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The End of White Celebrity
Whiteness is a birth defect
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For the mainstream media, it was a bona fide crisis. Blake Shelton, a European-American country singer and a host of The Voice, whom I had never heard of until yesterday morning ,was named People Magazine’s “Sexiest Man In The World.” The result was outrage. Marlow Stern at the Daily Beast declared grandly that “people” are in a “justifiable uproar given Mr. Shelton’s history of homophobic and racist comments.” “Many on social media are blasting the magazine’s decision, calling upon Mr. Shelton’s past tweets that have been labeled as racist, misogynistic and homophobic,” sniffed Fox News. “Some are disheartened by Mr. Shelton’s history of making jokes at the expense of gays, lesbians, women and minorities,” wrote Libby Hill at the Los Angeles Times, in one of the more restrained reactions.

The decision by journalists to broadcast random leftists complaining about the decision of a supermarket tabloid is idiotic, but not surprising. Isn’t People telling us who’s sexy; not who’s slavishly conformist? But what was truly remarkable was how criticism of Mr. Shleton focused on his race. Gabriel Bell at Salon called it a “problematic pick” because it was a “reinforcement and celebration of sometimes-toxic cisgender male sexuality, the elevation of an underwhelming white man to a position of popular acclaim, the ignoring of people of color” and various other perceived sins. Fast Company echoed the complaints of many others when it wrote that Mr. Shelton was an “uninspired choice” because “in its 32-year history, the list has largely been dominated by white men.” Vox, being Vox, also complained about Mr. Shelton being white and his supposed support for Donald Trump.

Blake Shelton (Credit Image: © Kristin Callahan/Ace Pictures via ZUMA Press)
Blake Shelton (Credit Image: © Kristin Callahan/Ace Pictures via ZUMA Press)

Like many other outlets, Vox wanted to know why Idris Elba, last seen starring in the monumental bomb, The Dark Tower, was not given the title. (The same kind of article crops up every few years when Mr. Elba fails to become the new affirmative-action James Bond.)

Such a bizarre campaign wouldn’t be worth much notice except it coincides with yet another attempt to shame Taylor Swift for not joining the #Resistance against President Trump. Marie Claire is condemning Miss Swift for not making her last album about politics and remaining silent about the presidential election. Miss Swift is also accused of being “racist” because she doesn’t spend all her time protesting against people on the internet who make memes of her as a fascist. She does take legal action in order to get them to stop claiming she’s a fascist—but then she is accused of violating free speech. The only thing she could do, it seems, is follow Katy Perry down the hole into madness by endlessly talking about feminism and white privilege.

The real problem leftists seem to have with Taylor Swift is the fact that she is white and blonde, with Camille Paglia’s condemnation of her as “Nazi Barbie” serving as shorthand for how she is usually criticized. It’s probably no coincidence Miss Swift, for once, won no MTV VMA awards despite being nominated for five, given how MTV has become entirely dedicated to championing the #Resistance and shaming white people.

Taylor Swift (Credit Image: © Swan Gallet/Rex Shutterstock via ZUMA Press)
Taylor Swift (Credit Image: © Swan Gallet/Rex Shutterstock via ZUMA Press)

To be white and a celebrity is to be inherently controversial. Every several months, there is a predictable controversy about “whitewashing,” when a white actor plays a part that could plausibly go to a person of color. The resulting media frenzy has doomed films such as Gods of Egypt and Ghost in the Shell. Even historical dramas are not exempt from affirmative-action demands; Dunkirk was criticized for not having enough black people in it.

In contrast, transforming white characters into blacks is widely applauded. Examples include how Nick Fury suddenly became a black man in the wildly lucrative Avengersmovies, or the push to put more non-whites in productions of Shakespeare or other classic stage plays. Sometimes, this is taken to ludicrous extremes, with the popular show “Dr. Who” featuring the doctor and an African-American touring England in the 19th century and seeing the streets filled with blacks. “History is a whitewash,” explains the doctor.

Is this a parody, a subtle mockery of political correctness? If it is, the joke is clearly going over the heads of most people. Consider the nothing-less-than rapturous reception given to the upcoming film, Black Panther.

Black Panther remains socially and culturally relevant because it imagines a world where black people continuously triumph over the influences of capitalism, Western imperialism, and white supremacy,” writes Clarkisha Kent in The Root. Mic grimly informs us that all Africa would be like the futuristic black ethnostate of Wakanda if it “was allowed to pursue its own march toward spectacular progress.” Rolling Stone calls the movie “revolutionary,” a declaration that “the future is here.”

Of course, from a white perspective, Black Panther seems like the product of one of our moles. The portrayal of a black ethnostate full of futuristic technology that baffles the rest of the world is so self-discrediting it seems like a white nationalist parody. In the real Africa, the propensity to dance with corpses is bringing back the plague. And anyone who has been to Africa knows that what infrastructure exists was built by colonialism, not despite it.

Still, the imagery is powerful, and would never be permitted for whites. If there is a white equivalent to Wakanda in Marvel’s fantasy universe, clearly it would be Asgard, home of Odin, Thor and the Aesir. However, the Asgard of the Marvel universe is not some futuristic or fantastic white ethnostate. Instead, it’s a multicultural world guarded by—inevitably—Idris Elba as Heimdall (Heimdall is described in the sagas as “the whitest of the gods”). Mr. Elba mocked those who were upset about the casting by pointing out how Thor is mythical and possesses magic powers. Such objections do not apply to Wakanda, which is apparently a plausible, realistic society, the portrayal of which must be taken seriously.

Similarly, if there is one major Hollywood production that relied on European folklore and mythology in recent years, it was Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings trilogy. Not surprisingly, it was condemned as Eurocentric by the Southern Poverty Law Center. Also not surprisingly, the utterly unnecessary Hobbit trilogy that followed it forced some pointless racial diversity. The upcoming Lord of the Rings television show from Amazon will also undoubtedly become a battleground over questions of diversity. (Will Gandalf the White even be white?)

Such questions are important because culture is a product, pushed by the top down. In theory, the internet gives artists and commentators the power to create and distribute content without a middleman. In practice, while information is more easily distributed today than ever before, the information that is consumed is vastly more controlled, supervised and centrally directed than ever before in human history. This is important because most people form their opinions about right and wrong, beauty and ugliness, morality and immorality through social cues, by following those who possess what they see as wealth and status. The media has the power to define certain people as beautiful, stylish, or superior. The media also has the power to destroy such people overnight.

Thus, the Left’s paranoia about celebrities and media portrayals is justified. Reasonmagazine, defending Swift, says libertarians want to expand “areas in which politics operates to its minimum so we can get on with living our lives.” But even how we live is a product of power relationships. The declaration that “all white people are racist” or “all white people benefit from privilege” would have been regarded as self-evidently insane only a few years ago. Today, a simple flyer proclaiming “It’s Okay To Be White” creates nationwide hysteria.

Today, any positive representation of white people’s history, culture, or capabilities is inherently racist. An individual white person being portrayed as desirable, talented, or fashionable can be tolerated, but only if that person signals against the collective interests of his people. Even those who attempt to remain neutral, such as Miss Swift, become targets. At the same time, the achievement of any non-white person is transformed into a collective accomplishment of his or her race. Thus, whites in popular culture can exist only as deracinated individualists, who hold no importance for those of their race, whereas non-whites serve as triumphant symbols for their people.

Similarly, those products of European culture that can’t simply be cast aside, such as the plays of Shakespeare, are transformed into universal property. However, those things identified with non-white cultures remain the exclusive property of non-whites. If whites engage with them, it becomes “whitewashing” or “cultural appropriation.”

Conservatives and libertarians often idealize the “marketplace of ideas.” But what exists today is not an open forum for competition and discussion, where the best ideas come to the fore. Instead, major cultural products—franchises, television shows, awards, even celebrities themselves—should be thought of almost as natural resources or deposits of precious metals—physical goods than can be conquered by force. Leftist journalists have it right when they launch a campaign for or against a certain celebrity or franchise as one would initiate military operation to seize territory.

It’s hard to take people seriously when their self-esteem is so closely identified with comic book movies, or because they are mortally offended because some guy you’ve never heard of was “awarded” some degenerate title in a magazine. Yet their outrage is a weapon; their anti-white animus is a source of cultural, economic and political power. More than religion, more than family, it is media that shape the views and moral framework of the majority of people. The indoctrination must be constant and massive if white people are to be pushed towards dispossession.

The campaigns of journalists to destroy this or that celebrity or promote this or that movie have political intent, and as Andrew Breitbart observed, politics is downstream from culture. The obvious intent is to ensure whites as a group have no positive portrayal in mass culture. This has already been achieved; the word “white” itself has already become something of an insult among journalists.

The next step is to ensure no white person as an individual can have a positive portrayal in mass culture unless he denies his own people. A campaign to make sure there are no white celebrities and that white culture is never portrayed positively has the same intent as tearing down statues of white heroes. The political endgame is not hard to imagine. Displacement from the culture is followed by displacement from our nations. Cultural elimination paves the way for physical elimination.

(Republished from American Renaissance by permission of author or representative)
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  1. njguy73 says:

    For anyone who gives a damn, here’s the list of Sexiest Men Alive:

    The award has been bestowed 32 times, and 3 winners have been at least part Black: Denzel Washington (1996,) Channing Tatum (2012,) and Dwayne Johnson (2016.) If you count part-Asian Keanu Reeves, who in 2015 was retroactively selected for 1994 (no one was picked that year,) then the Sexiest Man Alive has been 12.5% non-White.

    As for the non-gender-specific Most Beautiful, 4 of the 28 winners have been non-White, or 14.2857%:

    – Halle Berry (2003)
    – Jennifer Lopez (2011)
    – Beyonce’ Knowles (2012)
    – Lupita Nyong’o (2014)

    Both percentages seem in line with the general population.

    And I can’t believe I spent 20 minutes going over Wikipedia trying to figure out if People frickin’ Magazine is racist. Is this what my life has come to?

    I need a fucking drink.

    • LOL: Biff, Sollipsist
    • Replies: @22pp22
    , @AndrewR
    , @Stealth
  2. Atle says:

    Are you saying Halle Berry is black?

  3. Got no problem with Idris Elba as Bond at all. I’d accept a black Bond who’s a Brit before I’d accept an American Bond of any race.

  4. joef says:

    The next step is to ensure no white person as an individual can have a positive portrayal in mass culture unless he denies his own people.

    This article is a painfully obvious fact for everyone except myopic suburbanites living in cupcake land, idealogical leftist, naive pandering liberals, selfish limo libs who want to be fashionably stylish, hostile afro americans who hate everything whitey without reason (except their cash that provides the welfare entitlements). The foolish White celebrities are simply the victims of this racial Frankenstein monster that they helped to create.

    There are varying motivations to this cultural phenomenon that demands us to be willing victims to unprovoked afro aggressions:

    >>Leftist believe that they can control this situation, by using afro americans as their useful idiots, in order to create their socialist nirvana;

    >> Limo libs want to be culturally popular, and desire to feel good about themselves by branding other Whites as racists. They also want to continue to have acceptable group think in order to get along at their next cocktail party;

    >> Naive libs are in constant struggle against reality, trying to make it conform to what they want the world to be. They constantly reinforce each others confirmation bias that afros are not a problem;

    >> Rural/Suburban/Elites (City residents), don’t have a clue, because they have a very very limited exposure to hostile afro american ghetto culture. They actually ignorantly buy into all the White privilege nonsense, that they learned from secondhand info sources. They fear being branded as a racist, so they give in to all manner of afro racial extortions (at the rest of the Non blacks expense);

    >> Neocons/Corporatist go to the same cocktail parties as the limo lib elites, and want to be invited back. Thus, they are more then willing to betray other Whites in the process. Further, they are completely unwilling to jeopardize corporate profits for anything that is deemed politically incorrect;

    >> Anarcho capitalist libertarians are as utopian as any socialist are. Just as socialist believe all government will lead to perfection, the anarchos believe no government will lead to paradise. Both are completely detached form the real world. Utopians repeat fantasies, that never worked in history beyond Dunbar’s number. The creation of all govt, or no govt, will not cause hostile afros to behave, and cease their unprovoked aggressive attacks against the rest of Non black society. Only a utopian moron, devoid of practical life experience, would believe such nonsense;

    >> Afro americans insatiably hate whitey, without cause. They only want whitey to pay up & shut up, while they indiscriminately attack Non blacks. Most actually believe in the nonsense that before slavery, they were all Kings/Queens in Africa (which begs the question, who did the work then?). Their parasitical behavior is equivalent to allowing an unchecked termite infestation in a house. At first the house appears to stand normal with no outward signs of damage, then it starts to show signs of deterioration, and then it is eventually condemned from decay. Many afros are Jonesing for a race war, and in fact a one sided de facto race war has already been occurring for the last 50 years. The expense of their freeloading ways will eventually economically bankrupt the country, and may even cause it to lapse into a failed state like condition (and no one will have the capacity, nor desire, to bail us out);

    >> Other Blacks, who are not part of the destructive afro ghetto culture, either are enablers to this system (especially if they fear being labeled an uncle tom), or they are against it. The real sad fact is that when this finally comes to an end through national economic bankruptcy, and the formerly fermented racial balkanization reaches uncontrollable levels, they will be viewed with caution/suspicion by most Non blacks. Non blacks may fearfully incorporate a default response, which results in a shoot first ask questions later attitude (either figuratively, or if things really get bad, literally).

