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The Fake News Narrative and the Mainstream Media/Neocon Cabal
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Lately, the Mainstream Media (the MSM) and the Clinton Defecation Machine (the CDM) are all aflutter about “fake news.” The supreme example of this widely-bandied about narrative is that somehow it was those evil, undemocratic Russians and their “former KGB” president Vladimir Putin, who caused the defeat of Hillary Clinton on November 9.

All of this reminds me of a movie from some years ago, perhaps you’ll remember it?—The Russians Are Coming! The Russians Are Coming! (1966)—a satirical view of the Russian threat to the US back during the darkest days of the Cold War. In fact, the “fear” back then was arguably real and palpable; whereas the fear of post-Communist (since 1991) Russia has been ginned up dishonestly and thrust into propagandistically high gear, largely by Neoconservative apparatchiks and elites, mostly centered in Washington and New York.

As I and others have explained on this site, this continuing and virulent “Russophobia” is offered up by such pseudo-conservative “cuckservative” publications like The Weekly Standard (editor, Bill Kristol), National Review, Wall Street Journal, and Neocon-dominated “think tanks” like the American Enterprise Institute, plus many of the tendentious Neocon “talking heads” (e.g., Charles Krauthammer, Jonah Goldberg, David Frum, Steve Hayes, et al). And now, since the CDM got hit during the recent campaign with email revelations via Wikileaks detailing information potentially confirming illegal and sordid activity by the Democrats, the hard left has joined the “cuckservative” Neocons (plus #NeverTrumpers and that utterly loathsome duo of John McCain and Lindsay Graham), in pushing hard this hatred of Russia.

And this hatred is not just a “feeling,” but is reflected in the massive MSM- joined effort to scream that “the Russians did it” by citing “unnamed” sources, unpublished “reports,” etc., and all in those paragons of journalistic objectivity, The Washington Post and New York Times.

The Post cites those “unnamed sources” stating that there are “reports” that the Russians (which ones? individual hackers?) may have hacked the DNC and somehow “used” the information they found (and then kindly supplied to Julian Assange) to skew the results of the election in Donald Trump’s favor! The MSM has run with this as fact.

But, hold that thought. Assange says NO. James Clapper, Director of National Intelligence says NO, and the FBI says NO: there is NO real substantial evidence to that effect. The only real evidence that exists is the malware used in the admitted hacking is the same type, with the same fingerprints, that has been used by some Russian hackers in the past (but is, let us add, may have been used by others as well).

Even Joe Scarborough on the leftist MSNBC mentioned the necessary distinctions here: read between the lines, the so-called CIA report is dealing with mostly hypotheses, based on unnamed sources, disputed by the FBI…the real emphasis is, certainly, to delegitimize in some way the election of Donald Trump. And, yes, there are political operatives within the CIA.

You see, first it was Director James Comey of the FBI who was responsible for Hillary’s defeat, then it was voting problems in the former “blue wall” (Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania), and, finally, now, it is the “Russia card.” All the while, the CDM folks have refused to see the real reason for Hillary’s defeat: she needs to look in the mirror for the real culprit.

And Fox News, with the announcement that oil billionaire Rex Tillerson has been named Secretary of State nominee by President-elect Trump, has gone literally crazy with Russophobia. It has featured John McCain, Col. Ralph Peters, John Sununu, and various other foaming-at-the-mouth Russophobes to comment on the Trump pick for Secretary of State. Peters excels at this virulent and viciously uninformed view. Truly, the old war horse should be whisked away to a retirement home ASAP.

All of this display of Russophobia reminds me, in fact, of another film, another satire, “Monty Python and the Holy Grail” (1975), and those “chirping sectaries” like Peters and McCain, who have in effect been joined by the hard left, remind me of those “experts” in the movie who decided whether a poor damsel should be found to be a witch: if she floats she must be a witch!

What we have here is a conjunction between elites—between the Clintonista/MSM/far left apparatus and the “cuckservative” Neocons and their GOP prostitutes (the McCains and Grahams) who have transformed once arguably legitimate, anti-Communism, into a cancerous and ideologically defective Russophobia.

It’s a fascinating conjunction, but a logical marriage. And here is why: both the American Left AND the Neocons strongly oppose Russia’s refusal to accept American hegemony over the Russian economy; both the Left AND the Neocons believe that Russia’s return to religious traditionalism—Russia formally and legally supports traditional marriage and opposes public display of homosexuality—is anti-progressive and goes against “American values”; both the Left AND the Neocons oppose Russia’s renewed (non-Communist) nationalism and belief that its traditions, going back to the Tsars, are worthy of respect; both the Left AND the Neocons believe Russia’s refusal to accept fully “American-style” democracy and American/George Soros-supported globalism endangers their push for internationalism.

When it comes to essential philosophy on such amorphous terms as “equality” and “democracy” and on globalism, there is very little daylight between these groups. They may differ on tax rates and Obamacare, but their basic philosophies are essentially the same, they have similar origins over on the Left. Recall the largely Trotskyite Marxist origin of the Neocons and the fact that they brought their leftist socio-political and cultural baggage with them when they migrated towards “conservatism” in the 1970s and finally gained control of many of its national organs.

Unfortunately, with the ravings of McCain and Graham, and Ralph Peters and Steve Hayes, it will be extremely difficult to recover desperately needed realism in the Trump administration, even with Rex Tillerson at the Department of State. And the ongoing, headless rush to the globalist “parousia” may well continue, just like the headless Gadarene swine, demon-possessed, of the New Testament. Only in this case, the Neocon/cuckservative – Leftist coalition is incredibly more dangerous.

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  1. “The rope will be 100% real folks, believe me, believe me! And by the way, we’ll use helicopters too. They’ll be the best helicopters, you’ll be so proud of them.”

  2. iffen says:

    What happens to your article if, in fact, the Russians did hack the emails and release them?

    • Replies: @Lemurmaniac
  3. @iffen

    that would mean they did us all an enormous public service. Give Putin an award.

  4. What happens to [his] article if, in fact, the Russians did hack the emails and release them?

    IF you believe the Russians hacked and released,
    THEN you must also accept that Russian hackers are better than anyone thought: They stole Clinton’s emails from the NSA, planted them on Huma’s laptop, and pinned it on a Weiner. [/humor] William Binney says the NSA has all the emails including those Clinton ‘wiped’.

    IF you believe the Russians hacked and released,
    THEN you must also disbelieve Wikileaks who released them:

    ‘Neither of [the leaks] came from the Russians, the source had legal access to the information. The documents came from inside leaks, not hacks.’ -Craig Murray in an interview with

    IF you believe the Russians hacked and released,
    THEN you must also disbelieve the FBI, NSA, DIA; ignore that the CIA chiefs had publicly endorsed Clinton, ignore “minor disagreements among [CIA] intelligence officials about the agency’s assessment, in part because some questions remain unanswered”, and ignore the proven falsity of those MSM outlets relying on two (2!) “anonymous CIA sources”.

    IF you believe the Russians hacked and released,
    THEN you must ignore that all the released emails have been centered, not on Clinton-v-Trump, but on Clinton-v-Sanders.

    To believe the Russians hacked and released the emails you’ve got to ignore motive, opportunity, and every shred of evidence.

    Did the Russians hack or access these? Probably, just like the Iranians, Chinese, Indians, and a dozen other countries. The real question is who didn’t. But Russia or any other nation has nothing to gain (and a lot to lose) by release. As Snowden proved, the NSA has all those emails, accessible to a huge set of US investigators and contractors. All it takes is one ‘partisan-Snowden’ . . . who was for Sanders.

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