their views and objectives in their own publications, I wonder why more people don’t read them to know what they are up to. of course, now that same view is increasingly appearing even in mainstream media and no one cares, so, that’s life.

  50. There are brave souls fighting the good fight out there at great risk to their careers and even themselves. A very few at the level of university educators. The war is not yet lost, as bleak as these times seem. Be of good cheer White man, and fight on.

  51. Robjil says:

    Every gov’t, regardless of any label one may want to apply, is force and fraud on a grand scale.

    Other powers allowed themselves to be known and talked back too. That is the difference. It is a big difference.

    Jewish Zion power is the most cruel and anti-human. It does not allow itself to be known, debated with or criticized. It is ant-S. They rule as “Supreme Victims”. Every tiny doubt about the dogma of the Big 6, is job less time in most of the world and jail time in Europe

    Jewish Zion only cares about power and war. WWI for the Balfour, WWII for Israel, and WWIII for Eretz Yisrael.

    WWIII is Seven Nations to Destroy as one theme. The other theme is total control of Media. Zion Media spouts and dictates endless propaganda to the masses 24/7 . This Media rule is well known to all of us now. Its endless censorship and cries of big 6 shield to protect our Zion rulers is destroying the human mind.

    • Agree: Peripatetic Itch
  52. @Dingo bay rum

    Hopefully not brownshirts. We have hordes of them here in the UK, harassing people and beating them up for no reason. They used to be called the police.

    • Replies: @Wally
  53. Cletus says:
    @The lefty

    I’ve seen it posited that Occupy Wall Street spooked the ruling class, so they worked to direct the anger of those folks from Wall Street to ordinary whites. Seems plausible.

  54. Mikael_ says:

    Well that only extends the question to “how do you give/show your grand children a positive way out.”

    I’m not trying to rub salt in a wound, just want you to focus on the key question.
    (I personally have found an answer, for me.)

    You wrote as introduction to your list

    I will present off of the top of my head a few important milestones along my path [to reality and truth]

    To me, my added examples relate to the
    more and more in-your-face distribution of ever more outrageous (and transparent!) lies.

    • Replies: @Schuetze
  55. padre says:

    It’s a shame, and after all white people have done for them!

  56. @Schuetze

    Sounds reasonable to me. And the best argument for your well known list of revealing outrages is that they cannot be dicussed. Now it is very dangerous even to ask, Why not

  57. anon[326] • Disclaimer says:

    Get a white ethnostate. Bloody hell. Is it that hard to envision and execute??? The problem with most humans is they obsess over useless concepts such as sociology, religion and culture and never look at rational aspects such as geography, biology and technology.

    Get a white ethnostate. Create it somehow. Then sit back and watch. Within months you will be enundated by whites from Germany, Sweden, Australia or Canada. Then flourish.

    The author makes valid points but he is a sentimentalist. The damage is done. Multiculturalism is like a cancerous tumor- ever growing and devouring all. Get a new land and start over. Also- and i will be hated for saying this- get rid of Christianity (and obviously all religions). Atleast keep it out of state and politics. Christian morality is the reason you are in the soup youre in. Its the achilles heel that has been exploited by the Jew. Instead of Jesus(who i doubt existed) build statues of Churchill and Napoleon. Study them….the greatest qualities of man, and especially white men- individuality, sense of history, valor and courage resounded within them.

    Finally….do allow certain non whites. There are many many dumb, borderline whites and perhaps a few rational non whites like me. I dont believe race is a social construct, but due to circumstances some men evolve beyond.

    Follow Fredreich Nietzsche and create a society of ubermensh. Men beyond todays man. Create cities which follow the theory of ruin value, sent spaceships to Mars.
    Or else mankind is doomed. We will be mired in a cesspool of clannish, boorish behavior for eternity. Ironically enough I actually think China will get there first, as long as the CCP doesnt f..k up.

    Do something.
    A brown skinned man.

    • Agree: Irish Savant
    • Thanks: cronkitsche
  58. Schuetze says:

    “how do you give/show your grand children a positive way out.”

    Clearly, if there is a second holodomor there will be little I can accomplish to save my grand children, or children for that matter.

    As for my grand children my current approach is to “innoculate” them from cultural marxism to any degree that I can. I am well aware that this eventually is likely to bring them, me, or their parents problems. Here is what I am talking about:

    With the boys I talk about guns. I have BB and Airguns, and we have modified Nerfs. We target shoot. Their mother hates this but tolerates it. I recently watched a WWII war movie with them (instead of some drivel like Star Wars) and talked about all kinds of things in the movie with them. I explained to them that it was England that started WWI and WWII and that the bombers were murdering Germans and the pilots were in actuality war criminals.

    With the girls I try to keep them doing feminine things. Playing with babies, baths, kitchens, doctors, animals, etc. I also try to be more masculine and to play the alpha male around their grandmother.

    I personally have found an answer, for me.

    Please tell me, I am very interested.

    • Replies: @Mikael_
  59. Trump was a tool from the get go. He is a great salesman. He had me going with his 2016 speech at AIPAC. Unfortunately it made me suspend my follow the money rule with regards to Trump. He’s a leverage game player, who was saved several times by international banks. So in the end Trump was the necessary cartoon villain the state needed, and banks owned, to set up the great reset. Hitler on the other hand was the unwitting tool bankers who wanted for yet another lucrative war of whites. I think both need to be retired from invocation, and also no white person should ever enlist again. Unfortunately the later is fraught with great risk.

    As for white people, I’m starting to think our suicidal mindset starts and ends with Christianity. Jews would have been considered invaders by our Pagan ancestors, not ancient relatives of Jesus whom we must try to convert so as to save(thus keeping around). Always thinking them as the poor whittle victims until they go to far, then we ultimately repent from our good sense of survival only to snivel for forgiveness from the poor whittle victims again. I thinking now would be a good time for me to run for cover.

    • Replies: @Johnny Walker Read
  60. But what can I do? I am not a politician. I am not super-wealthy.

    Stock-up on Vasaline, because you’re gonna need it.

  61. geokat62 says:

    The solution to all [your] personal problems… is to stop identifying as [Jewish].


    If you insist on retaining this identity, you will continue to suffer it. It’s this simple.

    Try selling that line to Jewish supremacists.

  62. ” The case in point is that social media as well as corporate media have fully censored the president of the United States of America.”

    There is a reason why they censored him. Do you know why? The president is effective. That makes him dangerous. In the West people are free to express their views and organize peaceful demonstrations because they are seen as innocuous. In the developing countries freedom of expression and demonstrations could mean bloodshed. The oligarchy ruling America behind the curtain doesn’t want disruptive chaos and instability like in The Third World.

  63. Saxon says:
    @Commentator Mike

    Woefully naive if you think international socialism wasn’t about forced movements of people. Just look at what the Soviet Union was actually doing in that regard. They moved so many people around just like is being done now to crush the sovereignty and self-determination of peoples, that some Baltic countries right now have huge Russian populations that weren’t there before. The rest is just like, your opinion, man. With no empirical, physical or written evidence to support it except that the SS had a lot of foreign volunteers.

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
  64. Fine article, thank you. I got “red-pilled” after reading many original German magazines and newspapers of the era. I really began to see things differently when I found a prediction of the US invasion of Vietnam in a 1942 issue of Signal!

    Hitler’s genius is that he fused the useful elements of socialism with the goals of national and personal development, and so created a system that actually provided the greatest good for the greatest number. Lenin vainly boasted of misleading the capitalists into selling him the rope he would hang them with, but this is what Hitler actually accomplished, tricking them with his strident anticommunism into financing his revolution against them. You can see why the mortal enemies, western imperialism and Soviet totalitarianism, temporarily allied to annihilate Germany’s existential challenge to their rackets.

    And Germany’s passion to smash the international banking cartels may well have been humanity’s last chance to break free of the scourge of globalism that threatens our species’ very survival today.

    Richard Tedor’s study “Hitler’s Revolution” is the best one-volume introduction of what National Socialism was actually about and what it accomplished. It’s still available at Amazon (for now) and is online at

    • Thanks: cronkitsche
  65. geokat62 says:

    But the central question you need to work on is: What are you [peacefully] fighting for?

    Our children’s, grandchildren’s, and great grandchildren’s futures.

    • Agree: Schuetze
    • Replies: @Mikael_
  66. gotmituns says:

    There’s no comparison with Hitler and trump. Hitler was a true man who served his country as a frontline soldier and was wounded twice. trump on the other hand avoided service to his country during a war with a BS 4F draft status (bone spurs) and sat out his war in college playing footsie with Suzy Q.

  67. TheBAG says:

    Thank you Marcus Apostate.

    I hope you continue your research and writing. I think studying the history of Germany between the two world wars will repay the effort involved. One, it shows the character of the alien occupation under which we suffer also. Two, it demonstrated an effective national response. A good history of this time was written by Arthur Bryant titled Unfinished Victory. It was sympathetic to the downtrodden German people’s effort to throw off the occupation. But Mr. Bryant realized he was out of step with the rest of the western world when it was published in 1940. He bought up as many copies as he could find and burned them. Fortunately, Mr. Unz has archived a copy in his HTML BOOKS section.

    We should not despair over the lack of mainstream media access. We should just find alternative ways to communicate. Even as late as 1932, Hitler was forbidden from speaking on German radio. His spoken words were too powerful. What did he do? He cut a record. He had a campaign speech reproduced on phonograph records and distributed 50,000 copies. See

  68. anon[712] • Disclaimer says:
    @Commentator Mike

    International Socialism and National Socialism are very different. Hitler’s primary interest was to create living space for the German people. He primarily wanted to return Germany’s borders to the pre-WW1 borders eventually taking some Slavic lands in the process. The use of foreign labor was a temporary measure due to the shortages of German labor due to the war. Hitler’s forays into North Africa, and into the Ukraine were for resources, primarily oil. The creation of various nationalities in the SS was for the countries occupied. In peacetime, he never would’ve wanted large scale immigration of populations into Germany. Hitler’s NS society wanted Germany for the Germans. The only men that Hitler considered “brothers” were other Germanic nations. Under National Socialism, free enterprise is allowed as is the private ownership of land, land speculation is not allowed as it is seen to be against the interests of the nation. Inequality is accepted as being part of natural law with the best of men being the natural rulers. Poverty is eliminated by raising the lowest of society up, not by dragging the smartest and most productive down to a lowest common denominator. The most dynamic and gifted people are encouraged to be the best at whatever they do. The common worker is given a lot of respect. The role of motherhood is highly valued and women are encouraged to marry become mothers and have children. Women are free to pursue careers however if they excel at a particular field such as can be seen in the careers of Hanna Reich and Reni Refenstahl. National Socialism acknowledges that we are part of nature and are governed by the laws of it. It seeks to work within the framework of natural law rather than working against it. Germany came out with the first environmental protection laws in the 1930’s. National Socialism is an extremely efficient system when done properly, which eliminates poverty and creates full employment. It’s so superior as an economic system to both International Socialism and Monopoly Capitalism, that it had to be destroyed in Germany. It has been tried in post Mao China a a modified form and has made China into the world’s largest economy.

    International Socialism wants to export Marxism, Leninism, or the teachings of Trotsky all over the world. Followers believe that every human is a brother and have a shared history of being exploited by the ruling class. The desire of the International Socialist is to remake the world through revolution (usually violent) so that all property can be nationalized, all ethnic differences can be extinguished and the state can control all aspects of one’s life in the name of equalizing everything. The smartest and most dynamic are discouraged and the stupid and lazy are paid the same as the doctor and the scientist. Socialism is the first theoretical stage which will eventually evolve into a Communist Nirvana where everyone is equal and all differences between people will be extinguished. It’s all fine in theory, but because it denies the reality of nature and natural differences and abilities between people, International Socialism can never really achieve its goals and evolves into a reality denying, inefficient system, where paranoid dictators kill millions and enslave countless others. Most of these systems have collapsed under their own weight as the people under them and the leaders just stopped believing in the system.

    • Thanks: GeeBee, mark green
    • Replies: @GeeBee
  69. @Schuetze

    I find that you added Skripal & Navalny to be interesting


    Anyone who wants to understand the Skripal story should read journalist Rob Slane’s excellent blog, the Blogmire, which is, IMHO, the finest open-source investigation of any event ever put together. Slane and his loyal group of commenters have pored over every aspect of the case and every statement put out by the authorities. In so doing they conclusively prove the British government has no credibility whatsoever in the incident.


    Sergei has of course not been seen or paraded about in the almost two years since the incident on March 4, 2018. Someone purporting to be Yulia was brought out once, but may well have been a different person. That needs to be explained. Some have speculated they were squirreled away, perhaps to New Zealand.

    Another possibility is that Sergei Skripal was not poisoned but was actually successfully extracted by the Russian secret services in an operation that left MI6 with egg on its face. This possibility has been discussed and considered seriously in Slane’s blog, perhaps even by Rob himself. Consider the following points:

    The British authorities changed their narrative literally dozens of times, suggesting they were making the story up as they went. The final version of the narrative, that both Skripals were poisoned by Novichok placed on the door handle of Skripal’s house made no sense whatsoever, as both allegedly collapsed at the same time, perhaps four hours later, and the Novichok as submitted to the OCPW was deemed pure, uncontaminated by weeks of rain and air pollution.

    All double agents must always be suspected of being triple agents and Skripal was reportedly in contact with the Russian embassy in London. Skripal’s house must therefore have been under 24/7 CCTV and agent surveillance. His house was situated at the end of a dead-end street. No film, however, has been divulged showing the two alleged perps coming up to the house to put the Novichok on the door handle. No doubt this is because it didn’t happen. (This is one of the few points, by the way, made by the Russian government).

    At the end of the affair the British government decided it needed to painstakingly replace the roof of Skripal’s house, even though the Skripals were allegedly poisoned as they were leaving the house for the last time. None of the other buildings involved, including the home of a supposedly poisoned police detective, needed the same treatment.

    The British government changed the timeline of the path allegedly taken by the Skripals that day. Originally they cited multiple witnesses to indicate Sergei and Yulia had gone to Zizzi’s Restaurant, and then to the Bishops Mill Pub just before they collapsed on the park bench. Then without explanation on 13 March the timeline was reversed: they were now said to have gone to the pub first, then to Zizzi’s. Nevertheless investigators pored over the pub parking lot for some weeks. This may well suggest the authorities were trying to deflect attention from something significant that happened at the pub.

    The Skripals were poisoned on March 4. On March 5 an Aeroflot jet left Heathrow on a scheduled flight to Moscow. The next time but one that particular jet body returned, it was shanghaied by the British authorities in a most unusual and illegal manner. The pilot and crew were ordered off the plane in what is considered to be an act of international piracy and a police dog was brought on to circle the passenger section, but for only a very few minutes — just long enough to search for someone’s or something’s scent. The search apparently ended when the dog focused on one particular seat.

    So perhaps not so much a psy-op as a ham-handed cover-up of an embarrassing defeat of MI5/6 by Russian Intelligence on British soil.

    • Agree: Schuetze
  70. @Anonymous

    “5. … i already feel democracy is utterly fraud as a concept” — one should never use the word democracy without a descriptive qualifier. American democracy is not the same as some other democracies. They have a mass polling and then a set of state electoral bodies nominate/select the least worst of the options. Australia (as an example) does not — rather each cluster of areas vote their local representative (to two houses) and the prime minister is chosen by those elected representatives (and may change from time to time without any major fuss or drama). Which one do you call democracy?

    PRC (China) has 60-80 million members of the single communist party (larger than many countries — e.g. UK). Within that group are the decision making and policy formation to govern a scaled up population of 1.2 billion within a Confucian culture. Singapore, another essentially Chinese Confucian culture split off from Malaysia, play acts democratic election rituals but never has the ‘opposition’ won an election in all its (post-WW2 British colony) history.

    What works best is good governance based on sound process attuned to cultural features aimed at common good and common wealth goals. This is one reason why Vladimir Putin is so successful in Russia — essentially they left a Czar-feudal stage and rapidly shifted to communist. However, the transformation did not address the soul of the people; and eventually after the chaos of Yeltsin years they found the right man/team to return to the Czar orientated model (with Putin filling the chair).

    “Jews” — ignore the distractions. There are good and bad people in all groups. As for origins, look up the word “Habiru.” As for the non-Hebrew tribes around today’s Russia that converted to Judaism in the first millennium; a lot of historical (and current) mischief can be found. Their religion is basically drawn out of old Zoroastrian era religions that were dominant in that area now called Iran/Persia. They were largely slave-class in those times, including in Egypt. Which is why perhaps there is so much emphasis in their narrative/literature on proving themselves better and maintaining racial identity links etc. Their family/clan networks tended to give them a role in money lending/banking. It also tended to provide a convenient way fro states/monarchs to get around various Christian church taboos etc.
    There were small communities in India around 2,000 years ago and one of the disciples of the Jewish ‘messiah’ (aka Thomas) was traded as slave and ended up killed in Tamil Nadu.

    “… in a world full of muslims (strict regime, anti rationality and science, every woman in burka)” — study your history and you will find that much of the Western civilization is based on Islamic arts, science and culture from the Middle Ages, largely via Moorish Spain. Where do you think the number system and Algebra came from (ok, ‘zero’ was an Indian invention but the Arab/Islamic civilization applied it)? What you see today is the domination of a fair degree of original diversity by a strict degenerate (Wahhabi) variant pumped up with oil money. They are basically goat herders raised to the power of oil barons. The corrupt Saudi family’s Arabia and Malaysia are classic cases. Both are ex-British colony satraps. The whole Islamic worldview can be divided into two — one strict, one more relaxed. The former flows from an interpretation that nothing is permitted unless is is written that it is so in their book etc. The latter flows from the alternative that everything is permitted unless it is specifically banned etc. Saudi Arabia is a case of the former while Yemen is a case of the latter. Hence, one might suggest is part of the current friction in those parts. Like most of these things, one needs to differentiate between the Islamic religion and the essentially pre-religion tribal groups (and their customs) that flowed into it during its dominant periods.

  71. BuelahMan says:

    I see your Kippah.

    • Agree: Publius 2
    • Replies: @frontier
  72. @AReply

    I’m going to tell my dog that how she identifies herself is just a social construct. She is actually a cat and should catch mice.

  73. BuelahMan says:

    Thank you for this article, which relates my own experiences well. There is no choice but war, since I can only see that my family and their offspring are targets for jewish extermination. But, I am not a warrior, either, in the sense of arms and killing. So, my only recourse is to try my best to push the truth Hitler (and many others over the centuries) shared.

    And one thing is clear… Hitler was right.

  74. Wally says:
    @Phil the Fluter

    “Hopefully not brownshirts. We have hordes of them here in the UK, harassing people and beating them up for no reason. They used to be called the police.”

    But that’s not what the Brownshirts, who resisted the violent Communists in Germany, did.

    Put down your indoctrination.

  75. conatus says:

    Open display of liberal beliefs is a ‘positional good’ or a display of status to better demonstrate your fitness to mate.
    Why do 35-40% of White males vote Democratic? Seems suicidal?Demonstrating your ‘goodness’ by agreeing to any form of reparations is what economists call a ‘positional good.’Investopedia says”Goods which act as status symbols, signaling their owners’ high relative standing within society.”
    The suicidal anti white White Democratic voters are  demonstrating their status to others.
    Thus people who advocate for open borders are tacitly saying, ‘Crowded schools and highways will not affect me, I have enough. My employment is such that I am not bothered by a greater supply of workers.’
    People who suggest reparations conveniently forget the Civil War or the fact that Britain was the only civilization to voluntarily end slavery at a cost of 20 mil (a lot in 1830) and are virtue signaling their higher status by indicating their nonchalance when it comes to their material expenses(Have their children been asked?).
    Suicidal Liberalism is all about status, and demonstrating your mating fitness.

  76. Wally says:

    “One of the first acts of the NSDAP on coming to power was to crush the independence and history of the various länder in order to form a country large and strong enough to face the wrath of Judea.:


    Various local traditions in Germany were thoroughly maintained.

    ‘Unified’ is the word you’re looking for. Much different than your word, “crush”.

    • Replies: @Schuetze
  77. aandrews says:

    LA Times
    Make America California Again? That’s Biden’s plan
    Evan Halper
    January 17, 2021, 6:00 AM

    After four years of being relentlessly targeted by a Republican president who worked overtime to bait, punish and marginalize California and everything it represents, the state is suddenly center stage again in Washington’s policy arena.

    California is emerging as the de facto policy think tank of the Biden-Harris administration and of a Congress soon to be under Democratic control. That’s rekindling past cliches about the state — incubator of innovation, premier laboratory of democracy, land of big ideas — even as it struggles with surging COVID-19 infections, a safety net frayed by the pandemic’s toll, crushing housing costs and wildfires, all fueling an exodus of residents.

    There is no place the incoming administration is leaning on more heavily for inspiration in setting a progressive policy agenda.

    It really is 1858!

  78. Ugetit says:

    Dear Mr. Unz,

    We need an “ASS” button when “TROLL” just won’t do. See comment #66(6).



  79. @Old and Grumpy

    Yup, “Cryin’ won’t help you, prayin’ won’t do you no good”.

  80. And although most socialists would scream at you until their head exploded before they would admit that Hitler was a socialist (but he was

    But he really wasn’t. Not by a 1920s definition, and certainly not whatever “socialist” means in 2020.

    1. The NSDAP pretended to be a workers’ party, but it never was. Like Trump, Hitler drew his core supporters from the downwardly mobile middle class – tradesmen, shop owners, small business owners, farmers, even low level bureaucrats. This was the group that had seen the greatest improvements in wealth and social status in the decades prior to 1914, and who saw that all threatened by the social decadence and econoimic uncertainty of Weimar. This was also the most patriotic segment of the population with the strongest identification with “Germany” as a nation. The Nazis also destroyed trade unions, which is not very socialist.

    2. The NSDAP believed in the right of the State to compel private owners to sometimes put the national interest ahead of their own, but not in nationalizing private businesses. In fact the Nazis privatized state owned businesses and banks when they came to power, which is about as far from socialism as you can get. Property confiscated from Jews and Communists was redistributed to individuals, not held by the state.

    3. Socialists believe the strong have a duty to protect the weak (see our current COVID policies). Even the USSR paid lip service to that. The Nazis believed the opposite. The weak had a duty to make space for the strong.

    4. In 2020 “socialist” is often used as an epithet for a range of anti-traditional positions on sexuality and race that even most 1920s leftists would have found repugnant. Certainly Hitler was no fan of gay marriage, transexuality, rewriting history, illegal immigrants, etc.

    5. One reason the Nazis lost the war is because they were the least socialist of the major powers. The USSR, USA and to a lesser extent the UK, all put wartime production under central government control, which meant that there was coordinated production and development of equipment. The Nazis handed out contracts to all sorts of private producers and ended up with a bewildering amount of different vehicles, weapons, ammunition, etc. Huge amount of waste and problems in the field until Speer was able to rationalize some of it in the final years of the war.

    • Thanks: cronkitsche
    • Replies: @Ali Choudhury
  81. Good analysis, no plan.

    Fortunately there is a plan: slitting up the United States (Partition).

    • Agree: cronkitsche
  82. @Schuetze


    Great comment. Great video of Catherine Austin Fitts.

    • Replies: @Schuetze
  83. …. Two-Headed Beast of international banking and international socialism needs to undermine if they want to gain full control over the country.

    The Beast is in control of the country. They’re now moving into the mopping-up phase. Two scenarios: a decades-long totalitarian nightmare, or the the messiness of conflict as Whites fight back. Either will be nothing like we’ve seen before.

    • Replies: @Jimmy le Blanc
  84. Ugetit says:

    Since you mentioned Switzerland, and are obviously very knowledgeable, may I beg your indulgence and request that you offer your explanation as to what Himmler is referring to by “Swissification” and other references to Switzerland in a speech he made? I ask because I’m utterly clueless as the background of what he’s getting at, and thanks inadvance.

    For example: Let us say that it is attempted on the part of ultra-Montane people to effect gradually for the territory of Austria a change into a Swiss like state by means of scientific exploitation of the theory of the Austrian man. Just as it happened to us in our history 700 or 800 years ago with Switzerland which, although it still speaks the German language today, does not consider itself inwardly as belonging to Germany;

    • Replies: @Schuetze
  85. More people are waking up…..frogs are jumping out of the boiling pot and rightfully pointing at organized jewry.

    Awful truth is you can’t vote your way out of communism.

    There are no political solutions.

    • Agree: Irish Savant
  86. @Anonymous

    A good platform for finding answers to your questions is “Lives of the Mind”, a collection of essays on Western thinkers, by Roger Kimball; one discovers how little his education helped him. The most useful reflection on Jews and European society I found was Hillaire Belloc’s “Jews.” A veritable deep well of understanding of the West is Lucien Price’s “Conversations with Whitehead.” “Modern Times” by Paul Johnson offers a perspective on the century that put an end to the Middle Ages. The most ecumenical discussion of “history” and “historiography” I found was Mircea Eliade’s “Cosmos and History,” without which Hegel’s work was incomprehensible to me. Arguably the best critical reflection on history and historiography is Fredrik Teggart’s “Theory of History.” His student, Robert Nisbet, wrote an extension of 19th century studies of the maturing post-Medieval world, “The Quest for Community.” It’s easier to apprehend our age after reading Toqueville’s “Democracy in America.” By the way, Shakespeare’s plays were written and produced in the late 16th century; the theme of “Merchant of Venice” is forgiveness. For illuminating discussions of the topics you mention I recommend the essays posted by Wyoming Catholic College at “The Imaginative Conservative.” I found the eccentric (in the literal sense) history of America by Charles Coulombe, “Puritans Empire”, immensely useful. The seculum only makes sense in light of the ecclessiasticum. I wish you the best in your endeavor.

    • Thanks: chris, AceDeuce, mark green
    • Replies: @RJ Macready
  87. Schuetze says:

    “Various local traditions in Germany were thoroughly maintained.”

    Stalin let the Russian peasants maintain “various local traditions” too.

    Bavaria was and is called a “Freistatt” for a reason, and even to this day Bavarians consider themselves separate from most Germans, and actually they came from different Germanic tribes. Animosity between Prussians and Bavarians is certainly still an issue today. Austria too. “Gleichschaltung” at its very core was about eliminating the right of various Länder to do things their own way, it was just as much about as “Federal” Germany is the EU is about a “Federal Europe”, this clearly necessitates the elimination of broad swathes of sovereignty.

    You can be certain than many, many Germans were not in agreement with the loss of local sovereignty when the Third Reich was created. Likely the majority were willing to swallow the bitter pill and accept the NSDAP as the only way out of the nightmare of Weimar, this does not mean that they were willingly gave up that sovereignty that they to this day have never been able to regain.

    • Replies: @John Regan
  88. @Jimmy le Blanc

    Calls for violent action against “conservatives,” i.e. Whites, are now flooding Twitter.

    • Replies: @Irish Savant
    , @Katrinka
  89. Bookish1 says:

    Reading Hitlers speeches is as important as reading Mein Kampf if not more important
    because his speeches are the best and most complete expression of his personality and his view of the world. Hitler never used speech writers and much of his speeches were spontaneous. Hitler was one of the greatest orators in history.

  90. Trinity says:

    I doubt one of Hitler’s main concerns would be pardoning Lil’ Wayne. The Trumper is not going to pardon James Fields or Kyle Rittenhouse but he pardons little Wayne and his RICH CRONIES. Someone on here the other day gave me a verbal lashing and talked down to me about not supporting Trumper. This person often has a condescending tone towards me and others she disagrees with. My ethnicity of being a dumb Irishman was even brought into question. Long ago I warned people about Mike Pence being full of shit as well but people wouldn’t listen. I am not one to say I told you so, but this stupid Irishman told you so. Trump is no Hitler. This is no Civil War. There again I have been saying this is more comparable to the Jewish Coup in Russia aka “The Russian Revolution.”

    Trump and Churchill. There is your comparison. Now let this dumb Irishman go have a drink already.

    • Replies: @Emslander
  91. If you’re anywhere my age – – this all took place under our watch.
    It took DaTermites over 100 years, while we slept in our own ignorance, stupidity and most of all – a continuing encroachment into our institutions by our enemies that we support to this day by having been ourselves and sending our children to be indoctrinated into our own demise.
    Stupid is as stupid does!
    No illusions – there is a way back – but it requires WORK.
    Start with your family, church, community – and prepare for blood, sweat and tears – and most of all the grace of God!