    It does not have to be this way. Afros can decide to have a great awakening by reforming themselves, and by rejecting leftist manipulations. But all contemporary indications show that this reversal will not happen. As a result the White Nationalist movement will only continue to grow, as a reaction to the ever increasing racial animosity that is being constantly directed towards them. For disclosure purposes only (because in the great scheme of things, my beliefs are not important), I am not a White Nationalist, but a Paleocon (mixed with some Reagan Democrat beliefs), however I completely understand why this movement is growing. Unfortunately its byproduct will exasperate the process of racial balkanization between Non blacks as well. This will disrupt the unity needed to prioritize against severe afro dysfunctions (that is slowly bringing down this nation).

    We are devolving into a situation of continuous economic decline, social fractionalization, permanent urban decay, and possible failed state like conditions. This will not be good for anybody, because as once said “a house divided cannot stand”. The direction is clear (if you are willing to face it), so be ready, because it is probably coming, if you like it or not.

    • Replies: @bartok
    , @SOL
  5. 22pp22 says:

    Channing Tatum MAY have a small amount of Native American ancestry. I just looked it up

  6. Glad to see Greg Hood on He’s one of the best writers on the Altright.

    • Replies: @my2cents
  7. anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    My heart goes out to the poor supremacist honkys, sad victims of reverse racism. Poor babies. Boohoo! :{

    Meanwhile the same greedy and psychopathic supremacist honkys never tire of their evil machinations, the primary goal being subjugation of the world, a cursed goal which is admittedly getting increasingly difficult, so as to plunder wealth from everywhere, so as to sustain their decadent civilisation.

    Poor babies indeed!

    And, that “sexiest man…,” honky type fellow… ?! Seriously? The definition for “sexiest” has now been changed to “borderline homely redneck with a decidedly ugly heart/mind”?

  8. bartok says:

    Jews and other voluble immigrants like Indians thrive in South Africa, France, England and Brazil, all failed states. Social fractionalization is great right up until it isn’t, for Jews and other voluble immigrants.

    • Replies: @Carroll Price
  9. “history of homophobic and racist remarks” That’s what makes him so sexy.

  10. Wow, I learnt a new word : “cisgender”. Apparently, it means something like a person who identifies with the gender, culturally ascribed to their biology. So born a male you act like a male/man. Imagine that !!
    I like a lot of this article.
    “finally comes to an end through national economic bankruptcy, and the formerly fermented racial balkanization reaches uncontrollable levels,”
    The author is spot on here: balkanisation or simple disintegration along supposedly racial lines.
    The plan: stir up massive resentment along cultural issues which lack any reference to the real issues ( an Elite so given over to exploitation that it doesn’t even worry five years into the future). Rile up minorities to the point of hate, watch them explode, label them as criminals & terrorists.
    White people ? – a double play. Convince the already morally degenerate that they are evil for nebulous reasons ( ie some white people once owned slaves: sorry, you can NEVER wash that sin away, short of constant public grovelling). And 2ND, a minority of whites will become equally hateful with resentment. Label them racist & fascists.
    So, this situation goes beyond mere culture.
    Some think it’s the tribe behind it all…but I think (if so) they’re getting a lot of help from their class peers….

    • Replies: @Bill Jones
  11. Just the tip of the iceberg. Real question is: How can you present clearly “racially” defined narrative with actors belonging to other races?

    What about a biopic of Mao Ze Dong with Leo di Caprio or Matt Damon in the role of Mao?

    What about epic fantasy film based on “Mahabharata” with east Asian or black actors (instead of brown Indians) in the Pandava brothers’ roles?

    What about Chekhov’s “Cherry Orchard” & “black” Trofimov?

    I could go on & on.

    • Agree: Carroll Price
  12. Anonymous [AKA "Alien observer"] says:

    The comparison with termites also occurred to my mind except that I thought of a different group of people with origins on the Black Sea shores who took another peoples’s religion and who actually first designed and now nurture this anti-white ideological cabal.

  13. Brabantian says: • Website

    Rather hilariously, the guy running the most noted ‘white Nazi’ website in the world, is apparently Jewish

    The much-noted-on-Unz Daily Stormer – at the centre of the great post-Charlottesville cyber-purge, ‘most popular Nazi website in the world’, 4 million visitors per month at peak – now at

    Is headed by two key people, front-man and main author Andrew Anglin, and the IT tech ‘Nazi webmaster’, Andrew ‘weev’ Auernheimer, who apparently is Jewish, as both his mother and Auernheimer himself are quoted as admitting

    Tho now the IT führer of neo-Nazi internet, in earlier years Auernheimer had apparently been an active, aggressive agent of pro-Israel hasbara propaganda on the web … one of his website address registrations uses the same address as another IT hacker expert, said to be linked to the Mossad-tied Chabad Jewish religious-political group involving Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner

    The ‘weev’ Auernheimer was in a US prison on hacking charges, but there was some kind of a legal ‘fix’ and along with his ‘legal victory’, Auernheimer has become the IT tech guru of the clever and successful Stormer … looking a bit as if his freedom might have been a ‘deal’ with the intel agencies, who told him, ‘You get out of prison, and you’ll be the Jewish webmaster of the biggest Nazi site in the world’?

    A parallel is perhaps the Jewish alliance with literal neo-Nazis in Ukraine these days. That ‘strange combination’ might also be behind Daily Stormer … perhaps Jewish elements are themselves rather behind a right-wing ‘fascistic’ resurgence, as the Daily Stormer advocates (tongue in cheek?), with the DS promotion of RWDS Right Wing Death Squads, ethnic cleansing etc by upcoming ‘strong leaders’

    Going back historically, even Israeli historians themselves, document how in the 1930s, Hitler’s Nazi Germany implemented a programme of partnership with ‘Labour Zionism’, re-locating 10% of Germany’s Jews with all their assets to British mandate Palestine, where they became part of the core of the soon-to-be-born Israeli state

  14. My Navy days if 76-81 were spent with Attack Squadron 35, a collection of A-6E Intruders that flew off the carrier Nimitz, mostly in the 6th Fleet, Atlantic/Mediterranean Sea. Proud and distinguished history, we were 300 strong aboard a ship of around 5000. The squadron’s icons and aircraft markings were as such:

    Nary a Black man among us, we were, proudly, the Black Panthers. How the hell did this escape protest in the 1980s?

    • Replies: @KenH
    , @Respect
    , @Respect
  15. This article perfectly illustrates the problem with the ethnonationalist right. It’s tone already assumes defeat.
    So SJWs are shreiking about white celebrities? In other breaking news, water is still wet.
    They hate Taylor Swift and Blake Shelton fo not towing the far left cultural agenda. How has that affected their respective fan bases? I’m sure TS still sells far more than whoever the affirmative action winner MTV chose. Snubbing her hurts MTV more than it does her.
    Anyone even know how Katy Perry’s last album did?
    Selecting Elba as Heimdall was a deliberate poke in the eye. Btw, how has Marvel’s core comic business done lately?
    Or the latest Star Wars film?
    How did Black Panther do at the box office?
    Go ahead and make Elba the next Bond, and watch the franchises’ box office numbers follow the path of The Dark Tower.
    The top down cultural programming that the postmodern left has embraced is turning people off in large numbers. While it needs to be acknowleged exactly what they are doing and why, the defeatist attitude of this piece is frankly embarassing. No wonder the Alt White consistently fails to maintain traction. Who would want to associate with a bunch of defeatist losers?

  16. Jake says:

    Nothing in the Soviet Union nor in Mao’s China was any more insane that our Cultural Marxist/PC war against heterosexual white men with even a hint of old time common sense.

    Our Leftist multicultural PC world is sociopathic and demanding cultural suicide. It is not yet at the mass scale murderous level of the psychopathy of Stalin, Trotsky, and Mao, but is moving there continuously.

    • Agree: AndrewR
  17. Jake says:

    Nazis are as much a collection of anti-Christ and anti-Christendom monsters as are Marxists. And that is the only reason needed to expect that there always are Jews among Nazis, at least to prod them on. Nazis act always to destroy whatever of Christendom they can corral – just like Marxists, just like Liberal Jews. And very much like Neocons.

    • Agree: polskijoe
    • Replies: @Wally
  18. @Jake

    Nothing in the Soviet Union nor in Mao’s China was any more insane that our Cultural Marxist/PC war against heterosexual white men with even a hint of old time common sense.

    Good takes, but let’s not panic just yet. There’s a little common sense. In my travels and circles, I notice they still allow White men to fix the water mains when they break, I see lots of White electricians and of course, all the IT weenies, all White. It seems we White, deplorable blue-collar types, although hated, will be allowed to maintain the systems we built and maintain for their comfort. They try and try to force people of color into those positions and all that happens is the trains fail to run on time and the lights go out. And so, a few White drones..

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  19. @Eric der Rote

    “the defeatist attitude of this piece is frankly embarassing.”

    Agreed. It does, however, seem to follow the same alarmist line of the Buckleyite “conservative” pundits who were always wringing their hands over the CIA’s hippie movement disinformation project of the Vietnam war era.

    I have found myself unable to work up much of a feeling over this latest leftist assault on culture. The ones conducting the assault are so obviously frantic, inarticulate and downright stupid and they amount to such a miniscule portion of the general populace that they seem determined to fail.

    • Replies: @Bill
  20. AndrewR says:

    Channing Tatum is “100%” “non-White”? Lmaoooo FOH

  21. Moi says:

    With inter-racial couples becoming popular, soon there will be no white folks to piss on. Problem solved.

    PS: How about we get over race, religion differences?

    • Replies: @Hu Mi Yu
    , @Bill
    , @Bill Jones
    , @Singh
  22. KenH says:
    @Jim Christian

    Nary a Black man among us, we were, proudly, the Black Panthers. How the hell did this escape protest in the 1980s?

    Well just wait until (((Hollywood))) gets a hold of your story. At least half your crew will be cast as black men and it will be billed as a continuation of the great tradition of the Tuskegee airmen.

    Facts be damned. It’s all about boosting the self esteem of blacky and promoting diversity.

    • Replies: @Jim Christian
  23. @Hare Krishna

    “Got no problem with Idris Elba as Bond at all. I’d accept a black Bond who’s a Brit before I’d accept an American Bond of any race.”

    Jared Taylor was born and raised in Japan, would you consider him Japanese?

    So why would anyone consider a negro (or paki), even if born in the UK, an Englishman?

    • Agree: RadicalCenter
  24. @Brabantian

    I thought you guys had already moved on from “Anglin is a Jew!” to “Anglin is short and his dick is small!”

  25. @Eric der Rote

    The top down cultural programming that the postmodern left has embraced is turning people off in large numbers.

    It’s damned inconvenient that the people they are shitting on are the single biggest source of revenue for their cultural revisionism. Just like the German citizens living near the concentration camps were forced to go and see what had taken place, white people should be forced to watch and pay for this stuff.

    • Replies: @Wally
  26. Here is the excellent Vertigo Politix take on Gregory Hood’s essay. Share widely!!!!

