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The Fat Heather Heyer Hoax
Signaling the Greatest Narrative Collapse in Modern History
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At this point I want everybody to forget the assassination of JFK because it’s too far back in time for even Boomers to remember many of the details.

Forget 9/11 because we’ll never see the documents highlighting the entire story for decades to come.

And pretty much forget the Michael Brown saga (just put it in the back of your mind for possible future use) because we’re now at a stage in which those sorts of incidents mean little in the grand scheme of things.

Instead, I want you to focus on the disgusting slob that was Heather Heyer, for her death at the hands of morbid obesity and general unhealthiness formed the casus belli for the Judeo-Bolshevik total war against our rights to free speech and free expression.

Think about that for a moment:

It wasn’t the hilarious trolling missions against cretins like (((Luciana Berger))) that got us attacked like we’ve been attacked recently – I and several others were actually denounced on the floor of the British Parliament for mean tweets and articles back in 2014.

It wasn’t our dedicated activism on behalf of President Donald Trump that got us shut down – remember that we pushed The Don over the top, #NewRight cucks.

And it wasn’t even The Daily Stormer‘s super-troll involving a Hezbollah and Hamas-attended armed March on Whitefish that got us torn into by the entire internet maintenance structure – all it did was provoke a ridiculous lawsuit by the (((SPLC))).

No, at the end of the day it was attacks on menthol-smoking, fist-waving, Antifa terrorist Heather Heyer that got us slammed from all sides by registrars, anti-denial of service companies, and search engines.

Hell, even a fat joke meme was enough to produce threats of seizing’s domain, and would probably be enough to provoke the companies maintaining this site into trying to shut us down.

The funny thing about that whole thing is the fact that the migrating land-whale in green wasn’t even Heyer – it’s some other unidentified creature that may be of interest to scientists and biologists specializing in rare specimens.

Now you may be wondering why Heather Heyer – truly an insignificant individual when compared to others – became such an important figure for the Left and the pozzed right.

Well, while the answer may still be up in the air to some degree, I would like to think that it is because at last the Left had somebody they could truly call a martyr – a reason for them to clamp down on the growing menace (to them) that is the Alt-Right.

Blacks like Deandre Harris don’t work like they used to – mainly because they are usually guilty by default of criminal activities that can be nullifying, and also due to the fact that even among the American Left there is some semblance of Negro fatigue (with them it’s more subconscious than anything else).

Homosexuals and other deviants don’t work because most average Whites from across the political spectrum still cannot establish a connection with such sexually-vibrant men, women, and/or trannies (they would deny this wholeheartedly in public).

So why not prop up a White woman (dolled up as much as possible in all released official photos) in order to draw sympathy from those who might otherwise wonder at the destruction of the First Amendment?

Make it look like that we as a collective acted as domestic terrorists by extinguishing the life of a kindhearted heifer with the business end of a Dodge Challenger.

The perfect storm was set, witnesses were gathered, (((mainstream media))) ran with the story in a way that really formed perfect fodder for the normies, and all was done confidently due to the fact that nobody thought further footage existed to contradict the official narrative.

But oh how we can see that these Jews and Marxists are less shrewd than their subversive parents and grandparents.

They thought they had us dead to rights, and thought they could justify their obliteration of our most important right by pointing to the poor mangled jelly rolls of Heyer in a way meant to conjure up images of Christ on the cross (Jews hate our Savior, but still take advantage of the emotional impact of His suffering).

But at the final moment, they forgot that this is the age of the smartphone and of all-encompassing social media – almost nothing can remain buried for long.

And boy do we have some fun things to stir the pot with now, don’t we?

(Republished from Occidental Dissent by permission of author or representative)
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