  92. Anonymous[223] • Disclaimer says:

    trying to find ways to do more to resist the organized deluge of anti-White propaganda and policies.

    Rebrand yourselves. “White” is anachronistic. Call yourselves Christian Europeans. It’s not politically incorrect. It doesn’t appeal to race. And it excludes the white Jew.

    I will publish it under a pen name because I would very likely lose my job if I published this under my real name. And I enjoy my job.

    And that sums up the goy problem. There still aren’t enough willing to risk their necks; the short term for the long term; the now for the future.

  93. Trinity says:

    I have a question to ask. Is there anyone out there who like me has thought that Trump might be the equivalent of the fictional character in 1984 named Emanuel Goldstein?

  94. Ugetit says:

    But the central question you need to work on is: What are you [peacefully] fighting for?

    Not to be too pedantic, but fighting, peaceful or not, appears to be only one phase in the eternal struggle, so a better question may be “what are you struggling for?” Or is it the right time in the struggle to fight?

    It appears to me that the struggle also involves this approach too, as you seem to suggest,

    Allah’s Messenger said, “There will be afflictions during which a sitting person will be better than a standing one, and the standing one will be better than a walking one, and the walking one will be better than a running one, and whoever will expose himself to these afflictions, they will destroy him. So whoever can find a place of protection or refuge from them, should take shelter in it.”

    -Sahih al-Bukhari 7082, Vol. 9, Book 88, Hadith 203!

    23 A patient person puts up with things until the right time comes: but his joy will break out in the end.
    24 Till the time comes he keeps his thoughts to himself…

    -Sirach, Ecclesiasticus, 1:23-24.

    H/t to “Huda,” UNZ commentator for the first quote and I hope I’m using his/her gift in the spirit intended.

  95. Trinity says:

    Well is the Trumper going to tell the world the real story about 9-11, the USS Liberty, and who killed JFK or is he still playing 4D chess? I know what a real man would do in this situation but I have no idea what Trump will do. IF Trump exposed what really happened to all of the world he would be the safest man on the planet and probably the most admired human being in the world. That would satisfy even his oversized ego one would think. Right now it looks like The Orange Man is playing checkers.

    Hitler wasn’t born with a silver spoon in his mouth and in his younger years slept in flophouses and went hungry. Hitler was a man of the people and didn’t party with Jewish child molesters. Comparing Trump to Hitler is shameful, not to Trump, but to Hitler.

    • Agree: Carroll Price
    • Replies: @Ugetit
  96. Emslander says:

    I suppose I would have more sympathy for the downtrodden WASPs, if they hadn’t used the peaceful second generation German farmers and laborers of the Midwest as convenient targets to gin up their phony war against Germany in 1914. I suppose their decision to put Japanese-American third generation citizens in concentration camps before Pearl Harbor might be a factor, as well.

    Add to that the saccharine WASP TV “culture” of the 1950’s that supplanted genuine ethnic family cultures of the old cities and small towns that had somehow made it through both world wars. The replacement plastic materialism accomplished what a half-century of religious persecution and conscription of the unconnected weren’t able to do. German boys were sent to fight their cousins in Europe and bomb the cousins of the West Coast Asians in the Pacific theater.

    Don’t expect me to cry for you folks.

  97. For those of you crying out for peaceful solutions, here you go:

    1. Get rid of the Federal Reserve Bank
    2. Get rid of the income tax
    3. Quit supporting and funding government run schools
    4. Quit being seduced by Zionist media
    5. Start calling out and identifying the Zionist attack on our nation
    6. Pay attention to where your food and resources are coming from
    7. Organize locally for peaceful action with people you can trust

    • Thanks: cronkitsche
  98. Emslander says:

    The Trumper is not going to pardon James Fields or Kyle Rittenhouse but he pardons little Wayne and his RICH CRONIES.

    Trump can only pardon for Federal crimes. Rittenhouse and Fields are prosecuted for State crimes.

    • Thanks: Trinity, Carolyn Yeager
    • Replies: @Trinity
    , @follyofwar
  99. @Lee

    I suppose you could quibble of the word ‘ordered.’ Suffice it to say, the Potsdam Protocol certainly enabled ethnic cleansing that was already in progress. That would be the part that reads as follows:



    The Three Governments, having considered the question in all its aspects, recognize that the transfer to Germany of German populations, or elements thereof, remaining in Poland, Czechoslovakia and Hungary, will have to be undertaken. They agree that any transfers that take place should be effected in an orderly and humane manner.


    If you read a little further below that passage, you’ll see that the Allies tried to put a fig leaf over “expulsions” already underway by asking the major expelling countries to put a moratorium on the “expulsions” while they figured out how to warehouse all the expelled Germans in the several occupied sectors of Germany.

    I guess that “orderly and humane” was the 1945 eqivalent of today’s “mostly peaceful protests,” since it was written while brutal ethnic cleansing and deportations of ethnic German populations from several eastern European countries was already under way.

    Regardless of whether it was ordered or merely enabled, it was essentially a “legalistic” blessing of ethnic cleansing.

    • Replies: @erzberger
    , @Hugo Silva
    , @Lee
  100. The White Southern male is the most cucked and gay victim class on earth.

    • Replies: @Trinity
    , @Schuetze
    , @Alden
  101. @Peter Akuleyev

    In common with all socialists, Hitler was a fan of massive deficit spending to fund his schemes and allergic to free trade and market economics. He went to war because he was running out of money to finance his spending.

    Read the whole thing.

    wrecking the German economy and were rapidly painting him into a corner where his only choices were war or a loss of power.

    Hitler, argues Kershaw, was deathly afraid of inflation and a repetition of the early 1920s. Nevertheless, he had to reduce unemployment or he wasn’t going to last long enough to begin rearming Germany, a public goal of his since the ’20s. Increasing exports was not a possibility since, unless the German government devalued the mark (as Britain had done with the pound and the United States with the dollar), German exports couldn’t compete in a way that would add new jobs or bring needed foreign exchange. Hitler nixed devaluation because he thought it was a step on the road to inflation. Tax cuts were also out of the question because he believed they led to less revenue not more growth.

    Hitler’s solution for both the rearmament and unemployment problems was the same: massive deficit spending. In fact, by Kershaw’s account, the Nazi government guaranteed some 35 billion ReichMarks to the German armed forces alone over an eight-year period, along with massive road building, subsidies to the auto industry, lots more bureaucrats to enforce all the new controls and regulations, and bribes to women to get married and stop working.

    *Hitler paid for his economic “miracle” partly by depleting his nation’s gold reserves, which he used to import critical raw materials for the manufacture of weapons. When he took office, the Reichbank had reserves totaling 937 million ReichMarks; four years later, that figure was down to only 72 million ReichMarks. Massive government borrowing financed the rest of the government-driven economy. As Roberts put it, “The Nazi state is being financed by short-term [90 day] loans–up to 15 billion Reichmarks by the end of 1936….In short, Germany is going round and round. She can get nowhere until she returns to normal economic conditions, but she is afraid to try and get back to those, because she fears economic collapse and social upheaval if she does so.””

    Commenting in early 1937 on Göring’s Four Year Plan for economic self-sufficiency, Roberts had presciently predicted the inevitability of either war or Hitler’s fall from power. “There are 34 vital materials without which a nation cannot live, and unfortunately, Germany is worse off than any other great state insofar as these are concerned,” he observed. “Whereas the British Empire is largely dependent on outside sources for only nine of these, Germany has only two in ample quantities–potash and coal. That means she must turn to the foreigner for all of her supplies of 26 of these and for part of six more. Yet this is the Power that sees fit to launch a plan for complete self sufficiency. It is ludicrous, unless she looks forward to obtaining control of the vast raw materials of central Europe or the lands beyond the Ukraine by some adventurous foreign policy….That is [Hitler’s] basic dilemma. If he persists in the [economic] policies he has enunciated, he plunges Europe into war; if he abandons them, he can no longer maintain his position within Germany.”

    It’s not that Hitler lacked contrary advice. Kershaw tells us that in October 1935 Price Commissioner Carl Goerdeler sent Hitler in October, 1935, “a devastating analysis of Germany’s economic position.” According to Kershaw, Goerdeler “favored a return to market economy, a renewed emphasis upon exports, and a corresponding reduction in the rearmament drive–in his view at the root of the economic problems….If things carried on as they were, only a hand-to-mouth existence would be possible after January 1936.” But Goerdeler was ignored and later dismissed. Instead, Germany reoccupied the Rhineland, to widespread popular acclaim, and Göring unveiled his Four Year Plan, putting the economy firmly on a war footing.

    • Thanks: Mark G.
    • Replies: @Peter Akuleyev
  102. Douglas says:
    @Priss Factor

    So then give up on fellow WHITES and allow them to die? Hell no. I will keep waging the fight.

    • Replies: @Anon
  103. Anonymous[223] • Disclaimer says:

    1. What is the difference between communism, socialism and marxism? Why is there such fervert hatred against communists ? From what i understand these are economic ideals and yet the hatred Americans have for communists seems to be worse than against islam. What is the danger? Which is the worst amongst those 3?

    Socialism is “sharing” exercised by authority. Morally, it’s not necessarily good or bad. It’s usefulness and utility can depend on context, people and application.

    Marxism, on the other hand, is a peculiar philosophy and worldview. Communism is the political application of that philosophy. Both are malevolent because they are materialistic, binary, reject native cultures, traditional values, and any notion of spirituality.

    3. I have zero idea about the jews. But the more I read the more something sinister unfolds. But by the principles of nature wouldnt self interest be something normal for a group? Wouldn’t anyone do it? So why blame them? I do notice that theyve always been hated. Even my 10th grade english classic The Merchant of Venice had a jew(Shylock) as the main bad guy…and this was written in the 15th century

    Self-interest is not their sin. Their sin is parasitism, malevolence, double standard, hypocrisy, duplicity, deceit, and ill-will towards its host.

    4. Isnt islam also a massive clan and if we hypothetically zoom out into the future(say 200 years) in a world full of muslims(strict regime, anti rationality and science, every woman in burka)….wouldnt that be a far worse outcome than what jews are doing? From what i gather jews are moneylenders and their interests end there. Sure it sucks but it couldnt be worse than an islamist culture. How is a jew world worse than islamist or communist?

    Islam is mostly backward today, but it’s a universalist religion — the opposite of Judaism, which is tribal and narcist.

    Islam would be fine if the West stopped picking on it.

    • Agree: mark green
  104. Schuetze says:

    Quite an interesting speech. I liked this section:

    “A consequence of the over – privileged woman is that in America no man any more dares to look at a girl, since otherwise he will be brought before the marriage court and made to pay for it. In America homosexuality is absolutely a defensive measure for the men because they have fallen into such slavery to the women. The woman can behave like an ax there: she just starts hacking away on something. She is never rebuked: the best example of a tyranny by women!

    How prescient Himmler was!

    I think by “Swiss like state” Himmler is referring to the Swiss Confederation (Confederation Helvetica). Even to this day Swiss Cantons in many ways have more sovereignty than many EU countries. For one, each Canton has its own tax system, and each Canton has its own School and Medical system. When you get Swiss citizenship, it is granted by the local government, not even by the Canton and not at the Federal level. On your Swiss pass one important piece of information is the town where you were born or granted citizenship, because if you become a welfare case they are the ones that will be forced to support you. This is one of the main reasons the Swiss voted to stay out of the EU, the communities and Cantons would have been forced to give up sovereignty to the EU that they had never been willing to give up to the Federal Government in Bern.

    Of course the National Socialists did not like this system at all, and German National Socialism would never have worked for Switzerland any more that EU National Socialism.

    In the valleys leading down to the low lands completely different traditions, dialects, and even languages were allowed to develop only a few miles apart for thousands of years. The Swiss in these valleys remain very proud of their heritage and very aloof about the unterlanders from big cities like Bern, Basel, Geneva, Lugano and Zürich. There are 26 cantons, some with less than 50,000 citizens. The further you get up into the mountains, the more fiercely independent and patriotic the people become.

    As an interesting aside, when statistics are presented about the percentage of foreign born in a European country, Switzerland inevitable tops the list. But what they never tell you is that the largest group of these foreign born are Germans, followed by French and Italian. It seems all the citizens of the EU socialist paradise that surrounds Switzerland love living in a confederation of free cantons.

    • Thanks: Ugetit
    • Replies: @Emslander
    , @Ugetit
    , @Bill Jones
  105. Trinity says:
    @Supply and Demand

    Really? I have several friends above the Mason-Dixon line lived in Jew Yawk city for 4 years during the crack epidemic in the Eighties and most of the people I spoke with there were loudmouths in private and became quiet as a mouse in social settings. Admittedly, Southern Whites have some sort of Jew fetish that borders on sick but White Yankees seem to have split personalities. I don’t see White Southern males standing by and watching a group of Black thugs attack another White. I saw a clip of a White woman being knocked out cold by two Black thugs in San FranShitco and two “white males” walked right by her, not only did they not beat the living shit out the thugs who flattened this woman like a pancake but they did not even stop and see if she was okay. I am not even originally from the Deep South but I can tell you that a lot of Yankees are full of shit. Southerners have a problem when it comes to being compliant and patriotards, Yankees have a problem with having a bulldog mouth and a chihuahua ass. I don’t think Southerners were the ones who pushed for school integration, it was Yankees. lolol. Mixed couples were much more prominent in the North long before it became noticeable in the South. And lest we forget, COWARDLY YANKEES HAVE BEEN FLEEING PLACES LIKE CHICAGO, NYC, PHILADELPHIA, in droves for decades from the SHITHOLES THEY HELPED CREATE to live in Southern states. Hell, Yankees helped RUIN FLORIDA.

    No wonder the South was kicking Yankee azz for so long before sheer numbers and industry overwhelmed them. Like I said, I am not originally from the South, but I would rather be in a foxhole with a Southerner over a Yankee any day.

    • Replies: @Supply and Demand
  106. Schuetze says:
    @Supply and Demand

    Southern Belles are the only remaining feminine women in America. I find it hard believe that they are the most hypergamous.

    • Replies: @Trinity
    , @Rosie
    , @PolarBear
  107. GeeBee says:

    Very well said. Until quite recently, I despaired of National Socialism getting a second chance. But then – like you – I looked at China and realised that it had re-emerged there as if by magic. Here in the West, recent events since November 4th have underscored the direness of the situation, in which international socialism and international finance celebrate the triumph of what they regard as their final destiny.

    This, indeed, was predicted 150 years ago by Mikhail Bakunin, at the very birth of the Marxist side of the pincer movement, set to bequeath the world to Jewry. Way back in the middle years of the nineteenth-century, Karl Marx was by no means a lone voice advocating a socialist utopia, but was obliged to ‘slug it out’ with various rivals, notably men such as the leading anarchist of the day, Mikhail Bakunin (1814-1876). Both he and Marx were prominent members of the International Working Men’s Association, but Bakunin was an implacable opponent of Marxism, and especially so regarding what Marx called ‘the dictatorship of the proletariat’. Bakunin correctly predicted that Marxist regimes would become one-party dictatorships which ruled over the proletariat, rather than truly enshrining rule by the proletariat.

    Bakunin’s influence saw the anarchist faction rapidly growing in the years up to 1872. In that year, the International Working Men’s Association’s major congress was held at The Hague, and it was dominated by a struggle between Bakunin and Marx. The latter argued for the use of the state to bring about socialism, whereas Bakunin wanted the state to be replaced by federations of self-governing workplaces and communes. Bakunin was himself not able to attend the congress that year, and in his absence the anarchist faction lost the debate. Marx was a key figure of the International Working Men’s Association, serving on its General Council, and he used his power to get Bakunin expelled from the organisation, which of course left the field open for Marxian views on socialism to triumph. This underhand dealing by Marx would have profound – and many would argue, catastrophic – consequences for the world.

    In addition to Bakunin’s trenchant dismissal of Marx’s fantasy of a workers’ utopia, and his accurate prediction of where Marxism would inevitably lead, he also, perhaps, harboured a natural suspicion of Marx’s motives. Marx was of course a Jew – a tribe that Bakunin considered to be nothing more than a well organised infestation of parasites. He thus regarded them with the utmost scorn, going so far as to describe Jewry in the following terms (in a letter to the Bologne Members of the Workers’ International):

    “Well now, this whole Jewish world which constitutes a single exploiting sect, a sort of bloodsucker people, a collective parasite, voracious, organized in itself, not only across the frontiers of states but even across all the differences of political opinion—this world is presently, at least in great part, at the disposal of Marx on the one hand and of the Rothschilds on the other. I know that the Rothschilds, reactionaries as they are and should be, highly appreciate the merits of the communist Marx; and that in his turn the communist Marx feels irresistibly drawn, by instinctive attraction and respectful admiration, to the financial genius of Rothschild. Jewish solidarity, that powerful solidarity that has maintained itself through all history, united them.”

    This may seem strange. What can there be in common between socialism and a leading bank? The point is that authoritarian socialism, Marxist communism, demands a strong centralisation of the state. And where there is centralisation of the state, there must necessarily be a central bank, and where such a bank exists, the parasitic Jewish nation, speculating with the Labour of the people, will be found.

    Indeed (and against any trend towards secrecy), there are sufficient examples of what amount to Jews bragging about their power and success in these same endeavours. Dr Oscar Levy, in his preface to George Pitt Rivers’ The World Significance of the Russian Revolution, (1920) wrote:

    ‘For Bolshevism is a religion and a faith [whose] holy crusaders had gathered round the Red Standard of the Prophet Karl Marx, and who fought under the daring guidance of these experienced officers of all latter-day revolutions—the Jews. There is scarcely an event in modern Europe that cannot be traced back to the Jews. We Jews are today nothing else but the World’s seducers, its destroyers, its incendiaries, its executioners. [There is] no excuse whatever for the Jews. There is no doubt that the Jews regularly go one better or worse than the Gentile in whatever they do, there is no further doubt that their influence to-day justifies a very careful scrutiny and cannot possibly be viewed without serious alarm.’

    The times are as ripe today as they have been for a hundred years for a re-appraisal of the excellent socio-political system we know as National Socialism. I shall write more anon, but my wife has called me for dinner, so I must bid you all adieu!

    • Thanks: mark green
  108. Trinity says:

    Good lawd, look at all that fat on that thing’s face. The jowls and fat under the chin and note the small feminine hands for a man or someone who used to be a man. That thing would have blisters on its hands after 5 minutes of swinging an ax or using a shovel. This is the type of men, women, things, its, we have as our leaders. THE WHOLE WORLD IS LAUGHING.

  109. Rosie says:

    National Socialism isn’t even a real ideology. It was common sense rulership

    Pretty much.

  110. Rosie says:

    Southern Belles are the only remaining feminine women in America.


    I find it hard believe that they are the most hypergamous.

    Female hypergamy is a big fat hoax with virtually no evidence to support it.

    Supply and Demand is a troll here to sow division among Whites and deflect White male anger away from YKW.

  111. Mikael_ says:

    I believe it is best to let one’s kids make their own choices. Any attempts to innoculate them against certain ways of thinking without using painfully detailed reasoning, will likely backfire in a big way during their lives.

    My answer:
    The Existentialists got it right: “Life is suffering.” (1)
    And everybody needs to transcend his/her suffering, to have the best chance for a meaningful and fulfilled life.

    I’ll try to put it in a progression.
    Note: this is an entirely rationalist-first approach. If you absolutely want to, you can easily map it onto religion early on, but try to hold your horses for a moment.

    1.) Build your value hierarchy:
    – When you choose between two choices, you make a (personal) statement about what you value higher than other things.
    – Do this often enough using the truest truth you can conceive of and you end up with your own, more or less complete, sustainable & stable personal value hierarchy.
    – For all matters and purposes, that value hierarchy is your religion.
    And your highest value is your god.
    If you’ve thought long and deep enough, you’ll come to very similar conclusions as other people, about those two concepts.


    2.) Decide if your highest value is higher than yourself:
    Is your highest value so extremely important to you, that you put it higher than your own wants, always?
    If No, you’re an Individualist, the standard nowadays. You will never be able to sustainably work towards a goal requiring a large number of people striving together towards it, because you have no commonly agreed-upon highest value with them. You may achieve local space content of mind, but if fate ever knocks you flat, you will be lost as you have no higher value to look up to while you’re in the gutter.
    If Yes, great. Try to formulate a meta-physics (more below) if you want to sharpen your highest values. Look for other people who share your value hierarchy – while difficult these days in the US due to low number of such deep non-individualist thinkers, the surprising thing will be that everyone you find who thought as deep will have come to very similar conclusions as you.

    3. ) Consider a meta-physics:
    Note: meta-physics are the rules that make the world work, which goes way beyond physical things.
    To me, transcendence always goes along with suffering [your mortality, limits, faults, mistakes], as I haven’t heard anybody ever “transcending their happiness”, so it’s situation-dependent.
    Meta-physics on the other hand always applies, and is the attempt to identify an as-singular[=unified]-and-simple-as-possible foundation of the ultimate reasons for one’s actions.

    I listened to Jordan B. Peterson saying “if you create order out of chaos using truthful speech, then the resulting order is good.” A mind-boggling idea. Unprovable scientifically; but for all I know it seems to be entirely correct. (That’s actually the “Logos.”)

    Or more generally speaking:
    First you expand your thinking to the extremes. Then you end up with [Jungian] archetypes. An archetype is something you cannot make bigger/stronger/more extreme by exaggeration anymore. Hell is an archetype. As is heaven, or a dragon.
    Peterson again: “Jesus is the archetype of the individual: the worst possible thing happens to the man acting in the best possible way.” Wow. I find that irrefutable. Now think long and hard what God is an archetype of, for you. (I haven’t seen any pre-canned answers to that, including from Peterson. It took me 2 months to come up with a good answer, which I still find valid as of today.)
    Now you have covered everything including to the most extremes in your expanse of thought, and it’s time to go the other direction: simplify and unify the underlying rules/”laws” that explain how all works, up to the archetypes. The result is metaphysics.

    “Every human has a spark of divinity in him.” (Peterson again, but that feels now a bit of a cop-out to me, more below.) That’s potential he’s referring to, especially younger ones like children.
    “Every human is Divine, meaning he cannot be used.” (Not Peterson anymore, so far I haven’t heard him get that deep.) What the writer was trying to convey is ‘a [self-conscious] human cannot be used as a means to an end’, for example by other humans [and with good outcomes.]
    That is super meta.

    I once watched an Orthodox Christian Archpriest state “…to accept the idea that God can be anything but power. Christianity presents a paradoxical view of God as weakness. God is frailty.”
    An absolutely mind-blowing viewpoint to me, at the time. Compare to other religions.
    That is crazy meta.

    4.) Afterthoughts:
    You will up very close to Christianity. As you can likely see, I transformed from life-long atheist to Christian over the last 2 years, confirming Dostoevsky “who regarded atheism pushed to the highest degree as the condition for the discovery of God.” (Please always remember to not conflate Christianity [the ideas] with institutionalized Christianity [churches.])
    If you so desire, you can use the whole set of ideas without ever using the words God or religion – it’s still true.
    For me, Augusto Del Noce then closed the circle, by stating “[Existentialism is] at best (think of Kierkegaard) an expression of the agony of Christianity”, in his book “The Crisis of Modernity.”

    5.) Just when you thought you’re done:
    But there is one step beyond describing/defining God that is unique in Christianity (to the best of my understanding), and that’s the duality/split of the earthly and the heavenly/divine and how that is exactly understood. As I see it, the Original Sin is a strong abstraction of that split, it’s origin/cause, and it’s consequences.
    Think long and hard about perfectism.
    ‘Perfectism’ is Augusto Del Noce’s term (English translated from original Italian) for “a belief that large-scale perfection is attainable [on earth], or the attempt to implement such” – which he declares automatically leads to totalitarianism. (He uses the new word to distinguish it from perfectionism which describes the same for small-scale entities, such as a very small group of people or a single individual, where such might still be achievable.)
    I can’t be more explicit here, you need to get it yourself.

    (1) Jordan B. Peterson demonstrates in
    that the Existentialists didn’t ask ‘why are people afraid of death’ but went beyond, turned the question on its head and asked ‘how come there are some people that aren’t? [afraid of death]
    18:10 “The Existentialists continuously claim -unlike the psychoanalysts- that people are psycho-pathological […] because the conditions of existence are so tragic that it’s inevitable that people become psycho-pathological. OK, so what’s the argument. Well, people are self-conscious, well that’s a big problem, we know we are going to die, we are aware of our temporal limitations, so that’s a real catastrophe […], and everyone knows they’re prone to illness of all sorts, and ageing, and so is everyone else they know […] and you fall short along pretty much any axis of comparison you wish to generate. So the Existential point of view on that is, that all of that’s enough to make the default condition of human beings psycho-pathological.” […]
    “Maybe if you stop bullying yourself, the tragic conditions of existence would become bearable, because you would be strong enough to tolerate them” […] “that [Jung’s idea of progression towards the self] is the only optimistic hypothesis I’ve ever seen in psychology.”

    • Replies: @Schuetze
  112. @aandrews

    Two birds with one stone: Dumbing both deviancy and health down with one action.

  113. @Trinity

    The Civil War was won on the bloodied backs of the Great Lakes States, who whipped (((Judah Benjamin))) and his good ol’ goys.

    • Troll: Trinity
  114. @Rosie

    Yes they are wrong thinking most whites are latent fascists. To set up a true fascist form of government, a leader must have a loyal base that believes in a strong centralized federal government. When this country was founded there were two factions, the federalists and the anti-federalists. Whites today are the descendants in political ideology of the anti-federalists; not the federalists. Protestants, who make up the vast majority of white Americans (white Catholics are only 11% of the entire US population) are predominately anti-federalists.

    Germany, when it became fascist, was predominantly Catholic, and Hitler was Catholic. Catholics and Jews tend to be federalists, but not today’s Protestants.

    Trump is Protestant and not Catholic. Protestants are probably the most decentralized religious group of the Western World. One thing that makes them truly unique is that they have no “holy city” of any kind. There is no Rome, Constantinople, Jerusalem, Mecca or Salt Lake City. They have no holy shrines; they never pilgrimage. Nor do they have any kind of hierarchy of any kind. Getting them organized is like herding cats. Wikipedia lists at least 15 different denominations and they range from very liberal to very conservative. They also range from being totally pacifist (like Quakers) to some strong interventionists. But as a group they tend to be on the anti-interventionist side of things. Trump, being Protestant and not Catholic, does not have a strong centralist government mindset or a strong interventionist mindset. That is clear to nearly all Protestants.

    And I think it is a fair statement to say that we are undergoing a Second Protestant Reformation, this one secular. Secular Protestants generally support the moral teachings of the New Testament but do not subscribe to the more traditional beliefs in an after-life. To Protestants it is beginning to seem like the religious persecutions that followed the First Protestant Reformation are going to follow this Second Protestant Reformation.

    I would have changed the subtitle to “First they came for the Evangelical Protestants.” Moreover, since only about 11% of the US population are white Catholics, for the author to suggest that this is a war on white people is also misleading. It is a primarily a war on white Protestants.

    And it seems like the rest of the Protestants, mainline and secular are next. And these other groups of white Protestants are quickly waking up. This is really a religious war: Catholics and Jews vs. Protestants.

    Returning to the basic elements of fascism, again as group, Protestants are not believers in a strong federal government. Some are, but certainly the most vocal by far are anti-federalists. You can’t have fascism without this element. And the second primary element to fascism, the merger of governmental and corporate power is not something Protestants favor either. By and large Protestants hate the Crony capitalism produced by the international corporations. They have been huge victims of it.

    So ironically it is the Democratic Party that has far more of the elements of fascism than does the Republican party. Democrats love a big centralized government, they are now decisively pro-interventionist, they now have a President, Biden, who like Hitler, is Catholic with a Catholic mindset, and their Democratic base is decidedly in favor of a strong centralized government. And as the author points out, Nazi Germany (and Fascist Italy as well) started out from left wing socialist movements.

    Jews and Catholics are projecting their religious mindsets on Protestants. Jews don’t seem to understand the difference in mindset between Catholics and Protestants. And Catholics seem to think that Protestants have the same mindset Catholics do when it comes to strong central governments and interventionism. And they don’t.