    The End of White Celebrity

    With pop cultural icons such as Taylor Swift quickly becoming disposed of only to be replaced by non-Europeans, is Western Civilization going to worship the foreign idols of an international elite who are using superficial popular culture to deracinate Europeans to their very cores? From an article by Greg Hood:

  27. @KenH

    “Well just wait until (((Hollywood))) gets a hold of your story. At least half your crew will be cast as black men and it will be billed as a continuation of the great tradition of the Tuskegee airmen. ”

    They already did. In the book Flight of the Intruder, Campanelli, the squadron skipper, was a White Italian. In the movie, he was Danny Glover. There were all of one or two mechanics who were Black (none in any of the tech, only fuelies and such) and no Black pilots or air crew when I was in and during the period depicted, Vietnam, circa 1970-ish. Although, in Top Gun, there was a Black RIO pictured, that one came out 6 or 8 years after my exit. Saw none of that in my time, however. Maybe with liberal politics and the Magic Dirt of Pensacola they were able to hatch diversity in Naval Aviation…

    There’s a commercial depicting the Apollo capsule, dated “1971” showing the inside of the cabin. The space crew? A half-head-shaved blonde Nazi lesbian and a gay Black guy. The third astronut was not depicted.

    No no, they’re happy to mooch off White accomplishment, pretend they built this, pretend they fly. Emperors and their clothes..

  28. I cannot help but contrast articles such as this with Trump’s recent crowing about how he’s lowered the Black unemployment rate. Apparently all the cucks are supposed to sit up and applaud that as a great achievement. “Oh, look at how Trump is helping Black people!”, the sentiment goes. Notwithstanding the fact that the numbers are probably bogus anyway, let’s just take them at face value for argument’s sake.

    Why should I care about Black people having a job? Every job a Black man gets is a job a White man doesn’t get; and since they’re mostly AA-hires anyway, it’s a job that a better qualified White man doesn’t get. How is this good for Whites or the economy in general? Why do cucked, White douchebags like the slavering nincompoops of Breitbart lap this stuff up?

    Obviously neither Trump nor his base have even begun to think in ethno-nationalist terms. They’ve completely imbibed the propaganda that tells them to celebrate Blackness as if that were their mission on earth. Completely sickening and disappointing.

    • Agree: Alden
    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  29. Hey, if they want to consume themselves, they may. If they’re celebrities, they’re liberal. If they’re Liberal, they want me dead. And so it follows..

  30. Hu Mi Yu says:

    With inter-racial couples becoming popular, soon there will be no white folks to piss on. Problem solved.

    That only lasts one generation. The grandchildren will be black, white, and every shade in between. When you hybridize like this, you get unpredictability and the development of new races in the long run.

  31. @Brabantian

    I thought it was commonly understood that ALL alt-R/WN/naziboo sites and groups are controlled/infiltrated to heck by the Chosen (and occasionally by the alphabets)?
    That’s what they’re for, a kind of tank gauge for monitoring the degree of pissed-offness among the cattle, the true likelihood of That Thing reoccurring, and of course all that handy personal info the dolts provide so freely.

  32. Respect says:
    @Jim Christian

    Since the 60`s , 70`s , 80`s western politics turned into biopolitics . The west lead by the yankees , did not learn anything from Hitler`s biopolitic failure . Every biological parameter has been politicised , race , sex, gender , health , intelligence etc.. producing a growing disintegration of society that will not end well . This is the end , my friend …….

  33. @Jake

    Just stop trucking the food into the Libopolises and the no-go zones. Maybe bribe the wetback drivers, make them an offer they can’t refuse?

  34. AaronB says:

    Whites = bad because white culture is seen as about science, technology, capitalism, and abstract thought.

    It has nothing moral or spiritual about it.

    Whites themselves are not interested in defending such a culture.

    Man’s most important need is to feel moral and spiritual. If his culture can’t give that to him, he will turn against it.

    This nightmare will continue until white culture reconnects to its moral and spiritual roots.

    “Efficiency”, it turns out, can’t replace spirituality or morality, or satisfy emotional needs.

    The verdict of history is in, and it could not be clearer. European civilization cannot survive another hundred years of “efficiency”.

    If his culture can’t satisfy his emotional needs, a man will side with outsiders who seek to destroy it.

    There is no reason to despair, and current trends can be escaped – but the hour is late, and we must face up to facts.

    • Replies: @Alden
    , @annamaria
  35. anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    The Sexiest Man Award should be renamed the Most Connected Publicist award. It’s all just a bunch of jewish back-scratching. It’s a complete sham.

    Any white person who involves themselves in this bullshit is part of the problem.

  36. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    What I want to know is–who comes up with rubbish like “cisgender”, “power relationships” etc.?

    • Replies: @Alden
  37. Anonymous [AKA "campsino viejo"] says:

    It is Gandalf the Grey you idiot

  38. There is ridiculously large emphasis given to color of the skin and other body features.
    And there is too little emphasis is given to the culture.
    Martin Luther King was right.

    • Replies: @MerLynn
  39. Seriously … Clarkisha Kent? They blackwashed Superman’s alter-ego?

  40. @Jim Christian

    ” pretend they built this, pretend they fly. ”

    • Agree: Jim Christian
  41. Anonymous [AKA "Hercleitus"] says:

    “But even how we live is a product of power.” This is the post modernist dogma.

    Identity group politics requires that whites be prevented from from also identifying as a group — especially because whites are largely responsible for the Western civilization that the identity groups benefit from. The notion of “white privilege” is an attempt to identify white group identification with an embrace of white supremacy. It is natural that white people should have a special status in their own civilization just as the Chinese, for example, have a special status in their civilization.

  42. @Anonymous

    Gandalf the gray was his name before he fought the Balrog in Moria. When he emerged, he was white-haired, and became Gandalf the White.

  43. Although I agree with much of what the author writes above, I would suggest to him that in presenting his case as a left/right conflict he has fallen directly into the trap of those who fabricate our endless “cultural wars”. These campaigns focus public attention on divisive issues while our treasury is being sacked, our armed forces are wildly overextended in a state of never-ending war, medical care is the main cause of personal bankruptcy and we have the worst quality of life in the western world. In the last year, as our nation crumbled into disorder and the Constitution became a vague memory, we had three media onslaughts on our consciousness, Black Lives Matter (with its racialist focus doing more to elect Trump than the Republican Party), the Confederate monuments crusade and now it’s the sexual harassment witch-hunt. Black against white, north against south, men against women, all propagated by a corrupt corporate media and supported financially by foundations such as those of George Soros of color revolution fame. You might think that there would be public outrage over our surveillance state that records every aspect of all our communications and stores them for possible future use, but no! Transgender folks can’t use the bathroom of their choice in North Carolina, oh the shame!

    • Replies: @annamaria
  44. Sam J. says:

    What is the common denominator in this? What is the common denominator in a huge range of ills that strike Whites in the US and all over the world. Who is that controls the media that constantly condemns us? Who hires the people in the media that issue forth masses of propaganda to disparage us? Who is that pushes hardest for enough immigration to render our votes and wishes meaningless? It’s the Jews. So all these problems have common roots so the quickest method to combat them is to work on the common root of these problems. We must get rid of the Jews. We must remove them for our countries and render any control they have over us and our fate null and void. We must get rid of the Jews by any method possible. Peacefully if we can get it but they must go. If we are to survive the Jews must go.

    We didn’t ask for this but the situation has become one of us or them. The Jews must go.

  45. KenH says:

    (((The radical left))) is just trying to shame Blake Shelton and Taylor Swift into making statements or taking political positions that are antithetical to the mass of their fans and supporters. The entertainment industry is so vital to the advance of cultural Marxism and the anti-white agenda that there can be no dissent whatsoever, so the few holdouts like Shelton and Swift will continue to be savaged until they get in line.

    Like many other outlets, Vox wanted to know why Idris Elba, last seen starring in the monumental bomb, The Dark Tower, was not given the title.

    That’s okay. Mr. Elba seems to be doing fine in The Mountain between Us where he’s cast as the protector of a white woman after a plane crash leaves them as the only survivors. Just another in a long line of interracial propaganda and psy-war flicks that try to convince white women that blacks males are very worthy of their consideration.

  46. nebulafox says:

    I consider it an indictment of the American people, of all races, in the present year that we care about such drivel about a bunch of spoiled, stupid celebrities in the first place. Perhaps we deserve what we get after all. That said, I’d be perfectly happy letting the social justice jihadis be occupied with such trivial matters if that keeps them from focusing on things that actually matter, like influencing the immigration and trade policies of a nuclear superpower. Unfortunately, though, the oligarchs know good allies for a future neo-feudal America when they see them.

  47. j says: • Website

    If we grade races, the Chinese seem superior. Smarter. Harder workers. More co-operative. Therefore you may be right: Whiteness is a genetic defect.

    • Replies: @Wally
    , @Bill Jones
  48. @anonymous

    It’s a good thing that you’re able to make racial / cultural slurs like “redneck” without having an “ugly heart.”

  49. @Intelligent Dasein

    If an African who wants to work doesn’t get a job, won’t he and any children whom he is supporting then be on welfare (Medicaid and food stamps) at taxpayer expense? If Africans continue not getting jobs, won’t a certain percentage eventually resort to property crime (as a percentage of whites etc. would eventually do as well)?

    Unless Africans are going to be deported, rooting for them to be and remain jobless doesn’t make sense on balance.

    The clearer objection, which you mention, is to Africans being hired for jobs over more qualified nonAfrican (usually white) applicants. This seems to happen a lot in both federal and city government, from what I have observed.

  50. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    I can’t even believe they are still handing out these stupid awards to begin with…

    The real reason they hate this guy is not because he’s white but because he’s a Trump supporter. I don’t think he’s all that but beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

    But then libtards will never be happy unless it’s a Jew or a black guy on the cover.

  51. neutral says:
    @Hare Krishna

    If you are black you are not a Brit, the same applies if you are Indian. What makes you think you have the right to declare foreigners in white lands as being native to those lands?

  52. “Cultural elimination paves the way for physical elimination.”

    The Frankfurt School probably didn’t intend white genocide, but that is the logical endpoint of the process. If not stopped it will kill us all – eventually including the white leftists who work for it.

  53. Wally says:
    @Hare Krishna

    And no doubt Mozart could be portrayed by a black guy who lives in Austria.

    • Replies: @Delinquent Snail
  54. SOL says:

    I’m a paleo as well, and wish the civic nationalism myth were still true but it is dying and fragmentation looks likely.

    • Replies: @KenH
  55. Wally says:

    I suggest that AA meetings might be helpful in fighting your problem.

  56. Wally says: • Website

    Except that the claimed ‘6M Jews, 5M others, & gas chambers’ are scientifically impossible, easily debunked frauds.
    That’s why free speech on the ‘holocau$t’ is illegal in many countries and otherwise censored throughout The West.
    Of course, the clueless Zionists don’t do science anymore because its ‘antisemitic’ & ‘racist’.

    I suggest:
    Holocaust Handbooks, Documentaries, & Videos here:
    Chemistry of Auschwitz / Birkenau

    • Replies: @Sam J.
  57. grapesoda says:

    Thank you for sharing your fascinating perspective. You make a lot of interesting points that I’ve never heard before.

    Also, “honkey” doesn’t really come off as a proper insult. It just makes it sound like you live in the 1970s.

  58. Wally says: • Website
    @The King is A Fink

    “Just like the German citizens living near the concentration camps were forced to go and see what had taken place, white people should be forced to watch and pay for this stuff.”

    LOL. That’s a classic example of childish indoctrination.

    What the Germans were forced to see was simply the ravages of typhus & dysentery brought about by Allied terror bombing of medical supplies & food stuffs bound for the labor camps.

    ‘The Liberation of the Camps: Facts vs. Lies’
    Holocaust Handbooks, Documentaries, & Videos here:
    Chemistry of Auschwitz / Birkenau

    • Replies: @Carroll Price
  59. annamaria says:

    “honky type fellow…”
    Your problem is so easy to solve! You move to a non-honky ghetto of geniuses — the darker the more “advanced” and “unpolluted” — and begin living your dream of building a non-honky society of superior people of superior non-honky race. All you need is to discover math, chemistry, physics, biology, mechanics, engineering, architecture, astronomy and such, for which your superior non-honky race is perfectly fitted, according to some from your superior race. Just stop using Chinese and Arab inventions and discoveries accomplished millennia ago; forget about Greeks and Romans and ignore the European Renaissance and Industrial revolution. Then your victory will be at your fingertips. This should stop the hordes of sub-Saharan Africans (IQ between 66 and 80, that is, mental retardation as compared to Asians’ and Whites’ IQ between 97 and 108) from heading to the honky Europe and instead should make them turn back to Africa and start creating various Nobel-Prize-level inventions.