  115. @Rosie

    I am probably one of the most anti-semetic posters on here, so who is the YKW here?

    • Troll: Trinity
  116. @Brian USA

    First really intelligent comment. Unless there’s a grassroot movement that exposes and convinces the 98% against the false flags that have been waged against them, nothing will work. The two best are USS Liberty and Building 7 that fell on 911.

    • Replies: @SolontoCroesus
  117. Emslander says:

    I’ve never had a problem having a proper position vis-a-vis an American woman, but then it’s best to focus on one or two.

    • Replies: @Schuetze
  118. @Saxon

    Yes Stalin wasn’t averse to moving people around.

  119. Reaper says:

    There are similarities between 1900-1920 and present it is true.

    Large differences as well in the power base.
    A.H. had a great supporter base among professors/ universities, among the army-politicians, police officers, factory owners, etc, etc…

    Also the nowdays unimaginable advantage: they were after ww1, a devastating butchery, where always was “fresh meat for the grinder”. Who survived that changed, get far more stolid against hardships and brutality, violence, death, deprivation became the common, the way of life.
    Was no different in the home front – with the Prussian tradition: all goes to the army and war effort, so there were not much left, nor food, nor clothes, or other commodities.
    Off course there were the ones who prayed on the others one way or another, surviaval were not easy even at the home front.

    Compare it with the present middle class white normies in their comfy suburbia.

    So no, I do not talk about warzones, like Flint, or Naples, certain districts in Chicago, or Paris, or Malmo. In certain areas locals are well avare what is the real world, what does it mean when somebody cannot eaten for days, and during a casual walk keep a hand on a knife, or ready otherwise not because of fear, just as common sense: as a way it is.

    Compare it with the present middle class white normies in their comfy suburbia.
    Yes, repeat.
    Growing up in own house, having own room, new clothes by season, several pairs of shoes, a mobile phone, and many other stuff as their own. A parent, or parents with a single precisios offspring, with a give him/ her all what possible, and let to do much.
    Get educated from early times about liberties and rights, protected from consequences no matter what did – if parent(s) did not do it the system will, shielded from hardships, after all even helping at home considered illegal child work or at least abusive from a legal perspective.


    Later get into a holiday camp, officially called school. All the game/ gamification interactive presentaions, free to choose from drama, dance, arts, etc… creative, leisure, intensive.
    Hardly anyone cares what the few outstanding kids THINK, or what knowledge they posess, all what is important what the most FEEL, or how they perceive stuff no matter what the facts are, objective approach is non existent.
    Be safe, protected, and have much opportunity for leisure. Off course because there are very much free time, must offer many leisure, many ways to enjoy life, to replace the old ways which are became crime, like: about actually learn/ acquire in-dept knowledge, first diligent at home, later from 12 – 14 work hard for wage.
    That is not for the comfy middle class, that is for the third world.

    The fertile soil is ready.
    Self-evident desire: this comfy life must continue and improved.
    Anger and uprising if not: no matter that is called Antifa, or Greta.
    Must save the planet for them, for the spoiled ones, who always get what can, always were comfy, always protected, safe, served by both parents and the system, treatened by the others: like kids/ became parent.
    How dare you? Have babies, became parent, do anything for the new ones, to give up something/ make sacrifices/ deprive themselves from anything?
    How dare you! – evil parents/ old generations/ future generations to expect such nonsense.
    Instead woke! Instead of any deprivation from comfy-safety: abortion, vasectomy, free education, comfy well paid leisure like work, or more preferably benefits and be parasite on the evil past generation parent(s) live at home after 30, degrade the evil patriarch/ any expectations, have no kids, no long term relations, any discomfort is full reason to broke up/ divorce, there are right for happiness, there are liberties, there are rights!

    The fertile soil is ready.
    Who were always trained about basic rights, human rights, womens rights, children rights, animal rights, whatever rights, and liberties, get very few expectations/ duties virtually non-existent and had a relative wealth, relative safety and protection easy to convince: not just be overly sticking to: circumstances should be at least status quo in their well being, and improved,
    but be very empathic with the others who “opressed” by the majority/ the past generations. True affection to liberalism, femionism, CRT, minority well being, no matter what kind of minority, but must be a minority against the majority. Join them, help them to get the same standard, same rights when they see in some their own fears: wishes not granted by right, funds not relocated to them from the evil middle age generations, from the evil patriachs, from the state funds. Even happy to share their own because what they have get with no efforts, that was granted for the spoiled ones by default.
    The ones who happy and eager to kneel. The ones who do extinction rebellion.

    The fertile soil is ready.
    There are still remains many, who disagree with parts of this new progressive world, or the indoctrination were not very succesful in their case.
    But still they had a certain way to grow up, in relative comfy protection, shielded from hardships, harms, educated to condemn any agression. Be the fine schooled, polite, politically correct, soft, be a sissy. But the pink soap bubble quicly ends when they wish to express disapproval, how come events when others can clap them in the face, beat them, or attack a peaceful rally?
    So not just must be the nice guy, a good sissy, who so moderate/ peaceful/ obey – keep the law, but also fearful, better be terrified.
    The ones who so neurotic, who fear from cancel culture, who comply, who fear so much and sign up voluntary for the next CRT training by a mentality: better to avoid trouble to blend in.
    In the same time bleat gladly with the herd of new generations and condem the radicals, the barbarians, the savages, or any violence, mixed up with some cry for: protect me! No matter protect from bullies, antifa, rioters, or people who wish to protect their nation, race, traditions.
    The prey always deprecate the predator no matter what.

    The guy who wrote the article:

    “I found it strange to admit to my wife that I think the biggest personality difference between Hitler and me is that he seems to have been rather more empathetic than I am.”

    Was a far better starting point.
    To search for excuses, be remissive, care for the ones who have nor will, nor spine, nor real resistance, pity them is not. To be Grail Knight or made sacrifices for the worthless is not.

    A.H. had the ww1 generation to build upon, one which was familiar with death, brutality, injuriues, loss, hardships, deprivation and poverty. Which was familiar with dire circumstances, and where many have minimal to lose, and many was ready to sacrifice that minimal for a possible future.
    A brownshirt was avare any time when goes out can be attacked, beaten, killed, and do what done anyway, do not run home for mom to cry about it. It was the normal way as things go.
    Was the norm during the bojcott not just to smash the shopwindow and deal with the jews in the shop, but also to deal with the normies who was ready to shop there. Burn the books of enemies, storm universities, make cripple professors who oppose, no matter how many sheep condemmed it barbaric and savage. The wolfpack was not interested in the opinion of the sheep.
    Not some B&H nonsense to keep the laws and be the good guy.

    They won because were fit to it by hardships and personality, the generation of ww1.

    We need a culling a serious one to get a generation which can be in traces similar to them – one which capable to win.

  120. Schuetze says:

    You asked me:

    “I’d like to hear from you [just as I asked from the article writer], what are your ultimate positive goals, i.e. highest values?

    It is extremely difficult in this vast tangle of malice, to find a positive way out. Did you find one?”

    Apparently, your solution, your way out, is through religion. I won’t try to debate which religion or where and how that religion will be the positive way out. Judea has genocided untold millions of Chrisitians far more devout than you, and far more devout than I could ever be. I am sorry, but I do not see a way out of this for me or my entire blood line through any religion. If the lord helps he who helps himself, then I will help the lord by helping my kin.

    “Any attempts to inoculate them against certain ways of thinking without using painfully detailed reasoning, will likely backfire in a big way during their lives.”

    Judging by Americas newest Gen-Y and the Millenials, a thorough “woke” brainwashing requires absolutely zero detailed reasoning. Using my best logic, all my influence and their respect, I believe that I can accomplish the anti-cultural marxist indoctrination inoculation of my grandchildren without much effort. Time will tell.

    • Replies: @Mikael_
    , @Ugetit
  121. Some authors are using the opposition’s terms. Like “minority,” which doesn’t work. Whites are less than 10 percent of the global population.

  122. Gneisenau says:

    I think that the US has finally been destroyed by jewish subversion accomplished through decades of dominating the media and the universities, which has incited negro resentment, if not outright hatred, of whites and effectively parasitized the minds of the leftist inclined portion of the white population to actively work for the marginalization of their own race.

    The only solution is for the Red States to secede from the corpse and start over. (The new state would be a natural fit with the western Canadian provinces ex-Vancouver.)

    I agree with your assessment that what has brought things to this state of affairs is at heart a race war. I also agree that nevertheless there are many non-whites who would prefer to live in a country not dominated by the destructive doctrines of the contemporary left. They should be welcomed.

    However, secessionists will be called racists and white supremacists.

    We can never deal with these allegations without forthrightly saying that if racism means recognizing that different human groups have different average characteristics and that these characteristics affect average life outcomes then fine, we are “racist”. (In other words, whites are not the reason for black failure and dysfunctionality.) Reality is racist.

    We must also forthrightly take the position that if individualism, hard work, objectivity, the nuclear family, progress, respect for authority and delayed gratification etc. are “whiteness” then we refuse to accept condemnation for things and characteristics that we consider good. If that is “white supremacy”, fine we are white supremacists. If someone doesn’t value those things, he should look for another country to live in.

  123. Schuetze says:

    I have a few male family members who have had their own children ripped out of their lives by vindictive feminist ex-wives who use the children as weapons of revenge. In each case it is the woman, empowered by the courts, and egged on by their feminist witch friends, who abandon their husbands and then turn the children against their fathers. The courts do absolutely nothing about it and in the and participate in the rape of the father. The lawyers walk away with untold thousands of loot. Himmler was 100% correct about this.

    • Replies: @Emslander
    , @Rosie
    , @Anon
    , @Reaper
  124. @Tom

    Could you provide a link to the newsmax video? Or a title? Thanks.

  125. Emslander says:

    Yes, I’ve also known this syndrome. I find your “egged on by their feminist witch friends” detail to be the most damaging tendency in broken marriages these days. Where forgiveness and reconciliation might have been possible, those “friends” poison the waters. Then the “friends” slip away and the woman is left raising kids alone with bitterness toward their father that echoes into the next generation.

  126. Schuetze says:

    Southern Belles are the only remaining feminine women in America.


    I guess a dyke would know best.

    • Replies: @Rosie
  127. Knowing history is vital.

    Jews would not be as successful today if they weren’t indoctrinated in their ancient and modern history, with a twist which makes them out to be heroic, plucky survivors. They also nurse grudges for all time.

    Its an evolutionary strategy to emphasize their ethnic history while denigrating yours, and filling your children’s minds with contemporary woke nonsense to undermine your unity and competitiveness.

    Chinese know this too, hence they place great importance in making sure every Chinese kid knows “5000 years of Chinese civilizational history” and how foreigners kicked them while they were down.

    Americans need to undo nearly a hundred years of brainwashing and get onboard a Western racial renaissance.

    • Replies: @erzberger
  128. Why so-called ‘liberals’ should be called Uberalls. They are about Jewish Power Uber Alles.

    By calling them ‘Uberalls’, we do away with the fiction that they are about liberal freedoms and also imply that Jewish Power and its minions constitute the new nazism.

  129. erzberger says:
    @The Alarmist

    Everybody knew that “orderly and humane”, under the circumstances, was a pipe dream, and no resources were committed to facilitate any such orderly and humane transfer. Stalin needed to buy allegiance from the conquered peoples who would end up behind the Iron curtain by allowing them to take over German property. They were quite happy to take it all, just as Germans had been happy to take over Jewish properties during the war. Now the Germans were the Jews. It was collective punishment on a massive scale, with some Germans experiencing their second transfer: first from the Balticstates to Poland, according to Hitler/Stalin pact, then, in 1945, from Poland into what was left of the now occupied Reich. Hungarians, allied with Nazi Germany throughout the war, had zero interest in expelling the Germans – they were the only ones capable of replacing the Jews in business and other professions in a predominantly agricultural society, but were forced by Stalin to do so in exchange for ethnic Hungarians from Czechoslovakia.

    “ The expulsions, as Douglas points out, were no mere act of mass revenge carried out by peoples of Eastern Europe who had suffered under the Nazi jackboot. On the contrary, they were ordered by the Allies, and planned long before the war came to an end.”

  130. Rosie says:

    You make some good points here, but ultimately I think you’re wrong, and the antifederalists were wrong, too. Or at least their views haven’t aged well.

    Libertarian decentralism is not on the menu. We can either have a private corporate oligarchy or we can have a central government with the power and the will to control the big money power.

    Moreover, I don’t understand why you’re making this a Protestant/Catholic thing. Certainly, there is a strong current of decentralism in Anglo-Saxon culture (“You cannot wield it. None of us can.”) But the Church of England is hardly decentralized. It is rather hierarchical and centralized. And then, of course, Germans are Protestants, too, and they are not particularly decentralist AFAIK.

    • Replies: @davidgmillsatty
  131. @The Alarmist

    To the winner go the spoils, the Germans lost and so had to pay the price, if they had won it would have been the other way around.
    If you want to create cohesive ethno-states ethnic cleansing is a part of the process and if done on a way to minimize human suffering is an acceptable policy.

  132. Rosie says:

    vindictive feminist ex-wives who use the children as weapons of revenge.

    Hmmm. Revenge for what, pray tell. I am told men are innocent victims of an unjust “system” that punishes them for no reason. (He dindu nuffin!)

    I have seen my share of divorces in my days on the planet. Almost all filed by the woman, after years and years of desperate attempts to salvage their marriages as their husbands have:

    1. Gambled away their life savings.
    2. Continued to sleep around after being given seventh, eighth, and ninth chances.
    3. Going to the gas station for a pack of cigarettes and coming back three days later after blowing his paycheck on a drug binge.

    Now, I’m sure my experience is not the whole story, but then of course, neither is yours.

    • Replies: @Alexandros
    , @jsm
  133. Rosie says:

    I guess a dyke would know best.

    I’ve been married to a man for 20 years, but whatever.

    Why don’t we keep this discussion out of the gutter and talk about the facts.

    What makes you think American women aren’t feminine?

    • Replies: @Schuetze
    , @frontier
  134. erzberger says:

    not worth the paper they were written on, really

    “ The expulsions, as Douglas points out, were no mere act of mass revenge carried out by peoples of Eastern Europe who had suffered under the Nazi jackboot. On the contrary, they were ordered by the Allies, and planned long before the war came to an end.”

  135. Mikael_ says:

    Apparently, your solution, your way out, is through religion.

    I wouldn’t say that exactly.
    I’d say my way out is ‘life is not about to be proven right, but to make the world a little bit a better place every day’, which turns out requires the abolition of perfectism belief and the acceptance of a highest value higher than oneself.
    I feel I have ended up in the same place as Christianity, but I didn’t get there through religion (although that’s certainly also possible.)

    And I obviously described the positive way out in one’s mindset.
    What you conclude from that in practical life is an entirely different discussion – I for example, after for years considering my other options, moved out of the US last year.

  136. Bert says:

    Rosie, this Reddit thread provides references to studies that demonstrate a degree of female hypergamy regarding the economic means of a male. Where I think hypergamy is overstated is in regard to male social status. Sigma males are at least as attractive to women as alpha males.

    A scientific study that actually does provide evidence concerning female hypergamy from PurplePillDebate

    • Replies: @Rosie
  137. Reading these comments, I get the sense that few here really understand what’s happening. For those that do understand, prepare accordingly.

  138. @Rosie

    I sometimes read a female forum. It seems 95% of complaints about marriage comes from the man not doing enough dishes at home. And the broads in the forum usually advice her to divorce the man.

  139. jsm says:

    The Manosphere argument that the high divorce rate in America is women’s fault, is bogus.

    They argue that because more divorces are filed for by women, that means that the cause of the divorce is women dumping their loving provider husbands for Alpha Bad Boys.

    We have no-fault divorce in America where, unlike the 1950s when the filer had to prove the other was an incorrigible jerk, the “cause” today for the divorce is almost universally listed as “irreconciliable differences.” Since those 1950s stats are no longer kept, that means the cause of the break is not known and it’s not known who the monster was.

    As a result, *who filed* says nothing about *who broke* the marriage. If the guy was an SOB who cheated on her when she took her sick mother to Mayo, as happened to MY sister, well, when Sis filed, it wasn’t HER that broke the marriage, it was the SOB. Just, my sis is the one who finally acknowledged the break.

    But manosphere will tell you til blue in the face, poor, poor put-upon John.

    • Agree: Rosie
    • Replies: @GazaPlanet
  140. @Schuetze

    There are tradeoffs to everything. In order to create a strong unitary state capable of defending the people’s interests against foreign competitors and aggressors, many old particularisms will inevitably have to be abandoned. As long as it’s a matter of unifying closely related peoples and cultures on an at least mostly voluntary basis (as opposed to imperialism or tyranny), I would consider it a generally good thing, assuming the end result creates a more viable form of life for the entire nation.

    Tellingly, when the victors drafted the new German constitution after the war, they forced extreme decentralization and federalism on Germany. Surely they did not do this because they had the best interests of either Prussians or Bavarians in mind. Indeed, Prussia was pretty much destroyed altogether, and her people scattered across the occupied German territories.

    Of course, the loss of local traditions and peculiarities is also a real one. A balance must be struck between regimentation and efficiency on the one hand, and local initiative and feeling on the other. In Nazi Germany specifically, I believe Hitler himself was actually concerned with these issues (they come up in his “Table Talk” sometimes). Though ultimately he doesn’t seem to have had any real solution to them beyond judging things on a case by case basis.

    • Replies: @Schuetze
  141. Anonymous[394] • Disclaimer says:

    “All whites are good and everyone-else is evil”. In a way that is exactly the mentality we need to have if the caucasion race is going to survive..

    • Replies: @gotmituns
  142. Miro23 says:
    @Mr. Cracker

    I have seen this coming for a few years. To prepare for the upcoming dark ages I have been doing what most “preppers” do: acquire rural land, stash gold and guns, grow veggies, that kind of thing.

    What Preppers don’t understand, is that under totalitarianism the economy more or less works. The problem is, that totalitarians remove your freedom and any property they want (particularly gold and guns). Also, anything non-conformist and they’ll find you, so isolating is a waste of time.

    If a society heads into extreme polarization, then it looks like there are a different set of needs – for example 100% commitment to action, loyalty and networking – not hiding down a hole somewhere. And Americans who go with the ZioGlob/Wokes, will probably discover that their fashion/opportunism morphs into more of an irrevocable committment than they were anticipating.

  143. Ponder says:

    Everytime you make it about race you will always fail. Period. How many whites are betraying US now? How many white RINO’s betraying the nation? By making it about race, you have failed even before you start.

    I will suggest one solution which is near impossible to implement due to our prejudices and hatred. Only a people of like mind and values and principles can be able to pull this off. It’s not about skin colour but more so about moral values espoused and striven to be achieved. Period. A starting point would be for all those that agree with the constitutional document and are willing to live by it. All this talk about races masks the underlying practice of plunder. But Russia is proof that prosperity is possible without plunder as do others such as South Korea and so forth. It’s not about race or religion or ‘economic system’ but about shared values. With minimum grifters and white collar thieves.

    Open your eyes to what I write and consider multiple examples ——- if its ashkenazi converting to Judaism to espouse their values or a Russia with different ethnicities that embrace Russianism, shiite Iran that withstands such high economic pressures without cracking, or a China or a Libya prior to destruction by NATO etc ——-

    Commenters like Cracker and Areply and of course the Author himself and others seem to get it a lot more than most. All races and religions and economic systems have evil people and good people, the idea is to get as many good people together while minimizing the evil ones, while also simultaneously limiting the ability of the evil to conspire and ruin the state. Russia, China, S.Korea etc have some semblance of such. In such a system, you can practise whatever you want —- if you want ‘pure blood whites’, or ethnic purity, whatever it maybe, religion or atheism, you can do what you want without violating the other person’s rights to live their life as they please

  144. akouo says:

    Really enjoyed your writing and sense a true professional ‘restraint’ that I’m usually unable to practice. Good luck with your war efforts and spoiler alert: In the end we win because we are Christian and the enemy is not.

  145. Rosie says:

    Rosie, this Reddit thread provides references to studies that demonstrate a degree of female hypergamy regarding the economic means of a male. Where I think hypergamy is overstated is in regard to male social status. Sigma males are at least as attractive to women as alpha males.

    You seem to take a fair and balanced approach to this issue; that is much appreciated.

    To clarify, I don’t dispute that women care a great deal more about wealth and status than men do. But female hypergamy theory goes much further than that. In pro-White circles, the claim is that women will not “settle” for a regular guy in their league, and that this is causing low birth rates among Whites.

    As your cited material acknowledges, women are more selective

    except in regards to appearance and age

    (emphasis mine). Now, if men are at least as, or more, selective than women in regards to appearance, men rather than women may actually be the ones who are holding up family formation because of unrealistic expectations.

    It appears that men are more selective than women when it comes to looks. Though men are fairly generous when it comes to evaluations of women’s appearance, in practice, 2/3 of male messages go to the top 1/3 attractive women. Women are less generous in their appraisals of men’s appearance, but more generous in spreading out actual messages throughout the attractiveness bell curve.. This is not surprising, since there is more consensus among men as to “who is hot and who is not.” Thus, it appears that it is actually men who are all competing for the same group of attractive women rather than the other way around.

    Female hypergamy is a term that has the purpose and effect of irrationally pathologizing women’s courting preferences, rather like the term “racism” as applied to White ingroup preference. Why should a preoccupation with physical appearance be considered healthier and more righteous than a more holistic approach that balances a number of factors? There is no reason as far as I can see.

    Now, I have been assuming that there is in fact a problem with delayed coupling, but in fact, even that is not clear. Young people are certainly delaying marriage, but much of that has to do with premarital cohabitation. Single women are not playing the field and refusing to settle for Mr. Beta. They’re moving in with Mr. Beta hoping for marriage after a trial period. A three year cohabitation periis the average. If the average woman marries at 28, then she moved in with her husband at 25, and met him at ~23. This is about right, since marriage before the mid-20s is associated with elevated risk of divorce.

    • Replies: @Bert
  146. @Rev. Spooner

    . . .not to mention how zionists got Christian European Americans to kill their forebears, cousins, sisters, brothers in Europe; got Christian European Americans to pay for it, and now are shutting down Christian churches in US while proliferating holocaust museums.

    Vile as are organizations such as AIPAC, ADL and the hundreds of other anti-American pro-zionist organizations, their treachery pales in comparison to that of “Self-hating whites” such as Don Winslow
    (h/t Jimmy le Blanc @ 88 !!)

    Here’s what Winslow, a highly-remunerated fiction writer, proposes for those Americans who waved American flags in Washington, DC on Jan 6:
    Notice Winslow’s use of ADL propaganda to support his threats:

    Careful what you wish for, BrooklynDad: “Those teachers” includes taxpayer-paid supposedly Americans who teach American children about the sacred holohoax; Expose Them!

    “Those police” accept paid trips to Israel where they learn to brutalize American citizens just the way Israeli police and military brutalize Palestinians; Expose Them!

    • Replies: @FLgeezer
  147. Schuetze says:
    @John Regan

    Much of what happened to Germany in the 20th century has its origins in the 19th. Bismark and Wilhelm I created Germany out of the ashes of the Franco Prussian war. Napoleon III was a masonic puppet who basically lost France to a wave of communism and the Paris communes. The creation of Germany, and the conquest of Alsace was to a very large degree a conquest of large parts of Germany on behalf of Prussia and the Hohenzollerns. Southern Germany and Alsace paid dearly over the next century for all this Prussian arrogance and ambition. This is one reason there is still much enmity between Bavaria and Berlin.

    The “tradeoff” of a “strong unitary state” of Germany was in reality the conquest of one set of German tribes by another more ambitious tribe. All of it was to a large degree instigated by and in the interest of Judea and her masonic Shabbez Goyim. the last 150 years of German history have been a disaster for the smaller tribes who were conquered by the Prussians. They would have been much better served if, as Himmler said, they had remained “Swissified”.

    • Replies: @Alexandros
  148. frontier says:

    I see your Kippah.

    The only difference between commies and Nazis is this, if you talk reason to a Nazi, he’ll call you a “Jew” or a “communist” but a commie will call you a “fascist” or a “capitalist”. That’s it, next follows the cattle car and it’s the same for both. Each one of these mobsters wants to save me from the other, without me ever asking. They fight to impose their protection like two rival mafia clans fighting for the same Liebensraum. Unlike the mafia though, they try to sell this as a glorious “save the world” activity. There’s nothing like a meth-stuffed, homicidal Nazi on a suicide mission, commies are less intense but they manage to hold on to their lunacy for longer. If you let them anywhere near, they are going to ruin everything including themselves.

    • Replies: @BuelahMan
  149. What times we is living in. LOL.

    Imagine if Trump in 2017 had vetted the military to weed out Democrats. There would have been an outrage. It seems the globalists and deep state can do as they please. Jews urge Democrats to do this, but all you get from Trump and GOP is ‘Muh Israel’.

    Hey you white guys, sign up for the US military and go fight and die in Wars for Israel. BUT, we will VET you to see if you’re worthy of hanging around Washington.


    Video Link

  150. gotmituns says:

    I’m a White man and I have to disagree with you a bit. I believe we’re the best God created, but that doesn’t mean the others are bad. They’re just different. But we Whites will have to all stick together when everything comes apart in our nation and fight all those others who will attempt to wipe us out.

  151. @Brian USA

    I like how you think Christianity is something other than the original Jewish scam against the Goyim. Ask Rome how it worked out.

  152. erzberger says:

    “Americans need to undo nearly a hundred years of brainwashing and get onboard a Western racial renaissance.”

    If you want a Western racial renaissance, you need to undo your constitution. The US is a republic of “laws, not men”, i.e. of no particular race, language or religion. If the country was entirely taken over by Asians or Muslims, by Hispanics and Latinos, or Martians, the constitution would suffer zero violation. the “inalienable rights” are opposed only by “savages” who want to stop or reduce the influx of aliens. The deplorable savages in the Decl of Ind were the Red Indians, now they are European Whites. Karma is a bitch. If the US goes Zionist and insists on a white majority and a POC second class minority, it will be worse than a successful Nazi German colonization of Europe with zero excuse for what was by far the largest genocide of the indigenous population in history. Even the Mongols who conquered the largest continuous landmass in history only killed half of the Chinese, and prob less of the European and Middle Eastern populations

    Totally different situation in Europe where Whites are the indigenous population, i.e. the Red Indians. Blood and Soil – antithetical to the US model of colonization – politics underly the idea of the European nation states that developed in the 20th c, via the two world wars and the divisive national self-determination doctrine. It was appealing to nationalities that had no hope to maintain their languages and customs in a modern, globalized industrial economy, and a gift to the Anglo-American cabal for the purpose of breaking up the largest multi-ethnic European state, Austria-Hungary, Hitler’s homeland, the official successor state of the HRE which had existed for a thousand years prior to its dissolution by Napoleon. The late 19th c then brought us the Second Reich, Imperial Germany, in obvious rivalry with Austria-Hungary. A United States of Europe was a much discussed alternative to the old Austrian Empire but US entry into WW 1 and Versailles prevented this.

    Hitler was, strictly speaking, neither a German nationalist nor a socialist by any reasonable definition. His goal was to forge a European master race from the raw materials at hand, unified in one language (German), and common culture, liberated from any identity politics and rivalries . The point was not race but ethnic allegiance. Hence the improvement of German blood by other races was perfectly permissible as lomg as it did not interfere too much with whiteness. Small children – slavic, jewish – were abducted by the 10s of thousands to be adopted by Germans in the Reich. That’s genocide of course according to present def, along the lines of “kill the Indian, save the man”. Very similar also to how China assimilated minorities into Han Chinese, not to mention the Jews who are obviously not a race and range from white to yellow to black as a result of their large diaspora. Children of German soldiers and SS with women from the occupied territories from Norway to Poland were considered valuable. Or entire nations, like the Japanese, were declared ‘honorary Aryans”, as were some Jews, hand-picked by Hitler. Eugenics also played a role: the Nazis had no problem cleansing the German race from mental or physical defects. Or moral defects. As patriotism, this was tough love indeed. As for socialism: if you don’t work, you don’t eat is not the message you tend to get from socialists as secularized Christianity. He also rejected the primacy of the individual so central to both Christianity and democracy: you are nothing, your people is everything. His attack on the Jews was in essence an attack on the Judeo-Christian tradition, on the idea of a chosen people/religion/ideology and their messianic ideas, be it the Jews, or the Anglo-Saxons, or the Americans, or the Soviets. The only religious belief he accepted was that humanity, not any particular race or ethnicity, should survive, and he clearly staged himself as a Messiah, to be crucified by the Jews and their allies, and taking them down with him, even beyond the grave. The young JFK noted, in 45, that once the hatred had died down, Hitler would be recognized as a visionary, the most important man who ever lived.