  60. Truth says:

    Gabriel Bell at Salon called it a “problematic pick” because it was a “reinforcement and celebration of sometimes-toxic cisgender male sexuality, the elevation of an underwhelming white man to a position of popular acclaim,

    Blake Shelton? Taylor Swift

    Oh My, do you people know how to pick’em?!?!

    Let me just give you a little hint; ignore, and forget ANY white person (or “other” person) named the sexiest “man” or “woman” by People magazine. just forget them and make believe they do not exist.

  61. @Atle

    Are you saying Jennifer Lopez isn’t white?

  62. Alden says:

    Virtue, morality and spirituality can’t help when a White can’t get a job because he or she is White.

    Virtue, morality and spirituality can’t help when a White is denied any kind of government benefits because he or sh is White.

    Virtue, morality and spirituality can’t help when a White is killed by a non White criminal released from the city jail despite an immigration hold.

    Early Christendom didn’t conquer the Roman Empire with virtue, morality and spirituality. Christianity conquered the Roman Empire because the biggest baddest person in the Empire, Constantine made it the state religion.

    • Replies: @AaronB
  63. Alden says:

    College professors. It was first taught in the required liberal arts courses in colleges.

    Now it’s all over.

  64. AaronB says:

    The point I’m making is that whites won’t resist these trends until they feel they have a civilization worth fighting for.

    Right now, if a white person isn’t hired because he’s white, whites, as a group, won’t care enough to do anything about it, because whites don’t see themselves as worth defending, because “whiteness” stands for the things I mentioned above.

    If “whiteness” comes to stand for a high morality, and a way of life that instead of focusing on abstract efficiency seeks to satisfy man’s deepest emotional needs, then whites, as a group, would stand up for themselves and fight for themselves. They would see their group, their way of life, as satisfying, appealing, and worth preserving.

    As long as “whiteness” continues to produce monstrosities like evo-psyche and HBD, which are harsh, brutal, and bleak ways of viewing the world, “whiteness” won’t command loyalty among idealistic whites.

    The “flight from white” will continue.

    In the great days of Europe if a country lost a war, it would engage in a process of self-criticism. Usually, it would emerge stronger. The loss of the capacity for self-criticism is a sign of a declining civilization.

    Worse, your enemies will gladly do the criticizing for you, but with the intent to destroy you, not help you get back on your feet.

    I trace my line of criticism back to the Romantics. I am not saying anything they haven’t said. Unless we find a way to correct the excesses of the Enlightenment we are doomed.

    The Enlightenment is the original “culture of critique” that undermined European faith in themselves and in higher ideals. It did the work of the Jews for them. Jews just put the finishing touches in place.

    • Replies: @Alden
    , @Stripes Duncan
  65. @anonymous

    a decidedly ugly heart/mind

    I sincerely hope that you appreciate the irony of concluding your petty little racist rant with that quip.

  66. annamaria says:

    “Whites = bad because white culture is seen as about science, technology, capitalism, and abstract thought. It has nothing moral or spiritual about it”
    — Really? When your baby (if you ever had children) needs a highly efficient help requiring “science” and “technology” would you ignore the help as not “moral” and “non-spiritual?” Would you allow your kids to study letters and geometry (both are terribly abstract)? How about telling your kids stories about cosmos and such technological inventions as a spacecraft exploring the universe? Is it “moral” and “spiritual” enough for you?

    • Replies: @AaronB
    , @Ilyana_Rozumova
  67. Respect says:
    @Jim Christian

    I hope the 6 th US Fleet will leave the Mediterranean soon . All the mediterranean countries either european or african can defend themselves . No white anglogermanic yankees needed .

  68. Wally says: • Website

    Oh yeah, their ‘Cultural Revolution’ was very smart and hard working.

  69. AaronB says:

    No, these things are good. But an exclusive focus on them to the detriment of the emotional, moral, and spiritual side of life creates a kind of life that too many people find worthless.

    Because these things have some good in them, they were able to seduce us.

    If we cannot find a way to balance our emotional and spiritual needs with science and technology, then it would be better to get rid of them.

    Science may make the material side of life better, but that’s pointless if life is felt to be worthless.

    And modern European history clearly shows that you cannot sustain a civilization by neglecting the emotional and spiritual side of life.

    It was a great experiment, can man live by focusing entirely on material efficiency?

    The verdict of history is in, and if whites don’t face up to it soon, that verdict will be grim indeed.

    • Replies: @Bill Jones
  70. Since Shelton was born in Oklahoma he may have an admixture of Native American ancestry at some point. If this could be proven, would it not explode the politically correct racist “anti-racist” attacks against him?

  71. Alden says:

    That’s all very nice, but as economist John Maynard Keynes said, “in the long run we are all dead”

    Better to forget morality and lie on applications for everything and claim to be black.

    That way, Whites will be able to get a job and a mortgage and their children will have a roof over their heads and food on the table. The kids might even be accepted into a charter school and not spend 12 years being abused by ghetto rats.

    Morality , virtue and spirituality are fine, but useless for a White trying to survive in a country determined to exterminate us.

    Peace and love.

    • Replies: @AaronB
    , @Iberiano
    , @c matt
  72. They really are certifiably insane.The issue is how to stop the flow of White dollars that fund this nonsense.

    Republicans have absolute- Governor and both Houses, of 50% of the States and not one is defunding the higher ed scam.

  73. @annamaria

    You seem to be interested in Cosmos.
    I do have a story about Cosmos for you. You find it in first column.Article name is what race Greeks and Romans were. My comment is second last from the bottom.
    You will find it interresting.

  74. @Hare Krishna

    Because he’s not a native, he’s an import.

    btw, Try using the phrase? Native European or Native English on one of the cess-pit central sites like the Grauniad and you are deleted so fast your eyes hurt.

    Oddly enough, Native American is just fine.

  75. Györgyi says:

    The decision by journalists to broadcast random leftists complaining about the decision of a supermarket tabloid is idiotic, but not surprising. Isn’t People telling us who’s sexy; not who’s slavishly conformist? But what was truly remarkable was how criticism of Mr. Shleton focused on his race

    This is nothing more than wicked, satanic agenda against God’s creation.

    God created man in his own image. In God’s image he created him; male and female he created them. God blessed them. God said to them, “Be fruitful, multiply, fill the earth, and subdue it. Have dominion over the fish of the sea, over the birds of the sky, and over every living thing that moves on the earth.” Genesis 1:27-28

    All humans, no matter what race, color or creed is considered in God’s image. All are sacred, no matter what skin color. The effort to turn all issues into those of skin color are deeply wicked.

  76. KenH says:

    I’m a paleo as well, and wish the civic nationalism myth were still true but it is dying and fragmentation looks likely.

    I think civil nationalism can only work if the nation were 80% of more white and even then it would have its limits. With a 60% and shrinking white majority along with importing every racial group on earth things have descended into tribalism and there’s no evidence that civil nationalism resonates with any racial group other than whites.

  77. @animalogic

    Dear me, you are so far behind the curve it’s not even funny.

    The phrase of the moment is “The gender they were assigned at birth”

    Please do try to keep up.

    • Replies: @animalogic
  78. Bill says:
    @Twodees Partain

    Not to mention that the culture they are attacking kind of sucks anyway.

    • Replies: @Twodees Partain
  79. Anonymous [AKA "AlaskaKid"] says:

    You can all kiss my butt with your comments about races….We are all Americans and bleed the same. Judge people by their character. Tired of constant discussion about races, when it comes to that, we behave as a very backward nation

    • Replies: @Stripes Duncan
    , @Sam J.
  80. Bill says:

    What differences should we focus on instead?

    • Replies: @Singh
  81. @j

    And yet the world to which the entire planet aspires and to which a huge number want to emigrate, was invented by white men.
    Funny dat.

  82. @Wally

    That nose and those lips. Cleary a black man in powder

  83. Anonymous [AKA "Hobitlore"] says:

    You must have missed out on the whole fire and ice thing. After the battle with the demon he was referred to as Gandolf the white/ the white wizard.

  84. AaronB says:

    It’s that kind of cynicism and can’t see the larger picture that is dooming white civilization.

    Ultimately, if whites don’t wish to be saved, they won’t. We must each choose for ourselves.

    • Replies: @Alden
    , @Alden
  85. @Anonymous

    I will just as soon as the left does.

    You’re living in a racial spoils system. If you’re white you ignore this at your peril, because your numbers are shrinking and all the other races have been told all the ills they experience are your fault.

    Do you expect the non-whites will do away with affirmative action in a magnanimous act once they become a majority? Or is it more likely they’ll double down on the “there’s still more to be done”?

    • Replies: @Ilyana_Rozumova
  86. @AaronB

    Once upon a time, whiteness did stand for a high morality and a way of life.

    It was all made against the law.

    What do you expect to grow from that but cynicism and apathy?

    The time to fight the battle you’re looking for was fifty years ago. That ship has sailed. We’re going to need to find a rock-bottom moment to get back there.

    • Replies: @AaronB
    , @Alden
    , @Carroll Price
  87. @Bill Jones

    It isn’t funny. I will try to do better, Sir.

  88. @Moi

    “With inter-racial couples becoming popular”

    They may be popular in the corporate media but they are still exceedingly rare, at least those regarding whites .*
    In my many decades, I believe I’ve personally known two.

    *(who knows what the lesser races get up to?)

    • Replies: @Alden
    , @Anon
    , @Singh
  89. @AaronB

    I accidentally stumbled on your post.
    The words Full of shit sprang immediately to mind.

  90. AaronB says:
    @Stripes Duncan

    The battle has been ongoing since the middle of the eighteenth century, when the Romantics initiated a serious counter-movement to the trends towards life-denying abstraction.

    It’s been a slow and long defeat, and you’re probably right that we have to hit rock bottom before we recover.

    But we will soon reach a pivotal moment. Either we’ll recover, or we’ll collapse.

    • Replies: @Stripes Duncan
  91. Alden says:

    And I choose to keep a roof over our head and food on the table by checking the black instead of the White box.
    That’s higher virtue and morality than fuddy duddying about abstract ideals

    • Replies: @AaronB
  92. Alden says:
    @Bill Jones

    The only interracial couples i’ve ever seen are White man asian woman.

  93. Alden says:

    I’m very, very familiar with the larger picture and if

    1. 50 percent of the Whites want to exterminate the rest of us with affirmative action and black on White crime, and

    2. 39 percent of the Whites just quietly accept genoccide, and

    3. 1 percent of Whites float around preaching virtue, morality and spirituality,

    4 then maybe 10 percent of Whites including me and my family will survive by committing the horrible immoral act of lying about our race.

  94. Alden says:
    @Stripes Duncan

    I don’t think AaronB knows anything about affirmative action, Black on White crime encouraged and enabled by our government , the horrors of being a White child in school with blacks or any other form of reality.

  95. AaronB says:

    I understand. I hope you continue to have a roof over your head.

  96. @AaronB

    The pivotal moment was in 1965. Collapse is all but certain at this point. It may be sudden, or gradual, but it is inevitable.

    But it means an opportunity for rebirth.

    • Agree: AaronB
  97. @Jim Christian

    “they’re happy to mooch off White accomplishment, pretend they built this, pretend they fly..”

    It’s a form of cargo cultism. They believe that if they go through the motions of acting like white inventors, engineers and technicians, then the requisite skills to have really built those things will magically manifest.

    The skills themselves are dispensed by an all-loving Providence but evil white people intercept the magic skillset rays and deprive the black man of his share.

    • Replies: @Wally
  98. Gordo says:

    Nice to see your writings here Mister Hood.

  99. How about we KILL ALL CELEBRITIES by STARVING THEIR POCKETBOOKS and put them out of business by founding our own avenues that are devoid of Jews and their Christ-hating manipulations.

    Listen up you white folks reading this: if you don’t put to death your participation with this Cult of Personality it will become inevitable that your daughters will give birth to half-breed children from Muslims, Jews, and other Christian hating races. Cause that’s where it’s heading. Turn off your TV and don’t pay for Hollywood movies of any sorts. Create your own entertainment.