    I’ve always seen Trump as an American Hitler who will take down the American Empire once and for all.

    • Agree: Reaper
    • Replies: @Alexandros
  153. Trinity says:

    Oh, so is Trumper going to pardon the dude with the horns then? I mean if that seems ridiculous it isn’t half as ridiculous as pardoning a Black drug dealer and a Black (c)rapper with tattoos all over his face. KEEP MAKING EXCUSES FOR THE ORANGE MAN. I’m still waiting for him to call checkmate.

  154. Emslander says:

    I only know that he has no authority to pardon for State crimes. What’s your point?

  155. Anon[408] • Disclaimer says:

    Dear Apostate,

    you will admit that a war where one of the two fighting parties don’t know they are in a war, and knows or perceives little of the war itself, may look kind of amusing to the other side’s leaders.

  156. What an outstanding essay. I, too, see the parallels with the early 20th century and the fact that Mussolini and Hitler understood the threats of both international socialism/communism as well as the international banking cabal, both representing Jewish interests totally antagonistic to any national economic well-being – not just those of Germany and Italy.
    May I suggest reading the article from the Asia Times by H C K Liu about the Nazi economy to understand not only why and how national and socialist Germany’s economy was organized in order to grasp the real threat that this political, social, economic and cultural endeavour posed to both bolshevism and the international bankers.
    It seems as if Trump intuitively understood the thrust of that endeavour but only inchoately and without the l intellectual and institutional backing it requires.
    The pushback against him via the stolen elections and the silencing of him, the President of the USA, and his followers, has been stunning and, one could say, undreamed of, in its unabashed and flagrantly scofflaw modus vivendi.
    That Jewish power has proved to be antithetical to the American nation and its national and religious underpinnings, should not really come as a surprise, especially if one reads real history that exposes the real reasons for the multiple and successive expulsions of the Jews from other nations. Jewish power is truly inimical to the well-being of any gentile nation or state.

    • Agree: Alexandros
  157. Anonymous[261] • Disclaimer says:

    From another article, on Semitophobia, on Jewish power:

    “Semitophobia is a good enough word. It uses a common form and it’s clear enough what it means…

    …You left out poison and lobotomize them. Mountebank’s Monster and His Mom: a peculiar resurrection

    Good article, but UR and TOO are too much in the clouds of history and generalities. The war is being lost on the ground where people who speak are individually savaged in ways that are not clear even to themselves or their families. Sudden abnormal behaviors are blamed on drugs, mental illness, depression, divorce. What’s worse is savagery can happen with no provocation at all. To be attacked, all you need have is talent, intelligence, leadership abilities, even sex-appeal. Destroying outstanding individuals inside their communities disables the entire group. Maybe this is why IQs are going down.

    Here is a link to a short essay that describes the strategy: Military thought experiment Part 1”

  158. @moi

    Yup, in the same way you cannot compare Hitler to an eff-up like Trump.

    To start with, Trump is clearly straight.

    • Replies: @Katrinka
    , @Peter Akuleyev
  159. @Schuetze

    Excellent and traces my own gradual awakening over a similar timeline. For the record back then I used to see Jews as the good guys!

    • Replies: @Schuetze
  160. @Schuetze

    They would have been much better served if, as Himmler said, they had remained “Swissified”.

    A fractured HRE Germany would better be able to resist global finance capitalism? You can’t possibly believe that. The only difference would be the manner of disintegration. Less war, more soft kill.

    What exactly is admirable about Switzerland today? Their core values are Marxism just like Germany and the rest of the West. You seem to forget we are still under attack and it won’t stop until every last German is dead.

  161. Rosie says:


    Well, there’s your problem, I’m afraid. I’m not at all representative of your average woman.

    Measured intelligence is inversely correlated with gender conformity for both men and women.

    • Replies: @Schuetze
  162. @davidgmillsatty

    a leader must have a loyal base that believes in a strong centralized federal government

    Make up your mind– centralized, or federal? The terms are opposites!

  163. Lee says:
    @The Alarmist

    Regardless of whether it was ordered or merely enabled, it was essentially a “legalistic” blessing of ethnic cleansing.

    I not going to quibble a bit about any of the article that you cited.

    It’s quite clear that there was never an order or an suggestion that the ethnic cleansing of Eastern Europeans should be carried out.The article speaks of relocating Germans back to their homes in a orderly and humane fashion. Thanks for proving my point.

  164. @G J T

    The end of the ZOG regime (in America at least) is coming, and it’s coming faster than I ever imagined.

    I don’t see a shred of evidence to support this thesis. Unfortunately.

  165. @erzberger

    Small children – slavic, jewish – were abducted by the 10s of thousands to be adopted by Germans in the Reich.

    Nonsense. They were orphans considered to have Germanic blood worth saving. They took care of all the orphans of course, but the former were those who would become citizens. It was certainly not because of valuable Slavic or Jewish blood, and it was not kidnapping, like the Poles and the Jews in their deliriums would have you believe. A stain on an otherwise decent post.

    • Disagree: erzberger
    • Replies: @erzberger
  166. Anon[151] • Disclaimer says:

    As long as they find men willing to marry and procreate…

    There’s a way you oppose an unjust game, and it is by not taking part in it.

    • Replies: @Rosie
  167. @Jimmy le Blanc

    Seems to me the verdict is in on Trump. He never had any real commitment to Traditional America, he saw it as a market segment big enough to give him the Top Prize if he made the right noises. Which he did to perfection. There never was a Plan, nor was he playing 3D chess. In all honesty, how could he implement the platform he ran on while having Javanka as his closest advisers and flooding his Administration with Swamp Creatures?

    • Agree: Emslander
  168. @Brian USA

    HOW? Demonize White Christians and destroy their majority status (massive immigration of non-Whites) in their own countries.

    The massive immigration of non-whites started before the Pilgrims left Holland. Semites were indeed involved, but the other, darker, dumber variety.

    …they’re lowering the percentage of White Christians in these countries to decrease White Christian power, making them a weak minority.

    Yet no commenter on this site dares to defend Arkansas’s and Tennessee’s prohibition against teaching Darwin in the schools, or Connecticut’s prosecution of Planned Parenthood under an 1879 law prohibiting contraceptive distribution, or the requirement in many states of reciting Christian prayer in public schools to begin the day. Jews at the ACLU led the crusades to eliminate these popular state laws.

    Why the silence about this? These decisions sent our birthrates on a long, suicidal slide.

    Who’s paying you?

  169. Anonymous[126] • Disclaimer says:

    I find myself coming to a similar realization. I’m not a conservative, and I can’t stand many “white nationalists,” and I know that most ordinary Jews are good people. But obviously there are serious issues with Jewish power and the anti-white agenda in this country.

    Even if it’s not the end of the world if white people no longer exist, shouldn’t we have some say in the matter, rather than the media and the government decide for us?

    One thing I’d recommend is for white people to educate themselves on their own history, the current status of their race, and the history of Jew/Gentile interactions in ways outside of the standard narrative. This is true regardless of whether you think “white people,” do, or should, exist as more than a social construct. The most important capacity in fifth generation warfare is to know the enemy, and to know yourself.

    As suggested in another thread, I’d suggest reading all of Andrew Hamilton’s articles on Jews and whites, such as this article on the concept of racial dominance, arguing that Jews are naturally “dominant,” though not necessarily superior, over white gentiles:

    “Though Jewish dominance is visible in face-to-face exchanges, it is especially noticeable in the social, cultural, ideological, and institutional realms. In any assemblage or organization, Jews, given sufficient numbers and time—they can work ceaselessly for specific objectives over much longer time periods (generations, even) than whites—will get their collective way on matters of importance to them. This is true in entire societies as well.”

    Also google “Jewish Terror: The Story of Lord Northcliff,” to see how dangerous Jews can be if they want something.

    • Replies: @GeneralRipper
  170. @Schuetze

    Flat Earth!
    You forgot the earth is flat!
    Why? Because the Bible tells me so. Look into it.

  171. @Emslander

    Is what you say so cut and dried? We all know the law has plenty of gray areas. That’s what the Courts are for. Do not the Feds (FBI) get involved in INTER-state crimes? Both Rittenhouse and Fields travelled to a different state than their own when they committed their “racist crimes.” Could that not make it a Federal Crime, which would pave the way for a potential Trump pardon?

    Personally, the one I care most about is pardoning Julius Assange. Last night, Tucker Carlson, to his credit, forcefully again took up the cause for Trump to pardon Assange. Tucker said that pardoning his cronies and ‘Lil Wayne, while allowing Assange to rot in a British jail, cheapens his pardon power. If Trump doesn’t pardon Assange, what does that say for his diminishing legacy, as well as his (lack of) character?

  172. frontier says:

    What makes you think American women aren’t feminine?

    They are. Men looking for even more femininity is a sign of shifting tastes or culture. I’m not sure why there’s so much alt-media animosity towards white women in America, hard to imagine it being an accident. Women are indeed vengeful, imagine that, but I don’t think it’s ever been different or too bad on a large scale. What’s different now is the negative influence of school and media and those are either ruled by men or out of control.

    The signs aren’t good though, women are now trying to fend off the trans invasion into their sports and bathrooms and if there’s anything that spells doom it’s how little support they get from the male population. We can wax pathetic about the lost Fuhr-ehr and Him-mhler but they have never given birth and I don’t think they ever will… in fact, they did waste many women’s labors…

    • Replies: @anarchyst
  173. Trinity says:

    Just finished watching the Orange Man give his farewell speech. No mention of who did 9-11 or that 1-6 was clearly a leftist coup. Trump goes out with a whimper. So much for 3-D or 4-D chess. Congrats, Trump, looks like you became the typical politician. Jeb Bush, Pappy Bush and Dubya would be proud. I guess Trump is more about keeping the Trump brand out there and setting up a gubernatorial run in Florida for (((Jarvanka.))) PATHETIC.

  174. @Brian USA

    How can anything be done considering Jesus (the Christian God) supposedly said: “Love your enemies, help them and do good to them and turn the other cheek.” That and all the Thou shalt nots. The Bible itself strangles and destroys Christians from doing anything to hold onto anything.
    It’s very possible that the Bible has been reworded and changed by the Jews for the purpose of molding Christians into confused and defenseless zombies. It’s as if Christians just handed over all the power to the enemies of God (because their Bible said to do it).

    • Replies: @troof
  175. Katrinka says:
    @Reg Cæsar

    Hitler is wearing typical German hiking shorts. He’s appealing to the middle class Germans who enjoy wholesome outdoor activities. He was also photographed in his uniforms and smoking jackets, although Hitler never smoked himself.

  176. Ugetit says:

    Thank you very much! I think I understand where he’s coming from now.

    The further you get up into the mountains, the more fiercely independent and patriotic the people become.

    Interesting you say that because I know of a family who migrated from a coastal community in Greece around the time of WW1 to make their home quite deep in the mountains that was then accessible only by a donkey trail and they didn’t come down until after WW2. They were quite independent and self sufficient there. Beautiful people, fine family. Smart as can be and tough as nails. Extremely patriotic.

    • Replies: @Schuetze
  177. Katrinka says:
    @Jimmy le Blanc

    I’m surrounded on all sides by men who will turn out, but they are done with Trump.

  178. Katrinka says:

    A cross dressing jewish guy. Nothing to see here…move along.

    • Replies: @troof
  179. troof says:

    That kind of means that the whole Yankee race is “Jewish”, which is probably true on some level. The problem with your attitude is that it disrespects our position: we actually founded this country and constructed the institutions, the technology and the dominant history.

    I’m not sure what is “orthodox” about your Christianity, but the lack of empathy toward the enslavement of black people with no end in sight seems profoundly atheist and hateful towards God Almighty, who commands liberation at some point for all people without exception.

    Nobody really cares about “Southern White” vs “Northern White”, the issue is geopolitical because nobody will tolerate a hostile power pushing at the borders, somewhat like the explosion we just witnessed. You cannot invade neutral ground and “take over”, and you sure as shyte will not conquer the Blue States, ever. I think we are more Christians than you, any day of the week.

    • Replies: @Angharad
  180. Rosie says:

    As long as they find men willing to marry and procreate…

    There’s a way you oppose an unjust game, and it is by not taking part in it.

    Not wanting to live with women on equal terms, the MGtard throws a temper tantrum and threatens to take his ball and go home and fap to porn. A wise man will look seriously at the data before following the MGtard’s advice, which will lead to a very sorry, lonely existence in one’s twilight years. What are the odds of this nightmare happening to a man? I don’t know, but they are nowhere near as high as the MGtards claim.

    The latest figures indicate that a first marriage (for both partners) has a 40% of ending in divorce. (If both partners are 25+ at the time of marriage, the risk goes down to 25%.) Of these, 66% of couples divorce without children. Being a girl, I’m no math whiz, but by my calculations, that means a man has a 13.3% chance of getting divorced after children are born. Make it a point to be a decent husband and father, and you’re probably looking at 90%+ chance everything will be fine.

    Here’s what I think is going on. Wives without children are trigger happy when it comes to divorce. Why? Here is the answer:

    If a marriage is going South, it is very likely that the woman will be the first to throw in the towel and decide to move on. She doesn’t have the luxury of time. If a man is showing signs of taking her for granted (not doing the dishes or whatever, etc.) when she is young and pretty and the stresses of raising children are still in the future, many women are going to conclude that it doesn’t bode well and get out while she’s still young enough to attract another mate and have children.

    Bottom line: Don’t pull the old bait and switch. You have to continue to be loving and attentive to your wife. A woman is no more obliged to remain in a marriage without affection than a man is to remain in a sexless marriage.

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
    , @Reaper
  181. troof says:

    There are 2 kinds of “whites”: fascists and libertarians. The proper ethnic identity of the Protestant European is generally “libertarian”, and this has influenced a lot of other people. BUT the Catholics and more clannish primeval type of “whites” tend to worship leaders and emblems of authority, which is how they all got confused and stormed into the Capitol building “looking” for enemies.

    If we could merge “libertarian” with “socialist” and keep a free market… pipe dreams.

  182. @Katrinka

    He’s appealing to the middle class Germans who enjoy wholesome outdoor activities.

    But he had that photo suppressed. As he did this one (ladies beware):


    • Troll: Alexandros
  183. @Anonymous

    Christians were religiously banned from lending money at interest. To do so required an absolution from the Pope, eg for the Knights Templar. I don’t know when that changed. In rhe UK, the law against Christian money lending was still on the books until (beginning of 19th century?) but had been a dead letter for a long time.

    It’s quite common for those who lend money at interest to become both rich and hated and that’s what happened to the European Jews. More successful outsiders often become unpopular eg Indians in East Africa or Fiji, Chinese in Indonesia etc. Because Jews were the only such group in Europe, Europeans forget about the others or never noticed. I don’t mention Europeans in some of their former colonies because Jews and the others I’ve mentioned never ruled those countries and had no opportunity to steal by force except possibly, in the case of the Jews, in Spain and Portugal because Jewish Berbers fought there in alliance with the Moslems.

    The Moslems had an Islamic banking system that relied on the bank having a real (or feigned?) share in the risks and rewards of the business. That reduced the pressure to borrow from Jews and reduced their financial success and power. Ill feeling towards them was slight until the conquest of Palestine.

    The Christians also blamed the Jews for the death of Jesus and ignored the reality of Roman rule over Israel. For some reason, the Italians were never blamed, perhaps because the Pope was Italian for so long and power matters. [email protected]

  184. troof says:
    @John Q Duped

    The Bible is the perfect word of God, if you read it rightly. Jesus and all the rest said a lot of things, it must be taken together and learned over lifetimes. There is a third way between war and defeat, something which transcends both. The first battle is within, to die out the old man and learn again the new man, like a child growing in stature and perception.

    Mainly it is “seek first the Kingdom of God and all else will follow on Earth”…”the Kingdom is within you”. When you attack the flesh without getting right in the spirit, it turns into a feral monkey horde wiping shyte over the walls of the Capitol building and destroying the very civilisation they proclaim to save. ALL of you have been deceived, and Donald Trump came as a wolf in sheep’s clothing, the supposed saviour when you don’t even have any real problems, just 1st world nonsense.

  185. anarchyst says:

    The problem is, women want it both ways.

    Women want the right to say no, even after enticing a man to be sexually active with her, even days, weeks, months, and years after the event.

    Her word is to be considered sacrosanct, and must be taken as truth without question, ruining many (innocent) men’s careers and even lives, as a result.

    Men are not permitted to have a defense against such accusations.

    Don’t get me wrong, I have absolutely no use for serial abusers such as Harvey Weinstein and other Hollywood, political and celebrity types; they deserve ostracization and severe punishment for their actions, BUT if women want true equality they must take responsibility for their own actions. They cannot have it both ways.


    All one has to do is look at the way Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas was treated by the mainstream media, who gave his accuser Anita Hill a pass, even though she followed him from job to job, without any mention of harassment.

    Women want the same pay for equal work–not a problem in most cases, but if a woman cannot do the job, she then asks for special treatment because she is a woman, instead of realizing that she is not cut out for such work and should seek more suitable employment.

    Men die sooner than women as they do the most hazardous work.

    If women want to be treated as equals they have to step up to the plate and TAKE FULL RESPONSIBILITY for their own actions

    Multiculturalism, diversity and especially feminism are flawed concepts that equate to the serpent in the Garden of Eden. Of course it took a female of the species to coax the male into eating of the forbidden fruit.

    Another parallel example is that of the Tower of Babel in which separate cultures and languages developed.

    At the risk of offending the female of the species, there were reasons why women did not achieve suffrage (the right to vote) among other things. I realize that there are many intelligent women who do not subscribe to externalized altruism, but there are far too many who do . . .

    Women have a altruistic streak, which is necessary in the formation and care of their families. However, this altruism has been externalized, helped along by our enemies, caring for outsiders while neglecting the good within the family structure in–internalized altruism.

    This externalized altruism has become deadly which has been put into the hands of feminists. This externalized altruism made the communistic, so-called civil-rights movement a (hollow) success (Actually, the so-called civil-rights movement is falling apart), along with the country).

    A prime example of “weak” women is that of the lack of concern for the perpetuation of one’s race and culture. A favorite example of “coal burning” is that when a white woman is propositioned by a negro, she feels “guilt” as the negro will usually remark: “You won’t date me because I’m black”. The weak white women usually succumbs to the siren song and “burns the coal”. A proper white woman’s response would be: “That’s right, I don’t date outside my race”.

    • Replies: @Rosie
    , @Alden
  186. Alden says:

    I can answer question one.
    Communism is basically an economic system.

    But in America communism has never ever been an economic movement. Most American communists were not Americans at all. They were 1880-1920 immigrant Jews from Russia. They were revolutionaries whose purpose was to overthrow the government and impose the horrors of Lenin’s, later Stalin’s government in America. They were atheist Jews as well.

    As early as 1800 there were socialists labor unions in America. By 1870 there was a large socialist labor union peasant farmer movement in America. Populism was the generic term and included small business as well.

    But at the same period communist Jewish immigrants arrived and set up organizations to over throw the government. They didn’t even speak English yet!!! But planned to overthrow the government!! In fact the common language of the American communist party was yiddish, not English because most were such recent immigrants they hadn’t yet learned English.

    Stalin realized there was a problem with a small group of immigrants and or just foreigners not with immigrant status overthrowing the government,

    So in the early 1930s Stalin made 3 orders to the CPUSA.

    1 learn English use English in party publications and at meetings.
    2 move headquarters from 25 percent Jewish New York City to Chicago
    3 The chairman of the CPUSA shall not be Jewish and shall not have any kind of German Slavic or other name that could be construed as Jewish.

    The Yiddish speaking NY Jewish communists didn’t realize that a revolution could not succeed if only a few immigrants were communists.

    Stalin issued those orders because he realized that a revolution could not be fought by a few thousand immigrants who didn’t even speak the language.

    Socialism, populism labor unions child welfare free or low cost health care at the county level all the basic socialist benefits were all effected without any help from hostile Jewish immigrant communists.

    It just is not realistic to believe that the hostile American hating Jewish immigrant communists would be popular with Americans.

    If a group of people who didn’t speak any Indian language, were very hostile to Hindu Muslim and other local religions, preached to abolish those religions set off bombs and preached revolution, I doubt Indians would welcome those revolutionaries either.

    That’s the history of early Communism in America . Foreigners arriving in New York and preaching violent revolution as soon as they arrived. That’s why we don’t like communism.

    In the 1920s America received Russians who fled the horrors of communism. Senator Dianne Feinstein’s parents were one family. After WW 2 America received refugees fleeing communism in Eastern Europe China and Vietnam. After Castro, we got Cuban refugees from communism. After America withdrew from Vietnam Asians poured in from Korea Taiwan Hong Kong fearing China would conquer those countries. Once we revised the immigration laws gazillions of Chinese managed to get out and arrived in America.

    Socialism fine, we actually have socialism far more than India has. But communism isn’t just an economic system. It’s genocidal and revolutionary.

    PS. Communism has failed everywhere it’s been tried. Cuba is the perfect example. Socialism and capitalism and primitive African agriculture type economies all seem to muddle along and feed the people and keep the infrastructure functioning without violent revolutions genocide mass labor prison camps and destroying the religion and culture of the country.

    India doesn’t even have the child benefit and unemployment compensation does it? Back when India claimed to be socialist I always wondered how a country could claim to be socialist and not have those very basic socialist benefits.

    Don’t forget America’s a Christian country and Christianity is socialist, ,

    Communism, the opiate of the intellectuals. An idea that hasn’t happened anywhere and never will.

    Socialist capitalism muddles along takes care of the poor , children , handicapped etc makes some very rich, others mediocre income a functional practical system that really exists.

  187. Ugetit says:

    Right now it looks like The Orange Man is playing checkers.

    Naw. It’s more likely he’s playing with Bibi’s tool in an effort to win back Netty’s “affection.”

    • LOL: Trinity
  188. @Rosie

    A woman is no more obliged to remain in a marriage without affection than a man is to remain in a sexless marriage.



    And the Minister receivyng the woman at her father or frendes handes, shall cause the man to take the woman by the right hand, and so either to geve their trouth to other, the man first saying:

    I, N., take thee, N., to my wedded wyfe, to have and to hold from thys day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for porer, in sickenes, and in healthe, to love and to cheryshe, tyll death us departe; according to Gods holy ordinaunce, and therto I plight the my trouth.

    Then shall they louse their handes, and the woman takyng againe the man by the right hande, shall saie:

    I, N., take thee, N., to my wedded husbande, to have and to holde, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickenes, ad in health, to love, cherish, and to obey, till death us departe, accordynge to godes holy ordinaunce: and therto I geve the my trouth.

    For you moderns:

    The Declaration of Consent

    The Celebrant says to the woman

    N., will you have this man to be your husband; to live
    together in the covenant of marriage? Will you love him,
    comfort him, honor and keep him, in sickness and in health;
    and, forsaking all others, be faithful to him as long as you
    both shall live

    The Woman answers

    I will.

    The Celebrant says to the man
    N., will you have this woman to be your wife; to live
    together in the covenant of marriage? Will you love her,
    comfort her, honor and keep her, in sickness and in health;
    and, forsaking all others, be faithful to her as long as you
    both shall live

    The Man answers

    I will.

    • Replies: @Rosie
  189. Ugetit says:

    Using my best logic, all my influence and their respect, I believe that I can accomplish the anti-cultural marxist indoctrination inoculation of my grandchildren without much effort. Time will tell.

    That was pretty much my approach with my kids, nieces and nephews, and it was effortless, fun and unquestionably effective. Same with the grandkids.

    Main lesson.: Question everything; especially “authority.” And when yer done questioning ’em, laugh at ’em. I don’t tell the youngsters that, but they figure that out, and much more, all by themselves.

  190. @RoatanBill

    So I take it you’re an anarchist?

  191. Trinity says:

    Hitler was not a physically imposing man at all but his eyes suggest strength. The Orange Man was a tall but not imposing man either ( even though in Trump’s mind he envisions himself as a man’s man.) Despite Hitler’s physical shortcomings the pictures that accompany this article are worth a thousand words. I ALWAYS LOOK AT THE EYES OF PEOPLE. Hitler’s eyes suggest strength and loyalty while Trump looks like a broken man. Granted Hitler was far younger in this photo than The Donald but Mr. Trump never had the look of a TRUE leader even when he was younger. Don’t believe me? All kinds of photos on the internet showing a much younger Trump. Hitler was a very strong man, Trump never was, and never will be. Trump was in love with money, he worshiped money and fame, that in itself defines a weak man.

    • Replies: @Peter Akuleyev
  192. @jsm

    We know which way resources flow when marriages break down. From the man to the woman.

    • Replies: @Rosie
  193. Rosie says:
    @Reg Cæsar

    Reg, my good man, that is all perfectly wonderful in theory, but bitter experience has taught women that an untrustworthy man is liable to trade them in for a younger model down the road.

    That said, I wouldn’t be opposed to an absolute ban on unilateral divorce, provided that women are protected from domestic violence, by fault-based divorce from bed and board if need be.

  194. @Anonymous

    As you know, history is very dark. Extending it into the present and future many people lose their hope that it will–or even can–change. But if there’s one thing history shows us, it’s that we don’t know what we don’t know. Change happens, and it’s guaranteed. Many people expect “bad” change, and science has shown that expectations do affect reality.

    As a previous poster said, it’s necessary to differentiate between implementations of “democracy”. Theoretically, the idea is sound: the people rule. The American system worked perhaps better than most or all others for quite a while, but it’s no longer working. Studies have shown that the vast majority of people in the US are not effectively represented by the national government. To say it more plainly, what the people want basically is irrelevant to the monied and powerful who are running the country [into the ground]. The older people you mention (or any, really) voting with zest believe in a carefully crafted narrative which they have been taught from a very young age. The facts unfortunately bear little resemblance to the fantasy they were propagandized/programmed to believe.

    Of course, someone younger like yourself may wonder if ideas like separate nations are still valid and useful. Has humanity begun to reach a level of consciousness that can question the underpinnings of the entire system? Have you ever seen the movie The Matrix? At the end (which I highly recommend watching) “SYSTEM FAILURE” flashes on the screen. I think that’s roughly where we all are now, no matter where in the world we are. Why now? It’s time. What comes next? No one really knows.

    As far as religion, they all start(ed) out as a means to access the energy/intelligence/multidimensionality behind the phenomenal world. That energy then gets co-opted and distorted by human nature, obscuring the fact that the prophets of basically all religions taught pretty much the same thing: love.

    Although frequently bashed on this site, from what I’ve gathered Jews had/have an important part to play in human evolution, but like all peoples are subject to fear and the dark side of human nature. They certainly have an outsized influence on practically every aspect of our modern world. It is easy to bash them, and sometimes I do, but I think it’s more honest to say that darkness is equal opportunity. Maybe the historical trajectory of the Jews makes them more inclined to dark behavior, but maybe not.

    I have read some very insightful articles here about China from different authors. It seems their government is trying to chart a path that is sort of neo-communist while embracing aspects of capitalism. I don’t really know, but it’s my guess that their industriousness will be helpful down the road when the world’s level of consciousness rises to the point where it throws off the chains of subjugation and the accompanying mass surveillance. Happy days are ahead, although I expect there will be a lot of chaos before we get there.

  195. I have noticed that there is a lot of criticism of Jewish control of the US media and government on this messaging board. If many of you are indeed concerned that Jews are using money to dominate the US government, then why not support measures to reform the government so that campaign finance is not as important? Would that not help your cause? In most other western democracies, there is nowhere near the level of campaign finance corruption that we have in this country. Would help everyone else in the country too, no matter their views. Except for the oligarchs, of course.

  196. Labeling Jewish Supremacists as ‘leftists’ is the reason why Jews get away with so much crap. They act as Jews in service of tribal supremacism, but because they’re called ‘leftist’, it creates the impression that over-zealous activists are fighting extremism and hatred on the Right.

    Jews are not motivated by communism or socialism or whatever but by ultra-right-wing tribal will to shut down all rivals and challengers to total Jewish Power.

    After all, these very Jews also call for shutting down BDS. Why would any true leftist want to shut down BDS, which only calls for EQUAL justice for Jews and Palestinians.

    Anyone who uses ‘leftists’ to describe Jewish Supremacists is not for real. Also, anyone who supports the suppresion of BDS but then whines about ‘Muh Free Speech’ is a total hypocrite. Go look in the mirror.

    What Jews are doing to whites are exactly what Jews already did to Palestinians… sadly with White Support. Whites need to take the knee and apologize to the Palestinian People and champion the cause of BDS and PLM or Palestinian Lives Matter. Only then will the white race and white soul begin to heal. And only then will whites identify Jewish Supremacism as the real force behind the erasure of the white race.

    If you don’t identify and target the cancer, all the medical treatment will not save you.

    • Agree: Robjil, Publius 2
  197. Rosie says:

    Anarchist, you seem like a fair-minded guy, but I’m afraid you’re terribly misinformed on a number of matters.

    The problem is, women want it both ways.

    Women want the right to say no, even after enticing a man to be sexually active with her, even days, weeks, months, and years after the event.

    Her word is to be considered sacrosanct, and must be taken as truth without question, ruining many (innocent) men’s careers and even lives, as a result.

    This is false. The attacks on Clarence Thomas, and more recently..I can’t even remember his name now, were political hit jobs. I’m certainly not condoning it. Indeed, I resent the abuse of indispensable protections for women as weapons of political warfare. I’m just saying I don’t think women are the impetus behind such abuse, usually by men against other men (their enemies).

    If you’re an average woman who accuses an average guy without enemies in high places, you’re going to be expected to come up with some proof. This is, of course, precisely as it should be. Contra the hand-wringing about false and vindictive rape accusations in universities, very few men are ever even accused of rape let alone found to have committed rape. Of course, if you’re a White man accused of raping a holy WOC, you might get the book thrown at you, but that’s a whole ‘nother story.

    This externalized altruism has become deadly which has been put into the hands of feminists. This externalized altruism made the communistic, so-called civil-rights movement a (hollow) success (Actually, the so-called civil-rights movement is falling apart), along with the country).

    It’s not at all clear that externalized altruism is particularly common among women. I haven’t seen any evidence for it at any rate. Pictures of young women holding refugees welcome signs are not evidence for that. Soros doesn’t fund anti-immigration protests. (Neither do White billionaires.) White women can’t even call the police on a black person without getting Karen-shamed on social media and possibly being put out of a job. But even if we were prone to outgroup empathy, that tendency hasn’t done a fraction of the damage male greed for cheap non-White labor has done.


    • Replies: @anarchyst
  198. Rosie says:

    We know which way resources flow when marriages break down. From the man to the woman.

    What’s your point?

    • Replies: @Alden
  199. Wyatt says:

    I will pause here to say that I often read articles from the Jacobin – the socialist magazine. And although most socialists would scream at you until their head exploded before they would admit that Hitler was a socialist (but he was, albeit a nationalist, i.e., German, socialist rather than an internationalist socialist), I see them as potential future allies in the fight against globalism.

    My man, this put me off the moment I read it. The socialists of yesteryear are not the limp-wristed cucktards who sweat the moment someone hands them a shovel. The soy-cialists of today are a bunch of shitty white kids who want to pretend their 105 IQs entitle them to rule over the masses of 100 IQ plebs and the 85 IQ darkies they claim to represent.

    There is no common cause with these retards because they are belligerent, feckless and stupid. They could never help a single, functional movement they disagree with. They can barely manage with the dumbass collection of thoughts that they do believe in. There is a reason that these people are the ones Yuri Bezmenov said would be shot first. They have no idea what they’re ushering in, but they think they will be in charge of it.

  200. Anonymous[401] • Disclaimer says:
    @Brian USA

    > “Destroy White Christian power in the countries White Christians built [by demonizing]…White Christians and destroy their majority status”

    First, whites need to counterpunch those demonizing them. To wit: stop being pushover-pussies! Insulted, insult back.

    Second, Jews have always been a minority. Just like white were minorities on plantations, but still ran ’em. So something else is at work other than sheer numbers. Why aren’t whites wise to that? Why don’t whites learn how to hold onto-use-expand power, too?

    Third, if Jews really ARE so destructive, exposing their crimes should be a mitzvah to goyim. Why be stopped per exposés by being called “antisemites”? First, Arabs are Semites, too. Second, are Jews called antiteutons for critiquing WWII Germany?

  201. Alden says:

    His point is that most probably that he got divorced and has to support his kids who live with their mother. Boo boo

    • Agree: Rosie
    • Troll: GazaPlanet
    • Replies: @GazaPlanet
  202. Alden says:

    Trump’s latest is he wants to start a new party, Patriots Party.

    It looks like the FBI is arresting everyone they can find who was at the Capitol demonstration.

  203. JamesO says:

    Germany was mostly Protestant and Hitler did not get much votes from Catholic areas. Protestant Germany was unique among Northern Europeans for preserving an authoritarian tradition well into the 20th century.

    The great thing about an illiberal German power is it proves all the liberal propaganda wrong that we have to deal with to this day that frames liberal democracy as the greatest system in the world. All the increased prosperity, living standards, and innovation that arose in the West during the 19th and 20th centuries have been declared unique achievements of liberalism and after WW2 there were no challengers to prove this perception wrong. In reality all the success of the West was in spite of this system rather than because of it.

  204. Alden says:
    @Supply and Demand

    Southern men, White, black American Indian various combinations thereof and recent Hispanic immigrants are the most manly and macho of American men.

  205. Druid says:

    Total 12 million Germans died during in WW2

  206. Druid says:

    Hindutva iis a true cult!

  207. Schuetze says:
    @Irish Savant

    Thanks. I certainly didn’t see Jews as bad guys. My best friend in elementary school was Jewish, I had the hots for a Jewess in college and remained in contact with her for years. My brother in law is married to a Jewess. Of course, they are all atheists. Really I don’t hold any personal grudge against any Jews just because of their ancestry, although I would go to great efforts to avoid an orthodox jew or a rabbi.

    But now that I have acquired knowledge of the Talmud, the Protocols, Israel and Tikkun Olan, I realize what they have done as a group to our civilization and to the entire planet. Of course what they have done to Ireland is beyond tragedy. Are you located there?

    • Replies: @Irish Savant
  208. Schuetze says:

    Me: Southern Belles are the only remaining feminine women in America.

    You: “Lie.”

    Me: I guess a dyke would know best.

    You: What makes you think American women aren’t feminine?

    Me: You.

    You: I’m afraid. I’m not at all representative of your average woman.

    I am not sure if you are saying that you are feminine or that you are not feminine, but either way your arrogant logic is flawed and neither appealing nor feminine.

    I assume you use the handle “Rosie” because of this:

    Himmler certainly had you and the real Rosie pegged:

    The woman can behave like an ax there: she just starts hacking away on something.

    Hitler said that America was the Jew’s playground, and he was correct. The women there have been so brainwashed by Jewish porn and propaganda that they no longer understand how to be feminine or what their role in nature is. Repeat after me:

    – Hairy legs and armpits are not feminine
    – Tramp Stamps and body piercings are not feminine
    – Problem glasses are not feminine
    – Purple, green and other colors of died hair is not feminine
    – Dreadlocks are not feminine
    – Rippling abs and biceps are not feminine
    – Thousands of fapping soyboy incel followers on onlyfans is not feminine
    – Your nappie headed mulato bastard does not make you feminine
    – Nasal tones, inflections, upticks, vocal gravel and other US feminist speech patterns are not feminine
    – Talking about your vagina is not feminine
    And finally, most importantly
    – Bragging and obsessing about your carreer is not feminine

    • Replies: @Rosie
  209. @davidgmillsatty

    Adolf Hitler a fellow of traveler of Joe Biden? Catholics and Jews against protestants? Not a war on white people, but a war on mostly white protestants? These beliefs are simply maladjusted to the information available.

    For one, Adolf Hitler was not a practicing devout Catholic of any kind, and the correlation there is tenuous at best – that Fascism or National Socialism is some kind of Catholic phenomenon. The protestant reformation has its roots in the locales where the NSDAP gained traction.
    Secondly, the notion that there is some kind of catholic + jew union against the protestants is a risible claim. The Catholic supreme court justices Alito and Scalia were, along with Clarence Thomas, the most originalist and constitutionalist justices on the court. What you see as some kind of Catholic favor for the present Establishment is nothing more than the effect of the local propaganda on the local population from within votes are cast, rather than a global effect of a catholic proclivity towards centralization. Catholics are just as subject to the war on whites as are protestants, sometimes moreso, and it has been Catholic local resistance against mobilized groups of BLM which kept such groups at bay during the riots of the past year.

    You’ve also got the alliance of christians and Jews completely wrong – look at the makeup of any ‘christian friends of Israel” type organization, and you will observe myriad Protestant figures, as the protestant groups descendant of the Falwellian Moral Majority are fully in the grips of Zionist propaganda. Bill Clinton was a protestant. Both Bushes were also protestant, while increasing the scope and the powers of the Federal government. When I build a reality around the claims in your post, I fail to find consonance with the history of the past 60 years.

    The capstone to this is that it has been the very WASP banking families like the Rockefellers and Morgans and their network of ivy league, mostly WASP allies, from WASP universities, who have found common cause to control economic policy, economic thought, and the framework of finance, with the Jewish banking families like the Warburg and Rothschild.

    I’ve no truck with the protestants under attack by Globohomo, but to invent some Catholic + Jew alliance against the individualist protestants is discordant with the historical record, and the prima facie philosophy of the persons along the range of such an assertion. Catholicness is hated by Jews, for a perceived history of oppression and discrimination at the hands of the C. Church.

    • Replies: @davidgmillsatty
  210. Alden says:

    Supply and demand sure is a weird one. I wonder if he actually lives in China at all. I don’t think he’s Jeff Stryker.

  211. Mikael_ says:

    Gee thanks, now everyone can pick whatever they want. I mean what is there even to discuss here.

  212. Schuetze says:

    “They were quite independent and self sufficient there. Beautiful people, fine family.”

    That closely corresponds to my experience with mountain families from all around the alps. Not only does surviving the snow every winter make one tougher, one is also closer to nature and even more familiar with death due to accidents that occur on the mountainsides.

    There is another huge benefit to being a mountain farmer: Jews don’t like getting up early to milk the cows, they down like making hay on the steep slopes in summer, and most of all they don’t like shoveling manure. This really points to the cosmopolitan divide that is really one of the weakest points of western “democracy”. Everywhere in the west it is the large cities and suburban areas with their populations that dictate nonsensical policies to the surrounding rural areas where the people have far more common sense and are far more independent. It is my opinion that cities should be separated from rural areas and forced to worry about their own problems, and this applies everywhere on the entire planet.

    This also brings me to my strategy for resisting the coming “great reset”, the ensuing die off, and the enslavement of all remaining goyim on the planet. I call it:

    “The Mountain Goat Strategy”.

    Mountain goats survive by remaining high up in the mountains and avoiding predators and competition for nourishment. In summer, far up on rocky paths there are little patches of wild grasses and flowers. Up that high there are no mosquitos, no horse flies and no other (((parasitical insects))). In winter, as the snow drives everyone else from the high valleys down into the low lands, the mountain goat follows the snow down, staying in sheltered areas and scratching through to grass where ever possible.

    This strategy has a higher probability of success than trying to co-exist with the Judaic mind slaves who will soon to be forced to carry the mark of the beast through micro-chipping or taking the luciferase vaccines. One would think that Rockies in the US would be perfect for this strategy, but the problem there is that there is no common blood and soil, kith and kin relationship between the inhabitants. They are “multicultural”. Even worse, they have all been brainwashed with yid subversive ideas like diversity, “not what we are” and “tolerance”. In Europe, high up in the valleys, the people are still far more racially pure and have common roots going back centuries. Often in these valleys the majority of people will all have one of a few common family names, additionally uniting them in a common destiny.

    I would add for American readers that all across the alps small mountain villages are dying as young people head to the (((cities))). If you have roots in the old country, and can get a pass, houses are very cheap there.

  213. Alden says:

    For the last 500 years the German language German people states that became Germany were always 35-40 percent Catholic and 60/65 percent Protestant overwhelmingly Lutheran.
    The split was regional, north east Lutheran south west Catholic more or less. Therefore Germany was not majority catholic when Hitler was APPOINTED APPOINTED chancellor by the elected president Hindenburg.

    The constitution imposed on Germany after Versailles was the standard European constitution of the time. Elect a president who functioned as formal ceremonial head of state. After each election the winning majority party parliament members caucused and selected the person who was the actual ruler like an American President. Various titles prime minister, premier . In Germany chancellor. The elected president then formally appointed the actual person in charge. Or sovereign did the appointing if there was a sovereign

    Hitler was baptized catholic and parents took him to church. But Hitler ferociously rejected Catholicism at an early age. That’s why he never graduated from high school. He was expelled from both local high schools for arguing against Christianity and for atheism in all his classes. He’d be classified as an anti catholic rather than ex catholic.

    • Replies: @davidgmillsatty
  214. Augustus says:

    I will answer what I can.

    1) Socialism is control of the means of production by REGULATION. Think about government using environmental rules that are always expanding, “climate change” (whatever that might be loosely construed to be), the welfare clause of the constitution (government pushing to takeover health care), and any other excuses to control businesses (environmental regulations), individuals (tax policies), and the economy (insane banking regulations designed to make a few rich). The goal is always government control.

    Communism allows the government to OWN everything. The government doesn’t just control it all (including every minute aspect of your life), but owns all means of production of any good or service within it’s borders. A Russian friend once told me that if he had sold ice cream in the summer, government would own the company making his ice cream truck, the refrigeration, ice cream, and even HIM!

    Capitalism allows decentralized decision making. Manufacturers, suppliers, warehousing middle men, trucking/delivery people, and consumers make trillions of decisions daily about demand and supply. How much to produce, how much can be reasonably sold, how much can be charged, and how much to buy are a few of those decisions. The fact that those decisions are NOT centralized makes a capitalist economy work. Communism, with it’s ALWAYS centralized decisions made from far away and by one person or a commission of a few people, ALWAYS causes shortages. Look at the history of the Soviet Union. Need a coat in winter? Sorry, the manufacturing commission did not allow for the manufacture of enough winter coats, but we have a surplus at the GUM store of hats, and work boots. We don’t have milk for your baby, but we have a lot of potatoes this year. Maybe if you mash them and add a little water the kid can drink that mix in place of milk? How much vitamin D in potatoes? China was worse. Both countries often withheld products like food to starve certain unpopular segments of their economies. Remember, the government OWNS the people. Don’t like the Ukranians (the Russian government did not)? Starve them. Mao was dissatisfied with the bureaucrats, and needed someone to blame for failures? Start a “cultural revolution” to blame bureaucrats, reeducate millions of them and kill others. 80 million were killed by communism in the last century alone. See the “Black Book of Communism” for communists’ record of death by many means. They made the Holocaust look tame.

    Here in America we have a sort of blended economy, with elements of individualism and decentralized capitalism mixed with the socialism people wanted enough to vote in people who gave them things like centralized education. That has been an abysmal failure. Test scores immediately fell and continued to fall since the Washington bureaucrats took over the dispersal of funding, at least in part, and decided what would be taught at all localities. Local parents through their school boards did a better job. They did so much better that it now takes two years of college for the average student to score as well as high school graduates did in 1963. The point is that centralized decision making by government, unelected bureaucrats does NOT work as well as decentralized decisions made by free people. I am a conservative, at least in part, because I abhor centralized government and it’s guaranteed failures and shortages. We won’t even go into the waste and failure of the government foray into welfare. War on poverty? Obviously lost that war. Civil rights act and all the costs of custodial care for Blacks? Has the Black culture EVER accepted responsibility for it’s crime, lack of education, or out of wedlock birth rate? No, of course not. They blame White people and extort more White money for a select few Black “leaders.” Nothing has improved in 55 years and after TRILLIONS of wasted debt has been created. Typical socialism.

    2) The Chinese economy is mercantilist. A mercantile economy, as a brief explanation, is one that keeps it’s currency lower than it’s competitors so it can live off exports. Efforts are made to keep costs and wages lower than competitors. No problem for the Chinese communists. Tariffs can be used to limit imports. The more the society can export the more people are employed. The US was such an economy during its beginning, when it had to compete with the British Empire’s world domination over trade.

    Sorry for writing a book. I will try to explain a few more questions tomorrow, if I am up to it. Age and sickness are affecting me adversely.

  215. Bert says:

    Thanks for the interesting reply. I had never thought about hypergamy being used as a derogatory and self-defensive label like “racism.” But thinking back a long time, just when I began to date, about 87 years ago lol, I made the acquaintance of a young man a little older than me who constantly (like Whiskey of the internet) complained that because he was poor and women were ALL gold-diggers there was no point in him trying to date. He was not bad-looking but he obviously had a fear of rejection that clouded his thinking. I believe that is the same motivation behind the fellows you spar with on this forum. They fear or feared rejection, don’t want to submit to the discipline of losing weight, don’t want to give up the time they spend on fantasy football, etc. in order to date, or didn’t back when they were young enough to date.

    And I agree with you that there is nothing more hypergamic about a female preferring a male who is good at resource procurement than there is about a male preferring a female who appears morphologically above average thus increasing the likelihood of functional superiority of his children, and who has phenotypic evidence of good genes, e.g., symmetric features, since she would be the co-donor of genes to them.

  216. @Ali Choudhury

    In common with all socialists, Hitler was a fan of massive deficit spending to fund his schemes and allergic to free trade and market economics.

    That’s like saying “in common with all socialists, Hitler was a fan of promoting national sports teams.”

    That is a reductive libertarian definition of socialism. Most European conservatives, and quite a few American paleoconservatives, are allergic to free trade and unfettered markets. In fact Trump is also a fan of massive deficit spending, trade barriers and blocking the market when it produces social results he doesn’t like. Do you consider Trump a socialist as well?

    • Replies: @Ali Choudhury
  217. @Trinity

    For all his flaws, Hitler was undeniably physically brave – he demonstrated that over and over again in WWI, he led an armed putsch attempt in 1923, and he immediately went back to work after almost being killed by a bomb in 1943.

    Trump, whatever his virtues may be, is undeniably a physical coward who shirks from direct confrontation whenever possible.

    • Agree: Trinity
    • Replies: @Trinity
  218. @Reg Cæsar

    To start with, Trump is clearly straight.

    Trump is the most effeminate President we have ever had. He has the mincing mannerisms and exaggerated make-up of a drag queen. Not to mention his Liberace like love of ornate gold crap. And his mentor was Roy Cohn.

  219. @Schuetze

    Yeah, literally my best friend is Jewish but what they’ve done as a group is unconscionable, even when their numbers are minuscule as in Ireland. Have lived in Ireland all my life even though I’ve worked all over the world.

  220. Schuetze says:
    @flashlight joe

    Here is a great podcast between Tim Kelly and Eric Karlstrom where they take you deep down the rabbit hole. Eric thinks that Q-Anon was artificial intelligence. Eric also discusses Fitts several times.

  221. Alden says:

    When I was a probation officer I never talked to the scumbags about what they did. Just told them they’d get the maximum sentence. But the police investigators and district attorneys did speak with them about the details, stalking, etc. of course rapists talk differently to men investigators and DAs than they do to women investigators and DAs.

    The men police and DAs told me that the rapists were absolutely totally convinced that the women wanted it. Even if they had to break her nose and jaw. Even if they and their buddies blocked her car at a red light, broke the car window, and held her captive in their project home for a day or 2.

    The easiest way to get a rapist, especially a black moron rapist to confess is for a man investigator to go all buddy buddy with them. Not only will the rapist brag about the rape being investigated but brag about other rapes he committed.

    There was one. He hunted his prey at the suburban bus and subway commuter parking lots. He’d see a woman, follow her home and grab her when she parked and got out of her car. He claimed he could see a woman across a parking lot and know if she wanted him.

    You and the other Men of UNZ seem to be non southern non city rural suburban residents unaware of the criminality of blacks. This constant rape and sex assault defense by the Men of UNZ is basically respectable law abiding White men defending black rapists and sex harassers. Southern and city Whites are familiar with black crime and other nasty behavior.

    Everything Henry Weinstein did was a crime. Exposing one’s genitals or if a woman breasts is a crime in every state. Jacking off in front of someone is a crime. Preventing a person from leaving a room is unlawful detention. Touching breasts genitalia buttocks and thighs is a crime. And a crowded subway or city bus is no excuse for pawing and rubbing the person next to you. Nor is standing in line somewhere.

    One of the reasons employers prefer black women instead of black men in the workplace is the sex assault and harassment black men on White women committed when affirmative action began. Plus their foul language.

    My dad knew someone who worked for UAW, the big auto workers union. Being liberal, UAW starter hiring black men even before affirmative action. The black men spent their days lounging about, yakking in the phone and “ bothering the women” all day long.

    Verbal sex harassment isn’t a crime. But once certain parts of the body are touched that’s a penal code violation.

    Heterosexual men don’t put up with sex harassment by gay men. Why should women have to put up with sex harassment by heterosexual men.

    And what’s wrong with White men that they defend rape sex assault and sex harassment when it’s black and Hispanic men who commit most of the rapes sex assault and harassment?

    Until the Hispanic invasion, black men committed about 70/75 percent of the rapes in this country. Now it’s about half and half Hispanics and blacks.

    Rape and sex assault are just not a White man’s thing. So why do the White men of UNZ defend the the blacks and Hispanics who commit the majority of rapes in this country?

    Another thing. No one is ever convicted and generally not charged with rape unless an investigation has been made and proofs been found. Here’s the steps

    1 police report
    2 preliminary investigation
    3 more investigation forensic evidence
    4 investigators talk to prosecutor
    5 prosecutor decides there is sufficient viable evidence
    6 prosecutor files the charge

    After all that the charges might be dismissed at a preliminary hearing, defendant might plead guilty or to a much lesser charge might even be found not guilty by a jury trial.

    It’s unseemly and weird for White men to defend black and brown rapists and sex harassers.

    • Thanks: David In TN
    • Replies: @anarchyst
    , @Reaper
  222. BuelahMan says:

    You don’t have to be a jew to wear a kippah. Just sucking the baby dicks is enough.

  223. Reaper says:

    There are many ways to counter it.

    ” The lawyers walk away with untold thousands of loot.”

    Sure for example MS 13 can take care the bitches cheaper -in case of USA.
    In other sides of the planet there are different organizations for the same goal.
    Also freelancers to make them vanish.

    Who familiar how to do that even can earn on the matter instead of expenses in certain service sites.

    Just better to do it before case gets into court or any legal process among other precautions.

  224. Emslander says:

    Both Rittenhouse and Fields travelled to a different state than their own when they committed their “racist crimes.” Could that not make it a Federal Crime, which would pave the way for a potential Trump pardon?

    It’s moot this morning, but even pardoning a person for a related federal crime doesn’t erase the underlying state crime. The law is only gray to those who observe it casually. Most of it is pretty cut and dried.

  225. anarchyst says:

    Thank you for your concise response.

    However, I must disagree with you on some of your points. I have personally observed vulnerable white women succumb to the “charms” of black men who destroy them after getting them pregnant. The terms “baby daddy” and “baby momma” are commonly used to describe those who copulate with blacks. In most cases, the man “sticks around” for the welfare check, nothing more. Abuse of white women by black men is not only common, but the norm.

    As to your assertion that false accusations of man-on-woman rape are false, you could not be more mistaken. The Duke University false rape case is but a high-profile case of ordinary men being charged with crimes with no proof. In just about every case, the man WILL be charged and incarcerated. If the accusation is eventually unproven, there is no censure for the women or recompense for the man.

    Uncontrolled immigration IS a major problem and is used by both political parties to further their own nefarious aims. The democRATS want uncontrolled immigration for votes while the republicans want uncontrolled immigration for cheap labor. The heartbreaking photos of babies and young children in immigrant caravans tugs at the heartstrings of women. This is the “hook” that is used to justify illegal immigration.

    That being said, I stand by my assertions and do respect your points-of-view.

    Best regards,

  226. anarchyst says:

    We in are complete agreement that rapists should be punished to the maximum extent of the law. I have absolutely no use for men that abuse women, just as I have no use for women that abuse men.
    Your description of black men having a propensity for rape is spot-on.

  227. Be of good cheer! We have FAR more power than you think.

    Remember: in 2002 the entire DC Beltway was in a panic over what turned out to be 2 POS mohammedan orcs with scoped rifles, driving around in an old granny car.

    • Agree: GeneralRipper
  228. Trinity says:
    @Peter Akuleyev

    Hitler’s courage cannot be questioned but you sure as hell can question the courage of Donald J. Trump. In the end Donald J. Trump was a grade A ass kissing shabbos goy to the Jews and even neglected his own for Blacks, pardoning a Black drug dealer and a Black (c)rapper of all people. Now we have this senile sack of shit known as Joe Biden swearing in today. This lying corrupt POS will actually have the gall to place his hand on the Bible and swear in along with his cackling hyena mutt of a VP, Caramel Harris. The fact that these two can place their hand on a Bible and swear in despite everyone knowing that they stole this election speaks volumes. Biden could possibly be more a shabbos goy to corrupt vile Jews than Trump and he certainly is tops in the field for kissing Black azz. Biggest azz kisser to Blacks that I have ever seen in my life, hell, come to think of it, I believe this white traitor trash has probably set a record of the number of Jews in his cabinet as well. He takes being white traitor trash to a new level.

  229. @follyofwar

    Well, we all know now that Trump did not pardon Assange. On his show last night, Tucker reported a rumor that Mitch McConnell, always looking out for the Uniparty first, told Trump that, if he pardoned Assange, then McConnell would push for a Senate impeachment trial. If true, that could explain why Assange wasn’t pardoned. Typical of Trump, always looking out for Number 1 first. Good riddance that coward.

    • Agree: Sick of Orcs
  230. @Peter Akuleyev

    If he had depleted the US Treasury to the extent that Hitler did to the German one, sure.

    The German Worker’s Party which Hitler joined in 1919 took the standard communist position that workers were being brutally exploited by the capitalist elite. That you also hear from more socialists than not. They just added aggrieved German nationalism to the mix and Hitler accelerated that. Once in power they spent their way into bankruptcy.

    Socialism and fascism are not remote bedfellows e.g. Mussolini and others started off as socialists before transitioning. Common to socialism, communism, fascism is a disdain for and inherent contempt for liberalism and market economics as opposed to heavy state direction and control. Outside of the Libertarian Party I don’t think anyone believes in unfettered markets.

    • Thanks: Mark G.
  231. Why did Hitler and his NAZI colleagues wish they were born Muslims and admired jihadist expansionist aggression ?

  232. Reaper says:

    Your theory based on the sexual value over lifetime does not add up.
    Not for marriage.

    For have a boyfriend (bull for a month), or choose a gang bang over the nice guy, or any similar where relationship is casual, and non-formal far more likely.

    What I find in regards the USA mean age at first divorce is about 30 years old for both male and female. Yet data lack of details, like consider how long they were married before, what was the age of the male or female when get married, all data count with the whole population not with certain groups in more than one detail.

    So I can rely more on the European trend.
    Marriages are less likely to even occur, when yes people tend to get married late (over 25-30 years old – which do not makes it more stable), and divorce happens far more often AFTER the one and only kid reaches 2-5 years old age. Latest average age for divorce 41 for female and 44 for male.

    Quite sure biology do not change radically between the two continents, so sexual value over lifetime similar.

    In my opinion reasons are not that much based on sexual matters.

    But based on modern approach/ expectations, as do legalisation/ circumstances.
    Modern approach/ expectations failures (makes it less stable):
    1. Marriage must based on love.
    2. Marriage must done between middle aged people with minimal age difference.
    3. Marriage is a personal choice, no need for approval/ no authority to upkeep it
    4. There is no preparation (education) around it in an old sense (as was just before ww2, when people trained as kid for it)
    5. Modern goal is: happiness
    6. Easy to avoid consequances
    7. This is from desires, not duties and principes
    As some examples why the modern marriage nearly destined to fail.
    For sure there are far more which are not present, which made marriages stable, like goal: having children.