    • Replies: @Wally
  100. Wally says: • Website

    Just Google American inventors and you get:….0…1c.1.64.psy-ab..0.18.1578…0i131k1j0i131i46k1j46i131k1j0i10k1.0.NKphCMq5890

  101. @Stripes Duncan

    I forgot the stupid names so as I do remember.
    The first step is imperative Rove versus Wade must be reversed.

  102. Wally says:
    @Wyatt Pendleton

    And arm yourself with the facts which expose the power that we give them, not what they earn.
    Like deers staring into car headlights, too many know the scam is a lie, yet they are paralyzed by self censorship.

    It’s over when we say it’s over.

    Science, rational thought, & logic simply demolish the ‘holocaust’ storyline.
    And that’s why there are Thought Crime Laws that imprison those who engage in free speech about it.
    Truth is hate to those that hate the truth.

    The ‘6M Jews, 5M others, & gas chambers’ are scientifically impossible frauds.
    see the ‘holocaust’ scam debunked here:
    No name calling, level playing field debate here:

    “Alone the fact that one may not question the Jewish “holocaust” and that Jewish pressure has inflicted laws on democratic societies to prevent questions—while incessant promotion and indoctrination of the same averredly incontestable ‘holocaust’ occur—gives the game away. It proves that it must be a lie. Why else would one not be allowed to question it? Because it might offend the “survivors”? Because it “dishonors the dead”? Hardly sufficient reason to outlaw discussion. No, because the exposure of this leading lie might precipitate questions about so many other lies and cause the whole ramshackle fabrication to crumble.”

    – Gerard Menuhin / righteous Revisionist Jew, son of famous violinist

    • Replies: @Ilyana_Rozumova
  103. @Hare Krishna

    There were only two American’s who could have pulled off James Bond. Gary Cooper for Sean Connery and Cary Grant for Roger Moore and they only could have done it for the 1960’s or 70’s.

  104. Anonymous [AKA "djwolf07"] says:

    The strategy and the outcome of all this appears to be pretty obvious. The neocons require a fascist state but the only way that will happen is if our liberal attitudes towards race, family, sex and gender are replaced by a male dominated white supremacy. Had Hitler faced a nation that was economically healthy and where the people were content, he could never have come to power. Totalitarianism requires a desperate population in order to take hold.

    While the Leftist Feminists and PC culture may be stupid enough to believe that the white male population that built and maintains the technological culture that allows for dissenting opinions, can be suppressed and controlled to give the power to some pink haired gender neutral freak, the neocons, globalists and corporatists that are funding them and feigning a left wing position, do not. The purpose of these financial elites is to keep attacking white people and men until the inevitable backlash occurs and we find ourselves in a culture that resembles that of the 19th Century.

    This is madness. The people, all the people, are being used and attacked by the financial elite with increasing poverty, non-stop wars and Western governments that are no longer democratic. Are these racist and bigoted snowflakes so stupid that they believe that Wall Street and those good people who brought us Iraq, Libya, Syria and Ukraine really care about the pronouns we use for transgender people? These idiots are being set-up to be destroyed. They are being used to create the fertile ground necessary for a totalitarian state.

    • Replies: @Ilyana_Rozumova
    , @c matt
  105. why would there be a Black James Bond…who would conceive of such a thing?

    James Bond is white and unless a Black actor could get inside whiteness to portray Bond as his creator wrote him..and audiences were sophisticated enough to be looking for quality of the acting, understanding that the actor is Black man portraying a white male of a certain profession..then a Black Bond would be pointless.

    I mean I don’t even go to movies anymore..years now…and should a Black Bond appear I would not avail myself of an opportunity to see it even were it free, well aware of the emptiness such a movie would represent in current popular reality. no doubt the sound tract for such a Black Bond movie would be written by Lil Wayne and feature Drake as lead voice… half Black half Jewish Drake, who is surely the most ordinary and innocuous of ‘great’ male rappers ever, considering the long list of greats in that musical genre, such as Chuck D, Ice Cube etc

    but what sparked my comment here is contained in this quote from the author:

    ” In the real Africa, the propensity to dance with corpses is bringing back the plague. And anyone who has been to Africa knows that what infrastructure exists was built by colonialism, not despite it.”

    that seems utterly out of it! I cannot imagine a more disrespectful, racist and inaccurate statement on Black reality in the world I live in..about Africa. and again I find it in UNZ, which publication verges consistently on the racist and rabid when it comes to Black people.

    a lot that’s negative can deservedly be said of the current Black population of planet Earth. but why single out Black people. white people are so nasty, devilish and suicidal, having brought the planet to its knees we can fill oceans with the invective white behavior historically, would elicit from any sane observer..say an advanced creature from outer space for.

    and sure whites have built..but what? I dare anyone in the white west, to find a clean, nutritious plate of food to eat of glyphosate for eg, anywhere in western Europe and America.

    and as the rest of the world wiggles out from under western domination and the the tyranny of the US dollar, we see something else whites have built for which humanity has no cure, about to fall from the sky..nuclear bombs fired off by America as it loses its means of domination of planet Earth.

    I’d rather have no infrastructure at all Mr Hood, or even better something primitive and natural than what you and yours have built in the world. and I say this in fear, looking around and hugging my body tight. ‘ my village was raided recently and a bunch of people stolen. we found them all 100 miles away in a remote area several days later, dead and buried in a shallow mass graves..the bodies all robbed of their valuable parts..hearts, livers, eyes, kidneys.’ that too, the white world that has built everything, has given us

    is there any wonder the popular magazines do not want to put up white men as sexy anymore. what is sexy about the men who do all I have described and far, far, far, far worse?

    for a woman, or a man, or any kind of life form to find a white man sexy and contemplate having sex with such an entity, they would have to put a whole lot known about the white man out of their mind, steel themselves emotionally, and hold their nose from the rotting smell of death of the man, to consummate the act.

    one can find as I have demonstrated lots of very nasty things to say about white men..all true. its not hard at all. UNZ can do the same but in its supremacist state it probably wont. but UNZ should endeavour to at least be accurate about Africa and the Black world. its only fair.

  106. Sam J. says:

    Whether the Holohoax is true or not it’s no reason to allow the deterioration of the Auschwitz swimming pool for the inmates.

    • Replies: @Unzerker
  107. White celebrity will never end. But it’s entering a phase of forced reduction.

    As America gets browner and Hollywood goes global, there are informal (but genuine) quotas on white celebrities. More people of color please!

    Jews remain largely exempt from these quotas since they can blend in as white when it suits them. So when room has to be made for ‘persons of color’ in Hollywood, it’s the non-Jewish whites who are tossed overboard first.

    Today, white racial influence in America has never accounted for less. This is no accident. America is dominated by organized elites who are hostile to white interests. A quiet, slow-motion war is underway. Yet few seem to notice.

    Whites today aren’t even supposed to possess racial interests. Racial interests are reserved for ‘minorities’ such as blacks, Chinese, Hispanic and Jews. When whites think that way, it’s ‘racist’!

    Whites are therefore forced into ideological boxes such as Republican/Conservative or Democrat/Republican. But these shifting parties/ideologies are no substitute for cultural traditions and political concerns involving kinship, language, community, and race. Race is a real part of who we are. This true for blacks, Asians, and Jews. And whites, too. And whites wish to preserve their race. This is not unreasonable.

    All the same, whites today are being strategically demoted in the civilization that they and their ancestors created. Amazing. Disturbing. Moreover, just as blacks are exceptional athletes, white dynamism, white innovation, white industriousness, white intelligence, and white beauty have shaped the modern world, and been seen (by not only whites, but others too) as palpable and real. Yet all that is being tossed overboard, too. In America, it’s no longer acceptable to depict whites as innately exceptional in any way at all. That’s racist!

    To further this process, the envious and radicalized multitudes of non-whites in America now get the megaphone handed to them by news and entertainment media alike. Their familiar grievances are a ringing announcement. And a reminder.

    Up until the mid-sixties, virtually all film and TV in America had white actors in situations designed for a white audience. Racial minorities were largely invisible. This reflected white viewing preferences. Then laws and ‘attitudes’ began to shift. Demographics followed. It was a complex process. Average white Americans however had little say about the matter. The transformation was largely a top-down affair.

    Now, the less-than-lovely ‘B-team’ want ‘full representation’ (affirmative action) until they reach parity. That’s what they want and that’s where we’re heading. But do they deserve it?

    I think not.

    After all, you don’t see Japanese-Americans complaining about being underrepresented in pro sports or even Hollywood, do you? It’s not their style.

    Their modest devotion to family and work are what sets Asian Americans apart from blacks and many whites as well.

    Why then should blacks feel entitled to movie start status based on their percentage in the general population? It’s absurd. Just because blacks play great basketball doesn’t mean they deserve roles as film celebrities.

    Many whites might quietly suggest that blacks (in general) don’t have what it takes to be symbols of glamour.

    Sure, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But not all peoples have magnetism and grace in equal measure.

    Let’s face it, when it comes to certain human qualities, blacks are sometimes chronically under-endowed. That’s OK. After all, white men can’t jump, right?

    Not all races are endowed with equal levels of innate talent. Biodiversity happens.

    As for glamour, sure, it’s a bit artificial. Often, it’s utterly contrived.

    But what race of people can come up with stars as mesmerizingly beautiful/charismatic as Clark Gable or Sean Connery or George Clooney or Marilyn Monroe or Taylor Swift or Anjole Jolie?

    Not Africans, I submit.

    Thus, the envious push for ‘proportional representation’ is making Hollywood look all the more ridiculous. Yet it’s further marginalizing whites.

    Time to turn off the TV?

    Call me a racist, but it’s white females give meaning to the word ‘goddess’; not the descendents of Zulu warriors.

    Unfortunately, despite these truths, whites have less and less control of this hot button subject or the politics which surround it. All most whites can do is change the channel or avoid the next Star Wars movie. Those in control of mass media and entertainment have the power.

    • Agree: KenH
  108. Anon • Disclaimer says:
    @Bill Jones

    It obviously depends on where you live. In BFE, Iowa, no you won’t see many. But two of my first cousins -one through my mother and the other through my father – have married “interracially.” And that of course is the tip of the iceberg in terms of people I know. One of my closest associates is a Korean guy (adopted and raised by a hhhuwhite Anglo couple) married to a mulatta. My sister’s next door neighbor is a white girl divorced from a black guy. Her other next door neighbor is a Vietnamese/hhhuwhite couple, and some of my sister’s best friends are a blond guy and his Korean-American wife.

  109. Unzerker says:
    @Wyatt Pendleton

    A younger George Clooney would have had the right charisma and sex appeal to play Bond.

    Of course he is box office poison now…

  110. Unzerker says:
    @Sam J.

    Auschwitz was a Polish army barracks before it was a concentration camp.

    No need for conspiracies.

  111. @Wally

    I guess we have to respect obsessed people even if not it is.
    Its money you stupid.
    Natural inside trading if you want to know.

  112. @bartok

    Which explains why Jews work non-stop to convert the United States into another failed state similar to South Africa, England, France and Brazil. They never had it so good and the best is yet to come.

  113. @Anonymous

    It is hard to say anything new in these days.
    It is parasite that is sucking out the life from the host.
    But blood is not infinite entity.
    The stream already has changed to droplets.
    Eventually everything will come to an end.

    • Replies: @Archimedes
  114. @Ben Sampson

    You have a lot to be proud.
    Like for example giving AIDS free to the west.

    • Replies: @Ben Sampson
  115. Anonymous [AKA "Kingscairn"] says:

    from the comments I’ve just read, seems most here have missed the point entirely – bantering about the sexiest or whatever – the point to it is , if you don’t form silent militias, prepare, lock n load then aparteid and murder will sweep over us like a wave !
    see the threat and prepare for it
    NOW !