    Legalisation, circumstances, economy is another (far more large) topic.

    • Replies: @Rosie
  233. Anon[264] • Disclaimer says:

    I will keep waging the fight.

    Fight against what, exactly?

    If you’re white, been red-pilled for any time at all, and have tried to wake-up your family/friends/coworkers – you have discovered for yourself how no good deed goes unpunished, and none are so blind as those who refuse to see.

    You do you, and let the dead bury their dead.

  234. Thomasina says:
    @Peter Akuleyev

    Trump is an overt narcissist, as opposed to being a covert narcissist, like Obama. Now, which one do you think would have frequented a steam bath? Yeah, okay.

    Trump went one way, drag queens another, gays another. All stemming from developmental disorders early in childhood.

    Who do you think are more dangerous, the overt narcissists (peacocks) or the covert narcissists? Peacocks are transparent, out in the open. Covert narcissists work behind the scenes, they are manipulative and sneaky.

    I hope Trump has learned a thing or two about himself in the past four years. I hope he’s learned that he’s more a traditionalist (hearth, home, country, family, anti-war) than he ever knew he was, that the indoctrination of “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous” was but a shallow attempt at being a man.

  235. @Rosie

    There is no American Anglican church that I know of. And the German Protestants, according to Wikipedia seem to be only about 1/4 of the population today. Hitler tried to unify them and was unsuccessful. Which is my point. They do not have a group-think mindset. They herd like cats. They seem to have been an even smaller part of the German populace during the WW2 era but that is not conclusive in my mind yet.

    Regarding the differences between Catholics v. Protestants. I make the point that we are now in a Second Protestant Reformation, this one secular, and there are major distinctions in mindset between Protestants and Catholics and this distinction matters. Catholics seem to be far more federalist than Protestants and far more legalistic and have modeled our courts after the European Courts in Catholic countries.

    Protestants of all kinds are now undergoing a second persecution. No one likes our anti-federalist viewpoints. We have lost the major universities we founded. Schools, both secular and state, now teach viewpoints we disagree with and cram that shit down our throats. Saying what you think gets you bad grades or kicked out of schools. We lose our jobs if we open our mouths. We don’t get jobs because we don’t have access to the quality education we once had.

    The censorship is major. We get deplatformed. We get banned from websites. Anything we say that someone doesn’t like is now deemed hate speech of some kind. There is free speech for everyone else but not for Protestants.

    Our courts have become much more legalistic and procedure driven similar to the courts of Europe that Protestants revolted against. Protestants want courts to have evidentiary hearings and trials on the merits. What the SC just did in Texas v. Penn. disgusts us. The court should have decided the case on the merits but instead it bailed on the procedural nonsense of “standing”. Seven of the Justices are now Catholic. Arguably Gorsuch is not Catholic now; but he was raised Catholic and the Protestant Church he identifies with is the closest Protestant Church to a Catholic one. Texas v. Penn was a very legalistic and procedural decision reminiscent of the European court system.

    The same legalistic procedure based decisions occurred all over the country in all but one of the election cases. Only one case that I know of, by the Wisconsin Supreme Court, decided the case on its merits, and when it did, it held that the shenangians of the Executive branch did not comply with the mandates of the legislatures. The ruling tossed over a hundred thousand votes as illegal ones in hugely Democratic counties. But nothing was done to change the Wisconsin EC’s despite the court’s ruling. Had there been evidentiary hearings in these cases, and the illegal ballots thrown out, the election outcome would have been different. Of that I have no doubt.

    But back to fascism. If you do not believe in a strong central government then you can not be fascist by definition. If you oppose the merger of corporation and government power, you are not fascist by definition. Words matter.

    So it is flat wrong to call white Protestants fascist. The Democratic party has basically thrown all Protestants out of it except for those who have not yet figured out what has happened to them. It is now the Democratic Party who deserves the appellation of fascism; not the Republicans.

    • Replies: @Rosie
    , @cronkitsche
  236. @Alden

    That is not what Wikipedia says. The Evangelical Church of Germany has nearly all of the Protestants of Germany contained within it and it is only 25% of the German Population.

    Hitler tried to unify the Protestants without success.

    I am a Protestant, atheist. I probably haven’t set foot in a church five time in 50 years. It doesn’t mean my values changed. That is why I say we are in the midst of a Second Protestant Reformation, this one secular.

  237. @davidgmillsatty

    You are confused. There is no such thing as Protestant atheist or secular Protestant Reformation.

    • Replies: @davidgmillsatty
  238. @Anonymous

    Even if it’s not the end of the world if white people no longer exist, shouldn’t we have some say in the matter, rather than the media and the government decide for us?

    Maybe if you get down on your knees and ask REAL NICE , “the government” (which pretends to represent you) will consider your heartfelt request for a few minutes, that is, if they’re not too busy making themselves richer and advancing their political careers…lol

    But don’t get your hopes up.

    I can understand why white nationalists would find you repulsive.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  239. Trinity says:

    Well considering Trump pardoned mostly Jews, Black (c)rappers and rich cronies, sucked enuff Jew/Israeli azz he should be choking on shit, while PRETENDING to be “politically incorrect”, basically doing nothing of any value to his White working class base, time to cue: Goodbye To You by Scandal. To all you Trump lovers, IF Jarvanka doesn’t move to muh Israel maybe you can vote for her/him AGAIN.

    Jarvanka 2024

    Make Israel Great Again

  240. Reaper says:

    “When I was a probation officer”

    Your comment based on your experience. That is ok.

    “And what’s wrong with White men that they defend rape sex assault and sex harassment when it’s black and Hispanic men who commit most of the rapes sex assault and harassment?”

    Looks like you talk about the reality.
    This needs an explanation:
    What you talk about is the reality, what happens on streets, the real cases, where nothing or minimal fake/ made up.
    In the manner as some sensible person talk about the western standard of rape/ harasment accusations vs. the reality when that really exist on a large scale, for example in Congo…

    What many talk about is the liberal-feminist nonsense, falsehood and the great profit in that for the females/ certain groups (from feminist organizations till charities, politicians, HR departments, etc).

    About black/ Hispanic:
    I am no US citizen, live in East Europe.
    Here we have a very low number of black/ Hispanic residents, sure less than 1% altogether. For exchange have gypsies, turks, others, but right now that is not important.
    What is important also have rape/ harassment accusations liberal-feminist-legal rampages.
    In the same manner as elsewhere in this mad progressive world.

    What is legal/ criminal in many cases just nonsense, especially in the past 50 years, also the ways as protected groups weaponize that.
    What was duty (so compulsory) once, like married man and wife have sex, and then children – nowdays called “rape in marriage”, “domestic violance”, “enforced pregnancy” and things pile up untill probably a dozen criminal cases and 25 years in prison.
    Just one example from the countless 180 degree turns.
    What was duty became crime, what was crime became “must be tolerated or you will be punished”.

    Some legalization nonsense from Spain the liberal-feminist utopia:

    Another matter when there is no legal case. Even in this mad overlegalized world that is baseless.
    So no criminal case, but a very strong de facto case.
    This made by social media (#meetoo/ similars), media, pressure groups (cancel type), or just with complains for example towards a company, or in-house worksplace verdicts.

    1. A security guard in university. Was some 60 old, widowed, worked there for some 20 years godd workforce, reliable, etc..
    One day comes pretty girl, sexy dressing, makeup. Guard look at her in a manner “you are pretty”. Said nothing, done nothing, not even moved.
    Because girl felt offended by a look from somebody not her chosing filed a complain officially. Again not criminal case/ no police included, liberal-feminist not jet make a law about a look carry prison sentence – just a complain.
    This became sexual harassment, guard kicked out with no wage, forbidden to enter any university, blacklisted by various security firms after university sent out e-mails with photo + personal data.

    2. A non succesful one in my worksplace.
    Girl filed an in-house (so not police/ legal, but local) sexal harassment case against two of my co-workers.
    The base was: girl wanted guys do her work, make her tasks, jobs, whatever. Well this worked for a while more or less, actually was two soft helpful guy. But not for unlimited levels, so after a while both refused to do extra work/ work instead of her.
    So bumm, come the sexual harassment case.
    Well that gone in circles, so overall 4 weeks of time wasting untill ended.
    The main reason why it was no succesful was our “equal rights executive” (something like that, have no clue how it called in English), who was a steel hard old lady who dominates even our CEO with a look, and in a 30 min. hearing (trial) after talked with all the accused/ and the girl put this nonsence in order.

    So this was the exception, the wast majority of similar cases end up the usual way: girl is the innocent victim, accused guy is automatically guilty and get judged, punished.

    So there no need any criminal case, or police presence.
    A facebook post far enought, even if not get picked up by media, or liberal-feminist-human right group, whatever, just by some stupid grail knight guy, who assume girl tells the truth for example from a boyfriend after an angry disagreement.

  241. Anonymous[400] • Disclaimer says:

    Well somebody said democracy may suck, but any other option sucks more.

    As for some differences you notice between people, have you read on the different average IQ of different countries, and races of people?

    In the name of communism, dozen millions people were killed in the 20th century: far, far more victims than were made by “fascism”.

    Self-interest is normal for a group. Usually you have peace in countries with one majority group doing their self-interest, and the other groups adapting to the rules given them.
    Whites are a particularly narcissistic group addicted to virtue-signalling, and inclined to virtue-signal against their own kin.

    And again, think well about the average IQ of different peoples, and keep in mind that like there is an intelligence quotient (IQ) there’s an ethnocentrism quotient (EQ): not all groups have the same drive to fight for their group; and some groups may have an extremely high drive to support anyone from their own group against anyone else.

  242. Anonymous[257] • Disclaimer says:
    @G J T

    Alright. But part of the work is to create the conditions so that as many people as possible may be ready to have certain conversations.

    Just like the other side works 24/7, from every direction, to strengthen the conditions so that as few people as possible be ready to have those conversations.

  243. Angharad says:

    Why would ANY White care about the “enslavement of negroes”? Get your bubble butt over to Afreaka, and whine about the “enslavement of negroes” THERE. Slavery is thriving with the advance of Islam. Best outcome would be if the negro Warlords would throw you into chains. Now GIT.

  244. @Schuetze

    Currency traders are reminder everyday of the structure of Switzerland by its currency code CHF
    Confederation Helvetica Franc.
    (A currency btw now strong and so much to be desired that it pays negative interest rates.)

    • Replies: @Schuetze
  245. @Charles Martel France

    Shows that you know nothing about America. Speak on Europe, something you might be able to enlighten us on.

    And I can call myself whatever I want to call myself. Are you the Protestant police?

    • Replies: @Charles Martel France
  246. I watched a Hitler speech once before he became Chancellor of Germany. It took place somewhere in the woods and he was on a high platform speaking without notes. The thing that I found interesting is that he stated that “we are “intolerant”. Then continued saying that he would not rest, until he had swept out the 32 different political parties that were supposedly representing German interests. I thought about the fact that Los Angeles for example, has 30 plus kinds of voting ballots and how many times the left and far left, had accused their enemies of “intolerance”. Then I remembered how many politicians, think that English is really not that important as the primary language of the country and that people need to be more “tolerant”. Just some random thoughts for what they are worth, that came across my mind while reading the U.S. news media for so many years and thinking at how so often the situation in this country is mirroring what happened so long ago, in a far away place.

  247. One of the most hilarious things I heard today from an establishment media reporter, was his saying that the U.S. still has peaceful transitions of power, UNLIKE third world nations, who always have violence. While he was saying this 25,000 military troops were about the only people there with a few of the long time democrats everyone knows. It struck me just about as hilarious as when democratic supporting ANITFA and BLM, had set whole city blocks on fire last year, while an establishment media reporter was saying that the riots were peaceful while massive fires were seen behind him…You can’t make this stuff up if you tried.

  248. PolarBear says:

    Southern Belles againt racial integration are as refreshing as ice cold sweet tea on a hot summer day in the South.

    • Replies: @Schuetze
  249. @Commentator Mike

    When Hitler invaded Poland and then France, Russia etc. etc. all bets were off on Hitler. That POS was responsible for Europe’s destruction from which Europe has not recovered. Hitler should have stayed in Germany and continued his work. BTW the Slavs don’t like to called Untermenchen and they will kick your ass if you F*** with them.

    Instead he should have worked for a United Europe with all European peoples as equal partners. He made some big mistakes and now we are paying the price.

    • Replies: @blaqua
  250. @davidgmillsatty

    Hitler tried to unify the Protestants without success.

    But he had great success in getting their votes.

  251. Publius 2 says:
    @Peter Akuleyev

    He doesn’t cross his legs like a woman when he sits, unlike Obama, Biden, both Bushes, and Clinton.

  252. Rosie says:

    Look, Do you have any friends that speak English asa first language, because I can’t work out what you’re carrying on about here.

    • Replies: @Reaper
  253. Publius 2 says:

    Except it’s the famous mask beast from Pennsylvania

  254. Rosie says:

    There is no American Anglican church that I know of.

    Good grief. It’s called the Episcopalian Church here. The Episcopalians are part of the Anglican communion. Episcopal means “bishop,” so yes it is centralized and authoritarian. It is not a large denomination, but it is very much a the denomination of the WASP elite, though this is not as true as it once was.

    But back to fascism. If you do not believe in a strong central government then you can not be fascist by definition. If you oppose the merger of corporation and government power, you are not fascist by definition. Words matter.

    White American Protestants are only anti-government because they know the government, as currently constituted, hates their guts. The Catholics know it, too. That’s why they vote Republican to the same degree as White Protestants who are not evangelicals. I really don’t see any point in making this a Protestant v. Catholic thing.

  255. Alden says:

    Read my post. It was about the Christian churches in when Hitler was appointed chancellor in 1933 and back to the reformation.

    Standing means a person has the right to sue and is in the right court. For instance, I can file suit to evict my tenant. I can’t file suit to evict your tenant. I don’t have any rights obligations or anything to do with your building or tenant.

    I can’t file a petty small claim that belongs in muni court in federal court. And I can’t file a federal case in the local county court.

    The American legal especially court procedures is based on the English system, not the continental what you call catholic system. Major difference.

    1 English American total opposition Continental discover the truth. English American prove the defendant guilty Continental law find out the truth. English American law has jury trials. Content all as it’s the panel of judges that tries the facts.

    English system the defendant respondent does not have to defend himself at all. All he has to do is say not guilty. Prosecutor must prove the case.

    America follows the English system, an officially Protestant country for 490 years.

    Continental system the defendant respondent must affirmatively positively actively defend himself. This includes proving the plaintiff prosecutor wrong

    It’s not catholic vs Protestant at all. Although American law follows the English system and England has an official Protestant church. If you call the English law system Protestant because England’s been Protestant 490 years then America has an English Protestant system

    Although, the English system of 2 attorneys in total opposition and the facts decided by juries was established at least a thousand years before the reformation. Probably Celtic German tribal law centuries before Catholicism

    The Protestant churches of Germany lost out after WW2. The Russians occupied the old north east Protestant heartland. 50 years of activist atheist communism had a detrimental effect.

    • Replies: @davidgmillsatty
    , @anon
  256. @davidgmillsatty

    You meant to say that you are culturally Protestant. That is not bad. I hope that you return to the Church one day.

    God Bless America.

    • Replies: @davidgmillsatty
  257. Schuetze says:

    I actually have never spent much time in the South. I was in Dallas and Jackson Mississippi on business trips in the 1980’s, and I really enjoyed the people I worked with there (they were all white).

    I have had the pleasure of knowing a couple of Southern ladies during my life, and like me they would be in their 60’s now. They were very polite and very graceful, and they seemed so much classier than the Californian and western women were, even back then. California, being the bleeding edge of American culture, was also the first state where women were polluted by feminism. The east coast with all its Jewish culture and JAP’s (Jewish American Princess) also was an early hot bed feminism, and of drug culture.

    It is my impression that the South, likely also due to the reconstruction and the shame of losing the war of Northern Aggression, seems to have held on to some of the vestiges of that old culture, one of which is charming and graceful women. I do not know if that holds true to this day, but judging be “Rosie”, who by her reaction I can safely assume is not a Southern Bell, they are far less likely to have turned into arrogant bimbos like the Yankee women have.

  258. Schuetze says:
    @Bill Jones

    When the money changes impose negative interest rates it is a sure sign that you are deep in the jungles of Judean usury.

    Switzerland was the last western country to go off of the gold coin exchange standard. She also was using silver coins until about 1966, even after the Swiss government banned the melting of Swiss silver coins for their silver content, which was worth more than their nominal value. As a consequence most Swiss have a stash of old silver and and gold coins. This also relates to the theme of this tread as it could likely play a role in the “final solution” to this post war judaic tyranny.

    Switzerland was part of the Latin Monetary Union, a European gold standard that is everything that the Euro should have tried to be.

    The Beautiful Vreneli, a Swiss lady uncorrupted by Judaic Feminism, crowns the most famous Swiss gold coin:

  259. Rosie says:

    I am not sure if you are saying that you are feminine or that you are not feminine,

    Not the brightest bulb in the chandelier, I see.

    Anyway, no, I am not conventionally feminine, and certainly not in the unduly narrow, shallow, superficial way that you understand femininity.

    I assume you use the handle “Rosie” because of this:

    Wrong. See if you can figure it out. There is a clue in this very thread.

    Repeat after me: We don’t GAF what you think. In the 90s, I went full grunge. It was the best thing I ever did. I got less attention, but I got the right kind of attention.

    I can’t think of any better reason to give up shaving than that it repels the likes of you.

    • LOL: Schuetze
  260. Reaper says:

    Which part(s) of that comment you can’t work out?

    • Replies: @Rosie
  261. Tom says:

    [This isn’t an imageboard so stop cluttering the threads up with your large images.]

    It’s long been open season on Gentile Straight Whites. You know the builders (mostly) of Western Civilization. It all has to come down, as per the desires of that elitist clan “of a certain persuasion”.


  262. Rosie says:

    Let’s start with the bit about a “bull for a month.” Take your time and write in complete sentences.

  263. blaqua says:

    True, Hitler’s suicidal megalomania was the end of Nazis. Like Bonaparte, he attacked so many foreign territories within a very short period of time (including the inhospitable land of frost Russia!) and his armies were soon decimated and defeated. He should have focused on the important domestic issues for the good of Germanism and the rest of Europe.

    • Agree: europeasant
    • Replies: @Bookish1
  264. blaqua says:

    ‘ it is currently a fifth-generation war: an information and propaganda war against the traditional power structure in the US.’
    Against the self-hating members of the majority and the growing horde of aggressive self-entitled minorities eating away at that majority, sadly the only solution seems to be a nationwide armed revolution. But it cannot happen in the near future as most of the stupefied majority does not live in a state of neediness. I think the US will serve as one more example of a mighty country that gradually declined in part because of its hostile to the traditional majority minorities.

  265. Reaper says:

    “bull for a month.” =
    A kind of boyfriend, dominant alpha male usually with a very masculine (bodybuilder) apperance for casual, temporal short term sexual relationship. Preferably with a level of popularity, especially in case of high school.


    Not called lover or sex partner because local ethics/ perception still (on some level) against the promiscuous “slutty” behavior. So instead been a slut the girl present the illusion to “fall in love” with somebody, have a boyfriend/ relationship.
    Off course in next week, or month “fall in love” with someone else, and again have a supposedly “long term relationship” with a “boyfriend”.
    The goal is mainly to avoid titles like slut of the class/ school, bitch, whore, appear in a better light with parents, upkeep a less harshly judged public face.
    Also used as the “seduced poor girl” who as victim lured into a relationship by a bad guy (victim role), especially in case of pregnancy/ abortion.
    Practiced mainly by 14-25 years old females.

    So differ from the “cuckold bull” which have a prerequisite of a formal relationship (eg. marriage) or long lasting civil partnership, which often combined with chastity device sometimes with sissification.

    Also differ from the “virgin slut” which refer the same “change boyfriend weekly”, but that is non-sexual, and practiced mainly females under 15.
    “Chav slut” term start to became an umbrella synonym which includes this:
    The 1., 3. and 5. description.

    While liberal-feminist use only the term of “slut shaming” for up to a 100 different terms, for all/ any which describes: questionable, sexually proactive appearance/ behavior or relationship form, which can portray in a negative light any female.

    So as you see to properly explain terms/ what is related to them is quite long, not just a whole sentence, and goes a bit offtopic, while the important sections in the particular comment are elsewhere, so terms, and “not whole” sentences used in the less important sections.

  266. Cking says:

    15 million Germans are reportedly killed before, during, and in the post VE era, at least another 5 million were killed in the WWI era. The exact number of Germans killed between 1911 and 1950 must be definitively ascertained, as circumstantial evidence will prove, indicating the origins of the Holocaust certainly began in the plan to destroy Germany and exterminate the German people, who were considered a powerful and dangerous rival to the British Imperial system.

    Prince Edward’s relentless orchestration of nations and monarchies that became the encirclement of Germany went on for decades, and as King Edward VII organized the Entente Cordiale; he never saw his Magnum Opus, WWI. International Zionists, Churchill’s many speeches as head of the Liberal Party, and Montague’s Mandarins of Finance Capital centered in the City of London that eventually brought Wall St. and the Federal Reserve Bank into the WWI system, made WWI and WWII possible.

    • Agree: GazaPlanet
  267. Mistral says:

    I think this article is really a comment on social mobility or a social phenomena called Status Inconsistency (SI). Si is a creature that has been in society for ages. Remember there were poor whites in this country during the antebellum. Poor whites didn’t have access to training and were really upset to see a black who had skills learned to serve their white masters. Poor whites made up a large population at the beginning of the century here in USA. Also in the middle ages Turks would catch whites to sell them in the slavery trade.
    I am of Mexican ancestry and being of the lower class I grew up with the stigma of being poor and not having access to education, I became a target of disdain and contempt in the higher social circles. Then, I learned to play the drums and after a few years, I became very proficient and very soon I was one of the darlings among the higher/wealthy social circles in my hometown. SI was on my side. Even those who had despised me were begging my acceptance. SI was so good to me but then I stopped playing drums and came to this country. I went back to the lower class and despised as the wetback I was. Somehow, I managed to graduate from College and I also achieved a Master Degree and back to a positive SI. From this experience, I see how the person who was killed became SI in a negative light and was dispossed of his honor. Today Blacks, Hispanics, and a plethora of society’s former white trash, wetbacks and others have come to enjoy a positive SI. This dynamic will continue for centuries to come. Let’s do our best to rescue those in the bottom and create a positive SI all over.

    • Replies: @davidgmillsatty
  268. @Alden

    The point is that a woman can leave her husband, gaining part of his resources, and then take up with another man. The man has the obligations in marriage, the woman does not. These are things that apparently morally bankrupt wasp-America and hen-pecked Britain have long approved. It is pure social degeneracy, like their strong support for contraception and abortion, that has led society to a pitiable state, where husbands and fathers are not respected in their own homes. But it has nothing to do with me personally. I was raised in a traditional family with a mother who understands Christian teaching on marriage. Unlike the rainbow Episcopalian subhumans.

    Warning for anyone who trusts Tucker Carlson. He was a libertinarian during his bowtie days, a friend of the Nevada pimp Hof. He is part of America’s degenerate caste.

  269. @Charles Martel France

    That will not happen as I don’t believe in life after death. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t have Protestant values. I was raised Protestant and went to a Presbyterian College and the core curriculum at the time required enough hours to have a minor in religion and philosophy in most other schools. Mine did not award minors. I understand Protestant values and live by them.

  270. @Alden

    In the US we differentiate between English Common Law and European Civil law. There is one state, Louisiana, (which has a lot of people of French ancestry) that had, and maybe still does, many of the characteristics of the European Civil Law.

    European Civil law is Catholic based. It is nothing like the law that Protestants in England and in the US have. You note a number of differences. But those differences are major to us. And my point is that more and more our system is becoming more like the European system that we left.

  271. @Mistral

    Social mobility is declining in the US, not improving.

    • Replies: @Mistral
  272. Mistral says:

    The point is not to allow outside forces to nab you but to develop the fortitude to be free from oppressive/destructive forces be it racial, economical or spiritual and in freedom, share the joy of life wherever you are.

  273. JJJ says:

    Jeff Costello, right?

  274. Trinity says:

    I remember when Norman (((Mailer))) was talking about how dictators are usually ugly men, hmm, Norman (((Mailer))) talking about the looks of another man, now that there is rich. Anyhow, of course (((Mailer))) was covering the Ali-Foreman fight in Zaire and he was talking about some ugly African dictator at the time and I can’t quite remember if he brought up Hitler’s name or not. Looking at that photo above, Hitler was not an ugly man, he wasn’t exactly Elvis Presley but he was a decent looking man, he was certainly better looking than Norman (((Mailer.)))

    Good ole Norman liked to portray himself as a tough guy. ROTFLMMFWAO. I love it when Hymiewood stars, writers or other dweebs like to pretend they are tough. Mickey Rourke couldn’t box oranges, Ernest Hemmingway couldn’t fight his way out of a paper bag and was lucky that Gene Tunney didn’t take his commie head off. Hemmingway was lightly sparring with Tunney and commie boy decided to take a cheap shot. Tunney, being the gentleman he was threw out a jab and stopped just inches from the writer’s face and told him do not ever make the mistake of doing that again. Hemmingway’s nutsack probably shriveled up to the size of grapes. Tunney? No homo but Tunney was a good looking man. Anyhow check out Rip Torn vs Norman Mailer on YouTube for tuff guy Norman. Rip Torn, obviously high as a kite has a Charles Manson look in his eyes as he argues with Norm after pummeling him. Good ole Rip Torn was a Texas boy if I am not mistaken. Don’t mess with Texas, yawl.

    Btw, IMO, I’m guessing old that shit we hear or read about Teddy Roosevelt being a tough hombre is horseshit as well.

    • Replies: @MF
  275. Snert says:

    The whole anti-white business is littke more than a manifestation of envy that blacks and other non-white races harbour because they lacked the cognitive and physical abilities to create the technologies and societies that whites have.

    It’s also proof that Marxists are fomenting anti-white sentiment while pretending to offer succour to self-selected oppressed peoples as a means to achieve their true aims.

    Like it or not, European whites largely created the modern, technologically advanced world we live in today. They did so not out of any sense of superiority, but for survival in cold, harsh climates.

    By comparison, that kind of technology wasn’t needed in a place like Africa, where the climate is warmer, food is abundant and growing seasons are long. To survive in such a place, you need relatively little advanced technology. The same holds true of most parts of Asia.

    In fact, if you go to Africa and teach non-white locsls how to build a computer, they will have difficulty because they live in a civilization where the technology isn’t needed and not part of the civilizational framework.

    Non-whites will tell you that their lack of success is due to having been suppressed by white people. In the early part of the 20th century, this might have been true to a degree. However, in the last 50 years, whites have bent over backwards to provide numerous educational and economic opportunities for non-whites and even paid for them.

    After all, who created affirmative action employment policies? White people did. Who ended slavery? White people did.

    Is it therefore any white person’s fault that non-white people failed to take advantage of these opportunities?

    Sone would say my opinions are racist, even extreme right-wing. But let’s imagine there’s no such thing as skin colour and we still have people who feel oppressed because they lack the mental capacity to succeed in technological fields or other endeavours? What then? And I am a moderate, a centrist who supports democratic socialism. I support no particular ideology; I support truth and reason.

    My skin colour is not the cause of the failure of non-white races. If blacks and others are not being asked to apologize for their skin colour, is it reasonable to ask me to apologize for my skin colour? No, it’s not, and I won’t.

    A big problem in the left is a refusal to accept the existence of grey areas, the reality that there is good and bad in everything and everyone. Hitler wasn’t totally the demon he was made out to be. To say so does not mean I support Naziism, genocide, or everything Hitler did or stood for that was evil. By the same token, Winston Churchill wasn’t entirely the good man everyone thought he was. He did, after all, preside over the bombings of Dresden, Germany that caused a firestorm that killed 25,000 people and achieved nothing of strategic value.