  116. Mark Green..maybe the world is unfolding as it least partly so for the moment. when the world finally vomits up capitalism I expect evolution to be wholly as it should, a world, every part of which would working in the interest of its people… humanity as a whole in the same vein and people free of all competitive hubris and economic insecurity, free to make relations as they see fit, compatible relations, supportive, positive.

    in such circumstances human relations would be free to develop, to evolve the greatest human potential. from our current base we can have some idea into the near future what positives this development would realize. all I can see based on a likely socialist evolution is positive stuff..diversified mating in the world aplenty..which is the way it must go to ensure human progress, going forward in the best shape we can muster. diversity and hybrid vigor are not there for nothing.

    the ideals in your head of woman and man are simply a cultural one..not one for all humanity. you have been trained, acculturated that way that’s all…and that is all you can see prodded by the narrow perspective you have kept yourself bounded by. were you lucky enough to have fallen at any time for a beautiful jet black woman, and had an opportunity to be in bed with her on a hot bright day or deep dark night likewise hot?

    had you would have come to have had an experience of smooth cool velvet as human skin, firm and tight, like all else in the experience, tremendous f she liked you in turn and it was a mutual thing totally. a beautiful Black woman, usually honest and faithful to the man of her choice, if she is African. Black women of the west although the same way physically are a different kettle altogether due to their capitalist, non tribal, village, cohesive community life.

    all Mark Green knows is white female beauty which is charming in its own way..but only one type of female beauty in the world. they are all valid but the blind cant see..the determined to be blind. but the blindness of Mark Green seems total for he expects the nonsense to be permanent..a Hollywood life of celebrity as a apart of global existence in perpetuity. even I know that that wont last and as human society evolves systematically all will change accordingly

    if Mark Green knew what his ordinary interest really is, and where it lies..and he became honest to it..he would be singing a different tune and trying to make common cause with those of the same interest in order to secure his own survival and future, that of his family and so on..for what is killing him is what he holds on to for dear life, strenuously defends. but does he understand? it does not seem so. but time is running out for him, and all like him. they better wake up

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  117. @Wally

    Thanks Wally.
    Due to Allied bombing raids that spared the work camps while concentrating on destroying Germany’s civilian population, what German citizens living near the camps were forced to go see, would have been no worse than conditions they were living under at that time, and very well may have been far better.

    • Replies: @The King is A Fink
  118. @Stripes Duncan

    Once upon a time, whiteness did stand for a high morality and a way of life.

    The irreversible decline of the White race can be traced to the first major civil-rights legislation embodied in the 14 Amendment. Any race, or group requiring civil-rights laws to promote their interest and well-being are unworthy of becoming citizens of any country.

  119. Truth says:
    @Ben Sampson

    and should a Black Bond appear I would not avail myself of an opportunity to see it even were it free, well aware of the emptiness such a movie would represent in current popular reality.

    I’m with you Benji. The Bond films have set such a high mark in our culture for intellectual discourse…

  120. Iberiano says:

    They already have whites doing this, their called “Hispanics”, I know because I am one of the million that (legitimately and legally) claim “Hispanic” on every form where it asks, because, in keeping with the federal regulation set by OPM, I am:

    “A person of Cuban, Mexican, Puerto Rican, South or Central American, or other Spanish culture or origin, regardless of race”, which includes the Spanish culture of Spain (obviously) wherever it is found in the world, including 1700-1800’s Texas and Louisiana. ANY descendant of Spain, such as I am (Louisiana Criollo) qualifies, no blood amount is required, nor having a “Spanish-sounding” surname, nor ability to even speak Spanish (I have the first and third qualities).

    Millions MORE whites can legally claim Hispanic (and/or Latino, when appropriate to actual ancestry from anywhere south of the US), and should do so. I am as white as a Viking as far as looks…just like millions of Hispanics and Latinos around the world, from Northern Spain, to Patagonia.

    • Replies: @Respect
  121. Omegabooks [AKA "D.L."] says: • Website

    To any person “of color” that calls me a “racist” because I’m white and must be racist since I’m not descended from slaves—well, guess what, idiot? I am Irish and Scots-Irish. Meaning, I AM DESCENDED FROM SLAVES! Only the SLAVES I am descended from were called “indentured servants.” And it isn’t just Mike Hoffman’s book “They Were Whites and They Were Slaves” we’re talking about. Former Senator from Virginia Jim Webb wrote a book, “Born Fighting” about his own Scots-Irish descendants who came over indentured–nearly ALL Scots-Irish came over indentured, as did nearly all Irish in the 1700s and 1800s. Even some English and Scots as well. So pull that “SJW and triggering” crapola and on and you will get your “all whites were slaveowner/racist whatever” BS thrown right back at you. And has any white person living now in the US owned any black slaves? I didn’t think so!

    • Replies: @Truth
    , @Twodees Partain
  122. Omegabooks [AKA "D.L."] says: • Website

    And I forgot to mention this–now I know why rock and roll has died—too white I guess…need more Jimi Hendrix’s I guess, and I don’t care how “white” pop music is, because pop music SUCKS! Long live rock, be it dead or alive (so sayeth Roger Daltry, right? Or is he too white as well?)

  123. @Ilyana_Rozumova

    comedy break! its very funny ill-yana

  124. Stealth says:

    Having largely dropped out of the movie viewing business about fifteen years ago, I don’t know much about Channing Tatum, but I don’t think he’s part black. I found nothing on the Internet to suggest this is true.

  125. @Ilyana_Rozumova

    It is parasite that is sucking out the life from the host.
    But blood is not infinite entity.
    The stream already has changed to droplets.
    Eventually everything will come to an end.

    What do you think is the solution? Is there a good country we can flee to?

  126. Anonymous [AKA "Schltz"] says:

    I’ve spent $0.00 on music, TV, movies, sports since 1992. All celebs, politicians and athletes are garbage. WHY DO YOU FOLLOW THESE SHHITSTAINS? Illegal aliens and all people 18 to 62 on entitlements ought to be deported to Africa. All 3 time felons ought to be executed on the spot. But that would be a society worthy of my time.

  127. KaD says:

    Think about this for a minute. Suppose the writer had said “being homosexual is an abomination,” or “being black is an abomination,” or, heaven forbid, “being Jewish is an abomination.” Anyone who declared homosexuals, blacks, or Jews to be an abomination would be instantly fired, sued, charged with hate crimes and driven so deep into the ground that they would never reemerge. The blacks sold EACH OTHER into slavery, the American Indians sold each other into slavery to the Spaniards, and if you want to see a really oppressed culture look up what the Mongols (yellow men) did to the Xi Xia kingdom. White people are FAR from the only evil in the world.

  128. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:
    @Ben Sampson

    diversity and hybrid vigor are not there for nothing.

    Having been rendered obsolete as farm equipment, the African desperately clings to his other traditional niche: professional buffoon.

  129. Truth says:


    I’m not too sure you’ve descended far.

  130. Respect says:

    Muy bien Iberiano ( very good Iberian ) , los yankis descendientes de los militaristas y mercenarios protestantes del norte de europa ( the yankee descendants from the militaristic & mercenary protestants from northern europe ) , deberian aprender algo del catolico imperio español de la civilizada europa del sur ( should learn something from the catholic Spanish Empire from civilized south europe ) que llego a dominar 2/3 de los actuales Estados Unidos ( which dominated 2/3 of present United States ) . El rechazo yanki a las raices hispanicas de EEUU es una tragedia para el pais ( the yankee rejection of the hispanic roots ot the USA is a tragedy for the american nation ) , que deberian poder superar algun dia ( which they should be able to mend some day )

  131. @Archimedes

    No need to. Blood will change to poison and parasite will move to India, or maybe to China.

    • Replies: @Sam J.
  132. @Bill

    Yes, there’s that. The pop culture represented by “sexiest man alive” lists and such does suck. I’m not really moved to defend it.

  133. @Wyatt Pendleton

    Damn, Wyatt. That’s the funniest thing I’ve read all day. Cary Grant playing James Bond? Stop it. You’re killing me over here.

  134. @Ben Sampson

    Dear Ben, you failed to comment on the youtube video I posted which depicts the hand made helicopter of the Zimbabwean Flight Lieutenant. I’m not going to debate you until you address my brilliant posting of that video.

  135. @Omegabooks

    Someone, maybe Fred Reed, made a proposal about reparations for slavery. It was along the lines of, ” I’ll gladly pay one million dollars each in reparations to every slave I ever owned and I think it fair that every former slave living today be paid a million dollars per day for every day he or she was enslaved.”

    I may not have it exactly right, but that’s how I remember it.

  136. Singh says:

    Let’s also get over gravity because it hurts our feelings. Differences always reassert themselves in the battle against entropy.

    Also how’s the move from London to New York?

  137. Singh says:

    Level of religious heresy (Liberalism)

  138. Anonymous [AKA "GodAlmighty"] says:

    I posted this a couple of years back on another site, and although it’s about a slightly different subject, I believe that it still holds quite a bit of relevance to the subject at hand…..


    An Open Letter to the Social Justice Warriors complaining about “Cultural Appropriation”
    One would think that those who are so vocal regarding “Cultural Appropriation” would wish to hoist themselves upon their own Lofty Petards. Or as The Good Book so aptly puts it in Matthew, “Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother’s eye”.
    You see, those who wish to lodge frivolous and highly dubious claims against artists of Western European Descent for playing “Black” music, or wearing dreadlocks, or wearing a Dream Catcher in their hair should engage their brain before opening their mouths and being seen for the idiots they truly are.
    If you want to play THAT game, then may I humbly make a few suggestions of my own?
    First, Stop Immunizing Yourselves And Your Offspring. Don’t you realize that MOST of the people who created and perfected these lifesavers were of European Ethnicity? You’re “Appropriating our Culture”! Although there is SOME evidence that the Chinese MAY have done some very limited experimentation with inoculation (or variolation) for smallpox around 1000 AD, the first MODERN immunization was done by Edward Jenner in 1796, with further refinements by Louis Pasteur, Jonas Salk, Maurice Hilleman, and other pioneers in vaccine development. Guess which “Culture” they were from predominately?
    Second, Cease And Desist Using Modern Agricultural Techniques, Hybridized Plant Stocks and Advanced Animal Husbandry. The leaps and bounds forward in these areas over the last two hundred years have virtually EXCLUSIVELY been by those of us of European Descent. Go back to digging holes in the dirt with a stick to plant your seeds and QUIT APPROPRIATING OUR CULTURE!!
    Next, It’s Time To Get Out Of Your Vehicle! And while you’re at it, don’t even THINK about getting in an aircraft! Who do you think it was that invented the Internal Combustion Engine? And as far as Orville and Wilbur are concerned, I don’t believe that they were from stock emanating from anywhere else but EUROPE!! Go back to walking, or riding your Donkey or Camel, but by all means, STOP APPROPRIATING OUR CULTURE!
    Also, Put Down Your Book, Turn Off Your TV, Drop That I-Phone, And Get Off The Net: Starting with Guttenberg and his moveable type Printing Press, down to Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and the developers of Television and The Internet, these are ALL developments of……. Guess WHO???? You “Cultural Appropriators”!!!
    Oh, and as a final thought on the matter, all of you Inner-City Thug-Wanna-be’s can just Turn In All Of Your Firearms! Although it’s true that the Chinese DID invent gunpowder, it took Europeans to turn them into the weapons that we know today. You’re APPROPRIATING OUR CULTURE! Go do your “Walk-By’s” with sticks and rocks……
    Now, if my little Diatribe seems a little excessive, just think about how petty YOU seem when you want to bully some kid about his hairdo, or rip into the likes of Justin Timberlake because he’s got Bad Taste in his musical preferences….. Then just STFU, ASSHOLE!!!!

    • Replies: @Ilyana_Rozumova
  139. Singh says:
    @Bill Jones

    Almost a straight majority of American born Hispanic & Asian marry white।।Both genders,

    Both these populations would cease to exist as separate identities with even a 15 year immigration moratorium।।

    Although, obviously America’s racial ‘caste’ system would come out of the shadows at that point. Although who knows average iq is close enough & there’re enough niches to occupy.

    White & Hispanic become Military Blue Collar

    Asian become the Administration with Rule in the hands of an elite who leans NW euro but is mixed up to 15% or so.

    To average city dweller it’s meritocracy।।Rural areas may have more ‘backward tribal’ populations who bleed their smart fractions into the urban gene shredder.

    All 3 united by an unspoken disdain for blacks, who have quietly gone from being 13% vs whites to 25.

    City are called gene shredder because it seems even historically they led to below replacement tfr.


    Interracial pairings between Non Black groups especially American born are frequent enough to make any ethno Nationalist pray to the spirit inside Nukes।। This is leading to a shakeup in the American elite with Jews leading the way in out marriage numbers (Non Orthodox)

    Counter trend is here evaluate likely outcome yourself

  140. @Anonymous

    I do have to disagree at one point.
    It was Mongols who first did use gunpowder in weapons.

  141. anon • Disclaimer says:

    All of this is the end product of Jewish cultural Marxism and its control of Hollywood and the media.

  142. anon • Disclaimer says:
    @Hare Krishna

    It is not possible to be black and British.

    • Replies: @Hare Krishna
  143. AF says:

    one word: sarajevo

  144. Sam J. says:

    “…What do you think is the solution? Is there a good country we can flee to?…”

    No. We need to spend all our effort and continuously think about ways to get rid of the Jews. Peacefully if we can but they must go however. We must stick with one idea. One idea, the Jews must go, is very powerful and has the effect of focusing the mind on one function at a time.

    • Replies: @Hare Krishna
  145. Sam J. says:

    “…parasite will move to India, or maybe to China…”

    The Jews are the tops tactically but strategically they’re idiots. It comes from their inborn hatred of everyone around them. In this case they will destroy a realities peaceful place, the Whites countries, then when they try to move they will be smashed by the Chinese and Indians. They will blather on about the Holohoax and both will laugh at them and tell them they shouldn’t have attacked the Germans and tried to kill them. They will be eaten up. Have you seen the Jews that moved to China many centuries ago that tried to take over China like they did White countries?

    A pathetic bunch that was just swallowed up by the Chinese. Some are trying to move to Israel.

    • LOL: Twodees Partain
    • Replies: @Ilyana_Rozumova
  146. Truth says:



    You’re not French by chance are you?

    Don’t Flee…FIGHT!

    • Replies: @Archimedes
  147. Anonymous [AKA "Pretty Boy John"] says:

    Maybe those who choose the sexiest man alive should expand their categories to be more inclusive and offer awards for the sexiest White man alive, the sexiest Black man alive, the sexiest Nazi racist bigot homophobe award, the sexiest Afrocentric Black Panther White hater award, the sexiest transgender award, the sexiest lesbian award…oh and don’t forget the sexiest handicapped person award and the sexiest stupid idiot award!

  148. @Sam J.

    Jews are actually very smart people. they know how to win.
    So they keep wining and wining and building and building.
    But Jews do not know when to stop.
    So one day they stop winning and everything they won they loose.
    And everything they built changes to dust.
    Sad story.

    • Replies: @Twodees Partain
    , @Sam J.
  149. MerLynn says:

    Martin Luther King was a sex fiend extraordinaire. His behind the scenes antics were a liability waiting to be exposed. He was better a dead Martyr, and so it came to pass. Making him a hypocrite as in ‘do as I say but not as I do’… Any wonder he’s a libtards idol?

    • Replies: @anarchyst
  150. Anonymous [AKA "John Jones"] says:

    Why doesn’t anyone decry the OVER-representation of black football players in the NFL? Hmm….

  151. @Ilyana_Rozumova

    Again you are jumping into conclusion. Always you are jumping into conclusion.

  152. @Wyatt Pendleton

    Cary Grant was British.

    Ian Fleming thought Grant would be the ideal Bond, but by the time the films started he was too old for the role.

  153. @anon

    If you are a British citizen, you grow up British, you speak English with a British accent, and you identify with British culture, you are British.

    • Replies: @Weaver1
    , @Sigh
    , @anon
  154. @Sam J.

    There are many countries in the world with no Jews. Just move to one of them. Like Pakistan

    • Replies: @Sam J.
  155. Weaver1 says:
    @Hare Krishna

    I’m ethnic British. My folks came over to the US in the 17th century, as well as later.

    Nationality is rooted in blood. And I’m an “Anglo-Celt”; I appreciate the British Isles, not the former empire. The imperial worship and delusions of superiority as “uniquely rational and individualistic” is partly what has destroyed the English. Brits forgot to appreciate just being Brits, and they forgot the value of tradition and piety.

  156. @Truth

    If your enemy is superior in strength, evade him. – Sun Tzu

    I just get very pessimistic about all of this stuff. It seems like the deck is stacked pretty bad.

  157. c matt says:

    Keynes, who was wrong about many things, could also be wrong about the long run. Pascal, who was right about many things, answers Keynes in terms even a Keynesian should be able to understand.

  158. c matt says:
    @Wyatt Pendleton

    Grant played a sort of Bond character in Charade. And yes, he was of British lineage, raised in the States IIRC.

  159. Oh come on..the woe is me white dude pity party is a bit much. Do you want to compete with SJWs for the Victim of the Year award or something? Yes, it’s fashionable and “cool” in certain circles to act like white people are the evilest of evil and oppress the high melanin count crowd just by breathing and, yes, it gets annoying, I absolutely agree. But you know what? It is mostly just talk. Dragging up stuff from celebrity magazines? Who reads those anyway? Ignore it. Out of sight, out of mind.

    If you immerse yourself in media “culture”, yeah you will go insane and it already looks like some of you are trawling the magazine racks and online content looking for stuff to get outraged over. Remind you of anyone? Stop it. Go for a walk, spend time with your girlfriend, wife, family or read a book, shoot some guns whatever turns your crank. Joining the chorus of outraged “victims” hollering and shrieking about their “oppression” and the mean things people say about them…is that really where you want to go?

    I’d say the biggest worry white folks should have is the abysmally low birthrate. Dog eat dog capitalism where people are too stressed and broke to even think about having kids and raising a family is a big part of the problem. Feminist propaganda telling women to prioritize careers is another one. Not many white people live with large extended families who could help look after the kids when the parents are working. And prosperity generally has a negative impact on the birthrate.

    Turning that around is no mean feat but for the love of God do something, anything, besides whining and having a self-pity fest. There is more than enough of that already.

    • Replies: @interesting
    , @Talha
    , @Sam J.
  160. anarchyst says:

    the rest of the so-called “civil-right icons” were nothing to brag about, either…
    Here are true (corrected) stories about “icons” of the so-called “civil rights” movement . . .

    There is much more to the “Emmett Till” story that is not widely known. Of course, killing him made him into a “martyr” of the black “civil-rights” movement. but–it is not generally known that Emmett Till was a strapping young man of about 160 lbs.–NOT a “little boy” as some media types tried to portray him as. He was a known womanizer and attempted to take his cocky “Chicago ways” in dealing with women to the Deep South. He was sent to live with relatives in the South because his Chicago relatives could not handle him. He had a “cocky attitude” and bragged about “getting it on” with white women–not a good idea in the South. . . According to published accounts, Mr. Till did not just “whistle” at a white woman, but grabbed, manhandled and fondled a married white woman. In Southern culture, this was, and still is, the ultimate form of disrespect. Despite Mr. Till’s relatives’ attempts to spirit him “out of town” to avoid retribution by the woman’s relatives and townspeople, his cocky attitude “got in the way”, similar to the way that “young master Trayvon’s” attitude got him killed. Despite being given numerous “chances” to apologize for his behavior, he was defiant to the end. IF he had apologized for his behavior, he would still be alive today. In fact, one of his killers was a black man.
    It is interesting to note that Emmett Till’s father was executed by the U S military for multiple rapes. Maybe “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” . . .

    Rosa Parks was not the “ordinary” black woman that so-called historians made her to be. She was an organizer for the NAACP and was “planted” in order to advance the cause of black “civil-rights” to which she was successful.
    Approximately a year previous to Rosa Parks’ “bus ride” and refusal to vacate her seat, a REAL ordinary black woman did the same thing. This black woman received NO publicity or support from the NAACP or other black “civil-rights” organizations. You see, she was an unmarried black woman with children. According to the black civil-rights crowd, this would not do. They wanted someone who was “squeaky clean” without any “baggage”. In fact, the “white guy” sitting behind her was part of the “set-up”. He was a UPI reporter, contracted to “stage” the event…not only that, in the photo there is no one else on the bus. Ms. Parks could have sat wherever she wanted.
    Hence, Rosa Parks made (fabricated) history . . .

    Martin Luther (Michael) King was well-known for frequenting prostitutes, beating and abusing them while exclaiming that he “finally felt like a white man”. His own associates have stated as such. He also plagiarized his college papers and doctoral thesis. Of course, this was overlooked because of his status. King was also a communist.

    Jesse Jackson used to brag to his associates on how he would spit in the food of white patrons of the restaurant he worked at.

    There are many more fabrications of history that were used to lend “legitimacy” to the so-called “civil-rights” movement . . .

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  161. @Lincoln Blockface Squarebeard III

    “Who reads those anyway?”…..

    Oh boy……I wish I could ignore this insanity that you speak of. I really do. But you ain’t seen nothing yet.

    While you’re out taking a leisurely walk with your girlfriend Rome is burning down.

    Things have gotten so fucked up because nobody really does care……..and it’s probably too late already

  162. Anonymous [AKA "Ben Avril"] says:

    Maybe most have been white because on average white people are the best looking? I can’t believe Blake Shelton or anyone for that matter is the sexiest man alive, he’s as handsome as millions, yes but the sexiest man alive is kinda’ absurd, not just for him but to say about anyone.

  163. Anonymous [AKA "Jenny Starr"] says:

    Can’t stand ZEALOTS like the author and the writers noted here who go looking for THINGS to get ANNOYED with and then have the NERVE to publish their grievances!
    I am WHITE -EUROPEAN and PROUD of it!

  164. Anonymous [AKA "White Man of the 50\'s"] says:

    You really worked this! Typically, I don’t read comments this long, but it’s interesting and just what I suspect of everything promoted in this country!

  165. Anonymous [AKA "Arrogant white man"] says:

    Vox wanted to know why Idris Elba was not given the title.
    Maybe because he DOESN’t deserve it?

  166. Talha says:
    @Lincoln Blockface Squarebeard III

    Good points – everyone hates whiners.


  167. Sam J. says:

    “…But Jews do not know when to stop…”

    I second that and agree it’s accurate. I believe the reasons for this is they are a tribe of psychopaths. Not all, maybe not even the majority, but a lot. Some may quibble that I’m wrong about this but their actions, considered together as a group, have NO DISCERNIBLE trace of difference from a tribe of psychopaths so in reality even if I’m wrong if you assume they are a tribe of psychopaths you can accurately predict their behavior and will never be surprised.

  168. Sam J. says:
    @Hare Krishna

    It’s much simpler to move them than us. There’s less of them, or so they say, and they have their own country. If they can have a country so can I.

  169. Sam J. says:
    @Lincoln Blockface Squarebeard III

    We should complain constantly, vocally, unmercifully and without end. It worked for the Jews, let’s try it for a few centuries and see if it works for us.

    • Replies: @Truth
  170. Derp says:

    And you whiny little bitches call the LEFT snowflakes??


    • Replies: @Truth
    , @interesting
    , @Sigh
  171. shithead says:

    Produce something somebody wants I guarantee nobody would give a shit what color you are, ask Dr. Dre, he’s close to a billionaire, no more excuses. What’s a honky by the way?

  172. Anonymous [AKA "Ullr"] says:
    @Jim Christian

    Baby Doc Duvelier employed white accountants and technicians to sort of keep Haiti functioning. Detroit’s first four black mayors similarly retained a level of white managers. The hierarchy was 1) the ‘big-man’ Mayor, 2.) Appointed black department heads who drove around in chauffeured limousines with mistresses, 3.) white professionals and engineers, 4.) black city workers who fixed potholes, picked up trash, etc.. Detroit’s last black mayor, Dave Bing, was a good man who really tried, was not corrupt, but was too late.

    • Replies: @Jim Christian
  173. Anonymous [AKA "me1776"] says:

    anarcho capitalism is the logical conclusion of proper old school liberalism, or libertarianism or the original republicans- not the neocon filth wrought under lincoln. it does not say say a stateless society will lead to paradise, it says govt is always corrupt better to rule ourselves. im more of a night watchman extreme libertarian, the ideology not the party. equality of birth and playing field not of outcomes, just enough govt to stop the stupid people from ruining our liberty. see we on the anarchy side think no matter what social experiment you do or elect someone to do there isnt an answer to everyones problems and were all just better off doing as we will minus rape murder and theft.

  174. @Anonymous

    4.) black city workers who fixed potholes, picked up trash, etc..

    Even that gets contracted out in Balto and DC, but by God, those Blacks still have those jobs. The Metro rail system of the DC region is 93% Black, is an untenable environment for ANY White to work in. For twenty years everything from rail heaters to the entire electrical system sat and rotted in the elements because no maintenance was done for those decades since majority Black hiring commenced. When all was said and done this past two years Metro’s roots (electrical, communications, signaling apparatus) were so decrepit the trains weren’t CLOSE to on time. And so one at a time the past two years they closed all the lines down for days and weeks necessary to restore them.