    Another problem with the left is that it demands that you accept their narratives without question. That is, in the mind of a leftist, something is bad because they say so, and not because it necessarily is bad.

    White people do not seem to realize right now that their lives are in danger, and that this risk increases daily; it’s not a stretch to think that someday soon, whites could find themselves to be victims of genocide. Guilt over being white is a luxury they can’t afford.

    • Agree: Joseph Doaks
    • Thanks: FLgeezer
    • Replies: @Reaper
    , @Ponder
  276. MF says:

    If Taft hadn’t had to deal with a vote splitting Bull Moose Party he may have truly “kept us out of war”, etc. Indeed perhaps it would have been better in the long run had Schrank succeeded in his 1912 attempt. However, to suggest Theodore Roosevelt wasn’t a tough cookie is to ignore a rather remarkable day in Milwaukee when with an assassin’s bullet in his chest muscle and blood on his shirt Roosevelt called for his would be killer to he brought forward, looked in the eyes and called a “poor creature” to his face. Roosevelt saw that he was protected from the gathering lynch mob and then made his way to deliver a scheduled speech. “It takes more than that to kill a bull moose.”

    • Replies: @Bolteric
  277. Reaper says:

    Harsh environment/ cold climate hardly the reason of technical advantages, rapid advancements/ developements.
    There were no such in the North America before the colonization or Siberia before the enforced industrialization by the communists, or cold areas in S. America.

    The simple reason is the population numbers: harsh/ cold environment hardly capable to upkeep a large population WITHOUT a certain level in technology.
    That technology hardly reachable if there are no large enough population, which by the way urbanized, and as such have far more potencial for specialization, education.
    More likely remain/ became hunter-gather, nomadic, self-supporting less specialized, less urbanised.

    In ancient times/ middle ages the less harsh/ warmer areas like Egypt, Assiria, Greece, Rome, parts of India, China, Franks/ HRE were more developed/ advanced in technology.
    For the simple reason they have better climate, less harsh environment, rivers (most less likely froze), and by that they were able to support a larger population, by that more specialization.

    “He did, after all, preside over the bombings of Dresden, Germany that caused a firestorm that killed 25,000 people and achieved nothing of strategic value.”

    The strategic value were quite simple:
    People – with reason – flee the western parts of Germany.

    Allies needed to deal with the situation.
    People need shelter, food, during war/ after war this carries security risks, logistical problems, etc…
    Dresden were a hub in that time to flee west from the Red Army.
    So the destruction of the city, with inhabitians/ refugees were a tool:
    1. destroy the hub
    2. kill many who do not need taken care of/ carry security risks
    3. broke the will of the defeated
    4. make clear if they flee west not so sure they turn up better

    So there were strategic/ security reasons, also logistical, resource (mainly food).
    By the way this was hardcore psy-ops.
    Many of the bombings in ww2 were mainly terror bombings, which care more on the psychological effects than the destruction of military potencial.

    As for the other parts:
    Fine comment.

  278. @Schuetze

    Thanks Schuetze.

    I sympathize. About 20 years ago I read a book written by Robert Stinnett called Day of Deceit. Afterward I didn’t know what to think about it. It was as if someone had dropped a monkey wrench into my brain’s gears and I somehow had to learn how to process input in a new way, one in which the monkey wrench was permanently fastened. I had to attempt to peer through a fog of knowledge that I had already taken for granted was true, and discern truth from fabrication. Thomas Gray must have faced something similar when he wrote, “ignorance is bliss”.

    • Thanks: Schuetze
  279. KA says:

    Odd belief and inflexibility of literal faith
    can obscure true nature and the real purpose of the believers and the non- believers respectively .

    Here is one from the warmonger intellectual

    .”Aug. 22 could be an ominous date for Israelis and Americans based on its significance this year as one of Islam’s most revered holy days, according to a Princeton professor who says Iran may be planning “cataclysmic events” to prepare the way for Shiite Muslims’ awaited messiah.”

    – Being in Princeton was not enough to cure him of his ethnocentric love of unjustified war propaganda carried on the back of angry Americans .

    Also remember the Gog and Magog stuff of Bush jr . It was not his idea . Someone from neoconservative must have provided him with this nostalgic myth so that he can sell the war to the dumb Americans .

    See myth did not define American science , life, politics and military. But it helped sale an illegal war and maintain animosity loved by the elite .
    That’s the function of myth . Sometimes you distort myth of another country like Lewis did from Princeton , sometimes you use your own .

    When you talk of rigid doctrinaire Islamic culture with burka , you are focusing on myths – sone created by Muslim elite , some created by Lewis kind of thugs for ulterior purposes.
    But like America , glory of Islam from bygone era didn’t derive from these beliefs or practices .

    Burqa -whole body cover – was embraced by Muslim from Europe( Armstrong in Guardian ) and was more rigidly and broadly introduced by Muslim elite after they had come in contact with Rajhastan system of veiling ( Wendy Donniger ) whose culture imposed rigid purdah for their women . Whole body or facial covering was not a feature of Islam .

    How would you ponder on your attitude if I tell you that the very foundation of English laws relied on Shariah law from Muslim Sicily after Sicily and England – both had been conquered by Norman .They veered away from the laws of the country of the origin – Europe- which was still mired in old Roman law .?

    How would you appreciate the facts that the some Islamic challenges to the Zoorothristian – Persi practices of self – marriage or incest was overruled by Shariah court because that was permitted by the Zoorothustha religion for its followers ?

    Civilization rise over another only when it has better things to offer or when the later dies from within .

    Re 1 -Shaikh Hamid Ali in his The Homosexual Challenge to Muslim Ethics, documents how some jurists attempted to understand those who behaved effeminately (mukhannath) based on whether it was innate or by choice. He quotes Shaikh Yahya b. Sharaf al-Nawawi (1277 CE) as writing that “there is no blame, censure, sin, or punishment on this type [one acting out of natural inclination] because he is excused by virtue of having no hand in that condition.”

    2— A case in point is a ruling by Shaikh Ibn al Qayim al Jawziya, a prominent Hanbali jurist of the 14thcentury, who was asked whether the Muslim state should ban the Zoroastrian institution of self-marriage whereby men were encouraged to marry their mothers and sisters. While affirming that this was unlawful and morally repugnant under Islamic law, Ibn al Qayim (a student of the puritanical Ibn Taymiyaa) ruled that the state could not ban this practice

  280. Curle says:

    White supremacy isn’t an ideology.

    Have a nice day.

  281. Ponder says:

    The whole problem with your thesis is you lack a proper understanding of how the world works. Start by understanding
    — fractional reserve banking and private control of central banks of so called independent countries. Maybe you may start to understand why Iran, North Korea, Libya, etc are called evil. Note the countries with an independent central bank and what happens to them.
    — petrol dollar world economy and how it’s maintained by military hegemonic might and you may understand why Iraq and Libya were destroyed when for example Saddam changed oil sales to Euros, and why Venezuela and Iran must now be destroyed while embargoed to death destroying the nations, and why Yemen must be subjugated to steal their untapped oil reserves etc etc
    —- learn about the role of IMF and World bank in introducing SAP’s and neo-liberal policies that gut and destroy 3 world nations by forcing privatisation and some such.
    — learn why China’s BRI is at the crossroads for destruction as it is embraced by so called 3rd world countries. See the sabotage schemes in play for many 3rd world countries in BRI.

    I believe that is enough to change your world-view if indeed you are not a troll. And by the way, go through a list of how many countries have been destroyed and their governments overturned by mostly US and western countries. Then go to the UN and see how many times veto has been used by western countries primarily the US in direct contravention to the UN own charter. If you don’t even know all that, how would I expect you to understand why minorities are being elevated and whites cut to size. Hint – to equalize humanity and then save the planet from over-population from useless eaters. Now, if you had stayed true to the Truth and not accepted injustice to those minorities, we would have saved this day. But because you enthusiastically supported your nations plundering minorities while gleefully and cheerfully endorsing all those vile actions, the end game is upon us. And you white brethren are all untermensch/ deplorable just like the minorities were. Sadly, the bigotry and hatred will not end, so, welcome our fellow Palestinians. No rights for you either. Accept your subjugation and destruction. I have to say, that I am amazed at how quickly whites are bemoaning being treated unfairly while they cheered or where unperturbed as the minorities were getting it. It seems you are good at dishing it out but can’t take it.

    • Agree: acementhead
  282. @cronkitsche

    I am stunned(in a good way) with your response and suggestions. I make it a point to try and get to know someone better and then keep in touch with them. You also thanked my earlier comment(get a white ethnostate, comment #57).

    If it is fine with you send me an email and I assure you our interactions would be engaging. My email address is: [email protected]. I like this forum but could they advance it with allowing a friends list/private message options. These are basic features on any forum.

    • Agree: Reaper
  283. @Ponder

    I read his comment and he is absolutely spot on! I am a brown Indian. I shall not proceed to write much but all I will say is people put way too much emphasis on culture/religion/sociology and not enough on biology/geography and technology. Snert is spot on for the most part.

    • Replies: @Ponder
  284. @aandrews

    Ah ha… OOOOOO KAYYYYYY…….lol Why it is that apparently some sane citizens of this country continue to support the left, democrat party is hard to discern. Is it plain political ignorance? Is it not giving a damn about their children’s future? Are they enraged about how radical tens of thousands of conservatives were when they waited in line, between two purple ropes, with their walkers and canes, trying to go up to the people’s house and say something to the cretins that govern them? LOL

    • Agree: Joseph Doaks
  285. @shylockcracy

    Hitler was definitely under the spell of Britannic Glory. Sure the Anglo-Sax0ns were a germanic people, but really, the French would have been better to cultivate as friends. The English are notoriously treacherous and self dealing. No wonder the Anglo-Zionist ideology sprung up there.

    • Agree: Trinity
  286. Ponder says:
    @RJ Macready

    Since you said you agree with what he wrote, implies that you also understand the 4 points that I asked him to find out about, could you please detail how he is right vis-a-vis those 4 points. Thanks

  287. White Dad says:

    I must be a national hero. My wife and I have 14 white children.

    • LOL: Bolteric
  288. @Katrinka

    Correct. He was not gay in any way, although he recognized gays and wasn’t himself particularly worried about them.

  289. @Peter Akuleyev

    Peter, you are totally right. Compared to Trump, Hitler was a mans man, as so many of his close followers recognized. Even during WW I , he was reported to have often volunteered for the most dangerous tasks such as running in the open to deliver information towards other German lines. One of his friends marveled that he once occupied himself with doing some sketches, almost in the open. He could rightfully be called different, bizarre, etc. but not queer. He was also decorated for bravery in the highest way a mere corporal could be. Some of the men who knew him, called him the “drummer”,when he began his constant military training banter, etc.

  290. @Anonymous

    Russia isn’t poor. Its standard of living has improved greatly since the collapse of the USSR, and that despite sanctions imposed by Russia-hating US-based globohomo activists. Chances are that 50 years from now Russia will have a higher standard of living than the US. That’s because national wealth strongly correlates to average IQ and the average IQ in the US is plummeting thanks to the importation of tens of millions of low-IQ natives of the Third World and to an awful, doctrinaire educational system. However, Russia cannot hope to compete with China in terms of gross GDP because its population is only one tenth as large.

    The systems of government of both China and Russia can be said to be fascist. Under fascism, private enterprise is allowed, but business interests must be subordinated to those of the state, which aims for national greatness. In the US, the further enrichment and empowerment of globohomo oligarchs is the de facto national priority.

    • Replies: @Tony massey
  291. FLgeezer says:

    Thank you S2C. One of your customary great posts!

  292. Bookish1 says:

    You are way off base about Hitler starting ww2. Hitler did everything he could to avoid a war but was forced into it. It is a very deep and complicated subject and I have studied it for many years.

    • Thanks: Trinity
    • Replies: @4secession
  293. Bolteric says:

    Teddy Roosenvelt was all show. He made a huge point to build up his image via his North Dakota adventures, which were cushy relative to those of true frontiersman. When it came time to cast votes the Dakotans did not have his back, knowing his weak showmanship.

    • Thanks: Trinity
  294. Bolteric says:

    This is a reply worthy comment. Certainly studying antiquity is a critical piece for our rebirth. Our own gracious editor, too, has studied and written on the subject and his essays (I am assuming as an Undergraduate) are in his hardbound volume- well worth purchasing. Furthermore he concedes that having written those aided him in crafting his best recent articles on Pravda. I had the option to study Latin in secondary school, but chose Spanish. I am forced to read translations, when I get the urge. I wonder how useful it would be for an aspiring WASP politician to study Hebrew. Seems like a good card to play. Nevertheless gnothe se auton, and learn like you’ll live forever.

  295. I echo Mr. Cracker’s comment about planning like a prepper. I cannot really get in the limelight due to my work.

    I have found that I can find people who are at least somewhat racially aware by dropping racial slurs. It can be risky, but has not backfired on me yet. I would hesitate to do this around women, but the men I have tried it on would usually end up dropping slurs of their own. This is especially more effective one to one, without peer pressure preventing people from opening up. However crass, people need to be comfortable talking about race and the importance of it.

  296. @Bookish1

    I agree that Hitler did not want war. This idea reminds me of what Netanyahu said about war and I will be paraphrasing-“if they don’t want to go to war, we will bomb them into wanting to go to war.”

    Looking at how things play out in modern day, we can see that Israel has a habit of foisting war upon countries… 9/11, middle east.

  297. Alden says:

    “Rescue White America “. How can we rescue White America when about half White Americans are as anti White as Al Sharpton, 40 percent don’t care, and only about 10 percent want to do anything about it.

    One thing I enjoy is all the well educated in STEM liberal democrat anti White White men I know who just can’t understand why they can’t get a decent career going.

    Anti White White men what’s wrong with them. If they had the careers they were educated for, I could understand why they don’t care about affirmative action. But they are the victims of affirmative action and just refuse to acknowledge it.

    • Agree: Reaper
    • Replies: @Reaper
  298. anon[384] • Disclaimer says:

    American legal system is derived from British legal system which in the centuries surrounding Norman invasion of Sicily and British isle stemmed from Shariah law or Islamic jurisprudence as practiced in muslim Sicily before it was conquered by Norman.
    Introduction of trial by jury and exclusion of hearsay came from Shari’ah ,questioning of witness , and ideas of punishment commensurate with crimes or even habeas corpus – ideas were derived from Islamic law.

    The Islamic Origins of the Common Law John A. Makdisi–(Dean and Professor of Law, Loyola University New Orleans School of Law. B.A., Harvard College, 1971; J.D., University of Pennsylvania Law School, 1974; S.J.D., Harvard Law School, 1985.)

    – Henry II created the common law in the twelfth century, which resultedin revolutionarychanges in the English legal system, chief amongwhichweretheactionofdebt,theassizeofnovel disseisin, andtrialbyjury. Thesourcesofthesethreeinstitutionshavelong been ascribed to influences from other legal systems such as Roman law. Professor Makdisi has uncovered new evidence which suggests that these institutions may trace their origins directly to Islamic legal institutions. The evidence lies in the unique identity of characteristicsof these three institutions with those of their Islamic counterparts,

  299. …have never seen an article with reader ‘comments’, interesting concept. Like probably many reading this article I grew up in the 2000’s, listening to Britney Spears reading Mein Kampf, homeschooled never attended regime school, Trump vs Clinton was the 1st selection I was old enough to vote. Our family church realized Trump was a fake populist. We don’t believe in democracy so it was nice the Wuhan fiasco empowered us to vote in a block. We take our mail in ballots to our pastor, we sign them and he votes for us. We voted as a block for a 3rd party candidate.
    Like a lot of home schoolers in rural areas, living off grid, i read multiple languages and was able to read Hitler in German. I was taught to despise the constitution and besides the occasional cross flaming, also like Blm and antifa burned the flag, although for different reasons.
    We were taught, to know the constitution is a historical document NOT a functioning framework for governance that’s #Qanon bravo sierra. by 1860, 80 years after the murderous cabal came to power…it was clear, the founding fathers, the original 1984 in 1776, their rights, constitution and governance was a fraud. 1:5 Americans were chattel property, 750,000 would die in civil war. in the last 80 years the souless fraud has morphed into a multilevel media pyramid scam, that every generation picks an area …the Americas, south east Asia, the middle east to decimate and destabilize. The cabal has named you the bogeyman scheduled for economic erasure. saluting the flag MAGA style, burning the flag BLM or ANTIFA style, black or white, your deathstyle choice, amounts to the same thing- living in their narrative, the only option in 2021 is to suspect the dream generator psyop of toxicity. #RidinWithBiden #constitution and #22ndAmendment. #Washingtoninsiders realists know #Biden was the brains behind #Obama, making this Biden’s 3rd term.

  300. @Baron Cyborg

    It is greatly ironic to me that “originalists’ like Scalia and Thomas, both Catholics, think they know the intentions of Protestants who wrote the Constitution. I remember watching Scalia giving a ‘lecture” of some kind about the Federalist Papers and how we all needed to understand them to interpret them. He made no mention of the Anti-Federalist papers. Nor did he mention that the vagueness of the Constitution was required to achieve consensus for it to pass.

    The anti-Federalists were responsible for the Bill of Rights. You really can’t get the full picture of the Constitution by reading one side’s position on the matter.

    The federalists wanted a strong federal government and the anti-federalists did not. It does not seem surprising in the least that Catholics, like Scalia and Thomas, want a strong federal government given the religious background of Catholics whose model is a strong central system, a hierarchy, and narrow interpretations of the Biblical text. That is just the opposite of Protestantism which rejected this model.

    So their “originalist” viewpoint is one sided in a way that Protestants rejected.

  301. @Ponder

    Name ten things, by any minority of your choice, that were invented, engineered, designed, built or manufactured by that minority.

    Most people find they can’t come up with ten. Yet all around us in the US are hundreds of things that people of all races and creeds use every single day that were invented, engineered, designed, built or manufactured by Christians of European descent.

    People of Christian European descent are very good at making stuff that people need and want. Basic applied science.

    Until you wrap your head around that fact, we will probably continue to ignore statements like yours, which sounds like a sophisticated version of “white privilege.”

    • Agree: FLgeezer
    • Replies: @Ponder
    , @Ponder
    , @Reaper
  302. @Ray Caruso

    The best friends I’ve ever had were Russian.
    Those are the best people I’ve ever known.
    I’ve been a part of the Russian community in Nashville for 27 years.
    I’ve attended the Russian Orthodox church numerous times in Knoxville.
    My best friend is Russian.
    They have the most beautiful women.
    I lived in Moscow for 21 months when their were over 2000 murders a was prolly closer to 3k.
    Most went unsolved.
    I don’t even speak Russian. All my Russian people spoke English very well.
    I will defend Russians with my last drop of blood.
    They are the best people.
    I spent a summer at east Palo(Stanford) in the early 90s in a Russian community. I knew some of the most educated people ever mopping floors.
    They will do what they have to.
    They will do it better.
    The women fuck like beasts. They work a cock.
    I’ll take a Russian any day over any human being.
    The best writers are Russian.
    Russian peasant food is pure cuisine.
    Me and some Russians(including their women) would wipe the fucking floor of trash.
    Moscow in 1994-1995 was a tough place.
    The toughest people i ever met.
    I got by pretty well on a couple hundred dollars a month. Most Russian were doing worse.
    They took very good care of me.
    I’ll never forget

    • Replies: @RJ Macready
  303. Ponder says:

    I can wrap my head around that alright, but can you wrap your head around that minorities have been existing without your inventions for millennia?

    Is that your justification for your so called exceptionalism and manifest destiny and “right” to plunder the rest of the world? Or how exactly does your question or ‘fact’ justify your worldview?

    • Replies: @RJ Macready
  304. Ponder says:

    And it’s ok to ignore statements like mine. Reality will teach you in a very few years, I stipulate 2-4 for the realization to start sinking in, as it doesn’t seem to have yet. Except for a few like Tom Luongo. That system you scream about all the time —-“democracy” —- to rest of the world is right now in-house in your outlaw empire. It has devoured and plundered just as foretold by Daniel as the 4 beast. When we tried to point out things to you and that you denounce plunder and obey international law, you refused to take heed and even cheered it along. Now, has come time for it to devour you too. For by the same measure you measure unto others, so shall it be measured unto you or Karma is a …….. are you a domestic terroris?

    • Replies: @davidgmillsatty
  305. You’ve had some interesting experiences with the Ruskies. In my experience they are weary of Americans because they know typical Americans hate their country and by extension hate them. When they see you are friendly, then they are also friendly.

    • Replies: @Tony massey
  306. @Ray Caruso

    I love the Russians.
    I’ll die for them.
    The bed best women in this world(that I’ve met, i don’t want to disparage any countries women) are Russian.
    That’s great pussy, dude.
    They’ll fight.
    I’ve never met a Russian woman that wouldnt fight any man.
    The Russian men I’ve known are not guys you want to chance the odds on.
    They won ww2. They’ve paid the highest price of any civilization in recorded history.
    Hmm…theyre tooooo stoical.
    They lack the passion of most Southerners.
    WE LUCKY FEW…who are southern, are not stoical. We’re not smart enough.
    You dont have to be smart to trade punches.

  307. @Ponder

    Ponder- understand this. There is NOTHING wrong with imperialism/colonialism. Life is a struggle, a challenge. Be it an amoeba, bacteria or the blue whale and elephants- fighting, controlling, overpowering and ruling is the inherent nature. It is the very inherent nature of all life. Two siblings will fight, husband wives will fight, friends will fight. This is where Christianity(and all religions) fuck things up. I firmly believe the reason the west is in the state it is in is due to this obsession with goodwill and morality. Nothing else.

    • Replies: @Ponder
  308. Ponder says:
    @RJ Macready

    Thanks for outing yourself. I had some debate back with a similar Indian called malla and we ended the same place I have with you, although you are less deceptive and vile I should say. That caste system sure can warp someone’s mind and turn it into ………………

    You haven’t provided an answer but rather tried to justify the unjustifiable. Even by throwing morality and justice out the window to equate humans to animals, you will not go the whole way since, you will draw a line to your barbarism by acknowledging that humans require some semblance of law and order. Family structures – law and order, communities – law and order, religions – law and order, civilisations -law and order. Name any one instance of human interaction without law and order, whether real or feigned. Which society or way of life does not protect its weak from the strong? Family? Society? Are not what you are suggesting just a mindset to allow the construct of plunder among some contrived difference to the ‘other’ by using race, or religion, or whatever to justify your bigotry?

    How then do tell did we know that we are imperfect in order to craft some ideals to aspire too or in other words why aspire for perfection if there is no perfection? Your worldview is severely flawed. If life is a struggle, which it is, are you saying that there is no other way to live without destruction and subjugation and plunder? And what happens when we identify societies that have existed without plundering each other as you propose and support? I could write a whole book on this but why bother? Go to one of your own, Gandhi or the many furs you have, and he may indeed enlighten you for your worldview is deeply flawed. You must be quite young; possibly 18-22 or some such. Even them that engage in plundering others know it’s wrong and that’s why they have to hide behind moral sounding platitudes like “responsibility protect”, “humanitarian intervention”, “weapons of mass destruction” and some such because even they know its wrong. Period. You really do need to change your worldview for your own good. But then again, the rest know this and just engage in hypocrisy that’s all. So in a way, you are much better than them since you haven’t added the sin of hypocrisy on top of what you advocate for —- yet.

    • Replies: @Anon
  309. Ponder says:

    Furs should be gurus. Auto correct can really mess things up

  310. @Ponder

    Your comment makes zero sense. Write plain and simple English. As to your comment 308, I only wrote what I wrote because whites are constantly accused of being supremacists. And why? Yes I know other people have lived for millennia without European technology.

    But that does not explain why you want it now. If you think you don’t need it, stop using it. You could start by getting off the internet, throwing your computers and cell phones in the trash and start walking. Quit using plumbing or electricity. Go back to stone tools. Be hunters and gatherers, which actually might be a healthier thing for all of us, even if it is far less convenient. (I actually eat mostly carnivore now but that doesn’t require me to be a hunter gatherer).

    But don’t use all the stuff that Europeans have designed, engineered and made, and then accuse us as being supremacists because we want to use and have our European technology that makes our lives better.

    • Agree: Bookish1
    • Thanks: FLgeezer
    • Replies: @Ponder
    , @Anon
  311. Joe O says:

    “Unequivocal 9/11 Nukes” > “Breathtaking: Solving Nuclear 9/11” >
    “Exposing NIST Jenga Game” > all at VeteransToday(.)com
    Finally, WTC vaporization declassified > unpunished terrorists doing WuFlu tyranny

  312. Ponder says:

    I see I am dealing with an immature, self-righteous, selfish and narcissistic individual. Do you know that all of us are building on top of what our ancestors discovered, made, invented etc. What have you contributed to the human race? Yes, what have you contributed to the human race as an individual that is unique such that we would never have it without you? I am waiting….. ….. the internet does not belong to you you idiot. I pay money to be in it. It’s on a willing buyer willing seller basis. Don’t sell it to me and I will assure you I will not bring “democracy” to you for refusing with it. There are many products I do not care to buy nor have, and also for your information, my life is surrounded by things that are approximately half input from my minority group and the other from modern technology. I can live quite comfortably if modern technology is not available to me. You are screaming convid, convid, masks, masks, social distancing etc. I only remember about that when I need to step “outside” for convenient supplies which I can forfeit tomorrow including the internet if the needs so warrants. So, just chill with your superiority complex.

    Your reasoning is too imbecilic for me. Sorry. And if you can’t comprehend what my question is and it’s relevance to your question, then that is not my problem but yours. You attempt at attacking my English is very silly. It’s quite clear what I am writing. I am a polyglot, maybe thats why it’s too complex for you? How plain and simple should it be? 5 grade? Sheesh the more the mental midget, the more grandiose they became. Many of those scientists you brag about do not share your infantile worldview anyway. How could they?

    And by the way, who accused you of using your technology and your things? I can see you are very butthurt till you make up fantastic accusations with no basis to reality and attribute them to others. Who told you not to invent or not to use your invention? Since you are such geniuses, why don’t you build whatever you want without plundering the rest of the world? Your ingenuity is not a license to plunder, kill and destroy. Talk about warped logic. And I am the illogical one here? Sheesh. Stop plundering and destroying and killing no matter how innovative nor inventive that you may be. No matter how high your IQ is, it does not give you a license to trample over everyone else’s rights no matter how stupid they may be. Clear enough?

    • Troll: FLgeezer
    • Replies: @davidgmillsatty
  313. Luigi says: • Website

    But what is the point of declaring war against White People?
    black and brown races know that they won’t be able to wipe their asses without White’s assistance.
    Even their primitive frontal lobe knows enough not to bite the hand that feeds them.

    Who’re you kidding?!

    The only ones that have “declared war” against Whiteness are other Whites. Their silly guilt, academic opportunism, autism, and just plain immaturity drives them to write books and give lectures on the evil of Western Culture and all that it stands for….until they get raped or mugged by Shaquille and then they turn neo-cons overnight, of course. This trend has repeated itself many, many, many, many times over.

    Antifa White kids on the street today hurling rocks at Tiffany Jewelry will turn into an Ayn Rand enthusiast the moment they learn how to read.
    Anti-Whiteness is not a threat. It’s barely a smear. Us Whites can read, write, speak, organize. No one can stop us. Our best weapon is the EXIT> We can just leave the dummy races to take care of their business and then watch them slaughter each other like wild animals. Look at Detroit, Baltimore, Atlanta, Newark and other black cities with militant black leadership. They still constantly beg the White Man for assistance. Let’s all laugh at them as they celebrate black History Month.

    • Replies: @Trinity
  314. Reaper says:

    ““Rescue White America “. How can we rescue White America when about half White Americans are as anti White as Al Sharpton, 40 percent don’t care, and only about 10 percent want to do anything about it.”

    Care just for that 10%.

    Looks like in most western/ westernised countries the percentage is similar.
    The comformist-normies who don`t care and eager to avoid trouble will be the underclass subs as always and deserve no better.

    The others are just enemy.

  315. Trinity says:

    I don’t know where you have been but Blacks and Jews have been waging war on Whites for at least the better part of 60 years, especially the last 50 years. And in the last 10 years Blacks and Jews have really upped their attacks. Blacks are slaughtering Whites in the streets, feral packs of Blacks attacking Whites in broad daylight, Black males punching White females, Black on White rapes and/or sexual assaults that number in the tens of thousands every single year.