    Contractors (probably the guys that WOULD have had the jobs and pensions and actually WOULD have kept things to a tight condition but could not get in owing to the EEOC line they hew to) came in and performed the electrical and maintenance ‘miracles’ ANY system needs, but Blacks cannot perform. I used to say they won’t, they’re lazy, you can’t wake them up. But that isn’t it. It is that they CANNOT, and so we have to give them SOME kind of a job and so they while their days away on a very expensive and critical transport job doing nothing until trains crash. Your subway is a hell of a place to entertain the progs’ EEOC desires. The bus system is even better, hundreds of mechanics hired and paid, yet contractors have to come in, diagnose and repair under contract.

    Meanwhile as the Black employees of the DC Metro sweep up cash, prizes and pensions, at the other end of the scale, Black ‘teens’ ride the trains and buses. They rob the riders, use the trains to move about the DC region and roll into Vienna, into Arlington, into Bethesda, the White suburbs and rob folks at their cars and they have begun doing a new one now (for them, this is big in Balto and Philly), home invasions. So DC Metro is one big happy family, I tell you. From the low-life subset to the ‘workers’ that do no work, if Metro isn’t a system of slavery reparations, I don’t know what is.

    Perhaps they let it get this way because the trains running on time was a Hitler thing and so the trains must be late. Object and you are: Nazi.

    • Agree: anarchyst
  175. Anonymous [AKA "Euclid"] says:

    It’s clear to me now, more than ever, that scientists in the past were correct; civilization is a product of IQ and genetics. Civilization, of course, is defined as a stable government, progress of roads and schools, and the ability to feed a populous. Blacks, Latinos, and other muds have never created stable governments, cannot feed themselves without white intervention, and cannot fathom future consequences. Imagination, so potent in creating the famed “Jewish genius”, is completely lacking in all dark-skinned muds. This is due to extremely low IQs, and the fact that, in my opinion, blacks, latinos, and muds are “ox-people.” I regularly see all sorts of non-whites continue to engage in tough lines of work like construction, automotive, waste management, etc., without trying to progress past this back-breaking, arduous work. Take a mud, tell him to plow, and he does so until he drops dead. Take an Asian, Jew, or White, and tell him to plow, and he invents an automated process.

    The simple fact of the matter is that there can be no equality in white countries, because muds do not want equality. This time, they want us to sit in the back of the bus. Power vacuums do not exist, and cannot exist, by philosophical logic. A power vacuum, by itself, is a form of control, thereby negating the original intention. Proof in point, the United states is currently in a power vacuum, as the original founders are being demonized and uprooted from positions of power. As whites grant power to the muds, hand them the keys to the kingdom, the vacuum will be filled by those who are angry and out for blood.

    I always used to be confused on why things like this happen. Why do media outlets allow this treatment of whites, while putting muds on a pedestal? Why do they push for objectively uglier stars (Idris Elba) to become James Bond? It’s because the cosmopolitan elites are out to do two simple things. They want to increase the amount of people in the United States to drive wages down for each and every job, and they want a large pool of “ox people” that are prone to taking drugs and listening to propaganda, to use as cheap labor.

  176. Berty says:

    @anonymous 7. Obviously, you’re racist and a closet Jew-hater: “Meanwhile the same greedy and psychopathic supremacist honkys never tire of their evil machinations, the primary goal being subjugation of the world”

  177. Truth says:
    @Sam J.

    In other words; keep on keepin on.

  178. Sam J. says:

    Such a beautiful kid.

    • Agree: Talha
  179. Anonymous [AKA "Not Bubba"] says:

    I think most of this tension between ethic groups is being inflamed by magazines and individuals with a persecution complex. I’m white and not ashamed of it. I have no problem with anyone because of their ethnicity and I’m certainly not to blame for their feelings of disenfranchisement in society. Stop blaming white males for all your problems as though everybody who isn’t white is somehow pure and innocent of all wrongdoing in life.

    • Replies: @Weaver1
  180. Joshua says:

    White Genocide is REAL – 14Words

  181. Talha says:

    That made my day – thanks!

    • Agree: Truth
  182. Gleimhart says:
    @Hare Krishna

    No such thing as a black Brit.

  183. Sigh says:

    Doesn’t name the jew…

  184. Sigh says:

    But 100% of your comments are garbage. You must have imagined you could make up some number and not be called on it.

    What’s unfair, is having to subsidise your monkey existence. You contribute NOTHING. Everytime one sees a groid, it is a representation of nearly nine thousand dollars a year. You’re nothing more than the pets of jews who solely exist to entertain them and to attack White people.

  185. Sigh says:
    @Hare Krishna

    hahaha if you actually believe that…. here’s a reality check.

  186. Barry says:

    Its always who’s scream is the loudest. The majority is silence.

  187. Malla says:

    I think this can be good thing for White people. More and more Whites may move away from modern music/movies/arts, the fake modern entertainment world. The modern world of entertainment is a fake setup, full of sinister mind control programming run by a satanic elite. For thousands of years people have lived happily without this fake satanic modern entertainment world. The ancestors of Whites and other peoples were happy with classical, folk and other kinds of music, music more wholesome and healthy. Withdraw from the modern entertainment world as much as possible, build up your libraries of old movies, plays and classical, folk, old country music etc… music more connected to the people and land, music more likely to enhance the IQ and other mental faculties of your children. If people in earlier centuries lived by this, so can people today. You can even explore the traditional styles of other White ethnics or other cultures. Can start reading old pre WW2 books.

    It is the non White world which is at a bigger risk now. The new black brown ‘Western’ culture sewer will now spread more readily from the West into the larger brown black world and create havoc with our societies. It is now our turn, thought I think this process had begun decades ago. The satanic gutter propaganda/ mind control techniques will penetrate the conservative brown black world (a lot of them armed with smartphones) to deconstruct/ destroy it.

  188. Anonymous [AKA "erter"] says:

    Take note people, (((they))) are stepping up their agenda this year. We’re barely 2 weeks into the new year and there have been a slew of commercials and television shows that are so blatantly pushing it, the matzo can be smelled.

  189. anon • Disclaimer says:
    @Hare Krishna

    Sorry, but its just not that simple. Race matters. Ethnicity matters. Heritage matters.

  190. Weaver1 says:

    It’s certainly inflamed, but there’s political motive behind it.

    Groups tend to dominate over individuals. If people lose their heritage, they’re then easily manipulated by another group, an elite. Tradition and faith are important defences for a people.

    If you say that elites come to manage every institution, society, then it’s desired to have localised elites who are more like those who are managed over, to reduce exploitation.

    To explain simply: Globalism leads to enslavement, because all hindrances to total power by a distant elite are removed.

  191. my2cents says:
    @Diversity Heretic

    Greg Hood is a racist….He is very active at American Renaissance. And under “Who we are” it is explained in detail what they are.
    If he had spent 30 seconds on finding out about Blake Shelton he would have learned that he has NOTHING to do with Europe, that he is an American Southerner born and raised in Oklahoma.
    Most Southerners are racist.

    Beats me why UNZ would print this article here. (???)
    I’m not sure it is a good sign that it got so many comments.

  192. @Carroll Price

    I’m open to the idea that a lot of what we are told about the Holocaust has been subject to gross manipulation and propaganda efforts.

    Did the concentration camps exist? Certainly. How many people died in the camps? I don’t know, and I doubt we ever will. However, I must challenge you to produce evidence that the German population were living in worse conditions than the camp inhabitants. Having read a description of the liberation of Dachau by the ranking US officer, I find that hard to believe.

    I would be interested in your sources.

  193. Sam J. says:

    “…We are all Americans[whatever race] and bleed the same…”

    Well why don’t you move to some other country with different races and tell them that you’re the same there and deserve, whatever it is you want, there? I suspect they will laugh at you and your naivety. All this “principled” thinking is grand but if it doesn’t work then it’s of no use.

  194. Anonymous [AKA "Keith E. Lee"] says:

    That last paragraph is spot on. I’ve been saying for a while now that the statues of Confederate heroes are just a proxy for flesh and blood. The statues are coming down now, and we’re next on the menu.

  195. Anonymous [AKA "Dr Zaius"] says:

    This vicious style of leftism known as “identity politics” has been deliberately fostered by the far left Trotskyites for the last 30 years. It started out as feminist/homosexual propaganda but has now mutated into fully fledged anti-caucasian racism. In South Africa the fanatics are openly talking about killing all white people and stealing all of their property.

    White people everywhere should wake up and smell the coffee. These left fanatics really do mean to exterminate white people everywhere around the world. The plan is to first destroy Russia and its white people and then establish a world government. All nation states will be dissolved and then the global genocide of white people and colored Christians will commence.

    Black and Asian Christians will not be spared. They will be accused of being collaborators and their entire families will be raped and killed. Christianity will be violently destroyed by screaming mobs of crazed left believers.

    Not just Christians! God fearing Jewish people will die alongside their Christian friends. There are also the Japanese people. These intelligent industrious people will also be slaughtered for refusing to surrender whats left of their traditional culture.

    The left attack will start with vilifying non-leftists ( think Taylor Swift ) as neo-Nazis. Then comes the violence and theft of their homes and property. After that comes the prohibition of the Bible and violent persecution of all Christians and Godly Jews. This frenzy will even destroy Japan for not being multi-cultural enough.

    Sadly many white people are in denial about this. They cannot understand that the psychotic leftists really do mean to exterminate all who disagree with them. Leftists believe in violent mob rule and will enjoy their heinous rape and killing sprees. They will not spare even your little children.

    Racism is no answer of course. Getting into the gutter with these vile Trotskyites would only make things worse. In fact it would serve as a justification for their murderous campaign. So what can we do?

    First. We have to educate people about the murderous intentions of these far leftists. That means speaking about these issues rationally without any of this “white power” nonsense. That will require the expose of that dreadful Leon Trotsky and the criminal intentions of his deluded believers.

    Second. We will have to deal firmly with false educators who are mostly responsible for this rabid outbreak. Teachers who promote the far left agenda need to be exposed and dismissed from their jobs. Persons who promote murder, genocide, totalitarianism, and hatred of God have no place in our schools or universities.

    Third. We have to identify and prosecute all of the far left organizers. This will include the afore-mentioned false educators.

    Fourth. We need to remove pseudo-students from our education system. Many of these dimwits have no real education and are simply ineducable anyway. Making them get a real job would be a very good idea. The problem is that many of them are unfit for the workforce as well.

    Fifth. We need to re-establish Godly values among our young people. This will be difficult while debauched women such as Miley Cyrus promote Satan and the sex-party lifestyle. But we still have to try to reach the young. Throwing them away is not an option.

    Sixth. We need to arrest and prosecute these corrupt billionaires. These money lovers such as George Soros are really just as bad as the far left. These money lovers are not all Jews. That is a Nazi myth. Some are pseudo-Christians. Many of them have no beliefs at all except their love of money.

    Dear people. I implore you to think carefully about all of these things before it is too late! I must caution you against the mistake of taking up racism as that is no answer at all. The teachings of Adolph Hitler are repugnant. Rather take up the teaching of The New Testament and put your trust in our savior Jesus Christ who really did die on that cross for everybody.

  196. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Always remember, one thing all you race baiters. not all of us whites are going easily.

  197. This article is spot on. Its is obvious to me that we’re witnessing a pretext to open genocide of ethnic Europeans. We are being demoralized while our initial soft genocide takes place. Once our numbers dwindle enough in the western world, the next phase will mirror what’s taking place in South Africa and Zimbabwe.

    The question I have which this article nor any others I’ve read addressed is WHY? What is the ultimate endgame here? What is the goal which necessitates our extinction? I have a few working theories but they all have holes.

    Its plain to see this is being orchestrated by some very powerful people. People who are most certainty white or predominantly white. Some posit that its Jews yet the same people demonizing us are now demonizing them as well and are starting to simply classify them as white as well. So I’m left with it’s mostly white people orchestrating this. One idea I have is that they intend to create a single mass of people the world over devoid of cultural differences or identity and therefore more easily controlled., while they preserve their own bloodlines and anoint themselves or rather their descendants the feudalist rulers of a single world kingdom., ok, but how long do they think they could keep the masses at bay should they choose to revolt? Another theory is this same group of puppet masters simply hate their own skin and want to take the rest of us down with them? But how could people with such obvious psychological issues amass the power it takes to pull this off? I am curious to hear other theories.

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