    Brown race? Are you kidding me? Pakis, Arabs, and their Black Africans partners are raping, beating Whites all the time across the pond in Europe. Blacks slaughtered the French in Haiti and look at Haiti now, but the Blacks and Browns hatred for all things White is far greater than their myopic thinking. Blacks and Browns lack impulse control and most are completely happy living in filth and squalor anyhow. Been to Haiti more times than I can count and believe me, the people there are right at home living like they do, and when I venture into the next town over and ride up the Atlanta Highway, I feel like I am in Mexico or Central America. “Massage” parlors, run down used car lots, Mexican restaurants, chicken processing plants nearby with a mostly Mexican and El Salvadoran workforce, taxi companies named Taxi Solanis, Fiesta Taxi, El Palmar Taxi to name a few, rundown yards and houses, dogs running loose, rundown hotels that are probably breeding grounds for bedbugs, etc.

    • Replies: @Reaper
    , @Ponder
    , @Luigi
  316. Reaper says:

    “by any minority of your choice, that were invented, engineered, designed, built or manufactured by that minority.”

    The question is originaly for @Ponder, yet I have a comment on this.

    Minority nowdays can be any race/ national/ folk, who have a small percent in any society.

    But most folks have a homeland somewhere.
    In that homeland folks made inventions, advancements, engineering, production.

    Do not confuse minority with different nations.

    Certain cultures were quite developed in their time.
    Egypt with their agriculture, administration, engineering (a part of their constructions still stands thousands of years later), metalwork, pottery, armies, etc…
    For Mesopotamia, Assiria, Persia similar standards stands.
    India were developed from antique times till late middle ages, more developed than Europe in agriculture, cities, administration – off course there lived (and still lives) many folks, they were not equally developed.
    China again from ancient times were probably the most developed one. Had two bad centuries, but in recent decades again in the way to became the N1 most developed country.
    Japan were advanced, when first Europeans arrive there were stunned how well organised and powerful were they. They choose to close their country, centuries later when faced the world outside became more advanced they made radical changes and in some 50 years became a superpower again.
    After ww2 defeted, and lost as society, became fallen, but as matter of technology still among the best.

    There are the “little tigers” nowdays in Asia, countries in rapid development, daily advancements.

    So as a minority somewhere folks probably made no meaningful progress.
    But in their original home, yes many did, some still does.

    There is always dangers when we underestimate others.

    • Replies: @davidgmillsatty
  317. Anon[149] • Disclaimer says:

    You are a moron and a shining example of why Africans need to be exterminated off the face of this earth.

    • Replies: @Ponder
  318. Anon[149] • Disclaimer says:

    Hes a brainwashed troll nothing more. Just put him on ignore and let him blabber.

  319. Reaper says:

    Fear and disdain.

    ” Blacks are slaughtering Whites in the streets, feral packs of Blacks attacking Whites in broad daylight, Black males punching White females, Black on White rapes and/or sexual assaults that number in the tens of thousands every single year.”
    “Pakis, Arabs, and their Black Africans partners are raping, beating Whites all the time across the pond in Europe.”

    I live in Europe, was in many European countries, lived in some for longer term.
    Includes parts where get warnings before: not to go there, not safe, police did not go there, whatever.

    Was very rare when I was even considered a target.
    The rare occasions when yes they did reconsider quickly after the first impression of behavior/ personality. Sometimes some short sentences needed. Like: “Do not confuse me with an Englishman/ Frenchman/ local.”
    Was some dullard/ drunken/ junkie who did not come sense, there are always some – as exception. They did understand it afterwards.

    As for the ones who have nor the intent for resistance, nor the willpower, who do not stand up for themselves I feel no pity.
    We can actually grateful when for example “feral packs of Blacks” help to short out the ones who do not have the will to stand up for themselves.
    Also to offer opportunity to prove ourselves. There is no shame when somebody lose, but that is a shame when not willing to fight when needed.

    Can call it survival of the fittest, law of nature, social darwinism, whatever.

    • Replies: @Trinity
  320. @Ponder

    Your gibberish has no logic. It is nothing but an emotional outburst.

    Yes, it is true that all people today have our ancestors to thank for where we are today in terms of technology. But the industrial revolution that got us where we are now has occurred within the past few hundred years. And the knowledge acquired over the last few hundred years has far surpassed, on exponential levels, the knowledge that humans had before the industrial revolution. What did your ancestors do to contribute to the industrial revolution? If next to nothing, (which is my bet) then at most you can say is that your ancestors helped get us in some way to the pre-industrial era.

    And yes, I have made shit all my life from next to nothing. I made a solar furnace in the 8th grade and won a county wide science fair. The solar furnace was made out of wood, mirrors, paper clips and screws. That was in the early sixties when people most people had no idea what solar energy even was. Over the years I made small stuff for myself and my family. Fixed a lot of broken shit as well, rather than put it in the dumpsters; just because I had the ability. But that was not my career choice. Could have been.

    But again I say to you, put down our technology if you are going to put us down.

  321. @Reaper

    I am not underestimating any one. These older cultures were not involved in the industrial revolution which advanced technology exponentially. And the new cultures that are succeeding now are building on the technology the industrial revolution produced. Good for them. Time will tell how far they get.

    But right now, people of European descent are frustrated, because the one thing we are particularly good at, applied science, we are no longer allowed to do and/or opposed at every turn, by economic forces beyond our control. And I am talking about domestic economic forces as well as international ones. It is hard to do things when the rich and powerful oppose you all the time.

    We of European descent, are now in countries run by financial capitalists, rather than by industrial capitalists. And it is going to take a very difficult war of some kind that reverts us back to the only kind of capitalism that actually works, industrial capitalism.

    • Replies: @Reaper
  322. Ponder says:

    I think this will be my last post unless I see a response worth posting back to. You are harping on about how great you are and how smart you are and all that —— ok fine. But from where I am standing, I ain’t seeing any of it right now, in fact I will be very brutal and say no different from the low IQ blacks and browns. If you contest that statement, then tell me how the contributions here are any different from liberal sites bashing white racist supremacists? Two groups opposing each other, who are too dumb to see they are on the same side and while they are busy fighting, their predator is ready to pounce and devour or should I say is already pouncing. How do you defend against an enemy that you have refused or are unable to identify? While the enemy, onward they proceed, getting their front men to advance their agenda in the open. In fact, they tell you : recent examples ; event 201, ID2020, UN 2030 etc it’s all there for you to read if you want. Now where is this high IQ I hear about all the time? Conspiracy theories some will say —— but after even the classified parts are declassified, they prove, not conspiracy theory but conspiracy fact. MKUltra, mind control, etc etc etc conspiracy facts. Julian Assange dumps truth yet what’s the response? Just manipulated bickering follows. Maybe then let’s change IQ tests to include the measure of manipulation resistance intelligence, for indeed it does baffle, even I of low IQ, how a high IQ individual is unable to filter out facts from fiction or demonstrable truth from lies. Or IQ tests be modified to include domains that would not be consider orthodox such as street smarts, bullshit detectors, selfishness quotient (remember the quote “it’s near impossible to make someone understand a concept if their salary depends on them not understanding it”). But anyway I digress. Clearly another topic for another day and If I feel motivated enough might even write a thesis on it.

    I will take you on a little history memory lane to provoke you to think and use some of that high IQ. What exactly did Pat Tillman die for? His sacrifice by leaving a successful football career was for what exactly?. Think real hard and if you lack knowledge of the whole circumstances, then put that high IQ to work and find out. Note – I shouldn’t even have to say that to a high IQ person for they know GIGO – garbage in garbage out and your decision is only as good as the information that you possess plus ……….

    Ok. Moving on since I just chose one example to get you to start thinking. It’s very sad that Pat was misinformed and gas lighted. Some will say just as its said all the time: Jews, Jews, Jews, Blacks Blacks. Again put your High IQ to work and explain how a people decimated 70 years ago with no country and Blacks who just the other day were slaves and when freed had no rights or power to speak of, could today be so powerful that all you can do is bitch and moan just like the blacks or Jews used to do?. Now, is that all your high IQ can decipher? If you cannot identify the source of the problem, how can you ever hope to fix it. If you cannot articulate the complexity of that which you face, how can you even hope for a semblance of tactics of resistance, let alone a strategy at resistance, for success? Are you not just fighting the face that has been put up as the source of your problems while the “deep state”/ “Elite”/ “powers that be”, continue with your destruction? Are not your effort but the noise before defeat ala Sun Tzu. Just here at unz, you have just been told to study history. You lack a basic understanding of even history from 1945 to date. We point you to things so that you can understand how the world works and your response is to insult or start to defend what you are being shown instead of learning what you are being shown. That which you defend just happens to be exactly part of what is devouring you and yet you defend it because you think you are in the same team because surprise “most are white but definitely not all” —- Yeah I know some say Jews are not whites. Irrelevant. Are not even their (cabal’s) frontmen among mixed races? Is Obama white? Is Hillary a jew? Common sense please. Are not both Democrats and Republicans, just fronts for that same cabal? Who are these people? Do you care to know who is your true adversary or will your hate and bigotry get the better of you – person of high IQ? Did not even Q tell you that Patriots have no race, that they want you divided. whether Q is psyops or not, is also irrelevant in this instance since those words are true. The cabal exists, paedophiles exist etc etc. Can you discern things? Fleshing out truth from false? I will cease right here for I feel (emotional quotient) that that is enough to convey the necessary to the high IQ individual.

  323. Trinity says:

    I can definitely defend myself but what in the hell can I do against a pack of feral Blacks with knifes, fists, and God only knows what else at 59 years old, hell, I couldn’t do much if I were 29 years old and I can punch like a mule. GET REAL TOUGH GUY.

    “Survival Of The Fittest.” lmao. So what is a 115lb White female to do when she is raped by a gang of Brown or Black savages. My guess is you couldn’t fight your way out of a paper bag, tough guy. Lemme guess, you are the type that goes blank when you get your dander up and you are one dangerous hombre that sees nothing but red. ROTFLMMFWAO.

    A great deal of Western European males are quite feminine btw, and certainly not the type of man I want on my side when things go down.

    • Replies: @Reaper
  324. Ponder says:

    Yes I am a moron and yes continue to try to exterminate Africans from the face of the earth. How many countries now? Are you keeping tabs? Show your true self and stop hiding in moral platitudes. Twice here at unz, I have debated with so called high IQ individuals who could not counter my points and the end result and response was exactly like yours. But guess what, there is nothing new under the sun : on times past, you killed us and enslaved us and colonised us without us having done anything to you. So, stop you petty excuse of how vile and out of control we are and barbaric and just get on the job and kill us like Libya and Somalia and DRCongo and …….. Lynch us KKK style cause you would still be doing it were it not outlawed. You think we don’t know? We maybe low IQ but we are street smart. But this time, we will not allow your moral fig leafs of “white man’s burden” tripe to hide your devilishness. We will continue to expose you ala Gandhi style. You destroy us but don’t give us your moral superiority crap. It must really bug you when I/ we see through your ruse eeh? Responsibility to protect, humanitarian interventions. Sheesh. Whatever those niggers are now, they were taught by true masters don’t you agree? Very poor performances in terms of optics. Similar performances though less brutal as compared lynching and burnings, but without an IQ high enough to be real weasels and hypocrites with nice sugar-coated platitudes. And not forgetting how micro in size they perform. Real amateurs compared to present exterminations with bombs that decimated hundreds at one go or thousands Ala Hiroshima Nagasaki style. Optics now my boy — use depleted uranium instead buddy.

    Another down here is telling me to put down his technology. Pointing innovative trivia which we all have done. Why doesn’t he make me.

    • Troll: RJ Macready
    • Replies: @RJ Macready
  325. Luigi says: • Website

    Dear Trinity, Friend and Comrade: I don’t disagree with you in the least about the level of brutality that blacks and brown people have waged against Whites in North America and Europe. I get it. I get the increase immigration turning scenery into blight and disaster areas as well. That has become quite obvious for a while.

    No doubt you’ve heard of black on black on crime as well. A phenomena that most Whites don’t care about since they have their own problems and want to stay clear of “black issues”. Who can blame them (us). Black victims of crime far outnumber that of Whites. Let’s keep it that way.

    I like to analyze first, before I get all indignant, angry and threaten my blood pressure to go through the roof. I gather you want that too.

    But you have to admit that, as Pogo’s creator Walt Kelly once said, We have met the enemy and he is us. In other words, White People. We (White Liberals AND Conservatives looking for cheap labor) have allowed the massive exodus of Non-Whites onto our continents thinking they’d turn good citizens sooner than later. We were wrong, they were wrong (WE knew better, of course). Biology is destiny and the results are quite clear. And that ain’t about to change anytime soon.

    As I wrote in my short piece, I don’t think Whites are endangered, at least not in the foreseeable future. We are strong, and resilient. When we fight real wars against them, we always win. No need to panic. But I doubt if real war is necessary any more. We can win through sheer knowledge and technology, not to mention economic power. Knowledge is Power.

    The crime issue remains a threat, but I’m noticing even Democrats have no great taste for runaway criminality and chaos perpetrated by their beloved “minorities”. Biden is a Dixiecrat and he wont be dragged by his nose by AOC, Sanders or any other misguided characters.

    In the end we must remain vigilant and always one step ahead of them.

    Best Regards


    • Thanks: Trinity
    • Replies: @Ponder
  326. @Ponder

    Dude you are mentally unsound. That is all I shall say. I have no desire to reply back to you.

    • Replies: @Ponder
  327. Ponder says:

    Now that is a response that I can respond to. Like you noticing minority immigration into the country is not possible without ‘liberal’ input. Dwelling on that, who is also behind those liberal policies? Or that Minority power? For it should be self evident that the minorities themselves surely have none. No? Go beyond the face people that are Congressmen and senators and fake news ……… Who is blackmailing and bribing these people? Or can’t see blackmail and /or bribes is also involved? Second, why a policy of destroying shithole countries that guarantees steady inflow of refugees that again tada, align with generating hate among the various groups? All the while, both sets of people are having their ‘way of life’ degraded but left blaming each other : you bombed our countries while the other says you come to destroy our way of life with your immigration. Response and you destroyed our countries and forced us to immigrate and on it goes. But can you move to second order analysis of the coordinated effort for formenting animosity between the ‘races’. Jane Elliot anyone?

    Let’s move to second order analysis and even third order until we peel the whole onion. But surely is should be clear that a misrepresentation of the enemy will only cause ineffective countermeasures. That is why I keep berating high IQ. Whar good is it if it’s just about bragging rights? Why use the IQ to just spread hate and not educate each other? We have access to capabilities of reaching millions with our ideas and what are we going to use it for? Insults and hatred and bigotry and some such. What a pity. Sad.

  328. Reaper says:

    Countries which are in rapid development nowdays still part of the modern industrial revolution.
    In China new factories rise like mushroom and in costant race for larger, taller, bigger structures from skycrapers to bridges to fast train lines.
    Similar stands for many Asian countries.

    While I definitelly dislike financial capitalism and find more favorable the industrial in overall:
    did not see the point why is financial capitalism against technological advance?
    There are pretty much advancements done, research and development financed.

    So please explain it.

    • Replies: @davidgmillsatty
  329. Ponder says:
    @RJ Macready

    In one mental asylum, all the inmates were so glad to be away from all those irrational, always in hurry mentally retarded people out there. They would often reminisce on how lucky they were to be safe from those lunatics outside seeing how far outnumbered they were by the unhinged. What would happen to them if they did not have such a nice safe space?

    Now, likewise, if I am unhinged, and you are normal, I sure am glad to be unhinged. I would rather be how I am a thousand times, nay, make that a trillion times, than to be what you are. So Ditto. I have no desire for you to respond to me. I haven’t seen not one thing worth pondering on from you. All puns intended.

  330. Reaper says:

    Many obsessed to win, and fear from defeat and losses.
    Both attacker and defender.

    When I was a kid a pack of gypsy (we have more of those than blacks/ others combined) tried to rob me after “asked” for some money, and get the answer they will not get any/ fuck off. There were more of them, older, stronger, more practiced. I get beaten up badly, get to hospital for long.
    Never again get attacked by them. They get no money (I had none), they win, but also get some, they wanted easy win and profit. Not someone who not interested win or lose but will fight.
    Even in that time there were kids who was eager to give them what he have when surrounded/ intimidated, or do whatever to avoid a beating.
    Nowdays as we agree “A great deal of Western European males are quite feminine btw” so it is even more easy.
    This is not a question of age, muscles, gender, but personality and behavior.

    There are plenty who have the physical capability, but do not have the will.
    Guy, who freshly win a medal in body building get robbed because did not hit back.
    Security guy at disco entrance get intimidated by just the apperance of pure agression “I will fuck your ass on your mother`s back fag!” – regardless of muscles or mortal arts training, just get stunned and intimidated by opponents while most likely he can beat them up by training/ sport practice.

    As for girls.
    When my colleague`s daughter have some affair with 3 gypsy on the tram she simply mention she will castrate by hand the first who continue. Was she capable to do? Probably, but for sure have the will, and those 3 decided not to test it out.

    One of my acquaintance well she have a size of about 154 cm/ 38 kg at the age of 20.
    She had a disadvantage of apperance and the great advantage of surprise how misleading it can be.
    When once some guy demanded some quick round in the nearby bushes in a night she just get her whip from the backpack and with a cute smile invited the guys into her nearby studio offering various services from branding with hot iron to flay of body parts, broke cock, flogging, needles, etc… as for BDSM games, casually mentioning outside the studio there will be no games but they are welcome to try what happens when it is not a game. Well guys decided to run as Forrest Gump after temporary stunned.
    Same girl another time broke the guy`s knee with steel boots, and after he fall and they get to the same hight with a knife on the neck of the guy she politely explained why it is a bad idea to harass “little girls”. Quite sure that guy learned the lesson.

    There are many similar but to tell more should make the comment too long.

    What is important: ethology.
    1. Predators search for prey. (Prefer not to attack other predators basically.)
    2. They search for pray which is weaker than the others, preferably one which run instead of fight, or otherwise offers less challange/ potencial for damage. -> Predators want to eat not get injured.
    3. When a predator (or other animals) meet with an unknown animal which do not act as prey (not freeze, run, fear), often gets stunned have no clue what to do. Even can befriend each other.
    No wonder people often get the advise not to run from predators, if they do: that will trigger the prey chasing behavior and usually they are faster than humans.

    Many battles decided before start, or not even starts because of this.
    Sun Tzu says, “The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.” He also says, “Supreme excellence consists of breaking the enemy’s resistance without fighting.”

    Hunting party gets what want just by sorrund someone and “ask” for it.
    Hunting party watch a guy how he moves, acts, search for signs of fear, and decide not to approach but to go another direction to find an easy target.
    One gets robbed on the way home, another meets with 3 hunting party and gets home safe.

    One kid never have breakfast because stronger classmates gets it, because the reaction is: crying and beging. Later not just food, but money, gadgets, a nice shoe, whatever.
    Another have breakfast because did fight for it for several times and even if lost all times there is resistance. Even if it wakes no respect, but carries some risk/ danger, less worth it, so at first the behavior (attacks) starts to became rare, later simply do not appear: the rat prefer to get it`s food from that section of the cage where no unconfortable electric charge on the way.

    • Agree: Trinity
  331. Anonymous[333] • Disclaimer says:

    Who was asking the government for anything? It was a rhetorical question, but apparently most 100 IQ white trashionalists such as yourself have issues with reading comprehension.

  332. @Reaper

    Try writing a cogent sentence. I guess English is not your first language.

    • Replies: @Reaper
  333. @Tony massey

    well, then how come the nation is so backward and poor compared to America and the West in general? They started the space race and then fizzled out. They have the largest nation with unlimited resources and yet never seem to utilize them well. Not disparaging Russia- I agree about their women, artistic heritage and talent in many spheres of life and yet they emigrate elsewhere so much.

    • Replies: @Tony massey
  334. Reaper says:

    So that means you do not agree certain Asian countries are in rapid developement/ industrialization (at least in capacity improvements) and produce high end technologically advanced products.

    True: English is not my first language, jet it does make 0 difference.
    The last time when I had the intent to be cogent in the means to convince anyone/ change their beliefs about something was about 20-22 years ago. (To explain something or use examples is different.) Since then someone agree or not, think about that or not – if wants to believe differently then will.
    In a case of personal encounter when it matters far more easy/ effective to enforce something against any belief than convince.

    The question still stands:
    Why financial capitalism against technological development? In what ways?

    • Replies: @davidgmillsatty
  335. erzberger says:

    Himmler, Posen Speech, Oct 4, 1943

    “One basic principle must be the absolute rule for the SS man: we must be honest, decent, loyal and comradely to members of our own blood and to nobody else. What happens to a Russian, to a Czech does not interest me in the slightest. What the nations can offer in the way of good blood of our type, we will take, if necessary by kidnapping their children and raising them here with us. “

    Sure, you can book this as recovering German blood but it’s a biological nonsense to claim that only German blood was going to be rescued to the gene pool that way. The Nazis were not stupid.

    Check the Nuremberg race laws. A quarter Jew ( 1 jewish grandparent) was allowed to marry and reproduce with a German but not another quarter Jew. Read Whitman’s Hitler’s American model, comparing Jim Crow and Nazi racial laws. The Nazis rejected the one-drop rule as way too harsh.

    See also

  336. @RJ Macready

    Bad governance.
    We spent ourselves into bankruptcy fighting them economically when we should have done otherwise.
    They had the largest gold reserves in the world at the turn of the 20th century. It was robbed.
    Other things come to mind; smart people go where the opportunity is, dude.
    The women are pretty amazing.
    That, i think, defines a nation.
    My greatest memory is of a Russian woman. She was 17 years older than me. Nice memory.
    She was, prolly, the hardest working person i ever met but…she got takenadvantage of.
    I wonder how she is today?

    • Replies: @Tony massey
  337. @Tony massey

    The “fizzled” out Russian space programs gave us a ride to outer space a few times.
    Revisit that statement.
    They have pretty strong backs.
    Obviously, they know space.
    Did you not know that?

  338. @frontier

    @frontier How about you go fornicate yourself with a six-pointed star there,Schlomey.

    “Do you happen to be a failed artist too? If you do, stop any political activities immediately, it’s for your own good, we know how that ends…”

    Which part irritates your jewish sensibilities more? The artistic depiction of beautiful scenes of nature and historic buildings created in line with those natural artifacts and principles,or the political suppression by morally decent White men of the filthy jewish instinct to stamp all of that out and replace it with bizarre and perverted depictions of gray squares or whatever it is that speaks to your pedophilia-inclined “mind”?

    Do we know how it ends? If that’s the case,then why don’t you call on your (((fellow whites))) to abolish the hate speech laws in Europe and Canada and hate crimes bill in the U.S. and we’ll just see what happens.

    Actually,I don’t think you believe the outcome is certain or you wouldn’t be making veiled threats. I mean,in typical jewish fashion,even when you’re trying to intimidate someone you come off sounding like a pussy.

    If any of you had an ounce of testosterone,I’d be happy to settle these questions with you in a high-stakes bareknuckle boxing match,but all of you know that you have feminine physiques and various genetic illnesses from cousin-humping and you’d probably just keel over dead from one good well-placed punch to the head.

    You’d be wise to take the offer,though,because one day the repercussions will be much more serious than a mean-spirited comment or two,which you already seem to be unable to handle. The truth is,many of us consider Adolf Hitler to be far too compassionate towards jews in light of their behavior after their war and wouldn’t even bother putting jews in camps if we had the power to decide their fate.

    • Thanks: Lucy Lipinska
  339. @Reaper

    No that is not what I think. I do agree that a number of Asian countries are rapidly industrializing.

    The US is de-industrializing. That has happened to the US because our finance sectors forced the US into it. And the history of civilizations is that de-industrialization leads to ruin.

    • Agree: Reaper
  340. @davidgmillsatty

    In 1977 the American Anglicans met in convention in St. Louis. and from those meetings came the “Declaration of St. Louis.” An estimated 1/4 of traditionally Christian ex-Episcopalians joined one or another of the Anglican communions in America. The communion has active ties to South America and especially to Nigeria, one of whose archbishops led the traditional Anglicans’ declination of the Canterbury “liberalization” in the first decade of this century. Its history and activities has been one of the notable defenses of tradition over the last half-century. (Even wikipedia acknowledged it. See David Virtue at virtueonline.)

  341. @frontier

    @Frontier. Before reading your comment I believed that idiots like yourself only were to be found in my adopted country, Sweden (resultat of social justice propaganda) and in Poland – where I was born and raised (resultat of Catholic brainwash and chosenite influence). Alas, ignorance often marches together with arrogance.

  342. Charwell says:

    It seems that many in the black community have overlooked the fact that all the western institutions and media they are temporarily being permitted and encouraged to utilize in a attempt to destroy, demoralize and character assassinate my white brothers and sisters I,e our governments, universities ,schools, television stations, newspapers ,internet etcetera are all owned and controlled not only by privileged white men but super privileged white men that have nothing but contempt and nothing to do with the white majority.
    These super privileged men have made everyone’s life miserable no matter what colour ones skin happens to be.
    Now ask yourself whywould these fish belly white men would allow such a focused vicious and prolonged attack on people they share the same colour with ? Is it because these bleached wales have finally seen the light and feel such profound remorse and sympathy for their past sins that suddenly they have decided to do what’s right ( hahahahh) and force the rest of the uncivilized so called “privileged white supremacists” to bend a knee and beg for forgiveness ? or is it because there is more profit and power to be gleaned for them by implementing a wicked, schizophrenic, divisive scheme that tears society apart while they loot the joint unchecked stripping us of our rights and freedoms while building a virtual super prison. Do these privileged whites fear the white majority more than anything else ? Of course they do we are the ones who have stuck a thumb in their eye more than any other race and it’s for this reason they hate us the most and want to destroy us. One thing is for certain if they can’t get to us by using you, you’ll get the bill ten fold.
    Remember in 2008 everyone was talking about the Federal Reserve a colour blind scheme that creates wage slaves, debt slaves and mortgage slaves from birth to grave this is the very small group of white men every colour together should set their sites on if we want to make this world a little better.

  343. @JustAGOY

    You’re either a fed, or you need to cut back on the drugs. Sheesh

  344. @AReply

    “The solution to all the author’s personal problems as described in this article is to stop identifying as ” “black.”


    If you insist on retaining this identity, you will continue to suffer it. It’s this simple. Nice! I guess this is why blacks , browns, Islamists deserve to suffer. Thank you kind sir. I will make sure to multiply their suffering to the nth degree.

  345. conatus says:

    The article mentions these death numbers from Stalin’s time.
    “I then found myself reading about the rise of fascism, first so I might understand the parallels between the Brownshirts and antifa, but then so that I could understand how Germany successfully fended off the communist revolution that killed 12 million civilians – with perhaps 20 million more people during Stalin’s reign. To put that into perspective, that is about half as many people, military and civilian, as died in all of World War II. To take it even further, less than five million Germans are reported to have died during the war. That is, for me at least, an unimaginably large number of deaths and a terrible, terrible tragedy – but the number of Germans who died in WWII was less than one-sixth of the people who died in Russia as a result of the communist revolution and ensuing regime.”

    R.J. Rummel a professor at Univ. of Hawaii, coined the word Democide, death of a people by their own government. He has totals for the respective totalitarian groups of the 20th century.  Here the totals are:  21 million murdered  by Nazis,  62 million murdered by the Soviets,  54 Million murdered by Red Chinese.
    from here:

    You can quibble about the numbers but not the fact that Hitler had a reason to fear Communism and the Soviets, given that the death toll in the USSR numbered in the millions by the time Hitler assumed power in 1933.

  346. @RoatanBill

    Basically true, yet I don’t believe in anarchy either.

  347. 789 says:

    Stop insulting Hitler by putting the picture of the orange man next to his

  348. Cleoshep says:

    “….the war is now simply against all White people and other non-White people who do not hate White people and/or seek to undermine them at every opportunity.”

    And next the war will be against all White people period. And when that comes even the Joe Biden’s will be attacked. There will be no words or actions that can immunize them. The war will be against white DNA.

    The age of men is over. The time of the Orc has come.

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